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The Express 1909-01-22

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Is Ihnt which goes inlo peoples'
homes. Ts reach Ihe people of
North   Vancouver   advertise  in
Ij ob printing
!      i ted  in i style that pleases
and at prices that are righl at
h„li80        Tlie Express
rials, completed as suon as poe
The city clerk read the returning officer's certificate, with re-
_____________—    ferencc to the result ol Un- vote
city clnk in write .1. lli'iidiVjO" the money bylnwa.  Ila by-
im peimisMiiii in bil tin- tree.' !"••** l0 borrow >h;oo, Ior pur-
Thc lust ri-gul.ii session u|
the newly elected citv council
w.is held Monday evening. l'u-
viotts to the lunii.tl opening ol
the session, the several members (llll > sul ise ribed to the until
of ollice.
There were present: Mayor
Mav (presiding), and Aldermen
MtKae, McNeish, Shultz, Dick,
Young and Hraim. ^^^^^
In his iiiiiugtiriil address,..lav    OXpa
or Mav congratulated   tit,    .,■    ^'"ks l" ******  - .    _
speeltu*   aldcrttii-i,    upon   llicl.   "• **« Mr. Hughes to lite cl
election,   and   intimated    ■■■•■■■-'^ llwl  lil1' "lW~ >* lU,ms!
Cwvnuc K Hughei wrote, li
the ellect lhat a petitloti for im-
proveiuenti ander Ike local ini
provanent bylaw, on wd street
from St. Andrew's ave. to tlic
ravine, had heen petitioned for
last August, and (hat .is yd
nothing had been dune.   As tm
eli.ise ol  siliuulsitt- allll  to sell
|*i),200 additional debentures lo
complete the statutory   loan,
Mas each read and linally pass
On motion, it was dii id.,I
thai regular weeki) meetings ol
iln* council be held on Monday
.*.n l\
action,   board   ol
and the clerk
nothing hail liccn uiiui'.   .is a....
street is in ■ wry bad slate, htfeveniug, at eight o'clock,   ami
cleclion,   and   liitiinaleil    men   —
graUtude to the electors for thi wlU •" l',k,n »P "' ">**««>■
honor conferred.   Thev  should    Fire Chid Kminerson wrote,
..i.•;.*,..,. ii„, .uiiiuii uiai   aii.-
remember that thev were  all  lllvlMllK 	
tht-ri- as the result of the ballot, lnK ***«**}, fure' »' l,la' r"1"
as the result of the expression I tlelKC of ~>**V» ««?,    ll"
of public opinion, and he Imped i'rt'llll'» -- ""y*1 " ,'l',*msi-
that as the vear proceeded   all li"" ■ ***   «■   **"■    __I . , „ „ ,, , ,*. .,         .        _._,
would show iheiitLlves wurlhv M*"! *£« ''""f "' "•£*    "   " ,',"  '" ,' "  '""^v" J£
ol the confidence  reposed   in u*    "»,llurtor    lwd    refused I toreguUte the use of firearms;
lhat   committee   meetings  In
hild on Thurs.lav evening ..I
each week, at eight o'cluck. The
first an.l iiunl Mondays   wen
designated as meetings at which
accounts ndi] be passed.
Mayor May intimated   that
there were several bylaws which
wollld be required, as peddlers'
bylaw; a bylaw to define the
duties ol cilv ollicials; a Inlaw
There were important ones
lions which would come bcfori
theni   questions lh.it were vital
iicisiiii request*
conauexor   .,..      ■»   ■ ^_ (o       ^ fof isH|.
10   f,      )   it .,,  ss,  1 iif i buUding pci.tiis, and others as
slrttcl.otis had be -,                  > ^    |£ l.vlaws will be al-
snch was Ins dy^™^. lotud to different aldermen for
[lAV preparation,
ver, Aid. SchulU   directed  attcn-
i      .   —t_.m_ im rWiiinir  a lion to tin need of earlv action,
great ,.ss.s,a„ic.il.K „.   u,     ,;,,„„
rh.i^qutl^/^^L'S'wi'Iorasub-dv   for  Ike Sec I
as I
________________ I ratiocniints lie in.ule
and iha   would demand the U>p|_,,£._- WM M UM1,S „|
iii.tili of llieir .iliilili
ii   sewerage   svslein
frontage lax
■•resent, explaini'l
lion was OM of foremost impor-
l.ilici-,  U it  involved  the inlli-
liictiial    and    residential   enii-'
nence „l this ct.v   and il*. s„l„.  ^ fc        ^ Wft>
lion  would call  for their  i est mmmmm~*~*^0~ml
abilitv.   The condition pi   thc
ird street  matter   prcscnlu
that  un  the   Narrows a',,t.lgc   from   the pro
i; i,  vir„ i ainlivincial government.   It was d.*
uecasion   to   which      r    Uu «^ ^
Kmmerson relets, it so happw  ^^ ^ ^ ^ „,
tin- huiise. The clerk lo Wfitl
tin board oi trade advising expedition
iiig operated i>\ two men new
to Notili Vancouver, and win
were therefore not fully convei
The "Twin Uly Tiaiisporla-
uoii Company, wnoei announce-
incut appears in this tissue, is
lormetl lor thc purpose ol taking over Uie assets and business
ol lhe .V V. Motor Hoal lians-
portalion Company, and lor uie
carrying on ol a lerry business
between North \ ancouvcr  and
\ aiiioitver.   J, C, QUI, an   ex-
tecve   oi   the   dlstricl,   is   in
charge ol the financing ol    Uie
new  company, while llie solicitor is now in Victoria completing the details ul incorporation.
A provisional board ol din-dors
comprising well known men,has
l.iiu appointed, and uicse will
givi place to a permanent board
lo be elected by llie shareholders as soon as sufficient capital
is assured to render organisation feasible.   The shares   arc
placed at ten dollars each, payable one dollar per month, and
it is the intention lo give Norlh
Vancouver cili/ens lirsl opportunity to buy shares, so   that
the cuinpain  will be cunlrulled
locally,   In any case Mr. t'.ill is
ready   to   produce   the   capital
Iroin outside sources,  if neccs-
sarv, up to the required   S25,-
iKKi, within thirty days.   A new
last   launch,   built on a street
car patten and capable of earning one hundred people,   will
Ik- ready lur service   in   a   few
necks, anil will Oie put on lhe
run   at   once,   while   energetic
measures will be proceeded willl
to equip a lerry service modern
in every respect.
inl sircei   tiiauci     ni'i"""    "   ,u.rt. Here ore nm  iuh;  >-  * ,    ...
Kiiutti  pr,,,,,,,,,. bum which he.™ wlUl lllt. nlU,; I further ^\™W™ n.l-d ' .1
lopid some salislactutv cxlrt
cation might be found. Ri ler
nice was made to lhe right
hour dai\ recently ntdorsrd in
lhe city ol Vancouver. MttVOI
Ma) was in hearty accord with
this movement, He had had
large numbers ol men und r his
direction, and experience had
taught lum thai lhc eight hour
.lav is mosi satisfactory lor all
partiei,  He directed Ike sttes
lion ui the aldermen lo lhc (acl
thai taken was a bvlaw, laying
down rules ol procedure lur
council sessions, lu which he
would ask theni to adhere with
one exception, naiiiclv.hc would
prefer lllal the aldermen anil
audience did not rise when the'
mayor look   the  chair,   ns   he
could imd no guuii reason why
this practice shutild  be followed.  The mayor further indicated lhat when council had chosen .
their regular hour Iur meeting,
if ihey chose eight o'clock,   the
session would Invariabl) open
promptly at the hour named,
and lie requested the aldermen
to observe ihis rule.
Cilv Clerk Thomas Shepherd
read the certificate of the re
turning officer, as lu the result
ol thc poll Ior aldermen.
The mayor reported llial each
alderman had taken the oath ul
The mayor llien nffimitted
lie following draft of standing
• I'l'tuinittccs, ihe lost named in
each cans being chairman: Finance, AMenttawG, \V. Mcaae,
SchulU and McNeish. Board ul
works, Aid. W. McNeish, Dick
and Young, Water works, Aid
II. W, Young, Dick and Hraim
Fire and water, Aid. Braim,
Voung and McRae. Hoard ul
health, Aid. W. .1. Dick, Brain
and McKae. Ferrv committee,
Aid. S   I). Schult/., Voung  and
McNeish. This constitution of
llu- committees was unanimously adiipted.
A letter was read fluln A V,
Hcaslcv,advising that he intends
holikpg lhe council responsible
lor -damages and Ior plumber's
bills resulting fct»ni lhe interruption ol the water service,
(rout the evening of Sundav,
Jan. uii, until lhc morning ul
Uiinday, the till. Referred to
the citv solicitor.
A. M. Hailey wrote, complaining that a tree standing mi
Moodyville property, near Ins
ti'snlciiic, nt the corner of ird
slreel and (Jiii'cnsliuri ave., endangered life and property, and
asking that it be remove], Thc
T-H ._».-.-, »« ff.'i  iheir 'Sennit/,   the   mavor  named
•hV,'n',;,'7'u  ,     ,n   1 -uimt.ii,' U. ,'.,,1.1.1  a .nc.
"" ";V"     , ,,    »rial  no.,,  the council to lh.
possible, as il was liiiinciliaUlv ***•*■•*************************************************-
noiiv', in,u the shops lui r. pails
He himsell had hoarded tin cu
a little farther down the hill,
and when told "I the 1 ileum
stance had instructed the nun
lo turn tiie 1,11 bath a! utue,
Hid to make lhe besl s|iecil   lo
overtake  and pick up ihe Im-
.iieii, which thev had according ^_^_^^^^^^^^^^^^
!i dune,   lie assnrul the council   krtUck Service, provided the fer
that an older would be issued' '">' compan*  would guarantee   a
[immediately, giving instructions that when required by the
lire department,  ihe conductor
is to Hint his car hack at once,
, and to plan- it al the disp"s.il
ol the department lor ihe need
ed service. The mayor and al
dermeii th,inked Manager l'criv
lor his explanation and action
A plan ol subdivision of lots
1 and fi, block 17, D. I,. y|*i,
ivas approved
go-ilium-til, wnii reference   lo
the  bridge.    Aid.  Schult/    and
Voung wete appointed
Aid    liiiim    informed   the
'iiuii.il   that   the   Motor   Boat
Transportation   Compan;   had
approached the \ V Pern X
1'owit Company, with an oiler
to   discontinue    the   gasoline
half-limit l\ scm ue, bul their idler had been fe,eitc.l. So I.it as
Aid Hraim knew, 110 reason
had lieen given
I. 0.0. F.   NKW OI-IK KKS
North Vancouvei lodge   Nu
j   I ll.ll.l'., installed llieir new
olhcers al  the regular meeting
last   night,  with the following
results:  A   I., elements, N.li.;
Hnuin asked .1 lhe   ih>  W. Peers, V ll; Thus. S. N>c,
,,ral u, ihe uu In Ike cane a   Kec S,cv , .1. H. Pilling, Fin.
,„nst the N   V. Kerry 4 .***.- 8ec> ;J   Karrow,  frees.;    Ira
r,':la„v,was„i',„gprocci„-.;eers,   Warden,   K.   W .Inn...
alullh   lie mayor had spoken Con*.; K. Brearton, 1.0.,  W.
u'eX-MaMil'Kcaiy.wl, I i.    MMM. »*£»•.frl.**
foriMd him thnt the appeal #« K.O.; k   11. Krnner, I,8.N.a.,
■oieedcd Willi. Ii.«-   k,lllll',V'   RS*G
lieing proiceiico wim,
Aid. Siliull/ had had   a   ml.     I    Irwin,   I.S.V.O.;   .1.   K.   .1.
venation with Jos. Martin, on Murruy, B B.8.; P. Stuart, I,,
his return lruin Victoria, who S.S The following grand lodge
informed him mat he had not officen were present: \\ A
been requested to act as counsel Johneon, districi depntj O.M.,
ui .mv capacity for the cjty atlWallnee Law. depntj cm., ii
ih,* court ui appeal, and in*i ti iW, Harris and A  J  Uidlai
lh.' adjourned annual BMetiag
ut tii. II..1111 itltiKll Si'ci.ty ,V Farmer's Insliini. ims held uu Wed*
nrs.b. .i.nii'n. I'lesidenl Alex-
uidei Smith presided.
I In. mu, un ireasurer, R. L.
iiu,li. u\.11.1.1 thtunaasl financial
stiti-imnt, *lioavnig recatipti of
,<4>ib5.g3 and di-luirsenients J4,-
857.61,leaving n  balance on hand
ul .ss.jl.
A suiiaii'iu ul outstanding lia*
Inlilirs was alid siiliniilted, showing an iiidebteiliiiss totalling Ji,-
04; JI,
lhe elnlinn ol ulficers resulted
as (olliiivs: I'risideiil, \V. L
K,, ne; I il I pn si.lenl, Culm F.
Inikson; -ecretarv treasurer, Tho".
Shepherd; directois, VV. L Boult,
It. C. Hiss, 1 II. Allen, 11 1..
KadrriiMclui, ladj. llit-^o.
A la.t...it -.li.uiks was tendered
the retiring officers and diiecton
lor thaii nrrioM, isd also to ths
auditors, A. K. Steacy ind M. S.
Active steps are to be lakni at
once to (ny all outstanding baliili-
liel, aid the mailer was referred
lo the bosrd ul directors, to devise
a feasible sch. uu* and report.
The new cradle at the Wallace
shipyards was lloaled successfully this week.
Grand Chancellor Drown will
pay au official visit lo the local
I'ylhian lodge next Tuesday
The C.l'.R. proposes lo spend
Unity millions ol dollars during tlie present year tn railway
For Sale.—One good milch
cow; one bull; one sow tUiesler
white). Apply T. S. Nye, Cor.
Lonsdale and Queen street.
Mayor May has complied with
a request to call a public meeting to consider ferry matters.
The meeting will lie held in a
Larson's pavilion on Tuesday
evening nexl, the 2bth.
An illustrated lecture on "A
I'rip to the i.ick Observatory,"
will be given by Rev. J. 6.
Henderson, ol New Westminster
at the regular session of the
Voung People's Club, on Tuesday evening next.
Hcrt Anson is making preparation lor opening a  livery
business, a 'building for which
purpose is now in course ol
erection on the Ksplan,' 'e east
ol Lonsdale avenue. Messrs.
Smith Bros.'are the contractors.
The annual meeting ol the
Norlh Vancouver Conservative
Association will be held in lhe
Orange hall on Friday evening,
■1 miliary 20II1, when the election
uf iillicers will take place,   am
general haainaee will be transacted.
F. C, ttade of Vancouver, will
give an address before the February meeting of the No
Vancouver huard ol trade, Alex.
I'hilip, chairman ot the inin-
incrce aud industries committee
having completed arrangements
this week.
Friday evening last the il -, rv
Widow dancing club held ,n-
uther successlul assciubh 1.1 tin
Kagles' hall. During the evening a surprise present i'* mi was
made to Mrs Johnson, nee
Miss Hox, the gift being a handsome cut glass howl.
Iv .1. Hcnnetl. steward at
Warlow \s club, received a tile
gram 011 Wednesday, from the
commissioner of customs at
Ottawa, to the eflect that his
irollur, F. 0 Hennett, chief of
the   statistical   branch   of   the
customs department, is seriously ill. Mr. Hennett lelt vester-
dav lor Ottawa
Kiuw  oi no such appeal
Aid. link had conversed with
the citj suliciiui Mondaj, who
had liilui'liieil linn thai Ule appeal was proceeding, aim in a
nu iini conversation with  Jos
llinv II illind'i hotel is lull up
wnii lo.i'l't-    Col    Iran's sur*
pari* |i miking it ikeh head
Martin, he had keen Wormed |q-»rt«e
that tin* COM had lml been drop
The well informed person always reads the newspaper and
the well informed buyer reads
the advertisements.
The steam barge Forager was
in porl Monday and Wednesday
with a cargo of leedstulls lor
the brackmaii-Kcr Co.
Huilding operations will commence nexl week oil lhe new hotel Ior P. Larson, at Capilano
During iyo8 a total of iy.15
miles ol railway were built 111
Canada as follows; C.P.R. tilt,,
C.lv.R. 245, and G.T.I'. 854
F. J. Baglow, ol the lirm ol
Baglow & Thorpe, photographers, leaves on an extended trip
to tin; Old Country ou the 2htli
of this months The business in
the meantime will lie carried on
by Mr. Thorpe.
J. W. Balmain, Civ, is sending a letter to the Ratepayers'
Association, ollermg to read before that body a paper, dealing
with tne sewerage systems in
Hdinlmrgh, Leith, and l'orto-
bello, Scotland, illustrated with
The board of trade held an interesting session on Tuesday
evening, there being a large attendance. President Dick occupied the chair and several new
members were admitted. The
subject of discussion was the
i|uestion ol septic tanks and
sewerage, the principal address
on which was given by D. v-aiu-
eron, district engineer.
On Thursday evening, Feb.
,|th, Mrs. Jarley'.s living waxworks will he presented at the
1'resbyteriati church by a cotn-
]>vtent company of Vancouver
artists. The company has appeared before thc public ou the
other side of the Inlet Ix-lore
crowded houses. The characters
arc well sustained and allo.d a
highly amusing entertainment.
The copies of the "Rose Maiden" are now to hand lor the local Choral Society, and a full
attendance of members is requested at lhe practice on Wednesday evening next, at lhe Ks-
planade restaurant, in order
lhat the preparation of the
work may he proceeded with,lor
the concert to be given at a date
as early as circumstances will
The clerk lo write the city solicitor lor lull inluiiii.iiii.il    in
the natter.
AcCOttntS as follows wile   ul-
dcicd paid. Finance oomm^ttee,
Jjjo;  board of works, 547.14 ;
waterworhi mi itu-i-, S 1*17.45.
(in motion, tin- mayoi   ami
treasurer   wen-   atilhoti/id    lo
sign cheques lui diichargsd 11
in 11 iis .mil for coupons,
Aid. Dick called attention tu
iln bui thai citizens and rate
payers should  be given   pitlii
nice in employing men ".. Um
several crews, City engineer lo
issue instructions to that elicit.
Aid. Mi Wish ivislinl !u si. .1
Inlaw, defining lh' duties ol
the city engineer and other olli-
K 'li.rl bullock .mil lannlv have
moved into tin- vslley front   Van-
1. residing un Dorsn ninl,
whin they have erected a home.
\ dancing club has been urbanized in tin- lalli-v. for tin* pntpoie
ul holding week.) immblii ■ in the
Institute bill, lhc Krst numbly
uccurs tonignt.
P, A. Mhw nut mth a painful
.1.1 idenl uin- day this tei tk.   In
iplitting iiu" 1 hf held lb'' '-Ink
willi tii" hit hand and rain *! llie
iv Iir   a --I rn-k'-. wli. 11  it 1 Mil in
. "iii.H t niiii suiuf obstacle 111 n
bounding quickly csnahl his Ird
thumb, cutting it  tight through,
with tb" 1 x' ipli'iii nl lhc skin on
lh' nml, 1  * .1.       I In*   (round   w.is
prompt!) dr. ss, ,| I,*, |ii Campbell
ind it is tliiiiinlit the 11 vi i' al por-
j tion may knit again to place.
The nicinlicrs oi North Vancouver vulunteei lire brigade
[impose holding a box social
and dance about  the middle   ol
February,  The cotumittaee are
ilready hard at work, and it is
hoped Ihal lllis will be a public
linn. I ia,n iu which tin* whule iit\
will unite to make it a gnat
suicess. Nu admissiuli fee will
be charged, but 250 invitations
will lie issued, which mav be
liad front members ul the committee, and the ladies will be
requested to prepare boxes, containing light refreshments, to
be handed to the committee on
the evening o( the eittertain-
inettt, to be siilil by auction to
tin highest bidder. For those
who du 1101 wish to "trip the
light fantastic , a huge variety
ul games, etc., will be provided,
The evening  |ilonuses lu prove
mosl enjoyable for all.
ICx-Mayor Kealv went down
lo Victoria on Tuesday, as a
member of the delegation ap
pointed by the union of B. C.
municipalities, to interview the
government relative to urtain
projects laiotabh entertained
b\ lhe convention, recenth held
al Vernon
At  the session ol  the Voung
People's Club, held on Tueoda]
evening, the question was debated, "Are Labor Union Ben-
1in1.1l to Lalxn".' The allirina-
tive was led bv M. B. Martinson, Supported by 0. Shepherd
nntl S. Wight, while the negative was led bv J.('.arrow, supported bv \\. Knowles and J.
Simpson. The decision was iu
favor of the negative
The regular meeting ol the
Vuiiiig Peoples' Society of C.lv
of Sl. Andrew's Presbyterian
chttKh, was held on Monday
evening in the church. Mr.
Suodgrass uciitpied the iliair
Rev. .1. I). Oillna gate an in-
^^   ad-
Thc Maple Leaf Pedro   Club
had another of their series   n,<*_—_———_________
gatherings in the K.l'  hall, OB Iterating   and   instructive
Tuesdav night    About  |0   per-  diess on thf topic Ior thc cmii-
soiis wire present, and the  re-1 ing, being the first of  the  Pil-
ult of the first round  ol  coin- glint's Progress series, "Leav-
|H*(ition   gave  three  gentlemen  ing the Citv   ol   Destriniiuii,"
ind mu  ladv six   puints  each    at Ihe close o( which a numlter
Refreshments  were  served  by I of the members entered int"  ■
'the ladies.
disiussion ol the subject.
The Bank of Hamilton has
completed the installation ol
lutings, etc., in the premises
occupied hy ihem, in the Keilh
block, and the institution is
now ready Ior business, u. P,
Demur, recently of Brandon,has
lieen appointed manager, and
will have assoiialed with him
aa accountant, II. M. liarday,
from the Vancosver branch. A
junior clerk will also Ih- added
to thc stall.
The following are the ofheers
ol the Y. I'. Society ol C. E. of
St. Andrew's church elected lor
the coming year. Hon President, Rev. J. D. C.illatu; l'res.,
William Knowles; seily.-treas.,
Miss Ada K Marshall; while a
Lookout and Sunshine committee were also ippointed, Kight
new members were last week
received into the society.
Miss Ada Morden gave a very
enjoyable party to a coinpanv
ol   young   people   on   Tuesdav
evening, at the home ol lur pnl
cuts, Ceo. H. and Mrs. Morden,
.'nd street east.   The following
were the guesls   Misses   Helen
Ciio|Kr,   Muriel   Fugler,   Aggie
Pitt,L\din Lindsav, Katie Dav,
Lulu Louiisburv, Dolly   Fowler,
Nellie Philip and Minnie Hall,
and Messrs Oswald Peers, Mack
Cooper,  Roy Stoney,  William
Philip, Charlie Wheeler, Oavin
Banter, K   Wheeler, Fred Alktn-
■00,   ToM    Martinson,   Tcdilic
Jackson and Chester Cross. IIK EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
North Vam   iuvks, 11  t'*
>\lll IIKK1M.AI.!. ,\ M IBDBS
l ii.ii* I1ITO1I
lilll.- aa,* -1 |IM llll'l'|n\ 1
ft .(Hi
Ilm* uur
iix nonthi  •
Three months
Unit*!Hi .iii.I I..r.-i.;ii,tb5»|ii'rrear
TllisMIAI    DllFI ll     tDVIIIUWIIWS—
, |,., ,,a. |„r ineli .-in'i. Insertion.
I,,,,,..: Sotii i i "    H OOpsrla** P*
I.imi sidTimiii Norn i*"—Ni'i".*-. Wl
iiiiii.ii* I". (J
1 mi Iovikti»isu   I Irt! Iniertlon, 10
,,.,,,.., ,. i, lubwqwnl Inner-
11■ .ii. .'.I* pur lim-
Kiaoii   Notii ■    n !   "aW ''""
i n\,- lu.. nl- |..*rlitii-..*ii'inii*''r i.
( ..mi;i. r Al i; '''"  '"'
ranged spacettkin,
III etungeein contract adv rtiaeiiieiiti
„„|.'     iH   III    the  i' ll* aaiil.a*  |.rlll,.r  I*.
«',. !n...|.,.,*i,-i.ii.*.'t,.i'ii-iir.*|'iii.li.'.;tii'ii
in the Mil i*"'"'*
N'iki.i Vani ouvi k. Jan. 22, toog
Until ll        ui  and  the   ;
1 ii 1 tiom lm   '.,a ',  .11   DOS   It. HI- nl
tb. past I In* inui 1 involved in
each *.'-' ui '. lull) cinvtw il .mil
the elector! have given tin ir vei
ilu t, vvl.ii ll   .ill   ilniiblli-ss   I"   ,11
u'pin philosophically bj thou
a udidil * who via re nol elet ted,
an.i with Hm 1 'mnn'; gratitude [of
the honor coufi rred bj thoH arho
compote lhe n ipi 1 livi boirdi [01
tlu iniuiuf yen I hi nn mix n
of tin po iuus distrii 1 '
met with km.Iin 1 ttialiii.iil .it the
hand*, .>f tin', li 1 Ion thin .li.l Iheii
iiuiiii ia . aai the 1 ui count il, three
mn ui 1 ui whi "ii* 1. '1 having bei n
returned io the district us against
twu ..an .ai iii in tin . ity,
The t. nn lot which the in wiy
eh 1 ii 1 ini i'iii" nti in ippointed,
conipu-i"- .1   period   whii h   givei
pri m ni 111 tuning i» rhipi the
nio'-t iv 111I11I through whit
noil1* ' tin Inlet hi ■
pcned, I nleu sinn*.. whii li con
lervitive mindi . mtid. 1 relit ih .
ihould ihog iln 1 l.ul. tin • 11
will .. marked bj devi 1 ip-
tnentt ol greit momi nt to tlui 1 uv
and district; ami situations will
doubtli 11 .ui-' ia whiili ii
collect 11 will be requin d
tn idminitti 1 munii ipil ifiain in .1
manner al one* compatible with
progmt ind with the but interests ul iii. , ommunitii ■ inten ited.
Tin ptc-i'ii 1 lion im itingibrought
to tin (rout many important mitti rs
with whii h .t will be necessir- 10
deal. 1 In 1 ity 1 onni il is confront-
id with tin urgent awd ol .1 wn
item thi straightening out
ol the i. uv 1 ntsnglemi nt; tht is«
tansioa ei the niter system; the
di viniag ol a com pn beniivi
icheiin Inr pern * . ind
a hnal dei iiion with n li n
street . un.nm tion; tin mitti 1 ol
tin- taking  *. 1 "i Lonidili it 1
Wlutl,   ,111.1   till*    l.allSlllll tlUll    u|   .,
publii nl,.ui ol a a,,it,in* tu iniwai
lulni* thei mth
othei m.iiii 1    : n omt nt, whit h ol
tin 1, * 1 tat, ,. programme
01 kicii importani 1
In the diitrit t tlnn an iuch
niaitteis H'* tin Iltl iismii of trim-
Iinii, 'l" un light and teli 1
hout   the   virioui
tho building ol trunk ind
'I       <   ll'lll       (if
bridgi - lhe proti 1 tion ol thi righl
Of publii   II   '      I*    tin   Witt lll'illt:
the (riming ol ,1 policy with reft 1
cm - to lii ■ n* *l ia in li within dis
im 1 boundt Ihe providing
ccei   to lhe
wealth) 1 mn il l.v nn
.md Seymoui 1 n 1 kt; thc conitrui
tion nl publii  wbirvet, ind many
.itii.i in*oii 1 ■ -if i' Istivi importance,
l im ilium ial question is is en<
a..111.1;* Dg ll al nl the   iln*'I	
I in* ii, bentun th bl ci thi
at pn or, with the
addition ol thi 128,900 endorsed 11
ihr Iati - lec|ions, 1399,910    I in*
vjIih iii  the tan ibis  propi uv is
I3I387.9*-*0. from which it may be
inferred tint ihe practical loaning
power of  the city ihould warrant
tin* telling ul tll necessary delicii-
tuii s nt good piic.s. During the
put yen thi several civic committee! kept tin- expenditure wei
within the total estimates for the
j tar, llu bllllCS sheet will show
.1 I.ur unlit balance and there is
1 coniideribli sum in hand for
Wlterworkl extension. The way
is nm 1 ii u lot tin* payment of the
balance due the district, under the
stalni.tv loin 1 and lhe  total civic
revenue t*-i iln1 feu ii sl the dis*
possl ol tln'1 niincil for 1 ivii nn 'is.
I bi distrii 1 balance sh.*.'t ihowi
1 ,1 nh b lance, ind ihn a
li 1 .a*.> imount ul tun )*it
to !"■ piid, in addition to which
the aininiiii ti mauling to be paid
b, the - ity, together with the income for the current yeir. the
comparatively small bonded debt,
and tin larn.* and constantly increasing an (Mint of rateable property, ab combine to betlow upon
the diitrict of North Vincouvi: 1
financial strength iuch ns is enjoyed by .cry few, it any other, rural
municipalities in the province.
Tin intertill of the city and the
dillril' 11 t" such a large extent
nh ntical, thtt a cordial sympathy
ami heirty co-operation upon all
occationi will prove mutuilly ben-
eticial.    lt ii gratifying to know
that ciiuinistances are propitious
for tin- sustaining of these htlplul
A spirit of friendly appreciation
upon the part of the citizens is at
ill timet I must helpful factor to
thon upon whom devolve  the re-
ip miibilitiet oi municipal govern.
nn nt, and such should be thc at-
titude idopted st the outset by the
rati pavirs at large, toward both
the 1 itv ind distiict councils. By
Cltting llidl thus.' influences
which msy prejudice the mind or
bias the judgment, every elector
mutt com ids that lite personnel
of theie hoards   as they stand   to*
* ompriset men who may be
r. Ind iipnn to give dose attention
to iiiiiiiii ipal aflairs, ami tu use at
all turn s tin In si i.l their know
.m.l judgment lo administer
:1a. *., ..Il.uis lm iln* conservation
.unl promotion ol tin- interests ol
thon im h.iin thi) sre itewsrda
In   cm.junction with   the great
of electors, The Express con-
grstulstes the members of both
citj nnd district councils on their
elevation to the positions thev are
given to occupy, and wishes for
tin in and for both municipalities,
iimlii their administration, a term
ul conipicuoul progress  and suc-
1, n,
^MtfMWWk miiiiuim MViWmmVm.%
i Air Tight
■fE liave a full line of the
above, in all men and at
all prices.
Yon can buy a neat little
which its plenty good enough to
see you through the cold simp.
.lust use the telephone. We
do the rest.
Paine & McMillan |
Corner lonsdsle Ave. anil First St. Phone 12       •
fmmmm mmmm ^m^mmmm^
It is quite evident that the satis
111 tun lettlemenl of the ferry ques-
11011 is 1 smiderid a mattet of lirst
importance bv Mayor May ind his
council, This fact is unmisttkeably
manifest, not only in tbs statements
imnl. l.i the mayor in his inaugural
iddreu, but even more forcibly
from the lact lhat om* of the lirsl steps
ul Ins .nliniiustratinn was to create
a frrn  iiinttiv, as a sixth standing committee ol the city council,
ind in appoint as . liairman, Aid.
SchulU, wlm is particularly well
1 1 lipped Ini the work which this
1 iiiiiinitt. 1' will have in hand, and
from whom wits and energetic
;n lum mav I" anticipated. The
ferry problem, as it stands at prcs-
ant, would app.-ar In be even more
complit at.'d than it has been at any
previous lime,and will reipinetn In
hlndh 'I very astutely if progress is
robe mide. The many resolutions
of tppreciitioe pitted by ratepayers' me. lingl, bonrd of trade, and
oihu orgsnititions, togsthei with
tin* tipmemni of a similar charac-
tet ninii' it the council hoards,
111,1k' it '|iuti 1 lear lhat the city and
diitrit11 ontider tbemeelVM tinder
.id. bt ul   grttitudl  to the N.V.        A good huy for a lew days.
Motni Boat Transportation Com*        . . « ««•.*» RinrL
pan] lot Iheir  coiiragenus efforts
lo give an efficient scmi.-.    While in the city
th, N   V.  hurry and Power Com*     for $430.    Ofl term*.
pany comes in for severe  adverse Call on us or write lor lull i*rlirnl«ri
criticism at the hands of the public, it cannot be too strongly asserted that there is an entire absence
of a vindictive spirit, or of any disposition to treat this or any company with anything other than
fairness; and it isfurther absolutely
essential, under all circumstances,
that any such clement should not
be tolerated for an instant. Thi
problem is altogether too serious
to lie approached under the influence ol prejudice. It is likewise too broad to admit ol personalities.
To he dealt with successfully,
the problem is one which must be
approached on the basis ol an ordinary business proposition and
solved on its merits, with sole re
fin-nce to providing such a service
as the welfare of North Vancouver
demands. The fundamental item
of this business proposition is sim-j
ply this, "North Vancouver must
have a suitable and adequate ferry
service". Die question as to how,
in hy whom, it is to be provided,
is a matter of detail, in which these
municipalities are not particularly 1
concerned so long as an agreement I
is made on a basis of mutual fairness to the parties thereto.
Nortli Vancouver city and dis-j
trict comprise in their shareholders'
(property owneri) a company of]
some four thousand citizens of
British Columbia, duly incorporated under thc liws of the province
for business purposes. The assets
of this company ire in the neighborhood of $6,500,000, ind their
annual revenue upwards ol Jioo,-
000. In the carrying on of the
business for which these corporations are formed, there are many
dillerent items that must be negot.
iated, among which, as one of the
most important, appears the continuation of Lonsdale avenue as t
highway from the nortli to the
south shore of Buriard Inlet. This
continuation takes the f»rm ol a
lerry service, but thc interests of
these incorporated municipalities
demand that this continuation ap
proaclt as nearly as possible to the
nature of a permanent highway,affording ready and adequate lacili- !
ties lor all traffic that oilers, and
responding satisfactorily to all demands made upon it. That corporations of such weallh and such
proportions should he able to readily carry out such arrangements in
lliis particular as their patent In
teresls demand, would appear lo
be a business pioposition ol tlu
most casual nature,and it Is strongly hoped that lhe leasnnable desires of the citizens in this regard
Will not Inui; be thwarted
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issue of this paper lollowing. To each one holding the duplicates of tl ise numbers, we will, upon return to ns of coupon,
deliver free of all charges to anv address, a HANDSOME
CHINA DINNER BET of lot) pieces, value J25.
Full particulate OH lhe back of each coupon. BEGIN
RKMBMBKl we guarantee every sack of Royal Standard
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Cars leave the Ferry Landing for Queensbury Avenue, Twenty-first
slreet and Lonsdale, Winch slreet and Keith Road as lollows : 6:15
i.m., 6:43 a. ■., 7::.* a. tu . 7:43 1 n. , 8:13 1. m., 91. ni. 9:40 1. m.,
10:10 a in., Mler 11:25 a. ni., car*, "ill leave Queen.bury ivenue,
Twenty-first and Loasdals avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minutes la tin hour and twenty-five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth street and Queembury ivenue, Twenty-first
street and 1 onsdale ave Mie, Winch street and Keith Road 11 lollowi:
61. m., 6:15 a in , ;;io a. 111 , 8:05 1. tn., 8:45 i.m.,9:30 i.m.
After 931 ft. 111. tars leave the Ferry Landing it ten minutet put Ihe
hour and twenty minutes to the hour.
J^^.'All h'ats are met hy the cars
aret nr .iMitn nern on mr coaar
an DMO-nan
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When you intern building
j. n. mm,, *\\\m
Hinmh ofU-e, l.niinlaU Ai/.,t'ily. ttmt
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Telephone No. a. ittpptawt! to Slf? Extras
volume vn.
Kuvc Mi.N.iujjht occupied the
ch,111 ,it lhe regular session of
the disitii 1 cotittiil I,ist evening.
Councillor* Weitover, Gordon,
Rolisiiii ind Dnvidaon were present.
A   Communication   was   read
innn Ueaara, Btinuoa tl s.o., ol
Ton.nlo,   oSerin|   to   purchase
tin- remaining Si,-*,,""" ol   the
l.Mlll \ allel Waterworks .leliell
'.ims at .|V with accnied interest. The action ol tin- clerk in
accepting ihe oflet erai confinn-
Thotnaa Goodall wrote,   ad-
visinjj council  ihal   1'nal   residents h.t'.l  .'I'.iniluiieil   the  plan
• raring a mad ..11 the smith
side nl his property and applying lor the Mining up "I l"h
lit,in sin 11,   Tenders lo lie call-
ad for, tii in- iii bj next council
(ii...    \\.itilill   applied    lor   a
mad to his propert}, lot 9, in
1,1..ik J, r.-siilii!ni*.i'iii D.L. 2°-
diatance ol 600 i" s"" lei 1
Rngineir to report  on   m-ist
le route.
I). U. Campbell again
ihai a dangerona tree in- i»i
ilimii ..11 h.t 1, I).I., ill*), .is ii
endangen his bonne on l"t 13,
block 10, D.I,, mj-,. The matter had been arranged,
Councillor Weatbver dree al
iiiuinti t.. the te "1 "i •! coat "i
gravel on Lynn valley road
(rn 111 Iloskins ro,,d t" tin
bridge, This matter baa been
under consideration and will be
,11,||,lul U) .is S.11UI as IH""*
sail  adjustments a..ill lie made*
Tin* inlaw providing lor expropriation "i landi loi a road
to Beep Cove, end loi ttraight-
ening "in net atreet, wen   n
111i1si1l1i.il,  and  linallv   p.is*.ul
'Iimi   local   Improvement   bj
I.ms were considered,   nne   lor
opening ft'-rinch road and  Um
other ior Improving  Lonidale
,im nue tun ill. Nniiih .inline
will not he ICCCaiihle nnli
ut\ will "i'iii a -i'ii'.n "i roadway to connect,   Both bylaws
wi n* laid "iei and the ilerk l"
w-ili the uti .
KnghvwT Cameron recommended ih.it in rntnn opening
of new roads, all stumps he
lal,..lul tii saw ixt.a expense
aft 1   li.iiiscs are  l.tlilt      lt   w.i,
iin.ill. decided 1h.1t th,* blaal
111;' I.e done ill cull ease jllsa
pIlMnlls tii till III. li'ill "I ,1111
building, ill order lo emlliillli/t-
U  I.ii   as  p.issllile     Tenders -In
In- called lor, lor clearing por-
lions ..( ll.i-.kins, Kilmer, and
Church toads, in lu In hand before next meeting,
An application a 11 i» rived
irom the U C Kl lii Co th if
ihe hiiiii. il hlaii the itutnne on
lite 111 W   lllla       I'a' |ld "I  W.itk*. 'n
1 unlet with   tin and!
1. pi.it
The B. C, telephone Company
made ,1 similar application.
Board oi works to report; In
the meantime clerfc to write to
other municipalities and aacer
lain whal is their custom under
stti li liriiiiiistatiiis.
Tin* clerk reported 'hat Manager Perry ol the B, C, El. Ry.
Co., wishes to arrange iur Assist.int General Uanager Glover
and himself to go over the diatrict with iln- council, with reference to proponed extensions
ol ilu- tramline. Hoard oi worki
to confer with company.
Engineer Cameron lubmitted
,1 plan ol the new line ol roadway plong the foreshore to
Ragle harbor,
The I'.a.inl ol WOrkl was ;.It'll, rifted to open tenden lor
road liiiiihincrv ami to report
at n.xt meeting of the council,
The engineer reported the need
nl immediate repairs to Hopi
road and Capilano mad. thi
latter having heen damaged bv
1 break In lhc erati rmain "I the
. ;ti  "I ValiiotlM't.   The clerk tii
draw   lhe .itii irimi  ol   V
mt council to llu- matter.
The  lollowing   letter  is    sell
To Ills ll.irslllp,
.ilamr U. II. .iia,,
North Vancouver,
Sir, 1 llall lili liiillur, ..II hell.'il ni a large numl.er ol North
\ aiiuiiiMi pi"p< lt\ I.WIUIS, l..
requcal inal unit worship
slu.uio i..11 a |iuiilii meeting ol
ratepaven 1 .nl otkeri inlei
istul in tin- vital  queilion   ol
mn trantportatton, ,.t tbt eai
li.si a .nument Ume.
Pen-onall) l ..in devoting m\
entire lime al preaent   '..   ihn
111,1  ,.*l  and   am   must   .1, li
til.il   lill*  pUblk   ihould   lie  kept
llllll   Mill  ."lie. Ih   llllaal 1111 a,  >,l
an} undertaking in which tlnn
lllllll .'>  all   sa,   pn ,'.,mill,illl
l am, .tr, v.iius truly,
l.\S. C. t.ll.I
N'oiill Vancouvi i. H,( ,
I.m. ii, tool,
In accordance a un    bow
requeat, I herein iall a publii
meeting, to In- held in [.anon'*
pavilion, mi Tin 'l.n. ihe jlSth
insl., at I p in .\ large alien
I nice it .I. aired
W  ]|. HAV,
A nitnilier of prominent local
Conservatives went uur to Vancoti-
ii i on Monday, t, attend I Beating ul r. preteotativeio! tbeieveral
Contervativa dune of Richmond
rii'i in. S. |) S'hiili/, I'uii
KiiiK and J. M. Duval, all ol North
\amouver, vure ippointed mam-
lnls ot the delegation to the i on-
u iiti.ni in Vn tuna .ni Tiiiii-iI,ii nl
tlii-* iieek. with \V. (. Gladwin
and A E. Keaii .is alternate!
Reaolutiom in n* patted re govern*
mental action, with tespi 11 In '.  ,
phones, radittrihntion and iiii i. .is
nl repraaentttioi lm Rii hmond
ndinK    It a*udecided to organise
i i. nlral ItetX latum lot the riding
and a convenlioii lor that curp"S'-
will 1..* called in  Vaai ouver,  mi
Wednesday,  Pell.   loth.
North Vancouver Mails
llaill i |0M for .'expat, li as (ol
lows:     1   n    Via ut    anil    all
point! I a. tn., ii us a. rn., );|j
p in . (or l.-.nii i r. i k. 11:15 a. in.
M.11K ariive: Ya'ironver ..iial il
pointi, g 10 a in.. w:45 m., y,r,
p. 111 . fruin I.viin 11. ek 2 p. 111.
Outgoing mails lor   l.v un  . rat 1.
'It' r 1 lii ,1. Bl s|10,,1,1 |„ <J|
livi i"l .11 tin  1111 kit.
The annual hall and Ripper of
the Sons and Daughter* ot E inland combined lodgi 1 will I"- held
mi  Friday, |aa,  j>tii. ia   Letter
hall. Van. mivi-r, ainl it is aim. i
paled there will li. -i str* ui; 1 i.ntin-
gent go over from  hen. u tha
iiuiiiliiis   of   Western    Kose   are
piite. athutiiitic ibout it. iii ken
finding a   read)   ul..    Inyb d)
nhn has ,.ii, ndad tin s. si.. I,.; (nne-
tlillls III tile p,s| lHII |, ..;,!(   |,a |||, *,
mints and will Mturedl' tiki tin
opportunity igain offered them. A
sp' 1 i.ii   late  li n\   ivill he   run for
ilu* convenience cri thou ittending
1 1 tins side, mil, ,, lm Iree car
from Letter hall. Tu kits man ba
obtained from II   llii ind ami II.
Worth, I.vnn vail.*!; li C I '»
" in 1 . 1 Mi -ti" t. I. sale. Keith
block, and I'erci   Kine,
(huich Notices
s|   JilllX's 1111   n ,S,,| |.|   1, -1 vi sm
IM'  HI I Kll I XIII   s I Ull IS.
Iluii ( iiiiiiiiiinlon, s a. m.
Morning priyer, 11
hi* ning  plan r. 7.1"
1 ni ih. inst Sund 1  >1 tie month
Ihl 1.   '.nil  I"  a s. 1 mi.I   1 e.i In.ili'Hi
ul iln Hull Communion at 11 a m
111  I   '01 Rl   I        llllLjIl     III.lap,   I
-1   ixi,m w's iKlsi'.i nmix , 111 11 11
sixin .min
Senices   will   he  ioii.luile.1   as
usual  on  Sundav   In   tin- pasim
Sunday school, 2:30 p. 111.
Service al Moodyville ichool it
7:30 p. tn.
Prayei meeting on Wednaadaj
K o'clock.
All an* welcome.
I'astnr: Rev. J. I), (iill.iui, M.A. '
mi nniiiisi 1 iirm 11, v. w. mania
I ol'K 111 si   IMD IT, OlOICl'l
ui XII.
Morning lervice, 11 a m.; Sun*
dn sihool, 2:30 p. nr; evening
si n.i,. 7:30 p.m.
1'i.u'i in..tin;; un Wedaaada]
evening at 7:30 o'clock.
I'r. a. limn   in   l.v nn   valhi    mi
alt' unite Sunday ifternooot,
Sn in 1.. \ siiia'.'l'ai Moodyville at
11 a. 111.
Iiei.    U.   II.    lial'lelStlin,    11     A
XoKill     I   1X1     l|  VIK    I   lllllll  |a
IXIali;,    l||ss|,,X.
SulnldV     Si IVIi es Mass     at   a,
.1   111.. Sundav sel I at l:jQ p.m..
Bi n. <ln lion il t p in.
I'astor:   Rev.   E   !'■ n.n in. O.
M. I Y.G.
Illlllsl  1 ill K. II. 1 i.KXKK llllll AM.
Sunday school at I ..1 lm k p in
Servka at 3 o'clock p.m.
I'.isliir :     Iiei   havi.I I.am;
All are in In.mi.
'I'lIK Coaneil Iteikt Ti inl.r* f"r 1 ■    ]
'    illL'  llll'l   mdlni   I'*""'-  "I     ("l.'ll'lill
11...el.   laillli**r   Mad   nii'l   t'l.nr. 1,
Rati,  nil t.i conform I,. -I-., .li, »iii.i-.
.*ii|.i... ..I  which inai !»• final ..ii ..
.■uini. .11 II..* |i|«in,i   \|iiniii|i*il (ittn
S««la-d I'-u.l.-r-,   u.hrka. 1   "Tenden I r
I;...i'l W'.rk," I,, !»• 111 nl lie*  Mm*
mln.* !»■!,.r.* 7.:iu 1.111 , .,11 .'.th p.-l.ru.in
ILU I'liii.ir,
gM t vi.c.
I BFTal tm .1,1.1.-. ll**...: North Vim-
' iT, i.il U.*.|ll.-.llll   .1
by n ftm§ maul, mn* ill '*..* i- ■
nl.mi II 1 .111 ll   -*a,*. * 1
liule in led I' m *,n i,,-r 11 11
I,- |iri.iiiii.'|.r.*|..*rli;,ii*l|*.iiin.' rl|
II ii'.l Mtlairi ( t iiiiliin lm* 'l.n- (ra n.
ilnte Imr-i' ,nli I.' I.* > Id I*, 'li ir.iy I x-
|..*n-. I
-i.'ii. .1     I'. I VI.-"V
North Van..*iiiit. J.iiaiiiri    p.'n I
e-y-AivvvV^vvvvvvvvvvvvv VVVVVS-VVViA*^VV>^VVVV«
under lhe auipioea nf tin- N. V Volunteer
Fire liri^mlc. t" I"' licl'l in Eagle'g Hull.
mi tin* evening "t February I Ith, IW)9
•tdmiaaion by Invitation, which may be
obtained frorn the < 'otnnittM.
I vlrai l.ir-   ilnr tin* li.uii'i*
•»-***-*-W^*rW*-V*t^*A-^ <^A^VV*^A^A^A^AAAAA^<Vv^• Sttjuikumtt to ®l|? htotm
VOL "di-: v'll
Viiv- lil i wi nl'\   K. B.l .. FRIDAY, JANUARY -
disiri:t COUNCIL
The H. I. Ti lephone Company
in.oh   a   similar   application 	
,'"'-1"1 "' tt"'KS '" "1"'":   i»    .\ nituilier ol  prominent local
ih, meantime clerk to write to Couiemtivei went over to Vincou-
* meet'
ku\i Mi S'aught occupied the
ii iln ie"iil,.i mission  ol   .
f* .ntiur iiiiiiiii *,i.nuns an., ascei    v. t >.n Mmidav, t . ,ut, n,
council last evening. Ui„ ,,,u[ j. ■■„.,, cullou, mt\„ ina
;. ttestover, Gordon, 8Uc|] eircumstunces
d.ivi.Im.ii were prr-    fhi   lerk reported 'hat Man
gel Pern ol ihi B C  El, Kv.
■ ; liveioltheteveral
I 0 i-i native  . Ini,-   ol   Ka ii in. mil
riding.   S.   1>    s.iiuii/.    I'nn
King ind J  11. Duvil, ill of North
unnnication  waa   read Co., wishes to arrange foi   Vi   Vancouver, wen i|
. Stinison & s "
i.i.  tillering  lo  purchase
ining Si.^. i   ih
sislani Rem ral Uanager lilovet
and himsell lo go over thi di
tri.t with iia council, with re
Lynn Vallej Waterworks leben k],,               .„,..,,• lA,,..
'""" »• '<s  «ilh accrued it . ■,.,,„]„„   p,,„,i ,,, „,„*u
est    The action ol the clerk in , ,,,,,* „n|, company,
Lh, olTrr was confinn- p,,,..,,,,,,* Cameron  iuhmitted
M ,. ; lan i.i the m*w line ..I  road-
Thomas ■; I.ili wrote,   ail ,, ;,,,,,.   ,,,
vising i.iMinil iimt   local   nsi p;.,*j,. harboi.
V." ird nl ■ . :ks was  "i
■ Iiti. lotted llu   plan
* curing .i road on lhe south
i* i ti . imi apply
: o be call
.-.I i* r, in i.e iu h* iii xi council
mn li
i *,,,    \\  rdell   applied   for  »
. 1". *.. in
hlock '
In v"' feet
. ■   ■.,   reporl   on   m<»sl
I)   tl   i i  in   nskiil
dowu "ii li        !
i'1,,,1.    .. li L,  li .,;. Tin
(.'aal, *  ''      al
n to ih.- n ''. ol *i coal til
a   valli v
I'hi.s in ■■ u hn
.   tor ex
ed  in  "■ ■ u   i,n.'i rs   [or
nuil machinery and t" ;*
\t meeting nl tne council.
■ • ported ihi need
ni tinti ..hate re] .iis n. Hop
-ni'i lapilano   road,   Ihi
latter having 'ein .1
a break in the wanrmain ol the
.in o| Vancouver. The clerk to
anvil In the tn tttei
The following letter is   s*.n
■' ,1'ifv :
in ills tv	
il  I,    11    *.
Ni.itii Vancou
DU he
ol a largi number hi North
\ aiin'iivii prop i ti owners,  lu
tl call a publii meeting ol
in iln- vital quealion   ol
al n.i i.n
•"'ll'      Pel      ill) I  mi devoting mv
*" entire iimi i   ihni
.  ihould   '■
laws vi, n mi ,  ih ■
' ■'
Servient will t>   i ondoi It ■! ■ *
usual  un  Sundav   In   the pasim.
Suiialav sa Iiunl, 1.10 0   in.
Si niie at Moodyville ichool ai
7:3.) p. III.
Prayei meeting on Wt dm idaj
■u k.
All are well nun*.
I .-tin: Uev. J. II. Cillim, M V
VII   IM.alll*  1      I   III   I,   II,     X,     ll.    ,  .
Itiotl t ' Iin   mn- nu Kin IT, ixusi. BIOIOl'l
vention in V,, tuna on 1 nurida) ol vu een.
ni reek, uuh W.   C  Gladwin     Morningtervke, 11 1 m.; Sun-
'"'   V1    Kl   '   ■"•   '"'"' "s   daj Khool, 1130 p. ..'     *
lies,ilnn,ms n, 1, pitted re govern- Krvio   - in p in
■iii.-tii.il action, with reipecttoleli .    |•,,„',,' *;„,,,„, „„ Wednwdi)
l'il,,M"-' redtiirilmi mat   eveningil 7:30 o'clock
1 1. pes, mm*.,  lot   Richmond I    \;,,,\lllv. ,„ Lynn  tall*]   oe
nd,"l    '• * '       iltermti Sundaj tlternooni
»centnl iiiociiii th, riding     Sii,„1m lc|l0Optl m tyvilla at
.nil a convention lot thai 1 nrpoat   ,, ( ni
"I1' ** ' 'i;'''1.1" '      '"       Rev. ft II    lialal.iM,.;..   li   A
\\..iiies,i,,i, I*, 1, 1,ah. naitoi
 .'   1 ix,   IUVr.ICATHOI.ll
ixtaii*.  UIIIIOM.
Sundav   Servicet     Man  il
a. in., Sanda) *> hool 11 1:30 p.m ,
rhe annual Ball and mppei ,,1 !• ■ ;• '"■
the Soni and Daughters of Eng-     Patton   Rev   E. Peytavi
land combined lodgei will he held ■■*•■ LV.G.
og Pi .',,iii. in  Letter mptiit chuiwh, cotxta nrrn ami
ball, Van ver, and  it 1- intid* rr. ototui
1 i* will Im iitrongcootin*     suu.lai ichool ai 1 o'clock p.m
•I   from  hei   u the     Service tl | o'clock p. in,
ni. mii. is iii  \\ ettern   Rote  in
nthutiattii ibout it. H
:   a   11 eli    sal* .    Aovbod)
tllllls III the p.sl , ,,|| tCStil)   In ill' II
11 . ills .md will  as.iit,.IK tak. tin
"pp.'1'n Hi i. '■ thi in.    \ 	
ipociil '.it'  I'ir.  i-iii In   run (n Tin Coonril Invito Tenden fnr elurj
Inn;      in*.' mi'i rodlng i'.ir-- "i  1
Irom thit tide, with 1 lite fret ct. „   l1i-"1- Kl'"",.r !;';"' _i__Th
l!"i..I. ..I I., conform in -|,. niniiim*-.
r.ist.ir;   Uev. David Lang,
Al, an in li oim .
,llelllli      •**   . IM ll     .llllllll
iv 1! I '
iiii iiill open .1 -I lion "i '
wu!  i" connect    Both bylaw
.     nd    he i ll :
e cit)
int ' 1 l a  lli '■■II I
1   .llll.   .1 lil,
Sorth Vancou ■ 1.
lan, it, 1908,
In   * i'ini,mu* with .in abov<
i ... publii
ial ii        •■■', held in Laraon'-
"ii Tm s.i,.i   tbe :**ii,
:n     A  1 1 fee alien
I     11    tl
North Vancouver Mails
-.IV.      '-'ll      I   .
I' Kilinei
in  l tm
An .
1 tl ■ '■       Kl  K    Co
111 ki is m iv I ,
obtaim.1 Inmi II  Holltnd tnd II*
Worth, Lynn valley, R, (
i' nc. 'in nre, 1   L. Salt, Keith
hln. k. ami Pen i King
(huuh Notices
HX's mi   u is, .1 III, s,*,,MH
mn iniKii 1 -.nt lii-i 1 is.
Hull   (  lillltlllllllilll. S 4    HI
Morning prayi t. 11
Ei* ning prat • r. 7.30
1 in il. lust Sn .nuill hole in lell I iiwnw n 1
then iiill I., lie I celebration '.'.' M»vini*pr*-|»rt* .ndptvlng nwatt
..... 1 ll 11 'i railed f'.r « tiu.i  rive .lm« tr"in
nl '•»'   Hol) ( ...111 lion II III in    ,;,„,. ,„„.,. »,, |i„., „. ...;,| ,,,,|,,t
ll. .  '111 Rl  1       llliell    ll.i'ipi I. ,., I,- -
-1   e.iami'. 1 Illlt iiRivs CHUM 11
sIXIII  -lllll
(i,— ol  which u.ai I.,* 'ni I '*n n| 1   •
ration .11 the IHrtriel  Muni, pal Offle
: I. ii.l.r-, mirked "Tendi *
Road Wa.rk," 1.1 be la tl tin* Mnnt
(uli.,* I«*!,.r.. r.iln |. in , mi "ilh K.'lirii.n*.
IM i nc
I        'i nu* -tab.**, Hotel Sorth Yea-
''     .er, "ii iv..i|ii.*-.i.u ,i imi,ri
In .1 ninii*.' mini. ..in* nil l>lm \ l.n-'.
tbo it 11 1 .ml-. Nth *!i l* fi -In nld. r.
-i.n.'i   r. LAB«OH,
Nurtli Vuiin.iivr, Jainiiiry   "Jn I
Uti!!   I   laa*I      |aa,     l<(tp|tl  ll     .IS     |,,|
I    1 1     ami    ail
■ m ,   1 1 :is    1
p "1 i lor L; n'i creek, 11 ij
irrive   Vtncom ■
■ " ■'   'a       II  |J in .  J  is
'In in m line   li
1. poi:
mul 1 loi   I ■.un creek
I  1,   ,',
li -1"! .11 tin nickel
%************+/+**+*>/+*• •>-WV\*>>*VS*A'^r>**>'>>rVN»>r>a^'Vt
under lhe Buepioei of tha N. V Volunteer
I'iri' Brigade, to be held in Eagle'a II. II
mi tha evening of February llth, 1909
Admieaion by nu itation, which may be
obtained from tha Committee.
■. Hi
\ o
Twin City ;
Transportation Company
s%.;^x^*x-«->*xX'<->->^m->*x**x*XK-*x-*x-*x ;**x**x**x^ -H-t-tt-H-H-H-HtH-H-H*
Capital $100,000 Divided into 10,000 Share* of $10 each.
JAHES McNAIR,      J. R. J. MURRAY,       T. 8. NYC,       A. R. ftTCACY
Acting Manafter W. Be Bunburg
Acting Secretary - -     Jas. C. Gill
Solicitors        S. D. Schultz and A. McEvoy
Registrars  -     Yorkshire Guarantee and
Securities Corporation, Ltd.
THE TWIN CITY TRANSPORTATION COMPANY te being orfanteed to take over
the interests of Mr. Bunbury and the Motor Boat Transportation Co, and to put' on a quick, safe and
and comfortable service ol passenger boats between the cities of Vancouver and North Vancouver.
NYTMNit but an efficient anil adequate boat service throttles the growth of North Vancouver.
Tin- Citv of Norlli Vancouver lias |ot over (lie pioneering stage, when anything goeti, and ie
entitled to the Iiest service.
It is felt that 11 'ompany, in which the citizens of North Vanconver have the controlling interest, will be run in the interests of Nortli Vancouver, which means that the boats will he
The service which Mr. Bunbury has put on for the last two or three months, has demonstrated what can be done. It is not suggested that the present service is the service required, but
if during the worst weather nf the year, and working at many disadvantages, Mr. Bunbury has
managed tn keep on an even keel, what cannot be done during the fine weather of the greater part
of the year with up-to-date boats.
In this connection we have to remember that the Seattlo Exposition will bring thousands of
investors to Vancouver and North Vancouver, and it is almolutely necessary that a good service
between the two ports should be established.
The Company are opening offices in the Mahon Block, Lonsdale Avenue, where Mr. Gill
will be in charge.
Applications for stock may be made at the office of the Company, and subscribers for the
smaller number of shares will receive first consideration, it being the object of the Company to get
as many house-holders as possible interested in the Company so that it may be a representative
Mr. Bunbury s interest is to be turned over to the Company upon dotation at 6 per cent, of
the capital stock of (he Company in shares.   These shares are to cover all promotion expenses.
Mr. Bunbury ha6 amongst the assets of the Motor Boat Transportation Company turned over
options to purchase, at a very reasonable figure, two safe, fast and comfortable boats, one of whioh
is just being completed and will be ready to be put in commission in about three weeks' time,
•x--4«--W"X-%X'*«"X-*>^^^ sn-^*^"**^."^":-^.^^
{   The Shares are $10 each, payable 10 per cent, on application, 10 per cent, on allotment and the
balance at the rate of 10 per cent, per month.   No shares will be sold under par.
• ffi
Only 2500 are open for subscription at present.    The balance of the stock will remain in the
Treasury for use in extending the Company's business.
Tlu- iniugurtl meeting "I tl"'
newly elected districi coum il was
held in the laetitute Imll, Lyrni
creek, on Monday evening. Tlnn
were preseat Reeve McNaught,
Councillor*; Davison, Westovi i
and Gordon, all ul ivlinin took thi
statutory declaration ol ofBci
Reeve McNaught, in loinmlK
opening lhe teision, outlint d in •
brief ipeech, the ievi ral important
matters that are al present in view
witli win* ii the ' oum il ii ill be call
cl upon to deal
The standing i ommitti es, aS formulated In tl" reeve, Ber then
lubmitted and passed unanimous!)
.is liillmi-. the first n,iini'd I" int;
chairman in eai li t ase: Fiuam..
Councillor! Gordon, Welti a i
board ol works, Count illors Roll
■oa, Daviaon; health, Couni illors
West.r,* i, (iordon; lerry, I
Ims Robion, I lav iion
I*,',*. .a   M< Saughl .iii.l 0 i.a'
lors Robmin and Gordon wi rt ap
pointi *1 n im tentative* .ni the di
igation to proi eed to Vii luria to
presenl Ihe petition t"i ■' suhaidj
to Sfond Narrowi bridge,
On motion tli!' rt i n wai ap
pointed p iiii e magistrate jor the
distrii t
The appointmi nl ol:
niissiuiiris h;i- I,ml in. i I*. ,i nihil iimn i mi eting.
On motion il wai di ' idi d thai
refulai Kiaioni ol thi t ninn .1 shall
lie hi'l.l in tin* iiiiiiiii ipal ball, mi
the first and third Fridays ol i ai h
month, at; i" o'clock p. m.
Council idjouru. d. to mi ■ I il
the "11111111. ipal hall, mi I hntsdaj
evening, al , |o p.m.
I'lie voting in thi   liitrii i i i
tion mi   Saturdaj ri s.ilt. d ,.s (ol
lows: —
|HK   il l.l I
John Y Mi Naught  ng
rbomai & Nye  |j
William J. Inun  \t
Mi    Mt Naughl   n.i-   di
el'i led.
i hum ii i an.* ii tan ii.
Peter rVeatov i	
\V,iatu ll Daviaon	
Tin;, King *
Messrs Wt I   11 and Davisun
were di i lan d ele. ted.
.   Ila   H!      llll'l-
I bomai s Nu*	
John V M. Naughl 	
George \Y Sugdi n	
Messrs. Nye and Mi Naugl
de< lared elei ted.
Tl..* result ol tin el< i lion wai
announced In tin returni
Mi i'h lip.il tha Lynn ralli i hall,
uin i' .i largi nnu, 11 ..I eli ■ ion
raiting patii nth loi the ism,
ol the contest. I he wiuniug candidates were In irtily ■ mgraiulat-
Mr   McNaught brief!) ths
the electon lur the honor thi
i mil. in .1 upon' nn in eli i ti
,i- reevi ol the .listm t. and i*
ed ins pit
deal tan a'l mt* rests
The nee .innn d ii n ■
id   ,is   lollowi    Reeve, |"laai V.
M< N.i". hi i -. ward I .
t I.... E Robson, Gi irge A Goi
.hm. councillor! ward N.W alt< i
II. Davison, Pi tei Westovt i   I hi
ll truitl is an-   |. uii I   11
I   5. Ny< .in I J*ihn V. Mi N.mjai
Sons nl Scotland,on Monday avi n
mi; in it, in tin- Horticultural ps»
vilion, Lonsdale avenue north,
Il.i .' li 1.1, rn. ni will tui-.. the lm in
nl a haggis mppi r and dam e, il
whii li th. i, mil ilio be i piper.
The tuppei will be an elaborate
aii.i.i. embrat ing .ill the delicacies
ol tin s. aeon, with the biggie .is
the * Iiie! item. The i ommittee
h is made srn i ial arrangementi lo
handle the CTOWd I"  and lium llie
...il  liiqmrrr  *n,l  II. I. Und Sura.-io
I,  ll.l, I    I'a. *..  . a a      .
-Il|" I   llll'll'l-n ,( l'*.||-l"l**li.all, M.|,-.  I'.a.ll
ill., in-iliu i'innil-  tut Dl»li ' ii* mi
■ SI, iv ,
VAN' "ivi l:, li '
promptly secure:
it the bn- ik ■ - o| m tflufacttutni
indottwn Iht i(]riablt<
[ly if li ivfng lln'ir I'iii nl I
,   !■ i,   ( li ii  ■
• ur I."* interI -
ifit, MitiunScHaiim, K.'K'i., K I
|..„1    Mid Wi<»Mn.-t.,n   l)C    Uti
I. V. liit
PHONE   93
January Sale
in 4 l'l.iiineietti Blankets, regular $1.25, Sale Price
11 1 Flannelette Blankets, regular It, 50, Sale Price
Atl qualities and sizes in Wool Blaaketi,
equally low pric 1.
50c. all wool Scarlet Flannel, sale	
I*,. Campbellford Flannel, Sale	
1 Si Ait Muslin	
im. White I otton. Sale     8
I.adies' Black Knitted Glovel	
Men's Wi ml Mitts. Sale Price	
Men's Wool Gloves? Sale ...   45c. and
Penman's Underwear, sun	
Men's AU W'uul Sweaters, all  .'ims, heavy, Sale
Men's All Wool SWcstei 1, Sale "	
St. 25
-' .15
Inr salu in tin1
I tv
r    1/      'ai,/na,r
nil kind* nl Minion mi'i Ini.ipli' I'lirin-
tufaa, Store, niii,*.*. Hank an..I llnr 1'ix*
11..*-   Repairing In ill lis liranchM.
|7|    la.il.I  Sl.  IV   ,|l,l..   l„-ll*,|l,'i,Ulll|   l.'.ll-'.l-
II].I ■     -.   I	
MAII.nl.l'Klis given prom pi uti. III ion
I'   ,. I'la*|a,a'*    i.
When llihikingnl building l.-i 11- iin
Ml ■■■lin.aili*.
I,'J|,'\I   I'l". C.     ln\-IH
a   r  ''    '
Al.l\l\nKU a KlUASliV.
Rial EttftC Brokers
tm »m 1 iui i-.sii'vm.
*.k*t- 11.r
TIE I. r. muIBIT I.«IU
mm ni.
I   inr  I u •■'
1- ,11 s'. |„.r	
121 litntdalc 4venue
General Contradtor
l.aiii'i Qleariag, Stamp and Unci
Blasting, Eltn .'nr.' n.*.r Iihiim -.
ill daaafN "••"*1' K1""'-
I.M I' 1.1. V M R \ T      A 11 ■ N a. Y
I,><l SI     «>.. "I  I ,,naa,l   la-
i'n  Baa ,.
Simpson £» Wight
I'ini  Sim 1:1   IVht   SulTII   Vi\.
q 3TOT im
Ask yourtittoctK lor II
j Dependable
N.V.FfSn Co. I Pianos
1 re"• Khrnb«,ttoie".Kli.«iirln| I'lun ■
Spraying, Craning, Garden laid ont.
s|i..u Ing .nnl Pruning «i.,,ul,l U* .1	
I,, gi li,*'., |d \111.        -.*.•    -  n . in '■
I. A. Bl lllff. Ptuprli-lur
III kiml-ol lr.-li K'-li delivered dailv
Snii.l.'l   li-l.  a   -i*,*. ...hi.   r,.iiltri.
iim min I  In plea nr Customeri is
I'm'. I..'ii**i|;il>* Ave lS "tll M.
I'lliiM   -i
no i in
.';'.   Mast*. Div Chj'iis t Butler. M ».
a,' I .ml., ■a*.'*
II,,.ii |,r- aii'l 'l.n
term.. I'll.' sehoul mil r.*,,|*. n
,,„ Honda*  .im   mii. line,
.   inliip ii,11 Im*h|.
I  IMI . I.r ..,in|.|iti...i
.'.. •* ana at at a
•'••'••'«•'• .'•*'•
Vani ouvei an hiti 11 are preparing plant lm a u -id' in e loi   Di
Tboi  Verner, ol thii t ilj    I'ln
home is tu haii  .i -lun.  Ill •
.i\ U. ll ..-   a di .  shingli d    i
hm k . him ai .   with ilom i ■ ;
On   ihi   ground tl'».i  ..n   dining
room, 'hi       i* nu. den,
lm. Kiti in :i md uantrys.sion
hi    \ a i i ,     .in,.  .md waiting-
room * i'a • parali enlranci p in li
On lh.  In A ll'iut'llii n  iiill I"  I'ini
btd   I*  '     a   I       a!|. a I |llll||-
ruuii,   a  . ■      -..ii closet,
and lim rooms .ii 'I   bug   II "in   in
th.   stit     li'1' dowi
will have Kami Aoorini.and I
■ d i silings, aiiul pam lh d i       i
mahogan'     I hi dining and draw
ing roomi will  hau
optn   fin placea,   mantels,   eli
I In n mil alsu be open Bn plan
in tht ■!■ n. and gleaed I"" i
I Ins mum  will be ill dm 11 mm-
iiiiiiin.itia.n uuh lhe -ini parlor,
ui a 1, i.itt. i h.is .i wulhi rn i i" 11
A large vi randah rum ihi  wh ilt
'   t|  ■     Ila     .i.a,      *   '
Wltll ...i    ■ in lu*.. A    1  ■
Boras' snalvi n '■• IM
lingly hynond hy Welleci
Builders and
r. LARHON ii  pwpared io
lime, &rick,
>,nnl, Cement
And all kinds "i Building
Material in quantities i" suil
iind ni reason ible prices,
llnl l l. NORTH \ \N< OUVI Iiti i iii'iinM No i
Removal Sale
Tin M.I.III VAN< "i
i* removing lo ilie store
uei) in iim I'oeJolRci
Special  ,i k '   rednting pi •■
rm KB] ANH
I     M'al.l'.      I     I        ll.hK\
\0W IS  llll  IIMI   10 Bl Y
Vil'lll \illinill\iT WiWhtWv
<'niii|i;iiiy. Lid.
.1. u ,|\t K-<>N Mai
Vnlli I   - • . r i i   Uii'ii t!■■• I  .in 11*
■'   i'i..ii un   ill     ** ■ i*
Provim Ilm-
i.l. t <■: . '
A, tt,, i ruorstf .1 ■•"ii'i'siii iiiiiiii.'*
n.^r Iii  dull.:, tt i.-t ri*. I. maintain   and
*.|i.*raiir ii im.* .'I rail* ij "I standard
gaage, t" l» niieraUil in sttaw, il".tri*
•I,, ,    l-.H, r. IM  la a*.,ITI*
ii;*l .*\|.r.-.
i .■iiiiii.i„iii. ii .i poinl -ii .a' ii ii Iha
■  V.lli " r     tl" lii''  Iirrly.
-■■■i  * ii* i mk
I   ■ i* I .-ii...ii-l.
in.I ll..
i.i . ■ in llu Xorth  \n •■! h'i""'' Iiiiii „iii. j-.,". I,, intend ii •riLi'-l. i"
in.I llu*,.i I,  il,.- P.',nl«'ri"ii ^l
. ill.l.. I....... I. In.,* via tin* Vai i'i
.1 I nru    I r.'l   I" tin*  k!
.   ..il,. r -li ri lar.in-
nu,.*. n il.,*
in nnt, ..t ll..* iiiiiii. I I r.ila ,i .md
III   l.r.ii,. In-.. uilli   |>'ii'T t""
m I .,i." in t.'. graph ind la-lenhow
I    llii'    |.lir|-,*a"* "I   Ila l"l-ni'-*
md Im ilw 1*1,1*1..   aiili i.i'ii'r t""i.ii.  4,f,4,4,4..44,+ .+ .♦.«>.♦
' * I llcW llllcllllS   *
•  •  •
at B.iii|,'it)s
S. it luii ii'.il l.ilili'.
Wi* .in* iakin| many food
pianos in aai hange Inr the
itlM    AII0N0L4
th, Kreati st u, chanii -il playi 1
Sun:,    ill   tin s,   »s ,| pilBOS
.ur hs (ood .is iiii da) thej
I, It th.  I,i, tun.
l a. ii duct 1W1 iti ■ l* mhavi
s, 1,, i. a|., iilnnil. 1 ui bargaina,
beautilul upright piaooa lor
$200   $225   $230
waii.iiilid In Be nuod lis In »
ii ,111s
$6,$7,$A |mi month
li'.'.i-lll Hiialinm Street
We especially irrnniininil,   ^^1
at |1750 each
at $1,250 eaoh
Lot Iff, 1'liH'k 100, •
Luis 28, 29, 30, lilock HIT,
Lnls   0,11, 10, 11. 12,
18, II, 15, 16, block 109,    -     at I1-3U0 i-iioh
Tl'.KMS—Oiio-ijiiiiMcf (■nsli; balance spread ovit
;i period of dime yi'iirs, at 7 per cent.
183 Cordova Sheet, Vancouver, B. C.
P.O. box nt.
For Bool and Shoe Repairing   J. \\\ BALMAIN
and Custom W nrk   .   .   .    \ enru. CNomsasi
ko to thos. o. MILLS c)l"""il'v s,,rv',>"r«1"1 «**
,,   .,      ,,       '   . NORTH  VANCOl'VKK.
I'ms.. i lusi'liiit llont Makei
Lonsdale Ave . above ind Stn el
it tin* A   M. Knss Shoe Slur.*.
For llu11 iimi
or (liirdi'ii. ..
-, - la.*- I'l. 1 I'liiii,,im* *jr„nu .lol ilii.i**.in'ili
I ,      /',| /,    .   i   a' . / .   *
n. j. tiiMtt
3010 Westmni.tji Roid
i •
■ i... ...i.l opmt*   «iili*r-|«'«rr- "Hii.'ii*    .
i, m I" ili,<  r.-ml ("r ru'liuv and ol        ,
-  I will i. olher poeeH
.1  I (.r*. ila „•.- rtl  nr,-  il*il*llll iirnlll*
,   I l.. ran.Ill i   l.l| + f
•Meat Market:
I     I       W   MM a A
l'"*i ,i .ri„rlli.* Ip| . ,,,,,*,,     ®
4    Hives  away  Mihh   ♦
•••••••••••••••••••••; Z    | KIJUV  TKKKIS    :
t       I'., i'.n ivniti        '  ♦        "II asaaving vou   z
e •   • t '
t        ii IX   li |'ir i'mil "f vour   *
• a CMtp ! ;   meai I'liis ;
|Building Lot?? tchoicestb«ii?*k,mJ
5  i ton, l..imb and Poultry a' |
e    ,'t-i it, tbe City M-    J t Bargain Prices^ j» * >•
nuiv  l60ll.12 feet,
S2( jj ).< jj j
i.iwn .in*
per quarter: inten -t
six ]H'T I'i'iit.
•     4
? Houses for Rent or Sale •   ,
?       all over tht City
■ ., i\ day Jinl ,1 I'rn'
I'iii 111 kit with
.... h s"< I'iiii haae .
We In re nn deliver)
i';ii;iiiis. no lm..li-
'i.. 1 pen. and aell Inr
a j>h uuh
1 hi i vmi mv
i;k (, 1. is vi.1.
1111. i;i:ni;iii
\^ . 1. ;,
• tjiiteiie wiai in PDPfw|
;A.SMIIHi(o.! ;\\illiiiins Nriil hm
a •     •
•   i,n\M'\i.i; wi,   i t
Roiled Oats
Hmj and Teed
I in.*. Iir.ilthv Tontiitf) and
Cauliflower Planta, ^rown Irom
Sutton's Scrds. always OB hnnd
ihe Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lllll-il.ll.     Alrlllic.
m inin liindtig
ll.im   Mil. lull. I... al UMiiii*,' I.
district of i\ortlj Vancouver
Court of Revision
VOTICK ll lit-r.-lay givi'n that the
C'Hirt ,.f K.i Illon nl tin- Distri.t of
Sorth VaiHiinviT will I., held in Ihl
I'l-irict Miiniri|.al Offlce, tyduidf,
Vorth Vnii.'.nm'r..iii Mnii.lai, Ilm SUi
lay ..f K.'l.rii.n i, InOg, at I ..'.'lock (liii.,
io reviie the Diitrict AMaMnanttK-ill,
iii<i tn hear eomplainta and aapi ih
igalnatthe i**K*-*»men'j m-adi uv the
tamaur.     Nmi.'.'  i.f  n|i|,,*al   tini.l ^■
i..l|.'.'.l uilh  Hit* not I,-** than li'ii il.'ia
before thi arid date.
hai'iil iit Nurtli vaiiriim.T tlii*5tlg'«j'
n! January li*n...
20-11. I' M f.
Diplock Wright
Lumber Co.
I7lh Street, North Vdnionver
iw io
Wl mi' now pivpareil to
Ink.' niil.'i's fnr Mll.l, FIR
Wi Kll), tut tn lli in. lengths
already for the stove. A load
oontaini about half it cord.
Price ^2 per load on or hefore
delivery. I'iMitivelv no wood
delivered without cash, as We
caniint afford to pay a,colk'C*
tor at this price. All orders
will receive prompt attention
w m\ nn hi
v\v ni \ Kl;
MMiU e»e«eteie#etete»e#e§et ♦.♦.♦.♦.♦.♦♦•♦.♦«♦.♦.♦
Knr Sul,—'The largeal list to ehooae frtm,)
Lotl and Blocks m all parts nf the city,
nnd liistriet. Ilnti-i's on mall cash payment.   Acreage in eity and district,
Special opportunities for investment now, List
your bargain* «iih us forquiok sale.
Houses, Flats and Stores—a good selection at
reasonable rentals.
We liav" applications for several loans mi the
beet tit-si mortgage security in sums of $.ri(i(i
to $10,000. Iiiiii'i'st 7, H ,*;• 0 pc. per annum.
Irwin £ Billings Co.,, ld.
a    ,..,|,i,   A.     ...I  * I* -' N 1*1*1 V.a.   mi   a    li
'I '"'I'


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