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 fllfg txprgas
^      [WM^S
,/vs       ,    —      -''6/
North Vancouver, B.C., Friday, DkcHMHER lli, 1'JIO
Xti 111 ber 41
The quarterly nni'ting nl the Ninth
\ aincuiiver l.ii'ensc ('iiininissioners wiih
h* Id iu. the city hall nu WitlncHility tk
tiinooii with .Mayor May presiding
nud I'onilBlltlontn Siliult/ and
Slcaay   present.
Applicatiuna lur ntntrnlt were read
fr.mi I'. Larson (or lln* Hotel North
\ ill-1aii\ii and I.. Itcda (or the I'nl
n*i', and grunted.
Inspector nl Pnliac Davies' report on
llu' hotel llllildillL's aal Ibe city ».,
lend.   Il.ilh lintels wen* in sutisfiu lory
.. a.l.ti t i. an    cvci-p!   lliul   the   tire    escape
>t|a|iui',itus bud not been put up nu tin*
11 < at a-l  North  Vancouvtr,   Mi   Lnrion
ii ai-  pr it    iiiiiI    said  lha!   In1  iiouhl
haie the tile csrupc |aill up m uwit'k.
As a commissioner, Mr. St, uev nsL*
ml that the li.-ciis,* holders ind. uia, r us
lar a- pos-ihlc t,, ohMTTI tl.e new l.i
.pnir Ail in rcs|Hst to lhi' proli'c-
Inui   of  drunkards   nml   thi'-a'  depend-
alll   oil   tlla*lll   (air   support.
The Mayor -tntc.1 thut theie w.nilal
W a bylaw drafter at an earK ilat *
by the .iiy council in u.< unlii.t*.* will,
tl.e llowsci A.l uhiih would h.iic nn
i.n|M.tlaiil bMtiaf on Ibis phase ul
th,* li*|inu traffic. This disa u-siou lul'
laaw.al tin- .ending aaf a nijinife-tii ol
the llr imk.n.r - Protection Ad is-iical
by the Hoard of I'oliau Commlnit.aefi
Mating tin- Incuse hoard to tale a'o:
iii/amv ol the ret uiai 11, ui sat lorth in
ihe Act lor ih,. protection ■•' tin-.
An uppliaulion (torn Antonio linllia
fur a hotel Inviisa  f.u* a modern I* .1.-1
liallldlllL'   "'   I'olll    If   taa   "ill   looms   I'll
the rn.nh  -uh* ol Jnil strict  wt I  '!•
MM     al-     bat-     ||,    tt,    'A-L    'it,     'li.'i,
I I'l, D.  I.. "JTI was read laa tb.   Ml
torn. Slcai i -nul be wa- m.l fanul*
lao with the \i t a- to the l,umler ol
li cures |a.-r population. Ite wil not
ngain-t   hotel,   and   r.cogiii'.nl    thy
H'oiititiua"! on page 11)
The Board >>( Miei Oaandad rs
nnl in the uli I, ,11 Thursday morn
illg   will.    May,,l     Mnv    1.1,'suling  nml
fuini". .Inck.oti nnd McNeish   pic I
fliicl tin'ni wu-  in allendaniv.
I'll.*      |h.ti.*a*      ra*|laart      lor       N'aal alalia I
wu. read an.l adopt.sl. lha* report
-luawa'al   the  lollowiin.*     I ompbiinl" ra-
avil'isl    alld    ntta'llllisl    to   '.'I.   I'llae-      . -f
business   (.ai.nil   n|ieii   alter hours   -I.
-iiniinon..*. eerni 12. i. |>.,i is ,,< .imi
light, nail liiirning 'J, ie|earts ,,(   mti
ales   lo.l   tl,   articles   found   7.   il|a|Ul'-ts
nll,*n,I,"I I, liira-i'iiy reports !',, thi.
t,s*n tum i.'i,' hcurd in the pnlica.
I'liunilkcpcr I'rime'i report loi ll a
nme |"*ri.«l was nnd and adopted.
A letter mi rcceivd (ram th
1,'lari      aa|    ll.e     BOard    ol    l'ol.','     ( ■ .111
ni.-.|oni.|. Vnnaaaiiiar, in leg.-.rl In a
Joint  ui.s'ting ,,| the iwo Isini.ls with
I'l'l'li'.*      to    lhe    a nlaaia'cmellt      aaf     ill*
Drunkard'. PlutettiM Aat I he mit
ler had bean ,,,11 <-i,Ii-i.-1 by ihem niie.1
il wa. r.-(.-rr.i| taa ibeir .olnilaar f->t
:,u opinion as t.. whether ll wailhl
lv laal to bui" ml rdiction nt hv«
ll.al MM 1 anal 11, North Varnaum*.
made .-ff.sliia* in \'nn* iaiiii*r. TU tii-A
'a|,iiuon wn. a. tolliiwa "You will tin
tne Imm  l.t t. r .al N,.i    ■ fi..m   lh.
.ha .,f n   \   Board *.f PnaVa Cam
Illla    I-    tlmt     It    lefal-    I ll 1
a.rdel. |<t**h|i|ltiug lhe - de ot ll |ll.,|
lo  MMM   named   in   -"ten   7.1 of th,
\ I |f laaal Will Wti " " " '•"' '""I
77    l.l    the     \. I     laall    Will    .!"'    llllll     lll'l
.1*.  11*.I   i.l.i   to  gatJMM  nunti "I  11
.a. Hon T'a but i.l.r lo a p.l-ian win
b\   rl rn*  dunking ,,| lepior   mi«
-|sl.il-,    w i-l. *.   . . .lit.
or   111)110 -   l.l-   he llth   of   a-litlllUL'CI"   ail
interrupt- lln* pMM nnd huppii.'--* (
hi. lamily In which rloeaM ..I 1
these aeclinm (7(1 md 77) ire Halted
I Ihink thin nn interdiction nolbcin.
ah'i a," lion 7'". ,nli la- i."ticd in No.ll
\ a.n ouver nddri'M'il lo and cITcclii
again.I  licenw holder, in other part'
ol the pinvi  nml  I  think  that  111.
77  nli "i'h r a at.  be   mud.
fair  Ihe i-.unn..' of  inlellln lion   laaal....
effective   in   ..(Her   pari,   ot the   pro
ll wa. rc.nlvcil to a.k the Vamniiver Hoard In meal the lia.nl romn.i.
.i.'ii.r. at 1 dile In lie arranged in
A letier wn. raseii.sl (ta.in M
I'a 1.11 nnd Dovla* which had Keen m
lamed on Irom the i,t\* pooaril to the
■ "aat (hai Chincie |s,hllrr. were ip
crating in lhe .iiy wilh.inl pming .**
licen«»  and  wa're otherwise  lading   I
(Continued nn page 7)
The lollowing naoluiloa wiih p.iised
Ilt Tuesday llftern.n.n's ape. illl
meeting ol Iht district council ■
"Ra'solved that the district I 'I N.n tli
\ iiiiciiuver bu divided into six wnr.ls
for ile.lion purposes, divided and
bounded as fullows :
Wind 111—All ihe urea lying writ
of a line drawn along the tOtt bo.in-
alnly of district lots IM, MU, IW,
I'''*'". 1MB, 11%, 11'.'", llitll, I li.'i unit
thciicc produced to lla north boundary said ward lo return on.* Council'
Wind  fi)—All  that hm  lying east
aaf nurd  one aud  hounded ..nil ;.si
by die cast biiiindaey ul I)
I.. BM, wa'st hull uf 1). Lots
".".J. 7iill. CMi. lllll, litlfi and thence pr.i-
duicd (a. tha' north boundary, said
in.r.l  to  return  one councillor.
Wnrd (ll)—All thnl area lying n.irt'
aal the cily ol North Vaneouver am!
east of ward two nnd bound.sl at th
cast by the east boundaries of t). I.
MB, -I'.', Mi'.', Mis, UB, 1823 and
thenee produced tu the north boundary, sai.l ward tn return one .-01111-
Wnrd Hi-All thut men lying .a-t "f
wind :i and I). I., lilli, city of North
\aiiiaiincr, north of I). I.. BBB, 612,
lilli. ■.IHI. BOM, VU nnd boiindail M
flic ntt   hy    the   ca-l  hounilaries    of
11.  I.. MB, "-'t'i. N'-'T, IBB, IBO, 1MB,
liliil. Ills, M, S'.i", 1.W7, 1170, lllll
and thence prodiicisl t.i the nnrth
lu.ui.ilan, suid wnnl lo return one
Ward (.1)—All tlint area south a.t
want four easl  ol the   city, of North
tat Her ..ml 1). I.. 272 nnd I numle I
on the inst by lhe east boundary nl
I). I.. Ili'.l, BM, 21114, said ward to r,*
turn on.* councillor.
Bml llil All lhat area liing en I
of wards tour and five, sai.l want I.
return one coiinsilhir.
WillINt;  KtniM NKKDI'.D
The islitor is In nsvipi ol nn mumy
mous latter sigmd I'm Hon.. I'ulili o
in whi.h the witter ratals lo Ihein-
sillliaie.it shelter Ilt pre-cnt | locale I
during st,111111 weather and inula .dat
ly al  iiigbl   tunc,  tfl  th"-.'   who liml
it  anntuy  la  wait  fur Iht  bny
boats. Ile -tntai thnl aan a r.seni
I'lctiing a company ol Indies and |M-
llem.'ll    hailing    Hist   Illl--a*il   OM    I ""I
U.l       a aa|l||H'll,sl    |ll    Wait    ll»r    II    llII1 f  ll.llll
in th" -lorm for the HKCttdlng t. r. i
and disl.ir.s tbat lln* pmt.rli'ii in
s.i. li a ,.i->' i- alioteth.r iniiilr pint'.
lla* n-k- il sot,,,, arrangement 'inli'i
nol  b,' mnde with the .otilruitaai-  lo
allow    lha'    Use    in    siia-ll    eases    of  the
Waiting    loaalll    aal    till*    I,,11     (ell I     Illlild
ing on  tbe wharf.
lliutig to Ilm many natilindi* liny
tapiails as to the dale ol hunching aaf
tlm mw (any sl.ulnei, a icpicsentu*
llie of Ibe !'.\|u,— .nihil on Melloll
gull illd denkin., lha* aunlrii.tori nl
lln* itatl wnrk. Ibis morning and nb
tin.nal the definite -Vila ini'nl that the
boot would not Is* launched until il
na lenity taa run which would In*
«omc lime in I'Vhrunry. 'Ilny lilted
thnl Iheir part of the contract wn
liniahasl on tin* morning aal IkieinUu
l.'ith nml lliel w*,e .enii fan lln
lllllin hlllL'. but "II U'lollllt ol thecal,
latlli'tlie   it      w,alibi   Is*   to   the    tVtll a* <
Mupiaial      l mpla'te    the     iip|ic.
Wa.rk" in  it" present puiliaan lln*i   ,
IMtW   I"   llnil    wishes   ui ttie u.ulei
i.oiiIiiil'   that   tha'   biunching   wauihlls
don,* In   Mr   Wallace.
I la*    lesse|   w lla 11   a i>||||.l.<t.<   Will I.C   (lla*
lasl ship ei.r iiii.null.* Inli'i nml
buill oii the miniiliiiil ol Itiili-h l'ol
i..lina and from drawings prm nui-li
ivhibitisl will la* a i.ry compliineul
ary advertivmciit to lhe North Van
i innniifaclurcn. The .ted in
tin* hull ol the  vessel   waigbs   IM  ISM.
At a special malting of lhe cily
niuiuil h.'ld a.n Wcdne-day evening lor
the piupnse of iiillsiilcling ten,I, rs lm
the loiisliuelioii of a storm sewer on
l.ousdalu Avenue from lhe Waterfront
to 17th street, the tender of M. I'.
CottOO k fu, (or vitrified ilny pipi
at fjlille'lll.'l.M waa accepted wilh a
sti'aii.g protest Irom Messrs. Win. Ihn.
nnd ('ompany who claimed d.s> riiiiiii..*
1 Hill   ngniust   the   ciillrrete  pipe.
His Worship presided auul ull tin* nl
deiincii MM presenl. Previous to lln
meeting convening the Hoard of Work,
retired mul brought in a recommend..
tion to accept the tender of Bobt He
Lean k Co. lor vitrified pipe at 53 ,
Ii'.l I.IKI.
When this was aiinoiini'Ml Mr. Da* I
one ul the tenderers, claimed that tl.,
tender of M* I aan k Co. was llul iu
in time according to the stipulations
set lurth by the engineer namely 4 tf-
cloak. In \iew of this be dcilared
that his tender uf MMM-tH for concrete wus  next  in  orda'r  and    .should
lla'   U.vi'pted.
Mr, T. II. Battity, s.aliiitor tor Mr.
Hurt. s|.euking fta.m a logal aspeil
stated that the council was legally
bound lo stand by the stipulations set
lorth in the advertisement and disqualify any lender mil roiila.rinin.
with  the  regulations.
Mr. I). Adams for M.T.enn k fo. a'-
mittid that he was about thne minutes late in getting his tender in.
Aid. Irwin mov.sl, MOtM by Aid.
Schult/. thut any tendeis not comply
ing with the advertisement and s| e*
cifieations should b. f.iiisialcrcd <*li*
minnl.sl. The million carri.sl with
Aid. M.N'ei-h voting nny, stating thnl
ll,'   eol.sialer.sl    lliul    e.lllillg    lllilles      t   a,,
line, ll was slated thut tbe lender of
I.u I'lu.'a Hros. was lute in getting in
Aid. Irwin Mggttted thai the next
lowest tender, that of Win. Ilnrt *.- Co,
for semi-wet concrete at a2ll,IVi,T.(lll li,*
tempted. Ill view ol the ,lilin nlli.-
il wns lesolved that the Hoard ol
Works should adjourn nnd bring in
unantlia-r re,*..mm.nidation. Their report   neaaakkwwi  tin* acNpteoai   tl
M I', lotion k fo's, ti'n.ler lor Vilnius!  pi|M*.
Mr. Kaslley lllerell|«lll submit t,"I
ihnt semi wet a.iniietc was dis, ttmiti
iii'ii agninsl iinjiislly. lie illegeil
that il was the result ol in old lend
against ,,,n, r,*te uaid was a ease of
prejudice that was not iu thl inlensts
ul the eity. II the matter »,.*• tot
taken up again nnd OoBaddrritloi
given I,, Iinir lender he threatened
that his I'ompany wuuld lake uut an
Injunction t'i slop miy fin 1 l.-r -t**p-
Is'ing  taken.
Aid. Irwin athtd that the advertisement hj read and it sbowisl thli the
aoiimil was mat bound ko ttUpt tin
laaiia-t  or mil   iendi*r.
Ahl.   M.Kaie  look  rtrong txeepliot
10 the allcgalion that W* had .lis
eriniinntisl against any faUnUk Tin*
matter chased at  lhat.
Thrca. m w memberi mh enrolled tnd
the total membership is imw M,   'lhe
[irtaiurer'i itateatent ihowtd lhat BSM
aif   the   V a-.ll's   ri'Velllll'   llall   been   inn -I
■ al   In   shines  of Iba*  fnli'.loliiun    Hull
Company and that IM.78 ..( a balani•
remained in tha Irnaaaiy.
The   presiilenl   briellv   ri'lillisl   to lh,*
marked iuonm ol ih>* neitly  during
the year and attributed it to tlie
hearty manner in which ull hud worked fail   the soiiety's benefit.    Tin* I'lfori
to attain a bona f"r the neiety nnd
lhe praaspa'it of early silica-- mis .*,
petillly crutlfying us ly lh it men
i the sinia'li can ba-t huve a permuiunt
standing and inlbienie for g'*o,l in th
iiinimunity. lie thanked the Society
lor (he honor they had done him   i
■((pointing him thtti prttidnl tnd Iht
memlaers of the coniniiltie for their
In'uity Co-operation, A vary henty
rote "f ihnnks was lendei..I the president   lllld   tl.e   other  ..that*   lia'llels    fail
their serviics during l'e year, Tin
mai'ting then procieltsl to elast tlu* of
li,.* beitrers fa.r the yenr l'.MI with tht
following result :
President-.lohn lt. .1. Miirruy.
I     1st   Vice-President   lie,,.   Shepherd.
2ll,l   Vila -President    laaal.   Sill tll.
SeiTctulV    A,   Ma l.ngun.
Traasiiia*.   Wnlter T. Ilrnham.
fonnnillae Mi'-is. lie i.aii.l >ini|i
son, .lohn Swnnson and .1. Wiin*
Chaplain-Kev, .1. I), liillam, MA.
Hani-Dr. Morrison.
,    Musical llire.lor-llr. Thompson,
Slandaiil-Hearer-Tti.-tinr.l   Hunhi-i •
Warden   *l"bn Clark.
Aiidilois-.Iobn I.. Dodd- mul I Wy
li.   Donaldson.
I'i|aa*r   -lames   Lester.
Tha-se  otlieels   will   nil   lie  dally   instal
le.1 at the annual hogmanay gather
ing in lhe exhibition hill am ibeeiea
iag ot Friday, itt'ih inst.
pany to be bound down In Mploying ni.sli.ite  need  ol any  measure 10   initio other. prove ixittiog conditions.    The rep art
Ciaim.  I.aivsoii  eiiine Inui  with   tin' was Und,
stalell.el  I     tllilt     |0    iiih'    a.lC'    Illla.' Oil A    IUM'    |e|llll*tl'd    US    |1   i|llls,l||,'i' U tit
liaidlii's wai not  uilli'nml   i   i-> i  ii -hu|H* ul a  -hack mi   King  -tns't i,,,s
liriiiging in Oriental labor. aller   inveitigttion   ri*|iartad   as   a- lit
Tlie    reci.*    and    I aiiineilli.r  liiilg lor   la'aaiu v.      Dr.   Ih,.m|.s.,n   lefiiin-
mnn  thought  llial  a slipul .tion   -iub nauula'd   Hint    lln*    tinuiils lh' .*jih-1*i|
as  ihis  would  put  the aotiii'i'iv   n nud the contents ol the -back bu'licd.
Ulliaple |aiisitiull uud al a d s,,|. ,n
with eomptting ".na. i
fnun. Iliidunian qUMtti ned in**
vi-abiliii a.l bonnting for .1 an i
puny rertlvtd aid m ihii ua)  .,
..   Tin* Hark was bntrweted t. tily thi
olllli'l    aal   lhe   shaak   taa   hllll*   lh.'   I.nis-
I 1       aln a*   I i'lllla\ ,-sl.
in \   letter    Was    llsiivisl    flaani   S.     .1,
m    1'nmphcll,    s.'i'ri'ttiry    of    the   sella tl
|»'ling .oinpaiiy ,,,niing iu ... ii 1.1   no    laiar.l,  asking that  an account lor   n
ba*   u--|s|,s|   by   tl un.ll   miliar    the   lire  insutnlin*  pleliltum  aan   the    lihiMil
Hui ChrillOMa gifl«'litv in lh* .'u*
al .|ieaiiil bargain ptfam (mm the .1
N Han .y limileil Store, 125127
lln.ling. .Ireel  we.l.
l.n iialiaaiis   are   now   out   for    tin-
lllllll    Unal    lllll    "I    ill''    Klligbti     aa|
Pythian to bt Uti fa Mi lorilenlMO
at hull on Ni'w V.ur's Ilny. ItMat}
2nd. Alreadi the ihune g.ar- an t.-lI
ing ea.h other  Ihal  Ihis will ''• ■•'"'"'
' thing   utlllsllnlll    well   i.■llllll, l"l.       'I'"
K P'- will iiiti.nlu.i* a n""'l '"':1""
aal   ,'ni.ig uii I'X.e'l.nt  mnn -upper.
|   llllll'-        t Illllli e's   lm* 1" '
Cheallll    W.ill    dispel,   e     ,    • I .        **f    M   I
unl   | iiih*  Irom  a  la-wan   ph■'"!  "'
,|i.-ttn Two bite .nr. will in'.' th.
danrer"   lo  tlnir  haames  all  over   thi
,,.,   at   tl.e 'base  of  Hi.* ilam'ing,   'I iik
et. nn* now mi -nl", gciilh-nii'n W.M,
nml  Ink. I"  "r  un il .li..n« m')' be hi* I
Irom am i tti,- loHowtag towmiltn
II     I      Ibid,   .1.   It.   Iladg.-r.   It     I
\a ting U|„in a sugge-tiali fi am tin*
eity couna-il lhe Iciry dinnon ll li < u
weakly ntttilg Inld In tin Vtnootvei
aaiiiacs ol tbt Compuy yatenity  ..l
lernoon al.-a ilt.-al lo hold ll pi.hll
■etting iti I.ai-, n'" Piniliaii mi Di*
'22nd at wlinli lhe bylaw .. aiil lm] i **
Ilia, .ilv pur. basing gill,IHII worth .1
.hares in the farr) compuy will Is*
all-* Bind, I Be . '.Iiipuui I iia I nil i
ii,||||ilete lal. un lit ol llul nib,ir. be
(uii* lli. uiiivil mid (lis has lasm
dealt with, |ht re.ull Is'itg tin ii.i.
Iation fa -IllilUlt the tlllut llll IIiii in
Isi .'Ith.
I    luaptrlot    11 i-t    r.*pa.rta|   In    earn
Illillll. allot,   thai   "i.tisfui tily     |.|ia   a
was Ising mud i the mw ler.y with
lha*   e\,e|il|ai|i   of   soine   ril^llllg   itWa
ready ht laanAIng
I A communication from Mr. T. li
Mitatiadl, inspector |..r l.biyd'., lo
Venn,   llcDougall-JMkbl   Iht   sub*
a a,una. Iaai", was read ii which lu
-I .lasl that in compnny wtb Man. "
Ibnnl nnd lns|ia.itor Tri-' ht bad H<
■mined the structure and lound a let
alteration, ne.e.sary, T« se did no'
■ ■In* I the "in worlhines. .f the bolt
..ml  hale lasu.  mnde  now
A lettei un rent from Cily f lerk
Rhepherd advising lhat II K. Kemp's
tpplictUon ns -p.*. i,| , nn able wont I
l»' considered  In   the ""mil.
Whackl.   .1     IV   Fee   allll   fcW)    BOOM,
Tin* annual  bMllMM  ini.'iiii.' "I tin-
> li   ii i*   held  W, ilnn.,hi   'Van ll ■ ill
1 Ihe I'bih loom, Mr, PUI.L the pre«
denl h.'iiig in lhe .Imir ntd tin" I"*
ling   a   Inrge  nltcnilanee    I  member-
Ib'prcs.ntutiies fii.ui the Hisl Kir
l.unils*! foiiipiiny who arc |.la,p,-in.'
aieeting a *lim.lllHI aaslal mill ut H.'h,
Point waitasl upon the distri. t BOM
nl la,s| mallg fi,i the pili|..
new ini;  nnd  (..Ihawing  up llnir re |iii*t
laal    a\em|,ti,,||    (lailll    tllVa,tiaall    l.tl.1   tl *■
nter br Ihtb mill Int t pitted of tit
laails  \s li.. Ii  tluy mada* saieial nea,III,
ago iii the form of a latter,  Mr, Mnh
ener,   the   |iresiileii|,   his   mullUL'ei.   Mi
tlf, and Mr, Q, A Harreli, one ..I th.
|n..inota'is aaf tin* lui|s*iiiil Car, 111'
Duck and Sbipb.nl.bug Compiny wn
nia-.'iil and -poke in -upp it ot lhi
rispiesl.   The former  wenl  more   i.l
detllll    ||    1.1   the   pr.ip.isuls   aal   llll a"a|,l
|...ii.   In the lirsl pbne ihev hail 'a I
..ut  their   intaiasls   in  Vainaimo    and
had   uot   onli   doatd   u   deal   for    the
|uir>h;i f I  an I'- of laml  ail    l(. . I..
('■■iiat aiiil had it chat'isl, bul had <
tunlly audered tht Illii'bilnry f.-r 111
mill, lhe lir-t alalii.n  to I*' mada*   aa
the  l.'.lh   aaf   .In.illuri    and   lln*   It
th"   1Mb   ol   .lYalv     The   mill,   a-     lal
hM   st.11,.1   Iwl.lle,   Wlll   le   a   .pilllle     aa
autting   HII.IHKI   (,,.i „ day  auul    will
ai|B'lata* laal* !l lllolllll. I ,| the l.'.i
I'll,III    *'SI    to    7.'l    lllail.    |alifaiabll     Willi,
labor, will Is* a*nipl**ia.l ll a- . \| . I
..I  lint   lln* building will Is* rorapleti
111    tie*   lirsl   ol   May      Ot   ..< < aa.lnl      aal
lhe luck nl railwa) f,. llit it ii, mm
pllli     Will   aa|la Ilia     |    ,   ,,    (, | ,,     |s| ll , e
their work" Ullll the C.l* It. I |. aa.
hale tiL't'-'il 10 ■ mi III " -I lh. . .1
of am liiaa ...iii.ii, on the No,II
"I    bl   I  [aa-ri.a I ol Iw.. i. in       I'.*
llllll    t Illla-    it     is    ,*\|... t,,|    tlMll     I'a
■ and   Nana.n     lul.l.i    will    1.
">lll|al.*ta"l III    ..llall.. I  aali      ,n|la       lh
|al.ilil  a S11 l.l MMI t|    i   ,
.."I    hotel    Will    l»    el.- .■   '
int    of    Iht   a-mplola.s    a,| I    mi     al.li.      ,
lh- I    a*\|s*. I    a    mimls'l    if   f   e
■(tie   nul build  lot  lh in . I
ril imu   nf   the  work.       Mr,   Mi 1 '*n
daslnrisl  llinl   hi" ,oni|,alii    wa
idieid   in   | I   luitb   nml   hi
,lni"a*  agr.s'inenl   were nqtind  lai  "
.rut.' lor  a pet i.a.i  .al  IK 1, ,t       W '
Ihii "talemei.t ol faet nn.l the Import
UN "f tlm   iiil'i tn  i,. Jnrtl
i.r be llioughl thnt  il.   |
l«. willing to urniit  11.. |
sion. in lhe way ,.( m-wptlrtl     t "■
taxation  ind fam walw '*
whi.h  llu* -lutulei allowed  i
Coun.    Lawson    wm,i**l   to    lm,
il they could nnt empb i   wl
■tt   mi-   lhat   it   * ni  nc  al. ".
""t   iilwnl.  hnil*1*    11  i'*.
-l'""l'l      h'ipp.   II      I,,      I..      I      (Hn        aaf
"'"*      a*      ;,l        a*'   *      'HI.
■ a |M    laaal    I,     a.|,'
lhe   mill   WOUld   be pin*,.!     *
want    posit ian,    iti    re-|     *    to     t
I   I.•lllalll      to     |.,|,     , i „, ,|
*aa|ll|."lil|.,||     Hill,     ,,lh
Mn.i.igar   Kn    -aid   IhMl   e a
doubt   hut   tb„|  whit*  '    w
hot  tint he '.ould not  I   '"  '
-tntuti'-. Ii im- arranged ihat the
full eouiiiil in,, i Mr. tt) ul ui in.iy
date uiiil go into the whole inainr
thoroughly with I iia*w  t.> arriving at
I  sali-fuitory  ui rnUL't'iuellt.
Mi. li.  A. BlITlt stnt. .1 that his in
tele-ts   net,*  in   with   tin*   I.   I .   UT)
I s. Compaay und dtdared lhat hi"
compiiny bud iccived what ninoiiniel
to a gift from the Dominion [Ortrt
ment in aid ol iheir laiga* projist
He was intercsti'd in tin' sinves. of tin*
milling enterprise as thai was niaslisl
iu ainii ation with  Iluii   works. Com
mating oo ilu* importeM   o|   tin
whole sclienie In* il.vlarcd that no less
than live huge industries would be ■■"
tiiblislnsl a.n tha* Ninth Shane at lm
pcrial (Koche  Point)  wlnn iheir plun-
matarialiamL    Tbey   woald   U'  aai
Works,     alllilaiak,      llliplali,Mala i"
mill nml gas plant, for the ulili/alnui
ol all the refuse,
forrespondi in*.* w.i" ic.il as follows
Prom .1. P. frawfoi.l. ui nrgard  t'
opening up the road to all ,w ..'ft a
mmm io bis propert)  l"t 1" bb" k '
II I      BM     Itefell.'l    lo    t'ia>   ,n*.'in.s'l.
tram II. K. tkarp ..ml TV
reipiesting  the o|*ening ot a  r..a I I
lot 19-8-853 and SKI. K.(■ ri.il I t
eiigiu.s'r (o re|»irt  al (o roi(.
ttmt    Soweiby anil Wel-h, Im lh
oii'iiing of a road t.i lot   1MB II   I
21187.  They pro|ioscil  putting up a tl.
BN    i,-nhn*,*.       K.bircd   to   Ihe en
t i Win   Adam lor n road In   lot
M-MM,   uml   a-king   that   the "lump
Is* ia*ina,i,i|  in  tin- i i",niiv ,,l |I„* pr.,
|.*rly   Okan   tie   plaapaa as'   lo   llllllll     tt*
Icrreil  to  llie  lla.nr.l  aal  Work.,
prom  lha- fiiiiiilinn  Kniuii.tct-   |*r*.
pO-illg       ta.       Caall-ltUlt        U     -illl-WllIk fa
lia.llt aaf l.a|. | |aa |.'a, ,*,,.( 1 bl.sk II
D    I,    IHI   if   lhe   lll-ttnl    would   —M
,.,.l gradt iha* right  ,a( wan,   Mm
I.ai to lha* |i.-ia* nml .ti.ii..i*l |0 I'
|'*atl    o||
I'loni   ll ti    , h ak   ii' iiie-ling it.
i iew  of  ... |,sl  thai
the l.ynn  \ nllei   ruad  Is*    I
the , at terminal lo lhi u.i.ike m Un
'ill      lllldelt ikll'L.'     to     pn,lid"     pi	
ling   lln-   (...l.lI.       Wal
lira*.       Tile  .e,.||,.t   WW
dition  llml  tin* *t'i   1. ir 'I ■
I  * ■■    I     ..|        UH     III ll'll
ul- ....i ii*.  road ii 't mighl bt m
I. ti. i I      ii   tt. ■ ti. Mkiag f"' th
."inolill of -t llllp III flulll a.l bal '.I
bloak I. II I "'..' ({.I. n.-al la, I'a
illL'l||'s|    With   |HiWa*r    tl
Pl..!!!     d       M       tii 111 .       I   t. I  III     III    III*
ll'll.       I'....ll..*ilin.sl,      llllll.Illg        III,'
Xorth y .1 at n.n io h.l.i
ill 11 I'.ll 2 'aalil.litli.il III Nial tll \ ,1.1
'aalllar     WOUM    I iahlaal     bl    lb*
llt'ill" l'  1        at       tlf II       ' a*id
I' I na  N.,i    llth.   I'MI    I,',*I
the P.   i    ' lv I
llbnilllll a     | I     |        (a*|      ,
laa   l»    a|.* l,,|     ,ll    ||,"   11 1.alul     It  W  a
lie ll    il.li a,llon   l.a  p0|   Up  u   |ii|||*li
i'il   |.ii|ul     now   and   . ■
Mil     I.il  .
I Ifl     at   k,,|    |f    ||,a      lolal. I    woill'
Is    plepalal   l.a   ,|as||, Ite   |h.m   ll
•   o*  i md   '....i.l .i11 a., ai,  I,, i
il"   ii.   S'.i I i.   I
■i tbnal ir. i
ie |Ull."l     SI I.|   th.   I nil    l>,
-llinl    tin    pl,.|m.l,| I  ll.al   Ihel   W,l.
prepared i,. go thead with tl
in.  ..i..ti.s| (,*r the lill
I'-iin.   ll w.i. itaWrtd tii lh mmit
I I lie* whole mil lh, a I, rk wn. lm
-tin. taB  m wn* i   lhe   ir
1    a*f     I    '!  It.    ..I    ||"  *  *
III"    f    11 ,*, ..    ,.|    (.    Ul.
.1    l.a* ll'll    .11...I    f I ■ Tl I    I'* I     I
o|   aft! I. "all   Is'   |..ISBI"|. 'Ill"   |I"|I1"S|   WHS
Wm. Miller mul It. Brown wrotacall*
iiig ntl.*ii(n.n to fulling rocki from lhe
aplurry endangering tlmir prOMrf| led
the bad condition ot Kilmer road,   lhe
tatter miller was rtlWrad ta. the en-
ginis'i while in regard I., the former
they were piainus.sl thnt there would
not be a r.'i'uii.iue, Tliey also ask.sl
bu* water a-oniiistions which wen1 pro-
misaal bal.,re the dry  summ.r weather
• I. I On. ta wrote asking for the
opeaing up of Promme Kaanil from Dai*
ran Hiaud innili lo fhnn.b, i bind Drive
ii.-t   I.,  |..|  II,
\ .similar re.pia.-t wus nssiusl Irom
.1, lirtsn  whose |uo|s*rt\   wa. gitM as
lot   M I MM,   wbele   he had   hllilt.
'tile li"|.l.'-t- Mn  ri'fa-rn.l  to the I .-
A   plain   ol  l.bsk   17,   I).   |„   tM    wa-
approved noaiHllnatll]
l.a.*. Ila\i-, a white mnn, nn.l I,.nne
Iiui*iI, nu Imliaii, wit.* tinml ft, anil
<ltl and ..-I- n*"|s*, tneli in tin* puliee
aa.uri ll... niortiing bv Mayor May on
n aluiiL"' "I l.'ing drunk.
II," lloiuiiiion Stan k  nnd lla.n.i Cor-
peratiaa  aal   Laadoa, Knglund,  hive
uiiahiiakeii la. find ...it whether there
is .ulli* nnl ,..,.| in .'"unius mountain
lo wmimt their mining it. It ii .-er-
tain tli.it what . * .nl i- in the mountain is aal tir-l ,la-« apinlity. but whether it aan Is- profitably worked nut
."   the alilTiiulli.      Many   a*,,al   .•v|a.*rt-
wha. haie ".s*n th** s(*aii are aawmmmt
that there i. toil in abumlanae in the
ui.aunlaui. and tin* n.-wlv orgnni e I
• ampany hav  lorm.sl Inr the purpow
af   waalkltlg   the  l.ial   aa.lt
I i   11..1*
Hank of Hamilton
K.ti and Williiw
Piaamsr Hnkery
MMM   Parlors
r.niii- \nh non
Will 1AV It MMI'
i un
N,w  V.uk file
('(IAI, IH
N    t, foil ami Supply Co.
ti   M   k N, foal •-upiily
it in iiim: :
ffOXUI ii MMiNr,
nnv oooot
A   ■)   M'AI.KF.cr.
till   IT Ul 00.
DRU08, I I.
ll|(\\ un
I'.N     i     t artagl Co.
IIII   N   \    BOM PI KNtSlll.hS
~imi|   and Wighl
1,1(111 I Kll B
I    t   k  M   M.MIII AS
f. All   llall
HICKMAN 4 llimli
I I Wl Till, k OO——
'■) N|>'  PI HNMIINliS
Will l\M ll MMINr.
.1   .1   I  Ml ll I
rn it HitY oo,
lh,null Mi,lennan
' II I,     I''!"       III     I' I' la a,   a      laa     ife
I l II   MIH   II
I'lolsr   he     ail    ll     w .*   l.ui    ,,,„ N   \    I I M Itl K CO.
h.tll   oul   nl   tn.a   .,,.,.   nnal  th.i*    MI ->|( \ I,  INSTKI M IN IS
a.i    "ia ■■! an ephJeml    Hi        WARHI KMT/ PI\Nli CO
II   I      l.'lh    ha*   lOOl    -' ,|    ,.|
i tiui'im.   a.n laltitia*. belonging i
ll ' |'l|»    line   II.    I ■ . *
i .li.,.     Then wen eo twrlkn
llurtllL'   the   twaa   nmiitli.   ibre.*
rred in 'In* dl
ll'll  t'a.   I        I    ,-"     ,.(       llll,      l|*,l,.        ,|i
I        '■    inled        I he     ordinal,
..   tnk,n   lo   pl, 'ent    0,,
•pie l.l    aaf    ||„.    dirtM ts    theae    WCC
rted   It   might    lar
taken    a a    .at. r. an
I'UN I IK-   tAD HltdKtTORS:
W    II   Sl.mey A Cn.
I'.  I K   MIIIINi
IT II 11- a  BOTH
rn.ilt". i: ..pull   I'  'iibutt
.id Sn«h * Door Factory
.1. \   S  MhM
The above firm, ire regular advtr-
that  al  thi. mom. rat  lb. rr ;■ no   lm  ' liier.  in  Ihe  Pupreii. TWO
We Could
Paper the World
IV      Hill.
Evi i i ii.n
■   a*.
!     [I     '   a     ClOSei
*     ||
The A. Farro
126 2nd St. West
W'hrii vou deal at thc A. I'.nro
Grocery you pl exactly what
you ask (or at light  price, : :
Special Attention!
\\ .' i any a complete line ol
Hmbury & IIvan. Bread 22 ior $1.01
For Sale
Handsome Wall Papers Sa)mon River Val,ey
Land, close to Fort
i   in  ii ll  ta varii ty. |us
till   Llll  s.|!a *an !||   |,ir I'.I, ll  Hiall
:   ll-■   l' ip. r.   ,iinl  In
; ,:   pattern
Hi* l.iiikltr;      i
I  *'       ll"   a    * III *        [Oik    iS
I     I'll*   IMIlt   ,     tll     |11\       Illlt       pill   I       I'
i; Lot) Phone ip*
40 acre tracks, $11 per acre
$30 cash and $10 per month
EnqUK oi wide
218 Second Stiit t East
Subdivision ol Block 11, D.L. 599.   Large lots on high pound, two blocks Irom Capilano cariine
Extemion.   Prices $450 and $500.    Easy terms.
Subdivision ol Southwell Quarter ol DL 1067.   Beautiful View.  Lou 42.5 x 122.
Prices $500 and $325.   Easy Terms.
13  Roomed  Modern House   -   -   -   $8000.00   j Om block weit of Grand Boulevard.
S Roomed Modem Houm   -   -   -   -   $7000.00   ( Terms ,'.* cash, bal. 6 and 12 months.
llu* uhiih. i  ii.   ban |ii<**t 'af St. An
.llall's     |'r, s'n |* | ill* t|i,l*ll     H.IS     ll'l*!
I     TUI   ai.l.     i        lli a!    la    Ulted     ill  ■
mmplete   iui *        llif proffftli   I ritit.'
aal i*|     |8A,       | ||, ,|.; *. |,    ll Ill'll    ll.l.s    llll
der tin- directi* n »l        I idle '    \i*l
ll.l-     s, ,i,*,|     iii     1|„*     I o     III* (     t'a
a li ii ■-. li where three line,  tublei    wen
alii.iialaiiiili    pn  al with llie vi rj • li* 1
i-t   nf   IniMI,*   iMiakill,.     Ml|'|" I*   WHS l.li
iiiii ed   ui .Mm   ami lotted i"   "-H11
ami     1*1.111,*    all    llllll    li    ill*'     lll'l"
were Oiled lo alnm-i llieir lull   rapa
a itl.
I'aall,all ilia;    ||„*   -l||i|,,|    |l,**    .ft. |*     |l,if
iia,n .il tin* banquet, n imelj lha m i
.i< al proiji nn   undi   i    tliii*. ii* n   ol
l'li,,iiiiiii-l,r Vm\   \\ ii.I a. **   1*1*1*1   p.
till'       lllllla ll        ... lllll** lllllll        lllliall ll   ||
,.,u.I..I i*. ihe
II *.* lal     ll'l* I       I   ill
iia i,   ,,( tl,.   in |  imli i   n .1 c ia)   * i
ill,       for   llf     I all        ' i     I   .*    I**      'll      II
J  mi |*l*■.!•*.! udiemi
niiii Iheir ionlriliiitii.nl The tti"
a,a the program tan ra as lollowi I
Kale   i|„„*„ .  "Mj    IVtiy    M  * -' '-' -•''■-■ -..JMflHlfc.tma
X. V. Male I * - * . -I** led, J,
', r inner i l'i ian dui't, in, I', irmi *
ler and Mr. 1. VI. Ward : duel "Tl„
Cloud", Mi    Findl ij   ind ii    «■ i
r.ailai li.ti's   Wai*-"     ill**
Clia.ir : *l -, "The Min-ir.l Boy" S,
\   M il rhoil . I ...li. ' ','n.ii i *. "Ah
"lis    a    |lr. alll"    Mi        I'liiii ii.    Ml-
Slmpaon, Min Philip, Mw. ruitj   pi
lllaa    -aalaa,    \| ,    ,   W.   S      I'.'  IIIC     I"'   j  -'  fa,
"ll.aivii ilic Vai." M - May I'n.'II ij
M I ■   ii .ii"   "Strike  tha  Lyn"
P    Ward,   I'.   Ilaii.li.-.in.   *l.
tt alll,    .1.    II,     I'  ,11,,    I    .    M     la*      ll, ,M|        "tl
■*..  s,    ■ v \-   Male Choir.
Foi Pl.it., Prira-
iiiii <t rmiiiim
Apply To
Phone 623fi.
Corner Pender and Seymour Streets, Vancouver.
..WI )i__-_Z———WMi.-
nisoRPEHS or
BT.OOO       | X-RAY TttrAT-   Cl   untiil  Jl'.lctriC   ALL SKIN, KID-
DI-O.-.DtBS WENT TOT.       in      0»«l Tr.-itliicnt   HE/  Mil   BLAD-
ire   ' •- ics  nr        ainl
\ W i'l \ i II in Vol l  ON -I (Wil)
NARROWS r.|,lli'il'.       '
I'ln*   f.iai   t|a,*.t  the Vaneouver   ritj
aaii.iaii   hai   ilnallj  agreed   to |
lllaall^'   llitll    ai|l|. I*   MUM a'l     (ill  |ll-   III   ill'*
I iiuian plea lii n   aa*,. In -int11• • ii-,- the
■ ■ity lairing  |1«m4i   in   Ihe Ilui rani   In
Ojm-      t  ,icthep':icstfAlJ^n»7. yjf.L'fnrrTr l;:4nw«s JSiistwhen  a1"1   'l'""""1   a'"1 l'"'1"  ' "'
T'prrcd ur.dr: tx- vv™i)ill'H livll IllLL tralnjils ire given to    towardi il itruetioa nl tin
North West Quarter of Section 16, Block 5, north,
Range I, West ol the  Coast  Meridian,  Adjoining  thc  Johnston Road.
(hn .ii i total ol 111 lots i (tared by ua lor Rale in tlie ibova inbdiv ision, only |d remain.
Follow llli   ii .nl "I 'IiIiimI him nlins ami  bllj NOW.     ll   inu  do yOtl  will   tli.inli  lis  for
having i n attrnti u to tliia when the itictira nl Cm tdiiin Northern holding!
t.il.. s i i.ui* in Man I, next,
I lacs* Iota .in ii. 1.11 inm ige li ;i depth of i:.' d .1 to ■ 10 lool lain.-.   Price I450 . icb,
linns  Quart r cash, ball 10 6, 13, 18 and 24 montha    Lots in lhe adjoining lection,
with onl) lmil thia Irontig , ire being sold ,11 (450, ind thi re is no difference in soil or
i In Prompt icti niintceiairj ii you want to get in on thii choice investment
Thi s, inis aia beyond dou it the I" it luu inu in, m near, tin' 1 oming City of Port Mann.
4 Lonsdale       Phone 219
iiiiMWTr,"a'inrTr-nT-ninr',iTim sosransaa
i,l Nnrroa 1 brid *>1 "n tin
within'. -nWCAITTCfflC-WMTE       rfft^SStfE   ™™  ■         * ■   ,;;;::::: it 1-t1111 1 n n i i -h hi . 1 :t 1 m-j 1111
" ' \ ntli   Shore a*  a    * I "111 11    in    I* * aja
COME AND SEE  i"j.CH irVNAr   *.   O DO SO, WHITE TOW CUB DIAO- ,    ,,,    .,„.    I ,,,  i,i- ''
HOSIS a2.AU".. ■ ABI, CORSCI IOUI,   AND   tt   VI   DON'T   THINK '       '    ' i nnilimei     lai.|'.i>'i ((
WE CA.1 i, UK': fOVi WW V.ILL !   .«   SO, AND NOT TAKE YOUR MONET     ,-an, li..nin.    llic   -illi- t i|,ti,,|i   it   i- ;f ,,
Corner Second Avenue a.n Washtnrton -^ Private Mm J. QUERY "lvr '' '"" ""'''"" "", ""'> ''" "
StATru, VaSEINGTCH .     12) Second Avenur, Seattle, Washington      "  "l1"'  '"" I"1"'- '" '■"' "",l T
a a   n.i,■■—.aa.!**   It)  thnl are affected Ia.it Irom the Do
minion -■**erni 1 whieh will ihorl j
I.  p. littooad l"i 1 I leaa j JI
tlnn, .<:ia«i,unn t,,.i ,1 .*  i*.  buildii
lha liml*.'.' ami   approximately 16,1     REAL ESTATE
|b-i mi   t'.,i ih. railwaj
Rati       ■ ind  1 p.   Spi 1 ill rati - to funilief
■   •   > Hv III   VANCOUVER, H. C
r—- nw—■'■ -.rtrnw'1    'mi %m9nnmm  ummMmWuotm mi—ww»n»-tMwmmm
W;»st Vancouver Mt ior Launch Service
!. 1 ■ Capt iin l''indli)
I   '   . tolllll *
».i,    i*i* * *** .    '.i    the   Re *
Board ol 1 * a*.     * i trill I.    abmittr I
tl.    th).     ll'*..        I'** I    alia*!      La     I  ,1      tit
lain*  tii.   I... a-.*   it   I       lol
-illll llf ll.l* I ..lit l.llll. Ill   1 ■ I
ainin   Into
l    I' bil   buildinir.
-'   li ' "I.'".
3,     I a* ,1    I.','   i-t IV    a
l    Rt
—        "a       I *   , a      i||',* in     .•
ti.   ii fn** ii nil*ti (or tlii- 'I   tlia 1.
7    lin.i.     irvej   i 1 iln*   Kg
lal    V    Ull
B   ll aal,  oa tht      id   h "i
('Bl I. I     laa     I, I.     .Illlitl*     I
■ )l ll
1 ,    I a   I* tl|   I    ' , pt   **,lll ll.IV
I Wla.ll
. III.
I II .
p II.
p '"
It I.II )l Ilt
If ' " I' S.itui .• ,,i Oili
i.ii N'tidulr    ,.,   I.)    Op iii.
' p III
Single Tura 15c.        Two T,
Illla   11*1!*
I    N   all!.    I
couver, i   |
Canadian financiers, Ltd. jj
, f • ••
t 14 Lonsdale Avenue:
1ARGE LOTS     50 x 193
Gentle slope, light clearing, sidewalk in
front of each lot. Three blocks from
Lynn Valley car line.
-      J. P. CRAWFORD, Local Mgr.
Telephone 215
;;    Rrandi Office:
?    Miin Office:
End of Lynn Valley Cariine
132 Granville St. Vancouver
Ft reign Office:   Glasgow, Scotland.
'.' I    '     HI lll.l \      ,
, ,l„. loealit,  I  ,*; ti lilllilllll M llllllllMIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIMMIIIIIHIIIIII
li    aal   a Dm.,!.*.     nil,   • I
lol  lhi   I i i.-■*   II
I" -     la    ..I*. I    . ta    ,||l. 1 Ull III,'
i',.liimliia  nlim'  Death   R
on iia*   Dnminiot
llll|l|aa*    a |,a||,
II \      la.   ..I      lla    III      i'l   I*     «,*    |      ,   |H       lllll
''        ml    llaa     II    • a     la   a,|     a* a|    I
1*11   I' .ak.   then   I *        Ml "
*     *
**!   a,i||    ,,(   tOWl
til    I \i.i,-i.a„ ,.(   the  road   I
i i
■■tfS'W'Tfi'^i'" . rrr,{,ws
',■•'      le
\ ■     ,: |   C|
H"ll    a.ll       ||e III    lln '      N,    II ii-
'-i UlUtll ti'cl
l.ravt- Van.       1.
'bin .1 in
I   "
s i.,   "
V 15   "
....15   "
, p.B
1 l.s "
MS "
3*15 "
4* IJ "
! "
- "
725 "
•.IS "
l IS "
in.u   "
Snii'l n-
i.ivi- N. V.in.     Lean n. tu      Lmvi Vu,
•ti..)5 .i.m
?'5<>  "
8.50  '
9*45   '
1«-I5   '
"•45   "
P ■
■ *15   "
1.43   "
3 45   "
1 h   "
IS  "
"  "
i" 15  "
'ii in a.m.
•7.JO ■'
•8.M "
10.13 "
11.13 "
11.13 p.m,
1 is -
J 15 "
' "
IS "
',    IS "
10.13 "
12.43       "
•(1.45 .1 111.
•aS.ll,, '■
•H.5tl        "
y-4o  '
1.1.45   "
11.43 "
12-45 I"11
1 IS "
»43 "
345 "
4 45 "
545 "
- "
13 "
845 "
t43 '
* "
1,   ■-
: ■ Ihfi - v. •■ ,, -.1 -. t  , .i.lvi-nWI-
» iptrt*  !"•
'-*. <HjrlD.nit>#    '
■    it. M
a.     ■!    " ll ..ll   WH *      , I
60  YEARS'
Double Corner on Chesterfield Avenue
00x120 ft.       -       Price $4500
121 Lonsdale Avenue      ■      ■      North Vancouver
Tradi Marki
Anfnr,^"'"'1In6»,t * ■ ■ rti.ttim»T     i
1      ' T 90
qnlrkif t*   .
'      I t
PttMlU '
tiK.ttin .!i
-..     | -=—	
Btautifu! Homcsite, fi\e minutes walk from car line, 75x290 feet    Grand
View of the Inlet ai d Gull*   Only $650, cash $250.   Come with us and
see this Property.
... AiiJ   •
1'jnml.vI1.*'' ii yrjr.i- i
■ '
MUNptL^";ia        \
loan, titi.. • Jt ¥ U
Martinson & Co.
I4444H1! «K-W-^^-H«l-i4-HH-l-4-l-4"l-H-l-l'^l-l,,l"lll11' ' l"H-H"l-l-l-l-l-W-l-l"l 111 1 i'i'l'
Plume tH. P.O, Btl 72
r/~vt»-i.w»iw UMWawJWrtif«-'^r«i
111 ♦ I1 HIH HIIII1111' 111111111111IIIII11' 1111
Mlllll IHI 11
(Coattnuad trom i>t>i;e 1)
From the Inception of '.lus slore we have preached better Quality (or less money than
other stores and upon this foundation we stand today bigger and better able to serve you than
ever before, all we ask is a fair comparison and we have no (ear of the verdict. We buy
fcr cash and as we buy we sell. We are leaders in every line (or men; see our big window
300 Men's High Class W.
of England Worsted Suits,
equal to custom made.dJOC
Reg. price $30 & $35.   Special tf)L J
83 Men's Navy Blue Clay
Worsted Suits made with a
raised istrap, silk sewn seam.
Regular $20 and $25. d* 1 T
Special  ■ it/
104 Fancy Colored Hard
Finished Worsted Suits in
all sizes and styles.
Regular price $20 to $25 $ 1 C
Special WlD
20 only, Silk   Faced 3-4
length Black Overcoats.
Regular price $I5.0(
Special   •
$9.75 I
Every Suit finished up in our own tailor shop 01 the premises by
expert tailors.   Satisfaction or money refunded.
William Dick, Jr.
Mayor Taylor's
',',    Mayor T.ivlnr's ClHIflfl Committee lias .irr.ni^od
us lollowi
KITSII.ANO      Tliurs.l.ii,   DK,   R,   Presbyterian
Chunh, Fourth Auntie.
GRANDVIEW- Moaday, Dk. ta, GrawMew Hall,
Park Drive,
if   CEDAR COVE  Monday, Dec, ia, Baaemtat pl Al
S.iinis' I'liunli, Victoria Drive.
MOUNT  PLEASANT   Tm-s.t.iv,   Dec.   13,    (Md
(illows' llall, Wcsliuinstir Avcatt,
I   ciTV-Wftimsdav, Dk. h, Ontgt Hall.
Otha nudities will lie .iniKiiinu'tl as arranged.
A i.uilial invitailiuii is nttadtd t.i Mayoralty anil
other canilitlaU-s to take tin- platform,   Chair tak-
+    rn at 8 p.m
Vote for Taylor
and Progress
Vote for
AM) a COMPKTIHI .<l i'l It
•1 i:\.\Ntr.  ol 'Hit-',  i:i<;iit-
IHH   li    UW,    .Ull    allf   Illlatlt O!
penalty il.ui-,*. igalail emltael-
Bight   llaalll    U,l\    alltaalaaal
''ill-.'   (ink    (Jll'-tillll    I.Ml.Tlt     taa
fill    I
,-'.\a'Ill|ili<in   nt   llll|.laiV* tna|l-   (l*a||.
I   ll.lll.III.
lla lllaal all     a at    |.i a|ll t ia ,|,    l|,-|ait.,|
AiuK'Miti.ai. ,,( Ii. 1. .'ioi... ind.
I 1 i. ...mi'iit ol  I Iqtot "III "t  ' 1
11*. r.'lntitiL' I". good  |overn
Creating ti, City hy I a 1 1 aim*
ill   right    ta   aat ililjsh   |   Muni* i
pii   Ta*la*|llla,l,*    Sl-lani.
Reorganiiatlon ..( l'i *    I] i> 11
llitll rifl'tTll.*.,        tO      111'*        'af
ll'Hlll    ;   tai.AlMt   pifn   a'   .
tll.T' tlv   WlfHi
Raorginiution "I 1 igil Dipart
nan* i.i*.*i**.-iui* Iaai*  ili,* building lip 111
1.   L'l'lll    ' 111 ,     lllll    "ll'l   a*l   llll*   Opinil  II
tlmt iln* pupulatlon i*f North ' IH' I ■
ia*.  uai ,lil nut n.n nnt tin*   ran 1
i'i   ,. lll'l   lill'IIM*.
li mi- riited that  ihe \ 1 allowed
a,   li a n.i*   i.u*  ever)   HOO,  aid   ii
Steacy ,,...-i.l.*i.'.l tl..' in "--ani  p p i
lliiil (    llli'    iill     lllll    laaal    |>. I lllll    **|
another city hotel lii mm .    It n  1
gularly Bored auul -i"* I>al by Con.
Steacy ami Kihultl  ih..1  the
liull laa* |:|l.| ..III 111 ill.' fate 111 tll
Tin* in*\t application wai Iron I I
t. Mm' (..!' H llllllll- ll a ll-l' (aU' ll la'l
a.ll    l-t    -llal-l     -Hall'..*.!   ,  II    I    I   B,
IBS, 11. 1., .'Tt. lh.* * 1.il, md hi 1
port aan the petition,    BevM I
lui,*.   11,'ia*  ,|ll    liom 'I.   '*ll*'   nin-i'**    ill
llll-llalllll   ligned    dai*   till'   «i''a*   llllll ll'll   I-
-ijiiataiii-    ini.* mail,'    liv   |i,..i.
attorney, .
Mr.   SI bottom  a,I  Van,,ni' 1 I*    ap
a.*,*.nil [or il,,* appliratii n mil I h
lii«   remarki   mi thin   pi im-,   via.
tli.it tin* regulatloni raqidnd by tli
\. 1 tan fnll'iHiil ; tlint tin' 'li.iiat.r
..I th.' applicant »a.- -_^..... I at il
llli'     MCMMiy      llllllll,!     aaf     -i.llltlll*-
Ui'l'i'   atlauli.'ll    t'»    tin'   r''i|Ui-itii'll.
IT*  *.|Ki|,,*  briefly   on tlaa* firat   two
a,,;iiK  Tin* inipei tail'- n'p"it 11
ilia*   I'lli'.'l    Ullt    tl"'   U|i|ili' "Ut'-     I
iii-fai'inry.   As to tin*   *,'i -1
,f  -ijliint'  uiniii   a   poWl r a,|  all., a***
lllll     till*    llll-liailll    liglllng    laal*    t' l' lli
In* declared it wu nm tin* intention *
llil* 11  I   III  I,illll  tin* appli',Hit  il* '
Aiii'ini'*. .11 la,n: ... il,.* [eeling < 11'
-allill.Illlitl     ll   a.   ,"i|ll*a*   -III, I'aHl* I
.ttnOla 1 .   lla*   -lal'-l,   III-   p- if.*' tll      I"
nl ir 'Win every ilgnatur nl 1 1 ■
|ll|.-till||lll,   if   ill,'    a.'tll.ll   pll-aall III    llaa
■111111*111  a.l authority  had  t" l»- pro
lllival,"    III*    il--i'lta'al.
At ihii jiiinliir.' llu' lollowlig li*lt.*
WM   telii   ami   nil-   -up p. all '.I   I'l    11
M.n 11 1  liti'i. aliil   II.  It.aal.il -rn 11   a
-\mtie nl l.-iiL'lli ..n it< nnii 1 -
la,      'lla*      Bal(d      "I    lilT-IU:    I   "lllllll
-1..IHI-   I'ill*    aal    Korth    V.lIU* alll    t
w.* -la .1.,* i., approach yoi with tli
lollowing praipia-al in regard t" ai b 1
tl.' li.vii-i' in North Vana a.m. i,     \   i
-.•■in-  Inevitable that   ich a   1
■hoold  bd   loag In-  graaUd,    1
ll   ail I   *i-ti   In   III'L' I   > aall"  Iviltr I tla.
V-ilalllllill     aif    -lla ||    li.a*|,<**   I >iag   '*'  II
ala. inl ,,ii tl,,* f.i 11,* .pl,* ,1 "No prolll
ta,   ll„*   -all, 1"   ami   .1.  il.i
ll.'   11.allill   In'I.'I.V   -ll**L''*''
tl) 'llinl 11 li'i'ii-i-, il li'11 til it I
! .* gront«d  ta, a   I'nl.ln*  l.i i'i a   I •
l.illll.ll   uf   ll   -lllllll    llllllll a'l   , I   'III*'
i' Ii 1.  ulul,'  proi ni
iipiliil, will iiiiiI. itaki* I.. ... .1 nl  ill
l.ll-illi*--   Hitllaalll    alll    |i|ailit.   alll
Indirect   t.a   ihiiawlna.   nd   to   i"
i.-t   the   ■ ipn al   M"   iry   wlthoul
.'II, l     illl.l'-l    (all*    .1    llalillltl*    t • 1 TH
Iiiiiii   il  aid,I   a|.,a   U,..In lak,*
Iiii T.i -uppK nothing Imi t; .■' '-
unadulterated     Ikroon      1     1
n *
(til   Tn   k.*<*p   Hnir   booki   aiml    1
aaallllt-   < >|H'II    fair   ill-|H ' I i'a||    all    |ll   I
IIH ai'l'*    tlllla-
1*) 'I'., li.ni.l nva*r iill prolti nil.a
tin* actual working * v •*..  ■ 1.. • ' *
lla.lil* laall   |,, ill     111 a i I, I a H a. a .  *   a,f a II   I.
lirennd   • Inl.   or    mi la   othrt   pl il
llltlll-llpia*      ill-lit.Itii'la- Uh    ll i*
*la*a 111* al     WOrtl   '       "1        ''I'l  ■!' I'
Vl       ll '.'      'I   I-    I     'i*   HI'*   »a,llt
«ian     Ilia*    lla i    ll
aaf tin* liquor tr.illn Una imlu■■ in* lil Iiiii*.'   lliiit.al   la.   pll-ll   lie       a
ia am- beyond lhe ai mil I* Iliu
ini.i.li .ml muliii Oa.i.ii* pnin  ■
I III*    illlill-l-    aaf    |a||i|» I   a>
||]   Vi.   in ,i    a-i.!   ih it   ii.   .**
a.I'*    pliplli'l     t*a      .lllllll...    ll.'
ii   f..t   -in Ii    .  p..i|    ai.l    I
appl)      I'l       I      1'*    ll-l*     ill     il*'.-
..ii l.'liulf **! -inli a I'ulili* I i i
11*. I
*l     '
I.'I "IT I    I'    MM W.ll 11 '
I'   lim HI IWI N
ll      ^1,.......ii..in   ilnl   	
1.mil    in,i
I    bf   laa lal    a||,   III     I'll    I K|K <
I   .I.'        >, l.llll ll   ,1.1.   |      **.      I I...II       ll
iii. i.* mi,* aa)  in*  "l ii ll
'.ailial     t lilt     WllUld    Jil-I.fl    lllllla li'all   aaf   ,|    mil       '    t' 111   '
Mi. li*   In.. . I. .lul um kn >» ol
lli.    Ha,|.||,p     ,,.1.1.1     l ..I     j ll',
I   I'a,I    all,   ,1
lit-   nnal   la,*   ll,,.   ...1,1   ilaal   lla  I     *
** i" iiu* North Van ou ■ >
ail* i.lll.l* lln.i Ilili*; ila-tllUtaaaa. I I
'll   HI   - laa-I'll    In IO.
M.    -
''al      llaalll    ||ir     . |, I k    llaill    ll
i ,,.im ,.,     it,, board linl It i
I   llal* la, 'llll 111     IH*  I       i
.mt l.laii,. .h ,i ii,,, l ..,.,|   Id  il"
'•lli'T»i.,.   tiaall   al.a i.l*    lli it   iiiii**ia be n .i    i *..t..l
1 "in    Srlmh,   *,,i||,|   m.l     * "i
nia.ll.lll.         |||.      lliaalli.il         I   *       |
'"a'llal    in.|    |„*    |   I,,., ,1,!** a
t.'ll'in al.ti    ami     mi I ll
tin* nip1      ,,
i'a*   I uli'     a,,,. iui
'1. • ll.l     I.*
Ihu a ».,k tl.ut '
IU     .' p ll'.ll   111   ll      |0        H     il.
I'n a,|,p||,*.,!„   ,
llllll    ilia,     |a,    t|,,.
lllll,■   I    * .   lln   llaa
ll'.ll    "f   (   OH,     ,-. a    ||t|     .lllll    NU
*. ..-i—su-saos-m
Wh)    pal    >:*   I                              I    'III   '' .al'il    I ul-   llll.'ll   111'   ..HI   -.11   ynu
tin* mil   be 1  '*l*ai  *!  l.-l- « t   "HI   a   -tam i Ilia-Ill, level U a  taiili*
r    tlO        '* *.    .       lllllll,,I     ia[|       1','nlr,'
the        I     i      id*   North Shi n iod i  lil' eh tn.ni
iii. i a..  I 1'"*. ,-   " i. i a  i ia and Btorei have dty water,  all trie
|| i" aa-li, balanci 8, 12 and IN
le   .    .a .-.11  eatimation Hm   par
' cd witl in -ii monthi. Buy  quick,
,. going lut,
M4¥ .and &JJRNS
P. 0. Box 172 North Vancouver
*   i.__—W——B
tMtWmVsntr ■»
Whai about Your
Cot. Lonsda!.- ar..',
Results Guaranteed
Pncis Right
FIRE!    FIRE!!   FIRE!!!
r-'-—~  aTtiim———t——\
FOR ABSOLUTE PROTECTION write a Policy ■ the
Commercial Union Fiie Assurance Co.. Ltd.
ASSETS! $94,900,000
AfreeiT.rrl-. ind Contract! drawn
ot r»srj diKription
Phone 157      Co;
SNAP—tor a tew Days Only
Fifty Feet on M«ihon Avenue
i'l..-a* t.i Keitli Roid Cariine,
Price $1 IT" U0, mi | 11> nii-
Tlii- iscM'i'll.'tr \nu property,
nml veil u'nrili lookiug inta it
tlii.-*. ligure.
Fierce & Hall
126 Second Street E.
Phone 110
Hot Points
For the Man
HU r   t'i   |i|i IM   llll'
Qi'li i   ■' i'.n"  ' HOT
"T'a ii diyi trill, In • Inr ukiim.
D ' a nt oii iron-
Q        na ti mi   iii,iil,a t  [BUM.
la a al   |a  |   Illll  \, .||V.
|nii »l nnw. il   will   i*.' .--.   Inl
paj                  ,   ll ,,||     Ull]          I alia
| NI'II   .lll'l   I lllllll III
Ahwhmbv   '
B. (.. ILIrctric Railway Company, Ltd.
Board and Room by day week or
month.   New house, new furniture.
Excellent Location Termi Moderate
Lm. .I.il. Am  \ ISthSt. N.n th Vancouver
llciKtlweini and BUckimithing General Contracting
Kerr & Wal'acc
Ruavalirif.   Clearing   Grading, ttc
LatidMlM Gtfra.
Al Alex. (ii:noii'i OM
THIRD STRI II  AND LONSDAH        *""'*"' "",' H teflXt' *"*"• FOUR
Nokiii VaNi ni eta. B  C
Rath m -i m ttimai i
iiii.i.'iir tl.lHl
tix iii.uiilii   - • •        ■','11
Tlirii* monthi     • • ■*
Hiivw Itataasit IFor*lgii,|l.SOperyeu
i'llll aaf ll'll I hi all-.lllll lliilllll's liy llll'lllaal  lina,I   ai ■ii*-*aiiuiii   nn ih.' propert;
l.alli'lill.il   I.U'   till'   ini|in.l.'lll.'lll  III llll.l
lay Road.
In inlaliti.au tii tin' iiinni. by-law*ao-
ti.i.  hai bran  git I the  iiitniilu.--
Ilia]       aaf     mil i| lll'l'   I.V  I.lll     t.a    'Ultlllll'i/r
thr borrowing ol n ipeclfied nun  on
th,' general 'i.'.lit ,at the dlatrtet  br
Tuaaiiin  D..ruv  jj»m»m-   ., ,     st|V(.t       ,
|Q tenia perinea eaeh Iniertlon,
Lai.nK y.rii-K-., Kn*   »l if per ineli (aiar'tliraainjliaiui tla,' municipality, Tto mill-
month, i t,*i* bm lua yat rone formally Wort
L«.M> iiii Tiiiiii it Naiiui.s—.111 diivi, ih;    , i       ...  ,. ,      ii
... i      .-., , iiii* i*,,ui,a .1 si. tliait tin* ppnoral null'\
till    1     * I..6U.
Laun AuvkkiiMMi-Kirit Iniertlon, 10 Involved kaa not 1 a ttanmai, am
Mispar lun'a; eaehnbeeqaautium {Un. |,,U1. „„, ,|,.lm|. M ,,, ,i„, ,,.
tion. St. i'ir line.
Imm Na„„*H. ii Local Hm Col  "" "' » •'M'"'"l"'l ite., bM ran
■an—101 is |,«riini',i'ai-li iiisi-rt'inn ridered. 'I'lu* poiition takm hy   tho*
Oomun   Ahii..,i''i:i,i:vis-|{„t,.H   nr-   ^ . ||u, „„,,„,■„■      „, yj, ,,v
rmgi-al ai-i'nr.iiiag te ipaee taisa,
Imv to the rlii i.n>. ii ihnt othar mu-
,,, ,  „,;   ,  „,,. niaiiuilitiis   adjacent   to   ttie .itv   ol
Alli'liiiiiKi'siiic.i.iriirt a,lvi-rtiM-in»iilfc        ' '
nj nt be lu thi bandi ot the printer by Vanrouver are expending large mmi
wadaieiareviiiliiiitoiniurepublicition , . . . ____   ,
;...„, ;  * ' of num.*!  .ui ihi'ir general rredit,  !■■!
in tha neit iiiui.
tl.,. ponitruetion <»i roadi and Urn
wallu and tlmt it tha* district ol North
Vancouvtr i- t.> obtain its ihen ol taki
il.'i*.***. I  population  ...Ijnavut   ta
Burrard Inlet, it is Imperativi tlmt ■
libi*ra! nnd wergetie policy be adopt-
■ ■it ,*iliinu  tli.'-.' Iin.'".
S. PRENTICE, Manager
Grocery Specials for
Xmas Trade
FUCK AM) PBOMPT lii'.i.ivi'.in
Phone 232
North   Vam.ii.viu,   DkC.  i<), KjIO
.      Ill-trial    I   ■ 'HI     ll    ll  *-    Jl    H,llal
ii miliar  'if  inipa.ituiu   nvni'V   by-lawi
which will Ih* lubaltted to tl lert-  ttXLH
**l aa|.      lip*      dati      "I     Ulf      applaTll-ll*
lag muni.ipul abctioga. Si\ byAawiIn j_ pU|,|j0 mwtlng oalM by the
all, agitating tlMaQOO havt been \. \. EUtapayera' AMOciatioii tan
prepared ud have btti MVanead Thurtdaj evening ant trill prohabl)
ihroagh levtitl -inn- 19 thai   the) \__t tht opmiIbb "f tl"- aetlvt tain
I Hi. T.*ll.*y's an* Iti.luwan's
Tta, rag, 11 	
18 111. ll. ('. Huger
\ill   PrttBM, ra'lt.  11
New l-'ii's. 10c 	
rag, n.u ... ll
 It for -.""
 :i f..r Hi
Lay* I'ii:-. rtg. Be  lh ■   lb,
Layer Raiadni I Ib, pack, -jr..
s,*i*ili*d ItaiisiiK I lli. packages lot M.
Cleaned Curranti I lb,
Mi\,.al   I'.'i'l   	
Shelled Almondi 	
sii.*H.*d Walnuti 	
Mivi'.l Nuts 	
ink, 8 tor Be
■i  111.   (a.r  i'a.
.  ...in.- n  l'i.
  Mt n lb.
Canadian CheoM - Hi hu
M 1,anvil's imp. Chten rvg. Me ,.,
■bfl mini iha* opening
art practically oonplett.    Tbm tit 1 p,,^,,, [„r ,mi,u,,p:,i i,,,,,,,,. _ theHtj   -Watei Creamery Butt* ,.J ll.. kx |1
probability thnt yel otlw br/.Uw*will [,,,* ,|„, v,,„* |g}|  Although tin- pro-Hep, Orenget
I..* Ixroaghl 111 uml mbnitted  nt  tl
HUM  tiliii' W'liirh  Will        1       it
■pectivt a nnaliil.it. - for the mayorilt;
''■ nml many ol tin- proepeetivt oandi
tut to Mi.mpwhat iu MM "I |M0,W0 Utm [,„* ,|„ UM| |„lVl. bMOb liull .*     Ill   *-|      ,*\l*la|l,*     piaaja.t      al.lltl'lll |*„,|,|    [,,,.    .,,„„.    ^^    ||()    p„|,|i,.      ,,,,,,,*.
!•'.t■ .1 111 tin* l.i lawi in■»  i.'.dy,   tit .„„,, |,,IS \mn m(l(|,, |)V ,1I1V ,,(   ,!„„,
th.* unpr.ai.mi'iit "I  K.ith innd w.si ,,, ,!„,„    '(i,,, -,.,.,;„_ ,,„„* (.„||,,| wj||
'lm. pr.ap.a-iti.aii kaa bM Wen  thi fmnk Hl, koUwI  opportuit) 1.1
pewit  la*r   MM  """iliin   in   iu>  mi"!!' tU|  pai.p.a.,.  wluli.  tl..'  fit. t   tllilt     th,
a   I    ""I   Ua   " *    ■sn   I" pm ' U„i,.p;u,i,'   As-iaiintiun.   mi  indi|H'ii*
I.*   l.aaw   bring   111.I'll'   taa   aal.ryit ,|,.n,   |„K|V   „.j||   |B.   j„   ,.,,ntr.il   ,a|    tlaa*
Ill    ...mpl.'ti.lll.     'Hia*    t'al.ll    a,-t    ,.(      ill' , .„„_     „,||    ,1. — 111.-    a -lla ||    I tlllllillllll'     11  J {'hiv.Trt'
»ork ii a-.timnt.'.l it tiMfSX, whk.i („ir ,,,,,1 Impartial keariag. Uw  list j Vivnilln
It diu.l,.! int.. two paailii'it- liy mn
p,r boi
\iunl Orangee, rag. Mc  2.V J...
Bating Appl.-, I lli. i.'i Me, per
bos    MM
t'.ai.kiiiL' Applet li lh. tot- Me, pet
boa  I1JH)
t'lV-ta.lli/.'d   t'h.lll.'S    Mo  |IIT 111.
Had 1'iuits. par Iiiii.      ...18, Mi Mc
I...uii.*y's, Qanoage1 nuA Soldi  Uncy
l.aa\.*s  Chiirnlaitrs tla.iil 1'.",.*  I.. MM
par box
( hilar-' Mince Meet	
l'lnm Pnddingi
al*   I a'matll   I'.sm'ii
.-.'an* ■ |at
..Ida*   ,*.*ll
J far Tu
•2 tin- Be
of  apn-tii.iis    napflad    nt   a   riivni   '|-„m„,,„,s,  Imi;,' si/,*
a.f ma, i.il,iw.. il... ii-i portioa i'*i>   awtting ..I tlu- AMaocUtion wlBbeiah ' <-,,, n> ]N.r tin  m
„lih* l.y lh,* pi**p. ili i,«n.-rs in-ii,-lilt'A   „,iit,-<I  I i,|.  .nndidiili who    Ink.--   l-,..t).-t,   p,.„» | fat Hi
thr.iii.'h laaa.il MMM i.nu""t     t     th,   ,,|,tf„„„   fa  oRhi   tlmt ht   nmv   i^j  1*il„rv    |it|llll.   |t,,,.s,.| Sprouts
1100,000,   i,llal   is   rllllaa.lla.l   HI th*   K. it       ,|,.,,|   „,,!,   t l.a-lll   111   ll lllllla a*   with liis j
load  foil  Local  kapnwtMat   Bj   MgMal  m ttie eevenl maltm fa
1    all.     ,1.1   ll..*   s.** aalial   |M.Tt |. -M.   p llllll!.   \,,|v,,| | |„.   a,|i |- ,|,ilily   a,I   RtUbag 0
by   llu-   all-Ill' t   a.l   taH|»    ,111* U.ll in.    t        |a,l>i,     HHetaWg iot   llu' uU'li   .1   plll|."M
M0.0U0 i- Mbodied in the K.-.iti Road ,,i diKoaiag -a*in„al mul (.iry mattm
Cabbage, Baeta, Cattote, .-t.-.
63 Lonsdale Ave.
tt      '    I  ..a.ll   Hli IW. .Will     lika-wisa.    U*    ,*,. 11SI ■ I ■'I '*< I      .'it        lllis, j       ()      ()        IV
Tin'wad'nin.   .'l ill" impr.aiini.'  o meeting,   In   iln.  r,--|M"i   the tdora-1   $,„,),   Vnncoovet  l.aidire,   No.   55,
liii.i  \ .lli-y road ii'in th*   iiii boat tional   lltmeetl   "I   Iht    'ily    ■•old   meeti every Thursdny .'veiling, corni'i-
.lm in IIiisIii.l-- *.,.-k i« pi,.ud..11..i without d.aiilii li..ii.tii gnatly thtoogk  Umeiila Aetaai nn.l First itn-et, at
il.     IWll    111   lalWs    a.|,     ill,*    -I.M.      pl.ll    H        llll       illlllallil      tllilt      ». llllll    indin,.      till'
iln  ibova, altahoogh in thl   in Ua * rattpayM lo take ■ . l..-.r ladeiae'
till*   (OUI   .'.timilt.lt   '"-I.   llUlll'll    lit,' I.II1...I    llllarast    III    Sliall    Illlitl,!-.      TW
000,   I-   all! lllaal   a   ,a| a 11>    la. t«.I'll     hull ,ii|,    . <|l. all aaa.iail   .yst.lll   IS     M i'a.'
iii.nl   and I   *      tii*-i t. iur*.,* ptoportlooi nml i- dMlaad   ta,
lm   ih,*  nana  lhat   ll   i   coaceded develop -•• rapidly Ihal llu- problem
ii.ii il.i- road will - Iraak .al ktepiag pact with it- leqeitemenU
r.aml f..i  nil -i"li"ii- a.l tl..' di-trnt to will provi m-i. t- nl  nnd p a-s.lily   i-in
lh,' i*:i-t  "I th*    It)       H"   !>'." \ d la.itriis.in*...     A roOtinUOUl uml linii
l.y Road Loeal Impruveewnl   ty-lt* Inten I ia     I I Miteri up"n   IW
Jl o'rloak. Vbiting l.t.ihi.n nirdinll:
invited to atleml. In R. P'-'-rs. t,
ft. ; R. K. Di.nalilsnn, n*.*. sei*. ; ,). H.
I'lllinu,  P.O., Fin.-iec.
Choice Building Lot on
Victoria Park
I.'. i..i In  liu Imt. onl) "J.v.ti On.-
ii,.*r.*i..i.. I -iia; iln*-'.m pnrt 1.1 tha* aiti/i.n. iii genml  woald third   ..*..h,   balance li   and   It
ii„,ii.;i,.i dollai   i'i tw -an id provi ■ nm-t Wphl dreemitaan i,. moothe, This |s thi bnl bai alt
la *i     i   in.ii   i. th propertj   bar the Board al IM I Tteitera  ain.l t.. la ^"iih Vancoaver today,
. Uu,Iiti.sl l,i ii.i* «,,ik .m.i  .di ii  laaoeiated uiili ami  nlaei WM
ui.-  l.ynn t'ellej  Road Imt Rjr-Lae  tioaal laitlta -     \ thuiowgk nw -'I ttm  fa  D. I. MT, (or 'iui.-k Mb
provide*  (..I  taking thi mol i.iii  nm ■,! Um pr.-nt i,,i,diti.ui  ..I  tW ttfiM ewm. Thli will dtvldt inta,
thoaeaad dollan bj wm     ' _•-■■««* nhmUoaal latemti ..I tl ti.  tn W good Iota,
,,i  I,,,  il.      , wiih liiliin* |i..siil.iliti's mid i, 	
na* ul . mud,- nl  ;. public in.*, in
. ailed Iaai iln* purpoae would doubtl
I'.aa     .      *.'       |        III.I'l*      I   *l *       II*
ll.ll* ll   l.isalisl    .|,...|lini.*al,t„„i   lui     1,1*1       .....mplj.l,    ,,    ,,,„,    ,|Pl|    ii,,,,     »,,„|,|
iii ipal  ..iha.*.  ..a ii.   Muni ipal   'I II  prove  baniflcitl   .t   tht ptiwtwl .um*
I... Ill        111    la,W        Wkkh lUlllaall/.- tha
I   I* li      lllnlls and
• I'.ll. II
i... ii. hn ii.ii
nicipal building   oe th  i'i'i»iii   m
■ |>l II "-at   III    V air   I *.    ill*    |
D d      Road 1        lag	
ag   ih,'
ll i * nan U-. ii .-it tin' .1  V Barvr;
-.ih* .,1 I . h . I a     a l.ilhini;,   kel a   anil
i 'iinilm i     fui i.i kiagi I    l ia-   i»  11
-I'l.iniul   opportunity   la. Imy   iwefel
I In i-i in i    . iii    I. i  men nnd bojn at
i   i.'ii   -mall  net,    I'iVl'.T  llii-im
imt   ii.-i.
Philip, Cameron & Co.
I'ln.'ili' i;il    igttlt*   Md   'oil' 'V*Hi   rl.
117 First Street Eait
Phone   198
Buy Your
Presents at
rka    Oe     11UUU     m HINSDALE
Rirlilv fiif fJacc BoWfl$i Docan,ers'Wa,er Ju8»'
IVlCniy till UlaSS Celery D,Jhe,,Sugarand Cream
Sots Butler Pl.iirs. Jelly Dishes, etc., at greatly reduced prices.
Silvawurafa I'';wl,• ^•a'lr Baskets, Bread Plates, Fruit
HVerWare Stands, BiWBl Bom, Fan Poll, Baking
Dishes, CrurK |ellv Dishes, Butter I'latf. Spoons, Knives and
Font) etc.
laOU/aolfV ^Mmnnc' ^in^' B«»dM^ Necklets, Watch
jeWCliy Chains, Folis, Ukets, Bracelets, Slick Pins,
( till I jnk< SigMl Rings, U'eililing Rings, Watches and Clocks,
Jewel Casrs,  ( ..mlis,  I land W.tp, Brushes, etc., suitahle lor
(1,,1-tm.is PmnoM .it radactd prices.  0„„,„,„„jn,,rnm rowo„
lill Chriatmaa.
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   General
Builders' Supplies.
All  Ordan   Promptly
Filled ami Satisfaction
Guaraiita d     I'm rs on
Office: Lonsdale, near City Wharf
Warehouse:       Forman's Wharf
Itlll      lulll     flllllll'    llllllll'     I I'M
Ilia.       Blocki     Ih.I"       I.Ilia,*l ah*     I.u
■fplendid Situation      I'lllt'l'. W2IUK)
Kn-v Pa.ytiiaiiis
Corduroy Pants
24 to 28 $1.00 29 to 33 $1.25
Tweed, Worsteds and Serges always in stock
lhe Clothier & Genls Furni .her Hoots & Shoes
113-115 Lonsdale Avenue
120 Second Street East. Telephone 206
Convenience to North Vancouver Merchants
Buy in Your Own Town. Your O   en Solicited
North Shore Locators
When buying in North Vancouver call
and inspect our list of moderate
priced properties.
No. & Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 123
The Quality Store
Meat Specials
for Saturday
Pork Chopi   -    per lb. 20c
l'ork Rousts,     18c ami 2Cc.
SauMgt     -    2 lbs for. 25c
Rolled Roasts, Reef, per Ib.
llie and 15c
Sirloin Pt«k |*r Ib. 2Cc
Round Btet k " l£c
Shoulder Bte»k   I lbs  2fc
rii'klt-d ftp llo.ks Ib. fc
Finnan Hmlilie   2 lb>   21c
I'lirc Fri'iii'li Castile Sonji,
per I mr       -       -       2Er.
Fiincv hutlei in 11 lb. Iiom*-.
.Mmii-v luck if imt siiM it i
'it box      -      .      $4.25
Fancy Northern Spy Api'le*
i'er boi      -     -'   $2.00
Good eating and cooking
apples, per box   -   -  $1.25
tiillnnls English 1'ii'kles.
none bitter,  icr bottle 25c.
street North Lonsdale
BETWEEN Cluslerfielil ami Malum Avt-nms.
THREE LOTS ONLY LHP1 each 50x132 It.   All Cleareil.
Price $420 each.  $220 cash, balance
6 and 12 months.
Thit cannot Ix txltta as a cbetp boy tiritj,   Pturthci
|i.iilia nl.iis ot tliis ami ntlirr |OOd bujtl oi
PIMM  71)    *l'    U.   |lal\  a|-;
Boll linoni per 1I07.. 25c.
CIii'om'—Rest  Ontiuio  I'ii a
Flavor, Bpwill 21b. for   3fc
Ayrsbire Hoot,Finest ClMBi*
•ry Butter 'Mh» fur        $1
Sweet PoUtOM,  7   lbs.   2Ec.
Halagi Qrapia, per Ib, 25c.
N'-w Riiisins. 10Ol. pkt».
-3 for 25c
Siiiier Kraut  3 lbs. for 25c.
Fancy Navel Oranges.
per 1I11Z.
LOW SEA, Proprietor
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
MKAI.8 AT All   HOURf-
fia.ni tnfl |, in
Pirai elaii Mi !■* 151.
Commutation I ii k> it, n miali
Rooms Inr Kent .11 1.. lerati  rate!,
A GREAT SNAP on a ^ven-
roomed Houie on FIFTH ST.,
near Lonsdale. Small caih payment.   Owner muit sell.
TELEPH3NE 89. P, O BOX 114
CrnnbtTrit'i, Cape Cod, 21b*
Royal Standard Flour—
4» III. lack. 'Iliin il n >"* li't'la
tUm nml iiiit ill llit t>»» "i< ttie
minkft.     l'»r ini'k  till
llolli I.i'af Lard, "i Ib. pnili
Nnw Li'tiioii IVtd, I lbs. 25c
Niw (Iningf IV.'l, I lbs. 25c
t'lioH'C Mixed Reel, per II).
Lemon Kxt'tn. .'i httU.— 25e.
Vanilla    "    .3   "    -25c
Leave your orderi NOW for
Xmai Turkeya, to avoid
llnl Delivery 'A a.m.
Liml      "      2 p.m.
All orders received ajter 2 p.m.
will be delivered follnvimj
llll Lonsdale
Pimm      Meat Pept.     22K
1 1  Ii>£&<Ll
Next week will bring to a close The
Manufacturers' Realization Co. Dissolution of Partnership Sale.    :-:     ■-:
Unheard of Values in Men's
Suits, Overcoats
and Waterproof Pants
Over 600 suits to choose from, some beautiful snappy suits
for young men also a large range for the conservative dresser.
Regular $18 and $20.   Dissolution Sale Plice - - $12.50
Over one thousand five hundred overcoats in every new style
and cloth.   Reg. $12.50 and $28.   Dissolution Sale Price
$8.75, $12.50, $17.50
In the history of merchandizing this is undoubtedly the greatest opportunity to buy High Grade
Goods at less than the  price of  the cloth.
Open all next week until 9 o'clock
every night.
« *
Cor. Hastings & Abbott
Vancouver :-: B. C.
Former Premier of Ontario In Hit
toric Address Before the Toronto
Board of Trade Gives His Reasons
for Maintaining the Present Tariff
—Phenomenal Growth ot Industries Would End.
In a speech eloquent, logical nnd
comprehensive, Sir Geo. W. 1 I
cussed the question of reciprocity
before a largely attended meetin*- ol
the Board of Trade in Toronto recently. "The negotiation ol a reel-
procity treaty with thc United
Stales," he said, "has been a som-s-
what familiar subject tt PtmHllM
tor two generations, ten since the
npn\ ol the treaty ot 1854. BTH forty
years aco, it has been frequently
discussed on both sides of tlie line."
Attn itisciissin-.' the political effect
on Canada of reciprocity, Sir George
took up the economic problem. He
said a
A  Poor  Bargain.
"Hut, assuming thnt bona fide pro-
posiils fnr reciprocity are to be sub-
milted, let me mention a tew consid-
'■rntiiaiis that rn|iiire the most careful ill.* niton
IP We must nnt [nrget thnt the
in. ra- exchange nf certain nrticles
may invailva' ,*i I'rvnt ali'iil HON thnn
inpnil am  III,* -iirtinv.    Knr exam-
I I *      I'a   illluli-ll    111. -   . 1111V   OH    ulli*ilt    lan
liaalh itdei nf Hie line looks fair, but
tn loeepl nn offer of Hint kind pure
niial simple ivaiiilal, in my opinion, be
n I'nor (inrgnin for Cnnnila, 1 he-
li v lli.it th.' I.uiger the American
Inrift of 25 cents a bushel on Can-
lailillll   llllllll    ||   inalilltllillaal   |||l'   III tll'T
tor us Caninlimi wheel hns now s
distinct platM ill the Britiah mnrket
II lh.* market .*1 the I'inl.'I llllll
ii.** freely opened it woiilil be im
pottlble In maiintiiin Itl ialaiilily mi
patting tbrnugh Amerionn elevators
nnd Canada wnuld ba lhe loMt to the
■Xteot ol any ra-'lui-tion In price
"\ -itiular i.lisarvntinii will apply
to   Ion.     Munitubn   (lour   usually
brine, a hlflM price nn Marl.  I
tlnm    any   American   brand      Wl
enuld  vouch  fnr  111"  L'etiuiiieii
Mil. brand if Ann-ricin ule nl
fan v ner,,... Hi,   la,,r,|. r'   Th*
qu.-ilili.I .,n lb** -..iith .ia|,a ,,| ih,. |,„,
•ould ba* hftlfled by thi pn
Canadian mill., and Ihr la.tl. r .piath
lie. nn Ihe norlh ridl mid l»    ti-
It-tlOt   ■ ' Ot   ll  'HI   111'    -aallth
Sllah  U  intara-'. ,lii'n  «,,||I,|  |„.  ||,r,,*»
ilic auny all tie
vs. Imm   lb.' front   uh* at  I.* ll   ,.|
Miinil.lin nn'l tlie »   I
Canadian Cheese  Pre-eminent.
'In th.* suiii, way Ctut ■
ttn rati   ■ i    parfatml iod
riprnditui   nl   ■   at •    ha.   driven
(l,a.n.MM    al,.*.-      ,.,l|    ,.f    ||,,.    |
miiik.l     II M   *   iil*l    Iiii.   ,f.
.nr,* I..* |.r.*..n .1 ii Catnadlin
pa-sod through the hands nl   \in**ri
can  alupp. r-   , i  r   lli.   I  .t I ■      w
linv.',  ller' | |, r  ,„ I  tin.
, r.alil, if pr.alil lh,*r,   be, but ih*.
ultimate   a*fl,*,i    upnn   an   Indl
which yiel.l. ii. annually iboul
mn.imn   Tl 11 Ue .-.-nt.
in price m i ti  ■ lianal
Ibe tturk.t  .li.nl I  n,,|  ,|,,imi, •
ircncrnl rff. .-t no thi in
lb,* queition   ind   the   bu Irwn   in
terest. nl || |    |  ,,,, ,,(
"Th,* question o| our luml.rlrg In*
duslry has at-,a it. futon . \
•l.alllal   Ull     .a Ilia.--;   al|   ,,|     |ir;,|
III'        ' * .       |        ' I
«  i'i rabiaeo tin- v.i.a
■ml prohabl; Hi.   vain*. „f all «|„„|
Inu  marketable   Umbel   In  C
I'.n'   Ihr | i   th..
luml,. rne n  air,   i*..l  |„ l„* ,|„ri.
I       <bl.'   a,|     ||,a,   t-r. :,t, -t     ,|,|. .
tlaa  !'■» i" fan tha pate I   *.( c»n
ads is how '
Mr     CllflOld    Mil 'I     a la all,,,    I,    ,.|    |h,
Ca.mtlllasla.n        I N*tUI I
"pa-Ilk   ' I-a
"       '     '
hive no liml* ' ..r fin
ary   **y     In Cwndl   Ihe   supply
wa" lanre   hut  il the  .„;,,,!,   m   ,„,
I Plate, ran
Cansda won'
for only a-v. n venr.     I!,    '.■■.■ „„,.,
come, however, »hen tl,
Camels    would    dooinn.l   l«
pp.hililllng the eip,„t „/ m„r.
timber'   This Is the nitlonsl view
an.l the only view which vlll  la Uk
tlce to Cinadian Intere.t.    Can tbt.
view be maintained und. r . II
"In IMJ, when || •,* »M
repealed, we were   .„,.,   |n   i„
cspital, In .kil,. I  [ah r
tur. and In Biaulicti r       I  tl
then wouhl hnv  nf* ,
llel   To-diy condit, -nt
different   because the   i
treaty removed every   ■ ;* on which
we hnd lormerly lea
temper ol the Ansl"-S     n .plril
roused to action    t II ill k no tm
In the world aflorl.   - heiter  |||u..
IriUon ol public spirit then Cansda
i "mine; .'vents lune already 'an
their shadows befon ihem in the dais
trict municipal election! whan a,t a
meeting   bald in the ollice i f Mr.   T
S, Nye ,.n  hii-ilaii evening lhe   r iW
* Hal        aai    Halll    llllal*      liMi'lual     |ai      .1  1
ill' IS    llaill)     ^6    tWO    |ar*.a-|l.*a (III*    l.WL*
.li.ln.-   [or   North  Lonsdale,   Hi
r. S. \i,* mnl It 1,111,1.    Mr, I, li
Martinson   presided   over    Ihe    large
Ml .    I olllel    ll  a      I    ■    h*    ,      (a   ,u r,   |  HI
iliie ta .1 Iii- ia iiiaiil,   I,, several topii
ul niiiii-i  iii ii e eaten  a! op ie
II,'     Up    lli    llll*    ll all*l. I ila*    greOl       la      a
iii ,ii iln* preeenl tima wm lhi open
HII*     *li     lllalll        .lllll     |'l    'l III   I,.       .      ■) Ha
laa      ,||l. I -'    li, >li I. a |       |nd   I'    '
ia, thoae inui liuia*. in iia.     iiiiiiniiit,
l"H       .1-       llll     •'! IT  l*.*l  llll'llt        laa     I'l    I lla  I
iill.in* in       II       *l       ited   11    tlllallltll
road   ti"in   Nort'i I..*n*.l.il>*  to  t ap*
ilniin mnl In eieii  we)   nl * ftlsing tin*
ali-lli.i    taa   tile   lnlii-1   I Maul.     II'- ia-
I'eii'll     (Illlt     II    tl Ugt     .lllllll aal t ', ■
I k-    of     llaa*     \|ailili|| illitl     . . .Illll In,I
be    linull*    lol*    ;i    mi,I,llall     fee    ail Ulll
nnd it would In* lii- nun to Inti ""
i ii ii,- ire   j item whereby   the
ratepayer!   coald arith thi I* ial   pn
"ible  lioiible  get  :i  * I in   am I   Intolli
(Hi      iiia*ll     ol    tll *   Ofoln     ilt    li I
ni, i.     Il,<   aal- *    ai e,. led   tlmt   the
II.    C     EleCtric    111.    lai    Illl.ll       1 a*       If
I'l*a.n lliil   llllll   al   jKopoai)    for   ll.i'li-
la   I.ii   tin*  steal wfai<li would  be i
l'l.i*a*al In  heavier i iill whan tiny pul
aloviii  iinir  permanent wnu-k  oa tin
bloak   paving on iln- North I " id .1
Mi   T.  B,   Nye, u u , i coua Illoi
ii i* lullini: to l.a> In" pro. ra ■ va i
raid baton the eled i itt II.* a,l
fiiiairasl the opening up "1 na:t<l-, iK
|l|.l!lllll|_'llt|llll     .,1    ilia'    lll-'ll    l'        I    I    'il
nul , niinii, i.-i.'il .1 -ei- .nnl tin pn
riding  al  '*ia*n   ** nreniooi ■   iad ,.,
I,inn..liili..|i    *, .   Wl   ' te -.111*11 elllellt    I'
'■III. in.nl     inil   nl:,,   in'i  . .i i   :ia. tma   to   ilia-  reeidet Is    in*
d   in   tli it   ol   ll I  Way   pari.
"I       III.*       Ill Ulll. i|lil 111 \ tla   a*.    II*
|'l l|aa|| n- |,, li|ia*t|,a*l bl WII*. ill lal
i I     Illllli \  'li 'II     laa     llie     I |tl        ol
Ninth  Vnn,,nn 11   I,   npl ,^l  iu llaa* :,l
'nm ai,*,, and  -i.nl adva .i«-1 'I"- p. •
I'l.-  laall      \     lllll**,    ,ll*, t      a- I*
■pl. -lion. Iiii- (oim.il'.na ..I n ioi.ni
I* a a    In.    In    n'.e    „ .nni'.i. t      III.Ill
lllll'll   I • • ,.  I     In,nl,I   he
\fla i u.l i| tliaink- tii lhe a lull
llllll   .ilaal   tin    I  . ,,   .   ,n, inl tti      i'a,    ni'"   l
t: i.    'iin ii   vam tn \i k  (nv
11 luiii s i.id.
II ..I.ai l.a    1 .'I    .1     111*   ,1 1     I*        tlie
It   ii   ol   (letolir.     llllll
■*l.llll   -    I     II-     t I      iU
t'uait i.na's      1' .'In
ll    ■   NU    I     li   I I'1        llll'.           M    l.t I
ii'hirle ii.'.et s I |     If, 'I
i'n-it t.**.*iii-   m.ii
Ii   i   U            li  .  II
II -lillisem.'llls
PI lei    S-l
i . .-t, George
i<*   i                  el   mailiiii. 8.31
In, ll te lm I        i'.'i
l-'uel   A.   lllllll     fiMI.IHI
ii    de i   suppliea   I1- III
li,,k ,!,.pi  luppln      IV.M
tl    Nnrlh y nyeoliver—
II.I'll l-   iplip      LIS
II.   "Ill      * I 1     iind    lllllelii'i.   ,., '.'   M
:.        I.    II      I   B
I'l.l    A             -lalMNI
I tl    .     lie *.t.     Mippl a--         f .01
II a',    ,l,|,|      .lipplli-      '.* 3 I
-i iims nml wagn      2 ll   '
1   ' a im •<!     ;i.m
A IVe|t;«tlL'   I*\|KI1-C     Vi1.   ',
i barter kit t   « no
iKter  Vaa,int      5.8l
Oil, » lit! unit -uiiilr'asi   r.l B
1   I ili, ii n n.n
li kting   \., unt     BM
I i.  al    l*\pa*  -e       tti .Ml
\ ait „-• hn'  15.00
P  \    |   N (     ->   lelll     P.O)
li 11 •!• iii s    lit. r hi II it
I' ii  iiieii! lepaln     .. M
*  ..nil* II1.U0
I ropi r! lola   it'-a.laillic           ... IT'.'.IJ
Propi it., it t iV'-   BM
Jls-.1I. I I
.sl   Monthly   H.- i* i
lia.n        llll'll
'**■  ii in i.i.i  operating i'\-
pom -     V1BM
II   I    K.'"t'.   ■     inns.
I.    \i„!i,»'.  ..ml   tial.sloiiian    ^ n-
...L'i.iiiiiiii     iiu...    (81 ,u ihr *.iil
.11*1    llllll    iJUll     Ilea    .     I   'iH
when lh,  IV • ''"• ■
"If  |    i   'li a -I
•l.l      * !l      le | -I    a!
n* V it     ,      |;
»r. -tl. r   '\n' It i nl
...ui'iit t. a. fan
, .    I th
"lb    V.** t   i ' .   tl,** * n'li in IW.
bul. tiki*   Inl.iau-. •     • t> our
"M by nui aa nil   I -tntc-th ■
uel.- tin-  i.-mie nt Canada great
tlm nations, of tlie aorld. and
-a llareulrs nn«  *indar« tl it wnuld
• r Inr lt;m In |>a ur s liba
li'an at osir list thin wre.tl., mih u«
m   t'i" ciarnnenanl. amphilb'slre  of
Growth el'Maaulsi lures
Ml r ile « it   oprtiir   tn me t" I"'
ity lhat »v 9wmli w.rry our
'      i r   rtdpmmf   in
I  ' fl *     ..Mill    a.f   the
\| iriulm tun*r«' A-aoa-iiilion saial that
irt     I th,,  iinporl-
I   tin   MM   St.st.r   Iroin  Canada
'   I  ..I  iiimni! la     II
Uf lnuriran. ■wnnl n«ar ■   m  Ihe el
Hem reduce lie ir tarifl. ainl I hav
im^loulit niatry nl tliem will he glad
to »,.ir ■ ur reaallain anal '"ir wan.Ibn
iW>i»U lliil rven in spilf of our H
c!u«i«in fr.nr Ihr Cnil.-d Hlntes our
' a. ■ !.,*. liaim pm.prM
United t»at«s as a Market.
"llul  •u|>iw».a the   markras nl   tb
I Stnta were > thrown n;
li., wmihl 111*.in.!   gnally enhanre
tw*}   The t
I  I .r |[ r  I r  I 'aa. mil,.
with a |»a|iul«l,aai oltalnati millloM
I MM atiyUiingM.i MB, U
•in iinliitita-st markt I '
I I ii. . tij..y Mi   Tllisua a ta.'
■   lla ra'   la. allotll* I
it    The l..a|inliiry is jus* a> I
-in. ii. f.ar lh'* Canadian"
and a na-fja.cfly treidy Ihal
I    '.thl tine w>nilil llaa
I     Wtial.a om f eu milliona
"nn- Into lh,-  tmerlean mir
It-  with  no menrh«idi"' tin'   \m
ricnii iiimay mitmxis   were
1 .maitn. ant Ibe home m
alwnya |h«   Ix-el. ahrtr   not
wilh giKsts .mill be rnndensl pr»c
hmi Tlw   Inn'
*.,iil*l Iimt tjinmean Iroil in tie
markat  l»d ,i*   lum,  aisl  ifM
llml his irade • "i'l I b
riiine.1    r ohant, I
,l.*r    if   |*r'i
eaeh er mm    Mn  un i
■     idail) HUmi, "nd M|
i       I   .'la ,t   In*  i   'ill  mak'
in the l'r it..I Wal.*«  »• I
• -ml nl ll„- .iirl'il   .1 lb
Ig    lm     i in giaels
'. in  a slill   I Can.
• i , |   •    |oM  from  Ih
I mrriran   I
I ■ nt || i*n * I  irl)  | "i I > "
a   •      | .,
Om Utfilt -
• .     * i
Ilia*      l.allaatllllg     is     a      piaftaM    'I    - I'»
.   ii.  p.,inl, lee .I,oiling    he UfMaT t
,!    ulna li   11 I.   |,*.|i,ll   lay   I    I
-.li. H..I     ll.nl  li.lli   Vll    II    II    It" ■
.ll-iall   lile,   ilplWillall   liefnra*   tlia*   a la a   I*
111 Illla ll     aat,     I'lhilll    aa|    lie    all! I
\urlh  Vm ner  in  cuine, turn    ail
ll„*   Ki*.    I I ■    - ,-.*   u.lli   the It. C.
I; iihi  i  i iiiii|...in      It ns I :
III     M'l-
lla. B  '    ii"hi, i'nk dm i"-i
lion  lli ,1   bi   I WW   the aaiijinal   a|   .
it, i   IM  Imd  lap*'*! l>   ie«*aai
,,|   il,.    1,1  tl.nl  no   I,p.   Innl   lar.
I ik,*||   1*1     III.    llll    ol Kl I  ll    \    naaaU   1
,is, nnd tliat    I   i
boing   tlir   -tiite  a.l   aff.iii-  they   null'
Una  in   IM 'i-l  got Mi ■ontlri
 a |   I    I I" lhe
I lerti i .oii'l n ,,( the I'..
tin    building   pb iMeii.iiin to
I llall      ' '"       'lo   ll
tii il  the iii ii'n  «n« Isfa r.* th,     *
ill,.. .n-.iit  »  - ti ei    thy
I ,**    I a,llel    llinl    tin*   niaiyni    an.l "i
a.|      Vaa,t||      \     i„.a,,i   |      .
,|.   ,1   I,,1.1   I. en   Hl.1,1,    »|l'
I!   I      I !•   La      U'l   f   il   t tl  Willi-
toad bi nn t
|   '     I I.*, tn.     I
.1,.a.l wilh il- a.*n Iiii iti.n-, buOb ■
lain.la.   on   «lal la   tin-   II.
'        I  I     t,, ..      tan   I.,I    ll.e    | M     »e  |
*i «.a,* |a bave the two  I i
ll.        lla   »    I       laa      ih  •      I
I .1  al a'al    II   ll
«.,,      I.,,I     HI.  U*     a (     aiil       t   I  i   I   'I    al
i      iiitli the    II. C,
laaal    lb ll    I    I   aal •       *       at
a.all      till-    |h  ll.l ..I      »   ■ I I
*   line   lhe   mall.I a.l .a.llli.sl ,
■  ,..r    i ml il
'■ in,  l*ul   tl
I   \„      ITti.   IM  '"   "    *
Uin,.! .   .,,1   lb*   I. It t   In.m  t  •
 nnl "I   KWgWat   1 ■ fat   '">
    \ i l.t.   . l.*arll     "haa*
I   na,  kn.wl.sl.e  thnt    It
I.     I     la ,,l    I- "I    ihl'l
•a.    I.I     I ...     kla.»n       ll     "I
OM   '"-."'   '
.1.    ..n   tin",    li ul   le'   lia ' I     I '
.i i»i,,i.   oajrtUag «a. Own
aa,      I, |,    ,     ,|,l    ,|     ".*    IV', ll*     •
I'.lT lt\      I. nil    iaalr.lt-
t      ,     . I,a     ll-     «   I-
1    *' I i'i •  l nke    Mr.
V   Unlla-a.      ta. .1   I1.       I    I   'laat    ''ae
|«t) ki.evi       ..I       lh.. .1-
'    »ilh    the   l!    I       '
'      » *-     trial
*      •!   t*l
a .,    '   I   .   I    •Im
' a tmi.    Iiei'' •
n  lha-    ili  will I-e (■ un I
i  H   ii., .i iitniiiii,   ■
II   ■ '
I II      al.l'll     |1,   M      I     -HI SIN
Corner tons.-liile and Set
Phone 255
i *.
\\ i I jab its, Belli, etc.
iho a ••       ■' in' 1.25 to
$5.2)    a
The Gurney-Oxfoi d Steel Top Range
r I* lulti,
BEI iii;
Iiiit   VI   I I ■ IST thin
ni tiatt to \ am
i - minuti i.
'iih tli a minii
right now 5
The J. D. Fraser Hardware Co.
I'holli \'.il';ir
A China Cui 'Vautiful
Cal ,
To Every Lady Our Uphol
stery and Car et Department
I'.   - .        : iiii- month.
A|     ;,     ,*.a  11    .lU' 'I.ll.-ai    Ilia I'lil.*.*     |l|   la'llll
huh,, at iln- home .ai Mr- Hi \l*,a.
a.n l iih -in** i mi Tui -ilny evening i
u.i ,|,., lal.*,I in organize I la kel Iial
iinin |0t ihii -.' in ii 11"' i la* I mi
a,Hi*,*,*, whiih I lowed resulted in lln
appointment  * I In, VI, C, Gre n
|ll-,.-i.|,*,ll.       tla \l PhUllpi,      -a a*
Ireaiurer and  Mi ■   I  Setfa, i
■arrangements have heen oompleted loi
ill.-   II*,*   ..(   ll.      Inl  "    la ill   illllll'i'l t     taa
M.i      |li. kel  * ii   ainal   Seott'i   - *
and    il ' laetory nn lha   Eiplunadi
nh.'..'   amp ' iiiiiii datloni can b.
haul [or prai lhe .unl name    The Bn
I ,  11 a*   will   In    I eld   mi    'I'll .1 a1 |J
1 a  '   III.   ,     .'.III     .al *       ,1th     10    Whii 1
ladle, in lhe * ity «ln.   In
tei   led an i1 a      in.* . i" Invited to ' e
ni   ''ni.
iim m:\
iin   s.ii'inlii   neil   tlie North Van
ouver hm kej leam will in "l Vu *"
**l      in      tll I       *   ' HI"-     .   f     ill.*       Hi.*'..
Cup lerii -.    Thi in it. li will be p] iy
■ I ,.,i the Boulevird Pirk North Van
ouver,  it 2,411 p.m.
I'.*   n.w  pavilion  will  be  i mmi
iv opened bj Iiyor W. II. Mui below
III' 111*11. 'll ninl W,  J, Hi I-. tin' ilmi"!
*  eup, will Imiii "11 witl.  n
Rriditman, lhe Club'i preiidint.
Tha*  memberi ol the  team   he rtilj
invite   anybody  inteti '"I   to attend
III,I    lliill.*.-    llli'   1 aalila'   lllliall    ll ■   111 * t   fa
■.i'tli leeing, mnl il v.aan li   i
' 7^\!i'^i7a   '   .    • :-:-:••:-:• -:-:-:•■:-■-:■■:
-      I"     ill    I,lli.l-       II       l!
D. L. 555, West Vancouver.
There an siill a lew specially fine luts tor Mie In this mb-diviiion, most <>f theni
hi\i,- [eet, sunn' larger, The most westerl} part oi the property recently put on the
market includes it. waterfront loti with i waterfrontaf* oi w [eet ana an average
depth nl "" (eet, The loti have a pleasant slope to a gravelly beach, and tln-ri- an
in,nu line "I'l uns which add greatly to tlu'ir beauty, We havi the verdict o[ main
who have bought there that nowhere <>n the whole Pacific Coaat is then' a mon beau
iiini aai than "DUNDARAVK" and most people whu look omt the property buy
sunn nl it, Then an several summer houm already built on tht beach iota, and others mil in* imiii in th. spring,
Call in .nul get .i price list .unl in,ike an appointment with us to taki- yon mit and
siiaii. ,.aii tin property.   You will enjoy a visit to "DUNDARAVE",
The prices an [rom 'V, to tti*, per lot, and the termi are easy, one-fifth caih,
and the balancc over two yean.   The waterfront luts an* 14,500.
121 Lonsdale Avenue
i~y'&*vx—V— ii'l iih«iqmwi»mi«'
In .1. v Harvey, I baited, i 1
fnl   lervieeable   fhriitmai   gilti    f 1   "j*
m.'ii and I'". . ISM 13711 ulin ■   11       ,,
Seasonable ns
Morri> ( liaits ,. ,
11 1   1
51250 $35> Am| $2.50
Parloi I
$1.75, $2.00, $3.50
$4.50, $5 S1'50':     »2.50
a-    '.1.00.
Parle   I
12.50,   •
1640 , -Ives
\l\l.   Mil HT    lllail    ill,'   l'ol
I     *.,...|l,(l..l     ,a|    ll.,*   Citj     III    Sortl
\       uvei .I.' in    lo widen   Lomilnla
■Hl'lllle    llaalll     III. llll -lll-l    ,21)    Ml'*'*l
I*.     III. a,l.l   lllll.    I'J.'H    Mia 1*1    l.a   ;,     I.l.i
■nn niilili ..f  * hundred il  lei 1
1   111   In.iui liltll   |-.'*'ai   m    ia
llllllll    Ill     a-'*      Sin.  I.     It'lll      l.llll
11-1. i" .1  i"im imlili "I eii hi   1 "
Ull     taa    '  \|Ha.|   H.lt.      .Ul ll     I.UI.I     I.lll ll      In*     II .Ill      ian      la.l.   purpo a
llal     |aa    . *.. t a. -1 *     ll|.<,|l,     Ukl*    a.llll     ll-a*       ll,'
III*      |0I lla.l     I'llll"     a lla     i|*,|ll  *.'     |.
I I .       Ill       lll-lll-      |a|.*|l,|,a| lal
II I l.llll I-ML I.
aai* |i   :.!.*   liaall    lll.'.l   llllia   III       .all.I
III 11    1 *■ 1 led    at   nil    'iii'ii'   ill      till'
1 in    ll.ill   ,.|   nni   nm..  between Ibe
ne a in. and I'm* i*.n.   nm
llll'l    a.||   Illii. ||    thf    -llal   nllia*    |.         |*   1,
\llil    ll.ll     till'      lllal    I'a. |'| ai 'la, tiaall,    Il'.l                 'I       11*   I I,III'
a    a,|       |,l        |',l     |     111       llllll |a;| I.
aill'li-l|a*al   nnil   lil,.I   li.   i*i*l* I    UPM,   llll ipriute, break in i iho nnd nt   th«
al   |a|..|i. I ll     In.I.      ..a   I* *i  li| 1111    - ml
llitll   lllaal    III   .llll    ll a    laa * I        all     I,
I     |'a*I      la|     llll ,     ll|'   '   * I
* III    llf    (III* aallll, I.    ll,. I.,,*i
tllll     " all     a  \|la II-,'    III*  III
■ al In   the Corpornlion l»i  roaaon "i
l'|..|lli.lli..||     III     llie    |'l'*l a  -   aa
ah*.. .     .|.      1 ill al    Bl *l     a      nallil'i*
I a.    I**  i' thereol   dull
I"     ' la ll    a   ,1,1.     In    |   | i.il ;.l||,-      |>\    |||,
|a,l|    |||   Ilia* , \|a   II
t      111 l|ll|l|alll<|||.  1,1       aa|,       |   .1
dale   V\ .-nin- under ll • ■ proi iiioBi    at
--■* linn -.'.'Hi oi lln*    Muni, ipal I'laiil-a*-
v i" ninl .l.nil iii* * liuraod and
a*'l   ;iL'ilin-t   lln*  |ili.|.. iti   l„ n,*litl.,l    I i
a*l I iw il Improvement a. .hown   tis
llll'     till     IU      Hi     la*    I*.  I  1      ill'  I     U),
Vmi ili ii  il iii.i .-   unl ma upieri
"t    ailial   aalh. f    |a. ,    **h     11,1 * |a .|,,|    |Q    ;||,l
I Unl-       -al     ta.    lia*    l'Hla*l»*a|    ll|l[i||,
a>l     ll.i'il.   aal    lllll' ||    lmil    lar      iliil|l'iii|l-ll
' iii   ili.'  -nnl  propoied   won
..iiun iiii) ai ,i   Iron ii
.....ll      I '.a III      I*  -|»*.  lillll        ll|       llli-
lot  in thi     i ■  ul |   1*1
■I. ni  nut i.l.   lhe I'mvinee "I   H i I
t'otumbii   iiuliin   ninet*!   diyi   Irom
-in li -nn iai file iiiiii nn* lhi ii 'I mn
.1 :* - la. ren on ul tl" mid
|.|"|...    aal     11. I.I,.      ihoWillg      i',     a     .,**
thl     ..In*.'la  I    i I aim* .1   llll     ..I. I,   ,|.*	
uilli   full    |'.l lil   ll.l a   III, |,'l,f.
\a.l   ii,   default    ilaai,.if  the
aaf        -11* la        pel    "'* lilt    * mil      'llllll  IJ.'*
will la** b
'    I    I       II al!   ill   lla.*   I   Itj
"I    Nm tll    \    111. I     lhi      llitll   allll'    Ol
li her,   I'.'I".
lllnMt- -III I'lll Kli.
t iii i lerk,
in 13
North Vancouver City
Lots ir. Blocks 9, 9a, 15, 15a, 16 and
16a; District Lot 550; now on sale;
Acreage in District Lots 544, 545,
546 and 550; subdivided into blocks
of from 1 to 22 acres.
The Grand Boulevard Extends
Through This Property.
For Plans, Price List and Particulars, apply to
The North Vancouver Land and
Improvement Co. Ltd L«y
Corner PenJer and .Seymour Streets.
Vancouver, B. C.
Phone 6286
HIIIII l>44<4HWtWW44<^4W4W4t44-HHHHHlWH4ttHH^
A. Campbell Hope
C. A. CAL.
358 lit Street East
Phone Ril;!
Ni V. Artistic Cabinet Maker,
Upholsterer unit Decorator
ti *  "
"      * i l:* MH'
I I'i. lure hunting.     Furn I
Canyon View Hotel
l-Ati tisivc Groundl, llii;li-class service al moilerate rates.
Pimily Rooms en suite with special rates.    HouMGlMti) EnlarR.il.
Buy trail to summit ol   Grouse Mountain,    altitude 3000 feet.
Scenic Delights     Fishing      Hunting    Mountain Climbing
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
"   11, nlll*l >:
A Public Meeting will be held in Larson's
Pavilion on Thursday, December 20th
at 8 o'clock p.m., under the auspices o( the
North Vancouver Ratepayers' Association
BUSINESS-1.   To Hear Candidates.
2. To Enroll New Members.
3. To consider advisability o( holding a meet
ing to discuss school and (erry matters.
(Continued from pnfe I)
W. L. BOULT, Secretary.
Rolled Osti Wh,.I, Wheat Flour Rice l'lmir
Oatmeal Buckwheat Flour IVarl  Barley
Crack.-il Wheat Graham Flour Split Peas
Rolled Wheat Kve Hour Canadian Wheat Flakes
Ask your Grocer lur g, (__ \t\t Brand. Th* Standard ol Q'ali y
Wholesale from
The Brackman-Ker Milling Co., Ltd.
LONSDALE AVENUE.       At Perry Laml ng.
Until January the I st we will sell the best
quality drop-head
FOR $39.00
These machines as you know are usually sold (or $50 and
offer  every  husband a  splendid opportunity ol making his
wife a most acceptable and useful Xmas present.
Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver
Bread!    Bread:
Union Made.   Home Industry.
Bigger Loaf.   Better   Bread.
Don't fornt nur latest Home Made l.onf.    Bo loaf.
Stores: 71 Lonsdale Ave. Cor. Lonsdale & fith St.
Goods ih livi ir ! ti* all I arts nl the dty
Hall's Grocery
Cor. St. George's & 8th Street
comply   with the   provisions   a.l    tlia.
liii'llsin*.  liy-luW.
Com. McNeish Mid lhat then
.should surely tie somi' regulation o
this mutter,     lie udwitood tlmt tl.
t'liiniimi'ii    wen   distributing    their
goodi direct from the lerry wherens
the bylaw provided tlmt tl.e Valgata
bleu or wnres should ba sold through
soma' locul business plit.'i*, It em
also Peters and Doyle's BontentioB
that the Chinese were pttkOUg Utt I
themselves nfter lunding on llus -uti
of the Inlet.
ihe Chief snid thut several Chinn
men hud been sta.ppad but hnd ev
hibit.il rnrds showini; thnt tluy wer*
working for a China's.' |torakae<p*i
by the name of Kong. He dtcllttd
iiirther thnt the ra*siili'iits wen* il.*|"n
dent to a grent extent on the Chinn
men (or vegetables nnd their price,
were usually lower il.a.n tin* merchant
und this was n consi.l.*rution with :
man with a large lamily.
Com. .Inckson  replied thit if   tin
ivns a bylaw they haul ta. live up   a
it and enforce its provi-ion. II,* ukn
what   light had   tha'v   to  latttOM    th .t
hi' v|',ri'k''i'|iei's did not  aarry    ii'.e
a.l.Iis at reasonubla* emk
The Chiel nnswer.d lhat I ngltk'
lealcr opi ned ,*. st.'ie nu tfatt   -lue
...ni" time ago but could not do lies
ness owing to luck ot locul sn; pur
The mayor snid that the con mis
sinners MN there to rnfup-e lhe bylaw and if the people ware not Mtll
lia'tl they should ci.mplnin.
The clerk snid thnt theie Wl s n s
li.m  allowin*..  tiirmi'is  or  gexfam
ae.l.ll ni lln* praadiii'e grown on tie
'.wn lands.
Com. -lackson nsked if tiny of the*
'hinumen puid n liavnsi*
The   Chief innd in the nagai
Ita'a-JUI-e    lh,y    nlla'glll    U)'*V    Ilala*   11     I
ing lor Ki.nn.
Com. .lackson : "Is it true tli.it
tha.y di'liver (rom the boat ?"
TU Chief ntlsivrti'd lli.it if lu'iii no MM hnd  he nny ivp..rls nf  ib
Mm, alniie.
Caalll.   .Incksa.n   HNUidwd   lliill   saalll,
thing should be done lo prot.s't the
nta'ia'sts of nicri'lmnls nguinst thi'*-
;i.*.iik**ts tinil peddlers unit he slnt*"l
thnt il nny (hinumen n.re MgMlfa
livering   in this   wuy  tln-y  -hniild l„
The Chief wns of the opinion lli.il
the Chinaman would not | ay lhe >ft
license Im,
Comr. dticksiin mov.d that il to \
hawker, iiettdler or trniisieul li.iati
uus fa.un.l goiaa direi I  from the boni
lllal   ills] ..sill*.'   nt   hi-   W.ilas   will.nllt
In .ns,. anil nu. mil in ih,, employ oi
my   locul   m.-rahnnl    Unit   tl,.'  ,ml.i-
shiillld   lllkaa   steps   I Iialie   the     Iv
Inw.     The  million wns MOIMaW    0}
• '"111    Ma N'l'ish   aaiaal  on— A.
Mr. Shepherd, lhe ,ili .laik. sl ,(
ail that he hud nnotha'r hi Inu uml i
wuy thut would lie more MtMarton
than the present one wlinl. wu. ultiu
viriN. Asked how ha' knew lln* tityfaa
ua.s ,,f in, effea't Mr. Shi-ple I'l • . i
that it was the opinion nl lhe -.aali' .1
aar llaill it disa riininnled ui;a'ii-t ' " I
tu ill  ilass.
Ill this ansa* Com. •Itliksnll lllaa-. i
llllll Messrs. I'elers and llnlla* la* mil
iiui tii iiitli the e\pl:iiinliiin lhat *,-
the bylaw was uhrai vires lhe com-
mis.a,inis could do nothing.
The Chii-f nskiil Ihnt the new liylaw
be pnl int.. elT.i | liafa.n* ihe lint ol
lie* year il paassibh*.
The  Mayor  igrad  to  bwn it   i
tr.Hluci'd   al    ii-*\t    Maandaii's   coune I
Meting   if   the   efatb   "..llll   l*et   ll     i'l
*laa|aa* liy then.
A letter was read frum II.  I    tm ■
ea .tla'a- IIMT aaf tll" Nail ill V ,n ***'! ■ a
I'lll     tattfat   I I'l.   UnalaT   the   aim ■ ti'.i'
of lhe 'laa.nil inukiiig applicalion 'or
the appointment u. i|n'iinl
for duty on the vhiiri.s a,f the cam*
pany. It'* ulsaa a.sk.d ttn.t nrrange
mm.it ti.. mada' for a similur ii|'|i"*iii
llla-nt aan tha- TURUItW sale ..I tl..
Ilil.'t   11,lh  the  Vnn.n.ller  Itaaard ,.i I'
lia*.* Ciimniis-.iiini.H.
(aim. .luiLson sii.l than wa. a l"".i
.lllli'iilty     in    getting    Ihe   \
pialiai*   to   toi   on   th(.   fatty   tUk   '"
\ linen.IV. I*. He Um if lh'' »h ar
M  iMendllii;   nut   into   the  wtlt.tw.'l.
out   ol  the i.iii.ilia iion   ill   the  c ly
lha' Chia'f said (he boundaries ol the
aity   .'\lell.lcil  OIM   In   lhe   nli.l.l!.' a f  tlie
Com. .Itliksnll was ,,f the aapin....
ihnt Wane such nn upplicntinn wu-
sant into the Vnn.-..uver Imard Ihul
this .pi.siion I*,, setll.d      As regnril-
tlia*    KoTth    Villi,   .HUT    l.ppai.l.lmi'l.t    la*
thought on the il.'alillatioli "I ' I'"'
II.11 i'*s ihnt the loial fatn '""''' *''''
iplUt.ly    I'lllaare.,    lh.    Inw  nil th
vas  hi*..*,    ihey   baring   a pollfl
aall the (i'llil**,, that lha* .i;.,."' ''*' '
VU   Illlt    alls.aim, la
time. The wl.iV matter «»> I i I
onr pending thf «ttlaMn<   "I   c •
|il'-s||aaa "' .an ulirlion aal li'i' a it.
|l"lii*.'     "I,      thi     llllllll.-
■tatad that ani  ,iti/.n  hi 'ti
ii'- '   tin   *,n   inalialal la*   . I;
In   ngnrd   t.a   ih.  a|.pniniiii'*i.t   ol
spa*'*il||s   nn    the   fellies   the   ni*H'"      '    I
nl tlmi ihe provincial lathnril ■
not  mnde any app.iintm.iits  for    lh.
li'iiaaon tllilt tile .'llpta.ill had full p w
a*r in this way wliile the li.a.it was
not tied up, in In* t he v.uld [ ul any
pi'i-aii  il.'.itinl;   li"iilile  in  iraatis.
c,,itn. .ln,k-"n aaked il iln* Chiel
had any report t" make in regard  I
tin* vi.*w ta. iiii* bar roomi ob ii Bun
ilay   being  a*l..sed   olT.      Tin*  Chief   h*
piled in the negative,
Coun, .lackson impivs td upnn tin*
ihi.'I th,* necessity nf keeping ■ doei
.i.i* li nn habitual drankardi .nil I...
illLT  them   inlei.lia ted   nn   llie    ■light. -
Por   iisa'ful.    Mrvlreabie
1   hli   l Ml.* -
irifis, try .1. V. Harvey
lll.itall,   IU
121 Baiting* -tict Met,
Gener.nl Contractor
Lend Clearing, Slump and Hock
Hinting. Kxtra rire neir housm.
All damagei mule good.
• nd St., W«l r.t l.«n»l ,!•
v 11 a... n
Plans, Specifications, Estimates
P. 0. Box 27, North Vancouver
All new houses should bc piped for gas in order to save the
heavy expenditure lor this convenience at a lat«r date.
n. i.kRitiiK
;xpert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork.
All Work tlunrnnteed
Corner Fifteenth St. nnd Mahon Ave.
Shipyards, Ltd.
Boilermakers.    .    .
Malum   .imi Stationary Kn-
niw aad Hoili r Work prompt-
Iv  CXi'Clllr.l.
T.'!i pboM 103
North Vancouver
NortH VaNcoUVer
CertiUent.'.l targleal, Medieal uid
MalMiiiu Nur-..
Nmu Sml Out on Application
For lernu applv  at   Um ll"«pit*il
IM   Slreel   I ,1-t
The North
Hive now :t pod
stock of
nt Bottom Pri©
Prompl l" livi i
Esplanade, East
Autumn antl Winter Suit* for women in
I gruli rulige u) >i\ I. > in Imtli plain nml
novolty fuhrivi1, incluilinji sisti from 32 tu
."ill. Specially itt raci ivi ahowiiif for women
nf average Bgurei al (21 00 $26.1 0, $28.(i0
and |32.00
Importanl offet iis: uf' nati for wt men;
s; \ 11■.- purtieularly aui al le tocoaal climate,
The offering rwpreaenu a nmarkabln eoni.
plete range in tvantetl falirici and ahadea,
|)i'i'iili'i|l\ umiirt ni'i'li In an- sliiitvn .il $12.60,
$15.00, $18.60 and $22..,H),
Choice collection of Fun nf even tli -
siralilr kiml. A particularly noteworthy
offering iu amall Mink Sti \i- at $17.50,
$21.50 $36*.*>0 i" N7-60 Higher priced
piecei in iplendid aaacrtmeiita
Gwdon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street.
Phone 3541
Vancoaver SiusiDes* directory
W. T. .STK1N & CO.
JI«J Pender strevt, Vanciuver
North Vancouver
Kallethe's Bath
Corner Homer and 1'eiulir Sts
Kurv lii'lv lungi tai havi wavy hair.
It i. nam* uilliin tin r.*«,li ot ivtry-
eme, tint MM )-.*.m .ut hnir hli b*..a
MMHMBlb unii'tl, lull tha prorm it
luul tu i.li.In fn wn.  I,,,, ...viti tor it
III     I'a*   a.|a|ih,*al    la,     llllir   on   thl'   h,.nll,
Illlt    UOU    .a'li'll*!'   llll.   ,|l.,'.,Vi'M'd   II   Bia'*
llioil liv uliiili the Iinir inn In wav.il
niilii.nl injiirv In hnlr aar «. nl|>. IV
ii an a. will not wn.li mit and damp
wi'Mlii'i will not nllaal it. The pro*
tan fama Iki Utt Ittt nn,! wavy, ll
h.i*. lia*a*i,ini' iln* rift in I'arii, London nn.l nil ll,.' Liif* . it..-, nt thi
Btataa, afoaeaal rntei tor nnt munik.
Any inl.irniiiti.in ri'iinrdin,' lhi work
mil H L'l'i'llv i-'iii'ii '•> nny ladiei wko
wilt  .-all or wlilt'  lai
Til teaim Stri«t.
The '.nlv up-to-date and reli-
ilile l.alh li.nise in British Co-
We cure where others (ail.
-iaiisi.iitii.il tunatMd "t bo
iar. Plain liathi, electric l.atli-.
WO/wn liaths, inassage lor bo-
K, vwilp and (au- ; i-lietro tlm
ipeutie liaths a spiaLilly.
IOS   KAI.I.l'THl', rROIV,
Graduate of Hcrlin, t'.rruiant
080 ffAGO
t'.ri.uiii-s and ProrUoM
Wholesale and Retail
n6 Butlaga St. (downstair!)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridayi
mm um snirs
Sij;n antl l'riie Marktrs
lo Fairfield Hid.       Font Rj»7'
Business Institute
MtHMtfnpat W.        S0|1||rjljps jj        lJM  L((,
Camda • Craattit Waitarn School ■
R. J. Sprotl, 11 A., ■ •ManaRer! H" Siyni"ur Street
Bushiis College
t,\i Si-Mii.'iir sl., \.HKi.uvir
ll.iv sihool opei .ill the \e.n
round. Nifht sih....1 lotiiliuiu
i-l Se|)teiulier Ulh.
Canadi.in H.t.. tiv.  Hunau —
Offices cvinwhite
awr   Ulll,, ■    I
mmUmgaU »"•' »BB
I i w i:i.sn
('..in-i.il Ni|'i-:itit.ni!nil
R   Keir HtMdftta - - - Manager
All North Vannuiri  ptopli rat at
Hither Flaik Block or Hsst-
llga strut, opposite thc new
Poal Ollui Leonard sells his
lea hy the pound.
BLRIUKD S\SH & DOOR IACI0RY, foot of St. George
"ill laial aall |...;r (MMI .mill nr lltf/i'
1*^' a;
It      -A
_    . _.
We operate BM only padded furmtuir and piano
in .\inn van in the city. . .
N. V. Carlaqe Co.
I I n.iaiUIr Avt.
I'llllM . 141 MIGHT
I li I VI   lo   ,\\   EXTRA-PROVINCIAL I tlMl'AM
i OMPANII -    .< '
(Juli i i. r.i"
I'l.nil,a,*   u|   B| •        11 hi.i ;
Sll,   Ann',   (IHII)
Tlii. i   ■ lil]  lliul    I.ON   I'M I
,1    IIARTIlULtlMKW,    LIMITED"   i
l|l|ll,a,||.,*.|    lllllj      la   a *||-„a|      laa    I HIT)       llll
I,  Withlll I I'lll     Hm
i-ll     I    Lil.    ,1***1     111    a    .'
in  mtj  ,*i ihi  ubji  a    aai ih,*
*    iaalillim  ail
f the L in   "I   Hriti la
I 'ulll a *   exi >lul
I I ll..< i uni|iiiii)    i
lllll,    I  UUlltj   a.l   I  ail.
I '   I 'llll
i    * ** in)   in
thi.  Pnrt  a     ituiili   ul  SUB    II
\   11 "*'.        a,lla!
1. '■'*•.'      Itl'l        K '    ,     «       Ml
'll* I  \   an aa i    it..r,     ll'l,   I
*. I   ' ...   I
I       llliulllll    aaf    ll a*    a .' 11 a 11111       a ,f      ill,*
('Oil  I'll-      I*     Mill IJ      I haall-,ll,l|     I'llUl 'I
into I'ort; lim  11 <si il I'n
■        .lll'l        la.Ml    III a*      I lt.*U-  lll'l     Hi
'•l\ IA uml. i mi hand   and
Seal .'!' Hail** ll        \   I     1     *H   1.
, I   S.|   Provln • .ai Hi mii Cnlumbin,
iln tmd   daj    <ii
VimiuIhi. J  mn,
. nulla.al nnd ii'ii*
U  Ulliil SIDE.
Ilpjji a*  i  ni Joint Stock i'.'i- a
'III.'   ..!••*' I-    I.ii     a.**, *   H.|l HI)
*  * la   a-t.lllll   I ..I     a* d    "   * I*  •*.! ana*.
I'O    ll'-jlllll*    ll)     jlllll llll-"    .,-    ;i    _aa|||_
. ii the liu-ih.-a. nut - ui i n.i on
 tl il   H  Worl     Bi dl ird, in lhi
I   a,,|i,l ■ ' r       \..| l.      Ill     K.lll!,l<I..tlll'!l     \
I I   III..      .Ilaal       ||       -I   a|     \l *   la, \
Ull l.a*   I    . llall     aai    |.;,li   a   la |.
H,       llall.l*aa I,      I,aali      I  ,i*  ,       III   j      |||*     |[l   , a, |
,1 al trade nun* . * up) nj,i- and
marki  a,i .*       thl   b   iii  ■
I  .*    11 • a l.a. 1,1.   *   apyhold   allnl   lill-,*
|al,,|»'ll)    Ulld   llll n    |'l nil.    *l,"l
I*      I I   i'l**   .an.!    |1|    ill |*n I    **l      ill,
|ln|i,il\    lllaal    I
Illd   a.n I ll*   .    "I    I* ' III   in I
mi!, il.ai  ii.*ii  I*, ,nt, i   into .ni I rai
II |t| t a J    a !l.*a I    Ullll    *>1 ll    l^oalll.
II     .llll.    .1-     IIIH      i a      ll.       Ml
M.l. . ni* I I   Pipit* * ,1   III   la,    tn nli*     I a
m.aii   National   S mi       Co
I iii.i:..I.. ill   Iiii   ,.a .    i   rt,
llll-      I   *'lll|i.lll.l       aal    Ilia       la||,a-t       |l.lll,    .1
I       ('Ill
i I by il
llllll'll.   -      I"      till-      \|,   lllaal.I).lllllll        a    I        \
*a. iation,
I,. ulaall'
a.ml  I. II thi ii    I" ii   i
llinl       *.a*laa l.llll       t**        itl aall    jt IIM)
nl      |i|.na*.     H |tl i|      Hi*        I
K *   i*.ii ..i i ■
ol   In.*   I'lililf
I'a    llaa*    11 .a.i.-.    |        a* I I    | <l I ai,.
tolllll     |a..-l      a.,1,|   .       <   Iall   lln
.11*1-, Uiiiiiiil*:
IMlal-,    ll.lll    |irO| I    I >lll*    .    in- nn
I) » 111        |a*    I      '.al        .       |,||, .'■ I     ' |a|.lllk
"..ak     ..lull.
*.     a nil.,     |ll *
.  al    .    |*a l|.aa|       .  | .        la.l    ..(li. I     |<lll>
lii ation .   wbok        ind t«|H>rt    i a
tn.n.i-,    im item ilj'|« i-.
*II|m,..     |a|,..l.*.l ,|,|n        ,
llll       booll     la<
.llll III ll
Ilaal     a       - llaill,I      lli.ak
' a allnan
II* k.t lla.a*   ,' I ll-ni.
■     '
■I     .in I
i .  . I|i.-,   |.**.l
a    nil     ,atl,.*i
.allaa-aui-a*.     a* III* I.   I
ill     .   l|l.ll,| a   ..I    .all
a III.|ta,|    ai.l'. Ill     a.,     j| •!,,.. ill      I*
•       ,,   !       *
I ll,.
'   ,   a
I  |.*ala|a
la.ll.ilal       a. l|   |ai, |.
.    -<   la
I   'II      ',1
nm l
t   .   ,* a
tla-     *
mI>|. I*   .
in m,l,ii *   • iv '■■
al. li llllll
l|     all'IMala-l   |     all,     |l,     III,'    jll
|a  |tl   lali'l'l.
Ill     :|,a|.||la*     bj'     |llll* llll-l*.     f.-ll,     la ll-a',
, in.   ..i   aailii'ttti-,* any lailiiU,
, ho   mental,   or other   heri
tag i  hiwiditanti ni-, "f mn tenure,
mn,Iiiii,>ii,   plant, .mil   loi I, in trade,
iitlllll IVf Ill      laa      laa*        lli*|a|
mih tin* other prol* n nl Ilia* Pom-
|iuni i.'i lln* lima* li.'iii*,, .it expedient
h, be lu'iii. Uet il a.i w uupii .1 [ol tht
|.ill|  nl tin   '    i ipanj   "l   ami    in
-lla ll lllllll*. Imililali. * an
..lll.'l ll. I ll.l, i ur ll.*M.III..III.'Ill*-, allll
III    il" I.    ' .alll     .aall.        IIH. I.    llllllll*
lain, alter, improvi, enlarire,   n'pair.
llta    .*.     lla.lk.     inllll..I     an.l    *al|ai lil
a.*ni    an)    wot a* .    i a* i  ,    «*ii''
..*t   a    .      |a:|||a!      lllld    "ll" I llillk-
iind < a,in,imli* i>- ail man kind ulin li
innj > ■ in iln*** ll) "i iii'iii"* ili "ni
 1*   i-i n.i  "\ iln* Company*!   ob-
* mill    lu   |H"i nli    ill i.-
ini* in*  *n **i ml nnui   ami   lai ilitiet
i.*l    lln*   |iil||iai.a*.   aaf   |l,a*   I'a III  .allil ,     a,|
 iiiiiiiii* I**,    ai' nli a. ih  othei
i   .1 take pari in iln* provi.
I  lln* -ani".
la.    Wit,    fall.     I'    I    a   .     |.|,    , ■ 1 *  a       *
lipy,   i uilli ala*.   Iiii,lil    upon,
I llthl I ll ilt    llllll/a      a'l     all ;ll    V\ j t h    ill"
unl-. buildingi, a*u-a nuni-, heritage.,
, i.allium.'ni-    or    .iiln I     |'l..|."lll   "t
iilIii-. heritable or tnovable, ni the
Companj for tht tuna* being, in an)
..ut thereof, or any Internal therein,
.ml to lend nn y to peieoni   build
n.    Oil    leU.   aal    Inasi'llialll   I lltj,a,*|- ajll -
II aall     la,      ll"'    I 'l l|ll| III III      I'll     ill"     II
,ii a.f il.. ai |*t*.i*. i iia*s ui* otherwiie,
To  purchaae  m  otherwiit  acqwlrt
in.l iiinl.i ial,,* u',,i "inli rn- iharet nt
,llii*nii-"| all or .'mi pari ail tin* lillsi-
>    .  |ain|i"i li   ainl   lialiilitias   nf   mil
ii*i-i.ti a,i* company ranying aan nni
aai-nii-- uin*i, tlui Companj i- auth-
aaii/ml iaa uui) un, a,i* poieeend 1,1
liroperty tuitable for tin* purpoeei a»i
11   i ompanj.
To |,ni, lm-,* ,,r otherwiit a,* |Uire,
iiiii a n.n ia, rioting "i re-telling in
iln.li*  01   Hi   l'aul.   all)   Inl-llla*-- or I'l'"*
"iin*. nin*li maj i"'ni "i' I*'- deemed
ihel)    in   nnui"   In    i*i.in|ii'iiiin ■
allla*llli-a*   alll    llll-ll    a,l    lllail. ll     a,i
"i-ii    whieh  iln* Compan)   i-   authorised  laa 'UUV oll.
To  lakn anil   hold   IUI)   |Hn|i"llv  lml
ii-. i-, In-iitnlila* aat  movable,   real or
t -    al. whether an.j..i■ *-.J in  mn
a   abaolutely, either  in  nan ( tin*
.in.i llal     itaell    aal     ill    lln*    M.I1M,     aal   ,*l
I in.t.*a* or iin-t""-.   ulna liiai    In*   "I
ila-*r iniliiiilii.il- nr rorporatiom . ami
•I,"     till,*    ni     ill"      llll-ll"    a>l*     Tlll-laa*-
i .i   "i   m.n   In-1** i*   ilmi tin)
laa   Ill-Ilia*   |ln>   I ' < • 1111,; 11 a \    ;n^aili-l   I"--
i prolit. alining a .a, t aaf redw lion in
umnver or otherwiie In tht  event "f
I'll    aaf   Ilia*   Inillilill*.   .   -taaak   ,,l„l ,,|li,*|-
lelonginu i'i il  I" ini        ".i"., oi
I imaged l'i   in*
I im* Imm .nn   a
. n . iilii'iln i a Shareholdi i •■! Ma art
'■M* i   .  I'll" i    I'  lm-. Malm.
.iil;   llii.*. t.     Ml!"   I'll-   111 ilia*   I a,,n
ami   in   a.lli,  mi*.*,  an*  fnim  am    ,,i
•      tl    l".*ll.   Ml I    aar   -<*i untl, -     ,,"
1 *i intikiiiL eapital, a.i ..tin i
. • t I . 1 a*. I   .
I"    la'llal    II I      tO    -Hall    |ta*l-ll|l-      ,"l
aaaa||a*. a,ill a.|.,.-i |* || |a<, |,|- ,*,, mul
"III   , V|«llil III .   .111.1,    III    |MII|   lllll,    |aa
'* tring  dealing!
nul, iln* i . mi*   **, and in  . 'i iiniii.
i     in.lia   I.   aai   ul   1,1
uti pet   ■     or ba in*-.
I !■'.     n.n    ,,( ,li-
i* lit.  overdraft,  b I
U"l   di.pillil a    -a*   llutl      ,„      ni.,,1
It aim  ulin*! manner, anu t<>
'.'lllll    -.-.III il \    fm    all    ..i    .am    ,,f   ||„*
I...I I. \'.<l.   **l    f   I    llli., ll   tlia
i ompai i   m n   I* ol   mn   btcoae lia
111 *.   llllal   111    Hal    aaf   -n, I,   .,,   I, i'       i,,
li*l  mortgage, pled| e, oi    ii irgt
ill"   «haal.    ..I    all!    |i ill   a.f   tl„*   proptl
a.i   revenue   ,.f a
!""'    I'l'lui     ll-   I m alkil   I    1*1   I
■nlil*   ill"
■llll'll    "I    in   liu  I,   ami   l,i
il"    t'i     l"li|,|*      ,,l      .1.alila,l.       |„.«,|.
:   . *        lal and
|l**l !.,!■   M,,"k
ind Mortgage II.la.a.i.ii,  >i,„k, either
"I        II L.t. Ilaaial, .      ||,„„|..
l|l|a.    I.f
i i.. L'i iiii r*
e null   (with a.r with-
,   anal    t.a
|" l'"l"    in     un   -ml,   obligation*,    .,.
* 'inn* -. ali'i'a ■ Ignation.
*' t Ihi propert) nd
righti aaf ila. Cumpani. pn**eBl aa, fn
iln* I ii* nll.al Cap i i'i
n.i tk.* ium. being ,,l tht Compan).
""I I" gl lh    •   I,, redempt	
*-    in     fa
-.1   t.li.l"!
 I" * 1    in.aai. i     I ,,|
I h     '' ■   '    ni|iaiii,
I" 'I' i«.   • repl, iii ike, ■ ■ a.l..i
1    I"   all- I  I
l'l,*!.l!   a  .11
I ll      '  ,1,1.    alial
 (treble   in
l'i..a i.i..1
It    i "I    !'•    , lli|,|,,|,.|    In  tin*
'   Mpany,
a *'f   tlaa*    I aim
* "I   a   I,    ll."   I   ..,n|.,l  a
.in.      ll,"      l
*.| ...     ll. |a , Mi, |l. lu,,
I   '    ' *l        Ol   li*    all*
Othet        aaalll
. Ih.ll
I    '    'Ul'l,,,*,   ,1"     ll  a . |1    alll ,.|      tlia
1        ''.
. ii" i. im ii- ..i prollli
I   *a otherwiie ai   tin-
IH)    lllal    llnnk   |'l.|.'i
ila, i ompany
It i*.|| a.'
a lUlllI
il I      '
'                                              ' »,lla
H"l"     '*' l||     UK lllll
.     ll*    'II   iliuli        aa|
I*        I.nl    ali'lala
'      tail       till'
. nurhiMfl,   .in
*    *
[butt    '**
mli-iri|nii,ii  tm   miy  purpoie  what
Ta,   adopt   -'i'l'   mean*   ol   nankin
known   iln* produi tii n   ol iln*   Companj    aiul   im i",i n      ll"'   * iiinlaliani
I lllln
tut!) ni' in |nil'l
il ul tin- iniil-
lirulierage, oom-
in. idenlal t" iii*
rn* MeurltlM   aai
in. i-liip rn*   gnj
..I    am      alll.laa. "
I'l'llii III.
To time -lim a
paid n|i anil 1" paj
■ ■I' the Compan) all
minion anal rhnrge
imue   "f   aim    Ti ii* ■
llie Compnny,
To   enter into pu
iniui   arrangi m nli
iii.*iiI fan* -haunt: profile, union i f i
lereiU,   join!   adventui ' ro-opera-
a   iiiiii  ani   a,,iii|i am .  linn  ut per
-mi tarrying mi nr propi ling to our-
i   .an, ani   Im-ii - "I  tramai lion
.-.iiinn   il;,* ,,l,n*i n  *i ilai.  Compnnv,
mil I,, ,i,i|ilirn anal li..1,1 -liar--, itooh,
iir   -iVIirilia.-   aaf   lllll    llll'll   ( i nn| "I in .
laa   iMillillla   aal     |*|,  lili'la*.   a*l*   "ll '
II   .•ilallll-lilllU   m    |'i   "laa  itUlg,   allll   "til
nr  iHimpan)   whole olijii-ti   -hall   in
Iinli* lln* a".|ili-illmi aan.I takiliL' "ia*i
ai    ill   in   am   uf   Ilia*    I   *"l-   ami   I ia
nlili,*-   i.f,  ..a   -liall   I"   in  an>   nm '
al,uiai,.I i.. advance, directly ol   in
Iin. lli    ll In -1-  01   ini'*iMii     nl
alii- Company, ani I" acquire ami lml*!
Inui*-,    -I." I,     * iiiiiiii   ,,(   nml
ii'ilaiill" tin* I"'., lm nl a'f aim 1" ''l'i
tii i u,,1 In. ,.i ..n.i ulli**! obligation of. ami -inli Company.
To -11 lln* undertaking, nnil nil or
mi ,,f lln* property for tin- nni'' li"
.iil'  ol  tin- l'oin|i.-mi.  for mii'li ii'iiiial
a'laiiaaii in tin* (ompan) may think in
nnl i.i particular for caih or iharw,
<tock ili'liniitiiii'i, debenture itoeh   oi
.-.ii.it ia — of any company whtm ob-
I,-, i. j*,* or include obj« ti ilmilar iaa
il if thli Company,
To amalgamate with aim other com-
i'un ui- oompanin whon object, are.
or include objei ti limllar to thoei ol
ihi-   Company,  whether  by  wl :
purchaie (for iharea or olheaTwite) ol
Tn* undertaking, rabjei I to the liabil-
iti f iiiii nr am*,   .it, la other  "mi
pany ai afonaaid, and with or with
.nit  iiiniliiii:  up, or In   -uh' ' f   I""
i,.* * (for lhan*- or othcrwite) ol all
il„* -hau- or itock 'ii thii or an)
nn h other rompan) m aforeiald, oi
| by partnerahlp or anj srrnngi** m ol
iiu* nature „l partrierthlp or in anj
other in.'iiiiii i.
To dtttrlbute In  iptde amoni lhi
Ilia Illlui-.    I'l     lllll     .1.1- -    a'l     al.li-al       ol
memben, am  propertj  "f tbe  Cam-
rim  "t anj  i ""'li ol ulh* "I ili--
l„,.,il ol ami i'i..|'.*iiy a.f tin* Company, Imt -" tlmt ii" diitribution
amounting to a reduction "I i apitnl
In* made .-\.-i*|ii uith the lanction til
nn i for tha tii"'- belnj rei|Uired I)
To procure the Companj t" be In
corporate regiitere 1 "t iwognlied ip
.,111       f,,|"i^n     laalllliri      a.l*     |a||i",     allin
a* i  colony or .1.1»>*.1.1• ncj. and lo i -
tabliih nml iniiiitain fatal rtgii ert.
I,    Tim   am  provincial ordei  or
any ad ol parliament, ,,r any jmli-
, ial  ther legal tam tion lm enabl
ing ih,* Companj to carry nny ol In
objecti into aii*'* i. or iaai introducing
am  modification into thc Company'.
**n nnui  bi a.n olher purpo i
in n -nin • (| i li and rn op
I i   contribute lo» "I- tin*    ir
|*,*U-.<   a.f   ,,|.|...-|laL    all.l     I'lll    111    |
ment, or an) proceeding'' "'   anplica-
m.i     I. in i) i" .1 1 i" be pre
judicial i" tht ininn-t- "t lha loin-
To  ,1"   -ill   ot   ami   ol   the  above
thing!   in   am    pill   Ol   I'a'   ""llal   *al"l
either a- principal!, agenti, nn-t"'-.
 tliia la.l.    aal     . . I 11. Ill I-■ ,    .I'.ll       lltlll'l
.,1,,.!,. ...  in ronjum ihan aith   otbeBi
ami .-itli.i   In   I I   thl lUgl    i.*n'-.  Wtt
rontrai tori, trurtee! oi  ntherwiia,
I,, iiu nil iuch .-.ili*-. thingi ai ait
im i. I.ui .-tl .a ...n.ii. nc lo tha attainment aal ii,, . . '• -I anj "f
raalllia,,,,,,-   Art,   I.S'.'i"
Proving ol llriii *  Columbia :
Xo, SM
IHIS  IS'TO Cl Ull I'V llnl "Till'.
I'l 1*1'   IOiMI'AM.   LIMITED" vilii.h
■ ni tht Itith day * I Auguit, IUM ra
authoriftd and ii<. i 'I t" carw i n
lUilncia  uilliin  ilm Province "I Brit
i-ll Columbia, II In I'd') ami: "imi llllll
lifcnied   to '*arll   ■  at   aai   rirrt  all    or
■ in of the adult until > bjtcti a f tlm
Company t" which the legiilative nn
thoritj ol tht Leg latuw "I Rritiilt
Columbia extend..
The head offirt ol lh« Compa y   ii
nn in* in Engl ami'
Mn*  am t   of llie  rapital  ol tlu
 I'aain ii un.'.ii ii. divided into 18,
  "A"   -ham   ,i   fl   each,   30 01X1
Tl" -li,-,iv-   ol   i'l  each, and   10,000
' "    Illla.i nf   lii a. h.
The lii'iul office ol the '* in, any m
hii I'mi imn i- -in ate al Moll n'i
Rank Chamb ri Vnnc m-er, and Ber
lerl l.iaa*kii*iiiil. Financial Agent,
ivha ** addreai i- the - me, ii tin* nl
tornej lor th mitany,
(IH EN nml i im Iiimi and
Beal ..I ollii'. al Victoria,
|L. S.i Province .ai Brit sh Colum
Lia, lhi. Iiii day a,f May,
»Onn Thouaand \in«* llundied
uml  Saii'ii.
Rej ii.i'.ir of Joint Stock Ci m| anita
Mm   additional   objecti Int    which
ilu- compan] n.n been ntablialteJand
i "mii",] art:
la'.'i I li" a..,11— Ihni by purchaae,
'■ '■"'!. or ,*in\ otl er lawlul raeam "f
« Ml I    jll I    mil   I   11  ii   I,    iia|,*|*     ra*
"i'ii and i'iiiili'ini;
(a3| The applicntion aad ali-tiilni
liati   i.l  lint,,   .unl   watertxiwii   by
*-i" in ll aiaini*. i ning tim head in
an) , lilting In d) ol water, or k<
le din the ure i theieol, diverting the
watai   ol    in   ti.am,   pond ot lake
ml"   ami   othet   i ha I   or , L  I
laying and erecting uny flume, pipe oi
wire, i om trili ting any nin* nny,   re
1 -n  aqua Iin t. iw i* nhn'1,  bull I*
ing, oi other em tion or work which
m n be ia- |uire I  in  raiiMctiaa   mill
tin* in.* ol n.n* r ol nat. r |iinii**', ami
ill toeing, renewing, extending, improi
mj. maintaining ami re|iniring anj
nmil worki or any pari tin nnl;
mh  i'o ii a* water and watei poat
for mining purpotea, foi general ini
gallon |.nt| o- -. mnl  (,,r all  in 11 ag,
manufacturing, induitrl T and mcchaa-
i'lll purp I, '■!   an.l   iif lhe I mi" .
I i'n    I"  il "  mil  I   aliil   mil  l poll i'i
lor produi irn:  am   I'm f power, ami
i i   |ai.*i!na nn .mil  i*a iterating rhctri-
* ill    fan    lha*   |H"|ii in-   ol light,  li. it
mil   |a* m I    or   amy   aaf   -lla'll   |tlll|..    *
|u'i| Conilrurting, operating ami
maintaining   a*1** trie   worka,    p wn
Innni i, *:"ii rating |'l mt aiiil nnii ..lh
i .|'i'liaii..i aiiil conveniencei u ait
ni'.'.-iai-y or propel faar generalbig
' I ' lii'ily or any otha r form "I ilevef
"|K*,I power, anal f.u tl ,iii-m,tluiL. llu*
iiim* I,, I*, ii-,.,l In ll" I .in am* ,„
l.y pemini or rorporut an- .
mi; uuh tha Company Ihi-rdor, a- a
motive powi r I.u all tl..* purp em f• >■
uliiili water, water-power, a le in* an.
'i a I.', tn. inm. i, derived Imm » iter,
may I..* applied, uaed or re ninal;
laTl   li lalli    (,.,    a.   a nn-. Imlil
un anal ailing all llli' right . I'amrr-
nii'l   I'in il" "i  llial    nun   I | lira I
In  a   i' .wi i  .. mpany   inl. t   n i   bj
' lit I   ll"*     Wat* I   I l.iu-..—
illation let" ..( tll l'i,.iim.* ..I llrili-h Columbia, 11
TAKI. NOTICE tlmt thn Toiiniil of the Corporation ol tlie City ol
Sorth Vancouver Intatndi to earry out uh ■ work ol Laaal Improvtratnt thr
opening ami for that purpoie to purduue Iunds tor lune- ,„■ portloni ol
laii.i in parti ,,f Di.tii.t Lot Tin, lliimlii'il nnd Snvi'nly four (J 14) Group
1, Nm Wi'iiiiiiinti'i* Di-triil, being ■ portloa ol tin* sai.l City ail Nurd,
\ all, anil a*t, uml bt Ug :
Hi  A.l ihat iiniii. f Lot -A" iii Block  11.1 (except tlmt
I'..11 lying brtwean loti It' ia. lii (inoluilve) uml lots 17
i" W (itiiiueive)     i MAM
fit   All that portba "I I "I  "A" in Block  till     4S.VIHI
(Hi  All thai |i*aiTani ail I oi • A" in Blook lis between Lot.
."a i" lil tunlii-n. i, ami Luis -.'I t,, '.'■. (inoluelvt)     i'iM.lK)
ih   All tlmt nortli I Ini    A" in Bloek II'.', I«*iii.*cii Lot.
7, 8, 'J ami llll, ill  ami H      |',,'J.(H|
I'll     AH   lllll    portfoa   a,|   l.a.l    -'.\"|||   |||,,.k    I'J.'l   1\ 111^   IwlUtW
Loti  I, 'J. il,   I ami  I ...Is '.''.I, llll. ill   ami  lli    '     'J^.IKI
ii'n   All ilmi" portloni . f Lot   A" iii lllaa, I, IJ] lying bttwfi
l.oli  I  In n anil '.'.   laa ll'.'. ami lnls '.I  lo   L.'  anil   Laat.  'Jl
taa '.I ami th,. north Imll iii real <>! Lola III to It)     tttM
(7|     All   llnai"  portl    a.f   l.ol   "A"   Ul   III.alk   IB   t.ValliJ   lll'lll ll'll
Lot! 1  la, li ii ali-iii') iiiiiI Lots !I7 Iii l'J liiuliisiM'i alio
between Lota lit. II, I.", uml In. ami :';, •>, iv ami :m    HYim
1'.', J" nml -.'I
All lln,-" |i,,iti in ol l.a.t "A" iu Hh.ak ITU lyiiin
■tin'ii I uls li, 7, s nml 'Hi, 'id ami 'Ji, loti IS, Ll, 11 nn I
*', J" anil Jl    :.   !„
'.'i  All thoae porl mis ot Lot   A" in Blook LU lying betwtee
Loti I  to I niial,nn,.) ami Lot- B to .'IJ lim Iiiiim.) nml
Lou  Id to Jii ii alu-iM'i uml  Latl IT l.a JT linalmiiri ,     BtM
ll 'I All tl,.,.,. p r i'.n ,,( Lot "A" iii 111... k IU, lyfam br
tween Lots I to III unit Lots J.'l to :IJ mul Lou Ll, II
la, io niad Lots If, IS, l<) tad B      II13.H0
till   All that portloa ol lot "A" in Block 113 lying leivvivn
lots I to 1| |ina|iiiiu.| nnd l.ut! I'.I I,, l'J tiiul,iiii,|  .    MMI
I ml.*!- -illii,, turn J.',  Netioa J"1"'"f Ihn "Muni, ipal"  (Taus.s Aal" an I
intendi t" in-ii- tin* final coal th,r,,,| n\   tin*  real propwly fr. tiling .r
aim,I,iii; thtreon nnal lo lm I I'ni'fliti'i thereby nml  ihnt  u itateeaent awn
iui;  the  Iinli linlilu t,a pay   thn -ahl   a--.*-i|n* lit   mul   ill,'  lullll. a  , I t   r ,,m
a r- thereof, n tar ,. can In* nsa*. rtain.il liom  Iliu tint   ii'i ii"d a » .-in,* t
roll n !"*« <<ii iih* iii tlm ..tin.* ,af ibe dirk *>( tin' municipal.ty uml is opn
f*r in-|naii ii iiunii.   nlli",* luaiii-.    II -Iiumiisl   roe)   of   thr  Wi'lk   is ^.^,
'.'I'.I IHI,   l.a   |iailt   ,.f   ulmh   is   tai   lla*  |U,.! nhll   ollt   o[   tha'   lU'lll'llll   lllllll!   ol   till'
M llaai.'.B,,,lil ,*
Naaiih   lam,.in, i,
December nth,  U10,
Citv Chrk.
ami   to   mgagl   in   tin*   lni-in,'i. ,*f   faf
warding  nnd  limiallm.'   .. a a, >al~.    roatl
una* ,,i (iuuiuii anon iiiiii veateii uml
tO   ■ ll 11 IJ.'   t.all-   lll"|.*f.il   ,
To Imy. min, i.*ll, l.n-.. aiul ,,|,,rati
iiliarv,-,   iha ka,  iiiiii  miii'lnaii-i>i,    ami
lo engage In iln* genera] bu
receiving, itoriag, tiandling nml   fats
warding   g I-.   warn mul merchaa
•la   * ,     llll   taa   ihairgt   Will   I ll.-l a'T. •■   I
I"   .ui iii   iim rapaeit)  of   broktr
ami agent, both in tim I nited Sint,-
aml    aimilni"   in   tin*  (limit,   in     tin
reading, kandlbig apoa raauni i "i
..llnmnn. nf all kiml- of gooda,
mil"- ami lllili hanali-a. ami foi that
|nu*|    laa  a*ital*l|.|i    u ,n  n*«   iha    llll'
Philippine Ulaade, China, Japaai Si
Imriii or ekewhera in Orieataa)   .ouii*
i "    '   u II     a,||    lilliitia*  -    a*     ■
Import r, exporter, broker, builder ami
 in.*   *i ; la. .ia.|iui" In   giant, pur-
, hn-a. .ai nail, i*,*.|-,.,  m.ioni a.I any
propertj "i privilige Inun nnv gov
a-rnniniit ..I fi..in am authority, imli
ii'lual. municipal ,,r ..tla.rwjee, ami tie
l" if"iin    auul   liillill   tl"    condition!
lll.'rnall ;
I,,  mgage in   tba naaafaartan  a,I
all kiml- ..( food |u..alu. t-. Including
fl  avi. il-, to ,it  -tuiia,  gidetalra
.•uul general BwHwadin
NIII It I    i-  li i'i     nm that  an a|i
i*li .,1  mil La* in nl.* t'. th" Lrgiila
til,'    \i-i*ml'l.l    "(   ihn   I'l aa\ in. a* a.f 111  I
ni, Columbia, at iu ant   •   km. i *
nn A' i i" ii poratt a  I1"') *ilh
|,,,,i,i    n,   ., aii-liu. I,   i**|ili|',   tiliiiilam.
nud   ia|i'i a a   a 1" I railway    bj
Irk   ,u  othet
I,-in a | i   mi iln  Capilaaa   i vt .
in lhe Muni, ipuliti  ..I Ko ili \ni"  n
l,*l,     al    ..a      n.il     Diitrirl     I ail     .',-',1.
flroup I.  Sea   W   lium in   I1' t'i-' .
li* n a*   lollowing   ai   i i   ronvenienl
 u io a poinl in Diitricl I "t IMHi
i.n,.a|, I, Nea teetmlmter Dlilrii 1.1"
t,i|i.i  mth th.* ih.-- ui  poweri   loi
■I,.*    in..   apei 'i •" .    aim. nlnp    nn I
III lllilin III i   <>l  in* h   I lll'-
il llll granted u  that i«h.ilf.
|l *i    |    ,*   \ ,*        *.* i   ih.*  .'ml  .1 IJ   ' i
ber, \H. IM0.
I   n   roWNLKY,
tin l,,*lialf a,i the epplieaal
IN   llll   -I ITil Ml   ' "I M   "I   I'.i.I
riHH Mill IBIA  IN   llll   MW-
il l; nl    llll   I -i III   nl   I Til*
HI 111' K     I'l \ MA      ll\\     Hi:
i I 181 n
I \hl   Null' I   ila,i I,     ,*(*, nl Dm
llaan ,'n.il'la  Mi   Jn tin   Murphy, dai
,,|  il,,* 33rd da)  ol So ember,  1*10,
iilniiii. In.l I   lhc   •   I .1"   "i   I "
al. mk Button Haii. late "I Sorth I it
 im, I'.  C, .1  rd, » *    granted
lo m.niiia inu  Daj ni Sorth   \ ia
H. C,
\Mi   11 iiiiii t:   I Mil    SOTH I
to ilia* above
■I   l,a   |* l)    to   ill"   fill-
ti itrili Hi**   " * a   in*
lll'lll,.III,-       lailllillllll.      II ll     all    |OT    aal|«
having 'I um- againit 'la iaid 'ii ite
* iiunii ti. produce    um* i.
aalnillll-tlalin.   'I'll* '**     illi
aluiii. Ist'.ie ti"  iiun* -   i  day   a.f
I, a,       I'H". Itl
Ittritl I   I    la,
all-till.'.I"    till*   -aalal    .    ! I   , *. i
nly to aad •*   properly  I" I  Imr*
hmi i> *** Btl ■* **. ber,
Bl CHASAN at  r.i 11„
>..li. - l.l-
miiii 'i III 111 11..min
i..n  Tin
\ , imi Ji I.'
iTTMilii lit: OF THE KEtllSTHA
(July l-t, 1010)
I'laaiiu f Britiih ColumUa :
No, .".in ii'.'i"i
I hereby nerlili that "00NNELL
BK08, COMPANY" an utra-proTin-
■ I'll Company, hai thia ilui been  r,*-
**a|    n-    a,    C pan)     uiiil.r     tin
"Cllin|'.alil"       V l"    I       *   illl    "III    aar   ,'f*
In t   all   or   aln   aaf   tin*   objecti   "f   III"
Company t.. uhi'h tin* legiilative am
ilioiily ol tlm  l.i'Li-lalu I   liriiish
Columbia exteada,
I ha*    lll'lll    aalhaa'   aaf    ||,"   l'ia|u|inuy     |i
-itimii* at   Seaiiili*,  Waihingt   I .8,
III" lullll aalliaa* a,( till' I ,,tll|i|llV ill
llll-    I'lnl lllaa*   |-    -llll III*   Ul    Llll ulll"!.
nml  Iti'lim l.ii'i- Ita-ial, K.t ,   wboaa
aihln   -   i     \ a,,   ,,n,i   afoi. Mid,   i-  tl"
attorney  lor the  C paay,  ni I   i m
I".n. nil  lo  llIU    ,,|   Iran II I     la
iin*   al mt    .ti    ill.*   Capitatl     "f     III'-
Compel a i i" ■ Hundred I houaand
Dollala,  divided  into  One   II
allnl, -    "i    OlM    II   lll'lla.l    liaall   1|>    ,        '
lln*     inl  r pan]  i   limited   ami
tti"   li I   It-   i M   I"    I      lain     la   il
liom iln* J'uli daj  ill o. tobrr, I'.NiT.
j '.l\ LN  undei   nn   kaad and
>a.al      ol     ailll.a*      ill      \ia|,,||,i.
ll.. S.i   I'iiiiii f Briliah ' oluadda,
tin-  twentj llfih day  ol N,,
M-nils-l.      aal,,'     |||ial|-am|      |. 111* -
hundred and lea,
n until SIDE,
ltagi-tl   at    aaf ■LlUll    Slu* ||    I 'aainp.-lllil'S.
Thn object! (an- which ihi- Ctvpaa)
hu.   Imn   i tiilili-n.il   and   n*. iatwed
urn :
To   li'll.   "'II    ""I   'hii   in   ill   kimli
III    IllIU llllll l.l ,      lll'lll,      g|        fia.l,        ,
mon. ui"" ' ' ' lil'- "I "mii
i-haracter   and    l.   ripli  ami   nil
killlll   of    L'O'.ll-.   «">        .ami   man ll.lll
Tun manufactured in lhe 1 nited Btl
im ol Aimli' a a 'I exported to the
Orient, ami to l>'n. ail. , I,-, I n, nml
import all kili'l. nl .   *.*l . uu,    un a
a hanali-'*,   mpplii * machinery I nth
.*i   mii'li-  "I ooawmpti innl,,*
ninal abroad ,
To engage In tl t geni ral   i*
nf exporting and importing all   kunl-
aml  ah* * riptioOl "I  I ll .  mm      aiml
in*, handier,   mai him u   ind m
, ,|  applian .     a  i illi   • \|aa.n.-i|  Irom
*,i imported Into the I nited m
I,, ,„ pi n l.i i'in h late, I* a ., own,
hold,  * ■ nml er, both
improved oi  uaimpi red n '   •
wherevn   .ituated    t" inrve)', .ulsli*
ii.i,*, plat mul Impri n tin     im fat
tin* |"ii* ' i al
.,,    to    .'iii-lnn '.    '■'" I    '""I  Opn ala*
I,, buy, owi .   * -1   on
|  |t|        ll   am   hip II a'1'' *
i.ini, l-t. I'Hiii
I'""" 1 Britiih t'a.liiinliia :
So, :i:m il'.ii"i
I   lirribv   Tillll    Mini       KAH   ME81
jt'LAY CO", an K»li» I'naiin i.il (,,in
paay, ha. thn da] laas-n ititfl -red a<
u   ('"inpntu   iinilri    ihi "I'nmp.ir.it!
\a t"    taa   a lllll    a,lit   „|*   ,ffw |    a||   , ,    ulv
alt     111.'   ullll*,!"     „|     the     l',.|U|..*u,,       ta,
ninii ihr Itgidativt authority "I ilu
l.ni;iii,'iiui,' ,,( Iini,.I,  Columbia   .\
The Instil olliif aa| the Compaay i"
iitunt,' iit lli.ii,., llu,I,lm,.., Ti.aainn,
ffaihington, I   s  A
Tht Inaal "Hia. nl  ll„   Comp in    Iii
ilii. Provi  i> -iiniii al  R i *V.
Iluta liiim.ii  Building. I'nu'li-i   stiaet,
\ nm a.m rr, nml llaani   liiiim  Mnilliiili,
whoae tiitam t- Vet m-i aforaaald,
ii tbe attornej foi il,* Coa^iany.
I hi*   auiaiiuil    of   tin*   , npilul aat   llu*
Companj i- Kiln llnainmul DoUan,
divided Into I'fti  thouaaad   hm" "I
una. |i..ilm mk.
I he Companj   ll  liiiutisl.   uml   lhe
tin ..I it- tlial i- iilu yean Irom
the Liili .Inwol .lull. IMP
(1|\ Tn nnii,*i mi ii.in.l aad
Sml   of   (Nke  ut   Victoria,
ll .  S I    Previa I Itnti-h I ..liiinlaia.
llll-    Laalll|aa*|i||,    llnl*    III      Na,
M-mlla' 1!      lll.ill-lllnl     lliill*
kandnd uml ten.
Regietrar ol lofat st.,,k Coapaatee,!
Tht oll|l'al- loi niinii this l',,|ll|iam
ha. Usui a-tnlali-hasl unit NgtaierM
in bap, "il Uaan nml aairtgagi
ami all kiml. ,,f ,,a| mil |u>r.on-
al   |il.,|»'lll   ;   taa  nn la.   Llllll   mill   o|"r
ai* la .itn lu'iii, rnilioail. ulul log-
gTng liaiuli. ami tu ngttt '" "" -i'n''"
nl liana|ioiiation aan Innil or watt!,
am rn air, ii,, iti . ti, Inn nntl
-all timlHi and to ena;aKi in L't'Li"
""■ ; to mninilnitute nnv nnil nil
kinds of innmilnrliuaal pfOa'jactl »he*
llnr Inun ii'inil, iiun, ""il, Wm "'
minenll or nny oihnr produi-l* I I"
Inn. -a*ll, li-nie ami o|Hunte tttim- "I
any kiml; to ninnulm lure l"i'k    "lul
■allll'l*   |llaail,|. tl   (,,, ot   aliil.     ' In .
nuiii'aul-. or ntlni  ni'iteiinl. or prod*
nul to -ell tlm .mnc .  to nairy
"ii a general • tad  «"i'i'ly
laal   IIU--  ;    tai   Illllli   i.r    IliuraaW    WUW* ■
to .iilurribe lor, piirrhn.e or own
t... It in niliii rorporatior.il   nml   t»
am i-t   in   Ihr   llii.ini"   ol   oilier    >"n
'■l**ni"i   n   i.  alaaini'il  ilnirable
III   llo   aia   ll)*   llll'   H*.allll   Iif   Truati".   "I
Ihll l'oni|uni). IHI
ll niii us tANTKD
sim.id iT.Niii'.us nin at mitti
In ilm City Clerk nl the City ol
Naaiih Vmnomrr u|i In (..in aa'clock
in llir aliiim on I Mm,ilny, .Intuiiiri
Jml, tor iii|,|aliin.' n |>a>rlalii
-ta*.*l   linmi*.   .Inw   rork   aru.lter, with
im opealang ,,l aboal 11n** famm nml
llllll   I   ■  l|'l*lll    aal   lllllllll   turiill    laati.
|aa*r Iniui.     Snial i rjuliet  Iii lie   fntnl
tiill       IUI       ttllllla,"!!!.    , I,. I       jai*..
.imiii i i.. 1». mauled BB trmki, nml
In I.- all aaintpli'tn unit iu tir.t   i'ln..
.     a.iala'l    nlili    »ll|i|llli*ll    »ltll     fla
ni..i aiml .uii.ilil,. eemna.
Am   Iiiiiiiii   pnrlia uini.  nuy lie nli-
iiaain tin* City KagfaMat,
\      .lllliall   a||ai|lli'   |,,|   t,  |aei   lllll.     Ill
ilm ntn..nnl ul llie 'I1111I1.1 mint ir-
ompan) "uh nml ei,*ri li'iuliar. ihe
loWttl  aar  nny  trmlau   inal  nt i».«rilv
,l"i I'tail.
laah 1,iul,1,1  aliiill ,'iinrnnlee   thnt
the   aiu-her   will    aanlnlnrtorily  cru.li
laa.ulal, I. ,,l llrll lh •«, I iptinn, willlaallt
llllllll   laa   tlir   unn lune f,,r  n   |arrio<l  ol
lln..   ti th..
IT11-I1.1  1,, In* ,1, In aunt on iiini   al
Nairtli Vnnioinei.
Jll IJ
Read the Exprtu Classified
Column on the Back Page
Bargains in
1000 yards of
Matting to be
sold at 10c yd.
Regular 25 cents
70 Lonsdale Ave.
and 895 Granville St.,
Corner oi Smythe,
in lune appointed Tlnnsilui aln* in!
day ol l-'a'iii-iiauy, mil, at tha hotrol
i o'eloek in the afternoon it ihi tj
Imll, Ninth Vancouvor, 11. t\, u  tlie
tiun* aiiil plaee fm* bearing "in I
:ia>:iin-l      till'    U--..--III. Ill     tor    ill        'II
lull ai mada bj thi mont r.
Any panon * ompl iln'l I t ■
assessmenl niu-i 'give notice in wiltln
to the aaooaoor of iln- grout il ol ' i
complaint al laaal tra da) i before tin*
dati ol iln' Brat sitting "f lh ■ Courl
"f    Iiei Moll.
Dated nt   North  Paarouver, II* C,
Dec, '.Hli, IHO.
THOMAS -III I'lllb'li,
('ill     Clal!,.
|M aiVivy^^.v^irVVM^Mtfw^^^vy^
in ui nh. 1:1.1
A   HVI.AW   III   allllllla.   tile C,,|-|H,lilli,in
ol the Citi  of North Vancouver to
mitt    111     Hill     aal    I ... 1II    till'    nm    ail
Eight)    Thouaand   (180,000)    Ilaal
lar. for the pHrrhaiae "f -linn     in
lhe     inpilal     itoek     aal   till'     Noll!,
Vnneoiner Citi   I'eniei,  Limited,
UHKKKAH   the   North   Vancouvei
I 111    I'i'l I i--.   I. I 111 11.-, I.   Inue   Mil.llllll il
to ih.* Municipal Council ol tb,' Cit)
"f Na.rtll VnllaaallVll ll -1 III ,||>,||l sill.lll'l I.' ihe eapital liabilities < I tin*
(ompan) to I.' Wit) one Thouaand
Two Hundred Dollan and Seventy-five
"Hi-    |Ml,'.100 T*"l|
IND WIIKKKAS il,e -aid Cippnny
i*a.tiia*iiipiati*. iiiiiii,v improvi ment. in
Hie   tnr)     saailiav   W|,;,||   pfy,   |H*t,i	
il"-  'in,-   ..I   Nortk   \.in,..m.i   nii.l
Vlllinullel mnl lan. n< ple-l.il lie* I Hi
C.allllill   lo   -llh*.a|||„.   |o|   .I,,,,,..   in   Hie
rapUal stack a,f ii,, Cmapan] la tin
imia,mil ,,( WiOOOj
VHKKEAS n i- ,1.*„,,i,i,. t,,   I,,,,
I,,11    tlie   .lllll   .,(   .SSII.IKKI   (,,,    tU     pill
|    aaf   1.111 1 Iall -a| IIL:    -IllllaS    |||    |l,a*      ||    |
till   -lo. k   a.f   tin*   No,ill    \ ime,,mel* lit,
I -.   I.inula.I.
IMI  WHKHKAH  a  peSU  ,,    -i  ml
111    ilia*   aallUil-   of   lllllla*   tllllll   a 11 a I--1 *' II11.
iii   inlue  of   niii   propert)   III   tll.'  I ll,
aaf Norlh Vm rei |ai shown in  lh,
hist lell-.sl „v*-,*-.|lle|il n,ll| Inn. I,,.,||
ple-ell|ial     laa     Hie    Caalllaall    la**),'
llla-lll   taa   11,11... I,» a    a   It,   |„m    f,,| .n, ||
II |iUI|'o«e,
ANII Hill III \S ii mil I,,* ne<
III ..l.lel   laa   piinlni-a*   -lllll   -ililli     I,
Sill*    lll'lt-a'tllllles    of    ||<|*    I   , ,|| aa II i| | |l HI    illl
the .um ial Kindly  II  and (181,11 n
Dollara ai I inaftel  |iroi nl,il. whii l>
i"   ill,'   amolllit    of   lliill    |lil> llilell    l<a    lla
, naitiil    lal     lln-    lil   l.llll   i    till'   | e  *l
ol   .mil    di'lacntlll'i'S     taa   ba     i|*|*l ,*,l     il
liiTiannllai  sel mn.
iNH Will lilts f,„ the payment "I
illteie.t   Oll   lite  llell.tllllii *.   |n*a .poseil t .
lie issued uiniii  tlti- Hi I ni   .uul   f..i
aii'iitiiiL- a linking ftunl for tha   pay-
lllellt   of   the   .nllia-   Illla II   line.   It   lllll lie
MOOMU] I" i ii-.* In I"** nil r.tle. in
nil'lilioii   ii,   nil othor   rail's   in   lai I
i<ii dnrlng th rrenij ol ihe   suid
dekalitres, th,. sum of li.A34.0tl,
ulntaaaf ii.ihki || I,, I,,* rained annual
b lor payment ..f min.-i  during tin
a una.Ilay   ail   Ihi*   -aiiil   ilebelillires.     llll.l
Mil 1.02 is I,, be raised annually lor
the pinp.if. ,,f eraating n riakiag hind
Iaai p.n iiuait ol tin* ilnl*! secured In
tin* .nid debabtun
AND  WIIKKKAS   „, nide -
the snid  lanili   MUD  of XI.VJI.i 2   for
i"i'*i'-t   mul   Mttkint   I I   mi   a* ,111
|»'i il   rat.'  a.n   the  dollar  mil  lie  re
iplilisl   t.a  lie   levied  aall   all   lh,*   In'.- .Ill
propert) m ih" -nil Citj ;
\ Nl) Will Hits  ih,   an, t  ,,| ,),,
Ilia..le inleaillle nal |al.,|ierll in tll,
said   Clli ,    Molding    laa    llli     III      n
iia,s| ii.-e*-iiietii  iiill thereol   is It",
178,tM t_ .
AND   W'itKKKAS tin*   aggrevati    ol
Hie nistlng llebeiitiire ala.bl   of ih.  I I t
)Kila||i,,n     l.kaapt      l<>!      llailk-     of    |o  nl
improvement and du- "'I I porpi n
I- lS>-,tl| I llllll ll'aa- liol l'\,,,'l| llll'll
ll      |L*|      allll        aal     llll*     ,l--l*--.*,|     I lliill      III
III.* nnl prop, ily iu lhe I ny, aivoni
mt   t.i   ilie   U-i  ivi wal   lineament
roil, ot ulmh  nm | the   principal
ntnl inlorest i- in ;n ia-i,i ,
NOV    till Ki I'tiKi:   Hi.-  Municipal
Council   aal   till*   ( ity   a.f   North   Vlllllllll*
*.a i enacts a- lollowi
ill   It -liall Ih* I'm fnl fm* ii„< Mai*,i
f  Hi,* tuy and   tin' i iii i ia a   tu
ll* ll     "I     1*11*1      1,1      ll.ll     ,.t     laailll    tl",II
IHI      |l*  I    "ll     o|      p,  I    Oil-,     lllllll      Ol'    1,111
eoipolate,   Mini   may   be  Willing Ul
adlimie   lie*   -ill n   II e,||| ,,1   lh,*
I, I,* tiliii.*- li,-|-eilialt|.|- Inetilaiineil, any
-una- nl iiioini m-i esepouing in the
Whole  I'n   -lllll iif K-U,iMI tor  tin. pan
I  mentioned lu n in, mul to  caan
.mi  Milliliter ol debenture Ui i <  maul*
oul not BXnwding III inllie in lln
llll*ile   Hie   -lllll   ,,(   IW'.HHI.   ,,,,1,     -„ I,
debenture to In- lor a -uiu not I U
iiimi |l,U00, air nu e piiiaila'iit eX| re s
ml in pounds -tatlint of tin I nite,
kingdom  of  lineal   liiitaoin iod lie
In it    i   * il i<   u|  -I St t„ llie I iiii
la iln,   .   iill   -inli   ilebetiliin-  -hall In*
gnod    111   llaa*      ilnl   Mayoi     "ml    • 'I
Clerk mail -i.ileil null  llu* Seal of tin
iJi  T aii.l daboatuna -lmil   baai
l.lle    llie   J7lh    ,1,1.1    of    De.elllliel,    I'.llll.
md  -Imll I.- innate payable  on   thi'
.'Tth ilii.i of II***ml,, i. IHO, at He*
Hank   of  British    Naaiih    Ama-rnn   ut
Va'llll ^   |l "   |, |l.|a,|||,,        ,,,        M , .,,
la<  il. I .mini,I,  ol   ilt   the  -mil   llnnk   in
iln* Cit) of London, Kngland, ai   pit
of ev hangs,  .mil     la ill   Imiii   ilili ii -I al
the rule a.i lm pm "iilniii per milium
payulile  half yi'iirly  on  the 37th  'lai
I    lllll.'  illni   llie -'alll   llal   of   lleii label
n   I* i* h ami   ever)   year ilm n      tl *
. an i.i.. v   ilui..1, .unl    mii debenture.
hill   Iinie    ill e bed   lo   tin in   ri,iip..n
fm-   payment ..f mi i  which   -mi
i-aillptili-    .hall   boot    ll Ulliil I
ilia Ull     |   Haal .    a llll.  |     Ul|l|a |l,      I   all,-
ed, printed a.i  Ulbngraphod the i.
(ill  Daring lha wholo lorm   ol   Hm
■ ill r.n. \   ol  Hn*  -aid  il.-la.ri I in, |  a -p
, nil  rale on   Hie dollar  -hall  be  levied
and tai-ml eaeh year iii addition   to
all other mii- on all the ratral U rnal
pi'o|S'lly   In   the  Cit)   silllia i.'iil   In pai
the iiitcnst u| ,,n ilm mid debenture.
nud to ereate ii linking Iniul   tor   tin*
payment of tin. principal thereof whoa
■I'l* ,      ill'lr- I    I"       ill      \a |   ol      ll.I   l lllal I (,
nwperting tin- -.nne. Duck -p.-'i il mii*
-hall Ih* Inserted in ilu* Collertor'i
Koll or Hull- ami  .null I,.* pm*,ible lo
llllll   eollei ti'll   bv   tile  said  l ol|i   I itiotl
ill   tin*  suine  ii.n   0|   other  ante- ill tin
-aid  Koll  ol   Hull-,  -ale a*   In r> in i I* I
pinl libit,.
(Ii    In onler    In    pnn iali*   lor     tin
imi    * i out in paragraph |3|,  aiul
ih a i   a-    ajoreoaid, th* rs   kail   I"
rai-*isl in aliv by  -penal rate ilium.
tin* i nm in i of Hn . ml debenture - iln
11in oi *l,inin to pr,nidi* I,.r tlu. pav*
iiia*iii nf Internal therm n ami tl,<> .una
a.f IRSfffl I., provide l'i Hie repayment ol iln* principal thereof
II) The prooeads of tin* -nl 'f tin
-aid dabatillln*. shall In* applied nn
follow, and tint nthein |oe I
Inl In pmm.iit ,,| tl ,* ooati of tin
pna-int "I this IU-I an ami all I!
lull * • • .iill.o Iasi iiitli mnl lie n-'-m
and  -ale of  the dobonturei  llta*i**in  |,
feltasl   lo
|b|     111    IHnaping    tlu     -ani   I ol, in i
tion    (or    -u.ii    -um-  a- mill   ; v
pa'llllail      lieiellllllel    Ill'laalV    till-    |a|a a.-, f I -
(   the   -ale  of   the  -mil   lli'le-iinii, - I I
illii'    ill .lllllllll'.
(i'|     'I'"     eompli'la'     llll'     pill HI'III      f"l
lhe   -hales   ill   lhi' -aid  Coui|nuy    n-
abaai e   -. t   out.
(I'l)     All     111 >-    alisill"    ..111   aaf   till*
annual  s|H*a*inl  rata* MauM ue pro
*. i a I a -< I  for siiikini; hud  -llitll    '- inn  I
,1 In   llu* Coilli.il of said C,,rp u ituui
flillll      liim*     tai     lillll'   as     he   i:a«   ili
(7| Ni, rebut,' -hall I.' .illm al "ii
lh,.   (avis   In   I.'   lal illl   llllllel   111 -   Hi
|S| This llvl.niv shall lake ah' I
upon the 'Mi, day of I),mills*,. IHU'.
mul may le' cited ioi nil pari - n
Hie   "North    Vaiiioinei    (in    l-'a-rries
Shares  I'uieliuse  l.nnn  Dylan   IIM."
|',l|     llli-     Hi   Imi     sllllll    leeeile    ill
is.mil   of  the   Iih" lnls ol  tie  -niii 'ot
poration   in  the   iiiiiiiii* r   ri- niinii In
lain,   In-full-   lha*  linal  pa-itit   llmlasaf.
I'a I   In   lhe  Caaiin.il   llu-   IJth ilnl
ai Doramfaor, IWO.
RooriVcd   lhe   ll: -alll   of   Hi"   Kle.tiils
it iiii i-li'i tiliii lm* the purpoae .,n ib,
 day id  mi.
I(,*.ni-laii*lid    llllll   lillilllv     pa-sa.l     ill
.i|H'ii  Council,  signed Ity thi   Mayoi
and    Ciiy    Clerk    and  IM    Corporate
goal     ailllVed     tlie lllll     .at      Dl
a , .lll.al .    llllll.
NOTICK Tn K.I.I'.ci'tiKS
TAKK  NOTICE tlial  the above is a
till,'    POP)     "I    Hli'    piOpaa-all     I'* I    I   . 1»     1|
OU   Vllli.ll   tlaa'   lola'   ol   lhe   Kl.ala.l~   a,i
il„.   Munieipalit)  a,f tlm Cit) ul Norih
Vancouver will he Ukon within   lha
I ili   Hall, North Va in-i. D. C..im
Saturda).   lhe Twenl) f< ,ui th da)     '
li* ber,    \.D..   I'.'I".   brtwwa
I i . of '.I o'< Iiii k a.ui   ntnl T '■
THOMAS silii'lll KD,
I ili    Chrk mnl  Id tin nin.*  Ulli .1
I'l tti.it NOTICE i- Unhy (•»""
ihii tin* vol* <>f tlh. Kli, toi. ..f the
i'iii  ,af North Va n.i ii .11 I.* token
aall    Hie   '.Mill   dill    aal   |  ,l,l„|.    |''H'    I**
tlla'a'll   Hie   bonis   of  !l  ,,'!... k   allll   llllll
7 o'aloek p.m. aan 'Thi' Nuiih \
i.-r Citv Perries Sham Pnrck lae Loan
By-Law,   1818,"  and  that   within   the
I'in   llall,  North  Vancouver,   II.  P..
mnl tliiil Thomai Sl..i'h.nl ha. I	
appoint,*!!    Returning Oflkvr  In tak
the vote nl rack Electors with tlie "<
mil i imei- 111 that l»-liilf.
Ilv order of the Council,
HM   II   MAT,
City Clerk.
TAKE NOTICE thai the C il ul
the Corporation ol the Cit) ■ f Nortk
Vancouvor intendi to ourrj oul is  I
mirk of lm nl Impiovimi ni tin widen.
ine ,,| Klghtoentk llhth) -in* i   Irom
lllloll   Alei.Ue     laa     Sl.      \ I.lll ■ ■« '       \>.
tine   to    a   liriifa,iin   n.allll   of   -ivli  -i\
llllal     iaa  |     |,||ll    (o    .  \ | . I . Jl I 11111'    -Ill'll   bllill
us  llllll   Is'  n,"i*--iuv  f *r  Nok   pilrp' -
ami to .iiiii- upon, take and im  Mh
-Ililli'   |0I   stleel   pail -   llml, I    -illlse,
i*,.a (S3) net! a tti aaf ihe M 1,1 Ip il
l'lilll-a*s    A,|    ,'ltlll    IntOgdl    lo    ll      * llaa
filial   lost    till l'i aaf   upon    the   nal     I'l"
IM'ity (ranting ot abutting thereon,
anal t„ la* benefitted theiebj an I that
a -t itallii nl slioiiiut Hie lamil- linlili-
tO   pay   the   -aiil   lOOMBMOt     aiid   llu'
IllinieS     ol     till'     lalllier-     lllal.aai.        a,       i  ,|
ii- enn  la'  asi"tt,*iiiusl  from  the   last
leli-wl \.se sllietlt loll I- liov. oll lill*
111   ll Hi i   the   He k   of   Hie   Mlllli*
,*i|'aliiv ami i- aap. n lm inspection
during niiin* lioui ,
The istniaie.l coot ol tba nork is
11,618.48, no pun of which is lal lla'
provided onl "I tha gam ml fundi "i
the municipality,
City  I lelk.
North Vancouver, II. C ,
Derember sti,, |810. Ml 12
SEALED  Tl.NDKliS   inmki.l    la
l!l*ls fail sellal-" lllll lla* Iini.isl 111
lhe I 111 Clelk of ilia* Cili of Ninth
Vat.lllUVar    lip    III     ||   aa'alaaa k      lloa,||     ,,||
.laiiiinry Hid,  ll'll,  lor  iqpplyiag   nil
niiileiinl.   ami   a aali-lllla tin.*   atul    NM
pieting military ettmt na K-plinide
1st tmn, -ml -insi, ilnl itroot, I  i
bm Aie.   Main -eiier fiom K'ith r...ial
northerly  to city Haiti ud m  Itl
street   nnd  l.iallsilnle  Ave.  Ir. in   Kaila.
All'.    alaallU'    Rlghth    I"    I a.ll-alllll*    \"
aiiil    lloag     l.aan-lblla*    Ala*.     lo      I-i
All   lender-   to  be  mini,'  on   loll
lae   aal,l.nlied   f|ia|il    llie   , ill    ,.|<a.'itiiv| .
I'liiii- iiiiiI   pa Mi* ationi ntny i a* oh
iiiinui fia.iii ilu' Cit)   Engineer  after
December 13th, I'.'li'. bm mn  Inlorm
ation p.'ilammi! lo -aiil mark m
aab'uiii'sl  ill  the  meautiuu*  al   Mm *
lllliarr's  nlliis..      A   .Inque  faar  I
<  nl.    a,f the   anu,mil    , I  lie      <
nin-t   naeompnin    an* h  t.i. i.i.
hme-t   air  any   I In   I A   t ■■
ilKlHiiiK B, HANI.-,
I'll!    I  aa   I* It I
North Van nin* i.
I mis*,   .Ml,,   I'.'I" 2   I
'.i  mi a '1' wa lieiitite in voicing ta the
i ,ni.ili.ia* politic ll     , qu iiiii.'s ol om Sidling
Silver,    Iti  purelt  i Canadian product, manufactured
|a\   Cll)aldi   ,:     '    i'-'I'i II  III  allll    Mllillll*,ll   lai'tlllii-S,   (nnii
when it com  • tin ugh th   "Ilirki" Uont direct to the
Inim. v.
At ihi- i s" v I,* ii gilti i*( iv.ulh. handiome
in I pl, a* im'. .■   so much in demand, Sterling
Sti\■ r  goodi  iii.a    ' a      I"'  relied  upon   I" lill any
t. | in menl
\\'i i ni. the larg   I. Iieat lasorted sinii, ol Stirling
L.ii ,ai n in*   *■*   it,  ind We i .io t tin ml it iniisi'ien-
lioual)  to  ill I-u * i : .    \\" would I ke vmi i" Mt mir
* I   -all   t ware,   Wilt ilia i   inu  huy nr
not    Iii ''' iv p. ' iaai wnrktnanahip ii dii-
plai I    Al aa we ihow niiin mu ideai and creation,
v liii I    ai / l in i.ii admiration Iron all.
I liamond M'i h luti -1' wellen
c*      ilea.. K. I rorey, , ■   .        «  n        ,,   _
, Managing IHrwtuf Hastings fit L.ranville bts.
pacta—aan? MaaiFwiigwBawit^
_    Wlien you deal at llie Lonsdale Pharmacy you
get exactly what you a k lor at the right price.
_    SjK-cial attention paid bo prescriptions and family
*|    We carry a complete I av of Stationery and Drug
Telephone L 29      A, s. TVSon. p™,.      Cor. Lonsdale & 8th
North Vanconver is Moving
We have just received some listings on
First St., close to Lonsdale ave., which
will yield quick ar.d substantial profits
Phone 24 P.O. Box 50
\.)t\\\\ VANCOUVEI, B. C.
NOTICE   i- Ini'in   L'ii'ia ilmi   tin
CoUncil    'll    till'   'ill     "t    N'allll    Vlll I
TAKK MlTll'l*: tlm  lie   i *,„,, il ,,l
llll*   <  a.l |>< .1 lit I' .1.    al    ill.'    I   111     a|    \,aall|
\ illl.aalll.*l     |lll I-     lo    i|l|l     Oat
m*ik a.f local iiiioio.* in. * •  tin
1IIL'    lo    |>a  I HI  He  111 * * Waallll
ail    I on-illle      tie       il    III    I ill
■nl,- ..I ii|i|» r  ka in  I;.i id I*.  'I I
lili'lll    ll*  lam    ..t    llllia      11      -     ill I Ul
 illl   I     ll    -a  I* ia|    **  II   •    la*
a It'll     -'.'a-,    iallil   to   ,
llllll   ll I   I'l*.. .   |*;n     .    Ill     '   tl,    " on
a I ot,*    I'll-e     illlll    ■     I.   I. I lllll
I'l   .     It'll    tl,    l oil*It'll I    il     I llllll     1
-illlll   ill        ill. I     Oil
l*. I' I ll'   '
llll la  Ui 'i I
il|aa,li     tile     1*   ll     | I
'llllltltiL*     I' ».      -I  ll     ' *
llaa'laln ,    nnii    llml     ,|      |  it* nei  I
nil!   ll"'   I ui'l-   li.ili'i'   I"   |* .1    ll *
lie nt       ml    f .     .  ,n. . I     tin
aallll. |.     tlieteaaf,     saa    f.i
It   ,|' ,' I       ll**111       III'    lal     li"*      "I        I
*   -mint   toll  i    in ,i  oe  I '•   n   I .1
Ifl*    ol   ill..    . Iall,     ol   llll
ami i- i.n. ii f,ai   * luring ul
li.e    ll    i*
Tl Iili.nl   .1     ..        ..I   Oil    a   '!>    '■
>:n;."»«-iimi ,,| nin ■ Ui h
i a,, nlil ..i.i  , i *.
I   .*   mn |i llll*.
TIIOMAH  -lili'lll lill.
a   < <  Ilk
Nollll     \    III    .11, I,     I'.      I      ,
He   *llll„ I     -l|l.     I'.'l'l J'l   I J
Mil I' I', i* le t.i *,    i , n pane n t i
"" 'I'"!   ~.   'I. a|il. I    IUI,    li     a
I Caaada tl i d  ie
riptiOD     aal    |    |.|,,( ,,
"    ll-'ll'    'I    a*     |a,     |H*    ,,,,!,,!     |    a       I     |,   ,,l II
'    ate        oi,      t|,,       f,,,
t'llie   *l  || *     Keill,    |n   |
"laing   il,*  mi,   .ni   ,1.1  il *
milili lm. ham il,*|,., *.i in ti
H.-n-in    in'   , Citjr nl Vnil
.   M. .inli.,   Ittl .   IllO
I    »MI\
>.a|l*     (ol    I   laa II      '
Parkdale Finest Alberta Butter 30c. lb.
i ii        iim   "i ' "   —   • .'.i«a«.a.aaaa.aaaBaBaBaBaaBBaaaBaBaB«B»aaaaiaBBaBaaa<aa^a.T^M
May Mower, Spring Brook o; Ayrshire Rose 3 lbs. $1.00
5 Ibn. of good Tea  1.50
5 lbs. of better Tea  1.75
5 lbs. nl lh- best Tea  2.00
Cornet First Sire t and St. George
Gem Theatre
MiKlll \ \\( OUVER
The Choicest Selection of Animated Pictures
I) .iin.ttii Stilajr.Is     CoOlM Sol))'ils      Travel Subjrets
I V]   '    I   Sllll)! it'- i ■■■
Picture clianged Monda>, Wcdnetday and Friday.
I hour nnd qmr.rr
,  „     i
I  ..iilii.i.. ,1 I'. , L*l ii.ii. r Stall,n|
M 7.30 Sharp.
10c-5c     C.OOI) MUSIC AND SONGS      10c-5c
Mendelssohn Piaro (Mission Style)
Singer Piano, in Walnut case, $250
Warbumitz Piano House, Limited
443 Lonidale Avenue
Phone 114 TKN
Cl \ssii*'ii*:ii mi. i ui i KN8
tiun-  tin. Hunts nml  tlm olfariogl   Ba'
•arrant Imnl advartlaing,
Bingli In-* 11. In. pai Iini
Out- Weeti, Tll por III"' l"'i   inaii'l'lioii
lb*    Uolllll.   .'li.    per    I     |'* I     itl-ll'I'tillll
fA.VN 1)     \n   A VI alnla-   t
,,-ri,.r., lmil'.
k\ pit    1       II mini* I annul,
*    '   1  1,
aan.   King
tVANTI 1'   •'iini, bj   il
pii,     inu *•■    Phillip.,
ail,    * all .
* day,   Ap
IHth     a-tr.il
WWII    II       I.lll     la,
Ila.ll.    llll     a.ll..    ll.*,*',,           \|.|
II     .-ll.ll..-|,,-air,    111.      ll.'.l
lliill    Inall-
Ij  Ure.   W
Hi i   *i   ;.
III     1       *■!       1   "la* -lllll*        \\ a   ,
ft lii
WAN III.   \    quantity
Iit     s] alllao
la*all-.    1    l|    pit ha i||i||.   up|
igw r,  i   r.„,|„ i    * w
■la-t.      Hi     .1    III.
ll     I*.      Villi
ll,    ,     t00t     a,|
1-   I'.
1..lliil-;       li.il.l* , , i       aa |
ea  employ
iin-iii 11   ili * day    i    out
ll     li.il.i.i.    HI    St.    li,
'..'I*   \ !
II..*'-        Via*
li   1    |{
\     Vl'IV    |>l* .l-ill-   '"ll'llll'lll     11.,-      |    '
.In. i-.l   nt  St,   Andiaw'i   Prubytoti'
m ,'iiiti,h .an Tueiday evening at   the
iiinii-i-.iiv   li.m |u-i   ulii'ii  Mr. Parry
Ward, it lm Ims fof .'lina' iiin- li- ii n
ll  U JJ"        aaf       llll'      I'llllll',       lllis       | Iltl'  I
«iili ii IiiiiiiI oim* gold watei ind lob,
lln*  bucrlption  en   iln- back  ol the
lllliall   Ml    taa   llll'   lll'l*. t   tllilt    lim   | t'a'
lit   lliis   fiaiin   the I'llllll'   llllll   flii'llils I   *
Mi. Ward in acknowledgment   ul   hi.
an ia.*- ,*i- i imir muter,    Bev, *i. D
iillntii, the inistoi*, tn. iln iin* i-u* -I
ii ion iimi in doing .at iiimptln e i ■'
llr, Wnnl vwy highly mi bahilloltSi
iingregation ninl Idnuell for ll ■
-lla'til  work lm Innl done ai muniral
nndui'tor in ilm aim,ah.   Mi    Ward
'lllll*'   repl)     ill   it   fall    lla'H   ' llO-a II  11 a a I > I
The iill'miiils ..I iln- n*« North »aa      \ jolly tim nml  ibundanee nl ttm
W Willi   Wa. Imir nun i    in |Uil
ip. I,,i \**iih Vnn* ..in, i propi 11 \.
it* have il-,i.l.il I., . ii- Sorth Van
"an* i i- ml attention la t laam i*i .
pert) uilh ns nml gel i—nil- llritisli
Ann iiinn Trail ('.,. i iil , Carter i "i
la.ii Building.
lull IAI V  I'nll ml Winter Appln
■laa .n-'lli apple*.     t|ipl). ' ■ R. Ka nr
l*"llll    .lll'al    l'11-l.
Ila*ii*nal   lla.iu   Spray*   aa.l i
-ill*.    I on  .1 al,      ,1a.I    Sin< I-  li'1'        I'    '
l-l.'|ih.,i,- M, .'.' i
TO    lli I       PUiB,   a.alllfaal llll.l.     i'l' III   -
"I  i"..in uuh  lim.   I ..iimi* -.Mi
neil  I I ih. li   :
.-Illlt.   of   loom,   to   li-.l    ,|.   ..llii,   ni. I
MeMillan'i   itare, mrnei  of the    I i
■*   nnl   I mi-il il.'   \i-inn*.      'Jo I.'
I a .tilt. a| I :.l.| v      I.lll liked     i   Mill,- lmil
•il    ii .   bathroom, -i..,  I. ml
lame    kpply, Rni '■. I' preai IMR
tOtt   KHN1     In.,    i, ,n.   fan
nliked, raaning wati r, la ith,  mil ibk
faar mm ,ai  (an- tim friend*,    Oppnrlti
IM. .*  ll.it,I.  Nerond  -u-i.      I''. f.
TH IH.N l   ", i. om i-u  .ii"«.   ii. ii.
baaatifnll) lim-l... I, in plane, eli . I it
■tml   .,-t .,i  Hi,   Indrvw'     It   \
Itil-I   I l*1     '    r*.    I'.n Mm   .   I
.1. I.nm.l and Nmth I a.n 1*1**
Klder Kairay < ". Iiie inauraaea.
TVI'I WRITING   v    :*..„! wnrk
a \a *   ll.al    Kill,     an "I   I'l .
—   il k,   Qarrow il  t-'natptx-tl,   M
-tiavt mi, t f.
H.  I'.   Rmpl 'inn i i    \..   * * . '.'I   Wa
\reet    I'll,.in* JIM,  Mnl,. unl I
millia     klip   aal   ,lll   ,1        H| It      -ll|l|ilaa.l
treaa.  I,nnal iltarlag   nal cordwood cul
||a|    a.anil   nl>    t   , k ■ '.'• I   I I
\V|.  Will   |,a|\       ,   pl   '   11   .aI o,11   ltO*#M,
raaina nn.I kouiahold gaodi t.-r  .pot
'H.h,       'llriii'.,   "II   I.inn.it lie   Ai-lnm
n... IM,   P" i'"v sn.
N    V.   l'i.|'ii iion     *  I   Ki .1 i.n t
•'   .Inhn'. I'h'ira-I,  IUII, ISlfcl   -1
Ml-- \. '.   I    QRAOWK] I.
.«.   a      aj  —— —
IATKPAVKKH'   \>.-m (ATION   I .
\i n meeting .,( the North lam .M-
a'.lla |illl,|.'    \--ll.illlil.|l   III hi   in   il i
 f    T.    S.    Nia*   o||     I'll —ilnl     rl.lllll.'
t    HM-    la-*ailial    lo    Irl** illllli* llll      |   ,    |l|i
n.nn! iii -.I-...I ini-ii— tii. appoint
ll'lll of n Inn hit llllll Hits likely laa
•a-aa.l |    I--I1I-I1I    ot    till'   lll-l   ill    fnl
In* nm s,|„„,l a.,, Nye str-ei. lli
11 iii-i iiii. broughl up In 1111-1 —
an ni.* -tni-,1 iimt iln. board hhd
in, ii|i|iiiriitio,i-. iiu- nu- Irom <-i "inn
n.i man with 1 lanily and thnoth*
■1 ui- irom ,1 tingle mini. Tlm form-
1 had -imiii tlmt In- woiilil In"nin,■ n
'esiileiit   aat rim  alisiii.t   in tl cent
af liis receiving Ihe appointment whili
In* lingle tnjiii n.i- not Inclined '" do
In-,  hence tlm iv-olutimi  nl ovi     1
III I'.I.N 11 IMS   lllll   Ml.I'.
-I M I li   ll \|il.l;s  marked   Ten
der i.n Debenture." uill be received ly
■ha'  leraiirned up iill S p.m., ll-* m
-I   27th,   I'.'I".  f"t   the  innili i-	
-Ki.i'"",  m. nn  nm   Loral lni| rove
 il   .-imi sij.ikiii, lifn  \v.it  Water
Hank    llalmniiii —.     Il.il-   iif   intereal
■ii-  n'i  pet rent,
Heparate liid-.    Partlcnlan aan ,*i| ■
*h ition
Hu  Clerk      0-1
■ llll,■!* ('lllll  Wlih  la.   ll  a"'   ill''  i'i'l  ' Id
prominfd aii the
ml lluni T1111-;
li   explained  to  the  public that thk  Smoker lo ba givei lor the aaipiiw
■ Iub i-  un entirely   tm* nrtfani«utlon .af tha Fraternal Onl-r ol Eaglet   in
mul i- altogether aii Iind   Irom   uny l,ar«on'i Pavilion 01   Vt lay ivenlng
siniilur organliation thut haa e\iited Dec,  llth,    A iplumhil mimical   pro-
it    North   Vanoouver.    The    Vorth ram «ill be given,
Vancouver Auociatlon wliieli until te-  ,
aaiiik- IiiiiI alnli quarter,  in thl lul-	
i, , 1 -i    ni* „.     Iluins' nnpper (HncL'ti)—Xth Jaau-
aco llutul mis an entirely iblieieiit or- >'
.... ,   ,    ■       „    I,      .'HV,    I'.M I.   Horticultural    llllll.
illlll/lttlOII. I he   H-H    a lllll   I-   .'HI      in- j
irporatad Inatitutiun underlhe name  tmmmmmmmi^nm^nmt — —a 1-
*f North Vaneouver Club I imitad and
'.his  organlu   boldi  und nonwuli   1,       aar       1      y
'"■I"' rt} Intra., lorth w and |t|     WOrth     I CUF
1 *.i   nrganiiatlon   the Sorth   \ m*
..m-i* i'inli, uiih In* id ,u i;i- * In il
■lull building, lv|il;ui ml- 11- 1
Time to Investigate
Dur Prices and
Y..II   Will   -ill-   llaalll   ti iliil   inoii-l
ii Halting ilm .1. V Harvey limited,
lathing itoree, if in «earch nl "-.ful.     Iiialifij
,i,,.|li,lal,.   Cliri-iniias    -,fl-   f 1   men ^UdlllJ
ind lim-.
 _       All cuts meat, pork, vt al, laml),
s,.:ali.:i.ti:m,ii:sii,iii,,;.,-,i       Few Special Pr;ces for
..I uniil .1 p.m. am  I Inu-il ay. ilndol am        J 11
) mber,   llitl  by the  uadenigued Friday and Saturday at all
or the clearing and grubbing of VI- our Markets
nn avenae In B, I . *'*'i In accordant-
villi plnn iiiiii -|i-,*ii'u*,iiioii to li— u Pork Loin Roasts   -
" *<« "ni"' Pork Should, r Routi
The loiiisi or um   l-ii'l-r nol neoii _   ,    ,   ,        .
-mily ,,*■ivpieit. V'tA Loin Chops   -
•1. K. roWlBOVE, Pork Shoulder Chops
Diitricl Kngtn or, d 11  1 13     1 D   I
KoTed Koail Bed   -
Bintrlel  Municipal Office,
North Vamouver,
Huh   II inli. 1.   llllll.
•j" ij
ITWIII'.lfS will be iv.. ii.ii hi Ihe
iiiil-f-i-ii-al until H p.m. on M* inl 11,
I) iniui' llth, lor the 1 tearing, burning and grubbing ol tha tire hall aite
III    llllll   Sti". I    Mil     l.lillill II    al
of tti ol in acre more air leaa,
Form "f taader ma)  be obtained nt
the  aalliia* ail tin*  iiniii'i-i.mil.
Tin. hnust or any tender it"t in-'"-
siirilv accepted,
Don't Forget to Order
Your Xmas Turkey
Nnrth Wim ouvi r
200 K2?S
We have just received the
above direct from the manufacturer. The}- come in
many different designs and
sizes, and we believe that
you will agiee with us
when we say that a better
stock to choose from can
not be found—50c to $3
paine ft McMillan
The Hardware Specialists
CO., Ltd.
An Opportunity Lost Is One Regretted
$112.50 Cash
Balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.   .   .   Price $450.00 ,
11 Blocks (rom Car.     INSIDE Tl ll'. CITY I-IM1TS.
Rl il Kst.ilr. I.,.,ills. Iiisiiuiio*
219 Lonsdale Avenue       - North V ancouver
(ill      Ha I I, IMI
I "It   - tl l       Viiilin,
I     a.|     ,|
III!..* I    1**1     * * |      'I V  p|)
It      I   I I
are now ready to till .ill orders
for coal They will
oarry a full line of building mip
pliti. Oet the bent. Th"y have it.
A trial order will convince you of
that. Oct your coal bofore the
rainy aeason sett in. Head
quartern on corner of Esplanade
and St Oeorge, North V.incouvcr.
Phone 25J Terms Cash
MCI li I'
ot l nn *lil.   \
tt      lltiattaal   iia   ll     I      BM    u.l   II     I
a '        llil|"l
Ipalii]   nl Y.'ili \ .
-Iltl       IT     la. I      |a,     III   ll*'        I       *  1   ll l     a
IlKI    laat    «n|,     '
'llll    aj^li    I    |..l,l|**a la
,al    |l|„    (a.H,-Hit |    |  I
ii ■     i  .   | ' ,*. .-' i      faie v.
.1      I *.'!'' I,    |)I    I    >' '   M'      ti
I   -   .ia*. I oaadili   I
1.  I I I •      ,-*       I 1 '
I....     Wagfi    IM    "  "'
Watch Tacoma Grow
This riogu "I tin- Citv nf T.iiiiui.i, Wash , has become familiar .ill over lite I'nited
Stall*, ud C.in.iil.i within tin- lait yeai The Cit\ "f Tacoma K ■ live, btistlin;;. tip-
lo-datc town, lotuded oi .i splendid siu-.
Why Does Tacoma Grow?
Beiag iiiritius in kiiiiw exactly what Tacoma w.is doing in the matter ui mrtra,
we addretwed a letter to Mr. Clu.s. F. Allen, Prtaident and Manager oi tkc Tacoma
Glazed Cement Sewer Pipe Co. which utunfacturea inachine-tamped pipe under the
Thomaa patent! The Thomu proccaa, bj the »'ay, is tin- s.um- thai \m- arc naing In
conatructing over $100,000.00 worth oi sewer pipe for the City oi Vaanconver.
Mr. Allen Tells One Reason Why
"In .ill tin- contracts thai have been lei cement pipe hu been naed except io on
diatrict, a lubdiviaion owned b> one of lhi ollicers ol the Little Polln Claj Pipe
ills OWN PIPE,
Tin- onlv other s.m t.m siwi-i job lei ihia year wliiili w.is awarded in Anguat,
b being lain with <w pipe Diatrict No 195. Another contract—in Diatrict So.
i'i; w.is awarded to cement pipe lut Tueaday, .is yon will lee t>> the enclosed
clipping During the peat yeai about {200,000.00 worth oi ctmeni storm aewera
havi im -ii i'in in here."
Paying Money to do Business at a Loss
Sow, aal la.ntsi*, ii ,1 coin petit 01 >s going '/ paj oil liis own mono for lhe privilege
..I doing Iiumiii--S ,ii 1 lnss, we 1.ami"! expect In win rontracta, bnt wha the quality
,nnl i-iaaiiiaiiii nl ,1 snur pipe is the imsis nn hIihIi iln contract is awarded, wc Imve
ma iliiimilh in ^i-itiiin "in share "i tlii business
\\i n.iin lo klip ilu- piililii in innili with tin* triumphal progreai "I glaied cauent
arwet pipe Wi wut t" ihow whal othei citiea an lining, ao tnat thc v.ihu of this
um diatcoven to sanitar} ud sclentifit seweragi disposal nmv become known
Watch the Triumphal March of Concrete Pipe
PARL0R McMillan
Dominion Glazed Cement
Pipe Company
False Creek, Vancouver Factory: Peachland, B. C.
Sp 1 nils for thf Iinin',11 Season
l'» -I   .1.   A.     I,   CelM,   I'* -I.    I.ail-ll.l    I",
oaeti  |»t  Hi.   AI-*. ian  i*,,,,il ni
Bc i"-i- 11'.
I* 'Ll'-    Tea,    !l   Ht.    ll'l    S'l    anilta,      III-,
nil   -lailnlaiiil   . 1    I*       il   Jll   nn.l   .'.".
■ . iii- pai I ■
1 i.imui  llnil, 1 ;t ll,. (,., n,
1 i< iinnt  Itniin. II lit. boi M fD
I-i.imn   Inli llmia 1. Hi   II'.
\lla. n.i   I'l.nltl  I'll.-a-l' 'i lla-, ii'l    ,
1.illllllll Lal     I   In*    a .    |la*r    111   . I"
l|,a.|ll.*f..lt   I'll,-..*   pn   III. ."all*
Haka »li.--.. pn Ib, lh
Rdoai Rail Cl 1 whom B
I in:  I n ,111   I * In
li.iii 1 in*.-,* .....k Hi
Ma I nlan'a    l||l|<     Cliia-a* k 'Ml,
l|aa|l     VlOl      I    I - ■
\.*ll    I'.llifaatllln    I   1 M   ||l. B
llll,- .1    II, .'',*
llll   lla    ,    I   HI 1 II    III* . I'.'i
I 'lllaa,. iii in. i* 11..1 tiii. .ii pari i b
far B
hii Mint I lap*  I. ti M . 1 ■ t. ■ 9}
Our Special
Cash :::
For only twelve
dollars we will
m 'i supply the following list
'"' * of groceries.   The
|ina|,   nn,I   llll- Ii,    III ■
goods are from our re-
lil|i.   2   lla.   1   lla   .unl   III   III.   ll*
I at    III,
la*    I '*.'■.'- !l''   .'Ilaal    llli    alia/
Kli'-ll    (a* al     I  all
II haad licbt Mk
1 '      ■ 1 ' 11 "i 1  gular stock and we ex-
anl   Cliri-lniii- I'.-iiiilii--   limn   III
i'i,,!:;,!;:',':     » ,, ,„,, pect to win customers
• ^ * on their quality. c
20c Ib.
ttm  W.ilinit-
\i lORM
pii \N       ^Or IK       ''■'"' M"k ll"1"1 SUi"1""1 Vhm
rt vm 1 uVJKj  \\3t       Mi,   11 1   m ,  |,   ,.   oeaialatad
EagUdi nml loeal unit ntt 1    r S|n.';t'
a llll    Ulll)    I'llllka l-
PWtt   'la llll   .^'tlln,   'A   111    till   fi.
tntk tti}   I'll". BOLLS, BRRAD, • lb. obi fecial iil.-ml «"-yi..n Tea
M'l K.   RrmilMII.K,   ilil'AM.  I 11,   ,,u, ,,„., ,„. ,,,„,,   j,rc)l„„,
HAUD8, PORK mil HI ans, .1 1 ,,iTn.
Ia*,|-tnilliiilt   I"   'i    hei    'III.,   lllll
Oik 100 Hi. earn It. C, Petateai
I   "III-    nf     ill    ll. -a I l|l| 1. Ill     III
!l*       I      a,.I'lllll       llllll     |OW»    I      |'ll    I
""I*   ' I    ,1,1*11     fat      I    lllialllin.     I
,* root ordi n Im lit"-  Ml
dii Tarinyi aad 1 tiichi 1
65 Lonsdale ^ve.
I'llaallr    Ul', |'|i*|.    llallll'IV
I" lli.   r.n.inn  1 *.»ii.iii|i*i   CieajMy
l«a.     I      111.     Ill, I    aalllllk.     Uk.      l'„«,l,*l
I-'"'" 1 in ban H. 0, Simp
Una. :i ih pacaafi H  0.   ffaaahn
iinli.* ih   No, 1 Mh
Obi fiill'in tin It. C. Syrup
l'ii.'iiri* llii- mit iiiiii print um linvr
ivi, pajriaf


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