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The Express 1906-11-23

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 ■-a    .'
f&Ly /A' 4
Remember tlie 'Xmas edition.
Thos. Donaghey, MountForest,
Out,, came over on Wednesday.
He reports things very prosperous
in Ontario, particularly around liis
own lown. Several, however, will
come westward this yenr. A big
exodus is expected next year.
Mr Pete Larson, Mrs. Larson
and Mrs. Jamison, ol Hotel Nortli
Vancouver, went up to Harrison
11.'i Springs on Tuesday.
Go to Mutes' for anything you
need in the furniture line,
Several North Vancouverites
attended Leoncavalho in the Van-
oouver opera house Wednesday
The in spin'to r (or the Underwriters' Association ol U. C.
visiied North Vancouver yestcr-
diiv. establishing special ratings
and inspecting the fire department's paraphernalia. We look
forward to cheap lire insurance
"Private" lifo is like a secret
■re is uo BUch thine:.
Chas, E, Durston, the popular
real estate man, is laid up at tho
hospital, having slipped at the
wharl and sprained his lee;.
1). G. Dick, the president of
iin- local liberal association, went
o er to New Westminster today.
Tlie demand for houses in Nortli
Vancouver still continues, only increasing.
Mr. G. Hughes, during the past
week, has been renovating his
house on Second street.
The trouble about a uood lime
is tlmt people seldom agree on
whut it is.
It is almost impossible to hire
work teams here. Those that
b.ive been working here the past
Reason have nearly all been sent
to the lumber camps,
Women don't care much about
heating women singers, and men
don't care much about hearing
limn singers.
Messrs. F, E, Stringer, Kamloops ; A. E. House, Nicola, and
S. P, J.  Scott,   Rockford,   visited
Nmih Vancouver yesterday.
These gentlemen have disposed ol
the townsite of Nienla lo tile C.
I'. It., which company are now
making extensive improvements
there, erecting a station, etc.
Wm. II. Braim, of Ihe II. C.
Electric Railway Company's staff,
is arranging lor plans for a new
house, which will be built on
Seventh street.
The pl.ms for Mr. Fred Lapeno-
tiere's new house have been com-
ph'ted. lie has not yet decided,
however, on which of his properties lie will build it.
Girls should remember, tthen
chasing a man, that all the
presents they get will be "something useful."
The municipality is ahead about
$-250 through police court transactions this week. Several of the
natives were on a "jamboree"
Saturday and Sunday. The vigilant eye of the officers caught on
lu  those  drunks  as  they  landed
from the forry Irom Vancouver,
where they had purchased fire
wilier iii abundance, The chief,
when he entered the cadi'i court,
produced from his pockets three
bottles ol Gooderham'a best as
prool positive against thc breakers
ol the law, and consequently they
paid the aforementioned amount,
Mr. Frank Keeley, an old time
North Vancouverite, has made arrangements with the Western Corporation to handle their mill wood
and will deliver it at $1.75 per
Miss Miller, of Bellingham, is
Bpending a few days with friends
in Nortli Vancouver.
Miss L. Valenzula, of Victoria,
is spending a few days in town.
Many a good man cats with his
When your mother-in-law writes
you that she is coming to spend
Christmas with you nnd asks that
yon send her a lew lines, send her
a few pieces of rope.
|. Bartley came over from Victoria yesterday.
F, 11. Warren, Victoria, is
spending a few days here.
Mr. and Mr. Hamersley will
leave for England to-morrow,
where ihey will spend Christmas,
n turning in January.
The stork has heen visiting
North Vancouvei quite frequently
nf late, His latest call was 011
Wednesday at the home of Mr,
and   Mrs.   Conway,   Seventeenth
street.   It's a baby daughter,
Hyker—Suppose some man was
to will yon (100,000, what would
be the lirst thing you would do ?
Pyker—Give a smart lawyer half
of it to prove that the man wasn't
ol unsound mind when he made
his will.
An old tieRro named John Credit
died in Alexandria, Va., at the age
of 96, Credit lived a long time.
but had to cash in his checks at
The steamer Forrager brought
in a full cargo of hay and grain
A.   R.
Miss   Mae  Phillips,   Of
ville, imt.. niece ol Mrs.
■ lor Tiik Express,
J. 1). Watson, Palmyra, N. V .
wdio has been intereste 1 in mining
in British Columbia for the past
fifteen years, will build a residence
here early next spring.
Give the same attention to youi
own affairs th it you give to polities
and ymi  will  become rich,    We
kllOW U'heiei I  we i.pi ilk.
" Do vou i'. ally know when you
eel good coffee '. " asked .1 North
Vancouver lady, There an verj
many diffen nt notions about good
Yesterday an employee at tin
camp ul the Capilano Mill Company, hy a slip of the axe, completely Severed his toes,     lie was
conveyi '1 to the hospital al Van
couvei in the li. C. Market butcher
J. and Harry Delmns, Chicago,
wlm have heen touring the world
for the past two years and a half,
were in North Vancouver yesterday. They took with them several
views which they will add to tin ii
already fine collection, and left
for Seattle this morning.
The old fashioned cook sieve
looks bettei to a hungry man than a
1 haling dish.
' Yes, he was pretty well  fixed ,
A mass meeting will In he]
I hall,  Nm i'i
Y remi a-r
convi r, on Mi
;:i 8100 p, in., for the purpose ol
completing the formation ol a rati
payi rs assoi iation,
(il aa.    j.     I'llll 1 II'MI.
Si cretary pro tern,
This  meeting   was  postponed
Irom last Monday night,
Mr. Mahon Leaves for
Mr, John F. Million, who ha
spent the last three months in
Vancouver, alter an absence of
six years, returns to his homi in
London, I'ing., next week. To
luii Express Mr, Mahon slated
that he had been much impri s I
with the great improvement which
ninl taken place both i'l Vancouvi r
iind, particularly North Vancouver
Ile hai, great confidence in the
future of the coming Oakland, as
he puts it, and Ims increased h s
interest in the North Vancouvei
Land & Impri Venn nt Compan]
which owns a very valuable i sl Hi
In ihe townsite.   Alter mam  11 -
Burrard, New Westminster Boundary Railwaj and Navigation
( omp my,
Steacy, has just arrived lure, and
intends making her home here.
Miss Phillip is delighted with the
beautilul climate of North Vancouver.
C. II. A. Giant, Montreal, was
registered at Hotel Nortli Vancouver this Week.
P. E. Conway, formerly manager of Hotel North Vancouvi r,
but now of Kamloops, paid the
town a Hying visit on Tuesday.
Mr. Conway reports business good
at the Inland Capital,
L, M. Moxley, Kamloops, was
hereon Tuesday.
J. Collett, Nicola, was registered
nt Hotel North Vancouver this
Go lo Bates' for stoves, chairs
and 11,nl"ry.
Tin- Seeing London automobile
.u!,a'd out Piccadilly in the dircc
lion ol Hyde Lark.
"That, ladies and gents,"
shouted the guide, as they passed
aii ancient etlilice surrounded by
a high brick wall—" that is the
town house of the Duke of Di a,
one of our largest landed pi
The eyes of the beautiful American on the hack seat were illumed
with sudden interest.
"Who lauded him?" she cried.
at one time, but he got silver-crazy j I"'''05 "'tlu: s"bllrbs nf ""' easl
in 1806 and hi   isl all lie had." ' !ami west and the south' rn part 0
F. Gaspartl, of Dog Creek, Cariboo, spent Wednesdaj and Thursday in Nortli Vancouver.
A. Miller, of Clinton, Lillooet,
is here on a pleasure trip.
J. Williams, ol Lillooet, is also
a visitor from up country.
Mrs. M. Pigeon, of Dog Creek,
is spending a few days in town.
J, House, of I'l.irki rville, Cariboo, is enjoying the line suniniei
weather of North Vancouver.
Win n a man is dead, or is a
candidate lor office, his frii 1 ds
should say the best things possible
about him.
It is nnt record..! that any
financial genius ever gol his star)
by purchasing diamonds on the
installment plan.
A woman in town, driving a
horse, is mail* as dan "'inns in,
an automobile in the country.
A Iho a day man never earns thc
money in the opinion of the mau
who draws only %\.
It is one sign lhat a man is
tin some when he has the calling
When you are good to a dog,
how you do appreciate a grateful
Every real good scholar in
school is ambitious to ba a
The autumn leaves are beginning to look something like a
woman who i ■ si arching (ot an
a    iai hair dye
" 1 suppose he 9 siill interested
in ' free silver at t6 to 1 ?'"
"No, he's more interested now
in 'free lunch 12 to i.'"
Ou Monday evening next, commencing at 7:30 o'clock, the school
children of North Vancouver will
give a concert in St. Andrew's
Inin h, consisting of music, recitations, dialogues, etc., under the
supervision of Mrs. Shafford,
general organizer of the W. C. T.
I'. On Tuesday afternoon, at 3
n'olork, Mrs. Shafford will hold a
meeting of the ladies with the
object ol forming 11 W. ('.. T. U,
Mr. J. A. l'yke, local manager
of ilu- li nne Lili Assurance Company, paid The Exprk s a visit
I'hursday, Mr. l'yke is au
occasional visitor, and his "smile
thai don't come ofl" In Ips along
the dull moments, He reports
business btisk aiming Norlh Vancouverites, having written up
several h.r^e policies within the
past week.
Moax—My wife and some ol her
iriends are  going to orga .'
I- I    it it ly.
Joax Nonsense ! The idea ol
women in it si > rei society.
llo.ix You understand. They
are to meet lo ti il secrets.
Can you read it ? Each figure
is a letter. (1-15-18 14-5-33-19,
18-5-1-4 20-8-5 5-2(i-i6-iH-5-iy-iij.
A knock on your opposition is
certainly a boost,
You are compelled to fight with
some workingmeu to induce theni
to work at gi od '..ages.
" Dial your wile listen to yout
excuse foi staying so Iati at lodge
last night ?"
Oh, yes; sin- lish ned to me,
then — 1 listened lo Inr."
The Vancouver Guardian is vi ry
mtspoken, as most peopli an uud
here know. In a long editorial
last Minnie , devoted to the decision of Judge Henderson in the
pre fecution broi hi in nst Capt.
Griffin "1 the Princess Vii toria, it
Bays thai il wa an
justict We are m I
who bi Iii '■' ii- 'i ■ rd 1 il llu I • in •
arc ini- lible, I ins, hut
this nil' ism lool then was
a little politii al ninl
in it.   We hold further thai it is
quite in oral' r for laymen to 1 riti-
cize judges,   Thi   Guardian Bays
tli.it   "Judge   Henderson should
not havi bei a ifra I lu attat li 1!.'
stigma of ,1 1 rime upon < apt, I
Griffin."   Te.' may or may not be
so.    We   remember,    In wever,
when "Billy" McAdams, 1
the Sandon Pa ttrt 1/., was sent to
jail (or f;n mildi 1 comment on llu
actions of the 1" ni h, So, "Sam,"
bowan I"
Vancouver proper, he oontends
that where similar advantagi a as
t.i position, transportation, water
and lights are taki n into account.
choice residential building sites
can be seemed in North Vancouver at 50 per cent,   less  cost than
in those districts, which are tho
subjects of comparison, This view
haa been much strengtheni d bj
the result ol the recent sales ol
government land,
City Incorporation.
The City Incorporation Committee has again i;ot down to busi-
in ss in he iii  readiness for tin
in xt meeting of the I 1 gi I nil"
After careful consideration ol tin
circumstances and in vi w of tin
i.i'iterminati in  "1   the   U ii m
U, C, Municipalities to assist 11
having the municipal  legislation
being put on a business liki   fo .
ing as early as possible, the coin
mittee dei idt d in pi ici 1 ai by v..a
ol a bill to amend the iiu
lion act passed lasl si i ion.    1 h
import of this bill was In
cussed at a mi eting last  night
and an adjournment ■ as mnde for
it fortnight to have it put :;.
ior adjustment.   01     a tl
chief amendment n quiri d is to gel
quit of Ihe provision in the Muni
ipal ('.liiii.-> s A t .'ia   '. would de-
irivi   the ciiy ol the right to tax
railway 1 inds,
'l' en   i   • -  un h thing .1* a
|l , i, :, it tv, ,1111 iifi lid of gl
A dead body can't hurt yon, bul
v, , an d' ad I"*!*
a   a ',,''.' I.'111'l" la
BIXI' I     HI'.
Si I- ice willl ■■!' Id in the chnn h
on Sunday as usual at a. g m   tn
.-■"p. m.
Sunday school, 1:30 p m,
Service at M 0
il 1 |0 p. in.
Hie mid-week     .        will hi
held iii the church on Thai
■ ,'t ia-, I until ,...!
A cordial invitation .     ivi 1 to
Pastor: Rev, I, D. Gillam, M.A,
-,   -     .' a   HI II       '  '.'a   '   I 1 01
Iti,III  IND nil. I'l
Novcn    .
,ii. i   in,,.,- |—Holy i imnmnion
(plain , 8 a, in ; moi i
11 a. in. 11 vensong, 7130 p. in,
Wedi' 'l.n   !.- ■    ng, 4:1
Friday   Evenson
Hi JO,
November,   30,    Friday    St
Andrew's day,
V11TU I' IF lll.l.i:i'.\ GIVEN THAT
*^ application will la*, iiaii'ie t" llie
Parliament nl Caiiiulu, at the nexl
in-siili nilier.-a.i.f, run Act Iii Incorporate
a i' puny iinali'i'i1-" iiaiim ol burrard,
Westu luster Horn .1* liability 1$ S ivi-
gallon Compan*. ivltli power to construe!, equip, maintain and operate 11
in r line- ni railway, nl standard or
other gang . with atuani, electric, gaao-
ii r am other kind dJ innllvu ; oner,
Ior the conveyance nl passengers and
[-eight, Irom 11 poll I or point .11 In or
III ill lllll fnlli-whlg loot   1 - -.
A.-fa.lnl,.. Ilelllg   ill   ai   point   iill   llie
'vila si i  ! i.l-.'i 're■■!.. 1! '■- cross-
11 • !..!■. Crei 1. hi a liriil|.'e, mid 11111-
■ . - in 11 rioulli l.ii-i' rly iiir<' I 011
through the! It) ol Vani nver, Hastings
l'u wi. -ile una I ii..- Municipality ol south
Vancouver and lluriiabv ami the City of
New Westminster lo llu* Krawi lltver
llrhlge, thence Nortli llu-1. rly through
tlm i'i": a:' New Westminster, Um
Miitlicipallly ei Coqititlani to Port
Moody, 'hi'iieu in n Westerly direction
■ ■ ni nr near llu* propm-til loi :■
li n "i iln- Yani'iaiiviT, tVcstiiiinsli r &
H11 ■ - i; II ia1;-.. ill H11 ' Nar-
:-.■■,... r„n-.a .-. 'liilei, il enca continuing
a* ti rly thn igli Hustings lownt-ito lo
I !u -,• a i'.,,!.inia.|ia. ment iii City ni Vain
II - In.in apoinl ill or near the South
if tin* pro] '- al '. .11 iver, VY< st-
i, Insl ■• .v V ikon Hallway Bridge al
Si con 1 S irro s, Burrard Inlet, tlienc
across sui I 1 ridg ■ to .1 pi inl N'.ith ol
iln. Muni, ipuliij a,-, Si rlli Vancouver
on Ihawe Son) tl. iiiid '•- a point North
a.1 iln- Mi iiieipalit)' "I Ni-ei'■ Vancouver
i,:i the North Aru. ol Burrard Inlet,
('— l-'r-'tii n point at the North end "I
r River i'.;:a("- .n New West-
minster, tin nci m t said  ridge 1 leave
ocr. a . aiieli will Iw applied lor in Iha
Provincial GovorniUPtit),tlieiicr'Sniillic-r.
ia- i.a a poinl "ii the International Bonn-
Ian ,lai.".\e a - 'iiiiamia Bay and Suinaa.
|i li. .1 .1 point on tlm South side of
False Creek, lliencu westerly through
the City nl Vancouver and tho Municipality ol f-oiith Vancouver lo a point
al nr near I'uiiu (ire;, llienro returning
in a South Easterly direction by tho
moHl feasibliiruiili'toa pi Inl al or near
il„- North end ol lhe Fraser River
bridge in ihe i it, ni New Wo-tmlnstor.
I'.- From Port Moody easterly to
Powdnoi i.nsI; ran. 1. in. no- following
[iinera Ij ihe snld Irniili n ml lliroiigli
Cixpi tlum, Maple llidge nml MisBinn
Miinliipaliiies in Slave River and tho
1     -. ..,,,;"        :. '■' aa il Ipi'lily,
ill j| i|   Pro'vh '■'- aa Brlti Ii Columbia.
'.!.■    'a.     .     1    .a '.'  pii I
I neci  'iir.v
mads, »araiiiiiI Ictriea, sti am-
i |p ;, r'    a."-' i-i     Is, theatres and
livi        .el .ei ii-. in. ni. ami tne,,!.-
rui't 1    Krapli .ti I leli 111. ua- lines in
■ 1    i iiii    sal.!   railway   and
lirm el ■     nil l'i   1 -li il 1111-se." s  ler
■ .iiniii ri'lnl  . ii-1 es,     ami to charge
a ..    ■ a      . . 11. rule eleclricit)
'.il - 11.ei•■'.■ r,tlll 1    "." in r.111 -irieii- r*
..;;-. 1 I Hglii 1 -..' ami power, I
, ,1 |„ ,| i r lull     -a a .. , ..:. willl mil I
1  mi     a-   (or ill" pur- I
ii nlilainii . Ill   Iraiiaiiiissii I
trii-liy, at     I and 1 old
:.,-;, : , |'ll| ■ a ,.
1    .    ',  a.       || '.   ll    a    pi   Ja r   'nr   ll, I   p-|r-
. •   ■     rating 1   rtrii Ity , to sell
■ 1 I, "        -   ■■•'-.. nd to ux| <■■■
nrial . Im :. I me at -a 1 il
Inr the |- ri- ses nl llio compan* ami lor
nther jnir 1 -". 111 -I to levy and collect
'a,|| [mn ill ling ami li r all
1 , said 1 ilway ami
1 ■ ;.     mal
trnflii' nr "■' ■ r irrnii ti 11 onta «llli rail-
, .iial.naii. nr ntlii r companies,
u.l tiiciii   -   t, 1      lain nni operate
1    1 ' "  -1| hrancl •■ . and the
, tra|ih, leli'phono ami a le Iric
I 1 along  a r  upon
via-, r i- highways tililiin any Muid-
...   1        iihiei'l li  lhe  rcgulatlol     ol
tin, -e I  Miiidfipiillty; ami to ernsj
navigaliil     '   i'i    11   li   a   . and to
.: rai     :- r the mu "I brl I." - tin n inr.
and to connect 11       I      iterihanue
1 . I raj  . Ill'! I" !''ir-
clian', '■! ■ llierwlsi
1 ir   ihe pi      ■ ■    nul  Iran-
. . '.r inin
■ otherwise
a anj part
I ip re< if, ami I
■    :	
... Ivantagc
1 . :   .1.1
l'i I . a.I;       'a.lll.IV
Dated at \
., LTD.
Comment ing Nov. 1, iyo6.
"I'a.llU   A.M.
»0.80 A. M,
•7.00    "
•7.20    "
8,16    "
8 3J    "
11 un   "
11 'jn   "
in nu   "
HI SO   "
111. lo     "
11.05   "
11.30   "
11.60   "
12 15 P. M.
12.85 P. M.
1,00   "
1.20   "
1 I'l  "
2.05   "
2.30   "
2 60   "
3.16   "
3.35   "
4.00   "
1.20   "
4.16   "
5.05   "
6.30   "
6.60   "
7 00   "
7.20   "
s 16   "
8.36   "
0.15   "
0.45   "
10.15   "
10 45    "
'll.i.'i    "
"ll.lii    "
1 Not 1
" all li.iii-e-1'iililers vollnr than the
nwnoraof property), who have heen in
the ili»lriel (nr one year, must make
ileclaraiion lieloni me, nn "r before 1st
nf lii'i'einlii'r nexl, innnl'T to u"'t their
names nn the municipal list of voters
d.r 11)07.
Ai i;\. I'iiii.ii',
C, M.O.
IMi   lill.   FOUOIVIKG   ll.WH.
Included in the Bale are: Waterlronl
\jols, Inl- imi '.' ninl 3-Acre parcels in
POINI   um    RIMRVt.
Three hundred boti and lu Block" in
District hot 640,
Al mil 1 III Town Lots ami 360 Acres in
Aboui 260 Acrci in Lot 2027,
v-   ill   VANCOIMR.
Thohulkol the Acreage, running Irom
hot I03H i" Ul 1105, ai.'I Lnls 1122 to
l.ni 1148, lying nortl ol the Indian reserve niii «'-' 'af tlio Capilano river.
Visa Lota 898,801) and 1418,
.lllll   l.lal   lal.'l.
I nr \l.i|.   and Catalogue of nil the
appl) la. the Am t i'uii'. rs.
JOHN H IttNKIN,        Aiiiih 11 I. I nun,
614 leii'l'-r '-Iteel.   7171'l'iiiler Street.
Vaucouvor, 11. 0.
w'.'.n 11, yii
music pupils,   Iii.        i,
box X.
Lost, ■ Pail   11  Id-rimn   Icyi
glasses, I" twcaii I ii it strei t and
the   whin!.     Lot    lab
Kinder please return lo Ihis   I ci
n   '      ill '. disc,  Apply
at litis '."ia -
Who ■ iah  -ei 1 Ri'
NURSERIES   vmi   mi mini si.
i - I'owi 11 Sl . V in ouvi i
Subscription, $1 a Uar
Ale and Stout
I,,   U.IIIrH   la.-,: I   I ■,!■'..
llir Roual Brewlnf Co., I id.
mi. en
I urge stork ol HOME-GROWN l-'rnit
nmi Ornaiiiontal Iree- now matured lor
ilie lull trade.
Nn . Xpa li ,, lost nr ilehiy nl   Itliui-
il..].a   ■   Ila   la
||i a.ii'iaiia i. ta,r Paclllc Coajt-grown
11, 1 ni'i.  mnl   I'lmver   Sei-.ls   in
in   MJl'l'MKS,   Bpray   Pumps,
w luilu Oil Boap, Hi" al so  Plant!,
cm I'lowers, Bulbs mr Kail planting,
We do bnslnesa u t owu grounds—
nn rent to pay and .sre pn pan 'I to tii'i't
ill competition.
Let me i.ii,, yonr list belore placing
your order,
i al      ie Iree.
alOIOWestmlnsU i Road, Vancouver, 11.11. THE  EXPRESS, X0KT1I VANCOUVER, B. C.
N'.iKTII   VANCOUVI R,   H   (
T "' little booklet  of  Nurtli   Vai
c eiver   was   also   there.    W,  V.
I Scott, Superintendent "f Immigration fm' Alberta and Saskatchewan
A Weekly Newspapei, I'ubliahe by h ul enquired about lumbering in
PI IK LXl'HKSS riilM'IMi rn.     this province, and he (thu speaker)
Subscription   Une Dollm peryeai hid sent him that day live dozen
photographs, each showing the industries carried on in mining,
furests, Inui and fishing, These
were sneli as the Dominion Gov-
in iiiueiii, which was asked to open
up vacant hinds, would use.
Bundles nl letters hnve been suit
in enquirers aboui lautl, who were
Iniil that the (inly way I" net sntis-
lactory pre-emptions were to come
aud see [or themselves, We
should see to ii that intending
tilers must not be misled, and
when they come here to try and
knp them here nnil not let them
go to the mountains, .\ central
place should be established for
the work, where fruit and vegetables, grown in certain localities,
could he exhibited. In ihis re-
spect North \ ancouver, wilh us
Southern exposure, could not he
surpassed, the grapes grown by
Mrs. Kickam being a proof uf this.
II the council bus not done su
already get them to move in lhe
matter ol building a tram line to
the Capilano canyon ami way
Mi I'hilip Am! to Grouse
Mi Fliiinerfelt Jusi so. Mr,
Sherman had suggest! d to place
a 10-foot telescope on Gruiisc
Mountain during the proposed
(llir, When the luii was over it
Could   be   left ihere. nnd used l>\
visitors. The greatest scenic trip
in the world, he thought, was tu
iHouse Mountain, when: In winter
toboggan slides and ice skating
rinks could he made. Visitors and
ilbers could Iind no In tier sum-
imi nsiirts thnn we have in and
around "ur own sister cities.
"Talk up your own tu-yn, don'l
knock   it   it's   the   1" it in the
Districtof North
pany satisfactory to It protecting It Irom | dwelling  housu in   Nordi  Vancouver | prevented   hy   strikes
iinv'liiihiliiv which the Kerry Company within    tin'    next    live   years,  of weather, and, failing
(il.iUi.t. Bak ii.kv,
J   H. Wn.i i \ms,
The rail payers nre to be congratulated on the teiuis ol the
doi unit-ill as now arranged be
tweeu the council und the corporation. We cannot discusc its
terms nt length to-day, but we
hope in nur next issue to do so.
Mi .inimie we may call attention
to a few ol its most importanl
It secures a half-hourly service
all the year round, and the company expect to begin that next
It provides that the offii es "I
the company will be located here,
aud thai one, at least, ol tin
boats will tie up here. To secure
this and give space enough the
company nuts a lease ol the whole
[rontagi "I Lonsdale avenue.
Residents will have ihe privilege ol i heiipei lares and cheaper
freight charges. They have vii
tiuilly a thrue-and-one-third-cent
fare, which means a great deal
for local families.
Free passes are offered to induct settlers to come in and creel
substantial houses.
Tin- tune schedule is removed
from   the  sphere of controversy
fo Authorize the Execution
of an Agreement With
the North Vancouver
Ferry & Power Company, Limited, Regarding
the Ferry Service, to Vancouver.
|)K IT KNAl'Tlill  11Y  THE   KKttVK   AND
I*   I'aiuurll uf tin- I'm |i,ir,ili,i n.n tlm Ulslrlijl
: X.arii, Viiitumii'tir in Comiull iiiiiuiiuk'
1 Willi Mn' llanclll ni lllll L'K'ClOr, ill Ilea Aa.nl I'l--
trii'i iliily iibuiiiinil) mi follows:
1 Ainiiiariiy i> Imrtili-' itm-n i„ ii u Iti'i'vo unit
cliTk ill me .-ni'i i'i,i|'..itiii"ii in .lul, ninl tilllx
1   '' I'l.|(i|ir,U'- S..„| la,filial gU'U llallVl-ia    laa   (i.a
M'Uiiinl intrty tlmrulu unmml, nf mi linluiiiiirti
nr Agreement beltvuiiu tlio Coi'-iuriilluu iiim Iliu
itili I'uii.. ."ii Kerry & I'ower C'ini|iH!ty,
■ n-i-l i". -1'iiilv existing Agree.
lu-'in nl ... t.iii.1 e..,.;,.aiiy.iili.l limliliir in-
lumnviir'tiUKiiiiiutil' fa.; ti, ■ rarryliiu ami ul
I.,i Fi'iry Service tuilvveeii Nurtli Viuii'iitivui
mnl l'iiin.-1'iivi'r Oily, mnl forullier pur|iiiau., nil
tiiuuvxtoiitatul iii'i'ti lie lurins, mnl la tin.
in iina. i -, i iiniii iii ,11-,in ni liiUuiiuire, wtileli
I- uini. \ ■! li-fl ."-llU'lUla- t.i this llj-liliV, Ull,I
llllll Ull III iln' in I lUliUlteJul llie Mill l ail|a.ua
li 11.
i!. Tills lly-lrtlV lllll)' liiaa-it.'al  f.ar nil  |>UljfuSa-,
,,. llie" Nurlli Vniieoiiver Kerry Hy-Inw, Iin."
|'||.all| I.,  ll,,' I   .llllll.   aatl  lhe MS    llll) 111 Nil-
i,-inli i  II' >
11. iL-ivt-al .In' ii.-M-nl of tin: Kk'Cl'ilH, nl nu
UlttUliuil fill  ill,' |a||||„,av, lll'l'l Oil till,       'ilij  "f
. li' S
It. .. ■ I, -... a- ra-ti  ny   Um  CuUUtitl,  ml,I   lllllllll
„ i ,.'  1 ninl ilglluil In ilm lloevii uml clerk
Ilil -a-aala-l ,,.11, I!,..- e',,||.l,l,lU'   aJL'lll   off   UlO
ll)' nl , IMI
Tills Indenture, lli.l.ii- In,-  	
'   .Iai ni  iii the year nl
our l.iiiil, Int''', between the Corporation
'i im- District ui Nortli Vancoiiver,
hereinafter referred tu as " The Corporation " nf lhe lir.-t purl and the Nurtli
Vancoiivor Kerry and Power Company,
l.imiled, her. nailer called " the Com-
piny." iii the m ''uini pari.
H'liniu vs, in an luiloiilure dated the
.'.iai day ni .lily, HJIM, between the
parties Inr' i a. ihe said Corporation
leaned iu t.i- -aid Company the ferry
-le r kill   ' 1. IIS lhe   " Nortli V.lln'iiU
vi i." nml ii e ninii ni the foreshore of
llnrranl Inlet, at the fo.it ui hoimlal
n pan,
might incur by reason ni allowing can
lu run on said wharf,
(e) All plana (nr lhe construction or
improvement nf tlm Baiil wharl or any nf
the constructions nr approaches connected with ilm ."iiiii wharf, Including
Hie ajradis. shad he snhiuitieil to and
approved by the Council ul the said
Corporation before nny work is begun by
iheConipiuiv thereon,
|i) Til"."ii.1 wharf and llll the build-
inns, approaches, ways uml appertain
iincea therewith sluiil he maintained by
ilm Com puny In a good stale of repair
uml efficiency during the term of this
ilia The said wharf nnd iippronches
shall be properly lighted und kept clean.
ihi The Company agrees ninl coven.
nuts that llie mud wharl and approaches
sluiil be of Sillllcll'lll slrouglh, and suit-
nlile iu all respects fur llie reasonable
lYipilrciiiculs, <>f ilie pedestrians and
vehicular traffic thereon,
II. Tlm Company shall provide the
necessary whail lur ihe lauding nf the
ferrysteaiiiers in lhe City ni Vancouver,
ninl lhe provisions uf sub-sections c, f.
ii iiiiiI Ii, uf paragraph twu (2 uf lids
iui'i'eiii|.]il shall apply tn sneli wharf,
the approaches thereto, and the buildings thereon
i. The saial Corporation, in consideration ot the promisi'ii and subject tn all
ihe covenants, terms and conditions
hen-.ii set I'ui'ih, hereby sublets l" ilm
Cuiiinanv all that license, right, power
nnd privilege grunted tn il, lhe said corporation, under the eritiit from His
.Majesti' the King, dated the 12th day ul
December, 1111)3, In up,.rate a ferry service as aforesaid for the residue ui tlm
It'ini uf lifleoii years mentioned in said
grillll, save uml excepl lhe lust three
alms iif -iiid term, ro n.wii ami ro iioi.u
lhe Raid license term or grant unto lhe
said company from the coming into
force ol this agreement and durhg ihe
residue nf the term ul years aforesaid,
-live and except the hist three days
I hereof,
ii) In tin- event nf ihe said license!   7. liy'way uf rent fnr the foreshore
being determined ur becoming void ut | hereby demised and for the rights and
nny time, the pruned agreement, sn lur
us tlm sub-lease ui snial license, rinht,
power iiiiiI privilege Is concerned, shall
me mill
the value ni liitei-n linndred dollars ur
npwnrils ninl lieiii'.' n hniia lidi' resident
lllllll receive ii free paiss lur uuc year
fmiii the data nf ihe completion of his
dwelling liuiise.
Freight un Hoods.—Passengers lo be
allowed lo carry one hundred pounds nf
goods free, lo be handled entirely hy
themselves, und also bicycles and hah;
carriages. Hoods under' l.lluil pounds,
ten cents por 100 pounds; 1,1)011 poll nils
uini upwards. (I.0U per Ion; nuiituiils of
loaded \viigaiii> ur other vehicles, one-
luili iihuve rates for goods,
provided thai merchants and traders
carrying on business in premises in
Nurlli Vancouver and snipping freight
in small parcels, aggregating in one
mouth 1,000 pounds or upwards, shall
he entitled lo rocelvo Iha hoiiulll uf the
1,1)01) pound rale liereinlieiure provided.
Annuals— Sheep and pigs, hi cents
each single, 25 cents return ; burses and
a'nttle, eiii'h ^ii cents single, 85 cents
return] mie horse and vehicle (un-
loaded) 25 emits single, 4U cents relnru;
twu liurses ami vehicle (unloaded) 35
cents single, 56 cents return. Row
huiilw 25 cools each way. I,ive stuck
may hu received at owner's risk only.
The above lures fur vehicles ini'hule lhe
driver. Reduced rales for vehicles
n« nod hy residents of .Nurtli Vancouver
'•an bo arranged with the company.
Tlie above rates shall Include all landing and wharfage dins.
The reeve, tho mouthers ol Ihe council,    the   clerk,   treasurer,    engineer,
medical health niuccr, the foreman uf
ihe waterworks and the constables of
Hm corporation shall he entitled to free
passage nn lhe ferry boats.
lu the event of lhe present nuinici
pi Ity if North Vancouver Imiugdlvlded
into iwo municipalities by the Incorporation ni u portion thereof into .i
city or otherwise, the same officers
uf tlie twu municipalities shall he entitled In hv passagu on the lerry boats
as provided in the next preceding
and will be subject to arbitration wor|d," concluded Mr. c'liinierlcll,
il the company and  the council who took his seal amidst appl tusi    avenue m -.ii.l municipality, and il
.... ..       -.ii. i eoinniiin   igteetl iu operalo a fern
t)n  motion   o!    vice-prusiilenl
can not agree us to whal th
exigencies ol tlie times really n
I'lnliippi)   and    l'i.  Jordan,  Mi.
I'ltiuicifelt was tendered n hearty
vute nl   thanks,   and   Intel  lii   Iln
evening  was elected an honorary
Tile   | r ipose I tew   agreement
between me ferry company ami
ihe iiiiiiiii ipulit- ue- ile.' n .soil n:
There was u g;ood attendance ul: length, and on in ition un minimis
members at the regular monthlj 1    endorsed,    lue  .t-iceii'in is
meeting of the board of trade, held printed in full elsewhere in tin-   '•"-■' ' "mh-r tin' said twu agrei
I In ipiesliou of beautifying the
stri 'is wus brmighl up In l'i   | n
beiui i o lli" I'by ui Vancouvei
 I X-. ih '   n Oliver nn ibe lerius uud
!'.Illllltil.If   ■'■!  •  lit  ill    S.ll'l   I II'll'll I II Tl'.
Isn, IVllKlilui, by uu intli-iiliircdtated
ite i.iiiii, da}'. i January, UK)!, b Iwel n
nm purlieu hereto, tiie s.iid i'or|foralinn
•llhlet In lhe sllidCulllpaiiy lhe license
an: I  lamer er.,.,teil In it Ibe saial l'..r-
a.iiie.i i.a lhe i'.'ib day ni December,
: "i:. ie- l: - ilt-jest- ibe Kin-, in llie
•lu; ni ine IV,,, ineeol llritisli Cu um-
...a, in malie -i .ind ply a (err) service
iia i i'.n v.aiih Vancouver uml the City
'mi. U iii. :i is, the snial company
mi,, i,.,.I, n;ii.iatlug a ferry service u«
ib) ll shall ami may he lawful tn nud
Inr tea' .-.ii'l Company from lime to
lima- .iiaal at all ilmes 'hereafter during
lhe residue ol ilm said term of llfteeii
llj i.-ar . excepting the lust three days
ihorenf, peaceably atidt|Ulelly tu pus-
,-e.-s ami enjoy tlie rights and privileges
granted by ilm said hereinbefore reciled
graiil, And lhe said company huroby
covenants and agrees with ihe Corporation ihal il sluiil and will Irom time tn
lime and at all times herealtar during
Hie said term uf llttcoil (Iin years
granted, obaervo, pcrlorni am! keep all
ihe provisions, conditions and oblige-
lions in the said herolnbelore recited
grant, and which henceforth on the
Company's part ought in be observed,
performed und kepi, und shall and will
in.an lime lu lime ami ut all lime.- here-
iil'ler sine, defend and keep harmless
.uid indemnify tin' said Corporation
Irom and iiciiiiisl all nud all milliner ni
mi rn s, chums ami demands uhataouvcr
iur, mid un account ul the same or iu
un. ui-o h.lining lie retll.
[e| Tin' Corporation -hall,   on   the
expiration i i lhe term uf Bllell license
wal  llielenl,   and   mt
privileges hereby granted, the Company
-hall pay in ibe I'urpurutinii ihe sum of
nne hundred dollars iflOO) a month
each uml every month during continuation of this agreement, the lirst payment to be due and payable un the lirsl
day of the month succeeding tliucomlng
into force of lids agreement and there.
afteroil the lirst day uf each succeeding
month, The corporation shall hnve the
right nl re-entry for non-payment uf
,s Tlm Company shall, until the said
steamer"North vancoiiver" is laken
over by it as hereinafter provided,
maintain mnl uphold the Bald steamer,
her machinery and lier whole equipment and gear uf every kind In good,
efficient and serviceable condition, and
«hall keep the Billue insured ngainsl less
or damage by Itro, accident or storm nr
any other marine risk  tn the  i 11
uniaaiiiil nf her insurable value in tiie
inline ul the said Curpuratinii, In ivlo.lll
any loss shall be payable, und sluiil
haiL'o ihe policy ur polici," ut Insurance
with the saiii Corporation, and sluiil
clillv [uiy ull premium."oil rlicli poiic. or
IKilicbs' ii- liny he. "iu.1 dii", und lodge
ilm i,a, ipta therefor with lhe Corpora-
In ii.
II, III   Ibe  event   ni   loffl   nr   ilnillilne
urising lai saial .-ie.iiuer fur which Cl
apply lur a r.'iie
ulilaining such n in vnl. will suleli'I Iha'  |,eiisullull is   i.eived   under said   i
Sll to llie Colll|ialiy on Hie same li-rni.- jsur.iiiC" pnliiy "r pn'i' ies, the Cnrpul'ii'
ami i iin-.ia- as Imia'inl'i fore priivlded,, imu shall coiitrihiite sueh rou|iensiitloiii
5. The Conipaiiy shall iiiaiotain  »I or such less sum as may bo iieriwarj
regtiiur ferry service between  North towards llie
,f r,
or stress of
the maintenance
of such service the Council of the
Corporation may at once, without notice
to tiie Company, and at lhe Company's
expense, place nu the ferry route such
steamboat service as may at the lime
he available, and cnlinue the same
until ibe Company's service iR resumed,
ami in tlie event uf ine Company failing (ur ii period uf ten days, unless prevented by strikes, stress oi weather or
inullers over which the Company has
no control tn resume such service or becoming insolvent, then their right to
operate aald ferry service nud tlie lease
ul said foreshore [routing on Lonsdale
avenue and nil wharves thereon shall
ipso facto cense and determine and be-
euiiie null and void, but subject always
tn (he rights ol the Corporation for
compensation for snrh failure and lur
breach ui coin met, ami also subject to
compensation lu ibe Company as hero,
inbuforo provided. Tlio Company shall
fan (eii und pay by wny uf liquidated
damages, tu ibe Corporation in the
public Interest lhe sum ol live dollars
C<5.00) fur each trip provided by
the time schedule  omitted   to   he
made by them during the term
nf Ibis agreement unless such trip is
prevented by strikes, accident or stress
n( weather urolhcr niiiltersover which
the company has no control, and in-
ability in procure by charter another
limit, and that nver and above any loss
that may be sustained liy private persons.
HI. Inlhei'vent nl uny dispute arising
between lhe nurties herein as to lhc
interpretation uf this agreement, the
same shall he submitted tn arbitrators
and determined by them,
17. In addition lo questions of inter-
pretation the following matters shall be
settled by arbitration:
(a) Changes in the ferry routes and
time schedule, as provided in sub-seel ion
eof paragraph live (5) of this agreement.
(h) Tlie amount to be paid liy the
Corporation lo the Company should the
Corporation mi Iho termination of this
Agreement exercise thu option provided
in paragraph ton till) of ibis agreement.
ie) Any arbitration hereunder shall
he subject lo the provisions ol the Arhi-
tratlnn Act of llriilsh Columbia,
IS.  Ill llie event of the City uf Nurlli
Vancouver being formed out of the pre-
-em municipality ur part thereof all lhe
rights uf ihls Corporation under this
Agreement shall vest in the said I'll) of
Ninth Vancouver on lhe hitter's iiasuni-
ing the obligations of ihe Corporation
hereunder, and wherever "Corporation"
is used in this Agreement the words the
" City ol Nurlh Vancouver" 'hall be
111. The limiio port of the ferry
steamers and the bead office ol this company shall be established ami maintained in Nurlh Vancouver.
20. This Agreement is conditional and
-hull only come into force mi the Company giving written notice to the
Cim'iicil ni its readiness to curry out tho
sunn, and mi such notice being given it
shah Immediately come Intu enect.
L'I. Provided that in the event "f the
Company nnt giiing such notice mi nr
before llie lirsl day nl July nexl. Wn",
then ihi.- Agreement shall he null and
void nml n[ im inrei nml effect, and tho
Agn eiueiils nl lhe ihinl day of July,
i'liii, and ih,- ninth day of January,
liml. hiuweeii ibe parlies herein shall
remain in force, uml ihe rights and
obligation! ni lhe parlies slia'l lml he
ellei'led in any way hy Ibis A-jaVCIllClil.
2'-'. Iii lhe event of Ihe Company not
Km ve Kealy said that ihi- mat'
ou I uesil.iy night. I'resiilunl
Hamersley presided, ami Set rctarj
Irwin was alsu in his place,
Alter routine business Im.i boon
disposed ol Mi. Win. li. FIuiiini
fell, secretary uf the  Vancouver I tur   had   been   laken out ul iln
Tourist Association, addressed the hands ol the i iiincil lasl yeat
meeting.    On lising he was loudli   wisely, too, he thought,
applauded,   lie   said   thai   lie      President liauiersl . advueated
board ul trade ol Nortli V mcoii
■;.. -   right   away,  us everj    eai
meant sis lei i • i
ver was a very important  insti
tuti in.     four or ll'.e \a |||s ,'lgll ihl
stri its of the city were tilled with Mr, Philip thougbi lhat ,i ■•■.
trees and stumps.   The municipal tern of uniformity should In   I   id
council done admirably in clearing on in the mat tui ol plantiu   trei
them away, ami today this enter- Kinall) it was decided to a kth
prism;; city could boast a popu- horticultural society to co-operate
lata in ol 1,500.   tl had all modern -.11r.   ilu    public   itn|>ii-*■
Ami, Wn, UK'S, tl,,- parlies hnve, sub-
, -ei to in.' provisions lierelualtei eon-
I.a 1.-1. a." "I lu enin'el  the mu I twu
lisli    .   .1    I  ■ III- llllll tl, Ollter  iaala, II
laa 11 .1.   eeloellt. IIS   bereill rl'l fi-rtll, lllld
11 iha lornia nil conditions In rolnalter
a   .1.1    |||,l
Nun*, mis iniinii-ii m IVitnbssktii
ilnn, in consideration uf the premises
mnl ..i tin- ex iciitlon ut ibe presenl
ngrtti 11. nt Ue -aid indenture nf the
ISlrilda) llf .Ii I''"... .nd . ,f ibi'Ulbilay
..ui', inui. between tliu partlc* -hull
ui \ 1 l),it and in.  plantiu   ol  '"' '■•»'" 'j''1' and doclanil al au end
in,in ti,.- al ii a,i ii,,' coming Inlo lorco
conveniences      such   as   ivatel
woiks, tramways, a im trie lighting,
pn *• I. e|,   , ,i^   well   Iis   most   "\
1 aaiiiiiiiiii < in tins 1 gard
The   committee, appointi I   lu
wan un Managei Kent nl tin- li
a     pn     • III   ■  .'I* ClIICllI
I. I'he Cur 1 .i'nni iu I'Oiislderallnn uf
ih,' prnini-"- unl ni th" pavilion's,
■ neluttiti in I "enii Ions In ie sum
' •   pan)   i" '    |iillil,  |i'-riiiniiL"l  uml
llhsi-ri'lsl .,,   |l ,.   (.'ulupllliy   the
f-iii ll ..1'  I llll ui ai- tb    " Nurlh   Villi.,
■      ml 11    iipi     null   ,"..1 ..i,l ■'■''' ''ISepteinuer,
plant u-aal 1    cm lieelion Iherew III, for  "
., i. ro 1 in main up in nil thirty rears,
IliOll. mi'i
nplo Ho- .'.   Id  rol ."iii, I 'ill. subject
.    iiiililiims In 1   1. uu 1 in nlhincd,
I Im 1 ... 1, ..,., 1,, [I,,,
half-hourly service
tell lernduus int
1 a "I lh.111 Lain il. Ill   lllld ll" llllll lllilllll'l
lllllll I:' o'clock p. in. Inclusive
[d Ilm lasl boul leaving the City nf
Vniicoiiver al night shall iu all eases he
ii"l op 111 1!,. boii-aiala avenue wharl
I'm.,I'uii, iln : 1.   .1. I'lirrurd Inlel '"' Iho night, and Imvii :■:■:., Van...e
er int later than 11:15 11.  111. on the
ai iiii" hail "i  l."ii-'l.il" avenue, 1
hundred   hm  (.-"i In width, .1- ihown\M>!i;n«-li€inrsservice.
II thu phi Iliesod I thereon    ,"'„ N-allenillon in liim
.. I green lor alike |ierlod ul tlilrt,  ■|';"1 ' '"'" *'" ' '	
ml repairing ilm said steamship, mul
thai after the
ur replacing   is
siniiia-hip su replaciiig the utie
destroyed shall he the properly uf the
t "i|aii-.iti  hm subject lu ihe con
dlliullsuf ihis Agreenu nl.
in. tin the termination uf ibis Agree-
meiil In lapse 1,1 lime nr lhe sooner lie-
I--1 inu,.'iiniii ihereof mi tin* default ol
the Company to maintain a g I am!
elliiieiil ferry survlco as prnvideil by
paragraph live 16) nf this Indenture, or
tu fulfil or i' ply   with   lhe  terms  uf
Ibis Agreement, then it shall be in lhe
power and option nf the Corporation imt
Ollly to resillllO lhe operations ul sneli
ferry serviee themselves, when llie
Company's rights and privileges herein
■hall liiiiiicilhitely cease nml ilotertiiino,
nm .r-.. I., purchase und acquire ihe
ferry boats nod their equipments bo-
longing lo ilm (' pany, uml ull interest
lhe Company may have iu any wharf ur
lauding lur ferry piirpusos. and thai at a
prlcu in 1"' liM'l by arbitration, under
the term- nf paragraph 17 hereof.
II Tbe Company shall pay tn ilm
Cnrporaiion on ibe termination ul this
Agreement the .1110 of elghl hundred
Is (mm the 1st day uf Muy lo ilm Willi dollars (WD , Mug the value uf tho slip
on the south shore of Hurrard Inlet, In-
hm ilng iu ih" 1 •.riaur.iiiuii, as already
lis. J in arbitration,
12, 'I'lie lr..ilraila rs shall determine
ihe value uf ilm Company's Hii'iimers
ami other p*o|«-rly. as fur a cuing ferry
a-iniia-rii, nil Iniul allow lug aiiylhliig lur
ferriage privileges nr rights ,,( Iraiicblse
,,r heen-" ur c inlwlll, lml only Ior the
piaiit and material equipments,
Vancouver and 1 be Ciiy nf Vuncouvar
u> iaalnaws:
a, I ii" regular ferry service as pr..-
video mr iu thi.- agreement, "r a- maj
he hereinafter Used by arbitration us
herein provided, -hull iiedlrecl iK'lween
the l.uiisilale iiM-niie it hm I mul the Ciiy
ui Vancouver,  This provision, however,
>hnll imt prevent the C puny Irom
running extra boats tu and from the
said Lonsdale avenue wharf via Other
|aaaiiu-. nor prevent the Company Irom
arranging wilh the Council ul ilm Cur-
pxraiimi fur such extra boats lauding
at points iu tlie Municipality other than
l.iitisdalc avenue wharl without calling
Until 11 mure frequent serviee is
agreed t" nr lixeil by arbitration us
herein provided lor, lhe following shall
lie lhe lime sehi'illlle 1
iii Hiiring ilm winter months, tlmt is
from Ilm Irl day i.i October tu the llllth
lay ni April Inclusive, a half-hourly
service -bail begin from each terminus
nut later than 0:16 a. in, ami be main-
mined until Til'i p. in, lucluslvo, ninl
tl"r"ufier au bniirlv service Until 12
p. III. Inclusive,
During the slimmer months, that
placing, ruHltinit|UXen*lshiK iliuonticni In onler intu ihis
ii'.-rei-uient provided for as above, and
mirth ui repairing U\,u mw becoming in consequence void
implcted, and nni |nmlof no«IT**ct iincl tlm CumiMiiy oyniii
in | ay and reimburse lu the Corporation
all the expenses incurred hy it in eon*
in,-iiiiii wiih the pra's.'in Agreement.
Including legal expenses, priming and
expenses of submitting the- necessary bylaw tu the electors,
Is wiTsnss riiKii.ni'the said Corpora.
linn ami ibe said Company hnve amied
their corporate seals the day and year
Signed, sealed with the 1
Corporate seals ol the Cor-.-
poratlon nud Company anil)
ueitvortal in he nreseiice ol
lil. Tlm Company shall on nr belore
cellent streets and roads    These C. Telephone Company to prociirs
.            ,                    ,              ,            •        i   ■   ■                        i                                                                                                                    u    imiii   in i' ,<i inun «ii nmi   iiiririiu ,i
speak volumes for the Ambitions a il.it rate service foi  vancouvei  -ed green lor a like period oi tnlrtt "hall be maua will i Ilia conscni ol ihe lirst day ul ."eptemlier, 11107, com-
,   ,       ,,       ,1       |       ,, |     ..      ,     ,. ,,'i.iii    Inn,, llu  2lril iln! „( Ink   luni   iliu CoUllCll ul the Coruorall Uilli the  nleii It cu'llp llllll pnl  io upi ration on
'au.   On  all  siale-   ilute  were and   Noun   Vancouver, reported     '    " ,  " "' '; ,lv' ':"'"' ."..r.«.r.»ii..nmI.»h havethe riebt ia, ,aii   i„...,'i,i ,.,..,• fc,.r.i.-.- in i.,.„,,t n„. ni,i
1                    et to the provln • und linnint khih v' "ri*"iaiiun smui mile in  n-.ni io can  tho MUtil h-m senile, in in nun lie -.ml
emu   awl I  follow ing paragraphs   uiwn the t>mwii*;, and the Ooinpaiiy  mer "Nurlh  \a nver.    a s,;,-
ai lim run,[..nu-h.i'i..n ih - ,  shall have the rlgiil to cull upon ibu worthy ami thoroughly clllcirnt double-
.,,,.',,, ,.,,,,,11,, in'o'lorvi lorthwltl  nru Coriioratloii at Intervals ol nol less than Umleil passenger lerry steamer, capable
cernl ie exlend .nni Improve lie- wharl ,,",,K'''.! '"TA" l.n'lk''.H,",'1"','?!"l';^"!"f V'T-'"1-' f.1','00. I"""lrn,1 !?'.!fl!,grr'j
.all   [ ah-llil t" I  hi    I'   nn   the   said
■   ind shall prot.:. thereon all
ii   ., .   n nn. con-
I inu- i'.inv nl llu |ir"lii«i'l lli-l.w U|»iB
Hlileli ilm vnii' nf ilu- Miiiil'limlliv will 'is
n,tiaii.»iiiilu Um Muiii'b'iii li"l. North Van-
.■iilil'i'l, nil Wi'ilaeHlsf, Hi" Sill il»T i'1 l'i''''"'-
i,    ims beiwaen tlm hnura ol ■ u'clocl »• in.
.||,| | O'clock |a   III.
Ilrlliruilift Oillaii.
permanent  nml  s.ilnl   itructurei a   was unabli   t" : a t an     al
going uj).   ,\s tu the scenic at- [action at all Irom that gentleman
tta i'.us. then- ".us nn place the Referred back to committee,
town would Ink'' a second plai i      .'.li     Me" m   .,   up   iln
to.     Vancouvei   City    umds   its matter ol having a telegraph   Hi"
tOliristS   nvel    lu I"    tn 'n   tie la. opi in
We tell the pcoph  in go aero s mittee.
the iulet ami see scenery ihnt i, Adjourm
um qualli '1 iiiyuhere, Tin Tourist
Association had done a great de?l,
It had sent out literature to somi
i ,000 readers, whii ll, il was esli-
luiteil, was aboui nne fourth "f til''
number ol ("imsts umiig through
In.     boilel   Iall
erred to a      i    "" "'   "' I    '   ' :'' '■""""«
f wagons .md oilier n bides ninl ihe
i  ■ -hug nf freight ir  iln- ferry
l!n c.mpany iliall an iln- agree.
I,, a(ju •      ihi| Inl   ' ' '  fnrlhuith pro-
'.    '.. runstrucl \.r..\ er apiiroai' -■- -r
the routes and lhe tlmo table ol the lerry ami ol a mlnliniini speed of nut less
-ortho as th" exigencies ol the traffic iban thirteen knots per hour, Hm same
may from time to time require. to bo hnilt in accordance wiih plans
,'ii In the eiei.t of Ibe Company not! and de-iuii^ tn he submitted to ami up.
ign elug t" the changes reipiired In tlm pr"'"! ol lay the Cuiiiieil of the Corpora-
i oriHiralioii, or vice rersa, the questioii tion of North Van iver. Iiefore the con-
dull h" ilelerml I hv iirbitruii It ns slruetioli ui ilm mid steamer is com-
lierelnr-jforeprnvldisl.aml the Cmnpanv menccd
.bun maintain the service a. duterilil I      14. MtM lhe new steamer referred tn
by aald arhltratl  fr nd alter lhe in the Insl pr line |iurui!ruph ha
A1'' l',;''"' ll"1''1 has aim. ■ h               '■'/"lim'liigrer.'.oni1". 'ia..^ oi JateTxeti liv tlie afhi'traiors tbcrelor.' Ibeon put Inoperallon ami mn latis-
it.'    ' t und will be install' II rl      mlesiriaiisiui the wharf ami ..-.■ r .■■ Pho inaximiim fares for nassengur laetnrfly to Lloyd a aurveyoron Mid lerry
.      , a                               t                         ■      I    .      .           I                 I                         >       I               .........   ...    (. »    ..    • ...ha. ..1    . .1    (, all FI 1.111,    llll ..D      I Ian
J. VV, Home, wlm has In. ii i on*
fiiieil iii In, room tin p.i i
Sll,    is   .lllllll   I   aalH.llf-l I'tlt.
the provinci in a year, or a quarter     'n,,. liberals ol North \ a
ol    140,110a.)    well-to-do   penpin. ver will hold their annual 1
li-'Velsiruke   ami   other   iiiMmt ■"  Larson     I 1      1    l'i
towns were alto doing good work, ''"'  '  '"'"'-,   x :"  'i,n "''
,. |'t'iinr."'l.       ll    1-    Ih   'iiiii    '
It llllClOII    llllll     'llll     "i'l     ,1     lli.lt   .,   , 11,1 , 1
Steps w ul Im taken I" nml 	
Iilil* folder, which was to !•■ had -eutjon in 1 nate u cand    It
ai iiie rooms nf the aUsociaiiuii, (or llitluiioiid tiding.
..,.-11 ,„,,- ,., 1 „,,.-•     - ,1      i- 1        -,           , I,               ,1
1 io and also iirovld iiaratn am and rales lor Irelght lo lie chargcil bj serv lor n perlml ol lourtejn uays, the
.- fm ilm Ingress uml egress of ihu Company shall hn na follows Cori*oratlon agrees to Iransler Iho said
,„ imu',,. hire- mul  Passengers   - Monthly steamer "Nortli Vanronvcr    lo ihe
rimC iuiiv shall in   lit  imird tickets, lur North Vancouver resldenli said Company as Its absolute property,
I    , . . end of tbe - inly, two dollars tobouscu aa Hie "aid Company may
erect 11 fiiitahli uaiiaiu'i-      in is rly 1'ainlly llckeis lo be nnrchased at the ih'lcrmliie,nrsoh by It and tho proceeds
ighll'll bl  ele. Hie   light   III! I   In lllf I   lair    Culll|«IIV't oil  Olil)' fi.r llll)'   llll'llahnr «|lplil>l   Mf -Uld I '.InpilllV 11-   It   III IV  IPC
.   mgel „| families iu Nonh Vammiver, lint m- lit. and lhe ItOOVO nnd Clerk uf the said
. i ii'uiiniii shall give t. ilm clmllnglolgen rvanls.atlheri I Corporall ire hereby authorised to
,    ,.,..„, i, i,,-i,i, i: iu-,   ,  „. 11.00 lor thin v trips, such tickets to be executo and dollvor the uecesiary mil
. an,, oilier i            ■      im not iransleralihi and subject to lorfelture of Dale lo carry such transler.
irmn cars In'il.o Mnnlelpnlln', Ilm ilghi l] Improperly I. I». The Company shall be bound U>
lo run their ears m i id ilmrl pro- Conimuinilon tickets, giving twonti  j italn a regular service on tho said
ilfleil sncl panv shall lirsl     - IIIU  trip   fine dollari and for single lerry. as provided by paragmph Ave (fl)
i,..,,,,, , ni nub ii.  Ken   Com. lares, ten rents,   Iny |ic«on owl ig u uf Ihls Indenture nt all seasons, unless
pimMC   Nu I'll K   IS   IIMIKUV    0IVKH
I        llllll    llll'    V.all'    ,ll     III,'     lil"!!"!.     "I     Ul"
lU'llirl ill Sellli Viuiiiiiiht Wall lia' ml" II "II
llie Nurlli Viaiia.-iivar Kerry lly-l.iv. IM, mt
\V,..|li,-il.i),tln-.'.lliilai- ul lie. .'iiilier. IM, I'll-
twii'lllh,. linliraiiUn III Mini 7 ,,VI,,l-k |l. III.,
■ml llml witlnu Die  MUDllilpil  ball.  Kollh
Viuii'iiiui'r i Hmi Aii'isiiiiin I'hilip has boon
B| I'lilnliil lliillitlilllll Olllii.r in lull' Um lulo ol
moti oloetnrs villi ilm aiual powui In Dial in-
ball. By order ol tlio Couaoll,
aiinoi.i. k. Kiai.v, Roars,
Aim I'uii in, U. M.C.
Districtof North
I llir CunilrUOtlon uf n llrlilsr. arru'i tnrlno
ua Blalh sirret, «uil lur Isylua ildowalk on
Titiuiili itroet,
»|iri'lfli'«ll»iiscsnl* IiaiI nl llii' Muuli'li'al
11.11. itlmri'I'inlora noiil Im li'ilRi'il on ur lie.
lure 7illiin'i'luik uu Die SU' uf lici'i'inlii'r.liiixt.
AliHX, I'iiii.ii',
S. Gintzburger
The North Vancouver
161 Cordova Street
On Monday evening the adjourned special meeting, of the
C'luucil nnd representatives til the
I ny company was held in tlie
municipal hall re the proposed,
new agreement for improved ferry
service. Reeve Kealy presided
and Councillors May and Mordcn
veru present. Clerk I'hilip was
also in liis place. Municipal Solicitor Taylor, Mr. Ilamoisly and
Mr. Quinn, president ami manager
of the company respectively, and
Mr. McNeil, the company's solicitor, were present. The draft of
the new by-law was discussed at
length and formally passed.
Reeve Kealy presided at Wednesday night's meeting of the
municipal council. Councillors
Allen, May and Morden were present, Councillor Cornish being
A. St. (i. Haineraley, et al,,
petitioned to have included ill the
pioposed  improvements  of  Sl,
Andrew's avenue, that portion ol
said avenue, between First street
and the Waterfront    Laid over.
A. II. Curtis, applied for a side-1
walk on Twelfth street, north side, I
Irom Lonsdale avenue, a distance
oi  So feet.   Granted.
Tbos. 0, Mills, wrote request-'
ing a sidewalk built on north side
nl Twelfth street to Chesterfield
avenue,   Granted.
M. A. Russell, wrote asking that;
loo-foot lane be opened, east froml
Walden's property. Referred to
board of works.
J. T. Tucker, contractor, asked j
lot an extension ol time on his
Lonsdale avenue contract. Grant- j
Albert Briniacoinbe, bill of (io
Inr nnt, woiid, limits, etc. Order
ed paid.
Geo. Hartley, wrote requesting a
sidewalk tube built on Fourteenth
Street, east of Lonsdale avenue.
Board ol works empowered to
Construct same.
Henry Keeley, wrote asking thai
a ditch be dug on Fifth street,
idiick 12b. Referred lo board ol
Alex. Hill, el al, petitioned to
have Nineteenth street cleared,
graded and put in proper shape
(or vehicular traffic, between Durham anil Wtilllison avenues, and
also to have boulevards on both
sides cleared and put in propel
order. Referred to board of works.
Norman MeLeod, ttoi, owners
ol lots on l-'irst street, in block
155, asking permission to remove
without charge or cost to council,
gravel or other material, which
may be necessary to prevent water
from (lowing over the sidewalk in
(rout ol their lots. Referred to
board o( works with power to act.
Hon. R. F. Green, Hon. R, Ci.
Tallow, Hon. R, McBride, wrote
regarding construction of roads in
government lands in municipality
Received and referred lo committee.
R, II. Sperling, manager of the
I) C. Electric Railway Company,
that the bridge on First street
will be completed this week.
Topper & Griffin, barristers, 1
enclosing a copy ol notice of application to ibe Dominion parliament tn incorporate a company to
be called the Hurrard, West-
minster Houndary Railway &
Navigation Company.   Filed.
C. C. Fisher, government agent,
wrote enclosing water record,!
number 133, issued to the corporation ol the district of Nortli Vancouver (or Hoo inches ol water out
ol Seymour creek.    Filed,
From Wilson, Seukler & liloom-
field, barristers, wrote on bcliall ol
Mr. Manual Silva, protesting
against any grant of foreshore for
any purpose as set out in Mr.
Kobt. McNair's notice, dated 24th
of October, 1006.   Filed,
11. Hose, honorary secretary of
the Union of B, C. Municipalities,
wrote that the union will meet
early in January at Victoria and
inviting suggestions,    Laid over,
W. J. Cunningham, secretary,
enclosing copy uf petition to petition provincial government to
establish a university lor higher
education at Central Park. Laid
over (or luture reference.
T. Nye wanted to know when
electric lights would be put up at
corner of Twenty-second street and
Lonsdale avenue, also one on
Seventeenth street. Ligltt committee to look into matter.
The plans of Mr. Kadeniiaclier
sub-dividing lot 1, block 6, district
lot 548 were approved.
Mr. Hughes' plan of subdivision of lot 3,7X4.    Laid over.
A. D. Nye's sub-division ol pan
of lot 2026, accepted.
Mr. Roberts' three plans were
accepted, namely : (1) Block J2rt,
district lot 545, G. I., New Westminster district; (a) Lot 2, block
229, district lot 545, G. I,, New
Westminster district ; (3) Lot 5,
block 230.
Mr. W. J. Dick's plan of lot 2
and b, block 19, district lot 549,
Messrs, Hunbiiry & Gill submitted proposed sketch o( plans ol
sub-division of lot 204, anil asked
if council would allow high potential wire line to be removed to
another route.   Agreed.
LOO  p\M.
ll was agreed to bear half the
cosl of blowing out a jam of logs
on Lynn creek, in a line wilh
Nineteenth street, with the B. C.
Electric Railway Company.
Tenders were, opened as (ollows :
St. Andrew's avenue, between
Fourteenth stieet and Keith
road -McLennan & Cameron, $i,-
200 ; Askew and Kennedy, Jl,22j :
Wm. Snider, $1,200. Awarded to
Mr. Snider.
Froiiiine road—Askew & Kennedy, t i,i oo, puncheon, per foot,
18 cents; |. M. Froiiiine, 51,025,
puncheon, per loot, 15 cents.
Awarded to Mr. Froinnie.
Westover road—J. M. Froinnie,
$1,850, puncheon, per foot, 15
cents; Askew & Kennedy, Hi,600,
puncheon, per loot, 15 cents:
Askew & Kennedy's tender was
lloskin's road—-J. M. Froinnie,
$1,675, puncheon, per foot, 15
cents j Askew & Kennedy, $1,575,
puncheon, per loot,  15   cents,
Askew  &  Kennedy's  tender   was
Esplanade, 1,200 (eel, from Si.
George's avenue to Lonsdale garden's Askew & Kennedy, $1,400 1
McLennan & Cameron, $1,500.
Awarded to Askew it Kennedy,
" I suppose," said the reporter, " that it is true that
you intend to build to Vancouver also?"
"Vou may depend upon it," said Mr. Hays, "we
will have to come to Vancoiiver sometime."
There being no location to be had in Vancouver, it
is self-evident that North Vancouver will be the terminal.
The Vancouver, Westminster and Yukon Railway now
have survey parties out making permanent locations lor
their road to the north.
The car-barns and headquarters o( the B C. [leclric
Railway Company are located in District Lot 273.
R, Kerr Houlgate, Manager
Clearing on side oi   Lonsdale
avenue, near Seventeenth street
Kobt. Blackburn, $97; Askew &
Kennedy, $150.   Mr. Blackburn's
lender wns ai copied.
Keith road,  west approach   to
Capilano river, about hall a mile
-W.   Snider,   $1,500.    Left   to
Councillor. May ami Engineer Balmain.
The reports of tlie board of
works, water works and police
Committees were of a routine
nature and were read and passed.
The by-law to straighten Moody
avenue was passed,
The North Vancouver Ferry Bylaw was passed.
I'lansof the proposed new bridge
over ravine on Third street east,
120 feet long, were submitted liy
the engineer, ll was decided to
call lor tenders (or a bridge 20
feet in width.
The meeting then adjourned.
District of North
Bank of B. N. A.
The savings department ol the
Bank nf H. N. A. is one ol the
special features of this great financial institution. Everybody should
lay hy a few dollars for a rainy
day. Deposits are received iii
amounts from $i tip. Encourage
the boys and tfirls to thriftiness
and advise them to open an accounts of their own.
To Appropriate the Lands
Necessary for Straightening a Part of Lynn Valley
Road, and to Provide for
Granting Deed to Recon-
vey Lands To Be Exchanged.
What might have been a ver)
serious accident and loss to tin
Brackman-Ker Milling Company
took place on Tuesday at noon
The horses had beon unbridled
and unhitched, ready for the
stable. Horse No. i was al tin
trough when horse No. 2 started
to follow, with one tiitf still hooked
to the whiffletrec. Thc tongue of
the wagon flew round and hit him
Thus frightened) he bolted,
taking the empty wagon with lii 111
over the wharl into the water.
Luckily, the tide was full, which
cheeked the fall. No damage was
done, except the loss ol time and
lyiiEHKAS, that part of lyaN
11 Valley Itund «< dull nod by "Lynn
Valley Road By-tow, MR," which extendi
Northerly-from {Seventeenth itreet t*> Nun'-'
tecuthitrcet,andal right angles lo Heventeeulb
Btreot, will form part ol Moody Avenue
wiiirh bin inui registered m H Bund through
Diurlct Lol .'4o, but lhe centre Hue ol laid pirt
of the Lynn Valley Ruad li distant 21 ten Bait-
wardi 1 1 lhe centre ol iha rail ol wld Uoody
Avenue-and ll iidoeme I desirable to straighten
the snld Avenue
Tbo re (ore, tn u hereby enacted bj lhe Reeve
and Counell of tho Corporal! f the District
of North Vancouver iu Council Mumbled ai
follows namely
1. For Um- purpose 'ii Heightening out lhe
laid Moody Avenue, so far aa .1 forms pin ol
tbe Lyun Valley Koad, and of opening, making,
uitngaudpreserving aaa i"11 ol Mid Publli
Highway known ai Lynn Vallej Road thoiaid
Corporation enters upon, expropriate! and
takei All ind Singula! tlmt parcel or area dI
Iniul iluiate in,'-ni'i i-«rt nl Distrii 1 Loi if, in
iiii' Municipality ni Sorth Vancouver, Provlm 1
••f iti.ti.iit Columbia, more particularly do*
icrlbedai follows, namely 1 Commencing ai
tin.1 point ol Inionoctlon ol the pro
tbe Westerly Boundary of Moody t venue, n
registered, wlih the North Boundary ol Ibe
i.j nn Valloy Road, thence Northerly mid in
the lame straight line with the laid Weiterl)
Boundary, CM feet more or leu, to u point on
thu Bouth Boundary ol iha laid Nineteenth!
Btroot,ai registered, distant 15W fool li  the
point ol lntoneotlon of tho Ban Boundar) ol
Bt, Andrew'i Avenue with ibe laid Bouth
Boundary, thence Baaterl) along the Bouth ilde
of Nineteenth Slreol 21 feel more or leu, 1*1 iln
Went Boundary ol the Lynn Valloy Road;
thenceSoulhi rlj along the laid Weil Bounder)
"i iii" Lynn VHlley Road COI feci more di leu to
tbe point ol which nld Boundary deflects to 1
the Wi'st, thence Westerly along the Nnrtb 1
Boundary of the Lynn Vallej Road 11 let 1 mon
.11 |eai in tho polni ol commencement. iall
parcel tolng strip dI land 21 lei 1 In hi ith
addodlothe Weitaldool ad reiald poi I
tho Lynn Valley Road, ai shown colorwl blue
on plan deposited in the Und Registry Office
in Vancouvei aud number
2, in dxi liange tot the pari 01 area ol inn-]
.|,h ifled and appropriated lu*     11U111
of, the aald Corporation hereby sttipn op as a
Road or Btrcet, or part thereof, All ami
Bingularthal parcel or area ol l.nml iltuate In
and forming pari ol nld Dlilrlot Lot 6.V). more
particularly described as foBowi, namely: *
Commencing at no iron pnl planted on tbe
Bait side of the Lynn Valtey Bond, at a point
diMHlit Inun Ilie Nortb>WMl C0IUBI of Block 83,
nt shown nn a I'inli disunited  In  the  Und        s'
Registry Office in Vancouver and regiitercd ■■
['Ihii Number 1079on the following courses and
dtataocei: N. (6 deg. st mlu. K., along the
North Boundary of ."Hid Block and the pro*
ductlonthorcnfHTSfeet, thence N. 31 deg. 21
mm. W, fid feet; thence from the true Hut of
commencement N.tt deg. ft mlu. \v, cut feet
more or leu to an Iron poet planted; titenec fl,
BSdeg r, mln W.8I loot; thence B. %. deg. u
min. K. 691 feet; thence K. w den, i" mln. K. 31
feet moro or lens tn point of commoncement,
and Mid tu contain one third (' ,1 of an acre be
the lame moro <»r leu,«»shown colored red on
liim deposited in (he Uml Registry Office and
And authority ii hereby given to diiposo ol
ind to execute nnd deliver Deed of Land ol
said last mentioned parcel 01 Hrea ot land in
the North Vancouver Und A Improvemen
Company, Limited, In eichango and ai a nm-
»1'eralion Inr the parcel nr area ul land ex-
proprlatod by fleetlou 1 of thli By*law, Inr the
purpoio of straightening mid street or Itoad,
andjuch Deed ihall be eiecuted by the Recto
and Clork, and ualcd with the Ciiporate Seal
ul tin' Corporation
3. Thli Hv-Ihw mny he olted lor nil purposes
hr tliu" Moody Avenue Bylaw, 19067'
patted bj Ihe Council on the Seventh day of
November, IflOd,
Reconsidered by the Council and finally
adopted on the Twenty-flnt day of Movumben
ALU. Cm; ii1. AhNoi.u K. Kialv,
District of North
n North Vancouvei win bn held in the
Municipal Hull, North Vancouver, mi PHday,
33rd Instant, al I o'clock p m., t«* conitdor pro-
poied dom Agreement with ihe North Vancouver Perry A Powei Company* By order of the
Council, ALXX.Pllll.ll-,
(', M. C.
lllllllll   li. ■
Barrister, Solicitor, Wan. Bk
TllaaMl'-">  Hi „ h. NOHTH Va>■ ■.I IL. II. C.
UIII  K   Ma    mat.   K, *l   A    I,   I,   II 1 B. II.
Ha ma a; li   \    A   «   !l,ini, II A.
liiiiTivlifs, Etolirilon,
lUnricx, Etc.
  r-     II     '•'     A      lllllllllni,    VlHliaalll'lT.  imt
imu a 11 in,., a. ' ii Vmcoum, ■fill, i:\rllRSS, XllllTH VAilUom'l'B, n. c
nI 0CK   10 9
Fo i      loot Us
. . r lot, Iai
|   ' '.
Ly, n Valley Notes.
M. I'. Westover has received
.innihi i i a n a;"iiirni nl fruit trues.
I ie iiii li two loads of poultry to
mark-1 the past week.
Mr.  Underwood, who  owns ;.
pi aa-. ,      i hi    .uia' in i'n vi, iniii
I "•■ rill  ■ '■■■      •'<'.' ti       'me li i u aipam'i
Uin   r* i Iv lo build,  iii
,  ■ ,. ,7/ hold iln
'     EHK HI. mi. I
ik, om\ .■■<••■
JUM .   '   '
n :^ ■•' ■■ ■
'' i  Pavilion, S i"
i     mivcr,  I"  transact   mel
.        , ■■  j.i :':   •       ■
■    .
77/i's'. CLARK,
J   ::■■     ■ i.
' ir//i I'n ■".., ni ■■ Nov. 22 'Ofl
ttin   •   idy i" '.mild.  Hi
a;      in  move  hero with hi*
I mill} in the spring,
Mi   ,'inva 11,  who runs several
i uin houses in  Vancouver, has
j nu liaaed    the   place    formed)
i ;u v,   ind will
t hen   with   his   111
next M .
■Ir. r  and hci
Im in,'  in California, i i
r ie l.\;i.i Vail \
A Social Function.
.      . .   -  KXI'KI   ■"•■ '
_ Patents....
Anyoi        ■ .   ..        ■ '        Mnl
. .
inuiili'i nni    11.1     H *':l
6     .• ' I' »■ '  '•>
'i     '■!    '   ' -S.       I        ''
..IM     I••7k   I   ■•       /a-' a
IT-StK  '
Rolled Oats
• :i ai I
MHIinq to*
Harry Mi in
Pin,    :.'■•■    I'oi   '
Cauliflower Plants, m own In
Sutton's Si-eds, alwa; i on hand
••;'. fan"
■ ■
• CO.,
1       I)      i g ve n party to
h      i ndi last v. ''ilm sda\ c\ n*
it ll e  li   i .  Marki I   hall.
1   ,va   ■ ■.   .  aii  honor ol C,   II.
v. ho   i. i uin il    ft tun
ifti i an ahseuceol c gin
rears. I ho ■ ; res. nl at the Davie's
s led pattj    . re :    Miss A. G >n-
■ In , Mis   -> Miller, F. Gas| ,ird,
Miss \. ' i       Ivi s,  |.  Ih ise,  |
Hamilton,   \V,
Irs, C. Woods,
r      I Mi lillhery, Mrs.
i        i ugiiturs, Mr,
' Miss I..  Kirk-
Ken v.  J.   Des-
■ ss M, Hamilton,
ii.   li ms,   Many   ol
Id  Carahoi iies.
:u  ii o'clock.
a very much bj
'     "Hl t0glltll°i ;     Kl.r.-n"'
,lse  must  make   them
'   I   Hal.
\ ,,, id)   -onl; father,
lolmdv-shaml in thn packet go«
       ■ ■   ttlH'li:rn,
l-hcn     • »J """■ ,h   ""
ll i
Impendent   onl lather.
Suhoil) thinks where tin   moncj
will   ■    ■
r.,,1,,. ii,« hills that gathei,
.„;„,,   Ms so blue and glnm ,
N.iia.i.ii    but lather,
•'    I ' •''  ,1 1
,     ,d woathel,
I run'* I ■   "■     U""1,V'
:,'..!" i :    only lal    i
.,,.,,.  comes from the world's
1 lIl.T
To nioel dearoni'S who g.uh'-i
round will [welcome warm,
Noboilj    onl* father.
/,')' 777f: UNDERSIGNED
Oil Ok
Nobody knows ol the home life
BLOCK   33,   DISTRIC1   LOI   550.
The   [North   Vancouver Specialist
Ilil Corilovn Street.
I  _■ nmma-
*..-—- — ——-
wS'c.1.    r by a mother . ^^.^w*W^^*^***^^*'
"le" rest .-nul i      '      !   " "''   •        . ~-y_        _
Nobody can   bm lather.
... T,
•cars the author ol thi following •••
lim sperci ivi s wherein the Irani, r   5
I ihe British North America Act I?
Dominion of America.
In looking bad  some .\S •"■ -I'
i-nf •—•
Is* a glorious bevernge—quenching and
satisfying, Rcniomhev there's no other
"just as good"—insist on getting Rainier.
'-' •'■,-'
•       '    '. >■ ■ '"
*   * . .• ■*.    .    .      -      I
.. .
■-    r ■   '
1 '   ■ . • ' ,
tut tf
iti I.
■     '        . I
m^hjHsial •■ m i    it, ROD athti'
[ j rii'ov.-i'.i 'I ... rtan a to       ' ■      Addrtn, i
IH. B.
;' :
■     ,  ■■
V     I
'.'. .     Hi     will
:.    ;.    '
a. ... :;      Oilipii ted,     ...
■■ '■
lip   nil   till
'AI1S    Spoil!
rl Democrats:
1 ■■ i    ■     nlj Demoi ral on tha
I.    That looks liki
tough lucl
I i ol Capt. |. Gossi
lo   M       IVrl irdt   to ik   place
ecent        l. ■■    Harington per-
His mnny
riends * n with Tin   Ex
i:ould have suggested a more ap
ropriati in than the one bj
liich     -       loved   i   iintry   is
mown, and h' rebj   su| gests the
Dominion of Amci
Vnti: lul
1 i ii iniiiale I     I n : ol late ;
V'uir S tt i     ii i* orl( li see.
So ia ■
1 In land a.: good md '.'a a.
Thy suns su iall, thy daughters
The best that earth can sec.
om with Tm   iix-|...   -     , , ,
i'i i -• in „vi, • r,,,. ,.,,., . , a .-       Miss Canada, your baby name
■ i    in • mi . i ng congratulations'        , '
Wi cherish, as we do our lame.
la .i childish names must gn lor aye
Nocody But Father.        ,' Dominion of America,
Su lute's to 11 miinion—
1 In honest, true and tree
I.i i not the Sh; loi I; nur tin si il
Be ever seen na tin i
,) Vancouver, B. C.
iVi   ..: '  pleasure in . lvising the residents ol North
Vancouvei  that we can deliuer,  until further   notice,
One Load Mill Wood, Stove Lengths, $1.75
lln-ee      "       "       "       " 4.73
Cash On Delivery.
Dominion ol America,
!;,     .   .. ng poem is floating
i   orttinatcly,   no   one
,  ',.,    ..' •■ i.i iti  tin  ".' ni :     .
i the money it <akc? j Qinm.|s ,i,e don't invite ;
I    li*   ;    ■ e In ai i  tof-ethei      ■ . ,. w;|]
■    ol   lh«  d.l't   it  «u.   onssl        o
Allow her nann "J Wig."'
So hen's io Dominion—
Xhc beaver and the leaf.
Thy daughters lair, thy sons so
ills hats with a leather: rare,
:   clothes   musl!    shall never come lo gnel,
N'nl od   In ivs- but father.
io , ■'. know i lhat the boys nei d
, . i
eh ' ' I
only father,
Nob 11   hi. i    that the coal and
I ''■  *0'1
D, *i. Dick,
North \ im   nver,  B.  C,  No
,. mb i •' ■      '
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Ai.ivANiiiM Pabk—0:05 a. in., 11:25, 0:48, 7:05, 7:25, 7:45, U:I0. 8:811, 8:60,
0:10, OflO, 0:50, 10:10, 10::!0, 10:50, 11:10, 11:30, 11:50, 12:10, 12:80, 12:50,
Fmiui   (1:16a, in., ll:85, l',:65, 7:15, 7:35, 8:00, 8:20, 8:40, nam. 11:20, 0:40,
10:00, In 20, 10:40  11:00, 11:20, 11:40, 12:00, 12:20, 12:40, 1:00 p. in,
\i...i a,:.a I'aiik -1:10 p in., 1:30, 1:50, 2:10, 2:30, 2:50, 3:10, 3:80, 3:50,
l:lii. 1:30, >:■>". 5:10, 5:30, 5:50 11*10, II: 0, 0:80, 7:10, 7:30, 8:00, 8:30, 0:00,
11:30, 10:00, 10:30, II 00, 11:30, 12:00,
I'KHii     I   i) p. in., 1:40, 2:00, 2:20, 2:10, 3:00, 3:20, 3:40, 4.•*), 1:2,1,4:10,
- 5 2u, •',■:'. -,: ■'   a 20 'Hia'. 7:00,7:20, 7:40, 8:1 . 8:i5, lt.15, 0:4«, 10:16,
III   ■  :    a ,  ii;!;,, ;:m.,.
Si'Mi ivs  i'iiis staii! Irom Alexiiiiilrn park nt8:10, iiiiii cmuu'et with tlio8:30
Till   l;n. ' I. '"'i is -iihju'l In :iltiTiili"ii. U.  li. I'.l'slinliv.
Real Estate and Insurance | ctadf
* Juarti r-acre   lots.   Si 50 ;   15
down, *io b month i no interat Call in aud see what you can
Cleared  Lots,  one block from        , .„ 0W11 t(JWn.   V(m
•Ml'. > ton, -ii 11 1
-' will Iir surunsuu now much
"""' s"Iun""""VmM' *"'" mm*' I   parcel-carrying you can save.
'  [)
i: '
1            1 . •     1 firsi
il       ! a:'..
I*   ■■ ■. ■ St,
11,™ niiftllD OfSI [?
;.i Um-jjl]«Li\ M to
1 Bl
General Commission and Insurance
\ti ills, Loans Negotiated, Lie . .
v. i' have a No. 1 1-isi of the best l',u im ss and Itcsidi ntal Lots
Iso ,1 niiinber ol lim   Lots,        50M   : feet, beauti
1 r you.   Pric* fm foi
•      'il ' ' '   ".  a     ',;.a:    '
, ','• '  Ollll .''   f,      I   '..       ' I     '
, '       I'ln Lots are just the th
I'll re Mod ;
1        a      ■.   ,        Ii •    ■■    nltiire or |n ...'     i. to tl
I      . listriei and handy I marki 11   al nJ j
I     11 - ■   (01 s mu '•!
II ymi    i'l i" disp  ul your property, and youi prices .11
il   or ' on, and ive cu 1 runi   out 1   1
"'     " ■""  'I',    l'i lies,   ,1
' i        ■..'.'   .*. rfs*1, :«rvV--l-«aflWaaV<S
•       ,'■'      .  '.s     a.
s,„, m1 rule* I" InmllleS
HI       ,1,1,1   HCIaliir I'.'Ulalar-.
linVI.N  i'r  BILLINGS
Cmer La Vvc nnd I'ii'tli St.
.   , m ..,.    11   or VOU, aim wn in- • . ...
,,  ,,       Wi   Havi  tin   Properl.es, and Ougl.l
Xo He Able to Suit Vou.
EVF.S & »!
:!Vi4-.' '•.'/'•      :/-'''r'
1   Ul' .'.
I ■
Branch, s
.   ■ ■        ' ' .    .
Dnpartn    1
Office, Cor. Lonsdale Ave '      '   lorll. Vancouver, B. C,
Men's und Women's Made in Box
Call, Veiour Call und Vice Kid
Ml with Visa - "d Watcrprool
:„ |es, A 1I1 'I- 1 lily reliable
hoot (or a r.mii day	
Prices!  $4.50, $5, $5.50, $6. ,
,;■  liasl W.. Van on ei
(20 Ounce Tins)
2  FOR  25  CENTS.
J. A. McMILLAN, the Esplanade
*-ty$ A
Till: HPSit:&$.


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