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Nuktii Vancouver, B.C., Ti-ksday, Septkmhkr 13, l'JlO
Number 2.1
At 111 o'clock 1101111 on Kridny, Sept. lol noi eminent men nnd nl  the end of
Ulh,  the seienlli  nninuil  exhibition of,^'' JMH  lhe IIM would lierotni! th,
lhe North Vancouver llorticillilllill
.*-". imi iiiiii I*',*,rulers' lii-tiinl.. mi-
tlirmin ,,|.en t,, thu public with infur-
nml eeneaaay, tin* aaUal batag date
l.'.i   till   llie   elellillg.
Taken ns ii ii Imle lhe (nil* inli I
siiitoss nnd the displays ill llio he'.*
end   classes   showisl  |   su|iol unity   out
previous jenrs. ih,. lir-t itnpiussinu
thia yenr wus recoiled liom  tin* Mg
iiiineiit   abnalag of (ruit, t-apaeially
tipples, whiih |M to show thnl lhe
North  Shore  in well  adapted  to (nnt
ranching aad ihi. «•> well rote) by
lhe Hon. f, |„ Cii-ier Cotton in lhe
cloning when he iiiipressisl the fastOB
the   iiiilnls   ol his hearers   and   urged I
upon  ihein the ii.siiniiiiity of  taking
iiiiinnlinte action with ti view to ae-
miring a government ifcM d, inonstrii-
tion   ol'i llnlal.
i'he hoi 1 kii11iii:il hull wns Illleil to
uvcrlluwilig  with exhibits  whnh    wen*
most eilinmitiv arranged.   Most ol the
classes     wele   ,,|H*II   only     lo    loenl     e\
liil.iiois nml ns ii result loenl effort
waa thpiv in full lone, ihe main
lloor was o,ni|iiisl with Iniil nnd ve
genthles mnl piasentiitg u most ehar -
ing ap]ieuraliiv was the llornl exhibits of Messrs. Simpson nml Wight, local llainsi-, who occttpiiHl two llOU'
tnliles and the Koyal Nurseries ol
Vuiiiouvrr.     i'he platform wns   taken
up wnh tiowers and ilomesii. a mam
exhibits while the room adjoining wn-
hilcd with the ladies' fancy work. In
all the ,l.i--,- .,iiu|ie(ition wa. keen
evee|it in the horses «liere Mr. -lollti
I ana* a *n    of    Hollyhllrn   a ill I iill    off  llll
iin* iinin pii pnmt,
Al I o'eloek in the evening n lacgl
Crowd ussi'inhlisl and an hour wns
s|»*ni in LaajMlhtg llie eihiliits after
wlinli the president uiiiiouin.sl that
lhe  Hon.   t,  I..  Carter-t'ollon,   mem
iW    fair    Uia lilllilllll,    lllllllal    lllllelllil*    de
dare lhe seienlli niiinitil evhibition in
Korth Viniioinei ,,p,n. IWore intro
■ lm inir Mr. Cotton, Mr. Keene said In
was henrtlly plens.sl lo sn' s,, mnui
l'ie-inl n- ill former units the ooea*
-inli   lliul   not   lieen   ipiile   -o   well   pat
ionized. Ile lii.|*c*l ihat Mr. Cotton
ii.mid Iniui; to bear his milm lice with
lhe goii-rnm.-lll for nllllitiotlal euppuil
to the local undei Inking, nlthuiigh he
ncknowledgisl that it laid lo a huge
extent with the residents to -ay whe
ther the government nid would be increased as the aid Mind ml-in na
.ordnnee mth the tneiuls'iship. Thu
society hnd only nhout I.lll member-
uml ii should havi tIini' or four hun
Iii'l.  lie  thoughl.
Mr, Cotton was received with an u
iation. lie wns pleased to be preaent
In o|ieu another exhibition in No rth
\ niii ouver and hc was mon> lhan
pleased  to note (nun a general    look
lilllilllll   that    the   ilelel..|inionts   in    lhe
Man! exhibits had nime up to hi
anticipations It un- ei idem lorn
the showing that North Vaneo'iii-r
was well adapted to fruit growing*
lie  -uw    that   almost  every  .lnss   ol
lliiil wus Icpiosonloll mill the ((Unlit)
Hns     up    to    {he   Iiest    aal. lllllllll     whiell
quilt warranted the nick name given
lo the  Ninth  Shore ol the "Suiislime
Plan", '  lie wus eaty wny la hen
that there was a lack of local su,ipa.lt
ns ihis was a mailer whnh ever, re
H.leni should lake pride and inures!
in, II,* believed that il gaod .,'nrden
lag ami * uini iii'iii VM inn "in. tgad il
would hnve a good effect oll lhe cily
llllll add III the plea.lire- of lunne life
lie trustisl thnl next unn would M
lhe nietnlH.rship having rou'liiil the de
n'cd  iiumlier.
Mr. Cotton paid a Ittiag tribute to
the late   lt. 0, Tatlow who wns   the
lutigator ol this general woetmmA
in agriculture in lliis province and il
was the endeavor of the government
lo continue and cany out the work
s!nrted Ivy him. "N'olhing Is too
gAoil lor Uichtnoinl riding," remarked
Mi. loll.ui. and "I assure voti 1 will
tlo uiiylhing I can to lurther lhe in
tetests oi Ihis plnn* nnd this a-socin
He tone ii summary al lhc inlcii
lions ol lha government in establish
intr demonstiulion orchards all ovm
the |.loiin,c in smh a milliner that
lata would lie a source of information
and a model illicit the surrounding
community could Map tha benefit
from, i'echnicnl knowledge would also
Ih' furnished by government aaptrtl at
these demonstration larms. The plan
to be followed in establishing these
orchards was lor n community or person to pro! ide | plot "f *ri natc. The
•oiieiiimoiil would clear and dill innr
il and set out ftuit trees. i'he or
chard would he under tho nu|ierviaioi>
pio|M'tty ol the land owner, i'he gov
min t  "ould also innl,.iink,, i,, boat
the ,.x|stises over and above the n*
cipls lor lhat period.
Mi.  I a,lion  thought  thut  sil.it a me
lliod would  prow |  locit  aid and il
 "tnl lo Inm llml it ought to lie Boa
sible f,,i North Vancouver to have one
of these orchnrils if they Would exert
thrniscltes iii llial connection. The
settlement ol the location ol these orchards would lie finished in alKiut five
weeks aud il was essential lhat local
ml. rest should take action al oiiiv.
Uireclors .lackson and T. A. Martin
also spoke und made a strong np|*al
for loud patronage. Mr. Cotton then
ileclarnl the exhibition open. A short
musical program concluded the olil, inl
o|».|iing a on monies.
Mr. Cotton afterwards iiitimnU-d
that il Ueove McNaught would nego*
tiute a road for him to his pro|n*rty
along the Keith lioad he might join
with the N'orih Vancouver growers
and a smile indicated thai (icrhnps he
might be approachisl successfully in
• oniie.!ion with providing the demon*
-tuition  onhanl.
The exhibition this year was in
ei mi way commendable, but there
wa- a noticeable lack of local interest
and patronage without which it ia
impossible to run the show on n sue*
..--ful line.
The .second and last day (Saturday)
a.f lhe exhibition was fairly well attended. The exhibits in the hall were
the attractions and outside on the
grounds lhe North Vancouver .-it>'
hand proi idisl a musical | r*i*_-**aain
throilglioui  the day.
The feature ol the allcmoon »n the
children's s|mrla. The events ami
pri/e winners were :
Following is the official b-t ol prize
winners :
1. Throwing the cricket bnll-1, A.
Ili'll ; 2, II. Turner.
•1. UK) yards Ilat ran', Ihivs under
I I-l, Vi. Trout; 2, A. Hell,
.'I. Long jump, hoys over III—1, F.
Anders ;a I, V. Simp-oii.
I. lisi yards, Ihivs oier 111, H.
Winn ;  2.  t,  Anders,
ii. High jump, boys over 11—I, F.
Anders; 2, W. I'rotit.
fi. Ilirls' race—1, Mildred I'rout; 2,
lila McLean.
7. llo yard-, lm)- WU II l| »•
Smith; '2, f. I'rout.
g, Sack race, opcn-1, la Hnrmcis
ter ; '2, M. lirahame.
II. Manx race, open-T, liutmri-ter
and Hell ; 2, Hiplook ami Smith.
in. Tug-olwar, winner, Anders. C,
lliplo.k, l!ell, Kieldhoitse, Hurmei«'.er
and  .lackson.
11. Hills' handicap rnai—I, Alberta
**.|e.*i,.v ; '2, I., .lohnnaon.
12. Hirls' manx race-l, liln Bd
wards and  Alln-itn  Steacy.
Mr. I,. B. Hodge, loial manager ol
the II. C, Telephone Co. in lllis city,
laid lite corner stone ot thc first solid
brick uud stone building in the city.
The ceremony look plai-e on lllh
stni't nl the company's new central
ollice which is being rushed to com
plelioti More the wet weather sets in
and also in order lo relieve the stress
of business which is crowding the pic
sent otliae in the .lunction block. On
lv the North Vnncouver olliciuls of ths
company were ill attendance but ihn
significance ol the affair was of gen
mai interest and wenl lo jitstily tlm
solidity of the plain as a |-crnitinciil
cily in which capital is being vcalod
A splendid time was enjoyed nl the
Canyon View hotel last Friday evening when the occasion ii'leblatid was
the bin Inin! of Mrs. P. Larson, wiin
ol the proprietor. The guests numbered ahoul thirty who sat down to
un eight curse dinner in the spacious
and beautiful dining room of the ho
tei. Mr. A. K. Sheltoit snt at the
head of the tabic and performed the
functions ol toast  master.
After the dinner was ronrludid the
party adjourned to the large silting
room where singing and playing provide,! lirst class entertainment for lhe
halance of the evening. The singing ol
Mi. W. K. and .1. Wylie Donaldson of
favorite Scottish airs were es|ieoinlly
appreciated. Mr. 11. V. Maker also
contributed a number of songs to the
program. Miss Olga Larson presided
at thc piano and to corded her lieu-
era a lew ol her choicest instrument
ais which were duly applauded
Among those preaent were Mr. ami
Mrs. Larson, Mr. and Mrs. MoAllist r,
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, the Missee Larson, Mrs. Leisrh, Mrs. Powell, A. McAllister, Harry Milchell, ,). Church, L.
Wilkie, ,1. Wylie Donaldson, W. K.
Donaldson, A. K. Shelton nnd 11. V.
Haker, F. .lenkins, J. MiDougall, Mrs.
Chines., .1. S. Kogers, (i. K. Hughae,
I!   healer, K. S. Keith.
Apples,  Duchess ol Oldenburg—1,  .1.
I   Waiods; 2, Mm. V. •!. Irwin.
Apples,  fatal   Transparent- I.  Mr..
Irwin ; 2. Mrs.  Schultz.
Apples, Alexander I, Sister Mary
tiny , I, A.  I'.. Kealy.
Apples,    llaldwin   I,   Mrs.     C,     t
Kisuie , 2, Mrs. Irwin.
Apples,   lien   Davis-1,   Mrs.   C, (1.
Apples, Hlenheim Orange—I, Mrs. W.
•I.  Irwin ; 2, Mr«. Kingslm,
Apple-, Canada lioinette—I, C. S.
keene ; 2. Sistei   Mary Amy.
Apples, lins'iiing It. l.-l, Mra. Irwin.
Apples, liraiciisiein I, Mrs. Irwin;
2, A. K. Kealy.
Apple-,  .lonathan—1, ;
J. S. II. Schullz. ...
Apple-, King ,,f iompkins-1, C. S.
Kisuie ; 2, Mrs. Irwin.
Apples, Northern Spy—I, Mrs. Irwin | 2, Mrs.  Keene.
Apples, (illntario-1, Sister Mary
Apples, Pippin-T, Mrs. btM| -.
Mr-,  (twin.
Apples, Hisl Aslrachall I, Mr-
he* in , '2,   \.  I',  Kealy.
\pplcs,     Iti,    ell     I.     I'.     S.    Nve;   2.
Mrs.  Kwiic.
Apples,   Snlialile    I.   Ml-.   Innn,
Apples, Weallhy-I, A. E. Kealv.
\pplr-. Wolf Hiver- I, Mrs. tUm .
2.   \.   K.  Kealy.
Apples, any olher summer variety.
iimneil— I, A. I, Kealy; 2, A. Slier
Apples, any other (all variety, named I. .1. .1. Woods ; 2, Sister Mu i
Crabapples, llyslop -I, I, I).
Schullz ;  2,  (I.   Lcilh.
Mr. John Lawson represented West
Cnpilnno in a commendable manner at
the North Vanciimer exhibition Md
last Friday and Saturday. In il„*
showing of horses he was alone ii,
iptnlily in many of thc classes and in
almost all the exhibits hr made he
.timed off lirsl honors. Holly bun
Iruit was also to the fore '.o.n the
orchard of Mr. Lawson and hia ml-
lection of the different varie'is of apples took second prize aguitut tunny
ol lhe best orchards in the iif nnl
distri* t.
There can   lie no doubt rntc'l.-iined
as to the leasihility ol North V,.' i
ver as a fruit growing community, tt
the North Vancouver cxhibi'ion Md.
S. D. Schullz hail on exhibition a
-honing ,,[ |s'uche- which iu size a-ul
ipiulity were ei|tial to any of lhc .in*
|«irted fruit.
Mayor Mai* was not a competitor
this year  at  the e\hibili*i.i,  but    lhe
plodllils   ,,f   lus   tine  etch lid   were  H V
ertheless iii evitletue as ho has a
ohoka display ul the different kinds
ol fruits Inirne on his Iris's. I hei
would undoubtedly luuo ■n.'. it.d a
white ticket had 'hoy lieen cntercl.
Si-tm Man Amy of Si. I'aul'i Indian school had a numlier ol exhibil-
al thc V V. exhibition in the Iruit,
leg..tables and fancy work classes and
the munii. i ..( Iimi ami second prizes
awarded hei entries showed the i|Uah
ily  they were.
Mr. C. I'. -Iink-on carried off the
majority   of  the prizes  ill  the   cattle
In- es.
(Continued on page 5)
The occasion of the presentation ol
the (iovcrnortieneral's bronze m.slil
io Mi-s hate Melville who secured
the second loghest standing in the
provind this year al the ennaiicex
aminiiliuns was ix-h-hrnted at the
( lie.l.ilield Ave. schuol nn Friday af
Imnl,on in the presence of a large
iiimilsT of school children Inobading
the high school pupils. The affair
took place on the playground in front
of the school. Mr. A. II. Slca.y,
chairman of the school board, officiated and niudc the presentation per-
sonnlly. In an appropriate address he
congratulated both Miss .Melville for
the honor thus bestowed upon lim m
'iniseipienci' ol her efficiency  anil   also
ipot Principal Bcnaat, hm* tator, Miss
Melville in a ticnllv Iramcd addi
turned   te   Ihanks   for  the  gift    lor
which she was juslly  pioiid.      I'm: i
pal Kcllar of the high s hool spoke   a
lew words ol commendation.
I lie full council was preseut nl li-i
maing'l Mfetiag of the city council
at which Mayor  May  presided.
Correspondence was light but a loag
disiu-siuii ensued in connection with
Mr. *l.  I',  fell's plan ol D.  I,. rr.J.
i'he following Icllms wee received:
I'l'nn   II.   C.   Alitii'llls'lclllosis   So. I
ely inviting council to send rcpio-en
latives to the Opotlag of their lien
ilistitulioii „l Trnnipiille,  II. ('.. win. I
was to take pluc  Sepl. llth,    Itc-
ceived with tltanks.
From A. ti, perry, local managei of
the II. ('. lieatiia* liy. Co., in know leal
gillg  receipt  ol i-olllicil's  Icsnllltiun   for
exieii-ioii of Lonsdale Ave. car line.
The hilter had Iksui forwardi-d to the
mniiiigemetit who would consider
From C. I.. Hanes, city eimims'i,
advising that he had signed plull of
D. La *'.'.-' and Jll.'. In conformity with
the Registration Act, his own npprov
al as city cnginisu Ising withheld.
This hitter proi-i'islure lanng permitt.sl
he stated, accortling to solicitor's advice in  March last.
From the provincial secretary id'is
ing that Ihe Lieutenant Cnvciuur had
approved uf the city's two by laws
pnssi-d rcienlly fur thc purpu-r uf au
thon/ing lhe purchase of stocks in
the ll.  I. i. k  Hridgc Co.  |',„ ,*iv,*d.
From Messrs. Wnghorn and Hwynn.
stating that Mr. Ilatntncr-ley was
willing to dispose of his interests in
Ihe lanes in 11. I.. 274. He wished it
understood that this did not include
parcels of pro|>erty on the waterfront,
ihe Mayor stated that thc price had
been lower.*.! te* WON to gUyQgO
and that the cost was not lo lie borne
oul of the general fund, hut instead
would la> charged to the property benefitted.
On motion of Aid. McNci-h and Irwin, it wns resolved to request lhe
dark nntl thc city solicitor to pro
i-eed with the preparation ol tho by
law* and agreements for lhe pur* ii.isn
of these lanes.
From J. Y. McN'aughl reprcsennng
the H.LT. *: 11. Co., advising, it nn
swer to the city's request for a roatl
map of the new railway through the
cily lhat the engineers had ben un
able to make the exact locations rid
the profile maps yet. He said that according to the map lih-d with l'i** i"o
eminent thei could deviate about a
mile either way according to .the con
tour of thc laud.
Mr. C. F. .lackson, representing the
liattspav.rs' Committee, st't.d t n
oonsidernhle objection had lieen tai in
by some citizens in connection with
the plan ol 11.  I,. .Vi2.   He noted    the
lact  that  tl ngineer had not   given
Ins approval and on account of 'his
objection it would hnie to b. sii'„-n!l-
ted  to  the  Lieutenant  Hoicrtior.     In
the   lirsl   place, he said,  th ist   01
doing public work  in that subdivision
was mil uf all pruportion to tl	
.iin.ity mst (or street work nnd secondly, Ihere was a danger of intend
ing purchasers lieing mishsl by buy
ing from the map. Mr. Jackson nsk*
*'l for all information which the coun*
*il could give.
Mr.  Ileinlei-uti, iitiother   member   ol
the    cotliniillee.   hnll   the   lollowing     to
«ay ;
Haling   tegiiid  lo  the iiiiearneil   in
i, in, nl daiili in, iinmiiil,iliiiL' on nnl
e-tale to luml nwiiets III this cily, it
is nul um. u-olinble on lhe part of
the   ratepayers  to  o\|»e<t  from    Ih.ir
i.| nl ilucs    oll    the   council    llml
eimi care shall Is. exm. ,-,■,{ when
plana for sub-divisions nre siibmiltod
I,, see that liberal and udcipinle road
allowances are given by the Innd mm
,*is who are seeking to put their pm
l».ilie- oii the market uud forth r t..
safeguard the l»*sl interests and good
inline of our city by rejecting any plnn
lhat does not provide for roads with
practical grades giving  ten tumble   DC-
a*--   I,,   the  lauds   subdivided.
My colleagues ami myself luiic foi
lowed    the   negotiations    which    ho.
pa I  Is'twis'ii   th,.  .it i   i num i|    and
Mr. I'ell in con tion with Mr. Nl'
plans antl we ha\'e also |wrsonullv i is
iled the site of the proposed silbihii
sion nnd we submit the ubove iiiinicii
linn not Isi'ti sei iired by the mum il
es-etiiiiil conditions as to road allow
a ,   guides   and   lOMadbUil) '" '
llalll     Ml,     I'ell.
Inke  the case ol  Hamilton  Avenue
this  road  allowance  is for nlmo-i   il
entire l.-nglh  sel   out  oi,  ||„. «,,,(  Mt
ivef the preiipitoii- -lup,. ,,| „ raxin,
to uphold lhe road an iminetisa* und
cosily .una inte eniliniiknn nt wall will
11*1)11 ill- lo be built, coslilig -onie lluaii
-iiiuls of dollars. The simple MBad)
in  this   cxtiaoidiimri   location   is   to
shift the liu. of i..inI . . all ol the pre
cipitoils  alopt of  llic  nil Iai,  In   -.. do
iiig   Mr. Fell will siiriiice n   narrow
*lii|i of Innd, bill hi- mh .li- i-ioii wul
lie I end.■led practical aiid the i ity
will not hllll' III fane 1 pro spe. tile
ex|».||llllure     of   ureiit     luajliilllde.
The cuse iif Fell Alenile i- mat -o
oi di denlt with, At a mooting of
the cily ..ni mi I held mi the 2nd ,,(
■ lune il was nn,led by Aid, McKae
and sis'onileil by Aid. HcN'tlih, ihal
lhe guide suggested by the city en*
gin.s-r f,,i* tins ninl Is* .ippi.ivcd, nu
anieiulmeiii wns in..nd ninl curiiul by
Aid. Irwin, S.luiltz, Fowlar nnd Smith
thul the grade siiblnilleil In th. II.(
B, li. la- tpptoeat, ihe result ul Inking the  BaCaBaR.  Cu's. gradi li np
parent to the most i usual oh-eiaii
visiting the road, viz. : I'ell Ave. lor
either the cast or wesl -id.- ,,l the sub
division uud under no lirciimstunccs
should it Is- ac.eptisl as a road nl
lowame for cither a luture -tivei , i
us giiing taamt in the lots on whi'h
il abuts, it cun only lie a rit'ln of
wav for the railway. On lh** insi
side the grade is at least 110 del in
places lielow* Ihe abllllitig lllld alld on
(hc cast sido it docs mat gin* reas
onnble access to the lots it is intend
ed to serve. The cost of hilil'ling rr
taining embankments for tin* st,*. j*.
sides of this rotitl if cut for ils entire
width would la1 prohibitive as a 'o-
md  improvement or a cily charge.
With refeieine to the road allow
mice given by Mr. Fell for nccesa to
lots in the nnil n the west -hl.ol the siilsliiision we venture lo submit thai an allowance li ln*t in
width is quite innde.|Uate and the ic*
cognised width usual in this city
should lie strictly adhered to.
The stipulations mnde by Mr. Fell
in icgunl io ihis rond nllawan,*e viz..
thai the city make (he road from
Keith Hond to I'.M li -Ir.Ht ntnl ttm
nietice the work on or Wore the 1st
ol (Mate is certainly an innovation
in submitting subdivision plans for
the city's approval, anil wc cannol
see on what grounds Mr Fell puis
forward this proposiiion, i
ever boat this we ure of opinion thut
the gg f,*cl road allowance cannot U
aceplml  under any ciroumstnm-e.
We nolice on lhc plan of propo-od
subdivision Ihal in some cases lane
allowances are given and in other
.uses otiiiiied, haiing regard I" the
importance allii'hed by the .ouiuil
to lanes as shown by the intended
purchase by lhc city I MM il from Mr.
Hammcrsley of certain lanes in llu
city limits for llfi.lHHI we are of i
pinion lhat in the case of this -uii
iliii-ion Iniies should in all ,*,-,*- 's*
insisted  it|n,ti.
With    lefelell, e   tu   the   mtlellll. ll   plull
aiid amended mad allowances -ubiiii!
led In Mr. Fell, w. have carefully cui
-idel.sl these nllernliulis but the! do
not remove the obja lloaM I hue s I
li it. lading  my  remarks 1   Maid
lurther ask  on Ih-Ii ill ,,(  the  til. p ij
en' comtniii.e tlmt lu. Woi-lup  call
u  public  Mating  of   ll lc OU-  ll    I I
, ill, ii ai.  .*■ i ai .* tha a
tu oppia.e the ftagi 'llilell llf M,
Kell's plan. We f ■. -1 lhat ume n pi u
i .   |« nnilli**!   by   Ihe   . ily   to   le   i.   i
letcl    lile   gOad    lml f    tile   * |tl       I     ill
lulled witli  the sttlnliii.ioti  ihe    plan
lepl Ills      .-lllll      Wl-     dcplcail. 111.1.1
ttrongly   pline  tueey plun- of pm
I .1 -iilsln i-iuns being rabmitted  lu
the cili auutlil wln-le tulitics e\l I
,,f    -Ua ll     III Igllll'l.le    IIS     ill    ill    III    I       I  .
\i | tins.ting of the linance committee ol the city a. an in il of Vancouier
held la-l Mis-k Kcci.. HcNiagbt ol
North Vancouvei appoand baton them
in regard lo siiliscrihing for stock in
iln- Burrard lule! Tunnel uml Hridgc
Company,     Mr,   McNaught    outlined
lln. nli. n! point of lhc -* heme und
-iimuied up ilu upport that was alio.uli aaiured In tin- conn.** ium. The
re-ull  of  lhe  interview  was  lhat   the
committal molvad t,,  aaaaatd lhi
purchase ol iaJnniKHi ,,( the capital
-tock of the company I.. lhc full council. When this mut let cnnie up on
Monday eteliiliL' badon lhc nldellllen,
Ml   II,.|iliurii bn,light  in n n sol anion
to a-k ll.cic HaNaagbl d Norlh Van-
collier   lhe   following   iplostioli
1, I it iulemlisl to form a holding
compan* oompond of the trarionaau*.
ni* ipnhti* - ...iiiiibiiiing, said ,ompany
I,, oiin miai control  the bridge ''
2. lln- the Burraid Itiht Taaaal k
Bridgi compan* obtaiaad tin* ipproval
ul lhe tniiii-ler (ur railway- or ot parliament  of  ilui location of  their   pro
po-,',1 bridgi f
'.). When the .hai ler wa- granted lo
lhc Iluiiaid Inlet Tunnel k Hridgc
.oinpan! did thc nbai-tor lor railwai s ultimate lo llie . ompany that
only one budge would In- all..wed at
the point suggested (or the crossing
of (he MIT0WI by a piu|H*r stiu*
tnre J
Mr.    Hepburn   gun-   u his   t.*
thit he hllll IsiMI told hi Ml, Wuuds
,*| 0 ■    .'lllllie    lha*    11.11. llV     IlllelC-ts    llllll
lhc Dominion giucininent would not
approvi of plans for  .inothei*    hridgc
ul    the   site   piopo-eil   III    the   H.LT. ll
H. Co.
With   rate ti"'   to   lot   7   shown oi
Mr.   Fell's   plain   we  aire  of  opinion thai
,.|lhl'l*      'la I"'     should      lie    ,l||,i,
bum  lh"    ubdivision or itratt   alh.v.
u . i       illd    lines    L'ii' n,    lor   ol'i ,'i
rmaoni      11 bjactlaaaUi laatata '•'
ui,!*,    iiiiiii   "f  lots on  (he eaat side
,,f  IMI   I*,eii ould be met by  gtv.
|aa>   elaliiiiuinl  road  alloiinn**,.  in   lm*
*   I'd in the city Mafia
,,i'.  id  it
\|,|      I ■ • ii'l    ll ellied    III    llllll
thul   Mi    Henderson's  nrgiim.iits  w.,
n the lirst plan wlii-h was lent
b,,ak tu Mr. Fell, Ihis wa i, tui in I
and  tin    'aii'i'-sions  asked for   grant*
\|,   ll.i l,.t ,,n -aid he had taken th,-
A loan ity of game and in i|, ph.r
il.i.* condition is the report brought
ba.k by a hunting p.ul*. from Vancouver ami North \ an. ..iiici* . .imposed ot
Messrs. .1. ('. liter, A. V Pollock, 11.
Wood., I'. Dinar, Dr. I. C. Morrison
and Vi. Ilriiim whu returned on Sat*
uidiii eiening nlnr -|.*niling a week
criii-nig alung lhe ooaat ns far north
*i 1.1 *,i- Inlet .uid lluituni Snund.
Thc hag s,**nr,*,! vas utily two drcr
whidi were in a ilephirably thin atati
whidi led some members of the part}
iu think that this winter would lie
imi hard uii the game and possibly
re.ult in many |sri-hm^ thnuigh the
scarcity ol feed which hns cither lieen
burnt up by lhc -un nr thc hush fires.
During  thc  trip   Balm laland  was
riiltad and ten ilm uuudlltei went
found very bad. All lhc availahlu
gn.ii tnij- niaal :rns.es had lieen nip*
|s'd uli hy the dis.r and there only remain.-d   III..--    Illd   Nadtta    A   lllllllll. r ul
ate "i'ii' sight,sl bul their unfavor-
ilala* amditiun made it practically urn*
1. in -In...! them. A f.w goals were
sighl.sl lar up on th.- tin.untaiii sides
mid out of reach ol the hunters' de*
innni/ biill.i. Ilrotiae were Men in
nunils-i nt in* uli nil the plani called   (ll    Hi   aaall, ,   a,|   fl,.|l|   |'| V*C   to   SlVCO.
Ilm    liip     wns     lh u/llly    cnjnyisl
aboard  Mr.  Iliiuin's  launch  th*   Ik
k.," win. hi,auk the party up and ba.k
without  a  nu
A imy pleasant tin.,   wa. «|»*nt   at
n  and
iheir    In**nal.    iu   tin*   Ninth   I 0
I'l*    I", ia Hi'.       i I ll      oil        i lurid.17
evening   ..I laal  w,vk.     Ilm.   i     .1.
Mill- w.i   iu ih. . I. tptr
illg     11  llllll k~      . '"'II     "I        I1'"
In.ion   of   ih,*   i ation,
la.ill.i.    lh,    |at '    'll 0    lie I    weie   nllh' l*i
up. i. lh.* <l>.tnh with only -Oil  due on
the interior l>.
A'ldle     I'-     Wel.      gil, ||     ll)      Ild.      Ull
I llll   llllll   li.    \.   M* lllllll   .olllellng     III.
greeting! of St.   Winrw'i I hun h   and
"ii.i itiilnling    the   m inigemenl   on
lie o     lh.in. ial   posilioll.    I'
**f  hi-   reniaik     \li    M  I'. ,,u   oiiiln,ili»l
hi- willmgti.
■ aii  the lutni-liiiig. -o  ihn   ihey might
!»■ eiiiiieh   Ml Imm liimti. ml obUgi
1    |a|ogl;llll   ..f   -oi l      'll-      I'ell-
d.o I   uul  tea Ml sm-.-d b\'  the   la-
he congiaaatioa,
f the ameiiilmcnts of   the
the b'-il of which is in some places Tll
feet   badM   lhe   pmposed   gludc   of   ' "'  I'lm.ilion  mid  hnd
mail, when  the city is called upon  lo . i   thl     10 md  mid  found   lhat
peiinuiicntly   grade   this   rimd   WpW I   balp  milter,  aln.
-ue   mi',   mid   fills   will have    lu   I'.* 	
mnde to obtain a workable grade ll
'  ,11'amied on I'age 8.)
On page dm ..f ilu*   'hli n w II h"
-een a «unini,ii!   ■ i m   ol
iln*  proposals  of  the  provll d    go' •
..ilm-. i.'   I'...   .1 .   .      *'. I    !     , • |  detn
onstratiou   orchard      I I   'lm
PM)! i'l   a   I       O felled     |o    a I l|    ODBttMBt*
* d  *i|*. ii Ini..nihil   In   lhe  Ibm,  f,   I ,
I 'arlci Cotton   in   Ins   1.1. ning    mhl -
al   the Ni.rth  \ iti oiiim  cxlilnl ion ou
Friday laat. TWO
tram liim, between General Store and lintel.
Sidewalk and Une water aervice on itreel; oloae
to Church,School,Hall, Butoher Shop and Mill.
Some loti cleared ready to build on. We firmly
believe with the oonitruction of the Second
Narrow- Bridge thii property ihould double
in value in one year,
Real Eatate ind Financial Agtnti
Peers & Boult
Notary Public
PRIVATE RQOM8.    TERM& 115.00
Hoipital Tickets for tale $15 per year, thii include!
hoipital. medicine and medical advice.
Apply  6th  Street  West  (Behind Catholic Church)
Miss HORNBY, SiiT.
Graduate Birmingham General Hospital, BnghnA
Phoki L ji-i
The J. D. Fraser
l'lione 58.
Hardware Co.
133 Lonsdale Avenue
l-1f%f|kTT\  _  f    _~i     Beside Proposed
l.ut- 5*1 ,i*:,i'*. it arid*, taty clearing.   CotuaatMd
aaii, ia \.i ud tr. !■ i i im i> ud fulliea
All Roadi Cleared and Graded
Prices $300 to $500 each
* um i two yi*!
'• whal thi-y ate liln
trnis   om Iiltli i .isil, I .li.tni t* nvci twu M ;irs.      Come willl
what they in like
31-. PENDER ST, W.
PHONE jiqi
Let us have your listings nl  Norlh Vancouver  Real
Estatf,    We handle Real Estate, Insurance, etc.
SOLE AGEN1    ( omnu ti ial Union
i      I.iii,, London, Bog . Ai
li i   i,\/r,iTK
llllll     III     If.     C      la
iiiiii S. li.FiT-
The Gurney-Oxford Steel Top Range
means a marked saving ia
In, i and better baking results,
only doei tti wmk UK 11 BR
bnl AT LESS COST ilnn
other Range*,,
Wi ' ut *'a' monatntte to you
tlic whole Superior Chan
tellor principal ol economy
and i IBciencj in ti n minutea,
Is it nut muiii tli.it inin li
ol youi time right am f
A   Ill'll   al.'l' lliun*   HI   l**'l'Tllllli'lll     up
polatmenta i« n i'il "' l'u laal li
sm* iif tlir Iiunii Columbia  Qasttte,
ll    ||   Oil'   ,*l|ap"lllHlll'llt    "I    tn.    I'll.lVII.V
M. E, Suit,hi i" In' *actin| mlnlnj re
riinli'i* lor Vale Milling Dlviitaa  and
Aa 11 IIU      aaallia 1**1      fll     fi-H'tllll'     IllX    (ill
Microti ili-iiia i iiiiiiiii: ilu1 absence on
Iwve nl   William IhnW.    Othv   If
I'laiiiiiiK'ui*. arc :
Mllttlli'll Ht-t .an in lll'lll*!!. „( Ijuc-
II. -1.   Ill  Ila* lilll, III    uliiiiiii-tiuliir lot tll,*
Cariboo elm loral dUtriet,
(! -ga _, ilium nl 1'ir-iiiii in ba ii
|iln! Ill* nil      iilil*.
I,,     be      Sill          I'lll.H,   :      I'.alllaanl
Robert*  a .f Kurt ll v Md  I'ltul*.
llti/liti I  ili.iii. ii,. ol llu' i ily ill Vmi
,',,111,'I,    1,11111   let     ll   laW.
I', I   a     Wn: III.   .'i   till'   aiil   a a|   \,.|.,,ii,
1,1 l„* , In.*! * lerk iii ilu* Iiiiiii r,'i[i-ii!
officii ui ti,,. ,in ,,! S'elaon,
11.1,111*1 ('. Wilt-os nf ili.' 'in ..I N.I
■on, in be *i * I'il, in llir luml regie
ui ..ili*,* ui  lhe * iii ol NfUoa,
I,a be ■ aiiiitiii--i"ii.ais fur taking .if*
iiiiiiiii-: Donald lePhaU "f Nicola ;
\ i iiiiii .-iiu- Dennett, Thorns! Vsni
um tan im, Mir, and Siunliiy \ ran
,i'\, ol Berritt,
The reeignation "i V. ,1, Rtwts  ol
Tulilln   11-   *l.   I'.   i-    alail   II-   ai.a i p
.al.  Tenden an Invited lor lbs  bob>
-ini* tiun ui a -'luml 1'iiililinir ut Hr,i
Imm laland ,unl ui llama* S.iiitiil. 'I'.n
il.'i- un* ul.i. iiii ua*.! fa.r ilic erection
,,f ii court luiii-i' ui KaJ 'i.
l.i,,ai.a,.- inn,* bean granted in the
following eitra-provina ml   tarinpanlei
I    Tin*   ('.   'I'll, iil.nlI   I ,,.   ol   l.ailt,   Illlt,.
llllllll,*! ,     .1,      I'.      H,*lli!l,'ll,     \ Illla,alll,  |,
capital, KO.OOO,
linull,'llllllll  t   WlirU,  llallal l.tli* ■ ,  TO
ia,i.i*a;   attorney,   tdolphui Willi in
lialiil-l,*!*,   \.ilia.,III,**   ;   ,  ,pill.I,   K-J.IHHI,
SuH'ivuti Mat lini'l! I ".. In :i I  nllii".
Kui.n. M tine ; atl ■'. W, \l. fun
lill,*.    atari Inun.   \,*'-,m.   ,u|'il:il, •*'.'.
('niiii HrArlhur I Co., hand rJbt,
\l,.un,mI ; attorney, )'. II  MM.   fcu
-,'l|,    1,1,111    I, I,    \ .   '1   a,a  ' ,*l ll,*,|l*'l -    ill
wallpaper and lobirii ■   " Hi I alt
i,    ii.   tnnablr,   Co.,   head nffiw,
M   .lun  ;   Itl.iin.*! .     I,  i    "
l.-ll, mill ninii.iL'i'i, .ladi   ii     Kid it
ii. i. * ipu il. nfln,im,   Mining, ti'"
i.'i and real estate broksts,      II'
l i i, in     ii l \l Jt ag ' "in
p un .   ittnrnt y,   Dn il I. ,layne,   ae
 lulll.   Yallia,.111,1
Tin' lollowing 11. i    l' puna,*  li ai<
I.in   in. nip. I   *.*l
I li* i ,ii **lai i II,* l'u liu . I hailed,
imli   i   * 1)1,1 il  .,'   HOO, '  in     .'«"
IINI       I
.•imp.ml,  null  ,t    e| il   I  * kl ll    K'.UW1
iiu      I..Vhi,i.»i     l,n, ll,,*    Mln	
Ini-I   ,\    It        in   ',hi.|i,un   mill    'i
*!ipimi ,,' iim.ini in lim.imi  i
Iii'iii li'   ' ..mi'i**\ iii,   KrdiH linn   t'o .
mill    ,     ,pn ,1   cd   -.I'.'""' in .ii."""
I    m  Ulinil    Mill*    ,\     I Mill a I    I   alll
n.il, wilh i a,pi il ol sl.i««i,ni" in
In. i.iii n   i, ,,      il,,* II, r, Milk i nn
,1,'II-UI;* ..nip.ill. .     I'llll    .1    * ai| 11   a'l      Ol
>ii.i.t..i ,„ '.',i..i   ban   . Ii. i .   '"'I'l
Ma I'd     !    I.Illlil,ll,   llllll   al   ■   ,|"
I  ll    a,I   *|H IMI    |„     lli.nil      I  I it,
 pull! ,    Wilh     I   I   l|'i      aa
-iinin in nim I,,n- . ri*        JJ
i m , with ara-li,
pit.,i ,,i atna.nn in iMftv fa n A"
,:ipil  ,1   nf   !I'.'>"."HI   ill    .ll.'*""   -I''
| ll.       I'lnl III,,*     \-lll   UH,     >••' i'l!       "'
\   ,* .       ■     |       III* ..|| IU.lllll      all ,|, I       ll"'
A' I.    "II    ll|'| li'"
Stomach Agony
umi mi nn  ' \i n its tm
I f,\   Wli DIHTREM8 nl'  IMM
i,l -Ilti\ HII I  \ \M>II
:   inn Han   "
i | -... i. I - uiu, .ul   lt
l,*i   f   i-l 11      nl .*ai-, lul",*i-ii'
'null, iill'* I'urt    |j
ii.    ttmulli.
lulll   I,a
||,..a|, ,    klllU       t I.a -tll
a ■*' 'Illla.
Aiiii if iii.—-     dmlillag w*
i»*pn*. ...all ..uii read lha (Umuia
,,f      -|l      ■ p||      "li*'   "''■
i i«, bul
iilinln!.  been qairkl)   lad |ieimanenl
li   anfed  I"   ll"' " •   ul  Min nu,   llr
L'liKutt.    The l'n-i  managare an
si,ii   l(.  Ogili'ti,   lunliiliiiti W. Ogdsn
uml   .Inlm   II.   lllll'll.
Tli.- City i'i ril "f Nelton has ap
aali     Ulllii-,.    ,|,*,i,|,*al     lll.lt     il     llll-    BO    ll"
aaii power t*a mgltr » grant nl money
lor pilliliiity | in, i >..-.-.
jnil. luml ,,11'up, eli-., will I '''''li'il "I
Kurt George, thai making ii il"- tan>
uv of tin* i.iitii*|, oountry,
llriiii-li Coltnabia'a hop crop ii dttu
>i'lll- i-a|'ii'iinlly  lli'iivy llllll  till' linlM'sl*
Ing i*-*  affording wurk lor i record
number uf Indiana and whltse.
WUiiii'- taxation will In* Used   ilii*
will  111'  diviili'il  us  Inlliiws ;   3(1    millit
mt land, - mt.li iiii buprovamanta, ami
s tuillH fur Kaool puipoaaa. Thin
iiiiii rata, bowavar, doaa nut naMaaat>
ily mi'iitt high taaatlon, lm* tha auaaa-
Blent in Inw, thus Itsapillg tlic litxi'n
ivitliiti ri'iisniiiibli! buuntls.
Construction  uf  tlir  Vanon   drill
Iinli  mul iirinnry   will hi-   bagtin   tliii-i
liiiililiiiL-s .u it nlili' fur n '"tin l»»u«*', year at W mllli nn tin' dollar, which! autumn
aa—r   mamm— a "
Money to Lend on Mortgages
Agreements of Sale Purchased
Direct wire quotation* from New York Stock Exohangi nml
Chicago Board of Trade,    All orden promptly extouted.
Branch Office: 4 Lonidale
II HI IIIII III IIIII Ml 11 IIIH II11 tll HI lllll IIH llllll II Hill llllll II
-s^wa^G RAND
'   aV
'.  r'fif ■ff<-,*fij|M
■■;! int
(ti a
til.Jt t\{\\
I  \m!     aW* I."
till   IllASD  imi I KV li Hli
korth traicoovaa
This property has been subdivided into acreage blocks,
with street allowance taken
off, and is now ready for
sale. For prices and particulars apply to
The North Vancouver Land & Improvement Co.
Lin. 1.1..
Comer Pender and Seymour Streets Official Agents
Canyon View Hotel
Iffct)   i} ,-|..n  u.."*ii  iimt mrr-. I if.m.M>>1.H-H-!»H-W*^H'^H"W*^HH-H-H4>H--
in naming  tin* mw
|Q   la,    Hi,   I nn tlii-
I,   II       a!   , .      .       |„,V      Ol     Mi
ll aa ' "*' - *   * ii''" ""
lhi' iiiiii   u* tl  lu lirnllli nt   nii'i .
llu- |,n • "i Mi ii n i lul.l. i i. unly
H a.ni * i 11,. ! i,t . rliiuniii'v
L,,iiuiai * ii**" "'
mun,*!   fa
Tliiii a,. It i ,*,     paoph *ill
lliul iii  Mi ■'.  li   mul
IiIuihI,     I* itOI
tll     .'Mil* '      I* Itlllritlnil llllllll*!
liuin  lli" I I. iilii'li i|n
tlii> blood,
Bfonchitb, Croup, Coujhi ind Coldt, or
eeoaty back.   Sold tnd [uiuntud by
Tin1 Lotudalt rii,iinni.v
I   Mlifa (iriiiinil>. Hi(-li-class st-rvice at moderate rates.
Family Etoeni n mttt wit'1 sl",ial ra,( s'   House Greatly Balargad.
Buy trail to summit of   Grottsi   Mountain,    altitude 3000 leet.
I > • •
:: Scenic Delights     Fishing      Hunting    Mountain Climbing J
Unequalled for Holiday, Long or Short
..   f, CANCELLOR,
Each season as it comes, brings wilh it something
new in gold jewellery into the field of fashion. 7 o keep
abreast ol the times, in this respect, the jeweller must
keep in touch wilh the great fashion centres of Europe
and America in order to give to his patrons a perfect and
satisfying service. This is one situation of which we are
absolute masters, owing lo our business connection wilh
European houses and our personal visits to those cities,
world renowned, as the homes of the dictators ol fashion.
This is why "Birks" Gold Jewellery for men and
women is especially attractive. It is always of lhe newest designs, which, combined Willi the very highest quality, places it as the standard of perfection in Canada.
*n Diamond Merchants and [ewellers
5     '''"'■ ''■■ lr"r,'*v' u   .      « r      -n  c.
■ Managing Director Hastings & Uranville Sts
II iim llll     ,11.', mm
Gem Theatre
This Theatre will be CLOSED from Tuesday
next, Sept. 6th, until thc following Friday, Sept.
9th i inclusive1, to allow for extensivt alterations
and general improvements.   Watch for GRAND
Re-opening Programme Saturday, Sept. 10
Starts 7.30 p.m. sharp. Admission 10c and 5c
A complete showing of  Trimmed and Ready-to-wear
I hits will bc ready for your inspection on
Friday and Saturday, September 9th and 10th
" A Cordial Invitation."
21? Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver
We Are Prepared to Consider the
Purchasing of Agreements of Sale.
I 1    l.tlllfilllli'  Avrlllle
Phonw-Offioe U     Nuns- -J-J      P.O. Box 60
Singer Pianos
Siid only by the
Warbumitz Piano House, Ltd.
10 years guarantee given with each insttument
443 Lonsdale Ave. Phone 114
CI.AVF.K1K  &   ARCAND have jusi opened on lirsl
Street, Last, an up-to-date
where the public will he sun- lo (inti | good and fresh assortment of Groceries and Provisions, Fruits and Vegetables in
season. <] Mr. Arcand was with F. Filion of Vancouver
for the last eight years.
Tin.   ili'inirltnciil   nl   tgrloultWt    ii
prepared In receive application! for a
ilaMi.iii-triili ri'liiird   in tlm   smith
I'Ustrrn sfalinti nl YntirotiuT [eland,
iba nnti nn llu' llutit'iins-Niiiiiiiiiiii notion,    It i« wi'll known thai man;
iil'i'lllirils  plilllti'il  uilli  llli'  l'i'-l   nf   in-
Lantlooa tad hv ttm nf Mora at Lata
a*\|ii*ri.'llal'    lll'l'    Ilnl     sllivrssllll      ,■„,„■
ttii'irinlly iiiiiI it is willi the i<Ion. ol
showing planters of nivhiirils llif lif-l
nti'thnilK fnr fiiiiiiiii'iiial meOW in orcharding   tin- department  "f egrloul
turf there prapotM tn roo|>entto un-
il,.|- |ii*!ii*li'-iil i-ntiililions. Tliisti or-
iliiit-lis will Iif |iriii*lii';il obJMl ImOM
uf thr nu'tlinils lif.il fitli-ulntctl   to a-
! Iiill   thf   ll-llill   allll* l'i   ail falillllf  llllll tn
ti>-1 thf ownat ilu- bnl Ntuu br Mi
iini*. t tiii'iii.
Tlif ptifinl iiinn nf optntioa will
hi* in lollowa : An nriliiinl linn «f
1*1 |.*i| lem la ilr-ired. thf Innd ■ l,*nr-
,"l nml il in it tinilnTf(l diatrict etop
pat tn   iluut of nlhi'i' mil improver
In* tl wmi-, if Irrigation is team
tiill thf witter iiunl hi. liml mi tn the
bjgheat point nml with thf tinvsstiry
pfrniiiiifiit works fnr ilistrilmlinn;
In thmnnitntlnn orchardi tht main-
I,'llllllif    ailitr*.'!'*!   uf   il'lit'lllinll    BJ   I,'in
will  hf Iinin hy  (he nwner who will
nlso ffinf the nri'hiinl il necessary.
The L'nvi-rnni.nt will bear th.* cost ol
plowing nml preparing tha land for
planting, and the cost of marking out
the luml. and planting the trees. The
varietifi l«'it iiiit.il tn tho district
,nnini,'t'i iully will Ih- t-himen. The trees
will In' -flea leal |iersunally at the nursery In n i,'|iie-elltntive ol the government auul the (jnvernmftil will furnish   dan   trees   free nt the railway
atiiiinti uI the plantar,
llllllll*.'   eaeh   U'ltr    ul   n|H'l'llt:nil     the
U'nviilillli'iil   will   li'itlllilllir    the  owner
lor any  expenditure limrwd by  the
ia|i,*i:lliull-    ill   eVae-i  uf    tha'ii*  a (HI  nl
eted ne.i-.iiiy fur the pru|fr rare of
the on Intnl. This anoint -hull be a-
p I mi apaKJflfallaV in em h district.
( umi'Ins \ ri,i\
The (lata nf the iieil ai'iiiiii fnrmor-
lalily, ilinthilily nml i,,m|«'iii:Ui,,n i-
Isl .lune ol inst jam, "Iai' li i- Iht
i.-tine ai lhe tl.iie fur population.      It
ii | li'.a.nl for ,'llf lean, allil t'ile-
I llf illfnlliialiun tuna ei tiinL, all pataOm
1"   lali.alll    ill,*   i* ll,llllll*   telal,*i   for   III,'
I, ii i.iniiiili; in il"' li>mr uf aidnight
,,f Blat Mail, llll,
I' i .anal des, riplinu ol i*\* ry ptnM
who Inn died ill the y,ar. or siilleted
diaability by aeritlent or tlebaM and
ha* re*eii,*d ,utii|H<niatioii therefor is
requited in the schedule, nnd [or nnu,*
",in|'lite ideiililii'ittiun relereiii-e is
ni.nI,•  tu hii family or limi-cliold   in
the  first   1' llislllle.
Tin. liiini,* mnl an nl and  ptnaa,
oial nh, ther -.iii*.-!,', tnairi'sl. OtSmWat,
dlvofrad or I.nally nptntad, I"-''
ther with Iba Illimlll nf Inllll, the
iear of birth, the aga at last hittli
'In   iiiel  ll tally ur plaiae nf Inrtli
ai.* i, apiired illi'li'l |»*l-,,linl d, ■ M|*
lion, llii or her ra-'ia) Bf tribal origin, raligion aad proiaaaion,   OaMptv
lion  or  trade, will  also In-   re,oriled
ilinlir  lhe  ajenellll  hflilllii;  nf^iersonal
iaa riptlon, wbatbtw tba n lan n ■
panotM whn have died within the',an
or to jmisuiii wlm hau,* been 'I*
within ihe \eiir by n, . Iilriit or «ick-
n.il in |.*i*uiu who have aua-
tainiil Ion of time ntnl earning, and
to alluw.iinc ur inm|»'ti»ation lor loas
"f life ur time.
Tinier the hentlin*; nf mortality   rer*
'•1,1-     will     ll.*    ellt.|.*,l    -Inlllllll;      l'"'
iin,nth ol death in the len.iis year,
the di *   ,,f Heath   ai   tl
* ribad b) lbi Bi rtilloa BBtMncUtaat,
lln* plaee nf da ilh li it 0 i nr.d i.wuy
fl,an,  hum,',  nml the  liatin*  and ii'l'li*
"I   llll'   lltll'llllillL'   pll!-I' iall
Ill-ability and i"lll|.'ll-atinll relate
ha   a a nhiit   a.i     i* kiif-s,    nin 1    un<l,[
tl I-   mil   I. lend   uf
lhe   lllll'll     I"        I'll!    mil  i'l I'!
I i*|i III III lha leal', ' UU-'* "I l||(, »f
* ule111. ahl I" ,*( "allll}' nl othe,
,  iiinn.* ii "I   by   -i*ktli'-s   or     a, a i
All, iW.lll*, *    "1     aia|ll|»'ll-lltiiall     |,|,,ll*       |(
enip|..a* a    i,id,.i|    iimler    ab*M
I. i I       I.     I he inliiiitaiy   nlluwaiie,*
llllj. ll    In ll    ba   lllitile   tu   etiiploi.e     la*
euiplmer (or Inst  lime Ihtoiiu'li   -n I.
ti,-i  or  inaidenl  ilmiti*,  th,.  \eiir;    '.'.
( oni|»-iiiation iii the year by rn |
undei   ilaliile l,,r fl) lnss nl Iif,    1
an a i,lent, uml    (J) ',,-   mlnrv by a,*,a*
'la nl.   nhn ll   ii   lei|lliled  in   MM    pro
■ if the Dominion,   ;\: (,,,,,
UOU   In    iii.iirallre  fur   (1|   l,,n   ol   la'
and (9) lo* aioknaaa or injury.
Vernon la nigorovaly anfordng   lha
by l.*i« prohibiting lha t.i Ing ol boi -
In  -llaile  Ins*-.
\ in,,ia i.i- dog lish walghing 33 1*8
1 mis was naught in iif Slooan rl
!''i' a law daya ago.
The side nf .1. W. Nflsnii'- |noperty
at Creini! I for  a site for llie   IM
poitotf a* hn* baan ooniiwad,
I'lina'e  llnpert   has  ilcahla*'!  to nnilci'
" a hill*;.' fur  the ll-e of streets by a'.ill*
tracton   angagad in building   opara
Uiniiali! i-* now working on a watei
sy-leni lor ■applying reiidi'iils ol the
diatrict with vatat and alao as nn <**'
(active |aint..i'tioii agalnat iir**s. Here
lofoie tie* -apply for dotwatk fae
has beea wcured fnun aralh, bnl ll le
the Intention if a iiiilifinit roppl] can
be  - I'ell   In  die   11   deep   Ill'll   I III mil
nml  a mi lue l   a    re-erinir.       Al   llie
In-t  Mating iif the iiuiiiiiby  mnni
I'ipal    inlllliil.   a   eiinlfilil   llll-    let    t'
Mr. .1, M,| nnl in -ink a t,*-t huh all''
fill   and Bee Imw   deep  it   wniild Is'ne
(■' —111'!    laa   -aa   taa   h,*|    faj   all'' [llilte -lip
ply nf wuler. The te-t huh' iii I In*
lliifi* in* hei in iliiinteler nud the enn
traet pun* i- M f f"Ot.
TEE81 \i:r.  \i I. haki;ai\s ami
WI iiau: Mtiui*:.
Hl.iKin   Caah  Balance   on   favorable
leitin fnr well sitiinted new live
riiont house, near I'lrand Boulevard
ami  Keith  Itoad.
RM   aa,,   ,*!,-!     teltlH   fat   \"l    l'l*"l   fl    \   l'.'O
fis't  neill   l.ar-nn  lina'l.
Jll,"-nil on  easy   te nni   for  'lunb'e  i-iir-
tier on   I iii-iiii   Kniul.
tm eaeh, eal-y  term-,  for H ft. lots
in I iiv ii,'ir Ion-dale Avenue.
Philip, Cameron & Co.
Bnhara, Ural Streei l'a-t
mnl I'ui-
lli* -.*,■
2125 Haitingi
Street E»t.
Phoae WM
Hints,  animals mid deer heads mounted
Kamlnnp- di-in-  |  h.,.|,iial  nmbu
a t lee.
I lllu.ie!
prol* imu
i-  advocating battai   i
In* lull   (his  year   ha-   u   le.nnl    ll
main ernp.
\ pa inlliee hm been . itabliih al   al
Hollyburn, near Naaiih Van
.. d to la   " " c
*"ii n it w.iii.   *i.*,, tghoal ih, * ni*
LOW SEA, Proprietor
First-class Meala ljc
Coniniutation Tickets, 21 meals
Rooms lor Knit at moderate rati s
TAKK NOTICI thnt the Coutinl „l
the Corporation of th,. City of Nonh
\ am inner intends to eonstrtii't aa a I
Woik   of   head   itllpluVelllelll   a   MM
WHU "ii LoMtUt Avenue Irom Mid
str.sl north lo City limits umler iub- |
*   lean   i.'.'i   -,*  lion   m   'I   tin*   Vlllai
a ipal  I l.i'i ,     \a 1   and  1 n 1 eteIs  lo   a-
I I  i   * ■' I   th.a.nf   up,*n    lie
real property   btwtlai or   tb *
llieri'on, mid to lie |,,*n, titled ihtMh) .
mid that n .tiitelnenl showin*; th,
I mai Inlile to pay the .aid asse «
ment mel iln* mime, ol the nunei-
1I1 f, so lar aa ran lie a..rilninisl
li  ih.. l.i-i rtviaad haaaananetil roll
is   now   on   lile   In   the   ollne   of   the
dark ol the Municipality and is open
fm in-|iei tion during offie,, hour-
II lituated   i',,.t   of   the   uoik    I
110,800 .,f whieh $70<i is to !»■ pwvid
ad   nut of the ■-renpiid fiitnls    pi   Ihl
M .nil ipulill
C,l!   Clerk.
Korth Vani ouver. II. Oa,
*a|a|e|,ll,e,    Mil.    I'.Hll.
Buy at the
And Save Money
We positively guarantee all our groceries to be the highest
in quality and lowest in price.
You may do well elsewhere but you will do better by buying
a larger loaf ol better bread Irom us.
Also by buying
at our parlor
carry a large supply of all kinds at the loweit pricei.
Best J. & M. Coffee, fresh roasted and ground, 3 lbs. $1.00
also a grade at 25 cents.
Indian and Ceylon Tea, 3 lbs. $1.00, also all standard grades.
Best Creamery Butter, 3 lbs. $1.00, also cheaper grade.
Fancy Apples.
Oranges all sizes from 20c. up to 50c. per doz., guaranteed
not touched by frost, and sweet and juicy.
Large assortment of English Candies imported and domestic
from 15c. up to 50c.
New Laid Eggs daily, 40c and 50c per dozen.
Fresh Biscuits, large assortment, 10c. to 25c. per pound.
l'llilNK   126 Flit   DF.I1VF.RY
«%*»««.«««--, »»»%■»».
WE must Kave these promises by September 15.    To clear
out the majority of our stock btlon that date is our
|(Ml  endeavor.    If you  want furnishings of any description
you can save much money hy purchasing now.
Iron Beds
All sizes—very low pricei
Kucking chairs, oak, a «**■»
with arms, from L.LtJ
lit,s-ois. unit benl a Ap
1* ai- mirror, Irom.. tJaUU
Sid) Imartls -a i   mp
from  It. I J
iMinsion tables
Dining chairs
A 1.1   11   1 ni luii*, 1 irriagH .nnl Inliling go-cart»
at |>rites tlut assure your purcliaiitaj and suhie-
i|in ut '..ttisU, inm arith jots purchase.
Everything in the store reduced
D. A. Smith, Ltd.
Cor. Granville & Dunsmuir St.
Ill-Ill.I HUN     Of    I'AK'l M l.-llll'
Viili'r i*. htnfaf L.n,r, tlmi  il
ner-hlp    liiili,rni    aalatlaa    b
■ i mi'*- i.iaiiiaiiia,. ,11,1 1   s. Nye, il g
h ini'-- nii'l,'.* tin* ninn,  nn,I itjrle ,*'
l.lilliailtl,'  mill   \yi',  hit.  Iwi'll   all
All partita bavfati olalraa afain
-■'H'l   111'"   Ml ri*'|ii,* i,*,|   i	
' H'*in*iii il,. tai ta T. I, (tyt,
uliaain ih,* aaajai mil l„, .,,1 1 .,*l.
ill   I'lHl.       1...l.l.'.,I    I,,    t|„.     ;,,a|
II'* l"l'l,*l,*ll I,, 1,11,1.,. .,*lll,,„.
""'   llllll   llir     i|,,|    I     >,   \   .
art-ota 1 ■ ■    |,„  t|„. imm ,*,
lllnv B. NM.
DIS80L1 HON   01   1'Altl MJtsnil'
\   n 111 ui in i,i\i;n thai
tli,.   a.i |,nitii.'i>lii|i   lii.r.lnliire suli.i-t
■ wm .n.i! nan uiu*
Mm 1:, r/HOMAB Hinnr.i. mi Ik ta
wn 1.l\u *i Wli I 11 in 1;
I'   a*,!      lll'llll'™,     llll'lrr     ill,*     llllll   1*1111  *
*      l\     W,     1,11.Mill I!   k   Kl."   at
* *.|'iiiil,i.i,  la,,  I,, a 11  ilns   ilny
I hy mutual , otivcnt. 'I hu un
:   WII I I.WI   JAM *   I MH I!
a   fnun   ll„.   1,11 im   I,    ulli* ll
■ 1   Im- inniail uti l,\ :l
tfAl.TEB    Wlialll    1,11.miii It   ani
WOMAS llllllll.l. lij uImi.ii nil ilabtn
gU lum  will Ihi |ani'l,
'ill     a,l||-tnii
,.l*l linn nrp t>, bt I »i I
W.   I. I Mil ft,
1 ,1, *,ii!,*r, n. c,
l.*,tb, 1910.
I I.K I. lli-n 1,1 ul \,» Wc«tminal«r :
Tnko   notire   that    Koliert Dull   Kin-
111 1   tl   Vnnrouver,   II.  C, orctipn-
'i"ii. Iiiaik.t, iiii.iuU t,i n|i|,|y |nr|*rr-
'n  panhaM the fnllnwiOK do-
tenUi  Intnl.:   Mi.ait  2-*)  n, rra com-
ni'ii Inf   at   a   po.t.   plnnta*! tin   the
lata   "I   lot l'A18, thenon
tn  a 17.71 ihnin.  to rait liuundnry ol
tin-mi,  .outh H) ahnlni   to
ninth   Imiiiiiliiry  i.l   Lot  ifOl,   (hm I
■ a '   .'I ~.i almm.  I,, «,..t l-otindni*)' ol
I oi   MM,   tlnn*,-  north 33.70 rhaina,
> i-i    In   a Iinin*   tn nnrthtnat
■hin.'i   "f   lut iifjn, ilii-nw nnrtharly
ben "i   iiorwiahop l*itit   to
I i"nimi'n,-i-ma*nt.
•'uly Mbi 101.0. 19-10 FOUR
Num ii Vani oi vi r
Published Tuaidayi ami Pridayi by
North Siiork Paail, LIMITED
lllllll ul'  ||■UsruilTIilN
Six montha, Ne, Tbw months, ttt,
United Stall's mul Foreign, 11.50 per yt'itr
Advsrtlilnj Ratal wUl ba Quoted oo epp'katlon,
One year, *fl*oo
The Eipresi li devoted to the Intereeta ol tba north Shore ol Barrard Inlei
t'Xi'lii»iii'ly.     ll i -lilnleH an advertiailag medium "f exceptl il vuliti' lor
reaching iii a thorough .mai eflectlva LMantr the populatioh uf Nurtli Vaneouver
fm mnl [liatrlcl, h very eRort li made to give advertisers the moat aatUaetorj
ten in'.
All ehaugee In rontraet advertliementa ihould lie In Uie prlntera1 liumU aol
• i*-" "i    K' '•■ mi,I i i'ln. \Vi*ilin*-il;ii iu enaure iniertlon in tlie
later than 10 a.m. M lay
(ulliilvillK laaoOa
liiii.s aied    i.iiura.tiun, luu  ana
,i,U,*,l a*,  thii fa-a  il   -villi  ilm in
a-atiam ol lhe Xorth Shore apoa i
gnat harbor and with i-v-my raih-i
uf Mparb deep ea waterlromaae, llu
ponlbllitlei  Mon'  Nl"'11'   ^anoimvei
an* limply limi'l'--  .-unl  lii'-l"!i    ii|"ii
I,,.,* i podtlon ol advantage iuch as
i*:iiin,,i   be  duplii-ated   tn   thi   oon-
NuKiii Vamcouvis,   II. C.
KK.COSD WKKiiHS llltllllll'.
Thi' put i,*iv araaka bava !iiiii,-s,*il
development! uf extreme Importance
with a view i" ih-' a i'i*!'
aaai.liii* ii,,a     uf     ih,*     bridgi    tll
9 ml       Karma .       development.
iihiah    mav    wlely   ba   saiil     le
place ihr queation ol il arly  rom-
iii.'iiiI'lniiii uf building operation be-
mini ,*i peradventure, WhBa lha Im
mediate tta t ..i iheaa raealta apoa
tin' local reallj marltel have aol been
-a. marked ai many anticipated, aet
I'ltlii'l,—     iinin    i*!,*i!     a|irirl,'r    tlui,*
earn encouraging  i rti "I a   vaey
parceptlble quickening "I the m irkel
.uul ilii- prevailing opinion emoog
ili,,-,' had informed ii i" tha simu-
tiun i- thai the revival ul tradi will
i»* delt-erata Imt thai ii will altho-
,i,*li develop greal irength and large
proportions, The old taatlm 'I" I ire.
"Familiarity   Bieedi Contempt"  aad
iiiiilu lha nld s.ui  imi- llio nintt.T in
it- extreme ilgnlfirance, tha thought
Involved liuhls good in all bt ma)
in i*l iiinn-, namelj   thai tha   human
iiuiul iiatiir.illi   In** unn*. niuii' Ot   WW
*,.I, *.,,,,!       I,,      1,1, a        ,11*      i.lll.lilinll.
niii, I, it li i raaieaaplated fur a long
run,*.  If iW ri'.i'iii   ignlBtami develop
in, 111- ni'ii ii'-|i,. ' to Si*.mill Nill-
fa HI- bridge appeal   to hate ban   l*
,,*ll,a|       l'al      Ila. I 'ill*.       |>l|lllll      III       I
-uiiia iili.ii impaaaivt 'i ii mnl il lha it
-|',.ii-i* in  thi-  u-|.i** '   tin i, tu h is  Ml
ban     -a     prompt    aa    tl«'    eh
riini-lnii*••-     iiuiilil     intrant.     I* *
fa* i.      ua     probably     dee,     in
i  am   rate to tl"* fuel    bal
ih,* |  i ha*- l»*.n baton th.' public
i.ai -ai, I, ■ Ungth "I i  lha matter
, „ -*, frequent!) di t tweed,   the
bridge hai !■* entlj   idvt t
n-iil. tlnn  ilu* pulilia* uiiiail haa L'ruHn
iu,**i to '!"■ Idi*i "I i bridge it
tlmi   point,    " tl al   ra eai   develop
bava beea i rang  a
ii, ,**. ol au a. thai denoting
anything  ol  aa exceptional  chaw
t,*i.     .li, t    uhal   lhi*   public  hull   COB
iimi, I would oo il ba *** i iii'ii and
ulnli'  tbt a •  an  noted
Villi    alil. !•    I,    tll. II    I llliall.Hit!'    tO   ll"'
minii. ,,( in '- lium tl..ii
{...ii.*i to " ile a nab ee aa unduly
excited condii I lhi market.
,\|| |a||lll      - lllll       l»' lll|'    ■     "I    I      '       I
eognbai lh [ai l tl b bet
1,-t      tll   It      ll I*'*.I   I     l«' a,. ||ll*|     ilh*     IU
lllllll     lull,'     !•*■ I'll! I*
I,,, I.     all uu..1     lllllaall   a       ll"i I    |> ll'"l
ud,i the nuuli ul Ibe delegation
I,,,,,, i, iiii.i.i, than »  'i'l
Un i i 'i'1'"'
,,| ii„* realt) Mthet, whWt
null,,rn doubt lui!'* led t" . n aadaa
Inflation ai pricei and which would
tltlmatel) prrripit ii"l ni atu ol
the nii'l.* ii.ihl id* i ,'i' • "f a boom,
11„> pp, re i ol evi n   m h
tiill!        llll*        Rt allll       Maaal.
x I, a harmful etperit it i - would
I, ii,* beet entailed In il il     i    tim
,,ii ai lha i'i'* ''in ii"-' ■
alih' lur a itrong ii'iin  in
all along thi lm'*    lu ill) i'i* i    ai
■,   .,,     ,11   will,
in thr mark nail bava bald In
throughout    tha    I * '       > ■"   wW h
■ a in. i ii lh
With tin' Importanl tievelo)*menla anu
autl I,*I
i     ailiani,     in    '. ll*      ami    ill
buying et pre* al pel ■
'la i'l'    'I
la      |l  '   I
11„* |*i..1,1.in ul Inanring the   eoa
till*     ll* all.    a* all,
Ih*   .,,!,,*:      -      I  l* 'In'i    I 'I  dol
Sll'll   Mfl   I       |J,     |a|H'
-iiiiiiiii   a  by latt   10  the r.al.|ii!i'i-  ti
suli-i riln* tun I Ired  :1  'in'i "ii I"'
hall i.f that ril! anil il is quite i"
anu,rii alili*    llial    thii  l'i l'i"    -Iinllhl
meet arith a reception other than lh il
nl cordial endoraatlon al il"' bandaol
Vancouver property owneri, InaamuH
as an adveraa verdlcl would nuliiai
in tlu* itrongeat mai r againel   iha*
Intcrenti ol that cit)  and   would   be
entirely  oppoeed   to  the enterpriiinti
iplril whii h has marked the poltc] ol
tba ratepayera ul Vanrouver lo date
Adding ihis contribution uf mn  hun
ilivil iliiiii-ami ilnll.it-, ihere i- ■ m
ml the -inn uf eighl hundred ihuii-iui'l
dollara.   Inaunueb as (ha total  eoel
nf tin* bridgi is eatimated ait un.* and
niii, quarter million and Bur ml !i
let Tunnel and llridge Compan)   p
st*--,*- borrowing powen lo tha extant
uf  -iii'ii hundred and Ut)   thouiand
dollar-, it is ali'.ii  ihal the linam inu
ol  tha bridga would !»■ ;i vary  tat}
matter,  aval   il ao lurther iub* rip
tiun- ware i" be ien Ived, II, I a there
i-   aiii|ih'   iu-iili'aiiuii   luilai    fur   th*
itatemanl   thai the batting  of  the
bridga  I i   bean ■ pUahad,      Hm
the 11..mi' i.m governmenl has not
!,'t been beard from la lhi matter ol
a -uh uli fm* Burrard Inlei Tunnel
mul Bridgi Pomp in) ami Inaimnch n-
the time lor making a contracl lor tha
-llll-iill    ol   tWO   llllll'lli-il    tllull-aillil 'I 'I
I.ii   i rota for whb h »«. pa tti b
tha Dominion  houaa ia favw a,f  tha
V. tf, I V, railwaj exunpaay ba 11 ip
-I'll,     llltllllUI     tl"'     MUag     III     II     la'lltl    la   *
lur lha -nil'' haling Ixvn ir| 01 led
llii- i_',,i,*i munii i- preeumalili
imu at lil.'ity to aiiaiul thl
-nli-i'li, niiii -mh an addlii
mill  -uu  a    nin   lv  approved,  lo
■ III    *iilll|*llll    llhi ll   lllal!    In*   *.l*    '■   I
Thi- magnificent .howing ol aelaaln
-ult- which Hurrard Inlet Tnoaal m i
Rridga Compan) inli be abla t" wh
mii  in .1111111'* nun with thaii  appli i
tiun lor iiii- -uii-i'ly, ut tha ia,
.-i.ai, ,,( th,. Dominion lagU ituri pi n
i ili.-ir appli iii"n licymul
any reaeonabh doubt, aad tha  I	
|. Ill, III,llll     -a,    an    Mill    nf    ill.*   .Aliil,    I
invitation given thai i*> the Premie
during hia recent villi to lha
I,, be pn -, ni at lha aext Maaton ainl
*.,       * lllll.'.I
i         Ideally expet led   ihal    thi-
!ull amount tn ilm*.   la mdred
ilmn  uul   doll ■'  lot al   u1'
 imlli a,* hundred tboui ami dol
I ii    in   ih  ni'iiuti   iiaiiai'l il.*
,,(   th,* bridge    ii- * i   i"*l al'u'i'   iiiinui ilui,' '
whirl, uill  I.* forthcoming lium  th
  un ipalii I '   tl"'
*,mh -hun* ,*( Hun ml Inlet, niii- la
in ih,*
llll   |, III     to
uill   tin-  lotal  I"  lln- lull  aliiii'uii   •■■
' uini..1   n-i ,,f th,* bridgi   lh'
borrowing   powet    oi   evea    hundred
,1 i nil ibo a i* I Nl ii*. thus be
i ■ a   i*i* ulul  n * in' uhiih  placei
(111*     la. a    ;        I'l,111     11
nu inble i.n ui i al   In * [th,   lu   I	
,,f    f | *ll     villlllliuli
 Id ill   ll,    ilnn   ll'*!'
ttliil, -.utiil   Nat
row. I the  amenl
.   |   th,*
l*l iced in ■    ■   *! il"' I
■ , imu ol  il"* bridge   i« a'1"
* an.l  ,*   ami     i"1
ii . noatltnti la
,1, ii,al mil
* .,   i.l .ihi.ii  the
North slur  mil *  i.
r*l    lllll.   ti"l '"ll    «'lh     I	
aal      | '      'I   III      a,llllll. Ill.ll     l*lll«al!
*. i | oii llie
I *,
II. v Rnget . ul lhe provincial  po
I.*.* It  h i   bei a permanent!)   la
tloned ai m .  at, (j, C. I.
llu* r, I'  ft'    *i". raph rtal ha
u-l   Iai,I  a   ti ii * iiiiiiiI  i alih'  Ul
upper   In*"   1.1
111   nil,   liL'illiuU   into   till'   ran i-   at
a*' iii,* ai Ml  Roch has ban Ini
mii'il in  the lire ii ii'Ihis uf tin* ili-
John Swanson
Stone Foundations
Chimney Building
Hotel North Vancouver
Special on  Lonsdale Avenue
Car Line
For a few days only, Quarter Acre Lot,
between 22nd and 23rd Street, $2200.
$800 cash, balance 6, 12 and 18 months.
Heal Eatate and Insurance Broken,
120 Second Street fast.
Nelson Manfg Co.
ESPLANADE,  tut tn
N, V.l.iiuiKii  t'u.'s Mn i
N. NELSON. Prourietor
Cheap full size 50-ft. lots
in the city facing south for
$400.00     Easy terms.
j'luiiu' n N<>ttii Vancouvei
rimiii' HH VmicouviT
oiluf Houn .. :i.m. tn 5.30 p.m.   Open Krenton by ippolntonnt
After office honrt, plumr Llli
Covering the Ground
Our line nl res l\   mixed paints
is tin- most useful i' household'
en becsnai it i overs mors sm
lace auul consequent!) goi - lui
tin r than other and less reliable
All the Popular Shades
in gem Ml nt sre hm. .mai sm
juarantc ■ eterj eu to contain
only the licst-ground, white lead
ami linseed oil paint
117 Looadale Phew 149
I.O.O   K.
SiMtli     \ 111    **'la, *      I a„l•*,        \,,.     H,
in,*.*!-, *    n   *i" ■ ■
.   imi tint
V a nm.   In. tin. 1
Invited in attend,    li 1  I   1
0.| I!. K. II..11 ilil-.iii. ii*. -i-. ; J. II.
Pilllaar, )' '■ . 11
i,,   hi       iall   beea   Bb**rtbed   H" iaMdUnane'
  ,,i Vi aval li show be
IIK-l ' USI Kill I
Phone 170 P.O. Boi 166
im: BUdiiMfl.
I1LLWG [\l Lid.
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Perrj  Landing
Wi- aln liiimli * il.i' I*ill* 1,iin*; in
ll    I    K.l'lliak   I I.
II. A   K   I'liii Ull t'lni|i.
Na ilu K"-i *a r.a 1 ■-.
Hjer'i 1' ■ ■ 11 i t r i- Bpttoa
I •*,*•' 11,,  KiHrr.
Wlii'tit in two ttr.iA. -
S.,|*l      II    .III!     I|ll.lll|lll'-.
Tin' I'., -i ^iiiiiiiii*r s|a'.n
mi ilu- itiiirki't.
FOrLaWN aNdgardeN
26 Lots in Block 6
D. L 193
A beautiful sub division uf Lots with arateriroot to
and close to .Second Narroers Bridge snd Raileray, The Van-
couver Wstetworlu whari on Burrard Inlet is only a lew minutes walk (rom ilu- property, The luts on the bach face tin-
PIPE LINE ROAD so i!i-n- is no trouble getting there by (.oat
or mail.    Tin* I.mil is level, Soil good, :i nil t'asy lo t'liar     Tile
insi uini' oiii'ii 11 lm s,tii*. Prices from 1)75 each. Terns: '4
cash, bilance oVter 17 months,   Sec or phone
Vnrtli \ uni-iiiivi-r Iti al btate Bpeclallats
financial uml Ineuranee Hr,iU,*r.< 11 Lonadala Are.—Phone 7u
Campbell Realty & Investment Co.
FOR SALE 100 feet, Upper
Lonsdale. Small house on
property. A Snap. Easy
ii.i.i-.rnoM.   , P. 0. BOX 114
Prunes    Prunes
85c a crate
Pears, $1 to $1.75
per box
Apples from $1.00
per box upwards.
Hitkmin & Hood
Mt ,n i' ni". 40
for. Innsdrtli' \vr. | Mh SI.
Ill I IAI!   P* i""11,1'' "*v"
tlLLLUI! ;-•"""" <«
llif \.\. UMI M'.ltKII
Unili-r Sea Mutin.-, nu-ut.
lli,* rlien|i'-t ntnl li'.i plaee in Iimi
Iaar llll  kilial.   ' a(   ll.'.ll   llll<l   -  ■. ■. K . -. 1   li.||.
iKitiliry. agge, ragitables and Irnlt
Hot Points
For the Man
Ll ire's a chance to please the
Will .
Qnlir at oner a lyio "HOT
Tin ilays trial, free lor askin-*.
pleasure and comfort on iron-
in-; ilay.
Qui) iron on market guaran-
ti i tl lor two years.
| tt\, st now, it will please her.
Niat, clean and economical.
Try one now anil lie convinced.
B. C. Electric Railway Company, Ltd.
50 Lonsdale Avenue.
North Vanconver
Wesiipplv MOM WOOD any
length retiuiicil.
16 inrh Itiuili. S.I.DO pn load
Cordwiiotl, S3.00 pet tord
Casli '*    '
ige Boa iji
lllllllll I >»H*HHt4lllllll♦IH'HHHHHHHHHHHHWHHHtH^
Wl.cn full see the above heading in
the daily papers immediately your attention is arrested Why? Thousandsare attracted in like manner I Everyone knows
that the moment the actual work is
started on the biidge North Vancouver
will exper'ence one of the greatest booms
in the history ol the real estate world.
We are offering a limited number of
cleared and partly cleared lots in block
19 (seven lots from Lonsdale Ave) on
18th and 19th streets and Chesterfield
Avenue at prices which speak for themselves- $500—$700-1*4 cash balance
6, 12 and 18 months.
Our LYNN VALLEY listings are of the very best to be
had. Lots on the car line, car passing property front,
from $350 up, your own terms. Our branch office at
the end of Lynn Valley line is open every day.
;;    14 LonMJflle Avenue .1 I' (ltWVFoKI), l.ocnl Manager   :
Main Office 632 Granville »t., Vancouver
! 1H4-H-W4 WW+-.-H-H 1111111 IN l-HI 111»i'M 1-H-l THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Opening Days in Our
Millinery Section
A cordial invitation is extended to every woman to
visit our Millinery Section during this special showing
of new (all hats.
Included in this display we present numerous
models ol American and European design, together
with many models from our own workrooms.
To inspect this offering in its entirety should be
the ambition of every woman who seeks the newest,
most exclusive and best modes in hats for fall wear.
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street.
Phone 3541
Gem Theatre
Thii Theatre it now opened after EXTENSIVE
patrom may reit assured of enjoying FIRST-
CLASS ENTERTAINMENTS with every comfort
Continued Performance Starting at 7.30 sharp.
10c-5c     GOOD MUSIC AND SONGS     10c-5c
Come to us for the money ami repay it
to suit vourself
i^i Lonstlale Avenue
Teacher of
Artistic Pianoforte
North Vancouvtr,   Saturdayi
Studio Address, 939 Davie St.
Phone B.S732.
Modern methods ol comtruction combining
Artistic decorative features with low cost
Desult in cozy home-like residences
That make the standard of quality
|n the house that we build.
^ othing is omitted.   Our plans
§how everything necessary for the completion
Qf the store, residence, etc., that we build.
^jone of the objectionable extras, and
people for whom we have built in Nortii Vancouver
show tlieir appreciation by advising the intending home
to come and sec us. Don't accept the statement of in-
other that they can give you the same results, if you
want the best consult
Horni Block, Lonidale Ave.       Phom 173      P. 0. Box 72
(Continued (rom page 1)
1,   A.
CttbipplM,    Silit'iiun
l'riil>ii|i|ilis,      'I'l-tmnc-enclant—1,    G.
frthipptHi uny ollii't- vurii-ly, named—1, S. D. Si-hull..
Applet, brat collection, till nnim-fl, 11
ol wnii viirii'ty—1, Mrn. ('. B, Kh-iii- ;
'2, Mix W. ,1. Irwin.
\|i|ili-s, lll'sl i*olli'rtion, llll niiltlril, il
of i'inh vtirii-t)—I, .Inhn I.uhhoii.
IViiis, Hurtlett-I, Mrs. Irwin ; 2,
Mrs. Si-hull/.
I'l'tirs, l.ouisi. Holme ile Jergiy—1, A.
K. Ki-uly ; '2, Mrs. Irwin.
1'i-iii's Wittier Si-Hi"—1, Mrs. Irwin.
team, uny tttm lull emktty, ttttai
-1, S. I). Schultz; 2, Mm. Irwin.
I'l'iir.,   uny   niher   winter    variety,
immiil-l,  ; 2,  Sister   Mnry
l'enrs, Iiest enllectinn, nil nnmril, II
ail i'inh ^-j\i-i,*ty—1 f Mrs. W. ,1. Irwin.
I'lnms,-1,  Mrs. ('. K.  Univ.
I'lnms—1, Mrs. C. K. Keene; 2, Wm.
Wortlen. ,
l'lunis, Yellow V.pg— I. Mrs. Kings-
ley ; 2, Mrs. Irwin.
l'luins, uny other dark variety, nutn-
ed—1 nntl '2, Mrs. Kingsley.
PntW, Itiilinn—I, Mrs. (', E. Keene;
'.', Mrs. Irwin.
rrtines, Su-jnr—1, Mrs. Irwin; 2,
Iti,   Keille.
Diinison, True Kn-ilisl,—I, Mrs.
Kingsley ; 2, .1. ,1, Woods.
I'ettihes, tiny vnriety, nnnu-d—1, S.
I). Schult-,
Stone Fruit, best and most varied
collection, 10 ol each variety—Mrs. C.
)'..   Ke.'iie.
HI.,, kl. in,*-, uaiiiiail 1, Mrs. Irwin;
2, •!.  .1.  Woods.
Illiii-kberries, best collection eiii-h variety nnniisl—.1. ,1. Woods.
Nuts, best collection-Mr.. W. J. Irwin.
best pinked box of Apples, Uf vnriety—Mrs. W. .1. Irwin.
Hest and most varied collection ol
I'ruils, distimt from nny other entry
-1, Mrs. W. .1. Irwin; 2, Mn. C. E.
Heans,   Dwarf — 1,  Mrs. Irwin ; 2,
Mrs. Schultz.
Menus, Itiinner— I, Mrs. A. I..   Clem-
nls  L, A. E. Crii-kmay.
Heels, Long-C. E. Keene.
tUO, Hound-l, .1. A. Mi-Neir; t,
Mrs. Kingsley.
Hrussel Sprouts—1, A. B. Diplock.
I'lil'luicr, Etirly—Mrs. Kingsley.
Cnlilinge, Lata)—1, A. E. Criekntay ;
Kn,  Kingsley.
(uliliaige, Savny—A. II, Diploek.
I am,it, Short Horn—1, W. Morden |
•J, A. 11. Ilipluik.
Ciiriol, Half Long—I, W. Morden;
2, Mm. Shaw.
Carrot, White—1, A. E. Keene ; 2,
A. n. l)ipl,K*k.
Carrol, any other variety—1,   In.
W. T. Ilrtiham ; 2, C. E. Keene.
Cauliflower—Sister Mary Amy.
Celery-I, A. E.   Cri.kniay ;   2,   W.
Corn, white-1, T. S. Nye; 2, Sinter Mnry Amy.
Cueiitnlier, Outdoor— 1, W, L, lloult;
2, T. B. Nn*.
I in umber, Pickling—I, Wm. Mnnlen.
Ileilis,   Ut   n.llea lion-Mrs.    W.    .1.
Kale, Scotch-A. H. Diplock.
Ia>IIik-*—Wm. Moplen.
Mnngolil, I.ong-1, A. B. Diploek; 2,
C. V.. Keene.
Mtirrow Vegetable, green—1, Mri. Ir
win ; 2, Mrs. W. C. Smith.
Marrow- Vegetable, white—1, Mn. Ir
in ; 2, T, S, Nye.
Marrow   Vegetable,   Ctuturd—1,   W,
Melon,   Citron   1,   K.   II. Leigh; 2,
I. A. McNair.
Oniotw, linl I. \. Sherwood; 2,W.
Onion-., While-1, Sinter Mnry Amy ;
2, Mrs. liuin
Onions, Yellow-1, A. It. Sherwood.
». T. S. Nye.
Oniom, any ulher variety-Mrs. Irwin.
I'm .nip.- 1. W. Morden; 2, 8. E.
hM I, i, A. McNair; 2, Mn. W.
.1. Irwin.
Potatoes, any variety, mimed—1, 0,
A. Utt ; 2, I, A. McNair.
1'iitiiloes,   heaviest,   any   variety— 1,
Cl. A. Leith.
Potatoes, best collection, 6 ol   each
nriely, nnmwM!. A. Leith.
l(liiibnrb-l, 0, I'.. Keene ; 2, T.   I,
Sa|ii,.l.. Iliibbnrd-I, W. I, Irwin ; 2,
s|iei'inl print to be awarded to I.
Squash, any other variety — Mrs.
Tomatoes, red-Mrs. Schult/.
Tomatoes, piikling-1, Mrs. Srhull/;
2, ,1. ,!. Woods.
Turnips, Swede-1, A. G. Perry ; 2,
C. E. Keene.
Ilaois. best oolleetion-A. E. Cri.k
Hest and largest colleetion ol tap
tables distinct from any olhrr rntr\-
C. E. Keene.
Hest and largest collection   el ftp
lables distinct Irom nny other
—Mrs. W. T. lirahame.
Bnl  'pHmnt  plant  in  lower I,
Mrs. B, Hill; 2, Mrs. P, D. Betwlu.
best -|ii,mien [oiiuge plant—In, B,
I, A11 by.
Asters, btHt    collection-1,     .1.    .).
toodl ; 2, Mrs. A. L. Cletnenls.
Diililiais, Inst    collection-1,     ,1.    .1.
Vi Is; 2, Mrs. f, ,1. Irwin.
Qlldloll,    best    eollection—1,      J,      A.
Woodi; J, Mrs. W. .1. Irwin.
Tens, sweet, U-st collea lioll-1, Mrs
Billing! ; 2, Mrs. ScluilU.
1'eiis,    swift,    best    collertioll    of   12
nm Wm. Bailey.
Hoses, bWt collection - Mrs. S. II.
Best llllllll liou,|Uet I, Mi's. IlillillL'S ,
2,   .1.   ,1.   IVooik
Besl Inble holli-llit in Vuna*—1, J, J,
ffeodli 2, Mis. E. T. l'ollok.
Best   a*,a|L*, lio,, of ellt   lloWel       la   tltatJl
from ani oilier entry, not less than
2 s|>ei inieiis-1, .1, ,1. Woods; 2, Mrs
II. I). Cnrlis.
I'or Is**.! kept pain in Norlli \ II
culver llo outside help einl'l.'ye'l, Nt
pri/e, "The Cornish Cup"—Mrs. W. T.
Heaviest one dot, Brown -ggl   I, Vi
I.. Boiill ; 2, A. K. Keuly.
Heaviest   I   J,./, White  l'ggs-1,   L
Best two 2-lb. liome-mnile white
loaves—1, Mrs. C.arnelt ; 2, Mrs. Ed
gar Hill.
Best two 2-lh. liome-mnile brown
loaves-l, Mrs. Billings; 2, Mrs. I,
T. liruluime.
Best bread rolls—1. Miss K. Beiineit
2, Mrs. W. T. firahame.
Best buns—1, Mrs. C. Cnmpbell ; 2,
Mrs. W. Simpson.
Best home-miidi- scones—1, Mrs. F.
Hill; 2, Miss Smith.
Largest and best collection ol home
made bottled (mils and jams put U|i
by exhibitor—Mrs. W. .1. Irwin.
Best exhibit in comb and extruded
-Mrs. Kingsley.
Best three lib. jars extracted h'Mic-
-1, A. E. Kealy; 2, Mrs. Kingsley.
Cioehet-1, Mrs. I'phnm ; 2, Mrs
Centre piece and 2 table mat.—I,
Mrs. 0, Campbell; 2, Mrs. Furrow.
Drawn work—1, Mrs. Cnrnelt; 2,
Mrs. Campbell.
Doylies-Mrs. G. Hill.
Embroidery on any olher mulerial-
I, Mrs. A. L. Clements; 2, Miss Rickaby.
Embroidery on linen—1, Sinter Man
Amy ; 2, Mrs. Ipliuin.
Hemstitching-1, Mrs. 0, W. tump
Ml; 2, Mrs. V. Simpson.
Iliiriliinger work—Mrs.  I'rout.
Iloinemiide child's dress—1, Mu. 0
M. Malthy j 2, Sister Mary Ann.
Hand painted     china—Mrs.    B.     11
Knit lace-Mrs. (i. 1). CurtU.
l.nilics' hand ling—Mrs. Billings.
Macramn work—I,  Mrs.   Anden ;  2,
Mary l'alrittuci.
Outline   work-1,   Mrs.   Ili-sdl :    t,
Mis.   Srhull/.
I'liii!, cotton or patchwork—Mrs
Mrs. l'alnbbrucci.
Point lni-e-l, Mrs I'pliant; 2, Mrs
0. W. Campbell.
I'iii Cushion, fun, y—1, Mrs. Sohultl
'-', Mrs. I',. Hill.
PillOl      ikltO      I,      lbi,      \  *    Silllp   aali   i
■•'. ll   I II I'.l.lllll.
Sola pillow — I, Sister Mnry Amy ; 2,
In, I'.i-seti.   II. ('., Miss Smiili.
Set a.f toil,*i i.mts- Mrs. V. Sint|i
Bodtn or slocking-, lnitiil*kiiitte*l I,
Mi-s \. II, Smith i J( Si-t.r Maui
Amy.   II. I ,, Mrs.  Si'luilt/.
Tell.lille   Work-1,   Si-t,l* Mill)   lull  .
2, Mrs. ,1. Ilgle,
Work   \pr,iii   Mrs. Billings.
11,-1 aolle.tioii fumy work—I, Mrs.
•I. Ogle; 2, Mrs.  I'rout.
Tray cloth, embroidered-!, Mrs.
Um kid  initials  or monogram  Mr
lie-i .olle.tion i,l painting  I,   ID
I'. Y Malthy ; 2, Mis. E, T. I'olU.
Wool s|ipp,.,s, knitted Mrs. S. II.
I llllll-   lelllre   pie,!--  1,   Ml*.   P. 1
■a. Mi . \. ii. Brain.
Tatting I, Mrs. T. S. \ie ; 2. Mrs.
■I. Ogle.   Tl. C„ Mrs. Carnetl.
Slimline    eiiiliroialeri    I,    Mis.    Bil
lm-* ;  -J.   Ill,   Darnell.    II.  C.    ll
lletn-lit, lied balldkela llief ■ I, Slllll
Mm   Imi | 2.   \.  Hill.
Iiuiul lieinnied hnn.lkerihiel—1, Sis
ter Mnry Amy ; 2, Nora he ily.
Croaliet work in wool -Sister Many
(na. h, i  Inn*   Biltt r Many Amy.
I'.iuliroiilery work  in silk on linen
1, Sista-r Mary Ann ; I, I, Applel'j
Pun,*y pin i iisbion  Non KmI)
llotne nuuli. rug- liiiby  Clement-.
DaruiiiL'   I.   Si-ter   Maui    Amy ;   2,
B.-t tkimd doll   Si.ter  Marv  Ann.
Knitted socks—Sister Mnry  Amy.
l'nittling—Bealria e IcXlill,
Drnwing,   liwlinnd, pencil or    a
—1,   0a   I'nvdbouse ; 2,  I'e.itrie   Mc
Map   drawing—I,   Mariorie   Malthy ;
2. P. I'.urow.
Best   bolli|llet   wild  Holler*, llllll   i I as
es—1, Elsie Edwards ; 2, I rstiln   Cur-
The (lent theatre up, mil  i>t   doots
last   >altlllalay  elenillg   ut   7.'!b  o'eloik
for the lirst lime sin,*,* the extetisivt
interior alteriiioiis were eomin* i * * *i
about a wivk previous, I'lie n*J*mla]
night was gii.'ted with app'eialiott
by the ihentie gia'ts in lU -iH and
this (n't a.mid not lie better shown
thnn from tie* liu t thul mnny could
not gain udiiiiMnii.e for the lir-t p-r
formalin,  nnd  hnd   lo  wait  over   lor
lln    I MH       Mr. V,■liner, tlie pro
preiui, m.iii..I the pruise ol all liis
pnti'.ii- in tin* tn inner in wlmhliehiis
haul     the     tlle.ltle     I eltlollellisl   allll     r."
ile.'ornteil.    Iii (net   the pline   pi'  ■ n*
an    enlirely ilillereiit  u|ipe;ir,iiuv   and
,u ai. ol n class  now  that is above
(he ordinary.     Eront the iltinipy   and
|l.U,|.*,l     i.lllllitiotlS    that      le ■iet.,l,,i.*
prcvaileil iiiupling with it the onlin
any npl.-ainiia-e of the (urnishiiigs and
dei-orotions it is now transformed in
lo a commodious theatre, pi, n-ing in
ap|»-aran.e nii'l bom every ipnuter
tliiowing out some new and ntlra. live
feature llinl adds materially lo tin*
Th,* mi.lit..ii'iin li I- I  |i Dgthened
some 20 tut,  lhe walls liuiu been i-
lle, it.*,I   ill   I   last)    111.,nn. i   uud  the
lloor i- beautifully slain,,I. IT,a,*i
lights ure being pioviiled for tie MUI
veiiienae ol seating while 11 .,■ pcifairni-
in*a- an in million williout subjecting persons lo stumbling about iu
the dark. The interior is well light
ed with giis-n lights ami red e\it
liglils over the doors lending to the
-Irts.t nhia h will prove sufegiianls
in ease ol neiiilenl. With the lengthening of the lloor space tlui a
aaiominoilnlioiis haie In-en iiur.ns,-.I
ai-oordlnglj nml now lha- seating ca-
parity is over 900, Comfort is on ■
of the feature: whi.h Mr. Venn, r kll
eitileuvorisl to ini oiporale in tin'
. lutltgl and ill h.i Ins'ii elleetisl iu
-itali n wii\ that il is sine lo l,e np
pre, iul,"I.     The chairs in.*   ill re tain
ed  und  an w (listened  to  the llaeai
iu regulur rows.
Tlie     alteration-    lillle    hll'll   accom
pll-heal     willl     llie    greaite-l     possible
-|».,.,1   nml   (air tho lime onupied   in
a aillipatli-aill ill,* wolk li*.|ilil..|| ,ertain
ll ii.i time was lo.l. Speiial ulti.e
lions iii the program will be provide I
und under s|te, ial contract Mr. Vetiii,*
h.ls   -eellleil   felltlllVS   til   tile   etlll   111   tllO
m*,*ii* lliul are apiile mil ,,( lhe onlin
ut). Mrs. Vernier will al-o It,* h.ul
during Hi li week in li.r u- .il ,"1.* in
the illu-ti.it.*,1 songs.
Asthma Vanishes
-ti rjon BATAUB, cum 9, HAY
rKTll AM) BUIlMTirilS
lllomei   is  u  eotlfiiletiae  a renlor.    Tho
lir-t liiiie you breathe in this p..»ei
lul \et -a,othing, antiseptic air, )ou
will know that il has tnanal.u*. .limine virtu,-. There is nothing di-a-
gmaUl about llyoniei. ll i- a veiy
pllliaal uml prompt renacly lor ent-
n i h. *ol,|s, nstbina, . ia.up, bronchitis
If your head is so mlie.l with inu
COM that you cannot breathe a par-
'i* I.- of air through fout nostrils, Hyomei will etpm ibcm up and give relief iu live minutes.
Why will sensible |.ople suffer longer, why will they wheeze and hawk
ami -pit ami -mother, when The l.on-
-.lala. Pharmaey will gunriinti-e Hyomei to ante ,,r money back. II it all
Th,* |.,,ii.,lnle Pharmncy asks lor a
complete  outfit.
"W,* know lliaunei to lie n fine and
efie*tive temisly (or a roup und asthma. Our nine \ciirohl bov has lieen
grenlly tnaiibhsl willi nsilitn tii . roup
inal we found te, t,li,*( l,,r it until wo
u-e,| llyoniei. 'Ihis rcniislv does lully
all  thai  is claimed for il  and wcgi*-,
on*   ,,*ir  he nly  Itin einelit U I
oiten    ii**,,tiitiii*inle,l   it."-Mr-.    Isaac
I'rout, Ttt lladbomn St,   Woodstock,
Cures Dyspepsia.
Your money bick ll H doo'l.  Givo ta-
mrdiitt ttliel (rom tuirtburn, KKif itom-
tch, ilomich distress ind lick hudichc
SO cent, a Urge boi it
The Lonsdale l'h.ir.iiavv
FOR   ^ AT F Acre Blocks in D.
r\JIN. J ALL L gl6 on 1?th Si
Waterfront Lots, Block 171, D. L. 274
Ut 17, Block 157, District Lot 271
Subdivision of Blocks 203 "A", 104, 304 "A", J13, aaf) "A", 240 and 241 in DistfiU Lots
544 ami 545, City ol Nortii Vancouver.
Fo» Pl.ni, Pric.
I,ata» l'.,l„„l.r.
Apply Te
Phone 6286 Cor. Pender & Seymour Sts., Vancouver
Beautiful Homesitt, live minutes walk from car lint, 75 x 290 feet.   Grand
View of the Inlet and Gull.   Only $650, cash $250.   Come with us and
see this Property.
Martinson & Co.
I       /,-.,* I'.O. Id fl
a*.*.*.*.'.*.*.^..*.*.*.-,.*..*.^ SIX
Dry  Goods  and
Gents Furnishings
Corner Lonsiltile and Second.
Phone 255
A full range of Engliih Flannelette, very 1 H\
In-iivy, 82 inohei, all choice patterni ,., ' »2v
A splendid selection of heavy Shirting Finn-   | C
oelette. Deal patterni, full 38 inchei wide   ■ -J^
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch '-W, st Vancouver," Captain Findlay
Lii' nted ior 35 ptitengert
Hollyburn !Vi,,iti
7.30 i.m,
1 **> a.in.
11.ou a.m.
13.00 p. 111.
15.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
19.00 p.m..
ij. 30 a. m..
17.00 p.m	
Single Fare 15c.
Ll'laVl*. Vi.t HUT
Cit| hntea' «imrl
I very li.m t\cc|>t Sunday
8.00 a.m.
10.00 a.m.
12.00 a.m.
14.00 p.m
16.00 p.m
18.00 p 111
 Saturda)!. Only  22.00 p.m.
 Sunday Schedule IfOO p.m.
 22.011 p.m.
Two Tickets 25c.
Qukkett routi Iron North Vancoaver to the diatrict I"-."Hal
Capilano River.    Launch "Woat Vanconver" makei connec-
without fail, arith tha tarry iteamen from North Van
couver, as per above tchadule,
Leave Van.
Leave N
Leave N. Van.
Leave Van.
*6.2u .1.111
*6.2o a.m.
•b.45 a-i"-
7-3"   "
•7.20   "
•S.oo   "
8.30   "
*8.2o   "
"8.50   "
9>»S  "
y 45 "
10.13  "
10.15   "
10.45 "
11.15  "
11.15   "
"•45   "
1:15 p.m
12.45 p.m.
12.15 p.m.
12.45 pm.
1.15   "
1.15  "
1-45   "
2.15   "
2.15  "
2 45   "
3-15   "
3-15   "
3 45   "
4-15   "
4*15  "
445   "
.v'5   "
5-45   "
6.15   "
6.15   "
b-45   "     '
7-25   "
7 25   "
7-45   "
8.15   "
8.15   "
6-45   "
9 15   "
<M5   "
945   '
10.15   "
10.15   "
W.45   "
•11.15   "
* 11.45
11.15   "
12*45   "
* Naat ,,n Ruodaye,    1 int
IM,',.   ii
ij.'t 1 in . hnngp ■ i
laa alll    ll.ati....
Rati   1
■ j
.   *-
J2.00   par   and   tip.      it]     ^^
Special 1       to la      t: U   -J?
■ ilar
boardei 'rm-Wt7_i
Sl a   a,\|,    STMI   I.
.   -   nokiii  VANCOUVER, I* I
SALE Greatest Furniture Sale
Ever   Put   on   in   North  Vancouver
CASH        Yoi- Want The Furniture       CASH
COUNTS      We   Want   The   Money      PRICES
Bargains!     Bargains!     Bargains!
Here are a few of the CASH PRICES
Royal Oak l>n   11 . bevelledplati mirroi          ■ $9.50
ini dim 1-iNi-ii 1'              1.    11      ..    m^   . J7J5
bnv, plaits     .... $14.50
li'.A Iii i'.n in . i.l.i". trimmia.                     - $2.95
1                                     $7.75   $8.75   $10.50 md up
SFE< IAL                  only, *\i   I       in idi $19.75
128   Lonsdale   Avenue
The Port
of Missing
Author ni "The Houae oi .1
Tha,un.uiai Candles."
(Continued [rom lut laatte)
ll.l   ,'lll-i  III    V POM "1    I
'I     1
UM  ll*a.:,la*al      .1   .  '  **    |J,   tnl   "Ulll   tl'llll
lm;. waiting for liim M t-'a' mi.
"Bul «iii'ii I ».iii tot 1 pii' ilui
lllll'll-     .'I VM     ill     11     Slriltl'.'ia     |'a'l*
g„la." bt ai'Mi'il daringly. "Nuw. Ill
Geneva, nol long 11 ro"—
iii,' profllt tnd gained iirt
hi ,>. 1 * bt liked II beat, though her
bud imi lifted 1 little high In wenl
uniil tftlnti ber own yielding carlo i
ly    II,' wits speaking rapidly, mnl tl"'
slight hint of taint othtt tongno than
his usually fluent Eiiglltb urtatad hei
i'.ir now, ns 11 bud ni other tinea
"In iii'iii'i-n, when 1 iniil .1 yam •
L'taly tliat  I  wns waiting for n very
She Maafl| ni»!ii'i.( M» illnmln-til.
wicked inaii to appoar-lt wns really
llie oilili-st thing In tin* ivurKl that ill*
moat Immediately M. .Inlos I'hauvcmt
irrlvnl at mineown Innl It la Intuitu-
bio; lt Is always stiro to lie my fate"
ho concluded inoiirnfnlly.
Ho bowel lew, restored Iho shabby
hat to Itla bend nllh llie loasl lilt of a
nourish ami strolled nway through tht
pinion by a broad ntt that liil to tlio
front pito.
lie wonlal hm* boon lnlort>«t,*.| la'
know that when ho waa out of alisht
Bhlney tnttad It tho veranda rail and
bent forwaril, listening to hia alopa on
tho rtotoI, aflor tho hodtr** nnil shrub-
bery had hidden him. And the atnod
thus until tho faint click of th* gate
told her thnt ho had cone.
Bho did not know that at the gate
eloaed npon him be met Cbnnvonot
face to fare.
At lcuromrii iktkhvibw.
ON 8 I HI'It (IIM VI*.
AnnllaBe uncovered
willingly. Cliiinvi-ni-t
elarod mntcly na Armltago pttnaoil nllh hia
hack to theClnllHint,. Biitn.   Cham I
waa ilrwawd with hi. 11.nnl MN tad
unn- llio l.ilot r.-irn iiinn In Iho Inpcl
or hia Inp ront. llo mrnrk Ilm ground
wlih hli it Iik hia link nf iillonl.h,inn!
fnsse.l. and ho .mill*,! pleasantly aa he
ri'lnrimt Artullaitr's sitliilall'.ti,
"My di-nr .trinltnge!" lie tniiriiiiirod
"1 didn't ci to Mrilrn, nfirr nil   my
good rhuiii, Mt    Ilia' I'l i.i' I-. full of
feiera.   I ta.iililu't Uikc tho rlak."
"ii.' h i'• '--111 na'" 1.11111 nhn Mia
guards UU 1,, .iu,." rtpM tin- nihi-r.
"tt I III * light A iial nui-ii one
ban haial 1 , ,.: ... 1 , !„... our
mat  bt Ml      11.. rathet
pun 1, ulur < I*       *   nut  ti.ul II
au';" Mahal .la.iitni.-'-
"Mi dour fellow, my n I. i,iii* long
Ight tptaat iiiiiiiI.   Deafer, esdta
iiii-iii, ihr in nd **i 11,1 ; ■ leai iif»-
tuoh pleasures of late ban< bM de-
Uilli  llii'"
"lint imi uio j aUU|( nud of Inlrt'pld
Spirit.    Iii,,|l'*|,*l|l It    Ua,ll|,|     |.,      ,,|l||e
surprising If Bonn' perilous mln mure
did not tWtakl  lam U'f  tl,.      i,.f
gi'la In your hnlr."
"Ab!       I    Mn     "all    llaa I
Ititeiosta uic, I,ul I imum iroul'li* yon to
M im' i" ■ reed Qunreatt In
tbo atitiit' t"ii'      1   1. ill *,i.i*i   forpt
that 1 sot 0111 I*, 11, ', .: ,    1 |f 1
lunger in reai *
"Hut I in'' ' . innr
cnll for tbi* pre tn I tbtll gieetlj
vain'' i""i ' road t
llltlt' nai.    li a 1
you lit II III; I .
I     nutl twltti , M re-
■7.    B , btMV
MtUni ■ ■■■ ■ ,lting
to hi. "im id ti lie bid mi'i
Aruiltiiu*   ll ■ ,| |(
apot In tin* n. *,,,.*. 1*
llll'll   Hi    an.I 1   |||!)0
ill nj"i'"l 1 nid
run. Ihal il"  ■ t
Waahlagl > *i to
,*i, |J part nf Hi, ** ; ,,!„,„
tin*  MMM     II ',m|.
tago lo lattM Vll ,1 |„. |„J
no Idea thai he would turn up nt t
ftehlonable roaorl greitlj iBtettd hr
WtahlngtonlmiB nnd only n comptl*
tln'ly sli,ari i   •    ee fruin lhi' i*:i|iilal.
Hi' was at n peal ttlMdvanttft In not
knowing tkrriltage't plint ind rtrtl*
t'.v    Ills ,n,,1 innni was curiously cun-
ning, nnd his r ning powers travcr*
cd olilli|tio llni's IU' wns thus prone
In Impute sliiiilnr iiii'iitnl pr.* * H
iilliau- peopla :;:' ipllcltj ami tllrcctnosa
ho did Dot undorttand at nil. Bl had
underrated jlrtnlttgt't tonrm nnd
dirlngi in- wltbed to mike no further
iiiisiahi's, nmi in* walked bit k levari
tht  hi'li'l   uilh  11*1**11,*iil   good  Brace,
\rtnltege tpol ■ not In 1 rerj dlfftnnt
ktjr, mul lhc change dlipleuel f'hau-
vi'iii'i. fnr in. 1,1 in ii iBeettd ttotsMd
raillery, and  his companion*! sternot
la*;ii'S dlsconei'ilnl lilin.
"I ini,,. this opportnnltj te |tfi yam
aiiin Wtrnlng, II. Jules ('hauienet
alias   llaiiil.anal.   mnl   tlierehy   ri'iulel
i"u a inattr Mrvtct than ran know.
Vmi have tndertikec 1 deep nd tian-
ptrau (.'nine.   11 Ii tpeetaenlir, it it
pi'luresi|iie, II Is lininense! It la ao
ttupendoni thli tht tiktn| of n few
lives seems (tiding In I'liinparlsdii wilh
tne end to bi obtained. Kow leak tbeol
!<'i lair it iiintiii'iil. \1  Jules t'liniircnotl
In (Ills moiinlaiti nir a man may itrnw
hit sane ntnl Kt mailers very clearly.
London,   Tarls,   Berlin,   Vienna-thoy
I long way off, ami the thlnirs tliey
-.innd (W k*M their splendor when a
Ita ninnng Ihose Anierlcnn iiinttn-
mul  lefltetl  upon  'ho pettiness
and snriliiliii'ss nf man's common a in hi-
1 **iis."
"Is this cxorillmn or perorntlon. my
dear fellnw?"
"It Is Iiniii," raptM ArmltiiRO aire-
elnctly. ami (limneiiet was sorry he
1.1 spoken, for Armltage stopped short
In n lonely stretch of the highway and
cimtliiiiod In n dlsajreonhle. Incisive
"I ran nwny from Wtlhtnfton after
you told that story at I'lalliorne's sup-
per table, nut beCIOM I was nfrnid of
laiitr nertisallon. bat I Hi 111 I wnntcd
', li yainr plans a little In security.
The only man who could hnvo helped
- tne linmMlalcly wns Senntor Suti'li-r-
sa'n. and I know thnt ho wns In Montana."
^hnuvenet smiled with n return of
'Of course. Tho hour wns chosen
"Moro wisely, In fact, than your
choice of Ihnt IiIr nssnssln of yours.
He's n clumsy follow, with more brawn
than brnlns. 1 hnd no trouble In leaking him off In Boston, where you probably n,tv|.ie,l him I should lie taking
the Montreal leprine,"
Chnuvenet blinked, 'nils wns pre-
'l a'1,! nhnt ho had told Zmnl In tt>
port, llo shifted from one foot lo another and wondered Inst how he mt
.|ie frum Armltnge. lie had Rone
to Slorni Springs to bo near Shirley
rinlliflrnc. nnd ho deeply ro«oiilod b.iv.
lm; business lltrtist upon hltn.
"Ile la n wise man who wields tho
knlfo himself, M. Clnttvenet. In llio
tnklns of poor Coent von Strools'l's life
M '1,'flly and IKTltly yon pfOTI my
plilloanplty. It was n clover Job, mon-
Chaatenefl gtend tingors pnught at
his uuiatnrlip.
"Thnt la almost Inaiiltlng. M. Artnl
tago. A distinguished aiatisiunn Is
klll.vl. tlnrefore I must hnve mttrileri'd
him. Vou forget Hint thore'a a difference Is'lween tis Yon nro nn unknonn
udvotiluror enrrle.l on the htehl ll Hi"
ns n ftitflilio from Jtisthe. nml
I liii walk to Iho holel ond gel twenty
reputable mini lo rem! for inc. I nd-
vine y.111 lo lx> rnrefnl not to metilloii
Iny inline In connerllon nlili ('omit nm
SlriK'U'l'a dcnlh."
llr hnd l*ogiin Jauntily, bnl closed In
heil, ninl nlii'tt he finished Artnltngii
MtttM In algnlfy Hint ho unilerilmsl
"A fair moro dontbl, and ymi would
I-a In a MeWaa I" oommaiid trlbule
from n Iliuli nuarler, nioiialeur."
"Your mind KaMiitia lo lum upon na*
aaaalttnlloit. If ymi know so much
nb'int firmdu'l's iloilli Ifa tinforlunnl*
Hint ymi h-ft Kuril*-* at n limn when
M mltrlil Iinie ri-inleriiit liiiii„rlniit aid
In rimllng Ihe tourdii-a-f. H'n I Ml US,
pi, li.m II, Ariiillnpil It la known at
Ilm II ,ti'l llaniin Idwa In lieu.,11 lhat
)on ii-ri, Hi" laat |m-w-ii to mlu) nu
Inienlew  nlili  lh*  T«**eiWa etatee-
triiiTi- Tam si*i;"i'Hrri"h.Trn~,.~. .\	
1 aa,     1 ,.|    ,lllll,   I'llllll!, II' I
m,*        hotW|htatl 'ih'' *■""' wi|-
Iall  Arillil.U-a    I
the II tt I Monti liosn fur tneiili fmir
* ,*,unit's glpllilun*
M rhMt    MM   >'"•■   Jli:''*
i-alli  n. nt to III*
f.i. a*,    ii In, Ii    n liu.'ii.-.1,    lluuich    he
ioiikIh 1 111 tllppant irony.
I a-iv   was  1,  ina'ti
alettr'/   rii,|a,iibleilly you kuow all ■)
tin,!,* ni*-, sai thai It Is unnecesBary
for RM lo have nny oplnlona In tin*
"Quito so!  Vmir oplnlona nro not of
great  HUM   tO  me,   for   I  cmplny. .1
)  move yon to uh'
dnrtai the boi :ii 11 irhkfa fount vou
Itrotbel ii is nobbed ta ttaath in hia
1 It Is so Intcresllii*,-
Hi it  I ban' committed thl record to
nii'l y.   II lhe story would Interest
y..ii'l li,. hand thai ifaia tooght tho
tllifht uiuslticho trembled illglitly, but
1        11, t imlltd,
"tod sboul,!  wt,:.   ' airs 0f
y.uir icry Inlcrcsllng inr,, 1. B] ittt
fallow.  I cannot listen to ymir bahbh
* I iln nut Intend lli.il JOS shall, but
J'll'ir     WlllT, llbaalllS     "11      Maallll.I!      1
M ttah is, ef this year uia> I I I
lialimt, M. O ta"
"Hf It elioiiM. I sliall call RpN rati
im dear MlOVr
If Ibe tlolt'■'
nan  I  Bnpllljtd  to larMtlgntt  lb*
„t|||,*l      , '      la'U     lllll'll     btttM
All I could offur would lm •■■.
vory 1 lioroush reports. The number of
cups of coffee your friend Dnrantl
drink for breakfast ihls morniiiK at
his lodgltiRs In Vienna will reach mo In
due course!"
"You arc really a devil of a fellow,
John Armltago!   So much knowledge!
Armlliiiji j'..Iniul Um the rond ttiili
Ms rtdMf trap.
So ai-tile an  Intellect!    You are too
wise la, throat auay yaiur life futilely "
' ■You   li.i io  lii-aii  inost tii'ii, 'fills  in
aperitif ii iim-* rart" langbod Anniiage,
ninl t'hauu'ii.'l took Instant ailvanlage
oi ins cbinge of humor.
"I'erbaii's   peihaps   1   hale   pledged
my filth In tbt wrong quarter, mom
siaiir If I may say it, we are both
fairly clever men; together we could
tchlort mu. ii:"
'So you Wonld soil out, would you'.'"
langbod Armltnge, "Too BtMrablt III
tie blackguard. I should like to J"in
la.vas with youi Your knack of getting tbO I'.'iSaUl  llll*! till' rlglll  CUP I'l'l)
time WOOld bt a laluuble asset! Hut
we aire imt ni.i.l,' I'.'f ea, li I'lher In Ibis
world.   In the tiesl-wlio kBOWll"
"As you will! I daft MJ fOO would
be an tllCtlng partner."
"aii of that, Chanvmetl   Ien de
b.'-t t" attcfe l" fOM present employer
Be iii-i-ils yuu and tbo lil-e tt J**M I
don'l!  Hut rcineniber-if thert'l I sml
ibn 'leallt In Vienna In a cortaln l.ig'i
(inuiti-r ii"' «i!i n"i Bm i" nif ihe
beiielils. fliarles I.auiis rules Austria-
lluiigaiy. Ills ii,ii-in, your friend
l'laiuis, is not of kingly pHporUoOl
I ndvlso you toacnble the amiable lm*
rami of a dtMoJntlea of ptrtnenhlp
li is now taa latt i'"i' .nm lo I'liii al
Judge Claiborne's, and 1 shall trouble
you to null, on ibmit the road fur ten
minutea  u yea i""k round or follow
ine.   I   shall   certainly  turn  you   Into
,iiig bas a 11 rail Ive than a pillar
of silt.    Y"U do well lo consult your
Match,   fun at,!!"
Armiia'.-e pointed down tht  lead
Willi his riding 'i"l'* A" Chaiivetiet
Watted sl"!i!y auay, siiiii^ing hi-
Klt, U, Arinilag,' tuined toward the hotel. The shadow of eight was Infolding the hills, and It was ipiile dark
when be lound (K,ar and the hi
lie Donated, and llu-y r.'.le tbjMgh
th,'ib'i'|K'iilng April ilm*l>. up Ibe innd
Ing trail Ihll led out of Sl"iut valloy.
—-. -.—
Chap*er XV
HIIIII l.l    ll'UINS  A   llll.l I
liini.r.Y   OUnORKI
a as dressed for I I Ith
ami while nailing for
her horse she reread her
bt-'ilher's letter, and lhe
iip! which followa
a    ..!
I almll urv.r live dowt D I
with ii krmll
Ila    |f,   OUI '  "    '"'  '
r. in it i > i* - ■;. >,r tho atpotoro in
•ainiii : a * toally
tai.k ine In. iiii.I. furlli. r. I ml t ttoedtt
Who tba iluii ha I. or wul "ur Inal In-
li ril, iv nt tha dub nft, r Cil turn 0*1 told
n uuh in.* *ii* mr,.-.ii-lv.  1
■ t,*l hiiii 1*1 lying lh,* il.irk'y  mviterla'ii..  whkk MMI
dnl ai wl'h ' r,l and
drinking my bottl*    A. I pr, eautlon  1
*       I: a'   t>, .1   I'f
my   allllty.     Al   Iho   A*.
uv* r  l '  a  few
cruliera or toane an*"!" rul*i*i.li fr,,m ene
of  onr  «i"' -r   n i-'il : I 'I
lie ii*i iu*k te iH i '*i.   b.r
Am. i   i every tMMl
"l>o„r „|,| liiek!**   Aim sue tUOppat
Ibe letter into a drawer mil neiil out
li.i*  tin* siin-liiiie, tii.Uinta-, 1 her home
and   t in n.'.i   lo-
ii,ml Hie hllll.
Slae  hi,I  s|"l'llt
Ibe Intern,, alia'*
aensoiis ot llie
year nt Hlorm
Spring a ever
Sill*,'    Sll,'    (aalllal
iniieinlH*r aiid
hmi tittahed tlie
aurraaiiiiiliiig hills
und tli|,|»., 1 into
the talloya with
a bial's zest nud
liwihiui. The
Virginia mmm*
tains wore linked In her mind
to   tho   dreams
||    I a*|*    !,,I||h,    tO
lii-rrnrllpnt hopes
iind   asplrntlona
and  lo the La.'k. she  had  read, nnd
ih,, pooped hai'pliy mil of ib,. raOa*
b> tbe lune "f an old ballad. She rode
aa a WOMB sh"ii!.l, nslrltle Iter horse
and imi madly clinging to It In the pre*
pMtemM miiieiil fa-liloii. 8ho hnd
known horses frotn early years, Id
Which she Innl tumbled from ber potty'i
bu k In the stable yard, nnd she knew
lum lo train n horse lo n gnlt nnd how
bi master it beast's fenr, nnd cieii
-f tb,' Irhks ,af the troopora In
lb,, 1*..rt Myer drill she had aurrep
llllotialy pin, tired In the iih'ihIhW back
of tii" Claiborne stable.
II u i a i.n   I in-.lay lhat .balm Artnl-
I        .   *, I befme her In the
pergola,  n was aan ttanlai afu-r-
Stlrl, |/ (lili/ioi-nr IMI
I t,ai ,1 rial
BEALKD ti:m)i:ii.s, Nptntrlhed
"Tender lor Hon,* Sound School
Building," «ill be rtoelved by ihe H,,n-
 'lile ilie   Hlnlatsr ,,( PublicWotki
up i" aiul looludlng Kondey, tbo Mth
day  of  Si'lilemlier,   1910,  lot the orer-
t imi and completion of ii two-room
Khool building ut Bowe Bound, Qib>
sun's I milling, in (hi Richmond l-'.ler-
torsi Diatrict,
I'lilll*., -pea ilia ,'ili.all-, eniilinrl, nnil
forma  ol Tender mny be seen  am   ind
iltor the 7th diy "I Riptoaihor. I'.Mu,
ill   the   ulliav*-   ,,(   .la-.   I''leti*lu*l*,     I'sip,
Cil 'a Landing, Clerk ol tht Bohool
Board ; thl Prol in, itil Timber Inapoc
lor, Vancouver: ami tht Dtpartment
,if Publii  Worki, ', Ictoria,
Each propoia] must be aooompenled
In an ai * epted bank * hoqtte oi * irtl
ii,*aie ol depoell on t chartered bank
ui Canada, made payable to lhe Honourable the Mmi-ier nl Publii Worki,
fan- ihe mm "i tm, which ihali be
lorfeiied il the puny tendering decline
in enter Into contra t uhen called upon  tn iln -    if  he fail  I" a*,,lli|*l,ti*
th,* woih , ..ntta. ted lor,   11»' ' ntqnaa
of eerlifieiltes of deposit oi UDMOCtM1
iill   le nilere I ■■:   lliil   be   lellil Ill'll   to   I Ill-Ill
upon the execution oi tht eontraot.
Tendon will nol bt considered utile--
inaili* .,nt on thi i',n in- lupplied,
id by tht ii'liuil sguiiliire ul th* i,*n*
dai,a*,    ili'I    ellaloseal   in   the  etlie!,,|e.
i'liiii bed,
lhe IowmI ar niiv tender nol 11 tt
■til]  accepted,
I'. C, OAMBI v..
Publii Worki Engineer.
I'ubli,  Worka Department,
Victoria, It. C„ 2nd Beptember, IHO,
Bargins in
and Stoves
I i i  dl  ttt
70 Lonsdale Avenue
and 900 Granville St.
North Vancouver
Coal and Supply Co.
Dealers in Coal, Brick,
Sand,   Gravel,   Lime,
Cement   and   Gcnrtdl
Builders' Supplies.
All  Ordert   Promptly
Pilled tnd Satiilat tion
liiiarauli il     1'rice-s on
Office: Lonsdale, near Cily Wharf
Warehouse :       Fotman's ^ hail
noon, ond Chnuvenet hnd liccn to aet
h,*r I iv h-e slnie, nnd »lio hnd met him
lhe night bef.ire nt a dance at one of
lhe collnirea.
Once free of the acltlcmcnt alio rod!
far and fast until ahe waa quite bo-
voiiil tbe ma| ri'iilea of the Spring!
• 'iilala; Ihcii In mountain by-
ivnya aim i-n|,<i .-,1 the luxury of leisure
lad dismounted now ntnl then In delight III the green nf the laurel nntl
qnettlM the rhododendron!.
.lule. Chaitveiiel had ItMtOd Ibe hills
nil tlay and tZplorod imrn niieiiitaln
pathl mnl  lni|iilreil enutl,,u-!i   of  the
iiaiiu.. The telegraph "|»*t tot n tht
siotin Spring. Inn nn. a ii" unn and
Hip dlipali Ii ninl reerlpl by .lule. thnn
n nil of long ines.ag,*-. lima | *| them
in  cipher,   phpied   her  rniiMt)      No
member "f the IFMhlBgiau dip
.iim cam io tin. dpi   .*, n,,t
lliiiiilliiinli,iiiiiiniiniiiwinwiiM!M.wwwwwwwj|    dominion nn report
A Neatly
Printed Job
Attracts attention and adds to the
prestige of your business. There
is nothing so unsightly as a poorly
printed, unbalanced job of Printing, which finds its way into the
waste basket. A neatly printed
Is Pleasing
to the Eye
and commands attention. The
latter is the kind we do. Our
office is fitted up with the latest
type faces, machinery, etc., and
we take pride in the class of work
we turn out. When you get
ready for that next order of
Printing, try
The Express
Job Dept.
North Shore Press, Ltd.
119 Firit Street Eail.
Phone 80
miiiim >mh
aja      J he summitry   repnrt   for   the year
jj endine, IVivmber .11, 1909, junl   luued
,  by lhe Dominion Department nl Min,*-.
• contain-   some inteiwtini;   dnta   ton-
, eerninf tviniag ptoduotloe nnd opera-
' tion iii Hritish Columbia, Durlnf the
j yenr mentioned 4S,47f,.liO ounOM ol
, uniil wen. reei'ivetl nud ussiiyeil nt the
Dominion may olliee. The-e depn-
it« were derived from the lollowing
Kouiees : Yukon, 6,110.36; Bdt Ith Inl
ambit, Hfi.7IM.ll7 ; Alberta, MM ; Al
atiku, tJSMM ; rulifurnia, 'Jii.ul ; total value, tlMjmM,
Ai-rnriliti*. ,„ the offu-iiil report ol
Mr. II. Middleton, mmttpK of lhe
\ tuii'oiivei* nssiiy offiii', lltete hits been
a substantial iin reuse of gold output
in the Yukon during Ihe year IM,
as loinpiiied with IIM, but that very
little  of   this  wus marketed   at    the
\lllleollter nlliee ,   the lie, tense  ill   19M,
as eninpared wilh 1WIH, beiiiK .17,1 l'J.
711 irny oiinees. It appears thut the
((renter pmt ,,f (h,. Yukon Rolil output is now shipped direit to Sun
Franeiseo by registered mud, the
transportation ahoigai from Duivson,
Y. T., lo Sun Kriunisco beini; the
stttiie n- frum Daw/son lo Vim, ,iii!,*i.
B. ('. A aolilliliutin*; iiiiise ol thi-
diversion nf Yukon gold lo lhe I'nit-
isl State- is the important fuel Ihnt
the I'linrge imposed in the ('sited
Stutes mint, Sun Fratiai-en, in the
ptirihiise of gold bullion, is oao-otghth
ol one pi'r WOW. leaa on lhe gross vnl-
ue ol lite bullion than at the Yaneuii
ver offiee.
llelereiiee is mnde to the nhiitige of
Ineatinn in the Ynnrottver olliee, and
the improved facilities lor handling
the business in lhe new ipiartei's.
The prnrtiee ol the Bureau ol Mim-
of  Briii-h Columliia ia lo eolle, I -ta
ti-ti,s based on the nssny  \ allies   of
..  ,-, h   shipment.     The   figures    giini,
*'Ithenlii ',   represent   the "total   gross
, ,  content  (ol  -biiimenls) without -nu'lt-
•' er deductions."   In dealing with   such
l,laC*0  graale a*op|Vr oil's  ns tho-e of the
•■ I Boundary    distriit    of this    pr.nin,,'
||   (ciipis't*   eontents   tiverngiug   nbotll IJ
|H't i-enl. or less) nnd on* so low in
a-np-wr us Ihose of ltiis-liitul, the ilil*
(ereiiac   Iwtween   slnlislii's   ol prorti,-
tion lui-isl on nssay- and tbo-i' iiu-.il
on UfpK re.overisl by tbi'   -tne'l. i .
will lie greatly ncii'titunlisl.     In   f'l't
in en.es such ns the-e, the dilTeieine a-
regnnls   eop|ier mny npprnximaae    t-
mueh it" i'i |icr win., ,,t  MM ,,l   the
urigiltal  e,,p|»'r conUnls uf  tin'  ure.
The cop|ier production nl Britlrh
Columbia iu IINI'*, ais-ordiiig In In*
stnlislics piibb-bed by the llmi'.i l ol
Mines, representing "tha- total] g"'--
inntellt- nf -hiplllellts without smel'cr
dedii,-tioni," waa I7,27l,lil.i pountla;
while .melter return- re.,i.,,l I.i the
mines branch showisl llinl lh" pi m
tity ol i-oppcr eniitnimil iu the ei i tl
ntnl blister prodm-cd by lhe sniellets
of liriiish Cnlumbia linel'ldin.jf the
Korthpoel    -melter   in   the   slat"    nf
Wnshniittniii. wa- 17,141,111   poeadi
A small tonnnge ol ores »ll ahipped
+ jlrom the const mines to I'nttisl Stutes smellers, the results nl which   r.re,
,,f MM t  in. iiuiul in lue    Iiuicr
figure. This nmntint, however, includ, <
the results ol lhe treatment .1 i smnll
lunnnge ol 1 nitcd Slntea ore! whnh
wrre trrnled in the Canadian fuina.-.
Thii difference may nt lint sight np
nenr somewhat stnrlling, but the e\-
pliinntinn i- iippiiicnt when it ia rem-
embrrwl thnl the smelting ol the
Boimtlnry low grnile ore. tnvolvee a
Iom ol Irom i'i to ■ is-r cent, tl I1-
original copper contained in lhe ore.
Such condition, do not afford a lair
mean, ol compnring the metnl pr,,ilur
lion ol one province with that ol nn*
other, nor of comparing lhe metnl
pr,she lion ol Canada with that
ol olher cotinlrie.. where the aliti«-
tic. published repreaftil the i*unntitie.
ol metnls rceovered. The lollowing
exlrnit Irom the reporl ia well worth
the nltention ol the nulhoriiiea at dl-
Inwa :
"A .iib-lnntinl ini rrn«e ia re|*orliil
nl the gold ol (he Yukon lor the yenr
I WW a. compared with the previ.il-
year ; very lillle ol lame, however waa
marketed at ihis offii-e, ihere beini   a
e ol    7,112.79 troy nun.,
aei'.i.l   (mm  the Yukon   during     the
year 1WW ns compnreil with the Innn
er yenr.   The greater purl i the   Yu
kon gold nut put i- now -lnpp *!     to
Sun Frnnciaeo by regiateretl mail,   Ihl
tnin.|nirtntion ihnrge.  l^ing ll"     >' •
Irom Dawaon, Y. T., to Bel '
an, M Irom Daw.on lo Vam ouver, H
11,   The rharges imposed nl the dilTr'
eat institution, in Sun FtMtiM   '"'
the punhaae ol gold bullion  ill
eighth  of  one   |ier  cent.   le-.  o,, ili,
mine ol the bullion than II il*i-
ohVe.   II a relinle w,n* nlluw, ,1 aai nn.
eighth ol one per eenl. ,,n  lh,*   l'"'
value  of  nil  bullion from the  Tehee
alepo-ilisl nl  thia offiie on whuh   ll,
ruially M ,*\p,,it  |,,  Ui bm |"H'*
it   wnitl'l  be the   mean, nf 'I
the Yukon gold oiitpan   t„ Y;nn„u*,'
nml  im-itlenlnlly  keep  the  pi.
vnlimlili> asset, eitvn-ialK  il ihe open
Hon-   of   the   HMf   nffi,,*   wei.  *
...binie ii- In wnrrnnl  »n*kli
T  monthly   puhli, ation),   nnd Utah    I
a|a   ..atiipnnying lhe marketing ,,f gold m
tht. ,aiiintry."
.|.      In  the ie,,,   |'«is ,'„, r,,|,„|,
-H-H-i*  lii-i~-.-r.il  ill Mine, lm  th,. p\
Ontario ncordl thirty aceident- lm
iii ixploiivn, whieh is 1.8) |H'i* cenl
nf all the accidents reported. In lliil
i-h Columbia (or tht MM yenr eleven
fatal accident! incurred in metalliferous mines, due tn evplu-iic-, which il
.12.1 |ier cent, of nil fatal a"■'nlent-
recnrilcl in mita) ntiiics ill this province.
Ill  the  ie.il-   IMG   lhe olllpllt   of  aa.lll
ill   British   ColOfflhie   was   17,lol.Juu
inn- ; nieii employed, 46/00 ; falnl ac
'■idea!-,   I- ; serious, BO | slight,  190,
The tnlitl cutil prntlilitinn in t'aiinln
in tBOB, oompriiing lalm   and  ship.
munis, cnlliiuy ciiiisiiniptiuii and coal
used  in milking coke, is esiiniateal  .,1
10,11 l.'.i.v, -h.ait tons, raised it *Ji,*
161,361, This i- a smaller prodeetion
lh.ill ill I'ilher nf the Iwn pie,,slim:
leai-. though the total may be slitht
lv iin lea-cil wben mnn. eunipliti. re
turns ure received. The w, -t, rn pro
vinces each show* un ltiiicn-ed produa
tion ol coal in I'.HIil, but not snllicient
tu eouiitertiet thc mimed oittpit in
Nova Scotia, which melted from   the
Cllld   miller.'   -inlo*. The    tggNgoti
ilecren-e for tin* whole of I 'iiliiulii wn-
nliotil   l7I..ITifi tuns. ,u* I.M per cent. ;
wliile Nnvit Scntin llhui,* -hnwcil  lllllll
inn uii ,,f M,7M ibeel leee, ot UM
PM   i'mil. ;   lhe  ugL'l'i'gL'b'  increil-e    an
tile      W,-teni    pin! iliac-    beilln   806,011
ton-, or l'J.II  |»'r cent.
(If the total production Nova Sa ilii
cuntribilted  54.    |.-r cent.,  Sn-knl. In-
Wall    lllll    AllM'I'lll   'J"..*   pel    aellt.,     nud
British ''..luinliiii .'III |"i a,'in. N.a!ai
Bcotil rnnks first in vubn* with Ull.
HgJMt; Hiiti-i, Cohmhia, r.Ml^lB,
(ii-innis  deportment   itatlitlet   in
this year nlsu  ittdiciile nu eipant    of
le.ul   nre   nr   i ulnclll 1 III* -.   .llnl   the    In
lul  production  in  l!in*> of lend  mail
lllile   fnr   lun-iltnptinii   wn-  e-tie
nl    40,191,448   pniinil- ;   iiii     ill. lea i I
prudiiction in IMI i' thetefuie.
,,f  bum .".IHal.lHHI (n T.IMMI.IMMI p,.iii,al
This |iriiilii, linn in both Vein- wa- nil
fmm   the   prminae i,f  llrili-h  f'nluni
llf    the   production   ol   iop|ier    iii
I'.KH.I,   Illllilli,i   i-   credited   Willi    l."l,7ll*.
li'.K.I piiiind- mid llriti-b Culiunliin with
:l7,:il 1,1117 pniinil-. Tbe latter |g«e
nun be -uliject to more nr le— raltl
linn, ns cuinpleie return- had tun htee
receiv,sl ol nil ore ■ported.
A    preliniiniiry    c-bnintc   show I    a
-1 iu tit   dealea-e   ill   L'nl'l   prisbl'lioll    ill
1900,     The tulal pr.adiiauinii   in   psi-
-'|,-i-j.in.'., ia, whiiii ih,.  fuhon
diitricl    CnlltlillUla-,l    Sll.lillll.llllal ;      1„,*
Ilh ('..lumbia, tSMtMt; Nova Beo
tin, H44,7N. In IIM the Yukon
■hoWl  u further in. r**a-e,  the vuluo nl
thi gold being eatlmatod nt 18,060,
nun. I In* tuial gold txporti nn which
ii>\uh> wa- paid wni according to
ihe teoordi ol the Interior Dtpartmaml
during   thi'   caleniliir   year, 881,766.36
(uinplete   -lati-lirs   are   not   yet n-
vailabh a- to Iht gold peodnotleti in
Britiih Columbia, but   the returns re*
aeiied    iippcnr    In  iiniii ate    n  rcdllaeil
nitt|iiit.     The   production  In   ton
S.utiu will imt differ much (i-,,m that
nf the pre! imi. year.
The mineral  production  in  CaDodl
lm* 1(88 wa- s-.-,u-J7,-nj, ni.dfnr 1808
 Mm "I 180,000^08,   Nearly nil
the   llletnl-   -llnw    llll   ilia I'ensil!    olllpllt
ii-  coinpitied  with  1888,
11. Ill
Mhihi[»i Hirer nf
ill klndi ni Minion tnd AaUqM hmilian
Store,Oflice Knnk nntl llnr Future.*.   H«>|>nir-
iiik in ill [in brutfatt.
I'ii'tiirt- Frtntagt     fwiitow ftonftt
MAIL DtDIU given prompt ItMltlea
60  YEARS'
Tradc Mamie
^^111^11111_       CoermoHTi 4c.
Anmne l*nat(l| a iketrh ind 6 wrti-tt.-st mat
lut. in* Mi-rrtnlQ ear t)pin|..n five wh.ih.r aa
lliiciitlea lirrait!.!*l|r,nn.|itihli>, Ci'lurauulna.
1 la ana ai rlotlf rnii!,l,,,il inl. HANDBOOK on I'.la-nl!
»nl Irpa. lil^Ml u.nc, fnr „ curnt.- i*li>nl-,
I'alniU Uloo lliraiuili Mum I Co. neaM
ajwrui iwdti, wit-mot eliana, lo Ue
Scientine Berican
Ahtldiomalr Uluftr*lml«i<ekli>, UiwMt dr-
mUtioo of any irientino >..iiit •!.   irt m* r<*
l'«n»il», %.k.Vj 9 1991, i» nU|i« iirvpn. i.   Md bf
il) i.owi.jt'iifri.
36IBroid*tT, __
Semi-Ready Tailoring
The Clothes of Distinction
The Best cutting. The Best modeling. The
Best tailoring. In (act, the Just Right and the
ONLY Right Kind ol Clothes at the Right Price,
bold in Vancouver at the same price as in Montreal.
We have youi (all suit ready (oi you to try on.
Sales  Depot (or Semi-Ready Tailoring
519 Granville Street
N.il Dooi lo Old Poal till., .
r. McMillan &, co.
54 Lonsdale Ave.        Phone 197 PO. Box 155
One Dollar dcpoaitcil in the
Hmlt of llamiltun Dli|hl BMtl thl
tint sti-p toward tlio ll i mutilation
of a fortune.
The man who scorns tin* sagacious ittvi-stmpnt of his s.ivn
\. i io I' urn llif triti-  print ip       i
frugality and thrift.
Deposit oni itotllJ today—begin
to proviiiu   against  old  Ifl
linancial reverie*.
C. G. HEAVEN, Agent,
North Vint ouvi r
Head Office:
classified aii. iiii.i m
iaa.ii* the wanti ami the oftwit
inn,.nt local idvertiiing,
.■single   hurt,   III,*   pel*   line
line Week. Tho per line per Iniertlon
line  M.mili, Be per line pec in-ertinii
MtS.   I'm*   ni   \   ill*'Hlle!   bus     la* I   a.l    i
llull-e   111    III    I li.-lallielil   |0t   the Witt
ler month-.
The <r, ret of tha luccen of our
Want am is that thtr ara short
and snappy. Peoplo like a plain
business story told In ■ few words
snd If they want anythtn-a-they
refer to the place where they
wlll And tt with the least trouble,
•li., tho Classtflod Want ads. Is
vour buiiness represented then.
I WI'iiii   | nl, a llano,    inal
'»• iu g I rtiiiilitiiin.   \pply,   A. II.,
i:\pii-- tula , gfl
1 inli
ll -
*,*!     1,1    ,
a|ll|' 1
llalp.     1
ao,,k.     1
1).. Ki
pie   |
HWII    II         la,
*  e,       alKIIlt
HOO coil
.  Parti
uini -
T.. Btpn
m (Mb
ll Willi  \v,unn,i ia weab fat Ihm
pereona,     Appli,   Mi .   Ranting,   Is
i*l.in.nl,■ li
Iiill  BALE-Appln. .heap Appl.-.
t, I..  K,s ,  lill,,.nth -ii,*, i. If.
I ni; -Ml   i ..ii and pullete,      11.
I'lKllial.,       aaatiiei       hellll     If. .lt,|        llllll
I-'.uIm*.   Ivenue. -J'ai
mn HE i"i! -mi t map, ati
1,'a'tn-. modern, toply, owner, ;i-Ji
'.uh street, H
lul; -mi ii_',* roomed motion
Inm.,* ,.n Sixth treei mil I onadall.
Ippi-   mi  ninth   I reel eail ot phone
11,-. M
I  II- I       BUnt ll III      k''!-. 'aineullel,
neat  lii -t itreet,  Finder will I..   rt
wu.I...I ..ii returning thm t" Kxpns«
t uli, e. Jit
l,uk I.iaittci and N. Lotudalc
Bidet Murrav Co, fire in-suniue
Ua. v.ill Inn* or exchange your itove .
rangea ind household g la lor   .pot
ouh,    Tomer1!, '.n I oi dab Avenue,
I'ln.ii.  l»i     i'.u. Boi 211,
Mai-i* supplied lor iiiiii.*,*-. eoncorta,
et.. I'. ti. Boi -Jl. I'li.'iie HUM. II.
Chance, i iolini t ai d lender.
$50  REWARD  $50
lliil   Is     _!.. ll    t.i     ,111, ,lle   wllu   Will pt',-
\ 1,1,     Ulf,,,In iliuli    ihll     a* ill     .,    alle    the
. lion "I iln* part} or partim wno
iu,  believed i*   h a**  I* *    1*1 'w * pel
,!■._        a .     *|„      HI a|.*|    | jlie.l OH
,-iiinlaii night.
HISS 11 SA l-'H LIS.
I'., i . IHM.Ih RAI I
"  I1., i . Dinghj   \ - *** i ii "ii i   .
laal        till-        a. |.,,||       HI,,     |l|„,III     ,,||,    lUlM
n'a'l    ll    le! le!\    , af    I *  I      |*    a >     *   [. .    ||a
||   aleli    ,,||    lln 11    ".   a!    '       I |1 a*  III
time thia !■ ai  i' *" al   the in* t   that
II     llll-    lleell     III     .LII*     I! ail     ||
Pour   boal   entered
ol the   ei a,ii *iu l , in ted lm
lo I.' te- k sl Ufa iu total  ,1 ihe end
,,f    the    -en  lal I h.*l
Wl le    Vl,     I WO,    *I.lllll.**,    I   ll*. I    llnl  I'l,* I.
While, il**   a.lla* i il **'  1	
in nh* un || i Dl nl " 1 i lie I ■ ii-
llilit ilnn older will b. ai given
above,  nf the lour, ll  I iha boal
llele     lle-l*.' I     ill   Vll      M'l,     lltnl    tile
.lutiib.. in North Vancouver and   Ihl
■   • i, Hi. i   peel * i.iii a,n iln
1.1.  ,1   <l.   i: a*, a      ,. lm   haa ,*.   aa   I       * * I
i ly with tin   *
Innil    ill    l.'llel*-.
Mi.   Sector  Mleun hat  rtntid  i
"iin.'.- on Si. li >.**■'** Ive, near lib
II.   M.-i-ln-i. .i    ut arrival   from
\ lllieiilller.      hia     lllken    a     lliin-i'      iiii
Rldgewa)  An*, mat  llth atretta
il. i' Pearce a.f \ meouver has mm
,*,l bio hi- new houae on iTt'n itreel
II. ■!. ilairalni-i', in, iiaiaarv, hit in**!
isl in ih.* nun - ,,f :!,,| -iie,,| nnd St.
Iimid'-   Ma*.
('.    S,    Ull,III    i-    -Illllilli.'    lh''   ele, I ia .11
"i     I     I,    lalell*,*    ,,11     III |t   |
Sl,    llllllll'-.
Vi.   I .   Slulle   hu-   Completed   the  eon
-inn ii if   ii -iii.'ill   house on   I'-'th
-Heel    11,-1.
ihe P.iii'r. a,f Van* ouvei In- opened
ii branch at Colling* I, I',. ''., wnh
Mr.  I In.I  11.  Il.iw.illh lu a I.
Mi-,   (luthrldgi  lm-   moved into a
ilm ,,n l'ir-i ilml between -i. fit oi
ee'-     llll.l     M.      \l|.||i!l'*       llelnle.
Mr. Vi. I'. lirihhla* hu ,, iiniieil Iron,
\ n i,una l'ark inin In* mu In'ii-,, inm
the   , oilier    iif   RldgeWaj    and     I lib
Mr-. Corniih, r nil* inun tlteen-i
ami it former Nortii \ it • ouver   real
ilelil, ha- rented a Ilm  in lhe Wit Lai  I
llloek  llll   l-'it'-l   -Heel .
I;,*'. f. I'.. Butler I, a* rented the re
- i" I.'I I - a*    aaf    VY.    Kll,,111,**     aali     I 11 ll    * t I,', '
Mi.   Knowlee  hn-  mail,,I  into  bi- Mm
houae "ti I iir-,iii- rond,
Uev.    Henry    anal     Mi       11 np, I      ni
Orangevtllt, Ontario, were it  iheeitj
thi-    Week    li-illlie    Ml-.    Illl|«*l'-    "all
-iii,   Mi-.   11.   .1.  Wilson, i'iiIi   -in,i
Mi.   .1.   S.   Rogtn   auul  daughtar,
jam- at the llutel North Vanoonvn
fan    the   la-t    -i\    w,s*k-,   left    l,,l      I  la
IiiiiiI imi I'mIai evening lout on an ex
tended holiday.
Ml*,     ill,,-.     I,II Iit,     ..Sl. Ill    III al***!   el
ill the Canadian Home lluildera I t.i.,
aaf Van iai.  mul  Mi-    Iiiilul    mi'i
laughter   arrived   in iln-   rhy    I -1
week   and   will   III.ike   llnil    I    Ilt lile
llutel Norlh Vancouver.
iln*  righl ..( wai!   fair lhe new  eltwi
-ion  of tl„.  North   I onadalt   water
iiinni lm- l.s.n ,*|,*iir,,l atul the trench
digging will l»' .ninini.n,'nl in t   'In
Ot   tWO.     ll    i-   lipn bil   llllll    ibe    pipe
hi! in*.'  will  be  -Iai led  iiln.llt   the  lir-i
a,|    lieSI     Wa-ek*
The engineering deparlmenl   ul   lhi
,|i-lli*l     Will    tliake    It    Slllll     IllllU't'luW
iiii   the  location   nf   the  roud    i.ui -I
ing   Ihe   Keilh   uniil   with   ll..-1	
ihi- w.nk ha- been ulul, r ndi i-elnenl
lul    ie  ti  ninl   i-   lirgtntl)   leipur
nl in ih.* optwatoi ■ uf ih** Dm** i an
'pllli l>.
lb. .1. It. lib-,,n. r,,v..-.. i- prepai
in... in leave (,u Toronto on ibe 16th
uf    lhe   pi lit    month    to   '•ullltllellee   II
till,*,' !,*lll-' lour- ill 111,sli, ill,'. Ili-
diplomi    i..r  ll V.8.    un"-    liim     iwn
1, il iall lha* Dldlcal IUIII*-a* 1,1 I'l!'*
1, ii- niial llaolefole the tei III Wlll Ih'
  nh inbli   -Inn telle,!.
ilie     ill    llllll    .lllllll    lll.'lll    We-l      "'
the t'apilailiu va lit, Ii will hum n ami
nectittg link Is'tween lli,- Keith iiii'l
the new Oovemmont road along lhi
nal bwindao "' t. I. 1041 andlOU
I     , I II     lualllisl.      ill,*     pblll-     Wlll       I**
forwarded t" \ It lorla f"i ihl appi"!
nl ,,| il,,* department who bear ■ pnl
lia,It     laf     ll -t       lll'l     llhell       I eI a 11 IH - I
with   the   i  -an   laaent   the   wurk
of enti-tiui tion will I" 'iiiiiun need
A considerable   nin lorm ition   h n
Inkell    plane   nl     Vilth   I  lile    willi
th,, widening .,<,! nn.l   i idin- ol I on
*l ,le M.*. and tl pening ami nl .-t
\    ■ *l .1*     lii      .l.'lll
l'i,un nu iiiiii.. i  Impenetrable wilder
i   li    !.* i|    ..I      ..   ni'..    ill"   pi n e    i
mui   opened up in n. .-irly  eien     i"
inui  nml  | I  'inui,*'lim;   roads   run
Ihruugh,     He* |i 'pulniniii i- ih
.1,*!* la*pill. Ill     III     till!     I'llH       "'
the  distri I   ninl   iiln**ll.'   the   lll'llll     le
.I* * .    thai  l.i ,*   prima ini" prom
itiei ii*** a   number  <>f costly   aiul
hnndanme  home     Ir'u ll}   modem   In
men    I*    p.. I,
<t'..rnIini,,I Irum pagt I)
llll Ifi
\    ',"Ull    I'INI | lll\
I nli  ba   i, a.I  1,1   i,mini unn   mull" Uletl
ami I nl  ii, i*i ,*i "Viii,*i,    ' oi
iul' :'    telegraph) ,     S    lhe  - hunt
* li     unl     -inn'     tin*
Wit l*       timpani,     in    * lablishing
it ■! mtry Ihert
i i,I*graphics.
I'         pa;      In       I   ' *  '        iia.Ill      |70      Ul
IWI i»i monthi mih •* I * hat '
nb i' mn. nl.   ihe   Nut innni    lei* L'l'il'li
Ila    ll*    Ite *|'a  llll l\        Ullil  llll        III - I ■
nn.*   iii  tmerii u. undi t   ii|ierviiion ol
I;      I,'       II..I    W a- 1. .,!'.   llll-  1111,1 pi a. a
Ile aaid ihn nn iln*  uii.iuleil plan
the western side "f Hamilton ave, una
siill ill  lln* I ia un* nnd un I'ell Avenue
the  lui- were -ill inaccmibli   lroui
I'ell   Alanine,
Ahl,    I'mi 1,1       i"l   ha'  iisked   lhe i n
Uineer  if me,--   i'i-  ill!eli all  the  lols
nnil lh L'i ' bail nii-w,'led in  ih*
affirmative,    II" ihonghl the commit
lee had  lln* best  Interests nl  the diy
ll    lie nl I    nml   1;**    linl   (uilh   III     then
11 ■nn,** i   - ,'nl he ihonghl   tin
Mr,   lien,l,*i un'*   remarka   were    ul
lulu,       lie   ,l,,ii I   III   spite  ut     Aid,
li.nl,n'   inula i ' ua.liiaaa regarding pm
11,Imu   ;i—     l*>  lln* lul- thul   li*   Ii ill
ill ted  in tin* plan.
Mi.   Heml I   ,|i    nnl   that   if  the  pi m
wa- passed  lln* a in   would   hovt    Ui
11   , ipe i  sl.'o.iHilt (,„•    |,
laining wall-, et*.
till, Smith -ai'l In* wa- lml  a in i"
ber of ilu- "'inn  bm look   llieir
nil ia e.
Ile -ni,I ihnt if retaining wall   w. i*
n,  a     ,1!   in  II.   I .  (US they Would  b*
ll --all   nil   llnl   itreel   eil-t   when*    .
I,.. I   , ni   wn-   mended  by  ill.* en
il inji r aaid Ihal if I). I., -it
through whi' h lb.1 itreel run wa- be
me subdivided non lhc deep out un
inl  itreel auul,I Innr I  avoided,
\|,|.     111! Ill    -llial    ill ll     ill,'    llillia 'till.
iii ihi* -uii.iiii-iuii at- ihroagh  the
exrepl ll contour "f i"' luml.
In ion*, ihe matter wii lii -1 I"
baton iln* council when a straight 1 •'"
plan   Innl  bee ii-ul,*ie*l  lea-ibl.*.
I'inli    iu   I'lln   lie   a lll'lll *   luel    i|
provid ol n plan, thi' outstanding len
me- .,( whit li wen   Imilar i" iho Iai
t .am* paaaed bj  lhe council.
Alter the plan uf il»* '" "" H     Wl
,,,ii.ni.i,..l Mr. I'.ll had I."n fonmit
,.,l   with   the   re-ull   llnl   HIM    dlghl
, hilll*_e-   Wele   ilia.alp.alnteal   |0   I'l*   'I   ll"'
eonditiona -uti-fa, muli.   II,* - "'I   I,
-till   , oil. Illteil   111   ll * "IU"
,,f the rommilUe.
\|,l   MrNeiah -uul it wil I 'lill" 'I'
plan  In all-ill  with  ami  he mnl   a.-|.-d
n-  a  iiieinliei   ,,i  ll nmi ll"' in   ll"
la-l   ntniinei   be knew   buw  iu  lb"   in
|,*,*,*-|-    ,,f    the    ,11!.
||„  anderetood inin Mi. I'.ll   il"i
,.it.iin |,,t- iimi were prnrticall)   nia
I,.- would nut  I.' .,li,.i,*'lf"i   -al''  "'I
tt i      uf   tl piafon   lllll    ll"'   auielnl
„„.nt-   relative   lo   providing   bttlei
.lleel-    met    the   ,1. Ill '.ll'l-   "f   ll"
Mi. Ileii'l.i  Ihonghl   I Mi.   I'ell
would .'\m' iii  liberal road   alh.w
,., |      mil   adopt   -"Ine   "i   tb"   """Hi
lllelnlnlliali-     ni     lb,'   elljllieel     ll"'    'I'"1
*.h,,- 1,1 l„* nlvod,   li thw* »t  :'
Iili,ieln,*   a.f  ,,pillion  lietw.ell ll	
,!l mul tin* ratepayet '     ** *
m.i anbmil  ll    m   dd]  lo lhi
-i  nil",n .!.  I..*    '. *n-:..l.
Ud,   Irwin aalted it  Mi.  Hindei "n
had  n ilm plan pa  i'l lo   I '
[inner in iln* spring,
He n i lined  lhat  in ll"' nm'" ''"'
leaturea nf the twn pim- difa-red eat}
Mr. Ileinlei-mi an-w,r,il in lln* n*
|,UV|,     lb   -.ml   .hit   HV" "f il'*  "lam
wan  il"" a ic*""1  ii***
„n-   nn   the   brink   uf   ll   I as "ma-    'ml lln
Iota mi lib *M"* w '" a'.-ibl"
The  llinl.U'   -ami   thai   ll 'HlllilU''''
Innl  ah    lhe  Ih-'   the!   e"ill'l.
||,. ,,.L,,I ,i Ml. Ibli'lel-aall wu- :i
,!.„,* lh.,1 lhe pull, tm '*,, I "i llu*
liver IMW. Ile -lal'il thai' lh" 'I""1'
nf the pitlk eullld imt lie |lVtB Ull
the  plan-  w.ie  pt    *
Mi.   Ileielei-nti   waille'l   tO   know     it
\||.     fell     Wulll'l    UH"    UP    ll"'    aWl     "i
tin pan in ihe event "f Ihtplea toi
\ld.   M Rat   n"l I'""1'1   a""* il'i'1'''1
 Ilffirult)   in  i.-P'-i  i" 'I'1'   I""'14
UN   am   |ha   iie I      *1
||„, \| *'*■' Mhtd f il"' "'imniil's'
I, nl   ,ui     dfAnlV
Ma.   lbi*1,i  I ghl   il"1    y*
|',.||   ihould   withih.m   Ihe   I'll"   i""1
provide l»   ei  mel   on un   I"',:''
,n,|    |n  '■ .     "li    * to "ll   t*"'
|0(a,    lie   ll .hi   I"*     hu'll'l
,niinii!    ll" *l   'I'"   '»'"!
right .af wm     i   il item    '*"'
I,I.,|1,*,*     hi    la .Hi,*I    II*    |    ill'H'll!
manner,    lb   ipp iW "■ int mayor
The lii-|  moating nf lhe WWlj '"'''"'
pnriiiisl Nmili Vancouver Club l.imii-
|''l  will  Is' held  in  llu* K.   I',  hall on
Saturday ,1* ning   whn il"* .un-ntu
lion und  el**, inan ail  officen   f.u'   ll"'
lilsl   ll'l-ni  will   lake   plaee,
A   ma.,.tine   ,,i ihe director!   ol   tl"'
Iltl   North   \nlia,.ll!er  Club  was    hell
lust  Thuraday evening when tht  "hi
Ilub   wu-  resolved  inl"  thl  new    M
gantiatton  wiih Mi. A. I'. Kialj   in
the chair.
line   I Iiv.l  iiiiiI  lifiy  applications
were received for memberahlp in   il"*
new , Iub, Iiiii under the artlclei of a-
-uailllinii   nun    in   f*'l tlj    80   ''li   I i
I ili'il   and   the-e   wete   l.U'l   mil    lllal
duly elected,   \ pmi i lonal board  ol
director! wa    elet leil   unl wai    ium
I I ol lhe full,oi iin.' ;  A.  I'..   Kent).
chairman, V,. I. s.iltbnry, C, I' l.a>
-on. .1. I'. (I. I    M I.   \   S. Ibll,n*
11.   S.   Shepherd   uini   M   S.   llllll.    'I h.
I.nier wa- in-iiui led la draw up lb
"ii-liluli.in and I" I iw- wlinli w ill
I,,* -ubiiiliieil f.ai adoption ai next
Saturday's   meeting,     Thc .bib  will
be    mill    nil    -illllllll*   line-    In    tll'i-e     III
ih,. Terminal a itj ami Vancouver rluha
and in iheir new quartan un tba Ka
planiule    the   new   organli I i Ul    i i I
lake   the   form   of   n   -ele. t     nil   * I.   .'. ll
aip la, dati dub,
lhe   dire, hns   of   the   Bortleulturul
Society desire t*, lhanh thi lollnwinu
nl li-l-  .     Me  ,Iilllle \.      I  .    I  inl.tlllll .
Inlin   I',  .laik-uii,   Siinp-oti.  Rurmos
t,t and Venner, and Meeara. (lio, Km
-Hum; und C.  II. Hooley, for the k n I
i* ,*,   gratuitously  rend ted.   at
lhe   ium ,.| l   h,*l,l   ilt   the   hull   ull     li
aim evening, '.Mb but., each nf  .ah..
instrumental nml   vocal aabrtiona   - *
aleliL'htisl  the aiulien | nml a -ut'ed the
-in,*,-- ,,i ih,. entertainment,
ihe   eu-e  uf   H illind   Iinin    auailis
II. .1. Campbell for alleged miaappro
in num   "f   aeys   a ante up   niton
M  [gi   ll   lie     Keilll     llll*     111",lllll    .       Ml
Kappelle appeared lot  the pnamtion
ind Mi. Burns comlm *,*.! ihe delen ,-
Iwo   witli,--.-,   Mi.  l.n, n   ami   Ml.   I .
I'eel-,    ll Ill,el    of    the   pl*,,|..ll!      ill
.jtle-ll.,,1     for     wlinli     lie*     lllotlf.      Wal-
puid, weie heard,   ,1-,. Mi. Campboll
ii   hi-   own   behalf,   lleei-iutl   wn-    n
' •*! iill Thursday  morning,
buy llieir Tools and Hardware here, where high
t|Ualily reigns supreme,
hand   wilh  fair
Every Rniltlinj; 1 rade will find line every tool and implement required, and lhe prices will be found eminently satisfactory.
We will appreciate a trial order and you will appreciate
our goods.
paine & McMillan
The Pioneer I lardware - North Vancouver
\l   a   moat     tne.nine   of   ih,*     \,,r|li
1  ill oilier   Ruche)    t Inl,   lhe   iolloliliij
ih ■ i- wm,. appointed fur th,* ensuing
term :    I'le-nla i,'.   \     E,   K'liK ;    line
president,   R. ||.   Rridgm ui : captain,
I  ,    V    I'..!' li   - ;   !l*.        |'il 'a.   I.    I.hen
trmitage, atul -" rei i" in i.urer, 'K
lllllllpllle! -.
I I***  um.   w n    hehl  ill  lhe    I'd n,
llutel   ami   then*   WOI   a   | 1    attend
I he  lir-i   practise  will take phi,,
oii the grounds uf in bonlevard pnrh
on Saiurilai', October l-t, when it   i-
altogetber   lil„*li   thai   lhi team   fm
* i    ii  will  lie  pi* I ml.     Mr.    Vi
). Iin l, Intimated th ,t lm wa- willin
i.i   |ne-eiil   n   eup  fur   a   -erie-    nf   rnt*
gi - bitweNi Vanoouver uml   Xorth
\  in,,mel.    If   lhe Vnll    , I      l   It    '
I la ui    accept    -nl Ia--V   ealiihillun-
«ill,   llie  -ink   iiiiiI  pu* I.   irnii   In*   e,
ptOtOd     a-    la-l    nan        ill,*    111,,     ilnl,
mn   pretty   emu   nil   through  whib
\,,i tli   \ nnioiiier wn-  null   n  new  ,11
uv iii ih" li-i- iii the league,
He   ate   -ule   agents   here
I he    mil!    nutiiiifai tiuei
lhat    pline-   a    *a-ll   guar
llll'*,*    if    | Ini     al,a    ||,,|   |||i*el
expe inlion-.
I ".   ai  pan
lml I.. com 'a   'I
linilionl   bill.
for Sale br
Gent'l ClolliinR, Furnilhinfl, Men's,   Ladies', ami
Cliildren't Booti and Shoes.
..I.....I..I.....I. a  ...  i
rt Tn rlTTT
III        i'n     l'*|Ul  III,'     llf        HUH	
Industrial mi  having lUsbled ". nil graduate   Into | li   r*U
I.nut     m   I'mi   Mann,   iimi  ton nei t< pii  !'"i la. wni.* ihem lor lull detalli
*|,   'im   will   In   at   ..tne    ill nl   III' eiip'U I.   In,  In  mill, II.,   I'"H
llnalal   hi       l-li al in      nnl     n-keil
opinion nn il"* ai ilii r,
lh,* ma! I I"* had never -i"n.*d
n p| in e\**pi lot grade .
II,.  wmihl   in.l     l| li   ll.e*   I'l .11    Hllll-*-*
ipproved   I"    Iht    .' '.      r.ii"r,-
djrnlng the pi in he wa ihl It isl Innl
il„, street)   be   M   leel wni.*, Ihtte
-In,nhl   unt   be   nni    in*'**   e    nn     | *J*.
ih„t   iu   ih*   evenl     I    lire 1*1
I,,  the waterlronl In   li'"1
|,,*i  aparl  anil 11 ll;   'I il  lhe
„,.,,.   p,nl   in   full.      II"   * aid   ileal      li
Hr, Hnu, woultl in* ibr \ I'., i ind
It   .,, iion   ii" an ild   inn iln in nl-,.
Thi, rlo ed lhi        i  km,
Huh  „ne tendi i '* lm iln wmk
un Mril -iti''-' ' • Ii wu- i'""n
Campboll I'""-   i"1 «nl,*«.     li »'i-
p.lelieil   10   lh'*   H I   ill   ,\anl I    all I
(juH i wh.. ' wl dny In'or.
\u,ieeil   In,
l\i II I.IAI   Ilh II
The    Editor   I»'l'-   to   aehnowledgc
with   tli.ink-   the  IVeeipt   ,,f n   nil   lue
Spet klall   Is'lllll!    lllllll    till*   WlUl- aaf  ilia
I Inikaiiiii- caught b>  Mr.   I. i .   Mil
Inun     nl    tin-  eili.    lhe  -p.* inien    i-
olie    of    lhe     hlle-l      allll   Wlll     n
clu * oii i,i it in.lie-.    Mi. William'
iiiiiI  Mi.  \l,i,i,   ..I,   i fiieinl ( i I  il
.n   .   la iiii md    oii    Monday   eVining
i  *i t., ,i i   ' ti-hiiiL irip up tin*
I In* ik unn-   iiii.I   Sipi,illll-b   rivet!     llll'l
ih,*   ab h weighed ahonl to poiuul- nil
IiiiiI.    ~a,lne  leu   i vlll a rk able -|»** Om ll
wen* *  Ulliil   iiii I     hole   eiidlt li*h
ttatt   ml II   ihal   tipped   lhe   S* ah*
ill   In lb-.      Thei   v.eie  all   over    l»"
leet iii length,    Tb,. Beetle ol activities
WII.    piilleipall-      Innl    lhe    I llillklllllll-
luadire nn.l lhe ho-pil,ilili  of Mr. Mul
den   aiul   Mr.   Vipp   wlm riniile   mai
||l  ,1      |aaa    l'la,|l     Weill     l|     |oltg    IVUV     lO    fll
eililiile    the   detail-   nf .11111111111'    ami
tnnke tin*   i**| full a.f pleasure ami
If iinin.III.       Hr,   \l,l.l.*i*oi   nu- < lliiltll
,-d with  lln- online  mnl ,- peciall* wilh
tl Upltlil      Willi    lln*   loil   ll-    llli- Willi,an li, iilli   Iii-  iii i genuine Hilling iu
P.    I',        He   piollll   eai       la,    lei      the     fi-ll
i   i     iini   mi   llu*  way  lii,un*   -*,
llllll   wll'll  be  nlli!* il  In    fiieinl- wmihl
1„*    mOVed    I"    Ulll l/e||le|i|     III     lhe     IIU11,
Iter llllll   -ai"'   nf   lil"   a   I'* ll.
Our Inisiiiess is now practically on a cash basis. This t-nablos us to give our customers the
same high class goods we have always handled
at very much better prices than can be obtained
lroui stores doing a credit trade.
Trv an order and compare quality and price.
j. a. & m. McMillan
17th Street—Hall block off Lonsdale Ave.
lacing south, 66 x 1481 'eet, price $1800,
1-4 cash, balance 6, 12, 18 and 24 months.
Krai Kstato. Loans, instirantr
219 Lonsdale Avenue       -        North Vancouvei
land, iii"., rn limpb.ii, T,*nti.
in sll i'ini:
'I'ln* |,„ ill in,* dip ai i"  I   ** i   i ailed
,,nl   te -len ln\    In   Hghl   u   hmh   lire   on
_i|il,     n,.i*i   between   I onadall ind
i i„. ,, ii„,|i|   \i,*.     lh.. lol   in thai
I'mi eoran                       *  un* -eitimi  -in- covered with bruth tnd
iqinntly il"' iienrby liuu-.* nrt
endangired,     h'o   dlfflcultj wu* .*\
pellet I   1 1'illi;   wilh   lh"   U'llllile,
duration    ■■■ -    -,  L„,
Wegt   lltiaim.libb    imwiUI   a,,n o|   thi*,
i —lie   but   will    ii'l                 I ' , . , all
We operate the only padded furniture and piano
moving van in the city, , .
N. V. Cartage Co.
7 lonsdale Ave.


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