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3    |
of Western Corporation Limited  Held  At  Hotel
North    Vancouver    Last     Evening—Many
Prominent  Guests  Were   Present—The
Toast   List   Was    Well    Selected.
Thi' Western Corporation held
its second annual banquet in the
Hotel North Vancouver last night.
Among those pres* tit were i A.
ll. Diplock, (chairman') president
<il the Western Corporation; K. G,
Macpherson, M. t.; L. Edwin
Dudley, V. S. Consul; A. 11. B.
Macgowan, M.P.P.; General J. C.
Kin.hunt: Ex Reeve |. C. Keith
\V. A. Bauer said Im had been
connected with theV,,W. & V.
Railway, and had turned his attention to North Yancover because he
was assured that the railway would
y.'t pass through Nortli Vancouver
to go north mid tap the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway somewhere
near Hazelton.   I Applause).
R, Kerr-Houlgate proposed the
Press, praising greatly the Christ- J
mas issue of Tub Express and
speaking of thc service done to
the district hy daily papers of Vancouver.
The loast was responded to by
The municipality has received
another scow load of crushed rock
for the roads.
It is to be hoped that the Board
of Works will put ;. few loads oflcitJ ;lml" (hl, rura, district miinici-
rock at the wharf approach where] pal*ty> Ul  tne  fact t|iat   before
A Rural Opinion.
Editor of The Express:
1 wish to draw the attention ol
the ratepayers both ol the proposed
the game laws.
R, (i. Macpherson, M. P., said
he would fix the book business
just as soon as he became the Post-
Master-General,   and  hoped Mr.
Macgowan   would   fix  the game, 	
laws,   (Laughter). The Dominion I representatives of the press who
had thc best government il ever
were present
had.    The country was capable of
       producing many things, and il was
!T "scott,"manager Pacific Coast Icapable oi producing such men as
Lumber Company; A. Dunbar they had at that table tiat mrht.
Taylor' \\ -V Bauer; K, Kerr He was pleased especially tu see
,;,;„,„,,„, councillor W. H. Mav; the prograss ..I North Vancouver.
W E Thompson; A. F.Beasley; It lay with a southern exposure,
Ih Morton; R. P. Cornish; D, H. where the sun shone all the year
,',;',k. • s, Emerson; T. Smythe ; round, and to listen to some land
s |) Curtis: Tims. Prime; J. W. i boomers you would think the nvei
;■',,„',.,,. || C. Wright, local man-1 Euphrates ran close by, and this
.'„". Vv"Am Corporation T. was the Garden of Eden. (Laugh-
'"'..,, [i Dyer; ('. Cottoll; C ler.) "1 want to say this," con*
Unrrton; I, I). West; 11. W. tinned Mr. Macpherson, "that il
S Martin; T. Tarn ; 0. C ;i.. dominion and provincial gov-
KM I' F t>"tston; 0. P. Legh; ernments do what they should do,
',    Dametton;   I.   Newman;   II., imi* will hear the whistle of the
Dr. Harold Dyer proposed the distance this side of   the intake
health of The Ladies, which was jilere was a washout of about two
ii is badly needed.
Clie.r ii]i old man!, you'll have
no more ..I your wile's new fangled
and experimental 'Xmas concoctions lor another year.
The heavy rain on Christmas
Day played havoc with the municipal waterworks system.   A short
incorporation   takes   place,  there
ought to be a readjustment of the
Franchise" question
replied to by Mi. D, II. Dick and
drunk with three hearty cheers,
Alexander Philip sang "The
llritisli Lion."
C. 11. Wright proposed the toast
of Our Guests, coupling with it the
name of Councillor May and Mr.
VV, li. Thompson, who both responded briefly, thanking the
Western Corporation and praising
its work in North Vancouver,
R, Kerr-Houlgate also spoke
lengths of watermain, caust d by a
volume >)( water coming in contact
with the pipe. Tuesday morning
a force ol men were set to work
repairing the brook, and it was hue
! i ursday afternoon before the
Wl ter was  turned on,   Although
The tramway company got its
franchise from the proposed city
population, who had the hulk ol
the votes, and not the voters.
Take an example: The agreement
was to lie live miles in the district.
The council (except one councilloi')
wished to have the whole line laid
inside of the town area, and nothing al all outside—a most selfish
kind of grab.
Where dues the population surrounding the town come in, not
now, lint in time lo come? 'Ihey
would  find  themselves probably
W  itbrook ;   Henry   Oreado ;   J
111, ki ■ C. C   McQuarrie ;  Win.
Russi II; 11. I'age; S, Lamoureux ;
Geo. Prime, A. Wild, Tims. Page,
Tom Smith, Geo. Prime, J. Hans,
H. Curtis, T. W Webb, J. Stein,
\V.   II    Ramsay,   S.    Hamilton.
1 in ft (lowing is the mean Mine
Host Lai90u s. rve I hi** ■■. ■ sis
0)*   i S up
i    ti   and Gov.
L.       '    ' t, Hi
/i.i J iiii [ne with Horsi M'' ■ h
Chii ken 1 '.ttii. s
' It  ' \iih Vorkshir  Pudding
!Hike) with Craubi rrj Same
■:  ii ied an I M ished Potato* s
Ca.u'.'Oiv.r with Cream Sauce
Gi en Peas
there was  no shortage  of water,. ™™ .   -,i „<
i„,„ ,„,l 1, ..I' hav ng to pay a bonus to get rid of
thc oressur   was very low, and nao t>     i -
'     ' ,' „,,*.• ,,,,.  an  existing  franchise, to be able
there been a fire there would n   | ^ he
'-   bcC"   '"""".."'^   '-Ian Ufthing,   Ithinksince
^^^^^  tliniwasu'e,),,,,!;.. ..nuance. Uhe aew city wants to put a part ol
Jfc WriEht sang "Our jack's     All is in readiness for the West- its   indebtedness   upon the rural
Colno Home Today," with a rous-ern Corpora.  S I Club ball,district, tha. they should come to
.' ( c)iorus L,hich wil] ,„, ileid ,;, the paviUion|some arrangement with the tram*
' General Kinchant proposed the1 here next Tuesday evening.   The
health and prosperity of the West- committee having the  matter in
em Corporation. hand are sparing no pains to make
Mr, Diplock replied briefly, and this .vent  surpass  all   previous
|the gathering closed with the sing   i ics.   Harpnr's orchestra will lie
L, of the National Vnthem. on hand to furuish the mm i    Foi
P.  Tailor proposed   L'ladej    ^^ p iUo^ ;i. tl]|, boa, .„ ,,,.,;,, accommodation ol tboi ■ living
a number of tin Vi i* :r guesislin Vancouver, late boat has been
locomotive here within the next
two j' .us. i Loud applause), 1
for tuy part will do all that lies in
my power:.) assist the \',,W. & Y.
or an) other railway that wishes It.
come through here."  (Apptyuse),
A     ^^^^^^
and Commerce in  a   very   neat
waj company to confine its linn
i hise lo the town area, and not
bind the null) nr; pull.en, although
the company may be a good i om*
pany, and would do su now, but it's
the principle ol the thing.
Th* re is another transportation
and hound lor forty years.
Thanking you for inserting this,
Tuns. S. Nye.
North Vancouver,  B, C," Dec.
-iSth, 10,05.
The Proposed Tram System.
The municipal council has an
exceedingly important duty on its
bauds in determining where the
live miles of tramway should be
laid and operated. The proposal
of the tram company are before it,
'.nit they are not considered quite
suitable for present requirements.
The proposal to give fully half the
mileage to a road out to Capilano
river is open to several objections'
1. The district west of the town-
site is entirely unsettled, and the
bulk of the land travelled is held
by speculators who have been
holding it for years.
2. True, the Capilano valley is a
most popular one for tourists, but
in the very near future there will
he a railway running to within a
few yards of the proposed terminus, which will fully supply the
3. ll the object of the tram
company is to open up and make
more valuable their own 160 acres
at the upper canyon of the river,
the sen ing ol that object will bring
its own reward, hence that idea
need nol weigh with the council.
The proposal of the council, on
the other hand, to provide belt
lines is good, and should commend
itsell to the company.   An amend-
P'cch. I off were:   Reeve Kealy, Councillor! secured.   Judging h   t-i.e excellent K   area wants that (the boat, fot
j. i*.  Scott and  l;.  M.  Webb *,-„„ h. c. Wrighttutd A. D Dij-lmanner in wl    1 tvcryihintj has wl|jcll   t] .,    ;l|.,.   assjm)1jng
■ocl,j   who   simg   "Good   Nighi,|beeii arranged, it mayl)epiestiir.udj01,i(!|nill  Sl,;ooo   ,i,.ilt,  lllu
'\i„.(r,f    Wp Iind tbclment of a detail of that proposal
,' se   ihe lerry.    *\c nun 1111 ,
-   'may he  worth  considering.    Hie
Lobster Salad
H -t Miice Pie     Lemon Pie
ib Plain Pudding, Hard Sauce
I,.;,      Colee      Milk
Assorted Nuts and Raisins
Canadian Cheese      SwissCheesi
KislingWinc   Beet    Cigars
When the Toast of the King had
IVen disposed ol, R. G. Macpherson, M. P., proposed ihe United
States ol Ann rica,
In n sponding, Col, Dudley said
ho felt al home in .Ninth Vancou
'Ver because he hail 11 little interests
here. The United States and
Gnat Britain were going band in
hand and would conqttor thc
world. 'I he United Stairs wi re
good neighbors to Canada, fur il is
now gi years since they had any
trouble, British Columbia was
going ahead hy haps nnd bounds.
In 1898 null 5851 onsular invoii 11
wi re issued bj hint. In the after
noon ho had Bigncd consttlai
invoice number igaj Ar tbe
present year. He hoped t • 1
ii"-.' 1 trade relations soon betwt 1 n
i    Itada  and   the   United   Stales.
1.. neriil [Kinchant proposed the
Dominion and Provincial Legist*
tur. ■■ rei rring to the demise ol
lion, Mr. Prefontaino, He hopi d
win n Mr, Mi Phi •.■on hei ame
Posi Mastcr-Gi neral he would remit the duly on book - and when
Mi. Mai [owan I" 1 inn i1 11 ol
tlie provim 1  thai  lie would relax
C. II, Wrighl sang "Tlie  Rom
any 1.'..' in fini voice.
A. H. Di|     . pi ipo   ' "Capi
Iiii ie S uu    :.-' 11 ul Lal or," whii 11 li tl
bj lhat opened the door ol
iA   and 1 omuiercc.   I Ie hopi .1
; - '   the day .'.hen there would be
im tradi.. unions or manufacturers
,1 -•■01 iatious.
11. \\. Ramsay, manager of the
ferry company replied briefly, and
Mr. II. VV, Young, in a very able
speecli, said there was no conflict
between labor and capital here,
lie would rather see the word
"and' ..milted, so that llie toast
would read "laboring capitalists."
The capitalist who did nothing was
useless, anil '.he working man who
did nothing was as bad. Any
man in this country with energy
and. character was a capitalist of
the best kind. The Western
Corporation had done more
to make homes in North Vancouver than any other corporation in it. (Applause),
A. 1). Taylor recited Dr,
Drununond's poi m "Mi Brother
Cant)ilie," for which ke was loudly
Ex-Reeve j.C. Keith proposed
North Vancouver, The greater
Vancouver would come at some
distant time.
K. .11  Kealy -aid that the pos-
litit - for North Vancouvei were
immense, A railway tapping the
northern country would mean
euormous tiling 1 lor them. In a
few mouths they would have in
North Vancouver the stri • 1 rail-
v ,t\. tli.  tt le pin.nr and iln  ell ."'lie
light, and  they  were  bound  lo
grow.   (Applause),
Vlcxandei Philip spoke ol his
long and friendly acquaintance
with ihe officers ol the Western
eti . to lb    ■■ ligll "I d"
th.it thoB*
ed a rare I   tt
//. c '.-■ [0 a very Prosperous Xt v< Year
Andevcryont will h of Good Ch r,
Jug and Success lake not to excess;
Qood Luck is th wish of Tin Ti'.
fS A BOOM DESIRABLE!   |   A.   R.   Stacey,   the
. grot r, is doing a brisk
Some parties seem determined ._ ,    ^   |m   k
to stir up a real, gi.nu.ne, old. n-Viil , t,;; „( ,„](. v, ,„1:,.
fashioned "boom" in real estate in. j
NorthVancouver. This is surely] The home of Mrs. C. Gross, on
minis, if, for no other reason than Chesterfield avenue was tin ii ni
that every "boom" is followed Lf a brilliant children's Christmas
most surely by a "boom, n 11 part n VV* Im s I ij 1 vi ning win n
North Vancouver has everything about sixty children were enter-
to offer that a patii nt invi itor need tained at a handsome 'Xmas tree.
wish fur.  and   real   values   will     On Tuesday evening last while
assuredl)   go forward in a quiet      ,..  i„„„,! ,i„,
..i   .i  .
^_^_^_^_^_^_^^_^_m    1 making an lo board
ml steady way wiih the near, r . ,    . , .   ,
■..:., ., 111 hi hy the nauu ol        1
son bad the misfortune to fn
advance of the influences lhat will
"ii tan me iuimuiiiiiu- iu i,.,> ....
make lur solid   prosperity.    1 ,   , .
, .      ' , the ivati:  i-i  thc :• rry wharl ;
advent nf electricity lor power ai •    ,. ,     .   ,
. ,       \ ,llll mil' r       ll.-    ' 1 ■ •    Al    help
light will be a greal gam, hut  llie
h ,iu re 111 vain, and il was nol  until
most potent factor to arrive will   .   . ,      ,
1 .   . ,.      I tlie I   itrctitrm        ihet mii. at. .1
from his - hill   ia. dii amenl in an
original   m-j.ooo   -j.-ui -  aim   the
'.. 11    loss ac
nit co .!■ ii), ol ..Lu li the rural
1 trici paid its share, wfail* thi
n it? Hut tm nu ii-
ti 1 i in : "t that, ur the profits
, 11 . un ; 1' ome I'his is some
thing that the rural taxpayer should
"in! allow. That is the unite which
tl in outside to y.i'n ouvi 1.
ami after incorporation they
could not lay a word in 1 onnection
with the ferry question, evi n in
fifti . .' :u-' liiiie, while the Iran*
cbisi 11 '.'its I'.i' k i" tin proposed
town area. Nu, the rural taxpayoi
should either keep their interest in
I that lerry or else demand a goo.
price for such an asset vi ry vain
able in years to come.
Tale the wan r system. Now
the proposed 1 ity wants the ser*
en ■ I. mind you, for itself. Can't
blame them, but who dues that
belong to under the borrowing
terms of the law? The whole
municipality was responsible, and
careful thought would show that
under certain circumstances the
repayment would take plai ■ to tin
•' mporary disadvantage ol the rural
roads.   II the rural mi ipalitj
' rvii '■ they would have n
hard job to gel om . 11 all the
wal 1 will havi bi en n urdi d, and
il" j ' annot gi t any out ol thc city
est circuit seems rather narrow,
and it leaves a large area of the
townsite which is to be speedily
settled up unprovided lor. Would
it not be Letter to go north along
Bewickc avenue and Larson road
iu Twenty-first street, and then
along to Lonsdale avenue. This
would not only serve a wider area,
but also more fully utilize the
Lonsdale avenue car.
The circuit on the east side
suggested is good as far as it goes
and Im the townsite, but the large
settlement in Lynn valley has
some ground to complain that no
provision is made for it. This
c is. is entirely different Irom that
ol Capilano, as it has both populates and a Ireight business ready
to hand, Hut even having the car
at Fifteenth street will be a genuine
100111 fur th< in, if a good road ii
opened up lo enable them to get
The ferry 1 ompan.  ' ;
the St. (
Corporation.   The work  o»
Council had nu.teased in proportion
and the meiubi rs ol it had worked
bard    He thought the Dominion
1 ■ ment   might   well   assist
them by building a bridge ai ross
th" St' "nd v* trrows whii h 1 light
be us, .1 not hy one railway onlj
bul In all railway 1
be the railway.   Undei uo ordin 11
conditions,   wi    might   si)
certain, when the first sod  i*	
be . ut    But thc conditions in this
prnvitiH 1 ■ ''C^	
tho wisdi    of 1 Hive I ;-   Tl e cro
tuture tm* freely.   The nn n
that 11 will takeyears ol  work b   lla
the local council before all   I • North Van ouvei     lie
streets and roads an put in decent ;'  ;'!' '"   '
..   il...   «,     1,
'" ^'—""'  —' '"'     ',       pointed l ,|„   St.   I
the sl„,,,. is a drawback, as it offsets 1
did not cull  tin re,
but tin
of a tin."   the  ii 111 .■, ; 1.,11s  to  the    ^	
place as a hoim site,    Everything blew her whistle announcing
points towards a 1       ^^^^
ward   nn   lliosa   who   cultivate j Lonsdale avi
I.nuking at these things in  0
light,  is   like   a   rival
coming io do lni*ii). ss, and  the
nn ri hnnti   h iving a ; 1 sti 1 k,
'    keep it, give In
■ -nip' titoi the who
retin s to the hai kc,i(iiiini.
with Ion 1    upon what he
wishes  be  had   and could   i avi
called In*, own,
Iiiii what do we find hi re I
11-'    \ ' ouni il thai .
up tu the bone, wi
.    '  '.,    HI  I   Will' II''     IIIIIIUIIIII iiiH     1.
I ■     .
'i   ■ ...
. ill give
md then;
You have done remarkably well
1 congratulate you on the Chriit-
mas number; 1 am going to send
ii to the old country. Success to
tin   Exi 11   • ol North Vancouver.
(' /', Vancouver.
The lu\s that a woman buys for
1 boy ate nl the kind that he can
smash, but wlnti the father buys
iln iu the l"n meets his equal: Iron
1 • trongcr than he is. The toys
■ li 1 ted hi the average woman
make fine kindling.
A North Vancouver man has been
at In.ne   su k a week, and reccivol
iiii att' titi'tu from  Ins wile, but
under the circumstances it is jus*
tillable.    She has   three  kinionas,
two ba .    r doll dr. sses,
sen I.  I bags and a lew book
marks to make before Christmas
ininuti ■,: ni in taking
•., in,ui im on lidcrati enough
t such a time, hinders
■iii,.   She hopes to get
:  idy for a bos to be sent
1 ; lay, and in that event
.                                   lim   an  ah uhul rub on
,atiencc   but let  us  be   011   0,1                                    '   "'   Moody-jthe  horse, as it  were, ami uie«i Sil„m|a>,    Uu, ,•„. ,,,„■, protaiH
dio'rtbose who ire basl ' ''' "• 'he'ribbon tr nng she is put-
" cat.l.   th               '   '      North  with a debt ol 1 a doll dn ia may cause tin
'^i'1'     t one asset 1 put off a week longe,
giiarc: ^^^^^^^^^
to I"   ri li by ;
land I" re, THE STRUGGLE
In Asthma and Bronchsfes is Promptly
Relieved lay
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
Tho wonderful success ot Dr.Chase's
Syrup ot l.insoe.l and Turpentine In
relieving tHo terrible paroxysms ol
asthma and the hard, dry cough ol
bronchitis, and In positively curing
tbue jllniouls, Is the host proot thai
It i« far more Dion a mora "Cough
This well-known medicine is com
jesod ol a Dumber of slmplo yet powerful Ingredients, which are of proven
value in Die cure of diseases ol the
throat, bronchial lubes nnd lungs, li
ll prepared by a long and lodloui pro
e»is, that cannot bo carried out In
tiling a ri*°*erl|.tlon al a dr. |   I n
The Ingredient* are alwa;
ind ol the best inmliiy obtalnable.for
ihe reputation which Dr Chase's Syrup of I.i' " id i'.i Turpentine lias
built up in years of am cess musl be
maintained by every buttle that Is
Mrs. Richard Wlthrow, Shubenaca-
die, linn's Co., N. S-, writes:— "I have
•   .1 Dr, Chase's   Syrup ut  Linseed
ti 1 Turpentine  with  ""'"1   success.
My Becond   daughti r   was   troubled
...ih bronchitis Ami the age ol three
weeks.   Oftentimes   I   thought   aha
...   i    |t  "i    ii-   levera)
lies we nut 'iw nut loom to be
nf much 'is-, but the flrsi dose of Dr,
1 iso    Syrup ol Linseed and Turpentine   brought   relief   and   further
ireatment   made   a   thorough   euro.
This trouble use I lo come I ick from
lime in time, but the euro Is now per-
•. mi ■ ■
Dr. Chase's Syrup of  Unseed  and
Turpentine has saved ns many doctor
hills, and 1 would not be without It In
• tor many times bs enst
Dr Chase's Syrup of Line l  and
terpentine, 26 ets. a   bottlo,  at  all
Insist nn   seeing  the  portrait   and
signature of Dr. A. W. Chase, the fam-
Ipl book author, on tho bottle
yuu buy.
I'll   ',.'.'.'!   ... II. A
.,.,. . "    -ill   I'   ,1  III
KXPI      I I'll Con   in*
tin. Dollar per 1 n
'    '     ! A   •
■. I
Atlrerti*.ing Manager.
A SfmlobliirtflR I'rlrnd.
"I am I I hai   met yuu, as I
ha vi I to '-1; uf yuu."
-   pel   A"
lu lend me $10 and d it
to say a lUt It to any one."
: nee, man!   That's
■  .       !. of  i good II ng    On- .if
*.   I won't l rcatlie a word >f
this to a living soul."
one of il,.- Fallacies.
Clerk  As I nm alioul to get married,
o to       If j ' 1 not give
. ol     I •".'•'.  Employer ■
It  - sir, thnl " nol ■■
■•■■ a young man always saves
- ,,,-■
The  Di-lltilllitti  ..f lltr- Di-frrilad.
S| -    '.    ' ii ii, , i   !'.„  ,
i 11 know what a
Is   li- it'i'i' rlyl  A coquette
wh i syndicates her affet*-
Palo ol Uu- Twelve Dliolplei,
Andrew was  probubly crueihed at
Pntrne, In Achala: Unriholomow, said
to have been lluyeil alive and crucified,
wilh bead down, In Armenia; James,
brother of John, Herod killed him with
: i sword;  James, sun of Alpheus,
thrown from the temple uml stoned tu
death; Jobu, time of death a conjee-
, lud is, snld i" have hanged him-
.  - a very bungling innuner; Judc,
. lo have tiled muttrally aud also
. claimed lo have been unii'lyred; Mat*
. i,  an 'I a- a martyr, but proba
I Ij died n nntut'itl death; relet', cruel
lied ii li mie; Philip, said to have been
tortured to death In Greece; Simon
 in le), ' rucllleil in Judticu in the
n igu of Domll in; I'homas, probably
pul in death with u lance in l'ersla or
A   llrme  Sitlltir.
There Is a tublel In llie sailors' home
in Melbourne lo Jium • Marr. lie was
a - ill ir before the ma i "ii Hie Hip.
nn July 15, at:;, the II p was caught
in a squall, Marr sal nslrldo of the
gulf wlicn a great wavo broke over the
boni nnd brought down llio mainmast
There was only one ehunco to save the
[tip. Thai wns to cul away tlie litter.
Hut Mart .'lung i" the broken spar, and
to CUl uwii.v ti,en,it tu send bitti overboard to death. Su, looking at blm
doubtfully, 'ilie men hesitated, Uieir
i» xi-h in their hands, Marr, helpless,
pondered, Ho saw that bis death
would be the bunt's salvation, and he
"Cut tiwiiy, mates! Goodby!"
Then he let himself fall into llie cold,
Wild sea.
■ ED
T. F. McSUiGAN & Co.
A  Spell  In   llu-  I il;   I'or llu-   iV.iinrii
ui tlic I'lirtn.
I'     g the p   ' decade Ihe spirit ot
I   - bee  still more prevalent,
ng  i - ■ modern, keener activities
of hfe the ties re  for rei rent inu has
•   I   I rn I her Hum diminished, and
i> la    tuning  when the usual
two  i'i' i.-' viicnl "ii In tb- .ear will
be doubled, and this, 1 think, will be
I great ii nee there is just
ss niiieh necessity for n it titer fort-
i foi     i   "iimnii;  plnyl	
II ■ ' II, li ; luterest
in >n ilium in America Is llie Inl
tl   '     e tendenej    ■ lam   ■  .
I   nature."   It is amazing to ob-
lervi      iw   ninny  people 0  the '
pi lytlnie ii llie simple life."
. :Kt   in   the  i "until.   In   Ilie
woods, mi the farm, ih" tendency lo
o mer holm - ol llu ed
farms of Now r fears ago
(ur      la livelihood tor our Bttinly
forbears, all Bpeak the spirit of the
age   l   -ti the millionaires ties
pi ilty
But my henrl goes oul not only lo
tht nl Idtnutls of i'i" ' ij oi 'i il."
crowded tenon ants,   : ot
tht Hered all
wli i yenr In   ml yei t
illy performing   ";  ii " dm
■ ,
i - in iii"
miitry resorts I
city vlsll
r ■   '
nt-r the liol en 8l
tlm iiunii  r, too even I
ber how I
Wife of ''
mer I her have i
even If It Is tu the si fling n't:
i   ■ t uf play,
hang* will I
la tha i
Until l,e,l 111    1.1, lies.
Rea. le, . ris*.j!*;-ii/:«     a
;..ul  3 ::>'.i Commission
• • .
a, n   r. UUI 1' ' t.
V.a-IROUVOa*. B. C.
I Rain
ier Beer
V mo •'•   ■
A Fatal run.
According to John Stow, chronicler
nnd antiquary, about lnilO, who wrote
ainl published "Summnrlo of Englysb
Clironlcles," Sir William Colllngwood
win • tec ited   n 1 M for writing the
■ polll ".tl sqlllb, in ti manner
which, In b s day, wns considered most
ei'.'ili nt wit:
■ the • .it .: I I-ovi' ■     log
i.     . .       land   nilcr llu  Hog.
This wns during llie re gn of Richard III,, at a time when iho chief
: his evil Ao   • were Cates-
I'.v, ltntcllff and Level,  Lovel was then
a conn i name for a 'l ig and as a
wl    11 onr was dlsp  yi l on llio king's
eon the rei' i-ei" e in a "hog"
was obvious an I so i  i nslvo that it
brought about Ihe writer's death.
.In.i  Snectc Itlfflll Ont,
"Never suppress ti site",-."," said the
ing  woman
who hud just perl irmi tl lhat polite
act.  "It Is a gn       .   a on nil Ihe
: i i " s of ilie head,
as ii throws all the action n. llie bat k
ef ii," head Insteud of letting it cume
out uf the mouth sat, iy uml naturally.
The unusual and hard strain on a little blood vessel that may bo weak Is
likely to burst ii aad i uuso Instant
• A III.    A   .       . lid
.'   :
in mi'I rarnlr**,
pro '...-.: po
fnl band ■   i    im   ,i   cry
■       ■■ I'ho So iall
..... j
■ ■  in ■ ■.   •. in
of theso
Is uu enemy lo he (eared.
P" lili-ilit So*.*, li Mler thsn other lospi,
bal ■ ■■..'.: .irttl ia ih» BunUghl wjy,
Etj Sun:.i:..i Boia «:.J 'oilnw dirtcUoln,
' il of |i
To the Old Home for Christmas.
Now ihal Iho winter has fairly set
■   I of Manitoba are ll Ink-
months In ihelr
■ ■
l from Dec  I lo
to points In On-
tntreal nnd west,
■ ol Forty Dollars for  iho
Ip, proiKirtlonntcly li
"ni' il    Ticket*,
!   ■     p turn  within three
Ins recently
linn Nor-
■   Winnipeg  and   St.
" m
I Club l i
' ■
i1     line
■ Ulls lill".
I „ Gifts of Toilet Soaps
■     un     exchanged for Toilet Soaps
li    ;       Cl .
'     •
11   '    !'    SOAPS
1 .    .., I    -ilt#d, Toronto, C.nailn
clever Improvements on the Ordinary iioiiii'iniul*' Wardrobe.
Where then' Is n large family and In*
sulllclcncy of clusel space the problem
of accommodating tho children's garments often I oinos serious.   Some
kind of wardrobe is n necessity, nml a
practical and nol unsightly one, nf
which a Ladles' World writer tells, nitty
be constructed nl n small cost, Two
shelves fifteen inches wide nml tour
tool long nre secured to the wnll, one
above the other, by Iron brackets
screwed to firmly milled el.'nls. The
lirst shelf is six feel from tho floor,
Iln-*.*, For ' iiiiiiu People,
it hei   ettu in both dark
and light colors suggests tbc prettiest
i      li      nil when tucked.
-  ...... ,i or Bhlrred or elaborated with
fancy stitches very little additional
trimming Is required, The pale colors
In -   lent make
;s, A simple Utile
* or Bel 1 wear bus a
" waist attached
to i   ■ ■ front of which
may be ni ed di ul le box plait
This would he attractive In chains,
cither figured nr plain, while n light*
mid perhaps be liked
even bt Iter, The standing collnr and
i!" i' ' iii'* might 1 f plain ur eta
brold. red linen. -Delineator,
A  Ilrii'.l.liial  Detail,
hough ihe simplest meal
nf the dny, demands us much care In
Ihe letting of me table, the BpotlesS*
ness i.r iii,. ,'intii, iho daintiness of
dishes and the gi uernlly attrai live appearance of everything, as If guests
were n. l"' euterl lined, The appetite
al bn il fnal has to be tempted, net
iviih un eli borale * of courses, hut
wiili the dalutlucsi nf service.   As ti
0      0
lintliai.11     aaiianal,
ci'Vin roll in.i iKi'.isi.
rule even thing Is put nn the table fur
lies it,en!, Nothing Is served from He*
side, ull the il.-hes being set In llielt
order before ine master nml mistress
of llie hoUSO, At each .nver lay a service plate, knife, fork, two lcas| *
nine fur the can al, tbo other for the
eiiifi ei,  n   wnlcr glass,  table napkin,
butler plate nnil a fruit knife, should
fruit be served which requires cutting,
or another li is] n If berries nre the
first course, li'i'.'l Housekeeping,
n.-n,lta.irk  In  Ureal.
Pretty designs In Variegated shades
of       I bt "i embroider*. Introduced
en a dark .i"lh gown are original and
effective, Another notion Is the hand
I- id work appearing on Ihe center ot
- cloth buttons wh ■'.
■  ■  ,t of some of the *irln*
i . -     Ilia roil
•    .   .   it     o also ombi    lied wli li
vei.'t billions embroidered I
.t       . l hendwork, wl et
i ■ toiicti   :' '- *
severely CUl plain dark Cloth OMtlltlM.
OUllT.MStll w.im.noiiB.
the second shelf twelve inches beneath
the first. On llie underside of the lower sh.if two large steel hooks are
screwed, one hook close to each end of
the shelf ami midway of Its width-
thai Is, if thc shelf is fifteen inches
wide the hooks will be seven and one-
half Inches from the front edge. A
piece of galvanized iron piping, such
as may lie obtained at any plumber
shop, is supported in tbo li op of tho
hooks, It is one inch in diameter nnd
a little less than four feci long, The
garments nre placed upon coal hangers
which are hung upon this bur, space
being thus economized ami the clothes
kept in shape and In good condition, us
they cannot be when Ihey are bung
limply upou nn ordlnnry hunk.
■The curtains which Inclose llio wardrobe are nailed to the edges of the
shelves by oriiaineiilnl furniture tucks.
This is greatly preferable lo having llio
curtains run on rods, ns tho rod ar*
rnngouieut leaves a top openlug through
which n greiil deal of dlisl passes. The
long curtain is fastened to the lower
shelf, n shorter curtain like a valance
being tncked to the top shelf, so that
ib" upper uml i iwcr parts of the ward.
robe may I pened separately,   Tho
upper division is for the accommodation of bats.
nf eoiu-.se the length of the shelves
la optli mil. and tlie Blac of the room
ami ihe number of garments lo be sheltered aro to be considered In planning
tho wardrobe. The width must not bo
less tbun tltleen Inches, however, as
emit hangers take up fully that Bpace
nnd will assert ilnn,solves through lb"
drapery if Ihe shelves nre too narrow,
i he ' urtnlns may be of en tonne to
match thc other hangings of thc mom,
ur portieres may he i ftei lively used.
goes into every barrel of
Royal Household Flour
If Royal Household Flout were not as
good as Ogilvies say it is, who would be
Uie greatest loser?
You would try it once—if it were not
good you would be a small loser, perhaps.
But Ogilvies would probably lose
your custom.
They would also lose the custom
of every other woman who tried it
and of thousands who had never
tried it but had been told that it was not
as represented.
Therefore Ogilvies must make Royal
Household Flour the best flour because
they stake their reputation upon it, and if
you and thousands of others found it was
not the best, Ogilvies would ruin their
So Ogilvies make Royal Household
Flour the best flour, in their own protection.
Incidentally that is /Oi/r strongest protection
—it guarantees you the best flour because tlie
brand carries wilh it Ogilvie's Reputation.
Ogilvies simply ask a trial—knowing that it will make a permanent /•$*!&
friend for Royal Household Flour, ^ijfjw
n,pe.naf Maple
A*,!', your denial* foe Imp rial Mapl I Syeup.  IT. nnt ulhiw him to suli-.titutrj
an Inlei-lor artlolo he-cm, a It is chc.-ipor.
Train of the Great Northern Railway
Between St. Paul,Minneapolis and
Pugct Sound Points.
This   new   I ruin
111 IIICil.   Trail' uf  11
re - n demand Ih ■ hlglu
11 comfort when ihey nre contemplating lo undertake a Journey, nnd especially insW
i "i-ih. In ll pinch ''ic nf
tho "Oriental Limited," llio On il
Northern Railway 1 n i chh tl n ills-
lincllre success In Iho i scellciico,
■ . ; train.
If n ninn Is malting n Journey for pure*
1. buslm is rei nu , he \\ nl roin-
fort. The "Oriental Limited" lands
him nt his Journey's . nd with a pleas.
nm memory lingering In bis mind of
tho comfort which has heen provided
for him. All Ihe coiivonlenci a of n
modem, up-to-date hotel, all ihe comforts of homo, the privacy ol n club,
nre at his command. lastead "f dreading n long Journey he looks forward
i" II ..iiii pleasurable anticipation-
To the iinirisi the Bnmo npplies, The
delightful Biirroundlngj ol ihis train,
the opportunities for enjoying the
passing scenery enroule makes Ihe
"Oriental  Limited"   the   train   ihal
Queen's university council will nsk
Ontario govornmenl for a grant
"  A.''. for a biological building fur
Qi n'a Medical College aad $7,500 a
,. our for maintenance
The Burlington Route take pleasure
in announcing the completion ol arrangements for ih. running of through
Tourlsl Slooplng Can from Winnipeg
-  Montreal for    raodatlon   ot
Canadian Excursionists on Monday,
Doc. 18th, Tin sday, Dec. 10th, Wed-
in sday, 11 ."in!" i- L'hih.
These caii ..ill be nf the latest
blub i'iu'1" pattern, and contain tour*
loeti Bectlona, and the price for n
double i Hi (which uill accommodate
two pen| ■ from Winnipeg to London
nml Intermediate points will be 93.50,
uml to points beyond London Including Toronto nnd Montreal will he
?i.oo. They will leave Winnipeg on
above dates m 17:20 via the Canadian
Northern to Emerson, Ureal Northern
to St, Paul, Burlington Route lo Ihl*
i ii" and Grand Trunk to destination,
Dlrecl connections made at Winnipeg
and .Moiiis wlih all trains from the
Remember the dates, Dec. IS, 19 fi
20, un i
the car goes, via: Cat
Burlington   Route  uml  Grand  Trunk,
Resei ' 'i be made llirough
nny Canadl in Northern Agonl or by
 i by loiter to the under-
Frank T  '  liy, Travelling P
■ !■   vgi :■    IJuei iA Hotel.  Win- ■
M    I'  M, rtugg,   N.W.P.A., St.
Paul, Minn.
Pure and Fragrant, Direct from the Plantation to you, the sealed
lead packages retaining all the natural fragrance and aroma.
It "Guaranteed th>
Beit" 35, 40, and 50o
, per Ib.   At all Grocers.
"A:.-    prjr*
,,l <■■•
The Keeley Cure
Al; the lawyers, the physicians, the
congressmen, the clergyman, the
clerks, the book-keepers, th* sklllatt
mechanics who have patronlttd ua
nnd you will find that tht Keelsy
treatment Is all and more than la
claimed for It, and lhat It Is th*
"ailtch" a drinking man needs to sar*
property, reputation, family, sanity
and even llfo Itself.
Write today, now, nnd got tho nee-
essary Information about it.
133 Osborno St., Fort Roijio.
Sarnla has accepted another $5 000
from Andrew Cnrneglo, mnkln ■  ; 10,-
 in all. fur iiiiinrv purpo '
W   N   VJ    No  B64 " THE EXPRESS     j
Manitoba Man Cured by Dodd's
Kidney Pills.
Hi Echoes   a   Statement   Made   by
Thousands  of   the   People ol   th*
Giroux,  Man.,Doc.  IS—(Special) —
Mr. piiiiins Normadeau, a well-known
mldeM ut this placo, Is one of thousands ut Manltobans who have found
relief from pains and aches ut Kidney
Disease In Dodd's Kidney i'llls. Mr.
Noriiianileuu is always ready to say
a good wind fur the remedy that
brought back his health.
"Yes, 1 can toll you Dodd's Kidney
Fills made a cure of me," h* says. "I
had Khlnoy ninoase for three years
At times 1 got so bad I could hardly
attend to my work. I took lust live
boxes of Dodd's Kidney Pllli and my
fains and aches are all gont aad
can work as well as anybody. To
anybody who has trouble with their
kldnoys all 1 can say Is 'use Dodd's
Kidnoy Pills.'"
Dodd's Kidney Pills always cure
sick Kidneys. With well Kidneys
you can't hav* Brlght's Dlieise, Ida-
isles, Dropsy, Rheumatism or any ot
thou, other fearful and fatal diseases
that spring from sick Kidneys. ,
Premier Gouln, to u deputation of
board of trade men and British agents
In Montreal, asking for the repeal of
the ins on travellers, Bald tho govern-
nient wns absolutely determined to
stand fust by the principle of ihls luxation, believing ii protected tho Interests of tjiiel.ee business men and providing n much-needed revenue.
Hither a n.i Hit,tor.
The densest matter is more or less
porous. Gold will absorb mercury as a
lump of sugar will absorb water, showing there must be Interstices or Inter-
atomic .spiices in it, imt the ether shows
no such property, If a drop of water
could be magnified suHicicntly one
would ultimately see the different
atoms of hydrogen and oxygen that
constitute the molecules of water. If
a small volume of ether could be thus
magnified the Indications are that tho
ultimate part would look like llio first,
which la the same as Baying that it Is
not made up of discrete particles, but
lllls space completely. This Is expressed by saying Unit the ether Is a continuous medium and is hence Incomparable wiUi matter,
The Quality of
Bald Head
Copyrijhl,   1905, by K.  A. Wu-lwd
Geylon Natural Green Tea is Unapproachable.
It is entirely free from dust, dirt and coloring
matter, therefore it is absolutely pure.
Lead Packets Only.  40c, 50c, and OOo per Ib.   By all Grocere.
Highest Award St. Louis, 1904.
An Odd lllnl'a Nest,
The oddest ol all birds' nests Is the
one built by the Intitobunc, a South
African songster. It is Imllt of cotton nnd always upon Ihe tree producing ihe material, In constructing the
domicile thc female works Inside and
tho male outside, where he builds a
sentinel boi for his own special use.
lie sits In the box and keeps woteh or
slugs nearly all the time, and when
.lunger conies in the form of a hawk
or a snake he warns Ihe family, but
never enters the main nest.
Corrtiiltnlr Tin   Hunt.,
Iinpid destruction of tin roofs may
he charged lo Iho use of green sheathing boards, the placing of tin on roofs
where acid vapors arise through the
building, tbe use of acid tar and aeid
tar papers,
The Sultan of Morrocco owes nis
well-organized army ot 20,000 men, to
which, in war t line, 80,000 irregulars
could he added, entirely to the
Scotchman, Kald Sir Harry Maclean,
who draws n salary of $35,000 n year.
Take two Beecham's Tills nn retiring and avoid any ill clTccts
from a late meal. Then you will
sleep soundly, awaken with a
clear head and a high opinion
ol the great stomach remedy,
Com* Out or Your siicll.
Do you allow yourself to become ab-
scntminded, wrapped up in a brown
siinl.v? Look about you. Speak to
those that you have boon In the habit
of ignoring. Make friends with every
one. Strive to touch life everywhere
you can. Ton will accomplish your
lasts better by so doing than by going
forward blindly absorbed In meditation or engrossed by internal inusiugs.
Then lie (lot .Unit,
Husband (Impatiently)—M the fool
killer would strike this town he would
find plenty of work to do. Wife—Is
there such a person, dear? Husband—
Of course there is. Wife (with anxiety)
-Well, I do hope, John, lhat you will
be very careful,
it'tlll  l"'l    TlKt„l*llt..
"Pn thoughts that came to you In th*
long ngo ever return?" asked the originator of silly questions,
"Not unless 1 inclose stamps," answered  the  literary   parly.
Ili'imoii l.'a   llnlrli'*..
Donninrk has held a high position for
centuries in dairy products. Even in
recent years her butter and cheese find
ready markets in England, With only
one-third of llie area of New York
state and one-third lite population, yet
Denmark has established within her
limited borders i,5uu crcamerloB.
c.nuipnuiiti'a Mountains,
The mountains of Guatemala (meaning full of trees) are covered with magnificent forests, uud the country takes
lis name from them, tine tit its principal products is giitta pcreha. Dye
woods and other tropical trees abound.
Tu-lo nml Smell.
Man has been proved by M, Vascliide
to be more sensitive than woman to a
salt taste and in less degree to a bitter taste, while the two sexes are about
equally sensitive to acid and sweet
tastes, With a heller developed olfactory sense, however, woman is bettor
al.lt) to distinguish flavors.
Show   llllIHKT..
In Ihe Sierra Nevada mountains,
when conditions are favorable for Uio
display, there occurs a beautiful and
startling phenomenon of nature. At
limes when the wind drives up the
mountain sides In a certain direction
and with sufficient velocity there
si team out upon tin- air snow banners
from a hundred mountain peaks. They
nre formed hy the circling wind acUng
upon Ihe light snow and nre Uiick and
(lurk at the top of the mountain, like a
llngstaff, Uien they Boat away broadly tor a mile In length In waves of
iridescent I'ght. This magnificent dls-
ploy is rarely seen by other eyes than
those of savages, but sometimes It has
been lli" good fortune of a naturalist
Id witness It when among tha wild
beauties of the mountain fastnesses.
Sold Everywhere.   In boxes -f. cents.
Adrnntntrra of Travel.
All travel has ils ndvniitago. If the
passenger visits letter countries he
may learn t > Improve his own. and if
fortune cnrrles hlni lo worse he may
learn to enjoy his own.
Free will is not Ihe liberty tn do
win'.ever one likes, but the power of
doing whatever one sees ought to be
done even In thi face of otherwise
Overwhelming Impulse. There lies
freedom Indeed.
Cheese  has  great  nutritive  value,
since It contains twice the nourishment of the same weight of beef. Haw
cl se is more iinligesiil le than cooked
cheese and old cheese less so Hum
new. Brie and tloquotort are French
cheeses, ripened until soli; t'aiiicinbci't
conies from Normandy, Parmesan and
Gorgonzoln from Italy, Qruycro mnl
Sapsugo from Switzerland nnd Cheddar from England.
■l'l„. M.'i'iill MlirnrT.
The Drst public library In modern
Europe was rounded by Nicholas Sic*
eoli. tt Florentine, hi the fifteenth century.
Ancient Theiitrlenl  l'rogrn«rae,
Thcator programmes were known
even iii ancient times, though they
were then of a very peculiar construction. In Qroece and Home they consisted of small tablets, which were
handed out to the audience at the entrance. Those occupying ihe best seats
obtained programmes beautifully worked In Ivory, while those occupying the
cheaper sr-ats were given tablets In
The bronze tablets were distinguished by a .love worked In the metal, and
the term "plccloncrlo," used In Italy
today as designating the lower priced
seals In Hie theaters, .lutes from this
nutlquo custom.
Another Phase.
Nn person can sny wilh absolute authority just where the line between da*
clslon of cbaractcr and undesirable ob*
Btluncy should he drawn, but muny
persons attempt to do It.
"I like my wife's prompt decisions
us to what she'd better do," Bald the
husband of Mrs. Orlando Jones, "and
I admire the firmness wilh which she
settles all disputed matters tor th*
children, bnt the surprising obstinacy
which she displays concerning my affairs Is a constant surprise lo uie. It
seems so out of character."
With a weary little sigh Margaret
llusloii pushed aside the closely writ
ten pages. It was no use. The storj
Would not go.
I'or six months now she had written
stories-clover, harmless little things
which her friends easily could have
forgiven her had she not insisted upon
regarding them all as legitimate "material." She moved la ti world of fiction; she revelled in situations; incipient plots ran riot In her brain.
Hut today as she pushed back her
chair and walked wilh graceful, Impatient movement to the open window,
she found no solution lo her problem.
The story was at a standstill. Up to
this point It had progressed smoothly
enough. After a scries of vicissitudes
of tlie kind peculiar to young authors
the hero had boarded an eastern bound
express at Stiu Francisco. The heroine,
a victim of diverse and equally satisfying misfortunes, had unwittingly
taken Uils sumo express at Denver.
What Uie result would be was obvious,
but It was right hero Unit the hero
fulled to rise to llie occasion with his
customary alacrity,
"It ull sounds so out of place, somehow, on a train," murmured the fair
author, wrinkling her pretty forehead
perplexedly. "He could not act In Uie
Usual way," she continued reminiscent-
ly, as various pictures of moonlit
porches und palm sheltered comers
llittod across her memory. "It Is a
situation that would have to work Itself out" A sudden thought stained
the white skin scarlet "Oh, no, I
never could do that," she whispered,
while the soft breeze fanned her hot
cheeks. "Hut It would only he in tha
Interest of art," Insinuated Ihe tempter,
"Artists must sacrifice themselves to
Uieir work." Ami John Bberwood'a
doom was sealed.
/   We have a book we want everybody to read, and which costs nothing to obtain.   It is the free descriptive booklet, telling all about
^^m-^^H        the most up-to-date publication in the world.   It describes THE
Harmsworth Self-Educator
activities, its far ^smen«denced by Home ot- ltl aptlclM nVfln below.
How to Acquire Knowledge.
Thprf nre HTIMl Wftfl of acquiring thai all round knowledge which
1pju.i to IU0OWI, but tlie least ex pensive and the surest Is by a routine
of self-education. Kvenlng Mhooll end like systems nre excellent In
ihelr way, but they do not often (It In with the Individual hours of
A system, to he capable of universal application, must he one which
can Iw freely QfOd at any time. Everyone has boon In a day which can
be dovoted to study, odd hours which never seem somehow to .uii
other pcoplt'i convenience
A System of Home Education.
This lyitem is probably the bent   At least tha studento&neolM
proclous mlnut'H wlil-'h woiiltt othorwlM be wlriily muted It K the
way we flU our mlnutei whlob oount* Moreover, the Individual oan
ohoou hit own lubjeeti and nleot the ipeoLal meani of oultun whlob
best unit his requlremo&ti.
of all books of Instruction for home tuition the splendidly compiled
series of authoritative works known as the iUkm-whiuh Silf Kn :■<■..■
tou Is laid nut <>n a plan must oatoulatad t« bo "f rwl amlsuinoo. I be
lUbieOtl aro treated In an eminently practical way by the Kruait-*t
,   ,   ,,„.in»««or -oatfavorite HDlr-it-on-i, THE llAKMSWnitTII SELP«EDtCATOB
y° "I*. gffBBSatyjffSS ~ ™-'- « — ; th- s„iQ,,'ts i „.,i ■.
Art. Applied Chemistry.
Architecture., Gift*' find Earthen*?*."**.
Curving, Real Estate Agency.
Blnlnsry, Auctioneering nnd Valuing.
Psychology, Cabinet Making.
Sociology. Drawing and Design.
Philosophy. Civil Engineering.
Religion, Applied Mechanic*.
Building. Engineering Practlo*
BlaMtFloTqr. .Natural History,
Fire. Applied Bttany.
Chomlstry, Bacteriology.
Upliolaiuflng. Natural Product*.
Hanking. Physiology.
Modiolus'. Foods and Beverage*.
Church. Printing and Furnishing,
rii-hiila-tlo. Materials and .Structures.
I,iiw. Buili..-** Management
Civil Sorvloe. -Military Engineering.
Armi and Ammunition.
Dalrv l arming
UtaU-J   l '.'"'".a ---n-
Laundry Work Leather,
Woodworking. Muslo.
Prime Movers. Kinging
Applied Education.  -■
Poultry Farm- Tranalt,
Ing. VehUV"
Send Ihis connon ami 11^ FJ »T IP
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Illustrated liooklot,
Add.-s* C H. MURRAY,
Y'tngeantl King StretU, Toronto
Send Ine ot all cost ti mo your lllus.
tni.»i booklrt on Th.. Darinsworth wit*
W. H. P.
| n-o,    w
Civil Servloe.    miusary anginBuuiii   lhf-
simrt, sharp putts nt escaping steam,
> J..li, a taint vibration, and the Now
York train steamed slowly out of Ards*
All unaware that ho waa Imt a pnwn
In Ills fair lady's game, John Sherwood
leaned forward in his seat and regarded her with wondering, delighted eyes.
This suddi'ii graclousncss, this utiex-
plalnnbla nervousness, tho Hushed, ball
averted face, bore but ono interpretation t.. his eager lover's heart she was
Inexpressibly dear i" blm, this slender,
capricious maiden; bow dear he Imil
never before quite dared io sny, but
Tbey bail found Beats on tho river- ,
side. The setting sun shut a quivering
crimson shaft across the water und
crowned the opposite mountains with
soft golden light, she made mental
note of the yellow splendor, i if course
Ihere was no river in Iter Story, Imt
western mountain ridges bathed in
sunset glory would bo a lining back*
ground for ber hero's Impassioned appeal,
John leaned toward her. "Margaret,"
ho sal.l Impulsively, "did you ever hear
why Opportunity is supposed to bavs
a bald head;"
She turned her head with a resentful
' little gesture, lie was beginning badly. No bald head, even that of Opportunity, had a place in her picture of
youth and shitting golden lights mid
passlosato appeal; then, remembering
her rote ..f heroine, she nodded with a
forced little smile.
With a faint, grinding protest ihe
train stopped ut Dohhs Perry, A girl
with two small children In tow entered
tbo ear; behind her trailed a woman
in somber wldow'i weeds. Margaret
rejected the children us being ao
Sticky,  but the  sunset,  the  widow's
U'arli of woe 111 sharp contrast to tho
hero's impassioned declaration -
"Becauso Opportunity'! head is
bald," went on John's ihwd volee,
"no on" can grab him from behind -
after I," has passed, you know but la
front his hair Is long"—
"OUI" she cried family. ''Would he
never bavo done with thai load':" All
ber artistic sense arose In inula rebellion, Even ihe dimple in ber .hit, retreated lu sweet disdain,
"Hastings," shouted (be .'"iniii.'tor.
Tl." train slowed d"**" gently stopped
—piHTi-,1 slowly on again. John, t-.o
deep in bis strung o with Opportunity
to i I ii,,. sign* of gathering itorm on
his fair lady's faco, rushe I in lo li ■
impending doom.
i. long," he repeated, "so tho
only way to gel hold nl blm is to grab
h    when you meel him"
Absence "(the •■■'■"• I ■ essol
an hour ago lu tho fur lace 11
warned him of the (al i fm tj ol his
words, imt li" blundi red a red and
embarrassed, lo in* unhapp* end "And
so Uils today bcli -• villi you la n.y
opp trtunity and I want to gra p ll
mnl you," he Onishi d ho   i
'Tonkersl All aboard] Next slop
(iti" Hundred and Twenty fifth strcctl"
Willi short, sharp pulls of protest, tit"
englno prepared for lis quick run into
NOW Y"il..
She looked drearily out of tie window.  Th,. golden lighl had faded, like
her irrmi fancy, and llio I'n
stretched blue gray In 11,.- gathering
iln ',..  She was lirvl of It nil  of John,
hi r ' v i ib ng! II   ■ orda had
stirred faint, drcai il ko po       • --: In
her heart, but thai she did i •
i    ■ pose I've in.1.1" i im
Ing  It,"  lie   Weill   	
and ■      mate
jllng •       nr In I        i      II"
1 i-i."I io I li
Hon.  "Yes, j
' she I  hotly,
"You   . ■ ■ i i   ■  ,
You have spoiled It nll-my story—
everything." She sat erect aud ruthless; a rising sub shook her voice, but
she proudly choked it hack.
Willi a desperate, wistful hope that
bo bad not heard aright, John looked
speechlessly at her Hushed, Indignant
face. She could not have meant it ull
- she would turn and explain away bis
doubts in her pretty, Imperious fashion
.md then be slowly realized that her
silence answered blm,
Klverdale, Bpuytcn Duyvll, King's
Bridge glided swiftly by, Morris
Heights, High Bridge -"Hundredand*
iwi'iiiyliflhslr.'.'i'." shouted tho bruko-
111:111 aggressively, An aged man oanie
slowly down the aisle, beamed on tht
young couple and seated himself Ib
(ront of them,  lie arranged the blind
to his satisfaction, rubbed his spec-
taclos, took out a newspaper mid, laying his hat on the seat beside him,
leaned back in his corner with a long
drawn sigh of comfort Except for
one long wisp of white hulr lu froQt
bis head was absolutely bald,
x siuile suddenly crept Into Mnrga-
h'l's eves, ihe corners ol her mouth
twitched convulsively, iho dimple tn
ler chin displayed Itself In sudden
sympathy; sho glanced swiftly at her
companion. Then the Biulle on her
lips died away and bor heart stood
lie was evidently hurt to the quick.
His face—John's laughing face-was
grim and stent; his mouth was ont
straight, unforgiving lino. She had
broken his heart. Not that alone, bnt
ho know now just how unworthy she
was of bis groat, honest love. Hot
tears stung her eyes. Sho was nothing
to blm now—nothing to John-aud sbt
hud thought she did not lore blm.
"nli, John, I dol 1 do!" she whispered brokenly,
He turned, bewildered, to a sweet,
flushed face, raised timidly to his; to
blue eyes, wot with unshed tears, but
full of tender light, that met his bravely, and iu that long glance tho veil of
misunderstanding between them melted away.
In low whispers—ber slim, gloved
hand held tight In hls-she told blm all
ber foolish, wayward fancy, but whon
■be begged blm humbly to forgive her,
h"   Stopped   her   Willi   quick,   loving
words, "My swectheart-my precious
sweetheart," be said softly, his low
voice barely audible abovo tho rumbling of the train, "Do you not understand? 1 love you—Unit's enough.
It seems to me 1 havo always lovod
you. but I did not dare hope for you-
uniii today—and now"—
The lights of the great city flared
In Iho sky as the train glided smoothly Into the Urand Central station. Under cover of the confusion he bent and
pressed his lips lightly to her gloved
lingers, then regarded her with radiant,
triumphant eyes.
The old gentleman In front carefully
covered tbe bead so like Opportunity's
own and beamed on them In parting
benediction, Margaret flashed blm an
answering smile. "You aro eloquent
enough now, at all events," she snld
wiiii sudden mischief,
"l admit that 1 was pretty had," bt
laughed, "hut don't you think that for
n heroine you yourself wero rather"—
"You si'e.'lie wasn't bald af'.vr all,"
she Interrupted Irrelevantly.
The Women *>i 11.*- Cromwell i'an,iir.
It reads llkl f "life's little Iron*
les" thai Oliver's wife and eldest
daughter should actually take a Jour
t ■ j to Hampton court to ba presented
to bis majesty the king. Tradition de*
tli.it later on, when the shadow
of a death such as bad befallen no oUv
"i English monarch l""iuod darkly
-■ ■ * iii.it same king, Elliabeth pleaded
for his life. It may very well bnvt
so. The protector's wife ami
mother would willingly have had few*.
er honors and more security, The lat-
li:. whom ho bad brought up to Whitehall lo be mar him, was wont to exclaim nt every gun she heard tired,
■ Uy ."ti is dead."
It was in that son's arms that tht
venerable dam,, expired at tlie age ol
ninety-tour, desiring him 10 bury bet
In some quiet cemetery and by nt
ii."inn In Westminster abbey. But Oliver would have it otherwise, and to
that royal lepulchcr the remains 0*
Elisabeth w.re borne with all tbt
pomp lhat befitted the obtequlei of a
queen, ai-". i r woman, she was not
P"riiiiti"'l to rest in peace, With tht
re (oration came a royal rnandatt for
ihe east,iig forth of certain bodies
whose unauthorised dust might not
mingle with Ihal of England's blgbwt,
Twenty on psci were.-s 1,,in,a*»i and
thrown Into a pit The mother if Oil*
n Cromwell does Indeed sleep I*-
m.i'i, he shadow of historic Westminster, in 1 it is iii 11 dishonored gravc-
1 ondon Queen,
liiill.t Holt Dibits,
In ih" ' prlvato office lay
a half dosen shabby pocket Blblos.aat*
' I   twoiiiitiis   through   wlih   a
round hole, like s bullet I	
"ihey are bullet holes," said the deal*
'i   • 1 know ih.-j uro becauso I luadt
thi in 1
II" gnvo a loud laugh,
■ A go si tn ni] of my rich pnlrons,"
. "| ke lo havt among timir half.
Illhli * 1l1.1t bavo saved some aot-
dler am 1 life,"
ii"        nl.ell.
"If you are a Bon of tha Revolution,"
I, "whal a nice thing ll Is to takt
', "i." of these perforated Bibles
from a -heir in the library and hand It
t, saying:
Ulblt    ivod Iho llfo of my
itj Iblrd   "'"is 11,   I'olouel
1 the nlghl atl ick
licm ral Jond
1 . of August,
ami   ■ on.'
■' 1
11 ■■ with
He Courii r Journal, I  ..-
n  '■■.■'
U i
i.i.i. Lift   md ■ ■
v.,'.:.' Jt in ■    \ ir
ii,i. .in
llnil i
,, -
:   .
" in    ■   11
P   .
IjO.j \>   ,t,i
,|      -'
A. B    I
I •  11
from tl
: :      o the
i   .;    '  . .
It* w.i   la
I   Up.   I 'Sllii
iial.ti, J
;    .
vii y s   11
i rei    lion ■ ib)  I    m    -   .,
i' |  reels or tract!  of I ind at I pn
leg.   I,,    iin.    U',   "• 1,6
!-", ■ in   W. 2114,0
in ...   V    Uilli,,,
10 it      W, ;iii*i,B
: I ill,  li 12",51
ii ,:      ;    ntiii   K, 257.0
i niii,. \V, lsi.u
. 12 ilt.    li. u ill,   K,  ii ''."
I "im rn ilie Nortli
....        ■    .  .-   II lain "-"ii
' i ■ .,'       I   Xnrili
rv l'i rlli Kuril Corner
I'll"! of Si'lill l.ol ill   X iflll    llollll*
,.   tin' Northern
.   '.., I'aiii'ouvei' Mnnii'i*
n    ■    ■   -      iviillb of 120
■ I   tbo   X il'lli
' ■   ■'   ' ! ■
'iii lloiiiiiliiry of
p less fn
■     ul
., ■      i   , .
PI        ' ■    In*  Xortli
•  ■    ,,
[eel  nun   ..    lee    In
• :     iillai'vol II  ill Sii I. i  lore
; .   .1        - .' '
. irlh lloiiii i in i
i   in,| all within said  Ul
f\l     ■ . :     :..-   Ill   II   :• 'llii   "li
i|„. St.rih Ik nndarj ni said l.ol Mill, nl
the inters 'itli I ol ll c Westerly  H •
|u,.i    [ ll.tail No, 1 i"i"iv'l' scribed Willi
North  Iloundar)  ol Ul HUD,
North II   n*
' , i, i        uivin;. a
.   . . ■ ill    tin'    S     ll
,    . --. to
iiidary of it
ami i... " ■    .ml ■
Hi ol   dii '. rlli i niindar; ol
IS        : I till U   [lllll   I
* Sill   i i .1 liiel . iniul lllel-i ■ '
nli-  Corner   I osl   ol   saitl  I ol '.'■   '
.i  nig :. ■   '
nol ry ni stiii i
cl lo lite \\
iiiilarv of l.ol     .     : i
u . .
ramway Will
reverse the Whole of
!"/3 in Two
Don'l il, l.i. to pit li nut your lot il  you
'. ml  ' cli io*  ■ i"  i" •!,   Tho lots are all
Iiii ■>. mil pi ii ■ . ih",i - i8o.ua i" sjiiii.iiii,
on vi i. east tonus.
l()J (lordosa Stroot.
The  North  Vancouver Specialist
Soiling .'..fins in,i tin- Ynrksliiiv Sec. ,v Guarantee Corp,
ire Sweet iind Delicious.
Have »o Equal
I ot  **,llr ol
McDowell's Drog Store
Voi ih Vancouver.
  . • a , at a> n (, t ■     I      I
. estcrB) Corporation, Ltd.
.,, umlauts, Auditors,     Plumbing and flnsnillh      tt«*,t'ailii andChlckeo
. ilati vi.nis. 'ij. Feed
.  .i and nil Mods o| Buildln*] Material, Contractor* and Valuators,
ni *."
li,:..,.,'   ami     ■
I 1 ieel mot    ni
Mi have .nt i'i"'" ns, amount o| Cordwood on hand.  Place your orders with
■  '•• .I.-.
Il,|th    Ih,    llltll,,,
, .. . -
■ ■:"■ : ...;.i.;-v Street .Vest, Vancouver, B.C.
■/' .■ > I    A.  a ! . V    .    __
\..ii. Stork a!!and,   iterGootte
ior Suits,, Pd its and Overcoats,
IN & CO.
2 V
I   Fl
*\*f •-,
l or Iii)
nn   '
the  I
■ .   .
' ■
'   ► ' t 1-
ijjstrictol i^ortft
. ii( Duver
I. in
IHcie I;    i. Vancouver
K rib Vancouver, B. C.
The Only Scisiic Resort at Vancouver
I situnlcd, :', Burrard hikf,
i l'i   tmverfifteen minutes uway
■' ry ''■"." ii»'ow
Hi I   •'•:' |ii /• dig.
ladies and
P. .Larson, tProjirielor.
iN building be sure. -\Nd H^Ve tHe
CONNECT o i oUr Wire Next spring
i ■.*» *• «•, ,1
H.C. Electric Railway Co. lid.
,    "• .      ■ '     I'm
,,.M. BEAT.lt
Notary Public, General toictjoneef
Ki7 Cordova SneU   • an«ou*cr, li. C.
I. ,,.,.,.   , - I iij trialtl nil
a i ■ ,io          ,        and         ■;, ■ •   i pi . "   n North
\ .:,.',..:,_.,,, |iro|H'*t) in
•    "Weil "'  mill tii.i'elii'.li"..   ::  .
.,  —-  -
•■ 11
Oaiurday Snaps
SWiFT'S SOAP 6 Bars for 25c.
j. A. McMillan


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