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®lf? ixpr?HH
Annual Report of Chief of Police The Aldermen ReP°rt £K
tein with good results.   He had
The final meeting of the hoard
of police commissioners for 1909
was held Thursday morning.
The report of the child of police and of the pound keeper for
the year were received and will
be lound in lull below.
A review of the w. tk of the
commissioners during the year,
shows the lollowing items dealt
with among many others of
minor  importance:      New  uni-
cii lhe future needs of the
city ils io water and had stak-
Local  and   Personal  News Items
Drunk and incapable, 29.   ■
Fraudulent conversion of 111011
ey, 1.
House breaking, 3.
Non-support of wife and fam
ily, 4.
Stolon goods in possession, 1
Shooting dogs, 1.
Theft, 3.
Threatening language, 2.
Vagrancy, 4.
Kighty-six   convictions   were l() n,ar,r Ul„ ,a„h Vil|,u. _ pro.
forms were procured for the eli- secured, eight were allowed 0»t|p«rty; as to submitting a  com
1 telephone   was  ill- on    suspended   sentence,
The  annual ratepayers' meet- ed four limes the amount   pre-
mg under the auspices   ol   the viously owned by the ciiy.   He
city council, Thursday evening, ea* foresee* tbe necessity of im-
drew   a  lull   house.     Geo. li. proving lhc present system, 111-
.Uordc-n  was  appointed   chair- asiiiuch as the main will carry
man.    A. H. Diplock submitted only  one  million  gallons   and
u list ol imeslions to be submit- was ulieady carrying about 730
ted 10 the aldermen a-ml spoke gallons per day.     A new main
briefly la explanation   ol   tin- would cost $25,000
ipicsiions.     ihe questions were had been spent during the past owners
light in number, as lollows:  As year
to l-iicrcasing lhc assissed value-
Jack Loutet and N. Lonsd.tlc
Klder Murray Co. tire insurance
Firemen's annual ball, Horti
cultural hall, Friday, Jan. 7th
tire lone; a telephone   was  in- on   suspended   sentence,   seven
■tailed   111   the  house  of Con- dismissed,   twelve   withdrawn,
stable Blake on lhe hill, so that one committed for trial,
he is readily available, day   or     Total 114.
nlfht;  two steel cells were   in-     *F»le-s aggregating $1265 were
stalled in the city gaol;   a new imposed,
concrete floor was built in the     *—** collected $856.04.
gaol; the patrol system was re-    * largi' proportion of the pris-
ananged   so  that   a  constable oncrs   convicted    served   their
meets   every   (erry   boat   from time. making it more necessary
Vancouver; prisoners were kept *or the jailer to be around and
at work at slreet clearing, put- costing the city more,
ting in a total  of   214^ days,    0«r present jail accommoda-
w Inch at $1.25 per day amounts lion   requires   some   improve-
to $2fvK.    Prisoners' meals  for "lcntK 'n the way of kitchen, so
the vear cost Si56, so that thev the prisoners could Ik- made to
cure maintained   without   net c°ok their own meals, making
cost to the city.    The conimis- a saving to the city of at least
sioners expressed themselves as •■•*>' P<r cent.
vuli picas,,I with the services ol     II is necessary to have a W
the chief and of the entire force, paratc   toilet     accommodation
Chiel Davu-s reports   that   the lor the prisoners, as they are at
Sundav closing bv-law is being present using the toilet provid-
well observed and that as a re* e(1 (or the city hall and staff.
There were served to the
prisoners 1041 meals at a cost
of S156.15.
Two hundred and fourteen and
one-hall days were, worked in
tlu- gang doing miscellaneous
work as jailers report will show
Wc received fourteen reports
from Uie medical health olhcer,
re unsanitary premises, which
were attended to.
I respectfully recommend that
stilt, conditions have grc-atlv unproved.
Thc reports are as follows:
To the Chairman, board of police commissioners.
Sir,—I have the honor to sul>-
init this, mv annual n-port, upon the police department ol the
dtj nl North Vancouver, for
tlu. vear 19119.
I am pleased to roport   that
Ihere has been very little crime steps be taken to inaugurate  a
111 the city. scavenging system for the citv,
Dunn-; the v.ar propertv to as the rear of many places are
the value of Sl,K7ft.es was re- accumulating a lot of garbage,
ported slolen. Of this amount which will eventaallv breed dis-
J16M.35 was recovered and re- easfi
turned to owners. fy, ppesenl strength   of   thc
ie received thirteen reports of force is one chief constable and
detective, one jailer and pound
beeper, two patrolmen
articlea lost ai a mst ol Si;:.,**,"
nl tins amount $135.50 was u
covered and returned to owiicis
There were Hi places ol busiiii ss lound open alter hours and
made secure or owners uotifnd.
I am pleased to state thai the
behaviour of tihe force during
the year has been satisfactory.
AU of which is respectfullv
Thirtv-sevt-n  reports  of  pro- submitted.
pro]H-rty   ri
pen )    (iiiiiiiI   aiul
turned to owners.
One   linndred   and   lorty-nine
complaints   wore   received   and
attended  lii
One hundred aud seventy-lour
reports irom constables.
One !tii|iietst held.
Fourteen   reports  of  fire   re-
ceived and attended to.
Twenty-four     enquiries     (or 1909 as follows
missing persons, the majority ol     Forty-live head of cattle have
tlicin being located. Ik-cii impounded and dealt  with
Three insane persons were ap- according to thc pound by-law,
prehendad aad committed to tie and   as   lollows:     Forty-four
I have the honor  to  be,  sir,
your obedient servant,
Chief Constable.
To the chief of police:
Dear Sir—I beg to submit
this my second annual reporl
for the city pound for the year
pic-le plan ol sewage lo experts;
as to betler car and light su-
vice; as to employing a permanent hre brigade, as to continued exemption ol improvements
Irom taxation; as to siibmiu-
ltig a byrlaw providing lor the
rough grading ol all streets in
the city, also a by-law taking a
vote ou improvements out ot
general rate or on lronlage tax;
as to lollowing a policy somewhat ahead ol actual requirements. ^None, ol the speakers
dissented Irom the position in
these questions, excepting as to
the leasibiluy ol belter car service at present, oi which Mayor
•nay aud Aid. McNeish were
somewhat doubliul, and the
possibility ol securing amendments lo the municipal clauses
act as contemplated in llie question as to methods ol paying lor
Aid. JlcKae was the first
speaker as chairman ol the hn-
ance committee, He dealt al
length with lhe reporl subiniu-
ed during the year by the city
auditor. He discussed the estimates for the past year and
siiliinitu-il a prciiminaiy slate-
meiil showing a balance ol cash
in hand, amounting lo more
than J5000. He explained the
unproved system ihal had been
inaugurated at the city hall as
to bookkeeping, enlarging upon
the amount ol work iliat had
been necessitated during the
year because ol the respective
lerry translers and other mai-
tcis, lie relcrreU apprciuiiw-
ly to the work done by lhe joint
civic advertising coiniiiililee,
which Ills committee had assisted, and to other items whuh
made up Uic work ol lhc year.
Aid.McNeish, chairman oi Onboard ol works submit led cie-
tailiil reports of all work done
by his department during the
year, and with relerence to the
record lor thc year he brought
out ilu lacts Uiai the present
council had paid a deficit ol
K5800 Irom the pluvious year.
No work under local improvement had been doiu became lhe
exielinf in-law had been found
ultra vires, but a by-law    was
now   under  consideration   that
Reeve AIcN,nighl went down
to Victoria this week ou matters connected with the district
council aud other items of wide
interest to the north shore.
Connected with the industrial
works relerred to in lhe by-law I   ContractlnK. _ For ali yn,|,
now More lhe electors ,u   the of u.amjn   at,d u.am work| lalld
W3.000 district,   are  many   prominent clvuing  etc.    D. lv   AKhllulll;.
ol  North    Vancouver n    at lj2 lst slreet east   or
property, as b. Mahon, .las. C.  p 0  box ■*.
Aid. Dick, as chairman ol the Keith, Jas. 1'. Fell, li. Oilman,
health committee, paid a tribute Oo. 11. Cowan and others.  The
of praise to N. V. hospital.   He railway coach which it is   pn>
had been  in close  relationship ,)0Sl.,l l0 build will have a rcsis-
with the  health  ollicer  during imtr power 111 collision ol JOO,.
tho year.     He considered   that 000 lb., and will embody many
the   installation of a sewerage improvements upon thl cap at
system   waa   a   most   pressing present in vogue.    Two experts 	
matter,   and  closely   allied   to irotn the Clyde are retained  by!   The public schools .,1 die citv
that was  the  matter  of good thc  company.     The  dry   dock |opened for the spring session oil
roads, which were essential   to scheme is reported as lully   ar- Wednesday wilh a large attend-
pejfreaa.      For   frontage   tax ranged.     The   construction   of;ance.    Sixteen new pupils were
Purposes he did not consider the Second Narrows bridge, will ol 'enrolled thc lirst day.
municipal   clauses act the best course, have an importanl bear-1 	
legislation under which 10 pro- fag Up0u the company's opera
ceed, bul the city needed a good tions,
general  local  improvement bv-	
law.     There waa a great   deal     ATHl.KTIC ASSOCIATION
to be said iu defence oi   last 	
year's council, they had the ob-     The   new   Nortli   Vancouver
Cn\ Treasurer Humphreys
preliminary statement for 1909,
shows cash receipts 5203,629.39,
disbursements $198,464.87, cash
jon hand $5,164.52.
ligations of incorporation with athletic association's allairs an
which to wrestle, and many in very promising circumstances Wanted. — Woman ior house-
needs growing out ol the cstab- Thc committee appointed u» u- «°rk, mornings, at once. Applv
lishinciit  of  a  new  city,   and ceive membership lees is meet-;Su'll: 7, Keith block.
they had done good service  un- ing with marked success   Seven ' 	
dur the dilliuilucs   which   they hundred and liity ol the requir- >   All ratepayers are invited   Ul
faced.    During the present year ed (900 have been pledged, MS" attend the meeting in Larson s
sullicient had not lieen spent for of which have already ban .scut pavilion, Tuesday evening uexi,
maintenance and too much   in to Pictou-W arlow as Bnt pay- lor lhe discussion   of  the
proportion for new  work.     It ment.   The following haw iub- methods lor proceeding with
was an error to use money for scribed io become either lile or cal improvement work.
new work and at the same time decade members:    Messrs. Geo. 	
not to take proper care ol what A. McBain, A. H. Scriven, T.
was already done. The whole L. Kenuedv, Alex. I'hilip, Jceae
year had passed and nothing Williams, J. C. Keith, 8. Gintt-
had been done under local im- burger, il. Martinson, 1'. Improvement, although main pe- son, J. A. McNair, A. B, Dip
titions were on hand. Ivven lock, Wm. llailey, W. 11. May,
yet, no local improvement by- W. J. Irwin, A. B. Kealy, J.K.
law had been passed. A pro- J. Murray, Jas. 1'. fall, l'crcv
gressive     business-like    policy Webster,  Aid.   McRae,   A.   S.
A. I-l. Crickmay is compelled
because ol expansion ol his private business requiring his full
attention, to decline nomination
lor the city council, ,uf-J also to
retire Irom thc board oi^diricl-
ors ol the fefry.
A large > inwii ol nam mate
It is the desire of the nan. ers danced the old y.„i i ut aad
the ticw year in, at the ma.*,i|iiu-
aile hall, held by the lUciiy <• id-
ow club. The costumes wan
all cxc-elicnl aud lhc occa ion
proved one ol lhe luosi sue, chaini (unctions of the season.
Asylum [or the
West minster.
Received (ortv reports Irom
conatabka of street lights not
ed residents to settle here
lowering tli ferry rates and
procuring the white ticket system on the Iranicars. He had
favored the opening of 2nd
street through 10 Sl. Patrick's
He had lavorud the extension ol
Ud stmt through the Indian
would open lhe way lor work to;reserve.    Following thc accident
w as   required   at   thc   present Billing:,,' Aid. SchulU
Aid. Schultz reviewed the ferry purchase with its benelicial
results. He dealt exclusively
with his action re Sunday ban
ball and the Sunday closing of
barrooms. As for local inv-
provcinent, this   war's  council
were   not   antagonistic   to   tho ,„ , ,...,..,., on
syifcm, but they were reticent ball) 0* lllc St Anurew's and eluded that his practical know-
ai.i.iit repealing by-law No. 4, Caledonian Society was a great ledge ol steamboat iransporta-
bul linally had found that the
best course.    He read solicitor's
letters showing that the matter point; Alex. Law, lirst vim „i lerry directors, and will
had been thoroughly invcstigal- pr^-kni; J. R. J. Murray, sec- corduigly oner himsdi in   ihat
lhe council had encourag- ond VKc pri.sl(-■..„■; Key. J. Gil- capacity, instead ol lor the city
''>' lam, chaplain; Wm. Cumming, council.
live lo raise the total amount
oi i'l'isi from the public-spuiicd
business men oi the city.
The public installation of officers, and Hogmanay night
ball, ol the St. Andrew's
success.     The lollowiug olluer. Hon, places hun ill poslllcm   to
were installed:     Alex.  I'hilip, render good service on the bo^d
secretary; J. L. Dodds, treasurer; A. D. Fleming, Geo. Smith,
and I, S. Nye, directors; D. G.
Dick,   bard,   John   Aleiawder,
I'.i.uli-vaiid park will be thc
■cm ol a last hockey match lo-
inuirow, between the local Icani
on lhe
Time   pel sun
olher prisons.
nan upended $13000 under the
board of works and the presenl
Insane at New   have  heen   redeemed    by  their
respective   owners   and    pound
fees and expenses amounting to
093 have   been   collected.     One-
has been sold by public auction,
I our persons were arrested lor after going through   tho   legal
pohre o( other municipalities,     process of the pound by-law for
One pttpa( was  disposed   ol, tlu. sum ui *lh.    Total received
he was sent to his home in east- for cows imps. 'P-icd 51109.
rm Canada. Seventeen    hitses   have   been
were sent   to impounded   and  dealt  with as council fltouo,     Hi considered
lollows     Sixteen have been a-1that   immensely    U-iu-i    calm
Fifty-five   police   court   sum- deemed and S|H collected.    One had Uen given   the   ralcp,i\cis
inotis' were served. has bui-ii destroyed after going Ithis year.    He was in lavor  01
Six warrants executed. through the usual form of Ixing pushing  North  Vancouver  and
One search warrant exeiuted. iadvertised   for   sale   by   public
Kighty-four arrests were made auction and getting no bids, it
bj tin police. I was left in my hands to be dis-
One prisoner   sullering   from posed of which was done.    Towns  attended tai received J48.
Thirty-seven dogs have Ihi 11
to St. Tanl's impounded and dealt with as
loliows: Thirty.three have bit 11
destroyed and two have Ik-cii
redeemed by their respective
owners on paying expenses, am-
ausing ounting to $2.50, and two have
been disposed of to other people
ba done by this method,     lie
referred lo Hie uncompleted con- " I>r<vtiitivi legislation lo tin
iliti.ui   ol   nth,   Hth   and   3rd l'mmw' and with good prospect
streets at the beginning of the Iof M,cctss
year, all of which had been lm-     Milv"r   **J   ciled   debenture
ished In   this council.        There.'sall'!l "s sll(WlllK "'at tho past
wen- ten miles   ol   sidewalk in   _* __ hfvn onc of prosperity
tl"- citv, live ol which were laid i]k l"'Kt' llau"« "si" from   a,,
musical director; R. Hutchison, ^ lht garriMJll ^ ^^
I   in the third league match ol the
■siasoli.     A good crowd ul spi,
talon would encourage the local team.
standard bearer
from the old year to the   new
was celebrated by singing A uld
(1 MWNt- Lang Syne and tlic- National Anthem.
llus ye'ar.    The council oi   1908*to *2' thcn to l,ar ftnd latt'Iv '» ,|,,ir
.    J .     .      . alwaa,,.   ....a* Tl..    .1.1.1            /    CllalH
The execulive ol lhe board ol
trade mel Wednesday evening,
l'rcsidenl   W.  .1. Irwin   in   the
delirium tremens
to In ns.
One was taken
One linndred and lourleeli lasts were heard in police court,
and dealt with as follows:
Assault,     common
hodilv harm, 7.
Assault, with intent, I.
Assault, common, 2.
Ilnach of Indian act, (8,
Breach of street traffic regula
turns by-law, 2.
Ilnach of game act, 3.
Ilnach of pound by-law, 16.
Breach of blasting hv law,  1
Breach of Lord's Da\ act, 1
who lived in the city, and pound
fees of fifty cents collected.
Total   amount   collected   I'or
the vear is J158.
(8ft)       080. PRIMS,
Pound  Keeper.
Wanted-   At once      Services
of capable man   as   janitor   ol
Bread bf Liquor traffic rugu- Horticultural hall.    About two
Iation act,
Contempt ol court, 1.
Drunk and disorderly, 12.
days' work per week. State
termi. Apply Sec. S. Tyler,
13th street, North Vancouver.
also of abiding hy and enforcing all existing laws and bylaws.
Aid. Voung being unable lo
speak because ol a severe cold,
Aid. Bchalti spoke lor him.
From thc lirsl ol the year Aid
Voung had advised the repeal ol
local improvement by-law No.
1, and the providing of another
by-law, but council had not
concurred in this, until recently.
Council had not been antagonistic to local Improvement ai a
system, but ihere were dillicul-
ties in the way of going ahead,
such as the seltling
al«ovc par The chief cause
this prosperity was the puuh.i*.,*
ol the lerrv. The contract was
now aw arded for a now concrete
ferrv wharf loo feel wide There
wire important matters now 111
process, to be carried to a contusion this year, and he would
like to see theni completed, notably Second Narrows bridge,
the sewage, svslem and others.
A healthful and clean citv was
needed in order to command
1 uilideiHi in the financial world
It was mcumlicnt upon even
uli/.en lhat he cast his ballot
conscientiously, as he l-elicvod
id be in the highest and best In-
1 'ists of the city.
Alex. I'hilip reported ihat the
C.P.R. telegraphs will o|hii an
ulliii ill the clly III Ihe tii ,11
resident Irwin icportud, 11
U interview with the lt. C. Telephone, company, lo the iiiui
lhat the company is not pn
p.iiul at present lo lake favorable action as lo thc wishes ol
its patrons in the uty. An iiih
proved plant may be installed,
and illicit iiiiiiiii turn given wiili
Thc old yeir wml out and
lhe uew year NM in lo the accompaniment ol much naming by lhe older portiou oi the
Lynn Valley community, in the
lnsiiiuie hall. Earlier in the
evening a 111usK.1l program was
rendered by local talent, aftet
whnh .Mr. iMagiuiiis acted in
Ule   capacil ,,1,,   Uaus,
distributing ihe gilts nmu the
tree ainid much applause and
laughter, lhc danie which iol-
lim.il was kept up Well into tlie
new year, and the parly broke
up willi seasonable wishes.
and Ceo
llW'lllll      K
.1. Phillipo,
In.gil. -•
Vancouver, Mislead ol by way of t'1"* and well known uii/eiis .a
long distance but lhe tolls will  North  Vancoiiyu, Ii.im  intend
remain. iato a co-partnuship in ihe real
President asked the executive i*1"!   business, under the lum
to consider Ins resignation, in
view ul the lact that he is a
CUdidatl lor aldeniialik hniioi *.
and did not think it wlsi 111
that 1,ise to retain the pn m
'■Uti* \.   The executive was linan-
Thc board of dim tors ol the
perinan- | m   company    have   extended nni"1'- lhat there was no reason
eat grades, the procuring oi a the time for  receiving tenders «liv the board ihould be depn-.
suitable by-law, etc. Ald.V otiug f„s -|„. um |,nv |,n(lt   Ul -,•,-, „1 „i Air. Irwin's valuable su
had done good service in endeavoring lo secure battel rales
lruin   the  telephone  conpany,
He had broughl in lhe by-law
to closu barrooms on Sundays
He had given much time and at
iiaim    oi    Hughes \   l'hillipo.
Mi.  l'hillipo   has   resigned    Ins
position   111   llit   lUsluins    aud
both  p.illncrs  will  devote  their
lull tlllii  and Ulergc  lo lhe bus
iiicss.    Kadi bungs to the busi
.1  I ule loiuieclhiii  in busi
inli  ,   together   with   »
ih ugh   knowledge ,>i   local
man  2nd, 1910.     It has like- vil>'s and requested him not to condition winch ahoald  ensure
wise been decided to enclose Uie P*ani the resignation,
upper deck of the steamer North '	
Vancouver, for the aniMMia Wanted. A girl to assist with
ton  oi  the rapidly increasing homework.    Apply Mrs  I   J
traffic and the comfort of pas- Wilion,   6th   street,   near   St.
Uention to the waterworks «ys- songeri. George'i avenue
/ I
loiispit nous success.
Modern six loom Hats, in the.
Skelhorne block, to rent   Irom
v   i" ,<i8 per month.    Irwir. \
Hillings Co, Ltd.
Candidates Talk
The proceedingi .it tlu meet-
lag ui the ratepayers' mocia-
tion, Tuesdij evening, wai inu-
tu.ilh    serviceable  to electon
UK) c.iiiiliiliitts,  in relation    to
tlic forthcoming election!. Bach
candidate loi sJdermanii notion
w.is given opportunity to ad*
dress the meeting, after which,
it was reaolved with only two
diiaentiag votes, that the rate-
pav its' anociation do sot nt-
done anv apecial ticket [or the
board ni aldermen lor 1910,
President Culm 1-'. .lackson in
opening the meeting, made brief
observations, elucidating Uie
aims ami objeiis ul the tuiocia-
tinii, iiiasmiieh as tlmi- appeal
ed lo lie some inisapplclielisiiili-.
ibr 1 wiih relerence thereto,
The association, he explained,
was inui,h Iree Iron anj se,
lion.il Ir,ilnn s whatever, il w.i.
Otftniied on broad lines,lor tin-
purpoie oi conserving the interests of the city as such, and
consequently every ratepayer
could consistently join tin- as-
saciation and use liis Influence
bv   voice   and   vote,   on   everv
carried, llic bonded debt oi tlio na-r experience and are there-
city would then amount to only fore conversant witli what is
mm\ per cent, ol the statutory necessarv to produce the best
borrowing power on the old as- results. Mr. William.-- informs
sessineiit roll oi 1409. Tho or- me that he will noi accept oflice
dinary revenue ol the city were besides being a trustee ol long
based 011 cost ol ailininislrd- again, as he is already on the
tion, maintenance, interest and board of ferrv commissioners,
sinking lund. These were aug- and he believes no mc should
Hunting Irom year to year. The hold more than one public of-
reventw ol 1909 was jN^ooo and lice. I think, that A- R* Steacy
was nearly all required lor fixed who has served on tiie board tor
charges. Good saiiilaliun is a number ol vc.irs and has
essential aiid tlic method ad- worked conscientiously and well
valued lor paving the cosl ol should be our lirst choice, for
the same was generally accept- standing he il an ex-teacher and
ed. lt was lor the incoming Ims therefore a good knowledge
Council lu provide lor the car- of school management both as
rying mu ill tlie scheme. The to iiiU>ni!il ami external allairs.
Municipal Clauses act wa.s sulli- j I also think that since the po-
ciciit lor local Improvement op- sition is purelv an honorary one
ei.itiuiis He loiisidered that a and there i.s no remuneration
Jn lool load mul a four loot attached to the ollice, il wollld
s-iilewalk In new districts was be well ii the appointment of
impracticable out ol general re-.the (our trustees could be ar-
vi niie.                                       I ranged  without   lllc  formality
I-a Aid  Alex. Mimh declared an,
that lhe great mere,ise*  in   real
estate values on  tnl street   had
proven that  the local improve-
> iiuiul 1 n pafce 0)
Sir, As we have now attained the position ol a city ui the
suniiil ilass, and are therefore
entitled to a board of live
.sihool trustees, 'Tiainiian A.
K. Sleaiv and Air. .1. Williams
retiring, will necessitate the -.-1-
To the Elector:.
Wl En lu-!.! m
Larson's Pavilion,
Esplanade, on I uesday, lan
llth at 8 pjn. when Ex-Aid.
erman W. J. Irwin and others
address the meeting.
question of public intereit, The —
larger the number ol ratepayers | Jvluor ExPRN
who joined, ihe better for both
the association and for the public interests which it sought to
serve. He theii railed upon the
respective candidate in alphabetical oiilir, according to their
names, leserving the iiicinltvrs
ol lhe present council, who are
seeking re-election, until all tin-
new  i.iiididates had spoken. eilum ol lour irustees to lill up
K. C   Hiss was in lavor ,,|   .1  -* new ,ll,ar<1'
ile,in,   progressive    adminislra      Now in view of the large Motion of civic allairs.     The  cilv until ol importanl   work   there
should get jusi value fof all ex-  is belore the coming board,   it
pendituiis ,mii ;i i.iir equivalent is  highlv   necessary   that  its
under  everv    agreement    into memberi  should  have a know-*
whicb   it   entered,       The   city ledge of the needs of our schools
Heeds population,  and lesidelits and where can we Iind it better
should be attracted bv means ol lhan in those wli,, have had lor-
a ilean citv having proper sew-	
age. good streets, etc.
Bx-Ald, Irwin advocated good
graded street.s and a sewerage
system, upon the frontage as
sesslllelil | lan. giving the preference to the inure thick,v settled sections, but dealing in
equity vmli .,11 portions ■ the
citv a nmre judicioui plan for
tin i xpenditure >>i tin nrpraa al
the genersl revenne, in the matter ol the 111.milen,Hue uf existing streets and tin opening up
of new roads hi w as in favor
ul attaining the highest standard ul eihiieiiiv in all departments, of the retaining and tin-
enforcing of all existing bv laws
and of prompt compliance with
all petitions for improvi im-niv
un ihe Iocs! improvement plan
He did nnt consider the surplus revenue rafficient to provide a lour loot cross board
sidewalk in opening up new
roads, but w ould lav or a wagon
trail and a three board length-
wis,  sub walk    There were three
civic essentials, namelv Good
roads,  a copious water supply,
and proper imitation, in order to control tlic iredit nf ihint v and keep it upon a proper
basis, good financing would be
iiipiired, and ilear ideas were
necessary. The citv possesses
natural advantages tu ,i sii|h-i-
laiivi defies, and it lies with
the   nti/ens   to   co-opi tali     Ul
select nun ol merit (or offices ni
11nst. in order that (be lull ben
iilt   Irulll  these adv lllll age* m,iv
l*c /rasped.
Capt, T. Kiikhain w ,is in I,,
vor n| ,, ih .ui illv good sew
age and itTSStS irti llie loial im
provement plan      lie arts m
laVM ol helping industrial nisii
lutions smh as might wish lo
locate in the titv, but on a
■oiiiid basil MM h a-, would protect the llllilesls ol lhe litl/vir
Ilnn.ild M.iil.eiinaii had bun
engaged nil nil kinds nl publii
wnrks, '-llnl', sewage svsteins.
w .ilnrwnrks svsiiuis. etc.    .md
in aliiinsi iviiv capacity as
woikiiian. inn man. contractor,
iii. i  li*    ' i    m i utv iiiii   years
n( age, and was willing tn givs
ih, iitv the benefit ni nil prm
tiial knowledge and sspetrktw*
A. \\    Sargent  USSTtsd th.it
niiiwiihstanding the great Ml
nral ad\ intagi -• enjoyed bv Um
nt-   mi had nnt procured mn
l.nr ihan ul tbe gemr.d pro
gress iboul Hiirr.u<l Inlei He
litt-d Smith  Vancouver Sl prc-
sentiag a itrong contrast   to
Nm th Vsncouver in this regard.
II.      Iai   this  state of sflsil
wa' 'lue tn mir action nr imu
linn, M wa   tinl (nr him In -av
lie   briellv    n viewed   tile
hn.ni' ial condition ihon Ing Inst
il all ihe public Improvements
provided for In the monej  bj
laws non beipft lln pi "ph wi ri
exiH-u.se nf a poll.
District of North
To the Electors
of Ward Two:
In response to the request
ol a large number ol influential
electors o( Ward Two, that I
allow my name to be placed
in nomination (or election as
Councillor, (or the year 1910,
I take this opportunity ol announcing that I have decided
to accede to their request and
to respectfully solicit your vote
and influence in my behall.
Yours respectfully,
Local Improvement
All candidates for civic honors
are requested lo be present as
an op'-ortunity will bc given
thrm In express their views on
the «uli|iii.
All ratepayers   and citirens
cordially invited to be present.
To the Electors ot the
City of North Vancouver
Having heen requested by a
large number ol Iriends and
ratepayers to present myself as
a candidate lor the board of al
dermen at the ensuing elections,
I beg to state that 1 have decided to allow my name to be
placed in nomination.
As an old time resident and a
practical man ol business.! feel
that I am acquainted with the
needs oi the city and am in position to render good service nn
the city council.
I beg therefore to reipectlully
solicit your votes and influence
in mv behalf.
Yours sincerely,
Civic Elections
To lhe Electors:
I lake this opportunity lo announce my candidacy for the Aldermanic Board of thr City ol
North Vancouver, in the coming
civic elections, and solicit the support ol the electors at the polls:
No excuse now for not
Contracting for several hundred
piaiK.s,$375.oo to J450.CM1 urailis
at a big cut from Manufactiiri-is'
Wholesale Prices, enables us to
ship in
and by the "new harness system," saving to us many dollars
in freights alone, .we are now
Popular   Dependable   Pianos
S275   J-9°   '300  fits
$6.00 to $10.00 per month
When you deal with us you get the
best that I HI LlSOlM I'ianoCon-
cekn is Wr.siiKN Canaua, backed
and an abundance of capital, can
Montelius Piano House, Ltd
1 ei 111 sa.tioa). Weat *nl
Vancouver,      •       ■       B.f,
Come in
and get
Gent's Clothing,
Furnishings,        Mer
Children's Hoots and Shoes.
's,   Ladies', and
2 Splendid Buys
1.. acre with bouse in D.L  7S7 lor $600.00.
$225 secures this.
mo Ii. x 132 fl. in Block 16, D.L 787, right on the city
boiindry, with the most com uia ml inr, view on Ihe
nnrth shore of Hurrard Inlet. Only f 1 jo down lo
sii uie this.
Lun.-ailale Avenue, mar Ferrv
Phones-Offlcs H      Hou* U      P.O. Bon 50
Sometimes saves the timepiece
il there is anything wrong with your
clock or watch. Bnng it to us at
once. Our expert will make it
right again if it can be done by
human skill.
All Jewellery carefully
Lijnn Valley Lumber Co.
Are prepared to deliver it shortest nolice
■        :    :    :    all kinds ol    i    :        :   ,
Hough  nnd   Dressed
Ci 11| Office, 39 Lonidale Ave.   Pboiu 16
318 Cambie Street
In Kid. drren and |-"«wn
Pan i-        N
S* i". to,.50. Jtto 50 & (1 5.50
All new houses should lie piped lor gas in order to save the
heavy expenditure lor this convenience at a later date.
Lonsdale Ave.
Cars leave  ierry  landing for |   Cars leave Lonsdale  Avenue,
all points, as follows: Keith   Road,   and  tjueessbsry
Avenue Terminals as lollowi:
'6.05 a.m.
•6.30  "
•7.00  "
•7J3  "
8.05  "
«-35  "
9.00  "
9»3  "
943  "
10.15  "
10.53  '•
After which cari leive at U\t
minutea to the hour aid tneu-
tv-live minutes niter ttc hour
until midnight.
For Grouse Mountain take the Lonsdile Avenue cir. For
Lynn Valley take the Queensbury Avenue car. For Capilano
take the Keith Road car.
•6.15 i.m.
•6.45   "
•7.ao   "
7-50 "
8.jo "
8.50 "
9.J0 "
9-45   "
Altei which cars leave it ten
minutes past the hour and twen-
tv minutes  to  the  hour  until
• Not on Sunday.
Morris Chairs
I'loin J', 00 to J1N.00
Ml I'   lo« loll (ROCKI KY WANTS
-54   ,,nd   Jft   l.nn.H.1.   A,.
Near the Lynn Valley Car Line
A real SStStS broker bosght liffal "I these lots at  llJOSSch,  COMidsrisg  ihein ,h*-iper than
•cream'.    Vou i hu hlVI one or more, while ihey lasl, at the sunn- price
$13000.   Terms $25 caih and $10 monthly
Martinson & Co.
Women's and Children's Ribbed
Cashmere Hose half price, Saturday
Reg. 35c values 17 1-2c pair
"    25c    "    12 1-2c "
Two very important week end hosiery offerings—
desirable kinds at exceptionally moderate prices. A
splendid opporttir'v to supply your present and future
needs.   Note the lines.
Women's and Boys' aborted Rib Cashmere Hose with
seamless and spliced feet, double aole, toes and heel, fast
color, in sites 8 1-2 to 10.   Regular 36c now 2 pairs for 35c.
Children's assorted Rib Cashmere Hose, seamless feet
and spliced toes and heels. Shown in sues 6 to 81-2. Regular 25c values now 2 pairs for 25c.
Atteod the Januiiy White Sale
Every economically inclined woman should not fall to
risit this store during tbe spocial sales of Women's and
Children's line Muslin undergm-ments. Worsted Domestics,
Embroideries, Waists, and numerous other lines. This
month we offer special inducements in every department.
When you cross the Inlet visit Drysdales.
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street Phone 3541
Leave Van.
*6.2o a.m.
7-.V>   "
8.30  "
9-15   "
10.15   "
11.15   "
U.15 p.m
MJ   "
2.15   "
jrj "
4.15 "
5-'S "
6.15 "
MS "
8.15 "
0.15 "
10.15 "
•11.15 "
Leave af< Van.
•6.45 a.m.
7-50   "
8.50  "
945   "
10.45   "
n.45   "
12.45 p.m.
1-45 "
M5 "
3-45 "
4.45 "
5-45 "
6.4' "
7-45 "
8*45 "
9 45 '
10.45 "
•n-45 "
Table mbject to
Leave N. Van.
*6.2o a.m.
•7.20   "
*8.20   "
10.15   "
II.15   "
12.15 p.m.
1.15   '
2.15   "
3-15 "
4.15 "
6.15 "
7-25 '
8.15 "
9.15 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
on Sunday.
chanje without
Leave Van.
•6.45 a.m.
•8.00   "
•8.50  "
9-45 "
10.45   "
n.45 "
12.45 P-">-
1-45 "
2.45 "
3-45 "
4 45 "
5-45 "
6.45 "
7-45 "
8.45 "
9 45 '
10.45 "
Rent buy lor subdivision on the market. 22 acres,
fronting on Pipe Line road. 1)10 loot frontage on Lynn
Creek. Contract let (or street cars to property. Price
$400 per acre.    Terms $2000 cash,   balance 1, 2 and 3
Two lots, 1 i-\ blocks from boulevard, only J250
each, i-l rash, balance 6 and 12 months. This is a
fine buv. 	
Real Estate and Financial Agents
■ II
New Bridge Company,^atheKeDeraladvan,aKeof
  1   And  your  petitioners  as  in
duty bound will ever pray.
We can handle as many more.     If you aie thinking ol building
see us and talk the matter uver
205 Lonidale Ave.
North Vincouver
A Happy and Prosperous
New Year
To All
The Quality Store
Phone 40 llll Lonsdale
Below our readers will find in
full, the text of the petition for-
, warded to Ottawa, lor thc Incorporation of tho Burrard In-
]let Tunnel & Bridge Co., Ltd.
[The petition speaks for itself
and constitutes the best method
I of conveying to the public, the
(most accurate information with
respect to this important matter.
To the Honorable The House ol
Commons of the Dominion
of Canada, iu Parliament
i The Petition of lv Malum, B,
W. McLean, Jas. P. Fell, and
Lambert Bond, all of the City
of Vancouver and .lohn V. McNaught and J. C. Keith, both
of the City of Nortli Vancouver, in the Province of British
Columbia, hereinafter called the
Incorporators, and ol thc Cities
of Vancouver and North Vancouver, and of the Municipalities of North Vancouver, South
Vancouver, Burnaby and Point
Grey, humbly sheweth:
THAT WHEREAS by act of
parliament of the Dominion of
Canada, being chapter 65 ol tin-
Private Acts of 1892, a company known as the Burrard Inlet Tunnel & Bridge Company-
was incorporated for the purpose of constructing, operating
and maintaining a tunnel under
the first narrows ol Burrard
Inlet, and ■ bridge over the second narrows of Burrard Inlet,
both for foot passengers, carriages, street railway and railway purposes as ' therein set
j And whereas the charter of
tlie said company has lieen acquired by the said Incorporators;
i And whereas it is the desire
of your petitioners to carrv out
the objects of the said Burrard
Inlet Tunnel & Bridge Coinpanv
and that a company be incorporated for that purpose with a
capital of three million dollars
under the name of the Burrard
islet Tunnel &, Bridge Company
And vilnrcas the government
of the Province of British Columbia has imd to assist in
the construction of the works of
j the company and your petitioners have all agreed to suhscrilie
.to and become shareholders in
the said company;
Your Petitioners therefore
pray that B, Mahon, E. |. McLean, Jas. P. Fell, Lambert
Bond, John V. McNaught and
J. C. Keith, the incorporators
aforesaid, together with such
persons or corporations as mav
become shareholders in the coinpanv, be constituted a bodv
corporate under the name of the
Burrard Inlet Tunnel & Bridge
Company, with power to lay
out, construct, operate, maintain and use a tuniiol tinder the
first narrows of thc Burrard Inlet and a bridge over the second
narrows of Burrard Inlet, both
for foot passcngt-.s, carriages,
street railway and railway purposes, with the necessary approaches (rom some convenient
points on the south shore in or
near the City of Vancouver, to
points on the opposite shore of
Burrard Inlet and with power
to connect the said tunnel and
bridge with existing and future
lilies of street railway and rail-
vi.ns, and for the purpose m
connecting with the suid street
1,uin.us and railway, to layout, construct and operate bW
or more lines ol railway mil 1 \
imlnig tell mills 111 length
And with the powei lo con-
si iiiit, iipup, maintain am! op
crate a lint- or lines ol railwav
Irom tin northern ends ol llu
said bridge and tunnel easiulv
along the shore line ol the district municipality ol North
Vaiuuuver to Deep Cove on llu
Nortli Arm ol Burrard [tbt,
and westerly, along the shore
line of thtj city of North Vancouver and the said municipality to a point at or near Horseshoe Bay on Howe Soundf
And lor the purpose ol its undertaking to acquire and develop water, electric or other pow
er or energy and to erect lines
for the transmission ol the saint
and to transmit and deliver lln
saine'lo any place in the dtln
or Municipalities through 11 Iim
the works nl the Coinpanv an
authorized lo be built, and to
receive, transform, transmit
distribute and supply such pin
er or energy in any lorm and lu
dispose of the surplus tin nnl
nnl to collect rates and charges
And your Petitioners humid*.
pi n  that it lie  declai:e<l   thai
ated at the City of Vancouver, Province of British Columbia, this 30th day of November, 1909.
1 Signed)
Jno. Y. McNaught, Reeve
Alex. Philip, CM.C.
Win. II. May, Mayor
Thos. Shepherd, Clerk.
C. S, Douglas, Mayor
Win. McQueen, City Clerk
W. A. Pound, Reeve
0. H. Peake, CMC.
Peter Byrne, Reeve
C. T. Saunders, C.M.C.
D. G. Williams, Acting Rci-vc
Henrv Floyd, C.M.C.
Wanted from owners—Acreage
for subdivision and inside business properly in Norlh Vancouver. We have clients waiting.
Geueral Securities Co., Ltd.,
141 Richards street, Vancouver.
The diamond is ,1 sniybol ol mem. Though regarded liy
many as 11 luxury, il. munii rlul permum-uiv ud uver-in-
itih-iiil; value, I'omineiid it In MM thrill us well as to tln-ir
love of buily 1
InM'lcftiiig diamonds, thi uuMroii grades ind nenr be
eonfinini; I" ymi. In llie pun Ii.i.iii*.* .*l ai llirk-' iliniiiiind ynu
have tlie iiHSiir-iiii-e "I SMQflllf "iilv tht hi^ln'.t ntgmlard—
of HM-nring patfaetton M lo catting Hid brilliancy nd lri-i',1, ni
(rom flaw, and blenii-lir. ui even* kind.
Our taper! ktion la*,l,;<- lutthe *,*rv ii-e nf lln* nnviee, enabling a -election aa aetielaeinrv II auul.I l,e niaile by the
connnimeiir. An i-vaT-inon-ae ng fOSHOOfS nrlem |NM Irom
uaby mail.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Gold and Silversmiths
(ie,,. I, Trurcy, All cars stop al Birk's
MhuhKIiih Pirvi'tor r
Chas. H. Cates
General Contracting
HEAD OFFICE—Boon* 12 and 18, Flai-k Block
it;:; Hutiogi Stmt, W    TeiepboMSOW
Or Cates' Wharf,  North Vanoouvw.    Phone l3ii
Look for the above trade mark,
the sign of quality, on your
cereal foods.
We manufacture the best
Rolled Oats
on the market today.
Leave jour orders with us for
Prompt Delivery
Satisfaction Guaranteed
ice Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonedale Avenue,
at Ferry Landing
jas. Chapman,   local mina*(er.
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "Wesl Vancouver," Captain Black
Licensed lor 35 passengers
1 * ., ■■>  Well V .11* nil,.1
Hi.lljbnm Wli.rl
Bail la. i pi fcunda-
I., .v.. Vancouver
1 ily   1-rrlea    tt li.rl
8.00 a.m.
9.00 a.m.
10.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m.
13.00 a.m.
13.00 p.m.
14.00 p.m.
15.00 p.m.
ib.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
i-i'" p.m
19.00 p.m.
Saturdays Oaly ....
.]2.oo p.m.
14.00 p.m.
.33.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m.
. —————
Quickest route Irom North Vancouver to the district beyond
Capilano River. Launch "West Vancouver'' makes connections, without Uii, with the lerry steamers from North Vancouver, as per above schedule.
ilin-ct Irmn llit mined
Plaee your order, now and
aar are vour ainter'i uipply
Urge -hipmenli mil arrive
in a lew tlay*. Pri™. ri«hl
l.«ij** nipply of Wi 11 ill
alwavs on land	
Hotel North Vancouver
Telephone No. 2.
Expert on Fireplaces and al
classes oi Brickwork
All Work Guaranteed.
Corner Kilteenlli W. ind Malum An
J1.00 per and up.
Special rates to (am
dies and   to  Kflllll
RM Root Boroen on toi
*i       ■-  At 1    ■        '
i^i'' Vi*<J?
[ tB-'* jl
_~ -,
^W *
1 '■-.
B-V' 1
■a W .   '.1.,. 1   .I,
SiroNO Srarti,   -   *   •   ■   NOKTIl   VAJtCOUVIK,  I
*>  Mlirtt   the   btjainra*  nf   Mn nnf..- lui - r-
HnfMir»*'«ind(.lheri vhOMHll lhc idviHl-iI
ity i<f luring their Fatrnt buvn-tt tftnuctf I
byBlptrtl.   rrplirttiiutjfiflTi' itm    1
nodfftti (tar Imentnr't AdvUff-'"'
works ol tlu said coiupaa)   riiu^^i.^wisH^ucuAi
0. K. BAKERY \
orncK supplies, etc,
Fred. Bosquet,   Prof).
13 Luiimlali' Ave
I'd Boi 13
Phoue !•'
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Everybody is reserving   tlie
evening of Friday  January ;th
for the popular uretuen'i b,ill in
the Horticultural hall,
iUeihoilisi church, corner 41I1
and bl. Ijcoigc s avenue;*—
bervicei al 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Sunday school 2.30 p.m.
Sunday school al Moody villa al
11 a.m. Prayer meeting Wednesday al 7.30 p.m. I'a.stoi.
kev. B. II. Balderston, H.A.
Lynn Valley laitttUtl Hall.
Services eveiy  Sunday   nioiii-
mg al 11, and evening al 7 p.m.
St. John ihe Evangeliat,  Bth
alio 13th sliccts.—
holy    communion,    ,s   a 111 ,
mo,mug prayei 11 a.m.,   even
iug pi ay 11, 7. jo p.m.   Ou the
uisi buada) in uic iiiuuih there
wui be a second celebration oi
IM in") communion at 11 a.m.
Ucciui. kev. iiugii Hooper.
bervicca at St. Clemnt'a hall
Lyun laiicy. Homing prayei
ii a.m.; evening prayei 7 p.m.
l'ile»l-iu-cliaigc. kev. Ha H.
St. Audlcw's l'lcslii leilali
church, uiu slleet:—
Sctuccs al 11 a.m. and 7.30
p.m. Sunday school 2,ja p.m.
rnyer meeting on Wednesday,
at 6 o dock, i'astor: Rev. J.
U. Gillam, M.A.
North Vancouver Catholic Indian .Mission:—
Sunday Sei vices—Mass at 9
a.m. Sunday school at 2.30 p.m.
benediction al 3 p.m. l'asioi:
Rev. li. IVytaviii, 0..M.1.V.G.
Baptist Church, cor. 5th and
Sl. vicoige:—
SabliaUl school at 2 p.m. Services al 3 p.m. and al 7.30 p.m.
Buy at the
And Save Money
Teliplmni- UM
A|.| , |',r feu iinin (1.76IO 13*00
i...a.,.u,.i fvtauM l.iu
i.uii, r. |.. r in	
II,-I cr,*,iii„T- lliin.-r,   in
l'.i|.'l_u'l l ruiii-arri,*., I'll. .       - k*
yu.ik.T 1 i.n-, 2 ptekifN           the
1,,..-- ..1 ,   -rn M.inl,    2 " .     .. 'in
llnlll,-i.,.,,I,' .1,11,1-,   I |tUa*. I   '
*     I   ,1.1,1   a.r   lia*    HI  S*,.«|l,    I   ItUt Ml
11,-ri Mated i,. ,i-n... ,,r i. urn-iil.
.   .1 paafaafai     Hie
feald'i Maa.a,, ami Jan ur .mhiuI>
i.ii**,*, i puaad tts
Beaat'i Uvod hahai iod 0 floo
[«■, ,kt lb...., Be
i    lllue   mi.i-ali     l,l|i|l,ll
.\.,ii*.ia .m.i Tiiii-r- I,..-, ',ll'       ■
I'l. nl, ul Ire.-n l.i.ciiu*.
It, -Ii Qio-|W iuiu|iii. Hbl . | J  ihr
1'ii'iiiv ,.i total .inu ini|Niria*il Ireili
in.i.i,' ..null,*..
All kiiiiln i,(   Nut* aii'l T.il'la* Haldol
ami Figi at pvailj ndueid pi
I'     I on   i,     laannued, d**/. Me
Cgokiug tggi,.' duiaW "Hi'
la,lua, || ,!,,*,, uuljf            I6l'
Wi Mil ,ui nm- la ir* -ia gweeriaW HI
r,*,|*i,*.*i| priOM     Y mr mun i   n.i, I ll
in.I •all-ll..!,
- -Il'lll**,    lil'M-k.   lirallllllllli'il   allnl
M-an aa,'I I.-.*. ■ i ami iii eenia
Fr,-li Milk ami llr* aal lawn* a .1 If,
l ami .l.li, run   PuUIOM ami   V,*,<•••
laic, - ul all kliiil.,
Ctllluruta .iiei J.i|.a...-e i ir.iiiji...
Pliutj **i *ia.*r-   ttr-uxli  a,i i:ig»r»,
I   *  * a a        . • .   ,V
Drill, rl  III ail.,  |iili, ..I lan  clli.
Dislriel of ktli laiiriHiier
A  BY-LAW  to  authorin  the
Corporation oi the District
oi North Vancouvei to enter
intu nml execute an agreement with The Imperial Cur
Shipbuilding  and Dry Dock
Be n enacted  bj   the Reeve
ami Council ol the Corporation
oi the Diitrit i oi North Vancou
ver, in council aasenibled,  with
the assent ol the electors oi tin-
District dulv had and obtained,
as lollows, viz.:
i. Authority is hereby given
in ihe geeve and Clerk ol the
Corporation  to dgn on behall
ol llie Corporation, and to seal
uiiii ihe corporate seal an In
denture oi igreement between
ili, Corporation, "f the lirst
part, and the Imperial Car,
Shipbuilding and Dr) Hmk Co
poration, oi ilu* necond part, m
iln- terms ol lhe ichedule ap
|u iideil lo this by-law, and au-
ihority is given to the Corporation io eiiier Into and agree lo
all the pro\ isioiis ol said agree
In ilu- even! ol llu laid
company complying with the
provisions ol s.nd agreement as
ia ..nils the issue oi debenture
bondi to the imount not exceeding f2oo,ooo, tin Reeve ol
this Corporation is hereby authoi i/ed to sign an endorsement on the hack ol the coupon! lamed uIth taid debenture
bonds, guaranteeing Intereit
lhereon at the rate ol live per
cent.per annum far fifteen years
in the following terms, viz.:
'Payment ol tins coupon is
guaranteed l>v the Corporation
ol tin- Distil,i ol Ninth Vancouver.," and siuli signature
may lie either written or stamped.'   '
j. In ilu ivent ol the Corporation being called upon to
pay and making payment ol
any ol said guaranteed interest
coupon, and (ailing to recover
payment thereol Irom the said
companj or tlnir repreaenti
uns. siu h payment mav bc
hi.ule iioiii ihe general revenu-
oi the Corporation, or it mav
l*c the siili|iii loi i special tax
on the Municipality, to be li vi
ed in the Annual Revenue By*
j. An ana ol land occupied
h\ the laid company oi adjoining to the worki ol the said
compan] to an extent not *•«-
iiednig thirty acrea, is herein
declared to be i tempt from the
annual  levy ol  the   ordinary
laud tax lor iln  period   ol   tell
yean Iron tin date of ilu i n
union of lh, saul agreement, in
accordance arith tha terms of
the said agreement.
,v This by-law may be cited
lor all purposes as "The Iiiipen
il Car, Shipbuilding and Dn
ilmk Corporation Guarantee
By-law, 1910."
I.. This by-law shall take ellu t alter the lirst day of Kehru-
,in,  nno.
Passed bj tlu t oundJ an the
nd day nl .human, win.
Received   the   assent    ol   the
electon at aa elei tion held oa
the day of January,
keioiisiilcred and totally adop
ted on the dai of  lan
ii.uy, nno.
the beit   m il ri u   l"r
ni' >' ry d< si nption,
ll Paint Ci lazing,
Cil" 1 ilingii     I uiing
Ila   I a*i
Take lioliie that the above Is
,1 I lue i"p\ ol lhe proposed Inlaw upon which the vote ol the
Munii ipality a ill Ih taken arith
in    lhe   polling   plans   al    lln
1,\ nn Will, \ Institute llall; Mr.
Jack I.ould s office, comer   ol
(jueen sunt and Lonidale avi
and Hollyburn. Weal Capilano,
all in the Disum o| Noith Van
couver, on Batarday, tba 15th
da- of January   1910,  between
tin hours oi 9 o'clock .1 111 and
~ o'clock p.m.
C M C. ami Ki turning Officer
I'ulihi noiiie is luiiiii given
that the vote of the (lectors ol
the District ol Norlh Vancouver will Ik' laken on "The Imperial Car, Shipbuilding and
Dn ilmk Corporation Guana
in* IU Iai, i'ii"," on Saturday
the 15th dav ol January, 141",
la, tWl en the hows ol 9 o'clock
11.111. and ; o'clock p.m., within
the following polling |il.iics,vi-
The Lynn Vallej Institute hall,
Mr, daik I.outet's office, corner
of (Jueen street and Lonidali
avenue, and at llollv burn, Wesl
Capilano, all la thc Distrii 1 ol
North Vancouver, and that Al-
1 ki mler Philip has hi 1 olil
led  Returning  Officei  to take
the votes of such electon,   with
the usual powers in that behall.
By order of the Council,
This Indenture, dated the 3rd
day of January, in the year ol
our Lord one thousand nine
hundred  and lm*  ln-tween    the
Corporation ol the District oi
North Vancouver (hereinafter
reierred to as "the Corpora-
turn," of the first part) and The
Imperial Car, Shipbuilding and
Dry  Dock  Corporation  (herein
alter referred to as "the company," oi tin second pan j wit-
Whereat, thi company has ,n-
i|iiired and is about to acquire
different anas Ot blocks oi land
111 the District ol North Vancou
vet eompriaiag about six handled iiiimi icrei, with ■ lronlage
OB Hurrard Inlet ol about eight
thouaand (8,000) led and oi  1
total value ol not less lhan
lli-u  hundred and llll-   'I • i.s
and dollars ($360,1 |; and
Whereas the company proposes to occupy a part ol said lands
with 1 Imsiness ol constructors
ol salctc steel railway deeping
cars, the building and repairing
of ships of all kinds, and other
kindred undertakings, and for
the purposes of said business
proposes to erect buildingi and
to equip the said premises with
machinery and working plant,
the total cost of which Innlil
ings and plant being not less
than three hundred thousand
dollars (|}O0,0OO), and the company i.s now the owner of a
number of valuable patent*
lights relative to the business ii
is to earrv on; alld
Whereas, the Company lias ,1
greed to transfer and convey to
the Corporation a strip of land
through the said lands belonging to, or to belong to the company, lor railwav and trallic
purposes; and
Whereas,    the   Company    has
asked  the  Corporation   to   give
sundry concessions to facilitate
the establishment   ol   the  said
business within  the* hounds    bl
lhe Municipality, and the Coun
cil of the Corporation   are    nl
opinion that   these   concessions
and considerations   are   reason
able and that the eslablishmetii
of thc said business will   bo  al
great  benefit to the whole dis
trict; and
Whereas the Company pro
[loses to borrow money, not ex
Hiding two hundred thousand
dollars ($300,000) lor the purposes ol tlu* company, by means
of debentures secured by the assets of the company;
1 lu-relore, 111 consideration of
the premises and ol the mutual
covenant! and agreement! heir
iu contained, it la agreed between the parlies hii.o It lollows;
1. Ill the event ol the company producing to tho council
of the Corporation Ine and unencumbered titles to an ale.1 ol
ibout six hundred (600) nnis
ol laud or more within the Municipality, having   aboui    eight
thouaand leet (8oooft, | or more
ol 11 out age on Hurrard Inlet,
situated between lhe liui-iih o|
Lynn Creek and Deep line
and     ol       the      value     III     111.'
opinion   ol   three   independent
valuators to be linilualli .1
greed upon, ol not less
than three linndred and si\|y
thousand  dollars ($560,01 md
in the event  oi  the compan)
tl.lllsli ning III deed ol liusl lo
a trustee or Irustees designated
by the Corporation and lhe
t ompany an amount and quan-
nt\ oi ncuritiee located in the
Munii ipality ol Nmlh Vani I'll
ver reasonably worth lour linndred   thousand   dollals   ($401
iinin, such value, to lie arrived
ai in valuators appointed by
the Corporation and lln Con
pan). said dead to be In Id by
lln said trustee or trusti.s sub-
ject io thc conditions si 1 lorth
in paragraph 2 hereof, tn secure
io the holders of the said deben
tuna payment of the principal
and interest of the said debentures, then the Corporation will
guarantee that the interest due
on the said debentures (or a period ol iitii-eii yean at the rate
ol live 151 per cenl. per annum
will be dulv and regularly paid.
:. The said deed of trust
shall lie 111 the lolin of a dl ll 11
tun mortgage, which lorm shall
lirsl be approved of by the Cor«
potation, aad shall secure the
payment of the principal sum
ol two hundred thouaand dollars aS.-1111,01 mi together   with
interest at live (,s) per unt per
,1111111m, whiih sum shall be re-
pai able at or beiore the cxpir-
rn imi of lifteen years Irom Uie
date ol the said deed of trust,
and the said deed of trust shall
1 out.nn provisions latiafactory
to the Corporation as to the
principal moneys of the debenture! issued under the said deed
ol trust becoming due, and the
collection thereol, and as to enforcing the security constituted
bv the said deed of trust, and
for the registi ation ol llu- same
and generally, the Corporation
shall be entitled to insert such
provisions as it may deem tie-
cesiary whether embodied in
this agreement or not, for the
protection ami Mfety in every
reipect of the debenture holders
and the trustee. The company
shall pay all expenses of the
Corporation and of the trustee
incurred in lhe preparation, ex-
euilloii and registration ul the
said deed of trust.
j, Tin- said guarantee shall
be effected by an endonement
printed on the back of each interest coupon, as lollows, lialile
Iv: "Payment id this coupon
is guaranteed hy the Corporation of the District ol Ninth
Vancouver," and the said en-
ilorsi'liHiil shall be signed either
in writing or by a slump of tha
keeve ol the Corporation.
|.    The company agrees, alter
two (-') years, to provide annually the sum of fourleuii thousand dollars ($14,000) to constitute a sinking fund lor the pui
ment ol the said debentures,and
the company undertakes and a-
gnea to have the payment of
the principal and llie providing
of lhe said sum of fourteen thousand dollars ($14,000) per annum for the said period  o| bl-
leiii (i.s) years guaranteed bj a
guarantee insurance coinpanv
acceptable to and approved ol
bv the Council of the Corporation, lhe said guarantee to be
111,ule in lavor of the trustee or
irustees before the said debenture! .nc issiiud, alld the sail
sinking lund shall lie paid annually to the trustee or trustees
who shall hold, invest and accumulate the same until tlmre
is sulhcicnl moneys to pay oil
lhe said debentures as and when
they become due, and the saul
deed ol trust shall contain pro-
virion! to ihe above effect satisfactory to the Corporation.
> I'pim the jssue and sale ol
the said dchi-nturcs the company
agliis to   deposit   the   proueds
thereol 111 the Hank of Britiih
North America in North Vancouver, to be held as a capital
fund in the joint nanus of the
Corporation and the company,
to Ih- withdrawn onlv on the
joint signatures of the Municipal Treasurer and the treasurer
ol the compan], upon warrant
or certificate issued by Donald
Cameron, loiisulling engineer of
the corporation, or such other
engineer as the Council ol the
Corporation may appoint.
h. It is understood and a-
greed that ihe cost of erecting
the said business building! and
installing the said inacliiiiin
and plant shall be the sum oj
three hundred thousand dollars
($,V», 1 al least, and shall In*
erected  and installed  according
to plans ami ipecificalioM :<ali.<
factory to tin- Corporation, and
thai  .is lhe work progresses si\
lv um) per cent, of the value ol
the work carried   out   shall    bill.iiii   out   of   lhe   said   capita]
Iiiiiii upon said warrant*, or ui
lilnates,   aiid  Iwenty   cm   per
unl  thenol  shall be paid  sun
ultalleoiisK    bi     lhe   coliipaiii
Oii and aller the expiration   of
lium two 1 i.'i davs lruin   the
completion ol the said work the
Compan) shall paj iln remain
Illg    llllllll     a     fl      |a,|    l(.|||      „f   t|„.
value oi iln- '.inl work .nul shall
thereupon he entitled to receive
the hai,inu ol lln said i.ipital
lund ilt|iosileil in Ihe said bank
as alores.iiil
7. So long as the CorpOTI
111 ill is lis|iiuisilile as guaranties lor anv ol lhe said interest
couponi the Reeve ol the Ca
por,illon    fm    ihe    lime    being
shall be ex oflii 10 a director ol
the company, with all ihe pou
ers and privilege! pertaining to
thai   ollice.
r\. lt is provided and agreed
thai lor a period of ten (to)
years   from   the  date   ol, this
igreement   the  said  company
shall  be exempt   and  free  Irom
the ordinary land tax levied by
the Corporation as regards .111
area ol thirty (toi acres occupied by or adjoining iheir said
noiks, provided the Compan)
has completed or is completing
its  undertakings   according  to
iln* iciioi of this igreement,
4.     The COmpan]  agrees that
npon demand made in tin mi
poration after the execution of
the conveyance to ihe trustee or
trustees ol the securities of the
coinpanv, as aloresaid, the coinpanv will convey to the Corporation a strip of land for railway and trallic purposes one
hundred feci (mn) wide for
a distance of approximately
one and one-hall 1,1',) miles
iu length through the cn-
jtire length of the said lands
ol the company, located along a
feasible grade, for railway purposes, near the shore lino ol
the said property,and said strip
ol land shall be rcscrvcil    and
exempted from the conveyance
to the trustee of tiustees ibOVI
10. The caliip.iuv agrees to
pay  lhe whole expenses ol llus
igreement and ol submitting a
In l.iu lo the electors ol llu
distriii lo receive their assent
to the nndertnkings under this
11. This Igreement is provisional as regards tin corporation, on tllc assent ol the said
electors being dulv obtained as
required by the law.
In williess whereol, the parties
hereto have hcrcuntn subsi ribed
tliwr names and allixed their
seals the day and year first a-
laoie written.
(Seal) JNO. Y. HcNAUGHT,
Signed, sealed aliil dclii'i'icd
ill the pieseliie ol Ceo   A. Pair,
C..  A.  Barrett,   Frederick   J.
Leigh, John C, Farmer,
In addition lo the agreement
executed lliis day by Imperial
Cu, Shipbuilding and Dry Dock
Corporation uilh ;ln 1 urpora-
tion ol the District of North
\ ,1111.inui, and as part (hereof,
Imperial Car, Shipbuilding ami
Di\ Dock Corporation agrees,
al or In lore the exei ution ol the
ilec.l rn trust therein mentioned,
to providi' and submit plans,
drawings and ipedficationa of
its proposed works, with location, area aiid other data, including list ol machinery needed
at the outset, to the satisfaction of the Consulting Engineer
therein named, or such other
competent engineer   1 ■ may i>
agreed upon.
Seattle, Wash , December JO,
1 Seal 1
Hv JOHN ARTHUR, its President, and
iis Secretary,
BYLAW Nt) s|.
A BY-LAV to enable thc I m
poratlon ol the City iif North
Vancouver lo raise by  wai ol
Loan the sum oi Sixty rive
Toousaiiil    ($65,080)    Dollais
lor   genual   u alelworks purposes.
WHEREAS 1 petition sign*
nl In llu omul*, oi nioii lh.111
one i.nih ol tin* calm ol ii.n
propert) in tin 1111 of North
Vancouver (aa ihown  bj   iln
last leilsed Assessment Koll I
has Inin presented lo the   Uti
Council, requcaliag them to la
llodiiie I Ilil,ui 10 i.nse ley
Way ol loan the sum ol Slxii
Imu    Thousand   ($65,uuuj   Dol
hns ior General w am works
WHEREAS ll will be Ileus
sail   lo  laise  Ittauall)   b)    spi
cial rate the   sum ol $3,675.80
lor the inin ol inn   uar.s 101
the repayment ol the said Loan
and interest thereon as hcrein-
altcr provided.
WHEREAS lhe value ol thu
whole   real   (lulealilcj property
ol the saul i ni, according to
the Itlt revised Assesslilillt Roll
amounts lo l-'oiir .Million,  Iiu
Hundred and Ninet) Six Thou
sand Two linndred and Ninet)
One ($4,596,29!) Dollais.
ami Aldermen of the City ol
Norih Vancouver in Coiinnl ,,s
scinb'ed (with the assiiit ot the
Electon of the said City dull
obtained; ENACT as lollows,
vu ;
1. It shall be lawlul ior thc
Mayor of the City and the City-
Clerk, ior the purpose aloresaid,
to borrow or raise hy way ol
Loan Irom any person or pi,
sons, body or bodies Corporate
who may be willing to advance
the same upon the credit ol the
Debentures hereinafter mentioned of the Corporation, a sum of
money not exceeding in the
whole lhe sum of Sixty Five
Thousand ($65,000) Dollars and
to cause the same to bc placed
iu lhe I Link oi British North
America at Nortli Vancouver to
the credit ol the City lor the
purpose above recited.
i. Debenture Bonds of the
City to the amount ol Sixty
Fin Thousand 1)105,000) Dollars iu the whole may be issued
by lhe said Mayor and Cilv
Cleik iu terms ol the Municipal
Clauses Act, in sums as may
be desired, but not lels lhan
$1,000 each. Each of lhe said
Hi mils shall he signed by Unsaid Mayor and City Clerk and
the City Clerk shall attach
thereunto the Corporate Seal ol
the said City Corporation.
J. The Debenture Bonds
shall bear interest al the rate oi
live per cent, per annum, payable half-yearly on the Seventeenth day of July and the Seven teeiith day of January 111
each and every year during thl
currency of the said debentures
or any of them. Thete shall be
attached to the Debenture
Bonds, Coupons signed by the
Mayor only for each and even
pai ment of interest that may
become due, and such signature
may be either written, stamped,
printed or lithographed.
4. The    said    Debenture
Bonds as to principal alio interest may be made payable at
tlic Bank ol Biiiish North
America at North Vancouver,
Toronto or Montreal, Canada,
or at the Bank of British Norih
America, London, l-.nglaud, and
the said principal sum shall be
made payable by the City at a
date nol later than lilly years
Irom the date upon whiih thc
Bylaw takes effect.
5. There shall lie raised and
lined auuu.ilh by speiial rate
on all rateable properly in the
s.ml Ciiy thc sum ol $425.*" lm
the purpose ol forming a sinking lund lor the payment of lhe
said debentures and the sum ol
$3,250 for the payment of the
intercut at the rate aloresaid
to become due on the said debentures during the currency
1 hen of, and that in addition to
all other rates to be levied and
collected in the said City during
the whole currency ol the said
debentures or any of Ihem.
6. This Bylaw shall come
into eflect on thc 17th day of
January, A. D., 1910.
7. This Bylaw may be cited
Ior all purposes as "Thc City
of North Vancouver Waterworks Loan Bylaw, 1910."
Passed by thc Council on
the Twenty-Seventh day of Dili nibcr, A. D., 1910.
Received tlic a.ssent of the
Electors at an eleilion held lor
ilic purpoae on the day
ol January, A. I)., 1410.
Reconsidered by thc Count: 1!
and linally adopled, signed b.
lhe Mayor and City Clerk, .0 .1
Sealed with the Cilv Seal 0.1
thc day oi Jamian,
A. D., 1910.
TAKI- NOTICI-; thai the
,iboie is ii true copy oi the proposed By-Law, upon whnh the
nne ol the Klcilors ol the Mu
iniipalin of the City of Norih
\ .ni..unci wlll Im- taken within
the City Hall, Norlh Vancouver, B. C, on Thursday, the
i.lih day ol January, A. D. iyn>
Intueeii the hours of y o'clock
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returning (lllnei
PUBUC NOTICI- is hereby
given that the vote ol the
Electors ol the City of Nortli
Vancouver will be taken on
Thursday, the 13th day of January, lyio, between the hours
of 9 o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock
p.m., on "The City of North
Vancouver Water Works Loan
Hi Law, 1910, and that within
ihe Citv Hall, Norih Vancouver!
B. C, and lhat Thomas Shepherd has been appointed Returning Olhcer to tuke the vote ol
such Electors with the usual
powers in that behall
Hi order of the Council.
City Council Meet
The city council met in regular session. Monday evening, all
the aldermen being present but
Aid. Voung, Mayor May presiding.
A letter Irom A. M. Bailey,
complaining oi the unsatisfactory conditiou of Queensbury
avenue, between 3rd aud 4th
streets, was rolerred lo board
ol works.
Engineer Hams reported thc
streets opened up lo a width ol
jo leet, dining the year.
A petition Irom A. Sherwood
cl al lor an arc lighl al iln
corner ol Mahon ave. und 17th
street, was relerred to the lire
aud light coliliuitliee, with power to act.
Knginecr Hanes submitted a
report reviewing the provisions
oi lhe Municipal clauses acl,
wilh relerence, to local improve
niciil operations, from ths
Standpoint ol a practical man,
together with recommendations
as lo procedure, aud attaching
a dralt of a short general local
improvement by-law. On motion referred to the board ol
works to report.
Aid. Dick moved, secondud by
Aid. SchulU, lhat elections ol
nominees tor the position ot
Iciry directors be held ou January 13th, and that tho qaulili-
catious oi a nominee Ior such
positiou be the ownership ol
real property to the amount oi
IIJO; carried.
Tenders lor lhe construction
of the new dormitory at the
lire hall on 13th streei were
read as lollows: C. Stuart,
>;oo; M. B. Martinson, >5y4*5u*
The latter tender was accepted,
work to be done uudex the supervision of the engineer.
Tenders were opened for the
construction of the new cottage
lor lhe caretaker at the Lynn
creek intake, but on account ol
absence ol information with relerence lo plans and specifications, were rc-sealed without being read and the whole matter
was referred to a couiniittee,
composed of the finance committee, the mayor and the city
engineer, with power to act.
Accounts as lollows were ordered paid. Fire and Light
committee $58.75; waterworks
committee $13.20.
By-law No. 79, to repeal local
improvemeot by-law No. 4, was
read a last tune aud linally
By-law No. 86 for the establishing of permanent grades on
the streets of the city was withdrawn and a resolution was
substituted instructing the engineer to proceed with the making oi proliles showing permanent grades on the plan of
bench grades on north and
south streets, and straight
grades on cast and west streets.
By-law No. 87 to amend the
city engineer's appointment bylaw was linally passed.
The lollowing is the itemi/ied
statement ol work done on city
streets and roads by the board
of works during JJOQ.
Lynn Valley trail, 2), cents
per loot, :boo leet; Mahon ave,
5th street to Keith road, 13U1
slreet lo 19th stroel, 12 cents
per loot, 3100 feet; St. George's
avenue, 17th to 19th street, 4"
cents per loot, 750 leet; 18th
street, ior 300 feet cast ol St.
George's ave., 40 cents per foot,
300 feet; St. Patrick's and Crescent road, 32 centaS per loot, 900
ieet; 12th street from Lonsdale
to 8th street, 8 cents per foot,
400 feet, 12th street, St. Andrew's to Ridgway, 13 cents per
loot, 1100 ieet; 13U1 street, St
George's to Ridgwaiy, 9 cents
per loot, 1500 feet; 14th street,
Queensbury to the laundry, 7';
cents per foot, 600 feert; Hey-
wood park road, 36 cents per
foot, 300 feot; 5H1 street, Chesterfield to Mahon, J cents per
foot, 800 feet; 4th street, Mahon
ave., west, Ifi cents per foot,
JOO feet; Jones ave., from bth
Itnst to Keith road, 300 feet;
Mh street, Mahon to Jones, 200
leet. Total 1% miles, IJ,IJ0
Modern six room flats, in the
Skelhome block, to rent Irom
Ji.S lo S18 per month. Irwin tk
Billings Co. Ltd. _
Gigantic Clearing
Hne Suits
Half Price
Sale Starts Saturday
Blue Serges
Ws shall also offer on SATURDAY forty-five
Blue Serge Suits in double and single-breasted
styles; come in sizes from 32 to 44. The regular price for these suits are J13 50 and J15
They are our regular shape-keeping suits in
fast indigo dye. These good suits will be liter-
lily thrown away on SATURDAY it
^TTWE have decided to clear out the bilance
III of the biggest purchise of ready-to-weir
Jj clothing ever consumated in Vancouver.
We refer to our purchase of the Campbell
Clad Clothing some months ago. This stock
was valued at over $60,000, and we bought it
at a low rate on the dollar. We have about
800 suits left, which, if price will clear them,
they will go during the next tour days. These
suits are made of the best imported tweeds and
worsted it is possible to buy. They ire made-
up regardless of cost. The internal construction of these suits is as good as any custom
tailor in the land will put in a suit at J35 The
cloths arc as good (and better) as are offered
at Si5, $18 and t2o by any clothier in Vancouver, but we've made our money out ol this lot
and out thev go on Saturday at
We have ibout six hundred pairs of all-wool
imported tweed trousers. If these trousers
were sold at what they would be if bought regular, they would be good at J4 and I4 50 a pair,
and they ire worth it, too. Money cannot buy
better wearing goods. These will be given
iway on SATURDAY at
Manufacturers' Realization Co.
Wanted.—From owners mily,
a lot on ist strict, north side,
first block from Lonsdale. Quote,
lowest price and best tonus. Advertiser genuine buvii Address
Express Oflice. I4-20
C. M. Kittson hns resigned
his position with 8. Gint/bttr-
ger and has accepted I position
with thc Vancouver Milling I
Grain Co., Ltd. Mr. Kittson
w.i, lor several vi nrs, in the employ of the Lake of the Woods
Milling Co,, in Manitobs.
Tin- death occurred at his
home 70R Keefer street, Vancouver, on Wednesday, Januar*
Sth, of Joseph Iloskms. Mi
Iloskins was .1 pioneer resident
ol I,vnn Vallev, his name being
perpetuated in the vallev liv
"Iloskins" rnad. He is survived by his wile antl two children
The funeral was held Thursd.iv
afternoon, to Mountain View
District ratepayers should be
careful to guard against inufii-
siim ol the hours ol polling on
Saturday, January 15th. The
poll Ior councillors will lie OSJN
Irmn nine o'clock a in to live
O'clock p.m., and the pall k»
thc by-laws, Irom nine- o'clock
a.m. to seven o'clock p.m. Anv
voter therefore, who reaches the
polling place later than live 0 -
clock p.m., will be able to vote
only on ths by-laws.
I.,idi. . .nul Gentlemen
Having been rcqti-*ui! bv ,1
lurge number ol ratepayers .mil
liiisiiu ss people ol Nortli Van
uiiivu li, allnvv inv name In
conic Ih lore vou as a iandiil.il'
lor aldermanic honors, 1 huvi
decided to do so.
Having made a practical and
financial success of my private
business sulliciwit to enable unto retire from the strenuous lib ,
1 am now in a position to de
mote my time to the interests of
the city.
I recognize that one of the
most urgent needs in order to
Iiuiiii up thi- utv Is to get pen
jib, and tu dn ilus, wc must
innke the uiv ilcaii and .itt t.i
live, and to car*\ ont this poll
1 v I .1111 pupated ti. aiU'oiatr si,
In 11 the. • .ih lv ol lln (malices
oi iln iitv will permit, a svs
tcin ol livic iin, -oveiiient.
II lav nnl with youi confidence and vote on the 1 ul, .ns. ,
mv services ate at youi disposil
Yonrs truly,
North V-   itrvis. B     •
II,,\ :
iii,a reai 11 M
III monthi ■       •       •      W
Tl.r,-.- lli-     - • Ji
United ButM and I orslga,$l Mperyeet
AliVKKi 1S1N-.   RATES
Tunisn Dun i essre—
.,.!., nil ;*a : llll h **.uli luNrtlon,
Loom Soti      En  -II ll1 v Inch par
I * s i a ud riwsi Sotii n SO 'in- |4;
(Odajre, I7.M.
I.dm tm iiai -is'* I rtl hi- rlion, Hi
hou i" i im i '" li i |l" * ul ttt'
ii,hi. le, par Iimi
I;, ii.,--,. Norn ui. Nm I "i.
i ms.   in ..,.*■ ,1,: hau*.■*ii. h in- 'rlion.
Ooxtiai r Ai a-   I: hi - v
mu-t I"* 'aa *''■- bj
Yl>illll"l.l*  I la nil ;|.aria-Hi*   |*UI*, li'.tl U 11
lithe noil  -"■■
N'ORIH    >'il   f.K    J IS,   J,    I il'
in kkaui) INLET Ti MNEl \-
The Kxpress i- pleased to lie
able to  publish,   in   this   issue,
the liill text "i the petition to
the dominion government, inr
the incorporation oi tlu Bar-
mi il Inlet Tunnel .\ Bridgi I o
This latest scheme inr the build-
nij; aai Second Narrows bridge,
originated with Reeve *'* V
HcNsught, .unl msinl) through
his efforts has sou been sdvam
ed I*' i itafi al which it jives
ever)  promiw  ol wiving   the
problem and tnakillj llie limine
u reality,
It »ill be noted that the company proposes t" op(". ate undei
a charter granted bj the domio
imi parliament in the yeai 189]
to the Hurrard Inlet   1 unnt 1   \
Bridge Company, bnt which has
Ik-cii lying dormant since "hat
tune.     Wlnn an option oi pin
■ has, was procursd upirii this
chattel Iiiiiii the original owner
lion   F. I.   Carter-Cotton, it
was UlOUght wise to subject '.lie
charter lo thorough investigation, ia ordei to establish the
lact ili.it it was ilil] in uui.-.
The n mt  ni  iiie proceedings
instituted lot  lllis purpose, has
imu iii ., mosl graliiying na
iurc. proving beyond s perad-
venture, the presenl validity ol
the chariii
Application is now  math    lm
the incorporation d i compan}.
uiniii ilu- charter, lot the pur-
jiu.se oi carrying out llu project
tor whuh it gives .milium-
Tin petition contains, however,
clauses providing im ihs cofr
[erring ol enlarged powi rs, ihat
win iiiii contemplated m the
ili.u ur as originalh  granted,
Mull  as ilu   COSSlrUClioS  nl   till
miles oi rails a) on the south
shoii ni the liiKt, ami i railwa)
line [rom iiiiiMsliui Baj to
Deep Low iiii ilu north  ihon
ol  the  Illlel,   poWCi   Ul  COtlttCCt
with "ilm railwa) inns, and
to develop and ntilis*   water,
I ll    .lllal  lllllll   pi.Wll
I Iii si iii 1... u ii is at present
being developed, is intended to
In consummated in iuch s wa)
ihai ih, iiimi ij ui,i railwa)
tunnel ami bridgi mil U built
owned end controljsd  b)   Um
pi Opb  allil up-i.llul lot tile pllli
111   lulll,It.   Illlt   la,I   llll   lllllllll   ol
,ni\ individuals oi corporation
[•oi ilu pmpiisi ,,i accom
pliahiog ilus object it Is planned Ihal lln bridgi shall lie Imlil
bv llli alls nl  publii   ll|iille\s vol
ed b) iln- dominion aad Uu provincial government, nnd the
municipalities ol lhc cities ol
Vancouvei and Sorth Vaniouver, ,nit\ tin  ilistiuls ill Hiiiii.i
be, smiili Vancouver, Poinl
dn\ ami North Vancouvi i
In ihls regard it  tvill   U    iiii
served thnt the petition ol la
corporation la endorsed bj  tin
signature ol the mayor m tin
lasts wnh ilu iluk ni t.ieh oi
Uw municipalities named, with
till    ,.,!]'.   ' lit.II Ill'll.
Tin petition is In realit) madi
|,\    |,i,    unin idaal   apph..mi
i.i.ii   i|    I prominent
citizen and ilu owner oi large f
property Interests on the north
.hmi*. ll u as absolutely necessan io have recourse to this
method, lor the reason that the
itstutes do not lonler upon the
municipalities the power to Incorporate .i joint simk corn-
pan) . The municipalities arc
given  the right, however,   to
purchase the shares ol joint
Sim It companies after the lame
have I'eeii lormed, The individual petitioners have, therefore,
advanced lhe mone) necesaar)
to carr) the project through its
i.aimative stages, and bave subscribed lO the petition 111 unin
in regulal I) iniiipK with the
etatutor) proviiioni in such
cases, that the compan) ma\
iiecoinc a reality, Once the
company is dul) formed, lhe
uitinicipalitiei «ill be at lib) rt)
lo purchase .is much ol the
stoik iii iln compan) as ihsj
ma) wish, indttding ii desired,
uhe interests oi the individuals
wlm were the original inbacrib-
ll is uildersluod that the se\-
eral municipalities which have
identified themselves with the
project, by means ol a resolution passed by the respective
councils authorising the .iiiixnij;
ui the ollicial signatures and the
.seal ill the corpolalluil tO the
petition,   have  likewise   reached
.ni agreement as to the amount
ui stoi k io be bought b) each
municipality, in the compaay,
with the consent ol the electors,
and that the SggregSte is satis-
lactOT) to a degree that renders
the construct ion ol the bridge
at mice attainable, upon   the
vol illg ol reasonable   subsidies,
lor the assistance ol thc project
l>\ the dominion and the provincial governments.
with reference to these subsidies, there is ever)  assurance
ihat ihat oi the provincial gov-
eriuiic-nt, to the amount of at
UMSt S--II'."!"1, ai.l, lie made
available during ihe coining
tension whuh convenes Januar)
juih The dominion government has aiii.nl- voted a Sllll-
lidy  ol  $}oo,oou  toward   the
bridge, but ihis subsidy was
voted direct]] to a ipsdfic rail-
wax corporation The chartei
oi ilus corporation is about to
expire and thc\ an making ap
I'll* ation lor a lim w al, upon a
plan abandoning ths entire
ronts io\ired by their previous
charter (rom Horn Sound to
Fort George, substituting therefor a totally different route, but
seeking to retain thai extremely mall mileage ol the original
route iiiiiii Vancoaver to Howe
Bound on the west and to Deep
Cove mi the east, including tne
bridge and incidental!) the snl>-
lid)  lor the same.     Il calls lor
im exceptional powers ol insight
tO lead alivoin who nuisldils
tin   inatlir,   lo   iln   iiimliismn
that the crisis ol tins entire
movement will in reai bed ia the
si niggle which will develop m
the house al  Ottawa,    Ulweeti
ilus,  opposing   claimants  ior
the dominion subsidv   lor   the
Ii is reasonable to nppoec,
lmwt-.it thai ii" ciiipiiralioii "i
individuals,)ven mulii the most
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AT   VANCOUVI-A   PA'UPS    . . .
I'HOXE :<)
P. S.   THOMAS, Phm. P.      *
favorable conditions, could hope
to compete sncsaafall)   iur a
giant oi public moneys, with a
movement emanating iroiii the
people, and prosecuted, not lor
any,purposes ol private aggrau
ili/einclil, but Ior the avowed
and sincere purpose ol serving
publii interests. Bat when it
is considered that corporate interests oi a private nature haw
[ailad through a period ol exclu-
sive privilege Covering seven
wars, to do   anything   In    thl
n.n oi construction in connei
lion with the project  involved.
while the movement now iii pro
giiss (or the people and b) tin
people, gives assurance whuh
amounts tO practical ceilanilv
that the work will be begun and
carried to completion without
delay, every clement ol   conjei
lure with regard to the result ol
llu- competition would  appeal
to iii* eliminated.   Inasmuch a*
the dominion house is now  la
Session, the issue will nol rein, nu long undecided
(line a subsidy Irolll the dominion and iinin the provincinl
government is made available,
the    one    obstacle    whnh    has
hitherto proven insuperable is
overcome. All "ilm difficul
ties are oi a minor nature and
ma) bi said l" be mailers ol
detail Iietween the local parties
uiiiieined, whnh will lend them
■elves i" rend) adjustment, culminating in sctunl operations In
budge loiisiiiiiiinii ai Second
\ -lii iin \i ni iiii iiiii i/s m iiiiii
Mi'm.i   M Hn(liTin-t V ... GnltNP
l»i I'Hiiineiiii' ninl ttnu ufaQowi!
KlndtfftrttBj H ■*' per m-niili
Crcpftrtiurj (4.uoprr month
Adriued, i"1"1 to fis oo dm noitt
For praiMCttt*, elr., tp«lr to P.O. botllA, nr
hi (lit sviiU'l.MH. umaoalo   ,\\f. mnl i; i. v
Genera! Contractor
INC, Kt..
m m M rl • noi
PR Visions
boots AND sHoes
cents' fOrNisHiNgs
I Om aim .-'.» give istisiaction
to our eiisti'ini i-
|  Our deliver) goei to sll parts "t
the city*    ll )TOU bsvs na, (■ ll
phons Issve yoni nsn
om il< livery will cull.
Plane Facts   j
About Hardware _
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i. hitth .iiul. "inin.ind. uml i.l tin- linnit vi, «»in North Vtnronver.
♦sou. iin*-*,|ii.iri.T mail, Mum t, 12 »ml is.
Con.ir 1*1, Chun-1" Loinadile, WilJS, onlv |8SU.    |1:Mcul,, lnlaneB
ii. I.- .unl IS.
Fifth Slleet, ''I"-' I"  l.'in-dale Avfnu», ju-l M-ll    Inl, $I0M)     UN
null. IiiIiiihi'iihiiiI l'i.   Ild. i. • money maker
C. E. Lawson
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1 i-i. (iii'iiii* 41
Coi  Mii Sl   11 d I on tl ih
Of This Piece of Land
And receive absolute y Free a piece ol the same area inside the City limits.
Belore slartinq to *.ol-e the above stud* Ihe fallowing:
44 by 132 feet comer on Lonsdale, $500
100 x \ )2 feet corner on King, $800
Hrani'li, Turin rl I n ami I M dulf, WephoaeW
ll    ■      !
N. V. Horticultural Society
Engagements, season 1909-1910
Jan. 7th, lylo— Dance.    N. V, Kirc Unfile       i
"   uih—Aaaaal Mastiai Hortiesliursl Bodatji
"   141I1-  Dance.    Miriv Widow I'lnl'
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"    35th Daace. Merry Widow ("Inli
Or to C. F. JACKSON, t-th Street
S. Ill IR, ftecretart|,
in lown at lowrat priee.,      Uive ua a trill (ur
60? M.isliiHjs SI., ty.        Vancouver, B.C THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
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Kstates  managed — Rents  collectec   -  Insurance
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Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and 5th Street North Vancouver, B.C., Telephone 15
*********9**9***********990*999**99*********************************40****************9******9*******9^^ *0******9*i***
Ratepayers Talk
(CunlmusJ Irom p.i^e 2)
lined bv the city engineer was
in his opinion the proper bv-law
to pass. lie emphasized the
pressing nature ol the sewerage
^^^^^^^^^^H lor
nieiit plan was right, and thai jn(, 0[ (j-, roa(| inachincrv by-
uwners could wnll allord to pay -aw „„ (J-, ground that there
the cost ol improvements. This wu ,„, Hrittbk gravel obtain-
h.ibls good as to streets, water, u|,[v (or „,aking good roads ,unl
sewers and other items.  He was referred  to  tho  parks  bv-law,
not in favor of sinking wood
pi|-cs to permanent grades, because he did not consider lluiiie ol tin.- pipe was sullicientlv
long to justify the cost of excavating in hardpsn and rock
He favored the commencement
of the installation of iron pipes
on ,1 permanent basis. He was
opposed lo the proposition to
instal sewer pipes made ol cir
ment, as he did nol consider the J" tts jbk.
light material was to lie had ■ -r
here lor making good pipe ol
this nature.
waterworks improvements,ierry
ami school matters and Second
Narrows bridge, reserving further items until Thursday livening.
Aid. McKac referred the I'lecl-
ors lo his record during the past
vear as reason for supporting
his candidature Public improvements are in progress and
1-KKSH  I- Kill
I. K. Bennet,     6J Lonsdale
I. (). ()   P.
North Vancouver Lodge,   No.
"had been moved along "as rapid- .VS, "feets every Thursday even-
The credit   of  inH- corner Lonsdale avenue and
the citv was now excellent   aiid  Fir:it street, at 8 o'clock.  Visit-
juslilied a policy of expi-nd.luri* '•»? 'brethren cordially invited to
lor public work.     Thc wellare a"""!.     Edwin Peers, N. G.;
Isaac   Walden   endorsed   the 0[ ,|u. lllv di-iiurntk-d that it be  T>»°»- S. Nye, Ree.-iec.; J. H.
new sewage system, but its 111- protected'Irom undue encroach-  P>H'"K. Fin.-s«c.
stallatton throughout  the city llu.nts upoll its ri,,n,s [r<mi anv .. _-—
would require a long tune, and mXi9^ sourit. all(| ___ |,ickl.r.
ineanwliilc he 1 (intended thai
the city was in great treed ol
muiic system ol sanitarv supervision A delimit' silmine in
this regard should be made ami
enforced. He favored a local
improvement In-law, and l-ctlcr
streets and roads The wuter
svstiiu should be improved ,1
long |-irtiiani'i!t lines bv   laving
ings and divisions within. He
did nol decjn it necessary to assure them that he would do his
lust, ll elected, because any
man would do lhat,
Aid. W. H. Young had adhci
ed lo the policy   laid  down bv
the association lasl war.    The
lerrv mailer had Ik-i*ii   sclll.d
Board of Trade
iron piiKs to iii-iiii.ini.-nt trades.       „ _,  ___,. .t—jL   . .,
....,!.'     ,.  '    ,             K     ,   , upon the streets throughout lire
Williani know lot.  commended J... __, ,  3    .,
North Vancouver Board of
Trade meets the third Tuesday
of each month, at 8 o'clock p.
in., in the board room, City
Hall. Executive meets the first
Tim sday ol (iiih month.   W. .!
a^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.^.—.  ,     Irwin, president; .I. (V Fanner,
tin  work ol determining grades sw.r«,arv
a_a>   .I a........   a I.. I     .1.        •""•laUJ.
uiv has lieen completed, the
matter ol a sewage system is
now iu shape to proceed, lllc local improvement problem   had
 .      __„   __.,     __   .    been arranged so  lhat  matti-is
ever is morally right ought    o am](,        ^{     A        , (|i.(| „,
.email, and whatever is.morally W(ljk ,,„, h(„ „ (|()m, ,|k, „
wrong ought to go Civic ap- (,rW(,rks svs.em during the v,„,
pom incuts should be made on ]n ^ amnretion ,u, ,mpllaM/.
the basis of merit and business d tlu. mwMtv (lf      ,     dosl.
tire policy ol Ure present council
in tiliaine and likewise endorsed
the action taken as lo Sunday
baseball aiid hotel burs.   Mh.it-
I'mlcr Neu  Managi-mml
capacity. The making of primary improvements out of general revenue should bc conlimred
in modified lorm. He favored
the local improvcm-itit plan and
doubted the advisabilitv ol installing a cement sewage plant.
Aid. Win. McNeish dcilared
that tire record ol public work
during the past year coiiipaiid
favorably witli that ol anv
other year. As for the local
improvement svstcin, that was
reallv the onlv system,but tlrere
was certain preliminary work
that must Ire done on streets,
out nf goner al revenue. The
municipal clauses act was sufficient lor local improvement
purposes  and   the  by-law  out-
Tlieehi-«|>ciit si-it h».t plurr in tnwn
or all kinil.nl (n-li tnd •mok'-il ti>li
attention  to  the  adequacy   ol
the city's water records, and an  feJUj,, ,.„„,,, n-ptoUN ami (nil
application bad been filed    lor ____
greatly increased records in fa-l
vor of the utv, the hearing   of O.  HOI D,
which was at present pending 131 First Street, West
Iiniii,i,hi nml t'linmiiititr, ol St. Andrra'i t'hurrh
Tenrlicr  of  I'ltniu,   Vnrnl  nml   Tlnnnj
II ile.ired Piipilli (ire-yirril Inr the
Tonmln t'niviTiili Kiaiuiiialinn.
Slinlif"- "* '*"''' ,V'r'"' '''""" RUU'
lin,    —--. -.-—•   •  I'lii'ianii-
• US l.iiuiiliile Amine. Vlinui Snrlli fatmatu
North Vsneniivcr. lu^nlay* A Frl.laea.   RtisrstMSI Btl Mr, liillam
The  Broadest  City  Aveiwe  in  America
This Boulevard is all cleared and graded, mid its n gard-    di-: Wis nave been planted with
trees and shrubs.
Inside Lots, 51 x 140 leet or 150 feel, each fmoo
Double Corners, • 2 lots together), 104x140 (te* „ , *-o feet 52500
Cleared lot* In Block* Adjoining Ccul*v«rd, size 50x15?
Inside Lois, according to position $700 lo «Hoo
Double Corneri 5i6jo to |i;so
Terms:    '   Nsh, 'i in 0 months, }\ in iH months     Intcrtst in dclerred instal un .     bpl
The pos 1 -I tin-  prop, riv  makes  11   OM OT IHI UIS   Rl MIUSIKI  SIIUIKISS IN Ii'l
WORID.      With its -*.,... t h. rn |Sp 11,   n|" 11 span. .11 :iilii^-iil view, and all  BOdsn
OStVeuieiKcs   1 In iik railway cars running the whole kn^'h uf lbs  Houlevanl, Oo yards Ir-iie
1.    I'ii"   Imr, water OtA eleiltu light).
Purchasers are not oMifcd to build,   but all lols Iroi'inR   -n the Ho-d*-*. ,| on
1 ondiiion thai lm H vears nothing but residences, each 0  . inn-,, in  cost ol  Jt.;ooo ian be built
tlnia-on    Thn. lln property is li-gallv proln tnl again:   <i ;-recistion.
Compare the above prices with the- ■ of other properly.
North Vancouver real estate today off .ars unrivalled opportunities
to investors.
The City Ferry Co., will shortly build a new modern ferry boai
and make improvements in '.he landngs.
The Second Narrows Bridge seems n w to be assured.
Maps,  price* lis! and printed information SS in lire Cilv  ol   Notlh  Vancouver   will be
mpplisd on application lo
I in
North Vancouver Land £> Imtirovement Co.,
Mahon, Mcfarland 6 Procter, Ltd., Official Aocnt»
CITV 01-
NOTICE is hereb] given that
pursuant in lection 17 ol the
Municipal Blectioni Act, I,
ARNOLD lv KEALY, police
magistrate "i the Cit) nf North
Vancouver will bold ,1 1. ouri .11
the Cit) Hall, Nurth Vancou
ver, 11. i'., nn Wednesda). the
1 jih da] "i January, 1910, sl
9.30 o'clock .ilm*, in in.ii  snd
ileli t iiim.*  1.1.1 ■  i'. lul'    ll   is   ,il
kged that  sn)  purson's nami
has i'un   iuiproperl]   omitu-d
(roiii ni placed un  tin   Voti ri
List im tin tin "i N.'iih Van
innn 1 iui ihe yeai 19111
Given   niiihr   mi   li,niii   c,t
Norih   \ .uii'iH'.a 1,   H  C, this
11ii da) "i .i.iim.in. a 11  i'n '
Police tlagiatrata
[HSTRU I  111-'
I'l I'.I.K    NOTICI-;   is   li, uin
given ic  ihe  Electors  ul   the
j..dm ui North \ .iiiitiii-
ni, ihat 1 require the presence
nl the s.ild EleCtOI ■ *il Wl I,(Intel's ollice, corner nl Lonsdale
.ivenue .nnl iMiui, street, North
Vancouver, in the said Municipality, on
Monday, loth January, iqn
at 1: o'clock noon
for the pn.paise ni electing persons in represent then in the
Municipal Council .is Rei ve .nnl
Councillors, .unl electing three
persons i" represent  then   mi
the Board "l S. 1 1 Trustees.
Tin Candidate) shall bs nom
in,lied in 11111111-;, the writing
shall be subscribed b) two vol
irs ol the Municipality .is I'm
pnsii .mil Seconder, ami shall
lu* il, hn red in the Returning
Officer at any imu' between the
date ul this notice aiid two o'clock p.m., on thu day nf tlm
nomination      Ainl in the event
of a pull being necessary, smh
poll m ill he opened on
Saturday, 13th Jannar), 1910
between the hoars nl nine o'clock a.m . and Five o'clock p.
ni., of the said dav, at Mr.
I.outet's nliiti, inriiii 1,1 (iinin
slreet and Lonsdale av, nu, and
at I.\1111 Valley Institute llall.
and ai Hollyburn, West Capila
no, in s.iiil Municipality, nl
which every person is required
to take notice snd govern himself accordingly,
Th,* qualifications lor Keeve
.ut his being ,1 male Hritish
siibjeit, ami having lui" fnr the
iiim months next proceeding
uin- ii.n ni lus nomination the
registered on ner in thc Land
Registry Ollice of land or real
property, situate within the*
Municipality oi the assessed]
value nn ihe last Municipal k9
sissnieiit Koll nl five hundred
dollars or more ovei and above
am registered judgment of
charge, and being otherwise
duly qualified as 1 voter."
"The qualifications lor Coun-
liiini .in* hii being s male liriiish subject, and having been lot
tin* three months next preceed
int; the day nl his nomination,
iln registered muni m the Laml
Registry Office oi land or real
property, situate within the
Municipality,   d   tin*   assessed
i,due on the lasl   Municipal As
MssiiHiii  Roll nl   uin   hiiiiilreil
alld   lllll   ilnllars   nr   liliilc  ui.i
anal above any registi red judg
innn   nr charge,  01   being  .1
homesteader, lessee Irnin the
Crown or pic-cinplnr who has
resided within the Municipalit)
lor the spaie ol one year or
more Imnediatel) proceeding
ihe nomination, ami who is as-
si-sed for live hundred dullars
ni nmre 011 ihe last .Municipal
Assessment Koll, over and
above any registered judgment
or charge, ami belag otherwise
qualified as a voter."
"In every Municipal School
Dmliet any person bang a
householder in the School District and being a Hritish subject
ni ihe full ige ill twenty-one
years, ami otherwise qualified
iaa vou* at an Election nf School
Trustees in their District, shall
lie eligible tn he elected as a
School Trustee in the Municipal
School District."
1'iivcn niuler my hand, at
North Vancouver, this 28th dav
ui December, 1909,
Returning Oflicer
III H     1   M alMHKH
' Kurvt i*.r .unl AtthltMl
.1. Campbell Hope, CA., *'„/.
1st Strut,  E. of St. Andrews
North Vanei uver
1) t, jj6 Hasting! Sl.     lim, fiim
|i. C, BCOTT, I'liapriilnr
.1       ft   //     llllll     II   tlfltk       'llll'l'     Uf     'lYtll'l'aif*
fruit!,   Iinii'i I'lnil'iil.',  l-'limr tti.il l-'.nl
I'a a/a hit,', |,    it      .   I • / /  M   USA
ll,*ll>i*r>  Ii*l*.»ll |a.rlaia|lli,* nn
I'm-, kr.lli limi'l nml Million Umui'
I li,,:, Sl,      ,\i, ti, lima urer
District ol New Westminster
TAKE NOTICE that Ernest
Crockford, ol Vancouver, occupation cruiser, intends lo applv
lor permission to purchase the
lollowing described land; Abo-it
400 acres. Cotuiiiciiiinj*; at a
post planted 20 chains east ol
the southeast comer oi Lot gel
thence west 60 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence west 10
chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 8<> chains, thence
north 40 chains more or less to
point of commencement.
October 4, 1909. 9-19
BY-LAW NO. 74.
A BY-LAW to provide for the eon-
struction ni'ii Main Sawn m thi
City ni' Nnrth Vancouver and
In authorise the issm- of debentures nf the said City In tin
amount of Forty Thousand Dol
lars 1 |4O,O0O) for the purpe*
nf raising the sum required u
pa* ihe City's portion thereof.
Situated on the North Shore of Burrard Inlet, directly adjacent
to the Second Narrows Bridge, affords the surest and
safest realty investment. 1 he land is well situated, free from
bog or swamp. City water, electric light and telephone
wires are on the property. We can still deliver a few 50 by
122 large lots for
Onr Quarter Cash; Balance,!), 12 and IA Months.
Drob us a line for a descriptive circular
P.O BOX 505
Corner Pender and
Rii-I .itil .Ms.
WIIERBA8 it is issuable to
OnitrUOt   .'i   Mam   Sewer    ill    the
City nl' North Vancouver, sooord
ing tn the plsni therefor, prepared
hy the city Engineer, nml adopted
hy the City Counoil, mid I" niii
ihr -nni of Forty Thousand Dollar   ($40,000)   I"   hi'   applied   I'm'
the purpoie "1 psying tin' City'i
portion thereol
AND WIIkukas in order
thereto it mil he necessary to ii
sue  debentures  nl'  lhe  said  I'll)
im' Hu- sum uf Forty Thouiaud
Dollan ($40,000) u hereinafter
provided i which is the amount of
Hu- delii in he created hy ilns By-
Law), the prni-eeds nf lhe snid de-
lieiiliires In hr applied In lhe pur-
poae   lll'nl'i'sllill   and   III   Iiii   nther
AND WIIKKKAS ii is iiiiiinl.il
ihai the Council ni' iin uid Citj
ihall pass a By-Las in assess,
lev! ami I'ullei'l hy means nl' a spi*
lis] rate rn- lax upmi lhe land or
real propertj fronting or shutting
upmi ilu- uid Mam Bswer, ihe
estimated sversge cos] of a twelve-
inch liters] sewer.
AM) WIIKKKAS a Petition
signed hi iln- nu hits nf more then
one-tenth (1-10) the value nl' real
property in the City has been predated in ihe city Council, requesting then tn iiiirutliiee a By-
Law tn luthorin ihem in borros
lhe Mini uf Kuril' Thousand Dollars ($40,000) by debentures tu be
applied in psying lhe City's por-
tiun of eonetrueting a mam sewer
ill the Cilv of North Vallt-niivel-.
AM) WIIKKKAS it will he
neeessary In raise annually hy
apecial rale iln- sum nl' $2,262.00
fni- the tern of Bfty years I'm- the
repsyment of tin' uid debentures
when dii''. ami interest thereon u
hereinafter mentioned.
AM) WIIKKKAS tin- vali '
ilu- whnle rstesble property ul' the
uid City, seeording tn the Issl rend ihhwiiihiI i-ull, is Pour Million Kive lluiitlred ami Ninety-six
Tl sand Two hundred and Ninety   Dollan ($4,596,391 *
AMI WIIKKKAS il,,' said lily
nf Nurlli Vancouver has at present
I iiiinui ure debt amounting tu
THEREFORE ths .Municipal
Council of tin- Corporation of the
i aii nf North Vancouver (wiih
iln* assail ni tin- electon uf the
~aid City duly obtained) ENACTS
ii follows!
1. ll shall In* lawlul I'm- lhe
Usyor nl tin* City nf Nnrth Van-
oouver uml the cut Clark, inr the
purpose aforesaid, tn borros nr
raisi' hi way nl Innn Irnin any pcr-
sun nr persons, bndy nr bodies eor-
porsts, "hn may he willing in ad
vanee the same iipnn the eredil nl'
the dehi'litures llerellial'1,'1' ineli-
tioncd ol the corporation, a sum
of mimey not exceeding in the
whole the sum of $40,111111, and to
cause the same i" in placed in the
Hank nl' liriiish Nnrth America al
Nnrlh Vancnuver In the credit nl'
ihe City iur the purpoae shove re-
sited, ami siiil nit's shall be
need for ihat purpose only,
2 Debentures ol the eity in tin
mount ui' $40,000 in ihe whole
may he issued hy the saitl Maynr
and Ciiy Clerk, in terms nl' the
Municipal Clauses ,\ri. in sums as
may he desired, Imi not less than
$1,000 cadi.    Bach nf   lhc   said
I Is shall In- ngned b] the said
Maynr ami City Clark, iiiid the
City Clerk shall ittaeh thereunto
ihr (lorporate Bed of tin' said City
ui Nnrlh Vancnuver.
3. The debentures shall hear in*
teres! Sl ths rale ul' live per i'iii.
per annum, payable hall' yearly OU
lhe 17th day nl'duly, ami llu- 17th
tlui ni January, in each ami every
year during ihe currency of the
said debenture* nr any   nl' llnjn
There shall he aiiaeheil in ilu- debentures, euii| s. tigned hy ihe
Mamr mill,  lur each  and inn
payment of interest that msy bs-
come due. ami mieh lignatun may
he either writti n stamped, printed <>i- lithographed,
I. The said debentures as to
principal ami interns) msy be
made psj'Sble al the Hank ol' Hritish Nurlh Anii'i-ii'ii. at North Vancouver, Toronto ur Montreal, I lu
-idii. rn- al ilu* Hank nl' British
N'orih America, London, Kngland.
ami lhe said principal sum shall
he inaile payable hy the City m a
date not later lhan lilly yean
from ilic date upon which ilns By-
Law lakes cll'eit.
.'1, There shall be raised and
levied annually hy a special rale
on all rstesble land or improvement* nr real property in the saul
('III   the   sum   nf $262.00    Inr    llie
purpose ul' forming a linking fund
tui* ihe payment nl' ilu- said de
heiitlll-cs. aiiil the sum id' $2,000
I'm* tin* pay ment of Hu* interest il
the rale iforesaid, tn become due
nu such ilelientiii'i's during the cur.
renoy thereof, ami ihnt iu sddi
tiun In all Other rales In lie levied
and collected Hi the auul City 'lur-
ing lhe whole currency uf the said
debenture! or any ol' them,
li.   This By-Law shall cmnc intu
[effect on the lilh dav nf January,
A.i). imu.
7. This By-Law may he oitsd
lur all piirpuscs as "The City uf
North Vsncouvsr Mam Bower
i aiiisii'iiriiuii Luaii By-Law. 1910."
h. Passed hv ihe Counoil on thi
tlay of A.D.
KecciVt'il lhe assent uf lllc electors ul the City ul Nortli Vau-
cniivei- at an election held lur the
ptirposi "ii lhe day uf
■January, A.D. 1910.
Reconsidered  lii   lhe  Counoil
ami linall.i sdoptSti, Ugnsd I) Uie
.Ila) rn and Ciiy Clark, ami wslsd
wilh tlic t ily Seal on the
.la.t ul ,Iiiiiii,Hi, A.H. 1910,
IAKI-. Milk I', that the
above ls d true eupy ol the pio-
puscd liy-Luw, upuii Willed iln
vim* dl die 1-.U-.iihn ol lhe .wu-
ui-.ip.iiny ol llie Uiy ul .\uuli
\ aiKullver wlll lie taken wulilll
tha CitJ  Hall,   Norlh   \ anum-
ver, ii. C., ou Lhntaday, ths
i.uu day ol January, A. Ll. i-im
between llic hours ol y o duck
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Kcluining Oliiccr
PUBLIC NOTICI'; is herein
given that the vote ol l—\
lilcclors ol lhe City of Nona
\ ancouver will be taken on
Thursday, the IJth day ul January, iv lo, between ilie hums
ot y o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock
p.m., on "The Ciiy ol North
Vsncouver Hail Sewer Coti-
itrnction Loon liy-i.uv-,  1910,
aud lhat wilhin the City Hall,
Notth Vancouver, lt. v., ami
Out Thomas Bhepliird has been
appointed Reluming Olhcer    lo
take the vote ol  such   I'.lectui.s
wiih the usual  powers  111  that
Ily order ol the Council.
WM. 11. MAY
Thomas siiKPHKRD
City Cleik
A BV-LAW in authorise Hie issue
of debentures of the (feneration nf the City ul' .Nurlh Vancoiiver to the uiuoinil of $.'i,UOII
fm- the purpose of improving
and Laying uui the I'urks in the
WIIKKKAS 11 is desirable that
iln- Parks mi tin- City nf North
Vancouver should he improved
and laid out 111 such a manner as
may he deemed BOS) suilahle hi
iln* Council.
thereto it will he necessary In issue debentures uf the City uf
North Vsneouvsr Lor the sum nf
$5,000 us hereinafter provided
a which is the imoont of the debt
intended to he masted hy this By-
Lan ), lhc proceeds of the mild debentures lo he applied to the said
purpose nml to 1 Iher.
signed by iln- owners of mure than
one-tenth  I H0J  lilt* value of real
propertj in the City has heen pre*
said City duly obtained) ENACTS
as follows:—
I. it shall he lawful fur the
Mayor of the City ol North
Vancouver, und the City
Clerk, for the purpose aloresaid, to borrow or raise
by way oi loan (rom any person ue persons, body nr bodies cor-
porste whu may be willing to advance the same upon lhe credit of
the debentures hereinafter mentioned of lhe Corporation, a sum
nf money not exceeding in the
whole lln* Mini of Five Thousand
Dullars ($6,000), and to cause the
same io be placed In the Bank of
British North America at Nnrth
Vsncouvsr to ths credit of the
Cit) for the purpose above recited,
and such BMU.es shall DS used fur
llllll purpusc unly.
II. Debentures nf the City to
the iimmiiil of Five Thiiiisiind Dollars ($5,000) in the wliule may he
issued by the said Mayur and City
clerk in terms of the Municipal
Clauses Ael in sinus as may be desired, hut imt less Iiiiiii One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) 'UU'h. Kach
of the said bonds shall he signed
by the said Mayor and City Clerk,
ami the City Clerk shall attach
thereunto the Corporate Seal of
lln* C1I1 of North Vancouver.
5. The debentures shall bear in-
ii rasi at tin- rate of live per cent.
per annum, pay able half yearly on
lhe I ith day of July, and the 17th
day of January, in eaeh and every
year during the currency of the
said debentures nr any of them.
There shall be attached tu the debentures, coupons, signed by the
Maynr only, fur each and every
payment uf interest that may be-
'Uine due. and such signature may
In ml her written, stamped, printed or lithographed
4. The said debentures us to
principal anil interest may be
iiiiidc payable at the Bunk of British Nnrlh America, at North Van-
Denver, Tomato nr Mnntrenl, Canada, rn- lit tlic Bank iif British
Nnrth America, London, Kngland.
and lhc said principal sum shall
he mini' payable by the City at a
dale nut later than fifty years
from the date upon which this By-
Law lakes elTei'l.
"1. There shall be raised and
levied annually by a special rate
mi all rateable land ur impruve-
ineiiis or real property in the said
Citj lhe sum iif $32.76 I'm' the pur-
pus, ,,f funning 11 Sinking Kund
fnr the payment of thc said de-
bent ures. ami the sum of $2M fur
lln* pay in. ut nf the interest at the
rate iforesaid, in hsastw due on
such debentures during the eur-
11 in \ ihcrenf, and that in addition to all other rates to be levied
and inllcchd in the said City during the whnle currency nf the said
debentures ur any of them.
6. This By-Law shall come into
effect mi the 17th dav of January,
A.D. 1910.
7. This By-Law may he cited
for all purposes as "The City of
North Vancouver Parks improvement Loan By-Law, 1910."
8. l'assed by thc Council ou thc
Rth day of January, A.D. 1910.
Heccivcd the assent of the elcc-
inrs uf ilic City of North Vancouver at au elect inn held for the
purpusc uu the day of
January, A.D. lino.
K<■considered, adopted and finally passed by the Council, signed
by the .Mayor und City Clerk, and
sealed with tin- Corporate Seal on
the day uf Jauuary,
A.D. 1910.
TAKK NOTICK that the
above is a true copy ol the pro
posed By-Law, upon whnh   the
vole of thc Klectors ol the Mu
si niiii in ihe dii  Council, re-
questing them to introduce a By-
Law i„ authorise ihem to borros mcipahty of the City ol North
ihe sum of hue Thousand Dul- Vancouver will bc taken within
bus a^i.iHHii |„r the purpose uf the City Hall, Nortli Vancou-
improvjng ami laying out the|**i "• C.| on Thursday, the
I'urks in (In- City in such a man-:'.Uh day oi January, A. D. iym
ner as mat be deemei
d most
between the hours of e, o'clock
uiiiiiii ami suitable fof the en- a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m
jut iiunl ami recreation nf the
public, ami In embellish the same
with walks and shrubs and otherwise as may seem to the Counoil
lill iug ami proper.
AND  WIIKKKAS  il   will  be
necessan   lo  rsise  aiinnallv  bv
City Clerk and Returning Officer
given that the vote ol the
Klectors ol the City  oi North
special rale the sum of $282.75 for Vancouver   will   be   taken   on
llu- term of Bfty years for ths ro Thursday, the nth dav of Jan-
P«.v J' nl »J «"> debenture! uaryi I9-0i between  the hours
when due, and interest (herein as'of 9 O.clock am   and y 0.clock
hereinafter mentioned. p.m., 0n "The Citv  ol  North
AND WIIKKKAS the value of Vancouver   Parks Improvement
the whole rstesble property of the i/0an By-Law, 1910," and that
aaid City, i ording to the last re-1within  the Citv Hall,   North
fined Assessment Roll, is P '-Mil   Vancouver,   B.  C,   and   that
lum Five Hundred and Ninety six Thomas Shepherd has been ap-
Ihuusund'l wo Hundred and Nine   ,Jolnlt.(|    H(.Ulnii|1„   QficST    to
" [ffiff'J r,    take tlle vote oi ■* ■*«
AND WHEREAS the saul ( ity with Ul(, ,lsual s in th
il  North  vsncouver has at  prcs   •u.j.-u
ni a debenture debt smonnting In.
KKKI-'OKK   the   Municipal
Council of the Corporation of the
City of North tu uver' with
the assent of the electors ut' the
By order ol the Council.
WM. 11. MAY
WI'WI I M'l'HWl 1IWMM 111 MMM Ml-W-H-
Shaw's Pioneer Dry Goods f
Gent's Furnishing; and Fancy Store.
J.  Cor. 2nd and Unsdile Ave. Established 1005 Telephone 53    T
Annual Stocktaking
..  We are reducing a great many lines Iron
10 to 20 per cent. off.
Notably DRESS GO.ODS, suitable lor school wear, all wool,
to make room for our Spring Slock which will be larger and
better selected than we have had belore.
!|  DRESSMAKING on the premises,   ji
High class music, choice program, at the firemen's ball, on
January 7th.
NortH Vancouver
Certificated Bllfieil, Medical »nd
Mm 1-rruly  Nlirma
Nnru* Sint Out on AppSutlon
For   terma  apply   at   the Hospital
Cor. 16th Street A; St. Andrew'i Ave,
The lollowing list ol cxpondi-
tures lor 1909 by the board of
works of the city council was
submitted Thursday evening at
thc ratepayers' meeting by Aid.
:33,ooo feet h. m. of sidewalks
about 5 miles, {3,016; cost of
laying same {684.
Lumber bills: For plank road
7,000 feet; Keith road bridge
10,000 feet; Western ave. bridge
5,000 feet; sidewalk railings 16,-
000 feet; Lonsdale and 21st },-
000 feet; culverts 3,000 feet.
Total 44,000 feet at {13, J572.
Labor for building roads and
clearing for walks {2,706.30;
labor on maintenance of roads
{2,592.80; salary of foreman
S400; engineer's salary Si,200.
Making a total ol {11,671.10.
The appointment of the follow ing notaries public is recorded in the, current issue ol the
Gazette: Maurice Gint/buiger,
Harry H. Millard, AIM P.
Fisher, Ormond L. Weir, B. G.
Hansuld, Alfred Norman and J,
R. Kdwardes, of Vancouver; S.
H. Ford of Pitt Meadows; lv
M. Carncross ol Cloverdale.
Murray C. Potts gives notice
ol application for foreshore
rights on Cracrolt Island, at
Felix Bay and Gilbert O.Rinitli
a similar notice for foreshoro
rights east from Call creek.
Jennie L. Robinson of Rossland, the "Robinson Trading
Company" has assigned for the
benefit of her creditors.
Nootka Marble Quarries gives
notice of application to lease
lands adjoining Indian reserve
No. 7. Jolm West and Goorge
Sparrow give notice of application to lease lands west ol lot
2,732 New Westmioster district;
Charles Wilson gives similar notice with relerence to 160 acres
lion to lease lands west of lot
The following new companies
arc incorporated: World Building, capital {300,000; The Vancouver Scale & Butcher Supply
Co.,Ltd,, capital {10,0011; Home
Finance tt Investment Co., Ltd.
capital {200,000; Warwick Shingle Co., Ltd., capital {100,000;
Cowichan Merchants Ltd., capital {75,1x10; Graham Island Col-
leries, Ltd., capital {250,0110;
Vancouver Gypsum Co., Ltd.,
capital Sumvkki.
Ethel Silver Mining Co.,Ltd.,
is registered as an extra-provincial company, head oflice at
.Spokane, capital {1,000,000.
Atlin Power Co., Ltd. makes
application for 84 cubic feet ol
water per second out ol 4th ol
.lulv creek; Campbell River
I'ower Co. makes application
for 2,800 cubic feet of water per
second, out of Campbell river.
Notice ol private hills is given
to incorporate a company to
construct a line of railway
from the intersection of Salmon
river and the International
boundary, to the Grand Trunk
l'acilic railway and to incorporate a company to construct a
line ol railway from Enjrlc lake
to Barkerville.
Modern six room Hats, in the
Skelhorne block, to rent from
S15 to {18 per month. Irwin 1
Billings Co. Ltd.
North Vancouver will gather
then "her beauty and her chivalry" at the firemen's ball, at
the horticultuial hall, Jan. 7th.
given to the Klectors of the
Municipality of the City of
North Vancouver, that 1 require the presence of the said
Klectors at the City Hall,
North Vancouver, B. C. in Unsaid Municipality of the City ol
North Vancouver on
Monday, the 10th Day oi
January, 1910,
at 12 o'clock noon.
For the purpose oi electing pa-
sons to represent litem in thei
i Municipal Council as .uayoi '
! and AlUerinen, and electing lijui
pessons to represent theni on
the Hoard ol city bchool 1 rus-
tcus, and lour persons to aci as
l-eny Directors lor the IMUMg
lhe candidates shall ue liom
mated 111 writing ; the   trrtung I
shall bc subscribed by two vol-.!
ers  ol   thc  Municipality ol the j
Uty  ol   .North   \ ancouvcr ' as
proposer and seconder and shall
be  Oeliveied 10   the   Returning
Uilicer at any tune between Uic
Un date oi Uns notice and two
o'clock p.m. on lhc day of lhc
nomination ;   and   in   uie event
ol a poll being necessai,,   ..„,.,
poll will be opened on
illlKSD.U,   ihe 13U1 Dav
ol January,  1910.
between tlic hours ol nine o'clock a.m. and seven o'clock p.
111. of iln- said day al the Ciiy
llall, .North \ ancouver, it. c ,
in ilic said Municipality ol the
City ol Norlh Vancouver ol
which every person is hereby it-
quired lo i*aht- notice and gov
em himsell accordingly.
"The qualifications lor Us)01
shall be his being a male Llritisli subject of llie full age ol
twenty-one years, and having
been ior tllc six inonihs preceding the day ot nomination, the
registered owner in the Land
Registry Ollice ol land or real
property in thc City, of the m
scssed value, on the lasl Municipal Roll, of One Thousand
(>i,ooo) dollars or more, ov.-r
and above any registered judgment or charge, and who other-
vvisc is qualified as a .Municipal
"The qualifications lor Aldermen shall be his being a mile
British subject of the lull age il
twenty-one years and having
lieen, (or the six months preceding the day of nomination, the
registered owner in the Laml
Registry Ollice, ol land or nal
property in the City, ol the as
scssed value, on the last Municipal Assessment Roll, ol Five
Hundred (S500) Dollars gr more
over and above amy registi nil
judgment or charge, and who is
otherwise qualilied as a Municipal Voter."
"In every Municipal Sihool
District any person, being ,1
house-holder in the School District, and being a British Subject of the full age of twctitv-
onc years, and otherwise ipiali
fied to vote at an election ol
School Trustees in their District
shall be eligible to be elected as
a School Trustee in the Municipal .School District."
The qualilieatiotis lor l-'eirv
Director shall be the same as
that for Alderman.
Given under my hand al
North Vaniouver, this 28th day
of Deccjiiber, 1909.
Returning Oflicer
NOTICK is hereby givun mat
thc Court ol Revision of the
District Assessment Rnll will
meet in thc District Municipal
Ollice, North Vancouvei, on
Monday, the 7U1 day oi February, 1910, at three o'clock p.m.,
when all complaints and appeals against assessments wil!
be considered.
Notice of complaints and appeals must be given the subscriber as Assessor at least ten
days belore the said Jate, and
such notice must set forth ihe
ground of complaint.
Given  under my  hand   -.his
30th day ol December, 1909.
In Wi'sliiiiiislir 1 iiiiiI llslrirl
District ol New Westminster.
TAKE NOTICK that Elliot
A. Haswell, of Vancouver, occupation broker, intends to apply lor permission to purchase
the following described lands:
About 320 acres, commencing it
a post planted on the northeast
corner of Lot 1239, thence south
80 chains, thence east 40 chaius,
thence north 80 chains more or
less to shore oi Horseshoe lake,
thence 40 chains more or less in
a westerly direction along shore
ol lake to point ol commencement.
October 2, 1909 9-19
BY-LAW NO. 73.
A BV-LAW in iiiitlinri/i' lln- issue
of dsbsnturss of Ihs Oorponv
Iimi nf the City nf North Vancouver tn the amount of $3,000
for tin- piirpnse of purchasing
improved Fire Extinguishing
WIIKKKAS il is deemed <-xp.il
i<*iit in tin- intern! of tin- Citj "I
North Vancouver that the Fire
Brigade be furnished with improved fire-lighting equipment.
ANI)   WHEREAS   m   onto
thintO, it will he nei-i'ssnry tt issue ilelieiituiis nf the Corporation
of the City uf North Vancouver
fur the sum nf Three Thousand
Dollars ($8,000) iis hereinafter
prnvldeil ' which is the amount of
tin- d"lii tn bs rasstsd by this Itv-
Lim '. lln- procssdi nl tin- said
debenture* in be applied i<> the
*.;inl purpow mul In im olher.
ANH WHEREAS 11 Petition
signed by ilu- owners of won iimn
une tenth ' lln   lln- value »f real
property in thi City has 1 1 prs-
■rated to thi City Oonntil is
questing them to introduce a Mv
Law Iii authorize theni In borrow
the sum of Three Thousand Dollars (if'l.OtHli for the purpose nf
pur-hnsing additional Fire Extinguishing Equipment, including
Firo Hose,  lime  Heel,  and  Fin
AND WHKRKAS it will be
neressiiry to raise nnumillv bv ne
cial rate the sum of $169.65 for
the term of fifty years for tin- re
payment of the said debenture*
when due. and interest thi'i-i-nii us
liiTcinaftiT mentioned
AND WIIKKKAS the v„l f
the whole rsteible property of Unsaid City, seeording in tin- lusi 1
vised Assi'ssiiieiil Roll, is l-'nlll' Million. Five Hundred nml Ninet) lil
Thniisiind Two Hundred and Nine
tv-niie Dollnrs (H596J91),
ANI) WIIKKKAS the said City
of Nnrlh Vaiii-iiiiver has at pM
ent  a ilelii-liliiri' debt   SSOWtlng
in 1408,194
THEREFORE   the   Municipil
Council of thc Corporition of the
City of North Vancnuver (with
the issent of the electors of thl
-.•ml i'ity duly obtained) ENACTS
as follows:—
I It shall be lawful for the
Miyor of the City of North Vau-
eouver and the City Clerk for the
purpose aforesaid to borrow or
raise by way of loan from any
person or persons, body or bodies
corporate who may be willing to
advance the same upon the credit
of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned of the Corporation a
sum nf money not exceeding in the
whole thc sum of Three Thousand
Dollars ($3,000), and to cause the
same to be placed in the Bank of
British North America al North
Vancouver to the credit of the
City for the purpose above recited, nud such monies shall bc used
for that purpose only.
2. Debentures of the City to the
amount of Three Thousand Dollars ($3,000) in the whole may be
issued by the said Mayor and City
Clerk, in terms of the Municipal
Clauses Act in sums as may be
desired, but not less than One
Thousand Dollars ($1,000) each.
Knell of thc said bonds shall be
signed by the said Mayor and City
Clerk, and the City Clerk shall attach thereunto the Corporate Seal
of the City of North Vancouver.
3. The debentures shall bear
interest at the rate of five per cent,
per annum, payable half yearly on
the 17th diy of July, and the 17th
day of January, iu each aud every
year during the currency of the
said debentures or any of them.
There shall be attached to the debentures, coupons, signed by the
Mayor only for eaeh and every
payment of interest that may be-
iniiie due, and such signature may
he either written, stamped, print-
I or lithographed.
4. Thc said debentures as to
principal and interest may be
made payable at the Bank of British North America, at Nnrth Van-
I'niiver, Tnrnnln nr Montreal, Canada, or at the Bank of British
North America, London, England,
ami Iho said principal sum shall
he made payable hy the City at a
date nnt later than fifty years
from the date upon whieh this By-
Law takes effect.
5. There shall be raised and
levied annually by a special rate
on all rateable land or improvements or real property in the said
City the sum nf $19.65 for the
purpose of forming a Sinking
Fund for the payment of the said
debentures, and the sum of $150
for the payment of the interest at
the rate aforesaid to become thf
nn such debentures during the currency thereof, and that in addition to all other rates to be levied
and collected in the said ('ity during the whole currency of the said j
debentures or any of them.
fi This By-Law shall cnnie into 1
effect on the 17th dav of .lanuarv,
A.D. 1910.
7. Thi* By-Law may be cited
for all purpose* i* 'The City of
Nnrth Vnni-niiver Fire Equipment
I'linhnsi' Lnan By-Law. UH0."
8. Passed by the Cnuncil on the
JTlh day of December, A I). 1909.
Keeeived the assent of the elec-
inrs nf the City nf North Vsn-
rniivcr at an election held for the
purpose on the dav of
•liinuary. A.l). 11110.
Keiiiiisiili-red. adopted and finally passed by the Council, signed
by thl .Mayor and City Clerk, ind
sealed with the Corporate Sril on
the dav of Jinuirv,
A.D. 1910.
1 TAKI- NOTICI- that the
above is a true copy of tbc proposed By-Law, upon which the
vote of the Electors ol lhe Municipality of the City ol .North
Vancouver will tie taken within
the City Hall, North Vancouver, B, C, on Thursday, the
Mth day of January, A. D. 1910
between the hours of 9 o'clock
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returning Officer
given that the vote ol the
Electors of the City of North
Vancouver will be taken on
Thursday, the 13th day of January, 1910, between the hours
of 9 o'clock a.m. snd 7 o'clock
p.m., on "The City of North
Vancouver Fire Equipment
Loan B-Law, mm, and thai
within the City Hall, North
Vaniouver, B. C, ahd that
Thomas Shepherd has been ap
pointed Returning iilliui lu
take the vols of such Eleitui*
with the usual powers in that
By order of the Council.
City Clerk
119 First Street, E.
Phone 80
The Express
$1.00 per year
Foreign $1.50
Fine Printing'
119 First Street. E Phone 80 THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Opening of New Methodist Church
REV, \\  .1 SIPPRELL, ii a . n.n.
Hho »ill pie.nli morning and evening .it the opening   ol   the
Methodist Chinch, Sundav, January, -ith. i-h"*
Rev, Dr. Sipprell  u.is called
by  the  head   officials  ol   his
ehurt.h in i.iki i hargu ul (oltuu
bian College, New Westminster,
earlv in tin year 1898.
Befon coining to this province
Dr. Sipprell li.nl hnd .111 lllost-
nnis cared .is .1 itudenl al Toi
uiitu nut v ii sit \ .ami had,though
■ verj wuiiig 111,111, attained  a
reputation    as    an    eloquent
jniacher sad successful evangelist,   Under Dr Sipprell Columbian College has had a history
(ii unbroken progress and prosperity . both because oi tin n.n
uh  a,1 the unrk accomplished,
and becttse of  the constantly
imtiised attendance, the enrol
iiieiu last year having reached
lhe Joo mark.
Tn mie who knows anything
ol the heavy responsibilities and
the multifarious dutii n associal
ed with the oiliic nl the principal ul this tuniig ,iiiii growing
mlligi ,  lln   S ainilel   is lh.it    tin*
principal   iiinls  time  for   any-
thing else. Dr. Sipprell, however, has Intu called upon tn
lill almost everv important oflice in ilu- giii ui Ins conference,
lie has been i'liainnan ol district several (rears, number ol
general conferences ol 14110,140:
and 1898; member ol general
in 1.nd ni education of Methodist
churches   ol   Canada,   and   lias
inin prtsideiu ol B. C. conference. As preacher, lecturer,
evangelist, convention speaker,
Dr. Sipprell has, ever since his
arrival In ihr provioce, twelve
years .ign, been more iu demand
ih.in an- other man ol tlu
Methodist church,
The people ol Norih Vancouver will have all opportunity of
hearing Dr. Sipprell preach ihe
dedication sermon at ihe Methodist ihurih, an Sundav morning. Dr. Sipprell will spi 11,1
tin Sundae in North Vgnciiiiwi
.nnl will also preach at the evening service.
—.' ,—~.._
The Opining and Maintaining of a
SavingN Bank Account is a duty that
everyone owes, both to themselves
and to those dependent on them.
Your Savings Account Solicited.
II*   h.  I'AYNTKR, Agent
ManufHriuitT ut
Ril kinds nf Minion nnd Antique  Furniture
Ktoro. Office, Hunk mnl Bur Fixture*.   Repair
uin in hII ita branctitii.
MAIL OSDSSI jlven proiniu mention
.\ public meeting of the elect-
on of the district will be held
on Tuesday, the nth inst., at
,N o'clock p.m.1 111 the district
municipal hall, to roccive the
Council I annual report, and lo
hear candidates lor election;
A further masting will be held
in the I.ynn Vallev Institute
hall 011 Thursday, the 13II1 last
at S o'clock p.m., to hear the
By order ol the council.
Wood for Sale
Aim   (ieneriil   CoBtWtlng,   ClssriB|,
Bseavattsg, Qftdlaf, etc,
V. li. DAY,
'Plume dl 14th A Kldftej-,
Builders and
V. LARSON it   prepared to
ime, Brick,
Sand, Cement
Ami ull kinds of Building
Miitt'iial in quantities to suit
ami at reasonable prioei,
D UP I'll
n un till
Late DipLocK-Wf-jioHT
District  ol New Westminster
TAKK NOTICE Ihal I, ie$at Alex
ailnler I iiniMmi, nf Vniriniter 11. 0,0*1
iipminii. broker,   inti'tiil. In n|>|>lv  fn
ni*riiii-*<ii.ii toporehiM thefollowlaaj it
Nrlbed lund:—
OoaiBwadHf nl i posi plant.-.! iboni
in* i*inl inii.-laiiii Blm iii-m iif I'- rpol*
Buv, llii-ine »(■►! li rlnlnin*. Thenci
-laiilli tw.-nlv clii'lii.--. liiiim rn-t fairly
I-118111 f. lln Mil'   lia .r t ll ttal'llty   chains   |l>
|miin    nl   fiitntui'ii■Tineiit.   ruiiiiiiiiin*.'
eight] um more or Im.
AM.r- ai.i.\am>f:i: i Houston
IVilltli Novemlier, imm lo-.*'*
KI.\   I    \\   STAPLKFORD,   H.A ,   I'astor  ol
hairview   Uclhodist iliuiih.
Kn I-. U si.ipl.ionl will
pn.iiii iu iiii ii,« Uetbodisl
ihuiili on siiml.it .iihin.mn at
tlmi oi lm k I lo* pnpul.il .nnl
Mllll.S-.llll    p.lslul     ll.is    lui'll     III
ii..n.'t ul tin work iii Palrviea
i>i .ilium two .unl ,i hall     '
During that nun th  >
tloll liati II.nt .1 on' n| ,i sin,ill
plain building into ,i ipli mini
coiniiiniln,us inmli tn . luili h
'Tin aiiiml.hi.i al the Sunda)
m honl and al the iigtUai m i
vi,is oi tin ihuiili has moil
than doubted during llu pn
miii pa iti i sli
\ . ofdial invil illon li gtvtii
gape-Iall) i" young men sad to
11111111; tl uliuli In uiliit out on
Siiuil.r, ali> iiiiiiiii .nnl In .ir All.
Slaplciold'l selinoii
.\niiiii(- those who Mill .is isi
llii ihn;i ol llii iiiiiiiii al llii
o|K*lllli^  Mltlus oii Suilil.tv iiiiiI
Monday, ^i>in^ solos, duels,
ipi,illilli*. 11'     .ih All I  Camp
liill, Aliss i arman, Alis. ins
.lab.    Ui-    li.i.. i.    tii    Um
links ,iiiii  .nn   iii   111011    iiiiiii
Ik Is ol  I'.illtli•«   i liiill,  V.illiiill-
ti.i    tll s links,  Mi    K. lis   .nnl
um  ni  ii    members ol  his
api.iiti i ii   .imi the "Pariah Lln
SihgeTi'   undi i  tin  .ilili- K.niii
ship nl All    I   uk-..unin.
I.m ,\|. IMl'ROVEME.NT
It     l|,|S    b||  |l     llllalljlt     l.|a|   ,|||U||.
thai iln important   subject   "I
loial    illiplotiliii in      iiuiild   bi
in-iii milt and unit discussed
prior in nm tiectioni in unin
that ii possible a practical
miiis, ui procedun ua] In
mapped nt by i good working
m,n*iiiit ,,i iln candidates who
BS)  In i In led to tin  iilt ii'iin
ul lur thc COttiflg real
Having this object  Is vie*.
and on ri ipli sl    \\     I   limn ,,nd
othari "ill   I"ah on thl   mi
|l     l     .,1        I        ' 'a       ' I
pi,iii.en .   in   dl      l.um.ut   nlli
p in   ninn ii is hoped all
nl in this siib|ni mil ndi avoc
tu be pn senl
Ul     Inun,   --ho   h.is   served
(forth Vancouver In various
public - spacities as councillor,
alderman, limisi coiniiiiisionei
ih . lias given iiii.iilerablc
siml\ i" this subject, and will
rn. doiibi aid in mahing the
alisiie, nm  Interesting  and in.
.it in i ive.
Horn.   On   Aloiulat,   T.miurv
lid,  Nl",  to  Air.  and Mrs.  .1
A. B Nho1i-.1i, 173 mi itreet, a
Modi ni -i\ mom Hats, in the
I JIM block, ia. real   ii'iin
-.  pn month   itv in ft
Biilingi Co. Ltd,
A. I. MO»l\h
P.O. box 111 lee. IMM it*, t.
for Boot and Shoe Repairing
and Custom Work   .   .   .
go to THOS. 0. MILLS
Pioneer Boot Maker
Lonsdale Ave., opp. City Ball
Have You Si'iii lium?
If not, yon really nnnhi
In US'
The "G" Brand
Grained Clogs
lliii-k K,*lt l.ini'.l. Warm, Cosf
•ml llrt.      Meal "r WeSNSl
Tbe "I.    tread Bern ar«
kll..UN III .lllll"-I   i*li*ri   I...II1 I.-t
ihl I'liiinirv
TliniiMO'liiiif iritiiiiniiiil..
Fhohi'I.   It.inlai ra, r 1,inui*,., r-
M una 11  hrlirr. Ft'ln man, Hull
il.*rv lull* ban.  I iiinliiii * 11 .ml .11
mil.lil. ■liitarr. -nm lln ,r •*•**,
llll. I.  wll.l   wi* *|..| .Lily a   ' Ki*
a. tn .1 1 ln||«  ..(i-lj.   Tin l in   11 1
lamm Hint 11n11ia1ra.il].     IhMldn 1
Iiti   ml* mm,,.ii Hum an ■
Ilui' Moru lliem n„w lor lwnye.r>"
Your.,   M  A. WALL
(SMH Hippl inl in ildivii |i.lrli'i-i
60  YIARI'
Tnadc Marks
^^^^^^^     CoevniflHTs 4c.
Annul* wn "Ing ■ alintrt, tnd '.a-Tlntl-in ma.
i,nla«lf ucrimn r.**r 1.1 mi..n p.« wli.u,i>r .1.
mention ii*nih«! r l-minUM-, ('"mmuiiii-.
Il..nl«lr|-*lfr..till.! '"Hal. HArlDBOOIt "111'.'-iala
aintfrn. (ll'l-al un< r '..(..a-urni*. pu.ma.
t'.tiMiti Uk.n iiir*.ai.*ii Muiiq 4, Co. rtcivc
iaar. ul witter, williout clanrvi, In tta*
Scientific Hmxlm,
Atwlrfcituoir Ultintritfod wwhlf. furfrst rtr-
iilit,'in nf nny Ktomiria J-mnml, Isjrmi i r
r*n*'i»,>».%i)rsj»f,p.,--wel,tf-ltll), ^.^ hj
ill Ud. i|,-aj«.rp.
Bruob OSo* ts r lu "'ninii ,n. D 1.
Royal Standard
Winning Numbers for
58629,   74200,   60187,   60288,   51407,
56879,   73707,   71877,   51327,  62670.
lln |,reiH'iitatiiiii ef any oiii-nf UwsUivs niwhui »l mir nllii'c,
the liiiky Imliler ttill Ik- tlie recipient nf n
Thr craiiviii'.- pn-mUrltJ "I lhe Ot unl " Komi Suinliinl " aiii'ini-t
tint hmi-i'ii in - "I ll.C i-ilrarlv .l,*ii,iiiiNlr,*enl |>. tin- larl llml ilur-
inH tlm iui.1 Iwi'lii' i"' nil'*- i'n- "n'i * ni-ri'iih ri'.i-nl In 100 MT CUl
Tu InriliiT iiilriialiiit. lln- qaalttj iif"lluiiil Slamlaril " In llie
ciiiiMiiniii*; |iiiIi|ii*. «,* ttill riiiiliinit* In Im-iii- ri'ii]H.ii.,iiii|i  in  iiul
nek of flour, and glee swaj noaihl) Ise nlsaw sad handsome
I iin ner N I- The Inrkr OUBbsn will be saSOBSeed IS Ihii" paper
iliirnn; llii* lir.i aatt m i ti ry nianilli until lurllnr nnlice.
It ymi are not a n.er ol " limul Slandard," "tart tiilh tin- Neu
Year, ami •eSNSoaMsatthsl vou will lai-iniu-armi.laiil lu.tiinicr,
Ail, your UrnciT.
Vancouver Milling & Grain Co. Ltd.
Wish to inform their customers that they are erecting
I dry-kiln and will be in a
position to supply
Kiln Dried
of all kinds within two weeks
I'hBnr 1(1
17th Street, North Vancouver
TENDERS are invited by the
North Vancouver City Ferries
Ltd., for the construction of n
double end steel ferry steamer,
ih.S feet in length, with 29 foot
For further particulars apply
to the subscriber, with whom
tenders must be lodged before
12 o'clock noon of the 20th day
of January, 1910. The lowest
or any tender not necessarily
All envelopes shall lie addressed to thr secretary of the company and marked, "Tender for
Ferry Steamer."
Vancouvrr, B. C, Dec. 15, 1909
Only 30 Lots Left in
Tbey are goino at the rate of 13 |>er day—
bo you will have to hurry.
N assured early in the new vear, The Steel
Slripin-; Car I'laut, the l>rv Dock and Shipbuilding Plant will In- located ssai Stanltn  noafhti
Ailililnni. Thei ttill eniplny MOO Milled ine*
i h.iiiu |
BUY AT ONCE befon the aaaoaacemisl at
ths afuii's.ml inilii-atiii-s, as prices will ilnulile   iiu-
nadiati Iji whsa the nns ii rap ntad
As llu   iddithN is piaetieally sulil  m   will  nnl
idvsnii iln i iu'
■ ul toil, viivi t" a i'1 Iimi line.
Price s17 ~>: $20 cash and $5 per month
No Interest;    No taxes
Good soil nml |OOd tietv ol Hurrard Inlet*
Sliiiilee    IleiRhls   Ailililmn    is   Imaleil   on   the
besutiful sunn* ilope jusi ol llif Keith Road.
Buy at 0:ice or You will b<i loo Eate
t'lippiiiK Irom Ihn Daily Wurld  DfC. 1!7
I ai Company Seeks Aid of
Sia.lk t..<i-...i IliaIf il I U l.l. M D-aMllM ll
l.aaiaala.1.1 Drba-nl.r.. ol lMp.,1.1 (ar, Slip
h.ildi.q ..I Ua.  D«ilt tarpara lot)  tampan,
»«.».!..h   "la.r
Tax Exemption Alio.
S'iutii t ill iii'M.R   Hi,    .*:   a >perl»l
liln*tlll|| til Ihr ill.I,lil iniiiiall ar.a liil*] ttn
Mi'll'la) . v.nlliK „ Iiiii . li) l.w. wincli wlll bf
.illilnlltrtl .1 III,- 1.1111.1)1 tlpi'llon, In rlrtnpt
III Iiii|mtIiI ( .r. -iii,,I,,illiinn .ml |ir, IKM-k
('nr[.ir.iiiiii lum 1.1.unit nn tlitiiy nm ul
llinl Inr trn )i'.r.. w.a folialtli-rral
Thcmirliy which ihenimpint nil, r. I. nni
ll". Ili.u atl aa ra*«, *ia tail nl »Ii|i!i Imilla nn
Haifi.nl Inl.I
Tin* rnmp.nji prni-o-cd in ri|nn*l nnl I...
ih.n ii.iirtinii ItulldlnR. mil nl.nl
In **,in* * in.i, wiih thi'lr lm.Inc.. (int Imlil
IBM utv v.tii.M,. p.lrnt rlrlala. ind ill at
lln*,,* ..., I. tlar> Wlll Ti'.t with trll.li'l. In
KUir.lltei' 111 iaail- nl 13(111.(1011 al.ln nllll.a .a I
I*r.l a ham. U|K)n Ihf laacl., ind Ihev .all thr
, i inn Iliu KilirinlCD (tlu lnl'*r.,l  nn Ihrap dr*
hi mm" fnr Illy yein
Tin* iniiiiill hi- i|r**i*it In jiail thf milter
lieliiruthi* r.tcp yer.no eli'rtlnn ,l.r,»ndllie
b*/4ai la imu lieinit .ilJnMnl lm ili.i purpoae.
Manson 6 Calboun
417 Hasting* Street
0|)en Evenings Opposite C.P.R. and Postal Telegraph Office
Phone 5654
Don't forget the firemen's ball
in the Horticultural hall, Friday, January 7th next.
The reading competition instituted by Professor R. K.
Macnaghten will be held in thc
Horticultural hall on Friday,
January 14th, at 8 p.m. A
small admission fee will be
charged, to be devoted to the
school library. A large attendance of parents and Iriends is
hoped for.
District of North
At the request od a nunibor
of the electors of Ward II, I
have decided to offer nivsell as
a candidate lor councillor lor
the year 1910.
Should you lavor me with
your sulTc-rance, I will do all
within mv power to expedite
the building ol Second Narrows
bridge, to lurther thc location
of industries on the nortli shore
o( Burrard Inlet, to secure suitable sites lor municipal buildings, and in general to promote
the interests of the ratepayers.
Being a resident of the district and long associated with
the business interests thereol,
also having the necessary time
at my disposal to give proper
attention to the duties ol councillor, I rcspectltilly solicit your
Yours faithfully,
A BY-LAW to enable the Corporation of the City of North Vancouvei- to raise hy way of Loan
sum of 110,000 for the pur
T|CSMR* in lavlud by the under-
liil-u*'d lo*- ihe d.11.(ruction nf a cabin on
B**pa-f il.-ol .,(lha. a-teHiner N"rtli V»n-
emu* *r Plan, mnl -|*c'fi<*-,tinii- rsii
li- .ecu .11 ili.-iifflcia ,,| lh.. Company,
Vum-nrner. »lien-nil Tcndcm mii.t lie
hiilei-d l.-l'.re mmn nn lh* llth day n(
.Iminirv. I,.iw..«t nr any lender nol
MSMSrllt iici'i-|iicd.
Jin. nth, 910
Save your Piano by having
an Expert  do your  Tuning
260  Socond   St.,  Wn»t
IV. r 1 Rasiest* d.    Pri |i 11 portal an
I'll call
Shipyards, Ltd.
Boilermakers.    .   .
Marine   and  Stationary Engine and Boiler Work promptly executed.
Telephone 103
North Vancouver
BOM of purchasing Road-Making Machinery.
WHKRKAS it in deemed necessary and expedient that the Council of the said Corporation be
authorised to burrow the sum of
Ten Thousand Dollars (110,000)
to enable theni to purchase lioad-
makiiig Machinery, which machinery is In include a Roek Crusher,
Road Roller, Street Sprinkler, ami
any other appliances which timy
be used in the making and construction uf Rom Is.
\NI) WHEREAS au approximate estimate of the sums required to purchase the various articles
of machinery, etc.. has been made
by the City Engineer as follows,
Koad Roller $ 3,800.00
Roek Crusher, Elevator
and Sereeus    2,700.0(1
.Motor    for    operating
Crusher       350.00
Rock Bins      000.00
Sprinkler        600.00
I nst 11II11I i"ii of Plant ami
other Appliances    1.750.01)
he made payable by the City at a roll amounts to Four Mil-
date not lalcr than ti ft \ years lion Five Hundred and Ninety
and the said principal sum shall Six Thousand Two Hundred
from the date upon which this and Ninety One ($4,596,191)
By-Law takes effect. Dollars.
.-». There shall he raised and I THKKKFORK, the Muni-
levied annually by a special rate c,pal Uuncil of lhe cily oJ
ments or real property ni the said NorUl Vancouver (Wllh the as-
City the sum of *65,60 for the pur- jSent oJ Ule t;lt,ctors oJ lllc sai(1
on all rateable land or improve-'cily dul oblainedj cnacls as
pose ol binning a sinking fund f0nows .
for the pavincnt of the said de- '    .  „ .    .     , , .    ..
bentiu-cs aiul lhc s„ f +.-,.10 furl..   l'   J   *_** Uw ul,lor *
the payment of the interest at the J?,,yJ)r,of *• <-lly -<* l»' ^J
1 Clerk lor the purpose aforesaid
to borrow  or raise by way 01
Loan hum auy person or  pei-
sons, body or bodies corporate,
who 111 ay be willing to advance
rate aforesaid, to become due on
■ on
such debentures during the currency tliereof, and that in addition |o all other rates to be levied
and collected in the said Citv during the whole currency of the said thc *MM "PO" the credit ol the
debenture! or any of theni. [debentures    hereinafter     uieu-
li. Tins By-Law shall come into'"ow-d ul the Corporation, a
cUVi'l on the 17th day of January, s""1 ol money not exceeding 111
A.l). One Thousand Nine Hundred the whole the sum ol »it>,ooo,
and Ten. iind  10 cause   the same  to be
7. This 'Jy-Law may be cited placed in the Bank oi Bniisli
I'm- nil purposes iis "The City of ivortli America at iNorlh \ an-
Nuilh Yniicniivcr Uoad Machinery couver lo the credit ol the Cily
I'tirchase Loan By-Law, 1010."      lor lhe purpose above recited,
8. Passed bv the Council on the     ,     - «. .....    ,   . ,       ,   ...
.1-.1 iS       1       . n ,n,io      2.    Debeuture  bonds   ol   the
2ith day ol December. A.D. 1909.,,,,„ ,    ,, , _.
.     •   1 ,, .   „,,     ,     City to the amount  ol mi>,uoo
Received thc assent ol the elec-      ». .    *       .
toil „f the Citv nf North Van- '" *" ^°le ma>' *£"* »>
,-ouvcr at an election for the pur- *■ sald lMa>,or aud Ut>' ,Ucrk'
pose oa the dav of m Urms ol lhe Municipal Claus-
.lanuarv, A.l). liim. ■ _** ln ■■»■■ ma>' bc ai"
Hiiaonsidered bv the Council siml> bul not lu:>s u""> 0ue
and linally adopted, signed by the ihousand (»i,ooo) Dollars each.
.Mayor and City Clerk, and sealed 8 * "■"   -'"' ' "' ■    ;	
with the City Seal on the
day of January, A.D. 1910.
signed by the Mayor and City
Clerk and the City Clerk shall
attach thereunto tne Corporate
Seal ol the said Corporation.
AND WHEREAS a Petition
signed by the owners of more than
one-tenth the value of real property in the City has been prcM-nt-
ed to the City Council, requesting
them to introduce a Bv-Law to
posed By-Law, upon which the
vote oi lhe Klectors oi the Municipality oi the City oi Norih
Vancouver will be taken within
the City Hall, North Vancouver, B. C, on Thursday, the
i.uh day oi January, A. D. 1910
"!■ i'l'ofio, w','"f ';'rr"W ''"''""I1 between the hours ol 9 o'clock
ol $10,000.1    fm- th, purpusc of d      ,dock
purchasing Itniul-niaking   lacl.,.,-1       j^^g sh&hjju,
cry. ine in ing a Hock Crusher. ,,-. ,., , , „ , _— ,,„ ..
Road Roller, Street S,,r,nkler. JP* Uerk ******* OUh«
any   other   appliances   used   or c     .  Tjc,.  j    ,     b
«-hii-h mav reipnre to be used ni:  . ,   .   .. .        ,    .,*
the  milking and construction ofl«*T^?   '	
  I      3.   The    Debenture   bonds
TAKK    NOTICK   that   the j^^ bear u,lcrest at the rate ol
above is a true copy ot the pro- ,livu pi.r ccnl   pcr anuum pa}.
able hall yearly on the
day of JULY
and the day oi Jan
uary 111 each and every year
during lhe currency ol tne said
debentures or any of them.
er to take thc vote ol such Klectors with the usual  powers   in
that behall.
By order of the Council.
w 11 man
.1. Hardy
Great Sale
Prices cut in half
to make room
new stock.
Come  Early
get first choice.
House Paiotlaf,      Glazing,
Paper Hanging, KaUomining
Decorating, etc.
WHEREAS it  will be
necessary to raise annually hy special rate the sum of (666.50 for a
term of titty years for the repayment of the said debentures when
M and interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
AND WHEREAS the value of
the whole rateable property of the
said City, ai rding to the last revised Assessment Koll. is Four Million, Kive Hundred and Ninety-six i
Thousand Two Bundled and Nine-
tv-one  Dollars  ($it8MJH),
ANI) WHEREAS the said City
f North Vancouver has at present
debenture debt amounting to
THEREFORE   the   ManMrVi
Council of the Corporation of thei
City of North Vancouver (with!
the assent nf the electors of the
said City duly obtaiiietlI ENACTS
as follows:—
It shall be lawful for tin-
Mayor of the City of Nortl Vancouver nnd thf City Clerk, for the
urposc iifoi'csaiil. tn borrow or
raise by way of loan from any
person or persuns. body or bodies
corporate, who may he willing to
advance the same upon the cn-dil
of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned of the Corporation, a
sum of money Dot exceeding in
the whole the sum of Ten Thnn
sand Dollars ($10,000), nnd to
cause thc same to be placed in the
Bank of British North America.
at North Vancouver, to the credit
of the City for Ih
netted, and such monies shall be
used for Ihnt purpose only. t|le
2.   Debentures of ilu- Cit) to submit  lor 1
llic ;.mount of Ten Thousand Dol- Electors   a
lars a* 1 in the whole mat  lm. city'Council lo borrow up
on the credit ol thc City al
large the sum ol Sixteen Thou-
cipal Clauses Ad. 111 sums as may sam, -j,6|00<)) Dollars bv De-
be desired, bul not less than One k,nluri,s for lhe purpoBC 0j pur.
ThoiiMind Dollars (i)il.(HKI) each.1
Each of the said debentures shall
There  shall bc attached  to
thc Debenture   Bonds,   Coupons
signed by the Mayor only, lor
each and every payment of interest that  may   become  due,
and such signature may be  either  written, stamped, prinhcd
Klectors oi thc City  of North'or lithographed.
Vancouver   will   bc   taken   on |      4.   The       said     Debcnburc
Thursday, the 13th day ol Jan- Bonds as to principal and inter
uary, lyio, between   the   hours est may be made payable at the
of y o'clock a.m. and 7 o'clock Bank of British Norlh Amcrua
p.m.  on  "Thc City  of  North ai  North   Vancouver,  Toronto
Vancouver Road Making Mach- 0r Montreal, Canada, or at the
inery  Purchase Loan  By-Law, Bank oi British North AiiKiua,
1910," and that within thc City Loudou, Kngland,   at   holder's
Hall,  North  Vancouver, B. C, option,   and  the  said principal
and that- Thomas Shepherd has SUm shall be made payable   by-
been appointed Returning Ollu- (hf Cily Corporation at a date
uot later than fifty years Irom
the date upon which this Bylaw takes ellect.
5. TRcrc shall bc raised .mil
levied annually by a special rate-
Mayor on all rateable property 111 the
THOMAS SHKl'HKRD said City the sum ol f 104.91 ■
City Clerk tor   the   purpose ol lorming   a
 , sinking fund lor the payment ol
the said debentures and the sum
oi $800.00 for the payment of
the interest at the rate aforesaid to become due ou such debentures during the currency
thereol, in addition to all other
rales to be levied and collected
in the said City during the
whole currency ol the said debentures or any ol them.
6. This Bylaw shall come
into ellect on the Seventeenth
day of January, A. D., 1910.
7. This Bylaw may be cited
(or all   purposes as   "The City
North   Vancouver    School
be issued by the said Mayor nm
City Clerk in terms of the Muni
he signed b\
City I'lcrk,'
the snul
and  thc
A   BY-LAW   to  enable
Corporation of the City
North   Vancouver   to   raise
by way ol loan the sum   ol
$16,000, lor the purpose ol qJ
acquiring    an     additional site Loan Bylaw, i9io."
School Site within the Cily.        lwd b),   ,he  tounul   „
WIIKKKAS   the Board  ol the 27th day of December, 1909.
|l"r'"'s ,vo School Trustees ol the City al        Keccmd    h(  ^ „f   (|u,
North Vancouver has requested g g   . o( ^
the Council ol the said City   o'y an  £&m held
„ !  as"'     _\   £ ior the purpose on the
ylaw to authorise ^ q[ JJJJ^ ^
Ketonsldered  and lill.ilU   Wm
opted by the Council, signed by
the Mayor and City Clerk and
sealed with the City Seal on
the day ol January,
Mayor and
City Clerk
chasing lhe peopertv known and
described as Lots two (2), three
(3), eight (8) and nine (9), in
. Block  Two  Hundred  and  Six
shnl  a'tae 1 Ihereimto the ( orpnr-1.    ,,   _-jljj _     0   ,,:,.;„,
,   ,.   1   r,,       *,,,*.     r v   .1   (206 , sul*division   of.  District
a c Sea  of the said (iv of North 1   .  i,-      ,,     ,    .       ,    ,.    ,
VanM„lvrr i Lot Five Hundred and   Forty-     TAKK    .NOTICK   that   the
I    The  .'clientmes  shall   ben,- tiV__™ _Jl_\\?_}kfU' ■ , |above is » tw C0Py ___ V\°~
interest at the rate of live per cent.' ,AND ff?*??A8! th° S8"' !P08ed By-Lssw, upon whnh the
per nn.iuni r-nvablc halt vcilc ,„, Debentures shall bear interest at vote ol the Electors of the Mu-
Ihc seventeenth day of July,'am'. the„r»te _.*__?_____ ^paUty of O'e^ityol North
the scvi'iiicciilh day of January, in
ench and every year ilurins: llie
eurrelicv  of the  sail.   ..
or any of thom.   There shall hcinlclPal Clauses Act" (or a pen-, ,M], day 0f j anuary, A. D. 19W
attached to the debentures, coo-  oc\  not  exceeding   fifty  years between the hours ol 9 o'clock
pons, rinad by the Mayor only, from their date,
for each  and every  payment  of.       AND WHEREAS it will bc
interest thst mny become due. and | necessary to raise annually   by
special rate thc sutii of $904.40
for the term of lilly years for
tlu- repayment ol the said debentures when due, and interest
thereon as hereinafter mention-
annum,    and   such   debentures Vancouver mill be taken within
shall bc issued tisder the   for   the City Hall,   North  Vancou-
1 a ,      ,s uialitaes contained in the "Mu- ver,   B. C,   on Thursday,  the
a.m. and 7 o'clock p.m.
City Clerk and Returning Officii
such signature may be cither written, stamped, printed or litho-
4.    The said  dsbtntOfSI ns  lu
principal   nml   interest   mny   bc
marls payable it the Bank of Brit- ed.
ish North America, nt North Vnn- AND WIIKKKAS the value
couver, Toronto or .Montreal, of the whole rateable property
Camilla, or st the Hank of British '■ of the scid City, according   to
Jjiven   that
Electors ol
NOTICK is hertbv
the   vote   of   the
the City of Nortli
will   be   taken   on
Thursday, thc l.Uh day ol .I.m
uary,  1910,   between   the  hour-.
of 9 o'clocik. a.m. and 7 o'clock
p.m., on  "The City ol Korth
By-Law, 1910," and that within
the City Hall, North Vancouvei
B. C, and that Thomas Bhep
herd has been appointed Returning Otlicer to take the vote of
such Klectors, with the usual
powers in that behall.
By order of the Council.
City Clerk
Varicof ^er Business Directory
319 Bender street, Vancouver
North Vancouver
413 Granville street.
66 Hastings street west
is the only auctioneer who will
pay spot cash before the sale is
Barristers, Solicitors, etc.
Rooms 104-.05 Crown Building,
615 Pender Street
Phone 996
S. D. Schslti        C. S. Arnold
kallethe's Bath
Corner Homer and Pender Sts.
The only up-to-date snd reliable bath house io British Co-
We cure where others fail.
Satisfaction guaranteed or no
pay. Plain baths, electric baths,
shower baths, massage for body, scslp and face; electro therapeutic haths a specialty.
Graduate ol Berlin, Germany
Business Institute
336 Hastiags St. W.
Csnslt'l GrMtti.  W.iturn  School
R. J. Sprott, B.A., - - Manager
Buainesft College
632 Seymour St., Vancouver
Day school open all thc year
round.    Night school commences September 8th.
Groceries and Provisions
Wholesale and Retail
116 Hastings St. (downstairs)
Delivery Tuesdays and Fridays
Musical Director
Vancouver Opera House
Rooms 3 and 4 Elks' Ha.., Cor.
Robson and  Granville  Streets.
All Instruments.      Phone 2530
Phone 46^
U. W. WA1TT 4 CO., LTD.
558 Granville Street
Pianos — Talkiug Machines -
Music Goods
The oldest music house in B. C.
Graduate Optician
All work guaranteed
Consultation Ire..
49 Hastings street west
Opp. Caineraphoue theatre
Family Group Specialists
Cabinet size, $3 per dozen
Cor. Carrall and Cordova sts.
A. SAVARD, Proprietor
picture framing
We have the largest stock of
mouldings iu B.C.lo select irom
so when you want iraming done
cheap and well get our prices.
540 Granville and 138 Cordova
rtUddtrt SIAMPS
•MMM 111 m.i; nmil's
Sign and Price Markers
10 PsuriBU Hi in..    l-'oM Kji7a
Keep your eye on
clilti,l»r»nii* i. 11 11 ,
■ '.I* ill.I   nilaOtd IIIC   .*.il-i*  nil.** a'.      N	
trj" In p.lm iafl in.aa.gi .. l'liaiaii»r.< li. Hi,
itllljf   . Iilmiil.atul   la    t.',*.'.ilrl   I.   !,»■*,l(r
l.i.ii. Ix in.. I..' nl riiiiii|*r.i'iii 1. ir.ilu.l.
rati n,.--a. i,,M>, „i < blrot.ru i" 1 l*.i' li|...11, law.
nfllrp, riiiiin in, fuurllioua.. lilac*-. llfSobMI
.IIHl, I'll,III. I.I'l'lV llulllB I I,,*' I iall.i.il.
llnil .11*1 .l.llllll.In.1. ll* <
For particulars apply lo
Phone 815      440 Homer Street
Canadian Detective Bureau:—
Oflices everywhere
Vmicninir  liiini-       .-1  I in|.ir,'  lllm'k
MHsHUafi i-t* easl. Pkm M
General Superintendent
Anderson & Hilton, Proprietors
Dyeing, Cleaning, Pressing
Ladies' dresses, silks,   laces   a
Agents, North Vancouver
1 vrWsliirt- (.UiinmtiT i
Securities C<ir|)oral.o.i Ltd.
440 Seymour Street
R. Kerr Houlgate Manager
North America, Loudon, Kngland, the   last    revised   assessment I Van-couver  School   Site   Loan |
30 per cent. Discount
Oil   nil    Inns    ol   Hail Goodl
ilnrmi; onr great  removal  *.ale, in
ordei tn leilinc cm lirgl M'nk be
lore liking possession ol mir new
premises, as all iviilsbls ipao
will be required loi ths ib--pl.iv ol
the large ibipntOOtl ol new  a
now en iimt.
Mill Ortnvillt Street
All North Vancouver   people
eat at
Either Flack Block or Hastings street, opposite the new-
Post Olln e. Leonard sells his
tea by the pound.
English practical  wauliuiaker;
Established 1889
Specialty,   n-pairing
Negotiations ale now in progress looking to the establish*
ing of an Industry of large proportions, in the west end ol tin-
district, lt is stated llial this
proposition will be on much tlic
same scale as the i.irbuililing
alld dry-dock scheme now in
hand ior the easl   end,   but   a*
long different lines.
, Inspector Wilson ol tbe C. P,
R. telegraphs was in the uty re-
eentlv, making final .arrangements for the opening of a talc-
graph ollice. It is expected
that the ollice vvill be established in Uie mar luture One of
the wires of the B, C. Telephone companv will be used for
the present.
beg to announce to thc public that they
have opened an office at
70 Home Blk., Lonsdale Ave.
The new firm solicits a portion of
your business.
Pianos & Organs
Tuned and Repaired
Satisfaction Guarsatssd
"l'egwell" 14th st., *  Forbes ave.
P. C. will receive prompt attention.
Omci Barrard BuaUrtssi, 1010
Georgia it., Vancoanr,
IIkmiikm 1 Prom nmnlier 144 Nurlli
Cleared Lot*
('hristmas Csr.dios, Stockings, &c-
Christmas Cakes, No. 1   85c a lb.
"                 No?  Ne   "
Christmas Pii<l<ling 25c alb
To every Imly piiii'lmser un Saturday
next a free sample nf our almond ice
Pioneer Bakery
S. H. Walker,  •   Proprietor'
In Block 33A, D.L. 330
These lots are all on gradeditreets. Is line neighborhood.
Close to park and grand bouleTard. Water, telephone, electric light.
Prices $600 to $700
ia_\ term*
To the Electors-
Ladies and Gentlemen:
In ollering mysell as a candidate lor City
Alderman at the coming Election un Thursday,
January 13th next, I beg to state that il elected
I vvill, to lhc best ol my ability, assist in giving to lhe
City a practical business administration suitable to
public ici|uuements and consistent wilh approved
financial methods, and lhc establishment and practical
application ol Local Improvement in thc procurement
ol good graded streets, sidewalks, and adequate sanitation according lo the City's requirements.
T»i>erience gained while serving you heretofore
in various public capacities da Councillor, Alderman,
I icon Commissioner, etc., together wilh a long term
of successful business experience should be ol MliK
in lhe coming year's work.
I hanking you (or youi esteem and support in the
past and requesting a continuation ol same un this
occasion, I remain,
Res|K-cllully yours,
North Vancouver, B.C.
A. D. 1910.
Our Half-yearly
Starts Monday, January 10th
We do not advertise ■ ult every week of the
yeir and disappoint you by laying "It hai
just bcpii sold out " when yuu ask for tin-
article advertised, but m hold ■ genuine
Clearance Sal* «VWy six months, and thereby
keep our stock fresh at all costs. This ig your
Opportunity to lay up a supply iif new and
reliable goodl at prions unprecedented at this
See windows and this .-pace for Bargains.
163 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B- C.
f.o, imx m.
Come to us for the money and repay it
to suit yourself
ui Lonsilfile Avenue
It is Difficult
to know  what  to select whi-n om   wauls sonic  n,w songs Ot music  ]
Wl can lii-lii you. 11
Mr. T, W. Wanl will play popular longl and pianoforte pieces in on j  o
store (rom 7.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. every Satunlav sight, '.'.
_______________ 1 j
North Vancouver Piano Co. & School of Music *
Address--443 Lonsdale Avenue
Xmas fruit*
('.nod Fruits will give your cake that peculiar
-.'pod flavor and when cut will show that you used
the best
We have the joods you need and our prices
are right.
Phone 11 4 t9*9*%*9*%**•»»♦•♦•♦»♦ ♦•♦•♦•♦•■HI Ulll»*9e9*
lllllll lllllllllllltilllll IHI HH INI
lllllll II HIIIII III Mil HUM -l-l • I--H-H- H-H--H--HH--H-H--H* J4S4+++-I-I-H-H-IH
There is not the slightest doubt that North Vancouver Realty is coming to its own.    The vast possibilities of this magnificently situated city are being recognised by the leading business men of the continent.    Now is the lime to buy before the spring rush.
Here are a few good buys
Lot 5, Block 20, District Lot 273   57.S"
Lot J, Mcxk 5, District I.nl tfj     fjOO
This lot is cit,ned Hnd -[railed,    (iuod terms on thc
2), acres in Lynn Valley, Jiym.    $500 cash, balume
in t, and 1: months    This is a great snap.
We have a lew lots in L)nn Vallcv within ioo feet
nl thr cariine, so by 140.75.   ftp each.    Jyi cash,
balance |io per month.
Also somi 50 by 175 at thc same price and terms.
l-otir lots lelt in Canyon Vies Addition f 179 each
$6 cash, balance Sia pn month, im Interest.
1 liislerlield aveaue and Jisl -.licet line high lots
$250 each. Terms (go cash, Ii.iI.hhc in h ami
11 months.
Don't lorget these are right in the city snd onlv one
hlock Irom the l.nnsdalr avenue cariine.
Can you beat these'
tlesawhile wlm curies youi liunruci
Si ile Agents loi  t-iiniliicltial Union Assuianu
Co., Ltd.        Assets fM|00O,OO0a
(Henry T. C. Eves and Percy King)
67   and   69   LONSDALE  AVENUE
aflHMIMMMHI;. H niHIHHIIHHUMIlll IIIIHIIHIIIHUIIIH I * 1111 ll 111 ll 11111111111111111111111111111111H


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