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 ,'   v
([[1|* ixpnaa
Aldermen all present, Mayor the district system procured ils
May presiding, was the order at supply at the head of Lonsdale
the regular session of the city avenue, would provide a sufliei-
council, Monday evening. ent supply (or both parlies, es-
W. D. Haskins wrote, com- pecially should frosty weather
plaining that water from an intervene. He would not take
adjacent creek was overflowing the responsibility of recoiiuiien-
lot 7, block 134, D. L. 271; re- jding that the city rely ior the
fcrreil to the board ol works.     [two or three weeks required to
A. J. Cameron, district en- [alter the present main, on the
gineer, advised council that tho J district supply
city watermain is obstructing
a water course causing the water to overflow and damage
Frederick road.
The resignation ol P. McDonald as foreman of the city waterworks, was accepted.
J. B. Mills, K.C., advised the
council that acting under instructions from Mrs. Cone, unless settlement was made out
of court within seven days, he
would commence action against
the city for damages for the
death of E. M. Cone, which followed an attack of typhoid
fever, contracted as the platntill
alleges .through a defective septic tank connected with the premises formerly occupied by the
family; city solicitor to report.
City Engineer Hanes reported
that he and Aid. Young had
visited the intake since thc last
council meeting. On their way
they had seen the sub-contract-1
Aid. Dick observed that the
city had no oiler of water from
the district, had no information
as to the amount ol water a-
vailable from that source, and
was not in position to consider
that proposition under existing
It was lilliTmtely decided that
Mr. Perry arrange a meeting between the councils and the company's engineers.
Engineer Hanes advised the
council that he was prepared to
give a fixed grade for the Bank
ol Hamilton lols, within three-
days alter receiving council's
instructions. He further reported that he now has in his
olhce a profile ol every open
street and lane in the city, to
22nd street and could give on
any of them at any time, or on
the whole ol them at two weeks
Engineer Hanes submitted   a
A notable purchase of city
property was made this week,
when the Bank of Montreal became the owner of lots 9 and to
block 141, D. hi 274, being the
south-east corner of Lonsdale
ave. and 3rd street. The transfer, while not explicitly confirmed, is reported through lhe
most reliable sources. This is
the third banking institution
that has made purchases of cilv
property in suitable locations
(or banking purposes, within a
few months, and as announced
last week, arrangements are already completed upon the part
ors ol the B. C. El. Rv. Lvnn 'report with respect to the drall
Vallev extension, excavating 'general local improvement by-
right'up to the walermain. In law submitted by the cilv suli
one place about 60 feet of the citor, which, in eflect, rccom-
main was exposed. The teams mended that for the present the
were being driven to and fro city remain with respect to lo-
across the main and likewise cal improvements, under the
lengthwise along the main, the provisions of the municipal
scrapers being filled wilh the clauses act.
earth on top of the main. |   Aid.  Dick   relerred   to   the
A. G. Perrv, local manager of changes in the act recommended
the B. C. EL Rv. Co., address-1bv the Union of B. C. Munici-
ed the council, explaining that palities, which ii adopted would
the company was very desirous materially alter the aspect ol
ol arriving'at an amicable ad- allairs, and submitted a rcsolti-
justment ol the difficulties caus- tion to the eflect that the mated bv the watermain. Thc com- ter lie submitted to Hon. F. L.
pane's engineers had come over Carter-Cotton, lo ascertain il
for the express purpose of in- it was probable that the prospecting the ground and conferr- posed amendments would be acting with  the  contractors  with opted.
respect to the main. From in- Mavor May and Aid. Sclu.lt/
quiries that thev had made, and McRae were ol opinion that
thev were ol opinion that the the provisions of the municipal
citv could arrange with the dis- clauses act were sullicient. Other
trict to establish an alternative municipalities throughout the
waiter route, bv connecting with province were proceeding UKlel
the district main at Lonsdale the act and experienced no dtfli-
avenue north. This could be cultv whatever. The recom-
accomplished by laving onlv 20 nu-ndation of the engineer was
feet of main and installing a adopted and Aid. Young gave
gate valve. It was thought notice that at the next meeting
that this would obviate the ne- ol the council, he would move
cessity of purchasing and laying the 2200 leet ol temporary
main, referred to bv City Engineer Hanes in his report last
week. The present main could
then be removed until the grad- ajpieciatioii
ing  was  completed,    when   it
to repeal local improvement bylaw No. 4.
A plan ol subdivision ol bits
1 10 s, bloik n.i). L* bl6, «J-
I ,„■   veil.   v,u'.   • -.pr Min..     ••
W. J. Tulk  addressed council
could be replaced at the proper with reference to the refusal ol
grade. The companv expected the board ol license commission
to bt called upon to pav all ex- ers to grant lus application or
penses with reference'to the a shop license. He contended
main, but did not wish to he that the board had ignor.d a
put to anv unnecessary expendi- citv by-law in tin procedun
tures. Mr. Perrv proposed that which thev followed Alderman
a conference lie arranged Ix- Schult/. supported Mr Tulk s
tween thc citv and the districi contention. Aid. YOUg stated
council with the engineers ol the that the license board had Ktld
B C. El. Ry. Co., with respect within their powers, and council
to the matter. had  nothing   to  do  with   ihe
Aid. Young took strong   ex- matter     Mavor M.iv explained
ception to the manner in which that the license was reins.il In
he considered the coinpanv  had cause the applnnnt did not sub-
treated the council in this mat- mil the proportion ol sign-mut
ter.    If anv individual were in es required bv tin statutes
any way to interfere with   the     F.  Fluvl. fll tk B. C. ft*
city watermain, hew.mid heap-  Market,   stronglv   protested  *
prehended at  once and  he did gainst Chinese lis. peddlers be-
not see whv any firm or com- ing allowed to inlr.ngc the pcl-
pany should not bc treated   in dler's  bylaw.      CMd-of-PoUci
like manner.    He thought that Davies repurted that steps wen
the provincial police should  be lieing taken to prevent the s.iin.
notified to protect the citv wa-    Accounts lor  schools,  totall-
ol one of them, to proceed witl
the erection of a substantial
and modern bank building at
an early date. Action such as
this upon the part of leading
banks will have more weight in
strong financial circles, than
perhaps any other occurrence
that could take place, to establish confidence in the city of
North Vancouver.
A representative  of  The  Express, interviewed A. R. Steacy
of the board of license commissioners of the city, with reference to the statement made before the city council on Monday
evening, by W. J. Tulk, to  the
ellect that the board had knowingly ignored a clause   in   thu
city licensing by-law, in   order
to carry into eflect their refusal
to grant his application  for  a
■hop license.    Mr. Steacy fully
substantiated the assertions   ol
Mayor May at the council meeting.    He statied that tllc board
was fully conversant with   the
lad  that  the  city  by-law  requires that  three  days' notice
In* givM ol intention to oppose
flhe granting ol a license, and he
emphatically  declared that   the
application was not refused because of the arguments advanc-
d by those who opposed,   but
because   the   numbers  of  the
board of license commissioners
who voted against the granting
ul the license, made their   own
analysis of the signatures  presented on the application,   and
found that upon the date submitted  by  the applicant himsell, the requirements of the acti
had not been met.    Mr. Steacy
w as strong in his denunciation
ol what he considered  the   unwarranted attack upon the  integrity oi the board.
The Christmas serviics are as
lollows: Christmas day, holy
communion at H a.m., matins
and holy communion at 11 a.m.
The music is Dykes' Te Deum,
Ouseley's llenedictus, and an-
ll.eii. "Behold I Bring Vou Glad
Tidings,'' Goss. The qsaltns
lor tin dgy lo Maclarren's and
Tours' chants, and carols "On
the Birthday of the Lord" by
Dvkcs, and "Front Far Away
traditional. '
First Slinday alter Christmas
huh communion at eight a.m.,
morning prayer at 11 a.m., and
evensong al 7.1.0. Anthem "Rejoin- in the Lord'' Ilollins, ni.tg-
nilia.it ami Num Diinmittis, Davis, and carols.
The district council met in
regular session Wednesday evening.
A conference was held between
the council and the representatives of the Imperial Car, Shipbuilding ct Dry Dock Corporation, with a view to arriving al
an agreement Ior the establishment of the works of the company on the north shore, infor-
matiou ol a very satisfactory
nature was submitted to the
council. The company, it is understood, has the support of a
large number of the principal
ratepayers of the district, and
the works which they propose to
establish are of large proportions. The matter was laid
over until Monday evening next
when it will come up in the
lorm of a draft agreement and
In pursuance of a letter with
request irom A. G. Perry, local
manager B. C. El. Ry. Co., it
was decided to meet the city
council and the company, Monday evening, for the purpose of
adjusting the difficulties which
have developed with respect to
the city watermain on the pipe
line road.
The engineer was instructed
to act with reference to a letter
Irom C.Holt/man as to damage
to Lynn creek road, by the re
cent freshet.
Burns & Walkem, district solicitors wrote, enclosing a summons on behalf oi C. W, Nelson
and injunction, re damage to
his lands on Frederick road.
Clerk to investigate and conler
with solicitors.
A   second   letter   from   the
above,  with  advice re application for the incorporation   oi
the Burrard   Railway & Bridge |
t. ompany, was filed.
W.SfcDrewry, chief water commissioner wrote, to the eflect
that thc board of water commissioners is not yet appointed.
The petition of A. Campbell
and others lor sidewalks on
Church,Frederick, Campbell and
Dovercourt roads was referred
to the engineer to prepare estimates.
Tenders for lhe work on Creek
Yiew road were considered, but
it was decided that the amount
of the tenders rendered it wise
to do the work by day labor.
Accounts lor the month were
ordeied paid.
The assessor returned the assessment roll, completed, and it
was decided to hold court of
revision on Monday, February
;th at 3 o'clock p.m.
Court of revision on thc voters' list was set for Monday,3rd
January, at 3 o'clock p.m.
The clerk reported that copies
of agreement had been received
from the city clerk wilh relerence to the carrying out ol the
provisions ol the act ol incorporation of the city. Referred
to the solicitor for revision.
Local and Personal Items
Jack Loutet and N. Lonsdale 1
J.II.Buskins has taken charge
of A. W. Gibson's blacksiinlh-
ing business.
The ferry service on Christinas day will be run on thc regular Sunday schedule.
The Beaver Press started business in the city this week, uu ler
the management of Geo.Hartley
J. R. White and iamily have
removed to this city and itt residing on 3rd streei easi.
Born—On Sunday, December
19th, to Mr. and Mrs. DeWolll,
of 2nd street west, a son.
Miss Ruth H-.ii/ies, ol Ne*
Westminster ts visiting her tutt
Mrs. W. II. Parkin, 2nd .street
Fifty signatures have lieen
secured to the petition asking
the department to organize a
corps of field engineers in Norih
Vancouver, and the petition was
sent forward yesterday.
W. J. Irwin has yielded to lhe
persistent solicitations of his
hosts oi Iriends by detnuiciy announcing lhat he is in lhe field
for aldermanic honors lor the
ensuiug year.
J. M. Pollard, colonization a-
gent for the Western Pacific Development Co., who resides at
the corner of bth street and St.
George's ave., this city, is receiving the congratulations oi
his many friends on the birth ol
a son on Tuesday, the 21st inst.
The many Iriends of Ex-Aid.
Alexander Smith have succeeded in prevailing upon him to allow his name to be placed in
nomination for the city council
for the ensuing year, and he has
accordingly authorized this announcement of his candidature.
The nicht of all nichts—Hogmanay nicht.
Firemen's annual ball, Horticultural hall, Friday, Jan. 7th.
High class music, choice program, at the firemen's ball, on
January 7th.
Two experienced nieu waul
work cutting cord wood. Apply
P. 0. box 12b, North Vancouver
Wanted — To clear land, lay
cement foundations or cellar
floors, sidewalks, etc. First-
class workmanship. H. Lee,
Capilano, Nortli Vancouver.
For Rent.—North Vancouver.
Two nicely furnished bedrooms,
on cariine, near ferry. Apply
to H. W., 114 Upper Keith road
Room to let furnished or unfurnished, terms moderate, Ear-
land, 2nd street, opposite Palace hotel.
Lost. — Between Vancouver
and North Vancouver, gold nugget three leaf clover brooch.
Finder please not 11 v Miss Jeans
161 Cordova street, Vancouver.
Wanted irom owners—Ac.cage
for subdivision and inside business property in Norih Vancouver. We have clients waiting.
General Securities Co., Ltd.,
441 Richards street, Yancouver.
North Vancouver will gather
then "her beauty and her chivalry" at the firemen's ball, at
tht horticultural hall, Jan. 7th.
Lost. — Monday evening, between ferry and Lonsdale car,
purse, containing money, boat
tickets, owner's cards. Reward
on returning to this office.
ing ShtSo were ordeied paid
The finance committee remm-
niinded lhat the remaining ird
street and Rth slrni debentures
be bought oof of funds now lying in the iitv sinking lund in
termain    ____________
Alderman Schultr. agreed with
the principle of the remarks ol
Aid. Young.      The  city   had
rights with respect to the water pipes   and   must   maintain
those rights.     No trespass   on __________________
the main could be allowed and sundry matters, report adopted
no tampering with it in anv Thc sidewalk on :ml streei
rat, except bv previous consent west oi Lonidale, w,ts reported
from thrrjiuniil. It was not as r'quiring attention; Imanl ol
for thr city tu make any pro- works to act.
position to the uiiiipam it was The fire and light committee
for the company to approach rriomiticiided that an arc light
the council with I slalein.nt ol bc plain! at the lomer o( ,|th
tlnir wishes and with a propo- street and St. David's avenue,
•ition connected therewith. adopt, d
City Engineer Hanes doubted    Aid  MiNetsh submitted a re
lm ilie lormutioii oi .1 local
mips u| iiigiiiccts; unliTcd signed and Iorwarded.
The condition ol ibth street
west ol Lonsdale was relet red
to lhe attention oi the board ol
Thc city ilerk was instructed
to call lor lenders lor lhe cmi-
sliuition ol the dormitorv r
the 1 .Uh street fireball.
The city engineer was lnstiuc
ted to prepare plans with .elei-
ciice to bench or straight grade,
on north and souih streets, and
U.e hank, and also upon Ottol** ntmtuti to thl council.
*     Mayor May reported llial lhe
petition in lavor of gOVWnUu.lt-
tal assistance to lhe new   com-
paiiv   btilg   (grand  n  bw '
Nalluws bridge, had bun ''.'ilv
sigiinl and iurwardeil, and :hat
he was heartily in lavor oi the
Aid. Young gave Imt n c 'Ji il
hr wuuld introduce a bv law lo
regulate sparring   contests,  ..t
wtoier'Tto^k'ta.  which solution favoring the petition |next meeting ol the council.
Secretary W. P. Peaccv of the
board of school trustees is in
receipt of advice from the department ol education, to the
ellect that this city is entitled
to a board of five trustees. As
the present term ol Trustees A.
R. Steacey and J, Williams expires with this year, Ihere will
lie lour lirusteets to be elected at
the ensuing civic elections.
The annual installation of officers of North Vancouver L. 0.
L* 1840, was held  on  Monday
evening.     The  ceremony took
the lorm of an open session of
the lodge and was in charge ol
the county lodge officers.    Thc
lollowing ollicers were installed
for the ensuing year:
W.M.—D. Cantclon, re-elected
D.M.-H. Tinker
Chaplain—C. Cross
Rcc. Sec—W. Jackson
Fin. Sec—J. A. Stoney
Treas.—R. Fawcett, re-elected
D. of C.-C. Hull
ist Scnt.-R. Phillips
2nd Sent.—W. H. Stoney
Committee—F.   E.  Atkinson,
I-l. H. Kinney, W. Forrest,   J
Mai Alee. D. A. MeLeod.
For Sale.—A good mil.h cow.
Apply P. 0, box 33, Norih V ancouver,
Jas. M. Pollard and family
are this week moving into their
new home on 6th street, east of
Lonsdale ave., which they recently purchased irom M. F.
Blackwell, through Irwin & Billings, Co., Ltd.
The dinghy which is oiler, d b,
the North Vancouver Boat Club
as one of the prizes at their
approaching rattle, ls now on
exhibition in the south window
oi the store of J, A. & M. McMillan.
The board of license coiiiinis-
sioners ol the distiict held an
adjourned meeting, Wednesday
afternoon. The license of D.
Kells for the Capilano hotel,
was renewed. Thc application
of John M. Duval for a license
at Lynn Valley, wai relused on
the ground that the application
To the Electors of the
City of North Vancouver
Having been requested by a
large number ol Iriends and
ratepayers to present myself as
a candidate lor the board of aldermen at the ensuing cleiturns,
I beg to state lhat I have decided to allow mv name to be
placed in nomination.
As an old time resident and a
practical man ol business.I leel
that I am acquainted with thc
ineib uf the city and am in po-
sitimi to render good service on
the city council.
I beg therefore to respectfullv
solicit your votes and influence
in 11 iv behalf.
Yours sincerely,
The adjourned meeting of lhc
Ratepayers'    Association,   was
held Monday evening.   The fell* —^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
ure of the evening was the eiiort d»d not comply with tlie piovi-
made to choose a candidate lor si°n« of the act.
mayor at the approaching clci-
tions. A ballot Ior this pur- Ferrv Manager T M. Heard,
pose resulted in a vote of 16 has received Irom Lloyds' the
each lor Mayor W. H. May and plans ol the new ferrv boat, foi-
or Aid. W. J. Dick. A motion warded lor revision. The plans
lhat the association do not put are not maikul in any way, to
up a candidate lor the mayoral- note a suggest, d alteration, a
ty was lost, and it was decided circumstance whnh is very ex-
to meet on Tuesday, December ceptional and is held to be the
2Hth to give each candidate an very login st compliment that
opportunity of being heard and can be paid the preparers of the
to take another ballot. The plan. Mr. Heard is also in re-
matter of aldermanic candidates ceipt of a cablegram with un-
was laid over until lhe next qualified approval ol the plans.
meeting.    The appointment  of 	
the members of the executive An extensive deal in North
resulted as follows: A. J, Hen- Vancouver acreage was recent.)
dersun, D. Reeve, J.R.J.Murray consummated through hi fin
- "" Weston, W. J, Irwin, P. ol Inkster & Ward. The turn
A. Philip, A. Law, R. C. over involved in all 730 acres,
I. Loutet and A. Smith
W. W
Hiss,  ^^^^^^^^
The officers are likewise   mem
hers of the executive as follows
C. F. Jackson, president;   J. J	
Woods, vice president; F.W.Fow- east of Seymour river
ler, treasurer; and H. V. Smith firm are retaining 325
consisting of three dillerent district lots, one ol which is close-
in at Lynn Valley, and the
other two well situated lots
acrrs ol
new names the property for  future  open
are being added to thc list   of lions and it is udefl'OOfl   ihl
members      The meeting Tnes- a quick turnover of the lemain-
day evening will be held in  the der was made  at
city hall. creased prices.
gteitlv  in- THK EXPRESS, NORTH \ WCOUVER; B. C.
U. B. C. M.
3uy at the
l:  C.  GAZETTE \' ** ■    have assigned lor   thi
.   — la* i * -ii ul iheir credit, i
'lhe time lm compl ting   I H
: .1 nl  mils lur  i    *
lanuary 10, 191 -.
ho- the time fo       d Uj cou ti ol "''.-,    '*   ",-,">
revision, ti  Januarj --        — ■''-'*>  ''
. —     —.
A  special   midnight   1
C113  will be  held   In   tin   l athi I
• 'i *!i.  1*.i1 **,1  1. nui   ..ml mii 	
, ai, on iini.iv. the .'i*!. m*i
tl  ■'. ■■  1 ■
iai sharp,   i'.i church i;*
And Save Money
*       pill  '.'.-    l.'ai
. *
I 10
!, dii vi ul thi p 11 i* li
il     a   .
I      ,, I.'11   ■
.11.lllal    rou \   *
Ltd., ■ 1 Kn
imi  1 oal  I " .   Ltd .   .*' *
* roctei   I'rad ng 1 aa
Ltd .   capital   m ,ooo    D,   fc
:. ,\   il,u,ml,i\    I,id.. * api
Resolntions tntnenda- LllL capila] $200,00    Blunder
1 Vam
Byrne  ol   Burnaby,   Bvani  ol
S,iiim.11 Am.. Ki. i.l lish "I I hi!
liw.uk unl iini. 1, *,1 Saanich,
The   ll.Al   U'Uii lllll'll    W ill    be
vm Arm.
■• '
Harbor I.ami Co., I.i'i   capital
Mu,lam,,    Canadian  I'acil 1
pita! v."* 1,1 ■*■  1. olonial
capital   '
1 >innn,il Gravel Co., Ltd.
,,i|nt.il   .v. '.*•'*,    Indep ai'imi
I "., I,ul , capital v--,	
11 ui iin introduction ui privati billi as ia,l
To incorporate a com-
timis wu,* il..ilt  with  as I*.
In lavor "i ih, pi"'. 1:1
cial government   providing   in
ni with thi C, N. lv.
that that railu .av pass through
I       oops      Ihr  principle   in
viilvul is ihat where uiu   rail
v. a   : 1 allels tlu lim* uf another i.ulv .1'* -i'i Ion ier shall not
cslabli li anv   llrvv   l.'W 11s t Kl!'
iv In ii  1:  a,p. !,*, up new  ie:. I
■ ' thai   iiu pan} ie construct a hue ol rail
dominion government be n *.,.,, [rom Khutze Inlet to 1
c-uested to patrol the bound an point near Uic mouth ol Kbui/e
I'm to prevent th. influx oi un- river: to incorporate • compan}
a,,,  on a general logging BUYING   THAT   PIANO
abh received an li rred busini
to the "ecu jj„ A,lln  pma •..
\       * ition  that  (uwit in iieiui ui application i"i .i   n
given  municipalities  in  make cord oi si cubic leel ed watei
eic, was pa   iecond out ol Fourth ol
I  '.. be sufficiently   pro   J_\ auk.
1'eiiv Jona & i" , I,ul .  m
* * *, 1 ■ *i*   -.ii.i..
IMI'  Gil      *   I      '   ai    -     .'   la '...,
all I ly    I I   I'   1 Ii'l*    llll|".tl   *l I" -ll
1.1 ule .-.. 1 tliii,
.ill kin.lx ..I 1 .'*a.* Raliln*I
a aim*,,1 prlc-M
I r. .li I'.. a.11,11.1. r*l. di -
I'laaakiua   I: . -   '.''I* I  II Tll'
-, nnl) It
■I i nm a.l Ir-ali |i
r**iiii,,il |arii*,*i     Jfour nr"   I   h ' 1.
la*   I     llilfll al,
la |n|,   I'l' rk.  1.-.'laa
■nail"ninl I Iih, -11...I   '
l*'l  -ll    Ml    k   III   'I    ll"      a|   IUI,*,     ,
I *"■ I ne*I lile ■' 1; I' uto -11111 Vege
lllll,'. ' f all  I
t'llifornli and .Iai|*au * te <' ■-. 111 w a * -
I lml)   "i  al'v* *•
*    a'v    .
[1        ,.*'. ..*,]•*. a    ,*||,.
: ng I'H  '•' -ei.il hundred
■, ,.1. .1 gradei
,11 ■ bin -ai liuin M.iinii.t. turen'
Wholi . . ...il.,.   u-> 11
ship 111
>ave your Piano by having
an Expert  do your   Tuning
260   Second   St., West
i\**rk  (,tlltllll I" 'I.      Dmp a |i,'-llil an
Christmas Gifts
tt,   i i.dve a
...    .  ■ -ii   * * :,''.,;...'.', ap-tc-dale.
* ■   I  om 0! Uic most appropriate and moit ap
- 1 ntlemen, inv are to be found
hire in gr.a variety in all the bunt ihapei, etc., 111-
cluding       Panel hearl, which is .1 novelty ul iiu- m i
'i n.   1 v*" in.in: um** ,,mi ji, inches long, they ire Ua«
'ii •   • /5C
Other des . . pes 111 ties limn 35c to >1
n  lered webi in thi famous   President,
ri 1 ,, , ji
ilk,with rn * 1 lal,    Uti-
. , olor il   border.       Linncii   and
..... plaii      10 Ltandkerchidi lur  nun
:•          toe lo 75c cadi
: , '.uis :,-,c lo 75c
gloves, silk lined, wool lined, or unliiieil gi,!] 10
horn hide lm  11111111)- glovn > 1.7 3 to ti
i old .md silver mounted umbrellaa all prices up to >,s
Kmbroidered sinks m Cuhmere, all prices up tu jm
.'nnl a multitude ol minis too numeroui to mention
line.    CALL AND SEB
uin   1  ' M hii
l ml!,
I In'.In*
could 'ai in lan
A        '
against ll iti.n ,,1 .1 poll
tax     is witl It wai
ipe "i
,  act,
arils     It was held on thi
hand tl in   ;
,ni .I,    dealt
wiih fur its infraction, that Ins
retention   1111 et ihr an should
d than
Id   li
Well to pi ill smh per
il      lu      la.II
keepers h bill ta the othi r hand
it was In Id unwise tu thus gtig-
m.iii/i   unfortunate victimi ol
tin ■* ami that   11,.
hibiti • .1, waa ilu
■•iv 'I'll,*
A motion to restrict ilu* pow-
to m-
anr i \[' 'i * iu liii hum ia ipalii V
thror. . imi    bv
tin n. rn a! ia, il,, execu
1 ih.  , itabjish-
111.1.' ami
ivas  again
bro 1: .ail iu
ni"iii|  ie.
th.   "m 1 in uh ■ - ijn-
1.111." s.ivm^ lo us 11a.a
in freights ilone, tn  .ue mi
Popular   Dependable   Pianos
Whi 1 grl lbi
Lai  ■  i 11 -. s,
1       IDA, bl
'. I  I' v   IK li  l'i Al   l\l IJtll N, I
ninl iu ibuudauM "I capital, cau
llllll  It. ll\K.)\h\
I     Klllll     1,11,,  la
' ni ui titsm s,,"i *•*■'
S. H. W.ilker,  -   Proprietor
2 Splendid Buys
1   11 re wnii house in l> L. 787 foi I600.00.
a ur. 1 thii
too ft. x 131 ft. in Block 16, D.L 787, right on the eitj
houudry, with the mat comma ling view on the
north ihore oi Burrard Iulet,    Only 1115a down 10
Sa  I  LII     llll-..
iinie Avenue, mar Perrv
24      Home •-)'.'       P.O 1'.
\ani ouver,
Z  .aWX
Mil   \\ WIS UF
LijnR Valley Lumber Co.
An* pii|,ir.
1,1 ah li.. I ,.t -.hbtittt notii'
all kinds ul    :    :    :    :    ,
Rough   .'iiul    Pressed
CittjUff.ee, 5«> IoiiMlak Ave.   Phone 36
P.O. ADDRtS»:       LYNN CKEtH, B.C.
Sometimes saves the timepiece
il there is anything wrong wilh your |
clock or watch.     Bnng it to us at
once.     Our expert will make it
right again ii it can he done bv
'   . ., . t „   •H-*H^.*-H--:-*x*-H-*:*-i*;-*!-.-*hs-:**h-i-:**;-.-i-:-w^^
:• All Jeweii-      rehiliy t |
I Shaw s Pioneer Dry Gimkis i
Ge ,t's Furnishing .md Fancy Stow.
Ejlibiiiilieil I IWO
-   ;/.
Christmas Presents
;     <nrs
.        1    1     . '   *•;.iini"
*     *    !  I    K .111 a
' uii f"r the
vice 1 |H ntnl
On mo-
tyor  RobinMon    llr,
I pointnn-nl ws madi
uimiin, * 11 Ri ivi Bo e of Sur-
ii *    m ai 11 ' lei ted sec, ti
II n ithout oppoiition, an '
votid .ui honorarium * 1 *
The   n, jei 1 i"ii that .1 li
wiih nt tin convention bi  foi
ward. '1 to tlu- levi ral  mnnici
palitii * in '.;i"aa; im.1 before the
, , mu '    wu  11 li m 'l
in ih>  1 via utivi,   i"   bi   dealt
1 *al       a la,,llll
'l       ,1
lp|   * '   *
in   i on ver
*  ,
0.94. BAKE3IV ♦
heavy ex,■
venience nt 11 latet date,
Lonidale h\ 1
,i r.
. i-i ;i nr. 11 iiul  niii
I   llM'll.
DRESSMAKING on the premises.
Cilj VRS AND 'fOB \*'m>
T   i* N'i'iir Kerrv Ln
^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦4 ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Fred. Bosquet,   Pro|).
Near tht Lynn Valley Car line
\ H il 1 ■■ titt luiiiii r
;n nni;*
bought eight ol iheu loti it Jijoiich,   lidering ihem cheap**!   Iln
Vmi. 11 li a • one 01 im re, while the) lut, il the un c price
$13000    Terms $25 cash and $10 monthly
Martinson & Co.
HEAL isr.in: i;k irsrs
A Merry Christmas
to all
And our Best Wishes
For a Bright and Prosperous
New Year
Gordon Drysdale, Limited
575 Granville Street Phone 3541
Leave Van.
•h.Jo a.m.
7-3o  "
8.30  "
9-15 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 p.m.
1.15 "
3.15 "
3*15 "
4.15 "
5-15 "
(1.15 "
m "
10.15 "
Leave N. Van,
*6.45 a-m.
7.50   "
8.50   "
9 45   "
10.45   "
n.45   "
12.45 P-m.
1.45 "
J-45 "
3-45 "
4.45 "
5-45 "
6-45 "
7-45 "
8.45 "
945 '
to.45 "
'M.45   "
Table subject to
Leave N. Van.
*6.2o a.m.
•7.20 "
*8.20 "
9.20 "
10.15 "
11.15 "
12.15 P-m-
1.15 "
2.15 "
3-15 "
4-15 "
6.15 "
7.25 "
8.15 *'
915 "
10.15 "
11.15   "
on Sunday.
chan ge without
Leave Van.
•6.45 a.m.
*8.oo   "
•8.50  "
9-45   "
10.45   "
n.45 "
12.45 P-w-
1-45 "
2.45 "
3-45 "
4-45 "
545 "
6.45 "
7-45 "
8.45 "
945 '
10.45 "
Best buy for subdivision on the market. 22 acres,
Ironting on Pipe Line road. 1320 foot frontage on Lvnn
Creek. Contract let for street cars to property. I'riee
$400 per acre. Terms 12000 cash, balance 1, 2 and 3
Two lots, j i-3 blocks Irom boulevard, only $250
each. 1-3 cash, balance 6 and 12 months. This is a
fine buv. 	
Ki-.il Estate and 1- iii.i*u t il Annus
The regular session of the
board ol trade, held Tuesday
evening, was marked by a pleasant incident, in the presentation
of a live piece silver tea service
to J, R. .1. Murray, retiring
secretary, as an expression of
appreciation lor his efficient services during his tenure of office.
The details of the gift had been
arranged by President W. J. Irwin. The address of presentation was made in fitting terms
by Ex-President D. G. Dick,and
a suitable reply in acknowledgement was made by Mr. Murray.
Six applications for membership were received and the applicants were duly elected members as follows: J. C. Keith,
A. W. Sargent, G. W. McRae,
G. W. Vance, J. S. Drysdale,
Benson Gladwin.
The matter of an earlier ferryboat in the morning than at
6.20 as at present, was referred
to the transportation committee with the vice-president.
A resolution endorsing the
petition for the formation of a
local corps of field engineers,
was adopted and the motion ordered forwarded to the department.
President W. J. Irwin read an
able and instructive paper on
"Civic Improvements" which
called forth an extended discussion, the several speakers being A. G. Perry, A. J. Henderson, G. H. Morden, Alex.Philip
T. Martin, J. R. J. Murray and
J. G. C. Wood.
A hearty voie of thanks,
coupled with thc wish that tl.e
paper might bc published, wus
accorded Mr. Irwin, lot thc
Yet another eflort was decided upon through the transport aton committee, to induce tne Dominion Express to.
to establish an office in this
The matter of the placing of a
scries of letter boxes throughout thc city was referred to the
secretary, to communicate with
the inspector and the department.
A verbatim report af the paper read by President W. J. Irwin, will he found elsewhere in
these columns.
North Vancouver
Certificated Hurgical, Ma.li.-al and
Mai.-itiily Nuriaa
Narsn Suit Out on Apptcatlo-
For tarn.it apply at tlia HoapiUl
Cor. 15th Btroet i St. Aidrew'a Ave
We can handle ai many more!    II you arc thinking ol building
sre ui ind talk the matter MM
205 Lomilale Ave.
Nurtli Vancouver
Place your order NOW to ensure delivery
at Christmas
We handle nothing but the best and you will find the turkeys
ol first-class quality and prices right.
The Quality Store
Phone 40 llll Lonsdale
Editor Express:
Sir,—I hope the president of
the council may have influence
enough to get a governor-general's bronze medal Ior Charles
Lawrence,who headed the North
| Vancouver school last year at
thc high school entrance examinations. Alex Robinson, the
deputy minister ol education,
explained to the provincial
school trustee convention at
Revelstoke last winter, that the
bronze medals were given to the
places that sent up the most
pupils at the high school entrance examinations.
! North Vancouver, Penticton,
Lady smith   and    Collingwood
'each sent up eight pupils,   and
'are a tie for the last three
medals, as twelve other places
sent up more than eight.
Ladysmith got one of the
medals. The head pupil there
had only 657 marks, whilst C.
Lawrence got 729 marks, there-
lore he is beyond a doubt, entitled to one ol those medals.
Will all lovers of justice
please give tlieir honorable representative no rest until he
gets lhat medal for North Vancouver,
Intensive improvements arc
being made in the yards and in
thc methods ol handling timber
by the Seymour Lumber Company, Limited. A scries ol
sorting tables has been Installed, where the lumber is delivered from thc mill and at once
measured, marked and sorted in
readiness to be conveyed to the
piles. Old roadways have been
widened and new ones laid out
und planked, the lumber being
systematically arranged in the
marked piles on either side. A
company store has been opened
for the convenience of employees
and ol adjacent residents. The
volume of trade Is rapidly increasing both for local and for
export trade. The payroll now
amounts to several hundreds ol
dollars per day.
Born.—At Ilnllibutii, Capilano, on l-'mlav, Dtuiiibi-r 17th,
to Mr. and Mrs. Harmon, a
D. 0. SCOTT, Proprietor
A full and rump/etc lUick of Uroceriet
Fruili, Dairy Product*-, Flour and Frtd
Vtgrlablri, Ele., kept on hand.
Delivery mnde to all parta of tha ciiy
Cor. Keith Road and Mahon Hvniic
Phone 82,     Xorlh Vancouver
all kinals ol Mission and Antique Fund-
1 nro, Store, Ollice, Hank and Bar Hi-
tnrei.   Repairing in all ita bram-hea.
I'i'iinhihe aToiui.K
ITS Third 81. VV.. Bat.. liMiorO.M and Loa-daia
Oppoille ftahool
MAIL ORHERR given prompt attention
Look for the above trade mark,
the sign of quality, on your
cereal foods.
We manufacture the best
Rolled Oats
on the ma.-ket today.
Leave your orders with us for
Prompt Delivery
Satisfaction Guaranteed
ik. Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
limited. .
Lonsdale Avenue,
at Ferry Landing
Jas. Chapman,   loci
The diamond ie H "unyhnl nf MOMN, TIkiu((Ii regarded by
many as u luxury, ilB mil-Ill lul p riiiHiieni-t- und aver-in*
creating value, commend it tu ..in- thrift as will a- tu tln-ir
love of beauty
ln selii-ting diamonda, the numeroui grade, need never bl
confining tn ynu. In the purrhaailig nl | Hirkx' diainniid ymi
have llu-amnraiii'e.if iieciiriiig mily thl higlient .tandaril—
of securing perfection aa to ..Minn and brilliancy and Ire.'la in
from flaw- and lileiiii.hen of every kind.
Otirextiert knowledge iaaltVe aervitv of the novit-e, enabling a m-li-clion aa .alislat'lnry a.  ll.l In- made l.y  lh.'
connoisseur.   An I'ver-iiiireaaing |uitrunage orders genu, from
uu by mail.
Henry Birks & Sons, Ltd.
Gold and Silversmiths
Geo. E. Trorey, All cars stop at Birk's
Managing IHr.-.t.ir r
Chas. H. Cates
General Contracting
HEAD OKFIL'E-Rooms 12 and 18, FUckBlock
163 Hastings Street, W     TtitpboM MN
Or Cates'Wharf,  North Vancouver.     Phone 136
direct from the mines.
Place v'.iir orden now and
am lire vmir mnler'. inpply.
Large ihipmenta will arriva
in a few .(av.. Pricaa right.
Urge aup'pljr of WOOD
always on hand    ....
Hotel North Vancouver
Telephone No. a.
Cars leave ierry lauding lor
all points, as lollows:
•6.15 a.m.
•6-45   "
•7.20   "
7-50  "
8.30  "      fc
8.50  "
9.J0  "
9-45  "
Alter which cars leave at ten
minutes past the hour and twenty minutes to the hour  until
Not on Sunday.
Cars leave Lonsdale Avenue,
Keith Road, and Queen slurry
Avenue Terminals as lollowi:
•6.05 a.m.
•6.30  "
•7.00  "
•7-35  "
8.05  "
8-35 "
9.00 ■'
9.25  "
9-43  "
10.J5  "
10.55  "
Alter which cars leave ..t li\e
minutes to the hour aid iweu-
ty-Gve minutea alter lit hour
until midnight.
For Grouse Mountain take the Lonsdale Avtnue car. For
Lynn Valley take the Queensbury Avenue car. For Capilano
take the Keith Road car.
3rd street, cor. Lonsdale ave
carriage work
Tool Sharpening- a specialty
Expert on Fireplaces and all
classes of Brickwork
All Work Guaranteed.
Corner Fifteanth St. and Mahol Av
West Vancouver Motor Launch Service
Launch "West Vancouver," Captain Black
Licensed tor 35 passengers
U«t.a Wni Vtarourer !*•.«. hMM
Hnllrlnirn Wharf ' »v rmle.' Wharl
I verv Bai| Ivrrpl ftunday
7.3j a.m. H.ooa.m.
9.00 a.m. 10.00 a.m.
11.00 a.m. 11.00 a.m.
13.00 p.m. 14 00 p in
15.00 p.m. 16.00 p.m.
17.00 p.m. 1 H.tjo p.m.
19.00 p.m ftaturdaya Only 22 on p ni.
9.30 a.m ttundav Hched-.lt ■■» ' " 1""
17.00 p.m         "   1100 1' m
Quickest route Irom North Vancouver tn th.* district bwyond
Capilano River. Launch "Wist Vane invet" makes connec-
tions, without Iall, with the lerry steamers Irom North Vancouver, as per above schedule.
ti tin per and iip
Special rates to lain-
ilii<t and to regular
Sicohd Shut,   -   •   •   -   NORTH  VANCOUVER, ti.
\ i in Vaui ouvii, h C.
Haths OF StWCHHlOl I
Line v.-.ir $ 1.00
festivals ol lhe   race,   and   be-
i.niM* ill the liiaimi-r of its oli-
Krvuce, he would pn-nppow
lhc presence within it, ol forces
unusually intense and powerlul.
V'1 ''"''   ' j_     ll would be as iliipossilile lo de-
rbNa-monthi    •       • -Jo   . *
Vnileil.-tsle*-iiiia|liir,'iL,'ii,fi..rii||'i-rieur  U'lup such lui'-llllll)-  and  potent
 infhifflrt iroiii an uislitulioii in
TliMlia-f   DllPUl   AnvEKTisasiKNTi—
On irnin |,er nia'li ineli iii.erlia.n.
l.ailMIK N.,ril'Kia,  Kll'.—$1.00 |IIT llllll |KT
II    'lllll.
I uin im* liMUh.K N..rii'K»—30.1.IVH, ti; tillery, liuiii the discharge of I
to dayi, 17.80.
l.sa.ii iDTtinaiaa—First Imrlton, 10
,'enl. [»t Iini , Ml Ii lUbMqUMl inser-
ii. ii, ...  |„*r line
Iik, *;*,*. Norn te is I w u. Nun i aai
i ,ii.- ;n Miiia i" r 111.....i. li loMrtton.
i orriaci  Ai'11'i.n-.i -iim- - Km**- ar*
ran|**d actordlng lo tptta taken.
itsell weak or deficient, as it
would be to produce the mighty
reverberations lollowing the discharge ol a salvo ol heavy ar-
li wuuld be iBexpedie&t in this
article, to enter upon any analysis ol Christmas as an uislitulioii, but the presenl purpose is
seived, if, lo the variutis local
Ai;l'l„,„,,.,„,„llirai,i;„lier.i-,*,,.,.„ts ."-'lebratiulls oi lhe da\, Ihere is
BSD be in Uw liandiol lhe primer by added a culieeplioll ol tllc extended iiillucncc.the inherent dignity and worth ol this the greatest ul all Icslivals ol lhe human
Specials for   THIS WEEK
3rd Street
Is in   the public eye.
A 5-roiim house in block 129
for a cash payment ol $800 and
the balance as rent.
Price only $2700
West Capilano
See   us  about   acreage in  the
coming west end.
17 Nortli Vmn'otivt'r
492 \ in.' "tiiri
\Vfi.ii<,->..n evtmiugtoeiiiunj publication
in tii-1 dm 1 Imm.
NuKiii Vaui 01 m t, Die 14,
——     The   Kxpress   exlellds   to   its
'y°y Iriends   and   patrons    cordial
  wishes lor a merry Christmas.
Christmas   easih   laka   lirsl
The dosing   exercises lur the
i.uik .iiiiuiig all lesliv.ils which Christmas holidays, al Capila-
aie obierved by the human ran* Uu sihuol, took UH lorm of an
todav.   It U the one insUtution enterUinnieM  accompanied  by
' .   . ,  . the conventional tree, and won
ul .is kind, thai  can  claim   to        Uy ^^ bv ^^  am,
partake ol lhe nature ol .1 um- mends, who gathered to   the
Vtfial  listn.il   ul   lhc   hiimaii number ol over 60,    The chair
family. "as occupied by Kev. Davis ol
.,.,,   v      ,     ,   1     ■    ,   *,        Lvnn Vallcv.     The programme
lhe .\e\\   \1.1r   lestlval   lt   is        1 .  , ,      .,       uC
rendered bv   lhe  children    was
true, pri'sinlsieitainli.iuuisni _„h   inJuxell.     ()m,   ol   Ul,
international observance, bnt it  lcalurcs ul the occasion m.is ,111
is bi  ii" 1111,111s  su   widely   ob-  address by Chiel  Joe Capilano
siiMil as is Cluisiinas, an,', lhe on llis ™" u' KmK BdWtfd.
presence ul .lispalili  ol upiuiol,     Atl« ** 1>"^;"'"^' *** •£
,      * served,     lhe tables were prcttl-
amuiigsi the nsjieiiiM nations, *y (1,coraU.d alul wm. 1)r,si(|,(i
.is tu the dale lo lie observed,  ov,r by  Mcsdamcs Peers,  Now-
detracti from iti value, man and Hokbwortk,  The dis-
Chnsunas is uniformly   ob- l,i,,llU"" of *■ ___*_  """'
, ,     ,,    , • the tne m.is performed bv Miss
snwai b)  .dl   ll.e   ugnaiu   „,   „ ir|K,( Sfw£m iu lh, vluriU.
Huns ol the world as mil .is by   u** oj Santa Claus, assisted b\
all the lesser nations that unite Capt. Findlay of lhe West Van-
wilh  lliun  to comprise  C'linsl-  couver.     A vote ol thanks was
endow.   Japan coutiuta lhe j"10^(i bv ','1" L'V"" '""', u
(..  1 liompson    to  the   icaiher,
umpicuoui exception u. the ^ Su,(ll.  ,„„,,, whot( aUK.
firit portion of the above rtate- mpervWoo the   entertainment
mint, ami   ut   lhe  number   ol li.nl been arranged.   Thanks an-
Cliiisu.ui, hi Japan ia n,,w   10 ** a" tllllS1' "lui cootrilmti
A Christmai Hat at lowest prices.    See our ♦1.75, |:i..W and |Mi bats.
CHRISTMAS NOVKLTIKS-Fancyialinand velvet i-u-bion tops, hat pie,
match, wbisk and watch holdtv*.   Fancy pin i-iiahions turn tk, tk I" IMG
Store open eaeh evenind until ll o'clock until Xiiibh.
Saturdays 10 p.m.
MISS CURLE    "5 tWnMk Ave.   Xorth Vancouver
largi  ami su influential,  that
the observance ui Chrlitmaa in
In the success ul the 1111.1-.11HI,
and tu Keeve MiX,night, Alex.
Philip, J, I.,iwsnn, Mrs. IluliU*
lhat luiililn   bagitu  to  assume vu,rl|, all,|   Mlss   A|K(.   gtewb,
the ,c-picl ul a nallunal tcsln.il a* Mill as to the parents,   for
The null   racial nature   ,/presents (or the tree.   Th.- pr©.
,*,,,'                              , gnun bv the   children   was   as
thrutmai in iti essential qnali- f0n0„s
ties is exemplified (rou Um tact '   chorus.   "The  Maple  Led,"
that there ia practically no race recitatloa, Float] Ka\; reck*
ul peuple   ixlaiit,   ,,l   whom   a 1|"11'   l'""'gc   Newman,     sung,
larger 01 nulla  Dumber do i*"""'"A recitation, WUfl,
,        ,               , lliuiiipsiili;     snlo   and   iliurus,
not coniutenUj ob*rv« tins EmmiJot CapUtaoj rtdtaUiM
run.uw.ii.a* leitival,    L'ndema-|oMn Newman; redutioa, lien
bly, Cluisiinas ii potentially, ThontptwH; wg, Jnnioa Paplli
ilu liiiuusal leitival ol the hu* wdtatkai, 6wtfl» Petti; carol,
ma., race, inaamocfa as .is  ex- SwtoGirla;  rcclUUoii, Gwea-
in   1'ius;   iccitatioii,  Barbara
ponwu and repreienUUvei ,ne Twi|U.r; |Mf) ,nnioll Gir)s. n,_
i.'ini'i in mn nation and Dm- dudoo, Jim Turner; sub. ami
gm .nnl clime,    Notaithatand* chorus,   Harriet Newman   and
mg the widely  diursilicil ihai fkm Kay.
acta ui iiu   many   people!  by
WI1..111 Chriitmaa ai aa inaUtn- raPBRAL BUA8
linn   is   l.u.lu.ed,    theie    Is   all -,■,„,   |„||„w|11),    ar,.   „u.   ,,,11,
1111,1 al tta "i diviiion  as to whkh wen mon recentlj befon
li.iti   "I   Otha lealllles,    alld    a tile lluilse al (lltawa
correipondingl) sinking tuaul ~* •'ll '" «thori« the gn\-
,,,,,,    ,   ,' ,   ,   ,          , eminent ul Canada tu acquire
lull \     with    lespeit    lu    cull ,                  ,                    ,           '
1                        * bv  lease,  Inns ul  i.ulw.n , coii-
¥*** « "' *notytta ,„,,„„,  vvnh  lh,   *,,„„,„*.,,„,
'iln   .am    wlm   nmkntandi railwaya,    Thii bill waa befon
suiniwii.,1 of th, KienUlh valw ''"' ho°" prrrlonalj and amen*
„i I..,.,,,,,, iniiiiutioiu .11  ibe.. ,1,,| '" ""»»">»■'• <;' <l'«' «'•"'«•
An .ut In amend tin  intetto-
"l'":"n "' "" l'l,'i'l'"  '"  t« lonial ,\* I'm,., Rdward liland
earth, will readilj rnogniw tin KtUwaj   Bmploytai Provident
fact ihal tin ilm.-i.i.'   leitival Pmid act.    Conadered and  ,1-
is peculiarl* valuabh Irom ihii m"'M Osxmnt yth.
.standpoint.' Tn tin iilinusl __* «J "' ""fld ""■ J«" _
,,..., t niniiiiiiis act, tii govern the reliant to whuh any nl iimsi  111 ,,.,„„,,„„ „, ,1|lv „„.,„,„.,. (,k.lt.
ItitUtioni can be  Midi,   Clni-:- ,,1 |,„ tWO ridini-s.    First n.nl
lllas is llllii|lie.     ll is ,11 | ilass Illg Di 11 ihImT 7th.
u|| lls llU„ All net to amend the winding
,.,   , ,      , up act. First rending December
lhe independent Inveiligator, t-,
in  approaching  thl  UtrintUtai    An act to amend the railwav
leitival as au nistitiitiuii,Mould act providing ior ippointnMl
inst utalogM ns characteri* "'   loUcitot to aamlm eom-
,,        , ,,        , , .   ,,  plainti, iln- .ippiiintnieiit of ian-
.iiul llllll seek lol  sllll'a. lent !                                   , ,          .
itaTV inipei tors ami lor returns
i,.,*ii,s to ai.01,.,1 theiiior, In lho^taj   jnpjoy^,    fforkiBJ|
hit opinion,    It ii a gtnerallj over 1: honn .1 day,     tint
admitted propoaition that   iln reading December lou
extent and the iatcMitj ol thi s\tnetramctinganauluand
, ,,           111..        :. ii.. olleiiees .r.-aiiist tin person, 'Iln
llllhleliii   wlllill    lllllll.ill    lllslllli ,                ,*-                    1    ,
lirst n-ildlli-;  oil  Deulllber   I llll
'V"    "l""1      ''"'     "HllllKIS An    M{    ,,,,„,.„„,    ,|,(.     „,„,„,,
of iiii race, is nlwayi rominen ,,| daylight, providlu that (tm 1
inrate with the potency ol thou thi Bm Sunda) in April to lbi
lorcti which arc Inherent In Iiu i»sl Sundaj   In  Novauttat  In
fundamental prineiplMoi thc in- 'f1',', ,u'"' l,'"' '''""'f' Un>\'
' ihal I bi  "in  hour 111 advaiHe nl
stitiition itsell    Bacaaw ol the ,hl.  (;ul,Lil(1 ,„,„, „„„ ,,, „ ,
commanding    po ition    which |.,, , reading Decembei 1 tth
Chriitmaa occupiei anion;   U» An act to amend the Canada
P. S. THOMAS, Phm. P.
■kipping act.   l'irst reading on
Dm tuber [Jth.
An act to amend the criminal
code, providing that every nne
who takes an atitnniubile Inr
use without the consent >>l lhc
auvmr, is guilty nl theft, l'irst
reading December i.tth.
General Contractor
INIi, Kte.
KTt'„ BTO.
Oar jirircx arr ritjlit.
1 t»i..-» \u
17th Mi fi'i. North Vancouver
boots 4-Nd shoes
oeNTS' fOrN'SHiNgs
Our aim is to jifl satisfaction
to our ciistnmers.
Our delivery Roes tn all parts ol
the city. II you have no telephone leave your name ami
our delivery will call.
Telephone 41
Cor. 8th St  and Lonsdale
I. (). ()   K. 	
—— District oi New Westminster
North Vnncouver Udg,   No.
H, meet, .very T ursday even- Vamouver, occu-
mir, corner Lonsdale avenue and     ,        _i_. 1       1   .
»•• .     .a   iL~t    vi^.   palion cruisei, inunds to uppiv
First street, at fi o clock.  Visit- f .,..   ".,.
ing 'brethren cordially invited to
attend.      lvlwin Peers,  N. ('.
Thos. S. Nye, Ree.-sec.; .1. H.
Pilling, Kin.-ik.
Board of Trad*
for permission to purchase   thc
following desuibed land: About
400 acres.    Commencing   at  a
post planted Jn chains east   ol
the southeast corner ol Lot 568
thence  west  hn  chains,   thence
north 40 chains, thence west 20
chains, thence south Ho  chains,
North   Vancouver   Hoard   of thence  east  80  chains,   theme
Trade meets the third Tuesday north 40 chains more or less to
of each month, at 8 o'clock p. point of commencement,
m.    in the  board   room    City CROCKFOKD
Hall.    Executive meets the first
Tuesday of eaeh month.   W, J, WH. DALZIEL DUKE,
Irwin, president; ,1. G. Fanner, Agent
secretary. October 4, 1909. 9-19
iir./iiin"! .mil l'Innrnmili 1 iif at. Anilrrti'it t'htirrli
Tttichcr  nf  I'iniiti,   Voetl   tnul  Tlirnnj
ll *l,-irr,l Pniiil- |i-i'|mnd lur llu
TofOltO rii'Vfr.ily Kxaniiimtinn*
■i.n /i.m, sin,, I'hi.n, RfHf, I'ini''"iii'"
If I /.,.   >.l.i','   li.ai... I'llulir Smlli  I'niiiiiiiirr
Nnrlh Vanraiiivfr, IiiihiIhmi ,v Fri.lava,    lii-ii-rem-n: Iti-v.Mr. lullam
St ml inn:
Tht   Sherwin-Williams   Paintt   Corir   thi   Earth
Then we have
Clothes Wringers
Washing Machines
Carpet Sweepers
Asbestos Irons
Sewing Machines
Carving Sets
Nickel-plated Copper
Coffee Perculators
Tea Pots
Tea Kettles
Table Cutlery
And other goods, which would make excellent
Christmas Gilts.
Paine  <& McMillan
The Pioneer Hardware
The    Sherain-W illiami    Paintt    Coter    ihl    Earth
BURRARD SASH & DOOR I AC I OK V foot of St. George
We mlirit n Irial Iiiii H rour (Intern niiiiiII nr larp'.
North Vancouver Specials
DOUBLE CORNER, close to Grand Boulevard, size
100x147. Price JN75. J275 cash, balance 6, II and
18 months at 7 per cent.
LOT ON 10th STREET, all cleared, close to cir. Price
$5ij    One third cash, balance 0 and It,
jolt LOT CLOSE TO LONSDALE. fijo. t.85 down,
balance (10 per month.
C. E. Lawson
Real Estate Specialist ij Lonsdale Ave. Phone 70
N. V. Horticultural Society
Engagements, season I909--I9I0
Rverj Tuesday—Class.    St. Andrew's Society.
Dee.  17- Dance.     Merry Widow Cluh.
Dec, ,li-Daiice.    Merry Widow Club.
.lun.   7   Dance.    N. V. Fire Brigade.
Jan. 12—Annual Meetinj;     Horticultural Society.
dan. 11-Dance.    Merry Widow Cluh.
Jan. :S—Dance.    Merry Widow Club.
Feb. II—Dance.    Merry Widow Club.
Orlu C V. JACKSON,  13th Slreet.
b. TYLER, ftecretarij,
I.lll, lla-al
in tiiivn at liivvosl pii*!.      (live u. a trial lor
607 Hastings M., W. Vancouver, B.C THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
A Few Snaps for Profitable Investment
Safety       Income      Prolit
Call and see our Large and Exclusive List
Correspondence Solicited
North Vancouver
LAST CHANCE to purchas<*-at first cos'-The
remaining unsold lots in the following -.stales:
bounded by Lonsdale Avenue, 23rd street,
24th street, and Chesterfield Avenue. Convenient to cariine. Prices $250 and up per
lot—easy terms.
273.    6th street, 7th street and
Convenient to cariine.    Prices
Keith road.
J650 per lot and up—easy terms.
LOTS IN D. L. 544- "Harbor View" Tract.
(City) Prices $175 per lot and up—easy
Large list ol best buys in City and District to
choose irom—some oi the properties at LAST
Owners desiring to sell any or all of tlieir North
Vancouver properties can get quick results by
listing exclusively with us—il prices arc righl
Our record as to reliability, accuracy, and
prompt attention to the interests of our
clients has never been excelled and seldom
Acreage west ol Capilano commands ready
sale at good prices, and owners can sell for
cash by listing with us.
can have the benefit ol our Lirge and exclusive
list ol best properties in city and district.
Estates  managed - Rents collected — Insurance
(Incorporated A.D. iyob, under the Companies' Act 1897 and Amending Acts, with chief plaee of business in North Vancouver, B.C.)
Cor. Lonsdale Avenue and 5th Street North Vancouver, B.C., Telephone 15
COMPLIMENTARY BANQUET by the people.    Wlti-tln* a gov-
  eminent was good or bad,   tlio
Approximately loo prominent pt,01,ic titt—tit* wen- n-spon-
citi/.ens gathered round Uie ies- slbll. for ;t| [„r t|,ey mii(le ^j
tive board at the compliment- unmati(. governments at will.
ary banquet given by thc city Government implied the benefit
of North Vancouver, on Friday 0r t-le pe0ple represented. One
evening last at tlie Palace hotel 0( *.*,«. chi,,[ functions of the gov-
to the visiting delegates to the ernmcnt 0f B. C. was to develop
tilth annual convention ol the tj,c resources and potentialities
Union of B. C. Municipalities. 0f the province in all their di-
The banquet proved a brilliant versity ol timber, mining, lish-
linale to a convention marked cries ^j agriculture. New rail-
by a great deal ol work and by wavs wt.rc ihe greatest need ol
perfect harmony. The excellent the* province at the present time
character of the dinner was the \jj__ b. C. came to her own,
subject of general comment. The ^, would make nianv of the
cuisine was high class through- 0thtr provinces of the dominion
out, and the service above criti- look comparatively small,
usni.    In this his initial ellort
at such a function in this city,
Garden, Kit-Id and Flower Seeds—test-
eai .lock (nam the beat growers in the
Wire Keiu-ing and Gatm.
■pru tamps, Feriiiin-rs, Bm Sup-
inherent possibilities and natur-  plies, Onl Flowers, Spraying Materiala,
wi ii uvi.ur.ii laiiirs school
MtMtiC.lt. Builer and V.G. Crtbdwvll
l>pnrlmtntnni1 termi nlollowi:
K ' - ilur* urii'ii 11 ill |n-r month.
I'rrpHMfory. |6.0Q)ht miiiitli
.rinored.pMtVHOtt w Bolt!
rorproipocim.pto ,»|iii|y topo. Uu lift, or
nt (tit mlio.il,cor, laotiMUlu  Are. mnl 17lh Bl
For Fall Planting
lliillw Irom llie beet Kur,>|*i>aii and
Japan grmiere.
Iiuiiii- grown Iruit and ornamental
ire,-, grown OH up-laml soil willmul ir-
rigMwn, in the only part of the American i iii,. nl not infeatetl with Ihe Han
Jo*i- .eail-.
DOIU l\e»i minster Uoad, Vaiieouvar B.C
Brunch Nursery:   Suulh Vamouver
Kx-Mayor Cowley, M.L-A* ol
Chilliwack,   responded   to   the
Mine Host Reda has taken his tQast     He ,x,lk.ml  Uwl ,,  c
place in the foremost rank as a ___ lirst in t))e (|muinion as l0
caterer. inherent possibilities and natur- ■*<
Mayor   W. IL May   presided j ^^^    lh n[ani lo onr t„
over the proceedings,   and  was mttga,Qcent  agricultural  areas, tn-tt-tmodsj.
ably    seconded    by    hx-Mayor liluiud   somcwhat|   it   is   truei New 157 page Catalogue free.
Kealy as master of ceremonies. ,)ut unsu        i(, Q_ earth   for HFNRY
The toast to  the King  was productiv(,n,ss         He   gave   a ™   '*     Cl     '
given the usual hearty response concreU insUncl,   Q-   ,,u,           t Cm-nlio,,.,-, and Seedlionse.
by singing the National Anthem increasc in the markcl vahu. ()[
Coinmunicatious ol regret were limbcr limiu and (U.dari,, Ulat
read from Prciiiier McBride, L _x provincial asScls were in.
E. Tisdale, I. C. Wade, R. I . m.asillJ, jn m, ratio IIe as.
Sperling, t. Buscombe, A II. surt.,. l]u. m,m|)(.rs „( „,, ton.
B. MacGowan, Hon. W. L. Car- vl,ntioll that lll(ilvi(|„ai|v |H*
ter - Cotton, H* H. Watson, _mM ))(, lll(.1M.(, ,() (lo a,j ,,liU
Mayor Robinson, Mayor Kcurv, ^ iould lQ amy oul Uu. ,islus
and Alderman Planta. | '0f the convention as to Icftllfr
The "Federal Government li()U ,uu| mmi t,u.m lhat „K.X
was proposed by Reeve Byrne o wou,d alwavs n.a.iv(. a c0,dial
Burnaby. He briefly reviewed . t_A svmpat'hetic hearing from
the progress made by the do* tht government,
minion during the hie of lhe The .^ o[ R c ^j.
present government   making a 1^ ^
soecal relerence to \ ancouver, g« fifi^   Hl, fom.
spec _
and solemnly asserted that   he —j ,„,.„-,.■- Kfiv,rmm,„ ,„
expected to see \ ancouver  ah- £ ^ gj  &  w   ,„.,„
sorbed by Burnaby, by the tune .          •      ;sUn  aml ,hl. ^
the present government goes out |^ ^ ^ ^ ^ .
of power. organization of the nninicipali-
Alderman   Henderson ol  Mi- u£ int0 a union    ,0  RCt   him
toria responded   treating     he ly      •     d __A .„         ,r
subject in the abstract.        He »    ^ {q ^ gj m^.(in   ^
noted the fact that the Canadi-a      |;iii/alion ^  mu||ul.
an system «  government   was ^    ^               ,,,K,lt
modelled on the British svstem, ^ (,r,      „„[;,,„, ,,,,,„ Jl
with such alterations as w,-r, ^^J, ,n.  lip|,ruaching (t
retpnred   to   adapt    t   to   the ,.„,■-„■,.„„■,,, " ,„ «,,s nl opin-
needsoi Cttldl     lie riliirid .^  ^  M  riulllllml„,a,|„ns
to the great contentment of tl.e ,d ^ m^tM „, „„ v,in
people of B. C.   and dealt very ()1|s ((mmlls ,,,„,.„   „,,v   vu„
warmly  with  the  topic  ol  a l(>,1M,,,r,,M,v „,, ,,„„,„,,„„.
united Canadian people.
The "ProvincialI Government" "»«" ■*. F» '"'    "'  ' "'
was   proposed   by   Ex-Mavor union, in replying   ..llu- toast,
Kealv   who asserted that gov- P^ *  ••»   tnl...U   to   M,
S in the dominion of Can- scenery of   North   \amonv.r.
ada and  the provim is  ti  tlm	
dominion,   meant   government |      Continued on Page Six
Builders and
P. LARSON ii   prepared to
imr, Brick,
8and. Cement
And all kinds of Building*
Material in<|Utuititit.'ito tuit
ami at rrmonublo prices.
Tlie people l.ava
(MM il anit at
t'nder New IbMfMMM
•111 kinds ol Fresh l-'ish delivsreal   lllll
alio Poultry,   If**,   Vcietablio,   Kru.t
ft. 11 (MU,  M^na^rr
131 First Street, West
The Broadest  City  Avenue  in  America
This Boulevard is ill cleared ind graded, and its 14 garden divisions have lieen planted with
trees and shrubs.
Inside Lots, 51 x 140 feet or 150 Ieet, each I1000
Double Corners, (a lots together), 104x140 feet or 150 feet H1500
Cleared Lots In Block* Adjoining Boulevard, size 50xl3f
Inside Lots, according to poaition (700 to (loo
Double Corneri 1*1650 to $1750
Terms: -yi caih, tf in 9 months, tf in 18 months.    Interest on deferred instilments 6 per cent.
The position ol this property makes it ONE Or IHI BIS1 RIMIHMIU SUMMONS IN IHI
WORLD. With its southern aspect, open space, elevation, tna-fniturnt view, and all modem
conveniences (electric railway cars riinuin-* the whole length ol the Boulevard, 60 yards Irom
residence line, water and electric light).
Purchasers ire not obliged to build, but ill lots Ironting on the Boulevard are wld on
condition thit lor 20 years nothing but residences, eich of minimum cosl ol $4000 cm be built
thereon.   Thus the property is legally protected against depreciation.
Compare the above prices with those of other property.
North Vancouver real estate today offers unrivalled opportunities
to investors.
The City Ferry Co., will shortly build a new modern ferry boat
and make improvements in the landings.
The Second Narrows Bridge seems now to be assured.
Maps, price list and printed information as lo the City of  Norlh Vincouver  will be
supplied on application to
North Vancouver Land £* Improvement Co., ilt
Mahon, McFarlamd i» Procter, Ltd., Official Agents
District of North
To nt E^ctors
ol Ward Two:
In response to the request
ol a large number ol influential
electors of Ward Two, lhat I
allow my ranie to bc placed
in nomination (or election as
Councillor, (or lhe year 1910,
I lake llvs oppoitur.ily ol announcing thai I have deeded
to accede to ihtll request and
to respectfully solicit your vole
and influence in my behall.
Yours rcptcllully,
Continued from Page Five.
When viewing the beauties of
the Capilano he might have heen
carried away with the idea that
he was in heaven, had not the
presence ol Reeve Byrne at his
side reminded him that such
ii ,is not the case. He paid a
glowing tribute to the hospitality extended the convention by
North Vancouver, declaring ail
previous records in this respeit
had been surpassed. He asserted that the Union ol B, C. Municipalities had made good. It
had brought order out of chaos
and it was now recognized as
the best avenue for approaching
the government upon matters
 I   Reeve Dose ol Surrey, inforiu-
  ed the   assembly  that  all   bil
lur Hoot and Shoe Repairing three oi all the municipalities
in B. C, were now members oi
the union and at no distant date
there would not be one outside
the fold.
Reeve Evans of Salmon Arm.
declared that muniiipal government was the freest form ni
government in the Hritish Empire  today,      Liberty  is   its
and Custom Work   .   .   .
go to THOS. 0. MILLS
Pioneer Root Maker
Lonsdale Ave., opp. City Ha
In lii'.iliiiiiisli'r li iiiii llslncl
District of New Westminster.
watchword.      He assured  the
convention  that a hearty  wel-
TAKE NOTICE that Elliot jcomc Awould a"'ait llu'm * Sal"
A. Haswell, of Vancouver, oc- ,mon Arm nwt ycar'
lupation broker, intends to ap- "The Clly and District ol
ply lor permission to purchase North Vancouver" was propos-
the lollowing described lands: <->d *J Ma)'or Hal1 of ] lctorlat
About 320 acres, couimeuciug al He referred to the identity of
a post planted on the northeast interests enjoyed by the city and
coiner of Lot 1239, thence south the district. He pictured the
80 chains, thence east 40 chains, &ov.A.h of tlie city, which al-
theiice norih 80 chains more or though the second youngest 111
less to shore ol Horseshoe lake, B- C, had already all the fcat-
thence 40 chains more or less in ures of a thoroughly equipped
a westerly direction along shore modern city. The citizens
of lake to point ot commence- i«»l*.ht well be proud ol her re-
menj jcord.    As for the district,   be
'   ELLIOT A. HASWELL     ^ recltc,d J-J^jJ
]vantages  enjoyed by the north
WM. DALZIEL DUKE,      ,sllore)   mA  expressed   implicit
*&ef' | confidence in  the great future-
October 2, 1909
Roijdl Standard-
Tbe Miiilii'sl Product
of tbe Milling Industry
Made in British Columbia
from specially selectul wheat,
at the best mill on the Pacifii
coast, Royal Stand.ml will be
to vim uli.it ll h,is been tO
m.uiv-the delight ol vour kitchen, the pride ol the cook
And ilnn, too, in every 49H1
sack is ,1 uiiipun entitling the
holder to ,1 ill.une to win .1 [09
piece ilima dinner set.     From
11-met ol New  Westminster
which lies belore both lininiii
The toast was responded to
by Aid. McNeish, Schult/., Dick,
Young, McRae, and Councillor
Robson, each of whom clearly
emphasized some prominent feature of municipal interests.
"Sister Municipalities" was
proposed by Ex-Aid. W. J. Irwin, president N. V. board of
trade. B. C. is yet at the commencement of her development.
The development ol the provincial and the dominion governments must depend on the development of the municipalities
on    having
TAKE NOTICE that I, Angus Alex-
ainlt-1 t'rowston. nl Vancouver B. C*,oe-
, ii|.«u.*n, liroker, inti-nd- tn apply for
|*eriiii-fion |.. ]*iir. lnls,* tin- Inllnvving ile-
si',il„.,| laml —
I inpii.uiii al a |«a«l planted ubout
OM ami one-half mill* west of topofal
Hay, Ihenee act dirty chains. Tin-lire
ninth twenh ,'haiii\ thenee 1 an dirty
i-haina. thenee north twenty chain, to
point ,'( a.aiian, 11.* innil ri.iiiaiiiini!
i'i|ihly aeri'n MM tf Im. ^	
AIOU8 ALKXANHEK 1 ROWsTON He dwelt briefly upon the res-
iw.lfth Ronabv, IM 1M4 ponsibilities and the opportum-
  tns   ol    municipal    govern©!!
could  not  but  result  in great
rENDERS are invited by the  an,i lasting good.
North Vamouver City Fertile ,   Reeve Laby of Saanich,   was
Ltd., (or the construction of  n  called upon  to reply  to   this
double end steel ferry Meaner, toast.
ihs feet in length, with m foot     "The  Ladies"  wa.s proposed
I't.im by Rev. B. H. Baldcrston, in a
For lurther particulars apply  „',,al ancl entertaining speech re-
_ to the  subscriber,  with  whom pl,u* m --lowiiig tributes to the
the duplicates ol   the  numbers u"'lm ,mlsl k> lo(1H   '*(ore 'air sex, not forgetting appro-
in llu MCk, lui ,111 drtWfl e.uh  i; •**• "°011 " the Imt day priate reference to the high re-
month,     li \ou have lueii   (or- —  Liiiu.irv, 191a     The lowest lationships which  they  sustain
tun.it, enough to Heme one ol or __ hl"ll'r not swrntthiVf to mankind.
tins,*,   ,,   handsome  dinner  set ""P1"1- Angus  Cameron   and   Reeve
will be sent nui im nl dune,    '^" enwopee sh.ill m eddne- HcNaaiht responded, the forin-
S.im your ii'mpoiis,   and   insist   s'd tn the suntarv ol tin-uim-  er causing the  worthy   muniei-
^^ Royal    Standard  pauv and marked, "Tender   (or pal representatives to sit up, by
Ferry Steamer." asserting   that   he  looked  for-
II. E. KEMP,        iward  to the time   when   the
BecreUty ladies would be seen  upon   the
Vancouver, 11  C, Dec   is, l«M : municipal councils,    ^^
Reeve McNaught look issue
— with this position in a mild
way, and in humorous vein and
iharaiterislic manner totted
tin assembly to an entertaining speech.
"The Press" was proposed liv
P, Larson, who considered himsell entitled to some distinilion
because he had first suggested
the name which wa.s ultimately
iliosen for the local paper "The
Express." The toast was responded to by the press representatives present.
The musical items were a feature of the evening. The orchestra rendered molt acceptable services. The quartette
singing of the "Parish Glee
Singers" Messrs. P. Ward, H,
V. Smith, Ja Alexander and W.
I). James, delighted tin assembly. The piano solo bv Mr.
Smith was greatly appreciated
and the popular songs by Reevt
Hargreaves brought down the
After a vote ol thanks to L.
Reda. proprietor of the l'al.iic
hotel, the company dispersed.
Manufactured by
Have Ion Rm TIh'Ih?
A. t.  IIIOM V*
I'" I'.-x IU In, Ul 2nd it., E
II nnl. vnn really
laa  .,*,*
The "G" Brand
Grained Clogs
• IVII.      IX'.IM'lla
CJiian-ltr surveyor anal Arehltwl
iisni n
I. K. Bonnet,     6J Lonsdale
Thick Ml I ileal. Warm, I
miai Dry,     Meii'a ni Vonw'i
Tin- "ii"  llrnml ('Ini:. art
known in a]nod entj umld
nf tin-(Mil (iniiitiy
Tlii.ii-aii In.if IVMimmiial..
Tetuatt  K.iii la. r., I mi,*
llaa'ai,   I'tlv.ra, 1'Hrrv,ni'ii, Kiiil*
tan iini. ban  Lnnbtni-aa .ii'l «n
aaailai.tr TOftm lll| llall |,r.l.c
una 1. wii.) n u.l lanri    h-
1 - logi Blair, Tli,*, an ,i'iy
n.Mn .u.l MMBlorlabll,    Sluml,in 1
lil,** 11, l-f willuiiii lluni In annt,*r
Il.i,- aa,.ril llii'ln BOH Ini IWO yt-.ra"
(«t,,r.*a «■ 11 ■ f. 1,.* 11 in taan Hr i„i.)
H. J. K\Ullt\»1
t <*.l VBIiri'ilTP,
V. C. Tircman is having met-
ed an ollice building on Lonsdale
ave., near the lerrv landing, for
real estate purposes.
Your Last Chance to Buy in
We have a few of the 50 x 111 high level lots still left,
a few days will see the last of these at $175, quarter cash,
balance one and one-half years.
We can assure you that the bridge across the Second
Narrows will be a high level one, the terminus on the north
shore will be in Burrard.
Consider the prices of lots adjacent to the ferry landing
in the City of North Vancouver, and remember that Burrard
will be closer to the City of Vancouver by two miles and
many minutes.
Can you appreciate the possibilities of Burrard ?
t Wt MacLeaD
Pender and Richards Street, Vancouver THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
CIVIC   I i\l l> R O V E M K N T 8
By W. J. Irwin, i..       id r.t thl rce *i Trade.
North     Vauiouvir    possesses
the requisite Datura! advantages essential to the growth   anil
development ol a city ol peal
commercial and Industrial lm*
be th" i.i.a,i potest ami efiectivi contain adequate provision! lor
oi all thi civic wurks that  art an equitable lysteffl oi local lim
within our power, In enabling provement, applicable and wit-
North Vancouver to Wcure the aide to our requirement! as to
greatest niimbci of good sellleis street  improvi ineiils,  sidewalks
and home builders and capital ami sewers, whereb) the cot ol mute or pay In caah at
A magnificent deep-water to proceed with other and diver- iuch improv
sinking fund necessarv to p,i\
oil debentures at end of term.
13. City, out of general lund
iprovides for cost ol nuiiiun-
!ance of improvement of itreeti
and sewers.
14. Cost of street Intersection!, bridges, frontage ot city
property, as lirclialls, parks,
etc., and other non-assessable
property, and preliminary improvements as trails [or btiild-
ers, borne- out ol the general
15. Right of owners to mm
Uiv tlllll
illients shall lie uni-
hailior of ample proportion!,
adequate not only lor preient
shipping requirement!, imt also
capable oi accommodating the
larger types of st'amcrs that
will ho doubt soon ply Lhi waters of the l'acilic. Engineering skill has during th' last lew
silied enterprises essential to as
nermanent upbuilding.
Hut in ore luggesting a remedy, 1 would ins'   Ine't  your
attention to some of ihe 1
in", conditions
1 -. this province tin itatutes
r municipal clauaei act do nm
their proportion of assessment
lormlv assessed against the pm |6,     In eases of sewers ordin-«
perty benefited b) smh Improve* arj lateral! charged to Ironting
in an equitable and im- property whiih can he accom-
partial maliiier, ami thai   such modateil liy sueh sewer In   pro-
charl   amendment,   il   ap- portion lo lineal  leet   Erontagl
proved In  tin ebcton id North (,|   such   properlv   and   animal
Vancouver,   he   forwarded   to payments corresponding to hie
Victoria lia the Initial ipprOV" ,,1 u,,rk as la street wolk.
yeara enabled the conatructlon p.,v,n am fiud rule 01  law _ '""' Sillull(m "' tlu' P»»i»|   17-    Harbor outkti ami n
of   ocean   iteaaabipa    win ii regulating the necwiury proced- tui. P"1"*** al UlL' tol"m* ew capacity ol sew,,- mams,
would have been denned an en- Uic ami tn i 1k.iI of  levying   tin  st'-ssl011' -11"1 ell over and above mst   ol
glueing impossibility, even aa reipective   proportion! ol the    Thi   work ol drafting   thli ordinary lateral generally de-
riceiitly as len years ago, and Cusi_ 0f ruat|s all,| iewerage in amendment, sliould be eommeii- frayed out ol lhe general fund,
it may reasonably be expected relation to Ironting property" nA aeaooR ai acompetent com- amount equivalent to ordinary
that withm ihe next dei,ult* na* but contain an outline ol lever- mittee of ratepayer! could be lateral charged to fronting pro-
nil drawing m> to jn let of ai methods and modifications tsittoi or appointed lor. that perty
water will be no uncommon thereof, either of .vhkh.ir. chiea purposei -Is W*s ptesent unsaiis- )a.
light in this harbor. whiih have no ipeci ! 'iierlcrs, 'SCtory state ol aflairs is in
2.   A townsite vi magnificent the council is at liberty to foi- tolerable, aad wi have no ut
Vancoaver Business Directory
W, T. STK1N ft CO,
319 Peader street, Vancouvei
North Vancouvei
Groceriei and Proviiiom
and Kii ti|
116 Haslin
Delivery Tt
i„u  IC
Uusiial Director
413 Granville street.
Vancouv 11  i'i
11, i and ,| Blkl' Ha.., Cor
: I GraaviUa Struts
ta   ,'iineiits.     Phoni
A   M   HI-ATTII-;
66 Hastings street west
is the only auctioneer who will  ,,, „
ili      .1       1   •    ' lauos
pay spot cash belore the sale is
Phoae tb)
U. W, WAIT! * CO., Lil).
5jR Granville Slreet
• Talking Machines -
tlusic lioods
The oldest music house iu 11   C
proportions and exceptional
beauty of situation and environ
mint, and supplied with the
purest water of which there is
an inexhaustible supply within
low, bin subject to terti in pro- suraace that there will be  .my
visos and regt.l.r.   ns, ami   our improvement   unless   we  apply
mi   uiiioniin.ui.-,   having no this, ■« »oet Active expedie
charter provision dealing   with "ll available.
-lie importanl luVd-Xt   it there- Alter smli charter provisions
(ore rests soldi with Muir iiti became law, no council, no uiat-
council to tukc the initiative or ter how injudicious or
The frontage assessment
in anv given wweiage diitrict
per lineal foot frontage is eipial
Equitable redaction as to corner
lots with double frontage.
The various local improvement systems as now in vogue
in a vast majority of all the
towns and cities of the civilized
easy reach.
3,    Situated within lhe choic- council to take the initiative or ler how injudicious or deficient portions of the world   are   lhe
est portion ol the province tliat Other ise as 111   heir judj   cut in  experience,   would   dare   to net result ol the experience  of
possesses the greatest wealth m Ihey ma) determine, violate it! pioiisions but would centuries.
natural    resources,   diveriiiied Your council can ttgallv P*** '*' "lau-riallv assisted and prac-     The advantages ol this s\ stem
and beautiful scenery   ai.-i   Uu- a bv-iaw providing lor"loe„l 1111- ticully guided in these, the most'may be summed  up   briellv   as
most healthful  climatic   cadi
4. With a tributary te, I "\
embracing millions of a.res of
the best tanning and wheat la" i
OU the North American cor'incut.
5. Located in that peculia'
strategic position best  adapted
to commercial requirements 11
the principal gateway   ol   commerce and industry on lhe'I'.n 1
tic Coast of Canada.
IS. Two new Canadian transcontinental railroads 11 addi
tion to others from the .south,
provement on streets, and lev,
tin   untile cost  oll  the  h',,1   iug
property benefited, or tlm can
contribute out of the general
lunds of the cnv anv amount
up to MM half of the cost.
Tlm 1,in legally ;,s often u
i!m wish u*y the procedure on
d'liu nl street! by making the
ow.ia ,s ot ironting property iu
some Instances bei r .di the mst
and 'i'.i instances contri*
but'.ig one-hall of tlu cosl out
oi i'.' general luml, no matter
nn manifestly mil,iir ami 1111-
uist Jus lack of unilormitv 111,i\
heading   towards   lliis   harbor, term to you
and llu -probability of railroel .-.„, |,*r-l„ Ml,c>c is app,,., r„
te.mi.ias  being cstab.n hed   n K- „,, Klw ,,  prevent your conn
North   \ ancouver  m  thc
in tiie v\*ry
tn-ir future.
• iierelore, North Vaniouver'.
destiiiv as a comitier ial LUi .1 ►>
polls seems fully assured b) tin-
numerous natural ailv.ui.agis
whiih it undoubtedly po sism
Hut the measure of greatuiia
and lhe earlv reali/ation there-
of, must Ik- largely Attn idenl
on the willingiiiss   and   ahi'n,
eii lr-iin defraying all the cost
ol street wolk OT ... wcrs out  oi
the general fundi of ihe city,
pi vtdiug the] do not exceed
iln- tu revenue ol the current
v, ir.
Theie is no legal obligation
compelling j onr council to i.m*
'sul, 1 Ion Ior
itreet  Iraprovcu tat  > r a
important duties ol their office, follows:
vi/., the   procurement   ol   good      ,       \,'.M\,   owm.r   ,s   aSMr,sed
mads and ,ulei|iiate saniiatioii.   0„iv  j,,,*  tia.   acluai   itnprove-
I.OCAI, IMPROVEMENT     ***>- - i,0,n uf 'lls l'r"l^,v
111 proportion to tlie lineal leet
The  local  improvement   svs- street frontage pro rata for the
nm as to itreeti and leaen is block or blocks improved.
110 doubt fairly well mid istood     :,    These assessments as pa\
bv most ol nni, but in order to able in easy annual instalments
make 11  more fully understood  unless the owner wishes to 10111-
by the lew   who   may   nr 1   lie mute b) paying ca-.li
familial with its proviiioLi   1    t.   Owners an- not aaeeeeed
would briellv outline some ol for the improvements in oilier
its principal features which may parts of the city which do not
be stated as lollows. beiielit them.
1.   Owners of property in eny    *4*   The general tax rate 1*-
lilnek  or  number oi  adjoining kept at tho lowest.
blockl have the right   oi'   peli-     5-    The general  indebtedness
tiohing Hie council for-slreet or oi  the city is kept at a mini-
sidiivalk construction work.       mum.
,     Th, om.ml   mav   ri,|„i,e    _    Improvements are obta.,,-
ihat owneri representtu  „,„■ able as soon as rcpnred mi pe-
„„,* hall tin propert) Inthedfe   uiionolmajontvoi mn
triet   sign   iln   petition  belore
aciing thereon.
I.    The council may lake llie
initiative il tliey deem the work
alia-olutelv    necessary   lor   pro-
11 ol health or Irallic   ri
ot, llie w.l.ingniss   ami   aiun,   ^ ,,ltl u a ul,,   ,*;„ ,,  , , ,„   although    a  'IT',,,,
ol our e.t./ins to perion  tbeti ,,, , ,„,,,, ,iVaius   dU si    , mn]i).av ,, owner| l!() 1Hll p,ti. «l 109*.
am block or number ol adjoining blocks. The elais ol stiat
improvement work is superior
under local improvement while
owners are paying lor same as
loinp.ircil with teiiiporarv mud
roads defrayed out of the gen-
mpecUve civil duties ;■) . t u
telligent and ellective 111,1-rer'
At ihe present stage li our
citv's growth there are two
iim essentials oi primary im
pertaace, viz Good ro.. is
ami adequati laaitatioii ind
an\ lu.tlui delay or failure 11
providing  these esselit.  ll 'illlst
continue to retard se.li
During Um pad yenr, "bm* '■ «s
one ol gnat protpefity ti   .'ii;h
out the dominion,   and    	
pheiioiiiuial growth   and   rapid
settlement in the ii,ly ol   .
couvir   and   suburbs,   .1     und
that Nortli Vancouver v as not
In   am   means the    'i"i I
shoiilil   I,ale been with  till   b.llk
ol hoiui'seekers and sitllers  and
a die did pri ten nee was
by both investor and setlli 1 loi
am   ol  the suburbs ol  \'  W n -
vei however remote.
li.at lllis singular -.tati   il .il
lans existed during  the  past
\,al,   alld  llow   islsts,   i,  *
verified by a trip of hupectiot
ami Investigation throngL ims,
i,'.|a,,iiie districts
The Important queetlon i
IS how   to relliedv    ihes        ilor-
: majority
to pay ail tlie cost tion,
'  Uie tto'k. 1.     N'o;ia,> , 1  cilun' . 1 tin
conn-alls  oi propond work, the estimated
voluntarily a(U<pted a local in. coit, the charge  agalnil   each
provement s- ,U"i by a hid. th lot >r pa eel '•'■ land, and  tat
.an.   (corresponding
1   ". ..1 ■. «,ii: ii., life .a ll.e mi*,   ever
ji the , v hieh the payments erill be di
cost ol street inti date ol  ihe
'lairia',, rs, 1 n miii 10
'lie geiiiral luml o. ac of property  iu thi
Vour  couni I . <•'<'■
Owners obtain the improv, nu nts wlnn thev are re-
qnired, Instead of waning (or
uars perhaps ior the election ol
a p.ini-,111 win. may favor their
particular locality.
S.      The  surplus  revenue   de-
\  irom  ordinary   taxation
■•amid ir ibeoluteh inadequati
to delrav lhc cost ol lotisliu.i-
l'-u'' ing lirst class mads. sidiwalU
(lls"  ami sen,rs throughout thl
oi North Vaiuuuver lor a pro
bARrilSl IHi
r     1 i i
Barrister*, Soliciloi.s, etc
S. D.
W. I.AUl.'l    1
104-ios Crown landing. .n __*, „
,. J,     ,. * All work iu
15 Pender S: reel * ,
J ... . Consultation lice
Phone 90O 4y Hastings stiea v..
SchulU        C.S. Arnold 0pp \
Kdiletnes Bath
Corner Homer aud Pender Sti.
lMl'l-.KIAl.   PHOTO   -STUDIO
Family Gioup Specialists
A. SAVARD, Propi uini
The only up-to-date aud reliable bath houae iu Briliah Co-      U1)llHt s,«^3 P" doIen
lumbia- I
Wi  cure  when   others  fail   C
Satisfaction   guaranteed or no
pay. Plain baths, electric bathi,
shower baths, massage for body, icalp aid lace; eleitro ther-
apeutic haths a apccialty. PICTURE FRAMING
Graduate of Berlin, German  Uc smVtS the laigest stock   ot
'   mouldings in B.C.to select from
so when you want framtai
cheap and well get oui  price
540 Granville and 13S Cot
Business Institute
$3! IU»tings St. W. 	
Canal*'* Qr**«t*t W**Urn School   ||||
R. J. Sprott, B.A.,-- Manager
Bii.siiH-ss College
632 Seymour st., Vain ouver
Day school open  all  the  real
round.    Night school commences September 8th.
GSIROPUCTIC —I "Kl-TO-prak-llk" J
t liini'ia. In !■   |M •■'I'* I" ■■
M UM   reiiut* the  HUH
in to |>aiiii 1 IT in-- - ill.     ill.
u.iiiv, ro
Hon in.,
GEO. 11*  lli.'-Vll 1  uj
Mr,i.Mn nir...!... mm
ni». ...SlATt
Keep )our eu  oil
For piuiiiul.iis appli to
Phone His      ii" limner S-
Otrtcii't A.tNLtts
aie all                                         Court  ol revision (held babk period of fifty years, con*
radii. i\ i'n.u.ni Irom that "i nol earlier than ya dayi sltei Kcjoantly local iuiproveineni is
a.i such notice) providing iin oah avnOnbh method thai
opportunity  to  an)   OinUI  to will fullv meet our reipiireimnts
MJ   Objection as to iliac- 4        ,\IU     available    surplus
nu,in oi measurement  or as- lr,,m ,,nation tonrcei i.m b,
sessiiiiiil, eti'.. and aiso tight oi fjectivilv used for strut ina',11-
the 111 yeara In
ri ipe ; 1      liich no new local
in ■, ia,.     ;.      fj  v,,,s under
taken,  althoi',:  1 1 oniiderabl •
1,1.,. rity ol own  *• .*- 1 beioi
thi 11   .in I 1 limiu * ai'  out of
itreet improvement  - nrt  mrj
defrayed  ont   ol   the  ,11.   d
fundi, lottte oi the work b
oi   .1
vi.ar under lo * I Unprovemi •
1 '.lie tinm initancei to
tin utter Incongruity   and  ,111-
iainiess oi the *.;, stein ior lalh-
1   absence  01  system 1   um 11
*     "a h   OUI   llll     il   low     MlllCllI [',
ils progress retsrdi ' and 1 da L
Canadian Detective lluieau;—
Ollices eeerywl
\\. W. WKI.SIl
General Superiiitendiir.
sui.i ar  n.ilnn
11   thi
majority to itop any propoacd
n.n',,, anlcai majority hi
n*.nh   signed  m  favor ol  ilu
wnik, or unless absolutely near) ior sanitation or traflii
i"  1. il 1 urpoaes, in 1 hlch  1 ■ ■•   *"i 1
on  ma)   proceed eith
tnnate condition! and I"
again placing North Van.omct  ^ 1.. 11 (1 ou ihe hmi,
tnre in this respect
Till-; REME1Y
Keeping In viea the '. tat *
sidiiiti.il, indnatrial, ai 1 c.iu-
'II ni Its lulu its rightful position ll the
first favorite ol the home seeker
and the investor, and rn lining
and holding our tampornril)
till* of "The Ambitious
and l-'.nterprising City.'
It is not mv desire to criticise
lhc powers that be, or ini'itf « tbi mati u rj
the causes that   neiessar.l   n  end iewerageimprovementi.ind
suited in the failure of onr u   ,  the ffltin absni.e at p.iset.l ol
0ffidall as to   the   installai'   aa   ST;   UXed rule or law Kove, „-, .
,,| .,t least   the   lirsl nnil ■* 1 tl»' I"1""'""' •""' equltaW
isweragi   lyetem,   end i lair swsment
proportion (J good mads pro- proyemenl
pany jiiaiailallii/ed   during    the
a orb
I,.    Right ol Owners t\  inch
court oi revision to appeal to
judge oi supiiiuc imirt.
7.     Ilieislon ol   rotttl   "I   h
vision   lniai it no   ip'pt il       Iii
. .1 ' ni app .il deciiion ol judge
Tenden i" be duK idver
t,n,mee work, msi ol Intersei
lions, bridges, wagon trail
linilders, lire and poliie depart
ninii. providing Usee in not
unreasonably hem id
10.    Tin local Improvement
sislein 1 get what  vou pa\  lor,
Atuliisoii .v Hilton, Proprii
Dyeing, 1 leaning, Pri
i.adns' iln m s, mkt,  Incee a
Agmis, N,ittli \
IblkM.ili Iliuli
M'i'liillK^   I i-l,-I...1...       .'.
440 Sevmoui Street
KI'.Ai. i
181 \ii.;, KAMAOXD
nu iksi i-
R. KcD II "io. iir - - - Manage!
a   »'JIUf«'S
All Korth Vom
eat at
Owneri have rij-hi ol pri
as to taking contract  at
,,.,,,.,1 ,ie. iiiii ,i .nu .1.    ., 1 k» fig«» than lowe#1 tendei ,1
o,,r immediate   responsildllties they eonslite tender too high,
10 Cost   ill   work   as
excepting it In nm provided)
.I'.unst  fronting   propert]    m
proportion to
age of property,
11 1), bi lltlires   issued     lol
inin ol years corresponding; to
.  a,    I        Ol
1 lis
.slid, HI,
aili',1   ;
prist   vear, but rather to place
baton you In brief oatHne i
lew suggestions as to llu BIO it
feasible method ol procuring mr
nn, on to .1 na on.ibl, extent,
the much desired public im
pun, tin nls iiiid I ma)   -iv ne
,1   uns, vi.*.., good roadi  and
that ihiiih liete steps In taken lift d work ind drawing four
to formulateathe necessary chw> to live per unt. Interest, based
ter, or charter provision*, or oa the security of and chargi
amendment to act of incorpors able tu. the property actuall;
nun thai will idequalel)   pr-i benefited bj tucfa work, deben*
vide I '  ind othei mat cri tures  (urther   gutraateed   b)
1 importanci   H) Uti <in ,,t latge,
ilil   ol  North  Val"oiii,| tit)    triasiiiel    CoUeCl *
That -mii charter, or amend uinuall) as ■ separatt 01 s|«
and pav for what VOU gel    lidi
in clearing uvu poliliis nl
uns so objectionable that lotw
ol the most ellu imi mi/ins ab
solutelv iiiiis, to Ik' candWati
tor uvu bonon nndii  eai
unlair conditions
II.     Removes the pussllilli: \
ol sitspiiion ol partiality or In
voritism ou the pnrt ol coUUiili
who ale allowed to lis, tin Rttl
In  inotievs of the whole I It)  '.1
tb fraying the entire "isl "'s| 1,_
walk or street improvements in
anv one or more lOCalltil I
ll. Every dollar properly expended iii procuring good itreeti
Imcal* i.'i 1 from' --id, walks and leweri iddi N
lhe average at hast five dollar!
to the calm- and lakabllit) iif
property thus improved,
ipienlli  ov. iia 1    an H.nl\    HM
willing  tO assume   the   lost    ol
uih beneficial Iraptovetn
IV Third sinii imieasi
I,,.ns mn ilns .irguiiiini when
.rn cxpi'i'iituK  of about
pel |i,t  (oi  III   pn   .minim   lor
malted In na It
LAOIIS • HAIR OP.C SSI NG |, \t]() \   \ K1)'S
I the |n>und
(.cntlinan'     Win sullu wiih cb of Haul*
mills in tin head through bald itreet, op|      •   tbi  sen
1. Inn   imt  can •    1 fi     Ollice .. Ils hii
Well   tilling   loup.i   ,.|   , villellt
workmanship   ai    1   Dodtfat
price Call   and   ii'lisiill   mil
I'mipu makei 11 ioii ai,* in need
ol one. A laige lelectiou ol
puiis, braids,  transforms*
it,   ,   alwavs  III   '-link.      Mlalli
poolllg,    hilldli ssillg.   lll.n
mg,  sialp  treatmenti
massage, etc., at
English 1  i.iiiu.'ker,
imtrrml lor »illi lad ■■
sanitation, which will I believe ment to ait ol Incorporation  cial tax, amount of interest and |    Continued on I'age Might.
W. H. -5T0NEY ®. CO.
Sign" nf i'\> r\ ilificription
Wtllpaperi I'
Home l'aintiti| Oluing, Pipw Hai.
lleniritini;, tltt THK EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, B. C.
Concluded from I'age Seven.
of over Shoo per lot from Mahon
ave, to St. David's ave.
14. It is dearly to the interest of the citv at large to secure good streets, but the means
of financing the mst should be
lair and equitable and local improvement provides the best
svstelli Ml discovered
15. II you wish to see good
streets and sanitation in North
Vancouver during the life ol the
present generation it musl be
evident ihat the local improve
ment svslein oilers the only el
liitive means ol gratifying that
lh. The direct benefit ol attracting the better ilass of Mt 1
lers because oi superior Improvementi would alone justify
its adoption.
17.    The Indirect benefit! an
numerous I will cite mie lor
example-. In cities where local
improvement is lhe established
custom owners ot large tracts ol
land when subdividing generally
open roads, construct sewers
and sidewalks before placing the
propertv on the market. The
reasons are obvious.
Contracting. —. For all kinds
oi teaming and team work, land
clearing, ate, I). 1.. Mclntomi-
ney at 132 ist street cast, or
P.O. box 84.
WIDER! M tliat by the City
Council lor tin- C'.nstruciiain ot * Derail
torv at tlie  Fire -l»t'.on mi IStfa BtlMt.
and   11   K,aiir   ROM I   OstHfl at   tin-
W«t,*r Wurk- Intake, lyun l'rei-la
Plan., :|.rritic-.tninH, and -bavtafi
may U- olitniw-'l al the SMH of the un-
drr'si-iiiiil, uilli «limn tender- nimt he
lodftd     r l*.i""-. I nYliK'k  |i.ni. on
Mnndav, 3rd.Unitary
Tbc ImH "i any ti-mliT nnt MM*
parilv ari-rpii'l.
Citv Clerk
Don't forget the firemen's ball
in the Horticultural hall, Friday, January 7th next.
.1. Cuiniibtll Hope, C.A., Cal.
1st Street, E. of St. Andrews
Smth Vancouver
Office 336 Hastingt St.     Vancouver
Pianos &0rgans
Tuned and Repaired
Satisfaction Guaranteed
"P,gw*ll" 14th st., w. Forbes ave.
P, C. will receive prompt atten-
t    a
Ornet:—Burrard   S-.nati-.rium, 1010
Gear-da it.. Vani-onvor.
Bansaes P«o«« number 144 North
Wishing All
A Merry Christmas
Prosperous New Year
General Contractor
Un.l Olaarmii, Mump and Kink
Blutmi* Gitra rtr* near honx*.
All  im*>|i'. made 1  -I
.- •  -a*       ' - -■ mt 1     ..•■!•   •
I- ,1   Ho. 11
Everything you require in Sheet Music, Musical Instruments ind Accessories can be obtained at
Which has now been reopened under entirely new management.
Heintzman & Co., Starck, Walworth and Martin Orme Pianos,    Karn Reed Organs
Victor Gramaphones and Records
Address-443 Lonsdale Ave.
Phone 144
Cleared Lots
In Block 35A, D.L. 330
These- loti art all oa gradedatreeti. Ia fine aiifhborliootl.
Clou to park ud graad bonlivard. Wat-*, tslipkoai, •liatrii light.
Prices $600 to $700
usv terms
103 Cordova Mnrt, Vancouver, B. C.
r, o. BOX IN.
Come to U6 for the money ana repay it
to euit yourself
iai Lonsdale Avenue
<#♦#■»»♦•♦■•♦ ♦•♦>♦•■>#■>•♦ ♦«♦■»♦ Hnn»t»i'm>ii
Xmas Fruit*
Good Fruits will five your eike thit peculiar
good flavor aad when cut will show that you used
the best.
Wi hiva tki foods 70s teat ud onr prle«      J |
ar* right
J. A. io M. McMILUN
»>ft»OfM«f !•!•♦»♦ ♦»♦»♦»♦•♦»♦ f ♦•♦•t>4»»
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There is not the slightest doubt that North Vancouver Realty is coming to its own.    The vast possibilities of this magnificently situated city are being recognised by the leading businessmen of the continent.    Now is the time to buy before the spring rush.
Here are a few good buys
Lot v Block :o, District Lot 271 $7Sn
Lot 5, Block 5, District Lot 265 $700
This lot is cleared and graded.   Good terms on the
.•', acres in Lynn Valley, llJOO,   $500 cash, balance
in •■• and 1; months     This is a great snap.
We have 1 lew lots in Lvnn Villry within 100 feet
nl the cariine, 50 by 140.7s.   J250 each.   $50 cash,
balance f 10 per month.
Also some 50 by 175 at the same price and terms
Four lots lelt in Canyon View Addition. $175 »»ch
$(S cash, balance Jfi per month, no Interest.
Chrsterfield aveme and 21st street. Fine high lots
J250 eich. Terms $50 cash, balance in 6 and
ia months.
Don't lorget these are right in the city and only one
block from the Lonsdale avenue cariine.
Can you beat tihese?
Meanwhile who carries your insurance?
Sole Agents lor Commercial Union Assurance
Co., Ltd.      Assets $86,000,000.
Henry Eves & Co.
(Henry T. C. Eves and Percy King) r
67  and   69   LONSDALE  AVENUE
•H4*H-l-l-H-l-l-H-t-l~t-l-l l-l-H, 14-n n-t-1 mitm III HI 4-1 Ml 141 lllll III till ti -U 11 Hi I III I M-l H-H-H ll-tl 111 Ill-Ill 11111II11111 HI I H IIU MM I Ml Hi


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