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 J^AY 271908      J
Now ©|>en
W. r. I alt
**Jfli* Wlmxtm
„*«,-*»*%* i <*
Tbe Welcome Parlor
6S lonidale Avenue
Candies, Tobaccos, Fancy Groceriet tV Deliettteuen
Piftiir Luiifli'-s Our Spi riall)
hfrl order. Serval
■I All II* "ti.
. awijUUVKR, B. C., FRIDAY, MAV 22, 19(18.
The sdjourned meeting ol the
city council wis held lilt evening,
Aid. Irwin alone being absent
Communications: From Cani-
diin Municipal Journal, liking
luhseription; filed. From R. G.
McPherson, MR, to the effect
thaltlie charter ol the V. W. & Y.
Railwiy is found in the revised
statutes, and thit there ii no effort
being madi at preient to lecure an
extemion ol the same, filed. From
Geo. Hutton, requeuing s boird
wilk on St. Andrew'i, Irom Ei-
plsnsde to Firit; to be notified
thit the work comet under the local improvement byliw. From C.
Kition, requeuing thit the ditch
be deepened put hit property on
Filth itreet; boird of worki to re
port. From A. Philip, CMC,
requesting thit no chinge tie made
in the water ratei outiide Ihe city
limits until Ihe diitrict hid formed
ill wster area; referred to water
committee. From D. McGrcgo ,
re adjustment of iniurauce rstei;
referred to finince committee.
From A. C. Glsdwin, requesting
thst St. George's roid lo St. Andrew'i be opened n s working
rosd, si he istendito build; boird
of worki to let. From city clerk,
Vsncoursr. acknowledging the receipt of letter re expropristion of
property for ferry spproiehci ind
additional itreet lights; the former
nutter referred to their solicitor
sod the litter will be complied
with st once. From secretary of
boird of trade, notifying council
thit boird hn endoried (hair ic*
tion re ferry approaches ind trim
facilities st Vancouver; received
with thsnki. From A. Philip, C.
M.C, proposing joint meeting of
finince committee!, to srrsnge nl
juitment of mmi owing the district by the city; meeting to he hr Ul
it a nine to be agreed upon by tlie
committees. From the president
ol the Ferry Co., with the infor-
mition thit the claim of the eity
for liooo dimigei for inefficient
•ervice it of no effect, n the com*
piny ii running it lent three more
trips per diy thin ire called for hy
the igrcement—u • comment on
this mertion the mayor reid in
extract from the igreement, which
provided (hit the Ferry Compiny
ihould piy li liquidated damages
the mm of t\ per trip for every
trip not run in accordant e with the
schedule printed by the compiny
—comideration deferred for committee of thi whole. From the
Kerry Compiny, to the' effect that
the hsll hour service bid been tried
ind hid not piid, bnt thit the
compiny intended running i hill-
hourly iirvu-e ou holidays and ilm
ing summer, when the traflic
wirrauted it. Ai to the eirly
morning tervice, the compiny ii
prepired to entertain my lugges-
tiom that cm he mide (or in improvement. Referred to committee
of the whole.
A plin of miIi division of block 7
D. I. 616, wn referred bick, on
iccount of ihowing a 3] foot roid,*
Goro Ktburiggi iddrened lhe
council on Ihe plans of the Japanese tea gardens, and requeued that
the city grant them free witer ind
exemption from taxation for a term
of yean. Water committee to report.
Boird of worki iccounts, to the
ininiini of ^96, ind witer committee account!, for #107.39, were ordered paid.
Hospital committee reported arrangement to pay the hoipitil 1
Imniis of t^i per month ind to pay
for indigent patients. Recommendation! idopted ind agreemen's
to be drawn. Board of worki liked for instructions re locstion of
tramline extemion on Lonsdale
ave. Line to be placed in middle
ol 66 foot itreet; hoard to let.
In view of incidrntl which Inn
spired it ntepiyers' meeting on
Wednesday evening, the mayor re-
quelled council to mthoriae s
ipecisj audit, which wn ordered.
The committee already named by
Ihs mayor wai ippointed to select
a  chartered  scrountsot  for  the
Ratepayers' Mcctinc
The rstepsyers' meeting, Wed-
nesdiy evening, in the city hsll,
windered fu afield, the subjects of
discussion comprising the $17,000
loan bylaw, Ihe Wallace shipyards
aid bylaw, feny matteri, ind city
The J17,ocn) loan bylaw did not
evoke very ardent discussion, the
consensus of opinion appearing lo
be that, whereas it would involve
a very high rate of taxation were
the several outstanding amounts ol
which lliis amount it composed, to
be piid out ol this year's revenue,
it would be preferable to distribute
thit piyment over 1 term of years
by meant of a debenture loan. The
ratepayer! were decidedly of opinion, however, that before the bylaw ii given their issent, they
should be provided with in itemized statement showing the respective imonnts of which the
117,000 it composed, and the purpose (or which eich was incurred.
The informition provided wit not
sufficiently explicit in Ihii regird,
being lo the effect thit there were
two bank loans of $10,000 ind of
$5080 respectively, ind other
imounti that hid been piid en
contracts The principle of the
loin was clearly approved by the
meeting, with the proviso thit
these itemi be provided.
The Wallace Shipyards Aid bylaw wis discussed it length. Mr.
Willice stited the compiny held
1 crown grant (or their proper!"
here ind thit the mirine wiyi
would be io constructed thit the
expropriition of a railway right of
way would not interfere with their
operation, although it might interfere wilh the ship building part ol
their business. The wsyi to, be
built here would be 1600 torn ei-
pscity ind the average haul of a
vessel thereon would lie f too. So
far thii yeir, in Vincouver, they
had paid out $14,000 in wages.
Colis F. Iiekion recognised the
merest of the industry, iti deiira-
bility to the city ind the ability of
thi management, but he objected
to the principle of guaranteeing
the bonds of industrial enterprises.
The city would get 1 desirable industry ind 1 good payroll, with an
additional population of 150, but
thii would not repay for the impairment 0! the pncticil loaning
power of the city in the money
market, which would be involved.
In the very nature of tbingi these
industries sre bound to come here
anyway within 1 (ew yeara, ind in
the face of the need of .streets,
sewerage, etc., it wu expedient
thit the borrowing power of the
city be conserved to the utmost.
The precedent which this guinn-
tee would estsblish wai one thii
the city could not sustain.
A general discussion of the fin-
inciil condition of the city grew
out of Ihe debate, in the course of
which j. R. J. Murray referred to
the prrvailing uncertainty ii|xui the
pirt of tome of the ratepiyeri 11
lo the city'i finances, ind moved
1 hit an independent sudit ol ths
city's looks l>e hid.
Mayor Kelly hid no objection
to inch 1 motion were it In brder,
but ii thii meeting wu not called
(or nn h 1 purpose ind Ihe mo-
ion wu not in order. However,
in order that the purpose might be
ittained, he would appoint k committee to arrange for an independent audit is follows; Junes A
McNair, Mr. Beailey, |. K J
Murray, ind J. Phillipo.
Councillor McNiught was of
opinion that the committee was
not in order, as the statutes pro-
vided the means whereby an Ms-
pendent audit might be hid. Ile
further brought out thii Ihe toll
authorized debenture loins ol the
city stood it $519,600, Ihe interest
and sinking fund upon which
would amount to over $30,000 a
year, or practically as much at the
entire city revenue for 1007. Thii,
he thought, wis "going some,"
ind it wu lime to call a halt.
Aid. May, and Messrs. Sargent,
Chance, Fowler, Phillipo, Kendal,
Aid. Crickmay. and others participated in the discussion.
Report Irom the joint hospital Repairs were  effected
committee, to the effect that hospi- J morning,
til arrangements have been com-'
the   next
pleted witli the Misses Dawion
is hitherto published. From the
agriculture and mining committee,
stating that both councils are cooper 'ing with the board toiecure
thc owning of the Lillooet trail.
The government has been written,
but no reply is u yet to hind.
From the committee on the yeir
book, to the eflect that the book
will be completed thii week. It
his beei decided to offer thc bonk
for circulation at jjcents per copy;
also to forward copiei to Ihe agent
general in London, the provim ml
secretary and the minister of mining and agriculture.
Alderman Irwin gave notice of
motion that the bylaws be amended as follows: Section III—"It
shall be tha duty of the secretary
lo tend 1 special notice to my officer who thill be absent from the
regular meeting (or three consent*
tive meetings without known
cause, ind liter such ib-senre and
notice, ihould no ciuse be shown
on or before the lollowing general
meeting, the .lint- may be declared
ln respon K to in invitation from
the ehiir, J. P. Fell made 1 few re-
msrks, if the course of ivhich he
observed, "with regsrd to thelerrv,
I think the time for Hiking his
pined. It is now time to do something." A general discussion of
lerry millers lollowed. The mayor
stited thit the council hive no
intention of receding from the position recently liken in their claim
for $2000 The relative value of
straight or djagoul approaches
to the ferry wu debited and motions were pasted,endoning the ac
lion of the eity council it to the
proposed expropristion of Isnds
by the Vancouver council at to the
running ol a tram line in conjunction with the ierry at tht Vancouver
The query, "Why do the mail
bags close one hour before the departure of mails'' precipated 1 lively discusiion. resulting in the reference of the imtter to the tourist
snd settlers committee for adjust
ment with the postmsster.
Mr. Froinnie his let a contract
to V. Cross for clearing a piece ol
land on the Pipe Line roatl, at the
junction of Centre street,ind is going to erect a building Ior Stewart
& McDonald. Tlui firm will open
a strictly up to date grocery store
as soon as the building is completed.
A. Anderson, of block 44, D. L.
1087, met with rather a painful accident last Friday afternoon. He
was putting the rafters on his uew
house when a board he was standing on broke, and he fell about ten
feet to the giound, spraining his
ankle so that he is still laid up. He
is progressing favorably at the time
of going to press.
Empire Day is being celebrated
todiy at Lynn Valley public school.
A (lag, presented hy Aid. hwin,
will be hoisted at two o'clock.
Appropriate aongs and recitations
will be rendered by the school children. Sports—skipping race,sack
race, potato race, egg race, wheelbarrow race, and the like—will
occupy the rest o( the afternoon,
the public is invited to be pres
Japanese Tea Gardens
Goro Kaburaggi, the chief pro
moler of the proposed Japanese
tes gsrdeus in North Vancouver,
now has the project well in hand
and good progress is being made
A fifteen year leaae on three acies
of ground.at tbe corcer of Twenty
tint St. snd St. George's ive. im
mediately opposite the recreation
grounds), hai been aecured Irom
the B C' Electric Ry. Ca, The
teate carriis witli it free light lor
term ol five yein. A gang of
workmen started clearing the
grouod yesterdiy. lt ii the intention to preserve 1 number of the
trees (or the pui poses of an ornamental grove. The grounds will
be artistically laid oul alter the
Japanese idea. A number ot small
hsh ponds will be located here ind
there and winding paths will intersect the grounds in diffeient dilec*
hunt The de igmng of lhe
grounds his been performed by
Mr. Vamaiiiolo. who was for sever
ll yein garden designer lor C01111I
Okuina.ivho has p.-ilia pit he liue.i
grounds in Japan. A Japanese
tea house will lie erected ami also
an amusement hall.
A Japanese curio store ami a
museum, with ancient agricultural
1 in pi 'eiits, weapons, etc, will
be teatuies of the institution
Japanese tidies in native costume
will urvetei in either Japanese or
English style. At silted seasons
select entertainments will lie held,
such ii muiicil peifotminces,
acrobatic exhibitions, etc. The
work will l>e prosecuted conlinu
ously and il is hoped to have the
operations sufficiently far advanced to open the grounds for I '•■
minion Day. The gardens will be
in ..p. tainin for a period o( il least
seven months during each year and
will be advertised under the mine
"Fairyland". The company ii organised on a joint itock basis, in
slian-s of $10 each, which ire now
offered to the public it pai, tu.
are meeting with | ready sale.
K rticultural Association
The lathes' committee met with
the directors on Tuesday evening.
The programme (or lhe opening of
the new pavilion on July lit was
arranged as lo'lowt:—The ladies
will purvey refreshment! to the
public during the diy ind evening.
ll the evening there will be 1 reception concert ind in istembly,
when the building will be formally
declared open. It it hoped to
have present Ihe minister of agriculture aud other members o( the
government and prominent citi
The ladies intend calling upon
the cititens for attittince in the
matter of supplies ind for helpen
in ths trillions duties of the day.
Excellent progresi is btifcj made
with tlie building. The floor will
be completely Uid esrly next
week, while several expert designers are at work upon the plans for
the grounds.
The annual exhibition will be
held on Sstuidsy, September 5th,
snd Lsbor Day, September 7th,
will Im* celebrated by a high t lass
concert. The ladiet are planning
a ule of work for October, in aid
of the building fund.
The department hai notified the
diieci,nt tint governmentil lid
must be based upon the number of
members. This mikei it highly
imperative thit the membership
list be largely increased, and every
citiien interested should be enroll
ed without deliv. The directors
ire bmy men,' who ire giving 1
great ileal of time lo the work ol
the usdbiition, ind they cinnol
herelore be expected to nuke 1
|ienonil canvass for members.
Memliership cirdi nuy be hid
Irom my ol Ihe director!, the le-
tretiry, ind it Thi Eirsus office.
Boitd ol Trade
Preiident Phillipo occupied the
'Imr it Ihr. reg llir meetia! of the
Boird of Trade on Tuesday evening.
Lynn Valley Notes
Monday'! electrical itorm put
out ol business the telephone system ol the Hastings Shingle Co.
The Bulldmf, Record
Following Ihe large lilt ol new
■milling', published in Tmi Ex*
MM last week, the lollowing record (or the present week will be
read with intereit;—
A. J. Clements, 1 reiidence, on
Sidney Humphries, residence,
Fourteenth street E.
Chas. Durlisse, dwelling, Four
teenth itreet E.
F H* Diy, dwelling, Fourteenth
slreel E.
John McEwen, residence, Filth
street W.
D. Cinceleor, cottige, Fourth
itreet E.
F Wheeler, cottige, on Fourth
street E.
I.nuis Pige, Iwo COtllges on
Fifteenth street, W.
In addition lo the above the con
tract was signed on Monday by
Meisrs. Kedi * Andnu, for Ihe
construction of the new iddihon
to the Pilice hotel Thu idditi.m
will more thin double Ihe piesenl
cspicity of the home, giving 100
roomi in ill,ind will coil complete
$35,000. The present plini include two public lulls, which w.ll
be available for local entertain
menu, snd slso s roof garden, lor
which thn location ii certainly
Empire Day exercises are being
held today at the public school.
Rapid headway is being made on
the Keith block, corner Lonsdale
and First.
Voting nn the Special Loan and
Wallace Shipyards Aid bylaws
takes place on Wednesday, June 3.
Miss Iveraon, of Firit itreet,left
list week to spend tome time al
Sechelt, with her sister, Mn. R.
II. I Iilnnil and little son.
A building is being erected it
the end of the Lynn valley trim
line, ind when completed it will he
occupied 111 fruit ind confection-
try store.
The fruit trees in Lonidale Gar-
deus and ont or two oilier places,
having become diseased,have been
destroyed by order of government
Athletics at the first of July eel
ebratmn will bt ''iscussed ind arrangements made al a public meeting, to be held thii (Fridiy evening) at the city hall.
Tlie ferry St. George met with a
mishap Monday eveniag, having
collided with the approach to the
wharl at the Vancouver end. The
lorward part of the boat on the one
side was badly smashed up.
John McNib, who hu bought
into Eraser Bros.' hardwire and
plumbing business, hu arrived in
the city with hit family, and ii residing it 170 Third itreet W. Mis.
Ron Peen, of Moodyville, ii 1
daughter of the family.
ln the case of Selkirk vi Diplock
the defence irgued on Wednesday
lor anon suit,which w.s not granted ind lurther argument of the
case wu postponed, to give tbe
pirtiei opportunity to arrive st 1
settlement if possible. The case
'will come up igiin thii (Fridiy)
Mettra. Wheelir, Crowtton ind
Hiig, together with H. E. Reid,
repretenlitive of the local lodge,
took in the Pythian grand ledge at
Victoria lait week, ind report 1
successful affair. H. A. Brown,of
Revelstoke, wu elected 11 grind
chincellor, while Rowland wu
ehoien u the next place of meeting.
A meeting of the W. C. T. U.
will be held on Thursday next it
8 p.m., it the home ol Mrs. Ales
Philip, Second itreet, for the pin
pose of appointing dr legale! to the
Dominion convention. The re
gulai meeting nl the Vancouver
branch (just concluded) disposed
much important, business, which
will also come under review.
Thi Exiskis is in receipt ol 1
letter from "Weary one," with reference to Ihe ferry queition, ind
from "Subscriber" on the nutter
of prize fights. On iccount of
pressure on ipsce thete letten ire
held over. Meanwhile, it will be
irecesufy for "Subscriber" to for
wlrd his mine, not for publii ation,
but is proof of good faith.
The inniverury ol the incorpor-
iimti ol 1 te city wu fittingly oh
served Mondiy evening by a reception ind muiicale given by Miyor
ind Mrt. Keily.it their home, corner of Filleenth ind St Andrew'i
Ave. The lunction wu mended
liy the member! ol the tity ind
iiuiiili ipil councils, the stiff it the
city lull inti many prominent citi-
xens, sccompsnied by their wives.
The lightning, which concluded
the heivy storm ol Mondiy lul
played havoc wilh things il the
local power home, by putting one
ol Ihe big rntinei temporarily out
nf holiness. Although the whole
lorre wu it once put to work to
tepiir the damage, il required quits
eighteen hours r.( steid) work belore the mtclmery wu again in
working order. During this lime
tlie cm were, ol 1 muscat 1 stand
Senile is miking very elibonte
inspirations lor celebrating the
visit ol the biltleihip fleet. Miy
.•Mb will be the lulminating day ol
the futilities, when the pro
gramme include! the parade of
marines, soldiers, nstionil guardsmen, etc., together with tquatic
•porti ind the presentation ol 1
gold key lo Rear Admiral C. S.
Sperry. The city is prepared to
entertain a record breaking multi
tude of visitors.
New Ferry Project
Desiring lo give lhe citizens ol
North Vancouver the exict (ictt
concerning the proposed new (erry
setvice, and having learned thit
Henry Eves was conversant with
the true inwardness of the movement, Tut. Exmss interviewed
him, propounding the query:—
"Mr. Eves, will you provide the
paper, Ior the public, with 1 statement of the real (acts with regard
to the proposed second ferry ?" In
reply, Mr. Eves stated that for
some time past persons had been
dropping into his office ;.nd deploring the unsatisfactory service
given by the Ferry Company,until
finally it was suggested that a lilt
be made ol those who would be
willing to like shires in 1 new
lerry project, wilh the result thli
within 1 short time it became evident that there would be comparatively little difficulty in securing
subscribers for iny reasonable
amount that might be required to
provide sav two fait motor boitl,
with a capacity of about fifty pai-
lengeri etch ind fitted for firit
diss traffic
Subsequently it was learned
that certain parties in Vancouver
had been working quietly on a
similar project. The Vancouvi r
people came over and conferred
with the movers in the local project. It wal learned (hit their
proposition wu to capitalize a
company (or about $60,000, to pnt
on four fait passenger boati to
give 1 ten minute service snd two
freight boats to give a half hourly
service. They had already been
offered a subscription of $10,000 of
their shirei should the scheme go
ahead, and also suitshle landing
facilities st this end ol the run.
An amalgamation of tbe two
movements WU proposed lad favorably considered Further ne-
gotiitioni were deferred (or 1 lew
diyi, in order thit eertun items
essential to the success of the enterprise might be investigated and
arranged in a preliminary way.
"Thii," uid Mr. Evei, "ii juil
where thc matter stands it the
present time. We hid expected
to heir fur her from thoie who ire
it work in Vincouver before this,
but ire expecting to be idvised by
them it my time 11 to the progresi they hive made."
Lauder Defeats Ritchie
About 150 men gither-d in Llr-
son's Pavilion*—ind miny mors
scaled the roof to rubber through
the skylights-.—Tuesday night, to
witness the boxing bouts promoted
by Hsrry Duker, ol Vsncouver.
It wsi lite before things begin to
move, but once Ihey did there wu
something doing ill the time. The
preliminary bout wis 1 six round
go Iietween Young Kennedy ind
Kit| living. The youngsters mixed
things up in lively style, but without damaging their physogl lo my
extent, ind ended in 1 draw. The
next item on the programme wu
lhe itellir attraction, 1 15 round
championship contest between
I udet, nf Cllgary, ind Ritchie,of
Ibis city. II wis 1 well (ought
st tap, free from fouls, ind full of
ginger ill tliroutth. I.iuder forced
the fighting, Ritchie acting on the
diteniove principally. Lauder it
very (ill ind seemed capable of
landing on his mm it will, while
equally siucessf.il in avoiding serious punishment. Several times
though he laid himsell open, but
(lie opportunities wire not improved on. R1I1 hie put up ,1 plm kv
tight ind kept himself well guarded, bul Ihe experience of hii opponent proved too 'much for him.
With Ihe exception ol puffed up
eyes, be est aped noticeable damage. His work made him many
admirers At the end of the mill
the decision wis given to Liuder.
"Hippy" Jack Micpherton id*
ed 11 releree md give nvery situ-
(action. "Dnvei" Miller challenged the winner, to fight i| 13)
Till*; KXl'Ui.SS
NllKill \ INi ill '■ IK* It*  c.
G. B. Sinruiaisi.ill,
M imgsr,
li. Mna.nsN.
I'nrlneM M«r
in provciiieiiU lexcepting niierSec- piopcrty owiieis iu lhe Mattel
t mis and inaiiilainaiice i,iseipntab-inl huildiug. lnttirpotalinu htl
ly assessed upon the property bene- | given tise to'ils only peculiar pro
The Expreu 11 dslivsred in Ninth
Vancouvei I'.itliin a radiiti ul u
blocks nt  tin*  ufRcS,    All uiilsiJu
tins diitrict i» placed in the post
Ratel ol Subscription :
Dm* year -      ti.oo
Six innnllis .50
Three montlll • • 15
I'nitetl St.ilis   nul Foreign, $150
p« \.*;ir.
All subsi ripliom must be paid in
id vanes.
Any person not receiving this
papei rtgiibirlt will please not ily
the ollice. Nai paper stopped unless notified either by lettei or card
Nohiii Yasoii'.i-k, Mav   22, 190N
The lirst anniversary ol the incorporation of the city ol North
Vancouver was officially observed
on May llth, inasmuch as the t;th
fell on S11nd.1v.
Incorporation letterl patent were
completed on May tjth, 1907,
and were officially gazetted on the
17th of the same month, the latter
thus becoming the more appropri
ite for future anniversary celebration. Our young city, with relative
ly a small population, but with
great potentialities and incalculable
commercial possibilities, wis then
launched un its career, a mere infant amongst the great cities of
Canada ami ot the world, and ii
now one year old.
It is not necessary to consult
the astrologers in order to find 1111
mistakeable indications ol coming
greatness for tins new city. The
immense possibilities in this regard
ire apparent to every student ol
the growth ol ulies. llie closer
Ihe powers of observation and the
larger lhe 1 xpcrienre, tin* clearer
do these possibilities appear.
Many naui.s might be mentioned
ol those worthy pioneers who by
then indomitable will and Spartan
coinage met and tnenonie difficulties nnl tabs! n lis. which WOllld
hive served to dissuadt* men ol
weaker mould,and who contributed
liberally to the movement m nnmey
as well is in brains ind laliui in
both private and oltu ul capai itus
With lew exceptions they are with
us today and then ntinil ers are
continually being augmented liy
some ot the Iiest members ol the
race that his made Canada aud
Ihe t'nileil Stiles (annus ind tlieir
histories glorious.
Enihneil with the spirit ol iti
founders, llie iity ol Nortli Vancnuver did not wail lor age and
population, but tin ink nl the official signature to the letters patent
was scarcely dr\ luton the embryo
city had started bravel] ami wisely on an iggfsssiw carsei Even
prior lo Iks issuaiut n| tin* letterl
patent tbe llien ill-tin I i oillltil,
under the leadership n| Keeve
Arnold I Kealy (now maim), was
(.'iiffully preparing byliws, and m
evcty possible VS] pi-paiing I'll
the responsibility of adequate city
guv iiiintnt. For niainv months
tin incorporation committee tmik-
ed issiduoiisly In preparing a spe
cial charter, and when this method
wis abandoned in lavor ol incorporation under the municipalities act,
tluv pinieeiletl, without publu expi 1 tation ol either public applause
or ol remuneration, lo prepare
many juditmus ind carelully word
cd intendments to Ihe act of incor
The most sinking feature ol the
method-til procedure adopted by
the young city is probably found
in the lornnilation of what wc nuy
cliim to be one of the most complete ind comprehensive general
local improvement bylaws in Ihe
province, if nol in the dominion.
By it! provisions, the cost ol street
titled, payments bfint; spread-over
a period o( \eirs in accordance
wiili the permanency 0! lhe work.
I'hi* plan is designed to lelieve the
I mul Irenurj' rl the city from
heavy expenditures aud by avoiding
heavy corporate indettedBeH, to
maintain the credit ol the city at
the highest point of etlineui y* '1 his
liylaw was originally  prepared by
Alderman William J. InHb, and
wai completed under ilm direction
ol his worship Mayoi A. K Ki-aly,
wilh (he co operation ol Aldermen
W. J. Dick, A. MacKay Jordan,
Allred lv Crickmay, Alexander
Siiinh ami Wm. V. Knitry. A
copy of this liyliw (which may be
obtained fiom the city clerk, at
tlie nominal price ol to cents)
should be in the hands 0! every
Follow ii g consistently a sound
financial policy the city of North
Vancouver has the power to ensure fm bersell a much smallei corporate indebtedness together with I
lower ge.ie a' rate of :axalion than
is the case with citiei whose mistaken policy has involved them in
an endless chain ol indebtedness
and in which rival sectious are evi r
trying to wrench the largest possible sums out o( the general trea
A conspicuous feiture of the progressive policy followed by the
city of North Vincouver is found
in the fact that ill improvements
are exempt from taxation,which of*
ers an appreciable bonus to an en*
terpiisiug spirit upon the part ol
A meeting «f thiMiwiit'rs of
property on the water-front,
und all others interested,will
be held in the City Hall, on
Wednesday, 27th May, 1006,
at 8.80 p 111.,to receive report
(roa committee, in regard to
extensions of Hailway Company's charter.
City Clerk
lems ant trying situations ami
will doubtless develop others ul a
like nature in the inline, but a
spirit of cordial goodwill, ami
hearty unanimity upo 1 the pan ol
lhe citizens will overcome all ob
stack's and make tor Noith Vancouver a name lor all that ii hesi
antl most desirable 111 present attainment .nnl in future prospects*
Uollinig 1 leaned, pressed,alien d
ainl repaired,   Pants pressed while
tin wait.    A. McKae, Thompson
illn.'li. Lonsdale avenue.
An Adjourned Court uf Iteii-inii villi
lie held nu llnir-.lKv, the :'sili .liv i,f
Mav, luml, nl ihe litiiir uf S s'rinek I'. M.
at tlie City llall, Nnrlh VsMMRer, K
I)., for tl.e |,iir*juti* uf bssehsj any ami
nil i'uiii|'*ii rn-,1. aiinii the |,rii|..|etl l»
•n'liiiiifiit *.r ll.e in*, nrmy n( fr* lit
ttt, in .t- ri-.n.-tit- nr any other oni-
pUint 1 Ilia ll tilt* |ii*r.|.,ll, intere.tt',1 llllll
al* aire to mnke, ami which it by lan
I'mui-ilil.* by the Court.
■t"s.—uiH'iit Commiatiuiier.
CAkKNOTICF. that Kram-U William
Caullit-lil. nl lhe City ol yanctiilver
llrilitli I'uluiniiia, Gentleman, intendt
10 apply (ur (..-niii-ni m tn leatti the Inl
Inn inn described leiiil.:—
Cnmilieui'inglt a post plantetl at llit*
mutheaeterlr corner ul laitHII,nroiip 1.
Ne* WuNtiiiint-iU-r liiulricl, thenee mulli
*),.  the eaat bonndiiy nl .aid tail HII
produced L'i nu chain", thence west SU.lti
chaini, thence  imrlli  :iii"  neat 17 M
chain* ninri' or less lo the northi-lsti-rlv
corner ol District but 117, thence atintl
eiaterlv,   eiiterlv   ami   northeaa irl
along llie northerly ihoreof Htirraul Inlet lo the place nf lieiii ii lilun, ami S
laining aiily-three bit, s more t.r leaa
Illicit tliia aiiteeutli day ul May, IHO*
When ynu intent! building
Fun. mt Pi'MUi' lli-n.ni mil.
tenders will be received hy the
lion, llie Chiel Ciimnnnioner up lo lml
iii.-ln-lmn .Monday, the flrtt diy nl June
ileal, lor supplying ind dtltviring U-nl
lump ami withed nut roil rtiiuirettal
the Prniinililiiovernment Buildings at
Victoria, Vincouver tnd New Wettmin*
•ter. H. C, a., enumeriled hereunder
luring the yeur einliug Sm I, Junt, WW,
to lie delivered m sneli <|uantitiet and at
.mii timet aa may Iw directed during
the parted almve iltteil
The iipprni.mateatinual ruiutiimplinii
I cult tt enii ol the belMlafI nameil i.
an IslloSSI
lle-l lump coll—
Parliament BsUdiagS, Victoria, 2:li) Imi.
liovernnieiil llnuiie,        " 110
Court lloiite, " «l
Jail, " 100
Cuiirl llnuae, Vaneotiver        M tone
Court Iini.,*, New Westminster,70 tuul
Pwitnelal llinpilil lur Insane,
New Westminster HOton
.liil. "  40"
Wa-betl nut coil—
Pro-rintisl llnipital lor Inline,
New Weatiuiualer I'.".»l t..n«
Tlie al.ne ntSSlleoed ipiintilitt are
not guaranteed ; the ipiantity a, tuully
raa>.11iiri-.l may be under or above the (Inure! Dialed.
Wli.ilt* lenders iliall Iw Itcompaiiied
hy a clieipie in the aim oll.'tOD, antl «ep-
tfale tenders hy t cheque In the mm ol
Illlt' nn a chartered bink ol Canada,
mule payable tn the Hon. the Chiel
i ..I'.tiii-sii.i.er, which will belorla-i.nl il
the party tendering decline or neglecl
to enter'into the rnntraet when called
ll|»nii tnilntn.
Tl.e dltqOM nl uiimi'-eeitfnl tenderert
tliii lie returned on the eieoilion ol the
The lieptrtnient it not bound to *••
cent the loweit or any tender.
I ,*n l,*r. must be .igned by the actull
.ignature of the tenderers
Puhlie. Worki Enyinrtr
l.milt nnd Worki fitporlmrnt
Viriorta, B.C., Hth May, IMS.   U-t
*. lilllMK, NUKIl
stt l.nNsn.ti.K Av«.
Iliaiuh tlfirr, LmiAale Ate.,Vttu. I'hone
Sn  So'
lleail OpM mul Alt'll, l.yatt (Vol, «. C.
II' you want tWHtMng
' different— something
worth whili'.lot us figure
on your work.
Our extensive stock of
new wall decorations
enables us to offer a large
variety of up-to-date
treatments ami sin-rial
color schemes. We are
at your service.
Also I'ainls. Oils, and
Varnishes of the very
best inakt'S.
• 'nine in nml talk it
somoies ona fsimie; M me isnno
w, ii. mm k it
North  Vancouver; H. C,
<i i...*i»-ar ,!' i n,.. iii-tilliuaeiit
* i thu Manibiii/ liahiblita denied al the dale of the Imorpor*
.1 ii ut Ihii Cilv ol Norlli Vai cnii-
ver and ai.uii'e.i ami it has been
.l.-eiiiti.! eiimdiei.t in the iutureila til tlie
City of Nnrlh Vanoiiuvur. and the Ratepayers ami iiili.ilai'niiii, thereof tint I
mm nt money lie Imrrimetl tn nay ull
niitataii'liuit ailraurdiuaiy liabilities
ireateil as atniefHid.
AND WIIKRKAS a Felitinn Myim)
ny lhe I lum in'i nets than uin* tenib
ul ihe value ol Real Hrnperty iii the t ity
,if North Vaiifuiivcr (aa ahowu by lhe
In.i Iteviat'd Aaaeaameiit Hull) lia. been
lamented to Ihs Cit) Connrll r... i.. -m*,*
lllllll tO Villi... 1 Ila ,1 1   Ill-I.UW tt) I'llistt hi
a ay of Inun the hiiiii uf Suveuleeii Tlion-
-aii.l ill.'.imn llnbtra fnr the pur|nei
olpiylag off certain extraordinary Ila*
hibliea tlllllng at tlie date ot the Incur-
poriHon of tlie l ity ot North Vaneoi;-
ANH WIIKKKAS it will bc MMM)
lu rsllS nn tin-ally hyitetia! rail Ihe a.nu
uf Nine 11..niinii nml Sixlv-uiie l*,,llnr*
and TbirlvlliH Ceiil. (fllil.SIl) It*lhe
leim nt Kiitv Yean for lhe repainieiil
ol the aaid Irani and 'iiler,***! Iliennii ar
herrinufler pMviiled.
i.NI) WIIKKKAS tlie value ol the
wlnile Itetl Kttealtle pro|ierty in lhe
■aid City ol North Vancouver, lecnrdhur
to the hint Reused aaSMSMSl R'T
amuiinta to Three Million Three Ilnn
ilrt.l and Kishtv-ieveu Tliouitnd Nine
llumlrwl and Right} (|3.:tS7,llHU) IM*
lira. '
TIIKKKKORK the Mayor and AMer-
nien of the City "I Norlh Vancouver in
Council Alaumuled (with the it-wiil ot
the Klisitira of llie aaid Ciiy duly obtained) enaclaat lollows:—
1. lt ahall lie lawful fur the Mayor of
the (lily of Norlli Vancouver tnd llie
City Clerk lor the pSfpSM alorpiiiil In
bans* or raise by wav ol Han Inun any
DMPOS or potion*, laaly ur lanliea ei rpo-
rale iihu may la. iiilliuir ti silt ance llie
■BN open the credit iif the Ocbenturea
lien llll tin mentioned ..I the Cnr|Kira-
lion a .inn of motiey lint einiilimi In
iln* iilaaaie iln* hiiiii iif Seventeen Thuu-
.and (117,000) llullira ind In rauae the
.mile tn lie p'ni'.tl ill llie 11...ik ol l',r-ti.ii
North America at Nortli v»neonree to
the credit nf the City lor Iho piirpum*t*
almve reeiteil,
i. llelrnlure Rnnilt of lim City In
the amount of Seventeen Tboiiaand
t|l7,iltitii Italltfl in the almle may Ih*
iaailetl liy the .aid Mtvorninl Cin Clerk
iu term, ol lhe Mniitripiil Clmiaei Act,
in aiini. aa mav I* deair-il, bul Ml leaa
Hun, tine Tiiaaii.-uid in nnil'. Dollan
.iiiii. Knell of lb.* aaid liond. ahull lie
algmal liv the aaid Mayor and Cil iClerk
nnd lhe City Clerk .hall altarh I herein
tin. Corporate Seal of lhe laid City ol
North Vanoouver.
:t Tha Jielwnture Ruiula ahall liear
iilereit at a rile not eiceedui** five per
cent, per inniini. paytble half vearly nn
tht——day ol November ami the	
illy ul May in each and evert' tear during ihl ciirreiiiv "i tha anid Di -beiilurea
or my ol ihem Ihere thill be atlaeti-
"al tn Iho He taut lire Hunda Cuii|.>na
>i**ii. A hv tlie Miiinr mill, Inr eat I. and
every paynitul of int. real that mar If-
.'..me due, and ■iiih risSSlMl mav la'
either written, .lamped, printed or bile
I      The  aiiil   I'elirlllure   llnlitl-  II to
I'riuiipal and I itereat aliall la* made
ntvible either at tl.e Hank * I llrili I.
Nurlli American North VSMSMSV, To*
muto, or Ma.niia.il, Camilla, or It tlie
Hunk uf llriti.h North America, louden, I* iiitIbiiiI. anil Ilia aaid I'n.i, 11■>.i
■um ahall lie made pityahle by the City
at a date not leaa than Kilty Vrara frnin
thedtte upon wlmh tliia IU I ,i« ttkei
ell eel.
.'i There ahall be ruim-il tml levied
annually by i|*ecial tain M all rateahl<
property in the aaid City llie emu a
Ilns Hundred ind Helen Ikillara ami
Thirty-Hie Cnnie (llll :Vi) lor lie' por
pow ul lurming a Sinking I I lor the
pat intuit of lhe .nd 'leh'iitiir,*. am! Ilia
.inn ol Kiglil Handled and l-illy l-'-ill
I it.Hart for the pSrSMSl ol the liilere.l
al Ilm rilallure. u.l, In SSSSM due oil
■u.h HeU'iiliire. iliiiinv llie curreiicv
there.il.and that in ail.lilioii lu ill olher
ralea lo la? levied ami collii led in the
■aid Dialriti during the whole rurriiiiy
>f ihe .aid lieU'iiliire- or nny of theni.
tl Thli Hi* I an ahull MM into el-
feel on theWthday of Mat, one thou-
und nine hundred tnd eight.
7. 'I'liii By-law nuy la* tiled lor ill
|iur|K)a«a ai "Tbe Cilv u! North Vanrau-
berSpecltll.nliilli-l.aw, I**."
Plated hy the Coiiuci1 on lhe llth dav
ol Mty, toiw.
Received llie igaeut uf tl.e Klecluri
nl th* Citv of N,nth Vamniiver al au
Election held fnr tlie nur|«*ae ou lhe
 diy of , A. II. imi*
Reoonlittered bv the Council, and
dually adopted, aigntal hy the Mamr
and Citv Clerk, mnl Mtltd villi the Citv
Seal on the  day ol , A. ft. Iltr-i
J aula. ui.,.
Sorlli laalaa.r
He. kiq I til-Week tndhitj Hay SSIIi
i.l i .,•„>• ...
'•■»., '
?Uaa MN I
I * mi'i   *ii III.I ,1 a      Kim, tun!..,'..*..,..peel.    Tlllpilr-   *
I I     ii leit *la,a mill r
Vtl      I   l Hi,* *,* i ,*. partly olaarrd. Willi ,:.., oil, aaionlMlllk atrwi
S»,S     i   l...ilrimllntoii        "a Uaitlani ami alili In. vlewof ...
1        aa.lli.aik.il!
Women's Gibson Ties
11'iisliiiiiialili' Snumrr Nl	
tnatlt'oii lhc newest lasts in Prt-
tt'tit Kid, t'li■•ttolnte' Kid, Tun
Russia ('aif. mid PiilPii* Kid
with Tun. (Ircy nntl Dull Kill
Ail the Sl)iii for the Coming Season
Our Trices: %\M), |3.60, $1.00. up to $6 00.
516 Hastings Street
noktii mmm mm i nm <'<>„ mi.
Time Tnhle, 19.17
sir a un
st. <; nnu; t.
It i.r.nKi.r.
•H.OO A.M.
■mi "
•7 20   "
8.00   "
820   "
8.40  "
0.00   "
K.SO   "
9.46   "
1015  "
10.46 "'
11.16  "
11 If.   "
1S.1R r. M,
12.46 1'. M.
1.15  "
1.45   "
2.11  "
2.45   "
3.15 "
S.45  "
1.15  "
4.46   "
5.15  "
5.4J   "
B.15  "
B.45  "
7.26  "
7.45  "
8.15  "
8.46  "
9.15  "
U.45   "
10.15  "
10 46   "
•11.30  "
•11.45   "
Nut uu Similar.
70 x 240
(Ins.* to saw mill anil plank roid ;
tin 111 in 11 t.-a fiom rar ; oily $309.
Alio a In t 4 acres lor WOO;
linns, io; .lown, (lio per month.
, Houso lo let, 6 rtmini, ill ron*
vi iiii'iites; splrntlul view. Also
one lor s.il.'; $500 rasli inti Jio
I" .  im-. ii I li.
City of North Vanconvcr
t Bi.t-l.iHi I.i rnnlilr Ihe t'tirftrrnliiin •»/
tht Cilti af North l'<i»f*oi|i**r In mi*
5|/ m'l of lonn the turn ol S-irnietn
lOmmi (fn.000) ihiliari far th
jiurpaar n/jMi^nf if eartain trtmrH-
naav h'ttl llU'/l *llltliii) al the 0mr of
WIIF.RKAS tha totll Itrv-nu-.nll-wl-
"I h? thr Munlcipil (Vmnnl nl tht
Corpontion ol tht City ol North Vift*
TAKK NOTICK THAT tlif lira it
a tru« C'uny ol tin1 tt<mmt\ IIiIjui
ii|«iu wliitli tin* niinii tin? Klivtnri ol
llie City ol Nurtli Vtnruuvtr will l»*
liiini n'illiin llici Uv Hull, Ni.rlli Vmi-
rnnver.on WKUNKSIlAY, tint TIIIRIl
DAY OF JUNK, A. II. IW«, l.*i.,,*,*ii
tht litmr. nl ll i.'i I.ark A. M mil 7
..'clock P. M.
Hcluriuni! (Uliiir.
l«o perfectly cleared lots on loosdrilt* AvemM
$900 each
Mukai. DtCOMTOSl
Gkainiks    Gi.Aitn.KS    Shins
Oi'p. 13m Shut.
A. \. ( ROHMI.N
lNHI'inai-ll   In .11 11. liNltrltr.
Ilniai.    1'l.avi .nil Uyilr.nll,.
a.,..'     u.,.1 *..*il < cil r .nil Kir,
Hsnssr (ur tin' OmbmibIsI
I'niteclivf S.*cli>tr.
Olliitr:— Kiiuit St., K. or ISBSSIIB
l|utiili:iy Surveyor anil Arcliilcut
I aai him Vim, r, ''onu l.ii-imni 1 Art
imam for ijiiioh mm
lint the vole ot the Kli'ctom ul I lie City
ul North Vancouver will lie taken ou
"The Speeinl l/.an Hv-Uh, ImiH,"
JUNK, A. I>  IMS, Imtweeu tl.e l.oiinol
» O'clock Ajjl. lllll Tli'alaK-k I'   \|  . .,„',
tint nitliUl'llu' City llall, Nurlli Van-
couver, tnd tint Tlmni.a Sliephenl till
been ip|inB(teil ltetiiriii*i|( (Ifllcer to
mke the v*t"l ..uli Kleclort a III. the
uiml potris* In thit hehlll.
By order M llu Mayor:
TnoM»» Sintpiuiin,
I'ity Clerk.
IVOTICK ia hereby jim that at the
*        Kelt llinliun ol tbe  ltou.il t.i i.i-
iiiiK' ('.iiiiiiiiMnuiiri. lur the Miiuiiipal-
ity nl Nortli Vam inner, I .hall iipply
for a hotel lu-i-ii-i- Inr Ibe tale ul .pirit-
iiniia, lerniented or oilier liipior. M the
.uli'i'li-ii.'in Irani.* hllildillK, -UhiiIihI
nn Sevuiunr Road, in tbalriit l^il 7HI,
(ironp I, New Wi-ntiiiinaiiT lii.lrict.
I'.iii.l ui Nnrlh Van. u*r, III'.. May
Hill, litis.
For the Farm, Gardtn, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable larietiet al reawmable priri-e.
No IVirera. No Si'tle. No lumiiiatinn
InilaniapiattHk. No windv a|(eiitt In
annoy you. Buy direct and fA Treea
and Seedt that (trow.
Kertllitera, Bee Supi.lie.. Spray riiinpn,
Spnvlng Mltertll, Cut Flrmera, etc.
Ulileet e.tilitithed iiiirsery on the
iii.inliiii'l nl llriti.h Ciiliiiiikii.
Catilngnt* free.
31011  WlaTMinaTiir Ruad.
J. Uaiin \' Suit, Prof«.
■delivered daily to nil fiarts
of the City.
I -Tilers lift nt tlie Kxpren oflice will bi prompt-
Iv atti'inlidto.
Pioneer Bakery
Iietween Esplanade ti First St.
S. W. Walker,  -   Proprietor
Krt'slt Hrend daily, 16
Innves for$l; 4 fnr'inc.
-.'.ilu*, l'aslry, dc.
Diily Delivery to All Pirtt sl City
nuink 8       71 Loinddt Ave
kminiRiHif piiiiTiy rws
I ti imi Ti) 1 sn 1 itu mv rari'iNi  im.
II lie**! In'vre.r, -I in ,.. „llrr, It..I I h.i .
■in* "I Hi. t ,*>! I'.M, n< hhiln WiaailnllHIi
N**v 11, l .n, a,iit. . li.flni riircli..,*! . Irt-.lt
almln I om Klifcti.m. Crlil'.l Pitt', h.«rt»^ *>y
. 1,1,,I IliaI In. I. km • l.l M'l »IWl tpl t*rl>.
fo Inlfiiillin I'lirrh.-.r. nil ilo ..I' lo look
Hi.in ,.,.rlwl,K. I,  itin**|., «a,a|**,  iff. 11.01
Ia,*l .flllll*. "I it
K.f. Irom mt Seeoail hn ol W-inanilfi,
|l M HI It
Klun S|..h|lr.l llanil.ini.. 'Uila.lr.ln «im
pf' ..'lllnf ol IA    II.vt Hill awl   Iai t Irath
at.lla HI Will I.* .111. 10 W.r.a my l*.|rnn, wlih
null* Mnl- nnl )'t r.
NvtmA rtr.*l and linlbrnck ivenue,
ly Xtllh K...-I lar,
NorthVineonver. j^mtoinit in (% Extras
Church Notices
Local Meetings
II Jims'-nil uisi.iii-i,-niNiii  hiiiithtit-l I'vll.iaa. -*,*,,*,„l ,„„l forth
l.n .lav. s p.m.
Alhlelie Clnli. |'ir-l Mniiday, I p.m.
I.iulv   Matiiilti..*.,   mcond  and   fniirth
Horticultural M.i.'iiil'. -'I'.nal Wt-alne.-
day s p.m.
Firemen'.. I'ra, lice, fieri I mint, 7..IH.
City I'.iiiiieil Misting, Monday, I p.in.
|ii«lriet Ciiiui'ii Mifiiiu-.tirai and (bint
Friiluva, al s p.m.
llnerd of Trade, Third Tin-lay, Sp.m.
Hoard ul  t'r.i.l.   bxoiiilne   lint Tint-
tl.ll. Sp.m.
School Hoard, lir.l Friday, s p.m
H't*.I' I'. iii.*,*i. third We.lne.day in
null in *iiii, ai : H p.111 .in Sl tndnw'i
I'n ibytertu church.
Holy Com: union, 8 a. ni.
MornniK pi.iycr, it
Evening prayer, 7.30
On thf Iiisi Sim In in tli- month
ilnn* will be a second celebration
ol llit* Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
U.ctor: Rev. Hugh Hooper.
-IMII 'lllll
Sl T.li a s    v.lll    laa      , ,,,|,|,;i 1, ,|    ,|v
usual  ou  Siinili)   liy  tin* pastor.
Sunday school, r.yt p m.
Service at Mootlyville school at
7:30 p. in
Player meeting on Wednesday
S o'clock.
All ire welcome.
I'astor: Kev. J. I). Gillam, MA.
Ml I HOI'IM   llll I,. II,   N.   W.  1 ilKNI R
FOURTH si isnsl. DMMl'l
MnrninR service, 11 i. m. ; Sun
day school, 1:30 p. in ; evening
M r ne, 7:30 p.m.
l'ray'i nesting  mi WHI
livening ai 7j'i n'i lm 1>
I'liicliing in I.\nn   till'
ni* 1 nn ta- Sunday aiti moons.
siiiiil„v •*! Iiunl .n Ma)Dilyvilli. at
11 .1. in.
Rev. II. II H.,la!..-l',n, H. A.
NilKIII   VIM..Ill I  1 liiini li
Civic Statistics
In connection v. ilh ilu* anniver
■ in "i nn "ip uatum ilu, following
tics  mil prove ni intai.*.i.
Waterwortu Forianaa l'i i k rsporti
thai a total ol i»ii   watei i minei
tlilll*.  ll.ll*    I t 1 U   lll.tala   III Ul*   iSth,
imt., nl iiiiii li 711 uin made dai
inn  1907 Hl"' 'i' ■**-*•*■ I"0" **|||S
Lit   HI,lal'*  HI   1',1't I ill'   111 III    a    a;.
Council and Ferry
The citizenship al lai^r will 1"*
In-ill r able to uuderitand tin position of tin* city in tin' negotiation!
now procsadiog between ths coon*
cil nul tin* Pert] Company, liy
reference to the municipal ('.
act, under which tht It rty is oper-
atad Inasmuch as ilie -utiitts
am not mailil, available I t .1 nn-at
many i ili/t n-. Tin ElMtl
pleased to give thii inipottant item
uf information:
Clause 2<j5, of tht munu ipalities
.111. ptovides   that tin*   lieutenant
"i    Bt)    nianl    in 1 ns.    nl
lurry to any iliiiincipulili      ( ItUH
,'ii'vulih   that   siiili   lu. ns,
North Vancouver Mails
\1 M   lal     ,',s|',lllll    ,|S    |ll|
lows 1 it V.tuioi.vei anil all
po s a. in.. 11:15 a. m., 4:15
p   .    fm Lynn creak, 11.151, n.
Mails anii.    Vanoouvi t
points,   9:10 a  111..  12 45 m . ) i *,
p. 111.   liom Linn creek .• p. 111
Outgoing mails for Lynn *
aftfi   11:15 .1.   111.   slioulil   1«   t|>
livered .11 the wi< In 1
cm if miti mmm
ll IISTESlM'l  "f'HI III I
HI l: I
shall confer  the  rinlit   tipon the rpKSDIIKS art invlts-l and siUbtie-
muiiicipality  lo establish a (. in '    " "'"I '»' tl« *»'"•' ni^.,-1 unlit :.
Clause 197 ii an importanl lactot £!#''"'',"" ,'''"
'           .    r. I.-r the mirk ,.| pp, „*rli iiiiu*laiiiuii(
in tlu: pr. sent ntuition and pro* Ottawa (iinUni ind ii.-ir .-p..
inl. s at ln'.ii'Hs: ■  I lie council  01 Jurist tbt fur I9QS
tiiiiiiuis nl ilie  municipality 01 ''' '"' ,|'|*'1|i"i it
iiiuiin;p,iliti.s tn   win. h .int'sii.li ''''"'""""'iiiuM^ ~ || 1.1-| IK 1:11
lu ■ ns.  is issiuul   may pail fiylawi
tin growth "1 tha 1 ity
Chii I nl I'nlice   Pavis  proiiiles
the lollowing in in*. 1 ovtring the
s,11111* penoil, sin inui; that ilm dc
|i,iilincnt is doin+; ifliti.nt wOrl
total number ol cases, 73; iiiiii 11 -
Inui-. 69; committed lor trial, 5;
dismissed, 4; number o| fines paid,
Sunday Services Mass at t) 5')'- amount of same, $559.50;
,1. 111.. Sunday soliool at 2:30 pin,  number of prisoners served time,
Stitlltcs its .111 :i lust uu ilt  nil ! bl tin  s.itne foi ihl plu I an I  lpm
inch tt-rms.aml toauch partii i.apd
..11 inch < 0111I1I11111-, .nnl ai sm li
1.in I ot Il'ini^e to  |i.  paid ,is ilm
-ainl ciuiii. il or councils may think
lit.    *    '    *    But in ease tin
notcootravaatng the termi ol thi   city llall, Hortl \.n,*■ n«, ,m»i' mii,
in * ns , ib 1 taring Iheii intention '' •'
to S'.lbb I Ilm   bill, anal   in r,  sailo
ii.M'H:* ior liuiiiK Hint
Vl'lll 1 ;.a.*K*li ( 1.11  'L.la,.|,*l  1,1(1,,,
*' mnl.
- *  iit any Ierry tails in iietlnnn   >■ ' »' u* Uwti .n.i loili limn
11. ,    * ,       ""ll.     Ill* I'a.   ll|.   I,,   II,.a|)   iill   ll.aid,«U,
Ins duty or covenants under such
•ub-laaie, or the lerry tervice Irom |                  f-t.ft
any Linise is itiatli">piatr                         I   a ibiMltw-
•_   a 1       .1                                          1     , ""I*
cienl lor tlm requirements ol  the
IIAPIIsl 1II' Ml II, UK VM.l   nn 1,
niNsinii   itisri
Sen ur at 11 o'clock a. 111 in
iln i Irsaga hall. Sunday school at
the close ol tin   rim .
r.istoi :   ini David Long,
All .in welcome.
I'VW.i 11   11      1 1 '. I. 1 *
I: lotion at s p. in. 10; amount ol ttoltn goodi report* 1 public lervict • * » it shall
Pastor:   Rev.  K. I'tu.iviii, (). *di   I12HH;   aiuouni   ^covered, lawful for a judge ol the mprenii
If, I. V.G. I 5311 50; complaints received ami court in a summary way, on tin
ittsndsd to, 4*; reports rscsivad pstitioo of uthi rut inch munii ipal i1,..". 'i':"«'','",",;*'■
ami an.ml. ,1 in. y,. lm . an, nab il councils, to cineel  ths tub-leate, 'W"to I,M "''
I 1 by point',',: iii *sts,4; cues of j but such cancellation shall not al " ' ,'\,Z-,
insanity ind sickneis, 7: iv.ui.uiis I'il or lessen the liabilities oi tht
executed,6. The present Itrtngth Wb»lailM or ftb-ltSMSI, or of bis
olthe poim forCSil liim men, or then sureties, with respect to
Which makes itdifficiilt to maintain U\f boii'l givtH by Imu Ot Ihem
in idsquati   patrol ol an area so fortin   .lm* perl '
law aa that of tba city.   The la* Mtvlssse."
will lu* held at Ot|ngi ball on coma could ba gnath ingmantad     Ilm my aosnctl is ol opinion
Sunday evening at 7:30 o'clock, were a bylaw passed, impotingi that tli. 11 t .is, ,   luicitntl
All   are    im Ii ouie.    Come     and license fas upon peddlers, audits,   to   secure   call" al also
bring a friend. exhibitions, , 1, Jlooo dimages.
. iiii 1 11111 mi,W.i I,* lamiii
lei > on*, ol ' ill '    *.*   ..ra
tat It 1 Ill 1  * ' ' ■  ,i!ar...r 1 i„ u,, ||,.n
U" ('IW '< .ml torki
■1 .ml ni.ilrd   *T,'t,.l„
'",1'"'!*' I llll|all»*..,*„*niH,||*r,|
')'"•" SlrlH 111 li't
' mul
1    »M bl l*.itl,l, In than.
*     "I   III.   . Iai.|l.*li<li,l..|l.||,r  ol  Ut'li.ni
aorli, iipirnv *i**n.
1111 1.ms
Chill I'nmml.aiiin, u*l l,.n*l.«n*l Knrl,
I..I.I. .1, I lla.at.   1*. |„
'a«   I.I     1.111 May, IM,   ' u.m
. ^upjikmntt to Sl]? £qi»aa
Church Notices
Locai M-*ctings
us'- nn ivw.tti i.-i.iMii Knh*tai4Pjrthlei *..* iidaud Fourth
tui - lav,» p in,
iso 1 alien 1 mii -m 1 is.
Holt Communion, 9 1. m
M irning prayi r, 11
Evening prayer, 730
On the brat Sundaj in lhe month
■ii'inioii at 11 a in.
Rev. IIiikIi Hooper.
Athletic Club, lir-t Monday,
I eli    Mn*' tb   -.   MOOBd  mil  fourth
II rlli ultnral Um    ..-. -* Bond V
I ,n in. 11 - l'ra.li.,*   tierv I rulai. I.JO,
i in 1 ■.nmi, \| . 1*1:. Monday, I p.m.
i'-'' *' '  1  Me. iin.-.iir-i ind third
lr,.|,n-. .11 s |, I,,.
inin'. a huh 11 Bi ar I ..i Trade, Third Tnttds;. I p.m.
SIXTH ITUStT. rdot  lr.nl.   IA.. .i.v. ,   I ir-l   In,*..
- will 1 uducted u      'l''"si""*
S    lay bj ib. paetor.  -','"'' r"ml -i'-"1
,„ '  ""'"" """' "'"'"
Council and Ferry
The citizenahi i> .11 largi will be
letti 1 abb to underttand the po-
sit; *u iif tb. 1 iii lii the negotiations
North Vancouver Mails
Mails 11   '  foi .\-patch as (ol
[■ms;   1 11 \an, 11,.mi   and all
points I ■   in.. 11:15 a* in*, 4:15
now proceeding between thi coun-1 p 1,1.; br Lynn creek, 11415 a.m.
cil and tin Perry Company, by I lUBaafrivi Vancouver end all
rafereao to ths municipal dausts I poima, 9:10 a.m., 1245 m.. s is
act, under which tbe fan] isopai \0 m.. boa Lum . nek : f
■   I
p in.
l'i' ','*.       ' s,|ay
- ,1, '
\   ire wal
r  loi  Ini  I It Gillam, MA.
'i-.i 1
Mot '        .  I I a  111
p    111   .   ■
I'l ' "ll   Weil*
*   llll   k
.:  in  Linn
ilu mate Sunday slti rnooni
Sundh) k hool at Moo I fvilli  at
RSV,   B,  11    r,.ibl"i-t":i.  B    \
Nail. I II     I  IV  HI  ll  li    I   Ullm  I
isniiN'  MI-suin.
Sunday  Services
*>. in
1 : M) p.111 .in -1 \i
I'n -i'iiinan church.
Civic Statistics
Outgoing mails for Lynn 1 reek
liter 1 lit] a.  in.  should 1"   th
1.11 the wit kt 1
mv or virtu mmiui!
■M/.vn v iv/ nr'ri 1 hi 1
mi;i 1 Vi
■ tion v uli the innivei
ni il im "ip 'i.linn tin 1 ilfowing
■11 s   will prove ol ii,'
\\ aterworhs Foreman Pi 1 k n ports
' total ol  ||
Imu- lo Mat |Sth,
Ol llllll ll   7"    W> |a     lll.lal.     ilm
onl 11 have been thus
let rn."I i in 190(1    1 In it a tn 1 on
slllllll S  Its .lllll besl   1 a,*,1111, nt   on
* Iti.
( lm 1 1: Polii •   I'n is provide!
the following items covering the rates ot ierriegi to 1" paid at tbt
- nm period, sh. wing ihal tht de
p.ntiiit nt  is doing ' in* i* ui work
tied    Inasmuch as tin* itatutei
ip inal I. adilj at * graat
iii.in\  1 iti/. na,  'I'm   Ext icss ii
pottanl itrui
ol ml, llll.lllllll'
Claim ;*!,, til tb. 111111111 Ipalitii 1
*ui. proi nh s  thai iha lieui' n.i 111
101   may   grant   Iiii iim    "l
b tn iai .my municipality,   t lauie.
.'.'   providet  thai  tuch   licenw 	
th(    I'M   Upon till   Tl \I>H:-an iniiicl  I «ill I.* re-
iniiuii ipaliti Is 'establish a fern        eelvwlbyiheuniIerilaMduatU.il
Claim 197 inn importanl lector ;'vi'"'k i'-'1''-•''''•'«■'
(or lb,-  «.irk "t 1 1      1 •  ■   a 1*1.11111111:
111 tht i'i.-nt ittuation and pro  otUaaiiardeni and tlnirnafil
nib s as lolb't" .ami 1,   or 1 ' ISM,
iiiainiils oi the  inunicipalit) m    ' "' ' buloed ee
municipalities to which any such ;'1'1'"'" xJJoMiS ftliKPHRRD
licenw ia iaaued tnaj peas bylaws * rityedrk
not contravening tbi terms ol tin  dtr Hall, North ft mer, Jim iub.
license, thsti intention    ''"^ IM
to sublet the 1.111. and ni,i\ iub
li 1 tbe same tm iln prios ami apta
sm b lerins.aii.l t*. sm ii partii Mud
■ ni   such 1 onditiom, and at  smli
I >al  ,1   I'.'lllllll  I   a   I   . ,      ,) Vil
li ' • 1   loi   trial,   I;
ilisin   ed, 1 . imbei ol Bm
amount   >i    in *.   1539.50;
, Sundaj soboolal 1 |op.m., numbet ol prisoners served lime,
II.M'lll- lalll   lllllllll I ;i|||
■ lid 1 ** *m  I Or Cl am. ill mat think
• Lm in ,ase tin* sul,-   \ .ii-it-riu.it t|,,i„.|,.i
1.111 111 case 1111 sun     **
* lent tails In pi'ilmm ttt tad Wotki l*,|.t.
his dul intsundel   itch '^.al^Z
lerry service irom j -      \
,1111 1 ansa   is in,nli piate   ol in
cient for the requirements ol tin „",",' ,,,,,1 Pum,a .1 u
11 st j p. m, '"'in nt ol stolen goods report-j public tervice   *   *  *  it shall In '!,'!,'i,','
I'...nu    R 11     l.   I11H8;  itnounl   recovered, lawlul for a judge ol the mpi <u.!n,"i,,
M   I, \   G »3«' "". aie.laiul ...hiiiii a suniinan way, on the ■''.-'■ V'"!
,   I CHtaCH, OBAMOI  HAI.I ' >\']  l""<""> "1 * hmtllli. ip.i
|it\s|Uli     ill'.
al  : 1 ■ *
ingi hall. Sund
- . •*"■ *• .*., 11.in. 1,1 ian
1      . in* ■ am ndi -I '   incili, to 1 ini 11 the sub lean
.ises.,1 but such cancellation ihallnotal tartll^T'.^.ni"^
1 'in   * mn
All art wi It unn
a' W, J. Warrants I" t or lessen the  liabilities ol the
led.l     1 in -.'ii * ni tringth sab lessei ur ghb V   sea, m ol Ins
olthe   I     if   bin  ||   Ilnn    men,   ul  tin* it   Sureties, witli   n -p" . t tO
which 1   b   it iiiilu nit tu maintain say bond givta by him or them
■   patrol "i hu an a sn bu th,  dm pi rlorrni 1 al sveh
■tVAMOSLI   11      1 ... ,,,t|„   ,„v      [Ut j„    s„|,|r,,sr
will I"- held at i'i, bi     *:• greath sugmented     rhecitj coaactl hol opinion
evi ning •         ,v. pi * d, in po ii   1 thai their cam is rofi ientl
All are   w< li mn'     1 !ii".,i p..mi* 1 lo secon   can© llation ai
bring a friend exhibitions, eh                              idstnagea.
•"in. lie* linill. irli.mbl, lliiinllv
* mil bl iddrenH m il,,. II a
* III ind ll..,k.
11 w.lfil.nil 1 1
pUl, 1
ii, lm
»' null **' II    ' * ' u*.i'a t,iilal
.ml thi   iai|„r Inr ihi ihinnnl a a '. *iih. i,n,
la '» |.«iii.'p u •
'   nl l..«'la .ml
llll I.ins
* * ..*
i.'i 1- >n*i ii*.,i,. Dim
«'  , I'Ui M«", ll«» 11..1 THE EXPRESS,'NORTH VAHUUUVJCIf, U. C.
A large grist of communications
wai the leading feature of the session ol the municipal council last
Fridiy. There were pr-jsear Aldermen Ny Robson, Drfvidson,
ind McNaught; with Reeve Miy
iu the chair,
The following communication!
were read by the clerk: From the
city council, with notification to
the effect that the minimum water
rate for outside points will be sixty
cents per month in future. This
advance called forth considerable
adverse criticism, ind the cleik
wn instructed to write thc ciiy
council requesting thst enforcement bcdelerred until the forma
- tion of the district water irei.
From J. \\. Lruiiinie, making
application (or water connection
for a new home now in count-of
From Elder, Murray & Co., up
on behalf ot Samuel Ward.offering
I45 per icre for land in block 11,
D.L. Nib. Coun. McNaught contended (bit it wai uot judicious to
dispose oi lurther lauds in this district uutil lelectiom were luiilly
nude for public purpose!. Council concluded thit 11 tbe lindi hid
not beenJormaliy withdrawn, thii
otfet* should not be declined. A
motion by Coun. Robtou thit the
offer bs iccepted wn cirried,
Coun. McNinght objecting. Coun.
McNiti-jbt moved, seconded by
Coun. Nye, thit ill municipil
lands in D. L. 810 be hereby taken
ofl the mirket until selections ire
made for public purpoiei. Cirried.
From S. Clark, compliining
tint lome unknown ptnoni hive
been removing, timber (rom hit
properly, loll 4 to 9, block 8, D.
L. 1013, ind iikiug whit slept he
ihould tike. The cltrk to nuke
suitable reply.
From Bishop Dontenwell ind
1I10 (rom P. LeCheine, applying
lor certiin conceiiioni relitive to
the proposed extemion of Kiith
roid towird Point Atkiuion.
From the Diplock-Wright Lumber Co., offering filly centi per
thousand feet for timber on 1 roid
1 lowancc through welt tide of
block 1015. Municipil mipi ihow
no roid in thit locality, ind the
clerk wn ordered to communicate
wilh the compiny.
From, the secretary nl the Cant
dim municipilitiei Association.
cilling ittention to the journil issued by the association, ind liking 1 subscription from the mun
cipility. Liid over for future ic-
From the Cinidlin Bittlefieldi
Commission, advising the council
ol the objects of the movement si d
liking financial iul.    riled.
From the local llniiu nltuial
Auoriitiou tnd Firmeri'lnititulr,
liking for t domtion to mitt in
the erection ol their new pavilion
aad improvement of property. The
councillors expreued their interest
in the association, but regretted
the inibility of the municipility to
respond at present. Laid over for
future action.
Mr. Rhodes, contractor for the
dealing ol the Cipilino school
grounds, addressed tbt council,
iikiug il it would be economy lor
Ihe council to hive logi cut up into stove wood instesd oi their being burned. The price asked by
Mr. Rhodes, namely, ti per cord
in cordwood lengths, wu comid*
ered too high. Instruction! were
also liked 11 to the diipoitl of
dingerom treei on adjoining property. Council decided that owner! ol sin li treei ire responsible.
A plan "I int) division of I). L.
H51 wu submitted ind called lortli
strong comment, heciuse ol the
unapproai liable nature ol itreet
ends is ihown on the plan, due to
tht contour of tht country. Uwntr
requested to meet the council.
The board ol works reporl wis
submitted, recommending expenditures, totalling I399.9J.  Adopted.
Coun. Nye reported the appointment of W. Philip is roid tix collector ind oflice issistint, at a sil-
iry of $40 per month. Appointment confirmed.
The hospiial committee reported
the completion ol in trrangeme t
with the Misses Diwion, to eitih-
liih 1 hoipilal in the city, the city
council ind the municipal council
each to bonus the institution to the
extent o( %%l per month. The
government grint to hospitals hai
llio been assured until such time
111 genenl hoipitil hu been established. The city ind municipality ire 1I10 to hive right! of
supervision Alter some discussion ii to irringementi for treatment ul indigent patients, the arrangement wai ratified
Municipil  Engineer   Cimeron
submitted    spei ifltations   for   Ip*
proichei to Seymour crtek bridge
a d so for abutments. Co.isn -
eratii 11 ai I over,
A letUt was read from the Cap.
ilanu Improvement Association,
wilh respect to their plans. The
reeve drew | attention to the lact
that the association hai unwisely
sought to appropriate the nime
Capitals. * 1 his name has for
years been applied to a different
lection and confusion is certain to
ariie. The association should find
some means to differentiate tlie
new district from the old. Coun.
Robson undertook to bring the
nutter to their attention. On behalf of the associition, Coun. Hob
ion further stited that they hid
decided not to seek financial assistance from tin municipal council ai
the present time, but to endeivoi
to secure actum upon the part ol
tlie provincial government. In
Point Gray distiict the government
hid expended $70,000 on roids,
and in Hastings townsite $50,000,
On this basis jhc government
ought 10 expend f .13,000 at least
on roads in the new diitrict wesi
ol the Capilano, and the association had decided to secure the signatures of all properly owners 1
(hit section to 1 petition to lb
government to tint eflect. Iln
petition will be presented to lb
government liy 1 strong delegation
00 which it was the deiite ut tin
association that -the municipaliti
Ihould be represented. Municipil
Clerk Philip read 1 letter, cillin-.
attention to* the fact thit.it tht
government!) auction of lindi in
the diitrict relvrred to, Auctioned
Rankin hid slated that the govern
ment would give assistance (or tlu
construction of roids, although it
wu not then possible to name in)
definite turn to be expended. The
Associition hu therefore good
grounds upon which to approach
the government.
Municipal Engineer Cameron reported having visited the new district in compiny with a committee
of the associition, (or the purpose
01 selecting the Iiest location lor a
whirl, with the remit tint ifler
considering several possible loci*
lions,the committee had finally decided upon one recommended by
ks Expiiis, $1 a yeir.
$23.00 Reward
fnr Ihe irrttt tnd conviction of party ur
pirliet who ire tuarini down 1111 reil
eititt tifni.
J  D. WOI,rEK,
Rial. K-.tati
Foot ol I .aii.alilr, near whirl.
rti SALE
25 or 30 Pairs of Homer
Pigeons. Splendid strain.
JiOo. a pur.   Apply—
G. A. LE1T11
Lynn Creek P.O. 13 41
Merchant Tailors
(lite with Morgin, Vincouver)
.Style,+'it and Workmanship
. . .PRICES RIGHT. . .
Firit Streei, one* hill block west of
v       Lonsdale ave.
mm & mm\
KmI folil* ui liuruci
UQaMe ire., r.;,,x,:.„',-.v loiiti Tancoura
iuniki 1111111s mm
LIFE—The San Life Assurance
Company of Canada.
FIRE -The I'hernix Assurance O.
of Linden, England.
TIES- The Empire Accident
nnd Surety Co.
im your
wmrc wundottes
rpvvo   I-1NK NM  AM) 95  lOIST
l",trite, tinted to lii|fh*sci.riii|{ hem
Kkks $1 50 tint I- per 16.    Clear eugs
exi'tnugi'il.   A few breeders fur tale.
it. KADIllilCHn,
21st street and Ixinmlalt* avenue.
Large Cabinet
Grand and
Upright Pianos
That we are selling
at the low price of
ONLY $375,00
Wirnnted   lor  five yein.   Full
Ment  Plates,  Double Repeating
Action, Pure, Sweet Tone,  Combined wilh Great Power.
Ttrmt, $10 (nth; hai. fo a month
Thii ii only one simple.    We sell
sixteen makes of Upright Pianos
llall ImjiMw ..I a r. lad S.r.no.
'I'llUM *.'-.'-
K«ll»<r>, Brlal|,-i, IV.Itr Power., K.Ilm.Irn
Sll|^.lllll*l|a|.*l|a*. aaf  .*, >|1,| 1 ||,'| |,,|,    M.p*, T„t*lll
■ ItM, UlltlDf t'Uliai,, Sn', lllTl.li,U..«lt
111 II. Um. 81. II..
439-441 Hasting Street
I'lKi-wri LatgtU Piatt* Hon*
62 and 64 Cordova Stiff I
['he famous "Hub" Shoes for
men, $5 00.
Summer  Suits  from $8.00.
Mon's balhriggan UfidvfWMf
2.r>c up.
Everything for Men at Right
Kitnordiniry viluri in
Parlor Tables
Birch MihoRiny Tille", very pretty, $1 •#, nynlar price $3 7ft.
Suitable lor my parlor. When Slating Wladow Shad I,
Laci Ciirtaini,    I'hIm,  Ktc.,     See   Ui.	
No! 1 and 2, Home lllock, Iionadale Ave.
For Furniture and House Furnishings
kill Vancouver Hardware
Company, Ltd.
Garden Tools
Lawn Mowers
Poultry Netting
House Cleaning Requisites
Paints and Oils
Builders' Hardware
KXH of Lonsdoie *»e.
Telephone u
rrsinks roa timiikr limits
V OTlCE ii hereby given tint Kiled
*■' tmili-ri will be reeaivml by tin
Hon. tlie Chiel Comtniiiioner, it the
at the Undi mil Worki Depirtment,
Victoria, up till noon on Montliy, June
lit, lium, Irom any permn alio nny ile-
•ire to til'liiii ipt-iiul lirencei uihIit the
proviiiona ol mtIhui 67 ol the "Land
Ael," for the purpoie ol cutting timber
Iron, the lollowing deicribed land! :—
No. 1. Commencing a.t the toulh-wiit
corner ol Indian KeMrve on Acton
Souual, Coait Diitrict, Range 1; thence
aouth aliing ite ihore to the nortli-eait
corner ol Timber Licence 13,4116; thence
south 40 clniiii to the north line ol
Timber Licence 13,4<H; thence ent
about KM) chains to thi weit line ol Tim
her Lii-eiiee 26,400; thence north ibont
110chaini; thence went about 80chaini
to llie aoulh-wiat corner ol Timber l.i
fence 26,3011; thence welt to point ol
No. 2. Commencing »t • poll planted
on Ihe -Lore of Tli* Hal Ugoon, Coiit
liiiirici, Range 1, it ihe north-welt curlier ol Timber Licence 21.Wl lo tlie
north-met ornir; thenee leutli abemt
20 r liiini to the norlli line ol Timl-er Licence 14.4t*; thence eiat i l-out 80
cliaim lo the line of Timber Licence 14,
i.Vi; t hence nortli nlmut wt chaini j
Ihenee welt ibout 120 chaini to the
-ha,re o! Tii-Bn Ugoon; thence eouth
eaaterly along ihore to point ol com
The competitor offering the higlieit
i n.li honiia will be entitled to ipeeill licence! covering the limits, renewable
annually lor a term ol t« enty-one vean.
Each tender mint be addrnaed m the
lion, the Chiel CommiMioner ol l.andi
and Worki, lecurely lealed ind marked
"Tender lur Timber Licence!," and
mmt lie iccoinniiinil hy two marked
cliea'ii**e, one cinque beirn ler |280, thn
amount ol the iiti yeir'i reniil, and
other Iur the amount ol bnnm tendered.
All chequei require to be payalile to
the order ol the Chief CommiraioniT ol
landi ind Worki, it pir, it Victoria.
Chi f C'oiiMiiaii.in'r nf
/.audi ani Worki,
Lntdi ti,d Worki Utfartmtnt.
Vititstia, B.V.. April fit*, I**-
Rolled Oats
Haij and Feed
Fine, healthy Tomito tnti
Cauliflower Flints, grown Irom
Sutton's Seeds, always on hand
ih. Brackman-Ker
Milling Co.
Lonidale Avenue,
at Perry Landing
Harry Mitchell, local manager.
Worth Seeing'
First of el! we ask t|ou to
view correct style*. Fit-Reform set* the fashions.. .
What a|)[>ears In the Fit-Reform Wardrobe is accented
without question by Canada's well dressed men ...
Let us sho. you some of the many
new Suits <H Overcoats for spring
Suits $15.00 and $20.00
WO«ltl Bill Bit  int HtNIT
Priceless Asset
A (nod let nl Tr.'tl. contribnta peitly te one'i hialth awl
'li.|i|iint'i».   Tin*)-mill much to Ihe ipsmtSN ami more to
the iligMtion.
Neetot ii th. only cinie lor the Inn ol Teeth.   CoB.to
ui NOW Wlore it ii too lite.
If At till PSIff»        tntt NtVtl CttAMC
riillftetaf Ttttk       II.m
•rMfe<-*ark, >tr Tsslb        I.m
•sM Crswsi  I.M
•sMrHHsfi         I.aamtt
nalisa nWoffi        Las
r 11 nc tlm ta
The Boston Dentists, Ltd
DR. A. R. BAKER, Cosssltisf Dsstiat
407 Hastings St., W., Vancouver
HOURS   I.m. lot am.
Ii prepared  to dn ill kindi of work
clearing. Kruhhina, atuni|iiiiK ur  rock
Muting.   Work il.nn* by tlie diy or by
Kxtra nre taken  in lilutina* mar
Imll.r. Hid ill damage lliiil.* good.
Addren, Second itleel W., near l/ini-
dile in'iint*. or I', ii llui 11, North
Vancouver. M
Singer ind Wheelir St Wilion
Agency, North Vanconvrr,
niiii'.'. allll Mr. ('u'l.ii'i. I,,in.il.ili' Ave.
Machinel wild on inalalniciil i'liiii
Machine! lor r.-nt
Machine mp|ilii"i
S«u ui (<*r villi Sa-miin Machine winti
I Hire-New lhompmn Block,
t.'ninlili* avenue.
Kriidential m.rk aapeaiaily.
I'. 0. Iloi SH
Norlh Vancouver, B. C.
mmm mom »m> "i,'t,"iii.«
I/nvitf lumrhl tht bankrupt
stock of Wolf, England j- Co.,
Thomfion H/ock, are selling tht
same at cost. All /hit union's
Goods, comprising SHIRTS,
This is ti pnuiine nale nntl
the .stock mint bediiposed
of at once.
KinostOoltlen Slate
J. A. 8. NICIHU.I8
.U.i.i/ni-liif* of .Viii'i..,  aiil  Ai..   .1
Fitrntlt.rr Sion, lifftt Ani Hnr Rirtttti
Koniirhlgis All llraa. Iii-i
tO ' inui m »', n«i ('iininn.in .* I Uaidil.
"I |-*«H.  ■« lai».|
~W~V*<) ..nlariaii, ia |ii.iii|H*alt«nlioi
Auc I looters
Accomiiinti,    Auditor!   Cm- ial
Conimiuion Broken
Real filali Asaiili
iii nmi.in, i.c.
New Advertisements
Butter- liiiinil'a (Irneery
l..*im*ii( L-iiiil-K. W. Caultiild
Lot!(or Sale- Irwin .V Httlsgt.
I'm lur Tallies—Home I* uniisli :ri
tfomen'i Blum—Pykt'i Hm Welt
Tin* Wi'Ii-iiiiii' I'arlnr— ii.i lainsiliile Ave
Tiiuli'in lur Fuel—It. l'. ti'.ifriiint'iit
Tt'inlii. fur I iin ber limits— l'rnt-ini-i,il
Short, inislerili'lv nor.lt'.l letterl nn
Ionic, nf iieii.Titl nnblic interest wjll Is"
pulili.litil in I'm. Kxi'Hoi.
Till Kii'HKSl is in nn way res|Hiusilt|e
for the opinions ol I'lirriniiiiiiilenls, ami
ri'«.*iu>- tbt right i" ti'rniin.ili'attisciis*
•ion al am lime,
rip tn Soap Lake
l'u i'ia I1..* - iu.I l rtendi in North Van-
A* 1 -ii.:" sli d in nn last lelt. i,
we -.till I* in iiu it Soap Lake, ami
prolmlily will lot -.unit' tune yel.
I'heri .ue .1 ^iiiiiI manv people
coming .nnl K",nti nil the lime.
i li. \ CORK liinilalfil with all sorts
of complaints, Ihey come liy stauc,
on hor-icli.n k. i amed on stretchers, antl on crutches, with attendants to rare Inr theni. But in
most cases within llss days they
throw awa\ thi ii tiiiti'lits ami aie
found stripping over the hills and
antl valleys nimlile as cricket',
making it difficult tori stranger to
know which is tin* patie it or
which is the nurse. Almost every
onr who comes lure is tieiiehteil
from the u-.e of the waters of Soap
Lake, which are used for drinking
and bathing purposes. The only
attraction here is the medicinal
properties o( the water ol Soip
The surrounding country is sage
brush and sand, in endless
quantities, with here antl there
i small habitant or rancher, ami
now and then a rattlesnake to enliven the monotony ol the situation
Norlh Vancouver Hospital
oxnt'iTin by
tKUUl   \)i !*i I-,:l) jier reek.
Il'.ir'/ I'lttieiiti II /irr iat,
OMSWJWaSMttUml• a M.an».iiii     nu
'Pit I-I -iltentii.il nl llie I .un.l* ami Wnrt-
'     bi'parliuent kining I i, ,|imia*al
to Uie fiu't lliil town It.is in a towntile
luminal Prime Kii|" ii, li* in*; a nnl.ll
visinn nt l*it MS, KaiiKe ,'i, Ci,asl His*
trift, situ.iliil in. llu* uiiiinlaml btlstw
the in*.ml. n( llie ski-rim liner ainl
Klien Kiv.-r ami Kaieu Islaml. nre being 'iffiTi-'l for sate, it lias tiet-n deeimd
nectntaari* In warn llie |.ul.li.- that lh,*
■aid townsite is not situated al llie ler-
niinii. ul tin* i iranl Trunk I'acilii' Hail*
llall.llll    ,-     Ill,I     till*     llUlll.lll*     Wllitll     1-
nwiieil j.iintly l'i the llnvriiiui-iil ul
llruiili ('a,liiiiilu.i ami (lie Itr.iiul Trunk
Pacific It ulii,n t'iiui|*iiy.
f, J. H I.TUN,
rfci/l',i,iu,.i'i.i„a.r ni'
l.mi'ti nml llerli,
/ uu ia 'imi Wurln lirpartmrnt,
I'ieturia, lit'., fftf IM, I'M.
WIN. ol'K.N ON
When w I. ave Ih r , at »iU 8"*o
Portland, Urn* it', i \ say "I Spo
kan , WssllirlRtOll W'- expect to
leave licit- llu ul lie «o|li, and
hive nnl ilrt.rn;:ii..i ul how lung
we will spend hi 0. ^oa. Vouis
very truly,
I). G  Dn k.
Siluam    >aiiilariiiui,     Ephiata,
Washington. May nth, 1908.
Going ?
fnr Home Furnishings
There ia only out' plac*' to
|iiiii'lnisi', if you art'u enre-
ful, MOBOniwl shopper.
We hnve the largest stock
nf House Furnishings in
the city, and our prices are
unanimously acknowledg
etl to he the most reasona*
hie to he had.
We sell for cash
or easy payments
D. A. SMITH & Co.
Corner Granville and Duns*
muir streets, Vincouver, B.C.
I llu-l.aa- '.. entlile lhe Vutp ration nf
thr Vila "J Sorth Vancouter togrnn
niii /» Ihr IVnllair Shift/n il, Limited
l,y a/mirn.1'.,.,.,/   Iirl.riilu" nf the mill
t'lim/Ki,.*' to tht erlenl uf ffitl.OOO.
(Jet the Hahit
WIIKKKAS the Wallace Shipyard*,
l.lin.It-tl. have n'| f. -. iitfil to the Mu
iiiii|<al Cumuli ul thi' City ul Nortli
Van, 1,nver Hut lhe slid Cmnnany pro
I * t.e to ere. I marine wiyi ami liiip*
yirds un (lie |,reinim-i llrei.ly uccupieil
bv llie ii-li "iii|i.iny in 1 In-1'ni ulNortli
I'aiii'nuier and In i*i|»*nd un the raid
marine wil). and slii|i|artll lhe sum ul
sl least ft! nm Ami also lu etpiiu a
I'lini lur repairs tu steel ihipa antl tu
ei|atiitl 111,Ilm 1.11 9.1 lining lml have entered nil', ai. agreement withlliet'ilyul
Nurlli Vine, ,11 ver providing mlrrol .1 fur
(lie e,,ii-lr ..1j1.11 ..I su.Ti marine whi.
ami shipiardi and llieiillimatetrinste.
1,III..' l.l irt' ship building business ul
tbe said t'tiiiipany tn Ihs I'ity ol Norlli
Vauitiiiver and llie employment nl a
tiled iiiiiiiIh r "I I'lnpliatees tlifre.
AND WIIKKKAS it is ■■.■■e.lient to
grant aid lo Ihe said Cunipanjr 11 re-
TIIKKKKHKK th« Mayor ind Aldermen of the Cilv ul Nurlh Vancouver in
I'mnnil asHeuil.letl (with the uscnt of
tl.e eleeturs ul the laid City duly nh*
tuned) enact ai follow! :—
1. It llllll Im lawful Inr the ('..mull
! the in, ul North vi»'ouver lu enter
intu au aureeiiii ni wilh the Wallace
Sl.ipvardi, laniited, by whirh the aaiil
I'tiiiipauy i^ree iu com-ideraliiiu tit the
I'ily giiiraiitneiiig payuienl ol I'eUn*
tures || tie luued l.y the laid I ..mpHiiv
lur an auutiiiit imt eireoluiK HUBtlO
L.rtliu illi after dii|si«al ul nicli Kiwi.
lures l.y tl.e Company ...ii.li.n I and
e.pnp marine wai. ami slnpiinls in lhe
City of Nurth \ incomer on tbe pn-m
ises   pr.'seulli    occupied by   tlie  laid
1 ** ii|..u.v .cl 1.1 ei| I an amount ol
at lean 11*" ,nn in no doing; ind to
maintain and "(write uid marine way*
ami ihipyards ciinliniuualy, emploiing
nut less ibm llfty «mp'yeei.
'1. ll shall be lawful hi llie Mayor
nl llie City and the City Clerk un ilu.
• ii*. iileiri ol the said iirrement bv lhe
-aid Wallace Sbipyinli, limiti-l, tu
I'uiiraiilr.' Hie payment of tbe l.u,,|« lo
l.< issued In  the uid Compiny fur M
• niininl not eiceesling |.*-ll,l*00, Mid
gnarant a to he given hy way ol a sepi
rsle Iiniii nr guarantee nr by endorsement '.II the Is,mis so to In isi.ml In
the saiil fuiiijiany. The uid I.,ml ur
mulumciiieiit in bt eiecuted by the M
i..r nnl lilt Clerk and the toriwrite
-eat of the t ilt 1.1 Iw attached thereto
llu- llv-law iliall come into .fleet un
the Mii day or Mav, Ml*.
Thii It)-I.iw to ta* cited for all pur
poaei as the "Wallicr Sliipvirdi, l.im*
iie.l, Aitl By-law, IH08."
I'asietl bv tlieCuiinril on the llth dav
ol Ml*, torn.
Received lhe assent ol the Klrelnnol
the City uf Norlh vincouver it in elec
lion lield lur the purpose nn the	
diyol , A. li IM
K.siiii.i'lei, *! |,y the Cum il. aigned
by the Mayor ind and finally adopted
City Clerk, and nelleil with Ihe cilv
leal on lhe diy ol , A.l).
TAKK NiiTICK THAT the ibove It
I true copy of the Promoted Mylaaw up*
un ti I.n*li llu* v *le uf llu* Kleclnrs ul the
eitt uf Ni rth Vancnuver will be laken
within Iln* eity Hull, Norlh yancuver,
.ll'NK, A. 11.1'.se., Iwiwoeii the hounol U
"'clock a.ti and 7 o'clock r a.
It.-turniiiK Orliivr
that tlm vitti of lhe Klecturi of tlie eiti
uf N..rih vancnuver will Im taken un
"lhe Williice Shipyards Aid lli-l.nw,
liim, "ou WKHNKMiAY, tbt illlllli
l>AY OK .ll'NK, in pus, between the
liouriiif 9n'clock a.11.and 7o'clock p.m.,
IM J thai iiilhlnllieeity lliill,Norlli t, 1111
ci'iiier, and that Thomas Hiciihur.l 1,1.
been ii|ip"iiiie.l Keturiilng Olllcer to
lake llie v.ile uf null Klccli rs wiih the
iisilll i.iwers iu Ihal hehall
Ily order of Ihe Council:
AHNol.ll K. KKAI.Y,
Tiiuiiai Haii'Hmu,
eily clerk.
MIS AOItllMIM iiiadi'liudiiplirali"
the — diy ol Miy, Ml,
therttiuafler cilled the Company I
ol lhe Oue I'arl
(liereiuiifler .nlli.I lhe Cilv,
nl ihe Other Pan'
W II I. II I A S   tliu   Coni|*iiy   Ins
lueii   iucor|Hirilitl   umler   the  "Com-
panic* let, IW," tur the pnrpoit' ol
earr.tinif on inirr nia tlie hiisiness  of
-litp Iniil.ling.
AND WH KUKAS iiihaeoiient tr
ils imor|.iraliit|i lhe company has been
*'<t in*.' on such I ii'incss ill ilie ''ily ul
yancoiiier, British ('ulunibia, and ilsn
in llie tit. of Nnrth Vancouver.
AND WIIKKKAS the company is
desirous ul eitemling its business hi
North vaiicniiier aforesaid iu Ibe manner hereinafter iiiiinlinii.tl and Inr tint
purpoie il ii Ml nary for theeompint
to borrow money
A N I) W II I* II K A S the Cnnipsnv
has rei*nested llie Council ul Ibe City
to grant ail to tht ssid cumnny by
giiiriiileeing the |«yniejil nlilebentures
ol the rompinv for an amount not electing KiItyTliousind ||.VI,000) Hollirs
lor the purpoie nl enabling the company lo I.arrow tlie saiil amount and the
Council of (lie City hate agreed lo sole
mil a lly-law to the ral, pavers ,.f ll .
citv i.ittioriring the grmiling ol su. h iial
tutheconipinv by the cilv guaranteeing iiiymentnt the said debenlnres upon tlie eiectitiuii liy the company ol tlic
preient Agreement.
AMI WH S.RK AS the nun pa „i
li 1. approaclicl the Council of the Cit!
wilh I pro|»*i'ion lu line ibe Cilv
giiirautee pai ment uf IVheutures uf
ih,* I'.uiipsiii n.'l t" cjccoil llie sum of
1X1,000, fur Ihe piirpm.. «f enabling tlie
company tn lurrow uid money and the
('.-uin il Inive agreed in pursuance nl llu*
powers veiled in them liy statute to
guarantee payment ol uid Debentures
iil-nn Ihe aiiacniinn ol thii Agreement
NKSSKTII tint in coiiiideraiion •■(the
City guaranteeing pn tn.-i.t ol said del,
eutnrei in manner bereinalter men-
In lied llie Company agree willl the City
in manner following, tint Is to say
I. Tlie entire proceedi lo be reilixed
by the Company Irom tlie ule of ine
Mid lielwniiire. .hall lie uit-d in the
construction ami eunipiiient uf marine
wiyi mil mi, bm,' .bop- it Nurth \ incomer The mid marine way. sre to
Int.* 11 ip-aiti of IMI ion. dead tt tight
and ire to be el .minimal dnuglit to
tike nre ol ill the local culriiiig i»-
lell, tin 'il 1 maieil imt ol ll.e ume being ippruiitiasi.il* the sum ol (04,111).
2.   Tlie com piny Is also In t struct
a plant lur repairing and huildii i i.l
i«s-.'ls and also a machine iho|, t t
'.st in ted co-t whereof isapproniuiai ely
114,0, ill.
I Sl The eouipany al*n iigrees ufi r lh.
cui.ilriicttoii and ei|iiipiiient uf sai*
woiki lo piutitle ut teait the mm if
110,0110 in cub lor itnrkinif capital in
|'he currying on of biii-in -B at i*aid
! I. 'the company alan agrees io allow
the Mayor or one of tin.' members of the
jt'itv euuni'il, elii'tetl by the cnuncil, to
iH-eupy i position on its Board ot Directors.
5. The company further agrees that
the works to be constructed hh atnresitid
snail tie given tn all r,tpe, i- lhe preference over tlieir work in vincouver, it
being the Compiiny'i inteiilinn lo eventually close iiiit ila liiiHiness ill Vancouver and continue lo carry on eiciiiaively
its buiineas it Nortli vincouver.
6. The Debenture! to lie issued hv
lhe i rn.pant are tu be repayable in
iwenii -Iiu* vears, a yea-ly linking (uud
ol nue I li.'iiMiinl three hundred nnd lev-
entv-uiie dollars and forty cents i|L*
:171.401 Isung priividi'd In meet the eiune
nn their maturity. Such sinking fund
tn lie placed In a spcciul account in a
hank nl North Vancouver. It being un*
diTstissI,   however,  that  Ibe   liiking
fund, ur nnv part tliereof, with tbei •
-cut ut the city council of North v> n-
i-oiiver may Ihi invested in Mortgages or
-■iii,.* other approve*! ol security.
7 The said Debentures are lu be K-
ciircil tin all (lie property llul laaets ol
the e.mpany at North vincouver, including its present lite, being lota sevCn
(7) In twelve (12) inclusive, in Block one
hundred and siventy-sii (170* iu Distrii I I .,,1 In., hundred Ind seiciili -lulir
i'.'7l) iiiii lhe water front ind forvihore
rights together with tlie whole of the
plant, machinery and other property
and die undertaking of the complm
H. The moneys to he reilited from
tbe-a'eof the said Debentures .Imll be
ilfposilisl t„ a special account in the
Itiuk nl llritisli Nurth America, or my
oilier hank at North Vancouver, and
shnll ls< n.id and applied only in and
it .a .ards tlie construction antl equipment
of the workssftire-iid, and all rbeoues
th* refer signed joint Iv by tbe Wallace
Shiptar.ls nud the representative of the
rou licit.
8.   Tlie oimpiny iiiree to begin tlie
work ol construction ot the said mirine
] wns and man hine .Imps within thirty
dais nfler ibe Debenture! have   lieen
! -li I of and In proceed with thr con*
1 wlnirli.ui continuously ind will.out tie*
10. The ONSSttf agree that within
three months after lhe Completion of
the foiiitrtielit.il mil equipment * I il»<
said mirine wan lml machine shops
they will tsniploi it least Ut) men lu and
ils,ni the .aid works antl tint seventy-
tin* (761 percent, of tlie men so employed shall be residenls il North Vancouver.
11. Tbe ron.panv agree to pav all the
ex|wnsee, leuil nud otherwise, incurred
bv the (itt iu C'liiie, lion with thii matter, iniludii'L* ihe submission ol the
n.wesnary Hy-laiw to tlie Ratepayers ol
the city.
lie. herein hai,* hereunto Mil heir In mis
and seal., tbe day lml yeir Ant above
The Corporate Seal I
of the Wallace Sl.ipvardi, Limited, wai j -> ii
hereunto affiled In i-**.■*! i
the pretence nl    ) A. WALLACE,
Managing Director
tSgil) (8*11
John Kuwait..   I. I   WALL.U'K,
The Corporate Seal
if tbei'ill ul Nnrlh
Vancouver wn
liereunUi iftiieil in
tbe pretence ol
An everyday hiirgnin
Ground While You   alt
j. a. & m. McMillan
dunrr Ksplana.!.* lllll I.tuis.lale Avenue
Tt run, nnt'-foiiilli ca.h; Imlance, (1,12 lad 18 mouths
>    i
Sixteenth sr.
161 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
r. o, uox tut.
1836      THE BANK OF      1908
British North America
One of CiniJ i's Strongest Financial Institutions
Tstal Asseti over $30,000,000   - .
~A .
Saving-) Accounts given spei ial attention A deposit ol fi
or upwards starts a Savings At count, on which the
highest current rate ol Interest is paid pr added to the
Principal every three months. Di-pqsita may be withdrawn at any time without notice.
Joist Account! may he opened in the name ol two persons,
so that either may deposit or withdraw funds, miking*.
a very convenient form of account.
Bapkinq by Mail.    I'toplo living at a 'distant* may   send
in  deposits  or   withdraw   cash   by   mail.   Write   lor
Oflice:   Cor. lonsdale Ave and Ciplunade, North Vnncouver, B. C.
ll. It. Hum i, Manager.   *
British Columbia Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
Cirs leave the Fern Landing for Qiu*i-i.sbiiry Avenue, Twenty first
street and Lonsdale, .Winch street ind Keith Koad it lollowi: 6ij
i.m,, 6:45 a. tn., 7:15 a. 111., 7:45 a. 111 . S: 15 a. in., y a. ni. 9:40 a in.,
ip in .i in , Alter 10:15 a. in, cars w'" 'eave Queenslniry avenue,
Twenty first and Lonsdale avenue, and Winch street and Keith Road
at five minutes to the hour and twenty five minutes past the hour.
Cars leave Nineteenth siteet'aiiil QiieenahttiV avenue, Twentv-fir-ii
street ami Lonsdale avenue, Wintli street and Keith Koad is (ollows:
6 a. m., 6:55 a. 111., 7:20 a in, Itej a. in., 8:43 1 111.4:30 a.m.
After 0:30 a. in tars leave the Petty Landing al ten ininutcs past lhe
hour antl twenty minute** to the liour.
\j&'   All boats are met by tlie cars.
Pioneer Hardware
PhoM 12 I. WAlDtN   I,i.iiHilnlf I hirst Si K
Sole Agenti lor McCliry'i Stoves. Ranges, Furnicei,
Sheiwin ,V  Williami' (aninui 1'iinll.
Just Hrrivetl—Our si'ujoii's delivery of Paints, Vttr-
nisht'.-i, etc., from $1 ■'•() per ^ulIon up.
Hotel Norlh Vancouver.
—r~——-- *•   '
\f VI H \/ANr '.lli;
P i Anyi/s
Up in d.iii-
t: "" per
and up
Rates lor
Fa mi I iei
Ferry Service I very Half Hour to and from This Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
SIM 11 SMIM1ID mill SN  mt  (SAM
Hatu: MM I'KH
S|nfi,il R.iffs lo I'miilifx mil Regular Rnardm
llallMiiuir lerrv eniinnlinn In ami (rom Vaiitnuver. llnl anil roll)
aaler in every room. Ili'turn clli ta-lla in rvery riHnn Harrier
»lui|i in eiinnaellnn.
|MHM jTmr,   ...   NORXU  VANCQUVER, U..C
and inslru to sell
Clcnri'tl Lots, 60x166, in Block .ri'2. on Konrteenth
ntnl Kifteentli aStrects, at $500 and $525 cncli; corners, $600 ench.   RA8YTBRM8.
Two cleared lots, 60x167 ench, south front on
Ninth street, nt $650 each.   Kasy terms.
Also n few choice lots on Vielurin Park West.
I-onsdiile Ave. lot, hei ween '2ml nntl .'Inl streets,
only $:J2«K).   Terms.
Sixth street lots in BIcX k 117, f.ViO ench.  Terms.
A ^ond list of 1-ots in nil parts of the City, nt
prices from $20(1 each ami up. 1
Wanted from OtSHI liala nt |*ih.I i'ln.e*in t/it. anil Acreage    We n<r*|rotiat<P latri
if Iln* I'tiii*. are righla
Coi*. lonsdale Avenue and I If th St., North Vancouver, B.C.
^^HH.w       is


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