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 library Legit AntmnlV
-Mi   -
mm W
/   ...   'a     '       '   »Wl*VC   ,    .       '
-    :vl  ..-
The first regular meeting ol the
municipal council (or KJ07, convened iu tint municipal hall on
Monday evening. There wen'
present Councillors May, Jordan,
Irwin and Emery. Owing to the
absence ol Keeve Kealy, Councillor May was voted to the chair,
pro tem.
Many communications were on
the table for various works, which
all received the attention ol the
The ratepayers ol Second street
petitioned for an electric light on
.corner of Lonsdale avenue and
Second street. A light was nc.
COrdingly ordered.
T. Nye laid before the council
the proposition ol Lonsdale avenue
through D. L. 545 and sub-division
■202(1, so as to have continuity ol
line of street. After examining
the plans as proposed hy Mr. Nye
the council referred the matter to
the board of works to report on.
Wm. Jordan asked the com cil to
remove large stumps opposite his
lots in 1). L. 271. Referred (or
Inter consideration,
Ci. G. Nye, asking for crossing
Irom sidewalk on nortli side of
Second street to the south side of
street, in block 150, D. L. 274.
A petition was read asking that
Lonsdale avenue lie widened from
50 to On feet, Irom D. L. 545 to
ii'M and portion of 202O. To be
included in tenders.
Also that Durham avenue and
St. George's road be opened up to
Twenty-first street from the Keith
road.    Included in the tenders.
A. Hodgson applied lor a sidewalk froni his house down Durham
avenue to Eleventh street, along
Eleventh street to connect with
Morden's house. Laid over to report.
Robt. L. Docherty, asking for
sidewalk on west i Ic ol Lonsdale
avenue, between Thirteenth and
Fourteenth streets, and a crossing,
ou northside ol Thirteenth Btreet
and Lonsdale avenue. Referred!
to board of trade.
Colon F. Jackson made application for a three-plank sidewalk on
south side of Fifteenth street lor
a distance of 300 leet, to conned I
with proposed new residence, also
a culvert over ditch along his
property. Mr. Jackson also asked
for a copy of bylaws as to sanitary
arrangements and such otliei information as is necessary in connection with liuilding. Laid over
to report 011 the former. Tlic latter request was granted.
J. A. Fillier petitioned lor sidewalk extension from Chesterfield
lo Mahon avenues on north side ol
First street.    Included in lenders.
Iiniii Johnstone asked to have a
sidewalk built along Keilh road,
Irom his house to Bidgewaj
avenue. After- considerable debating the request was to be included in the tenders,
Mrs. G. J. Phillips, petitioned
for a lout-foot sidewalk along lot
27.I, from First street to Keith
road.   Included in the tenders.
Resident! along Jones avi nue
and Keith road petitioned for sidewalk from Lonsdale avenue to
Delhruik avenue.   Grained.
The residents of Third street
cast petitioned lor grading ol 11
loot road from Mahon avenue east
to St. David's, and also a four-
fool sidewalk between Chosterfit Id
and Lonsdale avi nue 011 the smith
.Side Ol the   street.    The  i.'ii',;ni" I
was instructed to prepare specili
cations   and   relet   same   to   lhe
board ol works lor approval.
Residents of Filth and Sixth
streets east, petitioned for the
opening up and grading ol Sixth
street from Lonsdale to St. An
drew's avenue. The engineei was
also asked to prcpan spe iftl B
Fifth Street west was also asked
to be opened up and graded loi
traffic from Lonsdale to Mahon
avenues, and that ctilvciT be built
across ravine on Fifth Btreet, between Lonsdale and Chesterfield
avcr.ies. Thai loui tool sidewalk
on north side of Fifth sired, fron
Mahon avenue eastward, to connect with present sidewalk east ol
said ravine on Fifth street.  Speci
fications were to  be prepared lor
grading, etc.
Blocks 43 and 45 also were
among the many petitions for
roads. Sixteenth street from liewicke to Delbruik was the point
asked to be opened up and graded
so that access could be obtained
to the above blocks. Included ii)
the list ol tenders.
Loren/.a Reda wrote re the pro
posed grading ol Second street,
stating that as proposed tlie plans
would greatly inconvenience liim,
and lhat since tbe erection of his
hotel the plans bad been materially
altered, lie also asked lor a
twelve-foot sidewalk lor the whole
length of the block from Lonsdale
to St. George's avenues. Considerable discussion took place,
Mr. Reda, being present, and explaining the position lie Was in.
It was finally decided that a ten-
foot sidewalk would be more
satisfactory. A twelve-foot plank
is to laid iu front of the hotel. As
regards the changing of the grades
the engineer's plans were examined, and the grading was
found to be satisfactory to both
Mr. Snider, contractor, submitted present quotations on
lumber lor additional sidewalk on
Second street, and also additional
excavation work, according to instructions from the city engineei,
amounting in all to $164. Referred to board of works. Mr.
Snider also wrote asking to be
paid the difference in the price of
lumber since the contract was let
on Second street, as tlir recent advance had made a vast difference
in his figuri s, Refilled lo cil)
solicitor to report upon.
Miss Archibald wrote to tli.
council to the effect that she liati
not a- yet been connected with
the city water, and aiked to have
same attended to. Referred to
board nl works.
J. II. Livingstone enclosed his
accmtit with the municipality,
which was referred lo the finance
A iiimti unication from the I!.
C. Agency Corporation, with reference to the article iu tin1
Monetary /'//«".    Filed.
Mi. K. ti. Macpherson wrote,
ackn iwledging n " pi ol resolu
lions iv tin- Second narrows bridge,
forwarded by the council some
time ago. He stated that copies
ha 1 It en sent by bun to the privy
council, and the lion. Win. Temp*
leman and W. S. Fielding, acting
minister nl marine and fisheries,
Tbe matter was filed.
The l-'.iinii is' Telephone Company of Steveston, wished to solicit
co-operation in the endeavor to
secure a more efficient line ol coin
iniinication.    Filed.
The secretary of ihe school
board had the estimates lor the
year prepared and which was ic.nl.
A committee, comprising Councillors Irwin and Emery, was ,,p.
pointed to confer with the board.
Notice was read Irom ihe lull
court ol the appeal of the municipality, which had been decided ill
favor ol lhc latter.    I'ii' d.
lhc report nl the mi dipal health
oilicer was read, add referred to
health committee, Ibe reporl
concluded by staling that the last
a all for tenders lor grading 300
Lei ol Queen sired, wesl ol Lons-
Plans of distiici lot 764 and 825
were examined and approved.
The usual monthly accounts, as
handed in bv ibe chairman ol tbe
various committees, were passed,
Owing l" ill health Reeve Kenl\
asked (or three week's leave ol
absence, which was granted.
Councillor May was appointed
acting reeve,
The dale oi court of revision ol
llu assessmi ut roll was fixed [01
March 11, at j p, tn.
Tenders will be called lor the
position oi road tax 1 ollector, to
lie figured nut on the per centage
i asis.
Councillor Irwin reported on
the private telephone line to the
intake, which was refern .1 to tha
hoard ol works with power to ad.
The grade "ti Mahon avew t,
from First street to the Keith road,
look up sonic time in discussion,
which was lelt with tbc board of
works to adjust the specifications
fnr a 24-foot roa 1.
Over one mile "f sidewalk was
ncluded in the tendt rs to lie
called fof. Quite a quantity "I
road grading is also to figure in
the tendt rs,
Councilloi Irwin reported pro
mess 111 the reservoir site.
'lhe date oi tiie meeting siil;
gested by ihe Vancouver cou
re the Seymour creek water rights,
was left entirely to the committee
'i the Vancouver city council.
The board ol works, along with
Councillor Emery and the engineer,
were instructed to select a site loi
the new bndgi s over S tyniout and
Lynn creeks, reporting at the next
committee meeting.
Considerable discussion took
place ie the sidewalk oyer the
I'hird sin 11 .bridge, and it was
finally ducided to have same con-
strut tt 'I.
The proposed lire ball plans
Wen- adopted as revised, and il
tv ' idi I i" (.'at Im t nders loi
Applications loi tbe position "!
, : .     ■ 11    ivas   I '   1"
.   ■      1       ;:,   ; I h' ing raised
a yi .ir.
I na- K. ith .im Hol suit road l'i
law   was it,id  a  thud  nine   and
, .1 .1 '1.
Church Notice.
ST,        lOHN'S      a  III   a;   ||      , ,,|;-.|
1.1a.llll!  AM,  III.I  11 I.Mil "lid I Is.
Quinquigesima Sunday (Febru-
,u\    . -it     Ma ui. 1. ca   prayer,   11
a   111. :   nil *  ' OMMI ..MS   (1
11:30 a. 111. ; evening prayer, 7.3a.
p. 111. : Slinda-   school, 1:3 I j'   m.
Ash Wi dm sdaj I l'i ruary 1 jthi
ll.it',    COMMI MON    ailil    uihcr
en .. , 1 Will t'f .iiianged.
N(xt Sun-la) Hut 1 ' ommi mon
(plain 1. ■■* o'clock ; morning prayer
and confirmation bi rvice, 11 a m,
Tuesday    Evening      Sai.ni*.
•   all      I.a   111       Willi      ,1.
Ill   lllltl III! II.
Something de< nl' all* new in the
way nl transportation i^ sluiil. t"
hi  inaugm ileal nn ihe 1
l'i,1 Hastings Shingle Manulactur-
11:1 Cn. .11'   I '■
case ol quarantine had been raised "'■
thai ila*.   Several minoi bills loi
fumigation, etc., wero also pi
»enli il. staling to whom tn 1 barge
the accounts to.    It  was del it 1 't
to cancel the mils.
I.mii is were opened up I 'i
clearing Victoria park, as follows
lii,   iaaW.'St I' ll'li'l  he,III,   ll 1 1 |'l' '1
Jim. T. Tucker  I .'
Anthony & Farrow    1,913
I'attoniv Williscrofl 1,367
Wm. Jackson    a.i73
Askew .v Kennedy    2,1V
The   deposit   (il   the   pi'v -
tinder was dciided io lie n turned,
less th,   1111 idental  expi
1 onneCtion  with  (ailing  Im   te v.
tenders. (art I •   ■       1
The following were the tenders burned, and when the road
for the  sidewalk   on   First   Btrei I >lt  .it,- to till   ap
West,   llll'  I'lC'St    |a, Hit;     (fiat    f,|    J      pef(ra|  , ;,. ,.,
K, Cameron, which was accepted,
modi "i I' uiling being a Im "
motive,   lite logs wtli be "trailed"
,|>,     la|l     till'    a OIUIUOIl      "lal,I"      I'l.lli
ha.,n tin ,11, its t'. tin nam «1, iln
pi        rl ' n  as Iii
s. rve il ■ "i hail I-
in:; tin I : serving
i   a      i|a I   a I
than the
:   III   HOW    III    Use   III   lll.lll)
I   .     'I       '    . a ; '     'I
,    t     I III
I 1 .    tun ;'   1   'i
subject to tbe usual condition!
J. K. Cameron  t$S<>
I). McLennan     6lJ
Askew 4 Kennedy    653
Mr. T. Nye appiand I"lore llu
council,  and  explained  tlic   1 "it
dition ofQuei n itreel w a. stating
that, as In 1 "t.i' tnplated building
in that sit linn be WOUld H't '1 tin
mad. Alld 1 "ti .iiliiii'.: lhe plan
ul tlie 1 ngineer, it wa. Bgn ed tn Iran ifonm 1.
Geo. 11
ol Vat •
ll p.     All'I an
ibsenc       evei     ears he natui
all; v ■ i"1 tally
111 Null!   \ 1       I       M'   '..       '•
turn i" ihe 1 n ''it* nexl wei I..
'lhc I'll      ll '
have this week installed  in lhe
",  lien a new  and  largcl
The great provincial political
fight has ceased, and as the noise
nl battle becomes more distant,
piercing through tin. cloud of
smoke we see the government
Inrces emerging, waving the
banner of victory, and bearing the
laurels of decisive power. There
was un greater surprise tn the
political parlies of Vancouver titan
lhc result ol the poll, which showed the "solid live" triumphant
once more in the District of Vau-
oiiv tr. It was generally con-
(C'lcal thiil at hast one hi eral
would be among he successful.
Richmond was perhaps th1'
most closely contested in the
province, Norlh Vancouver, including Moodyville, gave an even
count lor each nf the caiiah i.iia ■,
and as the returns were being received one could nol say who was
ending. Both candidates were
mtiring, and the small majority
im- Mr. Cotton clearly demonstrated this fact,
Now that the government have
,1 good working majority in the
legislature, the whole electorate
will await the good work that may
in a x] ected,
Board  of  Trade   Executive.
Ou Tuesday evening, in the
absence of the president and vice-
president, 'I reasurer II. K. Heffell
presided at the i^ular meeting of
tlic executive council of the board
of trade.
It was decided tn ask Ml.
Ale:;. Philip In address the regular
meeting nl '.lie boa d ol trade, to
In held nu Februa y 19th.
II. 1' Wm ii, s creiary of lhe
Hawaii Promotion Cominitti e, ol
!; m lulu. li. I., 1 ompliincnting
the board in its work .1- outlined in
the l.iiKi.-1*1 ts Exi'i a
N. Urquharl, secretary ol the
Vancouver Ltuildi rs' Exchange
wrote regarding the building
(hu ition, 1.'i'i* in*! to a previous
:   ti r, in..; i..■ snme ivould a a laid
till   ta a a ;: Ig 011 I .,   15th,
(Old  ll     I-      H't III  Hy,      SI        '   a.at'
I the Snub \ .cu ouvi r' Horti-
• iiitural Association, wrote in la' 1
'I an Aiboi day. and state: ilia:
be incoming dm aims would cmi-
,rer with the hoard,
11. VV. Kent, general superintendent of the H. C. Telephone
Company, wrote lhe public improvements' committee, re the
telephone service.
I; e question ol local improvi
1,cuts was taken up and disi usscd
■ ■ gth.
'1 he meeting then adjourni d.
Considerable improvements are
being made along Lonsdale
avenue, more noticeable among
them beii g the grading between
the Esplanade and First street,
which is being filled in with rock
preparatory to covering with gravel
The adjourned annual meeting
of tho North Vancouver Horticultural Association and Farnit rs' Institute will be held in the muni-
1 ipal hall on Wednesday, lhe 13th
inst., at 8 p. in. All interested are
earnestly requested to attend.
The Nortli Vancouver Athletic
Association will hold a general
meeting on Monday evening next
Election ol ollicers and oilier important   business to be transacted.
A lull attendance is requested,
Three well-known North Vancouvei ma ii have lormt d themselves into a contracting atul building company, Tht y are Mi '•:.! >.
Fred. Tarn, A. S. Emmerson
and A. Grant. These men at''
well known lor thi ir workmanship,
which augurs well for the welfare
of the new concern.
Mr. W. II. Mav. who lately
opened up in the real estate business on Lousdalc avenue, has
found ii necessary 10 ini rease In
business. He lias taken into part
nership Mr. II. Burns, a popnlai
Nnrth Vancouver man. fheri
May now he real estate to Burn.
Ur. Campbell has taken up tlic
office ovei McDowell's drug store,
and can be communicated with
luring the 1 venin ;.
The Norlh V 11 ouver Athletic
As ai, ial   .. 1, .1, hold anothi t •"( ial
dance lit tbe 1 lub hall dl Tuesday
evening next, lb retofore iln se
[unctions h ive been di 1 t'i 'lie
l"'i'' I ■:. and ii is '" In- hoped that
the coming a vent will be even
The \\' stern  Corporal ■ 1
nothing  il  in I up tu date    Tliey
have just had printed a handsome
picloral I    kti-t of  llieir 1 xtcnsivi
District of North
To Appropriate the Lands to
Widen Fart of the Keith
Raid Wc:tof Bcwicke Avenue, and to Open Up Parts
of Robson Road, Philip
A'venue and Farmer Ave
St. Andrew's Church.
At  the ic em   congn
m . tii ' very satislai lory reports
.1      ibmitted regarding all the
department nl the 1 lain h work,
i   re
1 1 au
notince that all I
bad !   • 'i   paid Oil,  and that they
started the new year with a bal-'l
,   .   ■ ■ '| ti.s mi hand.   Tin total
receipts foi the year were:
Congregational Funds.. $1,184 46
i -        \M Society.,,,     355 95
sabbath School      m    5
$1,651   -6
Mr.   Phili| i  da-   address
Irom the congn gation to Mr. and
Mis Gillam.
Mi \\ illianis pn 1 nted Mr,
nni Mrs. Gillam eai It with In ami-
lullv moutiti a| unibn Ila   Irom llu
.   .   ;■■.   li . a.'.',    : al    :
Sixt)    h 1 : '    " US,    lie  .
si .'    a liriet oul    i- of tl    1 hm i-
f. ss   Ironi   iis   1 tei ption   to   its 1
I :  ' t..' .       Hi iidi     ' eillg ot
II .1       .   a.    '    ,     ' 10  llll
tion,   nt"   "i" ■ nil   will     1 . Rl
Nniili  Vancouver as  ivi II,    It i-
■    iu It II; llu  finest nf its kind
issued in the province.
Tin n mj Iriends ol Rei ve
Kealy will If pi. „s, il 1. learn
ui hi- 1 .cih a ni e, alter a pro-
11 uti .I spell .il la grippe, lie
has la-en granted three weeks
;. i.a ol absence hv tiie,    ,,
Tbc new 15.' Ii r.' -, uv.. 1 motor
for the \\ a iliu , t orporation is ex-
pi cicil in jrrivi ihortly.   When in
peral       tin   in 'aai   will  be the
largest in I ind will be
used  to 'tt v   tin   111'   1:: 1
their   new  mnl  on   Seventei nth
Wilireal Mn, sin nl the well-
known   In tei        1        '  -M
n   ition.
Mt    1 1,;,,1111   m.ialc   suitable   in
knowlt tlgiuent,
Ki v. J. S   Henderson, nl New
1V1 tm   sti 1. [avi   bu .t'i •
I            '.al|l    ill   lllS     al      ml    '
1'  'if I       I.       I       I'   :l
lered .• irt)   congratulations nn
ai     1.1 tin   1 ongn
m 1   nn   ,1   1. solution   III' I    h.I I
adopted that day, tn  be  1 s. ||
..attaining charge after the 1st ol
Aplil in M.
Chief |oe Capilano, ai m
p.iuidl b) lie ■ -'ial "di'' e'liels
ol the mainland, will paj I. op
Dontenwell, "I New Wi itminttor,
1 a.,.,,i nn Saturday.    .'Iiiii
il veil tn the bishop inc<
in, !■ turn Irom 1. I m.
'.:''.'..,,       •      fore fi
. . mdi 1 "ti '1 iicsilay in Vancou
,cr, lo am wi 1 to tin chari
destroying ii ■■ il 1 on th li. C.
. potential wires on
li 1.1 tin narrow 1, Altei
hearing the 1 vidi 11 e, In wa i senl
ip [1 , trial. Bail wa
two sun tii ■' in li.
a   is  lasl
'. .'       111.Ill    il  a     i      '
I-, plainl ideuce llu
Naii unl) have wi  1
indusl     huts lion lhc in
let thai
.md in v.     ,       :   is siill being
added as rap Ily ai Uli  11
will i" rinit,    I he liit
to : '■ :
li sticker, wl
placed in i"' ition. Tin
mill has 1 laih capa I
15,0 0 leet, whii h will aii"1 be 1 *
len .•. iiu ; ed in the ni ai
1 ,■ ■ .1 1 ' ! . Inr ex
, "eii, ic,  pn   111   cap - ity.    A.
iiihi has 1" 111 pi I tos
. n ■   piantii) "I lit
timber railway 1
ami will be us' d on the line I  ii
h iill h* ti '■ li   I
( tuiip,ui.'  on   tilt it t
now in tin <'
from tbe in" iti   "i iln   < apilan
creek tap lo then loggiiq
Subsi nia. im I in Exi. 1
1 iii iini .1 'ii tin Corporation ot tlio District
ol Nnrth Vnllcnuvot In Couucll ..leuitilal
f all .ws. vi?.:
First; Ily nuthnrltyol Section 60, Sub-
'"itieii n:i '.f ihe Municipal Clauaei
Ail. m al ui Section ;i cf Mi.. Highway
l-'-uiililinliiiii'iit ami Protoctinn Ad, 10 5,
nml in nrder tn widen part ol Keith
Road, tliroii^'h District l.nt 205, lit ■ said
Corpnrnlion enter* upon, expropriates,
nnd Inked with a view to making, preserving, and using na imrl nf the snid
Public Ron I. known ti« " Keith Hond,"
Ml nml Singular, that parcel or area ol
md situated In, and being parti* ol
DiHtrict Let 2(18,in Clio Mnmelnallty of
Nurlli Vancouver, Provinco ol British
Ciiliuiiiiiii, moro particularly described
as follows, name]'. :
Commencing nl the polnl on tli" Past
boundary of Lot 205, distant Nortlurlv
and iivi-ii'iith leel Irom the North-
1 corner ■■( the Indian Reserve;
thence N. 85 deg. 33 min. \V, Magnetic
.'.'.;* und ihr. o-tentli leel; thence North
'iinii"j. 22 11 in. IV, Mminetlc, 235 leet
more nr loss tn the Northerly boundary
if I*at '-'i'a''. the sniil niiid tn have n width
il : .t on a; .ii - de ill the herein described centre line,
Skcimi. Hv nulhorlty nf Section 50,
Sub-section It:' ol'the Mnnhtp-,1
Olan-eB Ac', a Roa I is. hereby estnb-
lished an ai n|icni'il up, nnd Hie snid
Corporation enters npon, expropriates,
nnd tnki's with 11 view In tnnltiiii'. nre
serving and indue rs ta Public Road, to
h"known as" Rohson Itccl" ns regards
the first pal, and an "Philip Avi am "
ns regards ilia' a ml   tmrt.   All  nnil
ihir, tlioso parcels nr areas ni luml
situate in, nnd ports nf District I.m 552
in tlio said Miiiii'i|i,ilit;-, vincli said
n:irr"l-- r it ii" nf l.mul arc mure |iiit-
liinlaialv ili'-crihi'il in, follows., munch':
:   ' nn menrlne Rl the polnl m the
lira- iiesoriln d R I In Section I,distant
N. 85 deg 33 mln. W, Magnetic2WB and
ihri'c-tetilli   leel   Irom   the    Kasterlv
' I' nl 1.',' :'i'>: thi'tici' along Sli-.
centre line enntlniied N. 85 ilea S3 ntiti
IV, Mnanetlc, 380 leel inure nr less, nt
tho c int "ii ihe Westerly Imiuidiirv ttt
I..at -,'i .'I. .Ii-tiiiii 700 nnd fa.aiir-t.-nttl 'lie-l
\",ar|i erb frnin the Nerth-cast rnrnern-1
l.'.i Bill; lliei South c;, rJeg, 35 min
IV. Magnetic 2058 nnd two-tenth fuel
more nr less to the South-east corner -di
1 oi .1; the rond to haves width ol 33
feel oneAch side of said described centre
i Commencing nt the Smith-east
corner "f l.ot 701; thence Northerly
ah 11;' the Hast boundary nf said l.ot,
760 foet more or loss to'the Northerly
limii nf 11 "|"' Ptreel In the Bub division
uf mid I "t t the Rond to haven width nl
:., leet In the right nr Bast nl the here-
ted land.
Tiintn. By nuthorily ol Feelinn 50,
-iiii.i..'.'ti"ti  (H2)  rn'  the   Municipal
Clauses Act, the Corporation hereby
■ hi "ii, expropriates, and  lakes
with a view I ilnn:. preserving, and
using ns part ol a Public Hnnd, knnwn
ns " Former Aveimo," All nnd Bingnlsi
that pnrccl nr area ol land sintnted in
iii"  snid    Municipality,   particularly
■i" r I :'- lhe Rnitcrlv purl nf l.nts R
. I), nl Block '.', nf liislrii-t Lot 71V),
 :' land :i:i feel wide
•■ 11 1 a«l t-. West, :n"l ten chains or
iia .ia 1 j 1' nc Irom South in North.
Fourth. Tin- Bt ' n mRy bo cited (nr
all |niri'"«'" as " Tlie Keith nml linlison
-law, 1006."
1' -ad hy lhe cnuncil mi the llltlt day
ol [Iccell Is r.  I "i'i
Recoi   sia! un.l linaliy adopted,and
-ini. I by il >■ La cu' uml Clerk, and
■ Ith iln l'i rpnrate Seal nn the
Intirtli day iif Fehruery, 1107,
" \t.i.\ I'ln 11."        " IV. II M.iv."
c. M. C. Acting Reeve
Iai ii
'•    tin' Council  nf Sorth Vat n-
a 1 tat ihr position ef Medical Health
iniccr "f the District, Salary, (800 aer
nn mi Applications, .'i- Ing lultsele
- ni'i ti'siiiiniiiiiils, 11111-1 he in
Mm ii cil I Lill ii"t Inter tl in
I ■' 'La., hih inst.
Aui riinii',
i u-l li'VNtiNs    ARE    INVITED
'    la.1 Iha  posltl I Rond Tax Col-
"i'i. r    AppllcRllll l" -lilt" 001 Iiiion
a:,'"I hat ihe work,and i" l»' pr.*|*jred
.1 na |300,   Application! to
'.• 'i. .ii tii ■ Mint clpal llnil betoneight
'a llH'k Oil  III"  Mil inst.
At.i.v, I'liii.ti',
NORTH \ iNCOUVKll     nc
Wi ■ >..■   \ ■   ".",.       Ptibhiiheil hy
'hi'   1) iliu    pet   Yenr
.1   li   Ull I.I Whs.
i KtilKil   HART1 V,\ I'Miti
Tht Highlit Inni.
There are lull a down Inns "well |
up In the nir," na country people say,
in England, writes a correspondent in
The Manchester Guardian. Tan Hill
Jim li 1.7'J" feet above sea level, The
Cut and Piddle near Huston comes
next, 1,690 feel up: and iis comparatively nenr neighbor, the Travelers'
Rest a', flash, on the Leek nnd Buxton read, i- third, 1,535 leel The
nexl three inns of the series Rre further nfii'ld. There ii Ihe U\e of Skya
]nu near Holmflilli, 1,500 leet above
sea level; the Trnvclers' Ko.it nt the
top ('I Kirkstone Pnss, between Windermere and I'atterdole, 1,407 feet:
an.! lhe Newby Head between Black
ll II    "■     I 420 leet   These
high-placed inns are not the nt'"! re'
mole Irom ri even In tho win
ti   timi   Tl ■ C'nl I" 'i Piddle, tor ex-
ainpli. „''■'     ■ tomers on Die
es! l-winl      Vory d
is tin ■ i"" ' ti a,: tl" Barrel Inn
oi Ige bi Iwei    Ij uti and limit-
i ITiero    b some weeks In the
winti    '   ntbs in which (one luu ti
aa'       ■ ol a tormer holder ol
the liillingsworth ol
1." sold But I ■■'' is partly bees I- rrenl of tttillic in n tdi rn
tlmi -i '"I from tho old
8b fl '. a i 1. the lull-lop, to
Uie valleys Tbesi flgu I ike no Recount of Wales: the hotel at lhe top
el Snowdon is, ol course, lhe highest
in the British Islands,
It li niti a ipeclflc. tor
Couth pii uhtn in ttrJ tint tion *Uh
ANTI-WLL- "The Griat 8**«en   Traal-
mtnt"   it * ooiitua privinUtlti of and
Cum fa-- la Qrlppa
Said bv All  'iff or
Tha   WILSON-FYU   CO.,   limited
NIAGARA  '  i. . ')   OM -ni
"ii.nd k. h Herring,"
Until the day of aqiinrliimi It was >
somewhat dlRl.-nlt matter to observe a
ve herring.  It ll > tsh.tbat dies In-
1: ere are many ailment, di-
rei ■ i ai ipende it upon constipa<
lion, such a-, h I ou*nesi d s-
colon i and p mpled skin, in-
■ livi .-»: 1 ipepsia, over-
d-" ■, and    ■ i'l.i ; s.
MAN-A-LIN :an bs relied up-
gn to produce a centle nction
of tl .i •'.'• " i ns '' I ' ini
drastic :«tl tri i entirely un-
otiK llshermeii tlrst arose
the trpretilon "Dead as a herring.'
.    ,   .,       .       •    a., | _'   lilt   11' -.       11   1.    •    l   ■   .    ■"'.      aa   a ,   ,
|A.\i=A = | |j\     K     All  * I itRBtly on being taken from Its natl
IBll (I Ull       l-     nil ♦|,i9ment   Among fishermen Urat aro
Excellent  Remedy
for Constipation.
Klr.1 F.nryclop.dl..
rilny's history may be regarded ts
the first oiicrclopfdla, since it contained 80,000 facts compiled from 2,000
books by a hundred authors.
(hareeal  an   Amidol..
♦ .   JapaneM   physicians   declare,   says
♦ Red Cross Notes, that It Is Impossible
ifor Internsl poison to result In death If
j the ratlin swallows a quantity of char-
♦ coil as soon as lhe first gastrointesO-
. vi disturbance Is felt. Charcoal nol
j only absorbs the gases, but hss a spe-
,  '■'. action upon many alkaloids and
♦ ' ptomaines.
A     Sa   ..!.'
C.isc   Cured   bv   Dr
lams' Pink Pills.
Ask  Y«j(   Druggill  lor  Fre.  Psruns
Almnnai.  lor   1907.
.     I'ier,
'    '
A  R.it"  A".
a ii   ll i'i
hi   -.•   II I- nston, I       M   ■■"
i   .   ..    a      P
led elorl
lllllill   i   .,    :
a      •    li
', III     .
,     Im        |i
a   ...'
■ ■
:.    ".'
■   i.   ■
,,   . ,' .   ill    11
il small I
i   in
in  tl
.•ii a spe  inenl
:,   n   ..■ llii .
.,, i  .'   Bill
: .     j   ,1
the thi
•  '  ■ the aa' '
the victi    enn
lill*    t   .        a"'
itil'npO'l I     llion
ii    in Di   Willin       Pii
Pill      'l  ■      1 : .   .
this nen blood f.-■ ds and --.-   ell
- mid trees them from pain
I ;. to Uny Imu.
ouft iniiilel        Ma
ci..i    ll  Maclcnn, .if
llrookville, Onl
.■in. I i :
wishes nil till    '    li : .
'ii      •   it they inn}  hem lit I
Hi "I
, i   il live '"iai- I * .a- a' i
tlicu.   In t
up  1  I
-■■:.■ i with im pains i    my
I -    ■ liim    ■        piiin
mel ■
tl      • •■      lown boll
b      I
lhe Ileal
ii  ■ nd
. ■ e ho
I hnd I
m f tbe yard.   I
rebel    I then t
iicnt- bul I
Ip me nt a I .Ifi'i'lcl l
llr. \ ■       Pill      'a.
ill hi i'l
I   i i        '      treat-
;  ■
' .   i   ,   Station
ine li       il J
a'" l.'ltioil
I   .
n Kin
i/,, ird's Linimi      Cure    Colds, dr
li fallible
|  le|l j
 '•■ r vli.it I
ii      i,    in know I
I in   ■    W      Ihe cm        .     .
looioi rille .'
I lelt .-i
elite improved.    1 I
■  '
llien     I  I I1     IVi!-
l'ink 1' .
:   i
■     ' '
llr. Wi 'ml: Pills I
I la'.
-■   Vi'ns
1 n
■ ' - . i
- ■
M  '
Lik. Ta'..-'« ti - Heart Strlnis     ll I
, ■ ' .       ..'lata   "I    lllllll    I"    llll   '
'iii> nr.  greal      '     !"■"! heart till
, :i..     i      .. "          ulnred  ■'! '  ' on-
ill • m: anil        ring  I*	
my heart       I i  nil   ' Ilnn   would boie
. :   il  ith     Di    'tm »'s Cure fa.r-
■ i     ||    n   a . '.i   a   ii rltable mlr
,,. -        Uli'liS    ,'aa   'i.   Out    ;,9
Va Ited on Ni'«l Generation.
h    ■ •■, nn hi   i i.      a
■ imd   ill ■ 1." I to oi
» i        i    11,  '
i   md , • ,i:
U        I     'a,    I, "I   l| '
'     ill       ' "       '111"    li.'Hl'
1 .   '."V ii    The    I. a hi loi
"■   rln        i
liunn      '   i   rrii
I      'i'i    the mori:' i i
'.:     ihl tbo
■a ild ,
thei '    My motln
me I       id   " I i> :    i
i 'l  mi r-igl' "ii "
'I     ' i. ■ lia . con m " .    lent ii
- ■ 'den,  report ■    trie Uo-
ernmcnl II "             'I
' .     :i
III ll   |r dm"
What Is Being Done to Help Motrin,
Who Want a Temporary Home—
The Patrons nf tha Establishment-
Tin Suites of Roomi—Fit thi Small
Visitors—A Unique and Charming
Situated in one ol tiie heal'.hltit
parts ol London, at 7 Pembridgi
8quaro, is a hotel exclusively f^r
babies. It is known as the Norland
Nurseries, nud besides affording ex-
cellcnt accommodation lor .'i tiny
visitors, serves a* a Hits! tell il ability for the nureoa of -i'i S trland Institute before taking up |... II - irk
Who Ars Its Patroos.
The hotel  is  intended   !*r   little
I children from oue month old up I
seven or eight years of ag'\   ind •'
especially patronittd by Indian   ifll-
! cets and others on foreign is,
widowers, widows, members : the
theatrical profession, and ithci par
enis desirii; a ti mporary, tale a id
happy  home during   their
One  little visil     latelj
arrived ail tho way from  i    ■    *
I-.■  nurseries  are  beaiililully   ir-
ranged in su ■ -:.:.•*, ea . .   I
day and night nuraery,   11 a 11 ims
are large, airy and cheerfully decorated, and each has a prettj
such ni Porget-Me-N'ot, Daisy, Speed
well, Peace and Joy.  E tch little re-
aident hns the individual attenl   i if
an efficient nurse, while a full
c i nui -•- of long expei -. ie superintends the healtl   >! t     nia   i  in I
children, In al     i        i the f trot
lure is of diminutive propi     t *
.chairs, it tshstands jugs, sto^
I       . ■ "iy
Fit the Small Visitor!
lot whose uie niial conven n ie ll "•
arc designed   During tha tea
mosl »■ 'Ma':. »• and
novel sight     I i     lots prepn    ,- I I
tin." a nm      .    i ■     ■ iii cri
oi  perambulator,    thers ng a
Ilm pin ■     .
,-    ■      ■ ivs      Tbo
:  a       '      ' .
■      -es, which on      ial
the (loot       readiness I
V      ly" tn  li- a lil gl -a I or
ere it n iniiiii
t-, mts    'i      lauti    - ler ''   ••*
I pay two guii   n  i ■ ■ i
to two i
.   -I     a ....
... ■ ■
iee ii doctor's nti'l
ire extra. The
....        |,|       .    ,
II','  ||      Spl'l      ''
I neeil.i
li'.'tit        nul        li'cil,
hrii'C linppil
llf...    I ' '      '    i
idel I ' '       ■ llnl i.<
i.   '
,       . ■    ■     •
|       .     .        ' ■
nal delicacy, o
i      ■ . ■
An Unique Feati  •
t n ii       i a ml eh a r i ■  '
■ - i ,                      ■ - ■ |.
•'  ■■      •   repair to i	
it tl    London ■    ires irki
■ ' Idol a '    *'  1  :   ' '
■ ■ ||     I      '      ■     !   •    .'     ■'    -   |  • ' a
! H ibe N.i-'.r I S'iii ici      i'i    ■ i ■
■   iled    itiaga   i|  :; a,-   r,
Sussex, whore, for the sir.<" *  nl i
I.   '.'     |(    '    l   . ,'       .' "'|     <     :'(   Ilia
tori I   i'   ' "-a"    ''  ' -••.;■ ■ ' ''c,
ih,i,na.- the summer monll ithe t i ■■'
i ,.• -' ,. aim " depleted ■: II a .
patrons, who revel In al     s       •   •
.  a   '  lli      ing   ill 'I
sand Hnd Imi;,i.j nt ! ■ . ■ \
quiet sea tlm' • ■ -ps I ■■ a I so
gently ri I sofll   ns tl   ig   '
ifeguard   -    *
,    ■.       . .        . i ■   its ■     lei.
mrealln.   Wrlllnf.
charlemsKii- Introduced Into h * do
iiilnlon.s ami ordered all lii* subject*!
' i write « particular form ol R lor,
' i;iiea were mid" of tit" alphabet in
tin new style, and both single letters
nul connected writing wer" -Iiivii
that tbe pconi* might understand,
Rpeclmens were sent *" ererj city In
the empire, and ''cry monastery Ml
•v.ldc.l witli a copy, This sty!-' if
writing bc'-ntti" known ai the ' '.in
Million! Slaughtered Yearly—Other
Millions Ha.e 8een Wantonly
Waited When Canning Facilities
Wers inadequate to Cops With (he
"Rum"—This Fish Is Found 'n
Only One Part ot Western Waters,
Another tale i'. Ihe "Wnstl il West"
imains I I—the    nigliter   f
... a ite   : ■ ink
Doig, in M I tl ■
'mii of the his   iro lood fisl
■■ ' ■ a mi lhe ■!■'!" t'i'
'at fl   in mj   . ive dis
appeared hoca ise "I tl |t » trb *
i "" I ol man
Milli ns of i ps, the king of tho
salmon tribe, ha' ■• been ".ua' ■■ I in i
sent lo tta" tm ■   nei i ol the   ■ irld,
hai* probabli at a, tnj more I i  ion
| ' -i--."l Wliere uiiee the « iters if
(!' I.'-' Sound lei n -I with this  I
hers . ons were crowd-
I the i ate  .aial lell sprawling
the I ■ ia li, non li" course >-( this
Buoy [ood material is   marked   dv
s-'arce a specimen.
ire i ' -,aa ial varieties if salmon caught on the Pacific coast, t":i
tha sockeye ia the monarch "(ils kind.
It is sought nfti" in the briel season
■f the summer In which it appears,
because uf its Buperiot eatable qualities. It is the backbone of Ihe Pacific
coast lUliing Industry, ;. -t It is .'aught
only In the waters ol Pugel Sound and
t e Fraser River, It is one ol the best
commercial rlsli that is taken in the
United Mutes.
When the white man arrived on the
Pacific coaal lo grasp vine ,,1 the
riches held in -lane by the Ooldcn
West, the sockeye was found in such
vast numbers, lhat to guv an estimate
o! them would si and incredible ''o
gtoat were these legion* nf ia*1' that,
aa already said, they crowded one
another Irom the water, and i
th iusan 1- ■ ere li ll Bpi iwlini
i   - .i      the l-'rat      then the   big
"runs" were In progres    *■
lion In the con   i ot the sl entu « i<
sufficient to cause t
eyes to
l'i found :'   llll    III 11    tO -' i" I   ".
• a I .im. -   |( ■ .rl  scoop 'he
' il    .'  iii tin' banks in nn;   .  t
they wisl ed. lie il    lid. I   ■    t, to
tl.. credit of l     ed
a lufB iei • i' n
each : ■    i was   i
■ iiigl • ■ ■ en
: | . • ,   ,   •,
piotiee        ■ ' ■    ■ :
fiie   eel t
'  '     ■' a' '
nets,   I eti liiug almost uuiiite   ipte I
from the i\ ill    :' fu i de I tea to
the   ■'    '   ■    I the Frase   I  it the
leye v ei n
-■;■ irl Into tin ii '' i|>- Ibe unsua-
pe ■ ng "it   in id
! i-'.' • ' gel toll
, . t -., i. irsi
Ing, none was a        I ape alive
The masl lieasl       il and fish,
in let the el am i -I m iking
or.> penny slip, permitl d i isl
numbers ■ f •almoii ivbich I a iu I
0"t use lo rot on the sands ol tha
The cat ning far   I ■-  in   lhe
»i er days ol the fishing industry on
1' igef 9i a: I. small at d ino le pi ite lo
:. m lie tl
.    they wer.< al-
ways sel  It was      er ai     he i| t
allon  " • -. ;."."*   to   enter   anl
smother to  loath   It    I -■   swirling
crowd, aitil llien when lome I
were needed to satisfy the t u   ing
ma oui Ihe dea I ina
• 11 ■ ■  ■    .  .,-   l    •      ■ lhe   ■ tgbi.
i sla ighter, away In
l*T'i, s;. 1 ". la h   hi- ii'."'I until Ihis
To understand 'he  fluctuations In
II a figures showing the number   i (
■ 1 since the beginning ol the
- imethlng ol lhe habits -1
must be ..    -
■.'- [our years,
v.   ■      i egg      il      i ■
i Fraser River,   i
.. ::- . are cat id   its    neat
iv ilng grounds until able to
■ a ■ ■ ,. themael* * ai I I in
make I i. This is tha
f the fish for 1 iui year*   \t
■ ime lu'li
me ol       ichoola
: ■  a' Ii a-' thev
lhe slaughti     ire need,
The until      ind a.m In Iiie be-
fore • '. die Is lo perpetuate their
ipeel •
■ isson aa yet undiscovered
by ■   se who have  ludied Iha    iblti
• ,(' the «"■' fourth year the
run" Is a isel turlh yean
ii t'i the lishi'ini'Mi as   the
:, g rears " In -.he years bei re i 'iia
big "nun" -.he number aai flab -hat
i a ■ lhe ■• awning gro inda li nn.
i i, r    ,     ,i.     •'. bl    "" I'V'il and
But Serious Results Can Be Avoided by tht
Timely Use of
Dr. Chase's Syrup of Linseed and Turpentine
tt III '     ."inui ol wintry weather
then ii"- atam mother's itnxioty
fm the honltli ol her little "   wet
■   ■      i   "liilli'il   bodies   inui then
 p "    ■ ,'ere colds    And ivhnl is
i. la- doiii' ■ - provenl .-"a iotis iron
lleenii     l     plensnnl lo tl ■ in Ic
I nl   simple   in'.'i..! eni
prove      tlm .   nnd    posilivi '•■  I	
Irom nnythii t nl   an i rii i   nature, li-   Chase's Syrup ol  bin I
nnd lit- 'lit a." i- especially suitable
"iiii-iit tur children, and its
■  ly  i- due   tn it, wonderful
in tin   prevention and cure
u! croup, i'ii"-' eolda and bronchitis,
In the hour n| emergency you can
depend on Dr, t'hase's Syrup of bin-
-'•ed ,'in.l Turpentine to loosen lhe
cough, iaa.| expectoration, nlloy in-
lliiminfltioii mid bring speedy relief
nnd cure
This ivell-kiiiiivii preparation is not
n moro cough mixture, bul a medi-
cnu- having thorough nnd lar-reaoh-
init action on Iho whole system ami
bonce in remarkable Buccess.
Mr. William McOec, 40 Wright avenue Toronto, Ont., writes: "There is
ti" remedy, in my opinion, that can
in'i nii'ii' promptly then Dr. Chase's
Syrup "i    I.i ns I   end Turpentine.
h ci 1 nty son i'i croup, absolutely,
in una' mtlii We gave him n dose
V hou be wns black in lhe face from
clinking l; gave him instant relief
nnd cun
Don'l  iiike anything   -uid   to  be
"jii.i ii- "mnl"   There is no throat
niid  lung  medic ne jusi rs good   u
It.   iia.,-,.- Syrup   ol I.inseed nu
Turpentine.    'Remember   this ul
laiivni'.'. nnd insisl   un hnving    I'
t hose's, thc portrait and signature ■
Hi   \   \v, i'h.it  lhe lainouB rece p
la, ok nuthor, arc i very bottle,   S3
cents ai bottle Ml dealers or Edmonson, flutes ,v Co., Toronto.
When You
Take Cold
One vay it to piy ao itteoHoi
to it; ii least not uitil it develops into pneumoili, or
bronchitis, or pleurisy. Another wsy is io isk your doctor about Ayer's Cherry Pectoral. If he says, " The best
thine for colds," thei take il.
Do as be says, anyway.
W» ptMUk ««' fe>r~»i *
_      W•   iMltb   tl***k«.
team a«t -*ii*,,m
Wa "■[• T'i h
oaaivll r«ir
,• unpa mg n -"a ritl tne Inilrli ycai
p ■■ Ions, 'in estimate aai llie in 'res ie
iv decrease in the "i nn" is obtaiuud
\\    ■■ ui tl"     u It 'in 'ii" Pacific
it v.iii • • Ibe I i inters ol the Fraser
I: vet ' e lish are intercepted as tbey
g.i through Pugi' Sound, in 1 ienn
« I-,"- i. in ipnllj bj purse-seines snd
i ips i a. iei "f lhe tmericRU HbIi-
ernieii iisid I by the Canadians
. . ■ iss offense The norllierners
claim ih- lish should be their! This
nl leeling i* responsible in a large de
g   ■ loi Ibo In k ol measures to pro-
.  skeye
' inndioiis allege thnl because
•  • \ i ■■ ic ins i" '•-' :n catching the
■   nre al oivi u
lhe 1 River, tl sit spawning
be |    •   -  i duable
|' I ' 'I   "''
ilnn I. entitled ny
Iho Pn     -      I emu    ins. lell all loo
It U I  ii'i" llillg  iiti :
. - ■ . -.I.,.- plnce un
!  bate act oi   is taken
1 SI ite - I'Vile • llovi tin t lit 1901,
Mi'i, . Iflfti ;|.|j"7i eases,
i ■ , ' ,- - -j a "- liKM, 1(17,111,1 cases
I-. . -i, mi    ■ ' ,  176.452 eases
The ires I " I raser River
i tale. In i""l Ihe
■ a ■      -  •' I'' gel Sound pa 1 more
' ■- ,,' tli - lish, nnd
lhe mil " • " ■■ il i In I ■ nt more
iiiii li ■ . llieir p tekiiig facilities
it." • nol gn it euough to handle the
fl- . while lhe run lasted. Enough fl-h
■   ' ■ ,.!-' * ■" make many packs the
-ia"   i| 1906   Vet foul  (cats liiler, in
in lhe year 1905, which ihould have
I"    i    g iod,  under  normal  i-ondi-
, aa th.it 'it 1901, the cannerymen
were compelled to uoik with might
iin to get a pack ol M7,6I1, ami
tl - iheii ihe facilities for pncl,-
ing were batter ilian four years pre-
vI'm.-. In 1903, which correspond! In
i to 1906,   the   cannerymen
easily packed .'H'J947 caaea,    Hut in
I"") the fishermen were uh'.e to can
only 176,452 caaea,
ivhei   -   ■ known that it takes ten
lo akeyes to make a case of
.  a'-d HrtiL-le. it will bat ..an tluit
:ia the liiM af": fJlfa thaCcanrierlea ol
I'ugel S tund have killed and preser-
■ no ' twenty-eight million lish.
flu l ' . " Rivei '"" Canadian fish-
ive |ana'ki"l nhout the sanm
niinibei in ':a-- . irresponding period. |
I '.'- tif'j'-sax  iiiillion fish put .
ii     ii sm   eai    l-'iguring nn nl-
"■' •■ i iiii iiiunbei waited, lhe grand [
ick >yes killed ii enotmoui,    1
Su In     il  tr the I in.tli.hi Qovern*
". ■ I'ii,'. ii State! has sue-
ci'i'di'd in making lu«s that adequate-
1 protect the sockeye. There is a law '
in exiiten ••■ li iw that makes it unlaw-
| (ul to lish from Saturday night until
Monda; morning This law is, in il- ;
: ' every instance,Ignored. But even
•'.•• I. the flsliermen ol the
l'i.'i.-"r run fir up the river, and when
■ ■ I iur c.nues for open fishing they
n ■■ prepared to Intercept the fish that
■ a.' ■ succeeded in petting from the
ocean Into the river during the closed
I- riod  So the (Uh have a slim chance
ol gettii ,• • a their spawning beds to |
lay tlieii eggi
1 irge lumi have been expended by
i. itli gove omenta lor the establish* .
ment ol bald * Ior the   artificlnl j
niopagation ol lhe   sockeye.   The'e
have been initially successful   The
fact that the Institution! have   been j
tumble lo get Rail enough to supply |
t: "in with eggs is the greatest reason ;
why Ihey nni unable to turn out lares
numbers of Irj
lt Is admitted by all those who have
tin Interests ol the Induitn it heart
that national protection of thi lookeyi
ia the only solution for the prmrva- ,
lion uf the Industry.
Dl     -   .l,|.f.la.«
She W'jt A> ton look sa worried,
Hertle'  Hid pap; object?  Bertle-No; j
hut he suld: "It's a I right.   You'll loon
find  oat   It's  usel.T!  to  kick   when
Nelli li-nd Is set on anything."
"Winn'- iln- mnttei '• Vou look a.*
.1 something rxtiiii'i'dintin had happened."
"Something extraordinary has happened. Do you set that streel sweep-
. i th,- fellow who t- stirring; thine-
up ■"
"Yes     Wlnil aboui liiin :
"When lie sniv n ming, n m--
ini-iit nf. he stopped un.l didn't li ■
lo choke me with dust nnd genu- '
Chicago Ri ■ ord-Herald,
tine trial ol Mother Graves' Worm
iMciiiniiiiini will convince you tha*
it li.i- in' equal as a worm medicine
lluy it bottle al once and Bee ii It
docs nol please you.
\ convict pisi released from n l.oi -
dun prisi ti  till- inn* he manage 11
.   n cli'iiii shave with the Rid ol
un ordinary Bteel pen nib, flattened
am .nni :, double edge pul on,
Minnrd's Liniment Cures Diphtheris.
It   t-   announced    thai   Augustii
llirrcll  will  become chiel   teen
-■1 Ireland, being - led as.presi-
dcnl aaf ihe board ol edut tl   o
Reginald McKcnna, \l P
Are You
Up to the Hark?
If not feeling as well as yo'J
should, do not make the mistake of letting your health talci
care of itself.   Resort to
Sold Everywhere,    In linn "i am-.. 1
Yon cannot possibly havi
a kilter Cocii than
k dilloliai drink and a sostaialng
fold. Fragrant, nutritious and
ecoBimlcal. Thli excellent Coroa
inaintalns the syitem In rebut
health, and enables It to resist
* inter's ixlremi cold.
Sold by flrncers and Storekeepers
Inj-lb. and i-lb Tins.
—11*1 fcl sloiBKk
iod bowel iriiofden.  ^0
Mtkei puny bti)M
plump tad tMy,   Ciowd
1 r 50 Ttiti' luccuidl
UM.     Al
ler it-
*nt youi limggi*
Nones' i>d MoUiers' Treasure
s.b...:i>,.i* <i—,«!(.
..  AW M-«-L
W. want thi urvlci el mm
and wom.n te werk ler ui at
llnir htmas, knitting ucki, ite.
Wa lurnith yarn Iraa. Maehina
it taiy te aparata. IfOO ta 110.M
earned par weak.   Write at onu.
Tha Imperial Furnlihirf Ca.,
Toronto, Ont.
Then the bevels are constipated, poisonous substances are absorbed into tk<
bloodinstesd albeintdaily remored Irons
th: body 11 nature inteoded. Knovin(
this dineer, doctors alviyi inquire .houi
'he condition of ihe bowels. Ayer'i Pllla,
. .'. a, 'J.. J   (1. 1,1. 0. , I ..all. **
le.llr  land (Irarltf,
Scott I played a funny trick on the
law nf gravity this morning, Mott-
IVImt was It? Scott -Dropped a line to
my wlfo up In the mountain!.
titrtnf lliul never lesienj Un nurso. :
- Opaallll 1'rovarh.
in,- Price,
If nm' -..-I- one'i heart on the exceptional, llie far off on riches, on j
i'iiiiii'. mi i'" ver tin' chances aro he j
uill hi' ili-mppolnteil, lie will waste >
hi' Hint' Kcokllui ll -li'ift cut to tlti'si* I
thing., 'i'i,.,-,. |n im short cut. I'or I
nuilhinj worth linvlus am.- musl pay I
i'n- price, nnd tho price lealwayawora I.
pnilPiKic, in." «clf aacrlllce no prom
i„o tii pny, Um 'ii" iti'i'i ol real icrvltUt
ar. Ih. r■ ir.ion Wiuinaa
(laa  .14   I..I..   k.ai*   tu.
at II..DTalu
r-han Dl. A. Ji.L.ar, *.l.bii.lia4 la lu,
I nf Intern*! and Eitcnul Hit
] he u»" BtflUod imnhoutwheli rentdr
l»r 1. n • iiLJiin, croup, inp, broncblUs,
cute, burnt, wntipiti ua eort or _~%
muioiet. ;j ud \% oU. At drinliu.
i. 5 I0HII0I 4 Cl. MitH. Min
W.   N.   U.   No. 5:2. THE  EXPRESS, NOKTIl VANCOUVER, B. C.
tittttMtu*itm**t mi**
A Series of Articles Describing their Llvei, their Alms
and their Influence,
Prince Albert Times.
The w f-1 i.i nfi, mg eloquent Inducements i" tt." younger journalists
<>f the east, eluijueiit because the inducements ine of tlie nntuie "I In-
creased rii.uncial rewind, n cLanee to
enter tta- |nilitioiil uteiia, and climb
tn the tog^Jn :i country whete tbe
nominations ore not cut and dried—
where every .nun mil 1" given a
place according lo I • nl II ly, and bis
During1 tin' past leu yeots
ber uf ih young man ivho Imvi
the conline..* ol the older pro* im es I
mnke- a i'ini-'' f"r then selve.* .:t the
wei    Im- i ti ever increasing   and
the i-'i. i : ■ be t g lelt proportionately-
One ol these   l<   Jlr    Jol i    tt
Young, who in   company .villi   tl -
well known young new-;:"      ian,
H. P, Laurie,  -  ■      irge   I tl   de
tinies '•:' the Prince \lberi Times Mr
Young i-     I ;      tm I' '.. ■       -
nnd Li iughl  up then      lu ile I   n
the Bnme town, nnd has III   I all tin
rej ": >  P -i'i 'i ■      '    '   itham
Planet, up lo tbe le I   •: i it)
The parents ol Mi   Young   were
among the early resi lents ol Clin-
ihuiii. li - : ithei ».i- .a . .
cr. :i ii..,:. '..ha, ti ok ii  . livi inle •
est in iii' public affairs, .'a', t -
mayor ol lb  citj iti an    Both
<*f Mr.  Young's  pan nts havi
dead t ■
Equippi i "vital a ve educi
tion and n goo I me isun I ell-reliance, M V tung pted his (Ire!
nowspapi     ;    • ie ol
twenty, and one needs n   furthe
(licatiun "f in- pel titan
he remained with tin - ime p ipei
through more than ■ yea . **ork-
ine In- way up, till the time ol his
coming west, ivlien lie lelt the desk
of city a lit ■
Since taking I Princi II
licit Tin" -. from ll ■ date oi the
late 3. I' Muvi'i";.. I isl year, the
new in- h '." more -...a: treb
plant, it: 1 have 1 Ited the Times -.aa
I- high lei I hi western lournallsm,
tiikinc the Conservative Hand, nnd
making their influence lelt in no
small way.
Mr Young was marrii i In I :-1>
tham in l'"'i '." Miss Houston, daughter "f Mr   M   Houston, nol  ininri.*-
unto, and member ol ll e low firm
i'l Houston .V Stone
\\V predict n bright I I Mi
Young it. both jourial itic and | ill*
tical circles.
Lite as a Coal Passer.
The call m go up the ladders iv-is
the sucetest sound i tienid throughout the trip First, the men to relieve us would come clattering down,
ami ,-oon nfter we „ure Iree to go
hack iicnin lo daylight ;iiial IreBh
nir. There was generally a >liiuit ol
gladness on .inch occasions, the flre-
ii ei, being quite os happy as the inexperienced trimmers. My litle llnl-
inn friend usod to sing "Santa l.ucin"
hi nearly every climb bathwards and
bunkwarda, A wash-down awaited
till nf us at the top, and soon attc
:i sumptuous meal, in quantity (..id
\vholesomenes8 certainly as pood oi
anything given the saloon passenger*
Hie liend-flreman insisted on our eating nil tli.-it in' could, He wanted
nble-bodied, well-nourished trimmers
am bis staff, iind I, nt least, "fi"ii
had to cat itiiiie than I wauled, or
really needed
One day, I decided in try to e-
ape a ivatcb, The night befoie I
hardly Blept al  nil,  my eve-  iveio
painfully .-  Irom  cinders getting
inlo ihem, and I tvos genernllj pretty
nell u.-'"l up (ither men bad been
telieved ol duty in different times,
anil it seemed In me thnl my turn
via- due    I weni to tin- docloi
"Well," he
in  English,     1
iliM'll mainly on my Bore eyes, tell
inc. him how the heat inflamed them,
"Let me see Ihem," and ho throw
back ihe lids in turn, washing out
eiii'h eye as if lt had been a marble*
tO|l   tllhn'
"How about theni now?" he questioned,after throwing nwny the blackened cloth, It would hnve paid to
tell him that ihey wero better il
only to keep him Irom going at them
"Oh, b' my uio back'" I replied, plan! tn shift the doctor's attention in thnl diieotlon, The worst
lie could do to my back wa*a lo put
n pla-ier nn it, I reasoned, and this
would almost certainly relieve i i
nno watch nt least.
"Don t stoop -o much," wns all he
would recommend.  "What else?"
"Well, ilnctor." 1 pursued, "I'm
-ick, sick all over. I need nt least
-ti" watch to real up in."
Tl •■ good man became facetioua,
"Why. we're all -iek." he laughed.
"The enptnin, thc Ural officer, the
cook (vnd what not. We're terribly
short-handed. li you don't keep
your watch ts the ship aimplj won'l
go, and Heavens know-, ivhen ive'b
- - Bromerb iveu "
I smiled ll very nickly -utile, ami
retired li lhe old "Elbe" ivns bo
bard up for propulsion powei that
my '.n-iik services were unequivocally
nc then of course I must do
my utmost lo .-.-iva- the lives, perhaps ol lhc precious Ireighl in tlie
cabb but, on! how I wished I had
remained in Hobokcn, nnd done anything but in'.'"ni.. a .'i'ill pnssei'
.lo-iuh I'lyni, in "Success Magazine."
Thoy Advertise Themselves.—Immediately Ihey were offered to the
public, Parmelee's Vegetable Pills lie
came popular because ol the good reporl they made for themelves. That
reputation has grown, and '.hey now
rank iimuiig the tir-t medicine! lor
ii-- ;;, attacks aii dyspepsia and bil
imi-iii'--. complaints of the liver and
kidneys, rheumatism. level and as-
ii- .mil Ihe innumerable complice-
tions lo which these ailments glvi
fulness t» n sign ol -unity.
It is the person who has nn hugh-
'"i. no lun in his nnture. the person
who I "iiu- in - and melancholy
who ii- in danger ol losing ln> bai-
:      ' Success Magazine
Known to Thousand*.—Parmelee's
Vegetable Pills regulate the action
nf the secretiona. purify the blood
and keel tha stomach ond bowels
Iree frnin deleterious matter, Taken
according to direct the* .ill overcome dyspepsia erad il
nets, mc! leave tha digestive organs
healthy an 1 strong ■■ perl rra tlieir
function-. Then merits are well
known to thousan I- -• ki ■ bj
experience hou benefl
giving i tne lo lhe bj i
Cardinal Francis Segna
membei ol the congrcgat on   on ec-
■ leil tstlt al affairs, lays the V ill in
does nol estpeel pracl
fpelinc the  -ttilntion In  I'l .Hire flolll
lhe aasembly ol bi"ho|
llerr von Koscielakl, i I I] Prussian di"!. and He i von Clirj lanow-
ski. a deputy In the relclntng  wan
put  nu   trial   Inr   hol i llg a  •
p litical meeting
Minard's Liniment Cures Distemper.
"Mr. Bryce   will   And I
not deficient in thai national sentiment of which he i» iii certain air-
cumitancei so ardenl an admirer,"
snys the  Pall  Mall Ooietl
Profetaor de Ma ",eii- In- been lenl
It'im Bt. Peloraburg lo visil llteoapl-
ial* nf othei European nations and
to see t'niied States Amoassador
lower in relation to a data lor a
peaoe conference at Tha Hague
On. Short Pull Cltan Ihe Head Dots
vnur head ache '■ Ilava- you pains "'er
your eyeal I- the breath otTenilvof
I..- i a a- certain lynptons ol Catarrh.
iir. Agaew'i Catarrhal l'a>wiiei will cure
the noil -luliijiitit cases in a miirvi-lliiu.-
ly -non tine. It you've hud Ciitarrh a
keek it - a -nre cure, ll it'- ol Bill
roan' Handing It'i ju.t aa effective H
crnu   S?
Tin' London Globe, referring to Uie
proposed flag loi Canada snys II is
pretl • rtain Cannda will soon decide on something battel thnn tin*
complex emblem.
Itch, Mange, Prairie Scratches and
every lorm ol contagious Itch on hu.
man or animals cured in 30 minutes
hy Wolford's Sanitary Lotion.
ll.rJr  ■»..
s mi eels an hard to kin. A Oilier-
man ot Port Iim ■ Cornwall, Bngland,
recntly cut up a large conger oal In
had c-iught for bait for hli lobiter poti
iod twenty minimi afterward pl'-kod
up the hud to throw It Into tbo sea.
Tho i-i of tin cell head opened, and
tha dihirmaa'a forefinger wai lelzod
between tha ah i ■ -i ti Tho flnsir
was badly dimiged.
'"M-r    < oi .a
la 1030 the li-.l Ijrge caliper coins
were minted In Bagland, polling ill
end to prune leaden tokens,
1'l.l.lr. Hrrrlaf..
The mode of pickling lierriniis was
Invented hy a liairhmaii named Ilea
kels about Iln- *»ar 1370, Tha Knipeior
Chirleii V.. »ho wis fond of pickled
hen-tugs, one ,!■/ visiied Kenkeh'
grave lad ordered > handsome stone
tonih to he erected to bis memory, i
memorial Which makes the deceased
pickle  famous even to this day.
Gray's Syrup
Red Spruce Gum
For Coughs and Colds.
Dear Mother
Your kill anii v*, • Mutant art m
Fill ittd Winter witter. Thir will
cilrli cold. Do you know ilwut SniWTi
CoMUMtiM Cuit, thi Luitf Tonk, »&d
wte*t it tut doss (« io man/ > ll U uid
lo be thc onlv ulitble imtif for tll
•&MKI of tfi** in [wuagM m ehildfM.
It^i *h»"l*.iirly harmleu ind ple-im! to
* talu. ll ii guaranteed la erne w your moniy
ii rciuniftd. Tlie price n 25c. per bottle,
and ill du.eri ia we. Vine kH 314
Thii nmedy itiould ba i. _t_t hona-liold.
Haekleberrr and ■••.
One of the small varieilea ot buckle-
berry Is fertilised by a bee wheu.
coming underneath the flower aud fll.-
lug Its proboscis up In order lo get (he
honey, the flower throws a shower ot
pollen In its face, to be carried to the
Ill-It llll'.t
Science anil Mnnnfncttir".
In the Zeiss glass works nt .lefia fourteen doctors of science aro employed,
and these Include ■nntliemntlclnns ns
well as physicists. The greal Herman
aniline eolor work- employ moro "sol-
cnliQo" lhan "teehnleiil" eliemlsls. At
one of them, for Instance, lifty tivc scientific und thirty-one tectinlcal chemists are engaged, nl n Becond 115 sclcn-
tllie chemists nml I7"i 'cchuologlsts, at
a third 14.S scientific chemists for seventy-five taclinlclsts. The research laboratories of ihese works are lavishly
equipped, One of Ihem possesses a library of 14.000 volumes. A second
spends 150,000 francs n year on glassware. These things nre no doubt expensive, but fhese grenr factories still
manage to pay n dividend of from 20
to 30 per cent. Every newly discovered
ItlDStanca which Is usable Is palented,
and nt Ihl" way Germany has managed
to establish a monopoly. Thc house of
Hneyor possesses n thousand patents at
home uud 1,200 In foreign countries.—
Loiiiiiw Graphic.
Ilmlina  For Stale.men.
Dr. Jewett In one of his notebooks-
be bad twenty or thirty volumes at
notes and reflections which he had
"vrlttpn during his life—jotted down
;he following lutixlnis for statesmen
"lid others: Never quarrel, never "v
lilaln, never hale, never frel. never
llsappolnt. never fear, never spare,
•lever tell, never detract ami never
Where   Doctor! (lo  Agi-e. '     ■  Physicians
n longer mlder it catering to   aiua,-k
| cry" hi recommending in practice so
inuritlotifl a remedy foi lodtaestton. Uy*-
ln'|ii.iii und ffervousneis ;ih Souih Am-
'limit Ne .ine. They realise that it is
u step in ndvanue in medical iclcnce and
ai iur- and permanent cure for disease!
"I th" itomacb.  lt will cure yuu.-W
Aril.lie  Bee..
The bee Is nn artistic upholsterer. It
lines Us nes' wiih the leaves of flowers,
always choosiug such as have bright
colors. Tbey nre Invariably cut In circles so eiact thnl no eoni|>uss would
make them more true.
Waal ll Teachea.
"What does lhe slory of the prodigal
ton touch us';" nsked the Sunday
school leachcr. "H teaches ua how to
get rid of lhe failed calf," said the
had boy.—Army aud Navy Life.
A. Frances I'di ii.
Little Frances bad begun to write
leitors under lhc supervision of mamma. Last week her mother was away
on a visit, ami l-'rauCOS decided to
write to her without help. She mini-
aged slang nud the new mode of spelling in one seinei'-c:
"Grandma got a letter from anty,
and the newa In it uokt her out."—
New York "i-ess.
Iliiial and suit coins cannot withstand llollowiy's Corn Cure; it is
effectual every time. Get u bottle
at once and be happy..
The last execution for witchcraft Ih
England was in IT Ki. when a woman
; and ber daughter, aged nine yean,
were hanged at Huntingdon for selling
their souls lo Satan.   I'he capital sen-
j fence against witchcraft was abolished
In 1T36. In 1788 a woman was tint
strangled and then burned for coining,
but tbo law was altered In the following year.
A Bold  Foi.
A fox pursued by n pack of hounds
In Somersetshire. Kngland, stopped
long enough In his flight to select a fat
duck from a farmyard be wis pining
and carried It off.
As a  remedy for   (ill the   ill* ot
' childhood arising from derangements
ii«ii Tablets have   o equal,   V->u do
i"i have to coax or threaten your
1 little  ones  lo take  tliem — children
! like hem.   The case with which they
enn be itiven a. compared with liq-
| uid medicines trill appeal to every
mother.   None i- spilled or ivaated—
! you know just how  big ..   i — has
reached  the little   stomach      Ind
above all mothers have 'tr. absolute
I guarantee that the Table--- contain
I no   opiate   or   poisonous   toothing
! .-tuif.    They nlways do good, they
cannol possiblj do harm    Mrs   III-
ward Donovan,   St    Agatha, Que.,
saya:   "I mn delighted with Baby's
Own Tablet*.  1 kno« ol n
that (nn equal tliein in curing the
ills of yoi'ug children." You can get
till   Tablets lii'iti any druggist aaf bill) ill nt % cent:- a box by v riting
The Dr.  Williams  Medicine     (.'".,
I'm el villo. Ont.
Pawnshop   Figures.
|    Henry McAleenan has a pawnshop,
I a modest little one on .Sixth Ave-
j.nuc, iii a building he own-.   The
site is  small,  18 feet  «ide and 52
feet deep,   The man who owns Die
[ rest oi the Sixth Avenue fronl wanted the pnwnbroker'a little corner. Id-
mnde several tempting offers in vain.
Finally lie said
"I'll give you 555,000 : i that little I'l"! "
V'   -■:   ugh,"    sum    tin li   '
"Whv, iiinn thai i- 5401 pi ■■
"1    ,; I  help  it "    a ,   Ma.  M,-.
Ua-a:. in   "My laii-iii--- there cleared
me $250,000 lost yeoi    n I l couldu'l
j ilupliciti- ti:-  site"   N'i  York Cor-
Pliilad 1    ■-■
Mimrd's   Liniment  Cures  Garget  in j
The  bod    ivnsl ed  nsliori
-. ml ern end of Manitoiil nd
has I :, identified  *- ll at "t Ed-
imi.i   Uldison,   n    aormi     Sot«
inaii. «!i. wenl dowu with lb   ■'■ tun-
.    lone-      ■ ■■ i le   B
Oenerom iiaihrr.
Aacum—Glven any II ught to your
hoy's Chrlstmaa glfi yetv
Klosetuan—Why, yes. I've thought
up a splendid idea, but It would be
Just my luck to bave no snow Christmas tilll".
Aaoum-Obl A sld. eb!
Kloseiuaii-N'i. I thought I might
build blm a snow mau, - Catholic
Standard ami Times.
lo • v«ri*ly ol ilylei,
bbrici ind piicei. lor
Women, men ind
children, loim-nlled.
Duleii ire lulhoiized
to iepl.ee indinlly ind
It our coil ,,ny Pen-
Anglo garm-nt faulty
in aa,'i"i.il or malting.
Pen-Angle Underwear ia form-knit
so it can't help
fitting yourfifuro,
-it's made of
long - libred wool
so it won't shrink
-and it's guaranteed besides. Tha
whole idea it to
make it to good
you can't afford
not to buy by the
trademark (ia
red). soi
Temple „I serpen,..
The small towu "f tt'orda, iu Dahomey, is celebrated lot a loathsome den
called llie temple iif serpents. It la a
loug building dedicated to the priests
aud mystery men of the kingdom, and
ill it they keep thousands or snakes of
all kluds and slr.es. lu Werda lo kill a
serpeui is a_crime punlahable bv death.
Guy ing Him.
II    .1 inle I   t" "fi'" .' baski:
,    :       declared   indignant
Ml    Niiii'.-i.     "Weill"   "I  may be
I'm I know thai champagne
comes 'ii bottles " -Washington Herald
Igiioronei ia o Curse.—"Know thy.
-eli" i- a ■.uml admonition, whethe.
referring lo cue1- physical condition
nr moral habitudes. The man who
Is acquainted with himself will know
1 when any disarrangement
In hi- condition manifests [teal!
lit Thomas' Electric "il ia a clieai
nnd siiupb' remedy Ior the eradication ol pain Irom the system and
tot Ihe cure ol all bronchial troubles.
\ physic on sued a patient lately
to recovei $400 for a surgical operation    The court reduced ihe bill te
Neatly all the snow along tht
northern coasl t: British Columbia,
has disappeared
The local supply "1 Olyinpiu oy-
stars is nhout nt nu end. Tha- hci.
in Pugot Sound havo been badly
frozen, li will be two nr three yeara
belore lhe beds will recover
B.wlr.  il   Olnlm.nl.  t.i   O.Urrh   that
Contain Mercury,
is m.ra'ttt - will sorely destroy the aeon
of auiell and aaomoletely deritigi it.a
avhnle system when entering it through
tho mucous surface-. Such artia lei ehould
never lie uaed except on prescription.
From reputable phy.iuino, a. thi al.tu
ig. Ihey will dn ia ten fold Io [hi coot
you can poeilbaj derive from them,
llalla Catanh Cure, manuflrtured by I
■I. Cheney A Co., Tolido. Ohio., conliloi
a* mercury, ind ia taken intermlly,
ii'ttug dirt'i'tly iipou thi blood md muo-
oui iiirtaccs nf (hi ayatem. Ia buying
Hill's Catarrh Cur,, bs lure you git thi
genuine. It ii laken iutei-mlly ind
made in Toledo, Ohio, by I'. I. Cheney
A   Co. ■-■ aa  -li aila   li'*
Sold by Druggllli. l'i. . : o p.r boi-
Talil Hi.: a  I'tmily  I'illa tor looltlpa-
Notwithstanding that Ilia Engliah
Channel, France and inucli of lial*
intervi ni -. Big Emme, London cor-
respondent "i La Tribunn, has Benl
n •.'.,..- ilumn story by telephone t"
In-  papei
The French govcrnmenl Im1 decide i ■ use Eiffel lower, D0Q leel
high, in the army's wireless lele-
graph lyslcm aa the Parisian Btation.
Bedridden IS Venn-' If anybody wan'.
n nrltten guarantee tnun me |K-r-o(iniiy
i. in inv waiiiiii-iful cure from rheumn-
li,m ia, South American lllieiimntu Cure
i mii be the gladdest   "Oman   I" ti*«
wurld ''a u-i"' il.    ttjri Mr-   d "hn  l^au
, it, i.f Morn.   "I had detpl I ol re-
aiiuTv   ui-  to  the  time  nt  Inking    Ihu
(..indeiful remedy    II ourul K.tnpktelv.
^Greatest ofTonics ^
■k   (Pronounced ShKEim)
P /afiUBUs _
Japaneie Tc4lhbra.hea.
Jipanese wives furnish fresh toothbrushes every morning tree to every
guest. Tbe brush Is a bit of wood
about the site of a pencil frayed Into
a brush at tbe end.
Scarlet Floater..
Scarlet seems tbe color most conspicuous In bright sunshine, and scar-
let flowers are commonest In dry sod
sunny climates, where their color glvei
them nn advantago In thetr struggle
with other flowers lor the attentions of
butterflies and other pollen bearers.
Ilor.nl   I'll,.,   ftaa.
A naturalist says that iu captivity
elephants always stand up when they
sleep, but when lu lhe Jungle, their
own land and home, they Ila down.
Thc reason Riven for tbo difference
between the elephant In captivity and
fredom Is that the elephant never acquires complete conllilein-o In his keepers and always longs for liberty.
[OMBY tm bay (drntianf tput, bat It aun't boy t
Cfia-nt-r w-itnry'i MCOMatal rooord ol waoderfil and
avlmoa nimaucna ami ol lb* malt dlttcaH tad
Intnrata oaaea ol throU, lung and *tanadi Inobiea, Bnefa la
Ptychine's racord. Thocumndi ol on gira np by le-idlof
fcctoit u hoptlea and ini-urtbl* nave beu uuif k I. md pa?r-
BUauaUy eorad by Pivchma. It ii an infallible remedy (ar
aW-gba, ooldi, broDtbitu, pn-asmoua, oonninpUoia, iDdigeilka,
loaa ol appetite and ill wisUng tUaatt
■ My oa had a lerrabl. nmi ti ud
vu aatv.1 10 . ^ualow fjurUn
mk\ b. easil'1 not tta- 11- '■r-l P->
.falM. Ilniredaia-L"-Mni J. K.ia;
m. Braakru'-.
- aiur laaVlaf n 01 »or**i of Tit-
■hi., mj limp tn will tad Uaa t.
win »■»» n-iiw -   Mn. I
uda. Muflouii'ar... NA
"My limg.avr.tvo* mm* M
afUr  uBiij 1-a.a-S.ia      ,1
avrvlf-tvaux, Oal.
-rrfohlnaamafal IBTBfa"-*.
AB. lUoro nal «.. Tuaajo lav
Paychlne Nt-rer Folia     Paychlne lias do *3abatJtata
* AT AU. MAOaSa.  in. aad ILuo  A OOTTU
OR. T.A. SUXUM, IJmlted, 17* King 5t. W..Toranta
The tug Dauntlwa, pushing a .-cow
aicaid. -ti dad in demolishing Ihe
laai barrier between h-r and tha open
.unci  whl h   "•' hi - down to tlie|
mouth "I th" met at Nw Weat-
ii i ■•■ ■   B.C
The publisher of Ihe beat Farmer's
papai in Ihe Maritime Provlncei In
writing lo it- ttatai
"l would iay that I do nol know
' I ;i i Heine thai hn« st--«d the test I
-I lime lik" MIN\uivs LINIMENT.
It Im- lieen an unfailing remedy i*i
our household ever since I can remember, and imr outlived donna ol
wauld-ba lOinoetl'or. nnd Imltaton,"
An   Ancient  Power,
"I .... they .'■' 'I ;t-' il
i otlva power now."
"Huh, '.lint'.- nothing new,    Ive
, known '.in mere proatwcl   I
j to draw n man ten bio .      rhila-
j lolphio Ledger.
I   The Brazilian governm   '
. ,-    deeidad to Kind .1 del
Ol      150      I"   I"      'a      '       "I"      ''        '     '' '
vino, the chief ol th   bandits
AT U50 a square (10 ft bj 10 ft),
and with a guarantee of twenty-
five years service back of the
sale, "Oahawa" Galvanized
SUel Shinies make the cheapest good
roof for any permanent building* on
your farm. Thoy last a hundred years.
Even cedar or cypress .ihinijles will
cost you tu m-.irii, and be roUeo. to dust
long before an
"Oshawa"; Shingle
shows a sign of wear.
Slate wiil cost yuu
far more to buy and
twice as much to
put on,-and it
won't iastfebitlonger.
"Oshiwa " Steel Shingles make buildings rigbtning-proof, ^d are gitranU»d
water-proof, wind-
proof, fire-proof, an
waatber-proof for a
quarter • century,
without painting.
Made of semi-hardened-heavy  sheet  steel (28-guago
warranted) with heavy galvanizing.
Anybody who can drive nails straight can
roof any building with " Oshawa" Steel
Shingles, a hammer and a pair of tinner's snips are tools a-plcnty.
Tell us the surface measure of any
roof, and we will tell you exactly what
it will cost to cover it with the cheapest
roof you can really afford to use. Send
for a FREE copy of
our booklet, "Hoofing
Right," and read of
the profitable, common-
sense way to roof any
building on any farm.
The booklet is worth
reading. It tells why an
" Oshawa "-shingled roof is cheapest for
you. Hulls, too, why "Oshawa "-shin-
1 /"i  roof is safe
" Oahswa" Galvanized Steel Shingles
are GUARANTEED In every way for
25 Years.  Ought to Last a Century
from lightning, and
gives some surprising facts about ths
destruction lightning
 tamed m Canada but
year. Hitter raad th*
where il. ill (we send yoor copy!
X TfiEPeaiar People X
Of   Oshawa
ailUattSl V.
U   . ai taa laa *»
■ Uakaaaiai
tlitwimm.   *
W,   N.   U.   No  622. THE EXPRESS, NORTH VANCOUVER, 13. C.
BLOCK   109
Four 50 foot lnls, one
ol ilit'iii ,1 corner lot, faces
l'aik .'iini Inlet, with a
niagnificient uninterrupted
view. ::    ::    ::    ::    ::
I'm»   [or   all,   $3,300 :
Applj i"
Urge stock ol IIOMH-GROWN Fruit
nnd iti'iiiiiiii'iiiitl Ti'iieu iioii iiiiititrcd for
the iall irildu.
Nil    i'X|.l'll-C,    laa--   nr   lll'lll)'    III      lllllll
illtioli or illK|iei'tiuii.
Hcudt-iiiirterH lor I'ni'lllc Coaat-grown
tiiirilcn, I'ii'iil. anal  l'lmv.-r   Seeds   111
IIKK   SUIM'MKS,   Snrny   I'timpa,
IVIiul   Oil Simp, iii'cctil so   I'lniita,
i'ir I   itmrs, llulbs Ior Fall plniillng
Uc iln hiisiticss aui our uwn grnunds-
110 rent I" plly lllld mc -iri'inireil I 'I
ill I I'l'tlll'lll
I.. 1 im- pricu your Hat Moro placing
your nrdur,
Uatiduguu ire".
1)010 Wi'Stinlnsti'rlloitd, Vanrotivur, U.C.
Rolled Oats
Haij and Feed
Millinq Co.
Harry Mitchell, loi al m in
Lonsdale Avenue.
Fine,   healthy  Tomato  and
Cauliflower Wanl
Sutton's Seeds, always un hand,
1IO1I ■. - tiller dull I liitui al tn apply
In  the   II1111.  Clik'I  ('"iiiina -
I.an s  lllld   Works   to   pnri'li,!.-'    Iliu
I'ulliiiviug described trncl ol  hind  inr
lishing purposi's:   (' ueing  ut   n
niisi 1' inled on the Nortli shorn nl
iiiirliiii Canal, ten chains Wesl ul n
I'rei 1, running into u buy, bettvi en
lliirker ainal l.aaiv I'..mi-, iiiiiriiil A,
Nic. s. t: . iln'iii'i' riiiiiiing S'orlli '.'11
a'!,.Ill   -       tlaa'i.ac    Wl'Sl    L'I I   I'lllltll-,   llHlllUI
clittius in tin- aliureul iliinluer
('until; thence east along the shore to
p im ii I'aiiiiini'i iticiii: contuining -It'
acres, mure ur less,
DiUed tin- L'lhli day ol January, 1007.
A.N it:.
'     I N'i   Lots    llu  iind   til",   re-sue-1
divisi"ii live, il "eli ID, corner Lonsdale
avenue mid Si'Vi'iituuntli street.
Tli.- l"ii"-i air any tender uol neces-
-lirih'   ll-'l'"|t'a il
Address N. V„ Kxpkim Ollice.
L\isl your I'roperty with us
fnr i|iiick stile. If prices are
rijjht wo can dispose of it for
Real Estate Brokers
Thompson Block,   -   -   NORTH VANCOUVER,
Commencing Nov. i, i , *
We will t. ■   ■    ■ ,'liiini
lal •.   . i istt iti -I   milt
local   .' .    jusi   tlic
thing tu si
Christmas    u   S
nnd    Sizes
anil    '   . dn
view   al   fm    I
Wholesale ami Ri tail,
i.-i I'owi ll St., V int' it i
SI AMI   v    I'AIIK
Ale and ft!oul
In   It  .III.   >    Is.-, -a    .it.I   |.MM
lhe I'ini,.i lit"Hiim ( ii.   I Id.
•II.IB 1. M,
•7.ISI "
8.15 "
lllllll   "
in IS   "
11..'I   "
l'J I.-. I', M.
: .,
;'    .a
1.1.1      "
lllll      '•
I   l'i
I. |,1
A. M.
ii ".
12 : a
."' '   'l
7. L'I I
'. ',
lit IS
CAPITAL, $4,866,666. RESERVE, $3,141,333
Head Office in Canada, Montreal.
II. Stockman, General Manager! |, Ei.msly,Supt. ol Branches
Branches in British Culinnliia—Ashcroft, Greenwood,
lliali. v. Kaslo, Rossland, Trail 1S11I1 Branch), Vancouver,
Victoria, Duncans, and Dawson, V.T.
S.-ivings DepirtnTit  Dep-sits recuived Irom S1.00 upwards
Interest at hiqhcst current rates ind compounded twice a year
Office. In . i.iusii.iir A.e. and Lspl-nidde, North Vancouver,li. C.
I' M.
Sn  -11 i'ln.
>  •:
■ rl
: .
|. '111
I. IN llllil.i.Vi.lVKNTII.lT
irt uf Hi"        I   :
. ,       ■ tin. 1-., ...
'    nni- ami iliil''"i"li-'    '
.1 ill iii" il -it , •   ami
.1 iln  -'.rn ti .
11   lll'lll   ill   tli"    Mill li'M-ill    llllll,
\ .iiicaiuvcr, "li  Mi iil.iv. till' Ulli
'III   la.      \     |).   lOOl.nt    L'   ll'.'llicl,
I'm .l;ii- 1 ■ iii • musl lie '.'iiiii
ill ii|i|u-:il- ■  lore tin
A1.11. I'ltnii'.
(   m. r
1907   SNAPS   1907
Third Street   Twu hundred leet from car line; two south
front Int- ; S650 (or two,   Terms.
1 uirth s;t"'■;   Two 5 1 lool I its, 1 t-2 blocks from ear line ;
1 . S50 cash 1 balance in quarterly payments for
1 .. 'a|
, Street   Verj choice 50-foot lots at $400 each: terms,
mi. lifth 1.. :.. balance in two years.
Sixth Street   Selected Ims. $385 each; easy terms.
laic Avenue   1-"ift\-foot lots, H800 each; easy terms.
1 ■       lets on   Ninth. Tenth and Eleventh Streets; size
j-\i.i,' feet: all cleared ; $350 and $450 each ; easy terms
( iiniii' Lonsdale Ave. and Fifth St.
"i:'!1..;* E».-*a;H.'.Eiata ■—a
\ ■ Mica!,,
MUNN & Co.a     ■■' 11 fl
have Bio
corner "I
1111<   i"
t    1 ■ nn I'.'.i.m.i
'1      till   11 '"I-   '    I      It     Mia      l|)|.
I. •• ■! il    ind the 1
■pi :■  III]   ISVITI ll BY NIK
■.   .       '   •: .     .
,11 I," la - |i
''   lhc   MUt,I'   I"     II 1
. ,■ '.
■ 1 iIiiiii s ocluck un
I'liii     O.M.C
I In M n.i .   ',,. /   tan "I \ an
.a.a, thai
' ri 1 In   tl        marl     ll
reporl    ll    iiniii
p lo I Unpcrl
A        ''. '
k-i within tin
I   I mii:;   Il|)   g I
Ex recvi ' iill ■ .1' nt town Wi tl
ll ' tvlll I" ill tll
issue, llu ' mn loi ap
im llu ,11 ition ol health
oll'n ' 1     I Iii sal in hn • i.i ci 1 "ii
11 il al	
Wltll    III'      |i| 11 til •      In    III      llllll. t|
■  .
in  any ipi ilifn d   prat titioin 1   in
(pn • ' 1  .1  : i   Iiii ini
'i      1 a .. .;  ! ,1   ||
poailiou ol i".nl 1.11 1 a,, ,, 1
*ia iuari| Shoe Sale
mm—Mmmn—m9*tmj——maM*—~- mattmmma—twta ____W_W—MwWBMt\~~\
Pyke'a §boe Store
Mi n's Box Calf, lined Bleachers,
Regulai price, *3.| oo, now...... 1.00
Women's Velow Calf 'imi Dongola
Hals.   Regular S2.50 .v S3, now 1.50
M   si -' School Bonis.     Regular
Sj, now 1.50
Curls'  School  limits.     Regular
1    1. now 1.00
$3 ra gular.   Now.
516 ll.iNli.xV, St. W.
(I.M) i'ini Day
IM.   Ill'
Sl'KCIAI.   Il.lTIi"   TO
I'l (111.I IIS   AMI
Hiiaarui: ll'iuiliitiis
BtIIA   i< ASORla!»S,  Proprietors
III V'ii ilirniinlioul niiii
itcaiii lint and i-altl
watei tu everj room 1
.111.    -
Tlm liar is considered to
he us line us uny "ii tho
(■mist, its stuck Is re'-leto
Nortli Vancouver
1 hi'licvi- thai Nurlh Vancouver has
an immense future, ami that there
will he more money made in land
lioro lhan iu any ullier section in
llritisli Coluinhia. I have LOTS
FOR SALE in all parts of the
Townsito. If ymi have LOTS TO
&EEL, come to me. I will liml
vmi purchasers quickly.
101 Cordova Street, Vancouver, B. C.
Is 11 glorious beverage—quenching and
satisfying. Remember there's no other
"just as good"—insist mi getting Rainier,
Vancouver, I-i. C.
We are now cuttLng Cordwood. Place your orders
with us for Cordwood.
British Columbia Electric Railway Co.,Ltd.
Owing ia' .'a::., a, tin  i,:;• imu: sched ii le following will
oblain :
1      -t  Sii i : i
I.i avillfi   I ' I .     ' a   .it   .   I i ,i   III , (>:; i R, 111., 7:55
ami lift niitiiiti   1 " :lt ■ Ii 1111 until i":.ij |i. in.
I.l'.ivill;.     Kcitll     lv"ll    ..Hal     I'aallaaS    AmiUH'    III    IKOil    a.     111.,
;:a ■■.   a. - .':.   and   ..,   inii.uiua  pa.st  the  hunr
until 11.25 p, 111.
I \   II    'at   !      .All   '   11
Cars will run even so niimit ..
.\'.':   li ' its  II t  i'l   tlir 1 ir .,
hnl3l.I,,,:ir::n,1::r pioneer dry goods
Call   at   Second   sire.:,    second
house east ol I'a! co hol
Cull in und sec what yon can
.....      ,. ... gel in your own town.    Von
ItarralOl', NollCllOl', iOIIII'V, hit.        will be surprised how much
T11..M1-..S it ::,"iiii v.-.  H-:   i:.r.       parcel-carrying you can save.
Hotel North Vancouver.
'iV   '    '
i '.a' .
- $ ,^'-i>rtwlfelty
"      '•■.
■ '''"       is
.', ■ ^m
iia.oo jnr
und lip,
llateH lor
Terry Service I very Moll Hour lo iind from Ihis Hotel
to Vancouver. P. Larson, Prop.
A   SNAP •  •  SAUCE      .
15   Cents  per   Pound
J. A. McMillan, North Vancouver
  K Mc HOMlN, M. A., I.. I. 11.; S. ll.
SHil'l.i*. II. A.t A  W.lliW'l;.,, II, A.
Barrister*, Solicitors, Nuiaries, tic.
 1- 11. N. .1. linlliiiiiK, Vu mr, .ml
I llnil Hliii'k. Nullli V.niiiini'f.


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