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East Kootenay Miner 1897-12-02

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Devoted to the fining Interests and Development of the District of EAST KOOTEflAY.
Vol. 1, No. 19.
Golden,  B.   C,  Thursday  December 2nd,   1897.
$2.00 Per Year       ^
Add��iss:-BOX 49 GOLDEN, R.C
JUixixuer Blocs,
Goldex, B.C.
Plr��, Uf��, Real Estate, House Agents,
Auctioneer* and Customs Brokers
Fire Ag cactus:
Qneon, Lancashire, Union, Hartford.
JBuropoin Uteamsliip Ticket Office.
'    The Hun Life Insurance Com puny.
Tbe Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
The Btrbeck Investment and Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Knglnoer.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Vtnlnr Broker. FlnsncUl Aient, Ceareyinccr
tad Notary mule.
foil oibes address:
Asaay Offices and
Chemical Laboratory,
Jsr terertl -run wltk Vlvl.u A Sons, Bwsn-
���ei^aoii local ropre.euli.tlve lor them.
For i -rear, msasfer lor the annyera to the
WeTlato Co., London.
Canadian npnssauUn ot tbe Canal Cold
Inraellaf Co. I.'ld, Olaafoa* (Cyanide process.)
K.B.���All work pemonally superintended. Only
MBpeuat men ouployed.    No pupils, re
& Embalming
* Tetefraph orders receive prompt attention J
Jas. Henderson,
Plans Prapared.
Prompt attenlloo -riven to orders.
A aup|ily of Building Lime lor sale.
The Golden
Freeh and Belt Meats.
Fish end Clam* In seanon.
Dealers lu Cattle,Sheep and Horses,
Mall orders receive prompt attention.
Wedding flings
Calgary, - Alberta.
The Providence par Co
Provldenco, R.I.
wants all kinds ol raw furs, Blcllu, pin-
aeng, senocn, etc Prices for next sixty
days are aa follows:
Bilver Fox (15.00 io ���lSO.OO.
Bear ( 6.00 to t 211.00.
Otter �� 4.00 to ��  S.00.
Martin ( 2.00 to (   0.00.
Beaver (per ]��und).. % 3.00 to (   3.50.
Wolf * 1.00 to (   2.00.
Red Fox $ 1.00 to $   2.00.
Mink $   .75 to (   2.00.
Skunk (   .2fi to*   1.00.
dray Fox (   .50 to *    .75.
Kal (   .20 to*    .25.
Price Hat on all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full price*
guaranteed, careful selection, ruiirti'oua
treatment, and immediate remittance on
all consignments.
Pony For Sale
For sale-Mr.  Goo.  Woodloy's little
���Orel pony " Barney," also new aaddlc
and bridle.
for partirnlari apply to
' Columbia House,
Golden, B.C.
Livery and
Feed Stables
Good Saddle Horses and Rigs ef All Kindt for
Hire at Reasonable Kates.
Teaming of AU Kinds a Specialty.
Hamilton and Skclton,
Golden. B. C.
Confectionery and
Meala at all boors in firat claii
���tyle. A choice lot of Jama,
Jellies, Cigarette* and Cigar*
always in nock.
Good Time
By every man who Im a watch.
��� W. MXA].D��t{, ��
C.I'.K. Watch Inspector will be
Wednesday to Prlilay __,*���$>
each weok. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Work can be left at
Gold . . .
Mines  . .
Development Oo.
New York,  Chicago,
Spokane, Wnnli.
CAPITAL STOCK  810,000,000.00.
Buy and Soil Milling Properties.
Furnish Money lor Development
Livery, feed &
Sale Stables,
Kort Steele, S. E. Kootenay.
Jack Train* for mice* supplied.
A. W. McVittie, P.L.ft., formerly of
Fort Steele, B.C., hrs opened an office in
tlio Hotel Spokane, Spokane.
Captain Stacey one of the owners ot
the Maud 8. and Stand-By, will arrive
in Golden this week from England. His
partner Mr. JoliHe has just returned
from a trip to tlie coast where the principal talk is Klondike witli an occasional
mixture of East Kootenay.
The Burton, Maple Leaf, and Wynstay
claims ou Elk Kiver in Fort Steele mining Division have been bonded to Eastern parties for one year, consideration
���1,500. The owner of these* claims is
Mr. George Watson, Fort Steele.
OI two columns of mining news in an
English publication known as The Stock
and Share News, five lines aro devoted
to -' Canada and British Columbia," aa
U the two were distinct. Wo are afraid
the campaign of education was not completed during tlio Premier's Jubilee
Tom Jones came down from Windermere in tbu beginning of the week on a
visit to Mr. Mitchell-Innes to arrange
for early development work on the
claims in Windermere Division and alae
to complete the shipment of ore which
Mr. Inncs is taking home with him.
Tlie Nip & Tuck placer company which
operates placer ground ou the Wild
Horso creek has under consideration
certain proposals for a change in working of the ground. It has recelvod a
proposal to lease the ground and also a
proposal from a syndicate to take over
tlie whole concern and form a new com*
The Channe company who received
30,000 ��1 Bhares of the B.C. Gold Fields
atook ami $10,000 cash shares guaranteed at par in exchvnge (or Philips Arm
claims, are selling their B.C. Gold Fields
stock in England and havo just received
the first (10,000 of tho (150,000 to be received from proceeds of thete shares.
The claim* ol this company in Kootenay
are being actively developed.
It is reported that Fort Steelo mining
district, like all others, has suffered
greatly from the effects of the Klondyke
fever, and many of the prospectors have
left good prospects behind them in the
mail rush to seek their fortunes in the
Yukon gold fields. But, after all, it
looks like leaving a sure thing to take a
chance at gambling. Many prospects
already show shipping ore from the grass
Mr. J. M. Turnbull, B.A.Sc. of McGIll
University, Montreal, lias ln*enrappoint-
e<l assayer and surveyor to the North
Star Mining Company In Fort Steele
Mining Division. Mr. Turnbull held a
similar position on tho Lanark Mine in
the Illeclllowaet Mining Division. He
passed through Golden this week nnd
was one of the passengers on l'ort Steele
outward bound mail stage nn bin way to
the North Star mine to commence his
duties. The company intond to do a
considerable amount of mining tin's winter and when navigation opens on tlio
Kootenuy there will bo some thousands
of tons or ore ready (or shipment.
Mr. W. G. Mitchell-Innes, manager of
the Golden British Columbia Develop-
intnt Company left (iolden to-day on
his way to the old country. He is booked to leave New York on the 11th inst.
by the Cunnrder " Campania," and ex-
expects to he in the old country in ample
time (nr Christmas. He takes with him
lOOOIbs of ore from Ihe Pretty Girl claim
on Toby Creek in Windermere Mining
Division in order to have a proper smelting test made in tho old country. He
expects to be back in Golden in the
month ol April when extensive development will be prosecuted on nil the inin-
claims belonging tn hi* company, Tint
Mixta wishes Mr. Mitchell-Innes a good
voyage and a speedy return.
Mr. J. W. T. Young, M.E., manager
ol the Invicta Placer mine, Wild Horse
Creek, came down from Fort Steele this
week on his way to the old country.
He sails on the 15th from New York by
the Tuetonic. Ilia company cabled (or
him in the view of some extensive operations which are in contemplation next
season and which will involve consider-
able expenditure, probably (50,000. K
the operations arc carried out tlie Invicta will be ono of tho largest hydraulic
placer mines in Britisli Columbia. Two
shafts have De-en sunk down to lied rock,
about 60 feet each, reaching the bed of
an old channel containing much rich
ground. It ie proposed to put in hydraulic plant to wash out this ground
and then throw it up on to the surface
for treatment.    Tub Misku saw three
somS quarts, shewing it had come ont of
some quart*: vein and had probadly not
travelled very far, as it was not so beaten pt flattened as the other two.
Wc beg to,draw the attention ot Free
Miners to an advertisement in our
columns containing certain regulations
which are now published in The British
Columbia Gazette. The regulations aro
to prevent the forfeiture of mining properties owing to the lapse of iree miner's
certificates iu certain cases. The amendment is an exceedingly important one
and ciuno into effect Monday, Nov. 16.
Under the. past regulations a person
holding mining properties ''absolutely " forfeited oil his .rights to them if
ho allowed but a single day to elapse be
Streets Flooded.-Top of the River
Higher Than the Streets.
J.ast week we chronicled the rising of
tho waters in the Kicking Horse river ���
caused by an ice jam which dammed
back the waters and caused them to rise
to an abnormal height and that the
���waters threatened to sweep the streets ,
of Golden. They are now doing it and
causing very serious damage to property
and may yet cauHc very serious dcstrnc
tion unless a relief for tlie dammed
waters is found.
The Kicking Horso enters tho Colum
tween the date of expiration and renewal  bia river fullv a mile below Golden, and
Amendment contains many conditions
hut does not mean holders of certificates
should fail to useall possible precautions
against allowing the certificate to lapse.
Every caretui minor will endeavor to
avoid this, but mistakes and omissions
will sometimes occur. It iB to cover
these that the new regulations are now
men I'iioperties.
A correspondent to the Spokane Miner
& .Electrician declares the centre of attraction iu South East Kootenay is the
Eugene mine, nnd adjoining it the St.
Peter. These mines are acknowledged
to constitute one of the largest silver-lead
propositions In the world. There are
11,000 tons of oro on the dump, running
05 oi. of silver and 70 per cent, of load
to the ton. Sixty thousand tons of ore
have been blocked out, of an average
vaiue of (60 per ton, or, in other words,
the owners have (3,000,000 worth of ore
readv for transportation as soon as tlie
Crow's Nest road is open for traffic to
enable them to get it out. Seven hundred thousand dollars havo been offered
for the property, but at the present time
it is not for sale. The mine is 1,400 feet
above Movie Lako and within three-
quarters of a mile where the railroad
will pass. Connection will lie afforded
by a tramway two and a half miles in
West of the lake what is apparently
the same lead has been struck, with
showings similar to those of the Eugene,
and claims have been staked all over it.
Messrs. Knitzel, Johnson and Sunburn
havo bonded the claims east of the St.
Eugene to Mr. llarr, of California, for
(60.000���(1,000 payable in sixty days nnd
(2,000 payable in eight months and the
balance in twelve months, lie has put
iu a winter camp and started a .'-uo-foot
tunnel, from which he expects to strike
it rich. This claim shows nine inches of
���olid galena on the surface.
just at Golden it forms a delta of three
branches. The northern branch is the
main stream. Only during high water
aro the three branches running. The
C.I'.K. tracks runs along this stream and
leaves it at Golden on its northern side.
At the head of the delta commences the
town of Golden. The older part of it is
built along the northern side of the main
stream. The newer part is on the other
side and the greater portion of it lies to
the south of the delta. Some oi it, including the Hospital buitdings are right
in the delta, the other two brunches of
the stream running on either side. A
handsome bridge crosses at the neel; of
the delta, uniting the old ami new towns.
Some years ago the river broke bounds
and committed serious havoc. This led
to the river being well bunked and cribbed, whicli has since then kept it in
bounds. The top crib work and banking
is some feet above the main level of the
principal streets.
When the ice jam took place it wus
expected the strength of the witters
might force the jam out, kill a severe
frost followed the sudden rain and the
Tivor became frozen over from the Col*
A Flat Denial.
Tothe Editor of The East KoOTEXAY
Sin,-1 understand that a lie is being
circulated in Golden to the effect that
when last 1 visited there some days ago.
I had (300 stolen from me at the Kootenay house. It is a lie, pure and simple,
and must have lieen originated by some
spiteful individual who wished to do
that house an injury.
I!y inserting this in your next issue,
you will do justice to people who are
being maliciously lied aliout and confer
a favor on Yours truly,
Tiuw. O'liiinix.
Calgarv, November 80th, 1307.
these liuiisiB and inspecting the premises
of The Mixi-ii, which are situated infills
locality, but tboy liuve upt yet done w.
They however got Into the tonsoriul
parlors of Mr. Joseph Lainontagnc; but
Joseph, who is a man of determination,,
declared he did not want the waters
there and conducted them by two
trenches round about his house on to tho
iniiiii Btreet of Golden. Now thereire
two of the nicest little rills of water���
mlninliu'o canals���flowing down past tho
Kootenny house in the direction of Ok)
government buildings. There is a considerable depression thero and a small
lake iB now being formed; when thi-i
has lieen filled it will again take Komo
oilier course and visit other portions of
Golden whicli have not yet been washed'
by lis floods. Meantime the C. P. II.
employees arc busy at the switch- track
trying to keep the fresh iiecuinnlatiou of
water by tempororary banks formed of
snow and earth.
As soon us canals were being formed
on the streets and Golden was in dun-jor
ol becoming it miniature Venice or being
washed out, an appeal was made to the
government officials, who were fully
ulive to the danger but hud no power tu
act. Victoria was communicated with.
Government property and railway property were now endangered. There was.
a consultation between the local hendii
of the departments. Mr. Griffiths, C.E.,
government commissioner. Mr. Erickson,
Field, railway superintend, and it was
resolved ii possible to cut a free channel
from the Columbia tipthe Kicking Horso
and endeavor to give relief to the peill-
up waters. Mutters were nor.' commencing to look more serious, us additional
tco-jains had occurred iu tlieciiny**ii,and
should these give way then there was
great risk uf Golden being washed out,
as all the houses are of wood and witii
Utile or uo foundation.
The cellars of the Kootenny house were
iu danger ol being Hooded and Mr. Adler
had to remove nil the contents of till)
cellars, including his winter's vegetables
umbia upwards to above the town ol >
Golden.    The floating ice coining down  -""' ���"���I'l'1'''*-' ������������������ <" eon��ert his billiard
tbe unfrozen purls of the riverwas forced' """" -������"- a Ki"n' ���">���������*���" *hm<> ���'���*)' ���"���������
nuclei* the ice nnd only increased the
jam. The wator in the river rose higher
and higher and all the branches of the
delta became full to overflowing. From
the time the waters commenced to arise
the inhabitants became apprehensive of
danger and  various means  were sug*
now. temporarily stored.
The task of cutting the channel Is a
more serious task than was anticipated.
Commencement was made near Ihe
mouth of the Kicking Morse, but Alter
proceeding wn-.e distance this was abandoned and operations woro commenced
gosted as to obtaining an open channel ,"rll,cl' "P ���-"> ���'���Vl'r' ���������sm '������������ *ow��-
to allow of the free flowing of water and \Vm thc '"St four day.' it gun:-- oi thirty
carry it off into the Columbia, but "''"" has 1>8cn employed with axe, law,
nothing was done until the water made
Coldan Public School Report.
5th Class���1st, Laura  Kenny j   2nd
Annio Kenny.
4th Class-lst, Gertie G. Fields; 2nd,
Ernest Sutherland.
3rd Class- 1st, Willie Houston ; 2nd,
Emily Kenny.
2nd Class���1st, Arthur Jaynos; 2nd,
Violet Pugho'
II. Primer. Sr.���1st Adelaide Levequo;
2nd, Emma Levcque.
II. Primer, Jr.���1st, Percy Lake
Katie Pughe.
I. Prinior���1st, Katio Kenny j
Owena Starfortb.
Average attendance, 33.
Freighting ol all kinds undertaken,  rcry fine nuggets, one of which had still
Seldom docs a western town receive
visits from such talented operatic stars
as Miss'Frances World and Miss Marietta
La Dell. This company appeared in
Golden last Friday evening and enter
taincd the people iu lift) Alexander hall
for a couple of hours. As a singer, Miss
World is equalled by few aud surpassed
by none, and all her selections were well
rendered,. Miss La Dell deserves special
mention ns tin elocutionist; she musters
her work admirably and called forth
cuthuoiastic applause nftor every selection.
its appearance in the streets of Golden
and commenced to make rivulets.
In the new town the water rose over
the hanks and commenced to flow southwards and in a short time it lnul tilled
up all the depressions and hollows iu the
delta, surrounded the livery stnhles ol
Messrs. Hamilton and Skclton, formed
a skating rink in front of the Itussell
House foi the benefit of Mr. Meade's
customers, was proceeding on its course
to fill tho ample collars at Mr. II. G.
Parson's store with its liquid when it
was diverted in its course and passed
down into the Hospital grounds,quencli-
the fires of the furnace and comincneed
to fill the cellars.
When Mr. H. 0. Person saw that matters were getting serious on Ills side of
the town he at once with commendable
energy had a trench dug and a course
formed for the superfluous water ami
succeeded in diverting it before it had
reached his store. The trench crosses ....
the two spur tracks loading Irom tlio | their cm. nt
Lumber mills and his store on to the
main line and carries the wator into low
lying ground. The relief however may
only he temporary and should the depression fill up anil the water flow lack
and invade tho storo the destruction In
the goods stored there in the cellars and
lower warehouses���the supply being
very heavy ot this season of tho year-
will amount to thousands ot dollars.
At the Hospital, owing to the heating
hammer and dynamite in hewing,
ting and blasting out a channel aboiK.
two yards wide. The channel Ir now WW
yards long. At first there was no How
of water, as Iwtween the ice and tho
bottom of the river was closely packed
with snow, slush and pieces of icei
These all require to Ite relieved hotels
tho witter will flow. The water was
flowing with some current and   it   was
txpected  there  would  soon   In*  sonic
>������.,       .,    -���   fycape
relief and an escape formed for the
waters, but unfortunately late on Thursday afternoon and since wo eoinnience'l
iliis narrative, one ol the ice jams iu tho
canyon has given way and the waters
have come down over the new town,
'f'he Itussell house is now an islet iu the
middle ol a new river, and the waters
are more Until a foot doop on the lower
floor. This new river now flows from
above the head nf tho delta, between .Mr.
Parson's shire and the south end of ti.-i
bridge. Several of his warehouses aro
in its course. A gang of men is now
engaged working hard to assist in divert-
I lug Into a temporary ohltnucl and they
j arc succeeding, so it is thought the warehouses may not bo destroyed, HHliullgh
"1 be considerably ditui-
I. This new course will now givo tin:
relief that is required.
arrangements being swamped, temporary
stoves aro erected nnd no imminent danger is anticipated so none oi the patients
will be removed in the meantime as it is
expected that the operations upon which
a heavy gang of mon are now employed
Faint heart never won n fair lady-
Mac, was not faint-hearted; neither vrns
tint lady fair, although she wn�� all the
w drill to him and he has won her. Tie
marriage Will take place about Chrisl-
t.ias. The lady is expected to arrive in.
Calgary about thst time���a ;iood seasonable Christinas gilt, particularly ���-.���lieu it
42 degrees Mow zero. The lady hail
been tn bonds before and has beon a
widow for over eighteen months with a
small encumbrance, Shs went to tlie
old country to visit friends ami solace-
her grief.   Mae has srrived at that sUvgo
will clear it conrsefor the river and ro-j when it is not meet that man should be
move the cause of danger. alone.   Brooding over that old divine
In the old town the water first mode
its appearance over tho banks and inundated tho sidetracks of the C.I'.U. Attempts were made by tho railway employees to bank back this w atcr and keep
it clear of the tracks. I'.ut this course
win soon seen to bo hopeless as tho (low
of the wator became greater and greater
as it rose higher and higher in the
river. Soon the back piemises of
tho houses near the head of
the bridge were flooded and the
waters hsd ovory appearance oi in a
injunction, ho reincmberod an absent
friend who had departed hut whohad beon
blessed with a good wife. Why should
he uot comfort tho widow and make thu
orphans' hearts rejoice, and alio fulfill
another divine command. No sooncr
was decision arrived at that there llnsheti]
across continent and oecau," Wil t thou'."'
She wilted. She has had one gmsl
husband and will have another. She Is
on her way out. Mrs. Man will again
become Mae. Now, do not nil apeak at
once, became you do not kc.on wl|U tho.
short, time filling the lpirer Itoroya of parties fue. SSSS
Vho 97?i)
A Weekly Jgunnii. published every Thursday
In tlio Interest ol tlie East Kootenay Distriot
making uloscit ponueotloiis *��� iili ull truliis and
until routes.
By mail nr carrier,
fj.ou per year in advance.
ADVBRTIBINa RATES : Display ads, ll.50.icr
column laeli, tB.oo per column Inch alien in.
serii'dou Hm titlo pago i legal ads, 10 cents per
( nonpareil) line Ior fir-it insorliim, ii cents per
Hue (or each additional Insertion; re*.d!nb'
llolic*.*, 10 cents per Hue eseh insertion.
Ciiallge-I ol ads, must ueinofliecnotlaterthlin
Blrtll, marriage and dentil notices Inserted
JOB DEPARTMENT I Our Job Dopsrtmonl
Is the best tiiiuipiiud printing ofllee in East
Kootenay ami li^ireporori to do ucat, srtlsttv
nrlntiugata reasotmbleiirloe, one price loan.
Me.il or-iers receive prompt attention.
CORRESPONDENTS 1 We Invite correspon
deuce on auy subject of iutcresl lo tbe general
pai-ilc aud desire a regular correspondent at
ever)' point In tlu District. In all eases tlio
bona Ude name ol wrller niusl Accompany 'lie
m.uuserfpt. mil 'uuuesssrlly n,r i.ublic'alioii
but as a xuuraiitce of good lailli.
Oorroipondenoo wlili reference to sny mailer
tt.-u has appeared iuanollier paper must Ilrsl
bo offered lo that paper for publication belore
ll can appear in "Tils Missr.."
Address all communications
Golden, 15. C.
How the Men were-Erig-afrod���A Few
Claim to Have been Misled���The
Contractor not Responsible���All
tho'MenTreated Fairly.-Progress
of the Work.
Telegrams from the east go to show-
that , somo misapprehension exists at
Toronto mid elsewhere regarding the
grievances of certain men employed in
the construction of the Crow's .N'cBt I'ass
When work was about to commence
agents wero employed by Mr. Haney,
manager of construction, to secure navvies at Winnipeg and in Ontario and
Quebec for the contractors. Kvery man.
who desired employment was informed
of the terms; there was a printed form
setting forth the terms, which form he
had to read and sign. It was net forth
that the wages for navvies were (1.50
per day, and that board was (*1 per week
nnd that a small deduction would be
made for the doctors, as is done on every
public work where a large number of
men are employed. It was also stated
that those who choso to go to the work
would have to pay n reduced railway
fare, a cent per mile, from there starting
to Lethbridge or Macleod, which would
be deducted from tlieir pay, and that
they would not be paid except for actual
work; in other words, thoii* wages did
not begin when they left eastern points
for the west, or run oil while they were
moving from one place to another up
here, but were to be paid only for such
time as they put in in the ordinary way
on the dump. This is tho usual principle
A Toronto mechanic is not paid for the
time consumed in getting to the factory
iu tho morning, nor would he expect to
lie paid or to have his expenses defrayed
if the Toronto branch of the factory
closed down, and he had to travel to a
branch at Hamilton to obtain further
Of the 5,000 men now engaged on the
work all but a few from the neighborhood oi Ottawa understood the conditions, and were perfectly satisfied with
thorn. Those from Ottawa were apparently led to believe by an unauthorized
agent that thoy More to get shanty wages
from (20 to (20 per month with board
found, and froo transportation to their
destination, although it is only fair to
tho person who employed them to say
that he denies having told them this.
He know, he says, that the shanty system was not lecognizedon railway works
and informed them that they would
havo to pay their railway fare, and must
expect when at work to bo paid not.by
the month but by the day. They wore
out of work, he adds, the lumber business being dull at the time, and were
to have the chance to earn (1.50 per day
or (5 a week after paying their board,
subject to the deduction of railway fare
und doctoring. The justices of the pence
belonging to tho Mounted Police, before
whom the matter was brought after they
hail been at work for some time, found
that these men had been misled, but the
case was appealed lo enable the agent at
Ottawa, or rather at Hull, to be heard.
This is all there is to the story about
"slavery and oppression" on the Crow's
Nest line. It was an unfortunate occurrence, but Mr. Haney was quite blameless, nor does blame ��� attach to anyone
connected with tho Canadian Pacific.
-Mr. Haney sees that the contractors
treat tbe men well,and is greatly respected by them.
A number of English immigrants,Londoners mostly, not fit to do heavy manual labor, came here, whether of tlieir
own accord or at the instance of employment agent! without authority from Mr-
Haney, is not clear, and somo were
Unable to stand the strain. The Welsh
navvies, who arrived in August or September, are sturdy fellows, accustomed
to work of the kind, and are doing well,
but immigrants of .the clerk class have
110 business railroading here or elsewhere. In several instances where tlu.se
���poor follows were overtaken by sickness.
Mr. Haney saw that they were cared
for, and gave them free transportation
to the east; but his action in this regard
is not to be taken as a precedent. It
will not do for weaklings to come here
without proper clothing, and without
the physical ability to earn a livelihood
at Biich ni'vere lalair as navvying, and
expect to bo provided for whether they
work or not.
Where so many men are employed
there will always be discontented and
even turbulent ones, but the great mass
have nothing to complain of. Board is
higher than in Ontario and Quebec, lie-
cause of the Ctwt of teaming food to the
camps, and of getting it thero by rail
from the cast, in tho first place; on tho
other hand, (1.60 per day is a higher
wage for unskilled labor than prevails in
the east.
The food is of the best quality, and
the camps are as comfortable as they
can be made under tho circumstances.
The work is progressing rapidly. The
rails will roach the summit beyond
Crow's Nest lake by the end of tho year,
and contracts for over 100 miles on the
other side have lieen lot and aro in process nf execution. While 1110 11110*111
have only n ono per cent, grade���one
foot in 100��� in tho mast difficult ascents,
a condition of things which will make it
by far tho easiest and bust triiuseontin-
tal road in America, there is an immense
amount of heavy bridging, tunnelling,
and cutting and filling. To secure Biich
a grade across the Rocky Mountains it
will be necessary to incur a large expenditure over and above the enormous
outlay called for on nil mountain roads.
The visitor to the North-West can see
tor himself close by Lethbridge what a
serious task it is. At that point the
broad valley and lofty coulees of the St.
Mary,s river have to be crossed. There
are IS bridges, one 3,000 feet long and
70 feet high, in n distance of 10 miles,
with 100,000 yards to lie cut and filled
per mile. West of Pinoher creek, where
one of the main forks of Old Man's ri ver
is crossed, the heavy work begins again,
and west of the summit past Elk river,
and down to Kootenay lake, it is u very
formidable undertaking indeed. The
Canadian Pacific authorities are pushing
it to completion with extraordinary
energy, and tho miners, to whom tho
rond will bring cheaper supplies and
cheaper smelting, are watching tlie advance with deep interest.���Daily Mail
and Empire.
There is something wrong somewhere
the manner that many of the employees havo beon treated who were cm
ployed for the construction of the Crow's
Nest Pass Railway. The chioi constructor's denial and explanations aro not
sufficient. Something more is wanted,
and that something_is_ttn'.cnquiry by the
Dominion Government into tho causes
of complaint. The allcgations"nrc_sori-
ous, more than breaches of contract. It
is asserted desirable emigrants have
been lured from their homos on false
representations. If true, who is responsible? The speciotis'^dofcnce put forth
by the Daily Mail & Empire only shows
the necessity for having an immediate
enquiry. The days of autocrats, on this
continent at least, aro over, although
there are attempts to play the part. But
we do not think the C.P.R. or its chief
constructor have [any desire to assume
tho role Jfjof autocrats or introduce a system ot white Blavery
among its employees. It is easier
to make charges than to prove them.
Corporations who employ mtiltitttdeB
are liable to have charges made against
thom, and these do not often concern
the outside world. Horc it is diSerent,
tho railway is being built largely by
Government aid, obtained from the people and the Government have a right on'
the people's demand to make an enquiry
anil if a state of matters exist as is nsssr-
tjd then there should bo some remedial
measures enacted to remove them and
prevent a recurrence. We ure sure that
I the C.P.R. in its own interest and for its
own good name would gladly hail such
au enquiry _and afford every'assistauce
during tlie investigation.
Rt'l.E 29.
ALL APPLICATIONS for Private Bills, pro-
*-v   penvlne .sunject of legislation by the iallf.
-alative Assembly ot Hrltt-.ii Colombia, within
the purvle'.v ul tlie "British North America
Act, 1H07," whether for the erection of a Bridge,
the making ot a Railway, Tram-vac, Tnrnpiko
Road, or Telegraph or Telephone *..iie; the construction o.- uupr-jve-num oi u Uartiour, l.'unal,
Lock, li.ne, Sliue.or other luce work; tlie granting ota rlgiuof Keriy; the incorporation ol any
particular  trade  or  calling, or of  ally Joint
Stock Company; or otherwise lor granting to
any Individual or Individuals auy exclusive or
peculiar rights or privileges whatever, or Ior
doing any matter or Hung which in Its operation wouiti affect the rights or properly ol
oilier parties, or relate to auy particular class
oi tbe community, or for niiiaiug any amendment ol n like naiure to auy lormer Act,���shall
require a Notice, clearly and distinctly specifying lue nature and object of the application
and, whore me application reiers to any proposed work, indicating generally tbe location
oi tlio work, and signed by or ou belialiof the
applicants, audi notice lu be publialiod as lol-
lu the British C'OM'XBIA Gazette, Jantl in one
newspaper puuli-thcu in lue District uliectou, Kill nice be uo nu-vs-iaper pubiisiiuo therein,
men iu a newspaper lu thu next nearest District ln which a newspaper is punllslied.
Such notice snail oe continued lu each case
ior a period ol al least six weeks, during the
interval or time between Uie close of the next
proceeding Session aim tliueoiistnel-alloiioi tlio
Petition, and copies 01 sueh nonce shall be sent
by tlie parties Inserting stluh notice to tlie
. lork ol tlie House lu be Hied ainolig.it tbu
records of the Coinmittee un Staudlng lli.lers.
' HI, No 1'ulition lor any Private Bill shall be
received by Uie House alter tile lirsl tell days ol
oath Session, nor may any Private Bill be pre-
seiueil lo tile House tiller the llrsl three weeks
ol each Session, nor muy tiny Itepo.'t of any
sunning or Select Committee upon a Private
Hut be t-eeelved after tin* hrst mur weeks ol
ea.-li Session, and no .Motion lor Uie suspension
or miKiiiicnlinii of tins Itule snail be eulcitain*
cu   by the House mull lliesame llus oeeii re*
porie.i on by tue Coiainitteu on sunning orders
or alter relerellee Indue therein at b previous
sitting ol the House lo lue aiaintiugloiuliiiaees
ullal'guu Willi cuushlcratiou 01 private Htiis,
Whoaltall leport thereon lu tbe House. Aim 11
tins lime snail lie suspended or mo.tliicil as
alurusald lue promotes oi any Private Hill
winei. is pivsjtue.t alter tue time hereinoelore
tin.Hen, ur iur much the Petlliuliutisbueu.ru*
ceivcil niter tue lime hei'eilineforo limited,
shall in either case pay collide the tees reijuir*
e.t as herein llieiilltluuu, unless the House snail
order tu tne contrary. Any person seeking to
nominally Piivale Hill shall dupusit Willi lue
Clerk oi tue House, eight days beiore the opening oi the bcsi.mil, .. printed copy ul such Hill,
a copy oi tiie Column to oe pieseuted to thu
House, together will, Ihe notices published. At
the lime ol depositing uie Hill, tile applicant
shall also pay lo Ihe t icrk ol the House u sum
oi thi-.-c hundred miliars. II a copy ol the Hid,
1'ctlunii and notices su.ill not hale been di* do*
posited in lite hau..s ol lue clerk oi the House
ut least eight uays belore the opening 01 the
Session, an,t If the Petition has not oeen presented ivilnln the ilrst tun uays ol tue Session,
the amount 10 DC paid to the Clerk .-linn oe six
hundruo collars. It lite Bill shall jliol pas.
second reading one hail oi tlio lees paid snail
oe relumed.
. Heioreany I'etillon praying for leave to
bring in a Private Hnl Iur tue crccti.m.il a Toll
Bridge, is received oy lue House, Ihe pct.oii or
pei'Miu., Intending to petition lor sueh Bill,
shall, upon giving thu notice preseribetl oy rule
;VJ, alsu 1.1 the same ume anil in lite same milliner, give notice oi the rales which tney intend
to ask, the e.vienloi tile privilege, the height o!
the arches,iue inlervut between the anulinelits
nr piers lor Uie pussage ol raits aud vessels, and
mentioning also whether tltey intend to unlet
a drawbridge ur not, aud Hie iiuneiisious ul Uie
til. All Private Bills for Acts of Incorporation
shall be su iriiineil us lo incorporate oy relerellee tnuclanses ol Ihe Oeiieral .vols relating to
tbe details to be provided lor by such Bills:���
Special grounds shall bo established lor any
proposed departure irom tins principle, or lor
Uie iiuriKiuciion tu iiiher provisions as lo such
details, ami a Hole shall oe appeiuled 10 Uie
Hill iinlieatlng the provisions thereof in which
tlio General Act is proposed lu oe departed
irom. Bills which are not trained ln accordance with this Rule shall be re-cast by the pro-
motets and le-pi-liiteil at their expense belore
any Committee pusses upon tl.o clauses,
lie. All Private Hills snail bu prepared by the
parties applying Ior Uie sxme, and printed lit
Small Plea type, twenty-six cm by duy ems, on
good puper, in imperial octavo form, each page
when lidded measuring 10,-4 (holies by 7,'_ Inches. There shall be a marginal iiumbel
every fifth line of each page; the nuinbi-iiug ol
the lines In not tn run ou through the
Hilt, but the lines of each page are tu be iiitiu-
l.ered separately. One humired copies of each
Bill aliall be deposited wltn the cierlt ul the
lions*.* immediately beiorethe Hrst reading. 11
amendments are made tu any Bill during its
progress before the Committee on Private lulls
or through the House, such Bill shall bo ic
printed by Hie promoters thereof.
Dated 101b November, 1897.
" COXI'AKISS ACT, 1897,"
Canada: ,
Province oi* British Coluhoia. '
No. 11/1(7.
rpHlS IS TO CERTIFY that the '
Clerk, Legislative Assembly.
���   ���   ���
Value it one thing
Satisfaction li another
You get both by buying your DRY GOODS
Price Lists and Samples forwarded en application.
��    ���    ���
Mail Orders Receive
Prompt Attention.
���������VAT THE**-
Hudson's   Bay
CALGARY,    -    ALTA.
MOTICK 18 HF.RKBY GIVEH thatappllcatlo'n
1 * will be inmli; to the Parliament ol Caned*
ami to tho Urfinlative Aanemblv of the Province
of Kritirth Columbia at tli��lr respective aciwioiis
to Incorporate a Company to construct a railway to be operated by Meant or electricity from
a point at or near Cranbrook, In Kaat Kootenay,
British (.'olmiibin-ilni mont northerly point on
the Crow'* Nest Hallway,���thence running in a
northerly directum up the Kootenay River to
Canal Flat; thein-eto the Columbia Lake and
in a northerly direction down the Columbia
I'.lver to the Canoe Kiver; thunc-j up the Canon
Hiver and acrosi tlie Portage to the headwater*
of the Frasur River; thence down the Kraaer
Hiver to (.income Portage; thence acmss thu
l'ortatro to Parsnip Kiver; thence down the
Parsnip River to Findlay l'.ivor, and up the
Findlay Hirer and acroM tht- divide tu Frances
I.tiki;. uiul thence to tho Yolon, with power to
ivert the route oi the llu.r north of Otoconia
Portage either by way of Deaiin Lake nr an may
be found mont suitable on further exploration,
with power to build and opjrato branch lir.cn
nut exceeding sixty miles in length and all
liectttuary bridges and roads. AIno, to construct
and opcrato telegraph and telephone lines for
the trunKiniHRton of inoisKagii for Die public; to
build, inquire und operate steam and other
venHcls und ull necenary ferries, wharves und
docks; to taku aud use water for generating
electricity, and to transmit and dispono of the
power therefrom for lighting, heating and
motive purposes; with power also to carry on
tlie business of a general trading company, of
an express company; also to own, manage awl
lease hotels, to acquire, to acquire timber
limits nnd operate siw mills, for the production
atid sale of lumber, and to mine, explore and
develop mineral lands and to carry on a general
mining and ore smelting business, including
tlie erection and operation of smelters and
Holicltors for Applicants,
Dated at Ottawa 5th November, 1817.     lln-Ol
1, Thomas McNaught. Financial Agent, Fort
Steele, hereby five notice that slstv davs after
date It is my intention to apply'to the
Chief Commissioner ot Lands A Works for permission to purchase six hundred and forty
acres of unsurveyed, unoccupied and unreserved Crown lands In this neighborhood where
this notice Is posted, being on tho west side of
Movie Lako and about four miles froto its upper
end. Tho boundaries are as marked out from
my north-west corner which Is In close proximity to this notice namelv, running south 80
chains, and to thecRst 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, thence west to the starting point 80
chains, containing 640 acres unoccupied land.
The starting point running due west from
Moyie Uke taking In a little of both tho Little
Lamb and the Rig Lamb creeks. Located 1st
day of September, 1897.
Fort Steele, 30th September, 1897.        3m.
pUBLIC NOTICE is hereby piven that appli-
r cation will bo made to the Parliament of
Canada, nt the next session thereof.'for an Act
changing the name of The Dominion Building
and Loan Association to that of The Dominion
Permanent Loan Company,
Dated at Toronto, this 17th day of November,
2 Toronto Btroct, Toronto,
n25-9t Solicitors for Applicants.
Golden Bri-
tub Columbia, Liniiteii," is authorised aud
Hennaed to carry on business within the Province of British Columbia, and to carry out or
effect ull or any of the objects hereinafter set
mi'tli to which tin: legislative authority of the
legislature of *jtttish Columbia extends.
Tlio head office of the Company Is situate at
No. 6, (lueen Street Place, City of London, England.
Tlie amount of tho capital of the Company is
��6,000; divided Into ��U thousand shares of ��1
The head office of the Company In this Province is situate at iJoluen, and William Gilbert
Mitchell-Innes, who-iu audresrt is Golden, British Columbia, is the Attorney lor the Company.
The objects for which thu Company has been
established aud so licensed are:���
[a.] To purchase, take o:i lease, or otherwise
acquire, mines, mining rights, and niettilliter-
oun land aud any interest therein, and to explore, work, exercise, develop and turn tu
uccouut tlio same:
[h] To ercsh, win, get, quarry, smelt, calcine,
retlne, dress, Hinalgaiuute, mauipulatc,p ure hose
and prepare lor market, ore, metal, and in in oral substances of all kinds, aud to carry on,
either upon or In counectiou with the premises
or elsewhere, tho business of miners, millers,
swollen*-, and workers oi any processes ln the
production, reduction nnd making merchantable, of minerals,int-iuli and metallic products,
supplies ol water, merchants, aud tr.unufactur-
ors, aud workers of any miuuruls, metals, articles und things used In or in connection with
mining, milling, smelting, and other processes
ufori'Aufd, or auy of them:
[��] To search lor inine-i and minerals either
on land known to contain such mines and minerals or otherwise, and to buy and sell, lease
or take up the rights ot seurch or other miners'
rights or clrtlins under auy mining statutes or
regulations of any place where tho Company
carries ou operations, and any other rights respecting the same:
[<IJ 'l'o acquire options, or enter Into contracts
for thu purchase ol any grants, concessions,
leases or .-u'tts, easements or iuturests In lands,
waters, mlll-.itoh, towimltes, mines, minemls,
and other hcrcdttumeuin, and njiy plant, machinery, Implements, couvcnieuccH, provisions
and things, and any ottiur property, real or
personal, movable or immovable, for purposes
Incidental thereto ur lo any othcrobjects oi the
Company, or capable ol being used in connection with metallurgical operations or required
by workmen or others employed by the Company, and to work, transiu-, let or sublet the
[el To acquire any inventions, letters patent
or licenses, capable of being used lor tho purposes of the Company, or any of them, und to
work, transfer, let, or sublet the same:
f. To ucqulre and undertake thu whole or any
part of the (limitless, property and liabilities, oi
any person or company carrying on any business which this Company Is authorised to carry
ou; and to acquire und hold anv shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, tie-
got ia bio or otherwise, of or other interests In
uny English, colonial or other companies, associations or undertakings capable ot bulng man-
aged or conducted so us uiruetly or indirect!*
to benefit thu business ot the Company. Also
to advance money on any sueh shures, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities of m
other interest in such companies, assoclation.*
or undertakings, and to accept such shares ur
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures or secur-
tles as partial or lull security for payments due
to thu Company:
g. To-acqitlre, construct or hire, or join with
others in acquiring, constructing or hiring auy
niills, canals, waterworks, machinery, roudo,
bridges, tramways, railways, engines, plant,
stocks, buildings, works, matters or uiingn
whicli may bu necessary or convenient for the
purposes of thu Company, or any of them, and
tothe working ol the same or anv part thereon
h. To improve, manage, develop, let underlet
or sell, or ollicrwlse-dispo.se of, cnarge or deal
with, iu any manner whatsoever, thu undertaking or any part or parts of thu property oi
ihe Company, or any rights, way��luavcs or
easements iu or over the same, and to accept as
payment,.thurufor either cash or shares, or
partly cash mid partly shures, iu any other
company purchasing the suinc:
i. To establish aim maiutniu agencies of the
Company in auy colony, dominion, foreign
country or statu, and to procure the Company
to be registered or incorporated In any slid,
colony, dominion, foreign country or state:
J. Tu amalgamate witn any other company
having objects altogether or iu part sliuihir tu
tlie objects of this Company, and to cuter into
partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal concession or otherwi-sc, with any company or
per��ou or firm engaged or about to engage In
any business or transaction which this Company is authorized to engage In, ur capable ot
ueing conducted so as dircetly or Indirectly to
beiieiit this Company:
k. To hold, In thu names of others, uny property which thu Company is authorised to
.acquire, iMid to carry on or do any of the
businus.scH and actsaud things aforesaid, cither
as principal or agent, and either by thu aguncy
ot or as agents or trustees ior others:
1. To make, purchase, sell, accept or indorse
bills of exchange and other instruments, negotiable or otlicrwlsc,attd to borrow money eithci
with or without security, aud either upon negotiable iiiMruinents or otherwise, including
me Issue oi debentures charged upon all or ��m
of the Company's property (holt), present anil
future), iheliuli:.,, i,c> uncalled capital:
m. To promote aud form uther eompunlcs for
any of thu objuuts uiuutlonud In this Memorandum:
n. To Invest and deal with the moneys of the
Company nut immediately required upon such
securities aud Ln sueh manner as irom time to
time be determined:
o. To distribute any of thu property of the
Company among the member* in spuelc:
p. To carry on business In any part of the
world und to do all such things as aru incidental or conducive to thu attainment ol tbe above
Given under my hand aud seal of office at
Victoria, Province, of British Columbia, this
lDlhdayof October, onu thousand eight imn-
urcd aud ninety-seven.
Golden Mute Go.,
Manufacture��� of and "������'������-'- M
Douglas Fir,   Spruce and Cedar Lumber,  Siding nnd Flooring,
Dimension Timber,  Cedar Shingles.   Fence Paste,
Telegraph,   Telephone   and   Electric
Light Poles, Lath, Etc.
Contractors to the C.P.R. Ry.
The Golden Lumber Co.,
(Limited Liability.)
KootenaY * fase.
8. ADLER, Proprietor.
-   B.  G.
rint-ClasB In every particular. Convenient to Railway Depot and StcaaHoat UiAIbc.
Kates Reasonable.   Free Sample Kooioi.
The Tram Car leaves Kootenay House, connecting with Steamer for r��rt Bttele m-wt
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from tht west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
For Home Comforts      ��� ���
Modern Conveniences   ��� ���
Best Cuisine in tho West ���
Commodious Sample Rooms e
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia jffouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining Men.
s. y. WOOTTOX,
lli'lilmnr ol Joint Slunk Companion.
���hJOTU'E Is licretiy given that all planar mln*
11 mu diili-i-i which are loyally lit-ld ill the
Nortli>-ru lliTinion oi Kant Kootenay are lulil
over Irou* tlio date ni tula nulla* until l.t June
GolJ Comraiaiionor.
Donald, Dili November, 1397. u!V2
IJOTICK It hereby liven that application will
11 be made to tlio Legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia, at Its next session, far a Private BUI to Incorporate a Company to build, equip, maintain and operate a
line or lines of railway from a point at or near
Cranb -ook, in East Kootenay, thence by the
most .feasible route to the fit. Mary's River;
thence In a westerly direction to the headwaters of Ht.Mary's Hiver: and also ln an easterly aud northerly direction from aonie point on
the said line a branch line up thu East Kootenay Valley to the neighbourhood of Horse
Thief Mid No. 2 creeks and the miuesin that
viclnitf; with power to the said Company to
construct a line from the Bull River Group of
Mines, In East Kootenay, to the most convenient point on the main line of the
Crow's Nest Pass Railway; and alro
to autl orize and empower the Company, to
build, from time to time, branch lines to
groups of mines and*concentrator! from any of
the thiee above-mentioned Unci of railwavi,
Hitch branch lines not to exceed twenty (a>)
miles in l��ugth; with power to build telegraph
and telephone lines, and to equip and operate
the said railway and Its branches, and to erect
and maintain all neoaswry works for the generation and transmission of electricity or
powur within the area of the operations of the
Bairt Company; and power to build, maintain
and operate wharves, docks and steamboats,
saw-mills, and acquire water privileges to construct dams, flumes, etc., for Improving and
increasing the water privilege!, and to make
traffic or other arrangement with railways,
steainboo t or other companies, and for all other
urinal and necessary powers, rights or
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Victoria, B.C., 25th October, 1397. 4n it
^^Golden, B.C
-^Headquarter. For-***.
Miners,  Prospectors  and  Lumbermen.
Urates $1.00 2?er ZDaTy.
Board & Lodging $5 Per Week.    Fntsx Class Bar.
A, Allan & Co.
Dry Goods, Carpets,
Gents' Furnishings,
Hats and Caps.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
Groceries, Dry Goods & General Merchandise.
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
���       James A. Stoddart, Prop.
Choice Winei, Liquor, and Cig.ru.   Firat cites ���xcommod.tioi.
East Kootenay^
Mining Stock List.
Kami or Compaxt.
The Gold Hills C. 4 D. Co	
(  750,000
$  500,000
(    75,000
Kootenny, Cariboo M. 41. Co	
Golden 4 Fort Steele 1). Co	
Kast Kootenny and Elk Kiver Develop-
IF-a-xe   IFxesli.   IDru-grs   at   ID.   2v��m   CJiJXJIDZnjR    <ZZ   Co'e.,   0-old.en, (6P
W fill
The International, the organ ot Wardner, has kicked at last, and justly. The
organ ol Fort Steele, for some rent-on
which it is hard to devine, has booniod
its little mining community not only by
mendacious advertisements, but by decrying overy other town that was
springing up iii South Kust Kootenny.
II these towns, according to its idea, are
no good, then God help those who have
put tlieir money iu Fort Steele. Many
have gone in with light hearts and heavy
purses but will leave with heavy hearts
and light purses. Fort Steele will never
be anything more than what it is, and
that is where the envy and Jealousy
comes In, which causes tbe backbiting.
Its organ had the following little slur u
"They have taken to raffling town lots
at Wardner, Hie townsite company having offered a number of them to a
proposed local band, to raise the wind
for wind instruments- Fort Steele Prospector."
The International in commenting on
this nasty paragraph explained:
The townsite company has donated
two lots valued at (150 each for  the
purpose mentioned.   If it had needed
(1,000 tbe  amount would have  been
given Just the same.   It is well enough
to be fair in mutters of this kind nnd not
let th. pen be guided by prejudice or
jealousy.   The Wardner townsite company has spent thousands of dollars for
improvements and within a few months
trill tpand  many thousands more in
-carrying out plans now matured.    Slurs
snd jibes never built up a town, a newspaper or an  individual.   Wurdner is
fortunate  in having  such  an advantageous location, and her people, in her
prosperity, have no ill feeling against
any other town iu the district.   On the
contrary, the greater the development of
th. other towns, the greater will be the
growth of Wardner, the natural supply
point of South East Kootenay. Wardner
people are  too busy these days to be
churlish or harbor any feeling of animosity toward other towns.    Therefore,
it 1. well enough for ull to be fair.   It is
better to be cheerful than to throw mud.
In this rich valley there is prosperity
ahead for all.   Wardner is on the main
lin. of the Crow's Nest rond and the
main line of prosperity us well, and her
people are willing to puss some of their
joy around to other communities that
stand in need of revivifying influence.
Let the down-hearted and the sad come
to Wardner, take a look at the railroad
grade, gaze upon tho work at the bridge
abutments,   see every artisan busy at
work, watch the increase in buildings,
look over the many inquiries addresred
to Mr. Cralian from the United States
and Canada, and he will go back home a
wiser and a better man.   This is no time
{or slurs or backbiting.    It is time for
everybody to "grab a root" and take
advantage of the glorious opportunities
that are to hand.    There will be dollars
In South Kast Kootenay the next few
yean by the thousands aud hundreds of
thousands, and those with ability, energy
and good will shall be in at tho harvest
time.  Get In line, get in lino. Wardner
1. all right and wants to see every other
town  in  the district the sumo.���Tho
a new resident who enjoys a large circle
of acquaintances In the Kootenays and
Alberta. Copt. M. II. Whiter-Fruser,
formerly of tlie Mounted Police, has
resigned and purchased an interest in
the Hobins Bros, livery nnd feed business. Mr. AVhite-Fraser will have the
general management of the business and
will undertake at once to enlarge it to
meet the growing necessities of Kust
Kootenay. Stages will be put on between
AVardner, Fort Steele, Cranbrook and
other points west, to meet the demand,
and tlie stables will lie equipped in the
best manner. With years of experience with the Mounted Police, no one
understands better than Mr. AVhite-
Fraser what care a horse should have.
He has also rented the east store-room
in the Ilenniger building and will open
a brokerage office ns soon as tho room is
roady for occupancy.���The International,
bia bad 'nearly everything in its favor
'when it came on the market; it possessed a-few shipping mines developed with
local capital; fortune had favored it with
great natural advantages as regards
climate, water communication, size and
extent of oro bodies, timber, game, etc.;
it had found favor in the oyes of shrewd
American investors; aticl tlie purre
strings of Europe were inclined to loosen
A little money was invested, more or
lesB tentatively, and of tho results
practically nothing is known. Directors
indulge iii Utopian forensts, ns usual, but
the public waits in vain to ascertain
facts. AVhat is being done on these
properties���nre there no mine managers?
If there iB no return on an investment it
is at least some satisfaction to know how
the the money has boen spent. The
government officials have done little or
nothing to mako known the resources nf
tlieir province, and yet they hope to
compete in this great .market with
established goldlields which spare no
time or troublo to give the public the
most complete ond reliable information
concerning their progress. This selfish
and shortsighted policy would almost
la-ad one to believe that those in whose
hands the fortunes of the province
mainly rest have no belief in its future
and are too busy lining their own pockets
at the expense of un Ill-informed public.
���London B. C. lteview.
If, f. PUGirs
Ilcmoved to south end of
Kicking Horse bridge.
My Motto In:
J.   F.   PUGH,  TAILOR,
Situated on Ferry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay*
On the 8th of November at 2 p.m. the
-steamer J. I). Farrell waa launched
under the stars and stripes on the
Kootenay river, says the Spokeiman-
llevlew. The launching was witnessed
by all the people of Jennings and waa
under the supervision of Captain M. L.
McCormack. Little Anita, the 5-yoar-
olp daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James
Harris, broke the bottle of champagne
over the bow and christened her the J.
V. Farrell. Few will forget the ceremonies and little Anita did her part
most admirable, amid the cheers of all.
The J. D. Fnrrell will ply the water.
of the Kootenay betweon Jennings,
AVurdner and AVcst Port, nnd is owned
by the Kootenav Kiver Transportation
company, with J. I). Farrell president,
AV.. J. C. AVakofield secretary nnd H, M.
McCormack treasurer and manager. The
bout is supplied with a full cabin,
electric lights and is modern in every
way, and reflects great credit upon its
builder, Tosiah Batchelder, of Stillwater,
Minn.- The International.
There ha. been a change in one of the
business firms in Wardner that gives her
Its Great Advantage, to the Mining
Industry of North East Kootenay.
The   object    of this  association  ..-
stated in its constitution is tho general
promotion  of tho mining industry in
North Kast Kootonay.   The  objoct is a
most comprehensive one and covers a
wide field.   It is a  surprise  that an
association has not hitherto been formed
in this district.    Had there been one in
its earliest mining days to disseminate
knowledge and assure some protection
to the intending investor that the information he was obtaining as to mining
properties and their owners was trustworthy,  the   district   of   North   East
Kootenay would have been in a different
position  to-day.   To-day  thero  would
have   been   many operating   shipping
mines where there aro now uono.   Capital is now again being attracted to North
East Kootenay; this will result in the
development of many properties that are
now  undeveloped.      One  great   purpose  this  association  enn purstio as a
bureau of information is by giving the
investing public such information as will
be of value.   There is a great tendency
in forming companies to over-capitalize,
and many a district in British Columbia
is on that account getting a black eye.
Another great evil is the formation nf
companies trading on the reputation of
other companies who hold good properties and who float tlieir stock on account
of their property being in close proxim
ity to thoso first-class companies.   What
is the position of affairs down in the
east due to this fact alone?  To such an
extent has this lieen done  anil  stock
peddled  off all over   tho country  in
companies whoso properties have turned
out worthless that the eastern people
have commenced to lose confidence in
British   Columbia   mining   properties.
Wild-cutting and over-capitalization are
evils that exist, probably not to any
great extent in East Kootenay, but there
arc indications.  An association like this
can bo the means of doing an immense
amount of good by exposing any wildcat scheme or over-capitalized company
which may appenr in public.   It will
also serve a good purpose in receiving
and  disseminating useful  information
regarding our mining properties, which
are the best in the whole country, to the
outside invosting world and letting it
know what good returns can be given for
money invested in tlio mining industry
of North East Kootenay.
Tho most comfortable hotel in South
East Kootenay. Ciood Table. Good
Willi's. Good Attendance. Terms
Wm.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Minister of Ninon ond Provincial Bocrewry���
Hon. Col. Jump* Baker.
Provincial MlnemlogiHt���W. A. Carlyle.
Public Assayer - -II. Carmlchael.
Kor the Province���W, B. (lore Vletorla
Smith IiiHtrlot cumprhtnK Kort Bteelo aud Tobacco Plains .Mining  Divtalonn���J. F. Arm-
Htronc Cranbrook
North JHstrlet comprising Donald, Golden and
Windermere Mining Divisions���J. K. tirlflltlia
J. fitirrei Donald
L' c.'.Ung Golden
Goldle Windermero
. . M. Edwards... Fort Steele
Mi Phillips Tobacco Plains
Deputy Clerk of tbe Peace for North Kant Kootenav Jostati litirrett Donald
Deputy clerk of thu Peace for Houth Earn Kootenav���Charles Masscy Edwards... .Fort Steele
$75 to $150 Each according to
One-third down, balance in thrwi and ilx
month.-!, without Interest.
Tempest & Co,,
Agents, CALGARY.
Transfer Co'y.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
Pacific Ry.
For tho Good of th. Province.
The province of British Columbia is
desirous of attracting attention in tho
great markets of the world in order to
obtain capital and to increase its population. It has certain valuable commodities to offer in exchange���such us minerals of different kinds, valuable timber,
extensive fisheries and fruitful farming
lands. The owners of this natural wealth
have in their wisdom seen fit to offer
their goods in London���the greatest
market in the world.
It is, we believe, usually considered
prudent when endeavoring to obtain a
footing in a new market in which there
is keen competition to send the best
samples. Western enterprise, however,
has proved the fallacy of these old-world
business maxims we presume, for the
unples of British Columbian mineral
properties which have been offered in
this market have in a largo number of
cases been mere shoddy, and among
those few which have been sold how
many have been honestly worth tho
money paid for them? In this mart,
where the nations of the world are clamoring to sell their warns, sentiment has
been permitted to influence business,
and our Colonies liuve been favored
sometimes unduly. The confidence, of
the British investor was rudely shaken
in regard to Westralia, and this lesson
has not been forgotten.    British Colun.-
Whether the route to Klondike be via St. Michaels and
tlie Yukon, or via Dyea or
Skaguay and the Chilcut,
Chilcoot or White Passes or
via tlie Stickeen liiver route,
which is the most likely, or
via the Edmonton, Ashcroft
and the different routes, the
Canadian Pacific Railway
will be the the best if not the
only route to travel by.
Full information will soon
be in the hands of all agents
of the Canadian Pacific Railway company, the company
are now making enquiries to
ascertain beforo advising the
public which will be the best
route to go in by. From information in its possession a
too early start does not necessarily moan first arrival at
the Klondike. Ample time
will be allowed for ail necessary arrangements.
If you are going East or to
the Old country this Fall,
write for a list of the rates to
be in effect.
If you are looktng for a
J lace   to spend the winter,
apan & The Hawaiian
Islands are reached as easy
as other points and the expense is less than at other
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
Extract* From British Columbia
Statutes Explaining Fully the
Value and NcccKnlty of a " Free
Miners " Certilieate--Xo Per-
mm Should Attempt Mining
Without One.
Any person over 18 year, of .(re, may he
.'time a true   miner by paving |5 to anv gold
.���oniinis.loncr or mineral recorder and obtaining a certificate good for one year.
A free miner m.v obtain a new certilieate for
lie U.mI on paying (l.
A free miner', certilieate I. not transferable.
Any person or company working a mineral
claim, held as real estate without license, m.v
be lined $2fi.    Mine, become real .-Mate alter
crown grant ha. been issued.
Should co-owner tail to pay up hi. free miner',
certilieate his Interest goes to bi. co-owners pro
rata according to their former Interests.
A shareholder in a Joint stock company need
not be a tree miner.
A free miner may claim 1500x1500 feet.    But
all;anglea mutt be right angles and all measur
raent must be horizontally.
A free minor may cut timber on crown lands.
A free miner may kill game ior liis own use
at all seasons.
A free miner may obtain Ave acre mlllslteup.
on crown lands in the form of a square.
A claim muv be held from year to year br
work being (Inns to the value of one hundred
Lodes discovered ln tunnel may be held If recorded In 15 days.
A free miner may on payment of 1500, In lieu of
expenditure on claim, obtain a;-.Tov.-n grant.
Any miner niav, at the discretion ol the gold
commissioner, obtain necessary water rights.
No transfer of any mineral claim or interesi
shall be enforceable unless in writing, signed
and recorded.
No miner .ball suffer from any act of omission
or commission, or delays on tho part of (be
government officials.
No claim shall be open lo location during
last illnesss of holder, nor within 12 months
after his death, unless by parmiulou of gold
A mineral claim must be recorded within 15
days after location, if within 10 miles ot office
of raining recorder, cue additional day is al-
lowed for every additional 10 miles or fraction
Work ou each mining claim lo the value of
flOO must ba done each year from dalo of record of mineral claim. Affidavit made by the
holder, or hi. agent, setting out a detailed
atalcmeut of the work done must be tiled with
the gold roinralsslonsror mining recorder, and
a certificate of work obtained, and recorded before tlie expiration of aach year from the data
of record of said claim. A free miner holding
adjoining claims, may subject to lllllig notice
of hi. intention with tbe gold commissioner or
Upper Columbia-
ifavigation & Vramway
Co., Limited,  and
International Transportation Company.
Connecting with the C. P. R. at Golden, B. C.
Great Northern Railway at Jennings, Montana.
The   Only   Quick   and   Comfortable   Route.
Address all express care of U. C. Co'y, Golden.
-UJU   "������*��
  ............ ...... ,.��. sum tuu-uii-tsiuiK-r  or
mining recorder perform on any one or more of
such claims, all the work required to cntllla
bim to a rortlllrate of work lor each claim. The
..me provision a (.plies to two or more free minora holding adjoining claim, in partnership.
In lieu of above work the min,,r must pay si'-"
and got receipt and record thu samo.
General Merchants
Miners Supplies.a Specialty.
Agent for tlie California Giant Powder Compay.
ann got receipt ana record thoHamo.
We wish to inform the
public that wo are prepared
to do  Neat,  Artistic,
Up To Date Printing
in all its branchos.
Our Specialties:
Business Card.
Law Brief.
Lumber Books
Bank Work
Promisor** Notes
Receipt Form.
Share Certilieate.
Assay Form.
Pruggists Label.
IFozt Steele, B. C.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cioars.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Job too
No Job too
Halcyon Hot Springs
Tht Finest Health Retort on tho Continent.
Trivale Hnapilnl under j_j___l___l mperinten-
denee with ft Trnined Stuff of Nurses.
Complete SvHtem nf Itnths. of every kind
and description.
Medic*! Director���DR. R. O. BRETT, Ba**w.
Resident Phyalolan A Surgeon���DR. SI'ANKIE.
East <<��*��"b*cc��'|subscribe for �� THE MINER."
-A.ca.vertJ.se  In.    "TBB     E-&.ST     TSfXrrsoSiA.'T     iflMBB.' ���seas
fiucU-st  of   tnt*r��atlng    Loaal
Q��norat N��ws.
*nd j    The Key. Father Coceolo and Sister
i Concert), oi St. Eugent* misaion, Crun-1
| lirook,  returned   from   the   west last'
Saturday night. They were accompanied
by t\yo gisters froni Portland, Washington,   who  will   be nurses in the new
!'Behold thv .Clod," is the subject of j hospital   that  is being erected ut St.
"Mr.   llarconrt'a discourse un   Sunday \ E��Bene,  near  Cranbrook.    The party
evening nevt. I reiuaiued iu Golden over Sunday and
left on   Mondav   afternoon   fur   tlieir
.Mr. fharl.'t McCreudy. ('. P. II. tie destination, 0 autance of 180 miles. The
inspector at I Iolden, left this week gn a | lu)s()Ual *��� ma*nly (or ^ taeBl of ,,���
employees  who   are   workiug  on   the
construction oi the Crow'B Neat Pass
Mr. Ii. Eostoek, M.P.i passed through
i iolden today on his way to Toronto.
is the subject ol
mime  on   Sunday!
trip to.Winnipeg.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mellnttie returned
to Golden last week from an eiteutjed
w-ie.ldiug toi#r in ISiistern Canada.
We are pleased to be able to announce
lo our renders and to the numerous
friends ol Mr. Woodley tl*ut he is rapidly
regaining his usual pood health under
treatuKint at the medicinal springs at
A court of revision anil Appeal under
Assessment aet wilr 1)0 held in the court
)iousc ut Fort Steele on Thursday, the
2llth inst., lit lllu.ni. Mr. .1. F. Armstrong, judge of the court of revision and
appeal, will preside.
Somo ol our enthusiastic curlers this
aiternoon succeeded iu getting a game
started on the overflow near the Kicking
llorso, but they had to cut it short on
Recount of the wuter breaking in on the
i.-e und completely inundating tlie stones.
The road between Golden and Fort
stjiele is not good for locomotion,
Sleighs to Spilliuiachene and wheels
thereafter to Fort Steele. This
lime last year there was splendid sleighing to Fort Steele.
The machinery for the steamboat
which Captain Sunburn is going to place
on Moyie lako has arrived in Golden.
The boat will navigate between Swansea,
Moylo City and other points o:- the lake.
SV time will be lpst ill launching tlie
boat and commencing the service.
Mr. J. 1). Grahfim, formerly gold
commissioner at llevelstoke, has resigned
that position and has been appointed
manager ol the Waverley Mine, Ltd
Ope wonders what he has got to manage
in Iho meantime, except attend to development work, whicli, we presume, is
still in progress.
We have received a communication
from that most worthy citizen, our
esteemed townsman,Mr. Peter Sebastian,
for publication in our columns. It deals
with the business of education carried
ou by the Colliery Engineer Co. iu
Bcranton, who teach industrial science
by mail ill 411 courses oi study. We
regret we have not space.
Fort Steele is now following the
example of Golden in introducing a
telephone service. Tiiere is a wider
field in Fort Steele, as there nre so many
outlying districts, and Fort Steele will
be wise and endeavor to get these hooked
on to its service, as tliis will improve the
town considerably aud assist in making
it a centre.
The fSOtli of November was St. Andrew's
day and all over tbe world it was celebrated. Scotsmen are everywhere, and
St. Andrew is tlieir patron saint. East
Kpotcnuy had its celebration and Fort
Steele again took the lead. Dinner,
banquet and assembly formed part of
the celebration. The Scotsmen in Golden
kept it up to a lata early hour with song,
whiskey and dunce.
Messrs. James A. Harvey and II. W.
Ilerchuicr came down from Fort Steele
last Monday on their way to Victoria to
undergo tlieir examinations for admission to the llritisli Columbia bar. Tin
left ou Tuesday morning. Mr. W. R. j
Koss, irom Fort Steelo, is already in
Victoria for a bin.il ir purpuse. Thk
Mixes wishes them every success.
The Calgary curling club has arranged
(or a four days' honspiel extending from
24th to tbu 27th January inclusive, commencing on Monday and ending on
railway. The staff of nurses will be
further augmented hy two more sisters
who are to arrive from Montreal.
The Kootenay Guide for November has
the following advertisement: "The
Calgary Herald is the only paper that
gives all thu news of Alberta ami East
Kootenay. Published daily and weakly."
This statement is just a bit too tall; it
approaches the regions of mendacity.
There are four good papers published iu
East Kootenay, which are superior news
organs for East Kootenay than our friend
the Calgary Herald. The fact can be
conceded it is the only weakly daily in
Alberta, but we are afraid the rest of the
press in Alberta will not make any
further concessions. This is nothing
like tooting your own horn; we do it
ourselves, but not in such a blatnnt
maimer, and succeed.
Golden has now been supplied with a
long felt want, in the form of a skillful
mechanic, able to repair, arrange and
adjust all mechanism that has gone
into disrepair, whether in watches,
clocks, sewing machines, guns, ritica and
pistols nnd restore them to good order
and condition. Wong See, a most expert
machinist, has removed from Kamloops,
taken up his abode in Golden and opened
up a place of business ou the main street
between tbe Kootenay house and the
Queen's hotel. Orders from a distance
will be skillfully executed. There is now
no necessity for sanding orders to the
coast. They can be more economically
executed iu Golden. Just give the
Celestial a chance and he will show you
what he can do.
ristms Presents
_A beautiful display of_jTfc^-*r-\
Now Divisional Point on the C. P. R.
The authorities of the C. I'. It. huvc
all but finally fixed upon Field as the
new divisional point, instead of Donald,
whicli will be abandoned. It was hoped
at one time that Golden would have been
selected from its importance, being at
the head of navigation of the I'pper
Columbia river nnd the chief town in
East Kootenny, There were, however,
difficulties in the way. Tho company do
not own any land or water rights in or
near Golden, and all these would require
to be acquired for the works for tlie now
divisional point. The chief drawback
was the liability to tlie station, sheds
and shops being flooded by it sudden
uprising of the Kicking Horse river.
This is now being experienced. Tlie low-
line of rails and switch east of the wuter
tank uro now flooded. Tliis makes
shunting difficult and dangerous, as cars
are apt to become derailed. The present
workshops at Donald will bo removed tn
Revclstoke, where new workshops and
stables are now lieing built, in a substantial manner, of brick. The company
has plenty of land there, whicli it can
utilise for its increased buildings. The
change from Donald to llevelstoke is now
guing on and will be finally accomplished
in the course of next year.
At Fiold there nre already extensive
| sheds and stables for the big mountain
locomotives, and not much enlargement
will be required, The engines will be
changed ut Field and llevelstoke, distant
from each other ISO miles, and this run
covers both tho passes and summits in
the Rockies mid Selkirks. Field is near
the summit of the Kicking Horse pass in
Lacquered   cabinets,  Brackets,  Trays,
Cloves and Handkerchief boxes/Vases,
Jardinieres, Flower Pots, Tea Pots, Tea
Sets, Cups and Saucers, Mantle Drapes,
Table covers, J ute Rugs.
Steam Engines, Magic Lantci-ns, Noahs
Arks and Flying Birds, Rag Dolls, Kid
Dolls, Rubber Dolls, and   Dolls with
theumatic Joints,   Trains,   Trumpets,
Rattles, Chimes, Drums, Tops, &c, &c.
Seneral TIferchant
llritisli Columbia for transporting supplies to the various camps snd conveying
ore from tho mines at n low cost. The
wheel is 2 feet wide, of solid wood, with
an iron tire around each end and the
centre hollowed out so as not to touch
the ground but to be available for going
over muskegs without sinking in and
getting mired us nn ordinary narrow
wheel would. The frame and shafts are
all in one piece made of inch pipe curved
and into the ends of the shafts it curved
piece uf iron is fitted to stiffen the shafts
the Rockies nnd Glacier house in near
    It has sent an invitation to the summit of Rogers' pass in the Keiths Golden  meraberi of   the Golden kirks.  The run throughout will be done] nndcnnbloa horse to go through brush
curling club to send a delegation to tlie' by the big mountain locomotives. jells-1-'*   A slei*-*h nrrongeinent is provid-
lionspiel, consisting, if possible, ot thej    Golden station will be considerably ed which can bo fitted on m a lew mm-
whole members of the club and a good ! enlarged and a new waiting room added,
time is promised, and they will get it if i This is nn accommodation that is much
they go.                                                   required.   There is practically none in
Mr. Nicbol, who is connected with the; existence, except Ihe narrow spaco in
Crow's Nest Supply Co., was in Winni-j front of the ticket olllee, which is constantly crowded before  tho  arrival of
every pussengrr train. This convenience
cannot come uny too soon.   There will
also ho additional sidings put down to
cope with the increased freight traffic,
peg last week. The company has a
supply store, at Crow's Nest lake, near
the summit of the Rockies, and is doing
a large business in selling goods to contractors and workmen. Mr. Nicholl says
the rails are laid as far west us about a \ '-n<l probably a shed will ho erected
mile Irom l'incher Crook, and grading | ,"*e or twu engines will be stationed ut
is finished as far us Crow's Nest lake.
There is now another restaurant and
good bakery established, iu Golden that
will excel all others. Only give it
trial. The proof of a pudding is in the
eating of it. Tom Lee, the well known
cook on hoard the steamer Duchess, has
started on* of the best restaurants on
the main street of Golden and invites all
those who are gourmands with delicate
palates to visit him, .is he has every
delicacy in its season.
A public meeting wot held in the
Methodist church to-night, when Rev.
A. B. Green, G.C.T., of Vancouver, gavo
uu interesting addross On temperance..
At the close of the lecture a lodge ol the
Independent Order of Good Templars
was organized and the following officers
elected: J. R. Harcourt, C.T.; Miss
Vachoni V.T.; R. Alton, Sec; G. E.
Smith, Trcns.; Mrs. Miller, Guard; J.
Sully, P.C.T.; G. E. Smith,tlj-D. A
mooting of the order will bo hold next
Thursday evening in tlio Presbyterian
(���hurch. All wishing to unite arc wol-
Golden to net us M pushers" for heavy
trains climbing op the west grade in the
Kicking Horse puss.
An Invention that will Effect <*. Revolution In Packing.���Carta Being
Manufactured In Goldon.
W. Maloney, of Calgary, who has recently patented several useful inventions
in harvesting machinery, etc., has lately
Invented a cart on new principles which
is claimed to possess important advantages over any other means of freighting
to the Yukon und in the other mining
region* In British Columbia. It has
but one wheel, measures only 30 inches
across its widest part, is strongly built of
wood and iron and will carry SOOlbs over
any kind of country with ono iiony. A
vehicle possessing these advantages is
precisely what is required nt this time
in connection with the immense over-
land traffic to the Yukon und Peace river
districts and will also bo found to bo of
great  value  in tho mining regions of
from the mines which nre at present inaccessible ou account ot the absence of
good wagon roads.
During the past season it cost *-l'.0 per
ton tn pack supplies to the International
Ilusin and to Copper creek from Carbonate. With a little widening of the trail
in n few places, these supplies can lie
carried over the same ground in these
carts for ��15 per ton aud ore can be
brought out to the river nt the same or a
less figure. The advantages ol this cart
arc therefoie at once made apparent and
its general use will surely effect a revo
hit ion in the present expensive methods
of packing.
The beat stopping place for freighters in
Columbia Valley is at
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation A Moderate Terms
First class Feed Stables.
utes thus making the cart suitable for
either snow or baro ground.    The cart
will not weigh over 100 lbs. and with a
load ot TiOOlbs. can be drawn by a small
pony with ease.    Thus a tun of goods
can be carried on four of these carts by
four ponies while the same load would
require 13 pack horses to carry it.    The
initial cost is much less than an outfit
for a wagon and In addition to this the
enormous labor and loss of time expend- i ,,,vcryt-l|n    Complete.
ed  in  packing and unpacking can bo
avoided.    Instead ol building wagon | All Modern Convenience*,
roads in many of the mining districts it
would bo advisable if the government \ J
would widen and improve the present
trails anil make thorn suitable for the
passage of these vehicles over thorn.
cart trail could bo opened for oneipuir-
Newly Refitted A Refurnished.
The beat of tbe kind west of
Lamontagne, Prop.
a!Wong See,
tor the cost of n wagon trail and would
bcensy lo maintain. The carts with
suitable harness can lie constructed nnd
put on the market for 1/25 each and are
sure to find a ready snlo all over the
country. Mr. Maloney has placed nn
order with Messrs. Houston and Co. of
Golden for the immediate supply of 100
wheels and has already begun tbe construction at Calgary of a large number of
the carts. Tho Clatworthy party from
England while passing through Calgary
a few days ago placed un nrdor for 30 of
the carts with sleigh attachment and
several other orders of a like character
havo beon given. Some) Golden gentlemen huvc secured the right to manufacture and sell tho carts in British Columbia and there seems little doubt that
next year these carts will do the greatc
part of the freighting business to and
Optician and
Watches cli'ancil, .tuwelleey mounti-d, (llassos
llu-Mlcil uiul l.mis repaired. First elans work
III every department. A trialsollcllvil,so come
Wong Bee, Golden.
Tom Lee, ��
has the best restaurant in Golden. It is open at nil hours.
Every delicacy and fruit in its
Season. A good selection of
Chinese Lily ilower roots apply
at once Ior tiie Choicest ore thoy-
go to
% Tom Lee, Bakery, ��
Meals Day nnd Night.
Suitable for young ami old. Ladies and Gentlemen's articles of toilet, beautiful Albums,
handsome Bijou Cases, magnificent Silver
Plate, choicest Perfumery.
Dolls, Toys and Picture Books in every form
and variety. '.','������-,
Do you wish to Obtain Silverware Free
then try Warren's Coupon System. Every cash
purchaser obtains a coupon, value 10 per cent,
of the casli purchase, and these coupons will bo
exchanged for Silverware of the fuU value of
the coupons.
Come, See and Buy at
Charles A. Warren's
G-olden, B.G.
WffiHHBJJS.l ��� - ���UKJ"JS
The, Grold.en <5c UTort Steel��
Limited Liability.
Authorized Capital Stock'
750,000 SHARES at the
Treasury Stock���-aa.
This is,a purely local Mining Company, formed for the
purpose of acquiring and developing properties* in East
Kootenay, tho richest part in British Columbia.
The management of the Company is in the haaite of capable men who are right on the spot and are therefore able
to secure on behalf of tho Company the best properties
Pres.:Tnos. McNaught, Esq., Financial Agent, Foet Steele.
Vice-Pres,: M. Carlin, Mgr. Columbia River Lumber co.
Treasurer: Alex. McQueen, Esq., Manager Bell Telephone
Company; Calgary.
Secretary: Ceo. S. McCarter, Colden.
Directors: Alex. Lawson, Berrymead Priory, Actoiu,London.
Alex. Allan, of A. Allan & co., merchants, calgary.
S. Barber, Secy. Golden Lumber co., Golden.
II. G. Parson, general merchant, Golden.
There are no salaried officials in this Company. The promoters shares are pooled until the Company earns dividends.
The Company posesses interests in two of the moat
promising mining properties in East Kootenay: The
" Tiubasket Claims " on Kinbasket Lake, in the Donald
Mining Division, and the Mercier Group at the head of
Bugaboo Creek in tho Golden Mining Division. The
Company has these properties under development and on
the latter property have several tons of high grade ore
ready for shipment.
The company will also acquire and develop and sell properties and handle others on behalf of prospectors and investors.
Tho first block of 50,000 Troasury Sharos has been sold.
A second block of 50,000 will shortly be issued at 60 cents
per share.
For forms of prospectus, application for stock, and full
information apply to any of the directors or to
Brokers Calgary. Secretary, Golden.
Bankers: Bank of Montreal, Calgary.
BMgnBumawa ..fx���Bm/zm
The Doit Boer In Canada Is made by Ihe
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd.
Manufacturers of lieer, Alo and Soila V, ater
Insist un tpttlni Oalltarjr Beer every lime. They
all have it. The Company'. a**ont lot hast
Kootenay Is
H. G. PAKSON, Golden, B.C.
We can_
Sail Yea?
��   ��  ��
Our motto is :   Best Material
Perfect Fit   Latest Style
Reasonable Price.
��  ��  ��
/. a Vc
MerchantT^i r.,,
C,. 'UT*.


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