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East Kootenay Miner 1898-05-20

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��� I III r I
Devoted to tbe pining Interests and Development of tlie District of EIST KOOTEJttV.
Vol. 1, No. 43.
Golden, B. C,   Friday  May 20th 1393.
$2.00 Fer Yes
rr rrn,W. :rr������*l'ii*".rii*c In
t. S. McOaktkh.
Jas. a. Uarvby
Harvey & McCarter,
Pir��, Life, Real Estate, Houses Agents,
Auctioneers and Customs Broker.*;
Fire Agencies :
Queen, Lancashire, Union, Hartford,
luropaan Steamship Ticket Offlcb.
The Sun Life Insurance Compuny.
The Ontario Accident Insurance Co'y.
The Birbeok Investment and Loan Co.
H. L. Cummins, P.L.S.,
And Civil Engineer.
Fort Steele, B.C.
Thos. McNaught,
Mining Broker, Financial Agent,  Conveyancer
and Notary 1'ublic.
tost OfWee address :
Assay Ofilecs and
Chemical Laboratory,
(Established 1SW).)
For several yeare with Vtyian A Sons, Swan*
aea, and local ropreaontative for tiiom,
For a yuars manager for the ussavcrs to the
BloTIutoCo., Lunflou.
CantiOian representative of the Csesel Gold
���Extracting Uo, L'td, Glasgow (Cyanide process.)
N.B.���All work personally superintended- Only
competent men employed'.    No pupils  re
Jas. Henderson,
Flans Prt*pari..l.
frompt attunlion -Iv'.n to orders. f
X supply oi Building Lime for ai'.le.
The Golden
Fresh and Halt Meuis.
Fish and Game in sei.son.
Dealers In Cattle, Shiicp and Horses,
Hail orders receive prompt attention.
Livery and
Feed Stables
Good Saddlo-Horsos and Kigs of All Kinds Ior
Hire al Rea-jonabU* Kate,
Toamin*,' ol All Kinds a Specialty.
Golden, B. C.
By every ninn -.vlio bus a wutoh.
C.I'.K. Wntoll Inspector will bo
Tfixlnnfulay to Frlilny
each week. Satisfiiction Gnar-
aultiQil, Work can lie left nt
T   U t5i TT
JUL kl* LJkJlif
Wedding Rings
fi Speeialty.
Calgary, - Alberta.
Newly Refitted & Unfurnished.
The best of the kind west of
Everything Complete.
AH Modern Conveniences.
J.  Lamontagne, Prop.
I     & Embalming     |
x Telegraph ordersreoolvopromptattention x
| J. SMART,     |
��� CALGARY, Alta.  ->
Pl'ovldenee, K.I.       '
wants all kinds of i
aw furs, skins, gin-
song, seneca, etc.    I
ncqs for next
daya tue aa follow.":
Silver Fox	
.$15.00 to $1
.$ 5.00 to $
,$ 2.C0 to if
Beaver (per pound),
.$ 3.00 to If
.$ 1.00 to $
Hod Fox	
.If 1.00 Ui ?
.?   .75 to $
.$   .25 to *
Gray Fox	
.$   .60 to $
. *,   .20 to $
Price Ilet on all other furs and skins
furnished upon application. Full prices
guaranteed, careful selection,^courteous
treatment, and immediate remittance on
nil consignments.
iiivery, peed &
Sale Stables,
Fort Steele, S.E. Kootenay
Flick Trains for lriinen supplied.
Freighting of all kinds undertaken
Wong See,
Optician an<l
Watches cleaned, Jowclleoy mounted, Glasses
ini.ii.ie.l nnd Wilis repaired. First class work
in every department. A trialgolleltod,so como
Wong* See, Golden.
has the bust restaurant in Golden. It is open at all hours.
Every delicacy and fruit in its
Soaflon. A ff0.6d selection of
Chinese Lily flower roots apply
at once for the Choicest ere thoy
go to
�� Tom Loe, Bakery, ��
Moala Day ami Night.
Golden tn Organize a Fire Br I trad��-
Meeting of Interested Citizens
Held Last Monday.
A meeting of the principal property
owners of Goldon was held at the
Columbia House parlors on Monday
evening last to listen to a proposition
made to them by Mr. E. L, English,
representing tho Watorous Engine
Works Co. of Brantford, Out., relative
to the purchase of a steam fire engine
for Golden. Mr. J, E. Griffith occupied
the cnair and after llr. English Had laid
his proposition before the meeting and
explained the merits of his engines, it
was decided to purchase a No, 2 Water-
0U8 engine, also hook and ladder truck
and complete apparatus.
Tlie gentlemen present resolved to
form a joint stock company to purchase
Lhe engine and apparatus at $3,400, payable in ten equal annual instalments. A
oommittee composed of M. Carlin, W,
McNeish*. C, A. Warren, II. (��. Parson
and G. B. McDennot was appointed to
make all arrangements for the registration of the company, and a provisional
agreement waa then entered into by the
committee with the Wuterous Co. for
the purchase.
The engine is guaranteed to pump
from 300 to 850 gallons of water per
minute and to throw a stream lfjO feet
horizontally from the end of 1,000 feet of
2>2 incli leading hose, and is also guaranteed to throw water IHO feet from the
end of 100 feet of hose within from 0 to
10 minutes after the tire is lighted in the
The procuring of this five fighting
apparatus and the establishment of a
good, active fire brigade in (iolden will
result in considerably lessened insurance rates and in addition will afford tlie
large property holders here with a
measure fire protection, which they have
so long wished for. The meeting was
quite favorable to the proposal throughout and some of the members wished to
have the whole transaction concluded on
the spot, but it was finally determined
to withhold the shipment until the company has been fully organized and the
stock subscribed.
Mr. Griffith assured the meeting that
the $200 annual grant from the provincial government would be expended in
building suitable fire ball and in the
maintenance of the brigade, therefore
thc total sum to bo raised annually will
not exceed ��-150.
Wo congratulate the business men of
Golden upon the enterprise they have
displayed in the manner In which they
have taken hold of this alL-important
ww **w***3'*-3*x'*--��/g\i*w-*^^^ **i ���"���bob ran
Death cf a Goldon Boy In S. Africa.
Wo regret to chronicle this week the
death hi South Africa of Mr. Abe Brown-
rigg, formerly of {iolden. Tlie deceased
came to Golden about four years ago
with his mother and after providing a
home for her departed for .Smith Africa
to join his brothers who had gone there
some time before. Mo was expected
home this summer but fell a victim to
the awful fever which is so prevalent in
that country and passed away on .March
27th and his end was peace. Previous
to hia death ho was engaged in business
t?omo little distance from where bis
brothers resided, who, on learning of bin
sickness went to lend a helping hand.
He was removed to a hospital where a!i
that medical aid could do fur him was
done but without avail. The boys whose
privilege it was to know the deceased
speak highly of his genial disposition
and join in mourning the loss of him
who always had bis place among them,
lie leaves a mother and sister in Golden,
two sisters in West Kootenay and two
brothers in South Africa to mourn his
loss. Deceased was 21 years of age. Tbe
entire community sympathize with those
that mourn.
To the Man of Business.
Little bits of printer's ink,
A little type " displayed,"
Make our merchat princes
And all their big parade,
Little bits of stinginess-
Discarding printer's ink-
Busts the man of business
And sees his credit sink.
Little bits of "ads,"
At our moderate rate,
Keeps the man of business
Always Up-to-Tat:.
A special to the New York World says:
Aduiirul Cerveras' fleet is dodging about
the Carrlbean sea and the Gulf of Mexico. It u expected by naval men here
that ho will avoid fighting in ease he
finds himself overmatched. Hia chief
aim Is to draw tho American squadron
away from the Cuban cooaj;, then make
a clash and get into Havana.
Preparations for A relief expedition to
be sent to the V hi Hi pines are being hurried on in both military and naval departments at Madrid. It will carry large
supplies of stores and coal.
A despatch from Cadiz announces that
tho reserve fleet composed of one lirst
class battleship, two armoured cruisers
and two torpedo boat destroyers will be
ready for sea this week.
According to a special despatch from
Havana there has been an engagement
off Tort Carbarien, in the province ef
Santa Clara, and it is alleged the United
States landing party bad been repulsed.
Brigadier Gen. Greely, chief of the
signal service and in charge of all strategic control of cable and telegraph lines,
has adopted energetic measures to prevent the admiral of the Spanish, squad
jrpn, now in Caribbean waters, from
keeping posted on the whereabouts of
the U. S.' squadron and of the prospective naval and military operations. He
has telegraphed to tho New York manager of the Ilnytian cable company, for-
jlidding tho Bonding or receiving of any
���messages excepting official messages to
or from tbo United States government
disclosing the movements of the American fleet.
The Canadian government is interesting itself in the case of Freeman Hal-
stead, arrested as a spy in San Juan de
Porto Rico. Halstead is a Canadian,
from Haltou county. Sir Louis Davies
has wired tho British consul thore in
regard to Halstead and received a reply
that he is sentenced to nine years' imprisonment. The imperial authorities
will probably be communicated with.
Mr. G. E. Smith, our popular Methodist missionary, who has been attending
the district meeting held at Vernon,
returned to Golden last Friday. A
successful meeting was held and a very
prosperous year was reported. New
missfons were formed and old ones,
wliere the work was too heavy tor the
missionaries, have been subdivided.
Topics of interest were discussed and
recommendation made to tlie conference
which, if earned into effect, will result
in general good to this district. Wo
learn also that this section of British
Columbia, known as the Okanagan
valley, is a very beautiful country. It is
adapted to ranching, grain-raising aud
fruit-gtowing. Tho valley at this season
presents a very picturesque appearance
to thc traveller, as fruit trees aro in full
bloom and the grass is luxuriant. The;
ranchers in this section havo heretofore
been very much discouraged on account
of not having a ready market for their
produce, but a joint stock company has
been formed to take over the products,
which aro sold a reasonable figure, 80
that the farmer and rancher aro both In
a position of Independence. A pork
packing establishment is also run quite
There is great excitement in the valley
at present over the formation of a new
town known as Poach land, This is on
the wist side of Okanagan lake, about
fifty miles below Vernon. A lady has
lieen brought here from some unknown
section who professes to havo supernatural power given to her and has by
BomQ means or other gained the confidence of ^certain individuals who have
gone in search of their brethren and
brought them to this place. A number
of families from Brandon, Wan., havo
settled at this point for the purpose of
mining ou certain claims which this
woman has located when in a trance.
Others are going to grow peaches on the
prollfii soil which lies along the sides of
the rock-bedded mountains, which are
so common in British Columbia. We
join in wishing these unhappy victims
every success, but the people of Okanagan aro rather skeptical as to the results.
Tho following letter has been received
at this office and explains itself fully:
To the Editor of THuMnran:
Dear Kir,���You are doubtless aware
that the government of Uritish Columbia
has placed a sum of ���? 1,000 in thc current
estimates for the establishment of a
system of travelling libraries, similar to
what has oeen successfully and beneficially worked out iu a number of the
larger states of tlie union, in whicli
library work has reached a high state of
development. Tbe system appears
especially adapted to the needs of this
province, where so many communities
are more or less isolated and where the
opportunities for obtaining access to
interesting and useful literature is limited and would, I believe, be greatly
appreciated. It may bu briefly doscribed
as follows:
A certain number in a community, 25
adults,   sign   a  petition   asking   for  a
library   to   be   sent   to  a  designated
address.   They agree to pay tbe transportation charges, if any, to provide a
suitable place for its reception, to select
a librarian to tako charge of the books
aud aet as librarian (free of charge to
tho government), to become responsible
for the due care of the books, and to
i forward   tho   library   to   a  designated
| address at tbs e-ud of three month.-:, at
j whicli time the library will be replaced
! by another lot of Looks, and so on.
Tho books will be sent in a locked case
in which they are to remain and will be
accompanied by a key, a sot of rules,
and a catalogue for landing purposes.
They will include works of special
interest and instrumental to farmers and
miners, together with a limited number
of well-selected volumes of a general
character���-some of them for boy*- and
Aa a number of cases are required and
the appropriation is limited, every petition must be accompanied by the cost of
the case, If5, but no community will ever
be required to pay for more than one.
In case a library for auy reason cannot
be forwarded the money will be refunded, and in tbe event of there being a
greater number of applications than can
be filled the locality which ia the most
suitable will be selected. It is anticipated that all requests cannot be acceded j
to at lirst, but the arrangements possible
will be made. It is suggested that In
places where farmers' Institutes are
established the secretary of tha institute
should be selected aa librarian, aud in
mining the mining recorder.
As the province is large, and there are
a number of communities to be served,
it is proposed, as is the custom where
travelling libraries have beeu established, to accept contributions for that
purpose In tho way of books, magazines.
otc, lu all cases acknowledgments will
be made and due credit given.
In order to encourage others in this
work, which is intended for the general
benefit, 1 have decided to donate to the
fund 100 copies of the Year Book of
British Columbia, published by myself,
sending oue or more copies with each
library as a book of reference on provin- j
clal matters. !
The commissioners of tbe library anti-
cipate that ns several havo already!
volunteered to assist in the way indicated there will be a generous reponse
and that the efforts now being put forth
may meet with success. It is a movement in which all can help.
Yours faithfully,
li.   K.   tiOSXKi.L,
Provincial Librarian.
A Fatal Landslide.
A sorious accldont causing loss of life
occurred early Sunday morning through
a landslide at Bermhigbam & Godfrey's
cutting, oue and a half miles west of
Bullhead, in the Crow's Nest Pass. Ono
man was taken out dead and fearfully
crushed, and three more are missing,
with very little hope of their being alive.
This is the second fatal accident this
this weak. Withiu tbo last few days
diphtheria has also broken out at this
place. Seven eases are now in the hospital but all are progressing favorably.
Sickness is very prevalent at Bullhead
and there is great difficulty in obtaining
medicine, although the men have to pay
half a dollar per month for medical
A rich lead of 10 year old whiskey was
discovered by a well-known livery stable
proprietor in town, while-plowing up a
garden on the river bank near the bridge
A five gallon keg was lirst unearthed,
but the plough share broke it and the
contents were spilled. Subsequently
two more barrels were turned up. No
doubt the finders had run on In an old
construction period whiskey cache.���
Rovelstoke Herald,
Tlie  Venerable  Statesman   Passed
Away  Yesterday Morning.
I The Right Honorable William Ewart
i Gladstone died at Hawardon, the family
1 home, at 5 o'clock yesterday morning.
! Fur some time prior to his death the
right honorable gentleman had been in
a state of partial unconsciousness, although from time to time be appeared
| to recognize for a moment nr two tlie
faces of some of the watchers around
him. Mrs. Gladstone never left Lis side,
except when the physician prevailed on
iier to t;*ke a short rest. Occasionally
the statesman mutterednfewincoherei t
words, but the attendants were unable
to catch their import. It was a great
consolation that in tlie^dertthJstruggUj
there was no actual suffering.
However, at 4 o'clock yesterday morning the impression gained groin.il with
the watchers at the castle gates that this
being the hour when life with the
strongest is at it.-> lowest ebb, that thu
end was near, and that the greatest
statesman of our century waa ou tbu
brink of the grave.
All tbe family were assembled in a
room near the tick chamber. The trail,
worn wife affectionately clasping the
beloved band, remembering even nt this
dread hour that it was the morning of
Ascension day���a notable faaat of the
Church of England which ho loved so
well���and that if still conscious its
recurrence could not fail to be recalled
to bis mind, and then gathering around
the wife so soon to be bereaved and
silently attempting to soothe and support her in her supreme hour of desolation were Helen Gladstone, Herbert and
Henry Gladstone, Mrs. Drew, Mrs. Wick-
ham, Mrs. Henry Gladstone, Doctors
HabersUcl and Bliss and two faithful
nursea. All were terribly affected, and
after watching until early dawn every
moment of which bid fair to bo the last,
the venerable statesman passed away at
5 o'clock, thua closing the cc.i-.er -.if oi.ti
of the most notable lives in the history
of his country or of the world.
Mr. G fad stone was born in Liverpool
in 1800 and celebrated his 88th birthday
last December. Uo has broke the ago
and many other records. IIo has outlived Lord Pahnerslou by seven years
and Thiers by eight years. His parliamentary career extended over seventy
years. Forever forty years ho had a
leading part in making and unmaking
cabinets. Mr. Gladstone was au orator
and financier par excellence.
Naming a Ba
When steam was gradually being introduced into thc navy, tha earliest
steamships were modestly named after
the rivers or places near which they had
beeu built. Tha Dee, tho Birkenhead,
aad others were among tho lirst; but
soon it was decided te name them aftrv
the lower regions: Pluto and Nemesis,
Acheron and Styx, Cyclops and Gorgon,
Hydra and Phlegeth6u,and other uamos,
seemed to have exhausted the list. Two
more steamships were ordered to bo
built, and Lord Mlnto, then Firt Lord,
was appealed to. The Surveyor of the
Navy attended him, Lempriere's Classical Dictionary In hand, so select names
lor the two new steamers. The First
Lord threw down the Lempriere iu despair, and said, " You may call them the
devil If you like." The Surveyor took
him at his word, and one ship was
named the Beelzobubaud the other the
Infernal. If any one is BCCp',Jcal, let him
turn tu thc official Navy Lists of January
1840 to September 1841, where the.
names are printed, The time was approaching for launching, when a change
of Government occurred. The new First
Lord was Lord Haddington, fie refused
to continue these names and desired
them to be removed from the Navy List.
He said he could not sanction thu christ-
eniug of Her Mojesty's ships with such
name-fathers. The ships contined
building without names; but eventually
the Beelzebub was named tbo Firebrand
but retained as her figurehoad tho best
dockyard likeness of her original namesake.
��������������� .. ,, ���jo i g->i -Ba .���-
A cyclone in Wisconsin yesterday was
the cause of much damage and the lots
of seventeen lives.
Tho relations of Canada with tbe U.S.
was discussed in the Federal parliament
on Wednesday, the question being introduced by Mr. Charlton. Nothing resulted. ���rrr-vn*
i.ifflliifl o
A ��'**-'
, ilmliu
,ikm_* i.
mat, inilillrh
IN,1 HATES: Display ails, il roper
'-   .1 n-lien lull) c.
i *,*>
n.iii. ti
,0*1*1 .ib, 10 cunts per
uU,).linc for Hrst insertion, ��. ceuiaiiar
eautl aililltioiiHl hiscrtion J reading
��� ���*, coma per lliu. L*,:i*ii Inacrtlon.
f.ofatU. iiiii...t ueinofllcenotlatortliau
Rlrth, marriage and d.-mli notice. Inserted
.mu DEPARTMENT: n:ir J..I, Department
1*. tt..* i...*i eiiuipiiBd printing ..iti.---- in Knat
Koo'enay and Is prepared to do neat, artlati-!
urlittinii niu reasouahle.prIi'e. One price tot.ll.
.Mull orders rm-i*����� prompt attention.
(.'OUKEHPONDENTS:  We Invito corr'espon-
��1.-ti i. any subject of Intcrejl in ilu- general
public end desire a recnlitc correspondent ut
overt* point 111 Uie District. In all eases the
bona tide mime of writer must accompany the
]ii*u,ii- *ii|.i, mu nceesstirily l..r punlU-utlOn
but ���-*. u guarantee ofgoo-l fiiltb.
Correspondence wi.:. cefcrenre to any matter
ll,ui buaiipneiiredin aiiutlior piper musl lirst
be offerud-to that paper for p . .li.niti.i
: ,   j,  ..'���',,..   \I.VI'.  "
nr in .-'I'll,: Ml.NCK.
Address nil communication.
Golilou, ii. 0
���UiliAV, MAV'JO, 1SD8.
iOdo explanation of tlio criminal un-
readiness wlii.ili Ims rendered Spanish
vii'in- Impotont uiul contributed to
Aim'ii.'iin success ia to bo found in tho
corruption which pormenlos tlu. whole
Spanish nation nml cats nt Hid core of
iiB public lify, says llio "Hanker, Mor-
chiint ,4 Manufacturer." Olflclal ills*
honor in Spain in appalling. Antl the
tendency to regard thu unspeakable
M'eylcr ns n popular hero nnil ono lit to
l.t' trusted with the government shows
that thore is little feeling In Spain that
Bleating und cheating arc wrong.
One uf llio greatest grievances of a
Spanish colony is the corruption
practiced in il by Spanish ofllciaU. It
was enormous in Cuba,monstrous in the
Philippines. It is general in Spain. It
resembles official corruption in China,
���where contractors furnish the govern
mant villi shells that are loaded with
deadly pipe clay uud lluit have fuses
tilled with conl dust.
It would ho the greatest kindness to
-expose to Spain her real condition, anil
this the war may do. The Inevitable
consequences of such dishonor and
dishonesty is a pitiful weakness that
lavs a nation at the mercy of an antagonist, though tlie antagonist may not bo in
a vory .groat stale of readiness himself.
Hisiiop Cyrus 1). Foes, of Philadelphia',
who has just returned from a trip
through India and .Malaysia, says the"
Philadelphia Inquirer, paid England a
great tribute when he said
" The efforts of the Uritish Government
tn relieve the famine and to slump out
the plagnq in India or, where that has
proved impossible, to curtail its limits,
deserve tho highest admiration. The
Uritish rule in India is one of the stand
in*; marvels of history. How a nation
having its scut of empire on a liitl
island on the west coast ni Europe could
ever have captured so vast an empire as
that of Hindustan, how it could have
subjugated one by one so miiiiy native
rulers, how it can hold, with less than
!i0,00t) soldiers, 287,000,000 of peopl
disarmed, and with  a resident Uritish
droning a heavy chain or wire cable
I ul;e .: tin. bottom of the niined harbor.
I In "creeping" the men fish lip the
! main wire from shore, attach a battery,
ami explode the entire field.
j About three months ago au Italian invented a machine which has been i'uvor-
I ably reported on to the Uritish Admiralty
t which, as fur as the United Slates
ollicials know, has not been adopted by
any navy. It is their belief that one of
these machines is being used to the destruction of the mines intended to ttliurd
Now York harbor.. It consists of a heavy
steel hook attached to a powerful wire
cable. The hook has a chisel edge on its
inner side. It is dragged from a small
tug, und is usually powerful enough to
cut through any ordinary wire cable,
but when necessary a propeller knife is
slid down to the hook. Caught between
two powerful jaws even a two-inch cable
is cut ct once.
Tho Philadelphia Medical News publishes some Interesting figures showing
the death rate in the Spanish army in
Cuba during 1897. Thc total number of
deaths was 32,0:14, of which 0,034 were
from yellow fever and about. 12,000 from
enteritis and dysentery. Thc number of
troops quartered in the island varied
from about 110,000 to about 00,000, so
that in the average force for the year one
man of every three died. Tliis high rate
is i\o doubt due to a large extent to
medical incapacity, Inefilcioncy and carelessness in tho Spanish hospitals and
camps, and if an American army occupies the island it is probable that proper
methods of sanitation and medical inspection will ensure the health of the
Tlie English language and the Anieri
ciin language part company nowhere so
much us when reference is mude to anything partaining to railways. The following table shows some of the points of
difference t*���
Railway ..
.. Conductor
Permanent \\
Metals     ..
Engine   ..
,.        Locomotive
Goods Train
Freight Train
Booking ..
l.iiyiiig your Ticket
.. Smash Up
"Take your seats,]
lease." "All aboard.'
What a Little Will Do.
A little care will save you much
A little neglect of some simple duty
may lead to a disaster which would
impair your life.
A Utile kindness to a fellow-creature
may cause you a little effort and may
result in untold good.
A little attention lo the right thing at
tho right time may result, in great things
to you at the proper time.
A little chill tuny seem trilling, but it
may be the first symptom of pneumonia
possibly of death.
A little prompt attention when you
lirst feel chilly is by all means the thing
you should do, and do at once.
A little pure medicinal stimulant taken
promptly will drive away tho chill, restore the circulation and warm the blood
John Bull's Present Condition.
Says tlie New York Tribune: " At the
*****i**na,... i. ���'a,... ii. 111..��' 'i ,.__a__*_________i*ii**____
If the vr.ir lives much longer there
should he room in the states for more
yellow journals. A livo man with plenty
of gail and no regard for the truth,
would do well iu Now York. If we were
not burdened with such a high appreciation of the value of truthfulness we
might step under the shade of the stars
and stripes, start a saffron journal, call
it The Moody Shirt and dish up a daily
hash of frightful items something after
this style:
War Special to The Bloody Shirt.]
Galley West, May 41, 1893.���A cargo
of compressed air machines has just
arrived and are being served out to the
war correspondents.
A report reaches here to-night that
40,000 Dons havo been leaded by working too close to tlie American troops.
A terrific battle has just been fought
neur Tobacco City, in Cuba. Two thousand Spaniards and ouo American went
up tlie llnino. The boys in blue captured
several sucks of Spanish onions and
tiiere is scarcely a dry eye in the camp
this evening.
Quite a number of soldiers from Boston have recently become deceased from
an absence of baked beans in tlieir daily
In thc third battle of Vanilla the
Americans nearly lost the day. If General Young had not come up in tlie nick
of time with bis bellows from Slocan
City the day would have been lost. The
Dons retreated on masBO when the bellows hove in sight.
The contingent from Kaslo has stood
the campaign in the fever tainted ozone
of Cuba better than any other body of
men. No wonder, they belong to a
town where two daily papers anil a
Comiquo make tho terrors ef war seem
like a summer picnic.
At tlie battle of P.cd Pepper many
Kootenay soldiers fought nobly, ln the
thickest of the fight they raised the duty
on lead, and shot the Castilian gentlemen out of the market, Victory often
hinges on a stiff raise.
A late arrival from Havana states that
the Dons have offered Monti & Mackenzie all of Cuba if they will build them a
narrow gauge road to Madrid within 90
The battle of Tarantula Moutain was a
hot one. It commenced just after sunrise. Major John M. Burke led the first
charge but had to retreat when the enemy commenced singing that old Kaslo
song, " We are waiting for thee, John."
Col. Sam Wharton's regiment did
excellent work for Old Glory, but the
Colonel did not have time to see thc
fight out. He was much annoyed by
having lo leave for .low Denver upon
important mining business just as the
battle grew the most interesting. At
the critical point in tbe fight General
David W. King turned np and won tho
day by his persuasive eloquence and
little gold headed cane.
The steamer W. Hunter has left Havana in cliaso of thu Sponish torpedo
The Spanish cruiser Oaramba was
sunk to-day. An American boat fired a
Slocan beefsteak at it with the above
Curly Itobinson will make an attempt
to get into tho enemy's camp. Ho is
armed wit!) an ace iu the hole and 200
black jacks. He is sanguine that he can
clean up the Spanish without having to
shoot craps.
A movement is on foot to suspend
hostilities until the provincial election
in B.C. is over.
A spy from the bull lighters' camp
has gone to Victoria, B.C. Ho wants
to watch the B.C. legislature in order to
learn how to light without bloodshed.
A correspondent of the Sew Denver
Ledge has just arrived in a Peterboro
canoe from the l'hillipine islands
and states that he had no difficulty in
paddling away from tho Spanish fleet
Sam Brown, Jim Moran, Billy Glynn,
Goldon to Fort Stoulo.
Golden to Carbonate    17 miles
Hog Handle    22 "
"      Spillimachene    42 "
"      Shorty's    50 "
"      McKay's    (10 "
"      Windermere    84 "
"      Brewer's    97 "
"      Canal Flat  120 "
"      Wasa (Hanson's).. 158 "
"      Fort Steele  188 "
" Cowanies Act, 1897,"
HAS located permanently opposite the Columbia House,
Golden, where he will attend to all requirements in
his line, whether it be Tailor-Mapk or Heady-Made
Clothixo. A call for inspection will be appreciated,
as it is ''no trouble to show goods," and lie has a good
selection of all kinds of Tweeds and Broadcloth/
population of  lot*  titan   100,000 men, proaont momunt tho British empire in ��� Al j^,^ r]mrl(.y (ireenieo and Jim
women mul children, cm givo so fast a  fifty-three timus the sine of France, fifty-
country with fi> Immenso ;i population | two times that of Germany, three and a
by far the tjest governtuont those hundreds of millions havo ever had ia a subject of great amazement; and yet, (Ma U
no romftntitf sketch, but a bare statement
in briefest outline of the magnificent
Achievement of a great colonfolni
governing nation.
"Just now wc feel more than ever the
need nf the sincere friendship of tlmt
grent nation of o;ir own flesh uiul blood;
nnd I am most happy to h:iv tlmt, having
met Englishmen oi various professions
and occupations and ranks in society,
oarls, lords, clergymen and merchants,
missionaries and their critics, burrisler-j
aud editors, end having heard them talk
with the freedom whicli the dee!; of a
ship on a long voyage is sure to provoke,
I have not heard during all thia tour
from any Englishman! a word concern-
half times that of the United States of
America, thrice tlie size of Kurope, with
treble the population of all the Uussms.
It extends over 11,000,000 square miles,
occupte.1* one-fifth of the globe containing
and one-fifth of the human race, or 850,000,-
000 people, embraces four continents,
10,000 islands*, BOO promontories, and
���J.000 rivers.
Strike At the Le Roi Mine.
About 32 miners at thc Lo Roi quit
work Monday and Sunday because of un
order culling for 10 hours work in the
shaft, instead of eight, as heretofore,
without a corresponding increase in the
pay. Tho men, who had been getting
$3.50  per day of eight hours and had
been  furnished witli rubber coats and
ing America which has not been a word hoots  by  tho mine, claimed that they
of genuine.and very often of enthusiastic wore giving full value for their wages
friendship and good will.     ' Blood is
thicker than wuti>r,' ami I am sure you
ure all ready to join with me in saying
' God save (lie Queen ' and God bless old
Until a few months before tlie outbreak of the war, only three methods of
clearing a mine Held wero known-
countermining, "Hwoeping" and "creeping." Countermining consisted of the
destruction of a mine field by laying a
fresh layer of mines across it, and exploding them.   "Sweeping" coj::?is!S of EAST iCyiN'TENAV,
id resented thc increase in the hours to
ten. Besides, tlie shaft is now down 7*30
feet, and they wore obliged to climb the
ladders for that distance twice daily,
which also was a factor in their dissatisfaction. Xo agreement has yet been
reached between tlie mine and the men.
���Rossland Miner.
Gilhooley are expected in Havana shortly
They will run a loug tunnel to tap a
large chute of lead and powder that
crops out on the surface in various parts
of tlie city.���New Denver J^dge.
Canada: |
pkovi.v'ce ok uluti&h columbia. 1
No. 11/07.
THIS IH TO CEKTIFV thut the ��(-.olden Bri
L ish Columbia, Limited," is authorised and
licensed to carry on business within tho Frov-
Inecof British Columbia, nnd to carry out or
effect nil or any of the objects hem!natter set
forth to which the legislative authority ot tlm
Leciitlaturti of British Columbia extends.
The head office of th-u Company is Hltuate at
Xo. ����� Queen street Place, city of Loudon, England.
Thc amount of the capital of thc Company in
��i.,U00; divided into six thousand shares ol ��1
Tho head office of the Company In this I'm-
vini'L' Is situate ut Golden, anil Wfilfum Gilbert
MiU'ln'll-Iunefl, whose address is Uoldcu, bril-
ieii Columbia, Is the Attorney ior the Company
The objects for which the Company has been
established and so licensed ares���
[a.] To purchase, take ou louse, or otherwise
acquire, mines, mining rights, and metalliferous lund aud any Interest therein, and to explore, work, exercise, uevelop and turn to
account tlie same:
[bj To erush, win, get, quarry, smelt, calcine,
rcii nt-, dress, amalgu unite, manipulate,pure hast'
and prepare for market, ore, metal, uud mineral substances of all kinds, und to carry on,
eithor upon or in connection with the premises
m* elsewhere, the business of miners, millers,
smelters, and workers of any processes In the
production, reduction and making merchantable, of minerals.metftls and metallic product!,
supplies of water, merchant*!, and manufacturers, and workers of anv minerals, metals, articles and things used in or in connection with
mining, milling, smelting, aud other processes
aforesaid, or uny of them:
[e] To scui'cii for mines and minerals either
on lund known to contain sueh mines and minerals or otherwise, and to buy and sell, lease
or take up the rights of search or other miners'
rights or claims under auy raining statutes or
regulations of any place where thc Compauy
carries on operations, and any other rights respecting the same:
[d] To acquire options, or enter into contracts
for the purchase of any grants, concessions,
leases or setts, easements or interests in lauds,
waters, millsites, towusltes, mines, minerals,
nnd other hereditaments, and any plant, ma*
ciiinerv, implements, conveniences, provisions
aud things, and any other property, real or
personal, movable or immovable, for purposes
incidental thereto or to any other objects oi the
Company, or capable of being used in connection with metallurgical operations or required
by workmen or others employed by the Company, and to work, transfer, let or sublet the
[el To acquire any inventions, letters patent
or licenses, capable of being used for the pur-
poser, of the Company, or any of them, and to
work, transfer, let, or sublet the same:
f. To acquire and undertake the whole or any
part of the business, property and liabilities, of
uny person or company carrying on nny business which this Company Is authorised to curry
un; uiul to acquire aud hold any shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities, negotiable or otherwise, of or other interests ln
any English, colonial or other companies, associations or undertakings capable ol being managed or conducted so us directly or Indirectly
to biiie.1t the business of the Company. Also
io advance money ou any such shares, stocks,
bonds, obligations, debentures, securities of or
other interest lu such companies, associations
or undertaking!*'., uud to accept such shares or
stocks, bonds, obligations, debentures or sccur-
tles as partial or full security for payments due
to the Company:
g. To acquire, construct or hire, or Join with
others in acquiring, constructing or hiring any
mills, cauals, waterworks, machinery, ruaria,
bridges, tramways, railways, engines, plant,
sto.-k.s buildings, worts, matters or things
which mav be necessary or convenient for tlie
purposes of the Company, or any of them, and
totne working of the same or any part thereof:
h. To improve, manage, develop, let underlet
orscll, or otherwise dispose of, charge or deal
with, lu any manner whatsoever, the undertaking or aiiv part or parts of the property ot
tin Company, or any rights, way-leaves or
i'MM'men is in or over the same, and to accept as
puvir.eiit therefor cither cash or shares, or
partly cash and partly shares, In auy other
eomiinny purchasing the same:
i. To establish anu maintain agencies of the
Company in uny colony, dominion, foreign
country or state, aud to procure the Company
to he registered or incorporated in any such
colony, dominion, foreign country or state:
. To amalguinute wim auy other company
having objects altogether or in part similar to
the objects of this Company, aud to enter into
partnership, joint adventure, reciprocal con-
cession or otherwise, with any company or
person or firm engaged or about to engage in
uny business or transaction which this com-
pauv is authorized to engage in, or capable of
being conducted so as directly or indirectly to
benellt thisCoinpany.
k. To holil, in thu namesof others, any pro-
pertv whU*li the Company ia authorised to
aci.ulre, and to curry on or do any of the
businesses and acts and things aforesaid, either
as principal or agent, and either by the agency
oi or as agents or trustees for others:
1. To make, purchase, sell, accept or Indorse
bills of exchange and other Instruments, negotiable or otherwise.aud to borrow money either
wiiii nr without security, and either upon lie-
goii'tblu instruments or otherwise, including
tbe issue uf debentures charged upon all or any
ot the Company's property (both present and
future), including its uncalled capital;
in. To promote and form other companies for
any ol the objects mentioned In thfs Memorandum:
ii. To invest and deal with the money*-; of the
Company not immediately required upon such
securities and lu such manner as from time to
time be determined:
o. To distribute any of the property of the
Company among the members in specie:
p. To carrv on business ln any part of the
world and to'do all such things us are incidental or conducive tothe attainment of tho above
iii ven under my hand and scat of offlco at
Victoria, Province of Jtritlsh Columbia, this
liithdayof October, onu thousand eight hundred aud ninety-seven.
Manufacturers of and Dealers in all kinds of
Lumber,   etc.
.*_    CONTRACTORS   TO  THE  C.P.R.    __��.
Grold.eEL and. Bea/ver, B.C.
Ulloek & Barrie, Props.
GOLDEN     -    -    *   B. C.
Fi st-Class in every particular. Convenient to Railway Depot and Steamboat Landtag.
Kates Reasonable.  Free Sample Itooms.
The Tram Car leaves Kootenay House, couuecting with Steamer for Fort Sloalt vrtmf
Monday and Friday after arrival of train from the west.
Headquarters for Commercial
and Mining Men.
For Home Comforts . ��
Modern Conveniences ��
Best Cuisine in the West
Commodious Sample Rooms
First-Class Brands of Liquors and Cigars
Go to the
Columbia Jrfouse,
WM. McNEISH, Prop.
Advertise in
���fcTOTTCE is hereby plvon that thc annual ei*
*1 tint nation of candidates for certificate:*; of
.(.inUU'iumii io teach In thc Public Schools of
the Province will be held as follows, commencing on Monday, July 4th, 189B, at 8:4a
Victoria.. ..In Sonth Park School Building.
Vancouver Iu High Kehool Building.
Karoioopi in Public, School Building.
Bach applicant must forward a notice, thirty
days beforo tke examination, stating thcclaKB
and grade of curtillcute fo,- which he will be a
candidate, the optional subjects selected, and
at which of tbe above-named places he will
Kvery notice of Intention to bo nn applicant
must be accompanied with satisfactory teutl-
moniul of moral olmraoter,
Candidates nre notified tlmt all of the above
requirements must bo fulfilled before their
applications cau be filed,
All candidates for First class, Grade A, Cortl-
lldates. Including OradualeSi must attend in
Victoria to tukc thuiilbjocb) proscribed for July
l8th ���*n'l Mill Instants, and to undergo rct-,ulr*id
oral titamination.
S. I). I��OPB,
Superintendent of Education,
Education Ofllee,
Victoria, May 1th, 183?. mlM
Registrar of Joint Stock Companies
VOTICK ts IIERBBY (1IVBN that application
*' will be made to the Parliament oi Canada
and to thc Legislative Assembly of the Province
of British Columbia at their respective sessions
lo Incorporate a Company to construct a railway to be operated by steam or electricity from
a point at or near Cranbrook, In Kust Kootenay,
British Columbia���thc most northerly point on
the Crow's Xest Rallway,���tlienec running in a
northerly direction up the Kootenay Kiver to
('ami! Flat; thence to the Columbia Lake and
in a northerly direction down the Columbia
Kiver to thu Canoe Itlver; thence up the Canoe
Itlver and across the Portage to the headwaters
ofthe Fraser Itlver; thence down the Fraser
Hiver to (itseome Portnge; thence across the
Portage to Parsnip Kiver; thence down the
Parsnip itlver to Findlay Itlver, and up the
Findlay Itlver and across the divide to Frances
Lake, and thenco to the Yukon, with power to
divert the route of the line north of tiiscomc
Portage either by way of Dcase Lako or as may
be found most suitable ou iurther exploration,
with power to build and operate branch lines
not exceeding sixty miles iu length und all
necessary bridges and roads. Also, to construct
and operate telegraph and telephone lines for
the transmission of messuges for the public; to
build, acquire and operate steam and other
vessels and all necessary furies, wharves and
do.tks; to take aud use water for rrfenertiting
electricity, and to transmit and disposo of thc
power therefrom for lighting, healing and
motive purposes; with power alio to carry on
the business of a general trading company, of
an express company; also to own, manage and
lease hotels, to acqtttro, to acquire timber
limits and operate saw mills, for the production
and siik of In uibcr, and to mine, explore and
develop mineral lauds and to carry on a general
mining uud ore smelting business, including
the erection and operation of smelters and
Solicitors for Applicants,
patcd at Ottawa 6thNovember, WW.    Uu*9t
Headquarters for Mining Men.
East Kootenay
Supply Store,
Groceries, Dry Goods & General Merchandise.   Minw*,'
Supplies a Specialty.
Windermere Hotel,
���.���J. A. Stod d rt, Prop.
Choice Wines, Liquor* and Cignra.  First clta* accommodatloa.
East Kootenay>
Mining Stock List.
Name of Company.
HKI.L. pmen.
The Gold Hills O. & D. Co	
ICootennv, Ciirilioo 51. A 1. Co	
��� 1.00
(iolden k Fort Steele I). Co	
$  760,000
Alberta k Kootenny D. Co	
5  600,000
East Kootenay and Klk River Development k Exploration Co	
$    75,000
MIKING BROKEII, GOUEK, B.C. twm���mcmw mi_> ���*�����j.>i. ������*,������*���.���
Notice to Taxpayers
Northern   Division   of   East
Kootenay  District.
" with tlie Statutes thut Provincial Revenue
Tax and all taxes levied under the Assessment
Act are now due for tho year 1898,
All of tho above named taxes collectable
within tho Northern Division of Eust Koolcnuv
Ptstrict are payable at my ofllee, tlie court
House, Golden.
Assessed taxes are collectable at thc following
rates, via.:
If paid ou or before June "fth. 1R!IR.
Three-fiftha of one per cent, on Real Property.
Two and oiio-half per cent, on assessed vhIuc
of wild land.
One-half of one por cent, on Personal
On bo much of tlie Incomes of anv person ns
exceeds One Thousand Hollars tbo following
ratet, namely: Upon such excess of income
when tbe sum is not more than Ten Thou.*tnnd
Dollars, one per cent.; when such excess Is
ov*f Ton Thousand Dollars and not mor.iihnn
Twinty Thousand Dollars, one and ontMiuartor
of one per cent.; when such excess is over
Twenty Thousand Dollars, one uud one-hull of
one percent.
If paid on or after the 1st July, 189H.
Four-fifths of one per cent, on Rent Property.
Three per cent, on the usse-iseii value of wild
Three-fourths of one per cent, on Personal
On so much of the incomes of anv poreon as
exceeds One Thousand Dollars the following
rates, namely: Upon sueii excess when the
sumo li not more than Ten Thousand Dollars,
one and one-quarter of one per cent.i when
such excess is over Ten Thousand Dollars and
not more than Twenty Thousand Dollars, 01
and one-l.alf of one percent; when such eject....
is over Twenty Thousand Dollars, one and
tbree-quer.ers of one per cent.
Provincial Revenue Tux, ?;J.l)l) per capita.
Assessor and Collector.
Golden, January loth, I8S8.
Oyer and Terminer anil General Gaol Po
livery, will W. holden at (lie places and on tin
dates following, viz.:���
City of Nelson, on Monday, the 20th day of
June, IMS.
Town of Donald, on Monday, the 27th day of
Juno, 1896.
By Command.
Provincial Hecretary
Provincial Secretary's Ofilco,
8th March, WM. IJtititf
NOTICE is hereby given that ou the 14th day
of January, lim, tt was ordered hv thc
Honourable J. A. Forin. Judge of the County
Court, that Jnmes F. Armstrong, Official Ad-
mlnistrater of ihe Couuty of Kootenay, be
Administrator of nit and singular the goods,
chattels and credit of Ernest Orpwood of Golden, labourer, deceased, intestate.
Every person indebted to the said deceased,
is required to make pavment forthwith :o tbe
Every person having In possession effects
belong ing to t lie deceased- is required forthwith
to notify the undersigned.
Every creditor or other person having any
claim upon or Interest iu the distribution of
the personal  estate of the said deceased, is
required within, thirty days of this date, to
send by registered letter addressed to the
nndorslgncd,  his name and address, and  the
lull particulars of his claim or interest, and a
���U turnout of his account, nud the nature of the
���eeurity (if any) held hv htm. After the expiration of tho said iliirtv davs, the Administrator
will proceed witli thc distribution of thec-datc,
Laving regard to those claims only of which he
���hull have had notice.
Dated at i'ori Steele, this 27th dav of January.
Oflicial Administrator.
NOTICE is hereby given that application will
be made to the Legislative Assembly of tbe
Provinco of British Columbia, at its next session, for a Private Bill to Incorporate a Com-
f'tny to build, equip, inaimain and operate a
ino or If ins of railway from a point at or near
Cranbrook, lu East Kootunny, thence by the
most feasible* route to the Ut. Mary's Kiver;
thence in a westerly direction (o the headwaters of Kt.Mury's Kiver: and also In un easterly and northerly direction from some point on
the said line a branch line up tlie East Kootonay Wiley to tho neighbourhood of Horse
Thief and No. 1 creeks aud thu minesin that
vicinity; with power to thc said Company to
eonrtmut a line from the Bull River Group of
Mines, in Eust Kootonay, to the most convenient point on tlie main line of thc
Crow's Nest Puss Railway; and aim
lo authorize and empower tlie Couipnny, to
build, from timu to time, hram-li linos to
groups of nifntit] nnd concentrators front anv of
the three above-mentioned lines oi railways,
such branch lines not to exceed twenty (20)
mi lei in l��nicth; with power to build telegraph
and telephone lines, and to equip and operate
the said railway and its branches, and to erect
and maintain all necessary works for the generation and transmission of electricity or
power within tlie urea ot thc operations of the
���aid Company; and power to build, maintain
and operate Wlinrves, docks and steamboats,
saw-mills, and acquire water privileges to con-
struct dams, flumes, etc., (ot* improving and
Increasing the water privileges, and to make
traffic or other arrangements with railways,
steamboat or other companies,and for all other
usual and necessary powers, rights or
Solicitors for tho Applicants.
Victoria, B.C., 25th October, 1897. Ju fit
Application   for Certificate of Improvements.
Take notice that I, John Mcltao, Free
Miner'* Certificate No. 80030, intend,
���ixty days Irom the date hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder for a certificate
ol improvements, for tho purpose of
obtaining a Crown fjrant of tlie above
claim located on Spillimacheen Mountain, situate in the Golden Mining
Division of Knst Kootenay Distriot.
And further take notice that action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before tho issuance of Btich certificate of
Dated this 13th day of January, 1898.
John McRak,
By his agent Geo. S. McCarter.
Is the best advertising medium in East
Contains the latest
news ofthe district;
Situated on Perry Creek,
25 Miles From Fort Steele,
East Kootenay.
$75 to $150 Each according to
Onp-tliird down, balance in three and six
months, without interest.
Tempest & Co.,
Agents, CALGARY.
Is  only  $2.00 per
year ;
Has the best equipped   Job   Printing
Office  in  the dis
The Quickest & Most Comfortable Route
To South East Kootenay
Is that of the
Navigation & Tramway Co.Ld.
International Transportation Go.
Connecting with the C.P.R. at;r,oldcn, B.C., and
Great Northern at Jennings, Montana.
Steamers* leave Golden Tuesday and Friday at 4 a.m.
Connecting at Windermere with Hoynl Mail Stage for I-'ort Steele and Wardner.   7
Consignor* will be cbargod with all way freight between Golden and Windermere at which point a Company's agent will lie stationed.
Baggage allowance on Steamer lSOlbs.tpor adult: allowance on Stage 231b��.
per adult. If desired extra baggage can he forwarded by express team at express
rates (10 centsjiier pound).
Address'all express care of Upper Columbia Compony.JGoldon.
C.   H.   PARSON,   Manager.
Is prepared to do all
kinds of Job Printing  at   reasonable
General Merchants
.~-___FORT STEELE, B. C.
Miners Supplies a Specialty.
Agent for the California Giant Powder Compay,
Balgardne * Ml
Fort Steel��, B��� C.
Choice Winks, Liquobs and Cigars.
R. D. MATHER, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot springs
Th* Finest Health R.sort on tlm Continent.
Private Ho*pital under medic*! snperint**-
d.nce with �� Trained Staff of N��r*w.
Complete 8t.tem ol B��th., of every kind
and description.
Medical DirMtor��� DK. R. 6. BKBTT, Haw-.
liesid.nt Physician A Surgeon-liR. SI'ANKUt.
Subscribe for �� THE MINER." p   x
n.trsmKy ���
t i.-wrj-*x,*BiF"Ti*jy.'i*i*aw*7**a*xTi m ussvm
* xrz-Mvazrva.v-.rir -tgA-v-nt
mKS-Mat���.Titr** **l
SJSPJ 9 ..-*.��������*-./���* BEIT. ���'������a^*-i?ni<r**-r,r**3>[p*M HI .y*�� .V-lt^v
Chemicals, Patent  Medicines,   Aoiloi1-5
Articles; and Stationery,
.*_____. PURCHASED   FOE   THE
Von aro Cordially Invited to call antl inspect
mu* Stock, Proscriptions and Private
Recipes carefully compounded.
6*     ����/.     JfiOiOj
Football practice to-morrow evening al
7 o'clock sharp,
Tuesday next being the Queen's Birthday will bo a public holiday.
Tho mail for Fort Steele closes In
future at 7 o'clock Monday oveninga.
,\. Hanson's hotel at Field was burned
to tho ground early this morning. Tho
furniture was saved and tho loss la covered by ineuraneo.
Mr, n. L.Moody, tho evangelist, is
credited with tho remark that the curse
of God is li'inn Spain, and that he hasn't
prayed mlich against war.
At a special general meotlngol tlio
Albortn k Kootenay Development Co.,
held hist. Saturday alternoon the officers
and directors wore re-elected for nnothor
The O.r.E. has'Meflnitely decided to
make Calgary n divisional point, civet
��� in.*,.*, nnd n nonnd house and placo their
���Supcrintondcnt'sanddespatclior's offices
nt Calgary.
A fatal railwayTaccidont occuri'Cil*,at
Walsh on tho C.P.R. on Friday, a freight
train going through a burning bridge
iivcr n culvert with fix curs and killing
engineer linker and fireman Brown, both
of Moosejaw.
Captain Duval, of the United States
fannnissary department, has made a contract with local bakories at St. Louis,
3Io., for 010,000 pounds of army crackers
Thii is equivalent to 30,000 barrels oi
flour. On each cracker is to be printed
tlio words " Remember the Maine"
An exchange tells a funny story of n
tramp who ranga doctor's door bell and
asked tho pretty woman who opened tbo
door if she would kindly ask the doctor
if ho had a pair of old pants he would
kindly give a-.vny. " I'm the doctor,"
said the smiling young woman and thc
tramp tainted.
Tho football team for the tournament
nt Calgary un the Queen's Birthday will
probably leave Sunday evening for tbe
scene of action. They will b'o accompanied by a number of tbo citizens who
go down lo encourage the boys. All the
players aro requested tn turn out to-
riight for a linal practice, 7 o'clock sharp.
Tin: Miner has received a calender
this week from K. B. Eddy & Co., manufacturers, Hull, Cut., for thc years
1808-9. It is beautifully Uthograped and
of unique design, and exhibits different
views of various cities in Canada and
Newfoundland. The Company will bo
glad to scud a copy oi their calender to
any one applying.
We aro pleased to announce thc establishment thia week of an assay ol:ice
in (iolden. .Messrs. Cunningham k
Harvey, formerly of Vancouver, arrived
on Tuesday and have opened up an
assay ollico and chemical laboratory in
the offices at the smelter. Wo call the
attention oi our lenders tn their card in
another column.
Interest in the football tournament to
take place on the 24th of May is widespread. An entry was received this
morning from the Golden club. They
promise a strong team. Teams are also
expected from Canniore, Lacombo, Dun-
bow School, Calgary Industrial School,
nnd also from the newly organized club
in Calgary, besides a Brigade team.���
Calgary Herald.
In medicine, as In everything else, tho
Chinese are peculiar. Here is bow a
Chinaman is examined fur his medical
diplomat A brass man, full of holes,
and pasted over with paper, is set up.
Then the cadidate ia given n pin, and if
be can perforate the paper immediately
over a certain number of the hidden
holes he immediately becomes qualified
to set up as a doctor.
The proposed change in thc British
Royal Standard and in the Union Jack
is designed to give the principality of
Wales symbolic representation in the
military and naval flags ol Croat Britain,
The supcrimposition of a Maltese Cross
upon tho crosses representing England,
Scotland and Ireland in tho Union Jack
would not add to the beauty of thc design ; but the removal from the British
standard of ono sot of tbo I'lnntngenot
lions, and the introduction into the quartering thus vacated of the red dragon of
the Tndors, would, it is thought, give
artistic symmetry tothe coal-ot-arms of
Great Britain, as well as give representation to tho Canibro-Britons and "Arthur's royal line." The change cannot
be made however without the consent of
the Queen, who is very conservative iu
such matters,
The price oi .wheat is jumping up faster than during thc Oriinean war, when
it leached Jti.50 per bushel.
Tho Canadian Pacific Railway proposal
for the fast express involves a considerable reduction of time from Montreal to
Vancouver, and if adopted the journey
will probably bo made in 101) hours. To
enable this time to bo made some local
trains will have to he put on to handle
the business o�� tho smaller places, as the
hist trains will only stop at the most important stations. About the end of this
month is tho time suggested for the
inauguration of tliis service.
A good story is being told on J. F.
Armstrong and Barrister Horchmer, on
the occasion of their Inst visit to Wardner, As they drove up to the Wardner
hotel some one noticed a number of
stakes' in tho back part of the buggy.
The question was asked, " What do they
carry tiiose stakes fur?" And a wit
standing near, said: "Oh, everybody
who lives at Fort Steele takes a supply
of stakes with them when they come
this way, so as lo replace any that maybe missing along the survey run by the
railroad toward their town last year.
The l'ort Steele people propose to bang
onto that survey, ior that is all they have
got that looks like a railroad."���The
Whoro's That Letter?
"Hi there!" called a somewhat excited Fourth Avenue woman to tho postman who was passing on bis morning
round. " Where's that letter I sent
three weeks ago to my sister in Buffalo?
She never got it, aad hH3 written to
know whether I'm mad at her or some
of us aro sick." " I don't know nothing
about it, madam," "Oi course, you
don't. I suppose tlio Postmaster-General
would say tbe same thing. My own
private opinion is that this Government
is running at mighty louse cuds. I put
a stamp on that letter to pay for having
it sent. It was directed as plain as
print. It is lost or stolen and my own
sister is blaming mo for neglecting her.
it's all polities, that's what it is, putting
in a lot of raw hands every four years,
and I don't propose to stand it. I'm
go to find out whether yon mail men can
.li fraud your customers and make family
trouble just because you don't know
enough to look after your business."
" But 1 never saw your letter, my good
woman." " I don't care anything about
that. Neither did my sister ever see it.
I'll not sleep till I write the President
and give him a piece of my mind. The
idea of paying an army of men to lose
letters. It's ridiculous. It won't be
long before somo of you arc looking for
other jobs, or I miss my guess." Dining
this conversation the woman's husband
drove frantically into his pockets, ran
halloss through the back gate, put that
letter into a mail-box, and made a line
show of te.mper while helping his wife to
abuse the government.*���Detroit Free
Church   Services.
Sunday���Service at Golden, .Morning
8 o'clock Celebration of Holy Communion; 11 o'clock. Morning Prayer and
sermon. Evening, 7:30 o'clock, evening
prayer and sermon.
Choir practice al 8 p.m. Saturday.
On Sunday, May 20th (Whltsun day)
services will he held at Windermere.
Morning prayer and celebration of tlie
Holy Communion in the morning, and
evening prayer and sermon iu tlie evening.
Rev, 11. B. Turner, Pastor.
Sunday���Service at 11 a.m. only. Sunday school and Bible class at 2:110 p.m.
Thursday���Choir practice 8 p.m.
Friday���Prayer meeting 8 p.m.
Hav. W. S. Wright, Pastor.
Service will be held in connection with
tho Methodist church on Sunday next
as follows: Donald, at 11 a.m.; Golden,
at 7.SO ii.ni. Everybody is Welcome at
these services.
Prayer meeting on Tuesday at 8 p.m.
G, E. Smith, Missionary.
Fo FUGH'S Canadian
Pacific Ry,
[tomovot] In soul li end of   **.
Kicking Horso 'uriil**--.*.     /
M.V Motto Is:
Cunning-ham A Harvey
(jdtfl of Viuit'ouycr)
A.HHayrvrt and Chemists,
All mirk done In duplicate nnd ffiiHranteod.
A portion of e.n**h aumpk Is mit tiMdc for
future n.-icrcii'-'L'.
J   F.   PUGH,   TAILOR,
Minister of Miiieu ami Frovincml Secretary���
Hon. Col. Jiumw Baker.
Provincial MincruloKist���W. A. Curl vie.
Public Assayur���H. (.'urmlchael.
For Hie Province���W. P. Crorf** Vlctnria
South District coinprlalmi Fort Steele und Tobacco i'luins Mining uiviaiona���J. F. Armstrong Cranbrook
North Distrli'-t t'uim-risiiiK hoimlti, iioMi'n mul
Windermere Mining I'iviMons-.l. ti. (JrifiUba
UllUNd tlECOniJKBfi
i*. m. Edwards,
M. Phillip.*....
 Fort Steolo
.Tobacco Plains
Deputy Clerk of ihe Peace for North Kast Kootenai' Josiah Stlrretl Donald
Deputy Clerk of tlu* LV-n-.-ii for Smith Kust Kootonay���Charlea Masaoy Edwards,.,. Fort Steele
Extracts From British Columbia
Statutes Explaining Fully the
Value and Necessity oi" a " Free
Miners " Ccrtiflcnte--2*To Person Should Attempt Mizi-ing
Without One.
Any person over IR years of age, maybe
eomoftiree miner by paying ft to any gold
commissioner or mineral recorder and obtain*
Ing H certificate good Ior ono year.
A free miner may obtain u new certificate for
ono lost on paying ft-
A free minor's certificate is no', transferable.
Any person or company working a mineral
claim, held as real estate without ficpr.se, may
be flnetl ��-!���)��� Wines become real estate after
crown grant baa beon Issued.
Bhouui co-owner fail to pay up his free minor's
certificate his interest goea to his co-owners pro
rata according to their former interests.
a shareholder in a joint stock compuny need
not boa free miner.
A frt'n iiiiiuT nmy rbiiin br;*00xl">00 feet. But
nil angles must be right angles and nil mcaaur*
mont must be horizontally.
A free miner muy cut timber on erown lands.
A freo minor may kill game for his own use
at nil seasons.
a free irfluur may obtain fiveacre'mlllsitoup*
on crown lands In the form of a square
A I'lniiii may bo hold from yeur to year by
work being done to tho value of one hundred
Lodes discovered in tunnel may be held if re*
corded in 16 daya.
a free miner may on payment of flJOO, in lien of
expenditure on claim, obtrfln n.crown grunt.
Anv minor may, at the discretion ot tin: gold
commissioner, obtain necessary wuter riguts.
No transfer of any mineral claim or interest
Bhallbe enforceable unlesa in writing, signed
and recorded.
No mfcier shall suffer from any act of omission
or commission, or delays on the part oi the
government officials.
Koclaim shall be open to location durlus
lost IllncsHs of bolder, nor within 12 month**
after hia death, unlosa by permission of gold
A mineral claim must be recorded within li
daysaftor location, If within 10 miles ol ofllee
of mining recorder. Ond additional day la at*
owed for every additional Hi miles or fraction
Workonoach mining claim to tho value of
$100 must bo done each veer from date of record ni mineral claim, Affidavit mutle by the
holder, or his agent, sotting out u deiuile.i
statement of tho work done must be filed with
the gold commissionsr or Mining recorder, mid
11 certificate of work obtained, uud recorded he-
fore the expiration <>f ea< h yeur from the date
of record 01 said olaim. A free miner holding
adioining claims, may subject lo filing notice
of liis Intention with tho gob] commissioner or
mining recordor nerfonn on uny one or more of
such claims, all the work required to entitle
him iii a certificate of work for oaub claim. The
samo provision applies to tiro or morofreemln-
ersholdlng adjoining claims in partnership.
In lieu of above worJcllie minor must pay ?it>t)
and got receipt and record the same.
East via the Lake Routes.
Groatlyreduced rates. Steamers leave Fort William:
Alberta every Friday.
Athabasca every Tuesday
Manitoba every Sunday.
Klondike GoldFields
direct via C.P.R. steamers to
Wrangel and Skagway.
Si S. Tarter & Athenian.
The largest steamers engaged
in tlie Yukon trade, specially
fitted for the passenger traffic
having superior accommodation for all classes.
Sailings for May:
Danube May 21
Tartar     "    20
Ning Chow    "   27
Islander    "   27
Pakshan :    "   29
Athenian June 2
Cottage City sails for Wrangle, Juneau and Sitka
Wrife for pamphlet descriptive of the routes to the
Yukon country, sailing dates,
rates, etc.
For full information and
particulars, apply to your
nearest agent or address
Robert Kerr,
Traffic Manager,
Winnipeg, Man.
We wish to inform the
public that we are prepared
to do  Neat,   Artistic,
Up To Dato Printing
in all its branches.
Our Specialties :
Kin win,
Kliv.'li.l IO*
Null- II.-.lilH
liCttrr Ik'a.la
mu Honda
llali.l Hi,Is
Calling liimis
liusin.-ss card*
I.iui* Brlo'i
I.iiiiiix-r Hooks
Mink \V..rk
I'romlsory Note*
lt.*i*i-l[.l Forms
Bl-aro Certificates
Assay Forms
Druggists I.iibrlH
No Job  too
No Job too
East Kootenay Pub. Co,
Golden, B. 0.
l nn nn
The most comfortablo hotel in South
Kust Kootonay. (iood Table. Gooil
Wines. Good Attendance. Terms
Win.   Eschwig,   Prop.
Wardner, S.E. Kootenay.
The best Stopping plare for freighters in
Columbia Valley is ut
Tom Martin's Hotel
Good accommodation k Moderate Terms
First class Feed Stables.
Thc Best Beer in Canada la matlc t>* thc
Calgary Brewing &
Malting Co., Lt'd,
Mannfnchirers of Beor, Ale and Soda Water
fnsist on getting Calgary Beer ovory time, Ti.ey
all have it. The Company's agent for East
Kootenay is
II. G. FARSOX, Co2d��n�� B.C.
Having decided to devote special attention to my
Wholesale Liquor Business
I am selling of my stocks of
oots & Shoes,
Hats & Caps,
othsng, Hardware,
XCi.,.   LLLGmn   ciL
in price for Cash.     This is a good opportunity to ��ecure
. some bona fide  bargains.
Seneral 9/fcrcAant
While taking down stock for one week from date I
will sell at very low prices for cash:
Hats, Caps, Cry Goods, Gents Furnishings,
Shirts, Neckties, Boots / Shoes,
El Fancy  Gauds,
tales I. Warren,
G-olcLen., B.O-
Tinsmithing & General Jobbing,


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