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The District Ledger 1915-05-29

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i*   i-i*
fndtistrial V.\ T« Strength
ife ..'  ^.*"'/>
No. 40, Vol. vin.-^%
»'-/   ^
The Official- Organ of District No. 18, TJ. M. W. of A.
...  _.   ,
- ■ ■ \
v <•>     -     u VT
Political Unity Is Victory
First Aid Competition
At Michel, B. C.
The following is a report of tke
First Aid competition held at 'Michel,
B. C, (May 24th, 1915, under the auspices of the St. John's Ambulance Asso-
clatlonN ,, '
The following five teams entered tho
Team No. 1.—R. Spruston (capt.), A.
Waddlngton, H. Ferryman, R. Taylor.
J. Tantrum (patient). ,
Team No. 2.—R. Stacey (capt.), C.
Tyler, W. Touhey, J. Spruston, T. Horrocks (patient).
Team Noi'3.--J. Touhey (capt.), S.
Hampton, H. Parkinson, A. Clarkson,
W, Lord (patient).
Team -No, 4—A. Frew (capt.), J. Redhead, A. Lyne, J. Lyne, T. Phillips
Team No. 5.—Ed. Heyes (capt.), W.
Savagfl, J. -Marsh, A. Newton, A-- Ball
(patient); '  -
The test case wag^-aa follows:
, A man is at the top ot a ladder attending tq or repairing electric cables.
-Suddenly he falls to the ground. On
examination ho is found to be unconscious, tbe right foot is turned slightly
^outward* and you find, crepitus one
/-inch above tbe ankle joint, also extensive hemorrhage from the palm of the
left hand. On examining the pupils
of the eyes, one is dilated, the other
contracted. One side of the body ls
limp, face flushed, breathing stertorous
pulse slow but full, temperature slightly raised. The hospital is situated at
*the top of ji hiii. Treat the case and
take him to the hospital.
100 Points were awarded for the case
if full marks were obtained. In addition, an oral examination was held, for
which 50 points were allowed If full
marks were obtained, or a total of 150
The teams were called to the field in
■', the following order:    •
No. 2 Team, first; No. 4 Team, second: No. 3 Team, third; No. 5 Team,
tourth; No. 1 Team, fifth.
The spectators were treated to an
excellent exhibition of what can be
done by trained men'in First Aid. The
bandaging and stretcher work waa as
good aa could be Seen in any mining
camp In the country. ' The oral work
—covin have beWtretWFTlhough aome of
the men showed an excellent know,
ledge of the technical side of .First Aid.
Two prices, each of 51 gold medals,
were awarded to the winning teams.
These.medals were purchased by the
St. John's Ambulance Association of
♦Michel, BjC., and were really worth
Spruston's team, the second to R.
Stacey's team.
The discounts were awarded according to the schedule arranged by the
Executive Committee of the combined
St. John's Ambulance Association, of
Michel, Fernie and Coal Creek.
To complete the day's proceedings,
a concert and dance was given iby the
Michel members of -St. John's Ambulance Association when Mr. Thos. Russell, superintendent of the colliery, presented the medals to the winning
On Saturday evening last the members of the 54th Kootenay Regiment
now recruiting in this city were entertained at a snwklng concert in 'the Victoria Hall. From start to finish the
smoker was the llvest affair ever .at*
tempted, both tho artistes and audience
enjoying themselves in turn. Speeches
were delivered by S, Herchmer and Dr.
Bonnel, and at the suggestion of the
former a subscription was taken up
witb a view to helping those men who
had been prevented from enlisting owing to defective teeth. The Fernie
Brewery Company presented each, man
of the -Fernie contingent with a handsome hollow ground, razor, upon the
Made of which was engraved the name
of the Brewery.' The men very much
appreciated the gift and expressed
their good wishes for the future of the
brewery in various ways. The total
sums, colelcted at the door and taken
up for the teeth collection was:
Taken at door for Patriotic Fund
$103.50.   Teeth Fund, $200.00.
Executive Board Meet
France vs. C. N. P.
Coal Company Ltd.
Jhe first meeting of newly elected Executive of
District 18 met in Fernie ou Tuesday to Thursday.
There were present: W. L. Phillips, President; .Wm.
Graham, Vice-President; A. J. Carter, Secretary;
II. Murtin, Fernie;'E. Christie, Bellevue; J. Larsen,
Jjethbridge, and F. Wheatley, Bankhead, also International Board Member D. Rees.
Many matters concerning the^vork of the District
■wertj dealt with, the one most important being that
regarding the unemployed problem, Jt was decided to distribute amongst the ■ membership the
sum of 7,500 dollars with.a view of giving relief
to the most urgent eases. The Boijrd recognized
their inability to adopt any practical scheme that
would be the means of alleviating the distress that
is common throughout the District, but as will be
noted by the wire sent to. Premier Borden were of
the opinion that,the Federal Government should
act in the matter immediately:  ■
Copy of Night Lettergram Sent to Premier Borden
"ii. L. Borden, Premier, Ottawa.
"The unemployed question in Eastern British
Columbia and Alberta, is a matter with which
wc. the Executive Board of District 18, U. .AI.
AV. of A., lias been seriously concerned, especially in view of the fact that the coal miners,
represent tbe large majority of workers in Lhe
localities under our jurisdiction, we would respectfully state that we have from time to time
received promises from the Provincial Governments that they would cope with the situation, but nothing practical has been accom*
plished. We are firmly of the opinion that
your Government should take such steps that
will at least meet the urgency of the situation.
—A. J. CARTER, Secretary.
.jirs. George Dlngsdale, wife of Geo.
Dlngsdale, received telegraphic notification from the Militia Department
on Tuesday that her husband had recently been wounded in action. iMr.
Dlngsdale was a member of the 2nd
contingent leaving Fernie, but was
drafted wben at the training camp qt
Victoria, to the Princess Patricias,
when reinforcements Ifor that unit
wore called for. He was a miner and
has a wife and two children residing
In this city. iHls brother. .1. Dlngsdale, was also a member of the second
To the Editor, District Ledger.
Dear Sir,—With your permission we
desire to inform your readers and the
public generally, that progress .is being
made with the -building; of a school at
, To everyone conversant with this
suburb of Fernie, the necessity of a
school is apparent, but to those wbo do
not know tbe situation it will be as
well to state a few facts. .There are
16 families living within a radius of
half a mile of the; section house; that
we have more than 30 children of
school age; that of these only nine attend school and walk to Fernie, where
..school accommodation ls overcrowded.
-The above facts were brought to the
notice of the education department,
who advieed ub to commence a volun-
tary school and granted three hiindrndJJ
vontinxeBStr.—■Up"nriHe7present .there! oofrsraTowards the building fund.
have been only three casualties reported in Fernie's second contingent.'
Wanted information as to the whereabouts of Jack Standrldgo.   Description—Height, ,6 feeW age, 3S;  eyes,
winning, being of the first class order,) dark jbrown; halr.browo. ..Last heard
The Judges of the event. *fc"rer as fol-! from in "Hoamer employed aa a miner,
lows: !
J. Johnston, ' Coleman, Alta.;
Quinn, Michel, B.C.; 0, O'Brien,
apector of Mines, Femle. B.C
Harry and Mrs. Drew and family removed from Beaver Mines to Pincher
Creek last Saturday. It is their intention to settle in the last named for a
time at least.
The Beaver Hotel, Be.tver Mines,
will be sold by public auction on .May
3lst. The sale ls said.to be forced by
Mr. Swanstrum, builder, of 'Edmonton.
The refreshment bar has been closed'
since April loth, but the dining room
was open under njanagement.
This action came on for trial before
Mr. Justice Macdonald in Fernie yesterday. The action was dismissed, but
it is considerable consolation for the
workingman to know that the point of
the case in which the average worker
is concerned was decided ln the plaintiffs favor. The Crow's Xest Pass
Coal Co. were found by His Lordship
to have been guilty of negligence ln
not providing a safe place for the
workman to work iu while operating
the dinkey or locomotive for hauling
coal. AH coal companies hereafter
found guilty of using locomotives
which are not standard types, or in
which the motorman is not protected
by a sufficient cab or by flariges projecting from the rear of the buffer or
buffer-beam, to prevent cars from interlocking with the rear of the locomotive, will .be liable for any accident which occurs in consequence
thereof. The reason why the action
was lost was because the court found
the plaintiff guilty of contributory
negligence and of having accepted the
risk of bis employment for Increased
Mr. A. .Macdonald aiid A. .Macnell
appeared as counsel for plaintiff, and
Messrs. Herchmer and Martin for the
defendant company.
On Sunday evening tbe Italian residents, headed" by the City Band, paraded around the town playing martial
airs in celebration of the information
received that Italy had at last decided
to enter into the fray on the side of
the Allies. Speeches were delivered
by local citizens froia the steps of the-
Cily Hall, and the air was repeatedly
punctuated by loud cheering and
Mr. and .Mrs Sehagel, of West Kernie,
entertained a number of their intimate
friends, who are now members of the
54th  Battalion,  to a. farewell dinner
pany on Wednesday evening,
The regular monthly tea of the Methodist Ladies' Aid will be held at the
home of Mrs. A. O. Burns, S Dalton
Ave., on Tuesday from li.UO to fi p.m.
The secretary of the local Patriotic
Fund acknowledges with thanks the receipt of $4,75 from Capt. Moffatt, being
the proceeds of a collection at the foot- ,
ball match between teams of the 54th
and 107th regiments, May L'Gtb, 1915.
j. |   V. E. Wilson, formerly Judge Wilson,
In* of Cranbrook. headed  the  polls  for
j school trustee at the Fort George re-
The first prise was awarded to R. cent election. »
Connor on The Fallacy
of Reforth
One of the finest examples of what
reforms have accomplished can be
touii'l In the industrial history of England. Locking back to the latter part
of tho eighteenth century wo find that
H.) Industrie.", revolution took place re-
tiling the discoveries and Inventions
oi that time,- ia 1770 Jamea lUr*
Brthvei, a weaver of Btondhlll, invent*
ed the spinning Jenny; 1771 Arkwriglu
Invented tho water frame; 17|9 Crorap-
ten In vent vi a hat li called the' mole,"
because it combined the qualities o(
bull prevhjs Uiveutlouiu; ITKi Ur.
L'arlwrlght Invented tha power loo o,
und lo tne samo year James Wat!**
;imm englno was used hy a cotton
nunufactuwr ai a substitute for wmar
p» »er.
All theae dlaeoteftci had the tfftct
of altering completely the economic
t-juN'-tatfen. cf fcVgU-H* B-xk-ty. Tte
death knell of domestic industry waa
sounded; what remained to be altered
was ihw pollUwal power ot tba lauded
srlstocracy. *
The Industrial revolution In Kngland
extended over a longer period tban In
other Kunopesn countries. Tlw laat
twenty years of the eighteenth century
gave to tbo rising manufacturing class
enormous economic advanUies which
could only to uillliod by capturing
political power so aa fo enable tbem
to break own all nan-made barriers Id
the way ot tba demand for world mir-
About .tbla period tbe. landowning
elaaa controlled political power and
en.Hn4 thn-Cam hoot, which mt*
bag* tariff barriers to been mt Knrop-
onn eon aad maintain tbe BngtUh
market for ttomatltee. Tbt iwwlt
of tbla waa reflected In Mgb ptim ot
food tl.lt*. the maaafaetwrtng class
wanted to gat a etoagtr wigt tUwraj
H*l*ra io ind* .ttoir |e*M* ueudwtt* t<*
Their lattrwts
superficial observer they aeom to bc
doing good, Take for Instance a compensation act. They will say, "If \t
wasn't for such laws to protect the
workers, where would they be!" Quite
a question and very few soem to got
beyond It Here ls the only answer,
The working .ples* I* the goose that
lays the golden egg; when the e*ll-
lence of the goore Is endangered he
miuacks and who conn's to tbo rescue?
What Ii the revolutionary position?
It ts to advise the goose to keep the
golden egg, aa that Is the means whereby he lives, and by doing io eliminates
the possibility ot anyone eneroaahing
.upon his existence ao that tbe reform
er Is no longer neeeaiary.
lit Kngland. and all other places
The Crow's Nest Pass Coal and
Coke Co. were approached through Mr.
W. R. Wilson, which resulted In them
giving an acre of land (our own selection) free, for the school site. The
land was surveyed May 21st, and'a
start was made to clear the brush. Mr.
Alfred Cummins, the surveyor, very
kindly, gave us a donation of ten del.
lars towards the erecting of the school.
We have ordered lumber, etc., to
tho amount of funds ln hand, and
steady progress Is now being made ln
the erection by one competent carpenter. The other labor is being given
gratis by the residents.
And now we must leave our case
In the hands of the good people of
Fernie aud trust that tbey will ba generous in their contributions and thus
enable ua to give the children of Cokato an education, which must prove
not only advantageous to tbem Individually, but will mean' the raising of
bettor citizens for Canada.
Contributions will be thankfully received at the Home 'Bank of Canada
ror the Cokato School Board and
acknowledged in the local press.
Thanking you for courtesy of publication,
Yours, etc.,
On behalf of the Fernie City B»nd
Mr. Carrie produced a petition which
had been circulated amongst the members containing the signatures of nineteen unanimously favoring amalgamation,
Mr. Wm. Dickenson, on behalf of
the Fernle-Coal Creek Excelsior H;ind
stated thit a ballot taken a mon gut
tbeir membership showed a unanimity
agalnat amalgamation.
'Monday- being Victoria Day, the
school children of Lethbridge were
given a picnic in Gait Gardens. The
Xorth Lethbridge schools marched
down to the city, the miners' band leading them.., All the children met in
the oity," and headefl by the miners'
band, the and fife band marched to
the gardens. Unfortunately the rain
started In good and lt was found necessary to abandon the sports for the day,
and the children were given a free ride
home on the street cars by the city.
Mayor Hardie has left here for Ottawa, accompanied by other mayors of
th". weat, to Interview tlw ^oailnlon
Covernment re the unemployed question.
A committee appointed by Lethbridge Local Union met In the Miners'
Hall to get all the names of persons ln
distress. Four hundred names were
handed to the Mayor of Lethbridge,
along with two resolutions, one from
the miners and one from the Leth-
bnidge Trades and Labor Council,
•A. J. Carter and William Graham
wero hore ou Thursday and were in attendance at the Trades and Labor
Council meeting.
Ail the farmers around Lethbridge
report tlmlr crops are looking good
after the rain.
The mines here aro working about
the *xuie, one und two daya per week,
.o. 3 mine only resumed work on Tuesday after being Idle for three weeks.
Tlio buiUu) boy* left Lethbridge on
Friday for their hew camp In Calgary.
They were wlven an hearty *end off.
the miners' bund and Lothbrldgo fife
bund were on deck.
The Supreme Court Spring Assizes
opened here on Wednesday morning
presided over by Mr. Justice Macdonald. Deputy SHeriff M. A. Kastner officially opened court and then advised
His Lordship that there were no criminal cases to be tried upon this occasion. He tben followed the custom
upon occasions of this kind by presenting, the learned judge witb a pair of
white gloves. His Lordship replied,
as follows:
"Mr. Sheriff and gentlemen, I am
pleased to accept this as a token that
there are no criminal cases to be tried
at this Assizes.    I might say, In passing, it has been a matter of great pleasure to know at this time of depression, tho tlmo of distress through our
cftBntry_thai_Uxers-le-so--y ttte-eri me-
prevalent at Revelstoke. Nelson and
more particularly here.   It shows our
own people, and I speak In that of
the Anglo-Saxon, are not in these times
of great excitement like this, giving
way to feelings which would exercise
or .bring about crime.     The absence
of It ts also evidence that the foreign-
ers are keeping In restraint at this
time and It all speakB well tor the administration of justice, law and order.
When you consider the mixed classes
or people you have ln this district, It
Is certainly something to be proud of
—no cases to be tried In Fernie for
the first time 'since the Fernie Assizes
was  established.     Not  overlooking
trial taking place In tho Interval, be-
tween tb'o Assizes, such as speedy trial
cases and those before the Police Mng-
trate. there.has been no crime pf such
a nature as to he sent before tho judicature assizes upon this occasion,
The following members of tho Fornlo
bar were In attendance: iMr. Sherwood
Herchmer, Mr. John J. Martin, Alex. I.
Fisher. Frank C. Lawe and Alexander
Macnell. The civil work was then
taken up, thero belag only one action
-Harry France versus the Crow's Xest
Pass Coal Co., Limited, an action for
damages on account of Injuries recolv-
ed while In tho employ of the defendant compnny. Mr. Alexander Alnc
nol! of this city and Mr. M. A. Macdonald, of Vancouver, B.C., appearing
on behalf of th<< plaintiff. Mensrs.
Horchmer nnd Martin for the company.
The Fernie Hiding Liberal Association, held a mcetliig In Tnsr.tm's Hall,
The football match between teams
from the 107th Regiment and the 54th
Battalion, held on Wednesday evening
at Hughes' Park, resulted In a scoreless battle. The proceeds obtained
from the gate were donated to the Patriotic Fund.
The special attractions In the city
on Monday evening were the 'Bachelors dance and a dance under the ans-
Ices of the Ancient Order of Foresters.
The management of the Isis had a
special drawing for three five dollar
gold pieces. .
James Tulley, who is now a member
of the Royal Xorth West Mounted
Police, with headquarters at 'McLeod,
8 spending SI few davs with his imranta
Word was received in town Saturday
tbat H. F. Herring, who was In the employ ot tlie Great Northern here when
he volunteered from Fernie, met death
at Languemary ou the 24th of April.
The musical service will be repeated
at the Methodist Church on Sunday
evening next, when an entirely new
program, including violin solo, vocal
solos, anthems, and Yorkshire hymns
will bc rendered.     All welcome.
The local poundkeeper, who was only
recently appointed, has become involved with the local authorities, inasmuch
as he has distributed a large number
of license tags, for which he has not
made an accounting. He ts being held
in custody,, pending an investigation,
and lt is anticipated that ful! restitution will be made.
Nell McArthur, a member of Fernie's
first contingent, writes to friends In
this city to the effect that he was at
tho time of writing safe and sound,
and encloses therein a very Interesting souvenir In the form ot a piece of
material  upon  which    is    inscribed
From somewhere where the suh
The souvenir, Mr.
ing up 'Vis record this week as a consistent institution, as thero has not
been an idle day this week, although
on Wednesday It dropped below the
average, thero only, being one recruit
added to the list, this being William
Cowan, who has not been flnaly ac-
cejrted, inasmuch as he has not been
before the medical examiner. When
he Is finally flworn in, It wtll bring th*
number for this week up to eight, or a
   _.._ ....    . Mr. T. Biggs, speaking on thp cub
where Industry developa a growing nn- j Ject stated that th*fr found welromerl
shines In France,"	
McArthur explains In his letter, was]grand total for Fernie Recruiting Of-
secured by him from tho remains of flee of sixty-nine (69) or over two-
tx German trlglble baloon, which was thlrdB of the allotment from this sta-
brought down within the British lines.' tion.
Vindication of
By Horatio Bottomley, Editor of
"John Bul!."
The British workman has been vindicated. After all, there Is no serious
shortage of munitions, and apparently
theri> Is no need for ntiy panic leglula-
Hoi;; whilst as regards tlio Drink ov!',
it does not exlut. Tlint clearly ii the
reading of the I'rlmo Minister's speech
at Newcastle--always Assuming, rm.
of iijun-x', I do, that It was intended as
a message to the* nation, and was not
n mere compllmontary visit to ono
particular brunch of war workers, as-
ainst whom no -Shargc of slacklns
could bu made.    To treat the mutter
LiiiyltJitiSi uiuiy I* llie rt<«uil. Title
reflects iUelf on the labor market In
aueb a way at to leave the workers
helpless in their struggle over tba
price or general conditiona under
wblch tbey sell their commodity—Laibor Power: the result being tbat tbey
are ground down to the loweat point
possible. Capitalist production, aotl
elpating demand, keeps aa large a
stock of commodities on band aa possible. Tbla condition made necessary
a new storage system for perishable
commodities, snth aa P. Rvrna, ftwlft.
aad others with their groat rafrig-arat.
lag systems to ptemrte ptont Free
wage workers are perishable, tbey
mnA consume a certain amount of
tee4, etotbtag mi tlelitr dally m
order to Urn and work, ffcpttallet
society only allows thoa* to Uve wbo
bare tbe money lo pay for tbat right
Tbe fr*# wag* warker ean only get tbe
monoy by ttmt. netting tbo only thing
bo baa for aale, himself—Homan Rn
everybody to join without regard to
nationality, provided the applicant
was a braaa instrument player, a* It
waa tha Intention to bare tbe RxreMor
Rand exclusively brass.
Tbe membership of the Exceptor
Itand ls 19, and tbat of Ibe City Band
W.   .
A motion waa tben made to adjourn,
I Murray and Miss
There were It of theae prlsoaers of! H
The itogent nnd membem of the
Mount IVrnle Chapter I. O. I), B. wish
to heartily thank tho public for thi^lr
most generous responae to their most
generous response to tbeir appeal for
cocks for the soldlera.
Tbo collection amounted to ?m,
wblch will be exponded In locks and
mi pairs of locks to the present.
Tber wish to thank Mrs. Lane and
Mra. Isdgsr, of Weat pernie, Mra. On»h.
Miss ftath Wilson, Mlaa Alice Wilde,
Mitf* Iladdad, Mlsa Hath McLean and
Jack Wood, who although not mam-
bare of the ordor. workvd most
wiflshly for tb<* <.
Gr««nbltl, or t'oal
ot ISO 00.     Ml»«
ffii'nii V *? Uur of ,thft evenIn«-    *"•• i tions.    Besides. »v<-ry newspaper, and
,*"c???a,(1 dfUvcrcd a very latwat- cnH.daH)-   m;r>   ciyvcrninwa ormn,
!   f. itVV$ mv .h0Ur s <,.l,rnl,on-d,ir' heralded th* spewh »» a great historic
'log which tlmo   he    «»i»d«*ivnrrd    in'
tin*;unnUly Nct|tittiitt thc local Liberals
with tho policy of that party, and also
In a very forcible mntsnfr «'«nd<-»n!!ed
llie ooiicy of the prenent Government,
much to the satisfaction of his parti-
xan audlewe. Mr, A. 1, FlnUr. Liberal
nomJni»B for this riding. m4 Mr. A.
Macnell, President of the A»«ociatlon.
wer* among tho other speakcra of the
ov tlm commodity, HatM»r power.
capital!** system baa aaeh a
o fSoroiMMa market     	
* . .    .-.*»*,*» m*A,A.A.j «■«. wi ft ,«..«,* m*mm **t.*m* ■vmmmmtit
■mnipnftO'     Vtrntl-hme m thtn nnwt*i*it*m*f ov. hurt* VhM "fttmr rn(
Uiivral pany baa wadoaaei to be tbo) means meat bo fovnd to store It
On Friday nlgbt tbe C. . K. station
waa more tban usually thronged with
algbtgeers to wltneia the departure of
a larg* hstch of aliens wbo hsd tmm
detained at tba floandary line attempt'
Inff io enter tbe United States In do-
'Uaotm of llw law. ....   ,-    ,.    ,
--   - - - -'H*t of collection
pair of socks.
Mlaa Alice Will
pairs tomes **e
With ike rnoii
tbo numbers will
DonaUoaa recelwd
Pupils Miss McDonald*
On l-Vldey evening, whtn the aortiwi „n ,„., „,„.,. n>1
hw or tho (treat Northern Hallway«IL'','I0'"IL""
Co. onto coming home from work, alf, ?*V-un  *
child    mr,    iitmaa   >hn   t.ti'tr    l„    t»,.... I "'    I»   *><•»«»    »
tar oho bad btea arrested aader an
etttirt ot the filth Kootenay floundary
ft«gtm«i>t, *tons|«ttng of Black, Boyce,
Brooks. Crow, Duthle and McBean.
This bitch of interns will he confined in tbe detention eamp at Urt%>
bride* until f he *w4 tit tb* am* wi***-**
moot | «• arw reiuwy leiermed tbay are wall |
'.ttifl ' fell 9ii'-'S :A'i-X*i-ri-:i,. «v*a' .I-**** »ikti;,*vw *ti\
Tbla ojworinewy for «wre!M*.
ncrosi th* track jn trout \ vorb.blwmaa
n,   Ml**
bead tbe
•ud ll?
jTt-.r.cr.jvva.ii.i ui tlio ij«ui4*iii4i »ii-
uatlon Itnd of the noveriinieut'N iwUcy
toward* it. Wo were tr* bc» told the
tiuiu at lu*i and I rauier fancy we
bme jrot it, ,
We always do get tbe truth from Mr.
Aiquitlt  By m mean* deficient In c»no<
tlorinl temperament, his heart Is al-
wa>* under thc control of bl« head
although I can recall mor« than one
or ration  when the struggle bHwiw»n
iltft two was aevere.  Mr, Uoyd tUmric*
rn thn othor htmd, ban a heart that Is
away witb hlt»~but,
hllM  Mr   Asqbl-.lt Is fi
Yen   bv.'*  only
child ran
■Mr.\fi!i£iVli^ a ^"««»«"» *« «»• Miliar!
1wsmv!?%;.p !?. ^,?i,y* ,n'"t »'** Kaeheqiiar. armed with statlp-1
£T PmLi    ul  JT   '/ 'I  ""*"•: t!u «f iilttb nui  di4fak«.Ma«wm auai
MLJimktr ^f'   ^••Wlmay npno bla bMrtstrlng* with (>'•
Z Nlinll ,1Ll!lLJ.Vi,rli,,m,'IWB;f'«4 cf uincd bo*** and d**»Ltvd
; Pl-tked.ttp and brought lu to town, l*ut. j ?f„, ,M.„ „„,„,„ :lt ttlIt „ u ;t lu( (! MiA
drunkards, I ronfexs that I have
viewed with indignation the prospect
held out to the OermuiiK. t<ntitllng
them to say: "l»ook at the British;
wkftro In their patriotism—where l«
their interest In the war? It has be-
conn.' neecBsary for thn (loverniiwnt
to close (ivery pubHe-lv>ini" I" the country In order to obtain the uet'c-wiiry
supply of munitions of war?'' I have
said before, ami I repeat, that if sucb
a charge .be true, then Indeed we are a
decadent rare, and we deserve to be
wiped off the face of the earth.
No doubt there ha* been »ome
Mhortdgu iu production, but the causes
hnvo been special, and I believe lhat
at llie present tint* Ihere hi« been a
great ttprodtng up Iu the vurloux >ardt*
aiid shops, and that so far an the pre*
'sent capacity of the existing works Is
">!f-*crr.rd, tin? output Ik nu* ..atihfdc
lory on both sides of tbo border.   But
I   'It' '   [' ii   * I',.,-      .,,-*,*   .....    ...il.   .*-•**
thorite*, immediately on the outbreak
ot a ar, roititniiiideer ivery factory in
!!)•• ;,i;..l i,«i,j.u!i; of turning aux.■munitions of war? I know that Mr. As-
Oiilili fells us tbat In September last
lie Mpiioltifed « eomrolttee to deal with
the insurr. But whst did the rem-
mittee (!■>? Wr aro bttvltip Um much
(iovi rrimrnt by Committee. Wbat Ii
ibe Wsr Office for if not. i»> time of
wsr, to be prepared with lb* neeesiarv
me-inx of warfare? And tbe ■*ihii«»
rein-ark applies to the AdmlMlty. And
wh.it about lha? t'omml't,•*- uf Imper
Ul lH'fnir<. Uiul ii«« fo -fH-ret j? »ieh
CITV   Qf   FtHMfc
f       The     .J* IS IT,    pUkSi'i
* A*-,iin*,t i.A, ,7 I -'"■."• *-»--«. •>'»» i lw. ecu rxiiUft at an. u in n mv.*i mm \ , ■■■--•-■-•.•■■-■—>"■-->..
in B0fkaj^,!ShS^LBnW^,i?,,'W.,,nl0i««,>'?«l>' »"»»«"• ""*»«" «f '"' m«Mrlta«w(f wry doa «r H
lb? .Tliu 'tm ambulance, riereiised was a tu*. m,i fcnua,u »n at.-I that it nm% be 1m.h pu"» *{ u,»"w *»»b»u the li
*l$%\tt^*t£^ tn^J^lt'ltf „f vnnto. *r tbt* «„
• i*utI***,* *■)«***;* ml iu*-' tiititiirx   aim,™'? Y .   * A        '
nit.:.*;i —-— ——— t,y.,. ,. .,*,..    , i , ,*• ■
«ta««-~S.t *
■ur, u. !i-*i-
hltrti whlrh
unit* ot the
*tit*r  rit**.***-
*i*m «' bin a
toll**tlim,*l *-
Mrs. Bo*'<-   (M linen, tonteniaUoti*,
irmi'oTlim "^rkuaclaas aad baajitwage sysiwa Is vary well demoa-|   The osmoa of ths Intaras srt: f   foplUJilnn Mntrnyn Anm-M ban4
bey a« lba rsal aagtenioa of tbe «s, aad othar cbsriublo taalftivtama Rwtltok, John Bksrsdulk. John tf area-
i«Sw^«nio««idi«lSrei^wlwaf» forp^^ 1-  Kolncbok.  T.
tbt eaae ot ■ rafrtgwater lew ti «mi. I «t, ff. Kotfif ICaal Ctteil. Tarn Ko*^
■••mi; la tk* caaa of tit watt alava kl 3. ISeryM. A Ko*>r. Nick Blnaweb,
Nlbte wnd forlllve mlnorl'y.    TbM». tl
jthoaith    tbrovgbotit   hl«    Newcastle
f.    Dont' torpel tbat ml! Tw* Miitt-t%' \*v**^.i th* Wim.- M^jiASu'Leur «**.«.*
1 Uoeaaea
May. '   "(Woyd
I --     jiua.iLiLL.-u. .... ......   A    :r ''   f *    It      Af Y*W !1 '"■     f*i>'-'*ri*-     ft
>»"■••,•  nf  F,*rn
in h mnn al
Th *'ieT   '-'\f1.i   ('(IK   Or
or o?bf rwlie, «hall
**m* ennmim nt om «lae*.
list M*x*jmrn ut uhiiws wm
«««••••« ani mm bm turn tm
PMlod, Mafti tit eaaiullst ela« In
wtrUra olom baeamat eleaiee.   -11m
mmm tSomom tto tmaMtiM
ol ibe Com -Uwt woaW H*f»«J*» ^»*
dUkm»wtrsaadlydl«a»»e*«ted.   Tto
only adrantage tntt tM teerea^c or
mw* la iwwiwttwr eiwimeiHttaa»»
It tb* w»mwilkii» tt ttoit tpmtmmWm
win wromaKwat.
Tbt nnt Wtoetl fttty, mWn o
mm mmm-mm «***«*!%
ttxUhot party, *aa a«««ebt«l a*d
■stay r*faot Mtta,    T* ttt
bla eaargy hi fmetrftd ly tbla aotp
tit sttpmat It tto taw eaae ot pre-
serving. I do got aappoea, la gntttl
tban tit otbnr, al nop ml* tto ptttm
wipiv IP ilPR mk-mm
Afcmg etmaa ito letta-we Of ontHotf,
tbe H flomsrs, will *» «M, age paa-
■mm. letlng Hit a mat It lot tM
at furty, llu. nynum hmtl ■*** (M *»»>•«*
kiAd ol a nwtara atom tto wn ott
slam «mld Mva Mr Nwry lit tttt ef
tMr mm nt a i*wa*l far hart -mart.
Tban tbart ls gavaramaat tasaraaeev
egplre on the .1J»t day of referred to ib« l»rlnlt <jues?Ion. Mr
Sllaa J. Andre   200 mouth wipe*, 171 May. jUoyd Ueorae Is itHl eonvinred that if
bandagr», --—   ■■ ■-■■* -
^.^im-titiPbpmb POULTRY AND W
Ttony Kotaryek. Mike Dotgsb, Westyl
Ramla. ioba Tlpes. Tto last-aaaMd
iTipeel it from IteHartt. aii to band-
otibonomot IttM oott to tbe sotb-
orltlet teto fbrwariti le bla wife. Ow.
tot to tbm loom nt thnn tt taken to
tttd military grtteatra from ftbta dla-. _,..,
tHet te rerawn tto demmtton etwip for! low *m*r* li n tr>r t«»i
nit points from Nttmm aaat Is oow j   «¥rs. Wly—1 pair «**•**
mpwwW)-.^w-BWJ|Wi| 'W^Aomm
will bave ro be deal? wilh In s dnstv
manner. Parsoaally, f ihinb he h*#
been ronilderabty misled, *
Certainly, If Ihe future* «i««fed by
Mr. A»»i»ith are rorreet, tbe Tyrse
werker* nr* fmtllna up a splendid re-
pair* torbn and fiM.
Xtrtea l^rnle Hospital—II tondat
•*„.     «...      v   t   ..„..„-.   . i«0fl 8aw««ay evening last, Mr. J. H.
Mlaa Meftary'a aeboof eblldref- 1 Terry, Cbltf Poultry fasiroctor. lie-
doven ptlrto^s, , partmeat of Aarlculture vtetorl* lee.
Mft. namea-nialr aocka, tared io. »#Iia«e»dedmt#tlag^i£|«H. whilst I am deligbted: it knowi ^Tn^m ^"'^r^f
IPbnloVpntirt nnt r*tntnep .Hvyla   m* """*'• mr vh1   M «•• "!y 1" the  a'*tmr4 ol a* itroiMi
I no2' .Jle *^*0,w, «• k«»<«M and rait j '»«* »*»**«» b»*«reaitt#f*d • Marked | aSttl u{3fa ^1n; t^**w
! aad rwdMi of ebleks.     At Ut* i*BJ Improvement.     R« toot, bn*****-* »• ■'
,'*;:aiit»u uf U,. atMte** be nnt* a de-!*»rm bsr»' " »adde» mtlm ot mor* o*
luoutirntima oa fciliiag and placklaa «lf*" «t»blMtd andeamai workera. tara
JUre. ». <M. Toang 1% Ib. wort,
Vtvi, tt'icttaiitatt  -11 ptaii* sock*,
Mra. W. B. Wiisoa - it abetta, • pit-
'■-;- --.  .■"..-).v.: u... *.■",
%-X.iAi fer ea»-h 4o« -'>
IS.OO for mt-b Mlrh
be entitled to receive a Bag Tm, ami
Ihe dot or bitch for wbkb *uch Betas*
fee Is paid shall have around hi* or
her nttk a roilnt or strap to which
«ball be attached the before mention-
ed liott Tsa. ind any top or btieb
found,  uot wearing track Tag shall
t-mmvjH it,,,)  ,lf
»posea oi a* i>re*l4*4 by  Hy«l*w
T*et License B*
i«t*    •»> U**- t |i j trt derate
.Volk** In hereby giftb tbat nil per-
Mm tm*. ar.—l pt. atwto,
Mra. L**f. Jr.—f pr. mtbi,
Trliea-WoAd Ct—* dot** pr. seeks.
Tbe a«R regetar meeilBr »f ibe Asao | '** m*>r»y to wbleb tbey are assent
Saturday, May Ua«V waa Bock Day i   X W.
and   Ale*
atgrniiii"to totw aB*riat*d tb* w>f»-t   Ssturdsy. «i       ._ .
*mWm^ito*bl^lto*t0*™ Katgbts ot Pythian,
twat pay a atoit AtAm bmmom '-   "   m"
tbt wwftora' --bttefit.    uwiiy
III    fMfgattat * lififflg tml w
out.    Uoy* Oeome atowa, aa a re- aofdltra will to red|d«nts
taeiwetr {<afce* $lt<* la ttot <fty US* *e*k.
.elatlMi will to toid'«i"~fWiday, "iwt I «««**• »•■ *m tomWAfo Ut* a w* f Jf*' *^[ Vke^lnm im^a rlm'tlt
W. In ragram'a Hall f •»»• ^«««»»< of *ieml»t drleklgg.      ! ;J^<St,:; %fi? ™n?4  JwJiiS
I __ But It la welt lhat Mr. A*»»itb basi;!V.21 "i   mn °*B*fl* ********
Bennett. «r»ad f!bat**Har of*    .   ,      ^     -——- \»piAen      Ul*  »im**h  will  o»t oalf -Af v*™!*™ ■«• nnntr*-
h tnmmmimm tbm Unt ot mmal-hbt*** ti*^, h^rt tit mr vth'-' *m> -J.1U' *      «T,,   .:
Ckkf of l-dlif*
TO BUST  I «mforub;e two-room**
Ulark; thtn* to town.     Apply, A. tl.
aad ar* not a nation of tblrtert and!B*r»*. * Balroa Ave
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° *•?     . .      .    f I mn; the reeenl strike, jnstiiies the belief that it has
for the execution of all kinds of book, job andjbmi (mlpml that t, t b   ,onvi(4cil .,,_
i • °
color work.   Mail orders receive special attention, j i-,ss 0e t|„. f.l(.t !1S to wliellior or not tliey are guilty;
Address all communications to the District Ledger, j t|u, Sl.it>l.tion of lhe jury, tlie attitude of ihose who
J. W. BENNETT, j administer the law, the testimony of witnesses who
Keileral-Government as well guarantees to every
citizen charged with the commission of a crime, a
fair and impartial trial; and
" Whereas, The conduct of the eases by the prosecution iu Colorado against John R. Lawson. David
Kohb. Hen Richardson, Louis Zancanelli and others
who are either members of the I'nited Mine AVork-
Connor on the Fallacy
of Reform "'
>,      —-
< (CfiuUnued fvuin P:ige Out-)
Telephone No. 48
Post Office Box No. 380
xyeiv in th.e employ of theVoal operators and the
fiudin-Jj of verdicts wliich are unsupported.by-the
evidence submitted, all justify this conclusion; and
"'Whereas, We are convinced that the prosecution
of these men is nothing more than persecution because (hey are and have been identified with the
I "nil ***l Aline Workers of America: this belief is
justified because the authorities in Colorado have
never brought  to justice a single individual  who
!)Uhii, ,„»„! that MUcstioiiK uiider other enmlitionsi ^.^ ))(i ^.^ o|. ^ aln,(.k)US nmi.tUl|. () ft|li, .viy(1<
v,-hieh would have been considcml its momentous' j|m| (.|(i,(lmi- l)f ,,ie stl,ikilljr lllilu>1.s .,, \A*{]\()W. ,„
are now ignored if not. entirely overlooked. j ^ sI|.|mi, ()|. (.„i0,.mirt ,|1(> p,M.1)et,.„lors 0f that hor-
la 1<I14 the Oovernmenl of IrelandAct was pass-; ^^ ^.^ Mm iVin;iJM mi|)|1|lislu>(,. (!imif()1.(.. |J(1
cd and found its way an the Slalute Hook on thej jt
ISth o£Spetemher,j|,"'On and after the "appointed j     ..K(iSolvo(li   thnl   lh
The subject incident to the war have so filled I he I
Piles two Years
Cured by
Ireland an  Irish Parliament
International   Executive
dav there shall lie in irciauu .m  n.**„ , „• nom....   ,,       , ...
■'" .   .       ,. ,1.   ,,   . ,    ... , i »0l,l,« i-t'in-esontniB directly oOO.OOO mine workers
eonsisting ol His Alalestv tne King, and two houses. I ,. ,     , .,     .
.   •':.-,..   Q-   ,*      i.i     i • i   ii ,.lhrougli(>til lhe Anieriean cont mnit protest against
namely, the  Irish Senate and the Irish  House oi
Commons/' So runs the-opening clause of this
long deferred act. The ''appointed day" i.s defined in the Act as "the first Tuesday in the eighth
month after the month in which the Act is passed."
Hence, as the Act was passed in September, it
should have come into operation on the fir.st Tuesday in .'May. ''.The Irish'Parliament" so runs the
act. "shall be summoned to meet not later than
four months after the said Tuesday.     According lo
the action of those in Colorndo wlio are prosecut-
i ing our fellow workers; that we call upn all those
, in Colorado who are prosecuting our fellow work-
■ ers; tliat we call upn all those who believe in main-
i laming for each and every person all the rights
; gunranleeed him by law. to join with us in this
, solemn and emphatic protest; and be. it further
!     "Resolved, That we call upon our Local Unions.
1 Sub-District and District organizations to hold pro-
i test  meetings and adopt  suitable resolutions de-
tliis■ the dreams of the restoration of a Parliament   manding that i'-qual and exact justice lie accorded
in  Dublin should be realized not  later than  next i our fellow workmen in Colorado when brought lo
September,hence if between now and lhat date the j trial for alleged offenses with which they are or
:'.,*'-,.'     ii*'       ;., i,.-.l..,,,! ,.,;n i liave been charged: and he it further
war is brought to a close elections in Ireland Willi r-
be prominently in the lime light.
"Resolved, that we extend to John K. Lawson.
David Robb. Hen Richardson. Louis Zancanelli and
suit of suoh legislation, a wouderful
im-provemeiit in the Exchequer but no
one has been able to prove that it
decreased the unemployed problem or
gave the workers a greater share of
their product.
During the early factory peniod in
England women and children were
hired in such large numbers that, as
ono Dr. Aiksn stated in 1795: "As a
result of improved machinery, domestic life was seriously endangered on
acruint of fem.ite labor in ..he- factories " Laws against child labor have
been enacted. Why? VtecaiiKe continued exploitation of children would
ireah physical degen^raty ot ui-j slave,
in other words, would mean thc death
of the goose that lays the golden egg.
Then tite reformer gets busy exposing
the horrors of child labor and the
workers begin tq look around and
agree with him. They think he is a
marvellous Individual, he is so clever
and sympathetic, 'nut if one of thrown class, who has been looking
around at conditions, digging beneath
ihe surface of things, gets out and
titles to expose the attitude of these
reform movements, the working class
will say that he is too radical. The
working class must realize that the
joib they worship so" religiously is crucifying them. It is not a job they ■
need, but the knowledge that they produce the wealth of the world, that
• there are facilities of production In existence to enable the working class to
produce more than epough food, clothing and shelter, to supply the wants of
every man, woman and child.
The voters of B. C. have been asked
to  build   railroads  at every election
past; these railroads have been built!
and the B. C. voters are no better off, i
Railroad policies should interest only i
those who own them. j
Compensation acts are to compen-i
sate those who produce the wealth of
the. world. There, is no clause In these
acts for injured politicians, stock exchange patrons, shareholders in the
Standard Oil, or the C. P. R„ but those
who run the industries of this country
are' to be compensated by those who
do nothing but live on the wealth that
the working class produce. Just
fancy a couple of robbers holding you
up for a hundred "bones," and just as
they were getting away assistance
comes and holds theni up. Would you
make a settlement to let them off if
they gave you ten dollars? Why!
you would want the whole cheese back
and you wouldn't be satisfied till you
got it. Well, capitalism exploits from
the working class all the wealth they
produce and gives them back wages
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This question has been the means of keeping one j "^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^ Co]w,u]o ohtlI.g4.d
.section of the Irish aiTiiyeil against the other i'<-»"jw;||, |]l(l ,-onilVssioii of criminal acts, our sincere
vears past, ainl now that, it is practically a fonsum- j Kyni]>athy and we pledge to theni the best lcpal de-
matioa. the workers of Ireland will find their Von-: fense obtainable and our'best efforts to secure for
*   *   *.,   ,     ,       .  .... L    , ,  .     ,    .,   „ 4ll„i     Signed on heha     nf tlie international hxeeutive
Ihose born in Ireland -tcKwJiat obtained when tht*
much hated Sassanney was in the saddle.
i Hoard. I'liiteil Mine Workers of America.
| .JOHN l\ WIIITF, President,
\ KKAXK .]. 11AYKS, Vice-President
                                    j \\y\. (SKKKN*. Secretary-Treasurer.
One of. the problems mnfrouliiiK the authorities;  „	
.      .   !
'-rowinu out <>f the internment of alien enemies is'        .       ... imi        i»  •*   i ■**•     h.   ,
" ■       " -       ; Io Uie Ollicers and .Members. I mted Mine Workers
the menus'.-i beadopied for the welfare  of depend-1    ,,l'Aiueriea.
inis of these men. I Urol hers.—We  are  highly  pleased to advise
Among the hvonty-tliree men who were taken j you th.i! the strike in Eastern Ohio is at an end
from here Sat unlay last mul interned at l.cthliridge ji:l"' >''"J "'«* l,iiv<' wiuMhe most clear cut and <le-
,    . i   i-i,!,., „   i;,.;.,.,. ;,J"'isive victory ever achieved in lhe history of our
are several whose wives and children are minjr in .....
,   \     '.      ,   ., , ,,   ,  ,,    ! organizahoii.      I'or  iotirtecn   months  more  than
lhe eiiiiiiis or the (rows Nest, and imw thai the ..,.,.... , . ,        , ... . ,      ,.     ,,
1 , 1.1,'HMi miners have been on strike, asking ior the
breadwinner is taken away tliey are left stranded., t.nj,,Vint.,jt (lf the ri-lis guaranteed them under the
save for such slender resources as the husband awl; provisions of the (liven Anti-Serecn Iji-nv. The
fallier may have handed over to tliem. The posi-1 nijiveiiii'iii jnsi concluded provides for the mine-
tion of these un fort una tes demands immediate at-'ni!1 method ,.f weighing .-((al and the mine-run price,
.    .. . I'or which they are contending.     These were the
.... . ,. ,.     Iwn cardinal principles lur which 1hev longln ami
AVe ivu ize that in attempting 1n g»'t out id the .  .    .       ,
1 sacriliced iliiriiig tins lung and Irving tnuteNl.
eniiiitrv thev wore breaking the law, but we knuw
in s. vend inslauees their object iu so doing was lo      " m,.ls l'" '";l"';'»;«.v 1*™W «•• «»■- «"■'»«>•■" «•'
, . „  ,    .....   ' our union mul their lrieinK evervwlu-iv lo know
seek   eiiiji ovmellt   elsewhere,   because   ot   inability,        .... ,       i       i i  .  i       ■,   i
1    ■ thnl the iiiine-i'iin syslem has been completely I'stiil)-
to obtain it on this side of the line. : ,jH,MM, ,|,ni,IB|H„l} 0|litli      T,,jN NtHU(1 ,,„„,,, ,|0|
Tlie no     '        ' -en anvsled «n account of lhe i |,11Ve b i won had it not lieen for the splendid en-
iiifractiun; the punishment for m» doing is intern j eperaliuii given by (he mine workers of the entire
ineiit during the win-, bul that their ilependentuI country. The money rained liy llu*■ fifty cent per
should .suffer is contrary to lhe laws of humanity, month assessment enabled the striking miners of
Owinir tu the difficulties some of the-i prisoners of \ Knsleru Ohio tu chiy.v un the i'ight mai', su,..^
xxur i„av h,,v, in mj.kl-.g ilieiv plaiuls know., luwm "Haiiied. All. therefore, can rejoice in the
Knglish," we would urge upon tl.e military authuri-! Kn»Ht.viiiir uutcni.ie.
tie, the necessity of eturatfiug an interpreter I,, as- w,. appreciate llie HiicrilVi"* ymi have made. On
certain from every intern where hts dependents are;,,, uni of very pour working in many mining sec-
mid Wing eurrohurated the *!nleiuent*. in Iln.'j lions, the payineiil of the firty cents per inontli as-
eases .»f those resident iu t'muidii, they will become nomhiiiciiI Iiiih been not miiv hnrdeliKmne Imt a mieri-
wards (if the Ouminiun, ; fi,-,. us well. We Imve lieen desirous of disiuntiuu-
-•-- •-■- I ing the payment uf this assessment at 1he earliest
GUILTY OF FIGHTING FOE THE WORKERS' |Mlswji,|,. o.ument. At lhe pivseiit. however, many
INTERESTS                                   ; inentbels iif our oriraiiization Mre lieilig lirowcllled
 •-•■-"- in Cnlurado for alleired erinies.      We will afford
Tin- arrests and imposition of lengthy pri«*-m sen-i ,j,,,m ,„.,.rv legal prueethut within our )xt*wt>r.    In
tet s upon .lohn It. Lawson. Iliivid Huhli. Hen i addition we find it neeesnry to *ii|»|»ly further re-
Itiehu'dsuii. and l.uiiis Xaticatielli he.-aiise uf ne-; jj,,f J(l ,|„. f„H,jji,.H ,-f the striking miners in Eastern
tivities on behalf «»f members uf tlieir own class; c»lti«» for a few weeks at leant until a general re I
in Oi.« iiijjin- troubles uf 1'uluradu. which htid fm its %l,iM|Hiou <»f work taken |»lm-t».
wlio wish to protest ajr^inst the insti
with  which  they can  buy their hay' tutions bf cnpitalisih can do so
throw of capitalism cannot represent
the interests of ibe c'ass consjc.io.is
jiroletariau. Between them the workers who have the power to decide-a: c
in the same position as the chlclcen
would be If it was asked whether it
would have its head chopped off with a
single bladed axe or a double bladed
The slogan of the Socialist Party of
Canada is Education; study Socialist
literature; forget these American expressions such as "I should worry,"
"Let George do it," because George
won't do it. The working class must
understand that no one will emancipate them; they must,-do it themselves.
At the coming elections those of you
and oats. When election time comes
with the great variety of parties and
a greater variety of promises, anywhere from a railroad policy for the
benefit of some railroad magnates, to
free passes on the trains for the unemployed to take advantage of when
searching for the elusive job, the work-
is time tq sdve'the other fellow a chance
Instead of realizing that there Is nothing but the straight revolutionary ticket that can express their class interest. Don't leave it to anyone else
to do your thinking, use your own think
Liberal,   Conservative,   Republican,
Democrat, or any other party with
Remember! lt is more intelligent to vote
for what you, want even if you don't
get it, than to vote for what you don't
want and get It..—TOM COXXOR.
Classified Ads.—Cent a Word
Beware of
Sold on the
Merits pf
Minarti s
RIDERS WANTED as agents for our
high grade bicycles. Write for low
hist years hens for sale.   Apply, K.
demand more immediate than the over- Kennedy, .McPherson Ave, Fernie.
We=Are~^eady=to: Scratch.
FRIDAY, MAY 28th,  1915
The Honor ofthe Qrmsby's
The Stool Pigeon
Three $5 Gold Pieces
A good show not sometime, but all the time
:he isis concert orchestra
Equal to any in B. C.
off you* bill any item ot lumber «<-■
found Just as we represented. Pber
la uo hocua pocus tu
This Lumber Business
When,you ^&ift spruce we do r-n
Mind you hemlock. When you buj
(Irst-clasB lumber we don't slip ln t
lot of culls. Those who buy onco frotr
us always como agalu. Those wm
have not yet mado our acquaintan:u
ire inking chuncfes tlioy 'wouldn't en
counter If tbey bougbi tbelr lumbe:
Garden Tools
Lawn Hose
Screen Doors
& Windows?
A Complete   Line   of
Paints,   Varnishes   &
Hardware  and  Furniture
'Phone 37
B. C.
Full supply of following
for an appetizing meal to
choose frdm.
Beef, Pork, Mutton
Poultry, Butter
and Eggs
— Dealers I
Try-our Camtjfltfge-5au»^"
ages  for tomorrow's  breakfast.
Calgary Cattle Co.
Phone 56 'Wood 8treet
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash ana
Doors. SPECIALTIES—Mouldings
Turnings. Brackets, and Detail Work
OFFICE AND YARD—McPherson ave.
Opposite Q. N. Depot. P.O. Box 82,
Phone 23,
A. Macnell 8. Banwell
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Notaries,  Ete.
Offices:   Ground Floor, Bank of
{ Hamilton   Bulldfng Fernie, B. C.
F. C. Lawe.
Alex. I. Fisher
Pernie, B. C.
t'liim,.,   ■*.    * ■* .it,.**."
rein   tn'iui tt .ttt't i "
»,,,.*.» OfV<
'JB^aiBW^Kt-H'!::.?: i .uA.i\<s..-i .i',e&&j&,
Waldorf Hotel
Mrs. S. Jennings, Prop. L. A. Mills, Manager
Mtmi a la Carlo
Special Rate Board and Room by the week or month
Locals District 18
Euroj*tn Man torn RaUt
50c ft Upward!
American Haa tatas
ItJO ft Opwirii
Wi-, Hu'-n'ttirt' itilviM' yon llial liu» lilly jm-t «•(»»!
!'.H4. <«il«ttiM |M-"Vf !»• tin* mi.*! <*,l»tuw Until I-i. Jrill    ' .,.,,,,.        ..       i ,    ,.
n.itv Im'iiik (mid will he <iM-NmtiiitHHi nn iuul afNr
.Inly Nl. 1015.   All l««'«l union* will p»y thin mmm-
i.i,-ul null) that tiuii1. ;iiid illl Ini'iil tlllioiii wlln lire ill
nrrour* pre r*i\mm,f\'ia pny whnt th-ry tm* mum*-1 ♦**«  -utriwwkMii
,!,,,,,lv • llttl Otaawrt..
nl wi.vmik:   TIhivhoim- U\* un il**- ri.1t ami j»<nw*
ful mi.l ftii.ttlK'f for tin* |nnir
llli-    r<-MMtllHM,    |ft»»ll"«l    Itllltt    t,V.h1««,M.t> .    t.i      ..*,.-
\u* «tU'li<>l carefully ami thfii m*t<'il u]iiHi «*x|»**«l»-
Tin' M-rioiix crime t *) tln'<,- mot lunv Im»i«»i i-lmrtf-
• il wilh i» their rt'txl mi hflinlf of tin* iiiiiiir«. lii*»*r«*-
tiirc, i*. ,*, ',\,f \i*ti*:t,\* u tl.i'*;, -*t .*'.!■<;],: *s;,ii'V<'r tn mily
t.t their «iUtn*<ir! iti •*#*n»|»1ii*fi*i-«» with the iiffickl Vir*
i iil.n'.
The foll»«iim resolution wn* HimiimioHxh «i|i»|ti-
,,| hy tiie Iiil»ri»«lioiMl Kx'iutivt' Hoard at ix xxit**t-i
inir "it Mny ITith,'101S; I
"Wkwu-i, Thf ortiani*' Imw* of all ntntm -mini lh«'
lit   l**miiiim*m*' .....J- S'S-L-mlij, Vmiuiihi-idi, Aiiit.
ttt   tinnt*t jLkonb i* UonAbton, Bmvnr Cr*ek, vl* riacher. Alu.
491   fait****  Hmm ftarkft, Box tt. IMlevtM,, Alt*
u«s  nialrmor* -,  Wm. Archer, Blalraore, Alta
90  Ounuls T. 0. Harrt-M, Putshtiri, hhn
,,,,, *. Jm»»*w»»*»«, *t^k*tt*it»'*i.ti-, i,m*immmm, th.**. ,.
,,, >lkts»l Warrtn, Canmore, AMa.
mt  Colewan i. tbbooum, Coltbwb. Alt*.
numtiilttti' tin* atrikinR miner* of Knmi.»rvi jit1» 0««» «,** *. Oarbltt. CSortrta, D.C.   .
K ' um,  Chtnoofc MWii....'  P. 8wm«w». Chinook Mines. Commerce. Alt.
ISH   f*ral» !*•* ^*,»,» !"•'■•* »■ &
1W  thmnlr  ttmn Morpno, Frank, Alt*.
IMl  1 tmtsiwt • •Mack 8tigler, HUlcrwL Alta
We vn
Ohio upon thp'ir loynlty lo the orjwnuMttion nml lhi»
Hf*,r,1 **t *<»lhl»rity whii'h thi'V h*v«» tlinpliiyeil,    \Xe
thank eaeh nnd every ineinlH-r of our on|Htii/.«tioli
■,.,r iii- <<»-*>,t.-i'HUtiit .nut :-.u*,iiinrl will-It th'-y hn*-
s., ^eiiertitmly jriveu.
Krulernnlly your*.
.IOHX P. WIIITK. IVeni.lellt.
AM  tillKKK, Hecre'.j^ry-TveiHUvet*
t'l   LetM>rM«u*
W  PnnettrV, tin* ?4, t#«i!irt(tr», kiln
tm I^*W)rk»f« C5»lllf«'l#«....Fmik P«rrtiif|i«, CoaJhurK Alia.
ttll itnptn Ijot     T. u. lUrrle*. PsMtmrg. Alta.
t%U Stic**!... Rlelisrl Beard, Mlefeeh B. C.
tass Pae^wnr T, G. Rartio*. Paa*%tn. AMa.
lit tnbtr.,, A- W*Mf*oi, IMtr, AKa, '
1,t*t r,*onytf,wn, Cnerrer* ..Mnt Hwrt#r, tlto¥tt*lown. tinontom, OPto
m; Hrnteno Mtatw f»»- 0«»sh*r, Kot&npt, vU Uoeky Mm*tal*
noun. Albert*.
pmZ.&*  UxmmpA. rSuUt:«2. IfeW, !?5. ..f?..? 2». Wvfl Tor**
1760.00 (kroontd, plailarad Hooaa, lot W x U0, Farnia Aa-
sex. Tama: $100 cMh; balanot tt rant,
11890.00 Two Hetuaa oil lot 60 x IM, McPherson kto, near
Baptist Church. Tama:  part,caah payment; balanca
* aa rant. '
1X0.00 5-roomctl uw<ftm Boaw.Howhmd krttttm.  ttmk S3 *
Imw Mft flSlll! l«*t*itiMi yrHt    '.   * '
onwpm^^-m*m m   ■^i^v w  ^w^ppp* i   ■^'iw^^p-i^^'v^f   w^^ •^p-iw^v
176000  Two Afferent propeitiet on Vktuik Av«nu*.   Will
•all at tWa price on aaay tarma.
1660,00  Lot «0 a 1». Block 3, Victoria Atanta
M** m mmm .a ^tPttOM ff|J
P mmm •-■■^ i-^fc.*-^-*>***.m ^m BiJl
^m      ^mt^^-n^m^m*     ^motmmm.9^mo^moommmr    ^mmm    -w ^p mm^^LW -hp^v
tott wkht oty* rtomw
*     m     '     WMWUttK,U.C
tuJjW:ni - ^W\
♦ ♦♦*'p.^ ±♦ __   1-L     ~ '    ' ^M^'M), 1915
n'\ VA' ' v;i'    v      "^^ ^^, ^^ ^^ ^F* ^^ ^Hf ♦'^p <^ -4^ ^<^ *^^ **,*^^ ^^ a.' ^^ ^^ i^,*^ .^   ■-*-• '   J " t ''       ' ■ ^w^—,*■■■.■■■■■■—__^__
Will* Title Deeds, Mortgages, Insurance Polidei
or other valuables in one of these boxes
P. B.<Fowler, Manager Fernie Branch
Imperial Bank of Canada
.$7,000,000       Reserve Fund ....$7,000,000
Capital Paid Up
PELEG HOWLAND, Esq., President   ELIAS ROGERS, Esq., Vice-Pres.
Arrowhead, Athalmer, Chase, Cranbrook, Fernie, Golden, Invermere,
Natal, Nelson, Revelstoke, Van couvfcr, Victoria.
Interest allowed on deposits at current rate from date of deposit.
Home Bank
o.'n.ajNA^ Qg4
Head Office, Toronto James Mason, General Manager
Branches and connections throughout Canada
Open it current or cheque nceoonl with the Home Bank and
pay vtniv housekeeping ur pergonal hills, hy chwjue.   This is a
moiv hiisiiiess-like method than paying u-ith cash out of hand.
Your rcturno-d cheques arc receipts for thc amount paid.
J. F. MACDONALD, Manager——
Are You Going to Europe?
Sec the Great Northern Agent, lie can arrange your rail
and steamship booking over any line yo uwish to travel
cheaply and quickly. Passenger train for main line leaves
Fernie ]0..*J0. Passenger from main line arrives p.30 a.m.
Train daily except Sundays. We connect with G.N.RS.S.
himis. Great Northern and Northern Pacific at Portland
and San Francisco and the Fair.
We solicit your KXIMIKSS
and KKKK.'IIT business to all
J. E. COLE, Agent, Pernie
Box 438 Phone 101
♦ ♦
P        COAL CREEK NOTES        ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦ -**•**♦. a. •*■*■* m -**»
A wave ojf. prosperity struck the
camp last week, the mines working
five shifts straight. Wednesday was
an idle day.
■The football club entertained Fernie
club on Saturday last, and William Porter, of Michel, handled   the   whistle.
The game was not without its incitl-,
euts, but Coal Creek won by 5—0.
Sir. and .Mrs. T.Barnes and family,
of ..Michel, were the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J. Worthington, Coyote street,
during the week-end.
Supt, .Caufield and family paid a
visit to iMichel during the week-end,
returning to camp on Monday.
Owing to the lengthy programme of
events scheduled for the sports, and
the , inclemency of the .weather,, the
pommltt.ee decided to iiold the heavy
and light weight wrestling competitions on Thursday evening, commencing at 7 o'clock. Wm. Collier will
Born—To 'Mr. and -Mrs. Wm. Davidson, Hallway View, Sunday, a daughter.
Mother and child well.
General iMauager Wilson visited the
sports field on Monday and donated
$10 to each of the stalls on the field
to enable the children assembled to be
regaled with candies, ice cream, etc.
The kiddies were loud in their appreciation. .Mr. Wilson also presented
a prize of $5 for the ambulance competition.
Fernie-Coal. Creek Excelsior Band enlivened the proceedings at the sports
up here on Monday. Marked improvement was noticed in the band since
their last visit.
The music for the dance held in the
Club Hall on Monday evening was rendered by Miss Townsend (piano), and
Messrs. McLeod and Page, 1st and 2nd
violin respeceively. The wee sma'
hoors saw the close of an enjoyablp
Don't fail to see the children in the
patriotic flag drill at the grand concert
on Wednesday, June 9th. Tickets
now on sale.
The news of Italy's declaration of
war with Austria was celebrated up
here by the Italian community; many
of the other nationalities helping them
Church Notices
•Methodist Church—2..10 p.m., Sunday
school nnd Bible class; 7,:!0 p.m.. Gospel service by supply.
Presbyterian Church.—2.30 p.m.,
Sunday School; T.30 Service by Mr.
Kay, student missioner of Saskatchewan.
Rorn—To.Mr. and Mrs. Dave Martin,
a daughter. _ j	
for mat and cushion that were raffled
recntlv r,l Coal Creek by Mr. Oreen:
Mat, Vo. 2:1; Cushion. Xo. -!4. We regret ihat owing to the figures belnn
mislaid they have not been published
Do colds settle on your chest or ia your
bronchial tubes ? Do coughs haiiff on, or
are you subject to throat troubles?
Such troubles should have immediate
treatment with the rare curative powers
of Scott's Emulsion to guard against
consumption which so easily follows.
Scott's Emulsion contains pure cod liven
oil whfth peculiarly strengthens the respiratory tract and improves the quality of
the blood; the glycerine in it soothes and
he.ils the tender membranes of the throat.
Scott's is prescribed by the best'special-
ists.  , You can get it at any drug store.
Scott & Bonne. Toronto, Out
3rd Team—Ed. Harrison (capt), W.
Branch, J.. Millinan, Ike Hale,' and J.
Young (patient).
Dr. Burnett then gave the tests as
follows, "all teams having the same
test: ,. *..''■'..■;'.
1st., Test—Fractured lower jaw and
broken ribs right side.
2nd Test—-Fractured right forearm
and hemorrhage from wound above left
ear.^'     ■" „ v '•■■■]
3rd Test—Fractured thigh, crushed
right hand and wound iii forehead.
Removing patient home on stretcher,
via stone wail and other obstacles.
4th Test—-Artificial respiration; man
in state of insensibility pulled from
The awards were made a? follows;
1st Team—100 points, 1st prize..
2nd and 3rd Teams—98 points each;
divided 2nd and 3rd prize. •
(Mr. W. R, Wilson donated the 3rd
pnlze, $5JO. '
The efforts of the contestants reflect great credit upon all concerned,
and we hope the competitive spirit wall
stimulate them to still further achieve-*
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
„ A public meeting under the auspices
of the Liberal Association was held in
tlie Opera .House on Wednesday eveu-
ing. The Hon. Chas. Stewart, Minister
of Public Works, was fhe speaker of
the evening, and in the course of his
remarks touched upon everything and
anything hut the all absorbing question
of the day and a solution to the unemployment general all over the country.
The Union Sports were held on the
athletic grounds on Monday in showery weather, which somewhat cleared
away as the day wore on. The following were the winners in the different
events:, .'.:•'''.
Girls' race (14 years)—E. Morris, L. i
Johnston. ■        • I
Girls' race (12 years)—-H. Perdue, L.
Girls' race (10 years)—L. McVey, C.
Coal made
but it'
■   •.
made it famous
Thc following Is a list of events and
Girls' handicap (11 to 11 years), 10ft
yards—I Elsie MuBall. 2-Ma,y Hughes,
A Ivy Puckey.
Girls' Handicap (S to 11 years) 75
arils—I neatty Coughlln. 2 G. Lamont,
311. Halle.
Girls' Handicap (fi to 8 yearn.', 50
yards—1 K, Hesketh, 2 P. Atherton, :i
I). Honrdman.
Girls' Handicap (f> years and under)
2." yard*—1 A. Marchnnt,2 M. Reed, 3,
M. Millburn.
Kpn and Spoon Raco, 100 yards--! H,
Murchnnt. 2 V, .Millburn. 3 M. Martin.
LoiiROBt Football Kick (10 to 14 yrs.)
--1 M, .Martin. 2 M. Hnlle, 3 J. .loyee.
Skipping Contest HO ;o it years)-—
I 'M. Martin. 2 L. Cook, 3 Ivy Puckey.
Skipping Content <|ft year* «nd under)— 1 J, Green. 2 V. Drew, 3 K. Cart-
i« el I.
Single I/idles' Rklpplim -foment-—
I H. Young, 2 V. Hesketh. .') N. -Mill-
Married Ladtoa' SMppIiiK Content—I
Mrt. W. Atherton. 2 Mr*, T, Morrison,
3 Mm. .1. Mitchell.
Married Ladle*' Hire, ","» yard*—I
Mr*. J, Mitchell. 2 Mr*. T. Morrison,
3 i.Mr*. T. nirkett.   Close fluUli.
Rlinrle Ladle*' Rare. 75 yards—X,
Millburn. 2 If. Young. 3 K, Joyce.
Hm»' hiindimp. 100 yards (II to M
y#»ar*i~~1 P. Caldwell. 2 11, Puckey. 3
3.  Glbuon.
l»ov«' llnndleap, fifl yards <8 to 11
vear*)-1 .1. Corlett. 2 A. Hauaen, 3 II.
Hoy*' handicap, Ro yard* id to S
vear*) —J. tamont, 2 VV. Martin. 3 T,
Hoyn' handicap, 2." yard* <6 year*
nnd tindert*-J. Millburn. 2 h. Rnehan-
•in. .1 A. Kvani.
l»oiato linrv teerat< ti I Ht yard*—1 J.
Oilman, 2 J, Monk*, 3 W, fllover.
Hack Hate, 100 yard* fe*prat«hl---l
,1, Albion. 3 3. Monk*. 9.1). See,
Tbre*-1nppe4 nee, ioo yarda (ifl to
II yaarai—'Monk* and Krkorttay, W.
2 Glover mid IK 'See, il (liliton and
Threelt»«ueil Rac«. M >ani» no mid
I under)—1 II. Huc-buium «ml II. Mar-
j »ln, i t. Corlett »n<! A. Xa»»eii, 3 4,
| Ifnrhe* nnd \V. Puckey
tmnmt rootimil Kirk (1ft to it
yrar** —t J. fitbton. 2 R .loite. it 1*
Imtmt Pootlmll Kick (IA year* mid
under)—1 J. Hamer. S V. AUierlon, a
J, Corlett.
flffindfnu .ftimii (Ifl to tl jn»«.r«) I
J. fiibMn, 2 x, l»iit#mii, 3 W Oioter.
Ot****t11*itt 1*i-m**t i*t\ •"   '        *
l—i  IV. Pucker, S .1, Hiitbe*   * ' \V
\   WhepJb»r*row rate, klln4toi4*4-~l ft.,
Mania, J n. s** \
I     Wbmlbnrrow rare,  blindfolded—1 j
3)1, .Vet, t r Smith i
Hny»* kanAlPtli. mo yard* (14 imam
"""■    V...,-,,,     .   -i',   -atttttu.  »  Jt,   *****
httty. I R. toym.
♦ By "Square Deal." ♦
♦ ♦
The annual smoker held hy the Michel and District Angling Association at
.Martin's Hall, Natal, was declared by
all to be one of the best concerts held
in this locality. There was lots of
everything, talent, refreshments, etc.,
and a bunch of real good fellows.
We are sorry to announce the death
of Mrs. V. Brandeis, who met death by
drowning. It seems that tho unfortunate woman was an inmate of the
l-Hrdlast she left the hospital without
having beeu seen by anyone, and walked into the creek. Her body was found
on Monday morning at Natal. There
is a husband and five small children
left to mourn their loss.
We are glad to learn that Mrs. .less
Mansfield has recovered from her illness sufficiently to be able to leave
for her home.
TJie Italian patriots of Michel, on
the receipt of the news that IUly had
entered the war. inarched iu great
strength, headed by the band, from
Xatal to Michel, thereby showing their
appreciation of Italy's declaration.
The basoball game at Michel between the Crow's Xest and Michel resulted In n win for the homo team.
The score was 0—5.
Mayor T. Uphill and a number of the
prominent Penile Cltlxeus were at
'Michel on Tuesday last with the Intention of t'alHliig a Patriotic Association.
(Wore leaving tliey had Biicceeded In
forming* u branch of the society and
had .a. strong committee llned-upwho
will got to work right away 1 tt an en-
.ileavol* to work up concerts, etc.. for
the raining of money which will go to
securing -additional comfort for the dependents of those at the front. *,
(Received too lute for publication Inj
The mines here are x.111 Holim ulwuil j j|
nnd  working on an aver-tse of (our;
da,ys a week, which we trim'wilt continue.     However, we  would  not  nd
v|»e any workera ta coim- io Michel,
a* thpro are quite n number of men
who are *tlll walling for a job,
We understand that the Italian Cooperative Store will be opened on «>r
about the first of the romlng month
of June, and If report* be true it will
undoubtedly be a great aueee**.   If we
can buy at whole «ale prices, plim run
ning exi>en»e*.  we expect  to *eeur
our good* nt !e»**f  twenty  n<"' '••"*
* iit-aper titan we are now dolux.
The supper and dance held ai Cra
han'* Hall. iMichel, under the .**d<;4>i
of the Michel FooUiall Club.wn* pro
nouneed a great aucce**
wish to thank all who *o
them In tbelr effort*
Girls' nice (7 years)—-X. Derbyshire
.1. Kemp.
Oii-ls' skipping (14 years)—'JI. Cox,
11. Atkinson.
Girls' skipping (12 years)—J. Kemp.
L. WaslhoJm.
Hoys' race (16 years)—S. Stotmajis,
J. Knowles.
Boys' Cracker Race (14 years) — F,
Merry.''J. Bouch.
•Hoys,', nice'.(12 years)—U.. lidey, C.
Hoys' Cracker. Race (10 years)—S;
Machin.-"K Henrlett.
■Hoys' race (12 ywt-)—R. Urishtu-,.'.
tfoy-:' race (7■ yff.rt)—j..Johr.nloii,.'.
t;eys* wresiiinj; inn teh (J6 years)—'
J.-Cliffe,-Fernie. Heck.
Single ladies' race—te.. Jlorris, Jl.
.Married Ladies' Race—Jlrs. T, Smith
Jlrs. O. Fairhurst.
. I    .Men over 40 years race—(J. Orafton,
.). Stotmans.
Old mans' race—R. teaston, J. Foster.
100 Yards (open)—U. I'elletelr, F.
220 Yards (open)—F. JJeddington. T.
100 Yards (confined to both local unions)—P. Beddlngton, J. Nash.
Place kick—D. .Montgomery
Football match (<Coleinan vs. Frank),
Frank ;! goals, Coleman 2 goals.
Bicycle Race—J. Uestabeles, te. Stal-
President Phillips and Tom Connors,
Socialist candidate! for Ferule Rldjnp,
delivered addresses in the -evening
Hotel, which brought an enjoyable day
to an end, notwithstanding the poor
Pure Blood Is Absolutely
Necessary To Health
These    Wonderful    Tablets,
Made of Fruit Juices, Are The
Best   Of All   Tonics To
Purify And Enrich
The Blood.
P. Carosella
Wholesale Liquor Dealer
Dry Goods,  Groceries,  Boots and
Shoes, Gents' Furnishings
outlook earlier in the day.
The Football Club dance was one ofthe most successful dances that has
been held -tills reason, 72 couples being
Horn-->May 2-Jrd, to Jlr. aud Mrs. T.
A. Sadler, twins, son and daughter,
Horn- -.May 22nd, to Mr. and Mrs. K.
Ash, n son.
■Lorn—May 2*2iid, to Mr. and Mrs. A.
Flynn, a son.
Hom-HJIay 18:h, to Jlr. and Mrs, V.
Cui bono, a daughter.
Work around here Is still the same,
aa af last report.. The International
mines worked two days iu the week
and Motiilllvray mines three days.
Pure, rich blood can flow only in a
clean body. Now, a clean body is one
in -which the waste matter is regularly
and naturally eliminated from 'the
system. The blood cannot be pure
when the skin action is weak, when
the stomach does not digest the food
properly, when the bowels do not move
regularly, when the kidneys are
strained or overworked.
Pure blood is the result of perfect
health and harmony of stomach, liver,
bowels, kidneys and skin.
"Frujt-a-tives", by their wonderful
action on all these organs, keeps the
whole system as clean as Nature intended our bodies to be clean.
"Fruit-a-tives" tones up, invigorates, strengthens, purifies, cleans and
gives pure, rich, clean blood tbat is, iu
truth, the stream of life.
"Fruit-a-tives" is sold by all dealers
at 50c. a box, 6 for $2.50 trial size 25c.
or sent postpaid on receipt of price by
Fruit-a-tives Limited, Ottawa.
Then- Is more Catarrh In !hi« sc-uon o, m* co--.ii-,
dun ail otli.-r •ilsi-.m-s put lut,-i>tlicr .'imi until tin- lo*!
li-«- yoar* wan suppowd jo be (iicumblft Fur a emit
nany yi-:irs doctors pro:iounnil II a li>r?i dlM-iisc and
jircM-rllKHl toc-il rcm-illi-is, and bv cu-.Blantly falling
lo cure with IokiI tn-aimt-it. pro-iounml fl Ipcur.ilili*.
Sc!i>'i(V Inn prnt-m C'.it.irrli In lw- a co.'iMHntl.ii al din
rw. und tlicri-tor^ minlrr* i-ni-HIIntiixi;*.! Ti jtinoit
Itilt'n Clirrli I'urc. m-iiufariun"! by F. J. '.hmpj
Bar supplied with   the   best Wines
Liquors and Cigars
-MiptiHTBT It l« likf'i intrrnidly In Ham irim l(
dro-N to a tras-mo-i'dil. I' nt-ls dlrrrtlv o-i tli- li'nx;
nil imi.-yifs lurlun-a of .lv «jwi»n Thev. rft. r o-t
l)'i"l--l dn'j-ir-i for a"y i-w It falls ro tup*. ymJ
'ur r'r,.iii.ard and I-wi'mo-ilalfi.
Allr-*« r .1. CHIAKV * Ct', IV-iln. tJl.lo.
Takt- Jl.:. . 1 "n.;y I' '.it fnri-o- *.? p.t t,i
Feriiie-Fort Steele
Brewing Go., Ltd,
Bottled Goods a Specialty
Bellevue Hotel
Best Accommodation
Up-to-Date — Every
excellent Cultlne.
In  the   P«i».—
Convenience.- •
We are p toa ved to record Hint LMr«.
Williams, wife-of iho tujieriutendeiit,
is niiikliiR a rapid recovery from her Injuries received by being thrown whilst
driving home Irom lllainnore,
Mr. .MeDotitild, of l!tirmln, wlilUl
(irh'liiK home from Bellevue on .iv..tv*
tlHj iilKlil, wan tlirowii irom ills \i\n,g,y
and ratlier hmlly injured, I lit i*,m
broiigiit bji<-k to Ihe Ucilevuc* llii-jiiUl
und utteiided lo by Dr, Mckeuxle,
.Mm. Fred llenton underwent a serious ojierathm UiU week, but thank* to
the skill of lir. McKenzie ahe is maklns
.1 rapid ret ovcry.
The Hev, Mr. and Mr*. Cook are
a*-ay on a two wetks' vaca-ion. * Mr,
Kd. riirUM» will occupy thi« lmlplt ci,
Hunday next,
Mr. and  Mrn,  Walter Miller,  alu; \
left* here about twelve nun Mid .if',y. • >.,,
neeuroi'* ,r'l* *° ''1P "'''  couiitrv,  han- ie
Our  Dimabull  t-iilliunfitHU   wer**  l'i'-'
dulgliiK in 'liut *!>ori on Huuda> .tin-i-l
m«i  wat pro-i    The  la«t   <|iiart« rly  offlcl.il   baaid
1.     The boy*' nieHlim for the year emtltiR May t'lh,
'ably asdUtt'd* *'8*  ''*'''   'n   !''**   A**«t*l*oKl>»t   t'tiiireli
1 The re|ioii» of tiion* in ctws«» *j{ the r
.....   ...„_,.    ....   * v-a^l.tt,*   „. tl.'ti3..*   ,.».«.^.-.»    ..    .-..-.
The Complete House Furnishers
of the Pass
Hardware Furniture
We will funiUb your iiouim* from cellar to ir*rr*i and at bol-
torn price*. Call, write, phone or wire. All order* given
prompt uttention, ,
if you art •atlifletf, tell others.   If not Mtlefled, tell ue.
(oal *reek Pootbail tmnn were vl*!-* varltMtn aittvlfii* ithnwed a falrlv
tor* to Michel on Saturday last. «*»«! i ^factory .ear** work, with the
a very elomtly conteited game follow, j Hon  «»»t n  larue
.,,   .,,Jmn>"  *•" **
ITlZlx,.' of {n,st*iiJ''K « ««al mini.-, ."iU-.;;,.^ .<;.», m^uii* irui« tt»- mi-
.Z..,.I*. t^S?" ,l,•, 0Mr demand I* |»«l P»M' Atter the »it?i»rrii>tl<»n ilat
aoon to Im» chiefly poke. A Unie ad-M. Mi ehme.l H U h„i„*,1 ib-f lb,* ',„,*■<■■
.tiT'itt, *l*"lW <*r«»»nlF b* aecejil.: »«H »»* »»».«> to avail tli*»m««ivt>« of tht*
?,', *"" *'e '"»»{ that tt„*.r,. u nimn -Amn.ti «-■ ..ut.ii*), «i. H*.,„,t..,i »ltn„i„
«?   v .?'.«* hmr' I5*0'"" *i-'"«*« **rf male in the VvT.
tne \atal KI«Miric l«owrr Cotnoanvf «ann*t'l or rti« >mt4.
for witte tlmo „aBf „, „ lo,        , ,   ,
■Ifl*   nn  In >h»  .._»_,.   .......
■.mi** duute \.r it«'l.l in *)><''
W«rki«r* Halt on Vletorta Hay,
■f'Hir uf uibwiN of Sn  I !i.Hi!,ipi- i-n-iv
lnt!ie«:or    Junket;
.», pvmt. lime imnt nt ti lo*^, and |i (.,!    fmr 111 inbwiN ol
!5!(ljf.l,i thB P***!* t>t Natal to do}**'* ■!» b*tore
whal la fntr Kt-nn-mi.. »♦.-- *,..,. 1 r.*tt9..f.,*    ,**.  .*,,.
m  mm   tiave  not.  »o fSr.  InaNltm-l ? ral  hautnire      Three  nt tbt*m   m—
j .*. i< ,t*-i„;,f -Atnuu.tiu m,,t 1 ,*u**x #iu ,-tui* -vu-tu. nu** in** immti a.-*
'HP Mpetrtr 31^! Uii... io* ut *'3wr*ied a+iiviM* Uut kt *»». tm*
• i» itarkntei-therefore, iMfa^m on »»*2t»!f of the neen*mi
'•■Kilt, )>OI». Ur. tjfttit. Who hll h*»n i-iinnln« tl..
Tk* flrat emnottttlon in Pint AM
to ttt» InJttrtHl In connertlon witb tho
Ainbnhia-re C3n.*m held np b«f». wae
afttmii nn VKtavU Tivk ***-. WntnUy.
the «raud attnd and hank waa eruw-
41*4 witli -w/itfHiafat*!^ tttt.rfit.irs rtn-f
ntttoe* the iWfnMy ar** twwieed On-
**.) f*41  ,"•**  nM>  *°  ***'  t"«N!!ed*eal   hauliore
would he
t<SW hM; ilttWiotn" ...      Mr. M-Kit. 1
J«me*.yaitaf!eld. am 12 y«r». »0B j tdetur* aJu.w in the WorkVnT'HaU To:
"»♦..,'-.. ^on^elil.  of  ihe   Klkiaome fi.-a iiwn'h*, lis* h,im<l It »*/■*.*.*
Mm ,.HiiM, *t '."   *■''*■;'**"****   *«*»*■ *p i -*<■•■   *^ ■■•.-<■ ■*!•.■.■«,»* »M»   ».•« i*ttt*a*mi.
h n-a£!T» Sm/1 ,il*,r ****< AM-   *S •,»»',*r *' ™r AwatrUn m#tn'M»r*
SmutJ    uL   &{***-?** hmM «ii*h* **r* 'Mt off In making ae M*mv
Company  . .«Th« Quality «tor«»
Groceries. Dry Goods,  Crockery and Everything in Shoes
Sec ut for the brut in
Mr. I.« *.!. who haa been runntnt the
I,.,..-,.   .1.......   ,,.   .1.-    ••«.-,. 	
rS?"™'1?1' W*n*r Jorm a44r*n**4
wJif tT%%t~S- Ca«fl»M  teaptt. j.ji
1«*»08 rwikno.
1 Marti* fpttleat) *        "
.... .„„, *-,,*.-, ninm ana waa ttwit*
Pyidiir. Mny Hlh. TTtc* lletr. «j»ir
Corry, Pw»abjt«rla» Minlati-r, offMat-
ed. -Mr* Manafi*rM wlahe* to thank
th#>!r manr frfpada for the empathy
entrnded to tb#m In tbelr berette*
A nni"i w-Hd(n« took |>Uee In oar
||t»I# 1wrt on Moudav »e»t   ih* r,-in
ei|«i»a Ombi 'Mr* Vet* WhV,*, *nA *!!■■»
tr-M.li       ft   ——   —-"     -■■     ■   '
-— ...w• ,*. * .*   ...,^  ,,,  ti.ittti, tn .*
w#r»« atot<ii>H by th* anthofltle* ani
ar* now '«*«♦< at l-#thbrjdi#,
Tb* officer* of the flilvatloti Army
asaUoutd at ColtBiati h#ld no «.j»*»n-afr
tU*'-i'tlU* »'.. ','.'.[* '.*,*i■», it,, 'fu****!** fit-tit'-
Hoard '-.IfWher fTirtatNa la mmtint
*h*t XittHf-l ,,**,-tttl**# /t'tt-- ' I*  X'- *-■*.:,-   »'*'
l ■mtmS.il i.          9*II'-.*~,   HTM   .mi't  ■   -9.*t9T*t..
\ti**Ln J•»'!!* «*" «*'""»♦««. »bll#f   Th* w*%*r man h*U up thf- tradf
I t**^iif» ii* the tlpert ||*9,#* th*, M.' «**« lb** »re a.«^t»!,,i «*»r», vi-l"t
82 Xltr-JJSS1 tm% U mUl ** "I*  w aRt" l** •*•»!•*     lii eirtt* mt lb*.
■ tht fX-Mftan *i**t,ri*
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: bit Htetmrt Mr4tm* tn e^mttm
ihnrb Itt HP earlx In Inn* U**pnt:
I In* tt tkat Ma visit tu xh* ot4 •*«**»!**
f *»B| rtMmll !» ■.»■* lmi+jnm4 wt^rtjit'oa
af«»r.»d 11. C pretn-tt*
Phone 25       Blairmore, Alta.
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~~|  The Store of
ing Prices
'; At
First Aid Instructions
For Miners
By Jl. W. Glasgow, W. A. Knudenbush
and C. O. ItobertB
(For the benefit of our many read-
nrt intonated In Flrat Aid we begin
thia week the reproduction of Minora'
Circular No. 8, publiahed by the U. 8.
Bureau of Mlnea. Theae Inatructlont
are alao appearing in the United Mine
Workera' Journal, to whom we are indebted for the Joan of the cuts accompanying the text.)
The Muscular Systsm
Muscle tissue or the flesh forms a
covering for the skeleton ami Riven to
Uio body Us contour or shape. *Muncles nre simply manse* of muscle (Ultra surrounded by connective U»*ia>
an; useless unless attached to a «"»**•
Suggested Topic for Further Study
Tendons; conectlvo tissue.
The Skin and ite Appendages
The skin forms the outside cover-
tug of the bo<ly: It Is the sjieotol own
for tho sense ot touch'; It also acts ab
an evcre-on organ. It coneUla of
uo la>cr», iu1- external (the epMermWl
»»,.! n dt«.-p o: true akin Ithe JeimUi.
Tl.e U»i|H iiUaies are the li-m' -ui*.
nulls, At the «ilne« ol thc opi-nlnga
leading io or from the interior of the
body, the skin ends and Ita place l«
taken by a soft reddish tlsme, the mu-
(ou» membrane, which forma a
smooth, velvety lining for the Interior
oi tlie respiratory, digestive nnd urinary tracts.
ply of the legs and feet. The larger
branches, wherever given ot, divide
and subdivide into branches of very
minute diameter. The minute branches pass into capillaries. Capillaries
are a network of fine vessels that
transmit the blood from lhe minute
branches of the arteries to the minuto
The Venoua System
The venous system begins In small
vessels that are slightly larger than
the capillaries from which they spring.
The vessels unite into larger and larger veins until they terminate In the
two venae cavae (large veins) which
empty Into the right side fo the heart.
The arteries and veins ore continuous with each other by means of the
heart und by means of this fine network ol small vestals and capillaries.
The Circulation of tha Blood
From the right .side of the heart the
bright red blood that flows, usually In
gushes, with each beat ot the herfrt.
'llie blood ln the capillaries Is also
bright red in color but in case of bleeding from these small vessels the blood
oozes slowly from the wound. The
blood in the veins is dark red or blue
ln color and Is circulating; back to the
heart. Weed ing from a vein may be
known by a continuous flow of dark
red or blue blood.
The Respiratory System
The essential part ot respiration
(breathing) la tho exchange of the
carbonic acid gas in the blood for the
oxyften in tbe air, wblch takes place
In the lungs. The respiratory apparatus consists of the nose, pharynx,
trachea (windpipe), bronchial tube*
and lungs.
The noso Is not only an organ or
respiration, but also of the sense of
smell. Through tho nose the air Is
warmed uud moistened; tho olfactory
supplied with blo-wl vessda, hound to- »ry tracts. »..-•,*.. -b#.,w-
J™Mnto bundle-i of differs, length, j Suggested Topic for Further Study
tamdth  and   thickness.    Thero  ntn\    Uifeuua   membrane:
two kinds of muscle, namely, voluntary j brittle; gland*.
and involuntary. •  | Jg Vmtfsrtjtf em ^ ^
is contained In a praetlc-
■item nf tub**, thf* Wood
kept clrcit-
heart.  The
invoYantary muscle* are not attach- j |S*l£" £' nmtleZcnWnrlen, and
ed to hones but are found In the artcr- J;*" if w«" as the vascular, or
Voluntary muscles may be connect , .    . ,
ed to bon**. t'tirtllttm,  llenmeiitn »ri'V     ,,uw/"'■/J
akin, either directly or by cords «I v'-Vi'b within 'which it i» '
tendons, and are made to contract and j , 1^7,v ,hHcUw of the 1
blood pan ne it through the piiiniomtry
artery lo tlm iuni;». ih«;a llirough the nerve (nerve of smell) protects the
»mallaiterle«andiaiii;iirie*ai»4 veins lungs to some extent from the inhala-
In the lungs, and thence through the tion of harmful gates. Never breathe
large veins leading to the left side of, through the mouth,
the bean, Hence there are two clr- The pharynx, which Is also n part of
filiations through which tho -blood"the alimentary tract, is a conical sac
uiuta pass, fio cue and shorter clr-' forming the throat or back of the
cult from the rlfcbt side of the heart mouth. It ts composed of -muscles
to the luiigd uiul back again to thc left and membranes. It Is about 4% Inch-
nu-m- 8UJe ()f Vm hmt( tlu, ot|leP an<l jltrg,,r m jonR and j, uneii wltt* mueoue mem-
circuit from tho left side of the heart' hrane, which Is contiguous with that
to all parts of the body and back again of the note and mouth,
to the right side of tbe heart    In the Kstt ndlns from the lower part of the
art fries the bloo.1 has a bright or scar- pharynx are the openings of tbe esoph-
'.«" v• *-.'. <-*.i!n" -in' i* rlrr-nffltlnsr away nnttn (nxiileli and the larynx (voice
from the h«>art.    Therefor* bleeding
from an artery may bc known by the
Internal organs. Th* involuntary wua-,
clet net independently of th* will with-
0«t our even being conscious of such
Udusculsr fibers ean shorten, lengthen aad thicken. When a mti-cle con-
Uortn, Its two ends <iu<l tou*«-ijiteHtly
Whatever may be uttacimd ><» ihose
two #od» are Jirougbt nearer together;
la tbla *»y a mm* (an n-m and
tbronah bis limb* <«n i,t-r(«--m work.
box) the former lying behinii, the latter In front,     The larynx forme a
*eo4onn nr* etwnu itbrtrm eoton to
a white giiiMWlng appeanne** whleh
em* to umttb asWM'-lM to heme* Yh*j
vary In tbtoknees not \e*vb -not tmy
bo moot wr ftet; tbey nm tMitftte nnt
Uses of tie Bleed
The me* ot the blood are a* toi*
To be a medium for the reception
and ttorlng of matter from outside,
stich as oxygen and digested food, and
fer conveying '.his to ail parts of »!k»
Ta be t nmirre whim* the various
U»MM!» of t'i«' Ixwl) may l»ke th»» inn-
tKial* newssaty for th-rlr nntritlon
•.".J »%ti"ii»n-ii't'" -iwl whence the «•■
rrttlnn cwwana may take the const!-j j,,^
; tu« nts of tb*ir »»*rmttoo*.
i*  to 1** a medium for the absorption i
1 ot tt'tom m«ti-t ior all tne tlsines and j
' fnr tftn ronre***nr* ml *.*.*h nutter to
'those araan* who** fan«'tlon it Is to
n*pn*n*tt it nwl «»st |.t out* <*»f the !>»d)"-,
To warm and moisten all pane »f|
tlie Heart • I*?1**
Tti# heart, waieh acta »*» * i»ui*>»i t
I lot the eircnlMory »>'■«•». ketp* tli*' 1
''•*?:• .,k| I'MiffillwiiiHI i^'twdifb all isnrta Of I
th* t*r*4r In order tbat it may f»*ei
ni«r!*hm*nt to the tltewe*.     It It »J
-,,...,.,,..   ,*,-.*(^j *h*«f*i  MwwuUr or-1
csn ntmni & lnr*e» mop. »»»*•» •«* •*** f
-rbest cavity b«*t««#n tbe long* witb in \
bnt* upward to tbe right and Its *P*t,
downward to tho «*»• It eemtalna fonr
ebanbera. two aurltflM and two *»
irttkm. arranged Ifl wilrSv    The rltbl, g
anrfel* ranmiwnlmtes with the rwbti
ir*ntn*1m, anti tbe Ml nwrtele wltbf
Ub* l#ft vestntle. but xb* rtwWi*
j m no rlibl «*!• *i not dliwetly toon- f
j rm»»t« <*-.* *»*** tUa^t all tfe-.1 l-'ti *f'f-f    t
Tbe Art*r«»l tyttom i
Tto arterial srrtens tmgm tt the
left w*lrtt:* 3* * *§»*> iail^ troth A
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amall, tor the nnpply of the varVrm* or-
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**r.    I* tb* a-MowKW tbe aorta 4H'i4-
m Into t*« santn bmMfeet fer tb* imp-
part of the respiratory apparatus, but
has also a more special function of being tbe principal organ of speech.
Tlie trachea or windpipe ls ,a cylindrical tube about 4»i laches long extending trom the larynx down the front
of the neck into the thorax, whero It
dlvldeB into tho .bronchial tubes.
Tbe bronchial tubes divide Into a
great number of small branches, which
in turn divide Into still smaller branches and finally terminate In numberless small dilated cavities or paunches,
known as tbe air cells. These air
ceils ln turn form lobules, which together make up lobes that form the
The lungi are two large, slate-colored, cone-shaped, membranous sacs
composed of a soft, spongy and very
elastic tissue. The Interior of the
B!ics communicates freely with the out-
hMp nlr through tho bronchial tubes,
trachea, etc., whereas the outside of
the sacs Is protected from atmospheric
pressure by the walla of the chest.
The atmospheric pressure on the In*
xlde of the lungs expands them until
thoy fill the entire thoraclo cavity. If
the wall of the thorax la opened so
au to make communication with,tko
outside air, or If the wall of the lung
ia pierced so that the air ean commwnl-
cute with the pulmonary cavity, then
at onco the lung shrinks or collapses,
because the pressure Is equalised In
the outside and Inside of ibe sacs. Thc
lung substance la composed chiefly of
uh ttll*. The •nails of the air eril*
consist of very thin layers ot lining
eells surrounded br wide, thin-walled
blood vessels, By tltie mrrangeineut
only a very delciate membrane la interposed between the etr on tbo ono
«ldo and the blood on lh* otber. so
thit gates are readily exehnngel be-
tveen the two. Tho vetloni blood
rrom the system la broutht to the capillaries of tbe lungs. Tbe air cell*
receive tbe carbonic acid gns and
waste matter with which the blood
U laden. A new supply of oxygen Is
taken m by tbt red blood Mils. In
ttslt wanner the change from venous
to arterial blood tt effected tn tbe
It<t*pif Mian or twin thing ia an into!-
nnttry nn and etrotn tn health f« to
20 times per minute. It is the method
by which oxygen Ib tStcen Into the
body aod carbonic acid gae Is expelled. It the body ls to properly perform ita function nnd life to continue,
oxygen muBt be constantly supplied.
Continued breathing of atuffy or stale
air impairs the vHallty and renders
one liable to diseano. Air low ln oxygen or containing much canbon dioxide 1s unfit tor breathing. The prolonged breathing of such air will produce a condition of asphyjeia and finally doath. To lniure good health, it
Is estimated that a person requires at
least 1.000 cubic feet of air space, and
thc aii breathed should be frequently
renewexl through proper ventilation.
The Digestive System
The digestive or alimentary apparatus consists primarily of a loiifi tubo
composed of the mouth, pharynx, esophagus, stomach, and Intestines, with
tho tfallvury glands, liver, and pan-
crcua as Accessory organs- This canal
Is about 30 feet long and vurle* In diameter, it extends from the mouth
to {ho anus. Its functions are, first,
to separate the nutrive material from
the food and expel the residue from
the body; nnd, second, to convert tho
nutritive matter Into such form tbst
It can be easily absorbed Into tbe
blood and be utilised -by tbe tissues as
To get a clear understanding of bow
this Is accomplished a knowledge of
the separate parta forming the digestive apparatus f« neeicsnary. Thr» ijues-
tion of food, lit preparation, digestion,
and assimilation Is auch a vital one
and so affects health and efficiency
thai a thorough knowledge by first aid
men of tbe anatomy ani physiology
of tbe digestive system seems essential.
Suggesteo' Tople fer Further Study.
Tne month, teeth, tongue, and sftliv*
ary glands, tbe part they pay In digestion; tiie stomach as a dlgtstivt organ;
the small Intestines; tbe largo Intestines; tbe liver, Its part Sn digestion;
tb* pancreas, its pert in digestion;
foods, their relative values.
Thn BmtttMr •ystem
Rxcrstion la tie process of removing
all wnstt of tbe itumt tnm th# body.
These waste products arw carbonic
acid gas, salts, urea, and Water, They
are continually brought Into the blood
by tho circulation through tbe capll«„
laries. Life snd health depend upon •
the blood ridding itself of these poisonous products through the lungs, skih
and kidneys.
Suggested Topics for Further Study
Tne lungs as an excretory organ;
the skin as an excretory organ; the
kidneys as an excretory organ.
Tha nervous Syatem
Tbe different systems of the body
are kept ln touch with each otber by
the nervous system and the functions
and j workings of the organs are con.
trolled and regulated by It Tbo
elements comprising the nervtous system are nerve cells or centers, snd
nerves. The nerves are round cords
consisting ot nerve fibers wbleb form
connections -between the centers snd
ends of the nerves. The fibers can
transmit nervous Impressions and nre
ot two kinds, according to the function tbey perform. Those that convey impressions from their tips to
their centers are sensory nerves;
those that transmit Impression* from
these centers to the parta with which
I tboy are connected are called motor
nerves. The nerve centers are bunches
of nerve cans snd sre distribute in
tbe brain, spinal cord, nnd ganglia.
They receive and send out nervous impressions.
The nervous system is divided Into
tho cerebrospinal a-nd sympathetic systems; the former Is composed jf large
nerve centers In tbe brtin and spinal
cord, (ho latter Is t scries of si.mll
comers termed ganglia running along
on cither side of the spine. The net-
votu. system Ss l» complex to be discussed In detail here.
(To be Continued next week)
"■"" mi* wwa-iww
Prisoners of war sre kept on the
payrolls. If Incapacitation results in
nn exchange of prisoners, he appears
on tbe pension roll and of cans* u
tsktn off the regimental roll.
The mobilisation of tbe &lth Kootenny and Boundary Regiment will take
plan* on June (Ith Instead of May Mth
as previously announced.
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