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The Delta Times Aug 16, 1913

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.' ' ijlh
$1.00 A YEAR
UK-al Creamery  Idle Part  of Week
Lack of Fish���Op-River
Run Light.
From }
The A. B. C. cannery at Ladner
-jog been idle several days this week
*or lack  of  fish.
On Monday they received the catch
f it iioats which averaged 127 each,
��,1(l on Tuesday only seven boats
discharged here, and their catches
averaged but 28, and on Wednesday
n0- a sockeye was received.
The scarcity of fish up river In-
,!���,.,.,i a great many fishermen to try
tin- gulf,  where luck Is better.
\ cargo of 30,000 sockeyes from
,1,, traps was distributed among the
down-river canneries Thursdays, the
A  B. C. getting some of these.
Oni Ladner fisherman had the
ill lui k to foul a buoy on Wednesday
morning, and was obliged to cut his
net, He reports that several other
uets ��ere caught on the same buo*y.
With Webster Pitching Port Guichon
Have Easy Time,  Winning by
Score of 10 to 1.
In one of the best games played
on the Ladner grounds the Port
Guichons forced the Ladner team to
take  the  short  end   of   a   10   to   1
Delta   Mac-liine   Owners   at    Special
Meeting-  Fix   New  Rate���Increase of 25e a Ton.
At a meeting of the threshing machine owners of the Delta, held last
Saturday evening, a resolution was
adopted raising the price of threshing, and fixing the wages for helpers.
installation   of   Pat-kins   Plant   Machinery and Apparatus Nearly
Carpenters  are  driving   their   last
Council    Receives    Authority    From
Executive  Council to  Pass
Building; Bond Bylaw.  -
The municipality of Delta has re-
nails In the finishing of the Interior��� celved authority to repeal the exist
iratus   : _? j li a 11 debenture bylaw. Dr. Young, pro-
B.C. Milk Condensing Company May
Establish  Xew  Plant Id
Lower Delta.
score last Friday evening. With All of the owners signed the resolu
Webster pitching good ball for the tion with the exception of .Mr. John
Ports they had little trouble in win- 01iver' who (lid not believe in boost-
Messrs Ronald  L. Cliff and Leon
Chevalley,      oflfcers      of      the    B.
of the  building,  the  installation   of j Ing bylaw and re-enact a-municipal j<;ig. ^ "Ldnef oTsafurda^ To
machinery  and   drying   apparatus   :s,hall debenture bylaw. Dr. . oung, pro- *ntere8t   of   the   establishment   of   a
almost complete, and  the new plant  vincial secretary, enclosed a copy of |condensing industry in  Delta
of the Duchesnay  Packing Compa-   L   minute   of   the   executive   council
on the river front is practically ready
ing the price.
The   following   Is   the   resolution
ning.    They   took   the   lead   at   the
beginning   of   the   game    and    were  that was adopted:
never in danger of being beaten. "Resolved    that    we   the    under-
I.adner  scored   their   only   run   in   signed    threshing    machine    owner
the   first   inning   when   Murray   sin-  *��m %1M ... t<>n ,��� ,,_-,,   ,,���,. ���,���
gled    to    right,    stole    second    and'and  that  the  wage  scale  be:   Band
scored   on    Klinkhammer's   slashing  cutters, 25 cents per hour;  pitchers,
single to left 125  cents  per  hour;  sack  fillers,  30
Webster   pitched   stellar   ball   for  cenf   I"ir   **0_1nr";   satck   bucvkers   **'"-
..     _ ,, sack sewers, 40 cents per hour,
the Ports, striking out eight men and;     The signers    are:     Kittson,    Mc-
did   not   walk   any.       Wilson    also  Kee,   G.   W.   Dennis,   Chas.   Kettles,
for operation.
Albert   Duchesnay,
of   Vancouver
head   of   the   company   and   business j
manager,   while    in    Ladner   duringt
the  week,  said   that   he  expects   to j
agree to raise the price of threshin.,  '"ave his new business, which is thej
first of its kind in British Columbia,!
well under way next week.
Superintendent Turner states that
the wheels will be turning not later i
than Monday, and that he will beTng
operations with the processing and
packing of potatoes, using at the
outset   last   year   tubers.    One   hun
[with a communication to /he municipality which was read ;tt the fortnightly council meeting last Saturday.
Among other communications read
I was  one   from   the  secretary   of   the
I Union   of   British   Columbia   Municl-
jpalities, giving notice that the annual meeting of the union would be
held   In   Vancouver  on   September   4
land 5.    Reeve Benson was named as
idelegates to this meeting.
Strawberry Hill farmers requested
I by   letter   a   sidewalk   on   the   Scott
These gentlemen contemplate the
erection of a condensing plant in
Lower Delta, and have asked the
Reeve and members of the council to
advise them if there are any suitable
sites available with both water and
railway shipping facilities. The desire seems to be to get closer to the
source of the milk supply for evident economic reasons.
( Reeve Benson is looking into the
matter of sites, and it is likely that
a location will be found on the Great
Northern, between this town and
Port Guichon.
pitched  a nice game,   but "numerous 13toe_~kelion7"Hftrry Iwm. Toseph I dred and  fifty tons of potatoes hr-.ve ���ad ;. fr��m  K":'"ll>  ���"������������"���"���  ���<< >>"< ��
.     ..    , ,,        .   ,    -Tamboline    Guichon   Fstate    Savage  been purchased by the company,
errors by his team mates allowed the! *'e'   L,UR"on   a-staie,   aavd.,e i
The clerk  was instructed'
Want    tu    Know    About    Associated
Boards of Trade Proposition���
Parcel Post und Rural Mail.
t\t the Delta Board of Trade regular meeting on Wednesday evening
in die municipal council chamber.
then-   was    read    a    communication
,, Bros., Seymour Huff and L. W. Em-
Port team to score. bree
The   game   was   full   of   features1     The threshers state that their rea-
that brought the  fans to their feet! son for raising the price is the high
more   than   once.    A   nice   catch   by | cost  of  labor,   the  short  esason   for
Brown  off  LeGore's  bat  brought  a threshing and the amount of money
good   applause   from   the  spectators.' they have invested in their machines.
'The   feature   hit   of   the   game   was'     All of the threshing machine own-
Iruade by Alex. Scott, who hit for two ' ers   of   th
from the Sidney Board of Trade, ad-!ba,rs 'v'th two men on bases. at the meeting and,  with tbe excel"
vocatlng the foundation of an asso-! Webster was the star for the Gui- tion of John Oliver, voted in favor
ciation of boards of trade for the jchon boys while Murray succeeded of the resolution. The signers State
province. The members while noJin carrying off the honors for the that they will do all in their power
opposed to the proposition, expressed j Ladner team. Murray not only to see that the resolution is carried
a hesitancy in approving of the idea [Played a nice game in the field, but out  to the letter.
,: til  further enlightened  as  to  thei��ut of three  times to   .ne plate he	
���irpose of  the  proposed  association Isot  two  hits off Webster's  benders.
nd   doubtless  having   in   mind   the      It was necessary to use three um-
erience   with   the   Fraser   Valley PlreS during the game.    Bone,  who
\ lopment League, were not ready Marted  the  game,   was   relieved   by
-   enter a  formal  resolution on  theft's   after   working   for   one   inning
oks without knowledge of the ex-land   a   halr*    Bone   was   not  much
involved to each board 0flbetter and be was finally forced to Joseph Jordan, livery stabh
trade. The communication wasthe bench, being replaced by Honey- keeper In Ladner, was haTeti hefor*
filed, moon. Police Magistrate  McKee last Satur-
The    board     acknowledged    with I     Batteries:   Port Guichon,  Webster  day  on  two  charges.
thanks  the   receipt  of   a   fine  large'"''d   Smutz.    ( Ladner,   Wilson   and       In   the  first  case,  refusal   to   fur-
map of the province, from the office'Hume-       Umpires,   Bone,   Otis   and
of Hon.   W.   R.   Ross,    minister    of j Honeymoon.
lands.      Like   everything   else   that! 	
to   reply   that   there   were   no   funds! 	
available   for  such   work   this   year. ���-J'v��- Spirit of Delta Board of Trade
A  splendid  new*  government  man!      ,lus Made Good I'se of Hlus.
from ,
tinted Booklet.
Seek Mr. .1. R. Terry a1* Next Speaker
���Grain Question Is Still
CAMBIE, Lulu Island. Aug. 13.���
of  the   province   was   received
the  minister of  lands. Delta is gaining valuable publicity
Council passed the Delta DJilng these days by keeping the tourists
and drainage Bylaw, 181)2, who take the New Westminster-
Amendment Bylaw, 1913, as fin- Steveston trip by tbe S.S. TransTer
ally  reconsidered,  and   a   pool   rooti
e   Delta   were   represented; Secretary     McGinnis     of  the   Rich-[regulation    bylaw    was    given    first, Trade     booklet      "Prolific    Delta"
mond Poultry Association, states stuond and thir(- reaci*ng. This ]a.,v gome weekg ag0 Secretary Fisher
that he is making efforts to secure js framed in accordance with the seized the opportunity presented to
ns a speaker at the next meeting of provincial regulation, and among him by Mr. H. O. Lamb, the tourist
the association Mr. J. B. Terry, he>d other things provides for the closing guide, and each day on the arrival
of the poultry division of the prov-  of pool rooms at 11 p.m. 0f the steamer a messenger hns dts-
tncial department ot agriculture. Mr. | The monthly budget of accounts tributed the booklets needed Mi-
Terry has expressed a desire to get Was passed for payment. Wisher was able to report to the
in touch with the local organization, | Al! the members were in their Board of Trade meeting on- Monday
and  confidence is  felt  that he will  placeB, Reeve Benson presiding. night that some 600 booklets had in
accept the  invitation j __ thig raanner been placed in Ulf, ,lands
The   association   still   hns   tinder .. tnnriets
consideration  the  grain  question.  It    ASK  FARMERS CO-OPERATION
has not yet  been  definitely decided
Joseph Jordan   Pays  S15  and  Costs
for Refusing to Comply With
Law and Kent ing Horse.
romes from under the hand of Hon. |
VV. li. Ross, the map is a well-exe- j
ate i work of art, and will be found
useful by the board.
local grain dealers will undertake
to represent the association in the
matter. At the last meeting, a let-
nish the municipal road tax collector; ter was received from a Calgary
with the names of his employees.! grain brokerage concern stating1
as required by law, he was found j that it could do business only by
guilty and fined $5 and costs; and telegraph. The subject is still un-
on  the second count, the charge be-1 der the consideration  of the special
whether to buy grain in carload lots Officers  of Delta   Agricultural   Fair
from   the  prairies.     None    of     the j     Want  Every  Fanner in District
to Exhibit Something,
ing   cruelly   and   wantonly   whipping I feed  committee.
Board of Trustees Engages Teachers , the   road   tax   collector's   horse,   the!     The association has decided to in-
o Fill  Vacancies���Full Torn,
Begins August 25.
The board discussed fire protection for Ladner once again. The
council will be urged to bring down I The board of trustees of the pub-
a local improvement Sylaw which lie schools of the municipality or
will enable the town to be provided Delta have made their selections of
.Ith fire hose, reels, etc. The hy-'teachers to fill all vacancies in the
drants of the water system are now t various  schools.    All   their   nomina
"Prolific Delta" is a well gotlcn
up booklet, and the letter press and
illustrations bring before visitors
the wide extent of fertile land to the
south of the Fraser, something ueeti-
The annual fair held September ed to give tourists a proper coucep-
19 and 20 in the Agricultural tion of the agricultural possibilities
Grounds, Ladner, under the manage- of the Lower Mainland. Mr. Lamb,
ment of the Delta Agricultural So-'the Tourist Guide, has expressed his
ciety, will be open to the public a appreciation of the assistance such
day and a half this year, instead'publicity literature is to him in mak-
of one day, as heretofore. ;ing the trip down the river interest-
Formerly   the   first   day   (Friday)  ing  and  informing  to strangers.    It
has been  given  over to  preparation,'will be gratifying to Delta  Hoard of
fine was $10 and costs.    The magis-   corporate   its  by-laws  and   constifu-  judglng  of  the  exhibits  ln   the  hall Trade   that   this   booklet
trate added a severe lecture.
Jordan was represented in both
cases by Mr. Leon Ladner, barrister,
of Vancouver.
The  only  other   case   before
court  was  that  of a  man   who
available for fire protection purposes itlohs have accented tbe positions with   l)icl<e('    ui'   the    night   before
and  it   Is  the  opinion   that   Ladner | the   exception   of   the   nominee   for
should   be   placed   in   a   position   to | Westham   Island,   who   has   not   yet
against   a   conflagration,   an,been heard from.    The new teachers
siblllty at present without fire- are:
apparatus. Ladner   School���Principal,   J.    D.
In    onnection   with  the discussion j Stuart,    vice   J.   P.   Chirk,    retired;
Parcels   Post   scheme,   Which  second   assistant,   Miss   Kate   A.   Mc-
lOBtmaster-general   is   working j Kenzie, vice Miss McLellan, retired.
n and which  may be brought inio (    Inverholme   School���Miss   Mabel
eratlon   throughout  Canada short- ;Fessant.
was pointed out  by  several  of       EJasi    Delta   School ���Miss    Emma
embers that Ladner merchants!Feasant.
be   placed   under   a   handicap       Crescent        Island       School���Miss
local    post   office   were   not, Mabel  Stevens.
drunkenness.     A   night   in   jail
thoroughly sobered the prisoner,
his    contrition     secured      him
tion In booklet form, and has made
arrangements whereby the cost will
be largely borne by advertising returns.
Membership is constantly increasing, and it is predicted that soon
the bjnner poultry un'on in the
province  will b�� that  ln Richmond.
nas   been
taking place Saturday morning and available for such useful publicity
the building being thrown open "cjpurposes and that the progresslve-
the public at one o'clock. Under ness of Ladner and Delta generally
the new arrangement the hall ex- has filled a need that other com-
hibits will be judged on Friday after- munities who boast loudly of their
noon, thus making it possible for progressive spirit have not beeu able
visitors to view the judged produce- to do. Two hundred and fifty of
Saturday   morning. .these   booklets    have    also    recently
The    officers   of   Ihe   society    are been    sent    lo    Hon.   J.   H.   Turner,
busy   with   arrangements   and   pro;- agent-general   for   British   Columbia
protest  against    alleged    Bulgarian
' ,        . ~���;  _,      ,,   ! atrocities  at  Thrace  was  tiled   with
Preaist    in    Stirring    up    Trouble   repre8entative8 0f  the  Powers here
Anion.* Fishermen-*��� Meentig at       today bv the   Turkish   government.
Steveston Broken Up. The Pone threatened to declare war
STEVESTON, Lulu    Island,    Aug.   unless the Powers immediately com-
1 ..���Though it would seem that  the '��� polled the Bulgars to desist.
��� chances of success were/exceedingly
pectlve  exhibitors   are   making   preparations tn show the best  they have
in live stock  "nd  farm  DroductR.
The   officials  are  desirous  of  lm-
in   London.
There are still sever.il thousand
coiiies of the book I--; available nnd
and any resident of Delta wishing to
pressing upon the farmers of the send away copies may obtain :i limit-
community the necessity of their ed number by applying to Mr. S
hearty   co-operation.      This   mean   w. Fisher, at the Ladner Drug Store.
that, every  farmer should  endeavor 	
tn  exhibit  something,     if  he   does
net   win  nn  award, b��  will  nt  least
Sunbury  School���Miss  Leary.
The schools of the district are all
being prepared for the opening of
the fall term on Monday. August
i distributing centre for mail.
 d-aboiit   way   a   letter   has
gel to Port Guichon, a mile
away,  le  an   instance  of  this.    Tne
N't - Westminster-East Delta rural [No extensi�� repairs nave been round
mail route also place? I.adner al a necessary, Che paint brush and Ihe
disadvantage,   all   mail   going   from I scrub   brush .being   mostl.
r to   Fast   Delta  points  on   llie  encc.
route having to be sent first. J 	
slim, the I. W. W. orarSrs persist In |      LONDON,   Aug.   13.���Sir   Edward learn     something     by     comparison
an  attempt to create another strike ; Grey,   foreign     minister,   announced through showing his products.     And
of fishermen at Steveston.     Several j today 'liat the Powers have agreed this is the first aim of the fair���to
of  these agitators  are known  to be   on a policy of autonomy for Albania educate.    Only  in  this  can   it   be  or
Mis.   James   Mason   Pnvse-    Awaj
Her Hoi ie After Ix>ng nines*
Livetl lh-tf S3 Veins.
and for the disposition of the Aegean
.,,.. .   -. _..
in   evid-
Westmlnster post office, from
which  it  is sent out to (he patrons
1 irnl  route.     With  these con-
exlstlng   under   the   parcel
'"tu. Ladner merchants would
i '1 in unfair competition.
N'n action was takcy by the board
general opinion was thai the
''';l!!"- Bhould be taken up with the egg"
There wns a representative attend
the meeting.
repairs have been round   this way an opportunity of preaching   Sea islands captured by Greece from
insidious    doctrines     to   the     boat-   Turkey.
workers. He said he expected Turkey would
Reeve  Bridge  and  the police  de-
  partment are determined to preserve
1 order nud  quiet,  and  one night  re-
THE MARKET. cently  when   several   I.  W.  W.   ora
tors arrived from Vaticuver nnd pro-
heed the wishes of the Powers regarding Adrianople, and intimated
that the Powers had hinted that the
Balkan states could demand a cash
indemnity  from  the  Porte  if it dis-
Ball  Ti nm
Port   <
������:*''i* Badly
ilcbon Mine���
"i Rous (o 4.
". an Id rest
dent in the Delta district, died late
\\'i ilnes-'-*y night Bfter a long illne.s.
She is survived by her husband, >ii i
is tire.-, nt iy visiting 'n Englnni: two
sons, James, a druggist In Victoria.
and Claude, living al home; three
[���daughters,    Henrietta     fMrs.    Hoi-
The notlcable features of the New
Westminster markel Friday wen- the
reduction In the price nf new potatoes, $1.25 this week. as nirains'
$1.50 l'ist; the upward tendency of
which have increased nbout ii
cuts retail, selling at  40 cents;  nnd
ceeded to barrangue a crowd, the regarded the will of the Powers.
Reeve, accompanied by constables, I He also warned the Balkan peo-
broke up the gathering and argued ' pies that they must not assume that
so forcibly with the agitators that . the failure of the Powers to Interfere
they boarded the next Vancouver- ! to date would not mean that they
bound tramoar, | would  not intervene if there  is suf-
Fish  continue  to    run    In    small   tlcient  provocation.
The  Ladner Baseball   team   played brook,  of  Sapperton,  B.C.l,  Frances
the   introduction   of   fall
des    of  quantities up the river,, nnd by the
iiiii,i,is sny That In Localities It Is
Better Than   for  Many  Years
���Cutting  Ki-miii.
'���   ' ::  cutting has begun  in Delta.
1   "iis   from   the   various   BBC-
'    the    municipality   Indicate
1:1    'he   crop   will   be   fairly   heavy
i tcellenl  quality.
isual some of the oat  fields!vendors
are -1  bit   flattened,  but   this  Is  not I
eral and   In   but   few   fields  will!
middle of the afternoon yesterday
most of Ihe canneries were through
with canning for Ihe day. No
limits are In force, but the waves
mnde by the fishermen are generally
pm ill. Th - hope is idhwed to thai
wl*h Me coming of the fell moon a
lie-ivy run wt'l ict In.
Air it. Polly, flshe'Iea agent. staCs
iwhich a few boxes were offered   nnd
a   limited   quantity   were   disposed   of
by the pound, the prevailing price
[being three pounds for 26 cents.
There were rather large consign-
1 ments of live chickens, especially
ifrom the Chilliwack district, ths
selling price being unchanged from
la'll week, 10 cents tlie pound. Spring   ,,,,,, u(.,,nM,s ���,.,, s-i)| being issued in
Chickens,   dressed,   broil-lilt    BO   cents   ���������,!!     numberf*.       M,mi      from      the
|per pound;    hens.    -.">    cants,   and  mm-hrs are taklna out the po-mlts.
ducks, 25 cents.. Ducks, live, sold at { ,,s well as fishermen who have come
ISc to 20c per pound,    There was a
good attendance oi bctb buyers and
south  with the end cf the senron In \
tbe north.
STEVESTON, Lulu Island, Aug.
'3.���Inspector Easton ef Ottawa.
judging for the provincial department of U'-rlcul'ure the competition
of the Richmond Farmers' Institute
in  OStl,  examined,  in  0 mpiny  wiTTi
Secretary ���'. w. McOlnnls, yesterday
the twelvi fields, four on Sea Island
nnd eight on Lulu lsln'id, which are
partlc'patlng In the contest) Mr.
Easton's awards will be announced In
a return g.im�� with the Pert Guichon
rine at the Port on Wednesday evening, suffering a second defeat by a
fore of 15 tn 4. Ladner player*
say lack of team work caused tin-'-
The opposing batteries wen !  *.ai;-
ni r,  Hume,  Hamilton   : ��� A    HtVme;
Porl Oulchon, Webster and Bchmutz,
A. Trim, of Westham Island, offl
ed us umpire,
and   Marjorie;   a   niece.   Mlas  ,Tess��-
Qreensmltb, who has long lived witb
the family, and a ni phew, T, Q	
smith,  of Vancouver Island.
Mrs. Mason was 63 yen-, of HUP,
and bas lived In the Lower Di Its
for upwards of '-''1 years, 3he <ras
a native of England.
The funeral will be held from :*�����
family home at 1,80 O'eh -'. ti"-*
afti moon   to  Boundary   R��ty   ce ���
Quichon scored In every Inning but ,,r>-      The  Rev.  c.  C.  Hoyle  will
the third, batting both lltinie and
Hamilton pretty freely, R\ llj
Oulchon mnde g plean home hll ,m
the  sixth.     Lndnrr  scored   two   tuir
ir the secon I  and  two  In  tin- last
LenlngB,        D.   Hume   and    F.   Smith
were  the  Ladner stars,   playing  ci>
sistent ball throughout.
Webster struck  out   7,  Hume  fai
etifPsaary   to
''!  hand.
of  thr
rnlse   the   grain ]
a   farmer   in   the
There are many good  ball  players
lads  of   Ladner,
munlcln-ilitv    while among  the younger
�� ' "Ki"r on  Wednesday',  said  that "������'' *�� "��>'a nr,, or����ni7-in�� �� .,,f-8P
"" quality
a   few   days.     Some  splendid   fields  ned  4  and  Hamilton  mnde one
were seen by the inspector,    One bit   lay down  his bat.
Iof   advice,   however,   he   felt   would
  be tlmelv, a"d that'was mo-e rnre be
CAMBIE, Lu'u Is'and. Aug. 14.��� exerdsed in the choice of seed. In
Mr. John Stevens Is being rongrntu-, r.rder to secure cleaner grain. The
lated on his achievement at the rifle   gr-Mn     wns   found   to  b������  free  from
smut wl'h nn abundance nf straw.
.   and  quantity of the oat
!l   Ills   section   Is   the   best   In
Diany years.
"I  believe  oats  will   average   100
to the acre all through." he
";    "and   while   much   of   the
; "'   :* down  It leans mostly to the
'.,,,���?' :iml  In  such   fields  no lifting
",    "'  necessary, the onlv inconvenl.
ball team to give themselves a chance
to prove or disprove their vaunted
ability  on   the  diamond.
The   team    will    be    composed   of   8teveiton are ���j 1(11e noyf> a���,j jn a]]
boys   under   18.   and   they   Plan   an 1)ab,I||v ���jj, r,,-,n(n 8n for --.,-..
initial   tryout   with   the_ seniors.     ��f. m0nthK.    It is predicted that at the
ranges In-'t week, when he recorded
a scor" nf 1ns ^ver t'*e lonr ranges.
This constitutes a record for the
range nnd perhaps for the Dominion.
The Japanes.    boat    works    ��t
The  Delta   road   tax   collector   bat
practically   completed   his    work   ���.
the farming district, and is nor
ting returns r-"'u the cam ��� .- >
other   factory   industries.
The return from the ror*'!
tions aggregates pretty mn h
same as last year's collecjloi .
the factory employees are  more
wee beln
�� one-way  cutting.'
John   McKee  states'   tit nt    in
thev can drub the older boys, so
much the better, but at any rate
they feel that in this way tbey enn
get a line on their play before going
afield for honors.
close of the present Feason good
boats will go begging for buyers.
There nre so many on the river that
nil cannot poss'b'y be used in the
fishing  next  year.
���The  Prince  G"orge   Sfr >un led  en
the   bar   off   Whitecliff  [u'and,   sixteen  miles south  ef here yesterday,   emrous   than   heretofore  and
She rested on an even ke*l. floating   stantial    increase   Is   expecti
off on the r'sing tide, and reaching   this quarter.
here two hours late. 	
.1 tl
the  oat   crop   is  appar-
1  'o the average on  most of
ni--'-  the  past  month  of sun-1
'king  up  in   a   great   degree
protracted   wet  spell   In   the
'   labor seems  to be plenM
: 'be wage for field work will
The steamer Birdswell loaded a
full cargo of grain, hay and straw
on Thursday, all billed to the BracK-
Ker Milling company's Victoria
CALGART, .ug. 14.���Two hundred or inr*ro bouses of various parts
of the city, were fooded and the car
si ��������� |fp wa�� tied "i and delaved nil
over the cltv bv the si0-*m  of Tues
Among the    Lt '".'-������    tamilll -  ��� fi
While   trap   shooting   will   shortly  are   summering   Bt   Grauer's   Be-""
give    place    to    gun    sport    on    the nre:   Mrs.   Lanning  am!   family,   *"������
marshes,   where   ducks   abound,   tbe E.   Ladner   and   sous,   Mr.   and   Mr
interest In blue rock competition has W.  R.   Bills  and   daughters,   Rav,   C
shown   no   abatement   this   wcpk,   a H. Whitalc-r and fftlmly, ftnd Mr.    ���
t'oodlv   number   of   the   members   of Mrs. W. Kirkland and family.    Tlien
conduct   the  funeral  service  at   the
I.adner   Anglican   church,
Steamers nt Steveston Take Cargoes
to Northern Canneries if Fraser
River Has Sin plus.
The gasoline icllooner lima
Hearst and iln- Itenmer .l.uui I
Crothers nre docked .it Steveston
waiting for a surplus of flsh to corns
up in so they can take them to tbe
canneries up North. The Anna
Hearst is owned by the Canadian
'Fisheries Company and will take it*
cargo to the North *i n Cai tier -
while the iti ami ; loni s to iln-
Sir Charles Doty f'.ei ��� and will go
to the  Wallace canity.
It   is   very  doubtful   '���'.    hej   wll!
he able to get any    : b   -s the lo   ���'
canneries are usinu all the:   can    BI
Last week the boat.- -.   - - able to get
quite a number of     lb from   he ��� n
plus, nnd they were able to
very  cheap,  but   t li;.    \   ek    vlth   nol
many   fish  being  i ti! -nt   thi   boat-
will likely have to   ;o baci   wlthc
any  fish.
Mr.   James   Pollls    wisiii      to   express his appreciation to ail who so
kindly ramembi red bim In hi
;i,l|e   a     in   former   years��� warehouses     The hav was all field-1 day  evening*  probably  the  worst  ln;the Ladner Gun Club turning on. nr  nre rather fewer Ladner residents a; of   trouble   caused   by   'bo   death   or
:   day   with  boan] '   '       bnl(,(1 f0r immediate focal use. I ten  years. .Tuesday evening's practice meet. Grauer's  this  summer than  last. his father, Mr. Park-*r Follis
i I . I
' I   t
t 2
SATURDAY, AUGUST lo, ������,,
While Cndertakin
Wiil  Pay  for
Each  Unit ns it
Itself  From
(From Th,- British Columbian.)
An ideal to be lojkid forward lo,
on ideal requiring years to attain, u
general plan adopted .-o that everything done 1-i He- w y o' harbor !m-
y..\ ui ul ���������;���! h_ve ;. tp ciflc end
in . .1 w ; nd u p. - ject . h..t will pay
i.ji" ,.. i ironi .lie beginning of tha
work and '..iicii wi.l prove a great
asset t,i tile liiuiii; i: a ity, Is the n'.tuner in wh.ch ib. harbor improvement plans for New WeaLmins.er
w re st r be I by Captain A. o.
I'os ell - f re a me -. ing of busiui bs
min and ratepayers In the council
chambi :��� inst n: ht, and us Mr. w.
H. Gilley :iid wht a si conding a
in,)- on   .i extt ml .. vote of thanks to
tli. ��� in   ..  "II   was expected that
When iiiis meeting was called we
,i mid throw in- cks at C ipt. Powell
; in   in i  . d   v i     ave  been    cosslng
I...;,   b      ;::   '.."
Capt. Pow il Bald on his Introduction   i    thi   aud i   bj   Vice-Presi- '
dent McQuarrie, of thi Board of
Trade, h i pr sided, in- was glad to
si e >b .t ratep yi rs wen- interested
in a harbor projeci which -'as so vital j
to ib- future of the city, for i-here
was something radically wrung with
any proposition that would not -������.and
Investigation and scrutiny, "f it
would nut beat- scrutiny it should b3 j
thoroughly probed.
The thr e principal objects to be
attained In carrying out the plans
A water grade highway from
Steveston to Port Coquitlam, with
two ding-nal branches traversing the
hill, with a ."> per cent, grade, miking the eily the centre of a great
highway system;
The creation of a great harbor
front from,Lulu Island to the Brunette:  and
The creation of a harbor ln Annacis slough.
That wns the general plan adopted; an ideal: nnd everything should
be done to conform to this general
Where to begin?
What   was   imperative?
What  would bear its own cost?
Front street cnmplii d with nil
these conditions. The coining of tha
C.N.R. or other railways necessitated
the widening of Front street and
waterfront re:,lain would pay the interest charges nnd provide for a sinking fund to extinguish tbe debt. The
city had loaned iis credit, but would
not bear the cost; it had limlt'.d its
liability lo a half million dollars.
This would bi sufficient to complete
the first unit of tbe improvement,
the widening of Fr"nt s'reet from
Eighth to the Great Northern lots.
As rapidly as necessary and as funds
are available, lhe improvement
would lie extended tH LuUi Island
aud northward tn the Brunette. The
engineer 11< re explained Cue plans
from a map and b'uc print on the i
For 2600 'i d Fr nt sin-1 would
be made 192 r net wide, in feet
-sid'-r than ni present, and Ibe water
lets would be ex'ended to the quay
wall 2 li) feel rrom Ihe south - Ide
of Front sir,.,.: Probab'y within n
couple of years Improvement of the
waterfront below Eighth St. would
begin. The public work' department!
would undoubtedly imp-ovo its lots
when the city wor'i wa under way,
while the C. P, It. would be forced
by public sentiment end 'he filling
in '��� 'ie front of ll - whnrf, ti) make
similar Improvements, How fast this
would he done would depend upon
lb" ' ii cess of the initial  unit.
Th r- wou'd ' e thirty or torty ft et
of wa'- ��� off the quay w ill at low
Ji'le. There had bei-n some difficulty ��yne lenced In driving piling in
tie sw'fl currant, Tin- dock would
lie ���<, I fee! vide find the slop-*; from
'be Inn r - d-'e of 'be wharf to tho
���ui Bide of the wall would be ricked
lu p . vi nt w ah Some difficulty in
holding 'Its 'l- ht material In place
hefiTP i-   s fnceii  wllh  reck Is nnti-
I for the c.sts of the original harbor
In reply to Mr. Martin Sinclair,
Mr, Powell explained that shrinkage in the bonds was charged up to
the tost cf the improvements, and
would   bo   cared   for.
Water lot rentals were based on
$4-50 per front foot, with a rental
for side street, frontage. It would
i return $1200 or $1300 per annum
per lot for the present unit, and lower charges would te made further
First estimates had been allowed
two years  for doing the work  now
Sir Richard McIIride's Main Object
Is to Increase Influx of British
VICTORIA,   B.C.,     Aug.   12.���Sir
there I shall stop at Ottawa and prob.
ably Montreal in order to take up
with the federal authorities certain
matters affecting the joint interest
of the two governments.
"One of the topics will be that of
the Better Terms Commission, which
I desire to see on the coast and in
active session as soon as possible.
"Another will doubtless be that
of the proposed railway to connect
by British Columbia the boundary of
Alaska with the boundary of Mexico.
The Royal BanK of canodn
Incorporated 1869.
Capital Authorized     ��25,ooo0on
Capital 1-a.d Up    *U,500,oS
Remt       ���12.SOo.ooo
Aggregate Assets, One Hundred and Seventy-Five  Mill
The object  is still  In  au   immature | Dollars. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
condition, but I am a firm believer In It ts the aim of the management of this Bank to make every
It, and  hope  to  be able  to  impress ���. positor welcome, and to give tbe best possible attention to his fin in i
something   of   its     importance     and j affairs. '*
value   to   the   western     development
Hinder wav.     It would take at least  ��-?hard McBride, Premier of British
a year to complete it, possibly  longer.   (r'oUlTm")la'    leave3     tuis      afternoon
After  three  months'   work   it  could j"01' Lo,ndon' England, where he pro-1 ������, minlsters oi the .ede.al par-
he .---f'mated very definitely when it --ff.3 l0 represent the best Interests Lament. ___b______________________________________bi______________^________-___________________________
would be cemp'eted. ��[ tne Province to the financial mag-      ���I��  a���   -.__.  wel- T  exuect t0  bp Accounts may be opened with deposits of One Dollar and Unw.r-i
There were   w nty-seven   lots in   I',,;* ���*���'' to increasing tbe)back    t Victoria within seven weeks | Interest pak* or credited at the highest current rates, on Mav ___..._
the   mpr-vment.    P Ies were being F/1""* ��< Br,tish ca--ltal t0 this Part at  the  outside  and  it  is  more  than | November  30tta  each year. * 3Ut ina
driven  fr~m  15  to 25  feet into the ,0* r!*le t*-ml)"'t-- likelv that six will be sufficient."
river bottom I    Generally  speaking  the  Premier's t        " ill. F. bishop, Manaorb -<ft_DNER   n
A  concrete   *r masonary  wall  in .  isi,r w_iU bf taHe.n UP with this im- FARM STOCK TO SHOW, '    '
of the piling would bankrupt lllorftant "����-��U]_ ng, although othe"1
'    imatters of minor importance will als
I UK _-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_^______-_-_-_-_-_-_-_,
tbe  c:ty.   ccst'ng  about     $500     per
'inea!   foot   rf   wall.     It   would   not
n !*m!t   mod'f'C~tlon   f  plans   in   fu-
ttfe, ns would th" cedsr piling wall. |
Capl Powell explained that the
w'denlng ef Front Hre t would permit the er.tr nee of many railways.!
j In reply to Mr. tlou'et, who wanted
iln know what benefit the city expected to obtain by the entra
the C. N R.. Cap'. Powell said Mr.
Ooulel ns a ri'lro"d man certainly
Knew the benefit of *e ur'ng a eom-
petlng line.
The waterfront lots would be re-
platted, running down s'ream at an
angle of thirty degrees, permitting a
sidetrack to he run on each lot if
required, sonne'hipg that was now
Mayor Gray and others paid n
happy tribute to Mr. Powell's ability i'le
as an engineer, nnd to him as a most
valuable agent for the c!ty in many
matters. Tie was more than an engineer. He had mmh to look after
besides the det-'ils of the harbor improvements. He was working for
Xew Westminster a 1 the rim.. The
mayor said the Annacis Is'and bride:"
'dan was not dead. This bridge
would b ��� nece sary In a very few
years. The provincial government
recognized this, but could not assist
���ii bu)ld'ng il at th's tin*.:-. After
it was built the Great Northern
would   run   its   trains  through     the
  sO ! Bred Horses and Cattle Will  Rf on
jbe  discussed.     The  Premier  will  be t
jaccompanied by his secretary, Mr. I
Lawrence McRae, and It is expected!
that the entire trip will not stretch!
over much more than six weeks.
Exhibition Only at Provincial
All the officer- and employees ot
the Colony Farm, conducted In con-'
On his way to the Old Country Sir necti��11 '���""��� ,lle. 1'0Sp',al *nr, thc
iltichard will stop over at Montreali l���*?�� :,t, *Mount Coquitlam from
and Ottawa in order to confer with M<*di��al Superintendent Or. O. h.\
�� CA:'the Dominion authorities concerning i DOherty down to the me,, who
??e,' of such matters as the Better Terms g''001" tbe horses and lU-'k th" cows
'commission, and also the great rail- al*e Proud of the splendid pure-bred
way scheme j_at is proposed to link,stock bred and kept on tho farm. |
up Alaska with the .Mexican border.     And  all  are anxious that   he world
After   concluding   his   business   at! shall know what  fine specimens    of I
these   points   the   Premier   will   take
train for Xew York in order ;_ connect   With   the  Cunard   liner  Maure-
tanla a week hence.
After getting bis office affairs into
shape yesterday Sir Richard granted
n interview, in  the course of which
touched   briefly   upon   the   issues
that   were  calling  him  to  the  great
metropolis  at   this     time.     Without
going into minute details regarding not be exhibited in compatitlon;
his plans, he gave an outline of his | for. when Colony Farm entries at
"You want to know the object o*"
my visit," he said. "Well, that is a
big question, but I shall endeavor to
answer It becomingly without trespassing upon the unnecessary elements. ^^^^^^^^^_____.
"Briefly stated, my abject Is to get'government behind  them.    On
more  money into  the  country     for occasion     Colony   Farm   won
Carry in stock a full line of
Sand, Gravel and Cement
Phone 7
Box 1332
thoroughbreds   their   etabirs     con- |
tain.    Hence a number of file horses !
���Clydesdales, Shires and Hackney-! |
���and  some  rf  the  best of tlie ex- '
ceedtngly fine Holstein cows are be- :���
Ing  prepared  for exhibition   at  the J
principal coast fairs, tho-e at Van-I?,
couvor, Victoria and Xew Westmin- |$f
But  these  pure-bred  animals will
[ the Vancouver Horse Show last
'spring carried off the best awards
! there was a howl from competing
exhibfto's, who contended that It
was unfair to ask them to compete
������with s-ock from st-bie- having ihe
'resources   of   the   British   Columbia
this j
J. JOHNSTON, Proprietor
adner, O. O.
Samp.e Room. Prompt Service
Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars.     Rates Reasonable
city  and  could  use a union  station    ��� _,._ ..���. _,
If not,  at  the end of five years It duction of still more (apita
would  be  compelled   to   put   up     a ish Columbia.    Well
good station on ihe site of the present  one,   where   a   temporary   depot
would be or. cted at once.
A vote- Of thanks was given Mr.
Powell for his exposition of the '*"ar-
lior plans und work.
NANAIMO,,Aug. 12.���In all probability the attorney-general's department will today take over the
enforcement   of   law   and   order   In
development. It must be "pretty'championship for hackney stall'cn.
well known that one of the essentials j hackney mare and three-year-old
to provincial prosperity is the Intro-! hackney stallion.
to Brit-i Recognizing the justice of the
that is my mis- ] claims of individual breeders, Dr.
sion to London, or rather the ob-' Doherty has decided to confine the
talning of it is my mission, and j! exhibition of Colony Faim stock
may say that 1 am hopeful of being'for competitive purpos*s to shows
able to accomplish my ends through joutside the province. This year
various useful agencies that have re-|P!a-is are be'ng formulated at fhe
garded us kindly in the past and to farm to exhibit at the International
pave the way for a still greater Influx , Stock Show in Chicago,
of British capital to further what I The international S-ock Show Is
might  term   the   local   development Ireally two shows, one for cattle and
of this section of the Empire.
"Under this head falls the question
of the condition of the western municipalities at this time, and that ap-
Nanaimo. A request for such action Iplles to Vancouver Island as well as
was made yesterday afternoon by to the Mainland. Municipal finance
His Worship Mayor Shaw following Us a timely topic and I shall take it
a riot by striking members of thejup with the financial interests in
United Mine Workers of America in iGreat Britain.
which Chief Neon of tbe city police
force was struck by missiles and a
"Don't  misunderstand  me on  this
point   and   allege   things   that     are
the other for horses, the former to
be h?ld in November and the latter
fn December. For the cattle show
Mr. W. S. Dickey, who has charge of
the (.i-iry stables at the farm, is
preparfng to exhibit some of the best
of his Holstein cows and bulls and
r.lso young animals of both seres.
With these he Is confident of holding  his own  against    international
  ^^^                  competition. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^���
number of workmen returning hom-B (neither right nor favorable, for'as a "dr. Malcolm Stewart, under
from the mines injured, in one In- matter of fact I view the municipal whose charee are the big stables
stance seriously. situation    with    an indulgent calm,  which   contain   probably   tbe   finest
A  man   named  Patterson  and bis'satisfied that everything is all right,  aggregation^of thoroughbred  horses
isons who came off work at ?, o'clock Mt  is  true  that  I  have no direct au-  in the province, says he will take to
were placed  in  an auto  under    the thority���nor indeed have I  been  re-1 Chicago in  December eighteen head
personal  escort  of Chief of   rolice |quested  to represent any of    these Iconsfstfng of entire, brood-mare and
bodies���for discussing    this    matter | gelding     C!yde��daies.     Shires    and
with  the moneyed  people of the Old | Hackneys.    He says thnt. be is confi-
r.and.     But   T  take  It  that  it  comes I dent of making a showing thnt will
under  the  head  of my general  pur-ibe   creditable   alike   to   the   Colony
pose  in  going there and  I shall    In j Farm   and   to     British     Columbia
consequence be pleased to handle It breeding, and that he will have an
to the best of my ability. I entry or two that will make    some
"However, that is only a phase of  of the fanry breeders in  a'tendnnce
the head   which   tbe  business.    As  a  matter  of  fact, i at the International show straighten
attention.     Pat-?there were so many interests involved   their  backs   and   gaze.     One  of the
"���ranufacturers and Dealers \n all kinds oi
Shingles. Lath, Sash, Door* Turnings ��ii(i Houee Flnlshlnti '
Phone  R14 l'burne Prompt Delivery by Kail or Scow    \
Neen. Striking miners numbering
several hundred Itnmed'ately mail"
an attack upon the auto, hurled
s'ones and other nrsules at '.be occupants of the car, all of whom were
s'ruck  and   more  or  less  injured.
Chief Neen was struck several
times and a man named Bell received a deep gash In
required   surgical
terson and bis sons were more or in the economic welfare of the coun-, most keenly contested events at tho
less Injured tind were followed by try, most of which are controlled In bfg-"how will he- the six-horse teams
the mob to their hem". The- rioter's .London, that it became a matter of ��f Clydesdale geldings, nnd'for this
hurled  stones     't    lhe    resirt'etice, con-sicPerable Importance to have the-event  Stewart   's  preparing- a  sex-
breaklng ���>    number    *-f    windows   people of that country kept in close! tette that be thinks will be able to
^^"    i...^*****************************************************************************************************************************���   get
One   of tb.
missiles struck  a child |touch   with
of   the   Patterson    fam'ly.   but   not
Injuring ll ne-lou l- The ������- y foi-ce ���
force of regulars and specials, eight.
the practical develop
ment which 'he invested .apital
represents in tttts.
"And   judging   from   past   experi-
into  first  awards.
Itll'HMOM) \KW��.
�� ":j nti (1. Inside th" w'-arf 'ha space
wll] ii - r li d In, tie material to be
(litpit ed Into t1 nee from the rivet*
bolieuii. T!������- '��� si ef the T'rst unit
would be '500,000, Including all
wruk, brink go n bon's. straightening ilr.et . ei ;;l-"i ring and all
Incld n' i ���"" " t and plgnt. The !
oft-m ii- v-1 ii \ rrrrt" '" though
s--m -   t iv -��� ; .i  be !       ���������  .1 a n I
Th - -a 'a'u ed Is ds would bring
lit an am ua] r tit-1 of $80,000 for
rt) ���). i i aft( t- thai iriucb great -
< i* ���������tuns I-it ri s- o- the bonds In
$22 BOO *-r ��� i ar. bnv'ng $7!">00 for
n "lilting    I'll'd     wh'ch    would   ex-
��� .-""l- b  the  debt    In    thirty-three
vears 'I" e      Who'<_      ni- ject    was
bound I- be ' xc ��dlrg'y    profitable
"c t h ��� e ! -,-.  ii t count 'ng Increas d
tin  a1  i'   'ties   ' "er 2" V��flPfj,
( ������' | I 'il.     P   W    ''    ' ��� -'"ined    the    re-
i <.'p-  . r t'    ���   r f th     ""'t  r lo's
I 7   -',e      mui   i  n        v  r-m  nt.   an'd
,1 '���  ��� '   ',;i��� ' -������ d b en passed
���Iv'ng   ������   fur l'T   ;rr--t    ������'   'Ik-   two
r  ���������    ' '"���        1,   v ���>     '���,    itr""et'e.   of
wb'cll ' i- ������  ' ��� -,l       !      in     n'y,  nr>d
��� irranl - -c dnmb*i - r ��� t throuah
the n ton lary r<*ne vs Ion, some-
���tii'ng    h    el'v   has   nevt r 'had,   titl !
tO    *h   S    Stl ei  t.
The |p ' d ecur d ' --m 'he Do-
tnin'o-- " v nm t v--'s many times
more va'ui bl ��� -' an 'he total cost of
all  nr ii"sed inipr vempnts,
Th ' C. N. R. had adopt d the city's
plan t< r com'ng il wn Front street
on en e'.va'd ''*ack p'nc;ng a
depot i'rn s ff in the t'ty ball and
Hmdln" nn s"tic **s ;���' the Columbia
street lev"l. nnd a' nllsh'ng all grade
eroeilnep In thn nrincipa] part o. the
City.    This cen e<; ion more than paid
In  all,  was powerle'B to coae  with ience I am ctuite satisfied that a visit
the rioters who did no' disperse un-'o  the  metropolis  at this time  is of
til thev had wreaked their vengeance  morfi tban current value,
upon  the   Patterson   home. i     "I   believe   that   the   matters   now
Immediately    nfter    Cu      rioting  t�� 09 di_--i.ss.<. een best be disposed
Mavor   lhaw wired Prem'er M-rtr'd'-  of by my presence in London. There
thi.  ths  situation     w-s  beyond  the'are   a   great   many   affairs   also,     t��|W��W.  *M  evinc.a. much   iuter-
eonlrol   of   Hie   local   police  and   ra.  these  day:-  of tremendous  provincial'1 eBl U\  "lui 1-����'<'S-*. as well as fct the
lont ot   oi   uie   meal   pom.   ji  i   ,e   i   .  ...        ..               ,     '      .  ,   ,   j pio.mineiit place among  the cannery
i.tiested   the  provincial   government e-xpansion, that can only  be rightly i.     k ,',,,   ., *������_..^TS���v
to  take (barge of affWra   tn*l  as U   recognized by a full consideration of wo ,li"s wll",u 'he ..apanese oecup).
CO  i.kr (ii.irge oi   a.rair     ann  as      ,        ��� ,���,,,... Mntra   ....i I     Many  roads on  l.ulii  aud  Sea  Is-
restil   a number Of special pollci* will   lll( lr merits .if rn,   mon**) centre, and   .     ,    . , ���,������i,.i
arrive  in  the city today from   Ve-I"* course the money centre to us h-m-e! ^"U8..ll.a,ve.,t*un.Qllea by ^Q.miM,u '
STEVfcaTON. Aug. 1,1.���Steveaton Japanese gave hearty welcome
yesterday to their couuti-yman, Dr.
Soyeda, of the Tokio Cliamber of
Commerce, who visited the town, Dr,
Soyeda was shown over a cannery In
toria with more to follow ��hould th*
situation  demand their presence,
ltrisiah  Columbia  is  London.
'It  may  not appear so, but yruX
pal road department, au.d ibe dust
i nuisance,  is  practically    done    away
WON \TCilI-:F. Aug. S,    Tli" II,-*.-
lie i xposition ( ompany was in
corporated last night.     Articles were
hi ;*>ei|  by eleven of the sixteen  trustees, and officers were elected. They
are   0rorge   it.   Plvher,   president;
Percy Scheble, vtce-preitd'ent; c. rt.
riughes,   secretary;    A.   7.     Well*.
treasurer.       Today    or    tomorrow
President Fisher win appoint an executive oommtttee of 'tve. This commutes  will  nam"  a  manager,  vorj
probably D.  D. Olds.     Th,-  manager
md tb"   executive   committee    will ______
'    a the active management of 'he lltory; the "eemand lor "money
tu.  exposition enterpri���� fr->m  now  ni\\\ i-e greater.
���s a tact that it is rather a hard thing I W1|U tb(! HM|,jtnnpe a- a dlv(!] lh(,
for (-id CwBtrj people, at tht��lpBg m-ahmond WfttM department is en-
range, to know and fu ly appreciate gaged tWa W(,,.k ,��� c"ftnalrin�� a��� m.
the work Which lhe various ratjromls barraaslng break lu tbe submerged
and otl-wr ortanlzatlons uava under|m���,M between Cailu aud Sei
"        gilt has driftad over the
way in otir country. By going ther*1
at this time und present-inu; lhe Issues to them In clear-cut fashion I
Uitn hopeful of being abl'S to produce
ihe reSttltS most needeil and moid de-
strahta In this part, of the country,
"it ought to be realised right
away that great us are the present
necessities for capltnl nt tho present
a Islutids. I
^^^^^^^^^ nialu I I I
several   feet,   tuuking  the |
settling   the   trouble   very j
The affair Illustrates onco
need  for    an    emergency [
depth of
work ot
again tin ^^^^^^^^^^^^
in a I u between the two Islands over
the bridge, a precaution which has
bean advocated for some time by-
Water Superintendent Lockharl and
itll the October event, "'heir nt--
o a will !���" reported to and be rub-
act   to  the  approval  of the  board
tin'e with the completion of the tin-! which "S now receiving the attention I
dertakings now in progress and the j of the water committee Of the miuii- |
consequent development of mine ter- olpal council.
wllli     Mr. and  Mrs. Charles Hlreetcb, of |
|the No 20 road, are being felicitated -
trusts is.    'I be
���   |tl   III   ���:���   Bt 1     ���
purpose is tn F.HVe
l->r*rer body.
l,l>SKS  I.AND  SI II.
OLYMPIA, Aug. 8.���In a lengthy
decision handed down yesterday the
sunreme i ourl ruled that the - tati
university is not entitled to recover
fhe "ia aires of land on Chambers
��� reek, In Pit rce county, sold for a
small Bum In 1903 by the state land
commissioner to one Henry Bueey,
���O the Pierce oounty superior court
11 reversed, and i3 ordered to dismiss
tin1 case of the state against the
Hewitt Land Company, Tacoma Company and the Northern Pacillc Pail-
road appellants.
i "Well, It is along these lines that."l>'"ti the safe arrival of twins, a bo.
I  have to talk to  tho  financial  men   llml a girl, both of the bouncing va-
lol   the   Mother   Country.     Or  course' rU-ty.
dhere   are   concrete  examples   that   I      ''be  Gordon  road    in     Alexandra
1    chl     v..    _���( i do no: think tha.; '  ",i"  iH '"'i''.1- planked   nndar a
illustration along that line Is nece--'101"'1 Improvemenl plan. Last win-
sary   or  at   all   helpful. It,?r Hle..-m!1'3  was ���������* 'l(>ep along this
"Emigration     Is   another     matter
that shall have my close attention. '
Shall confer with the lion. J, lv
Turner. Agent-Genera! for the Prov
Ince, In regard to this matter and see
what step can be taken to have the
emigration to this part of Canada
more highly systetuatlsed than it Is
Bt present. I shnll discuss with him
the question of appointing a commercial agent to represent the province.
This question waB brought up some
time ago.
"I may also say that on  my way
ter the mud  waj 	
street that no sort of rig could pnss
along it, and residents were greatly
inconvenienced In securing fuel and
other supplies.
At the financial meeting of the
Richmond Methodist church it was
reported that the Ladles' Aid Society realized $318 from the booths
which were conducted at the Richmond ritie rangi during the progress
of the annual meeting of the llritish
Columbia Hide Association.
Rev. Mr. Wright has been granted
a month's holiday by his conirrega-
tion, and will spend it up the coast.
"Oh��� I am out of the newspapers these
days; it does not pay to advertise in Summer weather," remarked a merchant.
"I advertise all the year around," said
another merchant. "I don't believe in letting things get slack. I keep boosting business all the time. If there is business, and
there is at all times, I'm going to get my
share of it."
Which merchant do you think does the
most business?
The second merchant, of course.
No spiders  spin  cobwebs  across  his
People are too busy going in and out;
too busy buying.
He is a wideawake merchant, constantly
doing something interesting and constantly
appearing in the columns of The Delta
Times with newsy advertisements concerning his store and its offerings.
He is a wise merchant whose slogan is:
"It pays to advertise in Sumnr-rtime and
all the time." *-*-*i
sATUR_>AY, AUGUST 16, 1913.
,._ t ****** * "������������������*��*******-*****t*nt a t.HMUMMIII
^-C^-��-**<">4M>��,*><^**'��*^**->* ���*****^>**<^-*��4<^^��*fr��***.?
Benson   was   a   visitor
first of the week.
Vaucouver the ^^^^^^^^
U,,. steamer Westham was In port
���ast Saturday.
Virs   London, of Cedar Cottage, is
visttiug  friends in  Ladner.
,-��� ,   municipal  road  tax collector
this week making his annual
���������lit. average yield of the oats crop
in the neighborhood of 100
hu-hels per acre.
cl !'
C. ('.  Hoyle, of the Anglican
���ill,  visited  in New   Westminster
-   part of last week.
M:   S.  \V.  Fisher, the It cal  drug-
-.,s   in   Vancouver   Monday   on
Mrs.   Clarke,   of   Prince
: island, is visiting with their
Mrs.   Lewis.
Captain  Brewster, President D. A.
i    tlie   Board of Trade,  and
hereon were visitors to the
, City  on
Mr. E. P. Douglas visited in Vancouver on Wednesday.
H.   W.   Slater,   proprietor   o.   the
Ladner   Hotel,   spent   Thursday   in I
O.X.R,  Track-  Are Xow Being Luid
Northward From .Anderson
.shannon   Bros.   Break   Ground     for
Erection of Dairy  Stable and
Feed  Room.
Mr. and Mrs. ,��ohn Ramage are
the proud parents of a nine pound
baby girl.
Sir. T. Forest, of the Kelly-Douglas Company, Vancouver, was in
Ladner  ou   Tuesday.
(From The British Columbian.)
For a distance or Hi miles from
Port Mann the Canadian Northern
Pacific Railway line is completed and
tracklaying commenced on Monday
northward    from    Anderson    Creek.
CLOVERDALE, Aug. 13.���Determined to be in tbe forefront of in- I
dustnal progress Shannon tiros.,
owneis and operators of Grandvlew
Farm, a large holding given over
solely to dairying and stock raising, broke ground yesterday for the
.Mr. J. VV. Creighton, of New
Westminster, is in the city for the
week on business.
Four  miles  away,   however,  anolli=r[ "'ec;tion oi a,1.*l!'se }*\? "able and |
bridge, 700 feet in length, will holdfoed  ,'00"'   ",hldl  * "       f*        - \�� \
��� none in  modern  plan  and  appoint- j
Mr. C. Webber and Mr. Joe Croft
of Xew Westminster, visited In Lad-|J
ner on  Monday of this week.
Mr. H. R. Wilson, of Lanning,
Fawcett & Wilson, made a hurried
bu.iness trip lo Vancouver the first
part   of  the  week.
ris   and
the   Nicomekl
night ti
C.   Hoyli
l,   Dr.
Nell   M
cDiarmid,   -C
tracklaying up a few weeks, when
the line will be pushed on to Lytton.
Grading northward of this point is
practically finished, there being no
portion of the grade between R?re
and Kamloops tbat is not either
leady tor tbe steel or that men and
teams are not engaged in constructing.- The big bridge across the
Thompson at Kamloops is not yet
completed, and until this is finished
tracklaying will not be pushed westward   to  meet  the  steel   from   Port
The    stable    section of   the new
| building   is   lo   measure   inside   36 j
feet by 100 feet clear, and the feed
' room  to  be located  at the Western
end of the structure    will    be    28
1 feet square.
The  Shannons  have    investigated
very    thoroughly before completing
their plans, and  no  expense will be |
1 spared to make the stable as nearly
perfect ar- possible for the housing
Mrs. J.
! and
'  Mrs.
!'  '
Mann. The grade is, however, finish-1"1 milch cows. Sanitation attl
ed far south of Ashcroft, but the --Pa,"i "ill be guarded by good ven-
bridges have not beeu put in, and tllation, iplenty of light, concrete
tracklaying for this reason will *-e-1 floors throughout : nd gutter drain-
cessarily be slow and it will be cjose aSe ��o distant cesspool. The stalls
tc January 1, 1914, before the road;'vi1' probably hive a top f'ooring of
is open from Port Maun to Kaui-!''ater-proofed lumber, which is eon-
loops, jsidered   better   than   the  hard  con-
Northward and eastward of Kam- 'rele tor the feet nnd lees of animals,
loops,  however,  the track gangs are There nre to be 52 stalls, and each
  steadily   laying   steel   and   a   hair   a of 'hese is to be fitted with    B. T.
.ddison and her daughters | Ing poisoned by the soldering acid 0f)!lun(3red grading camps are engaged : f-xl "res.    The latent improved litter
Hazel,   are  visiting   with I fish  cans. |in   pushing   the   dump   towards   the j carriers will be Installed, and fe*_d
Slater,  of the  Ladner j   ^^^^^^^^^^^
M .- i-'nrd, a former school teacher I New Westminster on  Monday, going
id  er,  returned  to her home In by motor.
iVestmlnster after visiting with | 	
.'.   II   I.adner for the past week
!     Frank Ravilious has been off duty!
(this week on account of his hand be-1J
  mountains to meet the line from Ed-iwI11   be   conveyed   to   the   stalls     in
Mr. and Mrs   Abbott are receiving''-10Ilton now Pushed westward almost trucks.     The  stable   is  expected  to
 ' . tine congratulations of the neighbor-10 Yellowhead Pass>.    Grading, how- be ready for use about October 1.
Mr. Ross Slater received a bad hood since the arrival of a babv ' contlnues far westward of the1 Shannon Tiros, were the first
ti the face last Friday after- girl, " ' ' ' iI>;!ss and tl-ere js a gap of only 28 dairymen in Br:tl~h Columbia to in-
��� the Wadham cannery while   !miles between the crews working!8*9-!! the Sharpies mechanical milk-
taking out  a  retort of fish.                 :     Money   to   loan    first '- lfrom   Kamloops   eastward    and   the
EBURNE, Point Grey, Aug. 12.���
Building activity ls not so pronounced at present as it was throughout the spring, though occasional
permits for the district are being
issued. During the past week Mr.
D. C. Hays began a residence which
is to cost $1,000. Major J. C. Tite
fs commencing on the Marine Drive
a magnificent residence which will
have cost $14,000 when completed.
A dwelling costing $60" is also being built on the Marine Drive, the
owner being Mr. G. B. Dempster.
Within three months, it is expected, the sewer contracts let to R.
McLean Co. will have been completed.
Work upon tbem is being rushed, In
order that a conclusion may be
reached  before wet  weather sets in.
The tennis courts at the Eburne
Methodist church grounds have been
completed, and are proving a source
of considerable satisfaction to the
younger element.
Mr. and Mrs. ,1. W. Fairhall and
family are camping at Jericho beach
in  West Point Grey.
Followers of lacrosse in Eburne
are planning on wending their waj
to the King Edward high school
grounds in Vancouver tomorrow
evening, for then it is that Eburne
and Qrandview, tied for first place
in the Vancouver Amateur Lacrosse
I.i ague, will play off the tie, The
winner, it is stated, will challenge
for thc Mann cup. The local team,
w.hich has trained assiduously since
the beginning of the season, is confident  of defeating its  rivals.
Mr. W. Bailey, of the Royal
Nurseries, has returned from an extended visit to the Okanagan district.
Mr. and Mrs. R. McMillan, of Regina, Saskatchewan, are visiting
friends in Eburne.
No Room for Disappointment
Have you expended considerable
money and energy to make a dwelling
attractive to lodgers and boarders and
then been disappointed in your
tt There will be no room for dis.ip-
pointmcnt if you use our Want Ads
They will bring you lodgers and
boarders of a desirable* class
| Improved farms, 8 per cent, interest.
crews  working  westward   from  Tete
_____________________^___^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_Juane  Cache.    This  last  gap  of  28
Mr. Albert Duchesnay, manager of! Alfred  W. McLeod, 309 Westminster mn8B  w***   be  C0Vered   with   grading
Trust Building, New Westminster. ** |outfita this autumn and the whole
the   Duchesnay   Packing   Company
t  '. Isit to  the factory on Wednesday.
John   and   Len   Kirkland,   Callan
and   Asa   McCrae   left   Wed-
mornlng  for  the    Nicomekl
.   -here they  will spend  two or
three days salmon  trout  fishing.
I line
Rev,    Whittaker,    pastor    of   the
���   church,  and   family,   who
been     camping    at     Grauer's
.   returned   home   on   Wednes-
. ij  evening,
__-_-_-_-_-__-_-_-_-__-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_---_-_-_-___-_-_-_-___-_-_-__-___      will   be   ready   for   steel   early
Mr. A. N. York, of the Delta Meat'next  spring.
Market, purchased on Thursday from j     Tracklaying    will    continue    from
IP,   Burns   &   Co.,  some   twenty   fine,both ends, Kamloops and Edmonton,
I beef cattle.    A part -of the above was jand   it  is  expected  that  a junction
taken out to the Burns' ranch. will  be made some time before the
|   close   of   next   year.    The   track   is
|     Harold and Edward Howard were now   laid  to   Albreda    summit,    350
ion a two days' vacation trip to Van-(miles   west  of  Edmonton.
! couver this week.    There  was little j     Work    on    the    Kamloops-Vernon
'melody in  the tailor shop  when  thej branch   is   under   way   and   will   be
, boys  were away. brought into operation with the com-
��  'pletion  of the  main line  or shortly
Creighton.     provincial '.afterwards.    This  line   will   be  elec-
Mr.   J.  W.
^mM -M1       J ���     t\ .    v   1,716,11'.'".        ,..-        . ..     , Jmmmmmmmmm^
Mrs.   Ottewell   and   daughter,   re- assessor, is In Delta municipality this*, tr-'lea-. as>. n ls saltL all branch lines
: Monday evening from Bound-'week,   looking   over   the   assessment iof...'bis railway in  British  Columbi**
Bay,  where  they have been  the situation.    He Is a guest at the Delta
' r   Mrs.   Cull ia   for   the   pas!'Hotel.
  Mr.    Edgar   Murcbie.   undertaker,
Dr. and Mrs. McDonell and Mrs. R. Xew -Westminster, came down by
Secord, of Edmonton, Mrs. Archie j motor on Thursday afternoon to
\  rk,  ol   Vancouver,   motored   down  make  arrangements  for  the  funeral
eek and visited Mr. A. N. York.'-f ,]le *ate y\rB   Mason,
ol tliis town. | '      '     ' '
For the hot summer time there's
your wife will so appreciate
as a Hot Point Electric Iron.      We
have them  and  all   electrica1   appli-
aaces.   Taylor Electric Company. **
L. Gifford, who has conducted a
barber shop In the Royal Bank building for some time, has moved to the
store building recently occupied by
McKlllop's dry goods store, two
doors   south   of  the  druggists.
the  Oddl ^^H-_-^-_-_M_------H
-  on  Wednesday evening  was1     nr. King was called to Albion can-
���'1   on   account  of   the   farm- nary early Thursday morning to at-
eing  so  busy  with   their  prain | tr-nd a fisherman, who broke his leg
Iby catching his foot In a hole In the
! that they were unable to at-1
For pressed brick, fire clay, com-
i k. cement, lime, plaster,
travel, sand, rock, and fuel oil, see
its for prices before you buy. We
ni deliver by cars on the Great
Northern or by barges anywhere
"ft Co., Ltd. Office telephone, 8 26:
'���'harf telephone,  880. """
flooring of the cannery wharf. The
man is a foreigner, nnd ls not a regu
lar of the Albion fishing fleet.
will be, while it will be a matter of
but a few years until the main line
in this province is operated by electric power.
While work on branch lines is not
being neglected, every effort is being put forth to have the main line
completed on time, and to this end
25,000 men and 3,000 teams are employed between Hope and Yellow-
head Pass. The officials of the company insist that the line will be open
from Edmonton to the coast before
the end of 1914.
ers. with which they are more than
satisfied, and if there is any modern
idea or improvement r-ot found In
their new plant it will be because
it has not proved !t"i worth nnd efficiency. Electricity is now used for
operating <he milkers and to light all
the farm buildings.
Grandvlew Farm milk is approved
milk, and Is bcttled in a sanitary
dairy house, where all vessels are
sterilized before use, and shipped'to
Vaneouver and New Westminster
The Qrandview herd presently consists of 26 milk cows���29 now milking���and 36 head of vonng stoclT.
They are Avrshlre", a'mrst exctu*-
s'vely, one-th'rd of the herd being
mire bred and the rest high grades.
The breeding 's being gradually Improved, ard the who'e hrrd will ultimately be pure breC.
Th" milk from the herd averages
four per cent, butter fat, and some
of the pure bred Ayrshires havS
made exceptional showing both Tn.
test and quantity. Flossie, wbo won
the championship for Ayrshires and
tbe championship for butter fat test
for all breeds at New Westminster
fair last yenr, has a one year reTfirH
���milking 10 1-2 months���of 11.500
pounds of milk with an average test
of 4 per cent.
Federal  nnd  Provincial  Representatives Fail t'i  Acree <n Third
M Emma Walter, sister of Mr.
s W Walter, merchant, left on -Sun-
'i''  last  for a visit to the old home
������' r Ustowel, Ontario. Miss
Walter is steadily regaining her
health after a serious operation in
'���"��� Vancouver Hospilal. She will
���' impanled east as far as To-
Mlks Alice Thirkle nnd the
litter's father.   Mr.  Thomas Thirkle.
The small shower of rain did
affect the grain crop In any way,
but the farmers state it will he necessary to cut the grain all one way
as the rain laid the heavy stalks
all to the north. The quality and
I oiiantity of the grain i? the best that
the fanners have had for
Over   Twenty  Cases   of   Infringing
Fishing Regulations Tried in
District Court Today. M
Over twenty cases of Infractions of  .  �����),'A'    ^n*'   M'T-^'n ?'   ��
the   Dominion   fisheries   regulations: ^,,'CCf-'and1 M-". E- v; ^well.
were    tried     Saturday     bv     ua^s-; K*c ��� ^e federal nnd provincial rep-
Zl C   S holding court^n thX JT^MK-W ��f *\T'
��� ntj minion fisheries offices as a matter i 1?^,, C, 1 v   -   r    V-T J/ .  ""J*
notl_.  i      -pi,-  i-_,.   o��_toin_T*   tion> bave si far faib d to agree to a
14. ��� The steamer Lakeport, up-
bound, with a cargo of cement, ran
ashore yesterday morning on Mud
Lake. The fog was very thick all
Beginning April  Jst^
Via Steveston and
S.S.    "NEW    DELTA"
To Vancouver and New Westminster
Week Days.
'.eaves   Ladner���8:30   a.m.,   12:3u
p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Leaves Steveston on arrival of car
leaving Granville street, Vancouver, station at 8:30 a.m., 12:30
p.m., and 6:30 p.m. New Westminster passengers will take car
leaving at 8:00 a.m., 12:00 and
6:00 p.m. for Eburne car, to con
nect with tbe boat.
Tor SnJe, For Exchange. Wanted t(,
I'lirohase, To Let, I-081, Found. Work
Wanted, Situations Vm-ant, 1 cent per
word. Minimum, 25 cants for any ou*
advt. These rate* for c��**i with order.
All Want Ads. must b* In bjr 2 p.m.
on Thursday.
FOUND���A St. Bernard dog. Owner
can have same by proving property
and paying expenses. Apply Hop-
cott Bros., Rural Route No. 1, New
LOST���An ostrich fur. Finder
please return to Delta Meat Market,, Ladner, B.C.
For particulars apply Ho war.
Bros. Store.
WORK     WANTED���Wanted      cord
wood   to  cut   by   contract.    Apply
William Kincard, Ladner Hotel.
of convenience. The list contained
three offences, fishing with nets beyond  the  regulation  length  of  150
third atbl'er.     ^^^^^^^^^^^^
It is believed here that the choice
'.O    '11        llie       I  _g Ul', '  1U1I        [I    11   - Lll       V.l        ... , J^B^^^^^^^M. a^^_^__
fathoms,  fishing in  the navigation ����.*-gB t0 ba_m*-9 **, ^l��ht Hc"n-
channel and fishing during the close' ;,'_wls Harcourt. the c lontal secre-
perlod of last week end.    As usual, j ���"y' .-l8. pr.',!'"Ie(1   '"   t,,p    order-in-
  ���.._,... ... ,v.��� -.,���-^-��� I council  in the ev*nt cf a dlsagree-
All of lhe la'est releases in films
including comedy, western melodrama and drama by the best moving picture companies, were presented last Saturday evening at the
Opera. House. A dance was held In
lonnection   with   tlie  show.
"Weston Magistrate Hns No Wtorcy
'"' Nlii ( mulcted of Debnue blng
for tin
Wns (���<>(>(] for Hoot (lops���Potutoe.s
Are llcbuv  Average���.May Ik"
KTI.VESTON. Aug. 13.���Kain
falling In Richmond till day yesterday wus welcomed by
the great majority of the offenders ' ^"'f"  '"  1"'c CV'**L Ul '* ,llBaBr
were Japanese.    There were a "few j     _,,'.,,,     .-_-.,,    ___,
Indians and only one white man on I   , ��'p ��lohard MoBrlde will be here
I at the end of the week and w'll interview the prime m^-lster. The |Tos-
S'b'llty cf b f-*ie-d'y "pro menf" In
solving the lon-j-standing question is
the   farmers.
the list.
The navlga'lon channel Is marked
by two single lines of buoys, first a
red line nnd then a black from the
Sandheads up the river to a point opposite Steveston and the fishermen
are supposed to drift far enough
away to keep their nets one hundred yard- clear of the buoys on the
rluht of the black buoys coming un
river and on the left of the red.
Above 3tevegton the steamers are
r--(|tiired by the regulations to give
four sharp wblst'es in time to warn
nny fisherman who may be drifting
In the channel, when it Is the duty
of the fisherman to haul ln his net.
A considerable sum of money was
realized by the fines levied this
morning. All pleaded guilty, though
Heme pleaded Ignorance, and flne��7if
f'om $B to $15 wee Wed, according to whether it wns a first or later
offence. Costs In each case were
i     WhUe both Chief Inspector  Cun
be'ng eanvassed^^^^^^^^^^^^
Sir R!cbard m-y al=o discuss the
possibility o*' a federal enactment on
the lin-s rf the Natal Art, which
on being pissed by the legislature
was d'sa'lowi d. It 's desired to ef-
f'Clvely cntrol Oriei'al immigration.
Delta Telephone Co., Ltd,
Incorporated lOiu.
We are prepared to Install single
line or p'arty line phones at short notice. Long distance in connection wltn
our service. Apply to
A. Delt. TAVI.OR. Sec.
Mineral and    ��
Soda Waters   |
New Westminster, ll. C. Q
Manufacturer of
AL-i and all kinds oi
Your Patronage Solicited
Successor to P. C. Clark
��� AND ���
General Blacksmithing
Poultry Wanted     w. MUDGE
Rest Prices Paid. ! Highest Prices for Live and Dressed
I Poultry,    Fresh Eggs and    Produce.
PACIFIC POULTRY SUPPLY. Consignments Solicited.
City Market. Vancouver, j City Market, Main St.,    Vancouver.
STE\ KSTON,   Lulu   Inland,
tes hard these lays
th,    ^^
or i
1 In durance vile. grain"  cutting
, Nl-1- ��� ti score of these cases have throughout Richmond.
at   Steveston   this     sum-       The   potato  crop,   it   Is  Stated,  I
.       "' "early all of them convlc-1 not  up to the average, and  prettie P--vi���-,n,   T ���,--���,   .       i
 n recorded, and almost  tions are made thai  prices will be.oj[the  Provincial Liberal Assocla-
��lWav_L ih_  ~..n... ',     ,.��������� | --���-i,i,>,.���niv higher later in tho sen-   tjon. of FU.., died last night In  thei
SPOKANl*, Aug. ..���Three Progressive leagueB may be organised In
Spoiiane where one grew before as
a result of tbe contest at the annual
election last Tuesday, when the organization forces behind State Chairman L. K. Slater, Horace Kimball
and A. W. Uavi. succeeded in electing their ticket of trustees over tbe
opposition of O. ('. Moore, president
of tbe league Women, who have
been interested    in the Progressive
VANCOUVER,  Aug.   12.��� Mr**.  M.
I A. Macdonald.  wife nf the president
guilty men
.ail     sentences.
bave    been
���''��� Is relentless, and has no
leeches who pray on the
ot the   Indians.
Indian cases at Steveston are
,,    '        ' by    Dominion    Constabl*-
nt present.    Early : Oenernl   Hospital   after   a   brief  111- j
t a low ness
son than they are
spuds bave been marketed
price   for  the  most  part,    and    the
growers are not at all satisfied with
the returns.
who   has   charge
of   the
mils here. Under him are two In-
"la" constables,
On   tbe   Richmond
itat.i        " 'boro aro now four cun-
���Jsldes the chief.
Al:'ini'|,.\XK DISAPPEARS.
.   "   -ONTO
to be
(   to
Aug.   12.���What     np-
"n neropian.  was ob-
euddenly collnpse and dls-
Lake Ontario today.     It
'>;it'.,.i   ,,    *"���������*����� 'w    ----..
"���' the aviator perished.
PORT MOODY,   \ug. 1.1���Slipping
from the flout on which it was supported, the large pile driver of Mr.
W.  A. Gilley sank to lhe bottom of
and was only brought to the surface
tbe Inlet, on Saturday afternoon last
after   considerable,   difficult.-     had1
been  experienced.     Today  tbe    big
driver  is ngaln  standing at ___________
position against the wharf ready for i,-'' c'"--|p iiV.itntiniu
removal to New West minster ! tt" '"'x' "r ,J,r-ee '"r ��0'
She was the daughter of Sena
tir Oenr"e T   ""MH.  of Perth.  N.R .
and  a  noire of Mrs. .1    lt    Klnir. of ,
Cranbrook.        Before   her   mnrrlnr-e i
��be bad   a   wide  circle nf friends  in I
N'ew Urunswlrk. Ottawa    nnd     pise- \
\<be--e l-i Eastern Canada nnrt was a I
special favorite In society, while she
waa   freatlv   beloved    In    the   mnrP i
'nllmate circle of her personal nnd
familv associate!"
Mr. F.
Mr.   .1.
Mr.   .1.
Mr.  C.
Mr. T.
Delta  Hotel.
Mrs. T. Forest,
N. iv Helmiek, Van con ei,
o. Oleson, Abbotsford,
F. Bflsteto, Vancouver.
J,  Atkinson,  Vancouver.
.1.   R,  Creighton,  New   Wai
Mitchell,  Vancouvi r
Hritlan, Vancouver.
M r.
 niitle system.   Kcfuso        .Mr.
Dr. <te V��n'�� are S..I.1 at j      -i, _
 ....���___ ___.   Mailed to any addjjeii
Th�� 3-Jobe!*. t,rnu ���"��.. 1st. < ��lhj��rli>< .  <*��*     |       Ml*.
Dr. de Van's Femaie Pills
A rcl.ab!*> French regulator; never falls.   These
,j         ,pills sre exceedingly powt-rlul iu rcBiilatinii duller  old | te-nerative portion id tlie ic     '���  *���
Ladner Until.
Webber, New Westminster,
Q,   Wilson.  New   W "-ttmin-
A. Shirley, Vancouver.
joe Croft, New Westminster.
and Mrs. Wilson, Victoria.
$92,00 per 1000
Srackman-licr Milling Co.
V       -.  -
. Shi;
li :��� ._
i I
Uhe *Delta Ui
81.00 A YEAR
U. S. A.   .    .    $1.50
and for a while the firing was kept
ii]i at long distance. The non-union
men at the mine finally became
alarmed, and it is said bolted into
i the timber, leaving the property at
the     mercy    of    the  crowd,  which
 I promptly applied  the torch to out-
��������������� buildings,  tipples,  etc.
_ The  ponce here  were  totally  on-
With l-orce of 275 Men Prom  Vic-   able    t0    -Ptl(1    assistnnce, and the
toria���Detachment Will Be Sent       mob was given its own way.
to Extenson. Following these acts of vandalism,
the mob 3et out for Nanaimo, arriv-
  :ng here in hatches* during the eve-
(Special to The British Columbian.)   ninB-
VANCOUVER,    Aug.     14.���Three Strikers  .inn.
companies of the Seaforth Highland-! The police yesterday placed an
ers embarked on the Princess Pa- embargo on the sale of firearms, ana
trlcia this afternoon for Nanaimo. rounded up all tbat could be found
The three companies are under com-! I" local stores, but this .action was
mand of Major John Tait, and they I not taken before arge quantities of
Will be stationed at Nanaimo. ammunition and many guns were oB-
Tbe Victoria companies of militia tailed by the strikers,
were ordered from Nanaimo to Ex- At Ladysmlth the strikers were
tension this afternoon to suppress generally Quiet yesterday, and he-
rioting and protect the mines. The yond a public demonstration and,
troops were removed to Extension th*" smashing of windows In the
over the protest of Mayor John Shaw homes of men still employed in the
but the Xanaimo miners were quiet Imlnea there was little trouble,
all day and il is believed the danger 1 The fatal wounding nf Alexander
is over. But to assure continued : McKinnon at Ladysmith at 2 a.m.
peace,   the  troops   were    despatched   yesterday     morning   has   created   a
I rom this city.
NANAIMO,    Aug.    II���( 0111-
manded by Col. Hull of the 8NH1
Fusiliers, companies ot the
l-'usiliers, the Fifth Regiment
nnd the Royal Canadian Artillery arrived from Victoria
this morning nnd took up their
position on Fronl street.
Alex. Baxter, who wns accidentally shoi last night, may
recover. Alex. McKinnon i-s
Col. Hall look his entire command down to Extension this
afternoon, the centre    of    the
greatest trouble. The troops
boarded n special train for
Stink's crossing anil from that
station they will march on Extension where 1500 strikers nre
said to be preparing for a fight.
XANAIMO. Aug. 14.���Col. Hall
ard 275 militiamen arrived from
Victoria at 1 o'clock this afternoon
and the city was put under martial
la.v. The troops marched down
Commercial street and a large body
is quartered on the Green, a detachment is at Xo. 1 mine, and others
are patrolling the streets. This afternoon   a   detachmenf   will   be   de-
i feeling of dread among the populace
here.    Thnt the ac' did not result in
ithe death of McKlnnon's five Innocent children was a miracle.    It was
during   the   firs'   strike   disturbance
! at that town when the place wns at
the mercy of a mob of non strikers
l from Nanaimo that  ihe attempt to
I wreck   the   McKinnon       home   was
��� made.        A    bomb     was       dropped
through   the  window  Into  the holne
of   which   'be   five   little   "McKinnon
children  were sleeping.     Tlie eldest
I child,   a   girl,   saw   the  blazing   fuse
land screamed, her cries summoning
, her f a ther.
He Instantly aoprec'a'ed the significance of the strikers' act. nnd after hustling the children out of th��
room rushed to the bomb, picked It
!up and burled it through th" window.
1 j-!--. ��fic t**o Ifl'f* he\v>vrr. the miscle
exploding and b'owlng off his right
arm,   destroying  his   right   arm  and
manvPng h'm about the abdomen.
Rep-**t~ ->��� h:s r'eath yesterday
were premature, bul he can live only
a  ft w hours,
.'(dice   Ouit.
A few hours after this occurrence
I five   fpicinl   policemen,   who     were,
sent  to   Ladysmlth   when   the    mob
started  on  Tir-sday  night   from  Nanaimo,   wcnt  ov.jr  to   tbe     strikers'
He drew his revolver, advising them
to stand back.
They laughed at him, telling him
that he would not shoot them, and,
seeing his reluctance to do so, the
miners, ..11 of whom were armed,
rushed at him and knocked him]
down. He was struck, and in the
melee had his gun, handcuffs and.
badge taken away from him.
Is Opinion of   Richmond   Fanner���
Pi-ice, However, Is Said to Be
Holy Communion, first and third
Sundays at 11 a.m., second fourth
Sundays at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.;
Sunday school at 10 a.m.; Evening
Service at 7.30 p.m.; Wednesday
evening, Litany at 8.30. Rev. C. C.
Hoyle, M.A., vicar.
Baptist Church.
Pastor���Rev.    D. G.    Macdonald
Ladner���Sunday school,  11  a.m.;
evening  service,   7.30   p.m.;   prayer
meeting, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.; mis-
Delta  municipality iB situated
the mouth of the Fraser River lit .j?
finest   agricultural   dlstrlc-   '
���������������������������������������������������������������������,&t  in  Br
The chief interests in the Delta
farming,     dairying,    fruit
CAMBIE* Lulu Island, Aug.  13.���
Successful tillage of the soil on Luiu
and Sea Islands, as well as through- j ^o*wy��'meetJn_* every first Wednes-
out the Fraser Valley, would be | _ay under the auspices of the Ladles-
made much eas1-*" if lime could be i Circle.
Crescent Island���Sunday school, 1!
p.m.; service, 3 p.m.; singing practice and Bible reading, Tuesday, 7.31
Mr. F. H. Cunningham, Fisheries Inspector, Brings Word of Hon.
J. D. Hazeu's Activities.
Mr. F. H. Cunningham, superintendent Dominion fisheries, arrived
back from a two weeks' tour in
Northern waters late on Saturday
evening. Apart tiom His inspection
of conditions enroute to Prince Rupert, Mr. Cunningham brings word
of the activities of Hon. J. D. Hazen,
who is at present getting first hand
information concerning the needs
and conditions in this province, especially in regard to his own department of marine and fisheries.
Mr. Cunningham left New Westminster on board the patrol boat
Fispa, two weeks ago last Saturday,
Irner^TmffiVrWp3n2;iS ST* UaS fTT', 1�� ���^>��w mass the following Monday. 6
being one of the party Cans ^1^1^ EStffS .%'?l\>>* F" "^.^^ 'M
made enroute at  Wark  Island can-       ,��_.__.. . ., Mettiouist.
nery? Bella Coola and East Bella ^f"e/ ot**$ fot �������� 'a��n�� on the Servlce8 next Lord*s Day at u
Mela Prince Rupert was reached j'sl-lI1(.' "sps \�� nny "'-/i'' :"ld ���� ; a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; class meeting.
on Tuesday, July 29. Hon. Mr. g�� lBla,lu , ,s Pra0��cally an un- before the morn- Bervlce every
Hazen arrived on'the following day.  kl,cn " quanti ���'' ,Som-..-'   he ,a.rn--! Sunday;  Sabbath school at 10 a.m.
had at prices which would induce its
use. The Old Country farmer purchases a high grade of agricultural
lime for $5 a ton. A Richmoud farmer, who wishes to use it, must, stalei"
a farmer in conversation with The
British Columbian representative today, pay, inclusive of freight charge?,
$20 a ton or over.
This price is practically prohibitive, ln a district like Lulu I-dann,
where from the geography of .he
land,  acidity  has  constantly  to
Gulfside 3choolhouse���Union Sunday school, 2 p.m.; singing practica
and Gospel service. Friday, 7.30.
Church services will be held overy
other Sunday, beginning with Sunday, November 14, 1909: Parochial
mass at 10.30 a.m.;  Sunday school,
p.m.;   evening  devotion,   3   p.m.;
market gardening, sheep ana ho"'
breeding.    There   are   also
the following day.''*"u , ' ���'���"���"''������    ���"���������me 01   ne .arm-  Sunday
.,,,1    after   bis   civic   reception.   In- !"  hi'A'v   ���ad   al?��u    (lf      ?     '������<''���   every    Sunday;       Epworth   League
r&d the -arge olant ot ?__e Cana- ����*��� ffi^wleWl o/lfs pES*��*��"' ^^ �� 8 ^    ^ C
spatched   to  Extension     where    the .
houses   of  tbe   strikebreakers  were |headquarters and statedthey would
destroyed  by a  mob  last  night.     In
the riot a spectator named Baxter,
wa* shot and dangerously injured.
He was brought to the hospital here
this morning.
A dozen cabins were burned by the
srtikers at Extension, and the miners driven into the brush.
There hns beeu no disorder in
Nanaimo sinre the attack on the
police at lhe wharf yesterday. Everything is now quiet bere and in Lady-
smith and Extension. No arrests
have been made in connection with
the recent disorders.
Yesterday's report of the destruction of the topworks of the South
Wellington mines by a mob marching from *his city are untrue.
, .        Yesterday's Riots.
NANAIMO.    Aug.    14.���Nanaimo
las' night w-'s ora-frally In com-
plete control nf the mob. with pol'.""
protection a' solutely nil through
the desertion nf nearly all of the specials brought from outs'de points.
Ths twenty-five special c nstables
brought o-er 'rom Vancouver on the
���-I* ��� :n��� -i* I'.i'r'cla were not allowed
'0 land, and the magistrate's authority, vested " the p rson of Mayor
Shaw, is an"- rontly without 1 tfect
to enforce order.
The   city   is   at   the   wlrin   of   th.
All day the air bos been full nf ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
rumors, and repir's hnve been re- authorlt'es to cope with the rioters.
celved from Extens'cn Mi-t nine m��n ! Mayor Shaw could nol be found
have been sh 1. Inf >rm t! ��� ��� ������������ 9: 10 y s* dav afte-noon. Id's office wee
(]'('������''-!���"(-' h'! d ate. tb t ���*.*' '!������ ,-.- c .**,! nd !o rll tele*:ho_c calls 10
shooting had taken place, no person liis residence Central invariably re-
was hit. These reports have lnflara- piled "oul of order."
�� -I Mm mob. The  g neral  cine 11 us cf opinion
After e.cor'lng the tw nty-flv. lis thai until tha mi'.ttn is on th ���
- 'Icemen fr'm Vancouver back on ground the mob "ill bold entlra
board, the Patricia, al 1.:.'!n o'ein.���'; contrpl, Iii the meantime business ls
yesterday afternoon, the mob, eight virtually at a standstill,
hundred sironcr. mnrched to the Her.: Mayor Shaw :s pa'd to have for-
aid office.    \ deputation waited on I warded to the provincial government
refuse to do police dutv !o"ger. They
were escorted to a train pulling
through '0 Ladysmith at th" time
and cam'' through to Na**.a-'m\ refus
ing to "prve lon.er.
At South Wellington 'he situation
yesterday was quiet following the
disturbance of Tuesday night when
the mob, mostly from Nanaimo, attacked a party of police ti"der Acting Chief Cons'able Hannah of Nanaimo,
The police motor was attacked and
stoned,   the  police  being  absolutely
powerless.    Tt wns during tbls fracas
thnt Constable Ryan was shot.
Trains  Are  Searched.
When lhe train from Victoria to
Nanaimo passed through Ladysmith
last evening a crowd of eight hundred, Including many women, met
It, When it was ascertained ther?
were on sprcia's on board cheers
were raised.
At Nanaimo the Same procedure
was fillowed. t'"1 rn ib v'rtually taking charge of the train and searching it. A party of ten Chinamen
'.\ere   hll  tied    Cn    board    after   the|
i)o's* ngers left --nd wero told to get
oul of th ��� city, Th-R-> nc-s were fatten without a policeman being in
Mayor Is Scarce,
Greal Indignation It being express-
ed here by business 11111 al the ap-!
parent   total   Inability  of  the  civic,
diau   Cold   S'orage  Co.
Inspecting AVhale Station.
On Thursday the minister's party,
which included Mr. Cunningham and
Fisheries District Inspector Williams, crossel In the Estevan to the-|
Queen Charlo'te Isles after visiting
Port S!mp��on. The wh-iling station
at Naden Harbor provided Hon. Mr.
Ilazen with the sicht of a whale
newly caught end about to go
'hr.ugh """*" p"Ocrss 0' be'ng transformed   in'o  commercial  product.
From Naden Harbor tbe minister
proc-'ed-d to Oranby, and the party
explored fr h*t*i e'ves =nme 1500
feet of the tun-el :n the very rich
copper mines there being developed.
There is great activity in this part
of Goos�� Bay jus<* now, a smelter
is in course of erection and many
up-to-date building", are being pu*
Hon. Mr. Hazpn returned to
Prince Rupert cn Saturday and following a. tr'p alon-r the G. T. P. h��
departed north for Skagway enrou'e
for Dawson  n week ago today. Un-
iu   the   farm   scheme.     The   Chinese |
farmers also do without lt.
Once lime is to be had at such a
price that farmers can use it liberally, there will be a rapid expansion of
the farm land area in Richmond municipality. Sea Island has a fine
drainage asystem, and acid does not
exist in the soil sufficiently 10 prevent profitable agriculture. Practically all of Sea Island . is under
profitable cultivation. Introduction:
of lime to this district wouid mean
principally increased productivity of
already productive lands.
Lulu   Island   presents   another  aspect.   The dyking system is far from j
perfect and inroads of the tides frequently so sour the soil that a profit-1
able crop is imposisble.    This wits in-
fevery Wednesday at 8 p.m
Wellesley Whittaker, pastor.
St. Andrew's Presbyterian.
Services next Lord's Day at 11
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.; week night services on Thursday evening at 7.30
o'clock; Sunday school at 2.30 p.m.
Rev. J. J. Hastie.  minister.
Any corrections in aoove names or
times should be sent to the office
of the Delta Times. Ladner, B.C.
Ron   Accord   Hatchery,   First   Established on Pacific Coast. Soon to
Be a .Memory.
History   is   being   made   very   fast
in   the   whole   of   the   fertile   Fraser
der present arrangements be may be 11-..,          , .,       , ,,    _,
expected lr  Vancouver on  the 18th llast   -enr-     Lll,eral   applications   of
and will visit New Weslm'nster on
August 21,
stanced this spring. In the winteriVallev, and in no place is this fact
water rushed through the break -n | more' evident than in the growing
the dyke along the River road, and township of Port Mann. Here in
lay on farming lands around Brig- the very near future swarming hives
house and Lulu stations on the B. C. 0f men will be turning the riverside
Electric Railway. These fields be- *nt0 the great terminus of a trans-
ame acid, and the crop they pronuo-|continental road. The vanguard of
ed was not a quarter of what it  was  tilis   great   army   is   already   on   the
Cntrh  Falls Off.
Reports are to the effect that
there has been only a medium sized
run cf salmon in all the northern
waters including Alaska. Even the
Stikine river has not this year to
date  producedI   its  usual   quantities , ,
of sockeye,  while the pack of these 11) H
fish on the Skeena river and Rivers
lime early in the spring would have
antagonized this acidity.
The farms surrounding the largo
bog area on the east side of Lulu
Island, extending from the Richmond
rifle ranges to the New Westminster
cfty limits, have always been in a
precarious condition financially
speaking,  owing  to  the    fact     that
     seeped     into
throughout   the   winter,   keep-
,   , .       ing  the  land   in   an   unfit  conuiticn
inlet is very much below the number ,for agrJouUure even though the land
of cases put up last season !U.1S (.onstantIy tilled and cultivated
Mr. Cunningham returned on the Qood   arainage   *s  aa    essential     to
Fispa, calling enroute at Rivers in- these farmg ag ������,._ hn, boih  __.._(
I6.-: "__?_���. *-_-!* ?nA_.-.-_e? pnl?tS- He  he brought into use before the cropa
will  be satisfactory.    These  farmers
has nothing but praise for the sea
eo;ng qualities of the stout, speedy
little craft which was built on the
Fraser at th's port. R^ueh seas
were encountered on the voyage to
and from Prince Runert bu* the F's
pa behaved h��rself ve-y well Indeed.
do not use lime. They say th ~y cannot afford to, and considering the
capital with which they have to
work, their statement is perhaps
justifiable. They need low
lime. ^^^^^^^
Five years ago, out on the No. 19
lead,   a   farmer,   so   the   Btoty   goes,
purchased some bag land and under-
Between   Atijjust 25  nnd   September rook '" brln�� u uPder cultivation. 1:
was so sour on the first plowm*
thai cropping It was obv.onsly pii
possible, and  he  let  the  .iln.veii  soil
ground. Amid the host of changes
which are now taking place and are
soon to be consummated is that
which will wipe out the old Bon
Accord hatchery and In its place will
preserve for future generations of
Port Mann people an open space in
Bon   Accord   Square.
The hatchery was founded In 1885
and under the fostering hand of the
Dominion government fisheries department, millions of finny creatures
have there been developed safe from
all predatory' foes. W. H. Doak has
bad charge of its actual operations
for the last twenty-seven years. In
the early days the hatchery���the
first of its kind upon the whole Pacific seaboard���was operated for six
months of the year only, but of late
it has been  run the year through.
Last winter several million trout
ova from the East were hatched out.
prin.ljmost of them being of the speckled
variety, and In addition one million
land-locked salmon eggs wen-
brought to the fish stage. The trout
have recently been distributed in
British Columbia streams and the
Falnion have gone to stock the accessible lakes of the province. Since
canneries in the Delta m
There are shipping facilities by ran
and boat to the markets of Gano*.
and   the   United   States.    The' cron
yield is the largest per acre in qJ
ada, and the sheep and horses bred
are the  finest  in  British  Columbia
Along the south bank of the Fraser
River   there   are  splendid   sites  -0
Board   of  Trade.���President,   rj   a
McKee; secretary, S. W. Fisher
Justices of the Peace.���H. D. Bensnn
H. J. Kirkland. J. McKee.
Police   Magistrate.���J.  McKee
Medical Health Officer.���Dr. J   Kerr
Coroners.���Dr.  A. A. King and Dr
J. Kerr Wilson.
School Board.���S. Wright, chairman-
C. Davie, A. deR. Taylor, j jk'
Callum, W. R. Ellis, N. A. McDiarmid, secretary.
Farmers' Institute.���T. T. Harris
president; N. A. McDiarmid, secretary,
Delta Farmers' Game Protective \-
Bociatlon.���Wm. Kirkland, president;  A. deR. Taylor, secretl   1
Delta Agricultural Society. -Dr. J,
Kerr Wilson, president; \, dej{'
Taylor, secretary.
Member of Parliament.���J. lj. Taylor,
New  Westminster.
Member of Local Legislature.���F. J.
MacKenzie, New Westminster,
Boat Sailings.���3.'J. New Delta leaves
Ladner every day for Steveston at
8.30 a.m., 12.30 p.m. and 6.30
p.m., connecting with the B. C,
E, R. cars. S.S. Transfer leaves
for New Westminster daily, excepi
Sundays, at 7 a.m.; returning,
leaves New Westminster at 2 p.m.,
reaching Ladner at 5.30 p.m.
Railways.���Grent    Northern    leaves
Port Guichon dally for New We?--
minster and Vancouver at 7 a.m
returning,    leaves    Vancouver   at
2.30 p.m.,  reaching Port Gulchou
about  0.30  p.m.      B.C.E.R.. Lu!
Island  Branch,  E. Stirling, supt
intendent;    Vancouver   to   Ebur-i-
and   Steveston���Cars  leave  Grar
ville  street   depot   (at   north  ei
of bridge over False Creek) at 6.3
a.m. and  hourly  until  11.30 p.m
Special  car   for  Eburpe   at   <;.'
a.m.    Cars leave Steveston al 6
a.m.  and  hourly until  11.30
Sunday   service���First   car
either    terminus    at.    8.30
hourly   service   thereafter
11,80  p.m.
Post Office.���Hours, 8 a.m.
p.m. Mail for Vancouver
at 12 noon; for New Westminster
and up river points at 6.30 a.m.;
closed  all   day  Sunday.
Municipal Council.���Meets in the
Municipal Hall, Ladner, on the
second and fourth Saturdays in
each month at 2 p.m.    Reeve, H
D. Benson; councillors, A. D.
Paterson, W. A. Kirkland, Hanford Lewis, G. Dennis, Chris
Brown;   clerk,   N.   A.   McDiarmid.
:- ,;i���
to   1
the   management,   threatening   that
if an apology for r-cent ut'Tanca*"
w-s  not   mad'  In  t-mo'.cw's  -'ssii*
t'1 ���   buildinc   an 1   nb-int,   would   be
blow i nn and the employees mobbed, j need exoect no trouble
Th����e threa-s ext-r-dr,d  even  to  Mi
fam'l!e<! of the enMoypes, ^^^ ,   ^^^
ftl     coup '(luctice     tbe       newnnnner i      ^ -\*-��( Ol  \ I* It.        VU
-I message emanating fr nn 'be U. M.
W. Of A. headquarters to the effo'.t
that if no special cn-tables were
brought   to   Nnna'mo   h!s     worship
-Regulation Suspended for
This Year.
A despatch from Ottawa announces that the formal order-In-
council has been passed suspending
for this year the regulation forbidding fishing for salmon between 'V
2st1" 01 A" tusl and the 151 ii of September, When the Minister of Fisheries arrived at the coast a few
weeks ago he gave direction to this
effect, and notice was at once given
to all concerned, so that preparations     _.���. BU_jn8 ���e [)lowe(1 ,,,���    iana,    T  ,.  . ,       oml  ,��� ,.,������,,
tor   lhe   extended   fishing   .-ould   be ud seeded it to oats.    But  the soil with king salmon from 8 to 4 inches
ma',; , .. ,, was  so  acid,   despite   the   previousli011K;  another contains two-year-old
ibis was one or the ma lors ar- year's plowing and draining, that .-'trout; still another holds young
ranged between the canners" deputa-1 refused absolutely to grow oats, and cohoe salmon, while In another spot
nor..and the department 0. fisheries - the middle of June found the brown may be discerned speckled (rout, so
on the occasion of tbe visit fo Ottawa BorreI  ftga*n  in   thp  Mcenaajl*
custom 1    on the fourth year, with tli
still   growing  sorre
[this distribution took place tbe
remain open to the sun. He pui m hatchery has been maintained main-
a few drains and was confident of ul-i]y 0n account of keeping fish for
tlmote success. Thai v-.ar the land aquariums and for the exhibitions
grew a splendid crop'of .-orr.*:. Blue at New Westminster, Victoria and
Itt-mi-g piper would lir.v? h!n_r**>d.Vancouver. A feature of this is th.ir
pink tis litmus paper never blushed jthe eggs which were viewed with In-
before If it bad be.n plunged Into terest by thousands of British Colt. The farmer, however, was no' hmibiuns nnd visitors alike last year
��� ipecially progressive and he made will this year be shown at the **a-
.  such  tests. IrlotXB exhibitions as flsh.
Next spring he  plowed  the    land
Advertise in Delta Times
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOSpllOflol restores every nervo in the bod;
 \. .tu its propsr tens: 111; reitorei
vim an.) vitaluy.  Premature derav and all Mil'-l
weakness  averted at once.    Phonjilionol v .
make you a new man.    I'ii.-c fa a box, or two I
85.   Mailed to any addreM   The Scobell i��nm
Do., tit. Citthitrlnna, O e.
Will   Keep  Older.
il nt 'g e'es ,i -"-d -io issue ofthe jmeaau.es  to preserve  order in  Na-
P-. tie- will b�� mad- today,   The em- ,li'i,ll�� ui" h" ,:|I-,'M '"' ;h" -"ovarv
ployee.  or  the  Herild   who     hav Iment, according to    th"    Attorney-
families   in   Nanaimo  havi
them out  Of the city.
\o Specials,
"We are going to  kee-i order In
Naualnio nnd  the coal   district  If  've
[/IS!   nigM   at   ft*80   o'clock,   when   ''ave  to  get   the  inllit:-i   of  the   who'e
tbe Patricia returned nn the second |*ountty to the Pinre." snld Hon, W,
trip for the dav from Vancouver an ���'��� Bowser, last night.
enormou.     mob    gather d  ...i   the     "Ihave a story from a Cumberland
wharf, Hie entire approsehes being constable,  nol  confirmed,    thai  si-
packed   with  strike    sympathisers. mt?.er-1 h,,vo '"'"" ���clllf'-' bv "r[k''y*
''heir   temper  was  n-t   Improved   by. ft1  ExtanSlon, The wires to that place
the presence of    seversl    hundred ,r�� ,"nvM now-    an(1 ' **ni ""' 81"'p
strikers just  r-tumeri  fr m  ESxten- ""bether It is true or not.
sim.   where,  after  a  gun  shot  du"' 1 Outrage Reported,
with no��l-un'On n*n "t work, thoy1 A long distance telephone message
bad driven out tbe latter and set,received late last night in Vancou-
flre to the ml'.e buildings. The ver, stated that It was reported in
lo't br -light, no Hvci-I . the nuth- j Nanaimo thai the rioters had blown
or'tle- bv'tt", H '��� it'll. '���- -i nn- up part of the railway line. Exactly
1 I. to obtain anv m��n 'n Vancouver where the alleged outrage took place
* ter 'i iv�� iif the attack made here [could not be ascertained last night.
' ��� t'-e twenty-Mve sp-e'nls who nt-The object, apparently, was to delay
tempted to land yeoterdiy afternoon. Itbe arrival of the militia.
At Extension, S lal   police  to   the   number  of
''���-.'���is'en w s -he i r tif of tweilty-flve, who left Vancouver yes-
it mble iM yesterd��y. About noon terday morning for Nanaimo. were
s'x iiundred men rrntti South Well- met by a mob of strikers on the
Ing'on ind Nanaimo marched ont to wharf And compelled to return lo thl.
the propertle-i of the Canadian Col-|clty in the evening.
Ii(ri|S. where about 7." 'lou-imion
men were In the mine. Tiny had
been       armed      end    were   oxpeling
tnuh'e.   Wben the head rf the approaching  COlOmn   w;i<*  sighted
mine   defend trs  started   fir-ng
last  year.     It   had  been   the
to  close on  the  25th  of August, os-
tensibly   for   the   protection   of   tin;
sockeye; but the effect of setting this
arbitrary date was thut a great part
of the cohoe run was lost without an-
vantagS to any  Interest,  while there
Wer* "everal cntineryinen  willing    to
kee\\ open   to   pack  sockeyes,  and  11
large  number   of   fishermen   anxious*
l'i fish them.    Mr. J, I). Taylor, the
member for Ibis district, wns Instru- has lensed fo
mental  in  having the    cannerymen
formally notify the department that
any  reasons  they  hnd  given   for  the
continuance of the close season  wen
withdrawn;   and  in consequenco ol
the representations of nil concerned
the department haB since then sui
pended  the closing.
The prospect Is that this fear, a-
lest, there will be many thousands
of dollars paid to fishermen for the
catch   thnt   would  have  been   loft   If
the regulation  referred  to  bad  been jlme *g needed. This sum
year's  plowing and  draining,  that 1     .f   _,,
refused absolutely to grow oats, and;cohoe sal
"' e middle of June foiitr! thc brown
I small that they are difficult to view
land  in the bottom of the pool.    All these
the   farmer   Is various  fish   are  for exhibition   pur-
slated  to have given  up  tbe  tnsk of poses this fall.
sweetening it In disgust, and today, After the. fairs the old hatchery
pathetic in Its history of failure, I' will give wny before tho march of
is as add as ever, striking evidence commercial and Industrial progress
of the need for lime, 'and the salmon and trout of the fu-
Progresslve farmers m thi- dis-.ture will be brought up by the iclen-
trlce will watch with interest tne'tific methods adopted by the Doinln-
results secured by Mr. R. Parrell, 0: ion government In their fine hatch-
the B. C. Telephone Company, wbo ,.ry at Harrison lake, where, for tlic
^^^^^^ 1 long period of yearn past three years, salmon ova bus
a portion of the llrlghoiise esta-e and been hatched ont. '
bus erected thereon a beautiful rem-'
dence costing several thousand dollars, Dp-tO'date henneries, ciini-i.i'
piggeries,   and   the   'Host   BlOdl rn     of
dairy barni have been bul't, ana
competent men place 1 in charge. Mr.
Parrel! intends to oonduc! hie farm
along  scientific   lines,  and   although	
the   farm   has   been   producing     fair 1 noon boat to go to Vancouver to |iur-
crops and Is up  lo the .siand.-M-d    0f|ehase   some    gasoline    for    his    hay
he be��kves that 1 baler and since that time his l'r
^^^^^^^^^ mer and falP
large   quantities  of  !lme  are   being]
applied.     That   Ills   crops     will      N-
I'ltlKM'S  WKUK  .WXIOll-f.
Bay Hutcherson left Thursday of
last week for Vancouver and has not
been seen or heard of since that
time.    He   left   here   on   the   tifler-
neighboring ranches,
LONDON OB It HY. Aug 14.���Tho
r'ofing between the Orangemen nnd
Nationalists, which begun here Tuesday night, was resumed last night.
In the fighting another policeman
was shot and slightly wounded and
a  county Inspector Injured.
record-breakers seems only an Idle
prediction. They nre cerlnin lo tie.
Some action by the provincial government, working in conjunction
with the Farmers' Institutes, Whereby lime mny bo supplied 11.e fanners
nt low cost, has been suggested, and
Is worthy of consideration.
i he sto--y as told  by a  member of
Ibe  -inrty  was to the  effect  that  the
constables reached Nanaimo at noon
aboard   the     Princess     Patricia.     A
the' nob mel tbem landing a.ttacked the
bill In a body and drove them from
as nearly  n'l  ".ere  armed  w'th  shot-'!." landing-place.
gnns tb-'v did Ilttle damage. Constable Harry Taylor, who was
Police Powerless, ,;:  charge of the  Vancouver force,
Many of the strikers were armed  landed, but was attacked by a gang,   property.
CATJII.AMF.T. Aug. 12.���Tbe
board of equalization of Wahkiakum
county Is now In session. Examination of lhe totals of the rolls dT9-
c'oses a decrease in va'uatlon under
the previous year of $l7.-i,onn. Mos
 ^^^^^^^^^^^ letniv
have searched diligently to find him
but their efforts are of no avail, as
tbey are unable to locate any trace
of  him.
It ls reported that he took ship
from Vancouver for Vustralla, but
thut  Is not  verified.    Ii   Is Bald tbat
he had a considerable   amount   of
money wllh him when bv left, and
be may have met with foul play and
have been injured so that lie e.-innoi
get  home.
He Is a young man of average
height, weighs about lsn pounds,
(lark hair and of dark complexion.
When   last   seen   he   was   wearing   a
Coal mining rights of tbe Dominion, In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and In a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a tertr.
of twenty-one years at an annual
rental of $ 1 an acre. Not mors thnn
2f,60,acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
I made by the applicant In person to
]lho Agent or Sub-Agent of the all-
trlct in which the rights applied tot
'are  situated.
In surveyed territory the ls_no
must be described by sections, "'
legal sub-dlvlsionti of sections, and
In unsurveyed territory the trscl applied for shall be staked out by tne
applicant   himself.
Each application must bs Bccom-
ipanled by n fee of |C which still ���"'
1 refunded If the right* applied 'of
are not available, but -.ot otherwls*
iA royalty shall be paid on tbe oer-
chantable output of the mine Si tt.-"
, rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating the m|ne
ishall furnish the Agent with sw-''"
returns accounting for the full 'i"nI,J
tlty of merchantable coal mined an"
pay the royalty thereon. If tha cm'
mining rights are not being "I"'"1:
ed, such returns should be fnrnlsneo
nt leiiBt once a year. ,
The   lease   will     Include  tl."  f-1-1'
mlnlnK rlfhls only,    but tbe les-es
may he permitted to purchase "''
ever available surface rights maj ''
considered  necessary for  the  ""t''
Ing of the mine at the rate ol
an acre.  . . _
For full Information nppllration
should be made to the Sec
the Department of the Interior
VICTORIA, Aug. 11.���Emphatic
denial Is today made by Sir Richard
McBride  of  tbe   rumor  tbat   be   will  dark   blue suit
resign  to  take  up  the  position  of     Later- it has been learned that Mr
. ...   ,      ., _-,,��__       _ Agent-General  or  British   Columbia Hutcherson   left   for    Alberta     ������,,
ei   th-  loss  Is  on  real  estate due to  at present held by Mr. J. II. Turner, thai   word  from  him that  he  h-,,1 ��,
the removal -f timbe*. There is also  The  premier further  denies  that  he rived   Rifely  I
tawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agen
of Hominlon Lands.
Deputy Minister or the Interior.
N.   B��� Unauthorized   publication!
ot   this   advertisement  will   not
paid   for���30H90.
a    Central     Alberta
a   decrease   of   124,000   in   personal  hns the slightest Intention of enter-,town  has been  received  hv hl�� ��ni"
,ing the political field In Britain.       Ions relatives here *"
-The Helin Times is published ever*
Baturday from the Tin."* Buiwni'
I.adner.  B.C.    .1.  D.  Ta>'
1     aging-director.


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