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The Delta Times Dec 7, 1912

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Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR.
Delta Organization Will He Formed
 Addresses l>,v Vancouver
Minister of Public Works Promises
to  Send   Engineer to   Itopnrt
on -ladner.
on Wednesday ajtefnoon In tin*
\ o.P, Hall, a very representative
gathering or Bast Delta and Ladner
ladies listened with great pleasure
md profit to Mrs, Janrtut MacAulaj
nnd Mrs. Peter McNittghion, two
prominent leaders in tbe Vancouver
Women's Council, They
the work of tins organization in Its
uplifting   Influence,   and   Its  steady.
"1 have received the assurance of
lion. Thomas Taylor. .Minister ol
Public Works, that he will detail
an engineer to report on the feasi
blltty ami desirability ol the Bcheme,"
stated Mr. F. .). MacKenzle, on
return   from   Victoria,  when   inter
Premier Borden Announces Conser-1Annual   Event   in  Connection   With
vative Naval Policy���$85,000,-      !      Plowing Match Was Attended
otto to He Voted- "> ���"���''out Eighty.
The banquet wljich is annually
held in conjunction with the plowing match was also like the contest
In   advance     of     former     occasions.
outlined   viewed on  ihe question of obtaining
u ferry service from Ladner
Mr.   MacKenzie,   who   is
his  way to  Ottawa,   made
visit  to  Victoria in  the
the  project,   which  has
now   on
interests  of
received re-
forward movement since its Inception nearly twenty years ago through
the efforts of Lady Aberdeen.
The advisability of forming a local I
Council   of   Women   in   I.adner   was
freely discussed and finally approved.
Mrs   Ernest Hutcherson occupied the
, hair   with   her  usual   ability.    Air**-.
luhn    Honeyman    and    Miss    Green 	
fi irored the meeting with vocal selec-t Westminster through Lulu Island to
tions In a most acceptable manner.   ' Steveston.   which   would   then   con-
A very hearty vote of thanks was : nect    with    Woodwards.      The   line
m^^^^^^m crosses the North Arm of the Fraser
river   at   the   westerly   boundary   of
OTTAWA, Ont., Dec. 5���Under
the Canadian government's naval
policy, which was announced in the
House o;  Commons    today  by  Pre-     _^
mier Borden, parliament Is asked to Nearly so guests gathered t.o enjoy
vote t"36,000,000 to construct three  the good things which bad been pro-
liis Canadian super-Dreadnoughts*,-which  vlded  by  the Delta  hotel and    the
are to be the strongest in the world,  speeches of those who ably respond-
The big sea-fighters will be built ed to the various toasts. Tastefully
in England and will be at the dis- decorated tables burdened with an
posal ot the British admiralty for 'abundance of choice morsels ranged
defense of the empire and will be down either side of the spacious din-
maintained and controlled as part ol ing room and even the ante room off
the Royal navy. |the  dining   room   was   required     to
Premier Uorden informed parlia- seat the feastles.
ment that Canada has been assured |     A.fter*the guests had been satisfied
that if in the future it shall be the  cigars and  refreshments  were    pro-
will of the people of Canada to es- I vlded and the toast master, Mr. Alex.
Skilled    Plowmen    Who    Captured I A-fricultuK-l Experts Conduct Olassa**-
the  Prizes   in   ..miunl   Delta '�� Stock   ludeiiig at   Inver-
Plowtng Match, hc.lin  I mm.
Favored   by   the   best   of   weather,
the    annua!    Delia    plowing   coutesi.
which was held at  Mr. .1   li.  Burns
On Monday afternoon at two p.m..
Professor W. T. McDonald, Provincial Stock Commlsisoner an I Mr. H.
L.  Blanchard, of the Western  Wash-
farm,  on   Wednesday,   proved  to  be   ington Experimental Station, gave a.
newed  interest   slnqe  the  announbl  __._.__._-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_��
ment that the Canadian Northern j tablish a Canadian unit the vessels Davie. or Ladner. opened this por-
Kailway were calling for tenders Mr1 could be recalled by Canada to form tl0�� of lhe evening by asking the
the construction of a line, from New' part of the Dominion's navy.        In   assemblage to rise and drink to the
that case they wo'nld be.ma'intained :kinS*    **������"��� _���*��� <LeI?** Taylor proposed
by Canada, not b"*.,. Britain.
| a toast to the Delta    Farmers'    In-
one of the most Interesting and keeff-
|y contested matches as yel conduct*
ed by the Farmers' Institute. Al-
Lhcugh   the  iiiiiiini r  of  entries   was
somewhat less than is usual, vet the
quality of the plowing a-Cordttfp to
the judge.- and old-timera who have
followed these contests through the
five years of their existence was
much  better than  last  year.
Before the contest had commenced
a large number of spectators representing the land owners of the surrounding district, had gathered i
Mr. Burr's ranch, in the morning,
although the air was somewhat cool.,
yet the sky was perfectly clear. n*c
a cloud  darkening the  horizon.    A* !
accorded the esteemed visitors when
the meeting adjourned to conven?
on Wednesday next, December 11,
at the home of Mrs. Hutcherson.
Mrs. Jamse MacAulay and Mrs. Peter
McNaughton,   of   Vancouver,   during
flltl.t���e..P��l'!.tl!!?J).!1!- P\?. u!"?r?���le ��} 110"oWock'&7'iint] ot the" com pen
New Westminster, thence to Steveston.
With a ferry service across Woodward's Slough, and railroad facilities
their   visit    to    Ladner,     were    the   from   there,   Delta   residents   would
guests of Mr. and Mrs. John McKee,
he in close communication with New
Westminster, and the farriers would
WELL KNOWN RANCH i Interest and numbers which the as
CHANGES   HANDS  sedation has experienced In the three
 '_'      "       ��� -    ��� ;yearg 0j jts institution.    At first the
.The   Neil   McLeod   Property,   Near organization commenced with fifteen
Langley Prairie   Will Be members and now there are at least
Subdivided. i 130   members  enrolled.     Mr. Taylor, _ ���.__,.-_
also pointed out that the institution ;Ule  |)r,-p Ust   80 that  amnl_ ,
had  been  of considerable assistance1  ___-���"���----���"���"���"���--_���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���"���������-���
tors commenced on their crown furrow   and   from   that   time   forward,
until the red  furrow  was completed
by the last man. the interesr  'n tht*,
contest  never slackened
*ery Interesting lecture to classes on
stock judging al the Inverholm Farm,
Although very utile advertising was
done, there was a good attendance.
and it is thought by the Farmers'
Institute who secured these lecturers
that the meetings wire of considerable educational value to the farmers
who attended.
In the evening of the same day,
Mr. II. E, Upton, Assistant I'rovin-
clal Poultry Instructor of the Department of Agriculture, lectured on
poultry, and Professor Blanchard
gave a very interesting address on
the cultivation of forage crops. This
meeting was held in the council
These educational lectures were
continued on Tuesday morning by
Professor W. T, McDonald who spoke
on bovine and porcine tuberculosis
and the (are of brood mares previous
to   foaling.       Prof.   Blanchard   also
(From the British Columbian,)
Mr. Frederick O'Neil, one of the jto the exhibition.
be enabled to" get" their" 'produce"to I directors    of   the ' Canada-America j ~ Mr." Aiex."DaV[e in reply spoke of
���      -      ��� Securities    Company    reports    the  the growth of the    institution    not
the New Westminster markets.
j purchase by his firm of the Neil Mc-  only   In
I Leod  property  on  the Town     Line'as well.
The Pupils Who Hnve Heen Deligent
in  Their  Studies  During
Entrance Class���1. Roland Lanning and Violet, Hoey; 2, Roy Ben-
son; 3, Nellie Ellis.
Fourth Class���1 Neta McKlllop; 2,
Viola Richardson; 3, Eva Williamson.
Third Class. Senior���1, Evelyn
Monkman; 2, Reggie Blunden; 3.
Lillian  Taylor.
Third Class, Junior���1, Carrie
Sylon; 2, Ada Deane; 3, Leonard
Second Reader���1, Annie York; 2,
Jean  McDiarmid;   3, Tommy Foster.
First Reader���1, Harold Lanning;
2,  Walter  Lanning;   3,  Max Ladner.
First Reader, Junior���1, Walter
Jordan; 2. Stewart Giffords; 3, Mat-,
ties   Nicolich.
First Primer���1, Alhert. Rogerson;
-. Laura York; .'!, Marjorie Lanning;
I,   May   Stokes.
First Primer, A class- 1, Florence
Robinson; 2, Fred Williamson; 3,
Get Wong;   4, Claudia Francis.
Flrsl Primer, B Class���1, Maxwell
Slpes; 2, Ursula Lary; 8, Percy
Swords;   4,  Ralph Coleman.
numbers,  but  in  usefulness  btfo__ -*scal-ng onto the h-w ...
���. ....    .. . , -������ Lectures had been provid-       Keenly  was even* class contested
road, one-half to three-quarters of a led, exhibits had been arranged dur-!--ch    PomnPtIto-    disnlaving
mile northeast, of Langley Prairie,     ing  the exhibitions,  and  lastly    the1 -y,,    (n    the
In View of Persistent Rumors That I     The  Property    consists    of    130  blowing  match  had  been -instituted. !
False  OwStNerotortioM I acres in D* L*  306  arH* is Probably; The first year there were only seven'
Have Failed ' ' one of t-ie cnoicest pieces of land in i plowmen in competition,    and    now
ithe lower Fraser Valley. While the there were sixteen men on the field
(From The British Columbian.) j purchase price is not stated, it is and their work was considerably' in
Establishment of the main divi- j understood that the figures repre- jadvance *>f that heretofore display-
sional headquarters of the C. N. R. in ! sent one of the largest lend deals'ed. The green class alone was dis-
the Guichon block, corner of Co-' that has been made in that vicinity Iappointing, as there was but one en-
lynibia and McKenzie streets, this [for g0me time. Mr. O'Neil's com-ltr'* He stated that the management
city has been the basis of consider- i pany has already had plans drawn had provided very liberal induee-
able speculation ag to the real pur- for 'a modern four-room bungalow, 'ments to the young men to enter |
pose underlying the opening of the  barn and chicken  runs to be erect-iint�� tlle fleltl aud lf    t*ley    ci*d    not
Eight 'classes" were 'Incorporated on' 8|)oke   oi }h* J**^   ��"��������*   \h*
means    whereby    the    best    results
might be obtained from feeding.
These meetings were held under
the auspices of the Delta Farmers'
Institute, who are aiming at the education of the fanners of iheir municipality so that better and more
scientific methods will eventually result from their efforts.
sion was made for the various styles I
of plows.    Each competitor was required to plow* Bix rounds is a "gee ]
about."   makinz   sty   visihlo   furrows1
I great
fcnana-ement    of    the
horses and  plows.    For  this  reason
the   judges   spent   nearly   one   hour
going over the various plowed land ,^_^^_^__^^_^^_^_^^_^^__
at   times   almost   splitting   hairs   111        , .. '.   .,      ,.
their decisions in order to prevent1 At a meeting of he \ ancouver
a tie. .The ground Itself could not and District hootball League, last
have been-In much her *r conditio:*. Monday, night In Vancouver, the Im-
the recent rains render"; the.mirl I*pr.lal ''uptie^ between Westham Isl-
loam  and  sod  in splendid shape for
main   engineering  offices  here.    It j ed" on each five acre "tract"as
intake a better showing  these  prizes
has been  announced  that  the working t'-j'e "Purveyors "have 7irVished"ui'e ' would  be  devoted  to    Some    other
ing completion.
Project   Will Cost $8B,000 and Reclaim 5000 Acres of Valuable Land.
i Prom The British Columbian.)
Contract for the dyking and
drainage system of West Nicomen
island, was awarded yesterday to
Messrs. Marshall, Plummer & Co.
of Vancouver, tor $85,000. On the
completion of this project some 5,-
000 acres of immensely fertile land
will be made available for agricultural  purposes.
According to tho plans, the dyke
will run for eight miles about the
island protecting the south, west
and east, shores. The specifications
provide for the use of 250,000 cubic latter'fVrm
yards of earth aud eighty-five acres Westmlnste
Of clearing, while 100,000 feet of
timber will be used in constructing
tho four drains and tho culverts.
To provide for the payment of the
' ost of constructing the dykes, bonds
Payable at the expiration ot twenty
yean hnve been issued, while the
cost will be assessed against the
present owner of the land who will
pay at the rate of $1.50 an acre
per year. The money raised in this
manner will go to pay tho interest
on debentures and will form the
sinking fund for the cancellation of
the bonds just issued on their ex-
The dyking contractors will put a
force of ninety men on the project
nnd two drag-line excavators with
i capacity of 750 cubic yards per
ten hour shift. It is announced that
work will probably be completed by
June of next year.
Mr. Harvey C. Brlce of this city,
IR the supervising engineer, while
the commissioners are Messrs. Tip-
Ping, W. V. Hill and Murdo McLean.
of the actual construction of the
Port Mann freight terminals, and the
construction work on Luhi Island
will be directed by Chief Engineer
W. G. Swan from the offices opened
in this city early this week.
In view of the insistent rumors to
the effect that negotiations between
the C. N.  R.    and    the    Vancouver:
Council had come to a standstill, if:
not tin  end,   with    regard    to    thej
building  of  the  main  terminals     at
Vancouver,  on   False Creek,  the establishment of the engineering head-:
quarters here, it is believed permanently,  is  regarded as highly signifi-1   Sononi
English bondholders of ('. N. R.
stock who invested heavily in prop- i
erty in the vicinity of Port. Mann on
the assurance that the terminal?
would be established there, have
been making strenuous complaints to
the officials of the railroad while the
C. N. R. heads were negotiating with
Vancouver regarding False Creek
as a terminal site foi the Western'
A significant silence has been
maintained by Col. A D. Davidson,
head of the C. N. It. concerning I In-
False creek proposition, and it is
generally believed that the rumors
to the effect thai a Terry terminal
would be established near the mouth
of the Fraser river will he confirmed
Within  the  next  few  days the  C.'
N.  R,  engineers  will  move  into  the
suite now occupied  by the law  firm |
of McQuarrie, Martin & Cassady. thei
opening   offices   in   the |
Trust Block, now near-
iwork  of  subdividing  which  is  now ic,a8S of Plowing  in  future.    Mr.  N.
A. McDairniid. the secretary of    the
institute, also spoke of the splendid
under way.    Tenders have been call
ed for on thirteen of these.
plowing  witnessed  during the afternoon and the support which the institution was now enjoying.
Word has been  received  fn HWf ******* a,^lnB, th? htotf-etttt- to
Westminster  of  the   death   of   Mrs. \{oln,with, *���������**   in i11'"1^ a  t0,aB1t
Frederick    Keeling,    at     Hayfields,    ��   ***-   Plowmen.   Dr    Wilson   cited
Birmingham,      England.      formerly the  Improvement  which  these plow-
Only one outside compel it or c-n
tered the field. Mr. A. Robertson, of
Lulu Island.' the plowmen of Langley and other points on the b'raiser
river, being absent this year However, tiie quality of the work spoke
much for the benefit this contest has
for the Delta agriculturist c
and and Celtics was set for Saturday afternoon at Ladner. The match
will start at 2.45 o'clock sharp,
The National cup tie between
Westham Island and the New Westminster Rovers was fixed for Satur-
urday. December 21, at the Island.
Dave Lelth will referee the game.
The soccer men are experiencing no
end  of  trouble  in  securing grounds
ing matches were effecting in the
| work of the farmers. He hoped that
.tthej? would each one instill into their
sons the necessity of learning to
��� plow well. Mr. Gilchrist, Sam Mor-
lley, "the father of the plowing
|match,"  Mr. Harris,    Mr.  McNevan,
^^^^^^^^^ England	
Miss Mary Temnle, of Sanja Rosa
California. Mrs. Keeling lived a
number of years In I.adner, where
her husband operated the ferry boat
," which at one time plied
between Ladner and Steveston. She
Is* the eldest sister of Mrs. A. McLeod.
of New Westminster, and is well
known In that city. ' 'The whole
family has been staying in England
the past two years. The death of
Mrs. Keeling occurred suddenly., ,
pneumonia    being    the    Immediate"work oi the present
cans".     She is survived  by her bus-	
band, .a daughter and a son. Ibe for the good ol the Delta.   Then
���"""""""""""""""-���""-------------------���----���-���      lie   proposed     their     health.     Reeve
Benson, In bis reply told tiie history
  of  the  Delia   municipality  since     its
���v pleasing reminder*of Children's Incorporation   in     1880,    wben  Mr.
���    .    a- _.       ���-���_   ^___ | Ladner was the warden,  ln order to
secure a set of office books the Delta
[municipality   found   it   necessary     to
I borrow   $:iitu   which,   in   itself,     was
carefully    surveyed    the    work
made  the  following awards;
Class   1.
Narrow   Cut      Plow���1,      Mr.
Mr.   Coleman' replied   on   behalf   of   Harris;   2.  Mr.   N.  McNevin:   :'.,
the     plowmen     acknowledging     the   A.   Coleman:   4.   Mr.   C.   Kettles;
benefit which they had derived from  Mr.  A.  Robertson.
Ithese matches. i     In   this  class.   Mr.   J.   Harris  won
I     Rev.   C.   C.   Hoyle   eulogized   the both the prizes for the best start and
that   for   the   finish.
cold liinchpon was 'n "le city for their matches. Recre-
: ation Park ig no longer available for
sanies, and at the meeting the. s'ecre-:
tary was instructed to communicate
with the Brockton Point authorities
with a view to making some arrangements for playing a few of the league
matches at the grounds in Stanley
Park. Until such arrangements are
made it is not expected that any
matches will be played In the city,
unless on the city parks, which are
all open grounds.
At noon, a ���___^_^_^_^^_^_
served by the Farmers' Institute
ample provision being made for the
large number of hungry plowmen
and spectators. After the plowing had been completed the judges.
Messrs. P. Dorr, of South Vancouver
and Ti. H. Ross, of New Westminster,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^    council, firmly
her hus-! believing their progressive policy to
Class  ... f
12-Inch     plows���I,   W.
.  w*.   Lougheed;    3,   R.
K.   Pybus;   5,   .1.  Bhep-
ber li'', arrived recently in the form
ef a cheque as a prize to the bovs
of the local public school for winning the first place In tng-of-war,
Provincial  Member   Leaves    for Ottawa to Lay Request Before
Dominion Minister.
'From the British Columbian.)
For the purpose of taking up with   tries
very difficulty to secure. Since thai
time he has been actively Interested
iu the work of the municipality and
has acted on many occasions, as
councillor and reeve. When the ;
municipality was incorporated Delta,
was little less than a wild swamp
and today through adequate dyking
it Is ine of the richest farming coun-
in British    Columbia.    Good
10   and
Morley;    4  ^__-______-___-__________
In this class. Mr   \V. Gilchrist
the prize  (or the best   s:u'*l  and  Mr
W.  Lougheed  won  the  prize  for the
best  finish.
Class :*.
1u   and   12-inch   amateur   class
tinder  the  auspices of  the  Delta
iGlee Club a musical evening of the
very best kind will he given in Ihe
McNeely Hall, Friday. December 18,
when the music lovers of the district will be treated to the plaasure
Of bearing three ladles all associates
won I of the Royal Academy of Music, one
of whom al  least  Ig not  a   stranger to
a Ladner platform, Few. If any,
who had the pleasure of hearing Miss
Grace Malaher lasi winter will tor-
gel   the   pleasure   she   afforded   and
I. Kirkland, as well as both prizes'! the exquisite way in  which she master start   and  finish, 'ers    her    Instrument.      Miss Cave
...         ,                              j Browne Cave,  who is also known  lo
some of the  Ladner  music  levers as
Boys ���1.  L.  Kirkland:   2,  R,   Ket-   ���   pianisi.  and   Miss  Scruhv.   who   is
ties. u. Kettles winning tor the best considered   tin ual   of  the  other
start   and   L.   Kirkland   for   the   best   two ladles, will also take part,     This
is the first of several entertainments
the Department of the interior, the ^'ads have also    been    laid    and a
matter of securing a grant from the
Dominion government of that section   of   Crown   land   on   the    Yale
 ��� road that is desired    for a natural
SEATTLE,    Dec. E���Eggs,    local   park,   Mr.  Frank  J.   MacKenzle,   M,
P. P. for Delta riding, left for Ottawa last night. While at the capital Mr. MacKenzie intends to tnko
up several other matters of particular interest to his constituency
ranch 45c; Eastern fresh 37c to
38c; do storage 2Sc to 20c. Butter, Washington creamery firsts ;*��c
to 37c; Eastern 32c, Cheese, Tillamook 19c; limburger 20c: Wisconsin 20c; brick 20c; HTock Swiss 2c;
wheel   SwisB   23c;   Young   Americas
splendid water system provided from
artesian  wells.
Councillors Kirkland. Brown,
Lewis and Patterson replied iu a
Suitable manner, narrating some of
the present difficulties of the council, which must be overcome through
optimistic   and   earnest    endeavor.
Mr. Inktter proposed the health of
the strangers. Rev, C. C,  Iloyle, Mr.
finish. M
Class  B,
Skimmer -1, .1. Piper; *_. S. Morley; ?,. II. Bates. Mr. .1. Piper winning for the best start and Mr. S
Morley   tor  the  best   finish.
The prizes for these various classes
have   not   as  yet  lieen   awarded.
Which  the glee club hopes to arrange
during  the  coming   months,   and   if
they aro successful of securing tho
support   of  the   public   tbey   hope   to
make  this  club  a   permanent   affair.
BASKET soci -L.
The tract of land which It Is pro- Clayton,
posed to convert    into    a  park    Is   goniery
Burnaby, and  Mr.  D.  Mont-
ot' Coquitlam, replied    and
es     and
d   been
straw $9 to $10.
NANAIMO, B. C, Dec. '3���A dastardly attempt to blow up ihe Trent
rircr bridge witli dynamite has been
foiled by the elements. Twenty-five
sticks of dynamite were placed under the bridge which is thirty-five
feet high and had a span of about
120 feet. The point where the
dynamite was placed is four miles
from Union Bay. Being a frosty
night, the dynamite, according to
tbe police, must have frozen, and
by the time the lighted fuse reached the cap the dynamite only
burned up in place of exploding as
it would  have done under ordinary
Business was rather quiet at the
regular New Westminster weekly
market on Friday, the public evi-
, dently holding back for another week
before getting in Iheir Christmas supplies. Turkeys and geese made their
appearance, the former being offered
at  33 cuts a  pound live  weight, and
geese at 2u cents a pound live welgbi
'Chickens and ducks, dressed, fetched
25 cents a pound. The egg market
was dull. Vendors offered eggs at
60 cents a dozen retail, but few sales
were made at this price. The wholesale price averagd 4." and 50 cents B
dozen. The potato market showed a
little Improvement In the demand,
the prices remaining the same as last
week at.$13 to $15 ton. Onions were
offered at $1.25 a sack; celery, $1 50
a crate; cabbage, 1 cent a pound;
carrots, 70 cents a sack; parsnips.
$1.25; beets. $1.00. and apples at
! from 75 cents to $1.25 a box.
specimens of the finest
Canada, while Beveral small brooks,
running through the tract would i
greatly add to its natural attractive- |
ness. It is recognized as one of the
best sites for a natural scenic park
that there Is to be found in the
At the present time, this timber
! is leased, but the leases expire shortly, and the time will then be ripe
to lay the matter directly before
the Department of the interior. Mr.
MacKenzle is of the opinion that hy ,
interviewing the minister in person
during i
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^       plendid
educational   measures   of     this     institution  being ably  presented.
Dr King and Mr. King, the publicity commissioner of the board,
fittingly replied. Mr. Calvert spoke
on the need of a trade outlet between Woodward and Ladner thence
by electric line over the Eraser valley. He also stated that the Board
of Trade are at present compiling a
booklet to be known as "Tin* Prolific
Delta, What    It Was    and What     It
The   following   list    will   give   the
Delta farmers seme idea of the prices
ruling in the Vancouver City Market.
Tiie demand at present is strong with
nn  upward  tendency.
Geese, per ih	
Turkey,  per Ih	
Ducks,  per  lb	
Springs,  per  lh	
Kvceilcni  Programme mid Good
Elltel tainilieiil   nl   Crescent
Island���The Receipts,
Notwithstanding the seven, storm
of wind, sleet and rain, the Crescent
Island basket social was a pronounced success. The school house.
brightly decorated with flowers for
30c the occasion, was taxed to its utmost
'-2c   to   hold    the   crowd    which,    gathered
2oc from all parts of the Delia municipality to enjoy the good things provided.
The programme, which had been
carefully arranged, proved to be excellent, the singing of Rev, Wesley
Whittaker being particularly enjoyed
white Mrs. Alma Keeler, the popular
elocutionist from Mount Pleasant,
Vancouver, added to bet* former sue-
here and  from  the reception
A  quiet   wedding took   place at   the
Presbyterian   manse  on   Wednesday
morning  at   eight   o'clock   when   Mr
William   Abbott   was   United   to   Miss
Flora  Ov*..   both   of   I.adner.   bv   the
ltev.   .1.   |   Hastie.     The   newly   wed-   1^^^^^^^^^^_^_^^__
which   >vas   given   her   is  assured   of
ded party left on
at   8.30   o'clock.
a honeymoon  trip
Mr  Smiley proposed the health of piled   before   the  next   competition.
- the  patrons of  the   I>��� -l::i   Farmers'i Mr. Douglas proposed a toasl to "Our
lhe difficulties mat more easily bo ;-*-,���,*,���,���.      Messrs    Bishop,  of  the  Host." Mr. J. Johnston, replying.   In
surmounted.   The park question has Royai saxis.. Walter, and Councillor|conclusion,   Dr    King   proposed   a
been before the public for the past ,,.,,,,.,...,,��� ������ ,.,,,,ly thanked the New tons* to the "Press." which was rl
three years and the member front Westminster patrons as well as the [died to by a representative of the
Delta is taking this means of bring-  |,,,|,.,   Bupporten   for  the  assistance  Delia  Times.
ing the matter to an issue,    intiuia-  which    they    bad    rendered.      Mr.      During   the   pvening  it   wa?  notion that the grant would be made  Brown asked a toasi  for the judges nounced   that   Mr
provided  the leases could  be Settled   who   had   so   ably   discriminated   be-   donate a
has already been    made.    Mr. Mac-It ween the various competitions.   Mr. "of the
Kenzle  asserts.     He   expects  to   be   Dorr, of South   Vancouver
future engagements In this locality.
Financially the effort was hlghlv
satisfactory, upwards of $10. being
realized. The baskets were characteristically tasteful and pretty,
The   "Westham"   took   a   cargo   of
farm produce I i Nanaimo this week.
., ,     On Wednesday last  the "Trader"
Gilchrist   would   left tor Victoria with a cargo of 21
���:old medal fur the winner tons of hay  tor  Mr.  J,  McL I.  ot
Skimmer" class  in  tbe plow-   Victoria,  and  about   26  tons o,   pots
md   Mr.   ing next  year. toes   to   a  Chinaman    named    Hong
Mr.   E.
absent from the city for three weeks   Ross,    of    New    Westminster,     the Music    was    provided    throughout (hong,   also   of
and on his return will make a tour'judges,  thanked  the   association   for the   banquet   by   the   Howard    Bros. Brodie,   of   Delta,   is   also     shipping
Ills  con-.the honor conferred  upon  them  and orchestra, and Dr. King favored with about  100 tons of ha>   to Scott  and
! proposed lhat a set of rules be com- a humorous recitation Pender,  ot   Victoria.
of the  principal  points  in
V 4i ;
V4 |
OLYMPIA, Dec. 5.���That all vessels be assessed for taxation by the
state tax commission in the future,
and that vessels include all water
craft required by tho laws of the
United States to be registered, licensed or enrolled as personal property, is the suggestion made by the
state tax commission in its biennial
report, which.is soon to be printed.
Vessels already taxed in other states
will not be included, but the owners
must furnish proof of such taxation
if it be requested by Washington ot-
Heat  By  Electricity.
SEATTLE. Dec. 5.���Publicity of
experimental tests being conducted
by Superintendent of Lighting J. li.
Jtoss to determine the feasibility of
substituting electrical heat for coal
where hot water, steam or furnace
systems are used in homes or other
places Tuesday brought a deluge of
Inquiries to the city lighting department as to the cost of the new system and general information about it.
Union  oil   Not   Sold.
SEATTLE. Dec. 5.- George D.
Clagett, special agent in Seattle of
the Union Oil Company of California, said yesterday that the persistent rumor of the sale of his company
to the combined British-Dutch interests were unfounded.
Scenic Highway.
BELLINGHAM. Dec. 5.���One ot
the matters it is thought will be taken up by the Rood Roads Convention
at. Tacoma will be the question ot
agitating for legislation which will
provide for the construction of a
waterfront highway along Puget
Sound between Seattle and Bellingham. The good roads associations of
the various counties through which
the highway would pass are In favor
et the plan and that it is believed
that the automobile clubs of the state
will back the proposition. It ls
pointed out that such a highway
would  afford   a  scenic drive  of un-
Bradner -School.
Sealed tenders, superscribed
"Tender for Bradner School," will
be received by the Honourable the
Minister of Public Works up to noon
of Wednesday, the 18th day of December, 1912, for the erection and
completion of a large one-room
school-house at Bradner, in the u.
-ta Electoral District for the Provincial Government, l_. C,
Plans, specifications, contract and
Moras of tender may be seen on and
after the 4th day or December, 1912
at the office of S. A. Fletcher, Government Agent, New Westminster;
Mr. Wm. Merryfieid, Secretary
bchool Board, Mount Lehman, B. C;
and the Public Worlds Department,
Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B,
Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque
or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of Canada, made payable
to the Honourable the Minister of
Public Works, for a sum equal to
10 per cent, of the tender, which
shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into contract
when called upon to do so, or If he
fail to complete the work contracted
for. The cheques or certificates of
deposit of unsuccessful tenderers
will be returned to them upon the
execution of the contract.
Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the form supplied,
signed with  the actual signature of
usual attractiveness as well as be of! the tenderer, and enclosed in the en-
OTTAWA, Dec. 4.���Company incorporation by federal letters increased from 544 to 656 in the last
fiscal year, according to the report of
the State Department, tabled by Hon.
Louis Coderre today. The aggregate
capitalization was $490,565,999, including $42,939,999 secured by existing companies through supplementary powers. The revenue of the
department was $218,000.
trlct in which the rights applied for
are  situated.
In surveyed territory the land
must be described by sections, or
legal sub-divisions of sections, and
in unsurveyed territory the tract applied for shall be staked out by the
applicant   himself.
Each  application  must   be  accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be
refunded   if   the   rights   applied   for
are not available, but not otherwise.
j A royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output, of the mine at the
Irate of five cents per ton.
!     The  person operating    the    mine
i shall  furnish  the Agent  with  sworn
! returns'accounting for the full quail--,
tlty of merchantable coal mined and
pay the royalty thereon.    If the coal
mining rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished
at least once a year.
The lease will include the coal
mining rights only, but the lessee
may be permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be
considered necessary for the working of the mine at the rate of "lu.
an acre.
For  full  information     application
.should be made to the Secretary
the  Department of the  Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion  Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N; B.���Unauthorized publications
of this advertisement will not be
paid  for.���30690.
commercial benefit to the regions lt
would traverse.
Grand Jury.
SEATTLE, Dec. 5.���Besides returning eleven Indictments and memorializing congress and the state
legislature to pass enactments forbidding the sale or exchange of Confederate Bank bills unless suitably
branded, the present federal grand
jury is expected to submit to Judge
Howard other recommendations concerning the administration of the
federal criminal code.
Fear  Foul   Plnv.
MOUNT VERNON. Dec. 5.���-Billlo
Maris, son of W. S. Maris, of this
city, who was shot on Ouemes Island
Sunday afternoon, was brought here
Tuesday night and just how seriously the young man Is hurt is not
known. His father said the boy ls
badly hurt and at the present time
the parents are very much concerned
as to the probable result of the
velbpes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.
Public Works Engineer.
Public  Works  Department,
Victoria,   B.     C,   2nd     December,
1912. de5
Coal mining rights of the Dominion, in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and
Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
Northwest Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased for a term
ot twenty-one years at an annual
rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
2560 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent of the dis-
Delta    Motel
J. JOHNSTON, Proprietor \
Ladner, B. C. Phono 2 $
All Modern Conveniences, Newly Furnished, Well Heated, Sam- .j.
2    pie Room.    American and European    Plan.      First-class    CuiBine. X
* Prom pt Service. v
��     Best Wines, Liquors and Cigars. IUl��*    Reasonable. A
The Royal Bank ol Canada
Incorporated 186V.
Capital Authorized       *25,ooo,ooo
Cnpltal Paid Up    $11,500,000
Rest    112,500,000
Aggregate Assets,   One  Hundred and Se vent-Five Million
It is the aim of the management of this Bank to make every ���**>.'
posltor welcome, and to give the be st possible attention to his financial
Accounts may be opened with deposits of One Dollar and Upwards,
Interest paid or credited at the highest current rates, on May 31st aad
November 30th each year.
H. F, BISHOP. Manaoks I-AI..NI--J*, B, C.
Annual Drawing Contest
reach's SHOE STORE
Commences today. With each 50c cash
purchase a coupon will be given, entitling
the holder to one chance in the drawing
to take place on December31. Five prizes
of $5.00 each, and five prizes of $3.00
each, wiH be given in goods.
We have at the present
time some available
lo loan on good security.
Notice is hereby given that all
persons having claims against the estate of George Joseph Lassiter, late
of Ladner, B. C, are required to deliver their claims and full particulars of such claims to Ellas Lassiter
of I.adner, B. C, on or before the
18th  of December,  A.  D.  1912.
McNeely Hall, Dec.  13th, 1912, commencing at 8.30 sharp.
Miss Cave Brown Cave, Pianist.
Miss   Grace   Malaher,   Violinist.
MIbs Maude Scruby. 'Cellist.
Together  with   vocal   selections.
Under the auspices of the Delta
Glee Club. Tickets 50 cents, children 25 cents. Off all members of
the club and  their  agents.
Beautiful Large Size Solid Nickel Plated Parlor Lamp
�� ��� .    ��� ������*���.-. . ���   ,    . * V    '
��� ���*,
We are offering our New Brand Kerosene Oil which we claim to be the Best Grade of Oil made yet.
In refining this oil we use a double process, which takes out all bad odors, this oil will give a clear, white
light and last longer.
In order to advertise this oil, and get the people of the north-west using our oil, we are going to give
away 2000 of our new style, large size Nickel Plated Parlor Lamps that stand 24 inches high and have a
large White Dome Glass Shade. This lamp gives 100 candle power light, and is a beautiful iamp for any
home and cannot be bought at any store for less than $6.00.
Send us an order for one Barrel of our famous Silver White Kerosene Oil, that holds 42 Imperial gallons or 52 American gallons at 2?y2c. a gallon. We will send you Free one of our Parlor Lamps as mentioned above, and if you are not well pleased witn this oil and lamp we will make no charges for what oil
you have used and will refund your money cheerfully, We
make shipments prompt and pack lamp so it cannot be
broken. We will give away only 2000 of these lamps, so
fill out coupon below and send us your order at once.
Empire Oil Co.,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Enclosed find $11.55. Please send me one barrel of your
Kerosene Oil, with which I am to receive one of your Parlor Lamps
Free, with the understanding if I am not satisfied my money will
be returned.
Address all orders to���
Empire Oil Company
Box 2196
Winnipeg, Manitoba
We Pay You $1.50 for Barrel When Empty j,ATIK��AY, DECEMBER 7, 19-3.
Mrs. Peter Matheson left laBt week
Visit  McRea's  Pool  Room!    Full
line  of  pipes,  cigars  and   tobaccos.
*l'J _. *
Rev. C. R- Blunden was a visitor
to Vancouver and New Westminster
this week.
your orders by Phone (37) will
hare the same attention as if you
picked the goods yourself from Me-
Killops. **
The I.adner Baptist Sunday school
��� .,, and entertainment is to be held
on Thursday, December 26. A good
attendance is anticipated.
Mrs. C. R. Blunden, who hag been
Buffering from la grippe anil other
complications for some time is now
on a  fair  road  to recovery.
Visit  McRea's  Pool   Room!     Full
line   of   pipes,   cigars  and   tobaccos.
Mr. Russell McDonald was the
lucky number in the dining room set
drawing contest conducted by Mr.
Professor Giljnore and his wife are
visiting I.adner for a short time. Mr
Gilmore expresses his satisfaction at
the many changes which have been
���ffectetl during his absence.
But   you
can   do   better
at   Mc-
The date of the Gulf Side Sunday
t-diool Christmas entertainment has
been fixed for Saturday, 21st inst.,
and practices are now being conducted. This function is expected to
provide H splendid social evening for
the children.
Tor   Sale,   For   Exchange.    Wanted   to
; Purchase, To Let, Lort Found, Work"
,, I Wanted,   Situations   Vacant,   1   cent   ner
Mr. Haley Wilson paid a business  word.    Minimum,  26  cents  for any  one
advt.   These  rates  for  cash   with   order.
All   Want   Ads.   must   be   ln   by   2  p.m.
on Thursday.
visit to Vancouver on Wednesday.
But   you   can   do   better   at   Mc-
Killops. **
Mr. S. W. Fisher and family paid
a visit to Vancouver this week, returning Thursday morning.
Mr. Thos. Husband, of Sudbury,
was a visitor to Vancouver and New
Westminster on Tuesday.
The I.adner Board of Trade will
meet in the Board of Trade rooms.
McNeely Hall, next Monday evening,
Dec.  9.
Reeve Benson is preparing to erect
i handsome residence on the prop-
���rty whloh he recently secured from
Mr.  Sheldrake.
Your orders by Phone (37) will
have the same attention as if you
picked the goods yourself from Mc-
Klllops. ���*
STORE���Messrs. Lanning, Fawcett & Wilson have opened up a
Free Tea Room for the convenience of holiday shoppers, and Invite you all to make a visit ann
try our Special  Blend of Tea.
Guessing Contest
$50.00 in Gold given away free
on December 24th, at 8 K M., at
LANGLEY���Owner has a few 5 1-4
to 5 3-4 acre farms, 12 miles from
New Westminster, near B.C.E.R.;
rich soil, suitable for fruit and
gardening; wishes to sell at once
' and will take one-third less than
price of surrounding property.
Three year terms, no interest. No
agents. For particulars, apply
Box 2343, North Vancouver.
TIip splendid/banquet provided by
Mr. Jack Johnson, of the Delta Hotel
was a credit to that house and thp
natrons of the affair were grateful
for the splendid renast provided.
Mr. T. W. Williams, of Vancouver,
well known as a sportsman throughout the Delta municipality, is now
staying at the Delta Hotfii. He intends to spend several days shooting
in  the vicinity of Ladner.
R. H. WII.COOK will be prepared te
supply the residents of Ladner
with milk and cream from good
tested herd, commencing December 2nd.
WANTED���Painting, tinting and
decorating. Apply Walden It
Purkey, this office.
But   you   can
do   better
at   Mc-
Preparations for the Crescent Isl-
and Sunday school entertainment are
jrolng on under the uspervlsion of
Miss  Ferris,   teacher  of  the  school.
Mr. John A. Watson and Mr. H.
H. Hutchison, both of Vancouver, are
at present visiting the Delta country
on a duck and pheasant shoot. Mr.
Hutchison is an ex-reeve of tne municipality.
A social dance was held in Johnston's Hall on Monday niirht by a
number of friends of Miss Acnes
Montgomery,   who   arcompanied   by
rhe children and grown-ups are con-   her brother, Robert Montgomery,  is
idently anticipating a real good time   leaving  nn  Saturday.  Dei-ember  7th
that evening.    The date has not
yet   been   divulged.
But   you
can   do
better   at   Mc-
for the "Emerald Isle.
Dr. Hadwin, the Dominion Live
Stock Inspector, visited I.adner this
week and held an inspection of hogs
for hog cholera. All diseased animals were Immediately destroyed and
It is hoped that the disease is eradi-
llev.   H.   G.   Estahrook,   superintendent  of Raptist  Missions \ln  B.C..
has   arranged    to   visit    Ladner   on   cated from the Delta stock
Thursday,   19th   inst..  and   will   deliver his celebrated lecture on "High-       But   you   caa   do   better
ways and Byways In British Colum-   Killops.
bla."  illustrated  with  splendid ster
optican lantern views.
at   Me-
��� *
Tiie board of directors of the Delta
Agricultural Society will meet in the
The Delta Water Superintendent, grounds of the society on Saturday.
Dr. (lark, has been making a tour | December 7th, at. two o'clock, to look
of the Delta and to a .large extent over the grounds and decide on a
has succeeded In preventing the ex- site for the new building or build-
resslve waste of water which has ings whose erection they have under
been so detrimental to a good service, jeonsideration. These buildings may
The evidence of his work In this di-jtake the form of cattle sheds or it
rection has been noticeable in the is possible that the erection of an
increased pressure which resulted.       I agricultural hall  will be considered.
The ltev. and Mrs. A. A. McLeod, ��� The monthly missionary meeting
for many years missionaries to the I under the auspices of the Baptist
Telugus in India, and formerly ( f Ladles' Aid was held on Wednesday
1 adner. will visit the Delta on Sun-' **-*enln*r in the home of Mrs. McNlel.
day, 16th inst. Mr. Mcleod wl'1 There was a good attendance. "The
ireach al Crescent Island and Lad- Revival in Korea" was the subject
ner, and it Is expected Mr. McLeod dealt With, Pastor Rev, C, R. Blnn-
who Is a brilliant speaker. Will give den read a most interesting and stir-
some amount of the work In India rin-t paper on this wonderful work
al a snocial meeting on Sunday after-  of God in the east.
noon in tlie Baptist  church, Ladner. 	
  Mr.   Duncan   Montgomery  and  Mr.
Mr. Alexander Ross, of Vancouver. M Stewart, of the Colony Farm. Mt.
nne of the veteran ploughmen of the Conuitlam, attended Uie plowing
Helta district, visited the ploughiug  match given by the Farmers' insti-
Uoi" No. 14954. "Fanny Calamity
Dekol" No. 10527, "Jemima Johanna Aggie" No. 15768; two REGISTERED HOLSTEIN BULL CALVES,
milk and in calf, which Mr. H. N.
Rich lias received instructions from
H. D. Benson, Esq. (Who has sold
his farm I, to sell by Auction on the
premises, Benson Road, 3% miles
southeast of Ladner, on
Wednesday, December 18th,
at.  1*30 p. mi,.
Th_ registered stock were imported from the herd of J. W. Richardson, Caledonia, Ont., and pedigrees
of the registered cattle will be produced at the sale.
Terms cash.
llie White Store
For every 50c cash purchase at our store from Satur- \\
day, December 7th, to Tuesday, December 24th, you f
are entitled to one guess on the bottle of beans displayed
in our center show window.   Drawing Xmas eve.
match al Mr. Burr's farm on Wed
nesday, Mr. Ross lias been a regn
lar attendant of these matches dur
i'i_ the live years of their existence
Mr. John McKee. police magistrate
lipid court on Monday lasi. n cape of the old-timers both at
dog  shunting  being  awarded   to  the   and   Ihe   banquet.     Hr
lute on Mr. .7. Burr's Farm, Cresceffl
Island, on Wednesday last. Mr.
Duncan, who ��:is nl one time the
niiifver of the Pemberton Farm, renewed his acquaintance with many of
the match
Stewart   has
molalnant.      The   defendant
md  $10 and costs.
wns   heen connected with Hackney horse
dealing  for some time.
Corner Westham and Delta
favorite Resort for Automobile Parties
H. W. SLATER, Prop.
Dairy Cattle
Mr. H. N. Rich has received inst ructions..from H. D. Benson, Esq.,
(who has sold his farm l, to sell oy
auction on the premises, Benson
Road, 3 1-2 miles southeast of Ladner, on
Wednesday, Dec. 18th, 1912
at 1.30 p.m.
Three Registered Holstein Cows���
1, Aggie  Patsy   DeKol.   No.   14954;
2, Fanny Calamity DeKol, No. 10527;
8, Jemima Johanna Aggie, No.
Two Registered Holstein Bull
Calves���1, Sir Ormsby of Riverside.
No. 13817; 2, Calf by King Johanna
Pontine Korndyke, out of Aggie
Patsy DeKol.
Also 18 Grade Dairy Cows In milk
and   in   calf.
The registered stock were imported from the herd of J. W. Richardson. Caledonia. Ontario and pedigrees of the registered cattle will be
produced at the sale.
Auction  Offices:   I.adner.   B.C,
Beginning September 1-
Via Steveaton and
S.S.   "NEW    DELTA"
j To Vancouver anil New Westminster.
I Week Days.
I Leaves Ladner���8:30 a.m, and 3:30
! p.m.
I Leaves Steveston on arrival of car
leaving C.ranville street, Vancouver, station at 8:30 a.nis and 3:30
p.m. New Westminster passengers
will take car Raving at 8:00 a.m.
and 3:00 p.m. for Eburne car, .to
connect with the boat.
new YiHtK, Dec. 4,    Prominent
in  Washington society during the nd-
mlnistratlon ol the late Qrover Cleveland Miss Lancing Rowan, actress,
and niece ol Pbrmi r Secretary ol
Treasury Lyman ��� lagc, is dead here
today, following an operation to.
$20,00 in gold free to tlic one guessing the actual
iiunilx't of beans in the bottle. $15.00 in gold to
the one guessing nearest to the number of beans
in the bottle. ,$10.00 in gold to the second nearest.
$8.00  in   gold   to   the   third   nearest..    $4.'M>  worth
of any kind of merchandise to the fourth nearest. *
$3.00 worth of any kind of merchandise to the fifth ���?
nearest.   $2,110 worth of any kind of merchandise *
to  the sixth  nearest.    $1.(1(1 worth  of any kind of *t
merchandise to the next rive nlarest,
Remember  the  place  and   the   dates   at.
Ladner's Low Price Maker
****************************************Mr>***^^^ f
The relatives of the late George
.1. Lassiter wish to thank the many
kind friends for the floral tributes
sent, and sympathy manifested in
their  recent bereavement.
IliLOW RJVKK���-On main
line of Grand Trunk Pacific,
and Pacific & Hudson Hay
Railway, lt Ib the desire of
the Railway Company to
make it one of the most important towns in the entire
Canadian West. Lots $10
down, $10 monthly; no Interest; no taxes. Write today for full information,
Pac. Bond & Land Corp.,
Ltd., 428 Pac. Bldg., Vancouver, B.C.
If you want a Suit to outlast all
others, get it made at
Manufacturers ami Dealers in all kinds of
j Shingles. Lath. Sash, Doors Turnings and Bouse Finishings
\      l'hone R H Kliurne Prompt Delivery by Kail or Scow
Royal Brand
Dried Breeders Grains
Every   dalrj o��ner   should
Iced iliem. Write n�� for prices
delivered lo your nearest -(*'-
V. Taylor
Has opened a
Harness Business
in Westham Street, Ladner,
(east of the Ladner Hotel) with
a compl te stock ol
Harness Fittings
Being an experienced Harness
Maker, V. Taylor can guarantee
absolute satisfaction in all goods
and work, and hopes to be
favored with the patronage ol
Ladner and District.
Books of all  kinds, cloth,  linen  and  paper, and    to    suit all
tastes���juvenile,   young    people  and   adultB���from   the   5c     paper
fairy tale to the sumptuously  bound,
modern English Chaucer at $5.00
Christinas  Annuals   	
Leather  Poets   	
Art  Editions  of  Famous   Hooks
magnificently       illust rated
 75c <o 91*78
    7r��c to 98.00
...,   ia.oo to 90.50
Latest Biographical, Travel nnd Canadian, Henty, Alger, Kingston, Stapleton and Byereton in Boys' Books.
Recent   Reprints    Special SOc
S. W. FISHER, Phm. B��� Prop.
The Royal Stock
Food Co.
Scotia and Front Streets
Vancouver. B. C.
;xxxxooooof oocxx��ooooc)oooc
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. ('.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all kinds ot
Your Patronage Solicited
to purchase your Christmas and New Year presents.    Call and
inspect  our splendid assortment   of Jeweller;  mid  Cut   Olaas.
Fancy Jeweller} of every Description -Ladles' and Cents'
watchei In gold, gold filled and silver cases, diamond rings.
lockets ami fancy pendants. See our splendid line of gold
brooches,    80-hour,  8 flay  Westminster   chime   and    .00   da)
clocks.     Big   lien   and   llaliy Alarms.
a  fine assortment   of  rich  OUl  glass,  silver  and  electro  plate, at
right  prices,    Violins ami Mandolins repaired.
The Delta Time* Is published uvmn
Saturday from the Times Bulletin
U-dner. B.C. J. I>. Tuywr.
tf-Btf -director.
POTATOES ���howpbadnS STORf D
In Our Frost-proof Warehouse at
Drtike antl Homer Sts.
Or Market Square
will be money-makers three months from now.   Our warehouses are
absolutely dry and frost proof.   Consign your shipments direct to us.
and send  us llie sblppini bill;   we  will  do tha rest, and     you    will
have no worry.
New  Westminster. VanroHKT.
('real Northern,   li. ''��� Electric mui fnitniMnn Pacific Trackage.
Timely Suggestions For Christmas Shoppers
���  ���  ���  ��� ���
Shop Now! The Christmas spirit is in the
air. The world's unselfish time is upon us.
We respectfully invite you to make our
Store your Store for your Holiday Shopping
Commencing on MONDAY, DECEMBER 2nd, we will give a Ticket for a chance in the
Drawing with every 50c. purchase.   Drawing will take place Christmas Eve, as in  former
���   years.     Following   are   the  Prizes   which will be on  Exhibition   in our Show Window:
Tirst Prize-Oak Hall Rack - Value $30.00
Second Prize���Large Turkish Chair
*   (Leather)   -   -   -   -Value $23.00
Third Prize���Case of Dessert Knives
and Forks   -   -   -   -Value $23.00
fourth Prize���Dinner Set (97 pieces)
Value $15.00
Fifth Prize���Brass Kettle and Lamp
Value $7.50
Sixth Prize���China 5 o'clock Tea Set
Value $6.00
Seventh Prize���Fancy Work Basket
Value $5.50
Eighth Prize���Axminster Rug - Value $4.50
Ninth Prize���Umbrella -   -   - Value $3.00
Tenth Prize���Leather Padded Poems
(Longfellow) .... Value $1.50
Guaranteed Kid Gloves, all shades, at  $1.25
Ladies' Extra Fine Kid Gloves at      1.50
Ladies' Driving Gauntlets and Lined Gloves at $1.50 to 3.50
Men's Lined and Unlined Gloves from    1.00 to 3.50
Boys'  Lined Gloves."    75c, to 1.25
Toilet Sets, Brush and Comb Sets, Manicure Sets. Jewel
Cases, Leather Goods, Hair Brushes, Brass Goods,
Gillette Razors, Shaving Sets, Mirrors, Ladies' Handbags   from  $1.50 to $15.00
We carry a complete Stock of all the Popular Songs and Instrumental
Hits; also nice line Song and Instrumental Folios a: Special Prices.
Useful Presents for the Home
Easy ('hairs. Rockers, Tables,
Music Cabinets, Desks, Book
Cases, China Cabinets. Vacuum
Cleaners. What would be nicer
than it New "White" Sewing
Machine? Get our Price* on
Sewing Machines.
We are  Delta Agents for Victor
Gramophones and'Records.
New Viclrolas at
$20, $32, $50, $65, ,$100
This is a Department we are strong in.    Seethe  fine  line
of Christmas Papeteries we are showing from 25c. to $3.oo
Fountain Tens from      $1.00 to $3.50
We have ev irything found in an up-to date Stationery Department.
BOOKS.    Vigil our Hook Department.    We have Books suitable for all.
Picture Hooks from     5c. to $3.00
Boys' Annuals, Special, at         $1.50
Story Books from  25c. to $1.00
Reprint Copyrights containing all the Latest Popular Rooks, Special,
al ' ...   	
Fancy Hand Embroidered Linen, Cluny Race, Fancy Battenburg, Tray
Cloth Runners, Dresner and Stand Scarfs.Piilow Sham*., large stock
Pillow Tops, Stamped Linens, Laundry Hags, etc.
We are showing a Rovely Range of Fancy Handkerchiefs,
I,are and   Kmbroiilery   Edges, etc., i'rom 10c. to $1.50
Fancy Boxes Handkerchiefs, Plain Linen Initials for Ladies and Cents,
Silk Initialed, etc.
Remember that Toyland is full of delight for the little ones. Dolls
of every description, and till that pertains thereto���Lively Games,
Realistic Animals, Toy Railways. Motor Cars, Steam and Electric
Engines, and a thousand and one devices for juvenile entertainment too
numerous to itemize. Parents in quest of gifts for children should not
miss a visit to Toyland. Santa Claus will be here from now until
Christmas to meet all his young friends.
See the lo*. ��� ly stock of China and Glassware we are showing ���
Gli icii.t'.e S *ts. " m Sets, Gups and Saucers, Bread and Butter Plates.
Fancy Ornaments, Fern Pots, Jardinieres, etc.
Carving  Sets,   Scissor  Sets,  Pocket Knives,  Table  Cutlery of all
kinds, Nut Crack*! Sets, Safety Razors.
New Peels and Fruits, Nuts anil Raisins bought specially for Xmas
Trade. Fresh Groceries arriving daily. Shelly's Hread arriving fresh
from Vancouver daily.
Try a Box of our Stuart Assorted Cadbury Chocolates, specially
put up for us.
Fancy Boxed Chocolates from 25c. to $3.00
Xmas Stockings from 5c. to $1.50
Get our Prices on Nuts, Raisins and Candies of all kinds.
No trouble to find Suitable Gifts for the men here.
Fancy  Armbands from.. 10c. to $150
Neckties from 25c. to $1.50
Fancy Suspenders, Tie and Socks to match 75c to $2.50
Fancy Mufflers,  House <_oats.   Fancy   Vests,   Sweaters,   Sweater
Coats, House Slippers, Pyjamas. Hosiery, Gloves, etc., etc.
What would be nicer than one of our High Grade Suitsor Overcoats?
Men's Genuine Scotch Tweed Suits in all  the new shades
and latest models $15.00 to $25.00
Navy Serge Suits  $15.00 to $25.00
Overcoats. Presto Collars, etc., from  , $10.00 to $20.00
Currie's Raincoats $10,00 and $15.00
Boys' Suits and Overcoats, Children's Reefers, Raincoatsand Raima* es
A nice Pair of Shoes or Slippers make a seasonable gift. We
are showing a fine range of
Shoes suitable for all.
Ladies' Evening Slippers a
Natty House Slippers for the
whole Family.
,   ,     . ���.���**��*  ft     \
We have an elegant range of Ladies'   and  Children's Sweater
Aviation Caps. Toques, Shoulder Shawls, etc., Boys' and Girls' Jerseys
See the beautiful  range of Motor Scarfs,  Knitted Mufflers, etc
in Silk and Wool.
An Umbrella makes a most appropriate gift.
We  have a large stock in well-assorted Handles,  Best
Quality Covers from $1.00 to $6.00
We have a fine stock of Case Pipes, also Cigar Cases, Tobacco
Pouches, Cigar Holders, etc. Best grades of Local and Imported
Cigars, in 2."> and HO Boxes, for Gifts
Goods That Satisfy!    That's What You Get When You Buy Here


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