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The Delta Times Jul 23, 1914

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Array Volume 7
LADNER, B. 0. THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1914.
$1.00 A YEAR
Meeting of Farmers Endorse League
Movement and of Proposal to
Organzie Locally.
At a meeting attended 'by several
of the representative farmers of the
Delta on Tuesday night in the municipal hall, a resolution wag p^.tEed
with few dissenting voices ippn.-ing
,,: the co-operative marketing movement which the Fraser Vall.y De-
velopmont League Is promoting aud
laboring  the  organization     ol     .he
:ui.)i_ and especially the vegetable
growers of Delta into u local at-so-
uuiion to promote the bettor s.-ad-
lug and more profitable marketing
u; farm produce.
The meeting, called at tho instance
oi the  Board  ot  Trade,     was    addressed   by   Markets     Commissioner
Abbott  and   President  Marmont,  of
llie league.     Mr.  Abbott went into
the various phases of the co-operative  movement  at  length  aud  illustrated how such a union of the fruit,
vegetable und  other  tood stuff pro-
ducers, would obtain lor the farmer
a suitable profit on  his goods, enlarge'the markets for his produce,
secure a regular supply for the dealers or consumers  and  improve  the
standard   of   the  goods  packed.      A |
co-operative  society differed  from a ]
joint   stock   company   iu   that  uhe
profits were earned according as the
subscriber  uses  the  association   lor
the common  benefit.     Such  an  as- I
soclation would also act as a credit j
organization to enable the producer
to get through the season.    It would '
also protect him against    the    dis-
honest commission man.
Mr. Abbott also instanced how a
local co-operative selling agency,
working through a central market-
Ing agency could control distribution,
; revent the glutting of the local
narkets,   provide   the   organization
r extending the market to other
fields and keep out foreign produce i
ensuring steady and regular local
supply.     There were potato growers I
��� ho always  thought the price  was i
.olng up.     These held on to their
produce and ln consequence the city
markets were not kept supplied with |
Valley produce,   which  allowed  the
entry of foreign stuff.     There was |
uot one-tenth the production of food
stuffs In the valley that there ought
to be, owing to the lack of proper j
distribution and marketing agencies. '
'llie dealers would rather buy local
stuff  than   foreign   but   could   not j
always be assured of a regular local :
Bupply, . i ��*_ A ���        "*  '
H�� farther explained how the aim !
was to organize the Valley Into local
Producers' associations these to look j
after the producing and market supply ends; then organize a central
elllng agency to look after the sell-
' % end. There was no reason that
a  with   fruit   their  products  should
t he sold before put on the mar-
' >'t. Once organized they cnulil.
1 nilnnle  the  market  and  keep  out
Ineee who cut down the prices.
In cases of over production the
���   jural   agency   could   look   for   new
irkets.      The  prairies needed  sup-
���i ii tl the coast towns aud camps.
Answering   ii  criticism    thai     CO-
peratlve   institutions   were   not   al-
i.vs a success, he said that In every
case such failure was due to mismanagement    The principle was nol
Incorporate n Central Agency,
President   Marmont.   who  follow
- i   referred to the proposed Incorporation "I ii l-'raser Valley Market-
-ssoclatlon   under the Agricultural   Associations   Act.     This  sub-
Bldlary association    to the    league
would control the business end, the
latter body    retaining    its    present
Intus  as  a   municipally    controlled
1 ionization,  bul   being the direct-
force behind the Valley co-oper-
���-e movement the Incorporated as-
���ciation oould, it had been proposed,
is s central selling or marketing
in y along the lines hh explained
Mr, Abbott.      Mr.  Man it UlUS-
Ued  how  oul  or the Grain  (How
organisation of the prairies had
town lhe drain Growers' Company,
t'ii, n business organisation,  in
way by Incorporation tha league
"lit bt made sell supporting.    An
erestlng   discussion   followed,   bo-
partlclpaWd In by Reeve Pater-
n, Messrs.  W.  Montgomery, D. B.
nil, Wm. Hornby, It. A. Coleman,
., McKee, 8, W. Fisher, A. Davie
i President Kirkland.
\ Universal Mtfvement.
ideve Paterson. while   maintain-
1    thai  ho had  an  open  mind to-
miIs the movement, admitted that
���operation must  be goon business
it would not have worked oul as
had done on  the American side.
'��   illustrated   how   the   Delta   liny
mii her   was   UP   against   the   com-
iiion with American hay.  Ha ivit
m If the movement wns gone ahead
'ii   It  would   be of   more  good  to
1   small holder than to the  large
ncher,     As  for  local  marketing
"dltlons,   the   hay   nnd   oat   probers  of   Delta     had   been   treated
Irly   by   the   nracknmn-Ker   Com-
18ny, often  being paid belter prices
mi   prevailed     elsewhere.        Later
"' ReuVe opposed the Idea put for-
"M by Mr. Coleman that the .arm-
were all satisfied,    lie Ulostrat-
'I   how   there  nre  combines  to  put
'rices   on   articles   the   farmers   us.i
sell.     if there  was any way to
'��� !'l)le lhe farmers to set the price
LeveMed   the   Hay-Jplayed   Havoc
With Boats���Busli Fires
at Bay.
A windstorm gathered early on
Sunday afternoon aud was quite a
change from the hot weather of last
week. Toward evening the gale had
gathered quite a velocity of speed,
and blew all during the night.
Farmers report that hay which had
been stacked was blown around the
fields and had to be raked and
stacked again; the demand "or men
on Monday morning was an evidence
of its violence.
The fishermen had a very rough
night, the wind pla>lng havoc with
boats and nets, doing a good bit of
harm and causing some accidents.
The wheat was somewhat flattened out, but not enough to damage it,
as it is well matured. Home of the
fields at Boundary Bay look almost
ready lor harvesting, which Is calculated to begin the second week in
A fire, which had been burning
on Saturday near Boundary Bay, was
fanned into quite a Dame, causing
some consternation among the campers aud nearby farms, but amounted
to nothing but a good deal of smoke.
Names of Delta Scholars Who Won
Out at the June Examinations.
Victim  of   Storm  on   Sunday  Xight
���His  Boat  Swamped���Body
The results of the June examinations were looked forward to with a
great deal of anticipation by the
school children of Ladner. Some
were confident of passing while
others had a doubt, and still others
hung   on to    a bare hope.      In the
Held at New Wewt minuter Featured
by Delta Fruits���Early Apples��� .
Prices Quoted.
Ripe tomatoes of the very best variety was one of the many features
from the Delta at the Fraser valley-
market he'* - **-��������� Westminster,
Friday morning. July 17. They sold
very rapidly at 15 cents the pound
or two pounds for 25 cents. Black
caps also from the Delta were a good
seller at two boxes for 25 cents. Other small fruits all went rapidly at
the  usual  quotations.
Early apples made their first appearance on the market and could
be bad for $1 and $1.25 per box.
Plums also made their first appear-
The terrific wind storm of Sunday-
night claimed a native son of the
Delta when Henry Edward Forrer,
son of Edward Forrer, an old-timer
on the Delta, but now of Rivers Inlet
and a nephew of Mrs. Frank Kirk- I ance and sol(, at ,0 centhJ the b.l8ket
land,     ot     Westham    Island,     was   AH of the prlce8 remained firm.
drowned in the guir. The foi0iwlng prices were quoted:
forrer  was  a  fine young fellow,; wiminaain  Pnuiti-v
public school  many   will   be   disap- , well  bullt>  standiug  six  feet.       He   Poultry. Hve Sfht     .   !?6r to ISc
pointed, but most of the high school   wab about twenty years of age.    On ! Small chicks   per crate $3 00
pupils  were successful.    Those  who   Sunday   night he   started out from j chickens, broilers, per lb. "i.e to'20c
passed and    those who    failed  will I Steveston,   where  he  was  employed [Ducks   live weight 13c to 15c
soon    forget   their    troubles    when j by the Phoenix cannery, with a gaso- ; i*ucks,' small   per doz $j?60
school opens in the fall, and in the j line boat, trailing the sailing rishlng i '        Retail Poultry.
meantime  will enjoy their holidays   crafts to the nets.    When the storm  Spring chickens, dressed     25c
to the full extent, returning rested i broke he sought shelter in the direc-   Hens, dressed   18c to 22c
in    mind   and    body with    the new [ tlon of the lightship   on the   Sand-1 Squabs, each 25"t*
year's work ahead. | heads at the mouth of the Fraser. ; Vegetables
Ladner RosebuU Team Scores Sixth
Straight Win���On me Scheduled
For Friday.
Miss May Martin,   of the   Ladner J ln the dark and confusion the theory
High School, was successful In pass-   is   that   he   became separated from
ing the McGill matriculations examination, which was held in June.
Mr. Roy Anderson, who has quail
fied in  part and may complete  the
examinatiou in September.
In  the  Ladner  High  School
Potatoes, per sack    $1.25
Potatoes, per ton  $25
the fleet,  his boat swamping, which   Carrots, per sack    75c
caused the drowning. I Cabbages, per sack 75c
The  body  was  found  about  four
and a half miles off Canoe Pass on
a sand bar early Monday afternoon
Big Transport  Vehicle SwerveS Off
N��. 5 Road���Xo Sei-ious
Mellis' large auto truck met with!     *"thve  **ad'-er. H!gh  Sc^��o1  P*T I!'/ two -If,ifn-.ermen' one being named
a  seriou��   niislno  on   \ir-nri-.    .,- 1    ""unary course, junior grade, maxl- I Henry Williams.
ing   about a fo,,   VVoodward _ ! "1Um marks' 1000' nunlber of candl"'     Ur-  ��������� "��<-* cor����er,  was nott ,
Landing.    The big truck was heav-l       *' 8' a11 were sucees8fu! and are I "ed and brought the body to Ladner   Beets, 3 bunches   10c
liv   loaded   with   lumber and  other  Sv ,tollow9: I in a launch.     An inquest was called
and waTtra^lSgTt'aS! 2K��*JL *��**      IH . ." _el^ *���**-.   *��.'*_*.   ��*
Ladner scored their sixth straight
win against outside teams on Friday evening when the fast Leckle
aggregation of the Vancouver Wholesale League was beaten by a 6 to 4
score. Ladner came from behind In
the fourth inning, overcoming a two
run lead and by hard bitting scored
enough runs to win the game. Dutch
and Hastings both hit safe, Webster
was given a walk. With the bases
lull Thurston hit to left field scoring
Dutch and Hastings. H. Wilson's
three bagger scored Wwbstor and R.
Wilson and a moment later H. Wilson came In on a passed ball.
A larger crowd than usual witnessed the game and cheered our
gifted athletes.
Much regret was expressed over
the inability of the Malktn team
to fill their date with Ladner on
Monday last.     Another date will he
rate   when   the  lumber,   which   was j jiarg'are^T
extending some distance out of the Ia--* -,,    r.���,.
back,  shifted.      The   front   wheels1 *
were swung off the road.   This overturned the truck Into the ditch.   The
Milne        649 j foreman;    Mr.   H.   Slater,  Rev. W.
640 : Whittaker,    Mr.   Wm.   Walters,   Mr.
Arthur  Rogerson         622   Lamb and Mr. Cullis.   The body was
i Annie C   Bown         619   just viewed, the inquest being post-
work of jacking up the heavy frame ^.nda i.,c(.a"uni         ?��_   P�����* ""til Monday, July 27th, a. S
will take some time and involve con
siderable expense. The frame Is
slightly twisted but no other damage
to the truck is apparent. Mr. Mellis llas been very unfortunate with
his cars this year; the auto bus
which ran in the
season was damaged
and has not been put bad' on the
run so far
Arthur R. Devereaux        530 j o'clock
Advanced    course,   junior    grade,       Mr.   Edward    Forrer,  the    father,    ,, .,,,,. -
maximum marks 1000; the number  was notified  and  arrangements  for ! TBu"er' r^tai1' Per lb....30c to 35c
of candidates   who tried   were six, : ���**���-��   f-.n_r_i    ,.,_-_    ���-.--���-,,���,-    f���_ . Butter, wholesale, lb 25c
Cabbages, per head . .' 'sc to 15c' made 'vith thIs fast team a3 the ��P*
Turnips, per sack  -5c I portunity of playing this game can-
Turnips,' per bunch," V'for".'.'.'.. 10ci110t b�� Passef "P-
Lettuce, per bunch 5c I     A K-lnle win he Played on Friday
Onions, green, per bunch, 3 for 5C'evening .at 6; 30 sharp with the Mac
Asparagus, two bunches for 2oc!& Mac team- leaders in the Whole-
Sale League. This promises to be
one of the most interesting games
or the season and should be well
patronized by the baseball fans.
Parnsips,  per sack       75c
Peas, per lb  4c to 7c
Cucumbers, each    5c to 10c
Radishes, two bunches for 5c
Tomatoes, per lb 12 l-2c to 18c
Spinach,  3  lbs for    10c
Parsley, per bunch 5c
Eggs and Butter.
Eggs, retail       35c to 40c
Eggs,    wholesale    30c
I the   funeral    were   announced    for
only four were successful, these be-  Thursday    afternoon   at    2   o'clock
ing as follows
Ellen   Frew
from  the Municipal  Hall.    A short
Honey,  per lb 25c
Devonshire cream,  pint       45c
Wholesale Meat.
heir inning or the !Ellen  Frew         618   tervice wiu be held commencing at: p_rl.   ������ ��""*������� ******   ���    ���
beginning o   the  Ra| h  F   McDlttrm|d         548   l 80  0.cIock-    interment will  be at; E0*,1*' ?**,. b ' * \i 10c t0 10,V
d by an accident Gladys M. Devereaux        615  Boundary cemetery. ! &-* (8alt) p7? lb :?c
Myrle K.  Hutcherson         504
Out of    27 pupils    of the    grade
school  writing on the entrance examinations to High School only nine,
passed.    These were;
Henry   Reagh          586
O.   Oleson         679 ,
K.  Wright         584
I Mutton,   per  lb 12c
Pigs, small, each $2 to $5
Leg  of  Mutton,  per lb 22c
  "I Veal, medium, per lb 16 l-2c
Horse Shies at Rock Crushei���Backs' Veal, large, per Ib 12c to 15c
Cloverdale Centre.
Annledale���Number of candidates
2;  passed 0.
Cloverdale���Number of candidates
18; passed 5. L. Helen Fitzgerald
692; Lauritz C. Lindahl 680; Reginald A. Itedman 669; Elsie M. Bon-
ser 652; Edmund M. Molyneux 561.
Hall's Prairie���Number of candidates 1; passed 1,���Norman Bebar
Johnston road���Number of candidates 1; passed 1. Margaret Turn-
bull, 611. ,. j Reeve Sullivan Explains Why   Mu
Ladner Centre. '    nicipal Employee Was Dlscharg-
Ladner,   Division   I.���Number     of , ed���Ratepayers Satisfied.
candidates  27;   passed    B.       Albert1
Rig With Occupants Into
Retail Meats.
Pork     20c to 25c
Pork Chops    18c
Mutton     18c to 20c
An accident which resulted In no
Violet Hoey        613 I serious  injuries   to  the   occupants, I LeV'oF Mutton     "' 25c
E.  Tamboline         555 j happened last Friday evening on the I Sugar eUred cor"ned po^'iso Vo 20c
v.  Tamboline         580   Slough   road,   when    a large    rock \ Home-made pork sausage 15c to 20c
N.   Ellis         553 ; crusher  with  several  wagons  trail- j salted figs' Head, lb    8c
Jennie Rogerson       555, ing, frightened Miss Slater's horse,   pickled Pigs' shanks, per lb!! ... 10c
Frances  Perram        617 'which a? a rule is very quiet.    The  Sugar cured hogs' heads, lb. ... 8c
s    trouble lay In the man on the ma-ii Sugar cured corned beef, lb. ... 15c
chine not stopping   his engine   and j Picnic Hams, lb   14c
In    not even    giving half tbe road. | Pure Lard 15c to 16c
Tbe horse shied and plunged to the  Sugar cured bacon     22c
side of the road, bRrely escaping the) Sugar cured boneless ham 25c
ditch.    Mrs. Slater managed to pull' Spring lamb, fore qr., each . . ,'$_.T_
j him on tbe road again.    He would ; Spring lamb, hlrjd. or., each
I'm nut   so   forward,   but   backed thei Fish.
the, democrat Into the ditch, munoeuvr-  Sockeye salmott, each	
their  ing around until he fell. - | Red Spring salmon, per lb.
1  de-1     l'he    accident could    easily have ' WlUte Spring salmon, each
Charles   Fiddam   in   ad-; been avoided had the men on the en- j Sturgeon, per lb	
Olson 67t-;  Frances A. Perram 617; i     CLOVERDALE,     J illy    22.-
Vlolet   M    Hoey 618;   Henry  Reagh ! "ere i1,1-*1  ','" 80rry " " l��.e;
:,.'g*   Katie  Wright   684;   V.   Albert   ^"11(''1   ?"*���   ������   <"J "'   otd
Tami.olim- 680;    Jennie   Rogerson te^f we " back them up'
1   ,:   I l:,,(l"1"   "   B- jjo'iirning a meeting cf 250  ratepay-  Bine    given any    assistance as    the; Soles, per lb	
ers  and  residents  here  last     night,   horse shied and pranced around two   Cod,  per  lb	
during which  Mr. W. H, Vivian and   or three minutes before backing into ! Halibut,  3  lbs   	
friends   Insisted   on     knowing     why the  ditch.       When   questioned  later ; Fresh Herring, 8 lbs. for
Vivian  was separated  from the mu-  the   men said   they did   not see the i Flounders,  per  lb   	
nicipal  pay roll  without notice. horse,  yet    it   was   daylight.       The   Smelt,  per lb  	
Reeve  Sullivan  told  the  ratepay-, crusher was on the way from Sumas   Skate, per lh   	
ers emphatically why Vivian was dis-   to Point Roberts and belonged to an   Shad,  per lb	
charged,   and   during   some   turmoil  American company. Tommy Cod, lb   	
advised   Vivian   to   leave   the     hall j     Every   assistance  was afterwards                             Fruits.
while the going  was good,  as there given    by   the    neighboring   fanners   Rliubarb.   4   pounds   for
Division  II.���Number of
8;  passed 0.
��� Number of candidates '
KM is 663.
i: odldati -
:', passed o.
Westham���Number of
8; passed 0,
i.udni-i Centre.
Ladner High   School, preliminary
,  urge,    Junior    grade;    maximum
marks moo.    Number ot candidates iwWe ,lpm.uu*s -������-- the police, and a and tin
8-  passed 8.     Roland   J.    Lanning ooncvt8(.  m0Ve to "put him  out."
710;  Hazel Rogerson 684;  Margaret yivlan |eft. The tenor of the Reeve's
V. Milne 649; Alice M. Leary 640; : ad(*ress was that It WM a pity tlint
Arthur Rogerson 622; Annie p- the ratepayers should be called to-
Bown one. Wands M-oCallum uas-. ,.,,,!,,,,. for BUOj- a nuitter. and a
Arthur R. Devereaux 520. ;shame   that   the   council   should   be
Advanced course junior grade. -()r(.e(i t0 meet KU(.*, a man,
maximum marks 1000. Number of j There wns some difficulty in get-
candidates 6.; passed i. VAtfn Frew tj���j- t],P meeting organized and
ns- Ralph P, McDainnlil 648; I classifying lt, half a dozen Insisting
Gladys M Devereaux .Mr,; Myrlo K. ||t Was not a ratepayers' meeting.
Hutchinson 604. Mr.  w.  li.  Kersley, of Strawberry
Hill,   declared   by   the   Reeve   to   be
.. ...    ,    ,,1,,,,,, ,,,,���,. i, an the most accomplished trouble maker
be   would   like  to  belong  tO  SUCh   t,h t        ^    ^.^^    f||inl,v      ,���,mittl.,1
organisation,       �� that he was the ratepayer who was
Mr    Davie  questioned
...  SC-
..  12V.
...  50C
, . .    l'r
. . .   loo
12   1-:-
. . . . 26c
. .. 26c
...   10c
...   16c
.... 10c
boss of the engine
who  at  Cherries, per lb.
ill   the
,..,st     in- hud im kick agalnsl those
who iiougiii their bay nnd "i"s    "���'
Interested In cnlllng the meet ing.
He took the platform nfter Mr. Fld-
dain had been elected chairman.
Mr.  Harry  Bose, secretary,  to
the time of tiie accident was In a
nearby farmhouse. Mr. I'ybus drove
the party to Ladner. Mrs. Slater,
.Mrs McAuliffe, with her two little
boys, aged six and eight years, and
.Mrs. Trust were the unfortunate occupants of the vehicle.
A team belonging to a local livery,
with a party of Vancouver and Ladner people, was thrown Into the
ditch at Identically the same place,
escaping with a few bruises. Acol-
dents and "ilshaps usually navel in
threes, and ii Is sincerely hoped the
lust  parly   will    bo  as    lucky  as  the
first two.
5c to 12  l-2c
Currants, per lb     8c to 10c
Plums,  basket    2'v
Raepb rrles, per oix r>c to 15c
Blackberries, wild, per lb. .. 12 l-2c
Peaches,  per  box       7f>e
Early Apples, per box . .$1 to $1.2",
List    of    Successful    Candidates
Bi-i<l��ep<>rt   (Richmond)   and
Delta Centres.
The following is a list of the successful candidates In the Richmond
and Delta high schools:
Bridgeport Centre.
Bridgeport high school. Preliminary Course, Junior Grade;
maximum marks 1,000. Number of
candidates 16, passed 10.
Verna E. Morris       7S2
Maggie Bancroft        749
Elizabeth R. Murtagh      68S
Doris Tufnail         68 2
Ida M. Hoey         636
Jean Rees       593
Georglna E. McMyn        575
Esther L. "Thompson      569
Catherine C. Hartln        566
Andrew C. Gilmore      537
Advanced Course. Junior Grade;
maximum marks 1,000. Number of
candidates 10, passed 9.
Joseph Hartin        658
Pearl L.  McKay        652
Rachel  Laing         648
Shinji Yonemoto       622
Merle H. Alexander        586
David W. Wilson         654
Da.-j.iii-. 4, i>(j;.f,        552-
Archibald   Blair   , .,      535
Gordon  G.   McConnell   ..,,,,-    $9i
Ladner Centre.
Ladnei' High School. Preliminary
Course, Junior Grade; maximum
marks, 1.000. Number of candidates 8, passed 8.
Roland J.  Lanning   	
Hazel  Rogerson   	
Margaret A. Milne  	
Alice M. Leary  	
Arthur   Rogerson   	
Annie C.  Bown   	
Wanda McCallum   	
Arthur R.  Devereaux   	
Advanced Course. Junior Grade;
maximum marks 1,000. Number of
candidates 6, passed 4.
Ellen  Frew   	
Ralph F. McDiarmid 	
Gladys M. Deven mix 	
PORTSMOUTH, Gng., July 22.���
Lieut. Llewellyn Charles Hordern of
the Lancashire Fusiliers and of the
Royal Flying Corps was killed yesterday when the biplane In which he
was flying made a sudden dive to
earth near here. His mechanician
was badly hurt.
6 2 2
5 48
.-, 1 S
Myrle IC Hutcherson       504
PANAMA, July 22���The premat.-.re
explosion of a 4oi)-poiind dynamite
charge at Cucaracha slide yesterday
killed five workmen, lour of them
whit" and severely Injured one white
man and 17 negroes. The workmen
were aboard the drill barge Tere lo,
which was wrecked nnd sank In the
thought thai each produoer was Bnd the purpose ol the meeting.
��� j own market to bis own satis- |I( 'W]is (() h.ivi, |hii r(l|,v��� ,|M(| ,,_���,���,���
taction.     He admitted thai grading M ,���.,,���������,,���_ (>f lho|- ,teward-
���,Mi packing could be mprovea out |W TMi> ,.,lainiiar, p0int��d out
questioned bow the Chinamen couki (ha( u() ,,,,,.__,,,, ,���. complaints had
be iegiilnt.il. 'been  made,  there  appeared  nothing
Mr, W.  Hornby favored an asso*-  for (1|(1 councl- ,��� defend.
elation of the .egata-ble growers, ana      ,.VV(1 want ,,���,,��� t0 t-*- u8    why
Illustrated tin- need of some marketing agenoy.    Mr, B. W. Fisher noted
bow If other districts wen- organising there appeared to be reason tor
B   local      moven t. They      were
strong Individualists in Delta bul he
n mji.iii d ii  thai this was an age
oi  combinations!     As strength  was
Mr. Vivian was dismissed without a
moment's  notice,"   was  the  reply.
Mr. Vivian explained how he had
worked for the municipality, and
how be bad been let out.
Iteeve  Sullivan,   in   reply,  said   lie
disliked to pillory anv man.    It was	
hard to tell the ratepayers why Viv-1 I'1'-'1-  **0   ,{">-'1   Columbian   HpS|��l
Trades License and Dyking Bylaws
Passed���< iommunictitlons
Laid Over.
Tbe council met in regular session
on Siiturday. July llth, all the members being present Communications were received us follows:
From li. Bowing, re wild mustard,
Received and filed.
From McQuarrie, Martin and Cassady. re local Improvement bylaws.
Received and laid over for consideration.
From the Vancouver General Hos-
New Mexican Coalition
equalised among the opposln. forces *an -,-,- *j0P��� dismissed.   Vivian had
tin. tanners would get 8 square deal, nol   |M>(M1  a|.*e  t0  j-**-   the    position,
Mr  \v. Montgomerj saw the Asiatic .,,,,] _t conduct had not been such
as a menace to co-operation. M |��� justify retaining bim  In  the
Mr. VV. A. Kirkland did nol think p0gjtion.    The   Reeve gave  several
Mr.  Coleman  declared,  the instances, and had a big roll of let-
t ii nt. as
Hoard of Trade was likely to go into
something the farmers did nol wani
There wa- as many iii favor as
against the movement. He Instanced the need for ro-operatloli and the
organisation of a marketing agency.
ters. but said be did not wish to
read them. Vivian had simply lost
his head throuch having a job. He
hnd heen let out without any notice
to prevent him from further meddling.    The  Reeve  was    given     an
I,, secretary "ofthe league, 1. vv.  ovation, and Vivian again took the passed the flrsl r ling,
Cunninaham  In answer to the Reeve  platform to explain.    He made ser-     The usual monthl; accounts were
, v���i-,i*,*Ml   how   some   municipalities   eral     references    to  officials,     was' passed  for payment.
Boards   of   Trade   had   lUtlted   given  the  He direct,  and  amid  con-,
tal. notifying the council Df patli nts
From II. N. Rich, re road through
Sec. ll. Township '. Received and
laid over for consideration,
The Delta Trail' License Bylaw,
1914, passed first, BSCOnd and third
The Dr-lt i   i r* king and   Dralnnee
Bylaw,   1892,   Repair  Bylaw,   1914,
and  the   Helta   Dyke  and   Drain   Bj
law,    l*n">.    Repair   Bylaw,    1814,
and   siderable  disorder  was   induced     to
in     import   of   this   movement
the  success  so   far  achieved   In   or- , leave  the  hall,   while  the     me.-tin
"',,--,,,,, ���'������, valley l��'as adjourned hy the chairman, who
The meeting closed alter the reso-[expressed  his  regret  that  the  rate-   deaths   and   more
l.illon  -.hove referred to was put to ! payers  Should   have   been  called   to
1 gether for such a purpose.
PIIII.AIH-I.I-III \.   J-i!y    IV    "-'x
The nominal successor of Huerta,
thnn   two   score   as   president   Of   Mexico,
10 Will Thi) ne�� ilii-.itnr of Mexico who
prostrations from the heat were re- hand over the office to General Car- has sen leader ot the Constitution-
��� orted In this city yesterday. ranza. alfsts. THE DELTA TIMES
THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1914.
.Mr. ,J. B.
Mai-tyn   Is   Appointed to
Mr. J.  A. Matthews���
Haney Xews.
PORT HANEY, July 20.-
cent meting  of the local
trade  Mr.  J.  B.     Martyn
pointed   secretary  in  lieu
-At a re-
board of
was ap-
of  J.   A,
Matthews resigned, and the new incumbent of the office, will receive a
salary of $20 per month. Mr. G. 0.
Buchannan submitted a lengthy report on the business of the recent
organization meeting of tbe Associated Boards of Trade at New West-
Mrs. McDonald and her daughter,
Miss May McDonald, are visiting at
the home of Mr. Murdock Martyn.
Mrs. McDonald is a sister of Mr.
Constable Royse, of Maple Ridge,
was a visitor in this town last week,
collecting road taxes.
E. Strickland, wile and family left
for Winnipeg last week where tbey
intend  to reside.
A very enjoyable time was speut
at the home of Mrs. E. Hampton at
a garden party held on tbe evening
of July 17. Many or her Hammond
friends   attended.
The home of Councillor Ansells
came near being destroyed by fire
last week. A spark alighting on the
roof  top  from   the  chimney  started
Meantime Council Pledges Its Moral
Support to Work of Market
GIFFORD, July 21.���Matsqui
council will give their immediate
moral support to the work of the
Market Commissioner for the Fraser
Valley Development League, and if
the finances permit may become a
subscriber to the League. This was
the answer of the Council to Market
Commissioner Abbott, who on Saturday in company with the secretary
addressed the Councillors on the
work of the League in promoting the
marketing of valley produce. Reeve
Merryfieid said he believed that the
League was now working on right
lines, and favored holding a series
of meetings throughout the municipality. Councillor Melander thought
it would be a good movement to stir
up the producers to the value of cooperation. Mr. Abbott stated that
he was willing to address local meetings and these will be arranged for
at the centres suggested by the
Reeve, as Matsqui, Peardonville, Abbotsford and Mt. Lehman. Announcement of a meeting at one of these
places next week will be announced
The Market Commissioner in explaining the lines upon which he is
working pointed out the need of the
farmers for an organization to assist them in marketing their produce. The small producer especially had no means to get his produce
marketed without loss of time and
he also lacked knowledge of the
course of prices. It would be his
work to investigate the conditions of
local production and marketing and
tbe blaze and only the heroic efforts   organise the farmers so that through
of some neighbors and pasersby
saved the building from complete
loss. W. J. Hynds. contractor, is
making the necessary repairs to
Day Brothers, who were taking out
timber on Kanaka Creek for the
past six months, have returned to
their home at  Princeton,  .Maine.
As many as gix deer have been seen
near the city limits and in the backyards thi.s last week, and from present indications the local game hunters  will  have  full   bags  this  fall.
The new freight schooner "Happy Thought" was launched on the
Fraser river last week and has made
several trips, hauling large loads
of wood for the Port Haney Brick
Co. from away up Kanaka creek. H.
McLean   Ferguson   is   the  captain.
Growth Is Earlier Than in Former
Years nnl tlic Vines Are
SARDIS, July 11���The hop crop
this year is the best since the industry was started here. The growth
on both the B. C. Hop Company and
the Hulbert ranches got an Unusually early start and little or no trouble
was had with the flee and midge,
which other years had to be fought
daily. The last two years the growers have shipped in many car loads
ol barnyard manure from Vancouver
and the building up of the land under crop with (his fertilizer has re-
sulted to the Immense benefit of the
growers. The growth iu consequence I Porting it
is earlier and the vines are strong I ���
local organizations, working in con
nection with a central selling agency
the Fraser valley producers of food
stuffs could hold the coast markets
as well as the prairies. He illustrated his remarks by referring to his
present activities in securing for the
fruit men a better price in the city
markets and his endeavor to prevent
glutting there. He also instanced
where there was a demand for carload lots of new potatoes to supply
the prairie demand but no means to
get in touch with potato growers and
secure a supply on short notice. Yet
there was a wide market for vegetables, Prince Rupert alone last year
importing from American sources
some 4 00,000 pounds of vegetables.
Why should not Matsqui get a share
of this trade? Here was where local
associations working under one central organization would provide the
market with regular supplies, which
is necessary to its control. He found
the commission men anxious to secure valley produce and would buy
readily if regular valley shipments
were assured.
The League was also organizing a
market news agency, reports already
having been sent out. The aim was
to enable the farmer to know when
and where to sell.
From a personal interview with
many of the producers of the Matsqui district, Mr. Abbott is confident
that they appreciate the co-operative marketing movement which tho
League is promoting and that the
ratepayers will endorse any action
the council  may  take towards sup-
aiid healthy and well able to withstand the ravages of the insect pests.
Of . urse spraying with chemicals
is carried on as much as ever to combat the Insecl and fungus growths.
Harvesting of the hops will begin
about the middle of August and will
��� ngage al leasl 1_00 pickers six
weeks to save tb' in.
Autos Collide on   Granville   street, |
Point Grey, at Intersection ot
Wilson Road,
VANCOUVER, July 17.���Nine
pi i'T -' '������ eri bo seriously hurt in an
automobile collision early today on
Granville street. Point Grey, just
s lUth Of the Intersection of Wilson
road, that three ot them may die.
Al) the occupants of two cars, which
must have been running at great
s,.eed, were injured. Two of them,
Ted Havens, manager ol
i ouver l'nss club, and Hillis Houston, owner and driver of the car in
v.liich Havens was tt passenger, suf-
fered fractured skulls and are still
unconscious at the Vancouver General Hospital, whither they wen
taken a short tlmi after the accident.
���'.���. s Boyd, chauffeur, employed by
the Western Taxlcab Company, baa
also a fractured skull and other in7
Juries, and will probably die.
Mr. C. O'Donel Bell has sold his
ranch on the Bell road to Mr. Silas '
Yoeman. of Mission. The farm con-!
sists of 39 acres. There are various)
reports as to the price but as high;
as $275 dollars an acre is "said to
have been the terms ,*f the deal,!
which was a part cash anu nart de- ]
fererd payment one.
Haying is well underway in this I
i tion, about half the crop being!
harvested. There is said to be not,
two carloads of old hay left among t
the Matsqui Prairie farmers. Recent-j
Iy E. .1. Bond shipped out the last of
hls 100 tons which he baled late last
season   but   sold   only  lately.
louncillor   Heaton  has been  mak-
ingprogress   with   his   hay   harvest. |
He  calculates  on  having  a  hundred j
tons. ,
Albertson <_��� Hougen. Matsqui gen-
Oil Debentures
(Non-Personal Liability)
502 Westminster Trust Block
Sew Westminster,  B.C.
Incorporated under "Companies Act" with Capital of $800,000
divided into 800,000 shares of
$1.00 each.
On and after 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, the 22nd day of July,
1914, subscriptions will be received at the office of the Westminster Trust Company, -Vew Westminster, B.C., or the office of tbe
Company, 502 Westminster Trust
Building, New Westminster. B.C.,
for an issue of 7795 debentures of
$50.00 each, not bearing interest.
These debentures are to be sold
at par and the payment is guaranteed by the Westminster Trust
Company al its office, New Westminster, on the 1st day of July,
1922, or at the option of the purchaser these debentures may be
exchanged at any time before maturity for shares at par in the
above company.
To Surrender his debenture on
or before the 1st day of July,
1922. and receive in exchange fo*
the same 50 fully paid up shares
of $1.00 each in the capital of the
company. If he uoes not choose
to surrender his debenture by the
above date, the Westminster Trust
Company will on Its maturity on
the 1st day of July, 1922, pay
mm S50.00 on the delivery to it o.
the debenture.
The advantage to the purchaser
is that if the company is successful in its oil operations he may
surrender his debenture and obtain shares in the company and receive the benefit of the increased
price for shares which should
arise from the company's operations, if successful, but if the
company ls not successful in Its
operations, he can hold his debenture, and by the surrender of his
debenture on the 1st day of July,
1922, receive back the $50.00
The company has arranged with
the Westminster Trust Company
for the redemption at maturity of
these debentures, so that the purchaser will be amply protected.
The company has purchased
four applications for leases for
Petroleum Gil and Natural Gas
Rights in approximately 760
acres in the Pitt Meadows and
Hatzic Prairie portions of New
Westminster District, and it Is
the intention of the company as
soon as funds are available to
bore for oil in these districts,
commencing in the Hatzic Prairie
The qualification of a director
is the holding of one share in the
company, and the company's articles provide that the remuneration of Ihe directors shall from
time to time be determined by
the company in general meeting.
The names, descriptions and
addresses of the directors or proposed directors are:
EiTjah John Fader. New Westminster. B.C., manager of B. C.
Transport Company, Limited.
Joseph Rowan Grant. New
Westminster, B.C., barrister-at-
Gordon Edward Corbould,
K.C., Nflw Westminster. B.C..
The minimum subscription on
which the directors may proceed
to allotment of shares is $250.00,
each share of the minimum subscription to be fully paid.
The number of shares which
have been issued or agreed to be
issued as fully or partly paid up,
otherwise than in cash, is 400,-
000, and the consideration for
which the shares have been or are
proposed to be issued is the assignment (subject to the consent
of the Minister of the Interior
and to the provisions of the regulations) to the company of four
applications for leases of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights
made under the provisions of Section 3 of the Regulations approved by Order-ln-Council, dated the
19th day of January, 1914, in
approximately 760 acres of land
on the north side of the Fraser
river. New Westminster District,
of which 73 acres are east of Pitt
river, and the balance in the vicinity of Hatzic Prairie, and the
names and addresses of the vendors of the said rights are Mary
Ann Ashby, New Westminster,
widow; and Joseph Rowan Grant,
New Westminster, barrister, and
each of these parties is to receive
200,000 fully paid up shares In
the company.
The articles permit a commission of 15 per cent, on the sale
of shares.
The estimated amount of dtp-
liminary expenses is $1,000.00.
The dates and parties to ev_ry
material contract are: Mary Ann
Ashby and Company, dated 13th
July, 1914; Joseph Rowan Grant
and Company, dated 13th July,
1914; Westminster Trust Company and Company, dated 14th
July, 1914; and these contracts
may be inspected at the office of
the Company, 502 Westminster
Trust Block, New Westminster,
B.C., at any time during office
The auditor of the company Is
Sydney Sutherland Malcolmson,
New Westminster, B.C.
The articles state that thi��
shares are under the control of
the directors and the directors
have power to issue debentures.
Each of the directors being
part owners of the above described rights, nnd who are also promoters of the company, are to receive from the allottment of 400,-
000 fully paid up shares aforesaid, 100,000 fully paid up shares.
The company reserves the
right to withdraw the said debentures from sale nt any time.
Dated  14th July, 1914.
For further particulars write or
apply to Eureka Oil Wells, Limited, (Non-Personal Liability),
502 Westminster Trust Block,
New Westminster, B.C.
A copy of this prospectus has
been filed with the Registrar of
Joint Stock Companies, pursuant
to Section S9 of tli" "Companies
(Non-Personal Liability),
New Westminster,  B.C.,
Dear Sirs.���
We hereby apply for	
debentures at  par, and  herewith
enclose   you    	
being  at  the  rate  of  $50.00   for
each debenture.
Yours truly,
The Royal Bank ol Canada
Incorporated 1869.
Capital  Authorised       *25,000,0oc
Capital Paid Up  911.580,000
Reserve Funds      918,600,000
Aggregate Assets, One Hundred and Seventy-Five Million
/ Dollars.
It is the aim of the management of this Bank to make every d*.
positor welcome, and to give the best possible attention to his financial
Accounts may be opened with deposits of One Dollar and Upwards.
Interest paid or credited at the highest current rates, on May 31st tntf
November 30th each year.
E. L. BERRY      Ss��^_
Grocer and Baker
Buy IMPERIAL FLOUR, made at Eburne Mil
Manufacturers and Dealers ln all kinds of
Shingles, Lath, Sash, Doors, T urnings and House Finishings.
Phone RH Eburne.
Prompt Delivery by Rail or Scow.
J. JOHNSTON, Proprietor
Ladner, B. C. Phono 2
Dining Room Open All Day Sunday.   Private Dining
Room for Tourist*.    Good Garage
Fresh and Cured Meats
A. N. YORK, Proprietor. Phone 21
No. 1 Shamrock Bacon anil Hams.
No. 1 Circle Bacon nnd Hams.
No. 1 Southern Cross Butter.
"Since November Last We Have  lliinilleil  Nothing But   Xo.   1   Stall
Fed Steer Beef. ) \JgtJfl \�� f| ftfUiftl " ft -.:*!���
the Van- era' ���"���0,'(" keepers, have sold out
OT. \��va, July 16.���Lord Mer-
rey. -,*,*���. , preside i over lh< En
nf Ireland Inqulrj. end who bas been
s I lei' ��� Rid en 11 Hall for a couple
nf da; b, left yi ti rday ifterrio6n tor
Montreal He sails ou the Calgarian today for borne,
Myher & Qilbertaon
OTTAWA, July 21.���-Sir Louis
Davies, who was administrator of
the government during tlie absence
of the Duke ot Connaught In New-
foiiniiiiiiid, has been appointed deputy governor-general, and will ac-i in
thai i apa< Ity while the duke Is In
the \V'"-t.
Many Offer to Put Up Bail for !><><���-
' tor's Wife Charged With
MI.VEOI.A, L.I.. July 17.���Dr. Edward Carman is prepared with ball
to almost any moment to secure his
wife's release on her arraignment
under the Indictment Issued late yesterday   charging   her   with   the   first
Provincial     Government     Appoints
Two  Supreme Court  Judges
to Undertake Tusk.
VICTORIA, July 20.���The government lias appointed Mr. justice
Macdonald and Mr. Justice Morrison I
of the Supreme Court Bench a Royal
Commission to report on the basis of !
a  redistribution  measure to be  pre- i
Vhe *Delta Vi
U. S. A.   .    .   $1.50
Payable in
8T,     PETERSBURG,    July  21.��� '
President   Polncare  of  Frame was ���
i med on his arrival yesterday
Off Kronstadt with full naval Honors
I j   the  Emperor of    Russia,    The���
I'l'i-fidi-n'  '���:���  ii'-coinpaiCed hv I'rem- j
ler Vlviani.
degree manslaughter of Mrs.  Louise   Bentec, t0 the legislature at the next
Batley,    who    was    shot    to    death I
through    the window   ot Carman's
office  at  Freeport  recently.       The
doctor has received scores of letters
offering financia] aid for his wife as
soon as it was known tlie Indictment
was returned.
Mrs. Carman  will face a jury on
September   1.       She   will  plead   not
Weekly Report.
The report follows:
During the week heavy shipments
of raspberries have found their way
Into the coast markets.    These ship-
scs_!on. nienls, ns  usual, have been  sent In
Sir Richard     McBride    explained | by  Individual  growers   without   any
that the scope of the commission was !n'��anl   whatever as to  what  effect
���._,..   v,--_,i     .���   ,.j,a.    %.  , I tiiey would have on the market. Dur-
very broad���to study the whole prov-  ,     th(,        k th   jol)berH
nee in  respect to areas of popula-  |()   ���_,,, ,   Kt().k    t   $] --
tlon  and  new settlements,  work out   rr,|tP| 1)l|t \.-      _ ,ht, ,,*��.*
a  basis  ol  cqultalble  representation
and report their findings to the legis
It  lias  been  the  custom   of most
legislative bodies in Canada to place
Ithe arranging of a measure of re-
i distribution In the hands of a com-
I mitt-e of the House, on which would
I sit   members   representative   of  both
g to the recent rains
very few fine berries were offering,
ln spite of the fact that berries have
been plentnul, the demand has been
fairly steady, up till Friday, when
over 1000 crates were shipped into
Vancouver to wholesaler nnd retailer
some getting a few crates while
others were overstocked. One retailer alone  received  108  crates of
In   this  province  the  composition C^k^���^7? Si^JSJ^.*?
of the legislature at the present time :^'(1 ,hRSe  ��Ut  at  H  por  "'rale'  but
precludes  any  arrangement  of tl
^tire In
"lm  last
redistribution mea>
Columbia    was    in
.V,Qe? VINCENT-^ j
During the Canadian sessions of this Imperial organization, the control of ocean freight rates, which
have increased enormously, will i>e the ehiej subject of enquiry. In addition to the three members of the
commission shown above, the party will include otfi?rs. Including ladles. The commission will meet in
different Canadian cities.
Market*   Commissioner   Abbott Reports on   Conditions   Interesting
Fraser Valley Products.
Market Commissioner Abbott is to.
day   Issuing   Ills  second   weekly   re-
! port,  which    Is of a more    general
; character than the    one Issued  last
week.    This report will be circulated
throughout the valley for the infer-
i mi'.tIon   of   farmers   generally,     and
a hard time to get rid of them
Iat that on account of the poor condition.
Jobbers were selling at from $1.00
to $1.40, and evening found a largo
quantity still on their hands. Growlers are advised strongly  to use or-
Inary reason in shipping berries Into
the  coast   markets
on   Fridays   and
for     the   municipal     councils     and
, boards of trade which are supporting the Fraser Valley  Development'means a loss  to the "berry
Saturdays.   The Jobbers have to get
1 rid or them and they consequently
slump them  off.    Somo may  think
the consumer benefits by this, but
only in a few cases, as it is a known
I fact that any berries slumped out by
j the retailer  ls  far  from   being good
Lack of co-operation and proper
system of distribution on the grow-
ers' end is the real reason for th��
ciut on the    coast    markets, which
alone In one day. Friday, July 17, of
over  $750.00.
Yellow Transparent and Lieveland
Raspberry apples from local points
have been on the market during tlie
past week. These have been briiif*-
Ing good prices, but will now be in
competition with Wenatchee spples,
as a carload of these are due In Vancouver today. These Wenatchee Apples nre bought at $1.00 per box.
Potatoes are plentiful at $1.26 per
sack or $18.00 to M��.O0 per ton.
Nn. 1 new potatoes were sold on
New Westminster market for $24.00
per ton. A number of enquiries
have reached us for carload lots, out
owing to there being no organisations to handle these quickly it l'1'9
been Impossible for the jobber to
get In touch with any one gro
having a sufficient quantity to mi
Market  day in New Westml
brought   In  large  quantities  ol   ber-
ries.     poultry and  other  kinds     "r
farm produce.      Berries    sold    for
$1.00 to $1.25 per crate.    While ins
offering of poultry to the casual Ob-
server might seem large, the di
was keen and the supply was   ���
disposed of   nt good   prices.    - "���'*
sinners should make a point to patronize their local market where
are able to buy fresh produce oi a
kinds direct  from the farm.    Farmers should bring In a larger SUPPU
and  not give room to the O* ���
Consumers should   make  n   dertaea
effort to patronize the white tarni"
as It Is he who spends his money locally and pays the taxes, and not I
Market Commissioner.
July 20, 1914. THURSDAY, JULY 23, 1914.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Foster motored to
Vancouver on Saturday.
jlr. McLellan and Mr. Monroe visited Vancouver on Sunday.
jlr. Berry paid a business trip to
Vancouver on Monday.
jlr. J. Johnson  motored to Vancouver on  Monday.
Miss Reed and Mrs. Caldow spent
the week end In Ladner.
Dr.  Ottewell   Visited  the  city  on
Monday on business.
Mr. A. Traversy went to Vancouver on Sunday.
Mr. W. J. Baines was a visitor in
Vancouver over Sunday.
Messrs.  Alex and V. Howard are
camping at English Bluff.
Ur. Kilbert spent the week-end in
Mr. B. Brice, of Westminster, was
In Ladner on Saturday.
Carson spent the week-end in
and Mrs.  Lamb and children
to Boundary  Bay on Sunday.
Mr   W. Oliver was in Vancouver
over Sunday. u er
ferVrvr'w!;hA*;,WellS Came over on ^
Jerry with his car on Tuesday.
*-n*-n'r'thDiek   f?hirley'   ot   ^illiwack,
spent the week-end in Ladner.
Mr. and Mrs. Marion, of Point
Roberts accompanied by Mr. and
Mrs. P. McRae, and Mr. A. McRae,
motored to Chilliwack ou Sunday.
The Surrey municipal council met i
j at the Municipal   hall,   Cloverdale,
The ferry steamer    Scanlon  will iSaturday, July 11, the Reeve and all!
probably be taken off the run for a members being present,
few  days  as  the  smokestack is  in      The m*nutes of the previous meet-!
iietu ot repairs.
  jing were read and confirmed.
Communications were received as
Smith,  superintend-
Mr. H. w. Nageston,
vine, was in Ladner on Sunday
^\FA\LG^r^a party no
Mr. and  Airs. F.  Chevalley, with
Miss Bellaire and Mr. Butikofer mo-  follows:
tored to New Westminster on Satur- j    prom *w   r
day evening.
  ent, Q. N. R��� enclosing copy of let-
For all Building Supplies and Fuel,teT   ne   had   written the Dominion
Oil, apply to the B.C. Transport Co., Trust Company,  disclaiming owner-
i^td" ^U... Westminster Trust Bulla-Iship of the spur upon the highway
of Murray-1Wg.    Oftice phone 826; wharf phone ]_. ...       ., -,     .    ,
mrtov .80* FUU,by the railway company.    Received,
tored to Vancouver on Sunday
Mr. Harry Creswell is th,
Mr. and Mrs. A. deR. Tayl
en,ir'lnETiC ,Taylor is Vi8itlng his P-"-
ents in Ladner.
iand decided that Councillor Triggs
Mr, Edward Down, of East Delta, I take steps to   have the   tracks re-
left on Monday for n-ngland, having Loved from the public highway.
received   word   that  ilis   father  Mr.       _��� -__������'-_-._ ...
e guest oflChas. Down had been seriously hurt !     Fr0m  H"  B��8e' pol,ce maSlstrate'
|In an accident.
Mrs. Wiggin, Home Portrait Studio, will not visit Ladner again during camping season except by appointment. Phone, Westminster
465L. ���
�������"; !Jtwe" and Ml8a Alice Newell
went to Vancouver on Monday.
Mrs. Wilson, wife of Dr. Wilson,!    Mrs, Johnson had as her guests at
spent _*unday  in  Ladner. I Boundary Bay for the week end Mr.
,,.     ,,  land Mrs. Garvy, Mr. and Mrs. West |
-Miss May York Is Ladner's randi-|and family, Air. and Mrs.  Burnside
!enclosing his report for the past six.
| months, showing fine����� netting,
I $89.30.    Received. j
From  Allan  Purvis,  manager interurban lines, B. C. E. R., re the
narrowness of the crossing on the in-.
terchange on the McLellan Road at.
Cloverdale, saying he would have the
matter looked into at once.
From Lew Davies, stating tha'. ne
was starting a store at, Newton sta-
f-m ""* .>^��� ��;t_T^
weeks in Ladner in connection with j?ecelve<- a-"J ^""ed to Councillor
the S^n^anrv^' H,   Ff ��  <*' T* **-*��??*
ling Co., re roadway through S. W.
.   M.r_T" ,McAuliffe,  of Vancouver,
spent Sunday in Ladner.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilmhurst drove to
the races at Minoru on Friday.
.ambert  spent the week-end
at Boundary Bay.
Mr. L. Chevalley, president of the
B. C. Creamery,   was in  I.adner on  ver on Tuesday
business on Wednesday.
Mr. McNeely motored to Vancouver on Monday.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  _ .,_,
visitors in Vancouver on'Monday*
Rev.   Mr.   Hastie   visited   Vancou-
Mr.  Billy Hurl  narrowly escaped
drowning  in  the  storm  on  Sunday
night.     While out  with other flsh-
_L  _,D���Chesnay Packin8 Company ermen   fixing nets,  which  had  gone
adrift, he was thrown overboard ane
was rescued by Mr. Lynn Kirkland
i     Masters George and Melvin Slater, I     -\'r-   Arnold   Burr,   of  New  West
,  of   Vancouver,  ��!   v ancouver,   are   visiting   Hughie
Trith her parents here, returning to!plant building, having enlarged it
Vancouver   Wednesday   morning. ���	
v.  Dr.  Sipprell.
ieen   visiting   friends  at   Boiiri- s'ater.
Hay and in Ladner for the past
!     Mr.
Z.   E.  Murphy,
Ing  Hughie minster, who spent the week-end in
Ladner with his parents, was unfortunate enough to cut his foot on a
of    Toronto,  barnacle, while bathing at Boundary
Mr. V. Taylor and Mr. Graham at- Sunday.
tended  the potlateh   in  Seattle  last'
Miss  Irene
Visited  his son,  .Mr.  0.  Murphy,  on pay, causing him much pain.
Addison     and     Miss
 ��� Myrtle Slater are visiting friends in
\nri!e Bown  and  Miss  Alice  Ladner.
isited   Vancouver    on   Mon-
MlBS Eva Alexandra, of Vaneouver, is the guest Of her aunt, Mrs
P. McRae.
Mrs, Du Moulin returned from
Bellingham where she has been visiting her son, Mr. S. Du Moulin.
Mrs. Hoey, who has been seriously-
ill with pneumonia, is again able to
be about.
Mr. Hugh Burr, who has been having trouble with his knee since be-
j ing* hurt in a lacrosse match will
have to have it operated on, as a
i clot of blood has formed on the knee
icap and is causing him much pain.
I Dr. Perry, the specialist of Vancouver, will operate.
Rev. Mr. Clark, of Grace Metho- !^af'   action    ll     township    1,
(list church Vancouver, will hold the ^hlt_- Roc,k' wi8hin�� t0 know what
services in the Methodist church on  h,as bee" *��ne to determine the po-
John   McKee were Sunday.      Rev.  w.     C.    Whittaker sitlou.0*_ this road, as there was no
will preach in Vancouver on Sunday,  l"600^,0* SWhA fu"""-,*,. _he R.gl8~
try Office, and they wish to register
conveyances, etc., of the property included in the above quarter section.
Received. Council complied with
statutes at time bylaw gazetting the
Miss Lila Grant    spent    Tuesdav!have  made improvements'    \"n"their adrift, he wis thr~own"overboard6and  road ln    -luestlon was    Passed and
*     ' '���'��������� ��� '    ��� " copy of the bylaw was duly register
ed at the Land Registry Office at
New Westminster.
From McQuarrie, Martin & Cassady, enclosing copy of notice of appeal of the Mackenson aaBe to the
Court of Appeal. Received,
j From H. T. Thrift, asking for n
jcopy of the Surrey Liquor License
Bylaw, Received; copy of bylaw
! forwarded by clerk.
From Delta Shingle Co., asking j
for permission to cross Newton road
with a skid road, the crossing to be
made in such a way that It would not
interfere with the traffic and they
would leave the road in good condition when through with the crossing, which would be in about three
months. Received and permission
From Government"Agent, Vancouver, enclosing bill for $15 for keep
of prisoners at the Okalla farm In
June.    Received  and  ordered  paid.
From the Government Agent, New
Westminster, a bill for $1 for keep
of prisoners at the Provincial gaol.
Received and ordered paid.
From Walter Jones, asking that
the brush along the east side of the
Scott road in front of his property,
just north of Scott station be removed. Received and referred to
Councillor Murphy.
First Impressions
of tfct'hon* ate twuDy madt tht
wblch csa be applied to ear wtB aad
ARTISTIC 2d <������� **" "*
SANITARY wttbtnv-uMiwsui
aad aiulac_js_r ntotioaf���
ECONOMICAL ������,��
rf-Ml dnotBtSoo. De ast bam total*
���aorta to banm���d. ,-
Sold and Guaranteed by
Clement & Lambert
Did you make a mis-hit
the time you employed the
last" help."
Don't worry. There ere
lots at food fish In the sen,
and a sure halt to catch them
is ��� Want Ad.      -
For Sale, For Exchange Wanted to
Purchase. To Let. Lout. Found, Wort
Wanted, Situations Vacant, 1 eant per
word. Minimum. II cents for any one
advt. Theae rates for cash with ordor.
All Want Ada. muat be ln by I p.��
on Thoraday.
Miss Dorothy Hickling, who has
lieen visiting Miss Violet Kerr, returned home on Saturday.
Dr. and    Mrs. Kerr Wilson    with
���Mr.  and   Mrs.   Murphy    motored
Chilliwack on Sunday.
Misses Eva and Annie York left
on Tuesday to spend several davs
'""li friends in Rellingham.
I P, Tolmey is spending a few
with  her  father at  Port  Gui-
Miss Annie Heely, of the Vancouver General Hospital, is the guest of
Miss Marjorie Clement for the week.
Mr. Mat* McLean fell off a wagon
at Dennis' farm and fractured his
Mrs. Klinkheimer and baby spent
Friday with Mrs. Johnson at Boundary Bay.
Mr. J. Johnson has enlarged his
private dining room making quite
an  improvement.
Mr. George Smith encountered
some difficulty with his horse on
the trunk road, the animal started
to balk, getting his legs over the
reins and kicking. Mr. Smith jumped
out. The horse then ran some distance. No damage was done to the
rig or harness.
Air. B. H, Weare, who has just
returned to Ladner the end of last
week has some splendid snapshots
of his trip. Among these Is one
of Mr. Weare taken beside some
huge bass. Local amateur fishermen
are wondering what kind of bait was
.Mr. Henry Jordon is laid up with ,"scd. and if it was a variety of all
a sprained ankle, having fallen off a |da>' suckers,
hayrack on Saturday. 	
W.  Walters motored  to Yan-
'"'' on  Tuesday    In    connection
i i'n.-lness.
Mr. and Mrs. A. DeR. Taylor, Mr
V. Taylor and party motored to Van
couver on Tuesdav.
Mr.   E.   Webster,   of   Vancouver,
I a few hours in Ladner on Bat-
i .    V
ner I
- M. Engvlek and Miss Morgan
"iiouver. were guests In Lad-
or the week end.
David  Wadds,    Photographer of
Vancouver,    opened      a    studio    on
Thursday, July 23, In  the McNeely
Hall. Ladner. for a few davs. Thosi
[requiring photographic work of nnv
Mr.   Hoss Slater  went to  Vancou-   kind, should tnke advantage of tills
ver on  Saturday  returning  Sunday opportunity to    get    the best.     Mr.
morning, Wadds is equipped for all kinds of
  work, but specializes In  sepia  nlati-
Mr.   Duncan   Gilchrist,   who  is  at 'mini portraiture.    Here from Tln-��-
present at Barnston Island spent the day.   July 23rd. to Saturday.    Tulj>
I net-eased  Capitalization   of   Subsidiary Companies Rni-recl���Cabinet
Controls Sale of Bonds.
OTTAWA, July 16.���The trust
deed providing for the guarantee of
ihe bonds of the Canadian Northern
Automobile Accessories,
Oils and Gasoline
Agents for Pennsylvania
Oi! Proof Vacuum Cup
Tyres and Special Ford
Taylor Electric Co.
Phone L60.
The Ladner - Steveston
ferry Service
Spring and Summer Schedule
-*l���. E, Webster anil litfTo son are
""-���guests of Mrs. Slater for the
Mrs, Lanning is building an addi-
ion on her home, and making other
Mill Is
week-end  In I.adner.
Mr.  Harry .Smith   was the  winner
Of  the  prize at  the  moving  picture
'tb. inclusive,
Eentii-p satisfaction
show, holding the lucky ticket.
l.srge tract  if rood  valley Tannine land Just thrown open for free
���  settlement   in   Oregon.     Over   "!(ifi.-
A little daughter was born on Sun-;Ortn acres in all. Good climate, rich
day to Mr. and Mrs. Itock Pybus. The|Roi!, and dop? not require irrigation
mother and baby are doing well. to raisp  finest crops of grain,  fruit
J  .and  garden   truck.     For  lariie  map.
  A   new   sidewalk   has  .be"ei7"'laT7l ''"���' l"tn*Honi    and      information.
Lester  Embree  lias  bought  a  0I1  Helta street In  front of the tele- , alll!(.a '�� ��* of s^���] sections of ex-
threshing    machine   the  en   "hone office and  extending to  the ^"onally good claims, send $8.4,0
"lone  wlifmg newly ttvll- Municipal Hall. I*�� Jo"n Kppff>" 0recon City. Oregon.
""ii tons. | 	
..   Mr.  B.  Magel. manager for Heinz
'aster  Benjamin   Lefroy,  of  Ver- Co.,   of  Vancouver,   spent   the   week
,   Is  spending  his  holidays end   at   Mr.   Wm   Walter's   camp  at
cousins at Bay View,  Bast Boundary Bay.
Three years n iT. S. surveyor and tlm-
berman. An opportunity I i get a
good -"ertile free homestead near
town  and   market.
Beginning  Monda.,  April  20,  the
steamer   Sonoma    will  run   on   hei
spring and summer schedule, as follows:   Leaves   at   8.:HI   a.m.,   12.30
j and 6.:io p.m,      Vancouver i/asse.i-
gers can make connection by taking
the  8.30  a.m.,  12.30  and  6.30  p.m.
cars at Granville street station.   Xew
,' Westminster passengers should tnke
Hallway  Company   to   the  extent  of j tlie Eburne cars at 8.00 a.m.,  12.00
.$45,000,000 was ratified by the cab-   -���,-, g 00 ,, nl   _-d the steveston cars
inet last evening and  signed by  the  a^ Eburne.
government.    The    National    Trust!
I Company of Toronto and the British]       	
Empire Trust Company of London,
England, were appointed trustees.
In addition, the agreements between
the Canadian Northern Railway
Company and the subsidiary companies with the government were
signed, and forty million dollars of
the stock, which comprises two-fifths
of the capitalization under the new
arrangement, was assigned the government and now rests in the treasury of the Dominion of Canada.
The new trust deed Is a most voluminous document. It was prepared
by Mr. Travers Lewis, of Ottawa,
and Mr. James Bicknell, of Toronto,
and  has  been  carefully  gone     over
FOR SALE���For cale cheap one i
Massey-Harrls "Great Weet"
arator.     Will sell cheap for
or will trade for stock or
Terms if required.    Machine east
be seen  at Wlndebank's Lost
Yard, Mission City.
FOUND���A sum of money. Owner
can have same by identifying and
paying for advertisement. Apply
White Store.
FOR SALE.���Ome Massey-Harris
binder, almost new; $90. George
Nisbet, Barnston Island.
Mineral and
Soda Waters
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of Soda  Water,
Ginger Ale, and all Kinds of
Summer Drinks.
Your Patronage Solicited.
Advertise in Delta Times
Delta Motor Transfer
Freight Service Daily to nnd
from Vancouver, I'hui-iic,
1,ml uer.
Van. Phone Sey. 754 Ladnei- a",
,r-  D.  B, Grant  motored to  Van-
'"'" <>n Tuesday morning, return-
���Itli   Mrs.   Grant   In   the  after-
llfjs Bellaire, of San Francisco,
has been visiting her sister,
Chevalley,  went  to Senttle on
...........   .... ~   ...   -wv-,,-,.,.. .,  land  revised  by Sir  Robert  Borden,
  'M'N'-lt W.  OF T.  \\. POTTIXGFR. j Hon   w< T. VVhite and Hon. Arthur
Mr    \    I     Devereaux passed    the,    rO"T MOODY. July 22,���The fun-| .Meighen.     Every   possible  care   has
third  ve-,r exam , ���   In  o    tie   \r *.'!eni1 ot ,h,e ,fl,e Mr," Thomas W- PIt"  been taken to protect the country in
ourse   of SSlSSSto    uSversHy, *****  ��� '"  w" ""l,w'lp(1 ����� "V"'0 '<��* agreement with the C. N. R.. r
IS ,.nd Whose body was recovered on   an   Important   feature   of   the   trust
Sunday eTening was held this nfter- (deed Is the provision which i.s mnde
,,,     _   ,,.      ,.,,,,        ,  ,,,    j noon   from   Nunn,     Thompson     and , to prevent an Increase of cnpitalua-
MiS�� Smith, Of .Portland, and Miss Iclegg'i   Chapel,   Vancouver.      Inter-  tion of subsidiary companies.
ment took place In the Fraser i-eme- j     This  was  one  of     the    strongest
tery.   New   Westminster,      Deceased 'criticisms   of   the   opponents   of   the
held at New Westminster,
A. Archanible, of New Westminster,
are  the  guests  of   Miss  Guichon  a
the Port.
Mrs. Wllliston, of Vancouver
has been the guest of Mrs. Wm. Cur
Dr. and Mrs. Otternnll and fniullv
;;���    Mr and Mrs.  v. Taylor   camp- l^.Toutom M.,yVr7hp"pn.Mwo
,,   ; '���   the  week-end    nt    Grauer's  wp(,,.s returned home on Saturday.
was engineer of the B. C.  I'.eflni-u;
Company's boat b. C. R, No. 1,   He
who leaves to mourn his loss his r.:o"ier.
residing nt South Shields. England,
and  a brother living here.
*N'rs.   Clement  hnd   as  her  guests
t week Dr. W.  E. McKecknie and
,lllv,  Messrs.  Tuffs and Miss Cur-
''1 of Vancouver.
���''"r strawberry, raspberry and all
Mr. and Mrs. A. Hoy, of Vancouver, wiili parly motored to Ladner
on Sunday via New Westminster, returning the same way. ,
Rev. W. C, whittaker returned on
f11'1" fruit boVeV'try th^i-A"^"Co-', Thursday having spent the past  lit
!_��nbla    Manufacturing    Co.,    New   ��'*''"1<-*. visiting in Victoria and other
PITTSBURG, Pa., .liny 16,���
Harry K. Thaw won a six r.'ontlis'
'legal battle when lie wns awarded
by the orphans' court here yugti :*-
day the 'ncome from hls father'* estate, whU-h has been denied hlni by
the trustees since he wa.s adjudged
Insane for the slaying of 8tinfori_|
Perry Auto Stage
Ladner-Vancouver Service
Auto leaves corner Fraser
Arm and River Road at 7:00
and 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 and
6:00 p.m., connecting with all
ferries at Woodward's Landing.
Ferry Free.
Sensitive cavit.es    prepared    and
filled  absolutely painlessly    by  the
new nltrous-oxlde-oxygeu method.
Eburne Station, II.  C.
Phone Eburne Ul
Oddfellows' Building
General Office Hours
"What's Your Phone Number?"
Can You ArswerTbisQuestion
lf not, don't you know you sr��
losing business and running risk.
Wlnut Is more necessary than a telephone in OBM Of sickness or fire?
Delta   Telephone   Co.,   Ltd.
MISS Annie P.. MacKenzle, who re-        Miss  11,-ssi,-   Kenton   is spending  8
fntiei rrom the Ladner school staff I Part '    ���'"'" vacation I    > ...... .n..-.
1    term, has accepted a school    at
Dillon Arm.
W'ss F. I.n f'hance returned to
lier on Monday, having spent the
'week with her mother at White
Miss Gladys Deveraux is tailing her
place al the White Btore,
111 DO ��� f2noo.oo ��� 11000.00
���!,r,ve nmo'ints are In my hands
investment   In   mortgates   ni
���'  Isj-da.    H.  n. Rich^ Ladner,
Mrs.  f'lcnient  epenl Sunday  ami
Monday In Vanconver the u-uest of
ber son, nr. Clement, returning to j
l.iidni-r on Tuesday.
���   - - ��� ***���.
Trust Co., Ltd., guarantees the l'u ���
reks Oil Wells.    Ltd.,    debentures
The company's prospectus    can ^foe
seen on Pag 2.
WOODSTOCK. Ont.. July 16.���Mr,
Sinclair's majority, originally tour
snd later reduced to three, is now
only one according to .indue Wallace,
who l�� conducting a recount of the
i allots in the South Oxford provincial election contest.
VICTORIA, July 17.���Sir Richard
McBride, premier and minister of
mines, states that reports just received are to the effect that there
has been a very considerable Increase���160, to be exact���ln the
number of free miners' certificates
Issued this year over last year. All
free miners' certificates expire on
May 81, and the promptitude with
vbiih they are renewed and new
Issued, furnishes the most accurate evidence of the faith of the ldistributed throughout
prospector in the potential mineral v.iia-,
wealth of the province.
-��,j-s-i    c._r._3    c-
bill.    They claimed  that  while  the
stock of the parent company was set
at  a hundred  million  dollars  there
was nothing to prevent an Increase
In   capitalization   ot   the   subsidiary
companies   and   this   stock     getting
into outside hands.    Not only does
the   trust  deed   provide  that    there
shall be no Increase in capitalization
in  the subsidiary companies,  but It
provides that the stock shall remain
in  the present hands.
The trust deed places In the hands
n�� .im Oovernnt-in-Councll,    which
means   the   cabinet,   full   control   of
the  sale and   the  selling    price    of
bonds, etc.     Provision  is also made
for the sale of a portion of the rond
If It should ever be found advisable.
There Is also provision for the raising of money for the development of
terminals.    These are a few of tlic
i features of the trust deed, and II may
; be said that as In the original agreement the government drove an extraordinary burd bargain, in drafting
' the trust deed every possible protec-
j tlon has been secured the public,
and   the   deed   contains     provisions
which meet practically every critic-1 reside. They went ln bathing and
ism which wns levelled against the | Mrs. Teel got beyond her depth. In
agreement during the debate Ir the lattemptlnc to save her the other
Hi<use. [women were drowned.
nRincRWATEi*. \. B., July 16.-
A triple drowning accident Occurred
here yesterday afternoon wben Mrs.
Wm. Dagley, Miss Ilessie Daglcy,
dnughter of Mrs. Win. Dagley. and
Mr6. Teel, of Port Midway, lost their
lives in Wallace Lake, one mile from
Italy Cross, where tlie Dagley family
SAUDIS. July 22.���Results of the
attention and care of Deputy Came
Warden a. _", Cummins, who has
c 11;11--_����� of the Provincial plieasani
hatcheries hn\e been most satisfactory. With twenty hens laying iimi
hatching, 400 eggs were sent to dif-
terent parts of the province, and 400
young birds have been batched and
the Fraser
The eegs sent out for hatching went to the Kootenay and Okan-
kagsn valleys and to Alberni on the
wesl roast of Vancouver Island.
Young birds have been distributed
������t the follr/wing I lai e��: I (ne hundred
'at Reeves' farm at Camp Slough; 50
each at tin- Oil! and Frances farms
at Rosedale, and "-11 were sent to
Cloverdale. In addition to theae :n
were turned loose on the R. ('. Hon
Company's reserve al Sardis and 70
are still within the enclosures of the
hatcheries. The reports received of
tlie eg|-s sent out are that good
batches were had. THE DELTA TTMJSS
Only OOneasaton Is That  Xew Charterers' Claims Will lie Investigated  Later.
Do  you  know  that  our agent,  Mr.   Geo.   T.   linker      of
would be pleased to supply you with any of our goods?
New Westminster
������ ���ANCOL'VEIt, July  22.���The 351
-Uiutinous  Hindu   passengers  aboard
Vie    Japanese    steamer    Komagata
An.ru last evening capitulated to the
authorities  and  agreed     to    permit
steam ro 1 e uot up on the ve__el pre
paratory  to  a  return  to  tha  Orient
Tbe  surrender  ot  the  would-be set
tiers In    Canada   was    only    made,
however,   alter   the  civil   authorities
had been backed up by an open display of force  by both  Ihe land and
naval militia services.
IVace Hung Ity a Hair.
Cooped up in the steamer and fac-
ad  with  the big guns of the Rain- j
bow   and   the   auxiliary   batteries  of I
quick   lirers   the   Hindus   remained
Obstinate  until  late  iu  the day and j
for hours peace ln  the harbor hung |
by  a  thread.      It   ��as   only   by   the
exercise   ot   extreme   patience  com-
blned   with   a   tirm   attitude   on   the j
part of the local immigration auth- |
orfties, Hon.  Martin  Burrell. Mr. H
if. Stevens, M.I'., Mr. R, L. Heid, K.
('. ami  Mr.  W.   H.  R.    Ladner,    the
latter two acting in a legal capacity
for  the  Dominion  government,  that
an arbitrament by    the guns of the
.ruiser and the rifles of the militia
was averted.     The Japanese consul,
Mr.  Hori,  was  also  a  strong  factor
in tho peace negotiations. Tho member of parliament and  the officials
followed  the dictates of the administration   at   Ottawa   in   securing   a
settlement   without  a  resort  to  extreme measures.
Wanted Casil for Fares.
The  first   demand   of  the  Hindus
was for the government to pay the
fares of the passengers back to Calcutta,   advancing   the     amounts     in
cash.     This was refused, as it is definitely known  that    Gurdit    Singh,
the   former   charterer,   collected   return  fares  from  each  passenger before leaving Hong Kong.     Then the
Hindus   asked   for   the   payment   of
two months' charter money, $14,000,
to pay the cost of getting the Komagata  Maru  back  to Calcutta.     This
also   was  refused   and   the   point  of
deadlock  all   day  was  the  Insistent
demand   of  the   Hindus   for  an   arrangement which would cover transportation to Calcutta.
Charterers  Wanted Coinpeii.sat.ioii.
The local  Hindus,  who  took over
(the charter of the ship from Clurdit
Singh, also demanded compensation,
alleging  that owing to the delays in
the examinutiuus ol the immigrants,
tbey were put to a large and unnecessary expense 'by the vessel -being
detained in the harbor,     While the
officials  refused   to  admit  that  the
government   was   responsible  in  any
way they agreed  to Investigate the
claims of local Hindus who may have
innocently lost money in the charter,
the investigation to be made by an
impartial   tribunal   to   be  appointed
by Sir H. L, Borden.
Will Provision Ship.
When this undertaking was given
the local Hindu charterers consulted
With the Hindus on the ship, placing
before  them  the  ultimatum  of the
government that the vessel would be
provisioned for the voyage, across the !
Pacific  ami   medical  stores  provided
b)   the   Immigration   authorities  as i
promised several days ago if the. pas-
eehgers would not interfere with the
management of the ship.     Otherwise
it was .stated that negotiations would
cease, the vessel taken control of by I
the naval and  militia forces and the
Hindus sent back In irons to Asia.
Hindus Agree.
The local  Hindus,    who    included
Qangfl Singh. Mitt Singh, Tarn Singh,
Rattan Singh, Aran Singh, Mohamed
Akbar,  iMium  Singh, Matha Singh,
"Sunlit Singh  and  Katar Singh  were
I.:'" i  i,board tin; Komagata Maru to I
COIlfcr    with   the   Hindu    passengers'
ti'tta on  their part agreed to the ur- ,
WBgement.      A letter was then writ-'
ten   authorizing   Captain    Yaniamoto '
of  the   Komagata  Mam   to  get  up,
steam   preparatory   to   luaving   the|
r    or and staling that   negotiations
Had    i "ii concluded which  were satiny to the Hindus on idioro and
to !i   Rahim, who signed for himself
and   :i;;.-',  Singh, charterers of the
ship.     The letter was witnessed by
Gurdit  Singh,  tlie original  charterer _���____________________-___-_-_-_-_-_-__
sf tl e vessel |~
Coaling Commences. _���_��� ���  	
It was handed to Captain Yama- ir ���,.,.,...s,.lry sl,ontillB (-mv��� ������ u.,1()
r-'o about 8 o'clock and lhe tiring resisted. That tho Hindus were
u:   the   Komagata    Maru     furnaces ,,,,11,* prewired to disregard th<�� dis-
co" ""''I immediately.     Tin- boil- uiaj ���t force was evident to anyone
ers were stone    dead'and It takes -who  went  near their ship.     Q irri-
ibout 12 hours to get full Bteam up ,-ades had been erected on the decks
on tin- ship.    There was no ��� ssity ���-k,... had been  fashioned    by    the
for taking on coal, th,- cargo brought  Sll i,i,s (m board  e       b    b  -,.
To the Good People of Ladner and
Surrounding District
Do You Know That We Carry a Full Line of
farming Implements
A few of our special lines are Frost & Wood and Deering
Binders. Adams' Farm Wagons, Cast and Steel Skein; Westminster Steel Skein Heavy Teaming Wagons, and Columbia Hay
Do you know that we carry a full line of
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
Paints, Oils and Varnishes, Tinware, Oranlteware and Aluminum-
ware, Gurney-Oxford Chancellor Ranges and Stoves, Cutlery,
Crockery, Ship Chandlery, Machine Oils and Greases, Corrugated
and Plain Galvanized Iron, Bar Iron, Pure Manila Rope, Binder
Twine, Barn Hangers and Track, Harness, and, in fact, everything you want?
Xew   Westminster District.
Take Notice that I, Paul Briandt,
of the City of Vancouver, iu the
Province of British Columbia, engineer, intend to apply for a license
to .prospect for coal, petroleum and
natural gas. on the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"No. 5 Northwesterly Corner Post,"
at Inverholme Road, SO chains in an
easterly direction along the shore
line; 81) chains in a southerly direction; St) chains in a westerly direction and 80 chains in a northerly
direction to the point of commencement, being submarine lands in the
Delta Municipality, New Westminster District, joining northerly
Township Three (3), West Coast
Meridian, Section Thirty (30), in
Vancouver Land Division, containing 640 acres, more or less.
If Not, We Want You to Know It
T.J. TRAPP & CO., Limited
S  Implement Dept.     691
(  General Hardware   59
B. C.
It is better to advertise intensively than
extensively when the sum to be devoted
to advertising is small. This means the
regular use of the DELTA TIMES���52
messages a year addressed to the same
constituency of readers.
Xew   Westminster District.
Take Notice that I, Paul Briandt,
of the City of Vancouver, in the
Province of British Columbia, engineer, intend to apply for a license
to prospect for coal, petroleum and
natural gas, on the following described  lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"No. ti Northwesterly Corner Post."
at Tasker Road, 80 chains in an
easterly direction along the shoreline; 80 chains in a southerly direction; 80 chains in a westerly direction and 80 chains in a northerly direction to the point of commencement, being submarine lands In the
Delta Municipality, New Westminster District. joining northerly
Township Three (3), West Coast
Meridian, Section Twenty-nine (29),
in Vancouver Land Division, containing 640 acres, more or less.
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned and endorsed "Tender
for Section 2 of the Jetty at Steveston, B.C." will he received at this
office until 4:00 p.m., on Tuesday,
August 11, 191., for the construction of section 2 of the Jetty at
Steveston, at Mouth of the Fraser
River. B. C.
Plans and forms of contract can
be seen and specification and forms
of tender obtained at this Department and at the offices of the District Engineers, at New Westminster,
B.C; Victoria, B.C., and on application to the Postmaster at Steveston,
Persons tendering are notified
that tenders will not be considered
unless made on the printed forms
supplied, and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and places of residence. In
the case of firms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation,
and place of residence of each member of the firm must be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
theToauthT ��.�� R8!!uat6- -
finest   agricultural   di.trfcV\^
The chief interests in the DeuaB"C'
market gardening^gheenUan,^!,tU���,���
breeding.    There* are   also   Sai_,rtt
There are shipping faclim__\. *������
and boat to the market, o, r * ttti
and the United States The4"*4*
yield is the largest per acre in n?'
ada, and the aheep and horse k*"'
are the finest iu British r��� brwl
Along the south bank of ��T **'
River there are splend d 8ltei T
industries. ea  '��
B��^du,��f ���Trad<-��� President, w i
Kirkland; secretary, a. W jm.*-.1
meets 2nd Monday in each m   .?'
Justices of Peace���Hn hi,moath-
J. Kirkland, J. McKee ^H^
Police   Magistrate.-J.  McKee
Medical Health Officer -.TV j
Wilson. J-
'Coroners.���Dr. A   A   (.in.
J. Kerr Wilson.        K'Dg and D'-
by an accepted cheque on a cha--ter-1 School Board.���S 'writhed bank   n��vnhl_ tn m_ -��,i -.  ._ _l      a    j���r,    --.   .   '  ""���'"i
Xew  Westminster Distrirt.
There's ndvice  for you in this little homily to
be  resultful.     One  full-powered   blow   is   better  than  two  half blows,
Take Notice that I, Paul Briandt.
of the City of Vancouver, in the
Province of British Columbia, engineer, intend to apply for a license
to prospect for coal, petroleum and
natural gas. on the following described  lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"No. 7 Northwesterly Corner Post,"
at Smith Road. 80 chains In an easterly direction along the shoreline;
80 chains in a southerly direction;
80 chains In a westerly direction
and 80 chains in a northerly direction to the point of commencement,
being submarine lands in the Delt*}
Municipality, New Westminster District, joining Northerly Township
Three (8), West Coast Meridian,
Section Twenty-eight (28), in Vancouver Land Division, 'qontalnlng
640 acres, more or less.
ed bank, payable to the order of the
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent, d1"
p.c.) of the amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if the person
tendering decline to enter Into a contract when called upon to do so. or
fall to complete the work contracted
for. If the tender be not accented
the cheque will be returned.
The Department does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
NOTE.���Blue prints can be obtained at the Department of Public
Works by depositing an accepted
bank cheque for the sum of $50.00,
made payable to the order of thp
Honourable the Minister of Public
Works, which will be returned If the
Intending bidder submit a regular
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, July 6. 1914.
Newspapers  will  not  be  paid   for
this advertisement  If they Insert  it
without authority from the  Depart
A. deR. Taylor, secretary
Callan. '
-J. M.
Farmers' Institute.���C. Davis �����__,
dent; N. A. McDiarmid   secret*
Delta Farmers' Game ProtSf^
-ociatioa.-Wm. Kirkland, nr^
dent;  A. deR. Taylor, secret-n-.
Delta Agricultural Bodetv -D * a
McKee, president; A. deR Tavinr
secretary. 'or*
Concentration of appeal will do a work of
conviction and persuasion that will surprise
you when the year's returns are totalled up.
likely to
stead lust-
Intermittent or divided effort Is not
advertisers;   it   is:   Itcwurd  with     a
divided���custom  the  iiiei-cliaiit   who
ly  solicits  your  good-will.      Tlie     more     you
strengthen  the   hands   ot the mun who serves
you,   the   better   will   be  the  service  returned.
Shop Where You arc Invited to Shop
Xew Westminster District.
Take Notice that I, Paul Briandt.
of the City of Vancouver, in the
Province of British Columbia, engineer, intend to apply for a license
to prospect for coal, petroleum and
natural gas, on the following described  lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"No. 8 Northwesterly Corner Po3t,"
at Matheson Road, 80 chains in an
easterly direction along tiie shoreline; 80 chains In a southerly direction; 80 chains in a westerly direction; 80 chains in a northerly direction to the point of commencement,
being submarine lands in tho Delta
Municipality, New Westminster District, joining Northerly Township
Three (3). West Coast Meridian,
Section Twenty-seven (27), in Vancouver Laud Division, containing
640 acres, more or less.
CHIIiLIWACK, July 18���Since
'.he inauguration of an accommodation service over the Canadian
Northern Railroad between Port
Mann and Hope considerable quantities of produce grown here have
found market ln the junction town.
The activity ln railroad building on
both the C. N. R. and K. V. R. de-
manda plenty of provisions which the
farmers of this valley are very pleased to supply. Yesterday a carload
shipment of fifteen tons of new potatoes went through and smaller
shipments of other products are constantly being made.
VANCOUVER. July 16.���Tn^ ap-
||f.O*ln��     -��    ����-       "
���-���   *-*�����������"* ap- after until 11.30 p.m.
plication of Mr  Douglas Armour, on Po9t office.���Hours,   8   a.
behalf  of   (contract  holders  In   the p m     Ma���   for   Vancouv
Canadian    Home Investment    Com- at  j2 noon-  for New We
pany for the appointment  of a *p-
here on the Komagata having been
confiscated for freight money and a
sufficieni   amount  of  it   to  bunker
tlle   VI SSel   will   lm   used   fur   fuel   on
tbe return trip.
yuli k Change nf Front.
Alter ii,,- arrangements had boon
agreed upon the Hindu passengers
displayed tlle utmost of nood feeling
towards Immigration Superlntendenl
>��� l< olm ii- id i ''i Inspector Hopkln-
sonj "iio have been most active* in
the proceedings concerned with the
deportation of th'e Hindus, and
cbi ered tli
it  left  tlle
Triumph <>f Patience.
This result may im described as a
crintnph  of patience for at  many  nm-
mi-ills  throughout  an  exciting day,
hope was given up that the Easl In-
Ji.-ins would listen to reason and pre-
writ   the   necessity     of     bloodshed,
launch of I he ol fiolals as t
side  of  the  ship  fnr  tli
gasoline   and   with   fuses   attached,
had been prepared, It was stated, for
[hurling  down  on   the  heads  of the
attacking party.
Hut  reason  prevailed over passion
ami at 7 o'clock in the evening when
the citizens had begun to think that
tbe authorities had simply been wast-
Ing Mi-ir time in  negotiating when
'.hey  should  have been  fighting,  the
announcement   was   made   that   the
Hindus  had   agreed   to  the  govern-
ment's terms.     Quite a large part ln
securing this result  was played  by
shore committee ol the Hindus,
who  visited  their  fellow-countrymen
and sought to Induce them to avoid
inevitable defeat If a miniature, naval
engagement should be provoked.
Things lionkeil  lilurk.
At a bout 5  o'clock It appeared as
If  Hip  long  negotiations  of  the  day
��oiilil come to naught and Mr. H. H.
Borden,  by  telegram.      Mr.  Burrell
held out  that every conceivable al-
lowance should  be made for lhe de-
poi.es owing to the somewhat peculiar circumstances of the case.     He
permitted the second conference be-
| tween  the committee on  shore and
'the ieaders on the vessel during the
afternoon and later waited patiently
lor them to place their amended proposals  in   writing and  submit tbem
to  Iheir counsel.     Final word  was-
expected from this consultation at 5
o'clock but the time dragged on and
it   was  after   7   o'clock  before  word
was received tbat they had accepted
the terms of the immigration department in resard to deportation with
the  proviso that  the  lenders on  tin-
vessel   would   be  given  a chance to
look   them  over  and  endorse  them. I
This was agreed to    and    the   announcement  that  the    Hindus    had .
given  up their long  fight was marie |
a few minutes    bofore    8    o'clock, i
nearly  twelve  hours    after  the ar
rival of the Rainbow.
New   Westminster  District.
Take Notice that I, Paul Drlnndt,
of the City of Vancouver, in the
Province of British Columbia, engineer. Intend to apply for a license
to prospect for coal, petroleum and
natural gas, on the following described  lands:
Commencing   at   a   post   marked
"No. 9 Northwesterly Corner Post,"
at Emhry Road. 80 chains lu an
easterly direction along llie shoreline; 80 chains in a southerly direction; St) chains in a westerly direction, and 80 chains in a northerly
direction to the point of commencement, being submarine lands in Use
Delta Munli Ipallty, New Westminster District. Joining Northerljl
Township Three (31, Wen Const
Meridian, Section Twenty-six (36)',
in Vancouver Lnnd District, containing 640 acres, mure i.r less.
Sew Westminster District.
pany for the appointment of n receiver for that company, was adjourned by Mr. Justice Clements 'n
chambers yesterday until after vacation. Mr. Armour claimed that certain Irregularities were being curried on ln the handling of som s of
the company's money, but his lordship called attention to the fact that
the Dominion Trust Company \,is
attending to the affairs of the C. H.
I. O.i which were therefore in sate
License Commissioner.���Reeve A. D. J\
Paterson, Councillor 8. Morley 11
J. Harris, J. McKee, J.P., and E
L. Berry, J.P.
Member of Parliament.���J. D. Taylor,
New  Westminster.
Member of Local Legislature.���F\ j.
MacKenzle, New Westmins:er.
Boat Sailings.���S.S. Sonoma leavei
L3dner for Steveston at 8.30 a.m.,
12.30 p.m., and 6.30 p.m. connecting with the B.C.E.R. cars. Ferry
boat leaves Ladner for Woodwards at 7, 9 and 10 a.m., I.M,
3.30 and 6 p.m., returning leans
Woodwards at 7.30, 9.80 aad
10.30 a.m. and 2, 4 and 6.30 p.m.
On Sunday leave Ladner at 9 aid
10 a.m. and 1-30, 3, 6 and 7 p.m.
and half an hour later from
Woodwards. The S.S. Transfer
leaves for New Westminster daily,
except Sundays, at 7 a.m.; returning leaves New Westminster at 1
p.m., reaching Ladner at 6.30 p.m.
Railways.���Great    Northern    !ein����
Port Guichon dally for New \v..-.-
minster and Vancouver at 7 a.m :
returning,    leaves    Vancouver
2.30 p.m.,  reaching Port Gulch
about 6.30 p.m.      B.C.E R., I.i:
Island  Branch,  *.. Stirling, supe.-
intendent;   Vancouver   to   Ebur.is
and   Steveston���Cars   leave  tlraa-
ville  street   depot   (at  north end
of  bridge  over False Creek)  to
meet New Delta at 8.30 a.m. and
3.30   p.m.   and   leaves for New
Westminster via Eburne at 8.00
a.m. and 3 p.m.    Special car for
Eburne at 6.00 a.m.    Cars leart
Steveston at 6.30 a,m, aud hourly
until  11.30 p.m.    Sunday service
���First car leaves either terminus
at 8.30 a.m.; hourly service thereafter until 11.30 p.m.
m.   to   1
ver  cloiei
^^^^^^^^. Westminster
and up river points at 6.30 a.m :
closed all day Sunday.
Municipal Council.���Meets in tai
Municipal Hall, Ladner, on thi
second and fourth Satunlais ��� n
each month at 2 p.m. Reeve A.
D. Paterson; councillors, Jas. Savage, Joseph Harris, Seymour Huff,
Sam Morley, Chris Brown; clerk,
N.   A.   McDiarmid.
mining rights of the Domin-
Manitoba,  Saskatchewan and
^^^^^^      Anglltnn       ^^^^^^
Holy Communion, first and third I
Sundays  at   11  a.m,  second   fourth
Sundays at 8 a.m.; matins. 11 am ��� ,
^WlfJi^i^Milbirll, the yukon Tcr���tory, th,
evanlng, Litany at 8 30 Rev C c |-Vorlhwe�� Territories ana In a por-
Hoyle,  M.A.,  vicar. '   ' |tl0�� of the  Province of British Co-
Raptisr Church, Iumbia,   may  be   leased   for  a  term
** of   twenty-one   years  at   an   annual
lion. In
Pastor���Rev. D. G. Macdonald
Ladner���Sunday school, 11 a.m.;
evening service, 7.30 p.m.; prayer
ni.etlng, Wednesday, 7.30 p.m.; nils
slonary meeting every first Wednesday under the auspices of the Ladles'
Crescent Island���Sunday school, 1
p.m.; service, 3 p.m ; singing practice and Bible reading, Tuesday, 7.3'
Gulfside Schoolhouse���-Union sut
  ,,       ,,.,.-i.-.  shuck  yesiernay anil
Stevens, Mr. Malcolm Reffi and other   are no newspapers here today
officials    rift int.    Co-   *t".   '*- '- *
restaConedon tho wharf nrfl,,^ Ziint' Tor the    ���    ' tnent
'���   f nn.'l, l:in   ri.irrlu.it,   i rf II.     .    ... '      '      "'    "
rrcops  wi
.i-ll day. ib*- Canadian Garrison artil- anne-ire-i tn h_ ,i������..,_���-,i     --_       *
i..y from I^ninialt were aboard the  ffi^^BW*2!d?
jrniter sperial p61fce were .worn te, have been dictated b?Hon   Martte
sjtri nil arrangements had been made r.urreii   whr,  ,..������ ,_   .,,,'.  ,
V -hoarding the lapane.eve__t.IaHd tJ^wfftta ftJtfB BKt.
ST. PETERSBURG" -Tub" 22.���The
irinters struck yesterday and there
The   funnily  remedy   for   Coughu   ami   r.,,i,i-
The   fmmily  remedy
)ll   iota.    Smill
for   Couihi   and' Colch
bottle.     Be��t ��incc   1970
Take Notice that I, Paul Briandt.
of the City of Vancouver, in Iln
Province of British Columbia, engineer, intend to apply for a license
to prospect for coal, petroleum and
natural gas, on the following described lands:
c'or !��� i    ��� * .'   n-irkod
"N'o. 10 Northwesterly Corner Post,"
at Oliver Road, 80 chains In an
easterly direction along the shoreline: 80 chains in a southerly direction' 80 chains In a westerly direction, and 80 chains in ii northerly
direction  to  the  point  ot" ( lmmence-
linent, being submarine lands in the
Delta Municipality, New Westminster District, joining Northerly
Township Throe (31, West Coast
Meridian, Sections Twenty-fiv-? (25)
mui   Thirty-six   (.16)    in   Vancouver
| Lnnd Division, containing 640 acre*.
! more or less.
.   years
rental of $1 an acre.    Not more than
[8660 acres will be leased to one ap-
Application for a lease must be
made by the applicant In person to
the Agent or Sub-Agent or tbe district In which tbe rights applied for
are situated.
In   surveyed    territory   the   land
(must.   he   described   by   section.-,   or
'K'Rtil   subdivisions   of   sections,   and
day soh-Tol ~��"n ��"ru".��~7unlon aut      ���. MMUrveyed territory the tract sp-
and oosdbI ����r��i    : *^','?lnR P��WtleeIVOaA tor shall be staked out by the
anu t.ospel service. Friday, 7.30.        applicant   himself.
Catholic. |     Each  application  must  be accom-
Church services will be held pvppv :rn!llp'1 ������>' ��� fee of )5, which will !>-*
other  Sunday erv -�������---������-���-   ���-   ���-��� - *********
.      -���--    beginning   with   Sun "de''   lf   the   rl*htB   *PPUad   'or
day, November 14,  1909     Parnei-iLi      e lun av"-Hable, but not otherwise.
mass at 10.30 am      *     *    a"octual   *  ""    	
-.  Sunday school A. rovn"y sl-nll be paid on the mer-
P.m.;   evening   devotion    3   n m .'|rl*antah!e output of the mine at the
a.m.    nev. Father W. Chap'ut' narlih '^ "f  nve rDnts  Per ton-
Prle"t- 'Put, parlshj    The   pBrt0���   0���orn,|nR   the   mine
Methodist. shall  furnish  the Agent with sworn
Services   next   Lord's   lm*.   ��*     i,  fu     I8 acro"nHng for the full quan-
n.m.   and   7.30   nm ���   ri_a= .. y nf merchantable coal mined and
before   the   mornln'i   ,,.rvipTe    "R" """' "10 royalt-' Hier-pon.   If the coal
Sunday;   Sabbath   schoo]1 ���'!Very  T""*  rifiht8  arp  "��"  ��-**  "P-*-"-1''
every    Sunday;     Bnwhrth     r   am" 'P'\v'"h returns should be-furnlslied
every Wednesdiy at 8 S m    b""?.* ftliiM- once a >""���������
Wellesley Whittaker  ��� .       ,'('vc!    lhp   'ease   win   include   the coal
St   .\���,ir.....    n     .       ' Imining   rights   only,   but  the  lessee
Service,   ���?w   i     ���",,*vt*'I"'*��- lma-v '"* Permitted to purchase what-
am   and 7 in n s   Uav  at   H  ever available surface rishts may h��
vices   mi   t'1,    ;   Week night se'"- considered   necessary  for   Ihe   work
v c s   on   Ihnrsday  evenlnc  at   7 ->n '������*���-��� **���' "* ���'   -������>**i
o clock;  Sunday school at 2.30 I.n,
Rev. J. J. Hastie, minister.
orttaMC.So��M��S_   '"   abova  "me.
ut   nines snonIrl  bo gpn*   ,,, ,v.     ...
of the Delta Times. Kdner. B C ""
The  Delta Times |s  p-Mi,,,,,,        ~
managing-director '  T'*'-0r' I*""
��� for
Ing of the mine at the rate of $10.00
an  acre.
Por full Information application
should lie made to the Secretary ot
'he Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
W.  W.  CORV.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.���nnaiithori;-nd  publication of
sdvertlsatnant will not be psm


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