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The Delta Times Apr 20, 1912

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Volume 7
$1.00 A YEAR.
New Store is
Almost Ready
Mr. Tennant Expects to Have His Xew
Premises Completed in a
Few Days.
Under the able management of Mr.
Tennant, the Delta Trading Company
will open their new store for business
ln 'Delta street, probably next week.
Rome delay has taken place owing to
the non-delivery of the plate glass for
the new front windows, but lt is expected that this will be in hand ln
a day or two. The Internal arrangement of the new store is advisable,
and every arrangement has been made
for handling the large business that
will undoubtedly be done. In the
centre of the large new addition to
the store a cosy ice cream parlor has
been arranged which will doubtless
become a popular resort. Above the
parlor, Mr. Tennant has had his private office fixed, which will enable
him to keep a constant eye on the
requirements of his customers. His
personal popularity and his thorough
knowledge of business should secure
extensive patronage. Huslness ln Ladner ls going to be exceptionally good
from now onwards, and the town's
many excellent stores w<ll undoubtedly
reap the harvest they so thoroughly
Churoh of England Services and Annual  Vestry  Met .ing���Gratifying Reports.
���The Church of England services
held at Christ Church, Surrey Centre
aad at Hall's Prairie and Strawberry
Hall on Eaeter Day were particularly
bright and hearty, an'd attended iby
large congregations. The altar and
(sanctuary of Christ Church were
beautifully decorated with lilies,
palme and (spring flowers ln profusion. Holy communion waa celebrated at 8 and 11a. m., there being an !
unusually large number of commvuni- |
cants. I
The annual vestry meeting was held
On   Easter  Monday  evening,   April   8. j
The Vicar,   Rev.  W.   E.  Gilbert,   pre- ]
siding.    Most gratifying reports were
read   by  the    warden,   H.    D.  Croft, |
Bhowing the parish and  its organiza- j
tions to have    made    rapid progress
during the year.    The financial  con- I
���di'ion of the perish wee found to be |
in excellent shaipe, In fact, the beet In
the htotory of the parish.   Durin** the ���
year all assessments were paid in full
with a surplus over.    The duplex en- j
velopee will  be  used thts year.
Mr. A. Richardson gave a very sat-
isfaotoryv report on the cemetery, and
stated tAat owing to pressure of time j
it would  b advisable to aippolnt some
one ln  his place as cemetery keeper. ,
The   meeting   refused   to   accept  this
suggestion,   but   offered     him   assist- I
ance by aippolnting Mr.    E. T. Wade j
and Mr. Jack Drown to work in con- I
junction   with   Mr.   Richardson,   thus
forming a cemetery committee.
The following officers were elected
for the ensuing years Vicar's war-1
den, John Levis; People's warden, H. I
D. Croft: sidesmen: Messrs. H. Hornby, J. Johnston, A. Jenkins, \V. Law- !
roiwe, E. Heaton; au'dltor, E. T. j
Delegates to synod:  Messrs. Arthur
Richardson,  H.  D. Croft,  Robert  Bar-
ton!  alternivto-s,  Messrs.  Dougal!  Mac-J
Kenzie,   Arthur  Jenkins,   John   Levis. |
Votes of thanks were    extended to ,
the retiring organist. Mrs. H. D.
Croft and present organist. Mr. T. H.
Hill, and to the Indies' guild for services rendered.
The Ladies' Guild of Christ church, |
Surrey Centre, held their annual
meeting at the Vicarage, Wednesday. I
April 10th; The Vicar, Rev. W. E.
CHlbert In the chair. The reports
load by flic secretary and treasurer
for the year ending Apr.l 1, 1012.
were most em-ouraging and deeply
gratifying'In every respect. The guild
has enrolled eevetfteen ii'-tlve members nnd has held twenty-two meetings during the year, nil of whloh
were well attended and most harmonious, Murii energetic work has
been done by the giifd In the wtiy of
improving the church nnd vicarage.
New channel hangings have been purchased for the chUPOh, a ourlnln for
the veMlry door, an arnwhalr for the
vestry an'd    other    neeeeearlee,    nlso
carpet for the Isles of church, new
-psalters for the use of organ'st and
congregation. A new oal< lectern is
now on Its way from the East.
The vicarage has been partly re-
plastered nnd re-papered and a sink
put Into the kitchen nnd a verandah
hfu* been built on the north and east
Bide  of vicarage.
The guild held two very *nX*0e**e*"Ul
ententailnmcnU- in the Cloverdale
Opera House which brought in a large
amount. The sale of work at f ���
fair and slat's, and thc dinner \vh'
the Guild -served at the Surrey lair
netted a neat sum. The Guild also
provided rcfri-shhieiits at the anniversary social held August "th and for
the Laymen'*- Mlsalonai-y Meeting
January 24.
The treasurer's report Is as follows:
Receipts,        $580.92; expenditures,
$350,30;   balance  on  hand,   $255.62.
The elected officers for 1912 are:
President. Mrs. A. Richardson; flrat
vice president, Mrs. I_ine; second
vter-presldont, Mrs. Adklns; corresponding secretary, Miss K. Parsons;
recording secretary, Miss E. Lane;
treeeurer. Mrs. W. E. Gilbert: assistant treeeurer, Mrs. Fisher; Mr. E. T.
Wade, auditor.
Steveston  Ts  Busy���'Interest in  Jetty
Construction���Amateur   Dramatic
STEVESTON, April 15.���Another
new business for Steveston was opened up this week. Messrs. Bandy &
Russell have started a lathe and turning shop. This will fill a long felt
want, as axles, shafting and cylinders
can be turned here now Instead of
the orders being sent Into Vancouver.
Mr. Duncan osier opened up or.
Saturday with an up-to-date butcher
store, and Judging from his first day's
bus.ness, his success ls assured.
"Scottie" ls an old-timer and will have
plenty of support from his friends.
Eraser River Improvements.
The Fraser Valley Pile Driving Co.
has made a start on the government
Jetty. The pile driver has been at
work for the last three days and ls
causing great lr.tere9t amongst those
The Sinclair Construction Company,
of Nt-.v Westminster, Is also preparing for its part of the contract and
has already constructed a large and
roomy bunkhouse for 35 or so men.
Tiventy-flV2 men are expected to start
work  on  Tuesday.
The many friends of Mr. M irrlr.
will be glad to hear that he is on
the way to recovery from his recent
serious illness. The cafe and oyster
house that Mr. Morrln conducts has
filled a gap in Steveston and deserves
the patronage of those who desire
"good eate."
Mr. McLaughlin visited Steveston
last Wednesday with his moving picture show. His exhibition was of the
best, especially the film of the Coronation. He will be back again every
Wednesday at the opera house.
Mr. Gunn, the popular shoe man,
has had a large import order of English made boots. Those who prefer
old country boots should give him a
The stores are preparing for a heavy
summer's work. The Walker Emporium being especially busy ln supplies
for the canneries, and Mr. G. H. I
Hodgson al��o reporting activity all
along the line. I
The   Imperial   cannery   received   a
consignment  of  seven  gasoline motor
engines on  Saturday for  boats  to  be
worked In connection with their can- j
A very successful evening was spent
last Tuesday at the Steveston opera
house. The occasion being a presentation of the popular sketch "That
Rascal Pat," by members of the Social Club. Mr. Harry Cole, who acted
the title role, did exceptionally well. {
He was the life of the play and the
role of the Irish servant suited him. [
Hie ���allies and actions kept the house
In good humor all the time. Mr. G.
E. Foster as Major Puffjacket, made
a good cranky old officer, and his
acting with "Pat" was good. Mr. P.
S, Falkner did well as Charlie Livingstone; all the credit ls due Mr. Falkner, as he took the part on a week's
notice. Miss Hilda Tufnail as Nancy
and Miss Edith Murchlson as Laura,
did exceptionally well, and lt was a
pity that they had parts that kept
them In the background.
As this was a local endeavor, the
scenery was also made locally and
Mr. Tom Howard, who did the painting, deserves the thanks of the eluh.
which Is freely given, for the valuable asset which he has donated to
the   club.    A   short   conrert   followed
Council Met
Town Hall and Road Machinery By-
laws Completed for Submission
to Electors on May 1.
A meeting of the Municipal Council
vvas held last Saturday, April 13th.
There was a full attendance and Reeve
Oliver was In the chair.
A communication from Mr. C. E.
MoCailum, with regard to the Scout
I'oad, was received, considered and
ordered filed.    A communication from
Point Grey
Endorses It
'oqiiltlain  Roundhouses,    First    Tcr-
iiilnal lltill<liii!>' nt Junction, to Be
Built at Once.
COQUITLAM, April Ll.���The C. P.
R has let the contract for the construction of the r tundhouse, the first
building   in   connection   with   the  ter-
  Iminal   plans   of   the     corn-pany.     The
(cost  will   be   approximately   $100,000.
At the last municipal councl meet-  The plans provide for stalls for forty-
ing at Point Grey the proposed Ladner eii,j-t engines
car line was the chief topic discussed. , '     '	
The   council's  consideration   of   thej
proposed tram from South Vancouver   DELTA  PARK  SCHEME
Proposed   Ladner   Car   Line   Is
iliu-ia-.tioa.llv Approved by
The Woodwards
Service Started
On  Saturday  Iji-i   New   Service Over
Xew Route Was Successfully
over Fraser avenue,  No. '5 roa'l,  and I
brldg >    over    Fraser   South   Arm,   to
Ladner,  had  origin  ln  a  communication   to   Reeve Harvey   from  Thomas
Mr. W.  B. Skinner  wag laid over for | Ladner and Wm. Skeene, respectively
consideration. chairman  of  the  joint  transportation
James Turner was appointed muni- committee and secretary of the Van-
cipal constable to succeed Joe Jordan, ' couver Board of Trade, asking that
who has repeatedly expressed h'mse'.f j the municipality of Point Grey voice
c"e<lrous  of being relieved  of his du-   its approval of an inclosed resolution
The council agreed to purchase a
i,oim road roller from H. Gllmour
of Vancouver,  at  a cost  of  $3,250.
The Delta Municipal Hall Bylaw-
passed a third reading as also did
the Road Machinery Bylaw. These
bylaws Involving authority to borrow
the sums of $15,000 and $4000
spectively,   will   be   submitted   to
and letter. The resolution waa that
passed In Vancouver recently by the
Joint transportation committees of
Delta, Ladner. Surrey, Richmond,
South Vancouver, and other interested municipalities, lt was addressed
to the Dominion Minister of Public
Works, and after outlining conditions
re- I In the Delta district and declaring the
Y'"T' IRTA, April 1S.-���Private advices from Ottawa state that the Fed-
era! Mln-stry is inclined to look w'th
favor upon the project introduced by
Mr. Frank J. McKenzie, M.iP.P.,
looking to the setting aside of a square
ml!e of timbered land in the Delta
district lying v.-.thin the Federal rall-
waj belt for general park purp ises,
The provincial authoritifs also regard
(in Saturday last, the trial trip of
the big "tallyho" motorbus, inaugurating the South Vancouver^Ladner
motor service was completed. With
all of its five seats filled with passengers, including several members of
the S.oith Vancouver municipal court-
' oil   and   of   the   Board   of   Trade,   the
twenty-four passenger automobile
I start i-'. f<r Woodward's'Landing from
, the   S >titli   Vancouver   terminus   line,
making the journey by way of Fraser.
j street of South Vancouver and Road
. Numlier 4 of (Richmond, The whole
' run   occupied   about   two   hours,   one
the scheme favorably, and Mr. Maw-
sin,   the  eminen'   landscape  architect   hour lie:ng taken in traveliir.g by land
of Montreal, will report as to the best   -nd   another   by   ferry    from    Wood-
the need for a tram line to Vancouver
vote of the electors on May 1st. tZ. I across Lulu Island, urged that as the
A. McDiarmid, the clerk of the muni-[first step toward better transportation
cipality, waa appointed returning officer, e
The clerk was Instructed to collect
accounts due for the ditch on Trunk
Road East.
The usual monthly accounts were
ordered paid.
The council adjourned until April
EBURNE, April 15.���Building continues very active. Mr. A. D. Grant
has just purchased a site south of the
tramway station for a sash and door
factory. The lot Is 90x100 feet. Close
by the Eburne Gravel Company, at
present situated ln premises on
Fourth street, Intends to build a Mock
99x100 feet. A spur ls being built
from the B. C. E. R. line for the accommodation of the two concerns. It
is also stated that Mr. W. B. Cooke, a
Vancouver lumvber man, will have a
three-storey block erected, for renting
purposes, on Fourth avenue. The site
is 31x100. A considerable nvmlber of
residences are being erected. Among
those building are the Messrs. John
McDonald, Thoimas McDonald, John
McOallum, Thomas Lackey and Rev.
Mr. Lyons, the structures being va-
rtoudly located on To-wnsend Road,
River Road, Fourth street, Peters
road and Alberta street.
The Ladner Amateur Dramatic Society will stage their next production
on Friday, May 3rd, in McNeely Hall.
The play selected is "Miriam's Crime."
a drama in three acts by the late
H. T. Craven. Although a drama,
there are many humorous situations,
and a strong comedy vein runs
throughout the entire play. The
society are sparing no effort to give
an acceptable presentation and entirely new scenery is In order.
The   cast  Is  as   follows:
Muffin, a lawyer...Mr. C. C. Lambert
the sketch when songs were rendered  Bernard Reynolds. .. Mr. B. H. Weare
by Mrs. T. Howard ar.d Messrs. A.
Kemp, A. Atkins, T. Howard and
Harry Cole.
Mr. Ed. Ireland did some conjuring
tricks which quite mystified his audience.
Biles, a lawyer's c'.erk. .Mr. E. Howard
Scumley Mr.   B.   Taylor
Daniel a servant... Mr. W. ,H. Giffln
Miriam  West 'Mrs    Lambert
Mrs.   Raby Miss  Florence Lord
STEVESTON. B, C, April 15���At
the annual meeting of the Central
Conservative Association, Mr. T. S.
Faulkner, was re-elected treasurer for
the riding and Mr. J, J. Wilson was
'appointed on the executive committee.
This Insures that the interests of this
pari of the riding, will be successfully
looked after.
Mrs. Janus Fowler of Seattle, was
I a visitor to the island last week, a
j guest of Mrs. J. H. Draney, No. Four
; road
Mr. George  M.  Duncan, of the Provincial   Board   of   Works   Department.
I Victoria,  was a visitor to Lulu Island
I during Faster and a guest at the Alexander farm Steveston.    Mr. Duncan Is
very favorable disposed with the Lulu
, isiund environment.   An investment is
! certain to be mads In thla rich fertile
I Another sign of good times in Rlch-
I mond, namely, the favorable reception
'the municipal bonds are receiving ln
! the financial world.
Messrs. Cory & Cole who have prov-
! ed themselves a very enterprising firm
'since they started business here, have
' established an electrical department In
I thlr plumbing business.
Mrs.  M. Garden of Vancouver, was
a visitor to Steveston last week.
'      Mrs. J. Adams and Mrs. Gold of E.
Burnaby,  were visiting Steveston Friday.
Mr.   G.   G.   Stuart,   of   the   firm   of
Huestis & Stuart, decorators, Vancou-
1 ver, waa a visitor to Steveston one day
1 last week.
As the anxious fruit growers are
watching the thermometer these
mornings it may not be amiss to give
them something in the way of a guide
as  !,,   the  possibilities  of  injury.     Mr
means of utilizing the area for the
delight and benefit of future generations during his stay in the province
in connection with the development
of Strathcona Park.
facilities a survey be imade and a
competent engineer's report be had as
to the practicability of a brldge over
the South Arm, from Woodward's! KEI-RiISDALE, April 17.���The re-
wharf, on the Lulu side, to Ladner. port of Mr. John Clemens, municipal
A bridge at this point would pass over; assessor, presented to the Point Grey
Governor's Island, which lies in the | council at its meeting last night, shows
river directly opposite the wharf, and
would necessarily be in the neighborhood   of   a   mile   In   length.       Wood-
ward's Landing to Ladner. The
steamer Xew Delta met the automobile
adn transported the passengers to Ladner, where a brief stop was made.
The party started from South Vancouver at 4 o'clock and arrived home
again  about  6.
The regular service commenced on
Monday. Several improvements are
contemplated by the municipality by
the municipality of Richmond for
Uoad N'o. 5, including the building
of  additional   turnouts on  the   plank
that   there   has   been   an   increase   of roadway.
approximately   40   per   cent.   In   land Three trips a  day  will  be  made to
valuation in this municipality since Woodward's Landing,
ward's wharf, located at the terminus j the assessment roll for 19M was pre-' The automobile will leave the corner
of'Number 5 road, Is some four miles! pared. The wild land assessment for 0f Forty-seventh avenue and Fraser
east of Steveston, where the Lulu Is-1 the current year is $10,5'1_,86'6, an street every morning at 7.30. return-
land branch of the B. C. Electric increase of $244.82i2 over the same \ng at 8.30: leave again at 1,30 and
Railway, which passes through Point assessment for the year preceding, again at 6.30, an hour being occupied
GT.y, ends. .The value of improved land during'*n each journey. The ferry steamer
On Councillor Clmgston's suggestion the year jumped from $9,643.-74 to wju meet the automobile at S a.m.,
that the proposed carllne'to Ladner j $16,i','615.885. while that of improve- 2 p.m. and 7 p.m.
would hardly affect Point Grey muni- ments increased trom $2,047,750 to jjr e. T. !?alvert states to The
cipality. B. A. Cunliffe. transportation J $3,773,500. The total- Increase in Times that the service will be a great
commissioner, stated that a connect-! valuation during the year was $8,593.- saving ir. time and somewhat cheaper
Ing line between Woodward's and i 083. 'Included In these figures, but than the former route. The trip from
Steveston was contemplated, and that \ exempt from taxation, are municipal i,adner to Woodward's Landing occu-
thereby Point Grey would be affected.; and     school     lands   of  an   estimated pje3 about 20  minutes and thP motor
value   of   $213,191.
A copy of the letter sent with  the
resolution  to   the  Dominion  Minister
of Public Works at Ottawa was read
by   the   clerk.     As   emphasizing   the
need  for  better  transportation   faclll- j
ties,   it  was  stated   that   20,000   acres       The  annual   vestry   meeting   of   All
of good farming land, or one-half the. Saint's church, Ladner,   was  held  on
total   acreage   of   the   Delta   district, i April 14th, in the church.    The Rev.
were not under cultivation, and  that|C. C. Hoyle  presided.    The  following
with  a  railway  between Ladner  an.l 1 officers were elected: Vicar's warden,
South    Vancouver   the   region   would I Mr.  (R. Smith;   people's   warden,   Mr.
treble. In  population  in a  very, short, C  O,  Lambert;     church    committee,
tdrne.       The   estimated  value   of   the. Messrs. A. de R. Taylor, H. N . Rich,
Delta crop yield in 1911  was $1;350,-   B. H. Weare, H. Howard, W. Symonds !
000.    The   land   Is  some   of  the   best, and  E.  Birchell;  delegates  to Senate, I     The 'Ladner   market   Is   practically
for farming purposes in the world, the   Mr. A. de R. Taylor, Mr. ,R. Smith ar.d   unchanged.       The    prices     obtaining
average crop yields per acre, in tons, ; Mr.   E.  T. Calvert.    The usual votes   generally being those formerly quoted
of thanks were passed to the retiring   with the exception that eggs are more
officers. Sunday school teachers, chn.r-   plentiful and are quoted 22"_e.
rganist  ar.d   the  help  which   Sheep    (>c   to   6'ic
bus trip across Lulu Island approximately half an hour. The motor bus
runs to the Vancouver live-cent limit,
where an ample car service is available. A notable feature Is the punctuality of both ferry and bus. So
far as the ferry Is concerned, Mr.
Brewster's reputation for absolute
punctuality is a matter 0f general
knowledge  In  the Delta.
being: Hay, 3 ���_; oats, 3H; potatoes,
10 to 12; turnips and mangolds, 50
to 60.
- (From   The   British   Columbian.)
There is a photograph in Mr. Martin Monk's store on Front street, which
is exciting considerable attention locally. It represents a huge sturgeon
caught in the Fraser River on Good
Friday by Jim Burgess, a fisherman,
and bought by Mr. Monk. The fish
weighed 905 pounds, and was thirteen and a half feet long. The head
alone weighed 1 SS pounds. While
there are stories of sturgeon weighing more than this tish, this Is the
largest of which there i.s any authentic record. It was caught elose to
Douglas Island, near the mouth of
the Coquitlam River, Mr. Monk paid
seven cents per pound for the big
fish, so that the catch was a lucky
one for the fisherman. The photograph wa.s taken by Mr. W. T,
ley,   and   copies  are  in  great
the Ladles' Guild had given the
church throughout the past year. The
wardens wish spe i illy to thank MD-
Florence Lord an 1 tire glr's of th(
church for the help they gave them
in raising the m ;:iey to repaint tne
exterior of the church. The meeting
was attended by a good representative
Cattle  oc to 6c
ll .-'1       He
C lives    Tc  -1   "c
Ranch Butter   '��� SO-o
Eggs       2-IUc
I' itatoes, per t-'ia   $28 to $30
Se.d potatoes, per ton $8S to $40
Oats,   per   t"n $35
11 iy baled, per ton $13. $14
Brandrith,   of   Ladner,     has  supplied 1 locally
| the British Columbia with the follow- |
Apples  are  Injured  when  the ther- |
mometer  regtsterrers:   iu   bud,  28;   in
blossom,   30;   In   setting  fruit,   30;   at
ether  times,  28.
Aprloots: In bud, SO; In blossom.
31; 111 letting fruit. 31; at other
times, 30.
Cherries: in bud, 29; in blossom 30;
in setting fruit, 30: at other times, 29.
PeaChes: In bud, 29; 111 blossom, 30;
at other times, 2S.
28;   In  blossom,  29;
U other times, 28.
30:  in blossom. 31;
at other times, 29.
in setting fruit, 30;
Rears: In bud,
In setting fruit, 29;
Plums! In bud.
In setting fruit, 31;
First   Catch    of    Season    Made     Tills
Morning���Main Hun in 11
Few   Days.
(From the British Columbian.'
The oolichan run h 1- reached the
Fraser. Th-B morning one of Martin
Monk's fisherman toon B small eatjr'i,
approxiniaiiii'.' forty-five pounds, and
other catches are reported, but this
Is merely the vanguard otf a mlghlty
army of these small Du* prized fish '
Whloh will now reach the river within
a day or two. The run Is due on
April 5, but owing to certain circumstances, notably the extreme shallowness of the river ana the clarity ott
the  stream,  it  Is  later  than  ui-iial  this
year. Now ihat the advance agents
are here, 'as it were, !t Is only a mai-
d r of days before the main run arrives.
Number   of   Prominent    Citizens
Tills Dominion Were on Ship Lost     I
In  Atlantic.
NTEW    TORK,     April    15.���Amen,'
noted  Canadian   pasesngers  were     P.I
Markliuul   Moleon,  a   banker;   Mr.  and 	
Mrs.  Thornton Davidson, Mrs. James! While Slur Company Now states That
Baxter, Q.   Baxter.  H.  J.   Allison and | 15] |   Were   Lost   With  the
Mrs. Allison, of Montreal: Major Arthur Penchen, of the Queen's Own
Rifles, Toronto; Mrs. Mark Fortune
and Mrs. Graharr*.. of Winnipeg. Mr.
Davidson Is a member of the Mon
treal  Stock  Exchange  and  a  son  o
NEW YORK, April M    The follow-
1 ing was given  out  hen-  today by the
1 White star line aa the  final  revised
f'figures of those    saved    from  the Ti-
KI'NOSToN. ApTi! 8.���The Conservative Association endorsed the appointment of Major W. S. Hughes as player
warden of the penitentiary, succeeding Dr. Piatt, resigned. Major
Hughes was the penitentiary accountant, and Is alao grandma-rter for
Ba_rtern Ontario of the Grand Orange
Justice Davidson. His wife is a daughter of President Hays of the Grand
Trunk Pacific Railway, who with Mrs.
Hays and Miss Mays also were aboard.
Q.   Baxter   Is   a   well-known     hockey
I crew   wb
Paul Chevre the well-known French, 705.
sculptor,   who   also   made   the  Cham-'      Missing,  probably  dead:   First  cah-
plaln monument, was ,n the flrst cabin   In passengers. 172; second cabin pas-
on his way to Canada to complete the  sengers,     189;    steerage     passengers,
Mercier monument.    Mr. All-son la a  543;  crew. Including all but four of-
tanle,  and   from   them   was  deducted
the numbers or the probably 'bad:
The saved: Cabin passengers, nanus
known,   3><t;   steerage,   names  known
126;  steerage,  names    unknown     33;
manned   boats,   165;   total
The  pitiful sldi
well-known Montreal financier.
ficers, 700;  total  1511.
of the great strike In England. Thi man In he J-
cing to the hungry throng below that the free I iod 1 I-
trlbutlon Is over M the day. It is in Burslem. ir. th.. pottery .1 str its,
which were very hard hit as the result of coal shortage, and tne era ���
had no stnke fund to !>*1 '���*- t"'**11 "1'- Th'"y *ver<' ttle ���*-'*11 ���utter��rs In a
strugj*.. In whi.h they were not directly concerned. The lower pi.ture
Shows the free food distribution  to the children.
SATCRBAY, APRIL 20,  1��12.
Many Bodies Hnve to Be Communl-
eated With, and Arrangements
Are   Slow.
I arm arid
(From the British Columbian.)
The appointment of delegates to
the convention of agriculturists called
by the local Board of Trade, to discuss the excessive import of larm
produce into this district, is proceeding very slowly, owing to the large
number of boards of trade and other
organizations that have been asked to
send representatives, ahd the length
of time that will elapse before some
of these bodies meet. Secretary Wade
had desired to set the date of this
convention for May 10, the day en
which moving pictures of the city will
be shown at the Opera li use, but
R now appears as if there will not
he time to make al! arrangements
before  then.
In the meantime, Mr. E. C. Travis,
chairman of the committee "ii agri-
��� culture, i.s preparing fuller figures
than those submitted at the last meeting of the Board 0t Trade, and which,
il i.s stated, will slew- tile condition
of affairs to be even more alarming
than the Iirst report indicated. However, it is anticipated ihat this convention of practical men, dealing with
a subject which they understand, will
result in a remedy or remedies being
discovered  to  meet  the  conditions,
This Equation Is an Axiom, Especially
to the Apple Producer.
Success In apple culture, flnancla'.ly
speaking, says the report of the Vermont agricultural experiment station,
is just ns dependent upon the Intelligent and businesslike disposal of the
fruit ns upon the cultural methods followed lu its production, lt is quite
/lossiblc to grow n good crop of nice
fruit and yet through lack of business
ability or intelligence or both to foil
lo realize n reasonable profit from Its
dispos.il. Success iu the business end
of fruit growing depends largeiy upon
the following factors: Picking the
fruit at the proper time and in a careful manner, proper grading and packing,   the use of attractive packages,
This handsome monument is to be
erected   by   the  nation   at   the   Plca-
dilly end of ,'ie bja'rd walk in Green
'Park,  London.
The attendance at the market Friday was not (|uite so good as usual,
seeding operations throughout the
country evidently militating agdinst
numbers. There were few milk cows
ottered by auction' sale.
Eggs, sold at. per dbs 30c
Butter, per lb, 40c, or two lbs. for 75c
Laying Hens,  dozen       $11
Poultry, live weight     22c to 24c
Veal,  lb    13c
Beef, lb    8c to 10c
Potatoes, per sack      * 1.50
Potatoes, per ton       *30
Third, Fourth    nnd Fifth    on Titanic
Took Clinrae of llont.���Others
AM  Drowned.
NEW YORK, April 17.���Wind
(that all the officers commanding the
White Star liner '''"tunic went down
with the Ship except the third, fourth
and fifth officers and the second
Marconi operator, who fgnWtied mcim-
Ibers of the crew to man the lifeboats
on which the survivors eaoaped, Its
contained in an "unofficial" wireless
-dispatch, received here by Frederick
Rldgeway of the Internation il Merchant Marine. Tbe message was sent
"by the operalnr aboard the Olympic
via the Celtic.    The message reads:
"Ple-ase allay report thai the Virginian saved any of the Titantlc's passengers. Neither did the 1'irisiaii.
All the survivors are uboard the Cw-
pathla." '
The me-wiige, Rldgeway said, must
be regarded as "unofficial" bcrauso,
although it came from Cape Race, it
wns received through other- than official channels.
A_-JN-.EVII-l.-l-, April 17.���Mr. A.
Jensen, manager of the B.C. Cannery, and postmaster at Annieville,
has commenced the erection of his
fine new residence on Annieville
Heights. It will be a handsome and
commodious structure, two storej-
high with a concrete basement and
will contain 10 rooms exclusive of kitchen and accessories. The site i* a
���beautiful one, on a plateau, which
commands a sweeping view of the
Eraser upwards and down to Its
mouth, and across to New Westminster, Burnaby and South Vancouver
and the mountains beyond.
S/if/ohs Gun
proper storage, adequate transportation facilities, placing the fruit on the
market ln its season and when lt ls
commanding a good price. While
there are no hard and fast rules governing the picking of apples, the successful orchuidist strives to harvest his
fruit when It lias reached its full size
and has developed, in the case of colored varieties, a normal, or, if possible,
u maximum, amount of color. Apples
should not hang until they hnve begun
to ripen if a long keeping fruit is desired.
The ability so to grade and to pack
apples that when they are offered for
sale tbey present an attractive appearance because of uniformity and minimum amount of injury from transportation is a valuable asset to the or-
chardist. This one item determines
largely the success or failure of the
grower to realize the best market price
for his product. In order to present
this attractive appearance the apples
must be of a nearly uniform size and
color and present few surface defacements. In packing either a barrel or
box the package should be carefully
fnced with fruit which should as nearly ns possible represent Its overage
contents. Facers, however, may be
somewhat higher colored than the average without seriously misrepresenting
the contents of the package. Barrel
packages are either single or double
fnced, usually tbe latter. In facing a
package the stem end ls placed downward. By judicious selection of facers
the packer con usually manage to
have a well filled layer. Lurge inter
sfiees or Irregular arrangement of the
irult In lhe facer rows detracts materially from the finished appearance of
the package. Likewise high colored
fuill should not be mixed with medium vr low colored fruit In the facer
row. Uniformity In size, arrangement,
color and freedom from blemishes are
four points to be kept In mind. <-
The observance of these details
alone does uot. however, Insure an attractive package when opened. Another necessary precaution is thnt the
pucknge shall be sufficiently well filled
so that when headed It will be just
firm enough to hold the fruit lu place
and uot so tight as to bruise a considerable proportion of It. A clenn.
bright barrel should be used. In which
a plain or corrugated paper cap
should be placed to lessen the bruising
antl add to thc attractiveness of the
package. The bottom being faced, the
barrel slmtild be half filled with fruit
poured In carefully by lowering the
basket well Into the barrel and given
a thorough shaking to settle tbe apples Into place. This operation should
lie repeated when the barrel ls nearly
full. It ls then filled a trifle above
the chines, the top layer being arranged as uniformly as possible. The
coL.eutS of the barrel are then pressed Into place with a well padded head
specially prepared for this purpose.
When this false head ls removed a
plain or preferably corrugated paper
lap ls added and the top cover pressed Into place with a screw or lever
barrel header and nnlled firmly Into
nlace. Tough twigs may be used for
When barrels are filled too full the
pressing mny injure all the apples.
When filled too light to provide for
shrinkage during shipment the apples
present an even sorrier appearance.
Mr. Stuart Henderson, Former M. L.
A., is Charged With Embezzlement by Farmer.
VANCOUVER, B. C, April 18���
Mr. Stuart Henderson, K. C., lately
Liberal candidate in Lillooet, and for-
, nierly member for Yale in the local
j legislature, was arrested here yester-
! day afternoon on a charge of embez-
' zlement. He was afterwards released
{on $3000 bail, $1500 in himself and
j $1500 divided between two sureties of
i $750 each. He will return to Ash-
I croft, where the Information wus
i laid, this afternoon.
' The allegation against Mr. Hendor-
'son is that in July, 1910, an elderly
I Norwegian farmer named Hans Gjill-
stad, living at Ashcroft, gave him, as
j his solicitor, $1112 to pay off a
! mortgage on 160 acres of land In Al-
.berta. Mr. Gjillstad in his lnfonna-
titon alleges that Mr. Henderson told
j him he had paid off the mortgage
��� and had the papers in safe keeping.
'This spring Mr. Gjillstad wanted to
! rent his land, but the prospective
tenants objected to taking it with a
| mortgage on it. Mr. Gjillstad then
made inquiries, and says he found
| that the $11111 had not been paid. He
! further alleges that he has a letter
' from Mr. Henderson stating that the
mortgage had been paid, and that he
has also the paid cheque which Mr.
i Henderson cashed.
Mr. Henderson states that the -ac-
ICUsatlon is entirely false, and that he
i will have no difficulty In disproving
it when the matter comes up for trial.
He adds that the absurdity of thc
charge is apparent in face of the fact
that during the past year or two he
has been very successful In a financial way, and it was hardly likely that
a man with his knowledge of law and
consequences would so neglect his
business as to allow such a charge to
be brought against him. He declares
that the charge is the outcome of
eplte and that he has not the least
fear In facing it.
Tiie original warrant against Mr.
Henderson was issued at Ashcroft,
but was executed here shortly aft'r
one o'clock when he had returned
from Victoria. The warrant was
served by Provincial Constable North
on  Mr.   Henderson at his hotel.
Later in the afternoon he secured
| the professional services of Mr. C. W.
Craig, and appeared before Magistrate Alexander and was released on
the above' mentioned bail. As the
warrant was issued in Ashcroft he
will return there with a provincial
constable today to stand his trial.
Mr. A. S. Goodove, M.P., has promised his advocacy and support for the
dredging by the government of Nelson city waterfront.
Contracts for an additional 25 miles
on the Kettle Valley railway, west of
Carmi, have been let to C. H. Williams & Co., 6 miles, Milligan Dus-
sault & Co., 9 miles, and Porter &
Connolly 10 miles.
There' Is great activity ln South
Vancouver real estate, chiefly In *Jie
vicinity of the North Arm of the
Fraser, and fronting the Eburne and
New Westminster tram line.
Numerous cases of petty theft    on
the C. P. R. freight   trains    between
Cranbrook and Crow's Nest have culminated in   sentences of three months
jail with hard labor for George Miller,
j conductor  and  Ole  R.  Sykes,  brake-
man,   for  stealing  a  box    of   butter
from  a box car.
j     There   Is   considerable   friction    -at
I Prince Rupert between the mayor and
the   police   magistrate.     The   may-
i severely  criticises  the   magistrate  on
j his  decisions and  what he  descriebs
as too lenient punishment, especially
in regard to blind pigs and disorderly   houses,     So   far   the     magistrate
maintains  a   dignified  silence.
Delta Hotel.
Harry Johnson, Elgin.
Raymond A.  Fraser,  Vancouver.
Peter A. Howden, Vancouver.
William Vulpe, Vancouver.
Harold   Roberts,  aVncouver.
Joe   Dupuis,  Vancouver,
F.  Heed, Vancouver.
George  L.  King,  France.
Mrs.  G.  L.  King, Vancouver.
Nadine  King.  Prance.
Mrs. Guswald, France,    ,
Alex. D. Maxwell, Montreal.
IA,   If.    Gordon,   .New   Westminster.
T. Trapp, New Westminster.
Ii��<1iier Hotel
W. W. Woodland. Vancouver.
John Davis, New Westminster.
J, Klernan, New Westminster.
George Paul, Vernon.
J.  F.  Fife, Vancouver.
F. F. Knoppen, Vancouver.
C.   F.   Kiel,   Vancouver.
Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin, Vancouver.
George Snowden, Vancouver.
Quit Work  In  Orchard.
Do not cultivate the orchard ground
later than August.    The wood must
have   time  to  harden,   and  the  sap
should not tie encouraged to run.
DEI/TA     M--NICII-AL     IIAI.I-     BY-
LAW,   1012.
A   Ply-I_aiw to  enalblc  the Corpo* ation
of  Delta  to raise  by  way  of u  loan
ihe sum  of $15,000.00 for the purpose   of   *instrur_lng   and   furnish-
:     ing  a     Municipal   Hmll     eontainiimg
offices', r:r"r>ro'of vault and lock-up.
Whereas a petition signed by A. de
R. Taylor and others, being the owners  of  more  than  one-tenth   in  value
|of the r-al property In the Munlo*p<al-
lty, has been presented to the Municipal Council praying that a By-law be
| sun-mi We'd   to   the  vote  of  those  eniti-
,'tled  to  vote  thereon  for the  purpose
I of raising upon the credit of the Mu-
jnilCipallty   a   suim   nlot   exceeding   flf-
iteen thousand  ($15,000.00) dollars for
the   purpose  oif  erecting  a   Munk-lpial
Hall     containing     offices,     fireproof
vault and lock-up.
And whereas it Is necessary to
raise the moneys required to dofnay
the above experrditure upon the credit
'of  the  Municipality.
And whereas it will be ne-cesaary to
raise annually by special rate the sum
of five hundred and four ($504.00)
principal and the sum o. six huntlred
;($600.00) d-llais Interest ma-king a
total amount annually of eleven hundred and lour $1104.00) .dollars for
Ithe term of twenty (20) years for the
repayment of the said loan and interest thereon as hereinafter mentioned.
And whereas the net value of the
whole rattti'ble kind In Ohe' muni'd-
'paUty according to the last revised
asseisisment roll amioaints to five million five hundred and sixty-three
thousand four 'hundred and sixty-five
($5,563,465.00) dollars, and the net
value of the Improvements upon the
real property acwordinig to the last revised assessment roll amounts to four
hundred   and    ninety-two    thou_a:id
and sixty   ($492,060.00)   _ollar_.
And whereas the Municipality has
no existing 'deibenture de.bt exclusive
of local improvement de'bts secure.d
hy special rates or asses_men't_ of
which none of the prinicijial or interest  is in .arrears.
And whereas tK> provide for the
payment of interest and the creation of a eilnkling fund .for Che pay-
|mcnt otf the .said principal sum of
���fifteen thousand ($15,000,00) dollars
it will be necessary to levy a special
'annual rate siu<fiftois-*t to ri Be bhe
isuin of eleven inun'dred and four
i ($1104.00) dollars the am.uiK to lie
'calculated annually on the whole of
the rateable land comiprh-'ed within
'the Municipality, and upon fifty '50)
'per cent of the a.se.-wU value of the
improvements upon real properly in
the  Municiipal'ity.
I Now therefore the Municipal Cuiin-
.cil otf the i.'op' i rati on of Delta enacts
as  follows;���
i 1. It shall be lawful Cor the Reeve
|and Clerk of the CoiiiM-il for the
purposes aforesaid to borrow* or raise-
by way of loan from any parson or
body of bodies corporate whio may ibe
willing to advance the some upon the
credit of the debentures hereinafter
'mentioned, a sum not exceeding
Ifit'teen thousand ($15,000,001 dollars
��� and to cause the same to be placed
In the Royal I'.ank of Canada, at Ladner, in the Province of British Colum-
":>ia, to the credit of the said Corpora-
jiti'on lor the purposes and with the
'oibjews aibove set forth and to issue
idtlbentures oif ��� the said oorpoira-
! tion ln sums of not less than one
ithous.nul ($1,000.00) dollars each, to
;tbe sum of fifteen flvousanid ($15,000.-
100 > dollars In the whole in accordance with the "MuiTk-hpal Act." And
!the said 'debentures shall be issued to
[consist of fifteen (14) debentures,
leach ol". the ilenonilnatinn of one
thousand ('.$1,000.00) dollars or may
|be expressed in the sterling equivalent at the rate of $4,86 2-3 to the one
i tl > pound sterling; and such debentures shall have annexed thereto cou-
pom-, expressed both ln sterling and
i ln currency for the Interest thereon
'at- the rate otf four i -i I per centum
iper annum, paya'ble half-yearly on
the first day of June and the first
Iday of December in each and every
'year during the currency of the said
[debentures or any of them. And such
debentures shall be delivered to the
I purchasers thereof, and both as to
principal and Interest shall be payable
at the Royal Bank of Canada in the
City uf Toronto in the Province of
Ontario, or at the said Bank In the
City of Montreal in the Province otf
Qufflsec, or at the said Bank ln Ladner in the Province of British Columbia, or at the said Rank in the City of
London in England, or at the said
Bank 1n the City of Nerw York in the
United States of America, at the
holders' option. An'd the principal of
thc said debentures shall be payable
Ion the first day of June, A. D. 1932.
I 2. There shall be raised and lev-
lied annually by a special rate ��uf-
Ifieient therefor on all the rateable
'land and upon fifty (50) per cent of
'.ha assessed Value of the Improvements upon the real property within
|the limits of the Municipality the sum
of five hundred and four ($504.00)
|for the purtpose rof forming a sinking
fund for the payment oif the said debentures, an'd the sum of six hundred
($000.00) dollars foT the .payment of
lntere*tt ait the rate aforesaid, the said
spec ii raite to be iu addition to all
other rates to be levied and collected
In the Municipality during the currency of the said debentures or any
of  them.
3. All moneys forming port of the
sinking funds to be raised by the
special rate aibove referred Bo shall
be Inverted by the Council of the said
Corporation from time to time as the
law -directs.
4. The Council m'ay at any time
or from time to time purchase any
of the delientiires Issued under this
By-law and all the debentures so
purohasK-1 shall forthwith be cancelled or destroy*"!] and no re-lesue of
d-cibentures shall be made ln oonse-
quence   of   such   purchase.
6. This By-law shall take effect on
and after the first day of June, 11)12'.
6. This Hy-lia.w may be cited for all
purposes as "The Delta Municipal
Hall  By-law,  1912."
Done and paused In open Council
this day ot 1912.
Received the assent of the Electors
nt an election for the purpose on
the day of A. D.
Reconsl'dered and finally passed
by the Council, signed by the Reeve
and Clerk and sealed with the Corporate Seal all on the day
Of                                A.   D.   1912.
The Royal uw\ ol Canada
Incorporate** IM*.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED,     $10,000,000
CAPITAL PAID-UP     $ 8,251,080
RESERVE FUND     $7,058,188
Total Assets Over One Hundred and Tea Millions.
Jtecomnis ot Out-of-ZJown Customers Simon Special Jfttontiom
Aoc-vnu may be opened with deposits of ONE DOI/LAR   and   Upwards.
Interest paid, or credited, half-yearly on June   SOtb aad    December
81st, each year.
II. F. BISHOP. Manager i.ADM*H. b, c.
E. F. Douglas
Loans - - Insurance
Delta Times Office, Ladner, B. C.
C.  M. C.
Take   notice   -hat   the     above   Is  a
true  corpy  of the    proposed    Dy-ljaw
upon  which the  vote  mf  the  Municipality will be taken on trie 1st day mf
May, 1912, between the hours mf nine
o'clock pi. m. and seven o'clock p. m.
at the following- places, viz.:
The  Council   Chttimber,   Dad ner;
.School  Tlou-se,  East  Delta;
W. W. Dennett's House, Stnaiulberry
Post  Office,   Annieville.
C. M. C.
i-ulner,  April  15.  1912.
SMMs Gun
The People s Trust Co., Ltd.
Authorized Capital, $500,000.00
Real Estate and Insurance, Conveyancing
Neatly Execute'd
Financial Agents
Estate Agents
The People's Trust Co., Ltd.
People's Trust Building
Ladner, B. C.
Boots, Shoe: and Rubbers
Men's   Furnishings, Prints
\ 5 Roses Flour, Red Setl  Pastry Flour, Rolled Oats,
\ Graham Flour, Carnation Wheat Flakes, Cream of Wheat,
f White Star, Magic, Coledyke and Royal Baking Powders,
J Davies'   Pork   and   Beans,   Fresh   Fruits,   Evaporated
\ Peaches, Dried Prunes, Climax and Chivers Jams, House-
! hold Ammonia, Teas and Coffee.
A poor shoe makes you miserable
all over.
We have shoes 'of the best makes
suitable for all sorts and sizes of feet.
Boots Shoes Rubbers
Custom Work a Specialty
X SATURDAY, APRIL 20,  _��12.
George Paul, of Vernon, was in the
town early in the week, buying horses.
Mr. H. N. Rich Is visiting several
inland points, including Kamloops,
Er.derby, Penticton, etc.-*'
There    was
friends   at   ,M.
Tuesday night.
quite   a  gathering   of
Ooselick's    home    on
Work Is being pushed ahead on the
two vessels In the slips between Ladner  and  Port  Quichon.
Mr. James Follis sold ten acres of
hi's ranch to Mr. .Robert C. Colston,
of Pender Island, on Thursday, for
the  su'm  of six thousand  dollars,
Mrs. W. J. /Lanning and Miss Weare
are  vlsltir.g  In  Vancouver.
The laying of the rock for the
Westham Island bridge was duly completed ������or. Monday and the working
crew left for New Westminster.
Arthur Pox, of Fox Bros., has left
on a fortnight's vacation, Mr. Fox
intended to spend a few days in Vancouver and then visit some, eastern
points.   |
Mr. and Mrs. McLaughlin, of Vancouver, are now running a picture
show at Lfidner on Saturdays, and
last Saturday drew a good crowd.
Mrs. W. I5". Curtis and son, who
have been visiting Mrs. D. A. McKee, have gone to New Westminster
to   take   up  their   residence.
Miss Annie Button, 14 years of age,
of Lord Kelvin School, New Westminster, was chosen May Queen for that
J. 1'. Fyfe. T. F. Knoppen and C,
F. Kiel, nf Vancouver, were visitors
on   Tuesday,   having   motored   round.
Nelson Howard has taken over the
supervision  of the  wharf for a  fort
night  during  the  absence   of  Arthur
Mr. Patrrick O. MacRae has commenced erecting the new bowling
alley on the property he has purchased  opposite  the  Times   ofllce.
You farmers! IRead the auction
advertisement that Mr. II. X. inch
has In this Issue of The Times. It's
worth your while.
Owing to a clerical error, the name
If the proprietor of the Ladner Carriage & Automobile Works was given
as-G. D. Baker, instead of G. T. Baker.
It is human to err.   .
Accomplishes Much
A (wo cent tump doet a lot for
very little money, but it would require thousand! of two cent uamps
and personal lettcn to make your
wtnu known, to ai many people as
a 15c. investment in out Classified
Want Ads.
For Sale, For Exchange, Wanted t"
Purchase, To Let, Lost, Found. Work
Wanted, Situations Vacant, 1 cent per
word, minimum charge -" cents. Three
insertions Bit the price of two. All Want
Ads.  must lie In by 2 p.m. on Thursday.
The.    grateful     rain    of   Wednesday
night and Thursday  morning delighted the farmers and the brilliant sun-
They   are   Interested   in   the   sale   of   shine and  growing heat  of Thursday
Coquitlam property and were explaining its* possibilities to  local investors.
James Turner, the new constable
for the municipality, is well known In
the district, although for some (it/nt
back he has been working in Vancouver.
Mr. Ley] a ml .Hornby has two magnificently bred shires ln "Severn Falcon" and "Severn Cecil." Some interesting tabula of the pedigrees will be
given  in  next  week's Issue.
Mr. Jack Johnson, the popular host
of the Delta Motel, Is unfortunately
confined to bed. Mr. Johnston was
taki n ill "n Tuesday morning, but it
is hoped that he will be out
about again  very shortly.
after  the   rain   should   bring  growth.
Jos, Turner, J. \V. lloll.nshead, Jas.
Richardson and Ale^j. Davie will be
among the exhibitors at the Vancouver Horse Show next week. They
can be depended on to give a good
account  of  the  Delta.
Some cltizess have compla.nied of
the stench from a pig sty on the water
front ln Chinatown. The Times representative did not locate the alleged
nuisance, but the matter is worth the
attention  uf the  municipality.
Mr. Joe Tamboline's well-known
Bta!Uor*�� will travel the Delta again
this year, beginning Monday flrst.
These horses are so well known and
their merit has been s0 thoroughly
proven   that  no   boosting  ls  required.
Mr. S. W. Walters, Ladner's new-
general merchant, is much impressed
with the possibilities of the town ar.d
and ! district. He has a long experience in
small towns, both on the prairies and
on the coast, and his optimism Is
worth banking on.
A kitchen shower in honor of Miss
Muriel Oreen, daughter of C. F,
Green, San Jose. Cal,; and former
resident of Delta, was given at Mrs
T. J. Green's, Oreencroft, on Wednesday afternoon, at which alxiut 40 were
present. Many useful and handsome
additions to her kltohen""**were showered  on Ml^s Green.
The Delta takes the honors with
calm dignity. When Vancouver had
a cougar at large In Stanley Park,
the whole city went crazy. The cougar that is at present terrorizing the
school children at Boundary Bay is
regarded with pat.'ent calm. Tou
can't pass off a cow in the moon-
The   good   people   of  Ladner   have   light as a  white  elephant  in Ladner.
the  best  field  for investment     in  the 	
province   right   at   their    own    door.       Mr   Geflrg(l   K|lpin,   who   has  been
Without disparaging the advantages of   ,n   tempomry   charge   -.-.  tht   Ladner
Two important bylaws, viz.: The
Delta Municipal Hall Bylaw and the
Delta "load Machinery Bylaw, will
be submitted to the voters on May
1st. The text "f the bylaws, which
appears in this issue should be carefully read.
TO   T.KNT���'Bedroom;  no board.    Reply   to   D.   A.   Ladner,   Post   Office.
FOR SALE���Gaivanlzed Iron water
tank; nearly new.. Holds 474 Imperial gallons. Apply Howard Bros.,
FOR SALE���Pony, harness and buggy
Apply Delta Times Office.
FOR SALE���Manure spreader in first-
class working order; cheap for
cash.    Apply P.O.  Box 25, Ladner.
'    Anglican
Holy Communloa.   llrst and   third
"u.idays at 11 a. m.. second and fourtn
Sundays at 8 a.m.; matins, 11 a.m.,
Sunday school at 10 a.m.; Evening
Service at 7.30 p.m.; Friday evening,
Utany at 8.30. Rev. C. C. Hoyle,
Church service* will bs held every
jthsr Sunday, beginning with Sunday,
Movsmber 14, 1009: Parochial mass
41 16.39 a.m.; Sunday school, I pjn.;
evening devotion. I p.m.; low mam
file following Monday, ( a.m. F
Klentz, D.L., parish priest.
Service, next Lord's Day at 11 a.ir,
-lid 7:30 p.m.; class meeting, aftei
���he morning serrice every Sunday;
Sabbath school at 2:30' p.m. every
Sunday, prayer meeting every Wednesday evening at 7:30. Rev. J. H.
Wright, pastor.
St. Andrew'! Pr-wbytertan.
Services next Lord's Day at 11 a.m.
hlttt 7.30 p.m.; week night services on
Thursday evening at 7.30 o'clock. Rev
1.   J.   Hastie,  minister.
Sabbath services.���-Crescent Island,
I p.m.; Sundayschool, 2 p.m.. Lad-
aar, 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school at 11
a.m.; prayer meeting on Wednesday
tt T:!0 p.m. Rev. C. R. Blunden,
Phone 39
P. O. Box 4
Our 13 Day Sale is Now Over
But In looking through our store we now lind odd lots ar.d ends
which we don't intend to keep ',n stock. So we have decided to
put these lines on sale at prices that will move them quickly. Each
���li'l-artim-nt will bate hoiim-hing to off-ir. Every item here ls a bargain, yet hundreds just as good are crowded out; no room to mention. Make It your business* to come to the store and see for yourself.
Wanted to purchase twenty acres
of improved land near Ladned; state
price.    Apply  X,  Delta Times.
ocoooocx>jcy joc>oococ)Oooc)cioc
Mineral and
Soda Waters
outside places of recent birth as places
of investment, it should be borne ln
mind that at current prices tht Delta
Is infinitely superior to anything offered  elsewhere.
branch of the People's Trust Company, pending the appointment of a
permanent manager, left on Tuesday
last for Xew Westminster to fill the
appointment ln the Peoples' Trust
branch ther.?. Mr. Kilpln has made
Messrs. Lanning, Fawcett and Wii-1 many friends during his stay  in the
sor. report business as good.    A gen- ' town and  has the  good  wishes of all
eral flow of prosperity seems to have j for his future prosperity.
struck  the  town.    To  all  appearance 1 	
this   Is   no   casual   wave,   but   seems
simply  the  beginning  of  a   full  flood
tide which will carry Ladner and  the
Delta   on   its   crest   into   the   position
that  her  wonderful sod  and situation
entitles her.
There was a rather startling run-
; away 0n Wednesday. A team belong-
| Ing to A. Lovlck was standing out-
| side the post offlce when it suddenly
j took fright and bolted. The tongue
I dropped and the whippletrees broke
j and the terrified team, after going a
The residents in one of the best 1 short distance, changed with tremen-
dtstrlcts m the town have been listen-1 dous force Into a telephone pole. So
lr.g attentively to strange nocturnal I great was the impact that the stout
sounds recently. Various theories ^telephone pole snapped off short.
have been advanced, some people sug-   Fortunately  the  team   was uninjured.
gestlng that lt ls a cougar with a con- ] 	
tralto voice, others that lt  is only thc-
growing thunder of the Ladner  town
boom.    The Delta Times  Is,  however,
, Informed that It is merely one of the
I coming   musical   celebrities practicing
ion an-instrument called a trombone.
Mr.  W.  II.
ager   of   the
here.    Mr. A.
on  Tuesday
Ha,re Is now the man-
People's    Trust    branch
11. Gordon, who arrived
to    take    charge    of    the
branch altered his arrangements audi
returned to New Westminster on |
Thursday In the automobile which I
brought Mr. Baire down. Mr. Oor-1
don was very optimistic on Ihe future
of   Ladner   town   and   Delta   district.
The Xatlonal Biscuit Company, nf
j Vancouver, besides "delivering the
goods," are carrying on a most lnter-
I estlng contest. The coupon enclosed
I in each box of crackers has Infinite
I possibilities. You simply 1111 it IE
I and await results. You may draw a
1 valuable prize. At the last competl-
| Mon. Mrs. J. A. Cunningham, a New
, Westminster lady, WOO a Singer's sew-
I ing machine.
There is a crying need for an improved postal service In (East Delta.
At present only a bi-weekly service
on Wednesday and Saturday Is given.
As a dally train passes the main road
artery of this district very little difficulty should be experienced In putting
the East Delta residenters on an equal
footing with many younger, less populous and  less prosperous  districts.
Mr. J*. T. Calvert has be<;n carrying on an extensive correspondence
on behalf of the Board nf Trade with
the Vancouver Progress Club. This
club, of which Dr. Rowe ls the mov-
ln& spirit, has asked the Delta to
send an exhibit to the club of the
natural resources of the Delta. The
old Commereia' Club rooms on Hastings street have been secured and the
only charge made
exhibits will be a
for space
Tho Armstrong Advertiser says: J.
M. Tnwnaend, who returned to town
a couple of weeks ago, has rented
the Heard farm, near Lansdowne, for
a couple of years. Heard Bros, have
left for the coast and will settle or.
a farm nt Ladner's Landing, East
Delta. They arc- among the pioneers
of the 'Okanagan Valley and wish to
take-a rest for a time. It Is their
Intention to return here In a couple
of years time.
A. W. Oliver ts busy building a new-
boat for True Oliver. The latter, who
Is recognized as the best game shot
in the province, Is as enthusiastic as
ever over his geese and duck shooting. With the experience of 20 years
behind him, Mr. True Oliver is a
master of his art. He knows enough
to be constantly Improving on his
methods and on the subject of decoys
is the greatest authority on tht coast.
The old railway across the dyke
icslde the*" B. & K. store has been
to those sending removed. The work began on Thurs-
proportlon rent day morning. It was used in olden
The Delta Board of Trade' days for running material ln the way
with commendable enterprise have of sand, gravel and rock from the
agreed to send an exhibit provided the   river to the road.    A  change of con-
charge does not exceed their purse.
SMhtis Gun
New Westminster, B. C.
Manufacturer of
ALE and all kinds oi
Your Patronage Solicited
Via Steveston and
Dally���In Effect October 1.
Lsava BtSfsaton���9.30 a.m.; 4.30 p.m.
Leave  Ladner���-.10  a.m.;   2.30   p.m
Incorporated HMO.
We are prepared to Install single
lln*M>r party line phonea at short notice. Long dlatanoe In connection with
our sfervlce.   Apply to
A.  DeR.  TAYLOR.  8ec.
P. O. Drawer S.
Phone z
Delta Hotel
 J. JOHNSON, Prop.	
LADNER,  -   -   B.C.
AU Modern Conveniences, Newly Furnished.   Well Heated,   Sample  Room
American and  European Plan
First Class Cuisine
Prompt Service
Best Wines, Liquors & Cigars
Rates Rkasonabi.b
McNeely Concert and Dance Hall
Nut   and   Lump  Coal  for  Sale
Sheep Breeders
dltions has rendered it unnecessary
and It had become simply an antiquated eyesore. The council's action
In removing erections of this discretion, which have served there day
and generation will be generally com-l to sheep men.
mended. All ar0 cordially Invited to attend
will be held at the following points
under the joint auspices of the Dominion Live Stock Branch and the
Provincial Department of Agriculture
With a view to stimulating greater
Interest in the Sheep Industry in this
Mctcho-dn���April  15tli.
Snndwlck���April 10.
Duncam��-���April  17th. J
('angc-N���April  19th.
I-ulncr���April 22nd.
ChUUwack���April 23rd.
Commencing at 8 p.m.
The    above    meetings   will   be
dressed   by  Mr.   W.   T.   Ritch,
m.nlon Sheep Commissioner and Mr.
0.  M.  MacRae, of the Dominion Live
Stock   Branch,   op   topics   of   interest
������ .��. >*. ��������� -��..���..������������.�����������������,�������������������������������������������������
Delta municipality is situated at
the mouth of the Fraser river ln the
1nest agricultural district ln Ca nda.
The chief Interests in the Delta -.re
farming, dairying, fruit culture, market gardening *nd horse breeding.
The shipping facilities by rail .ind
boat to the markets of Llrltiiili Columbia and the States are unrivalled.
The crop yield is the largest per acre
In Canada, In the year 1909 between
40,0t0 and 50,000 tons of produce
were raised In the Delta district,
-long the south bank of the Fraser
river there are sites for al' industries.
Board of Trade ��� President, A.
Davie; Secretary, W. H. Wilson.
Justices of the Peace���R. E. Kittson
rt. D. Benson, H. J. Kirkland, Wm.
61. Curtis, J. B, Burr. J. McKee.
Coronors���Dr. A.A. King and Dr.
J.   Kerr  Wilson.
Medical Health Officer���Dr. Dudley
School Board���Chairman, S. Wright
I.-Robertson,  A.  deR. Taylor,  J.  Mc-
Callum.    Secretary, N. A. McDiarmid.
Farmers'     Institute���President,    T.
Hume;  Secretary,  N.  A.  McDiarmid.
Delta Farmers' Game Pro'ective
Association���Pr��sident, John McKne;
Secretary. H. J. Hutcherson.
Delta Agricultural Society���President, H. J. Hutcherson, Secretary, A.
leR. Taylor.
Member of Parliament���J. D. Taylor, New Westminster.
Member of Loca' Legislature���F. J.
MacKenzle, New Westminster.
Boat Salllnga���SS New Delta,
leaves Ladner every day for Steveaton at 8:!0 a.m., and 3:30 p.m., connecting with the B.C.E.R. for Van-
30uver. Returning leaves Steveaton
_t 9:30 a.m., and 4:30 p.m. B.S.
Transfer leaves for New Westminster daily, except Sundays, at T a.m.,
and returning leaves New Westminster at 2 p.m., reaching Ladner at
5:30 p.m.
Railways���Great Northern leaves
Port Guichon daily for New Westminster and Vancouvsr at 7 a.m.; returning leaves Vancouvsr at 2:30 p.m.
rsachtng Port Guichon about 7.30 p.
Lulu Island Branch, G. H. Franklin.
Local Manager; Vancouver to Eburne
and Steve-ston���Obits leave Granville
Street Depot (at north end of bridge
ever Failse Creek) at 6:30 a-m. ami
hourly until 10:30 p.m. Special car
(or Ebiwne at 6:00 a.m. CBib leave
Steveston at 6:30 a.m. and hourly until 10:30 p-m. Sunday Service���First
oare leave either tenmlnrua at 8:30 a.m
Hourly service thereafter until 10:30
p. m.
Post Offlne���Hours S a.m., to 7 p.m.
Mall for Vancouver close at 3 p. m.
for New Westminster and up river
points at 1.30 a.m. Closed all day Sundays.
Municipal Council meets Municipal
Hall, Ladner, on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays in aach month at 2 p. m.
Following are the members of the
Reeve���Jo in Oliver.
Councillor*,���C. Brown, H. D. Benson. W. A. Kirkland, H. Lewis, A.  D.
Fancy Lustres in all shades;  regular   price   40c   to   50c   to   clear  at
per yard        27V_0
Mixed Tweeds; regular price, 7 5c a yard, to clear at, per yard 45c
Blue and Lllack Serges, reg. 8 5c a yard, to clear at, per yard 50c
A full range of fancy Muslins;  all new Spring goods and values up
to  30e yard,  to clear at,  per  yard         17V&C
Ladies' Top Skirts;  values to $8,00, to clear at, each        $_.(I0
7-   pairs Corsets;   values  up   to   $.2.00  a  pair,  to  clear at,  each    50c
Sizes   18,   19,   24,   25,   26,   _7, 28,  29 and 30.
Men's,   Boys  and Children's  Hats  at   less than   one-half   the   original
wholesale cost.
Men's   and   Hoys'   Suits;   sizes   from   32   to   40;   values   from   J7.00   to
$18.00  at from,  per suit      $10 to $1:5
Men's Boys, Women's and Childt-n's Shoes; Crockery (hurilward,. included);   everything  reduced,
Keep your eyes on our windows and take notice of what we
are doing. Visit us Saturday ami the following week. REMEMBER
THE i!*__AC"E:
Successor to H. J. Hutcherson
General Merchant Ladner, B. C.
Joe Tamboline's
Two Stallions
Will again travel the Delta
District this season, coram in-! VUmt *** A,,1,I'1Ik-' Airos�� *-<��� 1U" erring Monday, 22d April ,*,'",B 1>,u in ���Mo<l<���," Sha*N-
���mmI Market.
Sale   of   Used    Piancs   and
"We have several u.sed Pianoa to
dispose of at low prices���$100.00 up.
Also some second-hand Organs at
bargain  prices.
Call  or write us  for particulars.
Hicks & Lovick Piano Co.
111* Granville sini^t. Vancouver, B.C.
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French regulator mover falls, These
pills are exceeditiKlv powerful in ri-t-iilatinc the
(tenerative portion of the female svst.m. RefttIO
.,11 cheap imitations. Dr. da Tan'i are sold at
���5 a box. or three lor MO. Mailed to any address.
The Soob-slI T>rn�� "o., St. Catharine's. <'*>
Gross seeds
Timothy, Alsyke
Red Clover, Rye
Grass, Etc., Etc.
Brackman-Ker Milling Co.
H. N. RICH, Agent
LADNER,     -     -     -   B.C.
on service, and an addi- .o^S^at 2_1?5B
tional $15 On the 1st Of March | Westminster,   situated   in   a ravine   on
the south bank of the Fra3<_r river,
and about midway between Annieville
and Sunbury, lies the Western Canada
Brick Company's bricK works, it Is
an ideal speft for an Industry of the
kind, plenty of raw material in the
splendid clay larks of the bluffs overlooking the rUcr in close proximity
to the plant, and transportation facilities in excelsis by road, water and
Tbe present company only acquired
the   property   in   February   last   from
for mares proving in foal
Westham Island, P. O.
Pony Cart and Harness, Mowing
Machine, Hay Hake, Incubator and
Brooder, Root Cutt-er, Wheel Barrow,
.Set of Single Harneas, 13 dozen Chickens, 1 Pig, quantity of F.rewood,
Churn, Washing Machine, Home Cim-
fort Range, Heater, K-'hairs, Dining
Table, Couch, Writing Desk, Curtain
role.", Wardrobe, 3 Irin Bedsteads, i!
Bedroom Suites, Crockery, Tools,
Pence Posts, Pickets, Lumber, etc.,
which MR. iH, N.   RIOH has received
the Fraser River Brick &. Tile Company, and since the weather conditions became propitious, have been
chiefly engaged in renovating the
sheds and outside buildings, which
had fallen into a delapidated condition during the winter. These preliminary operations are now almost
completed and already a few cargoes
of first-class bricks have been delivered to order, although the industry will
not be in full swing for a few days
yet.    The   clay   pits   from   which   the
instructions from Mr. Sam Mororw tn   company draw the raw  material
aeil   by Auction  at  his residence.   1 *_
miles south of La-dner, on
Wednesday, May  1st
at 2:30 o'clock.
Also at the same time, thc property
of Mr. W. J. Fredericks, 2 yearling
Clyde Colts, one two-year-old Colt,
and one three-year-old colt.
And the proeprty of Mr. Chas. Arthur,   1   Fresh   Cow.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion,
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest Territories and In a lortion of
the Province of British Colu.nbia, may
be leased for a term of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of $1 an
acre. Not more than 2,560 acres will
be leased to one applicant.
Application foi a lease must be
made by the applicant in person to
tht Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in which the rights applied for
are situated.
In surveyed territory the land mu"t
bo described by sections, or legal subdivisions   of  sections,   and   in   unsur-
on the lands of the G.N.R., overhanging the track, about a quarter of
a mile distant from the brick-making
plant and connected therewith i>y a
tram line. After being brought to
the mill, the clay is passed through
the rollers Into the "Pug" mill, from
tlience to the mould press, from which
issue the shaped bricks In moulds.
The moulds are then placed on cars
and transferred Into the steam drier
t0 acquire the consistency that will
enable them to be handled without
fear of spoiling their shape. On an
average, two days suftlc-e for this
effect, After being taken out of tho
drier they are built up on the kilns
nnd encased In clay, the furnaces set
agoing, the bricks burnt and tbe finished article produced, The machinery and apparatus art of the most
modern make, and power is smpplled
by a ion horse-power engine, The
plant has at present a capacity of
2,r).ii0n bricks per diy, and will employ 20 man when the worki .ir> in
normal operation. At present the
transportation is by the river on
scows, bul the company are In negotiation with th, G.N.K.. Whose track
passes between the plant of the company and their wharf, for s Siding,
whieh will enable them to ship Ihe
bricks to their destinations by cars
h in n required, The Ls Insr rosd lies
���"mediately behind the manufactory, so
[that wagon loads enn easily be sup-
Ths brick produced i.- bhe standard
veytd territory the tract applied for \ ,.,,,���,���,,��� ,���.i,.k :,���,| |t_ quality Is it-
shall be slaked out by the applicant tested by axperts. There Is a great
himself. demand Tor bricks at the present time
Each   application   must   be   accom- i ,-,,���,    V.M��� w.,.     x,.,v    -,Vc-*t minster.
panied by a fee of $5 which will be point iir.v and the smaller centres,
refunded if the rights applied for are I mirrollr.uing, in which building is
not  available,   but   not   otherwise.    A   i,,,<>niinK. Indeed,    the    demand   is
royalty shall be paid on the merchant- greater th in the supply, The corn-
able output of the mine at the rftts pany-g wliarf is accessible to. the larger
of five cents per ton. ,���, lls sm.n  M  tlu   ���Transfer,"  except
The person operating the mine shall   Hiu,n  {ne r|ver ls very -ow.
furnish the Agent with sworn returns,     There  is ample accommodation  for
accounting  for  tht   full  quantity     of  the   men   on   the  company's  premises
merchantable coal mined and  pay the
.mil they have their own quarters anJ
royalty  thereon.    If  the   coal   mining   cookhouse    there.       There     is    every
rights  are  not  b< ing  operated,   such , ,,,,,,,,, -   ,,,,.   MtabHshment   of   a
returns  should   be   furnished   at   least'
once a year.
The lease will inch _e the coal mining rights only, but lhe lessee may
be permitted to purc.iase whatever
available surface right* may be con-
lloiiri.shing  enterprise  on   this  spot on
the  Fraser River hanks.
I'l.i'VKRIiAU",      April        13.���The
sidered  necessary for the  working of j building of tin   new  Mun cSpal Hall
the   mine   at  the   rate   of   $10.00   an   rioverd.ile  has been  started. The
acre. Itract price is $12,000 and the con*i
For full information application ! tor Is Mr. Viekers of Vancouver. .UrJ
should be made to the Secretary of jr. H. Clow, New Westminster, is th*
the   Department  of  the   Interior,   Ot-  architect.
tawa, or to any Agent or Sub-Agent of
Dominion  Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
The Hank of Montreal 's erecting a
now  building at  Cloverdale.
Work on the International highway
will   begin   next   week,   simultaneously
N.B.���Unauthorized  publication of .at   two  points���at   the   Etoun   try  line
his advertisement will not be paid for. 'and the green timber end.
SATURDAY, APRIL 20,  1912.
-Twenty-1 light    Canadians    Were    on
Titanic���Revised List of Dominion Residents ou Lost ship.
WaNNIPEG, April IS.���Anxiety In
Winnipeg ver the ateamer Titanlc's
passengers still continues very keen.
Though most people here have given
up hope that Messrs. Fortune, Ross,
Beattie, Borebank ar.d Chas. Fortune
might have been saved, some are still
*Unging desperately to that cheering
At least seven Calgary people are
supposed to have been on board the
Ill-starred liner, Mr. Bates, Mr. and
Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. Marshall and three
dhihicttn. All those have likely perished. Of the twenty-eight Canadians on the Titanic rinetcen were
from the West and of those twelve
were drowned. Mr. Geo. K. Graham,
luyer for a departmental store here.
was saved.
All the churches will hold special
siemorlal services on Sunday.
Mr. Murk Fortune, of Winnipeg,
Who, witli his son Charles, Is believed
10 be among those lost, has a son,
Robert, 'lving at Salmon Arm, B.C.
Mr. Thompson Beattie, of Winnipeg,
JJayor Waugh's partner In business,
who ls also lost, has a brother, Fred,
m former banker living in Vancouver.
Mr. Hugo Ross, one of the Wlnnipeg-
gers lost, was a son of Mr. A. W.
Ross, who represented Selkirk in the
Federal Parliament, and who for
some years resided In Vancouver.
Following ls the corrected Ust of
Canadians on board the Titanic:
Ceorge Wright, Halifax, N.8.; Chas.
M. Hays and wife, Montreal; Miss
Margaret Hays, Monteral; Thornton
Davidson and wife (latter being
dtanghter of Mr. Hays, Montreal; V.
Payne, Montreal; secretary to Mr.
"Hays, M. W. H. Parr, Montreal;
Mrs. F. C. Douglas. Montreal; Mio. j
James Baxter, Montreal; H. M. MOlson, Mo Ureal; II. J. Allison, wire,
daughter and Infant son, Montreal;
Major Arthur Pouehen, Toronto; Mrs.
X. C. Hogeboom, Toronto; Dr. Alfred
Paine, Hamilton, Ont.; Jame9 McCrle,
"Barnta, Ont.; Ernest A. Sjestedt, mining engineer, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.;
Mark Fortune and wife, Winnipeg;
Alice, Ethel and Mabel Fortune and
Master Fortune, Winnipeg; Hugo
Ross, Winnipeg; Thompson Beattie,
Winnipeg; .T. J. Forebank, Winni'-
pegpeg; Geo. E. Graham, Winnipeg;
"I. McCaffrey, Union Bank, Vancouver; B, C. Crosby and wife, Austin
Partner, Gustave Leseur, W. H. Ilar-
bsck, moving picture operator.
Commander of Carpnthin Sends Wire.
less Describing Conditions Under
Which Titanic Went Down
NKW YORK, April 16���The following wireless, received from the liner
Carpathia was issued today from the
officers of the Cunard line here:
"7.55 a.m. (New York time), hit.
41.45 north, long 50.20 west. I am
proceeding to New York unless otherwise ordered with about 800 aboard.
After having consulted Mr. Ismay and
considering the circumstances with
so much ice about, 1 consider going
to New York the best. There are a
large number of Icebergs and the sea
lor 20 miles is filled with ice, with
bergs among it.���Rostron, commanding Carpathia."
This message came via Cape Race.
Another wireless, evidently filed
earlier, reads:
"7.20 a.m. April 16. The Titanic
struck an Iceberg and sank Monday
at 3 a.m. ln lat. 41.46 north, long.
50.14  west."
A Late Dispatch.
NEW YORK, April 16���The New
York news bureau reports a wireless
message to Cape Race relayed from
the scene of tho wreck says:
"All except 1237 of the passengers
aboard lhe Titanic had been accounted  for."
If the report is true lt Indicates
���'-at 155 persons In addition to the
S6G reported aboard the Carpathia
have been rescued. The report has
not  been confirmed.
Storm on Now.
MONTREAL, April 16���All hope
that any of the survivors of the
Titanic who were still adrift in rafts
and boats last night have been saved
vanished today when a report reached here from the weather signal station on the Gulf of St. Lawrence
that a heavy fog lay off the coast of
Nova Scotia, and that a heavy thunderstorm broke in that vicinity last
night and is travelling eastward.
One Explanation.
ANN AROR, Mich., April 16���
Captain lnman Sealby, who was In I
command of the liner Republic when
it sank off the Massachusetts coast
and who is now a law student at the
University of Michigan here, said today that Icebergs are the most dangerous factors with which Uuers have
to contend.
Captain Sealby declared his belief
that the Titanic struck the berg
glancingly and then scraped alongside, breaking most of her bulkheids.
Municipal   Water.
BREMERTON, April 18���At a special election on Tuesday Bremerton
voted a bond Issue of $150,000 for
the purchase of the plant of the
purchase of plant of Bremerton Water
& Power Co., which supplies this
city, Charleston and thc navy yard
with water. The vote stood 198 for
to IDS against. In an extended hearing here recently on the question of
rates, the state puhllc service commission fixed the physical value of the
plant at ""147,000.
Fuees   Recall.
HOQUIAM, April IS���Recall petitions for the mayor, Rev. Harry Ferguson, were filed in the city clerk's
office yesterday. The petitions have
been signed hy nearly one-half of the
number of voters who have thus far
registered. Not all of the separate
petitions have come in, and it is not
definitely known how many of these
will appear, as at least three seem to
havo disappeared. The petitions
ready to be filed ln the morning have
864 signatures.
Shilohs Gun
STEVESTON, April 13���Richmond
has been waiting and watching for
the start of the government jetty aT
the mouth of the Fraser which has
now commenced. The first pile was
driven Wednesday and the work will
bo rushed to completion at the earliest possible date. This, together with
the fact that lt ls authoritatively stated that the promotors of the Pretty
scheme are meeting with great success in their financial arrangements,
has made the outlook a bright one
Ex-Presldcnt   Snows   Taft   Vnder   ln
Pennsylvania Primaries���Hard
Blow to the Regulars.
PITTSBURG, Pa., April 15���Latest
Incomplete returns from Saturday's
primary election make it certain that
Col. Roosevelt has captured 66 of the
state's 75 delegates, including the 12
tu be chosen by the 3tate convention
which is to meet May 1. President
Taft elected but nine delegates, two
from Lancaster and the remaining
seven  from  Philadelphia.
The Roosevelt victory was a hard
blow to the State Republican machine
forces, led by United States Senator
Penrose. This is the first time in
the history of the present generation
that the machine forces will not be in
absolute  control  of state convention
Returns received up to noon today
indicated that M. Clyde Kelly has defeated Congressman John Dalzell for
the nomination for Congress from the
13th district.
Reports    Reach    Vancouver   of   Intimidation of Railroad Laborers
By I. W. W. Near Yale.
VANCOUVER, B. C. April 15���
Brief reports of riotous disturbances and the alleged successful Intimidation of scores of men who had
taken th* places of strikers on the
unfinished grade of the Canadian
Northern Railway to the east of Yale,
were received today at the Vancouver headquarters of the railway company.
Two hundred strikers, according to
a report sent In by Mr. W. K. Dwyer,
division engineer on section 3, extending east from Yale, left that point
yesterday morning and, proceeding
eastward, cleaned out three construction camps.
Details of the disturbances were
not given by Mr. Dwyer ln the message received from him this morning,
but further word ts expected this afternoon.
Housecleaning Time
Is Here, and
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ciliated  annually  on    the    whole    of
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Royal Messages to White Star Com- the Mu-n'oipiali'ty, and upon fifty (SO)
IKUiy���Path-tic Spenes In Ber-       j-per cen't oif the assesseid value of 'the
oavod Southampton, jniproveimen't-  upon  real  property  In
DONIX-N, April  lT���King    George ,the  Munld-p-aUty.
has sent the following message to thej    Now therefore the Municipal Coun-
Whlte Star Company: ic" ���"* tne Oo'poraltion of Delta enacts
"The Queen  and I are  horrified at as  follows:��� \
the apiulllng disaster which has hap-j l. it shall be laiwiful for the Reeve
per.ed to the Titanic, and at the ter- and Clerk of the Council for the
rlble loss of life We d6eply sym- purpose's aforesaid to borrow or raise
pathize with the bereaved relatives, by way o_ loan from any person or
and feel for their In th��lr great sor- ] body of bodies corporate Who may be
row with all our hearts,���'George B. -wll-tag to adivo-nee the saime upon the
and I." The Queen Mother Alexan- j credit of the debenltures her.imufter
dra has sent a message of sympathy mentioned, a sum not exceeding
to the company, in which she says: j;four tlvousaii'- 1*4,000.00) dollars
"It is with feelings of deepst sorrow and to cause the same to be placed
that I hear of the terrible disaster Of'In the Royal Ban'k of OanaidJ a.t La_-
the Tlntan-.c and of the awful loss Of ner, In the Province of British Coluim-
llfe. My heart is full of grief and tbla, to the credit ofthe said Corpora-
sympathy for the bereaved families ot tion for the purposes and with the
those wh0 have perished." dbjocts  above  set  forth  and   to  Issue
From Duke Of Coimuught. deb&nt'u.res    oil'    the      said'    oorpora-
OTTAWA, April 17.���The following it|un -n sums t_f not loss than one
message was sent yesterday afternoon thous.ind 1*1,000.00) dollars each, to
on behalf of His Royal Highness the ithe sum of rour thousand ($4,000.-
Duke of Connaught to the owners ofjoo) dollars In the whole in uiccord-
the  Titanic:   "White  Star    Company, iiance  with 'the  "Mun'k-l'pal  Acit."   And
Broadway. New V'ork: "I am directed
by His Royal Highness, the Governor-General of Canada, to send you
the following: '1 desire to express
through the owners of lhe Titanic,
my very deep and heartfelt sympathy
the said 'rteibeintures shall be Issued t"
consist Otf four ft) debentures,
each    oif    Che    denomlnaiti'on      of   one
thousand   t$i,.ioo.oo)  doOara or may
be expressed ln the sterling equivalent at the rate oil' % 1.8(1 2-3 to the one
with  the  relatives and   friends  of  all | (n ���   pound sterling; amd such deben-
those who lo.st  their lives ir. this terrible  catastrophe."���Lieutenant    Colonel Lowther, Military Secretary."
Pathetic Scenes.
LONDON, April 17.���Pathetic were
tures shall have annexed thert't-i i-nu
ipons expressed both In sterling and
ln currency for the lnlterest therein
at the rate of four (4) per centum
per annum, payable haU'-yearly on
the scenes enacted all yesterday at *h*_|tj,e firgt (*,ay otf June and t'he first day
offices   of   the   White   Star   Company, Lf   December  in  eaicti   and   every  year
hotels and other places where friends
of those aboard the vessel had waited
for the dreadeii news. All other topics
were dwarfed Parliament discussed
Home Rule, but that question for the
moment had no Interest for a public
face to face with such a disaster.
Much satisfaction is expressed over
the large number of women ar.d children among the survivors, as showing
Lhat the best traditions of the sea have
been upheld. There is no disposition,
pending fuller details, to attribute
blame in any quarter, but every possible phase and theory likely to throw
a light, or give guidance for the future
is being discussed, especially the ques-
tiontion as to the number.of boats and
life-saving appliances carried aboard
the big liners.
In this respect the calamity has
brought to the public a revelation of
unsuspected dangers in ocean travel,
and probably will lead to the strictest
investigation  and  remedial  measures.
In response to a telegram of Inquiry as to the number of boats carried by the Titanic, and how many
persans they would accommodate, the
White Star Company at Liverpool
sends the following message:
during the currency oif the t*ild debentures or oif any mf Chem. Ami ~suoh
d'i">ei'.tures shall be delivered to the
purchasers thereoif, and both as to
principal and Interest shall be payable at the Royal Bank of Cania'da in
the City oif Toronto, ln the Province
of Ontario, or at the s-.iid Bank In the
city of Montreal in Che Province of
Cu.ibec, or at the said Bank In Ladner In tho Province of British Co-
lwmfbfa., or ait the said Bank in the
City oif London, England, or nit the
said Rartk In the Cilty of New York in
the United StSfteS of America, at Lhe
ho'dens' option. And the principal of
the sa,kl dahcnitures shall be payable
on the first day of June, A. D. 1932.
2. There shall be raise*! and lev-
led annually by a special naite sufficient thcrofor on all ra'te*a,ble lantl and
upon  fifty   (50)     per    cent     oif   the
asseese- value oif the lmprovemenij
upon the real property wlthdn the
MtmltB of the Mu nil cipality the suim ,,[
one hundred and tnlrty-four doll irs
and thirty-two cents ($134.32) for tin*
(purpose of forming a sinking fund l' r
the jiaym'einit oif the eald debentures
and the s_m of one hundred and
sixty ($160.00) dollars for the pay.
menlt of the Interest at the rate ajflore.
said, the said special rate to be ln
a'adition to all other raltes to 'be l.v-
lie'd and collected in the said munioU
pal'ity during the currency of the sa.u
debteroturee or any of them.
3. All moneys forming part of the
sin-ting funds to be raised by the sp,.
c'al rate albove referred to shall be
Invested by the Council of the said
Corporation from time to time as the
law dlrenrUB.
I. The Council may at any time or
from time to time purchase any of
the debenltures issued under this Bylaw an'd all the d-ben.ures mo purchased shall Poiithiwlth be cancelled or
de-sCro-yed and no 1-e-damie of debentures shall be m'ade In consequcn ���
of such purchase.
5.    This By-law shall take etfllei ���
jand a*t*ter the first d'ay of June,  1912.
(>.     ThLs   By-law   may be   cited
all   purposes    as    "The     Delta   Road
I Machinery By-law, 11112.
Done   and   passed   in   open   Ooun-
this day of 1912.
KiVeiveil the assent of t'he Bled ���
at an election for , the punpose e,
the day of A.  D.
Hixumsiilerenl and finally pas.. !
by the CtonM-Oll, signed by the R,-\..
and Clerk and sealed with the Cor-
borate Seal all  on  the ,|;iy
of A.   P,   1912.
C.  M. C.
MONTREAL, April 18.���A
wireless message received here
todaiy from Mrs. Charles M.
Haps, wife nt the president of
the Grand Trun��t Pacific railroad, slated that her husband
Is not aboard the Carpathia.
This confirms the report that
he Is believed to have perished
with the other Titanic victims.
Take notice that the above is a
*rue eolpy of the proposed By-Law
upon whkih the vote of the Munlol-
palky will be taken on the let day of
May, 1912, between the hours of nino
o'clock a. in. and seven o'clock p. m
at  Che  following places, viz.:
The  Council   Chamber,   Ladner:
School  House,   Bast  Delta;
W. W. Bennett's House, Stnaiwili-crry
Pout  1 It-tee,  Annlevflle.
C.   M.  C
Ludner,  April   18,  1912.
A By-law to enable the Municipality of Delta 10 raise by way o.f a loan
the sum of four thousand (.$4,000.00)
'dollars for the purpose of pureha-iii'g
road  making  nuachii-nery.
Whereas It Is neeesary to purchase
a Steam Roller as well as a .l_niul
Grader, and other road- making machinery: 1
And whereas the expenditure for
pad muking machinery during t'he
present year will be more than usually heavy.
And whereas tt Is inexpedient to
increase taaxati'on so as to provide fur
the payment of the liece-ssai-y road
machinery out of the current year
And whereas It is necesasry to raise
the moneys reiiuiroYl to defray the
albove expenditure inpon the credit of
the Municipality.
And whereas it will lie neeesary lo
raise annually by special rate the sum
of one hundred and I'hirty-l'our dollars and ibirly-two cents ($184.82)
prim ipal, and the smm of one hundred and sixty I $1(1.).00) dollars Interest making fotfether a total
iiinoiini annually "f two lrurvd_->d and
thirty-il'o ur dollars und thlnty-two
cents ($2:11.32) lor the term of twenty (20) .vein- for t'he repayment of
the m:iIiI loan and the Interest thereon
an hereinafter mentioned.
And whereas the net value of the
wibole rateable land in l'he municipality according to the l:uv| revised
as.so.-i-i 1 icnt roll amounts to five mil-
llion live hundred and sixty-three
thiMisn.nd four hundred and Sixty-five
I ($6,668,46..00) dollars, and the net
lvalue of thc improvements upon the
I real property according to the last re-
]vlseld assessment roll amounts to four
1 hundred and ninety-two thoumand
and sixty ($192,060.00) dollars,
i And whereas Che Municipality has
ino existing 'debenture debt exclusive
of local Improvement delhts secured
by special rates or assessments of
i which none of the principal or Interest  Is in  arrears.
And   Whereas   to     provide     for   the
payment   of   Interest   and     t'he   creation   of  a sinking  fund   for   Che   payment   of   Ihe   said   principal   sum   of
Tour      thousand     ($4,000.00)     dollars
It  will   be   neeesary   to   levy  a  special
(annual   rate   su.Hflclent     to   raise   the
!scm    of    two    hundred    and    thtrty-
ifour    dollars    and    thirty-two    cents
($234.32)   the       amount     to  be    cal-
Delta Telephone Co., Ltd.
F. J. Green 422
S. Gillanders 425
Or. Sheldrake 420
H. Mitchell 412
W. Hodgson 415
W.E.Roberts 461
J. McCallan 485
Ot. Ormiston  50
Smith Bros. (Butchers)   52
Alex. Smith 462
H. Kirkland 476
F. Cullis (store)  53
A. Coleman 452
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Carriages,    Wagons and   Farm   Implements  of  all
classes and descriptions.
Horseshoeing and General Blacksmith Work.
Repairs of all descriptions on Automobiles, Carriages
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Ladner Carriage and Automobile Works
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vim and vitality. Premature decay and all sexual
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I'lione R 14 Elmrne Prompt Delivery by Rail or Scow
Uhe 7)etta Ui
Sl.OO A year  .��?;;::


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