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The Delta Times Oct 20, 1906

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L '
r- /
Vol, 4. N'e.   ,
, B..C, 5Ag\
,.i.i   i ni       i?
URDAY. 0CT0BE    20, IP06.
S1.00 yea
SANiTOiKUHfi-fB.C! Surrey Council.    DELTA COUNCIL
One Lncdred   thousand   dollars.1    CotuviTmet -to the Town
holce a Clean
Timothy See
Hall,:    Council   met   an    the   Council
asked for���ft:y   thousand  dollars, Surrey Centre, Oct. jyth, the Reeve!Chamlie.
needed, to entitle committee to Hon. j and nil member*, being present.        ! .,viv.
Jimes   Dunsrouir's  grant  of ten      Minutes of previous meeting were, the
thousand dollar., j reaj Z.M, confirmed
Is  a   Consumptive   Sanitorium|
needed?     During   ths   month   ofj
September of this vear a  toy nice*      Fro,D VV< H' Kear>'* ****** the'
wisn years old became consumptive. iattuurflinfeti',-:i01 Union ctf B. C.
ike lived  in a  hotel and  Was de*' Municipalities   would   be   held  iu.
e*  Mr
I p_.i_.ent on his owa efforts as a
j laborer. As a result o his disease
l he was turned oat of three hotels
aqd refuse I admission to a public
hospital. The boy is uow dead.
A man who befriended the bny
wrote as follows: "Cod have mercy
on us for our neglect of such cases."
Need we further ask, is this itisti-
iutioa needed?
a. he dea'th-roll from coasumptioa
is'Canada exceeds twelve thousand ! ^
Hvimlo.ps coaimeacicg Oct. 24th,
and ���. ....'riii,. i!;oi trong de'e-
ga* 01   be : ��� ceiv.: 1   snd cu
10- ihe eeve as appointed as
dei igjle to alten
From the Returning Officer reporting a majority for the Tramway
By-L.'.v. of .32, and the Electric
Light, Heat und I'o. er By-La�� of
149.    Received.
Prom R. J. JficiJeutlny tendering
���at on  Saturday,  Oct. 13th,
Reeve, W. H. Ladner. in
ch-n'r,    and   Conns.   Gibbie,
Davie, Paterson, Huff and _-.m1_._e
' present.
Minutes of .previews meeting
vere-adrj-itcd as read.
From   17 C. Gamble, Euginceer
orks, rs oppropria-
'��� -������*���- ��� r ; iver road.    Received aad
From E. B, Nobles, re his coa-
tract for gravel. Received and the
Clerk to reply.
Prom Bishop Dart, re .Slough
road.    Received and filed.
From W, H, Keary, Secretary of
for some old .plank at  Browns-1 L'uion ofB. C. Municipalities.   Re-
yearly; and in  British  Columbia itjvi!Ie' which was accepted.
! ceived and Reeve Laduer appeiuted
For Sa
m Montis
is over two kundred,
The uumber ef persons invalided
from consumption is authoritatively cetiKated ta be five times as
great as the number of deaths
therefrein; therefore, wc have some
_$__ly thousand invalids in C_ua_a
and a thousand iu British Columbia.
We have, therefore, before us the
! appallisj fact that yearly we lose
lhe benefit of the services and earning powers of thousands of citizens'
who are incapacitated by il!nes��-,
aud others we lose outright by
deatli, through this one cause���aud
that it preventable 'cause. This is
something to set political economists thinking verv seriously. It is
a responsibility too vast to be
measured by mere figures, or described iu mete language.
No faucilul theories, untried
methods or mere experiments are
proposed. The simple, God-given
rcBiedies, via., Fresh air, suitable
food, resl aud exercise, under expert supervision, and suitable,
cheerful surroundings, hava more
than proved tkeir efficiency. -Practically   speaking,   these   requisites
1 are obtainable only ia a s_.nitorit.tn.
A   further advantage  connected.
! wilh ruck an iuititution is  that the
j admission ofa patient means tke
removal of one source of contagion
The Electric   Tramway By-Law: dc;tlr**'�� to a meeting if the Uaioa
and lhe Electric Light,   Heat  aud ; t0 bc bfld at _-*_-loop_.
Power Bv-Law  were reconsidered      ��11  motion the matter of stock
aud finally passed and the seal of Jr*��'*-*�� -^ the V. T.   R.  Co.  was
the corporation ordine-l afiLsed.        P s ���'���
The Clerk was iu-.tructed to!er"-u
write to the Csiic: Commissioner of wiili Pow*"r *�� ���&���
Lands ��_id Works.calliug his atten-j T!;i-' following accounts were
tion to the injustice Of the toll on tke ' P4*"*"* for payment: W, Abercrom-
New Westminster bridge as now 7bie> $Ti'< Ge0' -Ross, $56.35; 8.
arranged; the usual price is 20 *��aB,P1>..-I5! Axel Berg, $15; J. B.
cents for a team aad  wagon  with- Nohns0?*  Uo-sc,  Horn  Lee, $43;
1 iu the kauds of Couns. Pat*
__d  Davie and   the   Reeve
out regard to "the weight of load,
but iin wagon loaded with live hogs,
sheep or calve, is drives across the
owner is taxed 5 cents .per head
ia _.J_liti*8ji to the usual toll far
team and wagon, aud request him
f. Baker,
Peter Clsrk, $11.25; Q
��36.70; W. H. Taylo
Marshall Smith, $21;" Gilley Bros.,
��477.50; Estate W. L. McBride,
$9.45; Delta Meat Market, $6; John
Weaver, $2; H. Marchaat, ��q_;
Joe,   ��39;    Geo.    Ormistoa,   $65,
have the matter corrected.
Thcfollewing appropriations wars' Iio����  Hia��*  P'y.   J-   Seoopinich,
made: '"$53-75; E. -Simpson, $12.50; B-weag
Ward 1��� $100 for gravel on t_,e; Toug Choug,  $2t.S;;  T. Havens,
Town Line road;    $50 for slashing  ->74'
J. Iuasti, ��6.75, -#,'.
aad logging Hjorth road; $50 for G-owdy, T6*7SI --��� A. Coletyn,
grading C. M. read, grading to beUf3*5o; Alex. Fisher, ��11.25, iv*-**--
let by auction.at Tyaehead School Simpson, $63; Jos. Jordan, $4%.J51;
home on Saturday. Octeber 20tk, at j Mack ic Bros., J.67.50; D Ikye,._
2 p. m. ! J33; W. McClellas, $i&; A. BroyrHt^
Ward  2. $50 for  the Lattiaaerj 1-33-75;   �����  H.  Quaygaii, It-s-is;.
roa_i. | w* Quaggan. $1$:  C. Glass. f:o;
The tender or A. McTsueS ��/]*��� McWaters, J27; Wharton &
70 cents per rod for ditchisg Mc-j Collisoa, ^173." H* J- Cresswell,
lanes road was accepted. $70; C. Beadleston, $8;   Mrs,   S.
Tke asual m-Btkly accounts weie j P��Hto��, f-15; J- W. Welsh. 75c.-
passed and cheques isiacd. Imuskrat acco��nt,^20o; achoel  ac-
Couacil then adjeuraed to raeet counts, $6:9,28,
! from lhe general   community;   aad ***'" oa Saturday, November 3, at
I when, after treatment, such persoa j ' ��'clock P- 1"'
; is returned cured, or otherwise,  to
I the ra*_ks of the public,   he  or she
is   an   educational   centre of   first
importance, because the first principal   impressed   on  a  patient on
entering a sanitarium is the care he
skotild   exercise   in   his   personal
habits; thc necessity for cleanliness,
for   care   in  disposal   et anytking
The Council adjonmea till Satar-
diy, Oct. so, at 1 p.*.
al. It is eur duty to endeavor, in
any case, to stem the progress of
this sacrifice of human beings.
It is proposed to bnild a sanitor-
iui*a   in   British   Columbia.     The
New Westminster.
New Westminister, Oct.19���-Tw.>
beys,   Charley   Rennie,   aged   12
iioly Cu-umiiniioii   to-s��_now
All s^ainls ai 8:30 a.m.
��he sale of sleek at W. Witter"..
.Wednesday  list,   . u 1 great
cess, so far is tke buyers were
Icemed.   Some ef tke best grade
|ry svock en tbe flats were offered
though tkere was a large num-
|of people  present, bidding was
and   pricea  generally  ranged
The  best cow in the bnnch
^t as low as f.35, while others
.stepped the %du mark.
[.oasidering the very wet morn-
tee attendance was excellent,
thee  alfencing   kad  a   very
Isant drive hoiae.
Ou account of the change in the
kour of departure of the Eastern
train to 3:30 p.n., the mail for the
East will leave Ladner both morn-
ing aad evening dni'iag tke winter
��c*��il hs.
On Sunday, 2,Stk inst., the ileth-
odist Church here will celebrate
her i6.h atiuiver.._.rr, wheu Rev.
Geo. H. Morden, of Vancouver,
reach both morning a;:d even-
whole  Cora,
Rice Meal, Chit
Ciackcd  Corn,
Rice, Chick Feed, Timothy aad
Clove, .'.''-.d., Suj^on's Garde��
and Field Seeds may be obtained
at Liraekmati-Ker Milling Co.'s!
u-tiielio_i,ses, Ladner, lion. Mr.
II. N, RICH, Local A^ent.
Some Foolish Gftls" will be the
ject of the nermon in the Baptist
Birch to morrow evening.
Ckamfeps*! .?��'���_ ro,i'" Ck<"''r'> *-��<*
^n<-UiCt;..d..B s.  Diarrhot* Remedy.
Hkkt ftuls.   Buy �� now.   It m��j- awe life.
following Ts.��_d..y even-
.Bg. 1* Oddle.i$w5' Hall, the ladies
will serve theirsnnuaLsupper, from
6 to So'clock, after which an ex-
eellen. programme of music, etc.,
will be rendered. Every effbit is
being put forth lo make this entertainment first class in everv regard
and the ladies hope for the same
1 liberal putroaag. which a generous
���p-tblic   hss   accorded ther.-.     ���   the
''���>mcs  in  Sap-
noon, nnd have
Provincial   Government   are    pr��
pared to assist, and tke people gcti-! ye��r-9. aud Roy Campbell, aged 13,
er..lly, tkrough local societies form- --ft thei- tcspectir
;'about him which would spread,   or j ed all over tke cauntry, nre wiIIib... j pertoa  Thursday
; even be likely to spread, contagion;'te   Maintain,    Yoa   aie   asked   to| not since ii.eu seen by their friends.
in a word, he is persistently taught  help ns to bniid. Action, immediate,     a. J.  Ilii!,   city engineer,   wk��
to move and live so that no other aotion,   is imperative,   il we   irishLrai injured at Mission, some days
human being shall be likely, in the Ho stem thia awful tide ef mortality. ag0| js progressing uvorably, bat
To stand idly  by any longer is still unable to return hots*.
remotest sense, to suffer on account
of any thoughtlessness o". his part
in the care of himself. Such a person, when discharged from the institution, is, bv kis training in tke
sanatorium, not euly impressed
with the necessity for continuing
snch caution, br.t, 'becsase of hi:*
kuowledge so joined, becomes in
hia familv and general surreand-
itigs an educational influence in-
fiaitely more elective than all the
literatnre aud ar^tnnents of pky-*|
sicians atul atuhorilies on the sub-j
iect. J
The conditions as to consumptior. |
are not otily telly understood, but;
are well reco,:r.i..ed. and it is aor;j
an accepted fact that consumption.
i^ prcyentable  and  may he ctirei"
idly   by  any
t to  being   w:
ticipators in spmethiias worse than j
race suicide.
Alcj.-  Davie visited the
City yesterday.
Labor i.�� still very scarce here.
Chester  T,.ck��on,   charged witb
I the tnurder ol G. A. Ciller, waa
; further retuanded tor another eight
Retyal ( days, to-day, on accon.al. ot the de-
'tciitios iu Washiagteu of one of tht
principal witnesses.
F. L. Reid, ot New Westminster,
is vissiting ftiends here.
Doa'i forget the masquerade ball,
tinder the aaspices ei the Band, on
November 30th.
Rev. A. McAuley left, on. Tuesday morning, to-take a "trip up the
coast to the halibnt twhinpftrcHinds.
Miss T. Kerr an.
returned   house.  \i
Miss U.
:s co ur
f:s t;o:i is, lo
ed. That being so. j Westmin^ef, for tke
least, crimir.-
Tke dance, which was held ia
the Town  Hall, last night, uuder
the si's.pice.. of the LRdaer Coraet
Smith  Baud,  was a great success.    Tha
rinescay,  from!attendance was good, about  forty
banksjj.ying**) couple being presetit, and t1_e *����_?*_
��� "as 6rsl cla*5S _
__-_--__.,.    .r.
Published rvrrv .Saturday.
'^AN0XK__.:8 1..-N3.
jl__T- M-. SM-<fe��t was __.4__-__itf
BM tk* San- walta, *-_ tht aae, T��-��a_ asA __���
da? and night U ��_--.--  '
��i.- is. ������ long _r_.it��.i��*4 *_s tha fray, .nd*
l uta _i th* __-
! A_i tha _-lc4'a will rwd ti- ti-i'�� ;*$} 1*4
:   -*    u.. tkiutuha atlUlaak.
casual AdvertiMIa^tv.?,,���:^,P=^Vf'eai5.  vfjiy _h_ild I aa** an* eerie* e*l n-n-pdt.
SuBSCRirrjoN, $1*00 pe7 year.
iii a-tilia r
���lie firsl insertion, suds conli per line �����/
hiibieatt-ut iusertlon.    The   uumbrr   oi  lmea ._  _..��_._,
-��_____ by *.he'space MC-P&l, I'-lin-sto lhe   [ biTw lofad muoh-|4 W-l> * O-ach. Ut t--i-
*Ji__i. ari_ (_��a s_a ist tor Ufa.
._' _>_#_r__�� calU tamykaiit. anl th��.r___a_ta
Rates lor Commerd-l A4j_rti��*-_tB.- can. be    *�� �� ~tJ(. &d 4rUa _,] ^*'
_.��d_nappUcaUonatthlao_ics:. | ^j the aua sMnsg, ��nd Ull r^.f i____V-_4 .
'    tha'fri-.'�� is lh- _-_..
____,s_;hid r.i^ijli ut wladiia Wii.aaugh ��l
S_jr "jib ssrny'a -ae. and tha (.-_d'*i oaa, _ca It a .
"' s-oa I. tha t^d* _t tha -anil,
taaV't'* tbon g.cd ni.<it *4d lv hid. ^d,;H '
* Reading notices io.cents per line for eacli In-
' Birth no. Death notires, ���".:.. M_rriagec.ti._o.
Auj upeca-l no'ice, Dip object ol which Uto
pto.iote the pecuniary benefit "fayy individual
oi CvUipany.tobe muaidered  " " ��� "*"'
tjusl charged oocordiuijly.
adv. rli-'*xa.eut
Arthur f.< m-as la I_.di.-l Ootkx.lt.
h__l. Of .l-i.'t il__..
Krit'tJt's round oV-pand t_ag a_��p.a_.i4j*|P
All adrcrtlaem-flt. ���*��___ tar __'���" a------ j     "***"< 4*��P U .*"*������
nut aud paid for. |
' Correapoudeuce invi*-i_l on  r.;a_.crs ot public' QLQ HOU36 OF COMMONS.,
lutereat.   Co-iniuniratiu'ux to e.Utor must be ac- I
liompanted by name of^rjivr, uo'.jie-esaarily
:or putolicsitiou, but aa evidence of good faith.
i-Jbrr-epumlauce taast n.'_.eh.tM-pfiic4 by. Thurs-
J-ay eveulug.
.*"���>._** C
&nd Trv
-wl.sa-^**.**>�����������������������* 4**��� 4*** ���'��� ��'!��� ������I*..**!*' ���
��� *��� .?-<��� -1-�����_.* :-��.'_.��_*.*._��.
tMf***. .-' ��
.-    NER, B.C.
.   R_**8S AND SAD��L_5 HORSES
. *v   ��� e a_ S#eoS&liy ��ew FHi'ic&s.
Qfip.. R. >*L\Hi.p.v_
SATURDAY,  0CTO8BR   20,   lyOG.
Going over '__e causa far complaint as portrayed l>y "A, Ratepayer," re obstructions., oa tke
road, wa find that the road is
graded aud macadamised -.-aide
enough to psrsajt two loads to pass
each other.   Tbis is tho ix**.".*-*- el
_tf��tAuis-*:.st_ 8tas> Tald bg m U*]fliiiat
*f :U.._.liLU5v
Mr. Fr.dr.rlok Oala, who was a^qb-tat,
ji tlir i.jijbl**..... tlia Iiousko( ooiadions f.i,
IV yoara, notroXei soma of htg ouilou* ex*,
jerlonow. ltefening to Bellamy'* kld'h-
���0 so vividly da3.rll>.ii by Charlea lllok-
ai..��� anil to tlie __)f)inl*��.w who w.ru won.
_,_ livqucii. 1_, h- sajei: 'You got tht.,
boat ''��'.' and stonk anil, cold mout __d&v
-ai'iud tu the world, And tiie j_axru'. wlia.
Called 'Onl__>, i.rder!' ao4 '(iliatr, ebalrf
_ui<l all the '.sfl.J i_f t.ha._i.!.~j, and the liu-
::_|Oital'Jan.,'is-io-uiia-tml -,.f_fV one, ui.
described by, r)lo|__i*i��, wara s'.l)J thero,
itt.il mk-r.-i-rtrnot tin govtjWinient might bj.
__.j_.-ii t-t-tliig. tln.tr _!lllL_^ ��t... r��al. >ts____.'
_.ln:heu..'t<-lil��.    'Give '   "
aiked oi. ��� YDungmain
a_ighe_-,''yoii,-.youaseceoa, aud only _a. ever j-., Wednesday, evening at 8-p.
a-  |
A_ O, U.  W.
Delta _,odge, Nc, jz, meets first
and third Tuesdays of eacli month
in Oddfellows' Hall,
-*R0��. Todb, M.W.
T. W. Kkrr. Recorder.
Delia T.odget _f<>. 2t.���T_t��vTe-s.u-
'nSStv wJ-S*^ cJh_tSlar meeti��t* of this Lodge are held
Fashion Sfeife.es -
Trucking and Dvnying,
I^ivcry work of all. !;i:ni:i attended to promptly.
It   -'*':
- .   '.  LfORDAN'i Pr-eprietor. |
���      .'.O. io. 4.
. -; ,: ^..t.f4..��^44.>.4.f41_t,4t4rt}.4_.^>t{>4,.It^^.^ ^,], +,.,^^^^
���     J". "I*.!'.
. ��� "-'^s. .."7 . ts im
V'i/-' :*-;��� :.-j ,������ -l',_  i..*   * .-:���/ /i; _XJ4_7. ,"��v.j3
!li5 f vim
I.' Mil I At In
Laduer. tf- C;
-rorougb iii*Mub*>i. Why, ii bat a_La duko'a,
_W�� to asking _-h___bq iuip__rUu<*u- que*-..
Upn ywterday.' There was. a tery dltter-.
.tit l;.,ni>�� uf -oumn.Di tivw the {uraaec-;,
_ne In Uios. days."
An ajuushis-iiviiv Is ;*;ld- J Inri Pair,*,
the road lieit  se.t apart for travel. ( o^jon, who J_V4yJi-ff bad a..._toi'iay.ii.-.
A farmer living cu  the-, roan-is ex-   riemorittUM h1m .���u ^ at:yt.,.-; fJj tU1
pected _��� build  hi* own approach j jftn�� **'��^'*   ^" ��f *���/"Jf Wfl��
lif.vn.s-sw _ r .  j(je ro0JU  a. sUitdeTi. thoiials. s',r'.ii*k hlm,
to the grade,, aud we are pleased to i esjd ha,pa_l_��_t:tham h��uk aud-.s-ild: "i'oi*.,
j hiiiis, cent'.iiiijeii, ssvcacoll-s.'tti_iiot uiy boy.
stale that John Paterson is puttisg] __p0(l, meg. heiy you.   Whah ��. boy, wy-
. .     [it'_iii.*,Ji'.tli���? t'luk.ma wish hlm 6o s_*_ as
dowu au exptusiva hikI most respect- j ,^,n, *J,.l.1tH..,',:e',:   Aft-i* '.tiunwui** UiVv
ableoaaatliU placeman, ia^ing 1$$$*^$* aXSSJ
ki'* beat reuerslly for the .'sip-prove-1 c,< Hia (.ovaruiutn. t#ugh. nut __._..) yo**-*]
* ��� " _ 1   -<.��t l g_- iuj..laiY. ��udi;liaii;v��sj����� _Sr.<:'J
ment af tiie ro_4i whicli.^-. auick   tirougL a stpugaJw,   l*.(��ai awi.v_f_i.akis.,
,,_... -forj-ha poit, a* ��.,ui��_- !!>. wyaailv'   t)li,'
were than can b_**aid ior Jse-owaer   p.,,,, ;,s<1 j,i6 u,H huiins.y,..._,'mi th? d-)pnt*_>,,
__. .i _.   /���*__.���.   _.-_.,. �����!  '-_;H re.!r*d wi-ii ni'.'.ah J*<ltgli:sr."
cir owuera fjrom the Greea road to    7,.^,,,,,,^^,^.'^^,.'*,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,^
the'Slaaili.wh.chis a veritable mud   Bright w*?..ei.:>lly smHaing.   J'or ��_��in.
T          ��� ple: "lanllta mind hea_.i__.J4pj. in ut_tj
middle. India bouee-.ot^eo^nugns uu t_i(*._i!i,T>ui',t
-*.'*!  ,"���'     " " '���~ I ment u{  a lie.*. '..UlsUji of   Mitmihuslei'y
'��� . (Quoting fiMiu nieuiory, aa Lj<lQ.t.hrnngh-
T.l'R  l'OADS ' -'if'h(! e-i*1: 'V-'. wiHstwl ft. av./v. btsliou
v             .���            ' I  lit .InriiKtWiH a short _lnia ago.    Hiiw i\'A
 ���--- : tlm. holy 1111111 go out.   With Its staff am.
r. :_ a'-. w_ >,^^��ri  .is.t- vs-oif .����'l'' his iorln, like oa��s_>t tlra atJogUesj.   N<*t �����
It is te be hoped that read *B9��rk   ^ Qt <��   ^ WMtiu�� ^ ,,��� Iiv��j��,tj'*
will   bs   pu.hed   wiroroualy   from! -Spain tWgatoaatrlbutioo aud l*__d(,*��i; uik.
������ '.�����-' .ifl-6,italu*e of IS guns, no. ��r_.  f.-mu tha
now on.   The old. plankiuj^ from! spotw,wns Simon lodged*with rt.u, t��s*,.
_ .    .   : .__.���.' "���forttilzhtly Review
the Agricaltuva! grounds \.i-;t. is ia] 	
1 , .... ,  -7 Auc'oilt _J*>oofr��aain_t:.
aa utterly  uselay  condition and it j    x>t ^dur oi;,l.ooka-4)vhit-d 300 etti
should ba attended to in  some wayl 80S year- ago tu-._ ��!'.uu.t ei ttreiy tree
-Jsett^.y_.Qgra_phlcal _i-__r_i,.whivti wsy-
"_>*. at'tiHbutcit -to- the- fact that e*}i'l.*a,
I-ViVlishera- w.ere t;(.r.erally eminent.
BOholtirs, and themselves gavo muck,
aitaatfou te the re.iision vt thrtt*
BTOofs. After reading the proofa thyy.
tT*qiiently tur.i��d ttie.ai over to othee
scholars with th'ai.reqtieat ta^erise auelj
c^_'_t><,'.,i*..__t,i.��� tha ij;i*'ite'-'i��.tinie wae-,
:b*?u deemed, a ..rmtte:' ,0-C. small, eouse-
iiuenco a perfectioii w|.��.��ittfilued which
is sel'ioin equaled by,modern.printers.*.
m.   Visiting Brethren cordially, invited ta attend.
R. C. AiaoTT. ��.G,
W. H,.Taylg��. Sec.
W. N. Draper,
*..'** I. SHIaril Slack. Un* W��*Uulua'.tr.
A lull line cf Kngjish aad Irish
Tweads aaid Fancy TrottsePWigs always kept ic stock.
8'hootmg Notices ost hand; Visiting Cards;,
��� ; ;7ated ;; J;ob Pdiitiug* Gf.a*ll kinds.
di   i us- a sa.ll and Sav,e Money*
elk times* Ladner
Ladner Carriage
Headquarters for���
Pure l&&s*4Sa Bfca$or Twls&t;,
Rata Ties,
Starhed Wire,,
Luhrhaiiag Oil,
Or  Any.  Other  Old  Thin��- _?*_��. Fajpnter
Requires at LOWEST PRICES*,
A, Gteneral Banlsing Business Transacted.
lor lhe winter. A_pertiou of the
Slough road,, abo.-re the railroad
ia also very bad-.-.
Siact the arrival of c. scowloac} ci'
rock team* have been kept-busy,
ahd it is hoped tlsai a good _tip?>!y
of rock tvilibe kept steadily pour-
iiig in until the work most needed
te be deaa ha., been complete.!.
_-_.*_fcLTei^gB5aMg1_5-_----_ry--HiitSKSCSSfWt   - B 1 'tt
Farm to Lease.
Two t**>��r��e�� (lii��._
i Bonav-t'iitiifa d. Koureroy, a eleve_>
i Bosietj* poet ot. th�� imveistsenth cea-
i fj(ry, a-s.iIeii_!i_l..or..tor, an eminent advocate and .su intiinnU-.trienS of M_-
I Hera to lioot, eu being ssked. one day
by a magistrate what he meant to d_
Sealed Tenders wiUj be received
by the uj-dersigned up tO'October
17th-. fer the lease of ��� the farm at
present ocenpied by CH. Davis.
Highest tender,not neceosarily accepted.
I'or further infeianation apply to
H-. J. -URK._.A*.1>.
Savings, Bepartmeist*
j-Deposits Qf $1 and upwarcls received and Inter*-
\*$*  C�� m^ ^owe(i a^ HigStest.. Gurreat Rates.
__ $1 BRANCHES.���-
BRANCH-IS m B^TISH COI.UMBIA--V^neouver.  Vaacouves
'.{Sast'End. Mt.. Pleasant,   Gjranville  Street;   Ornud  Eorks, Nanaimo,
-"���Jfclson,   Rossland,  'Victoria,., Vcfuos,. Chilliwack,. CUuiberiaad   aud
Net* W��#tmHi3tei'. /
-     s.   ss
Sealed Tenders, marked-': "Tenders for Schoel,'' will be recei ?ed by
the I-Qij-d of School Trat-tees up till
NoT.e-j.ber* ist, iqota, for- the pur-
T.he iollorryig are  the  inal  fix-   v.-lth his son replied, "If thera is auy-
iures   arranged, by  J. R.  Ander-   JWn�� in Wm I'll makeihim �� barrister;.
j        ��� ,..   . ,��.!_ not 111 luaka hlm a Judge." ���
son,    Deputy   Minister   et   Agri-j
culture for the .tjticluding portions' ^~-
of the fall meetings ol the Farmers'!    Get your costumm ready��� for the  chi_r-_of Bnuadary Bay. .School and
Institutes for the province. ! masquerade ! Site.
Miss Rose, Mr. Elliott and Rev. j	
Dunhapi, Celwood, October 23rd.
Mias Rose, Mr.  Elliot aud. I-red i ^'OTIII-NG TO FE/tR:
Tenders Wa sited.
LofM-st-or any te.id.r not necessarily accepted.
For further particular.*, apply to
the undersigned.
Laduer, October 4th, 1906.
Earle, !'er.d.er f.nd Mtyne Islau-is,	
October 2/rtar.8nd.:sth. Am apple- j Mother* a��d have no hesitancy.
necking contest will bc judged by! \n cdutiauini; te gi-ca Coataberlain'n
Fred Karlc. , Coagh k'eunedy to thei.-.liit.e enes,
Miss Rose, Mr. Elliott and Rev. as it contains abscl'vitcly uothiug in-:
Dwnhaiit, Mcchosii., October  27th. | furious.    Thia, remedy is not only,
Miss'R-089,   Mr.   Elliot,  Ganges! pjtfeetfy safe,to give.amail ehitdren,!.
and Fultcrd Harbors,.October 23th U^^t is a-f����iicine,of, graat worth j 	
ir.d ,-,cth. ^ I a.-td  merit.    Ic-.has- a world widel   Tenders will be received by the
���Miss Ro-*e.am] Mr., t^lio.t Central reputation for hs .cures of ceaghsJ undersigned up. to Satisr/iay, Oct:
Park, Nov. i3t_Ko;th Vancouver,; G0lds and croup and cau  alvrayshe] *30th*   *"or tlic erection of i-.Store
Nov.  :nd: Cof.uiUara,  Nav.  5th;|reliect*.m.Wi.    t��.talt br, all druz-La,ld Warehouse upon,,thc founda-
HamraoiKi or Haney,   Nov.   6th
vVharnock, November ytli; Misnion;
City, Nov. 8th; Agassi-.', Nqv o'tlr!
Mount   Lehman,. Ncjvejaljar joth;.J
Langley .Nov. 13th and 14th; Surrey',  Nov, _ 1.5th and  16th;  Mara,
Nov. i^tU; Lumby, Nov.coih.-
Dr. Tcltnie audMr.: Logan wijl
..old judgiriK classes at  Chi'Uitvack
Ott. 24th .and  3Sth,  at the;Delta���*.
-.6th aud :*7.tb,   and.,at  Richmond, |-
Oct 29th as_l  30th. ���
'Frofessor I'��*ke aad J. R. -'-.fider-
son, Deputy  Mi..ister of Agricul-
ttirc, will lecture at Vernon  Oct.
.2nd; Cre.slon   25th;  Nelson  2.th;j
Kalso, 20th and Grand Forks, 31st*
&0  YBARS''.
!'tion ou our Lpt.    Plaus and speci
I ficatioas can  be, scan at. Marsh all.
i Smith' _ ofuce.
'.   The lowest-or any-tosider  not
I necessarily accepted.
R^iawof -m^   j ami Arrive
Woman's   Horn....   C&m
Success Maga__tiie &
Thc Delta T_fc,es
Ai. for ths sjsaal.. saift of
The above*c___hi_iati*_* is-, one ef|
the mast popular likely to placed
befere the pnblie this reasen.,
If the.above does net meet*your
requirements we shall be jileaged to
make yea the following offer; ���
The New Idea.Woman's Magazine
The B-st-ta Times.
Both.of.trhe abova... lor. $i...5,pcf
Reni5fiJr your. Suoscrip*-
tiont.n-.tiVH- and avail your-t
self of ithe ab,p.ve splendid
Tans, Oxfords &
Bfuclier Cuts
_! Full. hm�� ol
BMWsK-bijf.��t'Meh tai&mmertWni an
-wis u_�� <jni3lBS.fls��a_!'n��..er sn
.. ukiKIii prois_��iirj_i
li'm>'.'r(_U_"v,'n._j__ttf_L ���
retattl l**_en tSjooalT'-
Wisjies to iafor.-_i.t-ia public that
Tanks for Sale. P-* a Swit at Once
One  3ft    3111   x ."ft. 9iviTs ���__s7ft.
n 1. 11
^*p��^,*:|heha%st^edt*a,naw  lau?.dr,y, cp- deep, huik*with  2-in tongued and
Scientific jfntcricati
A >i��Tijl_fm.!.1 MlntlniSM wcaWT. l.vremt 01%
rnlnllnrlot Btiv ip|_.!��l(1_ journal. Tffl'ms, _AJ_:
nsr: Tssiirpis.iithi,H. BoldbyBtl neiraaaalwa,
MUNN RCo.Ml>��^*y New York
Hmnr.h I'ffii��. ��M F St. TTn"_l��Klo*!. D.t.
.fJESmSk.   -posiio   G.
i. Baker's.. 0-.-r.iage
Works,,- L'a^.-<er, and will be p'.eased
to wait bas all those wimiag,,lt$ir
[done up in first elks'- slyle.
grooved Hi', well stayed and  bound
with iron; *al_io two smaller-ones,
similarly constructed.
569 Bs*-t..y Street...y?i,couvcr..
i Iffiilctersoa s THE DELTA TIME.?, SATURDAY,
:o, r_
Fori Giv
[Leave Pt. Guichon, 6.30 ,. -
jL'eave Vancouver,   2.I-;- p tn
Monday, Wech
Qive's  l\.gS8__gei v   foi t
Umnster or Vaticauver
New   Freight   Tafifi
.reatly Reduced Rates
& Ferrv Co.
and  ���
. .   '1 '
.��� 01
Ladner to New
.   Vancouver, 10.20 a.m.
��� ���  Pt. Guichon, 6.00 p.m.
ia rriaay.
in   either   New   Wesc-
*    September    5th,   '06.
Communion ���
30 a.m     ist Sunday
in month,
11 a.m.
Mutins, n o'clock.
Evensong, 7:30 o'clock. '
Sunday School at 10 a.m.
Friday, evening service 7
Rev. Canon Hiltot
':ft*r;i I
-V-* ���
��   WmW
'" x&A
��777 ,._;7'77^i-**^*7&
**.��� -  V*-* -v-^r'' m
tiSis&tst -.;< * :_-'.-r? -*_;--ff
Hi .11
particulars apply
Agent,  Port Guichon.
tie furnished without delay.
mon ..nio'.j. vicar.     , ��������<.,-��.���>��� s**>'>*v_j _aira___e_-*!-"-7_
[ W-wtets^-WgS-*^^
rlEA il 1-
The Ideal
Breakfast Food
They contain all the
nutriment in wheat.
For sale in 5 and
20 lb. bags by aU
good grocers.    .    .
Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Services first and third Sunday ofj
each month at 10:30 a.m.; BeuecUc-
tion, 7:30 -p.m
Sunday school at 3 p.m.
Low Mass and Holy Cotniiitinion j
first and third Mondays at 6 a.m.
Kev. Father Wagner, O.M.I.,
Parish Priest.
.Services next  Lord's Day at  u
! a. 111. and 7:30 p.m.
Class meeting, 10.30 a.m. every |
Sabbath .School  at 2 p in   every
Sunday'.      Prayer   meeting   every.'
! Thursday evening at 7.30.
4_5_Cs*:_*.-'-������������ ?���''- -��� '-.-
^-s__^��_t��_*V5_��-    v-
r.'_Jir. t . ba prii'-e-r'���/ c;i::;/i^���obtala tha BT&Y*
i_.\ .an , }uii.a.s.mVLo',iKu:<.:.   Wii_,_'..;
a\t*rm*m*n      i     ,     .      i-TOm $2.M tO*$l_50.00
.���t.'TOLS    .   .   . WOm   ��.69 tO     B9.00
DHOXOUIW.   .   -irom  7.6010    36.00
.'..���; ,<,.iri!ioWar.iin3i':,.i��-.T!_r_ fcr 7_a pftjre i'lit*
<������. t..r j..'*.: . t n-i.e. Ifjln-tM ca��I._r. Jfln.el-
iu��nu-.to!-iAlii,vv4il'��jwtrdiii SRootlMC,y*iH
']....I. torriaft fAj*r_f*y!&ug1.ttotl��v_. I:. M4i.e4
?'(f.,i.t, upon receij). of f'-i.^uri Nitiiftct��iuioiu
. U*lui( mice* I cover t_K-ej��.
OiisC r.ttnctlve thr^c-otar Atamlnwii Hmser-n.U t-s
&giit an. -....cr*tJ-i^ is.fttJ th-sumps.
F. 0,'BO* fJ<&
CUccpoo Fall*, Miiln 0.8. A.
��� V UL .\ UO,
By applying an antiseptic dressing to   wounds, brui'.e-, burns and
Rev. J. F. Betts, pastor, j like  i.,jlir,-,Vi   t��efore  inflammation
  i sets iu, they mr.v be healed without
maturation and in about one-thud
ih_ time required by lhe old Ireal-
meat. This is tke greatest'discovery and triumph of modern surgery.
Chamberlain's Paiu Balm acts ou
thi. sas_e principle.    It is  an atiti i
PT. ANDREW S PKttS_iy.TKs-.A_��
Services next Lord's Day at   11
I a.in. and 7.30 p.m.
I Sabbath .School at lo.iu Midweek meeting on Thursday evening
at 7.30 o'clock.
Rev. A, MeAul.v, Pastor.
septic and when ap] lied to such in-
Ijuries,   causes  them   to  heal  very
ckly.    It  also  allays  the   pain
prevents any dau-
po'souinR.    Keep  a
and soreness an
Sabbath  services ��� Crescent  Is- j _er  0f k;00.i
I ! !���d- 3 P.m;; Laduer, 7:30 p.m.       | ^^ e{ pah) ^m  ,    ywtkoat
Sunday School at 10 a. m. , .
Prayer meeting ou Thursday' atT-W��   n   wiU   s,ve   >'ou   time *___d
8 p.m.                                                  ', laoney, not  to  mention the iucon-
C. Croft, B. A., pastor. 1 jltaieiice   and   suffering   sueb   iii-l
                 j juries   entail.       For   sale   by   all 1
��� druggistB.
Pheasant shooting begins on the!
15th inst. i
ft 1 HENRY'S    500(| Telegraphers
���Nurseries   &  Seedhouses
j Annually, tc* fill the new  positions
  j created by Railroad and Telegraph
i Companies.     We   vrant   YOUNG
: stock ot JIOMK �� .ROWN jMP.N and LADIES of good habits to
'ruit tiiid  Ornamental Trees now 1
laturcd fcr the fall trade. |  LEA1*N  TELEGRAPHY
-ss-.a-xpssise,Joss -_. delay &f fums-l *-ND ll. R. ACCOUNTING . . .
ition- or i.BsnecticM.. i
j    Vvre turn i sli 75  per cent,  of the
Operators and Station Agents in
1$  for Fall Planting*jAl-e--sea.    Ouisix schools are the
^ �� j largest exclusive Telegraph Schools
1 in the world.    Established 20 years
Headquarters tor   PnciP.e   CoasS j and endorsed by  all  leading  Rail-
rown Garden, Field and Flower wtiy O-��*^***'
The S.S. Sonoua leaves Ladner
at _ a.m. and 4 p.m.; leaves Steves-
According to The Commercial,  t0,.  ftt  g m m   t|!d g pui_   Eyery
of Winnipeg, the  visible supply of day cxcept Slrnday>    #
oats in the United States and  Can-!
ada, east of the  Rocky Mountains, |
is   3,719,000    bushels,    compared-    Wbcu you wish to  buy visiting|
witb 20,721,06*0 bushels a year ago. j cards call ou the Delta Times  who!
  1 ..ill sell the best money  cau  buy. j
.Ifyou need them printed, why you
<*      e     ��  are money iu pocket by  calling   ou.
.eeas m season. ... ,      ._-__,-, i
!    We execute a ^250 Bond to every I
EEE SUPPLIES, Spray Pumps. J student  to  furnish  liim  or  her a
[ Whale C_! Soap,. Greenhouse Plants. j position paying from JS40 to $60 n i |"4_-
f Cut Flower.ss,
SI the Del.. Times first.
I month in States east of the Rocky   -,,
...      ,     ,     .. i Mountains, or from  $75  to $100 a
We   do,  bwiMM   en   .ur   ow�� ] ra0I,th in States west of the Rockies,
rounds-��� no  rent te pay and are j immediately upon graduation.
prepared to. meet all couipet.tien.
' Let me price your list before plac-  ���St"de��ts ca�� _5��ter. f* a��-V time.
', ��� . , T. ' No vacations.    For lull particulars
,n, vou, order.     CataW.,. Krce.       regarding any of onr sch'oolj.  wrhe
ijig youti ordfi,.    Catalogue Free.
TIi-o Children's Favorite
��� CURES���
Conehs, Colds, Croup and
Whooping Cough.
Thi- iTinril.. is .isn.isofs lov Iln c\\ri.f>rer
s   nlnri.0 pnrt of tlio clv.llzo_ worlil.  It mn
y>   nlwnya l��o (lojicnilci upon,   lt rontnlns no
g   opium ur othor hiirmful tlnai* ami Binj* ts_
given as coiiil[!:"illy to a Ixihy ns to nn nitull
Prloo 25 otsj Large Slzo, BO eta.
3010 Westminster Road.
.VANCOUVER,   -   B. C.
(.direct   to  our executive office at
Cincinnati, 0>.    Catalogue free.
in 11 sum v mn
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Atlanta, Ga
Texarkana, T -
Buffalo, ?*7.\
LaCros;,e, Wi:
:an Francisco,i!
BT.ITI*-.   COttlJl*.
i ���*��� henlhy I Mi Wm iiiil 01
KEW WESTMINSTER,   :-'.  -k _,
1_ Ulannlactutcrs of-ull kinds ol: ���>
1 Soda Water, Ginger ���>
4    Ale smd Sumnaer k
t             Drinks. 1
\      Your gatronags solicited J.
-sTtinting- or sbooting vtill not be
pcrraiWd, on- the Impei-ial' Farm
vithoMt permission from
S. cut G. MORROW.
Uglier,.P. C,i Oct. i,;, 'oji..
Get yoni" House wired
aud file your applicatio:
Electric  Light  maw, so
the poles may be distributed
past your premises.
Application blanks may be
'-ad of Mr. McDonald, the
"Tiro years eg. our little giri
had a loach of, pneumonia, wkicb
left her vrith an awful cougU. Ske
had spells of coughing, j-st like
one with tke whooping cough am
some thought she would not get
well at all. We got a bottle ot
Ckamberlain's Cough Remedy,
wliich acted like a charm. .She
! stopped coughing and got stout and
fat," writes Mn. Ora Bu.sard, Bru-
baker, 111. This remedy is for sale
by all druggists.
Aatc Tsar B.-cf'�����<���_���.
Vi'lieu a young woman h__ u fiwiilrHciui
Itrot-i-T or n coiiirade aiiiiici.!..;!;.- Ijitimnt.
tu be alluwiid iii a.l'iii.ndlv' way to i vitici.i
itr guuil jsiiints Ib i!n��M, u i.< mft at .ill -i
bad iJ��a to oaV hl_ adrica nbani tii. .t.n.
of ntH'kweftr vlie adopts. A wan I* iw; ly
dltl_i_.it to tti�� n.i-kHui nl hlisalstav'aoi
kLs .wmjlsh-'m't'*. tuiUts., unit lliMii^li his i__t
viim i<i i.ften (-iMs'lmd iu .uiHr>w.iut ttftliani
tuiiii-it iss lK.'.-ially wuith fallowiag, itua
kiS -_8iJsntl.kl!.J r-tmultl   .1 lwut   list UOOftill'
A tall 8H"1, With n long, icw&nlike ����uk,
may wmmt to tt-lvantag. a scarf with i
lurj;e, loo_M Iwvr. ts��r shunt Jinit xilumf
frhtad, with e )i___.t But l_w oil .'���-" shout.
tire, mfe't ��.t Ruittli. barwlf k> till <.ht
b*u_h_ to liave km llick ia,;���� of. l.-iu
bar (lis narr��ive>-s. tuind oi'ooi'i)����n_S-l.n<
to mark tho Iin* where hu. ilicw uaU.
A Ki'!itlt*M'i>in;ii, nev#r mIkI'hK*. -oiled oi
fllMiify or carelans uee-.if._r.���PhilafUlisliii
Offer you Bp!_ncii_-  ImprcMtniMfiV m
BmmR co-t, for any style off >iil_i_^.
Vv'e m&ke tln-ni cssmplc***, svs suit
nny sized or isli_[>r_ ttnic-im���U_i
f,:_-.:��� metal finish in_t-._i____.ee _-_
T,imlow caps.rornicen,etc-
variet>' O-fk-ylcs.
They Rrr-s a very'. tin_ds*ofne
nruf -ndin ing, practical 9atisl��c*--*a.
We   irive- estimate-   if  ynu.
" cot H
KetaJBc Roofing Co.,
V'l-o.tif.__S_ Monufasetiiirers,
Torosto. Cnnad-i.
Wet Ikoei.
Tb* usual���aud tbe wrong way���of
treating wet boots is to take tbeia oft
and put them on the fender or the radiator to dry. This method spoils the
boots. Too much beat cracks and hardens leather.
Another wroBg way Is to stand them
on their sole* anywhere to dry.
The proper way ls to place the boots,
soles upward, near enough to the Ure
to dry slowly aud properly, but not to
steam during tbe drying.
The sole* should always be turned
upward, even wben tlie boots are only
a little wet, for thin way enables th*
ulr to reach the wettest part ot th*
leather flrst.
A  ITIaaiielpr.
"Hrlggius Htake. money by eit_sblllhi__
dreameries in eountry t-mne, dr<���� h��? I
.houghs lt wiu. a notorious ts.v that llnle
���nauierie. denlt ray."
"That's it. Ills aj__.'.t works k;i a
srtu-iucry cuterpri^e in tome small town,
nnd Brlggiuia gove vhere tbe next .TeaT,
buys up the vwaihinpry fur a e-.-ng and
telln it to eouie Tilla|_e where _hey hit.*
never had a creamery.''���Chicago Xf.b-.tt*.
Teoli ��h* ri I wt.
"Just by way of a hint, you Unew, 1
told her she looked sweetraough t*i kiss."
"Well, she snid that was the way sbe intended to look."
"Aud so"���
"1'nt.Uely."���Chicago Vest.
K.mH.ra Ull km. Then.
X young married man never realtse*
tbat he le petting old until he Is ooinpollod
tu i*ay full fare for hia first born when lie
h-us him on a street ear.���Cinelnuiitt fom-
Hierclal 'iVlhune.
.. il_.*y ul V.i.,��is Davis,
T_._.'_* a u sta_*y told of Let by _ i.-.ideat :
of P____sdsl_)is_�� Mfaii h shows why vVinnie I
.O&vii {tu- _>_!_ to dear by the ve-ei-uns et \
\uv s'-_Efed-:r-_,*_ _____?. the man Wbo Celli I
lt was a colonel under tbe star > -_d ban
snd 13 now a ri.b _uu     "liut five yean
���go I wasn't,"  he wefi.    "I'd  .cnt��T_rj
penny I'd had bcl'oie the war, a_id I h;.,'
Dot uiads many giaea. A big ��mnp in Ut.
west had dona for ibe, and 1 put np at t
Sew -t'ork hotel with just enough to j_i> :
n.y bill and no inore.    My nerval eaT.
way, and I wns tal^on iii.    Iii. doc.u '���
said I moil 'iave a 3jS!_  !*__*: andac,.n
j.l.te chan;.. ��* tsane.    .' said I might .-..-J |
in thocrnv..: ant" ti.n'i; lhiie____eX_irtha1 .
of .liu ucst world, tiut thut I had no mon  :
ey or friends and would iiovor l_av�� thi
filyaiiy way but feet Kr.it. ���  Well, Mia
_Javi_ waa stopping at i���_. bote..    &t*
knew I wouldn't a-v..-_.t money frofu htr
to sha got I ia���*> doctor tu protend Me wat
h:iiili_if n:f. hia own.    I Went a.'iroad aim I
sou. Jiouio cured and -lreudy oh th. waj
to wealth,    it wa. only then that 1 faun.
ont whom I owod my life lu.    -Ton knov.
her l.-ook, 'The Veiled Doctor?1    Vi'eli, fo7
mo there is in an equivocal _':_ ;ji_.s__i.o !i i
that s_ai_ie."���l'hU'_J_l;jhia J-.___>.
Uliie. n^vtwri.
In Oonnect lent a fow years ago lived i '.
lady who had t\ beautiful tlower card.'.. '���
ia which sho togh groot pride. The wbolf
iicJiihoorhixjU wa. j.roudof it, too, and pro
j.l.i ilrovu mil -i to seo it. She fsstoned twt
Ur .e boskets ofi tho OUteidS of her IVjici
nest to the loud, anil evt.ry r-iurning Ulcst
were filled v.'lih cut How-ras���the' large
showy kinds in ono bosket mid the del 1
eute, fragile kinds Intheother. AU tht
school children going by helped themselvei
and si'joi... the hotter JiSr It, aud buslnM
men took a breath of fragrance lott. thelt
dusty oilji.cs whloh helped lim day along
Even tlio tratniis wore wiiloflino to .-ji thi
beauty they oould icnt. into their 'foriors
"You cut su-'h QoahU"ie9," some oot
said to her. ".i.-n't youiairalfl yon wili
n>b youji_lf."
"Tito luorol cut the .ingr. Ihav.," ;it j
answcrci!. "Iloa't yoiikuow that.if i.-lantt :
are allowed tu go tu seed they stop blootQ
Ingi1 1 lore to give i.lriis.in. and 11 Ii
profit as well,.'farray liberal culling is Ih.
secret uf my boautl.ul garden. 1 am tiki
the man in 'Pilgrim's Prhgress,' lhe in or.
I giveaway the more i have."���Exchitngs,
A Water T.lly Pond.
An ndmiralilepondSfoU s,.:::u vs__r*siiici
was made in the fdllowlnjt thanAer: A
hole some .li) feet In diameter and 5 feet 1?.
depth w:vs Ihst _����, ai'.i tbis wa. plastcreo
with mortar to ths depth of i iuc',...-_ _���:
tlie sides _cd bottom. A piece of lead ;.:;.��
was put in ts�� iuakotbc dasited drain, ��-;.
dHO ts-SJlCCt WM Jiai-1 In colistrOctitig (
place outside uf whore'it went tbroirgb; ��
that tlw watiir Y.o_kl drain off through -
layer of rocks and sand. Whan the-i..r.r
tar woe dry, it was tron'.-d to a coat of i-i:-
tern cement, In the center was construct'
td n miniature Inland of stones and earth,
and upon it y.-as u mass cf .oUa&o int
flowers, while pink, white and yellow wa
tar lilies filled Die space hrouud it, and
Some -tadpoles grew to be sedate i're^s na-
dar thu nhads of the broad le��>es. On.
year lialf a (Jaznn dwm'. c.ilas nod a lot ui
old foshloucd waadcrtng jews made thi
island a EaJryll'ke pi__".', nnd si-,y��Ts-l yw"i
laterauiar., Iiiaplants of manyeolOH! i-v-h
cd ia tho eun and IJjoistHi*e uf tlw Isloi-d.
No ono whu li:...i not seen >_>�� uf the laiBla-
ture ponds can imagine thetr lietiaiy.���
Viok's il agt-./, ilie.
Ri* ��-*��.:,_.V. siiadosTs l_t__Lsis __t_s -J��
. I,-i_-_il'.., ��a,1 r'-ui, iiie7 _3_1 ��uo_,t us *-kc..*
OU. ��ai i _-_t a _ui,derioadraa_. of Lie?
'Aaa are fui:.-.; _, ���
s o: yoo.
Boiue'.iEnes i". -_���.-__..._ Ute shadow*- o.-e the reel;
'.ae tr-._i aeeisjeoiisstisissCslatend s-.i_cl._f
Ou Ws/.-.<li-i_.i ime tba drei.*r. i i c -_ed to fuel.
Bach ss,_;._.____��_.--s__,:i,_ _,; :i._',i___josTit
Kor 1 !*.tv_ all t*:e wonder of in? 'i-nam,
fi'--o rl -:'_, t.... _'.rjri_si, -.:>, ;���;.;.., _o be Iri'arl
Atsi lhe drearo's wonder ._i:j^_ '.. 11 sati._i
I'Q be bat ti;v-_:ii..i_; u.,w '._._�� ,*..i.-4Ul 0.' ; o_.
The :ijs=_l_:_it shad ..,���_, ?:.:��� _.'j���u'. .:_i _,.o
\Sl.a.'uvtss..^'i ;; ,,i, tj,.-/ ii.:v._i_- vo_is*a_:y.-_
oa, tiru y._i_;. bat a v.-is.ful dream ef youf
Aus am I bnt a waudorio-, liioanj '_f n<e .
���l^ost Whtjchir lo A'.L'i:._i t:,.:isUti_i,io_.
9Tp,a:.g_r than noTiON.
A li-ras- '1 bat   W��a StTallnv.ed AHra
li/ u Hair Frani Ilia Own T_.il.
Froin Florida comas tbo following lottes
fri-.o a reracious correspondent:
"iijiuy au ox*solil__r and having only
.(months to servo to acijol.-e a title to ���
quarter section ��f land, X went to Floilils
Is i--.i to put my pjaiis into execution.
Not bfiing posted us to ths landmarks, I
bad to k'i'.v a settler to locate the land for
n.e, and us we had to ;.-,.i u'.uutelght lullas
through woods over bad roads, with uo
br!i'rtaa, wo went horsebacb, nnd lu cross*
ing o Btreaui 1 noticed tbat my friend's
Loire's lull, caught iu  uu old pine StUnip,
pulling o hair from tbe tall aud lea>iug
the hair fust lo the stump.
"As you know, a horsehair will turn to
��� snake whon in wale.-, and I lund? up my
wind to wateh that particular hair. Ba
after bleating j-.y laud and .jetting a L-g
bouse huill I took my gun and started ou_
on a bunt, and during i.'.y rambles 1 cams
tu the stream that my friend and I had
crossed, and, bum enough, thore was ths
horsehair snake as hw as my thumb mid
o\er four feet long. As he was fast t_ the
.lump I Int him ..loin, and -continued mr
hunt, bagging tome quail, a rabbit and
two squirrels, which gave mu a good _u____
of fri-.i'i meat. As 1 was very busy fcr th*
next three weeks I had no time to visit my
jxi si.'iiUe, su you may judge of my surprise when en my uext visit to find tb*
snake si l.ig ss a stovoplp* and over .0
...t long. As 1 was going to have a log
rolling the nest week 1 kept my secret _o
that we could have some fuu nfter we
were tV.riugb our day's work. 1 got everything ready and sent nut iay lnvl_.-_tious.
My frtK.-id that Showed me thu Und came
v.il'i the rest of them audtold me that his
horse ������*������ .s lost or stolen. We all pitched In
and did a good day's work and had a uood
dinner. I told tliem my secret and we
wont to the branch. Vou can Imagine our
sifrpriic v.ilea we leund the snake R3 btg
nun saw log, With o bulge in the uiiddJe
as big ii.s-u, sugar barrel,
'Well, ta make a long story short, wo
killed the snake and out blm open, and
my friend's lostltoi-e tumbled out. ..'��
thought the horse wasdead until bocoui-
monc<tl io move, net) soou ran around nil
riiht, ssin'i is.y Wend r;>(',e hiui lioiue. I
havo heard a great deal about horsehair
snakes, aud this is ihe only instance I
know of v.h.re a horse was swallowed
alive by a hair from his ewa tail."���Uei-
11 more A-tnerloan.
V. ',:_; lti. Hubs* af Lurde la For.
The !r,;i.��f.f loKlscaunot now iivo'ess
to taaks the laws of ths nation, but it can
end di es prat ent ^ ast changes being made
iu the constinuioa by n snap vote or a
sorarci. mujos-Hy. It does for iho._.rit.lsh
constitution VT'liat a wrllten docuhicnt,
unalterable ezoept under certain fipeaiatl
conditions, dees for other forms of gorcrn-
mOut Botforit the whole of cur law*
and liberties w-'Uld lis at the nierey of any
mau who could fe*ef. oor.trel of the house ot
commons for Si hours. It considers all
legislation, aud though in practice it eol-
dom ventures to make uhanges It ls abl*
tu Insist oa a reference to tba oonntry If tt
holds that a great aud tarroaching revolu-
tion is being made without the elector*
being renliy aware of what is happening,
ln fact, It views th. laws sent up to it in
tbe light of this question, "Ought thil
ij* if not i-.isi-i._imI to bs rejected until it
ha* l*een referred to the cation with ths
demand, 'la tt ymir pleasure tbat this bill
���ball become law?' "���1-ondou Spectator.
Picture ��. a Quaker.
I.ucv.Ha Mott, ths eminent Quaker
minister and Hiitislavsiy upostle, was ���
w-jinou of rare personal charm, and whil*
not beautiful in the strict senee of that
fHTWsaoblng Urui wa�� possessed of a fao*
tbat was little short of it Ber brother,
Thomas Coffin, howe-rer, was not ln th*
leant -ntt-led to any claims of tbat sort,
a fact whloh oaosod him es much amuse-
m.nt-as it did any one of bis friends. Hs
was once asked try afi-lend for his picture,
but extended little hope that tho inquires
would ever get what he asked for.
"Well, Thomas," said the othor, "U
thee will uot gotonetakoh forme, will thM
let ine liars a oopy of an old one.'
"I am  afraid I cnntiat do tii ���
replied Thomae.    "The fact is that I
lid have n picture taken of my.., If, a
Was so good thnt  1 destroyed  it " - t������
psr's Round Tahiti	
Kot -iiiirlliitc.
"Do you court an  lnvestisatlonf" in*
guirod the Interviewer.
"Well," ki id  Senator Sorghum slowly,
"I  don't exnetly  like tho  phrane.    I'm '
willin to meet au lnvestiRaticn if clrcum-
���tuni'i*  nnil.c  lt  necessary.    But 1 ulu't
wakin love to it. "���Washington Star.
Tke Caloaeae of HUetle*.
Tb* Colossus of Rhodes, a bronsa
.rtatu*. waa 108 feet high. It was mad* j
by Chares, wbo, aided by an army of
workmen, consumed twelve years in j
Its construction.   It remniuetl In position in tb* harbor of Rhodes for slsty- !
���lx years nud was thrown down by an
earUiq.uk* B. C. 2i*4.   It lay on the j
ground -S84 years and was sold to a j
Jew f-sr old metal.   He carried away
000   camel   loads,   or   about  720,000
pounds, of bronze.
Sum* commentators maintain  that ev- Tbey Do I< Bametlmae.
esy one of tbe I'i alms bad a distlnet done*       'j'Le gplnster Mun���I shall never marry
appropriated to it nnd that In was to bis ! any one.
own ntuste tbat David danced before ta*       i'he Bachelor Maid���But perhaps son*
ark. one will marry you.���Detroit Free Praaa
ROBT. MAY, Agent,
,__/-T)NER.     -   -   ���*   -   -    B. C.
A Tramapoatttoa.
Margaret���No, you cannot stay, love.
Tour Bjtotlier says it is absolutely necessary for you to come borne.
Elisabeth���Oh, dear! 1 sometimes
think that mother is tho inventor of
necessity instead of necessity being the
tootttt?   of   invention.
Tb* average rate of wags* In Kocm If
M eeats a day.
Cercd Hie Cr_uni>.
At an evening party In London som*
Hine stco a gushing girl was Introduced
to Mark Twain.
"Ob, Mr. Clemens!" she suid. "Xow,
please, do tell me! I've been thinking of
taking up writing, but I am eo afraid of
that-dreadful writers' cramp one hoars so
much about.   Did you ever have it?"
"I did, madam."
"And what did you take for it?"
"Just fancy! But how ami where did
reu apply it?"
"Broiled and Internally," said Mark
Twain gravo.y. "I enn't answer for Its
being a panacea, but It cured the kind of
tramp I had, all rifiht."
�����__��� > ->���*. ��f getwi��.i��
Ms. lie Selene*���The offioers of th*
Smithsonian institution am having tt*
���hatter ot monkeys phonogrnphed, In tb*
bope thnt in time thoir language may be
understood, and it may be possible to converse wltb them.
Mrs. De Sclenoe���Isn't tbst grand) ]
hope they'll ask the monkeys, tb* vwj
first thing, whether we ar* a_***-sndan_i
lion tbeio nr not.���Kew York Weekly.
Tiie eutflt of an oystertongs man 'sea***
eolislsts of a pair of rakes, a pair of tonga,
e pair of nippers, a outting board, s*ver*l
.Hilling hammers, a couple of half bush*];
baskets and su iron half bushel.
The triangular brtdgsat Croyland, Lin-
iolnshlre, Is iho oldest brlflge In 'Knjbtn*^
I ����v_ une of l)li8^reatcst curiifsisisj^ i i-.E DELTA TIMES, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 190&.
rocAii news.;
il 5a!
fi eeran
Rev. J. F. Be;t_, spent  Wcdn.s
d,.> ia the Roy*. City.
Oa    Wednesday   next,   H.   N.
I.ich will h��ld hi*. Kail  Rale  at the
.   "' * 1 D.elta  Stock  Yard,' when   he  will
Mrs. H..i***r. Rich   spent Wcdt.es- oflsr for, sals  the  followins: A 7-
iay in the Royal, City. ; y��*r-old  home,   span  of  yearling j
_  , S!lietr 80 ewes,   40 fat  sheep, 40 j
Mrs.  Alex*.  T.zvia went ��ver to
Vancouver, Thursday evening.
1 Oxford Down  ews l_i_pbs,    Itxsey
I dairy caw, 5  Rt'_4e dairy oo.w.", 3
e Cask Store
f*_t cows-.   yearliHg he-
la cl
. j pigs, etc.
Mr. He-use, of Sa-pperton,   ctt__e|    Th.se-sal.s are ir.t_nded to affi -i\
d w*, vesterday, on a Siart visit,    j the farmer* an   opportunity J dis-l
  gtsing of tiie::   surplus stock, aud
j to givr* buyers a -_.an.o to boyl
without the usual ioss o( time attendant uports, buying a_jd< selling
operations. But w.e art sorry to
j see s-> little a!Ta>jt.._je taken �����(
these opportunities and hope to be
able t* report otherwise in thc nstir
W. li. Ladner- returned lioine.'
yestevday, /rout a visit to the Royal |
W. J. Frederick, brought home a
cow and coif, yesterday, l>om up-
jobu Boseyman i* imprdviiic; in
health rapidly, since his return
Iu order to derive the jjseatest
benefit from these saiss it is ��:ece_**
| ijary thst entries  he wade early se
that i. .say be properly  advertised j SJJ
llatry Vasey broazht home .some
cattle and  her.es, yestsn-ny. fromj
tip-river. j
to the outside wstid.
*_*. m/ _i_cy
sb %y ���%__��.'__/
To notify the people of Ladner and sur*-.
rounding  district that we are  rmm in a
position to offer Vancouver Island
Portland  Cement
At greatly reduced, prices, making- it possible for parties, who contemplate building-,,
to put in concrete foundations at about the-.
same cost. as. piling or other inferior-
I Write for Prices..
Alex, i-wterson .returned, yesterday, from up river, with a ine
young Clyde.
Mrs. (Dr.) Xeadall aad son drove
oarer to Mud Bay, oh Wednesday, to
reaew old acquaintance*..
F. J. Hart, of New. Wettmiwter,
accompanied F> A_ Whitaker, of
the Westminster wooden pipe factory, ca a _ trip thronth Delta on
Saturda.? last*
Harry Vasey succeeded iu carrying off that haudsoraf silver cup,
opt up by tha Royal Bank, for com-
petition among Delta's farmers. The
contest was ��ery cl.se.
In the football match! Thanks*
giving Day, on Westham Island,
between thc Islanders and Westminsters, the home team won a well
contested, game by one goal to ail.
R. E. Kittson, returned home,
yesterday, from Royal Columbian
Hospital. Mr. Kittson, we are
pleased to Btate, is . gstting along
very nicely, after hi- very serious
Lionel Cardogan Cowper, whose
rad doath at White Horse we aa*
ivpunced last week, is to be buried
oh Monday, frem*. St. James'
Church, Vancouver. Rtv. Caaon
Hilton will conduct the ser-vice,
ison starts* just what was* going to sclV
for   women, thc   Ladies'   Vfear   Bu-siaest.
1 wauld. Be a. get rich -$_tii-__ concern..
Traci: (VJAi-ns.,
Anyone semli u_ a ilMteh ��n_ _t_acrlpU_.��� ir,��y
qutefclr jt__ertaii_._ivr opinion free wn____r un
iaTs*__Mon Uprooftb-y patsantablA   Coi_t_.tt_tea-
'iiM.i_ttl-tlyrnn6i_.ii.li_l. HANOBOOK onf-atsnun
It inner	
iT��uinon l�� |sro.i..v_7P!U*_r<taijl._:   C.<i*ii��_..���e,.-
ont frees Oklos. r.concy for tsecuriuir pat tiit-a.
 ' ' '             Co.ri
_nt free. Oklos. nconcy for ���eeuruifr patents.
1'KkiIs token tnrou.h Muun. __ Co. reus.'.-..
>]ir__-_MoMw. wlthou. eimriio, tatko
%mu\i Jftnerice.it
\ hnn*__t*mc1y ttltHtnt-o-l weettlr. T-j.rKfl._t rip-
t-utation of an? itc.enUfle ^nuniat, Terms, *il._
roar;:foor months, 51_ Sgiitbyall vie��e<i*.*_.effit
Braneh Olliee. _H 9 9>~. Wa_.iiia.oii. Z>. ('.
But tHere is such a difiereuce i'i. taste that mer---
..haiits doing a large  busitie_48  lintet   provide   Tor *11
H sorts snd  conditions  of people,. and   have   sjiythiug
| any of them take a notion Lo.
We believe that; in onr new Autumn. Suit*,
���*-v**_*.*e come pretty near- that,,, likewise in Coats,
Skirts and' Dress Goods.
Our prices,, too, are worthy, of your ���aireful. con--
B. Oi
26-7' Columbia St., Ngw Wes..inmster, B. O
This rejulir Kail Meeliiig* of thc I W
Delta   I'armers'   Institute  will   bc'-. n
held inth* Town Hall, I.adner, pn : ��
Friday evenitij, October   26th, and   11
2_ast Delta, on Satuidtiy evesing, i ^_3_^_______g_s
October 27th, at S p m.    Dr. T��l- j
jnieand Mr. F. M. Lotan, ef Vic--! ""���-"-*----���-'-
Cut Glass,..
And ail kinds of Jewelry
Re$3aIrino? a SneoiaMyn
Ba u*2-
.. ���.... .
toria, will address the meetitig
l3rC'6!(if_tlt, ;
N-. A. M-DIARMI.'),
I.adier, Oct. 17, 1906.
: ^amameWBWaaammalamwW ���a*
DELTASTOChink.-.    v,_ .   .
ladwfr bc -I        Wtien you are wanti__# anything m the-
  . I Size   of Blc_ises.   Dress*   Skirts*.   Petticoats,
80 Ewes, -ia Fat sheep, .p oxford j | 'Onderwear; ��� Homery^  White   Goods,  Nec___-
D_wn Ewe Lambs, Jer..e3- Dairy   9 ,
Cow, s Crude Dairv cow?, 3 Fat; I wear,   RiDbons,   Furs,   Slnallwears,  Holiday-
Thec3-.-b.ect of the sermon in tke
Methoditt Churci, to-morrow even-
iug, will be "Our Two-Fold Life."*
This it acontismatiaa tit tbe cerits
on "The Sou..' and some of the
lawn by whiciatit is gpverned."
Cows, 2 Yearling Heifers, 2 Fat
Pigs, 7-year eld Bay Ilor.ie, span
Yeariiiig Fillies, which 1 :._
ATR. II-. ^7   RICH has rextived j
instructions to Sell   by Auc- j
tion, jh the  above Yard, on   Wed--)
Oct. 2$t3ht, at 1:30 p.:n.
Terms cash.
Further eutties oclic.ted.
Top Hi
C. F. Green arrived her*,- Son-
day, from Cstlifomia, ta take in the
pheasant shooting and renew-old
acquaintances a�� well as tn pay a
visit to-the married tnernbsrs of'his
family. Mr. Green is-the j,;UMtof
bis sou, F. J., at-Crsenczoft.
im hi
D^iessecl Poultry
Goods, or-
. ^HILDBiENB- ���(>AT^
Bonnets,  Hate,  Furs, Bresses,   Tiiiderw.ear,
Hosiery, Etc.
Call and let' cts show you:
(.roods and Prices Right.
ffs.   ��__
No%v is the time to outfit in Nobby,
Up-to-Date Styles..  ..   .. i-.-.	
Ladner, B.C*
Ne>v   Laid
UuiofH Thanksgiving service was
told in the Methodist Church 0:1
Thursday moraisg, wheu Rev. C
Croft ��ddreG5..vi the meeting in bis
usual lEterestiag -Banner.* The attendance was {ttts-t all waat might
hlave been.er.pected from an especially wtll _s.Tor_d community.
Local Agent.'
A. J. BIRTCH, - 275 Columbia Street
Estate When. You Want to Ship or Star*.
Your Produce or Lire Stock..
Tic* pbeMen* sliODting season
,^.^vl,r\-r,v Mpnd-_y- list, wben ,,-��
c:u��try was tt'Jl vreirked by : ports
.-.��� rn all '.irections. Bir.s were
:\ir!y p>-..nt_!-,. bnt have- now become rt-rr w.d. Sbmc very good
b_f�� bkre been taken wbich, of ue-
c��_asitv, las-thinned tk.m out some
md those '*t ha\_ btco:ne very
Oralis Elevator
L Opacity 500 TonR.
Space 24,000 Square Fest.
ES ���� MPPi
..,--.,.. J��i-1
���met itr'1"rfr-<if-'i,:i',.-i^i _^~_. ������-.
^' "-_.&��_��>��_ ',.__.'.   J. ���_-    '......v;.
o- A??;a��_ts
1   Sty .5 <i     BJ c- ;������ * pt>
B^ C.


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