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The Daily Canadian Nov 16, 1907

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Drink Halcyon Llthla Water.
Drink Halcyon Llthla Ginger Ale.
Drink Halcyon Llthla Lemon Hour.
Made from pure c-arl.rmai.*<1  Halcyon
I j.liiii Water. When you auk for Haley
on be sure yon get it.
i��l, and nates.   	
Sold at all hn-
VOLUMB  2.     No.    140
Dominion and Ontario in
frovincc Will  Abandon  Efforts to
Place New Comers���Division
of Functions Needed.
...    is     Thttl   Hi"  province
l n.i.   entirety   thi    looklni
. button   "i    Immigrants,
Dominion   auUioMttos   have
:    ill.    w.irk.   is   ill.-   pi..I.ii.l.
t. rence al  Ottawa    '��
[,..,. Hon  Nelson ItoBt-stth, Uie minis
,.,: ,,��� :������ ii . tu 1.'   C. C lamas, deputy
i ,���,i Thomas Bouthwortja, the
of ci Ionization     representing
and   linn.   Frank   Oliver,
I ,.1   tbe  interior.    Instead  the
] 1 pertinent   win   oo-operats
l.uii ii,.   federal   immigration   oncers
I r ways
alana returned  from 01
morning.     Mr.    Mon-
1   !,..t mattera regard ng the
I .��� :. .,1   immigrants in Ontario
umed a  now stage  (Um year,
appeared 10 him to be
In        satisfactory,  owing   to
lili.. iUi|.li. -jiL.ti "f work on the part of
liii,. provtt federal govern ata,
Itiii.l he bad thi conference with Mr.
(Oliver with .. flew of having the work
. 111111. nts adjusted lu
I pilch a ws) as to prevent tbe overlap
...us," he  sal.l   "the    ill-
J 1 of I smlgranta   to   Uniarlo  haa
I b)   the provincial  authorities
I gov. 1 mn,nt.   who   have
:..i!   .in.i  conduct  an ac-
��� isganda     The province, on the
lothei band, undertook to see that    the
. lag   in   Ontario   ware
Attributed us  noon    au  posHihle    after
Some years ago the federal govern-
ti,.iii allowed  .. bonus to  the  British
taking agents amounting    to  ts  per
al]  Immigrants going  to  the
si    ;n  provinces, imt   this bonus was
mn showed on Immigrants oomlng to
tie   other eastern provinces..
in 1902 tins discrimination waa remov*
in..- thai time Immigration i*1
...   inct saalng  steadily.
80 much   wag  iiiis  [ha oaae thai   the
through th.- bureau of colon-
itttlon, f..uml it necessary  to    extend
ud enlarge Lhe machinery tor diatribe
'iin; immlgranta.   A Farm labor bureau
M/...I wiiii ;. oompetanl stun
'" ".���" Hie Immigrants on their arrlv-
;,! "1 Toronto and direct   them  to [arm
��"ik througboul the provlnoe, tha pro-
'in'iiii government supplying tbe farm
l-'ti'T Immigrants not only With a sllua-
'i'.ii, bul wiiii ti,,. transportation from
Toronto to the place of their employ*
Iho work oi tht* bureau bad devel*
''i'"!! 111 sii.ii iu,  extant  that    several
:    1 in. n were plaoed lu situations
'���"ii year, reaching a total of about u>.
 ' in 1906.   This year, I'.mT. for some
n" '"I ii.. i,(i, mi government, with-
""' advising tbe provincial authorities
"' their iniention. appointed some :i"i
"oiploj 111  agents scattered  through*
'"" the provlnoe.   Thsss men were In-
"''"'i'i I    I.,    receive    il|ipllcul Ions    floin
'ii'iii.'is for help, and tin* hooking
"���''iiis in Great Britain were Instruct-
" In send  all   farm   labor   Immigrants
"mi wen. oomlng to Ontario direct to
""ni" on.. c,r these employmenl agents.
no office had been established In To*
"""" '.* the Dominion, and as large
""'iiii'is of immigrants coining to On*
lo iiiine  to   this   point   for   dlstill.11
"'rn. in,, province waa obliged still  ...
maintain its stall of 1 ten al the station.
Tha system .1 bonus now In force by
"'" Dominion government    Iholudes a
I'liyiiniit   to tl,,.  liritish   booking agents
"" farm laborers, domestic servants
-ha railway navvies, but not on com
'"on laborers or other classes of Imml
���"'""is.    Many of the booking agents In
 M country hmi Imagined that the
'I'viii.iii ,,f (|1|H bonui would be Imperil*
1,11 unless they Hem an tin* immigrants
*��' would entitle them to a bonus to
""' Dominion employment agents. The
"���mill was ,|lnl  tna��� |l|lB ,���,,.,, ��� inr^r-
Toronto. Tba provincial bureau has received this year, aa usual, several thousand applications from Tanners throughout the province for men, a large majority of which applications could not
he satisfactorily fined."
Mr Mimtcith was of the opinion that
the Dominion, having undertaken the
work of distributing Immigrants in Ontario, should supplement that woik by
establishing a dlBt-lhiitlng offlce tn Toronto, and enable the province to drop
out of thla part of the immigration
work altogether, releasing the funds of
the province devoted to the purpose for
more extensive advertising In Great
Britain o" the advantages offered for
Investment in tbe Province of Ontario.
II is proposed to issue and distribute a
large number of pamphlets and maps
descriptive of the agricultural resources  .,r Ontario.
London Mot Optimistic.
London. Nov. 18,���The Times In an
editorial discussion of the linaticial situ
lion In the United States says this morn
lug thai more light on the subject Is
desired before the best informed people
of London will he ready to share Secretary of the Treasury Coltleyotl's con-
li.l. uce. Al the same time it declares
it is necessary to keep a oool bead and
not be misled as to the more distant
future by what after all Is only a transient phenomenon, snofa as lias occurred
In America before, though not on such
a dangerous scale.
American    Ensign    Will    Be    Altered   to
Mark Admission of State of
5-*il_: <��ar��
Will  be^elkVered    every evening    at
.Jgp-ar door f,
Lumber Combine Cases
to Come Up
oil* hi lhe number of farm lata!
"��� roacblng  tho   provincial  bureau ut
Maximum Fines Would Exceed $500,
000���General News of Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Kdtuonmn. Nov. 10.��� The trial of
members of the alleged lumber combine
will begin in tlie supt^-me court Monday
morning, the llrsl ease being against S.
W. II. Clark, of the Kdmonton Lumber
Co. There are In all twelve indictments
each with twelve counts, preferred
against twelve lumbermen. The criminal code provides in the case of individuals for a fine not exceeding Jl.tino
and not less than $2lni or two years ini-
|.i N.uutionl for each ofTense, and incase
of crjsiiations for a maximum fine of
(10,00*) and a minimum line of $1,000.
Washington. I). C, Nov. li',.���Another
star was added to the American Hag
this morning, when President House
veil signed th, proclamation admitting
Oklahoma to ihe great family of states
\,lording to promise, Secretary _eb
Immediately sent a telegram upon lhe
signature of the document to the Cover,i,.i of the State of Oklahoma, announcing the fact and the exact moment of signature. The people ..f the
new state had made preparations in advance lo celebrate  the occasion.
Tin- proclamation itself was sent by
special messenger to the departntent of
slate, where ll was placed among tho
archives of th.- United Btatet govern*
nient. Notwithstanding lis Importance
it is by no means an Imposing document
In appearance, being written with a
stub pen, upon one large double sheet
of plain while paper. Stamped with the
great  seal of lhe  United  Slates.
Though Ok'ahoina'.-. sovereignly   as  a
state dates  from  today,  Hi islgns on
ihe army and navy will not nciually
display th*' forty-sixth star until July
4th. nc.tiling lo lhe regulation adopted
In such cases, Tlie law governing the
subject is contained in an act or out-
ess approved April I. IMS. and embodied in section ITM, Revised Mat-
tutes,    That act provides as follows:
"On the admission of a new state Into Hie union one star shall he added to
the union of the ling: and such addition
shall lake effect on the (th day of July
then  neM  succeeding such admission."
Arrangements   have   been   already
made   lor   the   change   In   tho   Hag   l��'
which tin* number ol stars representing
sovereign slates ll Increased Irom forty-
tive. the present number, to fori* six.
Tlie cxisiing arrangement* or stars haa
obtained since Jul)  4, isin;, ou whldh
date a Star was added to the Hag lo
murk Uie admission or Utah to lhe
union In the preceding March.
The rearrangement of the stars to
meet Uie case of Oklahoma was made
last summer hy a Joint board or army
and navy   Officers,    of    which    Admiral
Dewey was the chairman by virtue of
his rank. The decision of that hoard.
Which was afterward approved by the
secretaries of war, navy and Hie president 111 turn, was Hint the forty-Sixth or
Oklahoma star he placed at lhe lower
right hand corner of tho blue Held of
the Hag. Tlie problem solved hy the
board was as to tha basl method of adding Ih'' new Star With the least possible uisturbanod Of the existing arrange
ment   and   nl   the   same  lime   ohliiin   a
symmetrical design.	
Hard Times for Actors.
New Vork. Nov. tli.���These are evil
days for stage people and (he theatrical
business, ii is estimated in theatrical
Olrolel lhal almost 8,000 actors and nc
tresses are oui of work. Actresses may
be seen dally on Hroadway making Hie
rounds of the agencies.    The llnancliil
stringency, the sterility or the playwrights, and Ih*' construction ot mo
many theatres have oomblned, ll ap-
sears, to bring aboul a serious condi-
1������ of affairs In the theatrical world.
Winnipeg. Nov. 1G.���Sergeant Hich-
ardsou Weaver, Victoria Cross, has re-
tired from the mounted polioe force and
has become chief of polioe at Indian
Hartney, Nov. 1G.���Mrs. F. H. I'ayne
died from burns inflicted by the Tall of
a lump, setting lire to her clothes.
Winnipeg. Nov. 1G.���The convent of
th.. Holy Names, on Provoncher avenue,
SI. Boniface, caught fire yesterday afternoon and for a time St. Honiface thought
U would have a serious fire as there
were no outside fire escapes to this
large building, which is three and a half
stories high. The sisters in charge of
the school, however, put It out with
hose Kept In the convent for that purpose.
Winnipeg, Nov. 16.���Geo. Marcroft.lS
years of age. who has been working in
Mr. WaleH* general store here for some
time, was drowned last night while
Ottawa, Nov  18.���The   propriety   of
having a day of national thanksgiving
and of Us observance hy Anglican
chinches was discussed ut length at
ih.- annual conference or the Ottawa
diocese yesterday. The discussion was
provoked by an address by Rev. Canon
.Miickieston. of Perth, who said ht would
have the whole Institution Ot national
thanksgiving swept uway, us it served
inn lo show the unthankfuutaas or the
people as a whole by their not going to
Church and thanking dud lor his mercy.
Toronto, Nov. 1G.���Chief Justice Fal-
couhrldge has dismissed the action of
Annie Fanning. Carleton Place, agnlust
the C. P. It. ror damages for the death
of James Fanning, who was her only
means of support Fanning was killed
last June hy the overturning of his engine at a point on the track where rails
had been removed by B repair gang.
The jury round that proper signals had
not been set out and that the death was
due to no negligence on Panning*! part,
but Falcouhrldge, In rendering Judgment,   stated   Unit    the   Jury's  answers
were not in accord with undisputed testimony.
Portage La Prairie, Nov. 16.���Agent
Logan wus successful In preventing lhe
cunsiininiatlon uf the Indian Sun Dance
al Cailicrry. When lie reached the en-
canipineiit where about inn Indians and
their squaws had assembled, he ut once
called forth the headmen and Issued Instructions Unit the arrangements proceed no further. At about 1. o'clock all
the tents were down and packed, and
Hie disappointed redskins were making
for their homes al (Irlawohl and south
or the lino.
and a member of the Minnesota diocese
of the Swedish church, it was pointed
out to him hy tlie steamboat officers
lhat before he could land himself and
baggage at Duluth he would have to
pay a head tax of four dollars.
Kdmonton. Nov. 1G.���Word has reached the mounted police here that a young
man named Albert McDonald, formerly
in the employ of Ross, McDonald & Co.,
Farmers' Exchange, Strathcona, has
been arrested at Cranbrook, H. C, on a
warrant issued about a year ago by J.
P Linton. J. P.. ol Strathcona. McDonald is charged with paving mlsajn
piopiiatcd $705 sent him by Mr. Ross
Tor the purchase of apples. Constable
Warren of Ihe R. N. W. M. P. here has
gone to Cranbrook and will bring McDonald hack to Edmonton.
Winnipeg. Nov. 16.���Commissioner
Coombs said today he received no less
than 120.000 applications in Oreat Britain from people woo were seeking information in reference to Western Canada, from English people. These appli-
cations were ail received In less than
three months.
Cobalt, Nov. 16.���As a result of inhaling flames of nitric acid William Mcintosh died in the hospital yesterday.
Brandon, Nov. 1G.���On the branch
HneB of the C. I*. EL, on tbe Brandon
district, on Wednesday, 115 cars of
wheat were .hipped.
Moose Jaw. Nov. 16.���W. Toree, for
four years manager of the Hank of Hamilton, has been transferred to the inspector's department of the bank at
Ottawa. Nov. 1G.���Local lumber men
claim that there will he only slight curtailment of operations in the lumber
regions of this district thte year.
Quebec. Nov. 16.���laocal lumber operators here state that the only effect
that tight money has on tbelr Industries is lo Inspire prudence, and sny
lhat some curtailment will naturally result from the scarcity of men and the
high wages demanded, owing to a large
number of engagements on railway sand
other public works.
St. John. Nov. 16.���Lumber operators
on the St. John river state that aside
from the financial stringency this has
been to date the worst season for
twenty-five years for work In the woods.
Up to date tbere has been a decrease
of Bity nor cent in cutting. A wet summer and fall flooded the st renins and
swamps, making the work very difficult.
Cnpt. Paddon came in from Crawford
Bay last night.
Mrs. II. Wade will leave for England
tomorrow  morning via C. P. 11.
It. tl. Hllllnghurst left this morning
for England, where he will si-end the
W. P. Dickson returned to the city
last night after an absence pf six
months spent In Hn gland.
F. BJ. tlrosvenor and wife leave by the
C. P. R. for the Old Country tomorrow
morning. They will sail from Montreal
on the Lake Erie. Nov. It,
W. P. Tlerney arrived from Hrand
Forks last night. He says that the
people of the lioun.lary dlstrlet generally expect a period ol inaction and de
French   Authorities   Doubt  Spy's State
ment That Purchase Was Refused
���Must Revise  Everything.
Mining Stocks Suffer by
Port1 Arthur, Nov. 16.���Thu Injustice
(if the UBld lax iih applied l>y tlie United
State.-, lo Kuropenn born people entering tha republic bad an Illuetr&tloQ tn
Purl    Arthur  iih   tho   Steamer   America
left for nuiuth.     Rev.  w. BlonquUt,
pafltor of Bt Auhkiu'Iuh. Bwedllb church,
UlnneapoUlj wh<> him for ton ilaya past
boon MSilttag Hov. Mr. T'lilvrinun, DU-
tor of Tort Arthur at. AiiBKiirliiR' church.
left for home. Although for thirteen
yearn a resident of tUe  United  States
Uncertainty of Immediate Future���
Buying Orders Few���Quotations on Exchargese
Parte,   Nov.   It;.���The   Echo   de   Paris
HiiyH  thi''.   mnrntiiK   lhat   the mtnlHler of
marine is wttsfled that the oonfeetio_
of GDnBign Dltno, who waa wrested lasi
month at Toulun, charged with being i
spy and who claimeil In his examination
before a magistrate Thui'mhty that he
hud been In romn.unloutl<m with n foreign power for thi* Hale of ufllctul ducu
ments, bnt that his offer had been re
fuHcd on the ground that the papers
were not of mifllolent value, tu Incomplete and that he nctually sold to u foreign power mOSt Important documents.
Accordingly, the paper says-orders have
been given for Ihe reconstruction of the
whole manual oT naval statistics which
contain the mobtltUtton plans and the
���eoret submarine defence scheme.   The
work win entail several months ot labor
aud huge expense,
The closing down of the Boundary
smelters and the general curtailment of
output has had a depressing effect on
the market. The Investing public does
not know what the causes aie, but realises that without operation and production there cannot be any dividends. The
widespread financial stringency has also
had Its effect in greatly reducing the
number of investors, even those who
appreciate the opportunity of buying
Stocks far below their real value not
beiug in a position to take advantage of
the market.
Tho stock market for the past week
showed but little change imtil about
Wednesday, when declines took place
in several of the principal securities on
this market, and tradings practically
B. C. Copper opened firm and showed
a slight advance during the first two
days. With the report of the close
down of this company's property the
stock showed a rapid decline, selling
down today to about $.1.75, the lowest
price yet touched. Dominion Copper
showed but little change, fluctuating between $1.76 and $2.1-V_ throughout.
Cranby remained firm, the stopping of
work having but little effect on the
shares. Consolidated Smellers, owing
to the quarterly dividend being cut,
sold off from $5 to $10 per share, also
making a new low record. Canadian
Cold Fields Syndicate, whose assets consist of the consolidated stock, declined,
showing a drop of from one-half to one
cent. Rambler Cariboo showed but
little change, tradings being recorded at
about 20 cents to 21 cents. Sullivan
remained fairly firm, no sabs being re
corded under $% cents. Alberta Goal
_ Coke and Calbruith Coal both remained steady, though with but little business offered. International Cyal made
a slight advance and was rather more
active than for some time. Diamond
Vale Coal showed fresh declines, offer
ings being made as low as 12 cents,
with no buyers in evidence. The trad
ings in Royal Colleries were perhaps
the feature of the week, this stock at
trading more attention than any new
flotation placed on this market since
the boom days.
The following are the approximate
quotations for the week ending today:
Askefl.      Bid.
Alberta Coal &  Coke $    ..IS      $      .36
II. C. Copper        3.7ft 2.50
Con.   Smelters    100.00 75.00
Canadian dold Fields        .05 .04
Cariboo   McKinney..         .01% .01
Diamond Vale Coal. .         ,18
Diamond   Coal 70 .45
Dominion  Copper ...       1.75 l*68tt
Branny       B6.00        70.00
Galbraith Coal 28 .26
Hewitt   Mines        5.00
International   Coal .. .91 .89
Krao             .25
La Plata  Mines 11
North   Star  11 .09
Nicola  Coal   Mines.. .04 .03
Panhandle   Smelter . .01 02
Kumhler Cariboo 22 lit
Uoyal     Colleries ...
Tel-Kwa Mines	
Western OU  lord.!.
White  Bear	
.02 V4
touch witii the situation believe that
the old motto: "Spare the rod, and
spoil the child,"  will win out.
Wedding of Prince Charles de Bourbon
and  Princess Louise.
Ixindon, Nov. 10.��� There was a remarkable gathering last night at Wo��d
Norton, the seat of the Duke of Orleans,
of kings and princes who have assembled to witness the marriage ceremony
today of Prince Charles of Bourbon and
Prince Ijouise of Orleans. It was a
family banquet and there were no
speeches or toasts, but all glasses were
lifted to the host, the Duke of Orleans,
and to the bride and bridegroom. It Is
seldom lhat so many princes of Kurope
have gathered at the same time. Twenty
of the one hundred royal guests were of
royal blood. Including tlie king and
queen of Spain, the queen of Portugal,
the Countess of Paris, the Duke and
Duchess of Orleans, the Count and
Countess of Castara, the Duchess de
Guit-e, the Duchess of Austria, the Infanta.. Isabel and Eulalla of Spain, the
Duke and Duchess of Chartres. the Duke
de Montelsi. and the Princesses Pia and
Josephine of llourhon. There will be a
brilliant gathering to witness the marriage ceremony, both principals to which
trace their descent to the famous Orleans family, which at one lime gave
three reigning houses to Kurope and
held at one time tlie thrones of Spain.
France' and Naples.
Mammoth    Liner,    Mauretania,    Leaves
Liverpool for New York Tonight
���English vs. Scotch.
Liverpool, Nov. 16.���The magnillcent
new Canard linur Mauretania, the largest and ln many respects the most mar
vetoes ship ever bidlt. sailed out from
this lwrt today on her maiden voyage
to New York. The trvent was a notable one. The big ship, which is a triumph of marine architecture, sailed
gracefully down the Mersey, carrying
a full complement of passengers and
a large consignment of specie. Cheers
from a large crowd gave the vessel an
enthusiastic "hon voyage" as she proceeded down the stream.
It Is an open secret that her builders
nnd the Cunard line officials expect
more from the Mauretania than from
l.usltania. The successful prellniin-
inary trials in which she ailalncd an
average speed of ::ii.'��'J knots, and a
maximum of 20.4 without undue pressure, gives strength to the supposition
that optimism is not misplaced. The
l.usltania. under similar conditions,
did half a knot less.
The Mauretania is i'.on tons more
register than her sister ship, and her
Interior decorations cost Ihe Cunard
company $2011.000 more than those on
the l.usitnnla. The electrical equipment dwarfs nnythln*' that has previously been attempt. A in this direction
on ocean liners. Tho generating plant
has a total capacity of 2.000 horsepower���considerably more than Is re*
quired for it gooil-slzed city.
Till tbe Financial Storm
Is Over
Former CP.R. President Interviewei
in Winnipeg���Has Confidence
in Canadian West.
Winnipeg. Nov. 16.���Sir William Van
Home, chairman of tt*e board of directors or the C.'P. R., Is in the city with
H. J. Whitham, New York; W. K. Wlg-
hain, London. Kngiand: A. Coppell, of
Coppell & Co.. New York.
Sir William mentioned that he had
come west on his annual trip which had
uow'for many years been a regular institution, and would go out to Selkirk
to have a look at his farm, though he
was afraid he was neglecting his hobby
as last year lie had only spent a couple
of hours at Selkirk. ,
Asked with regard to the financial
stringency Sir William said that anything he or anybody else could say waa
only a pious opinion, aud probably not
worth the breath It was uttered with.
"There is only one thing quite dear,**
he said, "we are in a storm. Nobody
knows just how It began and nobody
knows just when it will jiass over, the
only thing to do ls lie still and wait."
As far as enterprises in which he himself was concerned Sir William said that
not another live cents would be Invested nntil the financial situation waa
clearer. His principal interests just
now were his home in New Brunswick
and the Cuba company of which be is
With an ironical twinkle in his eye
Sir William professed to know much
less about present western conditions
than his Interviewer. He ventured the
statement, however, that any depression
existing was artificial, and that the prosperity of the west ls In too sound a
basis to tie set back for any length of
time. As the farmers would probably
receive as much in hard cash for this
year's crops as for laBt year's, he did
not see that there was any kick coming.
German Emperor Talks to British Newspaper Men.
Return  to  Common   3ense.
New York , Nov. 16.���It looks as
tluninh the old lasliloneil birch rod
would soon b% restored to New York's
public schools. Moral suasion has been
round Insufficient In dealing with the
lusty Bplrlt nf young America, and tlie
board of education, at lhe Instigation
of the leurhers Is contemplating a return lo the aterner methods or our ancestors. The school principals are al-
nniHi utinnlnioUH in their demand for
the rod, hut fond parents and doting
relatives have raised such a volume of
protest, that the boar-) 'if education
will have to consider the mailer most
carefully before taking .1..Unite slops.
However,   those    who are    In    closest
New York. Nov. 16.���Advices from
Kngiand as to the departure or Iheliuge
Cunard line liner Mnurotunia from Liverpool this evening on her maiden pas
sage says that Ihe event will be attend
ed with an Interest fully as keen aa that
which marked the Lnsltanla's first departure for America. Tho rival ship
building interests on Ihe Tyne and on
the Clyde at* Intensely interested on
this point of speed for the Knglish
builders hope to see the product or the
Scotch yards outpaced by a Tym-side
A Charming Play.
The Praudiin Sun says-. "Mr. Onlly.
In (he dual role of newspaper man and
king. II nt all times splendid. Ills com
cily Is delightful, refined and free from
effort, his love-making Is naiural; and
as king he showed great  strength.   His
versatility is remarkable,   Miss Clifton,
as Piaiillen Theresa, was simply charming, llo voice is of exceptional swim'I
n, ss. She Is possessed or great beauty
and has n bewitching manner. Her
part   demanded  great   ability as an ac-
tress and she suei led admirably, The
support was perfect, so strong In racl
thnt several members Ot lhe cast 111 different scenes divided the honors with
the principals."
I-ondon, Nov. 16.���Emperor William,
who came to London today from
Windsor Castle, received numerous
deputations at the German embassy and
was especially cordial to the news guild
who presented him with an address. His
Majesty said;
"The lwwer you wieuld is great and
most beneficial when exerted In, the
direction of promoting feelings of friendship among the nations. Your address
proves that you have this task at heart.
I am glad to meet you and I hope you
will continue to roster the friendly sentiments between our two nations which
are so necessary to the jieaco of Europe.
We are of the same race and religion,
which should prove Btrong enough to
keep us In harmony and friendship."
Russian Gunboats Burned.
Petersburg, Nov. it;.���a lire of un
known origin at tha Baltic shipbuilding
yard yesterday morning destroyed two
gunboats   and   damaged   several   oilier
20,000 Club Ball.
The ball given In the roller skating
rink laat night under the auspices of
the 20,000 club, was the most successful social function ever held under the
club's uiiBpices. The skating rink
makes an almost perfect dancing hall
and the floor. Is splendid. The lady pa-
troaesses were all ou hand, and contributed largely to the success achieved.
An excellent supper was provided und
the accommodation, which wub estimated for 80, was found adequate Tor
more than a hundred. The club's treasury will lie enriched by about |80 as
the result of the ball.
After Three Veers.
Vienna, Nov. 16.���The Nlcw Welner
Journal asserts the Prince Arloff, whose
death three years ago wns officially
stated to have resulted from pneumonia.
died from a Bword wound received ln a
duel with the Duke of (ienoa. brother
of ex-Queen Uargherlta of Italy. The
duel. It Is declared, was fought either
at Mllun or near Venice.
���i ���-��
I    1 The Daily Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
���������������������������������������������������������������<��������������� ���
��� ���
imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto
CsdIUI Authorized   $10.000.000Capital Paid Up  	
P Rest   .... ..   $4 860.000
D B  WILKIE  President.
. .   $4,860,000
HON. KOBEKT JAl'FRAY, Vice-President
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest   allowed on  deposits  fr m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
���>euso>  b��a>cm sJ.   iVi.    LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund $4,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of banking   Business.
XIAL ATTENTION given to the
9avings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
3avng;  Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published: us as}, n wees by tne
CavKAlilAS njs���__a I'OMHAKy. Ltd.
BsStr St.    Ncsc.n. B. C
t*ae*ert[>lton rst.s. **J cm, s mo!:il. sfeltVSMd
In tin: .a* ... to as. s yi.si il ...lit by msi.. arfaae
psld lb s'l'v.:,.,
Adverlls.n. rsie* on spplustl.'i.
All  mobl*-.  psl.*.   lb   wtOsawnl   nt   Th.
Csus-lsu   ..-. ...ii.L,.  ..HI.- *   l.-i *..in- rii'-.i'.r.* .-*
sdTfcrllslUE, n.u.1 b.   :>���  *  i                           '   J.n:,l."i
form, ut   tut �� <.in|*.iij-     oib.r Meslpt.  sre nol
Saturday   November  16.   1907.
Probably the moal Importanl '; i       i
uutifiuutlng til.   In.mil.   >: '
a whole end Britieb I olnmb
in immigration    For many year, in lbs
history ol both Canada and tha United
r.urss every n< wcomi t ��:i" twos
j.air of hands   to  **oik   with   was   wel-
come.    Every  province  Lo  Canadi
owed   Us   pioneer  work   to   mi n
same   with   no   capital   al   ail. offered
th.-lr tree labor in ��� free mark,     tool
their ohanoei and gem rallj    noeeedi <i
Son,.    ..I   Ih'-   "in ...    nun." >���    ."!'    ���'
silted, : i.   ii... i "i  It   11
Now. apparently, th.   i anadian point
of view linn ohangad     \\ ������ havi   bund
reds of  million;   r.i   acrei  ..i   Ian I
iini.ioii.'ii. mn farmets are al.
of lull,, we have vast i atruction an
terprlaea  begun   and   nun.'   mon    pro
Jeoted.    if ever on    ee 'ii    thi re    tut
Beamed t,. be unlimited opportunity  tot
witling workers, ii Ib in Canada at th.
present Mm*.     Bui still *������.  have begun
to he very oritlcal mn onlj of the char
aater of new suppllea "i   labor bul  ol
the quantity offering al  nn*  one tlmt
It Ib suggested thai all thai  the conn
try wants Ih agricultural labor, it balni
apparently  forgotten thai   the  building
of new railroads   oreatea a    great    At
niiiiid for unskilled labor which Ib nol
now available in Oanada
it Ik hard in nu.i. r: band i ucb nn ai
tit tide tow'urdH new comers, Imi thut li
exists, nud Hint in no! I.i nn> m< . i,
t-oiiiini'd to British Columbia, is evl
denced hy the following from Mn- Toronto  Mull  and   Empire:
"In these daya of rapid growth and
expansion thore la a ilangei ..i dwelling
too much nn tin' undesirable elemenl in
emigration, forgetful of the great material prosperity thai the average eml
I'.tiini   family   i.'iir ;i    Willi   liim   lo   this
Colin!*.,     Quits recently a icor woman
i  from    Eucland    with nvc-
aaanl ly -jw.k.ii ���" by a
man ** ho t..,;;.. ned t.. b.   a siting
. .-.   ii.. set .' .-n. r   for a  car.
uii    and    there was a
I.,    said.    'Do    you
know. sir. these are tlie first kind words
I hav. bo.   i arrived ln Canada
Mosl   ; .   . !. ai oin odd ways ami
bave even told us thai wc bad no
 ilng to this  country.'    in
..f   the
���   ��� ���...!- called apon to atop a school-
boj   fight, th.- canae ..f which  was the
...is ..t  two or three achool-
boya  toward a ooaple ot  Bngllsb
���:.   ��� nt*'I:.'.]   as   [.uj.i.s.
Noi only is ii  a common obligation ti.
tbe  strangei    often    lonely, and
discouraged, out ot work ami unused to
the waya ,,i tbe oountry���with courtesy
thongbtfulness, hut it is importanl
���.. remember thai auob people, it wisely
. mpatb. 'ic.iiv  helped  to net  .-..-i
i i.-i undei comfortable social conditions,
w i.l   in   a   very   .- hurt   time   lie   of   gr. al
ii. He dt relopmeal ..I tbe ooun
try, whli. ti,,.|i children win undoubl
edlj grow up i.. worth] and Indnstrloni
'������    recall    Ihe
nam..- ..i aome ..i Canada's most inu-
tlsi i. wi,.. came hi re as youths
with no earthly possessions, bul strong
arms, clear beadi and a determination
to make something ,.t their lives in
ihls connection ii  might  be mentioned
lhal null  n lew  weeks nc. a distinguish
��� 'i ���.' i.' i nc "i public in, ii assembled
in N.w v.nii ii. .!., honor in In- Blaua
'������in. superintendent of the Educational
Aliiat.c. .,i thai tii> ii was recalled
thai in, Blauateln as a young mini, a
��� an . alia, ha.i coma irom Germany
in ih. steerage, friendless, penniless,
and wiih no occupation, fearing be
would   nol   he   allowed   to   land  In   New
Fork, lie took passage for Boston, and
had lie nol   l��� en  inei   al   the  port  of ur-
Notice  in  hereby  given  thai  at  the
in m   i ting or ih.. Board ol License
Commissioners for ihe District ot ymir
io he held after the expiration of thlrtj
days, I Intend to apply lor a transfer ..i
tin License tor the Drove Hotel irom
myself  to  William Ci.hii.I].
Ki'tiosi o. Borden,
By his attorney, Win. Council,
imied this   i^tu day  of  November,
We   Have
from $2 up X
It you want tn
Make a Christmas
Present of a Watch
to your friend. Just
call on us? We will
do the rest.
*) NOVEMBER   29TH. ^
l J. J. WALKER ���
��� ������������������������������������<>���������������������������������������
rival by a Rabbi he would not hav.
been admitted, and yet, with ambition
sparring biru on, he was able to do a
preat work for the social elevation of
his countrymen in the great metropolis.
One can never tell what possibilities
are locked up in the youthful braes, an i
it is therefore the part of wisdom to
gre. t the stranger coming to our shores
with at least a cheery word and a hearty
Christ   Fortells   the     Claims   of     False
Prophets���Services   Tomorrow   in
Nelson    Churche..
Tomorrow will be the Twenty filth
Sunday after Trinity. As another remain! before the beginning ol the .vi
\. nt season, and only twenty-five sei
ii.es are appointed, th,- collect, epl��
tle mi'] gospel for th.- da* will i.e those
..t Hi. sixth Sunday arter the Epiphany.
No holy days occur duritis the week.
The gospel that will be read in the
communion aervioa Is from si. Mat-
th. ** and contains the following: ' Th. n
if any man shall say onto jroo Lo. here
i,. Christ, or there,' believe lt not For
il,.!. shall arise false Chrism and false
prophets   and  shall   show   great     muiis
and  wonders  .    For as tba   light
nlng cometh out of the east and shineth
even uuto the west, bo shall also the
coming of the Son of Man be." Here
is plain teaching that the BOOOnd oomlng ..I Christ will admit of no mrstak.
1' is noi. of course, sufficient gnawer to
lln.se who believe, or have believed In
modem soi-disant Messiahs, hut it is
sufficient replj to any who seek to reconcile such beliefs with ralth In the
Christian relevaiion.
The following aernceB are announced
for tomorrow In tbe churches or Nel
Church or England���St Saviour's,
corner Ward and Silica street
twenty-fifth Sunduy after Trinity, bol)
OOtnmnnlonl a. m.; morning prayer ami
holy communion, 11 a. m.; Sunday
Babool  - "i> p. tu : evensong, 7.:n> p. m.
itev.   V    H.   Craliuni,   rectol.
Romau Catholic���Church ol Mary Im
maculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets:    Low maun, K a. m.; high mass,
Tenders Wanted.
10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father AlthoB. priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning aervice, 11 am.; Sunday
school. 2.30 p. m.: evening service,
7:30 p. m  Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning aervice. 11
a. m.: evening service. 7:3u p. m.: Sun
day school. 2:30 p m. Rev. R N
Powell,   pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.; Sunday school,
UN   p    in      Itev    A    Firth
Salvation Army���Barracks on Victoria street, weat of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, ll a. m.; a
praise meeting at 3 p. m.: salvation
meeting at 8 p. m.
Price, of Metal..
New   York,   Nov     t��      Silv, r,   r.-i   c
copper,  i::rv      I. ad   ft 76
London    N..v.   ].',      Silver.   27   1 IM
W.    a.    G1LUETT
Ool it |SSM>*30f   nnij
Bole s.,iii |p>, :'.., Port.. Hits, l.nmhfr Co . Ltd.,
retsll ysr.ls. Ro.isli slid .1ressvl iurnb.-r. turned
worS sn.l bneSeU, t'osst isth i.i. ! shn,K|es. sskb
sn.t rl.s.r. 1 .in. ut. bn-k sn.t lluic lt��r ..le.
Autnmsll.' KrltcUT.
Ysrd snd tsclor, : Vernon Bt., esst Ol H.ll
INtJU��or<.   B. c.
P. O   Box BI Telephone il
F. C. GRi_I       F. P. BL'FJJtN       A. H. GFEFJI
QvU  Engineers, Dominion  and  British
Columbia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Boi 145    Pbonr 2.1 b.
Old ��_uriosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on Bale.
All kinds of Dlnuerwsre ln atock. Patterns.
General Job Work, Cnlmney Sweep
ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing  8t.>vet,  etc.
t1  Eaat Baker St. Phone No. AU*
In imrisuuiKH' of the order (if Uie I!<m
Mr. Justine Mtn-rimm, elated tUe L6t_
October, A. I-).   I.miT.  tiiniciH   will   bi   i"
.���'���heel by tin undenicned foi- tha pur-
rhtiH.' (��f )<it�� B94, Oi��G. 717, 1848. 1849,
2848, mul r��.t.I, known U th�� "Mine .luy,"
"SUrllghl No. 8," "LaHt Chano,," "Silver
Cord." "l(ll/.F.urtl," "Little Widow,"
"StjirllKlit Kractlon." und "GulenM"
uiini'TUiK elulniH reKpectlvely; 000 hundred tons more or leHB of zinc ore,
Whereof wlxiy ton�� ure now lyhm al
Kaido, aiifl forty tOHI al tin' mluc*r-, and
all other tin- anK<-tis of the Laat Chanef
.Mining Oompany, Limited.
Hneh lenders to Im- made In wrllini'
to nie on ur before the Ihi duy of Uv
oembsr, a. D, L007.
The lilKhesI or uny teuder will n����t
iii'icHHarlly he aooepted. Fnrlher par-
tloulai_ of Ihe proi��'t'ty will he runiitsh-
8d on upplleation.
Dated tin* 17lh day of October. A. I).
Offlota] Uquldator,
The Last Clianee Mlnlni:. Company, Limited- Sandon, UrUlah Columbia.
���auon t.Hii'i i>i**tri't. Putfict ����fWeetKooteaaj
Thh��* boUoa tiiui Cb��rlM '��� SMdar. <>t -]���������
Itane.intbi Bute of Waablnfton. 0 h. a..;-*
hi,i ihi agent, Intend! to Htipiv rt>r h--ik-i'.hi min
bar lloeui. ->*-ei the lallovrfti-j 'li-ncrilMifi IhfkU.
(I)   Commenclni hi ��� umt i-ihiui*.j ��*.t i wn>
[e-eteaitol Lln wuel tori ofMl*.��lon rrr.it. on.
hnlf im).*   norMi of  (hr   ttit**rni��th.n��l   l*o*Hi<Urj
line, about ten mil.*-* .i-tr-t ot ByaarU, li < ",
iii-nm louib 4'. I'tiHiiiN, to tha international
boundary line, tbenot wmi i o Otudni, Lbenn
north infiouhk, tnenoa enet hmj fttainr. to tne
point   -.t  ooiNimiMiiiifiit,   and   noiitnliiliiK  ''1"
aoraa, mor* or ten.
booatad tb��_tnd Oetober. a u . lwr;
i IHASLMQ. Hr.r.\>r.tt.
(2i Oommenolni at a iH-t-i abonl Iihii tmQt
���ail ol tin wen fork of mUmiiii oraak. hI.ohi oik*
aii'l h   im it   mil.**,   north   of   tilt*   ItiUrioiMnuti]
1 Jury line, nboiit n n  miiin i-ti-t of Ryai ru
It C , thenoe vreil ho ihaiti**. thanoe norti, wj
eiiaHm, thenea etetSO ihaln*. Ibance aoulh ho
'IihIiip to t j, ���- |,.,iiu ,,(   .���oniiH.ii.. in.-iil, nn i coi,
lainiiik Ml) arret, mora or lem
Looated the Und rtny of October, ah   1907.
riiAi-i.E- ... timmtmt
(:<)   OoBunonotai nt a \  on tba inn-rnation
ai boundarj inn* ona inih* ea��1 of the aaal fork of
Mlmon-i   creek   about   IK  mil-*-, eaai c��I   Kykcrt*.
it C . thenoe ram m ebaiiu- tbanoa north iho
obalna, thanoa M> obatni wnat, thanoe �� ohaini
aoutb, thenee 40 ebatni .*nat. Ibaboa ��' .hullo-
Month to the point of eommtnoemaot ami oon*
iHiiihiir mh acroa, mon oi laaa
l-t��:al*!(l tfaeKtrd flay of Uitobt-r   A P , 11107.
charj.kk o U_p_a,
Notici* o ben (try nreo taal bo o��_i attar -taie I
intend to apply to tt..' Hon Cblaf Dommtaatoaai
ol  l.nnM.   f.i,,|  w (,rkn h��r |K-rnila��lon to pun hafcf
th** foiloM im- (i.-., ,iih*<i Ikh'Ik, nituaKi'1 In Weat
Kootenay dtetrlct: CommaDOlni ni �� poht mHrk-
Bd b]  fo.iio*   at.   IiiiiihI   pont   of   tin*   Hon Hi   Korfc
hriini'h, one hundred (eel tun tha lunctioit of
I^ihi creek with the aonttb fork; tncnoa one*
(piartiT milr to nl(* north wait (*orn**r pOMl, lhi*nc**
uur miii   I,, thL. uuribt-tut corner jmihi, thuuue
W�� are now showing specially a splendid stock of Stamped Linens in 0 o'clock
Tea Covers, Tray Cloths. Sideboard
Covers, Tea Cosies. Dresser Covers and
Cushion   Tops.
These stamped goods we arc now sell
ing with cords and art silks to match.
Prices  are very   low while  they  last.
Ask to see our stock of Drawn Linens
and   finished   work.
You can buy a icxicre Fruit Ranch  in   the best   fruit-growing district
in British   Columbia by paying   Jio down and Jio per   mouth.
Bv*SO as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Laud has trebled iu value within on year. What will it do next year?
ward sxRinrr, nblson
ona-qnaitai  mil-*  to   the wiutkeint ��� orn. r poet,
���'To- Iii lit- to   tin- pi si if of ' ���oi i:.* in .No-n".
-un*- ii, iw)?.        Loeatadby w*  CouoU.t.
���  1.1*11-1 1 *i*. 1 ri'-t   Pi-'trii 1 "i w,*-,i pcootanai
l��a-r* notice that  I. < barlaa Mdnay   Loary, ol
Barton City, a  C . wi'up**tion farm.-r. loUtna to
appl]   Inr inTtiilMl(il)   to piirrh���*���*-���   tli"    toltoWlDI
described land.   (lonunaneUia at �� i-*!**! ptantaa
ahoni ttve miles uorthwe'.t from ins month of
MotKiiiito ert-ek aiifl m**rk.'1 ��� < - I - Bertbaaet
coriu-r." theiHi- aouth *" chalna. tbanoa weal 80
fha'tm, ihcnit* north B ebalna. tbaaoa aaal M
���dial���1 to point of comincuc.-iiifiit. 1 'n.tniuin-{
M'i mtrv.
Hept 7lh, l~r7. Charlr*. BWttUf  I.cary
n. kaoa Uand Diattioc inmnct <��i Waat Rootanay
Take notice that H ���viniam-t. ooonpatlon ran-
ober; B - Haatinat rHttranattoa alaetrician j and
1: -. r Bmytb, ooeanatton ttunbarman; ��� . --i
iT'iit'T, h c., in land to *ppl> for h anecbU tim-
bei lit -ii'i over tin* follow in** deacrif-ed j**iid*'.
foin in en.-inr nt 11 [t-oal aln nit thro, m Uw aaal of
���a iitMiut n*.'k on aoutb aboraol Kootenay l.��ki*
tbanoa aoutb *' ohalna, tbaoaa aaal **��� ebalna,
tbenoenortb m cimitit, the net waat Mcnalna to
point oi oomfflanoanieati oontelningeM acre��,
mora or 1 ��-���**-.
Boptanbar xniu, iwrr. H  wh.i.iamh.
It. H. 11a-
H   6. i'. BM1 111.
Nelaon Land Pietrirt. Pimrirtot Waal Kootanay.
lake notloa Hint I.John Jainc- ' nu ��� 1 ,**. q\
Famla, B. C, ooeupaUon   oontraetor,  intend to
��� pply for a hikmIrI tlnilti*r   liccn-.-   o,.-r   it,.    1. ,
low ins ileecri 1 intifin:
No 1 i 0 ii tin.- ii-' lag h 1 h pout planted abonl
tbraa mUaa _om tba waa! loop ��.f th. it 1
noiithcrn l.y , on OarroU croek. rikI ad)o Lni
A J M. h. w < oriier iKim No i claim, narked
"j. J. c. n w oornar poat." ibenoa east it)
11.inn**, thftice aovtbIDenaQui tbanra mom so
ebalna, tbanoa north (*) i-hiinr. to the piac* ,,i
' nmiiieiH emeiit   cotitRinliiK   ������*"  ���*' reH,   mora   or
I'ttleil October  -ttii. IWI7
No 2 Commane.nl Rt .1 iKiat planted about
two and r iinif mile* ftoin tn. waat loop ol tbo
ii * Boutharn ity mn mnnii nt row 111 emptying
Into rHrmii Oraak and mimm "J j c. n w.
oorner poat/1 tbanoe ���outh ���*���-��� ohalna tbanoa
aaat 80 onaina, thanoo north no oh���Ina, tbanoa
went m I'hMlllf to   the   poltil   of   c in< tn ��� inch I.
containing fim *������������. more or lam.
Dated Ootobai Mtb. Man.
No :;.   < oiniii.-iiciiiK hi  it pout planted  abonl
one J.m.i  miic   from   1 lie   went   loop   ol   the 1',   1
Southern By., on OarroU oreek  marked "J .1  0,
N. ��*   corner poat,tnen*M 1.011th BO chalna, ihe nc
ea��t Wi chaltm,   thence   notth   *vi   chain*.,   ihence
wo-i bo ohalna to tbo plana of oonunenoamenl
oontainlog <>-to aoraa, more or laaa
IjrU-iI October IWth, 1W-V.
John Jane- Damicron, 1. icator.
Nelnon bead Dlatriot. DlatrSetof Waal Koot, nay,
'lake notice Unit I. Alexmi-icr Joaapb KoCool,
of Fernie, }|   0.,occupation, hotel kccper. In', ml
10 apply (oraspaolaj tlmboi  Hoe���oa oyer tba
'olIowhiK 'lencrlhe'l   letini
Have >i.u li.-arii nt 1' Wa ,(
Kh.��. niii.ie aspedalll te '''":
when iin- ��,t treataer i* <_\
tladi in men'** un.1 Woman'. &
Calf Uppere, and f-*iall IH.ulil.
Price. Women'e ....
ili'S,*'  ,
. U.S0 i
aa r
R.   ANDREW   A   CO.   Propntton. |
t.'oiiiliieiicltiK   ut h   pi.' 1    plitlilctl   1, :...
iiui'iimllaa from the H c:. Ikrotharn  ity. wajtl
loop ou f'arroll creek, mark-*-! "A. J M. H B
oornar pom," thence north ho chain-., thenoe
waat BO ohalna, thence annthHn chHiiiH, tbanoa
eaat no ohaini to tha place ��r oom���tenoamant,
uontalnlng *���<" auret, more or lenN.
iiRte-i Oetober z'-th, vnn.
No 2 i ommonolng m a pott pianie.1 aboul
on. and a halfinlla Bon ihe wohi loop of tba
11 1 , southern Bj on u .nmii itremm riiin.iiiK
into OarroU {reek and marked "a.j m n.w.
corner pimt, thenoi* acmth H'l 1 IiiHiih. thence uaai
WJchRlua ihouiv-j north ho chiiln**., theiicti went
���*-��� �� i,h 1 in- to the place of ��� om initncnit;nl oou-
11111110**; till) Rirea, more or lunn,
Dated oriiiierMth, 11KI7.
No li I .iiniiiencltiH at h poNt platiLed iihotit
I wo in lien from the went loop of I he B. I Houth*
crh Kr. on f1.troll creek, marked "A J. M H.K.
ci.Mer pott-" thenee wunl HO chiiiiiH, thence
north H<i clmlna, thence eaal Ko ehaina, thenee
r-oiilli no i.hali'M coiitalnliiK 0W atrrua, more or
Dated Octol�� r _ith, 1907.
Ai.r��AKpau Joaaiii MuOt-oL, Locator.
��*>������������������������������ ���������^������4 J
We carry the fluent lines of Fancy
VVonteda, Obdrtots, VTeaeUans, scot.-ii
nn.1 irii.ii Tweeds in thr west
Kv, ry iMirineiit Ik iMiiiiiinteed, to lie In
tile   most   eorrert   tie hii.n
Nolle.;   iH   heieliy   Riven   tllllt   llll!   nil-
derslgned hn\e eubmlttsed to tbe Lieu-
teiiiiiii i.o.ei imn iii ('..iiiieii a proposal
under tbe Rivers and Streams Aci for
tbe clearing and removing obstruotloni
11..in ii.. 1 i.iiiiini.'i ci.'i'ii (otberwlae
known as Bix-Mlla Creek) In tbe i'i��-
u.. 1 ..r v\,Kt Kootenay, Provlnoe oi
Brltiab Columbia, und ior maldni itm
n.1,1 cie.k lil tor iiililiiK und ilrlvitiK
li.eieon loi.s, timber and lumber, and
r,.r ereotini nnd maintaining dams on
the said oreek. und for oonsttruotlng
und maintaining    booms   for   boldtng,
sorting and delivering Iorb and tlnibt.r
ihereon, und for attaining Iiohuik on
Kootenay Lake at tba niouih of uuid
The ininiH to he aSeoted l.y auob
work are l,,,tH 7x7, 1KH, Tt'.oI. T778, "��B4,
H411 and Will ull In (iroup One. Koole
nny District, und oilier IiimiIk not Crown
���ranted, occupied or Unproved.
Tbe tolls proposed to be charged are
Hii.'ti iih niuy in. iixed by the Judge or
ihe  bounty Court of  Weal   Kootinay.
imied the B8tb day of October, mn"-
Noll..-  U   h..r..|,>- Blv.-n __   'I'" JjJSS
.v.-.,,i.i.uiu.,i ... 0'.- ."-���-����� ���v."i.V.",	
��� ��� KI v
,w Cr
I���l H
.sal uii'I.t Hi*' pro
..I,...,,.'.  i-.i' ;������;.',i^,:;:,,*,'.'i
,.k,ln Hi,. Hlslrl.'li,l��""l
rlvii lor Mid Pu'P0,i'' ,.,,,  ,,��� ,���i,l ��,.rk ��"' ���,,
-lie-   hill.Is   toBl   il"."'!"'     ; "",",,   |.V II HI""
t.������ m. nn, jaw, .ud tubi *'.'���'���,,.
i,, oi i...i i..i.h. i.e."!''��� t&fgSJ&L its io����at
,,���. ���,���, i,,,,,,,.,,.,! i, I,,- ��� ��r��i' .���,������r.'..ii'i
iiiiiv i��� tixu.i or u>a Jam.o" '"���
���l Aust Kootaus)
i.uie.i aisi July. ���nn.        . Haaosirnu ( ';���
'I.IS INTSHMATI'.MAI. I.l'.l'SK .V n�� t,Tp.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Notice la beroby l^-^^lulS*
Miller, of the town o iJ** ����� . ���i
man, Iibh been aiuioinKi' '" Qedar
,,���',���.y    of    "T1.0   Kluney-Mimr
Company." ^   ^   ���OOTr0N,
,l(.��,���lrur of .....nl ���t^*SR
Victoria, Britlrt Columbia, 0?VH��    f
WOT. e==
mtmtmr**+.*���., + ,*��**. ,-'������'     r���-
The Daily Canadian
Ii you knew you could buy
of finest  quality stamped "Canada Approved"  by Government
Inspection on every package, would    you trouble making it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
We have it   iu all   sizes to suit   families, boarding houses
ami hotels, 7, 14 an��- -*8 **-������ pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
gjislo, Rossland Bonndary
Whoieaaie  Provl��lon��,
lioveruui- nt Ooiiincry One-Pound Hru-kH rwrivwi wncklj- freah from the
-hum.    For sole by nil !������ding Kroner*.
Oftioi- and warehouse: Houston Klock,
Josephine Street.
Phone 79.
Nelson, B. C.
I Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
Certificate   of   Improvements
i.. the 'lii'iTt-ifrn.-i. m in**
II.MIM-. tu the I "ity "I Ni-lM.u.
��� ll Hi ��� ���' r .......VI'*--'.. to
rTldaj     N^kirlljfc. WJ
-.     ,.;      lhe    ' ���IT.-M-.i-lU"    Mill-'*..
. ,-,,. 1, Kootana] Watrtcl,
be lorlt riled to thf ' rnwu
Ihi  ��'*'T of N<l*"ii. on Ihf
, . ,. ,,.1  sltiin lan] i��.x***- up
hli.l       ."-Mh !  ���   ���       111***I
:,���,. *,., ( iraitn. wnioh in
.1.'ii,|ii(*tit laitm aud bom
II lit*,   wuh   IDU-reii, t*-U
., <>,�����������* nl -mv.-rlioliiK.
Uldlcrifilt ruwil 'Talit (!-.'*���) li- W 46, WfcWh
,.    _tr.ni    .m thnl   will   Ik-ciWiM.j>r-*��l a* *
I t- KO'otupuntrd hy nn
��� ,.;, ��� ih<   hill   mnomit ol Uta   t*n
- .1   ol  1 ne   luputy   �� "in-
....    li and Work**. at Victor!**., >���  l
"lHUftU  ��� BI   . this Hlh dnyol Oct., 1WJ.
(Hrnrttau���1 A*eui.
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Qaim.
��� 11 l.-r- a 1 :'���".'���. ���'.   In   thi'   uihi*th1��Ii��-'.   fit hin
, ,.,    m ti..' Cttj "1 Kvlaott.
I ui   un   ii.iitr oi f> o'clock, in
I,.,., St., . imh, nan, inr lha
I  , ...  \\���- ���   MiiM'tH.   1 Jam.,   l*"i
. .imi   In-.tr,*-t.   which wi*..iltt-
chn-d I.. l���-  l..rl,ii.il   in   lln-   I nmuit   thi*   tu
Ml* li< .1 Ht l-.'ii, mi tin-rah day ot
��� 1, j ���  .1, liDqormt t��xiw  \\\> ilil  J line
tin* up*ft nrtm u|K��n th**
��� ...  '11   whlth  Uirlu-lef- Ihi* UBOOJll
��� mi.i ci.-i mi tti-- tlm.- u( tai
��� ������1. turn which ban "�����������**
lacrui ',���,. rllaUif. *���'"��� u'* -��r''"'* "
. ���   ... irbioE la iba LaM -tuimiiu
.   I  y|   t.-n-li-r
'.* ���   iii-i   i��*  aoaoupwsted   hy  an
il tin- lull   amount Ol th< ������n
II ..tli r ui   lln-   In put)   - "111
l.nh 1- mul Wurka, at Victoria, B .<...
���l |��r
iHlaaai Nt-lnon, B.C. tUr.l4ihdtty <-r-������-. , l��i7.
HAl-.KY W Kl'.HT,
t,ovrriiui.iit  Ani'Ut
Tenders Wanted for the Purchase of a
Mineral Chim.
"���.'nlnir* Mineral   I'luiiii nituatf in thr* N.*li*-on
MmiuK DiYlalon, <��r lha Wen Koateaaj Wattle**.
W litre hn nt.*'l .    1 >n  I uml M ouritttt u two nnd n
lin.t n.i.- - (r-.tii  Nelson,   H   C.
! 1.a-   1111N1 1   that I. W. A. Mai*.hmal"l. -���nine at-:
���***mtfor Hu.ii rtuiht-riami, ftm K_fcar*�� Car*
tthf*ii* Nn   Hl.',.'Jr.'. int--ii'! r*' ��layn from   the date
ln*r��*nf, to apply   in   n.t*   Minim;   K**<*cird*>r  lor a
* ertiftt-ala ol iinj.r��Y-*tn**nt*, ior thr OMJLpom Ol
ohtklnlnit a ( ruwii   i.raiil  of  tlie above  rlau/i
Ami   .until*:   btfca   ni.tw*-*   thnt   union.   inwliT
���wi'Hiin :~,  iu tint  h**  (i'niiiicii.*(*o   hi'Iore   the ����-
��� ���inn.', ot anna i <rtirn-nti* o( tmpnrraatassa.
I'ntcii thi*._Jr<l -lay ot  .-*. pt.niU 1. a   I) . Ji*C.
W. A    MAt.lH'NAU*.
Eastent-rs   Doubtful   of    Value   of  New
Population   Drawn  From Cities
and Towns.
Certificate  of  Improvements*
"Big Hop-' Preetkm" Mlnirnl Claim, Kltuat*?
in tin* Trout 1-aki' Minlni- I'lvinion, ot Wt-n
KtMiifiiay Uipitrit-t, Ixii��t.*il mi I'm..*- cn-t'k,
Tak.* noti.*e that !, U. l'a<ih*y F*.-**�� M.ii-t-
Ortifirale Nn. Hfai'**.',. inu-ii" ��n darn from the
Unl.' l..*r.,o( tn upply to thi* Mining Hex-oMiT fur
a Certilicau* of Iinptnveineuti* inr the puri***-** ����f
ohtainitig a Drawn <>rant of tin* above - 'hum.
And fiirthiT take uotiMt* that action under
Kstiuu m, mtifit I** i'i'iiiiii��*ii.''.*d la-fort- th*
ltmiiaiiM- <>r mii'li I't-rtllirati* of liuprovcmeota.
Itiitf.l Un- ..th day of Ot-tohlT. 1907.
0    I'ADl.KV.
In the matter of .11 application for the inane of
a daplloata Cartt-cata ot luii f.>. pari [�� aoraa)
of U>t --1J Oronn tm, iu tba l��i*trh-t ol Coota������?.
Ntitl. ���- la h.r.-hy given  that it i*. in y   iiileiitiou
to i  - 1    at the cipimtiitn of ona month from the
Urat puhiH-ntioii ii.r.of adttpllea��e *-*( th* Oar-
ttfi.-ati' ol lltle lor the above Uudn In (he name
of Andrew Morrinon, arbtob CartUaHtl of Title
If dated the Mh day i��l Man h, 1HU��, and nuin-
barad MMI
I.hipi   Keglitry OflU^, K1U011, It (*!,Se��teiubtT
imi,, iwn.
-H    F. MaiJ.boo,"
l>lHtn.'t   i.'���i*'r��:
1.     lrt-^,-,1 tO  the   uildiT��lgIii*d   at   tilt*
1 ��� ��� ������ ,n   IIoum, in UaeOttr Ol Nelaon,
*   -  OTp Ull thr   hour ol S uYloek.   in
u. ot Friday, Noi - IMh, i��n, for tbe
Pjh-liai-e wl   t| |iHiiK,.r"   Mtmral   Claim.   l*nt
I    tot- 11-.V    Dlstrlet.   whl'h   waa ��le-
for tnl tad to the Orown ai tbe t���.v
ihu I it] ol Si'iMin. on the nti day
it datlnquaai i��t'"" ��p uu ���j,1'��*'
uatl .    I'tie   upwl price   upon   the
:( Inltn. Which luelhil.f  the aim-mil
��� ��� laxaa and ooata at the tim�� of ior
1 '��� ����� n.i.r.ht. tit.vea which have aim e
���I t.'1-.enn.liig. nud fee fnr (rown
���M ii'.. n iiti h ll tba leant am mi ut
eeom idarad aa ��� bmdai
'���*' '������   lendi t   nuiat    u*   Hceuni pan led    hy   an
*   (oi  thi   full   aiiiituni of the ten
''"'  Payalii*   ���-. the order of tba Deputy Oom-
'1 aai nl 1-nii'l** mid Wurka, at Victoria. BC ,
������ |'��t
"���Icdai \, una, B.C. thla nih day of Oct., l.��7.
loivcttnneiit Ai;ciit.
Tenders Wanted fcr the Purchase of a
Mineral Claim.
�����l'l m 1
S ��� in
���    ftddreaeedto tin* -odanlatied ai bli
l,i-   ' trl Hon*..', 111 th.* i uv oi Nelson,
'-��� i-e 1.Ti'hn.1 uti 1111 the hour of fi o'otook ln
;; '"""rn ,nl Kil<ltt\,   Nov. 1MI1.   IW7. for the
r"..*��.. u|   u.c  "Halkirk"   Mincnil   (Tuiiii.   Loi
.T*'"r����l�� 1, K .tun    IMMriei,   which   WSS  dl
Inrfeltad  t.. Lha Orown ��i the lai
tit   1 itj 01 s,-i  on the Oth day
1,11 Im deuuuuani laxai  up till June
I and coats.   The upkel  price upon tne
II "'i ��� inun, wiiii ti inoiudei tba amounl
luattt taxes and oostl at the llmeof (ur
if"[_1v'ith interest, uxi-* wbloii  bavs alnoB
utii';ti-Vr,s"f "���iverttHitig, and ice mi  Drown
li'lv 111 ",; '��� wulou Istbeloajtaimounl
-   111i.e e,,n.,,!,.,.,.,| nf},. bander.
"   1   h-ii.tei    mi,N*   ,���.   ,���cum|iiiuled   hy    an
., ','"''' ie tm the full amount ol tbe ten
,.J'"'"1'1'   i" Hi lar  ol  the   I'epuly   Com
1 t|,)f*r        "' -*nda and Wurka, si Vieiurlu, B.C.,
1)11 ���-'I m n,.|H<MI< nt-.   thlt-l.ll.il dnv nf n.-t IWl,
llAltUV   Wl'lu.llT,
��� >'>vnrumeiil Agent.
Certificate   oi   improvements
��" 1'!!"!'.'"'"."'"'  "l|ii..l��'i'" MUirrsI t'l.Kassllu-
Ki;';';'"'";"-"'ri.'i" m"""' """'""''" WeHl
""|i'.1"i,',',""1''"      V""<  ''rutl.'ll   ntll.irlll lurk "I
Hill..,, ,   ,'' ",l  I'rniK  MuniitMii. abonl   Bloa
���ink,    ! ''���'" ��� B.o
"i'i"*',       :.,l,i"" '��� AKri.,1 Kriii.stilsll..|>... Pisa
't.,1.1 n...   /IllOsto   N,.  Bl'.lll. Inti'i.tt. sixty tinys
'"'.'.., ,'ri "' '"'"'"I. ... applj ii. iii.. Hlnliia
n���.,���,,; "" �� OerllHoata ol Impror.m.nt., St
"'"*.��� -Inhi'is     "'"n-'lUli.  Uri.wl, llninlB lit tl"'
"".illli/'l-"'"'   'u*1' DoUoa  thst  ni'tlon, iinit.T
��ii.,.llf'' "".-I bs inu..iii.,..i boloretaa laao-
''.'on 11',,.',:;','",'''""',,(imi"...'.'"!...!...
"rn- Luii ouy ol Sii|,uuubi*r. WU7.
In th,- msu.'r nt sn sIM-lU-stlol. lor th,- 1-..U.' nl
��� lill-llpst... ,,) thr UarUBost,. ol 't'ttl,'I., lots 11,
VI s.i.l 111. sjmiil. 1, Wvsl K.K.tetlsv lllslri.'t, slsn
ktn.wii ss thr 'K nolensy Ihli.t," '���!'ninlnrt" s.nl
"I.uln" nilnrra! , Ism.. rSSpaoOTeiy.
N..1I..' .s h.-n-l.y Kiven thsl It Is my mtflltln.t
t.. 1-.11.. st  the .'x,.lr.ill,.u ,,f OB. Innli'tl, utter the
tir.t |...i. 1......... i,,.i,.,.r s aapltaaM **t .'..nnii-su.
Of Till. No. fiVMIlH ill SI, uik.ll.-M,.n 81 lllOths In
,.*,'h nf llif H" ..ye Lota, is.ncil nn II.,- 171 li usy nf
Ms,, A 11 Iss,. in Hi,-nsin....f .Inltnl'. AlUKHnrtli.
Hh.l slsu s .lltpll. si.' ..I ' .���illli.st,. 0. 'llt.1,' No.
t.vsm. t.f su lill.llyl.|...l 1'.- 1..".lis lu .... I. el tile
.tWTS i.'l-. l-.n.'l  ..n the   ITU. dsy of   May, A. 1.
1SH...IH ih. name of lloor.e J Ainsworth.
Lsn.l Uviiistry Oil!.'.'. N.l.,,11, B. C Aiibiu.1 till
U. F. MsiLaon."
lllslrlel K,.'��tstrsr.
Toronto. Nov. 10.���One of Canada'*
most presslm priililems 1* that of iinmi-
graUon, and no sooner doe* it appeal
lo be solved in one place than It pre-
M.if another aspect, more ilillienlt than
tin" first. Some .ears aB<>, one of our
troa*a���i waa that too few people same
U) Canada, now the cry is that too litany
nre  e..null-;.      I'll, re  is an outcry  In the
waat aniiinst Japanese in liritish Colombia on the soundest ground of national
safely; a cry in the easi against a pour
type of Anglo-Saxons; and a cry everywhere against <-.nain classes of Southern Bnrpeans, because of their excit-
ai.ln temperament.
In Toronto, no one whose eyes are
open can fnll to he Impressed by Ihe
number of newcomers who are not agricultural laborers, and who will not be-
.come agricultural laborers. Manifestly
they are Londoners, and apparently
their Idea is to remain In Toronto. What
will they do here? At the present time,
on accoum of the financial situation,
skilled labor Is In less demand than It
has been for some years: and for unskilled labor many are unfitted. If they
enter the unions employers will not re-
Nelaon I-and DtotClSt DiM.net of West Knotenny
Take notice thnt __t��Ua Plane, f BtraiHhurg,
occu at inn married woman, intend*- to apply
i,.- MlWl-Lton to purchase the foi low in*- den*
nrlMd Landa: Commoui'iiiK ��l ����� J1-*"* planted at
tb�� letera-ctlon ot the north ^WotW
KlWa and tbe east boundary nt Lot No. Slrtt,
theiu-r -eaist fii. cliain*.. more ur less., to the north-
WtWM of Timb-.r Limit No. 7671. then<*��
nuriii **-''���hr_ii��, theuce went '20 ehalim, more or
hjr-|   to t_e��*��at nlde of Wbatahau   lake,   theuce
('ollowihi; ��aau-* 1" h wmtberlv and westerly
duaetion lee ohalna. more or leu tot���a Inter*
w^tion with 1*1*1 M*f��. tbanoe* ebalna. mnre or
leaa, followl-i eealerlf  houndary oi Lot siiv. to
paiin< of eoiuineiieenient.
Dais,*.! 7th  OeUiUT. 1W��7. iMAJSOX l.A I'IFK, K,
F  <t   FAt'-jt'iKB, t Rent
Nnlss-n LsSsd lilstri.'t    Instrii-t nf West Kootensy
Tslis ���once thst Johu Hhlell. nf Nee.llos, B.C.,
n ii.Kttn.l    rs.i.lier.   InWil.d.   In   .pply   fnr m-i-
olissinn In pur. ha.se lhe l.illowluy .iesi'rlbed
land- l'..lss..'1'.'iuit al s Pn.1 plslili'd si tin'
M.irll'.weM enrner nf I.nt ,H��3, thelli't- wesl 40
Stains ihei.ee snutl. BO I'hsl.is. thenee ess! 40
attains' llieuct- north so i-halus to lhe point ot
e..i1,,,..'ll.'.oienl. aad enlllslnlug 830 sm-R, uior.
��riial,*.l l��lh October. H07. Js>>���� Si.l.LL,
F. Q. FavQI'IKS. Annul.
wiinii' t; a in. dally for Kootenay Land
Ug  ami   nil   points  east.     Clus.-  001	
Huns tor Spokane.     Returning   errl.ea
Illy Wharf 7 p. ni.
Nelsnu Laud Dl.trlel. lllslrlel ol West Kootenai-
Tate nolle.' thai I, .Inl.u LaOK. of Nelson. H. . .,
OOtmpetMe .al"" mte'i.t to apply for ii.nms-
slm. in purehaa,' Ih* ���ollnwln. S.-ser Is-.l lau.l.
Commcnnlnt M . I��~ plstited a. the N. IS. uf
I..,, sow ih.n.e nan ��� chains, tlieiue sou h ��
,'liBllis  thenee  aesn * .uaans. thenee north JO
ehalns tn point ol u ���aaaasaant, aeataialnf ��
aires, more or less. ,..������ , .���,,
An.ii.im.l. I��n. J""N 1-*"u
TRAIN   NO.  45   fur   llosslnlld   and   all
('oast points, connecting with Bteamer
Kuakanook leaves r, P, It Depot T.1B p,
m    Wharf 7.4(1 p. in. daily.
TRAIN   NO. 43  for Slocan.  Itaselierry
leaves   depot    dally ezoepl    Sunday n
n.  in.    Returning arrives ('.  p.   in.  dally
except Sunday.
TRAIN NO. 41 ror Uosslnti.l lloimdary
leaves l.einit daily except Sunday '.'II.
u in. Returning arrives Nelson ID.JO'
p, in.
dally axcepl Siiiulav. leaves Clly Wharf"
7 11.111. I.iit'do day.-. UOHday* Wednes-
days and Krttlays.
For further particulars  call or write-
A.ll.P.A.Vanoouvor. B ?.*.., H.Uon
Malaoa Uad DMdet   DiatrJsl of Weat Kootensy
IWk.noUo.t-���   Annus M..I11II, nf Ihei'llyuf
Basj  oeriipalKHi llreiniili, intends tn apply fnr
p,.,,���l.sln,i I- pnroSaM Hie Inllowlna .I'seillK.d
lan.Cs; I'o.nmeneiu. ,U a post planted at the
s W oorner 1- C. Murrlsnn s tui.eh. Ill Kl r
' lill.T. 111. lee norih forly (.oi ohalna, tlnii.
sst le-tv (IU) ,'h.tus. thenee south lolly (,,i
inns, .I'.euee west lortyilll)   ehsltis nllll 0
on... I.SSsm.r.1     "I"'  ei.lllntnll.K    08.   l.uu.lred
.1 slut, .1^11) acre., innre nr less.
iii.ds,f,t.jjl.ei and, lain,     aniu.s McOtu.
Malaoa i*-nd Mattrlst. ntstnetni wesi Kooteaay
Take natfeaMkal Philip Brooksbru.li, of Malaoa,
it r ooospaltssa Bsnohor, intend, lo npnlv lor
pornuBsloii lo poroksaa Ihe tolluwlnp .leserll.ed
lali.l'    ,'..in..ien.'il.K  at   ���   post   plnuted   nil   lhe
w.si shore *.i ' poor Wbauutan (i .uii.oo) isjta, st
the N B eoine, ..( lot Ml!!!., tb.no.WS.tsu ehalns,
Iheliee South at. ,1,Bills, theme ,'iisl 20 ehatllS.
more OI less, I" ll"' "I"."' "' 'he lake, ll.oneo
norlherly alol.K lhe said .lu.re ��� el.alns, more
nr IMS, tO JWlnt .( euniiiielieeliient, eni.tnlnlllB
IWl aeres. mnre or loSS.
Haled Sepl. 1:1th, US"     I'HII.llr I1R.H,KSII'KK.
Nelson Laud l.lstrh ,.   Iilslrlel of Wesl Kootenar
Take   Iinliee   that   HUSO   t'nstens,  of Altnlia,
Msnlu.lw.     larnier.      Intend,    to      apply     fnr
 mission In pureliBse the  tulluwiti.  deserfl.e.1
Innd: UummeueliiK al a posi.planted about
seven nltles (rum the tnutlth nf Mnsnlillto creak,
al northeast corner of this appllenltou and
marked "H. 0 N. K. oornar," and running Huuih
a . eli.uns, thenee west Nu ehalns, thenee uurlh 811
Chains, tliel.ee eaat SU ehaina In point of uoln-
men. em. nl. .'..iilatiitui. MO aeres.
Paled :i0lli day of Annual, 1&07.
lltiuo Costbns.
AltTUI'BA.  BlIKTON,   AROllt.
Nelson Land I'tHtrlot. lllslrtet of West Koolenay
Take uoltee that Frank F. Hlumsn, of
Allutta. Malilluha. hrnker. llilends tn apply
fnr permlsslnn In pureliuae the [nllnwlug des-
ertl,��,l land:    Cumiun.ii.tii. nt a pnsl   plant,���,I ill
tha.outheaatcorner ol Land npplleit <,,,, .. 1.....t
live miles Irntn lhe inuuth of Mosuuttlo creek
marked F F H N F..corner," Bint rulinlllg thenee
llnrth HO chains, thenee west nil ehalns, theuce
smith Kit ehalns, thenee east HO chains to polut uf
eumiiieneeuienl, enntalntiiK IVI.. acres.
Utile.I HOtl. day uf Alls;u.t. U-.I7.
1'KANK F. S1.N&N,
All! Ill a A. Ill lll'UN, Agent
celve them favorably; and If they do
not become union men, but sell their
labor for what they can get, the unions
will soon he raising a cry. In short,
one cannot look at these hundreds of
town-bred people without feeling that
their presence is a mistake.
If they would go farming, or If they
would go as hired men, there would
be every reason to hall their coming
with enthusiasm; for one of the reasons
for lhe high priceB t.f agricultural pr.v
ducts is the scarcity of farm labor. It
Is the unskilled city-bred labor lhat is
comitig to Canada, not in too great a
volume, absolutely, as Is commonly declared, but In a comparative sense, lt
ought to be tempered by another stream
of higher immigration, of the kind that
came lo Canada fifty years ago. Where
are the kind of Englishmen, Irishmen
and Scotchmen who are the fathers and
grandfathers of all of us, who spread
over the Dominion In an Irrigating current during the nineteenth century?
Irish immigration and Scotch immigration seems to have almost ceased. British agricultural immigration seemB to
have almost ceased. It is staggering to
reflect thai at a time when the name of
Canada Is ringing through the Old
Country, the quality of our immigration
has so markedly changed.
Hundreds of well-born, well-educated
young Englishmen of means too slight
to maintain them.in their own country
emigrate every year to Australia, New-
Zealand and South Africa. Few come
to Canada. What is the reason? No
country ln the world con offer them so
many inducements as we can hold out;
and no province in Canada can offer
quite the same inducements to this
class of lmmlngrants as can Ontario.
Yet. who ever hears of an educated Old
Countryman, nowadays, a man of some
private means.'who would be an acquis!-
All Kinds of Heating Plants ln Stock
Vletorla St., Nr. Oners House.      Tel. 181.
*10 DOWN
We offer you best fruit lands;
best trriiis; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't bave to use all of your means
lu paying for land. We want you
to put it Into development. We
also have tracts of 00 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Fruitvale you
miss the best in B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street, Nelaon, B. C.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
YsJe-Kootenay Ice, Frtrtt,
Fuel &. Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   Sta.
T*emo_.t House
huromr-n nnd American Pi an
'Bil�� 3S _r,    fc.rjfM.i-. from I_ i;ts. to V.
only Wbltc iiv'p ���mployed.
Bat. r Bt., NeltMn Proprlaton
Only the I..-M of Liquors snd     i*..r'.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refur-
niahed. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room is unexcelled In the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J. A. ERIOKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Hous.
and Poatofflce. Nelson. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Btrect, Nelion. B. V,
Lrtrgb   ind   Comfortable   Bedroomi  and Fill ���
t*jj��������� Dialog I'oom
MRS.  E. C. CLARKE,  Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best DoUar-a-Day House in Nelson.
The Bar li the Fine ��� L
White Holp Only Employed.
Joaephine Hi.
Nelr-on. B. 0
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and fl.60 a Day.
Special Rates to Rejralar Boarder*
The Silver Grill has opened under new management. White labor
only employed. The best 35 cent
meal In the city.
We have for sale six of the finest building lots  in the   city,  situated at
the corner of Josephine and Hoover streets. These lots are  cleared    and
fenced  and    command    a magnificent  view. Price,  $2,000   for  the six or
will be sold separately Is desired.
H. & M. BIRD
A great many sales have been  made of lots in this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best   lota are left.
Office Rooms For Rent
Suite (2 rooms) of Office Rooms in Alan
Block, facing Baker St. Particularly good
McDermid & McHardy
!__������      _S-r���t���_        _J> ��������� ���"
Lion to any community iu Canadn, establishing himself on an Ontario stock
farm, fruit farm or poultry farm? Yet
by the thousand they have goue to the
Australian sheep rutia, the South African Koltl fields, the western ranches, and
to the city of Victoria, to say nothing
about every state in the American
Mr. Edward Harris' pamphlet, which
has been circulated by the Ontario gov- '
ernment, Ib a strong appeal for higher
immigration, and in a letter to an
English paper Mr. Harris presses the
advantages of Ontario on the educated
Englishman. He tells of a personal experience as an amateur emigration
agent, the intruded victim being of a
highly desirable sort. His burning desire to become a western Bottler was
extinguished by tho fact that he would
have to kill and dress his own chickens.
Evidently he practised on a hen at
homo, and concluded that he wasn't
suited for the west. It ls very fortunate
that this young gentleman did noi oom*.
The chances are that he would have
failed. It is almost certaiu that he
would, and be cquipix-d with the Talul
knack of writing damaging letter! home
It tuny be thut as time goes by the
provinces will see the advantages of
special immigration policies, and will
take much of the work out of the
hands of the Dominion authorities, Ontario and British Columbia have special
need of special Imtuigration policies.
Each has peculiar ad vantages bo present, and liritish Columbia ha.s at least
one special disadvantage to overcome
��� the expense of the great overland
journey. It is even conceivable that a
Eacuby of Immigration might be Ofltah
lishid at one of the universities, where
yound men would become trained immigration promoters. Our present band
wagon methods, aimed at the minimum
Intelligence, and primarily directed at
populating the west, are filling our cities
rather than our farmR; and they are not
well calculated to attract a clans of immigration worthy of this country.
Snaps on Saturday night:   Extension tables. Kitchen tables,
cook stoves, heaters, iron beds at bargains.
We want your  second hand  goods.    See us before you sell.
We pav the highest cash price.
Public Meeting of
A Public Meeting of Liberal-Conservatives will be held in
Miners'   Union   Hall,   Baker  Street,  on
Saturday, November 16
At 8.30 p. m.
For the purpose of Electing Ten Delegates to the Provincial
Convention of the Conservative Party to be held in Vancouver, on the 2ind and 23rd November, inst. All Liberal-Con-
-ervatives are cordially invited to attend whether members of
the local Association or not.
President Nelson Liberal-Conservative Association.
160 ACRES���Al.ii.it. eight miles from
Nelson. Fri-i|iient tratiiH. nil.In,
springs. Owner would s.tb.livi.H* If
necessary $20 to $25 per acre.
25 ACRES Near Nelson -Iloo.l. road.
Wider rights.  Small boose.  Sli.lik'.
Frail   trees,   ln.sli.      etc* $4,linn.
Also land   on    Kootensy anil    Arrow-
liiK.-s. SliK'im unil Salmon rive*rs, otc.
Methodist Missions.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 16.-���Rout. Forbes
wus last i*vi*nliiB elected Corresponding
Bccrotiiry of the general hoard of home
missions anil church extension of the
MethodlBt church.
Real Estate Agent
315  Baker St., Nelaon. B. C.
Sherman's Opera House
C. P. Walker offers the beautiful romantic     comedy
8AY8 IT.
If some stores wore to advertise to
MU r-'Kulnr hutm-U|i M-Gtttt tea for 40
Oestl what would yon say? If you hap-
l*i tied to rend tin- udd ui all you would
suy: 'Th.it'H a fake." And In a Kood
many eUN you would he rlnht. It lan't
what, ls said In nn add that make- It
true���It's who says It.
When Joy says that for the balance of
the wet'k you can oom. here and buy
a pound of nunlar 60-Cftnt Ten for 40c.
you eau depend on it being so. So eoine
for this Tea. Joy will meet you at the
door at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. Josephine & Latimer Stfl.
Tel. 19. NELSON, B. C. P. O. Box 637.
IWr* David B. ClaUy
And   an   exceptional   company.
An    i"Illiterate    costume    and    scenic
PRICES: $1.00, 75c and 50c.
In the Matter of    the "Lend    Reglatry
Act" and Amendment, thereto,
In the matter nt sn sppni'Mlon lor .h. Issue of
siiiinltrstent toe t'er till rat. ol Title lor Lots
.rsn. .: ...j .ui'l j ....i,   (.roup 1. Konten.y District
Ninit'i. Is hereby Riven tt.st lt Is my Intention
to issue si i he .\i.i... 11.hi nl uue month from the
first imt.llcsllon herenl s .luitllestH .'erltfi.nte ol
Title tn tne shove described IslKls. It. ths name of
Jsines Rnderles  Koberlso... whirl.  .Isitlfluate IB
...... the Ulli .!*���' nl Aitsusl,  tsys. ana Is ni.u,-
l���.,-.l llltt-s
i ..i..I   K.-visirv   OBlee,   Nelson,   Hi:.,   sl��l   ol
A moist, lis.'. Il.r ,.,:l,l'i|l,
Dlslrt. I Itstl.ttsr.
t .
. !
', I
\ ...
it> H
: ���
��� i i
- I
:i�� i.i;.  i' i.
Ti\e Dafly Canadian
Long Winter Evenings
���should vou be troubled  �� ��� or have difficulty  in see-
inu.in.   ''.iin'   *  ���> I W   I ,!1 ��l_ -vou ��*" I,OV,"l'r J'��" 61V
jo\veh^'".""' '.- to do *_a wo* perfect
lv and promptly
Watchmaker and Optician
,.   I,    1 '.-3  ^ V*
'elUiai. ���Eli W
An idea! winter garment
made of heavy quality English Moreen. Pleated
flounce, good wide skirt.
Colors, black, navy and
myrtle. Each
12.00, $'..50 and $3,00
Sec Us
For Good Ffttit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Term=.
H. E. CroadsGaik & _���
Httt Do**t to Rar.k of C--:nm*-*rc*-
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders t��,ill find it to their a-i-
v.nta#tj to one our Piteb.
Nelson Coke _ Gas Co.
BUSH  4 MATT HEW, Props.
Phone   9. P.   O.  Box  672.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dftjilera in Ktapl'- and fan. y I -nx --ri
Kutt'T. Bggl
Camp ami  M-Ntw' 0Up]
A. M. Can. Sec. C. B.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Office-.  Henley Pudding.    1>. O. Box 434
Baker ��*_ NELSON, B. C.
���.: ou lhe msr-
Iitinkr.ei.cJ Brl-
c.* icttes
Th.-   Be*!   I>..mt*tic Coal.
West Transfer Co.
*-*;"      ',:"''������    I
W..I--  Vernon   HrtO   s-Vrir-d Streets,
NGLSON. t��. *..
G. WInchi at. r, Bppkani : C. Notes, D.
II. Gaily and wife, New York; W. A.
Allen, Trail; P. W. Aytney, Revelstoke;
H Weaver, Victoria; W. J. Sterton, A.
.. Smith, I. n Caverblll, Vancouver; .1
B. Hurt. St. Paul; (;. 1). Harks, okanee;
Capt. C Paddon, Crawford Bay; A. W
i.i ite, Ka lo; i Darner, Toronto; \V
Sutherland, Winnipeg; s. J. Sheppard,
Montreal; R Lutte, Port Steele; S. A.
R erte, "We Are King" company; M.
n tn, Salmo;  B. MoKenzle, Roaalahd.
New  Sidewalk.
A new sidewalk is heinir put down
between Latimer and Cedar Btreeta
which   will   be  much  appreciated
Real   Sstate  Transfer.
.1 Roach baa sold hi* residence.
n.-r of Hoover and Cedar streets, t..
Kootenai  l.an.l and Investmcir, Co.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria   Sts.
Two blocks from Depot.
il. 1i.mii   Toronto;  G. J.  McKay,
Fisher, Ottawa;   II. i:
Hun :   ... . a  .1. Bell, ll   Broad-
Mrs.   Mclllre*
''   G. Thomson.  Carlow,
Ka.- lo; B  Phlppa
VI ���   rla;   .1    McCallum,   Winnipeg;   A.
(I  1 ���': ke.
P. : Ui ��� Ulvra]. Perry Sid-
Ing;  O. Mi .' .   'i   Mclnnis, P. Mo-
McDonald,  Phoenix;   VV.   V.
'.    i  .Miller. Waneta;
m, Ymir; J  Btewart, Proctei
Roberts, W. Bmith, ll.
J  Brown, A  HcConnell, ll. Smith, .:   v
siai��. II,  i   .1   Poi    r. P. nse; J. J. Ma-
P   . 11'. ;inr:r, Kaslo;  W.
A.   O.   I.' n.iis,   ('
Auberl  and  wife,
.: O. w   Kennedy, Trail;  E.
. Ymir; M. Mcpherson. B. Sterns
Q    Bill     n   Johnson, Waneta;  .1. c
ii.  A    McOuIre,  Port   Hill;   C,  C
Br .\i :i.   Vani    iver;    \    lardln,   Ka ilo
\    R    Knowlton,  Blocan;   Mn    Bi
i wife, Winnipeg
A   I Ii di li .  on   Bio. an,  p  \\\ Leach,
Oerrard; A   I      411       T. N   Zaffln, Ho-
c     I     Bb try,   Mis   Shary,  Arm-
. W   W   Lock, l-'i uitvale; Mi
I lean, Mall.v, Ogan.
"Wi   ,\r.   Kim   Co
B sHTl_TT.
ii. n, Lancaster; D. White
Ing;  D   Breeder, Hridgewaten
.1.  White, silver King;  (1.  Black,  Kua
tno .   Kaslo;  H. Ben*
...'���    Bturgeon  Palis;  J. Cilrry. Oreen,
ll   Hodfl on, !���'..inn.ni-in   F. !���'. Clem-
������ .i   '��� lot. IV   Batterboo, Manches-
Smith,   Denver;    II.    AMett,
:   Biding.
Strike   on   Sheep   Creek.
M   Morgan, who came in from B
Creek last night, says that a rich strike
has  been made  in  the   Nugget   of free
milling ore.
WiNTKD   'i,.   Kst.ra   th. TH. to !.������ Fir, T.m-
araek ..i Htn.   wl 1 ��i*.   it cents os-ii in th,.
is   ..ii good   timber      *i>ply   m Joseph
 II    ,  .   H-    It    ,'
w.N'iki.   Bltn.tloa by Young Sootamsn (insr
rl. .11 willing .0 la-si.' anytbltif,   ,.,J.i.|liii|...l
In f n.f.iv.   ,vl:.<-   and   sl-lrlt   IrH.le       A.I.Ins.
ii  Ii. Dally i'.nn.us., inn,....
A  I'Ai'.i si. k  with .j.otxi i..   purchase s tr.iii
rsncfa ...   t wi-.ni    . K'.'.'i s|....-ii1hiioii   I'srt
ii. I :i.    I Dot ls ���.lively riioKB...l on mncli.
i-'..r parttoalara *i��i>iy T 0. pffoci kk.
1.0 -T     \ I.AI.V- I'Mllltrfl.l.A With gold rltnmo.l
handle- l.-ft ,n K   P. )i���u, on alibi pi .-u.
Pindar pi. a*... return i<> I'srk.r's an
plo) ......I Ag.noy sod tsoslv. reward.
*   .���onilo.tnt.l.' Home lor s V.
,\*i;ii either school teacher, nr ronns ls,ty in
l.ustnssslu  the city.    AiIiIhkh B, 0. Dally
TW.. r i khi ���> i.as-h iii.omh, ��:. Hin nested    Apply housekeeper. 3rd Usl, at, W. 0. block.
New   Settlers.
The   Ki
....   ia:
ds of =
jy the
w, <-k.
Meeting  of   Curlers-
There wili be a meeting of cur',- ra
the   Hume  hotel   parlors  next Tip -
evening,    when     arrangements  will  he
made for the game this season.
New Time Card.
A patron of the tramway anggi sts
that a new card be posted at the Hudson's Bay Co. corner to replace the old
one which is now faded past legibility
Kaslo Social Club.
A social club has been organized In
Kaslo. The organization is non-denom-
.national an.l has for its object the promotion of literary and social diversion.
Churchman's   Club.
A genua: meeting of the members of
the Churchman's Club is called for Mon
day evening,    the    ISth. at TM snarl
omcers will be elected at this meeting
for the ensuing season.
The  Zinc  Plant.
Work is progressing on the zinc plant.
Several men are now at work on the
building, and more Will be started as
soon as the work can be carried on to
Methodist Services.
At the Methodist church tomorrow-
there will be a children's service In the
morning with a chalk talk on "spiders."
The subject of the evening service will
be "The Darkness and the Light."
The  Court   House.
Contractor Qlllett Is well pleased with
the progress he is making on the court
house building. With two or three
weeks more fine weather he hopes to
hnve the building roofed in by Christmas.
Men From the Boundary.
A number of men who have been
working in the Houndary have been arriving in Nelson every day this week.
Over 2,000 have been laid off on account
of the shut down of the mines and
Cattle at  Large.
The members of the city police force
have  received    several    complaints  of
rows being allowed to run at targe in
the outskirts of the city. It ls likely
that several prosecutions will be instituted next week.
Eagles' Social.
Nelson Aerie. R O. BJ., will enjoy a
social evening next Wednesday in their
lodge rooms, Fraternity hall, when the
in.-ml.ers and their wives or lady friends
win be entertained. There will lie a
in i i' :il programme, refreshments, cards
and dancing.
Next    Public    Ball.
The  next   public  ball  to  be  given  In
Nelaon   Is  only  a  fortnight   distant     ll
of elootrioftl work (laiibed and ahftrgod
for from  thla shop  will  nhovv  you  how
n*iuarij!y ami honorably wn conduct our
Tlios(> who employ UI need not worry
about our charscH and aa to workman-
slil|) fhey know It Ih the heat.
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  attended  to.
j. h. RorsaRose,
P. O. Box IBB. Phone 227 A.
i/Oia spring ;    butcher co.
Ranch Eggs
Per do*. 50c.
Vbt'lt'Sak' nut!  KfUilI licalurh In
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp*-, supplied on  shortest OOttofl and
Uyvreat price.       Nothing i��ut  tnoh toad
wholesome meatH and mpplM kept in itOQk
Mail orders receive careful attention.
Corner Silica and Josephine 8ta
PMO>l*.   ��
We have just passed into siock the
finest line of kid doJJi we have ever
had.    If you are going to
You   should  be  sure  and  see  our  Dolls.
We a!s.. Mlggeet .na* yon l.uy do*
while there is a full range to $a U i I
from. You would also have the adv;tn
tage of being abk   (o p *  th. m dn
early and avoid i rushed when
it gets n--ar Xi....������
Description  and   pr.ces   of  the  different
11  in. long each $   4".
14  in.  long each .*",��.
16 in. long each 1 00
18 in. long each i BO
lGVi in. long, jointed knee and hip
 each    3.00
lS1/^ in, long, jointed knee and hip
 each    1*0
20U in. long, jointed knee an'! hip
 each    3.25
li:: in.  long, jointed  knee and  hip
 each    ���: 96
l \ In, long, jointed knee, '..;'. elbow and shoulder each    2.15
19 in. long, jointed knee, hip, elbow and shoulder each   *...������"���
_1 in. long, jointed hip, knee, elbow and shoulder each    4.25
27 in. long, jointed hip, elbow and
shoulder each    C,.".u
26-H in long, full jointed each    B SO
W. G. Thomson
,��Ho��-��.�� ...1
Kelson, B. C.
will bo given In the armory Friday, Nov.
2!>th In aid of the Inn.l being raise,1
throughout the provu ce tor the main
tenance <>f a sanatorium for tubercalo-
uls patients. All arrangements are
practically   completed    now.
Conservative Meeting.
No Connervatlve in Nelson should fall
10 atten,i the meeting of the party called   for  t'.nl^lit.     Every one  ahoiil.l ex
erelse    lii.s    f I aiieliluc    In    ehooHllle,    ,|ele
m.tes to re|ire.s.-tit Nelaon In the provincial convention, at which the spa
rial policy of the putty In UriiUh Col
uinl.lt, will be declared and a plan ol
campaign adopted.
Death   of  Patrick   Gannon.
One ..i tbe i Ideal settlers In itn.Ihi.
Columbia passed away a; Bella *'*i*.ia a
few days i.i;',. I'atrleli Oannun arrived
in British Columbia; In 1860, starting In
the city of New Westminster .in the
business ol a butcher, lie moved from
th.-re in Cariboo and Caesiar, and win.
engaged In bis trade in Nelson abonl
ten yearn ago. lie leaves a family con
BiBtini* of John Gannon, who is now in
Dawson, and TlniiniiH Cannon, of Aah-
E.  C.   TRAVES.   Mai-asr-
Noble's  Story.
Robt. Noble, recently manager of the
Btrathoona, has returned to Ottawa, his
Old home, and Iiiib been telling Some
big stories aboul hockey pluylni; In the
west. Among other things be told an
Ottawa newspaper man thai while hen.
he wiiN Instrumental In huvltiK a rink
built up In the mountains around Nelson, where then will be plenty of
chance for good Ice all winter, lie added   thnl   Lester   Patrick   would   eonducl
the team and thin  he had procured a
couple of good players from Winnipeg.
The annual meet lnt* of the Nelson
Curling Club will be held 111 the Hume
Hotel parlors on TueHday, Nov. Illlh,
at 8 p, m.
0. A.  HUNTER,..
Is Rehoywed
i Its ScEAiEirr
Do as the Wise Ones have
iluue select ymir Xmas Gifts
during our bargain sale of
Chinaware, Wc will store it
for you till Xmas.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   9AKER  and   WARD.
Phone 81
m. A.  ISAAC
I-- .  i. -��� <>  l.-n   in.-   .l-��l��h��iMK  -x-tfv:vit_0 wOtH   HcHpnlt.h,    Hrttft Mttll
Work,  .MOiiliiu  -��i.*.l   Mill  Muchlntory.      Mn . iu(hwI .i*-*-��rN <,i
t>r*w   Oaf i   to.   to.    Contnictora'   Cnn,
$1.00 per Gallon
JT-:. :���!.������ in-  161.
Cleared,     cultivated,     planted
with   8o   trees,  good   water,
first rate location, $700.
that is fashionable and durable can tx
bought now at a price that is wm to
tempt you. Winter styles are being
shown. Come quick and get the pith.
Shirts, Collars and Ciffs galore. Med
ium and Heavy Weight Pajamas and
Night Shirts at proper price.. Particular people will be pleased with our offerings. /
We would like t,, ��e, all our patrons comfortable Ihls winter anil in order to
do so w, ha.e ln stock tlie beat assorted lino of beallni! stoves and rooklnj
���fovea ami  ranc.es ever before presented to tbe public In Kootenay.
We v...uli! be pleased to Bluiw you our line anil before making yoar pw
chase kindly see what we have to offer.
Nolle.- is berebj given thai the un-
derslgned persons hav. made applies
tlon under the provlalona >>t tbe i.i
qui r l.i. snsi    \. i.    1400,  for  Holt 1   l.i
.elites   ill    the   places  Set   l.ppllSll.     IlillneS
John Marshall, Marshall Hotel, Kitchener
l-'re.l      A.lie.     Fori      Sheppaid     Hotel,
v, am i .i
O. T. Htiow, Outlet  Hotel, Procter.
C. 10. Burgess, Edna Hotel, Patb
Archibald    *-���  Davis,    Palace    Hotel,
.1.  \V.   Maslerson.   Yuilr   Hotel,   Ymir
BJ.   M.     Pi i. is.  Bt    Charles    Hotel,
John   Ur. an.    Cosmopolitan     Hotel,
t:   s. Coleman, Waldorf Hotel, Ymir
Ran n.i Miller, Millet  Hotel  Im
Louisa  MePeak, Sirdar   lintel. Blrdar
u to   i e.snel,. Drove   i l.i'.-l.  Palrvlen
Mali-tie  \   .I'.biis.H.    ECoptenay   i'aiiH
Hotel, .slocan Junction
.1.   H.   Iliinnev.   Mersey   Hotel,   Brie.
D. D, McAilhur. Noil belli Hotel,
i'.vn.    Mead.   Creston    Hotel,   t'l'.tiiii
Alex, McKesson, Brie Hotel, Brie.
Joseph Walker. Klleksnn Hotel. Br*
iek. on.
M.iiiii tulle, Vancouver Hotel, Ymir.
win. Qray, Balmo Hotel, Balmo,
il.o. Munro,  M'tiiro  Hotel Creaton.
A meeting of tho Board of Licence
t'oiiini laalonera, will be held to conaldoi
such ui.p.lcaiIons, at the Court Hou a,
at Nelson, on Monday, tha 16th daj
of December, 1907, al the hour of I
o'clock in the afternoon
W.  J.   DEVITT.
Chief Licence Inspector.
Nelson, B, C, i r.111 November, 1901
Geo.  P.   Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK.
Min lag"
NEUSOIN,    -    B. C.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelson Brancli
scribes, bring them    to the    Popular   Store.
Place, to have your pre.criptions filled.
But to have them properly and carefully
compounded    a.    your   phy.lclan   pre-
Pcoie-Longhurst Co., Ltd.
I'.aker and  Irmephlne Sts.
__3?S Lumber, Shiflgles,
Uatl-i, ^\ou!clln-<��, Doors, Wlrido^^
turned Work. ��i-,il llriti:kuts. Mail Onler. pMBP* hXU'B '
VBWWOW gl'H���T  -  -   -   NHKOf".*
Wc have a full slock of _��
Lime-Stilphef-Sait  Winter Spray
In 50-lb. and 1 gal. tins.
The Brackman-Ker  Milling Co_J^
W. carry a iarue sleek ��' ����
Cooker.,   Kettle..   S.ew  and   Sa
Pans,   Fry    Pans.   Tea   end  Col-
Pots,  etc.,  etc.
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd*


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