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The Daily Canadian Nov 23, 1907

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Vou can pay more, but can not
huv a purer or better minkkai.
,;,-,,:  than  "HALCYON."
&rje ��.aUxi
v       NOV 26 1007
Will  be delivered    every evening    at
your door for
Fifty Cbnts a month
Interesting Evidence at
Iti'cmcnts of Counsel and Witnesses
Conflict With  Evidence  of
Documents and Letters.
\*i,v.   .:',.���Clrruiiis'ani i -
, ��������� ������,.   formation <>f UM 41
l i   ��� i. t   Dealers'  A* oota*
[^ . ib,   burdos of tba p^oceed-
... ii,. aa, irl faau it,.
Jh, two .linesses examined mare It ('
k .    ��� , i, li.ry  of   lln-   ad
\ ihe     Wi rtern    Retail
. : ���'. whose oil';,''   b.
. fore ti..1 Alberts ���
i irmed, and whu took  ail ar
ijlw pan in ;1h   movement to organize
.... Mum nn.lfi' a  s,-|>ar-
\n attempl was made
>.   shov    that   tho   'left
^ ii.,u   was   sen   In  Ibe
.. hi  1,.  the  formation "1
ll      il  Lumbar Dealers' As-
.   lhat  a  fartii'h "I  iii-
"illaltoraL'tl  v.i!h   thi
i i uried lhe orgmleaUon
.    cross flr.t  took   place
|[ ih* .... ."ii   in   colili'Ttioii   Willi
letter ol lion.   Mr.   Kinlay.   do
\t ���  ., member ol tbe ai
.. .  li.- an,Mil.,   was :m
I i*  Westi m  bssu. Kin',...     '1 lu���   lettai
I itcome of a letter from 8.i i ���
M. ssrs. .'lark anil Coal)
; in iff. :��� :i. .   to inducing Mr. Kinlay
|   , -tberta association.
I Hi   i: im, ii to Interject the
I* i   , ii    informed thai  Mi
|i : i i,.ii  belong to the Western
n in'itm."
��� ',���',  Mr. Ford, "there Is his
|m,T. Mi. Fin.iiav    acknowledges    be
W< "  ni" r,   and   It   allows   this   f"i
ilng  Mi   Woods Mated that be
islntl th,- court  and  th..*  defends ,-s
I) m know that all the oomapon
in the  possession of  tbe crown
|> brought oui in reaped  to tin
1 Inn Iv. d        The    1.'iters  ot
J ���'���   ���    i i...... Clark, Robertson, Cuib-
I body lis.' would bo broughl
I I tot ,niirt.
ii'* evidence of F. 1). Brecker was
I i    He Identified tb,- report be
������"���tn in Mi nn. .,1, ai iho Nelaon meet
\.k ll,. related his objeotloni to Smith
ll'r-i'liiis and Wilson and Bksaka on tho
leniiinii thai  they were cuatomers and
I1''"' iif Elh i- pan] sold io thnn <ni"
I"! Ma mlllmen promised tn dlacoutlnua
|t!i' mh. ,i an Investigation proved thai
I1'"   i plaint   was   well   founded.     The
I* related how lie  burned all his
I it.      and  all  tbe  lettem  fi
ling 'i, the association. In regard to
|:: 'i i th. witness wrote to Mr. droit"", to wltbold tbe price list from Lank-
I1" i ��� .. itneai said he did hot wlab
J to atari In business and wished
I nol   io  let  him  have the  price
;' Frank s. Green, former secretary
I"' 'ii' Edmonton Retail Lumber Deal*
1" . atlon,   was  ni'M  called.    He
lui'titiii' ,i ih,. minutes *.f ihe association.
Last of  Ricl's C-il.i .ot.
lanlpeg,  Nov.  2:1.���Almost   the  last
I member of the  provincial governmenl
I "I Ms   northwest,     founded     under ti.e
I presidency of Louts Kiel at Fort Oarry
I to 1869-70, .'has. Nolan, was burled on
ftroriday lasi at St. Boniface. The lata
���if. Nolan was a  prominent    figure    i"
"" sn, rinu political era thut proceeded
Manitoba'! formal Ion ns 11  provlnoi   ol
,!" Dominion.   Trusted and reapeeted
'������ ''ts companions, opposed to extri me
""Mures, he  was  distinctively   repre.
tentative or the mine conservative ale-
��� "'"'Us among the French half breeds in
I "t" Red   River   valley,  and   111 the   Hii-'
"��l| constituted government formed
itniii'i Canadian authority, held n promt-
'"'i' position In lhe government In
"" march of event! lb ��� late Mr. Nolan
'""I'll less prominent pari In public af-
'"ii" mul in veral yea.;, ago tool; tip hll,
feildence in tin- Saskatchewan valley,
uie im,. Mr. Nolan, who was 84 yeai
1 al  his dentil loaves a sol-i-owln :
'����', two sons and three daughter!.
Fenwiek, a carpenter, Mr. I.awrolico
Is Iii a most serious condition having
one lag fractured, several ribs broken
and his bead hudly cut. Mr. Fenwlck
haa bis hand badly out and otherwise
bruised and shaken up The unfortunate workman who was killed. George
N,*ihereon Is an Irishman who had boon
ll. Ihls eoiinlry for over a voir |||s
skull and bOdj Wa/e badly crushed l.y
I tie steal, A Jury has been summoned
by the eoron,tr to hold an inquest.
Bogus   Employ,,.* it   Ay-nta.
Toronto, Nov, 18.���Instances having
ho'-n broughl p. light of unacruplouiem-
i>i"Mn. in agencies in the old country
Inaertini advertisements in F.nglish
papers over iho name of the Canadian
Manufacturer'. Association, calling Tor
workmen for whom there is no employment   here   nl   the   present   li    th.
council ol the association has decided
to appeal to ihe labor department to
invoke ih.- Merchants' Shipping Act on
offender!, a recommendation will be
in el.' to tho 1 ..Hiiinion governmenl to
place telegraph compaalei under the
control of lhe rail*.."',  .< .omission.
English Featherweight Won.
San Francisco. Nov 2-.���Owen Moran.
Knuland's pieimer featherweight, last
ni -lit rot a decision over Frankle Noll
or 'his city, near 'he c'.os, of the li'ih
roan* or a :'" round boot. Nell, technically ipeahllll. was not knocked out.
but it was only tho morcir.il action ol
the chiel or police which saved him
from that fate. Itoth lads inught with
remarkable vim and s'amina. Karly in
the light Moran showed hin.solr to be
111,- Sil'.elioi iMtxer. He is a clever two
handed lighter, his most effective work
in lis ; night's contest betttg almost eon
tlnuous play on lhe Californiau's head,
Intercolonial Statement
Submarine Collision.
Toulon. Prases. Nor. M.-���WMle en-
WB&bA in R__ctng a joint fttt_tik ��' th"
bfttUoSblp .l;i!ii<-^iln-rry. during tbe na
val niuniM-uvi-'s off this port, tli'' t-,nl��
niatitn's Bonltfl and Suffleur collided at
;i d��ptta .��r tti 1 it> meters.   Tin- Buffle-oi"-
00__lH| tnwer window was stnasln-d
and tin* water 1-egan to liflth i n. bnt
with rat.' jin-s**nce fif mind the com-
niand'T opcraiprl thr rising nifchaniKin
imi the vessel reached tin* surteee ii��'
tore it had Ums to tin oompletely.
Inaction   in   Mines   and   Smelters   Continues���Stock   Markets
Are Depressed.
Fatality   at  Moose   J.w,
Moose .law, Nov. 211.���As a  result  of
i'i accident which took place at a build-
'" " 'i'ii   is  being erected   as  un   ex-
"Mlon   to  tho   city   power   house,   on
ll'lltnhn   street   tjOlt,  one   Ulan   Is   .lend
"J"1 two Injured, one   ruther  seriously,
ne dead mun Ib George Noihercoit. :<
Tho stock market for the past week
Contained no special features. I-ocul
securities all showed wllarlit declines
with trading! inactive.
Alberta Coal and Coke dropped several cents on the bid price, with but
little business recorded. Diamond Vale
coal also declined, making a now low-
record, international foal remained
arm, showing a difference of only one
cent or so per share. Western on remained weak and almost unchanged
Royal Collieries continued active and In
great demand, with a larKe volume of
business recorded. B. C. Copper remained steady at the opening hut fell
oil during tbe !u-st few days' tradlnga,
selling down to about I8J-S to 5j:'..r,n.
Dominion Copper also slumped, losing
another oiio-eijthih per share, fjranby
showed a further slight decline, bul ..a.*
aflected to less extent hy Hie close-down
than the oilier coppers of the Boundary.
Consolidated Smellers. Canadian Oold
Fields and Cariboo McKinney were or
I'orod freely al very low prices, wiih
imi little luisi!"'-** recorded. Rambler
cariboo remained steady and showed
hut Utile change throughout. Sullivan
had a slluht advance, gaining three-
quarters or a .-.nl per share 01. the
week'! tradings.
Tho   following  are  the   approximate
quotation!  for the week ending today
Alberta Coal & Coke f
American   Maropnl.,
li   0, Copper	
Breokenrldge *i Lund
Con.  Smelters	
Canadian Oold Fields
Cariboo  McKinney..
I aiiiidlnn   Marconi . .
Dominion Copper . ���.
Diamond Vale Coal..
Diamond  Coal	
II rangy    	
Hewitt   Mines	
International Coal .,
i.n Plata Minos	
North   Star	
Nicola  Coal   Mines. .
Panhandle Smelter .
Rambler cariboo ���
Snow   Storm	
Tol-Kwa Mines	
Western till  (Ord.l .
nan about no years who was em
!"'  us  a  laborer.    The   Injured are
'"'itia.lnr w. J. Lawrence, uud Clunk's
.Ill',      $
.07 V4
All Cost of Repairs and Renovation
of Equipment and Rolling Stock
Charged to Capital.
Prices  of MetaTft.
Ottawa, Nov. 22.���For tho fi��cal year
of nine months, endlns last March the
depsrtmenl of railways claims that tho
Int.-*roinuia3 was operated at a profit of
$:!1S,.39. At a time when other important railway systems are making
mipreoedented profits and paying taand-
���ome dividends, a surplus of less than a
quarter of a million on a railway which
cost $rs:,.(n>(t,ono is not much to boast. If
it were sfnuine profit it would amount
to a ijuartor of one per c<-*nt. on the outlay. Bul unhappily the surplus is wholly deceptive. Instead of a profit there
is a heavy loss in operation. The fol-
lovvinu is the official statement of the
total expenditure and total earnings of
the  Intercolonial  system.
Capttal  Expenditure $1,500,209
Working Kxpenses 6.030,173
Total   Kxttenditurc.
York,   Nov.  2.,.���-Silver,  68-N.O-]
18a; lead, $4.75.
1 "London, Nov.'23.���Silver, 27 MCd,
.���...rninRs r>.24S.:Ul
l>eficU 1.2SS.070
These figures are obtalnod from the
deputy minister's statement. The only
question is whether the charge to capital account is for original ronstruction
work or is expenditure which ought to
he ehatped to working expenses. An examination of the items "hows that a
large pan of the alleged capital expen-
dituie was outlay required lo keep the
road in proper condition, to replace
old buildings, repair old and weak
hridg. s and to keep up the supply of
rolling stock.
The following items, all charged to
capital are included in the expenditure:
For strengthening bridges $118,279
For  diversions   uf   the   line       9.472
POT raising a wharf at   I'ictou..     14.9S9
For ulr brakes     21,000
To provide side ladders on box
cars        2,275
To    exchange    draw    bars   of
freight   cars      12,5:M
Locomotives and    car   Shops at
Moncton 183.521
Machinery   for    locomotive and
shops      50*214
Rolling stock :t4..,t'*7S
There are many other items for "increased accommodation" which ought
partially to be charged as working expenses. In the above table the Hems
tor ear shops and machinery are largely-the results of a tire at Moncton which
destroyed the old building and plant.
The government does not insure and
replacement of losses by fire should
be among the current outlays of the
railway. Certainly the replacement of
burnt capital is not proper capital
charge and wus never charged to capital under previous governments. It ls
equally clear that when a bridge falls
it should be replaced out of the earnings of the road. But all this outlay
the department takes away from cur
nnt expenditure and charges to capital, allowing nothing for the old property wiped out of existence. The re-
Btilt Is that the capital charge of the
railway includes the cost of Old buildings and new ones, old bridges and new,
old machinery and that bought to re
place it. although only one outfit ia in
It  is equally plain that  the charge of
$:',4::.tl7�� for rolling stock, placed by the
department  in capital account, ought to
he Included In working expenses,    lt   it*
stated  on  page 20 of part 2 In 1he depart mental   report   that   the  railroad  Is
Charged   with     $17,227.(!58    for     rolling
stock.     Therefore  this value of  rolling
stock should be on the road, and every
year new engines und new cars should
be bought out of the Income of tho railway  to keep the supply  good,  and the
value tip to the amouni  charged.    The
deportment   makes   purchases yearly to
replace  engines nnd   cars  that  are  destroyed, or have become obsolete.    Hut
these are not  paid for out of the earnings   or   charged   to  working   expenses.
They are bought  with money borrowed
and  charged to caplial as if they  were
additions  to  the  plant.     F-von   the engines and Oars that are condemned and
thrown Into lhe scrap heap are not replaced out  of working expenses.
The  tabic on  page   103  ol   part 2 of
the railway report shows that there
were at the beginning of last year 347
engines on the road. Of these 6 had
beqn condemned. Two others were
condemned during the year. The department bought 25 new locomotives,
which may have been sufficient to make
up for depreciation. Hut only two new
locomotives, and these designed for
switching, were charged to working expenses, whereas the whole should have
been so charged. The other 23 were
bought on capital account. Does any
person tjuppose that the purchase of
two switching engines a year, will keep
good a supply of 347, when the deputy
minister hiifi-eU stated that locomo-
iJves become obsolete in about ten
years? His own financial statement
Buppoees a life of 173 years and no accidents. Again the railway had in 1806,
95 Sleeper, parlor and dining cars. Not
one car of these classes was brought
during the year and no allowance was
made for depreciation. Yes, four of
these cars had been condemned and
were not replaced. The number of passenger cars on the road was 270, of
which 13 were condemned. Not a car
was bought or rebuilt in the sh ops during the year to make up the depreciation in this stock. When it is considered that locomotives cost from $18,-
000 to $22,000. one can understand how-
little reliance should be placed on the
government's claim of a profit on last
year's   business.
If we go fanner and take up the record of 1 relght cars the case is sti'. 1
worse. When the year began the road
had 5,990 box cars, of which 55 had
been condemned. During the year 48
more were rendered useless. It would
take at least 20 0 new cars to make the
stock as good at the end of the year as
it was al the beginning. This assumes
that :{0 years is the lifetime of a car.
Now bow many box cars were bought
or built in the shops in the year 1906-7
out of working expenses? None were
bought, and 9 were built. It would
take $100,000 more to pay for depreciation in box cars alone if we allow only
$500 a car, and the government pays
$900 to $1,100. In addition to ordinary
box cars 5 out of the 104 refrigerator
cars were condemned and none were
replaced. There were 77 condemned
cars out of 2.780 platform cars and only
11 were replaced. Out of 999 hopper
cars 80 were condemned at the start
and 45 during lhe year. Not one was
replaced out of current expenses. Tlie
departsMatt bought 115, and charged
every car to capital. Only 2 coal cars
were buiudi'.on current account to keep
good a supply of nearly  505. of which
12 were condemned. Not a dollar was
spent to replace biiow plows, flanges 01
other machines of this kind numbering
It Is easy to see that the Intercolonial would be simply bankrupt if it had
not tbe borrowing power of the government behind it. It borrows money to
put in new bridges in the place of old
ones. It has borrowed to replace old
rails, lt borrows to pay for new buildings when old ones are burned and new
shop machinery when old plant becomes useless. Engines, passenget
cars, freight cars worn out by use or
smashed in collisions are replaced by
borrowed money. Yet the department
calmly announce- a surplus of over
$200,000, which amount would be insufficient even to buy the new locomotives
required to keep up the stack. This
has been going on ever since the first
year Mr. Blair became minister of railways, and it Ib probably safe to say that
while $17,000,000 worth oT rolling stock
Is supitosed to be on the Intercolonial
and stands as an asset in the accounts,
there is ot $10,000,000 worth In existence at the present moment. The $17,-
000.000 represents old plant condemned
and destroyed and new equipment
bought to replace it. whereas only the
new  plant is there.
It seems to be necessary in order to
know bow one department stands to
read lhe reports of another. The post
master general claims for this year a
handsome surplus. Hut the deputy minister of railways claims that Lhe Intercolonial has been supplying a special
train service for European mail service
without adequate compensation. He
claims that the department of railways
has spent $50,000 on this service for
which the post olllce department ought
to pay, and that another $50,000 should
be allowed aB a credit, for earnings. To
this extent Deputy Minister Hntler discredits lhe report of Deputy Minister
Applications To Be Made
to Parliament
Extensive Railway Building Planned
���General News of Canada
From Ocean to Ocean*
Ottawa, Nov. 23.���Hritish companies
are applying for authority to construct
a large number of new lines in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Northern and Eastern
Ontario and Quebec. They also apply for
authority to increase capital stock by
$19,250,000. Other applications for railway legislation include that of the Edmonton, Yukon and Pacific railway for
power to cons*ruct branch lines to Vancouver and the head waters of the McLeod   and  Hrazeau  rivers.
Winnipeg, Nov. 23.���Application will
be made to parliament next session for
an act to incorporate the Alberta Northwestern Railway company, with power
to construct lines from a point on the
line of the Calgary and Edmonton railway company between Olds and lied
Deer, thence northwesterly along the
valley of the Red Deer, Raven and Clear
Water rivers to a point at or near the
Rocky Mountain house on the north
Saskatchewan, thence westerly along
the North Saskatchewan river to a point
In Kootenay plains in the Rocky Mountains in the province of Alberta and
from a point of. or near the North Saskatchewan river between Hig Horn and
Sheep river, thence to Rrazeau river,
thence along the MacL-eod river.
men explained that after shooting
through the bush they started at dusk
to make their way out, but found them-
���elvei completely lost as to their whereabouts. They wandered for a couple of
hours but were apparently as far off as
ever. Finally they started a fire and sat
there all night. They did not hear the
guns firf*d off to attract their attention.
When found they were only about one
hundred yards from the Dawson road.
Hnth were nearly exhausted from lack
of food and exposure.- Mr. Wheeler
was so weak It was found necessary to
assist him into a rig.
Ottawa, Nov. 23.���Thos. McWayne,
First avenue, car repairer of the Urand
Trunk, was run overtby cars in Elgin
street yesterday afternoon. Hoth legs
wers severed above the knees and the
man died in twenty r lutes. He was
35 years old, recent":; from England.
He leaves a wido\ and four small
Craik, Sask., NoV. 23.���A shooting ac
cident occurred on the farm of James
Alien, near Aylesbury, where three men
were smothered by gas in a well that
was being completed. The dead ate
Wm. .1. Forfar, a well digger of Eils-
mere: Richard H. Craig, of Picton. his
helper, and Louis Riswold, of Aylesbury", who tried to rescue the others.
Calgary, Nov. 23.���The Liberals of
Calgary last night nominated Dr. Stew
art as the Liberal candidate for the
commons. Dr. Stewart was the candidate in 1904.
Winnipeg. Nov. 23.���George D. Davidson is appointed superintendent of railway mail service at Calgary.
Hrandon, Nov. 23.���On Monday after
noon Hon. G. R. Caldwell will lay the
corner stone of the ney Salvation Army
barracks at present under erection here
Napinka, Nov. 23.���Noah Crowell and
Mrs. Harrison Crowell have received
word of the division of the estate oi
Aaron Springer, Wilmington, Delaware.
The estate Is valued at $90,000,000, and
it Is estimated that the share of the
claimants here will be about $500,000
each. The estate was willed to the
Anglican church for ninety-nine years
and now reverts to the heirs.
McLeod. Nov. 23.���Alvan Dickson, th<
man who was shot in the Porcupiiu
Hills country by accident on Tuesdaj
last, died at the hospital yesterday.
McLeod Nov. 23.���Alfred Clarke, of
the R. N. W. M. P., died in the general
hospital here from typhoid fever. He
had been stationed on the Porcupine
Hills detachment but on being thrown
from his horse and receiving injuries
to the head, was brought to MacLeod
for treatment. While in the hospital he
contracted the fever. He was 35 years
of age. He had a brother in Spokane
Washington, who is being searched for
Port Arthur. Nov. 23.���George Edge,
architect, of this city, who is supposed
to have left for a trip in the woods near
Savanne, a station west of here, ten
days ago, is missing. It is feared that
he may have been lost. His friends say
he had for some time spoken of spending the winter in Washington territory.
They are of the opinion that he has
merely gone west without notifying his
friends, though why he should do so he
cannot say. So far as is known he appears to have been in no financial difficulties and his strange disappearance is
quite unaccounted for by his relations
Port Arthur, Nov. 23.���Anxiety is felt
by the friends of "Don" Hardisty, member of a well known Northwest family,
who left this city on November 5th for
a short shooting trip, stating that he
was going to Pearl river, and would return on November S. When he did
not turn up it was thought that he had
gone further into the woods than he expected to. As he is an old hunter and
woodsman nothing was thought of it
but now as nothing has been heard of
him it is thought possibly he may have
been lost. Enquiries have been made
at Pearl river but the agent has no recollection of having seen him. It is pos
sible he may have got off at some other
station or even gone west Instead. Intelligence of his whereabouts is looked
Discussed by Imperial
Defence League
Dr. Parkin Says Some Are Ashamed
but Many Ignorant���General
News oi London.
London. Nev. 23.���At the dinner of
the Imperial federation defence committee last nisht Sir Gilbert Parker said
that many who wished to see greater
contributions from the colonies towards
the navy tl.o<*ght they saw behind the
���''xpresslons of Sir Wilfrid Laurier at
the Imperial Conference the suggestion
:hat Canada was prepared to bear some
financial responsibility. It had been
proved, however, that Canada was not
prepared to subsidize without having
Dr. Parkin. C. M. G., stated that many
Canadians were ashamed that Canada
did not contribute but there were many
who were quite ignorant and who had
to be educated.
London, Nov. 23.���The Times - this
morning editorially urges the government that the moment ls favorable for
an endeavor to arrange a penny postage
connection with the United States. It
is believed overtures would now be favorably received at Washington. The
Tlmea thinks If this could tie arranged
the other powers would not stand aloof.
European Money Markets.
London. Nov. 23.���The rates for
money were steady today and the market waa not disturbed by the transfer
of nearly seven million dollars from
Russia to Japau.    Discounts were firm.
West Coast   Indians   Used   to   Embalm
Thelr Dead���Discovery by
Capt. Walbran.
Appeal   Allow.rl.
N. J. Cavannugh receiv.d a telegram from Vancouver this uflei-
 in as follows:
"Appeal ln Star vs. White
I:, allowed l.y the full com;, Mr
Justice   Morrism, dissenting.'
11. S. l,eim��", Holl-i'or for nyion
N. White, Inta.v* -d, sr.id- ��� 7<rs,
certainly It will be appealed."
Orange River Cabinet.
London, Nov. 23.���A despatch from
Hloomfontcin says Fischer is forming
a cabinet which will probably Includi
Do Wltte, the famous Boar general and
Montreal. Nov. 23.���A tragedy at 168
Klgin street yesterday, which resulted
in the death of 11. Lefebvre and serin..1*
illness of a woman supposed to be Cor
inne Leblanc. has been disposed of b:
Coroner McMahon as an accident. In'
spectlon ot the room occupied by thr
couple disclosed the fact that a tube
leading from n gas jot to the heater ha*!
become detached and gas had escaped
causing asphyxiation of Lefebvre and ill
ness of the young woman. Lefebvre
was 24 years old and was a graduate of
Laval  University.
Toronto, Nov. 23.���One of the oldest
residents of the city. Mrs. Klizabeth
Graham, widow, it dead at the age of
102 years.
Ottawa, Nov. 23.���The handsome automobile In which Lady Laurier and her
friends are to be seen speeding in
about lhe capilal is the gift of Lord
Ottawa, Nov. 23.���Official announcement will probably be made In a day or
so of the appointment to the sonata of
llan Derbyshire, ex-M. P.. UrocUvlllo:
Arch. Campbell, Centra York, and Hon.
N. A. flelcourt, M. P.. Ottawa.
Paris. Nov. 23.���The Dank of Prance's
operations yesterday ln discounting
American commercial paper with prime
French signatures and giving gold therefor upon payment of premium, will be
continued to a certain point. The As-
soclted Press is informed that the
amount of gold to be thus released will
not exceed twenty million dollars at the
outside and may be less. The Hank of
France Is receiving a premium of
three-fifths of one per cent, for the gold.
Berlin, Nov. 23.���Trading o.i the
bourse today was very quiet. Contradictory reports here regarding the Hank
of France shipping gold -o New York
caused a waiting attitude at the opening but the tendency somewhat Improved later upon the covering of shorts.
Kaiser to Undergo Operation.
New York. Nov. 23.���A special despatch from London says the real cause
of BmperOT WI main's remaining ln
I'.nglund aftal the termination of his
state visit to the Hritish court was to
prepare for an operation which will
lake place will.In a few dnys. The operation will be for a malady affecting
the throat, lt touches the Kaiser's organic trouble, which is hereditary. The
operation Is not a serious one.
Ottawa. Nov. 23.���Mr. Aylenworth In
expected hack 111 a few w.-eks Letters
from him at Clifton Springs, N. Y��� say
thf sanitarium Is benefiting his health.
Port Arthur, Nov 23.���Apprehension
was felt last night for Messrs. W. La-
londc and Wheeler who went shooting
yesterday with the Intention of returning soon. At a late hour they had not
returned. Their friends became anxious over their non-appearance nnd
started a search party out. They round
I the men crouching over a lire.   Tho lost
Vancouver, Nov. 23.���The Dominion
government has just had its attention
officially called to the ract that the
Indians of bygone years on the northern coast of British Columbia, were
possessed of some kind of art of embalming human remains. The result of
an Investigation just made form a very
curious story.
The Dominion department of marine
recently established a lighthouse at
ltirnle Island, which lies about four
hundred miles nortl- >f Vancouver, off
the harbor of Po. Simpson. The
usual course was taken and a reserve
of a thousand acres was surveyed and
gazetted. About this time came a loud
and angry complaint from the Tslmp
sian Indians. They declared that they
had a cave on the Islands in which were
buried since time was a mist of centuries, their chiefs and sub-chiefs. They
asked that this cave should he taken
out of the government reserve and given
back to the lands of the tribe. And they
wanted  immediate action.
Their letter  was  written in such   a
decided  fashion that Captain Walbran.
of   the  government   marine  service   at
Victoria,   was   Immediately   dispatched
to make a resurvoy and give the land
back  to the   Indians.     He  returned to
Vancouver on   Sunday   by the  steamer
Camosun. having carried out the wish
of the natives.   He visited the cave and
found that it was filled to the entrance
with human bodies apparently petrified
All  were  In  boxes,  and   pile din tiers
along the sides of the cave.   The plnci
was so lull thnt the ofilcial whb unable
to enter.    There was not the slightest
trace   of   snuil   about   the   bodies   an>
more than if they had been stone.   The
Indians   told  him   that   none  had  been
placed  In   the cave    for    hundreds  of
years.    All  around  tbe    mouth of  the
cave were large deposits of a fine powder that reminded Captain  Walbran  of
a guano field on an Island ln the aoutb
sea.   The Indiana believe that this powder or sand is one of the agents which
has kept  the bodies from decaying and
has assisted their turning Into stone.
Conservative Convention.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Vancouver, Nov. 23.���'Che Provincial
Conservative Convention, which began
its deliberations here yesterday, is the
most representative gathering of Conservatives ever held in this province.
Resolutions endorsing the policy of
the party were passed, and all matters
of interest to Conservatives were discussed. It Is generally admitted that
the proceedings will have a good effect
on tie future of tho parly in the province.
The convention will end tonight.
American Bank Statement.
New York, Nov. 23.���The statement
of clearing house banks for the week
shows that the banks hold $64,103,600
less than the requirements of the 25
per cent, reserve rule. This Is a decrease of ��43G,650 in the proportion to
cash reserve as compared with the last
week. The statement follows: I-oans
decreased $',012,000: deposits decreased $9,4Sr>,00.1; specie decreased $1,548,-
S00; reserve decreased $2,807,!)00; reserve required decreased $2,371,250; deficit Increased $436,050; ex-United States
deposits Increased $1,409,875.
Russia Pays Up.
London, Nov. 23.���Russia today wiped out the balance of her Indebtedness
to Japan arising from the war, the Russian embassy handing over to the embassy of Japan a cheque for 124,302.206.
This represents the balance due to
Japan for the maintenance uf the Russian piisonera.
No Gain to China.
Pckln, Nov. 23.���China's claih wit".
both Japan and Great Britain on Lie
subject of concessions gran"".! to lor-
eigners within recent years has teen
complicated by serious ant ig lnlsm lu
at least two provinces, Cheiiling and
Shenl, to the central govern'.iont in regard to the rlRtita of recov iry and . w-
lug to the unexpected weakness of Ihe
Dowager Bropr***' new govnna.i.t of
which so much wns cxi.ee * I. i i na
has not profited by tho onletfoai���l
which is arising between her :.lll*"l ou-
p. ncnts, Great I'.iital nand Ja >a.i.
i   .-*'
: !
I   ... 1
- (
Ll I
Tne i>aiiy Canadiai
., sw iiasrM������*��ss<>._s����s.i
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
In the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
D. B. WTLKIE. President
Head Office:   Toronto
Capital Authorized   $10,000,000    Capital  Paid Up  . .
p Rest    $4,860,000
Branches in British Columbia:
Interest allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit andcreditedquarterly.
r��iGLSON branch *--���*��   -V-U    LAY,   Manager.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated  A. D.  1869.
 $3,900,000     Reserve Fund	
Unexcelled facilities, for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
iCIAL ATTENTION given to the
Savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Publish-- .Is cays a wees by trie
Bailer Bt- Neleon, B. C
ttooserlpuon r��u-��, 50 '-en., a month delivered
TO the tltr, or to.00 s yesr li s-.-nt br msii. when
psld In advance.
Advertl.lD. rate, on spplica'.lon.
All mouiee psld In -ettiement ol The I.sllj
Csnsdlsn aecounls, eU-t�� Ior lUMcrlpu. Bi pi
advertising, must _-.��� receipted ior cm Uae printed
lorm. ol the Coniiaany.   Ulher receipts are not
**"d' ____-__--���-
Saturday, November 23. 1907.
The complaint ol Mr. Fraser, principal of Nelson high school, as reported In
the proceeding! of the last meeting ol
the hoard of school trustees, may not
have conveyed much meaning to the
general public, except to those who, as
parents of high school pupils, have already heard the substance ot it more or
less lucidly expreued.
The curricula of the liiKh schools ol
Hritish Columbia were rearranged in
the autumn ol 1900, and the new -
was therefore ln force when the Ni laon
high school was organized, which oc
curred in January. 11.01. Hy thai iy!
tem the high school course was arranged to cover five *'ars' work with
examinations at the end of the second,
third, fourth and fifth years, certificate,
of which were held equivalent n
tively to the junior, int. .mediate, senior
and academic certificates ot qualification
for teachers in the public schools ol the
An obvious defect In that arrange.
ment was the luck of provision for ax
u.nination at the end of the first year.
Only exceptional students will do really _
good work when no test of it is to b.
made, or when such test, even if passed
confers no right or distinction.
That defect has now been remedied
by the education department by th.
subdivision of the junior course and th.
institutions of examination! at the end
of tlie first year. ] Icnceforth student
will have a definite incentive lo do earn
est work from the day of their enrol
ment in the school.
The details or lhe subdivision would
probably be of little Intersil except t<
teuchers whose duties are redefined, it
may be granted that, after the truusi
tlon ..erlod is passed, the new arrange
ment will be found to work admirably
and to be < ntireiy beneficial.
Bul .Mr. Fraser's grievance, and it is
a genuine one, arises from the time and
circumstances of the issuing of the or-
dei ior the change. Every teacher organizes his or her classes and plans his
work at the beginning of the achool
year in September. His only guide is
the curriculum then In force. Any one
therefore can see tbe Inexpediency and
unwisdom of making any material
ges during a school year, it might
further be contended thai when a course
le necessarily planned for two years
ahead, at leasl two years notice should
be   given   of   any   radical   change.
In the present Instance, however, a
change is ordered In the middle of No-
*��� mber, after staff and pupils have been
working on one plan for three months.
and a. aeven months' notice preparation
musl be mad,- for test examinations
under unforeseen and unexpected conditions.
Had such notice been given In August no Inconvenience would have ben
caused. When it was delayed until November the rational and reasonable
course would have been to postpone Its
effect for a year. As It is, In every high
ichool In the province the teachers are
Inconvenienced and the pupils probably
confuaed, the work of the year broken
In Ih... matter-ot s.i applli-atlon lor the Issue ol
I il|.ll b",-> ofihe .Vriiilia.ua..! rule to lot. 11.
u snd U, sroupl, West Kootensy DUtrlot, slso
known ss .he ��� Kootensj Ubl.f,"''comlort"Md
"i.ni.i   rniiH-rsi. horn* respectively.
NoUl ������ i- In r.-l.y alven that ll ls my lntc.tl.iii
blast...    tlil-..X|.|r,.llon ol one molitl, all,., th.
"ratpabllctlon hsrswt. duplies*, of c.rtl".c��te
',1 lille *���.,,aula ..I an undivided HI loo.lib In
,-a, li ,,! II,,. ���.���,,. I,,,., ���, ,   ���n ���,_ 17Ul ,, (
May. a I. twin tbe Dime ofJohn a Auuwortb,
���ii'i slso ..lupin..... ���i certlfleste ol Title N���
saw. of, sn ....divided I'J-lootlis In eael. oi the
above lots, l-���,-.1 or, the   1711, day of  May, A   I.
1WW.11. then,, 1 ,���.���.���,. J. Ainsworth
vJtl        "iKl.try Ulli,.. N, Is,,,,. II. . ���.. August r.tl.
II. K. It I 111 l*|l
IMstrlet Itoittstrsr
to b
.llee   Is   hereby   given   that   at   the
meeting of the Hoard of License
mluloneri for the District of Ymii
a held after the expiration of thirty
. I Intend to apply for a transfer of
License for the drove Hotel from
If to William Gomel).
Krnest O, Horden.
By his attorney, Win. Ooanslt,
ted  this   l_th   day   of   November,
��� ������������������������������������������������������*�������������������� ���
f J. J. WALKER i
��� ������������������������������������<>���������������������������������������
and in some cases in part wasted, for
the sake of effecting Immediately a
change which, however justifiable and
even desirable, cannot be described as
urgent without an implied admission
that the curricula have been faulty for
the lost  seven years.
It does not require opposition to the
principle of improvement to endorse a
protest against an unnecessarily _.i.ilii*-n
change which for a future benefit entails   present serious   Inconvenience.
Our contemporary's special despatch
from Vancouver covering the provincial
Conservative convention contains, Ir
the despatch as well as in the head
lines, a complaint that the Liberal press
representatives were excluded from the
meetings. The Liberal press, however,
has been given a fair account of the
proceedings. It is just about six weeks
sinpe a liberal convention was held in
Vancouver. Our contemporary is well
aware that not only were Tory press
representatives excluded but that the
report finally given to the public was
deliberately falsified.
The resolution adopted by tho Conservative Convention yesterday on motion of W. A. Macdonald. K. C. of Nelson, offirming approval of the National
Policy and asking that its benefits be
extended to the lumbering and mining
industries of Hritish Columbia, will
meet with general favor in Kootenay.
The partnership hen-tofore existing
between Wm. Lacey and Wm. J. Dent,
under the firm name of Lacey & Dent,
attCl loneers and secondhand dealers,
has this day been dissolved by mutual
consent. All accounts dur- the firm to
be pafd Wm. Lacey at the store on
Baker street, where all accounts against
the firm will also be paid.
Dated  November 21st, 11*07,
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned persons have made application under the provisions of the "Li
QUOr License Act," 1900, for Hotel Licences at the places set opposite names.
John Marshall, Marshall Hotel, Kitchener.
Fred Adle, Fort Sheppard Hotel,
U.  T.  Snow, Outlet Hotel,  Procter.
C. 18, Burgess, ICdna Hotel, Patterson.
Archibald    _  Davis,    Palace    Hotel.
.1. W.  Masterson, Ymir Hotel, Ymir.
D. M. Peters, at. Charles Hotel,
John Breau, Cosmopolitan Hotel,
O. 8. Coleman. Waldorf Hotel. Ymir
Samuel Miller, Miller Hotel, Ymir.
Louisa MePeak, Sirdar Hotel,  Sirdar.
Wm. Ciosnel],  Grove  Hotel,   Fairview.
Maletle & Johnson, Kootenay Falls
Hotel. Slocan Junction.
J.  U.   Hunnex.  Mersey   Hotel,  Brie.
D. E. McArthur, Northern Hotel,
Ceo.   Mead, Creston   Hotel,   Creston.
Alex. McKesson. Erie Hotel, Brie.
Joseph Walker, lihickson Hotel, Er-
Kdlth Gllle, Vancouver Hotel, Ymir.
Win. Cray, Salmo Hotel, Salmo.
(Jeo.  Munro,  Munro   Hotel  Creston.
A meeting of tho Hoard of Licence
Coinm issloners, wl.l be held to consider
such applications, at the Court House,
at Nelson, on Monday, the 16th da>
of December, 1.107. at I ho hour of 1*
o'clock in the afternoon.
W.   J.   DEVITT,
Chief Licence Inspector.
Nelaon, D, C, 16th November, 1907.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay  Ice, Frtttt,
Foel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. co,. Baker   and   Ward   St..
2 lbs* ior 25c.
Joy's Cash Grocery
Cor. Josephine and Mills Sts.
City of Nels-n License District.
We, the undersigned, give notice that
at the n.xt meeting of the Hoard of
License Comml slom n we tqtend to apply for s transfer of 'ho license ..i the
No Place Inn Horn Wm. Gosnell to
C.   K.   WADE,
Nelson. Nov. lit,  1907.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
line of Japanese Goods now on sale
All kinds of Dlnnerware ln stock. Pat
Holioa i.ami PiMrt-t.  DUtrlot of Went Kootenay
int." notice that Chariot 0, Boeder.of Bpo-
k-.ii.-, in thf* Hiik. ot \\ Mf-hllij-hiii, n H.A.fln-
-iiiciHl Ht-t-nt. intend*, lo apply for a-.pedal umber llooacoover the following deeorlbed land**.
(1) Oonunenclng m n post planted about NO
feet eaat ol the wesl  fork ofMntnion areeJk. one
half mil*' north of the Interti-ilinnal boundary
Une. at-mii u-n miict- eaat of ityk��n��, B *:.,
thence houth 4u chain*,   to the international
boundary Iin.*.  thoOCO   W��0t  1'0 chain-.,   thence
north tOeholai, thenoe cant ISO fliatm- to the
polnl   of iioinmcnceiiii-nt,   ami   roiitalnluu MO
���eree. more or ieni.
Located Hit. 2iud October, A I> , 1907.
ri.ARM.*-0.  Hf.KUKH.
(2) Coinirit'iifitij- at  a   pOfl   ibOttl   half a mi lie
eatit of Lhe worn f.-rk of Mf-s-ion oreeki Rhout one
ami a half mllei north of the lnterriaiiotii.1
bOOndiVr) lim-. itb-nit t( ll   tnlli-s  mitiif HvKiTtn,
B. (-' , tbenca went ho  f-hafuN, thenoe north wi
��:lin!iiv,   the st ho  ihtilru*, IheOOfl a-mUi   BO
-���lniliiK to th." p-.itii of comnii'tiei'ment, aii'l mn-
UtiniUB MO ecret, more or I.-im.
l-on-..**., lh��; -__ijrt  (l��y of October, A.P. 1W7.
(;i)  Oommenolni at a pout on the tnternetlon
��i boandmrj Une one uiue 99��tot the '-a��t h,rk �����
Hlttlon   Creek   ebeut   U  mlleH e����t or   Kykcrta.
b 0., thenee eeet 10 ehelne, thenoe north ti*o
ohelm, thenoeM)ohalne went, thi-im. 40 chairi-
���onth, thence40 obalni **t\to, thenoe ho ohelm
���outfa inthe point of comoenoentent ami con-
talnliij/ BiOeerei, rn��r�� or |��M.
f-ocRte<| tli.' 23rd .lay of detober, A.f> , 1��)7.
ffottOO ll hereby Kiveii tlxtiw 0M_t alter date I
lutein! to apply u, the lion. Chief i-nminlr-f-foner
of Imii'I** aii'l " drkK for iifrinlflr-lon to ptir< bue
th-- followiogdeacrthed lan-lFt. altuAted ln Weat
Kooteney dlt-tiict. Commenolng at a p-oht murk*
Ml by MHinc   ii*   initial   poet   of   lhe  Honth   T"rk
branch, one hundred feet from the innetlon ot
fa-at ereck wilh Ho- r-outh fork; thciicu one-
quarter mile to the north weat corner poets thenoe
oi.e mile to the uurtheMt corner poet, theoee
We will s,-'i the balance ,,r the Unci al net cost prices.   Now la jrota
Chance to i;.-l   a  BARGAIN   IN  A COAT.
CHILDREN'S   UNION   UNDERVESTS   AND   DRAWERS,   regular   prlre   it,
.-������nt -  .it  2b  cents.
\\'.- have a im nf ndds ami audi in   Ladles' and   Children'!  Wool   v.-sis
snd Drawers al Cost  Tries to clear.
You can buy a 10-acrc Fruit Ranch  iu   the best   fruit-growing district
in British  Columbia by paying   Bio down aud Sioper   month.
Even as an investment this is worth consideration.
Fruit Land has trebled in value withiu on year.  What will it do next year?
WAI-m STRlil.T,  NI-LSO,\
o:ii-'-uartcr  mile  to  tbe aouthcaat corner po-.t,
thenee one mile to the pl-ec of iiiniii.en00���lent
June '21, 19<|7. Looeted by Wm. (onkolly.
(feleon Lend hintri-t   DUtrtci ol w ��-*i ;Cootenef
lake n-.tice that 1. uharlei Sidney Leery. <-f
Bortoo ''ity. b. c , oocupotion farm* -. intend to
apply fnr p**rmla��l'tn  to p\ir*-lia*o*   the   following
described land:   Oornm. ndog at a im��-.i plknteu
about liv*   lull*.-"   DOlUIWMl   Irom   the   DOUth tif
Hoeqnltoereek ami mark.-.i "_, h ��,*��� Dortbeeei
corner." thence aouth a.' 'hain��. tbenee \* * * ���* t no
rbelne. thence north ho i hain*. thenoe eee1 M
chalni*  tO   pitlut  of  comint ncement, conlalliing
Btt eoree.
Bept.7th.tS07. Charix*. Biomky I.trARV
Ni-Non laan-1 I't-Urirt, UlBtrict of Weet KooteOAf
Take DOtlOe 'hat If William*,, occupation ran
cher; B H. Hhs! iii.k. occupation .l.-. in. mn; hik)
li B. P, Bmjth, OOOnpetlOO lumhcnnan; nil of
Procter. B- 0., Intend tO applv for a IMtTlal timber licence oi'*r the foiiowirn- deacrlb- il lande.
ConimeucinK at a poat about three mileieeel of
WileonCreei on a-juth ahon-ui Kootenay Lake
thenoe eoatb BO ohe-tue. thenee eeet 80 ohalna,
thenoenorth B0 ohalne. thenoe weet BOcnelne to
point of cooimeticemciit, containing 640 acre-,,
more or leaa.
Septumbt-r 2Sth, UOT. If- WlXUAMO,
R   I, I'. BHYTH,
Nelson hand DlftriOt.   Dlltnotol Weat Knoleiiay.
Take   notloe   that I, fohn   Janie**   (.anien.ii, of
Pernio. B. *:.. oooupatlon  contractor, intend to
apply for a Hperlal Umber   tlOMUO   DTH   the   foi
loiMii*' deeorlbed laudi:
Nn I    Oommenolni at a poet planted: ,,i,. .i
three :ml' - from lhe went loop of th" H r.
-���oiiiheru Ity . on Carroll creek, and adjoining
A.J M. H. W corior [��ont No 1 c-luim, marked
"J.J. C.   N.   W    'orner    podt,"   them.*   .-ri^i   mi
ohalne, thenoe noutb ho chMinK, thenre '���������-t M
chalne. thenee north ho chain* to the pleoe "f
��� nmmencement coiituiiiing M0 acrea,  more or
I fated October aftth, 1W��7.
No. 2.   Commenolng a* a pon planted ebonl
two nnd a half inih'** from the we.-t loop of Ho*
B. 0. Southern  Ky  on a finall   "tremn   emptying
into carroii Creek and marked "J.J   C.N w.
corner    [Kmt."   thence   aouth    HII  chain*.,   thence
eut80Qh*lni| theme norih nu chalna, thenoe
weet 80 ohalna to the point ol ootnmenoementi
COntelnlng M0 acre*., more or lt"it4.
Dated Ootober Mth, ii��7.
No 8a ('ointm-tH-itiK til -* poet planti il alamt
om> half mile from the went loop of ihe M C.
Southern hy , on I'arroll creek marked "J l 0,
N   v\ . corner post, thenoe HoiilhW) chat iih, thence
eaatBOehalna, thence noiih no ohalne, thenoe
we i 80 ohalna to the place of commencement
eon [ui ti in-- fill, acrer*. more or leas.
Dated October-Will, 1W.I7.
John Jamic*- Camkriiv. Loeator.
Nelnon Land DUtrlot.   plkldfltoJ Went Konbrniy
Take notice lhat f, Alexander  JoOCpB  McCool,
of Pernio, B 0 , ocoupatlon, hotel-keeper, Intend
io  apply   for a special   timber   llCOOl 0   over   lhe
'oiiowiin* deM-riiH'd landa:
No i. Commenolng ata pnHt planted about
three mllea from tin-  u 0. Boutharn hy. w^t
loop on Carrull ere. k, m-uknl "A. J ->1. H I.
corner   yOHt,"   thenee   north   HO   i-lialn*.,   thenoe
weat80ohalna, thenoe south hii ohalna, ihence
card HO chalriN lo the place nf commcncemcui,
contaf nlnK 840 acrea, more or lent-.
Dated Or-tob. rl��th, 1W7.
No.'a*.    ComineucliiK   at it pont   planted   about
one and a half���tile from the. went loop of tha
it. c. Southern By. on a i-man atreem running
Into Carroll OrOOJI and marked "A..I M N.W.
corner poat, thence ni ulli Hi 1-11111111-, thenOO BUt
80 Chalni thenee north Mi chain--. Ihence weat
w-rbalmi to the place of eoinnicncemelit eon-
talnlog 640 acrea. more nr ivnn
Dab d OotOber 2tHb, IWI7
No 3 Coinmen'Die-al a p��t phuibd about
two milcK from the *cfc' loop rtthe H. f, Houth-
erh Kv. on Carroll < M ���* marked -a. .1. m h il.
oorner  pout."  then ���.    w t t_ chain-., thenoe
north Ho chain*    tl.< h"*��-  i-aal   *"-i  ehaina,   th. nee
aonthBQ Chalna oootaJunig 1*0 acrea. mote or
Dated O Itober -'--tli. 1!MJ7.
Ai.kZAM-Kit Juaiu'Jt McCool, Localor.
Hav." v��u beard ot Bt   lu *
si.....    inii.i,.   espedaOr (or r"1' .
when 111." wet wralli'T is '"'"��� f
Mini.- In ni.'n'H an.I \\'i.m.'"'�� 'M t
Calf I'l.p.-iH. nnd Full Isnuhle
Price, Women'. 	
R.   ANDREW   A   CO.   Proprietor, j.
s Im *
. Ssfc a
J6.M ���
�� ������������������������ ���������������������������������
��� ������������������������������������������������������������������**��� ���������*������*���.
We cany the IIiwh' llni'S or Fan.'y
Wnr.-it.-ilB, Chariot!, Venatlina, BootoB
iin.l Irlsl. Tweed! in the wu��t.
lOvi-ry mirincnt Ih Kuarunt.'*''!, t'i be in
Ih.'  most  correct   fashion.
******** ********
Notice Ib hereby given that the on*
iii'isimicil iiav.i lubmlttad to the Ueu*
it'iiani (iovorniirJ-ln-C'iiiincil a propoeal
under thi Riven and Btreami Act ror
the clearing and removing obatruotion!
Horn the Duhame] Creek (otherwlie
known an .Six-Mile Creek) in the 1)1"-
iritt of Wail Kootenay, Provlnoe of
iiriiiKi. Colombia, and for waking the
..Hid  creek lit  fur rafting and    driving
Lhereon  1"ki*. timber and I her. and
for erecting and mainfJUnlng dame on
"lie said creek, and for OOMtructlng
and  inalntnlninK    I.ooiiih    for    holding,
lortlng an.i delivering Iorb nnd timber
th. reon, ami for attaching hoomn on
Kootenay Lake at the  month of aai.l
01 eeli.
The lnn>]H In In* affected hy anch
work are Lota 7S7. 788, 7HI)!, 7773, 4894,
8-tll and 0418 all In Oroup one. Kootenay Dlltrlot, and oilier landH no) Crown
Granted, occupied or improved.
Tim ii.iib propoied to be charged are
inch na nniy be iixe.i by the Judge of
tho   County   Court   of   Weal   Koolenay.
Dated tho -8th day of October, 19"7.
"COMPANIES   ACT,   1897."
Notlco IB hereby Riven Hl��jP*jj$
Mill. r. of the town 0 Crei"a. 1" ���
man,   haa   been   app-rfnt*" " .,,,,���,
torney   or   "The   tanney-Mmer
8, y. WOOTTON,
EUgl.trar of Joint Stock (',.n���';1..l;��
VletofU, BrtHih Oolmnbla, Octow
Certificate   of Jrnprovemeflt--
,     ..Mlin'ral'''"1���'!'"','
Kont'etiay'lJlalriet. ,���,,  ����� tiortli ft-'''-/'
mller *"***- *H��. B.O. --       -* "-num*. rr��
 ��� ������ L Vu-r-�� �����-'5--li5g,o��
Inun I Int..   hereof,    '   s ,|  > Iir������.11ii..il..��'
K.,.,,r,l.r lot n  cerllll.'sl"  "  '"   r,,,������i�� ol ��'
,,���. ,������,������.. ol DbtalalBl >">""
,,.,11.,I, 117. niiial lie .'on...""'''.', ���.���!..
'Sffainffi^^''"'' ��� I -
The !Oafty Canada-..*
II you knew you could buy
of finest  quality stamped "Canada Approved"  by Government
Inspection on every package, would   you trouble making it, particularly when it will Cost You Less.
Wc  have il   in all   sizes to suit  families, boarding  houses
and hotels, 7, 14 and 28 lb. pails; 60 lb. tubs.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Kaslo, Rossland
Wholcmilc  Provlalona,
Produce, - Rruit.
Qorernmint Orenmery Onr* Pound Bricks received weekly fresh from the
churn.    For sole by all lunding (Tracer*.
Offloe and warehouse: Hotwton Block,   Phone 79.
osephtne Street.        -        - Nelson, B. C.
Snaps on Saturday night :    Extension tables. Kitchen tables,
cook stoves, heaters, iron beds at bargains.
We want your   second hand   goods.    See us before you sell.
We pay the highest cash price
[IfsswaUar] I'l.m-i <>l w?si Knott-nay
TsksDoUo, lbs. i.slH-lls I'l.rc*.   t B.rsssl.urK,
..-,!.. 1   wiimsn,   Inu-mls  In apply
( |,)i,l,sse tlit* lollowliiK .1,-,.
i    :,}i.ii'ii.'lti. sis p*.,i i i -, 111 ���- I st
I  il,-'  north   lH.un.lsrT ol ij*i
11 ...in.lsry   ���1   Utl   No    Kit,.
-:!1-. more ���r l,**s. U, 111,' norll,
ol   rtmber l.lmlt   So. 7trn, ih.-.n."
���...��� ,v..i ��� r-hatiiv roort- or
..I Wliatsliai.  I.S,'.  thene,.
Id   s   s.iiuh.rlv   sn*   w.-slerly
��� ' chains, m���r." or k-ss t��� the inter
I ' nth I ul -is'., (liutic- ;**�� chsins. more or
Il*��. I���ll.iwlne esslerlv  bounrlsry t,f Lot sis.', lo
��� ' D. uii-iit.
Wu-lTih 0ctobsr,U07. IsansiXA I'l.KCI,
P. U. Fauces. Ak��*i...
I S- -,ii L.n<* District    inatrlctol WHt Kootenay
T.I. ���.,���!,.,. ,|,,, j���nn Shlell.ol N.e.lli-s. B.C.,
I <w-up.it,.,, rsnch.r, Inteti.la to sj.|.ly lot jht.
I '  ��� r- ksM   the I,,llowiii.    drarrlWil
'        tii'll.K   St   S    DO.t    plSlllt-.l    St    tl,,'
���:i-r   ���l   l.ot 7-,��3.  th.no. w.-.t .0
. -   ...ulli sn ,-hslns. thence essi ...
s��n,. llirn..   north so ehnlns  to  the  .m.Ii.i ,,f
'sn! ...iitslnliiK unusi-rt',, mora
*���    -    o.i..|...i. 1907 TAM1 tmit*-,
P. G. Fatig.'iss. A..-.,.
l�� i.i.i.iei    Insirlcml Weart Kootenaj
l '�����! ."-'is M....III, i,l the llty o!
PStlon I, r i;,..,ii. 11|ten.Is tortl'i-lv lor
"I'll    -'   111.   l���ll,ml.nl   ���!'-   :i'-.l
.'".,'    '   nmcrjTaln! ..i n  ;.,,., planted nt t.��.-
s.��. enrner I.   c   Harrison'. Knob, in  Fl r
, - ootlh  |..r.v  it") chains, tl" "'
I     ' '"':���   (40) chains,   Ih,-ii,.,.   m.iiiIi   l.,ny   (I,.
wresl l.rlv (Mi)   ,-IihI... ���lin ���
-nl contifnlni   one h.in.lr,,!
>     ���-    i������r.- .���  loSS.
n I    IKTI. IS.,1, M.-On.I.
|J "������ ���mn. DUtrtototWmiS"oot.n��y
"II*. -lln. I'l,.li|> Hr���,,k-t,s..k.olN..|H��l.,
I ��� etilistlnn ritiirli.T.  Inlands   t..  hppIV   Lt
_._,     I ',.     '    ' to purehu. th. lollowlnz daaatilMxl
ww     %%%%   . ' rorncnelDI  sl  s   post plsnte.l  ...,   the
���-.    ��� ��� ,h?1 "; ' I'l'i-r ���-> liHtslisti (I'Mrlt,,,,,) Uke. st
Hi*'."       """������' allot ��1 :���... ll..-,i.-,�����..-t-Mehslns,
1 tb.i|.
80  ' :,*llis.   llu'tiie  esst   ���*.)  ,-llallls,
-    I"   tt.e   shore   ���l the   La.',   then,',.
| ons tli,. ..un  ibon *** .-IirIiis.  more
1'.'"   ��� < ,'���   ni.H-..i-eine..., eoiitsliili.K
ra .i,. ... ]. . .
'   ' "li. HOI     rillM.li'
'   ' IDUtrtl I.    DUtrlOlOl West Koolenay
1 M.*k.''. ""'I*'''   that   Hiiko   I'oatena, ot Altoiis,
' r��,��. ' '"'     '""""r.      linen,!,    lo      applv     l���r
I   ���:""! ���'" I" |..ir,hsse the  lollowln.  .1.-. nl.l
"i      omm.nc.lttf   ��|   ���   ,������t    plant,.,!   claim
Iron the ...ii .,( M���s,,,int��� creek,
mm i H" '���'""" ��t this .ppln-stli.ii nn.l
. ,, "'    "   '    N. X enrner." slid rmiiiltiK soiill,
i,.,!,. th.ntv.wul ��,ichains, Ch.no. north lo
..' ' "" ���east sn chains   to  point  ol  I'l.m-
t......tsiiilti.nio seres.
"���l.,l.��lll, dsy ol Aligns!   IW17.
lit,,,, Cl.wTSNS.
AHTHl'SA. Bl'liTON,  Agent.
'   ' "-" l Hl.lrlct.   Ulstrlci ��( W.,1 Kootensy
I uSH "���""" Hint Frank F. Human, ol
,, ��'a. M���,i|.,,|,���, l.rokcr. intends lo spply
'ni.i "'"'"" '" Pnrchsse lhe loUOWtBI 'Ics
tli... ,,"l: ' "iniiieiicliiR at a post plniitc.1 sl
, ".ii.���������a-l comer ,,l Inn.I spplicl lor, ..liol.t
����-, '.- .'"" "lc nl"nlh "'I M.is.inlllo creek
0'.tll._i * s-r^e'i'licr." nnd ruiilll.ig Ihence
       '' is, thence wesl Mil chains,   Ihence
'.,. ,n.     nh*tOS, llience cast an chains to point of
'���"'.' "i,'���'l"T'' '''.'nlalliliiK Mo ��er,��.
��"'l ��'lh day nl August, 11SI7.
Kuans F. sirman.
  Ainiita A   Hiiinov. .��"���.
.!..  ��� 1 ���
. '" nd I i-trlcl l.,slriei ot V\e*t Kool.oay
:,���", '.,"',''"''���, Omt F. P. Hlirdcn, scllllg ss agent
���"������.liaiii' .' ""' "' ''"kl"k. N.ll. i.ccii|.iilloii
I i, I,..'' .       n'1" '" apt.lv  for permission   to
'��'���I,  aa .',"" '"""" "":  ' lined   lands:    .'..in-
MAriSiV.1 P"*.t ,,la,,t,.,l ,���,   tl���.   easterly shore
S.I��� ,.     '"k*" ��nd nl I  10 .linlns north of the
��.  "I loi Mil.;, theuce cs.t 90 chains.
I . in H'clinlii.. ncr,- ,��� i.-s, t., ihe lake
��� :   !','"''��� ��"iiil.��esieiij along Ih. lakoshor.
. ..���.. "I c.ililliicliccincnl,   all.I  .onlnlllltig
1 ���.   .��� '"������re ur loss,
""" "ov.mbn lath, 1007. Jamks ll  Hi ri.kn,
_. F. F.   Ill ei., -..  Agenl.
" ������>��� Matter of    the "Land    Registry
*o��" and Amondmenta thereto,
* 'l'iil'i?.u'l.lllMrr "' R" tippllcatioli lor the Issue ol
'<������'...',, '''",'  ���   I'l'rllllcate  ol  Tllle   lor   Lots
".,11.,'.',,' ****���. "roup I. Koolenay District
'" i>*n,. ���, ,." "''S Klv.ni lhal It Is my liitenllon
jmtaiiS "1.','''x),|mllo,i olonc inoiilh Iron, lhe
T"l'. 1,,  1   "   "" l"reol a dnpllciil,, (li-rttflralo "I
���""> p ,'i" ".','v'' de.erllie.l lands, III Ihensineol
','"'1.111',,'!,', , ""liertson, which tlertlllcaie I-
"���Ml.ir,;, " "����� "I August, lM'js, snd Is uum-
���"luii t'!.-""'y Offlce, Nolsuii,  B.t'.,   'list ol
���*v'' H. F. MicLKOl),
DUtrlot Uegl.usr.
*10 OOWN
IO A^l-il :��
We ofTer you best fruit lands;
beat terms; best location; best
climate. Absolute titles. You
don't bave to use all of your means
In paying for land. We want you
to put It into development. We
also have tracts of 50 to 6000 acres,
prices and terms the best. We own
these lands and handle nothing on
If you don't see Frultvale you
miss Uie best ln B. C.
Kootenay   Orchard
Ward Street,  Nelson, B. C.
Certificate   of  Improvements
--rn.nn" Mtnoml  rUitn  vttttMa tn tin* Nelson
MitiiiiK lUvtNliiii.or the Wi'i-I  Kootenay IHntl.01,
Wlii-i.' lo.nteil:    Oo Toad UoUnUUfl two hnd a
hail mllei tr-'iu Notgon. h. *'.
r��ke QOUee thai 1.  ���*'   A    Mm-ilonal-t, Hclln--; an
B-rantfor   HiikI;   Sntherlrml,   Kree   Mnnr'irer-
ttflcata No. BtMttJ), Intend eoda-yi from tuetun
lu-reof. to apply io the Mtniug Beoordn (or a
(Vriiflentt! of tmpro-*am��DtHi tot the oorpweof
ohtHliitiKT a Crown  (iran*   of  lhe  above  el mm.
And   f.irther   take   DOttoe   that  nctloti.   umler
s*.,tion:n, muat h<* oommtuoed  baton the i��-
lUenoa Ol lUOh ��'ertltleate oi   linprovi-ment**
liute.l UilH -���*r.t -Ihv or  Sep1.mt.er. A   !>.. 1W7
W. A     MA'PONAU)
Certificate  of  Improvements.
'���Hltc Hope Knietloir' Mtiieml rialm. altuate
In tbe Trout Uke tftntnfl DlVliion, ot Wen
Koot  in.y   lHstr.it.   I.oini.il   on    I'oplar   OCttfti
%ke'not    thftl   I.   ''*   Ymtloy  Fror  Minora
('ertlileale No,   BMttM,   lntett'1 i*n .-nyt-   from   the
date hereof to apply to the Minim- Ket-order for
a Certitleat" of fmprov**iiieiit" f-r the PUrpOM ol
ohtHinitiK ��� Drown Orent ot tho above t laan.
Ami   further  take    i.otlee  that   itetloa   umler
s,*��*tiou BI. iniiNi   m mmenoad    before   tho
iNKuatit-c of llicb t'crtilli'Hl" of  luuiroveinenta.
Dated thlHAlh day ol Oetober, WOT.
(!    1*A 111.Ei -
In iho manor of hi. appllcallon lor the li.ue of
adiii.ll.nl.' .-,.11111.ale ol lltle lor purl (II) acres)
oll.'t"l" lironpoi.e, in the IMslrlel of Kootenay.
Notice is hercl.v given lhal It Is my lulenllol.
I��� Issue n' Ul. eaplrallnu ol one nn'iilh from tho
tlrsl niilillesllui. hereof a .Inpll.'ille ol the t:or-
t.floataol . HI.- lor the above lands In I In* name
oiAndriw Borttton, whlai .vniflcatc dTiilo
Is dated th} Mi. day of March, 1KB, bii.i uum-
*_ntfBeiltlrT orflco, Nelson, B. 0.,��opteniber
""b'",<"' ."H.F..MArL��on."
Ulstrlci Keglstrar.
F. C. GREEN       I". P. BURDEN        A. H. GREEK
Oil Engineers, Dominion  and  Britisli
Columbia Land Surveyors
r. 0. Box 1.5   rboo. 2*1 B.
Calling of St. Andrew and  His  Brother
Fishermen���Services   in   City
Churches Tomorrow.
Tomorrow   will    be   the   twentyHBtX���1
Htinrluy after Trinity; the Bervicen will
be those of the twenty-fifth. Saturday
will be the Fefttlval of St. Andrew the
first apostle who Immediately went
away und brought his brother, St. Peter.
St.. Andrew haa become the patron .saint
of Scotland thong- the apostle certainly never saw the hilla of Alhyn.
The KORpel for the twenty-fifth Sunday of thu church year contains the
story of the feeding of the five thousand, the best known and oftenest
rjuoU'd of any of the miracles. St. Andrew .the thonghtfql, observant and
practical, flKtirc-s in the story. It was
he who bad observed the lad with "five
barley loaves and two small fishes."
The gospel for St. Andrew's Day is
the brief account by St. Matthew of tbe
callinK of St. Andrew, St Peter, St.
.lames and St. John, all fishermen, "and
they straightway left their nets and followed him." There is no explanation by
the evangelist of His appeal, only that
they all knew their Master's voice and
obeyed at once. From the promise addressed to St, Andrew and the o'hers:
"Follow Me and I will make you fishers
of men," the St. Andrew's Brotherhood,
the groat organization of laymen of the
churches of Kngiand and the United
States, drew its inspiration and its
watchword. The promise Is also the
informing spirit of all missionary effort,
home and foreign.
The following services are announced
for tomorrow in the churches of Nel
Church of England-��� St. Saviour'*,
corner Ward and Silica street.
twettty-lxth Sunday after Trinity, holy
communion6 a. m.; morning prayer and
litany. 11 a. m.: Sunday School. 2.30
p. m.: evensong, 7 *'.<��� ��� m. Rev. F. H.
Graham, rector.
Romau Catholic���Church of Mary Immaculate, corner of Ward and Mill
streets: Low mass, 8 a. m.; high mass,
10:30 a. m.; evening service. 7:30 p. m
Rev. Father AlthoC. priest.
Presbyterian church���St. Paul's, cor
ner of Victoria and Kootenay streets:
Morning service, 11 8. m.; Sunday
school, 2.30 p. m.; evening service,
7:30 p. ra. Rev. J. T. Ferguson, minister.
Methodist church���Corner Silica and
Josephine streets: Morning service, 11
a. m.; evening service, 7:3n p. m.; Sunday school, 2:30 p m. Rev. R K
Powell,  pastor.
Baptist church���Stanley street, near
Mill: Morning service, 11 a. m.; evening service, 7:30 p. m.: Sunday school.
2.30 p. ra.    Rev. A. Frith.
Salvation Army���-Barradts on Victoria street, west of Josephine: Special services for tomorrow. Knee drill,
9 a. m.; holiness meeting, 11 a. ra.; a
pralae meeting at 3 p. in.; salvation
meeting at 8 p. m. 	
*COMl\\NIES   ACT.   1897."
Canada, i*
Province  of   B-UUh   Columbia,   j
No.   407.
This is to BCrtily that "Western Canada Timber Oompany Limited/' is authorised and licensed to carry on business within the Province of liritish Columbia., and to curry out or effect all or
any of iho Objecti of the Company to
which the legislative authority of the
Legislature of liritish Columbia extends.
The bead office of the Company is situate at 161-4, Unshwood House. New
Broad Street, In the City of l^ondon.
The amount, of the capital of tho
Company is one hundred and seventy-
five thousand pounds, divided into one
Jiuudri'd and seventy-five thousand
shares of one pound each.
The head office of the Company In
this Province la situate at Nelson, and
LM-fl Mill. Manager, whose address is
Nelaon, B. C, Is the Attorney for the
Given under my hand and seal of office at Victoria. Provlnoe of British Columbia, this 1Kb day of October, one
thousand  nine  hundred  and  seven.
rL.8.] S*  Y.   WOOTON,
Uegistrur  of Jom.   Stock   Companies.
'Hie objects for which this Company
hat* heen established and licensed
are:��� ,     _
tn.) To carry on business in Canada
or elsewhere as saw-mill prop rletors.
timber merchants and timber growers,
and to buy. sell, grow, prepare for market,   manipulate,  import,   export,   and
deal in timber nnd wood of all kinds,
and to manufacture and deal in articles
of ull kinds In the manufacture of which
timlter or wood Is used, and to carry
Oh business n�� ship owners and carriers
by land and water, and so far ns may
be deemed expedient the business of
general merohanta, and to buy, clear,
blant and work timber estates and limits:
(b.) As the first operation of tho
Oompany tO purchase or otherwise acquire und take over BS a going concern
the business and undertaking of the
Canadian Pacific T imber Compuny,
I ai iii i t ed. nnd all t he timber limits.
Bands, buildings and erections, water
nl gilts,  fixed   nnd   moveable   plant   and
machinery,    tools, utensils, logs    and
'number, live and dead stock, stores and
cB-BOts, and other the property and as-
wnii*. of that Company in Hritish Columbia and with n view thereto to execute
and make tbe agreement referred to in
Anl-lo 3 of the Articles of Association
of  Osa  Company:
(c.1) To seek for and secure openings
1 for Eton employment of capital In Canada *" elsewhere, nnfl with a view
thorolo  to  prospect,  enquire,  examine,
*< explore and test, and to despatch or
employ expeditlonB. commissioners,  experts and other agents:
(d.) To institute, enter Into, carry
on, asslBt or participate in financial,
commercial, mercantile, industrial,
manufacturing, mining and other businesses, works, contracts and undertakings and financial operations of all
kinds, and to undertake and carry on
any business transaction or operation
commonly undertaken or carried on by
financiers, promoters of companies,
miners, bankers, or underwriters, concessionaries, contractors for public
and other works, capitalists or merchants, and to carry on any other business which may seem to the Company
capable of being conveniently carried
on in connection with any of the objects
of the Company or which may he
thought calculated, directly or indirectly, to enhance the value of or render profitable any of the Company's property
or  rights:
(e.) To open, promote, acquire, construct, equip, maintain, improve, work,
manage or control, or aid In or subscribe towards the promotion, acquisition, or construction, equipment, maintenance. Improvement, working, management or control of works, undertakings and operations of all
kinds, both public and private,
and in particular roads. ways,
tramways, railways, telegraphs, telephones, cables, ships, lighters, harbours, piers, docks, quays, wharves,
w arehouses, bridges, viaducts, aqueducts, reservoirs, embankments, waterworks, water-courses, canals, flumes.
Irrigations, drainage, sawmills, crushing mills, smelting works. Iron, steel,
ordnance, engineering and Implement
works, hydraulic works, gas a-id electric lighting, electrical works, power
supply, quarries, collieries, coke ovens,
founderiea, furnaces, factories, cement,
limestone and other works, carrying
undertakings by land and water, public
and private buildings, townsites, residences, cottages, stations, stores and
shops, whether for the purposes of the
Company or for sale or hire to or in
return for any consideration from any
other companies or persons:
(f.> To promote, make, provide, purchase or otherwise acquire, take on
lease, or agreement, acquire running powers over, lease, let. grant
running powers over, work, use.
sell and dispose of railways,
tramways and other roads. wa>s and
means of access to any part or parts
of the property of the Company, and to
contribute to the expense of promoting.
making, providing, acquiring, working
and using the same, and to purchase,
take on lease or otherwise acquire and
hold, and to erect, alter, putl down, rebuild, and adapt houses, cottages, warehouses and buildings, and to purchase,
construct, erect, hire and maintain,
work, use, lease, sell, charter or let.
rolling stock, plant and machinery,
trade utensils and appliances, locomotives, engines, waggons, trucks, carriages, ships, tugs, barges, piers, harbours, wharves and other appliances.
works and vehicles for and used in
connection with the transport by land
or water of the produce of the Company's works and properties:
(g.l To make and carry into effect, arrangements with land owners, railway,
shipping or canal companies or owners, carriers and any other companies
and persons for the purposes of the
Company, and to grant mining and
other licences over, or leases of. any
part or parts of the property and rights
of the Company:
(h.) To p4r_aa.se or otherwise acquire, hold . sell, exchange, mortgage,
charge, convert, turn to account, dispose of and deal ft real and personal
property and rights cf all kinds, and
in particular lands, buildings, hereditaments, business concerns, and undertakings, mortgages, charges, annuities,
patents, patent rights, copyrights, licences, securities, grants, charters, concessions, leases, contracts, options, policies, book debts and claims and any Interest In real or personal property,
and any claims against such property,
or against any persons or company, and
to finance and carry on any business
concern or undertaking so acquired, and
to keep up or abandon all or any of the
properties, businesses, patents or privileges now or hereafter to be acquired by
the  Company:
(i) To transact and carry on all
kinds of agency and commission business, and in particular to collect moneys, royalties, revenue, interest, rents
and debts; to negotiate loans; to find
investments; and to issue and phu-
shares, stocks, bonds, debentures.
debenture stock or securities:
(J.) To obtain, acquire, work, let, or
dispose of any concessions or authorizations of any Government, municipal
body, or other authority, for any work.s.
or undertaking which the Company may
desire to promote or carry on, and to
obtain the promulgation of any laws or
decrees which the Company may think
necessary or expedient for or In respect
of any such works or undertakings, and
to construct, equip, maintain and work
any such undertakings or works, and
generally carr> ou business as contractors for public works, or to sell and dispose of any such concessions or authorizations:
(k.) To contract with or aid any Sovereign or other Power. Government, or
State, or any municipal or other
body, politic or corporate, or
company, or persons for or In
relation to capital, credit, means.
or resources for the prosecution or any
works, undertakings, projects or enterprises; also to contract for and act as
agents or otherwise In relation to loans
or securities las ued or proposed to b<-
isisued by any Government or State, or
municipal or other authority, or company or corporation, or persons or person:
(1.) To acquire any inventions capable of being used for any purpose connected with any of tbe businesses or operations of the Company, and to acquire
or cause to be applied for and obtained,
any letters patent, patent rights, licences, contracts, options, or concessions,
in any part of the world, and to grant
and Issue licences for the use of tho
same or any of them upon such terms
and conditions as may be considered
(m.) To subscribe for, underwrite,
buy, sell, and deSl in stocks, shares,
debentures and securities of any other
company, whether British, Colonial or
Foreign, or of any Government or authority, supreme, municipal, local or
otherwise, or of any company whose
operations may be beneficial to this
Company, or with a view to assist any
company which may carry ou, or he
about to carry on, any business useful
to this Company:
(n.l To purchase or otherwise acquire and undertake all or any part of
the business, property, and liabilities of
any other company, firm or person, the
objects of which shall be altogether or
in part similar to those of this Company, or to make and carry into effect
arrangements with respect to the union of interests, co-operation, partnership, or amalgamation either in whole
or in part, with any other companies.
corporations or persons:
fo.) To sell, lease, let on hire, exchange, or otherwise dispose of absolutely, conditionally, or for any limited
Interest, all or any part of the undertaking of the Company, or all or any of
the lands, hereditaments. property,
rights, or privileges of the Company,
or all or any of its undertakings, and to
accept payment therefor in money,
shares, stock, debentures, or other oh-
ligations, either by a fixed payment or
by payments conditional upon or varying with the earnings or profits of th"
fp.) To establish and promote, or
concur in establishing and promoting,
associations, companies, syndicates and
undertakings, to purchase or take over
the whole or any part of the property of
this Company, or any concessions,
richts or property In which this Company has any interest, or for any of
the objects mentioned in this memorandum. To secure by underwriting or
otherwise the subscription of any part
of the capital, whether original or increased, of this Company, or of any
such association, company, syndicate,
or undertaking as aforesaid, and to pay
or receive any commission, brokerage.
or other remuneration In connection
therewith, or for obtaining applications
for or placing or guaranteeing the placing of any debentures, debenture stock,
bonds, or other securities of this or any
other company, and to make or receive
such payments or remuneration either
in cash or shares, fully paid or otherwise, or debentures as may be deemed
(q.) To guarantee the payment of
money secured by or payable under or
in respect of bonds, debentures, debenture stock. contracts, mortgages,
charges, obligations and securities of
any company, whether British, Colonial or Foreign, or of any authority, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise,
or of any person whomsoever, whether
corporate or unincorporate:
(r.) To pay for any lights or property acquired by the Company, or any
services rendered to the Company, in
fully or partly paid shares or stock, debentures or other securities of the Company, and to makes such payments or
gifts by way of bonus or otherwise, and
either in money or in any other value
as may from time to time be deemed
expedient for Information or advice
given or for services of any kind rendered to the company, or in connection
with which the Company may be directly or indirectly, interested, and general
ly to make any payments or agree to pay
any commissions, with or without an>
consideration moving to the Company,
If it Is considered by the Directors in
the interests or, directly or indirectly,
to the benefit of the Company to do so:
(s.) To lend money to such persons
and bodies, whether upon security or
otherwise, upon such terms as the Company shall think fit, and to guarantee
the perfomance of any contracts entered
into by persons having dealings with
the Company:
(t.) To borrow or raise money and to
issue debentures or debenture stock,
either redeemable or irredeemable, or
bonds or other obligations or securities
of the Company, or to create any mortgage or charge on all or any paVt of the
property and assets of the Company,
including its uncalled capital or other
wise In such manner as the Company
shall think fit; to take money on deposit
at interest or otherwise, and to make,
draw, accept, and endoise bills of exchange, cheques, promissory noi.es. and
other negotiable instruments:
(u.) To Invest any moneys of the
Company not immediate] yrequired In
such manner as may be thought fit:
(v.l To make donations to such
persons and In such cases, either of
cash or other assets, as may be thought,
directly or Indirectly, conducive to any
of ihe Company's objec-'s. or otherwise
expedient: and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent
objects, or for any exhibition, or for any
public, general or other object, and to
establish or support, or aid in the establishment, or support of associations.
institutions, conveniences, funds and
trusts calculated to benefit any of the
employees or ex-employees of the Company, or the dependents or connections
of such person, and to grant pensions and allowances, and to make payments towards Insurance, nnd apply the
money of tin* Company In any way In
or towards the establishment, maintenance or extension of any association, institution or fund for protection of the
interests of masters, owners and employers against loss by bad debts,
strikes, Workmen's combinations, fire,
accidents or otherwise, or for insuring
or re-Insuring with any company, firm
Or person, any risks, guarantees, or obligations undertaken by the Company or
to which it may be subject:
<w.) To distribute any assets of the
Company among Its members in specie:
(x., To do all acts necessary to procure the Company to be duly constituted or Incorporated and registered, or
recognised, as a corporation or association In Canada or America, or elsewhere:
(y.) To carry out the above objects,
or any of them, either on account of the
Company alone or In conjunction with
any company, association, firm, person
or persons, and In any part of the world,
and generally to do all such acts nnd
things as are Incidental or conducive
to the attainment of all or any of tbe
above objects, and the intention Is that
the objects specified in each paragraph
of this clause shall, except where otherwise explained in such paragraph, be in
nowise restricted by reference to or Inference from the terms of any other
paragraph or the name of the Company.
ft ��� -trMfn
- ��� -J-Miirn-r-
We have for sale six of the finest building lots   In the  city,   situated at
the corner of Josephine and Hoover streets. These lots are   cleared    and
fenced  and    command    a magnificent  view. Price,  $2,000  for  the six or
will be sold separately is desired.
H. & M. BIRD
A groat many sales have been made of lots In this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few best lots are left.
Don't Forget
That Fire Insurance you were going to put on this fall, or that
accident and health policy you Intended writing which covere
all accidents and 30 diseases.
Let us quote you rates on the above.
McDermid A McHardy
To Ontario, Quebec, and
Maritime Provinces from
all stations in the Koote-
ON   SALE   DECEMBER   1st to  31st.
Standard sleeping cars, tourist sleepers, dining cars and first class   coaches.
Rates from Nelson to points In Ontario and Quebec, Montreal and west except north or Graveiihurst and west of
IV in broke
For further particulars call or write
T*emont House
Knrotwan s*ad Amertcam Plan
Meal, as ctr.   Room. Iron at ctt. to 91.
only White Haip employs*..
Ba.er St.. Nelson Proprietors
Moat comlortsble quarters     Nelaou)
Only the beat ol Liquors and cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnish.d. Rooms 50 cents upward. The
dining room Is unexcelled ln the city.
House   heated   throughout   with   hot
A.G. 1*. A..Vsr.c���n.er.
0 P. A.. Nelson
160 ACRES���About eight n>iles from
Nelson. Frequent trains, cabin,
���prtnga. Owner would subdivide if
necessary $20 to $25 per acre.
25 ACRES Near Nelson���Oood. road.
Water rights.  Small house. Stable.
Fruit   trees,   bushes   etc $4,000.
Also land    on    Kootenay and    Arrow
lakes, Slocan nnd  Salmon rivers, etc.
Real Estate Agent
SIS Baker St..  Nelson, B. C.
Tenders Wanted.
In pursuance of the order of the Hon.
Mr. Justice Morrison, dated the lEith
October, A. D, 11*07. tenders will be received by the undersigned for the purchase of lots 594, 5115, 717, 1S4S, 1848,
23*3, and 593, known as'the "Blue Jay,"
"Starlight No. 3," "Last Chance," "Silver
Cord," ���'Hltzzard," "Little Widow,"
"Starlight Fraction," and "Galena"
minerals claims respectively; one hundred tons more or less of nine ore,
wbercof slxly tons are now lying nt
Kaslo. and forty tons _t tho mines; and
all other the assets of the Last Chance
Mining company. Limited.
Such tenders to be made in writing
to me on or before Uie 1st day of December. A. D. 1907.
The highest or any tender will not
necessarily be accepted. Further particulars of tho property will bo furnished on application.
Dated the 17th day of October. A. D.
Olliclal Liquidator,
The Last Chanco Mining Company, Limited, Saudim, British Columbia.
J. A. ER1CKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 350.    Opposite Court Boust
and Postofflce. Nelson. B. G.
Queen's Hotel
���attar Straet, N.laon. B. C
Large   sti.1   Comfortable   Bedrooms and Vtrss-
clsss Dining Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Bartlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Day Ho_t tn Hdsoo.
The Bar ls the Finest
White Help Only Kmplored.
toeuphlne St.
ItslMO. B. ti.
Royal Hotel
Rates fl and f.1.50 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Boarder.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ou.ra House.     T.I. 111.
W.   O'.   GIUUETT
Contractor   mm-J
Sole agent for the Porto RU-o Lumber Co., Ltd..
retail yard-*. Rough and drevs--.il lumber, turned
work and bra--k->ii-, -'tiant lath and ahlttKiea, nab
.ui.1 door*. iVisn'Lii, brick and time (or Male.
Antomatlc srluiU-r.
Yard and tavtorj: Veruon St.. eaitot Hall
r. (j Box au. Twiethoas IT
m \
���   ���!
:."���   :
Long Winter Evenings
Sliniil.l y,..i be troubled with ymir eyes or have difficulty  In  *	
Inet���a print nl night, glnsaes wUl again give you the power you en-
\\v have all the facilities on tht   premises to do this work p. rted
ly null promptly.
{       J. O* PATENAUDE
.11 |WI :i.i-> IR.���
Watchmaker and Optician
An ideal winter garment
made of heavy quality English Moreen. Pleated
flounce, good wide skirt.
Colors, black, navy and
myrtle.  Each
$��"$?,50 and $3,00
Sec Us
For Goo a Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.)
H. E. Croadsdaile & <_
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders will find it to their advantage to ubc our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co,
The Beet Bard Coal on too market.
r.;ink!ic  nl tiri-
v|ii_ t i _>-.
The Best Domeelio Coal.
West Transfer Co.
Cor, Ven-ioii   hi.:.'  Word StreetH,
.1. D. Caverhlll. C. E. Parker, L. L.
Ramsay, J. Flelschman, W. Massey, W.
.1. Vauderllng, \V. I'.. ml ion. Vancouver;
K. I_.itti<*. Ron Steels; C. K. Rlel, Creston; A. T. Garland, Kaslo; A. W. Johnson. Montreal; R. O. Masdonald, A. W.
McLean, Ottawa; Col. H. Harper and
wife, Calgary; S. Graham, Victoria; A.
B. Sutherland, Toronto; .1. C. F. Hynd-
man. B. El worth, Winnipeg; Col. Dawson England; Miss M. Witty, Ymir; C.
p Soderling, W Manhart, Spokane; P.
H. Durnham, Grand  Forks,
A consignment of
Peterson   Patent
In   all sizes, shapes aud
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH i MATT HEW,  Prop3.        >
A. McDonald & Co.
Doulers in stapl.' and fancy (.rocerie*
Butter, EgK".
Camp and Miner-' Supplies.
Corner of Stanley and Victoria Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
S. Perkins, Ebolt; il. J. Roy, Ottawa;
D. Jones, Trail; J. Engellard, M. Wagner, Mojrte; <;. s. Wilson, Toronto; c;.
Cli nve, MiH�� B. Smith, Vancouver; J. N.
Cunnun, Grand  Forks.
J.   .McDonald,   Michel;     U.   Campbell.
Koch Biding; <'.. Long, Silverton; W.W.
King. Rlondel;  It. T. Downey, Calgary;
: J. A .Murray, Saskatoon; W. S. West-
lands, Plncher; C. McDonald, Lt Plata;
N. ...  Livingstone, Fernie;  N. Watson,
I Rossland; J. II. Bwartz, Deer Park; M.
Onus. Brand  Forks;   A.  Vernier, Gran-
I Ite; S Sorensen, Spokane; C. B. Archibald, Ymir.
K. J.  McLaughlin, Seattle;   II. Hadg
sun, .1. T. Rvan. Edmonton; T. .1. Graham, Cranbrook; J. Toland, s. Dance,
Kingston; W. shanks. I-;. Loftus, Winnipeg; Mrs. i". V.. Cooper, Mrs. Prltch-
ard. Gianil Forks; .1 Hardy and wife,
T Downey, Winlaw, T. Hock. Groh-
ni.n; M. Shark. Ii. Snow. Spokane; J.
I) Robertson, Lethbrldge; A Q. Keller.
Minneapolis; 0. H. Plsber, Granite; J.
Knave, Westlejr; A. B. itirks, Etosthern;
\ Robinson, J. Loeppy, P Abrani, J.
Stem, ns, Winnipeg.
\v. Russell, C. Cole, Birdar; J. Bgan,
B.  I'.'tv.liii. G.  Shane;,. Boston.
T. W. Williams. Thrums: Sam Jones,
Harrop; B. 0. Affleck,Riondelj A. Park,
X      ������- Mining!
NELSON,     -     F4. C.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining WorK a Specialty.
Office:   Uealey Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker ��t, NELSON, ��. C.
rANTBO -Head Waitress Tor total Htrath.
it     Apply Mhiibk't.
A   IMhTNK.x    wilh   tX.Ottl  t.*    pur-'hane   a   Irtill
rain-li ii'-ar NftliOD    A  good IpaOnUktlOD.   I'art-
jr.-r nee-1 not bi' actively engaged on rancli.
Yor jmrU'-iilarw apj.lv T   <i   I'KOCI KK.
'.imfot*al>l<* Bona lor ft Young Lady, would
till el.her MJhOOl t-'iiclicr. or young lH*iy lu
lU��lneM in lln lily. Address E. C. Daily
TWO K1HHT--..I.A-*-***} hOOMH, steaio battled
��.ti boiiMkneTMir J*r<i flat,. K w O.hlonk
I/Ol-NI)--A   Hmall   J'urae   centaii'Iiur a pmall
nam of moni-y and Kime tU'keta. Thi* owner
i:.iu obtain saiae on applying to tills office'.
Choral   Society.
A full attendance of members is re
Quested by the executive ot the Choral
the Dally Canadian
society  al   ilif  prartU'
da>   nit-Jit.
lo h.- held .Miin-
Looking for Land.
F. Seaman's land party, who have
been exploring land along the Arrow
lake, will return to Kegina tonight An
other party will arrive In .lannary.
Football Club.
The dance given in the K. of IV ball
last night by the Nelson United Football club was very successful as a social
event, and resulted in a small financial
The   Ball.
Ths ladies of the executive committee
of the Nelson branch of the antt-Tuber
culoals Society will look after the re-
freshment to be served at the ball in
i'.id of the society's funds next Friday
evening. Irwin's orchestra has volunteered to furnish the music and will
doubtlessly sustain its reputation.
Hockey   Club   Entertainment.
At the Hockey club entertainment
next Monday evening, Walter McRaye
and Miss Pauline Johnson will give
their one-act comedy, "Fashionable In
telUgence,*1 written especially for them.
Of their perform a nee in London tht
Pall Mail Gazette said. July 17, 1906:
"They gave obvious pleasure to a large
and  fashionable audience."
Boxing   Match.
The sparring match In the opera
house last night between Harney Mul.in
and Hob Brechin proved much more in
teresting to the spectators than has
been usual with such events in Nelson.
Both men fought hard, honestly and
cleverly. I.rechIn was lighter and quick
er but Mullin had more steam behind
his blows and put his opponent out with
one on the heart in the sixth round.
Mortgage Wiped Out.
The ladies of the Presbyterian church
of Rossland made their first collection
towards the $2,200 mortgage against
their church in June, 1906. The receipts
from the bazaar last Wednesda) wipi d
out the mortgage entirely, and left B
surplus. Nothing more could be said
for the success of the bazaar, excepl
that the g< nersily gratifying results are
due to the indefatigable efforts of Mrs.
A. 11. McNeill and the generous assist
ance of other ladies of the church, says
the Rossland  Miner.
Methodist   Anniversary.
Tomorrow will be the anniversary of
the opening of The Nelson Methodist
church, and will he appropriately observed. At tomorrow's service the pastor's subjects will be: Morning. "The
Yearnings of an Exile." Evening, "An
Old Fashioned Description of Going to
Church." There will also be special
music at both services as follows:
Morning anthe m, "O. Zion that Brlngest
Good Tidings," J. Stainer; evening.
Praise the Lord O My Soul," M. Wat
son. and "Lord of Heaven," Rossi;
double quartette, "The Lost Chord,"
Sullivan. There will also be an anni-
versay concert Monday evening under
the auspices of the ladies of the church.
Bay Nov/
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500. Let us show you
them. Some extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   in   25 000    share,
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, Crazier W. liourkc.
OFFICE, No. 322 Baker St. (CraaBdaile
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks .liKplayed in ,li.-
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS Tor  Block are  Invited.
PARTICULARS and forms of Appllca
Hon may bo obtained at. tbo Company's ofllc?, or from H. A. Stewart,
Solicitor, Nelson, li. C.
25*: ���
Ontario Strained Honey,
5 Ib. tins each -    - $1.10
Corner Silica and Josephine 8te
phom: 7
The feature of our line of Rocking
Horses is their perfection in make, and
beauty of appearance.
They are strongly made, w, 11 flni.-h-'d
and accurate- in shape.    They are ���
models  of  a  horse.
We   have   them   covered   srttn
and with  real horse's hide,
19-in. high  rocker   and  ; ia'form.   $ 5.00
���j tin   high rocker and platform  .5 7.oc
_.'.���*��� in   high   rocker and  platform. .$12.50
1.2 in. high  rocker and   platform..9 80t?
high,   larger   body   rocker   only
high   rocker snd  platform . .$11.5C
high  rocker snd platform, fore
foot raised in running attitude, with
plume���A very  handsome
W. G. Thomson
ffiggggg" "��d    Nelson, B. C.
I'li.ine  .14.
Geo.  P. Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT      BLOCK
Monday, Nov. 25, 8.30 p.m.
.Musical programm ��� by choir.
Sol<w  l.y  Ronald I'rown.
Readings from Dr. OrunimondV
French-Canadian stories bv Lester Patrick.
Admission free.    Thankoffering   will   be
The feature of today's metal markets
is a substantial advance In tlie price of
silver, three points in London and six
in New York. Copper and lead are unchanged.
University  Ciub.
The special cottfihlttee ... tbe club met
yesterday afternoon and drafted two
resolutions ... be addressed to tbe jot-
eminent dealing with the endow
in."lit and establishment of tho provln
eia] university. These were then r,f,-i
red to a committee of three to elaborate and present to the committee earl)
next    week      The   resnlullonH   as   finally
adopted will be appended to i.r. Arthur's
paper and published In pamphlet form,
io be distributed n. mombers of tbe leg
Islam.o and lo educational bodies
throughout the province.
Charles Archibald, of Ymir. in in ihe
city today.
w. A. Macdonald, k. c, is expected
back from the coast Monday night.
1'. II. Burnham, general agent <>l th.
fireat Northern Railway In the Bound.
ary.    arrived     from   Grand   Forks   lasi
Mra. Margaret Kearna arrived at St
John  today by the   HmpresB or Ireland.
She will Join  her husband  in  Nelson
next   week.
Col, Davidson, or Sussex, England,
ll aves for Vernon thla evening. The
colonel has been visiting Nelson for the
past ten daya.
.1 11. Vanatone leaves tomorrow nlghi
Ior Mexico via Spokane. Joe has been
a resident or Nelson for over ten years
and lakes with htm the good wishes of
lis cltlzeiiB.
Fraudlent Failure.
Hamburg, Nov. ti,���J.  F. C. Mueller,
head oi the refinery Bnn of that name
at  Aitona,   which   suspended   November
*iist,   was   arrested  today   on   suspicion
of becoming a bankrupt by   fraudulent
' practices.
Wholcmli* Htnl   Hi-lull Hi-nlir*- tn
Fresh and Salted Meats
CiunpH supplied ob shortest notloe and
lowest price. Nothing but   fi.���ti and
wholesome liientn and supples kept in Mock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES.    rVlanaKor.
Its 5ce/i ery
ts Business Energy
$L0O per Galicn
ITel.-phoue 161.
Benefit Nelson
Hockey   Club
Nelson Opera House
Monday. Nov.   25
Direct from their (real London sucoi
at stein way 11 all. under the patronage
of Lord Strathcona und en route to Ihe
Brit* b Wesl Indies
The   I ro j i if lis   Irifiiau I'<>et Kilter! ;tfuer ln
poems,  legends snd stories, supported
by the eminent young humorist,
In charming sketches  rrom   Dr.  Drum*
mond's  folk   lore stOliSS  of   I'i'neb
A pleasing feature ->i the evening win
bs the dainty one-net  comedy
Written especially Tor Miss Johnson and
Mr. McRaye, in which they will
both ftopear.
I'.tii  Kail Qesette,  London   Engl in I
���Inly    17.    1906:    "They   gave  o
pleasure    to   s    large snd fashionable
Era, London, July il, 1906: "The most
unique  and   onhai leneyed   p- rfoi i
of   the   : e;t.:rut."
Dally   Mirror.  London. July   IT.   1906
"Loud applause folli fed each im
Times. JuJy 17. 1906: "A clever und
effective programme."
1 1 ' | I \_L
ivjk. __
\. a
Jr        i              l                i       _S-
7\ I i 1 i 1 i     i���l-i 1 l Prs
Of electrical work finished and charged
for from  thiH shop  ..ill show you  hot*
s.piaiely nnd honorably wc conduct our
Those who employ ns need not worry
about our charge's and as to workman-
shi|, they  know II  la Ihe belt
Repairs to machinery, telephones, etc.
promptly  *-ttende* to.
HEADHlUARTEr.r,   r '_��� a    ELECTRICAL
P. O. Box IBB. l'honc 227 A.
r�� -.^ ��� - . NELSON.
After Doeember of ibis .ear the .mis
Ushers will n��i he permitted lo lss. r
sell this edition, i'���r thai reason ...
were enabled k, seoure al aboul hair
the roKular price Bra s.is of this edition. "".I buyers In Nelson will secure
the benefll Tha Information contained
in these books is up to date, and an
woi ��� ,.r reference are without an equal.
Thej were formerly ao'd at leather, Ml
cloth $ II. Our price leather, $25, Clo th
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
COR   BAKER   and   WARD.
Phone 81
l;_p���lrl,,K  .���������*!  ...   ... ,i. >  -  ���- \. ^ . ., . ..  -. i. ��,  lluspittcli.    Mh... M...
\v,,r-u. Mlnlrsa ....*J >��ui Mmohlnwry.     ImulSatimMar^
Or-r   Pair.,   to.   to.    U���i.tn.uli,rs"   Csra.
..,..,..,.,,..    rs*E-:i_-soiN,   b. c. )
that ic fashionable and durable can be
bought now at a price that is Hn to
tempt you. Winter styles are Mm
shown. Come quick and get the i :���
Shirts, Collars and Cuffs galore. Medium and Heavy Weight Pa-amai and
Night Shirts at proper pricei.. Particular people will be pleased with our offer
We would like to SOS all our patrons comfortable thiB winter am) in ortV.. to
do so wo have In Rtock tho best assort ad lino of htStlni stoves and cookiu
Mtovea and  ranRos  ever  het >ro presented to the public In KcxJtenay.
We would be pleased to show you our line and before making your p��-
chase kind!) bee what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
Nelwn Branch.
xiirnr* inr sshii\# p,*c",o h*v* y��ur prescriptionsw*t
IHrHrfinrMflnlY B.t to h.,ve th.m properly and cartt-llf
I II 1.1 II. nilU 111 nil I compOUnded as your phy.lciansr*
Bcribes, bring them    to the    Popular    Store.
Poole-LOiigliurst Co., Ltd.
Dakar and Josephine Sts.
KZ_3?S Lumber, Shingles,
Lwth, iVAoulclinj--**, Doors, Windows.
Turned Wort-. ,ir,il llrackets. Mail Orders uromptly ��*���"���*���
VI1HNON 8TRI1RT    ...    NB_BON. B. O.
Wc have a full  stock of tlie
Lime-Sttlpiier-Salt  Winter Spray
In 50-lb. and i gal. tins.
The Brackman-Kcr  Milling Co^Ltd^
For Miners, Lumbermen, Ranchers,    Housekeepers.
Let as  Stipp.y Yotff Needs
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd.


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