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The Daily Canadian May 17, 1907

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Array t    No. 292.
to Privy Council
Agreement Between Nelson
Vest Kootenay Power
Ind Light Company.
I ,n of tin* long ilruwn IIU-
mm lbe dl}* of Nelson und
Koolenay Power & Light
8 in lam Iii sight, anil upon
factory lu lho representatives
_:iicli' In lhe agreement now
s thill llss- appeal to the Privy
nil be dropped, each   party
own rusts to dale.
ill another feature of even
Bps-ftance, an explanation  of
luiiw a brief review of mat-
1, mil before been disclosed
��� ui Nelaon.
r  ihs- tirst  Injunction  pro-
re taken, and before Judg-
���Iven 11 pian  waB proposed
ilu- two islam s ,the clty'B
ompany'e new  one,  to the
ration.   The company, lt will
Ibered, when It Beeured its wu-
bad been ordered to build a
im the river above the city's
Isl construct  a wear near the
Ink to deliver 112,(100 Inches of
It low level  in the city's plant.
biiiissiny |irsi|n-i'd Instead to con-
I walls ssl Uu* two plants making
wall in f-ect higher than wns
���nl obviating the necessity for
���ii excavation.
'an was approved by Henry Hoi-
Id A  11  MacNelll, K. C, and by
1 lissrachi I. A  L. McCulloch nnd
dwell K. ('.. bnt thc city conn-
si liin  would not hear of It
followed in wol] known.    Ln*-'
1 tbe city bad to ask for favore
company because of tho delay
completion ot Its own plant,
llllett   hail   mnny   conferences
A  Campbell, and brought up
|t*r again   The carrying out of
��� 111 now give lho city an extra
(head.   The removal of a little
���s'lu-r obstructions, which Mr.
ssicki-bis, will clear both tall-
sss'iit ibe backlog up of water,
-:\ fi'sst more.
iy before yoBterday Mayor GIl-
ilH tlie time was ripe for ac-
! aiked Mr. Campbell over for
conference. An understanding
bed between the two and In the
fn a quiet and Informal meeting
Ity council waa held. Every
was preaent except Dr. Hose,
unable lo be present through
���Campbell   and   tho   mayor   ex-
'hi* proposal.      Mr.  Campbell
t's   undertake the expense or
'���" 'iiy's  wall,  which  will   he
t^d' llo   explained    frankly
l___W" company would benefit by lt
K* His ooal uf keeping a man to
|tlii' atop lugs lf 11 wear were con-
ulso wished to Becure for
|J* and company together tho ef-
'f all the water power at
f>'i>t In lhe rlvor.
Campbell Mien withdrow. The
���TOted unanimously for a settle-
���ftt'li side to pay Kb own costs.
11 of the proposal conmmendeil
10 them, but they naturally
fc-^H'-'-M'i'rt '^den-M before pledging
y to acceptance.
Campbell waa recalled and In-
P "t the cinincll'B resolution. Ho
PProved of 11 and promised every
"��e In securing full information
[li posiible efleota on the opera-
F the dtys pinilt, The C0Hnc||
v ,   .' ""' "m>":>r  tty   unanl-
"ii* io oompiete an agreement.
,,    MacNelll, K.  0��� solicitor for
"'"">'. win, then  summoned by
,l,'l'1; MO arrived  from  Uossland
was met nl the Strath-
fight.   11,.
���by ih,,
1 fnnlii
mayor ami Mr. Campbell
t conference wna hold.
"now remalM Is the adjust-
I.    " hnlcui details between A. II.
'��� �������� C-, imu w. A. Macdonald.
i"*il,l,"'i, "?r'   .Th0   wrooniont
In   hla , ,' 'l8n8a by tonlEht*
'"�� afternoon,  Mayor Qlllett
t��"i"s"n'"r,!'"', "etUement  entirely
i'i'i'iivs'.s-���s      �� "** w" could not
It wo   ,"""���" ,hnn tfifiWl tnxed
WouW l>r<>hably have coet ua
15.000 to do that. Had we lost it might
have cost us 120,000. It was hardly
worth contending for.
"By the settlement, which ls as good
as concluded, we secure greater efflclcn.
cy for our own power plant withoul any
extra coHt, und. whin I consider of even
greater Importance, we put un end to
a long and foolish struggle from whicli
no one could derive any benefit, and the
iity of Nelion and the Wesl Kootenav
I iswsii- & Light company will work together fur lhe advantage of Ihe clly
and district."
New Vend  Ran on  Reef  During Fog
on Lake Superior.
Saul Ste. Marie, Mich., May 17.���The
steel Bteamer Saxon'owned by the Pitts.
burg Steamship company, stranded
Wednesday night during a fog on the
north side of Caribou Island, Lake Superior. It Is said she will be a total
"We were running a short distance
ahead of the Saxon," aaid Captain
Hrown of the steamer K. Vi. Oglesay,
"and my steamer must have missed lhe
reef which the Saxon Btruck, by only a
f��w feet. The Saxon was going along
at full apeed and struck the rocks with
terrific force. I tried to get near
enough to take the Saxon's crew aboard
my own ship, hut was unable to do anything because of the danger of running
my own steamer on the rocks ln the
storm. The Saxon's men were able later
lo reach the Island In small boats."
The wrecked steamer is registered
as 228 tons and ts valued al $110,000.
She was built In 1899.
Le Rol Taken Up In Phoenix for $30,000
���Hardy Mountain Camp Scene
of Development.
(Ipeelal to The Dally Canadian.)
Oreenwood. May 16. James Copctand,
of Camp McKinney, who haa been here
for some days, has completed a deal for
lhe I.e Rol. Three practical men of
Phoenix took It over under bond and
will begin Immediate work thereon. The
consideration ls $30,000 on a two years'
bond with a cash payment of $1100. The
bondholders are lo pay a bonus of $100
a month to Copeland during tlie life of
the bond.
The Lo Rol Is a line copper property
and has had considerable work done on
It. Many efforts have been made to buy
il on other terms but Copoland has always remained firm in his price and
conditions. The V. V. & C. railway
runs within about four miles of the
property. It looks as lf McKinney were
to once again resume lta former status
as a centre of mining activity.
(Special to Tbe Dally Canadian.)
Orand Forks. May 17���Word has
reached here this morning Hint by the
Ingenuity of lhe management of the big
lime quarry at Fife station a mosl serious strike or walkout was narrowly
averted, lt seems that the men, about
50 In number, had made up their minds
to walk out lf their wages were not
raised, bul the management got wind
of thc plot and suddenly Ihu entire
works was closed down. The men were
completely taken by surprise and it is
now intimated Hint they are all willing
to go back to work at the same wages.
so that the quarry will likely be operating again In n weeks time. This quarry Ib owned by tho C. P. R., and makes
regular dally shipments to tho Trail
smelter ot the limestone, said to be the
very best in the dlBtrlct.
From present appearances Hardy
mountain  camp  will  experience  some
mosi important davalopmsnt this summer. It Is now announced Hint vnrloiiB
groups uf claims will he systematically
developed, among which are the Oold
Axe Caledonia, Little Ilnbe and Monte
Carlo John Holmes, the owner of some
of these properties la already In the
camp making extensive preparations for
a big summer's work. Hardy mountain
camp is the nean'St to Grand Forks, being onlv four miles distant, there Is nn
abundance of wood and water fur raining puriHises. and tho big ledges of copper ore iiinke ll one uf the must nttrnc-
ilve camps In lln* entire district, hasten! capital will also be heavily Invested
hi this camp during the next few
months. , __,_
lames Hurr. one of the owners of the
famous Queen Victoria property* near
Nelson, has moved up to Pass (leek and
will extensively develop his hig coppei
claim In that camp; he expects to 00
several thousand dollars worth of WOW
on the copper claim this siunnier Jell
Lewis, an old-timer In the Kooenay
district, is also InttTMttd Wtth Mr.
Hurr In Ihese Pasa Creek holding!,
At Bo lee.
A half-column despatch from BolM
loduy contains only the Information
that no further progress hns hem mad.
In the selection ot a |nr!,��* e���
tains a lot of morn gossip about wit,
nesses nnd expected evidence.
Home Again.
M,sses Helen and Oreta Macdonald
returned homo last evening from TotOtt-
to,   where   they   havo   heen   visiung
SMlu  ��mvafcian
NELSON, B. C��� FRIDAY, MAY 17, f 907.
Fifty Cents a Month
Unionist Party Pledged to
Fiscal Reform  ,
Austen Chamberlain Describes Refusal of Colonial Offer as Brutal
���Must "Raise Revenue.
London, May 17.���In the house of
commons on the Becond reading of the
finance bill, Rt. Hon. AuBten Chamberlain moved for an official tariff reform
amendment. He dealt with the general
question of taxation and satirized the
attiludc of the government towards the
colonial demand for preference. The
demand of the colonies, he thought,
had beeu refused almost brutally and
lhe opiiositlon were anxious, not to repel the first united advance for a closer
union with the colonies. No juggling
wllh the income lax would meet the
caae. He laid ts. to the charge of the
Hritish fiscal Bystcni, and lt acted as a
handicap to trade, commerce, wages and
employment, and suggested the Imposition of duties on imported manufactured goods.
Hon. Alfred Lyttleton also condemned the act of the government regarding
the colonial conference; while Rt Hon.
Jesse Colllne ridiculed the statement
mnde by Rt. Hon. Herbert Asquith that
the tiuestlun was finally settled by the
laat election.
Hon. Reginald McKenua and Rt. Hon.
Sydney lluxtun replied on behalf of the
government, the latter arguing that the
financial system of Oreat llrltaln ls now
sounder than It haa been for years. If
Britain adopted preference, retaliation
or protection It would lead her Into
hopeleBB chaos. Tho debate was adjourned.
ln tbe house of commons Sir E.
Strachey stated that aa the president
of the board of agriculture had read
Sir Wilfrid Laurler's speech with reference to the importation of cattle, he
would, of courBe, give a most respectful
attention to tho representation made by
Sir Wilfrid Laurier received a deputation today from the Central Emigration board, the work of which Chalr-
mau Klnlo-ch Cooke outlined. The
claims of the hoard as a centre of emigration were Btrongly advocated. Sir
Wilfrid Laurler made a sympathetic
The Canadian associated press understands one of the principal difficulties standing In the way of the government In endeavoring to meet the wishes
of Laurler and tho other premiers in the
proposed "all llrltlsh route io Austria,
via Canada," is the Cunard endowment
of 190'! which extends another sixteen
years. The government Is naturally reluctant to endow a line of steamers to
compete with a line already Imperially
endowed to the extent of il 18.000
yearly; however, it Is Btrongly hoped
and believed that another conference
will find a way out of the difficulty.
The Chronicle'a nnval correspondent
snys lhe ndmiralty is perturbed at the
erroneous Impression prevailing in
Canada and Australia that, by merely
contributing n trained reserve of seamen they assist In solving the problem
of Imperial defence. If war broke out
tomorrow there aro 30,000 llrltlsh seamen for whom there nre no shlpB;
therefore the colonies should assist In
some other way.
Local   and  Outside   Architects   Making
Plane for New School.
The board of achool trustees held
tholr regular monthly meeting last
night. After the transaction of routine
business, matters connected with tho
new building weire discussed. 8ome replies from architects have already been
The board met in Dr. Arthur's office
at 8 o'clock, wi.th W. Irvine In the chnlr,
and others present: Dr. Arthur, A. D.
Emory, R. J. Sbiel and F. W. SwannoU.
The minutes of the last regular and two
special mcetl ngs were read and adopted.
Tho flnanfx) committee's report recommending i;he May payroll und miscellaneous account*! to the amount of
$ilS.8ii. wub udoc<ted.
Dr. Arthur road the rules for the
architects' competition for plana of the
now school. They spoclfy the location
and material, a maximum cost of $45,-
000 exclusive of Ihentlng. which muat be
hy hot water, at d provide for secrecy
as to authorship -uf plans until an award
Ib made, and reserves the right to appoint a superintendent. The rules were
A. E. Shipley, manager of thc Nelson
Coke ft Oas Co., addressed the board
by permission, offering to exchange rock
excavated from the company's main on
Silica street betweon Hall and Hendryx,
for earth. He was Informed that any
such deal would have to be made with
the contractor for the building.
mt li
The bourd llie-a adjourned.
C. P. R. Machinists Object to  Rule of
"Punching the Clock."
It is quite within the range of possibilities that the C. P. R. machinists will
take another "vacation" In the near future, though they are at work today.
At alt the C. P.'-JR. machine shops
there ls a large clock on which the men
are required to regiAer the time of going on and off duty and they are paid
The men have long objected to the
system. They wish to work by the day,
irrespective of minutes, or half-hours.
If a man failed to "punch the clock,"
he was not paid for the half-day. That
also waB considered a grievance, as an
excessive line.
The machinists' union took the matter up some time ago with Mr. Bury,
vice president. No agreement was
reached. The union then gave notice
that unless the rule of "punching the
clock" were abolished by May 15th
they would go���at least, "take a vacation."
The rule was not abolished, and accordingly on Wednesday, May 15th, as
reported in The Dally Canadian ot that
date, -the C. P. R. machinists from
Fort William to Vanoouver "took a vacation."
It was thought tbat afternoon, from
advices received, that the matter was
settled. Tbe men returned to work yesterday, and, It Is understood, conformed to the rule.
This morning also they returned to
work, but, ln the local shops at least,
they declined to "punch the clock."
Presumably the same course has been
followed elsewhere. Whether the usual
fine of half a day's pay will be Imposed
or not, and. If so, whether the men will
take another "vacation" or not, remains
to be seen.
Chilliwack Halfbreeda Refuse Any Aid
or Information to Provincial Police.
New Westminister, May 17.���The provincial police have expectation of being
able shortly to locate the body of Alex.
Murphy, a Chilliwack, balfbreed, who is
believed to have been murdered at Harrison Mills on March 16th. The police
have been much hampered In their
search for clews regarding Murphy's
death by the extreme reticence of tho
Chilliwack halfhrecds, who are the only
people who know anything at all about
the affair. Much difficulty was experienced in getting enough evidence to
warrant the arrest of George Billie and
"Old Man" Billie, on the charge of
On the recommendation of Chief Constable Spain, however, the attorney general's department has offered a reward
of $250 for the discovery of the body,
snd hundreds of bills bearing this announcement have been sent to Chilliwack for distribution.
The haltbreeds are loth to give each
other away ln matters of this sort, not
so much from motives of friendliness
as from dread of revenge. Many of the
IndlaiiB and haltbreeds of the valley and
district are bound together by tteB of
blood and kinship into sort of a league,
and to this league George Billie and
"Old Man" Billie belonged. All the
halfbreeda and Indians of the neighborhood, many of whom the police aro certain know the whereabouts of the body,
have steadfastly refused to give any
evidence on the matter. It is, however,
anticipated that the offer of $860 will
overcomo this feeling, and that the body
will shortly be forthcoming.
Through tho evidence of Dan Dick
and Joe Charlie, haltbreeds who were
at Harrison on the night of the murder,
the police believe that the body of the
dead man was twice shifted and Interred ln different pnrts of (he yard before being carried away to Its present
hiding place. Throughout the whole affair, George Billie and his father behaved, according to all accounts, with
the greatest coolness and nonchalance,
moving the body from one place to
another as though lt had been a Back
of oats.
The whole trouble arose out ot a
drunken fray. The men had all gone
to a dance at Harrison. George and
Alexander were enemies of old standing. From flats they went on to cord-
wnod sticks, and It waa a blow from a
weapon of this sort that ls thought to
have killed Murphy.
Central American
Guatemalan President Must First Be
Deposed���United States tnd
Mexico as Guardians.
City of Mexico, May 17.���As forecasted in the despatches of May 8, there
Is today further reason to believe that
the present difficulties ln Guatemala
may lead to the greatest event tn the
annals of Central America, namely, the
federation of all of the republics of
Central America. There ls also reason
to believe that such an outcome would
not be unacceptable to either Mexico or
the United Stales.
The flrst step to thla end will be a
revolution against President Cabrera of
Guatemala, headed by General Toledo,
and backed actively by President Zelaya
of Nicaragua and the chief executive of
Honduras and Salvador. It Ib expected
that Cabrera will be driven from the
presidency of Guatemala within the next
90 duys. General Toledo will be probably the new president of that republic,
bnt he will act long enough to bave the
country agree formally to enter the
federation. Honduras and Salvador will
thereupon follow suit. Zelaya ls to be
president of the federation of the re-
publlca upon giving pledge to Mexico
and the United States that he will call
a general election shortly after the
scheme Is perfected. The presidents of
Gautemala, Honduras and Salvador will
act aB local governors during the Interim.
The republics of Costa Rica and Panama will be invited to join the federation, and it Is believed that expediency
will result in their accepting the lnvita-.
Preparations for the revolution
ajalnst President Cabrera are being
pushed with activity. The revolutionists are being equipped with machine
guns and modern artillery.
President Cabrera, foreseeing his
danger, has endeavored to make concessions to the Mexican government. He
bas offered to surrender Col. Onofore
Bone, a witness In the Barillas assassination case, and to try General Lima,
who Is implicated ln the recent murder
of former President Barillas of Guatemala.
Mexico received this proposal coldly
and replied that the case was now
closed, so far as this government was
Senor Qamboa, the Mexican govern
ment representative to Guatemala, has
been transferred to Salvador.
President Cabrera, realizing his desperate position, ls indulging In cruelties
at home. Even high class Guatemalan
women are being imprisoned and subjected to indignities and forced to perform menial labor for the soldiers and
prison keepers.
It is said that anarchy Is too mild
a term to convey a correct conception
of the existing conditions in Guatemala.
Official correspondence characterizes
the state of affairs ln Guatemala as similar to that which prevailed at the in-
qulsitlon. It has been asserted that
President Cabrera holies to hold the
army and people loyal to himself by
these methodB. ���
American Ex-Chief of Police Reaiata Ar-
reat With Revolver,
Monneson, May 17.���Thomas Guest,
chief of police of Bellevernon, three
miles from here, was fatally shot last
night by William Cates. his predecessor,
who then walked down Main street firing a 38 calibre revolver $l everyone
who attempted to approach him. Before tho police officers who had been
summoned could lock him up, he wna
severely beaten and a crowd threatened
to lynch him. Chief Guest arrested
Cates on a charge of disorderly conduct.
While searching him, he suddenly drew
a revolver and fired a bullet Into
Quest's forehead. Threatening James
Frost, another officer, Cates escaped
from the jafrto Main street, where he
began firing at everyone he saw. No
motive Ih known except that Cates had
been drinking.
Twin  Keeps   Busy.
New York, May 17.���A despatch from
Philadelphia    says:    Joe Thomas was
matched last night to light Mike (Twin)
Sullivan at Denver, Col., May 30th.
They will battle ten rounds In the afternoon at the ball park.
Ontario'e Appeal to Supreme Court on
Truet Funds Dismissed.
Ottawa, May 17.���The result of today's Judgment of the supreme court
dismissing the appeals of the province
of Ontario against the Dominion will effect uny of the other provinces that may
bave trust funds with the federal authorities. The Dominion government
has held since Confederation truBt
funds of the province of Ontario amounting to $1,909,000 for the grammar
schools and Upper Canada college building and improvements.
Up to January 1st, 1906, the
Dominion paid 6 per cent. Interest
From that date It was Changed to 4 per
cent; the Dominion at the time offering
to pay the principal.
The case was brought to the exchequer court where lt was decided that
the interest should be 6 per cent, but
the Dominion had the right to pay the
principal disposed to do ao. The
province appealed to the supreme court
and it has been dismissed, so tbat the
federal government will now pay over
the principal to Ontario with one per
cent. Interest from 1905 to date, making
$45,0(0 In addition to the 4 per cent,
already paid. No costs were allowed to
either party.
Rievlew oTFIrat Year's Work of Kootenay Diocesan Branch of Women's Auxiliary.
The annual meeting of the Women's
Auxiliary waa brought to a close yesterday afternoon when a large number
of members of the Parochial branch attended ln order to bear the closing address, given by the Rev. R. H. Graham,
which was followed by a tea given by
the executive.
Mr. Graham spoke In high terms of
approval of the work that had been
accomplished by the Kootenay diocesan
board in its flrst year, and specially
commended the spirit of the president's
address, as being the right one to govern the actions of tha board���that all
W. A. work should be done with a sincere love to our Lord Jesus Christ, remembering how dear to His heart was
the true missionary work. When He
sent forth His apostles to carry the
light of the knowledge of the truth to
all the dark places ot the earth, He
set the example to Christian workers of
all times. There are those who are not
Interested ln missionary work, but the
work ot the W. A. was to arouse Interest ln those who are carrying out
Christ's commands, and we shall And
that increased knowledge ot the subject
extends the Interest In others. From
very small beginnings we may have
great results, and today we may look
upon hlnghuid's greatness aa the result
of some ot the flrst missionary work.
As a great German philosopher has lately said: "Religion ls the backbone of
England's greatness, and nothing but
the weakening of the mainspring of her
religion will ever lessen her power."
And woe be to ub lf we hand not on the
gospel to those who know tt not���and
this Ib the work of the women's auxiliary to the missionary society of the
Church ot England In Canada. Mr.
Graham closed his address with a few
words ot good wishes tor the president
of the local branch, who la leavng for
England tomorrow, wishing her and Mr.
Bird "bon voyage" and a safe and happy
A vote of thanks waB then carried,
standing, to the Ven. Archdeacon Beer
for his kind attendance and help at the
annual, and to the Rev. F. H. Graham
for his kindness In permitting the parish room to be used for the meetings,
also for hla support and Interest always
so freely given to the W. A. and for his
very helpful address: and to Mr. Harry
Bird ror his kindness in auditing the
treasurer's accounts free of charge.
The Rev. F. H. Graham closod the proceedings with the benediction, after
which a very enjoyable time was spent
by those present, Including several
members of the Junior W. A. aa guests
of the executive board.
New Zealand Compared
Visitors From bland Colonics .Speak
Frankly���Admire Ingenuity
oiC P. R. Conductors.
Sidney Oliver Succeeds as Oovsrnor ef
Kingston, Ja., May 17.���The steamer
Port Kingston arrived here yesterday
from England with Sidney Oliver, the
new governor of Jamaica, on board. Mr.
Oliver succeeds Sir Alexander Swettenham, resigned. There waa a great
gathering of officials and the populace
at the wharf to welcome tke new administrator and he was received on
landing by a guard of honor from the
West Indian regiment. Mr. Oliver went
at once to the government office where
the commanding officer of the troops administered the oath of offlce.
Winnipeg, May 17.���From the "Land
of the Long White Cloud," to "My Lady
ot the Snows," la a far cry, but nevertheless, tbree enthusiastic New Zea-
landers made the ten thousand mile trip
to pay their respects to the city which
thirty years ago waa known aa Fort
Garry, an obscure little trading poat but
is now heralded as the coming Chicago
of the Weat
"It la marvellous to us New Zealand-
era that a little over a quarter of a century ago Winnipeg had scarcely more
than two hundred of a population," said
A. G. Stewart, the leader of the trio
Sunday night, "and," he continued, "it
wonld be an utter Impossibility to build
a city Uke thla ln New Zealand- in that
space of time."
Despite tlle fact that he la confident
that New Zealand la a second Canada,
on a smaller scale and to illustrate hla
patriotism toi the land of the Maori
he claims that acre for acre, New Zealand la wealthier and more prosperous
than Canada.
The trip ot the three sun-browned
men from the 86uthern hemisphere haa
been a long and Interesting one. From
lnvercargyll, away down near the foot
of the mountains ta the Southern Inland,
up to the land or the South Cress, to
Honolulu through the myriad of island!
ot the South to Victoria and thence
through to Winnipeg.
Of the Rocky mountains the party
saw little aa they passad through the
ranges during the night.
"But one thing I did aee and would
not have missed for anything," declared
Mr. Stewart, " waa an Illustration ot
Canadian Ingenuity and resource. Our
sleeper left the rails, dragging for over
a hundred yarda while passing through
the Selktrks, detailing the flrat coach
"The conductor of the train donned
a suit ot overalls, had a batch ot Chinamen sent along from the nearest station
and inside ot three hours he had that
train on lta way east again.
"It was a treat Ig^watch the conductor
work," continued the apeaker. "He
would brook no argument from the superintendent of the gang and made lt
pretty evident that he waa running the
Speaking of land laws, Mr. Stewart
ls convinced that New Zealand haa
Canada "skinned forty ways."
"Our democratic government," he
said, "Is doing all It can to facilitate
settlement but there is one drawback.
Tena of thousanda of acres ln the North
Island cannot be touched aa It ls owned
by the native tribes. To buy this land
it Is necessary to go to the court, get
every single member of the tribe to
substantiate his claim, before pnrehaae
can be made and then the land court
fixes the price at which It shall be
"In the south Islands there are three
systems for obtaining lands. The Drat
Is by meana of the perpetual lease
whereby you obtain a leasehold for 99
years, the second by deferred payments,
that Is to say you buy the land at a certain price and are allowed a certain
number of yeara to pay It off.
"One great thing our government la
doing Is to smash up large holdings. A
bill will be brought up before the legislature In June the principal features of
which stipulate that one man cannot
hold more than $250,000 worth ot farm
property Inside of 10 years.
> "To do this the government Is empowered to borrow sufficient money to
purchaie all lands In excess of this.
"The second section Is to the effect
that all unaold government land will be
rented and the proceeds to be given
over to educational purposes."
Stromboll Threatening.
Messina, Slcllly, May 17.���A violent
eruption of the Stromboll volcano occurred yesterday, lt was preceded by
tremendous explosions and followed by
leaser onea.
. ���
* 'I
Prlcee of Metals.
New York, May 17��� Silver, 65%c.i
copper, 24c, lead, $6.
London. May 17���Silver,.30 5-lSd.;
lead, ��19, 13a., 9d. The Daily Canadian
:-.- STORES =
Miners' and All
Campers' Supplies
TENTS in all sires and weights
UNDERWEAR at all prices
From 8 to 12 Pounds*.
SOX.  MITTS,  etc.,  etc.
HAY,   FLOUR and   FEED.
In aU these lines we offer  excellent quality at very
reasonable prices.
introduces his last editorial as fallow*:
"A government that has been In
power for 11 years, and is stronger in
its personnel and mere deeply rooted in
The confidence of the public after the
expiration of such a term, must have
gained its enviable position by an unbroken line of pledges faithfully kept."
The first statement is almost true.
the government has been in power nearly ll years.
ls it stronger in its personnel than
at first? Oliver Mowal. David Mills A.
G. Blair. Israel Tarte and William Mulock were clean men and men of respectable talents. Are Hyman, Emmerson.
F. \V. Borden et al., a stronger personnel?
"More deeply rooted in the confidence
of ihe public"? We shall see.
But 'an unbroken line of pledges
faithfully kept"! Passing over the Manitoba school question, which was transient, what were the Liberal pledges?
To "wipe out Um iniquitous system of
protection"': retrenchment in national
expenditure: reform of the civil service: prevention of electoral corruption: preservation of provincial rights.
and of the Independence of parliament,
by preventing members from voting in
the bouse after promise of appointments.
Further comment Is unnecessary. Can
any Liberal point to, not "an unbroken
line" but to one single pre-election
pledge that has not been broken?
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Offlce:   Toronto.
CAPITAL PAID UP....f-H.;..0,000 RKST $4,730,000.
D B. WTLKIE, Pre-rid-ent. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vioe-Preadast
Brinchu in British Colombia:
ARROWHEAD,      30I_D-._>-,      NELSoX,     REVELSTOKE,
Deposit* received and interest allowed hX hiph^st   current rate from date of
opening of account, and compounded qnarterly
**i���Lm��Or*i   BRANCH aJ��    Mt     LAYt    __)___________________________
The Royal Bank of Canada
Savings Department
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Pob.isbM ��1i *!��-* *��� weel * *> the
Baker St., Nelson. B C.
ttaoKrlptlon :��u*i, tn c-enis t month dellTtred
ta tht .ity. or 16.00 a feat if kdi by mail, when
Ml*'* Id aurtnee.
Adrtrtirtu* rate* on ay:���'.; stlon.
AJJ Monte* paid la ���*������:*..* ���'....di ol Tbe Dally
Ca-aaduui arcounti, either tot mburiptloue or
a4 Tanning, muat be receipted lor nn the printed
lormi ol tlit; (���_>ra^���anJ���. uther m'tipu are not
MAY 17. 1907.
The Imperial Conference which
closed on Tuesday has naturally been
the subject of discussion and comment
throughout the Empire, but especially
in London where it was held, and where
scores of banquets kept the fact of its
presence prominently before the people.
The Hritish journals of Conservative
leanings are unanimous in declaring ibe
conference a failure or worse, Tbe
journals which support the present British government have littie to say on tbe
subject beyond explaining and apologist-
lug for the unsympathetic attitude of
the ministers toward tbe aspirations 3f
the colonies.
It Is probably quite true Lhat with a
Free Trade and anti-Imi��eriallBt government In power In Britain nothing worth
while could have been accomplished
There are some apparently who think
thst tbe mere gathering and making of
polite speeches was all that the oon
Terence was intended for. and that.
therefore, it was a brilliant success
Tbey are \o U- It :;citated on their eas>
AU resl Imperialists hoped for much
more. They hoped that something genuine and substantial might be accomplished in the way of arrangements for
co-operation in defence of the Empire
They hoped that in spite of the attitude
of the present home guvemnlent on the
trade question, there would have been
such unanimity among the colonial
statesmen as would have compelled an
early reconsideration by the people of
Britain. All other matters are of secondary importance.
It Is claimed by some that the conference has actually accomplished soiue-
thing. and the instances given are the
arrangement for meeting once every
four   years,   and   for   an    all-British
rout*1 to Australia via Canada.
As to the flrst. quadrennial conferences were agreed upon in 19U2. and the
agreement was modified by the home
government; as to the second, while all
credit will be given to Sir Wilfrid Laurier for the motion, all that has really
resulted is the appointment of a committee to consider the matter and report, presumably in 1911.
It would be Idle to pretend any gratification at such paltry results.
The whole Empire is now divided into
two parties, and. in Britain and Canada
at least, the dividing lines are identical
with the party lines of Consevatism and
Liberalism. Conservatives advocate the
organic unity of the Empire,, which is
uot incompatible with the fullest measure of local autonomy; Liberals, insisting only on local autonomy, prefer a
drifting policy as regards inter-Imperial
The only valuable result of tbe recent conference is that this issue has at
last been placed fairly before the people
of all parts of the Empire.
The gentleman at Ottawa who furnishes Liberal newspapers throughout
the Dominion with partizan editorials
in the guise of special despatches, propounds the interesting theory that the
nnly proof of good government Is the
growth of trade and of revenue. Apart
from the obvious absurdity of it, that
a'C'irn'-n: would prove the Incapacity of
the McKenzie administration, of which
Sir Wilfrid Laurler and Sir Richard
Cartwright were both membera
Conservatives are not detractors of
their country when in opposition. They
rejoice in the present growth and prosperity of Canada, the harvest af the
seed sown by themselves while Liberals predicted ruin.
What they object to now in the financial policy of the government is that so
much of the annual expenditure is
squandered or dishonestly spent, that
tbe annual uncontrollable expenditure
has more than doubled In ten years, and
that liabilities against capital account
are Incurred so recklessly and on so
large a ������ ���' 4<
But the vonservatives hold that a
government must conform to other
standards besides showing a credit
ledger balance.
The gentleman at Ottawa aforesaid
The settlement of all disputes between Nelson and the West Kootenay
Power and Light company is the most
welcome news offered to the people of
this city for a long time. The financial
differences involved are a trifle compared with the mutual advantages of a
good understanding. The new plant of
the company at the Upper Bonnington
Falls ls the most complete of its kind
in Western Canada. Geographically it
is nearer to Xelson than to Rossland.
and Nelson is in a far better position to
benefit by it. Nelson is also the natural
and most convenient place for the
headquarters of the company, which has
hitherto been antagonized and kept out
of Nelson by misunderstandings. A
friendly agreement to the advantage nf
both has long been desired and is at
iast attained.
Sir Wilfrid writes "a friend." evidently for publication, a little eulogy of Gen.
Botha, in which he says, among other
things; "We have become great friends,
and ln the work of the conference I
have had his cordial support on all
points." Laurier has had Botha's .-..:������
port.' All other writers from the conference, except Sir Wilfrid, agree that
the personality of the Boer general absorbed all interest, even Sir Wilfrid's
faultless tailoring being eclipsed.
The members of the board of school
trustees are confronted with a peculfar
situation. The Utile opposition so far
offered to the School Loan Bylaw has
been based ostensibly oil the excessive
outlay required. Oue influential citizen
declared yesterday that he felt tempted
to oppose it on account of the proposed
economies. He wants a building first
class in every respect with no sacrifice
for cheapness.
The Daily Canadian has no quarrel
with Mr. Fred Chapman's opinion, private or official, as to what is in order. If
he and hia "brothers" prefer "taking ���
vacation" to "going on strike'1 or 'walk-
ing out," it is really no affa;'r of ours.
An announcement Qt plans for an aggressive and comprehensive campaign
of publicity Ib expected at tonight'a
meeting of the 20,000 Club. This It
the season of the year for effec'ive
Brand NewlrtBell Piano
CHEAP.       _-PPLY
Joho T. Pierre, Baker St.
Italic* is hereby gn��   that ihinr davi after
date I lOKa    to appij u> the Boarl of Uoeoce
(-'omiDiwlootri for tbe Ymir dwtnci (or a irans-
ter ol tbe ii*eD" held * > me lor tbe it: ss.,;
pa:d botel to F Adie
��� tr ��� :   A H. -m.i: .-
��ar.. -.a  B  C , Mar lit. UV,.
Fat Immediate
Sale Only
Exceptional opportunity to acquire bou.v situated on two of the
finest resident*] lou in Nelson.
Easy of access and on level grade
from business centre. Residence
contains hall, sitting, dining and
bedrooms, bath and kitchen pantry.
Larpe coal and wood shed. Electric
lights water and sewer.     ,
WMt a*k*r Street. NELION, B. C,
Sixty dare after d��te I intend to apply tothe
Hon Chief CommlttioDer of Lands aad Work*
for permission to purchase lhe following ae-
KTioed :and in Wwt Koowust district: Commencing at ��� post ma-ted A. C. B'a northwest
uorntr post. tunning tf ahalni esatartf along
fhe ooundarr of Timbtr llnonoa No. .Jwj9. thence
southerly Jo cbaina, thence westerly tt) chains,
thenct- northerly be chains aloof the C. P. K.
tract to tbe place of -t-omnitawment, containing
two hundred acrea. mort or lear
Located this 9th day of May, \_t_r;.
A. C. Brsn, Locator.
Suit d��v�� after date 1 purpose ma king at* plication to the Chief Comic:*sioi:-?r of Landsand
tTathatotpeaehahom to purchase th-.* fallowing
detcri bed land: Comtuein .ng at a po*! placed
at the northweal corner of jot -iMSO aid marked-p McCtSI ci>ru��r po��t." runnjn* Ihaaai
to chaini north thence Wrhal&i weit. '.'
chains iouth. thence so chains tait. to point of
commencement, contain::..; ti ,.-..-;
I>atod tbi-6th -i��v of 111
fasDed] I'rrta Wr-vr-i-Loui.
per I) X, McCi LUwM. Agvot.
eliit dayi after date i j .;rpo#e making application to lhe Mon- Chief C'unintMloner of Lands
and Worts. for permimoa to purchase the lollowlng deaeribed land: Cuiuineucing *l i -Mil
fie���- 3 the west shore of Lawtt Whaunau
ake, about a -. mile from the outlet of aame.
and ma.-ked *H. tre. N.a. corner poet.' running' ihence tt chains wi-t. thence Ht chalm
aonth. thence SO chaini east, thence 60 cbaltu
north to p-ini of commencement, containing
M0 acres, more or leai.
Pate*! the -inl dav of Mae. 1��7
f'Mgn.-1) B. Wairis,
ptr F  ii. faryt'UB. Agent.
Six;y days aflej date I Durpose making application tothe Hon. tbe Chief Commluloner oi
Land* and Works for pemlss'.on to purchase the
following deaeribed land: Commtncing at a
poat placed at the northeast e- rner of B. 0>
skinner's application to purchase marked
���*R 8>. S. w. corner poit" thence following the
eaitern boundary of satd application W chain*
���south, thenoe running* chain* east, tbence w
ebami nortb to tbe southern boundary >t K. W.
Hannington'* application t- pun hast.-, thence 80
chains west along sam'' to point of commencement, containing Itn acre?, more or leas
Pated 2nd day of Mav, 19U7.
?:<2edJ R Shiiu,
prrF.G   Fscyfiga, Agent
���suty dsys after date 1 intend to applj tothe
H ������:.��� .*���>.���. .*.- *.'.- Chief Commissioner of Landa and
Works for permission to purchase the following
deaeribed lands in West Kootenty district: Com*
mem-ing at a post planiei oa :i-e south ihure ot
Kootenaj* lake, and a-4 joining l . P. R. block No.
10, and niaraed "Tom Uor-don s northwest corner
post." thence south to chains, thence fast tf
chains, theuce north 30 chains, more or le*��. to
l*ke -.'���'.���.��� tbence weit 4b chains to point of
Pated this JUth of April. 1907.
To* QottOK.
Sixty days after date I intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landi and
Works. Victoria. B C, to purchase -to acres ot
land: Commencing at a post planted at the City
of ftelion'i S E. corner po**!, on K***��ienny rlrer.
thanee Ai chaini south, thence wett ju ihains,
theme north 20 chain-, thence ea��t At cbains to
point of commencement���
Nelson, B C , April j_, WR K. J. Ci bran.
Sixty days afu-r date 1 in*di.d to apply to Hon*
the Chief Commissioner ttt l-a��d< and Worki for
permlMlon to purchase the fallowing described
lands in Kootenay district: Commencing at a
post marked Bruce White's N.W. corner pott*.
-,*..���;-..; at tlit northeast corner of P. R 30 about
a mile east of Slocan river, thence aouth 20
chains, thence west ��� chains, thence south 60
chalm, theme east 4v chain*, tbence north -.*���
(ham:-, thenre east 40 chain*, thence north 40
chains, tbence weat (*.' chains to point ol com-
meneement, containing 44u acres, more or less.
Located March lftth. 1W7. Barn Whiti.
1, the undersigned, alter M days intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief (. ommlssloner of
Lands and Works for permission to purchase tbe
followlna land: ('ommemlu*j at a post marked
8> fc C. of Uit 1.&3, thence west A) chains, thence
soutb A1 chains, thence west *-*u chains, (hence
south A'chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
���Oath tf chnins, tbence east ��* chains, thence
north ��) chaini to point of commencement;.
Located March 27th. lftT.     M t, McS'scom,
N. F. McN'ai oht, Ageut.
1, the undersigned, after W dav; intend to ap'
ply to the Honorable the 'hief Commissioner of
Landl and Work* to pun haw tbe lollowlng described! and : Commencing at a poet marked
N. K. C . situate at the im-mb of Cove creek on
tbe weit shore of Slocan lake, thence weat A)
cbains. thence south A) chain.', thence wett 'A>
chains, tbence south '."0 chains, thence west 40
chaini. tnence soutb f.' chains, thence east B
chains, thence north fro chalm to point ol corn-
men cem tin I
Located March 27th, l'Al.      V f McNadght.
Blxty days after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Cblef Commissioner of Lands and Works for
permission to purchase tbe following described
lands tn Kootenay District, aboul three-quarters
of mile from Thrum's siding: Commencing at a
po*t placed at the S. W. corner of L 6888, group
1, West Kootenay District; thence westerlv
following the north boundan* of .'. f- ~ 40
chatm; theme north 10 chains; thence east 40
chalm, moreor lew. tothe N W corner of
!/���*$��; thence south following tbe west boundary
of Ultm. 10 ehaim. more or leas, to place of com-
meneement, containing 40 acrei. nora or lesi.
I'Ued thu 6th day o| December.: ���*
H. H. Pirn, Locator.
Sixty days after date I purpose making application to the Chiet 'ommlssloner of I~an<li and
Works for permissVn to purchase the following
deaeribed land: Commencing at a poet placed
at the aoutheast corner of 9 W (j Haulialn'i
application to purchase, marked "K. K's. S.W.
corner." running thence tt cbains nonh. lbence
K> rhalni east, thence SO cnalm south, thence 60
chaini west to point of commencement, contain-
iif M0 acres, more or lees.
Dated the nh day of April. HC7
K. Fardfiia,
Per P. G. FarvCiEs. Agent.
sixty days after date 1 intend loapply to the
Honorable the Cblef Commiasioner of Landi and
Works. Vicwiri*. to purchase IJj acrei of land
|l West Kootenay. and described aa follows:
Commencing at a post planted ot the east tide
of Arrow Laie at tbe southweit corner of L7604
and marked "J A. K's N H. corner," tbence
fkti it chains, tbence south 40 chains, thence
e*st ��cbains. thenee south 3D chains to M,*.-
neimers pre-emption, thence weit 3| chalm to
Fauquier s application to purchase, thence north
40rhalni, thence wes: 20 chaini to lake nawe,
tbence north along the lake shore to place of
Jlarelilsth.lKR J. A KkUY.
-iity dari after date I purpose making application to the Honorable fhe 1'hltf Cuinmisai'im-r
of L^odi and Worki for permission to punhaae
ibe following described land: Commenting at
a post placed about one and half miles ��������t c.(
Surer Tip Point, on Whatshan late, near l h��is-
ue creek market *F w.Q 11 'i e.K corner," running theoce K chains wett Ut join land located
by r L. Hamm.-n 1. ai agent, thenc* fl Cbalni
north, tben'-e Kthilns east, theme so chain*
south t'> point of ciimmenc-eme&t, eontainiug
640 acres, more or leas.
Dated tbe >tb day cf April. ���''
f, w u. HarLTAiit,
PerT O. ratxtriia. Agent
Slxtr days after date I .ntend to applv to the
Hoc the i blef Commlaaioner of Landund Works
Wtoria. t-o ;������_:'*__.����� '-���*������ acrei of land in Waa
Kooteuay district: Commencing at a post
planted ahout (ml ea from the mouth of Mosquito cre*k and abont one mile west "(ibe said
creek and marked "H.H.R'iH.W corner." aO*.
running north * chains, tbence east 9) chains.
tbence south K cbains, thence weat N) chatm to
place ol beginning.
.Vs:���:.y.t,  .'��� H. II   Roas.
 J. E. AUTUltLl. Ageit.
- i*> days after date I intend U'apply to tbe
Hon-chief C-ommls*Mner of i-*:. : and Worki,
Vlrtorii. B. C��� to purehaae tV) acrei of land. In
Ftre Vailey. descritied aa follows: ''ommenclng
��� t a post planted A) chains weat of Waller Bull*
X. W. corner and marked 1. W Holme-*'Jr. N F..
corner fastt, and running <outh 40 cbatm. thence
west 60 chalm, ibenee norih 40 chains, thence
eaat 60 chains to pla-:-* of beginning, and being a
portion of Section 3S, Towtuhlp *1, West Koolena f.
March 5th, WJ. J. W. Houiu, ]%.
Sigtv days after date 1 intend to apply to tba
Hon. chief Commissioner 0f i^nds and Works,
Victoria, to purchase *J0 acres of land lu Weti
Kootenav, described as follows! Commencing
��� t a peal il-n��ed up MraiBltoamak. about etahl
miles Irom tbe mouth and marked K ('rots' s'W
corn r. tbence ti'-rt- Wehaim, tbence 40cbalm
east, iVnr-e ** chalm aouth, ihence #0 chains
wesl w plac* of beginning
Feb. Hth. 1KT. ��. Cioai.
3.1 AinaaLK, Agent
CoBciccdng HoniiT.
Mar 20th, tui continuing for 4 fcfS, wc wiD
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Notice is hetetft OM ths: ��� :syi UW Hrf I
intenl toarr^totheHiin c siei'.omEissH'ner^!
Landiand Works. Vfcioria. forperntstlon topur-
ehast-the following deaeribed la*- I i ��� ��� e
at * pact plat.;**! oa lhe etaat tiaeet mease ui
and about two miles north o! Sweat creek MM
inarke-l *i. b. b> southeast corner -oil. tbence
north following than o* lake 1�� cbalm. thenca
wesl 6.. chains, thence s*-��;:i . *���' cbaina. thence
east *����� chains to point of wtamtneeaient, a��
acres more Bl
Located AprU A, Is��.T. 	
uio B -tiiEarTT, I-oeator.
Wm.Cuk.sh. Agent.
Btxtj davs after date I intend w atply to the
Hon. 'the V hief Commissioner of L*ndj sad
Works. Vicioru. to purcliMa MO acres w Lu R
West Kootenav,described as follows: ComaMO*
cing ai a po*'. planted about eight miles np
Mowuito onek snd Join ing E. Cross' appUc**uon
to purchase, sid marked C. M's 8. t. corner,
theuce north �� chains, thence west��.��chains.
tbenee south BO thft&U, thence east * chains io
piaieof beginning
��b. 16tn,1907. a MS���111,
J.E ���TriM'.
-hit isvs aiur date I intend to applr to the i
Hon Chiel Commlisioner of Landiand Works to I
purchaie the following described land located ;
���D rlre vallev distriet oi West Kootenay:   Com- I
mencing at a* post planted al the B, X. corner of
John Bangs' pre-emption, theace sontb W chains. \
tbence west 40 chains, thence nortb 10 ehains
thence east 40 chains iu pleas ol U:ginnlng. eon*
lalinne $aj acres
located Marvb Uth,i��7.
I). A. McPHie. Ix��ia-ior.
J.J KiLIT, Agent
Take notice that 60 tajt after dale I intend to
apply to the Hon. Chief (ommiasioner of Lands
and Works, for permi-M.vs v purchaie tbe lollowlng described landl * -s-mencing at the
southeast Ooruer vt M ������, theoce we*t lw
chains, theme south * -.-.aim. thane? natal
chaiui, thmc- north / afcaina. >Uience west 1&
cbains to point of lOca-tL-TUieni. cnuiaiag
-ki acres, mure or less
Dated April lath, 1X.C ��   J. hasbist.
W. w. HiAbLiT. Agent
f, the under*-gar-!, slur 6 lays Intend toapply to tbe Hon. tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Work* to purchase the toUowtaa descntwd
land: Commencing at the N K ��_.cf Lot '\s*sr_
ti. I., tbence west'*) chains, thence north JJ
chains, thence east tu chains, tbence south .'.
chains to point of commencement, containing a)
ures more or less.
For Further Information Apply to
��� a. Ill ljf NELSON, B. I
The Hall Mining and Smelfi
Company, Limited.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry
I--mi '��� Ms: :   -���������:.   :.*���"
W. A. MlZLt
Take notice that liny nays after data
I iniend to apply to the Honorable th* Chlet j
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permit- :
lion to purchase the following deacrlbed land I
situated :n the Weal Kootenay ditirict: Com- (
mencing at a post planted at the southeast
corner of Lot tn, on tbe tooth tide of the West *
Arm of Kootenay lake, thence tf) ctuint west to ���
southweit eorner of laid lot. thence 20 chains ;
south, tbeuce -������ chains east, ihence 'JO chains I
north to place of commencement, containing 160
s   f*
April Jhd. 1907. ' ,. -. ��;.ts K01IHTM5,
\��:r Boon W   K'.ai.tiOH. Agent.
Whoi^aflio Provlalona,
Produce, ��� PruItU
Slxtv dayi after date I iaiead to apply to the
Hon Chief Commissioner ol :*:.*.�� and Works,
Victoria,   B. C, to , ��-.   the :,......* .a, de-
s- ribed land, iltnated in the Melt Koolenay dlsirlct:   Comment-ing at  a  poit pUuted on the
west side ol Kootenay lake, near Rhin<-irer<>*
point, aod marked J. McKinnon'i 6. E. eorner
P<>st. thenca wett tu chain, thence north -su j
chalm. thence east m chaini more or less to lake j
ihore. ���.*-.. e along lake ihurt to point of com- ,*
signed J McK:xhon.
Sixty <tayi ifier date 1 intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief CommiMioner of Landi and
Worki, \ ictoria. lor permlnion to purchase 100
acres, more or ieM, iltuated in West Koolanay
diitrict: '.'ommenclng at a post planted midway
on tbe north boundary of L<>1 7611 and adjoining
s. W corner ol Ix>t fcuxi, tbence norih 16 chsint
thence west 40 chalm. thence south 40 i haini.
thenc eetat 20 chaini, ihence nortm 24 chaini,
thence east 20 chatm to point of commencement
Located March -Uth, I��7. 1   J  scahus.
BfltJ ln,vi after date 1 Intend to apply to the
Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Landi and
Wr.rki to purchase the lollowlng described
landi: Commencing at a i ��� ���: ;-.*:.. on the
east side of Lemon t reek at the mouth ol the first
north fork and marked "H.Cocprr'* tourheait
eornv/'-Tinnlng M cbalni west, north *ocha)ni.
east 80 chains, and south 4u ehaim to place of
Dated March AMh. 1W7. R CoorSB,
J. T. Tirpiito, Agtnt.
Sixty days after date 1 in'end to apply lo tht
Hon- the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase-the following deicrtbed
Undi: Commenclngat a post rnsrktd "L A
Tipping'i southweit corner post" and planted
near H. D. Curtis's land, about half mile from
blocan City, running norih 40 chains, east 30
chains, wuth 40 chains, weit 20 chalm lo place
ol commencement
Dated March 14lh, 1**7 L. A   TDMM,
         J* T. Til-PiNii, Agvnt.
���sixty dayi atter date I intend to anp.y to the
Hon the Chief Cow scission tr "I Lands an4
Works to Purchase lhe loiiowing described Und
located UTlr-j Valley dUtrlil ol W_��t Kooieaay
< omniencing at a post pltnted at the S W r<,fi;er
o| John Bang' pre-emption, tbence 60 chains
-''"���:i tr.-n-. 4. l.;li wf��i. Ucik-c U.titia,na
uorth, thencv 40 cbainieagt to placeu( U<tuning.
Riuuai. litttk. Locator.
J. J. KajUTi Agtnt.
Notice ll htrebj giren that 60 daji atter date I
Intend to make application (��the Honorable thi
I hi"'' ommUiiouer c.( Undi and Worki, al Vlc-
U'rit lor permlMlon lo pnrehaae tbe loiiowing
d����c lU-'-I-Iandi: Commencing al a post planted
at lb* southeast corner ol lot *&, group l, thtnte
south Jft cbalni, thence east 60 < hains thence
nortb * i balm, tbeuce west fio chaini io p..int
of commencement, containing iw acres, more or
Nelson. Marcb /Tth, lh.fl.        Ajfsn L. �� sdi
, ^WiPt, Agent.
Sixty dayi alter date 1 intend to apply uTthe
Hon the Cblel Commlisioner ol Uads and
Works, \ Ictoria to purchase the following de
scribed land: Commencing at a poit marked
M Hsi- W. corner, and plau'ed near tne north-
we.t corner cd Lot 3*12. about one mile west of
Boeu river, and running <ait 40 chain* to Ut
Wl ihtnee north -tOchains. lbence weM4"t*haiiis
thence south* chaini to place ol beginning'
March Kb. W7. M.U.* llsrrg,
          ranHsPcx. Agenl.
Sixty dayi after date I intend toTppiy tolhe
* ictoria, B. C . to nurchiae IA) acres ttt land
��3&2��Z& X*S *S KootenTT.sna^
scribed u followi: Commencing at the aortheatt
corner of Ut 7815. aa running norU ��� 'hain.
thencaea^ 20 chain., t_ht_e_ea m?mSauS.
March 4th, MOT. w rf, brsolbt,
  J   a. Ajtjisbli, Agent
GoTernment Creamerr Onf Pound Bncks reciv-^d weekly fnah from thll
chum.   Kor -sale by all lwidmp ^rocera.
Office and warehouse;
Josephine Street.
Houston Block,   Phone 79.
Nelson, R<
SUIT d��i�� ��l��r o.tt 1 lnltnsj u> ��p��i, u tha
Hon. f-hlcA^inBslois,:,., ol Ucl, JBf WaSt
w mnttrnt* vk, ot last, m Kt MtStt Mm,
Unramlt, it t ;<��, m.tM l. fitLY.
oorntr, <nd runoing  norlh m .b.ln,   theo.i.
<*,t-��ehiln,lonlM* ���i l��innl i   ii,'d llf,_;
Ih, :.ut one-h-ll ol lhe 8. w SJ2-SJS Id
tka w��l one-tolf ol lhe ��. �� ZS��Eg' Hi
the tul .ne-h-,1/ ol lbe i, W. oM-.u-n'-. , i
8��ctlon ll, lowmhlpTl G l I*"���" *
Much Mb, MR. '      ;���>Imr,,
Slxtj d-y, .tut d.le 1 ��� .. .-, it.r 10 ihs-
Honorable the Cblel Commluloner o( 1 .-..:. ami
work,. Victoria, to pnrrhaM the lollowlisf
desK-nlTd lan.l, In w.,i Koowna. sli.iri.ts
Ss,_sm��ocln�� at a pu.i s ;-..-. ' al the s- I . ,nis. s
"' **���"! I-oyelt*, purs-haw L7-W6 an.l markesl
���'E.M.I--, >* E eorner," and luonlnir aoulh W
chain,, ibenie ��r,t us eham,, them* norm M
chain,, tbenoe ea.t ��ohain, to place ttt hvattt-
nine and --onulnlnf .1   acrea.
Marcb Mb. lw;. E aUMttM,
 J.I  AjruiBUt, Agent.
Notice l, hertti-j- ji���n that M dal, aller dale I
intend loapply i��� ine Honorable lie I hlel rom-
mlulisner ol Und, and Work, lor permit.lssn
to p^hsue about 171 acrea ol la��d. liluale n.ar
tbe -fen.l d'Oreille riv. r. Weil KfK.leisas Is.In, I.
���Uld described a, Issltow,: Commenclnu al a
ps-,1 marke.1 I.. E. 1 s ._..,, - X. W. sorner po,!.
.llssaicdon tho ��.uih boundarr and ill chain,
IromSH pot'ol Ui;lM. tbence swutb about���
chain,, ihence ��� .--. .1.....1 ��� ,���;.,���.. ���. a tsolm on
the .at bosinJarj aud an chain, Hoa .- M, p ,-���.
01 Ust 7H1. tbeuce north ;o chain, aud thence
"W*'bam, 10 ihe place ol beilnnlnj.
���>:b Marcb. 1107. s.. E  l_.,��aoj,.
 A   ' .   '��� .-������.    ... -.:
��ily da-f, alter date I Iniend 10 applr lo tbe
Honorable tbe Chlel CommlMloner ollirld, and
Work, \Ictorta. 10 purebaae - , . r.. ol land,
���llii.ted on lbe weel ,l<:e ol Arro. lUe. and de
ts'rsijed _, |oUo��.: ' ommenclnt at a po.l m.rk
ci 1 H a V E corner and plas-ed al th* .sis.ih-
wet oornerol Ul ttai, (.roup 1. n ral Kootenai,
aissl rsinnlnj �����i ao rbaln,. thence as.ulh tu
chain,, lbence rail W chain, to the sake ,b.sie,
Ibenee norlb aloLg Use lake 10 plaxeol We-lnning
Marcb lib, l��7. j Hai. Ht
 >��� %��� AH-..KH. Ajenl.
-J? '!*/' '"" ''*" ' 'blend 10 appl, 10 the Hon.
Cblel Commtaaloner ol Und, and Work. Victoria 10 purrheee ito acre, ,,| land in Ure Valler
��e,i koolena)-diatriri. a nd, iccrlord t, l.-llow,
( s-mmenrinj at a |����l mtrke.1 w 11 Wrl.hr,
BE. corner, and rssunlnk norlh m chain,. Ihense
"-I-- halm, lbence loulh Iks chain,, thence
���Ul j eham,1.11 plac, ���l lK-,muln,. and being
��Wa*'t"'"1*"'*  'be X. r.  ,|���.rlerol**ecli,���,
IL.l?* ��',w?1 l"_l "' ""' i *��� oue-iuarlcr ol
i*_ lion ��*) In Toonltiip 71 u. I.
March Bth. 1W7. w   H.Wiioht
Xoll-- .��� ...:..., K,.. i: -.:..: t :.is��:u-fl
Ittend lo apple to the Uon. OMttaamm
ol Und, and Work, lor pen��l��lai ��l��
the lollo-elng deacrlbed land la'eillss,
1 dIMrlrt. on ���eal ,b-��re ol u,.,t I
I tiljoinlng Lot Ms. wt, on lb, roods
i ttt pottmtrked "Htrrr Mclecrf*, J I
I po��l tnd iltlsis-d on Ibe .bore ot bn��
Uke. at the eoulhetal csrnei ot r,pi I
s��>l��. ihenc* we,t HI chain,. Us"��"<
cbaln, more sir Icm 10 tbe norlh bool
pullmore', P. R , tbence 3" chain,�� "
wiiil boundary lo ltke. then- e nor
Itke ,nore At cbttrsa, more or Itm
M.y 2nd. 1-W7. 1 B I
Suty day, -,ss, ��� dale I Intend 10 ��
Hon the cbel Commlaaioner cl '
Work.. Victoria, to purchaws w acre*""
WM Knslersay. deacrlbed aa Mil*-**
mencing at a poel planted about I ~
Mis-usiltss Creek Irom the mosllk ** .
*'A G." X W, .xirner, ihenc aonik ���;
thence etal ��) cbaina, thence norlb_wn
thence -Iss chain, wett to pttce olfc"
Februtry 16tn.l��7
J. I. A!<^.��l-^.���,���t^^
MmL1'/*,".;?!. *��*'**t* 1 intend lotppiy 10 the
Hia Cbiellommlaaioner ol Und, and Worn.
l.o"M5*. 1",' '"','"M! "��� '"''����'"�� dcacrlto-i
lansl, tdjolnlne ihe Arrow itke, lu Weel Ks>oi.
enav: 1 ommenclnt tl 1 p.-t pltnted tl the
Z'.SZ'iHPeji ���."��� ���*"����*" preempUoo. tul
maiked I. ��', 8.W. corner poal. thense-Jcnaln,
norm tloai like ahore. ihence Jscbtln, et.l,
Ihenoe juchain, aouth. Ihence * chain, w<��� i���
place ol beginning, comtlnlng 40 acrea. more or
April 11, iot.
Kvi_vk ttamm.
,J!��".* '' l"t*ti, glren that swdtr, aller dtte 1
niend 10 apply to Ihe lion. Chlel loiuml��,loner
.1 ,SS" *"" ,0'l" '��f perml��>li.n Is. purs haae
lbe lollowlng deacrlbed lin,l��. altutle 1 1 Weti
hoolen.r dl.lrlct: Commencing at a poal m.,k.
SZ..L. SSKS,* -v* "-corner, tnence as.utli -.s
chain,. l..l1o��lug the eMlern Isoundtry ol 11
Jelona application to pnrchaw; thcnce'can ��
cha a,; ihence norlh ��schtln,; ihence we.l ��i
ctain, lo polnl ol commeiuemenl, 1 ���������,: ,:._
SK acre, more or leal. ���
Baud tbla uth day ol Man h, 1S07.
  J L. PotTta
ommenclng at a poal planted al Waller rn.ll*,
rssirlbwe.1 corner and markwl a.K', 8. E. comer
,f.,_r.un.1",�� ""���"'.w chain,, ihence we��l 11
aaju, lbence ...ssls, 10 cl,.i���,. ihence eMl ���
Blkly day, tiler dale I Iniend us MMI
Hs,n   -be   Cblel   Commlaaioner cl ua��
Work,. Victoria. 10 purebaae t*' arris '��� *'
Wen  Ks.strnay, deierlbel a, lelsj"
mencing at a poll marked ��� H ���    *_i
tnd being tl tbe X.W. corner cl A ��"
tpplls itlsus 10 psirchtue which l�� ���bcal
up��ls.is|uii���(-reek  Irom the in"""1',
nlng lu chalna arsulb, thens-e ** ll1l*J
Ibens-e Ml chain, north, Ibens-e ** cbtiw*-
;*.. - ss( beginning. _
Pebrutry 1Mb. 1��U7. ��____,
1. K   AKHaAlk. \i-__\
Kluy day, alter dale 1 Inlcnd to aUP"!
Hiiiss-sal-le the Chlel CommlMlssner fsl 1
W'ssik,, Vsclorla, 10 nurcbeae ��� a'-*^*.
located on Use -.e,t ,lde ol Arrow lei*
desciiW.l at followa: (*ommen<iisl ���'
marke-1 I' A'a N. t.corner.and pi.n"?*
nss-lh ol tbe aouthweat corner ol '^' -'_?!
I. w*,-,i Koosenay. and running sM"'l,'1i
tlss-nce weal all chain,. Ihence nssrtls ��
Ihence et,l at cbtlna lo plas-e ssl l^.'u,7Z7,
March lllb. IW;. \ _____
Plilydara aller dale I Intend t��tV*__\\
Honorable Ibe Chlel CommlMloner ssl H
Work, lor permlaalon lo purch-^e inr 1 ^
deacrlbed land In Weat Koolenay* '",,^1,
al a pssal abs.iit one tnd t^utrter nsllcLaja
Btrnnne Undlng. and mtrke-l ���-������..113
s. k corner, Ihence norlb M chain,. l*m<M
Xshalna. Ihence aonth mchain'. H"��<" ,
s-lsalna 10 psslnt ol cssmmcnoemcnl     __,
March ��ud, M.     (Signed 1 BIU. ��"'"
Roaitr RoBinao* Af"
smy day. afler dale I inlcnd la *W__��i|
llnii.srtl.le Ihe Cblel Comml��l'*"c; s'l'f-Sfl
Work, lor pcnnlr.lon Isi plirchMC the ��� J^A
deacrilsed land In Wen ltoolenac ' WS
tl t psstl planted on the norlh _*^____i*_
creek, aboutthree quarter,nt * 'i'S.'V _ rel*
ol creek, and markesl Kva isi!'1 '.. tirMl
thenc north * chain,, ihens*.* **___ ���-*
thence toulh '�� chalaa. Ihence ettl ��
|H'iist nl snuimenc.meut. 1,,-TiCi'l*
March and. lw;. _ (Sl��n"il ._____,
RoKtar Risaii'-cs-''
iiSS���i s""1 ft,">J"wn*l,"P ���' ""la iVirllon
ttSsti ^S,'1,2 lD To����""l* 6��. Group 1.
March Mb, llo;, A iiraa
J. I. Umiu, AgenL
smy day, tiler 'lite I m"'1 _l*__UI_t
Ilssii Ihe Cblel Commlussmer < ' SJfl
Work, lor pertalaaloa lo purrba'e in,J ���iia
sleaerlbed land In Weal Kootenay- 'J'��� ___*,
al a poat planted on tbe >ouib pen a ___,,_*
. reek.alisit. ne mile Irom mouil' ������'
marked "K. Koblnaon', Xw- r";.,.'., . ,
aoolh 80 chalna. Ihence eaat -1", *, *, 10issOtn
norlh Ki cbaina. th.-nce weal f ��� bain,
March and, "��'(ljlf-_d)K0���.,Ko..���� I The Daily Canadian
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ie BACON We Sell
|t Gives Satisfaction, Because It Is Lean, Thoroughly
Cured and Smoked.   Our Hams Are
Excellent  Also.   All  Are Canadian
Goods.  Pure Lard in All Sizes.
\ Burns & Co., Ltd.
hereby given "ltI ;ln (IaJ'" R,ll'r ftM* '
��� nply Ci ilif Hmxirable the Chief CotU<
of Undi mid Worka. Vlrlorla. for a
���eni-s in cut and cstv away timlter
lowingdeacrtbad land in the distriet
ring at a poat about seven mllei from
-jfjummlt creek, ln a weaterly diree-
|-i_.| ii   M    It��*un\ :  northeast comer
i) I'liainit west, thenee 40 chalm
(iiihalni wesl, thenea 40 chain*
K ili&liA -pant, tbenee 4n cbafni
_o I'tirtlu* eaal,  Ihence 40 chaiui
nf com meneement,
<i. M   Ba-fNY, Locator,
AKOt'B ( l URIR, Agent.
.   j riven that sndaya alter date 1
���'������ tin- 'ion. *'hiel Commissioner
tori* lor �� special   ilcenie toeut
mv [imber from the loiiowing de-
���lin*l��, '*;���'���'��� on Corn Creek lu the
lion iti Southwesi Kouteuay, B C.
iclbg at post "A" planted at>nui
from ftoutheail corner of Block
utrked "it*h. Beckwilh by I   J.
nl ���>��*: corner post," about two
".<��� ��� ���:. .nn. then west 160 chains,
itb, tbao '��������'  1A0 chains, then
;>' poal >>f i olilliieUi i iiiiiil
in. i��n. w. L. BacawiTH,
bv t. J. Lucia, Aitent.
b-an-Mi' irnt Mt posi "B" planted on the
I* | Corn creek, atujuifiO chains from
1. ���;,'*����. empties Into the Main stream,
~ !.. Hi'ckwlth by I I Lucia, agent,
���ier poit." about three cbains east
dIK> chaina soutli. then -to chains
balm uiTth, tlieti 40 chaltis t-ast
mui' �� cement.
ii Tlii. IB07. W. L. BicawiTH,
i.y I. J. I.ccu, Agent.
letuiiiB   at   post   "C"   pjanled  CO
nit ol ik rlhweat corner of Hiik-Ic "H"
' L Beekwlth  hy I. J. Lucia, agent,
���nirr poll,*' about ten eliains west o(
timt inriitr, ttien IM) chaius souih,
i wesl, li.an UO chaiua north, tben
,*t u> {hii-i of commencement.
| Mareh ho, 1907, W. L. Baca with,
by l.J. Ltrcu, Agent.
Jul |tven thai ao daya aller iate 1
���u applj to thfl Hunorable the Chief Cornier of Undi mnl Works for a si*-dal
��� un-.il and carry away Umber from lhe
bribed lands situate"! on the weal
J Big Sheep I reek Valley: Commencing
aud a hall miles north of lhe luler-
ftl boundsry line aud about oue and a
aeslof Ihe NelaOD and Port Hheppard
j roiapanj'i laii'l grant lu the dlatrlcl of
i omnenctng at a poat planted two
���etl of Big Sheep creek, known aa tbo
���������*. Joining J. R. Cranston'a
'Islm No l.clntmlug 80 chains nortb,
�� chaini eaat, thence IW chaini aouth,
Urhaloiwealto point Ol commencement,
���d March Hit, i%n.
Commencing at a noat planted al tbe
est rorner uf 1 "t-e tion No. 1, known aa lhe
est ������orner pott of location No. 2, claimttig
a�� ninth, Ihcnce n> chains easl. then c to
I north, thence ���**> chains weat to point of
fi'"! March Mat, law.
 imencing Mt a post placed half a
Mlol location No 2, known as the south*
ruer.rliiminK HO chains north, ihcnce W
aeit, Ihenee HO chains south, theuce 80
lesst io point of commencement
J. P. f-wam*r.ao. Locator.
K    I    KMiKlNkJI***, Anenl
> ii.T-i-hv kIvcu that 30 duys after date
ft-ii'*��ii'ij to tbe Hon. Chief Commlsston-
'"'i and Works for a special license to
rsrry sway   limber  from  the following
' 'anils slliinu-d on the west side of Big
I Valley, commencing about V , miles
[lithe Mita-runtlnnnt houndary line, and
Joj( mile wesl ol big hbeep creek lu lbe
Pf(WM| Tuotcnay:
"��minencing al a post planted about
��<-t ..( Big Hhecp creek, known tt the
rorner pon, claiming to chains aouth,
im un we��t, thence ��o chains north,
'Uins east to polntof commencement
ommenclng ut a post planted at the
corner of location No 1, known as the
I corner pnst, claiming W chains north,
cbalni cast, t'.encc ���**" chains souih,
�� Di ��'->t lo point of commcncemeiil.
tatamenelng at u i"*-i   plnnte<l at thc
> corner of location No. i, known as the
"���mot post, claiming 80 chains norlh,
* i halna west, ihence 80 chaini aoulh,
dim iti eaat to point of commencement.
�� Ajnl i..th, larj.
J. f, Hwaoaaao, f^calor,
KT Ewoaij^Kiaw. Agent.
Notice In herehy given thai 30 daya Trom date
I intend to applv to the Hon chief Commlaaioner
of Lands and \\ orks for a special license to cut
aud earry away timber from the following de*
Berthed lands in West Kootenaj* district:
Commencing at a ikisI pUulc.l on lhe north
hank of 10-Mile creek, about one mile and a half
from Hloean lake, marked K Htrand'a northweit
corner po*-*!, Ihence cast ino chains, thence aouth
40 chain a, thenre weal 160 cbains, thence north
40 chains to poini of commencement.
Dated thla 2lit day of March, 1907.
E. Btrawd, Locator.
M lti
(Tlmher Limit ho. 2)
*li herehy given   imt 60 daya afler dale I
"'applv to the ilonorenle the Chief com-
"r ���.( [.amh and Worka   for   a   special
w'Ut and carry away llmlier front 'be
]"/ les. rlbed land, Mluated on Kooskanai
1,1 "Ml Kootenay dlsirlct:
iindng at a posi planlei at the north-
I*-""!Timber Limit No NU-n.eud mark-
*' l-ea'i Miuthwcat comer poil, thenee
*-** ��IiHjiiM. thanoa east W chains, Ihence
���Ji'hainv tbenee west iW chains to polntof
Ml March >,imn.      H. I). Laa.lxicator.
(Timber Notlco No II)
"<J*rs<-lutr ata post idititcd at the southeast
'IflO ilitnii and al the north writ coi ner
*r lic-nie No. IOM, thence uorih 160
.'hence east 40 chalna to west lino of
bwoae No unv,, following line of No
i'i l"-i|. WViclmliis. thenee followliiR line
w H lenae No UM6 40 obaina to pout ��>f
'"I Mai.li BR, l��7.      M. It. Laa, locator.
f.     (Umber Notlco No.4.)
���wil hereby given that oo davs after date 1
ito apply utthe Hon. Cblel CommliBloner
tod ��orks lor a special licenae to cut
away limber  from llie following de-
ids, situated on   Kooakanax creek fn
mieiiay dMrlci, and about   live miles
'PI"T Arrow Uke:
���mineii,*i���K n[ �� jHmt planted ou tho north
WL. 1!"k, "'"' ,ll,t"'t half ft mile from creek,
��� * arn,*,| ,i. I, jmi- n,mti1PRBl cnruor post,
I    I1*";)! Hi) ehulns, ihence weat HO chnins.
��� "it chalnn, thencu oast AO chalna to
��wd March Bl, IWI,      II. I> L��a, Ucntor.
O'lmber Kotiee No.fi.)
���hg  ai   a post marked  II. D. I-oa's
""ier post, ihence nortii RO chains,
"cum line or No 4 locution, tbenco
P"oei  i1*' "*anctt "outb 80 chains, thenco
l-aituS ui1?Kl|il ol coinmoncemeui.
iirch 8I.1WJ7.      H.U Laa, Locntor.
(Umber Limit N0.��.)
I I ��� -;��� ,ll'r,'hy given thai sialy daya after
il I',,, .   }" *PP7 tn -bu llonorablo tho
limK��,.ue' 0l ,-*-��1�� nm* Worn tots
��"in.i,ii    .Ul lllt H,lt*  ''arry away timber
l!,' "'"w,l'�� described land, iltuated ftbout
criA   ? �����"' l fP6' a"qw l��*o on Kooa-
m-ii.Vi.     .     l ft'"��tonav dlatrlct:
iT  or.i" Hl A P0** plan tod and marked II.
i ti,',,, wei1 ,,"ni��r posi, tbonce cast mi
���Ul thai   ,e M,u'h BP cbaina, Ihence weit N
I't'i'iiieiit        ortn Wchalnfttopolntoleom-
|��<W Maroh W,iw,
(Timber Li
Notice Is hereby given Mat SO daya alter date I
Intend to.ppl, to the Hnn. the Thief Commlaaioner of Unda and Worki, al Victoria, for a
ipecial license io cut and carry aaay timber
J"-"1, tba followinf described landi in Yale dia-
No. L���Commencing at a post planted about 10
ebalna aaat of main Kettle riverand abont one
mile more or less nortii of C. P K. Block No.
Wi an.l marked Boundary Lumber Oo'i H v.
corner poal No. l, thence mi ehains n"rtb. thence
WJ chains weit. theuce 8H chaina aouth, thence 80
i'halns east to the point of commencement
I'ated March and, 1W7
Na. 2.���Commencing at a post planted about 10
chains east of main Keltle river ftbout N) chnlna
north of Boundary Lumber Co'a Location No. 1,
and marked Boundary Lumber Co'i P. K. corner
poat No- 2, tbence HO chains north, thence BO
chains weat, theoce 90 chains aoulh, thenee ��
chatm eaat to the point of commencement.
Hated tnd Match, Hn*.
Nu. 3.--Commpneing al a post planted about 80
chains east of main Kettle riverand ftbout to
chaina north ol Boundnry Lumter Co's location
poat No 2, and marked Boundary Lumber Co'a
rt. K. eorner poll No. S, ihence W chaina nnrth,
thence Ni chains weat, theoce HO chalna aouth,
iheuce ��0 chalna east to the point of eommeneement.
1��*ted March ftnd, l'.io7.
No. 4 -Commencing at a post planted about
Hi chaini east of lhe main Ketlle river and abuut
HUchftlna north of Boundarv Lumber Co'i location poal No. 8, and marked Boundary Lumber
Co's 8. K. corner post No 4, thence HO chalna
north, Ihenee 80 cbalm weat, thence 80 cbaina
aouth, Ihcnce 80 chalna eaat tu thu point of commencement.
Hat..I March 22nd. IWI.
No 6.���Commencing at a poit plinted -about
lfi chalna eaat of main Kettle river and about
two miles north, more or leaa, of Boundary Lumber o'i Location No.4. and marked Hound ary
Lumber Co'a * K. corner post No 5, Ihence a)
cbains north, thence HO chaina west, thence 80
uba'HK aoutb. thence 80 ebatni eut to the point
of commencement.
DatM March *3rd, 1907.
No. 6-Co nunc net ng at a pott planted about IB
chains east of main Ketlle river on 0 P. It line
Mi.i k No. 2.14, and about do chklm nortb of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location poat No. fi, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co'i 8. R. corner post
No. 0, iheuce -So chains north, following C. P. It.
line block No 2714, tbence tWchalua west, thence
80 chains south, tbenee 8o chains east to tbe
pomi of commencement.
Haled March K3rd. 1907.
No. 7.���Commencing al r post planted about
15 chains west of the main Ketlle river on C V It
line block No. 2714, and about BU chalm north ol
Boundary Lumber Co's location posl No. 6, and
marked Houndftry Lumber Co'a S. h corner pcit
So. 7, thence lflo cbalm north, following C. P. k
Hue block No. 2714, theuce 40chalns weat, tbence
wi qhatui aoutb, thence to chains eaat to the
polntof commencement.
Dated Marcb 23rd. 1907.
No. 8���Commencing at a pott planted about
90 chaini wesl from river bank and aboutSmllei
aouth, more or leaa, of the laat cast branch of the
east fork of the main Keltic river or ftbout IS
miles north, more or leaa, of 0, P. R. Hlook No.
2714, on eaat fork of Kettle river, marked Boundary Lumber Co'i N. VV. corner post ho 8, thence
80 chains east, tbence 80 cbaina aouth, thence 80
chains waati thence 80 chains nortb to the point
of commencement.
Dated March ttm, 1007.
No. a.--<*ommencihg ata poat planted about
'20 chalm weit from river bank, ou the eaat fork
of Ketlle river, and ftbout 80 chftlus aoutb of
boundarv Lumlier Co's location post No 8, ftnd
marked Houudary Lumber Co'a N. W. corner
post No 9, thencu no chalm eaat. thenc BOchalns
south, thence 80 chalui weat, thence 80 cbalm
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 3th, 19(17.
No. 10���Commencing at a poit planted about
Itn chalna wen from river bank on tho east fork
of Kettle river, and aboul 80 chains aouth of
Boundarv LumberCo's location poal No-9, and
marked Boundary Lumber Co's N. W. corner
post No. 10, thenee 80 chalna eaal, thence *S0
chalm south, Ibrncc 80 chalna weit, thence 80
eIniiii- north to the pomi uf commencement.
Dated March B&, l��T��
No. IL��� Commencing at a poit planted ahout
lfi chalm west from river hank on tbe oast fork
of Kettle river, and aboul 80 chalna iouth of
Houndary LumberCo's loealion post No. 10, and
marked Boundary LinnborCn'a K.w. corner poat
No. 11, thanoa 80 chains east, Ihence 80 chains
aonth, toeuce 8�� chains west, theoce 80 chalna
north io the point oi commencement-
Dated March 2fith, MB,
No. 12. -Commencing at a post planted about 12
chains west from river hank in the oast f >rk of
Kettle river, and about 80 chains south of
Boundary Lumber Co'i location post No. 11, and
marled "boundary Lumber Co'a N. Vi. corner
no��l No. 12, theuce 80 chaiua cast, thenco 80
ohalm aonth. tbenoe 80 chains weit, ihence 80
north lo the point of eommenoement.
Dated March KMh, 1907-
No U. -Commencing al a post planted about
1*'chalm west from river hank on theeastfork
of Kettle river, and about 80 chains iouth of
Boundary Lumber Co's location poat No. 12, and
narked Boundary Lumber Co's N w. corner
tIcVi So I*, thenee 80 chains east, theuco an
chains south, tlience 80 chains west, iheuce 80
chains uorih to tho polntof commencement.
Dated Mhk'Ii UtH, 19U7. _^
No It Commeneing at a post planted about
in cluilns w it from river bank nn the cast fork
of RetUl river, and nbout 80 chains aoulh of
Boundary Lumber Co's location post No 1.1, and
.rked Bonndary LumberCo's tt W. corner poat
No.14, Ihcnce 8t�� chains ea.nl, ihence 80 cm os
aoutb tbence 80 chains weit, thence 80 ehalna
north'lo the i-otnt of coi ume nee ment.
.he _. .
thetua ttchawaw
1 Dated March 2Mb, Wo
No, 16.���l.'ommeni'ing at a post planted ftbout
eat from river bunk nn tlie,caul lork ol
and   nbout   80  rtioin ���   soutb   of
8 chnln��
.ettle river, mid  about w riimn*   -	
ioundary Lumber Co's location poit B0. lfi, and
larked Boundary Lumbor Co's N\ W. corner poat
Jo 10, lhetice 80 chains east, theilt'H 80 chains
aouth, thenee ���*���*����� chains west, theuce ho ehains
north to the point of commencement.
Dated March 1Mb, WW.
No. 17.���Oommenolni ata pait planted about
Copper   Situation   Satisfactory   to   Producers Everywhere���Pricea
Remain   High.
The copper situation remains unchanged, pricea firm at $25 to $25.60
for Lake and $24.37% to $24.75 for electrolytic. New York advices are that
there ia urgent inquiry from abroad for
Mny and June deliveries, leading to the
heller lhat there Ih a large foreign demand io he filled in the near ruture.
Present and ruture price for the metal
largely depends upon thc United Metals
Balling company, ll that company maintains prices, and it is believed that it
will, the large consuming interests will
reenter llie market��� compelled to do so
to fill industrial contracts.
Mr. George Westlnghouse, president
of the Westlnghouse Klectric & Manufacturing company, one of the world'B
largest consumers of copper, says:
"The situation as to the consumption
of copper today Is practically as it has
heen for a long time. There ls nothing
to warrrant the belief that prices of the
metal or conditions as to production and
consumption of copper will be changed,
except in an unimportant degree, for
so far ahead as business men can see
into this year's trade nothing but a
commercial catastrophe can mar the
present favorable conditions in the development of our resources. It seems
to us, judging from what is gathered
from the principal miners and consumers of copper, that the steady gains of
consumption over production ln the
wortd'B supplies of copper are still progressing. So far as the consumption of
copper by electrical engineering interests is concerned, there is a considerable increase, not only in this country,
but In other countries In which industrial aclivity Is prevailing. There Is now
on the books of makers of electrical apparatus in America and Europe much
more business than ever before. We do
not hear from any important Interest
with which we do business anything
about a recession in contracts. This applies to all lines of power machinery
and collateral channels of trade."���Los
Augeles Mining Review.
II. D. Ua, Locator,
t No. 7 )
I"1" h.Ufmi, ."rn"r P-��t. thonce south 80
l?oa wait m ��i T1 w,'Ht lina �� -f-3-11 llmlt'
���'""fssuieh .' ' -'^M-'B north 80 chnins,
located m        lllH Ul Point ol commenoement.
U. D. has, Loettor,
'lirstlsss ssssstli,   llltstii-oHO OllHlllSS  svrx.,   .������...
fltalllSS llisrtls 1(1 lis.- [ssslllt ssl ri.slsllll'llsslllilSI
llalwl Mtri'h i'stli, 1501.
ol Ketll
lion   pns.t  No._17
I'tiio eMl.lork
who are unaccustomed to pay much attention to the laws of their native land.
The price of peaceful possession of
mining property in Mexico is a strict
compliance with Mexican laws. In most
cases It is probable that, the companies
falling to observe these laws have
property of doubtful value, and are
"operating in Mexico" for what can be
made in stocks tn the United States.
The Growth of Art and  Aeathetlca  In
Men'a Dress.
*,��t ol the river Im^.m---^^     .
Klver and ahoti���*�������-     Ht   No. 17
boundary fW��w �� ���   , K.r oo'a N.w. corner
Mid tbetme 80
  West, thenee 80
obainiioujli. inoiice ��'�������-- mflnwmettt.
ohaliiatiortbtolho l''',u",u   J.QWtUJl    _
Dated Mftrob m^gH^ Boundary Lumber Co.
No man can tell how cloth in the web
will suit his taste and expression when
It Is made up. That is one Semi-ready
idea, to forego the effect. The mosl expensive cloths are used, hence one doeB
not get the cheap and independable in
Semi-ready tailoring. Still, the good
value of the "Semi-ready" is surprising,
for much of the greater cost of fine
cloths used Is saved in the expert system of a splendid equipment, and one
can still save from $5 to $10 on a
"Semi-ready" suit as compared with
the disappearing custom tailoring.
John L. as Mediator.
Washington, D. C, May 17.��� President Roosevelt has granted a conditional pardon to John L. Lennon, a nephew
of John L. Sullivan, serving a sentence
at Governor's island for alleged desertion from the marine corps while In
Cuba. The conditions named by the
president is that Lennon re-enlist and
serve the full four years, he having been
dishonorably discharged. When Lennon
was captured after his alleged desertion
he had been absent three days. Mr.
Sullivan was in Washington recently
Sullivan while in Washington recently
sa wthe president about the case and
argued that his relative did not Intend
to desert but had merely overstayed his
leave ot absence. The president exercised clemency and decided to give Lennon another chance.
Th* Strathcona
Nelion, B.O.
Reg. Geo. Webb, Prop.
The Leading Hotel in the
Qood   aempto   Room*
Ukn RtMt, Nsjlaon. B. 0.
Lighted by Electricity ud
Heated by Hot Air
LMf* and ComfortaMe Beslroo-ma tnd Flrat-
ol-aaaiimlai Room,   bample hooma lor Commercial   Man
MRS. I. C.CLAKKR, Proprletreae
Long Winter.
Ottawa, May 17.���lt is estimated the
late season and cold has cost Ottawa
150,000 more for fuel this year than last.
Dealers have been selling coal for nine
months without a break, something
they have not done In many years.
Not   Suited  for   Bogus   Operation!   or
Market Manipulation.
Numerous mining companies operating In Mexico, have, according to recent
official .(port, lulled to Incorporate in
tbat republic as required by Mexican
laws. Thle Is a mistake fraught with
grave consequence to bona fide concerns, lt cumiot be that this neglect is
tho result of Ignorance, hut rather an
attempt to defraud Uie Mexican government out of certain taxes levied not on
the value of the property, but on the
capital Block of the company.
Unquestionably this* ls a wIbo law, as
mosl of the Mexican laws relating to
the mining industry are. Moreover, the
Mexican authorities have a way of
strictly enforcing the laws of their land
which compels unconcealed astonishment from Americans of a certain class
Corporation of the City of Nelson
BY-L.AW INo. 177
A by-law to raise $60,000.00 for the
construction of a Public School in the
City of Neleon, and the improvement of
the grounds and appurtenances In connection therewith.
Grand Central Hotel
Tnis bote! hu b-fen completely renovated nnd
Dewly (nrniabed wltb aU modern equlpmenti.
Hot water heating throughout.
BATES I Roomi, 60c. upwardi ; meali 25c. ;
apeclal ratei by the week.
J. A. ERICKSON, Proprietor
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court Howe
and Postoffice. Nelson. B. G.
Tremont Hotise
���erapsea and Aaerlcaa Plan
Hetla > eta.  Boomi from X eta. to 11
Only White Help Implored.
Baksr 81.. Malaoa Propriatora
Bartlett   House
Best DolIar-a-Day House in Nelson.
Tht Bar la the Flaeat.
White Help Only Brnplayad.
Joaephlae St
Helaoa. B. 0,
Royal Hotel
Ymir Licence District
Notice is hereby given that the undermentioned persona have made application under the provisions of the Liquor
Licence Act, 1900, for h otel licences at
the places Bet opposite tiielr respective
John Marshall, Marshall hotel.
Mrs. A. M. Shields tr:wafer to Fred
Adie, Fort Sheppard hotel, Waneta.
G. T. Snow, Outlet hotel, Procter.
C. E. Burgess, Edna hotel, Paterson.
Archibald & Davis, Palace hotel,
J. W. Masterson; Ymir hotel, Ymir.
E. M. Peters, St. Chnr'len hotel, Ymir.
John Ureau, Cosm< ipolltan hotel,
Q. S. Coleman, Waldo rf hotel Ymir.
Samuel Miller, Miller  hotel. Ymir,
LoyU�� E. McPeak, Sirdar hotel,
C. F. Walnisley trnnsf cr to E. B. Borden. Drove hotel, Fnlrvi ew.
Malette & Johnson, Kontenay Falls
hotel, Slocan Junction.
J. It. Hunnex, Mersey  hotel, Erie.
E. E. McArthur, I Northern hotel,
Samuel Marshall. V��iH��J lintel, near
George Mead, tranHff * from fl. J. Miller, Creston hotel, Cre ston.
A meeting of the I lonrd or Licence
Commissioners will he held to consider
such applications, at lhe Court House,
at Nelson, on Saturday, the fifteenth
day of June, 1907, ut the hour of 2
o'clock In the afternoon.
Chief Licence Inspector.
Nelson, B. C, 16th fllay,  1907.	
Notice to Delinquent Co Owner.
ToCharlenG. Sfmnaoa, or anr other perion
to whom be may bave tram /at rei \ hii interest in
the "Mar Blouom" minor* il cilalm, altuated on
Brown Mountain, two and a hair milei iouth-
weit of Vmlr, tn tho Nelaoa Mining nivirion.o!
Weit Kootenay Dlitrlot, and recorded In the
Recorder'! oitloe, for the Net.on Ulvlilon.
You and each ol you aro hereVr notified that
I bave expended two hnndred and fWo dollar*
(���JOfi.00) In In hour abd improvementi upon the
above mineral claim In order ta hold tbi- ������j1"'
under the proviiloai ol the Mineral Act. and if
within ninety daya from the .late of this notice
you fall or refuw to contribute your portion of
the expon,ilt,1PBt (wbiob In ono hundred and two
llUy dollan (Iliilf'iO) tor the two nttt ending
Hth May. WOT,) togBih-w with ��li eoiW of adver
tialnit, vour Intereit lathe aald elalra will become tbo property ol tho andcr*si��*neil under
See. 4 of an Aot entUtttU "An Aui to Amend the
Mineml Act. 1900."
Dated at Ymir, B. C.F lath Mar, l��ff.
Whereai the Board ot 8chool Truiteei ol the
City of Nation has prepared and iald before the
Municipal Couuncll of tbe City of Nelion nm-
tlmate ihowing that inuh Board require* *��.���
000.00 to meet an extraordinary expenditure for
the purpoie of eonitrurtinn a public school in
tbe City of Nelion and the improvement of the
liroundi and appurtenancea In connection therewith.
And whereai iuch eatlmate ha�� been duly con
ildered and  finally approved ol by the iald
And whereas for the purpoie aloreiaid It will
be ncceiiery to borrow the sum ol 160,000.00 and
to luue debentures ol tbe ��uy ol Nelion for the
purpose of raising said amount.
And whereaa the whole amount of the rateable
land ol the iald ciiy, according to tbe Uit reviled HBieisment roll, la one million two hundred
and hlxiv leren thousand lerea hundred and
twenty five dollars if 1,287,78.''.)
And wbereai it will be requisite to raise anaual-
lv by rata tbe sum of five thousand two hundred
and thirty two dollars and liity eenti (|��,Ol.��0)
ior paying the said debt and Intereit.
Now, therefore, tbe Municipal tonnell ol tbe
Corporation of the City ol Nelion enacU aa lol-
1 It iball ftnd may be lawful for the Mayor of
the Corporation of the City of Nelson to borrow
upon tbe credit of tha iald Corporation, by way
nf the debenture! hereinafter mentioned, from
any person or penons, body or bodies corporate.
wbo may be willing toadvsnee tbe same aa a
loan a sum of money not exceeding in tbe whole
the sum of Sixty Thousand Dollars ($60,000 00,}
and to cauae all eucb sums to raised or received
to be paid Into the hands of the treasurer of the
said Corporation for the purpoie and with tbe
object herein before recited.
2, It shall bo lawful for 'he Mayor of the iald
Corporation to cauie any number of debentures
to be made, executed and Issued lor iuch sum or
Ktimiai may be required for the purpoie and ob<
leet aforeiaid, uot exceeding, however, the mm
of Sixty Thousand Dollars (|60,OOOOo) each ol the
said dehenturci being n( the denomination of
One Tbouaand Dollara (H.OOO), and auch debentures shall be sealed with tbe aeal ol the Corporation and limned by (he Mayor thereol.
it The iald debentures shall bear date the
first day ol July, 19OT, and ahall be made payable
in twenty voars Irom the said date, in lawful
money of "Canada, at the offlce ol the Bank ol
Montreal In Nelion aforjrald, which iald place
nf payment shall oe designated by the said debentures, and shall hav* attached to them cou-
nom for tho payment of Interest and the ilgna-
tures to the Interest coupons may be either
written, stamped, print jd or lithographed.
4 Tbe said debentures sba'l b��ar intereit at
the rate of five per ctnt (6 per cent) from tho
date thereof, which Interest shall be payable
wml-anuuully nt tbe said ofllce of tbe Bank of
Montreal in Nelson aforesaid, In lawful money
of Canada on the flritdayof July and the first
day January respectively In each year during
the ciirietirv thereof; and It iball be expressed
in tald debentures and coupons to lie io payable.
6 It ahall be lawful for the Mayor ot the said
i -orporailon to negotiate anl sell the iald debenture* or any ot thorn for lens than par, but ln no
eaie shall the debenture! or any ono of them lw
negotiated oraold for leas than ninety five ner-
centum t*> per cent) of their value including
the eiwt of negotiating aud tale, brokerage and
all other Incidental expense!
8 There ihall be raised and levied each year
during tbe currency of iald debentures the sum
three thousand dollars (f8,000i for payment of
interest and the mm of two thousand two hundred "nd thirty two dollars and sixty cents
fig *_2i9 RO) lor payment ol the said debentures
by' ra-e sufficient therelQr on all tbe rateable
land in tbe said Municipality.
7 It shall be lawful for the iald Municipal
Council to repurchase any of the said deben
turei upon such terms ai may be agreed upon
with the legal holder or holder* thereol or any
part thereof, either at the time nf sale or any
aiibseiinent tine or time*, nnd all debentures so
rt-purc.hased iball forthwith be cancelled and
deeiroved and no re-lssue ol dobentzres so re-
pnrohased shall be made In oonuequence of aueb
reB*UThis Bylaw shall takeeffoot on, or alter, tbe
lat'day of June, HW7
9 Tbla Bylaw may bo cited lor all purposes
at the "i.jty of Nelaon Public School Loan Bylaw
1907 "
Done and pained In Council assembled this
 day ol 1M7.
Ratea fl and $1.00 a Day.
Bpeclal Ratea to Regular Boarders.
Moat rnml-nrtable quarter. Id Nelaon
Only the beat of Llquora and Clgara.
A. McDonald 4 Co.
Dealers in staple and fanoy Orooerios
Batter, Eggs.
Oamp and Miners' Supplies.
A Client Wants Us to Get an Offer for Two
Good Dwelling Houses on Cherry St.
Owner lives out of town and is anxious to make a quick
deal.   Call and see us for particulars ; we can
make it worth your while.
Brydgp, Blakernore & Cameron, Ltd*
Two of the Best Improved Ranches
With bearing orchards and running water on eaoh property.    Theae properties can be purchased on reasonable terms if sold at onoe.
Choice Fruit
I Hate 10,000 Actea
Choicest Frett Lands la
Dfttlsb CoHmbfau
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    -    Nelson, B. C.
40 Acres First-class Frnit
Laad on Kootenay Lake I
Within ���/. mil* of Earl Qrsy'a Ranch.
i/a mils lake frontagt. Free from rock.
Plenty water.   $35 por aero, on torm*.
Tenders Wanted for the fordusc of a
Mineral Claim.
Examination for Assayers for Licence to
Practice in British Colombia.
An Examination for Aasayeri will be held Id
Victor)* on the 27lh May aud lollowlng dan.
Kntranee for any examination muit be made
ln writing to thi Hecrotary ol tho Board of Ki-
amlneni, at leait ten daya before the date let lor
beginning of examination, and muit be accompanied by tho prent'rtbed fee (lift )
Any additional Information dealred may be
obtained from Herbert Uarmlcliae), -secretary,
board of examiner*, Victoria
Mlniiterot Mlnea.
Department nf Mlnea,
Victoria, B. C , lfith April, 1��07.
Tenders addrened to the undera%ned,athls
ofllce In the Court Houae, to the City uf nelaon,
will be received up till the hour ot fue o'clock,
in the afternoon, of Friday, May Hat, lWI.for
thc purehaae of the "Silter Champion Mlaeral
Claim," Lot 2438,'Oroup 1, Kootenay DUtrlet,
which waa declared to be forfeited to the Crown
at tbe lax aale held tn the City ot NeUou, on the
iith day of November, 1906, for delinquent taxea
up till June 80th, 1SQ6, and coeu
the upaet price upon the laid mineral elalm,
which includea the amount of delinquent taxea
and coata at the time of forfeiture, with interest,
taxea which bave ilnoe accrued, coata of advertising and fee for Crown Grant (t-SOo.) la Wl.*.
which u the least amount that will be conaldered
as a tender.
Eaoh tender muat be accompanied by an accepted cheque for the full amount ot the tender,
payable to thc order of the Deputy CommlMloner
of Land and Worka, at Victoria, B C, at par.
Dated at Nelson, B C, thii 20th day of April,
Government Agent, Nelson, B. C
Tenders Wanted for thc Purchase of a
Mineral Patau
Tendera addreased to tbe underalgned, at hla
ofllce ln the Court Houae, ln the City ot nelson,
will be received up till the hour of five o'clock In
the afternoon, of Friday, May Slit, IW, for the
purchase of the "Bryan Mineral Claim," Lot
1699. Group 1, Kootenay V lat r let, which was
'leclaied to be torfetted to tbe Crown at the tax
aale held In the City ot Nelaon, on the Sth day
of November, 1906* for delinquent taxea np till
June 90th, 1906, and coata
The upset price upon the said mineral elalm,
which includes the amount of delinquent taxes
and costs at the time of forfeiture, with Intereit,
taxes wblch have since accrued, cost of advertising, and fee for Crown '-.rant (125.00,) fa999.81.
which ta the least amount that will be considered
as a tender
Kach tender muit be accompanied by an accepted cheque foi the full amount of the tender,
payable to the order of the Deputy Commluloner
of Iaanda and Worka, at Victoria, B. C, at par.
Dated at Nelaon, BO., this 90th day of April,
Government Agent, Nelson, B. fl
Tourist Sleeper
St. Paul, Dally.
Toronto, Sunday, Wednesday. Friday.
Montreal, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Boston, Saturday.
Dally to Vancouydr.
Dally to Seattle.
For berth reservations apply to
K. J. OOYLK,           J. S. GARTER,
A.Q.P.A..Va*ocon.or. P. P. A.. HaUoo
Taka notice thst thfl abovo ia a true copy of
tha Dl-otM-teed Bylaw, upon wlits-ls the vote nl the
munlolwlHy will he taken at tbe city ssl Nelaon,
oa Monday ihe aoth stay ol May, ncxi, between
the hoiss-is sil'i o'elouk a.m. and7 o clock p.m.,
Issr the Kaat Wanl. at the I'ounoil Chamber, nt
the s-orner ssl Vis-issrla ansl Joaephene Htroela,
and for lhe Weat War.1, at the Ho.rd of Trade
Ko.sma, at the corner of Vlctorln tnd Kootenay
"'Nelaon B. C��� May the 7th. 1907.
City Clerk.
Notice ia hereby Riven that the Wattaburg
Lumber company haa applies! to Hla Honor the
l.lssisissiiasit sisiveriissr ln council, under tho pro.
vlalona of the " inverts and Btrcama Act," fnr thc
right to Improve Kykerla creek. In the dlatrlct of
Weat Kootenay, Brltlah Columbia, hy removing
the obatrui'tlona thorefrom and atralRhlcntng
tho tssssiks thereof,and tooonatruetslama, booma,
alldea and chtltea, and make auch other Improvements* na mny be neceaaary for the driving antl
rafting of loaa ansl the 11 ism Issg ssf timber tberaon
Tho landa tss be affected are govcrment lauda nn<l
lxita ���&! and 2M, uroup 1, Kootonny dlatrlct, and
the tolls that are proponed to be charges], If nny,
are auch aa may be fixed by a Judga of the county
court of Weat kootenay.
Dated thla 17th day ol March, A, 11.1907.
Land Registry Act.
Take notice that an application haa been made
to reKlidcr Hugh Roax Llnklater aa the owner in
Fee Pimple, under a Tax Bale Deed from Robert
A. Keuwiok, Deputy Aaaeaaor ol the Nelaon Aa-
waxtnent dlatrlct, to Hngh Rom Llnklater, bearing date the ?th day of Auguat, A. D. 1906, of all
��� mi Hingular that certain parcel or tract of land
and promlaea altuate, lying and lie tag ln the
Town of halmo, In tbe Province of Brltlah
Columbia, more particularly known and rie-
iicrlbed aa Lot IS, Block "D". Town of Salmo,
(Map fiti). being a aub-dtvlrion of Lot Wa, Uroup
1, Kootenay dlatrlct.
You aud each of you are required to content
the claim of the tax purehaaer within fourteen
dayn from the date of the aervlce of this notice
upon yob, aud in default of acaveatcrcertiflca'e
ofllH peudona being fltod within auch period,
you will bo forever eatopped and debarred from
sett Inn up any claim to or ln rcspoct of the aaid
land, nnd I shall rcgiater Hugh Kow Llnklater
aa owner thereof*
Dated at land reglatry office, Nelaon, Province
ot Hrltiah Columbia, thll But day of February,
A. D, 1007.
District Registrar.
To Murdoch A. Henderson
I have Just returned to Nelaon and
hava opened up at the same old stand,
and now ready to do all klnda of
KAL80MINING. Shop rear of Bartlett
In the matter of an application for the Issue of
a duplicate of the Certificate of Title ot Lota 3 and
4, Block ��1, Lott), Block W and Lot 12, Block 80,
Nelaon City (Maps MB and JflftA )
Notlco la herehy given ttia; It la my Intention
to Ihbuc a duplicate of the Certificate of Title for
the above iota at tlie expiration of one month after
tbe Hnd publication hereof In the name of Pram
Jaeoby and Arall Vohli. which Certificate of Title
ia dated thc 4th day of January, l��ff, and numbered 4X1 A.
Dlatrlot Registrar.
Land Reglatry Offlce, Nelson, B,o
4th, April, 1807.
W.   Q.   01L.L-ETT
Contractor and
Role -sent for th. Porto Rico Lumber Co., Ltd.,
retail yarda. Kough snd dreaeed lumber, turae-S
work snd braeketa, Gosat lath and ahlnglea, assk
snd doora. Cement, brick snd lime lor sals.
Automatic grinder.
Yard sad factory: Vernon Bt.. eut ol Usll
T. ��. Boa ga Telephone ITS
CM Engineers, Dominion and British
Colombia Land Surveyots
f.0. Box 145   fsoatltll.	
In the matter of an application lor fhe Issue ot
a duplicate ot the Certificate of Title lor an tm-
divided tf ot lot 4888. (roup l, In the dlatrlet ot
Kootenay (except part 12.8 aorea thereof.)   .
Notice la hereby given that lt la my Intention
fro isaue at tho expiration of one month after the
first publication hereof a duplicate of the Certlfl-
i ate of Title for the above mentioned lands, in
the name of Malcolm McCormick, which CVtlfl-
cate la dated the 19th September, 1901, and numbered 7MA. fc.
Und Kegiatry Offlce, Nelson, B.C., ApB ��rd,
"-- H. P. MacLEOM
DUtrlct K���hHrar
Kotlce ia hereby given that I will apply at th*
next meeting ol the License Com mln* loners,
tor the City of Nelaon, to havo the Ilu nor licenae
of the Silver King Hotel transferred from my-
aolf to Robert Ua'ilel, ol the City of Nelaon.
Dated tula 1th uay of May, 1907.
The Daily Canadian
until it is too late.   The
your service here at rroderate pr;ces.
It is of the utmost importance that
you should attend to your eyes, and
have them properly examined and fitted.
Delays are dangerous.. Don't wait
very best, and experienced expert is at
Watchmaker and Optician
\      LOCAL AHD GENERAL     \
The old-time baseball players are arranging for a match with the latter-day
ball tossers. the game to take place the
first half-holiday In June.
Meeting Tonight.
Oourt Kootenay Bell No 723, Co F.
will hold a their regular meeting in
K. of P. hall tonight. A full attendance
is requested.
Our Stock is Complete I
Sootttttet    Patty
s.srssi al ? V  m.. In IBe
* Irsu-sn Half
1 IskS isftrt in
Here are two Soap Specials: ,
25  31b.   BARS   HOMESTEAD   $4.5C ;
12 BARS GOLDEN WEST for $2.75 \
jBell Trading Co *\
ww*w*w*w*9w*rw****w*wwa*mw*waww w***>w*w*m*a
M3 tn. Apply
�� Silvr Kins Hntel.
Old Curiosity Shop
II you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
Una of Japanese Goods now on sale.
All kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Patterns.
on 2 lots. $350.00 cash. $500.00 on mortgage, balance $25.00 per month.
WILL BUY 5-ROOM HOUSE on 3 lots,
$400.00 cash, $200.00 in &ix months, balance on mortgage, 3 years.
H. L froadsdaile & ��
Next Door to Bank ef Commerce.
All Kinds of Heating Plants In Stock
Victoria St, Nr. Opera House.     Tel. 181.
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch aud
Boat Builders will find it to their nd-
rint-^e to uso our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
General Job Work, Chimney Sweep
Ing, Carpet Cleaning, Fixing and Clean
Ing Staves, etc.
111 Eut Baker St. Phone No. A114
��� ii    i
Three Show Cases
r and Two Counters
ttbaoaat*   Baker Street.
Got". V.rnosi and War-d  Strtts��t_,
,\s:i.so.\. B. c
J. FKKD HUME. Proprietor.
W. I. Devlit. Trail: Nell McKav.
Kaslo: J. G. Millichamp. C E. Mellish.
Vancouver: H. G. Nichols. Ymir; T. L.
Taft. C. O. Rodgers. S|xikane; .1. J.
ThrockeUl. G. Sieiner. Winnipeg: Ella
Call-tun, Emma Callum. Kokanee: D. R.
Kerr. Victoria: C. P. Douglas. Montreal.
S. W. Pearson, Kuslo: L. A. Campbell.
W, H. Faldlng, A. H. McNeill. Rossland;
O. B. Smith and family, L. Y. llirnie.
Procter; 0. IS. Siiowilon, \V. M. l"iidi-r-
wood, Calgary; E. Butchelor and -,vifs>.
Cardiff; Q. P. Tull. London; Elizabeth
Mulholland, Pauline Shirley. New Denver: H. A. Brooks, J. \V. Kempt, Insiian
Head; J. Moore, Winnipeg; Anthony
Tuniey and wife. Mrs. W. B. Townsend.
London; Dr. Porter, Montreal.
J. A. Benson. Salmo: F. Stone.
Ryden: R. E. Lanyon, A. Y. Anderson.
Spokane; .1. R. Edmonson, Procter; G.
H. Beley, Montreal; Mrs. J. Thompson,
Hart pool.
G. D. Kennedy. G. Gibson. A. Smlllic.
Sjsokane;  P. .1. Cirkel  Minneapolis:  J.
A. Ilawley, Salt Lake; A. V. McArthur.
J. Anderson, W. Connoly, Cranbrook;
D. McPherson, Owen Sound; R. T. Pratt
E.   E.  Clement,  Victoria:     S. Tyler,
Eholt; W. Hanbrow, Pilot Bay.
A. Todd, Phoenix; J. R. Smith, T. J.
Saunders, Arrowhead; W. H. Becket.
Gutelins; H. Barlet, Moyie: G. Jones.
G. C. Jones. Fernie; J. Moore, J. Sanderson. H. Selmes. F. W. Burdon, Wardner; W. McGarrol. J. Hurray, Procter;
C. Jensen, 49 Creek; C. C. Kiddle.
Wanted to Buy
We have a buyer fnr a Rood house
in the district west of Hojidryx St. and
between Observatory and Carbonate St,
Price must be right. We have buyers
for houses in every part of city.    See
GOOD SMART BOY for dfItm? clerk tt C. P. R.
Telegraph offlce**-   Apply st -^dw at (flic*.
A COCKEK BP-UntL, Wetat Spaniel or lituiUr
mule pai'PT-   Poit Office Box MS
vasta to expert. AcMtvm W. H. Kreyicber.
tteieaa* B. C . or call st the mill in Nelson
CoOK--Hotel, 190. Wtitres* tt;��tonc*   Phone
Yon r mm wllh food offlce experience Mfefl |
potliloa.   Apply Box 51a. Nelton. B. C.	
EDGEKUAN anil e Setter for mill m Movie
Apply tl Mill, or our offlce Nelwn. Porto tflco
Luii-. t��er ( o.
TWO FIRST-..aSS fa-wONA itseam healed    Ap
plf Y.���-.:���*��� it*wr. ltd fit:, E, W. C. block.
Return to Ghtt. Long-
b*UM CORNET. Two Bhtnki h tnd t. With
C��*e For Price, Apply M. J. I). Box 11M,
I lUTMfi S FdfeTuen. 3 Ttllymen tml
Ortdera, 1 Foreman (alula.) Clrrular Sawjer,
TVtMer��, tSngine^ra, Boom-man, and mill help of
all klnda. Apply Geo. P. Wella, Box hr:
Neliou. B.C.
St. Saviour's Choir.
All members of the choir of St. Saviour's church are requested to be present
at the practice this evening at 8 o'clock.
The practice will be in the church.
Will Visit Nelson.
Fred Brosquet received a letter last
nieht from ex-Mayor Houston at Gold-
fields. Nevada. Mr. Houston is in good
health, physically and financially, and
intends to be a visitor to Nelson at Fair
Lawns and Dandelions.
A citizen who has spent many years
in bringing his lawn and boulevard to a
state of perfection asks that atiention
be drawn to the dandelion nuisance anil
concerted action to destroy it urged on
the city authorities and on all properties.
Government Bounty.
The B. C. Gazette announces that the
government will give a bounty of |7JW
for every panther. $5 for every wolf and
$2 for every coyote killed within the
province, such bounty to be paid on a
certificate of a justice of the peace that
such animals were killed by the persons
claiming the bounty, and the skins produced.
Sons of England.
The annual church parade of the Sons
of England Lodge Nelson's Queen will
be held on Sunday evening. May 2tlth.
this being the Sunday nearest to the
24th of May, which day has been appointed throughout the British Empire
to keep in memory of the late Queen
20,000 Club.
Members of the club and prospective
members are reminded that the special
general meeting to consider the pro-
proposed constitution ;ind bylaws will
be held tonight in the city hall at S:30
p. m. In view of the importance of the
business to be transacted a well-attended meeting is confidently looked for.
Public Spirit.
His Honor Judge Forin writes The
Daily Canadian to express his regret
that the duties of his position call him
out of the city and will not permit of
his return ln time to vote for the
School Loan Bylaw, the adoption of
which he believes essential to the welfare of Nelson, and whose defeat would
be the beginning of Nelson's decline as
a commercial, industrial and residential
The Store of Quality
Fo* a
Delicious   rry
Drink        g>ttk
Crosse & Blackwell's
Pure Fruit Syrups
25 cts per Bottle
K. W. C. Blotk . Phone tO.
NELSON,    -    B. C.
Notire 1* hereby glren tbit tt a meeting of tbe
B"*M of Lteenc-eCnminiMioDer*, to be nlllftn
:be expiration ot tblrlT daj-i, I intend to apply
(or ��� trmifer ol my hotel licence tor the Creiton
hotel.*1 Cre��ton, to (ieorge Meed.
l&tb Miy.)' '. f. J. Miller.
A  M. Cu. See. C. G.
Mining Work a Specialty.
Offlw:  ilealej- Building.   P. O. Box -t.4
Baker St., NELSON, B. C.
Something new  for breakfast
Per Package
Cm Am Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts.
Qold Mould
And Edison Phonographs
We have just received a large shipment
'of them.   Come in and hear them.
We have made arrangements whereby
tve can proem* any record on the list,
on shortest notice. Call, phone (No. 34),
or wriio for complete catalogue Including
new records issued to date, make your
selections, hand us the list ansl we will
deliver thc records.
"Standard" Edison Phonograph $25
"Home" Edison Phonograph - $35
(Wuh Rtsuder]
Edison mVA'.'m Records, -   Each 40c
W�� G. Thomson
l^g*"*  Nelson, B.C.
Phone 34.
Neil McKay, M. L. A��� Kaslo, is in tho
city today.
H. G. Nichols, manager of the Ymir
mine, was registered at the Hume last
Mrs. J. P. Paxton will leave for Grand
Forks tomorrow morning on a short
visit to friend?.
D. U. Ker, senior member of the
Hrackman-Ker Milling Co., Victoria, is
visiting the Xelson branch.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Turner and
Mrs. Townsend returned to Nelson last
night after a visit to England.
George A. Macleod, formerly of
Grand Forks, now of Spokane, arrive-d
in the city last night on a visit to his
China Admits Helplessness���Cannot Enforce Neutrality.
Mukden, May 1".���The repeated
promises made by the Japanese for the
past three years to return to China the
property appropriated through the exigencies of war. are still unfulfilled. In
consequence of this China is expressing
much indignation at what is considered
a gross breach of faith.
As yet the recovery of a large amount
of government and private property in
numerous places throughout Manchuria
which was appropriated by Japan without compensation, on the sole pretext
that China had failed to observe neutrality in allowing Rupsia to occupy
these properties, is considered doubtful.
This excuse is not considered honest
since Japan is fully aware of China's
helplessness to enforce neutrality,
while Japan in regard to abuse of neutrality is considered equally guilty. Russia holds much appropriated property
which has been leased to Japanese trad-
ers without any CgmggBgt-Bon to China.
Rs-Ull VtAlen 111
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camps supplied on shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing but frt*h and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C.  TRAVES.   Manager.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frott,
Fuel & Poultry Co., Ltd.
N. E. cor. Baker  and  Ward  Sti.
One of tbe Most Scenic Locations on
Kootenay Waters Is for Sale.
The property comprises about 130
acres of timber and fruit land, having
half a mile of lake frontage directly
opposite Xelson,
The central portion of about 100
acres, with buildings, fruit trees, flower
gardens an living sprints thereon,
will lw ao'd as a whole, leaving an extensive lake frontage to tho north aod
south which i will offer in acre subdivisions. For price and terms apply
at my home.
Alberta Farm Land
160 acre improved farm In Alberta,
will exchange for Nelson residential
property or Kootenay fruit land.
Geo. g. McLaren
Baker St.,  Nelson.
Cricketers' Practise.
Hereafter the members of the Xelson
Cricket Club are requested to turn out
for practise ever}" Monday, Wednesday
and Friday evening.
Whit-Suntide Services.
Xext Sunday being Whit-Sunday the
services in St. Saviour's church will be
of a festal nature as follows: holy communion at 6:30 and S a. ra.; matins and
holy communion, choral, at 10:30 a.m.;
children's service. 2:30 p. m.; oven-
i ing, 7180 p. __
Seed Potatoes
We have unloaded
a car of
Early Rose Potatoes
Imported expressly
for Seed.
Telephone Itl,
Men's $3.50 Shoes
Don't g-t-ihe idea that all our
mena fine ahoei are J5.00 and
W.00 a pair. We can supply
you with a genuine Goodyear
Welt at 13.50. Smooth inaolei
and pliable to the toot. Made
In Viei Kid and Box Calf
royal R. Andrew & Co.
by Kate Douglas ���,��.
THE PRIEST, by .... Harold Blgl
THE FLYERS, by -       -       Geo. Barr McCuche-,
THE SECOND GENERATION, David Graham Phillip,
HALF A ROGUE,s      - -        -       Harold McgJ
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Lti
Phone 81
Bargains!    Bargains!    Bargains!]
Our Fancy Vestings Must Be Sold
This  Month   Regardless   of  Cost.
You can buy Wash Vestings for $1.00. worth 13.00.
Handsosne Vests, double and single breasted, for 93.00, worth Vtl\
See them and  buy now while the selection   Is good.
A' * Sanger.8"0- Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
| New Spring Goods Arriving Dailf
-* A complete line of up-to-date Soft and Hard Hats in Stock.
fi Also a full range of Boots and Shoes.    "WALKOVER" our
H Specialty.
ll.\Ki:k SrRliBT, sNIJUSON.
Spring is Here
We have prepared for this season by passing into stock all t
requisites for the rancher, gardener or householder. Spades,!
Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, Spading Forks, Tree Pruners,
Tree Sprayers, Small Garden Tools, Etc.
Prompt attention  paid to letter orders.
J. H. Ashdown Hardware
Company, Limited.
work. MKln����nd MiliM.u,lr: TRSg&xES***,
urn -ara,  H.  u.   Uintructiirii'  Cars.
Ttlttkfc] I
P.O. Bel Pi
Spring Stock lust Opened Up!|
Carload Linoleums and Carpets
From Olo��sow, Scotland.
Hce*t Quulltit-SM at Low Prices*
Standard Furniture Company |
Manic _ Rurb Pl.ooa.
OttermsKjr M.iss.....
Mar.1,.1! N-nlLrr Mallreiin.
Complete Home Furnishers
Undertakers,    Emlulmcrs
MANUFACTURERS   T __. C*f-#        1
AND DEALERS IN   t*Vtt-DZtf  OtkUlgitSf
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Window*)
Turned Work and Brackets. Mnil Orders promptly ��tW*B
VBKNO-V NT-.l;i;i*   .   .   .   -NKt-SON. H. C.
Launch and Boat
W�� always carry In stock and will bt pleased to supply '
want* In
Such oit
Whits; Wsine
MUi-1 l'alulp
Jsrry Broa.' BohU VaruMi
mc, etc.
Albany Ort-M*
Arctic Cup onta* -
Varuiini MarlM ��� ���
(in oik- gull"""1"--1 ���
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Lim^
-   . * . -.!^*___^E7^


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