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The Daily Canadian Jan 13, 1908

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.Halcyon Llthla Water,
^fclcjaan  Llthla Dinger Ale.
pcyaan Llthla Lemon Hour.
pure carbonated  Halcyon
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tela and cat.-..
No. 187
R '  , I	
.ittltt, To Be Printed
IEBI IS OVER $500,000
Ut Hte_�� of Council of 1907
Power Plant and Tramway
Costly Luxuries.
The last meelin; ..I the eiiy eouucil
' 1907 waa bald In ihe .���..uihii ,ii.iiiii,,-i
I* morning. B>*��� 1 .1 i.-i.-.r.- v,...- i.-
lived snd eoastde .-I. 1.111   i* .-in., ..,,1.
Ct Of dlSeUSSlani    ..a:,   lie-   ell,   -.   lln..],
al poetlon, a lull 1.1...11 "i **ii..i,  .-..a
-esented   by   the   any   a-i.-il,.   :.ii..\* 1111
tbllilie* Of OVa I    t  ,    Willi   a.-.:.,-l
iwever, nearly Jisii'i.nim.
The  power plain   Ims  i..m   In   iieiual
oney outlay over *-.��.. > au.l n.-, ..,.
atlon Is now a-..siiim $ i in par ,,ninth.
Tito tramway 1. .���.ariiuiK nu.ie iiii.1,
^)i operating ex|..-rn.... l.ui heavy aunluj
 _r repair* and  in.iiiiieuituie is  na-a.-a-s-
ry la fulfill tin. city's eouiruct.
None of tbe liul.-liia-alu. _s. or .*u.y un
slgnlficaat*pan  ..i  ii.  is ilu.   to  tins
Ul'S Council, nil  Uie  lest   h.'lii,: a h-Kaa :���
in, past yea 1        In 1;  !:"���'.  tl,.- a.m..
" tlmatSS SXCea-ile.l.  and   .lal.l   im-uira-al,
...,re for  Urgeni!.      ne. .1. .1     lei.ails   11,
-eels  SAsl Blah'**ull*s
���ur Tbe couacll met shortly alter 111 a. ui.
tb every metuii. 1   ih.s.ih     Tin- nun
BS Ot ths last   in. etina;   wala-   lead   uml
I #A letter train t la. I'auada '/.inr ��11111-
* ny, asblag 11' .' a l"��l. line I,a- a*\,.llal
Bar   from, th*   sill.   I.ill.111   alniik   l.ulllil. 1.
^^^^"--- rjU( |-ark. Front und
a their plum, was left
lhe    West   Kootenuy
company, aalrlng if the
alus were to he ra'tnov-
~  (rom the   siilistalluu   in   .lunuuiy   oi
!t for three umnihs mot,-.    It  was ah-
led to let li i. i mi in until April.
A complainl Inun .1 II. !:..;..��� as laa
��� dlamlasal i>> t'n> l-sl..-ineian It A
own, wa* eiuisi'la.ra al ami .lisuuss.-.l.
���R. A. Brown staleal lli.il tlie plesanl
���t of Opera i nn' lie power plan,. (Im
r month. Could anil should he ii-iluiv.l
A  long  discussion   on  civic   llnani'es
__llOWed.     The   lit)    alalia   lepol-ted   that
imway   ra-a-> ipis   l.u    ihe   y.-ai    wi-ra-
,300,   eXpi'll'litlll.      $l."..lllll,     llle     IH.l-.el
int haaco > io .inn- fl.-*...""". uiul *-'...
0 morels slill alue. lie- a-,,;. _ 1..1.U as
tS ��t|j"*!-eiil .He > .'.> 1 .J"T.S'.< and lia
iltles |i0>..'..: _���.'. ilie ,��� 11> .- .iv, nli,nt
about WS'
���^sl��tm streets i
a er to the nexi
" A letter from
9 ,wer and Ugl"
Ths eSUni.ii
?Coa exoeedi.
���*"*,d aide wn.
lor llie year have only
u two respects, streets
.as iniormfd lhat a prom
ed  donation     l<.     III.    III.a.n.,   Iia.l   ll...
en paid.
The accounts w.-i -.la-i-a-al n. In- print
S 1 and dlstrlhiiieil
A   report  fraain  Cily   KiiBlneer  11.   F.
'   awrenoe review..I ihe w.n-u id' his
ii -rtnient for the year.
l*M  ���torn,   Plays   Havolc  With
and  Delays Trains.
Chicago, .Ian    IS!     I'lmai'..'  loli'KI'liphla
pnuuunVcaii.'ii  win,  n,*-  world,  which
��>������ praaUcull*   |.:i;;ihv..-.t la>   >,sl..nl;i\ :
Wt Storm,  was slowly  ivilnreil  I.. mil
1     1*1 Condition    I...I.i.i      'I'll iistiuetu.n
Op_tm*nt    Wele    I.r:.,     all    lllsl     Ull.Ill     il
��� raxrthil Hrs and broken wires.   l'Smer
enoy , S^kg were sent out hy telegraph
iilllpanlSS  anil   i.lrum-.    n    lenn.       ii
h<>   nil-al *l��t I lets        Te|ee,l Iipllic   :...,\li-.
in ull ralmnuls wan more or h'ss al
eoled. and mini* l.mi: alitituni-a- l.-le
ihnue aervice wln-s were htoUa-n down
.Villi flre aim nis and police lelephoiu
iervloe out of eoinmunleatlon, lhe ol,
vatch tower system, used only upon ,'X
.rente occasions, was resort,id to. Al
lay yesterday ami thrnuKluaut last ninh
Ircmen were stuiloned either In tin
;owor* snrnioimtlim stalWn haniHes a
ulvantagsoiis pnlnis lliul would einiM.
them to del. 1 I a lila/.e In ihe vlclnll:
In order thnl the ilepurtmeui iiil.ilil n
���poniptompily. 419
I,    Most   Of   lhe   mall     trains     enlerln
0 Chlcsso are behind their schedule. Tin
heaviest sunvn-rs were thnui_.ii t,-,,i,*
_j/*ron ths. north und the south and soTiTTi
_: lje ffixitig (kanafc
DAILY   Ct*x*a.OlAl\
every evening    at
NELSON, B. C., MONDAY. JANUARY 12,,   <908.
Cents a month
went. Only train, however, wiih reported absolutely lost, That wiih tbe Pacific count I ruin of the Santa Fe Bystem,
due at. Chicago at 9.17 o'clock in the
Despatches along the line reported
ut that hour that the wires were all
down and that they were unable to locate the through trains. Shu is supposed to he fighting her way blindly towards Chicugo at reduced speed. The
steamer Iowa, of the Coderich line, put
into K.icine in a battered condition
but wilh no serious injury recorded to
l>oat or crew. The bout left Chicago
Saturday night bound for .Milwaukee
and northern pointB. The storm gove
employment to many idle men and work
to nvuilable extra men on tlie peyrolls
of ibe telephone, telegraph and trans
portal ion companies.
Moyie   Union   by   Decisive   Vote   Decide
tO-Seturn to Work at Wages Offered   by   St.   Eugene.
(Special to The Daily Canadian.)
Moyie, Jan. 13.���A vote was taken
yesterday hy the members of the
Miners" Union here on the quest.on of
returning to work at tlie wage scale offered recently after the recommendation by the court of arbitration which
Hat here and In Nelson.
Tbe vote was, for accepting th    scale
and returning to work, liiO, agai     i, Su.
Province   Will   Be   Divided   Into   North
and  South  Judicial   Districte.
Calgary, Jan. 13.���Wiihln a very short
time there will be a complete reorganization of the judicial affairs of the province of Alberta. It will start. It is understood, by the addition of another
judge to the supreme court.
Then there will be a division of the
province for judicial purposes Into north
and south. The centre of the northern
part will be Kdmonton and tbe centre
of the Houlhern pan  will be Calgary.
A court of three supreme court
judges will be given power Tb try appeals from the dlslrlct court> This will
not make necessary meetings of the
supreme court en banc uh is necessary
at lhe present time and will result in
much speedier legislation. The supreme
OOUII ''ii banc will be necessury to hear
appeals from the decision ot any supreme court judge.
This, it is believed will make neoss-
ISry a new court house, and It ts rumored thai provision will lie made at the
coming session of lhe legislature to
have court houses built al Kdmonton
and Calgary on precisely ihe same plan.
The Calgary court house will be lo
cated upon the block on which the old
court house is lorated, and to the. rear
or the registry offlce which is being
built now. It will be a very good building. It Is proposed now that the coun
bouse be given over to public offices of
lhe provincial government which an
very much needed at the present time.
for wiih tin; public works, the telephone
and all that, the public works taavi
QUlte outgrown their present accommodations.
Courts Move Quickly in Jersey.
Newark, .\. J.. Jan. 13.���lu keeping
with the reputation of th" New Jersey
sourts for speedy justice, George Wilson, alias Williams, was put on trial
today foi murder, just one mouth alter
his alleged clinic. Wilson, who Is a negro, was a bell boy at Ibe Park Motel In
Orange. On the night ol December i;i
lie Is said to have killed Frederick It
Rotner, ���*��� wealthy undertaker, who was
found dead lu his room rn t:.r notel the
lollowlng morning  with bis head crush
ed in. wilsos was traced to Philadelphia and arrested there.   Me is said i<
have made a detailed cnufc-Hsiou of thi
crime, stating that be bad killed Rome
win u the later had discovered him rot
blng his room.
Officer Charged With Forgery.
Nice, .Ian, 13.���Tbe Venezuelan geuer
al.  Manuel Corzo,    has    been    arrest ed
here on the charge of fortfery.   Tho po
llco stale that  he  wrote  a  letter abus
ing President Castro, signing to it tho
name of a Venezuelan Official in Paris,
who as a consequence of the lelier wie
dismissed from oll.ce. The Paris official
(raced lhe author-ship of the letter to
Corzo and placed the matter In the
hands of the police. The general Is well
known at the race tracks and owns n
number of race horses.
Mail  Matter Burnt.
Kansas Cily, Mo., Jan. 13.���A lire early
today In the Union depot, In which nn
located the government mall trasfer
station and all express companies, caused a heavy Iosh of mail matter and ex
press which was stored there. At r..lfi
a. m. the fire was believed to be under
Control. The loss lo Ihe express companies; PaolfiOi Wells-Fargo, Adams,
United Stutes, Is heavy, nnd the trans
(er station is thought to bo a total loss.
o(i fry kmm in
for 1908
Twelve Candidates for the Council,
aad Five for Board of School
Trustees, in the Field.
The nominations took place today for
the clly council and two vac.ancli-tfl on
the board of school trustees. For the
sldermanlo seals there ere six candidates in each Ward, and there are live
feandidates for the two vacancies on the
school   board.
For mayor, S. S. Taylor, K. C, Is
elected by acclamation.
The uoiuinatioiiy were closed at 2 p.
in.  with thu  following results:
For Mayor.
S. S. Taylor, pro]MiBed by \V. J. Wilson* seconded by J. A. GUker, W. Shuck-
letun. T. Madden, J. J. Malone.
For Aldermen.
East ward���T. Ci. Procter, G. P.
E. Kerr, E. B. MeDermid, G-. W
J. li. Mathcson.
Westward���D. C. .McMorrls, G
J. O. Patenaude, A. T. Wallty,
Gosnell. J. McPhee.
School Trustees.
E. C. Arthur. V. W. Odium,
Jones, II. G. Joy and J. W* Holmes.
His Worship Mayor Taylor is entitled
to be sworn iu now as soon as he wishes.
The present aldermen remain in office
until their respective successors take
thi' oath.
W.  E.
W.   II.
China  Saved  so far by  Intervention  of
Pekln, Jan. 13.���The proposals madi-
by Count Hayashi, thu Japanese minister of foreign affairs, for a settlement
of the postal question In Manchuria
have reached Pekin, but they have not
yei heen presented to the foreign board.
It has been learned also tbat Japan
consents to submit ut once proposals
for the settlement of the telegraph difficulty.
China fears, however, that the proposals will be In the. nature of a compromise, and that they consequently
will be unacceptable. The Japanese. It
would appear, have yielded to the
whiles ul Great iirilaln and the general
criticism of her course of the postal
controversy, hut China does not believe
thai Great Hritain will go further and
oppose the carrying out of Japan's pro
gramme in  .Manchuria.
Following the exception taken by
Great Llritain to Japans protest against
the extension by China of the lisiugln
Tun railroad to the north. Japan has
taken a ftrtn stand in ibis matter. Hei
attitude Is based on the veibal promise
given b> china, which was incorporated
In the minutes of iho [negotiations preceding the Koiuura treaty of HKi5, viz:
not io construct a -competing railroud
parallel to the existing Houth Man
Churlan line.    In an  authoritative quar
ter it  was declared today that Japan
would forbid the construction of an>
parallel line or oilier line unless In con
junction wltli* the Japanese line. Sin
fftVOrs the erection of a harrier be
tweeu her sphere of fnlluence and Mongolia, and desires tbat all new railroads
he branches oi the South Manchurian
line,    At   the  present time China Is op
posed io any  further consideration oi
the Question on account of lhe attitude
assumed by Itussfa. The fact that Russia is transferring the malls Io the
Japanese In Manchuria because Chin;.
Is not a member of the postal union
and is therefore not qualified to receive
(hem. caused China to reoonsldsr he.
persistent refusal to join the union
and she in now considering the matter
of applying for membership.
ll   will   be    absolutely    unnecessary   to
modify the Flench policy in Morocco.
Paris, Jan. 13.���A special despatch
from Tangier statea that the news from
Fez haa produced such a tremendous
sensation among the native population
that government officials fear that the
deposition of Abdul Az z may also be
proclaimed at Tangier s- m.
Paris, Jan. 13.���Despatches received
by the government from Rabat announce that, the army of General IJag-
dani, cMef of the Sultan army, which
was camped outside the city has been
called within the walls. This is causing the Europeans great anxiety. They
fear the soldiers of Abdul Aziz as much
as they do Mulai Hafld"3.
A. McQueen arrived from Victoria
last night, and Is al the H'ime.
J. C. Drewry arrived from the east
last night and is at the 41ume.
A. E. Waits, wife and daughter, left
for their home at Wattsburg on this
morning's   boat.
A. G. Creelman, of Wall & Creelman.
bridge contractors, came in last night.
His firm Is now engaged on a station at
Kamloops for the C. P. R.
W. P. TIerney came in last night from
Hosmer. where he has been for the past
ten days looking after llis inntract for
putting spurs to the Hosmer mines.
The many friends of Mrs. Gillett will
be pleased to learn that her condition
Is greatiy Improved, and she Is now
considered  out  of danger.
Rohi. H. Carley returned Saturday
evening from Winnipeg, where he attended the wedding of his niece. Miss
Mary Edna Carley, who was married
last Wednesday to Claude Waring Nash.
D. C. Coleman, C. P. R. superintendent,
returned on Saturday night from Chicago. He left on Sunday night for
Revelstoke to attend a meeting of sup- J
erintendents, General Superintendent
Husteed having called them together tb
discuss matters of general importance.
Misses Bertha and Josephine Mason
and Miss Francis Molt left on Thursday
afternoon for Nelson where they will
atlend St. Joseph's Convent. Misses
May and Dessie Hnckless who will spend
the term at the same school, leave tomorrow (Batnrdaf) afternoon.���Houndary Creek Times.
Mulai    Hafid    Proclaimed   as   Sulta
the Southern District.
Paris, Jan. 13.���A special despatch U��
the Mutln rrom Tangier says that Hals
nil, the bandit, has Joined Mulai Halle
and that he still persists In his refusal
to give np Cald Sir Harry MacLean except by order of the new leader.
Advices from Rabat to the Matin
state lhat Abdul Aziz's court is terror
stricken by the news that Mulai llafbt
haw been proclaimed Sultan. The Matin
understands that the recent conference
between Premier Clenicncouu anil the
French representatives at Berlin and
Tangier make It practically, certain that
No   Dispute  as to  Facts  in  Thaw  Case
���Fight Will Centre on   New
Plea of  Insanity.
New York, Jan. 13.���Prior to the opening of the trial of Harry K. Thaw today.
Attorney A. Russell Peahody stated that
no application for a commission to go to
Pittsburg and take the testimony of
Mis. William Thaw would be made, as
the defendant's mother had telegraphed
.-���he would come on to New York when
needed. Mrs. Tli aw Is still a very sick
woman, hut the value of her testimony
as a personal recital, rather than in the
prosaic form of a deposition had led the
attorneys to abandon the latter proposition. Thaw was called to the bar
promptly at lb a. m. Within the next few
minutes Aasslstant District. Attorney
Garvin had begun the outline of the
prosecution's case to the Jury. He said
that the great publicity the Thaw-Whin
affaiv had attracted should but urge the
jury to a thorough understanding of the
grave duiies Imposed upon them.
"The defense in this case," said Mr
Garvan, "is Insanity. The material fact'
are admitted. Insanity, let me ndjun*
you. is not to be defined by what yon
or I might think. It is not what phy
slclans or metaphysicians may tell us
or what scientists or pseudo-sclent 1st���
may describe. Insnnlty, as we have te
deal with It, Iish been defined by thi
leginlature of the state of New Yor'*;
the only person exempted from criui
The law is wiser than we are. We nn
sworn to obey It. That law says tha'
Inal responsibility 1�� he who Is so de
Solent of reason that he does not knon
the nature or quality of his act or tha:
the act Is wrong. With this definition
and the definition of the law at one 1
ask you to Judge of all the acts of thi:
defendant the night of June 2.rdh. 190(1
when he shot and killed Stanford Whld
on the roof of Madison Square Garden."
Mr. Garvin occuplel twenty minute0
In IiIh address describing the killing o*
Stanford White as a "premeditated, de
liberate, nnd cowardly murder."        '"'
The first witness called was the mar
who made the diagram of the garden
when  the killing occurred.
Expenditure Increased by
a Few Millions
Hon. R. Lemieux and W. L Mc-
Kenzte King Will Divulge Results���Events at Ottawa.
Ottawa. Jan. 13.���Some of the more
reckless government organs are claiming that the government is cutting
down expenses. They offer in proof the
estimates for the year beginning next
April, as compared with those for the
current year, which began last April.
There is an increase, even on their
own showing, of $2,3^5,795 on capital,
which appears to them to be a trifling
But when wo examine their comparison we find the government writers
comparing the first or main estimates
for next year, with the sum total of
the main estimates and all the supplementary estimates of last session. Wo
shall have supplementary estimates and
plenty of them of expenditure for next
year. There Is only one fair basis of
comparison available, that is the difference between the main estimates for
this year and the main estimates for
next year.   They are as follows:
For this year $105,689,519
For next year 119.237,091
Increase      13,547,572
The increase will really be larger
than this, for the supplementartes will
undoubtedly exceed those of last session.
The main estimates of last year called for $9,376,386 toward the redemption
of debt falling cjue. Mr. Fielding did
not have the money, and could not borrow It except on hard terms, and so renewed the notes at four per cent, interest, and met his floating liabilities at
interest rates up to 7 per cent.
In next year's estimates the sum of
$29,200,900 is required to meet debts
falling due. The prospects for borrowing this money at even 4 per cent, are
uot very bright. When Mr. Fielding
took office he could borrow on lhe credit
of Canada all the money he needed at
two and three-quarters per cent.
Ottawa, Jau. 13.���liritish Columbia
members of parliament had a conforenc*
Ihls morning with Kaurier and Temple-
man regarding Japanese immigration
Ottawa. Jan. 13.���Hemicux is In his
place in the commons this afternoon.
He will make u statement in a few days
to the House and country ou the pro
grass of negotiations with Japan regard
ing  Japanese  Immigration.
The reporl of MacKenzie King on tht
investigation of the Japanese immlgra
tlon problem on the Pacific coast wil
also be ready for presentation to the
House his week.
Agitation    for     Manhood    Suffrage
Spreading Over Prussia.
Tally Parr's Escape.
Tally Parr, who was sent down to the
provincial penitentiary . several years
ago hy Magistrate Crense, and was
serving a second term, has escaped and
ts still at large.
owing to the thoroughness  with which
the  police handled the  situation.
Despatches received her from the
provinces declare that demonstrations
yesterday, all In favor of the suffrage,
were must enthusiastic. Largely attended meetings passed resolutions In favor
of manhood suffrage and copies of
these were telegraphed to Prince Von
Heulow, the prime minister of Prussia,
���n Essen, 10,000 people paraded the
streets singing the "Marseillaise" and
the "Sons of Freedom." The police
made ineffectual attempts to bar the
progress of the  agitators.
Big Blaze.
New York. Jan. 13.���A block of five-
storey tenement buildings, extending
from 3rd to 94th street on first avenue
and which had been remodelled for factory purposes and was occupied by half
a dozen enterprises, was burned entailing a loss of about $500,000. The fire
was prevented from spreading to adjacent tenements only by the diligent
work of the firemen for a period of
three hours. So serious was the situation at one time that four alarms were
sounded. p^T^
Berlin* Jan. 13.���There aro few sign;
to be noticed this morning of the scene
of  yesterday   when  the  demonst rut lorn.
for  a   general   suffrage   in    Prussia   vt
suited in a series of encounters with
the police, excepting a certain eflei
vescenco In the districts of the city
where the working classes live. Ther-
is here and there a workman with it
bandaged head or a woman limping a*
a result of a blow from a sabre or beittl
trampled upou^Jby the horses of thi
charging police. The. city ambulance
stations contained -over a hundred
wounded. Of these ewenty-elght persons, including three policemen, were
seiiuusly injured. It Is estimated tha.
a hundred others proceeded to their
homes where they dressed their own
injuries. The police yesterday had a
most difficult task ln overcoming the
tactics of the Infuriated women among
the demoiistrants, who clung to the policemen's horses' bridleRv It was leurn-
ed today that the entire garrison of tho
capital was confined to barracks under
arms throughout Sunday in order to he
prepared to assist in the work of suppressing tbe disorders In the event that
the police-should find themselves unable
to cope with the situation. The assistants of military proved unnecessary
Japanese   Dislike the  Spread of  Exclusion Sentiment in America���Rome's
View of  Takahira.
Tokio. Jan. 13.���Incoming cables. Indicating an overwhelm ng sentiment In
America In favor of au exclusion bill,
are causing much uneasiness among the
leaders of all shades of politics, who
have repeatedly expressed the conviction that the Americans did not desire
to discriminate against the Japanese
and would accept the attitude of the
Japanese government as evidence of Its
sincere desire not to embarrass the
American government, and at the same
time save the "amour propre" of the
Japanese. The uneasiness has been Intensified by the delay of a reply from
Washington to the Japanese note of
December 31.
Home, Jan. 13.���The Italia, officially
announcing the departure from Rome
of flarun Takahari, the newly appointed
ambassador to the United States, says
that although Japan and America are
animated by the best and most pacific
inii iisior��s In their relutlnns which are
passing through a great crisis, It is a
good omen that the negotiations between the two countries have been-trusted to a tried and experienced diplomat.
His Honor Judge Forln had a long
chamber list to dispose of this morning,
ln re the estate of John William Siemen,
R. M. Macdonald obtained an order appointed E. E. Chipman official administrator. In Lacey vs. Standard Furniture
Co., R. S. Lennie for defendants applied
for costs, W. A. Macdonald, K. C, contra; the application was granted. In
Hand vs. Ymir Gold Mines. Ltd., W. A.
Macdonald. K. C, for plaintiff, R. S.
Lennie for defendant, au order was
granted thai plaintiff, who Is outside the
jurisdiction, shall file security for costs
within a month, ln re Margot Whitney, R. M. Macdonald applied for himself and Mrs. Macdonald to be appointed
legal guardians of the person and estate, which was granted. In Lyons vs.
Stocks, W. A. Macdonald. K. C, and A.
M. Johnson appearing, an order was
made directing the defendant to answer
questiOO. In Nelson vs. Staples, J.
O'Shea and W. A. Macdonald appearing,
the district, registrar at Cranbrook WMJ
appointed special examiner, in Wall
and Creelman vs. Ontario Accident, W.
A. Macdonald, K. C, and R. S. Lennie
appi aiing, an application to strike out
the deience was enlarged till Monday,
as was an application to amend an affidavit. In tho Globe Land Co. vs.
Llody, W. H. Bullock-Webster obtained
un order for Bervlce exjurls.
Public Meeting.
A public meeting wlil be held In the
opera house* Wednesday eve.iln:. nt
which the retiring mayor nnd aldermen
will give un account of their stewardship and particularly of their reasons
for declining to accept the power plant
as now equipped from the Allis-Chal-
mers Hullock company, and the relations
between tho council and the board of
school trustees will be discussed. Candidates for the council for 1908 will be
given an opportunity to declare their
inter.ttona. Mayor-elect Taylor will nl-
so be invited to spenk, and a special Invitation is extended I>y Mayor Gillett to
the proprietor of the Daily News to
take the platform aud justify his criticisms of the council of 1906 and 1907.
Emmerson Libel Suit Is
Formally Closed
Ex-Ministcr of Railways Gives Up
His Bluff���News of Canada
From Ocean to Ocean.
Fredericton, Jan. 13.���The last move
of the Emmerson libel case was made
this morning when J. D._ Hasson, for
Crockett, moved tbat the indictment
against the Fredericton Gleaner be
quashed. He pointed out that the case
stood over from last January and the
accused entered his own recognizance
to appear at the January term aud was
now in court. On being assured that
ihe solicitor-general had no instructions
to go on with the case, the judge quashed the indictment and discharged Crockett. Hon. H. R. Emmerson. complainant ln the case, was not represented in
St.. Thomas, Jan. 13.���Muir iloj?, a
well known resident of West _o.no, is
in a critical condition from inju^ey ic-
ceived by a colt rolling over on him.
Toronto, Jan. 13.���Garment workers
have decided to make an emphaticpro-
test against the reduction of ten to
twenty per cent, in wages, and will
probably strike. Employers claim that
the financial stringency makes reduction in cost of manufacture of ready
made clothing necessary, hence the cut
in wages.
Owen Sound, Jan. 13.���John McQueen,
for twenty years superintendent of the
C. P. R. elevators, Ib dead, after an ill-
ne:i�� ot two weeks.
Ottawa, Jan. 13.���Ernest Simmons,
the young Englishman who attempted
suicide six weeks ago, was sentenced
this morning to six months' imprisonment. The rash act was attributed by
Simmons to his being hard up aad out
of work and to the fact tbat his young
lady had gone west without Informing
Regina, Jan. 13.���To provide for unemployed in the city, the council t*>-
night will instruct the city engineer to
proceed with the laying of latterals tapping additional springs at the source of
the city's water supply.
Tbe provincial gaol Is having plans
prepared lor a mommoth new jail to be
erected at Regina, probably during the
coming season. The site will be just
east of the location of the present jail
and the building will contain over a
hundred cells with water und sewer connection to each department.
Kingston, Jan. 13.���An Ice storm yesterday played havoc hereabouts, poles
of electric, telephone and telegraph
companies were knocked down and only
partial service could be given. Between
here and Nnpnnee 100 telegraph poles
are shattered. The street car service
was shut up until noon toduy. Trees
were cut down und one smashed Into a
house on Princess street, doing serious
Injury to tbe building.
Toronto, Jan. 13.-��� Hawllnson'a storage warehouse was gutted by flre ihls
morning. The loss on furniture stored
therein Is estimated at $350,000. Part
of the loss Is covered hy Insurance 'I lie
loss on the building Is $60,000 with Insurance about $26,000.
Will Be Prosecuted.
Shanghai, Jan. 13.���The movement tn
boycott liritish goods which arose over
the Chink *^an dispute points to a collapse owing to the measures taken by
the Chinese government. Two arrests
have been already made of prominent
Chinese Implicated In the movement
and others are pending. Their trials will
begin today on the charge of endangering the public order of the community
and counten'nc!ntT i-.gitatlon. R hns
been ascerlal.i .! '���hat the recent riots
ne*ir Hashing in Chink Tan arose over
local discontentment, and were not directed  against foreigners.
Land Fraud Trials In Oregon.
Portland, Ore., Jan. 13.���After months
0^ delay there now appears evry prospect of the celebrated Oregon land
fraud cases being brought to trlnl ln tho
United States district court here this
week. These are the casus In which
President Roosevelt has displayed a
keen personal Interest and In which several government officials have been severely criticised for their alleged dilatory methods In bringing the accused
to trial. Francis J. Heney, a special
representative of the department of
justice. Is here to conduct the government's case.
Prices of Metals.
New York, Jan. 13.���Silver. SC%c.:
copper, 12*>4c.;  lead. $4.75.
London, Jan. 13.���Silver, 26 M6d.;
lead,   ��14, 7s., 6d.
Opening   Copper  Quotations.
New York. Jan. 13, 190S.
Granby    $90 0ft        $R0.OO
New York. Jan. 11, 1908.
(By MeDermid & McHardy.)
Asked Hid
Dominion Copper     2 00 1.87-fc
B. C. Copper     5.50 5.00 1 u8 Daily Canadian
Clothing*,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
| iu these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city.
Iu the meantime it will pay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office:   Toronto.
Capital Authorized   -J.10,000.000    Capital  Paid Up  . .
Rest    $4,860,000
D. R. WILKIE. President.
HON. KOBEKT J AFFRAY, Yioe-Presiden*
Branches in British Colombia:
Interest  allowed on  deposits  from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
NBUSON   BRANCH eJ*��     IVI*     LAY,    A\*tneijfsttr*.
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporatt'd  A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reaei-ve  Fund	
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of Banking  Business.
savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPTNK, Manager.
Published in .lay*, a wees by the
Baker Ut..   Neinou, B. C
miDicrlptlon rati'-*, -*> Oe&ta a month delivered
In the city, or I U a year If -��� u; by mall, when
paid ln advance.
Advertising rates on application.
All  motile*   paid   in   settlement  of   The Dally
-auadiKii souounts, either tor subwrlptto&s or
adviTtlMil--, must be receipted Ior on the printed
form*- of  tne Company.   Other receipts  are not
Monday, January   13,   1908.
S. S. Taylor, K. </.. win ht mayor of
Nelaon during 1908, Aid. Irving bavins
ui lasi decided Dot i<> oppoj ���
\\r hav.' previously expressed our
opinion of Mr Taylor'a ability. We no-s
oongrstulsts him on tbe honor ol an
uncontested election, and - ��� i11 ���
bone iiiat the term ol bis msyorsit) maj
in- ;i prosperous one tor the city.
Tin  candidate*1
ni board are no~ bt tore Lhe public, and
the electors may be ��� rui ��� ��� 'I to m
wise choice.   Oentua I :itiai in
a mayor or alderman \i that lo re-
quired is general honest) ol purpose
und business Intelligence. Happllj id
qualifies*! inns ore not ran  In :.��� Ison
it  ma>   be  regretted thai
proportion of the i
council are with ml i -perlence In tint**
clpal administration, and have theii
records still to make, in this respeX :
ln one other respect also the preseni
campaign in in the nature ot an experiment. There is absolute \y no divibion
of the electorate on municipal matters
Although several times during ttu pas
year there have beefa serious di sag roe
ments In the dty council and oontro
versles be-gun which In former yean
would have been long and bitter. Bui
they bave apparently le/. no trace. Al-
the candidate s in the field are appealing
Independently for suppon and the oni]
policy referred to Ib the very genera
one of advancing the city's Interests
and especially of securing a Biuinfac
tory completion "i the municipal power
plant and the building of a new public
a policy on which all candidates an
agreed would seem  to he fairly certain
of being carried out.    The [lower plan
nnd public school difficulties are nol l��
snj ue-.ins insuperable. Behind them,
however, is the graver problem of tiuan-
' ... administration. The city is heavily
in debt, taxes are very hig, and still
oilier Improvements are urgently in-, fled, which will necessitate additional expenditure. It is in meeting such necessities as they arise and combining pro-
gn ss with due economy and conservatism thai the new council must prove
th'iir mettle.
We     are     confident    that     they     all
mean w. 11 and will do their best.
In   the   death  of Dr.   F.   H.   Eaton  on
Saturday last the dty of victoria has
lost a faithful and valuable servant and
the province one Of itu wisest and most
i: ���...111> educationists, Or. Baton was
B graduate uf Acadia. Harvard and
Heidelberg. After a long carear In
Nova Bcotla be came to British Oolum
bis "ii tbe advice of physicians in L897
sand accepted the posit inn of superin
tendent ol the schools oi Victoria City,
b pot Mina which be hsld till his death
(��n;. those who have been intimately as
siociated with him can appreclau th*
i'     iii<  proi -in < lias sustained.
Sent A Long Distance.
Paris, Jan. IS.- a brief wireless de
spatcfa was received ben last night at
the bjlfel tower station fiom the warship
Kislier, which is lying at Casa Itlaoca.
b distance of 1900 kilometers. This Is
the first time thai a message has been
sent so long a distance under similar
Memorial Meeting.
New York. Jan 13.���-Mao distinguished In various lines of scientific work, alt
of which has been part of ihe life work
of the late Lord Kelvin* %ere speakers
at a Tieni'itial meeting '" in<-niory Ot
ih. scientist beld yesterdaj In the en
gineera' building Andrew Carnegie was
among those on the platform, Resoln
Lions expressive of  the   idntlratSon in
uhich Lord Kelvin was held were adopt
Electrical  Wonders to  Be Shown.
Chicago, Jan, 18.-  -rVheo the third annual electrical show opens in ths O0tt>
. emu tonight many persons will he
given their first opportunity to view, the
latest Inventions In electrical SQlanee
The exhibition this year la to be much
broader In Ita scope than either of Its
predecessors.    The telephone interests
throughout the country have taken an
active interest iu the affair ami there
will be displayed every type of telephone
instrument in practical use in America,
I -emonstrations will be given of the first
wireless telephone outfit ever exhibited
weet of the Brooklyn navy yard. Wireless telegraphy will also he demons! rated in all Its phases. Another novel Mature will be a working model of Louis
Brennan_ mono-rail car. which has
been hailed as tlie forerunner of a revolution In transportation. The BXhlbl
lion  will  continue open  for two weeks
Election Notices
To the   Electors  of  the  City of  Nelson:
Having heen solicited by many of the
business   men Of  Nelson  to come out   as
Alderman in the West Ward 1 have con
b< nt- ,i to do so.    1 will serve to the Interests  of  our city   to   the   best   of   m>
ability and  under no specific party.
Faithfully   Yours.
To the Electors of the City of Nelson:
At the earnest solicitation of many
business men of Nelson. I have consented to run as Alderman for the East
Ward. My platform is brief: I will be
a party to no clique or faction and will
stand at all times for whal I consider
the best interests of our cily and will
give no other pledge than that of faith-
ful service. I have no committee rooms,
nor will I ask any person for his vote.
Faithfully yours,
E.  B.   McDERMID.
To the Electors of the City of Nelson:
In response to th e solicitations of
many friends and business men. I have
consented to accept nomination for Al-
dennan for the West Ward. En doing
so l wish it distinctly understood that r
seek support as a nominee of no party,
but that I am running solely as an independent, although 1 may say that I
am entirely In accord with the statement
issued by Mr. S. S. Taylor. I do not propose to conduct a canvass. Soliciting
your support and influence.
Yours. A.   T.   WALLEY.
To the  Electors of  East  Ward:
I am the nominee of the Labnr-I'ro-
gressive party for Alderman for the East
Ward. I respectively ask your vote and
influence in the municipal election to
take place January 16th, 1908.
Yours, truly,
To the Ratepayers of the City of Nelson:
At the request of many of the citizens
and ratepayers of the City of Nelson, I
beg to offer myself as a candidate for
Aiderman for the East Word. Having
resided among you for seventeen years
I am known personally t nearly all. My
endeavor always has been to make Nelson a progressive and attractive city,
and this policy united with that of a
careful administration of its finances, I
shall continue to adopt; the building of
a public school and the proper completion Of the power plant being the questions of first importance.
Nelson, January 13th, 1908.
School Trustees
To the Citizens of Nelson:
I respectfully solicit your vote and in
fluenoe to elect me as a school trustee.
If elected l will endeavor to do my best
to advance the school interests of Nelson. Remembering that school influences
and environment has the highest Influence In the coming welfare of the
Sincerely Yours,
R. G. JOY.
An extern-ion of 10 days within which to com'.
m-iii.- publication granted by me this dale
December _Ust. 1917. Harry Wright, Assistant
commissioner of Landi and  Works.
Wett Kootenay Land District.   District of West
Take notice lhat I, J. (.'. Jan-u-n. of Hpokane.
Wash . occupation tinit-crrasn, intend to appl y
for a * perl a 1 timber llOS���oa over lhe following
do*crl(-ed tan 1*:
1 Commencing at a spout planted at Ihe H. W.
eorner, about 1 mile from Erin Johnstons I' It
N.i .-* , said [*>-*t lielng placed on thf luterua-
ttonal boundary Hue, thence north ft chains,
tbSnOS ��a��t ISO chains, taensa mnilli 4ochi|na.
tlit-ni-*- went ISO  chain*   tO   point   of  0OBBMMI
ment containing mo aeres
Dated l*o��- mher 8rd. 1907. J. 0   JlS-BR.
X     Comment-log at a poit  planted at Ihe .**   W
ooraor- about 40 chalni north from tin* s, w.
oornor ��\ location No 1-. thence north -to chalni,
thenee east um clialns. theuce south 40 chains,
ttirii'-e wist IfiO chain" lo point of commencement   containing HO acres. J   C. Ja*-.***w.
3. Commencing at a post planted at the H. W.
corner al-out 40 chains north fr.-m tin* ��� W
BW���tr of location No it", theuee uorl h *������ <���), i ins.
thonos sa*1 bo chains, thence south -to chains,
Lhonos .1 fit ifio chain* ���" point of ooamanoe
im iii. ooutaJnlng Mu acres. i 0   'a*--,-**..
i ��,,n,.,,,-[.. 'tin* al a post plant'd hi the .*���', W.
���ortM-r. st-out 40 chains norih fr in lln -. \\.
OOrnor Ot location No  l(   thene*.- noith -tnchalna,
tbence east ISO chains, Ibonoa south m abai-ii
thence st-M lfio chain* to point of comm. n<*e-
mem. containing 640 acrei. J. C Jassbn
5. Commencing at a-post plante 1 at the-. *A'
corner, about 40 chains north   from   ih-   H    W.
oornor ol location No i. thence n.Tiii v> t-batasi
thOBOOOaai lfiO chains, ihence   ���'���uth   ���*'* chains,
tlitin-f   west ISO  chains   to  point of  coiiiim_*nce*
ment, containing fito acres
December ith. l'.srr J   *     l��-.*i:s.
6. Conimciiciii-; ��t a p.,**t planted at the H. W
corner al-out 40 cbaini north from the H W.
corner of location   No.,'.. thence nnrth 40 chains.
iboBsesasat lfi-i chain*, ���.'.*���-���,��� ���-.. .n, i., -.-.,.:,.
tbenoe weft uio ebains. ti^flolnt of ���noinmence-
ment. containinK ivw acres
Doeoisbai 4th, iwi J  0, i ���,���.-.-���.
T, ''ommcncinic at a post planted at lhe N W.
Oprnor and adjolninif the N   K   corner of lot 2H'.to,
thonos seal  m obalna, tbonca south 10 chain**
UloaOSOaat  4n  ctiatti*.   Ihence  aoiitti   -lOchstli*-
ibonca want 10abalnsi tbanoa norih ion ehalnp
to p-iint of oommonoaoiont, oontalninj fit" acres
I-ieeemiMir 4th. W   K   RbO a
8. Commencing at a tKist planted at lhe N. W
corner, altout 'tof A mile in a southwestern
direction from the nniitb fork of Salmon river,
and about TW mllea from tbe month, tbcuci
south tvi chains, thenee east 40 chains, thence
north lVichatns, thence west io chains io point
of commencement, con tain ina &lo acres.
December Mh, 1W1. K   J. Kkooh.
Nelaon l*and District. District of Wesl Kooteuay
Take notice that VV. A Hudson, of Hpok.anc
Wpihlngton, f HA. occupation tlmt��er cruiser,
Intend to at-plv (or a special timber LlOOSOi OTOf
tbe folio a i rn* 'lescrl-kM'd lands: -Tomme niing at
a post piatited on the north bank of Corn creek,
at the jiiii'iioii of lhe north fork of Corn creek
with the main stream, about five miles ln a
westerly direction from the conil uence of aal'i
('orn creek with lhe Kooteuay river, thene
norih ��0 chains tbeuce weat let) cbalua, tbeuc
������������������������������������������������������������A ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������* j-
| Dry  Goods,  Millinery and
I Fancy Goods Safe Still On_
We are selling all lines ol Winter Stock irrespective of
prices or cost as our policy is not to carry over goods from
season to season.
in Infants' Wear, Children's Dresses, Flannels
and Underwear.
in Ladies' Coats, Skirts,
Waists, Underwear and
Night Robes.
A. A
Odds and  Ends from Each Department
No. *,
arltia I
���01, ���
iFred Irvine & Co'yl
���o ith 40 chains,   thence eaat IfiO enalna to point
ii   i i.mm'tic.tneiit, containing 640 acrei, more or
Dated NoveraI>er 7tb, 1907.
William A. Hr-haon.
Nelson I-and Dls'rlct. District of Weat Kootenay
Take notSeo that I. L W Shaver, Intend U> apply for a special llcfnce to cut and carry away
timber fmm M*'acren of land: Commencing at
a post marked L. V\ Hhaver, northwest corner
thence eighty rhalns south, thenro eighty
chains ea*-t, thence eighty chains north, thence
eighty chains west to place ol beginning. SOS*
tatnlng filo acres, more or less, ami tut and adjacent Ui timtier licence ��� ..'.���* und also south
and adjacent to timber licence No KjOjEI, and also
"outh and adjacent to P A.tiharer iimb-T limit
No 1
Dated   November 21st, r.k/7.
I.. W. MiuiH. locator,
A. __n_St-Ti agent.
Put. riMlon of one   week   within   which   to  ad-
veriise   granted.     Harrv   Wright,   Ata't.   Com
miasioner of I-and and Works.
Nelson Usttd District.   District ol West Koolenay
Take DOttSS that 1. T. L. I>ogan, of Bonuers
Ferry, Idaho. OOonpallOO patuler. Intend to apply for a special timber licence over the following deacrlbed lands: Commencing at a poit
Planted at the southeast Corner of Urn tier
licence No. t-MW, theuce east-SO chains, thence
no'th no chains, thenoe west HO chains, thence
south 80 chalna to point of oommencement,
cor.tainlng MO acre*., more or leia.
Dated November ,-Ut. 1907. T. L  Loom,
COLIN Smith, ag. ut
Nelson Dand Dlsiriel.   Dlitrlct of Wesl Kootenay
Take   notlci*   that   I, Charles   Dutcher, intend
to apply for a fu.edal timber licence, to cut and
carry away timber from 6*W acres of land     _*__.*
meiiclng at No  ]   post about I.' miles west of the
Kootenay rlvar, on the north t-lde of ."Boundary
creek' ami north, and adjacent lo timber licenses
r��*.   ,, .-1 ..i,��    mile   north   of  the International
boundary   line: commencing al a post   mark-d
I'lmrles   Dutcher'p. southwesi  corner,  thence W)
chains   north,   tlieiiceHO chains east,   thence HO
chains south, thence ku chains west to the place
ot iH'Klunlug, coiihtlulng 610 acres, more or totn
Loea'ed November IHlll. 11*17.
i  ii ���, rr ��:-   1" i' iikii.   I^.cator.
No.'/, ('ommencing at a post marked i harles
Duicher'H southeast eorner, thenee ho chains
north, thence Hit chains west, theuee MO chains
south, thetice -HO chains eaat to the place of beginning, and west and adjacent to uumlter one
timber limit, aud containing 640 acres, more or
Located November lHlh, 1907.
i'maki.l" iinciiKii. Ix>cator.
No. a Commeuclng at a post marked Charlea
Dutcher's northwoat corner aud about 16 miles
we-t of the Koolenay river on tbe north ride oi
Houndary creek and uorth and aaiaeetit u* llmlter liooneo 16660. ihence aouth ho ,-iiaii^-. theuce
ear-t Hit chains, tbeuce north Hn chains, thenoe
west HO chalni to the place of beginning, containing 640 acrei, more or leaa.
i.o,--iH',l November IHth, I'"���'/.
''h*hi h- DirTGHBa, Ijoci, .,r.
No. 4. Commencing at a post marked <-l> - rlea
I>utcber's  uortbasat   comer,  tbence aouta SO
chains,   tb.-ncc   welt SO chains,   thence   iioriti to
chains, thence east SO chalus to the place of bo-
giunlng, containing 640 acres, more or less
Locate*] November IHth. 19U7.
i'iuksi. In villi', IxKalor.
No. 6. commencing at a post marked Charles
Dutcher'i southeast corner, ihence 80 chain*
north, thenee HO chalna west, thence ho chain*,
���outh. thence HO chalna east to the place of beginning, containing 'in. acres, more or less.
I ocaici November IHth, 19o7
("har: ki DimsUS, laocator.
No 6 Commencing at a post marked (harles
Du'cber's aouthweat corner, thenee north >*o
chains, thence easi HO chains, thence south 80
chalni, thence west Ho rbafna to lhe plac* of be
ginning,   conainlng 640 agios, more or less.
I-n at'd November IHth, 1WI.
i  ��iii;i.  PCTI MRU, laocator.
No  in.    Waat fork. File creek.
Nelaon I-and District    Uistii.-i of West Kootenay
Take notice that I. Joaeph Patrick, of Kelson"
B C, mMMi-patlou lumberman. Intend to applv
for a apeclal timbei lleeuuo oTSr the fullowitiJE
descrlfMXl lauds: Commencing ai a post planted
Bt>out& mllei up tha west fork ot Kile OTStk,
and about 10 chains from the bank of said weat
fork, and marked Joseph I'atrick'i H. �� corner,
theuce west 80 chains, thence norih 80 chains,
Ihencf east 80 chain*, theuce south 80 chain* to
point of "oinmeucemeut, containing 640 seres,
more or leaa.
Dated December Mh. I9-i".     Josri-h 1'athii k,
I. J. LOCI���, agent.
No. 14.    West fork. Fife creek.
Nelaon Laud District    Dlslrlct of W. m Kootenav
Take notice that Joseph I'strlck, of NalaOo.
H 0 , ,"ciiiiaii"]i linnt.'i mini, iiiteuds to apply
lor a special timber  licentr "     * "     r
You can laaiy n  lllnrraa Krull   lUina la   In   tha*  la'Kt   fruit   Kr<i��in*--   all."     SfJ,
In   llrlt 1st,   OolambU   by   pajrtDJ  HO dollars down anal $10 pt-r m< 1.      jsrm,'
Bran as u Investmeni this ih wont,  si.i.-��� .,��� i..,��� *****
Krult  l-anal haa tral.lial l��� value within tho year.    What will lt <!,. mil ll]L' j,
yt-ar? ���
r-- J-1
WAKD htpi :i:isurebi
:i-,��4 ��-*���      siAr-ri
B.K. e
00 uu
deacrlbed lauds: Commencing nt a por-t pi
about two chalni distant, nnd in au easterly
direction from location No. 13 am) niHrked
Joaepb Patrick's N. fc. corner, thetice south ho
chalni, thence west HO chain*, theuee norih ho
ebalna, theuce eaat 80 chain* lo point of com-
mencemeui, containing mu acres, more or lesa.
Dated DeStmber .'.th, 1907.      .!-,- ki m I'athkk,
1   J. Ll-CU   agent.
No  If��.    Weat fork. Fife creek.
Nelaon Laud District    Dlst r'.ct of West Knop*n ny
Take notice that I. Joseph Patrick, of Nelr-on,
B. C��� oceuutlon lumberman, lutond lo apply
for a apeclrl Umber licence over lhe following
deaerllwd lands: Commencing al n post planted
about *i chains distant antl IS S westerly direction from the west fork of Fife creek and aboul
S mile* from mouth of creek, and marled Joseph
Patrick's H l. corner, thence wesl n," chains,
lhenoe uorlh 40 cIihIiis,   thein-e  east imi chains.
tbenca aoulh 40 chains to -Minn of oosunsnss-
ment. coutalniuK ' i" acres, more or le-s.
Dated D��oember6th, 1907.      Joski-h Patkick,
1. J, Lucu, agent.
No  18.    Htevena creek.
Nelion Land District    Dint rial of West Kootenay
Take nollce that 1, Joseph Patrick, ol Neisou,
11 C, occupation luinhera.au. intend to applv
for a it>e��ial timber licence over the follnwinv
deacitbed lands: t omuiunclug at a iiost plauted
bbontOM mile* up Hlevcus creek and lu a N. K,
-iiM'cii.,11 from mouth of Creek, and markcl
Joseph Patrick's N K corner, thence south He
chalua, thence weat 80 chain*, thunce mirth BO
chain* , thence eaat 80 chain* i��� tne point ol
commenevmeut, containing 610 acres, DOfS or
Dated December Srd, 1907.     Joaaru Patkick,
X. J. Ldcu, Agent.
Lumber, Shingless
AND DEALERS IN   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Lath, Mouldings, Doora, Window -S-Igg
Mt,    I
IiirncU Work and ItrnckctN.
Mall Onl*��ra |>romptly Attend^
M.I.NI1N.  it. o.
,Vo. 17.   Hlivuim creek
Neisou UUl-d District    District ol West kootc.ay
Take notice that I. Joseph Patrick. ol Nelson.
B. G . occupation liinil*erman intend to apply
for a special umber licence over the f. Ihming
described binds : Coin mi mi iik at a post planted
about I mile In an easterly illreclloti from the
mouth of Steven* cieek, where it emptlol Into
Cariboo lake, and market) JoM-pli I'hUi- k'a H W
corner, Ihence north **" etiaitis. ibeme aaat SO
chains, thence   south mi  < halux,   thence   wesl HO
'im nt,   eontalnlii-/
JOSKI'H  Pathick,
l.i'i ia, ag< nt
halns Ui   point   of eominei]'1
(���40 acres, nmre or lev-.
Dated Dooembor Snd. ISOf.
I. J.
Nn IH    BISVSSI creek.
Nelson Laud District. Dlslrlctor West Koolenay
Take notice tbat 1. Joseph Patrick, of Nt Ison,
H. c. occupation lu-mhcrtnaii. hi lend to apply
lora-Special Umbel licence over lhe following
���i' ������ i ,lt -. lauds : Commeiiiing al a poal plan led
aboul '> miles up Stevens rriHik, and about 40
chains mnilti from the bank of Ibe crick, an.1
marked Joseph PatHMti N K corner, tbanoa
soul!, -" chaim, the"' ������ wesl HO chalus, lhonos
north -HO chains, Ihenc, ast 00 cluiiiis lo p< lut of
cnmincnci'iticnl, couta. Mug Mo acres, more or
Dalcd December 2nd, 190*.    josrru Pathick,
i J. LtioiA, agent
No   19     Kteveti* creek
Nelion Land District     District nf Weat Kootenay
'tnke notice that !,   JoOSpfa   Patrp'k. of Nelson,
b  C , occupation   luinbeiinan, Intcml    lo apply
for a st-eclai liml-cr  licence over  the   following j
1,'scribcd lauds    Comnieutiuf at a poit planted *
abonl 6 mites up Htcvetis creek si I
IpOStiOD No '*��� .hi the ninth, and marl
Patrick* N W. corner, ihence aaal
Hume south Mo chains, ihelicea'-
ihence north Ho chains Ut point ol
in,-nl   i oiiliiliitug tini acies. mon	
UStSd   I ci . 'in her 'IM, IWI J-WRi H
I J. Lr�� ia, a
No.'JO     W09_ lofk, Klfe creek.
Nelson I - * District    District of *A   ll
Take notice thai I, Joseph Inn ���
R. C , occupation luml-ermau. lnt* ni
lor a spit Isl timlMT licence over tb<
deacrlbeil lauds: Commencing at �� I -
about 2 miles up the west fork it H.f-
about Jl i bain* north of the creek al
Joseph I'atiick's ���- i corner. Ibenr
chains Ihence west HUehalna, Ihi-iH'
chains, tbeuce eaat 80 chain* to l"'l
iiieuccim-nt. conialiilug 'do acres,  d <���
Dalcd Decern>M*r fith, 1907.      JoBRi i'
I J.LliriA. a
���O. 21      Wesl f, rk, of Klfe creek
Nelaou i i.m.i hut let.   DiNlrlctof W��t
'lake notice that l, Joseph Patrick.
B 0.| occupation luiul-ermau, Islam
fur n special umber lleenoe over Ih-
described Inuds: Conimenclng at a i"1
about 4 mi < - up tlie west fork of Y\U-
planted on the north bank of lhe ���*'<
marked JpSODn Patrick's N- K oorot
south HO cliains, theuce west 80 eh*-.--
north HO chains, tbence east BO chat'
of comiiieiieeiiient, toillalntng *M0 sen
Dated 1'comber 8th. 1907.    Joa" >' < The bally Canadian
You cannot <linu ou KROO LEC.S every day.    We furnish the
Beef,   Pork,    Mutton  and Veal
i ,f Also ,
Hams, Bacon and Lard
With all varieties of
Fresh and Smoked Fish
iu the market
Hlncemeat of Finest Ouality in glass aud wood.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
j  Kaslo, Rdsshiud     NELSON, B. C- Boundary
Bohemian Beer
The Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
d Dtsu i    .   District oi w.Ft Kootenay
���   Tabs uotlee that Fn d. J. riminium*-.   agent   for
Fsrod.J- Tasaar, oi Nc-.ni), o��cuja.ti,.u   wntch-
OUbar, intonida t<> .. i |.. - t,,r p,rmis-i"tt io pur-
ebasa tb�� foUowliu 'irwriln-l lan-1*: i ommen-
Ol_g at a post planied hIh.uI "J11 miles east ol
W-tlaoS ereOk. tbence i>> chains '���'���> mu easterly
dlroetlOO, JkOOCC .11 chains smith, thence 411
Ob���laat- a WOSterI > rlir.-, tmn, ih.-n.-i> ITl chains
nortb tO UM point 01 coin incm euu-n t. nilitiiililiiir
���*     ��� more or i--*-
Mvr.Soth, r��7.
ritaitan k  Iohk Tashir,
F J. * i w., ... Agent.
Dlsti,��� t District 01 West K*jotcnay
TafcS UOttaa th*. 1 Ytvt J. Samm< lis. agent n_r
A. A hsllard, ol 1 -o.-ior. i.ciupatlon rancher.
lnteoda to Sappl v f,.i i^-nmssioii to purchase the
following SSSCrit"-I lands: lomuo uciug at a
���OOt plaat-S ���' 1   - imb-seasl ol W Haon creek.
tbaatoaatr-al���Tr*"-' ��� naln*- n,- iki- nurthwe-<i A)
pball���,tbsaai nor iti-ifi -""chaiu-. theurs south
lOSt SO Cbalaa to lhe tlie point ol .-, .ninii-ili ciih ns
aoatalmlMSSacr' ���    re .M
DaUdHir.sn;,   is-7
-1     Jest* Mill*,. I'   Asj.Ea-.ns    ll A ..LA BI',
Agent 1    J   Hammoms.
itrlct.   Diatrict ol We^Cootenay
^��i W. A. Hudson, timber crni-er,
KokHin* county, Washington, oue
BPuteaof Amertea. intends to apply
r license over the followfug
ommeuclngat a 1 *���-���  uiarkeU
ine uorlh hank ol   Corn creek,
f   the Nortb fork of Corn creek
 kl   stream,   about   five   mile-,   iu a
waoteii-rSlraeil"!, tn-m ruMl'ii-m-i "! - ii * <<rn
srOOft -ttblbe Knail'THj nvm, tt > ti, - ii- >r- ti in
lhal la: <IS���01 " ""   < !>*��ii"-: them ���- fuiith   ti*
jlMlSi;   SMMf <n"t    '<*"  chaitit*  t>>  pini   nl  I'ulil-
��� unrawsnl. stiii'    '   "    ���������' ���>��� <������*���*��� m.*r��- 01 i<��.
Said   ISSO,   SdjOaii-   IIihIti    limit    No   "   oil   the
���real and timber iinii:  No s on the south, as Io-
row Ukc, tm Mosi-uito Creek) and '21 chains 76
links aouth of the N W. C. of said lot, ruun ng
thence weat ho chalni*, Ihence south SO chains,
thence east H chaius, thence north WJ chalus to
place of commencement, coutaiuing 640 acres,
more or leaa.
* hah: k.- MarmiaLI.,
Agent  for  Hugo Carsteus.
Date-i SB December 1*17.
Nelson I-and Districi. District ol West Kootenay
Take notice tbat Tina it. rz-r-BU, of Altnna.
���Man . dCOOpatlon wife nl O. Bergman, farmer,
Altona. Man , intends to apply for permission to
purchase the following descrtbeil land :
Commencing at a post planted at the *"   K. C.
Ot Hugo cars tens' application -to purcb-e and
running thence wattSO chains  thence       rth ��0
chain*, theuee   east   40 chaius.   tbeuce       mth   H
��� I.K-i:- .'..   litika, thence  east  40  c* aim.,   .hence
aouth 71 chains 76 links to point  ol  commenee-
meul, coutaiuing 607 acres more or leaa
' n��Rli.�� M Ai-.-ii ��: i.
Agent   for   iiua   Bergman.
Da KM 23 December IW,.
elson Land District     DliMrlct of West Kootenay.
Takenotfeethat LsTiOoom 1'ayne. ol Naedlas.
B. C., occupation rancher, lnteiola to apply lor
permission to purchase ihe following descrfbe-d
lands: Commencing at a pont planted about 1',
etialus wesl of W hatohau creek and -.3 si 4 chains
���outh of ihe southwest corner of Lot No- 8-MS
ruunin*- thence north MO chains, thence went HO
chains, theuce south UttfS chalus, thence east
22 !*HH ehalns. thence aouth 67 Mb ehalns, theuce
���74ltt chalus east to point of commencement
containing 4H1 acres, now surveyed aa lot KIM
Date.] -ih January, i fto   1 i.s 1 <<iobuk Paynk
i ���"-.   )
MJ*��ml-r7, iwi.
Win ian A  HrpMiN, Locator.
\%y YaO. :ch c   ft li lilt*
HsilslSst Sod  signc'l t>\  Ho- vMiliin named   W
i. B-odaoat sn   ':���    - "���*  "'  >������ A   h
1 it  Spokane.   Spokane   Couuiv,
leof the Culte-l s**tatesof America.
PASSU k t:   B���IMS,
��� fatSOS iASd District.   1'iMin'i ot ��� est kootenay
TokO-OttCi   C-al   UhU-Uh i'l.t-'-,    f Sirassl-urg,
"^^Siarried   woman.   Inteuds   to  apply
On   tcs   purchase  the   following   des
 p   Commrucing at a post planted at
rltS tSlorSSStb'i. '���' I!l" I'"'!' t'.'ini lary ol I."'
S.aad the - *.*-t b.oiii.iar* -.1 Lot So mm,
b��nc�� aaat ft* < iisln*. more ,.r ;.������***. to tin- north
���at oornor ol inniH-r Limit %o. ;i-:i, tiu-mr
tortb SBcbalus, vto-n-e -..est .-"chain*-, more or
a*8. tO tbeeosi side ot -AhatMiall lake, thenee
allowiog aan . ni ��� - 'UitM-rU and westerly
agsOCtloM tO*-' liiallis, more i-r less to lhe inter
aettoS) Wltli 1 "t slVi, 1 hence **, chains, more or
Mt. tOllOWli'a v-a'S'Si' 1���>i.iidary ot L;it sl-v to
""   linen.' ii'ci.t
U�� 10K r, 1S07.        lHAREt i��� PiSHcl.
F  -tl. FAfycisR. a fans,
1 District.    District.11 West K. oou-unj
|   lhat    Alexauder    J      McCool,  ol
occupation eh-rk, intends to apply
11   to   purchase  the   billowing   ties
Commencing al a post plained on
boundary  ot H   c bouthern   Rail-
ray.   about  one  and   a  half  111 lies,
the   northwest  curlier  ol lot .cji-3,
euay.     theuee   south   No  chaius,
chains, tin uce   iiolth  K<i i Ii.iIiih Io
1,lary of said  right of wa-,   IbaSQS
along sal*)  snuihern  boundary to
point   Of 'Steint'iii t incut,    and   coutaltiing  COO
an*, mora01     -
Dated Noran      1   -      : -
Al-IXAKtlKtt   .1     Mi *'.M.l
KOlSOD I-aOd t>)stn< I     i-.miki ol VS est Kootenaj
      Take notice th���i t    I'   > unleti, acting as agent
��� or J  11  Burden   <>f  r,.ki,,n.  n   it. ... copatiou
aechanic, Istends   t<>  applv   lor   permission   to
1  : surphasa tba loiioM iiu- .P-int-ci  lands,   turn-
iflvnclng at a posi planted on the  easterly shore
ll Arsrow I aba and ahout   1 ������ ��� 1, ���. 11, - north of the
S, K. eorner Ol   bit   nu\.,,   thelic.'  easi   .M   chains,
gBSbeaoe oortb 40 ctiatn-. more ur lesa, to the lake
^(boie, tbence aoulh w. -x, ilv a Ion-* ihe Ukc shore
 To tbe -pointof (1.������"���'.nc. in.-ut,  nnd   containing
Ki astaa* mora or icai.
Ciraieu sWtrTi ���*" ''���" '������ ' *���''��� .'amv** H   to si.fn,
��� K. I*   BVHiigN, Agent,
NalSOS LSSd D: *��� 11 1 ��� t     IM-.tT l- I "! West K.-oteliay
TabO  SOllc     tb**'    .'"im    'sen*   Caioer.iii.   of
Kerala, Mbsli  t oIuiiiMh.   ��� ��� ' 'ip'-itiot.   , ontra,
1    yor,   lntaads    <<<    "ppty    '<,r   iktiuIssioii   1,,
purcbaaa tte followiu.-   i- ���  i.i-c.  i-ihi     < <>in
��� _lsDtnalS��   Sl   "    I""*'    poit'ti   I    on    the    southern
*   t>0_Bd-arV Ot   Of    "     <'���   Simlhiiu    mshl  "M��mv
abostaS-ebai'- u.-i. - j -.   f r * - ��� ��� th-n   *���   --""������
���M,��m"P     I       Ko'teillV.    II.ell.-e    S"'I|IHI
^^fce  east   4h  chalus.   ihence   tin lib An
Be  southern   boimdnty or the   said
thence westerly  along said   south.
y of right of way to  the  point
���      iideonlaltillig  WO acres, more
Nelaon LSJsy.lh-  ti.'t.   i'lsiiii 1 o| \\cst Kooicioiy
' Take   not|oatt'i,i-i.-i.i, sim.-m ,,( \.-. ���!.���������   11 c.,
un iipallon mc I ��� 1 intends I appl> for per
mission to ��nr.'hn-c the following described
laud; CowMsiicing ut ,1 post planted at the
- northwest SSTlor ,,( I-.H ~,t*Ml\, Ihclice wost III
chalus, tliem aouth Hu chalni. thence east 41)
Ohalna, lhenoe north no eliulns lo the point of
���immeocemeni. and ��� om,, hiiii-* Bmi acres, more
or leu
* atad ISlh Oclober. 1 ���"������.��� U-r- shikll,
Y  '.   Pa-DQUIBM, Agent
NalBOS Land District     (Mllrlci o| West  Koolenay
lake notice      ���:   Angn*  Menu, of the City ol
Nalaon. occupation ll reman, intends to applv for
|MflSJSSi_b-I*- purchHM' ihe lollowlng d-acrt-hod
~*' rasob ,  lu Fir
)  1 halns,  thene
gp) chains,  Ihence  south       t.rtjr  (4o
nds; Oonm.iii'iir ��t u pom phuii.-ii hi th
h. W. OOrSer L C Moirlon- rni.eli . in l"i
-Itsy* th. -ic. north foitj (Hi) 1 halns. them
���t S**tJ/ (40) ehulns. th.nce south rrty (4i
alns, ifisnoe ��csi i..iTi , m ;  chains ,-lnt o
West Kootenay Land District. District of Goat
Klver. ���
Take notice that I, George A. Hunt, of Kit.
cbener, occupation timoermau. intend u>
apply lor permission to purchaae the
following described lar t: Commeuclng at a
post planted about 40 c a ns. west ot Thompson
marked N. W . corner, t. uce south 10.3-* chains
thenos eaat 44.67 chains, thence north IjLSI
chalus, thence went along B. c Southern Kail-
way io pla*e of commencement, containing OS is
Date-i January 8th, IS1I6.        OSOSSS H. Uvsr
Notice Is hereby Riven that the Kln-
ney-.Miiler Cedar Company, an exlia pro-
vincial company duly registered, as
such, and authorised to carry on busl-
neas within the province of British Col-
umlia. and having its hcud offlce at
Creston. In the said proviaee, inauurac-
Hirers, have hy deed of assignment,
dated the Mth day of iX-cemner, L907,
assigned all its personal properly, real
estate, credits, and effects, which may
he seized and sold under execution to
me. Charles O. It-ulgi-rs. of Creston.
British Colombia, lumber inantifactiirer.
for ths general benefit of its creditors.
A meeting of the creditors will bs
held at the offlce of H. M. Macdonald,
barrister atlaw, corner linker and Stan
ley Streets, Nelson. B. C, at the hour of
three o'clock in the afternoon on Tuesday, the :tlst day of December. 11*07. for
the gtvim- of directions with reference
to the dlaposaj of the Bstate.
And funher take notice that all creditors are required on or before ths ISth
day of Deoember. 1907, to file win. me,
the assignee, full p.inicu ars of their
claims duly verified, and  ihe  nature of
ths security, if any. held hy them.
And notice is hereby given thut after
the 2Mb day  of  December,  1.H17.  1  will
proceed fo distribute the assets amouBBl
the creditors of whose debts or claims
I shall then hn..- received notice and I
will not be responsible f< r the assets.
or any part thereof, so distributed to
nny creditor of whose debt or claim I
shall  not  then have received nollce.
Dated at CrSStOD, B. C, Ihls Mth dav
of December. 1!����7.
If you want upholstering or cabinet
work for this spring get it done now.
We have some choice quarter cut oak
and will build you a pi-co of furniture
to your order at the price of factory
goods.    See us for second hand  goods.
Turner Boston Block. 606 Vernon Street.
Certificate  of Improvements.
alt  ,
-nmaseainfiii    m-i ><> 1 n 1 n���-   ore 1 iimitiil
"    d alsfSjtlSI.) acres      .noi.    ,,t   less
,1 ' ^fr- -1n1   ">r        AQnvt   Mi V*HI
Dlsirici.   imsti.'IoI West Ko-itanay
that Huso Carsicns, of Winnipeg,
tlon   publisher,  Intenda  to apply
D  to   purchase the   following de-
C at a post planted  on   the   west
4271, (J. J, (about 6 mils* from Ar*
"Hed Point." ������Vernnmo," "flrectiwood Fractional,  reciiwood   nnd .lack   Pot fractional"
Mineral M-.nn* situate In the N'vlsoti Mining
pulsion o' West Kootenav   District.
Where lo- atad I Oh BSfflS t-re<'k above the
Poor in an Mine
Taae notice that I, Johu McLatchte, of the
til) ot Nelson ncttng as agent for ton* P.Hwed-
����*rg. free Miner's Certlflcati- No H7476 and
Oscar Johnson free Miner's OaHtfleat* No M2H,
1U' nd list] day* from the date hereof to apply to the Klnlni KeciriP-r lor CerllllcaU'S of
DnprnvemeiiU. for the purp su ���f ,,11, inlng
Cr.iwti Oranls of the above clnlma,
And f'ttther tale notice that action, under
Section ;t7, m"��i he commence,) bafora the ts*
mai.e,' of such ''ertlflcates of Improvemunts.
i   ,i-d tti la J7iuday;ol Hcnuinber, *- D-, 1B07.
JOHN McLATL'ii 111.
Eleventh Annual
Winter Carnival
From   Tuesday    Night
Until    Saturday    Night
Rossland    Carnival
FEB. 4 to 8
For information apply to
A.  b. MacKENZIE,
Secietary and General Manager.
Championship of V.   C.
Miam j.K.n-!,   p of Canada
Championship ol B   C.
Chsmpioualalp ol ,he  Province
Conference of Representatives of States
Meet to Discuss the National
Itoston, Jan. IS.���Delt-sates from nearly every state and territory of the union
filled Fancuil Hall this morning when
Gen. Charles Dick of Ohio called to
order the tenth annual convention of
the National Guard Association of the
United States. The business of the opening session was chiefly of a routine
character, including the exchange of
greetings and the appointment of committees.
The convention, which will remain in
session three days, will discuss the most
important legislation since the enactment of the Dick law five years a&o. A
meeting of the executive committee of
the association was held in Washington
recently with Acting Secretary of War
Oliver and members of the general staff,
at which the provisions of a bill were
agreed upon which will take the place
of the Dick act. It Is a very comprehensive measure and is believed by its
authors to obviate many of the difficulties which have heretofore prevented
the militia from complying with the requirements of tbe Dick act as to conformation.
Among the important modifications
suggested is one allowing each organized division of the militia one inspector of small arms practice with the rank
of lieutenant-colonel; each brigade, one
with rank of major; each regiment of
infantry or cavalry, one with ihe rank
of captain, and each separate battalion
or squadron, one with the rank of first
The president is to be empowered to
Specify In his call the period of service.
when the organized militia is called into service to repel invasion or suppress
insurrection, anil the mill-S shall be so
called into service in advance of auy
volunteer lorce which il may be determined to raise.
Another important changed section is
in section 'I, which now directs that
1 uurt-s-niartial for the trial of officers
and men of the militia, when in service
Of the I'nited Stales shall be composed
uf militia officers only. This Is to be
amended BO as to make it read "the
niiijnrity members.Up*1 of such courts-
1uurti.1l shall be composed of militia officers.
Probably the most Important change
suggested is in section 18, which now
empowers the secretary of war to issue
standard magazine guns, bayonets, etc.,
to arm the militia as Uie army Is armed.
It Is proposed fo amend this section by
authorizing the secretary of war to
isi-m* from time to Ume "under such
regulations as he may prescribe, such
Dumber Of the I'nlted Slates service
arms and all accessories and other accoutrement h. equipments, uniforms,
clothing, equipage and military stores
of all kinds required for the army of the
(J&lted BtatflS as are necessary to arm.
uniform and equip all the organised
militia in the several States, territories
and the District of Columbia. In accordance with the requirements of Ihls act,
wlthoul charging s_s cost or value there-
A. M. Can. So*. C. B.
Mining Work ��� Specialty.
Olllce:   Room   10.   K.-W.-C.  111k. . P.   O.
lla.S     434.
Baker  St.,  N.l.on.  B.  C.
Geo.  P.  Player
Office  Room  No. 2,  ELLIOT     BLOCK.
of against   the allotment  of said  state,
etc., or  requiring  payment therefor."
It is expected the convention will
adopt a resolution asking the present
(congress to appropriate the sum of $5,-
0011,000 for the purpose of arming,
equipping and training the National
Guard. At the present time the appropriation Is $2,000,000 a year, which
it Is declared is totally inadequate. The
convention will also go on record as opposing the effort of the War College to
have congress so amend the Dick law
that it will be possible to send state
troops outside of the United States for
military duty.
Zola Statue Dedicated.
Paris, Jan. 13.���The statue of Emile
Zola recently erected in the Palace
Dauphine, was dedicated toduy with interesting ceremonies. The date for the
dedication was appropriately chosen,
this being the tenth annversary of the
day on which Zola's open letter to the
president of the Republic, entitled
"J'accuse," appeared. The statue was
begun by Constant In Mounter and-'finish-
ed Alexandre Charpentier, after the
death of Meunier. The pedestal upon
which the statue stands bears several
handsome bas-reliefs, the principal one
representing the scene In the Cour
d'Assises at the time of the sensational
Dreyfus hearing.
To Whom it May Concern:
Take notice that J. L. Warner is not
now and has not been since the ISth
day of November last employed by or
In any way connected with the Hradley
Engineering and Machinery Co. of
Spokane, Washington.
Cancellation of Reserve.
Notli-t. l* herchy i*!veil that the reM-rve over
crrtMin loads Ul south-Kant Kootenay. iiotlre of
whleh i.i'\,.irc. iu the Hrllloh Columtiia Gazette
nl the Uth of AiiRUnt. 18-W and bun- .late of Au-
Kiit-t 1'Jih. 18**, i" he rt-1, j- ranee I led lhe i-hove
tueiitiinie.l IhihIn will be open for location umler
the Land Act ou March :��, 1908.
Deputy i n!;im;"ii'iirr of I.uiul- uml Works
Landi aud \\'ork�� Popart���M&t,
Vletorla, B- 0., December 16th, 1907.
No. 310.
"COMPANIES    ACT.   1897."
I hereby certify that the "Falls Creek
Copper Mining Company. Limited," has
this day been registered as an Extra-
Provincial Company under the "Companies Act, lSt-7," to carry out or effect all or any of the objects of the
Company to which the legislative authority of the Legislature of liritish Columbia extends.
The head office of the Company Is situate at the City of Spokane, State of
Washington,   V.  S.  A.
The amount of the capital of the
Company is one million five hundred
thousand dollars, divided into one million five hundred thousand shares of
one  dollar  each.
The head office of the Company In
Ihls Province is situate at Nelson, and
Michael C. Monaghan, Miner, whose
address Is the same, Is the attorney
for the Company.
The time of the existence of this Company Is fifty years from the Ifith March.
The Company is specially limited un
der section   66  of the  above  Act.
Given Under my hand and seal of office at Victoria, Province of Miitlsh Columbia, this IBth day of May, one
thousand  nine  hundred  nnd  seven.
[L.S.] S. Y.   WOOTON.
Registrar of Joint   Stock  Companies.
The objects for which the Company
has been established and registered are
restricted to acquiring, managing, developing, working and selling mines, mineral claims and mining properties, and
the winning, getting, treating, refining
and marketing of mineral therefrom
and   are: ���
(1.) To obtain by purchase, lease,
hire, discovery, locution or otherwise,
and  hold  within  the   Province  of Bri
tish Columbia mints, mineral claims,
mineral leases, prospects, mining lands
and mining rights of every description,
and to work, develop, operate and turn
the same to account, and to sell or
otherwise dispose of the same or any
of them, or any interest therein:
(2.) To dig for, raise, crush, wash,
smelt, assay, analyze, reduce, amalgamate and otherwise treat gold, silver,
copper, lead ores or deposits and other
minerals and metallic substances and
compounds of all kinds, whether belonging to the Company or not, and to render the Bame merchantable, and to buy.
sell and deal In the same, or any of
(3.) To carry on the business of a
mining, smelting, milling and refining
company in all or any of Its branches:
(4.) To acquire by purchase, lease,
hire, exchange or otherwise, such timber landg or leases, timber claims,
licences to cut timber, surface rights
and rights-of-way. water rights and privileges, mills, factories, furnaces,
for smelting and treating ores
and refining metals, buildings, machinery, plant, and other real or personal
property as may he necessary for or
conducive to the proper carrying out
of  the  objects  of  the Company:
(5.) To constuct, maintain, alter,
make, vork and operate on the property of the Company, or on property
controlled hy the Company, any canals,
trails, roads, ways, tramways, bridges,
and reservoirs, dams, flumes, race ami
other ways, water-course, aqueducts,
wells, wharves, piers, furnaces, sawmills, crushing works, smelting works,
concentrating works, hydraulic works,
electrical works and appliances, warehouses, buildings, machinery, plant,
stores, and other works and conveniences which may seem conducive to
any of the objpects of tiie Company.
and. with the consent of the shareholders In general meeting, to contribute to,
subsidise or otherwise aid or take part
In any such operations though construe
ted and maintained by any other company or persons outside of the property
of the Company, and to huy. sell, manu
fact tire and deal in all kinds of goods,
stores, implements, provisions, chattels
and effects required by the Company
or its workmen and servants:
(6.) To build, acquire, own. charter.
navigate and use steam and other vessels for the purpose of the Company:
(7.) To take, acquire, and hold as the
consideration for ores, metals or minerals sold or otherwise disposed of, or
for goods supplied or for work done
by contract or otherwise, shares, deben
tures, bonds or other securities of or in
any other company th*objects of which
are restricted as herein aforesaid, and
to sell or otherv.ise dispose of the
(8.) To enter Into any agreement for
sharing profits, union of Interests or cooperation with nny other person or company carrying on or about to carry on
any business or transaction which a
company specially limited under section
56 or the "Companies Act, 1897."of Hritish Columbia, Is authorised to carry on:
(9.) To purchase or otherwise acquire
and undertake all or any of the assets,
business, property, privileges, contracts,
rights, obligations and liabilities of any
person or company carrying on any
part of the business? which a company
specially limited under Section 56 of
the "Companies Act. 1897." of British
Columbia. Is authorised to carry on. or
possessed of property suitable for the
purposes thereof:
(10.) To borrow or raise money for
the purpose of the Company, but so
that the amount so borrowed or raised
shall not, without the saucUon of a
general meeting of the Company, exceed one-quarter of the amount of the
paid-up      capital       Tor the time
heing, and for the purpose of
securing such money and Interest or for
any other purpose to mortgage or
charge the undertaking or all or any
part of the property of the Company,
present or afler acquired, nnd to create.
issue, make.draw, accept und negotiate
perpetual or redeemable debentures or
debenfure stock, promissory notes, bills
of exchange, bills of lading, warrants,
obligations, and other negotiable and
transferable instruments:
(11.) To distribute any of the property of the Company umong the members
in specie:
12.) To Bell, improve, mnnage. do-
velop, exchange, lease, mortgage, dispose of, turn to account or otherwise
deal with the undertaking or the whole
or any part of the property and rights
of the Company, with power to accept
as the consideration nny shares, stocks
or obligations of any company the op
jects of which are restricted under
Section 56 nf the "Companies Act,
1S97." of liritish Columbia:
(13.) To do all such other things as
are Incidental or conducive to tho attainment of the foregoing objects.
We have lor rent the office in the
Mara Block over the Roya! liank, lately
occupied  by Mr. E. A. Crease.
A great many sales have been made of lots In this charming suburb
of Nelson aud only a few best   lots are left.
If yoti want Good Land
MeDermid St, McHardv
CAPITAL,   $23,000.00  In  25,003   (hare*
of 910.00 each.
MANAGER, Croiler W. Bourke.
OFFICE, No. 322 Baker St. (Croasdalle
& Co.)
SEE the cement blocks displayed In the
Standard   Furniture   Co.'s   window.
APPLICATIONS for stock are Invited.
PARTICULARS and fonas of Application may be obtained at the Company's offlce, or from H. A. Stewart,
Solicitor. Nelson. B. C.
this winter.     Sulphur  Springs  and  unexcelled accommodations.     Rates  $2.50
per day and up.
Correspondence Invited and cheerfully  answered.
Call on or write
K. J. 0OYL.K, J. MOK,
A.d.P.A.,.V��ni?ouTor. D P.A.. MMmb
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
Tremont House
*   Isranai aad Ajawteu nas
"���sl, >' a-u.   .Booma Inn* > ��*. ta U.
our wait* Hup cspioraa
a*��.r St.. Nairn,
Most consfurtstalc aiaasruars      Nelaon
Only Ul* beat ofUqaora aad ..l.srs
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refur-
niabed. Booma GO cents upward The
dining reom Is unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
J   A. ER1CKSON. Proprietor
Telephone, 260.   Opposite Court Houa*
and Poatofflce. Nelaon. B. C.
Queen's Hotel
Bakar street. Nelion. B.C. ._
Lara,   and   Comfortable   Bedrooms .nd Urates* Dtalnt -Room.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE,  Proprletreaa.
Bartlett   House
-Best Do_r-a-Day House in Nelson.
Th. Bar a. th. flaaoat.
White Help Only Employed
Royal Hotel
Bate* ��1 and ��1.R0 a Day.
Special Bate* to Bemlar Hoarders-
All Kinds nf Heating Plant* In Btock.
Vletorla 8L. Nr. Ooara House.     Tel. tal.
Contractor and
rVtio agent tor Hie Porto Kl��o Lum-ber Co., Ltd..
ratAil vKnin Hixifthand <ire-**t_*1 lumber, inrnao
work Mini tirHi'kft-*. .'on.ni iktti ���nd ��htug[*M, Maa
��� nrt rlrtor**. '*".*���*���**���-*"���, -orU-k and lime lor gala.
Automatic arlndar.
Yard and factory: Vernon 8... aaat ot Hall-.'
NBLSON, ��. e. Tne lteily Canadian
If  Your   Eyes  Trouble   You
We can give you perfect examintaon,   glasses  and   fittings at  moderate
..   prices  and  guarantee   satisfaction. '  | �� ��   ��J | �� |
We grind our own lenses. , ��� ;:
Watchmaker and Optician
MANUPACl L l-orsci
Bargains in all lines
of Dry Goods, Millinery  and  Ladies'
Sec Us
For Good Fruit Land
io Acre Blocks to 800
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Terms.
H. E. Ooadsdaile & <��
Next Door to Hank of Commerce.
$1.50 to $10.00.
Welcome Nugget Smoking
Queen Cigar Store
BUSH at MATT HEW. Prop*.
We have just received a shipment of Heiu/. Goods in following line.
14-oz.   Ilaatlle   Sour   Mixed    rickli-H.
H-oz.   Ilaatlle Bweet  Mlxaad   Pickles.
14-oz. rsotllo Gherkin* Pickles.
Pint Dottle Ketchup.
Telephone 161
3l*a*S*r.Tjl-*'ar*' . -~; -wsv*"*-ai}'.S7rB**.-
-'���" sMSfc5||Mw-��
..**-. .*- -t H.���,���*"*W~\.,��>        ;
,_:  ar.    Vernon .,,-., Ward   Streets
IN J:.S )*,. B.O,
A   McQueen, Victoria;   It.  II. I'arloy,
\. Keyflng, Winnipeg! J. C. brewry,
Moyie; A. C. Creelman, P. A. Brewer,
Vancouver; V. is. Eleurson, P. D, Me
Tavish, Calgary; A. W. Wright, il. rs
\\", i_: 1,t. ii. Campbell, Arrowhead; J. E.
Redman, Spokane; P. L. Tuft, Seymour;
v i: Sanders, Berlin; A. Berrl, Kaslo;
I-". Burnett, Toronto.
'si<a_fr **
|iH-l--P-'_*J.   ~��
Corner of Stanley and  Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Da;pot.
A. Webber, I{. .1. Sm&rdon, Vancouver;
.1. Qenelle, Cascade; Mrs. David, U,*s_-
land; J. M. Cameron, Grand Forks; P.
Jordan and wife and child, W, Manhart,
C. i-'. Qelser, A. Henderson, Spokane.
.Mis. i-: Oakley, c. ti. Woodward, A.
is. Peters, T. Davis, A. Joshepan, P.
Wilson, Spokane; J. Williams, Fernle;
.'. Mannery, Cranbrrok; A. P. Mitchell,
Vallej City; C. McDa.nald. H. Crook,
Rossland; .1. t'rook, Erie; F. A. Hart-
man, Vancouver; 1. Scott, Pentlcton;
M, Wright, Nakusp; C. Bell, Rosebery;
il C. Hastings and wife, salmo.
is. Coller, E  Campbell, Moyie; .1. C
lutchlson,  Revelstoke;   Miss I*'. Tarns,
C.   I-'.  Tarns   Marysvllle;   A.  A.  Sutton,
S.   MadlSOn,   Moyie;      A.   W.   SIulllis.
Crescent    Valley;    J.  Dtotte,    V. Roy,
iSura-ka min.-; s   Paaallna, L. Fromlnn,
Rossland;  W. II. Murphy, Nakusp.
W. Klry, .1. Adams, Moyie; F. Wil-
liiiuis. Rossland; U. Grey. Ainsworth;
T. George, Salmo,
K. G. Symm*, A. Tombs. Crescent Vul-
l��aV:  .1.  Fraser,  Frand  Forks;   w.  Wat.
iains. Prultvale.
I.-an ii:k   .......I bn*lna*a producers to writ*
M       ia.-iaraiaa-u    ���n   sll    kill,la.   a.f   live   Mock
lairaaliiM .lrtttli Iron, any .-.aaaa,-. larl'l.li Ama-na-Hia
.iv.- stool  Association,   Vanoouvtr, I,   a:.. a,r
w. i W.lk.r, Milan,. Bowl, Nalaon.
ANTKD   <)Mi.,.. H.k.r  stra-a-l   |tr���iiaiil (luaar
pi.-l.Trt-.l.    Mux In--, 0*D*dl*n,
S_.|\ BOOMED BOUSE, furnished or nnfurnuh-
a*'   , .1    Ap,,i> ,., j. Panoy, oorn*r Vsrnon anal
Joan-I'Maiaa atreaata.
II IINISIII.D   KOOM    ii,������|   location.     A.l.lr.M
II    I'aally a .aiiu.llaai
'1 Wa, HKMI
,1-a,,._,*.-* laa.aaajri. alesui taesuaal.    An-
,-��..��>,.,.. '*..a a>��,   ir   w   a*  a.l,���.t.
IOST-A   NUOCIKr   I'lN    at th*  lumberman'!
,    hall   la.t   algbt.     I'liaal.-r   ,,1.,-aBc'   return   ata
.lli.a-i.l BndMn'l Hay Klaaraj.
F. C. GRZEN       F. ?. BURDfcN A. H.GREE
C'vil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
F. 0. Box 145    I'haanr 2t.l B.
No toilet table Is complete withou   nn atomizer.    We keep nil varieties
al all juices.
Have you saen our new supply  of    HOT    WATER     BOTTLES    ANO
"If It's I" la.- liad In town we hav    II," Is a motto we have earned  lay
our Complete ami ii],-to-aiate slock.
Canada Drug & Book Co'y, Ltd.
Card of Thanks.
Mr. .1. c. Devlin, ami Mr and Mis* -I
O'Donnel) desire to express their sincere
thanks to their friends fur kind assist-
aiici1 ami sympathy in their recent bereavement.
Sisters   of   Pythias.
A meeting oT tht- above society will
Im- held* in the K. ul' 1'. hall tonight at
���S o'clock sharp, Installation of officers
takes place nt this meeting;, to he followed  hy a .social.
Metals and Stocks.
Silver made a marked advance today.
gaining nine points on the New York
market and S in London. Other metals
show little change. Local copper stocks
maintain last  week's gains.
Funeral of Mrs.  Devlin.
The funeral of Mrs. Devlin took place
yesterday afternoon from her late residence in Fairview, and was largely attended. Services were held at the
bouse hy Itev. J. T. Ferguson. Universal
sympathy Is expressed for the hereaved
husband and motherless children. Mrs.
Devlin's sister, Mrs. O' Donnell. will
look alter lhe chrfilren.
Kaslo Conservatives.
The Kaslo Conservative Association
have elected the following officers for
the ensuing year: lion. Pros., Hon. It.
Li.  Horden;   hull,  vieepres.,  Hon.  It.  Mr-
Bride; 2nd bon. vice. pres.. k. f. Green;
president, .las. Anderson; vice-president, Wm. Robb; Snd -rice-president, J.
G. Palmer; secretary-treasurer, O.Stra-
thearn.    Executive    committee:  A.   T.
Garland, O. B,  Desmond, .1. Wm. Cockle,
Eric Johnson, Alex Goldsmith, .1. W,
Power, C. H. Hounor, U Banna and J.
vl  . Hotter.
A Born  Englishman.
.1. Palmer Collins, who plays the part
of 'Laehlan Campbell" iu "The Honnie
Hriar Hush," is an Englishman with a
decidedly strong Cockney accent; yet
he could easily be mistaken for a Scotchman when he appears on the stage. He
was understudy for Stoddart in the part
for years, and naturally acquired much
of ihe accent of the veteran Scotch
at tor. Stoddart aud Collins are the only men who have ever played the pan
in Canada. The sole rights tor the production are owned by Messrs. Shipman
aud Colvin.
Gaol is Full.
i'rovinclal Constables Lorsch aud
1 lerehmer arrived from Fernie Saturday night with live prisoners, all i.��.n-
tenced by .Judge Wilson for theft. Th ��������-
of them will remain in the provincial
gaol at .Nelson. They are Hung Hung.
Chinese, BenU'nced for one year, and
Kdward Koss and George Lennar, 18
months each. The other two prisoners
are Frank Wilson and Charles Wood
who are sentenced to three years hi the
provincial penitentiary, for which they
will leave tonight. There are now 44
prisoners  In  the gaol.
A Good  House.
"The Honnie Hrier Hush,, company
concluded Its engagement Saturday
evening to a good house. The performance was equal to Hie one on the
first night which Is saying a great deal.
This is one of the best companies ever
seen lu Nelson, and It Is gratifying to
state that the patronage waa common
surate with the merit of the performance. William Colvin, who played the
part of "Posty," was pleased to meer
many old friends in Nelson, Robert Inland, tlie Piper, also renewed acqu&lo
tance with many friends he knew While
manager of the Highlanders in Toronto.
Death  of an  Old  Timer.
Patrick Sheinn this morning received
a telegram from Los Angeles announe
Ing the death of his brother Harry at
that place last Saturday. Deceased left
for Los Angeles two months ago In the
hops of regaining ���'*>��� l_*j  health.    He
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling [Alley
Hand: Mondny, TliurBilny, and Sntiir-
day evenings.
Ma.mines, afternoons and evening!,
without band, children 15c adults SSTac.
Including skates.
Evenings with band, except Baturday
evenliiKs, 40c, including skate*.
Saturday evening, band and special
attraction*, to 11 o'clock, 60c, In aimllntr
skates, spectator* 25c.
Sweet and Juicy
Oranges are better now  than  al   any
Other season   oT   the  year.
Appetizing,   delicious   healthy  food.
All Prices  25c   to  60c per
C. A. Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Bt*.
phoink 7
We have just passed into stock a very
handsome  line of .lardinieres.
In a rich deep brown, and rich tasteful decoration
7 inches high $1.65 each
8 inches high $2.25 each
9 inches high $2.95 each
10   inches high $3.90 each
12  inches high $6.00 each
In delicate light green shades, dainty
Mora! decorations, raised, in white and
lighi  tints.
7 inches  high $2.25  each
8 inches   high $2.95  each
9 inches   high $3.90 each
10 inches   high $4.95   each
Plain.   No   d*. co ration.   Four   different
7 inches high $1.75 each
8 inches high $2.75 each
9 inches high $3.50 each
10   inches high $4.75 each
The beauty of these Jardinieres can
only be adequately appreciated by seeing them.
They are displayed In our window for
a day or two.
We G. Thomson
^oSkh."*'"*   Nelson, B.C.
 Phons .-�����*���
Jobbing   promptly   attended   to.     Plans
s      and Kstiinates.
Apply 415  Hall St. Box 385.
INEUSOIM,     -     B. G*
Candidate for member of School  Board,
solicits your vote and support.
had been suffering from catarrh of the
stomach for some time, and all the skill
of the doctors was unable to accomplish
beneficial  results.    Henry Bher&n wan
well known lu Nelson, having been associated with the late Koht. Lemon in
several   bUSinesi   enterprises.     He   had
been Interested in several mining under*
takings, and was understood to In: In
good circumstances, lie had many
friends who will regret his dealh and
deeply sympathize with his family and
brother, He was born in IMcton, Out..
fifty years ago.
A   MoBt Successful   Year.
That the financial stringency has not
retarded the progress of the strong Canadian life assurance companies, Is evidenced by the statement just Issued by
ihe Imperial Life Assurance Company of
Canada. According to a despatch from
Toronto, during the year 1907, this progressive Institution Increased Us policies in force to over $21,300,000; its assets to over 18,880,000, and Its cash In
come to over $086,000* The new assurances applied foi- and policies revived amounted to over $4,000,000. Tho
average rate of Interest earned on Invest incuts for Ihe past year wiih 0.118
per cent. Perhaps the most noteworthy
feature of the report Is the fact lhat
nothwlthstaiidlng the large new business transacted durhTK the yeur. the expenses show a decrease of no less than
I per cent. The unexcelled record of
The Imperial Life and Its able und efficient management are receiving af the
hands of the Insuring publl the recog
nition they Justly merit. Messrs. MO-
Dermld & Mel lardy ure the Imperial
Life's district munugers ut Nelson*. Their
husincBs, it Is understood, for thy past
year has  been  most  satisfactory.
Wholesale and   t-U'tatl iH-alt-rt* ln
Fresh and Salted Meats
Gamps .supplied on nhortest notice and
lowest  price. Nothing but  fresh and
wholesome meats and Hupples kept in btock
Mail orders re-reiva careful attention.
E.   C.   TRAVES,   Manager.
******** *******************
FROM  $22.00  AND  UP.
'Standard Furniture Co :
Complete House Furnisher*.
Undertakers and  Embalrners.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Kootenay  Ice,   Fruit
Fuel Co.
N. C. co,. Baker   and   Ward   St..
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned huve submitted to the Lieu
tenant Governor-!n-Council a proposal
under the Kivers and Streams Act for
the clearing and removing obstructions-
from the Luhamel Cre. k (otherwise
known as Six Mile Creek I in the Dil
trlet or West Kootenay. Province ,,f
Hritish Columbia, and for making the
said creek Ht for rafting ami driving
thereon logs, timber and lumber, and
for erecting and maintaining dams on
the said creek, and for constructing
and maintaining booms for holding
sorting and delivering logs anil timber
thereon, and for attaching booms on
Kootenay Lake ut the month of said
The landB to he affected bv such work
are Lots 787. 788, 7601, 777.:, 1894, sill
and 8413 all In Group One, Kootenay
District, and other lands not CroWD
granted, occupied or improved.
The tolls proposed to be charged annuel, as mny he fixed by the Judge of
the County Court of West  Kootenay,
Dated the 28th day of October, l!��i7,
Rsal Estate Agent
31S   Baker   St.,   Nelson,   B. C.
NICKER80N, the Jewetery Manufacturer^ Agent will sell you goods from samples at 25 per cent. Icsh than regular
prices direct from the factories, In 8
daya from order. Kverylhlng ln the
line.    Order now.
Boy Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 to
$1500.     Let us show you
them.    Some extra snaps for '
investment or for a home.
ara.   .la,ill,l.   nppreclatc-tl.     We  ar.-
exhlbltlng u II ,i
fa,,- ilia- tollel table a,  tMBptln, ��� ,,
l '..rnl.s    ..ml   IIiuhI,,..-,.    I'lliT   Box,      i
Tiujs. Hal BSruahaa, Hand Mlrrori
The collection Ik remarkablj  ��� tun*
and attractive.
Jeweller  and Optician.
Mail   orderg   promptly   attended  to   1
WhoiUMHit:   l'rovU|,in��,
Produce, - Hrult.
Uov��n���ii��r,t Craaninaary One Pound Br'.rkB nawtvod wa���-kly fr���,h fro,,, ,
a'liurn      For Mila, l,y nil la.jialins; ({roca-m
Otllca* and wnri.hnnsaa: Boaaton Blodk,    Pnooe 79. I      0)
Josephine Street.        -        -        .        Nelson, B. C.
A   racliaroclly     of    (tied    WU
avirtii you a  Happy New  fear,
��� ��� I   >..���   wish    uh   lhe   _ania..'
��lal,   fair Holna-lliiiiK a-laia-. anal tt,.,
Ha. opportunity aaf pYorlns la -
exceptional ralnaa of oar Ready.
Bolt* and Orerooata.   l��� matail
���tyle, in and finish v., da i> ,
ii. n. and a,a,r new atiork Inoladi
aaf   aha-   va |-y   lala-Ht   and   IIL.^I   fa-.'
fabric* anal deatgn*. Tooll fa
money will bnj l..-t,.*r Ramd* �����
J. A.
S\V would Iik,. to Ha*,, nil our pulronHOomrortablc thla winter and lo c
no wc have in Htock tho beat aHSaart ed line of heating stoves nad c
re*  anal  rallies ever before presented to the public In Koolenay.
Waa would be pleased to show you our Una, nud before making I*
a.-au kindly bbo what we have to offer.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwa��
Company, Limited.
pre ine
y ester
Mr. I
Col an,
lnoe e,
the al
aa the
  waa a,
 ���  and bt
In the
,e rec
eal hi
Ull e,
be on
and tu
he no
ure li
Nel.on Bri*
���he lit
nd bt
nler oi
17. II
flth U
nd co
n the
He ofl
-I Brit
,r Tei
Ide ot
J* so*
We  carry  everything   in the
line of
From  40c. to $1 per Ib.
Choquette Bros*
Phone 2S8. THE  Uo to Date  Bakers
Allaiuia Creamery butter In sill,., 7 lb
anal  II  Hi   laliK-kH lit 87c fit poulaal.
For Sale at
Joy's Gash Grocery
Cor. .InRi'pbln,' nnal MIIIh Sib
,ere *
, Vlcl
u perl,
ie toi
Ir. W|
FilherlH. Almonds,  Walnuts,
Chestnuts,   Apple   Cider.  Nortr
apples, i.uMwin Apph'H, Tap
KfgH,   large   layer.   Cnllfornln
nnd M;i!;i.'..i Cinpus.
A large Msortxnso*.  of Xtno
Wholesale and retail ptioei per
S�� H. Seanej
I'hono lllla. raOUM, Haker^B *"
 NELSON. B. C _y,lt**l
I    aul nu
;   UHhed
i     nd toi
i.    / com
i the
Ion at
aat tl
nd op
n or I
)ld tli
u roce
af poll
���r of I
io uth
vaa In
all a ,
all ymir wunlu lit
WOLVERTON & Co j Wood-Vallance ^Hardware  Co']
��� AKEn   8T.
���JZ Wholes al* i
m=1AM.^ouaoi**i_tLL ;^_j^i
Ar;., .    UUX U


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