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The Daily Canadian Dec 17, 1907

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 ���   .....
What Will You
Have With It?
It i  l���.ttled at  the  Springs.
VoLt'MR 2.    No.  166
��atltj ��anabian
Will be delivered    every evening    at
your  door for
Fifty Cents a month
| Council Approves Payment to Company
I Short Meeting of City Fathers���Talk
on Account From Province and
Counter Claim.
Usl night's meeting of the city conn
I .: .,ii,y mi lui.ir     Tin* Chief l.ust-
I, the endorsement ol the ugreo-
|:;.i,- ,..i. a retalnlm tea to the Weat
iKooituay Power and Light oompany as
I,,]. Insurance against the temporary
I :   the  city's   Bingle   unit   plant.
I .    las     or     financial   relations
Isi'ii the provincial government arlaljMl
��� uu. of the water right due. owing b>
1 ..i.l ���! rears of rates for wuler
I ,1 to tin- city by the gOVtUfr
in. iS met at I wilh Mayor (111
put in th.  chair and Alderman Humo,
5 d   Irving   pri-Benl.     Aid.   Mc-
I , .;    Annable     aud     Aid.   Hone
li-aiiu in later. The minutes of the last
V. . iing and adjourned meeting
.aid adopted.
Tin- l&inoa committee reported a
Jiu:i.iRi 01 small payroll** which wan
.,-. and ordered paid.
H ...irn-ian R. A. Urown reported
,->.���.. ii~i.>i. of electric iigln to ad
klite.u A coal I&S.U.4H, assured revenue
!> i.i,   revenue   $6011.
On mull .ii   ol   Aid.   Hume   the   work
Bsaa ,11.1. :. .1
I ri.-rk reported thai a bill of
It. '.���:  might  be  ehaiK.d  ut  ��� ooimtar
... .unsi  ihe   provincial  govern*
, tj    clerk   stated    lhat   he    had
���lawn told bj ei Mayor Houslol. m 1900
III stand-oft" hud been agreed up..n
seen thi    ii* und lha provincial go*
.ii.ent  in  regard  to water rigl.i*-  and
���   1.1 ,1, to the gi.vernineui t_oea in
1 On motion of Aid. Hume tha el.is
I. ruoted to rail the attention ��i
In leal   agent   lo   tha   alleged
I .l.diug.
I .,     drew    attention to the
ll'.   i.l.iining  lee  agreed  upon  to the
I Kootenaj   Power  and   Ugln   com
I nformally  last   spring
I soma    discussion  Aid.   BekHM
Inoved that a written agreement  !"��� >'ti
Itered  Into with  the     West     Kootenaj
���Powi : and LiglH eonipany In nooornane.
|*itli    the    lei-ins  of th,-  verbal   under
���Handing ,.f SSlst Muv. lS.nT, the eiiy pay
|l "    pel   annum retaining fee for the
I ol inking power.
I   Tli. motion wns modified Into one In
I n..  tin-  mayor to carry oul   tha
I .in   referred  to.  '">d  was then
I   The  may or  reported  Hint  he hnd   no
llurthei ...iiiiiuinieaii..n  front tha  Una-
ICttalmers Bullock oompany.
I    li   \   Brown reported a request  from
I �� C  Hniiis for consent to ��� temporary
I ' Sown,   whleh   he   had   deellned    lo
1 1
Ba ..... s r,,r  Deoember wen-  passed
Council then  adjourned  to Dei Mm
5   A.   Paulson   Preparing   for  Bu.ine.s
Next Year at Kitchener.
i' K Paulsen, of Ktt���ener, is in tha
1  ���,M| _,lu remain here for a few days
I Hi is heavily internet** In lumber bual
"���     ami before very long will have ���
bl| Biiwuilll ut  Kllehener.    lie has now
���.ni; or men preparing (or ne*1 sea
hiii's operations.
Mi Paulion hus recently ninde n trip
aver lhe Crow's Nesl line and speaks
alibi; of business conditions whereevet
he flatted, At Colenian he found the
l"".lnellon  of  coul   Increasing   and   thi
""I* complaint was ��� shortage of oara.
In fact, prosperity i-elgus In every one
ol llie towns, and iib he puts ll hlmBolf.
and ull shops in Teheran are closed
and DO newspapers nave been published
Hearing in  Powder Trust Case.
Scranton.   Pa.,   Dec.    17.���The     first
hearing In tho gult  recently  instituted
by  the   tnl **atei  against  the  so-
called Ho*
-ume  up here  to-
ttfc.   iU   cum
told   States   circuit
plaint   the  governmenl
istence  of--  an agreement   or  -m, '
torn to monopolize interstate one Li
eign oonunerece in the shipment and
Hale or gunpowder and other trigs ex-
plushes. The defendants*-; include a
large number of fndividualB and corporations, 'the principal ones being the
Dupont companies, of Delewure. of
which Senator H. A. Dupont Is said to
be the head, au of the defendants
have filed answers declaring thai the}
have never entered Into any contracts
In restrain interstate commerce or to
drive out competition or to monopolise
the   trade.
Canadian Wheat Is Not
Wanted in Japan
Offioer Committed for Contempt.
New York. Dec. 17.���.Justice Iturr sentenced acting Police Captain Keupne
today to serve thirty day-**,' tt_pfttUfr
ment in King's county jail and pay a
fine of SUf-O Tor contempt in failure io
oliey a writ restraining him from taking
a Uertilllon record of Frank Jenkins recently indicted on chart-ess ol forgery
and lareenv
All Flour Looks -Alike to Them���
Two Cent Rate Opposed���Canada From Ocean to Ocean.
British Suffragettes Campaign of "Pestering   the   Public"   Goes  Merrily on.
London. Dec. 17.���Protests "against
the application of man-made laws to
women' were made in several I-*ond'*n
and provincial polios courts the results
heing in some instances noisy scenes
and the forcible ejection of the interrupters. The BSW campaign was com-
UH-nced on November H. when Mrs,
I'.illinglou-Greig and Miss Irene Miller
of the Women's Social and Political
I baton wire forcibly ejected from Bom
street police court.
When the first female prisoner appeared in the docket at the -Guildhall.
Mis*- Miller, who was wearing B brown
(ur coal and tOQue, rushed forward aud.
entering the inspector's box. protested
auaiust women heing tried by a court
constituted by men. The warrant officer ot the court and a sergeant ol police approached her and were dragging
tui our when AldeniKin Hanson said,
iWn't   handle   ber.     Now   lhal   she has
achieved ber object perhaps she will go
out quietly."
mi-s Miller, however, said she would
not budge a foot, and clutched hold of
the Inspectors chair and S glass partition. She continued her protest and had
eventually to be forciblv ejected
When s young woman stepped Into
the docket   at  the  Marylebone    police
court Mis. Emily I>iival. a member of
Ibe Women Free League, stood _p ai
the rear ol the court and exclaimed iu
a loud voice:
������Your Worship, I protest again.-' tins
Woman being tried by man made laws."
Mr PloWd-an called to the officers ,.f ihe
couit to "Take her out." but before they
could get near lo her Mrs. Duval continued   ''We have no part In making���"
"Take her out " again said Mr.  I'.ow-
"W�� have no part in making them."
shouted Mrs   Duval, 'Th. refore we will
DOl    obey    them"        She    then    Ml    ths
court. .   .     ...
Helore a case could be proceeded WltU
���t Marlborough street, a well dressed
suffragette rose from one ,.r the witneai
benches,  and  In  a   loud   voi
protest    against    this
charged    Ontil women ars voters un
h*.ve  no  right  to  be  judged  bv   you  at
Mr. Mead (the magistrate)
withdraw plenseT*'
The Buffragette    Wo.
Mr   Meade- Jusl  take  the lad
with as little foros as  possible.
The suffragette  wai led  away
,���ri by an officer, still shouting;
Ottawa. Dec. 17.���In a report to the
trade and commerce department. Canadian Trade Commissioner Preston lu
the Orient, say tiie wheal and Hour imports of Japan have increased more than
eight hundred per cent, in ten years,
and the trade is only in itsAfancy. At
present the Oriont is flooded with a
qualit y of flour for cooking purposes
that would probably not find sale in
any other part of the world, hut Japanese are under the impression that all
wheals are the same, that "flcur" is
flour. -Tntil this misconception disappears the Canadian article will not attain favor in the markets of the east.
Representatives of the Grand Trunk
and the C. P. It. have protested, to the
minister of railways against the principle embodied in W. F. MacLean's bill
in favor of two cents a mile on Canadian railways. It is claimed that the
proposal is to penalize railway companies at a lime when they are not able to
meat demands of shippers for -cars.
alternative for damages for the same
amount for conspiracy to defraud. It
appeared to the truBt company from the
evidence given before the Royal commission that the company had paid $55,-
000 more than the property actually
coat, and this amount it now seeks tore-
cover from Fowler and his associates.
Winnipeg, Dec. 17.���Announcement is
made that J. H. McWhynne. manager of
the Union Trust company, has been appointed general manager of the company
In Toronto. He was located for a year
In Recina after coming from Chatham
to the west.
Port Arthur. Dec 17.���ln a wreck at
Angler, east of Schreiber. yesterday
afternoon. William Small, fireman, of
Schreiber. aged 20. wns Instantly killed.
and Phillip McAllen. engineer, of Sch
reiber, ace AC was so seriously Injured
that he died in the hosoital here.
Winnipeg. Dec. 17.���The Hlalto block.
Main street was sold vesterday to an
Etnglish  syndicate for $180,M0.  that  Ir
at the rati' of $8,000 a foot, including the
building.    A   M. Fraser was the owner.
Louis Pratt and Mrs. Pratt of Sandon
are at the Hume.
H. G. N'icbollB, manager of the Ymir
mines, is at the Hume.
H. R. .lorand. barrister of Slocan.
came down last night.
F. W. Guernsey arrived from Trail
last night and is at the Hume.
Olcott Payne, manager of the Hewitt
mine, came down from Silverton last
G. O. Buchanan arrived from East
Kootenay last night. Mrs. Buchanan arrived   from   Kaslo.
Rev. H. A. Solly, formerly rector of
the Anglican parish at Arrowiiead, has
returned from a trip to Kurope.
P. H. Burnham. general agent of the
Great Northern Railway in Kootenay,
arrived from Grand Forks last night.
Cobalt Ores Will Be Exported for Treat-
ment���Ambitious Plans for
Next Season.
Region. Dec. 17.�����47.0HO. ill.- lnsl <T
th.* ftiii.l remaining li leaped of liabilities Incurred l.y Uu* Northwest Jerri
tun.-. ��ui be disposed or. toliowing the
decision of arbitrator! in Hi* oasa bear*
in ih,. i,flics ,,r the attorney general at
Retina. Thr sum repraaanta tin* sum
contributed by the Northweat Territories to th.* Canadian Northern Railway
oompany for . in- traffic enlargement ol
tl.<- Port Suskiii.-li.-wii.il bridge.
Winnipeg, Deo 17 *��� oauoui ..f lha
t'.inh.rvativ,. memben of the local
houa* waa liHd lam nlghl when 11
waa decided that Hon  Jamee Johnaon,
M. P. I*, tor Turtle Mountain, should
Willi i���. nominated ior apeaker of tha
honaa al the m�� iiIiik of ib��- IobSbIihui-.-
i.ti January '-ml
���aldt   "i
woman    bain*
-Will ..."
Of tin. towna, nnd as be pots ll lilins.
"'h.. iioiiplo Hieing II..- Crow know no
'rn; ot bard tlinaa."
F<" Aid and Encouraoement in Solving
Constitutional   Problem..
Teheran, Deo. IT.���Speaking on behalf
"r iin* .union the l-cnaliin pftrllUnenl hai
Smaii.d a uianiri.nl,, to tho world. The
[treaenl oonatltutlonal rriniu i�� explained
"ml mi appeal for nssistiiiifi. made In
B>e flooutnent. The manlfeito w��s ills
Mbuted to tha fo.'.-iKn legation! and
oonauiatag bore ihiB aftera i
The ii.-Ki.iiatiniiH  between  tha  Blu.i.
""'I pai'iiiunoiii tm v.* up 10 ib.. areaeni
"mo linen without   result,    Today  the
""iiiIh-i-s ���r ii,,. niii oablnel are holding
JL-'1-"".!'" '.*. the palace,   The nod olllce
th,.in uiiiii
to be to
Hi,in nt-nil
Vim have no Hutu to Judg;
thev  are voters.    Thev Otlghl   tO  D*  TOt
era before vou ran Judge
While   Mr.   llutloii.    Hu
maglitrate at  Oreenwlet
u raw n lady
eourl and In n ni
io   mul.'
I,v  man
, l..i     ��� ���, ��� , i      ! i , .*.      i l ' ��� i l
was hearing
rose  In  the body ..r the
Id voice Riilil:  "' wian
pn.iesi agalnil  lawi made
Tin- maglitrate (addreaatng
.,,.  ia.lvi laid he would be glad to hear
,������.������,-  she  mUM  huve ^ W
after renuuking    lhal is nn
v "   left   the OOUrt.
n'j-o mads iii ths Bouth-
I hnve to say,
Protests wer
Alexandra Ont . Dec. IT.���A man who
registered at the Commercial hotel us
Moore, of Ottawa, was found dead on
Kenyan street lasi nl^hl with ��� ballet
wound in his hi ii.l. und u rev., w r lytn|
alongside, ll is iUpposed i��' '>'��� ��� 0SSS
of suicide n��' wus ��� man aboul fifty
years oH and apparent!} a oomn
Coboalt, Dec IT.���Samples of Cobalt
ore are being forwarded to smelting in
England and Germany iu an attempt to
have them enter the market. ThSM
plants have splendid facilities for treating every class of ore and It would cost
hardly any more to ship ore across the
Atlantic than to New York. The chief
reason for the backwardness of the Old
Country smelters in coming forward for
the ore Is ttie doubt in the minds ai>out
the permanency of the-ore depoaits of
Cobalt. Hut development work at the
camp has sufficiently progressed to reveal large deposits of ore ensuring a
continuous supply for a long speriod of
lt is estimated that the Trethewey
mine will take out from $600,-00 to $750.-
00Q of ore in tbe next year.
Secretary J. Maloney . of the Central Cobule Mining company, in a circular Just issued, report that the main
shaft or the iilg Pete mine is down 171
feet and lhat drifts have been made
from thhe (if* and llfefoot levels. On
Nov. 80th the returns from ore from
the deeper drift show 140 to HO oi*.s. to
lhe ton of silver and showings of nickel.
Sinking was started iu October 00 'he
Gainey mine nnd work will c.mitnue
all winter. The company has just inquired 5tin acres of mineral lands for
$lK7,r.'.n; to pay for this 7SO��000 shares
of non-assessalile capital stock will be
sold at 25c a share.
Chinese Indignant at Act
of British
Campaign to End Piracy on Rivers
by Gun Boat Patrol Rouses Fierce
Native Resentment*
Canton. China, Dec. 17.���At a Chinese
mass meeting held here today the "'High
Handling" of suspected launches and
junks on the West River by Hritish
warships was denounced. Great Britain is patrolling the west division wilh
a fleet of about ten gunboats in an effort
to stop piracy. The meeting further
passed a resolution to declare a boycott
upon Hritish manufacturers and to inaugurate a strike among the Chinese
in the employ of Englishmen If the Hri-
__b fleet is not withdruwn from the river.
Toronto, Dec. >' Deputy Minister of
Labor King is in the city limn the
Psolflc const,    lie helieves the eomints
slon of Inquiry Into ths orientni labor
uues-on K"t to the bottom of things,
Edmonton,   Deo    \~ ���- Veatertsy    IT
Good, holelkeeper.    WM    aw;.riled  $100
und costs for damage, again-, ths
Journal Printing oompany. Good sued
for $1,000 damages In conneoUon with
a libellous article! published In lhe
Journal last .lanuary.
w-Mternand North London polioe courts,
SMhrw Glasgow polios oourta. und nt
During   the   prime
Wolverhampton court
ministers recent
lm for
nfrnnehtscment  of wo-
vlsll to Bristol B nicn.oriul was i��
u- .resented to him, thanWng W
ilM\!erH��m.lKvm,mthy with the pr*
���f the   poHtlOA]   etifnit
men   und  urging  Mtii   ��� -	
";nn(,ni measure before the snd of
Sl   '    e e,     parliament MlssPriestumn.
' ,.:;,,���. president of the Woman s
-,,,.... nnion  bus -received a repJJ " ""
g���SH2rt private ieoretary  wWug
m- to  Inform  the numerpu; wdettes
whioh gUned ths addresi thai ho reoog.
/!s tbs fores and tamperateness wiih
nrh they haveaUtad their -��".����
Jathi Is In heurly sympathy With the
ims advanced-!
Farrer at the Coast.
Vancouver. Dec. 17.��� Mr. Kdwnrd Farrer. one of the best known journullsts
In the Ikiininiou, is a guest at the liotel
Vancouver, lie now makes his home in
Ottawa and is reported to be engaged
in special work for the Dominion government Mr. Parrer is a brilliant editorial writer. His editorial experiences
have heen vailed. He was a lender
Writer OB thS New York Sun for tunny
years and later filled the editorial chair
of the Toronto Mall. His differences
nud tluul estlungeinent from his old
Mend, Sli John A Macdonald. followed
hy the Mull's desertion of lhe ('ens. rvn
iiv* parts and the eslitlilishment ot the
Kmphe ns n government organ we.-e
momentous poUtfoal events nearly N
yean uge. Mr. Karrer was subsetp'eut
ly  OOUneCted   With   the  C.   P.   K       lie   en
Joys the reputation of having written
some iif the best ruiupalgn literature
BVer published.
Pekln, Dec. 17.���The Imperial customs
department, of which Sir Robert Hart is
rirector-general, settling previous objections, is now prepared to proceed with
the policing of the West River, according to the plans of Great Hritain. ln
the face of much opposition from the
officials of Kuantung province, the department is pressing forward iu its purpose to end fifty years of piracy. Great
Hritain is showing a determination in
the present crisis to effect a steadying
influence ou the Chinese government,
which is asking time to manage the
angry officiala.
An unexpected element in the situation is the fact that the Chinese news
papers have sent out broad-cast the
Times' correspondent's Loudon speech,
which is optimistic on Chinese progress,
encourages the control by China of Its
own interests and foreign iutercsts in
Rs own country, und anticipates the
withdrawal of foreign troops from
The Hritish newspapers published
here condemn this optimism as unjustified. Three of the nv-st prominent
Englishmen in Pekln deprecate it severely and apprehend an aggravation
of the sinister influences which the .lap
anese-Bchooled Chinese are exercising
over the people.
lt is the general opinion that the
speech will become a weapon for antl
foreign crusaders.
who gave his name as Homer Rogers,
was hanged by a mob in Morhoi.se parish last night and his body riddled with
Millers. As far as can be ascertained
the lynching resulted when Rogers resented a remark made by a white man
declaring that he was "A Yankee nigger
and did not take any Impudence."
For Uniform Baggage Rate.
Chicago. Dec. 17.���A committee appointed by the Central Passenger Association to consider the excess baggage
rate problem met in conference here today with commissioners and sub-committees representing other passenger associations. The object Is to bring
about if possible a uniform excess baggage rate applicable to all tbe railroads
of  the   United   States.
Booming West Texas.
Cisco. Texas, Dec. 17.���For tbe chief
purpose of discussing plans for tbe further development of this section ot the
state a joint conference was begun here
today hy the West Texas Press associa*
tlon and the Central West Tex���� Association of Commercial clubs. A banquet
and a visit to the coal mines and other
points of interest in this vicinity have
been arranged for ttu entertainment of
the many visitors.
A New Navy League.
London. Dec. 17.���A new navy league
to be called the Imperial Maritime
League, is In progress of projection. It
threaten to deprive the older organizations of much  of its  authority.
Negro  Committed for Trial on  Serious
Charge���Quarrelled With Cook
at Chinese Restaurant.
Two colored men, named John Jaeh-
son and Chris. Evans, called at th=*
Canadian-Chinese restaurant, on Front
street, at a o'clock this morning. They
ate a hearty meal, but when It came to
payment they disputed their bIll~~Tliey
claimed it was too high, but the Chinese
cook protested that it was the usual
charge. After some hot words. Jackson
drew a knife aud stabbed Lee, the cook,
in the right shoulder, inflicting an ugly
wound. The police were immediately
notified and officers Carroll and Harding
after a diligent search succeeded In arresting Evans, and shortly afterwards
.luckson was located in a bed at the
Kootenay hotel. This morning both men
were brought into court for trial. Evans
was dismissed, as the magistrate found
that he had taken no part in the affray.
but .lacqson was sent up for trial on
rbe charge of attempt to murder.
While the Chinaman's wound Is a
painful one, it is not considered that it
will prove serious.
Japan to Reduce Warlike
Army and Navy Budget to Be Cat
Down���Will Save $2C-0,0C*0,000
���Lemieux Leaves ior Home.
Toklo, Dec. 17.���The financial programme already outlined In the Associated Press cables was formally settled
at the meeting of the council of elder
statesmen yesterday. The prugramnie
is one of retrenchment and involves a
reduction of the expenses of the army
and navy for the next six yeare whereby the government will save $200,000,-
There has been great activity and
progress since tbe return of Marquis
Uo from Korea. He is investigating the
emigration plans and Is said to have
fully approved the proposals to limit
Uie number of laborers going abroad.
Toklo, Dec. 17.���Minister of Labor
Lemieux of Canada was the guest of
honor at a farewell banquet attended by
the leading citizens and officers including Foreign Minister Hayashi and British Ambassador Macdonald.
Aa A Demonstration.
London, Dec. 17.���The Tlmea this
morning ln an editorial eulogizing President Roosevelt regards the despatch of
the American fleet to the Pacific as a
demonstration of the views enumerated
In his prealdenl lal message. "His attitude," says the Times, "must command
the respect and approbation of English
papers. We admire the persistence
with which he clings to his naval policy not less than the broad wisdom
by which lt is Inspired."
Duel in Massachusetts.
Laurel, Mass.. Dec. 17.���An elaborately planned duel occurred In the main
street of Laurel today in which Edward Bragg was killed and B. W. Shar-
borough, former state senator was
Sir William   Ramsay Denies That  Doe-
tor*' Hope. Are Disappointed.
New York, IJec. 17.���Writing to a
I., n.lc.n impel- which recently published
un arilcle savlnK thut the hopes thai
doctors enterlalned when nullum was
first disc-.vei-ed had received no measure of fulfilment apart from some action
on skin diseases. Sir William Ramsay.
In a London despatch to the Times has
said: I must nsk you to give publicity
to the rnct that the rode.i ulcer, ii let
lll.le <Usei.se whleh chlelly ulliicUs the
la.-e. run be cured wilh ceiu.luiy l.y ex
poawa tor u taw n.niitlis ui int.-rvuls to
ra>s emitting radium."
Montreal, Dec. IT.���After   nonolutllni
(���i.iisi.iriaiii.ii of general axpreaa rules
tin railway oonunlaeloii ims adjourned
uiitli attar tin- New Yeur when ipadal
ratai will ba discussed.
St. Thnnilis. Dec. 17.��� Wallace Abbott
tout-teas veins eld is iieinl trotn bi.sid
IHiiBi.nlllK. elllis, .1  l,v  11  l.iek   while play-
ina football in the oolleglata institute.
Toronto,    Der.   17.��� The    liritish    Col
uiiii.iu Timber and Bawmllli   lnoola
Hon, whleh figured so prominently be
fine   lhe   Rfiyal   eolinnlssUm   on   lusur-
une.-, Is about I nue Into court again
Tbe Union Ti'iisi Company ni.tltle.i <s
W. Fowler. M. P, nnd others Interested
In details In Ibe conn.uny abonl pi"
ceedlngs I" recover (56,000 money thut
hnd been received by tin' dc.onilunts for
the use of the plaintiffs, and Inter, si
thereon,   and   for  un   ucclill'llIK,  In   the
Bad Man Sentenced.
IVIel'born. Ilec. 17.���At the coilnl*
court .luliies Mtirruv, of Toronto, who
lias a long <-riiiitli.il record, was found
guilty of att..mpiitig In shoot Pollceniun
New bull, on Del. _U laat, al lhe ('. P. R.
slullon. und   senleneed   to  one  year In
Central priadn    When Murruy was ar*
rested be pulled u revolver und triad l����
sliool the oltleer. who knocked tbe weapon   out  of   Ills   bund.     Murruy   was  en
ilcuvititig to sell some stolen Jewelry ut
llle time.
Steamer. Not Sold.
Liverpool. Dee. 17.���Oltlcers of the
Clililit'd line were .piesllotted today re
gaidlng a report etiuttiniiug from Vun
eouver that the euuuiHun I'ncltte Hull
wuy Co. huil purchased the line steum-
an Btroria and lTinbria for the purpose
of uslnn them In tbe Pacific. They re
piled tliul  n.llli. i  vessel htul i.een sold.
Farmer.' Co-Operative Congress.
Dob Moines, la.. Dec 17���The Nation
ul ('..-operative Congress, which was or
gnnl7,ed a yeur ago in a meeting held
In Topekn, began Its annual sessions
here today. The congress Is made up
principally of fanners' organizations,
though other co-operative enterprises
arc admitted to membership. The re
ports show lhal Hie eo-operulive move
ment among the tanners Is making
great h.ndwuy. purlleulurly In some ol
the southern slates. Tbe present session
will continue three days, during whicl
Ume the co-op
Its   phases
Former Deputy Minister of Fnance Advise. Economy.
Ottawa, Dec. 17.���Mr. J. M. Courtney,
ix-deputy minister of finance, made
some pertinent observations ut tbe annual meeting of the Hank of Ottawa.
Referring to the financial stringency he
said this ts the time when we iu Canada
should go slow.    He remarked:
"I have no fear for Canada for the
preseut or for tbe future. All 1 thiuk
that is wanting is that the government's
banks and every Other corporation connected wilh money mutters should go
slow. 1 think at the present time we
might probably be very happy wlihout
Impottlng maxim guns, or If a few leaa
acetylene gus buoys were put down we
eou'.il still be happy and contented. We
might also remain buppy if a few
v. linr.es like that at Hull were not con-
si met.-d. tl-utighter und applause.) 1
.���nn see no reason for uny kind of
Polish Schools Closed.
���Warsaw, Russia, Dec. 17.���Sixteen
hundred Polish scboolB ln all parts of
Poland, have been closed In consequence of an order Issued by General
8calon. superintending the PoliBh
school association. The funds in the
hands of the association, $150,000. have
been sent abroad to avoid confiscation.
Sultan Pawns His Jewels.
ParlB, Doc. 17.���Experts having made
a report as to the value of the jewelB
belonging to Abdul Aziz, the Sultan of
Morocco, which agentB brought here for
the purpose of making a loan, the officials of Mont De Pete have paid over
$250,000 to the Bultan's representatives.
will     be
llloveine.il   111   ull
exbuusllvely   dls-
Want W.ter Connection.
Pittsburg. Dec. 17.���"A 12-foot water-
wuy from I'ltisburg to Luke Ontario"
Is lhe slogan of the delegnll.ui rrom
Uoehesler cliuinlier of eoiiiiiien-e, which
is meeting with tbe lu.rbors et.ininltt,',.
..I tin; l'lUsbuig chamber of commerce.
Cement Show in Chicago.
Chicago, Dec. 17.���An Interesting exhibition designed chiefly for the pur
poses of exploiting cement as a new
building material for bouses opened today tn the Coliseum und will continue
through the remainder of the week. The
nrinotpal cement collipniiles of the west
have united In giving the exhibition
The exhibition etulunees a coinprcheti
ulve display of the various uses U,
which cement ls adapted us well ns Ib.
methods of tiiunufacture.
Fish and flesh,
at. Catherines, Dec. 17.���At the gen
erul sessions before Judge Carman, and
a jury, the trial cor neuced of Reeve
Thomas R. GUniore .r Clinton Township. Jacob lleckadou. Aaron Orobb. and
Charles l.ll.roek, charged with conducting a ruffle for turkeys aud gei.Be, at
ibe In. in bouse of Aaron Orobb. The
jury brought In a verdict of not guilty
against Ullmurv and l.lbrock, and lhe
Judge tlowed Orobb an<J lleckadon to go
on suspended sentence, remarking thai
he had expected a verdict against all
four, an.l though Gobb and Heckadon
were no more guilty than Gllmore and
Leopold's Leg  Burned.
Urn......Ill's   Dec.  17.���lt    Ib    rumored
here that King Leo|K>ld received a severe burn on the leg while undeigolng
a heat bath treatmeut In Paris recently. The King's private physician has
been summoned to that city.
Prices of Metals.
Lynched  for  Impudence.
Shrleveporl. La.. Dec. 17 ���Tbe negro
member   of  u   traveling  mlnsire   troop.
Costly Economy.
Oltawa. Dec. 17.���The county of Car*
leton Is losing $150 a day tor county
< "uu expenses, while tbe court Is being
adjourned ou account of the heating ap-
paratus being out of repair. There are
51 jurors. whoBe fees amount to $105
ouch dav. The counly court met yesterday and to adjourn ou account of the
coldness of the butldiug, as there are no
fires at all. This morning the court
Oj en...I again, but there Is still no heat,
and again had to adjourn, much to the
Inconvenience of the parties who are
Interested ln the cases.
Dec.   17.���Silver,   63-&C;
copper.  12-Kic.,   lead, $4.76.
London. Dec. 17.���Silver. 24*_id.; lead.
��13. 2b., 6d.
Opening  Copper  Quotations.
New York. Dec. 17. 1907.
(By McDermld & McHardy.)
Granby    $75.00
Dominion   Copper     1.75
B. C. Copper     4.25
162 V4
Lord Kelvin  Dying.
London. Dec. 17.���Lord Kelvin tbe
famous scientist, who has been dangerously 111 for some lime is sinking.
Entire Success.
Trenton. N. J. D?c. 17.���CharleB Gibson and Stephen D.-.'Bey, colored, were
electrocuted In the Btatc prison today
for the murder of Mrs. Edward Horner
and Victor Natoll. Both men died Instantly.
Colorado Bank Suspends.
Ditrango. Colo., Dec. 17���The Smelting City Hank of Dtirango. a state Institution, capital $3(1,000, failed to open
this morning. Deposits are believed do-
to exceod $100,000. -. ne
i 1*
S 1
I..* _-aily Canadian
Clothing,    Gents'   Furnishings
and Boots and Shoes
Is beginning to arrive.
In about another week we will be able to offer full lines
in these goods, and can promise you the best value ever offered in the city*
In the meantime it will ; ay you to await their   arrival
before making your purchase.
imperial Batik of Canada
Head Offices   Toronto.
Canltal Authorized   $10,000.00-,    Capital Paid Up $4,860,000
P Rest    $4,860,000
HOI . KOKEKT JAl'FKAY, Vice-President
D. R  W1L-UE   President.
Branches in .Siitish Columbia t
Interest  allowed on  deposits  fi >m date of deposit and credited quarterly.
J.   M.   LAV, Al
The Royal Bank of Canada
Incorporated A.  D.  1869.
Capital $3,900,000     Reserve Fund 14,390,000
Unexcelled facilities for the transaction
of all  kinds of tanking  Business.
savings Bank Department, and
Interest credited Quarterly on
Savings Bank Accounts.
on Application, in Large, Medium
or Pocket Size.
Nelson Branch, G. A. SPINK, Manager.
Published lis a.y, s w-tes Dj- tlie
Baker H,..   Npl.on, B. 0
Buo.crlptlm, rates, .....-a month delivered
In the am, nr >������" a year 11 sent by mail, wheu
i>akl ill K.tVHlKe
AdTertiMiiK ratew on sppllaatlon.
All amine* ...il.l i:i ntttem.nt ol The l.ally
^aua.liui. rt. ,���-,,,i,i-. either loi rabMUlptlons ...
s.lvertisini,'. musl l... racelpted foi on the printed
���form* of Uie I ...n|.���:i\. Utile! receipt. ..re uot
Tuesday. December 17th. 1907.
Our  contemporary   is  extremely   on
fortunate  in  its  newspaper  support   in
this provlnoe.   s,, (ar n  hai  .... n ...
I,, quote onl*  'li.   I.  C. Baturday Sun., i
nn.I ih.. Vancouver v...: Id.
The Siins.i  says:     "Bui Premier fcl.
Bride,   in   tin-   al..-. in-,    ul   till    denial   ol
foreknowledge ..i   thi   II. utenan
jiur.- im-uii,mi i.. reserve the Nata
must  beat   th.   odium  i I   bi Im   ������  i on
sentlng par"   to Un
thut was all inn agovernment in...
There will i��  uo denial .,1 Un- km..-.
referred to.      Premiei   Mi Bi Idi    km .-.
ami hus told ai; the world that hi  km .
ihui    LIeut.-Governoi    Dunamulr   would
refuse assent     I ok foi granted
thai the refusal was in cotnpliano win
Instructions from Ottawa, explli
understood. ��.. did an British Colum
bla. As a matter ..i fact, bad bi noi re
fused assent, there is no doubt al all
that Instructions t��. -lo sn would bavi
Issued. Mm H ha developed thai Mr
Dunsmulr had enough selnshm as an.;
Impudence to practical.} veto an ael ���>
Hi., legislature because it mlghl Intel
fere wiih his business.
inn ilie Saturday sunset hus made a
notable discovery, namely, thai knowl
edge ami ,,.ns.'in are Identical, if the
sentence quoted does nol mean that u
means nothing al  ull.
Had our contemporary a more activi
sense of humor he would ii..! bavi ri
printed side by side with tbe ebullition
ol" llie Sunset, a sane article from thi
Toronto Globe pointing om that Hi
burden la now on tin- lieutenant
\iu.r.    We ma.  be sine that 11 He
i saw  mi;,   i.    in  th.-  premlsi
��� ucltiiiK  Premier McBride the op-
llty would  not. he  aegleoted.
?t   Smith,   Hob   McI'h.M'si.n.   Iilll>
.ir. ss parade ut Ottawa to show hew
anti-Asiatic they nr. . We are tilmust
pr ml ui Hill Galliher for not joining in
tli��- procession.
1 here is nothing remarkable or inter-
1   "      ai  any ,������ ;h,  Bpeeohes.  They
advance nothing new, ami do noi Indicate an: appreciation of the yellow
pi..hi.'in as a whole The only slgnlfi-
.n feature aboul the Tour speeches is
thai Huy ull with one consent" Ignore
ih.- Vancouver Young Liberals' demand
to. the resignation of Lieutenant-Governor    James    Dunsmulr.    None of the
eecht - -ii mention tin- many efforts
made in tin- past hy the legislature ol
I'.-i i i. Columbia ... exolude or resiriei
Immigration from Asia. Any such re
ference mlghl hav, led to an IndlBore
tlon .a, in. Bubjecl ut Dominion dlsal
lowance ur Instructions to lleutenani
governors to reserve assent.
The dr.ss parade was not Intended
iu have any effect a| Ottawa. It was
addr. -.*,i through Un- Ottawa press gal
.. ih.- people oi British Columbia
win, i.i;.* i,e trusted to appraise it at lis
uu.   value.
Man's Life Save by Apparition of a Dead
Friend   Who Told of  Impending Danger.
���N.-w   Yuri.. Dee. IT.���When Ihe BOCletS
(ur   Psychical   Research  holds  its  next
 ting ii might call before li Charles
ii.iir*   iiuraiid. a  farmer living aboul
three  miles  fr  Caldwell, N. J., ami
hear his storj -of how liis life was saved
bs a strange apparition lu- met in tbe
roadway on Mondaj night.
sin.-,, in,, death oi  his wife  Durand
lias lived ai ��� in the ulil farm bouse
He was on his way Inline from I'al.-rsun
after dark    Monday    night, when  his
i *   stopped <nn in iin- road ami re
fused io move. The horse trembled so
violently thai Durand strained his eyas
in the darkness to learn what the animal
had seen.
lie says he saw a Bicker of bluish
light, which moved toward him until li
wus beside his wagon, and then took on
a inisiy sha pe. He says he recognized
Ih.- form ami volee of the apparition. It
r. peated to him three ilines the warn
inK. "Do not Ko home I'or several boUra."
With the chills runnliiK up uml down
:"" ��� :
��� J. J. WALKER !
J jt_.\vE_EFi ano oi-*Ti_iA.rs J
20,000 CLUB
Tuesday. Dec. 17.1907
Roller Skating Rink
Corner of Baker and Falls Streets.
Tickets can be had from any member
of the executive or from the secretary
of the 20.UO0 club.
Ladies or gentlemen $1.00. Refreshments
is must have exi-ted before lJurund
moved into the neighborhood where be
nuw lives.
He believes the apparition in theroad
saved liis life. He says ht- recognised
the figure iumI the voice, and E1 **���* as a
person now dead of whom ht- was fond.
Further than this he rei'uaes to talk.
Durand never hat- believed in spiritualism. His experience has pretty well un
nerved him, although be is not the kind
of iiihii whn is easil> nnm'rved.
out over his body like a man with a
chill, he tried to drive on after the ap*
parltlon was gone. The horse refused
in budge. The animal had broken out
iu a cold sweat.
Durand says he unhitched the horse
and blanketed him. It was then about
11 o'clock. For two hours he worked
with the horse, which -seemed alllicted
with the ague. After hitching up again
be drove slowly to bis home.
It was then nearly 3 o'clock. He put
the horse into the barn aud went inside
tin- bouse'. The Hist sigiu that mel his
��� lyet was a muddy footprint. Uurand
found that nothing had beefl taken, ;il
'bough the house was a hit upset. IP'
Found a window on the ground floor that
had been opened in his absence, showing how the intruder had entered. The
farmer looked into closets and out. of
the way places and then decided lo �����>
upstairs. When he started up he sav.
at once that someone had been there.
'There were footprints on the stairs and
in the hall leading to his sleeping room
Lighting his way before him aud Step
ping cautiously, feeling that loml dan
ger was lurking ahead ol him. but determined to fact it at all hazards and
have the dread that possessed him i��vt*r,
Durand approached tie dour of his
room    It was open, as be had left it.
when about to enter Durand stopped
ami looked closely.   Across tie- door at
a height half way to his knee so that his
fool or shin must strike ii, was a string
Instinctively,   the   farmer  nays,   he  felt
that sometlng threatened his life.
To the man of the woods, used to the
snaring of birds and animals tbe string
OcrOM the door suggested a spring or a
trap. Durand went, down stairs and returned with an umbrella. He stood
against the wall of the ball and with thr
umbrella handle gave tbe snin^ a pull
instant 1\ there was a report, ami tho
buiiei imbedded Itself In tin- end of tho
wall. Investigation later showed it was
at about the height of a man's chest
Durand then entered the room and
round a revolver fastened to a dresser.
Tin* siring led from Ibe trigger to the
door, it was ingeniously arranged to
shoot  the person  who entered tlie dool
Durand believes tie- person or person:*
who vislled bis home did so with th-
Intention of killing him, and. not finding
him home, arranged the trap. He says
li'1 has a suspicion as to their Identity
and knows tin- reason for the enmity
that prompted the attempt upon his llh'
Ills neighbors say whatever feud then
F. C. GREEN        F. P. BURDEN        A. U. GREEN
Ovil Engineers, Dominion and British
Columbia Land Surveyors
Honor Whittier's Memory.
Boston, .Mass.. Dec 17.���The universal
regard In which the memory of John
Greenleaf Whittier Is held was given
expression throughout New Kngiand
today by exercises commemorating tht
one hundreth anniversary of the poet's
birth,    ln  Haverhill   Where the poet  was
born, in Amesbury, where he sspen. so
many of tin- most important years of
his literary life, and in other towns ami
cities Interesting observances wen bi Id
In this section there was scarcely a
public school or literary society which
did not devote some time io the memory
of thf man whose writings touched tho
common heart of humanity. The most
elaborate celebration was that held at
the poet's home tn Auieshur\, where Mr
Whittier Lived tor more than fifty yars
and where be wrote Snow Bound*1 and
other famous poems. Tie ������xwcisi's
were held under tie* auspices of tho
Whittier Home Association, and consisted of a varied program nn- of ad
dress* i, .��� adlngs and recitations from
Whittier's poems, The oration of tin-
day was delivered bi   Governor Guild.
KxtciiMi'ii nf t.n.   ��...�����-   within  which   lo ad-
vert'ae   gtwnu-'l       Harry   Wright-,   Ans't.   l.'om
misaloner of Land nrnl Worsts.
Nehnn Umi Piiirirt.   Dlatriot of Weit Kootenay
Take DOUoa that I. T. [���*. f-Cgin of Bonner*.
Kerry, 1'iiitni ocenpallon painter, luieu.l to apply for a upvciR] timber licence  orer   the follow-
Ing iii-MTiix.il  landn   OomnuneUig at h pom
plant*.!, nt th.' ��� . ii:..-.- corner of timber
lloenee No IMtff, thenrc eaat Wi chain*-, thence
DOrth 80 Obalm, thence wuit 80 chain*-, thence
nouth Hft chalna to point ol commencement.,
roi'tstlttlii)- 640 acre*., more or leaa.
Dated -November JOCt, IHO.. T. L Um.an,
( os.in Smith, itf-etil
Nelnon Lnttd DUtrlet   District of Weal Kootenay
Take   nottoi   that   I, l.'harlea   Duldicr, intend
toai'ply for ..  IpMiSl timber licence, to OUt and
carry away Umber from 6��* a'-res ol land      < tun-
men-Mn* ai  N>,   i   pott al.un' IJ mllea weat of Ihi
Kootanaj rlrar, on lbs north aid** of |Houii*iary
"    I    -in-' ...... i      i.;   i- . ���!- to timber lion*.. ������
J.itVti, mn) ,,!,.- milt: north of the ttileniatloiial
boundary line   oomnuneiai at .. poat marked
Chnrle*. Dm-h.-r'** r-oiithweat corner, thenci "
t haln�� north, lb-Mice wi chaliiH eaat, theiiccHo
chain- Mouth, Lbsnce (to chalna weit U> the place
ot ������*    in.-.   .     containliiK -.1'   aerea. more or lean
Located Novcmi-er liui. 1907
No. 2. Comtnonclni at a pott marked t.harlea
DtltCber'l fonitjuaat corner, thence m chalna
north, Umim- mi chnllia weat, thence no ehaina
���outh. thetice ��o isliaiiia eaat to the place of be-
KiiinliiK. nint >>-��� at ate! ad'aueill to liuinLmr one
llmls-er limit, an<l conUilniiiK Mb acrea, mon- or
Located November Pith. 1007.
< HAhI,B* Dctciirk. Locator.
Nn. $.    CornmencpiK m u poat tnarketl   Charlea
Dnteher'i northwett oorner ami about ifi mllea
went of tin   Koolenay >tver  on   the north Fide ol
Bonndary crook and nortb end aatlaooni to timber liven.���: 10600. thence aouth 80 chalua, thence
eaithd chain-., theuce north hoi haln-, thenee
weal ho ehaitih t��> the plaee of beKliihliiK. con-
tHliilhK filii h<-re*-, more or leaa-
-Located NoVCmbtf IHth, 1907,
i;hahi.k- Duroasa, Uwstor,
No. i   Commonolna at ��� posi marked Obarlfj
Dutchcr'*-   imrlhcAal    corner,    thence   aoulh   HO
ehaina. thanoa iraat S3obalnSi tbence north ho
chalua.  llietjce  eaat HO chaliiH to the   place of be-
Kin ni iik. Contain Ins '���toar-rt-*, more or i* --���
LoMtad November IHth, tWl.
i iuhi.kk Duiosss, Loeatet
No.*'i, i oiiimejiciuK at a DOSt mark-"' Charlea
Datttbar'l   aouthenat   corner,    lliunce   HO  cbHlna
north, tbanoa80 ebalna weat, tbenoa BO ohoiaii
���ouln   tbemea-H obalna eaat to the place of be-
KlonliiK, ��� ..ni.nn i ,��� j i ��� ni" acrea. more or leia.
Located Novcoibei IHlli, I��"7.
Osaslsi iitrrcHSR, Looator.
No  r,,    f.'nmtneuclliK ai a poat marked   Chattel
Duiciicr's  aoutbvreat tornar. iie'iiey  north fu
chHlni, tin-in i-   enat   Ml  clmln**,   theiicc   aoulli HU
i halna, theuce weat Ho nhnliia tn the  plac   of bo
KinnliiK.   colialnlDK '������'   a  TOO, more or lenn
1-oc-i.ted November IHth, lt*-7.
US���SUI DtlTOliaa, Loea ->r
Nelaon l-and Diatrict.   Diatrict ol Wait gun    nay
Take notice that "oluuioii Wilklnaoti, n n< 1-
lOD. I- ('*., oecui-atinn i um i.e. in,i u Inlen - to
apply for a apeclal timber Dieii'c over it. foe
lowtoS tlwcrllH-<t laml-
bank of t-ummlt creek att-mi tWO ami a halt
uiiie- Irom ita mouth, thenw north 40 chain-.,
thence eaal H*i chains, theuce aoulh 4*0 chalna.
theuce weit HSU chains.
Data i Sotb November, iwn.
2. Oommanttlns at a poet Planted on an on
named creek which tlows into Hummit creak
from the aouth at a sspotnt asbout two ami a hall
mllea eaat from the north fork of .-titmnlt eraak
laid p.��at i-*;lng plat-ed alniut three <-.uartera mih*
up auch unuame-1 creek ami almui BOO feel to
the eaat thereof, tbence eeet SDebfl���Ba, tbanen
-���.-.si ���>- chalua, tbence weal 4o ehaina, theo*��
Uorth l��i chalna.
Dae*.] 19th Nuvemoer. 1907.
:t. ('omniuneiiiR at a poat plante-l on an un-
iiHincd 'rcelt whleh fl.rwa inui Buiiimit Breof.
trom the eonth at a ponn about two amia tmif
ml lee Ot it from the nortb for* of Summit ereell
Kt a isxiiut ni..tr three unaiten mile np auch
cre.-k  mid abont 6*0 leat lo the tan tbaraof,
theuce aontb ifn < liaina. them ������ >-..-; t" chain*.
Hi -a  .   north ion chalua. th-uce eaat 40 chain*..
Date! lvth November, 19^7.
4 ( iimmeiii'liiK at a |sm.-i pUule-l OS the tiurth
ea*>t "hie oi tbe nortb fork of Huinmit ereek
about four mllea Irom tie* junction of the uorth
fork with the main Hurnmli ore* ���> - tbettfM aontb
���SO chains, thence weat Ba chains, theuce nortb WI
chalua, lti*-in .-.��������' *���-��� chalua.
Dated IHth. November    I- 1
BotOMOM   Wii-Kiw-sK,*-,
b   'iaoauK jfooVO, Ageol
Nation Land Dlitrlct    DiatrlcLof Weit Kootenay.
Taxc nollce (hat I, W A Hudaon, ofHpokaue
Waah , ���>��� > upatiiiti timber crulaer, Intend to apply tor a ipaclal tlmher Itc-euee over the following deacrlbed laml- (.'ommeiK-tiiK at a poet
planted on tbe nortb bank of Hummit cr>.*K, ni-.'.
rnarke-l W. A Hudaon'a H W, cruer, IhaOC-
north 4o chains, thi���OU MSt l��i chains, tbenoa
aoiuh 40 chalua thence weat lSOobalni to the
point ot i'iimiiii'iiiriii"ii'. coutalnln*- m ����� i>*
more or leaa
Dated Nov. I, 1907. W. A. BUMOS,
Nelaon 1-and Dt-atrlct    Dlatrtel of W. -n Kootenay.
Take notioe that W A. Hudeon. ol Bpokane,
Waab.. eeenpatloo tUntwr crsrqtanr. httandi ������� *������� i���
ply tor a apreirtl tinibet tloenre **_ot 'in- folloa
Iiik deecti-ed landa: t'pmmanrtna ��** m poat
planted on tb. aoutb bctu ot ite- north fork ot
Cornereea* thenoaeootb4e ebalnii tn��uoo ��-^t
IBOchains, thenoe norili *0 ehaina. tbenca i tat
HiiriiaitiK luuii' point ot eomuieiH eiiteiit. i .ot-
li. ini'.i: 'il'' mi re a, more oi ..�����
J>ate<l Nov .ftth, l*r7. W.A    (I   mi
Nalaon Load Dinnct. District oi Waei Kootenaj
Take notice that W A IIihImoii. of Ktiokaue.
W^ah.. OOOQpattOn timber crulaer. lOtenol to ap
ply for a apecul timber llOaaOl OTat the follow
iiik deacrthe.. Ittnrla; ..nmmchcHiK at a poll
pi in ted on the eaat aide of ihe.faoulh fork of the
nortli fork ol Corn creek, theuce aouth HO shaltiP,
thence weal ho chalna, thence north tnl chains,
thanee east ho chains to the point of commencement. containliiK ���'-" aerea, more or leu-
Dated Nov ,1th, l��07. W A )li DBOH
Nelaon I ami District. District of Weal Koolenay.
'lake notice lhal W.A Hudaon, "I Bpokane,
Wuh., occupHlloti tliuber crulaer, lutei .1* to np
ply lor a sDeeial timber iieeuce over tha following deicrlt-ed puida CommeucInK a' �� sjHiit
planted about SOO leet north of the nor'.h
lork ol tf'orn creek thenee south Ho chalni.
thence west 80 (rhalua, theuce DO-tfa at)
chalua, theuce eaat HO chains to the point of
.-; iiu.-ii' - iii.'iii, coutainlu-f '-i" actea. more or
Dateil Nov. 6th, 1U07. Vt    A. HuitaoN
Nelson La ml District I^UettiStol Weet Koolenay
Take notice tb��i W.A. Hudaoii. of Bpotane,
Wash., Boonnatloo tlmher orataer, latendi i" ep
plv for a sne.ial timlasr licence over the foUOVI
liiK deacrll-H.il Inmlss OommenclOB *��l a oosl
planted about MJO feel north o< the north fork nl
!:orn ereek, tbul.ee nortli MO chains thene. wc-l
ho chalua, thence lOtttb Ho chain*-, tbenoe eaat ho
���rhaliiI to lhe point of coiumenceiieMit contain*
lot- HW aeres, more or lusa.
Dated Nov   Bth. 1907. W. A. Hui-son.
Nelson Land District.   Dlitricl of West Koolenay
Take notice lhat W.A. Hudaon, of Bpokane,
Wash .Occupation timber erulher, UH.-ikIh In apply for a special timber I Ire noe over   the   folio
iiik  deacrlbed   landit   Oommenelni  at a pont
planted aboul BOO leet north of the north fork nf
Corn ereek, thenee iouhi 80 ohainii tbeneeeaet
Wi chalna, theuce north M chaina. thciice weat HO
chains to tho point ol commencement, contain
Iiik alb aerea, more or less.
Dated Nov. Dili, IU07. W. A   llt-i.-n*.
Nelson Land Dlitrlct    District of Weat Kootenay
Take notlco that W. A tlmlaon, of hpokane,
Waah , occupation timber miser. llilcitUs to ap
ply for a aiieeial tiinhir   licence   ov<r the follow-
Ink deeorihM   lande:    Commenolns at a pott
plauled aboul 200 feel norih of  th'' north lork of
torn oreek. thenoa south ho ohalne, thenea west
wi ehaina, theme north BOebaini, thanee cast ho
rhalua to the point of commencement, contain
Ink "to acres, more or less.
Dated Nov. lit ii, nan. w. a. Beseos
Nelson Und District. District of Woat Knuteuay
Take notice lhat W A Hudaon, of snokanc.
Waah., occupation timbei cruiser, Intend*- lo apply (OTa apeclal timber lueiice ..vor the follow
liiK deai ri lied laml" Com men "Iiik at a post
bleated about ar>i feet north ol the north fork of
Cnrii creek, theuce aoulh ho chain***, thence easi
ho chalna, thenoe nortb Ho chalua, theuce weat Ho
i halna lo the point of commencement    coutalii-
iiik B#Q eorea, mora or leu. ���
Dated Nov  fith, IW07. W   A. Him-mii*.
Nelson Uml District.   Dlitrlct of West kootenay
Take notice that W. A, Hmlaon, of Spokane,
Waah- ooonpatlon Umber cruiser, lnlcmii- tn ap
ply for a apeclal Umber lleeinsc over the follow
li'K desert bet) landa : I oin me Met ok SI it ���>���"������
I'lnnted on ttie M.iilh bank of the uum ( .,i n
creok nnd adpilnliif- limber licetico No. ttnw,
t eSOO loutbfichalna. tbence went UO chain1',
ilia nco north 40 obaiua, tbauue eaal it-o obatm t��
ui     point  of    ci    ucuuieut,   containliiK   810
as, more or less
\\"lii,ics.nic   Priivlsii.ns,
0<n-tTiinn*iit lSn.ini.-rj On.-I',*..ti,I  llrkiks nM-pivHd weekly trrat, treo lhe
ohnrn     K..r Nil.- by all lnuliuK irrouors
Olli... null  wiitrlmuB..     11. .ii-i,iii Illisik.    P.inliP 79
Josephine Street.        - - Nelson, B.C
V>,n run l.iiy �� Inner,- Fruii  Kniioli   In   tin* l.esi   fruit  |TOWlm dlnrKi
In  liutisii  CuUinibla by paytnf  $10 dolbua down and tlO parmo*a
l-s.- ii uh im tnvaatmant this ii* worth onim.it-ration.
I'Vuii Land hai n-..i.i...i In value wiililn tha year.   Whal wOl M *i out
J.   E.   A1NINABUE,
��� ������������������������ ********* ****.*>****,**,*,*..*..********* *********
���       " that  baata any at*"- '*"
w.in w,- ban wi''1";
W. imv.t\v,.Siiinklii|:*I��''k'
��� ,-t,-, biz., iik ami in bxaaat, made ,,r braoadad silk, oordad .*.-k��*. iplendldij H"1* !
J   l.nri-.-l liiitl.m.s.    Tha   -.un.ki.iK  jin-k.-th wen*   txmgbl direct  fn.in th." m��i��'��'' * 1
-Sf tie Price only $6. |
tm��'i>,  oovt    Uttd   down
in Nolsuti $11.7fl
******** ********* **************** *************
'N^-~�����***a.  A.   ISAAC R.  W.   HINTON ~*~*/^^/>
l'"isiin{   (tucl  .lobhlnu uxucuiail wit h  DaapHtwb.   _3 ���**-"        (
wti-K. ,-viiniiiK and -Mill Muuhinor-/.     MmnutwB* ui ��- ���
Ui*��  Ciira,   to.   to.    CtMiii'iK'ttn's'   Gt'f*-
''outer or lln I and
Front Htr.-eta
NELSOM,    B. G.
New and Second Hand
Ih the place for bargains. We do up*
luihUei-iiiK and cabinet work, ami guarantee to Dleaae you iu prloea, work. ei<\
a trial win convince you.
Turner Be.ton Block, 60(1 Vornon Street.
Smoked HaliM
Joy's Cash Grocery
"_ .     ...,..-...  ���,���1   MIIlK ��*    J
anil Mill.* I tag**-_*-**-*^���
the Dany CanlL..
This is fresh-killed poultry and will give you
every satisfaction.    ORDER NOW.
More supplies arriving later.
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
kaslo, Rossland Bonndary
Bohemian Beer
e Nelson Brewing Co'y, Ltd.
Coal! Ice! Wood!
Phone 265
Yale-Kootesnay  Ice, Frott,
Fuel _ P-jtaltry Co., Ltd.
N.t. co.. Baker   and   Ward   8U.
fSsiaor. Uti'l District.  District ol West Kootenay
TUtSoUae  that Kre-1  J. BUBBOU.  aneut  tor
Fan) J    Uinier. ot   Nelaon.   iw-upallnii   watrh-
:.,.     intanda to apply tor peraUeeton to oui
rtia- th,- following 'leacfttM-ti lands:   Common*
.nadUpoit   alanUM    alailit   *���,   mile*  east ot
������*.. :    ���'������'��    theuce �� chalua  in an easterly
tbanofl    Ai  chains    south,   thence  4ii
1. in * vrcnerly iilreetlon,  tbenoe *>' chalna
I BotUi to tha point ot commencement, coninintnn
( **       ��� nre or less
lMte*l N.iv  iitb, ltajfl.
Phidiii k Iohn Tanhsr,
K J  Hahmom, Agent.
[ Ntiion lsaml Dlitrlct.   Dlattlct ot West Kootenay
���ke notloa ihat   Kre-t J. Mammoua, agent ior
���v   fcallanl, of  PlOOtor, .Mcnpallon  rancher.
1ip1.lv (or itermisaion to purchase the
Itii.iiaiiilf   ileaerlW-l   lamli:     l omnieiiciuti at a
t-H [laiite.l alxnill'.. miles eaat ol Wilson e refit.
.iiiswl-ii vlialna.  thenee northwest AJ
QortnooatSOebetna, ineneasouth-
,1- to th*- the point ol comrnuneemiMit
���ouuininj it' acres, more or less.
I'aUM N.iv   -i'th. 1W7-
AkiilliiAii.  AjWDSSSO*   BaUASI'.
Agent K   J   HAMMOMB.
Hilton Land District    Dletriot ol West Kooteuay
.    Take aolloa that W. A. Htnlaon. timhcrcrulaer.
*. spokaue, Spokane county, WBahUtSton.one
! nf He- 1 mieii Hutaaof America, luietitl- to apply
1 Ipaclal   limner   lleouse  over   the hillowin**
���h-rm. it lamia:   CommencluKat a ��><��*' marked
���s     ��� pirtiiu-il on the north bank ot   Corn ereek.
at thf  ninrlion ol   the North fork ot Oom creek
"Hii   tbe  main   stream,  a how    five   miles   in a
aaklerD direction trom eonllueuee o( said *'��ru
creek with Lha Kootenay nvai;   thenee north ��
ctiatDa; tbanoa want ifi*�� chalna; theme south to
eealni    ihence easi   l-fti chains lo polnl ot oom-
Bencemant, eouialntn-a Mn m-rus more or lev.-
���ni.l   laml   adjoin-, ttinl-er   limit   No   *   ou the
��utand timber limit .No I on theaotttb.ei b>
Cs-li 'i i,\ rnc.
���Weu-d Nnvvmls-rT, lWn.
wiliiam a. Hnpeoii.Looetor.
Witnessed l.y Patrick C.Hhino
hedared  ami tinned hy tht within named \V
*   IlinlMiu   01:   the -Will -lay ot  Nwvemlier. A   M
���*n    i.. lure   me  at  MiMikatif,   Hpokane   I ounlv,
������s��hiii|ilou, otieot thet'nlle.l Outlet.ot America.
Rtlaon Uiu.i Dlstrlot.   Dlairmtot Weal Kootenay
lake notloa thai laabelia sPUnS,    1 BtteSSbOHi
oocii   an.ui married   woman,   intend-  to appl>
���01 permission to ptuebsM tbe (oiiowiii-- ass
'f'.he.l Laml-.: t'oiiiinciictiiK al a poat planted ai
'ht' iiileraecilnn of the uorth houndary ol UH
���W ami the east boundary ot Loi No ��t_>.
thanoaOMtfifi chains, more or lea*, lo the mirth
''������� I'.irner ... iimlHT I.null No. 7*>7l. theuce
Jtorth M Qbalne, Ihence west ID chains, morool
���***, h�� thr .-,,., aide ot What-diaii lake, tli'iiee
(OlluwiAg same in a antiihuMv ami ttolterl)
direction iu,i chains, more or less totheuttei
*���*���*���<��� I l.m with i ot alti'��. thence ;t> chains,   more ot
lollowmit  easterly   boundary   ol Lot M***-'i'
."���lnt ot coijituidicomeiil.
I'Hte.l IH,   DetollOr. l\Hr,. iHAHKU-A  l'li-u.K.
K   '.   KAUQlttsii. a font.
Gallon laml District,   Dutri��n.oi Waat ���.oolauaj
Uke  nottee   that   Alexander   J.   UeQoOl*,  of
1 'Tine. II  t:.. rcM��npe.tl0D clvrk. intemls to apply
," i-riiiisahMi to pnrehaM thi lollowli.a aaa
itlbadlandi Commsnatni ata poat pianieoop
theaonibarn boandary 01 tt 0 Southern ���������������i
'����>��� riKht-ot-way, about one ami a halt miles
'���"'���dcrl, [mm tii* northwest corner ol lot H9<t,
'roup I, Koolenay. thence aouth B chmn**.
Lhenoe can ko chains, thence north BO Ohaini to
���ooiharu boundary u( aald   rlsht-ol-we   ,  theuce
eaat so ohalna sums laid toulnera boundarj i"
("'lnt   h(   coinm-ymsemunt.   It-  conuliiins*- 000
oie*', more or less
Dated November .Uh, IW,.
AiaBXANimit .1  McCoot,
Nelaon I.
t Dlitrlct.   D.atrtciol ^eat RooU-naj
nollee that Y. Y. hurden,
��'rj.u Burden, ot rokiok. n. it., ooonpatlon
ratohanic, intends to appli (or pormtmlon t*1
ptiionaau ihu toUowlUi daaertbed lauds;   com-
"'���ii' Iiik in a |����at plnuted on llo- easlerly ali��ni'
ol Arrow hike and  ��� 1    lo Qbalni mirtli ol Uie
���"��� B.cornet oi lot hum, thence east 2o ohalua,
Dicuiv norih to chains, more .0 taas, to tbe lake
yi  thence southweimitly along the lukcslnof
_' lhe point ot commeucemeul,   and   B0nUt!UlO|
w" Hcri-H, more or less.
1 ati'.l Noveinbur IHth, iW,. 3AH9* 11  t(itiu��KN.
 F. P    HiimiKN, Auctil
Notice Ih hereby given that 0 Oourl
ot KcviHiuii uiul ApiiiMti. under the pro*
yiiiions of tho Assessment Act, respect
ItlR   the  AHrft-HNim-iit   Hull   fnr  the  yew
,;"^. ror the Nelson Asswsment DI*
trtct win bi' held at tin- Oovernment
Otllco. NoiKoti, on Dt-c.-mbur lNth, lt)07.
*-��� 10 a. m.
R.   8.    LENNIE,
^������"'kh of Court or Revision snd Appeal
Nei-on Load District. Dittrli'l ot West Kootenar
Take notice that John James Cameron, ot
Parnta, BrtUab columblit, occupation contrtv
tor, lutenda 10 apply tor permiaslon to
purcbaM* the toliowing ,lc-.-*ril*cd l*nd: I'om
mcncinB at a poat planted on the southern
bonndary ot the H: 0. bouthem right-ul-way
about 40 ehalns westerly Irom the N W comer
ot lot8-W.l. group 1. Kootenay. thence nntbOO
tiisiu-. theme eaat 40 chains, thenea north 60
Obatoa to the southern Iaiun��lary of the said
rifthl-ot-way, thence weaterlv  i.long said  south
ern bonndary ol right-of-way to the point t
commeneameni, auti coniaining "-MO acres, more
or leas
i-itte.i Rotrembar -*th. iw..
 J--HH -Umk- ''avhi-h.
Nelson Uiul District Diatrict oi West Koolenay
Take notice thai John Bbleli, ot Needles, B.C ���
occupation rancher. Intend! to apply tor permission to purchase the lollo-lug dew*rlbed
land; Commencing at a po��t planted at the
ii.irthw-.al comer of Un 78W, thence west -10
ebalna, tbence aouth So chalna. thetice easi 40
enalna, Oifm-e north wi cbalus to tha !>oint ot
eu_iiaWineaieaiil end containing i^1 acrea, more
Dated 18th October, 1907                .1aM��s bin��LL,
F (i, KArQCiKR. Agent^	
Selann Land District    Diatrict ol Wesl Koolenay
Take notice that  Angus Mctiill, of the City ol
Hateon, .��'cup-*ilnu it reman, intemls to apply for
permission U* purchase the followlug d*s< rjtied
lamla:    l ommencing  at  a  poit  planted  at  ihe
N    W.  corner L   0    Morrison'*  ranch,   In   Kir
alley, ih.-iv  north   t->rty   (4U)  chains, thene
ast   lo-��.v (40) chains,   ihence   south    lorty  {to
alna, ibe net* west forty (40) chains oint o
mmeneemtntu  ami coutaimuK  om- hnnoied
't sixty (160) acroa, more or less.
Died -iepl.-jihcr Jiid.   11107 ANor-   Mt-iilU.
Ferry, Waterloo, C0l.1n.bia River.
tO accnrdadce wilh Chapter 78 B.8.B.0 , -HX
-Vcrrte- Act." the l.ov criiait Hi of British Ut lum
bla invites -Applications for a charter (or a ferry
to ply between Waterloo, II C . antl a spotlit on
the oppot.lt'* Bide of the Columbia River.
Applications will he received hy t.ic Hon the
Chiei commit*.atonal up to ami including the
Slat day ol Decemt>>r. 1907*
The charter will covet a petted expiring on
the kith, Julie, 1��*��.
The terry shall be operate! whenever re-'Utred
!"������ ������*.-!. . :. in   and7 p.m.every day except Hun
Applications shall give a description of tbe
scow and cable il ls proposed to use.
Appllcalious shall slate the tolls it Is proposed
to am  lor: ���
hach adult t>aa��t>nger
bach child [not In aruia) under t.l years.
Kach btadotoattla, horse, mulf or donkey, etc
Kaebeall ibeep, s-oat or ���wine, ato
(���a  h vclucle, with one louse ami driver.
Ksch oart <ir waggon, with one boiat ami
drivei, loadad,
Kaeh vehicle, with two horses and driver, uu
Kach   vehicle,   with    two   horses   mid   driver,
Kh.ii parcel of m lbs , and under
Krcighi per LOO lbs . and under, uoii-perlahahle
K��Freight parloolba ami undar.jnerithahtaseodi
-ihe in*r��rnmant ol Brltlib I olumtiia la not
nrcvssarilv bound to accept any application sub
mUUM V. C. ..AMBl.K.
1'uhllc Work- Kugineer,
Und* and Works Department.
Vletorla, *���* 0��� Cftoamber LOth, \w..
Corporation of the City of Nelson.
Notice is hereby given that the ftrsl
sitting 0! the Oourl ur Revision tor n>
visiiiK iitiii roniM'tiuK of the Voters' Usl
tor thf foots IBM. win bs bald i" ths
Council Chamber, City Hall, Nelson, D
C, on Saturday ths tUsl day of Decern
her InHt., ut thi' hour of 10 o'clock, a.
W. K. VVA88ON,
Otty Clerk
Nelson. IJ. Cm DSC Itith. 1907.
City ot Nelson License District.
We. tin' untJenUauafl, niv.- notloe that
nt thu n.-xi in,.."inK ol the Board ol
1 lii*iisi. l',,innil��al.iii"i�� w. Inl,-nil In up
ply tor n ti'iinsr.ir ot the lloanae ot tli,
n.'i Place inn ii'.'in Wm. Goanall to
1-n.VAKD  I'Ol.l.AltU.
C. E. WADl'S
NulHon. Nov. lit, 11107.
Tnki- notloa tl-i.it 11 Court  i.r Hovls
l������  of il,,-  Vol..i��'  1-tnl   ��t  tin   i'H.v   "I
Kaalo win nn on tha ssim daj ol Dacem
I,,,,. uiiiT in cU'v.-n o'olook, 11. ni-. uo-
oalttma), and contlnua trom day in day,
ir raqulalte, at tha OounoU Ohambari ol
tu*. city of Kaalo, it. 0.
nui.-il thla 14th day ol Daoembar, ism,.
(Slocun tuning Huviow, Now Danver.)
Iu the slocan there uru now twenty
Hteudy   Blilpiiiug   iniiica.
Forraat Palton made a dual with local imrll.iti (or Ills I mil lunds tills
The Patrick l.utnl.er Co. has 175 mon
ut work In the bush. A large gung aio
ulso   working   ou  the   mill.
ll will perhaps surprise our eastern
trlende to know iiiul ploughing Is now
going on in the vicinity of New Denver.
The Winlaw Lumbar Co. has purchased the lugging plant from the outfit
who have l.eeu cutting poles around
A ..-hung... was made in train arrangement this week wherein Three Forks
will again he the headquarters for the
winter for the passenger train crew.
Johnny Tier and Frank nendrickson
shot a couple of deer, one a line buck,
al. the head of the lake last Friday. Two
other BUOOaaafUl hunters were Maurice
Davies and Uuggan who also killed a
The members of lhe New Denver Fire
Brigade met on Saturday night for organization purposes. The iliijormal
election of J. T. Illack as fire chief,
vice T. H. Hoben resigned, was duly
Geo. F. Ranson has been laid up for
the past week as the result of an accident ut the Slocan Sovereign, ln which
lie broke one of the small bones of his
Sett foot. Mr. Hanson, was working in
an upraise when a boulder broke away
and fell upon him.
The New Denver Lumber Company
are Hooded wiih orders and although
the ml'.l is running beautifully the company tlnd it difficult to keep pace with
the demand. The quality of the lumber
now being stiipped is meeting with
commendation from satisfied customers.
G. R. Northey, for many years editor
of the Camborne Miner, hus quit tlie
profession and taken to lumbering.
With Angus McKinnon he has a contract for getting out thirty million feet
of lumber from the limits of the Put-
rick Lumber Co. around Slocan City.
Six teams are employed and he made
a trip to NelBon this week for another.
(Slooan Mining Review, New  Denver.)
Mr. .las. Al.bie. of Reglnn. Sask.. Is
visiting his brother,  Mr.  Robert Al.bie.
A pleasant little dance was held at
the   Leland   on  Tuseduy   evening   last.
C.r.-nt preparations are being made
fnr the big minstrel show which takes
place  here  on  the   lllth.
Mr. F. L. MeDougal.l who hus been
visiting friends in the Okanagnn valley
has  returned home  again.
Dr Elliott, of Arrowhead, was in
town on Tuesday attending the little
Bon of Mrs   Rice, who was very ill.
Norwegian Sovereigns Return.
London. Dec. 17���The King and
Queen of Norway who have been on B
visit to England left here for Copenhagen. The infant Prince Olaf is with
them. __*_!
"COMPANIES   ACT.   1807."
Canada, I
Provlnco  of   liritish   Columbia.   I
No.   407.
This la to i-ertily that "Western Canada Timber Company Limited." is nu-
thorized and licensed lo carry on business within the Province ol liritish Columbia, and to carry out or effect alt or
any of the objects or the Company to
Whioh the legislative authority of the
Legislature of liritish Columbia extends.
Ttie head olhco of the Company is Bit-
uate at KM, Dashwood House. New
Broad  Street, in the City of Loudon.
The amouni or the capital of the
Company Is one hundred and seventy*
tlve thousand pounds, divided Into one
hun.lr.d and seventy-nve thousand
shares of one pound each.
The head olllce of the Company In
this Province is situnte at Nelson, and
Leslie Hill, Manager, whose address Is
Nelson, II. C, IB the Attorney tor tho
Ul.en under my hand and seal or ot-
lice at Victoria, Province of Hritish Columbia, this IBth day of October, one
thousund nine  hundred und seven.
[I. S.l 8. Y.  WOOTON,
Keglstrar of Joint  Stock  Companies
The objects for which this Company
has been established and licensed
la.l To enrry on business In Cunuda
nr elsewhere as saw-mill proprietors,
tlmher morchants and tlmher growers,
and to buy, sell, grow, prepare tor market, manipulate, import, export, and
deal lu Umber and wood i.r all kinds,
and to manufacture and deal in articles
of all kinds In the manufacture of which
timber or wood Is used, and to carry
on business aa Bhlp owners and carrier.
by land and water, and so far ns may
ho deemed expedient tho business of
general merchants, and to huy, clear,
.lain and work timber estates and limits;
(b.) Ar the first operation of the
Company to purchase or otherwise ac
nulre und take over as a going concern
the buataeas and undertaking of the
Canadian Pactllc Timber Company.
Limited, and all the tlmher limits,
lands, buildings and erections, water
rights, llxe.l and moveable plant anil
machinery, tools, utensils, logs and
lumber, live and dead stock, stores and
effects, and other the property aud assets of that Company tn Hritish Columbia and with a view thereto to execute
and make tho agreement referred to In
Article 3 of the Articles of ABBoclatlon
of  tho  Company.
(c.) To Book for nnd securo openings
for the employment of capital In Canada or elsewhere, and with a view
thereto to prospect, enquire, examine.
,.nK re
employ expeditions, commissioners, experts and other agents:
(d.) To institute, enter into, carry
on, assist or participate in financial,
commercial. mercair il. . industrial,
manufacturing, niinin., and other businesses, works, conlraois and undertakings and financial ..periitionB of all
kinds, and to undertake and carry on
any business transaction or operation
commonly undertaken or carried on by
financiers, promoters of companies,
miners, bankers, or underwriters, concessionaries, contractors for public
and other workB. capitalists or merchants, and to carry on any other busi-
noBs which may Beem to the Company
capable of being conveniently carried
on in connection with any of the objects
of the Company or which may be
thought calculated, directly or Indirectly, to enhance the value of or render profitable any of the Company's property
or rights:
(e.) To open, promote, acquire, construct, equip, maintain, improve, work,
manage or control, or aid in or subscribe towards the promotion, acquisition, or construction, equipment, maintenance, improvement, working, management or control of works, undertakings and operations of all
kinds, both public and private,
and in particular roads. ways,
tramways, railways, telegraphs, telephones, cables, ships, lighters, harbours, piers, docks, quays, wharves,
w arehouBcs. bridges, viaducts, aqueducts, reservoirs, embankments, waterworks, water-courses, canals, tlumeB,
Irrigations, drainage, sawmills, crushing mills, smelting works, iron, steel,
ordnance, engineering and implement
works, hydraulic works, gas and electric lighting, electrical works, power
supply, quarries, collieries, coke ovens,
founderies, furnaces, factories, cement,
limestone and other works, carrying
undertakings by land and water, public
and private buildings, townsttea, residences, cottageB, stations, stores and
shops, whether for the purposes of the
Company or for sale or hire to or in
return for any consideration from any
other companies or persons:
(f.) To promote, make, provide, purchase or otherwlBe acquire, take ou
lease, or .agreement, acquire running powers over, lease, let, grant
running powers over, work. use.
Bell and dispose of railways
tramwayB and other roads, ways and
means or access to any part or parts
of the property of the Company, and to
contribute to the expense or promoting,
making, providing, acquiring, working
aud using tho same, and to purchase,
take on lease or otherwise acquire and
hold, and to erect, alter, pull down, rebuild, and ndapt houses, cottages, warehouses and buildings, and to purchase,
construct, erect, hire and maintain,
work, use, lease, sell, charter or let,
rolling stock, plant and machinery,
trade utensils and appliances, locomotives, engines, waggons, truckB, carriages, shipB, tugs, barges, piers, harbours, wharveB and other appliances,
works aud vehicles for and used in
connection with the transport by land
or water of the produce of the Company's works and properties:
lg ) To make and carry into effect, arrangements with land owners, railway,
shipping or canal companies or owners carriers and any other companies
and persons for the purposes of the
Company, and to grant mining and
other licences over, or leases of. any
part or parts of the property and rights
ot the Company:
(h) To purchase or otherwise acquire, hold , sell, exchange, mortgage,
charge, convert, turn to account, dispose of aud deal in real and personal
property and rights of all kindB. and
in particular lands, buildings, hereditaments, business concerns, and undertakings, mortgages, charges, annuities,
patents, patent rights, copyrights, licences, securities, grants, charters, concessions, leases, contracts, options, policies book debts and claims and any interest in real or personal property,
aud anv claims against such property,
or against any persona or company, and
to finance nnd carry on any business
concern or undertaking so acquired, and
to keep up *>r abandon all or any or the
properties, businesses, patents or privileges now or hereattor to be acquired by
the  Company:
(i) To transact and carry on all
kinds of agency and commission business nnd lu particular to collect moneys 'rovaltles, revenue. Interest, rents
aiid debts; to negotiate loans: to find
investments: and to issue and place
shares, stocks, bonds, debentures,
debenture stock or securities:
(j.) To obtain, acquire, woik. let. or
dispose or any concessions or authorizations of any Government, municipal
body or other authority, for any works,
or undertaking which tho Company may
desire to promote or carry on. and to
obtain the promulgation of any laws or
decrees which the Company may think
necessarv or expedient for or 111 respect
of any such works or undertakings, and
to construct, equip, maintaiu and work
any Buch undertakings or works, and
generally carry on business as oontrao-
torB for public works, or to sell and ills
pose of any such concessions or authorizations:
(k I To contract with or aid any bo\-
erelgn or other Power, Qovernmunt. or
Slate, or any municipal or other
body, politic or corporate. or
company, or persons for or In
relation to capital, credit, means,
or resources for the prosecution of any
workB. undertakings, projects or enterprises; also to contract for aud act ns
agents or otherwise tn relation to loans
or securities las tied or proposed to he
Issued l.y any Government or State, or
municipal or other authority, or com
pany or corporation, or persons or person :
(11 To acquire any Inventions capable of being used for any purpose connected with any of the businesses or operations of Ilie Company, aud to ucqutre
or cause to be applied for and obtained,
any letters patent, patent rights, licences, contracts, options, or concessions.
In any part of the world, and to grant
and Issue licences for the use of Uie
aamo or any of them upon such terms
and conditions as may he considered
(m.) To subscribe for, underwrite,
buy, aell. and deal ln stocks, shares,
debentures and securities ot any othor
wsgitts. Hrltfwn   Colonial or
Foreign, or of any Government or authority, supreme, municipal, local or
otherwise, or of any company whoso
operations may be beneficial to this
Cum any, or with a view to assist any
c, ii.i'iny which may carry on, or bo
alK.ti: lo carry on, any business useful
to ti is Company:
(n.l To purchase or otherwlBe acquire and undertake all or any part or
the business, property, and liabilities or
any other company, llrm or person, the
objects ot which shall be altogether or
tn part similar to those of this Company, or to make antl carry into effect
arrangements with respect to the union of interests, co-operation, partnership, or amalgamation either in whole
or in part, with any other companies,
corporations or persons:
(o.) To sell, lease, let on hire, exchange, or otherwise dispose of absolutely, conditionally, or for any limited
interest, all or any part of the undertaking of the Company, or all or any of
the lands, hereditaments, property,
rights, or privileges of the Company,
or all or any or Its undertakings, and to
accept payment therefor in money,
shares, stock, debentures, or other obligations, either by a fixed payment or
by payments conditional upon or varying with the earnings or profits of the
purchase.! rs:
(p.) To establish and promote, or
concur in establishing and promoting,
associations, companies, syndicates and
undertakings, to purchase or take over
the whole or any part of the proiierty of
thts Company, or any concessions,
rights or property in which this Company has any Interest, or for any of
the objects mentioned in thiB memorandum. To secure by underwriting or
otherwise the subscription of any part
of the capital, whether origtnal or increased, of this Company, or of any-
such association, company, syndicate,
or undertaking as aforesaid, and to payor receive any commission, brokerage,
or other remuneration in connection
therewith, or for obtaining applications
for or placing or guaranteeing the placing of any debentures, debenture stock,
bonds, or other securities of this or any
other company, and to make or receive
such payments or remuneration either
in cash or shares, fully paid or otherwise, or debentures as may be deemed
(q.) To guarantee the payment of
money secured by or payable under or
tn reBpect of bonds, debentures, debenture stock. contracts, mortgages,
charges, obligations and securities of
any company, whether Hritish, Colonial or Foreign, or of any authority, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise,
or of any person whomsoever, whether
corporate or unincorporated.
(r.) To pay for any rights or property acquired hy the Company, or any
services rendered to the Company, in
fully or partly paid shares or stock, debentures or other securities of -She Company, aud to makes such payments or
glfta by way of bonus or otherwise, aud
either In money or in any other value
as may from time to time be deemed
expedient for Information or advice
given or for servlceB of any kind rendered to the company, or in connection
with which tho Company may he directly or Indirectly, interested, and generally to make any payments or agree to pay
any commissions, with or without any
consideration moving to ths Company,
If lt Is considered by the Directors in
the interests or, directly or indirectly,
to the benefit of the Company to do so:
(s.) To lend money to such persons
and bodies, whether upon security or
otherwise, upon such terms as the Company shall think fit, and to guarantee
the perfomance of any contracts entered
into by persons having dealings with
the Company:
(t.) To borrow or raise money and to
Issue debentures or debenis*a0e stock,
either redeemable or irredeemable, or
bonds or other obligations or securities
of the Company, or to creuie any mortgage or charge on all or any part of the
property and assets of the Company.
Including Its uncalled capital or other.
wise in such manner as the Company
shall think fit; to take money on deposit
at interest or otherwise, and to make,
draw, accept, and endorse bills of exchange, chequeB, promissory notes, and
other negotiable Instruments:
lu.) To invest any moneys of the
Company not immediatel yrequtred ln
such manner as may he thought fit:
(v.) To make donations to such
persons and in such cases, either of
cash or other assets, as may be thought,
directly or indirectly, conducive to any
of the Company's objects, or otherwise
expedient; and to subscribe or guarantee money for charitable or benevolent
objects, or for any exhibition, or for any
public, general or other object, and to
establish or support, or aid ln the establishment or support of associations,
institutions, conveniences, funds and
truBts calculated to benefit any of the
employees or ex-employees of the Company, or the dependents or connections
of Buch person, and to grant pensions and allowances, and to make payments towards Insurance, nnd apply the
money ot the Company ln any way in
or towards the establishment, maintenance or extension of any association, institution or fund tor protection of the
interests of masters, owners and employers against loss by had debts,
strikes, workmen's combinations, fire,
accidents or otherwise, or for Insuring
or re-lnaurlng with any company, firm
or person, any risks, guarantees, or obligations undertaken by the Company or
to which lt may be subject:
tw.) To distribute any assets of the
Company among Its members ln specie:
IX.) To do all acts necessary to procure the Compnny to be duly constituted or Incorporated aud registered, or
recognised, as a corporation or association in Canada or America, or elsewhere:
(y.t To carry out the above objects,
or nny ot tliem. either on account ot the
Company alone or ln conjunction with
any company, association, firm, person
or versons. and ln any part of the world,
and generally to do all such acts and
things as aro Incidental or conducive
to the attainment of all or any of the
above objects, and the Intention Is that
the objects specified ln each paragraph
of thla clauae shall, except where otherwise explained lu bucIi paragraph, be in
nowise restricted by reference to or inference from tho terms of anv other
narn*ranb or tha name of. the Company.
��*-_  __��� M_B f]
We have for rent an up-to-date house
in a good position, containing three bedrooms, dinning room, parlor, kitchen,
pantry,  bathroom uml stone  basement,
$25.00 per month.
H. & M. BIRD
A great many sales have been made of lots in this charming suburb
of Nelson and only a few hest   lots are left.
Don't Foi. get
That Flre Insuranoe you were going to put on this fall, or that
accident and health iwllcy you Intended writing which covers,
all accidents aud 30 dlseasr*.
Let us quote you rates on the above.
McDermid & IVIcHardy
C.  P. Ra
To Montreal, Toronto, and all points
west thereof in Ontario and Quebec.
Quebec, St. John, Halifax, Maritime Province rates on application.
Tickets on sale daily December 1st to
December 31st. Round trip First
class.    90 day limit.
Halifax, St. John or Portland and return
Salooon���$104.50. Second���$78.25.
Stnerage���$55.00,   and   up  according to
For    detalletl    information,    RailingB
ocean  steamers,   first   class   or   tourist
sleeper   reservations   apply     to    local
agent or
A.G. P. A..Vancouver. 1) P.A.. NeWoii
Tremont House
BtuovMQ snd Ana-riot- Plan
Meals 38 eta.   ftoosss trom X ata. to V.
only While Hasp MrnxnlovoO.
Baker SL, Kelson Prapnotora
Most cotnlurt.ble qasrlers      Nelson
Only the Ix-st ul Liquors .nd cigars.
Grand Central Hotel
Thoroughly renovated and refurnished. Rooms 60 cents upward. The
dining room ls unexcelled ln the city.
House heated throughout with hot
$150.00 Lot on Carbonate St.
$200.00 Two   Lots   on   Observatory   St.
cleared, fenced, small cabin.
$325.00 Lot on Latimer. (Small cabin.)
$450.00 Two Lote on Latimer.   (Fenced
and cultivated.)
Real Estate Agent
S15 Baker St., Nelson, B. C.
J. A. BRIGKSON, Proprietor.
Telephone, 250.    Opposite Court Hous.
and Postofftce, Nelson. B. G.
Queen's Hotel
Baker Htreet, Nelson. B. c.
Large  and  <'omforiable   Bedrooma snd First-
class ll lulu ir  Koom.
MRS. E. C. CLARKE, Proprietress.
Battlett   House
Best DolUr-a-Da y House is Nclson-
The Bar la the Vlneet-
White Help Only Kmployed
-loaephlne Bt
Nelaon, B. C.
Royal Hotel
Rates $1 and $l.B0 a Day.
Special Rates to Regular Hoardnr-.
CAPITAL,   $25,000.00   in  25,000   shares
of $10.00 each.
MANAGER, CSroaler W.  .*Sourke.
OFFICE. No. 322 Haker St. (Croasdalle
& Co.)
SEE the oement blocks displayed In the
Standard Furniture Co.'s window
APPLICATIONS for stock arc Invited
PARTICULARS and forr.18 of Apolloa
tlon may be obtained at the Com
pany's office, or from H. A. Stewart
Solicitor, Nolson. B. C.
s.11 Kinds of Heating Plants tn Stock.
Victoria St., Nr. Ooer. House.     Tsl. 181.
Cttntrnctf.i*   -��.*._:;
Holo Kit.'iiT for tbe Porto Kloo Lumber Oct., Ltd.,
retail yards sHuo-rli and .Ire-HMHi lutubur. in rn.*d
work and braoketa, Coaat lath and ah-ninoa*, *M,*.n
nnd rtontn. Cement, hrl-*k and Ume for sale.
Automat,..- t-rtnder.
Yard and factory: Vernon Ht.   etut of Hall
leieii.ti* 1    I
��� i
IS.   t
i *
Silver Deposit Ware!
Do not fnil to Bee these goods. They arc among the newest
on tin- market, and are equl Ite In design and iilnlsli. The line com
prises Tea Bets, In white and Bllver, and dark blue and silver Ball
Cellars, Sherbel Sets, Bottles, Flasks, and Vases ln crystal and sliver,
and coi..rcl glass and silver.
Our slur,, is open until Christmas  every  evening  until   s>  oVdock
Watchmaker and Optician
New Irish
New embroidered table
covers aud centres. *.<-"..
Chinese embroidered doylies and centre pieces.
These are all new goods
having just arrived this
See Us
For Good Fittit Land
io Acre Blocks to 8oo
Acre Blocks.
Bedrock Prices.
Easy Term"-.
H. E. Croadsdaile & _r
Next Door to Bank of Commerce.
-AT THE���
Queen Cigar  Store
__oafl presents  for   everybody.
Gome ��� oxly and avoid  tbe rush.
BUSH &  MATT HEW,  Props. >
Bay Now
We have a Good Selection of
Cheap Houses from $750 t. >
$1500. Let us show you
tliem, 2oi..e extra snaps for
investment or for a home.
A. McDonald & Co.
Dealers in staple and faucy Groceries,
Butter, ICkkb.
Oiimp and Miners' Supplies.
lb,- Ht-.*: Har.i r.x.1 un l:e msr-
1-Jcinttliend H.i-1-
The Beat Domesite coal.
West Transfer Co.
Corner of Stanley and  Victoria   Sts.
Two Blocks from Depot.
H.   Gibson,  Winnipeg;    ll    s    Jones,
���-.. :  H. H. Brandon and �� Ife, Mrs.
11   .1.  Brown, Toronto;   W. 11.  Vallance
and   ��. .���.   Q.   11    Buchanan   ami   wii.-.
Kasl ij  M. run min, Grand Forks; C. P.
1 lo ",.* r. Spokane.
* a^jispj
Cor.   Varnun nnd   Ward str-ets
M3U SO.VB.l--',
Mrs J. c Bolander, New Denver;
.M:s. Mara Ma: Montrose, 1-' W. Quern
" I. I' 'S. w, ir, Trail; C. N. Bristol,
Calgary; I. Pratl and wife, Bandon; ll.
it. Jorand. Slocan; P. ll. Burnham,
Grand Porks; s li Bmltb, IS L. Mc*
Arthur. Toronto; W. McLean, Montreal;
C B. Tweed, Made ..], O. Payne, Silv.-r-
B Robinson. Summit; A. McDougal
��� II; II. Nlcholls, Ymir; C. B. Legg.
Q    Holmes,  5-Mlle;     W.   F.   Haasell,
Perry's;   W.  IS   Hewson,  Silverton;   M.
Blazer,   .1    It    Brown,   Creston;   I..   W.
W   M    Davidson, Slocan;   I   Staripp.  Uiuii'l.-I:   11. c. Wangli.
H.  Day, J.   iv Drummond, Salmo.   \v
-  ��� don;  H. A. Ibbottson, J. Mr
Collum. M. McCulloch, Ymir: [.. C. Mor-
rlson,  li   Morrison,   Bdgewood;   S.   Mc-
l.. ������!. I'll.i. nix: C. Brown, Billyard
li  Lamber, Slocan; C Jones, Winlaw.
N   Mackay, C   P. Spooner and ..if.-. P.
Caldwell and  wife, Cobalt; J.  l-s.  Hay-
den, J   Williams, s. Brooks, J. Wilson,
Cn      n.  it  .1   i. ring, Kaslo; .1  Glover,
II. W. Bull, ESdgewo id
P. .1   Bonneman, W.   I   Loews. Mani-
"!..:    D    Wood,   Nakusp;    ll.   Epstein,
Vanoouver;   P.  Harrigan, Rossland;   I.
Mondoo, J. Dunn. Slocan; R. Henderson,
Klnmberley;   I.   B.  Reynolds,  Eureka;
\V  Watson, Crescent; J, Qraham, R. D
Prior, Bpokane; A   p. Reid, Victoria.
J. White, 11. Emerson, .1   Hawkins, G.
i. Turn, r, Slocan; W.Slmms, Ainsworth
.1. Thomas, Bpokane.
F Kelly, Waneta; <",. ii. Golddlck,
Bpokane; W. Bowness, Taglum; 1*S. W.
King. R   Swift, Beaver.
A. M. Can. See. C. E.
Mining Work I Specialty.
Offlce-.  fioaley Building.    P. O. Box 434
Baker BL, NELBON, B, C.
W.   A.
There will be no meeting of the BI
Saviour's branch of the Woman's Auxll
iaiy until alter New Year's.
K.I.mt.b, AlmondH, Walnut.*., Brazils,
Chestnut*, Apple Older, Northern Spy
apples, Mulflwfn Apples, .Tap Oranges,
tflge,  large layer. O&Uforn1ft    Oranges
And Malaga Crapes.
A large assortment of XmiiB goods,
Wholesale and retail prices per Quantity
S. O. E.
A meeting of the White Rose degree
df the S, O. k. win be held In the K of
I'. hall Thursday nlghl at T.:;o. This will
be followed by a social.
S. H. Se-aney
I'hone 20a. 6084 Baker Ht.
Metals and  Stocks.
Silver declined again on both markets
today.     Lead   advanced   two   points   in
London.     Among   local   stocks   Oraaby I
was    weakened    slightly on the ask 'd
F. O.  E.
A meeting of Nelson Aerie. F. 0 B-,
is called for tomorrow enenlng in .Fraternity hall at S o'clock. All members
are requested to be present, there being
some fifty initiations.
Churchman's  Club.
The next social of tho Ohurchaman's
i luh will take place tomorrow. Wednesday evening, ai 8 o'clock. This is for
men only. The whist tournament continues at this meeting.
New  Settlers.
1> M. Ferguson, of New Llslceard, and
A. T. Ferguson, of Toronto, brothers.
haw- arrived to take up their residence
on their ranch at Kobson purchased from
McDerxnld ^  McHardy.
Performance   a   Frost.
The Cripple Creek" company, which
held forth In Nelson one eight recently.
received a frost at Grand Forks ami
also at Greenwood. The business could
not be any worse than the performance.
Enlarging   Offices.
Lennie -Ac Wragge, barristers, have
found it necessary to get more room for
Offices and have rented the large room
alongside their present offices and will
use it in future for private consultation.
Jubilee Singers.
A musical treat is offered to the public of Nelson tonight in the performance
Of Williams' Jubilee Singers in the
Presbyterian church. The company
comes Very highly recommended by the
press of every city in which they have
Rates Too High.
Prince Kupert has one bank, a branch
of the Canadian Hank of Commerce,
which is one of the strongest banks in
Canada, its advertisement has not appeared In the Empire, for the reason
that if it did its semi-annual dividends
might have to be lowered from *1 to 5
per cent., the Empire's advertising rates
are bo high.���Empire.
Back From the Coast.
Warden Jarvis returned from the
Coast last night, after delivering his
charge, an insane man. to the asylum
authorities at New Westminster. While
at the coast the warden visited the different gaols, and though he saw some
things that would be worth of adoption
In the institution which he presides over,
he believes that taking all things into
consideration the arrangements and discipline in the Nelson gaol wiil compare
favorably with those on the coast.
20,000 Club Ball.
The second ball this season under 20.-
000 club auspices will be given in the
roller skating rink tonight. The building itself has been greatly Improved and
additional conveniences and comforts
ior dancers added. The supper, furnished by Choquette Bros., will be served in
the dining room in the basement. The
music will be furnished by Curtis' orchestra which has practised a specially
selected programme. The floor is the
best in the city for dancing and is in
splendid condition. The patronesses of
'he ball are Mesdames Procter, Olgot,
Lay. Taylor, Macdonald. Qoepel, Ulb'.et,
Hawkey, Wells, Gore and  McCulloch.
Charge of Theft.
M. II. Olaser. of Creston. appeared this
morning In Stipendary .Magistrate Mullock-Webster's court on a charge of
stealing a quantity of potatoes, turnips
and mangolds from a partnership, John
Williams and Joseph Hrown. K. S. Lennie appeared for the complainants. S. S.
Taylor, K. C, for the accused. Evidence
was given by John Williams, .lobn Hay-
den and Samuel Brooks. Mr. Taylor
moved for dismissal OH the ground thai
it had not been shown that the taking
was without color of right.    Mr. Lennie
Fiuc uaDy Canadian
Alice Roller Rink
Bowling Alley
DEO.   :2.5th
Afternoon   of Dec.   2lBt.
Dane by   Kink  Company   3"C.   31st.
Hand:   Monday, Thursday, and Saturday ..vt-nliius.
Morning*.,   afternoons   und   ovonlngH,
wlthoul   l.und,  children   15c  adults 25c.
Including skates.
KviiiIiiks wilh hand, except Saturday
avenlngs, .<io, Including skates.
Baturday evening, luuid and spoclfl]
attractions, to 11 o'clock, 60c, In i.udlnr
uk.uci, spectators 20c
Full assortment of Tublc Supplies appropriate for Xmas.
Order early and get best goods
aud Service.
Corner Silica and Josephine Sts
PHOMi   7
Beautiful Holiday
We are showing a very large and
beautiful assortment ot bollda- boxed
stationery -his year.
You don't have to pa.' a big price for
it either.
We have a l-ux wiih very pretty Holly
Decoration, filled with fabric Mulsh note
and envelopes, al :SSJc a box.
We hav.. others tn large astortmenl
at 15c, 50c, 80c and up to $3.60 a b-jx.
W. G. Thomson
-ISSggK* *'"1    Nelson, B.C.
Phono ,t*t.
$1.00 per Box
Telephone 161.
The annual meeting and election of
officers of the local lodge of Orangemen will lie held In Fraternity Hall on
Thursday evening. December 19th, at 8
p. ni. Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
opposed. The accused was bound on his
own recognisance of -..'.mi and a urety
tor 1260 to appear al lhe next assizes.
Glove Contest.
The alleged glove contest at the opera
house last night lasted about a seen,I
and a hug,. <-rr,w,i left ti.,. opera bouse
ih,.roughly disgusted. As lar as the
most favorably placed spectators could
see nol a blow was landed by either
lighter. fttzslmmons went down in a
clinch and stayed down. Alter sum.
delay h.- was counted out. Ills own ex
planatlon, which is believed by man*
who saw the affair, is that lie was
struck iu the abdomen by MuSlins' knee
and temporarily Incapacitated. No
crowd that has attended similar efforts
In Nelson ever failed so lanienlably to
get. anything like Ihelr money's worth.
The general opinion is lhat It Is "up
to" the promoters to bring the men together again for a real fighi without any
charge for admission to those who paid
to see last night's fiasco. Kitzsimmons
ls still in bed from the Injuries he received,
NICKERSON, the Jcwelery Manufacturer's Agent will sjill you goods from samples at 25 per cent. leBs than regular
prices direct from the factories, in 8
days from order. Everything In the
line.   Order now.
8ETS   FOR   A   FEW   DAYS.
From $10 to $25.
Old Curiosity Shop
in attractive boxes makes a
very   acceptable  Xmas  gift.
We   have a large range of   Xmas Stationery in all the
Correct Shapes and
If you buy your stationery from us there is no question about its
suitability. Prices Right---Quality the Best. Nelson's great
Christmas shopping headquarters.
Canada Drug & Book Store
���������minim in. in 11   mi
Wholesale ami   K-.-U11 :.---���  in
Fresh and Salted Meats
Camp8 -supplied nn Bhort<*(-t ttOtiOS and
low cut price. Nothinj? hut   &*���__ KOd
wholessoine meat* and -suppl**.*. kept in -stock
Mail orders receive careful att��ution.
E.   C.  TRAVES.   Manage*.
Let Us "Sock" it to Y
in the late-ait FM and Winter itylettt i
Men's Fin-" Hosiery We ire "itockisf']
iiii with th, (tuei-i Hof-f-ever lni[ton_ '
Comfortable and durable Id ��.\t. ui
��� ���I- iMiit in appearance. Vou wtll et-
mire tlie Don -I- signs and lu.it-m,
wlileh sir.- pOSlttYVlj plf-aafiHE to tO
0 ' r' i i .umI particular drennen. AH fut
col-inn. and warranted to give wt-iriif
and   washing satisfaction.
Standard Furniture Co.
JobbillS   promptly   attended   to.     Plani
and Kstimates
Apply 415  Hall St. Bnx 385
Xmas Cakes
We havo lh(*m   In  all  hI/.-m  and   wll
have thum .lecoral.'d to your own last,-
Choquette Bros.
Phone 258.
THE   Up-to-Date   Bakers
Geo.  P.  Player
Office   Room   No.   2,   ELLIOT     BLOCK
I..HT���Thla   nn.Mil,.,,  on   llskf-r *lr..-l or fi'afl-
'    ley   ..... Kskcr, h HI,.. I.   I.- ��� . l,.-r llaiul Una.
.'..lit.llilllu pa*WTI ami s Sn Ol lil.tn.-v      .l!l>l���r
Will  IllCHHC- Iv.l . '��� nl  '   >.,. ..III   I ii in-  .. n.l   Hook  I'o '.
fANTBD -Two  Kxperlimc'-rl H-l,-r- l.add-a lor
the liiillrliiyn Fred Irvlii** <V Qo
ANTKD      Waltri'M  for   Hotel    Htrathctnia
Apply Mi.n;i|"'i
A Ctbmforubls Bamtf inr n Young 1,-h-iv. irnula
ilHiill cith. r scliiMil U'ii('h��r. 01   rOOni lady 1
liitalngKH in    tin; city.      Aflilri'Hit   K.  D. lJ-tllp
���a-,, i.ik*-i ...A��H KOOMH.iiesm heated    Ap-
% ply ___________ __\ _0_ __ W. U. bloolt.
We _..i;;,i ilk., to na all otu patnmaaonllKtabla this winter snd��oni��t.
d,. so .-��� I....- iii Stock, il.* i- ' * ..no.! Una of h.-mliiK su.Tts ul cooklm
stoTss   i"..|  ran "s ��������* i��store presented to th.* in.l.ll.- in Kooien.y-
\v,  would i.-    ......i to   i.-*> yon   our Una ami bateia��al*|j"fiaj
cha*..: k:t,.l!y b.-.. what we have to offi-r.
J. H. Ashdown Hardwate
Company, Limited.
Nelion Bn,*A
Toilet Sets
Of Three
Mirror, brush and comb, sterling silver, &__
plated or china-backed, make most acceptable
gilt:���useful, oriiaineir.il and pleasing. This season s newest designs, $6.00 to $65.00.
R.  H.   EWERT
Lumber, Shingles,
Lath, -vloulclinRS, Doora, Window*
lurnsd Work ...*U I Ir.ukctH. Vail Ord.rs \mnnv��7
VBHNI)lsHn��ISI!T    -    -    -    -^Itl.t."!**1. ���*��� C
Your Xmas List
ih OOl etniipl'te uril-si ynu have OB It a
pair of  pltpMcn f����r msfl   m. i ti I ���-��� r of  the
I'siiiiiU'.      Tli"   l:ir^e>l   nii'l   \**'Ht  FttllgV oC
ftUppen we harts ever ibown nre tat yarn
i��s|K'etinn      tin-.    ��� sisoii. {Jetit leinen'M
booseiUppon In t*VL\a_t loath��f_ Ladles1
Dran illppen, Pell notneos antl bedrooui
nlippen. All Idndi of illppen for ohll-
The  Royal
R.   ANDREW   &   CO.   Proprietors.
For Miners, Lumbermen, Ranchers,    Housekeepers.
Let us Supply Yo��r Ne_s
Wood-Vallance Hardware Co., Ltd*
.���s'lii ��ors'
TTimriiiMff 1 Tn i wnfiiir i i 11 lir-


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