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The Daily Canadian Oct 16, 1906

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 t%i)z glaUtj (Bxtnofrtan
_E I.   No.  115.
llists in New York
in Earnest
|o House Visitation by Boys
Girls Who Sing Praises
of the Candidate.
. Oct, I'*.���A strong iKmni
s Unit tins . !IJ nl New i rl
isiie centre of Ills- nation,
nu avowed Ssselitlist among
iiiatlves III llie Sixtieth con-
tin' Xi 11 tii district, which In
s lis sn l of the lower East
is lllllqult, a lawyer or Rus-
Is running Tor congress on
sl ticket against Chuiics S.
,.i, and Henry M. Qoldfoglo
he Socialists appear to feel
if the election of their can-
|ys'iirs ago, with Roosevelt run-
the presidency, Joseph llarou-
��� labor agitator who organised
at shop workers, was the So-
Icanillsluie iu lhe Ninth district.
hived   :l|l)0  votes    lo    5000  for
lie, und -IsOU for  Ix-vennon, the
���can  candidate.    This year the
|is believe that the Republican
Ills-   Democratic  party   will  be
many   lle|iiililleans  voting  for
tand ihs1 discontent in the Dem-
f puny  win  probably split that
i.    Other facts may contribute
ueei'ss of  the  Socialist  cnndl-
Inrgo part of the imputation
Idistrict    consists    of    ltiissian
nousonds of whom have Joined
elallst   parly In the belief that
���ffoiis on behalf of lllllqult will
ply    help the    cause    of    their
���n  In  Kusslu.
Iciimpnlgn In  behalf of  lllllqult
lor the most active    and    plctu-
Jtbiit the East Side has seen for
���nis. and this Is Baying a great
linn it Is remembered that the
ills- the political stamping ground
lulllvans    and    others    whose
olltlcal methods have put Ihem
���refront   In Tammany    ranks.
Par* Is the centre of most of
I'llt    demonstrations.      Men,
i'l  children are out  working
"isilissi candidate,
other  features   of   Hlllqiiit's
fn la nn organization known as
������iii"  Workers'  league, compos-
veral hundred boys from IS to
old.   The boys talk Socialism,
���   documents and    inud    mills  their work Is done.    They
Ihe tenement! and have heart-
'silks wllh voters In their own
\  Young Women's league has
'���ii    formed,  nnd    imixsriimcH
(-���ml  support  ror  lllllqult.    They.
ie men, contribute   5   nnd    io
|n   slay   Inward   the   running  ex
ssf the rnnipnlgn.    A profession-
giie bus been formed In the ills-
lis  membership comprising sev-
���mired Jewish lawyers, phnrma-
���ournallsts, physicians, tnterpre-
���nl authors.     This    organization
|iuisii ted arrangements for n din-
f'"��� riven Thursday night of this
tl a hull in Clinton Btreet Among
Invited are Peter Finlov  Dunne,
lis- Perkins stetson oilman, Ed-
[llils-li.'ini ami olher well known
Another fs'iiiur,, planned for
npnlgn Is a monster isnrnde to
|*l on (he night or October 87,
pnt Roosevelt's birthday. The
|��ts nre conducting Hn. campaign
Islncere belief thai the election
_\r eiinsiiii.'iii' ti,   congress   win
foreshadow    the    co-operative
flwealttl .-mil mark lhe beginning
'list   real  Inroads against cap-
News From Atlin.
!���'   Melt, young, who roliirneil
���is   from Atlin. reports much nc-
|ln tluil section this year,   (iold
"inliig  hns  beon   pushed  wllh
[during  the  slimmer   with   good
Many smaller companies and
��� sis    have    been meeting wllh
ns  well  as the larger compa-
|sueh  iis the Ouggeiihelmers. All
opositlons now arc of a liydrnul-
ire,  nnd next year the dlstricl
i In scp n lot of qtinrtz develop-
I'-iirrlod on.
'rally speaking, the pnst season
-on  one nf the most successful
thus yet enjoyed.
f Judge's district. Is    one of    the
*l In Onnada.   All nf Atlin ls very
biding, the most of the enses ho
fled   arising  from   mining  lltlga-
of  whicli   thcro  has  beon  a  lot
Refused Free Entry.
John's, N. F., Oct. in.���The co-
nilnlslrv hns refused lho United
s naval lug Potomac, which Ib
tit lhe May of Islands, free entry
ires. In spite or tho fnct lhat this
isslon  In ai'i'oi'di'ii    Trench    wnr-
Fifty Cents a Month
ships In Ihese waters. The Potomac
hns on board A. n. Alexander, chief of
lhe statistics  division an thuds of
the bureau of fisheries for the department or commerce ami labor who is
studying the Newfoundland fisheries
Escaped    Prisoners   Foroed   to   Give
Themselves Up by Pangs of Hunger.
Dawson, Oct. 11.���Hendrlckson and
Thornton, the escaped dttperadoes,
were captured Tuesday near Nation
City, below Eagle, not far rrom where
they escaped last week from the steamer Lavelle young, while en route to
Fairbanks and Seattle.
Iinlli men had wandered several
days through the wouds withoul food,
riiv or dry clothing, and the bravado
was all taken out of Ihem, so Ihey
readily surrendered when confronted.
Tin' men stopped al the Montiiuk
madhouse once and secured a meal,
lint lbs. people there had no firearms
l.i make an arrest, with.
I'll- 'Hon was captured while alone
liy Vlllenevi, ' i.-mlsblng for food, lie
made no resistance when covered
Hendrlckson was covered whin at-
tempting lis lake a small boat at Nation landing. William Qerti covered
him. Villeneve and (it-rtz get $250
Deputy Marshal Wiseman and .lack
Robinson took the men in custody and
bound them together with heavy ohalns
and put them aboard Hie steamer Cud-
ally, which Is due In Dawson tomorrow.
Governor Mclnnes says he will be
slower In graining permission heroni-
ier to the American authorities to taka
criminals through Canada and Yukon
for rear lax methods will eause them
In get loose, terrorize HiIb part of the
country and make greatly added imllce
duty. Unless there Is better handling
by tho Americans hereafter, the privilege mny be withdrawn entirely.
Uprising in Morocco.
Paris, Oct. 16.���The Imminence, of a
formidable native uprising In Morocco
nnd Algeria Is growing. The Trench
military authorities iu Algeria are in a
state of apprehension. The commander oi the troops In the district of Ains
Efra has cabled to the minister of war
saying that the preparations among
the Moors for a holy war are proceeding energetically: Emoty Ahou. a
cousin of the sultan of Morocco, has
vlslied all the tribes and induced them
to ceaso their internal quarrels and
prepare to take the field ln the middle
of November.
The Daily Killing.
Salisbury.   N. Y., Oct.   18.���Burgess
I-'ox and Hill Fraser, men employed In
the Gold HIII mine, 15 miles from here,
were killed last night liy an explosion,
both bodies being busily mutilated. As
the cartridges are fired by eloctriclty
the accident is thought lo havo heen
caused by carelessness.
Further Details   of   Terrible Shooting
Affray���Murderer   Escapes   and
Whereabouts   Unknown.
(S|Hiclal to The Daily Canadian.)
Greenwood, 11. C, Oct. It!.���Addition-
ul details of the Carml tragedy havu
now been received from the parties
bringing the wounded man, "Scully"
Smith, to Qreenwood ror treatment n
appiars that (liilldreau nnd Cello took
dinner at Hub's boarding house ou
Sunday evening. They had some dif
tlculty wiih Dale. After dinner Cello
went lo (loiidieau's cabin with Smith.
Aboul !i o'oloek Dnle appeared m the
cabin uml begun shooting through the
window. "Scully" was shot through
bis shoulder, (liilldreau through thu
throat and Celle through the chest.
I'he Iwo  lust expired almost  llisllinlly.
Diiie next appeared outside the post-
office, where several men were visiting with Ills unCle, and began promiscuous shooting through itn- window,
Nobody was hurl. Date barricaded
himself in a neighboring cabin and
was surrounded by villagers.
About t o'clock Monday morning be
escaped In tbe darkness. Ills where
nboiils are now unknown. The authorities have been notified aud his appro
beiislon seems certniii. Dr . Oppi'ii
hi'inu'i' of Qreenwood has removed the
bullet from the shoulder of Smith uud
his  recovery Is  probable.
Dale also shot ut Iiulrd Dubar, a
rroighler-'who went to the cabin to
compose the bodies ot the dead men.
No good reason Is yet apparent ror the
cause or thc quarrel. Cannl Is u small
mining town on the Wesl Fork of the
Kettle river, about BO miles from here.
Shot Her Husband.
Chicago, Oct. 16.���In the presence oi
her daughter and a party of children,
Mrs. Sarah Alcopa shot and killed her
husband early today at their home.
Alcopa was chasing hor around the
house wllh a butcher knife and she
ran Into her bedroom, got n revolver
and fired two shots, one striking the
man In Ihe left temple und thc other
lu the lung. Thc man Instantly tell to
the floor and died. Alcopa was a cigar
makcr und was 3!) years old. His wife
Is ll!) years old and thure nre two children. Jealousy on the husband's part
Is said lo have been the Inciting cause
oi the trouble.
Employees of Quaiffe in
the Box Today
Macleod and Smith Ascribe Origin
of Fire to West Fernie
The cross-i'xiiiniiialion of Macleod
ami ilie examination of Smith, iwo of
the men employed by Subcontractor
Hubert. Quaiffe, took up most of the
time of the court today. They differed
slightly lu a few estimates of distances, bul agreed as to thc big fire
coming rrom north of Lever's house,
not from the right of way, and as to
ibi'li' efforts to control ll.
A. M. I.iipford, engineer, gave expert
testimony generally agreeing with that
of Warrington and Hustle given yesterday, lu lhe efrcct that winter clearing is Impracticable, and summer
clearing perfectly safe 11' proiier precautions are  taken.
An arrangement between counsel
may allow for thc admission of
Quaiffe's evidence at the fliw- inquest.
Mr. Davis expresses his determination to have it submitted.
Vesterday afternoon, after the cross-
examination of Engineer Hastie, Phillip Macleod, one of Quaiffe's workmen, wus called. He described the
clearing operations generally. On the
evening of July 22 he was working
near Station 885 ,whcn he saw smoke
about 600 leet away, beyond Lever's
house. That rlre apparently went out.
Others started later. He described
thc errorts of Qualfre and his force to
stup all the tires, and the summoning
oi other meu to aid in the work. He
did not remember any riling on the
right or way the morning oi the 2;trd.
He saw no evidence or rlre at 7 o'clock
that morning.
This morning the cross-examination
or Macleod by Mr. Davis was begun
when  court opened at 10  o'clock.
A dispute lollowed a question put by
Mr. Davis asking the witness" opinion
of a statement made by Mr. Prendergast that fire had been burning in thc
ravine for u week or ten days.
Mr. Hodwell objected that Prouder
gast's statement was not to that effect.
Continuing, the witness said he did
not remember, and would not swear
lhal there were nol tires smouldering
or actually burning ut half u dozen
points, even opiKistte Lever's house,
lie thought there were not, but would
not swear.
The witness repentedly qualified his
answers liy explaining liuit they were
according tn his recollection. TJiero
were very tew questions put by Mr.
Davis to which he would give positive
uud definite answers.
On .Inly _:! they were nil engaged iu
fighting rire. lie and his partner,
Smith, separated from Quaiffe. He
did mil see any or Welsh's men until
about 12 o'clock. They were then
fighting llres nenr Lever's house. The
wind was not strong [luring the morning, bul liy I o'clock il was uprooting
trees, lie could not say what were the
dimensions of the fire when 11 was first
seen by Smith and himself. They did
not try In put ll nut.
lie-examlneil liy Mr. Bodwell, he said
he thought ll wns wiser lo go for help
ihan attempt to fight the rires alone.
Hy the time help was secured lbe wind
was high ami the fire spreading rap
S. S. Fowler and I*. Lament asked
why the witness and those with hlm
early on the 82nd did not at luck the
lire ns soon ns ihey saw ll? The wit
iiess explained that, their hats were
straw ami would mil hold wnls'i', anil
Ihey had no olher appliances Immcdl
lllely at  hand.
A. M. Liipfni'd. C. E.. Inspecting engineer, said he tried In get over tin'
work once a month. He was there In
June from the 87th to the 80th, and
nol  again until Augusl.
lie knew Quallte's portion of the
right or way. Thero was no filing
there up to .lune 30.
He put in a map made by his assist
mils ami certified by him as correct.
Mr, Davis objected thnt the witness
cssuld not swear of his own knowledge
to any of the measurements   on    the
To the court, (he witness snld there
might Iio small liiaccurncles, but he
would swear, as he had certified, (n lis
gs nernl correctness.
He had fnlluwed rnilwny engineering
since 1880 and had been iu charge of
over 10011 niites of construction. Ho
was chler engineer during the construe
Hon oi tho Crow's Nest Southern rnilwny, but now is ln the employ ot the
Great Northern.
To thc courl Mr. Hodwell snld lhat
the Crow's Nesl Southern ls part ot
thc Great Northern system.
Much of the construction done hy
(he witness was In country exactly
slmilitv lo Ihnt nrotind Fernie.
He thought $05 an acre���Hie price
paid Quaiffe���a fair price for such
He said the recognized rttles of safe
clearing���the safeBl ho knew���called
for Llle felling of ull timber Inwards
to the right of wny, the burning lirsl
ol brush, then of logs.
Do would disapprove or leaving
either brush or logs along the right of
way. It was not safe, on account of
the usual roving crowd that follows a
new road.
It was dangerous aud also caused
delay and Inconvenience. Iiuriiliig
cannot bo done In winter.
ln dry weather burning, ho snld,
should tie done nt night.
Mr. Davis had no questions.
To Ihe court the witness said the
method he detailed was perfectly sure
IT proper precautions were taken.
Around Fertile he thought clearing In
November would have been as dangerous ns In July, except for the diner-
eiic in lho night dampness.
Mr. Hodwell asked ir witness would
Ihlnk It surprising or evidence of lack
ol care fr rlre escaped owing to a violent wind?
Mr. Davis objected, but the question
was put by lhe court.
The witness said that if a high wind
arose afler a fire was slurred, no precautions could then render the clearing operations safe.
Mr. Davis���Then you think nwners
of surrounding property must take
chances on such winds, without redress In case ot loss.
To the courl Mr. Lupford said he
knew of very few cases of fire escaping from right or way. When It did
happen It waB due as n rule to sud-
ds'n wind.
llo further said that "due regard to
lbs- safely of neighbors" would depend
upon the nature of thc ground, of
brush, logs, old slashings, and other
circumstances. He thought thcro
shoiibi be at least four men to watch
���ton reet of fire. Water was often unavailable. The usual method of fighting such fires was by shovelling earth,
cutting and healing out with green
When court resumed at 2:16 Mr.
Davis stated that he and Mr. Bodwell
hnd arranged that Quaiffe's evidence
al the inquest, and a statement made
by him, should be put In.
Mr. Bodwell dissented. His offer
made previously had not been accepted. He would now consider his learned friend's oirer.
Charles W. Smith was then called.
He began working for Quairfo on June
:;0, 1901. He was cutting logs on the
right of way north of Lever's hotise.
The timber was green and thin. A
few logs may have fallen there off the
right of way. The logs were to be
tuken by a lumber company.
Some of thc logs were left ano burned In the big fire. He and Macleod
were cutting on July 22 and 23.
Neither he nor Macleod did any fir
Ing north of Lever's house at any time.
Soutli of there they had done some
firing on July 11.
He worked on July 21 with Macleod.
They were cutting logs north of Lever's. He did not work on the 22nd,
but began ugaln the morning of the
Three days before he had noticed
fire on West Ferule townsite at about
lot 6 In block 3, on the river side of the
right of way.
Tbey were evidently settlers' clear-
lug tires. He had seen the same a
week earlier.
Quaiffe accompanied Macleod and
witness to their work the morning of
tlie 83rd. Tliey worked on the right
or way near Lever's and were there
when Hie big rlre came on them from
near thc creek.
He told of the efforts made by
Quaiffe, Macleod and himself lo put
the fires oul.    lie wns sent for help.
His evidence ns to the condition of
tlie right of way and the surrounding
country did not differ from Macleod's.
lie snld their Instructions were generally to hum only a little at a time.
He snld that neither he nor Macleod.
nor any olher of Quairfe's men placed
any brush on burning fire, nor set any
fire norlh or Lever's house, on the
morning or .lujy 23, nor nt nny lime
previous. Nothing wns ready ror burn
Ing there al llinl time.
Mr. Dnvls then asked Mr. Rodwell's
cniisiT.I to file Quairfe's evidence before the cross-examination. Mr. Hnd-
well nrnmlsi'il lo recall Smith Inter If
Mr. Davis wished.
The crois examination or Smith then
Negro Artist Wins on "Two Disciples
at the Tomb."
Chicago, Oct. ll!.���Henry Tanner, n
negro artist, was yesterday awarded
Ihe N. W. Harris prize or $60 for the
best painting at ihe nineteenth annual
exhibition of American paintings,
which will open nt the art institute
tomorrow. Yesterday, nt tho private
exhibition the art commission of the
Institute carefully went ovor tho lurge
number of paintings suing and the decision nn Mr. Tanner's "Two Disciples
at the Tomb" was unanimous.
The picture shows the races or Peter
and John before the Saviour's tomb,
with a fine light playing ncross their
features, which nre strained with expectancy, while awaiting lhe fulfillment ot the promise that had been
made them.
Signal Association.
Washington, D. C, Oct. IC���The
Hallway Signal association, Ihe only
organization In the world treating exclusively ot all Blgnnl matters as relating to railroads, began Its tenth annual meeting In Washington today.
The membership embraces 800 mon
who are nctlvcly Interested In railroad
signal wnrk In Amorlcn, Europe, Aim
trails aud Africa.
French Cabinet Will Re-
Attack Vatican
Conspiracy  With Monarchists to
Overthrow Republic--Allegations Denied.
Rome, Oct. 15. ��� The Oservatore
Kitma publishes a semi-official article
saying the French cabinet Is preparing
to attack the Vatican at the reopening
of the chamber of deputies hy accusing It or conspiracy w--*> the monarchists to overthrow the republic, and giving the rollowlng statement:
"That lhe royalist press which opposed the late Pope Leo approves of
Pope Plus.
"That the pope granted, an interview to' the royalist organ, Aulols."
The Oservatore answers these allegations hy stating that Pope PIub, like
Pope I*o, loyally accepts the republic,
as the former has repeatedly affirmed
action conrirmlng his statement, in his
recent encyclical of the church and
state separation law, and challenges
anyone to quote a word uttered by the
po|H' or to adduce a fact showing that
the pontiff is an enemy of the republic.
"The proors to be referred to by the
French government," the Oservatore
adds, "are not serious. The royalists
support the pope, either as good Catholics or for political alma. In the latter case It Is not the Vatican's fault,
the responsibility resting upon the republic and resulting from the antl-re-
liglous measures adopted fn opposing
the church under the guise of carrying out Republican Ideas."
Letter   of   Fernie    Miners'   President
Throws Light on Situation.
The followiiiK, which Ib part of a letter appearing In the Fernie Free Press,
will serve to show our readers where
responsibility for at least part of the
serious trouble now existing in Fernie
must be placed. It is evident tbat the
real struggle ls between Sherman, the
official head of the U. M. W. of A., and
lhe management of th collieries. With
the local president in favor of conciliation an end of the struggle should
nol Ise far off. Following Is the ex-
'Nos.'. It Is evident that we as mln-
et-si have some grievances against the
conr-iny nnd that the management
havs ",n,in- against us, but what is the
tliff. .e.ic..' Have we no remedy, and
have thousands of men, women and
children to suffer without nny attempt
mode to have these dlfrerences put
right? Surely In this, the twentieth
century, men can meet together and
hnve clear understanding and make
strikes a thing of the past. Wherever
the liiuli lies, lei It be brought to light,
nnd as one who believes In conciliatory
measures, I would suggest that a board
of Inquiry be appointed from the two
locals to enquire Into this trouble and
demund that the two parties Involved
explain their position. If either of
these parties are afraid to agree to
this 'course, we can come to uo other
conclusion lhat that the party who Is
afraid lo do this In In Ihe wrong. Lei
no one bo led away by sentiment, but
plain facts, and let our motln ho as one
that ndnrns ninny of the trades union
banners, viz., "Come, let us reason together," nnd by so doing some good
may lie done and difficulties overcome
and let ns stand ror right, whether It
be fnr us or against us.
(Signed) "W.   M.  D1CKEN,
-President   Fernie  Local  Union."
Schism  In  Army, _.
- New York, Oct. 16.���The schism In
the ranks of the Salvation Army grows
apace. The insurgents, who style
themselves "The Salvation Army ol
America," have unfurled their banner
and are daily recruiting their ranks.
The cnnimnnder-ln-chief of the loyal
army has Issued a manifesto calling on
the insurgents to return to their allegiance without effect and the unedl-
fylng spectacle was recently witnessed
of two contending battalions of tho
Soldiers of the Cross belaboring each
other for tho possession of a profitable
street "pitch." An ultimatum Ib shortly expected from the general and It Is
the opinion of the brigadier general
and officers of the field staff that II
Ihe Insurgents do not lay down their
nuns or tanners nnd Hlbles���war will
bo declared.
Mrs. Davis Dying.
Now York, Oct. 10.���Mrs. Jefferson
Flavin, who has been HI of pneumonia
at the Hotel Majestic, was still alive
early today, but her death, it Ib said,
Ib not far off.   Mrs. Davis took a sud
den lining" for the worse last night,
and her physicians Bald the end was
only a question of houre. Her only
surviving daughter, Mrs. J. AddlBon
Hayes, and other relatives remained
near her bedside during the night. Mrs.
Davis is 80 years old.
A Few Taunts   Sufficient   Excuse for
Brutal Murder.
St. Petersburg, Oct. IC���After Investigating the killing of Mile. Somenova,
the young medical student confined
ln the central prison of St. Petersburg
who wus shot dead by a sentry on
September 10, when she showed herself at the window of her cell, overlooking Ihe courtyard, tlie commander
of the St. Petersburg prison has thanked the soldier who killed the girl and
has given hlm a reward of 15.
In addition the soldier Is upheld as
an example to his comrades for the
faithful performance of duty. The
prisoners claimed that the sentry shot
without any warning or provocation,
while the sentry said he ordered Mile.
Somenova four times to leave the window, as some of her companions were
taunting the regiment with the part
they had taken ln the suppression of
the revolt at Moscow, which resulted
In the assassination of General Mln,
who was formerly colonel of the regiment.
Missionaries Meet.
Bufralo, Oct. 16.���The Foreign Christian Missionary society opened its session today at Convention hall. The
announcement of committees and of
annual reports were followed by addresses and the introduction of several missionaries. The Foreign Missionary Society of the Disciples of Christ
which waB organized ln Louisville,
Ky., October 11, 1876, and incorporated under the laws of Ohio, has property In the foreign field valued at
15(10,000, and has an annuity of 205,-
000. It employs nearly 200 missionaries and over 300 native evangelists,
teachers and helpers, distributed in
Africa, China, Cuba, Hawaiian islands,
India, Japan, Philippine Islands, Scandinavia, Thibet and Turkey. It also
sustains a publishing bureau.
The Carmellns Sighted.
New Pork, Oct. 16.���The steamer
Cariiiellna, on which Manuel Silvelra
Balled from Havana on October 2, ostensibly for New York, but which has
not since been reported until today,
was sighted by Captain Clauasen of
the Danish ship HJortholm, from Havana for New York, who kept in communication with her for two days. The
HJortholm arrived in New York Saturday and was today anchored off Ellis Island. Captain Claussen Bald that
he thought the Carmellna proceeded
southward. The departure and alleged
defalcation of Silvelra was the reason
given for the assignment of J. M. Ce-
ballos t Co. of this city.
Prairie Cities' Delegations Meet to Organize Professional BaseballLesgus
for the Northwest.
Medicine Hat, Oct. 16���The Western
towns have caught the professional
baseball fever. Regina also had a bad
attack, and from all accounts, Moose
Jaw, Lethbrldge, Welaskawin and Red
Deer are In danger of becoming affected with the same malady. Calgary
and Edmonton are responsible for tbe
outbreak and this city and Regina
seem to be especially hard hit, owing
to the enthusiasm which the delegates
from the two aforementioned points un-
bottled at a meeting which was held In
the hall today for the purpose of tak
Ing the preliminary steps In forming
a professional league. Thc delegates
present were from Calgary, Regina and
.Medicine lint.
The various details or organisation
were thoroughly discussed, the delegales being In session gll day. lt was
decided to organize under the name of
the Western Canada l-eaguo of Professional Haseliall Clubs aud to Join the
National association. Calgary, Modi-
cine Hat, Edmonton and Regina will
receive franchises and two others will
bo Issued, either to Lethbrldge and
Moose Jaw, or Wetaskiwin and Red
A monthly salary list of |1200 was
practically decided upon and the delegates meet again on November 5 to
complete organization. The meeting
wns characterized by unbounded enthusiasm and confidence In the success
which will attend Iho Introduction of
league professional baseball In the
Tragic Death.
Fort William, Ont., Oct. 16.���Wilbur
Williamson, 18 yoars of age, the son
of a farmer residing near Muiillo, Is
dead here, the victim of one of the
most peculiar accidents which ever
occurred In this district. He was holding the bolt, on a wood saw In place
with a Bhort stick, when the stick
caught In a wheel and was thrown
against the boy's head with such force
that It pierced his brain. He died six
hours later without regaining con
Hindu Immigration
Ottawa Government Sends Evasive
Reply���Tel-grams to Colonial Secretaries.
(Special to The Dally Canadian.)
Vancouver, Oct. 16.���The city council has upheld the mayor's action In
refusing the last party of Hindus arriving here permission to leave the C.
P. R. detention sheds. Tho police have
been instructed to absolutely preveut
their dispersion. Mayor Buscome read
the letter to the council which he had
sent to Sir Wilfrid Laurier and the
premier's reply.
Then he had telegraphed to Sir Wilfrid aa follows: "City of Vancouver
will not further stand for any dumping
of BubI Indians here. A mass meeting
has been called to consider taking active measures for the prevention of
any further such immigration unless-
definite and authoritative assurances
are given by your government that it
will prevent the importation of these
undesirable Immigrants."
Sir Wilfrid Lauder's reply was also
read, as follows. "With reference to
telegram, government not prepared at
this moment to take action, but will
wait for further communication in the
The mayor has also wired to Wins*
ton Churchill, the colonial secretary,
and to Hongkong. The big mass meeting will be held tomorrow evening.
Crashes Into Trolley Pols With Pratt-
���bis Fatalities. '
Cleveland, Ohio, Oct 16.���An auto,
while running at a high rate of speed
on Detroit avenue, struck % trolley
pole at Kenilworth avenue, Lakcwood,
a suburb, early today and exploded.
Every one ot the four occupants of the
car were Injured and two may die. The
injured are Miss Anna Schmltte, burned about the arms; Miss Helena Ackerman, burned about the legs and
back, condition critical; Benjamin
Camera, burned about the head and
hands, and George Hartman, right eye
gouged out and skull fractured.
The car was owned by M. J. Kaul-
baum, a banker ,a relative of Camera,
who was driving the machine when
something went wrong aud It swerved
across the road and struck the trolley
pole. The collision and explosion
seemed to be simultaneous.
Will Send to Eaton's.
(From Cumberland News.)
A young business man of the town,
who lielleves In strict business ethics,
and consequently deplores the practice
so commonly followed In this place,
of sending away for goods which can
be procured here, was one day approached by a settler in a manner suggestive of Its being quite acceptable,
should aforesaid young man see fit to
pay attention to said settler's daughter
with a view to matrimony. Business,
however, Is the young man's creed, bo
to avoid complication and to forestall
what seemed to threaten an ���> actual
uroposal, he said: "I am not a marrying man. at least not at present. You
have cows and thlngB to sell; I have
goods: when I want a wife, I shall
aend lo Eaton's for one, Just as you
now send there for the goods I carry."
That settled the argument.
Vukon Boundary Fixed.
Victoria. Oct. lfi.���Ry the flashing of
telegraphic signals from Fort Egbert,
Alaska, and from- Vnncouver, Canada,
the exact boundary line between the
Hulled Status and Canada at the Yukon river has Just been determined. A
shnft of granite will be reared at the
point agreed u|Hin by the observers,
and with it as a basis the long boundary stretch on the 141st meridian In
the wild and unexplored country from
the Arctic ocean southward will be
marked out at some future time.
Lsid Foundation.
Dublin, Oct. 16.���Lord and Lady Aberdeen today officiated at the laying
of Ihe foundation stone of the new municipal technical Institute in London*
Miners All Rescued.
Durham. Eng.. Oct. 16��� All the miners who wore entombed 08 the result
of an explosion yesterday ln the Win-
gate colliery, near here, have been rescued.
8pokane, Oct. 16.���Reno Hutchinson,
secretary of the Y. M. C. A., was shot
and killed In the best residential section of the city last night by a highwayman. The Daily Canadian
- STORES      ���
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pleasant dreams of
Ws hai   plenty of them iu rod and tslue.
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4 Point?, weighing afoot 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
These blankets are lastly oeMnatad for their excellence. We alone carry
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LUMBERMEN���Pillows Co���fort.rt. Gloves and Mits. Socks. Shirts and
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Bak.r 8t. Nelwn, B. C.
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lu the cut, or f-xtdih year il (-eut by mail wo.u
paid Id a<J'.__'���'
Advi-rti-lLR raw on application.
All uionle* pal- in seliletn.ut of The Daily
Canadian account*, cither toa lObwlptJ tu ���������
ifMlFfriif.tj'-!. ui'jh i�� j'- doted ' i ������        printed
lormr-. of  llie Company    OtLtr rfeiplt*- are DOl
OCTOBliK lb. l_>Of>.
��� By ont
r-? ar. *���".*_.tiraf./icijt- to be
word Kline lini _�� judged to be
therefore be careiul what we
The Canadian is Ifl receipt of a copy
of 'The Law of Canada Respecting 1m-
inigran's and Immigration," issued by
lhe buj-erimendent of immigration at
Ottawa with the request that il be
read carefully and pt_a_rv__ iur future
rtfereaoa. We have done hoth and ap-
jueclate the brochure a* a deal setting forth of the taunLgratlon Jaws of
the Dominion and to some extent the
manri'-i in which they ire lo be interpreted.
Section .;*.> of the ad would seem to
promise us an ea*y Bolntion of the danger that threatens Hritish Columbia
thrgugh  the  immigration ot  boi ol
Sikhs who nre now infesting thi istl
camps and cities. It reads as follows:
"The governor in council may, by proclamation or order, whenever Ik- consider! it necessary or expedient, prohibit
the landing in Canada of any specified
class if Immigrant*, of which due notice shall be given to the transportation companies."
It would appear therefore, that all
that is necessary for us to do is to call
the attention ol the Dominion Immigration office to the intolerant attitude of this entire province toward the
Sikh invasion and establish the iact
bat the Sikhs are an undesirable class
if Invaders. The power conferred by
section 30 is apparently absolute and
The Canadian however wishes to
call the attention of it* readers to
several anomalies that attach themselves io the present situation. The
act from fchich section Ud as above is
quoted was assented to on the 13th Of
July of Uie present year. It has then
fore been In force for a period ol
three months, li |R only dining these
last three months that the coinniy
has been threatened with the Hindu
invasion and it would seem that even
so many as are present in the country
could have been kepi out under the
provisions of the act .
Furthermore, ii is hut a few days
since Mr. H. 0. McPherson returned
from Ottawa and told bti constituent*
that he had Imprest-ed upon the a*
thorltie* at Ottawa that the Weat li
determined lo keep this a white man's
country. He even w.-nt so far as to
tell his constituents that there is nothing In the present machinery of the
law to keep out the Hindus but as a
result of the pressure that he had
brought to bear on the heads of lhe
department*, special legislation would
be enacted at the next session, otherwise almost immediately.
Accepting Mr. Mcpherson's statements at their face value, let us ask
since this act was assented to on the
l.'Ith of July, why does Mr. McPherson say there Is no machinery in the
present law to provide against Sikh
immigration? Or to put the case another way: if Mr. McPherson did so
much to Impress upon the authorities
at Ottawa that the West fs to he kept
a  white man's country and If���as he
r-aid��� he received positive assurances
thai legislation would be enacted,
granting that section 30 means what
II says, why did not tbe authorities
call his attention to the said section
and show him the law as it stands?
We are more than ever convinced
that Mr. McPherson bad but one end
in view when he took to himself such
fulsome praise for his patriotic attachment to ihe interests of the white man
in the West.
Tbe new Liberal party slate hints
that Mr. McPherson is to step down
out of the arena of Dominion |>olitics
���where he has not been too happy nor
exhibited even scintillating brilliance
���into the sphere of provincial politics
to take the place of Mr. McDonald
who is���obviously���to be promoted to
tbe bench. Mr. McPherson needed a
rallying cry in I-Jritlsli Columbia, and
he fcbongbt be found it in his claim to
such rigid determination to keep It for
the white man. But what are these
pretensions worth when the governor
in oouncil can cancel tbe rights of the
Sikh,, tu come to Hritish Columbia by
the stroke of his pen?
Let us go still deeper into this little
Liberal plot for It will bear still further investigation. Dr. Munro Ib the
Dominion immigration agent and
health officer at Vancouver. As such
ha mus; have been aware, since the
tSth of July, of the existence of section _0 which would make possible the
exclusion of the Sikhs by order of the
governor  in   council,
Wbat has be done? He has been the
most stalwart champion of the Hindus;
be has defended them against what he
has called the calumnies of the laboring men who have protested against
their invasion. He has. without doubt,
n ported to Ottawa, to just the same
effect a_ be has spoken In Vancouver.
li Ifl io hlm. more than to anyone else
that Ottawa will look for the reports
upon which to base its decision as to
the exclusion of the Itritish Indians.
So we have Mr. McPherson tearing
his hair at the invasion and affirming
that his Influence alone, against the
malversations of the Eastern Conservative press, has pledged the government
to the exclusion of these people, while
all the time the agent of the Dominion
government has been loudly calling
out that injustice is being done g'hen
their exclusion is asked for. Without
a suspicion that there can be any collusion these anomalies nre among the
many runny things by which the dust
hae been thrown into the eyes of the
]M-ip!.- till it has been too late for
them to see.
In tii- Controverted Elections Act
case now being held in Regina, Mr.
Haultaln has advanced arguments
which. If the court agrees with them,
will cause a tremendous upheaval In
Saskatchewan sajs the Winnipeg
When an election protest came before Judge Prendergast, some months
BgO, the judge decided that the Con-
Hovertwj Sections Act was not in
force in Saskatchewan since the Autonomy Act came into effect This, he
claimed, made it Impossible for hi:n
to hear these cases.
It is the appea-J from this decision
that is now being heard In Regina���
and in lhat appeal Mr. Haultaln has
argued that the Controverted Klections
Act is as much In force ia Saskatche
wan as is the Klections Act Itself.
Thus, if neither of these acts be In
force, there Is no lawful government in
If the court should take this view of
the case, a situation unprecedented in
Canada would at once be created. The
Scott government would cease to exist
and new elections would have to he ordered by the crown.
The possibility of such an event
gives the case now- being beard in Be-
gina an exceptional interest.
The outcome of it should be closely
watched by all who have followed the
devious course of the Scott government and the Saskatchewan courts
since the passing of the notorious Autonomy bills. Il should also be closely
watched by all interested in constitutional government in Canadai
[The above case has since been ���������
f< rred to the full court of Saskatchewan, which will sit within a month.
���Ed. Canadian.]
Query���If the Houston Conservatives
of Kelson are going to vote for Dr.
Hall, who are tbe Houston Liberals
going  to  vote for?
H ��� ��� '��� ��� ��� ������: y pni-n mat. ibirty lav*, aft.-r
daw-. J Intend 10 appir to tlu* Honorable the
.i.iu)**h-uer nl Landi ami Work* for a
������rr-ri'ial Ikn UM t" cut and carry away ItinU-r (nun
the foUowllif dewribed land*-. 'ituau* In 1 tie
-\. -: K-ii- :iay diMrlct:
Com men ring at a *y*t marked Fred Atkiuf-u'���
north-reel enrner port. jduled abont one mile
eait of Upper Arrow lake and joining I_>t_.-9;
thf Dec i'atl Ho chain*, thenee south $> -*hefn-~,
th*mi ���* we-t mi ehelni, them*, norlh 8U chains to
point of i tommenoemeat
Paid tbti ,Hi day of October. IflOB
i'Kii*  Atkinson,
lake notice ilia; '���%) dav* alter 'late we Inl-.-nd
inakinjt application to ih< Honorable the Chiel
uniiir,   lir.inr i-n",  T*' ��� nnni-,     luvuir    illllll
���hainf. thence  weet -W chains to point of co
men cement
Dau-d, September IBtb, i-����.
\V_n>m ko I-rMBih C mpany
IiANir.t TrnMEY, Ait_nt
Notice || hereby glren that so day aft.-r date I
iin.nd to ajipU to the Hon the chief Commit
llonef "f Ulqqj and Worki fi>r a .per'a] licence
to eut and earrv u* uy timber from the follow log
dewrlbod Jand*. f-ituate in Weil Kootena) district : loninii'iieiiiK at a post on Jfot-iiihori creek,
three-quarter* of a mile n-x-hwe*! ol l-an-her'*
Sre ampUon, tbeneeiravt M)chain*, thenee north
'ctialni, thence van Wi chain*, thence Mitith 80
chains to p'lnt id commencement.
Lvca.J-d July ibtb. 1H"6-
Ceo   Heni..:it*on. Locator
Tnder and hy virtue of the f-'mere of sale contained in a certain n-ortgage which will be produced at the time uf laJe. there will be offered
for tale by public auction on Saturday lhe a'th
day of October, I9tb, at the hour of 12 o'clock
noon, at the Hotel Hume, comer Ol Ward aud
Vernon itreeto. Kebon- b. c , by Meat-rs. Charles
A. Waterman A- ('o . the follotring proi*_rty. vjt:
Lett number*-* fifteen (14) and sixteen f3fi), both
in Hlock number ten (Jft), being part of the sub
division ol Loi number ninety nix. Qltnip one,
in tbe dlitrlel ot Kootenay, BritMi Columbia,
and known as the Hume addition to Nelson,
B. C according to a map or plan deposited in
the I-and Beffbtrjr ofllee and tnuabend SM B.
toon the said land Is erected a large and com-
modfoas dwelling home in first-class order, with
Hit water. This property U not far from the
business portion of the city.
Terms and conditions made known at the time
olsa'eorln thc meantime upon application to
Mortgagee1*. .Solicitor
Dated at Nelson the 17th day of Sept. !**��.
Certificate of Improvements
"Eclipse No.
-evey." "Happy Medium,"
���International" and "A'ta Fractional" mineral claims, situated In the Slocan City Mining
Division oi West Kooienav district.
Where located:-North of Twelve Mile creek,
about two miles up.
Take notjM thai I. H. K. Jorand, of Slncnn, B.
('., Free Miner's i ertifieate No J57.*v'-00. a.- b_-h!
fori.. A. Cole, Free Miner's Certificate No.B-W.),
intend, ilxty days from the date hereof, to app f
tothe Mining Recorder for a Certificate oflm-
i.ro\ements. for the piirt.o;-t* of obtaining a Crown
(iraut of ..mir] miiierai claims
And further takct   notice,  that action, un.cr
Section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of sijt'h certificate of Improvement--.
Hated this 20th day of September, V.nm.
H. B. JoRj.sn.
Notice is hereby given that *V�� days after date I
intend to toplf to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Landl and Works for-permission to purchase
the following dflferlbod landi situated In the
"ri Kootenay .isirlr*t: Beginning at a post
marked "WlUlain Keii'g N. W. corner,'1 and
planted about one mile south of the north end
of Whatshan (Cariboo; lake, about twentv chaini
west of tbe west shore of said lake and on the
south boundary Ot K  K. Kell's application to
purchase; thenoe Routb 80 ebalni; tnence eait 20
chains, more or less, to the said lake shore;
thence northerly along the said shore BO chaini,
more or less, to the said south boundary of
K H. Keil's application to purchase; thence west
-M chains, more or less to the point of commencement, containing Wo acres, more or less.
Hated Ott. li*, fa*-.. Wll.i.uu K'Et;.,
 Hy F L ___________ Agenl.
Notice is hereby given tbat W) days after date I
iniend to applv to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lund, and worki for permission to purchase
the following deicrlbed landi situated in tbe
��est Kootenay dUtrlet. Beginning at apoit
marked "O V. MacMicklng's N. W. corner," and
nlanted on the wesi shore ot WhaMiiin (Cariboo)
lake, about three in 11.-a north of the Upper Narrows of the said lake and opposite the islnnd tn
the said lake: thence south 80 chains; then<*e
east 40 chains, moreor les, to the Uke shore;
thence foil,,wing the *ald shore in a northerlv
and westerly direction 130 chains, more or less",
to point of eommeneement, containing iisi m* n-
more or Icbs.
Oct. 13. WOO. O. C. Mac.Mkkim.,
 By F. L. IfAHMOMt, Agent.
N.itn. is hereby given that BO .lav- after date!
intend to apnlv to ihe Hon. Chief CommllllpP*'
of i.ands and Works for permlsilon to ptirchi
the following deserilK-d'lands situated fn tb��
Koot.iiHj*  dlitrlet!     ItexinnliiK  al a post
ti iihv dl-tr
marked " Hert>crt Warren'a N. K, co-imt " and
plained on ihe w* st ihoreol �� hauhan (Cariboo)
lake, atN.ui oiie-��juarter mil.* north of thr ��outh-
em end of Uie lake: thenoe w<-at*>chainh; thence
iouth ho chains; thence east 80 chains, more or
Jesi, to Uhauhan cr*ek; thence following
north along the creek and Iak-; sh-.re H) chalna,
moreor ler_, to point of commencement, con-
wining 6��" acres, more or Jets
Dated thisinh day of October. 1'JWi.
iitkiiM! Wautn,
F. i. Hammqwo, Agenl.
Notice fn hereby given that 60 days alter date I
intend to apply t<> ihe Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Unds and Works for permission to purchase
the following deserlhed lands situated in the
West Koolenay Djuiritt: iteglunlrm at a post
marked, "Antoinette Kirch's N. K. oorner," and
planted on the shore of Whatshan (I'urUnn,)
lakeal the southeait corner of the said lake*
thenoe lonth to chains; thence wesl iu chalna,
moreor less, to t|i<- shore of Whatshan creek
thence following tbe shore line ol said creek and
lake iu a general northerly and easterly direction ��1 chain*., more or leas, to point of com-
niertcetiicnt, containing UO acres, more or less
net. 1.1th, IHOO.
By F. 1,. IIiMKoMi, Agent-
Notice ;- hereby given that sixty daya after
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
Commiasioner of Lands and Works for permlaslon to purchase the following deacrlbed lands:
(���ommenclng at a poll placed on thc BOftttW ���!
comer of Albeit Klllott'sapplfcatlon to purehaae.
ruunlng  yi  chains   east along   the   northern
bouudnry   of  name;   thence   m  chaini   north;
thence HO chains weat; thenee Ho chains iouth, to
point of commencement, containing MO acrea,
more or leas.
Dated Oct. 1_. 1!W. Johk Ku.jott.
By bis i��eut. Kkskht W, KoBIKe-uM.
Notice la herebv given ihat'GUdav- alter date, I
intend loapply t<> the n..n. Chief I ommlielonM
nf I.*:i_a and Works for i-eriniasion to pun-haie
tlie following deicrlbed land- In the VVeat Kontenay Hiatrict: Beginning at a |��ost iiiarli>d "W
B Klvidge's S W corner,*' and plant*--! l__0O<
one-<]Uarler mile we*l of the west siior* ol What-
than (Cariboo) lake, and about one and DOC-
quarter miles north of the southern end of the
lake; thence north w�� ohalni; tbenoi aaai V
chains more or Jess to the sin,re of the Whatlhan
lake; them*** following said ��horc in a general
acutherly and westerly direction !��������� t-hulLi more
OrlOMtOI i-dnl on  the  shore  due  ca-l   o/Uie
poetof eommenoonent; thonoi weat lii eiiuina
moreor les- tn the polnl of eomiiienceni'.iit, containing :���_>' a<Tf- more or less
Dated this :-ih day ���f Oct., 1'A*
w a BLnuut,
K   L   Hammonp, Agent
NoUSe is hereby given thai SO dan alt< I date J
intend to apply to the Honorable the chief Commissioner of i_inds nnd Works i��r permlnion to
porchaaithefoliowins deacrlbed lands situate
In West Kootenav DuP-Ot' c<,niinein*iig at a
jkisI marked ttf>, McArtJtitr's K. W-Ooroei poel
situate near ihe N K. corner ot land applied lor
by S*. McArthur thence smith to chains, more or
leei; tbeilOl east no chain-; them-e OOrtfa 1"
chains, mo ft ur less; thence west SO chains to
point id i uiu men cement
halmo, B. ('., August llth, ItfUu.
I', M.Akthi h
T. ll  ATgtNso.*.. Agenl.
NottOI  is hereb* given that tin davs alter date l
intend i<* apply to the Bonorable ��� blel I ommli*
liotiTof I-��nd��and Works for iH-ruiis��lon to purchase the bdiowtng dewril-t-d lands, iltuate in
the West Koolena} dlitrlet. i-tariing from a jat-t
planted at thflU W corner of Kriiesi WJtobitison's
Application to Purchase, and on the nnrth bank
ol the North Fnrk Of ' Og creek! tbence tO chains
west. 10 i halus DOttb, HSJ i-halns cast, 40 chains
aoutb. -0 chains watt, lOohaltteBouth t" Interwo-
tion of north Hueof F. W. Bobinaon s Applicaunn
Ui Purehase. theme 40 chains west and SOOhafni
mnth io point of commencement, containing wo
Haled 18Ui day of August, l��H.
t W  R0B1W0H.
per Euan w. Bosunoir, Agent
Notice is hereby given that 60 davs afte
intend toapply to the Hon. the Chief Commle-
sloner of 1-niid** and Works for permission to purchase the  following deeerlbed  lands In  West
Kootenay district, province of firlti-ii Colombia;
Commencing at a post marked "William Tolling-
tun's oorthweel corner poet," -aid poet t-cing
Kotiee is hereby given that fuj days alter Hap I
Inland to apply to tlte Hon. the Cblel Commli*
���lone) "f l^iuds aud Worki fnr imtihIssIoii to imir-
iha-.. thc following deacnbeJl landi in Weit
Kootenay dfitrici: Paglnntni at a i��.'st marked
'Otto tfinob. N  W  .nrn-r-" and planted on
th*  w st ibon -if Writ-ban iCanlaM.) lake, about
 y-hmrth mile treei of the Darrowiei miaiiban
lake;   theliee   south   Ni cbalni;  thence   caM  (<'
chains nmre or l��-s>- tn the ibore of lhe Narrowij
thenee following the mid ihore in a general
i ii<>riheriy nud w ei tor hr direction UO ohalni more
.:������" 'rrfMMMiMio the jKiini of oommeneement, contain-
-r date I    tagtSDictmmon orlom
Hated this Slh day of U-*t . 1906.
Otto iiirs.h,
F   I.   .'IaMMoM*. Ageut.
ornerof tht
Itn ral Claim,'1 and adjoining the east line of
Mcl'haii's pre-emption, thence woth twenty (_u)
chains along said line, thenoe east forty (J0>
chain*, thenee north twentv pi) chains, thenc.
weit forty (.0) chains more or tew, lo the place of
Hated let -'ay of Auguit, 1906.
William To
By his ageni J. F T
���st marked
Sixty dan alter date 1 purpose*
tion   lo  the Chief Commwlooei of Land
Works for pormiufoti fo purcha��e the fall
deseriU*d land;   Commencing at a jr
"I   P'sH   W   corner." adjoining the Wit boundary of L��   l'ieri-e's application  io purehase. running  tlience Hn chains  norlh:   thenee ni chains
east; thenee Bo chalm south; thenoe80ehalni
west to |.-..::i of eommeneement. containing ttt
acres mn e nr led
Pated Ihe llth day oi Auguit, 1906
i Pruts,
per F  <���   Faivjeh,
Sixty days ufter date I purpose making appll-
caliim to the ("hief Commi-slouer of Ijinds and
Works for perntluion P> purchase the following
deacrlbed land: Coiiiniencing at a post marked
'K K's s K corner," and Mtuateationt onemile
from Hilvir Tip Point, on Whatshan lake, and
nt-iir Christie creek, running thence ni chains
north; thence Bo cbains weat; ihence ni chains
south, following the lakeshorc: thence B0chaini
east to the point of commencement, containing
WO acies more, or less
Dated the Uth day of August, J9UG.
k PAoocont,
Per F (i   PjCVQvm, Agent
.-sixty diva after date I purpose making appU,.
cation to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner
of l^ands an-1 Works for permission to purchase
the following described land: Commencing ���t
a post marked "H. p's H. W. corner," adjoining
K. Faiiui-ier's application to purchase, running
thence wchatna north; thence m chains east;
thence ���*) chains iouth; thenee BO chains wett
to the point of eommeucement,containing fi-io
acrea, more or leai.
Hated thc llth day of August, PJOfi,
H. PtrniK,
Per F. 0, Favqciki, Agent.
Notice in here by given thatslxt
I intend to ar
dan after dt	
ti lend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commission
of I.*.*..!- and Works for pcrmissmn to pur
chase the following described land**, b'-o acres,
Commencing at a posl marked John Toye, plained on tlis eaat shore id Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile nortii of Sunshine creek, thenee forty
chains east, theuce fortv chains south, thenoe
forty chalna west, tlience forty ohalni north
along lake shore to point of commencement.
Dated this Uili day of September, lflOfi.
John T-tnrgi
Hac.kv QmsoN, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that U dtfl alter dale I
Intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landi and   Works for permission
to pnrehaae the following deeerlbed laud, iltuate
In Fire Valley, in the West Kootenai district, ad-
joining W. A. ( aiders pre-emption, starting at a
j>ost marked If. uoQnarrle'i iotttbwe*t corner
running BO cbalni east, thenee M chains norih,
tbence So chains west theuce to chains south to
polnl of commencement.
Dated thlf Uth daj of September, isc-fi.
Mary McQ-TAJl-llt,
J. K. Taylor, Agent.
Notice Is herehy given that 00 days from date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the chief Commissioner of Lauds and Work* for permission
" ed lands sit-
io pnrehaae the followlug deecrlt
uate in  West EootOQI
at a post marked ���' 1
poet,''situated near the Junction of Lost creek
anil   Houlh   Fork  of Salmon, thenc south   ��
eliains, more or   less;   thence east  Wi  chains;
thence nortii to chains, more or less;   thence
west tin chains to point of eommeucement
Salmo, Auguit llth, 19i-_.
T. ll, Atkinson, Agent.
Notice Ji hereby given that 60 dayi after date 1
Intend toapply to the Honorable tneGhlefCom*
mlllloner OlXandl and Works to purchase the
following deeerlbed lands,8_o acres, moreorleni
commencing at l post planted nn the west hank
of Upper Arrow lake at a point about? miles below NaktUp-and marked u, A. H. H,, N K corner
post; thence m obalm west; thence 4d chains
south; thence nO chains easl, more ��r less t., lake
shore; thence along lake shore to point of beginning.
Jlatedthis5th davof Sent.. 100(1.   H. A.B.IUU.
f>0 days after dale I Intend lo applv lo the Honorable the chief Commluloner ol Lands ,im\
Works, Victoria, ll C , to purchase 0-10 aoru of
land slluate weal of Arrow lake on the we-t *lde
0l WhfttCbaO creek and joining Iheim'th l-ouiid-
iiry of s. .1. AunaMe npplii-,iti<iu to puroheoe
Commencing at a post murked It. J, K, H. K - orner and mnnlng iree' BOehaltti; thence north so
chains;  thcm-i* cast SO chalna; thence -.outh to
point of commenoement
septemlier and rsm it. j. ki.i.iot.
Notice Is hereby given thHt 00 days after date f
iniend to applv tothe Honorale Chief Commissioner of Landsand Works for permission to pur-
chase the following deacrlbed landa,iltuate in
the West Kootenay dictrli*t; starting from a poil
planted at the N. E corner of Y. W. Kobinson'��
Application to purchase, tbence 4. chains east
BO ehalni souih, ao chains west, _0 ohalni north,
to chains west, ki ehaias north, kt) chains east, 40
chains north topointof commencement,containing 100 acrei.
Dated 18th day of Auguit, 1906
D. C. Si KoniNHON,
 per t.H.-<E.iT W   Kouinson, Agent.
Notfee 1s hereby given that .Jtty day-i alter
dak' 1 intend to apply b�� the Honorable the
Chief Commlaaioner of Landl and Works for per-
mia-don to purchase the following desOribcd
Ian ) on the trait shore of upper Arrow Lake and
joining J. ll. Feeney- pre-emption: Kunning
weal 4o chains; thenoe north 00 chains, them-e
eaat 4ochains, m the shore of lhe lake; theuce
south following thc lake shore to point ol com-
meneement, oontainlng :iao acres more or less.
Hated August l'J, HfOC.
II. F. Maclkod
 J. J. Kf.llv, Agent.
date 1 intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief CommiMioner of Landl and Works for permlaalon   to  purehaae   the  following  described
IbjmI on the weat side of Lower Arrow Lake and
joining the souih line of the Indian Keservatiou:
Kunning wesl _0 chains; thenee south Wi chains;
thencecast 20chains, to the shore of thc lake;
thence nortii following the lake abort* to the
point of couiiiitiict-hieut, containing 100 acres
more or lesa.
Haled August ik), 1906. W. It. M_(X_od
J.J. KKi.LY. Agent.
Notii* is ncrei.v Kiv'-n that BD dayi after date
I intend, to apply !����� the Honorable the I hlel
Commi-sinrier ������( Land* and Works forrermla
lion to i ur.-ha" the fnllowlnif dc-crllwd Inii-I-
situate in In Vt ��� ��t Knnieuay dlsirlct: Commencing a I a post niarked "A. turner's N. W. oornef
pn-i." iltuated at thc N. K. corner of laud ap*
Plied for by K Stewart, thence south 4in-hains.
more or les-. theni ��� eait �����'��� hains; theuce north
���hi chaini, moreoi leu; theoM tfort Bttehalni to
jHiint of commem . ment.
Kalmo.Jl.C,August 11   l��B. A.Tt'KSki!
T  II   ATKINSON, Agent.
Notloe li hereby alven tbat W dan after date 1
intend toapply to the Hmimubb- the chief om*
mlMlnnei ol Landi and Wotks for pwmliilon lo
lurchaae llji* following ilctCtlbld  lan-i'iii   Well
Burton Cltyi  Commencing aj a poet pip-nt'-d on
Hu-1 ��-t bank of 'I rout  Creek   and   marked   Mr-,
w n. Bemllton't B, w  c   posi and ninning
north 80 chaini; thenoe ensi B0 ohainii th	
south 80 chains; tbence weit to chalm i" plaoe
of u-ginning. containing 'd" icree, mon oi li tt
Hai.-d this end day ol Auguit. int.
Ma- W H  Hamilton
w  li. iioiiiiun. Agent
N.itir.- i- ht reby given lhal 00 dayi alter date 1
I i'!v to the HiumraMe tin*
<f  Landa and \N orki, Victoria. t<
intend to apply to the Honorable tin* chief
in 11
chaae Wo acre*. ,d land,  situate ibOUl
Bail   Ol   Hurton  City  on tlie easl  aide of  Armw
lake, and deeerlbed as followi: Commencing it��
posl planted  at   the northeast corner id Lot BUD,
thonoe north a chains. Lhtnoi weti K)ohalni,
tbenco iouth HO ohalni) tbence east 40 chains to
place of tx-giniiing
Auguit #&, 1W6 J. K. Hi-ntkr.
Notice - hen hi given that -; ttv da*. - nld I dale
I intend U>applj lo ihe Hon. Chief Comim-simier
of Uud. and Works for permlnloo to parcbaw
lbe following deacrlbed laud* in Well Kootcnay
dUtrtOt:    Hi-ginning at a post marked "H    K'
Alden'- B k corner," and planted ou the eut
shore of Whatihan (Carll>oo) lake. al��.ut one
inlle   imrth   ol   the   f��Othern  end  of  the lake;
mnnoe north ni chaini; thence west-to chains,
tppre or less, to the shore of Whatshan bike;
following -aid shore  lu a general south
i saiterly direction iun-hains, nmre or
iht point oi oommeneement, oontainlng
i, more or Ion
Dated thisMh diyofOd , i*f..
B, K  Ai.t.fN
F   L  Hammoki��. Agent
Notiee Is hereby given that 80dan aiierdale I
Hilt nd loapply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
minloner of Landi and works for permmilon to
purehase the fOUowlng .Icerlbed lauds in the
Wi-t Knotuiiav disiriei. near Biiiton cuv; oom-
menclngal IPOOt planted at the southeas't corner
ni lieorge lliidson's pre-^'mptiou claim, and
marked Harrv 0, Tollington'i S. H. C. twat. and
running south Vi chains, thenee west ai chains,
thence north 40 ihains. thence east jri ehalns io
place of beginning, containing 80 acrea of land,
more or lets.
Hated this BOtfa day of August, l'J"*.
Ha ith y Q, ToiMvoTo.-..
Notice Is herebv given lhat sljuv days after
date I intend to applv tothe Hon. Chiel Commls-
���ioner of Unds and Works for permission to pur-
chase the following described lands in the W,--t
Kootonay distri'*t; Heginnlng at a po��\ murked
"Ki-rtha Hlneb'l N K. corner,"and planted on
the cast shore of Whatshan (Cariboo) lake, at the
narrow \ ,,l the lake, and about one mile south of
Arrow lake trail; thonoe aonth 80 obalnaj thence
more or less u> the chore Of the
���e following  the  said shore In a
northerly   and   easterly   dlreetjnn   Yki
cbalni more or lesi to the point of commence-
liieut. i-outaiiiliig ' -Oaefes more or less.
Hated this Hth day of Oct , PJOfi
Itr.tiTiiA Hiascic
F   I,   HamUomi, Agent.
Nolue Is herehy given tJial two montin after
dale I Iniend to apply to the Honorable the Chief
' f>n mlssloner m Unds and Works .'nr A Lease of
all that land being the foreshore adjoining subdivisions 1, .1 and 4 of Lot 309, Oroup one (1)
', and being on the south shore ol the
n ot Kootenay lake, in the dlitrlet ol
Commeneing at a post marked **A. K. Watt*'
southeast corner post"; thence 80 ehalni west,
thence'JO chains north; theliee 80 chains east;
thonco20Chaini south tothe place of commencement; the said laud and foreshore to be be uaed
for sawmill purj>oiei-
Hated this *lst day of Auguat, la*.
'  A. E. Watti.
Notice is hereby r/lven that 80 davs aftar date I
inteud to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner ol Und. and Works for permission to
purchase the following described land iu Weat
Kootenay District about seven miles south of
Hurton City: Commencing at a poat planted on
the easi bank of Trout creek nnd marked Alex
('beyne's N. W. C. Post and running south 80
chains; thence east Ho chalna; thence north SO
chains; thenoe weet80 chaltu to post of beginning, containing 640 acres of land, moreor lesa.
Hated this /.ntl day of August, ia<6
W. 0 Hamilton, Agent.
."-Xty dfiys alter date, I Margrett Mei/uarrie,
intend lo apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Landiand Works, Victoria,fl.c
to purchase the following deserlhed land, Ccm-
mencing at a poll marked U, WcQnarrfe, "n ihe
bank Ol   Lower Arrow   lake, theuce 4o chains
weat; thenoe00ohaini north; thenee to chains
east; thence GO chains loath to place of com
meneement, laid to contain too acrea more or
less. Covering ground held by 0, B, Anderson's
Hated thll llth day of Heptember, 1900.
���    ,   . MAHHKrn M.tH'AHBig,
W, L. Pay.si, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that I intend.TO days
after date to apply- to the Honorable the Chief
Ootnmlailonerpl landiand fforkilorpermliilon
to purchase the following described lands In
West Kootenay district, about five mllessouth
Of Burton city, ������ommenclng at a post planted on
the east bank of tract C. K.. and marked "W. H.
HattUton'I B W. C. post," and running north HO
chalna, tbence east BO chains, thence south Ho
chains, thence west no ihains to place of beginning, containing M0 acres of land, moreor leis.
Haled this--ini day of August. 1900.
w H. Hamilton.
Noiiee is hereby given thai 60 davs afler date I
Intend to apply to the Honorable chief Commissioner of Landl and Works for i��rml��sion to
pun-haae the following deicrlbed lands, situate
in   Wesl   Kootetuy  disiriei:    Cotnm-.iidill at a
pool murked "B.Cpnkey'i N.W. comer post," altuate near the N EC. corner of hi nd applied for hy
U.K., ihence nouth 40 chnins, more or less; thence
east80chaini; thence north tt chatm, more or
lev,; ihenee we.-t HO cluilns lo point of commence-
Halmo, August 11, IMS, fl. OOVKlT
                    T,H, Atkinson, Agent
Notice is herhy given that'xl days after date I
inlcnd, loapply to the Honorable tlje Ohio f Com-
mltdonef pi Unds and Works for larinissfon lo
purchase the following described lands iltuate in
Weit Kootenav district: Commencing Ht a po-i
marked "IE. floss's N. W eorner poal," sltiale
near the V B, comer of land applied for by A.
McLean, thence south 40 eliains, more or lesa;
tbonce easi 80 chains; thence north 40 chaius,
more or leas; thence west 80 chains to point of
Balmoi August ii, i_cf>. k. Boq,
      T. II, Atkinson, Accnt.
Notice ls hereby given tlial sixty daya after
dale I intend to apply to the Honorable thu
Chief Commissioner of l_uids and Worki for
ik nnlasloii to purchase thc following described
lands altuate Hi West Koolenay district: Commencing ata post marked "A.lfcLean'i N. w.
corner post." situate near thc N.K. corner of land
applied for by A. .MeLatiglilan, thence south 40
ch'tlui, more or lesa; thence eait 80 ehalns;
ihcnce north 40 ehains, moreor leas; thence weal
Ho chains to polut of eommeucement
Halmo, Auguat 11, IfflW A. McLean,
T. H. Atkinson, Agent
Notice li hereby given that 00 days niter date I
Iniend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of 1-ands and Works for per-
in i -'nn to purchase the following described landa,
situate la West KootenHy district: Commencing
at a post marked "A. McL-iighHu'8 N. W corner
post," situate near the N K. corner of land applied for by P McArthur, tbeuce mhmIi 40 cha-ns,
moreorless; thence east HO chains; lbence north
40 chains, moreor less; ihcnce west Ml chains to
point of commencement.
Halmo, Auguit 11, HM. A. Mi I,ai-ohi.aN,
T. II, Atkinson, Agent.
l_AI>lliS'  Bl-OUSBS   AM)
��� Wc have just received a iplendid ttock of Ladies' Sliirt Warn f
in Embroidered Cashmere in Cream, Navy and fancy colon l I
��� sizes from 32 to 42 inches, and we are selling these at exceedinn! 4
���    ly low prices while they last. t ?
���r dale I
Intend lo apply fo ������'������ Honorable Chlel Commlaaioner oi Und-and Works (nr twrmlsmot* to nur
chase the (olhiwlnii deserlhed lands, sltual- I on
the eaal side of Arrow lake: < ������miiM-neinic at a
poitmarked a. Mm ie<*d'- ii-aii..n l-ott, inenoi
smith I riv chains, follow in* W. Toye'i eastern
iKinndarv, thenoe eail llat; chai it-, loorul hank
of liaMb'abii Creehi thinee ii'*rih foriy-hiim;
tbence eait ilxtji cbelni fo point olcommanoe-
ment, contelnlneXRl sere-, mon- 01 en
Hated BenlemU t I. WM Al' U UtkCUOD.
1'ef S. DlMKBI, Ai*. nt
N*.t lee i- bereb] glren uo-t 00 devi altar data I
int. nd to npjiiv foThe Uonorabla tho Chief < om*
minloner ol I ands and Worki for permtatou lo
purcbue the following deeerlbed lande, iltnatod
on Uie eiet ilde of Arrow \*tf Coi moo Ing al
the northeast c��-rm-r <>i A Antbon) - pureblMi
thonoe north fortj ohaini, thence wc: fortj
chains, ihenee iouth forty ehalni.tbenoe ean
forty ehains i<> polnl ol aommenoemant, con
talnlng Uo aerw, mon or leas.
Haled Septemi-er I, 1908.     JtMWt V. Macibod,
perS, I'KMKks. A((eot.
ttU r date I
'iiiei Com-
driner of l.aiidsAh<t Worki fur parmlMloil tn
puruhan the following deacrlbed lands:  Com-
iiHii. nn. iii a i��.-i marked "J "   9H h. \v eor*
ner." (daeed on tlie caM  .here id   I^.wcr  Arrow*
I-ake ai tin-north we-t 1-onnr oi j Chrlitle '��� Application to I'urchaae, running thence in chalui
east; thonoe lo ehalni nortb; ihenco 4" <haiui
moreor Ion, weit lothe lake iho>e; lbence lol
Iowkk la.**.(* "bore to poini ol commencement
niiitmniiiK HO acrei mure nr b u
Hated theilrdday of July. l.i.
J. W, HaTM.
Notice is herehy rifen that 00 days a
intend tO apply hi tiie Hounrahle the <
Noiiee is b.nby given that m��h davs alter
date i inp-nd Ui appiv tothi Bon.) blel (fommli-
siotoT ol Lands and Works for pennlerion to
pnrehaae the following daesrlbw lands, in
Weil Kootena*} Dlitrlet; Commenolng a. an Initial poel planted ��i Uu uotheaal eorw r of lfi
Coy's pre e nipt inn, theme _*o | baftll WI - ( U. ��� n-l
ta>undary of Iaii 8109; Ibenee following said
boondnrs south (oeontneaal eorner ol -ail lot;
Ihem-   lti ehains west; lli.-ue.   :n chains*..uth;
tbenoe Vcbalni ��*��*t; ihenee nehalni m rth to
snuthwesi oornei >d Lot ttt; thenee fcUowlni
wi-t hiitiii'lary of I�����i ML. tn initial jh.-i.
September fl, 1906. n n. wour.
per Ekmit w. BoviMMnr,
Notice is hereby given that 00 dari liter date, I
intend to apply fo tio* Hon. Chiel Coumttllont r
���if Lands and Work-for permlulon to purchase
the lollowlng deeerlbed lands, iitoate on (bo
Kust ihore of I-ower Uke. admit one and one
half mile BoUtb of __fgcwoo.i. II C. and ad
Joining J. i. Beattle'i epplleatlnn fo purchaie
and  commencln*-; at a |-<,-.t inarked   i       .   ��� -'.
Mips Booth West corner, thence running North
si��ty chalna, thenee Kail fortv ebalni tbenee
Souih, alxly chains, thence West forty chain*, lo
place of oommencement, and containing -iu
acres more or less,
Honai.d WiiaoN.
II. B, Mi\|i akkii. Agent.
Hated this 2.lh day of SeptiTnlH.'r. I��m
Notiee li herehy given that two monthl eftet
dale I Intend to applv tO the IH.n..rahle i hief
Commlaaioner of Unds and Wnrk* for pennll-
���lou to purchase NO acres of land, described Bl
InUows: Commencing at a |h,.i plant.,i at the
aouth weat of L. t Morris..ns ram h in Fire
Valley, West KooUnay dlsirl* t. marked "J u.
Munn. �� northea-t corner j-'ct'; thence ni chains
wia-i; ihence WJ chain* Soiilh; thence m i*hallis
east; thence R) chains north tothe piaeeolcom-
Hatui llth day of September. tW��
J. B. Mrsioi,
VV. A, CAt.nra, Ag-"iit.
Notice Is herehy ghell lhat BOdajWafter date I
Intend towpl.lv to the Hon. Chief i'..intnissi..ner
of Lands aiol Worn for permission tn purchase
the rollowlng dowrlbed Landi, iltuate In Won
hiiofoney district: BeglnnHlg al a i-.st marked
"Arthur Warren's s. W. corner," ami planted on
the eail ibore of whataban (Cariboo, lake about
tWO miles imrth of the narrows of WbaUhao
lake, and at the 8, I corner of W. Bewmhe'i application to purchaie; theuce east (0 chains;
thence north* chains;  thence  west   K> cbalni!
theuce south n chain.*, to point ..f commence-
mnnt; ContainingS90aoni nmre or leas
Hated thii Mh day of Oct. 111*;.
AllTlll'R Wauhfv.
F. L. Hammoud, Agent,
Notice is herehy given that sixty days after
dale I intend to ippjy to the Honorable the
CbJaf Conunlnlooer ol Unds and   Works  for
permlnion   to   purchase the   following d_-
nabed   lands   situate   In   the West KooWar
dlatrlct starting from a p-.*t planted on the
north hunk ->f the North Fork of Hog mekl
thence 20 chains wait, ��i chains north, Bohalni
went, 40 chain- north, _�� ebalni west, 4) chain*
norlh, Ji ehalns west, 'jj chains north, HO chains
eaat 'ki chains south, M chains eait. 40 chain-
sontb, -.chains east, 40 chslns south to point of
commencement, eoulaintui; M0 acres
Hated IHth day of AuguM, J90fi.
^  KUTWt W KoiiivsoN
Sixty days after date I Intend loapply to the
Honorable the Chief i ommis-loncr of lUiids and
wort a, victoria, lo purchase Mii aerea ol laud
located and deicrlbed as follows: Belm the
northeaat quarter of Section twenly-tw.. and
tho aouth balf of tbti uorthwest quarter Hertlou
twentv three, Towushlpslxty-nine. And further
deocrlMd as follows: Conuneneini at a post
marked J J.h. W. corner, and planted 40<>hii|na
eaat of the northweal comer of Section twentv
two and running eaal 40. hains. thenc south U
chalm, thence east 40 chains, ihence south ai
chalm. thann west no chains, ihenee north -40
chalus to place of beginning.
August .in, )M. Jamkb JotljWTWl
W. A, Cabler. Agenl.
Notice is herehy girl u tbal 60dan ftflardata I
Inieml lo apply io the Uonorahle lhe Chlol Com
missioii.Tof Undi and Works for permlnion t>
purchase ihe following described lands- Com
mencing at a por-i marked -J. a 0 It's \\ <������,-
noft" placed at tho northeait corner of i_u mo
ninultig Kl chaini north) thence tv chains aaat*
thencoflpchains south; thenoo80ohalni wwtt_
pnlllt of coiiimeneeiiieiil, colilr-luing U0 acres
more or lesi.
Haled tbeJUslday of July lHOfi.
J. A.O'Reu.iv
Hlxty days nfier date I intend to applr to tne
'omtulsNldimr of Unda ami Works, Victoria io
pnnbaae IM acres of land, altuate ami deeerlbed
as followi. t:oiiimeneliig ata post p|tl,le.|..,, M,e
west slile of Arrow lake opposite Carlhoo Cllv nt
or near the aotilbwest corner of B lUltr nur
chaae, and marked "O. M. A..H K, corner" and
running north 40 chains, thence west 40 chnins
toll. Annable's purchase, theiicf. south ��ChaInl
moreor leas fo the lak,-*hore, thencealong ,1c
take ihore to piaeool begtunin*.
AjianitMth.ifloo.                   0. M. ANNAiux
Notice la herehy given that i-o days Bfi,.r <iaU> I
Intend to make application to the Honorable  he
Chief Conuniaafoner of Undsand Works for wTri
mlislon to purchase about BOO .teres of lau I am
aled on the Salmon river. West KootenHv diMnc
Commencing at a post marked H R. B���t ,."> N F
(orner   planted on the west hank o the river
aboui 4*4 milea north of ti,.. internal albpund
^Sthi'ir^e^t^a:^^,!^;^^ 5
Auguat 18th, 1906. ��. R, BurrRu,
"��� ". Atkinson, Agent,
Notice la herehy given thai (Hi dava after dm.
Lands aud *��orki for pormihiIon lo purehns.
the following deeoriliei. landi, iitnato in \VSt
Koolen ar dlatrlet: WnmeOelnga i L M.,T
ed J MeArthur'a N. W.corner i ' ' J,"1" I
tbo N. B, corner o| land applied fo b,��� , ', ' ,"/
llienee aouth 40 cbaina more ,.r leia tluVn-S ." ,'
*�� chains;   thenre north 40 fhaiiia. more   ,      ! "-
Ss'llsl'  I. Iicr.tsr s'VPIl  tl,.i ,|,
M.l.    I   llil.lisll,,,,,,',    ,,  I ,..,'>','>���'t.
l�� I'Ur.hsu,' U|�� followi., ,1 ,'��� ,'"���**
IS.W   III  Wwi KnOK-ii.y   l",i,i, ,    ,,,"*���
-   I>ss.l   m.rki'sl   "A. lllii.ii, .   | "';!"J
I'l.llls'l  Hi     III.   8.  Vi.
"l U,l
.11,' is,
i���i],. nort- "f -iiii-.i, i  t]
lull,- Ht-fti nl t|���. . mIiiihI.sm  fl.
Isssi lisln.i ss.  si,     ���. .   ^, , (,..,
-i'ii,ii,...:i���,'s���.,.,._., i.,, .���.,;,'.",- ..!'������'*
iusss.','Si���.iii. ,.,,���t,im,,-.{j,., n . '���' <*���
H.lr-1 Ilu. lllli da; ���l s,| s,,,,!,, ,,���,
 -tit Burn H.,Hjg
Sotles i. Iicr.'l.y ,irns lls.i s.s .i,,,
In* nl l,'.p|,iy l��� 11,, ll,,,,,,,,,,,,.?,,?,'��
mlnlonerol Ij.ii Ii .mi ii,,,,. ...   ...       '
iMit.-i.sM. ih.-1 vludstonLcl ,--_59
Iran ��� poll Disrtr.IM-.T-.il,iris ��,....-.!'."l
...nil,  *u I b.lti.. il  ,.,., ..
IS'.Sill <", 1,1,111.. ||irl���, ,,,, -,,,,���������,  -
raram-niiemw,, i'"iii,iiuijK m, ���.,    '
I-.-. n.l|���lii.���is lln rs��ls,|A. Ann,,,
nun to jmnbftsa,
I'.i.-i iih, -,i_,i��roiAii������s,
.K.l,���f, ������
m! -SI
KOtleC ;��� herehy given thai
I Inland lo applr ft the Hon. i I
it of l^iid- atid   Wi.rli*. f..r i'
chan   tie   following dwerlbe-l tan4_T��-l
-lailiut;   ai   a  |-.s| marl., d >  ,-,.. -������' j'l^
planted on ihe ran ibore of I_iw,rArr___l
near 1.1-a.tKU.ne Oree-k, Uienn  to iit.,_,\l
tlience NOchaln* north, thenre imi,,,,,,,,!!
ki   men, thenee wuth ilon. i��t.-ib*��J
p"!lll  nl   i Olllllieli.-elilejit.
iMtod thi* Uth da) HflOptamhei ii.
''ATiiiKisir Toii-
 ,  HAK��V MiiMi*.  A-gc-QL
Notloe i* herebj given that bo<i itaTam
Intend l....pply U> lhe Horn,r.l, ,        .   ,... ���
iiil.-i.-i.er ..I Uodd nnd WorkF. l.-f i-.-ri-.wJ_
pureha.e lhe   foIlnWlng deWTll*.  * . .    J
on the eaat aide of An..u ink..     < .
the Miuiiw.-M  T.roerolA  Antlo.r.r i mi2|
tbenee.mttth twenty rhaim-. th .  .,.,
I hnim*.. lhanae nonh iweuiy rbami     ���   |3
IWenl]  . :-,:��������   fo   pottll Ol I
lalnint Ma- lea. moreor !.-
limtMni September 1, MB R_BH| M M
p. r N   Hi mi   ., Affm
Notice 1* hereby -jlreii tfini mi; :��o-��
dale I intend toapply tothe HoiiouM-.item
('-ommlHlonerof i_Mtid��auii K'urkilormraM
to jiunbaM' the following di *_rfit-id licit ij
at�� iu the Wi *i Ko-iU-nay di-i-:- - *wi ��.|*-ki
I'aul Andre'*-   pre eUipUnii,    ��� ��:,ii(-  n ��f
marked AJ.I_oing,fl B.BOtner,ont��f����(t
ol Ktwer Arrow* lake,  tin n -   a dUM nd
tbenoe 40 ehalni aoutb, thenei Jiehaim-Ml
theme to ���hain-* north lo pod
Dated at N .-lw.il, B.C., tlii-^ Mh <Ut olstttm-i
be*, 1'Xfi i j !,_*,, ���
 Wn. I .:nu. Agfni.
N..ii.r  la  herehy given  thai ��lilr ilirufktf
date i Intend to��r.piyu. th.- id
Colnmiaalon.-r of i,atid-> and W. rt> (<i--p>*rmU*l<-a J
to purehaae ihe following deM nf-HainlMitiiitil
in W.-nt Kooteoayi|Ulrjrt:Coiiiii*a'*m*ri[ipni| I
planu*-! at l;..i.. n Corlett'i nunfc wl tofM 1
|h.n and marked A. M's V. W C'.rn*r Ui-nn ]
eait 4*.'chain**: thenco #ichai^:�� tttlta\ MK
leaf- lo the Kootenay rivet; I).. ��� I Urbilwaotf
along tbe Kooteuay rner. [h-WN W t
north, more or leaa, to tbe plaee nf 'oin-ntiit*.!
ii,eni. eontnintng loy arri-i more W ���������*'
Sipcml-r Uth imai.
Ann Boon \
 William Mi-��,f l* Afttl.
Notice Ik herel.v Ktven that '����� u-���* i.U*r*ii_n|.J
intend   toapply   to the Hon   ;,. < r,leH'*r_U��
Miiior  -d Landl ��nd   Worku  fol j-'fml��iiil I
hlllThaae   the   following den riU-I UlnlillBl
w.*-i Kootenar duiri-t: Beginnlu ��t��foi|
murked ��i   l��. fcdland K. Bel   ��� -  I      MH
ahout 2miV. eait of lhe Halm ;. river iiiiIMJ
', mile from ihe Pend d'Oreille r r; iiii-atf ������
chain, north; thence Wrhain- weati ibewrf f
chain-* aouth: thence 4n chain* eait to :���*** i
i-efilltli   if.
Datod the end day ol Beptember, i1.**.
i, h.BBl J
11 KaUL.
R  M. tMMTM   Kgnt,
Notice la hereby given that ft' rtayi ���tt-*r*!��id|
intend lo appiv tothe BoDorabb riiri'hWiw
mif-��l., n.r of landa and Worka foe ���,.-rmi��Mtm
nit. heee the following deeerlbed land in J_M
Kootenay Hiatrict about ilx nifh**. - ulh nf ��J
ton City: commencing at a post ihhuIciI ol ml
ea��t bank of Trout creek and maA.i C.U1
er> n W. 0. Hoet and rannlng tn
theioe ea-t Hi ehalna; thence north *
Hi.nre W---.1 wi chain* tothe plaiv id <
ment, containing (Ho acre*, more or li
Hated this rind day of AuguM.
i Finn |
rutnlMl-'M* I
;,. eurrln* I
..if-l IH ���*�� I
;.���! fflli-  I
I,. -..ui.Wl
in'MHlt-B I
i.intolft*' r
Notice la hereby given that fi" lr.
Intend io applv to the Hon i'h ���
���tf 1-amla nnd worka for pennlnln
the following  deacrlbed lamia. ���
���vooteuav dlitrlet: Commencing a
M "BRw ��. K, corner." planted oi
i-ower Arrow lake, aboui one
'lordi-n cn*ek (JnhttMon . re. ki "
chalna, tbenco west M chains i!
chalna, th.-uie eaat �� chain-, io
niiaicenieiit, containing lfio icrea more����
and eoinprlaiiig aliandoned pre .*mpMeti ��" ���**
���Slaked thfa 'Mh dayof AuguM. I"
H It ttoLVim*
A. N. WotVKRToV   \���i*nt__
Notiee It. herehv given thalMst*. ���!��> ��� rn>m'W*
linleiidtoai.|.|y'tolheHon Chlelt  .tnmlmg!
of Landi and Work* for permlaafou m i-uw'*
the foiinwiuir deaerlbod landa, aiartiim *}'��ff
planted on ihe North Weat oornei ��l '"J"J
tl'ome riinnln*- im-iity ehaim South, l��T
twenty chain* W..t, thence lorn cli*i"����_K
thanee twenty cbalni Bait, tbence t�� i!l,h'"
souih t��� ,.,.[,n ���i eommonoement, an i ��i,n,,w
Ing su acre-, more or let.*.
PLoann i Bi*i{*iJ
w.j roxt,t*m
Haled thcMdayoiOclolier,!��..
Non.,. i*. her*by glren that oo dar* "*"n,;1*i;
intend loapply io theHonorabfo Hi- ( hi��-"J"
m UU oner ol Landi and Work*, for i* '"ul����8
purchiuie the following detcrllted wndi.iWH
m tnedPinct ..f WeefKooloniy,adjoinlnjl*
7W<m tbO Veil arm of Koolena.*. leke.rm"J��5
cingat MieinlllHl   post   placed al Mo* "'"'""S
corfier ol Loi 7W, thanee north zochuin*. w**
nem   m ohalni,   thenee mililh BchninaW*"
"H-| 30 ph llo I 'oia.lntofconimciiceiiMit.
"ated Aug, l.'.th. ItaW. JamW I��a1"-
Noiice ia hereby given that vo .Uy*- iitaf-^J
''ii'siisi.-liiiisr,,/ I.,s,,l. ���si,|  'Vork- .
>llSD III ISIiri'llAHO UlSJ Issll.iss IIIK llP.sTll"
lis  Ills' W.'isl K,s,,l,'ii,iv,IIMrli'l:    llsssl'si
I" s��rk"-l "KlMDor lllni'lt'ss 8   I"
siii'l isl.iisi.,1 ,,n tiiL. we.t ,],,.[���,, ol Hi'' '"
"Isisislsssii (CorllHsssjiiske.niMiiitniis'is'i'i
lililss m,���||, ���f Arrssw I,,,, immi   tl,	
s-lmlii,; iln-ncf s'.si ,11 i'l,��inis mors' oi I1
�� issr.',,111s,. s,,,,,,,; iln'iu'o lollsisiisi,'
��� issrs- in s, Ki'iKsrssl N,,iuln>rly itittl ws--'''
USUI  MSS'llMlll.   ISS.srS'SSr U'S-HISSIKSIISI  ,ll       '
"".���,".' iHiiiiiii; 100 aeres minor ''������"
I'sll'il Uot. Mli.llMl. EUUKIIH
F. I,   llAM.IOSIs,   Is"
. .nil'' I
, l.si'l'' I
������, ll.
��� III I*'
llir  I
������ sill.''
Miili'li.llii s,|.|,|, LoHiu Iiiiii l-hli'l
��� ,,,!.'!'l���� !
��f "I Liiliilsssiisl Work, fisrlssn _',
I'liii-..' lis,- lollawthl ilm-rllvil Imi'i- I" ""' ,i,4
..,',""'""���' 'Hslrli't:   lli'SlniilliK ill �� 1""' '"",,,���
"w Beconbe'si E cofrter"'snd ,-'|l',1
eul .is,,,,, ���i wi���,i��i,������ (crtbui) i��';-'   ,
im mil..-  i,���rth ���| n���, ,iarr..��'�� ..I �� I'"��� "i I
liikl';   lliriioi'   norlh  (HI I'lntlti.l II    "'',,,,
-lisjlii.. i.issri'or 1���, lo l iko BtM.r.-: "'<��
I'sll'SWlll,.   ||���.   ,���|,|   .I,,,,,. Ill SBl'lHTssI""'1''r,
Him sis.!,, ny dtrantloq UJohsIn,, rnisss.i i'��''',
llll'   ]",nil    ,,|   s,,���,,���,,���,.,.������'���[;   I'smhliSili'SS
sores, siior,, ,,r )�����
Doted llslsusil, ,|HyolOrl.,lHll0. ���.,
P. h. IUMMONIi, AnsllI
���     WM-   .*��� ���
 "��**�� The Daily -Canadian
Your Type.
Your physique is known to us u t type.
Certain physical changes we take care of
when we fit you.
And we fit you or we won't take your
money I
Ask for information about our physique
types���and let " the man " show you yours I
emi ready Wardrobe, J. A. Gilkcr, Nelson, B. C.
it hy  (,'iveii   Unit Bixtv  dnyn alter
i I., uppiv to me Honorable the
-i..i,ii   of   Lump  and   Worki,  for
. pim-haae lhe lollnwlnfrdoir ������_
.'i-ki Kootenay dlatrlct:  Hct-iiiuiii).
��� ���I "Ji **��� Knimii'aN.K.corii'-.,"
.rn tio- eaal ihore m WhiUlian
e, iiImiUI one hall Intii* north ol
: theliee M-itth *>chalna, more or
nh boundary ol W.ieoombe'ian-
mdiawi ihenee wail uloiix t lit-��... i.-j
halm, more or Ivt-s, to thu uhnrv of
uee followiiiK ti e -aid ahoio In ���
irrly and ea*-teily dlreelloii *���
ir }-���*-,-*, to point of coinuM*nc.-uii-ni,
I aerea, more or leaa.
Jti I OIK ��� ii    l in   Kit.
K. I,. HAMMOND, At-ft'llt.
in, |.p
Avalanche of Mud.
NnploH, Oct, lfi.���A terrific storm haa
caused mi Inundation nt' mud from
Mount VOTUVlufl, and the country
roulld aboul Is Hooded. Tw owomen
hnve boon killed tuul _fi persons hi-
juri'il. Travel on the ruilwny up Mount
Wsuviim has been Interrupted nu<i tbe
line partially desttayed; Many h_aiB_|
huv.' been iturounded hy tbe wave* ����f
mud.    An uvaliinclu* of 11111 _ hBM Inviul-
Bd   Hotjcii   Ti-rji.'i.
i ii (imi ilxtyddyftalterdata
,_ . ie Holt. <'hlel Com in h* loner
U'lirk** tor permis-ii'ii to piireha--.--
iK dttwrlbea land- In the Weat
dl-irii t: Hcklulling at a poll marked
ieo * S. VV. corner," and planted kIm-iiL
 n-t   of   th.*  ebon ot WhatHhau
>tb.   and  ub-iiil '2 mlh-r. norlh id the
lhe Mint lake, and al UieH. K rorner
Warren', application to purobaidi
. wi chalnx;   tlience  north BOchalOli
t mi rhaim to the northeut cornet of
arr-'n'��� appHratlotito potonaae! thonco
iiaiiu in point uf commencement, poq-
il acroa, mor.* or lew.
i, lywi. J. H. Himi.nko,
K. I,. IliMMcNii, AkciiI.
n bereby tlren that on dan after date -
apply to thc Honorable the Chief Ciua
of i.�� ii !��� n*i 1 Woika for peruilfudoit to
th.- follouhiK <l *-' r.l.sl IhimIh lu Llir-
it.-imy dlitrlet: M-'k'iTinliiK nt a pott
Alexander ttehet't fi. W. corner," and
m   the   eaM   xhore   of   the narroWH of
i [Cariboo, hike, at iheH. K.corner oi
Illnoh'|   Hppl lent lou    to   purirtuuie;
ill   in clmiu��;  ihence iouth unchain**.:
*i in rhalnit more or leee. to the ihoro
rowii  Ihenee (oilowiiiR lhe fluid idiorc*
i.'ily dlreellnii   w> chain**, more or U-mh
im of commencement, <���������ui--iji.ii.* ~.ik>
ri nr h'Wi,
by P, I,. HaMm-ini-. Aifeut.
hereby ttlven  that
o apply I
.anas and WorkH for p
utv dayi after
Hon. lhe chiif
i- the hdlmvliiK dadrlbed land
oon nay district: BurlltolfM at a
l K, K.dl's N.K. corner," iml
��� ore of WhatKhan (Cariboo) lake,
*-: i orner of m.i 1 lake; theuce Ho
icneo-W i-lmiu- nouth; thenee H)
Itence 4Uehalin> south; ihence ��as��
���nr :.-��� to the ahorv of the fiald
nrtherlv along tbenld lake shore
��� -or len, to tnt point of I'oimiieti-
nniit,' Ini ai*renT more or bum.
. IWB, K. It. Kill.,
v. \��� Hammokd, Agent.
��� Ill
eby rivuii th.	
- iippiication to the [tooorabl
Iter date I
.   of Landi und Works for |h
to purohaae the foiioiving deeorfbed
i'ommonctng at a jiost on the  north
of l.ot HM uud ebont 3 chain*, cant of
u iTcuk, running Webuni aagti thenee
uorih; thence 4o chains west: theliee 10
mih, io point of commaocamonti oon-
SO acres more or less.
ictober IS, woo.
l.r.tts Watson,
Hy his a-fi'iit, Khm:-i W. Hoiiinson.
i-hereby Riven Lhat find-js after dnle 1
- make Hpidicaiinu to the MonoraMe the
nmlulonor Ol Landl and Works for |ht-
to purchaie thu following deserlhed
lommenolng ai a post placed adjoining
���th-vi'Ht corner posl of Leon Watson'nAp-
Jll to Purchase, iiiiiiiiiii: m chains norlh;
���> ohainiwoitj thence mi vhein* south;
chain*-, east, t.i point ol  coinmenee-
itahiiiiir :'*_�� acres more or less.
ctober 18, ltnnt.
By hll agon t, BwnwT, w. Koiunhun.
s horchy given
| to matte upplicai
niaalonoi of I,
lhat im days after
Thirty second  Annual  Convention
American Bankers'
St. Louis. Mo., Oct. 16-19. 190-
Itoiind irtp rate* to BL Louis
and   i'hii'H|{o on  Sale   u, loU-i
Uth io 18th,
hi. ij.nis fta,
Chicago      oV.
CoiiiK transit limit ten d��ys
from date of Kale. Final return
limit NovemberSOth,IflW,
Round Trip Rates to Southern
In effect
sale dally
Ir.iin dale
Cctoher Stttlt, 1**W. on
limited lo .1 in..nihil sale.
oh Angel-.
Santa Mon
and .uinu Itarhara.
ud San liarnanliuo
So. 10
. 89.70
For Further Information Apply lo
Clly I'Hfiseiifcer Agent.
A ll... A., Scilltll'.
Replies From  Principal Customers Express    Satisfaction���Proceedings
of Council Meeting.
Tiie city's prospective customers for
electric power EsneraUy express entire
anti-faction with the rutes suggested
In ihe circular letter sent to them by
order of the council. They have been
coiloctlvely further aisured that they
will he gives ample time and notice to
enable thoin to make all necessary
changes in aqufptQen. befort the water
power service  ls iliscouLln'ted.
Al last tiiglit'H meeting of the 00UO-
eil ihe tiuestluti wus gone into again
for iin- satisfaction of a few motor
users who appeared to ask lor infor*
Alderman Selous' bylaw amending
Ihe present water ratal hylaw, received
iti; third reading and will be finally
paiied ami adopted at the next meeting. Negotiations regarding the sale
Of the lait debentures, and the Inking
over by the clly of the old courthouse
building were cimcluded. The hitler
will be placed on the corner of Ward
nnd Front streeth on two lots leased
from the C. i\ U. company.
The meeting was held shortly after
S o'clock. There were present Mayor
Gillett, In the chair, and Alil'imen Selous, Irving. Hose and Animlile. The
minutes of 'be last regular and special
meetings were  read and  adopted.
The rinance oommlttee recommended the payment or an estimate or $222
on ,T. il. Kingrose's contract and a pay
roil of the electric light department
The report was adopted.
The fire, water and light OOTOmlttoe
(���'���ported recommending the building
of stalls in the fire hull for nn extra
leant, ns recommended by Fire chief
Densy,   The report was adopted.
The citv clerk read two replies to
the communications sent out by him.
P. Purtis & Co. applied for 26 horsepower: W. II. Kreyscher applied
1,5, to be increased la led to 4��
letters were filed.
Alderman Selous reported tiial B,
Inane had slated tbat he was satisfied
wllh the proposed rales.
J. W. Holmes addressed Ihe council
in person In reply to the communication. He complained that the information contained In lbe circular letter
was indefinite as to the time of service and the method of charging.
Several other questions were asked,
ns to whether the proposed charge of
%". wns for nominal or actual horsepower; whether the %'l did or did not
include the service rates.
After tentative replies by Aldermen
Hose and Irving the mayor Informed
the motor users present tbat Ibe matter was nol yet definitely settled] that
a sliding scale had been proposed, but
not yet adopted, and thnt the method
of charging wns not settled.
Alderman Selous objected to any
such questions being answered in the
absence of the city's electrical engineer.
After some further innconclusive discussion Mr. Holmes staled that bis
firm would probably require 10 horsepower.
W. P. Dickson then arrived nnd explained that nny ordinary voltage required could be arranged and the
transformers would be arranged
where necessary.
The visitors were instructed generally to seek their information as to details from tho city electrician, Instead
of directly from the council.
A letter from H .& M. IJIrd stated
that the two lots applied for (on Front
street nt Ihe corner of Ward) could be
leased from the 0. P. H. company at
the rale of $5 each per month on a
five years' lease, for the purpose of
placing on them n building lo lie used
as a courthouse and afterwards as a
The mayor explained that he had
conferred wllh the Messrs. Bird on the
subject and the letter was the result.
He had also asked for an option of
purchase, but no reply was received.
He understood that the lots were not
for sale.
The city clerk had also written to
the provincial government accepting
the offer of the courthouse building on
tlie terms suggested by Commissioner
Renwlck. The agreement was approved and the building would be at the
city's disposal Immediately at thc close
of the assizes now In session.
The offer of tho C. P. ll. company
was accepted, Alderman Hose dissenting, as he objects on principle to placing city  huildlngs on leased ground.
A letter from the union of Mritish
Columbia Municipalities was read, urging tbat Nelson be represented at Its
annual meeting-, to be held In Kamloops, beginning October 24.
The mayor ihotight Nelson hnd held
aloof long enough and should now Join,
ns the city was interested In all the
qu.sllons to be discussed, which Includes proposed amendment! to the
Municipal Clauses Act.
It was resolved that Nelson Join the
union and that mayor either go or
appoint one of the aldermen as delegate.
A telegram from tbe Dominion Securities company of Toronto announced (hat the debenture* were satisfactory, and were accepted.
In moving the third rending of Hylaw No. 172, Alderman Selous explained ihat it was merely nn amendment
lo the Water Kales Hylaw, to adjust
the rates for the purpose of preventing waste of water. The bylaw was
ihen read a third time, and Alderman
Selous gave notice of motion to adopt.
The clly engineer reported lhat good
piocresfl was being made on lbe Insinuation of machinery nt the pOWOT
plant.    He Ihotight  It  would be ready
for operation by December 1.
The council then ndjounied to Oe-
loher ?,ft.
tailor who has been In business for Id
From three wardrobes In 1898, the
Soml-ready Company announce lu their
new booklet, Just published, entitled
"Manners and Modes for Men," that
there are ������!! Semi-ready Wardrobes ln
The Winnipeg house of the Semi-
ready Company Is to bo fn charge of
William T. Peace, who for fifteen years
conducted the most prosperous and
high-class custom tailoring business ln
that city.
In every town and city the Semi-
ready Company semi to have no difficulty In getting the bCBt agencies.
While a merchant tailoring experience
ll not absolutely essential, the syatem
upon which Soml-ready tailoring is
based appeals more quickly to a man
of practical experience. A practical
toiler grasps the idea at once.
J, A. Oliker, the pioneer merchant of
Nelaon secured the agency for tho In
comparable Semi-ready tailoring.
The   Company   Have   Now   69   Semi-
ready Wardrobes In Canada, Where
There Were But Three Eight
Years Ago.
IleferriiiR to the |irogrt.'Rs maile by
the now art of men's tailoring a Now
York- jisiirmil recently prophesied that
In a few years the old-time Journeyman tailor would be as scarce as a
brevier cont|ioHltor In it dally newspaper office. Semi-reaily lallorlng bas
maile such strides in recent yeurs that
lite tailoring journals are advising or-
guui/.iitlon and action on the part of
merchant tailors to combat the new
idea. In bold type lhe National Fashion Bulletin recently Issued "Confidential Circular No. 1," to the cusujrn
tallors, and quoted a prominent speaker nl the merchant tailor's banquet,
who snid:
"Unless wo comlrat the Semi-ready
houses our profession will iu a few
years be In the same condition as tho
custom shoe trade is now. A few
will pay big prices for custom-made.
The resl will wear Semi-ready."
The strides made liy the Semi-ready
tailoring In Canada huve been remarkable, In Toronto recently two new
Seml-reiuly Wardrobes wero opened,
Eil, Mack, one of the prominent merchant tailors, having secured the agency. In Montreal three new Semi-ready
agencies were opened. A. M. Campbell, a manager of thc Merchant's
Dank, joined forces with ft. C. McLean,
a merchant tailor. The third was opened  by  P. X.  HourdunB, a merchant
Silver King Hotd
Beet Dollar a day house in the KootenayR.
Roomi tre well fnriiinhcil.  T*ble m goo-*- u nny
Id Neltoa.    Buriupjiiieii with good
liquor* and clcnr*.
W. R. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Residence for Sale...���
Price $1,000
Terms |lfl0 eash
balance monthly payments
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. <& M. BIRD.
l'li_ antl Accident
Real Estate and Mining
Manager ior the Kootenay Valleys Company. Ltd.
Oldest established Real Estate
Business iu Kootenay.
Nelson, B-C.
Tf em ont House
Fiuopwn ��n_ American Plan
MmIi 2ft cU.  Room from tt oU. to fl.
Ouly White Help EmptojrA.
Bnker St., Nelion froprlatoit
Bartlett   Hotise
But Dollar .-Day Home in Nelson.
The Ber I. tbe FlneM.
Whit* Help Only Kraplored.
Joeephlne BU
The Big Schooner D-_�� f A/.
Or "Hall-iit.Hall"   DCtf   1 UC��
Tho only Ulaaa nf Oood Beer iu Nelaon,
Hot.') BS's'SlllSIISlssllstlssllss MSVOIIll  tl. Hulls' In Brit*
IMs r.sliii.slslH. Its.!.-. tl.imiMT.Iny. S|H-l|Hl nitss.
to moutlily bosinlon. Only home hotel lti Ntslgon
Lake View Hotel
CoriiT Hall aod Vettmn,
two blocks Irom whnrl.
Ratei f 1.00 per day anil up.
Choice Fruit
I Have 10,000 Acta
of the
Choicest Frtrtt Landi In
British Colombia.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
Nelson, B. C.
The Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
P.O.Box IAI.
Telephone 118.
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KRIOKSON, Proprietor.
October I8tb
Uli- I
In* lli.iinniMf till1'
is ami worki for per-
i" purcnaio ine lotlnwiiiK iii'Bi-iiticii
"iiiiiH'iniiiK at a i i plAqoa uboui one
rn wiiitti-iiuii areak Hn<i hIxmu three
i'h nl .Vlmi-tlitui inl,.'. mi un i ii u ��i rli ti in*-.
ii-tiroMt'hatiiii wist; thi'iii'i* ���� iliiilnn
n'in-0 ������***' cliHiiiN oaiti )������ |ii>liti"I unit'
iii, i-nnlahftngG-ioaarefl \\o\w or Iom.
���i i'ilwr in, Iiiiii.
Hj Iiis niri'iit, RntttT W. Kmwnimin
is horoby Kivi-n iimi BO darn -Met datal
��� i    'i.-��� ii|i|>h<-uli.hi lulluf Horni;hI'll* '*���<
 lufoner ot Landi nml w-uki- lor pat -
i" I'lin-liiLHi' ilti* lollnwiti:: daertlwll
"iiimetiolna ni h (wai pUutni on I'n--
i ���urncr ol IVler Mi'NnuKliloifx ftPpll��h
nn luise. n.ii">. mi* ilu* i'n-i boundary *���
1 lialnu south; ifienn* Mi i luiius i'nf>t,:
1 ������iniiiiN nnrth; Uiobeeko iIihIiin weil i--
'iiiiimcin'umeni, cmitaiiiliifr (HO wrc.**,
Uy hl| IlKL'tll KltNKKT W. IlllllINHON.
I* ii.ri'liy Kivt'ii that N dftfl alter ilnl*
in npplv tn the Honorable Iho l-Oiti
pIsHlutier of l,nii'l�� ami Worku for permfe-
' piiri'h'w��i the rollowlng dWoHboa lands-
enntiig nl n ihinI planU-it on Uie norlliMsl
"I   I'ulrr McNiiiiirliton'H uppllcitlim   M>
ii-**,   rutinliiK   Su I'.hiilni  Wttt hIoiik  Hot
���urn  l><>miilnry of Ktinif; tlianoe BO i-lniln**
fi;ili" !��i i-IihIiii- i HNt; tlicnri- PO BU)ni
P'.  ' l-IIK  till' Wi'tl lm Iill'V.if . IiihII  I'Mllnll'l*
ItlOII  III piirCbltflOi   (O   [mill!   Ill COlllIIH'lll'l'-
'onlnliiinuaKlacri'H, moreor len.*..
|l('<l Oct. 18, I'ihi. Tiioman Ssn ni,
Hy hliagont, KhnwitW. Hohinkon.
lee Ih hornby aiveri that 00 daya aftor dattt
ml loupply lothi- Hon Cblel I'mnmlm-inner
nlsiunl WorkH (or pf-riniMMlon to tnirehft.su-
W"ii..v. im: itt-m-tiii.'.l inml.-. in Wesi Kooluniiy
ftp*:   It-Khiiiin-f nt n pnul iiinrkeil, "Hern-
I llh'-i'li'.-s. v.. i.-triK-r," iiii-l pllinlcd OD   lhr->
ffih'irc ol Un- iiarmWH o| VVhnlNhnii (I'tirllion)
tbeuofl n rth w ohidtii; tin nee mai ��
is more or loaa, to tbo nhoro of Whataltan
Uieiii'i'lollowliiK wild nhori* tn n aencral
i-ilv nml riisli'rly dlieelloii 1_��ehaliw moro
o.lopriint af nnnnieiiri'iuiinl: coiiliilninK
���ie**, imni' or Icn.s.
*""" """"'" ""'���"' '""'I'�����.-,. ,t���,.i,,.       K. J pOYLK. J. 8. OAKTEK.
P. I,. IUhuunh, Aneni A.fl.l'.*-.. Vancouver. u.r.A., Ni-Is.hi
Fare and
For Round Trip
Centrally Located. Open Pay and Night.
Sample and Batb Boomi Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Comer Ward and Vernon Streets.
T1" Stfathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
B. Ton-kins, Manager.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
��,,,,"A-l-__.,!__fp,t'-h    VICTORIA
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Roonu.
Queen's Hotel
taker street. Neton. B. 0,
Lighted by Electricity and
Heated by Hot Air
P. Burns & Co.
lAne s.n.1 Comfortable Beilrooni aud **lrlt>
tslu. TiliilUR Boom. Bample Boom, for roinmer-
clal Mull.
MIIH. K  fi. n.AKKK, TroprletreH
Tils1 well known
Our Hi'i-rt Juiili'u is
the Finest iu tho
J. CROW,   -   -   Propriktor
Royal Hotel
Branoh HarkeU in
Roaeland, Trail,   N. laon, Kaslo,
Denver and Slocan Oity.
Sandon, Three Porks, New
Order. Iif mall to any branch wilt hare
onr |itsstis|,t ami nnrelul atntniton.
Head OBtcet Nelson, B. C
Raton tl and $1.-0 a Day.
Special Rates to Regnlar Bcaiders.
Tickets ou Sale Oct. 16-17.18.
I Jiisssl to l-sstiirn until Oct. -otli.
For I Into tiililos, rates, lierth rescr-
vntliina tor IiiihIr, Bliiiiilanl or tourist
sleepers, apply lo locul nfcents or write.
The ^oyal 'Bank of Canada \ WEST KOOTENAY
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130
Reserve Fund $4,092,043
Accounts of firms anil Individuals opened on tho most favorable terms.
Thirteen  branches In   llrlllsh  Columbia.
Sp-ot-s)  attention  to out. of town business.
'. E. KENNY, I'i'cs., Ilnllfiix.        K. 1,.  PEASE, Oenernl  Manager, Montreal.
W thili'NHli* mill Retail Dfilera lu
Fresh and Salted Meats
(lumps snpplied nu shortest notion and
lowest price. Nothing but fresh and
wholesome meats and supples kept in stook
Mail orders receive careful attention.
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer of Rli-W
BnnllNh   (lo.vUft
Jno. T. Pierre
Bnker St.
Nelson. B. C.
E. C. TRAVES, Manager.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office]  Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED... .$6,000,000. CAPITAL PAID UP... .-$4,1980,000
REST $1,31*0,000.
D. R. WILKIE, President.        HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY, V_e-Pr��sident
Branches in British Colombia:
Deposits reoeived and interest allowed at ourrent ratoe (ran date of opening no-
oonnt end credited half-yearly.
NBuaoiN branch ��J�� M- L.AY, Monngmr.
___M The Daily Canadian
Cool nights are uow in order.     They will invite
pleasant dreams of
Wp linv" plentv of them in red nnd blue.
3 1-2 Points, weighing about 10 pounds. $7,50 per pair
4 Points wci-shin* about 12 pounds,   -   8.50 per pair
Tin's-- blanket! ma Jttftly oolebi-itad for their excellence. We alone carry
lliem in lliis city.
LUMBERMEN.���PfJIoWl, Comforters. Gloves and Mits, Socks, Shirts and
Underclothing. Oil Clothing, Sweaters. Miners' and prospectors' Boots
and Shoes and Rubbers . Groceries and Provisions.. Everything of the
Be6t  quality and  prices  surprisingly Low.
j'ut-iishp-. six dayi a weak by tbs
Baiter Ht.. Nelson, H. Q,
BiilMtr-rtptton rates, w itiiifii inoiiiti di-livored
in tin- cttv, ur tft.OOa year if iienl by mail, when
jmlil lu advance.
AtivcrtlHliiit rates on iipjihcatioii.
All ninnies paid in Ht'llU'iiiciii ot The Pally
Canadian aooounta, olthai foi lubsorlptiom or
advertlilng, muil be receipted far ou the printed
tomtM df ilu* Company.  Other receipt! are not
OOTOBEBR l&. iwki.
" By out- word wc are wuiieumes judged to be
wine audl by one word lometlinei judged to be
foolish. Ua iih therefore be careful whal wa
The Canadian ib iu receipt ol a copy
or "The Law of Oanada Respecting Im-
niiKniniK and Immigration," Issued by
the superintendent oi Immigration at
Ottawa with the requeBl thai It be
lead carefully and preserved for future
reference. We have done belli and appreciate the brochure as n clear Betting forth of the Immigration laws of
the Dominion and to some extent the
manner In which they are to be interpreted.
Section 80 of the act would seen, to
promise us an easy solution of the dun-
ger thut threatens ;BrltlBh Columbia
through the Immigration of hordes of
Sikhs who are now Infesting the coast
camps und cities, ll reads us follows:
"Tht* governor in council muv, by proclamation or order, whenever he considers It necessary or expedient, prohibit
the landing In Canada of any specified
class if immigrants, of whicli due no
tiee shall be given to the trunsporlii-
tlon companies."
It would appear therefore, that all
that is necessary for us to do is to call
the attention ot the Dominion immigration office to the intolerant altitude of this entire pruvince toward the
Sikh invasion and establish the lac!
|that the Sikhs are an undesirable elass
invaders. The power conferred by
section BO is apparently absolute and
The Canadian however wishes to
call the attention of its readers to
several anomalies that attach them*
selves io the present situation The
act from which suction ii. as above Is
QUOted was assented to on the loth of
July of the presenl year, ii has there
tore been in force for a period ot
three months. It is only during these
lust three months thai the comitiy
has been threatened with the Hindu
invasion und it would seem thai even
ho many as are present in the country
could have been kepi oul under the
provisions of tho uct .
Furthermore, it is bul a Cow duys
since Mr. It. G. Alel'ltersou returned
from Ottawa and told his constituents
thut he had impressed upon the nii-
thorilies at Ottawa that the West Is
determined to keep this u white man's
country. He even went uo fur as to
tell his constituents that there is nothing iu the present machinery of the
law to keep out the Hindus but us a
resuli of the pressure that he hud
brought to bear on the heads ol the
departments, special legislation would
he enacted at the next session, otherwise almost Immediately,
Accepting Mr. Mcl'herson's state-
ments at their face value, let us ask
since (his act was assented to on the
lBtfi of July, why does Mr. Mcl'her-
8oii say there Is no machinery In the
present law to provide against Sikh
Immigration? Or to put the case another way: If Mr, McPherson did so
much to impress upon the authorities
at Ottawa thut the West is to be kept
a  white man's country and if���as he
sold-���he received positive assurances
that legislation would be enacted,
granting that section 30 means what
ii says, why did nol the authorities
call his attention to the snid section
tind show hiiu the law as it stands?
We are more than ever convinced
that Mr, McPherson had hut one end
in view when he took to himself such
fulsome praise for his patriotic attach*
men! to the Interests of the white man
in the West.
The new Liberal party slate hints
that Mr. McPherson is to step down
OUl of the arena of Dominion polities
���where he has not heen loo happy nor
exhibited even scintillating brilliance
���Into the sphere of provincial politics
to take the place Of Mr. McDonald
who ls��� obviously���to be promoted to
the bench. Mr. McPherson needed a
rallying cry In Hritish Columbia, aud
he thought he found it In his claim to
Bitch rigid determination to keep It for
the white man. But what are these
pretensions worth when the governor
In council can cancel the rights of the
Sikhs to come to Itritish Columbia by
the stroke of his pen?
Lei us go still deeper into this little
Liberal plot for It Will bear still further investigation. Dr. Munro Is the
Dominion immigration agent ami
health officer at Vancouver. As such
he musl have been aware, since the
18tb of July, of the existence of section SO which would make possible the
exclusion of the Sikhs by order of the
governor  in   council.
What has he done? He has been the
mosl stalwart champion of the Hindus;
he has defended them against what he
has called the calumnies of the laboring men who have protested against
their invasion. He has, without doubt,
reported to Ottawa, to just the same
effect as he has spoken In Vancouver,
li is to him, more than to anyone else
that Ottawa will look for the reports
upon which to base its decision us to
the exclusion of the British Indians.
So We have Mr. McPherson tearing
his hair at the invasion and affirming
that his influence alone, against thc
malversations of the Eastern Conservative press, has pledged the government
to the exclusion of these people, while
all the time the agent of the Dominion
governmenl has been loudly calling
out that injustice is being done yhou
their exclusion is asked for. Without
a BUspiGlOn thai there can be any collusion Ihese anomalies are among the
many funny things by which the dust
has been thrown into the eyes of the
people till it has beeu too late for
ihem to see.
in the Controverted Elections Act
case now being held lu Regina, Mr.
Haultaln has advanced argument!
which, if the court agrees with them,
will cause a tremendous upheaval in
Saskatchewan,    says     the    Winnipeg
When an election protest cttnie be
fore Judge Prendergust, some months
ago, the Judge decided that the Con
troverted Elections Act wus not in
force in Saskatchewan since the Au-
tonomy Acl came into effect. This, he
claimed, made il Impossible for him
to hear these cases.
It Is the append from this decision
that is now being heard in Begins-���
and Iu that appeal Mr, Huultuin has
argued thut the Controverted Elections
Act is as much in force In Saskatchewan as is the Elections Act itself.
Thus, if neither of these acts he in
force, there is no lawful government in
If the court should tnke this view of
the case, a situation unprecedented In
Canada would al once be created. The
Scott government would cense to exist
and new elections would have tu he ordered by the crown.
The possibility of such an event
gives tlie case now being heard in Regina BO exceptional Interest.
The outcome of It should be closely
watched by all who have followed the
devious course of the Scott government and the Saskatchewan courts
since the passing of (he notorious Autonomy hills. Il should also be closely
matched by ull Interested iu constitutional governmenl  in  Canada'.
|The above case has since been ie-
ferred to the full court of Saskatchewan, which will sit within a mouth.
���Ed.  Canadian. |
Query���If the lloiision Conservatives
of Nelson arc going to vote for Dr,
Hull, who are the Houston Liberals
going   to   VOte   for?
NOtlOa  if  Inrettv Riven taut, idlrtv dnvs nfier
(lutf.   I   intend   lu  n|>|>lv   lu  the  Honorable Hit*
Chief Commbvionei ol Landi tnd Worki ior a
fjx'Hiti lleenie to cut tad carry hwhv Umber fnnn
Titled    Ull.lv,  MtUiUe   Id   the
1 Ki
malng iii h pon marked Fred AtUnaon'i
norm went corner pnt, nlantod about one mile
BUI of Upper Armw lukcaiid [OiulOf hotV-S;
tlience  east NU cIiiiIiih,   thence soutb  flu chains.
thenoe wnt SO chalm, thenoe north unchains ui
polnl of ''iimtiiisiii'i.ijient
i>hi��'<i thii 4iii da.* of October, w��.
t'HKJ*   ATKINhoN,
         __ Chi. Km.
Take notloe that 80 dan after data we Intend
niukiiiE ii|i|iljfiit|<ni in  ihe Honorable ihe Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works for a ipeclal
license Ki cut and carry away  timber from  the
following ducrlbed landi;  Commencing al t
poll   near   lhe  lOUtheMt  corner of  the  K...H
Railway) Lot 820, running thence   nonh  wo
chaloi: ihenoe eait to chaini| thence iouth Uo
fihatoij thence weil 40 ohaini to polnl of com-
Dated, Beptember inih, lwofi.
W_TTslltll{i   LttttUlS C   MCANY,
IiANIEI. TroMKV. Alteilt.
Noilce li liereby Riven Unit RUdavs after date I
Intend toapph to the Hon. the Chief Commli
Moiicr of Landi nnd Worki for a ipoo'a] licence
io cm and carry a��ay Umber from tba following
doicribod landi, iltuate in ffnl aoptenaydi*
tricl: Commenolng al a post oil Knbiiisuii creek,
tbree-quarten of a mile nortbweit of Laroher'i
pre-emption, thenoe wnt W chaini* tbenn north
60 chaini) tbenn eait 80 chaini* ihenee sontb ho
chains io p itn nf commencement,
Located July 36th, iwm.
 Ono. BmmmwK, Locator.
Dnderand by virtue of the powen of lale contained in a certain mortgage which will be produced at thettme of sale, there will ba offered
for mlo by public auction on Saturday llie _tuli
day of October, WW*, nt   the hour of '12 o'clock
noon, ai the Hotel Hume, corner of Ward and
Vernon street*. Nelson, H fa . by Messrs. < *hurIon
A. Waterman A Co . tlu* following property, viz:
LOU numbers ilftecti (I..J and tdxteeii (IC,)", both
in lll.trk number ten (in), being purl of the nub
division of hot number ninety nix, Oroup one,
hi the disiriei of Kootenay. Hritish Columbia,
and known  as the Hume addition to Nelion,
B, C., according to a map or plan deposited in
tin* Und BegUtry office and numbered DM b.
t'pon lhe .said laud Is erected it large ami commodious it welling house in iirst-class order, with
ciiy water.  This property [i not far from ihe
business poriioti of the eity.
Terms and condition! made known at the time
oimcc or in the meantime upon application to
Mortgagee's Solicitor.
Dated al Mellon the nth day of Sept. 190ft.
Certificate of Improvements
'Eclipse No. 'j,,-  "Vevey,"   "Happy Medium,"
'���International" and "A'tn Fractional"   mineral claims, situated in Hit.* Sloean City Mining
liivjiil-.ii of We-t Kootenay dlitrlot,
Where located--North ol Twelve Title ereek,
BbOUt tWO miles up.
Take notice that I. II. K. Joraiid, of Sloean. B.
('., Free Miner's i ertlfloate No. B7880Q, as agent
for L. A. pole, Free Miner'*-, Certificate Nn, U.0,.1,
intend, sixty days from lhe dale hereof, toapp y
tothe Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Im
provemenu, for the purpose of obtaining a Grown
(Irani of said mineral claims
And further take notice that action, under
section;::, must lie commenced before the issuance of smb ''erliticiite of Improvement-..
Hated this BDtb day of Neptemher, iwjfl.
H. _t.Joa.LNn.
Notice is hereby given that 00 dayi after dale 1
intend U) apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
Of Landl and Works for permission fo purchase
the loiiowing described lands iltuated in the
Wut Koolenay dlitrlet: Berluhing at a post
marked "William Keil _ N. W, corner," and
planted about one mile south of tlie north end
of Whataban (Cariboo) lake, about twenty cbalni
went of the weit ihore of laid lake and on the
souih boundary of e K. KalTi application to
purchase; thence aouth BO chains; thence easi 20
chains,  more  or  less,   lo  the said lake shore*
thenoe northerly along the said ibore JO chalm,
more  or  loss,  to tlie  said soutli   bonndary  of
_ ii. Kell'i application to pnrobaie; tbenn weit
���ki chains, more or less to the point of commencementi containing 100 aorn, more or less.
Dated Oct. iv, ht*;. Wjuum Kill,
 By F. 1. Ham.mqm), Agent,
Notice li herehy given that 60 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief OomndMlonur
pflAndiaad World for permluipn topnrahaie
the  following  descried  lauds   situated  iu lhe
West Kootonay dtotngt*   Beginning at a post
marked *���(). I . MacMlflking'l N. W, corner "and
planted on the wesl shore of Whataban (Cariboo)
lake, aboul ihm- mil.s nortii of lhe Upper Nar
rows of the laid lake and OODOSlte the island iu
the -aid lake; ihcnce south 80 chains; thence
east 40 chnins,  more or less, to the lake shore;
theiiee loiiowing tlie said shore in anortherly
and westerly direction UO cbalni, more or lento point of commencement, containing swaorei
more or leas.
Oct- 13. liHMt. 0. C Mac.Mickinu,
By F. I., HammonI), Agent.
Notice Is hereby given tbal IK) days after date I
intend loapi.lv tit ihe lion. Chief C,-,iiimis*dnner
of-Landiand Works for permlulon to pnrobaie
the following deicrlbed lauds situated in tbe
West KooiMiav dlitrlot:   Beginning at anon
marked "Herbert Warren'* N, K. co-ner " and
planted on the w st ihoroof V. haishau [Cariboo)
lake, iu...in one-quarter mtle north of the southern end ol the lake; thenee westwieliaius; them-e
south HU chains; llienee earn 80 chains, more nr
les*, to W'liutHhan en-ek; Ihence following
north iilong the ereek and lake shore BO ohalni,
moreor lou, to point of oommencement.con'
tatning 6(o acres, more or less
Dated this Bth day of October, lUOli.
  F. 1. Hammond, A ge ti t.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date I
intend tfl apply to the Hon. Otiief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to purchase
lhe following deicrlbed lands altuateil in lhe
Wesl Kootenay Iiislricl: Beginning at a posl
marked, "Antoinette IMrcli's N. K. eoruer," and
Id.uiled on the shore of Whatshan (Cariboo)
lakeiit the southeast uortier of tiie snid lektl
thonoe loutb Hi chains; theuce west 40 chain*,
moreor less, to the shore of Whatshan creek*
theuce following the ihore line of said creek and
lake in B general northerly and easterly direction ��0 ehains, more or leaa, to point of com-
menoement: containing wo acres, more or less
Out. 18th, 1000.
Antoinkttk jiiimcn,
 _By F. L, Hammond, Agent,
Notice ta hereby given that ilxty daya after
(late t intend to apply to the Honorable Chief
CommiMioner of Landl and Works for permission io purchase tin-following described lands*
Commencing at u post placed on tho northw* st
eorner of Albert BUiott'i application to purchaie,
running to chains east along the northern
boundary of name; thenee Wl --balm north;
thence 80ohalm weat; thenee 80ehains south, to
jtoini of commencement, containing oft aeroi,
more or less.
Dated Oct. ia, inoo. John Ki.i.iott,
By bis agent, Ernest W, Kubinhon.
Notloe !��� hereby given tbat'OOdaj'l after dale, I
intend to applv to the Hon. Chlel i ominissioiier
of Landi and Worki for permission to purchaie
tbe following described fund-. In llie West Koot
enay DlltrlcTl Beginning .at u posl murked "W
B Elvidge's S \V corner," and planted about
one-quarter mile wesl of the west shore of What-
shall   (Cariboo)   lake,   ami  aboUl one ami  one
auartor mllei north of thi loutbeenend ot ihe
lake; tbeUM north ��' chains; Ihelice ea-t .<>
chains more or Jess to the ibon of the Whatshan
lake; tbenee following said ihoveln a general
southerly ami westerly direction HHiehall,s more
or lea to I polnl on the sbon* due east of the
poet of commencement; tbenoe weil B0 chains
more or less to the point of eojuiiienceiueiil, containing ISO acres moreor less
Dated thii 0th day of Oct . tone
W   9   EM-DOB.
F   L. Ha-vmonm, Agenl
sion  l<
VulCe t�� hereby given llnil iHulavs a tin 'lale I
intend in applv to the llouomhic (he chief
missioncrof Lands and   Works foi
purobaM the following deacrlbed landi iltuate
In  Weal Kootenai Dbflot: Commenting ai a
poll marked "(' McArlbur's N.W. corner poll
sltuale near Ihe N K. corner ol land applied for
by H. McArlhtir theuce cuilh 1(1 chains, more or
less; theuce cast Kd chains; theUoe Uorih to
chains, more or ItUl, Ihence wesl HO chains to
poini of i oriiiNciiiviri.nl
BalmO, B.C., Augusl Illli, 1WK).
I'. Hi A term K
T, H  Atkinson, Agenl.
Noitce is bereb* given that tin davs altar date J
Intend lo apply to tbe Honorable Chief < ommli<
bUiliT ol Unds j>. ij c J Works lor nt rmluion lit purchase lhe following described land- situnle Hi
the W'es| Kootenaj district, sinning from a ito-t
planted al tbefl W.oornei of ttrneii WHobinsoiCs
Application lo I'lirchasc, and on the uorih bank
of the Worth fork of ' ogeieek; theliee 40 chains
wait, Mi chains nonh, L00 ebalni out, 40 ohalm
souih, id chains west, *fli cha mis south lo in I user
lion ot north line of K. W itoluiisou's Application
lo Purchaie, thenco _�� ebalni wesi and ii chains
sfMith to point of oommencement, containing mo
Dated IHth day ol August, ltfnfi,
I*' W, Hoiiinson,
pei KitsKsT W. Hoiiinson. Agent.
Notice is herebv given that 60 dayi utter date I
Intend to apply to the Hon. the. blefCommii-
sioiier of Lands and Works for permission to purchnse   the   following   described   lands ill   W'est
Kooteuay dlitrlet, province of Hriii-h Columbia;
Commenmug ai u post marked "Vt iiimm Tolling-
ton's northwest corner posi." mi id posi being
planted at the southwesi corner of the "Queen
Mineral Claim*" and adjoining the eut line of
HcPhail'i pre-emption, thence iouth twentv (ai)
chains   along  said   line,   tbence easl forty (-III)
chains, tlience north twentv i'ki) chains, tbenoe
west forty (40) chains more or leu, to the place of
Hated lit day of August. VMH.
Wiij.iaM ToU
By his agenl j, K, Tay
Blxty dayiafter date f purpoii
tion   to   ihe chief Commissioiiei  of Landsand
Works for permlulOU to purchase the I-,.Mowing
described land;   Coiiiinencitig ai o poat marked
������_.p_l w  oorner,"adjoining the eait bound-
ary of I) i'ierce's application to purchase, running theuce 80 chains north; tbenoe H< chains
easi; thenee BO clmiiiK south; thenoe80ehalni
west to point of commencement, containing MO
acres mo e or less.
Pated the Hth duy of Auguit, ]9t)fl.
I   1'it-iirR,
per F  (i   I'ai'ljiikii,
���Sixty dap after date I purpose making application to the Chief Comm .nionor of Landi and
Works ior permission to pnrebaie the following
described land: Commencing at a poll marked
'K F's s F corner," and situate about one mile
from wivir Tip point, on Whataban lake, and
near Christie creek, running thence hn chains
imrlli; Ihenee W> chains west; thence hn chalUI
south, lollowlng Ihe la_eshorc; ihciu-c Me ohalni
aaat to the poini of commencement, containing
6-i(i act oi more, or less
Hated the llth day of August, IfKKi.
K   FAryriEu,
I'erF (i   FAl'yrtEB, Agent
4ixty duys after date I purpose making appli,. .
eatlou to the Honorable the Chief CnnimisaioDer
of Lands and Works for permission in purchaie
tlie following dewrlbed land: commencing ai
a poat marked "H. l"s M. W. corner," adjoining
K. Pauquiar'iapplication to purchase, running
thenceWOhaini north; thenee Mi ehains easi*
thence Wi chains iouth; thence B0 chain.- ut-t
to the poini of commencement, containing I'-lt)
aeres, more or lean.
Hated the llth day of August, 1900,
D. Piemcr,
Per F. (J. FAVQHKK, Agenl
Notice is hereby given thai slxivdftvs after d
I intend to apply to the Hon. chief Commission
it nl Lands and Works for permission i��� purchase the following described lands, 100 acres,
commencing at a post marked John love, planted on lbs east shore of Lower Arrow lake, about
one mile north of Bunihlns creek, thenoe forty
chaius east, thenee forty chains aouth, thence
forty chains  west,  thence   forty   chains   north
along lake shore to point of commencement,
Hated this utii dny of Beptember, law,.
John Toye,
Harry Oibiom, Agent.
Notice is hereby glveu that 60 davs alter dale J
intend toapply io tlie Honorable the Chief Com-
mlssloner of Lands and Works fur permlMlofl
to purchase thfl following deeerlbed land, situate
Iii Fire Valley, in the West Kootenai district ad
joining W. A. ('alder's pre-emption, starting at a
posi marked M. MoQuarrie'i southwesi comer,
running BO chalm east, thence -10 chains uorth
thence HI) chains west   thence 10 Ohalni south to
point of eommeneement,
Dated this nth day of Beptember, 1000.
makv ItcQtunhiB,
J. K. __.yi.ob, Agenl,
Notice Is liereby given thai 00 days irom dale I
intend toapply to the Honorable the Chief Com
minloner of Lands and Works for permlulon
toputthaffl the following deaorlbed landi situate in Wesl Kooienav Idatricl: Commencing
at a post marked *' h. Stewart's N W. corner
pout,' situated near the.luueiion of Lost creek
aud Sonth Fork oi Salmon, (hence south w
Cbalm, more or less; tlience east ��i eliains*
tbenOd nortii _o chains, more or less; thenee
west Hu chains to point of eommeneement
Balmo, Auguat llth, ltfut't.
T, Hi Atkinson, Ageni.
Notice ii hereby given that 6(1 dayi afler dato 1
intend lo apply to the Honorable the Chief Commiasioner of Lands and Works to purchase the
following descrilied lands, &��) aeres, more or lea;
commeneing at a post planted on the west bank
of I oner Arrow lake at a point ahoul 1 miles be
low Nakusp, and marked <i. A. li. tt., N B. corner
poit: thence hu eimins west; thonoe 40 cbalm
south ; Ihcnce nil chains ensl, more or less to lake
shore; theliee along lake shore to p"fnt of beginning.
_nate(Uhinath dav of Bent.. 190(1.   Q. A.B.HAU.
80 dayi after dale I intend to apply to the Honorable   the  Chief C nissloiier of   Lands  -���id
Works, Victoria. It C , lo purchase ft-iu acres of
laii'l atluate wesl of Arrow lake on lhe west sidu
of Whalebati creek aud joining (be north bound
ary of B, J. Annable application to purchase
tJomniencing at a post markeii K. .1. K, H. E. corner and running wes' m ehains; thonce north BO
chains', thenee easi HU cliaina; thence south to
point of commencement.
Mepiember 2nd IHW,
Notiee Is bereby give
intend  to applv to the
sioner Of Ijiiidsand Worki
chase thfl  following flow
the West Koolenay dlstrh
planted nl the N. "
It. J. Ki.uot.
that HO days alter dale I
louoralc Chief CoiumlK-
ks for pt'Mn i ��� ��� -#rj. to pur-
Ihcd lands, situate in
t; starling from a posl
.jerofF. W, lloldnsoti's
Appliealloii to pUrohan, thenee id chnins east
Mo chaiiiH south, 2U chains west, X) chains north
���10 cbalm west, a) eliains north, *_0 chains east, 40
ehalns north lo poini oi commencement, eon tain-
Ing 160 acrea.
Hated IHth day of August, HWfi
D. 0, K. RoniNhON,
 per Kukkht W , Hoiiinson, Agent.
Notfee Is hereby given that Bixly davs after
dato I intend to apply to the Honorable llie
Chief CommlMloner of Lands and Works for permission lo purchase lho following described
lanl on the west shore Of upper Arrow Lake and
joining J. II. Feeney's pre-emption: Kunning
weat -to chalna; thence north HO chains, thenoe
BUt40chains, to the ihore of the lake; thenoe
soutli following the lake shore to point of commencement* containing ;i2U acres more or leaa
Hated Auguat 19, J90_.
H. F. Maci.Koii
 J. J. Kki.I-v, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that Hlxty davs after
date I intend lo apply lo the Honorable the
chief C'oinmfaslouer of Lands and Works for permission to purchase the following described
land ou the west side or I_>wpr Arrow Lake and
Joining the south Hue of the Ind lau Keswrvatlon ;
Hun ni ng west ID chaini! thence south m chains;
thonoe eaat so ohalm, to tha atiore of the lake*
thenee   north   following lhe lake ihore to the
poini of ooramonoeraenti containing i��u neres
more or leaa.
Dated Augusi 'kt. 1U0C. W. it. Mai'Mcou
J, J, Kim.y, Agent.
Notice Is herebv given that 00 days afler date
I intend, to apply to the Honorable lhe I but
Commissioner of Lands and Works for imtiuis
sion to i urchasc the lollowlng described lands,
situate in 'he tt'twl Kootenay diitrict; Commencing al ii posi niarked "A. 'turner- K. W. coiner
posl." situated  nt   lhe  N. E. corner of luiui ap
plied lor hv i*. Stewart, thenoe iouth 40chalm,
more or less. Lbence eaal ��o chains; tlience north
40 chains, more or leai! thence west mi chain- to
point of commencement,
Balmo. B.0, AugUlt II   liHF,. A.Tl KNhi.,
T. H  Atkinson, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 'in davs after date I
intend loapply to ihe Honorable tne Chief Com-
mlssloner of Landl ami   Woiks for permission to
purebaae the following deicrlbed lami'in Weil
Kooienav Hist'lct ahout seven miles smith of
Iturton City!   Commending at a posl planted on
the eait bank of Trout orcek ami marked Mn.
W ll. Hamilton'i B, w. c Poii and running
north so chalm; tbenee easi su chains; theuce
���OUth 80Cbalm; thonce west mi chains to  place
of beg in ii iiig, i on tatning tiio acrei, more oi less.
Dated thii 22nd daj ul Uguit, IW6,
Ull    W    11    H A MILTON
w . ii Hahiii.ton, ageni
aiiei date I
Till, III pill
il one mile
fl oi  Arrow
Notice Is h- reby given lliiil B0 d:
inteud to applv to the Honorable
Uiissionei of Lands ami Work I, \
chase HO acres ol bind, mI Utile i
easl of  Hurton  Cjiv  oil the easl
lake, mnl denrlbed mfollowi: ���'���>
post planted ai the northern oorner of LotOAI
Iheliec   uorih   kt chains,   ihenee   west I'lcloiil
tbenee south DOohalni,  theuee uast 40 ehulns
place oi beginning
August rth, ton j. r. iii-MKh.
Notice is bereb] glren that 80 dayi after date I
intend lo applv lo tlte Hmi. the Chief Cmiiil*-
slotici of Lands and Worki for permission lo purchaie the following deeerlbed lands lu West
Kootonay distriei; Beginning at a post marked
"Otto Hirscii's N w earner"' aud planted on
lhe ��csi Ibore Of VFetlbau Can! Hake, about
one-fourth int.. west of tbe parrowiof Whatshan
lake,  ihcnce smith ni ohaini; thenoe cast 40
chains nmre or lell to the ibore ol tbfl Narrow-;
thenoe rollowlng the said shore in a general
northerly and weitorly dlrootlon l_W ohaini nmre
offliMo the point of commenoement) contain
Ine 330 acrea more or Iui
Hated thllglh day of 0o|    1006
OTTit Hikm H,
F   Ei   MaMMoMj, Agent.
Notiee is herebv given that sixty da is after dale
I intend to apply to the Hon. Cblaf Commluloner
of Land-- and Works for permission to j.urchasc
Ihe folli-H Ing ducrlbed lands in West Kooienav
disiriei; Beginning at u post marked "Jf K
Allien'*, s K corner," and planted 00 the east
shore of WhaUlian (Cariboo) lake. iiIhkiI one
mile   norlh   of  the   southern end  of the lake;
thenoe north ��o chains; thonoe west .u obalm,
tt  les*-,  to  thfl shore of Whatshan lake
followlni;  ���-itifJ  -bore   in a general lonth
'; r-upl easterly dl rent J on loo chains, more OT
.he poim oi commencement, oontainlng
i, more or less
DatOd this Hlb day or Oct , 1-Hi
K   K   Ai.jiKN,
F   L   Hammonj!. Agent
Notice is hereby given that <V) davs aller dale I
inteml to apply to the Honorable tlie Chief Commluloner ol Umls and Works for permission tit
purcbaie the (ollowlng described lauds m the
weil Kootenay dlitrlot, near Burton City; comment ing u l u posl i-l an led at Hie sou l beast corner
Ol Heotgfl lludsoii's pre-emption claim, ami
marked Ham Qi Toilingloii*! N. K. C. post, and
rnniilug  souih 40 chalus, theuce west 20 eliains,
thence north .o chains, thenoe eait DO chaini to
place of beginning) oontainlng 80mora of land,
more or lets
Hated thll Uth dayol August, 1900.
Nollee ls hereby given that slxtv days afu*r
date I intend to applv tothe Hon. Chief Comniis-
Bloiii-r of Lands and Works for permission to purchase ihe following deaorlbed lands in the West
Kootenay dlitrlot: Heglinilng at a pan marked
* Mertha Hirst if- N L. comer," and planted on
the cast ihore Of Wbaiehan (Cariboo) lake, at the
narrows of the laki ami about ���m< mile south of
AlTOVJ lake trail; tbence so uth N'chaiti*.; theliee
west HOjU*ains more or less t<> the shore of the
J**rrrr1Jvs; thenoe following the said shore iu t
genera] northerly and easterly direction ISO
eli-ius more or less to the point of commencement, oontainlng 040 aeru more or lesi
Dated this Hth duy of dct , |B08
lii:i:Tiu Hitmen'
F   I.   IlAMMOMi, Agent.
Notice In hereby given thai Iwo mon Un after
dale I Intend tn apply (,. the Honorable lhe Chief
< onimissiouerol Unds and Works for a LMM of
all thai land being the foreshore adjoining suit-
divisions  1, .1 and -I of Lol 309, (.roup one (I)
Utenay,  and   being on the south shore ol thp
JH Arm of Kootenay lake, in thc distriet ol
Comiii'iiclng at-a post marked "_LB.Wgttg<
southeast oorner pnst"; thenee 60 ehaim west,
thence 111 chains  north;  theliee CO chains east;
thenoe lo ohalni south tothe place ofoommenoe-
mentj the said land and foreshore to be be uicd
for stiwmiII purpose*.
Haled thll-Oil day ol Auguat, l_o6.
A. E. Warn.
Notice is hereby given that 00 davfi after dale I
in lend to apply to the Honorable the Chlel Com-
in..sinner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following d-scribed land 'n Weit
Kootonay Hlstrlei about seven miles south of
Hurton OH) :   'oinniciuiiig al a post planted 00
tbe eait bank ol Trout crock and marked Alex
Cheyne'l N- W. C. Post and running south 80
chains; ihence east Ho cliaina; thence north SO
chains; (hence west Wlthaius to jatsl of beginning, containing 040 acres of land, more or U-ik.
Haled Ihis Und day of Augum. 190(1
Alex i'hkvm
\V. H Hamilton, Agent.
Hlxty dayi aftor dato,] Margreti MoQuarrlfl.
intend to applv to thc Honorable thfl Chief Com-
miHSioner tfl Landsand   Works,   V'lOtorll  B C
to purchase the following deicrlbed land,' Oom-
ineiieingai a posi marked M MK.uarrfe, on the
hank of Lower Arrow lake, tbence 4o chains
weat; thence oo ehalni north; thenoo (0 chains
east; ihenee tiu chains iouth to place of com
meneement. laid to contain mo acres more or
less,  Covering ground held by Q. fl. Anderton'i
Hated thii iith day of September. 1!tw.
  IUhojuti uaQujuutn,
W. L, Pa vnb. Agent.
Notiee is hereby given thai I intend, Wi days
aftor dab* to apply to the Honorable the Cblef
(.ommlssionerof i audi and Works Ior iM'rmisalon
to purchase the following described lauds in
West  Kooteiiuy district, -_Uul 11 vc miles south
of Hurton City, oommenelng al a posi planted on
he east bank of tract C. H.. and marked "W. H
Hamilton's g U. c. port,"and running north tit)
ehalns, (hence east 80 chains, thence souih SO
chains, thenee wesl HO ( hatlis to plaee of begin-
nlng, coiitaiiiiiig WO acres of land, more or ims.
Haled this _-_ml day of August, mm.
W'  H   Hamilton.
Nollee Is hereby given thai 00 Ony* after (lite I
intend to apply lo the Honorable QhXot Cotnmts-
slouer itf Lauds and Works for iH^rmlisloii to
itiirebasclhe following deseribvd lands, situate
iu West Knolcimy district: Commeiieliig ut a
jtosi markc.l'*H. ( onkey's N. W. corner post," ait.
upite neat tbe N B, .orner of laud applied for hy
U.K., theuce soul b 10 ebalns, more or less; Ihcnce
"asl ho chains; thence nonh 40 chains, more or
10��i llienee west HOchallls lo ihiIiu of eoiiimenee-
m cut.
Halmn, August ii, iwir,, fl, {.(inkky,
T. H. ACXUnO-t, Agent.
Notice is lierby given tbal flu daya afterdate!
Intciid, to ai.ply lolhe Honorable the Chief Com*
muaionorpl Unds ami Works for permission to
purohaae tho following dPtnrlhed landi iltuate in
WMI KOOtenfll ilistriet: lioinmeneiiig ata Doit
murked  .*|[.   fto,,., N  w ^  VJ. ���   ��jm
near the W. h. eorner of land applie-i for by A.
McLean, thence south 40 ehallis, more or Ibms;
theme easi (JO chains; thenee norlh 40 chains,
more or leas;  thence west HO chalnn to point of
.Salmo, August II, ltUfi. fl. Kobb,
T. H. Atkinson, Acent.
Notiee is hereby given that sixty daya after
date I intend to apply to the Honorable the
Chief   Commlnloner of   Landl and   Works for
permiiitou to purohaae the following described
lands altuate iii West Kootenay disiriei: Commencing ata post marked "A. McLean'! N.W,
corner poat," hi tun to near lhe N.K. corner of laud
applied for by A. Mt Lnui'liliin, theme south .0
ehalni, more or leaa; thence eaat HO chains;
theuce north 40 chains, moreor lew; thence west
Mi'hn in* to point of etimmeneeineiit
Halmo, Aiigual 11, IDOfi A. McLean,
T, H. Atkinhon, Agent
Notice li hereby given that 00 dayi ufter dato 1
Intend to make application to the Honorable the
Chief Commissioner of lAUdsaml Worka for per-
inlsson io purchase ihi-hiiloivHig described lands,
rf tuate lu Went Kooteuay distriet: Com inenelng
at a Pout marked "A. McLaughlin'i N. W eoruer
post," slluate near Hie N K, corner of laud applied for hy 1' McArthur, theliee louth .0 cha .is,
more or less; thence east HO chaini, thenee north
40 idiain.i, moreor leas; thence weal HO chalna to
polnl of commencement.
Halmo, Auguat 11,1UU0. A. MoLauuhlan,
X. 11. Atkinhon, Agent.
Wc ha�� jutt received a -plendid itock of Ladle.' Shirt Wain
in Embroidered Cashmere In Cream, Navy and fancy color, i
ssizet from 32 to 42 Inches, and we are selling these at exceed'inii
ly low prices while they laat, t
Notloe li ii-'i ibj nm n nmi ��aa
intend loHpplv to the Honorable Ohlel Co
lionet oi Landiand Worki loi nermbMlon !-��� wui
ehaM* tbfl followlni: ducrlbed landl, -dlnated on
ihe eul ilde oi Arrow lake: Uommonclngal a
poit marked a Macleod'�� location poat, tfaenofl
nouth inv chain*-, following W lo.vc> cn-u-rn
bouiularv, tbence eaat lllty chnin-', to cant bank
ol Qa'fbaldl ('reek; tbenei n"rtb fortjrcbaina;
thenoe eait rtxtj cbalni i" point of commenoement, contalnlneXK) aeroi, more or leaa
Dated Beptember I, mw.      AfcMi MaoL-OD
I*.; m iu mi ii-. Agent,
notice i- hereb] given thai OOdayiattflJ datfl I
Intend tc tppJ) to tbe Honorable tin 'blel' ,<m-
mlulonerol Landiand fforki lor iMrmisnion to
pnrcliHHe the IoIIom Inn tlcfcrilte'l liiiuit., MlUKlerl
nil tbfl Mil wide Of Arrow luke:   t'omiiieiii ing Ht
the northeaat oorner ol A Anthony ��� purcbau,
ihcnce north tort) cbaina tbence treat tortf
cbalni. theuee iouth fortj cbalni, thenoe earn
forty Ohalni i'i point el comiiichct-iueiit, eon
taluiiift I Mi acre-, ipoi. or )<���-.*-
Dated Bflptembei 1.1!*1-'.    'ami*- f. UeoiMti,
pei n Di mi m, Agont
Notice i�� hcrci-j- giteo that W dari aftei date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable tne Co I om
mlMlonerof LandKaici Worki rm permiailno to
puii'haKe the following deeeribed landi Com��
mencing at a pwrt marked    ' w  if'* "���*. w ,m-
nei." placed on the cast  rhOft   ol   LowOI   Arrow
Laka at the noitbweat corner of J Cbrhrtle'i Application to Purebaae, running thenee hi ohalni
out; thoncaluohalni nortb; tbenee i*- ihaino
 reor Ion, weit to tbe lako iho<e; tbence fol
nmi'f hikesiio--* to polul of commenoement
containing 810 aorei more or leai
Hated the Still, day ol July, 1MW.
J. W. HjitRh.
Notice |h hereby given  Ihat Mill   daya aftei
'late I Intend to appl* to tbe tton. Chief < uminii-
iloner of Landi and Worki ior permtuloo to
pttrobiae   the   foUowlng   duorlbed  land*.,  in
weit Kootenay Diatrtet: C menem*-* in ho in
itiai poil planted hi thaloutbnutcorner ol He
to*,'- pre-emption- thence 20 ebalni weat to eial
bonndary of l/-t 01��: ibenee followmK Habl
b-'lllldrtfv M'lilh tOKOlltlieaM enriul ol f n id lot,
theliee  IU eham-  Weat;  tbenee   O cbalm lOUtbi
tlience N cbalni caitj lbence 30ohalni norih to
Notithwi'Mi corner of lot St; thenoa following
Wml boiiiularv ol Lot Tk2 to initial poat,
���September it, itofi. u, o, wotrr,
Nollee In hereby BTOO lhal BO dayi after date, 1
inieml to tipniy to the Hon. chlel' oummlonar
of Lamix ami worka lor permlaalon to purcbaie
the following deacriU'd  IhicIm. lltoatfl  DO   Utfl
i-jit-i *horeor howeat Lake, abonl  ��� and ono
half   mile  South   of   Bdgew��M_.   II  C, and  ad
joining J. 1. Beutle'i application lo purebaae,
and coiiimencltiK at a i-*,*"! marki tl Hoiml-l \-YJl
Noti'H South Went corner, thenee running Kortb
��ixty etiaini, tbenee Bail forty ohalni, tbenee
Houtli, ��� ,Mf i-ditni.. tlience Weit fortv chaini to
place oi  commencement, and oon tuning bid
acre* more or 1cm.
iKiKii.n Wtsmm,
M ii Mf-yt akrie, Agent.
Haled thll'JSth day of HeptemK-r. liHlfi.
Nottce Ik hereby given thnt two mon thi after
dat*.' I intend to apply to tbi Honorable Chief
Cammlmtoner of l-nud* and VVork-* for itermU-
���ioti to purchaie HO acre* o| laml, ilcs.tTiin.il �����.
ioUows: t'oiuiiieiiMUK at a poM planted at the
MJUthwcKt of i. t. Monit.,,u> ranch In fire
Valley, Weel KooUnay dlstrl-1. in a rked ������). a.
Munrn'i* northeaat corner pout"; thence no, halm
weat; Ihence WI chain*- Mouth; tbence W chllni
rait; tlience tt chain*- norlh to the njaofl of oom-
Hatad nib day of September, UM
J, H. MfNBOIt,
W. A, I 'Al-DRK,  AgOttt
Notice in hereby (Iran thai 60 dan after (late 1
Intend loapply te uie Bon. Chief Commlnloner
of Landi ami worki for nermlflafon to purehaae
the billowing dcM-ribcd landi,aitoate in Wm
Kootenay dlitrlel: HeginniiiK at a i-om muiked
"Arthur Warren'1 B. W. corner," uml pliirio-tl on
the east shore of U'hal-liau H'arlboO) lake, alH>ui
tWO mile** uorih o[ the narrow-- of What-lian
lafce, aud at th, ��� tf K comer of W. aecomhe*. ap-
pUoatlon   to  inirchaie;   theuee Bait   HI chaltli"*
tbenoe north n)Cbalni; ihence won io chalm**
tlience iouth ho ehtiiuH to poini (tf commence.
m��nt; Containing Ul}aorei moreor leu
Hated (hii hth day Of Oct, 1 Wa'..
AltTIII'R WABitrs.
F, L. Hammonu. Agent.
Notice ii hereby glren that Maty dayi after
date I Intend to apply to the Honorable tbfl
t hief f.ommiMdouer of Land*, ami Work-, for
permission to purchase ibe following de.
scribed lauds situate Iu the West Kooteuay
district, starling from a post planted on the
norlh la. ok of the North Kork of hog creek1
tbenco DO obalm west, ��t ohalni north, �� ohaini
Wfllt. 40 ehains north, _K> chaini wesl, aieliHins
north. SO chains west,-Jo chaini north, BO chains
eaat, 'JO chains south, 'JO fhalni eait, 41) chain-
nouth, 90 chaini east, 4li Qhllni south to latiiit of
eommenceiiiLiii, containltiK AM aeres
Hated Huh day of Aukusi, I'.**.
Hkwkst ft. BsOSOnCtt
Hlxty days after daU; I intend to apply to t|H.
Honorable the Chief Conimlr-Moner ol Laiids and
Works, Victoria, to purchase 'Hit neres of land
located and deicrlbed as follows: Bclne the
northeait quarter of Section twenty-two and
thy iouth half of the northwesi Qnarter Bectlon
twenty three, Towushfp sixty-nine.   Atrd further
deacrlbw as rnlowii  Oommonolng at a post
marked i 3. N. W. corner, and planted 4f) chains
eaal of the northwest corner of Sflotlon twantf-
two and niiiinni: easl 40(haiiis, thence south *J0
eliains, thence easl 40 chains, tlieu-c south'JO
Chaini, thence wesl 1*1 ehains, them-e north 40
chiifiis to place of oi-jjiniiit.c
August _lit, illli .Iamks JonjDJtUtg
W. A. Calder. Agent,
Nollee In hereby Kiveii thai 00 days afler date I
intend loupply loihe Honorable lhe Chief (*,������.
mlssloner of Unidsaml Works lor permission to
purchase the billowing described lands: Com-
mciiciiiK at a ]Htst marked "J. A 0, K'K. W eoruer,* p!are��l at the northeast corner of I,oi fi!M
riinulii��Hoebaliis north; thenee Ho (hnlns i*a���|*
thence KO chains south; theuce mi ehalns west to
point of oommeooement, oontelnlui 040 aerai
more or less.
Dated the Jlit day of July HWfi.
J. A. O'Kaii.iv
Hlxty dHys alter dale I inlelid to iintilv to lite
commissioner of Undi and Worki, Victorli to
purehaae ifio acres of lund, -u - nmi deicrlbed
as loiiowi: Cammenolni ata posi punted od tho
west Hide of Arrow lake oppoNjle Cariboo Cily nl
or near the loulhwesl corner of B. Haig pur-
ehaae, ami marked "H. M. A..H B. corner " and
running north 40 chains, thence wesuo cluiiiii
toH. Aniiabli-'i purchase, tbanOeioutO 10chains
moreor leis lo the lake shore, ll.cncealoi.g II.
lake hhitiv toplaceof hegllitlllig.
Aoanit 'Jfith, IMM. "fl. M   Akkaru.
Noiiee Is hereby given lhat GO days afler .late I
Intend to make application to th�� Honorabtethfl
Cblel I oiuuiissiouer of UuiUhikI Works Ior oer-
infisloii lo purchase ahout :ii;u acres of land .1.
ated ou the Halinoi. river, West Kooicii(,vdls*r,c
i-ommeneiUK at a post marked H k. Ituiic 's N V'
0_^Kv^U_n'_Wl "" Ul��Woil hank (ih, river
about 4*u miies noi -th of the tnternatlo natWrnd
ary thence wait 60 chains, ihenc W chi ���
lOUftb, thenee east n.1 r 80 chains lo tha m-mT,
SasSSS!^,lUm tUv rtwtopg^foSI:
Auguit 18th, IW6. f. H. Hnrrea,
 ,  '��� "��� Atkinson, Agent,
Notice ii hereby given that tio davs after dale
intend toapply to IhoQhlel .���omnulaioii-. ,
Lauds ami ��orki for permlulon l" J
the following demTllH!-) lamli, MlllllU,P|_7wffi
Kootenay disiriei: (.oinmcttci,,:., ,'���'��� ?'
Od J. MiiArthur'a N. W.eoruer p ,n '* J,\",t \?rk"
the N. K. eorner of land appluJ.To. by',"u Z
thonce south 411 chains more or lc.��h; ihei ,h,_!i
��> chains; thenre north 40 chalnn, ������ ���!    .', "s!
theliee west Wiehalna to point of euniinci.e,,'^'
Halmo, Angina 11, ll����. '""u-m.ement.
Notite ,r- hereby given thsi Mm ii.., u
date I  Intend lo apjily  to ,,���.  ���,,,;  *jjl|
mlisionerof Uii,]h and Worki foi ,'J *i
to purchase thu hdhiwliig d. ���*, titUi.?4*_l
Uatfl In Weil Kootenay It,-*,,,, , .,",,|'u|
1 a |misi nmrked **A. HIim h- - 1 ' fl
limited at  the N  W conn r of | 'I
nlles nortb Of Hurton (in and nlJiit t^B
nil,* wesi ol thfl Cpl Um hll rivel then, __!���
"' halo-, tbence  weil 40  1 Imn ! ' I
OPbatnai n.cn, Mtlo chain, ,��� ,., ��� "ui��*m
npneemeni.oontalnliwgJDarrei      1"",f<^
Dated rail tiih day of k. j.i,,���i���, ,,���,-,      r
Notice is hereby glTOO thill 80 _t,t_*h_^____i
intend toapply to Oie Honorabl, ]
missioncrof Lutids snd  Wml. lor nen
pumbaaa ih. foUowlng deaci ii_n__._i_
from a poil marked W, Th tmnt trciinnV?"
south 40 chains, theme eaat *
north 40 ebalna. thence mmi tw ehalni uTiSm
oommennemwf, cniiuiiiiiig vm ���,.���., '"?i
OM , i.tlji.n.s, on thc aui ���, A. Anil,.,,,,-',SSI
non tu purebaae, *  ���
Mated thii JMih day of Aukum, IM
��  ,. w Tort I
N rjnm.Ag��ai   ���
il m
' tOtla Hb(retiy*.|v.j, thai I. . .
I intend to apply to U.e Hon. , hi
erof  Lands and   -Works for ih rn i*.
i io...   it... following d-. i ...
itartlna hi a posi marked CaiheniipTm
Planted on the uaal shore of |rfll,,r \t���Lk
near Ula4aume Oredt, thenet it> ciiiiu,*
theuco tg) ebalni north, tbenn tu viMtm ���--[_���
lake -bore, thence lOUth llon�� ink, d.��nJ
point of coiiiuiciieeiiKiit. '
I'Hled thu l.'Ilh tla} of Septcinb-r isw.
��� ( *Tm:KiMT,*Ttl
H_nav (lituoH Ageat
Kotln I- horeby [given that ���" dayiaii��r7_l
intend to apply io tin* Bonorable thi CfcieiTi
mlMiuneroi Iannis aiol Work*, (oriienilMfl
pdrehaae lbe b.iiowttig dncrlbed lindi mn
OU the eail side of ariow lake: fc[
the southwesi (orncrof A Ajj!|i���--t���'ii,u��ra
tin nee souih tweuty BfaMOl, tin litf .*-titn___
chains, thence norib twenty t-liaiui. Ui-'H-vi9fl
twenty i tot int to polntof eommrncenat-B
tiiinnig ��n aem, mote or le---. f
I'Htttd N'ptemht-r I, tW       BlMii M.tnoe, j
ju-r N   Di vi   - A|sot
KotlOfl 1�� hen-liy glVell t|tst -mt i;i>, ml
date I intend to ajtply lotbelloiioi I
i iiiumlMloiierof frfitidsalid Wori-' ���    I
io piirehan** tbfl  followinr de�� rlh I
aie in the Weil K(H,t.nay dlslMt'i  -oal s,l*,HittfA
Paul Andrc'l   pre emption    KarUlH  si i*.
marked \ j. umg.ii k, min.*r, unu��mt_i|a
Ol I-owcr Arrow lake, thenc* _D iIhid' ���fitl
thl-nce 40 Cbalni south, Hm tier .V ,<li*iiiiwi,|
thenee 40 chains norih to (sunt ut umnM-ut-U
ment. I
wiled al Nelson, II. C, inr. nil, lm ii*-*-.i _hI
la-r. 1'Jt'fi ���
9fM  i'OlXi-U   ..������.:
������.'lie is hereby given thit dUf diniflOl
dat* I intend loanply Ut (he HmitiriU tlir ('bid I
( .inimissltiiier of I.��� -, :��� and fforki ������������...������ I
to tuir, base ihe following des.'*;k:i��*iJt.ii*;*ii I
in neil K'.'teuay disiriei TQIiiiJHfftglflfl I
planted al Bobert Corlett'i lurtt **u niiaer 1
pot-t slid niark_��l A. M's N. W Com -MMfl
cml 40 chains; thence lOOfaalCJ H 11 J
bin t(t the Kooteuay river; Hn i��t ��� *'cimw wm |
along 'he Kootenay river, thetn i�� rluwl
imriti, more or less, to the place Qj "tnunen* j
ment, contnimtig I'm acrei more u \m-
i. ptl mbflf 14th lUUt.
ajmi Moon, j
  William Moom mAgt j
Notice is Iierebv-fiven tbat(*��� <lsvi.iiu>r<lllr_ll
Intend  to apply   te the Hon   lh, ciii-i1 titoaal
���loner of Landi and Worki lm i-rnuMmn li
purchase   Uie   following   des. I ;!.>  I  lllldl ilM
west Kootenay district: Mcl-miMm.- m i **M
marked'; l> ft-U and K. lfeiK - K .������trnniHf
ahout .* mllm east of theHalic :: rlvei ��mlit_H I
U mile from tbfl I'eml d'Oreille ri ver; Hwmfi
eboitts north; thence 40rhalii* weit I th��M .
chalm south; ihenee 40 chain- ��� n-i m pliH |
bcgllilii  g.
Dated tiniOnd day of Bfpiemi.ei.iws. __ .
i.  i1 Hill nru,
H. m. ttairi-   .gest
..   given tlia. - .
Intend lo npplv to tlie llouoraol* tin Hilel -*���
missioiicr of Landsand Worku tot |.crmt_f��*B
nnreiiasc lhe following dcM-nl" ���: land m *�����
Kdotenay nistrict about iu miles south nf mm
ton Clly: commem ing at a post nl ii ii li*d nl -fl
eail bunk of trout ereek and marked < '��� F*i
er'i N W. c. pod and ruiiniti-. mutk �� Hni_:f
Ihence eust HO chalm; thenee ic':n ***' 'lnlU-l
ihenee west w> chains to the plan ��l I'l'inoewi
men!, (*'ititaluing rt+O acres, moreor
Hated thii llnfl day nf Anuusi. 10
w h. ttani ��*-j_|__! -1
rtotiOfl Is herehy glren that on uvs itlerililll
Intend i�� applv to the Hon. Chief ''onimlw0*!
of Undsand Works ior permit '"l"1^!
the following deierllied luids, -nn.U'd i-**��|
Kiaitetiav dlsirlct: Commeiirlnit al i P"1'ol ji
Bd "SSWB.K. corner.- plantcfon it,, ^hon-ojf
Lower Arrow |��ke, about OW adle ""*5|
Gordon ereek (Johnimii creek.) th-wrwinyi
chains, thence west VO flhalni, tbeucei��BI
chains, theme cast H) chains to pninim***!
miaieomeiit, contalnitiR IGii acre- nmrf ofi��,
���*od ( iprislm: ahandoned pre empium *>������ ** j
Staked this Mtb day of August, mon
H. B. " n
A. N. Wlll-VEICIOS   rl
Noiiee is herebv given lhat sis I* *i"v' 'r"n[,w, )
I intend lo appiv loihe Hon Chief "i����W*
of Landi and Worku lor permlsslei io i'��f��*
tbfl tellowlng deseril��*d land-, sinn.m*ilt|g
planted ,.n [he North Wesl i
cnty chains Weat, the    fori
ciiiv chains Kusl, tbeiieet*'
Kssiill: Is |k,|ii| l:|    .,111,.':" lis.; Ill   III   s. '���Ilil*" I
Iiik Ni iis-rs-ss more or lisssss,
���_OMKi'�� is ���";'������, 1
Hsits'st I In-1.1 ,|KJ olOrhilitsr, lm...
, N.sll,-,. |�� |,���r,|,j. -���.���_ ,!,���,��, ,,���,. is.""1;"*!'
Ilslsslisl lo >|.|il; l��� llsv lli.liorill.ls. Hn '  ''Tl
llllsiislisl]iTislI.1ii,lKHlli1 Worms, for I'"""1",.;
I'lirs'lisusis Uss, lull,,winK iluMirllss.il l��".""'","i
in iiii-.iiMiii.i... w,.��rKss���i,iiisis,.i'i .inline;
7!..,.,, II,, ,���.���, ���r���, s.l K,...l...,��. !�����'������ ��!5a
illlll ill Ills' IiiiiIhI |,�����l ,,|an���l nl IS"'-"" f"���
.���urillir ill bit 7IHI.il!,.,,,,.'nortl, :vi- "������ __\
sss-.l ai 1 l,���si,., 11 ,. ���,i,,ii ���.sn,i���.iii-.il'��"
0U| ail'llHlll. Ii,|,i>l|i|ul,.|llilllli'l "   ...    ,
I'lils'.l Aiik   l.'.ili. 1,1,,;. J..��s:- lls��'��-|
Noiissf I. buftn-tina CUM on _tar> ":""'\'Li I
must t��� apply lo Um Hoiior.l.l. "" ' "J 1
.'.imnilHlouoroI Ijiuitiand Work. !������> I"���, I
.lssn lo i.nr.h.iHO lln. loMonliiK sli'.s 1 ' l��" , I
ill   llll'   Wml   Kssol vllsslrll" l-is""1".,"  * I
I'ss.l mark,"! "Kloamir lllnrls'ss 8  ��   """ ���| I
llissl pl|i���l,.,| ������ ,|,t. ���,���! ���,,���-. ���r II,.  :."""". ��� I
��liiii.lisssi(i'iirl ) laka, about diss ��� ..���������. ���'"������   ��� I
mJUutootti nt Arrow lako train lli��i ' ,,��� I
*!���! Ill OMUI ,1. I'liiiiiiMnsiniis li-"1'", I
�� .sirs' ur Ihu Karros..; Ilii-mso Issllssss ssss ""',"'. t
��� sssrs' in ,1 K,.ia-riil aiiiilliorl]' uml ��.>-"���"! ''"'..
linn nolluiu 11n.rour lis..tssi^slnl nt 'iisiiii's'i
io��nl,<.onta_lni lOOaoi-n-nreor low.      .
llatosl Out. an,, luic. JUjuNIIH III"""'
K. I,   HamWIINI'i sif 'I'
,,N< vls,|1,T,.|,yB|vu���M1al,UlsMl.ivss.ll.''|;;'l
lllilollslls, H,,,,|,. ,���i|,o ||������ |.|,l,'lr..siiisi'-" '
i'i- ol laiiiit.aiiif Wssrk. fssr ia'Niil��M"is "' ",
'���Iisim. ii,,. loUowini _uo_isosl iiiii'i" i" "'' ',,1
Ksssslonni ,l|��ln,sl j   lloKiisiiliiK ul ��|xs;l '''�� ',,
"W. -OOOmuo'l 8   K   I'oflsor.'.unsl plallls-l imm
>���""' ��l'"ir ssr  Wloit.lian (r.irll.ss..) ������'������������������',",, ,
fivss mill's,   iiortll ���l llio iinrrs.ii. ssl ��l'��"W
niKt';   llii'in,'  m.rili his islsatim; Itieli1-'' "''',, '
ilisiliiss, issoroo, [oaa, ,��� ti ,k.is.l..."'s  1,1
''.llsiwliii- tl���, ,���|,| ��l,���roliia|:i'ii'." ',"",, '
Slllsli'iims'rly.lli'oi'Uo,, lanohalllis. nion-.n """JJ I
ins' pstiiii ,,r s.iiiiiiiioiii.oinoiii; ssisiiissiis"^ *  I
uortsss, ssiiir,' or l,'N.
I'lltOil Ilil-  '||, ilssyolllol   , Illllll, ,.,
VV. Ki:"i.MI*.
t. h   llAMMONP, All'"'
sMs.i,-..-, ,   i.mi.~.,.ll.i.
--~   mam The Daily Canadian
Your Type.
Your physique is known to us u i type.
Certain physical changes we take care of
when we fit you.
And we fit you or we won't take your
money I
Ask for information about our physique
types���and let " the man " show you yours I
.mi ready Wardrobe, J. A. Gilker, Nelson, B. C.
i.Oi   iMtcii   Mint Mxtv  days niter
in applr  lo  lbe  Hon,uable  the
.H.ilici  ol   l_iml*. and  Works, for
imn haae the bdlioMiii: deanrlhed
i ���! Koot.���!,���>��� dlitrlot:  Ih-cii i
utked ��� Jaiiieil. 1'raser'sN.K corn,!,"
-i on ihe pa��l  ihore ul wi--.it-.iuii)
ike   m ' t   huir  mile nortb oi
ei ft :  tbenei* ���.nulb 40 ehains, mure ur
no,ib boundary of W.Ret he'sap
. purehaie: tlienne ."���<���*'. a long the tald
n < hallll, more or less, in Ihe sbon ol
licuee lol loir tug tt'�� said Inoie In a
trthprly   ami eailerly  direction  eo
if or less, lo point of commencement,
loo neres, more or lest.
190b i ��� ������) . i.   piuUKCE,
K, I., HAMMotm, Areem.
herehy given that ralxt} days alter dute*
���.apply to the Hon. cblel Coin minloner
laud Works for perU-Jwlofl to pureliase
dearrlb-d land- lo Die Weal
let: Hc-fiiiultiK al a oust marked
. ���*��� W. eoruer,'' and plained aboot
etiM ol lbe -.bore of Whutslian
ami about 3 miles norlh of tbe
���K|d lake, and al the*, r. corner
rreli's appiienllitii lo purchii*.e*.
ehalna; thenee north M" cbains;
chains io lhe ti"rlht-iisl cornet of
I'aappltratlmta ptirt'ltiise; thence
��� io polnl ol ci>nim-*iiceiii<.-iit, eon
rs. more or Um,
J. S, HlMlMH),
V. I.  Hahmonii, Ak'IH.
, given dial 00 day* ntttr dair L
it ilie Honorable tbe -'htef <'(*-���
It-an I Woiks for peruilHuloii Us
Jowin* di-senbed lands in the-
di*.lric|; Ib'k'liinlnil al a poat
Ur Eraser's ^. W. eurner," and
easl   snore   oi   Lhe Harrows of
 ) i.n>, -it the B. K. oorner n(
i's application lo purehaae;
Inn tin: t be uee soiub Hu , huiiis;
ants, more or lea. to the sbon-
i*  the said ah<
Avalanche of Mud.
Ni-plM, Oct 16.   A terrific storm hou
OflXUJOd  un   (niiotlatiiiii    nf    mud    from
Moiiui    Vesuvius*,   iiiiii   the   country
round   about   Is   floooYd,    Tw ownmr-ii
hnve been killed und   20   peraoni in-
j111 -���(I. Travel m tbfl railway np Mount
VcmiviiiH hai been Interrupted untl the
line partially dettfoyetf. Many tunuej
have In-i'ii ���nnotuided by the waves of
Intnl. An avalanche of tiiuil hns Invaded Boeoo Teau.
IK or lei
"iiitui,mi: :_<>  I
Itnt. Ai,kxam*kr nuitt,
by 1". 1.  HAMM'.Nb, Asciil.
bereby Riven that sIMv davs alter
nd !<> apply to the Hon. the Clllel
��� ��� ��� : Lands and  Works lor permit.-
��� bast tin* tollOWlag deseriU-d land
���'. I- .-t. nay district: IleitinniiiK at a
ted     l     ll, Keils  N. K, eoruer,1  and
> ol Wbalshau <<'art Im-u} lake.
In*cm  corner ol aaiJ lake; theuee Ho
Ibenee40 chains aouth; theuee   _ii
l he me 40 eimiiis sou Hi; tbeuce Ma*
ore or less to the ahore ol the aald
��� icrlherlv along the said lake iboro
��������������� or leas, to lli ��� point of eomincu-
'   ti   iiiiii; lau acres, inoie or leaa.
... IWNi. K  It. Kill.,
F  L. IhtiM'iMi, ,\i*,ni
In rebj jjlveu tbal 00 davs after dale 1
Hake application lo llie flonurahle the
uilialouer id l-anda and Works lor per-
��� purchase the lollowllift deserilad
i im mencing ai a poit on the uorih
of Uii aii. and aboutt chains east of
.���reek, run in in: 40 chains east; lbence
tortb; tbenee 4o ebalus west: theme 10
itb, Lo jHiinl of commencement, con-
1 acres more or less.
October U, 1000.
I i:o\ V-Yatwk,
By bit agent, Kmbu W. Kownbon.
ia hereby riVen that no drti after dale 1
< make appllcHliotl to the llouorable the
umlwlotnrof l_iuds ami Works for per-
to   pureliase   tho   (ulliming   described
knninenolng at a poat placed adjoiuiiiK
iwoal comer poat ui Loon Watson's Ap-
to Pnrehaae, ruiininj* ko cbains mirth;
rnbalniweat; tbence ao cbains south;
0 clmtus east, i.i point ���.i commciiee-
blitutuinj: USUI acres more or less.
((���eUiher Hi, 1906,
hi'ns WlNTKK,
Bv hlsaKciit, Station, W. ItoiiiNsoN
the cwomAtu WAV.
Thirty-second Annu.il Convention
American Bankers'
St. Louis. Mo.. Oct. 16-19. 190-
Hid  tlfp rales loHt,  Iannis
I'bieatto   on   Sab*   Oclola-r
St. l-oiii*
��� SmO.IM)
���f.olnrc  transit   limit  ten days
'mm date ot naie.    Final return
imn Noreinberaot-t, 1000.
Round Trip Rates to Southern
in I'lteet Ootober IStli
sale daily, limited to 8
Irom dale ol sale.
IflOQ, on
its Angeles ami Santa Harbara.   SS5,o0
1'asadeua...          SoJO
hatita Monica                .... Sf.30
Itiveraide and San llarnardino       it.IO
Kedlands.  .  89.70
For Further Inlormatioii Apply to
Oily 1'uasciiger Ageni.
A (I.I'. A., Seattle.
H herebv jjiv
fio make nppljc
tlial i-udays afterdate 1
tin lo the Honorable the
unds and Works fur per
to pnrchase the following daecrlbed
l OinuOllolng at a posl placet 1 a In Mil  one
t to Whatshan creek and at t threw
nlli ol Whataban take, rl mi: ht.. ii'Kii-
iienif SQehafna weat] tlience no ohalni
'"'  *'  cbains   eaal,   lo polnl of  toiu-
��� *it, eoiiialutng GlOadree niore pr h*����.
 bet ht. VMto.
I'ktkii UoNanoiiTON,
H? hfaagent, f.hnksi w. HoiiiNsos
o- hereby givon thai fit* days alter datel
" make apptlealioii lo (be Honorable i **-
'iKiitiHsionerol l^mlsatl-l Works
)*' purchaao ibe fulluwlng de
<' ending  at  a  boil   planted on Hx
������i ��� ���orner oi Petf_.MoNaugbtuii'i appllea
���nt, iiIIHe, ioIIiim nu- the east boumlaiy .���<
'hains south; tbenoe ��o cbalni call i
���" cliaina north; thcm.'cHO chaiiiH nesl to
'��� 'luiimuneeiiieut, coiitaintuK l,in t*ettm\
' >el.' 18, IWKt, A l.iiKUT Hi.i.ioTT,
Uy his Hgenl KltNBXT W. Uouinson.
oi pen     j
oribedl I
1 l�� hereby Riveu that 00 darn afler date
�����fl toapply to the Honorable the <-ik>_
piss loner of 1-amls and Works for perma*
> porchtvac the folluniiiK described lands-
fiiL'ttig ill a post  planted on the nort.ht_.at
"f   Peter McNatishion's iipplicatlon ������
ase,   running  Ko cluiiua  west  hIoiik   tht*
*n,   houndarv  of same;  thenoe HO chain*
��� id* ii.-i- mi chains nisi; ihence �������� eiiauis
.along the west boundary of John Klitntfa
���aiioti id purchase, lo polnl of commence
coiilalning (UO acres, more or leas.
i*tl Dot, 18, I'-KHl. TltotlAK Hhitii,
By his agOttti Hknsst W. ItoaiNaoN.
ice Is hereby kIvcH  lhal ��l days after (Intend loapply lolhelloli Chiel ('ouimisaioner
gti��-1   nml Work*- for peruilssion lo purchase
ow'lilK deaerlla'd lands iu West Kootenay
:    It'irliiiiing  Hi it   posl   marked, "llern-
I IlirscJi'as. I1',. corner," and planted on llir
���of Uie narrows of Wliatshau fCarlhOrt
nee  n  rth  KO eluiius;  tin me   west   -��
ore or  leas, to  Ihe shore of  Whiitt-haii
nee loll,twiiiK aald ahore In a genOMtl
Ih'ily aud easterly dlreetlon ikt chains more'  I
*, topnlnl of eomiiiencemenl: uoutnlnliiK '
res, more or lesa.
*d ilu* Mh dav of Oil. MHMi.
liniMIAIih  IIiiim n.
V, L, Hikmom), Agent
Replies From Principal Customers Express    Satisfaction���Proceedings
of Council Meeting.
The city'tt prospective customers for
ci'iiric power groerally exprew entire
hiiliHlnciioii with the rutes ttuggested
in tin- ciieitiar letter Bent to tlieui by
oiiler of the council. They have been
collectively lurlher iiHHurud that they
will be Blvett ample lime and notice to
enable them to make all oflcaeM-ry
ohangeB in eiiuipimnt licfore the water
piiWei*    Ki'iviee    JH   (lilUJOUlill'lOd.
At Ihsi night's iiieetiiiK of the council ihe question wuh gone inlo again
fiti the Butisfuction of a few motor
liners who appeared hi auk for tnfor-
Alderman Belong' bylaw amending
lhe present water rules hylaw, received
Rn third reading and will he finally
pasted and adopted at the next meeting, Negotiations regarding the naie
or the last debentures, and the Uikliiu
over by the ciiy or the old oourtboose
building were concluded. The hitter
will be placed on the coiner or Wurd
nnd Fronl Streets On two lota leased
rrbm the C.  I _  K. company,
The meeting wns held shortly sXt$i
S o'clock. Th*��ro wen- present Mayor
Cilletl. In the chair, and AM'Tinon Be-
Ions, Irving, Hose und Aniialile The
minutes of Iho lasi regular and special
meetings were  read and adopted.
The flim-iee committee recommended the payment of an estimate of $222
on .1. H. Rlngrose's contract and a pay
roll of the "lectric light department.
Tho report wna adopted.
The fire, water mid light comniltte��
reported recommending the buiblfm*;
of Malls in the fire hall for nn extra
team, us recommended hy Fire Chief
Deasy.    The reporl   was adopted.
The city clerk read two replies to
the communications sent oul by hlm.
V. Burns & Co. npplied for 2.. horsepower: W. H. Kreyscher applied for
Ki. to be Increased  lated  lo 40.    Tho
tetters were nied.
Alderman Selous reported that TV
Isaac had stated lhat he was satisfied
wllh the  proposed  rates.
J. W. Holmes addressed the council
in person In reply to the communication. Up complained that the Information contained In the clmilar letter
was Indefinite as to the time of service and the method of charging.
Several other questions were asked,
as to whether the proposed charge of
$. wiih for nominal or actual horsepower; whether the $���'! did or did not
include Ihe service rales.
After tentative replies by Aldermen
Rose tind Irving the mayor Informed
the motor users present that the matter was nol yet definitely settled; thai
a sliding scale lind been proposed, but
not yet adopted, and lhal the method
or charging was not  seltled.
Alderman Selous objected to any
such questions being answered in the
absence of the city's electrical engineer.
After some further inneonclusive discussion Mr. Holmes slated thai his
firm would probably require 10 horsepower.
Y\'. P. Dickson then arrived and explained that any ordinary voltage required could he arranged and the
transformers would he arranged
where necessary.
The visitors were instructed generally to seek their information as to details from the city electrician, inslead
of directly from  tho council.
A letter from H .& M. Itird staled
that the two lots applied for (on Front
street at Ihe corner of Ward) could be
leased from Ihe 0, P. It. company at
the rate of $5 each per month on a
five years' lease, for the purpose of
placing on them a building to be used
as a courthouse and afterwards as a
The mayor explained that he had
conferred with the Messrs. Bird on the
subject and the letter was the result.
He had also asked for an option of
purchase, but no reply wae received.
He understood that the lots were not
lor sale.
The city clerk had also written lo
the provincial government accepting
lhe offer of the courthouse building on
the terms suggested by Commissioner
Henwick. The agreement was approved and the building would be at the
city's disposal Immed.talely at the close
of the assizes now in  session.
The offer of tho C. P. R. company
was accepted. Alderman Rose dissenting, as he objects on principle to placing city buildings on leased ground.
A letter from the union of Hritish
Columbia Municipalities was read, urging that Nelson be represented at its
annua! meeiiti^, to he held in Kamloops, beginning Oelolier 24.
The mayor thought Nelson had held
aloof long enough and should now join,
as the city was interested fn all the
qmstlons to he discussed, which includes proposed amendments lo the
Municipal  Clauses  Act,
It was resolved ihat Nelson join the
union and that mayor -either go or
appoint one of the aldermen aH delegate.
A telegram from the Dominion Securities company of Toronto announced lhat the debentures were satisfactory, and  were accepted.
In moving the third reading of Py-
law No. 172, Alderman Selous explained that It wns merely an amendment
to the Water Rates Pylaw. to adjust
the rates for the purpose of prevent-
lul, wasle of water. The bylaw wns
(hen read n third liu.e, and Alderman
Salons gave notice of motion to adopt.
The efty engineer reported that good
pio'iresR was being made on the Insi a Hal ion of machinery at the |tower
Dlgnt He thought II would be ready
for operation by  December 1.
The council Ihen adjourned to Oc-
lober ?,f).
tailor who haa been ln business for IU
From three wardrobes In 1898, the
Semi-ready Company announce In their
new booklet, just published, entitled
"Manners and Modes for Men," that
there aro 69 Semi-ready Wardrobes In
The Winnipeg house of the Semi-
ready Company ls to be In charge of
William T. Peace, who for fifteen years
conducted thc most prosperous and
high-class custom tailoring business ln
that city.
In every town aud city the Semi-
ready Company seem to have no difficulty in gelling lhe best agencies.
While a merchant tailoring exjierlence
is nol absolutely essential, the system
upon which Semi-ready tailoring Is
based appeals more quickly lo a man
of practical experience. A practical
tailor grasps the Idea at once.
J. A. Gilker, the pioneer merchant of
Nelaon secured the agency for the Incomparable Semi-ready tailoring.
Silver King Hotd
Beet Dollar a day house in the Kooteneye.
aootni��re frell fnmiibed.   Ttble M Rood M ��ny
ln Nelaon.     Bar mippllt-d wllh good
llanora ud clxnrt.
W. K. McCANDLISH, Proprietor.
Residence for Sale.
Price $1,000
Term- fllO ohkIi
balance monthly piij-ineiitH
House and Two Lots for Sale in
Hume Addition. The house has
five rooms and a large basement
and is well situated.
H. <& M. BIRD.
fir*  artel  A-K?ld*n_
Real Estate end Mining
Manager for the Kootenay Valleys Company, Ltd.
Oldest ettntiliihed Real Entails
Bonne*- in Kootenay.
Nelson B.C.
Tremont Hotise
KnropeiD and Amfsrlcao Plan
-Mil V. cu.   Roomi from _t ctl. to 11.
OulT Whlu Help ��_ploj��sl.
Biker Ht.. NL-llna
Bartlett   Hotise
Best Dollar-a-Day Howe in Nelson.
The Bar I. the Flneet.
White Help Only Employed.
JoiepblDe Bt.
The   Company   Have   Now   69   Semi-
ready Wardrobes In Canada, Where
There Were But Three Eight
Years Ago.
Referring to the progroBS made by
Uio new art uf matt*, tailoring a New
York Journal ivct-utly prophesied that
In a few yeans (he old-lime journeyman tailor would be as scarce as a
brevier compositor in a daily news-
paiier office. Semi-ready tailoring has
made such snides In recent years that
the tailoring journals are advising organization unit action on Ihe part of
merchant tailors to combat the new
idea. In bold type the National Fash-
Ion lliilletin recenlly Issued 'Confidential Circular No. I," to the custom
tailors, und quoted a priiniineul speaker at the merchant tailor's banquet,
who said:
"Unless we combat the Serai-ready
houses our profession will In a few
years be in tlie same condition aB the
i-iisissm shoe trade is now. A lew
will pay big prices for custom-made.
The rest will wear Semi-ready."
The strides made by tho Semi-ready
tailoring in Canada have heen remarkable. In Toronto recently two new
Seiiii-1-t'inly Wardrobes were opened.
Ml. Hack, one of the prominent merchant tailors, having secured the agency. In Montreal three new Seml-reai'.y
agencies were opened. A. M. Campbell, a manager of lhe Merchant's
Hank. Joined forces with H. C. McLean,
a merchant Inllor. The third was 011-
ened  by  P. X.  Bourduas, a merchant
The Big Schooner IV,       J A
Or "Half and Half"   DCCf   I V/L��
The only Ulass of (3ood Beer in Nelson.
Ill.tl'l (.s-s-osillliiulllllsili. siTis-sl 1st lion,. Ill Hril-
l.h ISs.lillnliii. ltnte.��l.��ll.T.liy. Kpei'lll ritel
1,1 sisisiiilils iMianlcni. Only homeliotnl In Nelaon
Lake View Hotel
cciruT Hull mnl Vernon,
two blocks from wtmrl.
Rate* $1.00 per rtay and up.
Choice Fruit
I Hare 10,000 Acres
of the
Choicest Frait Lands In
British Colt<flipls.
Can sell any quantity from 5 acres to 2,000 in one block.
Buy now and get the ground floor prices.
J. E. ANNABLE,    ���    Nelson, B. C.
Tbe Hall Mining and Smelting
Company, Limited.
I'. O. Boi IM.
Telephone lit
Grand Central Hotel
J. A. KKKIKSON, Proprietor.
October I8tb
Fare and
For Round Trip
On 1 rail j* Located. Open Day and Nlghl.
Bample and Balh Boomi Free.
Opposite Court House and Post Office.
Corner Ward aad Vernon Streets.
T*1' Stfathcona
Nelaon, B.O.
Purchases Lead, Copper and Dry Ores.
BUSCH...       Budweiser Beer
Order quantity before cold weather sets in.
A-5_^u_.!.._f,���,t,���,'    VICTORIA
B. Tomkins, Manager.
The Leading Hotel in the
Oood   Sample    Room*.
Queen's Hotel
B_-er Street, Notion. B. O.
Lighted bv Electricity end
Heeted by Hot Air
Large tod ComfortAble Be-room* and Flrft*
clsu. TmiiIuk Room. Bample Room, (or liommer-
viKl Mull.
MRB. K. II. li.AKKK, I'roprk'trau
J. CROW,   -
Tin' wisll known
Onr Be<sr Harden is
tho Fin-Ht iu the
-  Proprietor
P. Burns & Co.
Branch Markets in  Biweland,  Trail,  N< Ison, Kaslo,  Sandon, Three Forku, New
Denver and Slociin Oity.
our pr.mipl aud rureftil alU.iiil.in.
He<ul Office: Nelson, B. C.
Royal Hotel
��� aoraiKTuu.
Tickets on Sale Oct. 16-17.18.
(i<wil to return until Out. -Oth.
For (Ilm* IllblnK, rates, lii'i'tll roner-
viilloriR tor linatB, Bluiiilard or ImiiiBt
sIs'.'iists, apply lo local HKentB or write,
A.G.P.A..Vancouver. U.P.A.. Ntsl.oti.
The ^yal cBank of Canada
ASSETS, $39,771,803
Capital Paid Up $3,629,130 Reserve Fund $4,092,043
~   Accounts nf flruiH nml Individuals opened on tho moat  favorable terms.
Thirteen liiauches in  British Columbia.
Special  attention   to out of town business.
T. E. KENNY, Pies., Halifax.       10. L. PEASE, Ueneial Manager, Montreal.
Rates |1 and |1.M a Day.
Special Rates to Regnlar Boarders.
Wliolnutle aud Retail Dealer! In
Fresh and Salted Meats
New Fall
Goods Arriving
Importer of Rlm*
Hn��llnH Cloud*
Jno. T. Pierre
Baker St.
Nelson, B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office: Toronto.
CAPITAL AUTHORIZED... .*W,000,<)00. CAPITAL PAID UP... .(4,280,-00
REST $4,980,000.
O. R. WILKIE. President. HON. ROBERT JAFFRAY. Vice-President
Camps supplied ou shortest notice and
lowest price. Nothing hut fresh aud
wholesome meats and supples kept in stock
Mail orders receive careful attention.
E. C. TRAVES. Manager.
Bunches in British Colombo:
Deposits received and interest allowed at current rates from date of opening account and credited half-yearly.
nbuson branch *i�� M* L.AY, Manager. I
The Daily Canadian
We have  lhe  best ninl guarantee It to Rive mitisfnctloii. The styles
wc carry ure the newest tin  tlie market.   How nre these for prices:
Vegetable  Dishes  $9.00
Pudding   Dishes   $0.00,   $7.50,   $10.00
Bread Trays   ...$4, $5.50, $6.75
Butter Dishes  ....$1.65, $2, $3.75, $4
* _     ���
Book Ahead For
Preserving Pears:
Tho tight kind nro scarce.   We 4
4   lrnvo fi nloQ lot of  local  J.nrtlc.tK Z
nnd Flemiali Beauties to arrive
Lowest market prioea gtutranteed
Bell Trading!
Coal and
-Telephone 265
Do you remember that
The apple you took from (
the tree wheu you were a J
How nice it tasted then.
has some just like them.
Come and sample some.
JOY will meet you
at thc door.
[Joy's Cash Grocery]
Oof, Joseph ino and mui Hm.    Phone ID
Waterproof Paints
Coal Tar, Pitch,
Creosote, Oils for
Preserving Timber,
Roofing Pitch and
Boat Builders wiH find it to ll.eir nd-
vantage to use our Pitch.
Nelson Coke & Gas Co.
Thorpe's Lithia
Thorpe & Co'y,
\ lb. box   -   50c
J-2Ib. box-   30c
riiofegoodi sire u fl in- ii- Lbe more expo-live
'���sss'i-. llss ly ,nrr,r<- ta the pec-ego,
Phone M. Baker St.
Next P. Borne & Co.
(Jot. Vernon and Wur��J Slfssclss,
INKl-SON,   B. a.
J  FKJ5D HUME, Propriotor.
.1. Klrkup, RosBland; P. W. Warren,
TiaiJ: T, Morley, Kootena; Rlrer; It.
.1 McPhee, Slocan; O. R. Green, \V.
p. Phillips, .1. a. Gleaeon, Vancouver;
VV. F. Tutilis, Ciinniore; R, _. Beattle,
Cranbrook; C, .1. Tuttle, p. MoHatt,
Fernie; il. .1. FKatgerald, Judge Hll-
dreth, Rev. .1. Gill, Dr, Byrnes, Chicago.
'I'. II. Trethewey, La Plata; \V. II.
Folding, J. s. Cooldrey, Rossland; Mrs.
ll. io. Hunter, Bonnington; A. C. D.
Blanchard, Montreal; H. C. Unliis. ctn-
I'iiinaii; (', I,. Copp, Silverton; R. (!.
l.ewin, Toronto; J. \V. Quernsey, Trail;
(!. Coryell, Idaho; M. Walsh, St. Louis;
P.M. Mason, 10. (1. Watson, A. M. Tupper, Spokane; J. Qourlay, Vancouver.
.1. ii. Wlnlaw, Wlnlaw; c. ll. Barnes,
Newton, .Mass.; C. Green, Itossland;
ll. ic. Brown, Staveley.
J. Clink, Ymir; T. A. Bradley, Spokane:  11, Teriup, Rossland.
ll. Bedmile, Glace iiay.
O. O. Wlnstead, Whitewater; J. J.
Fraser, Bonnington; .1. Band, Slocan;
J. F. Feroglln, Mrs. .Molton, Moyie; J.
F, Plngle, Marysvllle; II. F. McCaslIu,
Salmo; VV. Klnrade, ymir; H. E.
Smythe, Lardo,
H. Pearsiui. Moyie; A. Buffalo, Winnipeg; J. Hamilton, itossland.
F. S. Clement, Victoria;   S. Watson,
RosBland;  II. F. Rainbow,   .1.    Burns,
Revelstoke; W. I). Murray, C. P. Conway, Comapllx; G. Shield, Needles.
W, .1.  Graham,   Sturgeon   Falls;   A.
Brown, Silverton;  W. Spiller, II. How-
oil,  Bonnington;   W.  Burrell,  Slocan;
T. Kurtrle, Sandon.
.1. Foolp, J. Cameron, H. Mooro, A.
BannUtto, Bonnington; G. Matthews
Balmo; G. While, Deer Park; .1. Gilchrist, Rossland; A. Fullmore, Edge-
For Everything Oood
to Smoke.
Imported and Domestic Cigars, Tobaccos.
Do Yoo Know Human's SptcUl Mixture?
West Transfer Co.
General Teamsters and Ponlor.i in
deal iiiiii Wood.    Express nnd
Baggage Transfer
p. -''ilil-'ii'ii  Office: Baker St.
W.   a.   QILLETT
c.ss.i rnct.,1- and
Solo agant inr Uiu I's.riss Kii��� iVumber Co., im.,
rs-IH I yar.l,.   K,,iik|i ���i���l dround Ininlsi'r, liiniiiil
wisik and brtokoU, Doatt intii ���.s,i ahinilei, -sss-is
ssml slsssiris.    I ,.|ii,ii|, brlc-k and llmo for uie,
Asiisiiiiatir grinder.
Yard alisl laotssry: Vernon St., oast ot Hall,
NELSON,  B. c.
I   II. BOX W.  TolupllisiU! 17S.
���'.) MKN, al once, fssr vvc.rk in the wonslis.   Apply
Iss IV. E. Tsssslii.. autvmlll, Kasslsi. .
I.AIIY s'1'KNlliilt.W'HKH (or pnsH1.ui In country.
Oood home wuh employer'! tainity.    Apply
isssx W., Ilanasllaii utile... r
BI-SII.MEN, Mill Ilsin.lsisll.ilx.ijBiligCoillrootoris,
alssi' Bsglneer    w*tlabui_ Ltunber Co., near
_'.ranbroolt, B. <:
-OMI'KTKNT   NtJS-_~Oial,.    FlTT^nI___
Apply box 613.
Tiio Wholesaler!-:' ussociutiou will
meet In the board or trade rooms fo*
night  at   .:30.
Al Gray ol' Kokanee has returned
from u two nionlliH' trip to lils old
home ln (he east.
The metal qiiuiulions remain at yea-
terday's figures, with the exception of
London lead, which it. reported six
points lower.
Thursday being a public holiday
and Thanksgiving day, The Canadian
will not be issued. Advertisers please
govern themselves in the change of
their ads.
.Mrs. J. Lawrence lias moved into her
new homo on Victoria street and will
be At Home tomorrow Afternoon and
afternoon* on the second ami fourth
Wednesdays of the month.
All changes tor advertlst m nts must
reach The Dally Canadian busineBs
offlce not later than 10 o'clock in tho
morning ln order to insure Insertion
ln the Issue of that day.
The membors of the cricket club
have begun decorating Hie Armouries
for Thursday evening'.) dance. The
Invitations have been Issued lo men
only. Each guest is entitled to bring
two ladies, Over 100 acceptances have
already been received.
People who are willing to give or
lend flowers, plants, shrubbery, fruit
or vegelables for the decoration of St.
Saviour's church for tho Thanksgiving
day services are requested to bring or
send them to the church tomorrow-
I have put In u line Hue uf Silver-
war efor Xnins trade. This la tli elin-
est line of Triple Plated Silverware tu
lie hail.    lOvery piece la KuaranteeG.
Make an early selection    for    j
Xmas presents.
Cm A* Benedict
Corner Silica and Josephine Sis.
PHOM! 7.
The contract between the 20.000 cluli
and W. O. Cranston was sinned this
morning. As announced yesterday,
grand opera will be produced in Agricultural hull the evening of Ootober
���II under lhe auspices of the 20,000
club. The stage will be raised, the
lighting Unproved, seals provided and
beating arranged for.
Local Churches Will Unite to Celebrate
on Thursday Next.
The evangelical churches of Ihe
city have combined lo hold a union
service on Thursday in celebration of
th eday of national thanksgiving. Tha
seivioe will be held iu the Methodist
ohuroh at 11 o'clock In the morning
and Kev. IS. H. Shanks, the Baptist
pastor, will deliver the address, while
Hevs. J. T. Ferguson and It. Newton
Powell will assist in the ordor of service. The usual annual collection will
be taken In aid of the Children's Aidi
Society   of  Hritish   Columbia.
The decorations  which  were in  the.
church for last Sunday's Harvest F*es-*
tival will remain, the flowers of course-,
being    renewed.      These    decorations
wore the admiration of every one ao
the church, which was so crowded on
Sundny  evening  that    many    persons
iiad to he turned a&ay.
The male quartette of the Methodist choir will sing selections at Thursday's service.
Mining Records.
Certificates of work were issued to
D. Niohols, on the Willow, Grouse and
nine Grouse; to O. A. Lovell on the
Yankee Girl; to W. Connolly on the
Grade R. and Itossland; lo .Minnie T.
Webster on the Minnie; to F. S. Clem-
outs on the lilack Pine.
The Best  of the
That have  boen iMHiieil mo
far thin  I -all
"The Invasion of 1810," by Win.
l.o t'ticiix;   cloth    |l.lid
"Puck of Pook's Hill," by Kipling I.SO
"The Awakening of Helena III toll-
le," by Margaret Deland; cloth. 1.60
"Buchanan's    Wife,"    by    .Justus
.Miles Foiman; cloth    1 ��� 50
"In the Heart of   the   Canadian
Rookies," by   James   Outran.;
cloth ;!.25
"Moon   Face."   by Jack London;
cloth   1.50
"The Silver    Maple," by    Marian
Keith;  cloth   1...
"By the Eternal," by Opic Head;
cloth  1.50
"The Treasure   of    Heaven," hy
Marie Gondii:  cloth   1.35
"The Fighting Chance," bv Hobt.
W. Chambers: cloth     1.35
"The Call of the Hlood," hy Roht.
Hlckens; cloth   1.25
"Whispering Smith," by Frank II.
Spearman;  paper 75
We buy only a careful, conservative
selection of tbe new books as they
come out, and while the best of Ixioks
will not please everybody we recommend nil of the above list as good.
W. G. Thomson
JrTrK" ""d Nelson, B.C.
IMioiltt .14.
The Latest Modern Appliances
now in use at this
noops cAi.i.iiti po��
And  r.lil.ivici. l-:i) I'HBH
Baker Street.     -     NELSON.
Trains and Boats.
Crow boat���Three hours late.
Slocan train���Three-quarters of an
hour Itae.
Coast, Boundary and Rossland train
The Store of Quality
40 Cents per Pound
in order to clear out this line
wo nro mincing tho price to
40c. We only hnve a limited
quantity so don't delay ordering if yon want nny.
MM. Hood-Co.
K. W. C. Block . Phone 10
Yale-Kootenay Ice, Frait, Foel
& Poultry Co., Ltd.
Deliveries made daily throughout Nelsou
|       and its suburbs. Phono 148.
A, McDonald & Co.
Dealers iu staple and fancy Groceries.
Butter, Eggs.
Camp and Miners' Supplies.
Old Curiosity Shop
If you want to buy or sell anything,
go to the Old Curiosity Shop. A new
lino of Japanese Goods now on sale. All
kinds of Dlnnerware In stock. Prt-
Price of Metals.
New York, Oct.  16.���Silver,    09\o;
copper, 20r'ic;  lead, JB.76;  eleotrolytlo
copper, 2l-'SJc, strong.
London,    Oct,      III.���Silver,     .'!2",d;
lead,   -lit 7s (id; zinc. ._
For Fall Planting for
Home and Garden
Canada Drug & Booh Co's
....Cash Stores....
How   About   Your
Guns and
Ammunition ?
We have Kley's, Synodic'., Winchester, and Cogswell tte
Loaded Shot Shells
Kynock's, Winchester nnd
Rifle and Pistol Cartridges
Hunting Knives, Wading, Belts,
Coats, Pnnts, etc.
Nelson Hardware Co.
Box 631      N@l_.on, B. C
best.     Try. a pound with
your uext order.
Motley refunded if not satisfactory.
Telephone 1(11.
Potter & Cummings
Talking ahout It will neither put a
piano inio yom- home nor -ring hue-
the days���valuable days���your daughter Ik wasting, l.et ins tell vou how
easy we will make M for you NOW to
give your family the piano they have
wished for so long.
Acts Not Words"
Mason k Risch Piano Co'y, Limited
Houses for Sale I
Can sell you one at a very low price, if you buy quickly,
Come and see us about these.
TYYVUT   J_L    f*f\        FRUIT HANDS,
1-UlCCC  __.-_/., BAKER ST
Phone 2��4.
Box SI.
Watches! Watciu.1
We nro Headquarter! for the tip,,
Ainnrlean WatchoH manufactured u'���
are making every cfTort to ms�� JJ
requirements of railroad num..
J. J. WALKER, *wq*_U�� _W
MANI'Ksini'KKUfi UK Tilt I'llAWrilKI
""'    Repairing and Jobbing a Specialty
Shri'tini'tnl Work, (!imtlngK, Huililem' Material nnd Mining and Mill Kublgjj
Ollis'n ami Worku Foot ()f p,_i, st.
IMmiii;   JO..
M   _>.,_. 1I.IV.
NwIhoii, It, |
WI.olm.nm I'l-oviwloi-iM,
I'niducc, - Hrult.
Dominion Qovernmenl Creamery One-Pound Brinks nveiv.il weekly frs-.li
from the s'liiiru.   Kor sale Is.v nil lending grown,
Offloe and warehouse: Houston Blook,   Plums 79,
Josephine Street.
Nelson, B. C.
-"^^X/VN^ V_^_-*>*_^VN/^
Don't Forget
Is your furnace In shape to start the winter with?    If  nol, NO* I
Is the time to have It repaired.
I E Ashdown Hardware Co,, Lfi|
..��� J. .E^SE. N0TE���Wo will not he responsible for any furnace not Id ���.sir-
by October 1st, 1906.
*~**--*--~��*-N-->~v-,*~��B. A. ISAAC R. w. HINTON ~-*_-_v- " " '
R"pw��rk" M,i��i'A_h.w.n.l'��m "ii'1"^.",th 0��**P"*.-h. Sh--- Metal j
work, M^��'"*{"">J MIHM��ohln��ry.    M......i,._i.���-_,v. ,,i
I'orns'i ,sf Hhsi kii,i
-run I Htr,'ttn.
NELSON,   B. C. Rffl!|
We Will Sell
500 International Coal
10 Marconi. Canadian
1000 Yale-Kootenay Ice
9 l-2c\
McDermid & McHa.-iy
Jtist Arrived!
A large consign*
incut of
All HizoH uml Lowest I'rieeH
MANUFACTURERS ���?___<_ c4 .       4
and dealers in JLttmbe*, ohiiigles,
Lath, Mouldings, Doors, Windows.
Why do we handle the Famous Kootenay Range?
co-'ntCi'���-��inW���eCan10t procur<! a be"-"*. WW "���'" ac-
��unt design, workmanship, cooking qualities; and pric-
Wa will be pleased to show you It. good points.
Wood-Vailance Hardware Co'y
Rail. 11


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