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Array THB   D-A.ILY
Volume 7.
New Westminster, B. C, Friday Evening, January io, 1890.
Number 163
Edison's phonograph has scarcely, ns yot, passed
the period of "novelty ami curiosity," but many practical applications of tho instrument hare already been
suggested, nnd hnve in some enfcos been actually carried out. There is ono application, however, that we
have so far not heard mentioned, and that is the instruction in the pronunciation of foreign languages,
It in impossible to learn to speak n foreign modern
language by self-instruction, since tbo true pronunciation can only be acquired by personal intercourse with
one who is a native or equal to one in linguistic perfection. In tbe future the publishers of manuals of
instruction in foreign languages will find it, most likely, a paying undertaking to publish a phonogrupuic
key of the various exercises, thus enabling the learn-
ur to acquire the correct intonation and pronunciation
by causing the phonograph to repeat the word or sentence until it has been perfectly  imitated by himself.
The height of sea waves has long been tho subject
of controversy, Eminent liydrographers hove insisted
that storm waves were usually nut more than 10 feot
high, aud raroly over 20 when tho conditions of tho
sea wore most favorablo for wavo development. Many
a traveller, reclining on a cabin transom, hns looked
up through the skylight to seo tho waves rearing their
frothy crests, ami wondering how oven a 20 footer
could show so high above a ship's deck. Many o
Bailor dowsed by on up-driving wavo while lying out
on a topgallant yard has, doubtless, shaken his hood
incredulously when told that tho highest waves wore
not abovo 20 feet, the rest being "heel" of ship and
dip of yard. Now, howover, comes expert testimony
to prove that storm waves are often 40 foet and sometimes from Oil to 70 feot in height, In the recent
British scientific expedition wine instructive data weru
gathered by a sensitive aneroid barometer capable of
recording its uMrjmu rise a-ul fall by an automatic
register. "With a sea not subjected to an atmosphere of unusual violence, it indicated an elevation of
40 foot from the wave's huso lo crest." Admiral Fii/.-
roy, after o long'.lories of careful liioaSiU'Oineiits from
the mail! top of his ship, came to a similar conclusion,
AcoonPINO to the reports of Lieut. Croziur who bus
niatlo special observations in ISurope oncoming (hu
practical values of the smokeless powders, there ure
difficulties that intorforo with their common adoption,
namely : The irregularity of preissure, the quickness
with which tiiey deteriorate, and, tlie intense bent,
which burns tho shell ami affects the accuracy of fire.
France, Germany, and Switzerland have issued tbu
new powder for genoral use, but the discovery is still
in an experimental stage. Switzerland is tho only
country that has adapted aud adhered to n definite
standard of smokeless powdor for any length of time.
With the new Swiss Roubin-SchniiiU regulation rifle
the highest velocity obtained with a charge of the new
standard powder adopted by this country wus 1,00'.)
foot per fcuobnd, tiio bullet used weighing 210 grains
and the powder charge thirty-one grains, tlio pressure, howovor, was danger, usly [treat—37,000 pounds
t» the square inoh being recorded, Rather better
results wore obtained by the French with the now Lebel rille, an initial velocity of 2,020 feet per seoond
uutl 31,800 pound piiviRiira being recorded, the weight
of tlio uharge of smukulcss powdor being -l'.]\ grains
and that of the buLot 2.12 grains. These uro about
tho bast results ever given with a small arm. The
highest velocity with the American Springfield rille is
I,.'150 foet por seoond,
St. Andrews Presbyterian church was comfortably
tiliud hurt night to listen to  Bev. 1). .1. MeD icll, of
Toronto, lecture ou the subject of "Mfatious." Tho
reverend speaker is a dark oomplexloncd energetic
looking mail whose every gesture is expressive of the
deepest earnestness. As 11 speaker ho hits a How of
impassioned eloquence that carries conviction in every
word. His voice at times trembles with the intensity
of his thought, and his audience last night listened nu
if under u spell. The Rev. Mr. McLaren, of Vanoouvor, and Rev. Tlios. Haddon, of the Ruforinod Kpisco-
pal church, officiated iu prayer. Bev. Thos. Scolder
presided. Thu speaker presented many valuable
thoughts for tho consideration of bis hearers, He
drew glutting pictures of thu work of inisrinnnriei in
India, China and Japan, ami graphically described the
progress of those pioneers of Christianity since the beginning of ttie prosent century, On tlie home missions
ho had much to say and ninch to suggest, and mnde
very cogi'iit reference to the evnngeliv-ition of tho
Chinoso Immigrants who'itro with us now.   In their
reo'oiwtii'ii from hontl.enlsm and idolatry, ho bow a
prncticul solus ion of tho vexed Chinoso question. As
to the missionary societies existing as adjuncts to
churches he thought they woro vory harmful if thoy,
in any degree, relieved tlie moss of the congregation
from any responsibility in mission work. So long as
tiiey acted os a committee for tho congregation's efforts they woro valuable; when they ceased to do so
antl became the only thing connected with the church
in touch with tiie heathen world, their existence was
detrimental. Tho reverend gentleman said that many
enthusiastic youug men composed of the right material
wore coming forward as missionaries, ond thu pros-
poets In tho" mission field were bright and hopeful.
He described the difficulties which hod attended the
introduction of Christianity into Japan. The Jesuits
who hud visited thot place lirst hod by their dork
plotting and intrigue completely prejudiced tiiu
Japaneso mind against Christianity, ond hod, iu banishing the crafty myrmidons of Loyola, utterly proscribed the mil-si inurics or promulgators of the Christian faith. It took many years of hard work to overcome tho damage dono by tho dark ami cunning conspirators, the Jesuits iu Japan. The eloquent speaker
spoko highly In praise of tho Indian woman, Ramobai,
who had devoted her life to .educating Hindostani
widows. Tho work wos a noble one ami would undoubtedly hove au immense influence iu Christianising
Hindostun, The iuidtenco dispersed very mnch
plciised with tho lecture and the lecturer, and deeply
convinced of the truths he had uttered.
Sir John Mncdomild has recovered from an attack of
the prevailing influenza.
Thu Telegraph's Berlin correspondent learns thot
Portugal intends to disavow Serpa Pinto's conduct tu
Africa, thus satisfying England regarding the hauling
down of her Hugs
The ChriinicV i correspondent of Rome fays that
Portugal BiiggcEted that tlio \ ope should act us an arbitrator in tliu dispute botween herself and England,
but that .England refused point blank to accept the
A despatch from Zanzibar states that there is much
excitement ami conjecture there over the constant arrival of British men-of-war. The British fleet now in
thoso waters in bait! to bu the largest over assembled.
Tho la grippe epidemic seeing to ahow no sign t,f
abating in Toronto. Un all sides arc heard reports of
now victims.    It bus not,  however, taken a .serious
The most of tin :n now admit that tiid prevailing complaint is Russian inlluonzu.
What looks liablo to boa political sensation is in
nrocots of development. The Horouto Globe and the
Empire, with exceptional enmity, tiro attacking the
Mail ou u charge ot haviug, through us chief editor,
Mr. Edward Farrar, furnished information to the
United States teiiato committee that Canada would
bo forced into annexation .soon and should not, therefore, bc granted uny ti ado ucipioeiiy treat}. It is
charged that it is part of the plan to mislead Amoi icon
sentiment by supplying figures as alleged faots showing
Canada's potation to lie critical. Somo one having
stated that tiie senate committee was posted iu this
way at the instigation of the Dominion government,
llie Mail explicitly denies the charge.
In tho Quobto legislature yostoitlay, Hon. Mr,
T.iilion, the leader oi tiic opposition, blamed Mr. Mercier and tiid.Jusuil act fur stirring up a strife among
the various races and creeds in tiiu ununtry. Premier
Mercier in reply said that tiiu low about tliu Act was
got up by the Ontario people, who are the natural
enemies of the I'Voiich-CaiindiuitB. The bill passod
the Queboo house unanimously, for no protestant
member would dure tt- oppose it, becauscull who ore
truly Canadians held the balance of power iu the
counties tuul would crush by their votes anyone who
opposed the measure, Ihrnughout the province,
afterwards, the l*renuh-Caundiniis remained calm,
although they had only to say the word and the equal
rightists Would have been driven out at every meeting'
tboy hold.
Nowo comes from Mozambique that the Portuguese
officials at (Juiliinaue, at the mouth ot the Zambesi,
liavo forbidden the captains of the British steamers
in that port from receiving for transmission to England despatches or lottery official Or otherwise, from
Mr. Johnson, the British consul, and hove issued peremptory orders that oil such communications must
puss through the Portuguese post office. The British
government will not for a moment tolerate tliis Interference with its official correspondence with its officials
abroad, uml will demand an immediate revocation of .
tho orders of the Portuguese authorities at Qiiilimiuie, j
A British squadron is assembling nt ftimdbar.
Thoro were altogether nbout three hundred distinct
epidemics of influenza in Kuropc between 1.101, when
thof^Viso wns first noted in Malta, and I80O. In
1720 tlie whole of Europe auliurod severely. Accord-
to statistics published by tho Novoe Vroui'yn, the disease caused 1)08 deaths in London in one week nml in
Vienna (10,0'JO persona were uflietod. In 1737 uiul
1743 there were further outbreaks, ami tho deaths in
one week in Loudon amounted to 1,000. In 1775
domestic animals wore first attacked by it. In 1782,
40,000 persons fell ill of it iu St. Petersburg in 24
hours. In St. Petersburg quinine is now served out
daily to the troops, mixed with vodka.
The Colonist says Lady Douglas, relict of the late
Sir James Douglas, second govornor of Vancouver
Island, had beeu failing in health for some months
paSt, ond for the past few weeks had been unable to
leave her room. Death was the result of a complication of diseases induced by the accumulating weight
of years. Nolio Connolly, tho daughter of James
Connolly, factor in tlio Hudson's Boy Co's sorvice, was
born at Fort Asuiuibnio in 1822. In 1837 she wns
married at Fort Vancouver to James Douglas, afterwards governor of Vancouver Island, and iu 1848 she
accompanied her husband to Victoria. Sinco that
dnte she has made this city her home, by her unvarying kindness and her unostentatious Christian charity
ministering to thousands, who will learn with regret
of her demise. She has led a life of absolute retirement since thu death of her distinguished husband in
1881. Tiie deceased huly leaves to lament hor a family of four daughters, sixteen grandchildren and five
great grandchildren. Of the former, Mrs. D. R, Harris is the only one residing in Victorin, Mrs. Dallas
living in England, and Airs, de Wicderhold and Mrs.
Busliby in California. Of the grandchildren Dr. J. D.
Helmcken, Mr. H. D. Helmcken, Mrs. McTavish and
the family of Mrs. D. R. Harris nre at present in this
city. Tlie announcement of the decease of Lady Douglas Wfis telegraphed Inst night to the relatives abroad,
and tho arrangements for the funeral will bo decided,
upon later.
Il is painful to hove to witness such an exhibition
of boorlshness as camo under the notice of u large
number of the people coming from St. Andrews' Presbyterian Church last night. Two men were approaching onu another of the sidewalk, on the narrow
port which has been trampled hard. The smaller of
the two politely took half a step ofl' the path, expecting tlio other to give the same courtesy, Not he, howover. He kept right ou, and went smash against the
other, sending liim staggering back into the deep
biiow thut filled liis shoes ami wet him considerably.
Still tho smaller man, who must have possessed a very
mild temper, to say tlio least, said, "I beg your pardon." Tlie overbearing pedestrian only grunted out
something which could not bo distinguished, probably
not very complimentary. It has since boon learned
that tho smaller of tho two men is 0 particularly muscular citizen, ond besides possesses very educated
hands. So that the old adage is still ns truo its ever:
"Brave is he that can but won't, but pity shows where
most 'tis needed." A great deal of tin's sort of thing
eon be noted on our streets any day. lt is tlio act of
a bully and a coward to attempt lo thus trample over
wbat ho (very often erroneously) thinks weaker became smaller people.
Lock-up keeper A, J. Smith wns taking his constitutional along Columbia street lost night about 10
o'clock, ond near the Queen's hotel ho encountered a
gentleman lying on his bock iu the middle of the sidewalk, vociferously proclaiming for the Information of
the publio his firm determination not to go home till
mornhiK, ond, if ho were Interfered with, perhnps not
then. Mr. Smith was much affected by this display
of Spartan-like heroism, and the hero being small of
stature and light of limb, os well os very mellow, Mr.
Smith, with characteristic Sunioritaiiism, conceived
the brilliant idea nf conveying him to tho Wanderer's
Refuge on Provost stroot. Before, however, he could
carry tills gonomns intention into oxouulbn, soveral
comrades of the "gent wat wos spfllicated," who had
stolen off at tiie glitter nf» the German-silver buttons,
came speaking bind; ami offered to tnke thu bibulous
citizen to bin own homo, To this proposition tlie officer consented, and the crowd picked up their companion and marciicd oil' with bim, not without considerable difficulty, as ho kicked and struggled like a ,
very Tartar.
It is with regrot wo announce tho death of Mrs.
Catherine Fit/sinuiions, wife of Mr. James Fltzflhh-
mons, deputy warden of the B. 0, penitentiary, who
passed away suddenly yestorday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
The deceased lndy, neo Catherine McCarthy, wos a
native of Kingston, Ont., ond came to this province
with hur husband in 18/8 011 his appointment to tho
deputy wardciishp of thu penitentiary. Almost since
her arrival in this city she hns been 1111 invalid, nud
although hor health lias uover been good of late, her
death arrived very unexpectedly, The causo of dent 1,
is supposed to bo heart failure. Mis, Pitttimiuous
wus of a gentle disposition, ami wus much beloved by
a wide circle of friends, aud the bereaved htudiiind has
the heartfelt sympathy of the whole community in
his loss, Tho deceased wns only 4ti yenrs of age.
The funeral servico will bo held in the Catholic cathedral to-morrow morning nt 0 o'clock, and the body
will bo removed to the Roman Catholic cemetery, at
Sapperton, for interment, at 10:30 o'clock.
W. H. Vianen has stored fifty tons of ice in his
warehouse on Front street, litis will bo used In packing thu shipments of fresh salmon to tho part. LOCAL ITEMS IN BRIEF.
For men's and boys' milts antl gloves go to J. E,
Phillips, ja2t3
An oflico to lot on McKonzio streot. Apply to G.
A. Kelly. te*
Mr. 10. A. Port returned from Toronto on Tuesday,
nfter an extended visit to thnt thriving town. This
wna Mr. Port's first excursion east in 3ix years, antl
he was very muoh astonished nt the strides wliich
Toronto hnti made in hu absence. Places which ho
recollected ns quiet farms, well out in the country, Uro
now built fiver by huge blocks, fine residences, mills;
warehouse1) and laundries, with rtt'oot-cars running,
electric lights on uwury corner, ond us busy as the eity
itself. Mr. Port hod a very plea-j nit tituu in the gay
metropolis of Ontario, but was pleased to get hock to
British Columbia again.
Private'advices from the cut state that a party of
ten ladies will leave Toronto to-day for this city and
Vauoouvor, oil route to China, where thoy will engage
in missionary duties.
Mr. Jaw. A. Laidlaw i* '<iill confined to his residence
lirongh the eflbels of the new complaint.
Meun. W. & G. Wolfoudin tnko pleasure in announcing to their iHUhorous c ntomers that they are
now open for business iii the Bushhy block, with a
fresh and complete line of groeerius, and will be glad
t.i havo their old friends Call and inspect the premises.
Capt. Geo. W, Robertson, who brought tho steamer
Islander out from England, and who has since then
bean ruining on the vessel. Ins resigned bis position
and taken up the occupation of Burrard Inlet ami
Straits pilot, As the captain thoroughly understands
the local waters, and is a careful mnn, he will likely
get a good sh U'e of thu work going.
Hall, Ross it Co., of Viotoria ou Tuesday evoning
pnrchme.l tho property they at present occupy as a
rice mill, together with the lot adjoining, for the purposes of iheir business, hi thu course of a short time
they will begin the erection of a two-storey sheet-iron
warehouse adjoining tho mill 00x50 foet, and will on-
1 irge the mill building in order to receive the niachin-
c-y of the flouring mill,
It is reported on the very best authority that a new
disease, of even a moro tenacious character than In
grippe, has made its appearance in tho eity. Itis
known as Ginllucnza, and ita ravages ore nearly as
whUspruad aa the diiensi minus tho big G in the
spelling of it. This new epidemic hos spread rapidly
during the last few days, and not a few liavo succumbed to its attacks, There oro a few who declare
that gin, or some other kind of beverage, without the
"fluoiiiai," Is tbo direct uariso of ths now disease, but
these oro narrow mi i ! .1 people, mid so mean that
even tliu plague would pass them by untouched.
A snail b.iy pnny with itav in f»ie?. ntiuyeil on to
my property Incumber 21tii ood U h-hl by inc.
Ort-nor o-ui haw a uno by proving property ami paying expenses, If not olaiuiod in 30 days will bu sold
for cost of keep.- -I. W. St'Ki.s, Brownsville, Deo.
30. 1880. «t
The asa-i i tb ■ vicinity of Plumper's \\w U yielding
tip immense quantities of tish. in lhc shone of cod,
halibut a el sal a; but, as usual, when lho sen does
it .duty liberally, there is a great scarcity of buyers,
a id as'a oonacqnoiico the market is glutted. However, Lon is coming 1 the flsh-denler will then ho
urgently a 'Ognl after every day; and about lhat time
fish will grow very scarce, at prices thnt will make
Mr. Alex Ewon has returned from Victoria, where
bu wont 11 be present at the launching of his line new
tug, the Constance,
H1* reported that Mr. J. C. Maelurq hos sold his
hi'iil iu ;<o:ti mi 2], township 10, Matsqui, at the inter-
s hii! hi of (h s vi'.c tr mk r i id and tho crossing of tho
r' -unas branch of tho ('. P, IL, to a couple of well-
kuotvii eopiteli U hi Victoria and New Westminster,
who propose to proceed at an early date with laying
out their property into a townsite to bu known as Ah-
bnisford.    This is onrlaiu to become nn important
Information received here from several persons is to
tie effect that before tlie snow fell Burnaby lake was
us perfect a piece of skat ing ice as the most fastidious
could have desired. Tho surfaco was absolutely without a flaw and hot! thu appearance of a waxed lloor.
The ice was also several inches iu thickness and
quite firm. A gootl deal of money could have been
made by any ouo enterprising enough to run a lino of
sleighs to aud from tlio lake at a moderate charge.
Hundreds would doubtle.-'s have availed themselves of
the opportunity thus afforded.
Room I, Rank Building, is the temporary oflico of
Tun Coli'itmihax, "to
New goods: another lot of $3.25 ladies kid bouts
at Grant & Maelure's.
^ taken
btlBitiCiis dori
•■Hilar  ht
I day,
1 fcBveral boat-loads of men crossed the river between
I the IS. C. .Packing Co.'s cannery ond the It, C. P.
i mills to-day. Their passage was somewhat impeded
I by floating sheets of thiok ice, which carried tlieir
{ bouts up and down stream.
j      Mr.  J,   G.  Juques, agent for the North British &
j Mercantile Insurance Co. and the Guardian Fire As-
I surance Co., to-day paid oil" tho losses sustained by
1 those companies in the late liro.    The losses paid were
to W. k li. Wolfenden, i). Lyal k Co,, Tata Culom-
HtAN and Ogle, Campbell k Co.   The total amount of
loiBcs paid is about §16,000.   The prompt payment of
these claims is greatly appreciated by the assured.
The following circular has been sent to the different
contracting firms iu Victoria by the Bricklayers and
Stonemasons Union of thot city;
We, the briuk'ayers and stonemasons of Victoria,
wish to notify all who may require our services during the year 1800, that our rote of wages for the litre
being will remain ns before, ,"<(ii cents per hour, 53
ho -ps to constituo a week's work; and, providing we
wish to make any further change at uny time during
tin-yenr 1800, wo will give you three months'notico
befon- such ohango would take effect, But, that on
and after the 1st of April, 1S00, that no member of
this Union will be allowed to work on anv job where
Chinamen are employed in any way for the bricklny-
Ith, nt
.':.-»  o  •!!"
; Jaiinwy
.1 wife of
toll, Out.,
[Tho fnno
tlirara li, Hi
■o\v ll
l'l II
il ;,. in.;
F8J?C     P   ':-.-" ™ '
,    Notfmi'B hereby pivo
Now Westminster Unit
■ olouiursai thuCity Liol
;  Blunt, »1 II o'c oek a. m
lierauns to servo res] Oel
1  ileumd nw I'ho Du] 11
1 oriinmitiauonofcondu;
j dltlatussnoll buimmimi
bo fiiibscrJioil ny twi ..
i  am-and at uter, ami 1
j  Uiu pursuit nominal ed, t
1 .tnulslialboileivi
!   time lie, ween tlie ili.c i
1 the tiny of num nation;
i tiiu aith day ui .iuiimir
i o)iou unl.t I 11 i".. oi' t
j tiuircd to tetania lent
i Bter, this flth dny ol Jai
ne iil.sipiciHiy
hiieli nointiin-
r,u UUlcer any
oVloi k noon of
,1 n poll being
- City Null on
1.. nml remain
its location ami no*
iiy iiain.'il.    ! World,
The river is not frozen over al any point below this
eity to tlie gulf, and were it not for the Inrgo quauti-
tivsorfioiiliiigio*, steamers might onm« und gut e
samo as usual;    It   is fully cN.peet.id tint navigation
tvill 1
Another light fall of kuow occurred last night, ond
the bare place" left by yesterday's thaw were hidden
frum sight. Tint sun, however, camo out again to-doy
with renewed power, and swept away tbo protty
mantio and a r 1 nl deal of tlm Blush that had been lofl
by the rain. Wheels nre now do'ng a hitrshare of the
business round town, but they look uncomfortable and
u linvit ing after the snug and swift sleighs.
The influonwi Ib casing off to a considerable extent,
and fewer new coses are being reported each day,
Tho disease seems to have ruu its courso in this city,
ami another woek will probably sec il extinct so for as
Westminster is concerned.
W irk 00 Hie str iota ami sidewalks is ob-i-n 1 ontiro.
ly a upended-owing to the snow and Ice, Tlieniouiuiit
the snow dinapptnrs foreman  Forrest and his gang
It is ju'i two weeks to-day since thogreni fire oo*
cnrri'd that swept four husiiioss eslnblishineiita out of
oxlstauoe. Sliioo then many tons of wn'.e-. several
rata storn* and nearly two fool of snow bavo been
helped'on Ihu burning ruins', but thoy still smoulder,
a-rl tho firo shows no present signs of becoming «.\-
tiuofc. Many Indians and Chineso are doily to beseen
rn:ing among the ruins, nud from 0 Siwash stand*
p tint tbe sacks of stutl' they carry nway arc very rich.
\o police court this morning. It is singular to roni It'll tilliE none nf tilfl coses which have appeared tins
yeir hnvo been for drunkenness. Thero is great on-
e > ivni.",uvi't in this for the temporanco advocates and
BrjuiihMUuu Fol' uvuryhody else.
[L. S.]
k. Oity Olerk nnd
'i "iiraitifjnjtiecr.
The time for rauaiving tenders for these works has
been extended until noon of Saturday, loth February,
I). ROBSON, City Clerk.
N,w Westminster, B. C, Jan. 7th, 1800,
(truth copy) j7t0
Scaled tenders, nddrosscd to the Pnstmnster-Gen-
oral, will bc received nt Ottawa until noon on Friday;
I the 21st Fkhruarv, for the conveyance of ller Mo-
' jesty's Moils, on a proposed contract for four years, as
■ follows: Between the New Westminster Post Ollloo
: nnd tho Canadian 1'oeiliu Railway Station, from the
1   1st April noxt.
:     Tho conveyance to be made at the option of the
j contractor.
The Mails to be conveyed iu connection with the
i trains of the Canadian Pacific Railway, arriving at
! ami leaving Now Westminster daily.
Printed notices containing further inforfiiatioii ns to
i conditions of proposed contract moy bo socr-and blank
! rorina of tender may bo obtained at the IViA Oliico ut
<   New WestminBter and ot this office.
Post Ollicu luapector.
Post Ofiiec Inspector's Office,
Victoria. Ii. 0   Hrd January, I8IM). J7CI
Viotoria, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain ond Ireland, Queen, Defeudei
of the Faith, etc, etc., etc.
To Onr faithful tho Members elected to serve in the
Legislative Assembly of Our Province .of British
Columbia, and summoned and collett to a meeting
of the Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province, ot Our City of Victoria, on Thursdny, the
Sixth day of February,   1800, to hnve been commenced and held, and every of you—Greetings
Theodore Davie,\   WHKRKAS the meeting of the
Attorney-General. [    Legislature or Parliament of the
Province of British Columbia, stands callod for Thursday, the Sixth day of February, 1800, at which time
at Our City of Victorio, you were held and constrained
to appear.
NOW KNOW YE, that for divers causes and considerations, and taking into consideration the ease and
convenience of Our loving subjects, We hove thought
. tit, by and with th" advice of Our Executive Couucil
of tho Province of British Columbia, to hereby convoke, und by these presents enjoin you, and ench of'
yon, that ou Thursday, the Twenty-third dayof
the month of January,  1800, you meet Us in Our
soid Legislature or Parliament of Our said Province,
at Our City of Victoria, FOR THE DISPATCH OF
BUSINESS,   to treat,   do,   act, ami conclude upon
those things which in Our Legislature of thu Province
of British Columbia, by the Common Council of Onr
said Province may, by the favor of God, bu ordained,
In Testimony Whkreoi', Wu hove caused theae
Our Letters to he mode Patent, and thu Great Soot
of the raid Province to bo hereunto affixed:   Wit-
NKS9, the Honorable Htioii Nelson, Lieutenant-
Governor of Our said Province of British Columbia; in Our City of Victoria, iu Our said Province,
this twenty-sixth day of December in the year of
Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighty-
nine, mid in Lho fifty-third year of Our Reign.
•    By. Command. JNO. BOBSON,
do iil-td Provincial Secretary.
Notice is hereby given thnt tho business formerly
carried on under the name and style of ^Dickinson ^
Company has been this day sob! to Caroline MutihU
Diukujsmi and William Wright Diokinson, who will
continue tho business under the name mal stylo of
Dickinson & 'Company. All accounts due the. late
buduoss must be paid forthwith to Mr. W. W. Oick-
lunon for account of thu executors of tiio Into It.
Diukinsou, and all accounts duo by the said business
must be presented to Mr, Wi W. Dickinson for payment by the said executors.
Caroline Matilda Dhjiunson,
Chaui.ks K. Woods,
Executors Estate of tbo Intu R. Dickinson,
New Westminster, B. C, Jan. '2nd, 1800. tllw
Notice is hereby given that application will bo made
to the Legislative Assembly of tbo Province of British
Columbia at its next session for an act to incorporate
11 e ■ u iny to construct, operate and maintain a stroet
railway in tho City of Now WestminBter, and to ae-
quiie lands and do nil things necessary for Lhe purposes aforesaid.
Doted this 25th day of September, 18S0.
For selves and others.
A brown heifer hos strayed on to the premises of
the subscriber, 011 Melbourne street. The owner can
have her by proving proporty and paying expenses. If
not claimed within thirty days she will be sold to pay
expenses. (j8dlin) A. J. GORDON.
Notico is hereby given that tho partnership heretofore subsisting between tbe undersigned, carpenters,
has been dissolved this day by mutual consent. All
accounts owing the undersigned arc to be paid to 6£
Turner, ami all claims ngninst tho suid firm nre to be
paid by him. KDGAR, A. KIPP.
S. Tt'itsi:R will continue tbe business under his own
name at the samo simp oil Main street, Centreville,
opposite A. Kijip's harness shop. All kinds of woodwork done; satisfoction guaranteed.
Cbilliwhoek, Dee. 20, 1880. jo3w3m
A boy 10 years old as an articled olerk in a law of-
I lice.   Applyto box 240, NewWestminster.    j8d(lt. ■
No.lOOA.GRoirrlL.NEW WEsmiNtTKitDiHTKitrr,
Whereas the certificate of title of John Cochrane to
ami above hereditaments hus hemi lost or destroyed,
and application lias been msde to me fnr tbo issuance
of a duplicate thereof.
Notico is hereby given that I will, at the expiration
of one month from date, issue such duplicate certificate
of title, unless in the meantime valid objection be
mado to 1110 to the contrary in writing.
District Registrar.
Lund Registry Office, Now WestminBter, December
Ilth, 1880. wlm


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