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The Weekly News Sep 13, 1893

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 G. A. Mc3u i   Oo.
Heal Ettato Brokers
Nanaimo,  B. C.
G. A. McBain & Co.
Real Estate Brokers
Nanaimo, B. C.
$2.00  PER YEAR
unsrioisr, 13. p.
carries a fine assortment of
General Merchandise
Boots,Shoes,Clothing and Gents Furnishings
Eureka   Bottling  Works,
���       MANUFACTURER OK       ���
Sarsaparalla and Champagne Cider, Iron Phosphates, Syrups,
Bottler of Different Brands of Lager Itecr Steam Ilccr a r.d 1 cittr
k A^cnt for Union Brewery Company.
Nanaimo and Courtenay 13.  C.
\V. .'. Young. P. F. Soliarsohmidt.
Also Fancy Toilet Articles
tobac ::o ^intd* cigi-.a.:rs.
Permanent Loan and Savings Company
(Incorporated A. D. 1855)
 o o ���
HEAD  OFFICE���Company's Buildings,
Toronto S'reet, Toronto, Canada.
J. HERBERT MASON, ��� President and Managing Director.
Subscribed Capital, $6,000,000;
Total Assets, $12,091,772.
The Company Lends Money from ��300 to ?3oo,ooo,
On City or Farm Property, at Current Rates of Interest, and on favorable terms of
re-payment.   Mortgages and Debentures purchased.   No Coinmisson.   No Delay.
Expenses moderate.   fE^For particulars apply to
MARCUS  WOLFE, Real Estate*, Insurance
and financial llrokcr, Appraiser.   P. 0, Box io, Nanaimo, B. C.
Can be made by buying now in the
fronting on the Bay, The road Through this Property is being improved, and will lead direct to UNION WHARF and
thc new townsite where stores and hotels will soon be under
Owing to its beautiful location and proximity to Courtenay
when the Harrigan and Wharf roads are completed, it will
Now is your opportunity
Office at Courtenay. Wm. Cheney, Agent.
to   buy
Agriculural Implements, Farm and Mill  Machinery, Min-
ng and mill supplies, Hardware, Belting, Paints and Oils,
Plaster,Cordage and Cement
Victoria, B C
P O Box 86 S E Corner Yates and Broad
Correspondence solicited.
We Carry the Largest Stock
���   of   ���
General Merchandise
in British Columbia.
Simon Leiser, Proprietor,
Miss M. Roy has charge of our dress Department. All work done in this Department guaranteed to give satisfaction.
# in
���w-^r lip ib Mii
Flour & Food
Farm Produce
Funcy Grocorios
Crockery* Glassware
Dry Goods
.Roota "i Shoes
Hard ware
Paint & Oils
Go*?tB Furnishing*
Patient Medicines
Sportsmens Supplies a Speciality
E. Pimbury & Co.
Whou-sau* antl Retail
DRUOfiisis   and Stationers
Commercial St. Nanaimo, V>. C
Dr. W  J. Young
thysieiati # Surgeon
Courtenay Pharriiacy
LADIES! We have received a
new consignment of your favorite slippers.
Come and fit yourselvas.
Duncan Bros.
Society     Cards
I. O. O. v., No .11
Union Lodge, I. 0. O. F., meets every
Friday night at 8 o'clock. Visiting brethren cordially invited to attend.
Alex. \V. Fraser, K. S
Leiser Lodge No. I3, A. O. U. W.
holds regular meetings on alternate Saturday evenings -117.30 p< m. in the old
North Comox School House. Visiting
Brethren arc cordially invited to attend;
Ernest A. Holliday
Hiram Lodge No 14 A.F .& A.M.,B.C.K.
Courtenay IJ. C.
Lodge meets on eveiy Saturday on or
before tne full ofthe moon
Visiting Brothers cordially requested
to attend.
W.J. Young
K. of P.
Comox Lodge No 5, K. of P., meets
every Saturday, after tlie new and full
nvion, at 8 p. m, ai Castle Hall, Comox.
Visiting Knights cordially invited Let attend.
John B.urd
K. U.S.
For  Sale.
Five lots in Courtenay Townsite being
ots 68, 67, 65, 73, and 74 on Mill street
between Unt��n and Alice streets, near
Courtenay bridge.
For particulars apply to Bruno Mellado, House 29, Union, B. C.
Durham Townsite Lots.
This Magnificent Townsite
Overlooking Bayne Sound
has bean surveyed into lots which
aro now for the first timo put on the
markot. The most iinportaut development may be expected here. Here
,s located the
Famous Spring,
which has been analyzed and pronounced of the highest value.
Parties wishing to purchase can do
so now   at reasonable  figures   and
on easy terms.
Applications should be made to
A. Garvin,
Union Mines.
UNION Bakery
Best of Bread, Cukes and
Pies always  on hand.
The Bread Cart will be at
Courtenay and Coniox Tuesdays and Fridays.
Wm. Viles, Prop
H A Simpson
Barrister  and Solicitor.   Office in 2nd
flit, Green's Block, Nanaimo, B. C
Fpi? LIFE.
Hera is a Snap for ilrainy People���The
Latt-bt Thing Out.
In Ontario introdnets Tho {'nn-uUim Agricul-
tli'is' into New lioinuH, tliotmliii-ji-urs linvo iiu-
dili'd In I'MM-iut un itiiu-iii.-ilh ivt. motho ru-
wui-il litt for ili-ir Unit; Kiylult Hnlf Yearly
.Literary Aunielioli f-n* I ha mnnmor of UU'(,
Which alosojOQt, 1. 'I'licylifivL-'jiil-iiTcdiMt' a
ui-ittt-iKiKn-t-niertto j;ny Miroit-jh iho Jurli^cti
all tlio rewHr-iHuitt-i'Ltl boiow.
How-ioHKr'iiti*. a Hi;wAiti)~'riioao wlio become Bubflcnbur-- can cmii'it'to free of olmruo.
Alt Unit i. huu-iSdirt* is lo inkc-11 fawiihcotSDf
iNijK-iruinl inul;--nil tlio wtK'-lu you i-aii unt of tbo
It-ite'rt; intliii three woiil-i. "\\ or'i''*'fJo.iiii-ltiiin
Expoaftion,".and uumi thorn to us.fi-o'oatng s#l
for-tix ]ii->ntli-ii-'iibr*'i**t.i<>n 10 olllii't*'riicf."iii:n-
diiili .\j*i-k-u!niri<3lor Tl.c I.inlii*8 Hoi-hi Miipi*
zir.o, two of tin:choices', Hlu-nraU'il iioriotticiils
Tin1 sendurof thc'iirmisl list will receive -91
jiorweokrorii-i'-iii'l Si.'-*:*! ii. K*.d: ������rd.$M);l'h
���?-.'.;.0:5th.$liJil;tit!i. Vii-k-a to Wcrld'n K.iii* ami
il!'l llty-J CS'lL-USOS; li/ttll-'S,   llrgli:;--.  ill'ltim' llllll
���fotiU' tolil inul slHcr watch**-**, a'lvtii* left sor*
vli'i)**. diutiK'ud rii***-*, ai-d ov��r 11-i-W" oUii-r lu-
wiu'il-*,.innkipij':ilUvii;iici- tlio most valuable
1-ri--**** list over clFurtJ by iir.yl|iublislit*i*. -jciid
tor list of former prlK -winum-d.
lifi.Ktt.���K./i'ui-tnorn'.isniolc wnnln not court-
tid. '��. iAwvt'.us r.'tinnol bo und ��� i-tw.ev liiuii
tlnjya]i|v-.urin wuv.ie "U orld'aUolnmlii'in Kx-
polfltlOn"��� tliut is, tin; word ' riddle" for in-
i-liuico could not be iishiI.Iiccuu-jo llnre iii but
ono'M 10 Uictliri*'*.vn"ii4, im*. .1. Kiiliiosofiior-
isoi)3'UidpI,tci'iibirnrd. I. So cii'u-'o lor pack*
imj or .-ill.,.-liny. !>iu, nil ]ir.'M \\ luilfi s w:JI nooX-
���lOlltOll tO be']' "f HiftMU'lld iHII-Ctl-'Jlli.iL-tin,     0.
All l]i-Utc(iiibiiiiiiiK'->vc-' IirOcoiri-ct words will
rcccivoft8;-��cial ruv-'ard.
Ji'i-'oi-a*,��� Tbo fo'.iowinj- Svoll ktjflwh gontlo*
inuti liiivt- Cfiist-nt' d 'lohci us jihlffi-u-lint-wli!
���M' lii.'Htliu ���.���rlZ'-s.i.ri-fiiiriv �� wm'dcd- CoaiO-
dci'o Union t, (l*ni,j*-l(-Loi' t::i!ciiM'-t l.ini* of
.-���tcniiii'i'sj l'cttirbot-uiiHft.iiiid Mi- W. Jiubcri-
son. I'rcnidt;:,! filing I'l'iuliiij-t'omi'tiny, K-tcr
AOMN'rs \V.*.-.tkh-Wc tny ?! fc'-tyl per liny
ktlm.v 1110 c - unisdlon) to men, women. ��o*s
nmi xlrl-i.  u }'.}& (prpnui'-u-Ws.  t:--iri**tor .ill
lilOHOylOtteW,    .-\it.Ll":s-:, .'.i.'Kki-LT'.'UI-.Tl'l'H.
i;o iIIj'ui), i'a.oi-)iO0iuali, utnituu.
���K*V'''* . .-.*  -**.
/7 .S^j*K
NOTICE is hereby given ihnt a County
Cou.rt of Nanaimo will be hold at Coniox
on Thursday ihe 5111 day of October 1S9J
at the hour of ten o'clock in the forenoon.
Suiters wishing to etit*.r plaints fot
said cjurt must send nitrticulars of same
in duplicate with thc fees to ihe untler-
sij-ucd on or befoi'e the 19th day of September, instant.
]!y Order
M. Dray
Nanaimo, B. C. Key. C.C.
Sept. 51I1 io'93.
Exhibition Day Sports.
(S;pt. 28th)
The Following is the programme of
sports made out by the committee uf the
Athletic Club,
I. Bicycle Race��� long, short and slow
i. Cr'ckct Match��� Denman uud Hornby vs Comox,
s-3; One Hundred Yard Dash.
4. Pole Vaulting, ���
5. Sack Race.
6. Three Legged Race.
7. Obstacle Race.
H. Greased Pule - over the river.
9. Fifty Yards Swim���with the current
to. Tug of War���   Comox District  vs
II. Girls Race.
Other features to be added later.
There must be 3 entries in any sport to
ensure a rnce.
In the evening the Club will give a
Will be in Union ever/Wednesday and
Courtenay on Thursday.
Farm Products for Sale.
*    (Delivered at Thos Cairn's farm.)
Potatoes per lb. j cent
Carrots   ���' " ���*���' "
Beets      " " "   "
Turnips  " " u   ������
C-ibliage " " \}4 cents
Onions    " " 2   "
Butter     !' " 30   "
Wood & Miller
UNION, B. c.
Having Added to their Own
Splendid Livery  Outfit,
of R. Grant and Co
Are Prepared to furnish  Stylish Rigs at Reasonable Rates
Give them a call.
Notice to Contracto rs.
Sealed Tenders will be received by
the undersigned up to noon of Thursday
September 14th for the repairing ofthe
long bridge.
Plans and specifications can be seen
at (he office of the Gov. Agent
Sam. Creech,
Comox   L'2-itning.
Sept. 6th���The, ss. Joan, Capt. Butler,
arrived on time. Passengers:��� A. Rennison, W. Craig- VV. Harvev, Geo. Howe
Evens, Rowbothcm and H. Simpson.
Consignees:���McPhee & Moore, j. B.
Holmes and J, Bruce.
R. Swan, J. Fltteeruld and Ed. Small
left ycsierday for Gnrtley Creek. They
intend to stay 3 or 4 weeks this lime nnd
make a thorough search for the gold
beds'-of that locality. Judging from appearances they have a fair prospect, and
we wish ihem a full incisure of success.
Sept. 8th,��� The ss. Joan left nt 7 a. in.
fur Nanaimo. Passengers:��� Mi*, and
Mrs. E. iB Clay and family, Joe Martin,
Gen. llo.ve, \V. Harvey, H. Simpson,
Row'.nit hem, Bums, and J. Bruce.
The very sad news has reached here
of the death of Joseph Mills ot Temporal
Old Mexico on the 3rd of August. He
was ticie ftbottf f��Ur years ago wiih T. II.
' lii'mm with llie diamond drill. He was
a member of Comox Lodge No. 5 K. of
P. and well and favorably known.
The dust is in a high state of prespi-
ration owing to the rain. Wonder if the
foot passengers up the settlement have
taken lo walking on thc fence rails yet.
It is suggested that the new crop of thistles will get a fair start.
We are glad to see that the Courtenay
Athletic Club is getting up sports to sup-
plement the attractipijs of the Comox
Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition.
It is a splendid idea. We would suggest
some Indian races and Wild   Dill spons.j
Mr. J. B. Holmes is about to erect a
new store at the Hay. Excavation fur
the foundation will be commenced without delay.    Further particulars later.
Sept. nth. The Swan party came back
Saturday���too much rain. The Creek
was llot dt-cj, and work can not be prosecuted at present. All things come to
thosie who wnit, atid the gold hunters are
conicnt'to bide ihcir time. They don't
want the whole earth��� a few tons of
golden nuggets will satisfy their ambition
Blue Mud.
Union   Flashes.
Sept. 1 ith. ���The camp is full. A
large number of old hands came up on
last boat. It is doubtful, however, if any
more can be set to work until Slope No.i
and shaft No. 2 are opened.
The ss. Joan on her last trip was
crowded from end to end. Among the
freight were a pair of boilers, ar.d a large
(������lantity i'f iron work for thc cars.
The Falcon left Sunday noon for Vic-
The tug Lome came in on Monday
wiih the barque McNear.
The barque Matilda is due from Port
The barque Enoch Talbot is due.
Tlie City of Puebla came in Thursday
and left Friday night for Seattle.
The Mineola left Saturday night.
'I lie new steam yateh is being painted
by J. H. Sullivan of Nanaimo, who came
up on the Joan.
The old company store is being renovated* .uul remodeled iuto a bonrding
house. When finished the Roys are expected to run It.
Grant & McGregor have added a fine
line of stoves fr-m lhe McC'lary M'fg Co.
nf London, Canada, to their furniture establishment.
The members nf the Benevolence
Lodge No. 14 K. of P. are requested to
attend church parade next Sunday thc
17th inst. for which purpose they will
meet at Castle hall at 6 p. m. ofih.it day.
Sojourning brethren are cordially invited.
Grant & Co. have received the large
new gravestone for Mrs. Hannah McKelvey. It will be set up in a few days after
receiving a few finishing touches.
The Fulton Bro's have the lumber on
the ground for lheir new butcher shop,
which is located a little east ofthe bakery.
Miss Coffey of Victoria is visiting
the family of Rev. Mr. Higgins.
Money Wanted.
There are quite a number of those who
signed as members of the Como:- Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition, last
spring who have not yet paid their membership fee. Will they not kindly do. so
now, without waiting to be called on?
Those residing on Hornby Island can
hand the amount to Mr. George Heath-
erbell- Director, and those living on Denman Island will please pay lo Mr. Alex.
McMillan, Director. All others will
probably (ind it as convenient to hand
the monev directly to the Secretary, Our
friends will please not delay, as it is essential that thc Directors should know
precisely how much they can depend upon.
The iiauii--* of new members are being
added to the roll daily by thc Secretary,
It is trusted that this movement will be
continued until ihcre is not a farmer or
business man in Ihe district whose name
is not on lhe membership roll. Wc need
the money and we need the help of all,
and wc want a membership so large (ensuring a pronounced success) lhat we
shall be glad to exhibit it as 0 Roll uf
Business Change.
Having taken over the milk business
of S. F. Crawford, and the butcher business of B. Crawford, wc shall conduct
the same under thc firm name and style
of Fulton Bros���milk business at Union,
meat business at Sandwick and Union.
Sept. i, 1890. A. A. FuItor,.~
J. A. Fulton.
Bring in the Books.
Many people throughout the district
have onc or more volumes of the old
public library. Thc Courtenay Athletic
Club as the successor of the defunct association to which these belonged is gath
ering them in that they may be catalogued
and loaned out to the public again under
proper system and regulation. In this
way ibe-original intention will be carried
out and the public receive the benefit.
Members of thh Club are also requested
to make returns of any bonks in their
possession belonging to the Club.
Something Long Wanted.
It is with pleasure that THE WEEKLY
News announces that Courtenay and
Union will both soon lie branches of a
now building and loan society, which is
now organized to do business exclusively
on Vancouver Island. The head office
will be in Nanaimo, but its operations
will extend as far north as Comox District.
Thc objects of the society are twofold,
first to loan monev, repayable in small
monthly installments: and secondly, as a
���savings bank, to provide an absolutely
safe.and at ihc same time highly profitable investment f��r inqmbly savings. It
is different in many w,i-s from other so-
Cteties, and claim**- to have adopted the
best rules known. To begin with, il is
foundedon true building soeitity principles
that is co-operation. Us directors com*
prise some of thc best known nnd most
1nffuenc1.il business men of Nanaimo, .ill
of whom give their services without remuneration; indeed ihe only official under salary is the secretary. It is therefore a money making arrangement for
the shareholders only. Each share participates equally in all the   pro Is   made.
There nre no preferred shareholders to
take part of the prnlils, and there arc no
salaried managers, traveling Inspectors,
etc, to pay. Thc capital of the society
is $5,000,000, divided into shares of $100
each. Thc shares are payable 60 els each
per month, nnd the profits made are divided eery six months, maturing the
shares in about seven years. Every
month a meeting is held which every
shareholder can attend, and all the money
the society has on hand is loaned out at
that meeting in sums lo suit, from $too
upwards to the highest bidder. A mortgage is executed to the association to secure thc money loaned, which is repaid
in sums of $1.50 per inon-h for each $too
borrowed. This includes principal and
interest. When the shares mature, say
in seven years,*the loan is all repaid, and
the mortgage is cancelled. This method
of loaning and repaying is the best system in use. By it every shareholder is
entitled to borrow $ico for every share
he holds, and he can get it just when he
wants it. ft can be repaid at anytime if
desired, or by larger payments if thc
member prefers to pay it olT quicker. A
member not residing in Nanaimo, is at
no disadvantage. He can get the loan
any month, by writing any ofthe directors, the secretary, or a friend, to attend
the meeting for him. This is also the
cheapest way to borrow money, as well
as the most convenient in lhe plan ot
monthly repayments of principal and interest.
The savings bank feature is admirable,
Thc security absolute. Thc society never keeps money ou hand, it is loaned out
monthly, and draws interest the first
month; and then compound interest every
month afterwards, because ihc amounts
repaid are retained at once.
A member can always withdraw, and
in doing so-/c-ls not only all the money
he has jjaid in for monthly dues, but the
profits besides, and these profits arc very
large. In most olher socieiies, a member
cannot withdraw without losing 10 pet
cent or thereabouts of ihe cash he has
actually paid in, no matter if he has been
a member for years. Supposing the
shares to mature 111 7 years, a member
holding 10 shares, would have paid in $6
per mouth for 84 months, or .1504 and
his fee of 75 cents per share, making a
total paid in of $511,50. For this he will
get $1,000���a profit of $488.50,
No person need have any doubts as to
the absolute security of his money. The
directors are ail too well known to allow
of any question on lhat point. The officers who handle the money" are under
Thc society is worthy of thc support
of every citizen ofthe district, whether as
a borrower, or simply ns an investor The
pamphlets fully explaining the workings
of it, are now in the printer's hands and
will be ready vry **ooh for distribution.
Without a doubt it is thc best society of
the kind any onc could join. It is a
home institution and as such deserves
the patronage of lhe citizens m preference
to any outside companies. A few copies
ofthe prospectus can be had at the office
of The Weekly News,
The Secretary at Nanaimo is Marcus
Wolfe, from whom any information can
be had. The board nf directors are as
follows: Andrew Haslam, mayor of Nanaimo, president; C. IL Shekels, manager Electric Light Co., vicc-prcs; A. R.
Johnston, treasurer; Marcus Wolfe, sec;
Aid. Edward Quennell; Aid, Thos. Dobc-
son; J. W. Stirtan, man. Water Works;
Wm. Patterson, of Mull Bros, and J. D.
Bankers: Thc bank ol British Columbia.
Bird Fancier.
Mr Robert Graham, lhe popular pro-
prietor of the Couricrtay Mouse is developing quite a taste for fowls. He has
bome fine young brown leghorn hens lhat
are beauties, and which have a natural
felft for producing eggs.
In looking about I noticed some Asiatics with lofty figures and well rounded
bodies, and a crop nf feathers reaching to
the feet. They are known as Wyandottes
- -good layers and splendid table fowls.
But (his is not all,
Do you see that fowl with feathers black
as the stiirles-i night, a comb red as a
tongue ol flame, long shapely legs, on
which is mounted a lithe, graceful body,
with a long arching neck and a white
muffler of feathers around its throat and
covering its checks?
It is a black Spanish cock.
You can tell that it is ofa noble strain.
Every step denotes quality, and like a vet
eran that he is, he shows ihe scars of
many a hard fought battle. His comb
has been cut by the Damascus tempered
teeth ofa powerful enemy and the sharp
claw ofa hero worty of his skill has torn
one of his eyes from its socket. In spite of
all this he is a noble looking bird and
would attract attention anywhere, much
more where his record is known.
He has won first prizes.
The Warships Coming
Victoria, nth. [Special] Thc warships
Royal Authur, Nymph and Garnet will
reach Bayne's Sound next Wednesday,
and practice on ihc Denman Island spit,
The Pheasant may also be expected.
Officers and men will number about 1500
Local   Erevities
John Mundell is the first man  to  pay
for his paper for thc year 1894.
George Porter of Vancouver is a guest
at the Courtenay House.
Mnst anyone can spear a big salmon
provided it first gets in a net.
For SALE by Mrs David Pickles of
Denman Island a few choice Brown Leghorn Cockerels, at a reasonable  price.
An excursion is advertised in the FRKR
PRESS for the 19th instant from Nanaimo
to Comox.
Look on the third page of this paper
for the Priw Us! nf thc Comox Agricultural and Industrial Association.
Wm. Mathewson will erect a new
building to bous*** some of his numerous
Mr. Isaac Davis is erecting a new
building to store lhe hay and olher products of his lake ranch.
Mr. E. K. Clay and family have removed to Vancouver where it is hoped
they will meet with abundant success.
The Comox Agricultural and Industrial Association will hold its first annual
Exhibit on the 28th of September.
Tcpi. Kitchen of Nanaimo who was
pushing Soulhport property on the market has left the country hy the kitchen or
hack door route.
Mr. W. R. Robb, it is understood, will
lea*.eon the next steamer for the East.He
will probably take In the World's Fair
while absent.
The people of the islands of thc gulf
should get up an excursion and visit iho
Coniox Agricultural Show on the 2fcih
of next month.
Don't be the only man in tbe community who isn't a member of the Comnx
Agiicujtural Society, Wc refer to farmers more particularly.
Thc late storm caught some of our
farmers, who should have had their grain
harvested before. When grain is ripe it
should be gathered wilh all possible despatch.
Thev are pretty well through with thc
harvest on Hornby Island. The school
is iimning successful)* with an enrollment
of 15, and an average attendance of 1,3
during last month.
f. B. Holmes, Coniox, is receiving-
large consignments of both cooking and
heating stoves of latest and best designs
direct from the McC'lary M'fg Co. of
Toronto which be is disposing of at
prices which defy competition.
The Courtenay Athletic Club contemplate giving a steamboat excursion to
Nanaimo, the receipts to be expended in
books for the library. Look out for particulars a little latter in our advertising
col inn 11 s.
The suit brought by the tax-collector
against a leading citizeu of Comox to recover the poll tax, has been settled by
payment. It was Ben, Franklin, wc believe, who said no one could escape
death or taxes.
Provincial Officer Anderson has received a letter from the mother of O'Conner, who was shot by Ben Kennedy, enquiring if her son left any property. She
resides in Kempfield, Ont. and is understood tube  in   indigent   circumstances.
William Halliday and Harry Ki 1 by
have returned from IClngCpme Inlet. They
found good prairie land, and were told
by lhe Indians that there was plenty further up the valley. While there they
made an excurion into the territory of
lhe Bruin tribe.
Wc shall put on sack cloih and ashes.
What have wc done? We have prodded
with a sharp Faber, No. 2 pencil thc hard
worked farmers with their many acres of
hay and grain burdening them with multiplied demands, because forsooth, they
did not cut thc thistles along thc roads
abutting upon their large domains, and
yet we have failed to rebuke thc villager
for neglecting to cut lhe thistles blooming in the hunt yard of his forty foot
lot under his very nose!   Thc Lord help
On Friday, Sept. 8th, Miss Louisa
Brown wins married lo William Viles, at
thc English church, Sandwick, the Uev.
J. X. Willemar officiating, After a short
bridal tour the happy couple returned  to
I Courtenay where they will reside.
I      They were the recipients ol hearty con
I grntulations.
There was a fight on Monday between
two well known citizens. A warrant has
been issued���trial on Wednesday.
Rams for Sale.
For SALE two line voung Rams ( South
Apply lo
Geo, Howe,
Comox, U. C,
All accounts against lhe E. & N. Kail-
way Co. re Fielding (survey will be paid .it
the office of the Union Collier}' Co., Union, B. C.,by G.W. Clinton, from the 25th
10 the 30th of September.
The  Wellington  Advocate
We have received a copy of the Wellington Advocate. Ii is well printed, on
gootl paper, ami bri ting with local news
We wish it success.
Special Prizes.
Mr. Joseph Hunter, M. P. P. offers the
following prizes lo be competed for by
residents of this district at our Agricultural Exhibition,Sept. 28th:
1. A prize of a silver cup ofthe value
of $50 for thc best animal in Division A.
2. A prize of the value of $10 for the
best dairy exhibit in Division F.
Notice of Annual Meeting.
The annual meeting of the Comox Agricultural and Industrial Association will
be held nt the building of the Courtenay
Athletic Association, near the bridge in
the village of Courtenay, on Wednesday
evening, September 27th 1893, at half
past seven o'clock, for the purpose of
hearing reports, electing a new board of
directors and transacting such other business as may properly come before it.
By Order,
M. Whitney, Secretary. msssmmmaam
l ".���J*!. HC.J_
" Au   ln-.li.-n !  a  wild  Indian'."   Mri. |
Armour whispered, faintly, as shu dropped ���
| -*|EBBBBBBBiBW    ~"~
And shell _be here in two or three  Or.  Lewis  ItliimfihS Statement
Indian wife. Mrs. Townley smiled her best,
���aud there were many who knew how at-
truetive'ihe could he at such a moment.
There w'aa a alight pause, in which Lali
looked at her meditatively, earnestly, theu
those beautiful wild fingers glided out, and
caught her hand and held it, but ahe apoke
no word. She only looked inquiringly, seriously at her new-found friend, and presently dropped the blanket away from her, and
sat up tirinly as though ahe tolt Bhe was
not altogether an alien now, and had a
right to hold heraelt proudly among white
people, ua she did in her own eouutry with
her own tiihe, who had greatly admired
hor. Certainly Mrs. Townluy could find no
fault with tho woman aa an Indian. She
hail taste, carried her clothes well, and was
When Mrs. Frank Armour arrived at
.Montreal she still wore her Indian costume
of clean welbhroidered buckskiu, moccasins,
and leggings, all surmounted by a blanket.
It was not u distinguish *d coatume, but it
seemed suitable to it wenier. Mr. Armour's agent waa in a quandary. He had had
no instructions regarding her dress. He
felt, of courao, that, as Mrs. Frank Armour,
she should put oil these garments nnd dresa,
as far as possible, iu accordance with her
now po'ition. But when he apoke about it
to Mackenzie, the oitlorly maul and companion, he found that Mr. Armour had aaid
that Iii*- wife was to arrive in Knglaud
dreaded as she was. lit- Haw something
ulterior in the matter, hut iI waa not Ids
province to interfere. And so Mra. Frank
Armour was a passi'iit-cr Iiy thc Aphrodite
iu her huckBkiu garments.
What alio thought of it all is uot quitu
eaiy to sny. It is possible that at lirst
alio only considered that sho waa
the wife of a white man, -a thing to he
desired,    ami thai tin* man  nho lovoil   waa
hari forevt*r,--a matter of iinktinahh- joy    -.  ���  	
to her. That lie waa Minding her to England | kind and comforting attitude,    Tlie wife
davit" fluttered Marion, hysterically,
Meanwhile Richard had hastily picked up
tho Times. She ia due here the day after
to-morrow," he suid, deliberately. "Frank
isaa deoisive aa he ia rash. Well, it is a
melancholy tit-for-tat."
" What do you mean by tit-for-tat!"
cried his father, angrily,
Oh " '
Under Oat li
Aflllel-Ml *T||h Paralysis for Twenty-live
Yeurs���r*roununfed lncnrnble by tlie
foremost Physlrlnns In A merlin -A
4'ase or World Wide Interest!
From the Philadelphia Times,
mean 'hit-that  w.   tried  tol    M"-y .urvl-or. of th. l.t. w left th.
huten'Juli-'a in.rri.g-- with the other   ran-- onwounded,   but with  broken eon-
  I stitutions : ba   inatai.ee   in.   point   is Dr.
fellow, and he is giving us one in return;
and you will all agree that it's a pretty per* <
maium tone."
The old soldier reccv-ired himself, and
was beside his wife in an fafttant. He took
her hand. " Don't fret ubout it wife," he
said ; " it's an ugly business, but we
must put up with it. The boy was out of
his head. We are old now, my dour, but
there waa u time when we should have re-
aented such a thing as much ua Frank,���
though not in the same fashion, perhaps,���
���unarblv'fresh in appearauce, though her I not in the name fashion I"   Tho old man
,    ���        An    t l-JK     . f .1 ...,l.��� I t.r..*L��P,l    Iii*   him   hunt   tn    keen    down    lltl
hair slill hore slight truces of the grease
which even the moat aristocratic Indians
Hut Lull would not talk. Mrs, Townluy
wan anxious that the girl should bo dressed
iu European costume, and offered to loud
and rearrange tire-boh of hor own, hul she
camo iu collision with Mr. Armour's in-
ntriictions.   So sho hud to assume a merely
of him-���lho WM too happy to be very active
menially, OVOn if it had been the character
���titn- of hor ratio,���she wm not at Ural aware
how much Mnticu alio excited uml how
atrango a tieuro aim wun in thia atariug city,
When it did draw upon her alio ahmuk a
little, hut atill wm*-* placid, preferring to nit
wilh her liuiula foldud in her lap, idly watch,
ing things. She appeared oblivious that she
was tho wife uf a man of family and rank ;
sho waa only thinking that tlm man was
hen, all here, lie had treated her kindly
enough in the daya thoy were together, but
aliu had not heen a groat denl with him,
because Ihey travd-'itd fiat, uml hia duties
were many, or ho made them so ; hut the
latter possibility did not occur tn hur. When
hu had hastily hidden her farowvll at Port
Arthur he had kissed her and Baid, " flood-
hy, my wife.'' She was not anute enough
yet in tlm inileclinns of Saxon speech to
oatah the satire���ahnoat involuntary���in
the last two worila. She romemliered the
words, however, and tlie kiss, and nhe was
quite satisfied. To what she was going sht-
���iid not speculate. He wan sending her:
that was enough.
Tho woman given tn her as maid had been
wet I chosen. Armour had done this carefully,
She wan Scotch, was reserved, had a certain
amount nf shrewdness, would obey Instruo*
tiiim and do her duty carefully. What sl*e
thought about tho whole mutter ahe kept
to hcraclf; even the aolicitnr at Montreal
could not lind nut. She had her insi i-ue
tions clear in her mind ; she was iletoitniu-
ed to cany them out to tho letter,���for
which she waa already well paid, and wan
Hko to ho better paid - becauso Armour
had arranged thut she should continue tn
he with his wife after they got to England.
She iindcistond well the language of kail's
tribe, uud because Lali'a Engliali was limited she would he indispensable in England.
Mackenzie, therofnre, had responsibility,
and, if sho was nut elated ovor it, ahe atill
knew tho Importance of her position, nud
hnd onnugh practical vanity to make her un
etlicient servant and companion, She already
felt that nhe hud got hor position in life,
fiom which she wan to gn out uo more forever.   She  had   1 ti brought up in the
shadow nf Alnwick Oaatlo, and ahe knew
what was duo to her charge���hy other people ; herself only ahould have liberty with
her. She waa taking Lull tn thu home nf
General Armour, und thut muat bo kept
constantly before her mind. Tlie-*-ifor��,fr<*m
ilid nol fret her, because it was hit wilf, and   had uot the slightest idea where sho wai
In* knew what wun heat,    Itnt-y with her   going, and oven when Mai'Uon/ie, ut Mrs.
contented and yfltaoinewhal dazed thoughts  IWnley�� oft-repeated request, explained
���     J  -    ���-- ���-! -iii-M I very brlafly and unplotureiqualy, ahe only
looked inurednloiia or uiiconeeriiod. Vol
the ship, ila curious passengers, the dining-
mIodii, tha music, the sea, and all, had
���i ven her suggestions of what was to come,
rimy had oxpeeted that ut tabic she would
nn awkward and ignorant to n degree.
Hut she had at times eaten nt the trader's
ablo at Fort Charles, and had learned how
u use a kuifa and fork. Sho had also been
a favorite with the trnder's wife, who hud
taught hor very many civilized thing1-. Her
English, though far from abundant, wan good
Thoso, thoroforo, who were curious nud rude
enough to nl ure at her were probably disappointed to find that she ato like "any
Christian man."
How do yon think thc Armours will
receive her t" aaid Lambert to Mrs. Town-
ley, of whose judgment on Bhort acquaintance he had como to entertain u high
Mra. Townley hud a pretty way of putting her head to one side and speaking very
ilquantly. She hud had it as a girl; ahe
.ad not lost it na a woman,*���uny more than
she had loat a aoft little spontaneous laugh
which was nne of her unusual charms,���for
few women can laugh audibly with effect.
She laughed very softly now, and, her
sense of humor supervening for the moment
she Baid, " Really, you have asked me u
conundrum. I fancy I seo Mrs. Armour's
faeo when she gets the news, ���at the break*
funt-tahlo, of course,���uud given a Mtttu
shriek, and says, "General, oh, general!"
Hut it is vory shocking, you know, she added, in a lower voice. "Still, I think they will
receive hor nnd do tho best they cun for her;
because, you see, there Bhe is married hard
find fast. She beam tho Armour name, and
is likely to make them all very unhappy if
sho determines to retaliate upon them for
nny neglect."
Yes? But how to retaliate, Mrs. Town-
Icy t"   LumhcrUhad not a suggestive mind.
" Woll for instance, suppose they sent
her awuy into seclusion,���with Frank's con*
sent, another serious question,���and she
should tnke tho notion to Ily her retirement,
and appear inopportunely ut some social
function, clothed as she is now ! I fane*,
her blanket would bo n wet blanket In suoh
a ease���if you will pardon the littio joke."
Lambert sighed. *' Poor Frank ! poor
devil I" he aaid almost under his breath.
" And wherefore poor Frank . Do you
think he or the Armours of (ireyhope   ure
the duy they set font on the Aphrodite, she tho on!y 011C8 ftt 8take in fchJH ? ���#-,,*��� about
kept her place beside Mrs, Armour, sitting t*,-H poor girl., (JnflL tUnfc why hemarried
with her.-thcy walked very little.-unil jier)_*f 0lir gUapiolona are righl,-and then
scarcely ever speaking, either to her nr to -.���,.,.���.,.. hor fee(,ng9 w|���,n ���he wakes to the
the curious passengers. Presently tho pas- j *���,-,-, over t-|er ftS a0ll,et-)nB ���*,e ������ iure t0
Bf llgerB heenmc more inqilisilivc, and made   (*() -�����
many attempts at being friendly ; but these I -fhon Lambert began to see the matter in
received little encouragor. ont It had he-1 ft different light, und hiB sympathy for
come known who the Indian girl was, and Vranola Armour grew less aa hUplty for the
many wild lalos went about M to her mar- [ gjr| jncMMod, tu fact, thedny before they
riago with Francis Armour.   Now it wai  Rot to Southampton he  sworo  at  Armour
Maintained she had saved bin life at. an
outbreak of her tribe ; again, that she hud
found him dying in the woods and had
nursed him hack to life uud health ; yet
again, that she wan achieftainesn, a success'
ful claimant against thc Hudson's Hay Cum
puny���and so on,
Thore wero several on board who knew,
the Armours well hy namo, and two knew
them personally. One was Mr. Edward
Lambert, a barrister of tho Middle Temple
and thu other was Mrs. Townluy, a widow,
a mem her of n well-known Hertfordshiro
family, who, on a pleasant: journey in Scotland, hud met, conquered, and married u
wealthy young American, and had been left
uhiue in thu world, hy uo means portionless,
eighteon months before. Lambert know
Richard Armour well, aud wheu, (run
Francis Armour's solicitor, whom he knew,
he heard, just before they Started, who the
Indian girl was, he was greatly allocked and
sorry. He guessed at once tho motive, tho
mildness of this mnrriage. Hut he kept his
information uud bin opinions mostly to himself, except in no far us it scorned only due
to- friendship to contradict ihe numhcrloss
idle stories going about, After tho first
day at hcu ho cume to know Mrs. Townley,
and when he discovered that they had many
mutual friends and that she knew the
Armours, ho spoke a littio more freely to
her regarding the Indian wife and told her
what lio believed wan the caune ot the
Mra. Townley wns a woman���a girl���nf
uncommon gentleness of disposition, and,in
spite of her trnuhlt-H, inclined to view life
with a sunny eye    Sho had known of
Frank Armour's engagement with Miss
���InliaSherwond, but she had never heard
tho sequel. I this wan tho sei-uol ��� well,
it had to Im faced, Ititt sho was nl
muat tremulous wiih sympathy when she
remembered Mrs. Armour- and   Frank's
gay, fashionable sinter, Marion, and uuii-
teinplntiid tho arrival of thia Indian girl
at I ireyhope. Bho had always liked Frank
Armour, hut ibis made her angry with him:
for, nn second thoughts. Bho was nut mure
sorry for him and lor bis people ihan for
Lib, the wife. She had the true instinct
of womanhood, and hIio supposed that U
heathen like this could have toolings to he
hurt aud a life to ho wou.ided ns herself ur
aiinLlicr. At least she snw whnt was
possible in Ihe future when this Indian girl
oame tn understand her position,���only In
be accomplished by contact with the now
life, no different from her post, Hoth she
ami Lambert decided that nhe was very line-
look ing, not wi thnt and im: her cnatume. She
was slfin and well built, with modest bust
and shapely feet und ankles, Hor eyes were
large, meditative nud Intelligent, her feu*
turiM distinguished. Sho waB a goodly product of her race, boing descended from a lino
of chiefs ami chieftaincsses���broken only in
the oase of her grandfather, as we have said,
Hur hands (the two kindly Inquisitors de
cided) were almost her liest point. They
were perfectly mado, slim yet plump, tiu
lingers tapering, tho wrist supple. Mrs,
Townley then nnd there decided that the
girl had possihilitiea. But here alio wns, nn
Indian, with few signs of civilization or
that breeding which aeema to whito people
the only breeding fit for earth or heaven.
Mrs. Townley did not need Lambert's
suggestion that she diould try and approach
the girl, make friends with her, and prepare
her iu some slight degree for the strange
career l)cforo her.
Mrs. Townly hud an infinite amount of
tact. She know it wan best to approach
the attendant drat. Thin she did, nud, to
the surprise of other lady-passengom,
received nn rebuff. Her advance wan nut,
however-rapid, Mackenzie had had her
instructions. When she found that Mm.
Townley knew Francis Armour and hia
people, ahe thawed a little more and then
very hesitatingly, she introduced her to the
more than onco^ and wasanxiousconcerning
the reception of tho heathen wifo by her
white relatives.
Had he been present at a certain scene
at Greyhopn a day or two beforo, ho would
havo heon still more anxious. It wns the
custom, at breakfast, for Mrs. Annum- to
open her husband's letters and road them
while ho wan engaged with Ids newspaper,
ami hini I to him afterwards those that were
important. This morning Marion noticed a
letter from Frank among tho pile, and,
without a Wprd, pounced upon it. She was
curious���ns any woman would be���to aee
how he took Miss Sherwood's notion, Her
father wns deep iu hi-* paper ut tho time.
Hor mother wns rending other letters,
Marlon l-end the tirst few lines with n feeling of almost painful wonder, tho words
wero bo curious, cynical, and cold.
Richard sat opposite her. He also was
engaged with his paper, but chancing to
glance Up, he saw that she was becoming
vory pale, an I that the letter trembled in
her fingers, lteing a little short-sighted
ho was not near enough to soo the handwriting. He did not speak yet. Ho watched, Presently, seeing her grow more excited, he touched hor foot under thu table.
Sho looked up, and caught his eye, She
gasped slightly. Sho gave him a warning
look nnd turned nwny from hor mother.
Then she wun ton reading tothe bitter end.
Presently n little cry escaped hur ngttiust
her will. At thnt her mother lookod up,
hut she only saw her daughter's back as she
rose hurriedly from the tabic, saying that
she would ret urn in n moment. Mrs. Arm*
our, however, hud l>ecn stnitled. She know
that Marion had been reading a letter, nnd,
with n mother's instinct, her thoughts were
instantly on Frank. Shn spoke ipiickly,
almost sharply : " Marion, uuinu hore."
Kichard had risen. Hoenmernuudthotablo
and, as the girl obeyed her mother, took the
bitter from lier lingers and hastily ((lancnil
over L. Mra, Armour came forward and
took her daughter's arm, "Marion," she
said, "there is sumelhing wrong���with
Prank.   Whnt is it';"
General Armour wan now looking up nt
them all, curiously, queslioningly, through
his glasses, Ida paper laid down, his hands
resting on the table.
Marion could not answer. She was sick
with regret, vexation, and shame : nt tho
lirst Hush death-���for Frank���hud been preferable to this. She had a considerable
store of vanity; sho was not very philosophical, lli-sules, she was not married ; nnd
what Captain Vidall, her devoted admirer
ami possible husband, would think of
this heathenish alliance was not n cheerful
thought to her. She choked down a sob,
and waved her hand towards Kichard to
answer for her. He was pale too, hut cool.
He underitood the ense instantly ; ho mado
up Ina mind instantly also na to what ought
to he���must he���done.
" Well, mother," ho said, "it ia about
Frank, Hut ho is all right; that is, ho is
alive ami well���in body. Hut he hns arranged a hateful little embarrassment for
un.    .    ,    .    Ho is married."
" Married 1" said his mother, faintly.
"Oh- pour Lady Agnes 1"
Marion sniffed i. liltlo viciously at this.
" Married ! Married 1" said his father.
"Well, what about it? ch T what ubout
The mother wrung her hands, "Oh; 1
know it is something dreadful���dreadful I
he haa married aome humble wild person,
or something."
Kichard, miacrabte as he was, remained
bn. "Woll," said he, "I don't know
about her being horrible ; Frank Is silent
nn that point; but she is wild onnugh,���n
wild Indian, in fact!"
Indian Indian ! Good God, a red
nigger!" cried General Armour, harshly,
starting to his feet.
pressed his lips hard to  keep  down his
" Oh, how could he 1 how could hei"
said his mother : " we meant everything
for the bes'-."
" It is always dangerous business meddling with lovers' affairs," rejoined Richard, "Lovers take themselves vory seriously indeed, and���woll, hern the thing is 1
Now, who will go and fetch her from Liverpool T-���I should Buy that both my father
mil mother ought toga" Thus Kichard
tnnk it for granted that they would receive
Frank's Indian wife into their home, He
intended that, sn fur as he wus concerned
thure should be no doubt upon tho question
from tho beginning.
"Nover 1 she shall never come hero !"said
Marion, with flashing eyes ; "a common
squaw, with greasy hair, und liluukets, and
big mouth, and black teeth, who eati with
her lingo* s and grunts I If sho does, if the
Is brought to (ireyhope, I will nover show
my face in tho world again. Frank im-tiried
the animal: why does he ship her home to
us? Why didn't ho come with her 1 Why
docs,he not take her to a homo of his own,
und not send her here to turn nur house into
a menagerie ?"
Marion drew her skirt back, as if tho
common squaw, with hor hla-ikets and
greaso, was at thnt moment nenr.
" Well, you seo," continued Richard,
* that is just it. As I said, Frank nrrangod
thin little complication with a trilling
amount of malice. No doubt he didn't
come with her, bccaime he wished to test
the family loyalty and hospitality ; hut a
posteript to this letter suys that his solicitor has instructions to meet his wife at
Liverpool and bring her on here in case we
fad to show her proper courtesy."
General Armour here spoke. " Ho has
carried the war of retaliation very far indeed, but non do mad things when their
blood is up, as I nave seen often. That
doesn't alter our clenr duty in the mat ter.
If the woman wero had, or ahamoful, it
would bo a different thing ; if-���"
Marlon interrupted: "Sho hns ridden
bareback across the continent liko a jockey,
-���and sho wears a blanket, and alio doosu't
know a word of English, and nho will sit on
the floor I"
*' Well," said her father, " all these
things are not sins, and she must he taught
" Joseph, how can you t" said Mrs. Armour, indignantly. "She cannot, she
shall nut como here. Think of Marion t
think of our position 1" She hid her troubled tear-stained face behind her handkerchief. At the same time she grasped hor
husband's hand. She knew that he was
right. She honored lnm in her heart for
the position he had taken, but she could
not resist the natural impulse of a woman,
where her taste und convention wore shocked.
The old man was very pale, but there
wns no mistaking his determination.
He hnd been moro indignant than any of
them at first, but he had an unusual sense
of justice when he got face to face with it,
as Richard had here helped him to do,
"Wo do not know that tho woman hns done
any wrong," he said. "Ab for our namo
and position, they, think God 1 are where
a mad marriage cannot unseat them. We
have hnd much prosperity in thc world,
my wife; wo havo had neither death nor
dishonor; ws "
" If this isn't dishonor, father, what is ?"
Marion flashed out.
He answered calmly, "My daugtter.it
is a great misfortune, it will probably he a
life-long trial, but it is not necessarily dishonor."
" Vou never can mako a scandal less hy
trying to hide it," said Richard, backing up
his father. " It is all protty awkward, hut
I dure any wo shall get some amusement nut
of it iu ihe end,"
" Kichard,'' said his mother through her
tears, "you are flippant and unkind 1"
" Indeed, mother," was his reply, " 1
never was more serious in my life. When I
spoko of nmusoment, I meant comedy merely, noi fun,���the thing that looks like tragedy and has a happy ending. That is what
I mean, mother, nothing more."
" Vou ure always so very deep, Richard,"
remarked Marion, ironically, "nnd care so
very little how the rest of us feol about
things. You havo no family pride. If you
had married a squaw, we shouldn't have
heen surprised. You could huve camped in
the grounds with your wild woman, ami
never have lieen missod���by the world," sho
hastened to add, for she saw a sudden pain
in his face,
He turned from thom all a little wearily,
and limped ovor to the window. He stood
looking out into tho limes where ho and
Frank had played when hoys. He put liis
fingor up, his unhandsome finger, and caught
away some moisture from his eyos. He did
not dare to let thorn sen his face, nor yet to
speak, Marion had out deeper than she
knew, and ho would ourry tho wound for
many a day bofore it healed.
Hut his ajator felt instantly how cruel she
had been, us sho saw him limp awuy, nud
caught sight of the bowed shoulder-iand the
premnturoly gray hair. Her heart smote
her, sho run over, aud impulsively put her
limn la ou ins shoulder.    " f Hi,   Dick," sho
stitutions ; ua inatai.ee in point is
Lewis I). Blundin, a resident of Hulme*
ville, Bucks 0'., Pu. In relating his expel iecces and what he had suffered in
consequence ofthe hardships he had en*
countered I)r, Blundin Baid :���
" I was born at Hridgewatcr, Penna.,
1S41, and went through the war as private,
sergeant and hocpitnl steward in Company
C, '2Sth Pennsylvania Volunteers. My
service wan active, and while in (loorgia I
had an attack ot typhoid fever, which lelt
me weak aud a ready victim for future
disease. My kidneys were then nll'ected
und this finally developed iutospinat trouble,
which lasted ilnoiich my army service. In
I Mill I was mustered out with an honorable
di* charge und entered tho Jelleraan Median! College us . student. In dun time I
Srailiiated and removed to Mnnnyunk. One
uy, after 1 hnd graduated, I wns lying on
a sofa at my home lu Mnnuyuuk, when '
felt a eold sensation In my lower limbs m
though the blood had suddenly left them.
When I tried tn move them 1 wns horrified
at lho discovery that I was paralyzed from
my hips to my toes. The paralysis was
complete nnd a pin or n pinch of the
flesh cnusod mc no pain. I could not move
<��� m����lfl. I .-allurl i.i 1),-. William Todd,
nf Philadelphia. Hu nmili- ��. careful and
exhaustive examination nf my case, sound*
im/ nnd testing, and finally announced that
my trouble was caused by inflammation of
tho spinal cord, nnd that I would likely
have another stroke of paralysis. 1 consulted Dr. I. W. Gross and Dr. Paucnost,
of Jefferson College. Philadelphia, with the
samo result, I called in Dr. Moorehouuo, of
Philadelphia, who Said thut no amount of
mediumo would ovor prove of lho slightest
benefit tn mo.
"Ono day last September I decided to
try Dr. Williams' Pink Pills for Pale People.
I sent for nne box. I had always been
troubled with a sort of vertigo after my first
stroke of paralysis to such an extent thnt
when I got out of my bed my head would
swim, and I had dilliculty in saving myself
from fulling. My appetite was had, digestive organs ruined, and no assimilation of
fond. In addition to my many other ailments, rheumatism held u prominent place.
Hy lho time I had finished the first box of
"'ink Pills I was comparatively freo from
Iiobq minor ills. My appetilo returned,
the digestive organs got down to their daily
grind and tho rheumatism disappeared. 1
wai much encouraged and immediately son1,
for half u dozen boxes of tho Pink Pills.
Relief followed upon relief with astonishing
rapidity. First, one ailment would disappear, then iinolhur, until the pills got to
work upon the foundation stones of my
trouble���paralysis. I felt u sense of exhilaration and lhe general eflect was beneficial,
becoming more so each day. Noting this
fuel, I increased  lhe dose from one to two
fills after ench meal for a fow days. Beforo
had taken the six boxes of Pills, I wns sitting in my chair one afternoon, when I felt
n curious sensntion in my left foot. Upon investigation, 1 found it had flexed, or, in
other words, become movable, and I could
move it. From that time on my improvement was steady and it was not long before
I was walking around on ernlclus with
little or no discomfort. It was three years
before taking the Pink Pills that I had been
able to use the crutches at any time. My
health is daily Improving and I feel euro
thai Piuk Pills hnvo dono me moro goo]
thnn all tho doctors und all the medicine in
the country and as they aro not costly I can
candy afford the treatment*.
Dr. Blundin tells of another remarkable
cure effected by the uso of Pink Pills. Ono
of his comrades in the army was Lewis J,
Allan, of 1 Sal tie Creek, Michigan, who hns
been a sufferer from rheumatism nil his life,
Mr. Allan is a grandson of I'.ihan Allan of
revolutionary fame, "I know," said Dr,
Blundin, "that Mr. Allan could not lift his
arms to his head, or even his hands to his
mouth,because of chronic rheumatism." He
rend in u Detroit paper of n wonderful cure
made by Pink Pills and bought some. His
ouro was sudden and complete. Knowing
thnt I was a sufferer trom rheumatism,along
with my other ills, he wrote mo about his
recovery and advised mo to try them. I
was thon using them. He said he hnd perfect
control of his arms and hands nnd could
uso them frocly wiithnut experiencing any
pain. He added thut as a ouro for rheumatism the pills wero the most complete in
tho wnrld. My case alone proves thut, fnr
I am confident thnt my greatly lencfiled
condition is duo solely to the nseofDr,
Williams' Pink Pills for Palo People."
Sworn to before me this lAth day of
May, 1803.
Oborgk Harrison, Notary Public.
Dr. Williama' Pink Pills uro a porfoot
blood builder nnd nerve restorer, curing
such discuses ns rheumatism, neuralgia,
partial paralysis, locomotor ataxia, St,
Vitus' dance, nervous headache, nervous
prostration nnd the tired feeling therefrom,
the after effects of la grippe, diseases do-
pending on humors in tho blood, such us
scrofula, chronic erysipelas, etc, i'ink
Pills give n healthy glow to pale nnd sallow
complexions nnd nre n specific for the troubles peculiar to tho female system, and in
the case of men they eflect a radical euro In
all cases arising from mental worry, overwork, nr oxccbscs of any nature.
These Pills nro mauulncturod by tho Dr.
Williams' Medicine Company, Hrockville,
Gut., nnd Scheiiectmly, N. V,, nnd are sold
only in boxes hearing the firm's trado mark
nnil wrapper, nt fiO cts. n box or six boxes
for$2,��), Hear In mind that Dr. Williams
Pink PHIb are never sold in hulk, or by tlio
dozen or hundred, any denier who offers
subntitutus in this form is trying tn defraud
you nnd should he avoided. The public are
nlso cautioned against nil othor f.o cal hul
blood buildors and mi vo tonics, no mutter
��� An Important Scientific Discovery-
*��������� Nerviline,   lhe   latest   discovered   pain
PrA-trrerts or lhe lace Ih Provlillnx   tor  remedy, may safely challenge thu world for
lis Halt-rial ''--nt'ori. a substitute   that   will   us   speedily   and
Envelopes wore fiwt made in 1839, and F������ptly check inllnminntory notion. The
sold for 10c to 23c upiece. They are now hig ily penetrating properties of Norvilino
aold at from two u five for a cent. II?,ik<! lfc nover f**--**-*B in --������ cases of rheuma-
,^ , -   , .        t.* *   u-    i     i   t-*"11- neuralgia, crampj, pains iu the back
��� -UyB:wo/>d8 were first brought to Bog and am* ftj(- hca,,ach u[lnh* otc. rt p08.
in 1650. -j*!f"^f^r'eBofk8iand senses marked stimulating and counter
alone used $10,000,000 worth. irriUnt propert-eBi aIld at JnM 81lbdueB ,U
Tea was first brought into Europe from inflammatory action. Ormnud & Walsh,
the East in 1610. In 1891 Europe uud drugguts, Peterhoro', write : " Our cus-
America consumed 450,000,000 pounds. tomers speak well of Nerviline."   Large
Lightning rods first surmounted dwellings bottles 25 cents. Try Nerviline, tho great
in 1752. Now every house is protected,eaoh internal aud external pain cure. Sold by
commonly having threo or four. all druggists and country dealers.
The first iron ship was launched in 18,10; Locomotives were first used in 1814 ; now
now the carrying power of the world's iron the world has 90,000, and 0400 more are
shippinir exceeds .16,000,000 tons. built every year.
Tho blast furnace was devised in 1S42. In An- you think In-- ��r sending j itnr yonna
1890 the United States alone made 9,000,000 lM*o*ilc to srhoul? ir mi, reuil the nilv. or
tons of iron nnd 4,277,000 of Bteel. i Plek��rl���� (^lle-conml semi Tar culrmlur.
���i*l   a   .     -i i_ .    ., ��� ���! In I'iSO the first earriai'e wns  brought to
Tho first milch cow eaine to this con tin*   ���-������,,.,, ,������,��� ,.,���,���     t-f, *���,������, ,., ���?���,���,.���
.-     i.i.i.     *.i ���    .i      it    .   i ui  . iMlg and Iruni t'ranco.    lu  low there were
ont in 1499.    Now, in the  United States,   ,���������(-��������������� in ,,������
there nro 10,010,501, valued at S.11I(,.)00,(H)0..     ,
.        , j ,     .   i-    iuooi.. xi.        Dr.    Hnrveys   Southern    ted Pino   ior
Accord nnn were invented in   S'JO by Air. ' , i     ��� -   -   ,- ������ ��� ��� ���
n....- t \'- i     X,rV\    I'L.r. .    coughs nnd colds ih tho most reliable  and
Watts' patent for a Steam engine wan is- | ])��� lu���, a|iuW'weo.ls to grow up nnd seed
sued in 1709. The steam eiiginus uf lho ft���,ong tho polutoos after thoy nre ripe. A
world to-dny exorcise 5(1,000,000 horse pOW fow .V00)iH oft0Il .,r.,duco many hundred
or* see 1 which it will requite extra work later
Matches were first invented in 18,10, and   to de.iirov.
it is estimated that 75,000.000 a day arc j Thirty Yours' Fxporieaoe
burned hy the people of the United States,) ���  ti.xiiln.: all otironlndtsoaioa'alvos positive
Electric railroads are not ten yoars old ;   \\r,li>'' ���������;������ ,,'r'M,,1V ^0\di^ |lli*-l...;eiielici arc
., ,,���.-��� t.i  .HiL.ii     -i       -   Hi"    be-    lctiieill'i.   Send    pOSlfll  curd   for
now thore aro,is.i lines, with.I!)S0 miles of ll()llk ,-,,���.,,��� ),r. w. n.-ar, room 10. flermttl
track, and with n capital stock of 9160,000,'
Tho Runk of England, the first on the
modern plnn, was instituted in 11195 ; now
u-n banking capital of lho word is t'."i,lil7,-
Itlai'kiii*.* for hoots wns invented in 18110,
nmi now the manufneturersin this country
and England sell over $4,000,000 worth a
Tho first horse wns brought to this continent in I51S. Now there are, in the United
Stntes alone, 14,051],750, valued at Still,-
Pianos were invented in 1711. Competent authorities now declare lhat .100 nro
made during Iho hours of every working,
day in the year.
Potatoes first appear in history in 150.1,
In istlj the United Slates raised 2ll|,(KK),.
0(H) bushels. Iu 18S4 the world raised 79,
000,000 tons.
The first horso railrond was mado in 1829.
Now every country town has its street car
lino nnd even Consiuntiiioplo and Jerusnlcm
have such facilities.
Lithographing wan first made practical
1801. It is nt present so cheap that wall
posters of almost uny size can he executed
at a trivial price.
Twenty-five yoars ugo electricity as a mechanical power was unknown. Now $9iH),*
000,000 aro invested iu various kinds of electrical machinery.
The first steamship crossed tho Atlantic
in 1818. There nre nowscvonty liiiesof innil
steamers. In 1888 thore were I07.L17 steam
vessels on the high sens.
Thofirit practical Hcwing-mnchino wns
invented iu 1811. In 18S8 there were tilHi,-
000 made in iho United Stntes, able to do
the work of 7,200,000 women,
lOnk If iv	
iroouo, Toronto, Ont Mention this pnpo
Tho nuiliue dyiM were  Invented in   1820,
nud now over $7,000,000 worth nreaniiuall
lined in the United Stales.
A. P. 071.
is oftentimes absolutely
cured in its earliest stages
by the use of that wonderful
Food Medicine,
which is now  in  high;
repute thc world over.
Genuine preo-m-il t��y (Scott A llowBe,
nolli-villt-.   Bold lijf all droggUU.
X. utiiiiveedouled faalilies (or iieonirinK a
thorou-*li knowledge ot I'mim-* in all il-
bmnenosj also intents fur llie MeDowoll Draft
" I have been a great
Asthma. sufferer from Asth
ma aud severe Colds
every Winter, and last Fall my
friends as well as myself thought
because of my feeble condition, and
great distress from coustaut coughing, and inability to raise auyofth-
accumulated matter from my lungs,
that my time was close at hand.
When nearly worn out for want of
���;leep and rest, a friend rccomineud-
cd me to try thy valuable medicine,
Boschee's German
Gontle, Syrup.   I am  con-
������-_,.���,,,���_    fideut  it saved my
Sloop. dose gave me great
relief and a gentle refreshing sleep, such as t had not had
for weeks. My cough began iminedi-
aiely to loosen and pass away, aud
I found myself rapidly gaining in
health and weight. 1 am pleased
to Inform tUce���unsolicited���lhat I
am in excellent hc.i'.'.'i and do C.'-'
taiuly attribute it t> l.iy Hosc'.'.ce's
German Syrup,   C. *.'.. S*iei:.**sv,
l-it-ton. On
Every MUfclcTonchor inl'a-
nnilii (mould know wbeiv they
caii Rot their Music onoapesb
Writoua for CataloeUi-Bt nlso
B;itu->li'< eiifiv of tho Canadian
MnsioiAN.a live monthly Journal with 11.00 worth of muslo
In each Issue- ?:i to *'* por day
ininli'bv canvassers. 8eei*rem-
iutn list, Wo rnrry everything
lu llie Music line.
Quinine, the active principle of Peruvian j u��"iUchtaii. Wriio for cireuiar-��.i-.':i Yone�� St
hark, wns discovered In  1820,   In  1HSS	
there woro produced 12,000,000 pounds of If YOU WOULD SAVE TIME AND MONEY
bark ami 200,000 pounds of t-ninino.
The firat. lift;!mat wn** Iminohoil in 1302.
mini is on ills   Hiioumer.     ---hi,    in'h.,    biiu       ,---- t        - ���       '     nt-
said, " fnrolvo me, Diek I I didn't mean It, | w, *f '-�������" ���"������y ,w B-von them. I hoy nro
1 was angry and foolish and hateful-" H�� �����- Im tatloni whoso mikors hope to roan a
took mm of bur bamiH ns it rested on his  pwunlary advantage from    ho wonderful
' re-iuiatiiiii arhieved hy Dr. Willinms rink
Tills. Ask your denier for Ur. Williams'
Pink  Pills for   l'ale Peoplo nnd refuse  all
���houlder, Khe standin-* partly hthind him,
and raised it to hid lips, but he did not turn
to her ; he could not,
" It is all i i-jht, it is all right," he said
" It doesn't make nny  dillercnuu.    Let us
think of Frank nnd whnt wo hnve got to do,
I,el un -timid togulher Marion; lhnt is best,"
Kill hor tears wore dropping nn his
shoulder, an her forehead rested nn her hand.
He knew now lhat, whntcvor Frank's wife
was, she would not hnve an absolute enemy
hero; for when Msron cried her heart wna
soft. Mho wns clay iu lho hands of the potter whom wo call Mercy,���moro often a
stranger to the hearts of women than of
men. At the .other side ofthe room also
the father and mother, tearless now, wnteh-
od ihonc two; and the mother saw her duty
better, and with less rebelliousness. She
hnd felt it from the first, hut sho could not
bring her mind to do It. They held ench
other's hands in Rilence. Presently General
Armour said, "Richard, your mother nnd I
will go to Liverpool to meet our son's wife."
Marion shuddered a Utile, and her hands
closed on Richard's shoulder, but ahe said
{to he ('ontinuk]).)
A Thief it si. i-mti Hei* Away With Fifty
llimi-mi-'l Hollars.
A St. Paul special says :-���At noon to
day a dating thief stole n hag cuutnining
$50,000 iu gold, which wns lyiii-* ni
lho window of the receiving teller
of the First National Hank. Tlie
ling had hoen sent over to tho clearing
house by tho Merchants' National, nnd was
lying just, inside the roceiving toiler's window. Au unknown man stepped up to the
winnow, seized the hag, mndc off with it,
aud escaped before pursuit could be organ
i/eb.   There ia uo trace of then-bum*.
imitations and sub*-titiii��-s.
Dr. Willinms' Pink Pills may he hnd of
nil druggists, or direct by mall from Dr.
Williams' Mcdieiiie ('nmpa y from either
nddiess. The price at which these pillHarc
sold makes a course of treatment comparatively inexpensive as compared with othor
remedies or medical treatment.
A Hhuki-kIIo-i as lo How lo  It Id III* House
nr Thnn.
There are always a few extromcly annoying Hies that scorn to linger, as il were, in
the lap of summer. They nre anything but
welcome visitors, and nre diliyent spreaders
nf disease. They come huz/.iiii* about tho
houso and nlight on the food, after having
skirmished around all sorts of evil plncos.
They ily n eonsiderable dlatnuce, an.) mm
hns nn security that yesterday or this
morning they were not in some adjacent
neighborhood, circling nround somo contagious disease patient. They may bo killed
vory cn-uly by folding a large newspaper
until il is ahoul four or five inches wide nnd
hnlf the length of thc page. With this nnd
a little practice one may striken Ily nnd hit
it nine times out of ten. Five minutes of
diligent attention will almost clenr the
eursc nf l hef-e pfstB, and if this is persisted
iu every day or two, or throe time** a day
if o ceasion ro-juires, thoro will be no reason
for complaint of theqo unwelcome visitors,
No Disappointment
Can arise from the use of Iho groat sure pop
com cure��� Putnam's Painless Corn Fxtrac-
tor. Putnam's Extractor removes corns
painlosaly ir. a few days. Take no substitute.   At druggists.
The United States now has LM'J lifo-saving
stations, nnd since is;i the lifeboats on our
coast have saved IR.Otl lives.
Agon ts everywhere,
Two Young Hen Cnrrleil lo llie WimmI-i nnil
"4ionc Thro-i-tli.
A Battle Creek special Bays:���Wednesday afternoon '-.ohert Case nnd Joseph
Spanker, two young men from Saginaw,
camo to this city nnd woro captured near
tho Chiongo nud Grand Trunk railway by
trnmps and taken lo tho woods on the bunks
ot tho Kalnmn/oo, where they were robbed
of their watches and what money they hail ^	
on their persons.    The former lost a gold j Best illthe W0i'!fl!ftff%P �� (*|F
watch nnd the bittern sihvr one.      Ihey   _   ,   ,.      n il "ML H mL
were on their way to Chicago.    Thoy wero ' Bet tlie Ueflliine -JlKP|| JiP
detained as prisoners in the woods by  the j Sold E VBrVWl.Bl fi 'WI IbR Vfc
trnmps until evening, when Case got nway
from them nnd notified the ollieers,    Thore
wero 10 tramps in the gang.   This pat-tie-
ular piece of woods is the general head*
quarter*-for tnimp.i.    It in in thc vicinity
ot  tho Chicago and Grand Trunk yards
where all trains start from, nnd they secrete
themselves thero until night,   when they
steal their ride on freight trains.    As mntiy
ns SO enngregate here nt ouo time.
A si'iiad of police went up last night nnd
arrested several of the gang. Case nnd
Spanker could nut identify hul onc of them, I
a young hoolblack from Ivnlnmnzoo hy tho '
name of John Kavaiiaugh. The olhers
wero discharged and Kavaiiaugh hold fur
dial, Kavaiiaugh claims that the fellows
who rohhed the young men were four thugs
from Detroit, who had boon to tho Sturgis
raccB, and that they held up several men
and robbed thom while thoro, Tho trnmp
question is becoming more serious every
Lodge Heal-*, Selion! Seals, (WW and Hank
i-Unmp-*, siuni**- uf every description.
in kin-- ftlreel West. Toronto.
���.���.Write for t'lrculnr.-i.
Sold Everywhere^
That people would hnvo been regularly using
our Toilet, Soapi ��lnee 1815 (forty-sovon Ions
years) If they had nol boon (1001)1 Tho iiiihlin
are not; fools and do not continue to buy -'nod-*
unless they nro satisfactory.
To think that you must
wear   wide,   illlnnhing
shoes to havo (.omfort.
Our   hIioim   are   both
easy ami elegant
nieo  to look at
while in wear.
Tlio J. ]).  K1NU CO. Ltd.,
Miss Florence Nightingale recently celebrated hot* "ill(I birthday, Although for
mi ny years o mimed to her house by eon-
stitit ill-health, she is cesselossly al work
for the welfare of hor fellow-creatures.
" Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pick led
Peppers," was a line of allitnrntivo nonsense,
thul the children used to sny. Nowadays
they enn prnctlcc on the Perfect, Painless,
Powerful Properties of Piercu'a Plonsant
Purgative Pellets, it. will impress a fad
which will Im useful to know. These Pellets cure sick headache, bilious attacks,
indigestion, constipation and all nlmnach,
liver nnd bowel troubles. They are tiny,
sugar coaled pills, easy to take, and, as a
laxative, one is sulllciont for n dose. No
more groans and gripes from tho old drasllc
remedies ! Pierce's Purgative Pellets aie
as painless as Ihoy are perfect In their effects.
The power loom was Invented in 1788* In
1885 Groat llrluin had .101,00:) in operation.
The High Speed Family Knitter
- - Will knit id |m|H ��ni*k�� p*r
_iln>*. Will tin nil work nny
lulu pirniliir knlitltiir iiim-lilnu
rill do. from homcinun nr fn*-
tnry yarn. Tin* mosl prnctlofll
fuiiiiiy knitter on thn market, a
chllil    can   operate It     Kir'Uii*.
Dniutilc,    Htni|ile,    llnpiil.     Wn
jrtiiirniiii-** every mflohlno to ii"
good wort*. Ilo write nr Imltnuont'.
_        .   .   Audits wnntcd.    Wrltu (or par
Dirndls Knitting Ma**hlne Co., Dundas, Ontario.
for sale by the Sunt Paul
^^^^^^_m^ A Dui.uth Railroad
Compant In MiuncBOla,  Scud for Maps and Clrou-
Urs, They will bo sent to you
A Veteran's Story
Mr. Jour-ill llf-in-
luerlf h, ;m old soldier.
fi2l> K. Mlllh St., N. V.
City, writes ns voluntarily. In 1802, nt tho
battle of Pair Oaks, hn
wns stricken with
t-|thoi-| fever, and
nfier a long struggle in
hospitals, lusting sev*
oral years, wus discharged us fncurnblo
with Consumption.
Doctors ��ald both lungs were nlfeclcd and hn
could not livo long, hut n comrade nrgetl him
to try Hood's Harsapiirllla. Before ho hnd .
finished ouo liottle liis cnu-'li began to get louse, I
tho choking sensntion left, nnil night sweats I
grew less and less. He U now In good health
nnil cordially recommends
Hood's Sarsaparilla
ns n general bland purifier and tonic nuili-
f-int*, especially to his comrades iu the O. A. It,
HOOD'B PlLL8 '"����� bund nmdo, and nro par
teat in coupoiitiun, proportion and ^npuaraneo.
Jos. llenimei-leli.
I-MidCoiiimiHflloiier.Bt, Paul, Minn,
Grants Diplomas   in Commercial   Solonoo
Music, Kino Arts,   Kloeutiun  and   Collegian-
tsr Oanmdatoa prepared for Matriculation
nnd for every grade of Teachers'  Cerl illeale-i.
Will reopen
Send for Oalonflar,   Address
K.O.C. la specially
prepared for the cure
of indigestion aud dyspepsia Cure gunrtm-
Iced, Try it, ami he
convinced nf its lireat
Your machinery with etc., standard nud
Machine Oil
Wo will givo a substantial reward to anyone bringing un profit of other Oil luring
sold nn our peei'lQSS machine oil,
NoilO genuine except from pnekages
hearing full brand, and one unme, nud sold
only by reliable mid regular dealers.
Solo manufacturers.
Prom all stations in Ontario, Return Rates to
SI'.W <1L4K4'��W, N.I , �� AVUM,
or 127 STA Th" BT��� BOSTON, MASH.
Mention this paper,
Free sample mailed to any address,
IMPROVED central Toronto Properties lo
exchange for furiii lands, Money to loan.
Heti'lv, lllitr 1(t��Kick. Krslilll A ���* luul-vlcl',
A3 Wellington Street K.Toronto.
rilKACIIKKSnudoltl-r Scholars can maki .
I money enn va-wing for 'Kaniier.-t' Friend j
nnil Account Hook." Send for circulars. Wll.- |
I IIH WHIIl'-H. 1'iihH-her'l'ni-in-lii. |
Entevnn    ���
MooRomln J
Ronton      '
MooseW}   $3000
Yorkton   I
?&ry ) $3500
Albert /
Kilinoiitnn     $4Q 00
AUO. IS, raturii until OCT 15
AUO. 82. "      " OCT. 2J
BHPT.   6.        "      "        NOV. li
I'.iTtji-H ttotrolln-fi'om other point. hIiodI*
hit iifpi tn nrrlvo nt Toronlo in time to oon
I tj Willi tint I0il0p.in. train   mi above-
Aftor ��ve rears'sn
i.-nie; from l)--|ie,isl
Illy wife cut entirely
curod In one monib by
Ibe rreouseof
Tbe happy transition it
In-ill*'-' I" jrrnnil und permanent. We prit-.o St.
Leon snliiKhlv we   will
tako pleasure tn nittwor
iiu* a n j* 'Iw'Ulrlus.
JOBKI'll I'lllt'K,
-lit)  I'ovciicmirL   ItO'id,
Tto'el tin-v  (-pen.
KI.  A, Thomas,   Mgr.
Hrnneh -' "110 Vongo
Rubber Stamps
Queen City RubborSlamj) Works, Toronto,
Pickering College
'   A high grade Boarding School for both sexes,'
Konr   ile]tarlnioitb���I'repamtory, Cnlle-fitilo,
Cnininereiiil and Kino   \r\*.    Mf-hl l-\p<-rl
eiiceil Tenclinr* Terms -l-roparatori* 9U0-00,
rct-ulor Jilif-.W! per annum.     Ueaiiliful uml
hoalthy location.   Send for calendar to
1'iokuriin- On,
Iet Me SttEor Whut is BrquiBED.  Will Send Vou
Price. Goods ure seiit BV MAIL, recisteriu,
Correct and Cheap.
��� HaiiilKlninprarllliiHtnilKl n..ak ������
OHAS. C*X.,*LTI-|**EX*E���
Suroioal Maoriiiist, 134 Kind Street w, Toronto THE  COMOX
|   Agricultural and Industrial Association
JosKl'H MoPhke, Courtenay,   ��� President.
A. UK.,uiiAHT,Comoxl^Vr'-f Vim-President,
Rubkrt Grant, Union, 2nd Vice-President.
Wm. Duncan, Sandwick,   - *  Treasurer,
M. WniTSRY, Courtenay   ���    -   Secretary,
John MirsDErx, Sandwick.
das. Mt'Ki.M, Courtenay,
Al.KX McMillan, Iteiimaiilslantl.
S. -I. I'ikiw'V, Sandwick.
fluoitiiK Heath kruki.i., Hornby  I-flall I.
Wm. linen, Coniox.
Alien. Miu n-AN, Sandwick.
AitTiin.K I.��� Name.
'   This Society shall he called The Comox
Agl'icultral mnl Industrial Asioomtion.
AltTKU.K l\.���Object.
See. 1. Il ihall be (be object of this association to encourage the cultivation of the
loll and tho (-enernl development of all
the agricultural resonruea nf the ilislriet.
Sec, 'J.���To foster every branch of mechanical and household arlscalculatod toinorease
the happiness of home.
See. It,���To extend and facilitate the
various branches of milling, mining, Hahing,
snd all imlusiriea, whether commercial or
Aktht.k m.���iVnmf.
Sec. 1,���Tho names nf all members ahall
he registered in a book knot hy the .Secretary for the purpose and tho annual foe of
membership Hhall he *?*.'.:'iO which shall also
entitle members to compete for prizes of
the association without auy charges or entrance fees.
Seo. 2,���Any person may become a member
fnr life hy lho payment of $'25. {twenty-five
Sac II,���'Any person being a member of
- this association ahall he eligible to office,
entitled tn vote, receive a printed copy of
tho constitution and auoh othor matter aa
tlie association may publish, and have free
admiaulon to all the exhibitions of the association.
3ec. 1.���Tho ollieers of the association
shall consist of a president, two vico-presi-
dents, a secretary and a treasurer, who
with S others shall constitute a board of 13
directors. At any meeting of the board
five shall constitute a quorum.
Sec,'J.���At the meeting ol organization
under this constitution there shall bo elected hy ballot eight directors and the officers
mentioned in Sec. 1 of Article IV who shall
constitute the first board. Tlm association
at its annual mooting thereafter shall elect
the full board of 13 directors,who upou thoir
first meeting, ahall elect from their own
number the other officers of the assoeiation.
The officers and directors shall hold office
until the firat nf November following their
election, Tho board may fill any vacancy
occurring in the hoard of officers.
Sec, .'I,���The board of directors shall meet
on the first Tuesday of April and October
each year, and oftener, if necessary.
AitTiri.l* V.���Ditties of Officers.
Sec, \,���Duties ofthe. President. The
president shall preside at all meetings of the association and hoard and
shall at the written request of five member.-!
of the board call special meetings, shall appoint all committees not otherwise ordered,
���hall vole only ab election nf officers and in
case of a tie, and sign all financial and official doi'iinieuts or papers emanating from
the secretary and not other-vise provided
for, and shall have n general supervision of
all matters pertaining to the interests of
the association and its affairs. In thu absence nf the president and vice-presidents
the asRociatioit may chooso a chairman viva
Voce, unless voting by ballot be required by
two or more members.
Seo. 2.��� Duties of the. Secretary. The
secretary shall cuidnct the enrrcpond*
encc of tho association, keeping in) a
separate boi.l; copies of all letters addressed
to the association, holding the samo freo to
the inspection of any member of the association   at   any   regular   meeting of   lhe
Sec.,'I ���II.! shall nominate his assistant
secretary, such nominee to be sanctioned
by the hoard. Ho shall receive and file all
letters addressed to the hoard. He shall
attend all meetings of the association and
the hoard, keeping a full record of each in
a scpiratn hook and shall, if required, furnish a copy of such proceedings for publication. Ho shall prepare and publish all
notices of meetings, prepare and sign all
gratuitous or complimentary cards,or tickelB
of admission, 'dial I urtunlersign all diplomas,
certificates uf merit, etc., awarded by tho
association antl forward tho same to their
respectivn claimants. Ho shall keep tho
seal and all plates, diea, engraving, etc.,belonging to lho association, and shall cause
tu be struck there frum such medals and
Impressions as may from lime to time be
required. He ahall have charge of all specimens, moulds, plates and books, seals, etc,
arrange, prepare or distribute tho same
under tho direction of the hoard. Ho shall
receive all monies dun or payable to the ni-
���oeiatinu, pay tho samo over to tho Treis-
urer, taking his receipt for the same, shall
hold alt houda tiled by the officers for the
faithful performance ot their duliea and all
vouchers for overy class of expenditure, He
���hall countersign all drafts ordered by the
Hoard or Ktrmiicol 'umiiiillce and reenrd the
names of Life or Annual members in a hook,
kept fnr that purpose,in alphalielical order,
ami shall at thn annual members' meeting
of citi'li year  prepare a tabular statement.
of thn receipt**! and expenditure of the at*
social on, and place (ho Banie in the hands
of tho commit ten <m printing for publication;
ami when required present the simo to the
board. Ile shall prepare all reports tj be
made by the hoard to thu association and
porlorm such other duliea ns the association or the board may require, ami for hla
services he ahall receive stich cnmpenaalion
as the hinr I shall decide to pay
Soo. 4,���Duties of the Trensuter. The
Trr-a-mrer shall receipt fnr all monies
received from the hands of the Secretary or auy other person, shall disburse
tho same, when audited ami allowed hy th
Finance Commit1 ce, on nny order from tho
Secretary, hut this provision ahall not apply
to the premiums on the fair grounds, lint
he nny limn p.-y demands against thc as<
snoiatiim when satisfied of their justice.
Ho ahall nl bo hold iu trust all bonds, notes,
deeds or evidence of debt or possession he-
longing to tho association nnd shall transfer,
invest, or dispose of the Bame only
by dlreotlon ol the nssocial ion or
by written order of lho hoard. He
shall nominate his assistant treasurer,
such nominee to ho sanctioned by lhe
board. He shall, before entering upon the
duties of his office, file with tho Secretary a
bond for i In* faithful performance of his
duties, said bond to bo approved by thc
liu'inl nn I to be in a sum equal to tlm combined amount of funds ou hand in the estimated revenue nf the year. Ho ahall at
each annual meeting mako the board a detailed roport of all his doings during the
year, for which service he shall receive such
compensation na the hoard ahall from time
to time decide lopay.
Seo. fi.���Duties ofthe Hoard of Directors.
The  Board of   Directors shall   have  the
general financial management of the affair
of the association In the interim of annua
meetings. They shall fill vacancies occurring between the elections aud make the
necessary arrangements end preparations
fnr all meetings, fairs, exhibitions, eto.
The board shall also have power to make its
own by-laws (not inconsistent with this
constitution) and arrange the place of holding its own meetings.
AitTiri.K XL���Standing Committee,
Soc, I,���Committee on Finance ahall eon'
aist nf three members of the board to be
elected at the first meeting of the board
after the general election, whose duty it
shall lie to audit tho Treasurer's and Secretary's accounts, to examine and approve
all hills before they are paid, to have a
general supervision of the finances of the assoeiation and report their doings in full to
'he hoard when called upon tu do so.
Sec. 2.--A11 other committees necessary
for the general management of tho association shall be nominated by the president
and approved by the board of directors.
Article VII.���Donations and Bequests.
All donations, bequests and legaciei to
thia association designed by their donors
tor any particular purpose embraced within
the objects of this association shall be with
strict fidelity ao applied, the name of each
donor, together with the description and
amount of such donation aod the object for
which it ie designated, shall be registered in
a book kept for that purpose.
Article Xlll.���Meetings and Exhibitions.
Seo. 1.���The association shall hold an annual exhibition at or near the village of
Courtenay or oftener if the board deem it]
Seo, 2.���The election of directors and of*
floors shall be heldou the day next previous
tothe annual exhibition ; notice of the time
and place shall be given by the board and
fmblishedtwo weeks ina newspapercircu-
ating in aaid district.
Sao. 3.���All officers and directors of the
association ahall be elected by ballot, and
the duties  of  the  new board shall commence on the lirsl of November of each
See. 4,���Special  \Mtttings.   No   special
eeting shall be called but upou two weeks'
notice given and published in aome newspaper circulating in tho district uf Comox,
nor without a request signed by at least
ten members.
See. fi,���It shall not be admissible for any
of this association or at in board of directors.
Sec. 6.��� Quorum. At any meeting of this
association ten members shall constitute a
Article IX.���Amendment*.
Sec, 1.���Amendments must be presented
in writing at an annual meeting wheu if
agreed to by three-fourths of tho members
present shall be adopted.
Article X.��� Voting,
Members only whose dues are fully paid
shall be allowed to vote at any meeting of
the association after the firat meeting.
Article XI.
This constitution shall take effect from
and after its adoption.
Entries.��� The fair grounds will be open
for the reception of all exhibits one day before the commencement of the fair and auy
exhibit may be forwarded to the Secretary
or his assistant, but in no ease will such exhibits be brought on lhe grounds and
placed on exhibition except by and at the
expense of the owner or his authorized
Kkk.ii nm ;St(k'k.���All feed for stock
will have to be provided by tho exhibitor.
There will be hay and feed on the ground
for sale, should auy exhibitor desire to buy
Tm Cuds, section and members ol every I
member to vote by proxy in any meetings  exhibit, together with the name of the ex;
hihitor, shall be entered iuajbook kept for
that purpose, and a, card, the exajtdnplicate
ol the oue in the Society's book, sliall be
attached to each exhibit, with the name^of
the exhibitor omitted and left blank until the Judges have given their decision,
when the Secretary or his assistant shall
write the name of the successful exhibitor
All Exhibits muat be in the show-yard
and buildings, not later than 9.30 a. m., of
the exhibition, after which time the gates
will be elosed and nothing admitted.
No Exhibits will he allowed to be removed from the grounds until the close of
the show.
Exhibitors will at all times give the necessary personal attention to wnatever they
may have on exhibition and at the close of
the show take entire charge of the same.
Though the directors will take every reasonable precaution to ensure the safety of
exhibits, they wish it to be distinctly understood that the owners themselves must
take the risk of exhibiting them. Should any
exhibit be accidentally injured, lost or
stolen the directors will give all the assistance iu their power towards the recovery
of the same but will not make any payment
for the value thereof.
Judo as Attn Tu bir Drain,���The judges
will be appointed by the board of directors
and will receive a notice informing them
of the faot and inviting them to act.
The judges ahall report to the Secretary
on the grounds.
No person shall aot a* judge in auy class
shall be an exhibitor.
io which he ali.il 1
The judge, may distinguish such animals
or exhibits as they may consider deserving
of notice, hut which have not received .
prize,by ticket with the word. Highly Com
In tlie absence of competition iu auy
section, or, ifthe stock or articles exhibited
be of inferior quality, thu judges are instructed to award only suoh premiums a.
tbey think the exhibit deserving of. They
will exercise their own discretion as to
whether they will award First, Second,
Third or any premium. Each .ward muat
be written in a plain, careful manner ou
the blank page opposite the number of the
Protksts and Aiteals.���All protests or
appeals muat be in writing and must state
Slainly the cause of complaint and sliall be
elivered to the President or Secretary
within two hours after the judges have
given their decision upon the animal or exhibit in question. Any difficulty or pro.
test iu respect to tiie awarding of prizes in
any of the departments shall be referred to
the propel committee of tiie Board over I hat
department, who shall have full power tn
adjudicate upon the same and report their
decision to the Board for approval ami such
approved decision shall bo final.
The sum of two dollars shall be rtepoatit-
eit wilh Secretary in eaoli case of protect
or appeal, the same to be forfeited ifthe
appeal be not sustained.
It ahall be obligatory on exhibitors tn
display the prize ticket, atlixed by the
judges. Anyone refusing to do so shall in-
ur the forfeiture of his premium.
Admission to th. fair obouhpb.���The
entry tickets upon animala or article, will
admit the person bringing them to the
shew ground, for exhibition along with
auch animals or article, without the uae of
auy other ticket. Afterwards auch partiea
muat be provided with . propor .diuisaion
The treasurer will lie prepared to commence paying tlie premiums at 4.30 p. ni.
and parties wlio shall have prizes awarded
to them .re particularly requested to
apply for them before leaving the show
Should there not be funds enough on
hand to pay prize, in full, they will be paid
The following charges for entrance will
be made to residents of the district wbo
are uot members:
h'or cattle, abeep, horse, and pig. $1
Ail other entriea fifty cent. eacn.
Non-residents, who are not membera,
will he admitted to exhibit by paying the
full membership fee.
Any person handling or taking any exhibit that does not belong to them will be
prosecuted according to law.
All applications for entries must be in
hand, of tiie secretary three clear days
previous to the show
All articles of Hold, garden or dairy produce must he leona Hat the production,
of tlio exhibitor and must be grown or
made that, year and exhibitiona of .took or
article, of manufacture of every kind .re
eligible for entry for prize, only by the
owner or authorized .nuts, .nd owned by
them one month proviouB to the .how.
���malt!) A.
I. Bull, three yeara old and upw.rd.	
II. "   two       do do 	
.1.      "   one        do do 	
4.       "   Calf 	
ft. Bred ('ow, in oalf or milk	
II, Heifer, two yeara old	
7. "     one        do 	
8. "     Calf 	
. 87 BO
. 4 00
. aoo
. !i 1,0
. 5 00
. 4 UO
. .1 00
. 250
Hull, three yetrs old nnd upward. 1*7 50
"   two do do  4 00
'*   one do do   3 00
"   Call   2 60
Best bred Cow, in oalf or milk  li 00
Heifer, two years old  4 00
"      one       do  3 00
"      Calf   250
Bull, three year, old and upwftrd. 87 50
"   two do do   4 00
one do do  3 00
Oalf   260
Bred Cow, in oalf or milk  5 00
Heifer, two year, old  4 00
ono       do   3 00
CH   2 60
1. Best Milch Cow 84 01
2. '*   Heifer, two years old  3 00
3. "Heifer.one        "       2 60
4. "  Calf  200
5. "   BeefAnimal  4 00
6. "   Yoke Work Oxen  5 00
niflalo.1l B.
Stallion, Thoroughbred 87 50
Main, with foal at foot         4 60
3, Colt, two yeara old  2 00
4. "   one do      , 2 00
6. "   Sucking  160
0. Draught Team  4 00
class. Isr.
1. Stallion, Thoroughbred 87 60
2. Brood Mare, with foal at foot  4 50
3. Colt, two yeara old  2 00
4. "   one do   2 00
5. "   Sucking  150
0. General Purpose Team  4 OO
SUlliou, Thoroughbred 87 60
Mare, with foal at foot  4 00
Colt, two yeara old  2 00
"one do  2 00
11   Suokiug  1 60
li.   Span Carriage Horsea  3 00
7. Buggy Horse  2 00
5. Saddle Horse  2 00
II.   Ladies'Saddle Horse  2 00
10.    Walking Horse  2 00
Ult ISION ���'.
1. Ram, oue yoar old and upwards, pedigreed S3 00
2. Two Ewos, two shears and over  3 00
3. Two Ewes, shearlings  2 50
4. Ram Lamb  2 00
5. Ewe Lamb  2 00
CLASS. 1st.
1. Ram, one year old ami upwards, pedigreed 83 00
2. Two Ewea, two shears aud over.  8 00
3. Two Ewes, shearlings  2 50
4. Ram Lamb  2 00
6. Ewe Lamb    2 00
1. Ram, one year old .nd upwards, pedigreed 83 00
2. Two Ewea, two .hears and over  3 00
3. Two Ewea, shearlings  2 60
4. RamUinb  2 00
6. Ewe Lamb  2 Oil
CLASS 1st.
1. Ram, ono year old and upwards, pedigreed 83 00
2. Two E w os, two shears and over 3 00
3. Two Ewes, shearlings         2 50
4. Ham Lamb   2 00
5. EweLamli 2 00
1. Two Ewes, two shears and over  	
2. Two Ewus, shearling.     	
3. Ram Lamb    	
4. Ewe Lamb    	
division n.
.82 50
. 2 00
. 2 00
2 00
Boar, one year old aud upward.	
Hoar, under one year old  	
Sow, over one year old       	
Sow, under one year old	
.84 01
.. 3 'X)
. 4 00
.. 3 00
1. Boar, one year old and upward.	
2. Boar, under one year old	
3. Sow, over one year old	
4. Sow, under one year old	
Hoar, one year old and upwards.
Boar, under one year old	
Sow, over one year old	
Sow, under one yoar
.84 00
. 3 00
. 4 00
. 3 00
.84 00
. 300
. 4 00
. 300
1. Roar, one year old .nd upward. 84 00
2. Boar, under one year old  3 (10
3. Sow, over one year old  4 00
4. Sow, under one year.. !  3 00
Hoar, ono year old and upwards.	
Roar, under one year old '.  	
Sow, over ono year old .���	
Sow, under one year	
.84 '/I
. 3 (XI
..  I 00
.. 3 IXI
1.   Sow, with litter
2. How, one year old and upwards  ;i 00
3. Two Pigs, under nine mouths  2 00
85 00
3 00
2 00
2 00
4 011
2 on
2 00
2s D.
3 00
2 00
2 00
4 00
3 00
85 00
3 00
4 00
2 00
82 50
2 50
1 50
2 50
3 00
85 00
3 00
1 50
1 60
1 00
.1 00
85 0C
3 00
1 50
1 50
1 00
85 00
8 00
1 50
1 50
1 00
1 60
1 50
1 50
1 60
1 00
1 00
82 00
2 00
1 50
1 00
1 00
82 00
2 00
1 60
1 00
1 00
82 00
2 IN)
1 60
1 CO
1 CO
82 00
I 50
I 00
1 00
83 00
2 00
3 (XI
2 00
83 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
83 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
3 00
2 00
82 00
. POU1.TR V.
Turkeys, trio II **
���z. Bronze Turkeye, trio ��� V "JJ
3. Ducke.trio  I 09
4. Spanish, trio ��� J 00
5. Br.hmas, trio, (White)  J ��JJ
0. Plymouth Rooks  J -JJ
7. White Leghorn.  ] JJ
8. Brown Leghorn1.....:   J "J
9. Wyandotte ;  1 <J>
10. Hamburge  I JJJ
11. Oeeae, trio   ;  * ���
12 Shanghaia  J JJ
���" Itomlana  ' JJ
Black Minorca..
Buff Cochins
Partridge Cochins....
Pair of Pigeons....
^_^^^^^^__| DIVISION F.
Butter, five 21b. roll 84 00
2. "      Firkin not less than SOlbs. in roll  4 00
3. "      paoked, not less than 20lbs... .... 4 00
4. Factor y cheese made in the Province, to be exhib
ited by tha manufacturer.. 4 00
5. Dairy Cheese made in the Province, tu be exhib
ited by the manufacturer.. 4 00
0.   Lonfofbread 100
7.   Plate print butter, not lees than 31bs... ..4 00
Brace Cabbage ���
Turnips, six.... .,
Carrots, six..
Parsnips, six..
Onion., six, .
Corn, (table) six ..
Beets, six.. ,.
Celery, two..
Lettuce, two.. ,?
Squash, brace of Hubbard.
Pumpkins, brace of table..
Vegetable Marrow, aix..
Tomatoes, six..
Cncumbera, aix...
Cauliflower, brace of	
Rhubarb, aix  ,.
Kohl Rabbi 	
Button Onions, quart	
1 00
t 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
82 50
2 60
2 50
2 09
2 00
.80 75
,. 76
.. 75
.. 76
.. 76
.. 76
.. 75
.. 75
.. 76
.. 75
.. 75
.. 76
.. 75
.. 75
.. 76
.. 75
.. 76
.. 76
One Bushel Fall  Wheat	
" Spring Wleat	
" Barley.... .... 	
" Oata, White  	
" Oot��, Black	
" Peas, White	
" Peas, Gl.y	
Half Bushel Early Rose Potatoes        	
" Beauty of Hebron	
" Burbank Seedling  	
" Late Roae  	
" Any other variety��� 	
Three variotiea of any other kind, one peck each...       ...
One bushel new variety (not before exhibited in the Province) ..
Turnips (Swedes), six         ������ ���
Mangold Wurtzel (Globe), six	
" " (Long Red), six	
Sugar Beets, six  	
Carrots (White), six  .... 	
M      (Red or Orange), six  .... 	
Corn, six    ��������
Timothy Seed, fifty pound.  ....
82 60
2 00
2 00
2 (0
2 09
. 200
. I 00
.  1 00
. 1 00
1 09
1 00
1 (10
1 00
1 00
.     75
1 50
       2 00
25. Chevalier Barley.*.'.  - f��
26. Collection of Seed and Grain, not leu than aix kinds, and
five lbs. of each kind.. 3 00
27. Half Bushel Rural New Yorker Potato	
28. " Stray Beauty    " 	
29. " Bine Hell " .... 	
Kidney "	
^B 1st.
Collection of Vegetables, 2 of each kind, and not
leu than 10 kind. . 3 00
������VISION I.
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
Gravenstein Apples, five       	
Duchess of Oldenburgh, five        	
Yellow Transparent, five.... 	
Bothol, five .... .... 	
Plato of any other k'nd, five . 	
Golden  Russets, five   	
Roxhurry Russeta, five   	
Baldwins, five .... .. 	
Northern Spy, five .... .... 	
King of Tompkins, five       	
Seek nr. Further, five ....
Spitzenburgh, five ���
Greenings, five       .. 	
Blue Pearniain, five   ....
Four Largest 	
Alexander, live   	
Maiden's Blush, five           ���
Hyde's King of the West, tive 	
Bales S wiling, five        	
Wealthy, fivo       	
Plate ofany other kind   ....
Hurtlott Pears, fivo .... 	
Beurrti D'Anjou Pears, five	
Any other variety Pears, five	
Souvenir du Congress Peers   1 00
'.Vintor Nollia Peara, five  1 00
Flemish lloauty, live  1 00
Idaho Poars, five   1 00
Any other kind, five  1 OO
Dessert I'luina, six   1 00
Preserving i'lums, six   1 00
Imperial Gage, six   I 00
Erg Plumi, aix   1 IX)
(Wa Golden Drop Plums, six ���   1 00
Magnum Hon"m Plums, aix   I 00
Collection of Plums, six of eaoh kind   1 00
Grapes (Light), three bunches  1 IX)
Grspes ; Dark), three bunches  1 00
81 00
l no
i oo
l oo
i oo
l oo
i oo
I 09
I 00
I 00
I (X)
1 (X)
1 IX)
I 09
1 (X)
I 00
1 00
I 00
1 00
Peaches,  Alexander, .lit?   ^^^^^^^^^^^
Peaches, Early Crawford, six	
Peaches, any other kind, six	
1 00
1 00
I 00
Assortment, of Harness and Saddlery, made in the Pi'ovinco.84 10
Collection of Horseshoe.   I 50
" Soap  3 (X)
Cooking Stove, made in Province  3 (X)
Parlor Stove,       " "         2 00
Marble Work,     " ��        3 (X)
Door, and Windows" "        3 00
Furniture, "      "        3 00
Flour, "      "        2 50
Assortment of Boots and Shoes, made In l'rovinco  3 00
Oatmeal, made in Provinea  2 50
Graham flour, made in Province  2 60
81 00
1 00
1 00
81 00
1 00
1 00
1 09
89 50
81 50
1 50
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
1 00
I 00
1 00
I 00
80 60
Collection of Plants in Flower, grown io pots or boxes 82 09
Four Fuchsia., In pots or boxes   1 50
Bouquets for Table  1 00
Bouquets for Hand  1 09
Dahlias, six variotiea, cut. flower.  1 00
Floral Design  1 00
Collection of PanBies, 12 varieties, distinct  i 00
" Roses, cut flowers  1 00
" Gladiolus, out Rowers   1 00
" Picottee or Carnation  1 00
" Stocks, cut flowers      50
" Asters,       "        60
" Zinnias,     "              50
Hanging Baskets, with plant or plants  1 00
Four Geraniums  1 00
Specimen Geraniums      50
Collection of Sweet Peas  1 00
Specimens of Fuchsias       50
Collection of Annuals, cut flowers      60
lilt IHION N.
Exhibit of Honey, in comb
Collection of Bottled Fruit, home made, not less than aix
Collection Jellies, home made, not lea. than aix jar..
Assortment Crochet (cotton), six specimens .
Crochet tidy, oo'.ton 	
"    Beit quilt       	
"   Tidy, worsted      	
"    Skirt...   	
Child's Buggy Rug, worsted 	
Mats, Crocheted, wool
Woolen Comforter..
Gloves, Croohetrd, wool.
Mittens,       do      do..
Wool Cap .... .... 	
Toilet Set 	
81 09
3 00
2 00
...81 00
... 1 00
... 1 50
... 1 00
... 1 00
.. 1 00
... 1 00
... 1 00
... 1 09
... 1 00
... 1 00
... 1 00
1. Skirt 	
2. Child's dress       	
3. Table cover.... 	
4. Table scarf 	
6. Piano cover         	
II. Arasene Chenille cushion
7. Wool raised and plain woik cushion.
8. Slippers	
8. Toilet Set 	
. 1 00
. 1 00
.  1 00
.  1 00
.  1 00
1 00
1 00
I 09
.  1 00
1. Set Underclothing 81 00
2. Lady's Night Dress   1 09
3. PillowSlips  100
4. Pillow Shams   1 00
5. Six Button Holer  1 00
0. Stockings, Darned  100
7. Fancy Aprone, made by girl under 14 years  1 00
8. Pillow Slips do do   I 00
II.   Six Button Holes      do do    109
10.   Stockings Darned     do ilo    I 00
Eatritee Positively Clone 3 Clear Days lie/ore the Sfeoee:   |
1. Set Underclothing 81 00
2. Lady's Wrapper   100
3. Child's Dross  1 00
4. Pillow Shams  1 09
Entree, Positively Close S Clear L'ays lie/ore the Sleoiv.
White 82 00
Silk Patch-work  2 00
Patch-work (Juilt, cotton  2 00
Quilt, Worsted  1 00
Comforter, Quilted or Tied    1 00
Qnilted Beitquilt  2 00
Home-made Coverlet     2 00
Stockings, Wool 81 (X)
" Knitted, Cullon   100
Toilet Set   I 00
Six Samples Knitting   I 00
Gents' Soeks, Cotton or Woolen   j 00
Gloves   100
Mitleus        I 00
SnfHu Positively Close ,? Olatr Hays llefare tier Show.
Home-made Rug	
Design in Hair Work (Wreaths)	
Muss Work (Wreaths)	
Flowers, Feathers	
"     Wax        	
"     Wool	
Fruit, Wax Collection	
Seed Work	
��';i/ric, Positively Close .1 Clear Days lle/ovr the A'W
81 INI
I 00
I Oil
Drawing, Pencil	
"      Pen and Ink	
"     Crayon	
"      Water Color...  .
"      Any other kind.
.. 1 00
..  I 00
"     The Production of Children under 12 years
"lege- 150        100
"     1 enmanship, ornamental, by boys and girls under
15 years 1 (,0
Shells, Marine, Collection //  ono
Insects, Collection, nativo ., !. 2 00
Minerals anil Foo.il., Collection, native        .*'',' oijo
Animals and Birds, Collection of Stuffed, nalivo  ft 00
Collection of Photographs , ono
Birds, Canary.. ���    1 00
1 00
1 00
80 50
80 50
80 ;,n
80 50
I 00
1 00
I 00
13.   Best Incubator and Brooder in operatiou.
-I no
Coiiee was hrouulit into England in 1(141.
In 1885 lhe crop ����s 7IS,0IX> Inns.
iet tiimmilic, still holds Ita own in popular
favour ill i'uris. It is seen on white gowns
and black gowiiH, sired guwus of cloth and
gauzy availing ooBtnmea. It forma ftooraaiel
boll and hangs in a heavy fringe from the
waist, Reillias of jot aro Worn extensively,
ami sleeves of not And gri-nadine have ttio
dellgn appliqucd ill jet. White und black
is a favorite combination,   ^j
Tim value nf a principle is in thi1 number
of tilings it Will explain ; and Micro is uo
good theory of a disoaio which dues not at
onco suggest a cure.
In England the number of women em*
ployed as primers increases every year ;
lull tl.cy uro slill more numerous in America, where about ,'1,IKX) women aro employed
in printing oilices. In London thore aru
aliout 200 women compositors. W&?
Published By M. Whitney &
Son.   Every Wednesday.
Courtenay, B. C.
One Year     1900
.-���ix Months      1 23
Single ro-.y    0 o>
One loch per year $1200
..   .. month  ....    iso
riirhMi nil   per j i-ur ...   2.--00
fourth  SOOQ
v-ouk, .. line         0010
Local iiDticu-i.pur line   -JO
Notices of Mirths, Marriages and
Deaths.  50 cents each insertion.
No Ailvertismcnt insetted for less than
50 cents,
Wednesday, Sept. 13,1893
In looking over our books we find that
many of our subscribers are in arrears,
sonic of them fnr many months. Newspapers can not be run on credit, and we
must urge all who know themselves to
be indebted to us to tit once forward thc
Editorial Notes.
Our member, Mr. Joseph Hunter, we
arc glad to know, is taking a deep interest in our Agricultural Exhibition. As
will be seen elsewhere in these columns,
be offers a prize of a silver cup of tbe value of $50 for the best animal exhibit in
Division A, and a prize of the value of
$10 for the best dairy exhibit in Division
Mr. Hunter has also secured for the
Exhibition a grant of $200 from the Government. This with tbe membership
fees, entry fees, and gate n-jpney, will it is
believed, enable the association to meet
its obligations.
The grant of $1,000, secured for the
long bridge through the efforts of our
member, Mr. Hunter, will be immediately applied to repairing that structure. It
came none to soon, as the bridge has
lately shown unmistakable signs of debility. A collapse was possible, nay probable at any time. With the funds now in
hand, however, it may be made secure
until another season when it is hoped
and expected that an embankment of a
permanent character will take the place
ofthe bridge. For such embankment, it
- > said, it will be necessary to have two
. rows of piles, planked on the inside and
filled in with earth, with a short bridge
and flood gate. If that be so, the new as
as well as some cf the old material ofthe
long bridge can be utilized, so that what
is expended now will not be thrown away
We have spoken plainly about the
bridge, from time to time, because we
believed that the public were endangered
in traveling over it, but now that such
danger is to be removed, we are content
tn wait until another year.
We are on the western coast of the
Province and within the wet belt; hence
we have an over abundance of moisture.
The long rainy springs and early wet falls
give a short season for the growth of
crops, and the farmer is often unable to
gather his harvest until it is ruined.
There is one sure, safe, and practicable
remedy for this, and that consists, in the
thorough drainage of the land. Hy this
means the season may be made a month
earlier; or in other words, the farmer, on
well drained land, may put in his crop a
month earlier, and when the seed is in it
will germinate and grow.
The farmer should adopt a system for
���he drainage of his lands, and then commence with a part of it, adding to the a-
rea of his drained land each year until
all that portion devoted to fruit, vegetables and grain is covered by the system.
He will then l)c enabled to hai vest his
crops, and to raise vastly more than lie
Otherwise would. The soil will loose its
acidity, nnd the atmosphere will penetrate
through the well drained earth leaving its
enriching properties.
The Exhibition ofthe Comox Agricultural Association to be held here on the
���28th inst., will probably bring together
the largest crowd that has ever been
seen in this district. It will also largely
advertise this section and bring to the
attention of strangers our magnificent
valley and immense agricultural recources
Let everyone, therefore, assist to swell
the exhibits with the best he may have,
so that they shall worthilv represent thc
district. As this is an industrial exhibition as well as agricultural, our me. chants
and business men should make a suitable
exhibit of their wares. Local works of
art, tbe fair handiwork of our women,
mineral, marine, insect and like collections, curios and Indian emblems, all
should be brought that the exhibition
may be of a character to interest all.
Let the public schools vie with each other in sending beautiful specimens of penmanship. Already the lists of articles in.
tended for entry are coming in. As
the time approaches the interest increases. The enthusiasm appears to be con-
tageous. Let no one seek the unenviable
distinction of being the last to furnish the
encouragement of his name and member-
s.1 p fee.
Esquimalt and Nanaimo Ry.
Steamer Joan
On and after Mar. 22nd, 1893
The Steamer JOAN will sail as follows
CALLING AT WAY POUTS as pa-aengore
anil frel|*ht may offer
e   vo Victoria, Tuesday. 5 a. m.
"  Nanaimo for Oomox, Wednesday, 7 a. m
" Comox for Valdoi liland, evey alternate
Tli urn-It*.)* 7a.ii).'Rotiin.ln*j name day. |
l.i-avt- Comox for Nanaimo,       Fridays, 7a.n*.
'       Nutniimo for Victoria,   Hal unit)*, 7 am
For freight or state rooms apply on
board, or at the Company's ticket office,
Victoria Station, Store street.
Esquimalt & Nanaimo R'y.
Time   Table   No.   17,
To take efface at 8.00 a. tn. on Friday
September 30th. 1893. Trains run
on Pacific Standard Time.
���*���> fc
u. q
O u
��� a- S
iftiainifia-anarKn-*****})   *>��� -
���****���;���;      i;; ;**
u��[��m uijam i BcssBgeaaaaas *
5gag gHgass^*" 3 s
��33SH33H*S!��(S 5 3
-��s*3S*e*Sf-ai*B * ri
"lAJJU ����IIW
���sRSSSRSrsaf-  B
2 =
z a
O fi
o *
No. 4
S* i i���: i: i :   ::   i   ���
i    ::::*:::    :      .   .
MM MM �����*.**-**-I" **���**��� ��������***     "O   *0
9!H!i!*!Mi! il
8S38333ft&3g|$8-S SS
M-OOta-JK-G-lOOCO--.   MM
f'lllllltJI, 4|6��l
On Saturday* and Sundaya
Iteturn Tickets will be Issued between all
points for a fare and a quarter, -*cod for re*
turn not later than Monday.
Return Ticket* (or one and a half ordiimry
faro may be purchased dally to all points,
good for seven days, Including day of Issho,
No Return Tickets ismied for a fare and a
quarter where the single fore Is Lwouty-flvc
Through rates botwoon Victoria and Comox,
President. Gen'l Supt.
Gen. Freight ond Passonger Agt
Dr WJ Curry
Green's Block���near Host Office���Nanaimo. Any number of teeth removed
without pain nnd without the use of
Ether or Chloroform.
All persons driving over the wharfi
or bridges in Comox district hater
than a walk, will be prosecuted accord
ing to law.
S. Grt-ech
Gov. Agent.
For Sale
521 Acres of Choice Land,
��� and ���
9 Horaaa, 100 Sheep, and 90 Oowa
together with
8 Stowing Machinei, 1 Steel Boiler
1 Rosping Machine, 1 Seed Sower,
1 Drill Sower, 1 Spring wagon, and
Double Wagon. 	
Title deeda can be aeen In my poa-
���and ���
Courtenay, B. C.
General lilacksmithing
and Horse Shoeing.
Loggers' Work a Specialty.
Waal. Tfc-r aa* Bc-jri.
A irlaraooe to a nan la what a eon
heal u to a bo/. -Milwaukee Journal.
T. C. Woods
Comox B.  C.
Conducts a General
Teaming  and Livery Business
His Stage Runs to Union and
Returns Thursdays, Saturdays,
and Sundays.
5.  !**   r*:
- J
?��� $    ��>
n cr. in   ���*? ��
p p  *+. p ��� 2 w
I | ' [S ��   fc K
n ��* 5 I a e-
��* a
G B Leighton
At the Bay, Oomox, B. 0.
Blacksmithing and Repairing
of all kinds
Carriage Work and Horseshoeing a specialty
Nanaimo   Saw Mill
��� and   ���
Sash and Door Factory
A Haalam, Prop. Mill St.. HO lis* 35, Tel. 10
Nanaimo B. C.
A complete stock of Rough and Dressed
Lumber always on hand; also Shingles,
Laths, Pickets, Doors, Windows and
Blinds, Moulding, Scroll sawing, Turning
and all kinds of wood finishing furnished
Cedar,     While   I'ine,     Redwo.d.
All orders accompanied withCASH prompt
ly and carefully attended to.
Steamer Kstell
Harbor and ontside towing done at reason
able rates.
F. W. Hart
Manufacturer,   Importer,  Whole-ale
and Retail Dealer   In
*��*-*** Largest Establishment of its kind.
1-24 Cordova St.      Vancouver,    II. C
J. W. McCann
Carpenter    *
And Builder
General Job Work
Courtenay B. G,
John Fraser
Stage and Livery Business
Stage connects with (II steamers at
the Bay.
Also do a general
Teaming Business
Orders may be left at thi Cou-tenay
Hotel, or tan offiae.
i s
On dr about 25th Sept. our New Goods for Fall and
Winter shall all be opened up.
Thistseasqn our display shall be simply elegant, surpassing all prevous efforts.
Our Head Dressmaker and Milliner, Miss BickerstafT
and Mis Harder are now in Chicago, and will visit all
Principal Eastern Cities before they return,
_ This will enable us to give you the very latest novelties in Dress Goods and Furnishings, Mim.enery
and Jackets,  etc., etc., etc.,  etc.,  etc.,   etc.,   etc.
SLOAN A SCOTT, Nanaimo, B, 0.
Kaslo Gitv Bargains
and other splendid investments.
We offer you
Buy of your home Agents who will be pleased to secure you
Gilchrist and McArdle, Courtenay.
���tinea Aorame of Union ^*��
la my Agent Mr
In your District. Any order* you may be pleaaed to gU�� him for tha repairing of Watcbea, Jewelery ft etc., will receive prompt attention and
will be done in a workmanlike manner at the loweat poaaible charge,.
All work guaranteed to give aatiafaction. Hy atock of Watchea. Olocka,
Jewelerv, and Silver Plate will be larger than ever thia Fall and Winter.
Give me a call when In Nanaimo, M. B. Counter.
Vancouver Furniture Warehouse,
Established 1873-
������       Also Dealer In       ������
nanaimo b.c.   ���*���*-.**
Nanaimo Cigar Factory.
Philip Gable, Proprietor.
Buton Street     ���   Nanaimo B. 0.
** Manufactures   the   finest   cignres,
employing none but white labor.
Why purchase inferior foreign cigars,
when you can obtain a superior arti-
clk for the same money?	
fiaper fiaper & Go.
Bookaellers,     Statiouera,
General   Newa   Agenta.
Nanaimo. B. C.
Nanaimo Machine Works
Rohert J. Wenborn'
Fraser 8treet
Near Bastion Street Bridge
Nanaimo' B. C.
Ail Kinds of Machinery made to order
and repaired.
Fruit Trees
Mainland Nursery *
*      I.adners Landing B. C.
A large supply of three and four year old
AP*-LE T3-4BE3
Also Pears Plumes, Prunes, and Peaches
Ornamental trees for lawns and grass
plots.   Small fruits,  shrubs   and evergreens of every variety.
M. fi. Gilchrist,
The Nanaimo Pharmacy
Nanaimo B. 0.
W. E. Mc Cartncy Chemist,
Pure Drugs Chemicals and Patent
Paraicans Prosciptlons and all orders nlled
with wire and dispatch. P. o. box 12
Geo. Bevilockway,
-*-    Red House    -*-    '
Commercial St.    -   Nanaimo. B. 0.
Oealer in General Merchandise,
Highest cash Price Paid for Futilities,
and Country Produce.
Ralph Craig's
Nanaimo Steam
Baston St. Bridge, Nanaimo, B. C.
General Blacksmithing, Horseshoeing
Carrage Building, etc.
Wagons   and   Farming   Implements
made aud repaired. Miners' Auger Drill*
���ing Machines made to order on short
Wm Mathewson.
will deliver daily at
and during warm weather twice a day
Pure Milk from His  Ranch
And also will deliver to his custome
daily Fresh Eggs, Butter, Vegetable?
Poultry, etc.
Farmers having above for sale or delivery should consult him.
Passengers carried to and from Union.
   A   Full  Line of Everything  	
Grant and McGregor Props.
Anley & Beckensell.
Dealers in All Kinds of Meats, Vegetables, etc.
Orders Filled on Short Notice.
1, D. McLean
Jeweler, Bookseller
and Dealer in
Organs, Pianos, Music
Stationery, and Notions oi all kinds.
Union   Mines,B. C,
Riverside   Hotel
Courtenay B C
J. J. Brant, Proprietor
The Hotel is one of the best equipped
on the Pacific Coast, and is situated at
the mouth of the Courtenay Kiver, between Union and the large farming settlement of Comox.
Trent a��e plentiful in the river, nnd
large game abounds in the neighborhood
Tbe Bar connected with the hotel is
kept well supplied   with the best wines
and liquors.   Stage connects   with  alt
Steamers.   Terms moderate
fnhe leading hotel In Oomox dlatrict.
���-New and handaomuly furniahed,
xcellent hunting: and flahlng cloae
to town. Touriata oan depend on
flrit'Olaaa accommodation. Reaaona-
ble ratea. Bar supplied with tha
choiceat liquora and cigara
R, Graham, Propr.
This town is located in the
midst ofthe largest agricultural
settlement on Vancouver Island. It is within six miles of
Union Mines affording the farmers of the valley the very
best home market, and is situated on the only highway
leading from the settlement to
the mines. The lumber interests of this section are most ex
tensive, and are an important
factor in our progress.
The per cent of improvements of this town during the
present year is greater than
any other place the Coast
can boast of, and the march of
improvement is still onward.
The prosperity of the town
has for its foundations, therefore large mineral, agricultural,
and timber recources. It may
also be added that no section
furnishes a better field for the
sportsman. Fish and game
are always abundant and our
hotels of the best.
Wm. Cheney
[  Office at the bridge ]
Real Estate Agent and Auctioneer.
Lots sold on easy terms.
Comox Saw Mills.
Rough and Dressed Lumber
White Pine always in stock.
All orders executed promptly.
Urpiart Bros. Froprs.


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