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The Cumberland Islander Jul 19, 1929

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Array Cumberland Islander
.*,B*.B*.B*.B".-*.;-*.:-•.—*——Bi -*,—*———-
With which is consolidated tbe Iumlierlaad Mens,
y    *laiM/27
Annual Banquet I Attended by
Many Members—A. W. Neill
and J. P. Forde Give Interesting Talks.
About thirty members of the Cumberland Board of Trade, together with
visitors   from   the   Courtenay-Comox
Cumberland XL
Defeat Navy
Cumberland, July 16.—Cumberland
crickteers again triumphed over a
team from H.M.S. Colombo at the "Y"
grounds on Sunday. A team from the
lower deck of the boat came over and
& most enjoyable game resulted with
Cumberland winning by 34 runs, due
principally to the fine bowling of
Harry Taylor and a good stand by
Idiens and Hall. Cumberland's fast
bowler was in deadly form, taking
eight wickets for 17 runs. The home
team batted flrst, Newton opening the
bowling for the navy boys. Runs came
fairly steadily, the opening batsmen,
Idiens and Halt, making a good stand.
The other Cumberland batsmen did
not do very much, the whol side being
dismissed for 79 runs.
Taylor and Vernon-Jones opened,
the bowling for Cumberland, the former getting a wicket in his flrst over,
whilst th latter should have had Lawrence dismissed l.b.w. and also missed
the same batsman when he returned
an easy one to the bowler. Jones was
relieved after bowling five overs at a
cost of eleven runs, Hail replacing
him. Hall managed to get two wickets at a cost of 14 runs. Taylor doing
some great damage to the other batsmen, coming out with a real good average of eight for 17. He kept a good
length throughout and had the batsmen worried all the time. Following
are the scores.
Cumberland Innings
Idlens, b. Edwards   21
Hall, b. Newton   12
Taylor, c. Baldrey. b. Edwards      1
Dando, b. Newton      0
Gough, c. Edwards, b. Newton     7
Brown, run out     7
Guy, b. Edwards    0
Vaughan,  not out     13
Carney, b. Newton       0
Jones,  b.  Edwards      0
Whyte. b. Newton    2
Extr.as  „  16
Bowling:   Newton. 5 for 31; Mlsslng-
ham, 0 for 17; Edwards, 4 for 14.
Colombo Innings
Mlssingham, b. Taylor    7
Lawrence, b. Taylor   4
Newton, b. Taylor   2
Rodham, c. Carney, b. Taylor   2
Lovett.  b. Taylor   0
Field, c. Idiens. b. Hall   9
Baldry, c. Gough, b. Taylor   4
Rowlands, b. Taylor   0
Edwards, b. Taylor   0
Darling, not out    13
Jarvis, c. Idiens, b. Hall   0
Bowling:   Taylor, .8 for 17; Vernon-
Jones, 0 for 10; Hall, 2 for 14.
Cumberland went in a second time
and declared at 46 for 2, the Colombo
team replying with 62 for 7,
, Board of Trade met round the festive
I hoard at thu Waverley Hotel on
Thursday evening and enjoyed a
hountiful rep.ist at the poular host-
I elry.
In the opening business part of th?
| meeting nfter dinner, the president
! It. C. Lang extended a cordial wel-
I come to Mr. A. \V. Neill, federal mem-
I her and to J. P. Forde,, the district
| engineer and to the members of the
Courtenny-Coiuox Board of Trade. Mr.
J Lang iu his report said:
In submitting my report as President of the Cumberland Hoard oi
Trade I wish to express my dee]) appreciation of the honour you have
conferred upon me iu appointing me
to this iniporant office. I feel that 1
have not been able to attend lo all
the duties in connection with this office as I would have liked, however,
I have done my best under the cir-
During the past year this Board
has held one organization meeting,
iiine regular meetings, our tlrst regular meeting being held on May 28th,
when we had the pleasure of a visit
from Mr. 1'. L. Anderton of the Courtenay-Comox Board of Trade and several of the officers aud members of
that Hoard. June 18th and 19th 1
attended the convention of the Associated Boards of Trade of Vancouver
Island held at Qualicum. At this
meeting several resolutions affecting
various parts of the Island were dealt
with, while in turn the resolution re
Alberni-Cumiierland Hoad presented
by both Courtenay and ourselves received the endorsatlon of the convention. Accompanying me at this meeting was Mr. L. Ii. Stevens, whom 1
wish to thank for his assistance.
Our regular meeting of June 6th,
held at the Waverley Hotel, wan well
attended, 82 being present. Our guest
nf honour, lho Rev. .Montague Bruce,
President of the Associated Boards of
Trade of Vancouver Island gave us a
very interesting talk on Hoard of
Trade work, which nt lho time of our
reorganization was very helpful.
Our regular meeting of November
20th was in the form of a banquet
held In the Waverley Hotel. This
meeting was attended Oy A. W. Neill.
M.P., who gave us a very Interesting
adress on "Immigration, Fishing and
RihkI to Luke Cumberland,
This road while loug talked of hns
at last heen put through to Jock's
Point. Though yet in rather a rough
slate It will in the future be Improved. For the starting of this road
thanks aro due to Mr. P. P. arrison
and Dr. G. K. MacXaughtou for seeing it through to completion
Trail Along I'liiilledire River
Following tlie request of the Courtenay Comox Board of Trade for the
suppdrt of this Board, tho Puhlic
Works Department wns written to,
with the result that Mr. W. E. Pitch-
burn, Indian Agent, objected ou the
grounds that this trail would pass
through the reserve bordering the
Puntledge  River  -
Lodge Elects Q^cer5 Aquatic Sports jGWe"p^ Success MANSLAUGHTER CHARGE
The officers of Harmony Rebekah
Lodge No. 22, I.O.O.F. wero duly installed Into their respective offices
by district Deputy President Susan
Covert assisted by Grand Marshall.
Bmma Aspesy. The following officers
were  installed:
Grand Warden:   .Mary Frelone.
Grand Chaplain: Agnes Frew.
Noble  Grand:   Florence  Parkinson.
Reel.. Stc.: Jennie Whyte.
Finance Sec'y:  Mary Frelone.
Treasurer:  Katie Bobba.
Conductor:  Grace Conrod.
Warden:   Mary Littler.
Chaplain:   Maria Younger.
Outside and Inside Guards: Grace
McNeil and Agnes Frew.
Right and Left Supporters of N'.G.:
Susan Covert and Agnes Minto,
Right and Left Supporters of V.G.:
Helen Potter nnd Agnes McLellan.
Drew Large
Crowd to Lake
Brilliant Weather and a Num-
of Exciting Events Make
Annual Sports Very
Float or Landing at
Regarding this matter, we were a
little late in applying to the Federal
Government for a grant for this work.
However, as the matter Is now in the
hands of both Mr. Forde and Mr. Neill
we* naturally expect the float to he
completed within a short Timo.
Auto Park at Lake Cumlierliuid
Time and conditions have not heen
favorable to the starting of this part
of our programme, but trust that by
this time next year Cumlierland may
be able to boast of being tiie possessor of one of the finest auto parks on
the Island. Several schemes have
heon put forward, all of which having
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Progress Noted In 37th Annual
Report Of Medical - Accident Fund
Fund   Shows   Substantial   Balance; Best in Years
To the Chairman, Executive Committee and Members of the Canadian
Collieries tDunsmuir) Limited Medical and Accidental Fund.
I beg to submit, the Annual Report
of receipts and expenditures for tho
year ending June 80th, 1028, showing
a balance of  $ ln,347.:ifi
pn Increase of       5,244.01
During Ihe past thirty-seven years
Ihe fund has been lu existence, there
has  been  collected the sum of	
aud  expended    522,1)04.0,1
leaving a balance ou hand	
Of    $   1IJ,347.:PJ
Which te the best balance the Fund
hus had for years,
This Is accounted for by the gen3r-
ous increases In the monthly contributions during the year 1027-28, and
the Increase in the number of employees which was fortunately not offset
by the Increased expenditure 'n proportion.
Taking everything into consideration, we have had a very satisfactory
year, with not many serious cases
calling for much expenditure and tho
Community was free from any serious
Your Board could have reduced the
asessment last January as was forecasted by your Secretary at the last
General Meeting, but the feeling at
that Meeting was to eontlne the as
sessment and build up the account,
Medical Officers
During the past twelve months our
Medical   Officers.   Dr.   Georgo   Kerr
I MacNaughton and  Dr. K.  R.  Hicks,
have given every satisfaction.
I Cemetery
j During the past year we have re-
; paired the fence and cemetery
' grounds lo the extent of $200,110. As
| stated In previous years, the condi-
i tion of the fence around the cemetery
j is almost beyond repair, and the time
I hns arrived when something must he
done towards building a new fence.
The Canadian Collieries (D) Llm.lL-
I ed have agreed to set out nil the hind
i between our cemetery and the Roman
Catholic Cemetery for cemetery pur-
| poses, nud ihe Roman Caihollc Church
I have notified the Hoard that they
I would hg willing to release any claims
j that they might have on the presenl
Roman Catholic Cemetery, If the Med-
j leal Board would take over the Management and do what repairs are necessary, to bring it Into a fair condition. . This matter will be taken up
at the General Meeting.
Our agreement with  Iho  Directors
of the Cumberland  General  Hospital
| has worked out very satisfactorily to
I the mutual advantage of both Instl-
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Victim Of
Car Accident
Large Crowd Attend to Pay Last
Last Respects to Popular Man
The funeral of William Hutton
took place on Wednesday. July 17th,
at live o'clock from the family residence at Minto for Interment In the
Cumberland Cemetery. Rev. J. R.
Hewitt officiating. The deceased was
In ihis twenty-ninth year and was
very well known and highly respected In the district. He leaves to mourn
his loss, his parents, six Bisters and
five brothers. Tho pall hearers, all
friends of the deceased and residents
of Minto, were: Messrs. Lawrence
Wain. Alex Gray Jr.. Irving Morgan,
William Harrlgan. Walter Piercy aud
Lewis Wain. A very large crowd of
friends and relatives attended the
funeral to pay their last respects to
a dear one.
The following list of floral trlb-
uies  are  gratefully  acknowledged:
Pillows—Mother and Father and
lamily; Mr. and Mrs. McAllister.
Crosses—Mr. and Mrs. Frank Carter; Mr. and Mrs. M. Williamson; Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Watson.
Wreaths—Mr. and Mrs. E. Carter;
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stalker, Winnipeg;
Mrs. G. Shearer; The Minto Bnsebnll
Team; Mrs. Gray Sr; Mr. T. Morgan;
.Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Davies; Mr. Stalker; Courtenay Lodge; Mr. and Mrs.
Littler, Sr.; Mr. and Mrs. Stant; Mr,
and Mrs. Marocchi; Mr. -Malcolm Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Genge; Dolenia and Edward Wilson, Nanaimo; Mr. and Mrs.
T. H. Robertson; Mr. and Mrs. A.
Walne and A. Waine; Mr. Robert At-
kln; Mr. and Mrs. John Foster; 3
wreaths firom Japanese employees;
Mr. A. Ogaki; ft*. J. Togo; Mr. Y.
Hamanaka; Mr. K. Arato; Mr. and
Mrs. C. Davies; Mra. Monks and Margaret; Mr. and Mrs. Jim Parkin; Mr.
and Mrs. Preston Bruce; Mr. and
Mrs. S. Stephens; Fred Stephens;
Mrs. Conrod and family.
Sprays—Mr. and Mrs. J. Westfield;
Mr. and Mrs. R. R Walker; W. and
D. Stant; Mary Joyce and Madge
Carter; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Smith;
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Harrison; Doris
Drew; Mrs. Mobley; Mr. and Mra.
T. Monks; Mrs. Hugh Miller and
family; Miss Anne Young. Victoria;
Cumberland Review No. 17 W.B.A.;
Mr. and Mrs. Wm Morrison and Ros-
ina; Mr and Mrs. Toman; Mr. and
Mrs. MacNaughton; Willie Johnson;
Ronnie Gray; Mr. nnd Mrs. R. D.
Brown and family; Mrs. B. Pearse,
Gloria and Malcolm; Mr. and Mrs. H.
Shaw; Mr. and Mrs. S. Shaw; Mr.
and Mrs. W. Harrlgan; Mrs. Dlllman;
Mr. and Mrs. W. Vale; Mr. and Mrs.
Hugh Marsden; Mr. and Mrs. A.
Woodruff; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Marsden; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wiliams;
Katie, Jean and Beatrice; Mr. and
Mrs. J. Aspesy and family; Mr, and
Mrs. S. Miller and Buddy; Chick,
Vancouver; Mr. and Mrs. Robinson
and Helen Robinson; Jack Gillespie;
Mr. and Mrs. William Merrifield;  Mr.
The water sports held al Lake Cumberland ou Saturday last attracted a
large number of people.   The weather
man  was on  his best  behaviour aud
old sol beat down on the merry i.hroug i
of spectators and competitors, making I
a dip in the Lake very acceptable, a   proceedlnfi8*
contingent from'H.M.S. Colombo was1
on   hand and  helped  considerably to
enliven  the proceedings.    Many real I
good  races   were  witnessed  and   the I
high   diving   contestants  drew   forth I
many  rounds  of applause  from  the!
big crowd on hand.   Perhaps the most
exciting race of the day was the single row boat race for men which ended in a dead heat, first and second
prizes being divided.
On arrival at the Lake in the morning, all kiddies ou the ground at 11
o'clock were presented with a small
sum of money, which the majority of
them spent in ice cream or soft
drinks at the nearby store. The
children's races were pulled off first
and the senior events started about
L2.30 noon. 1 nthe open events for
men, several of the sailors from H.M.
S. Colombo entered and provided keen
competition, The greasy pole event
also attracted a large number of entries, the ai'tlcs of some of the entrants when on the pole drew forth
roars of laughter.
Following the sports, the sailors
were entertained at dinner at the
L'nion Hotel and Waverley Hotel and
at 5.45 a football game was played
between the sailors and a team com-
prlsed of a mixture of old time city
players and rising players. Amongst
the old timers on the local team
"Skipper" Murray was about the
pick, WihllBt a youth .named Savage.
a recent arrival in Cumberland, played a good game and showed a thorough knowledge of the soccer game.
For the sailors. Petty Officer Edwards at centre forward was good,
but the hest man on the field was undoubtedly the left back .jf tl.e Colombo team, his tackling and clean kicking being very noticeable. The game,
taken all round was a fairly interesting one lo watch and ended in a draw
of one goal each.
Following the soccer game, a smoking concert was held for the sailors
in the Cumberland Hall, at which a
large number of citizens were present. The visitors were entertained
right royally and at eleven o'clock
the smoker ended with all present
singing "For Auld Lang Syne." The
boys were transported back to the
wharf at Comox by several generous
citizens aftor a real good day's outing.
Following are the results In the
various events:
Single Rowbout Race (half-mil",
open)-—1, Rawliiison and Hunden,
dead heat.
Double Rowboat Race thalf-mile.
open)—1. Rawliiison and Reese; 2,
Dave aud Ed Hunden.
Outboard Motor Race (two miles,
open. 7% h.p. an under—1, Ben Horbury.
Speedboat Challenge Handicap (4
miles)—!,   Reese;   2,  Cameron.
Boys' Underwater Swim (14 and
under)—1, Wilton Dalby; 2. E. James.
Boys' Underwater Swim (IX and
undor)—I, A. Senile, l'nion Bay; 2,
D. Coombs.
' Girls' Underwater Swim (18 and
under)—1. J. Freeburn; 2. Harriet
Back Swim, Ladles I2h yards open)
—1, Harriet Horbury; 2, Mrs. Florence McDonald.
Relay Race (5 yards, three to a
team)—1, H. Watson's team; 2. K,
James' team.
Boys' 25-Yard Swim 114 and under)
-1,  Wilton   Dalby;   2. Cooke.
Girls' 25-Yard Swim (14 and under)—1,   Edna   Watson!   2.  M.   West-
There were amusements for all ai
| the Garden Party given hy the Augli-
| can Church at Beaufort House
1 grounds on Wednesday afternoon. Al-
; though it threatened to rain several
I times the weather managed to keep
j very  fair.
After having afternoon ten, those
t present enjoyed themselves with lawn
| howling, Aunt Sally, cocoanut shy,
clock golf, archery and fortune telling.
Lt.-Governor R. Randolph Bruce
and Miss McKenzie who are spending
a few days as ihe guests of Col. Villiers   at   Beaufort   House   were   pre-
Adjourned Inquest Will He Held
at Court House, (umber-
land, on .Monday
Facing a charge ut' manslaughter,
young F. v. Stephens, eighteen-year-
old son of .Mr. and Mrs. M. f. steph-
j ens, of Courtenay i.s out on bail ol
ten  thousand dollars, as a  result of
J the car he was driving on Sunday
night, hit and Instautly killed William
I Hutton, eldest son of Mr and Mis. W.
sent and took great interest in the | Hutton, of Minto, The tragedy has
caused great concern throughout tho
district as both deceased and accused
are well known, Stephens is well
liked amongst the younger set, is a
prominent athlete and only on Saiur-
He wag the eldest of a family of
twelve and was of greaL assistance to
his father in running the business of
lairmlng and logging.
and Mrs. T. Baird; Mr. and MrB. W
Stockand; Mr- and Mrs. James; Mr. | fic)(1
and Mrs. O. Peacock; Mrs. Jas. Baird I u0yH- -.o-Yard Swim (18 ami inland family; Mr. and Mrs. W. Pearse; ' der)—1, Searle. Union Hay; 2, Coombs
Harold Pearse;  Mary. Joe and Albert j     (Jjrls. 26-Yard Swtm US and under)
Special Train
To Convey
Inst   pp
All    Arrangements   Completed
For Colliery Employees'
Annual Outing
tlciputed   in   the   waler
sports  al   Lake Cumberland,  figuring
In mnny of he events and winning a
few  prizes.    Hutton   who was  in  his | iaw     |,
twenty-ninth year was also very pop-1 am\ fj|e(|
oast I       nm i
Bills and accounts amounl
m   of   $310.11    were   pres
Regular Meeting
Of City Council
The regular meeting nf the Cumberland City Council was hold in the
Council Chambers at. 7.30 o'clock ou
Monday. July 15, with His Worship
Mayor Maxwell presiding, Those present were Aldermen Parnham, Led-
inghaiu, Williams and Bannerman.
A   letter   was   read   from   Mr.   F.   A.
McDIarmld, re the Cumberland Electric Lighting Company  purchase by-
| law.     It   was   ordered   to   be   received
ular, having resii
twenty-seven yi
Scotland with hi
A special train will leave Cumber-,
land for Union Bay on Saturday morn- [
ing at 8.30, conveying employees oft
the Colliery Company and thoir do-1
pendents to Union Bay on the occa-<
sion of the annual picnic, lu the eve- ;
ning on the return journey the special! straight roi
train  will  leave Union  Bay ai  6.30. t yards past
Iu addition to a line sporiB program,! n tremendous shock
special  prizes  will  be given  to  the'
led here for tl:
sots,    coming    from j
s parents when ono-
year old.   As far as could he learned
Stephens left Cumlierland shortly after   eleven   o'clock   al   nlghl    for   his
home ia Courtenay.    Ai  the toot of
the hill, near the Chinese cemetery,
he picked up Scott. Morgan, of Minto,
who was walking home.   Just beyond
the cemetery,  on  a  good stretch o;'
Ixnit two hundred
v.  the  driver  felt
g to the
ited   for
fetred to the File paid if found
payment and were
nance Committe to
correct   .
The reports of the various committees win'ti tbe,) received ,all reports
being satisfactory.
Under ihe heading of dim
■ , had hit l
and knew that he
Stopping the car.
girl   gathering  up   Hie   most    the  tW(} 0CcupiuUBi  Bearchei, „rouud,
empty soft drink bottles. These prize   eventually finding Ihe ierril.lv injured
are being donated by Mr. Ball, of the] oody of William Hutton in the bush.
Gold   Star   Bottling  Co.  and   will   be   young   MorgBJ]   |(mk   chal.g0   of   the
$3.50 for the tlrst prize, $2.50 for the ' car .l!1(, ,,..,, tll(. u,l[t)|.Umale man con.
second prize and $1.50 for third prize.  veyod   to   lll(,   Cumberland   Ceneral
The  executive   held   a   meeting   on ' Hospital.
Wednesday evening and afterwards
journeyed to Union Bay lo view the
improvements and the accommodation made for the convenience of
those attending the picnic. Everything
was in a satisfactory shape and all|at tj,. ,, ,
that is needed  now  to make the af- j lu-ohp,,   s|lolI
MacNaughton being
summoned Instantly, pronounced life
Hutton had received terrible injuries,   it   being   reported   that   he  had
sustained a double compound fr icturo
ihe  skull,  left  arm
blade fractured and
both  legs
fair a memorable one, is fine weather,
L'nion Bay residents are sparing no
efforts iu making everything comfort-! Volk* lu'U>"1 St«l>heitS
able at the shipping point and any-j The police were notified and on nrrlv-
one attending ean be assured of a; lug in Cumberland, detained Stephens,
right royal welcome. | later laying a charge of manslaughter
Saturday, July  20th.  1929.  will   he ] against the youth,
a red letter day in the history of the j     The  jury,  composed  of Messrs.  G.
Bay .Journey down and help tbem I Tarbell  (foreman), Stan. Mmmce, J.
celebrate. j H.   Cameron,   Marling.   A.   .McKinnon
Motorists are asked not to park [ and T, II. Mumford mel on Monday
cars on the roadside, but use the J and together with the coroner. Mt'.
ground set aside for purklng pur-j John Conway, viewed the body, the
poses. The provincial police will be scene of the accident and the car and
at the grounds and will assist motor-f adjourned until Wodesday. A further
Ists In the parking of their cars.       | adjournment   was  asked   ror and  tho
Those not wishing to take refresh-j inquest will  now be held on  Monday
ments can obtain them on the ground
at a nominal churge, the Ladies' Literary Society of Union Hay, having
been granted permission to have a
booth on the fleld.
dock in the Court
llilgham requested, on behalf
of Hariing and Ledlngham that a portion of the boulevard, Dunsmuir ave.,
in front of thei,- new garage he removed as It interfered with their business. After somo discussion on the
matter it was referred to the hoa-d
of works who were requested to look
into ihe matter and present a report
at the next meeting.
' A resolution was theu road re the
City repossessing itself of the Wych-
erley property. The sum of f;H5.00
Is due on the property aud taxes amounting to $s;i.7U are overdue. The
resolution read that the city give .10
days notice lo Mrs. Wychorley, and If
she has not fulfilled the agreement by
that time the City can reenter and
take possession of the land and premises. ,
There I
elng no furth
ir business the
H. E. Murray Goes
To Port Alberni
Word lias been received in Cumlierland thnt Mr. Harold K. Murray, of
the staff id" tin; Cumberland Public
School has boon appointed principal
of the Port Alberni school. The many
friends of Mr. Murray In Cuiliberland
will be glad to know of bis advancement.
Local Families
Are Bereaved
Mr. and Mrs.%J. Miller Suiter
Loss of Son; Mr. Jack Hannay Losses Brother
Of 116X1"  Week
House. Cumberland..
Mr. AI. II. Jackson, ot Victoria ha
beon retained to defend Stephens un,l Mrs. O. I. Cluy nnd family arrived In
we understand .Mr. IV 1'. Harrison will | Cumberland on Thursday from the
look ufter tin' Interests of tlie Hutton I Old Country. Mr. Quy left, on Sutt-
fnmlly [ day lust to meet them lit Vancouver,
Tli,. enr driven by the accused Is I but by some reason or otber misse,l
suid io be badly damaged. When the them, tbe family travelling to Cum-
accident happened Mr Hutton was berland were very much surprised to
close to his own home, walking along j hoar Mr. Quy wns in ibe terminal
ufter visiting some near-by friend,', i city waiting for them.
Dick .Monks; Harold Join's; Mre. L.
Francescini; .Mr. nnd Mrs. Vie. Frelone; Mr. C Dalton; Mr. and Mrs.
I*. Horwood; Thelma.
Local Ball Tossers
Win Another
The Cumberland Baseball learn defeated the Courtenay nine hy seven
runs to six in a Twilight League fixture ployed in Cumberland on Wednesday night. Tucker James of the
Cumberland club was the star of the
game, his sensutional and timely
slugging having a great deal to do
with the victory of tho locals. Tucker hit safely 3 times ln four trips to
the plate.
Mr. Jack Hannay, a well known local resident, received word on Wednesday, uf the death of his brother
Robert, a resident of Alberni, Who
whilst following his occupation in b
lugging camp on the west coast, suffered a fractured skull. The late Mr.
Robert Hannay was 57 years of age
and Is survived by bis w'tfe and two
sous  in  Alaska.
On Wednesday bight. Mr, and Mrs.
J. Miller, of Maryport Avenue, received the sud news ilmt their sun "Johnny" had been killed whilst following
his occupation at Port Alberni. Details of the accident are lacking bul
we ate given to understand ihe uufur-
.unale man wus working on a pile-
driver, being si ruck by the hammer
causing bis death.
The deceased was te years id' age
and a native nf Cumberland.   Uo i
survived   by   his   wife   and   iwo   .-(til- I
dren,   ills wit.- is a daughter of Mr,
and   -Mrs   J.   Smith,  ot   Windermere
Avenue,   who   journeyed   to   Pofl   Al   I
bernl   to   bring   Mrs,   Miller  ami   Ihol
children to Cumberland.
Funeral   arrangements   he
Completed   and   the   deceased
borne to his rest in ii
Cemetery on Sunday at   I p.m.
ihe itev. J. it, Hewiti officiating,
local lOugles Lodge o (which del
was a prominent member will
port in the funeral services
Jordon River Plant Of B.C. Electric
Railway Visited By B. of T. Members
Royally Entertained by Officials of Company on Trip
At the annual convention of Ihe As- the Company in two large busses and
snoiated Boards ol Trade of Vancou- thc forty-mile drive over the Sooke
ver Island held at Victoria on Thurs- j and Jordan River roads was nccom-
day and Friday of last week, many re-' plished in good lime and without un-
sotutlons were considered by the as- toward incident.
sembly. A resolution of vital interest The weather conditions were ideal
! to the Island was one introduced by and the visitors were delighted with
! Mr. Frank S. Cunllffe, of Nanaimo, tho glimpses of beautiful sencry ob-
• and  which curried unanimously, deal-  talnable  nt   various   points  along   the
■ Ing  with  the  Government  regulating road,
[ rates ol  public  utilities.    The resolu-!    Jordan   River  was   reached  shortly
l Hon. which was in realiiy a repetition alter 12 o'clock nnd the visitors pro-
■ of a resolution passed lust year by the cecded  at once  to the  main  power
Bed  will  be
Cumberland |
1, J.  Freeburn;   2,  II.  Horbury.
60-Yard Swim (confined lo members of H.M.S. Colombo) l. A. B.
Chadwick; 2. A. B. Harett.
101) Yards (open) I, F. V. Stephens, Courtenay; 2, Baker, H.M.S.
Greasy  Pole   (open)- 1,  Haikle;   2,
0, James.
Fancy Diving (from high board)—
1. Baker,  11.  M.S. Colombo;  2,  F.  V.
Stephens, Courtenny
Diving (off spring board)—1, Bill
Aucbinvule, Union Hay; 2, Baker,
H.M.S. Colombo.
Ladies' Single Rowboat Itaee—1,
M. Struthers; 2. J. Freeburn. i
Ladies'   Double   Rowboat  Race—1, [ ==
.Mrs. Reeso and   M. Struihers;   2, J. j Florence McDonald; 2, II. Horbury
Freeburn and A. Beveridge. i    Quoiting Competition- 1,  W.  Va
| Cuiliberland board, read as follows:
'Resolved that u Public Utilities
Commission should be appointed
nnd that the principle should bo
established that, since tho development ni tin' country justifies it,
thetK  Should   1)0  a   reasonable  reduction ot rates through the agency of the Public utilities Commission,   having   regard   only   to   the
actual   amount   of   money   invested   iu  th.1 enterprise."
Renewal ol strong pressure upon thc
Provincial Qovernment fur the preser-
e.is"d i vati01J  0[   the   magnificent  stand   of
take  gcenlc timber at Cameron Lake, rc-
) cently named Cathedral drove by the
I Governor-General,  was also  unanlm-
esday i
ously   supported.
Various   entertainments   were   given
The Cumberland Volunteer fir
ers  answered   a   call   on   Wei
wben an alarm  was turned in  Erom   , t;;„        , , .      .      ,,_.,.   ,,   „t;,h
Minto.   On arriving at  the valley It
was found that the residence of Mrs.
II. Miller was ou   flre,  but by   (pi
work, tho blaze was soon under ci
Ladies'   60-Yard   Swim   (open)— 1, | 2, D, Morgan,
was a visit to the Jordan River plant
, of the R C. Electric Railway Company where the delegates viewed the
extensive hydro-electric development
carried out by Ihe company. The delegates were royally entertained and
shortly after D:30 a.m., on Friday lasl
the party, numbering some thirty Individuals,   left   the   general   olllces   of
house. This is a rc-inlorccd concrete
structure, ^il feel long and 47 feet
wide. In it arc housed two generating units oi 6,000 horsepower each and
one generating unit of 13,51)0 horse-
power Provision also has bcen made
Inr ihe housing ni a fourth unit of
19.50(1 horsepower. Preliminary work
on the installation of this last unit
already has been taken in hand,
It wos explained by company ollicials that when this last unit is in operation, a totnl of 40,000 horsepower
will have been developed antl lhat this
ligure represents the maximum of economic development with regard to
the Jordan  River watershed.
After the inspection of the power
house, the delegates held an emergent
business session, which occupied about
fifteen minutes, In what is locally
known as thc "dugout", following
which, everybody sat down to an excellent lunch which wns served in the
company  boarding  house.
After   everybody   had   appeased   the
wants of the inner man. the waiting
busses  were once  again boarded  for
thc two-mile drive to thc forebay re-
(Cotitiimed ou page throe) PAGE TWO
FRIDAY.  JULY   Wth.  1929
The Cumberland Islander
WITHIN the week four American youths have been
arrested In the Greater Vancouver area and charged with luring a young girl Into an automobile
ana later. In the outskirts of the city, committing an indecent assault Some weeks ago two others were charged
with committing a similar offense near Port Moody. Similar news from day to day r ecords the disaster that overtakes young women who accept auto rides with' strange
men. lt is a sordid story which loses nothing of n•■ horror
by constant repetition. One might believe that any womau
of ordinary Intelligence would be wise enough to avoid
the snare of the "gas hawk" but experience shows there
are always victims ready for the tempter.
As on adjuncl to crime the motor car enjoys, an unfortunate utility, which every official Identified with law enforcement recognizes. No bandit feels hlmsell equipped
for his night's work until ho has stolen a last car for tho
getaway. Tl.e human vulture who makes ii his pleasure
to prey on women sits behind a powerful engine, Invites
his victim in ride, and the police reports tell Uie rest.
If there is nne truth above all others which a conscientious mother should impress upon her young daughter's
mind iu those day;- it Ls this: Never under any clrcutn
stances anywhere accept the Invitation of :*, strange man
to ride in his auto. No matter how alluring 'he prospect,
no matter how welcome a lift would be, us yuu value your
ing prey and makes life In rural sections miserable by;
pursuit of his criminal instincts. Every agency of law
should  be used  for his supression  mid  punishment.
Meanwhile, no girl with watchful parent should he left
in ignorance of what to do for ber own safety iu the not j
Improbable evenl that she is accosted by a "hawk" behind a steering wheel. No young woman old enough to j
have (rut hor eye teeth should need >iny further warning
than her own instinct affords. -The Review,!
safety, your good  name, and  the  welfare
aud friends, dont'.
There is no more dangerous or detestabl
than the man whose pleasure is tu inveigh
to their ruin. The auto is an instrumei
purpose precisely, offering both a lure f<
if your family
foe to society
innocent girls
that.  Ills  his
ds victims and
NOTHING has been more surprising to tlie oppunenu !
nf public ownership than the success of the Cana- |
dlau National Railways' System. The latest reports
show that ihis success was not a temporary matter, but
has been maintained and increased, so that :io longer can
anyone doubt that if the principles applied in i:s manage- j
meat so far are continued the success will he unabated.
First ui" these principles is non-interference by political
agencies, This i-; the ruck on which publie ownership
would go in pieces ai any slag.' oi ils existence and the
people must always be on the watch to prevent any attempt ol what would amount to scuttling the ship. One
handicap that the Canadian National Railways continues to
suffer from is the debt contracted by ihe old Grand Trunk
and Canadian Northern Systems. This hangs round the
neck of the Canadian National Railways must unjustly.
When the railways
system it should lm
37th Annual Report:
(Continued from page one) j
lutions. •
The hospital is in excellent condl- j
Hon and your fund is very fortunate j
in having such a well mauaged and
equipped Institution in this district,
which will compare very favourably
with any hospital of its size In British
Thanking   ynu   fur   courtesies   extend to me during my term of office,
1 beg to submit llie Annual Report for
the fiscal yenr ending June 30th, 11*2!).
JAMES DICK. Secretaiy
Summary 1928-29 Receipts
ere  consolidated   into   the   National
heen freed from ihe burden of lis
predecessors, just as :i man who buys a bankrupt business does not assume lho debts of the man who sells to
him.   It is the misfortune of ihe National Railway to have
these debts stacked up against them,   it is said, also, that
Ihe employees of the  railway   feel  the  incubus  to  he  a
handicap  an do   disheartening   influence  as   though   they
were working for a dead horse.   The fact is ihe rallwoj
is paying splendidly :ind hul for this bookkeeping charge
j would be shown to hi' a success in every way.   Canadians
I should he familiar with tbe facts of the remarkable increase in the revenue and the decrease in the ratio of
operating expenses to gross earnings, or that the operating income has beon  sufficleui   to pay  the Ilxed charges
...     .,.  .      .i.l.,     .-     .1. I.H..       il ,s    ill   B1fl  W7<1      HfltVl
on tho debt to the public, amounting to ?41,S10.s7it, with
means of escape for himself.   He tours the streets, seek-' $12,000,000 over  for othor uses.—The Hamilton   Herald.
Canadian Medical Association
Questions concerning Health, addressed to the Canadian Medical
Association, 1S4 College St., Toronto, will be answered personally
by correspondence.
Summer Diarrhoea
More babies die in Canada during
the month of September thau during
any other month ot tho year. Tlie
reason for this is because so many
of the babies are weakened hy Attacks of diarrhoea during ihe hot
summer months, they fall victims to
second attacks of the disease or 'o
other conditions, whicli. in their slate
they are unable to withstand.
ln the year 1923 ,over 4,201) babies
died as a result of diarrhoea. This
means that, on an average, over
eleven babies each day during the
year because of this coudltfon. There
are not nearly as many deaths now
from this cause as there were only u
few years ago. hul wc are still paying
a heavy death toll. The progress
which has heen made is practical evidence that diarrhoea can he largely
prevented if we will take the necessary measures tn do il.
The more serious forms of diarrhoea are due to germs which gain
entrance to the body in water or
othor rood. The reason why It occurs
more frequently in warm weather and
why lt Is commonly known as summer diarrhoea is because, when milk
is worm, any germs which are in the
milk grnw rapidly, and when such
milk is given lo tho babies, lhey receive, as it. were a, large dose of
germs which cause diarrhoea.
Breast-fed babies seldom have this
type of diarrhoea because breasi
milk is  practically sterile;   that  is.
free from germs. This is one of the
reasons why every child should ho
brens -fed. The surest aud most prac-
tlcal way to prevent diarrhoea Is to
I'm- babies who cannot be breastfed, and for older children, milk
which is pasteurized should bo used.
If pasteurized milk cannot be purchased, then it should be pasteurized
In the home. After pasteurization,
every care must he taken of milk, in
order to keep it cold and free trom
dirt and Hies. Milk is a most valuable food, hut it must be cured for or
il  is dangerous.
Mothers should realize that if a
diarrhoea does occur, it is a serious
condition, an dthe time to call a doc-
tor is immediately, not several day^
Inter when the baby is acutely ill.
Surprise Party
Mrs, Littler was n most surprised
hostess ou Thursday evening last
when a number nf friends made an
Impromptu visit tu her home on the
new tnwusite. Cards, games and music were chief diversion while Mrs.
Boll with card readings and Mrs.
Etherlngton with cup readings added
much to the enjoyment of those present. Winners nf prizes were Mrs.
Buchanan, Mrs. Etherlngton and Mrs.
McLellan. A dainty supper was served (iuest^ Included Mr. and Mr:',
Lltler, Miss Hilda Littler, Mrs. Bell,
Mrs. Buchanan, Mrs, Covert. Mrs.
Etherlngton, Mrs. McLellan. Mrs.
Morgan, Mrs. Jackson. Mrs. Chas.
Walker, Mrs. .Ins. Potter, Mrs. S. Davis. Mrs. R. I). Brown, Annie and Alice
Nosed Out In
Close Game
!   Cumberland, July 16—A fine baseball
'game was played at the Cumberland
; ball nark on Sunday between a Powell
River team and the local nine.   The
■ locals managed to nose out by the
score of 4 runs to 3, as shey bunched
! their  hits and  pounded  the ball  all
'over the lot ln thc fatal seventh inning, scoring 3 runs and putting the
! game on ice.
!    Moyer pitched well for Cumberland,
allowing only three hits, while twelve
j bingles were chalked up against  the
i opposing  twirler.    Harper  of  Powell
1 River supplied the fireworks for the
day when he poled out a long home
: run in the Gth innings with the bases
I empty.
[   The  Cumberland    boys    played    a
[snappy brand of ball considering the
' tact that they are a newly organized
I ciub and  have  had very  few  games
i this year.
1    Following are llie box scores for the
Powell River
AB   R   H   E   SH   SB
Hogue.  c. 3     110     0       1
I Wilshire,  LP.      3     0   0     0     0       0
! Harper, s.s. 3    110    0      0
I Baron. 2b. 3     0   0     0     0       0
i Taylor. 3b. 3    110    0      0
Cramb. lb. 3    0  0    0    0      0
'.Marshall, p.        3    0   0    0    0      0
] Riley, cf. 3    0   0    0    0      0
Thomson, r.f.    2    o  0    0    o     o
Totals   . 26   3   3     0     0       1
AB   R   H   E   SH   SB
Doi, c. ..... 4     12     0     0       0
i Somerville. I.f. 4 13 0 0 0
Kencliy, s.s. 4 0 10 0 0
James. 2b. 4    0   10    0      0
Clark, 3b. 3    0   10    0      0
Stewart, lb. 3 110 0 0
Moyer, p. 3    0   10    0      0
Watson, c.f. . .2 0 1 0 0 0
Gibson,   r.f. 3     110     0       0
Totals        30   4   12   0     0       0
Ma gives
the children
'   \ J"i   A*/-4 r- * A
tin •  Ki   W~
Comox Jersey Ice Cream
"Because it is so rich In pure Cream." Rut the children
nro moro interested in tho cold, smooth, tastiness of
Jersey Ice Cream and so will you be onco you sit down
to enjoy this wonderful treat.
Comox Creamery Association
Courtenay, B. C.
July lsl to July
July 29th to Aug
Aug. 26th to Sepl
Sept. 23rd to Orl.
Oct. 21st to Nov.
Nov. isili to Dec.
Hoc. 16th to Jan.
Colled Ions
Jan. Uth to Fell.
Feb. 10th to Mar
March 10th to Ap
April 7th to May
May 5th to June
June 2nd to June
Collections   ....
Sth. 192S-
25111. 1928 -
. 22nd. 1928-
2Hth, 1928- -
nth. 1928-.
15th, 1928
12th. 1929-
Ith, 1929-
h 9th. 1929-
rll 6th. 1929-
4th. 1929—
1st, 1929—
29th. 1929 -
Paid Medical
July 1st lo July 28th,
July 29lh to Aug. 25th.
Aug. 26th to Sept. 22nil.
Sept. 23rd to Oct. 20th,
Oct. 21st to Nov. 17th,
Nov. 18th lo Dec. 15th.
Dec. 16th to Jan. 12th.
Jan. 13th to Feb. Mill,
Feb. 10th to Mar. 9th.
Mar. 10th to .Mull 6th,
April 7th to May 4th.
May 5th to June lsl,
June 2ml to June 29th,
1928 ..
1928 ..
i 696.34
Dr.   Robt.  Crosby   re   Mra.
Dec. 1928—Fisher and Burpe
re Mr. Home 	
A. J. Taylor re H. Buchanan
Dr.  W.   E.   J.   Eklns   re   A.
Jan 1929-A. J. Taylor re H.
Dr.   John   Christie   re   Mrs.
Feb. 1929—E. D. Haukedal re
E. D. Pickard 	
Dr.   Robt,   Crosby   re    A.
Dr. A. W. Hunter re Thos.
Dr.  R.  B. Boucher  re  Miss
J. Johnson   "...
Dr. R. B. Boucher re Mr.
Mar. 1929-A. J. Taylor re H.
E. Haukedal re E. D. Pickard   	
Apr.,1929— A. J. Taylor re H.
Dr. W. E. J. Eklns re Mr.
H. Ellis 	
May, 1929—A. J. Tnylor re H.
Dr.   Robt.   Crosby   re   Mr,
June. 1929-A. J. Taylor re E.
D.  Pickard  	
Dr.    Robt.    Crosby    re    R.
Dr. Cordon re Wong Sin ....
TOTAL    % 818.23
Cumberland Hospital
July,  1928    % 700.00
August.   1928     700.00
September,  1928   700.00
October,   1928     700.00
November.   1928     700.00
December,   1928     700.00
January,   1929     700.00
February,   1929     700.00
March,   1929     700.00
TOTAL  $8,472.11
Repairs to Cemetery
Oct.. 1928—Cleaning anil
Repairs    » 100.00
Juno, 1029—Clearing Brush
and Repairs         loo.on
TOTAL  $ 200.00
Attendance Allowance to Board
July. 1928     t   lo.on
August.  1928  10.00
September,  1928   12.011
October. 192S           14.011
November.   1928 14.00
December.   1928   . 12.00
January.  1929 14.00
February.   1929 14.00
March.   1929 12.00
April,   1929              14 011
May  1929  .'.  12.00
June, 1929   8.00
TOTAL    * 140.0(1
Special Nursing
July. 1928—Mrs. K. Gordon re
Mrs. C. Graham         t 27.50
Aug. 1928—Miss Armstrong re
Mrs. c. Oraham     35,ou
Sept.. 1928—Mrs. K. Gordon re
Areko Hlrose     20.00
Miss A. Gozzano re Mrs. A.
Thomson             U1.011
Jan., 1929—Mrs. B. Whyley re
Alfred Bouch       6.00
Miss   A.   Gozzano   re   Dan
Gordon       42.50
Apr. 1929—Miss A. Gozzano re
Mrs. D. Walker     57.50
May, 1929—Miss J. Marshall re
Mrs. 1). Walker        20.00
June 1929—Mrs. 11. Whyley re
J.  Potter   105.00
Mrs. K, Gordon re N. Hlrose       2.50
TOTAL  1331.00
Hospital Specialists' Patients
Sept.. 1928—Vancouver General
lie Mis. llannenuan  I 23.0;
Jubilee  Hospital   re   Mrs.  S.
Horwood         32.00
Dec.  1928—Vancouver General
re Miss J. Johnson       15.00
Vancouver  Genernl   re   Mrs.
Gray              8.00
Feb.  1929—St.  Paul's  Hospital
re Mr. Bennett .        23.25
TOTAL .   $101.80
Specialists' Fees
July 1II2S- Dr. A. II. Clilnbeln
re Mr. Cornwall *   36.00
Dr.  John   Christie   ro   Mrs
Keenan . 5.00
A. J Taylor re 11. Buchanan     20.00
Aug.. 1928- A. J. Tnylor re II.
Buchanan 411.00
Dr. F. W. Ilrydone-Jnck re
Miss A. Gear 2015
Dr.  F.  W.  Brydon-Jack  re
Mrs.   Bannernuin 61.00
Dr. W. A. Whlleltnv ro Mrs.
J. Bond         25.011
Sept.,    1928   Dr.   R.   B,   Mc
Kechnie  re  Win.  Davies 60.00
Dr. Robert Crosby re Alex
Walker          8.00
Dr. W.  P.  Walker re Mrs.
S.  Horwood         7.00
Dr.   F.   R.   Anthony   re   It.
Slant     5.00
Dr. F. B. Anthony re Irene
Jones     8.00
A. J. Taylor re 11. Buchanan     20.00
Oct. 1928—A. J. Taylor re 11.
Buchanan         20.110
Nnv. 1028—A, J. Taylor re II.
Buchanan              20.00
Dr. W. B, J. F.klus re Mrs.
Carter            5.00
Dr.   Robt,   Crosby  re  Mrs. '
May.  1929 	
June. 1929
July. 1928-R. C.
 $ 154.10
Aug.   1928—   "
Sept.   1928—   "
Oct.   192S—   "
Nov.,   192S—   "
Dec,   192S—   *•
.   ..   186.45
...   201.45
Jan.,   1929-    *'
....   215.50
Feb..   1929—   "
Mar.   1929-   "
Apr..   1929—   "
...    259.60
May, 1929—   ■•
June.  1929-
TOTAL    $2,620.40
Miscellaneous Disbursements
July.  1928—Secretary's Salary
July    $ 10.00
Auto  Hire to  Union  Bay  ..     3.00
Islander,    printing    cheque
forms       37.50
Aug..  1928—Secretary's  Salary
August        15.00
Islander, printing annual report and  posters 	
Sept., 1928—Secretary's Salary
Auto Hire from Union Bay .,
Cumberland & Union Water
Works Co.. water rates 	
Oct..   1928 -Secretary's   Salary-
s\uto Hire from Union Bay ..
Nov., 1928—Secretary's Salary
Auto Hire from Union Bay  .
Dec,  1928—Secretary's   Salary
A Perfect
romance of
young love—
on a
—you will
cherish this
among your
FRIDAY and SATURDAY, July 19th and 20th.
Monday and Tuesday. July 22 and 23
A Story of Mother Love beautifully screened,
Usual Prices Two Shows: 7 anil 9 p.m
Wednesday and Thursday, July 24 and 25
Don Terry and June Collyer
from the novel hy Francis Richard Coo
When love and crime mix, what happens?
Friday - Saturday, July 26 - 27
"The Awakening"
Ilo-Ilo Theatre
15.00 j
Orders left at Henderson's Candy Store will receive
David Hunden, Jr.
of all descriptions
50.00 i ",
Auto Hire from Union Bay ..
Cumberland  Hospital   Radio
Jan.,  1929—Secretary's  Salary
Auto Hire from Union Bay ..
Feb..   1920—Secretary's   Salary
February        15.00
Auto Hire from Union Bay ..     3.00
Cumberland & Union Waler
Works Co.. water rates       6.00
Mar.,  1929—Secretary's Salary
March       15.00
Auto Hire from Union Bay ..     3.00
Apr..  1929—Secretary's Salary
Auto Hire from Union Bay .
May,  1929—Secretary's  Salary
Auto Hire from Union Bay .
Cumlierland & Union Water
Works Co.. water rates       4.50
Islander,  prescription  forms
June. 1929—Secretary.s Salary
Aulo Hire from Union Bay ..
TOTAI.       J373.30
Summary: Financial Statement
July   1st.  1928--
I'si Balance  t 5,103.35
Collections  1928-29    26,673.01
Interest  on  Savings  Acct      133.51
Medical Officer 	
Attendance Allowances to
Roard  Members 	
Cemetery Repairs 	
.Specialists' Fees 	
Hospital Specialists' Patients
Cumberland General Hos'al
Special  Nursing   	
Balance  Savings   Account
June 30th. 1929 	
Balance   Current   Accounts
June 30th.  1929  	
$ 8,472.11
ALEX MAXWELL, Proprietor.
Autos for Hire.   Coal and Wood Hauling given very
prompt attention.  Furniture and Piano
Storage if desired.
Phones 4 and 61
Cumberland, B.C.
Respectfully  submitted: —
Approved, Finance Committee: —
Nowadays is bitterly hostile to
any form of foolishness which
endangers life and property.
The Reckless Driver, the Man
Who Rocks the Boat, The Man
Who Didn't Know it was Loaded
are gradually disappearing under
pressure of public opinion. The
Man Who is Careless with Fire
is the greatest menace of them
all. Let public opinion
focus upon him.
In every sorts of building materials.
Royston Lumber Co.
PHONES J Nls'" call3: 134x Courte"ay
| Office:   159 Cumlierland.
jjordon River
Plant Visited By
B. of T. Members
(Continued from Pabe One)
climbed the steps leading io the inspection gallery which runs the entire
length of the dam and beneath the
spillway, and eventually came out on
  ithe crest of the dam some 120 feet
servoir,. which point also is the ter-;auove the hed of the river,
minus of the narrow-gauge railway op-: The dam Itself is a re-inforced-con-
erated by the Company for the trans- j Crete hollow structure of the Amour-
portation of workmen and supplies to! sen flat slab and buttress type. It has
and from the various parts of Its de- I a total length of 891 feet and a max.
velopment. |imum height of 126 feet.   The spill-
climb of 1,1601 way is 300 feet long and provides for
a maximum flood discharge of 22,000
ft.   per  second.    The  flashboard
the attendant to ascertain the troublel*D    /~>    T TT i
immediately and have the plant back !•*"-• L/.  L«ang  rlCclQS
on the line with a minimum of delay. I „ ,     „ -
After leaving this plant, the visitors| BOSrfl    Of    Trade
(Continued from Pase One)
in tlio near future mid Bald Mr. Korde
would probably give them more in- .
formation on the matter. ;
Tho Coal  liiilustiM
merit are now
this Board.
being considered  by
This ride entailed
feet, the road winding up the moun
which  rises abruptly  above  the I cu.
Automobile Side  Curtains Repaired
Also Harness Repairs
Electric R*y Hyrdo-Electrlc Power Plant  on Jordan River
memMv:™bmbtoWw!*cs^;xwi?^ijy*K5.i*j*s; -
Do you buy
the Cheapest
Don't be misled by an inferior article which
is a few cents cheaper.   There is only
one quality
Start the SUMMER right with a
site of the power house.
The forebay Is a balancing reservoir
between the flume discharge and the
intake of the pressure pipe Unn leading
to the turbines in the powei* house,
1,150 feet  below.    It is composed  of
earth-fill  dams  and,  at  the  present
time, is in the process of being enlarged
by some 60 per cent, in order to take
care of  the  increased demands  that
will be occasioned by the installation
of the fourth generating unit.
After a brief inspection, the  party
ooarded a special train   of cars, drawn
by a powerful gasoline locomotive, and
j started on the five and one-half mile     A« over 7.500.000 b,m. of timber was
'drive up the Jordan valley to the site used  In   the  reconstruction  and
of the main diversion dam. , lavement  of  the  flume,  a saw mill
This   railway   closely   follows   the(was erected on the dam site containing
winding  course  of  the  flume,   which head-saw, planer, edger and a  large
latter  conducts  the  water  from  the ciado machine, all of which were elec*
main storage dam to the forebay.   The! trlcally operated.   Thc necessary lunv
ilume, which has recently been entire-!]m' was obtained from timber at hand
ly  reconstructed and enlarged  by  50 within the company's own watershed
per cent., is of the open wooden box^mite.
type, 8 feet by 7 feet in section.   It is
built to a constant grade of one foot
structure, recently completed within
thc spillway, increases the impounding
capacity of this reservoir by U0 per
Tlie storage capacity is 16,500 acre-
feet, or the equivalent of 12,000,000
kilowatt hours at the power house.
The total area flooded is 422 acres.
The drainage area of the watershed
is 63 square miles. The total volume
of concrete in the dam is 21,600 cu,
yards and a total of 300 tons of reinforcing steel entered into this structure.
sold by the
Cumberland Electric
Lighting Co., Ltd.
it:, iu, iii ,1.', :l*: i' .■. ."• ■',;-. mi ,;
Cumberland and Union
Waterworks Co., Ltd.
Phone 75
A. B. CLINTON, Manager.
m 1.000 and lias a capacity of 275 cu.
it. of water per second.
During its tortuous course between
the forebay and the main storage
dam, tlie flume crosses a number of
deep gulches by means of high tres
ties. Several of these trestles are permanent structures of re-inforced con.
crte. This Journey occupied about half
an hour and afforded some unique
views of the valley and mountain
scenery and, incidentally, gave the
visitors some idea of the very consid'
table engineering problems that had
to be faced and overcome while this
development was under construction.
On arrival at the main storage dam,
or "Diversion," the party debarkew
from thc train and, after a short walk
along the top of the flume, arrived at
the automatic power plant built within the face of the dam. This plant
was completed in the Fall of last year.
It develops 2,000 horsepower, utilizing
the head of water stored behind the
dam. The water, after passing through
the turbine wheel of this plant, discharges into the flume and is again
utilized under the high-head develop,
ment which had bcen visited before
An interesting feature of this plant
is that it is entire-automatic in op.
eration, adjusting, itself, ln conjunction with the main power plant, to the
varying   condition   of   the   demands
made upon lt.   It was also explained
jtliat not only will the plant regulate
I itself in this way,  but it will automatically shut down should abnormal
|conditions arise and will automatically
j start again as soon as conditions be-
j come normal,   In case of serious trou-
Ibue, the plant will shut down of its
'own accord and remain so until an
[ attendant lias visited it and the trou-
ibio has been rectified.   A series of
annunciators indicate thc cause of a
An interesting hour was spent in in
specting the dam and saw-mill, after
which the train was once again board
?d and tlie return journey to the com
pany's headquarters accomplished it
^ood time. Here afternoon tea was
served and proved to be a very wel
come item in the programme at this
time. After everybody had refreshed
themselves, Mr. Arthur Leighton, the
newly elected president of the Associated Board of Trade of Vancouver Island, tendered a vote of thanks, on
behalf ol the visitors, to Mr. A, T.
Goward, vice-president of the B. C.
Electric. Mr. Leighton said that not
only had everybody enjoyed the day
thoroughly, but the whole plan of the
development, thc engineering features,
the amount of plant and equipment,
etc., necessary to produce the electric
power that came so cosily and con-
eniently to the average customer, had
been a revelation that they would not
soon forget.
Mr. Goward replied briefly and said
he was particularly pleased to have
had the opportunity of having so wide-
ly representative a gathering visit the
company's power development on Vancouver Island. He assured his visitors
that he, personally, had enjoyed the
day as much as any of them. He also
reminded them that they had seen
Jordan River under its most ideal conditions, when everything was running
smoothly, but that there were times,
especially during the winter months,
when things were not quite so smooth
and orderly and that at such times
tlie giving of a continuous service was
only accomplished under considerable
difficulty, In this connection, Mr.
Goward paid n tribute to thc efficiency
and loyalty of the engineering stall In
charge of operations at tlie River.
)• I Roads nml New Romls
Mr. William Etadle ami  .Mr. T,  It. !
Mumford attended a special meeting j
of thc Associatdi Boards of Trade nf j
Vancouver   lslnnd  held   at   Nauaiinn
at  which  the question  of roads  wis
discussed.    Our   representatives  sup-
ported Hie Improving of existiiu: roads
llie road to the West Coast from Alberni also tlie Menzies Bay Road and
opposed   Hie  West  Coast  Road   from
Victoria north  on  tlie  grounds  that
sumo  was an  unnecessary  expenditure of public money.
Stage service during tlle early part
of the year was considered Inadequate. This matter was brought bo-
fore the Vancouver Island Coach
Lines. Limited, with the result that
conditions have been much Improved,
iieslileni Provincial I'olloo
The tact that the district surrounding Cumberland was being Inadequately policed, the matter was
brought tu the attention of Dr. Mac-
N'aiiKhtiiii anil i now wish tu report
that a Provincial Police Officer will
reside lu Cumberland In the future.
Change Name ni Puntledge Lake
In Lake Cumberland
This matter was referred to Major
Aitken, Chief Geographer, Victoria,
who objected lo thename being altered for historic .reasons. Iiowever.
from the date of the suggested change
Lake Cumberland Is the name hy
which this body of wator is now generally known throughout this district,
and it is hoped that this name will
become universally known anil finally
lie adopted hy the Department.
This matter is now iu the bands of
Hie Board an.I we trust that same
may become a realitv in tho no far
distant future,
I Iiiiiikc iii Haul lo ileum
It is considered advisable by this
Board to have curtain alterations
made nn the Bevan-Cumberland road,
thereby resulting In a better road to
that town, eliminating three dangerous railroad crossings, cutting down
generally the cosl of upkeep of that
part nf the road which would he abandoned. To date the feasibility of this
change has been thoroughly gone into, tlie survey of the new stretch lias
been completed and we sincerely hope
to see this work carried to completion al an early date.
Belter Mgliting of (he (Ity struts
Tills matter while discussed ami
still in the hands of the Board was
of necessity laid aside for obvious
.Stop .Signals
We wisli to thank the City tor following our suggestion and removing
the old style "silent policeman" and
replacing same with nlore up-to-date
stop signals al the street corners.
Campbell liiver Power Question
Vour Executive Committee hns had
several meetings at which this matter was discussed, three of which being in conjunction with the Courtenay-Comox Board of Trade, also one
special meeting of the Associated
Boards ol* Trade of Vancouver Island.
held at Duncan, at which Mr. A. .McKinnon represented this Board. This
question is now being dealt wiili by
tho Minister ot Lands.
In conclusion 1 wish lo thank the
City of Cumberland for tlieir generosity lu allowing us to use the Council
Chamber, also for their donations to
the Board. .Mr. T. Oraham, Dr. O. K. I
MacNaughton and Mr. A. W. Neill far j liEVEKAGES KOR
interest   iu   and   osslstan
In speaking of the Coal industry !
and whin Hie government bail done
and what they hoped lo do in respect
to experiments with pulverized coal,
lie touched briefly un the debate which
occurred in the house a few weeks
ago .anil which, said Mr. Neill was
fully reported in the Islander.
Other matters touched upon by Ur.
Neill included the arrangements and
Improvements mail,. ;.i the Royston |
wharf, the hoars at th,, government
telegraph offices, the opening on Sun-'
days for a period o! six months, of!
the lobby at the Courtenay Post Of-
lice enabling box holders tn have access i,, their mail boxes ou Sundays.
The Fraser Itiver Sockeye Salmon
Ashing, the Introducing of tish trans
In northern B, C. Waters. a matter
which he opposed most strenuously
anil the $80,000.00 subsidy for the
lumbar interests, which would materially help the market witli Australia.
The  perennial subject   "1   the divorce
bill was also spoken of hy tin- member and the proposal to increase the
salaries of the members.
Proceeding   in   a   very   humorous
vein,   Mr.   Neill   spoke   ot*   the   social
side ut* th,. politicians life ut Ottawa.
Keeping   the   gathering   In   roars   of
laughter . Before com lulling his very
Interesting  talk,  Mr.  Neill  suggested
one thing m them, In fad  lie said he
would Invite them all  to go to the
j Conservative  picnic at  Courtenay on
| August   Hie  tiitl  and   hear  Mr.   R.  B.
j Bennett a man who was reputed to
I be worth forty-three million dollars.
Tbey   would   he   able   to   see   W'hat  a
man of such wealth looked like, whal
had to speak of. Ids aims and ainhi-
lions.    They  would hear a  very able
speaker, in  feci  a  polished speaker
and a brilliant lawyer .and probably
some time, prime minister of Canada.
Ile also urged Ihem to go and hear
the   Hon.   Mr.   Motherwell,   thp   mill-   :
later of agriculture who would be in
the  district  shortly and.  whilst not   ■
being as polished a speaker as tho
leader  of  the  opposition,   well   worth    ',
listening to . lie thanked them all for j
their kind attention and wished the ; ;
board of trade every success. ;
Mr. .1.  I'. Forde. the dlstrlcl  engineer  was  next  called  upon.    He  said
he was  not   iratnr like  Mr.  Neill
and as the member for Comox-Alberni
had said, it was usually the thing to
start a speech wilh a joke, but as .Mr.
Neill had told ihe very joke he was
going to tell tbem, he was somewhat
at a loss how to begin. In speaking
of the proposed float at Lake Cumberland. Mr. Forde produced a plan which
he had prepared showing the see-
lions of the approach to' Ihe float
which he thought would take care of
traffic until such times as the money
was voted for the complete structure.
He said if the money was voted his
department would lose no time in
getting tlie work done. He asked If
nl, any time there was anything the
board would like lo suggest or offer
any criticism of the work undertaken
by his department he would be only
too pleased to have It. He welcomed
suggestions or criticism and if It was
found at ail possible, the same would
be accepted in the same spirit in
whicli ll was offered and fullv considered.
Others speakers included Mr. Mc.it-
I tngu Bruce, the nasi president of the
| Associated Boards of Vancouver Island. Mr. P. Leo Anderton, Mr. McPhee and Mr. Douglas or the Courtenay-Comox Board of Trade, anil Dr.
O. K. MacNaughton, member for Comox district in the provincial house.
During Ihe evening, the president
ot* Ihe local hoard of trade extended
his sincere thanks to the officers and
executive of hist yenr fnr their very
grcai help and Mr, ,.\iex, Henderson
tlle new secretary intimated that he
would do all in his power to further
the interests of thc Citniherland board
nf trade.
The singing of God Save tb,. King
brought a very successful  meeting
Road Roller
Plans to Save
Notified of an Impending
blasting job ns-ar Langley
Prairie on May 81, a telephone
man strung temporary lines
along the ground around the
scene to lake care of thc service until the copper longdistance wires, probable victims
of the blast, could be replaced.
Bang wenl thc explosion:
down went the copper wires.
But service was carried on via
the temporary lines.
Everything went smoothly,
just as planned, until a road
roller ran over the temporary
wires, with tl„. result that tlie
direct circuits from Vancouver
lo Abbotsford and from Vancouver to Langley were out for
(wo and a half hours.
IcnnmsTclal    JJnf,>|        ll.sk-,
; Headquarters  pjtlltl    Keuombli
■ Rooms Slenm Healed
; W.  MKKRIFIKLI), Prop.
Opposite Ilo-Ilo Theatre        '.
Cumberland, B. C.        |
Practical Barber & Hairdresser,   j
Children's hair cut any style 35c   : '
Ladles' balr cut any style 60c   •
Good Servico
Reasonable Charges
this Board, also our Vice-president,
Mr. E. W. Bickle. our secretary. Mr.
.1. C. Brown, our Treasuror, Mr. William Eadie and the Executive Com-
mltee consisting of Messrs. T, tl.
Mumford, A. McKinnon, T. II. Corey,
A. Henderson, W. Hudson, j. Mann,
ami L. R. Stevens, all of whom have
been a tower or strength and have
made the success of the Cumberland
Board of Trade during tlle past vear
All of which  Is respectfully submitted.
ROBT. C. LANG.  Prcsidciil,
Cumberland Board of Trade.
by Bell,   Barclay
This concluded the olllcial part of
Uie day's programme and the delegates
then boarded the busses for Victoria,
which was readied shortly after 0:30
Daily fiorn VANCCIWI» to fCRCNICi
THE splendid appointments
•(ford luxurious relaxation.
Serving all the principal cities
on the prairies, this lest word in
modern rail express fulfills evory
desire for speed and comfort
Through tht
Fraser Canyon
in daylight.
(J permanent shut down, thus enabling I p.m.
Delegntes of the Associated Boards
who visited Jordan River were: A.
Leighton, p. Cowman, F. s. Ounltffe
and M, C. Ironside, representing Nannlmo; O. A, Cheeke and S. J. ileald,
representing Malahat: W. Walkcui and
E. L. Kenny, representing Ladysmith;
P. L. Anderton, J. n McLeod and E.
L. Macdonald, representing Courtenay;
E. w. Bickle and H. c. Lang, representing Cumberland; Captain R. p.
Matheson, F. Cooke and W. J. Ileald,
representing Esquimalt; H. Bnbbiiigton
and Rev. M. W. J. Bruce, representing
C.N k   I'muiuJ
Continental Umil.tl*
susual Hails.!* :0|i as.
Canadian National
V sssaslssssssssH  II   IIIS *      1~        HIISS  I 1  Mill
Further Information from K. Vi. lllrkle, telephone llo, Cumberland, ll.C, or
write C. F. Curie, District Passenger Agent, Victoria, IU.
Loud applause greeted Mr. Lang on
completing Ills report .after which he
called lor th,, report of the treasurer,
Mr. Eadie who said ihe hoard started
the year with a balance In hand of
Jll.so. During ihe year receipts amounted to $2i,7.35, expnsos being
$180.64, leaving a balance of $70.70,
which the members present though:
•very gratifying,
Tiie nomination committee wns then
called upon for their nominees tor
office for the ensuing year Mr, Eadie
as chairman reporting that iho con-
inlltee recommended the following
mr office: President, It. c. Lang;
Vice-President, T, II. Mumford: Secretary, Alex Henderson; Treasurer,
Win. Eadle; Executive Committee, '■:.
W.   Bickle. A.  McKIt  .1.  Mann. T,
II. Carey, w. 1'. By s. P, McNiven,
nud L. (leldt.    The ll ling fully c i
dorsed   the   n mating   committee's
action, tin- foregoing being duly declared elected. Ml'. Lung called upon
Mr. Neill lo say a few words.
The federal member received guile
un ovation and said It afforded him
very groat pleasure in lie present am
iillgst them once' more. He said lie
knew politics was barred from tlie activities or the Board or Trndo deliberations, hut wliat was he ti, gay?
Whal was he to talk about? Politics
were his sole hobby. However, lie said
he would nol nilli partisan politics,
hs the longer lie sat  in Ihe house al
Saanich; „. A. McKllllgan, H. L. Mc-1 whh^r^diiul "'l', 7„a fS'ol
ii present. Hie grits were In nowar
and Ihe otlier parly wan
on ever heed tlle pleadings of
a little hiii or dauguter and furnish
a cooling drink In ibe middle of the
afternoon? li may he a lemonade,
un orangeade, a fruit punch ,an egg
nog, a ginger ale punch, a mini Julep,
nr any one of doseus nf famous sum.
mer beverages. Children linv,. their
favorites, tun almost any cooling
drink will bring smiles in thoir faces
at any time and particularly during
Ihe strenuous, lm; days of vacation.
Thei,. is much more nf real value lo
I a Utile ire.it „f nils kind than many
I mothers appreciate. Th,- fruit uhc,1
in Uu- drink furnishes much liiat li
hcnelii ial ii, Ho- line of minerals and
sails The liquid Itsell takes iln
plnce ol ihai  lusl  through  perspire,
llnll.    T!i,.  sugar,   used   a-   a   -'.vecten-
Ing agent, gives cr, m t /..  i to th,
fruits used, and because it Is a highly ,
concentrated -nunc nt* human onorgy
il helps In pr,,viil the vim. vigor and J
vlaiiiy ihai nuikeis children the brlght-
P. P. Harrison
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public
Mala Olflce
Courtenay             Phone  25S
Local Office
Cumlierland Hotel in Evenings
Telephone WM or 24
Dental Surgeon
Office Cor. of Ounsmulr Ave.
Opposite  llo-llo Theatre
cheeked littlo in-ings that
I eyed.
' lhey are
| Sn furnish the kiddles with plenty
of  , Hug   drinks   this   summer   mil
j filled win. Ice Inn coolod, mi thai lhey
| will he ri li -ti.-1. ,i',.i furnish lho adult with tiie a mi-' ,ii- linn,, elaborati
I.. ,,-i iges, a Mm seo hi Tinkling
pieces of lee in  more nppropi lately
! Into ilie -dull drink, inr adults are
mini, prone in sip their tasiies slowly.
For children, li Is usually well tn set
tin-  beverage  aside  in  cool   un   Ice,
Uyers nnd lirj Cleaners
Special    family   laundry    ralo.
Orders   left   al   tho   Hltz   Cafe,
'liliono 150, Cumberland will receive prompt attention.   A trial
order wilt convlnco you.
Telephone*;   Cnurldiny, 22G
Cumlierland  160
rather than to
Intyrc and Geo. A, Cochrane, representing Sidney; J. O. Cameron, S. J.
Halls and Stewart Williams, representing Victoria. Regrets were received
from several of the delegntes who were
unable to be present.
Mr. Gownrd was assisted tn the entertainment of thc visitors by thc following B. C. Electric ollicials: G. M.
Tripp, general superintendent; E. N.
j Horsey, resident engineer; S. J. Halls,
j manager, light and power department;
T. R. Myers, publicity manager; D. I.
ed to k.'
Flout a l.nkc Cumlierland
Mr. Neill dealt briefly with the pro-
posed tloat which luul been asked f"r
I-ake Cumberland. As it was too lato
tu have the amount wanted fnr tho
wlmrr hoi aside in ihe estimates ho
had done whal he possibly could to
have nn amount of (2,000 Bet aside
from the hinds provided fur undertake
ings cropping up after estimates bad
been passed. Ho bad heen told hy a
cabinet minister lhat the wharf would
be built, hut he never trusted a cat)
Inet minister, until the promis(, he-
Walker, superintendent, Jordan River, came an actuality, and mentioned
and J. Elliott, engineer-ln-charge, Jor-! several instances to back up liis state
dan River ' 'm'1"     However,  he  really   believed
that   ihe   wurk   would   lie   undertaken
rve i'   wiMi
the   picnll
while hiKiiiir ■
trip, fniit dii
Tbey may bo
a vacuum bolt
provided "ie
pine. When
serve as i
\ thirst que
e ground,
r when on :i camping
lis ar-* very desirable,
carried from home In
e. or made on the spo
is sure tho water h)
well sweetened lhey
rglztng  foods  ;is  well ,is
ilng bevorage8i    Hero Is
will   prove   particularly
fruit Juki
! pleasing:
Fresh Qrangon*do
cup ^uwir
cums water
cups orange Julee
tabloBpoona lemon julc
Orated  nnd   I  orange
SUgar  water, and c.ranKc  rtnd.'9taml leu minutr
for   Bmlnul
and  serve.
Ginger Aln I'uiii b
1  cup hot  tea  Infusion
1 cup sugar
■\  CUp orange Judy
I '■' cup lemon juico
1 pint mineral or ice water
tew  sllcufl orange,
ir tea  over BUgar, cool and add
Juices.   Turn Into large punch
bowl over biockfl of ice.   .lust before
Bervlng   add   ginger   ale,   mineral   or
ice water and orange slices.
(.'rape Juico Umonndo
I  lemons
IV4   Pints   water
I   pint   grape  juice
I  CUp sugar
Mix lemon Juice wtlh other Ingred-
I tents.    Turn  Into pitcher half filled
[with   lc0   uml   siir   thoroughly,     Let
before serving. PAGE FOUE
FRIDAY, JULY  19th,  1939
Cumberland Personals
(    Mr.   Fred   Dawson
! Calgary  on  Sunday.
Miss Lottie Hallos returned from a
two weeks Trip on Monday.
Outing Shirts
with collars attached or
with soft collars to match
are now featured for
summer and vacation
wear. They provide real
summer-time comfort for
work or play.
Attractive new stripes,
checks and popular plain
The Forsyth Insurance
Policy assures you of com\»
plete shirt satisfaction.
Hatchways no-Button Underwear tho garment every man
should use for the warm days.
Sizes 34 to 44, per suit .... Sl.50
returned from The Ladies* Literary Society ot Union Hay will set ve refreshments at
the Colliery Qmployees1 Picnic at
, Union Bay on Saturday, July 20th at
i Miss Lorna McCouit, who has been moderate charges. Home Cooking.,
visiting with Miss Isobel Brown, re
turned to her home in Nanaimo on
' Sunday. Miss Brown accompanied
her and will spend two weeks in thej a distinguished company wns pre-
|hub city. sent at tlie opening ol' the trail to the
" * * j "Forbidden   Plateau,"   nn   Thursday
j    Mr. V. Spencer ot Powell River spent, .,r,B,.non„. Amo„g „,,„„ preaent wl,,.,,
, Sunday in town. noticed His Honor li. Randolph Bruc=
I Lleut.-Governor ot the Province, Li.-
j   Mrs. D. Shields and Miss A. Shields; Colonel c w vmiers, Dr. 0. K. Mac-
of Nanaimo  spent the  week-end lnJNaughton,    .M.L.A..    Itev.    .Montagu
Bruce,   president   ol*  the  Associated
' Cumberland,  the  guests of Mr. and
'Mrs. Robt. Yates.
Mr. Donald Watson of New West-
minster is visiting friends nnd relatives in the district.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. McCarthy of Na.
naimo .-pent thc week-end in town.
Young Men's Silk Vests, no
sleeves, very comfy. Price per
garment   $1.00
Stripe trunks for the boy who
want something smart and up-
to-date.   Prices, $1.00 and S1.25
1 Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Parfltt of Vic
toiia were iu town during the week-
Miss Audrey Phillips, who has been
visitini! in Portland, returned home on
Mrs. A. Ronald, Mrs. Bryon McDonald and Miss Thelma Ronald left
on Sunday en route for San Francisco.
I Mr. Ronald accompanied them as far
j as Washington, where he will spend
an indefinite period of time.
.    .    .
I   Mrs. K. Brown left on Friday for
Vancouver where she will spend a week
visiting with her daughter.
•    •    •
Mrs. Lobley returned to her home in
Nanaimo on Friday.
ss       .       .
Miss G. McFadyen returned from
Vancouver on Saturday.
The Central
'Barber Shop
Next to Shorty's Pool Room A. GATZ, Prop.
For Ladies and Gents.
Moderate Prices
Cumberland, B.C.
Miss Christine McKinnon returned
from a visit to Ladysmith on Monday,
• *    *
Miss Blanche Dando and Mrs. C,
Dando, Sr., left for Vancouver on Saturday.
• •    •
Mrs. J. Frame, Mrs. R. Gordon and
daughter Betty, left for Nanaimo on
Wednesday to spend three or four days.
• »    #
Miss Eleanor Parfitt of Victoria is
visiting with the Misses G. and I. McFadyen.
• «    «
Mr. and Mrs. E. VV. Bickle left on
Wednesday for Vancouver. They will
return on Friday.
Hoards of Trade ot Vancouver Island, many prominent business men
of Cumberland mid Courtenay. A.
number of ladies graced thc proceedings with their presence ami tea was
served out in the open in a most delightful spot. Later on. Mr. Wm.
Douglas went I'm- a horse-buck ride
up the trail, taking the Lieut.-liovern-
or along and pointing oul mauy places
of interest.
A garden parly will be held imdev
the auspices of the Roys.ion Women',
Auxllary, Wednesday, July 24th, In
the gardens of Mesdames C. W. Sillence and E. J. Orelg. Numerous attractions, home cooking stall, needlework, etc. D
Union Bay
Miss Mary Eraut is visiting in Van
Mrs. J. R. Collins, Miss Winnie Mc
Leod and Mrs. D. Harris and family
of Vancouver are visitors at the Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Chas. Greene and the
Misses Edith and Caroline Greene, of
Red Deer, Alta., were visitors in town
during the week, the guests of their
uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. F. S.
On Tuesday evening Mr. and Mrs. L,
Magnone entertained at a delicious
supper, the occasion being their 20th
anniversary. Only immediate relations were present. Mr. and Mrs.
Magnone were thc recipients of many
beautiful gifts ol china.
Mrs. D. R. Haggart is visiting with
relations in Nanaimo.
Mr. G. Broome aud son Rupert, of
Bambridge Island. Wn„ were week-end
visitors in town, the guests of Mr. and
Mrs. Seymour Abrams.
.Mrs. Hmiih and daughter arrived
back in Cumberland on Thursday
nfter spending the past two weeks in
Mr. Norman Shorn, son of a former manager of No.  1 Mine was a vis-
S (Hor io Cumberland during the week.
Meeta Boat at Union Bay Every  j
Sunday Morning I i    Mr. "Jimmy"  Hough  wag a recent
■ i visitor io Cumberland,
Charlie Dalton
2 PACKETS FOR 'i'sc.
fl for .
Pure Strawerry Jam, Is per I in    65c
Pure Raspberry, Peach, Apricot .lam, tin   65c
Canned Tomatoes, 2 lb. tins ,15c, 7 for  $1.00
Jell-Jell Jelly Powders, assorted, 1 for SOc
Fancy Mixed Biscuits, 35c per lb., '■'■ lbs for    . $1.00
Crisp Lemon Snaps, 30c Hi.. 2 lbs. I'm*         55c
Family size packet Sodas, each         25c
Clot lies Baskets, •", sizes, extra special at, small
size    $1.25
Medium size   $1.65
Large size $1.95
Full Stuck nl' Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Miss Ida McFadyen returned from1
Vancouver on Monday.
Mrs. S.  1,. Clicker and family, of'
California are tlu- guests of Mr. audi
Mrs.  Hurry  Keeler at  their  Royston
camp. ;
Young  Billy Merlfield  is  spending | '
a vacation ln Vancouver with liis aunt.; ;
"Sunns" Potter, who has heen seriously ill in tlie Cumberland General
Hospital lor some considerable time
has been moved to tiie summer home
of his parents at Koyston.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Frcloiie audi
family accompanied hy Mrs. Balagno I
and Alden Francescini will spend two!
weeks at the head of bake Cumber-]
land and nt the Little bakes.
Mr.  Wm.  McFadyi
n  is In  town on
The drawing for the 80 gallons of j
gasoline, for the benefit of the Cumberland Cricket Club bus been won
by ticket No. 438, the name of W.
Westfield appearing on the stub, Miss
Owen Rmlly drew Hie winning ticket.
For Service Kor Quality   m
Shower For
Miss Alice Watson
Cumberland. July IG.—On Tuesday
evening Mrs, Johnson. Mrs. Westfield
nnd Mrs. R, K,  Walker    were    joint
hostesses nt n very delightful mlsccl- ,
laneoUS shower given In the G.W.V.A.
Hnll in honor of Miss Alice Watson,
whose marriage io Mr. A, Mann takes
place on Friday.
'Die early part of thc evening was
taken  up with whist, at   which Mrs.,
Tweedhope won first prize, Mrr, Bell ;
second, nnd Miss Bella Baird consola- ;
After the card;; those present seated :
themselves  around    two    long  tables \
prettily decorated witli pink nnd red !
roses.   After everyone had partaken of j
the refreshments the pianist struck up l
the Wedding March, and In came little ;
M1.SS  Helen  Shearer dressed  as  the j
groom and Miss Dot Brown gowned in ,
bridal dress and veil, both pulling a ;
wagon   beautifully  decorated  in  pink I
and white, nnd laden with lovely gifts* |
for the bride.   The two children par-'. j
aded  the  room,    finally    pulling the '<
Wagon to a standstill before the bride. I ;
Miss  Watson opened  the  pnekages j
and thanked    the   donors kindly for' I
their gifts nnd good wishes. ' ;
with special price
1 lb. of Blue Plums
1 lb. of Cherries
1 dozen Oranges
Vi dozen Peaches
' i dozen ltipe Bananas.
3 ths. Honey Dew Mellon
1 It), of Tomatoes
3 lbs of Teas
7 lbs. Potatoes
1 lar^e Cabbage
Victoria Cricketers
To Tour Island
Plap in Cumberland Next Thursday and Saturday
A team of Victoria cricketers, got
together by Dean Quainton will leave
Victoria this week end on a tour up
t!ie Island, playing several games on
their way up. It Is Intimated In a
letter from the Dean that about sixteen prominent players will comprise
tlie party and that the first game in
Cumberland will take plaee on Thursday next, starting probably nbout 4
o'clock, thus giving some of the local
players who are engaged at work until 3 o'clock, an opportunity to take
pari in the games. In addition to
Dean Quainton. others known to be
making the trip up the Island include
Kden and Kriek Quainton, Rev. I>\
Comley, Rev, J. Crick, Messrs. Halkett
O. nnd I, Payne, and Messrs. Read.
Reed and Wilcox. Two games will
be played with Cumberland anil two
with Courtenay and on Monday. July
29th a combined team of Oourtcnn■■
nml Cumberland cricketers will provide the opposition. Where tlie com-
blued game will be played hns not
yet been settled.
This Sunday, at 2 o'clock, Mr. Hall's
team of Courtenay play the local
cloven on the "Y" ground. The team
to do duty for Cumberland will be
chosen from Messrs. J. Idiens, Dando
Brown. Gough, Vernon-Jones, Vaughan, II. Taylor. J. Taylor, W. Whytp,
H. Hassell. H. Brown, T. Carney, S.
Fishing Reported to' Be Good
Campbell River—Summer holidav
makers from many cities in various
parts of Canada and tlie United Slates
are arriving in the district. Among
the cars thnt have come to Campbell River some have been from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, California, Oregon, Washington and Ohio.
Some of the tourists have been here in
other years; many are making their
initial tour of this part of Vancouver
Island, but all huve thoroughly enjoyed their outing. The fame of Elk
Falls have spread far and wide and the
first questions residents of Campbell
River are asked, particularly by first
timers Is "where are thc falls we have
heard so much about?" Then when
homeward bound they have invariably
said they were glad they had not
missed viewing the most wonderful
waterfall in Western Canada. Lasl
week end there were forty cars at
Upper Campbell Lakes and a lot of
fish were caugh.
Pishing Is <<ood
The fishing fleet ls busy in the vicinity of Cape Mudge, one carrier belonging to the Quathiaski Cove Cannery coming in last Saturday with
fifteen hundred bluebacks. Thirty
cents is being paid for these fish. A
number of- springs have been caught
here by sportsmen. The largest ouo
to date weighed 24 pounds. Several
others over the twenty-pound mark
h:ive been brought in. On Saturday
morning C. W. Dunn, a New Yorker,
who has been spending a holiday in
this district was successful in landing
five nice springs near the mouth of
the river.
Corporation of the City of Cumberland
Take notice that 1 Jersey Heifer
Impounded July 3rd, will, unless
claimed be sold ut puhlic auction to
defray expenses, on Wednesday, July
17th, 1929, at 2 p.m.
W. H. COPE, Cily Clerk.
SEALED TENDERS will be received hy the undersigned up till (J p.m.
on Saturday, August 3rd, for thu repairing of the foundation of the Cumberland United Church Hall. Sills
antl posts to lie renewed where necessary. Cement blocks io be placed
under each post.
Lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.
Further particulars may be obtained from the secretary of the Cumberland United Church.
Box 275,
2S-.11 Cumberland,   B.C.
When you "tune in" the newest Victor Radio you will
experience a brand new thrill. The station you want
is ALWAYS in plain sight. VOU MOVE ONE LITTLE
KNOB WITH ONE LITTLE MOTION and your station is THERE. No previous adjustments. Nothing
to complicate matters.
VICTOR RADIO   $255.00
Demonstration in your own home gladly given
Langs' Limited
Agents for Cumberland & Courtenay   I
Limited Quantity
al 400 each
We have a special assortment of Swift's Cooked
Meats—just the thing for
Picnics or for taking on
week ond fishing trips.
We Deliver      Cumberland
Summer Train Service
"Confederation" leaves Vancouver
10.80 a.m. dally for Kamloops, Jasper,
Edmonton, Saskatoon, Regina, Hran-
dou Winnipeg, and Toronto making
close connections for all Ontario and
Southern points.
"Continental Limited" leaves Vancouver 9.SO p.m. Dally'for Kamloops,
Jasper, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, making close
connection for Maritime and United
Slates points. This train carries
through standard sleeper to Chicago
via Duluth and also through standard
stepper to Kelowna via Armstrong and
Summer Steamship Service from
Alaska sailings every Monday 8.00
p.m. via Prince Rupert.
Prince Rupert, Anyox and Stewart
sailings every Wednesday and Saturday «t 8.00 p.m.
Weekly sailings to Queen Charlotte
Phone 23
For Your Health's Sake—
Eat More Bread
Tasty and wholesome, Mann's Bread is a
body builder that is recognized by hundreds
of housewives and mothers who make it a
daily table item.
Mann's Bakery
CuBtard  Pies  Baked  to Order.
Lemon   Pies Lemon  Tarts
Apple   Pies Ralstn   Pies
The Advantage of Dealing
at Mumford's
Not only are you assured of getting the best Groceries
at the lowest possible prices—you also know that they
will be delivered promptly—and on time. Our delivery
service is second to none.
Mumford's Grocery
If you get it At Mumford's It's Good
H     Phone 71
Deliveries Daily
The Whole Family Will
Enjoy the Meats from the
City Meat Market
Tender, savory roasts—succulent steaks—Meat is usually the main part of the day's chief meal—why not
insure buying the best?   Of course you will if you
trade at the
City Meat Market
"The Store That Appreciates Your Patronage"
Phone 111
We sell only the highest grade meats and on a
moderate price basis.
Monday and Tuesday
July 29th and 30th
Al Jolson in the "SINGING FOOL"


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