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Cranbrook Herald Nov 10, 1904

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Array ""»/
CltANMlOOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   NOV.   10,   1904.
sujniEii aa
The Canadian Hank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon.Oko. A. Cox, President. »■ 8, Walmr, Gen. Mm,
I'M   l'|i
i.u.il  Ki
.. S«.70.0MI.IW
oiirciiNoV.JO,'OJ iuusmssss
Qeneral Banking Business Transacted
mil) >«'
Ived   lolereat Allowed.
ii nnil withdrawn by mail.
Mrlllliill.    t'lllllllllllUratlllllH ;|i|illi'r.Mf,l
Mill Will  ti'K'IK' |Hillll|it illtl'lllillll.
F. C. MA1.PAS, Manager.
Deposits Received
I1ASK1NU l»  M Ml.   I'l'l "
Ilui uf town iii-iiiiini Ivoi'verv
lull, aiui|ii>rnltholimnmwili I'
£ Capital, Paid Up               $3,000,000                      3
* R«t                                   $2,8iO,00O                      J
5 T. R. Mtrrilt, Pres.   D. R. Wllfele, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manigst 1
J        A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa-
* ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special
* attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
I    Do Von Olani
I   Cbis Protection?
Chains sin
nl' good i|iuil'
Of till! ollloSl
I   IIIUSl     II
•1 "W. 11. \V." iiii'it guarantee
v guaranteed liy us, linl l>y one
uliiiin makers In thu I'ldtcd
Hvo differ
vihir wife
i iiri' nmi
lii solid gold lulii's tilled with
n. .-mil will wenr I'nr twenty yours. We luivi' twenty-
it patterns I" choose from, t'.'in't wo sell you one *
soil ii Christmas present. Or bettor still.' hint to
ir sweetheart, bIic'II buy you one.
l\ S,'™H(ijraving on
lewder and Optician
niches bought here, Tree
Stove Time
Is Here!****
You canfiot afford to let your
house gel chilly. Neither can
you afford to overlook our slock
ol HEATERS. We have the
largest assortment ever brought
to Cranbrook.
•J  '-
■ ■.
Tie First One Held In Thin District
HroMuavtd S»ece«»
Mi lust    Monday  and  Tuesday '
teachers of Smith Kust   KiMiti'-
nay left tlivir school room* for tho I
week and rami' to Cniuhrook tuitt-1
tend thi'  lirsi teachers' institute
ve? In-Ill in  tin' district.    The
movement woeinaugurated I>y ti.
A. KiiiK- principal of tin- Crun-
liriKik schools, last year and   ii   is
dm. tn Iiih perseverance ami energy
that tin* meeting has proven  such
a success.   The instiluti'  was organized mi Tuesday morning at the
school   house  mid   the following
officers wen* elected;
President, I•, I.. I'edlur. Kendo.
First   Vice President,  Mrs.  I,.
Brock. Cronhroolt.
Second Vice President, .Miss
Moody, Fertile,
Sec'y-Trcns.. II. A. King, Criiu-
Cor.. Secy, Miss Hall.Ferule,
The afternoon session proved n
very interesting one. Mr. David
Wilson, inspector of schools, read
n paper ont'Method of Recitation"
which wiib followed liy n discussion.
Ii. A. King rend a paper on
"Teaching of History" that
brought fortti considerable discussion. This session was an open
one and quite a number of citizens
were present,
The Wednesday morning session
wns devoted to a talk on drawing
by Mr. Dunnell, superintendent of
manual training, and a short discourse on the teaching of patriotism
by G. A. King. Both subjects
gave rise to a lively discussion that
wns participated in by most of the
teachers present. In the afternoon
the teachers were taken for a drive
to St. Eugene mission where they
viatUil the Indian school in charge
of the SiBters of Charity, and were
shown the methods adopted in
teaching the sons of thi' nil man.
After a lunch on the banks of the
St. Marys river the party returned
to town very much pleased with
the trip.
This morning Mr. Wilson gave
a talk on "The Art of Question-
and Mr. Pedlar on "The
Teacher as a Student." This afternoon Mr. Dunnell gave a very
interesting talk on "Brush Work."
Then' were several discussions on
general tuples And this work closed
the business session of the institute. Tins evening a public meet,
itlg is being held at Wcntworth
hall. Addresses will lie deliveted
bvDr. .f. H. King. M.L.A., .T. A,
Harvey, Mr. Wilson. Revs.Thompson, Fortune, Slonl and Heuchiiin.
Music will lie furnished by the
Wright & MilWiint orchestra. At
the close of the exercises the visitors will lie asked to remain tuul
enjoy an informal dancing party,
The Herald worth! like to 'add
that if the iippeurmuv of the
teachers Attending the iustituteis
any criterion by which to judge,
this district has an able lot of
teachers, for a more intelligent
appearing body of young people
has never visited t'ranbrook.
Among those present were:
David Wilson. Nelson: Geo. I,.
Pedlar. Forme; Miss A. M, Lewis.
Cranbrook; Miss C, Hall. Miss
Uamsay. Miss Marshall. Miss
Moody, Fernie: Mrs. Brock, Miss
MeYieiir, Miss Cartwright, Crun-
lirook; Mr. Holland, Fori Steele;
Mr. Dunnell, Supt. Manual Training; Mr. l'haleii. Principal. Moyie:
(). A. King, Principal, Cranbrook:
Miss Nicholson. Ryan; Miss M.
Lumout, CoalCreok; Miss Gibson,
Morrissey; Miss Burton, Moyie.
As Itusrllsf Firm.
Last Monday night tin- consor-
vativi'K of-Cranbrook held a rally
al Went worth hall. The kill was
nearly full and thoBe present u'ave
close attention to what was said by
the speakers,   ii. T   Ibo-rs ofti-
eialed ifis rhairinnii. ami on the
platform with liiin wen lion.
Charles Mcintosh, t 1m- conservative candidate for the Dominion
house. .I. A. Harvey, and (i. IV
Thompson, of Cranbrnok. and W,
iilakeniore.of Nelson. Mr. Thompson was the tirst speaker and he
said that the last eleotiou returns
had a tendiiucy to depress the
average conservative, yet be was
prowl to stand on the platform of
the Conservative party and on the
same platform withVVIr. Mijlntosh.
Mr. Mcintosh had fought -j&iny a
hanl tight and this wns a harder
one. But the cause of Conservatism was not lost.    It  woulil live.
he I'htiiiiH in Olir window unit Hm-ii
n in  tin-  kIiii-p Hint i>xiLtiiint>   llie
Wl>    IlllVfl     HO    HlHtl.V     killllK     uf
hi Mini .von will wiiinliT how wn
Mir- II Uijii'MuT.   We ImVf
I'vt'iv |iiii'|mw villi -an imuitiiH'.
lili .-'liiiiiir.. lni'k«t HmlHH, oyttRlflHfl
inn. Iiniiili'i I'litiiiiH. U.v I'liiiiun.
iIiih fin' nit'ii, worimii ami VhiMit'ii.
inn ilini in oriily iitnlrliiiiiiH that
rl|i-0|l.    Bill  lIlc.VIU'c fltlllHllllMilllt-
nl ii Hi.vlf ilini "lln'.v urn WPtn-iiiK
i',*'   Ho t'l'llli' iiiulHi't' tlii-m.
.li-iwui.iiii ANoni'TiciAv
Di'litj Wali-li liiH|u"Kir I'. I'. It..
I'rnWH Ni-hI I'iihh tiivUlou.
Porry & Fitzgerald, the transfer
men. an' hustlers, and show by
their work that they have faith in
Crnuhronk and South Mast Kim-
tenay. Not only have they got
together one of the licst teaming
outfits in the country, but they
have just complcuil a stable that
would be a credit to a town much
larger tlinii Cranbrook. It has
stall room for four teams with
ventilators for each horse, hay
chute into each manger, while in
the centre of the barn is a cut oil'
ehnte for oats. City water is
brought right into the barn. On
the upper floor is room for a carload of hay and several tons of
oats, a harness room, and a snug
sleeping room for the men. The
burn and its equipments is indica
tive of the way this firm does busi
neas. They are prospering simply
because they attend strictly to
business and satisfy their patrons
That method will count in any
and in two. thn*e or four years the
people of Canada would rise and
again vote for the party of progress.
the Conservative party. The pen-
pie hud not been treated fairly in
this district and would show their
resentment on election day.. In
West Kootenny the jioople were
rallying to the support of tile Conservative candidate. The Liliernls
would find that Mr. Mcintosh was
a lively corpse and that political
tricks would not go with the poo.
tile of this district.
Mr. Blakemore was the next
speaker. He said that n week ago
he would have asked the tH'ople of
this district to send Mr. Mcintosh
to Ottawa as a member of the government, but now he asked them
to send him there as a uiemlier of
the opposition. In onlcr to have
a good government we must hav
strong opposition. Thorn was
lilierul hog enough to claim that
the majority gained was not
enough. He would appeal to the
people not to increase that majority. British Columbia needs a
strong man in opposition to safeguard her interests. After brief
references to the (Irami Trunk
Pacific scheme, the Duudoiiald
matter and a criticism of both Mr.
Siftou and Mr. (ialliher, the
speaker took up the tariff question.
It was the Conservative party that
had always stood for the. protection
of the Canadian interests. He
advocated an Increase in the tariff
on iwu and steel productB to build
up iron industries in the west
where then1 was plenty of raw
niaterial and thus lower the price
to the consumer. The party was
fighting now for principle.
Mr. Harvey was next introduced
mid discussed the trade question
and the Grand Trunk Pacific
briefly. He said that the Conservative party had always stoodffor
Canada and opposed any measure
that would permit the I'liitiil
States to secure control of the com-
inercial conditions of this country.
Lnuricr had preached free trade,
he had pn'iiehed reciprooity, and
he had declined to give the lumlicr
mid lead industry a protective
tariff. The country wanted protection for her industries as a
pemifljthnt foundation for the
future prosperity. He did not approve of the Grand Trunk Pacific
scheme as lie was of the opinion
that it would be much better for
the country to pay a little more
and own the road. There was in
use for two railways east of Wh
uipeg. And as to the proinist
safeguards the Grand Trunk Pacific was on the same basis as to
control of rates mid other lionofits
as any other railway in Canada.
The party believed in principal,
and would keep on lighting until
they hlld again won a victory.
Mr. Mcintosh   received a very
-oi-ilial n'ceptiou when he arose to
spenk.   He devoted considerable
if his lime to the holding of the
'lection at a later date in this district and said it was an insult to
the intelligence ol the people, He
reviewed sonic of Mr. Galliher's
votes in the house, offering his
criticism on each. If the people
elected him he would stand by the
interests nf British Colli in bin at all
times. Mr. (ialliher had very little
to do with the lead bounty, It was
the men sent down from the Koo-
tetinys who should have the credit,
The speaker said that ns the hour
wns late he would not detain the
crowd, and he closed with an appeal for,the Conservative party and
tho principle that it represnted.
The meeting then closed.
IS IT A MURDER?       ;
A Case uf Mystery That h Beinf Salved
In Cranbrook by Coroners Jury.
< >n \\\ilnc8iliiy moriiiuK <>F last j
wi-i'k a mini named Caux'ly was I
found in an unconscious condition
on tlif intck about two miles wi*sl
nf Kitchener by one «>l" tin- trark
workmeu. lit- was taken to a tie
camp m-ar at hand where he had
Keen working ami remained un.
oonsdous iilkmt thirty-six hours
when word wan sent tn It. S. Huron, the C.P.K. detective, who went
directly t" Kitchener and returned
with the man and had him placet)
in the hospital. Kvery elTort was
made to secure t'mm the man some
statement as to how he had received his injuries, and the only
answer that could lie obtained was
a confused one to the effect that lie
had attempted to get ott a train
and had been hit by a brakeman.
The man was partially paralyzed
from the effect of the injuries received and his condition was evidence of the fact that there was an
unnatural pressure on the brain
due to skull fracture or gathering
of blood on the brain. The authorities finally decided to wait no
longer but have him operated upon
in tlie hopes of saving his life and
this was done a few days ago. The
result showed a yatherin^ of Mood
on one side of the brain as had
been predicted, but the condition
was very serious owtugto the delay
in Operation, and the next day the
man died.
Mr. Baron, who had taken charge
of the case prior to his confinement
in the hospital, had secured sulli-
oieiit evidence to warrant the arrest
of Thomas Barnes, a resident of
Kitchener, who had had a fight
with Camely the night l>efore the
latter was found on the track, hi
the row Barnes had knocked Camely
flown aial held him down until
Camely promised to lie good. Afterward the two mafic up and were
friendly and then Camely started
for the tie camp where he was
Working. Barnes is an inoffensive
individual who has one fault, tuul
that is at times he will indulge
too freely in lieer drinking
mid'as a result have trouble .now
and then. He says that perhaps
lie is up againstItfWitb no intent to
do any harm, owing to the outcome
of the case. Acting Chief Bullock-
Webster, of the provincial police,
came over yesterday, as the ease
belongs to West Kootenay. A
comer's jury has bipen iiupuunclled
and have held two sessions, and
adjourned until tonight, A post
mortem examination was held ami
a slight fracture was revealed
the right side of the fat
brain has been taken out and preserved in case it may be needed in
evidence in the future. If the
coroner's jury find sufficient evidence to hold the prisoner he will
Ue1 taken to Nelson to await his
Last Monday evening when the
local came m from the east and
after it had stopped at the station
a man was found on the track in a
badly mutilated condition by a
lady who was leaving the station
for uptown. It is supposed that
lie had been rifling on the brake
beam, and after the train stopped
it backed up, and in all probability
caught the unfortunate iudividnl
.,11 as he was crawling out. His head
' was badly mangled and hand was
eut off at the wrist ami the other
badly crushed. Coroner Moffat was
notified and lifter his arrival the
body was taken to the undertaking
parlors of W. K. Beatty. After an
investigation of the facts Mr. Moffat did riot deem an investigation
necessary. The man's name is supposed to in1 Albert Bowers as letters
so add reused were found in his
pocket. The funeral was held
Tuesday afternoon and the remains
interred in the Cranbrook cemetery. Roy. Thompson officiating,
8 ^^
Comfortable and
Happy   by  getting
them a pair of
Invictus 1
We have them in
Let Us     I
Show Them
To You I
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your Orders Early
New Cranberries in Stock
A     -S-ilt-tt:* S-S -S- -S--S-
fort Steele mercantile Company
tt-y-S-»->"C-.jr-8-8-8"8-S-S-3-SMtc»-S-3"8"a-»-g"8r<: a j g»l j
There will lie a political meeting
at Wnntworth hall, Saturday even-
inn, Nov. liat8:bU ,T, A. Mite-
doualil, lender of the l.iliernl party
in British Columbia. J. H, King,
it.LA,, and others will speak,
Vosaf Men of Cranbrook.
You fellows are going U> fiance
this winter? You will want a dress
suit, you will not take a hand-me-
down, yon want a suit that will lit.
and look neat and fashionable.
We can make you a suit to order
for $2H,00 tit for the most fashionable ball room on earth. Call and
see our full line of samples, we
know a surprise awaits you in
prices.     Morrow & McFnrlano.
The elections in the States last
Tuesday gave an overwhelming
majority to  President   Roosevelt.
Parker  did   not   carry   a   single,-  -
northern  state.    The   republican 000 niter paying an indent
majority in the electoral college' of *2H,0(K),   A quarterly/ divli
will lie' 174, the largest majority ' of two   per cent.    WUS   tteolar
ever given a candidate for president! Aside from this dividend this com-
in the t'nUed States. • puny hiispaid»210,000|tidivi(leni]B
At the annual meeting of the St
Eugene Consolidated Mining coin.
pnny held in Toronto lust Tuesday
the re|>ort showed n cash surplus
on the HOth of September of $18.1,.
The Biggest Christmas Stock
ii\ the Kootenays
A Profit Talk
J Jt
We don't propose to advertise this week. We want to
have n profit talk with you, And profits is the object in the
lives of most of us, hi any commercial deal there should be-a
prolit on both sides. Tho seller should have ,<■ legitimate profit,
and the buyer should get his goods at n price low cnouglwao"
that he can make n prolit in buying. That is tin- way we an*'
running our business, and the people appreciate it. Already
they aw? saying, "We can make a profit buying at Templeton'j
l>ecause Ins goods are the best and his prices the lowest
v< J*
This is the 1,-iet.   Now for ,-i suggestion,   Then- is not
n store between Winnipeg and   Vai iver tlmt  has n better or
more varied stock of Cliristniiis L'mxls. Neither is there n store
where goods ni-e in.-ii-keil down to siu-h ,-i close iii,ir'_'in We have
Ixntglil them to sell nnd our plan of profil in thi' Iiitver is meeting a most favorable roceptii over the district, Wo have anything you want, lit Cltiiin thnl l.imoges wnre is superb. And
never was Ihure such ati nrray of urtistiu loveliness as is shown
in our Christmas cards, running from in cents to Slixi.   We
have just i ived 1,000 new liooks, In attractive bindings and
stiiiiiliuil works,   Ohr line of Children's liooks is just wlintyou
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your heart glad t" see them, while the Mule ones will dunce with
joy.   There is the loop-thc-loop, engines, swings, in fact no end
to tlu'in.    Hut. stop. I don't want to forget  those dressing cases,
the best lino for the money ever sold in  the  west.   Silverware.
neat, dninty-goods.   feuine clocks, vases, new, novel and the H
(vitality that makes the  price'look  small.   Then  then- nre the I |
pietiires.    We have u line line.   They have been going rapidly
for they ni-e the prolit-to-tlie-liuyer kind. We have more couiing,  ■ j
In biirnl goods, both wood nnd leather, the iimmifncttirers have A!,
taken a long step forward this year.   You  must see them, even ;."'
if you dnn't  buy.   And  when you get  ready to tin  up your
Christmas tree we have the ornaments to make them  attractive)
But I must cut out this tnlk until next week.    I want to tell you
more aliout this tnarvelouB stuck, nnd   impress u]jon yon that
the place to gel your Christians goods is at jt. j> Jt Jl'jt ■*;||:'-
Big Book and Drug Store
Where it will Pay to Deal the Ye&r Arounttl Tin. (i; \Milton;;   in.itAi.n
I'I'WI'l'nnk     HffRAl.n go<«l after she has.piitth,  world as       ADDITIONAL   LOCALS.     >'"'—lon-und, i ii'nrally. to ImiU'
t li.\.M>liWUt\      lirjIi.AIJl'!,,,,,. ^i.,;,, Bl, „„, life,, that   which on th" same site and still  kee|	
with the business will  necessitate
'cutting  down  the  llnor sputi'  to
give the workmen n chance.   That
i fc /cZ^^**-*-^
TfmHo,»lwmte to his living wife I ; , ^      .
when he sal,I:     "I never   w.'ls   llll) ., ,,   ,.    ,
I.                    . , .      «         L                                                                                                                                                              .'|l 'I   ltH\       t\      ,»l '    I    ill   It
iliis_; llll I   Knew  von.   .
Mr  I Mis. .lam,-  liyan,  Mr.;i-   impossible   with   the   present
How uitieli wiser to give ii   kind   -""I   Mis    Keep and   Mis.   I..   B.  large slock or goods, and to provide
Editor and Proprietor     8eusibiv answer to a child" than  lo  \ auDecar left lasl r'tidi.) for Cnli-  the i-ooni the building sitlo is resort-1
tell hint to"eo plav and don't Uilh    h'rni.-i where 11.,\\ will n main most  oil to,   .bulging from  the  figures j
i- ." as iitaiiv'do.   S Ia\   ■■' < |tjimtnl-.Mr. Ueid proposes to cut
SI   Andrew's uighl   will   lie Bllit-
down tluil stock 'm  ii   rapid   rid
■I'll,. llwiu,l in uurtli SI" .. yi'iir    li '"»i
univS-j   n., I,, ,i,,,, s i, Ktwt KmiU'iito   von will not iH'atile loanswer I.. ,   ., .-i, » mum   „n,  ..,- s,,,,- * ,
,„„,;,:„.i ,„ i„.  i ii, i  >....'.■ ,:,i all.    Wl,,, knows bin  ilns  tun) ai,|v,,i,,,.,-,,,|i„ .Knux I'rosbvterii.n! ,Hr'''''". I1"' kmu'!"'" <?' 1
i,,„„.,,,,.„i, ,„,i,...i,-.,„■, „i„,,.„,„.„■..,■,.  |„. ,|„. |,,sl  year.or   the   last  day. olnirch  on   li veiling ..j   X,,v.  »»t mid. proposes lo give  Hie   pi
'""'"i.";'-1"  ii.— -1 ...i. - iM mulli   V(1U   1>M||  .,„.,„,.,.  ||„.n- ipuslions. :;;i,h     A fuller iinnoiiiici'ineiit will  llh'U"'l"''"'l,t'
,','u*'" '.".I,;',',1!',  u ",';...",'m,i'.'i'Xp   N.il'l)" what you canto aid   li em   on be given Inter on. U. 11. Short &   Co.. are Belli
"'«' ""™" >»•":'> .lib's road,  think  of the  mistakes      ,„„..„,,, is ,„,,,,, „,   ,,„,,,   ,,,.„„  theirs k of w, apers  fill'  I
luiiin.    Morrow ,v Mrl-'.-iii-	
n ,i, „ |,l™.,. ii,,- j.-    liViWiv von have tiiude, and guide llieirt
|».,,|.ul.li»liiuii'vvu|iii|ii'r  Willi*., mill.   ,'|,.,. [,.,, |      iMl,,    ||„,   straight     ptltll. |n
il i i
 n,l „i,J yen «ill lii' llinliktlll iwvr1
low eosi in older to make room for
u large slock of new   p;l|ior  which
,,J With all your advice vim  cm I There wns n bud pile up of cars will arrive in the new v.-ar.    -lust
prevent many li struggle, or  keep in a cut near Swnnseii last  Thins-1 look at the following prices: Sue,
i.lvi'l      i km |i iii'i- iiuli. slim nl-1 them from crossing many a hriilire day.    As a   resull   lie-   passenger  pnper for ..lie., olio, paper for title,
iiimii i*i- mil, mi in,in-,ni,i mi in... before they reach it. trains wen'delnv.'d and passengers .•:.'„■ pnper for liic nnd -on ,,,,,|
,,l: xzi:,:;::,:;...::,:;::::; »«' ki^IL"l""1"''"' 'n"lsr"nv'1 ,.«li,w :isv :mA »*• *w
,,.,.,.,,,.   ii,,.,, I.,,..,i. „,,. ,,.„i.|,,.| ii,,, urrtBSOH  home, I'i' Hi)- al    ilini-   new    slore.   Artnstrong
Thowonll ics.-ems  lobe  i,       William I la vwnrd had the  mis- nvi'iiue, and satisfy yourselves as to
1    .'  "'"" "'"""' '" ,.',"'!  separablv   ctcd   with   certui I fortune to   iiiu'i   his  hand   will,  n   bargains,
,,    ,,' '       '  specilic duties,   uoociniii.i  dwell ,,,| |ei,i.el   las,  Thin*lay a,„I in ,     v Calgary nmn wns ii. town thu
i     ii.,   .i i,.i. a ni«ii-lim« jnli iiimii. mill  within the circle  of ho   without eouscipieuce he wns nimble  In  Is'   „. i     (i      ion  «• lie  lookiii"  over
ii. ,,.„-k,-„i Hip ,„-.i.   Tim Ilenilil i i   being uiorully resiionsible   for  the at his place in   the  rnilwiiy  shops I., „..,'; i,„ ,..„n ,,i   :,,,,,   \t I,,
:   .   , ,:(::;::::-;.:::;::;,;:::,l„:; r^fefe^te r,w"n ml '"'•V8' ;!:'::;"'• "™A& tE
I i ,.,„,.ki,-k.  - i , ■  , .a   heir origin lo the home   reli.ttoiS. p. Coiiruvt. formerly of this cit) I I'.-ieni nrlicles he asked  the  price
...„■.. Ul Iniiiii -iii "'i    I ho first duty of home in the oilier ■.,,, n^,,,, th,. (.Iiianiachiu hotel   nt of   a  corUiin   lot   ol' china ware.
" 'I'""!1'  ''"",l" k ofdeveloi lit, si I is develop    ,.,,,,,..,,,_    ,,„    \ .„„ „,r   rsliuul.   When Mr Templeloii told him the
wins soon lis the home is establish    Th|,  ,,.,,,- ,,,.„  |(,„M wiM   |in,| | ,„.;,,,   ,„.   Ws iiinnml. and saidi
.,,M,i.n,««i»,«t„   j'"1 lsl, \'"> or huslmntl and \J,r" Mr. C 'iiyl agouti tin who will   -Well. I would have made  money
f> " V . lo each other.    .Men tf Men tor        ,. mij ..iiu...
;;    OBSERVATIONS    |Ul    thai    they owe   any s ial   m,,k'   ' "*"*' "ltm"'	
ft ilutira     to     their     wives,    i j    A. S. Bei Il.oneof The Herald
l.V Till-: ..I.I. Al an        j   I",     llu,r(,      ia    ,mn   wb J sb.IV. lert  Inst week fori, trip to
, ,---r:v.>w*t-:r.,-..T:i>v*-=e'4-    huguworthy wife bill owes   hern   Walla   Walla. Wlishlngtoii, where
|,,-,v,-lii-illilli.  Ha-  king  of  the debt he ciin' never  pay.    Sin-  has   In. bus relatives.    Mr.  Il.-nnell has
Wild "Horse valley, wns in town two given   him   wind  fort line   cm been a slendy  worker nnd was en-
or three (llivs this week.    As usual j purchase,   a   human   heart.     She U lied to a vncntiou.
bus paid him ill.-  I.igl I    npli-       While driving infroi mot the
incut that human heiugenn pn)   Iniuliorcmnps lo-day the tei I'
to another,    She has told hi y  ,„|s  M-mgiug to  Dr. Cross   ran
aelious Ibal cannoi lie that, be is .IW„V, j|r. thoss was thrown mi,
in ire to her than all Ihenssoeiution j..,aaiusl a live hut escaped with u
»f her Id',-; more  than   the  sweet I iM.iki-n shoulder blink/.
playmatoofhergiilhood: i.thnii
!„,- Mster's  caress   and   brother's      Mr. uud Jlrs.  Bohart, o   Watil-
pride;  v II he  love ami lo"     ; "      "'   '    ' "    "  '    V  '*
derness ol parents; , 'o than   I.. . ,
deurold hoiue.    She leaves nil these I"
for him. ulll gh iter luiirl si
lie en in with a  bunch  of gold
Mr lirillitli hns.j  way of  keeping
hi...   Inisiii.ss   to  himself.   S e
yearsago.'nliout six we believe. Mr.
(Irilri'tli paid a visit io London,
Kiil' . arc! il is not stretching th"
Story in all lo sav   Hull   he   had  a
li    , glorious li      While in   Hug	
| j he always kepi his boots sinned in
4|> j: ^. oil style, and in. bis triple Ct'llll-
.4! \ brook, one of the lirst iiieii he saw
f was "Si-oik" il..- boot-bliick at  the
A    ii      Craubrook'liotel,    lb- was at  0	
t     .     installed in Ilic chair and when  he
gotoitl Iliashoes looked like a pair
,|    ol'  new   palenl   leathers.   "That's
V     .      the li'rsl shin.- I   have   had   si  I
l< h-l'i London.'' said ll Id   gentle
* man. and he  k tldeliglll ill show-
J     ■.'  lug the highly polished   shoes to
4 his m.'iiiv friends about   the hotel.
5K..I. Smyth, editor ol'the Moyie
,    Leader, was   in   town   yesterday.
4    '*i'Alr. Sinvlh has iual retiir I   from
J 11 triplo-his home al Walla Walla,
I        Wash., riie town inuile  famous  by
I tie-  li" uciiius of the  late Sene-
J eu (CAlehiim mid Levi Ankiioy, the
f uiillioiiaie banker and politician,
♦ fil'o roach thill town from Spokane.
f      one traverses the wonderful Palotise
Scouiitry, which this year   has blos-
to.neil    like   Hie   ruse  and   where
A      evitrv I'ahner is a I'ierpont Morgan
#       .ora'.l.  U.'  Ilockel'eller   ill   his  own
1       fl'ght,    It   a   man  sells a   milling
propnrly.for $'20,0tAJ to JilO.UX), he
is looked,11 poii as a lucky dog, and
Ml o ■  prepares I'm- a   \ i-sit buck
e.'i.st to 1 he-old I ami the proud
fa'll.ej' aitfl doting mother. Smith
(lljs ill Hie I'al.nise country llle
past few years all kinds of fanners
'have sold their crop each season
irrrs.-i.ttim 10 s|.1.1 Kill and   remains
4t    under his own vine and lie; tr 11-
•^•Jlic^ite- in serene contemplation the
WgBEuSii'l acres from which la- nc-
^nii-es his iucretisiiig prosperity.
It is tin1 agricultural richness 011
tjte^uth and the mil.end wealth of
the" Kooieiiays that have proven
the poleni factors 1.1 the rapid upbuilding of Spokane,
LiiuriJt has 11  l.irgor   itiajorit)
than 1h.-§i the govel'lllllellf^ side   il
Cranbrook's 11106k parliament.
The' "l-lolil-von-so'ii" were lliick
lasl PridiiK,
.,. ITIiei are nrrilllging I" lease llii
i-r bolel and with their llll'gi
iilancc and abilllv  tile)' will
cannot be unwound from unv "I
them, bill be broken and lorn away.
Does human life present a mure
touching, spectacle than lll'lll of a
young bride supprcsing her lenrs
and forcing a smile while she kisses
her mother and fatlier and sisi.-r
flliewellV How illiworthy "I'
her. how even beastly must be Hie
man. if we may e;ivv him that title,
who does not 'under these eirenm
stai s feel his kin-es  bond a lit 11.-
with the instinctive impulse "I'
adoration. The liusliiind'cau di-
charge the duties which In- owes
to his wife only by keeping perpetually in his mind llml he owes her
a debt lo pay which, il will be in-
cessary to take udviinlnge.of every
passim; opporlunily!
make a r.m cess of  their new blisi-
lloii'l fiirgel Hi,- lire department
dance which is to lie given on the
evening ol the 17th. Il is to be
given to secure funds lo furnish
Hi,- lie- h.-dl for llii' members of the
brigade, liveryman in town should
bi) ,-, ticket.
A   union Thanksgivings service
Will     l,e     held      ill      Hie     McthoiliBl
church on Tliai.ksgivjug day al
II m.111    The liev. W. II. W. For-
tune will preach. The offering
will l»- I'm- ihe Children's Aid
■ i.-ly. \"i ouver,
Ilns Theia has sold'his hotel
pro|ierl) with bill ileies of laud al
(lid Town on I'ern Creek lo Oliver
Burge. Tin-sale'was made last
Monilav     Mr.   Th.-is  retains  the
Held south of II Id pi and will
al inn red a cabin for   himself,
Th-   McN'ab   Lumber  , puny
will innvo Iheirihill from Mnyook
lo   l-'orl   Steele  .Illliclion   for  the
piir|iose ol' culling ilp a   I b ol'
liialier  Ihroiigh   which  a  I'
Comic l»|ii-i:i fur Cranl.rook.
1 in   a very  lurge gtiiiraidee, Mr.
Cl'lltlStOII     ol    Xelson. has    secured
the Beggar Prince Opera n ii.ny
for compleli!  I - of the   British
Col bin and  Alberlu   tlienlrical
circuit. Crnnbiiiok Is lo have two
night". Miiiday. Nov. i\. Aub.-r's
beautiful romantic opera --l-'i-a
Diavolo." Tuesday. \"v. Hi'' "Ln
MascoHe"or"lliwii- Prince,"
.Mr. Wade's company has been a
most   successful  one for Hie p-isl [I'm- appendicitis by   IJrs.  King'jiiid |    M
welve seasons throughout Hie eeii-   (liven ami is doing nicely. .On 11
il I had wailed until I lillllll li
Craiilirook. I botlghl the very
sain,- thing iii Calgary the other
llll) and paid nearly' one fourth
more lor il than you ask. I uuess
il would pay us lo buy in Cranbrook instead of at home."
Wanted    I'm- linsl Kpotenny, a
representative   for   Hu-   Canadian
Correspond College. Only men
of  fair education,  eiiergv nnd re-
liability need apply.    Liberal 1 -
Intel I" rigid limn, Apply with
references to provincial mnuugcr,
I'.C.C. P.O. Hon ltd. Kainloops.
B.C. '!l2-2t.
.1. L. McKay lefl last Friday for
his hoinc in Hie Windermere
country t.fler.speiidiugsevurnl days
in Cranbrook and Moyie. He was
very favorably impressed with
Cranbrook and snys thai In- will
lie glad when the' ICooleimy  Ceil-
Hal is bliill so thai    Ihe   | pie   of
il,:,!  country .can couie to Crau-
1 Irs, King and (Ireen have purchased an \ ray inaehine for the
piirpose of being ill position to better care for cases that reipiirou scientific apparatus of that character,
I Ijls wonderful what strides medical
Bciei has made  within   Ihe  last
decade, and with the unproved
appliances it is possible now torn
physician lo heller   determine   the
nihuenl of a patient nnd as 11 natural <'imsei|tienee treat him in n more
inlelligei.l mi >r.
C. P. K. Oiuiilrilk- Club.
C.P.li. (Quadrille club is in good
shape I'm- a big winter's engage.
nient, For dress suits, and neat
evening suits, cull dud see Morrow
ihis   suinmer.   The   mill   will In-1 & McFiirlaue'sgreii'l lineofsamples.
moved stiini'fiine uexl  luontli, I I..-.I will be made up ,0 order,  and
.,,   ..   1, ,  , lil guaranteed.    No  money  until
II.  S.   Iiaron was 01 crated upon       -,  •    1 e        1
las! l-'ridav a.   St. Jiugene l.ospitu'' 8"" |S Mmml
trill and soiitlierii Stales, and this
summer mi their lirst .('auadiau
lour they played In capacity business for three weeks in the Winnipeg theatre, and repented their
success in Brandon,
The   personnel of  II onipauy
has remained practical I)- the same
I'm- Ihe pasl live years, anil includes some of the bi-st 1 icopcru
Inlciil in America,
Miss I rene Palmer is Hu- prima
donna soprano, supported l.v Addie
Miuiiford and Lijia Thorn: (le.rl
rude   lliilchcnsoii   ami   Winifred
Peti rson an- Il ontndlos;  I-'. W
Walters anil Jay C. Taylor, tenors;
(i. Uivm Bronti and Carl Lieberg,
baritones. -The minor parb
'! 1. .'■ " capable liattilB, 111.1I Mr. F. A.Wade
V   Th ecluinicnl coinpleteueBB of and Jack Spa'iilding play the cone
jjrhe Jjerald olllce hiiB been   incog- ed}'   1 >-■ 1 *^     Ivan   Uiidesid   is  the
ljii/.ed   by   Ihe   Koolenav    Cuntrill    sic-d direclm-.
'railwaviillicials in an nrderfor jobj     J here   ls   licrlmps   no class o
ftiirJC   Tin-next the ollice may es   amuse nl soenterliiiiiing as good
Sin't is an order for Ihe printing on  comic opera, lorn always I -
1.■'■Crows   Nest   branch  of   Urn a good plot, or story, dmiimtic biIii-
ni ]{ I atiiins. and   side Blililtiiig coiuedv.
all cappcilbyexcefle.il music, And
j^MBUNG   REVKRIES   I ^^ tlmone nighl 3l£
lllore   capable   than    Ha-    Beggnr
ll\   \ nil HAM Kit, Prince company.
The thief who sleds your peace
jinind is iiner than the one who "II Was Ni.i Ever Thus,"
lids your property, Wo nre naked win  article, sell
I   ,'■ lug   in  olh.-r   slon's
tl'i^ch yj.jir girl how tu i k. and  price can    be   purch
iliPMiii'S not  thank   von   some-  lion. us.    The reason
Iv's'sou will thank  you for   her
lynie can sii inspire a   man   to
^le, purpose as  a   noble   woman,
one, si, thoroughly degrade
an as a wife nf  unworthy  ten-
Jlriimlile is Ha- spur which   has-
t, ill 11," si I to trouble.
deed, and cspeciall.v should appeal to every man who works for
his,hollars. ' We deal   ill   one   line
viz    "UOODS     THAT     MENI
same day Air. Mcintosh, of Ward-
Ellllle coinplainl and he is getting I
alone all right,
The -Al II " lo be given   by
Ihe C, I'. 11. IJua.lrdle club next
Friday night, the I ttlt, promises to
be a inesl successful liffair. All
eiiterlaining program has been
prepared and the event will without a doiibl greally add to the re-
putatiiHi ol this organization as
Don'l I'orgel dial it may be a
long Him- before you will 'have a
chance lo sec  an   opera   company
like    Hi,-   Beggar   I'rii    Opera
'■ panv in Craiibr.iok again,    lie
sure ami ;^el your seals earlv for
I hen' will bea big rush when they
are placed on sale.
Following are the oiiests at ihe
Wilgu: Mr. and Mrs. Nelson. Mr.
I His Maples. Miss Staples. Miss
Proclor. .Mrs. Brock. Miss L. Tun-
ImiiBor, Miss K. Taiihauser. Mr.
Dixon. Miss lloilgBon, Mr. Luid-
l.-iw. III". Laidlaw. Miss Lewis. Miss
Oi.so.1",.. Miss Tlio'iuas. Mr. Pal-
111, r. Miss Vim Hem, 1
Waller Lamb retlil'llcil lasl Friday alier  an  absei f nearly a
yenr, lb- has been all over British
Columbia during that Hmeanil this
sum rweni on a proBI line lour
up Ha-Mac,ia river-. Mr. Lamb is
of Hi- opinion thai thai northern
country w ill make ureal strides
forwiini iis-.sooii as work is sl.-irled
m. il," Hi.in. Trunk PaciHc, II,
says, however, llial in all his travels
he did mil sec a town as good as
Cranbrook. and that he was might)
J,triir.uganl dress breaks more
hltajlfluos Ihan il has   made   model
'illl, < I, '..miiI and fltlsotu epilaphs
thaiiliusbauds put on   their  wives
toiullHlnll'-s are often an allempt lo
niakjl up for the lack of appreciative,Virds lli.-n   si Id  have   Ik'I'I.
mi, red iiiitheearsof the living, A
wl.ofjj eeiuclery of niouumeiilal in-
'ji 1 i|a*i"ii will not do a wife BO much
WEAR."    Wi.b,iyii,l.„'ge(|„an    V1'," ,''"";[\ Til' V" n""fl>'
lilies, thereby being able  lo buy *    '"""' l,mk '" " I(1 >jli"'"
idirecl from the 111; faclurers. thus I'* '
cutting 011I theprolil of the iiiniiu-      Th,- liagles of Moyie Imve'iBalled
[ fai'turers agent, the jobber and Hie I iiivilalions I'm-a ball'lobe given'on
uexl Thursday evening. The
Eagles arc a very .strong organization in Moyie ami there is uoiiues-
llon Inn thill Iheir lirsi ball will be
a "l-eat social success. The people
ol  Moyie have   Ihe   happy faculty
of doing things rigid  wl   they
undertake it.
Every reader of The Herald
should read Ihe bi- add of Ifcid &
Co. lo be found on the inside this
week, ii will prove mighty iu-
leresting reading ,-is il tells' of a
high carnival ,,f low prices. Mr.
"a.".   Iieid intends Iii build a big addition
wholesaler. There is only Iwo
on earth between the manufacturer
and tin- coal, pant  and  shoe  rmt-
Biunei'B of Cranbrook anil they ure
Morrow ,V MetVirhine,
Stock ni.iitutii.ns.
Furnished by  Beulo,  &   lilwell,
brokers. Crania k li, C,
Win-Hcrlp         .            .. I'-", "ii
Nurlli   Slur  ■"
Siilliviin  II
SI. Kiiie-ni'  I-J1.-
I'„V     ll"ll  I
Si. K.liii'lii'MI- M b      I"
Ui'ilri-.i Oil mill l'i„iH'iiiii|iini.v
Most casi\q of headache,
nervousness and Insomnia
art; iluc directly or intliri*clly
to everitruin. Drills afTord
only temporary relief, our
will positively reniuve eyestrain with all its attending
'I'm lo, Montreal. New York.
Maritime Provii s. New linghllld,
Va .aver, Victoria. Scallle.
California Points
Unequalled Passenger Service
Sleepers, Tourists'('.inches. Dining
Cars. Tolll-isl Sleeper Service, wesl
from Hevelsluke daily lo Seattle
and Vancouver; oust, from Dun more
del. daily to SI. Paul, Wednesday
and Sunday I" Toronto, Monday to
'Montreal. Friday t„ Montreal nnd
Through   bookings   lo   and  from
1 ileal Britain ami the Continent
for full |iiuil|.|iliirmi|i|ily tn.lnciil iikpiiIs
li. Illlllcr, Agent, Cranbrook.
•I. s- (t.tllTHIt, n. .t.niiYl.K
I'.I'.A., Nelson   A.G.T.A. Vancouvor
Befiire   prderiug  a  new  Suit   of
Clothes.      Because we know We call
please you, I'm- measurements
are correct, our styles proper and
our prices pleasing,
^ mi will be astonished how much
)' 'appearance will be Improved
by wenring Clothes Made to Order.
Don't make a u lain of 11 mole.
~"        hill by,thinking that Coat and Vest
.ll—__;   , Until irder wi'l   lie   t. xpen
i U^.v.'-'^e'*       sive for you lo wear.
Leask & Henderson
j  VlcinDluOK       flu«l» Comforl s Speclslly       J
J   ■ I        .       I . li'i'iil Stabling in Connccllun    f J
! Hotel .«***
•■■■aMsiiBa, ,■
Cuiis, i:\i- 1 01: X,,. :::!
Cranbrook, B. C.
Mn.is L'n.l ,ni,l  lili fnmilnv       - it 111   in
I o o  1   h„||,
•I   v. A,.-.  K. II. s
X   Mil 1... I'.
VlnlllllR I.Mliiviio.nliiill.viiivin.i  Mend
NeHfmtt'ti' nillomil ami depot.     Una arciniiiiioitn-
iitni'».iin jtlir  public  lltietllialled  in  Cran)mink.
I "  •>
J   II..I anil Cold llaili-
Hoggarth & Rollins* •
 Proprietors      j |
, ;..••-• -• »•••••• ■ • • • •
When yoti visit Cranbrook stop at Ihe
^ .      None (Jctter In the District ^
4> Rates $r anil up.    Short Orders and Oysters <J>
^> served in a.i)"style from » p. in. to ft a. m. A
Sj The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean ^
4r liness and.comfort'and the bar is supplied with the best brand 9
i-> of liquors and^igars. <\
E -      L. B. VANDELAR, Prop.        ^
The Wentworth  !
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Rrnp in- and see 11s any time.    We are on deck 25 hours gj
■ nut of the 24 -'
...;marysville, b. c. f
I      .   . The Pioneer Hotel of the St.: M.trys Valley.
s ' — i
,-.' Coniiortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining: room service, and the yl;
best of everything at the bar. J;
.'.*.'       Proprietor. I
We arc now in shape to furnish all kinds of
Orders promptly filled and delivered, in town, I-or prices apply
King Lumber Mills Co. Limited
AUDITOR AND        i
i I t i ||!
S McCalktm Block, CRANBROOK |
Bach month....
gives me inore work in Cyan-'
brook.   The people evidently  ■
buy ailideucc in me and' my
work.   See me for plans and
James Greer
Contractor and Builder
* I
J Music Inniislu'd lor Bulls, Parlies, etc, »
V Twu In seven |iii-u-s. $
* ' " I
{ Cranbrook, '■'   -    -    li. C.';|
Wanted Immediately 1
.   a'gIents
1,1 mill Frfcl Tn-,-. It.in|,li-ii'v. (Iiimu'lli'l-n
ilini I'm ri",I llilalii-n, I'.i'.   Iiimii |mv WIH'kl.v I
 Ill In-'..    Tliern Is liis' 1 e.v in lliia vvml,
(in- lriiil*iiilli.v n.i'll,
oyiofl not) ACIU58
-   W» linvp, ll.liliir i-iillivi.fiii... nvii.' I',"" limw
NiU-hitv Kfil.-k; lnrl.lillll|rtl.i»itlliitiwiil miii
Ill'Ht VllH|i|i|.H till' liri'llliril .....I U.irilr.i   |,|:,l,l
tilt, Wi' vv ill ,l,.|iv..r irtmiiH In rimtoiiiiTH in
iimiiiI riiinlilii,!.. Iri'liilil imiil Our iisi'iiti-
lin.vi- I'Vi-i-.i- iiilvil.iluini Unit llii" lili^ "t linii
' iu-Nh rim liftm- I linn.     Vi|ll.V .HIW tor turU.H.
1'KI.IIAM NIIKSBIV CI). Toronto, Out.
,,r la,- On- liuiitlling nl iixcluuivo tprrti.iry,
Repairing Promptly Done.
Pootwear to Measure a Specially
iiai.11,,,,,1,  Local Union I2«| ol Ihe I'ni.rJ
Uniiiii'iiimni nf Cirpenicrs and Jolnen
of America.
I    in   ml    I.   II, 1,1,11.
VI   Ilii'llirviiCiinllnllj In.
.1    V   I  IM.IIV .1   II   VI
.       I.O.tl.l--.     tn
1 od|r
"X   ^" «   Mi' 1
"tV 'l:'. "'-''I 11
'III  mi
's. V
V    1;.
Uiili'i  ,1
,i.n..ii) nun,,,
'»                 W    li   V
• III lux
,         t rniiliriinl. !
N11. H
a. r.,'.
\. w
1 lln
f Hi
r   ■
\                   Hllllllll,
Till:  A. I. I .  M.JJ7
Vlshius llreibren cordially Invited lo atleud
I'l.'WI'.lli.liK l.llliiil    SIMII
1 'II vMillllilK, I:. , .
Mci-i- lsl nail ,'lnl Tiuwiliii every month
hi AhhntlnliuV.      '
Visiting l.ratlin.ni'orillnllv invllnl
A   Mi-I'nvv ,i.e   ||       Wv,   ,\ia,.M 1-1,1   s,,'-,
W. F. QUR1),
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
1. H. TH0HPS0N.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, II. C.
Barristers, Solicitors, Lie.
Hau'll Block Cranbrook, B. C.
S       C, H, DUNBAR       %
«    Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary    ?
X Public, Etc. J
X   Cranbrook,    -    -    11. c.   X
*'. . >
Physicians and Snrtre-ons.
Olllce al Residence, Armstrong Ave.
tirricr: nntiits:
Pnrcnuons, i:,nt i„ n
Atternoons   ....   1:30 lo 3:30
Kvenlniis   ....    7.30 ,„ |.jo
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :     •       :    E. T
PHYSICIAN and •|:niii:u\
11 1     -A
in:  II.
mil.  1.:
1' US
..«I «> I «> I «> I «> I«, I <S> I ® I * I « 1 ® 1»1 •
Dr. Connolly,     |
*   Physician and Surgeon   ,.,
s Office on Armstrong Avenue
M " '•'
(.,   Ilnnam-Dln II 11...... 0 tn 1 1, 11.   7  <•'
In N11.111,     'l'li,„„, 1,,:,
® *
1 it I * ki- KS, I <J> I«, I * I <?-1 . 1 . 1..-, 1 ab 1 ♦
a lo I.'... ....
1 In 1, p. III.
1 In s p   III.
IIW.  BIDI.AKI', M. I.'. C. V. S.
llor-.c Dentistry and L..ini'iii<ss
a Specially
lil. v,i  71. C-RANIIKIIIIK, II. C.
Till.    I1IIHSI   s   PLEA
I |, hill linn, .11,.,,,,..
Ii,,» ,, I,ill n,,l  mi.
On  Iilnlll » "I	
Ai„l ill ,',„,,■ ,,Im,!.i  „|| n|,
CRANIIIHIIIK. II. C. i'lii.ne 71
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
runs. t. HcVittig, r. i. s.
j. i.umuw, *i. p.
■ ).,, ' i„ •A *»«*'-•
V01,L'MK   7.
( RAN BROOK,   BRITISH   COM'M MIA.   TIiritSllA V.   Nov.    ill     mm
 ■.■: i      ■ ■  ■■■■■,*
NX/MBBB   :!:'.
Lust Monday nighl alu.ut Tslll
tin- Windsor hotel owned by tin-
genii)'Willi. Is was co.nill.'lely destroyed ll) lire and with il the res-
tau'rnut owned bj K. .1. Iligbyc
mill tin- butcher shop owned liy
Mr  Kugera.    The tire is sup|H,s,-d
to have stalled b) till. UpBetlillg of
a lamp in Ihcrcsiaiirautuuil lu-fore
anvuVllp, eoiilil be dola- the whole
litlllning   was   In   llau.es.     livery
effort was made lo mho Ihe hotel
building bill Hie lire had got too
Inc. a slarla.nl will, uotilillglo llglll
lire with exccpl n  I kel   brigaiki
lin.I ,ii pump it was iiii[Hissil.lc lo
liccolliplish lUllcll ItglllllSl sue).oil.Is
Mr. Higl.yo's luss is estiniiiliil  al
$1.0011 parliallv covered by insiir
ll      Mr. Waller's   loss   is  al I
j(|ikin with aiio.it Sills') insurance.
The I.utehcr -hop via-.    ici'lipicd.
Tin- rock and lumber for the now
bridge over the Klk al this point
arc on Hie ground and Work of con
struct ion will commence at once.
i Ulicer Larch nrreslcil three men
lit the lime ol the lire on Ihe charge
of stealing. Mr. Larch is a very
elliiyViil otli.-er uu.l has won niuny
friends by the consciencious manner ill which he all.-nils to his
duties as a poli ttieur.
Afn'tr Uoekolldorf Visited Kcsfonl
If is said that Mr. Slnlibsis -
tptnulnting a trip to t.. the Bonn-
d.'.rS country within a few weeks
.uluvc he htisviiluiilo property. He
hasvhot taken anyone into bis con-
Htiefiou as to what kind of properly
it i-p but Hie opinion prevails dial
he thinks a I.e. ol il.
If L. Stephens visited Crnn-
hnilk lasl Wednesday and brought
buok a new Lauriei- story.
'fjl.e school teacher al the mines
tovvl't is tlttetldillg Ihe teachers'
coitfetition ut Cranbrook this week.
U^e Hundred Thousand Dollar Deal.
*oill Lake Topic, i.ct. 28: -That
thi<-riehness of the Lardeau is at-
trailing capital is eviilcuced today
ilil\*ery practical manner. Messrs.
FoSbesniiil Morion of Minnesota,
who) arc heavily interested in the
TrrVine. have taken bonds on the
I'lfioii -lack and other properties
lyujg in the same bell and have put
final. The proposition is lo starl
a tti -1 on tin- t'uiou .lack prop-
erf about  I I miles Ioiil',
I-    tnrluin and Skating Kink.
A movemoiil has been iuntigur-
ai,til t,, organize ,-. sio.-k company
to build a curling and skatine. rink.
Tit* shares are put al SlOeUcil, and
uMk I > '       :    t.     . ■ •***■
■'*•?- On January 2, 1905", we commence work on what we aim to make the largest and best equipped
$|f DEPARTMENT STORE in East Kootenay. >* Our premises will undergo a complete renovating
and remodeling, in addition to which we will rebuild and occupy the premises recently occu^d by the
Prest. Photo company and O. K. barber shop, -.* In order to make room lor the necessary work and
workmen we MUST REDUCE our immense stock of Dry Goods, Clothing, Millinery,. House Furnishings, Furs, Footwear, Men's Furnishings, Etc., Etc. <£ This is the first time w.e have come before the public of Cranbrook and East Kootenay presenting a BUILDING SALE.' ;-.<i The prices
quoted in this issue will interest you in what we are doing—to inspect the goods at thejprioe^ \vill convince you of our determination to make this BUILDING SALE extremely interesting;'to, the purchasing public. !
;' .&>'
•"&•    n^F^S    POOnS      Cashmeres in navy, drown, green and cardinal, regular 50e and75c,-sale.price. 37,1cand SSp.   Tweeds, mix-     '■';'*'
tares, suitable for children's wear, 35c, 75c, XSc,'sale price 25c, 45c and 55c.   Homespuns, tweeds,ladies' cloth,
irSlJlSi.SUJ for $1.20;
fur 6Sc; $1.25 iur 05c;
;:Ji. and broad cloth in suit and skirt lengths, black, navy, brown, green, cardinal, grey and fawn; $1 for (i5c; $1.25 for 90c; $1,511 for SlJlSi,, _$|.'7| for $1.20; jgjjo,
|f|| $2.00 for $1.35; $2 25 for $1.55. Black serge, cashmere, voile, elainne, crepe de chine and broadcloth, 75c for 55c; $1,011 fur 65c; SJ.25 for 95c; -\v;
[«     $1.50 for $1.15; $1.75 for $1.20; $2.00 for $145; S2.25 fur $1.60. \"f         >*.
thdcapital required is Su.UUO. I ie
exSect.il success has met ihe sliml
,-aP.va-s already made, and ll looks
very much now as h this town will
halrc a rink lor lliis winter,
(• A Musical Evcnl.
An Hi,- IHth of this month then'
vva|l be a concert given under the
lujfiiicos ol St Man's church that
prShli'-ies I" lie a rare musical treat
nltts Roan D'Krlllll is a vocalist ol
dltiiucl  and she will In assisted
11*0,   11    \ onion..   a   vocalist  :
li.nuorist who enjoys an oiiviahlc
rcfhitution as .ipleitsingetiterlniuor.
'I'Se ..Olieei't   Will  be  l|eli|    In    Weill
vv.VlHi hall and ihe date  should  be
lull'li" I ..id bv  all.    Following
,-  Toronto
.-..-lists had
by   li,,,:.
l„lj-n,   in   mind  bv   all
isfji lice given b)
litigi^lcr after Hi -tv
a [Ml, a re. I ill Hull "llv '
i'T ''-ucerl
DjErin.'.,   ler
Knin. OiHi..'■■ •:..,
.loin. Kink, of lis I rl Stools
Mercantile Co.. Crtiubi >nk. wruvat
Steele Thursday on business.
Mrs.  W.  H.  Id-    ml   family
have returned  t"  f   I'm- the
A. L Mcllclll.i,- an I F.
t'uiiicrforil. Cranl.rooi were at
Steele on  business W.llllcSlluy,
Hurry Beincmaii who ins U-en
ill lor Jome months. !.;■- gone to
Portland. Mi li. \\ nlen will in
fijtlire have chttrgc ol the Imperial
A. II. Fenwick :o I i'-'in Fen-
wick leave Uxlay oil a iiiiil'ei- cruis-
ii.o trip in the northern pirt of the
Kootenay valley
.lames liislop. ininiug reoord-
,PT of Cranhrook, wns n Steele vis-
tor Tuesday.
Harry  Drew,  proprietor of  the
North Star   Hotel    .1   Kimbcrlev.
was in town on Imsin.ss Wediics-
I. A. Ilarvev. I. \'. PaUnow
il .1. T. Laidlaw. i raidu-ook.
re iitteudiug ti mi i tine of Kootenay Central liailr,-: sharel.old-
era at Steele on Salimiav  evening
Kriim tin- Morif l.-'ii 1,-r
Tin- C. P  li   huvi lui'ii   making
sonic more iiuprovcmi   ' - this week
I Brussels. Tapestry. Wool
Union and Heuip Carpets:
Keguhir Viihio $1.7."., tor 81.25
Ucgulnr Value 11.50, for 81.10
Regular Value $1.25, for IWc
Regular Vnltie Sl.UO for Toe
.^| Regular   Vnhie  DOc.  tor II."..
sffiSS Regular  \ aim-   75c,   Im-  ■"''.,
.'^ Regular  Value  IIOc,   for   15c
p|s Regular Value  50c,   for 40c
'> ttk III shorl ends of Carpel at esac
."■4k .I price.
'V''1' Chenille. Tnjiestf)  and   l.aee
,--4jc tains and Portieres:
k', Jluiii. I'm- $7 'm       $!UHJ for
\     J s ,K) b"'   liAJO           7.1H1 t,,r
j^S li.00 For    1.50         n.UO for
■ TO I ml I'm-   11.00         -'i."!1 for
S\  . ■
I Millinery
1=3 off all
Fall & Winter
$15.00 lints for s: 11 i.i to
12.00 hats for N.UO
10.00 hats I'm- 11,115
0.00 hats for 11.00
S.00 hats I'm- 5.35
7.00 lints for 1.1.5
li.Otl hats for 1.00
5.00 hats for H.;t5
4.50 hats for ;:.uil
1.00 hats for 2.05
"...HI hats for L'.ll.l
iA odd hats worth
™ SI .25 tc $5.00 cnx
Velvet. TniiPstr) and  Woo
25 per cent discount
.    Hi,- auspices
IKVinion 2, A.I' II . put  in pi
tltil tin- en mi   Irish  prima donna
hAi let iimieoi her old-time vigor
,TI , In,. Ill She rendered all li".
Uulnbe.rs vv III. a V igl.r and sweet
lies,, which    evoked   slo.'.iis   of   ap
plans.-     Mr. Vonloill was eipnilly
ell'celiv,' in In. role, and. whether
iii  tiic  humorous   or   the higher
eyaife'ot classic music, was (tort'eel.
Iv ul home."
Two Newspupcrs Consolidate,
Tmiit Luke Topic. October 28th i
"Arranuejnenls have been niadc
during the week whereby The
Kagli'of Fi't-u'iisou and The Topic
of Trout Lake will unite their
forces in pushing the interests of
the Lardeau with the outside
w.Mr. Uocoguir.uig the fact that
the interests of both places are
identical, the ltiauilgetttciit of both
piipars.cnmo to the coiiclusipn that
.-./better service could be given and
t ie interests of both places better
s 'rvy.l by a merger such as that
v hid. has just, taken place. Both
'I he Topic and The Bugle will
i-op out and u new pnpur under
t ie style of The Lardeau Mining
1 e'view will take their plncc. The
r 'W paper will be of a size sulli-
c out to uc.'ontinodate both towns,
a id the ambition of Ihe nuinugo-
. out will be to make the Lunlenu
t« best known mining district
British Columbia."
g§ 241;
'■>e.- regular .-    ■■  - a.-, ....
.•^- and $5.00, SALit) I'KH'F, Jll.W
W>& ?? linir8 -M,'"'-s l!,,"ls '" I'''11''"1
V.,4  •»«» leather,  bos e-ilf, ve.
.'■'■Sf    1 'calf. etc. sized to 10.
\uM regular 84.00. 81.50, $5.00 „,, 1c
[» and $5.r>0, SALK I'ltlCF 3>0.ZS
-'I   front  iiAeligec shirts,
regular 75c, $ and
$1.50,  SALK PRICK	
A   special sateen shift,  regnliil
11,2.1, SALK  PRICK	
27 Men's Tweed and Worsted Suits, S. B. Sacque Styles, farmer satin
lined, well made and trimmed -., •
Regular $7.50, $8, $10 and $12, Sale Price $4.95
30 odd men's tweed and worsted suits, regular $12,
$13.50, $15 and $16
Ladies peati de sui,
latl'ela and china silk,
black, white, pink,
blue and cardinal:
$6.00 for $4.50
8.00 for 6.00
10.00 (or 7.50
12.00 for  9.00
li only, waists, reeiilar
$11,00 anil 7.00.
Sale Price $4.00
10 only, waists, regnliil! Slt'l and 11
.    Sale Price $7.00
in white and black,
regular SH.50,
Sale Price $5.00
b' tuily. blouses, regti-
1"1'*i',i,'J i, ■    «un II ! only t-'incyjwecd suit, bla.-k triu
Sale Price $3.00   | minuH. r,WI|:irl'M7.-,l      n.,o -n   M .'
" SAI.I-: PRICK J)IO.oU ,.vr-.
1 onl). navy  suit, braid  and  but- V:4H-
win Iriiuun-il. regular $2.'t n>I A ^c  '?A&2
SALK PlflCK WJ9 ■$£$
H  I "illy ^iTCiLbiiil, triiiMHml .is ;il)(ivi> i-~s$£
jj   r<*^uJ,*tr (p|i  mm   5&£a
ll K\hU iMiK'K J>I4./d :■.§.:
y     ■<
2 only Urmvii suits, n^ultir slv.tm %\\$r
"'it'p,t $11.50 «& 12.50 ;gj
2 only naliV suits, rogulnr 511 ja it'iaii
$iiS.oo,| |s,\,L1|:;.,i'ificK W>o\) igt>i
I only black trim I  with white.  '&ai
r""llar,^K pu.ck $16.50 M
only, costumes,  all -this   sea
i u- Is. Ia!cs.t siyl.-s:
Ladies' Dress an-
Walking skirls i
black, nuvy, blown ,
" $5.(MI for $3.00
6.00 for 4.00
7.00 for 4.65
7.50 for 4.65
0.00 for 6.0(1
10.00 fur 7.00
12.00 for Will
15.00 for 10.00
l,i only children's jackets
and ulsters, regular$3.80
25 per cent off
All Ladies'and Children's
V3' M"i".^„M,,u,,*„.t„  j „1$Ii,ac|earal S2,so     nuuia    ain"   anuta     *2.2., r„r si .00. Heavy jrrcv blankets, S2.7S oair ;'^,'
Hill-entire sloe
line worst.-.l iV tweed
pants will be [.laced
upon the sale counter
al following iiriees:
S."i for SI: SI..Ml for
$11.50: SI!..".0 for S2.7".:
Ssl for .ty.i>: S2.7.". for
$2.1.".: S'.'.."iO I'm- $2:
$2,25 for 81-.00,
Mm"* !l ozj like il'-iiin. overalls. .-'
rirularliesl v,.|« 81,00,    -    --      ^*
31111s overalls, regiilnr «< rn .'. "j
•is'uil.SALK PRICK fl.uU a*-;
o-*nlozgrevWool soeks.'lleav V   1A., 1 '. fti'
p.Ki; pair, salk MUCK £«C •.;"*'.
-I  ,|o/.e|i  |||,'ll'lS'iii|d"Woo|.>|l,,| II  "f-
ittidershirts, regular, SI.SI.25 c,/\„ .'',    '
alkprickoUC '.,<
n       33=    ='fo.'
200 suits
-.round  the   Moyii    ,1
ition.    New
telegraph |»'les huvi   i
- :,   put   Ul
mil Liiusiderublc gr idi
_ has been
Ion.- around the plntfi
The infant son ol M
:-   .ml   Mrs.
Win. Biol died last 1 .
* Iny morn-
iiglnuil  the fuller
is li.-l.l   on
An effort is Indue mi
!e to have
Movie placed oil til.- tli
atricul cir-
n-I for Eruieh t
liu and  Al-
«-rt.t.    This will   men
: Unit  coin-
panics   plnyiug Ros-
.ml. N'elsi.ll
mil the larger lilac. > vv
I. also have
Moyie on their lis:
Senator A, Mel), mil
:   Ml     Moll-
Iny for tin- coast   wl,
he   will
spend a short tin..
re returning
to his home ill t :,:,-,  tl
• wi,. P. K.
1.   The Senator *.,- -,
.11   pleas,-.!
",!tll   i'S \ IS't  111 MllV"
mil onjoveil
>ur iuvigornting .-liii
"■ and de-
liglltful scenery very a
Some reconl breakii
j work was
lone in installing then
■ 210 horse
[lower engine at the .
Th.- engine arrived  In
:" Tiiesdav
morning and it was 0
loaded and
[nit in place and  w ,~
'iiuuing in-
side   of 20  h..ur=.   i
rdinarily it
would have taken from
'   : -,- to live
lavs to have done this
work.   The
new pump is on tin-vv.
-.   from  tliei
-,'ist and it will uiilv In
i matter of
. short time until it w
II bv   here..
\\ ill.  the new ent/ine
ind   pump
mother closedown is ll
it  likely  to
ici-iir  for a   long tin
Most of
tin- miners have l.e, ,,
lit   back   to
work ami everythiug is
running us
The Cranhrook H. i
Id is putting
in ii typesetting much
i.e. the  lirst
one in   Last     KooU'll.'l
is nothing if not uji-ti
tg Sale commences Saturday, Nov. 12===30 DAYS===$ale closes Decentber 10
1 ~       ' "^      ""
^' \\
.       'U   *—'> ftirr' t>:\ »*-.W,'/,'. '■*'-)-.'•£■/. P-i-v'i-j'   »■♦'-)' -,'    i*'-;-'...'    i'«"->- /■ '   **'-**' t-'   l»'-»'»/1i*V.ltY.'li*i iT'-v' i./.VYV'V'ljfcV.   •>*'-)■'/. •   !■»'-->•' v!    •"r'--/ l-.' • >'*'-,-' i-.\  •"*.'-)■' u.'','-^''-^' ' f-^r* '-2.' ' l-^-' '■!' * i. -* ~.2.'     ¥ ■ .
New Fire Hal.
Contractor   Oreer    has   stnrleil
work on the new (in   i.dl. uii.l al-
r.-adv In- has it framed   ant] ready
to enclose     The   1 ding  will lie
a credit I., the town and tl uergj
"I those who have v.,,,;,, d so hard
to provide the funds to oiiild it.
Change of firm.
Flnving sold ourSnsli and Boor"
Factory, nil accounts up to .Vovem-
l»r Isl I'.toi. will I., dosed with
Hi.- Cranbrook Sasli and U«r.
Cotniiaiiy, liiutte.1, li order to
.id confusion, w,- would ask you'
In kindly call at  our oil   within
ten thiys and settle iill old accounts
ther by cash or not,',   .,„ the miu;
impaii)   will  con ti nnc  the sash  '
and d.H.r  business  nnder the old
name of Cr.-iiibrook Sash and  l)i«ir
•oin|iany. and all ilel.Ul  emitraetiil
with and   auaiiist   the  CranbriKik'   ,
Sash   and    lli«.r   company    „f(,.r.
November 1st, P.KJI, will be entire- '
ly with the n.-w linn.
But. rem. 11 ling nil liabilities and
collections made v\,:h the Crull-
brook Sash ami iJuor ''ompuny.'-
limil.il, up to S'oveuil -■ 1st, P.IOjl,
Hu- new company, th. Kniiberluy
Milling mid Maiiufa.-turing Com'. .
[iiiuy. limited, will be i| onsible.
and have full charge ol all colleo-
111 his
Thnnkiiig yott for [msl favors
and pleasant business relation's,
vv.- will he pleased lo oi.ote ye,,
prices on all kinds of rotlglt nnd
dressed luniberafler .lununry 1st,
1,005; under the name ol Ki'iiiber-''
ley Milling and M inufilctiififjij;
Compimy liuutcl. !<i...i„ il.-v. li.,
C.    We Iwg to reinain.
V -■ truly. ■'
Cranbrook Sash A- lloor Co., Lid,''
C. A. (iaskill. Manager. THE   CHANltltooK   HERALD
The Herald minimi this year will
eclipse anything attempt, ,1 in the
way of an annual in ll.is section of
tl oiii.irv      For   the   pn-l   two
weeks Mr. Joseph Ryan has been
visiting various parts of the district securing information for a
complete nud comprehensive write-
up of the resources of tin- country.
Mr. Ryan isan a. mulished writer.
and with his knowledge of the west
and the industries that have combined to build up Cranbrook and
the other towns in tin- district, his
work will prove Imth valuable and
interesting. There will be articles
by old timers in the district, recalling incidents that have now
gone into history, ti review of the
growth of Cranbrook. references to
the public institutions, what they
tire nnd what they should be. a
panorama of the attractive scenes
of this marvelous section, with u
profusion of pictures ol citizens
uud residences. The si/.e of the
paper will be the Silllle as the regular size of The Herald, and there
will lie from Hi to 21 pages. Yes.
il will eosi money to gel out a pu[»cr
like thai.   There is loitl.t about
it. II.H The Herald is willing to
spend the money if it can secure
the results.    The annual last year
was n ived with great favor, but
this year's paper will est more
money and !.»• far more . Iitlx.nttc
in every way. The cover will lie
specially endrnved by tin- Ntovel
company "f Winnipeg, and printed
in colors. There will I,,- three
scenes on the front showing the
three industries that have contributed lo llii' prosperities of
Cranbrook and Ihe towns of the
district, milting, lumbering and
railroading.   Tin vor nl.  will
cost    over   $100  and   il    will   be a
beauty. Lust-.yt.ur there were nearly 1,000 of life b',500 issued sent lo
the old country after they had been
read here in this district and in
Fasten. Canada. This year there
will be 2.000 copies issued, and
that means that not less than 10,-
000 people will read  il. and Hint   is
only ,-iu average of live to tl opy,
which is very small. An estimate
of 15,000 people would lie fur nearer
to  the  facts   in   an   issue   of this
The paper  will be issued ,-ilmnl
Ihe   fifteenth!, of  H tulier, thus
giving ample linn- I'm- Ihe advertisers to gotj! Hie full lielli'lil for
their Christmas advertising. Therefore it hoi (es the live men of the
district to get*'ready and form some
idea as to what they will want, so
that when Tlfe Herald representative calls the)1 will be ready lo talk
business,        7.
1 Job printing ie an Hrt^^t^
The Herald Practices the art.    You can get only one kind of m
Printing in this office.    That is the best. 1
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory i
All kinds of liniali work in
way of doore. windows, trim-
bouib, etc. Kiln dried luuiU*r
for inside work. «tar work is
guaranteed ami our prices are
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
Livery  S
in THE situi-Imk i'oiiit in  hitirimi
Iii it iiii .-i.r$r.i.I.miil ItpgiRtr.v  iii :....I
Alll|i|>illl>K Ail-", unit in II... Illlltll'r nl nil
ii|i|iii<-i.li..n liy. tin' Mui'.vMill.. T.ivviiutlt'
mill   |.nv.'li.|ii.u|i;iil .-.ilii|.in..v. ...nl I'riiiik
I'. Ilnil'iii. (,ir nil lLtt.nllilm.illl   i,< |,l. f
.\liirvi.vill..|..wi,Ml..lH.-<l in (In- limit   ri'uis
I... nM.i<nl NpV.n. II. I'.
In   ili.ilul.cis   i!tl.ir.".l..> Hiiiinriiliii, I'lii.'l
l...t...l tilt. -'.'.111. .InvUlrliilii,.-. pllll
ll|iuli mi i.|i)ilii'..li...v..t tl... hiiI.I Miu-.v-Hvlllp
T>.».i»il.< nnil   llnvnliifimpill ..i.in|.iui,v  ..ml
Frank  I'. Ilot-ni... lor .lillllll I. I tn 111."
|llu.l pf Mni'.vsi'illi. Imviitllll', fll,..l... th.. Illl.ll
n-liisn-.v ..lll.-i-... N.'lM.iii. II. e. i.n nutiilii'r
7:1:1.   A...I lipnll ri-.iili.iit' ll,„ nil......,,.in issn.il
lii-l.'ll. mi .1..,  mill,  .lav "I iii.iilii'r. I MM,
.....III... nrililnvllsi.t Flunk I' lloKn,i, sworn
]ti.. uuili. .Iny i,t,s,.|,.i..iil,,.., ll.nl, ut A. W.
Miviii'ii'«».,.•...'.i... mm. .in) ut oi't.ii.,..',
■llllll. -nil II.,. i-xliiliilH tl.i.ri.ii. Ipf.-ri'l'.l to,
..llll nt Prank I',I",mill .«,,rii II."'-'nil,. .Iny
.,lll,l,.In,,. I'.inl. nnil ii|imi limniiiv Mr. W,
A. VI I,n>,il,l. ».(;., .iliii.ni.'il Iiii- tin- hi,1,1
I. in   .it'll...-.-.!   Ilini   III.- K.ii.l   |,l, I   I'll,
..muni t  Mai.i.iilli-   li',"l   in   it,.'  I.....I
i.-liislr.v ..Hi.-.- iii   Xi-lftill,  II. ('., lillllll...,-,..!
Ttt.'l, li. l.-p ay ullinliinllnu: ili.....lr.iiu
I lint IHII-I I.ill "I Wli.l iiIiiii .l.'M.'i ,l.,'.l ns lilnrku
till,   .-IT.   as, III? 11.   I.'.  I III. mill II...
slit,.|snli.l lillll.f<lnui|ifWil in linn iiortinli
nl Hi.nl [itim, s.iii i.ni'tinn Hi. .,, I..'.'Iltuiiiiltnl
1,,'iint iii.nl,,,I i.|"A"iiii .1 xl.ll.it i'i<l..rr...l
I..in ll.i'siil.l iililiirll hi A. W M, villi.-.
I.  i-llllll,,.,' ,.|li.|',,l   tl Ii„   Nllll   .l|l|.li
on.la I.",.. tii„..|.i-... III... n  I'l.'ii "I Hi.,
■Hill lll«IIRl lllnrynvllli. .in- Sinn., in nil
„,,,','..n> Hi,- sglO, Jul, ... nut,,'.' T.'lll, villi
11 1,'„|ili,,ll iIm. hi.IiI  I'lnn s.i  In  I','  "I,"I
.lliuilintr.l n» lit.'..'. sl.lll,
ll ,- inn,l<- i. i.111 I  rmiilill t  llii.
iirilfrili.il il... stiii ,.|,|iii i. .Iinll .....in., n.
I... iiiM'il.'.l In aim   .'ii,nl, k llnral.t" ..
l.,-.»s|iii|,si-|,iil,lisli<iil nt li.inl k, 11. I'., II
In., ,.v nl llilu iiti.i'r t.ir .,...' -.in'o'ssii'..
...U,.M .it M.,l. iniii'H,,„]»..'. ninl licit. iluiillK
UUI'l. IH'l'lllll »lli.|ll|,|ilii'tlt.U .l.llll I'llUHl' III  til-
|.,.s....l ii|  lil.. it .mini ilwrl.nl in .In.
HJlill lllirlillll l.tHfllll |.I.U. Hll 1.1 1.1' ,'li.ni....ln,|
... nl..ri'«..i.l. n trim ,'ii|i.v nl I liis iinlert ninl
.....I  ll|...|l  |il'lill|*'t|.   H.I', H.,1 i^lHI-l in.,   nt   tllii
ili.liiil l-t'iiist nut nl llin Kil|it -'»..-. ul
SVIm.ll. I: i  .,,(,.11,11 imlilii'i  nnil |,,,s|.
|.,|I ..... Hint ill lil-','III t.tl„ ...ill  l,'U-i»lllll'
s.ll.ii. ii |ii-ii,,,l|Liyii m-i-ki, in,in lirst |iuli-
ll.'ullii.i unit iiiiRWlliiiii His naitl ii'iputrnr
H'liill ilii'ii'inn.i Je.n, I. In,,'...., Ill, ,O'lilloili'
I'.iit III.'..'.'in-Sill I'llnlitiims li.-.-ii, itu|».s-
i-.lli.ivn k|,li,.l lrlr.li ..ml   llii- nrilnr,
t,r .. hu |.,v 8i,-ri-'if.  n|*.hi linlnt! lilnl ...
IIm liii.it   iitI-.I'i .illlm  nl  N.'lHnn. I:   I ..
.It.ill I..-unit 1 ITi'eltvp t.ir nil iuti'iits
mnl 1.1.r|...».'«
II i-|.iilli,'i iiel.'.i'il III... II ...s  nl   1
,, Inl In llll. U|.|.ll.'lUi.lll III'lu.l.l I'l  llll'
lulil ;.|.|,li.-.ltlls
w p.unit), i iii N'l'un.
I'm ill k, I', i
St. li-lliir tiit A|.|illi'Ulit '"( II.
Notice Inr Transfer nf License.
N.ai,,, i-l„'i. I,v kIvhi. Il.nl   hi., Slmltnn ,V
.',,,.,|, iiIII.h'I'ii'.i.i nl I'n ne.lt,   11.0,1.1.
>....) III U|I|||V I.I till' Itnnril  nf  I Iis.-I'iini-
 H  ■ I,,.' ll I ......I.'.' nl    '   lllill'l li,',',,-,'
II, 1l„'|,,,',,,,.,. kl,,,W.I .....I il.'H'.ll.I'llllH Mm
"W.'ll .i.i'-li llnU'l." link.'. Ml rent, I'm."
I,rank, lie I,, W.llnl.i. la,linn., nl "cm
liriink,   .
Iliitnl llu'll..lil,..viil Nnomi,,-, mnl
:i.. ... si.i.ii.in A iii.|.|.
Paint that Stays
We use tin- U'ut of material ami our work always
gives satisfaction.
WlitMi you want; painting
paper hanging, decorating
01 sign writing, see us
AKHsraoNn avenue
ARH—r-YOUR  *\
CC0UNTS in f
RREARS ? ? ? ? ?   •
j If the rush of business |
prevents YOU finding
time to write   up your ;
j books, or having; your
bills and accounts regu-
i larly rendered and col- ;
\ lected, apply to
\ P. 0. Bsi 217
|  CRANBROOK, j»  > B. C.  j
Draying is a Particular
Wo make that our business,
Did you ever hear any complaints
about our work? We employ
the best men we can find to do
the work. They are careful unit
prompt, That is why we please
the people. We want your business and if we get it we will keep
it. because we will satisfy you.
I'ltfifKIKTllli OV IKK
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
St. Paul, Chicago, New York
AXl)   Al.li    I'OISTH   KAHT
Palice and Tourlat Sleepers, Bullet Library
Cars, Modern Day Coaches, Dinini Cars,
.Meals a la Cine.
4 East and West Dally *»
Special excursion riles lo World's Fair. St.
Louis.      Your choice ot route.
For mtosi i.ii.itM'K mid full Information
regarding trips, mil on or aiMreBu
ii. W. I', a. c. P. A T. A
Seattle 701 VV. Riverside Ave
Wash. Spokane. Wash.
Notice for Transfer of License.
N'ofit'fl in lii'ii'l.t kivpii that I, Cltvorge
sifiM, i>( [''ortHleele, li. C, Intund tn Applj.,
in ilic Hour.I nt l.ii'fiirit*fotnuilialoners hi
Hn'ir ri»Kiilnr u linic mi m-inmlwr 1'ii.h,
111(11 turn IninhfiTol inv Itnli'i lii'i'iiiw in itif
|iri'lnH"ri kliOWM mitl itt'fii'fltieii tin  tLitt "CHI-
Mill H.iU'l." Wanlner, II. r., to .Inlm It.vun,
..I W:il,ll..-,. |l. I'.
Jltt-ll, fleo. Hrolt,
Dalfd nl Wardtur NovkiuU>i' flrd, lnn4
Ttiuts mill drivers furnirtlird for any
point iu the district
A. DOYI.G, Manarer.
| Dezall Brothers
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
Outilde Order, Promptly
Attended to.
Formerly Hotel Phalr
B. TOHPKINS, Manairer.
This hotel Is one of the liest ill
British Columbia and  up-to-date
in ever)  respect. Well  lighted
sample rooms.
Do you want a Stove? Do you
want Boots or Shoes? Do you
want Bargains where New
Goods are arriving daily ?
Then come to my store.
Fresh from the
Candy Kitchen
Kvfi'.v wwli '■ihiii'm mil eiiiifily nl ftvnli
randy <>ti>vi-n kin.I—ilwir in the henH
nlnlllnvi'1'rinftrnn.li liriiutin,    llin-
Cllili'itlilli'    ri'.'illllri    llllil    illllllllH'1'Ullll'
other I'hniri'KWvtH, iiii'lndtiiKrli'liliqii-
lllltlH, I'll'.,   1111'   llllrilU'>illHHI>i|   [Or   ill''il'
tlclinniiri   llnvni',   purity  mnl vvlioln-
Under nud liy vli'tiienf I lis poKenrnntaln*
ml in Bierinin tnnil^iipti'. whji'h will lie pro
duoeil al the time nl Nilo, lliora will he nffKifil
tor eale al the (loveriiiiieiittHHm Inl lie Town
nf Cranbrook, oti the I (th i|ny nl November,
11104. at Ihe hour nl IL», nimn, liy I' It Mm
rie. the following properly:
All that crTtnin [inti-i'l nrlrni't n'liinil anil
preniineHnitnntf. lyhiff nnil Ivelns Lots mini-
iierM One ami Thi> in lilntlt iinnil ..*r five, III
iheTowiimti'iif Khnherlnjr, uerordliiK tn a
plan tllml in the l.nnil IteKlstry Offlw at Victoria) li- <'., September Brd, iminjih utimlwr
"•U14," heinn the North star llntd. lonether
Kith all liiruiliir.'r.ifitiiiiit'il tlinreltl.
Ten percent of the piirclinseprlcetolwpnbl
at the  lime nf Mile.  I lie lialutni' nil  termr.
whirli will he make known at I ho time of side,
For temiH and conditions of sale apply to
'2|!lL» SiiliiitnrH fur MortftngMi
I'liitilirnnk. II. ('.
Iliiteil Ndveinlinr H«|, Ilini,
who enjoy a drive ulntitr the country roaiU
■hoald Heiul to
The Handley Livery Stables
tor the. accessory ..ntfit.
The turnouts riii]i|illeil hy uh are hanilHome,
Kelt appoinleil ninl entirelv Hatiufnetory.
They aoVI much in ihe (Oeamire of a trip.
There Is nothing nitwit hnrHe or vehicle to
cause nneasltieHH tn a aensllive iwrson nor
anythiutr in the appearance of either injur
[.hum; who are particular iin lo ht.vle.
Three luuutbe after the Itral publleuth f
this imtlctt an upplleattuii will be made to
tin' Li.'iiti-niiiii-iiiivt'iiiiir in r..iiinii under
Swtloii &l nt ihe "1'omiinnlen Act," IW'T." by
tin- "Crunhmoli Bush A Door rompaiiy,
Liaiitiil." fur iiermlKiiloii lo ehanai1 Its inline
im that ot the"Klinuerlej Milling A Maim-
tin tiirnijt rommiiiy, Llmlteil "
ltni.il in i mnbrook, Ovtuhcr Iflth, IIUM.
Utirvev A MH'tn-ter.
:i| HollcHoiK tor the Applteuuts,
Land Notice.
Rlxty days after date It Is my Intention in
apply to ihe Cblel Corom'anlontr <>( latmls
miil Works to pitrehnse the followtiiRdeseilb<
hi lands hi South Kail Kootewaj:-
i ninaieniini; nl n poatplanledattlieiinrth
ens! I'oruer nf H. T. Araohi i preemptifall,
thence 90 vholos east, theuce40chnlim smith.
theme 'JO iliniiirv nerd, iheuee In ehaiUH
iltlllll along II Ti Arnold's line In |ilaee nl
1 itiI..I Sepiemlier Jltli, A. 0. HUH.
•J7-1H Kobsrl i lurk.
Timber Notices.
Xotlce Is h«reby riven thm thirty diivs
after «l«i«- 1 Inleud to apply lo the duel
eominlHsluiier of iumi- ninl works tor a
aireeliil Ih-ense to cul mnl carry nway tlnilier
ll'Diii the InllowllIU 'I'-Hirilxil   Inn.I- 111 Snillli-
KuhI Kootenay illstHet, llrltleh L'obnnhla:—
Coinmeiicltitt nl n posl plnntetl nhnul tn
ebnliis north of the southwesi comer i-l 1>.
Beckeiirldtte'e ihnlier leiiHeNu ;>!*«:.. tliem-e
mirth Weiialns, I hence vveHt8Hclialns;theiice
Houtli H" chains, thence eusl !*i chains, to
iiIiihmii lieutimlnp,
D> I HibiiilHi ilnv ot Octohor iwn.
Kreil Davis, Locutor.
.d.M. ilnmcs ltin.-l.eii, Aireiit,
Nnllee In heii'by B-lvnu thai thirty days
niter date 1 Intend i" npply tn the chief com-
ndHsloner ol Inmls ami works lor n special
liti'iiHi' loi'itt nml carry nway llmlier from
thofollowluKileserlheil lands in Hontli*Knai
Kootenay district, Drltlsh fjolumbht:—
L'timinnneliiB nl u posl plmited ul Ihe
uorrh-wesl corner nt Lily Staples timlier
limit, theuee wesl 8Hchains, thence smiiliHti
ehuiii". then.'e ell Hi Nil I'tiullia, thence north ^'
Hinliis, in plnii'ol bejrinnliiK'
lini.il iliiH-.'lst .Inv ni Oetolier, UHM.
Milton Staples, Locator.
,|allies llrnekell. Auent.
Suttee is herein ulveii Mint thirty .lays
niter data I Inteml to apply to the elder cum-
iniwioDcrofhiiidN  I tvurkn Inr a sjieelal
Ih-eiiHe to cm nml int'i'v nway timlier Irom
thefollowliiirilcscrlhed lands in Smith-Knm
kiaitennv district, Urltlsh i nluiuhla:—
Cnmme'neiiifr nl a posl planted at the
nnrili-.'iiHi corner nf W. U. MaHterniiin'ri timlier limit, iheme north Welinlns, thence wesi
IUU iliuiim. ihiiii- HOillll 4o ebillns, it e
ensl ItWcludns, to phicoof iH'jrliitiliia
li, I thlslWiiildnyoIOi'toWr, mmm.
otif sin|ili'N. Locator,
.lamer, lirniketi. Aaem.
Nmii-e Is hereby Riven that thirty .lays
nfier iliil.' 1 intend tu apply to the chief com*
mlssioiieroHniids and works lor n s|ieclnl
lleetisu to cut ami carry away timlier from
IbofollnwlnKdeHerltieil Innds in .Smith Musi
Kootenuv illstrlet, Urltlsh fJnlambla:—
I :n in men i'in p <" " l»"*< plmited ahonl Uu
chains west nl norln-easl   corner »t mix
siiiiileH' llinber limit thai north HWchnhis,
thence  west   in chains, thence smuh Ksi
el nil tin,  thelice mini   4" ebnllis, In pin f
I In lei I this *!ml liny olttefi •. t!ni4.
Itnl.ert Dtivts, Locator.
dames llrackett, Aaeui
Ni.iiri- is herohy id van tluil thlrtv days
nfterdate I Inteml In apply to il Idelcommissioner of hinds uml works for u special
license to cul nud curry away timlier from
the followlua:described lands la Hoiith-hasl
Knot iv illstrlet. Ilrltisli L'olnmbin:-
fommeiicinu ul a l-ost planted nl the
uortli-west comer ol "ml Davis limber
limit   thence wesl HOehnlns, thence soulh Kn
vhnlus, il -e nasi 81) chnlns, thenre uorlh S"
ehuliis, in place nt la'jdnnliiK,
l>i Itlilsi!lst dny of Oetnhar, Itmt.
Lily Staples, Locator
,1 nines Ittntketl, Atfeilt,
Notice is hereby alvcii tlml IhlMv days
niter dale I intend In npply in ihe chfeleom*
misstoner of hinds mid works for n special
lli-ense to cut nndrarry away timber from
the following dest-rlheil toimIsi In Snnth-Knsl
Kootenay district, Ititflsli t'oliimblai—
CommeiictiiK nl a post planted nl Ihe
north-weal comet1 ol  I'reil   Davis'  timlier
limit, thence north HO chains, the west
80 chnlns, thsi south SO chains, thence ensl
Nil chains, to plm-e nl beidnuliiK'
Dal«l this Ulst day of October, 1H04,
Ambrose Staples, Locator.
Jntlies ISmekell, An	
Noiiee in hereby uiven that thirty days
niter date I inland to apply to the chfel commissioner ol lands nnil works tor ii snii'inl
license in nil nnd carry nway timber from
the following described hinds in Snutll-Knsl
Kootenay district, UHilsh L'ohiinhla:—
C'nmmencltiK nt u post plumed al ihe
north-east corner ol Vm\ Davls'tiialwrllmll,
I hence north 80 chains, lhoiin'west80elmins,
thence smith Hi) chnlns, thence easl 8» chains,
to pi J beidnniiiK
Dated this Slsl duy of Octolwr, 1904.
\v,i, Mnsterman, Local or.
James Itriiekell. Aliem.
Timber Notice.
Notice Is .hereby aiven thai   thirty duys
alter dale,  I  intend   to apply to ihe eldef
commissioner of lauds mid works nl Victoria for as| inl llcensa lo «-*it ami carry
nway timlier off ihe followinitdewrihed luads
In Sniith-Kast Kootenay :—
( oinmenclng at a poet planted on the
east boundary ot l'. r Hogan's timber limit
llll chnlns norlli from the southeast, comer
thereof, thence north «". chains to the north-
past corner post of said K. I', llojiini s timlier
limit: thence westerly II chainst thence
north III chains in tin- aotllli-wesl corner ol
Lot SJ347, Group I. SmilhKast Knutenny i
thence easterly tn the bank of Luke Creek;
t heme southerly I (HI chains; thelice westerly
■jo chains to the place uf commencement,
containing,,,tl1 seres more or less
haled at Crnnlirook, It.C, this (tth dayot
Otitotier, 11101.
Jtltll. F. W.Mitchell.
Notice Is hereby given that sixty days nfier
dale I intend i.. apply tu the iliiet commissioner o! lands ami works tor permission
to purchase ihe following described himls
situated in Kast Kootenay district:
Commencing ni nt a post planted L'Oehulne
■ouib uf K. c Smith's north-went corner,
thence south HO Hiains, thence west -Jl)
chains, thence north mi chains, thence east
JO chains to post nl commencement containing I HO acres tame or less.
Dated Octolsr 20, nun.
A. II. Turner,
llt-"it. Applicant.,
Take notice that it is my intention to tip
plv to the Hoard of Licene- Commissioners
for rranhrook district at their next regular
meeting on December Kith, Mini, tor a
transfer from myself to Robert Johnston of
the hoiel license tor the Central Hotel, Marys-
Dated ul Cranbrook, OUtolwr 28th, mm.
4tUi Juhu A. McDonald.
Synopsis ol Regulations lor disposal nf Min
crals on Dominion Lands In Manitoba,
In: Northwest Territories and Ihe Yukon
('ml I'uiti l:iii.|-i ni:iv t.c imreluupd at $IQ bar
acre inr suit cimIhii.1 -s.'n fur iinltiineae. \,.i
inoi'f lliitll   '.'  iievei e;ui li.-iail .lie.)   li)   mi.- in
iiim.iinii ..I company,   itoyalty al ilit- rale nf
I.-II wins i..-1'l.in ..[ -.»i t is blillll llPftillect
.a .ni i|ii'tiiiis-.naimit,
(.iiiiiri/.  Persons uf eighteen .ems mid over
nail Joint stock i panles holdlnu fn-e mliiui k
I'i'itiii.Mii". amy .iiii.na entrj lor a mmluii luea
A [iceiimirl'* ci'llllleale is urniilt-il  hu   i	
m iii.il.' years, not exceed lu-j live, upau pnymeut
la futvauce "l 17,00 y\ auillllll fur ail in Uvldliill
ami from I3Q tn *n»' per .niiiniii 1..1 ,t aommny
ih-eiirilliig to capital.
A free niliiei,  lliivini; iHsrotere.1   ninjeial In
plane, iiiu) locals ii claim ir.n.vi,..,. icei t• \
maritma onl ihotauio with two legal poiKiionr-
liiu IociiIIiiii imtketon.'al each <nd ..n M ■ lite-
Ihe elimii Mlilll he rCOinlOll Wlllllll HftOOII
il;u. if tticateil mllllll l-n 1111111. nl a ininint.'
leci.nleis'i.nice. naeailillimual da> ull.twe.l inr
every aihlltionu! ten utile', or trarli-.ii. the lee
At-least sftw must bo expemlwl on lite elnliu
each y.-ar or |.aiil in Hie minim; ifeiutler in lieu
tliere.il, U Imn |."khi litis hc-n e\|> nilcl <>r nanl
Hie Ineiitnr may ii|sin hiulnu ninney niaile.aiiii
upon uiimnlylng with >>tlier requirements, pin
chine Hie html at 11.00 aa acre,
Pci'ihl-slnn niitv lie^ralii.'tl by (he Mim-ter i>t
the Inlerim In In'cale elailns .■niitahiin:: inm ami
mica, alsooi»|i|nir. lathe Viikmi I't'ini.ny, nf an
area tint exceeding M> acres.
Tbi-l'ilieaif iraailiiln l.ieiilt.iii shall |'i.i\,.t.'
fur the nayait'iit i.r nijalty al the utte ul S-; net
cent or Hu- iir.i.hief nt tin- l.icatl.iti.
I'ltnei .Minim.',   Miinit.'lui ami Ihe N. W. T-.
exccjitlng the Yukon Teitltury. i laccr mieliu
claims generally are lei) feet ii|iiare; ennj tet-.
$.'., renewable,yearly, un ihe Noitli Siskal-
ehewaii liver claim-, are either liar or h h. Hie
farmerbcltiu luo lost long ami extendlna he-
tween IukIi ami low water mark, the Inl or 111-
ebiih'-i bar iln:i;blt;s.  hat eMell.K hiicK  tn toe
base of Hie hill or nuak, hut not Bxccedlmt uouu
rcet.   VVh re steam imwir is used, oialius ttoo
feet wide may he nhlaincd.
1'iciluiii-ltithemeis nf Manltnhn ami tin-
N. VV. T.. exccptlUB the Yukon I'emUiry.—A
Tree miner may nhlaill ulity two leases nf live
miles each for a term nf tweiitv year*, li-hew
able in tin-ilisfieti-iii nl ihe Mllllltorot Uw In
lei Inr,
Tho lessee's right Is conllnml to the snbinerjj
en bed in- bus nt the rh.-r beh<w ln.\ water
her., ami suiij 'ct tu Hi.' rights nf all |iervuns
wlm bine, or who may receive eiilrl-s for hai
iliUliinnsor beneli i-laliiH, except on the na-knt-
chewaii iiv.-r, where the lessee may drelce to
biL'lt Water murk on each alteniati- Ict-'liuKi.
The lessee shall have a ilrwlga hi nperatlail
nUlillione scil'iin tnmillic ilnle of lh- lease for
ill i
li.r i-iich lUleeti iml
llental, <W per aiiiimn f,.i  each  mil'1 nl river
lea.e.l.    Itiwulty at the rate of twn nn-1 a li.ill
per cent c.ilc -rt«*,l on the output lifter it cmvc.Is
Dredginu in the Yukon Territory.  Six lease*
nf live miles each   may  In- planted I" a tree
minor for a term ot twenty year", alsu renewable,
'ihe lessee's i I'jlil is coiuined In the .snlnnei!.'-
edluitl or bars is th- rlv r below low watei
imtik, that bumnlary In be IKe.l l>y its position
mi the tsi ilny of August iu the your ot t lie date
of the lease,
The lessee shall have one dredire In npcnitlnii
wlllllll two vearslrnm llieilateuf the lease, ami
nit-.liciluc fur eacli lite miles within six years
from siieh dale, ltenial, .<nin per mile lur Hist
year, ami *in per mile fur each suhse<)iictit jt-ur.
Knyatiy same as pliuer ininuiu
I'hi.-er Mining in the V ulmii Territory. Creek,
jiuh-li, river anil hill i lalms shall not cve.-ei) ■:;«
leet in length, nieasureil ini Hie I use hu,' m
genet al dll'celloti id the creek or gulch, the
whUh ht-itiu li>.in I imn tu '.'.imn fe.-t. All Other
pl.it ei claims sbull be J'mi feel si|tl ire.
I'laimsaie inarkeil hy iwn legal pnst-.. on" ill
eaeh end, bearing nnliees      Kntl'y imi-t   he nb-
tuiucil wi hiti U'li.hus. ir tl hilm is within
ten inlii-s or milling reeo tier's nttli-c. tmee\tra
■liiy a l.iwen for cadi a--iil.ii.tii.it icti  miles or
The person or enmpiinv staking a claim liiusl
hnhl a free miner's ccrililcate.
Theilisi-oM-rer nf a new mine is entitled In a
claim nf I oti ted In length, anil 11 the purt)
consists nf twn. 1,00(1 feet altoge he, on Hie mil-
put of which mi loyally shall he charged, the
rest of the paity nnlinnrv claims only.
r.nlry feeStn. Ihiyaltvat ibe rate nf two ami
one l.alf per t-.-iil on the value of tin- gold ship
pen from the Yukon territory to be paid in the
No free miner shall receive a grant of more
than one mining claim on each separate river
creek or gulch, tint the same miner niav In.l.l
any milliner nf claims hy pun-has-, ami Iree
mtuers may work their claims In pailuersliii. hy
tl ling mule- ami paying fee of il A claim
maybe band "ti-d, ami iiuollmr nhta '"'.l on n e
same creek, gulch or rii ei, liy giv lug natlue nnd
pnyltig a
ft nrk n
nrk must he done on a claim each year in
the value nf at least #'.im.
A eeitllleale Hint work hits been done must lie
ob uluod each year; 11 but, ihe claim shall be
deemed to he ahamloiieil, and upen 10occupation
and entry by u free miner.
The h.uindaries nf a claim may he de'tiie.l ah-
snlutely by having a sun ev uuide ami puhlisluug
tmtlces ill lb-' Yilkn.i.Mlleial (la/ctle.
I'ctrolciiiii, All umimiropilaleil Unmiiinui
Lands In .i.anitnba, the Northwest r.-rrin.i'ies
ami uilhlii the Yukon 'leiillniv are mien In
prn-p-clHig fur p.'lnil.-iiin. an.I the mini-lei
may reserve fin an imllvliiiuil or eompatiy hav
uig iiiiiehmery on the luml lo be prospu. led. an
ild l
ninl sat
i-.hu.li-h Mi.-li ihst-iiveu. an inc., n,.l cveceilii.g
tun acres, including the nil we land sudt oilier
land as may he .I.I.-, iiiine.1. Willi,,- sold n. Hie
discoverer at Hie rate nf fl.OO an acre, silbjecl
tn royalty at sunli rate as may bo speoulea by
nnleriu council
lipputv of the Minister ot Ilia hilorloi
in-pi, Interior,
Tramway Incorporation,
TiiIch tintlif* tlml <1 dersla I Imve up-
plied fur  the   iucnrpunilimi  uf il   C ptlliy
mider the Tramwnv Compnuy liicorporn-
Hon Act mid At ling Ada, for I lie imrpnsc
nperiillnaii trmnwu.v h.-iw.-n iiuvpuiui ur
politisol Ihi.Sidllvtni Hill, Smith Knai Koih
lennv, m ihe North   Sim- branch   uf Hie
Crows Nesl I'uss Itnllway.  I i wi,
neilillm tnnit.tni l.-urnpli mid  Iclepl	
poles m mid nloiig mnl above nuy  hinds
or hlghwuys which nre in Hi- Iii f ihe
iramwii) i ml hcl.ulli.
Theg nl mi f Ho- stihl tmmwn,v is
"hew  phm llierei.f, llleil [u   I Im ulllcc nl
tlii-iiiiveruuiem Agetil.al Cranbrook, Hi'.,
nml with tin- Ileitis I rtir ill .lolnl Slock I' -
ptiiilesul Vlclorlu. Ua\
liiii.si ni Mnrysvlllc, li.r.. this l-!ili.lu.\ uf
tlilnlii'l. 1 >Hl |
.it n l-inln.v.
*I*M1. l-'rntu-is it   W.-.-I.,
Land Notice.
Sixty days idler dale I intend in npply lo
ilu> chief Commissioner nf Lands nml
Wocke for permission to purchase 7.". acres
nf Inml situate in ihe dint rid of smith linsl
Kuoteiiuy and ibscrlbed aa follows:
Comnieiieiiig ni the Interseellon of the
west lit f l.ut (0*0, Oniipt. Ku-teniiy district with Hie right <>f way or ihe Urltlsh Columbia Southern railway. Hieticnsoiitluihoni
40 chains, Ihencn west, to Hie mnl Hghi uf
way, thence along said right ol way tojpla'ii
of eommcneemenl.
fjildlt Kllsu A. Manners,
Cranbrook, It. I'., Isl November in  I.
Land Notice.
Notice is hereby given that sixty dnysnfler
date I intend tn apply to the thief Commissioner of Lands and Works lor permission
to purchase the following; described lands
siluuteil iu Kast Knotenay district:
Commencing at a rami plan led iii) Minimi
soulh ot K, C. .smith's nnrthwest corner,
thence sotith ^n chains, thence wes* !2i)nhnliiH
theme north M0 chidn*, ihemu easl tlOehniiin
to post, uf cmiiinetieeiiieiit. conlllltllllg UH)
aires more or less,
!|.'l-."it. A. II. Turner.
Dated Oetolier Mth, 1004,
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For ternis. ih,i[k mnl fniiliei- iiiirlit'iiliira upiilj tn tin1 following
oc-il luml nrrpiitst
I', lly.le llnkiT, Criinlirnok, li. ('.    K. Miillniiiliiiiii., Jr., Crouton. It. 0,
I. Ft. Wilson, Wiinliii-r, 1). O, II.,V M. Ilini. Nelson, U.O,
It. It. I'.rii.-e. Wilin.-r. U, 0,
Or to
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberti
British Columbia Illustrated
lll.li.trntlr.ti Hi.. On 11.—- II—,o,..■-,,,
The Richest l-rovincc in the British Empire
h-, i .iml .iml iu„!,.,. ii. ii.l„.iir.,,t, |„|„. „,1,   „,,.i. I,. „,,„.,i,   nml
"..'..ltiii.il iMnn,.--: lis iiii™, i.i.l tmviu: In. ilvcr. Ink,' nml niuuulnlii «,■,'.„•>■>".
..•lull) lll.li.lriitli.il llagnnl llilulii|jili'vi'lii|.iiii'lit, »iili vl,-w» oli.ll It..-|iliin-l|inl
 mills, nniplli.ni, i'l,'.
Sent Post Free on Receipt of Price, $1.00 and $1.50
Address, JAMES LAWLER, Rossland, B. C.
■| lip I...-...-.I nilvpi'llBi'r in nn.l Inr Ilrltisli Culi.inliln
B.  C,  CANADA,   AT
Consolidated Gold Mines. Limited
Capital $625,000, of which 35 per cent, in shares is now in our
Treasury.   Shares folly paid and non assessable.
Minis diivi'llv west of tin-
LeUoiaml LeRoi No. 2, Wnr
Iftiulu iiinl CViilro Star, four
ii f l In- Inrgeat nold-pppper
initios in ilu' worlil, fill of
which huvi1 ptiitl litr^ti ilivi-
H-A'Smni' itl.-niiim! oromul
veins now in sight on tin- Blti
Ytn\l,    Larm-utv bodies.
Assays from $5 in SHOO in
gold, eoppor, silver, otc, Wry
rich ilisphiy as now on exhibition in llir city ore exhibit,
ennsing wide cotmiietit.
We hnvt' ni'iii'ly two miles
of niilwiiy on Rig Kour properly with water nud timber in
Rossland ore shipments for
UI02, ii.'iO.UOO tons, Shipped
for l'.in:!. about -110,000 ions.
Total value of Rossland ores
mined, S27,OUO,000.
Rosslaud's large ore bodies
tire a greet success with tho
eouceiitrntion system of ore
reduction, $H.OO on? now
pays to mine as now proved
by the latest reports and dividends.
No less than KM) shares
Hold. Shares can he had on
installment plan, payments
monthly. Twenty per cent.
cash, balance within a year.
t'oinpaiiv has no debts or
liabilities, ami a full force of
men now working,
References. The Hon.
Mayor, Gold Commissioner,
postmaster, or any bank or
business man iu city.
There in n H'b-iii Hii'iitTnlrsot itieu
Which ttlhl'll nt the H.mil. I Is mi t»
Oinitteil. nil Hie vn.viiu- nt llteir life
Ik houiiil In hIuuIiiwh nml in mlwrriw,
Please Note Price at
IS Cents p|r„are
For One Month
Any amount less than $100 send by
poslottice or express money order: over
this amount, hy bankdraft to Secretary
Rig Four Consolidated Gold Mines,
Ltd., Rossland, B. C, Canada.
nl... I'liiul(«.ni.| ■ iniisl piiiii|il-plipiiBlvpnml r |,l,-l„ lllnslrali'il l'...s|	
iivvii.Ki.il Itnssliinil ...inns Iirlrliw vnlunlil.'li.tni-iuiitliili, will. M.i|.n ...nt  I |
J llp|..irts Iri.m XI
nl Ipslrlnu .
Robinson=iYlcKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Calgary Cattle Company.
l:i-|,i',tinllv invili' viiiiriirilcrs US
i,„   in, liii„'-iv,'ii,n',v      l-'viin-- '^
lil.  ...'.   Il.ll's  ...   1,11.1.      I...... —^
 I. known wlml we -.'11 .....I m
.!...! ». ill- .1   s.ui-li.-l will. r»
. !..»  stun, -t  mm. ■*
l.n.k llii'fni'i llmt yon will nwl Vg
Poultry for Thanksuiviin: *C
...,l   .li...    veil ihtillll   Hi., |3
i I Iri'sli ki .1 .   .   .   . 9S
m     We luivi. .
fy Curing Expert I
4v  in. I   COOKIill HAMS
%       (j. T. K >GER£,
4> Pane) and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
arran nls   with  an   Eastern   Nam
il us wtch  week by express a consign- <£i
■ ■ will      II  iii lure
I'.ii M.til lln       ...Ii.ili ill),
ii MilitlcM  sliced III   HI,
li FOR SALE,.^!i
1: :;:
IS . a
Vst    11 '"' ""    I).
13 S 2,i acres under cul" »•
Kj  * '•'
fij ? tivalion, ti dwelling S
Kst   1. "   hi
IS J house,  stable, etc; 3!
M s j;
kj k everything complete J.
©  SB j
iiBeaie e
40-ACRE        I
..At Creston..   I
'nt' nartfculars apply to      Jg
El well! 1
m  And Stili 1 hey Come H
Tim enr<. u   iii.-.-in. in      i with g Is for Ma.ii-
.iii!•-: e. -Si i . - us iin- nfi'ivi      uliiiosl even- tiny,
Wi lire .1 .loading i   ■ I'ltr of tlmt onlubrnted
Royal Household Plou.'.    Cimi'niulgol n   suck
of il Lii+mv il ii.ill •      r anything else |i,.|,t
in .-. lirsi ' !; s- store i our number; call.USltp.
mnl we'll H.-n.l wlmt i       .-.nil nl oiici'.       Vonrs.
!g   Manning & Sicldons   $
(Si tht oi"i")i toH  '   i and w i to prepare ouwetves.
■This Is a thaj       ; 11 ■ before etch individual employed
in Cm'iSmV;'-; G    i::.i Store; I lore, w< must unload not only our
sini| but th: Greatest Sto:k of Lii; * ani Min's Goods ever brought
ttit ) ill' city.
Ai an inccnl v   to thi >"' ( purchaser we will deduct t5 pt*r
c- il and refund II ch :erfully fro ti .'. cash sales.
foil li )lds g-ood until turth idvised.
HILL     L CO.
I'CRANI        OH.'!        -ATI ST STORE |
Do You
An Ove
iThis Fa
■oat .'
If so, call j
and we will !
be pleased to '
show you whal
cj    we have.   We stil
have some beauties left ♦
<&m i
Cr.-iiiliriii.k Melhodist Church.
irni'r ut Hanson Avenue and Louis Street
-    .1.     l-ii'iiiirlli   l,.'..irm,  nf  Oln-latlan
I.n.li'.iv.'r Sl'.M,
 In.vi   «'.,.|,l, l'i„j-,ii-.M„.iii,B....»... m.
I    '- 'lilt   in vilnli.iii   is p\l,,.i.ls,l  In  III.
I'nstiir. S. .1. Tliinnim
Crnntirti.ik Haplisl Church.
< I.pIiI
SILENT OmasBmmM.s?lm
Purchase Price $3.00 a mcn-tii
Allowance macle fcrolcl machine
Thafnllairlnith a list ..I tl.p
li Hip nuptial Clinivli:
siimlny... II ... in. un.l 7:,'I0 n    .
1,,1.1.1; l'o.|,|l'S *   |). .... I'llssJuv
I'l-.i.-pr MppIiIiih a |.. 111. IVoill.anl..v
Tl.p l.l.l.lii-m-p ...inliillly  invilpi] t.i  n.lpliil
 I'ast.ir, ,1,1,. 8ln.it.
Cr.'...lir..uk Presbyterian Church.
rt.il.tiiilli S ivi,„s: II ,..u. ...nl 7.IKI |i. 10.
1 l.'.vS,! Ii.i„l.|iili|p|ili|ss llll. BI,
1 l.rl-ll.lll liiiilpiivi.s. 'r..ps,l...v « |,. iu.
Tl...Inllillfitriipiirilliillj ii.v.l.-.l In u.liii.l
I'liatnr, W.'fl. W. Korluupu. 1.
An Allractive Feature Is Our
TI.P.V ,....„ [,.„  ||,h|   Pi,,..    11,.-I.ll 1,1
'■".-..  I,.»  I'..'-'-- ...pIpi...
I.. CAlll'KTH up mm   ...1 11 -inn, ,.,,
-I-iiiI 1... 1....■ ,..-   ,,,   .,.,.,.     Wl.,., ,,.
-ni lUIIOAINK ...• ..." us.   1I1111	
 I s,i,.
Teacher of pianoforte and organ.
For terms, etc. apply between hours
of three and five o'clock on Wednesday and Friday at residence of
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
Now is the time to order your
Photo *£ <&
Also lo oiiler Unit fjilnrireilienl yn
wnnt to semi to mother.
Prest Photo Co.
Monday, November 21
Beggar Prince
Opera Company
Monday Night, "FRA DIAVOLO'
Tuesday Night/'LAMASCOTTE'
An nltnu'lloi. iti.it |. iiiiiirniitei'il
hj lln- 1,',-nl milllUBOrs,
Prices. $1.00. 75c.
Ilnln.'c1 iniitv lain, will lie arlvon ni
tin- t'.l'.i:. I,.imi; ni inwn |.iilron» i.
the .illIoelo.ii.
There will In ,. |xililiciil nieetinc;
in tin- inloresls of Mr, \V. A, (i.-ll-
lilter III
Wentworlh Hall
Saturday Evening,
Nov. 12th. 8:30
Mr. J. A. Macdonald, Liberal
leader of British Columbia,
J. It. King, M. L. A.,
and other speakers will nddress the
An invitntinn is extended to titty
represenliitive of Mr, Mcintosh
to pnrtici.mte in the discussion.
A s|n'einl invitation is extended
to the ladies to lie present,
Thanksgiving Day Excursion Rates.
Account Thanksgiving .lay the
Canadian Pacific Railway will sell
tickets to and from all stations
•vest of I'ort Arthur inc'liitling
KiMitenay lake ami river steamer
h.ndinirs at fare and line third for
the round trip. (In sale Kith anil
17th good to return till Xovenihei'
THIS is Tin-:
isoi,    v.,.. iii iill unilt.
litv will I..- l.nviim one.
W" keep .i liig stock, till in
the laiest fashion, such as
-coin|iunyiu|> cul  r.--
|,resents     Remember this:
lit yon from our stock, we
live ll ol'cil   li f  llp-tn.
it.- Biimplcs from which
yon enn Belecl .-. pnttern
a.id We will ....il,.- yon n
Suit or Overcoat to order
ill mi) stylo tin ci.ril,. \„
Money ri'tptin'd until the
suit   is on lour Luck,    jf
you thou are    salislicl
yotl   are   out   notliino. anil
We remain I'rieliils.
First Class Boarding Establishment
Apply to
Your Wants
Our Aim..V
We li.-.ve studied the wants of the people in this
district That is our business. And in huying
our Christmas slock we have niaile il a |ioin1 to
liny uii.it \,,u want. Furthermore, we have
liolielil lira this year, and you arc to gel the
lieni'h'l Wc have everything in the wnv of
l)lfl-:ssi\i; CASKS, I'HTI Rh'S, T.'ll.l-T
AKTICLKS. Kverylhing that you or the
Cliililrei.   mil)'    waul.     Cull    iu   and   s,,-   us
C. E. Reid & Co.
T5he Druggists
A lai
i SpanishWines
\   _ Port and
I   ^Sherry... a
Picked  Up About the City  hy Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Buy a ticket to the lirenien'slittll,
Onr light is nearcsl   In daylight,
I'litniore liros.
M. Mclniiis visii.-il Calgary
several days the past week,
Dr. Coiinoly paid Ityau a pro-
fessional visit this we.-k.
.See l'atmore Bros, for the host
lkdit in town.
Mrs. Clayton, of Mnrysvillo, was
visiting in Crniihrook  last   l-'riilay.
Bom, to Mr.nml Mrs. T. S. (iill,
Sunday. Noveiitlier Dili, n l.oy.
Aci'tylene ens js ,,,-isy   on   your
e.Vl'S. I'allll'ere   I'.fos.
li.ilict't .lolilisoll. of Marysville.
was iu town last Tuesday.
Mrs. Prest and son Cecil have
moved into their new residence on
Baker hill.
Wanted, tt furnish. .1 house for
the winter. Best of care in ken of
it.   Address The Herald:
II. S. Clark, the customs .officer
III Fort Steele, wns a Craiilil'ook
visitor last Tuesday.
( hit- add is at top of local ilt'WN
column,   Morrow & McK-ii-lauc.
Hurry Drew, of Kindierloy visited several davs iu C'rimlirook this
Mr. Donahue and Miss Anderson
of Wnt'iluer. were Cranbrook visitors last Wednesday.
Wanted to Buy Chickens and
young roosters iu any quantity,
Apply S. (i.lloadley. "The Wilgu'."
ThomasCltveil returned this Week
from a visit to the fair at St. Louis
and his brother in .Milwaukee.
The "Star Wn tor Pressure" ncety-
louo gas machine sold by us is a
wonder. Pntniorc Bros.
Mr. and Mrs. Ungel', Miss.latnie-
son and Miss Ruby .fniuiesoti spent
two days at Sirdar this week.
Mrs. Hugh Cam.-ion. of Moyie
visited Miss Kwert this week anil
attended tin- touchers institute.
What   ray   shall   lull   u|»in the
Acetylene, acetylene
John McDonald, of .Marysville.
left last week for a trip I" Calgary
and other points in tin- Territories.
C. If. Pollen, presidenl of the
Kontenay Central rnilwav, has returned fro... his trip to Winnipeg.
See or write us for prices on our
"Star Water Pressure" acetylene
gas machines.       Pal re Bros.
Miss Ruby .faniiesoii. ofCalgary.
and Miss.Ttttiiieson,mi mint, visited
friends in Cranbrook lln- past week.
We  do not run a   department
store. CLOTHING is our business.
Morrow A- McPiirliine,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Harold Darling
came up last -Saturday evening
from Wanlucr to see "liiowu's in
There is a movement on foot to
organize a company for the build*
ing of an opera house for Cranbrook.
We  do not run a   department
store, CLOTHING is -Jiusiness.
Morrow \ McKarlaue.
Paul Hundley has '..ought the
two lots north of the annex of the
Royal hotel and will build a new
livery sl.d.le there.
Miss Gertrude Kiislnor.nf Morris. Man., arrived this week and
will spend the winter with her sister, Mrs. T. S. Gill,
Lost Between depot and public
building, ladies gold watch. Klein
movement, without crystal. Re.
turn to!.*. A. King.    Reward.
When wauling anything iu ihe
way of fresh candies go to the
The Beggar Prince Opera company on the -list and 22nd. That
will be something good and seals
will be hard to get.
Rev, Fortune wont to l-'eriiie to
in..del-ate in a call for a minister
nt the Presbyterian church in thai
lown last Wednesday,
Sale i.r exchange for farm  or
timber lands    Nine l ill residence.I
one block from |Hist office, Hansen J
Avenue. Craiibrook. B. C.
:i:i-lf P. Lund.
Married, on Saturday, November
nth. in Cranbrook. Mr. Georgel
Miller and Miss Mary Matcltka. of
Tobacco Plains. Rev, Fortune officiating,
Wanted Lady desires |msition
as stenographer, Good references. I
Apply The Herald. .'hi-ll.
Dr. Bishop, who went to (he
coast to take his exams, came out!
with Hying colors ami returned
to-day to resume practice in
To get tea anil coffee that is
right and at prices that will cause j
you lo come again, go to the Van-
Fire brigade dunce on the 17th.
Have you bought a ticket yet? If
not you should. You cannot spend
*:. to a better advantage.
W. .1. Lamb has returned to
lown and is now ready to take
orders for nnv kind of job carpenter work. It will bo attended to
Wanted, by two reliable young
men, positions us first and second
cook. State salary. Address 11.
Sanson, camp three. Coleman,
Alberto. .I-.-:!!
Dave Newell, of  Fort  Steele, re-
turned last week from Vancouver
where he made a hurried trip.   He
stopped iii Cranbrook a  few days
after his return.
Morrow A- McFuiiuno.
Asli Kennedy, traveling chair-1
man for the 'li. of L, K. iiui.lt>'
a visit to division Nooll'l lasl week.
Mr. Kennedv travels llll over the
linos of the C, P. li.
Dr. W. Laidlaw,of Barrio, (int..
brother of.I. T. Laidlaw. of Ibis
city, is visiting in Cranbrook. He:
is very favorably impressed with
Cranbrook mid the entire district.
it is no snap to get out and Kghl
a lire in the winter time, and yet a
number of men in this town have
volunteered lo do so. Show your
appreciation by buying a ticket to
the Bremen's ball
For Sale or l.xchange for fiirni
lands, timber lands or city property
in Fast Kootenay my llroont resilience in Spokane, corner Arthur
street and Fifth avenue, facing
Liberty Pail-. Peter Lund. War.l-
...'.'. B.C. !)i)-2t.
Mr. Luiiglois.il!' Vancouver, president of tin B. C, Loan association
was ill town this week in the inter
ests of his puny.   He was pilo-'
led around the city bv city by
.fames Arnold, of Arnold & Roberts, local agents fur the company,|
A. 1.. McDERMOT       **|5
Wholesale Wlnrs, Liquors and Cit-rs        '
Hutch - Hutch
r •*
I '"• I
! A bunch of Baker street   Lots   !
" Some lots on the  hill. will,   or
without iious.-s ,,|, the
■ i
■ •
II want Wir ."scrip.
I will buy or   sell  St    Ellgelll
| and Sullivan.
L. )
When Yon Think =/ INSURASCE-Von Think ef
Stoves, Ranges, Coal and
Wood Heaters
Don't forget that we do all kinds of PLUMBING required in
your house.    We guarantee all our work to
he done by first class plumbers
'$ When You Buy Liquor
% Buy the Best
We i-ire iii receipt of an invoice fr.ui.Jtl.,' Royal distil-
Y lory. It is pure, has tin- ago. a.id from a .ll.iliri.iai point is
r iust the thing. We sell everything in tie- liquor nud cigar
O iin,
Wholesale Dealer in Liquors and Cigars
Hot Water
I-   :l iM'i'Mt   .'nfiVi'tiii'lii'i'   ill  tin- house if
ymi  (jpi   ii   uiieti von want  it.    If you
il.'l.'l  'j.'!  if  Ilici!   tin-   It lit II   Wlin   put 'tilt
|.I:ii:l in .j,'It- in [mi  \\;it<-i.    I'siinllv lie
i-'ii f«lln« wIiuciiIIk liimwU u ...'...
iMM c
lll.t just ti. linil ...it win.', rail tiliuiilier*
mi <!.. t.,s.i|i|.ly yon with |iieatv ..I hut
'JP^ 'IVl-YV-—~     mtor nil the time, cull on us,   Wc neve
V J J y   ../.>-       •-"•'   i> I   w„tcr  l.,'.'!,us,'w.. kc|. y..u
well sii|,|,lii"l.    Sou the |...i...-.'
PROCLAMATION ^^exceptional opportunity in,*,*
Residence lately occupied by  P. Lund, including two lots.   For further particulars apply to
KOOTENAY'   arnold & Roberts
l'„l,li, -...I,,,.,. '., iii.,,,1 i...'l.',-i,,.-i.l  Klwl.iml Ui.iri.'. nt -...-I   lln,,
ili.nl  n, Hi- M.ij«.l.v „»r.. ... i...'ili..'.l'sliiiiil I rlli|I.lll>». he fill. .,...; "I S"l' •	
VI.   I.„,l,|,,,i.„..',l,.. ,.„. I,l,,..|.. ........ II.,'. '...rll....-.•... Ill"   ■>-»-'
,1,1,1,lis    ni III.'!,.»! Uil} iit.liouniiilll "I  N,,..'iul'"l. V li   HUM, I,    in II '
.11 lurk ... III.'lit,™ U. 1.1' lli-l'ini I UBlIm II   I..-, —... ...  nwwr.1  "	
 II.H i ■ ..in i ■-.„„..I,.. ....,1 .1. ..--'. pull." .1. ,....i..l.-'l .....I nlli,»'il hi .1
.,,.1, |i   II sill   I |i,l„-l   "11   lli,iC.',„|   ,1,1)   ,,.   \,o.|l.l,'..    '.
,1 Klve.il il,.->-l",t. ... .li,-.';	
iiiHtui. i i'v ii.u iirw
I'i.H   lr.Mli ihfli -in ..1 \ii..-in il..'l..n-i	
Ill  1l|.-1,.|i.H\II.U |>..|llHW .tlVi,:,.!!"    I till I   iH ll
v..    i IU**lmi.I N.i. -"'>■  1	
•j K.i.hliiii.l !IH -\rn,«ti.'ii.l
11   llnssl.l.it
.    II   - I
r. It.uilninl
it \,|.,.„
I,, S.il.i.i,
■  I I   1'rtiil
I'J Trull
111 I ui.'till   ll..,.--..!,..
I",  K.i-I.i
Id Knxl.i
17 . i 1
Is .'rniil.ri.uk
HI. Iin....
Ill  11. nl hi,
till l',,ii.n|,l|,
111 I'u.i.l ..-
II V. .loo.iii
tl.-, I Innwllt	
till lllx.llrv,...-.
:.,- \ I. L'llli;
llll It.iuer. hi*
IU   Itl'llVIT,	
II I I'l
4li <I..I.I..I
HI loll.— .
I I  In M
II ||"U  II,..nil.i
I7S|..i ....I..'
IU llrlm	
Ill I in
■1-J fii  -ill '. ilini'i-
-...-I rliii.nl ri'l'li ''I   tlli.-li.i-i-
ill i >u.t 1,-Kivr        "   ■"■-' Wii„l,.,ii„.i,
" jr. l-n.-fViillp.v       "   ".-, IVnniitn
"   jr.   I.ist  I'ulk •       .'.I   I	
'• 'J7 llnrliilll'ilv      "   r.r.Sul	
" is Niibli.il "   ."..I Vllilr
n.i Mullv i<a  l.iituliiiL-
I I I   lliil.lln  ll'l.V I Hl.-ti tl'H l.'llllll'l
ll.". Me ,ii|'..li I e-i'l lint ll ll
II.', ll,'v.'l»iiik.'l.-..ii.lii-il'..'si'i..i.|.i|-.i|ill mil
K.i.91 Vn.tr Mill \.. s-. s.nl.,.
" r,s gnm>u M  ■    s.l K.nl r
- .v..   V.-lu,|!l .. M  KTI'Mluu
,1,1 s iiii Kvlli'l ss M„,i j
\.  ■   s'i. Iii.iil.ii.-,\
■ .11  \..|,,.| Mi.,,- '.'.. Purl sl.,.1,.
" IIS I'  HI I'l   SI..I.I M
- ,111 SI .1.1 "    111! Il.o.l.
■ III   Hu.lio, '■    IB. M....I-.	
■ ,i.-| SI,, -mi I'll v 1" Mi.1,,,'1.
- .',.', I:,,,  .|.,,-,   ll| -     ei   .nl..'.   '   Mill
■ .17 Silver  HU Wai.lu.-r
.,s .\,i» Denver 117 Hull ll.vei
■ ..... ItuMbrr) '■   US I'--".' >'"-<■
7'. 'I'liiv 1'i'it.s ...Ml',,on
" 71 Hnn.li,,, "   '.,'.. u,.ii.l.iiiii
" 7-' Mniulirnii  vViwii
■• 7:1 Whlleiviiler ■■ I", i.iii'-uio
- 7, hunt.. '■ Id Kjfkrrn
•• 7.-. |-..|.l-.p '• lull.I ultra)-
"iS'^Sfe I CRANBROOK, S»   *   *   British Columbia
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.    AsK for CranbrooK
13eer and insist on having it.
The Cranbrook Brewing ® Malting Co. Ltd.
Also M».nufacturers of a.11 kinds of Aerated Wafers.
7'.. I' I.I.V " l.'7M„ni-».-.v
s.l llriiul.,. "  HWItilillCriek
st  t.hnl.'.kiiM'i..'" lilllSnurtt I       J   	
HS Knlrvlew                 I"   e f ili.iii .1   1. m  1 n "11       'i'     iirir-..T~T-T--[rn~i,l
s.l  WIDOW  I'lllDl      -IU   I'l'- I."".' .,
si I' mi-            - I II; ......   N. ., I
11- till.  |S J. P. Stephens,
llHHIiii'lnlr 11  ,| 1   siepliens,                                        J. l.awsnn,
M. Ilikki-iiiliiii
llti inn- 1
iiaiTiiiu ■ itiii
Anil ttlrtll.T till 1 lln- t-'ilti 1)1,V i.l I inliei, A II. I lilt k nl tllH t'olirl It".is lie
.'1. v.it S,'l.uli ill Hi,. Iiiuiri.t l-tl-o-ii ,,- lurk III the turel  I hIii.iI lUii'lilne IiuUiiI   \m\rn,
,„|.'|iii, ii,„ , hbIv.'U tiir Ihe rmillililM, ninl rellini un i'lii'le.1 Hi. Iinviiiitii >
III ll.,.." .„
,;„,. j I11u.1l „. 1I1.1 itv ,,t IIiohIiuiiI Urn. Mil. ilnj tlnluLer, A ll  Ilia I
Returning Officer,     j -
The Saratoga
H. ITO, Proprietor
This is a new restaurant, and
will be operated on modern
plans. Open day and night,
and the best the market affords
, will be served on the tables
Best meal in the country for the
I least money
* Tobacco, Cigars and Fruit
Opposite C. P. R. Station
Office removed tu ature hiiiluinu next
K'muI Hold alter August! 1st.
' A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes,   j*   J*
j-..     Phone nigdit and day 77
DAN HOLLAND, the Shoemiikcr
Shop in the new in [.lit mi   to    In-
Aiken block.
Helloes only the Inst  work.
Call unit see him.
J. ti. CUMMINtiS
A lieautifitl li f
sptins   a
i.l    Worst.
Is   fur
1.11. lies'
I'ailor Mail
toll   gllllt'lll
iiii Armstrong
*   Have Vnu Any Palntlnx Iu be Untie?
Do Any »l Vour Kuuratt Need Papering?
-1 if so SEE
, | Estimates u'lVnti on largo eon-
-1 tl-acls.      We  itoli't want  tin
'• enilli.     Wi'  want   to please  j j
* von with Hi.- work an.I receive  j j
> reiii.oiial.le pay.                          j |
t HiijuI Utile!, LrHiibri.nl,
New rigs, good driving
and audillc horses al
reus,mable rate, ' >ur
aiinjwill he to give cr,,,,(|
care to all lior.ie.-i 8l.il-
l.le.l will. im.
MaHBMMW.'lii iw:*-.sw*.^x*. .seenes-*.*...*! am
As we predictid several months
months ago, the Flathead couii-
Iry has bs'c-r, thrown open. The
" rush is on." The mines arc
runningfull blast and everything
is lovely. If you are in our neighborhood come to the Alexandra
Hotel. It is the besl hotel in
the district	
Stephens Urns. & Cn„ Owners and I'ruprlelurs,
Morrisscy Mines, B. I.
tl,!.. Stephens
J. li. Stephens
The Great Northern is building
from Morrisscy to the east.
Morrisscy is headquarters for
contractors, supplies, etc. The
Australian Hotel is the " Hub."
If you wish lo find anybody enquire at the Australian, you will
lind your man there.	
Siepliens Bros., Owners nnd Proprietors,
Morrisscy Junction, H. C.
feMW-(«>" <•> -(•t-W-<Sv-(»>-f5>-
ISHS ijj-f>>"fi>-<j?> <•>-<$>--<&-<& w~®
Che Cosmopolitan Bote!
f? A Firstclass House Centrally Located
,.y.)     ■ 	
ff Fine Sample Rooms in Connection. The bedrooms ,1(1
ii are airy and comfortable, and the table is the besl the -!):i
H> market affords. ff
n it
I I «.-(S\-fft-(T ... « iil-(il f»l -irt (il (. - -<Sv <? w (Si f|MIWII»fil V r.\ ry-.-sv-jfj
-.•!'.).(•)   (51   ,•;■   .*,   ,..   ...   @5l   ,.     ...   ...   ,.      .      .      .      ,     ..     ,.    ,.■    ...      ...   ...   ...
 NELSON, 15. C.
Mannlaclurersol' mill wh .Iciile mnl reli.il .leitlee. in
Marble and Marble Work of All Kinds.
We own our own qnnrriea, nml ih.■ i|iiiililj is I'liuceilcil
lo he tile best. Mllllllllleill I , lU'a.lsli.l.i'S, 'liirlilc Trlm-
mliitts lor lluildiiiKs. a spi'i' ally. II)' buying from ... j-nu
gel the material al lirst cosl
1 wsssBBOESMam mmsEmmmw*
1 rr
I'limli, tint some iirefer lln- l,i-,-.-/.nril i iciolier I'.iul.
or tin- Thi'i'u Sislet-s. I Val l'ini|iorl:.i ilulinlilu $5,170.01)
nin ii- l''i'c' il.'II.OO
I'lllllk   lillllll    scVcl'eil     Ills -
million us niaiingi'i' of tin-  Hotel-
l-'.ini  Nov.  1st.. S. I-'. Wallace ii.o01.00
A niiner ua.i.eil .1.    (iilli.'S,   llllf-   taking     over   the    luisim-ss.     Mre Duly c.llecle.1 l.nlll.Mi
■only esc.ipi'i! losing  his  life   on ! I .nun in nipauie I bv hiswife an.I   |'n|itti,|    Keveuue    cille.-iioie;   for
rui'silny uiglil  while  at   work. iu|chilil li-fl  ihis wi-uk  for Coli'iiuin n.ontl. of I id..her 1110
I'll,,., the I'i-i-.' I'ri'Hs.
I Mult: \ Ton nl nut..
-. I'oi.l   I'leek.      He    WI.S
Kiu-.r.ni his i-i. I,- working nl n low
roof.    L-killi In-nn.I i.l-. in.it.- knew
the pi. wasilangi'rous.    Mr. liil-
lies nsk.il the lnlli-r to   Imltl  up it
llll'gll piece,if co.-.l wllile lie looiieu-
eil il with his pick,nnil I., warn him
if cssiiry.l.ut i.ii.l.ieuly the whole
piece Wl ighillgllblllll ii toil fell llll.l
l.urieil Hillii'S. Tin- huge piece ot
colli was prol.nl.lv foi-c.-ii ..at by Ihe
pi'i'ssui'i'iifgnsbi'liiial. which suiell
strongly afti'i'tlui full.
l-'ortiiuiilely  the conl   in    falling
lirst struck n post    I   broke   int..
pieces thus breaking tile (oreii of
lit.- lull, liilli.s hail jusl lime lo
111 row his 11.... I l.ii.-koul of ihe win
nml lln-coni fell on his back I'l'llsh-
inc.-his ch nl nml shoul.lel's aguiiisl
Ihe post,     lie   was   ciirrieil   I"   llis
boarilitig house..n n stretcher an.I
Ilia woiitula were quickly allcnili'il
to by In-. K. it I, lb- is bailly
briiise.l iiti.l in- will he I.ii.1 up for
sonic lime. The ncHtli'iil is par-
lieulnrlv liufol'tlllillti' us (lillics has
l.een working ut Coal Creek only
III,-,-,- iiionihsuml lie litisn wire nnil
liiiuily    li\ big     over in   tl I'l
here In-will lake over  lln-  man-  Ssnirils.
I    of    the    C'oll'UlUII    hotel.
Mr. nml  Mrs.    II     hive   ninny
I'li.-in's iu Ihe city who will   regret
their ilcpnrllire.
('. \V. Ilnmillon this week opeti-
e.l up his g,.|iis' furnishing business  iii Ihe   largo  storeroom   of
tin-  11 1  l-'ernie   block,    livery-
thingllboul lllestoiv bears evi.lence
of newness anil neatness. Mr.
I bouillon's slock has not all nrriveil
lull ul! lines inv ult'cuily here anil
a -,- tastefully artaigeil on shelves
and in cases. This promises to be
one of fernic's brigjitesl anil best
kept slores.
I,. V II. Tli.U'K   AT   rici.'Mic.
The Inicklaying of III.'(I. N". is
espii'teil to reach the Klk river
ci-ossine.it b'erniethis evenine-. A
little briilgon mile out ilelaye.l the
work a .lay or two this week.
The pile driver has coinpletcl
the piling for the approach on the
west s'alii of the Klk nnil ihe work
of putting down the piling for the
bridge piers will go ahead at once
The grading iu the yards was com
pielcil this week and  the grading
Owing lo tl..- inerensed business  „„ ||„, \|. |.'. ,c \|. is also well  nn-
iiii extra engine Ilns li.-.-n put in tin' <,],.,- wnv
I'. I'. It, v.-irils 1,,-rc. i '
i    'l'h nttracf I'orllieti. Y depot
Walter llnrwonilnnd (I. CI. Moll'-  „,„1 s,.,.|i„„ house win. iiwnnloil  to
..I nli.it a lit.,-.le.-r nml scleral rail.  „ Knlisiifl tractor.
bits nml   grouse   neur   Klk"  this' „  , , ,  „    „.
m„,|; |    On Monday of litis week Mr. \\.
I II. Wliiutster wus sworn in as judge
Mrs. .1. I!. I'nlloel; lefl this week  „f t|„. s || ,|,.|,ls'   court,  before
loi-Spokniie   where   she   will   visit   Mr, (1.11, MolTllt,   .1.   I1.    Till'   ap
friends. I poiutiuenl emnuiisiieoiinnuiiiealion
from the pi-ovinciul secretary's
olliee nn.; il pi-esunieil that this
week'-, lia/elle will contain the no-
A curfew law or by-law  No.
Kight innrringe licenses were issued ul lie- Kcmie Ueglstry olliee
■ ! inin- llie  th ot (Holier,
Mrs. .Tennings nnd her son   Leslie Mills of Ihe  Central   hold  ar-                             . .-.,..    , .,
ii         .-             ■ -, ,    ,i. ,  <i    tnukes ii eointiu sorv  lhal all  clitl
n\i .1 lloin ■ ll-oiu u \lstl to   lite   M.'  ,          ,. . ,      I        ,.- , ,
I     -. ,. ■        \t i I ,-                     iilreiiol 1 J-years ot iige ami  na.ler
"""'""" -,l"""''>-                       nnisl l.-,,lf Ihesli Is. vacant lots
T. M ill-tin. ('. I'. I!, civil eiigi ',  ml  nil    otlmr   public   places  by
wns in tow i Tiiesduy on  linsi- S o'clock every ingllt from October
ness en clcd with   the   right-of  I.. Mui-eli inehisiveaiid by'.I o'clock
,',-nv of the M. f'..V Al. l!v. Co. every night from April t'o Seplein-
Ananinteiir dran.atie company :l"'1' "'"lu^'e. Tj'" Hi"' nve ill-
will in all probability he formed s-u.-le.l lo nag the school be at
;,   i,' ;   I ' ii, .,,  I-,,,,...,.     ,   these hours, nller which rhtldroii
11)    I   I   lllll     III      III' 111,11       111. I > I'   ■        .\ . . ,, • -ii     I
lirst class minstrel cutpunv is also I ""' '  '".viug the  warning  will  he
,  n,   i    ,' sent home with a warning  to  the
1.11 I.e. I ol. ,. ,'- ,.
parents or guardians,    I pun  Ihe
A party ' f live sel I  leachers „„■,, being repented the parents
"i'l Hev, .'.. D climbed to the ,„. guardians nniUulilc to n line not
lop of the  l.i/zur.1 range  lust   Sat- (,xm.ili„g ||v„ dolinrs,
unlaw    Several other parlies have
nlao I n out since, taking   advnn- cistiims ami ixi.anp iikvuxi'i-:.
f the exeeptionnlly line  wea- Customs collections llllulo al flu
 „ f\ N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop.     |th.-r.    Mounl Fernie is' n  I'uvoiil p.,r|  of Fet'iiie.   for  month of
s  llilil.8'1
lil i. U)
Total collections IS'J.'mI.J'.i
More HlestriL- I'awer.
At a ineetiugof the direelors of
the Crimbrook Kle.-tric bight company last Tuesday il was decided
to add a 700 caudle power dynamo
lo the presenl equipment thus
greatly relieving the strain on the
present dynamo ami al the same
time give'Ihe public a fur better
service. There has been considerable increase in tin- number of
patrons the past few months and
an increase of power was J'oiind  to
I..- absolutely i essory   to   give
satisfaction t'o the piibl'i id that
has been the chief aim of Hie company since it starleil iu business
in Cranbrook.
Men anil women in this county
ami adjoining  territories, to represent mid advertise an old established house of solid linnuciul standing.
Salary to men ^21 weekly, to women
$\i to SIS wecklv with expenses
advanced  each Monday by  check
direct  from headquarters.    iTor
and buggv  furnished  when neee
sarv, posilion pcrinniieiil. Address,
lll.'w liros. .V Co.. Dopt. A. Minn
lll.hr.. Chicago. III. ,UU-IH.
Hay Inr Salt'.
The iin.lersii.'uc.l has .'.IHI tons of
No.   I   ti thy hay at Sll.tiO pel
lou uinl 500 Ions .if lirst class upland  liny al  SU.UO pur lou f.o.b
I lids for inimciliulc shipment: nil
I'rotn Olds  til Cranbrook is  $-1,111)
per ton. Win.  Ilenn.
Olds.  Allierlu.
u,    '
Ij; charf;etl at the rate of 5 cents J
1 per line each issue.
I  1
Wl.iil.salc anil Retail
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fresh   Fish,   Game   and
We supply nnly the  best      Vour
n;uk Is solicited
Markets In all the principal towns
hi ItnlHi Coliitiiliia
I   .^Manitoba Hotel,,   i
* »
J ll'nder New Mnnaeeiiieiill J
j I). A. McDONALl), rianagcr J
* This Hotel is in the center of town.   The  rooms are .
J comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is lirst- {
}• class, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you {
J- want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. I
»♦ ♦»♦»♦*♦♦♦♦*»♦ 1MMI #♦#♦♦ ».# ♦♦*♦♦» MMMUUIMMtM
14 Wall Papers^!
We are making special
reductions in prices of
all lines of
Gill and see us before
buying. Our patterns
will please you.
Mouldings to match
all papers.
| E J, Bradley & Co. I
J: Armstrong Ave. CRANBROOK, B. C. Phone 02 I
K •
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is healthy
It is the llest
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Crows Nesl
Steam Laundry
Crnnhrouk, B. C.
IJ Work is satisfactory.
I'rice is satisfactory.
We want your patroiufft.
Only Irst class help employed.
Work returned to all  points
twice a week.
John VV. Wolf
Tiiiiiilhv nml   lltiliill.l   liny,   luwse.1.
Ilnllnr nml nnafnr aula.   Wllloforlnw tj TllT.f „
niBh t'lii'i-s. i. im I'Vin-, iii.isiiiiry, Aim. I     Harness Maker
I'm .nil.', a lew iiinraiiiiiiin'i'ii I'm-kcr- Old shoes made new.   All kinds
.-is.   I'lviiiuulli   It...-lis .mil   I'.rmvi. 1.1'K-     , .. ...   _ __ . „„..
iiorru,' Apuiy to a. c. I'lugot. of repairing.   Give me a call.
III. SLATER, Proprietor
To Subscribe for the
fllAMtl.'OOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   Till ItSDAV,   Nov.    17.    1801,
'- : M iii:i:
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto,
Hon. Quo, A On\. i'i,"ii,t'-,ii. n. li. Wai.kiik. Qeu. Mini.
Paid Up  c im1.1 ,.   S8,70,OOO.IKI
Kc«l         s.llllll.illlll llll
total Retourcea Nov. JO, 'IM s.t.ii«.ii.iiiui mi
Deposits Received.   General Banking Business Transacted
SAVINUS BANK ini'U'l.uvi   Depoalia Received   latent! Allowed.
I       llANKINli in   Mill    I'l-c" u   aravlii'iiiii.lcna.l wllli.lniwuliy	
j   Olll-tif-luwu ili'i'iilliiln l ivc i'Vi'l-1 illli'lili'iu    i      iin..is iiilili-.'i..-«-. 1
j   CRANBROOK BRANCH. !•'. c. MALPAS, Manager.
^ii«,i,4..i,mi,,,,^n'.      ,--?---.< M-,*an*aa**i*l«lj»
i Capital, P.iiJ Up $3,000,000 i
$ Rest 5.2,830,000 *
J T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilfele, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager *
a« _   *
5        A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- J
* ble in every part oi Canada, United State; and Europe.    Special *
* attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     J
CLOSE OF CONVENTION, Itenchertothewnifsol Tor,..,.... he
It...I on on tension found this pre.
i»n Thursday eucning last the cisioii lucking, lb-did not regret
proceedings of the Brsl South Kusl n that tunc however, else the lumps
Ku,teeny teachers convention were I of coal that w.-iv shieil at Inn,
brought Iu ii .-lose by u pnblie would hnvolefl Ih.-ir marks. Mr
meeting in Wentworth hull iu   the Port predicted that lit.   uii.-i.
interest,. I tllllieseiluc.-lllol. III.     Till'   ,|i,i Ill,,,    present    Velir    would
meeting was,- utire success nml  eclipse that of previous yenrs,    He
marks a step forward in the history I invited the principal of the Hehool
,.f school matters in Cranbrook and 't,, co-operate with the Ministered
K.-isi Kootenay association in cheeking th.- irregu
Mr ,1    \    Ibiii.-y.  cliuirinaii   of I Inr uttenduiiw lltld IrilllW'v.
II'-.  Mr. Thompson wns glint t"
meet the teachers wl... werentt. nil.
ing the  convention,    lb'   kept   ill
Ihe school   l.oi.r.1. iii  opening  the
meeting expressed his pleasure  in
Welcoillltio        tile     V Js.it III-    teachers ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I,, I'mnl.tool, lb- reenlliil Iclose touolt with the I'runbrook
ihe inn.- when he entile lo schools nuii their work nml tln-re
this purl  1.1 tin-   province.   BcveuUvns    very   little   tluil   happened
years ago, the only sel I   to   !«.• Uchool-wanl tlml   lieilid  not  lienr
Ion.nl wns at fori Steele,    li   was of.    He wished therefore,nanCrmi-
evi.lul of lie- grenl  ileveloptllenl | hrookorto express his pride in the
Jul' fast Kootenay that  we  had   iu I local eiliicutinmil  Institution,    lb-
Cranbruoli the lirsi teachers  Insti-lhnd visited the school during the
K MS S idHSfK! -3*?
Chains slumped on s\vivcl"\Y. II. W." areiigunrnntee
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U). R. ttlTCSOn, * tymkv and Optician
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$2500 llH\
Also nun-
nil description
n promising inveslntenl
\ venue,
^^^^^^^^       Avenue.
■:-i   : ■               !'       k Avi niie.
...ail 1                  '..-....   Vveuue.
mill               S        -.   \.i-iiii,
i                          ' 'venue.
' \venue.
II    -    .  'venue,
urn                      l: Street.
"i    .             .it Hanson   Vveuue,
'im  I       iscon Aruislrong  Vvenue.
' dei .  Init'li i, sidculinl mill
iuiu    |.r..perties of
1 il "ill pin   in- to mil or writ,- us for
Stove Time
Is HereL4^
Yott c.iiiiiii afford to lei your
house gel chilly. Neither cm
you nfford lo overlook our stock
uf HEATERS. We have the
largest assortment ever brought
lo Cranbrook,
f  ...
'it lln-HiiiltiH iiimii'wltnlnw nn.I Hi,'ii
  in Hu- Mm.' j I'xninini'  tin'
n-Hl      Wi.   In,;.'   (. ,,v   kltlilH    t.f
i-lmhir. Hint.von will woiiilerh.iw vvn
ma iliwinill tuftrtliiT.   Wi- hnri'
Wiili'licliitliirt, Ini-kH Hui'liiH, rrniilnw
-•llllltlH.    Itt'lll'l'lcl I'llltillrl,    Itl'V 'I'llililix.
i ImliiBfiii nii-ii, » u mid i-lfllilvt.il.
'    lllllllH   llllll    III','.'.   StlVlltl.ll-llllillr.   Hun
IU.'1-1.1.1,1,,     lllll  III,-, ;,!,■;,Ill, l--.it,,.
i i'l. M.\l,'iiii,i "HicrnrcVpiiriiw
ll»W    ' f ml m i'l Ii.-iii',
■ii:« i:i.i;i: A.v.tni'TinAN
MHMiil w.ii.-i. h,K|„. hir r. i'. it.,
I'niWHNcHl   I'iihh I'kiftillh.
lull*, with touchers prt*SL*ut, representing schools nil along tho ('raws
Nest Into ami if mil) be oonsidered
ti hnppy onion of Cranbrook'a great
future (durational growth that this
the lirst insitnto of K.-isi Ivootouny
bIiouUI lir held in Cninbrook, ns tlio
tnosl central town of tin* district,
Cninlirotik is IhhimiI to lii'ruitii' nil
I'lliiraliiuial centre,
As mi old tt'ncher, .Mr. Hnrvey
could syinpftthizo much with tho
teachers. Uf wished tu point mil
tn llii'tii. that it' he could draw any
lesson tvom tho past, in tho liylit
of after events it was to otnpluzo
the value and necessity of thoroughness in all such work. Wo are apt
in the days, when the subjects iu
tho school curriculum are many to
neglect Ihe three r's and Iu bo sal-
islii'd with work thai is not thorough, He pointed out that it is
the exception, rather than lln- rule
lo Hnri a boy entering an ulliiv able
lo add up live rows out of six correctly. Teachers should not rest
until their charges hail thoroughly
matured those basic principles.
Mr. Harvey then introduced -Mr.
David Wilson. ins|)ector of schools.
Mr, Wilson referred to Ihe happy
event to which this mei'tin^ wnsj
tho close, ihe convention, Me
pointed out that although it was a
common saying that the "school
master is abused." very seldom
does he make his way to the public
platform. Although they talk uiuch
teachers they are not orators.
He felt however thai he Inula mes-
8age of much importance to give
to the people nf Cranbrook and
that had to do with the selio.il
attendance, hi the bcIiooI war
I'.tdl-l'.tii-J ihe porcenUigo of
attendance of the Cranbrook school
wns low. 4D per cent; that for all
the schools of the province was *>~>
per i-i-nt. This did not relleet very
eredilably for Cranbrook during
the   year    1901 ISKJ2.   Tins  poor
i neglecl on tin- part of the par
uls   indulgently allow
their children tn stay at home or
worse hiili at the "street school,"
wheneyerTonuny or Lizzie or Sammy had a "sore linger' or a "headache" or "wasn't feeling well" or
-hiii! to mind the baby" or "slept
inn Into." The importance of every
half a day in school work cannot
h.' emphasized too much, The
ibsence of one pupil will *i\' course
harm that pupil, but worse still delay his whole elfiss, The number
of cases of tardiness was far too
largo. These things could easilvbo
improved if the parents would lend!
a hand.
Hut if there Men- parents who
did not send their children to school
rogulnrlj were al fault, how union
more were thoy who did not send
their children lo Bchool at ally
whoso children were being educated "nn tlie streol comer,1 and in
the back   alleys   al   idglil     Here
vvel'e free ilist Jllll ions well eiplipped
M-lionlsand nrivantngowasnot taken
of them. Surely a very grave responsibility rested on those parents
who, criminnlly, one mighl say. allowed their children lo grow tip iu
ignorance, and they have much lo
answer lor. Iu this connection,
Mr. Wilson outlined Ihe purpose of
the School Act, lo provide, free.
iion-Boetnriam schools. The net
provided lor the punishment by
line of these parents who failed to
provide an education for their children during school age. He hoped
thai the recoiil of ihe Cranbrook
school would improve year by year,
Mr. Wilson also pointed out
that n groat opportunity presented
ilseli* in Cranbrook for greater cooperation between lite church and
the school and between the school
and Ihe home Iu many cities,
mothers' clubs.school improvement.
and school decoration clubs have
been formed, all of which have in
view a bettering of thetreJution between home and school, In New
York, the school is becoming more
and more a social centre and in this
week, had viewed the exhibit of
school work, aiul had been particularly impressed by Ihe exhibit of
wood, working drawings from the
manual-training schools of Vancouver and Victoria. ' If the value
of manual training lie was profoundly impressed. He therefore
movm]  tin-   following resolution
which was seconded and carried:
"That this meeting urge upon
the government the necessity of
establishing a manual training centre In Cranbrook." This laacon-
smnntion devoutly to be wished.
A reference to the establishment
uf a high elicited the fact that as
soon as the required number of
students are available, the high
school will be opened,
The meeting closed with ••God
Save the King,"
After ihe meeting Ihe orchetra
kindly supplied music for a few
hours dancing, This social function was enjoyed by all who were
The W.   C. T. U.
The public meeting iu the Mup-
tisl church last week was largelv
ttended, The pastor. Rev, Sloa't
presided tfev'a Thompson and
Fortune took part iu the meeting
but the chief interest was the magnificent address uf Mrs. A. D.
Rutherfordi who has been honored
with the position uf president of
the white ribboned host in Canada.
Her addresB was an historical
statement of the rise, growth and
development of   the   W.   C. T.   I'.
She pointed (ait that the organization of the women had already accomplished much good by ils "Do
everything policy." Over one mil-
lion members are now enrolled
throughout the world. Its work is
educational, missionary, philanthropic and preventive. The members are pledged to total abstinence
of intoxicating liquors us a beverage
an.l the nbolitiou of their sale by
licence. Among ihe many lines of
effort is one of which she most
eloquently, viz., the providing uf
"comfort cases" forlumbi rmonnnd
miners, showing how the those had
often been of great service anil convenience to men in camps. She
described at some length the effort
put forth Insecure the passage of
a dominion law for the prohibition
of the importation, sale and manufactures of the cigarette toctiildren.
She declared it Ihe testimony of
public school teaehersall over Canada Ihat boys who were cigarette
smokers very rarely passed the
high school entrance eziiui. Mrs.
Rutherford made a mostearues appeal lo nil present tu assist in the
wurk and organize a branch in
Cranbrook. At the close of the
mooting over 50 forms of applications wore signed. On the following afternoon in ihe Methodist
church, the ladies met and organized a local Union by electing:
Mrs. W. U. Noble, pros.. Mrs.
Adolph, vice.pres.. Mrs. Fortune,
vice-pros, fur Knox church, Mrs.
Thompson, vice-pres. for Methodist church. Mrs. Funds Inr the
liaptist church, Mrs. C. Iv Reid.
recording-sec. Mrs. F. 13, King.
cor-sec'y, Miss Cardiff, treas.
The talented lecturer lefl on the
Wednesday train for towns in the
territories where she has a months
engagement before reluming to her
home in Toronto.
The Beggar Prince Opera Company.
If you enjoy high'class music,
catchy airs, pretty women, and
talented men, don't fail to see "La
Mascotte" when the Beggar Prince
company visits here on the 21st
and 22nd, This is one of the most
popular pieces of their repertoire.
ft is the story of curious mistakes
growing out of the love afiairs of
twin daughters. Miss Irene Palmer, Gertrude Hutcheson, Frank
Walters, Br yon Bronti, F, A. Wade
and other interesting leading people are shown to their best advan
| tage iu this pretly combination,
way, the mission uf the school is The music is charming, the eos-
onlargillg, The great aim is to dimes elegant, and the scenery
bring the home in oloBor touch with lavishly displayed. This is one of
the school because the school is. the high class popular comic opera*
working for the home, I that has attracted crowds iu tin
Rev. W.tl.W.  Fortune agreed j metropolitan centers of the con-
with the chairman in urging Hum tiimnt, and is worth your attention    _	
necessity of jrecisioin   iu  school I if you onjoy an artistic productionI beats a heart  as tine as ever i
work.   In his lirst experience as a  in'song and story. I prince of the royal blootl swore by
". BY  llll   OI.P MAX
** 15 B = - i
As we virile these lipes, "ii tin-,
tic 17th dm ..I Nov. inbi r. tin
outside   .1 ■  i-l   the  olliee  it.'.ll Is
OpiH!, til.'  tile   Is   oil!     III    tile    idle.
the rays of a .Inf.    sun   il    :    .In,.;
tliroueh tin- from wind....     il ■;.
uir is us suit   in,I   I, line,   ,,-. '     ,, N
tiny   day   in   s  r     "\\ |n,t    i-.
liner thuli a ih.y in ,lune" ia i  'i.
often  suiiL-  by    | pi-  li.iiio   in
Wilinipc" or   New  Y,,iL I,ut  In i,
III the    i,,,lillllll    bell    of   lie-     II.
American continent, those ivurds
have no siuuilieatice. ll is horrible
to rend of sii.,1, nnd ice in tin
frigid /..ties, ,-ni'l on.- eniinot help
but uiiincl nt the fuel tlml the
people seekint! ll pleasant ph p.
livedo not collie here bv the lllollrt-
lllllls,   Solltll   Kll.st  Kooll-UiU   should
have a million population made up
of people will, millions lo spend
for health nnd rocreution, Nature
has aiaile this- a mountain country,
the most glorious pari of the world.
It has eiven us the inaLttiilicciit
mountain riuiwa. beautiful nnd fertile valleys, spnt-kliiiK mountain
streams, grnnil water fulls, and
(bid's own sunshine iicni'ly i'.ti'.
days in the year. Health, vitality,
life are iu Ihe iin ieoraliini air ,,f
tin- Crntihrnok valley, and unknown
possibilities in the uuilevetoped resources of the tributary territory.
I Itir mines produce bri'irhl virgin
gold in placet- and iptarl/., the
richest lend on the eontiueul,
copper and silver as well, while the
vntleys are vi.-ldine urn-is for the
stock, and veeetalil.-.i [or mankind,
There are llsh in our streams and
iruiuc ott the inotinlain sides, while
theorem wealth of timber is Ltii-
im;'employment to hundreds of
men and bulkling industries Mini
will lead us from a land of wilderness to homes of pei-tnaaeiit pros.
pcrity. The banima bell is a ejronl
place to live, and a pjreal place to
die. Pessimistic must he ninn indeed to ask for more,
The Jfnnitiiba hotel is bail.liiic
a larne icehouse. Thai is the lirst
sign of winter lln.I lilts been seen
in the bin a bell this lull.
Joseph Yoiiiitili.-arl. tin- I h-ruinu
iitlciiian wiih  n   French  I cut.
who registers from Monlreul Inn
never goes furl her easl than .Mari-
uggi's, was iu town  Ihis week with
that   smile   thai   won't  .If.
After registering nl tin- Cranbrook
lie permitted Tom Rookes lo shako
hands will. Mr. Ynunglieurl and
then rang the telephone ..nil engaged iu conversation with \V, D,
Hill, and as Ihe sound of his did
eel times Were wafted tllt'oilgjl the
house the olliee 1 mile crowded ns
evcrvone supposed that EToggnt'th
A- Rollinslindboiightii iiewgrninu-
phone. Mr. Yoiiughcari is traveling for his health and tin eastern
firm and is doing well iu both lines,
He has a new trick, He can .-at
four meals iu one day and make
the hotel clerk think tlllll he I.ml
only three, and In- is working it
with great success this season, lb'
is also hard at work on another
one which he niuy try next season,
Tt is to become n regulnrsuliseriber
of The Herald without putting up
'ie coin and have the Did Man
smile when he meets him,
tine Cranbrook bachelor says
that these "cookeries" are a de.
lusioii and a snare. II,- visited
the one held in ('riiul.rook yester-
tiny ami drunk si.\ cups ol  ten. for
which  Jill   paid   nil   tin-  wnv   I'r	
fifteen cents to fifty cents, nnd this
morning he fell ns if Iu- hud Imn
celuhrutillg an election \ i'-tory.
And speaking of bneludnrs. the
supply is hardly equal to the de.
tumid'iu ('run brook. Such a con
dition of affairs in n   lb,-  western
town is lllinosl   .tuple I,-tiled.    A
new imporlulioii  is  i Inl badly.
li. T. I.ow.-ry returned last wc-k
to l-'ernie. hitviug 1 n  absent for
th.- past ten days milking a lour of
the Sloenn nnd incidentally collecting a few thousand dollars thai
hail carelesslv been overlooked on
his book.,,    i'r low   on   renders
of ihe Ledge niuy look I'm- warmer
weather in Fernie,
"Scolty." the bootblack at Hie
(.'I'anliroiik. is becoming famous as
a philosopher, and mall) a ninn
goes to his stand to net n shine
these days simply to hear him
philosophize on the peeulini'ities of
human life, and lln- ilill'erence between Seotlnn.l anil Cranbrook,
Hencatli those sparse locks there
is Itorn ninny nn nhstrnse idea.
while under   his ennligau  jacket
^i wmis a. -j.- s " ".
"■it    y.
p~ '.;■,;'
yonrsell   you   will
j ;j Waterproof Coat
;: or an Umbrellar
rj V^
'I We have a   few  lines of ('..nts
ff   • left.      If We have    lour   si/.e    We
'f will inukeil.e price right.    Hot-
'? ter see tlli'lll.
(i ll  will  pal   VOll I" see   ..111    1   III-
' brellus,   Ti.e   prices are down
i; < Inr stock  ol   Rubbers is com-
,j plete,    They need no strelcl.iui;
H for bit: f.-ei.   We have big sixes.
,j SBs«.ui!s.- c a .". s :
fi> -
■   ■: f'4
* &
a is arriving almost daily.   Toilet  - -.
(i clii-api-sl to tin- best.   ' Most uf thus,   .v.-ll
[ tin- uianiifacturers in   hiuglnud.  and   '
[ lln- benelil of close buvii.'g     r'niiei  V
!f useful as well usornnnieutiil.
$    XeM week Malaga Grapes. Fan •>■ I.
(j    arrive.   The grocery departmetil is brim fa
-   —       :■
Tort suck mercantile Company
The Biggest CKrisim?; ;    ck
ii\ the Kootenay^
GoJ/p St
■Ok • ■■''■"
- ■
In the large room over the dispensing department il
in TEMPLETON'S DRUG STORH the public will \
find the largest and best assortment ot t'.;:t (or Christmas
thai they have ever seen. By the end of the week the
entire upstairs will be filled with .iii ...I.; oi Fancy
Goods, Dolls and Toys, from 5c to $33.0 !
In ten days there will arrive Gentlemen's complete Traveling Cases from $30.00 lo $75.00. Do tut
fill to sec them.
Everybody come and look and e. .< line he stock. \
No one need buy, but every one i:; welcome, >"■ , •
Terry will be in charge ol Up Stairs .itid will take , . i
lire in showing people the
Largest, Cheapest,
Finest, Riches1,
...Stock of...
Xmas S G
■i ooos
ever brought into this wcslern country.
Big Book and Drug Store
Where it will Pay lo Deal the Year Around Till.   CH YM'.liOOi;    II I.IJAI.I)
Maritime I'm, iuc -> wore etainour
fiRANRROOK   HERALD     LIBtRAL  MEETING,    I Maritime!'«« s «,.,-,■ cia,,,,,,,,-.
UIUUIUllUUU     lll.ii.i...   |   hir terms, I lutario nud Untish
Tl,,. I ,l.-,-.ls ,,i I'miilirouk lii+l  l'«iluiul>iii mw iloiiig the smile, su|     A large and  enthusinstie   ,-i-
/.■) I."arms in i roiuiruuk ni ni  t ,    |(       ,   ,      ■ ,,.,„.,.,.,    ren. just-  :,.., .„.„i.„i,i ).,„, .|',,™i„„ ,,..,,,,:,,
A large and   euthusiastie   ine,i
m       A 'aa.ee.inenl   \Y,-,,tw,„-,l,   hull   lust I J,™',,;'  ~j^j;  '^j' 'ft. '„   ,,,
cE /vi^^S^a.^-n s-i"".'1'1; '"f1-   ",". "'j.'"1."I"''k',ri stioi, lo.leal with.
«    ' ^ \ vns .1. A. M.u-do udd ,   tint  elusion.   Mr.  Mt.eilon
F.1,1,,1- ,o.,t   Proprietor leader (if till'    l.ll.efi.l   IKirlV It. tills     i.i.    i   , ,- ,.   ...
iispices   of the  l.i.ar.1 of trail. ■
President Rogers wns in the ehnir
I secretary Roberts iitteiul.il  1
•;■ , ,".| ,'  elusion.   .Mr    .Maeiloui
Editor and Proprietoi       leader of the Liberal part}      Hits (1   j    . . . ,    .   ,	
. assisted In,   .1.   II    Ivii    .   ...i,    | ,,      „;„|;,,„,     ..... ...I,   „ i,     nun secrelarv  l„ its atl.-n,!.
M.i..A..,„„tF, u -e,-.i- ti. ;',":;,;"''""." *' "',';""; ,"""""■*■ 'n* "■«*•'« <
th-ii-iu ii--       •m        ii    I.      -   Iu ispartudly Hlk-l nud tl.os,- \   ;,,    ; «<'f,. „ .  r,, .' "I;        ''i:11'1   '''r''"' I"11''"-'''': '''-''
'    'W    ' '        '   "K    pivseul   Hi  I   -I    attention   I..!  . "'' ,"., ?   " •'
cuiiuflun   iu  .r ii ■      i   .    ,, i ■    , ei -i   tlieii   v..,r   iii   in?,  ta\or   In
 ...,.,-.'    !v.ll,lt    l!'.V. .s'"'"1!:.'^   '"I'1    "',--">■ V    reasons       first    n.,,1   tore-
,....-...-..••   -   ».'""   ';;■■ ."I"''-";;:1-.' ,l!;"   '"  *<}■ y   reasons,     Firsl   nnd   tore-
'»"» > --'"   -" '"""'" """■>'  ,, l!!''.'.   l,,hl'11"'-'1   «»  '"i;::'     ni,.,,. he wns I, resident   of   British
': I'lii'ii-!-- '-.-'I-'- ivl.il'  i.l»,    I"- man     Mr.  Simpson wns ti. ■  lirsi   ('()|llln|,;., ,.,..i i.,,.i ,..„ :„,„„„., hr
'■ """    » -   l'll»l,"i    S" sp.iik.er and mill I  his  arks    ,     "',,,,,"  ,.,-i   \     ,,   '
 »i .ii".....«.i. Hi.;., ,..:,.„, ,. in., ii,;.,,,..:,.,,.            Ihe in'opl.. at heart, vvl,d„_Jtr.M..
', '"■'""• " '      '",'   i"i'       eidefii   I,   lii'e'ta'riii nucs'tioll.
It .!.... ! I.-. !.. i    in  I"- 'i'l'       I. - ill--..- -       ,i,i       l ' I I
i.m ,..,i.u.i, ,.,.,,..,.i,i„ „,iii.,.„.',.',i„      Mr.   Ma.ilunuld   ni  tl -\t
lull iiiiitiiiuiii.v,   Si'.i.l  in,. - -ul,-,-,|,. ' sp. nker mid In-  was   .- bed   wiih
tiun nml nn.!                       ktiil, 'iiii-i   grenl   eutliiisiusin.    Although   mil
"'""'■ wind is let- I  n platfor rator
...r;;:::   , ':   z!:\:r' !..«i»iitu-«i«.«-.jir.M«„i.»»i.i
Keinliiiirtimiii'i   I." ii'iiiH :  i  lini-1  is a eleai' and  ouiiviiteiu^   speaker
ii.u.-i ■!-■,-  i" . im> in M'tfuini mi- and made ii good  impression  upon
v.-.'t.-,-,.-.  it.,-ji— i."..i- Hvi>n>iim|iH  his   audience.     Ke    oiK-tutl     Ids , ,-., .   ... .   \ i,.   /'''fin    , ,'
tu'h ii.M-iiiun ii it        . , rael   tnal   .Mi.  (ialliher   when
. . speec   by eo up    ie it nii    he IH'O-   ..   ,,,   .     ,,,■      .   , ,    . -,        ...
ll  lln- | i.li' ul Stint li i    ',       .. . , '     -       ', ', u.OlI.'il a tllllii; kepi   al   It    lllllllll.
. l    .              ,,    .   , i, ,,;    ,. ii     'I1' "I ' raubrook cm ha\itisj such a  „,. u    . i ,i   ■ ■
act Kiiiiii'iin.i  i\i'rii«i> iii lln-   !   .   , , . i lmI il. anil Hull in   any ease a  nun
ihe side of the governmeul w
iutosh was a resident of Ottawa,
who was merely running to make
ti comfortable living for himself.
I!.- -o ii! mi lo point out thai il
would also b.- much better to elect
a man who hat! ihe ear of the government and   who  could gel   wind
whether or notthe people desired
ie Bond a delegate lot ittawa tutor-
code in behalf of ihe I lii-i- inter-
ests for a tariff on lumber. A.
I.eiieh. manager of tho Gusl Koo-
tenay lumber company was called
upon lo make a statement, which
he did iii n clear and convincing
manner, showing that ii was necessary under existing conditions to
nave a tarilV to proleel the lumber
manufacturers agaiusl American
lumber.    After si   further dis
It.i-    K i    - ' .   in   ■    .ni,,., MM,, n, i,,,. , -      -----
n,.,.,,!,!, br  :ht   and   prosperous  town, tun
I'l,.' llmil.1 I. iiimii. i ml id .-lit,,I   on   the   differ, ul    ill
liawurl ' Hu  ...-      r     ii ■  dustries  ill   (lie  viciniti   sueli   a
"'" '!l' ;   "„"" ' " iniuiuu,  luiiiber. inul  coal proper
nut ...I. n. -,',.., '      '
!'     llpii.is.il,,,,.       At    the     close
,',,.i„i,i i.i      ■   o.-.ninl Weill i  pom! out thill    ,,,,,,.,,, „,, | ||..   ,|„,,,,,,|   „,
 u..,|i.l,,, ,        i.   III.. .I -i   ,      11   WHS ol  Mini interest In I lie people    |      .      l  . • .      '
.-. -i -       tii.i of l-.iisi Konleiiay lodii all in theirl     	
power to develop,' lin-s.- industries.
 , ,.,. and Hud ii  I..-I v.-d them lo use
EB'TORIAI   NOTES. :,;l.„„   ,,,,,  ir, s,,„,til,g „ „„„, ,„
I reprcsenl them   in   I Ittuwn during
C'runbrook   todny   litis u wnter- the coming live yenrs,   That mnk-
works system tlml is not surpassed! inn the rigid decision in...-inl every
iu the province.
Dr. King was the uexl BlienL. ..
The doelof WHS received with grt'lll
applnilse and spoko bri.-lly on the
situation, He said thai the Liberals had been voted int.. power in
iwm by ,-i  iiinjority of 15, thai iu
-:c r  : , ,'■' "i HHXlthe people hud ngilin piiBStil
thing to them, for the reason I hat  •„,,         ,,„. LtbLn-ar mini-
British    ("I" ut    is       b.-ibyi',,, , ,ml n.1„,,„.,i ,.,„„ „.h|
 <x ',    I tuini'cr.    All,','  s    lurllier 'I
llew.iuteil.      It    was,,    well    known j,.|,ssiol,  it  wns   decided    lo   send    ..
'""'   ,!'"' '  delegnte t... Ittuwn,nudnhoul S.'I(HI
w.,s raised in u  few  minules      It,
ti    I'.elltlie wns llllllleil 118 lln-   dele
gate without opposilion A ('..III
niitlee isseeurttig I ie n- funds
as it    is   evpeelcl   llml   u   dcleenle
may   have  lo  remuiii    in  dllnwa
,,-,'erid     Weeks Mr.     l.eilell     Will
also go ns of th,- delegates ol
the Moitiiluiii l.iiiiilii-iineii i. Mann
fnetiiriug lisBoeintioii. 'flu- dele
cation will go tile lirst purl of
I einlier.
fur more likely to gel what In
a,led li..in n man belonging lo tin
(Ippusrtiou,       At    ll lose    tl
province of the Hon.
Charles Sw, ,-i,v.  the  inilliotini.ei ;, , ■     .      • ,,„.„„,, „.„,.      I ,^__
it leipiii-es nursing in eveiy way,     | ;,,,;,, ,,, 7,1 showed IItnl
-   , ■>;-.. im in nun ii-iiiiiieo   ini'iit will]
"'Ii,;i' j majority of 52,  while this year
majority of 7" i
l"i"ill;; Spokane, has jump-1" Jn''M',u.don,d','i1,ere eoinu.eneed 11|„."people w'eririnoVu'tlmu'ph'nsHi
.-,1 into senutorial hght of lite state to discuss uiiuiiig ltiteresls, stilting Lvith Ul(,  L]h.„t\  |l;„.,v-s llmnllg0.
of Wusliiiigloii.   Thai    tins thut tlinl the miuernl wealth c-sU'IkUkI „„.„! of thi-country's itlfnlra.    lie-
I',,,-,-,  length of some ,011 orSOU L,,,-. „„ to the stntetnenl   made bv
 "-s -11"1 hl '"'1™ '" ","llll;     ,M| i Mr. Ilariev nl n previous  meeting
,,1,-i,    1,,.^   .,s     ,-,.t     l...„..l,.   1      I . - I , ||
thai only one  railroad  was needed
1 >'\' Winnipeg, the speaker said
the legislature will linve  plenty ol
''"" "" its l"'""ls- llhe stirri bus us yel  burely I     .
  seniieli, ,|.    lb- drew   nlt.-nlioi.  I.
The Fort Steele 1'rospcctor bus the   policy   pit I    forward   by   th.
Blurted  on its tenth  vear.    It was j IjUh-tmiI parly, and the policy pr..-
II ,s. printed with I, Ivpewriter.l.ut  IS81''1 ,,}   "'!' .'""9l'n',!ltiv"  lmrt'.v;
■  '    ,    ,. ,   Hu-  greatesl   issue ..I   course,  nl
""u l»18" wdlei|iii] d otlice, mid 8t|lk(, m,3 t|„, Unim| Trul|.   |i1K,j.
for yen is   has  been   persistent   in  lie,     tint   ns   thai    wns   now   an
sounding the pruises of South Knsi' assured thing, decided upon by the
Kni.ll 'III. V    ..lid     Fori     Steele,      Till      I l)l(''    '"'   'ii,!    "•'}    '""'■'"]    '"   Sl>'
llernl.llr a tlml   Mr.  Urace, the jmll>h .""  '!"', o'''1';''''-, ,■""   ,"'o''"
,. bv saving Unit Ihe budding ol this
"ropni'lnr,   "my   ITve  to   see  the.,,',.„| \voll|,|   Mm   ,|„.   v;,,vi„  ,,,
fruits ,.f his labors in the shape ,.l   British   Columbia   bir more  pros-,   jvrl|   i(   .,   lw8j„K   endorsement
initio-  shekels,   and   the   lown of perily  than  ev-eu the C.I'.R. did.  j,,.  |i,,,,|„„ did not have tlie nerv.
Fori    Steele    I., ,,„!„.   ,',      „,e| ,,,|., .1 is '  "  U:\'     H»'    '•'     «•    l'"'1     'l0,'t'.,.t0.1'    to COIllt' Ollt III    lliellCgill „   	
''"" w-NI 1». n onxlit to  l,,s energy c"|\,Si'lt!i,.'(, T I1' would do lor''"'"'"'"" "''"" l"'"l'll'l'™'d claimed
''""l perseverance. tin. northern pari,    lie weld on lo
' point out llml ii   was the policy of
Tho people of the Btute of Wash- the Liberal parly to gel  the conn-
iligtou defeated ii g I mini   when '!',', S''H|!!(I   "P ns quicltly as  pos-
,i       , .   ,   ,  ,, ,,, ,.     slid.', and lo afford the couidn  so
""'•v ,lrl"'"" •''-'■   lnmvt  {m sell 'Hilwny facilities,    lle'lu-r,-
goveruor.    Ho would   have  given U[V(!K  nttenlio    the   Kootenny
thai stale an  mlimn 1,1 iiiimn   that Central,   which. In- staled, would
would have mnde the railway graft- unike a connecting   link between
,-rs feel ,-,s if they hud struck a hard th'.' Cl'°ws Nn8' ,'"','1- l";li",iil"''   'lr
., , ' . . . ,l iiotnte.l .ml that this work was ihe
™«'to hoe, and tin-  people  would\\mvk o{ ,„„ v.ibcrnl pttrlv in Ottn.
hitvu   tenpi-d   lln-   betielii.    \\ usli-  Wii, while the  Conservative   (Sirt)'
ington mills n governor like  Iiiui.ffii   Victoria   hud   promised  every',
thing nnd 'Imic nothing.    He woti-
Lordnndhndy 5 hnvo mil. ^"red what a goyerniueul like the
, .    ...   . ...    , ,  present, one in  \ ictorm was going
'"' for their hotne in hngland, .-  |„ ,,„ |o  ,„,,„,,-„   ,,.,,       vj|11, -
throughout all the land of Cauudn  Uritisu C'oliiiiiliin,
there is nuugld lull words of prnise      He here brotighl up the subject
of till-ill', ami suited   llml  from the
,    ,   ~~ „ „      (doubt nn increased taritl'would be
l"1'1 Arthur luiB not  yel   tullen, L   hm,Rl   ,„„ „„ r„r ,lg ,|„. ,.(,s|
I'.-rhaps it intends to drop easy nnd j we
for this most islitnal.le couple
llml any Canadian could milk,
such a statement. The (MM!., although il had cost tin country
millions, had been a grout thing
for Camilla,and the Urnilil Trunk
Pacific was going lo be lln- means
of making a greater and more prosperous Cnnaila.    The Liberal party
had COtlte before tlic people with   ",
lutsiiiesslike  propositiun.   and ll
|ieople after due coitsidernli
mis the policy of the Conservativ.
party, govertimenl ownership. The
people cainiot be fooled by c.'llll-
pnign dodges, They voted for the
party lliul had given them a businesslike .-..liliinisli-alion and had
come before them with progressive
i.i.-as for the upbuilding of Clin-
ad... Iii this district at this time
it scettis utmost foolish to have a
ciltnpnigu. Mr, lialliher is hound
lo lie elected. Inn lie is entitled lo
a   big majority and w-.-  must  gel
the votes. The speaker referred to
the snfegniirds that had ben
thrown around the construction of
the (Irani! Trunk  I'neifie, nnd said
thill there was u d to fear hut
the masses would receive fair treatment. The Conservntlvi'S were
very much exercised over the possibility tlinl   Chinamen  inighl   I
.Mrs. T. II. U'lteliili and Mrs. A.
I'. Chel.t'ltc. of Feruic. lire III.
eilests   of   Mis.   lie...    (ioUgeol!    Ill
the Imperial hotel, Lasl evening
Mrs.   Glougeon    gave   ti   duncitig
parly at the hotel in  In ■ of her
guests, nnd those present had n
most enjoyable time,
The Soi'tll Star   hotel    has    been
sold under mortgage, and llarrv
Drew has secured control of Biiuie
and will remain ill charge. Mr.
Drew is recognized us one of tin-
best hotel men in the country nud
his infill}1 friends will be pleused
to learn thut lu- is to remain in
chnrge of the hotel thai lie has
had under lease for the past tf\\
Men and women iu this county
and adjoining territories, to represent nud advertise an old establish
.-.I house of solid limine iu! stnnding,
Salary to moil *J1 weekly, to women
S12 to $18 .weekly with expenses
advanced each Monday by cheek
direct   front  headquarters.    Horse
and bllgey   flll'nislu'll    when   lleces-
sni'v; position permanent, Address.
Blew Bros. & Co., Dept, A. Motion
Bldg., Chicago, III. 211-llt.
RXAIINE Oil (iOOltS       !;■ ■   ' ■
Before  ordering  a  new  s„ii   „f I       PROFESSIONAL CARD
('lollies.    Because we know w,- inn  |
please   you      * Im   ineasureincnls  •Sfi-aa*aaB»iBManiB»iiBiSijB
are correct, our styles  proper and t n, ,,|\|-  U.1H1E No  iii!
..,„■ prices pleasing, KNIQHTS of   PYTHI/
You will lie astonished how much . Cranbrook, It. C.
your appearance will lie improved   M'-.-.- tloilnnil l.l. Tn..s.li..v ... s p. i
bv wearing Clothes Made to Order.     I-|M
Don't make a mountain ul i Ie |      ' v ll  K "
u ,     -        hill hy thinking tlml Coal nnd \ est
ill J      inaile '., order wi'l  he  too cxpeli-
tiJyi■•!>'"     si\e for you to wear,
Leask & Henderson
!| Cranbrook
II Hotel S &
liursis Cniliirl a Sptrially
llm.d SlaliliiiK in Conneclit.il
N.- , ... railroad nml depot,    Ilns accouintorin.
    I...  it... nntiHc u..t-.|iinlti',l in ('run......>k.
ll„i ami Cold llnihs
Hoggnrtll & Rollins
X, When von visit Cranhrook stop at the        8
Iroyalhotri J
X    llll i.l   .
n.'iiu... tii.it..... in,i,,,,,,
Cranbrook Local Uoloa 1211 ol the It
Urolnerl J ol Carpenters a„J Jolae
„f America,
S|l    in    in,     II      |,,,||    '
1 llllHllK I..,II.. III. i. I.
-1    I   I   , .1   II   M. |,.o o I
II"   SO |.„|„
yPf^S )" ''' 5,""'"">
«S ..,.->V .ie im iu ,.t ,i iii
l.iku ..|.,,,.|     s„|„
'   >l .'. ,1   li   Mi |,'„|.|||
i ranbrool Lodge, !N
*- I. ft V M.
i \,./   \   ii,,,,, ri.ii„i.i, „i
\'  »
Craiibrook Pres
None Better In the District
Kales Si and up.    .Short Orders and Oysters
served in any style from 8 p. in. to 6 a. ni.
v i ac iaoie is rue oest. tne rooms arc unsurpassed tor clean IP
^ liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand <^
<£)> ol liquors and cigars. n
^ L. B. VANDElAR, Prop. |
H The tabic is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for dean
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and sec us any time.    We are on deck 2.S hours
out of the U
t Btssstfe •.,:-,: t-t-ct-t«-«t«,:,,,
ft is painful to read of the heavy I"""''.'! kl'ta,' ?l" ff i"twl, j"'1""'
.   ...       ,. ,    nn    inci-easeil   tartll   wmiid   meal
low  Blorm  lii,&ew   York   wliilej,ir;l,.tj.-.-i!i\ tl„. ruin of lead  mines
,.,'s,.    "Pl°.ved.    Here  i„   this district
-i-ec .,.rm,l. ii would be ...il 0eI»«■>'alwaysworriwlovprthc.China-
livery  lime the  tariff! "."'"' »l»l«dowii in the Territori,
was raised, it mould ll   '-cut   old  ol
tliuir pockets. He pointed out thu
land   where   palm   lent  and   while   il   would    increase  ll„
luxury in November,        price of lumber a  little.it  would
  menu a  big advance on   inuterinl.
-ei      ■   i ■    .,     etc..brought in from custom points,
1 he   Huh pi inl.-iit   voter    n    he       .• ,i    e        . • i        i,
1 ossthe It e,which could
• ft
I'liiti-d    Slates   declared    himself |  be olitai I   in lie  province.
this year, In several slides where lie her.- wuul on to talk ubotil duly
the republican majority wus any. being lake.. ..If lumber, sliding that
where from 100,000 to H00.000, '. Wlla removed by the Conservu-
... ,    ,   ,    live   party  under  .Mr.   coster  in
democratic governors were elected.hy,,., .|||,|-,h.lt ,,„„. ,,,,, B| .,,
The indejiendenl voter is the safe- |,„(l t|io fnee to ask the  people to
gunrd for tiny nnlion, coiuluinii  the   Liberal  party.    Hu
her.- nskod wind the Conservative
'I ho Herald i ml   promises to ,ml.ty j„ Victoriit lind done for the ,,,    „    .
bo a credit „,, listi-i.-t ii, which    he lumbering bus ss in   British j ".,""«""'»'' nun urouglil  to Uos
■■■   ■■ Iu.ro  will Columbia,     Instead   ,.!'   nssistinc   K —-t......v an,   employmenl   ,1  had
;, ,|  i,...i  :    i ., - jp given lo hiinilreds nl  men in the
I Kooieiinvs ul high wanes. Mr.
jd'allilieriiad been on,'of the strong-
|esl Factors iu securing thai bonus.
j while   if Iu, hud  waited for  the
,    ,.      ,7    .     i"",'    ' ' ,. ei'.i"     '   '. ' | benelils lo be   reaped   bv means of
only to the people of tins district  I were n wuul ol n   ttl   ion e |ff  ,   ^ ,     • ,,
I,...   .,!„,, ,,     , I        , ,    , |        i-   , -,,,   , I      rul   '      im   ui'     u I''   rt'ii      ll'ulll   Ulc . , , i    ,• i ■       I-
'"'   "'"""   I""!'11, "'   '""'"'" | bunks.   The   Conservntives   were   "IT  ;", .y"'"* .before this ills
find othor countriL'H,
il  is  to I..- |.u!.ii,hi'<l.    Th .         -	
U- from   100 to 150 hair tonus in  jMi,('>' Ii;m' lil"'I'l':iS(',!
,,       ■ , . i.i i      llfl'IISr,      Alltl     ItlOrOOVOr,     Ili'i'llSl-
the issue showing what flic people I    ,n, |K|ll)l, „, |lr ,.,,_,,„ „, ,,„
and  Ihe cuiiii-y  look  like,  all of ,.„d of nil} year.nnd iu view of this
which   will   prove  interesting  nol| fuel, men who had had a I.a.I year.
the Conservatives nnlurulizeil
Chinamen nnd brought them to
the polls In vote the Conservative
Speaking of tho statement thai
the Liberals hud stolen the Con.
servntive policy. Mr. King said
that th.-re was mil much iu that
charge, yet if it were so. the Liberals had shown themselves espali]
of taking care of it in a manner to
bring general prosperity I" t
people. As to the lead bonus .,
was u measure tlinl had brought
immediate relief to a languishing
industry, had revived the towns of
.Movie .-mil .Marysvillcand li.-ul been
ofinculcunble benefit to Cranbrook,
to say nothing of tile hundreds of
thousands it lind brought to West
Snl.1,,1.1. S-rvio-si II n. in  I
Similiij- Si-I I ,...il mill, .li,--      ;,   ...
Ii.-i..nn. Un.li'iiv.ir, Tiirailio- M r ...
Tl..'imlilli'iu ..1...... inril.iil .,, in in,.I
ll llio n Iii.us
1'iulor.  VV. il. W. I',,mi.  ...J
i   i np.r*\* l utv I
Presbyterian Uuircli. ±. x X   1
....MARYSVILLE, B. C.  }
The Pioneer Hole! of the St. Marys Valley. j
■   Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dinin? room service, and  the ;!;,
best of everything at the bar. 'J,
''   v
1 FRED DREW,      ,\V      Proprietor, f
is up In tlatc wiih lis line tasting
lii'i'i'iil. sain.' .'is niotlii'l' iist'il in
make; try it. WitkliiiK ttikos tire
in our lino, Wr havua linu slock of
(■aki'oniamciils to sail any wi'iMiim'
■   ■     ■    ■ PHONE 56
VI-V.      .An. Sis
Ck'iMlk'iink  BRANCH
Tllli   A. I., ll.  mi.
«■■•■-   -.,-..   Si.,,,,
">- i   I   "  ii   t-
Vlsltlai Brethren cordially Invlled a. m
1 IIAXIIIIiiok I. I-:, s„,a
. IIA.VlllltlilK, It, r.
N '-l-l:,,..l.li.lT„.-.l„y ,.„.,,.,„.
ill Alilmttsdilh'.
•.:- ■ nil I'li'thri'ii cnnlinlly Invlleil
i m, "iviv.,' ii   w„ I,,,,,;,  s
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, It.
I lianas,     i tu-   (.'onservntives    were"."   '"   "  >'""> "''lore Ilns di
responsible I'm-thi.. and it was due  lnd w""1'1 Imve advuiieed   in .-„
ipous ■ .or liiis, ami tl was due " ai.vaueeu    m-
ll.i-in Hint  licenses Id  be  re-  su'iuonee.    Mr.  lialliher deserved
icwod or emicclhil  nt   the .-nil of  J!"'votes of the people for what Iu.
yyeural Hip option ot the ehiel   "J"! »Ioiir> in Ihe pnsl, and Hie pi
IE politics are barred m heaven
''"l ""sl""    "in     "t'V"1'   B,"'V   ,-„,vv.-.-„-.-n„„-np,   , I,,,'l ."•'"'■ '■" iuc past, anillliepeo-
"•<■"'■ commissioner of lauds and works,    "'.8| »l.™lo for hill   to prole,-,
Mr   Machniald weiil nn tu suv Hint   Ihoirown interests, lis tho Ivooteii-
Successful "Cookerle." Alt. .Mitcilonalil wint onto si}  t     ,        , |h
.   .   , ,   ,,,      ho mis  n fnvor of a .luiv on him-.  • ,   • ,. .1,
Tlie-i k.-ric   llml was held bv    „,.     .,,.,,.  , ,.,   nuniiisl   ''"'"" "'   '" l""'ml ''  '""'  ll"t "
the Indies of Christ church yes,,-,'--  A||'.,.,., l|t/     ,,„, „»„„,, , man who w.,,,1,1 si, I„. I Ipposi-
day wus n grenl boon to the peopleL,,,,, „„, ,„„,„.   „,,„|,|  be take, up  "0"   '™.(; ",9',        ,. ..    ...    .
who were looking for some excel-L, „,„ ,„,v|  s„ssi„„  „.,„,„   j,,,,;,!,      After ll lose of Mr Kings te-
cut   cooking   for      uinksgivtng.L.onM   ,„. ,,„„,..    He  we,  lo\""±       '   "^"IK closed   with
11 \*VH o good things .1 on- „„,, ,,„. ,.,,„„„ ,vhv ;, hm, Is nging    I Snvn Hie King   ami
stralcd that I riiiiln-ook liusn tiiiiii-I ,„-,,,.,|  I„ r, ,.,'„.,.  n,„i  :. I tlin I rs for banner,  .Maclnn-
. „, . . , , ,|tllllll,IISIII       llll       HI    I'll! I.,,*'       I   I I ■ I I       I E    | i    , I.i       ll-l
ber of ladies who are the  best  o !Was„„i,|„. policv of the  Liberal »W«n«lt.ull r.
cooks.    Ihe scheme turned out nil   „,.,.,   to tinker  with turill's   too 	
right hnnncudly nml wns n credit oftl,n, |n„ t|,„, „„. („1UBtion „.(,„|,| I Sl"ck Q"»t»»»«s.
to the liigemiity of the  individual ,„. ,„,.,.„     .lMhl,c. ;,,,_,. H,.Hsi„„.     Furnislted by Bcnle, &  Ehvell,
who proposed the idea, ;.„„! ,„,„, ,,tood something would  brokers, Cranbrook li. 0.
New Fire Aaparatus. j I"' done for the luiiiber business in | „, ,,, np .,„
The Are department has receiv-1 ih'ii'sh Cohunbi., !s,,iiiv,u,....:...:.:.:::::::~:z..:
ed new iio^lcs. cents nnd other np-,   Mr. Hacdotinld here went. „,,   o,N„r„, stnr  ,
purntus for use by the boys. When\m. "h"". Umf fl'r ',"'''*',   ol   ,"'m ' '"'""""•;"k"  ?
,1 ,,,,.,;,.   i,  ,, '   ;       ..'. i ,   i,i,   iumlila.    lie unilei-sli.od   I hat there   u ,■-..'.•.. oil  Con Company  a.,
tile new  lire hulls'- IS collipleei   te.                        ,   .   ,     .,.    i,  ■,-,,..     .         ■  ,,,.,      , ,,    ,„ -,,,,„
i„..H„.;iit    ;,    i„„    ,    I   . ., were eomp Hints tint   Br. is.  Col-   Ira mnnl Ull nnd Con] Company ".nil
boys will be in shape to doyeonnnu   ,. .       „ ,. „-,„,,-1.„„-,„-4 i i(ti„ ,-„.    i.m,
?erv  anil sometime when   there ","'",",J"!8.    Iy"If "   ," °"    ' '"  si. !«,,„. mi. Ml,,™        in
"•^"' Tl\lST,rt not l-bnn they should.   He tstnlod  iint\* rt^"' "'*        "
in; V     IftVO   M(!B tfttotl (•     is ..       I   i     ,i      i -,        i        tj l ui     in .i-im     i   i
..i.,.Mi -....iMimi;,,,,,    ti,   ,,i;   tonus u'oro not.matla by tho Liboral      Salus—St. Eugene 2o00;   later-
il I II IN |   I I III I [ I I l(| I    11 LI   ill        IH '[,1      ,1)1)11-' , I -, , , ■ i < i   , ,        i iiii -i I, i
nncesutay thank their find I1...I "ll Ilmrt>''   '""   liV   ""'  Cn,ia,.,',',.i.v..l national Coal and Coke ,iU0.
W'ht'ti witititiH anything in the
w;iy of fresh randies go to Hie.
• *••-* .♦*.. ••••!*.•....-.•.•... w,^...zr.;
We arc nun in shape to furnish all kinds uf
11  Orders promptly filled and delivered in town. l:or prices apply
|| King Lumber Mills Co. Limited
William Gordon
Itiirrisiers, Solicitors, lite.
Ilazell lllock Cranbrook, II
i       C, H, DUNBAr?
4    B.irrister, Solicitor,  Notary
J Public, Etc.
4    Cranhrook, -    B. C.
DRS. KINO & (ilvlili.N,
Physicians and Surg-eon*
Olllce iu Residence, Armstrong i.e.
Porennons,   ....   9:30 to II
Afternoons   •   •   •   •   l:J(lai.l:.lo
Breninis   •   ■   •   -    7.J0 to S:J0
CRAM1ROOK,    :    :    :     :       :    It.
DR. A   I). MORliAN
I'HVSICIAN and 'PRlilillV
in.,. .     .iiii-iiiinii .In
III...:    Uii.'UK-P.inl...
Hi nil,
McCalltim Block
i.e.-. iu.,. ii.,.,. :l.ir'(l,Hl.l',ai';,,ii:l»",|y-   ''"'   '*   ,l]1'  Consen-jdive | n, mil Coal nmTCoke Im
were not'Hie si .when   tliey  see  Purt}',' . H°«'evc-r, lie   believed ll
their hoincs saved by   Ihese si j   """",	
boys. I'°  "ul
■ Dominion governmeul were wi I	
■ concession,..     Th.
SILENT ommt)mmmiB.spwi
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
Bach month....
gives me more work iu Cranbrook. The people evidently
have confidence in tne and my
work.    See me for plans and
James Greer
Contractor nnd Builder
J Music furnishes' for noils, I'nrtlcs, etc,
Two In seven pieces,
,/ 1
I, Crnnhrouk,   ■    -    -    ll. C. J
• <
Wanted Imiiiedinlcly !
,,, »,il| I'm I Ti,...-. lt„M|ilini, ll,„,s,.|,,n,
nml I'.ur.iiil l.n.li... n.r    .limit pnv ..."l.l'
 ill Inv,    Tlumi In Ml tylii llilniinrl
1,11' II-INU'l.llll.V	
iiVLII anil ACltES
W„ Iimvi' I,'I-i-ultiiiitioii. over Una .nrrs
Niu'si'iv S k. iii.'l.i.lii.ii lli.-.'l.oi.-ivl nn,I
l.ci.1 i-ii,i.ill.i-liin.fi-liiir.li.iiii ricil-ii  lllllllll
iiur. VVn will itiiib'nr ptnnila tn rnstoninrn ...
nn...I oolaltitnn, triiis-li, |..ii.l Our iiui'IiIh
In.i-n.ivH|i.v.ulv.nil..«!. llml this linn ..I I...si
Inv. .'.in offrr tlll'llli    A'.f.l.v nuw for t.-ni.s.
HELIUM NUKSeilV CO . Toronto, On,.
Ndl -IVilliiinki.i.n..itini'iiii'i..H[i.rti...,il,ii;..|,,.v
nr Fur tl... Iui.mIIii.k nll'ttelnalve lel-rlinry,'
Repairing Promptly Done.
,. .    „ .....    I TIKIS. T. MiVITfll:, P
I ootwear to Measure a Specially; j, t. i.aiulaw, m. e.
. • IOI«ls>l*|a>l<)|a>IS>l#l<>l<>|.
Dr. Connolly,
'    Physician and Surgeon
'!  Olliee on Armstrong Avenue
ot'tcii hours:
|< to ll! ..  in
I im. i   in,
7 map in,
DR. DIDI.AKR, M, \l- C, \. s.
ll,,i-i,  Deniisir. and  Lnuieitess
II Specialty
1.1. In  ;t CUANIIKIIUI.. II 1
I |> hill iinai' in,,,
!>..« n i.
i,.v.   v.x,».    ,   M|| |||||(SH DBNT|gT
'I'hone 71
McVitlie & Laidlaw,
Minino; Engineers
and Surveyors,
TIKIS. T. MiVITfll!, P. I. S.


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