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Cranbrook Herald Nov 10, 1910

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 *</'   —
1  **•/
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lOr. ii line
Wn am well equipiwd \*
turn out the beitclwi
of work
vroi,i;mic i;i
^ ■*****K*tv_
NO. 38
Over-Production Blamed
A. E. Watts Tells why the Lumbering Huslness is
Dull Just Now
Trmto comli lions in Western Canada
nre nllllclcd    wilh llie snnie tllseitse
Uml    I roubles    ii,,* im,!.-    |„  *i
(duces, over product Ion Tin- lui'vll
ulilu law i>i suppl* ii ml linn.in.I In
supposed in ri '.ui.iir mntlers, iml
in tlir lumber business llini Inw is
slow in working "in ,i inii.nm', l
presume owing In llie fuel Uuil no
man)' ur.' not nlile, even it willing,
to res trie I ihelr niit|iiit owing to iln-
Jim-mi reasons i hcrcforu      vnlu-
utile Umber Is slaughtered nnd sai-ri-
lieril without j lold ing an) protll to
lhe operators, who ure worse limn
slaves working Ior ami acting as
millers between the upper end nether
millstones, I.iim nml capital.
1 iiitt-iuli-i) a greal nn etiag ol
manufacturers a few .l.n:-. since ami
tbe complaint wns aired lhat small
operators wen- \o Maine for the
glutted market mnl ruinous competition, I pointed <>;il Ibat tbe opposite was tbe case. Tbe manufacturers in g large way <<f business, most
ol them wiiii enormous overhead expenses for m-anngemeril and Interest
on borrowed capital, many nf whom
will admit tbat a long shut-down
spells ruin, simply have to keep going, even if thej st*!| Ihelr product
for less than cost, ami it is not in
tbe power of lhe smalt operator to
glut tin- market, and ibat Ite as a
rule, can restrict his output without
going to the wall Furtlter, the
small operator can successfully compete and beat the great overgrown
concerns in spite of their most modern labor-saving devices for a very
simple reason
A mill cutting enormous quantities
of logs very soon bas to gu far
afield to keep up lhe supply, and thc
extra cost*; entailed ar.* quickly felt.
The small mill man carries a small
stock i;.cn if lie wishes be could
not uiul the market, and lie is ia .
much lieticr position to hold I.i
stock and cense production. Whal i.
the reason?' Wc see big milllni
concerns attempting flotation pf huge
Inlet-mi **. to stilll tlw b irrtcii oi I icii
responsibilities on the public, who,
ii stupid enough, get caught on the
finely baited l k >t glowing prospectuses, Bhoffii | It! to '0 per cent
protit on sawing ... od, will be luck)
if thej gel nnj Intcn st. and maj
saj good-bye lo principal.
The generosity ..f the lumberman is
proverbial, but wc see him undei a
new pha&e w l.n he is s.> full ol the
mil', of limn.in I Indness .is to olfei
widows, orphans oi othei deluded
victims n glitlet li . ioi Innltj of
sharing bis burdens
Tbr Ium)
manly nun
appears to
Also Accomodation for Board of Trade, With Room to House
tinnnn ni Iho past was u
, i.ut Intense cultivation
hnve transformed Ium
into ii disciple ol high flnnnce,
which, translated, mentis tlmt lie
finds ii onsii i to saw the public limn
I., saw w I     l have been uphru <i
.•.I f..i speaking, writing and criticising (bis kind of tiling* I am lold
in) action i*. delrimeiitnl tn the in
teres Is ol Hu- Had.', thai ll needs
iliui.' capital Tor development.
11 is already over developed, when
for years pasl production has <-\
ceded consumption Further, ii is
ii fact already demonstrated that
hig concerns, supplied wiib nn abundance of capital nllt   of the pockets of
Ibe public, lind tbe money comes
easy and goes the same wny. That
acts as a detrimental factor In Ilu
trade, as such concerns pay the
hi ■'. ■ st salaries, wbicb nre not
earned. Tbey use their easily gotten funds for Illegitimate compel!
lion in manv ways. Therefore lhe
benefit is not to the trade, and it i
0 doubtful l.ein-lit anil one that will
lie of short duration to the recipients of tin* unearned tticre.
Tin- Wattsburg Lumber company,
of Wattsburg. II.C, will restrict
Ihelr logging operations fifty per
cent this winter, both for the Proctor and Wattsburg mills. The owners would rather keep their timber
'ban slaughter it ami give it away
al present prices. Tbey think Umber loti valuable nn asset to pari
with,  without  profit, and  tbat il
would bt> wise for all nperarors in
restrict their output iu times of depression, as that is ihe only possible
wny tn regulate prices.
Tbe Wattsin r company are making
aiH'tions to their sash and door factory     and     wood     pipes   works at
Wattsburg; also irrigating      several
thousand acres ol    laml there, whieli
tliey    propose    dividing into   small
farms foi employees who wish      to
make permanent homes.    Tbey    are
now grading    for a logging railroad
foui miles along the valley at Watt
burg.    Both sides of the track    ai
heavily Umbered with lir. pine    and
larch.    Kor thc Proctor   mill    they
arc grading a logging road up    thc
vail -j o| Itykcrt's Creek, near     tbt
International  boundar)   line nn     thi
Kootenay   river.      Thc      heaviest
grades In    both places arc onh tw
to three degrees roi a distance
four to five miles
The rcgulai  monthly meeting     ol i
ihe board "i trade look place     lasi
Tuesdaj  evening      Whilst  Hut,- was)
a fnlrlj | i attendance, there   were
nut nu man) present as the Importune 11 the business undei dtscu nlon
inert le i. In fact a large proportion o|
i In-se present lust Tuesday evening
were non-residents of the citj \ i
Uu- opening of tbe meeting Chairman
Hrymnei told ot the recent visit
paid to lie city by President Saunders, ol the Moose Jaw board of
trade Mr Saunders' visit had been
prompted bj a desire to bring together He (luce prairie provinces ami
Hritish Columbia in board ol trade
work lie holds that Ihelr interests
are practically tbe same and thai
they would make greater headway bj
working in harmony, lie specially
invited Cranhrook board of trade to
i their next bin
held m Lethbridge
****** W  m *%**,*%  m m t high  ll
*U' IM.
KOR URIOK III ii.wm;      *
was briefly discussed,
was taken, there being
to a
wbicb in en
send delegates
meeting, to I.
nexl •lime.
The matter
but no action
plenty of lime ^^^^^^^^^^^
The next two mailers lo come up
were referred to a special committee.
Tliey hail to do with special passenger rates between the east nnd Alberta,   and    the question of   freight
■tu i
I.    With regard
lying excessive   prices
* \i the joint committee meet* *
a. lug held this morning, at which •*■
* wen   presenl  representatives T>f **»
* the cltj c oi,    ami hoard of *
a* itiide to meet ibe cltj engineer, *
* architect ami contractor, M was *
* decided to petition   the council *
* to raise Uie sum ni >!.'.,mm, Hi i.s *
a* lieing the amount (be architect *
*' and city    engineer    considered **
* Mould cover the cost ol a brick *
* building,     li  was also decided •*■•*>
* In ask that     Uu- jail  walls be -*
* thicl'iucd and that a solid con- *
* crete wall be put in limit nf tbe *
* city ball *
* Tbe  above    recommendations **
* will he presented  lo   a special *
* meeting of the city council to- *
* morrow (Friday) evening. *
•ft -ft
the first matter, it was pointed out
that ibe c.l'.lt. were now granting
rates from the easl as far west
Cowley.        Tin se     rales,       it    was
;ht rates Imposed by thc
The president and seeretorj
of the board of trade will wall upon
Ur l ien ami endeavor lo ascertain
jusl how things stand in ibese regards
Ou mo I ion it was agreed that   lhe
board of trade si Id lend Ms     as
sistaiii-c in Hu- settlers on Perry
Creek in securing a mail service between Cranbrook and "Old Town,"
at least once a week. A petition for
the signatures of settlers has been
prepared ami will shortly be circulated throughout the district.
The next matter lo'receive ver)
earnest consideration wan the question o| a brick or a frame cily ball,
il was all one sided- IC very hody
wanted a brick building and no one
conl it understand, bow in the fuce of
the enterprise shown hy some of our
hanks, the city could refuse In pul up
a brick building. Anyway, the resolution tn appoint a committee to
wait upon the council and demand
I a brick building, passed unanimously
and petitions are now being circulated among the business men ami
property owners. Another commit-
Progress of Bull River Power
riayor Fink Greatly Impressed with Enterprise of
Geo, K. Henderson
thought, should be extended to Koo-jtee was appointed tu wait upon
tenay points.        With regard        lo council, after the building is up, ami
freight charges on coal, tbe      com-  arrange for   suitable accommodation
plaint was     general  Unit Crauhroo'l   for the board of trade
for their coal and this was believed l    Some other    minor  matters   were
to lie almost entirely due tu       ibe   disposed ol ami the board adjourned
Mayor   Fink   paid a  visit to   Hie
Mull Itiver power plant last week
and was great!) impressed with all
he new Mt Kink was great!) Impressed W it I. I he splendid tcii..ci I v
shown b) Mi Oeo K Henderson,
the organizer ami promote) ol lhe
enterprise. H was hi IflOS thai Mr.
Henderson inst ventured Into the
Hull Itiver country and brcan •- Impressed with Us electric power !><>--
slbilities At the outset lie had
very little mone), bul being convinced of the worth of bis undertaking,
In- stayed with tt until be bad Induced a number ol bis Wisconsin
friends io go in with him Having
induced his friends io come in it
wns not the easiest thing In thc
world tu keep them in and along In
1001 he again lell thc bite ol adverse
winds However, tie was Inured to
hardship bj this time ami slmplj did
noi Intend to in- beai If.- came out
alright and sime then has been
steadily perfecting one ol the finesl
power plants in Kast Kootenay Thc
last of ihe mnchliier) is now befog
hauled on lo Uie ground and tin* next
we shall heat ur tbe big plant will
i.e iis starting up
To give an    idea of the big Hume,
it may he said that    it  is 9200 In I
of the Future-A Study
* *
* cuvn; UToits wis oi T    ■*
* *
■a) Apparent!) lhe contrai tors *
4 have   won i.    the famous suit *
* against the rhc *
a* findings of t                    - have *
* been Bccureil *
■at contractors und the) are to the *
* following ■■■<■•■ Vrhltratoi *
-a Long finds fot    tin   ■   ilractoi    4.
* io the tunc ut trom  twelve    lo *
* u'iiin thousand do 4
•* Vrbltratoi Macdonald finds *X
*% fm the    school trustees lo the *
* tune oi tweul) tl sand dollai• *
•ft ami Judge Wilson lavoi - tin *
tft contractors to lhe tune ol Irom *
•ft si\ to eight thousand dollars *
•ft Presumohl) Un contractors will *
•ft gel judgment foi the amount *
•ft fixed upon   hj  .lodge Wilson In *
* Pecembci next, wlten the case *
•ft comes up (oi  final decision.       *
* tft
t'llltlHTI \\   ( tiM-'l ItlAt'i:
The conference ol Christian life and
work, which was conducted in Knox
church during Thursdaj and Friday,
under ibe leadership ol im Shearer,
Itev. !■' W Vnderson ami He*, II *t
Wilson, was concluded Kriday even
ing, \i Hie Insl meeting brlel
pointed address ivi re given i \ eacli
\isitint!. specialist, a Conference was
held with the bcssIoii ami managers,
nud with the Sunday school ollieers
and teachers. \i Iho close a meeting of the Moral and Social Reform
Counoll was held, at which a strong
resolution   was  passed   In   be  sent   In
ihe attorney gciu'inl regarding tin*
notorious and flagrant violation of
Ihe criminal law with regard to social vice and demanding thc enforcement of the law iu this particular
Similar resolutions were passed Ibe
day before hy representative meeting!
of both men and woman separalel)
I*. DeVere limit is away in the
Okanagan dislriel and wilt probably
aot return (or two or lliree weeks.
1*0     UK  IIIIH      1\   NKl.SON  ON
That delegates (o Ihe annual   con
nt the    Provincial Cons.iva
11 .     .-.>■'* latloii    ou    \o.,-m! i-i   I.
i :; in* in.tc   Hun  Itlcliard   M<
Url ii and all ibe members ot his
cabinet with the exception ol   Hoi.
W        I    flows t   and  Hon   Price  Kill-
sun will in- i,>.aiu entertained, and
that ever) endeavor wilt he made
ii ..'.i- ihe gathering one ol the
most notable events in iln- histort of
Nelson, was apparent Irom lhe rn
thiislastn displayed at preparations
alti-.niv made
ih. convention will open at 10
o'clock on the morning ol Novctnbei
i. ami will continue foi two days
Arrangements are heing made lo
inM a grand banquet In the tingles
hall, where the meetings ol Ihe eon-
-,.'uinm will ii.- held, on the night ol
t-he first da) \ti*i tbe banquet
(li pretnlei ami other prominent risl
tors will dcllvei addresses
Premlei  Mellride is expected       lo
I    .ch   Nelson   nil   \uVelllln*l    Ill lie
uil! hi- welcomed at the depol h) a
reception committee, who will also
concern themselves with lhe com
fori and entertainment of ihe many
other visitors
The first business at tlu- organization meeting was Uie selection of
delegates from Nelson. The meeting
voted that resolutions should be placed before Hit* coin cut ton ashing for
Hie completion of ihe wn-i-on road
between Nelson aud Balfour; tor the
construction nf a wagon road between Nelson and Yntlr, to which
point the governnienl is at present
building a mail from Snlnio, for the
completion nl tlie road between Nelson and Slocan City, aud up the
Little Slocan Itiver Valley to Kochs
Siding, lur government telephone
service between NelNon aud t'reslnii,
between Nelson and Salmo aud Slocan t'ilv, and for a more extended
use ol the ngent general's office li
London as a means of advertising Un
A study of tbe trend ol development in aeroplane construction renders il possible to predict with some
degree ol certainly the leading
characteristics ol thc aeroplane ol
tbe future, and especially of that
type wliich will be built purely fnr
racing purposes, Tbe following is
an attempted study along these
lines The w ntci bas n<> wish lo
assume the mir uf prophet, and the
accompanying drawings and ilcscrip-
lion are based inauih upon a survey
of the work which bas bean done
■i rln thc present year of phenomenal development b) Hu* designer,
tin- constructor, ami tbe airman. Thc
keynote *>i iins development is to be
found   It.    lhe  tail    Ilia!   tbe  speed     "f
(Ily .1. Bernard Walker.)
have considerable length. The
greater lciigllt also ill mid greatly
to the fore-and-aft stability in
The present wood-canvas-nnd-wire
construction will lane to go. It is
makeshift work nt Ibe best, aud was
adopted because, in the early days of
experiment, ii olTrred a cheap nud
light combination of material, and
one which, in the event of the inevitable breakages, Incidental to experimental work, could lie cheaply
and cuickly repaired lis place will
In* taken by some one of the many
remarkable alloys of steel which arc
now available-—metals of enormous
strength and toughness in proportion
to their weight      The use of    these,
Everything   has
ame   Strom;,   pet-
lollg,   7    lee
t   t
inches dc
.p.    and IS
feel     wldC
It   has    ;i
tirade of I j
inches to e
im. teet,
which ci*--. ■
a  veluciu
nf   1
2 feel |n-i
second ain!
ia capable
two arid   ..
hall limes
as n
inch .i.i*.
i   as   I-  . 01
eaineil    in
11      Hive.
diirm^   ten
months of
Frnm tlie
cr      end
at Uie Hume
the water
tic    conve
yd through
sicel pipes,
■S fi
el in diameter, to the
wheels. .171 feet below. Purina the
very lowest water thej can de-elope
over    25,000 h.p        Afu-r inspectn.i;
quired of them*
been done m this
innii.-ni manner
Mi Kink spiciall) remarked upon
the splendid control the) have ovei
tlie watei The intake, wbicb is located in a muI-. shuip bend oi the
river, fa protected Irom tlie current
in a largp projection ol solid rock.
Thr roller iiam is not, being huill
ni *olid ceiiu nt and heav) Umbers,
mid while it i-. to be os!) U feci high,
n will I'*- ..- :..m .is most IS nnd
I> fooi dams The appei .nd oi tlie
iluiiic. foi ahoul >u feet, is SO feel
note, then :,■• feet wide lot nnotnei
50u leet, at each ol the reductions
flood gates an- provided Wood
gates and spill ways are also provided ai the lower end There is a
saw mill ui connection with the
work, .imt when one knows thai over
2i million feel ol lumber, 1100 kegs
ol nails, besides large quantities ol
ir»n and winenl "ere usc.l In tlie
tonstiaction ol this trig powei plant,
one can icali-u* what ■■ ureal undertaking it reall) ».is
Mi Mian DeWoll is !.,..i engaged
in surveying the power line to Ferine Tins is unite an undertaking,
.is i! is neccssar) to no over a very
high summit, and through all kinds
ut brush ami Umber
Mr Henderson hopes to be aide to
ilellvei powei earl) next year, not
only to Fernie. hm to Fort Steele,
t'ranbrook,  Moyie,  Marysville,  Kim-
!" r!c>.      Ilostner,     Michel.   Coleiiian,
Btairmorc and Frank His prices
will be ..ti reasonable, with a view-
to working up a big business throughout South Eastern ft   C
Tbe puner linos will In- constructed
in straight lines across country and
if you will lake the trouble to
tody the map you will discover that
icroplane     in     stralght-awa) j coupled with careful designing by the
thght has rtseu during the   pasl year j skilled   engineer,     will make it pos-
Irom mu to seventy-five miles an
hour, and lhat thi "hi ie ribbon" of
thc .. : f we n ij I orron a nautical
phrase) lias passed from the biplane
to the monoplane, the type which,
ai Ihe present «i iting, is su far iu
the lead, as to speed, lightness and
st anil ft). that It stands in a .-lass by
The racer ol the future, Mien, will
he a monoplane; ami in narrowing
down to ibis type, man is nut treading in the footsteps nl Nature, the
mash i builder, who, working
through a process ol evolution that
inis stretched nut ovei millions ol
yenrs has produced, In that wonderful bu.I. ilu- albatross, the perfect
[lying machine The future highspeed flyer, then, "ill possess the
same tapering, rounded body and the
wni. spread wings <-f narrow width
which characterize the swiftest ol'thc
birds. Langley, In Ins classic re-,
searches, tdiowed fhoi it was Hie
leading portion uf a plan.- which was
the mosl ellicieiii, anil this for     ibe
that   ii
I., fresh
ait Ile   shun
portion oi Un
work upon nir
eeived from tb
wa ■ continually mov-
i.n.iies ,,f undisturbed
"1 that as lira alter
plane bad In do its
which bad already re-
foiwar.l portion      a
Bible to produce an aeroplane nf
much greater strength, thai will
weigh no more than tin- present machine, and will present far less resistance
The principal resistances encountered by an aeroplane when in flight are
those die to Ih- lift and the head
surface. Tbe resistance due to the
lift js fairly constant; for as ibe
speed increases the angle of incidence
decreases, ami there is always an
adjustment between the two which
pro\ides sullieient vertical reaction
nt all times to lift lhe weight of
500 to I.OIIU pounds, as the cast-
lie. The bead resistance, how
increases approximately as the
square o| U.e speed, and il it i.s |00J
pounds, say, at tu miles per hour, il
will rise In 100 pounds at 80 miles.
per hour. Hence the great Importance, in a racing machine, of reducing the bead surface tn the feast
possible limit ens stent with structural requirements.
It is this consul.-! at ion nl head resistance which lias doomed the biplane as a purely racing type. When
Octave t'hanute built the first biplane
glider, wilh its light, but very rigid
Pratt trussing nf vertical wooden
struts nud diagonal wire ties, ho
produced an excellent piece of engl-
nectins construction, which has
proved to It ideally adapted to the
early experimental stage which is
now drawing to Its close, but lor
high-speed results, liecanse ol I
large amount of   bead surface   pro
mted, the P'att    truss   < ;.-• ..- I
to ultimate extinction. Unquestionable, the higher speeds which havi
been attained by the monoplane an
due largely to the fact that Us tins
sing is simpler, and the head sur
•'■" i face, parlicttlath ol the   wire stays
downward velocity, Ibis air was unable to provide lhe effective reaction
which was exerted by air absolutely
Inert Hence it follows that a
plane .". feel in width by 10 feet fn
length would be rendered more ellicient il it weie divided longitudinally, and tho same area were presented fn a plane 2J feet wide nud 2\i
feel iu length. The wings ol the
racer will be lung and narrow; and
when Ihey come to he built of metal
Instead of ibe present uoi.il and labile, 11 will be possible lu give then
those sweeping, rounded forms which' js rolativ-nlv much Iota
prevent cddy-maklng, and also, from!
a constructional point of view, add
not a hide to the strength The
bod) will be of a gotiernlly circular!
ut oval section; and in allow of a
long ami grnilunl taper, for east; in
traversing    the   air,    the body will | projected area.     As the speed
Now a* word'as (« the resistance
offered hy a ninss-ol tightly-strung
wires.' Prof. I.amrley showed in his*
whirling-table experiments thai ibe
resistance of a wire is much greater
than Unit which would be due lo its
creased,    the    resistance would
rather quiekly until, at a ceXtftiu
critical point, at which lhe wire
would sing with a peculiar note,
there was a sudden and verv large
jump in the resistance. This is explained by the fact that the rate of
vibration ot the wire under the itish
of air is so great that it practically
presents a solid surface, whose width
[S equal to thc amplitude ot vibration. Hence a tightly strung wire
presents a resistauee to t he air
which is seemingly oui ol all proportion to iis actual surface.
It follows, then, that even lhe
simple king-pin trussing of the Hb-r
iot and Antoinette types must go if
we are to achieve the fiitib speeds
which are predicted for the future
racing machine. Now ibis will be
possible only if some high-grade sheet
metal is substituted for the canvas
of the wing surface, ami the ueees.
sary transverse bending strength is
secured by means of plate-steel members inclosed within the wing surfaces
and strongly riveted 1.. the structure
ol the main body of iln* machine.
Tbi> form of wing shown iu oui
drawings will afford a sufficient!)
strong construction in metal Tin'
wings should widen considerably as
tbey approach Hu- bodv. (or ibis
would provide Increasing space between the upper and under surfaces,
and allow ihe depth of ibe channels
to be Increased proportionate!) to
Lhe bending stresses These chan
ue Is would Ik* earrie.l Into Un- main
body aud riveted lo transverse dla
phragms, which should he so out thai
the metal of the diaphragm would
extend unbroken for some distance
into the wings. We are convinced
ibat to careful designing, the selection of the highest grades ol steel,
nnd h) first-class workmanship, ll
will lie |Hissibl(- iu provide wings ol
ample strength without exceeding the
limit ..I weight Imposed by aeroplane
requirements. Duckling in thc lore
and aft direction will be provided
against hy rolling tbe metal of lhe
wing surfaces with shallow corrugations, as shown iu the drawings. The
main body of the aeroplane will Inbuilt also of thin sh.-et metal, and
will Is- general!) elliptical in cross
section, two very light trusses, one
horizontal, the other vertical, e\
tending front the operator to near lhe
tail. The chords of these trusses
will in- formed of light T**lron.
To provide fur the heavy loads and
stresses Unit are concentrated at the
wings and motor, the T-lrons ol the
trusses will in* increased in depth
and run entirely around Hie forward
end ol the body, forming, al Iheir
Intersection in the nose, a strong
construction (oi carrying tin- motor
Additional strength will he provided
by transverse diaphragms li is un-
ilcrslood, ol course, that all nl   this
the wnrk. Mayor Fink expresses the Moyie. (."ranbrook,    Fernie and l"ole-
opinion tbat over)  bll ol it has been man are     almost'in a straight line,
constructed in the best possible man- and   the    distances    from Movie to
ner. with a view to permanency    Poi CoU-ir.an     would   be less    than 100
ustancc, it is estimated thai    there miles
s iii tons pressure betweeh      ever)      Everyone will
pair ol uprights wbicb support Ute
sides nf the flume, bul these uprights will stand a strain ol SO
tons, iir rive times as much as i, re-
__mmm^_mmmmm_mm ,*t*"I|d *° Mr Henderson th" best wishes for a very
s'iceessf'jl outcome ul his big undertaking, into which Iip has pi Tinned so
boldly and enthusiastically
A     Rl ssKl.l. TO HOLD     BIO
F A HnnseW,
estate man, v
commencing nexl
block of land.
Mary's Prairie.
the well known real
ill -jell    by auction
Wednesday, a   big
situated   un    St.
This block is bound-
((\Krtim»d oa pags sight.)
ed un the south by St. Mary's river,
•ui the east by the Kootcna) ri.
er, un the north by t'nerrj ('reel
and on the west b) the Selkirk
mountains. Its nearest point to
Cranlirook is about eight miles distant and it lies within iiu* miles of
tlie village oi U'ycliffe. The greatti
part of the land, some four thousand
acres in all. is rolling prairie. There
are several lakes on the property.
Tie* land will grow anything yuu
plant uu it There is siu.nl fishing
and Bhootlng
Ttie soil is black loam, with
streaks nl gravel running through
it wiih n hcavj clay sub-soil Pap-
able nf producing an) kind ol crops
will i the aid of artificial Irrigation, as ran be seen demonstrated
throughout  the district
Tt.e magnificent specimens ol
wh.-al, oats, baib-i and potatoes
now on rim In Ui F \ Itussell'**
ollice, grew    on    this land        'Set
This stretch of land is really a
continuance rd the Flathead district
in Montana Hut it is really better
than tb'' Flathead Tbe winter un
si. Mary's Prairie is milder,      the
snow,  once  it   ionics,   slays all     Win*
ler, whereas in  Molilalia,    it ei
one da) and leaves tbe nest, making
it bad fm every boil)
Down in Montana thej used ' i iaj
yuu would starve 1.. death if \*>u
went on the Flathead grounds, but
the only people who ncarlj sianc.i
tu death were the people living      in
KaliSpctl,     and     would nol   lake     a
The settlers at present on these
St Mary's lauds are rathei prospectors than farmers A good tanner
would uni sell ihis laml. Kxp< rts
wbo have visited this land, all speak
highly "[ iis possibilities Everj
section >.f this territory can he
reached by good roads, either in nn
auto or a huggy. A dailv train
serves Ibis section and tluie is a
splendid      malket   in   tlie  surrounding
lumbering camps fnr everything that
can be produced. There are about
2't mills within a radius nf filly miles
of tbis puint and each <>f thcio
, mills buys annually Irom 'ton to imiu
tarn ■■: bay, In addition to large supplies of vegetables
Tbe land i*. alreadj for lhe tanner
r.» go to work on, preferaWj with a
steam plow.
There is a public school, posl ol-
8ce and church within three miles
of almost any point on this land.
Finally it may be said that ibe
land will be sold in blocks of 80,
IM 120 and larger tracts. Titles
guaranteed Watei foi domestic
purposes ean be secured at anj depth
of from *■ to 10 feet The plan- ol
sal.* will be the largo store next
itoor lo the C-fuain Kleetrical Supply
company's store, on Van Home
itreel     liat*-* and time ol commence-
■ er,'       will   t.t-   1"    a m    Wednesday,
November I8tb, and wifl continue until  Hie land is disposed nf
Mr i'lu- Waterman, ol Kelson,
.nil be the auctioneer Further particulars, plans, etc ean )**■ obtained
nt Mr   F. A* Russell.
IS        U.ASK.W     ISLAND
Wll Kit F Uomi-.n i-ri.K
TIIK Itoosi
Opponents ol the hallm fur women
who bold Tbat s'lftraf-/* would redact
u.e babj crop are now provided with
fails tu pm.e Mnl. a thaorj \n-
tfaropologists who ban i*tn Invest!*
istlng conditions in S'ualvmli Island,
Oil   I.'k    U..-.-.I      mast   jn  tbe  It-'hlltig
Sea, report a curious state ol affairs
It i** alleged thai Ike women of the
•ni*-- ..r* in complete rbarge ol all
Important affairs -jfli-rtmc Uu- welfare nf tbe family or th'* entire
people, and thai Uu* men hare no
voice in nich matters hating been
reduced lo a condition almost res'-mid mu servitude. The women
wear trousers, literal!} as well as
figuratively, as skirts an- unknown.
Now Comes tbe point thai will Interest the antl-sultraglsts, Then
are practical!) no children on tbe island, as oui of an average of ten
marriages only om- child is born.
liuriiiR Um lasl decade onh seven
Children have been )>•■•'■ and the
population of H.e island fins lieen reduced to less than 200 Unless conditions change, il is prcilicti-d lhat
the island will be dt-poptilntcd within
twenty years
•f R OriUlth, provincial government engineer, was In town during
the week, inspecting some bridge
Work Supl   Hood now has under way eUK   OUA.NHI.-OOK   UJtttAtiO
ri m h m a r: a a J e e «.3 h n l ,
Look at this Real Fire Box
[i is wide, long, and deep, It 1ms tho coal cnpncily
thai, makes cooking cosy all over the top—and 'or
licatinji lw oven so thut a large joint roasts perfectly
; • th,      .. M ire, ii jiiim fuel and reduces coal
bills, You'll never have I" sacrifice your baking for
vour cookii u top * ith this reliable lire box. Tho
1„ gj i*. all   i '* aUvuj ** certain.
There are a great many more exclusive points of merit
in a Kootenay that you must see i" thoroughly understand, The nearest McClary agent will gladly go over
them with you, one by one*. ' Beforo you decide on any
range write the nearest McClary branch for mil par-
mly a cent lor information iliai
icket, :.n
ary-s «
Unulo.,    Toronto,     M .1,     V/ioniMi,     V .,:.,»v.r,     Si. John. IO,     n.,,,,1. *,*,    C.1..I-.
For Sa!e by Patmore Bros.
YOU'LL get more
downright wear
and comfort out of a
n Prussian * Overcoat
than you ever thought
you could get for $ 16.
Both tingle and double
breasted styles—in new
and exclusive patterns,
with the tone and
elegance that Fit-
Reform designers alone
can give to a garment.
\   $18. to $35.
Sole Agents in Cianbiook.
oi    ;*• and Cod Liver Oil
Matt-lien'.-, Syrnji
large hollle 35c.
Nervine Powder.
IS in ho-i 25c*.
This famous remedy is made
of two curative agents of proved
efficac} in diseases of the throat
..I,.! lungs.
ileith Tar directly relieves a
. ou [li or cold, and at once begins
to hen] the delicate passages; Cod
.''.vi-1 'il sirengtliens.aiid builds up
the system. These two ingredients
i re scientifically combined in the
j* asant*tasting Mathieu's .Syrup.
Mathieu's Syrup does not merely
suppress thc syinptous of disease,
it removes their cause, It not only
relieves—it cures.
There is nothing better for
children. Thev like it, and should
take it on the first appearance of a
cold. Keep a bottle always at hand.
When feverish take "Mathieu's
Nervine Powders as well as the
Syrup—*5 cts a package, containing 18 powders.
J   1    MaTMIEU CO, Pr.p*».    iHIDMOOKE. QUI.
*** - ,,, ,. fcfaaaaWaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal
Foley Bros, Larson & Company
Winnipeg, Edmonton, Vancouver, Saskatoon.
I.aiin' bach coma., mi middcnl) nml
Id extremely painful. It Is caused hy
rliouitiatlsm ui tin* muscles, c^ulck
rcliel is alTordetl by npplylng Cliam
berlaln's Liniment. Sold by all
itriiggl.st.*. ,ii,it dcalci *. 17-tl
Front room lo tent on Armstrong
avenue; all conveniences. Moderate
prico, Apply Uox i, Herald ol
flee, uut*
Good stable lo rent cheap, Ap
ply Roi I, Herald oitiee. 35.tr
Just as tlreafc Britain created
world-wide surprise live years ago
hy laying tluwn a Dreadnought embodying all      the hig gun principles,
mt caused practically all tlio naval
shipyards of the world to stand idle
while their construction plans were
reconsidered and amended, so now
again the Hritish naval constructors
got ahead of Ihelr rivals with the new
thirteen-inch gull which is being
nmemlod in thc newest Dreadnoughts.
This gun throws a 1,850 pound shell,
whereas the twelve inch weapons
with which lhe original Dreadnoughts are armed takes only an
ttf-O-potiml shell.
The while naval outlook has been
changed hy the secrecy which the
Hritish admiralty has preserved regarding the new weapons. It was
ii"t until last August that it became
known thai the admiralty had placed nrders loi a number nf thirteen
inch guns nml mountings lor all the
new vessels ol the Dreadnought type
under coast met Ion.
This itevulopmcnl li.nl surprising results In (iermany. Directly the
news n| thi' change iu tbe Hritish
construction policy was received
ihere tin- preparations for thc construction of four Dreadnoughts which
were to carry twelve inch guns were
suspended with a view to the reconsideration of their armament. Consequently the relative naval strength
nf (ireat Britain and (iermany ..'as
seriously afTecled.
Today Britain possesses ten
Dreadnoughts complete, and
have twelve by April next,
Germany will have five in commi'
sion. Mr. Asqulth's computation
lhat April, 1013, would see Briluiu
witli twenty-live ami Germany with
Iweniy-nm- Dreadnoughts, will not
turn out correct. This critical per
lod, of which so much dread has been
expressed in Britain, cannot lie 1013.
Hj accelerating work Germany may
complete twenty-one Dr-esnuoiiglits hy
April, Hill, nt which date the British lleet will possess twenty-live vessels, plm*; those in next year's naval
The annual report ol the Depart
ment ol Railways and Canals jusl issued, containing Mr. A. VY. Camp*
lull's lirst I'liiiipeiiitiuiii as -deputy
minister of tin* year's work of the
department, gives some Illuminative
statistics ot the rapid development Ot
the transportation facilities and rail
way ami canal huslness ni the Douiin
Ion Some ol the outstanding (acts
noted an* as follows:
The capital expenditure dnhug the
past lineal year on national traii-scon-
llneiitol railway const ruction was
$10,008,12-8, bringing the total ex
pcndilure on March Ust last up I
171,018,813, representing 1,109 mile
ol the line graded, KI3 miles ol track
laid, -md a little over mi per cent rl
the whole work from Winnipeg
Moncton completed.
Tlie revenue ol the Intercolonial m-
creosed by 17-11,109, working expenses
were reduced by $082,951, the
proiit was 1023,16*1, and there was a
net ho tier men I ol not less than 01,-
121,116, as compared witli the pre?
Ions year.
Itailway subsidies earned during ll.
year amounted to $2,u]8,0!i;.
Tlw grand total of fcd-*ral expend!
tun on the railways and canals of
Canada on March 31st last v.as
$550,326,787, ol which fl26t328,9*M
was spent on canals. Tlie total canal traffic amounted to 83,720,71*9
tons, an Increase oi Kt,2ti,!»2K, or
nearly 100 per cent*, as compared
with 1008.
The gross earnings of the government toads for the twelve lumllo
ended March il last amounted t.
10,017,003, the working expense.*
amounted to $9,095,008, showing I
proiit of $559,059, Tin* Intercolonial
railway working expenses amounted
tn $0,268,981, a proiit ot $92-9-194-
Thr   Windsor     branch maintenance
expenditure amounted to ?......">r-. the
earnings amounted to fwi,i;:,.t, leaving a profit of $37,101. The PflftCt
Edward Mawl working eipeOJM
amounted to $127,282; its earnings
amounted to $319,071, the deficit he
int. $108,908
The number m| passengers carried
ou the lulltcolonlal last year wi
3,122,82-1, an increase nl 215,087
compared with tlie previous year.
Revenue producing freight tntallln*
•l..1:17,..Ml Ions was tarried, an In-
.-rcase of 353,269 tons.
Mr. Campbell declares that the
whole mad was never In hettrr con
dition than nt the present time.
I, Thomas Um. liar dm, intend to
apply Ior permission to purchase
eighty <x(i) ncr-*s ot Und bounded as
Commencing at tbis posl (being
planted al the south-vast corner nl
Lot Sim;, ((roup 1, Kootenay      l>l§*
. trlct), thenee   east 20 chains, thence
north  Hi chains,    thence west        2ft
I Chains, Ihence south 10 chains.
, Tho*.   Wm. Ilarnes.
'    1Kb October, l.ilii st-91
The "Carnbrook Herald" has
had prepared a
"Map of the World"
including; Special Maps of
British Columbia, Alberta. Canada,
and the United States, by    ■    -
The Geographical   Publishing: Company
Invaluable   as   a   Work
of Reference
To In* uWen nway
Paid up Subscribers to the
Due at thine Splemliil Maps will l»* given tn each mnl every
subierib *r to tiie "Herald" who renews liiu ur her Milw-ription
(ur une year frmn date, paying all arrears, if any.
This map ran Im* seen at the "Herald" otliiv.    It is a work that
siniulil  liml ii place in every home ami place uf business in
Kant Kootenay.
A  copy  of   this  map  will  be
mailed to any New Subscriber
upon receipt of one year's
Subscription to the
"Herald" $2.00
A limited number only available,   secure  your
copy now.
On   Sale, Exclusively  in   East   Kootenay
by the
Herald Publishing Co. THK   CRN* BROOK    IIKIIAM*
ro^vvvvvvvvvvvvv'^TVvvvvvvv^^^vv^^v^^vv'vVvvr \ \ vvv*:^ i i i iyv-h. r-*-*
To   Investors,   Land  Seekers  and   Farmers
a great opportunity to secure British Columbia Fruit Lands at your own price
November 16 & 17, 1910
Acting Under the Instructions from Owners 1 will offer for sale
4000 Acres of First-Class Fruit Land
All within Five Miles of Railroad Station and from 8 to 12 miles from City of Cranbrook-Population
3,500—in Tracts of 40, 80, 160, 320 and 640 acres: also two larger tracts of land of 1,600 acres each.
Several of these are   partly   Improved Farms having from  20  to 200 acres   under   cultivation,  with
fencing, buildings, etc., and are very valuable properties.
Its closest point to Cranbrook is 7 miles; it is only  three  miles from  Wycliffe, a small town  on a branch line run 11 in;*-; frum Cranbrook through
Wycliffe, Marysville and up as far  Kimberly.
Guides Furnished Free of Charge to Intending Purchasers During the Week Prior to Sale.
Each Tract will be offered separate, subject to a very reasonable reserve bid, which has not and will not be announced until day of sale.
This is the only Prairie Land in East Kootenay having a rich.black soil that is available for purchase. Good Hunting and Fishing.
Reference- Canadian bank of Commerce,
For  Maps, ami other information aililress
Charles Waterman       Fred A. Russell
Auctioneer, Nelson, B.C. Superintendent of Sales, Cranbrook, B.C.
Jm\\\\\\\\\^.^\\\\\\\\\^^v^vvvvv^vvvNA ss vvvvvwvv s assess 11 s^SBga
§ ■
g 01
Coming Coming Coming
Friday, November n, 1010
Saturday, November 12.
Tuesday, November 15.
Ihis   Choir   has  been   secured   for a Cranbrook   audience al an
enormous expense and deserves your patronage.
Wednesday, November 16.
All above Shows Guaranteed First-Class or your money cheerfully
News of the District
In business for your amusement,
R. A. FRASER       S
jOTODocuacna-j aaoflBBBaaaaQyoigaBBMBrao
(Special correspondence.)
Tin* Ki-riiii' ini'ii wlm went up to
I'res ton to take part lu thc rilli*
challenge, (-unit* home feeliiifi t li.it
tht1}' had been beaten, hut tliey know
not how it happened, However,
they were royally entertained hy
the CrestOD'aSrlcksoi) people, and
even tlii*iii;li tliey wen- heat-en hy two
points the victory fell into the hands
o| gentlemen.
A lew days ago tor. W. S. Stanley
received thc sad news that liis mother had died in Los Angeles, Cal,
Mr. Womack has resigned his position as city clerk and will leave the
oflicc on Xovemh''r tTth. The council met on Tuesday. November nth,
ta consider applications for this po-
The Men's club, recently organized,
held Ihelr weekly meeting ft the
basement ol the l'rethylerian church
on Monday evening
Tue Kive Hundred Huh lias been
re-organi/ed. Mrs Mott entertained
the club Ior tbe lirsl time on TueS-
office on November 17th. The conn*
a lew new members are added to
take the place ol a few wbo hnve
gone away since the club broke up
last spring.
Mrs. Washburn, wife ol Contractor
Washburn, lelt on Wednesday lor
Spokane, where she will s|H'iul a lew-
weeks visit inn iriends.
Tlie yaw mill of the Klk Lumber
company closed down on Thursday
night, November 3rd, lor thn winter.
The planing mill is expected to he
kept in operation during the greater
part ol tlie winter.
Mrs. Spaldim, and Miss Spalding
arrived from Kngland lasl week and
nre making their home iu the house
formerly occupied by .Mayor llercb-
Mrs. T. Oaltncy, ol Wardner, spent
Saturday In Fertile
Mlsa M. Morrison spent the week
end In Wardner.
The new Home Dank is making
rapid strides towards completion and
will, when finished, lie among Fer
life's best hriek buildings.
The Knglish and Ituptlst churches
are also coming along, although
rather slowly, but when ftiitslicd will
no doubt show- the public that it
pays to take your time.
Kernie is having its share ol lull
ruin Just at present,    11 .1 continues
to stream down for many more
days there will be no rain left in
heaven. The hollows must surely he
quite full enough for -lack Pros I to
come ami turn them into skating
rinks at nny time.
Contractor .1. Wood is hurrying on
with the sewerage and is oderlng -M
pei day for men to assist, No man
need walk the -streets or rails looking lor work or complaining ol hard
times, as the lumber companies ate
also seeking men to go to the bush
(Special correspondence.)
.Mr. Archie McKacliern. of Wyclille,
is here assisting Mr. Kyle, who is
erecting the wire lnr the electric
.Miss M. S. Morrison, ol the Fernie
public school, spent the week end
with friends in town.
Mr. Kd. l.eltoy was in Kernie lasl
week on business.
Mr. Fred Speaker, of Jaffray, spent
Sunday with liis family in town
Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and family
who arrived in town a lew day-.
ago, are moving into one of the
company's cottages on the hill.
Rev, Wilson, ol st. Andrew's Presbyterian church, Vancouver, preached
in ibe Wardner church lasl Sundaj
evening at 7.80 p.m The churcli
was fairly well tilled and everyone
present thoroughly enjoyed Mi
Wilson's discourse. Next Sunda).
Kev. Sinclair, late of Scotland, wili
preach. Mr. Sinclair has hern ap*
pointed to take charge ol the Ward-
tier cliurch, also the others belonging
to this Hold.
Beautiful weather still prevails,
which prolongs the work ut the big
saw mill.
Mr. Thomas Watson, rancher, was
iu Cranhrook last Wednesday on
Mr. Oeo. Powell was doing business in lown last Tuesday.
Mayor Fink called on friends ben
last- Wednesday.
Mr. It. T. Iirymuer, manager of
the Canadian Hank ol Commerce,
Cranbrook, spent Sunday witli Iriends
In town.
-—     *■»'■•»■■■>* ■
We are overstocked with Kertili/ei
and will sell at cost to clear. All
tacked in ISO lb. sacks —I' Hums A
Co.. Mmttod. -M-2t
(Sjieeial correspondence.!
The Social Isl part; advertised a
lance to take place in the Oatewmj
hall on the eve ol .•lection, but to
the   disappointment ol many,       the
nice  did   not   take  place
Mr. and Mrs. Joule entertained ■
lew of ihelr An erican neighbor* at
dinner on Monday night.
(.,iii'\.ay should ire advertised a*, a
icalth resorl While nelgW h -
towns on both sides of the line bate
cases o( sickness, we can tho*** a
lean ' bill ol '■■•■
An enjoyable dance was held here
m Saturdaj      Al midnight a   most
delicious -.upper ua-« served. The
; usic was >upplied by Messrs. Whitmans, Mrs Harvey Voung and Mrs.
Smith were the hostesses- ar.d everybody enjoyed themselves.
Mr Webb Harvey took a run ovei
to Kureka, Mont-, to visit his people
oa Monday and also to vote.
Mr IK-Wolfe. ol tbe Bonners Ferry
Limber company, was in town on
.Monday inspect.n* the camps.
I>r. Boyardos, ot Kureka. Mont .
tout a run over to Gateway on
Sur.dar in his- new automobile lie
was .,'■■■•..pamed by Mr. Howe, who
also rrttsVi in Kureka
Tbe -.'- departraaat of Uis paper la
equipped with tat o.«l up-to-daU
faces of type. You fat wbat you
waat when you tut it al tbe Her*
iHF. GLOVE OF 1910
is the
Ripless Glove
A popular nut-loam glove f*.r
i..,r.l v..-ar. So Ititchinjf nr
-.-um-. Inaide in hurl la.  ,,. li •
Tin* ieama an* conceal ■<! .*.t
ll;.* Anger liji. hy mi extra ; i* *■
*.f li-alli'T. wiiii-lt Gorki ovi r ni:il
protect*, the ititcblug.
Tht* mon It'l worn Iln* i*r»*;*l-
ir the prote* tii'ii to lhe i!ili*h-
The moil ,1'iraMi- i-low ever
Practically    an   everlasting  ,J
Positively guarantefil NCT
TO RIP ami backed in 1 I'll B. K. ERATO
Sold by l.-ailitrr dealer*
throughout Canada.
Made nml .'iiiirmiteed by 111*;
Ihe  Expert   Clov.    and   Mitt Maker* of  Canada THJO   OHANBKOOK   UJflJtAJLJL)
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
F. J. Deane, Managing Kditor.
CKANBROUK. B. C.. November II, lOIUJ
It is nol often Hint the result of a
hye-eleetiori Is specially Interesting.
Sometimes it mnj he inketi its indl-
cattng the trend of the general elections, when they an neat iti hand,
hut as .1 general rule they nre usually decided upon largely local circumstances, in the case ol the Ortim-
niond Athabasca bye-election, there
was an issue nt stake of a good deal
greater linportaacc    than Is usually
Hie Case,   an   issue  affecting  the alti
tiide ol Canada on the naval yiies-
tii.n. \s is well known sn Wilfrid
Lnurier had outlined a naval pollcj
that met with the more 01 leas gen
eral support of the Canadian people,
saw among a section ol the resid
ents of Quebec, wlm. led mi hy
Moiirassa uiul the ex-Torj Lendei
Monk, revolted against anj contribution being paid iu nit! nl the main
lenanue ol the na>> The result ol
the election was a fairly decisive lie*
duration in favor of no assistance.
When asked wlmi he thought or th,
on Leo l no, Sir Wilfrid Lnurier expressed himself as follows:
"The government lias received a
blow, of course, but il should not be
exaggerated. I feel very much like
Abraham Lincoln did on lhe nrcation
ol just such a reverse He was asked hy a friend what he thought o;
it, just as you nsk ium. Lincoln
replied: 'I feel like the little boy who
hurt his Loe, too sme to laugh nnd
loo big to cry ' The charge Mi.it
Laurier has been hoisted bv ills <>v n
petard is untrue. Laurier lias nevot
exerted his Influence with the Kr.-iiui*
Canadians against ihe English Cnnn-
diaus or ever done anything hut if
to prevent racial prejudice .11 < 'nn-
The matter would after all be hut
of minor importance 01 significance,
were it not for ihe fcict that .some of
tlu* Conservative workers tool; ad
vantage of tbe occustbii to niisrepre
Kent On' situation entirely to tin
electors, many of whom wire ignor
ant habitants, Kor instance, V.
Ulomlin, Conservative MP. h-l
Chainplain, is reported to have sp ■'•-
en to the Drummond electors as foi-
"Tlie K.iglis'h have never doni
anything for the French-Canadians.
We owe them nothing. The French-
Canadians do nut, want to hothei
themselves about what may be salt
or done in the other provinces on
this question of the navy. They
tan aud miis-t settle the Questions
which interest them without occupying themselves with others.      Those
who cut to pieces (literal!) disciit-
bowclled) your lathers un the Plains
of Abraham ask you today to go and
gel yoursehes killed for ihem."
(•'.lectors oi (/uebee bave condemned
thc policy of Sir Wilfrid Laurier.
What would tbey have done to the
policy of Hon. ]{. |.. Hordcn? The
Tory policy nroposed sending several
millions to England, to he spent in
building ships over which llie Canadian people would have no say whatever. However, it is facts, not
theories, the people of Quebec are up
against, and Ihey will have to be
taught, quickly and plainly, that they
must play their part in the defense
ol their common eountrj.
There will be no two opinions iu
regard to the erection of a substantial brick building for city hall purposes, Not only will it he a decld-;
wily good investment to have out
city hall housed in a substantial
manner, but   it  will also serve as an
*%*% + + + *% + + * + *****%**.
*> *
*   **
* \ full meeting of the board of *
* trade is called for tomorrow <*
., (Kriday) evening ut lhe cily t*>
*f* hall, to meet the   eitv council. *
Every member   is requested to •*
* attend. *
* *
encouragement In others lo hullil
of brick rather than wood. The
time is at band when the eitv will
have to enforce building restrictions
and a more opportune time lo start
could not l.c imagined than when
the eitv is nhout to engage in building ou its own account.
The Herald has been Informed, with
a good deal of emphasis, thut the
opera I10i1.se was bitterly cold last
night.    Those wlm had gathered   to
hear Lieut-Colonel Pugmlre's leel	
were too cold io pay much attention
tberelo The Salvation Army people
paid $35 for the rent of the opera
house and thev were entitled to have
ii pmperlv liealed* Manager Kraser
has been trying to secure belter nl-
inielions for the Opera house, bin
he should nol overlook the comfort
of patron-- If the opera house get
the name of being chilly there will
lie a falling oil in patronage that
will make u few tons of coal look
mighty cheap.
The Orand International Vuviliarv
io ihe Locomotive Engineers held
their regular meeting last Monday
night, when ,, candidate vvas received
Into the order It is hoped that
others will fall into line*
The regularly monthly meeting nf
the Preceptlry tool, place last Mon-
dgy night, when officers, as foi
lows ior the ensuing year, were
Preceptor-Sir Knight I). -I Mc
Constnhlc--Sir Knight  K. II. Miles.
Marshall-Sir knight W. II. Wilson
Maple Leaf Itebekah lodge met as
usual Wednesday night, November
*<th, and a very pleasant evening was
spent. Alter thc usual business was
transacted nomination ol ollieers
took place. The lodge is contemplating getting a social up about tin
end of Ibis month, which is now under wny. Any of the members wishing to know all that is going on had
better at lend  the meetings.
It will be members only of the
Ladies Auxiliary "I the It. of It. T.
who will convey cushions to Unsocial aud dance, iu the Masonic ball
on Wednesday, November Pith. There
will be a good lime for everybody,
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 am-,
high mass, 10.80 a.m., Sunday school
from 2 to ■'. p.m.j Kosary and Heue-
utction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ol obligate m—M ass at 8 a.m.
Week daya--aM«Mi at t* am. at ttie
Kather Plamondoti,
Parish Priest
World's Temperance Sumlay
November 18th.
Throughout     the day   a     vigorous
impalgn will lie carried on in tbe
Interests ol temperance
At night, .special platform meeting,
when ihe temperance organizations
will be represented.
Special recitations will be given
and  well known hymns will  he sung,
To get seats come early.     Ladies
Kidney ills seize young and old.
Come quickly    with little wuniin.,.
Children suffer iu their early years.
Can't control the kidney secretions
Girls aro languid, nervous, suffer
Women worry, can't do daily work.
Men have lame and aching hacks.
The cure lor man, woman or child.
Is to cure the cause—the kidneys.
Booth's Kidney Pills cute sick kid-
Cure all forms of kidney suBorlOfC.
Mrs.     N.   Oood,   of    70   Stadaem.a
Struct, Mouse .law, says:
"I am pleased to state (or the
benefit ol any person suffering wlUi a
weak and painful back, that Lhe.
will lind Booth's Kidney Pills a most
excellent remedy. 1 have .suitered fur
montlis with a very weak back unl
severe pains ami aches in the kidneys, and lelt very much depressed
There was also a swelling under my
eves. When I learned of Booth's
Kidney Pills, I procured a box. ami
found them the best remedy I have
ever used, us they were very quick
in giving me relief. The pains have
left my back and it has strengthened.
Tbey have also helped to build tip
my health. Kor sale in Cranbrook
by the Heattie-Murpby Co.
Sold by dealers. Price SO Ci-uts.
The K. T. Booth Co., Ltd., Koit
Erie, Out.., Sole I'auadian Agents.
"Special Selected"
Rye Whisky
THE AROMA is fragrant enough lo
suggest the mythical "ambrosial
The flavor is a revelation—nol a suspicion of the "tang" or harshness that
mars the average whisky. Connoisseurs
commend its "velvet smoothness,"
CORBY'S "SPECIAL SELECTED" Is distilled to sbsoluie purity from the choicest irsin
ve can buy—then matured for years In charred
oak barrels-the only way a good whisky can
be matured.
Sold by all first-class hotrls, cafes and liauor
Corby Distillery Company       fl0
Head Offices- Montreal  "Corby s c»f corbyvin**) i»r ovnr Mair a-Centuiy
BroocbitU, Croup, Cough-, and Colds, rr
monev back. Sold and ?t.:trantei*d bv
tlu* Heattie-Murpby Co.
will please remove tliolc lints during
ilu- service.
Tuesdaj.—League missionary meeting at ■*** o'clock. Voung men and
women arc especially invited to our
longue    meetings,     New programme
just issued lur tlie winter.
Thursday.—Church prayer meeting
at 8 o'clock.
Kriday,— Choir      practice    at
o'clock.      Members are nil requested
to he present punctually.
KPWOKTH league.
The officers elected for tne winter
season al a recent executive meeting
are as follows:
Hon. President--Kev. K. Hughes.
President—.Miss K. I.. Presl.
President ol Christian Endeavor
Hcpi.-I)r   E, tt*. Connolly.
President Missionary Dept.—.Mrs.
II. Hughes.
Presidents of, Literary aad Social
—Mrs. Stirnian and Mrs. IV. Baldwin,
President Citizenship Dept—Itev
i:   Hughes.
Secretary—Miss ll. Macdonald.
Corresponding Secretary—Mrs. *i
Treasurer—Mr. ft'. Adlnrd.
Organists—Miss K. Crooks, Miss H
Macdonald and Miss Ada llirkcn
hot ham.
N'ovcmber I3th,
Morning service—Dr. Connolly,
Evening service—.1. s. Teet.
Services as usual throughout     thc
November mth.
Regular    morning  service    at   II
'clock. Sunday selionl and Hihlc
class at -I p.m.
Evening service at 7.30.
On Friday evening ol this week at
7 '.11 a meeting will he held in the
church, to which all win* can sing
ate urgently invited tu he present
The object is to re-organi/e the
choir With an accomplished musician like Mr. (!. I). Ingram, as organist aud leader, this is a rare
privilege to improve one's talent, as
well as help in tin- Master's kingdom:
Voung People's  Guild   meets un
Tuesday evening, November IftUii
The pastor >>i!l lecture nn Count
I.e..   ToUtol.
(»n Thursday allernoon and evening, November nth, the Ladles' Aid
arc t<> hold n sale of practical and
fane*, hand-made artieles Refreshments will also he nerved.
C. O. Mala, Pastor
Did you ever try to discover a
reason for llic dying of n valuable
plant? Vou perhaps found that life
was destroyed hy sumo Insect or parasite working about the roots and
sapping awin lhe elements which go
h> support plant life.
The dandruff germ exercises the
same destructive influence upon the
life of Hu* hair. It forces its way
down the follicle around the Imir
hull) uud Hum prevents the hair
from gel I in;', : rbpor nourishment.
The hair dies and drops out.
Newhro's Herpicide prevents this hy
killing the germ. II also frees the
scalp from the accumulations of din
and scurf skin. Willi the removal of
these obstacles to a clean, healthy
scalp, lhe hair will grow naturally
and luxuriantly.
Herpicide is known as the Original
Dandruff Germ Destroyer.
One dollar size hollies are sold and
guaranteed hi   all druggists.
Applications may he obtained al
llie hotter barber shops and hair
dressing parlors.
Send llic. in postage.or silver to
The Herpicide Co., Dept. R„ Detroit, Mich., for a nice sample of
Herpicide and a booklet telling all
about the huir.
Iteatlie-Mutphy Co., Ltd., Special
A small lire broke out at the rear
ui thc Imperial hotel nn Wednesday.
The alarm was rung in al three
o'clock aud the hose cart was
promptly on lhe scene. Some joists
In the root of the kitchen took fire
owing to an overheated stack pipe.
Little damage was dime except liy
the water. A second lire, also of a
minor character, hroke out hy the
telephone ..(lice early this morning.
Thc alarm wenl off at a tpiarter to
live. The oul break was caused by
an electric light cable breaking,
through the weight ol Ihe snow, and
falling across the telephone lines,
t.eyond putting a number of lines out
of use and slopping Ihe electric lighl
service. Utile damage was done.
Chairs nl SUium will just cost
flfl.M nl 25 p.c discutiul.-C.C.S
AI a meeting of the Conservatives
of Cranhrook district, the following
delegates were elected to attend the
Conservative convention to he held
in Nelson next week: Otis Staples,
Wycliffe; A. K. Walts, Wattsburg;
F. .1. Smyth, Movie; I). .1. Elmer,
All. Belmont, John Reed, (ieorge
Thompson, and A. It. Grace, of
Cranbrook. Alternates were elected
as follows: D. .1. .lohnson, H. V.
Parker, Dr. Rutledge, .las. Mellride,
.lohn McDonald. .1. B. Hall, T. Sowerbutts, Ed. Hill, W. II. Stewart
and Al. Doyle.
Chairs at MIILOO will just cost
$10.00 at 25 p.c. discount.—C.C.S.
• Lis. Ryan was the guesl of honor
at a little supper last Saturday
lilghl at the Hotel Cranhrook. .Mr.
Ryan was about to leave Cranhrook
for the coast ami some of his
numerous friends wished to show him
some mark of their regret at bis
going and or their besl wishes for
his welfare wherever lie located.
During Ihe evening Mr. Ryan was
presented with a handsome hand bag
and some very useful advice from Dr.
King and others. Among those presenl were the lollowing: .1. 1'. Fink
(chairman) V. Hyde Baker. D. .1!
Elmer, T. Roberts. R. n. Benedict,
.1. Arnold, .1. F. Campbell, W. II.
Supple, W. 1*;. Worden, C. Dow, T.
Caven. R. E. Beattie, 0. Ward, W.
H. Wilson, ,\. Raworth, O. Leask,
D. D. McLaws, (|. Erickson, W. S.
Bell, A. C. Bowness, V. A. Rollins,
W. A. Rollins, -I. II. King, .1. Hall
and F. K. Simpson.
Go to Little and Atchison's for
anything in the fruit line. Fresh
supplies arriving daily.
Sl.fiO wicker chairs at 25 per cent
discount, J.'..'."*..—C. C. S.
Owing, doubtless, to the inclement
weather, the attendance at l.ieut.-
Cplonel Pugmirc's lecture iu the
Opera house last evening was very
small. Judge Wilson presided and
seated with bim on tin- platform
were Major Morris, ol Vancouver,
Rev. R. Hughes, Rev. C. 0. Main,
Itev. E. P, Flewelllng and Captain
aud Mrs. Taylor. Lt.-Col. Pugmire
is at- the head of the Salvation Army
social movement In Canada At 11n-
present time he is completing a tour
of the prisons and pcultcntar.es
throughout the Dominion. Lt.-Col.
Pugmire told ol visits paid to these
prisons, ol prisoners met and conversed with. He told, too, of ilu
tireless efforts put forward by the
Salvation Army to help these prisoners upon their leaving prison. I.t -
Col, Pugmire spoke with a vigor
and earnestness that won the closest
attention.     He is obviously a     very
Blncere, enthusiastic- man ami is devoting his marked abilities to the
work ol aiding the iinforlunate occupants ol prison cells with a thoroughness ami self-sacrifice 1 hat
everyone must admire if he cannot
'•Ballots will bniii'h lhe bar" at
thr   Methodist  Church, -Sunday
Silver     Spangled   llamburgs     for
sab- \pplj   to Mr.  K.  Hawkins.
Garden avenue, 8Mt*
"Rhinegold Art Ware" is one Of
the pretty pottery assortments on
display in the Fink Mercantile Co.'s
china department this week. This '
ware is strictly new and very ornamental. I
\V. F. Carson was in town on
Tuesday and arranged to have Frederick W. Prince's lecture given In
Knox Presbyterian church on December 2nd. This is a "Travel Talk on
Beaut Ilu) California." The lecture
is Illustrated with 275 beautifully
colored lantern slides nnd I WW feet
of excellent moving picture film. Thc
slides illustrate Mr. Prince's description ol a trip from Seattle all i
through California, with Its fascinal-j
ing scenery, including the Yosemite
valley, Santa Cm/, Sou Gabriel and
other missions, oil wells, Los Ange* |
We know yuu ure looking
ml! ul'ti'i* mir Interests iu tin*
lino ol" Kiivij. uiul wo hope
Bvoryoiio iu Omnbrook up-
prsoiiifOB this, Iml ii tin* citi-
zi'im  want lu iln Ihrir part,
unci slmulil sit tli.it their
winter stores aro properly srt
up. .ill'I   Hint  nil)'  nlil   Btnvi'S
are discarded if there is nny
clituico nl' thorn sotting lire to
yunr huiisi'.
We have mon who nre competent to tlo this wnrk either
with Stoves ur Furnnoes, und
wo also boliovo we have the
liesl line of Stoves nn earth
uud   when  ynu  contemplate
buying thul new heater.   See
our Complete line before ynu
buy elsewhere.
Imperial Bank of Canada j
CAPITAL SUBSCRIBED      -       $5,575,000.00
II. B. IVII.K1K, Preiklent.
HON. ROBERT JAFF1UY, Viw-Preiident
Accounts   of   Corporations,   Municipalities,    Merchants, *
Fanners and private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Letters of Credit issued available in any part of ♦
i world. X
SAVINGS DIOl'Ain'MKNT -Speoial   attention |
given tn Savings Dank Accounts.     Deposits nf $1.11(1   and
upwards received and interest allowed from date uf deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: If. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
> **********************
McCallum & Co
The Hardware Men
if you nppntciat-u a pun*
s|Hirkliiitf boveragfb Then*
is not another l-rnml so well
known as
Vuu mny order any flavor
yuu like, uut* is equally as
good us another, If you
huve never tusteil Onr
Drinks, ynu are surely
losiugu trent. Order tn-day.
lnrnlli.iinl.il   l-lllll
Capital Paid Up $5,0011,111111 Reserve 1*5,000,000
Total Assets, Over $70,1,1111,0110
II. s. IIOI.T, President      K. I*. PEASE, tleimrtl Mmmgcr
Accounts ol KiruiH, Corporations and ImliviiluiilH solicited.
iiut-of town liiiHiiicH*, receivos evory attention.
SAVINHS DBPAKTJIENT-I)o|io8itsol ♦1.00 nail upward! received
nn.l Intoreat ullowod nt uurrent rnt«.   Nu foniuility or .li'liiy in
A ift'iuinil Bunking Business transacted.
Cranbrook Branch: D. D. McLAWS, Manager
tVAAAAAAAAAAA •A<*k,**lt*-|a«ka-fc.Aa*Va*.afta«. |
f¥¥»f¥*F,f*i'*l,T*l-l¥ ▼V*F*F*F**P**F**»»*TF**JT*Jrl
\\   PHONE 56
The Best Pays
Just   arrived   a   Car   of   Fancy    Washington Apples,
Extra Choice Stock.     Now is the lime to
put in a Winter Supply.
East Kootenay Bottling
les, Pasadena, orange groves, ostrich, pigeon and nlligutor (arms,
etc.      Tin1 moving pictures an* all
Bed spring at J.'i.(*fl.-C. C. S.
actually photographed from nnturt'
.unl Include scenes in (.olden (tati-
jiark, stages In Voscmfto valley,
siviii's nt thr old mission, otc. The
lecture has been SCOUrcd at •iracti-
tally no cost to the churcli, so that
admission will he within reach of nil.
Tho lecture is tn he given in .swim*
churcli in practical))' every center in
the ursl from Winnipeg to Viuicou
vet.    Further* (totalis will he given
Perfectly exquisite!     TM-s is uhat
the ladies say  at I  our nev.   china.
-The Fink .Mercantile Co I
discount, tS.35.--tV c. s
Whilst new huildlligS are pretty
well over with until the. spring, there
ure a lot ot improvements being
inailc to places of huslness, which
indicates that there is something doing in town rlghl along. Now that
lhe lawyers have moved out ol the
Kink Mercantile hultdlng, that structure is heing overhauled and the upper lloor fitted up exclusively for
Kin!, furnishings. \V. F, (iurd has
taken olllces for himself nver Kaworth Bros.' store, while Macdonald
and Macdonald have moved into the
Hat nver tin* new Imperial hanl' and
now have quite ono of the hand-
romest set ol law offices in the Interior. C Ward, the real estate
man, is huilriing n comfnrtahlc ofllce
for himself next lo the Queens hotel.
I*. DeViio Hunt ha» moved Into   of-
80    PATRICK, P. F.  Oarage
anil    MAU1X)NAI-I). Al. A       ,„,..' ...   . Kosidenoe
flCOS mi Norhury avenue. Within
the next Iwo or three weeks lla
worth Brothers will lie moved into
the presenl post ollice htllllllng,
wliich will he haiidsomelv fitted up
with liiu plate glass windows, etc.,
giving them a fine, will lighted store.
$•1,60 \\ic\er chairs at 25 per cent
Mrs. Ileal) Is demonstrating the
merits ol Kidgway's world-renowned
ten and coffee at Fink's Pure Food
Grocery this week.
WANTED.-SIx young Indies to
complete class in practical dermatology; course Includes hair dressing,
dyeing, hl.enchlng and facial Imililing;
massage lor reviving wasted tissues;
removing wrinkles, hlackhcads and
hlomlshcs of the skin. Manicuring,
wig milking and hair work In all its
liranclns.      Graduates easily secure
good positions al IllgllOSl wages.
Full   particulars    on application io
the Secretary, .Miss I-.vh Powell, Canadian College of Dermatology, "I.i
Pender Street, Vancouver. ILL'. M-lt
Wear il. ll is your privilege. II
has (he quality of mercy; it is twice
Messed. It htcsscfl iis possessor,
aud all who como under iis heiiigh influence.
It is a daily noon Io him
who wears it, and a constant, evcr-
llnwing honed lot Ion to all his friends.
Men and women, youth nnd children,
seek it. All social circles welcome
cheeriness. A sunny Inee is an open
sesame to hearts and homes. Hy It
hardens are lighted, cares dispelled,
sorrows triumphant where fear and
iloiihl and despondency held high
carnival. THE   OKA N SHOOK    H Kit ALU
For  Nine  Days  Only-Nov.  12th to  Nov.  22nd
Buy  Your   Xmas   Present—NOW
'iu   |n*r   oenl   Off   i'ur   Marked    Prioea
iiimIsi'h   iiii   Exceptional   liiir«niii
uuil    melius    a    great
Don't  Miss  This  Chance
Our   Growing   Trade
ll will interest nur many Wends to know that tbe business
has outgrown our present premises, and to meet the increaaing
trade we have bought the premises now occupied by tl:t* Post
Office, were we intend to remove in on the *'jtli.
We have now a 1*1,000 Dollar Stock on hand which will take
a jjreat deal of moving; but to make il as ligbl us possible we
have decided to give a -."> per cent Discount oft our market iirii-t*.,
excepting Diamonds and High tirade Railway Watches. This
moans rutting prices lo a very low figure and is v orth everyone's
while to call and ittBpecf our Block.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware, Cut Glass, China, Brass and Fancy Goods
C. P. R.   Watch   Inspectors
t'A ** AAA ■>*■*** AAA A WAAAAAA^AAI
r ▼*F*F'F*F*FV*F W ▼**•' *F**F *F**F ▼▼▼▼*▼▼ ▼**FiF*-*F *"#
****************************** *****************
Mr. Edison made all sound producing instruments possible.
But he made thc Edison Phonograph best.
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
WHERE  i r  nis  tv DEAL
Cranbrook and  Fort Steele, B.C.
Ilom heal silmti«mtnt.    »
iitiiny "net. in t lanbrooh awl vioinlty,
mnl our I--MI-im' ,11.11 i" it. lieal om
Ctt'ont in iui'Iin man nur tlmt it will
I.** a pleasure i i ■ ■ • this ■tors
\Ve it«\ •• |nti nlwn ■ i nu m-w*..i ihl|i
mania ol Jaw-sin nml ll will sffunl m
agreatileal >-t i '••    inalioa youths
nawesi the mail si nffonls.
Jeweler w
an-J Graduate Optician. <M
CRANBH00K. B.C. jj
Picture framing nt (.inning's*
Choice eating    apples, two dollars
per ini\ nt Leask nml Sons.
2!t p.c. «IT nil fu ml 111 re nt C, 0, s.
V. K.    Simpson returned to Kittn-
lonpK on  Wednesday.
Home inntii* candy, 80c, pet IV Saturday only —'I'lu- Palm.
I'has. \|t -Nab wus down Inmi Waldo
the early part ol thr week.
25 p.c. off uil furniture at 0, 0, S.
It. K. Ilea ttie lias been down lo
Spokane this week on business.
Ruttermllk and sweet elder nt
l.n IN* ami   \t. bison's
You win iavi money by buying
your \mns L-iits .M the Knos church
lia aai
55 p.C, i*(l nit furnitiirr at C. C H
Drop in and nave a cup ol tea ui
thr Knoi cbun h ba aai Xovembei
Special pi li i . "ii .ill complete dinner sets.—Campbell and Manning.
liiifi.-i ,.t I83.00.—C   C   S.
\hs R| Clair, mothei ol li C,
st cialr, of the C.P.R. land department, is in the cltj visiting hei **"n
'. |. c   "ii all furniture nt C C B.
Hunt lorget tha date of thr
I...hes' \|d i... ...H ii. iii.' Presbyterian school room, Wovembei 17th.
Choice Creston apples, jusl arrived,
-Thr Palm
Sii|i< iititemli nt   I ten ami Chiel Del
pstcbet ciine went to N'elson      on
Wednesday afteraoon
-"> p.o, off nil furniture at C C S,
Don't loi the 17th of November
pass without securing some of your
Christmas gifts, nt tho baiaar in thp
Presbyterian school room.
Buffet at 122 Mi —C. C   s.
-HokS,  Wuin.  fV-aral No«es" is the
subject at Methodist Ch., Sunday
We hnve just received a shipment of
Neilsen's high prade chocolate.**.—
Little nnd Atchison.
Sideboard $11.00.—C. C, s.
Come early to tin* bazaar In the
I'rcslij i.-t i.in seliiml loom und 80-
ctire a   pretty   apron for    a     XfflttS
2.1 p.p. on nil furniture nt C. C, fit,
Voting man why not tiny your
friend a delicious bos of home made
Candy? On -sale November 17th,
Knox • hurt-it tm/anr.
1.1hh. ■■ .slleed lunch nml ni tongue's, very ilelicfoua, 60c per th —
lampbell and Manning.
A tiii'fiiii'j, of the Moral nml Social
Reform Council is called (or Kriday
evening at S o'clock in Knox school
25 p.c. off all furniture at 0. C, S.
-Mr. and Mrs. .las. Ryan, Mrs.
Nortlirup ami Mrs. Noble left for
Vancouver on Monday, where they
will reside during the winter months,
California grapes at Little ami
Mayor Kink returned yesterday
Irom a trip along the Crow line in
tlie interests of the New Scale Williams piano.
Till December 1st 25 per cent off
anything in the furniture line.—C.C.S
J. A. Fergusson received a bad
sprain to his ankle this- weel;. Fortunately it hns not proved tn be so
serious as it was at lirst thought.
Kitchen chairs at 55c,—C, C. S.
New shelled Filbert nnd Recan
nuts at Campbell and Manning's.
1. S. Forbes, for the last eighteen
months teller al the Canadian Hank
of Commerce, left for t he Vancouver
branch on Wednesday. His place i.s
taken by A, D. Harris. o( Victoria.
Kitchen chairs at 56c.-—C, <\ S.
Ladles! wo invite you to come in
and have a cup of Rldgway'a delicious tea ami coffee, at the Fink .Mercantile Co.
Till December 1st 25 per cent oil
anything In thc furniture Hue.—C.C.S
Itev. It. .1 Wilson, M A., of St.
Andrew's church, Vancouver, occupied the pulpit of Knox church last
Sunday    morning.        Mr.    Wilson
preached in Wardner in the evening*
Afternoon teas and hot BovrJL—
The Palm.
Sideboard Ji 1.00 -c  C. s.
On Tuesday evening of next week
Re. c O, Ma a will deliver a lee-
tin.- <>n the interesting Russian
author, reformer ami philanthropist,
Count Leo Tolstoi, under the auspices "f the  Voung People's Guild.
25 p.c   ofi all furniture at c c. s.
Hei    C    U.   King  left   for Winnipeg
lasi Tuesday lo attend a conference
of the Baptist Western Union, composed of ministers from (he four
western provinces. Rev, King is
expected home nexl week.
"Close thc It ir ami Prisons » ill
Close too" riothodlst Ch.. Sunday
25 p.c  "fl all furniture at 0, c. s.
Mrs Qlrscwald prepared an excel-
lent paper for the Women's Institute
last week, imt owing io her unavoidable absence the papCt was rend by
Mis   .1   Smith      The paper was both
Instructive    and    educational    ami
thorough!) enjoyed by all present.
We have some   extra choice grape
fruit.—I.itlle ami  Atchison.
25 p.C. ofi all furniture at C. C, S.
S C. MeKinlcy, of Creston, was
married to Mrs. Ii. 13, I'aggart, of
Onslow.  N S ,   today.     The Rev.  C,
0. Main performed tho ceremony at
the mans*'. Mt. and Mrs McKinley
afterwards left Ior Creston, hy the
midday train
.1. II. McLean has just received a
Inrge consignment of mattresses nt
the Did Curiosity Shop, which he is
selling very cheap.
Now is the time to buy lurnlliire.
25 per cent ol! ewrything nt C.C.S.
••Destroy thu Bar and save the
Boy" Hethodlst Church. Sunday.
On Sunday last Arthur Ward's
Swansea ranch    was visited by fire,
with the result that bis bouse, the
contents, n large store house      Colt***
titlning several Ions of hay nml all
bis farm Implements were destroyed.
Mr Ward was away on police duty
at New Michel ut the time.
i tin   advance     shipments ut hand-
painted Limoges china are now in
and arc without question tbe prettiest wc have over shown. Come in
and see our display.—Tbe Kink Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Sweet potatoes nl Little and Atchison's.
25 p.p. ofi nil furniture at C. C. S.
The Ladles' Aid of Kiiofi church
will bold a bazaar in the presbyter-
Ian school room November 17th, afternoon and evening. A large variety ol articles, useful and fancy,
will be on sale, such as aprons, towels and fancy articles, suitable for
Christmas gifts. Also choice home
made candy. Tea, coffee, cake and
sandwiches, I5e.
25 p.c. off all furniture at C. ('. S.
Just arrived.—A large shipment of
imported French     mushrooms, pens,
lieans and    Marasi'itine  cherries,   iu
glass jars.—Cam])be 11 and Manning.
Second-hand coal heater for sale
cheap; good as new. W. j, Atchison, city. 38-lt*
The Aurora mine ut .Moyie is now-
shipping regularly to thc Alice mill
at Creston. In addition to tbe five
cars already shipped to thc Alice
mill, a ear load of lead concentrates
was recently shipped to the Trail
smelter. About lib tons weekly, will
lie shipped regularly from now on
from thc Aurora to the Alice mill*
"Sin Sorrow Saloons" at the
Methodist Church, Sunday
Now is the time to buy furniture.
25 per cent off everything at C.C.S.
We bave choice eating ami cooking
apples by the box.*—Little nml Atchison.
See Uianing about your Xmas
The monthly afurm  tea given hy
the ladies of the Knox church, will
lie held this month at the home ol
Mrs. W. D. Ilytidiiiaii. Armstrong
avenue, on Kriday afternoon, lltli,
from 8.80 to i; o'clock. Ladies uml
gentlemen are Invited. An offering
will lie received.
We want room for new goods, and
offer all lines of furniture ut a discount ol 25 per Pent off regular
prices.— C. ('. S.
Don't forget the Ladies Auxiliary
II. of R. T., social uml dame, in
the Masonic bull, Wednesday, November 16th. IB-It
-•War againut Whiskey" at the
Hei hod 1st Church. Sunday night
Maurice Qualn is back from FnM
(Ieorge. lie thoroughly enjoyed bis
trip to the north ami speaks in the
highest terms of the country through
which be passed. However, he is
glad to tie back in Cranhrook again
nnd when he gels settled down lie
promises the Herald a little study of
the Fort (Ieorge country, its resources nnd potential I ties i
If you need a new set ol dishes call
and see our stoek. Wo have some
very pretty designs in complete sets
and stock patterns—Campbell nml
At 29 per cent off an Iron bed will
cost t8.00.-C, C. S
Don't forget the Ladies Auxiliary
It ol It. T., social ami dame, jn
the .Masonic hall, Wednesday, November Kith. l.s-lt
Provincial Constable Tcnnant, of
Athalmer, passed through town tbis
week, having iu charge "Ituffalo Hill"
Moore, wanted for the abduction of a
little girl named Evelyn Larson, of
Athalmer. Moore ran off with thc
girl and evaded thu polite for some
time, finally lieing run down hy it
mounted- policeman, ol Macleod.
Moore will be tried nt Athalmer '>r
At 25 per cent off an Iron bed will
cost I3.00.-C. C. S
i.'SSKTi*. t;.?mTmSlT.
Are you intending to Buy
this Fall ?
Say "Ves1' nud you owe it to yourself to come to this store ami st*.- tbe poods
wo are sliowiui:.   (lur assortment  is complete  and  tbe  styles  ure  new,
Tapestry, Brussels, Velvet and Wilton Rugs
in tin* aeaaon'a most favored colors, .suitable tor dining-room, drawing-
room, living-room, and lied-room. at $10.00 to ?50.00
WOOL   lil'GS   All   sizes,   man; i*olorins:s.  especially  suitable   for
Iwil-rooiiia nt 08.60 to .S18.7.5.
LINOLEUMS—Marin's, Genuine Scotch Linoleum in - yard and I yard
widths at (I2JO. and Too. i>i*r yard.
EXTENSION   RODS—All alzes and qualities.
WINDOW SHADES—Agood rangeofrolorsandqualitiestochoose from
MADRAS AND CURTAIN .MATERIALS   We are offering some very
iluinty patterns. IV. to S2.00 per yard.
COCOA MATS   Very useful at the door outside, at si 23.
McCreery Brothers
Cranbrook's Dry Goods & Clothing Stores
On November I!) a picked ten of tbo
Kernie band are to play in (ran-!
brook, aeeompanieil by tin* hoy eor-
nclist. Concerts will be given on
Saturday and Sunday nights. Sun** i
day's concert will In* In tho Opera
li-.ii--.'. Captain Taylor is to be
again congratulated upon having secured tlie sen ices ol these clever
A Couch at S16.00.—C, ('. S.
Japanese laborers desire job in
bush, with or without teams, work
by contract. Boi 1713, Catgary,
Alta. ***-:r
In addition to the work on tin1 ne*
City ball, now underway, on \->r-
bury avenue, Contractor l-essli is
littinn up a couple of stuns in verj
fine style, making a line looking
building out of what was a dilat-i-
ilut.'ii ihack, I take i and Hani). H are
also completing a iton* to in* occupied in .1. J oil fie, as a butcher ihop
There is at the (ltd Curiosity Shop
a large quantity of second-band furniture, which J. II* Mela-can Is almost giving away.
$5.00    mattresses at 2a per     cent
discount, 13.75.—C. c. s
Temperance   Recitation* at the
Methodist Church, Sunday.
K, .1. Clayton is leaving Marysville for the coast. Mr has sold nut
thr post ofllce and store to Alex.
Hodgson. Mr. Clayton will be leaving Marysville about the 85th inst.,
hut before leaving he will be the
guest of honor at a hie. bani|iiet at
.Marysville, at which all his friends
will In* present and give bim a grand
send off Mr. Clayton e.ime to
Marysville in 1001 and has stayed
with tlie town in good
shape        ever itnOC, lb-fore
coming to .Marysville Mr. Clayton was connected with the health
depart men I ol the cltj of Nelson
Framed pictures at Hinning'*..
A COUcb at $15.00.—C. C. S.
The old, old story, told time.-,
without number, and repeated over
and over again for th'* last SI
years, hut it is always a welcome
story to those in search ol health-
There is nothing in the world that
cures coughs and colds as -juicUy as
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, sold
by all druggists and dealers.       tT-tf
A. K. Watts, of Wattsburg, has
been bSSlly engaged in cotttt this
week in connection with one o( his-
damage suits against the C.P.R.,
arising out ot recent forest Ores
Ur. Watts, m his suit, is suing lor
upwards <*f 150,000. He is under-
stood to have made an oHei of settlement along the toll-,wing Hues The
C I'I! to place in tlu- bands of a
commit. f. i omposed ol tin
mayors fi presidents ol boards ol
trade ol the interior, a mm of atone)
squat  t" the amount  he is rang for,
said money to be used in sdvertlilng
the resources of tin  interior and   in
bringing |0 desirable settlers
$5.00 mattresses at J.*» per cent
discount, $3.75.—C, C. S
Post card photos ol nny school
child, one dollar per dozen, this week
onl) —Albert Art Photo studio,
over fUworlh's.
•The Hed   Light  nuJ   the   ked
Liquor" Met... Cliurch. 5unday
Hed spring al W.00.—C, C. S.
Second-band coal heater for sale
cheap; good SS new. W J, Atchison, city. -IK-lt'
There is nothing nicer fot an Xmas
presenl than some nice fancy china.
Come ni and choose something and
wi* will sa\e them for vmi.—Comp-
Nil and Manning.
Mts. II Hiiikley, experienced nurse,
Cranbrool residence Slaterrttte**.
'phone 121, Leash's itore 3**iit
.. *
**,*■'■ -^'v
r      .ft
•*. *.. * —■-**
*- *
(17    +-r,'''2^-*-'.'
V ***'
Famous Belle
Are the tf-pnutn-p I.-uteri*, for
nil round comfort- Tiny will Iiurn
any kin-l ut fuel witli **-riIii->fiictinu
ami will please, you in every way.
Tiny nn' iti a ci..-. liy ih.'mselvrs.
First Class
Vmi will Ih. -agreeably tnr|iritiil
too, at Hi,, price,
"The Range Store"
■ tha: ou an brook herald
ALEXANDER LAIRD, Genes.*. Manager
PAID-UP CAPITAL, 510,000,000    RESERVE FUND, $6,000,000
are safe, cheap and convenient They are payable free of charge
at all banks in Canada (except in the Yukon Dislriel).
The Money Orders issued by this Bank are also payable free of
charge in the principal cities of the United States, and at the
m rate of J 1.90 to lhe £ sterling in Great Britain and Ireland.
They can be obtained at any office of the Bank on application.
I*. T. Brymner, rianager Cranbrook Branch
About Two Miles from Cranbrook.
3 Acres under Cultivation and Cleared.
1-2 Acres Fenced.
8 Buildings.
Good Spring.
Creek Close by
PHONE 20        -        PHONE 20
Planted  Fruit  Farm
For  Sale
.', mill* frum Crniilirook, block No. 4. of
Cranbrook Irrigated Fruit Lands
Ooiiliiins ."i uitbi) partly clennil nud planted
.villi Vii Apple Trees, lun Small Fruit nml
5l)l) Strawberries, (loud Honse l)i s 24,
Hoot House. Well. Irrigation lJili-li. and 50
cords of whim I on skid.
Price $1,200 on Easy Terms
ii Wilmer Agency Co.,
************ ***********
B. C.
It ;
i f whether you
want a I aliet i] ity it'« n hard condition
of life th. I ; u ti u .t face to protect your-
sell an I i o a dependent u;«on you.
../-- if you don't want
i" !'■' ! '■■ ;  '■ must go .'-*rwanl—
Um|    . * to i mi won:
l.urnin** ■    re mentis hoMIng a better
positi in ■! >nce, happiness, nnd
ctmnco ' ■ ,    ivi   t fur ttie future.
Tho*    i      u| m thousands who nnce held low,
•■■» rl        I | now earn liijjii salaries a> ..
result of li     .■ the [mtbrnatiomal Corrhpond*
i ni -. Rcti i-   ,'.-: i how t-* nccomplWi the
chanj      Dui t year about 4,000 students vol-
untarily I increases in salary aommntint*; t*j
o< i r i*.'/' *          iL.larst    I'very m .mhunnveraggof 30
reporl tmeni hi position and earnings,
YOUIt      ianth?
Simj on the coupon
the 11 ion j u wish to secure,
then tear out and maiMho coupon
io iln.* International Correspond**
encc Schools. This puts you
under no obligation whatever but
ullow our <■ ■** i rts to adapt a
('(mt e 'm your individual needs
nndcircun •. no ,
You've iju! in ecru mure money.
Iho I. f. S. will help you,
Wltl you take the start today?
ii-i'Mvoluntarily !
Why not make
IITIIUTIMU. coastsrosotsci SCHOOLS
•»i in. ■<'RANTON. PA,
M WiiUt
-t-bii-fiH- .tn
.Mid-.ta.il Out
< ..altar-" 1 * ll
Mn b»»|. al Er.,;..   -
tr-.**----.-* Mull*. .<
K1xlll.il hn^in.«i
Ill.l.f Hael*.**
frnm. «•«•'-*• Itnt,
At. *.'■*■. ■
; Nuns -
! Sl. A No. .
*Clly mM,       .   ...        St-.tr
m* ***********************
Immature eondnetni (to clarinet
player)—"Sre liere, llerr Kctitag,
whv don'l v -r * .i fot lo** ni*. Heat?"
Veteran   clarinet    (solemnly)—"If
you iluiii loot, owld, I will'"—Kv
The    Backer*-"(in   it,   Hilly, ver
it in't half lirt.il yet."
The FiRlitcr—"Wrll, you   cotnc und
'ave lhe other 'urt*    I ain't greedy)
From tho yards of Messr*-.. liar laml
ami Wolff at O-iiet'ii's Island, l.cll.ttt,
v hence have come so many Hunting
leviathans, was launch-'I two weeks
iigo tin.1 largest ship tha'-- iloatK—the
White Star liner Olympic.
sin* has been described as a "floating palace" anil a "floating town."
Her lit t inns are the last word in
ship decoration, and when she has her
full   L'omplemcitt of    passengers ami
w there will be 5,800 people
Thi* Olympic is more than a sixth
n| a mill* long, nnd among thi' features that maki1 her our ol tin- won-*
tlei'S nf tlie  sea aie:
Children's nurseries.
A swimming hath.
A riding school.
Suites of Hats.
Millinery and dressmaking shops.
A Jewellery store
A roller skating ritii.
A fish-pond.
A garden.
As she was launched, a mere hulk,
she weighed 37,000 tons, hul when
finished she will he of -15,000 Ions
gross register and 66,000 tons displacement.
Tin* Olympic nml lur sister ship,
the Titanic, which will he completed
next year, nre each twtee the size of
tin* lirst Oceanic, the pioneer liner
of the White Star fleet, which was
launched in August, 1870. The latest giant will he employed in I tie
mail and passenger service between
Southampton, Cherbourg, Queens-
town and New Vork.
The vessel was launched minus the
bridge deck ami captain's bridge, for
il ni,  tbe space lefl free is 181) ft.
deep the danger of carrying away
some part id the fixed gear of tbe
gantry above early became apparent.
The White Star ships are all graceful in appearance, and the Olympic,
despite her enormous hulk, compares
favorably with nur of her predecessors. When she i.s tiuished her perfect proportions, ber furlong or so
of super-structure, ber four enormous
funnels, losing their size in that ol
the whole ship, and her two signal-
masts, will, if the drawing of the
designers may be taken as an indication, make her very pleasing to the
Here are some ol the dimensions Of
the new vessel:
Length over all  HH2 ft.
Breadth over all     92 (t.
Height  105 ft.
Height of tunnels   HI ft
Top of funnel to keel ...176 tt.
Number of steel decks... ll
The Olympic has lUteen watertight bulk-heads, nnd two thousand
sidelights nnd windows, tier largest
plates, each 30 ft, iu length, weigh
over four tons each. Her double .bottom alone is built up with about
2~,ii tons of rivets, and the three million rivets that have been used in the
entire ship weigh .some 1,200 tons.
Her largest double beam, ■■- ft. in
length, weighs (our tons, ber stern
frame seventy tons, her rudder one
hundred tons. Kaeb ot her engine
crank-shafts weighs 118 tons, the
castings of Iht turbine cylinder 16.i
loos, and her anchor nearly sixteen
Ions. This last is held hy a ehaiu-
cable of which each link weighs fourteen stone.
Like tlu* same company's Laurentic,
launched a couple of years ago from
Messrs. Harland und Wolff's south
laid, she will he a triple screw
boat, the two outside propellers being piston driven by high-pressure
quadruple expansion reciprocating engines, while the central propeller will
Im- actuated by a low-pressure turbine engine.
The Olympic provides accommodation for a,»mi passengers, and her
crew will number 880,
The passengers will liml lhat never
have tbey travelled Oh- ocean in such
luxurious surroundings
A tropical verandah restaurant.
wiib lattice work covered with growing vines, is one ot the luxuries provided for saloon passengers. Then
there are children's nurseries, a tailor's ship, a modiste's parlour, a
jewHlcn stoic, h Turkish bath, a
gymnasium, a swimming bath large
enough and deep enough fnr diving,
a i-Tlll rOOtn, a palm lounge, showei
hath*, attached tu the cabins, and a
lish pond where one may catch trout
for dinner
In addition to (he ordinary suites
of rooms the new liner oilers complete data.
One of the upper decks is to Ih*
Completely enclosed to serve as a
hall room, which can also In- used us
a skating rink or t beat re. Hy day
this enclosure, the windows of which
are constructed on the railway carriage principle, Otted with jalousie
shutters, may Im* used as a sun parlor nnd promenade. It will be large
enough to accommodate several hundred passengers.
Yes, Parisian Sage, the most invigorating hair restorer, cures dandruff and grows hair. The women
of Canada, who bave luxuriant hair,!
know it docs, and that is why thou-]
sands of attractive women throughout the laml are regularly  using It. I
For years ibis almost marvelous
grower nf lustrous and beautiful hair
was confined to the elite of Kuropi*
and New Vork City, but about two
years ago It was given to a select
list uf druggists, and today can be
obtained lu any city or town in
America where society women of re-*
linement dwell.
Parisian Huge is the most delightful hair tome iu ihe world. It makes
the hair soft, lustrous and luxuriant
in a lew davs. It is jt-erfumed most
daintily ami is not sticky or greasy.
It stops falling hair, cures dandruff
and itching scalp in two weeks or
money back.
Tbe Bcntlie-Mltrphy Co. sell It (or
SO cents a large bottle, and guarantees it, or direct, uil charges prepaid, by Canadian makers, Oiroux
Mfg. Co., Fort  Krie, Out.
Croup is most prevalent during tlm
dry cold weather nf the early winter
months. Parents nt young rhtldren
should Ih* prepared fnr it. All that
Is needed is a bottle ut Chamberlain's Cough Remedy. Many mothers nre never without It in their
homes and it has never disappointed
them.    Sold    by all druggists    and
ihoileis. SMI
(I'IMll IHIIU|>    ANNl*AI,l,V)
Knables traders throughout the world
to communicate direct with  Kngllsh
in each dais uf goods. I.esideH being
a complete commercial guide to London and Us suburbs, the directory
contains lifts of
with  tbe Goods  thuyship, au d the
Colonial und   Foreign  Markets they
j supply*,
arranged umler the Porta to which they
tall, and indicating tin* approximate
of li'iiditn; Manufacturers, Merchants,
etc., in thu principal provincial towns
ami industrial centres of tbe United
A copy of the current edition will be
forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of
Postal Order for 20*.
Dealers seeking Agencies run advo
Use their trade cards for 20**,, or lurgi
advertisement**: from (ills.
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
21 A helm re h Lane, Lnndnit, I..C.
Many school children suiter from
constipation, which is often the cause
of seeming stupidity at lessons.
Chamberlain's Stomach and Uver
Tablets ure nn ideal medicine to give
a child, for they are mild and gentle in their effect, and will cure even
chronic constipation. Sold by all
druggists und dealers. 37-tt
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for additions and alterations to
Ihe Public Building, Nanalmo, IV
('.," will in- received at this office
until I.4KI p.m., on Monday, November alH, PUU, for the work mentioned.
Plans, specifications and form of
contract can be situ and forms of
tender obtained at this department.
on application to thc Caretaker, Public Building, Nauaimo, It C, and at
the office of Mr. Win. Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, B.O.
Persons tendering are notified that
lenders wilt not be considered unless
made on ihe printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places of residence. In tin* case of
firms, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation and place of
residence ol each member ot the firm
must be- given.
Kneh tender musl be accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to thc order of the
Honorable tlie Minister Ot Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10
p.c.) of thc amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if the person
decline to enter into a contract when
called upon to do so, or fail to complete the work contracted for. If
the tender be nnt accepted the cheque
wilt h>' returned.
The Department does not bind It-
sell to accept the lowest or any tender.
By order.
Department of I'uhlic Works,
Ottawa, October 27, Dtp).
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority from the Department, i'l-'it
TAKK NOTICE that CO days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a license to prospect for coal and
petroleum on the following described lands in S. E. Kootenay district,
Block 4593:
Commencing at a post planted at
or near one (1) mile east of the
C.P.R. survey line at the thirty-
three (88) mile post, thence so
chains west, NO chains south, Ad
chains east, HO chains north tu plar«
ot comiiicnccment.
Harry II. Hughe:*., Locator,
I   Livingston, Agent.
sept 20th. mm. ss-tt
Best on the
That is waat authorities say
regarding the medicinal -qual-
iii.-r-of thewaten al Halcyon
I lot -Springe
Tha Sanitarium is now under
new management and haa
been remodelled from top to
i.uttom and now offers every
facility for the comfort and
convenience of patrons.
Kates lli! and $15 par week
or *2 per day and upward-*.
WM. miYli. Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Ukt, B.C.
Large, cool, dry storehouse,
very safe, double doors, nu entrance, except through private
Apply at Herald Office. 17-tl*
II you nre sluk, Hiiffarliia frnm mi** dls-order, irn puu
.'iifH yoii-PKItMANBNTl.Y, V.m du not bnvi- lu
llugor. suffering from Disease, ln-enuee we nre nit-diml
n|iH>iiilintn wiiii nuiiiv yours' oxperleueu treating nud
wring «iiueoiwfully nil men's dlsouscs.
Honest Treatment
A Sura and  Permanent Cure  In
All   Diseases   of  Men
Nervous Weakness, Varicose Veins, Hydrocele, Blond
anil Skin Disorders. Sores, Ulcers, Kldnev. Bladder, and
Rectal Disorder!- and all Special Ailments
common  (o   men.
Ih'st  Anatomical  Museum  in  the  North-west
If you I'tiiniot come to Spokane lor free consultation now*
write for our freo booklet
Dr.   Kelley's   fluseum
210 Howard Street, Spokane, Wash.
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern e*|uippt-il Caf« ut modaratu
Rates |1,00 ami up per tiny
Comer uf Iluwnrd St. ami Front Ave.
Our Iiui- meL'ts uil trains
The Cocur D'Alene Company
J X. Callahan, Mgr.
♦ Stoves   and   Ranges
Wo have jusl placed in sim*k u full lino nl MoHnt's Nnllotinl
Stiivi-a. Air-tijilit; Heutors, Hun Btoves, Wooil Bunion),
Woinl nr Colli Combination anil Coal Hurnrrn.
A (lOOl) ARROllTMBXT   IX  Al.l. THK AliOVU.
A full lino of Cook StoreB ami  Ranges,   t'ur prices uro
reasonable anil  we guarantee  tlio goods.
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
********************** *
oven as years*
TRADE In *in«»
CoFYHiGiira Ac.
.Mf***M ■Wldtni q afct-rh mi il dc'tnlnllon -..ny
t'llcklf -w***rtuln -mr *>iniii..*. freo ■*. ii.tii.-r kh
lufttittna M|*fiil.*ili|-*i>itietitnl>lo.   JV11 ml.-i.
iloMMrlMlf «>i'n-J*i.ti*-.l. HANDBOOK on im.-ui
ft*% Old-**.*. -iMtii'T for •oionuu imt.Mii.*..
1U Iftken ilinmirh 3lunu A lu. r-.-i.vlVI
-loft-M, niUiiiut cnxni*. lu 11.»
KMiflc American.
A aWtaW-rrtly lllnMrmlrd w-**-*kt*-. Until <-lr-
.dUIIoii ol any •••li-miiii' toutnul. ium. It
-r-uu<U, $*.:*• t. year, WMlnK*; ihp|.-iu1.    **ui.l l.y
all ji-twifc-'-—
A Good  Home
is what is dear lo every man. A home
is whore Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty is found. That is tho reason
uiiMi throughout Hritish Columbia, when
"Cranbrook" is mentioned think of tbe
provisions *los. Brault has made for an
ideal homo at tin*
Canadian Hotel
WM ifoit*..-*-—, Ne*tort
■Hiss ofac-*, akvm., x*r*»uium**, it. c.
SEALED TENDERS addressed to
the undersigned, ami i-mtorsL-.t ''Tender tor additions and .iltrratUms to
tin* Public Building, Nelson, U.
(.*.," will be received at this office
until l.im p.m., on Monday, November 2H. 1910, for the work mentioned,
Plans, spmiiratii.ii ami forin nf
contraet run la* seen anil forms of
tender obtained ut this- Department,
on application tn the Caretaker,
Public Building, Nelson, II. ('.,
und at the oilier of Mr. Wm. Henderson, IfcKidrnt Architect, Victoria, it.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not he considered unless
made on the printed (onus supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, slating their occupation! and
places of residence. In Ihe vase ot
linns, the actual signature, lhe nature of the occupation nml place ol
residence of each member of lhe lirm
must lie given.
Kneh tender musl Ih- accompanied
hy an accepted cheque on n chartered
bank, payable to the order of the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (lu
p.C.) of the amount of thi; tender,
which will be forfeited if the person
decline to enter into n contract when
called upon to do so, or full to complete the work contracted for. If
thc tender be not accepted tin* cheque
will he returned.
The Department does not hind itself to accept the lowest or any tender.
Bv order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, October 27, mid.
Newspapers will not he paid lor
this advertisement if they Insert it
without author Hi from the Department, ih'it
11. L, BTEl'HENS, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
*********** ************ **********************
•**■*.-* ******************************************
It is the Sunn* Place
The I'lai*,* that is Popular
(liHid as the Host
Holler llian the Ileal
The Cosmopoliton
If you come once,
You will come ajijuiji.
E. H. SMALL, l'mii'iiiKTiiii
nf Moats, Poultry,etc..n tswllh
lucres slug favor as our sen Ice i**
Im'Uit known. It ih our mm not
nlonoto furnish excellent beef-
lamb, mutton, veal, pork. ham.
chicken, etc., mil to call for your
orders regnlatly and dollvorlhs
goods promptly. How well we
incceeu Is shown by nut I nor oiling
sales. I'm ih to iho test wllli
i'iiriy orders un*. we will please
P. BURNS & CO., Ltd.
TAKE NOTICK that Hails Mo-
Eaclicrn, ol Kurt Slcole, Hritish Columbia, occupation Teamster, Intends in apply lor permission in
purchase the lollowing dcscrlltoH
Commencing at the north-west corner nl Lot 11.1, thence south to thr
Kootenny river; tlience upstream to
a point line west nt the point nl l,e-
RilinihR; thoijoo In the point of he-
Davis McKachern-
lMt«d Octolar 20th, A. D.
1110. *Mt
If you stop at tho
Hotel VanDecar
when you leave the C.l'.lt. Station
ask for a Car Koinj; down West-
niiustor Are., the conductor will
toll you where to net olf.
Illl   Kiioius, modern   equipment,
moderate rules.
L. B. VanDecar & Sons
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc,
Money tn loan on lavornhle lut'tng,
F. C. Swannell, I). L. S„ B. C. I.. S.
A. I. Hnliiirlmili, II. C. I.. H,
lloiniiiion flml UritiHliColiiiiihiH
P.O. Drawer 793 VICTORIA. B.C
Mrs. E. Bent's
Every cure uml comfort
A homo from home
Special atlontioi* in uneon nl
Miilcrnily, It lieu mati Bill
nnd I'lMMitnuiiiii
Terms  moderuto
P.O, Un*. 7 IM BTJI
Htnnilnnl ln.iriun.nl.
.'Hulll  TIIUSIJIl
Miss -Vabel Wellman
Pla.lm .nd Teacher
OrlMci I ul
(InlnvUlu M..IM .,1 \Viinii,..*b
I li.int* iun
CH. H..V I*.
Physicians and Surgeons.
OIBce at RMld.it*., Arm.lruni ...
Forenoons • null In lu.iili
Altercoons - - - 2.00 to 4.00
Efeolngs • - - - 7.30 to 8.30
Sundays ■ - - - 2.30 to   4.30
CRANBROOK :<    :i
0   y. o
.1.   W.   BUTLEDOE
llra-liij,*..    i.i    Onliiri.,    Cleritllirv
ColIeRO, T..r„in„. in  1HIM
(Im.lunl,. I Mwlalllal nl JlcKIIIIji'.
Veterinary Uollaic*, riii.*,,***,,.
in  l'.l ll
Xin„ ^venr*. a-tpari.llt*a In  Veterinary
jirnetlcaln Manitoba
Ollice—Mil Jour I. Pail llllle.
Pint li, P.O. Box IM
Night call -11. II. Short*. RaaManca
Timnthy and Oats
►*•/1 ,-* iF.iti*-i It in -ii. Omnbrook
tlltil sohsoii ehxt
on. f. a. miles
I to 12 a.m.
I to   • p.ni.
.   1 ttt   I jj in.
Offlc* In in-w ll. i.l in.,, k
I'ltANIIIlllllK -       ■        - B. C
Notary Public
111 Coiuio|ullUn llotol
McVllTIE    &    PARKER
Omnbrook nml l'.n St,*,*],*
.1. <i. CUMMINQS    *
''viM'.'i.i" Crnnhrook. II.C. ♦
B.   C     lli   Sirveyor
CRANBROOK     -      B. C.
Agile- Ntk.vttii LIIHUVUIK
Kin iiiiinU nn there li notliliig
fi. wholeeonie nnd id pore m
halcyon litiiia \vatrk,
IT'S WTTI l;l* AT Illl: SCKINliS
ii|i|i(,Hiti. O.I'.K. Stntlun
THK    PLACE    TO     ORT    A
lli.|iili|iiurlorH for nil  kinds of
Hiitlsfuotion Guaranteed
Tht* Shoo Bpeotalist
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     •     B. C.
P. 0. 101 194 PHONE 144
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it to
Special prices for tamily work.
Hour. 1 to ii p.m.
Saturday 10 a.m. tn fi |i.m.
Special liimra can In* arrange.! whon
require-). .
Hanson Avenue
Phone 317
<i '>
1 > The Cranbrook Employment;;
and Real Estate Agency
M.I Speciality is Iiirni-liinii [iiltul f.
Lumber   I'liliilnilii**..   liiiih.ui.l   Cm- , ,
tractor., Hotel., nml builder.      T
.1. Armour, Projirietor
i>iinii,.it:i   iii*M.'jnr,   p.o. Ooisas
la prepared to supply help, skilled 01
unskilled, on shortest possible notice; to find employment snd guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and rooms snd to sell
you fruit- lands or other property for
s small commission.
Aildir.i:-W. Parker, 313 Baker St
NELSON, 11. ('. 48-ly
■:• *************
*>   e. w. winnowsoN, assay- *
.> ER AND I'lIEWST.-Cbargea: «.
*•• Gold, .liver, copper or lead, 31 •:*
•:• each,   gold-silver, 31.50; silver- *:•
* lead, 11.50; gold-Silver, with *
•;. eojiper or lead. 32.60; tine, it; *
•;• .liver-lead-sine. 1.1. Prices lor •*•
-:- other metals on application. «>
{.Long   distance '|ihone 67.    P.O. *>
* Bos, rn 0.1. Nelson, B.C.    46-li<-
If ihe Bul K.|ii.*i|..'.l Business
College   in   tin*   Nortliweit.
Main Ciuiihiuin Sin-li'iil*. j-rinl
iwia from om College each
eenton, Von'etn learn simri
imii.l.    Typewriting,    Bool
keaplngi C merctal l.m. mnl
nl n goneralbuiliietatraliili g,
than wa will eaenra .. poillion
for yon in .1 Canadian nt an
Atneriean business home.
Write for onr beaittlfnllr llini
tuitf.l catalog ten I frgcopon
• ■BSSSSSSBSaHB ■■■•■■■■■■•
Crunbrook, B. C.
Meets   every    Tuesday at 8 p.m. at
Fraternity llnll.
.1. M. Uoyes, U. C.
T, 0. .limes, K. nl R, & S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
Meets every Monday
night at   New Fis-
'Jia.?"*"*'   tcrnlty   11*11.    80-
jourolng Oddfellows cordially luvltsd.
IV, S. Hall, c. .1   Little.
N. (I. Seo'y.
rianlirii.ii;     Lodge,
No. 34
Sfop,       A "■ * *• «•
,w_k*e*M —
/V'.lV •'  V   lli'nular ineellngs on
■*«sg/ *.,       Un*   Ihlril   Thursday
ni iivery month.
Vislllhg l,i*i*ili 1 en welcomed.
IV, I'\ A11M.I   ■   U 11.
E. \V. Connolly, Secretary.
No. 19.
Meets every second nml   fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning    lieliekahs  cordially Invited.
Miss E. .lohnston, N. O.
Miss Hickcnliotliam, Sec'y.
Meels in    Fraternity Hall First snd
Third Fridays.
T. Eraser, E. I.'.
M. MnoKlnnon, M. It. and C.
Visiting sisters eurillnlly invited.
Meels iu Carmen's Hull Second snd
Fourth Thursday of each month st 8
p.m. sharp.
.lames Sims, chiel Ranger
L. Bent, Seeretarv.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hull second and
lourtb Tuosday of each month at
8 ji.ln. sharp.
.Mrs.  Lulu llayward,  Itic. Sec.
Mrs. Isaac Duster, 1'hiet Hanger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
T        Preside nl ; T. S. Giu
!Por EnforinaUon regarding IhikIh i
niiil   agriculture   applv   to lhe <
Secretary, Cranbroolc. It. C.
Every -second VVeUneedav
Prcsbyierlan Cburcb j I
Sumlay morning service at II
Sunday    evening     service*   at
7.30 o'clock
Sunday       School    and     Hible
Claaa at* 3 o'clock
Preahyterlan    Oulld, Tuesday,
at  S o'clock
lliiimovotl hit OlHco from llakuritroel
tit N-iriiiiry nvonnos noxt door
to Dinning! I'ltolo Htuillo,
W.  K.  Il.*-.llr.  Ki-ii.-t .1 Dirt
Cr-jiilin-.il.  II.C,
5SS Georgia Street
1 ...|*i-' nml t ;.*uii.i->.ii : -
i wmnta annotiM timi i bava nwlvid mv
nm •■■ (■iii'--i,ut»ii..j(,t.*„i11| I'ri.c i.i-i of tlw very
lnls'-.l Nlvlfulu ltalrr>o<*<l-i.Wlir**.T«iu|M*-'i>. Tntnu.
r-ir'-iuli-.-ti I'..iii|i;ulnui-. Stiiirli.'*., I'iiiT*. ami
Curll Whieli I will mnii frv-> h|h>ii ioi|ili<.ili<>n
Iti'im>mlN>r ymi ntit ih'l my Imir MM for mu
mancrj itmi »f » In'Mit i-imiiiy Hum aiurwhtra
v\,*\ Why enn vmi luiy f»r leu miim>v 1 IWniin..
I iiiiii\.- it K|>t-rintiy in miunifmluriinr, only. 111U1
ninkv ni* iwlltMa 'ml of yimr nwn i*i**iil<iiiir>i
fntiti JI.IMI lit f.vr-il. "Jiivn ii|> your cis-fi I.i turn ami
wul l)n-m to liiu ll, 0. Hair l|«nsU.   W«> nay ImkIi
mm  Mnil arditaa •nweliltjf.   utakvu-* iwil
Leo. Mullor. Prop.
UM,  I.A.M.
*)if:iiii*'l nml t'li'iiriu,.ilfr Kimx Chiii'i Ii.
THMharof rinmifnrtf. Ilntufi
'I'liiisrv   nml    Viiirs1 Ciilliirr*.
Ki-.ll Ten w t-Mjiiuifurlti-f.    I'iihIIn |.r<>i>.ii ■ 'i fm
I.,.iiiimulii.ii .
All-in*  i! I I-.I-.I i Hi* St-l-iM.l Hon-..*
********************* i
! Baptist Cburcb;|
J* Psstor, Chsrlss W, King.        , i
I'lirsmmpi*. Norbury Avenus.      i i
-  Tluiiii*, lit,      P. O, Boi 837.' i
i i
Regulsr Ssrvlcesi—Suadsy, ll,
i in.     anil     7..'111   p.m.;    Blbls, >
.Softool    uiili     Young   l.siliss'i i
I'liili'Dii'ii    uml    Voung   Men's1
liilili. I'lass, 3 p.m. ' '
Monday,   Young Peoples',   3 \ \
. m ni. 11
Wednesday, Mi.uv«-v Mectlsf, i
A cordial   riiristian weleems1
t.i all. '
X l
'I'lu* Quality is Good,
Tin*   I'rleo  is  Itijilit.
i i
|    0. W. HEMBLING     1
I    DIOSBURY     -    ALTA.    t
The Olmring Cross bank, whieli has
torty-one branches situate in almost
every important city in tlie United
Kingdom, lias closed its doors, and
its affairs are in lhe hands ol tht
official receiver. The bank was established in I.m.1, and hi its advertisements it was declared that its assets were £l(fl07,U'IO, and its liabilities £1,230,571, leaving a surplus of
£871,078. Loans were made, slocks
and shares bought ami sold, deposits
were received, interest being given nl
tho rate of 5, ii and ; per cent., according tu tin* length of time Hie
moriey was deposited
The new stamps "t King Quorgo's
rei^n will probably bo ready Ior Issue
next May. They »ill lie practically
the same coloi as those of Kin,; Kdward, hut of a somewhat illUerenl
design. The mint authorities have
the mailer in hand, hul, so far us is
at present known, lhe actual design
has not us yet been decided upon,
When finished it will he submitted In
the King fur approval, and then, in
the New Vear, plates will be engraved, and a number of series printed oil
and circulated privately, The contract lor printing the stamps has
been secured by Messrs. Harrison and
.Sons* This contract, il may Instated, means that when the Issue
is once authorized   .Messrs, Harrison
will   print no   fewer (linn 1,000, i
stamps an hour fur   an entire working year.
Wood Norton, where King Maniiil
is seeking shelter, and where ihe
Duke ut Orleans has bis home in
exile, is perhaps the only spot In Ihe
world where the ancient lily-spangled
banner of the Kings of Franco still
waves. Originally a shooltng-box,
the house wus bought in Ihe early
'sixties by (he Duko of Aiimulc; although greatly enlarged and Improved, il cannol, however, vfo with the
majority of tbe ancient and beautiful
homes of Kngland. Hut what it
lacks in app-earanco it makes up iu
romance. There can he hut lew
mansions which ran tell such tales of
broken fortunes and hopes deterred.
Within its walls, too, are enshrined
all tbe hope of those loyal to the
ancient llniirbon dynasty.
Tlie announcement is made of the
most important development associated with radium thai has taken
place since the discovery ol that rare
element. No* only, it is stated, has,
radium heen ivitmctcd from the
pitchblende of the Cornish mines, but
a continuous supply Irom lhat source
is now ahrolutely assured. The discovery will have a most Important
Influence in several ways. Iu view ot
the value which it has been amply
demonstrated radium possesses us a
curative force, medical research iu
many directions is heing seriously
handicapped owing lo the present
scarcity of the element. For the
last eighteen months work lias heen
carried on in the Trenwitb section of
the St. Ives Consolidated Mines
(Limited), where pitchblende Is being
produced regularly in great ipianti
ties. The work ol extraction and
purification is being carried nn in
Kngland hy a continuous process at
the subsidiary company's new factory
nt I.imehouse, K., with good results.
A. I>- 2(MMI will possibly see London
just such another city as Mr II. (1.
Wells has described so frequently it
bis remarkable novels treating of thi
time tti come—a city that will lie a
bewildering entanglement uf overhead
roads, of roofed-in streets, id tall
skeleton towers and bunging gardens
a hundred leet up in tbe air Such,
at any rate, is the considered judgment of expert town-planners uml
architects. This opinion was expressed at the Town Plapnlng coherence by a celebrated architect, whu
describe.! how, in the days to come,
streets will be BupeHtnposcd "-1
one another in tiers; how the bouses
will have flat terrace-like roofs, l.id
out as gardens, with platforms used
ns landing-stages for aeroplanes.
High towers of a very distiu* t shape
and lit at night with beacons will lie
erected in every town as landmarks
for aviators Itelow the ground level
lliere will be a complicated **}*.t*ni of
pipes—compared with whieli out present system will be us notion., since
petrol, sen water, pure air. and liquid air are to bo suppled lo every
building hy means of pipes. And
this Is not a novelist's dream, hut
the reasoned verdict ol an .*xi- t'..
It is an interesting coincidence
that, while town players ha1, lieen
giving us a glimpse Into the fiture
ot London, statisticians have been
mercilessly dissecting tbe London n\
the present for our benefit. Nn side of
life fn the metropolis bus been left
untouched in the latest volutin* of
"London Statistics." L'nroniantfc
Ogurea lay hare tbe romances tf the
dwellers in the heart of thc empire
and tell us In cold numbers when Hum
marry and at what age ami how
many ventures on the sea of matrimony each party bas 11111111'. The
fact that ia hammered home on nl-
most every page is Ibe innncusttv of
our great city—the terrible roll-cr.ll
of street accidents, the number id
houses (nearly a million) ami .1 bund
red and one other statistics combine
lo emphasize the statement ImiL
(Jrea ler London's population ts
The twentieth annual volume of
"London Statistics," just published
by the London county council, gives
a most interesting Insight Into Loudon life. In 11)02 lhe population of
Greater London was 0,703,770, anil
in 1000 7,'ia0.75G; Ihis year Uie estimate is 7,587,100. Marriage statistics show thai lhe average Londouei
marries five years earlier than the
bachelor Parisian or Berliner, -.[-im
London girls   marry al the age     ol
twenty-one,       Thirty-two   11 .,..111
school children arr taught to swim in
a year, ami 7,000,000 free meals art-
provided ior liungrj little ones. The
gross amounl Insured against lire In
London during imis wns £1,07J,M0,-
313. There are 001,388 houses, and
1 hi biggest number af buildings lo
the acre is iu Muni-ditch, where the
average is 31.fi. lu 100*8 no lew01
than 17,0011 persons were injured in
street accidents within the Metropolitan police district, nml 83(1 of Un-v
were killed oul right.
lloforo leaving Kngland Ior Canada,
Dr. Charles Ilarrlss, Ibe author of
the scheme for taking lhe Sheffield
choir round llie empire wiib Dr.
Coward next year, suid lo uu Interviewer. "I was planning ten years
ugo u tour round the empire with
lhe most famous chorus in the empire, and working out the idea ol
himliufr together the choral and Industrial elements ol the empire
through llic power of music. Time
ami tenacity have brought about
the 'impossible,' ami within the ten
years I allowed myself In accomplish
il and lo circle the globe wilh il. I
do not mind owning tlmt ilu1 Impcr
ml choir, whieb I have formed in
Loudon wilh the generous help of iis
dirty conductors, plays no inconsiderable part iu my so-culled 'dreams.1
As musical reciprocity has taken
Knglish music round the empire, it
can just as readily bring ihal ol
South Africa, Canada, Australia ami
New /calami to us."
The King bas accepted lhe photo
graph of a veteran Lancashire miner,
familiarly known as "Old William"
Crook, of the Wigan mining district,
who by bis 12 years' labor in the
coal mine has established what is
claimed as a world's record, and
earned for himself the title to be
considered the oldest Working miner,
Mr. Crook wus born 78 years ugo al
Itluckrod. He was put lo work in
the colliery under ground nt tin- age
of six years, und he retains a llvclj
recollection of hem., carried to work
on his father's buck ns a child in
the dark winter mornings. Old William's working life lakes us hack to
the days when women and young
girls were employed below ground,
aud his lirst job, in met, as a collier
laddie, was helping a girl of twelve
to draw the full coul tubs from the
"fur end" to the "pit eye." The
honored sobriquet of "Owd Hero"
was earned after he had turned three
score years and ten, when he saved
several men in Ibe night time by
bringing them out with as greul
speed as possible, this being necessitated in consequence of the ventilating fun having broken down.
The question of (lie best method of
aiding lhe development of forestry in
this country bas for some time been
under the consideration of Ibe government, aud a scheme is now about
to tie .submitted to the development
commissioners by the hoard uf agriculture und fisheries, witb a view to
obtaiuing a granl iu order that a beginning may be made in this direction. It is undcrstoxid lhat the
proposals of the board of agricnlture
will be of au experimental and educational character to begin with. They
will aim at (1) the collection of information, by means of a survey, as
to the areas capable of producing
good timber, lla* nature of the soil,
and the effect which the creation "I
forests would have upon existing
conditions in lla* district. [2) the
establishment of experimental forests
In a few typical centres, and (3) the
education in the theory ami practice
of forestry of an increasing number
of students, so that trained lorc-stns
inuy.be  avallahle  to keep  pace    with
the gradually increasing requlro-
Kcuben Aiheiion, of .'(i»7 Ferguson
Ave., Hamilton, an employee of the
Otis Klevalor Uo., sustained serious
injury while at work. A plunk fell
from a height un to his right foul,
crushing ii badly. He was taken
home, where /nm-Huk was applied
with goud results.
Telling his experience of the halm,
lie said: "After tbe doctoi had dressed tin- damaged fnoi with some preparation ol liis own   I was m   great
pain, and as day afler day I   seel I
tu gel nu relief I left ofi medical
lieatmeNi and uiul /.am Huk From
Ibe very hist application | traced an
Improvement. /.am-Huk really .seemed to act like magic, cleaning all the
unheal thy matter from the wounds,
drawing oul all discoloration, Inflammation ami soreness; uml started
healing in ipiiek lime. In iwo weeks
iln- toe and foot were well again.
/.am-iiuk balm is certainly a wonderful healer, md I would not care to
ht: withoui a box in the bouse. Vou
-an use tbe almw* statement in anj
papers, hooks ur publ lea thins, as    11
may lead some oilier Bllfferor tu use
Zaui-Uuk and get relief as I did."
All workers should keep /am-Huk
bandy. Applied to a cut or wound,
it slops ihe pain, commences healing,
aud—what is equally nne—It prevents
all possibility of blood-poisoning.
/.am-Huk is equally good for skin
diseases, and cures ec/rina, itch, ulcers, abscesses,  varicose ulcers, scalp
ires, blood-poisoning, etc. It heals
..ild nacks,    chapped    hands, frost
bile; cures plhs and all iiillamed
iiiiditious o| Uu- skin and tissue
Fitly cents a box Hum all druggists
and stores, iml avoid imitations and
substitutes, some of whicl) are high!)
dangerous, and none are beneficial,
lhat all persons having any claim
against the estate of the late John
Bunnell Spencer, who died on or
about the 2lth day of July. 1009, a;
Victoria, British Columbia, are required on or before lhe -Ith i,u> of
December, 1910, to send by post prepaid to the undersigned solicitors (or
William Carlln and a. L. Doyle, tbe
executors of the said estate, their
names uud addresses and full particulars of their claims in writing and
a statement uf the accounts and the
nature of the securities, if any heUI
by thrill, aud such statement shall be
verified by statutory declaration.
AND TAKK NOTICK that after
the 21th day of December, 1910, William Carlin und A. L. Itoyle will
proceed iu distribute the assets ot
the said deceased, having regard onl]
io the claims uf which the* shall
then huve had nolm-, and will not
be liable to auy person of whus*-
Clalm Ihey shall nut then bave had
no I ice.
Harvey,   McCarter    and   .Macdonald
88**3t    Solicitors fur said Executors
TAKK NOTICK that  I. -lohn Tal-
arico, of   Qoatfell,     H    C . i-ccup,
tion Section Foreman, Intend to apply for    permission  to purchase   the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about in chains east ot \. E. corner
of Lot 10101, tlu-nce west 2$ chain
thence north 10 chains. Ihence east
20 chains, thence south to chains to
point of commencement, containing
Nil acres, more or less
-lohn Talarico, Locator,
Charles Romano,  Agent.
Dated October 8rt. 1910.        IMI"
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Hallway licit in British
Columbia, may be homestcaded by
any person who is the sole head of a
family, or any male over 18 years of
age, tu tho extent of one-quarter
section of liiU acres, more or less.
Entry must he made personally at
tlie local laud ofllce for tbe district
in which the land is situate. Entry
hy proxy may, bowover, be made on
certain conditions by the father,
mother, son, daughter, brother **r
sister of an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to per-
f'.*t, the conditions connected therewith undei one of the lollowiag
(I). Al least six months' residenCt)
upon and cultivation of the land m
each J ear lor three years.
(2) It the father (or mother, 11
the father is deceased), ol tbe
homesteader resides upon a (arm la
the vomit) uf ihe land entered for,
the requirements as to residence may
be satisfied by such person residing
with the father or mother.
i-i Ii the settler has his pt-rmati-
ii.t residence upon farming laud owned b> him in the viclnlt) t-f bis
homestead, the requirements us to
residence may be satisfied bj resid**
once upon the said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should he given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of
intention to apply  for patent.
COAL.—Coal mining rights may be
leased fur a period Ol twenty-ooe
years at an annual rental of fl per
acre Not more than 2,570 acres
shall he leased lo one individual ur
company A royalty at the rate of
live cents jier ton shall he collected
ou ihe merchantable coal mined
w. w CORY,
Deputy ol the Minister ol tlw In-
teiior 39-261
(icneral Hlacksmiihing
Wagon Repairing
*.<**ir* f.it ('ana la Bicvrle MotoiiCo.'S
Abo Peeriog Uuwersand kukri
(ireat Hritain, according to Lloyd's
report, now owns nearly Rouble the
number 0! whips nonencd i»> the real
of the world put together The supremacy of her mercantile marine is
overwhelming. Lloyd's has now on
its register 10,302 vessels of twenty
and a half million tons gross. Ot
these li.lisO, with 13,061,168 tonnage,
are British, and ..,.-2... with 7,171,-
.'121 tonnage, foreign. The contrast
is even more striking when it is remembered that many of the foreign
vessels were originally worked hy
English owners, and were sold to foreigners in order that largec and more
up-to-date vessels might be secured
in their place. During the twelvi
months ended June last 510 new vessels were registered The gross
tonnage amounted to 029,9-16 tons.
Of the total, 612,825 tons, or m per
cent., were built for lhe United
TO RENT    CHEAP-Urgfl warm
stable with bay loft and feed bin
above. Can he used as warehouse.
Apply at llarald oBlct- 26 tt*
"LIQUOn ACT, 1»I0."
(Section Y2.)
that ou tin* lirst day of December
next, application wilt lie made tu
the Superintendent ol Ptorlnclal Police for a renewal of tlie hot-*-! license to sell liquor hy retail In
tbe hotel ktiouii as tb" "-Fall*.
View Hotel,"    situate at Mttrysville,
H. <*., in the Province ol Hritish
Dated this   nth  day ol Oelobtr,
31-51 Chas   I:   I-inch.
di-' sot TII RAJ*
TAKK NOTICK that Annie Mer-
ington, of Cranbrook, Hi'., occupation. Married Woman, intends tn apply for permission to purchase lhe
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south east cornet *-f l-ot 10097,
Group One, East Kootenav district,
thence west 20 chains, more or less,
to the easl bank nf tlie Kootenay
river, thenee south easlerly along
said bant, a distance of thirty
chains, more or less, tn ibe wesl
boundar) of l-ol 315, Group one.
thenee north along lhe •■.nd west
boundary a distance of twenly
chains,  more or less, to point ol
commencement, and roniaiiiing   lofty
acres, more nr len*.
Annie Mi-rington, Locator
.1. 0. Cummlngfi, Agent
•Staked Nov. Mb,  IflW. SMi*
Fruit Trees
Ornamental Tree
Shade Trees
\V»- li.iv,* a lnr;..*. <jubntity of
choice Xurs.-ry stuck anil
we ,,ir*-r f*»r sal** Honi*-
Orown Tr**ei
< Inly
Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Hrojinttors Coldslieam  K-.L'..
C'u , Ltd.
VERNON, H   0.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
II...ii,. will, ll.il,..   'I'liontin
-•v.ry rooii,
Hat'*.. Sliojinn tlie j.t.i„tHr..
TI,or.,it*jl,l>* uj,*t.,..l.l..
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
010, I'  WKI.I.s, Propristoi
II.  KIM KIN. Msosfsr
DISTRICT    i*'      SOUTH    KAST
TAKE NOTICK that thi* llndpi
Lumbei Company, Limited, Intend to
apply loi [»imlnlou tn pmchase tlw
followlnf described lands
Commencing at a [inst jilnnted at
ihi* north-casl   comet  uf Lot men,
1l*-nr<* following Lot .11 .astiTlj. 20
chtlns, thence south 2.', chains, thence
18 chains, mon nr less, to K. ('. R.
rlght-ol-WS) northerly to suuth-esst
rljtlit-ut-dai niiitlirrly to snuth-esst
corner   ol   Lot nwrn. thence   imith
Inlloi*.nit* '•astern Ix.utiilarj nf Lot
.1111,11, tn point nl rotnineiiretiient, con-
taiiilii< III acres, more nr le.s.
Hated at Kort Steele, II I' , this
Und day ni October, llld
Tlu* Utilises Lumbei Co., Ltd.,
.i t, midge.. Locator,       Ht* 8
ST.". mi |it-t month.    Why Imw n pnlil  lore |iuyim*iil ivns iniuk*     The   city
Invryei     if In*    musl chnrgc the ein   sollclUir     i-ccoiiiiimnilcd Iln- |inyniitiit
01! Mil: FUTURE •■ A STUDV   f„r cnsus In* is culled n|inn I ler    ol     llnrwy,   Mci'.irler mid Mncilnu-
—— (tiivi* I'm* Un* city.       1 would lilie tu ! aid's iiccumil ami il \siis ngreeil     In
(Continued Irom page one.) j mnliiil   llic cuuncll nml (In* ratc|inj  j pn)  hulll iiccomils, Un* i|iicstli 1
' its tbal III llic I'nw appeal case nl
XcIroii ihni Hie ell) council reinsert
In iillinv Air. A. M. Jiilinson llic
costs, lelling liiin In* wns nlreiitly
pulll ll) Hie city, ami 1 lull)' slnte
Hint  All*     Jolllimill     nnn llic appeul.
ork  will  li
mental     sped
editorial    jinjj
limits riinmii
jintiiuis in Hi
iiiiiiui*. ol Iiiih
er, uccording
plum*, will |i
volvitig lytic;
inc shown ns.
plane drive.
Turning    to
again,   wc Nn
mine alloy, sncli |
i   ..i lei 'xpcrl-,
B| ns noted mi nur '
I::,., hi,*,in clastic
Alr. Tlinni|isiin     Insl
I,. In* lis
nature   I
Im v-
*s miiiplv hcncatli
hi Tl.
aeroplane iiiust iln the ■*'i-
slmw n suggested iirruiigeiin '■>' for u
folding ehnssls, lilngnl |i ■' Mo* lhe
hotly, nml provided tilth ;i Ink.- wlilcli
leads limn   lhe nxle up In Ibe rrnM,
is iiiiui   llie Al
HlC mallei   nf insls:
('Imp. 112, Sec, III: "Wliei
tor nr coiinscl is employed       h;
mmilcijiatlly,  whose remiineratini
whiill) ni imi'llv salary, umiiial
otherwise,     Un*    miinlcl|ialll)
itotwllhstattdlng, Im ve Hie righl     to
„ | recover nud collect  Inwful cosls   In
' ... 1 nil actions, nnd proceedings   In   Ilu
'*•'     ...i        n.i	
\ mei ting ill ilii* ell) council wa*
lu-ld un Thtirmlny lusl Those |iro
sini were Hn* mnyor,   Milcrincti I'nl
limn*,   .links,ui.   Iiiiui  I Mnunlng.
Tin* lollowing   nccouiils were |i.i8«t*il
fm* imytncnt:
Schnoi Hoard   orders
head nl
the guide *)lii       l» carried hi
lhe T-iuiii ihai i*" lhe liotlotii
iiieiiiliei nl iln* vellieal Th.*
eyllmler is prnviileil wilh .* Iwo-wn)
uilve     ,iml    '"Iim* in    I*'      which
coiiipnissed nil can In Inlroiluceil in
iln* im ivanl   **i  llllel  etui ,i  iln* ej
liliili-r        HI lie i Im sis is down
uml  peralioi    Ilii  cnm|ircsscil a'.r
nets as ,1 cushion t,* pnn i.i* ti cit-
lain nn,i.nn   ur lore uml nil    i.n.ie*
 Ill   In   Hn*   .*..*   : \H    I       as
lhe machine rlsc-R. u Llll'ou "I Ihr
vnlve iiiirnilmi*'* con pre.' * I nir in
lhe forward end ol iln* cylinder, nml
Hn*   chassis    is   drawn     u|i Ktiugl)
llRltlllSl  lhe In.ill ',   illll II   'mil.      "I
compressed sir,  which  *iippllrn     the
lolllltlg   llierli.llil*. ; nl Hi     lljipliCS    .1
small eyliiiilei 11 sin ilui i nnstrtie
li..n placed ir.'ii*. ii ■!*. !** Ihe eur,
which ojiernles Hn* mnvahle wing
tijis. 'I'ln* l*.i.. ii] valve ,*! tins
cyllntlcr is iniil r,illni 1,1 .* -.in n 11
gytmcoiic, whicl iy In thrown mu
III 1*1*111 ulli'li Un* nil.'...in wishes In
make ii  Hun, or Jielfullii nllni   i-mlii-
III     nilSWCI    I., Iln*    'jn* il s In    f;   ||   'I'luimpsnti
what spifil may he expeelcd I i   n ||,trvcy,   Alei'niiei    .i    Mai
riiaehlnc nf this general design,     we     donu'lil
think il will I.i* agreed llini, in vlcv n<   s   ||,,|| (ki-i..,..1 hoard)
..I iis wwcelness .*i lurm, Un*   c  Kelson News
plcte nbsenee ,1 *..*i -. struts      anil |,,,|j(.,. ,,.IV ,,,||
orher eiicrgy-consiiniiiig siirfaeis, nnd ^   ^   Ifidlitis
lhe (ael llini lircause ol lhe stun Ih -.icC'nll ,v Co
imss nl    Un* s i   Minn .  .in fiie *.  ^ Onrretl
tion will he nil,nml in n minimum— (,'(„•( Alen*aiilile Co., Lid.
It is    conservutlve   In   expeel f <■„„ \Mm,„.r -Vfills '
sucb a much , nllci ii has 1 u ih- {-„mllli;:n llrass Co. ,
velopcil hi Mperlmenlal work, -|i Is pnt,|,ur|! Meter Co	
"I li"  i" i '"' ' iii'*' an I"' '*     | T. S   I'arretl   	
It wmilil In ii il ii g Io sec whal Coiiclnnil-Cbnlterson   Co
Air. Nat ITerrrshon  ! .eompllsh, n   .,._ „„,.,,,.„ 	
If In*   npplletl I.,   i      itcrl ...*:.nil.in* |,„.,. „,.,,,   |lnv „,„
ie iti.niii.T ns it ih'*
counsel   wns mil    receiving a salary
when lhe cosls are, In  Irani "I   l"s
employment, payable I" Hm nolle	
in counsel ns purl nl    In- rem Tn
l,,,l,   ii,      ,i.Mill..li      I"  In*   snl.ni
11,111!,  ('    17. S.   III.
I'le.ise note, lir   Thompson      l"si
Ins   ease. Ilwrelore Uu* iniiiiii ipnliu
Could    olll'cl   COSlS,   Iml musl
put  tlm ilefeiiillng   i isel.      which
the)     lune       Ilui     wll)     pn)   ill
Votirs null.
i'.'reil Ogle.
City l*higinei*r pa) mil
lily     Clerk     isi.mii;    payments)
l.lllilill  KleelHeal  In	
IV,   I*!    IVnnlell   .
Heattie Muiphi Co	
Herald I'lihllshltig Co.
I nun. iii
211 Tu
i; il
I Iln
:|s. :i
IIU*   Sill
ie in
striu i'
in i*i*.
* such
stills \
illl  s
ml   till
*. .alii
Wll I'i
$..'171. ni
A    ili-;c'i*;*;itiii   arusi   regarding Hi
ji.iviiicnl   uf tin-   till   nolle) tor'* fi'i
-tnrt  i In isi* itt llaiwy,  McParlrr    an
Macdonald,   amounting   In    mu anl
Mil n's|)i*clivcly. tbt'Se   r\|>nis--s In-
Kill tor    Tin'     Ilt-rald:     I sit Mr    inn tin* rusts iu   the rase ot It,--*, \s
Tboinpsnn, tin* eit j lawyer and prose-   Oglr      .Udrrniaii .Inckson wniilrd ti
eiitfrtK council in case, litis   know  wh.. Instructcil Hn* cltj solid-
charged tin'   cltj   njtli HO-tm <■..**.**,   (,,, t0 s|jni tht* net ion, ami tbouglit
over nml nlmw hit. i   ni-"  Bnlnn -f   thnt tbat point should In- selllod he
Our Tailoring \
* j
* ■
4-     Artlstli
4)     We WOlllll 1'.' |
Ii tnkns in*,,   '.i.'-iii* iiioaauru tn uittko n Merchniil
Tailor,   h till  ■ nbilily mnl experience comliiiied wilh
nrlistii* taste     Tin   Men  We Tailor nm llie very best
recommendation for us.
* yea   nnd    skilFul    lmnds  tlctign  anil  tailor
luliviiliiidily  riulil inl" mir  gnrmants,
d lo tnlk Tnllorlng villi you, Sir. nny
if j *iir conronleuce.
Fall    IVoollona    Are     Kemly.
i 'i SeleetioiiB    from   tlie
i' •*: fniiL'ii looms.
Sails $27.50 to $30.00
Overcoats $25.00 to $38.00
Trousers $6.50 to $9.00
Tailor and Clothier
tin- iiuiliuiity in sturl ilu* act inn being referred back.
UcCalhini .v ('n. rliiiuieil SU.IO in
addition in ilu- amount ordered tn lie
paid. This sum was for a pane nt
^liiss brukt'ii liy a drunken man. On
ilu- advice uf llie city solicitor, Ibe
elerk was Instructed tu write, saying Unit im liability was attached in
llic i-nuneil in tlie matter, therefore,
iluy would nol pay il
lli.* clerk rend tbe letters i>f tbe
I'ommlttce in reply lo Uu- attorney-
general ami iln- Social ami Moral
Mefonn League. Tin- council then
went Into committee in discuss tbe
replies and consider tin- innlter as a
ll v\as ngreeil tu raise Ute lower
.ii tin' nn- hall hi n.i' ft'i-i, in older
ilmi tin- tin- Iiobc coulil !«• pmperly
dried in fm mi', and Mie lir.* chief
was Insiruct-ed lo put iln- work in
hand at once. Tin- rust nnt tn es
ceed J50, exclusive nf material. The
iiu- chief recommended tin- use uf a
system ul nre alarms, wliich would
I ml lent i' |be locality id Ibe fire This
»as ngreeil In. and the (ii-* chief was
Instructed in proceed with tbe mailer.
'Iln- lire chief was fntinalli appointed saiiitnn inspector at a salary nf tin per month.
I he cltj clerk was Instructed tu
cnllecl iill lhe overdue trade licenses
aud report al Ha- next meeting the
names uf the delinquent-*
Tin- lenders fnr llie new city hall
were then rend. (ienrge It. Leask
,v f'u.'s tender nt Jtl.tlOtl was ac
ci-pU'd Tlie only other- tender being il'it  nf ll;.***'i   A   llaiitleld       nt
Tin citi Kollcltor was luslructed
In draw mi an agrceineiit with (Jen.
I!    Leask    A   i'o.     su that the   wnrk
cnuld he stalled immediately. The
city solicitor was also instructed lo
draft a Inlaw enabling the council In
Imrrow the necessary monej with
winch in erect Hu* hull.
The i ncil adjourned nt 13.-W till
I'Tiday  niglll
Tin- adjourned meeting uf the city
council was held on Wednesday
night Those present were the
mayor and Aldermen Patmore, Jackson. Campbell and (Ircen.
A itrlcgatlon fmut the hoard nf
trade presented a large!*, signed p. li
imn Iii regard tn tlf- new cltj halt.
requesting that it he constructed nf
hue!, instead uf Wood. Members nf
i lie tmard uf trade and some uf the
ratepayers also spoke nn the subject.
Th* general feeling was that if tbe
additional cost nf constructing a
substantially built liuildin-; did not
amount tu inure than about twenty
per cent il would he fur tetter to
build lhe ball ol brick. It was
pointed uut that it would he an additional inducement in others tn build
ut similar material, it would add
grent 1) tu tin* appearance of tbo
mu u. whilst it would lie clieapcr in
the lung run as regards maiiitaiu-
After considerable discussion, in
which members nf the council, the
board nf trade and some uf the ratepayers took part, if was decided tu
appoint ,i Joint committee nf the
council and hoard nf trade to meet
ilie ntfhiti-ct, cily engineer and contractor In hint out exactly what the
I'Vtra cost of a brick Imilding would
he. Alderman Jackson moved and
Alderman Campbell seconded that
the mayor. Aldermiin Patmore and
Messrs 1*:. Klwell and IL H* Benedict ami I. Manning form thai corn-
mil tee     The motion carried.
The council then Hdjnurned till Friday night in consider the report nf
the joint comniittef.
lions; a lady, wishing tu preserve her;
formality, said, ".Mr. Ward, this is
quite nn cpisuih.." "Ves," rep.ied.
Want, "Two episodus in fact. Twins,
inarm, twins!" There are "Two
[Episodes" in "A Bachelor's Honeymoon-" Twins, inarm, twins.
Lively, laughing, loving twins. You
laugh wilh Ihem, you laugh at them
and al the bachelor. And when it
is till over, yoti want tn take them
with ynu, the twins in "A Uacbe-
lor's Honeymoon," at the Opera
house uu Saturday, November 12th.
On Tuesday, Hie lath, the great
Uttraetion will he "The ltoyal Welsh
Ladies' (huir." The leader ot thirt
choir, \l a dn i ite Hughes-Thomas, ii
one ui ih' inns! prominent women ot
Wall--, and a most thorough musician, she has token active part in
maul national events, huih of a
political ami musical nature. With
her choir she has touted Great Britain, France and llie i'nitcd State-*-
nud t'aiuida, and has received (latter*
ing nuiires from Flench mid Knglish
papers everywlosre, some of wliich arc
loo exlenslvc tu i,. included here The
political interests nt her husband.
A Idem.im Kdward Thomas, a former
mnyor of Card I IT, the most Important
city of Wales, have heen greatly advanced hy her splendid personality.
Mrs. Thomas is the daughter of tin'
Itev. Itichard Hughes, one nf the
most noted and eminent preachers uf
the Welsh pulpit.
Of the choir the Ottawa Free
Press says;
"In the ltoyal Welsh Ladies'
Choir, which appeared nt lhe Itussell theatre lasi night, Madam
Hughes-Thomas has gathered about
lier a parly of sweet singers, which
is the equal uf any choir heard in
the capital, and whieli, in une evening, entwined themselves an rlesply
Into tin- hearts of lhe select audience
nf music lovers which attended lasl
evening's presentation, that already
a return engagement uf the choir is
being talked about.
"Thej received an ovation which
was repealed with renewed effect at
the conclusion nf each nf the numbers nf tbe programme.
"The constant encores and 'the
way in wliich the responses were
treated bore testimony tn this appreciation."
The last of tlie present huokiugs is
fur Wednesday, tbe lflth. when "Ole
Olson" will Ihi the attraction.
The amusement loving puhlic have
lieen gulled in such an extent hy the
false promises uf unworthy managers
that il is now careful aliout expending money until assured it will
gel "iis money worth."
When Shllbcrls or Klaw and {-.Hanger's attractions are announced tbey
an- sure of patronage fur they are
well known as splendid producers
ami their companies are composed of
sin- besl talent. So it is when (ten
Hendricks' famous comedy is
iinuiiced. The name of "Ole Olson''
is known throughout the I'nited
Stales. Canada, Mexico, South
America and West India Islands, aud
has always pleased. The company
this season is fully up to the stand-
anl, new songs, dances nud music.
"Ole Olson" has no end of opportunities for the display of his de-
leetablc Swedish drollery, amid the
en vj ton ment of fresh and graceful
medley, songs and dances. Do not
confound this play with any other,
as there Is only one "Ole Olson'' and
ii is the only real Swedish dialect
comedy. A east of excellent reputation nnd the production one of purt,
clean comedy and a beautiful story
that illustrates why merit wins.
Commencing with Friday next tlitre
will Ih* several good plats at Ihe
i i-it-rn house. "Along the Kenne
tin" is Friday night's attraction li
is the latest siicct'sslul play nl New
Kngl I life. Like all New Kngland plays laughter musl intermingle
with teais ami the liumnr Is so care
full) blended with sentiment that iust
M     yon    are nti the verge    nf tears
something humorous happens which
tnrins ihe tide tn excruciating
laughter Nu play of recent years
bas hod .1 more sumptuous production in point uf scenic detail and   the
1 litelinti in ihis city will M* given
with careful attention. As nn nd-
vertlslng leatun ihe company earn a
tun- hand
nn Saturday, Novemlwr lith. "A
Bachelor's Honeymoon" will he the
attraction. Art emus Ward (Charles
Brockton Browne) was not only a
humorist, hm a philosopher, and his
humor often expresses more In a
sentence than a philosopher could in
an essav. By an absurd presentation lie ridiculed absurdity, making
his humor nu effective weapon against
those opponents whose doctrines
needed onl) in in- exposed to become
ridiculous His   great     strength,
however, lav in his presentation nf
the common place In his drnll humorous way Fur CXamplo: there
had been a recent arrival in Mr.
Ward's homo; friend** were siiinklng
his cigars   and     nflrring cotigratula-
When a cold becomes settled in the
system, it will take several days
treatment to cure it, and the best
remedy to use is Chamberlain's
Cough Iteriiedy. ll will cure quicker
than any other, and also leaves the
nyi-itrm in a natural aud healthy con-
■iltIon,     Sold by all druggists   and
XME   NEW   RtMKUV   ro.
Nervous Exhaustion
lli-iil.iclit*. Insomnia ami Neural-
j*i*i are generally the result of exhausted nerve centres. The true
remedy is mil a paralyzing drug,
Imt l*'ood, Kest aud nerve repair.
"ASAYA-NKUKAU" isand makes
possible this etire. It feeds the
nerves, induces sleep, quickens
tin* appetite and digestion; free*
ilntn from paius nnd buoyancy of
spirits result. *fi..s<> per bottle
Obtain from the local agcut.
1,-a-1 w'SyyV'
with it's large, loose, stylish appearance is deservedly popular
with men who demand service
in their clothes.
It's  very    look    suggests    the
warmth   it  gives   when   worn.
The   honest  wearing value always  found   in
This Ulster       4(tm^^y
is a Ihing you will discover and
appreciate whenever and as long
as   you   wear   it.
Overcoats From $12.00 to $28.00
********************** ****************************——***********
-..*...                              .... ,„.. .»■;
-,»*,-. *>mmmmm
•If-'   V* BTaal
' r Jmt     *.»»,**«■
ty jf^S^mK
h ***frVi
jff:"^>m Jr aee\
~9Vv -jani-1 <~»-«****ff*i8k am
hJmj"*   '.Jm\
oha***j**. . ;.*'. ,* > *twkn
WB    iBT'tB R
**<^r*a**fi-*'iiflt**tf'' :--^*j3JM
1 'A »T^-"*i
*:   !,■            M
*'■' "I'll™
■ ,m
The Great Hoyt Theatre Comedy Success
Elaborately Staged
Scats mi sale nt HiMlli,*.Murphy's Driii; Store,
PRICES - - 50c, 75c, $1.00
.Ma In-1 Taylor, daiiglitrr nr SI moll
Taylor. Is lying dangcroust) ill ul
Iter    fai Imt'*.     roaldrncc   on I Iniisoii
•»•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦ ♦^♦•♦♦♦«* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^
1 i
Patent Ripless
ar* mad* for hard
waar. Practically ever-
UlUng. No ieama in-
•id* to hurt tha handi,
and thay are
A (iOOD I'KlliNI)
iii ilnH'i-r 11-'»*•'1 lan Hot 1 lr»
nt Hiinila 1 ion'i MoiHimin
Daw.    'i-Hiil jiidj-j-i ttdl
lin   llilll   tliit*   -Allll-ll-B)'   In
ii) na I iii it n.v t liln ti known
iiui   ■it|u-tior   to   ui<ihi.
ask lot:
Sandeisen's Mountain Dew
Wlii.lrsiili- Wine Mcrclitinl
tn? it ..it. rn ih,  10 tn*H)'i mnn* ir.r*in*v tr-rv^U*' -.Ir,. lu* Fur* p.n-1 Illili-i
"   ' liiiiuu.   V. rt'-.' l.-rtfru;- U-.i. ,\..irl,. l 1.1-1   u, .-.lt.ll.|iittat Tm*;**, ami mIk-c .
 -..ttMn t*i
.■*■ I, -.ml iiUm.-mir
 *Jat Wltln-i.
...   I'* ii.ti    I f '■'ii''! _*! -'■..   lliii    I*    • ■'     '■
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