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Cranbrook Herald Oct 20, 1910

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Array II ^ — —_
In. thu Humid Pays—Try
Uur   Local   Column..
liii-. u lint'
. job Minting
LpU-f-BHMll equipped to
■    turn oul tbe best e\nna
VOl.VMK   13
NO. :!."
Lessons For Canada
Observations of Dominion Minister of Labor,
Mackenzie King, in London
Thi' II.ui.
ium...it'i of Inhui*, has returned lo
Otlawn nflet nu absence nf eight
weeks in lltilniii mid Kurope, fullill-
1n« various     missions for the   gov-
In Un- course, nf au interview the
minister ol labor .suid ''that his stay
ucioss the water was too short
to admit of   careful study of   condi
tions,      Spending  generally,1'      ho
went nn, "nm- cannol hut ohserve a
continuation ol unreal among the laboring cla.--.es m (.real Britain and
l-'uinpc. ll lias enme nhout in large
part through iln- increased conl     nf
living, which is heing fell generally,
und is especially noticeable in the
large Industrial centres. This un-
resl is in part economic nml iu pari
political, exhibiting Itself in strikes
and retaliatory lockouts ou the
one side, aud iu au effort to secure
government action or Intervention in
one form or another ou the other.
The workers seem anxious to test
the power nf organization on a large
'JI attended in nil four important
international conferences on industrial problems. Al all of these
gatherings some sixteen or seventeen
different nations were represented.
The lirst wns ut The Hague and had
to dn with llie problem nf social * ti—
Hiirnucc, such questions ns old age
pensions, accident, sickness and invalidity Imtiirance, insurance against
unemployment, etc.; a conference at
Brussels on technical education; iu
Paris on unemployment; and a meeting of the International Association
of Labor Legislation at Lugano,
Su Itzeriami. Tlie discussions at
these conferences were carried on in
French, German nud Knglish. In the
mala Ihej consisted ih obtaining
fmtii tla> representatives nf tbo different countries and societies their
views on papers previously prepared
uud distributed fm' consideration. In
a general way one could not Imt fc**l
liml the old world is grappling wilh
a class ol problems which have
grown oul "f the pressure ol population upon subsistence, and which,
witii planning ami foresight, thi
eountrj **h<>i.i,i \,e spared lor year
lo conic. In one form or another
Hie toss of .ill contact with the soil
on the part ol the mass nf the workers, and their subsequent crowding
under artificial conditions in tlie
large centres, seems, in the main,
responsible f<*r the class oi problems, sn.-i.il nml political, which have
"Then- is no duty more Incumbcnl
upon those holding positions of trust
in our municipalities and govern*
ments, both provincial ami federal,
than that .'l observing the unhappy
ami unfavorable condition into which,
through apathy or neglect, large
numbers of people nf those oldoi
lands have bw n brought, ami to
guard, b) regulation and legislation,
against the possibility ol ilmilai
conditions arising here. With our
unpeopled areas, (lie variety and
tent ol om resources, and out vet>
Improving transportation lacilltlc
ii wilt he little shoe! ol national
crime if ihe condition ol oui workers   approaches    f"i generation! ti
enme what      BCCniS  todaj   the liit-vil
able lm nf hundreds of thousand
the old countries. Jusl as one observes la Europe ,i condition for tho
mass ni ihe people Fai superior to
ili.it     prevailing in the far easl, so,
in  Canada,  lhe timst   casual  obscrvei
must in* Impressed with how Inffnlte-
h bolter than m Kurope are tho
chances in lite for ever) man, woman aud child wlm has not been spec
tally ravorcd bj birth, fortune or
"Tin-    conferences   were especially
valuable In tl poortun ity they   al
lorded ol meeting with those iu nlhei lands who lune made and are
making n Bpeclnl study ol social
problems. I lound among ihe public
men wilh whom I conversed ;
cepllonul Interest in tlu working
of our industrial disputes investigation net, whieli seems to have heeii
followed   with verv    general Interest
in all the countries visited in anticipation of what the parliaments
of those countries mny do, it is as
well, perhaps, to <.mil Ilu- mention
of names, hul it mny bo ol interest
to Canadians to know that the ministers of nnt less than three Run*
penn countries mentioned to me their
intention of introducing measures
similar io nur industrial disputes Investigation not, and have asked to he
supplied with nil available Information as to the working nf the measure since the time of Its enact -
meiii. This Information will he tor
warded Immediately by the depart
To severul questions by the reporter Mr. King replied'       ,^^^^™
"1 was    greatly   impressed by tbe
King, [ important part that industrial training uml technical education aro play-
lug in alt trades and industries, and
by the Important  place assigned     to
this branch of instruction hy lhu
llnte in the several countries visil-
il, The conleri-iiec ut Brussels was
composed cliiclly of 11 hody uf ex-
perls, wito were concerned mainly
with a consideration of the curricula
f Instructions having to do with the
higher branches of technical training. Their discussions have been recorded, and the printed reports will
he available for the consideration ol
our royal commission. By meeting
witb members of this conference I
was enabled to enlist the sympathy
<d many present, and of the governments represented, in the work of
the commission, ami I think Canadians may feel thnt, when the members or the royal commission on industrial training aud technical education visit (ireat Britain and Kurope
they will he afforded every facility
for observation and informal inn Ity
tlie governments of the several countries ami those directing their technical schools and colleges.
"in Canada Nature has been so
generous in her gifts thai we have
come to feel that our wealth lies
in her prodigality, in the older land*:,
wliere population has begun to press
on subsistence, necessity has heroine
tlu- mother of Invention; aud Inventive genius and efficiency in workmanship and organization mid tIndirection of industrial processes are
heing looked to as the promoters und
mainstay of industrial progress. In
one respect ?hi.r, was the greal lesson to be learned Irom the Brussels
exposition. Canada's exhibit, general!) and deservedly regarded as the
most attractive feature of lhe entire
exhibition, was the story of Nature's
bounty to a people. There were depicted our boundless natural resources, our wheat llelds, our fisheries, I'Ui great forest and mineral
wealth. Gct-many's exhibit', -nn ilu*
other hand, une ol the most splendid
and Impressive, was an object lesson of what technical skill and efficient worvmatiship can accomplish in
dckelopfng tlie power and industry ol
natinn       With   this combination
natural wealth in abundance and
Variety, and an industrial pnpiil.itn.ti
highly etticient and Intellidcntlv or-
gani/ed—it is only a matter of tinu
before thc Dominion should Ih- preeminent industrially among tbe nations of tlie world.
B. C. Fire Chiefs Convention
Fourth Annual gathering of the B. C, Association of Fire Chiefs
and Firemen -- Visitors Cordially Welcomed and Hospitably
The sum ol MB)
the convasaera toi
nlihlngs1 (und, in
i subscribed *
,00, was raised by
the 1 M C.
amounts a
l 50 .
3 00.
3.00 .
t.00 .
10.00 .
J.'l till
30.00 .
80.00 .
100.00 .
BOO no .
\   lur-
S (Ol
12 (HI
I uu
1211. UU
ton nn
nun no
13677 00
Paris' latest fashion wrinkle is the
wedge skirt, the successor to thr
h'.bhle skirt, wlilcli ft resembles
Its must striking feature, which
gives it the name, is a V-shaped
opening In front at thr Ixiltnm o.
the skirt. Although the skirt is
narrow nt the bottom, this opening
or wedge allows Ihr wearer to walk
with comparative ease, although necessitating an orcaslnnal exposure of
si nek iim front.
II Is a combination of Hie hnlihli
skirt and the sheath skirl, which
caused su much stir, but had only n
short Vogue.
The wedge skirt can Ik* made witli
the vredge running the entire length
of the skirt in diflerent material
from the rest of the skirt. Gener
ally it is darker, so that Htr opening
al   the bottom ji ant roMpieuuuR
The fourth annual convention nl tho
British Columbia association nf Fire
chiefs und Firemen convened in this
city ut 1 o'clock on Tuesday after-,
noon, the meeting being held in the
court room nt tlu: government build- i
These annual gatherings of the fire
chiefs of the province arc ol ver)
considerable import and Cranbrook j
greatly appreciated the honor ol
entertaining ihe delegates on this
occasion. The attendance was rath-
snijill, but those who did attend
all unite in expressing unqualified
praise of the arrangements made for
their comfort and convenience und
Individually nnd collectively the several lire chiefs have expressed then-
selves in the most definite manner as
being both surprised and delighted in
runling Cranbrook so substantial and
evidently prosperous a town. It wns
for several the lirst visit paid to
Ibis city aud it has proved ipiile nu
object lesson to them. At the opening session on Tuesday afternoon,
Chief Savage, of (irand Forks, presided, whilst Assistant Chief Brock,
of Revclstoke, acted as secretary.
Those present in addition to the
above named were' Mayor Fink, Chief
Wand, of Cranhrook, Assistant Chief
Thomson, of Vancouver, Chief Latham, of Kaslo; Second Assistant
Chief N'eedham, of Revclstoke, and
Chief McDougall, of Fernie.
The first business transacted was
the appointment ni the following
Credentials — Thomson, Needlinui
ami Latham,
Audit—I lay ward, Latham and
Whilst these committees were preparing their reports, Chief Saragi
briefly ail-dressed tin-   meeting,    lie
lid il afforded bim very great ph-a-
rure tn meet in the beuuliful city
of Cranbrook. This was bis first
visit t>. Cranhrook nnd In- had heen
greatly impressed by the natural
beauty of the situation ami the
manv indications of prosperity He
wished on In-half of himself and the
visiting members of the association
to express their keen appreciation of
the   hospitalities   extended   In      till'111
and in particular tn thank Mayor
Fink (or his many kindnesses. lie
was sine he was expressing the
views of all present when he extended special congratulations to
Mayor Fink upon his work during ins
term as president ol the association.
lu responding to chief Savage's address, Ma\.»i Fink said his was a
double pleasure       Ile welcomed them
to Cranbrook both as mayot of tho
cltj ami us a member and past president ol the association. He expressed been regret at the unavoidable absence nf one of their oldest
and most active members, Former
chief Deasy, nf N'elson. He was
verv plad Indeed to welcome the lire
chiefs ol B.C. In Cranbrook nml he
was sure lhat his pleasure in this
regard was shared in by everv citl-
Ben. Mavor    Fink    added a    lew
words n( welcome to the new fir.*
chief, Uami, wishing him every success In Ins new duties, lie also expressed Special pleasure at the presence ol Assistant Chief Thomson, of
Vancouver, lie hoped next year to
see nn even more general representation. To secure tlie greatest good
thev must have u strictly provincial
association and in no way could
thev better promote the interests ol
the association than by securing tie
concerted efforts ot alt it. c. firemen.
The mavor referred to the Alberta
and Mauitohii associations and
go-id work they were accomplishing
and be hoped in Ibe near future tu
sir organized a strong Inter-pro i- -
rial association.
Mayor Fink I lieu extended an Invitation to all present to he hi:
guests at tbe ovora house in I tic
evening and to take part iu au automobile trip to Fort Steele the following morning. In this connection
Ibe mayor gave a brief resume if
the earlv history of Fort Steele and
went on to tell of its present pros-
peeU, With thr construction of lb»
K.C.R. Ile closed with a tow words
of hearty appr-eciaiion of the kind remarks of Chief Savage, saying that
when all was said and done they bcl
In Cranbrooh "one of ihe best lit lli
towns in B. C."
The reports of the credential   and
audit committees were then present
ed and adopted.
Chief Savage Intimated that      f
would probably    be l-csl to postpone
lo a little later the reading and discussion of Ihe papers prepared     for
the occasion, but 111 thc meantime he
Invited auy member present to make
\  remarks, pertinent in ihe     ob-
is of   the convention, In- sav.  in
A a Is tan I Chief    Thomson, nf \ nn-
uver, thanked Mayor Fink for   the
iilinl welcome extended, lie wished
be allowed   to congratulate    the
city of Cranbrook upon having secured the services of so capable a   man
as thief   Wand for their lire       department,       lb-   moved flint Mayor
Fink's kind   invitation   tn tin- members  In    attend  the theatre he       accepted.
This motion was seconded by chief
McDougall und carried uminliuously,
chief McDougall, ol Fertile, next
briefly addressed the meeting. He remarked ihai llu-ir gathering wus
unii|uc in many respects, They were
a body of men whose side object
was the protection of llic lives uud
property of their fellow citizens, uml
no other organization exclusively
stood (nr such principles; Mr, McDougall proceeded lo bund out a
very nice Iim- nf . compl linen Is to
Cranbrook nnd predicted thul the
near future would Hnd il nu even
greater and nobler cily. From eulogies of the city Mr. McDougall proceeded to eulogies of iis lirsl citizen, Mayor Fink. lie thoughl '.hut
Mr. Fink had occasion In he proud
of the fact thul he hud served both
ns minor uud lire chief of llic city
and in both capacities hud earned mi
honorable record. Whilst he wus
very sorry to learn that Mr. Fink
had withdrawn from the position of
fire chief he hoped lhat the day wus
far distant when be would cease t>
be a member of the Fire Chiefs' at
snciiilii.il. Mis advice and emmsc
hnd always been most valuable and
Chief McDougall went on to    t	
gratulatc tlie cltj of Cranbrook up
oa having made a move ... citn direction of nbolishlng the voluntary fire
brigade system In thc appointment
of a paid lire chief In conclusion
chief McDougall suggested thut certain companies that had subscribed
tn the funds nf the association
should be made honorary members ol
the association,
On motion of Chief Thomson, Vancouver, seconded hy Chief Latham,
Kaslo. this suggestion was adopted.
The secretary read his report for
the past year which was adopted.
Telegrams from R, A. Simmons, of
Vancouver, ami a Mr Woods, nf
Seat ile, expressing regret at hiabll-
itv  t.i attend   wen- read and filed
On motion of Mayor Fink, seconded
by Assistant Chief N'eedham, of
Revclstoke, ii was resolved that all
former members, mil m attendance,
he re-elected members. In makjn-;
this motion Mayor Fink remarked
that whilst he had no Intention of
seeking rc-clcclion ns mayor of the
| city he certainty would not think of
dropping out of the B.C Fire Chiefs'
association, an announcement that
was received wilh rounds of applause.
Before adjourning, Mayor Fink
said he hnd overlooked one very important matter und that was to extend to all present a cordial invitation to attend a citizens' bnn-
i|iiet to he held at the Hotel Cranhrook at 8.30 on Wednesdaj' evenlni
This invitation was heartily a
cepted and the convention adjourned
until I p.m Wednesday.
tm Wednesday the Kir.- chiefs took
a drive lo Fort Steele in autos, provided by Dr. Green, W. II Wilson
and .1. T. Laidlaw * The conference
was re-aimed at 3. HI p.m. Those
present were the president, Chief
Savage, Orand Fork-. Vice-President
McDougall, Fernle; Secretary Brock,
Revclstoke. Chief Seedham, Rovel-
stohe; Hon, chief .1. !■. Fink. Chief
Wand, Captain I lav ward and Chief
(C.l'.lt.) Bathie, Cranbrook; Chief
Thompson, Vancouver; Chief Latham, Kaslo; and Chief Cornet, Hosmer.
On resuming, Chief McDougall moved that a vote of thanks be passed
In Dr. Green, W. II Wilson and .1
T. Laidlaw for providing lhe auto:
to lake the delegates on the morning's drive. Chief Wand seconded
and the motion was carried unanimously.
Secretary Brock read a paper by
ex-Chief Deasy, of Nelson, who, unfortunately, was absent, entitled
"Only a Firemun," also a piece of
poetry with the same title It
pointed out the risks the fireman
lakes, the onerous nature of his
duties, nml the litllo recognition lie
Hon. Chief Fink, remarked that the
paper onee again drew attention to
the fact that Uu* fire brigade was
far loo often looked upon as of nee
Prairie and B, C. Boards
To Affiliate for Hutual Benefit--Proposal of
Prairie Boards
Steps are being taken
arlous boards of trac
'olumbia   tn    join   tht
nisi, attended by representatives    of
J t lit* various raflwaj compan lea,     rhi
I railway    men arc   not allotted     in
niidnry importance only. Whil
were no lires, no interest was shown
When a lire occurred then
everyone talked lire brigade for a
few days, bin the interest was soon
Chief McDougall suid firemen should
huve better recognition. When a
call occurred no member knew If he
would ever rei urn. Thc risks wire
great, the reward, nothing.
The secretary then read Chic.' Me*
Dougall's paper, entitled "Prevention
f Fires." Thc president remarked
iis .soundness and added Uml he
hoped the provincial government
would insist that, the railway companies -use screens on llu-ir smoke
Chief Wand spoke of the desirability of building proper dividing walls
between adjoining buildings. These,
he said, should he of I inch concrete
or it inch brick. Regardim; clll lit lie}
slacks, these, he suid, should actual
ly be of .1 inch brick. Too often
plans showed them as being nf niicIi
dimensions, but the coat mo tors onlv
built tn I inch, trusting that the
inspector would not discover the ills
Chief Nccdhnm turned to the question of sparks from engines. Ile had
no doubt tlmt the engines left tin-
shops with proper spark screens.
However, he was of the opinion thai
sooner or later Ihey wen- removed,
or made useless, in order to give a
koinl draught to the engine. lie
hoped the government would Inkc
steps to enforce the use of proper
screens ul uil times and so prevent
that cause of fire.
Hon. Chief Fink pointed out the
advantages of constructing a fireproof building. In his own case, he
| bad computet) that his linn would
pay tor their building in twi it]
years on the saving in insurance. Thc
old rate wus $7.75, while on th. ir
new fireproof building tliey onlj
paid 18,40.
Chief Bathie of the C.P.R. remarked that in regard to the abuse nf
the lire screens as suggest ed by
chief N'eedham the cell, had very
stringent rules and any fireman "r
ngiuccr* found with a defective
screen was liable to instant dismissal.
The next paper to be read was hi
the president. Il was entitled
"The Fire Chief." Hon. Chic; Fink
remarked that he thought much gooi
could be done by holding meeting:
of tbe members nt whieli to discuss
matters and consider how fires in
certain parts of the town should
he dealt with.
lie thought much good w
induce thr i
Ol British
 mmmmmmmmmmmmmuu,      ■•■""*-,-...|l'-l '     j^^^^^^^^^^^^^—
Boards of Trade of Western Canada. I vote, but theli presence is helpful il
Tin* movemeni originated east ol the j hastening the solution nf various dls-
Rockies putes.    There Is a sentiment
"Our   organization embraces   ovei*   prairie provinces   thai  the organiza-
sixty Ineal boards of  trade in Mnnl-   Lion -1 Id be rounded ofi hj  bring*
tuba. Saskatchewan and Alberta, lug about affiliation with the varjous
Knch hoard sends delegates to an an- boards uf trade of British Columbia
inial convention    where various bus!- j Our interests   arc    identical and bv
ness mailers an- discussed The plan
has worked well so far, because it
results in ii nan Unit j nf action, and
bus greater effect than when any
movement is championed by a single
hoard of trade," said its president,
Mr, K. M. Saunders to n Vancouver
press representative. Mr Saunders
i.-, manager .if the Moose .i.iw branch
of ilu- Canadian Bank of Commerce.
"Passenger and freight rate questions occupj considerable attention
at  out annual gatherings, which are
working iu harmony much good could
In- accomplished.
■■I was recently authorized to   instruct our gem-iai secrets n   I ■ coni
mimicaic with   the various commercial bodies In    British Columbia to
attend oui annual    meeting •
held in Lethbridge   earlv next June
Wc hope this    wUI all rd        :\
[unit)  t"   meet  busini is men   iro
■, qui pro. Ince and pavi   lhe
a permanent union."
remarkable     i)i-;\ i:i.i)I'.mi;nt
gained by conferences   between
chief nnd his men.
Chief Thomson's paper "Fire
vention in Mills and Factories." was
next considered, the president remarking that he felt thai the question of fires iu such [duces wus not
regarded as seriously as it should he
by the owners.
Secretary Brock read an article on
''Fire Protection in Schools, Colleges and Homes." Ile added lhat
although tliey had done iheir best
lo get lire drills made compulsory
in schools, as far ns legislation wai
concerned, the matter was unfortunately uot much further ahead Chiel
McDougall said that in Fernle he
drilled the children regularly. Re*
ceutly in an experiment carried oul
before the school trustees, when n
lire was started In the basement, the
live hundred children were all outside
iu sevinty-five seconds, while ihe fire
wus put out in the same time
The secretary then read Hon. Chief
Fink's paper "Forest Fires,:' in
which the writer pointed out that
railways, campers ami land dealers
were mostly io blame (or fires lie
suggested that lhe railways should
patrol the lines during the suuiinei
and in the event of lire put everv
section man to work at once. Conductors, he thought, should also help,
hy reporting auy outbreaks at tin
nearest  station.
Chief Thomson suggested the USC ol
oil us fuel hy the railway** as a
lire preventive method, Hccrctarj
Brock said that he though I thai
the laws in regard to the prevention of lires, were now nil lhat could
Im- desired, except as regards the
part the railroads played. He would
like to see it made compulsory for
the railways to clear the right-of-
way. He pointed out the new
law which would nnt allow ..f lira
iiiibuiiu •■( an) fires during the summer months for the purpose nl destroying ol under brush.
An official announcement Issued re
centl) at Mdershol foreshadows re-
maikable developments In British
mllitni) aeronautics, indicatii - tha
the war ofilco is losing no time in
the arm*, on an equal footing
with the force-; of Continental nations in the employment ol tin* nev.
arm in warfare
It i- intimated In thc war office
statement that Major, Sit Alexander
Bannermari. Bart., <■( Hn Royal Engineers, at present on thc general
staff nt the war office, will take up
the command ol a newly-organized
militarv corps, composed "f expert
mill tar; and civilian aeronauts.
The new corps will Ir* divided int..
two departments—ballooning, »hleh
will include dirigible work, ami aeto-
planing. Thc former will tn* coi
ducted at tVldersbot and the latter on
Salisbury Plain, with headquarters
also at Aldershol
Colonel .1. K Capper, R.E., will
relinquish the appointment of commandant ol tbe school *>i ballooning,
the scope of which is to be great!
extended, and will go to the Southern command lo take up anots i tp-
polntmenl not directly emu cl I
with ballooning.
The new appointment indicates that
the demonstrations <•[ the milltar]
vain.- ol aeronautics at the Fretacl
manoeuvres and elsewhere durine the
autumn are regarded by thc army ao-
thorltfes as justification for Immedi-
ite practical work In this country
Already France possesses a nun *
corps ..f military aeroplanlsts, ■■.bos,
exploits this year have rivalled in
skill and endurance those of their
civilian confreres, several of whom
havi also given special appointments
in the aerial corps of the French
arm) By the French military authorities it is considered to In* conclusive!) shown that an arm) not
furnished with aeroplanes ..mid nol
hope tt, meet on equal terms an
enemy In possession of the new arm.
The aviator, in fact, is held to have
complete!) superseded the icoul and
nut post system ol reconnaissance
(iermany also has he. n developing
her aeiial corps with great activity,
and.   though     Ihe   results   have    been
more spectacular than successful in
the department ol dirieib * balloons,
has also a considerable corps ol
practised aviators,
\\ present the only aeroplane
possessed bv thc British army is an
earl) Wright machine placed at the
d'spnsai <>f iln- aeronautical corps by
thc late Ilmi C. S. ltolls, which bas
not been used.
Privately, however, British officers
have adopted the study nl aviation
wilh enthusiasm and success. At the
recent manoelvres (apt Dickson and
a brother officer voluntarily attend
ed with Farman biplanes ami encaged
in scouting wnrk on behalf of the
Red forces. Lieut. Dunne has evolved
an original type ol flying machine
possessing a remarkable degree of automatic stability British civilian
aviators, though fewer In number,
have shown themselves lo lie thc
equals  in   skill   and daring of      tle-u
Continental rivals.
Tb.- new aerial commandant, Major
Sir Alexander Baiineruiaii, Rl.., has
a disiiinfuish.il service record. Ile
entered the army in 1891 as a youth
nf nineteen, and nine years later was
fighting in South Africa, He wan
menttoned in despatches, and wears
the Queen's medal wilh ibree clasps
and King's medal with two clasps.
attached lo the Japanese army during lh<- llusso-.lapai.ese wai, he saw
Hn- siege and fall of Port Arthur.
It wns while fighting Ibe Boers in
llllll   thai   le-  MCCWXIod   to  tbe   buio
netcj. which dates   trom !ti.**2,
Colonel Caliper, K V . who      nun
relinquish! s command ol the I *.*.■ i   -
•   ■ <*;.   *.a*. beer    tl ■• nu ving
-.pint, since the retftement ol l
■ i Tempter, in    the ml al Iti
fnar;   work winch, in   fats   i !    lac -
- and other seilous ■ .stacl -.
has pli n ]   - -> ssion "I
tl •■ ■ wo   small experitm ntal diriglb
I -  i   nstituting a1 pre ■ ut il • i utit ■
outfit in dirigible aerostat*   Thc results   of bis pal    i ' 11 ■■■
bave been  brilliantly exhibit! .1      in
tbi   visits paid I i   London ;.\    these
airships, under bis pi rsonal      i   i
;. ■  ■ ■    serfs   corps will have the
valuable  assistance    ol    tbi     well-
equipped    department   f-ii   ra (entitle
research formed last vear. bul     the
immediate results t" in  attained   b)
•   :    .. .   i .'*   render    tliis
at of quite secondary     im-
p ■:*..: i -
Tbr evangelical mission no.
held in Knox cburcb opened on -
■   U greal i aUmstasm    On Sun-
t*\ pvening   the  church wai pad
the  doors   with    a;,    audlenis
which listened w..t. riveted attentl
what i-   generall)  conced .1    t.•
bare   been tbe  most eloquent, virile
and practical sermon cur beard   In
Cranbrook.     The citizens ot    Cran-
Id awake 1 ths
;:.  Rer.  R   I.    Kno i b * tbej
within    tbrii   .,- al ng foi ..       few
: .*. f the mosl i lo  ••.'    an !
reel preacher*, fn the whole ol
1 an ida • day Mr. K. vies is preeminently a man's preacher with a
strong, nne and din < * n si age (<-r
aj faring men A verj noticeable
feature *>\ Sunda.     audiences    was
large .. n bet ol
were   held ipell-bom l b) Ihi  :
er's vigorous appeals, ■mchrd in tbe
.-."' Is guagi
tbat perhaps greatest word ol the
ih.it perhaps gri steal ■ ol the
Old Testament in Mica!. B •
loth -febovah require <■( Thee bul to
do Justly. I/.v.- Mercj and Walk
Humbly witb Th) Ood " From
these word* the kpeaki i * ie *
iti ing wne, practical definition ol
what religion owing :! to     !.■•
a thtnsE   not ■■( monasterlc , nor   ol
pale-faced ascetics, but <-[ tbi
a-day world, ol red i.l I, and    the
horny palm.
Nor is the leader of song. Rev. p.
If. Thornton, playing a small part
in this || ten itlng i ii ■ ■ I-"*''
men ar-- of the athletic type, wttfl
an athletic religion Mr. Thornton
hai a largi ofmli iplendidli balanced
am! well under control. He is himself slso a linger as well ss   leader
and      at       both  ....-tr :i._   . .VI Mi...
lervlces rendi n <i good
tin Mondaj evening one hundred
and twenty-five people were present
and enjoyed the third of Mr, Know-
lea' addresses, as well as the stirring
songs ' l a union choir of thirty „r
forty rolces nn Tuesdaj evening
one hundred and lift) were again
presenl with a (inc percentage of
men, who realize this mission i
of the emotional, volcanic sorl bul
one of quietness, strength snd directness
The meetings a ill be continued
every nlghl except Saturdaj up    ta
October 27th,
Richardson,    ol -Mhatmcr,
has lie-en
garetled a    .1  P f < > r the
ri.ai irand,   Canadian ■rlco-
..i the Brolberh I ol Rail-
road < ..m
mm ol  \ n.» ? loo, .     | Itln |
this pail
ol tlw country. TMLH.   UBAJSBUOOK   UKUAJ-IJ
A Larger Warming Closet
than ever, in tho Kootenny Stool Range, because the
improvement i.i the operation of tho door adds nearly
five hunilrcd cubic inches t<> its capacity. Every men
inside can 1»* used and you can always depend upon il
fur keeping your food piping hut while you wait for some
special dish to finish cooking. Made of heavy polished
sheet steel, durable and easily cleaned. Besides tins
important feature, there are many exclusive advantages
for yuu in the
and thc nearest McClary agent will point them out to
vou lb* will show yuu why vour money will be best
spent for a Kootenny. Write today to the nearest
McClary branch for Kootenay booklet. ra
I     ii. ND.    Hamillon,    ("al*:r.
,.„i..*»l.    Vi,,**'--      v**„* ■*,..-.   ?'   •..■■•*. KB.   H.n
For Sale by Patmore Bros.
I o.d m.     T,,---Ti{o,     M"i
HEAVIER Overcoats (or colder
The "ARCTIC has
reversible collar, that
may be worn—open or
buttoned close to the
On the right, we show
style for winter wear.
Both $18. up.
gaining lor "harvest money" anil
"beer iiuiiiey" in addition. The
pleasure portion ol the (nir was relegated io a raondow lu ouotlior
part ol tlie town, and to tills thousands came Irom all parts ol thc
At Stoke Clreu chutoli, at Ipswich,
a large congregation recently witnessed the marriage oi Iwo deal
mutes. The bridegroom was u line
looking young lellow Irom Cambridge
and his brldo an Ipswich lady, who
had a train ol six bridesmaids. Tlio
llov. 11. 13. Willis jiorlormod llic ceremony, and lhe service wus rendered
into .sign language hy Mr. Arthur
Hansel, llie deal und dumb inissioner
in llic diocese nl Norwich. Thc moro
Important parts nl tlio service wen*
given sect ion by section, and repeated slowly ami carefully by Uie
brldo und bridegroom upon Iheir lingers. .When the bride was uliiuil lo
declare thul she look the bridegroom lor Her husband lliere wns a
Utile pause. II is lhe custom for
Uie couple lo hold cneli other's right
hand, and llie uHirmulhin bml lo be
made wilh Hie lingers. SIlC was nol
used lo making signs wilh her lell
hand, hut llie registrar decided il
was not necessary fnr. Ihr hands I,,
be clasped, and lhe Indy llius gol
l* Ibe dillieulty; bul, lhe bridegroom readily made his declaration
with his lell lingers on llic back of
his clasped right hand. There arc
over forty deal male's in Ipswich,
most nf whom occupied seals in llie
In connection willi Ibe suggested
payment ol members of jnirliaiiieui by
lhe slutc Sir .lohn Tuverner, ageal-
gencral lor Victoria, cleared up some
knotty iioiuis when Interviewed recently, ile said, with regard to llic
statement that once payment ol
members is begun lhe bouse will be
Hooded by a different class of men:
"1 venture to say that llie members
ol the jiurliaments and governments
nf Canada, Australia aud New Zealand will eniujiarc favorably wilh
I hose nf   the  mother-country. 1
have beeu a member of the Australian parliament and government, ami
1 have seen payment of members iu
existence lor years lliere. 1 nellove
il would lie a very good thing
lnr Ibis country if llic system
were Introduced. I think every man
is worthy of bis hire, and a man
who gives bis lime und attention
in Uu uHuirs ol thc country is jusl
as much entitled to payment as a
barrister or any other person wlm
works with his brain. It is not,
,,l course, within my function in
tall, about your jiailiaiiii-nl here, bin
il nrciirs In me lhat II there were
lower members nl tlie leisured class
in jiarliament and more men ol business capacity we would get better
Sole Agents in Cranbrook.
London is shortly in hnvo u magnificent now opera house. Mr. Oscar
Haintnerstcln, win. is n-ninn to erect
it, states tlmt it will hr Imili on a
xlU* in kijiKsw.iy, and will cos I
some £800,000. Thr London opera
house, as it is to be colled, will hv
opened next autumn, ami will have a
waling capacity ., botween three uml
lour thousand. There mil in- three
balconies, with some forty-five imxes
suspended in the IInllotl states lash
ton from tbo first balcony. Nothing
is yet known publicly about tbo
prices, hut in all probability the)
wilt remain ai thr ordinary English
stainlapl. as Mr. Ilainiiiirstt-in has
expressed the opinion that "cheap
opera is tin opera."
By u new ami remarkable olcc-
trtcally operated machine which has
just been Installed on the Metropolitan district railway the railway Ii»k-
mau has been rendered obsolete. The
apparatus, which is worked iu connection wilh the ordinary signal
When the signal is at danger ami a
itraiu enli-rs the section, Hie arm
picks out a detonator frnm a magazine and places it on the line. Directly the signal is lowered, aud the
train proceeds, the arm swings hack,
drop!- the used detonasor ami picks
up another. Each magazine contains
fifty detonators, which, with a torly-
tralns-an-hour service, mil last lnr
an hour und a quarter, and when
these nn- all exhausted ihe machine
whistles sin illy mid continues to dn
sn until Us stuck is replenished.
Inquiries mode the other dav with
regard lo the   very last word        nl
fashion (o its masculine votaries
elicited   the Information that       the
Uniif; In wear (his SCaSOb is il
very dark blue dress sail. The reign
of the gorgcltU .sock has come to ai
end, and a man may only express hi:
passionate love of color in the .shade
ut bis handkerchief—which .should lie
violet, puce or periwinkle blue.
These are lhe only relapses- from Hie
paths of sobriety iu color that the
priests of needle ami thread will allow. The Up-to-date mau is lo hr a
harmony nl grey und hlnck. His
lies are to Ih- black—or possibly
dark blue—the jewel in bis ttoplll
Bhould, preferably, in* a single blue;.
pearl, mouse prey spats or patent
leather bonis, with prey nr suede or
black glace tops, are lo adopt his
lift. The man who is just "it" In-
day will be in appearance, a sort of
cross between a creation nf Aubrey
lleardsley and a chastened kind of
The Michael man hiring lair at
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire,
probably one of the oldest and at the
■same time the only one remaining of
its peculiarly distinctive character,
was held recently. Following tlie
custom of very many years, the hiring was held in llic market place,
where hundreds of farmers and farm
Servants of all descriptions assembled
tn make their "agreements" for the
ensuing year. Farm bands, who
were very numerously represented,
were dressed tip for the occasion,
and many of them were fantastically
decorated. For Instance, ploughmen
sported knotsi of horsehair, carters
displayed whipcord, shepherds arranged tufts of wool in their hair
and their caps, ami others were similarly embellished with distinctive
Fen lures of ihelr calling. A good
deal of hiring was done, and rales of
rem une rat Inn ruled alHUit the sume
us iu ibe pieceiliiij* year, some    hur-j
The more money one bus Ihe easiei
it is to talk ,i hi .nt  the blessings     ol
TAKK NOTICE that 1, John Tal
aiicn, of tioalfill, II. C, occupation Section Foreman, intend to ap
ply for permission to purchase the
follow inn descrihed lauds:
Commencing    Ut     a    post     planted
about IU chains east of N. K- corner
of Lot 10101, thence west 2» chains.
thence north -10 chains, theme easl
l!ll chains, ihence south 10 chains lo
point of commencement, containing
80 acres, more or less.
.lohn  Tularin),  Locator
Charles Romano, Agent.
Dated October 3rd, i--l»        SMI1
Best on the
That is wast miilioritiea t-uv
reuai. I in*- the iiie.liritml .|iial
Dieu of Hie waters at Halcyon
Hot Hpr'nig*.
The Sanitarium ii now under
new management and I no*
heen remodelled fmui lop lo
l-otlniii ami now offer* every
facility for the comfort and
convenience of patrons.
Date*. 112 and f IB per week
or I'-' per day aud upward-*.
WM. BOYD, Proprietor,
lliilryun,  Arrow   I.*.**, ll.C.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
lt,M,ini willi llAt.it.   'Winne in
every room
llarl-er Hlio|ion the preutiH**.
Thoroughly up-lo-*ele.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
IIKO. I'. WKI.I.S, Proprietor
H. TONKIN, Meaner
The "Cranbrook Herald" has
had prepared a
"Map of the World"
including Special Maps of
British Columbia. Alberta, Canada,
and the United States, by    -    -
The Geographical   Publishing Company
Invaluable   as   a   Work
of Reference
To be trivaii away
Paid up Subscribers to the
Oiieol these Splendid Maps will be.given to inch nml every
subsurlbjr to tho "Horald" who renews bis or lu*r subscription
for oiw year from date, paying all arrears, if any.
Tbis map can he seen at the* "lliiiild" office,    ll is n work thut
should   Ibid a place iu overy home nnd place of business in
Kast Kootenay.
A  copy  of   this  Map   will   be
mailed to any New Subscriber
upon receipt of one year's
Subscription to the
"Herald" $2.00
A limited number only available,   secure  your
copy now.
On   Sale, Exclusively  in   East   Kootenay
by the
Herald Publishing Co. THE   CRNBKOOK   HERALD
WoRKfor tWw^LY Brain and Hand
4 fjj B THilUiH) lulling 1 gin do (or
I my window shades! Th*y nr*
•*■ io dirty I am ashamed to bev*
psopla ntio them; and v«l I don't know
of a ■l.i|l« place Iii liiu iiliy tint will
clean them."
TtlUi spoke ttit anxious housewife to
tha window-shade nxp-u t. Tlir* wlndow-
■ti.utn mport amlled quietly and wont
to look at tlio shado*.
'I imy were tight brown, that Indefinite,
s-raonlsh color Ilka l.adly made mustard.
Ami quite prominent on thalr broad eur-
Faca were si-.is of grease, and atreake
left by rain tlmt liiul carelessly been
allowed to anter, nnd tha acaumulattd
dust of many montlis.
"In the first yluco," began the wlndow-
ahude export, "you Bliould never have
let your stin.ilo.-i net like this. Tliey
should li. v«- bcon brushed with a feather
dtisler every day and with a dry mop
whenever   the   room   was   Swept    Tho
children's lingers should havo been kept
otf them here, where theso llllle dots of
grease ;.i". near lha hem. Ami tlie window* shnuM hnve been watched during
■U.-eK-Ja^       ^ix-/  Jgf*****
■eonst.iv "ir.ive'!;ig read. make a
cover Ilk ti ■ a - own in tbe (raw-
ing. ti  la  of i Im hee,   tboogti
linen mny I-** usad, nr any other material atnli .i« ihadlni or canvas, and
la made tttu tha itoa booli or nmga-
atne novar, with a itii »W
tha book.  Bui two
ban-bo*, efvttj Monti}   Into the - Is be*
low  i' i. "  i il . i    l
Ilka s   bag,   wl
of  li     I.   |    .    .'.
Beside*, lha b  ik
lt*-it from   -
BomailmM \ •    ■
«rad bml tha I* and worthy
of * i  ■ •■ In j ■ . it'-, all
foreign works B" ■
tbo am ittui              ■ ... i   one of
tin*   l»   I
, tha
Jo An Jo *fg |
M*a  ?.».
first,   the   '.'■"■:..■   In   goA   did.   which
may ba bought by the akin iii any
•boa aton, simply eul out «n oblong
a little large* all around than the hook
apt-tad itnt, and raatan it b>* gluing the
hack Ormly. Than cut a silt In each side
unit run n -narrow strip of kid through
tlm openings thus formad, tying It In
front. Hnve >. long enough to make a
Blip how.
Tbe oihnr method Is a bit mora slab-
oratr ahd needs oar*. The binding
la heavy roi. t"*l cardboard, th* beck,
lining malarial Of tha asms color or
blank, and tha iwo una faatened together
by pn-s-tepiirtntit tip*. <>n the kid banding the title ami th-> author's nam* ran
Im. hurnt ur palnt-il; on the cardboard
■they may ba Inked In. or typewritten
upon a label that la than pa-sted to the
I*w people know tha proper way t«
; in,—-*
Urlll stormf* nnd shui »
, Wi [il ,*t,me In t..*■!-■ dlrr-i
.\B-&J|»     -nu. now ih-ml-"
TV. .7 mmt ",l ;"T\r"
-**...   6fa&<-
THE reason our books are not well
enough oared for in that they ur*
too common. If we had to pay
more for them, and Uiere wore fewer
of th*in, we should value U.t*m mora
hi shly.
There la no real excuse for uegU-i-t,
howevur. a book-emu the cheapest
book, if it has in tt some pith »f scitso
luiil ahow of matter--!-* an objeol '.o ti-*
oared for tenderly and well. Here arc
a* few sins of omlsal n and commissi m
get out for thi< benefit of careleaa read*
Ill* L-'-'i   you take  with  you  on  th*
•street and car .should always hi* cov-
•red, If only with paper,  ir you uru a
To Get Rid of Hats
Tin-; easlesi way to g*i rid of bat.
and mothi when ihej w* In thi
rooni Is i" put out ihe li-thi ami 1.
placa .1 lighted candle 01 lamp on ilw
wlndowslll. outside the op«i window
Thej »■•' Oy toward It, an 1 *\ - *lmios
cat  il sn tn  1
raaten   a   cloth   o-yei
though   I '■'   '*■■"
angW-J 1     Vks an
fabrics l  ki   ■ -   ■
nothing l h
ml...1    1
Hid le
ll Is proli-
or at le«8t
turn 11  llll
lll ring
"An soon iih lhe uliinh- 1
Ink.* nnntbor r-lntli th-ii li
near the irnimlino nnd glv.
a dry rub. with Innif. flmm
Anil behold!   it Is rojuvon
"One llilng Hittl romntnH
ably frayed nt tho bottom
badly worn, In Hint cnse
nlil.. down, cut mv,iv th.'
ami make a now hem. t
,the stick. Supply fresh «
nnd there you arc— u now
"Thank ynu." said Iln* analous
housewife, humbly, "But what about
my pnrlor uluulcs? They nre white
hoi In ml linen with illk strlpp**."
"They nnd all othfer linen shades are
easily clennod," replied the window-
shade expert. "Vou may une one of
two tiitui*,**- breadcrumbs or soft erasing rubber. Por the f irnior, lay
lour shade tint on tho table ns h<--
rorp. nml rob it hard with stnlo brend-
rruals Knb until you have nothing
but crumbs, and thpn rub with lhe
rrumbs until they nre ntl dirty. Then
dust them off with n rlenn cloth, h't
th.< shade wav.* tn iii» Hunslilne on
tha line for n ftw minutes, nnd put
a In
from ,i hat, snd
moth not oi
"The rubber treatment Ih prnctlcally
tho eame (t^t tb.. soft variety that
[•rumble* when you work with It. ami
'■•*■ .-nr- rul not to touch the shade,
If it Is ii white one, with your hands,
No matter how cl   I hoy may t'e.
the perspiration caused hy working
-.iill cn-ii— the shudo, it l« well to
wrap onu hand in an old (owe) befnre
'.e**iiinine ihe rubber or breadcrumb
rlennlng, *'• lored >hndes, of course,
must imt he bung out In iho open ulr.
unless you wish to fade them.
"Oh, ami ont- i hi im more," finished
lhe window-shade expert oa sh*- went
her wny. "Never, whwi you ar** cleaning ehinlos with no no tine, l.*t them
gel near ;t strong llifiii nr a lire, lhe
sun leasl of all, i-' *■ you want io
solve Hie wh. le i-n*l lem "f keeping
: hem clean i
inK th<- sbndi -
in-  anil
Ahd the nnxlou*.
I,- look. 'I giuli full
ewlfe smiled «**
CWsa^tttSXiott *£5?l
open a new i*o>k. li should i>* opened
a few puse« from the back and gently
iirt-e-i.i down with i paper knife, then a
f«w pages  (approximately  the  same)
from the frou!. nml n.i on through  the
book.   Never break a book's back by
pulling it violently open; never put n
thick object in it to hold the place;
never lay heavy objects on It when It 1*-
opan; never ml  the   leaves  willi your
nnaer or with a tOV-gharp knlfu
Tou should have a hook-pl^le, even If
you have to makn it *..>■•.< *. if for ever)
book, At the very least, wrli.' your
nana In th* book, especially If yo - are
In the habit of lending, Paste lhe plate
or ■.•' lhe writing noi nn n rtylenf, bul
on tti*1 Inside ol tin' cover, where your
possibly neglectful acquaintance .iiun.it
eliminate it.
whenever the room ts swept eavar the
bookcases, If they have not doors, with
,i sheel to k.-*-;. dust out, Hul the books
themselves should, be frequently lusted.
or, rather, brushed, for dusting only mba, lhe dirt Into
Ihem, Never touch o book
with dirty or sticky hands,
and nsi* breadcrumbs for
.my poaslblc grouse. Sluke
out the hook before putting
it back: often dust somehow lodges within it ir a
book aho.iid become wet,
nently wipe it .iff until ti is
dry; never noi h near a Are,
for that will arlnkla the pagoa and ruin
tlio cmr.
'Il.o iiuestlon of pen.II iiiiiiklng Is n!
,in. role silii ii question, n seems io
ni...- t.uai .-..'.:' mere Ynmiatt-im, whr.e
otliera value a i,-.,h ehlafly ior its mar-
Klii.tl   notes.     If  y
■i    ive any 'it,!K   *
worth  tn  express.
better say  n  on  i
piece of paper an '■
■• that tn the bo ■■
0.-: away from •'
lea that booki sre
thlnge.   They are
ln«  is yourself
If \  take (he *r-
i  ■■ to know and -ill-
derstand  '.hem;  Ih
.   tie a  legacy  left
you by the grente*
men who have ever
lived.    Trent   then
iherefore, as yon
would nny other pt
■■ ■ -.* i equest.
Two Paper Hints
mO   MAKE   nr.
nary   paper  Imitate
1     parchment >
■■;.  It  In a basin of
•*•     waler ml\.*l
«ltll  stilphuiic  acid
'n ilie propnrtl m
f one to ten purta,
1.W it become thon
iRhly saturated, then
remove gently ami
• dry-   'ihe paper
should bo strom: u
dined foolscap.
To oil paper, hn
-i. ii with boiled nil
and hang upon n
Ino un II dry.    It la
best to do large * ■
ets of paper at once,
and  you  must   ba
very  careful In  Us
Till" 'wenkei lex" is not inenUon*
..I ir, Japan There, t:..- Iiefl**y
n-ork Is shsred by women, eve.'
the hea.i work "f loading greal ships
at   Nagasaki
This is a tremendous task It la
dona largely by women who li-.' *t
Rngakura. Fukuda. Shlklnl and In the
many   little   villages   thai   aktrt    ihq
wn to S igasaki to tnke
i in on.- of their roun-
restlng national enter*
.i:■ awes ti*i Impoilanca
tatlon to the rich coal
lahlma and other sur-
■ts. anil lighters bring
•Ida of thi sti mu '-T
men fimh.1 should, i t.,
rrels, baskets buk-1 or
anything that w*m give them i f-"'t*
hold, anil hi! \ long line o| baak*ts,
each containing about two buckets "t
coat These nr*.- |iassed to the plat-
forms hung on th*» si>le cf the Bhlp,
oo each of which a young girl atanda,
Bometlmes tbsrs ar« fi\« or at. lines
of plutf.-rms nt*. *tther ai.ti** of the
steamer ti-ps-- huge basketfuls of
.*oal are p*SS*d to one girl, who Hi
•urn swings ii up to th*- one above
her.   ar.il   *■.•  on   along   tti*   lint*,  with
th*. swiftt*,n-s ami regularity of in**-
As th** gtrl at the top empties tha
coal down the chut- the throws away
th* empty baaket an-J with the fame
movement catches a full one Above,
un the dt*ck. sit ihe talltere. one for
• ach line. anJ as every seventh basket
ta emptied lha girl calls out "til."
ami he places a mirk on a sheet.
twenty marks court ns one ton, aid
it i» aatlmat*d thn; 1600 tons of cog]
is a f-i>»4 -ia;"s work for a falr-stied
gar.** Th*- girls continue at this task
ur.int*rrut'. t!l> and tnt-rrlly from
early mornli < :'. n/.l afternoon, In
the winter's cold »n*i under the blai-
tr.g summer sur.. and at noon they
have a shir*, rest and eat their lumt.
of rice
In one rtcy a great orran lln-rr ran
t>* loaded with enough ...al to earry
*.•- from Kagasakl i i *-**.n Francisco,
TMs la a magnii ent testimony to the
strength -i: :■*•....■.'■■-'■- . :
jspar.ts- sromac   a  welt-known traveler la Japan r* -■•-■■.- -       | do
lot bells e that there ia
■if ■-. rfc :  k li      i --. rl    s 11 .'outd
ban     ■  ' ■   ■    ■ •■        ■   ■ ■   ■ -
sa.~r.t   *:n:t  e.n-1   with   ihe   Beim   ■
rder Is  ehana ng a       treat
rapidity, a ■   ■ ■   . • In
portaai pl*u*e i- ie»*r\*-*;ii for th** J»p»-
■*-■••--■    -    *
Convenient Traveling Cases
epf'^S^-^f SS^^t?.^* <%•**€ K
^yjf 8(to **^»   ^-gp ->-j-.j*. -%»<2f/ ***%'=>**§, *=%
WHEN you travel at.p.,..i there nro
certain    little   receptacles    foi
dress accessories Ui it -'■•     -om
1 .rt.   (everything   n Its right  «   I ,"-■■■
place can be enjoyed by n woman who
gnea from home, either for » couple of
days or for a month,   Vou wll' never be
without these convenient bass and h*dd*
*•■*-■ after having enjoyed the "omfort of
ownership, and, moreover, you wilt probably tnnk» h few of these uttllli     ■-■■*
for your Men Is    The ■■"■) pm
i»  ,(.,«r.,,|  .,.,.|  .!.<. mggestlon  given
Uut It ts never too late to maki Christ-
inns alfts
i ir Jewi:-.  a   'hamoli  ban.  cut   n*<
cutd  . ed under tbe flap
upon Uie imo       *  api iy of Bower*
the .-v. r   triv-* at-
tractlve di
Bilk, tea inches *t least by five, should
ba rat Ip, I] ' '■■■*• *■* p. after
turning *."»*■ Ibe -r,.t*- •,.-*..
,,. .... - -. *       ■
-. g  ? ■ • ■ . . '
.-■,*- -   : ■
pockets ror a b ■.-'    ti '
... • *.
-    -
• -,
the at*r»- > I
by an]  »   :   ■'■
I ..   *     . ;■.'.-'.  wash-
■ .
. .,    ■ •       rlaed matt rial, a
■   ited
fi ■- ■   lawi  '■>'*•' for I ii Ik. • ■   fa of
7b>'Hold   ImocTm   tib 6cn 5
ihown, !-■ easily made in ..n nfternoon.
A clr i!.ir piece "Mj Inches In  II in
should bo   'in for the lower     ■*"■ •
Then   upon   "hat   another  piece  with   *
straight edge   hi   the   top   shoul 1
placed, ntioii exactly to the first
Buttonhole scallop* on th edge .f
each pari and across Uie straight uppur
ctge of the tot,
How together around the s. illop*!
iilkt**. bend over the (lap and work *
buttonhole tn the nap, fli*w a liny but-
ton un the other piece.   A ribb ii       *':*<
PreF.len silk, ten bv five Inchs*. should
*■  - mm I   'h>- edges
:        1 eolored
On one-third
I 1; In the
■ - inge 1 In » etrcla,
ind tt the othei* end ■ «■• ty ; Ini in ail
*   . } th       . ■        ft flannel
\ ribb m 1 ho M Ue the bolder,
ton< .1   of  1   moo-gran.,
work ■■ ■ ■■•■-..'■ r'ns on
i*i be made
-       - [th linen pasted
Uonal di itgn upon
. *h-- linen snd
at wll lyes    When making
■ sis* by that of
■',■■• Ing a eon-
'■1   n   few leaves
f wa 1 I give  the -jlft  to the
ia    i.ken   of   your
1   ■
. ' -   I ling rl* ribbons, a long atrip of
■ 1
^jc^«/. ba»>
'ines that sre forgot.en In ths rttlh cl
preparatljii for a ',;**•*'. You .,.. »"IB-
ply the gaps In the ■.uiiU of a*tra.slet
By the lloraM  Publishing Company,!
K. J. Deam*, Managing Editor,
CRANBROOK. B. C. Ocluber 21,1110 i
The bye -election in Penile on Saturday will Hkelj resull in the ie-
lum dI "Ilnllol Box Bill," by a relatively large majority, despite the
lact Ibat in tin' la.sl election lie was
in ;i minority of over three hundred
wtili time candidates in the Held.
Tlie appeal tlmt is lieing made to the
electors liy Koss and his thick and
liiin supporters is that his election
means bigger appropriations lot llie
district. Tlie Koss winkers figure
lhat tliey have effectually headed on
uttything like bucccssIuI opposition In
having the election brought on within twenty-four hours ol nomination
ami tlifij are urging electors to pul
aside all considerations nf public administration and legislation, ami
simply gel in uml roll up a hig majority for a cabinet minister. There
is no time in which to discuss the
issues at slake at nil carefully in
thoroughly and so wc tuny li.uk for
another triumphant victory for tlir
MeHriih' government, another proof of
the high esteem in which that aggregation is held hy the electorate,
Notwithstanding Hie apparent I)
easy wall, over for Ross in the Kernie riding, il is obvious ilia I he is
uut (j 11 ite    suit'      lhat   la* lias a dead
cinch, otherwise the electorate
would nol have been treated in thc
way it lias. Koss does nut proposi
to allow his opponent, Hcnnetl, any
reasonable opportunity ol canvassing
tlio rilling, nominations an- to laki
place tomorrow ami tin1 election lb
nexl day. Considering that Koss
was in a minority of upwards of 30(1
votes iii the lasi election, ihis is
certainly a high-handed piece of bus
inct>s. Hut .Mr. Dennett bus more
iu fear than ibis, lie has iu figure
upon ballot box manipulation in thi'
i'vent of thr pull appearing In In* al
all unfavorable in his opponent, tin*
lion. Win. Koss Kernie electors
are well posted as tn Ross' methods
in elections, 'Ihe) know low th.
seal was stolen from K. C, Smith
ami Ihey know Ibat if BeiMCll
shows an) signs nf pulling a strong
vote that Koss will be readv lo
juggle lhe ballot boxes again
"llalloi Box Hill" did iml earn thai
honorable appellation without cause.
Tlie Socialist, Liberal and Ittde
pendent electors of Fertile riding
would .tu well tn in- extremely watchful on Saturday next nf lite I allot
boxes. If it were worth while to
juggle with the ballots in lhe pasl
it will lu* doubly su now that a
portfolio ami ilii- salary attached
thereto is at stake.
Whilst Cranbrook has experienced
its epidemic of sneak lb lev ing, il has
not bren singular iu thai respeet.
Reference to the daily press shows
that Calgary, Medicine lint ami
Lethbridge have been similarly visited. These epidemics break uut even
now ami again despite the most
watchful efforts nf lhe police. Whal
we must hope for is extra vigilance
on the pari of lhe police and the
speedy running down nl the guilt,
There is a little mat tti tn which
we wish tu direct the attention ol
llie finance minister uml of Mr Thos
Caven, M.P.P., as we feel sure thai
onee conversant With the fails speedy
steps will he taken t.. redress what
can only be described as a gross In*
justice, Tin- janitor nl the provincial government buildings, who, by
lhe way, is a certificate!I engineer,
has fnr the pasl two years been performing lhe duties nf that nflllce  at
the totally Inadequate salary of $-10
per month. So fnr as we know no
active steps have heretofore heen
taken to redress this injustice and an
honest, hard-working civil servant
bus been struggling along on this
miserable pittance, enabled to make
both ends meet, solely through the
assistance of his sun. When it Is
noted thai Die janitor at tlie public
school building receives JT'i pel
month, it will be readily appreciated
how Inetjuitttblc has heen the treatment of the junilor al llic provincial government buildings, There is
no excuse for ihis parsimony to be
offered al the present time on the
score nf lack of revenue. We are lold
repeatedly these days that the provincial revenue is Increasing iapidH
and that there will be a grealcr surplus limn has been. This mailer has
been brought In the attention of
Mr. Tims. Caven and wo may feel
sure thai ho will take prompt
measures to have ihis Injustice removed. No tpiarters are provided
for lhe janitor, despite the low sal
iiiy paid, in fact, oul nf lhe small
sum he draws monthly, lie has lu
pay $1K per month fur relit, leaving
liiin jusl $2.! upon which to support
himself and his family.
It is high lime lhat active steps
were taken to provide atlotpialc jail
accommodation, both fnr cily and
provincial purposes. The prescnl jail
quarters are a disgrace to Cran
brook. Orders hake been received
from thc nttoeney-genernl lo have
them removed, but until some new
tpiarters are provided il wuuld he
Utile short of folly to do away
with those that now exist, totally
inadequate as llic) arc Whilst tin
city must at onee provide a deceit I
lock up, it is surely lip lo the provincial government in make provision
for at least two or Hire:' modem
cells. It would in fact he a decided
economy, saving the transportation
charges for prisoners awa.iting trial
Ihal can nol al present lie relaiuei
here  with any degree of safely.
The sentence of seven years in the
penitentiary imposed upon the
Movie hold-up loan by Judge Wilson
should exercise an excellent deterrent efTect upon others uf his class.
Whilst no evidence was adduced, it
was surmised that this Movie ar-
tisl, who admitted having spent
some time in t'ranbrook heforc mi
grating lo Moyie, had practiced his
thieving arts here before leaving. A
companion of liis had been under police surveillance fui some lime
Thanks to llie prompt wnrk done by
i'unstable Drowning, of Moyie, one nl
the gang "f petty thieves, who havi
ticca Infesting these pans of late,
has (-.nt bis deserts and will have i*
long period in   which to think over
the fully uf his wav s. ClilloubtClll)
Hie class nf men to whieli the Moyii
convict lielunneil will take very ser
iously lo heart the punishment metei1
nut   In their comrade mid   they     uil
he anxious to mate themselves
scarce. In other directions lhe cltj
nnd provincial police hate been lining good work iu rounding up tin
perpetrators of recent robberies. Tlw
theft of beer from ihe McDermol
warehouse has been ferreted out am'
brought home to ihe guilty party.
In ibe interests of ihe administration
of justice it is mil advisable io sav
mure nu this subject iust nt pre
sent, save to assure tin* public that
Hie police an* energetically prosecuting the search lot the perpelraluis
nl ihe several recent roblwrlcs
The visit lo tliis citv Ibis week
ot the association of It C. Kin*
Chiefs and Firemen has ln-en ieii
greatly appreciated by our citizens
Thi' work io which these men devote their lives entitles them t
the respeet and esteem uf their f.-l
low citizens and     that   i.-sj.fi 1 ||
Intensified hy more Intimate nc
quaintnnce wiib the iiit-l. purpose and
unselfish motives bj which tliey nre
net ua ted, as demonstrated in iln
course of the discussions at then
convention     Ilrltiib Columbia    has
A GE dons not always mean improvement in a whisky
•»•••  any more than it docs in the incorrigibly had boy.
New whisky, like a young boy, mus. possess the
elements of matured goodness.
Special Selected"
Rye Whisky
is made by a process which yields up the
goodness or the richest grain fn absolute
Storage for years in charred oak casks
develops its inherent qualities to a rare
degree of excellence. The smooth flavor
■nd tempting aroma are not often equalled.
On sate by ut (irsKlus hotels, cafes an*
liajuor stores.
H. Corby Distillery Company     "
J Head Offices: Montreal. "Corby'«ofC»b*Mti«-.-f onrHui e-ceniuiy"
every reason to be proud of her fire
lighters uml Cranbrook, in particular,
has been delighted to show them
—        4
Sundays—Low mass at 8.30 a.m.;
high muss, 1U.3U a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary aud Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days of obliga-
tion—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week days—Mast, at tl a.m. ut tin*
Kather I'lninondoii.
Parish Priest.
Sun-tinyt October 23rd.
Morning service at II o'clock, Kev
I-'. A Robinson, secretary of Assembly's Committee on KvnngoMsni,
will preach.
Sunday .school and Ilihle class al
3 v.tn.
tick. I*. M- Thornton will linvc
charge nl the singing.
Mass meeting tor men onlj ut t
o'clock. Mr. Knowles will preach
on "Sowing Willi Onls—anil Afler."
Male quartette, men's choir.
Kveiling service at 7.30.
Mr. Knowles will preach on
"Stealing tbe Bovil's Fire." Male
This is lhe lasl Sunday nf llic mission.
C. O. Main, Castor.
Thursday, October lith, witnessed
Hu* mustering in of Hie unl.orm ran).
of Ibe Crescent lodge, Knights of
Pythias, Colonel .1. Irvine, nf
Vancouver ollieiating. It was a memorable occasion for tbe lodge inasmuch as it marked an epoch iu the
advancement of the order, making thc
Hnnl company iu the whole of Hritish Columbia, Vancouver and Revclstoke sharing this honor. After the
work of the lodge was over a pleasant social evening was indulged in.
ul wbicb various songs unit musical
selections were enjoyed. Cranbrook
bus cause to be proud lhat this
order is established fn tier midst, ns
il will help materially, even if Indirectly, to strengthen the standing
she already holds with the chics of
the west Colonel .1. Irvine swore
In Kred Cory as captain with the
follow inn as subordinate officers unit
lank and tile:
Captain—Fred c. Corry.
First Lieut—K. K. Johnson.
See.  |.lent.—0.  .tones.
tiuard—C. Stevens.
Sentinel—W. steward.
Recorder— .1. M. Uoyce.
Treasurer—J. A   Fergusson.
I.* It Lyman, A. Hurry, W. M.
Parka, .1. If Bromley, .1. A. Murray.
P. w McDonald, *h A. McCallum,
A. .Inline, ll. I.   Davis, F. M. Chris.
ti  N. S. lloiisl  S. tlrillith, K.
Moililt, It. C. Carr, C. Y. Fryer.
The uniform rank Knights of l'y-
tlllas u;is established in 1X71 and
marked the era <>f pcrtnaiieiii pro*
peril i  tor    lhe order In the uni
form rank tbe world sees a cwifl-
detc military organization, consisting of companies, battalions,
regiments, hi ignites and divisions
systematical!) officered, thoroughly
drilled, who might, in case nf need,
Ih- utilized tor ihe defence of the
national government and with cn-.tii
lo Hn* order. Viewed from a patriotic standpoint, this tank, whether
ui lhe I mt ul States or iu Canada,
Stands nol only ns Hie representative of a fraternal and benevolent organization, but il also proclaims
citizenship, loyalty to constituted
authority, roinhined wiib ihe ''.ill
and prowess necessary to maintain
and defend individual and national
honor and Integrity. This branch uf
tb.- order bas proven a IUCCCSS uml
iis increase dating tin* pus! thirty-
two  tears    has fully  equalled       all
expectations.       lis    attractiveness;
dram lo il the active nieiu tier ship
o| ibe ut.lei in a greater degree
Ihan Ibe other tanks, and us u
means of enlisting Ibe attention of
Un community its value cannot     i.t*
ovei estimated       The wort      has
iteadlt]    increased       us       the years
have passed and ium  stands iu    the
foreflront    ol     all military fraternal
bodies,    lite uniform of ihe rank   is
now iHCoining not only a distinctive
mark, hut it   is a budge of honor as
well.     So much for the sldr      presented lo Hie     public. Ibis has been,
is now, and   ever   will In- the   features   that   will attract attention to
the order      For to tlie outside world
Ilii' uniform rank will lie Ihe Knights
of Pythias      The teachings ot     Ibe
uniform rank    serve to make       its
members better lodge members,  tbe
ritualistic work is the mosl pleasing
and impressive.     The Knight    never I
Understands lhe signineanre of      thej
Pythian symbols and emblem until be .
has become a    Sir Knight       Kvery |
word that ts Spoken ts full of   fond |
lor thought, tlu- whole tendency    of'
Its     teaching is     io enforce       the |
principle, for every day's living, that
nobleness ol soul, wliich rbaracterl/ed
our Pythian prototypes, who    would
rather     suffer    death than wrong a
It nnd and wlm * unlit risk his life in
BUT      /.AM IUK       SAVED    HIS
Once again a ca.se is reported in
which the popular halm Zam-Buk
has saved a worker from lhe terrible effects of blood-poisoning. Mr.
Alfred Hy, (irth, of Shipley, Out.,
says: "While nt work 1 bail llic
misfortune* tn nm a rusty nail under
my thumb anil, to the duptn of
about one im.l ;i hulf inches. The
pain wan ien ltd.• nml what I fearo.1
was Ihal Llic nail, being so dirty
uud rusty, would set up festering
and blond poison. I knew from
previous experience bow good /.am*
Huk w.is, Mi 1 cleaned the thll.nh,
incited n Hull' /..uii-Hnk, and tan H
int.. ih.. wound. The result was
wonderful! li soothed Hie pain nml
the thumb net will) did uot swell.
Xam-lliil, Kepi nway all llillamimi
lion. I was iihte In go oil willi mv
wnrk all the llnie, mill iu a few
dais the thumb was as goud as ever.
A bului whieli eau do this should he
iu every worving man's home."
Zam-Buk [s ilu- finest form ■ i
"Insurance" for nil workers. iu
antiseptic power is so great that m>
disease germ enn live in il; and if
Immediately applied to a sore or Injury, or il (sensed patch, all danger ol
Id .-poisoning is nkcrlcd.
Being composed nf pure vegetable
essences, Zulu-link is an ideal balm
fnr babies am! young children, iaiul
mothers will lind it far superior tn
the ordinary salves, some of which
contain harmful mineral poisons, rancid animal fats, etc,
Zam-Buk is n sme cure for ulcers,
abscesses, eczema, ringworm, blood-
poison, scalp sores, chapped bauds,
cold sores, Inilnmrd patches, laid
leg, varicose veins and ulcers, piles,
cuts, burns, bruises, nnn all skin
diseases and Injuries. Sold by all
druggists and storekeepers nl 50c. a
box, :, for $1.25, Post free frnm
Zam-Buk Co., Toronto, for price.
Avoid harmful imitations ami substitutes.
defense of Hie honor nf that friend.
For the every day affairs of life it
hns its lessons that tell of honor,
protection, defense, not ol the friend
alone, hut thai will gunrtl Hie good
name of his loveil ones and defend
his home. Kvery phase nf social and
public life is reached by Hie lessors
taught, iis tenets an* for tbe betterment of mankind, its aim is to
ptirlf) ami make better the Sir
The lirst company was formed in
Columbus, Ohio, on November B,
ISil, ami was called Columbus Division Nn I - Bapidlj spreading it
now covers the whole conl incut of
America. There nre now Tu.nnu enrolled, each s'ate having iis own
brigade, the whole commanded by
tlujor-Ocuorol Arlntir v. Stohhart,
»l St. Paul, Minnesota, the commander in chiel  ]*>   the  supreme chan-
Orand Patriarch    Oeo.   Cavalsvy,
of  Nanaim ..  was lhe guesl    of      llie
Mini', hut  Monday evening.  After
U.e usual    order of business was
gone through the memlters endeavored lo give their guest a pleasant
evening Refreshments were par
taken nf and songs, musical selections and  recitations rendered.
Tin- I O.O.F. mi U.e occasion <•! Hie
visit to t'ranbrook nl Hie Orand
Lodge of Um? order hop.- to have an
encampment formed. During Hu*
winter an.I spring the loc.it order
will   strive lo have all preparations
made  ami     the enthusiasm   nf        its
members nrouscd lo he prepared tn
receive Hie (Irani! Lodge and also
Ihe encampment scheme It was upon ibe encampment propel ihai
Orand Patriarch Pavalskj spoke in
bis address to ihe local members.
Already, he said, tbeie are ten encampment-, formed in Hritish Columbia, wiib a total membership of
eight hundred, and where sucb encampments are there is a noticeable
Increase In membership in the subordinate lodges To !«' iu Hue Phoc-
niv is going in for nne on    the .Mth
October. Pernio also is proposing
lo have nne formed and In* did not
think- that Cranbrook would tie far
The local order of odd Fellows are
in a very prosperous condition,
members nre being added continually
nnd the meetings well attended.
Something nVi-f tWO bundled names
already nir on tbe hooka, and new
applications aie hcim, considered at
every met ling
\V« know yojj art* loqklug
well utter mir interests in the
line ni' tTll-08, ami wo hup.,
everyone in Cmnhrook lip-
pi'i'eiiiles this, hnl il' the citizens want to ilo their part,
eueli om* should see Hint their
winter stoves aro properly sel
up. uml tIn.t nny old stovrs
ure discarded It there is any
chance of thorn Betting lire lo
your house.
We have men who nre competent lo do this work either
with Stoves nr Furnaces, and
We also bellevo we have the
liest line of Stoves on  earth
uiul   when   yon   con torn pinto
buying that new heater.   See
our Complete line before you
buy elsewhere.
McCallum & Co
The Hardware Men
H. B. K.
Ripless Gloves
\ our Dealer Sells Dinn
Wo are overstocked with Kertlllzei
and wilt sell at cost to clear. All
sacked in 130 lb. sacks.—I*. Hums a
Co., Limited. 30-21
K. (i. t'iivalsky, nf Namiimo, was
a visitor in lown this week. Mr.
Cahalsky is (irand Patriarch nf the
(irand Encampment, I.O.O.K., und
tlie object of bis visit to Cranhrook
was to assist in llie organization nl
a liical encampment. Ucfcrcncc lo
Ibis matter is made elsewhere in
this issue. Mr. Cuvnlsky was visiting Crnnhrook for tlie flrsl time
and he was both surprised and
pleased al all he saw. lie had bad
quite a mistaken idea nf Cranhrook
and was astonished in liml sn substantial and handsome a town where
he had looked for a small camp oil
the mountain side. Mr. Cnvnlsky Intimated thai many coast people have
this misinkcii notion ol Crnnhrook
and thought there was good work
yet lu Ih* dune by the local publicity committees.
"Ireland and thc Irish in song
and story*'* Methodist Church,
Monday next.
Your cough annoys yuu. Keep on
hacking and tearing the delicate
membranes ur yunr throat if ymi
want tu be annoyed. Mill If ynu
want relief, want tn he cured, take
Chamber (ain't. Cough Remedy. Sold
by atl druggists and dealers.      .11-11
The joli department of this paper ts
'•quipped with the most up-to-date
Taces n| type. You get what you
want when yuu want it at the Iter*
"i jQcbiiLJAt-T1J,iftni.M
(Section I- )
that tm Ibe flrsl day' nt December
next, application will lie made tu
the Superintendent nf provincial Police, fur a renewal of the hotel It-
cense tu sell liquor to retail in
tbe hotel known us lhe "Knlli
View Hotel," Mln.ile at Marysville,
It. c, iu tbe Province of lirlllsh
Hated   Ihis    nili   daj ol October,
I li Ml.
81-51 I'has   !•:. Pinch.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦o*o*o<t+++++*
Imperial Bank of Canada li
RESERVE      -      -      .
ll. Ii. H'll.KlK, freaiilent.
HON. BOBISRT 'AFFRAY', Viw.l'rwmlent
Accounts   ol  Corporations,   Municipalities,   Merchants, !!
I'arinurs anil Privato Individuals invited. " <>.
Drafts and Lottere ot Orodil issued available in any unit oi "
llie world. ' ' '
.SAVINGS DBL'AllTiMENT-   Special   attention \ j
Kivon to Savings Hank Aocoimts,    Deposits of $1,110   nnd
upwards received and Intercsl allowed from date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: If. W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
I, Thomas Wm. Harms, intend lu
apply fur permission lo purchase
eighty (Ml) acres of land hounded as
Commencing at tbis posl (being
planted at the south easl corner ul
l.ot miui, Group i, Kootenny District), Ihence cast :.■■ chains, Ihenre
north in chains, thence west un
chains, thenee south Hi chains.
Thos. Wm. Ilarnes.
mii October, t.ui*. 81-01
SK.M.t.lt TI.NDKRS Will he re-
ccivtil hy lhe Commissioners ul the
City ol CalR-try uml ailtlicxsril tu tbe
:i'!7     INlillAM, .1	
2711    HOI.I.INS, W. A. ...
111.1     .Mi'.MlTIH'U, VI, A.
...   ItcRitilllICO
...   ItoHillCIICO
... itesiiloncii
1(1.1    WILKINSON, T.
In* ,irj...i.i:..l  1880
Capital Paid Up $s,or o Reserve fs.ooo.niio
Total Assets, Over $;6,uoo,ouo
II. S. IIOI.T, l'reBi.leiit
v.. 1.. PHASE, licncrnl Mnnnger
Ac-ioiintiiot Kiriug, Cor|>orjitiortB nml imliviiltinlfl
iiiit-nf i„,vii biiRiiiosa rocoivea ovory attptillon.
SA VINOS DKPAIlTilKNT-Ueiiniliol *l in and uiiworili receivnl
anil i iii*r,*st allanoil at eirrt-nt rate.   No formality or .lelav in
A lleueial llaiiktiig Busincfls tiannartcil,
Cranbrook Branch: I). I). McLAWS, Manager
our CiirrbiKOH uiul \\\on*un nn* tuinla of ilie-.ji*m-tn-ii--H<i! nn worolliR whetra
..I il.i-iiur. I'tirriiiK-*.-. iiN.-d ny |,nril Holwrtu in South Afiiea. VKSnnd they
wo- iiiiiile l.y il.,. Hnrao pen|de Tiidliu*M* llrotliem of Orlllbl, Oliturlo, who
•jtiiinitii... wurknituit'liliiniiil miilrrinl.
YKHyoneuimnrt*money hybii..hi|i jmir rtrotfrim, Fl.-nr. 1V..I, liny, Or.ii.i.
nml nil kin-lMif mill stulT, irnni-?i*')>ntlUli.'i,Blr-lgliii,Cuttwii,Hr. frouiun.
Olveunnrnlliind ImhoiivIikihI tlmt yon riuuiol |tel prim unit niuttlly lo niiinl
11.11*.   1-1 HUll IT-.
The East Kootenay Produce and Provision House
Norbury Avenue   -   -   Opposite thc Auditorium
PHONE 109 BOX 691
umlcrslgneil, mnrked
"TI.MH-.I.    FDl!    STUKIT   IIAII.-
until the seventh day ol November
next, at 12 o'clock noon, fur supplying the CUy with lies ami pules
fnr extension lo (In- Municipal
Street Railway.
Full particulars nud spec!(lealions
mny he bud mi application to the
Commjsslom rs, City of Calgary;
marked cheque covering "• per cenl ot
the amount of the hid must accompany each lender.
The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.
Dated ul Calgary, September USth,
W. I). Spline,
33-51 City Clerk.
No. 120
"Kort Steele Placer Mining Company," an extra-provincial company,
has ihis day registered as a company under tin* ''Companies Act,
1SJI7," to carry out or effeet nil or
any of the object.-, ol Hie Company
to which ihe leglaliUlvo authority of
the Legislature ■>( British Columbia
extends except tin* construotlon nml
working of railways
Tbe head olliee o' the Company is
siluale at tbe (ily nl Seattle,
County ol King, Slate of Washing
Tbe a uni of eapilal slock id tho
Company is Ono Hundred and Klflj
ThoiiMind Dollars, divided Into one
hundred ami fifty thousand shares of
One tlolli,- i.i !,
Tbe bead oilier of lhe Company in
ibis Province is situate at Cranlirook and (toy Martin, free miner,
whose address is Cranhrook, aforesaid, is the attorney for tbe Company, i. t empowered to issue and
transfer stuck.
The time of lhe Cllsfeneo ot tin*
Company is Kifly Years from the
30th day of November, 1000, Tho
Company is limited.
(liven under my hand and seal ol
oiiiee nt, Victoria, Province of British Columbia, this ..nth day of
■luno, (»ne Thousand Nine Hundred
unit Ten.
(LS.) ,1. p. Mel.eod,
Ailing    Heglstrar    Joint      Stock
The objects fnr which thr Company bus been established ami registered arc:
To enter, acquire, own or lease
mines, mineral lands and mining
cInima t.f any and every kind aud
any interest or concerning
I the .same, and Io prosecute, work,
j and develop (lie same either lor
itself, or fnr othlr (icrsons or corporations upon such terms ami for
such remuneration as it shall deem
lit or proper; aud in connection with
Hie working of such mine and the
products nr ores and minerals Ihere-
from, to reduce all such ores and
minerals lo profitable merchantable
value ami lo sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of ibe same; and In
connection therewith in contract for.
hultd, buy nr otherwise acquire, own
Opcrato and dispose of, all neeessary
buildings, miltsites, water rights,
mills, smelters, machinery, roads,
railroads, tramways, terminal facilities, ditches. Humes and such olh.r
property as mny be necessary and
proper tn its corporate objects, nml
to acquire, own. control, or dispose
of stock or other corporations, ami
lo engage in Irade ol every kind OS
well as in transportation, and to do
everything else that may ho directly
or Indirectly conducive to any ol ihe
objects ol the Company, as well as
tn contribute lo, suhsldlie or olhot
wise aid nr lake part in such operation. ;i:t-tt
TAKK NllTII'K tbat Ml dins nfler
dale ] Intend lo apply lo Ibe Chiel
Commissioner ot i.amis ami Works
fm a license lo prospect fot conl and
polrotoum nn ihe following descrlb
ed lauds in s. r;. Kootonaj district,
Bloek iri.i.i:
Commencing .it a post planted at
nr near nne (1) mile east of the
C.P.R. survey line nt the tliiily-
lluee    (83)     mile    post,     theme RO
chains west, mi chains south,  mi
ehains east, Kli chains north to place
of commencement,
Harry IL Hughes, Locator,
•i. Livingston, Agent,
Sep).  20th,   Itllfl. M-H
that no person is permitted to use,
barter or sell, or In any way interfere with nr dispose of nny of the
goods and chattels or hclntigiiiKS of
the lIoblnson-McKenzie Lumber Company, Limited, without the written
authority of tbe undersigned.
Dated the llh dav nf October, A.D.
Itnbinsou-McKrii'-fe    Lumber     Company, Limited. ;i;i-at
313 ACRES.    3   MILES  FROM
.Id Aoros miller cultivation. Balance nil
level, I,uki* nu I'ai'iu. Wooil enough on
liii'iii lo |«iy for liiml. Small Frame
House* an<l Stable,
Will consider otlior terms,   Make mo an Offer,
BOX 144
Kvorylioily should wear their
birth stum*. Wi> have a spli'inliil
iissciriiii.iii of birth stoiii'» repre.
aentingtlielU'olve ilifferent montlis
of the year, anil if you arc at all
interested come in nml look over
our lino, \W can give you anything yon wish in u good ring
frum S-2'iHinp IX WHICH THK
nre not only guaranteed by us but
ulno by the manufacturer.
Jeweler, Cranhrook, B.C.
linoi! slable to rent cheap. Apply H..\ i, Herald office 85-tf*
Ira Manning is bach from a visit
tu bis ol.l New Brunswick home.
Mrs. dir) Clreen returned on Monday   from her visit to Spokane.
.Mi- and Mrs-. |(. T. Ilrvmner urine.) in.u.e mi Mondaj lost from .1
delightful visit tn Sun franctsco
Sweel potatoes and preen tomatoes
at I.nile and Al.bison's
.Miss Lillian Tannhausri is back In
tin* posl office .mam. much tn the
satisfaction ol its man) natrons
A Kr .uj. picture ..( the visiting lire
ehiefs        wn$      I.'-m 11     \• st, [il.iv     In
I'hotographei it    1   Binning
Dalntj  hand-painted china suitable
loi lnttlii!.n  "i  wedding i'i! eni * 11
Campbi It .uni Wai nlng's
Kreil Smyth, editoi ■•( the    Moyie
I e.ni, 1.   was 111    Ion 11   dnrli ■     the
R:v. I. P. Wi-stnun. Mfth.'Jist
Churcli. SunJ.ty next
.1. II. .McLean, of thc Old Curiosity Shop, has received another new
lot of oil cloth and linoleum. .Inst
E. I'aiill, of Rossland, is locating a
new photographic business in tbe
rooms on Raker street, formerly occupied by R. .1. Dinning.
liood slable to rent cheap. Apply l)ox I, Herald office. 36-tf*
K. J. Deanc left tor Lethbridge lasl
night to attend the annual meeting
of the Alberta and Kasteru R. C
Press association.
Any person travelling on the Golden road, between Wasa and Canal
Flats, can obtain the best meal at
Mrs. Kmery's. 35-11*
FOR SALE.-Wolf Hound pups.
Apply S. .1. Harrison, Wardner, B
C. 30-71'
Tlie funeral of the late Wm. Anderson, who .licit at Marysville some
days ago, took place on .Monday last
fmin Realty's undertaking parlors.
The deceased was 73 years of age.
Choice pears, cooking and eating
apples at Little and Atchison's.
Mrs. .lames Kdwards aud son Norman (late of Cranbrook) of Spokane,
are in lown visiting friends until
the arrival of .Mrs. Kdwards' sister,
Miss -Tiibbs, who is now nn her wav
from Kngland.
Snap, the famous hand cleaner, unsurpassed for removing grease.
paint, ink, etc., also beneficial tn
thc skin—Campbell and Manning.
Kred Reeves returned nn Monday
after a most enjoyable lime spenl
in lhe Windermere country. Fred
whllcd nwav the lime in a gaso-
fiiu- launch on the lake, nuto rides
to (inMr 11 ami elsewhere. He says
the country vvas looking grand,
We are overstocked wilh Kertili?ei
ami will sell at  cost  to clear.     All
sacked m i.m lb, sacks —p. Burns .\
Co., Limited, 80-flt
Mr. (. D, s Ingram, the new organist Bt Knoi I'resin terian church,
has made a vi*r> favorable Impression in lhe citv. lie took part in
the musical   programme at tbe ban
quel given to the Fire Chiefs, his
snug being particular!] well received
Kleetru* light and hath room, $10
per mouth Apply P 0 Din. 806,
city 33-lf
Senator King, Wbo had heen in
town since Fndnv last, visiting his
snn. Dr. .1   II   King, led on Tuesdaj
(.•1    Rdmonton       The lenatoi will
the msr r\
rrxLows gun?
YOUi   "HE IS."
likely return tu ('raiilirool; before
IiroctwlJug to Ottawa for the session
of parliament.
Rev, J. P. Westman, Methodist
Church, Sunday next.
Mrs .1. 11. Doylo, of Marysville,
was in town .Monday lo set1 her
mothor, .Mrs. M, 1.. Kvans, of Los
Angeles, olT on llie Flyer on lier return to California from a ten-day
visit at. .Marysville.
Thirty thoroughbred while Wyan*
(lotto pullets for sale ami a iiumhei
of Toulouse Reese. A|*|ily W. IJ,
Hatemau,  .Moyie,  ll.c 35-8t*
On Xovenihef 3rd in lhe Opera
house the drawing for the prizes
that are being ofTcretl hy Uu* eitj
hand will lake place. Al the close a
dame will he given In* lhe band,
to which all are Invited,
Hood slillde lo lenl cheap Apply lliix* I, Herald olliee. :l,',-tl"
Very handsome badges were presented lo Ibe visiting lire ehiefs hy
Ihe local lire brigade. These budges
were blue and contained, in a gill
frame, a very good view of the provincial government building, in whieli
lhe meetings of the association were
Front room lo rent on Armstrong
avenue; all conveniences. Moderate
priee. Apply Bos 1, Herald ollice. 35-tr*
Mrs. M. c. Young, a former resident ol Fori Steele who has been residing iu lhe States for some lime
past, vvas a visitor in town this
week. Mrs. Young was looking lor
siiilahle quarters iu which lo eslah-
lish a hoarding house.
Hobin Hood Hour, guaranteed lo
mala* more loaves and heller bread.—
Campht-H and Manning.
Ilev. !■:. Schulzc, of Hurley, Idaho,
was a visitor in lown lasl Friday.
Mr. Schulzc is of the Lutheran por-
suasiou and wus investigating llie
number ol that sect available hereabouts lor the establishment ol a
church. His investigations convinced
him that there was no opening for a
Lutheran church hereabouts.
Two minutes walk from the hos|ii-
tal along the sawdust road will
bring you to Leask and Sons, wliere
a saving of 15 jier cent is effected on
every $5.00 spent for groceries. 36-11*
Lieut.-Colonel I'ugniirc, ol thc Salvation Army, will visit this city on
November nth, when he will deliver
a leclurr entitled "The Man Behind
the Prison Pars." The Icdurci*.
who Is well acquainted with his
subject, has just been elected lo the
hoard of directors ol the American
Prison association.
Mrs. H. 11. llinkley, experienced
nurse, Cranhrook, lie. Residence,
siatcrviiie. phone Ul. .ir.-*ii
Having sold lhe premises occupied
hy lhe jiost odice and P. DeVere
Hunt to the Raworth Urns, Mr. II,
K. Heattie is having erected a new
building, lor temporarj post ollicc
premises, just beyond ibe Queen's
hotel. Plans for the new post ollice
building lo Ir erected by the Dominion governnienl are now in course
of preparation and it is expected
thai lenders for ihe erection of lhe
building will Ih* ealled (or in Ilu- very
near lulnre.
Rev. J. P. Westman, Methodist
Church, Sunday next.
C W Connors, er-dlntng cm conductor mi the C P.R., riiiuiiiiK between Portal ami Spokane, vvas com-
lot tied lor trial at tlie Mouse .law.
sask , police court lasi Frida)
morning charged with the theft ol
18*30, being si\ days' receipt* on his
car in .lime last. Connors left the
emploj o/ the company In August
lasi Sine.' that time investigation
of the hooks showed the aliened de-
lieicitev ami Pinkeitons wen* employed I.. trace ihe alleged defaulter.
Connors was   arrested ai San Fran-
clSCO three weeks ago.
Heine's sweet, sour and gherkin
pickles in hulk. lite, per .piart.—
Campbell ami Manning.
U'AN'TKI)—Ynunn couple wish to
rent small house (partially furnished
preferred! hy Christmas. Apply P.
O. Hot V. 26-tl
WANTED.—A guod general     ier«
vant. Apply Mrs. Brymner, I.ums-
den Ave 83-tI
Messrs. Fergus son and TrowSO have
jusl installed a new French dry
cleaning plant. Ily the use of this
Ihey will Ih* in a position In clean
and press suits in less than half a
day. Thi> plant consists of n rotary dry washer and an extractor,
driven hy a l> h.p- vertical steam engine, Tlie premises lu whieli lhe
plant lias heen installed are between
the ltoyal botel and tlie livery ham.
Tlie machinery is of the very latest
type, cleaning far more thoroughly
than the hand process.
It is In time of sudden mishap or
accident that Chamberlain's Liniment
can he relied upon to take thc place
of tbe family doctor, who cannot
always he found at thc moment.
Then it is thai Chamberlain's Liniment is never found wanting. ' In
cases of sprains, cuts, wounds and
bruises Chamberlain's Liniment takes
out thc soreness and drives away
the pain. Sold by all druggists and
dealers. 33-tt
TO RENT.—Two roomed house,
plaster.il, rent $7. Apply to Jas.
Heigh, city. »Ml(
M S. Middlelon, provincial horticulturist for the Kootenay dislriel,
was in town during the week, Inspecting the properties that Imvi
■bev*- offered   the agricultural depart
Good Time Keeper
and will last
for years.
(lur Repair Department is u
Bee Him of Industry, but we ure
not to lun**,* tno j^ivt* your work llie
liest ol attention, Bring it along
ami receive every Blltisfiiction,
Jewelers and   Optichvits.
ment for demonstration purposes,
(inly two sites were offered, one on
llie ilui ami lhe oilier on Ix-ncli land.
.Mr. Middleton will report to Deputy
Minister Seoit n| onee, ami it is
probable that the latter will shortly
make a personal inspection ol the
properties before coming lo a final
decision in lhe matter.
Strictly fresh eggs at I.itlle ami
FOR SALG.-l'iiro bred Harrcd
Hock birds. Forebears were pri/i
winners.       Appl)        Mrs. Leslie
eitv. 35-11
Hon. Thos. Taylor, minister of
public works, spent some time
town during llie week, inspecting
road work, etc. lie drove oui ti*
Kurt Steele ami Wasa on Tuesday,
accompanied hy Vic. Rollins, Tims.
Caven, .M.P.I1. and J. Held, rood
superintendent, Mr, Taylor found
all road work in this distriet in
good shape ami spoke iu very complimentary terms of tin* excellent
judgment displayed hy Hoad Superintendent Reid The minister lefl
(or Kernie on Tuesday night, where
he expected lo remain several days.
.1. II. McDonald, of the Went worth
hotel, and Miss Nellie llamlley. of
Marysville, were the winners of the
Iwo cut glass bowls drawn for al
the opera house on Saturday night.
Hip Lock llong has purchased the
business of Leo Chung, including
house and lot in Chinatown. On
November 3rd Lee Chung will he at
his former premises where he will
pay any . accounts due by him.
Creditors are advised lo lake note
ini'iit and put In un
ihe date mention*
, the popular secretary of tbe local baseball ami hockey clubs, also secretarj of the local
lodge LO.O.F., is about to leave
Cranhrook to takt up residence ii
Vancouver Mrs. Nellson's health is
the direct cause of his departure.
His numerous friends will greatly
regret his departure and will unite in
wishing .Mrs. Wilson speedy restoration to perfect health lu his capacity as assistant lo lhe chief dispatcher al Die depol ami as a good
all round sportsman, particularly as
a haseliall enthusiast, Mr Neils..n
has earned lor himself a very dear
place iu the hearts of the greal majority of the young men "f this
'Ireland and the Irish in son*?
*«d story/* Methodist Church,
Monday next.
Wc   have some     special orders fur
0 cream for THANKSGIVING.
Do V'OU require anv.' Order early.—
I.itlle and Atchison.
TO RENT CIIEAP-Largfl warm
stable with hay loft and feed bin
above. Can lie used as warehouse,
Apply at Herald odlre. 30-lf*
A male i-iiarlHle wili sing al the
men's meeting Sunday afternoon at
I o'clock and again in the regular
evening service nl '■'■" nt Knox
church. ■'■"i-it
Fresb hot horse Icttuco and
radishes, also cut flowers every
Tuesday and Friday Orders taken
for wedding boumiotfl, floral wreaths
and emblems.—Campbell and Manning.
The many friends „f our cily engineer, Mr. II. Y. Parker and his wife
will regret the serious and probably
fatal accident to Mr. Freeman, Mrs.
Parker's father, who In ■* fall fractured his thigh last week and ts
now hovering between life and death.
Ills advanced years is ipilte against
htm. Mr. Freeman is held in high
esteem among his Cranbrook friends,
nol n few. For some years he was
a justice of the peace In his county
and has of late lived a quint retired
life. Mr. nnd Mrs. Parker nre now
there al    life bedside.
Hoarseness jn h child subject to
croup is a sure Indication of tht) an
pronrh of the disease It Chatt.<
Im'I Iain's Cough Remedy is given at
once or even after the ctonpy cough
■Biatsui'.-vr:. ••:■:'"'•
»f this announi
appearance nn
Oscar     Neils,
lli.. Charming Sow
j.eciully (liiinly Bin] distinctive,
Wo hove defi-jiis miilahlc fai all
evasions anil at jiriues lo Huit all
.*"*'-        » n    I**.',*-    ll*   -U.I   1,1, li.
om  iiatroiiB.   The lain arrival. In '(■
the    more   advanced    Hyde,   an* ll
Creation,ol Ait and  Resnlj.*.
il^if:;      u *
Tin*-..* Ga iis have  become ex*
T%     tH-iutdy pojmlar; they aie stiictly
1 fe-':'J   milnic'l »«*!   made   lo  iii
,1 tally.  The material, near well, and
1' look well, belnjj rut ..n leflneil Iii
v      \
aiQQjj   A very Stylish .skirt in a Grey Diagonal Strip*. .*i|>j ropi
fur t.'i*iM*iiil wear.
!*»!$'*.OO   *^" Elognnt Diagonal Strip,* Suit in it Snge Grci'ti.   This
a vorysuiaitami ilressy motlcl niailo from good |ua it* -*
Remember We Have a Style to Suit Everyone.
McCreery Brother
Cranbrook's Dry Goods & Clothing Stores
:"**..*      .'•■>
Often have Hie experience proinletd
l.y the proverb of "repenting at leisure.11 The huh* argument in favor uf
foreUiouglit applies to cliooetng a
It A NO K. Itiiyinc a ran^u generally
uii*iuii! lhat, fur better ur veotte, yon
areu'etldul to it for life, if it liappeua
to be a good stove, that uieaus a life
time of comfort, of liealtli firm ptopei
cooking, mnl of economy ul fuel. It.
on the other hand, yon* ate pat It! led
witli a pour ami um-atlcfacloiy cooker
ami beater, there ii no computing lhe
years of discomfort ami waste wnloli
follow. We believe we carry lhe best
liiin-*! •* sold anvwbere in llie Dominion,
The Monarch Malleable, tbe Smk-
Alta- a'". U.e Kootenay Don'l
marry yourself in haste tu Some Inferior
range or stove, and repent at leisure
when you nee how ni licit Mter yooi
neighbor lias done by coming to us.
Tii i K [uiptu *nt of *.=ir Prescripti in Dppnrtun nt
is Uomplele Ample Stock embraciuc every
liru.;. Medicine anil C'liemicala i!».*il in Pre-
seription tilling    All Hi«   I    --   S    :f**!  * * ;
l*i\|i.*ri,*iM*i*.l Clerka
Stationery   and   Office   Supplies
i 'nr St,i,*k is Con pli *,* in every way.
The Beat Books Irom tho Beit Writer-..   Call
See oar 'lisj.l <y
Beattie-Murphy Co., Ltd.
Cranbrook and Fort Steele. B.C.
"The Range Store"
<.  PHONE s6
lias appeared, it will prevent the attack. Contains no poison. Sold be
ail druggists and dealers il-tt
The beverage tbat made Hazelwood
famoiis-',BUTTEHMII,K" to be had
ONI«Y at I.ittle and Atchison's.
The funeral ol thc late Joseph
IVili took place on Sunday afternoon
from tin- Catholic church, llov. Rather Plaroondon officiating, ivili was *■
lumliermaii. emptoyetl as sawyer ai
the Nortb Star Lumber company's
laffray mill. He was caught lie
Iween two logs and badly crushed
Brought in to the st. Kugrnc ho*].
tal be only lingered on fur twTi days.
I'.-ili was ab.mt 35 years old. lb recent came out from Italy but bail
been iu this province before, having
returned to bis old homo n- gel
married. Mrs. jvih remained In
Italy when lier husband return' ■
ll ('. to make a home for hei
Voung I'elH was very blghl)  estien.
i>d hy bis fellow countrymen in an-!
around Cranhrook, as was evidenced
bv tbe Urge turnout of Italians foi
the funeral on Sunday afternoon.
"Ireland and thc Irish in song
and story/' Methcdist Church.
Monday next*
II. I'. Wand, ol Vancouver, arrived
in town on Sunday and on Monday
was appointed to the position of lire
chief temporarily. Mayor Fink resigning, The appoint meat is to be
made permanent at the next regular
meeting ol the city council. Mr.
Wand comes highly recommended and
has liml a ureal deal of experience In
tbe lire fighting line. lie lirst entered upon bis career as a fireman
in the eily of Montreal, serving on
the salvage department, alone with
Chief Guthrie, now ol Nelson. From
Montreal be moved lo Winnipeg,
Wliere he tilled the position id chiel
elerk ami supply officer In tbe local
department under the lute Chief Mc-
While we especially cater to '...*-- J: .. ■ lass Ti
lhat appeal to the Epicurean Taste not        lo    re
more staple lines aad will onloa   ihii week -.  ■
l:anii*u> Ashcrott Potatoes
£.5   ,-■ §6E THp
Replaced  Kreo of
.    Charge to jrou
- ^h Rip».
Your;Dealer Sells Them
yeara mi llic Winnipeg brigade, Mr.
Wanii occupied the position ol ln'n>l
driver In tlie Toronto brigade
Tlicncc In* moved I" tta ' nited
Status and then Into lin'mli Coluin-
liobii*. Keturning im*** after a lea
l,la. Mr. Wand la l.> trade a liuilil-
i*r. mi Ihal he bring, lo lirar nn
his duties experience and qualifications ili.it should eminent!} lit him
lnr Iln* position.
Men. enme anil ln*nr ii. V.
Knowles on "Sowing Wild Oats
Ami Alter" al mass meeting tor
men onl) In Knox church, Sunduj
afternoon, October -lul al I
o'clock. SS-lt
Alired riiarlrai.il. Canadian tlce*
president "I lhe Brotherhood ol Rail
road Carmen ol Anwrloa, is visiting
ibis pari nf Hi. countrjr.
jUE (IN Till: SAM:
Iii MiaUiiL' y'" "  :
soft drinks  But  i
r potation   of   j-:.:
wholfsometn ■
Iwvi rairo the kinil t^. l-uy.
Are nokoowledizi il l«y nl] to
ho the Ih*m    Vim v, ill nl-
wa\s tind   in tlin,   an   ex-
cellenl wsorttnonl "f *! ■
•lust krepn few boltli - - a
hatui it'i tfoocl.
East Kootenay Bottling
Chamberlain's Cough Itemedy has
becomn lamous fot its uure ot
conghs, colds, croup ami Influent*.
Try ii when in need. It contains no
harmful lubstanco and always glvoa
prompt relief. Sold by all drag-
t;i-;is and dealers, S3 tl THK   OBANBROOK   HERALD
ALEXANDER LAIRD,  General Manaoeh
PAID-IP CAPITAL, 510,000.000    RESERVE FUND, $6,000,000
are safe, cheap and convenient. They are payable free of charfse
at all banks in Canada (except in the Yukon District).
The Money Orders issued by this Bank are also payable free of
charge in the principal cities of the United Slates, and at the
'*" rate of .$4.90 to the £ slerlinij in Great Britain and Ireland.
They can be obtained at any ollice of the Bank on application.
H. T. Brymner, manager Cranbrook Branch
News of the District
(Special correipondence.)
We have one or two
Real   Estate   Snaps
If you ure looking for un investment or want to
purchase n homo, it would Ihi worth your
while to see us about it.
We have facilities for helping you in a financial way
Why  Pay Rent?
Wbon u visit to us muy enable you to buy n
comfortable home.
I ********************************** ***********
i Planted Fruit  Farm
For  Sale
1 mill! from Cranbrook, block No. 1, nf
Cranbrook Irrigated^ Fruit Lands
Contains .*> acres partly cleared nud planted
with "ill Apple Trees, 100 Small Fruit uml
:*)0il Strawberries, Hood House IM x 21,
Koot H'linn*. Woll. Irrigation Ditch, and 50
cords of wuiul on skid.
Price $1,200 oa Easy Terms
I; Wilmer Agency Co., ji
WILMEiV.       -        -        -       B. C.
To Earn
It i: n't a question alone of whether you
wnnt a better i-salary— it's a luw| condition
of lifo that you must face to protect yourself and ttiose dependent upon you.
You can'i stand stilt—it you don't want
to j*o bnckivnrd, you must go forward—
tlml in, you've got to cam more.
Banting more means liulriinj- a better
position—independence, liapptneaft, and a
chance ta provldo toi the future.
Thousands upon thousands who once held low,
poorly paid positions now earn high salaries un a
result of letting tho Iktbrkationai. Corrbspond-
bnch Schools b!»ow them Imw to accomplish tho
change. During last year about 4,000 students voluntarily reported increases in salary amounting io
over two million dollars! Kvery month an average of
report t*> us advancement in |iosltion and earning
YOUR start this month?
Simply mark on tho coupon
the position you wish to secure,
tlit-n tear ont and mail tlu* coupon
to tii*.- International Correspondence Schools. This puts ymi
under no obligation whatever bul
allows mir experts to adapt a
Course to your individual needs
and circttmstunccs.
You've got to earn more money.
The I. C.S. will help you.
Witt you take the start today?
On Tuesday morning, OcUilwr lith,
II, I,. Blacks tone, Croat Northern
station master, went tu his work us
usual, hut upon his arrival at the
ollice found the lloor .strewn with
feathers, pieces of metal and used
blankets. Upon closer examination
he found the safe had heen very
patiently tampered with, hut the
wmilil-he h.IiIh'is had given up' at
lust and left their work unfinished.
The -stray feathers uml hlankels had
been taken from trunks in the liug-
nam- room, hut further than that,
lla- owners of the baggage missed
not bint-. Whether these creatures
were conscience stricken or whether
Iheir strenuous efforts to get into the
sale hud exhausted them we know
not, but are thankful they did not
get   what they started out for.
The ladies of the Unman Catholic
churcli held their annual bazaar this
week in Kschwig's hall. The ladies
certainly had a splendid display ol
fancy goods of all kinds, children's
wear, men's articles, etc. People ol
all sizes might be Tilted out at
tbis bazaar, lies des having un exceptionally fiood chance to buy
Christmas gifts.
The ladies of thc Methodist chinch
held a fancy sale and tea in the
school room of their church on Saturday afternoon and evening.
City affairs are giving way somewhat lo election affairs. Elections on
Saturday, (Ktoher 22ml.
Messrs, T. Wliclan and O. Downing
went hunting last week aad brought
back u deer, a bear ami a inud-
lurlle. The latter is serving as a
line specimen for nature lessons at
the Central school.
Mr. .1. It Pollock has lieen called
to San Francisco, where his wife has
undergone a very serious operatiun.
Mrs. Pollock's Fernie friends wish
ber a speedy recovery.
Mr. .1. F. Kcduicki returned from
Manff on Monday. Me had been called there to see his daughter, Mrs.
C. C. Wright, who is dangerously ill
al HaiiO at present.        The patents
nterlaiu utmost uo hope of her recovery.
C. M. Walde is at work rebuilding
the stoek bins, the former ones having beeu destroyed hy lire on the
Miss Myrtle Brown, of the posl
ollice stall, returned trom Vancouver
Thursday night, where she spent her
six weeks' vacation.
(I. O. Lindsay, formerly president
aud general manager of tlie Crows
Nest Pass Coal company here, nud
IV. W*. Leach spent a few days in
town last week renewing old acquaintances.
Tlie athletic association want the
city to build a half mile track in the
Miss Mary Gordon, of the public
school staff, received a telegram on
Sunday morning stating that her
father had died in Weybume, Susk.
Miss (lordon left for home by Sunday night's Flyer. She has the
sincere sympathy ol her Fernie
friends in this sudden bereavement.
i ni voluntarily
Why nol make
****************** ••••*-•*]
li.ii liiD, loltAMTOK, PA.
A<] Willti
a*   K*
I'..*-..-- Mill..u Kill**.
An hit.*. I
* Name .
! St. A No,
J^aaaSataaaaaaPJ^^^^i^i^i^^^^^^^^^^BB-l   *************************
Vie have never yet seen u fussy, tbe impression Hint they are tin-
slavish, hard-working mother who fledged angels, but dear, wilful, little
was not repaid for all her toll and mortals who must learn Ihey came
rare and nnxiety by a set of as sel*, to serve and not to rule. Sell-saeri-
flsh children as ever lived. A moth- lice is a good quality in a mother,
er who renlly has tho good of lier j hut it is possible to carry lhat
children at heart, will leach them as spirit too far; it, is possible to mako
soon as they can walk not only l» sacrifices which are iml onlv uncalled
help themselves, hut to help others, for and not. necessary, but really
She will    not   bring Ihem up under I harmful in their effects.
Dr. Patterson uud Mr. Weaver began their evangelistic compnlgn Sunday morning In Knox Presbyterian
church. Dr. Patterson's morning
address wns given from tho text:
"Not by Night, Nor by Power, hut
by My Spirit, Haiti) tho Lord of
Hosts," Jos. I'll. In tho yvetiing
he spoke frum Luke 10:41.
Dr. Hohiiisim spent Monday in
town and gave u speeial address to
the children at l o'clock in the
Presbyterian church.
(Special correspondence.)
Mr. aud Mis. It. A. (ireeit left, this
week for Banff, Alberta, where they
will spend   their vacation.
Mr. Qomcr .lones, of Cranhrook,
spent Saturday evening with Uindue i friends.
Mr. Win. Barclay left a low days
ago for points east.
Mr. Harold Darling, who has lieen
ill iu the Cranbrook hospital for a
few days, returned on Tuesday very
much improved.
Several of Wardiier's residents have
suffered from fever tbis fail. Mr.
Ole Holmes became its prey this
week and was taken to the St. Kugene hospital at Cranbrook.
Mr. Fred Socaker, nf Jaffray, spent
Sunday with his family here.
Mrs. Louie Larson returned on
Sunday afternoon last from the hospital at Cranbrook, wliere she has
hi-en sufferiiif; from an attack of ty
The infant daughter of Mr. ami
Mrs. Fred Penson, who has been suffering from a severe attack of
croup for the past few days, is now
Mr. Frank Dawson, of Calgary,
spent Saturday lust with old acquaintances here.
Mrs. Wm. Orcen spenl Tuesday Insl
with Cranhrook friends.
Mrs. W. L. Lowry, of Cranhrook,
was a guest al the dance on Friday evening last, given by thc
Crows Nest club nnd library.
.Mrs. Davis wus in Cranhrook on
Tuesday lust.
The many friends of Mrs. H. A.
Green will he very sorry to learn
that when she reached Calgary a few
days ago that she was taken to
the hospital suffering from an attack of typhoid.
We are pleased tn have Mr. and
Mrs. Heinstrom with us aguin, Mr.
Keinstrotn is able to he about, but
Mrs. Heinstrom will not Ire around
lor a few days.
The revival services in the Presbyterian church, which licgan last Friday evening, are being very well
attended. Service every evening except Saturday.
Mr. p. K. Harrison, of Vancouver,
spent a couple of days this week
with friends here.
Mr. Patterson, bookkeeper for
Burns and Jordan, left for Spokane a
few days ago.
Mrs. P. Lund spent Monday last
with friends in Cranbrook.
Mrs. otto WisniM, of t'ranbrook,
took in the dance here on Friday
evening last.
13nutiles tradem throughout tbe wot Id
to communicate direct with   English
iu each elate of goods.   Besides lining
a complete commercial guide to London  and   its  solmrlts.   the   directory
contains lUts of
Willi   tlm  GObdi   they ship, and the
Colon iu I uml   Foreign  Markets they
supply j
uniuif-t-il under lhu Ports lowhleh they
sail, ami indicating the approximate
Railings j
of loading Miutufiiuturers, MarchunLs.
etc., In tlm principal provincial towns
ami industrial centres of tlm United
A copy of the cniieiit edition will bu
forwaidodi freight pnid, on receipt ol
Pwtnl Order for i-.0e.
Dealurs seuklng A gene tea can udvor*
lice their trade cards for 20s., or larger
advertisements from 60b,
The .London Directory Co., Ltd.
2,-1 Abctiurch l.ane, London, li.C.
That out at 21.iHHl.lMHt acres ei-
jilcircil in the northern part ot Saskatchewan and Alberta, about 10,
iiihi.iiiiii acres are available lor srl-
llriurnl once access is secured, is
Ilu* gist "' a report which has born
issued by the northwest exploration
division ot the department nl llic
interior, covering its work lor the
lust year.
The district covered In tlie tepoti
is that part ol Saskatchewan and
Alberta north ol thc surveyed area
uml bounded by Oreen lake, .leave:
river, und the connecting waters to
Portage la I.ichr, Ihence down thc
I'lraiwater river to the Athabasca
liver, and ii|i the latter to thc
northern limit <>! (lie surveyed area.
Tin* eiplora.iiin work was done liy
u party ol seven men, under the
Icaderalilp „t V. ... P. Cream, O.K.
It Is believed that 10,000,000 out ol
llic JI.iiiiii.iiimi acres Is a conservative .sinuate ol tlie land available
lor settlement in its present state.
The greater portion ol tbe remaining area, or about 9,000,000 acres.
could be drained, and it Is considered would repay the expenditure.
Throughout the whole tract there
is amide (all, which would allow ol
drainage being successfully carried
out. Not over 2,000,000 aerea is
covered wilh water. Climatic conditions prevailing, It Is stated, offer
im obstacle to farming, and experiments in agriculture attempted there
have always lieen successful,
"Tin* dllllcultles nl transportation
In reach llils section, as also to
reach tlie hcuutilnl and lertlle valley
ul Ihe Clearwater river, will ni
lunger mist when the railway to
MeMurruy. which is now proposed to
be hulll, Is completed," says tbe
report In conclusion.
How ol.cn do wc hear or sec this
expression used in describing a heau-
t if ul woman?
Denude tlw head o. its hair and
instead ol a queenly, royal bearing
we have a fright. The hair makes
all tlie dWcrcncc. To have that
glorious abundance of radiant Imir
which always crowns "a regal head,"
one   should use Newbro's .ler|iicide.
Herpicide represents llic last word
In sricnti.ic hair culture. It destroys the dandruff germ, checks hilling hair and corrects generally, diseases of   the hair   and scalp
The positive results and its dcli-
cale hut refreshing odor recommends
Newhro's llcrjilcith* to ladles ol re-
iiiii'ineiit everywhere.
Send inc. in postage lor sample
bottle ul Herpicide and booklet to
The llerplolde Co., Dept, It., Detroit,
One Hollar sl/i* In it lie sold am.
guaranteed hy nl. druaglsts.
Apiilientions made by tbo liest Imr-
liers anil hair dressers.
lk>ullic-Mur|iliy Co., Ltd., Special
A day or two ago a slranger came
into the Herald oilier and asked to
lie allowed to subscrilH* bis dollur to
the Houston memorial. He saiil
he hnd never met. Houston, but hail
heard ol him up iu Alaska mining
camps ami he would consider II n
privilege and an honor to la* allowed
to iiauieipate in any move to perpetuate his memory. Men like llous-
ton, said this Alaskan pioneer, arc
not ultra met with and it should
lie a ideiisiiri* to every old timer
to lend a hand In perpetuating his
II. M. I'allatt   $100
Large, cool,   dry   storehouse,
very safe, double doors, no entrance, except through private
Apply at Herald Office. 17-tl*
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A modern equipped Cafe at moderate
Rates f 1.00 and up per day
Corner nf Howard St. and Front Ave.
Our boa meets all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J X. Callahan, Mgr.
Copyrights &c.
Aimm wniitn-i n ikr-tr-h ■nd d-MtttMkm dim
amour MwerUIn ntn* ..Mmi-n fn-*-** wIhUi.-*- nu
iiivwitlnii in ttriiliiil'ljr |-'iit iiinlil.t. i •■ii'iv.jiii.n.
ilmmairlctlfrnnili-i'Mliil. HANDBOOK 001'atri.ta
ieni fret. 4ilttcnt Mime*/ furifi-tinnatuteiiti.
Patent! taken tliriiut-li Mumi A Lu. roLuirt
ipcUtlrotkt, wlihoutchNruu, laths
Scientific American.
A hiindioinelT tlliwtfat,-.! m-r-kly. Ijitj**-*. Or-
lUl-Uiuti ul unf M'li-iititt.- i-'iii'ii*. I.nn*. I»r
r-tru-u, $3"*> i. ■"•■irt p^tm-*- i-tt'itiiti. .**ui-i ijy
■ll newiilesli-n.
MUNN & Co «•»—**•• New York
Branch uRh-u. irarw, Wn»iiiugioii, it. c.
tliat thirty days after date | intend
lo apply to the Chief Com inissioner
ot Lands and Works and to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands uml
Works for tlie District of Kast
Kootenay, for a license to prospect
for coal and petroleum on thc following descrihed land:
Commencing nt a post planted at
the S. W. corner of Lot 6440, tlicncc
SO chains south, thence SO chains
cast, thence 80 chains north, theme
-HI) chains west to place of beginning,
ron la i ii ins (lid acres, more or less
K. (1. llelileii, Locator,
Untile Lamcrotix, Agent.
Located Aug. 20th, 1010.
Commencing at a post planted nt
the si.ulh easl corner of Lot 04-13,
thence, SO chains south, tlience SO
chains west, thence so chains north,
tlience SU chains cast to place of
beginning, containing oio acres, nunc
or less.
A. E. Wayland, Locator
Hatice Lttinemiix, Agent.
Located Aug. 20th, 1010, -ll-lit
TAKE NOTICE that .lames Harper, of llossland, R. <'., occupation
Merchant, intends to apply for permission tn purchase the lollowing
descrihed lands:
Commencing nt a post planted
about one loot cast from the south-
cast corner of Lot 7812, being thc
Initial post south-west corner; thenco
north about 0(1 chains; to thc southern boundary ol Lot 7815, thence
east about 00 chains, thence south
about 00 chains, thence west about
60 chains io point of commencement
nnd containing 300 acres, more or
James Harper, Locator.
.1. II. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated July Oth, 1010. 28-Bt*
II Mill  III**. B'l'k.Kllftl'.ill*'   Il IU*   lll«lllll**l\ -HU
mi*., foil- I'KII-.iANKvri.V     Vmi iln mil Imv   in
line,.'*, mltii'llii; Innii ii.i1.1.**. li inii*n no ii •■  i ni
*.|i i-iilli-ls uifll  *v vi'in**' i'M'i-1 *'■ ni'itlinu ll  .1
HIilllJ! ►Illlim-.lllll.v lll*li|.|l'«,ll«|.|llli.H,
Honest Treatment
A  Sure  and   Permanent Cure  in
All   Diseases  of  Men
Net-inn*. Weakness, Varicosd Veld., tlyilrnccle. Illond
.ml Skin MlBorder*, Suns, Ulcers, ktiln.v, tttaililcr, nml
Koclal DIuirdcr.- anil .11 Spceinl Ailinenl.
common* In men.
Bust  Aiiiilniiiii'iil  Miisoiini   in  tin'   Ninlli-Mi'st.
If vim unimot conio 1<> Spokuuo for froo copsitllnlion iiqw,
writo for mir fret* book lot.
Dr.   Kelley's   Huseum
210 Howard Street, Spokane, Wash.
ii Stoves   and   Ranges ij
Wo huvo jusl plni'i'il hi Block n Full lino of Molliil's Niilionil
HtoVOB, Air-lijllil lli'lili'is. Ilux Stoves, Wooil Iliumm.
Wood in* (*n;il Conibiiiiition nml Coal Burners,
A liiiiin assiiiitmiint  ik \i.i. tiii: Aiinvi:.
A full lino ot t'unk Stoves mill  linnet's,   tlnr prices nro
reasonable uml wo guarantee tlio goods.
J. M. Agnew & Co., Elko, B. C.
A Good   Home
is what is dear to every man. A homo
it. whi'iv Peace, Comfort, Contentment,
and Plenty h found. That is the reason
men throughout British Columbia, whon
"Omnbrook'' is mentioned think of the '
•Ins. Brault has made for an
ideal homo at t'-e
Canadian Hotel
********************** ***********************
II. I.. BTKl'llKNS, Prop,
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
*** ******************* ********** *************
It is tho Same l'lacc
Tin* Place that is Popular
(.ood us the Host
Butter than .he Host
The Cosmopoliton
It you conio once,
Vou will COUID again.
E. 11. SMALL, Pbopb.btor
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ********************** I
You Are a Judge of Meats
wa tlbn'l have tn 1**11 you Imw
cliolcoouraArowlioti you roo it.
Looknl thoto Mtldlc* <>( oliolco
I.:«itii• nnd Mutton, Vou novor
inw nu* llillin liiiiT.   Uut tiii.nl *u
Ihoy look I hoy n von bolter
iiiftiiiK. Try one lor Bnuday
dinner,   Ptnorinpol nevereronoil
your lip--  niol   never will.    KftVO
you one v Certntnly. Ilovhoevy
do vmi wnnt it V
P. BURNS & C0.tLtd.
As-iya Neurall
Nervous Exhaustion
Orlcf ami worry ilrain the nervous system with disheartening
rapidity. The signs are lack of
Interest, l.uk of appetite, insoin-
nin. The only reinedylsFood.Rest
and nerve repair, "ASAYA-NKU-
RAM." is and makes possible this
ewe. It feeds the nerves, induces
sleep, quickens the apiictite, aids
digestion, restores nerve vitality,
jtii.jo per bottle. Obtain from
tho local agent.
If you slop at the
Hotel VanDecar
when ymi leave tlie O.P.B, Station
ask for a t.'ar going down Westminster Ave., the conductor will
tell you where to got off.
Illl   llooms, modern  equipment,
moderate rates.
L. B, VanDecar & Sons
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Monov lo loan on favorable terms.
Mrs. E. Bent's
livery cure nml comfort
A home front home
Spootnl niuuitioii in cases of
Muterniiy, Itliuumntlsm
nn.I  i'lieiitiiiiniii
Tormi  meliorate
I'M   lieu tm I. I'I -.7:1
.'i'...i. li,.,* ,.i Hlrlnji nml
Htuiiilnnl limtriililuiita
rl.'ASIlllllllK, II.I'.
Miss M.ibcl Wtllnun
I'iaui-.i uiul Teacher
< .-.-aill.-t...... |ill|ill i>l
llillnvlllii Mullil „l JVIlllllJiou
i   finnii* laii
I'.ll. Bill !•'.
Physicians and Surgeons
OUI,*. at  Rffilit.il.-.,   Aniiatruul  At.
Forenoons .... e.oo to HI.00
Allcrr.oiina - - - 2.011 to   4.00
Kvrnlngs - . - - 7.30 to   1.30
Sundays - - - - 3.30 to   4.30
CRANBROOK :l     :i     i;     II     B. C
.1.   W.   ItU'l'LEDOE
Qrail.nl.   ,il   Ontario   v.t«rtnur-.
Collagv, Toronto, In tx'J*
Hr.. li iin.l .M...iuiii.i ..I McKIIIIji'i
V..|-.*niiirri*.il|..c..   U.llcugl],
in  111 II
Nine fear, oxporlene. in v..i,*rimir.v
jiractlceln Miiiiilolm
Ollicc-MI. iloor lo Poil Ollice
Phone li*      ■      P.O. Boi III
:.',tl,i .•*.;! — l: II. Sborl'e ll,.i.l..ne
and Oats
liil.VH   ,
l-'.it i'n
It inch, Oinnbrooh
UUUII               *•,;.,•
DR. P. li. MILKS
• to IU a 111.
1 tu   6 Ji in.
i io a p.in.
iiUhy in new Ri*iA lllmk
ORANBROOK        -      -      - B. C
Notary Public
I'I l',.i.iM*,.li!illi 11,.1,1
McVlini:    &    PARKER
Cranbroot nml Fori Steele
.1. li. CU.HMINOS
IKKiilil.ii*, IM1IMIK
'' "■-.tSi™ Cranbrook, B.C,
B    C    and   Surveyor
CRANBROOH     -      B. C.
Ask for Halon. LITHIA WATH
K„r iiiiuily n-,* then i. RoUiIng
M wholoMHn. nn.l an 1'iin* na
L **
F. O. Hwannell, I). I.. S„ 11. U. I,. S.
A. I. Robertson, B. G. I.. B.
Dominion anil Uritlali Columbia
P. O. Drawer 70.1 VICTORIA. B.C
Opjioaiti* IM'.ll. Station
THE    PLACE    TO     OUT    A
lli'iiili'iiiirliiis  lur all  kinds uf
Kutisfui'tioii (luiiranti'i'il
The Kliou Bpoolalist
Provenzano & Sacco
Goners. Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
P. 0. BOX 194 PHONE M4
II yuo want satisfaction with
your washing  send
it to
Special pricus for family work.
Hour. J to 5 |i.ui.
Siiiiinliiy 10 a.m. to o |i.in.
S|i„,*inl hour, i-iiii lie nrra,ij;e,l when
Hanson Avenue
Phone 317
1 ''
; The Cranbrook Employment;;
and Real Estate Agency
My S|H*,*i„lit.v ih lunik-hiii** tabor lnr , ,
I.innii.*, l',iui|miii,*i.   Ittillriuiil   I'i.ii* , ,
troclor., Hol.l., nml Hiiii.li-r*.
.1. Armour, Projirietor
Hi hi.. n:i    He..san    P.O. Bos 982
Is prsfsred to supply help, skilled 01
unskilled, on shortest poaeible notice; to And employment snd guarantee positions when sent out; to
rent houses and room, and to sell
you fruit lands or other property lor
a small commission.
Addresi:—W. Parker, 113 Baker tt.
NELSON, B. C. 18-lv
■;• ER AND CHEIIIST.-Charin: *>
* Qold, silver, copper or lead, 11 *
•> each;   gold-silver, 11.50, silver- <•
* lead, tl 50. gold-silver, with *
■;• copper or lead, II 50, sine, fl, •>
* silvrr-ltail-rinc. S3.    Prices lor •:•
* other metal, on application. e>
■M.ong   dlatanoe 'phone (7.    P.O. ♦
* Bos, CHOI, Nelson, B.C. IS-ly*
•> *
I-tin- Ht»**t K-qiiipped Hueine.*-*.
CollefO    in    tlif    Northwest,
Man) CanadianStudentsgrad
nata frotn mir College each
i-seson. Yon can laarn short -
hand 1 typewriting. Book
keeping, wmmorctol I .it a mnl
gel a ganeralbosineas training)
than we will soeore a pnniti.ni
for ran in ■ OutiasliHti nr un
American boilneu lnm.«e.
Write for our beaotttnlly Mini
irntt-'i catalog "t'tit tree upon
ratines t«
!.'..• .in*. Plro Iniuranes - Itrnl Entnle
uiiive-Nestitooi to
Post Office
Colli,, ill nn.l liil 1110 ,|iuile vim rate.
W. II   ll-.il.. Kunaral KUwl,*
I'ra,,',*,.* III'.
I.R.CM., R.A.M.
ll*ira,i,.l anil I'lu.iniii, ut Knox ,'lnu. I.
Ti'in'licr ol Pianforte, Organ,
Theory anil  Voice Culture.
ObssOENT Ijohoe No. 8B
Cranbrook, ti. C.
Meets   every   Tuesday at > p.m. at
Fraternity Halt.
J. M. Boyes, 0. O.
T. Q. Jones, K. ol It. & S.
Visiting brethrcu   cordially Invited
to attend.
Londoners    jusl
other Saturday
Meets every Monday
night at New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially invited
W. S. Hall, 0. .1. Little
N. O. sec'y.
Cranlirook     Lodge,
No. St
A.F. & A. M.
Regular meetings on
llic   third   Thursday
ol every month.
Visit 1111* brethren welcomed.
W. F. Atlridm-   IV.M.
E. W. Connolly, Secretary.
No. 19,
Meets every second and   tourtli Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekahs  cordially Invited.
Miss E. Johnston, N. O.
Miss Hickenbothain, Sec'y.
Meets in   Fraternity Hall First and
Third Fridays.
T. Fraser, E. 0.
M. MacKinnon, M. It. nnd C,
Visiting sisters cordially invited.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ul racll month at 8
P-lii. sharp.
James Sims, Chief Ranger
L. Rent. Sccretarv.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall second and
tourtli Tuesday nl each mouth at
H p.m. sharp.
Mrs.  Lulu  Ilaywaril,   Itic. See.
Mrs. Isaac Baxter, I'liief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome,
President: T. S. Gill <'
Secretary: 8, Macdoxalii       !,
K*.r Information regarding laml** <
< i mnl   agriculture   apply   to the i >
Secretary, Cranbrook,It. C. ''
Meeting— ]'
Every second tvedoeidsy      ] [
♦ ♦♦♦••»»»»»»»»»*>»»»»*»4
: Presbyterian Cburcb;;
Sunday morning wrvice at 11 <>
Sunday   evening     service   at' *
T .10 o'clock
Sunday      Schnol   and    Bible
i'lu. at 3 o'clock
Presbyterian    Ouild, Tuesday,
at 8 o'cloek
i:3Bapttet Cburcb;;
Pastor, Charles W. King.
I'ai.onage, Norhury Aeenue.      _
'Phone, 214.      P. O. Boi HI.
Regular Services:—Sunday, 11'
a.m. and 7.30 p.m.', Bible
School with Young laadlas'
1-hllethee snd Young Men's <
liii.li* Cists, S p.m.
Monday,   Young Peoples',   I
Wednesday, Mld-Week Meeting.' '
A cord.sl   Christian
to sil.
Pupils |irc|niri*il lor Kiniiiiiiiitiiuis.
Adilrcss: Opp. Suhool House
CRANBROOK      •      B.C.
569 Oaorg.a Street
Ncan isatONie timflc
I.nli.-i mnl (M'titli,tin*n :-
Iwtnhto ■niinHirte liml I lirtvi* n-t-i'ivttl mv
Hfl lit i»*gr tTAtMter-fur anil Prit*** l,i-l **t tht* very
lite.-.! ti>lf«i|ti HuirlH-nU.Wia!i.TiMi|i-*»K. Tr-.fi*-.
r»tmill«tn I'-nmi'Mliiuri', Strllch'M', I'utTi*. atul
Curia whirls I will mml fir-* upon «pptk--ttinr,.
It**mrmli-*r ymi ran fct lnr hair (wdi fnr inn
iti.ni->>' ami of ■ h-Ml-M- (jualily than anywh-rt-
c|**>. Why ran yon l.nv for ***** mrnirv T It**-**-,,!*.,*
I nmkf r. ni*prlaliy in matiufaclurlna. «nly. I *l <•
mak-> ni' *"»'.is*l>.-i mil nf yunr own .i-nilnit-*,
firm II mi tn* !,:-i. Save up ynur BMaMafl ami
<s.n.l tltrtn In lhe H. 0, Hair (i,«.h. Wi« |.ay t,l«h
Mall .mlrr-i a aprrlalty.    -L^laiWur arni
When in a Hurry
For a fur of
First-Class Timothy
Wire the
South Alberta Hay Orowers Ltd
E. O. Ambrose, Mgr.
*.••. MvH«r, Prep.
Second-hand  Sawmill
For pur I iiu lnr a apply In
A.   Lund,   Wardner,
It mu-*l. Culunib.a
ifttT Doon        lhe
 ail tlie Qno s|icc-
I tacle of a greal yellow dlrigfble trav-
I elling over llie metropolis and pnsrt-
Ing back to its    place of departure
the Crystal Palace, at Sydenham.
Mi. 13, 'IV Willows, who recently
made so successful a Journey In airship from ('aniifl to London, started
from tin* Palace grounds at 11 ill.
Tlio weather was fine, with bul a
slight wind, and lie ascended without
tbe least difficulty. lit- circled
twloo iu lii.i.i .it tho Palace,
then started lor London prop
great height. A few minute!
mid-day Mr, Willows passed
Denmark Ihii, crowds linfug
In-igbts to watch bis progres
in* turned ilu- nose of bis balloon towards V'auxhall, and passed over
tlio bouses of commons.
Seen by a press representative m
tlio Crystal Palace after Ins flight,
Mr, Willows said that be 'lul i.t.i
know until he got well up into the
in tla- morning llias he wuuld
decide to maki* the journey fiom
Sydenham to St. Paul's, lie stated
that lie was circling round tlw
Paiaee, and found the weather conditions favorable. The wind was
northwest, ami only blowing at from
leu to twelve miles an hour. He then
decided to make the attempt. lie
bad arranged Ior a motor car containing his wife nud his mechanics
to take the journey by road, and
giving them tbe signal lu make
preparation, he started. Alter travelling for about five or six minutes
from tlie Palace be encountered a
dense mist, which obscured everything.
Hy rising to about nun fl. be was
iible to follow the motor ear, whieh
carried a white Hag, and acted us
bis guide on hjs way tu London.
Me was able to recognize the railway station al Loughborough
lion, and also the station at
Klephunt ami Castle, but up to
time St. Paul's bad not been
"Keeping Mlaekfriars Bridge on
my left," continued Mr. Willows, "I
was able to get right over the
done of St. Paul's at an altitude ><f
about 1,11011 feet. I made a circle to
the right, because I intended com-
plctiug the circuit of Wren's masterpiece, and, having done this, directed
my course towards the houses ol parliament. I travelled along Fleet
street, where I dropped a few of my
cards lor the benefit of the gentlemen
f tbe press, anil then I followed the
course of the Si rand, passed over
Trafalgar Square, and, turning to the
left, proceeded to the houses ol parliament. Hy this time I bad picked
up the motor ear, and I then decid-
il to go straight back to the Crystal Paiaee. With the wind in my
favor I was now able to Ily at thirty
miles au hour. The outward journey
St. Pauljs took jusl over an
, but the return journey was
completed in twenty-five minutes, Including the time for landing—in he1,
I was over tbe Palace a long time
More tbe motor ear returned to It,
uud I had to rely upon the attendants there in order to make my
Mr. Willows stated tbal bis highest,
altitude, as recorded by liis instruments, was 2.(mil feet above sea level.
\t this height, however, he encountered a strong wind, and bad to drop
«uu feet, although
St. Paul's and the li
liameii, be rose lo
1,000 feet in order t<
all around.
Mr. Willows added
able to delect witb tin- greatest of
ease ibe hundreds of spectators on
the roofs of the various buildings
in ami around the City, aud also the
crowds who stood in the streets
watching bis progress.
Regarding bis intentions for the
future, Mr. Willows said he was having a new envelope made for his
dirigible, with a capacity of 8,000
ublc feet more than Ion present balloon, and that he was also Con-
si meting the framework bo as to be
able to carry ,t mechanic and pas
serfgers. lie hoped to he able, when
this new dirigible was completed, to
make much longer tourneys, and expressed the opinion ibat, if necessary, he would lie able to keep this
hallo.*-, hi    the air fot I wo days.
in flying   ov
inises of    pai-
a height       of
be visible    to
that he   was
dealer absolutely free   of  any
charge to you IF IT RIPS.
•Hi; .vanls best material to
each ahirt. Extremely larxf*
body, uud long sleeves, roomy,
comfortable, serviceable, easy to
work in.
H.B.K. BUTTONS s.-we.lou
by band—Cannot come off.
bar-tacked—Cannot break.
H. B. K. SEAMS all double
stitched and anchored—Cannot
Extremely large body and
long sleeves.
For Sale by the Lead ing Dealers
Throughout Canada.
Made and guaranteed l,y die
Shirl makers to
The Workingman.
"getting lo the fire quicker," tbe
chances are Chief Treinhlay will one.*
more bave bis way. Tbe citv
council .started the hall rolling by
purchasing an automobile for the uu
of the lire chief. He is now right
ou the job, on tiie minute, ready to
give orders to his men.
"First. however," says Chief
Tremblay, "look to the safety of
people in buildings." So the captains lirst call on manufacturers mnl
suggest removal ot clippings,
pint inn in lire pails, having new lire
escapes, and more of them, nml maaj
other sound suggestions.
Possibly tbe most complete oi al
least one of the most complete
buildings*In this respect is that ot
the Immense shirl factory n( the
Hud sou Hay Knitting rompany,
whose structure is equipped throughout with extinguishers, sprinkler
system, water buckets, Ore rtcapea,
aud all the Irest appliances, for tla-
safety of its    hundreds of employee**.
Thanks to Chief Tremblay, the majority of the factories arr following
suit.    He need a "Chiel Tremblay"
in every town and eitv in Canada to
nabt lires—by preventing them*
Chief Tremblay. ol Montreal, i
without doubt a wonderful fire fight
er, his principal method of llghtim;
tires being to prevent them. The way
he docs tbis is by having Inspectors,
consisting of the captains of each
brigade, visit each and every large
building in Montreal, and make suggestions to the proprietors. This
undoubtedly has been tlie means ot
decreasing tbe number of fires in
Montreal. It is to be hoped that
every fire chief In every town and
city in Canada will follow the ex-
amp.e ot big Chiel Tremblay of Montreal.
"Let us p;et to the lire quicker,"
says Chief Tremblay, "tlie sooner we
pet there, tlie less chance of the
lire spreading." Will, this end In
view, he bas proposed to Ibe city
council tbat tbey have automobile
hose wagons, and ns Montreal now
bas a lioard of control, composed of
active business men who will certainly understand the advantage    ol
Fruit Trees
Ornamental Tree
Shade Trees
\V« havo a larj."? quantity uf
ohoioc Nursery stonk and
wa offer lor sale Homo
tir-iwi. Trees
Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Proprietors Coldstream BstaU
Co., Ltd.
VERNON, H   tt
TAKE NOTICK that Percy Bertram limit, of ltosslaud, B, c, occupation .Merchant, intends to apply for permission {•, purchase the
following described lands;
Commencing at a post plautctl
about one foot north from the northeast corner of Lot 0151, being the
initial post south-east comer; thence
north 40 chains, thence west 80
chains, tlience south IU chainr, tlience
east SU chains to point of com men cement, and containing i2H acres, more
or less.
Percy Bertram Hunt, Locator
*l. II. Hutchinson, Agent.
Uuteil July Hth, 1U1U. ■.tv-H*
TAKK NOTICE that Emma J.
Anderson, ol Wycliffe, British Colum
bin, occupation, .Married Woman, intends to apply for permission to
purchaso the following dcscrib-eii
Commencing ut a post planted
1 chains easl ol Lot 10125, being Ou
north-cast comer of the L'. o.
•Staples purchase, tlience west 1
chains to thu south-east corner o.
Lot 10125, thence north SO chains
to tbe north-east corner of Lot
10125, Ihence east -l chains, thence
south mi chains to tbe place of commencement, aud containing 82 acres,
more or less.
Kmiiia J. Anderson.
Dated August  lath, 11*10. 80-01
TAKK NOTICK that Samuel Pat-
crsou, of llossland, H. c, occupation Merchant, intends to apply fur
permission to purchase the (oUowlQg
descrihed lands*
Commencing at a post planted
about one loot east from tic aorta-
cast corner of Lot 6151, being the
initial post south-west corner; thence
north 80 chains, thence cast **u
chains, thence south BO chains,
tlience west 80 chains to point ol
commencement, and containing *-<"
acres, more or less.
Samuel Paterson, Locator.
■ I. 11. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated July Oth, 1810. 2&nm
TAKK NOTICK tbat James Clarence Belton, of Rossland, B. c , occupation Merchant, intends t<i apply
tor permission to purchase ibe fi 1-
lowing described lands.
Commencing at a post planted
about one foot nortb of tbe northeast corner ol Lot 8151, being the
initial post north-west corner; thetct.-
SOUtfa IU chains, thence easl *j
ehains, tlience north V) efcalst-
thence west a« chains to point of
commencement, and coDtainiL^ ISO
acres, more or less.
James Clarence Belton, Locator
J. H. Hutchinson, Agent.
Dated .July Btb, 1910. 23-3t*
TAKK NOTICK that Sydney
George Hunt, of Rosaiand, B ','.,
occupation Merchant, intends to apply for permission to purchase the
following descrihed lands:
Commenting at a post planted
about one foot north Irom tbe north-
east corner of Lot MIT, being Un
initial post southeast corner; tl.cr.*:e
north -IU chains, theme west -lo
chains, theme south I'i chains.
tbence east PJ chains to point of
commencement aud coaUlnlBg IM'
aires, more or less.
.Sydney (ieorge Hunt, Locator
J. II. Hutcbiti-son, Agent.
Dated   Julv  Btb.   I91d. iMt'
TAKK NOTICK that two animals,
thc property of tbe undeiMgned,
strayed from his premises nn or
about the Mb inst. Dctcriptior. as
One ft. ; ■ grey, almost wtttf-
ci'ldim:     Weight betwtn t**-*!*.-* tM
fourteen hundred pnuiiilv White
mane and tail. Steps shotl m front
Very toppy.
One white nare wit1, tbe !.ip low
Above animals llrawd ff>-m pasture St   Bogme Mimioii.
Anyone finding **nd animals ri
harbouring same will kindly rom-
municate with the tn-l-r.icuel.
Information to he Riven to J. S
Mackey, or the   North Star Lumber
Co., Craabrook. B  C
(lcneral Blacksmithing
Wij-nn Repairing
AMntifoi Caimli Btocli UotonOo.'!
Al.o I'.-rrin; M'..*,.,. .ti.l Itakr.
SEALED TENDERS addressed lo
the undorslgnud, ami endorsed "Tender Ior Examining Warehouse, Vancouver, B.C," v.ill hu received at
this ollice until I (to p.m., on Wednesday, October 'iti, ltllO, for tbo construction of an Examining Warehouse, Vancouver, I'.i:.
Plans, specification and form ol
com ract can be seen and forms of
tender obtained at the office of Mr.
Joseph Greenfield, resident architect,
Winnipeg, Man*, -Mr. Wm. Henderson,
resident architect, Victoria, B.C., at
the Post Ollice, Vancouver! aud at
tins Department.
Persons tendering arc notified that
lenders will not he considered unless
mnih on the printed forms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places ui resilience. In the ease ot
turns, the actual signature, the nature of the occupation and place "f
residence ol each member ol the firm
must be given.
Each tender must he accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable to tbe order ol the
Honorable the Minister of Public
Works, pqual to ten per cent (10 p o |
of the amount ol the tender, which
will be forfeited if the person tendering decline to entei Int * n contract when called upon to do so, 01
fall to complete the wort, contracted
for. It the tender be not accepted
the cheque will he returned,
The Department does not land ii-
sell to accept the lowest oi any
By order,
Department ol Public Wort .
Ottawa, September 31, 1910.
Newspapers will not be paid I..t
tins advertisement II they insert it
without authority Irom tbo Department. .•'.:'.
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt In British
Columbia. i..ay tn bomesteaded by
any person who is thc sole bead of a
family, or any male our IS years of
age, to the extent of oae-quartei
section ot i'.'*' ^ii, more or less*
Entry must bt made personally at
the local land o:..<.e loi tbe district
in wbicb tbt land is situate, Kulry
I;. prox) may, however, he uiadc ou
certain conditio..* by tLc father,
:..' ther, sun, daughter, brother or
-lister of an to-tending homesteader.
rbe bomeateadei U required toper-
I .   Um i i...'..:.- connected   there-
.......    under   dm   ol the   lollowing
(I.. At least sa months' residence
jpon aad cuiii-atioc of tbe land in
eaca :•'-.: for three years.
(J. if the father lor mother, if
the father Is deceased), ol the
. .* leader resides upon a farm fn
.v. ol the land entered lor,
:■ .-• ...:■.-.Dents as to residence may
be -a'lsi.ed hy such person residing
-a iti. tne father or mother.
13). It the w-uier bas bis permanent residence upon farming land u-vi,-
.-i by bio ir. the .icinity ol his
homestead, tbe requirements as to
resldea ■• i sj be satisfied bj residence upon lite said land.
.Six   months     notice   In
should be gi-en   to   the Commlssloi
<t of Dominion Lands al Otts   .   I
intention to appl]
CO A L.—Coal mining rights rr.a> be
leased for rt   period    "f twenty-one
-.••a** •«• ai, annual rental ol n   per
acre     Sot more   than I-STO
ihal! be leased to om* .
a royalty   m tbe rats ■■(
live cents per   ton iball  t,r i   .
merchantable coal mined.
W. «   CORY,
Deputy of tie Minister   ol   tbe   In-
TAKK   NOTICE   that Charles v.
AndtrvH., ol Wyclille, lln'i      t'-.l ■:
bin, ocooaaUoa c.trk, Intends to ap
ply for  permis-don to pvfcanas
t-'lluwin? described land
Commencing at a post planU
the not lb-west corner of Lot
thence weal .0 chains, thei.ee south
10 chain*., thence east U chain .
thencr n**rth l<> • ha.... to •he place
•■f boglsaingi and contalali | k"
teres, more or less
Charles V. Anderson.
Dated  August   Uth,  1'Mti 2h'H
TAKK NOTICK lhat David O. Anderson, of Wyciifie, British Colombia, occupation, Lunit.t-ru.au, intend4
to apply for permission to purchase
the [dHowing described land.
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-west coiner ol Lot 101*41,
thence south 80* chains tn the south-
nest corner oi Lot loui, thence
west -tn chains to the east ho-indarv
of Lot -t.Vi,], thence north 10 chains
following, the east boundary ol Lot
l.'.'tJ. thence tn ehains to thc place
ot rommriieeui.-..t, and containing 12<i
■ arres, more or less.
I David O. Anderson.
'    li.ti.0 Aflgttl .tfrd,  I'M" 29-.it THE    ORANBROOK   IIKRALO
The elveiiih dimlvorsarj is |u In-
celebrated In the Methodist church
next Sunday, when the Itev* J, 1'
Weal mail, of Nelson, nnd p.islm here
four years ngo, will be the special
preacher. The building bus been
thoroughly renovated, new window-;
with upper parts ol colored glass
has been Installed hy the tip worth
League. The Ladies Aid have been
responsible for the painting and   new
carpel. The walls have heen Milted
with a pretty .shade ol lerrn colta,
relieved with a neat stencil design
The choir alcove is lighter in torn-,
uml over the arch an artistically designed ribbon, hears the nvproprlalu
Inscription "Worship ihe Lord in llie
Heauty of Holiness." The whole nl
the work has been well executed bv
Mr. I). II. Short. \ sel ol new
lights greatly   adds    to ihe comfort|
new hymn hooks of belter type than
ihose now in use aie being purchased
lor the use ..[ the congregation,
\h West man will lecture on "Ire
hum uud llie Irish in Song and
Story," on the following Monday, admission free. Au offering will be
asked for. Tbe pastor is asking for
the sum of -MHO m-xl Sunday as
Thanksgiving odcrlng lor the work
of the church. Some regret has
been fell ihai tin- anniversary services should he held jusl nt the pre
sent lluie when lhe I'lesby lelialis nn
holding special services, but the ur
rniigemeiils for this anniversary wcr*
made many mouths ago, it would
have been very ditluult to have made
au alteration in tin- dale. Members
and friends of tbe church are asked
to oblige the ushers by taking thei
places early.       Special  musical pro
gramme by Hi
Morning subject:
KvenIng subject:
and appearai.ee   of the church,   and   Mini in His Place,
Anthem   and
"New Theology."
"Pulling Bv
A   CHAT   WITH TIIK    HON   Silt
Standard ol Empire j
Maintaining as deep an interest in
the affairs of the Dominion as when
he was one of Ihe central figures in
the political lib- of Canada, Sii
Charles Tupper, foriilCC prime mill Inter, and one ol the "fathers" ol
confederation, is living a secluded life
in rural England, He is imw in his
ninetieth* year, and when I lirst met
bim iu the     Si rand—he was Jmnpilig
out of   a   taxi-cab— I ( Id scarcely
believe that the [anions son ol
Nova Scotia bad reached four scoi •
and ten years
Time hau dealt lightly with Sn
Charles The passing ot the last ten
years has made little dtllerej.ee, and
his figure is as erect as when I last
saw him iu the house of commons
at Ottawa After the strain oi
nearly ball a century in the political
arena,    and   afler     having   passed
through thai troubled period—Iln*
stormy prelude to ibe culm of run
federation—one would  think  Dial  Sir
Charles would he well content to
rest; but conversation with bim soon
[Moves that hi- would much rather be
near Ibe scene ol Ills many labors.
"I should much prefer to live in
Canada/' he told me, "but the
beai lb of Lady Tupper makes un
oeean voyage out ..f   the question.'1
.Sir Charles was good enough to
granl me anltintervlevv at bis bouse.
The Mount, Roller- Heath, Kent. He
was very ciilhtutlastlc over the future
of lhe Dominion, and --.pi'.ikiii"
its wonderful development, said: "I
have witnessed the Immense pro
-.-.less of Canada with intense satisfaction, Porly year**! ago 1 was regarded as ii very sanguine man iu
relation io the fui ore of Canada, bul
its development has exceeded my
mosl sanguine expectations. Occupy*
Ing, us it does, the beat portion ol
the North Vmcrlcan continent, it I.
obvious thai al uo very distant dati
is will have a mosl commanding p<-
nit Ion iu the world.
"It has lieen suggesloil that Can
ado is destined lo l-ccomc the domtn
anl partner in the empire." I said
"Ho you Ihii.k thai as it develop-
Canada   will des-ire to take a larger
We are all living tor Comfort.
ITS AH ADDITION [thisshoe keels)
To APPEARANCE Too™.^!^ "'
h !t-fr*i'/t*ini*,*f.
part lu the government of the     empire'.'"
"The present generation," lie replied, "will, in my opinion, see the
population of Camilla surpass thai ol
lhe pulled Kingdom, but I see no
reason to suppose thai Canada and
ihe other great Dominions, however
important tbey may become, will
not be proud to enjoy the position
<f stater nations, The position of
tin* Hritish Umpire, under the development ot its outlying portions, will
command still greater inllueuce iu
international annus than il wields at
Ou lhe questions of annexation and
protection, Sir Charles was i-nitc
emphatic. "Thc (piestion of annexation wus settled In the contest of
1801, and iu my judgment settled (or
ever. Canada owes all its present
greatness to the protection policy,
and that policy will Ih* maintained;
certainly vou win not see protection
abandoned in your time."
Discussing the i|ucstlou of Imperial
preference, Sir Charles saiil; "I lool
upon a mutual preferential urifl be
iween the Dominion ami Kngland
and tbe outlying portions of the
Hritish empire as a policy that will
be attended with the happiest
suits, by IniiigiiiK a strong bond al
mutual self-interest to add to the
sentimental loyalty that now exists
iu all portions of the empire."
Vew men al ninety have any hobbies, anil I was much surprised wh
Sir Charles told me be still played
golf, "although my medical adviser
restricts mv participation hi tin
game lo 'putting.' It is a consolation to me to know," he remarked
smiling, "thai nearly all champion
ships in the game are deeided ou lhe
putting green.
"It has been a source ol unbounded
satisfaction lo mc," he concluded,
"that all the nival measures in
which I was permitted to take pari
have practically been -solved iu the
direction ol my exertion. The confederation of Canada, the binding together of the various provinces ny
steel bonds1, and tbo opening up of
that great granary Iwtwoen Ml'
Red Itiver and the Rockies, whieli
under a policy of protection Canada
was able to achieve, enable me l<
look back with greal satisfaction up
on thij settlement of the ipicstioh.
wilh whirh in my public life I v.a:
"No country iu the world, in w\
jtiilgiunil, is prospering to such a.
extent as Canada, or ou so sure ;
foundation, ami it would pass the
most prophetic vision to say whal
position she will occupy iu the
distant future."
Dual ut Leask and Sons and sav*
lf» per cent.
A. II      Ken wick,    wife and family
eatiie in   from Kort Steele yesterday.
T. T. Mc VI ttie   was in from Porl
Steele yesterday.
Some extra choice values iu dinner
seta at Campbell and .Manning's
IV Woods was in from Cherry Creek
dining the week.
K. M. Voiiiij; and    wife were   i
from Kort Steele this week.
W. W. Miadlev, provincial assessor
for Kast and VYcsi Kootena), has
In-i-ii in town during the week.
TO I. RT— Furnished rooms ii
modern house close to Maker street
Apply Herald office. 29-tl
Mr. and Mrs. It. W   Southern,
\1.itiehcst*T,     l-jinlaiid, were visitors
in lown during tlie week.
Mr. Justice Clement will preside
at the Cranbrook sii tings of the
supreme court.
W. II. Shira passed through town
last Saturday on his way hack to
Wasa (mm Spokane.
We are overstocked with Fertilizer
and will sell at cost to clear. All
sacked in 130 lb. Racks.-!'. Hums A
Co., Limited. 30-21
d. .Muim-ii left last week to take
over a business at Creston. It is
hoped he will meet with the success
be merits in his enterprise.
W. C. (Iladwin, provincial lire warden, was in town during the week,
winding up tlu* work of his department in this district.
(inter your coffee from us. We
hamlle only the lust blends. Have
it fresh groom! in our improved san-
tary electric colfee mill.—Campbell
and Manning.
Mr. and .Mrs. Mclntyre are leaving
for c.ilg.ir. this week. Later tliey
will pay a visit tti Kamloops, where
they are taking Roland, llie grandson ol .1. H. McLean, home to bis
. II. McLean advertised a Dominion organ be had (or sale in the Herald last week. He sold It right
away. Moral: "It pays to advertise in the Herald."
Mrs Kennedy and her daughter
Margaret bave refund home after
un extended visit with Iriends and
relatives at (harlottetown, l\ K. I.
Alter being home a few days Mrs.
Kennedy received news ol her lather's death. Much sympathy is expressed with ber in her bereavement.
The pleasant purgative effect ex-
perienoed by alt who use Chamberlain's Stomach and Liver Tablets,
and the healthy condition of the
body and mind which tbey create,
makes one feel joyful. Sold by nil
druggists and dealers. MM!
The Moyie   hold-up art isl,       Kred
Can Indigestion he cured.' Hundreds ol thousands of people who suffer from belching ol gas; biliousness
sour stomach, fulness, nausea, shortness of breath, bud taste iu mouth,
foul breath, nervousness und other
distressing symptoms, are asking
themselves I hul question dailv.
Ami If these same doubling dys'
peptics e ii]cl only read the thou-
.sands nf sincere letters from people
who once suffered ns badly us tbey
do now, hm who have heen quickly
and permniicnllv. cured hy the use of
Ml-o nu, the mighty dyspepsia remedy that cures by removing the
cause, thej would go to lhe Deattie-
Murphy Co. this very day and gel
a box ot Mi-o na tablets, and slarl
themselves on tlie right road tc
health at once,
The price i
ly fill cents,
Co. guarantee them
tion, or money back
Thin or han or Bcrnwncy peopli
will lind in Mi-o-ua a maker of Hesl:
and blood, because il causes Ih.
stomach to extract more nutrltioiu
matter from (he food, which quickly enriches the blood
M.MHia tabids is
md  the  Ih-atlif-Murphy
cur.- Imligc
BfoachilU, Croup, Couglii md Cold*, c
money back. Sold and guaranteed b
tin; Heattie-Murpby Co.
Munroe, appeared before Judge Wll
son yes tenia j for speedy trial. Tin
evidence was clear and eouclusivi
and despite tin- prisoner's claim thai
the witnesses   were all perjurers he
was sentenced to seven years in  'Ihi
penitentiary, \\ V (Iurd conducted
the prosecution,
IL E. Knowles' sitbjeel al the
men's meeting on Sunday at t
o'clock is "Sowing Wild Oats—And
Afler." Ills evening subject
"Stealing the Devil's Fire." lu
Knox church.
Deal at Leask and Sous and save
15 per cent.
The new through telephone line between Cranhrook and Spokane is
Hearing completion. It will he completed as far as Movie by Salinday
ami from ihence to Kingsgate ihe
line will be strung in lhe course of
the nexl few days. When completed
Cranbrook will have connection with
the entire Uocky Mountain Dell
system ai Spokane, extending a
far as Salt Luke City, Utah. Coi
m-ttioii with Nelson uiul other West
Kootenny points will also he possible.
The opportunity ol bearing Hie
preacher ever in Cranhrook js fast
slipping nway. October 2'lrd is the
last Sunday Mr. Knowles will Inhere. Mass meeting for men only
al I o'clock ami general meeting al
7.30 iu Knox churcli.
•(.VI t
V. Saknguschi, thc
Japanese restaurant keeper, who for
the lasl three years ran the Saratoga restaurant, is now opening a
new one, expecting to have ihis
ready In begin business by the beginning of next week. Tbis is to
lie called the "Victoria Restaurant"
and is situated opposite the station
in tlie new building just erected In
It. K. fin a.
(Continued Irom page one.)
On a motion made by t'biel McDougall, seconded hy Chief Wand, relative to ibe inspection of laundries,
quite a discussion arose, which Incidentally led to the discussion ol tin*
dangers of moving picture shows.
Another motion lhat produced a
long discussion was jn regard to the
exemption of nrcmcu from payment
of the poll tax. Several members
participated iu this, Ihe universal
opinion lii-uif- thai firemen were jusl
as entitled to exemption as police
und militiamen. Alter various
phases of the question has la-en
ihres-htil out, il was unanimously
agreed thai the executive committee should    submit a teller to     tbe
minister of finance calling his attention to ibis matter und urging Ibat
all firemen lie exempt from lhe poll
lux. ll wns also resolved that
each tin- chief should lake tbe mallei
up with Ibe local member ol the
legislature ami secure his support. Il
was further resolved to communicate
witb Provincial Fire Warden (iladwin, ami ask him to co-operate with
the fire chiefs In this effort.
The election ol ollieers (or llie ensuing vein then took place, resulting
us follows:
President-Chief McDougall, Kernie.
First Vice-President — Assistant
Chiel Thomson, Vancouver.
Second    Vice-President   —   Chief
Latham, Kaslo.
Treasurer—Chief Poole, Revclstoke
Secretary — Assistant Chief llrock,
Executive Commit lee-Chiefs Lul1
am, Willson, New West minster; Kink
anil Cornet I, ol Hosmer.
For the next place of meeting the
city ol   Vancouver   was   the unanl-
hi i
"^iisiiAND AR"K good
Aro Iln* kind Unit Clink makes. Wo nru liiimlling 11.it. lino
iilmoat oxoluslvoly ami nrti not afraiil to back litem ii|i with nur
(liinrimtee.    Wo havo llieni in nl »i ovary lenllior, liuoil anil
niilini'il, ami havo nu lioBtlalion in Bliyilift wo oan ptoaso ynu.
l-k'lieo rail nml 0x111111110 lliesn jjotoa uiul son tho Inrijoel stoulc of
Men's Cllovos uiul PurnisliiiiKij ovor shown in Uraiihrooli.
Wo havo jusl iilucoil in siuok ahii'jto ami buuulifiil rniiyo of
Sweaters nnd S wenl or funis.
| 'X
. ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww4wwwwwwm*wwwwwwwwwwm*w*w-**t
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦** '^♦♦♦♦♦♦•»#'»+*-M*»*»***«*»*»* ^♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•*>
moils      choice.       Assistant     Chief try.
Thomson presented an invitation   for K. 11      Latham and   0, 11. ISroek
the a.ssoeiation   to meet in tbe   ter- responded io "The Sister t'ilies."
initial   city nexl    year, ami      Chief To llic "Local    Department      and
Savage, who   bad Intended to      n«k Cilj of Cranbrook" our newly elecl-
tbe   association   to meet at    Clrnitd I t-rl Chief 11. I\ IVaml verj nhly     re-
Korks. waived bis right nml emlorse.1 nponded;     Mayor .1. I\ Kink, tb.- rc-
Iho    proposal lo meet in Vancouver, thin*.*, chief, wns called upon to    ■■■■-
vvhicli carried unanimously, ply.      Mr.     Wand reviewed bis lire
A   proposal    Ihal  ibe   association career iu a few words from the time
si Id endeavor lo arrange for      an lie began in the Montreal (Ire brigade
annua] Drcmen's sports' meeting was; No. 2,    lhe driver to one uf       the
discussed uml passed up on Ihe score hrlgtulcs in Toronto, secretary      to
of expense.
Mayor Kink Introduced a motion to
the effect thul lhe association
should make representations to all
city councils to pay the expenses
ol delegates to the animal firemen's
convention, it being very much In lhe
interests of all municipalities that
ehiefs should enjoy the advantages of
these annual gatherings. This motion carried.
It being after ii p.m. the convention
at this stngo adjourned until lu a in.
Last night the Kin* Chiefs met al
tbe Cranhrook hotel to lake pan
in a tastefully prepared ham-ncl, Ihr
chiefs heing supported by many lending citizens, who wished In come in
personal contact wilh the lire protectors of our homes. After the
spread bad been done bill justice to,
IL T. Brymner, who occupied tin-
chair, requested a toast to tin* King
Tills was responded to in hearty
style, lu his opening remarks .Mr.
Brymner referred to the welcome
which it vvas the citi/ens' pleasure
to give to the members ol the convention, expressing hope ihal tbey
would, when leaving us, carry nway
witb them uu impression of our
city that would not soon he forgotten.
A. K. Savage, the retiring
president of the convention, spoke in
eloquent terms ol the reception
which hud lieen areorded them; also
in looking over this valley he said
he bad been filled with wonder nt
the possibilities tbat lay close io
our door. The soil was so rich ami
the opportunities opening out to Unpeople of Crnnhrook so many that
tin* lime would not be far distant
when we could expect to sec the
surrounding district widely populated
with men and families who were able
to realize the value that lay in
this direction. Ily this means Cranhrook would lu* the heart of a
thriving ami Industrious valley.
In response lo the toast "The
Province," K. J, Dcaite was unexpectedly called upon to respond in
the absence of T.  D. Cav.-n
Tbe loasl to "The B. <'. Kile
Chiefs ami l-'iii-ini-n," vvas responded
to by Chief Mcliongall ami Chits.
Thomson, assistant chief of Vancouver. Mr. McDougall sketched a picture of the dn tigers to which firemen
are frequently exposed, illustrating
his remarks by the danger there so
Men is upon entering dwellings or
business houses tbal are enveloped hi
smoke ami Hume, not being able to
see where to tread or how to mow
aboul  Ibe premises so involved.
Itev. II.  K.     Knowles, of Ontario, j
n reply lo a retptcst from tho chairman for a few wonts,   referred      iu
very eloquent and telling words      Ioj
the heritage   which   lay   nt the feci j
of    the people      of   tbis important
province of British Columbia.     Itev. j
Knowles   said that il was not    tlie
vast minerals, agriculture, milling or
limber that  wc possessed wliich im-'
pressed  him   most, but pre-eminent |
Bhove all    was    the sturdy, fearless
and free     manhood    that, was being
fully developed iu Ibis western COUn-
-tVinuiprg fire ' department, giving
whal help nn outsider could to thc
Vancouver brigades, to receiving, the
captaincy ol the Crnnhrook brigade.
.1. r Pink referred lo the constant
pleasure it always was to do what
he could lor thc local hoys ami
though nol now ncling iis chief, h?
would always lie rend) to give them
bis [all support. In reference to
lhe visit of tbe convention be expressed a hope that II would nol
he long before the citizens of ('ran
brook again   bad   the pleasure      of
having     the     Kire   Chiefs iu    their
.laiiies Hales, K. W. Reeves, H. T.
Brymner, H. l-.Imcr, CI. |\ s. Ingram, Mr, McCreery, 1>. .1, McSweyn and Mr. Kaworth also contributed lu various ways to mave Ibe
progrmmc u complete success.
noon worn, at skwt fl
It a guaranteed to keep
you dry in tti. hordes,
we uood iips
On a Favorite
Are lhe PATENT TIPS on
lli - fingers and thumb of the
These tips are protected by
extra pieces of leather which
lhe only practical and reliable glove made because it
is positively guaranteed
Cnlilto other glovrn, llic Inn-
rim* il is worn, llic grrntcr llic
pi'olecliou I,, tlie fllilcliiiijt. pun,
»ci| illy llic less likclilion.l iif
,i RIP. 11 i- -.i i i, i iv mi
•OUTSEAM GLOVE, ivi.ii mi
icnms in.-iili* io hurl ih. h I
Nm. iii uppcnrni	
Comfortable Z Hand
H.B.K. PATENT RIPLESS TIPS    , Mo1'1' ■'"•■'" ' ••"■•' •'".* "■'" '
glove ever modi*.
On Mile   liy   IciuliiiK ilcnlvn
III!',II' lllllll   I'.'lllllll.|.
Minlc nml jtuiirtjitU'Cil hy ih,.
The Expert Glove
and  Mitt  Makers of Cai-ada.
********************** ********** *************
n. lltlii-<>f n.'C.I if ii Hot lli-
nl Sililt'iMHl'r* .Mnlililiiiii
iit-w,   iiowi ju.in**. irn
ll- I lull I I.i- wlii*-Uy |n
i-ijiiill lu iinviliini! hi.min
nml   »ti|>t-nnr   iii  imisl.
Sanderson's Mountain Dew
Wliolwnlo Wlno .Miuliimt


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