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Cranbrook Herald Jul 11, 1912

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 •*«• y
aiUk*iilv{ .
We are well equipped to
turn ont ths beat cla»
ol work.
In the Herald rays—Try]
Our   Local  Columna
10c. a line
NO. 28
Rumor of Joint Construction by Milwaukee
and Canadian Pacific Railways
Recent press despatches bold pro-,conceived at this time Isil llie roads
tin--.- lor another railroad lor Eureka cairrcst assured tliat they will tap u
nml Hie Tobacco Valley. The latest1 country wonderful in iis vast unde-
dopc is that a coalition lias been! velopcd nwoiirccs and containing
formed   under    which the Milwaukee, larmlng   possiliilil its Ihat cannot   be
and Canadian Pacific will work together in entering new trade centre*.
Associated Press despatches give
the following particulars:
It Is reliably announced that the
Milwaukee railway's next large extension will he a ilOO-mlle line Irom
Missoula via Mathead valley and
Kalispell to Fernie, British Columbia. To develop Montana, open the
rich .Flathead country aiid tne valuable hard coal fields ol Crows Nest
Pass district are among the objects
sought. Another is to connect with
the Canadian Pacific railway, by
which the Milwaukee road will enter
several Canadian traffic centres. In
return, the Canadian PactOc will
reach into Montana end some parts
ol Washington via Milwaukee rails.
That Sir William Van Horn and Sir
Thomas Sliauglinessy were Milwaukee
superintendents    hack   in   Wisconsin
excelled in any section ol lis- northwest. The new avenue ol commerce
will be the means ot opening up tbe
Eureka mining district that wilt produce a tonnage undreamt of as the
only reason thc mines are nob worked
more is that a means nl transportation is lacking at present. Those wlm
have iiif«oiinile<l faith In our natural
resources wil soon be rewarded tor
their perseverance and . let us hope
that these railroad rumors arc not.
unfounded and Ihat the .people ol Eureka and thc Totlacco Valley, will soon
bc able to realize one of their londest
In lurther reference to thc Flat-
dead railroad situation, thc following
Irom a Kalispell, Mont.., exchange, is
of interest: ^^^^^^^^^^
Subsequent to the receipt In Knlis-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ye I yesterday of the despatch re-
Ihirty years ago has facilitated lhe garding the building cl thc Milwaukee
amicable traffic understanding now tlw Inter Lake secured an interview
obtained between these systems. | with parties knowing the exact situa-
Kinal surveys Ior thc Missoula-Fer- tion as it exists and as a result is
nic line have been completed and lo- able to publish the following state-
cation   mans   officially filed, Uiereby ment:
legally retaining a right-of-way | "Tlw despatches Irom Taeoms yes-
through passes and defiles where Mil- terday in regard to the Intention ol
waukee engineers won out in their th- Milwaukee railroad to build
race with Great Northern surveyors from Missoula to Fernie is nothing
two years ago. It is likely that new tn this community, as it is in
contractors now building the Lrals- Une with occurrences ol three years
town-Great Falls extension will go ago last spring when the Milwaukee
Irom that Job to the Missoula-Kcrnie and tlie Great Northern were atrug-
linc providing) Iheir lids arc low gling Ior right-ol-war through the
enough. Early last year Vioc-Prcsid-j canyon ol Ihe Flathead north of Cor-
enl Ingrrsoll earnestly and Irutblully am. What may he ol value, however,
t.dd l.cwistown business men Ihat in this telegram is that our Taf-oma
tbts company would endeavor to ol.- • corrcs|irmdcnf hns * learned ol tbe
tain capital lor the Montana extcn-j early int.niinn of the Milwaukee tn
sloes, providing Montana's business, build into the Flathead country, and
interests and legislatures,would treat pieced it out according tn their plan
ral ways justly. They believed Mr. |<l two years ago, instead ot aoxn-d-
Ing.-rs.dl and he made good. Now ing to tbe phot ol the Milwaukee at
the Milwaukee railway is fulfilling' the present time, which do indeed
its pledges and the Montana exten-, contemplntei the line from Missoola
slims will not stop wllh those now to the Corbin mines, how in npcra-
l.c.itxl. j sion    near    thc headwaters    «l Ihc
Word has readied Missoula that an'N'"r"1 K"rk '»* *• Flathead. l»- 0.
agreement had lieen reached lietwecn|r*"rbin has built, Hie present y.-.u.
the Chicago, Milwaukee and Puget 5,-v™ ™ll*s south Irom his mines.
Sound and Canadian Pacific railways'I1"1"1"! m the1 direcHon ot Kalispell
over territory Involved in the Mill"1"1 ""' Flathead vtUey. The real
waukee-'. invasion ot the Kernic loalil'1*"" "' *• Milwaukee, however,
fields ami that as a result ol siuh!,"lv'' l*™ modified so that Kalispell
agreement the construction of the *'" '»' '*" ""■ '"*'" Hunk line nrw
branch line Irom Missoula np the I'dMing from Melstone on Ihe main
llig lllackloot river and north along Ih*" *• Uie Musselshell -alley to
lhe Swan river route would Ih- coin- Lewltlowo nn.1 Gr.-at Fall* and
mem-cd In Ibe very m-ar luturc. ThtI**** " " '»' •****-t.-.M1«l next spring.
plant lor the Iran.* line into the "' **• '•"""• KK{ [nm amtx VMs
eoal lb-Ids have been under way lot Pw » low I"""* '" *• Wa*!" I" ">■•
more Ihan a year Surveys hav,.11»»''k •'"""■I rlvcr down th,- Swan
Ihiii coni|det.*l and Ihe preliminaries'.rmr »•"•» ''• Kalispell. From Kal-
MCottuf" lor actual coaislriwllon ''I*"'-1 U» ''■''' "TO K> «***i tttlw by
work to l*a:in will not require much j »»>* »' Themnton liver or Libf.y with
time. The proposed line means a ""* '',""u',' ln ,i,vnl "' "ie latter
greal deal lor the uVvclopnnnt ol the:!*"*. '*' ««*""*t with thelt Hn now
lliH lllacklis.l and Flathead coiintrv\Un*™ construclii n, retohlng Irom
*"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™    |S|Hakaiie lo Coeur d'AI.
nnd It   moans a great deal tn    Mis |
soiila.     llie continuation ot the
port will In- g.h.1 news lor this city,
llul an    extension    id tin- Cal'.II.
wimM   puss thioiigh tm- valley al or,""'
........ t.-...ni— ,. >. ..vnnM._., u   __ ! In
There fs also everv reason to he-
jlieve that the Canadian Pacific will
I have a line into Katispcll.   .*   »unn
         '-r Kiom'r   than, the Milwaukee.
near Eureka ha* lieen expeelcd by re j,n oU"'r *"",s' itlr railroad sllua-
sldcotl «l Eureka, Mont, Tbat tbc:"on ls tightening in Northwestern
plan is leaslble ami   practical cannot|M"*',*l,:''   Ki,<> Kalispell
center of a three ami possibly I. ur
area."Northern | **"""'"''■' ^M <* rsllroad constcac-i
lion for next year. Possibly Ihe
situation may be .lirvstali/nl, but
tbe tact    that a   Canadian syndicate
good grade.    Other signs .Is,.''"-"4 Z*j^ **™> * """"*
favorably a.    It   is reported. " '"'"I*** '»"*»tol *e conttrue-
ht* tlmililoi. hs an «*as\ -*,ra<k' ran be,
hail lmralli'Hiig \\w ^^^^^^^^^
\w going ti|t Uie Ktlllw*vr ur following aliMtfv thi* weslrrn sitic ot tbr
WlniHiNli   range which is said to prr-
,thl"'uk.''',,Mdl«*l for the Civil."n-\XA ','   &    S.*?"! 'SS*^
 sion has l.*n built to W,.ld„   ,i«li *•*''» '"   «■   key lo ll»* whole rail
thai. It Is iu as line a sh.il>.' as any '"•*•■ """"•■™ » «*• v»ltaV' Tta ■>"
t,ansc,«,tiw'„lal roadbed. A resident | """•*»•> P-d-le have'been carrying
nl Wahl... who was in town last WWlCl* • **** b"1 /"J ■c*1l*'<* ™m
slated al... that he was willing to **& '•»'»*'*«*-»*' •♦« *h" last
wager lhal . surveying crew would*''1*"- „Thev have Anally gotten lal..
he passing through ih,' vallev inside *' ^"^ •« «» boy who ■went
ol thirty days while » man »*.. Is re- «*? "» *V^J^, ta »*
ported In he conrsTlcd wllh tne C.P. J"1'"' ^ « ClM«l '« "**
II. interests mode lis- statement here!"10.1™"-'' ^ *"•'«•.-" *»«P'»T
,' could not make a
choice. Tlie Inter-
C.P.R.   would lain about three miles
east of Gateway.
Whatever the plans may bc it is
almost certain to conic and the alliance ltd ween Ihe Milwaukee and C.P.
R. mokes It seem all 1'lie more rra-
si liable and as to Its practicability
Ihere should be no doullt. Thc coal
fields lor Ihe Milwaukee are one ol
the best ohlects, while Uie C.P.R.
will be given a chance In retaliate
on Ihe Great Northern lor the Invasion the latter has mode on Its terri- |„ miiifj
tory hy running tranches north
through Dakota and Minnesota.
For Completion ol Sewerage System
By-Law to be Submitted to Ratepayers to Raise Additional Sum
Required—Noxious Weeds Must be Destroyed
A very lengthy and qu tc Important meeting ot the city council took
plane on Monday alternoon, at which
Uk chief matter under discussion was
she completion ol the sewerage system.
Mayor newness presided and Aldermen Clapp, Johnson, Krickson and
Campbell were in attendance.
Messrs. Patmore and Cook were
present in reference to the extension
al the water system to their property on Kenwick avenue. Their representations were heard and tbe matter referred to thc water,committee.
Toe finance committee presented
the following accounts, whicli were
ordered paid:*
City engineer's payroll    Jl.i00.01
Payroll city  police dept  '380.00
Cranbrook lire department   ...   250.0(1
City salaries    S40.00
City clerk sundries      02.10
Cranbrook Foundry    0   37.25
F. Parks and Co      40.lt
F. Parks and Co           ft.M
Cranbrook Trad ng Co      18.05
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co.        ii
0. S. Parker      12.25
Beattie-Murphr Co., Ltd.    ...      0.40
W. E. Worden       0.45
C. P. R., freight       67.00
H. B. Atkins      102.00
Oranbrook Klectric Light Co.   242.00
Ward and Harris       7.80
Patmore Bro.      13.10
The Northern Electric Co. ... 90.02
Herald Publishing   Co., Ltd.       5.00
W. E. Worden      74.40
School board order.   1000.35
Site lor new school     700.00
It. S. McNeil    110.00
Sewerage payroll  0772.00
Arnold and    Roberts,   insurance     710.35
Cranhrook Electric Light Co. 23.10
Cran|>rook Sash and Door Co. 130.31
Davis Bros.   Klectric  Co. ,.     40.00
King Lumber Co      10.01
Kootenay Telephone Lines ...      10.00
,1. I). McBride ...        507.02
Cranbrook, Foundry ..'      48.75
City Livery           30.00
F. Parks and Co    803.20
C. S. Parker  _      50.05
John .1. Wood       85.50
»*. E. Worden    200.30
lag such. Alter vecciv lag instructions as to llie part to tr laid out
tile lots .mil blocks can lie numbered
to suit.
Diicl.iseittiii.t prints ultd Ibe plulis
relating to e,-uu-U-ry.
Knclosist lind herewith prints showing the diHerent grade lines already
adopted ami tla' elevntloji ol stores,
etc., wiUl reference tlH-ret.i. With regard to the question of laying concrete sidewalks this year I Uiiok
that, giving the matter lull consideration,, it wouk! Im- advisable to abandon the pro'eot Hi s year lor llie I't-
lowing reasons:
1. The lateness, of the season belore work could lie commenced and
Uk- risk ol damage by frost.
2. Tile fill   rcqiliml in many places
under tla- present sidewalks would not, pipes   laid.    Alout 0" of stone has
If. properly solidified to,permit of   a been placed ln position
3.   As    the   street is not properly will not permit ol uny lurther   work , .
. .       „ ,, .,,,',        , ..T.       ,, ,, L ,      , Pin- Tiiesilav, when tl.-y musl catch to tbe exec ent diiuiei iu.,\i,t..l     ...
graded up ll   would mean that       in  la-yowl that on I!. Hanson being done '  ,     , -   -
i^ ±        |   _ ihc  riti'i   lor   I.r
influx people tre up agtlnst the
same kind ol t dilemma at the present time. Within the last week so
many Inquiries Irtni Onanclsl houses
have heen received by the intnrurhan
People that they are at a loss ,to determine-exactly -what Onanclal Interest to deal with for raiting
required capital. The pmnlblitv is,
however, that the interurban railway
will, hy. tta tint ol July, clone with
, Ihe proposition nl the Canadian-English ncnnln lor the capital rieoes«ary
the    road,  as negotiations
Messrs. Wilson and Palmare, delegates, representing Ihe promoters ol
the Men's Gymnasium, asked tor
sonic assurance that the site ol the
proposed gymnasium and swimming;
tanta vu.iiM secure sewerage connection as speedily as possible. Mr. Wil
sxn pointed out Ihat the proposed
building would cost in the neighllir
bood of SOOOO, having a swimming
p.*ul, 30x10 feet, a aynmaslmn. 30x00
teet, with hardwood floor ami thorough gymnastic equloment.
Mayor newness pointed out thc
present situation with regard to the
sewerage system, and remarked that
the fund, tor this purpose were
about all exhausted, it would be nc-
misary to put. a bylaw H-torc the
ratepayers to aiithnrire a lurther
l.tnsi, in all, ol about IK.OOO. llr
assure.) the aYlcgetinn !jh.t the by
law* would be submitted as soon a.
A communication Irom Provincial
Coi .stable Morris, re noxious weed's,
wat.- ro.ul awl instructions to have s
notice, relative therein, piildished in
Inn loeal papers, ami lhc chief of
police notified tn see that the orders
nl the provincial authorities in this
connection are promptly carrhd nnt
The following communication Item.
Acting City Engineer Mfflintock. [
wa. read:
T. M. Robert., City Clerk:
Dear Sir:   As renucsted I have pre
uar«l,a   plan   showing thc   proposed
layout nl tbe addition reojuircd to the
cemetery.    To meet the present   requirements It would not tic necessary
to lay nut the   whole gr.Kind-.Kic ot
the quarters   would he sufficient.    A
nam ot   $500 has    keen appropriated
lor thi. work.    By tdopting the lay-
nut shown provision ran he made tor
reserving separate blocks for thc use
ol any ol the   Internal orders ilcslr
Entertained by Board of Trade ••- Motor Trip to
Wasa*>- Visitors all Delighted with Scenery
and Impressed with Prospects of
Cranbrook District
Kigbl ol the party ol Hritish man-'King's Norton Metal Co.,
ufnetiiiers uow visiting Canada, ar- ham;, .lohn navies, of the
rived   In this city on Tuesday alter- steel   and   Tin   Plate ('.,,
oyer 8,(KH) leet to"bo """" '""" X('is0"' °"" 1,lKP',c      lhe and G. W. Goodcblid, tbe ch.
short   time nt their disposal, bavins u„. partv. a member ,.f the
back along Edwards street.
Tbe length of pipe laid during   the
month wss 4725 teet, work being concentrated on thc   main outfall sew
leaving rather
Coarse Kilter.—The forms for center distributing channel have been
partly erected; the wall by tank, anil
inlet channel were concreted. I ^,
The concrete Mocks have Ui-n com
pletcd; and steady work has boon
done on the iron reinforcement
Sludge manhole.—This has lieu
eavatid, ami concrete base put
Tlie pipe    connecting thc tank
sludge bed has heen moslln- laid.
Fine Otter.—Toe concrete work
this bas been completed, three   manholes ihi outlet concreted, and initU;
,p,'l-..li Ol
firm   of
to leave' again for Lcthbcidge Iiy
Klycr at 10.30 p.m., they acre
allied to     see a    good deal of
eily ami to enjoy a motor drive
the. Hnniingbaiii    Small   Anus monutac-
en tur.-rs.
the These gi-n.t.ctncn    hardly impressed
out one,    ai lirst glance, ,,s heluu repre
good sound job being made.
|   The    amount allneati*l   lor sewers
lo Wasa, where dinner was served »entatiie ol the British roMUtactar-
irrangements loi the entertain- ,.r Thev were all comparatively
ment of the visitors were, necessar- young men, clean .haven tnd had
lly, very huni.ally made, us ii was m„r.- liie bright, alert, keen, appoar-
' only, late on Monday alternoon that .nee ol a hunch ol American busi-
it was learned that lhe> could .fiend n,ss men However, thiiws bovo
to a lew hours in this eil v Mr. Thos. etanged In tl*'old land m reccnl
Caven, M.L.A., acting on liball ol year, and nowadays the average
the lioanl of trade, wenl d..wr« to lirni* manufacturer I* .s youthful
Kootenai Landing on Monday morn- h-oking and as brhjhf as/his Amctl-
ing to meet the visitors audio In- can compeUtor.
Hie tl.™ to st..p oil' at Crai*»rook| The nm t.. Was.,, hy «a. of Cherry
between liains. He was socccsliil ('r.rk, was v.rv grcatl; enjoyed and
In his mission and telegraphed back upon arrival .1 N Hanson', hospll
Uiat tliey would stay Irre until lO.Hll able resort ample linnice was    done
many places the base nf thu concrete and as requested by the com
would be exposed and thus permit ol miltee, an estimate is enclosed sbnw-
tho frost damaging the walk. i ing the amount ntiuired   tn complete
4.  The question   ol Hie purchase nl Ihc   system,    together   with figures
a gravel pit is siill   undecided and il  from Ihe   rity engineer's   department
one were bought tiiuc is required   lo covering the extensions sprelned.
open it out. |   Tlie extra expenditure   im the sew-
The question ol removing     ihe era put in has   Ih-.ii due    to the Id-
various pidcs either io the lanes    or lowing:
tin-    replacing ol   limn
poles should he settled.
with   steel     (1).   The   amount ol   water
ei.'ineered rendered It necessary
0.  The question ol having nnenings  purchase an electric pump and motor
in the sidewalk (or access to basements should Ih- taken up ami the
necessary bylaw, as required, drawn
up and siibmilt.il
awl there bas becn> the cost ..I moving it along the ilileli just ahead id
ihe   pipelaying together   with wages
  nl man to run il, and cosl nl power,
What I should suggest, at    present etc.
is: Have Raker street and the streets     In sevenl places this pump was un
between linker und Louis all brought utile, to cope .with the waler, and two ""™     '"
up U, grade,   Uu- necessary Oils made hand   conina were   kept continuously     ''"''''    '
under tlu- sldewaltn,   sidewalk grades at work as well.
established over   town, and the ques-     (2).   It. i. necessary to pack      the
th,. of the purchase of a gla.el   pit pipes and cover them for a depth   ol
awl   removal   ol    the poles doidc.1   a loot with finer   soil,   tn    prevent
Tlie necessary bylaws   should also lie breakage by stones, and the dllhoulty Th.',"li"ii,i*er'
submitted     Then next year    every- ..( separating this Irom the excavat.il      '    r
thing    would   he ready lor an early  material has, with the caving in   ol
start-on Uk.concrete-work. * llw banks on the removal ot tbc lim
it it Ik- divided to grade the streets ber, doubled the cost ot bockOlling.
il would also be advisable to procure'   (3).  The   stone and gravel enconn-
a place Irom which to get good   rood lered in    thn    flat have necessitated
material. > close shoring    with timber, the   pur-
I shall Ik- glad   to have y. ur      in   chase ol which, and the wages ol tin
Ibhiidge. Inuivrdidtc- the occasi.Hi Everything was quite
Iv Presided! Gurd of Ibe lioard ot Inlormal. There wat no soucluiuk-
irade got busy, and arranged with in* The visitors expressed miemali-
a.II,•mobile owners In take Ua- visit- Red satisfaction willi tlK'il treatment
lag llrilish manufacturers . ut lor a and spoke in thc lughest terms ol
run to Wasa and back. There was a tbe excellent roads and glorious Men-
ready response to Mr. Gur.l's re- ery through winch thev drove w. awl
rfiiesl. from Wasa.    They returned by   wuy
lust before tin- irain arrived on ,.( ynrt Steele.
Tuesday a had thunder storm threat-, Nt>cetssrily this visit ..I the British
en. I to spoil tlie ptixtraninie. Ho""- manufacturers has lain of a very
evir, the worst was over by the hurried nature, enabling them only
lime the visitors arrived and alter a to set a very snpertieial knowhfijje ol
few minute, rest iu town, wben lho i|R. vast, notevHaHtdet ol Canada,
visitors were entertained at the club. Hut all ,1 the party ol right Mho
lhe weather hod so improved that hy visited Cranlitook on Vmlncsdjv were
unanimous consent the mis were .mhusiastic in their appreci.ition of
brought around and a stall made, tor VDal i|«-v had sei-n and l,-ari«*i. and.
Wasa.     Messrs. V   Hyde llak.-r. Geo ' u „„,. ,,( tah.-ir ninnlK'r remarVcd to a
G. K. llendcrs.K>. P. F. HerJd representoliu.
Patrick, and Mayor Bowness placed "Whilst our trip hj- la-en t.ut little
iheir cars at the disposal ol the belter tiun ^ race thtougb lis- .thi-
party, ahich in addition to the eight uv, wo have son so much ..: the
British manufacturers Included «;ver- possibilities .4 the Honiim -i thai
al members of Ihc board id trade n have all been set'ed of ibe mi-
were Rowland Rank, portatve of making mure tl.or.v»r.
ol Joseph Rank, Ltd . Hull, dour inves-tigitioc. at tbe ear'l.-it , n-.ior-
millers; 0. E. Ilowel. ,.f Howell snd tunity. Be are csufnced -.hat the
Co., manufacturers of Uicomotive ,h,|, Uonimton, and especially ycur
steel boiler tubes; A. Sellars. of Kail- own beautiful   province, rdkn iii.riv-
slructions on those matters.
Yours truly,
Adam A. McLlntock.
liinliermnn have greatly increased the
ximisc ol the work.
(I)    For ' a    stretch on Edwards
was   met with
ing and Sellars, machine tool.,
Keigbtley, Yorkshire. A. B Balin-
ford, of the National Gas Engine Co.
Ashton-under-Lym', Manchester. A.
II. Redlord, ol the Armstrong Stems .v Co., drop (orgings, and stampings, Birmingham. T. A   llayliss,   ol
The rcoininendalioias in the    fore-' street running sand
going were approved of and thc   en- which   rendered the   work most difli-
Kirorr   instructed   to have Ihe ceme- cult, and   brought   expenditure above
tery grnumls laid   out according    to Uie estimate. H^^^^^^^
the plans.       The otlier portions    nl     (5). (In    part ct the   main outfall out the. city.
Hie    communication,   in reference to sewer, 2"tl0" planks were laid      in     A cornniuaicatioo
cement sidewalks and lhe removal ol the ditch    under toe 15" sewer pipe, Magistrate   Ryan,
the electric light and telephone poles, awl specially cut cradles laid on   this r„.Si was received,
were referred tn a spit-ial committee to keep tla? pipes above water   while
lor report. Uk- joints were    made. This necessl-
The lollowlng    report ol the rcsid- tatcd digging the ditch deeper. I
enl engineer, in reference to the pro-'
atleal -qiportuui-.es for Invei'i.-eni and
l„r the expansion of our re-p.-lr. ,•
The party was taick io town shoit-
ly alter '' p.m , in plenty ot time to
allow of ibe visitors resting up aad
refrrshine    th"mselv,si  W-f-.r.- leaving
  on the Klyer tor Lethbridirc
City    Engineer    Parker   presented     Whilst tbc st.,y id lhc British man-
plans ol the    water system througn- ufaciurers was all too brief.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ and    n
wa*   impossible ,to givo    ■:.-m any-
fr,.io City Police thimt like a thorough lie-icht u.t,, Us-
.i    police    court  varied iuter.-sts of this distri.-t,    ihe
time was bv n.< nu-an, watted.    Sev-
Instructions were issueil that      all eral   membrrs    ol Ita t«sird i4 trade
fire hydrants be repainted. accompanied   the party ,n tin- motor
Trade License  trip and took lulh-st ■diailau ol thc
Bylaw No. 108, the    Trade License trip and took- nuiesl ^lltulagr
As the tightness at the joints is ol wylaw Auiendnieut By-Law, was pas- opportunity tans   pr-ividi-d t..    pump
gress maite on lhe sewerage      works the greatest importance to   the final M,i through    its various stages', aad into taVir gm-is facis and Dgurea re-
during Uk- month ol -lune, was   read success ol the system, no expense was [nll| „   third time.    This bylaw pro- lative to tb.' picsent cr.-attn'ss    and
and received.
T.   M. Roberts,    Es«i., City    Clerk,
Cranbrook, B.C.
Hear Sir:
Wc herewith mil use   nur report en
Ihe progress
month ol   May
spared to obtain this.
10).    In Uk month   ol April,
men on Ihe ditch  struck work,
during that time the ditch kit
caved in. causing extra expense.
Tbe money expended has hen
ot lb.' ('ranbrook
1 vides lor an increase    in circus lees, Inture \■■   ■■:, I'tie.
tbe from 120 eo *100. IdMttrt.
and    The purchase ol a gravel pit,    tot.   Th,-   risrfon greatly .alloyed   their
open the   supply ol gravel to be    used iu Informal outing, they were loud      in
I laying cement sidewalks,   wa.      thn [bail praiae »t    th.- tawrj ai«l  tin-
*»rc- ne.t matter to r.ceive sttentinn.        |"\..ll.i..•• of the   roads in this
idly used, and the  city have obtain-     \ bylaw will
•I   above works     lor] ed lull value    lor it. but tlie eireuni- ihori/e
also estimate asked stances noted  above have rendered It from  V.
be intrcduord to au-Jtrict.
purcharc ol  two acresj
lor hy the committee, and also
account lor engineering.
Yours triilv.
E O. Marriott,
Resident Engineer
Fnr the  -lohn   Gait Engineering Co,
To Ihe.Mayor ami   Councillors, City
ol Cranbro,!!, B.C.
WORKS.                 H^^^^
We have the honor ol submitting to East (lark
you tin- lollowlng r'port      on      tht Et.l Clark
progress ol the above works lor   tht East French
month ending SOIh .lone, I»I3:           .East     French
SEWERS.                     | East Dcwar   ...
E. Armstrong   lane—Edward.      to East   Watt   ...
Kainl Completed.                                | Edwards   street
K. Hanson lane-Edwards to Kains Watt avenue   ...
cnmileted.                                          | East Van llnrne
Edwards to  Louis excavation    he- Van Hone	
our', linpossllle   to    complete the sewers jjin per acre.
Baker, at a nnt
arc farther along than with any     oil
m~. .j       ,-. .   .t   „ .      ,ho ******* I"™** «Ih> have skewn
What tkls   wil mean lo tta Tobac- .nrfe . sudden de.ire to .Ornish,   lhe
co ValWy out not to eatlawtM     u capital ht ila-
within the sum originally expected
Your, respectfully,
The .lohn Gait Engineering Co.
per E. G. Marriott,
Resident Engineer
East Hanson
East   Durick
Louis street
Ot course firms who purpose to
furnish capital lor a new railroad enterprise, in sll cases require that
tbe|jll-lorc ftnally lurnlrting the lands
With which to build, they make their
own personal examinations, and that
will he the cane Is regard In ths
iatertirhaa In the Flathead.
AIII told, there Is something nn In
railroad moUros in the Flalbend valley and pntsFMy a very lew* weeks
wlir sen tta railroad situation as
tame- seme Maggfe* form imlta Flat-!
htaH »tJky ttftas. ,
gun     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
fi. Durick   lam—Edwards to Ktlns South Baker   	
completed. I "arold 	
K. Dcwar   lane—Edwtrds to Knits East Von Hornc
rompleted. Is6 manlioles 	
Manboli-s nn E. Poolev lane, IHvnleyl ——
Are,   K.   Burwell   lane, E. Fenwick" EXTENSIONS
538 no
150 W.
129 Ull
111 00
1008 (HI
Aldi'tiiiaii .Inhnson gave notice of
bis iiiientioii to intriduc- a bylaw to
provide for thc raising of the additional funds required to complete the
sew ei age system. In the discussion
that took place in this coonec-tlnn.
Mayor Bownrss look occasion t..
Cost i-oiiit out that the city list a considerable sum, some t,50.i, owing to
et-Maynr limit having declined to
atcept an oiler td 071 f„r the de-
lllitures, ulUioiigh .dvis,,f so tn do
by iln- finance committee. Mr. Hunt
was acting in good faith, believing
tliat later on he cfti'd secure par tor
them, and at the closing session, ol **?*?_ j**\]j"/
last year'* council ex-May. r Hunt expressed tbe opinion that they could
gel 101.     With (hi* 17,500 they could j
lave completed the system as or
tl!,' planned.
lane, E. Norhury lane, E. Armstrong East Burwdl ... .
lane, hare been complete! except on Edwards street .
main outfall sewer. |fi»t Martin   ... .
Main millall sewer. This hns    been East Vaa Home
laid through  to E.   Watt lane.      It,   (behind Royal
was considered advisable to leave thc    hotel)	
manholes on the   main outtall sewer Easl Clark    ...
open, in nrder to k.cp the level      ol 0 manholes   	
idle ground water ns low    as posstble I
wfc le laying branch sewers, lie man-j
An application from a Chinese lor a
permit to build a laundry on Fenwick
avenue was read. Mayor Bown.-»
expressed the opinion tliat these
110102.00 premises should be restrict.*! 141 a
certain I. -aliiy. Alter some turttur
IU5.no I discussion,     Alderman Clapp      gavt
712.50 [notice Ihat   he would introduce       a
1488.00 I Inlaw    regulating   the   location     ol
A byltW    to regulate tbe speed    <l
automobiles    within   the city limit*
will als.. la' Introduced.
Conn, il   then    tdjourned
(Special fi the lleralJ).
Mmonlun.  Mia. .lulv  1" —Official
onnourtc-tm-ii!     was   made   by E. -'•
rhaiiihrtlin,     president nt 'be llraii.l
Trunk  llailwav  ..stt-n,   whib' 111 l'd-
lliorrlon   a  few    dais tip ,  ihat    ml«-s
imtoresf.-n   l.,ijoi   Iro'ibl.*. allae      tbe
main Iin.- ••( the   Grand Trunk l'acttie
ruad will ta- eon.pletf.1 t*-tw.-eii Korl
William,    lint ,   awl   t*tii.i.- U'tpcti,
II C, before the .low- ..i  1013.     Thi*
will give     Edmonton    arcs.
the     short.*:
ml   easiest grade through tta
Mountains,  also opining large
territory lor trade   dVvel.ipmenl   anl
jjjjj^l ndUHtrial growth.     Mr. I hai..l«rUli.
isaid also (hat emnpanies frien.llv   to
• th>- Grand Tnmk Pacific which       sic
now    i.iil-lii,- rotdt   in   th.-    I'esc*
River   ccamiiv,    will Ik- r.-adv      lor
iraflle before the winter of I'll I, ami
added   that the company's stcanodiip
service Is-twecn tin- Pacific .-nasi an-1
the III len*  will In- open.d s,*,n.     The
railway empany now is inrdnjaf to
build   new    elevators    at all potatt
■ along the line
8 - -a	
•432.50 Main   at    au    early  date to      put ""'"-"• l">"; <*""' '
——— through Ita seirtal bylaw* nmillone.l bank   bnlara
IMaM.t* above ttvefal wert.
II. T.   llt)miH-r, iiianagiT id       the
l.'al brain I.   ol   the   Hank ..(   (01.1-
ti.iws.,,, I'lty    on
Ile  will la- .way THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
♦ ♦
Ladies', Misses', and Children's Outfitters
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Regular value, $8,110
Odd Lines in Youngster's Shoes
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Splendid value at 50o
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Empress Shoes   u-qq* »s.qq, <6.oo   Sale Price, $3.50 pair
Misses' Corsets, 50c pair
■lust the stylo for young girls.   Medium length, fitted
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50c pair
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lu Itliii'S. I ircciis. Reds, Dreys, White, Cream, Black
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15c yd
Waists! Waists, $1.50
I Iter 2011 Waists to clear at this price.   Tailored Waistt
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All styles.    Regular value $1.60, $2.00, $2.60.
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Black Voile Skirts
$18.00 SKIRTS, Beautifully trimmed, for $13.50
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weight.   Regular value $2.26 to $2.60 pair
'■•75 pair
LADIES' SUITS, New B.& I.  Make,  SAT., $5^5
For n License tn Take nnd l'sc Water.
that the I.nml Luml nml Development
Co., 1.1.1., ol Cranbrook, ll.C, will
nppl) for n license to take nn.1 use
"a millers' inches ol watei out ol nn
iiiiiiaiii.il creek, ulilch flows In a
north-westerly direction through l.ot
tills and nib Lot. IS nl I...I l.vni nml
empties ineo n swamp on S. I.. 'If. nl
l.i.l ir.fln anil I.ot 281. The water
will he diverted at lhe spring on Lot
III 18 nlioiit sixty leel south    ol   thc
north line nl   sai.l Lot   and will lie
used lor irrigation purposes nn the
land described as sub-Lot 35 nl Let
This notice was posted on the
ground nn the 28th day nl 'lune,
1912. The application will Ih- Iiii'ii
In Ihc ofllce ol tbc Water Recorder
at I'ranbrook, B.C.
Objection*   may lie iilnl with    the
said Water   Recorder or wllh      the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parllamenl Iluildings, Victoria, ll.C.
The Lund Laml nml Development Co.,
Ltd , Applicant,
by Arthur II. Keswick, Agenl.    28-11
For a License U. Take and l'sc Waler.
that the Lund Land nml Development
Co., Ltd., of Cranhrook, B.C., will
apply lor a license to take and use
H'.ii miners' Inches ol water cut ot
Horse Shoe Cn-ck, wbieh flows in t
westerly direction tin.nth l.ot lit and
empties Into a swamp on Lot 311-
The Water will Is- dlvclicd alioilt
where thc nnrln line ot Lot Sll
crosses Ihc creek aid. wil bc imed lor,
irrigation purposes on the land    described as sub-lot SS ol Lot 4580.
This nnt ice wss posted oa the
ground on the 28th dsy ot .lune
ISIS. The application will be AM
In Ihc office of the Water Recorder
at Cranbrook, B.C.
Object inns may be filed    with    th
I j said Water   Recorder nr with      tht
Comptroller cf Water Right*, I'trlla-
ment Iluildings, Victoria, B.C.
The Lund Land ind IVvclopmenl Co.,
Ltd., Applicant. ,
by, Arthur B. Ptawkk. he***.   *4t
Ten years ago this niM-summcr thc
peace of Voreeoigiug which closed llu-
great'lluer war was signed.
Ten years Is not a long tlmo In the
lives ol countries or even of Individuals, but it has been sumclcnt for
the birth and growth of a new nation within the British empire.
Tea years ago there wat desolation
and despair, and a ruined and embittered race resinned in gloomy disappointment llielr pastoral pursuits
which hud been Ior three years interrupted.
Today the parliament ol South Al
rira -sits at Cape Town aad the leader ol an erstwhile enemy is at the
hwwl of a government — under the
llritish crown — tn the election ol
which Englishmen played a. deciding
It is a strange eventful history—
this federation ol thu Smith Alrican
colonics, two ol alien race and two
driven asunder by mutual dissensioas
whieh were ol so serious a character
that it was concluded hy somo ol
the most astute observers that Ihey
would never come together again.
Some took a more hopeful view.
notaSily Earl (Irey and Lord Carnar
The goal was reached hy a might
ler event than they bad anticipated,
Discontent, separation, disaster,
vast schillings, only dimly recognized
save by a lew master minds, thc
Raid, ever-growing dissatisfaction,
war, military rule, repatriation,
crown colony administration self-government for the once Republics, racial outbursts, language difficulties,
suspicions, prejudices all these thc
land knew.
And In this strange, chaotic story
containing so much that need never
have been, the ten years alter the
war ought to rank as the most important period of all. It has been thc
decade of reconstruction and ol understanding. Men have seen more
clearly since 18(12.
Yet these ten years imposed a final
test as severe as tbat of actual con-
diet. It has been a time of strain
and uncerta nty in polit cal lite,
sometimes of deep depression in com
mcrcial and social lite. The extraordinary business optimism which was
a feature of the months immediately
lollowlng file peace gave way to ever
greater pessimism. Everywhere losses. Everywhere retrenchment
Everywhere unemtloyment. Every- j
where white families leaving for other
Looking back, one wonders sometimes tew South Africa managed to
live through it all as she did.
smaller people must have tailed. Thc
commodity which stood such a test
mute have in it thc makings of
But alter ten years South Africa is
still misunderstood. You read in
some of the English papers tbat
British policy has been a failure. The,
assertion appears to be demanded by
the exigencies of, party warlarc. Ireland, cry some, must have s.'lt-gov
emment. because selt-govemnicnt.lias
succeeded ia South Alrica. Those who
disagree do not question the analogy.
British policy in South Alrica has]
not failed. It bat put down a Inundation solid enough to support a nation. England has done her part
well. Tbe form ot thc superstructure rests with South Africa.
A bold experiment was made. So,
lar it has heen Justified.by results.
The dominating feeling ol the South
Alrican who on May 31, 1912, looks
bock across the yean to Hay SI,
1902, must be one ot thankfulness.
Thankfulness there must he for ma
teri.t progress. Tea years ago a. land
laid watte; today breaking every
trade record It ever tot up. The out
put ol the mines mounts ever higher.
Agriculture Is advancing, and with.
tbc spread ol education aad the
growing up ol a new generation
traiaed in modern methods greater
prosper ty It usured. What is need
ed is tn effort to attract more white
men. Without tbat much ol thc
sacrifices ol the past will have been
made in vain. In time South Alrica
may an that clearly also.
And there roust be a deeper thank
lulncss lor social peace. For that is
the foundation ol all things. Here
and there tbc old prejudices and
animosities may linger. But In all
seriousness there is more biltcrnne
lelt In Eagltnd than there is in
South Alrica. For political purposes some ol Ibc newspapers may bc
inclined tn fan thc racial Dame on
occasions. Extremists on both sides
are guilty. Yet II you get away
from the politicians and go among'
the common people ynn will find an
atmosphere of Iriendllness.
True, tbe langusge trouble remains, hut the problem Is solving it-;
sell. l*ave it alone Inr another tea
year's and It will have disappeared
Is the verdict ot mm who have stud-|
led the conditions.
Ol course, the dividing line In poll
tics Is still too largely one nl race. I
Racially the Butch are apt ti be
aervout. It It  aot ta utaatural feel-]
ing perhaps. They lack the national
confidence ot the English, wbo feel
tint nothing can Injure their nationality. The anxiety nl the Dutch to
safeguard cuiallty and protect their
nationality often ouhiteighs Uielr Immediate political convictions and
lies them to a party wllh whose social policy they arc not in entire
agreement. Time will change this.
As the years pass away the big parlies will be more and more divided
Iiy ordinary political principles. Tlte
Boer in the Transvaal has often more
political sympathy with tlm Britisher In tin- Transvaal than be has- with
the Boer at the Cape, Common interests will destroy the racial division.
On tlie tenth anniversary nl tho
Peace of Vereenlglmt the outlook Is
distinctly hopeful.
WANTED.-A competent maid lor
general housework. Apply tn Mrs,
Geo. A. Lcltch alter June 21th. 25-tl
114, O. 1., East Kooeenay district
and empties into thc Kootenay River
on Lot No. Ill, fl, 1. The waler
will lie diverted at Uie east, line ol
Lot 111(13 ami wil he used for irrigation purposes on the lain! di'ScrilHil
as Lot 1009.
This notice was posted on tho
ground on. the 21st day ol .lune,
1012. Tlie apulicatlon will V nlail
in the, office ol the Water Reoonlor at
Cranbrook, B.C.
Objections   may be tiled with     tlm
snlil, Water   Recorder or witli       the
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament! Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Peter Lund, Applicant.
Iter P. Lund. 27-11
La Grippe
Pneumonia and Colds exhaust In
the short period of their course
more of the nerve tissues of the
body than weeks of - hard work.
The sense of full health will not
be regained until the excessive
waste of the nerve fibres has
been replenished. This can best
be done by
Asaya-Neurall -
|THE    NEW    REMEDY    rOK|
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"Asaya-Neurall" feeds the
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digestion, induces sleep, and soon
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The beneficial effects are evident almost with the first dose.
IB ot. bottt«. .0 ilava treatment, JI.W.
Obtain frum tfi. local agcnla.
Druggist*, Cranbrook, B. C.
D..I. a Lawrence Co., Sot. life. Montreal.
Wtile them for frM book OS Nervoua
For a License to Take   and      Use
that Edward Aiidi-rsi/n, ot Wanliii'i',
B.C., will apply lor a license to Uil.it
and use 11 oniric (cot of water mil
of Ila Ha Creek, wiilub flows in an
easterly direction through applicants
aud empties into aa uimniiiiil lul..-,
near WaHhar. The water will lie di
verted at wesl boundary ol applicants lands and will lw used Ior irrigation purposes 011 the land described as Lot 5!182, Oroup 1, Kootenay District.
Tbis notice wus pusU-d on lhc
ground on lho 21th dliy of .lune,
1012. The application will he, Moil
in the office ol the Water Recorder at
(injections may bo filed with, the
said Water Recorder or wilh tliu
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings-, Victoria, B.C.
Edward Anderson, Applicant,
by Harvey, McCartcr anil Macdonald, Agents. 27-51
E Best Dentistry I
Reasonable Prices
For thc next 30 days I
will Kivo a 10 PEI CENT.
DISCOUNT on all work if
you lirinn ttiis announcement.
Dr. L. S. Eastman
3 & 4 Zeigler Blook
ft- ti. corner ftiver*i<le and Howard
Horses for Sale
8 yrs old, weighing 1,1100 IU.
and first-class in every way,
Prieo $800.
HARE, ii yrs old, weighing
1,170 Ibis., broke single, double
and saddle; very good life
and stylish.   Price $175.
R. LAM0NT, Creitoo.B.C
Por   a   License to   Take and    Use
that Peter Lund, ot Cranbrook, B.C.,
will apply tor a license to take and
use 10 miners' inches of water out ol
Mud Creek, which flows in t westerly direction through Lots 1003    tnd
that the British Columbia Southern
Railway Company ot Montreal, Quebec, will apply tor a license to take
and use 2 cubic leet per second ol
water out ol Moyle River, which
(lows in a south westerly direction
through East Kootenay and empties
into Kootenay River. The waler
will be diverted at Yabk and will lie
used tor railway purposes on the
lsad described as thc applicant.-!
This notice was posted on tlie
ground on tho 12th day ot .lune,
1912. The application will bc Uld
in the office of tbe Water Recorder al
Objections may be riled with      the
said   Water    Recorder or    with tha
Comptroller ot Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
BriUsh  Columbia   Southern Railway
Company, Applicants,
by W. F.   Ourd,   Agent., C'ranliruok,
B.C. 31 r,t
that the   British Columbia Souther
Railway Company   Intends   to uppl
to tht Lieutenant Governor in Council, Victoria, British Coliimnia, lor
Anal license under part XL    of    the
Water    Act,   1909,   and    Amending -
Acts, to clear  and remove obstacles
from    Bull River, in East Kootenay,
for thc purpose ol making thc  same
lit tor ratling and driving logs.
Tbe maps and plans and particulars
ot tbe proposed improvements nml
works htvo been tiled with the Chief
Water ' Commissioner, at Victoria
British Columbia, within 20 days
after the Drst publication ol this
Bated at Cranbrook, llrilish Columbia, the 17th day ol February,
W. F. Ourd,
It-it        Solicitor lor the Applicant
"*■' -~~-*w*.^-w-v»-wvw»w w»»v»»w»v     wwarW    ▼    ▼
Wn. J. B. Ht'liiiAKii. Manager
A. O. Dolauiator offers George
Barr MeCutehuon's
j Beverly ol Graustark j
A Four-Act Dramatisation of the Famous Novel,
by Robert M, Baker
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Motor Coni|iany or Kootenny Garnge
Co.,Crnnbrook, B.C.
PRACT10.lL     TALK   ON    "MAR'
A very interesting meeting oi the
Cranbrook Poultry ami Pet Slock association was held on Friday evening. Thc president, Mr C. It. Shop.
lutd. ni'fiipU.1 thc chair, anil some
llftc'li or twenty incmncts and others
were present, including several ladies.
Alter tb,- regular business wus dis
po-..-.! ol Rev. Mr. Iliinham s|ioke on
"Market .Poultry," and gave lliose
pli-sent ample evidence that lie has
Ini'ii ,il that end ol the poultry industry in a business way. Here cv
perience counted and profit and loss
were ilu- only standards hy which a
man was jmlgial successful or otherwise.
lly actual Illustration on a live
bird Uh. speaker i't.intc.1 out those
nualiiics to Ih' si iichi In a market
(owl nod also the delects to be
avoided ami although -admit ting that
probably the Dorking was tlu- market bird par excellence, because ol
lacking the hardiness of other breeds
It bas to give place heretii the dual
purimse sorts such as Plymouth
Rock, Wyandotte, elc. Hardiness Is
a prime requisite, as this gives early
maturity on which profit hinges.
Koiirtecn weeks at the outside was
long enough to keep a bird Irom tlie
shell 11 intended lor market and belore killing It should bt- penned up In
niit.d yard Inr tourtcen or fifteen
days and led liberally nn suit toed
wllh plenty nt green lord. This insures a nirdy fleshed body nl tender
meat Ihat, will command the tnp
priee il properly prepared Inr sale
Mr. Iliinham llun killed and plucked
a Barred Rock hen supplied hy Mrs
0. II.    Knocke, Illustrating sis Idea
t-inily one   person alone    has beard
the three addresses.
Speaking   as one who bas      some
personal knowledge ol     the subject!!
men'.,     flux     clejJulp'a     de
Bepiirer, et d'aller ilnna l.-urn still.
respective's.   Le Cloiguftt In Nn.
bh-sse, docili's olii'-iri'iil "i cello nr-
moro   people ln   this    district cnul.l lire impf-ratif, iiinis  lus durjuteS dll
with  advantage to the    districl and Tiers,   qui vntiluii'iit   le vot...   par
the    poultry    business attend tliese li'-te. et noli   par ordro, rOBtfiront
meetings, as a   demonstration    such lour lititu' sileiioicux el iiiiiiinliili-s
as that given by  Mr. Dunham       is ainsi qne lluilly. qui pri'siiltiit celti
worth far   moro thon reading, matter si'-ance ineinomlile.
to tlie learner.
of lu-w this work should bc done.
In doing so be showed that al-
ihoiiflli a little rusty on Uh- job Irom
lack of recent |iraetit-c it was not
from luck ..(   knowledge ol tec wotk
about four, ami a halt minutes was
Die tin..- consumt-d in killing anil
plurking ready lor sale tbe specimen
in hand. Mi. lrunham, however, had
at one time an assistant who could
do his Iiml within tlie minute.
Mr. Dunham's method if killing
without breaking tin' skin or causing
a (tow ol bloisl was llio siil'cct ol
tniH'h interest, as many „( bis liear-
bad m-Ver seen this ini-lli.ul In
use and it« cleanliness and painlessness were lavorably commented on
Iiy several present. At tlie com-
I'li-ttiHi of ins demonstration the
speaker was subject,*! to a heavy
lire of questions, which evinced tbe
deep interest ol those present snd
even thos.- ol much practice In poill-
1i y work picked «ip several ideas ol
much value.
Mi. Dunham also gave a talk on
Uh- Whit.- Wyandotte cock, bniught
fornanl by Mr. V- Slater, who had
recently receiv.-d bim trom the east
In going over this bird his good
points were shown nnd different ei
cclloncos and delects ol this breed rc-
letr.d to.
This Is n form of entertainment
that could be profitably tallowed up
by tbe association, by having one
Iwo specimens of a breed brought tn
al each meeting and discussed Irccly
and would soon result In landers
here having a much better Idea ol
breed type than at present.
During thc last montb Cranbrook
has been layered witb three addrcaaes
on the utility side ol poultry by-
Mr. .1. R. Terry, lor lhc Farmers'
Institute, Mrs. Davies, tor thc Wo-
iiuns Institute; and Mr. lrunham, lor
tlie Poultry association, and any nnc
ol the three was quite worthy ol presentation to a province-wide gathering not only from tlw matter ot the
address but more because of the
experience each ol tlie speakers has
bad In that especial line fm whicb
they spoke, yet    with all lata cwor-
Miriilii-iiu, avail commence fort
jeune, cette vie de dissipation, qui
lui vtilut plus tnril, cette reputation du plus grand debauchC- de
son epoque. #
Uu jour, npriV une frusque,
ayant depasse les bornes, son pore,
le marquis, le poursuivuit courruu-
c« ; uriiveau perron, Mirabeuu en'
fruticliit les marches d'un bon, et
su retonrnnnt vers son pf-re, lui
lance cette insolence, qui di'imtait
un esprit d'a-propos pen ordinaire:
Arretez, Monsieur, au-dessoas do
trois degres, il n'y s plus de parents. Je ne snis si e'est fl la stupefaction cause par cette pen bana-
le insolence, ou it la fuite rapide,
que lo jeuno Mirabeuu.tliitd'evitor
le coutact furibond de la savate
Oaussnt avec son collogue Cha-
pelier, represeutant de la Breta-
gno, fl ln Constituante, Georges
Duval, dans Les Souvenirs de la
Terreur, raconte- que Mirabeuu.
uvnit donne il son ooll&gue une
definition de ce qu'etait nn club,
pus bnnali) dn tout, ce (Ht pour ce
dernier une revelation aussi inat-
tendue que la lecture de Baruch
pour lo bon Lafontaine ou la metamorphose des insectes, pour
.Swuinmerdani, ce fut tin trait de
luiiiii-ro. II se rendit successive
ment, chez tous ses collogues de la
deputation bretonue, et des qit'il
nrrivnit chez l'nn d'eux Idles
eluieiit see premieres paroles : Sn
rez-vousce que e'est qu'iin club,
■ion n'est-ce-pns t eh Iiii'ii. je le
ssis rnoi, Mirnbeau vieut de me le
dire ; nn club ce sont dix liommes
rt'tinis qui en font trembler cent
inille st'DareS ; e'.'tait, si Ton vent,
une boutade, miiis elle etuit fl cette
epoque, du Club des Cordeliers et
des Jacobius, d'une terrible vi'-riti-
pour ces doux clubs oinnipoteuts.
J'ai ln, autrefois, une aneedote
siivoureuse qui montrait que l'nr-
dent di'-fenseur du peuple, .'tait
resit? grand seigneur. Mirabeau
rentrant chez lui, apres la fameuso
seance de unit du 4 aout, oil la noblesse, pour faire cesser, la granoV
agitation qui gaguuit la France
ciiticre, fit I'lilminlon de ses litres
et privileges feodanx, est recti par
son valet, qui croyant flutter le re-
presentant de Tiers, lui donna nn
"Monsieur" tout court. Comment
Monsieur ! qu'est-cc A diro V Le
valet, qui conuaissait les emporle-
ments tie son uinitre, eut A peine
le couragede balbutier que le Par-
l.iiu'iit nyaut aholi lea litres	
Mirabeau ne lo laisaa pas Believer.
le snisissniit par le collet de ses
brns puissants, il le secouait jus-
qu'A r.'-toun"i'uieiit. Maraud, eo
quin. Monsieur ! ! !. eh bien, j'ns-
pt-re que pour toi, je suis, ct je
serai toil jours Monsieur le comte.
Mirabean a I'-t.'- le plus grand
nniteur de la tribune francaisn.
Victor Hugo, disait de lui; A In
tribune. Mirabeau, avail un colossal inouviiuenl d'.'pniiles. coninii-
IV-li-phant qui porte sa lour nriiie.-
de guerre, lui. imrtait sa pensee,
la voix, lors nn'-nie. qn'il ne jetait
qu'iin mot de son banc, svnit nn
nccent formidable et ri'volntion-
nnire, qn'on il.'.iii.-lait dniisl'as-
scinbieo, coin ino le rtigisseiiient du
lion dans une menagerie ; 8a che-
vi'luro, (itiaml il secouait la tele,
avail qnelque chose d'nno crinierc,
ct son sourcil en so froncsnt, let
celui du Jupiter olyinpien faisnit
tout trembler".
Pans une st'-nnce, ou un depute*
do ln Noblesse, mnlmciiuit qnelque
pen lo peuple, Mirabeau jette en
eonrrotix A 1'ornt.ur " No in.'-eon-
nnisscz |ms, co Iwn et gt'nercnx
peuple, qui s'il avail conscience de
sa force m-rnil qnelque chose de
formidable et terrible, oil so brisc-
rait los puissances huniaincs.
('a ne devait pas larder; di'-jA.
dn has-fond de IV-dilice social, nil
dans les teni'-bres de I'lgnoraneo.
grniiillnienl, Ismentnliles, les Inrves
liumnines de In PIMh\ snugissaiuut
les Ineiirs iVIatnnti's de I'anroro de
la Revolution qui dovait etre le
signal  de 1'alTrnnchissemeiit, non
pas du  Peuple, mais (tela
Ilonrgeoisie.   "Sk rm mm rub'ts
voilil ta devise  vraie. imuplc de
France, el qui pourait tttrc eelle du
peuple do font les pays,
It est impossible do parlor do
Mirabean sans parler de la phrase
cel^bre quo tout le mondo commit,
mais dont les details sont poiit-otro
connus d'nn moins grand nombro.
Lo 211 juin 17811 Lonls XVI avait
convnqne les trois cirdres dn la
nntion, In Clergfi, la Noblesse nl le
Tiers. Dans cette seance fnnieiisc
oil lc rot nbolit la serment du jen
dc pauine, votf. trois jours avant,
il fiteonnnltro ses volontes avec
nne severitd, et sur uu ton commi-
natoiro qui contrastaient ftrang.*-
ment, avec son carnotero bienveil-
lnnt, et sa conciliation liBbitiiel-
le, II sortit en ordonuant
d'nn  ton   de    bref  oommanilc-
(Ci-st c nioiiii' Hnilly. qui li
jour de son oxdoution itttQiicti.il at
pii'il do I'i'cliufiitiil. ot anus um
pluie glaoiale, nuo los |ir,'punififs
lnterminables iiu bourreau, prls-
Hunt tin ; A un nuslqu'un qnl
lui disiiit : 'I'u trembles Huilly
0 dernier Ini r.'-pon.tit aveo 1111
calnie d'une grandeur (Splqne, duns
la Ihiih'Iii' 11*1111 liniiiine i|in iillait
iiicttrc sn U'to sour In sinistra inn-
ehine , Oui ami, jo tremble, mais
e'est de froid.)
Jo r.-proiuls mu narration ;
Le marquis do Deux-BreZe.
gniiid-uiiiitr.- ties cdremonles, de.
taut cette allitnili'. ri- lira ilniiu lu
sidle et s'adri'SHfint A Hnilly :"\'oiis
connaissez, lui ilit-il, Icb intentions
du roi'* f C'est A co moment precis, que le grand jMirabenti leva
d'un bond sn puissontu stature, et
fit nu Miir(|tii« do Dreux.Brfjzu,
cette fondroynuto nt lu're r,'-|inii8i-
si celiibru : "Oui, monsieur, Nous
nvcnis nnteiidii lea iiiti-ntioiis i/ii'im
11 suggtrtes an roi, (il voyait lu
main du Mnrio-Antninette) et vous,
qui ne sauriez 6tre son organe, nu-
pri'-s des Ktiits-iji'in'riius. vous,
qui u'iivuz ici, ni plnce, ni voix
vous n'uviz niicuii droit, pour nous
rnppelcr ce discours, Minis, pour
eviter tout di-lai, nllez dire A outre
maltre, que nous minimus ici pur
la volonte du peuple, et qua nous
n'en sortirons quo par la force des
Vous pouvez ohoroher duns tou-
to l'untiquitc, vmis ne trnuvorcz
rii'ii do plus beau. Non j'en 011-
bliais une, un pen nnteriunre, h
Mirabeau et qui uppurtiuiit ii l'his-
toire du Canada. C'est une do cos
rtponses, qui dovraicnt (itro plu-
ci'-i.'s en epigraphe d'or lliiinboyant,
sur l'histoire d'un potiplo. cur une
repouso pareille, rosuino (onto la
Ih-IIb rierete> d'une nuo ; c'est la
ropoiise, que fit Luuis de Fronte-
nac u l'envoye* du general anglais,
qui sur nn ton tros nrrogant, disait
au gonvernetir francais, quo In resistance de Qiii'lii'i* i'.'.'m'i. iiii|iutli-
fiable. qu'il fnlluit que cotlo situation, (lit une tin. lire/, lo tun ayiuit
eu le don de depliiire 11 Fruiifeniic,
il coiigi'tlin limvoji; nii(,'liii8 d'nn
de t-csgestes hautnins. qui n*iul-
iiii'tti-iit pus do repliqiu- iiccumpa-
gin*' do ces paroles : "Allez dire ii
votre maltre, que jo vnis Ini ii'piiii-
dre par la bonoho do mes ennons".
C'omiui! lo choval do rfo-riture. qui
hennit uu son de la trompetto,
quand nous lisous dos ligm-s p:i-
reilles, nous uvons comme un fre-
missement d'orgcnil, le vieux sang
**************  ******** ******
do In ruco ao reveille.
Nuns completi-rons duns uotre
prncliuiii article, 110s ri'-miiiisctiici-s
sur Mirnlieau, mon ciiisinier. oli-
si-rvant strictment lo repes dominical, jo suis oblige du lu ri'iuplu-
ci.t, si jo vetix manger.
Pile Siiti. malhciir A I'hommi-
si-itl. l'Kcclesinste. nurnit du ujou-
ter : surtout quand il fun* crouter
ut qu'ou a lino muisoii 11 fuire, cur
c'est profondi'iiii'iit tristu.
A. Gai'dv.
WANTED.—A nurse maid U. help in
light housework; cook kept. Apply tn
Mrs. V. Hyde Baker. 37-tl
Hotel International
(lso. Loniicks, Proprietor
Oneof thebealhoteliiii Briti.ii
Columbia, l.o.ate-1 on the liouu-
ilury Line, between tlie United
Stale* and Canada, in a spot of
rare acinic beauty, where game
abounds and Fiab are plentiful.
Correspondence of tourists
promptly answered
I'nteH IteaHonable
* All trees offered for sale are grown in our own nurseries on
4                            the Goldstrenm tistiito *
« *•*
„ P. DE VERE HUNT, Loeal Agent, CRANBROOK, B.C. *>
*W I'imO-
494*444 4**44*4*****. *********
Have .1 very line assortment of
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
\ Imperial Bank of Canada
B. C.
llial .1(1 .lays alter dale I intend to
apply to tlie Hon. Chiel Cornmlssien-
er ol Lands and Works for a llccttsu
to prospect for coal and polrolcum
on llir following lands, situate in llle
District ol South East Kootenay,
British Columbia, iu Block tr.93:
CommciK'inc, at a post planlsd at
or pear ;t miles east of 28 inife posl
C'.P.B. survey in lllocli lr.!13 ami
bciuc, the N. I-', corner mtst. ol Kootenny Coal Co., 1,1.1., claini, thenco
south 80 chains; thenco west su
ehains; tbence north 8(1 chains;
tliencc cast 80 chains tn a point of
commencement, making tilu acres,
more or less.
Located   this   llth    dav ot    Mav,
Roy Allen, Agent for
Kootenay Coal   Co.,   Limited, Locator. 28-St
! We Have the Goods
Hose Screens
Screen Doors
Freezers   Refrigerators
See the
The Best Made
Cranbrook B. C.       Phone 5 ;
4* ♦ ♦
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meat* ire Government
Head Office, CALGARY, ALTA.
Apples, Plums, Pears and
8<nul iis ymir name nnd nililress anil wo will mail ynu onr
New Catalogue
Eitshlislisd In 1U00.   115 Acre* '
F. H. WORTHINQTON, Local Afenl
CAPITAL PAID UP     -      -
P. B. WILKIE, l'reaideiit.
Hon. ROBERT JAFFRAY, Vice-President
Accounts of Corporations, Municipalities, Merchants
Farmers and Private Individuals invited.
Drafts and Loiters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT Special attention
Kireii to .Savings iliuik Accounts. Deposits of 11.00 nud
upwards received und interest allowed trom date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: !i W. SUPPLE, Mgr.
> ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*»♦♦•»♦<♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦
4*9 94*******9*4444 4444*****4
The Lund Land and Development Co., Ltd.
1'.  1.1,'Mi. PBBSIDBXT
Head Office      •       Cranbrook. B. C.
See us about lands in the Beautiful
Kootenay Valley ——=
Orchard and Garden Tracts
Grazing Lands
Visit mir Experimental Farms at Wardner, 13. ('.,
and Marysville. 11. C.
************* ***************'
II. L. STKI'HKN-, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
(aeorportaWd ISO
Capital Paid Up $6,350,000 Reserve {7.450,000
Total Asseti, $110,51*1,512.19
II. S. HOI.T, I'resi.lenl
B. L. PBA8K, (ienernl MssS|«l
Accultnle.,1 Kirui*. Ciir[M,r*lii,r,a and lodlvfatDall
(lilt-of tuwli l.iiaineaa receive* etrsrrSttSntlOO.
8AVINQ8 liKlMKT.MKM- Dsposlu ol |l.00 .n.l onwards rses red
and Interest allowed at enrrenl rate.   Nu (..tmality er dels* iii
A licncral ll.iikiu,- llii.ineR.tran.ai-l.-i.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONMil.l., Manager
********* **********
A Good  Home
is what is <lt*ar to every HUH, A liome
U where PmOB( Comfort, ('«>nlii;tint'iit.
and Plenty is found. That :-, tie* reason
mon throughout liriti-.li Columbia, whoti
'•CnmbrooV ia montioned think of tlie
provisions *Ios. liranlt has made for an
ideal home at tlie
Canadian Hotel
■•▼*»▼▼▼▼*»▼▼*»*»▼▼*»*<?*<?*» WW WV**T*»J'*jT,,r*»VTV *9
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
W. V. JOHNSON, Ptvprlttol
By the Heralrl
K. J. Deane
Publishing Company,
Mananing Editor.
atANBIIOOK, B. C, July II. »I2
Notice to Advertisers
Notice is hereby given that all
changes of display advertising
must reach this olliee not later
than noon on the Wednesday
preceding day of publication.
Copy received later connot be
guaranteed attention.
Men  and  Women, you now
have a chance ol regaining
your health since the
imputation of
The Great French Tonic
into Cranbrook by the Cran-
.brook Drug and Book Co.
Weak nml run-down, tirort and lull
of pains. Do you know you can feci
. iK-ttcr in a few days if yon arc oaly
1 wise enough to   take VIGOROL, the
The quart/ propositions arc showing
up relnalkalily well. Chicago capitalists will he through here shortly
to examine some ol these claims anil
thcro is every prospect ol iiclive
mining operations, on h large scale,
lieiiii; underway shortly. Perry Creek
claims are very accessible, one can
ride right <m to the ground in an
uutomoliilc from this city. Possibly
tlieir accessibility is one ol the reasons why comparatively so little
interest has heen displayed therein by
local peoilc. Hut ChifSagoans have
seen samples of tlie ore and thoy are
coming out to secure lhe ticst that is
to lw obtained.
Perry Creek promises to It- a lively q*.^'^,,,,,,, Tolllc,   Ymt ,mins mi
mining   camp    before    another year
passes |i|y. Reduction works ot some
kind are spoken of ami will be requisite lor the economical working o!
lhc mines.
(-riuihrook ratepayers have to luce
Ihe fact, that it wii lie necessary to
raise a further sum, of some $10,000,
for the completion of the sewerage
system. Tills is a grave situation in
flow ol the already relatively high
rate ol taxation in force, hut n careful review of the facts will satisfy all
fair-minded men that Hw work has
hitherto been carried out in a businesslike manner anil as economically
as wns consistent witli a good job.'
The reasons lor this shortage ol,
fiinils arc simple and in no sense re- Secretary    £„„,]
Assoc! ation:
Dear   Sir:    As
Secrclaiy W. II. Wilson, ol lhc
Cranbrook District Automobile association, is   carrying on extensive cur-
inondcnce with the officials of
aches will go. If you are run-down,
no ambition, tired and lazy, VIGOROL will make you strong. VIGOROL builds up the nerves, purifies
tlie blood, removes rheumatism,
cleanses the whole system, drives
nut everything that pertains to disease. Disease cannot live where
VIGOROL is. Why sutler? Surely
your life is worth a few dollars.
Well then you caii buy VIGOROL
lor one dollar a bottle, or six lor five
dollars, at the Cranhrook Drug and
Hook Store.
the funeral lonk place at Fort Steele
au- j yesterday, afternoon.   Deceased having
lomcJIIli! associations, witb a view to lieen a   Mason in good standing,   the
secure their co-operation in the. goof funeral   was conducted under Masonic
work of   securing Good Roads throu-j auspices, \V. Rro. Fenwick, ol    Fort
licet, any   discredit upon those       la
charge ol lhe work. In the first place
gfuf.it the southern interior. As fallow-.
ing the lilies lollowed by Mr. Wilson,
tlie following, one ol many similar
letters, may lie taken as a sample'
Point   Anooiiioltile
our associali in is
Ihi' city   sustained a loss of      some, n>ry mwb   aHv(, in „„, |„toro8ts    0|
■S7.-,(iu Iiy nol.  disposing of thc (lclicn- good r0ads |n ,this ^Um w„
i hid of Pli, in Uw   second
place it will In noted that a number ol unite unforeseen circumstances
have arism during construction,
which nave materially Increased lhc
estimated tolal cosl. In view ol
t.lK'se circiiliistalict's anil the urgency
of securing a thoroughly up-to-date
sewerage system, we can conceive ol
in. intelligible reason why the ratepayers  si Id   hesitate to vole     thu
adililioiial sum requited. Ratepayers
should read carefully the report of
Mr. K. (!. Marriott, resident engineer
for the .lohn Gait Bnglncerlnf- Co.,
appearing elsewhere in this issue.
Once again this city tins turn pl«n-
K«l into grid by Hie very suddcti
tleiit-li tit a greatly respected and very
popular member nt the community, in
tin* i>ersi*n of Mrs. W. A. Rollins,
wile of tbe |Mi|iiilai* proprietor of tbe
Royal hotct.
Mrs. Rollins retired to rest on Saturday night, apparently in good
health. Very early on Sunday morn
ing she was attacked witli convul*
slims. Dr. Greon was speedily on
band. A haliv girl was liorn.
remainder rf the day ami nitHit
I toll ins remained imcoiisrimis
passed away at an early hour
Monday morning, despite all
skil.nl medical attendance and
ful nursing could do for her.
news of her unexpected death was re-
cdved throughout town with sincer-
est expressions ol regret, both
her own account and on account id
the high esteem in which ber ltore.iv-
<■(! husband and parents are held.
Victor and -lohn Rollins, brothers
of W. A. Rollins, came up from Vancouver on Tuesday to attend the
Tlie funeral look place on Wednesday afternoon, nnd was very largely
attended, over fifty carriages following the hearse to the cemetery. W. R.
Beatty hail cltarge of the arrangements. Rev. K. P. Flewetling offl-
The pall Hearers were Messrs. .1. A.
Arnold, E. McMahon, B. J. Drake,
Wm. Taylor, Ran Bur ton and Rr.
The deceased lady wns tho only
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kecks, of
this city, a native <.( Kngland, l*»rn
In London, thirty years ago this coming November.
lie very grateful to you it you would
try ami interest yuur st»toofficials in
tlie very ' urgent need ot having a
national highway .between Britisn Columbia ami the states to thu
south of us. Some time
ago we wrote the Spokan.t Auto association and we see where they are
taking tbc matter up and intend putting tlie road -between Spokane,
Wash., and Sand Point, Idaho,. tn
good condition. We are also writing
to Sand Point to see tf wu ean ink-rest them in this very Important
movement. Possibly you ate already aware that the B.C. government have this year spent inwards
t-f Ave millions of -dollars on roads,
.u.d in the CranUtook distriet; alone
upwards of $200,000. Our road
through to KingSftite, B.C., and
Kastport,. IxMlo, Is In fairly good
eoivditlon, but another year will wc
it put in first-class ordr. Our roads
fn tin Cranbrook east 1o Fernie,
Crows N'est, and into Alberta arc tn
excdlent shape, and tourists Irom
AM pert a are already,, taking advantage
of this, and several have already
made the trip through, and are all
unanimous in stating it is thc most
scenic route tliey have ever (ravelled
over. Vou no doubt know the value
nf gotrii roads to any community and
if,you can in any way convince your
citizens of the value ot good roads
ami the benefit tbey will -derive therefrom, you will give your state a
great boost. If we can secure thc
passage of this road it will then link
up Alberta, B.C., Idaho and Washington States. II you are not interested in this movement would you
Mndly hand this over to some one
who will give it serious consideration.
A very lively interest is lieing
aroused over mining developments on
Perry Creek. Wm. VanArsdalcn,
Oeo. Seott, T, Cor kill attd other well
known Perry Creek miners and pros*
pcoton were in town during the
week. In conversation Hns-- well
kiniwii minors spoke most enthusiastically of the    outlook  on the creek.
News ol a very distressing fatality
reached Uiwn on Sunday last. It
ippears tliat .lohn Lar sen was working on a tie shute in St. Kloi and
Rankin's tit- camp on Wild Horso
Creek, when a tic jumped thc shute
ami struck him right in the chest
causing practically instantaneous
dhiMi. The deceased was a well
known old timer in Ivast Kootenay,
generally HM and respected by all
wbo came in contact with him. He
hail been engaged in mining and was
interested in a valuable gold-copper
property ou Uie divide between Wild
Horse and Sheep Creek, known
the Tlgcr-Pnorman. l.arsm was
Swede, aged about 45. He bod
km wn relatives in this province, but
was supposed to have a brother in
I'lab He was unmarried. At one
time l-atsiii was interest til with
Sketterberg in a sawmill <m the old
•lohn Leave.t ranche. Coroner .1. 11.
M. Bell wns notified ol the accident
ami held nn investigation. W. II.
Berttty, the undertaker, ol this city,
prepared the body for interment,  an
There are no dead
flies lying about when
are used as directed.   All Drug-
gists,Grocers and General Dealers
Steels, officiating and Hros. J. E.
Davis, .1. s. Peck, K. A. Russell ar.il
II. IlanneW, attending on Mult ol
t'ranbrook lodge.
; op g
m r *,. a ?*;
I"! .15
- K & 9   *l
|     - -
I f B s !
Thursday night, 8 o'clock—Holiness
Saturday night, 8 o'clock — Pralss
All are Invited to these services,
also the open-airs preceding the
above meetings.
IVaptain Stride wSI be lor a lew
days in Vancouver. Tho services
will bc eomluet.il by Treasurer and
Secretary llyslon.
Prcd'k A. Stride, Capt.
■ I       —
Pastor: \V. Kelman Thomson.
Morning, 11 a.in.; evening, 7.30.
Sunday school, 3 p.m.
fliiild, Wednesday, 8 p.m.
SabMath   school  picnic    Thursday,
18th inst.
Don't miss .our crockery sale. There
are many good tilings lelt yet but
are going last.—Kink Mercantile Civ
Tho tciirtli annual session nl tho
Pacific Logging Congress will lie held
at Tacoma, Wash., .luly aS-27. The
Logging Congress cmliraccs in its
membjership tlie states ol Oalitprnla,
Oregon, Washington, Idaho, .Montana ami Uie province ol British Columbia. Its object is the (lisseuiiiia-
tion ot information ami discussion ol
topics incidental to the logging industry. It lias nothing whatever to
do with Uk question ol prices. It
seeks to place tlio logging branch ol
the lumber business on a higher
plane, and tta creation ot tlio profession ol the logging engineer as
distinct branch ot mechanical science.
The utilisation ol electricity and the
use ol fuel oil in logging operations
will bc among tho principal topics
If you don't sec our five tables ol
crockery ul. Ho,, 25c, Stic, /flic, and
tlM, you will miss the greatest opportunity lor saving money.—Kink
'Mercantile Co.
Closing out price on Iron hods
It you   want a reliable niul reason
able Job ol    plumbing done or newcr-
O   HAULTA1N   CON- "P* connections made, cull up Kd. K
  -lohnson, 'phono 287. 28-tf
Reservations lor tracts in Bucna
Vista Gardens, may he made prior to
July 22nd, but no sales will lw niaili
until 10 a.m. on that date. Ask the
lor lull information. 28-lt
Hiss E. Young, formerly with   Mr.
WII,!,    HAVE    TWO TO ONE    IN
HON. P. W.
(Special to Uie Herald).
Regina,    Sask., July 12.—At    ten
I'l-lock    last    night   tho incomplete.
summary showed that twenty-seven alKl Mrs' v- H>'(lc M"!t Li" »mx
Liberals were elected and thirteen «•'. 1"18 accepted tho position ol
Conservatives. Fllty-two seats were *«!***** mistress at a hoarding ami
contested, making lourteen still to'lla>' sclltoo1 iust w'ahllshcd in Nortii
bear from. It is not possible that Vancouver. This new school is ex-
thoy will affect the standing so it'I*01*"4 t0 ■* "» fltst oI a <■■*»'« '«'
mav be concluded that lhc Scott gov- »'*°o,» *>■ *• lo™*"1 hy *» <*"*
eminent is returned to power with » t**M company, a company organi?-
'ed   on  similar   lines to  tbc Church
working majority.
Premier Scott is elected in Swilt'
Current and his ministers Imve sll
Ini'ii successful. I
The lollowlng Liberals bavo heen
elected: Bole, Kcgiiia; McNab, Saska-
toon City; McQce, Moose Mountain',
l.alta, Last    Mountain, Cunningham,
High School company in England
Thc new school will have a stair of
lady teachers, all trained snd eerti
heated. Rev. T. Itowe, vicar ol
St. Thomas, North Vancouver, Is
tbe warden, to whom applications
lor admission should lw made
W, .. ~> -., -, -, -, .., -, -
oo e, c-> ~j .> w o
: £ cai u, in «< .a. .u u. ,,. b, -t      In.
Ao.et.iei.AUs'B^      —
> 00*3 -
ii *  W «l   W rji  - vi  - » j.   ;
sell them.
.... lw.
s 8 •! w e i" n .. » ^ ^-
. (M Ot c* ft Ot -4
■  *; Wi it.   — ~}  Oi   £
=    to
| ih** »«••*
Sundsys-Low mass st 8.30 a.m.;
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
trom 2 to S p.m.; Rossry and Benediction at M0 p.m.
Mondays aad holy days ol oWlfa-
ttoo—Haas at I a.m.
Week days-Haas at I a.m. at
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
Sunday morning 11 o'clock - Holiness meeting.
Sunday alternoon, 3 o'clock - Free
and easy nut-ting.
Sunday night, 8 o'clock - Salvation meeting.
Tuesday night, 8 o'clock - Salvation meeting.
Pleasant Hills, Paulson, Quill Plains,!   II you don't see our five tables   ol
Kotsylhe,    Souris; Simpson, In Bat- crockery at 15c.,  25c, 50c., T5c. ami
tlifonl;    Stewart,    In    Caimingt«n;'n.nO, you will miss lhc greatest
Seott, in   Swilt Current; ,ToUke,   In portunity    Ior    saving money.—Fink
\ niida; Pierce, in Wadena; Oarry,  in Mercantile Co.
Yorkton;    Atkinson,    in Touchwood;    Closing out price   on   Iron    hods,
Sutherland,    in    Saskatoon Countyi; $2.75.—C.C.S.
('aider, in    Saltcoats; Langlcy,      in
Redberry;   Johnston,  in Pelly; Shop- ,„,,„,„
pard, in Moose -law Countyi; Larson, gcwcr tf,mH
in  Milestone;    .lohnson,   In Mellort
Turgeon, in   llnnibolt; Bell, in Este- 'j^'
van; Rohertstn, in Canora; Cawtbor-
Pe. in Bigger.    Total 27.
Conservatives: Haultain, South Qu'-
Appelle; WiUoitghby, Moose Jaw
City; Bradshaw, in Prince Albert;
Macoonald,    hi   IKAppe.le    North; _ „ .,„„.„,. ,. .^ ^^   by
lolin,       and
Tal*, in    Lumsden; Price, in Lloyd- ""■ "   " ■"""'»»'• soloi«*'
person   requiring   their hath
etc., connected to   thc
sec   Ed. F.   Johnson
Estimates   Inrnlshed.   ' Call   'phone
Miss    Ilazit   Fleener    delighted
large    audience  in   thc Presbyterian
church on   Monday evening, witb
admiraUc selection ot vocal and    instruments exercises. She was assist
Sneers, In Tramping Lake;' Gillls, In ff *'" ™at«-rfally in her
Pipestone; Wjlle, in Maple Creek; *ts*L J"^1 "*■ "
t„.«  .-    ,.,L->L. n.,~.  .. H..J  Mrs. E. I. Paterson, solo
minster; llanbridgc, in Kcrrobcrt;
Swanson, In Gull Lake; Laycock, in
Eagle Creek; Foley, in North Bat-
tlelord.  Total, 13.
For  thc six   months    ended June
.lllth  lilt.,   40 births were registered
in Ihe Cranbrook   district, 12    marriages and 17 deaths.
Wo expect a shipment ol now apples and a lull assortment ol plums,
peaches, cherries, etc., on Saturday
—Little and Atchison.
The Glorious Twelfth ui'.t bc
quietly celebrated by local Orangemen tomorrow by a picnic at Moyie
Thc Ladies Orange. Benevolent association will also participate in
this outing. The Orangemen and
tbeir ladies will leave on thc noon
train and return by the Flyer at
night. A great gathering ot Orangemen is being hold at New Westminster tomorrow at which Mr. W. G
llayward will represent tbc Cran
brook lodge.
$18.00 men's suits closing out
prices. Your choice ol seventy odd
lor less than $lo.oo.-C.C.s.
We are closing out atT'croekcry,
much ot it going at less than eOst.
See our special tables.—Fink Mvrcan
tile Co.
T. S. Gill and Mrs. Gill and thc
children have lelt Ior Morris, Man.
where they will spend several weeks
Householders will be well advised
to read carefully tbe notice appearing elsewhere in this issue re noxious
weeds. They have got to be destroyed, not only In the gardens, but
In the street opposite the residence.
Chlel Cory Dow will pay an unwelcome visit to any and every residence
in the city where noxious weeds
exist lourteen dsys Itom tbis date.
,''Mother's Favorite" flour. Every
body likes It. $3.50 per 100 lbs.-
Cranbrook Trading Co.
$18.00 men's suits closing out
prices. Your choice ol seventy «*d
lot less Uwn I10.00.-C.C.S.
We are closing ont all crockery,
much ot It going at less than cost.
See our special tables.—Fink Mercantile Co.
A. E. Watts accompanied tho British manulacturcrs to town on Tuesday alternoon and took in Uie trip to
Wasa. Mr. Watts entertained tho
visiting Britishers with many, good
stories ol his experiences in B.C. and
did not overlook a lew words ol
commendation ol the many openings
tor investment in and around Cran-
Hook city.     Incidentally, Mr. Walts
Thc Kootenay Garage Co. ate ln
receipt ol another carload ol Ford automobiles today. One ol these nitty
little cars goes to Mr. C. H. MeDougall, ol Kiuibcrley, and one to Thos.
Crahan, nt Michel, who is in town
today, with his daughter. Tbey will
travel tu Michel tomorrow in
their new car. Tbe remainder ot
thc carload goes through to Nelson,
being the lirst shipment ol autos to
the Queen City of the Koottenays.
Another new Oakland "40" ls due tomorrow lor Mr. A. B. Macdonald,
ordered through tbe Kootenay Garage Co.
For anything in tho Iruit Use
phone 75.—Little and Atchison.
II you want a reliable and reasonable job ol plumbing done or sewerage connections made, call up Kd. F.
-lohnson, 'phone 287. 28-11
Nature bas honored an infant son
just bom to the wile ol Mr. Albert
llisaillon, a citizen ot Montreal, In a
remarkable manner. This infant, instead ol appearing in this vale ot
tears with all hta teething troubles
lo worry his early, existence, disposed ol part ot them belore arriving,
lor he was born with two seat, pearly little "tooBes." These teeth are
located In the Iront ol the lower portion ot hia masticatory apparatus,
Thc proud lather has been exhibiting
Ihc prodigy to admiring Iricnds evei
since the discovery was made, and
a great luture is prophesied for the
remarkable child.
Go up and ask Mr. Hamilton,
Cranbrook's   pioneer    Iruit   grower,        .
how much you ean make growing ***■* ,*.tw*vd * P'oposiUon which was
Iruit and vegetables on a live acre|vfr' '*vot*1/ rccclv*«l *» «e
traot. Then   go and  look   over fflg?;.,   "'   »uIW*"*t«l  ■*»• a re-
lluena Vista Gardens, pick out Us P*T£-*HW del<*>tlon ■•om «**■
tract you want, and have it reserved I f**J* •lr0,vlnce» «■*• BtW* Color you till the date ol sale, .,„i,'l™hla.haudbemadeupai»l pro-
22nd at 10 a m 28-lt <*"d ,0 ^'""n.   to return tho visi I
' I ol the British manulacturcrs and   t n
Closing out price  oo   Iron   Beds, eag*<e   In mltstoHry work.     ITI I*
M-W--C.es. 'vWtoia   saaalmoasly endorsed     «J»
The Pride of the Kitchen
Blue Porcelain Enameled
Steel Range
No. 118-8
Wtth High Closet and Polished Top
Bums llunl Coal, Soft Conl or
Wood. A liiujh.-clnss Itungi' in
overy rospuct. Tlio siai of the
ovon is 18 x 21J x lil inches. The
mutoriiil usi-il on this mnr'o is of
tlio vory bust, insuring long lifo
nud 1'iitiro satisfaction. Tliu riuigi-
is furnished with pouch feed.
Durability und cli.niiliiiess aro
tlio siXH-iitl features of this ratiKii.
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves
House Furnishing Goods
Cranbrook   -   B. C.
WANTED — First-clans journeymen printers and linotype operators.
Minimum scale of twenty-lour ami
thirty dollars respectively for lorty-
eight hour week. Apply .lames V.
Morris and Co., corner Granville and
Kniytbo Sts., Vancouver, B.C.    27-2t
WANTED.-Good general s.ri'anti
small lamlly; duties to commence
August lst, 1912. Apply Mrs. Edward Paterson. 28-tf
Mrs. .1. S. Mi-nnic, Lumsden avenue,
city. 28-tf
WANTED.-Small Inrnlshed house
or housekeeping rooms, Apply ller-
iM, llox 11.   . 2H-21*
IVANTED.-Stcnographcr lor com
mcrcial house. Apply with references at Herald ofllce. 2-tl
idea    and   promised    active
operation.    Mr. Watts will likely, at
an early date, outline his scheme dc-,
finitely and bring the matter    belore
Uie boards   ol    trade   ol the several
provinces.     ■»
Winn in need call Blondy. Phone 62.
There are many good sets and odd
pieces ol crockery and glaseware'lelt
yet which you can have at coat
price—Fink Mercantile Co. |
October lst must soc every line ol
goods wc are carrying closed out, except furniture—C.C.S.
Miss Pye's music pupils delighted
a large gathering ot parents and
friends at their recital in the Masonic hall on Monday morning last.
A long and varied programme -vas
admirably rendered in every particular. Among the various items, a
duet by Miss Wanda and Master Vincent Fink, was specially, praiseworthy. Miss llaiel Taylor's rendition
of "Under the Leaves," also elicited
very warm applause. It was noticeable that thc younger pupils executed
tlieir several selections' with peculiav
accuracy. A very pleasing feature
ol thc programme was a bagpipe selection by Miss Bora Pye. An
ferreting incident ol the recital was
a brief visit from Miss Fleener, who
dropped in to hear tho youngsters
and expressed uoqualllkxl praise ol
their skill and congratulated Miss Pye
upon the Excellence ot llielr Instruction.
Local strawberries the best yet.
$3.25 a crate.—Cranbrook Trading Co
$18.00 men's suits closing out
prices. Your choice of seventy cdU
lor less than $10.00.-C.C.S.
Collections.—Let us collect yonr
old accounts. No charge if we don't
collect.—Sales Agency and Adjustment Co., Box SU, Cranbrook
B.C. Sl-tl
hustle apply In writing to Sales
Agency and Adjustment Co., Box
318, Cranbrook. il-tl
FOR SALE.-610 acres oa K.C.R.
with Improvements and water rights,
going cheap as a whole, or ln smaller
lots. Address, J. O., Herald office,
Cranbrook, B.C.
wheeled English cart and single harness; ln lirst class condition. Apply
Herald offlce, Box A. S*Hi*
FOR SALE.-Oood saddle pony,
broken to harness. Will also work;
good horse for small rancher. Cheap
tor cash. Apply Herald offlce, Box
Strayed hay mare came Into my
place at Wardner tn early . spring.
Owner may have same by paying lor
this ad. and her keep.-Arthur Lund,
Wardner, B.C. 2Wt
FOR SALE.-Bahy carriage $7.00,
Apply Box 8, Herald offlce.       21-tl*
Fresh rliulnrb — Wotson,s...Box 21,
Creston, B.C., wilt supply hotels and
families direct at lollowlng, prices
tor cash: 10 Its. $1; 20, Iks. $1.80;
30 Its. $1.80 and 40 lbs. $2; express
prepaid to Cranbrook. 2Wt*
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
that -Uin Corporation of the City nl
Branhrook, bus boon served with a
notice by an ofllccr ol the Department ol Agriculture, in respect to
Uie aliovo Act. Section three Cl) nl
Ihe said Act reads as follows:
"3. Every owner, lessee or ocetl-
pler-ot lain! shall cut or cause to lie
cut down, or otherwise destroyed, all
noxious woods growing thcroon, so
often in eacb year as Is necessary to
prevent Ihem going to soul; and it
any owner or occupier ol land neglect to- carry out tho provisions - ol
this section he shall be liable to not
moro than twenty - five dollars
($25.00) nor less than live dollars
($5.00) for eaeh such offenoe."
■The Act lurther provides that th?
owner, lessee or occupier ol Uie land
is held responsible not only Ior U13
land he occupies but upon half ol
Uk road adjacent thereto.
Tbe time given   by tbc DeparUnent
ol ' Agriculture,    the   said   Noxious
Weeds    to, be destroyed,   is lourleeu
(14) days, Irom the date hereof.
City Clerk.
Cranbrook, B.C.,
July llth, 1013. 28-2t
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
a nevTand
A modern equipped Oafe at motlurnte
Rates $1.00 ami up per iluy
Corner ol Howard Ht. and Firnt Axe.
Oar bm meeta all trafnfl
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JAB0B 00ETZ, President
HARRY P. BAER, Secretary
Lake View
PAUf. lUNhl.KY
I'KOl'KI KTl.lt
St. Mary's Lake, B. C.
G nests conveyed from
Marysville to the hotel
by motor cor or team.
Excellent Fishing Resort
Gasoline niul Row
Boats tor Hire
The Home Bakery
Rossnt FatiK, Prop.
Fresh Bread, Cakes, Pics, and
Pastries of All Kinds
Norbury Ave.       l)|.p. City Hull
Gsatral Haawr
AuUlant Cm..1
CAPITAL, $15,000,000        REST, $12,500,000
The Canadian Bank of Commerce extends to Farmers every
faeffity for the transaction of their banking business, Including
the ifiscnunt and collection of sales notes. Blank sales notes
are *-*pj*>ted free of charge on application. as
IR. T_ Brymner, nanager Cranbrook, B. C.
High-Qass Vaudevifle gas* Moving Pictures *±. Auditorium
W« bavo just reootyc'l n largo consignment of
Thermos Goods
nml nro iinipiireil lo give onr customers ('rites on this line
never before lieiiril of,
Pint Bottles    U.86to.fS,76
Quart   "    _    $2.76 to $4.60
Coffee Puts     $7,60
Lunch Kits    $2.76
'l'lieriiuist!ii|is, Bet of li, nickel
plated     $1.50
All rollllablo
Something New - The Thermos Carafe
Just tlie thing to keep Unit summer drink at the right
temperature.   Keep liquors cool tor 8(1 hours without ice.
Quart size, all nickel plated finish .....    $11.00
the Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The 1?exo£C Store
Cranbrook • - B.C.
Laval Hers
in platinum nnd gold just re-
ceived.    Prices rouge from
$25 to $175
The more expensive ones are
set with diamonds and whole
Come in and lot's show you
Borne of thu newest and nattiest goals ever turned out
by the best manufacturer in
SM5 lot tm.on suils.-r.C.S.
Miss Klliotl bos left mi a visit to
Iter olil home in Winghnin.
Cantaloupes anil phMPptra al
Little and Alehisim's.
Mrs. A. I-ciU-h Is visiting in Mac
li*«l ami Medicine Hat.
I1.M lot J18.00 auita.-C.C.S.
M. Mi'liiii.'s, et frown Nest, Is a
guest at the Hotel I'tanbrook.
A IiliimI new suit, sh'.-s, sliirt nml
Imt at olil discarded prices.—Kink
Mercantile I'll.
■ I..I.U IMiiii r is .lown lioiii t'algary
on a visit with nis parents.
IV  ('. Ikil,., (larden Ave. 28-lt'
II. S. Mathers was over trom Kort
Steele last week end.
Iiiuu in need rail Illondy. Pb.ine til.
Ales.   (Hvishnlm, collector ol    cus
toms at Kingsgate, was In Crantf ook
19.95 lot (18.90 sllits.-C.C.S.
How about your preserving fruits
and berries? Th,s wecb and nest Is
tho time to buy.—Cranbrook Trailing
F. E. Itansomc, one of-the proprietors ol the Trcnmnt hotel at Nelson,
is in town lor a lew days.
A brand new milt, shoes, sliirt and
list at old discarded prices.—Fink
Mercantile Co.
<ts.no men's suits closing out
prices. Yonr choice ot seventv od 1
for less Ihan HO.OO.-C.C.S.
Fred Hogg, ol Calgary, a cousin,
came to town on Tuesday to attend
tbe funeral ol Mrs. W. A. Rollins.
$9.95. Ior S18.00 sulls.-C.C.S.
Mr. snd Mrs. A. L. McDermot lelt
nn .Saturday for Winnipeg to attend
the big exhibition.
Nice sweet Valencia oranges at
Little and Atchison's.
There are many good sets and odd
pieces ot crockery and glassware lelt
vet whieh you can have at coat
price—Fink Mercantile Co.
Postmaster Henderson accompanied
bis faeher to Winnipeg this week. He
til lie back in a lew days.
18c. buys a J1.90 shirt—C.C.S.
Mrs. and Miss McSweyn, who have
11 vn visiting Mr. P. .1. McSweyn, It-It
ii Uh- east yesterday.
Fruit jars ami jelly glAsses, etl
sizes.—Campbell and Manning.
If in doubt, ss to whether we
tiieali business in our closing out sale.
I'all anil we will show year good
evidence in over Inurteen thousand
rJoUara worth ol cancelled orders Ior
tins Iall delivery.-C.C.S.
Warren I.nni, ol Springbrook
ranchc, Sknokiitnchuk road, was In
town lasl week end.
tlte. buys a f 1.00 shlrl.-C.C.S.
tloo. P. Tlsdale and Mrs. Tlsdale
were In Irnm Poplar raneho on Saturday last.
Men's shoes, shirts, hats and sails
are s, line, at gt-catlv rcducl prices.
Fink Mercantile Co.
II. Krettiiiigbain has succeeded Mr.
Hell in lite employ ,,[ too Cranbrook Agency.
tSe. buys a $1.00 shlrl.-C.C.S.
FROM 11.00 TO SI00.00
Please Call and Bee Our
1912 Stock
Jewelers and Opticians
Sonic new crockery has just arrived
which has Uvn placed on Bale at cost
pritv.—Fink Mercantile Co.
Mrs. M. A. Macdonald will be    up
Maclwla, Nature's Scalp Tonic, removes dandruff and prevents falling
of thc hair. Has a record fur growing hair—95 cases out- of 100. Each
package contains a packet of Machela
Dry Shampoo Powder. Price for complete home treatment, $1.00. Sold
and guaranteed by the Cranlirook
Drug and Book Co.
from Vancouver next week on a visit'
lo Mrsf (l>r.) .1. H, King.
When in need call Blondy. Phone 62.
Joseph Ryan will be leaving Ior
Un Okanagan  district in thu   course {crates
of a few days,   where he has
land project under way.
Tabic linen, per yd. 48c.**-C.C
Mrs. P. Wilson returned on
32c. lor six cups and saucers.—
Harry Hestn was In from .Moyie.
this week on. business in conotPtto)
with tlte new brewery which ht; aud
his partner, Andrew Mueller, Ihu
building in Cranhrook.
Fancy eating and "rfeflervlog chtr-
rics at Little and Atchison';..
32c. for six cups and saucers.—
A. H. Webb arrived her: T'ltsday"
with his family from Nu.<ton arid
will make his home here. Mr. Webb
will have charge ol the manual training department in the puhlic school.
32c. for six cups and saucers.—
There was a larger attendance tt»n
usual at the social dance given at
thc Auditorium theatre last evening-
The next dance will be on next Wednesday, *liLy 17th, ami will lw given
hy Ouerard's  orchestra.
Call up Ed. F. Johnson, licensed
plumber, and get in estimate of the
cost of your sewer connect ion:*-
Phone 267. 28-tf
32c. for six cups and saucers.—
fl. II. McClure shipncil several
of   -strawberries   from     his
hifij ranch* to    Winnipeg this week      tor
exhibition   purposes. He will continue
S.     jsiieh shipments from week in week to
Tucs-: II,° various    exhibitions   now  lieing
Special Prices Prevailing
at McCreery Bros-
Al Just About Hair Price—
Some Less
Don't hesitate about
purchasing iiiioIIut hat.
This is an exceptional
$15.00 Hate     $8.(iil
8.00   "           4.75
lilJO   "            3.25
Others'at similar rcdiic-
Ladies' Wash
Now is a splciitliil tinii'
to buy n now coat. Prac
tii-iilly all tliu summer is
lK.-f.ir.- us anil a light coat
is just what is n.-.tlcil.
$8,50 Coats for    $8.95
$11.00   "      •'     $4.70
$5.00   "       '•     $1.15
.lay Irom a visit to Ballour, bringing UM 'Kroiighout   Hie    pralrlc provlr?
tier mother, Mrs. Hawkey, ..( Nelsuii,j°''s'
tack with her Ior a week's visit. Wo   have allowed   two anil »   halt
Clwice now potatoes at Utile  and "lo"ll's tf' cinm oni   ol,r sl'"'k      <■'
Atchison's. [ rrnckiTy, boots,   shoe*., clothing   anil
I (rents luriiashings.—C.C.S.
When in need call lUondy. I'lione Iii.
f4********44*****r***** *
X   tin- breiul was so ggotl.    Ami llm cook—liis gootl wife
$   |iroiii|itly onlcml nnnt'icr suck i.f tlio name gno.1 Hour from
X   which it was iiiinli-
Tlioro IS something in tlmt olil saw that "tho way to
roach a man s heart is through his stomach," ami there's
Hint high qualify in our (tour which unfailingly limls the
«  A "-JffihV""!^ *m mtia,y *on ""•» yon can't boy liotter
llonr.   TRY IT.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Victor ltollins will remain in towni
lor a couple    ..I weeks, takin.r,    over,
ilf'   inanagciiient   ol Ihe Itoyal lintel
during bis stay-
Table linen, per yd. llle.—C.C.S.
Bom—At the    St. Kugeni' hospital
I Sunday, .luly 6th, to Mr. an.l
Mrs. 0, A. Foole, ot Moyie, a- daughter. '
Men's shoes, shirts, hats antl suits
arc scj.ing at greatly reduced pries.
Kink Mercantile Co.
Tom Whalcn, proprietor ot the
N'apancc hotel at Kernic, came up
Wednesday to attend tire funeral ol
the late Mrs. W. A. ltollins.
Table linen, per yd. 41c.—C.C.S
Mr. and Mrs. I,. Mclntyrc have till
on a visit to Tomtit,.. Upon their
return west Mr. Mclntyrc expects io
tie located at Calgary.
(Tearing out sale in harness, sad
dies, etc. Buy now.—Cranbroo'i
Trading Co.
Mr. Skrettenberg, ol Kort Steele,
wat in town this week. He Intends
proceeding with the construction ol
Ms mill, recently destroyed by lire,
as soon as possible.
Old Country Tapistrr rugs at (5.00.
Messrs. 0. N. Linden and W. II.
Iiaroham. ol Nelson, arc In town In
tbc interests ol the Canadian llcniej
Investment company. This company
advances money on very easy tcriusj
to home makers and ranchers.
Call up Kit. K. .lohnson, licensed
plumber, ami get an estimate ot thc
cost ol vour sewer connections,
'l'hone 267. . 38-tl
OM Country Taplstry rugs at .5 00
llriiec Corwln, who recently arrived
in town trom Sand Point, Idaho, to
engage in the real estate business,
ha sbeen appointed publicity agent by
tne council ol the board ol trade.
OH Country Tnpislry nigs at ttM.
Mlis M. 10. Patterson has returned
Irom a visit to Toronto and bas resumed her position in tbe local
branch ol the Bank ot Commerce
(lorgmrola, Old Knglisli Stilton,
l.imburger, and cream brick cheese.—
Campli'll and Maiming.
P. Woods, the Cherry Creek rancher, was In town last Saturday. He
reports a remarkable difference In
crop and range prospects now, a*
compared willi two weeks hack
thanks to the recent rains.
Mr. .!. P. Leslie advises tliat the
survey of his property is just about
completed and that the plans will
be ready in a few days. The estate
lias been divided Into live acre tracts
and the subdivision will be known as]
Buena Vista Hardens. 38-lt
OM Country Taplstry nigs at '5.00
Wm. (Inward, manager ol the Auditorium, Is arranging to have roller
skating at Ms theatre. The .lollu
skates have arrived, and the big
opentng,day will be some I ims Uu
Drst part c* next week.
Some new crockery has Just arrived
which has been placed on sale at cost
priot.-Wek Mercantile Co.
Thi' results in tlie recent rural high
school entrance examinations have
l.vn uniK>iinecd, showing thai nut ol
a total ot 120 candidates HI were
successful. The Cranbrook competitors who passed were: .lohn P. Wilson, 687; l,aurt-t.1a M. Armstrong,
678; Bertram Murgatroyd, 669.
Little and Atchison, head 'iiurtcis
lor Hazelwood "ce. cream, lla/i-lwnnil
Double Jersey Buttermilk and Ha/el-
wood Creamery butter.
Men should bc happy, when M.65
wil lmy $5.50 dress shoes at the
N. A. WaHlngcr, mining recorder,i
lelt today for the hot wrings nt
Skookumchuk, taking wild him bis
two boys and a ton cl P. E. Wilson.
Mr. Waliingrr bas been suffering frnm
a severe attack ol rheumatism lor
somo weeks past and is liopelul that
the hot springs will give hlm some
relief. lie will be away ahoul
two weeks.
announce that the salo ol live acre
tracts in llnena Vista Hardens will
start at 10 a.m. .luly 22nd, 1912.
This land is now subdivided anil
open for inspection. It will not bc
placed on lhe market Ior sale uneil
July 22ml, in order that our clients
alio h:i.c been waiting lor Uk property lo he placed on tlte market may
have a chance to go and pick out the
tract they wisli in advance nl the
date ol the sale. 28-lt
Wo wero surprised lo see dinner sets
selling at 116.00 at thc C.C.S. tliat
formerly sold at $21.00.
J. D. Mcllride and Co. arc offering
a special range th s week, that is
guaranteed to make cooking easy
Their ohgngc ol cupy was received
too late today to appear in the ad
vertlsing columns, hut this notice
will serve to advise the wide iwase
to get in early and inspect this new
Some especially good values In
liaml-paint.d china .—Campbell and
We have allow.*! two and a Ml!
monlhs to close out our stock of
crnckcry, boots, shoes, clothing and
gents turaisaiings.—C.C.S.
E. E. f'yt.in, ot London, Englund,
is a recent arrival in Ihe city. Mr.
Kyton hopes to reside here permanently II he can find suitable employment. Ile was engaged in the stock-
broking and insurance business In
Ilucna Visla Hardens are located
just ime and one halt miles limn thr
post office due south. ExeelKnt soil,
abundance ot water, easy ol access,
close to market, good roads leading
to and Irom the property and beau-
tllul view ol the city, are sonic ol
the leatiirrs in connection with this
property. THE      CRANBUOOK
AOENCY   COMPANY will lie    glad
to furnish full intormaUon.        28-lt
We realize that a great sacrifice
must co rnade it we woild clean out
out onUre slnck by October 1st.—
With widespread regret it it learn-
al that Harry  Hclmcken, ex-M LA.,
In Lingerie and Shirtwaist stylos, pn-ttily trim -
uieil with lace and embroidery. They have Dutch
necks, Silver collars, and
Iiii'ii collars.
$'1.00Blouses  $2.15
2.00    "           1.88
1.50    "           1.15
1.25    "       !lo
Tliornlieluiiiks and Sclmulie's Eng.
lish print, regular lf*c and 15c per
Now si'llinir nt 1-1 cents.
Ladies' Outing Shoes
In Black, Tan, White, Sky and
Pink, made in pomp nml tie styles,
Regular $2.75 for $2.00
Children's Barefoot
Serviceable and "good tilling stylo
Large sizes. $1.25 for 95c
Small sizes $1 ihi for 75c.
Rompers   and
Vou will lind a big
!l5c ltoin|«-rs for
75c      "        "
Linen Table Cloth
Nowis u cik.1 tim*1 to lay in i
$1.50 qualities, lor $1.15
1.00       " "       .75
.75      " '        .50
Wool Carpet Sqares
for   $8.95
7 15
Unusual Values
Men's Shoes
All the season's newest
and mosl up-to-date stylos
in Black. Tan. and Patent
Regular$5.00 for      $8.86
Broken lines of one or two
pairs of a kind to lie
cleared al the extremely
low price of  __,    $2.50
Men's Summer
Tlie wise innn will take
advantage ot ihis otter,
even if he is well supplied
ut present
Regular  $2 mi   grade   in
White, Brown ami
Black        $1.85
Regular $1.5i.i grade
Balbriggan        <i5e
Regular $1 00 ur.i'le
Balbriggan      7*ic
Large size ut $11.5"
Medium size at $!l.5u
Small   size  at 6.00
Ladies' Shoes
These are all i,to.I styles
ami made from the highest grade stoek. Tins is a
rare bargain.
We have decided to put
them all iu one lot at
Regular prices were. $1.50
$5.00 and $5.60,
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing- Stores
passed away the other day      ..   ....
European resort, where he was    un- (
■it rc,oing treatment.   Harry was
staunch   Tory,   but a genial
hearted fellow,    who had hosts
friends and no enemies.
Don't miss our crockery sale. There
arc many good things lelt yet but
are going last.—Fink Mercantile Co.
(100.00 sale at I250.00.-C.C.S
$.150.00 cash register cbeap.-C.C.S.
Store ladders to bc sold 25 per cent
lens than cost.—C.C.S.
llie Methodist church ol this city
have just purchased Irom the Methodist church, Lethbridge, a two
manual pipe organ. Mr. II. llick-
enlioUtUii, wbo, by tbe way, is a
fully qualified pipe orgin construct.ir
went to Lctbbridge and took apart
tlie organ there. .He ls now placing
it in the church anil hopes to have
il in place Ior the Sunday services,
July 21st. The officials ol the Methodist church are to be congratulated
on being the lirst body to place an
organ in Cranbrook.
Any person requiring tbeir bath
room, toilets, etc., connected to tlu:
sewer should see IM. F. .lohnson.
Estimates lurnished. Call 'phone
207. 38-tl
We have allowed two and a hall
months to close out our stock ol
crockery, upol*, sli,*-;. clothing ai.d
gmts furnishing*.—C.C.S.
Cranbrook city cn.oy.sl tlie honor
nl a visit Irom a Dominion cahiiii'l
minister on Tuesday. Hon. Frank
Cochrane, minister ol railways and
canals, passed through lhe city In
his private car "Mpisslng," staying
ofl for a tew hours in this city. His
visit was entirely unexpected and
permitted of no lorm ol entertainment being accoidcd him.
Preserving raspberries, gooseberries, red currants and pineapples —
Campbell aad Maiming.
Closing out price on insi beds,
It will pay you to go out and look
over Ilucna Vista Oasdens, pick mil
the tract you want and have it le-
scrved tor you until the opening dm
ol thc sale, -luly 22nd, at 10 a.m
COMPANY lor lull Information. 28 I
Our rath register, tale and ston
liJtures are Ior tale at rlotlag oil
priar*-C.C.S. I
and 3 Lots, on Armstrong Ave.,
Choice Location.
is the only logical place in this town
to build your new home. In the •• WHITE ADDITION " within
a tew minutes' walk of Baker Street, on Armstrong Avenue.
No Better situation. Call and let ut show you this property.
All lots ploughed and levelled.
$200 per Lot.    Easy terms.
I inly u few lots left, lo net quickly.
*    News of the District
(Hv Fred Hoo).
Tli,*    ranchers   on Toluuit'o   Plains
held a cmiHtip-Uivnu^i-   the - ryc-plc-
nif a!   HotisvilU* Knits .luly   ilh.
Mrs,   Jones, ol' Cranbroolt, is visit
ing iter    cousin, Mrs. George Smith,
of the KU; hotel.
Miss A. Allen, ol Fernie, spent Hit'
wock-ciwl in Elko Ihf guest ut     Miss
Helh'  Tltomson,    ol    tht'   I'ulumbia
We were uskt'tl by a Cranbrook veal
cstMc niiin tt-hal we got tor boostln:
M.kn.      From the    property owners
notlilng wln-ii wo rto, ami b—1 when
we don't.
So vera I famiHea arrived in      Klk
this* week from tabor, Lcthbrltlgc,
Coleman and Warner to apcml the
KiiMimcr in Kll.ii, lhc 1-tanlT nl' Hit'
Orowa iVesi I'ass.
It. is ri'nlh   no disgrace in Ik1
if you behave yourself, llm if
want lo enjoy   health alon*;
your  rtohes   then    come   to
"Tin* Queen of thc Crow,"
James Lockwootl ami family from
Iln* big wheat belt, are enjoying
tholr third summer in this hyacinth
tinted picturesque ami spreading liko
a green bay tree town.
• I. A. Thompson, general passenger
agent from tin- Greal Northern, Fermi', was in Elko looking up business
for his road and got quite V hunch
of il ton.
Colonel McKay, of tbe Fernie
Fourth Royal Irish Dragoon Guards,
was in Elko tbis week inhaling the
pure air ol heaven and looking for a
gootl camping ground along tlie
hunks of tbe Klk. Thi* colonel is a
genial fellow ami a horn st-hlicr, but
denied tlu* report in Elko that he
bad fought under Napoleon 1st.
\V. a. Wilmot, chlci tirt* warden,
ami C. I*. Lewis, chiel game warden,
passed through Elko on their way to
HoosvMc Monday.
We have several enquiries trom
Fernie asking why J. E. Lancaster,
manager of the Co-operative Stores,
Kemie, is visiting the Honsville Valley so often. Well, wc know that be
bough! the Gannar iins crop ol
stsawbi'iriis and he may he alter the
poach crop.
Tom (lunic, the ohamplon chicken
raiser north of Roosvllle, was in
Klko Sunday and stated tb.it if it
wasn't for tin* beautiful rains we
were getting there would be no hay
to cut when tbe sun shines.
J. 11. ailmorc, ol the Cranhrook
government rood departmeni, passed
through Klko Saturday tor Gateway
with a gnnv) ot road engineers tolhas torn seen for years, visited this
work on the* "Caven Gold Crcekipart of thc country last Tuesday of-
Avenue," between Cranhrook anl, aetobon. \n serious damage has
Gateway, B.C. 'been reported, however.
Tin* Klko board of trade meets} The social on .Saturday night given
Tuesday night, and invitations will by the Ladies' club, in the Library
•be issued to property owners Ihat hill, wns a grand success. Although
will neither pull nor push tor the.the weather lookwl very threatening
town, tt get   on the wagon .md ride, all evening, the people turned cut   in
Mrs. .1. It. Aye and Mrs. S. Mor- large iiumlrrs. Slrawhrrries, cake,
row, of Haynes, were in Klko last ite cream and lemonade were in ahjun-
week. dance, ami   everyone seemed to thor-
The frnitlarids around Klko are in. muchly enjoy themselves. Thc pro-
great demand and commanding fancy ceodj amounti-d to about seventy dol*
prices. The nearest Iruit land to lars, which is to bc used in repairing
lhc largest markets in B.C. I the interior of the church
{Special correspondence),
Mr.   Waller Magoon, logging super
inlctitlent, was in Plncher Creek this
week on business.
Mr. Mclvinnon, of Cranjbtobk, made
a professional visit here a few days
Mrs. Fred Penson, of Jaffray, visited with her sister, Mrs. Embree, It
town this week.
Mr. P..P. llerric went to Lethbridge last week. Wc are sorry to
know tliat Mrs. Herric bad to under-
g< another operation In the Let.b
Hridge hospital last Friday.
The baseball game played last
Sunday between camp R, and Galloway, on the Wardner Held, was
a very exciting and interesting game,
Dot)) teams played good ball. Tbe
gamo went 11 innings, camp S scoring
in their part of the eleventh. Thi
Wardner brass l>and was in attendance autl fnininhrd excellent music,
which was much appreciated by tlw:
crowd present.
.Mr. Harold Darling, of Cranbrook,
spent Saturday and Sunday visiting
witli friends in lown.
Mr. Craigg, of Fort Steele, spent
Sunday with friends in town.
Miss Hruoe, teacher in the Rossland
public   school,   is    visiiing in town,
th:- guest of Mr. and Mrs. T. Gaflney.
Mr. A.   Sihcppard. of J affray, sp.-nt
Sunday witb his family In town.
Mr.   Geo.    Willson and   Mr.   Reynolds, of Claresholm, are spending
few days with friends in town.
Miss Florence Herrlc returned trom
Letbbridge on Monday night aftei
spending a tew   days with her moth-
The many friends of Mr. Alfred
lohnson of the store staff, will lie
glad to know that he is recovering
n'cely after undergoing an operation
on one of his limbs, in the Sacred
Heart hospital, Spokane. He expects
to be able to return to Wanlner in a
few days.
Mr. F. M. Stearns, who was called
lo the bedside of his aged mother
tew days ago, has sent word to
friends here that his mother has
passid away. Mr. Stearns will return home shortly.
A meeting of thc Emplcyees' cluh
ar.d library was called a few days
ago for the election of new officers.
The following officers were elected,
President, Walter Magoon; secretary,
B. E. MarUe, treasurer, Vic. Swanson, After a short session ol bust*
n.ss the meeting adjourned.
une ot the worst hail storms   that
may write that ilown as a loss; but
look at the other side of the no-
count. California has land, space,
-iii-l labor for twenty million people;
There are less than three million
people all told ou Uie Pacific coast.
Now the steerage rate from the
south ol Europe for emigrants to
Atlantic ports is frnm $21 to $35;
and this rate has literally poured
hundreds nf thousands nr immigrants
inio Atlantic ports. Tbis is the very
(lass of labor—gardeners, small fruit
farmers, nut growers, manual workers—for which the Pacific coast is at
its wit's end. Sow Look, at tbe tlg-
ures. The steamship companies carrying via Panama are already considering an emigrant rate from
Mediterranean ports to California of
$10 the trip without a break. Is California mod in reckoning that at last
she will get her much needed, share of
Urn Incoming tide of foreign wnrkers?
That Oriental trade at best was but
a forwarding business. This will be
a permanent traffic, a permanent aggregate It Ihc stable wealth nl Hie
Pacific Slates.
(By Agnes C. Lout).
It g<n*s without saying, when the
ports of the Pacific coast are spending a hundred million dollars in preparation for lho opening of the Panama Canal, tliat they arc not spending such an amount on tin* expectation of (lie Whooping hnnmstcr, on
''hot air" and "tall talk" ami street
corner prophecies. Tticv have figured out ihe benefits fmin tbe c.mal in
dollars and cents.
Having planned an rxpinditure of a
hundred million on Improved bar-
#nrs, terminals, lowered rail grades,
what return do the Pacific mast
ports expect from Iheir investment?
Begin at the  most northern Pacific
transc< niinintal terminal — Prince
Rupert, the western Nld of the
Grand Trunk. The Gram1 Trunk
passrs over its vast urain areas as
the Canadian Pacific or the Great
Northern< 'IV wheat crop of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba
has fluctuated from one hundred tu
two hundred million bushels according to the season, and the Grand
Trunk has a perfect riyiht tl> expect
tbe'carriage of one-third this total.
ft must be remembered, too, that- the
crop of the three Can idian provinces
is likely tn treble in the next len
years. Now the Grand Trunk has
announced that nftcr the opening ol
Panama it will ship its quota nf
grain from the Cnnadlan provinces
via Panama. Iti low mountain grades
enable it to bring {train down to sea
level on the Pacific cheaper than tin*
other mads can reach Atlantic level
In the east
fn 1000 Montreal expnrted twenty
million bushels ot main. Supposing
in ten years the Grand Trunk is
sending twenty million bushels by
wny of  Panama, what will it   mean
in the saving of freight charges to
tbe west? No one yet knows what
the Prince .Rupert rate vt» Panama
will l»e; but the standard comparison
of rail versus water on wheat will
do. From Chicago to New York by
lail the rate for wheat is ten cents a
bushel. From New York to Liverpool llie rate is three cents. For
three times the distance by water,
tin* rate is one to three. Ity rail, one
cent buys, say, one hundred miles.
Hy water, one cent buys one thousand miles. Tbat is what Panama
means in a saving tn Prince Rupert.
In facl the necessity of attracting
grain lo the Atlantic as against Panama has this year can set I a drop nf a
cent a bushel for lake ports to New
York \ia Huflalo. One Western firm,
which shipped *.6(noo bushels to Liverpool via TehuantCDeC, saved 8
cents a bushel as against tic* Montreal nnd New Yorki rate.
Come on down to lhe great lumtier
ports nf Vancouver and TaConta and
Seattle. What; return, do they expect for the millions spent on bttbot
improvement? Fnr ten years tbere
has been a fight on the lumber rati*
by rail from these points to tbe Atlantic Hcahoard. Ity schooner round
the Horn lumber can be sent, east
for from $4.50 to $5 a ton; by
steamer, breaking bulk at Panama,
for from %'* to $8 according tn thu
company. That means a ear rate by
water—10,000 pounds tn lhe car—ot
from $'■" to SI00 tor schooners tu
SI00 and $160 by steamer. By rati,
the rate runs from $.Wi to $407.
That is the saving that the lumber
shipping port? expect frum Panama.
On the Mirlace, it looks as il San
Francisco wnuld be hurt by Panama.
Will not at the Oriental traffic wnleh
bas htehcrtf broken hulk nt San
Francisco tn bc transshipped across
the continent ol Kurope, will not all
this (raffle sidestep San Francisco
and no direct from the Orient to
KuropP?    It creUtnly will; nni  ym
This probably explains why tlie
ral mads, instead ol curtailing in ah*
'icipatinii of Panama, are really expanding). Saitl a representative ol
tin* Santa Fe: "You know the gigantic strides the west has made in the
past ten years. Well, we consider
that is only.20 per cent of what is
possible. It taxes the resources of
railroads lo handle ihe present traffic. My opinion is, Panama will
simply relieve us ot a great pressure
and let us coneentrale nur efforts in
local freight."
Said a representative of thc Great
Northern: "tf all the orchards set
out in the west were bearing, not
twenty times all the rolling stock
lb.it today exists could hai.il the fruit
to market."
As to the difference in freight rates
to San Francisco, nne example is
sufficient. One Antwerp liner will
carry a ton ot grocer's commodities
round the Horn for exactly the same
amount as it costs tn ship that commodity by rail from San Francisco
to Los Angeles. In other words, a
ton is carried frnm Antwerp round
the Horn, lt.OOil m.!es, for |7.35.
Tbe same ton is hauled by rail 420
miles for [rom $7 to $10.
There is another feature in this
Panama traffic that appeals tremendously to San Francisco. Scattered through the Pacific Coast State
an> bulky commodities that would
lie a veritable gold mine if they could
be put on the Atlantic markot cheaply. There are Infusorial earths and
ores used in smelting. Tliere are
salt fields. 1 know of one where
almost pure salt- can be shoveled on
tb* wagons ns fast as it can he hauled away. Near a market, these salt
fields would he worth millions. Today, at time of writing, promoters
have failed to sell them at nny
price. With more freight than they
ean handle and more demand for rolling stock than they Can finance,   the
68 YEAR*
Trade Mama
anyoiM Mndlnf * rkM-li and OmM iptWm na**
quickly mwiaIii nur nt.inn.ti fr-M WMtbtr aa
l-ucMl-ni N pri i|i-<.jt*> t*:*j"itnhli<.  Com-aril ile*
' I jt«fit« Ut«>' if.r.Lfh .Jui... tiu.|wt4H
irrrUlrotkt, ■IKhnK cbm«, in tSt
SciNtinc JutKiKai
A bMt-fcotrrtf m-wmt-il wMf, I«i.«h Hr
I nUllon ot BUT r-'H-l.tlllr J"*-tiul. Irrun (Of
<;«iv**U, JtWyj. feu, lmaO*.* i^-i-aM.   told ty
Pltwc-M Short Work of
Dc**l»-*itcd ftnd Rppwently ImcwIcm (Mrs of
(Viatic-*, Lumbaim, tout, Krunl-ru ami all other
km ti UMMMJmirWH at one* to Afafcrtt SS
Uwumalie Hctnedy. lako on und of men* n
im rival tneUnt relief to »k-*i>-fo-Mk-m ■uffcrm,
i'tcd ihm rrom Mt of o-wny and for M yiwa
ku bm carl--* men, women and cfclUrra for
whc-fflllwraaMr-MdnoMp. Jurt a fow hotUn
bavo egrtd caoea of rrom » to SO yean' MnHta
and today It atanda un rival 1*1 as a qutek, aafo and
ibaolutdy reliable treatment for an arte arid dla-
r«a-4,w«*kidnejra,«tt.   Letadollarbottkof
IMtt  If*,   IkHMltlO JMgj
end your pain* at onee-atart your euro today.
Bent unpaid far Mtott Ina, fll H. Pe-ufaara K,
Chiraco, 111., If your dntr-ffiit doai r-.l have IL
Sold by tbc Cranbrook Drug aud
Hook Co.
Semi-ready Suit!
11 111 ud 111
T OOK lor the ptlce-nnd nuw-itwi
la th* pockat-ilwHi tba taaw.
Art rm Cloihin and Nad Im mj-le
hook aad uaipla al " Kiai'l Ova "
htll it 111. lend dlnct»a«al*i»dr,
Limited, UoBtiiil, for book entitled
"lit I" ll yga cuaot nt It la town.
llWUllfr Mt1»
G. l'red Joliimtoii. ferale, ll. C,
railroads cannot carry these milky
c'innwnlities Tut- less than $10 ,ir (IH
:. Ion to the eastern market. The
commodities cannol lie worked profitably with a higher freight rate than
$5 a ton. San Francisco hopes,
when Panama opens and these bulky
commodities find tlieir market, that
it will prove a second Yukon.
(Sunt niicd on page tttVcn).
FOK IU-.NT.-Two furnished roomg;
af modern condciiicnccs. Apply Herald olliee. 23-11
*    TIIK •
« »
j     Columbian     »
« i« a guaranteed pulley.  That ii, a*»
^ -tatiafactiuu ia guaranteed In every ***
respect.   Tho
J Nelson Iron Works J
*) LIMITID        _
*) lias an  ever increuing flock. _
*. Write them lor particular,. j*
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Room* with Bath*.   'Phone In
every room
Barber Shop on the premim,
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Ralea, $2.00 a day and up.
UEO. P. WEI.L8, Proprietor
B. TOMK1N, Manaftr
| East Koolenay »
| Butcher Co. I
| ,  ®
® Dealers In g,
® Frvsli mill t'un.l g,
S Ments. %
®   *
®   *
Poultry, linmc mil Kith ®
• in Benson. ®
S ®
9 '  ***r
9       GIVE   US  A  TlilAI. ®
I East Kootenay •
I        Butcher Co. •
2  •
• The Old P. Wood's •
|            Business. |
• •i;«^aj«'i®asi(jj'8i|j(s)*
If ymi come t.i
tm* furt rvntmriit,
i*x|it*«'t, to be
•'iiml If ulltem
mi* tu riire yon.
I'iiIcm I kiuw
tlmt I ean rare
you I will nnt ae<
erpt your evCi
und in fiery in
m«urw I treat by
rat »*■ original
mlvatii-eil and
■cleotlfli! i
Lett Vlgar. Virkacck, Hy-tnuk, Cta<
inctH Uurfkra. S-Mdfk Mw« Mm,
Pile* ii-l Strklires — rettoriog all
affected oraana umormal and healthy
action in the iliorteik poiilbli ipace
ol time.
Fe. all I h. lorn, of DiHaaaa ol Hm.
CbanltatloD nnd InatruetlT. bookart Ira.
iilofflcorb.r mall.
For a  License to    Tate   ud   Vs*
that .lonatfean W. Innocent, ol Fort
Steele, B.C., will apply tor a license
to take and use 200 sets tat ol
water out ol unnamed sprint and
slough which (lows ia a southerly direction through T. I,. Mill ud
sinks N. ol l.ot lilt, near Fort
Steele. The water will In di'erted
at southerly end ol slough aad will
bc used tor irrigation purposes oa
the land described u lots I8S1 and
7218, Oroup Oae, and to stors fame
in reservoir 1 acre by Av« lest deep
at point ol diversion.
This notice was posted oa ths
gn.iind on the lOtb day ot Jnas,
IM2. The applicatloa will be Hied
In the office ol the Water Reoorder at
Objections may be Died with the
said Water Recocder or wil* ths
t'»ni|itrollrr ol Watei Rights, Psrlla-
iiiiiit Buildings, Victoria, B. C.
Jonathan W. Innocent, Applicant.
by W. F. Ourd, Agent. It-It
For a    License   to  Take   ui Use
that .lonalhan W. Innocent, ot Fort'
Steele, B.C., will apply, tot a license
to take snd use .HI cubic leet per
second of water out ot unnamed
spring and slough whicli lows hi a
southerly direction through T. I..
Nn. 14222 and stalls N. ol lot till
near Fort Steele. The water will he
diverted at southerly end ol slough
and will be used for domestic purposes on the Ind described u lots
lill ud till, Oroup On.
ground on tlie 10th day ol .lune,
IM. Tin application will bc lil.nl
In the office cl tho Water Recorder
at Cranhrook.
Objections may lie (lied with tlie
Water Recorder or with tlie Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Jonathan W< Innocent, Applicant.
hy W. F. Ourd, Agent. 24-5t
Crnnbrook     Lodge,
No. St
A.F. 4 AM.
Regular meetings on
the   third   Thursday
ol every month,
Visiting brethren welcomed.
D. J. McSweyn, W.M.
J. S. I'eck, Secretary.
Obbsuknt Loiiuk Nu. 'i'i
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meats   every   Tuesday at I p.m. a*
Fraternity Hall.
T. O. Jones, C. C.
J. H. Boycs.K. ol R. N. S.
Visiting brethren   cordially invited
to attend.
Hosts every Monday
night at Nsw Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invltsd.
H. J. Readsll, W. M. Harris,
W. O. Sso'y.
Meets Drst ud    third Wednesdays
ia each month.
A  cordial reception uteoded     to
visiting brothers.
OOcers July lst to December Slit.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scrlbo-W. M. Harris.
No. II.
Masts svery second ud  fourth Wednesday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekshs  cordially Invltsd.
Miss Nellie Baker, N. O.
Mrs. Anna Beattie,   Rec. Sec.
Meets In Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursdsy of esch month at I
p.m. sharp.
Wm. Henderson, CR.
L. Pearron, Sec., Box 618.
Visiting brethren msds welcome
Meets In Csrmen's Hall lirst aad
third Thursday ol each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Hayward, Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlanc, Chief Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's    Hall Ind    ud
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citi
N. A. Wallinger,        W. C. Crebbln
•"res. See'y.
P. O. Box 425
Visiting members cordially wclcoiu-
'  Saadar aoiatag service at 11 '
Saadar   avoalag    service   at1
7.M o'clock
'  Suaday     School  ud    Blbte! '
Clan at I o'clock ' ,
!   Prsahjrtsrlu   Guild, Tuesday,', '.
at I o'clock ,
*********** ♦»«
Baptist Cburcb
Pastor, H. S. Speller.
Psrsoaage   Norbury Assnus.
'l-eoasTlst,     P. o. Boi 111.
Rsgulsr Ssrvlces:-Sunday, 11!
sm.    aad    7.81  p.m.;   Bible ( ,
gcaool    wllh     Youag   Ladles'. i
PUUsasa    ud    Youag   Mu'al
BlkU Class, I p.m.
Moaday,   Youag Peoples',   I \ ;
Wsdaesdss, Mld-Week Meettag.' I
A sordlal   ChrUtlu weJcoma' '
President: T.». Hm.
Heeretary: B. Macdonaii.
i For Information regarding lands
> and  agrlcnlture   apply   lo the <
> Secretary, Cranbrook, II. C.
Every second Wedneeday
Dr. Nartel's Female Pills
The Leading RuBinesi College
of the Northwest
Where young people can receive
n thorough business training.
Is lu session twelve months in
tlie year.
No entrance examinations,
Hoard and room at very reason*
able rate*.
Wo secure positions for our
Our now beautilully illustrated
catalogue sent free upon request.
Write lor It NOW I
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
Ist & Madison     -      BI'OKANK
Builder and
Septic Tanks ami Concrete
Work generally a
;: Estimates   Preely Oiven.!!
P.O. Box 346
\': Cranbrook, B.C. |j
i > 11
> *    i
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Civil Engineer and Architect
Office ovor Cranbrook Prug and Book
Co'*. Store
Telephone 3811
P. O. Box 37
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
A reliable French rsftilator: never lilli. TbeM
fills are exceedingly powerlul In rt!fulatlng lhe
tceneratlve portion ol the female eysUm. KafuM
all cheap Intititloni.  Dr. *U TrM'g art wld it
an t-ue.ip lininiiona.   «*t. saw »■■ ■ an
to a box, or three <or 110.   Willed to any aqar-m.
Ih* le«Ml Drng Cfc, ■*. faHMrffc <M
For uie at Beatie, Uurphy 4 Co.
Uppoiit. c.l'.K. BtalioD
THB    PLACE    TO     GET    A
Headquarters for all kimls of
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Shoe Specialist
Frank Provenzano.
General Merehante
Cmpleymant AganU
CRANBROOK    -    ■• C.
P.* 11X1*4 HMMIM
II yuo want satisfaction wttb
your washing send
Special prices tor family work.
gucttSKir lo F. T. f. I'ERKV
, Group One.
was pasted     oa   «■■
Nineleea Years the Standard
Prescribed and  recommended fir women's ailments, a scientifically    prepared remedy of proven worth.    The   i
result Irom   their    use Is quick aad (
permease., Far sals at all drugstorte^
! White Leghorns [
Well known for
> To keep np ths stamina I* I lis j
greatwi p.oblem of the breeder.
I »J.80pevlS! 17.00 per SO; 112.00 I
TNT 100,1100 per 1*00.
Cowichsn.v.i.      ur;|
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Physicians and Surgeons.
OBcs st Resldssce, Armstrong ive,
orriOB hours :
Forenoons ■ 1.00 to 10.110
Afternoon* - - • 1.00 to   4.00
Evenings • - . - 7.10 to   1.80
dwrdays .... I.SO to  4.10
ORANBROOK :•    il    ll    tt    B, O,
I to tl a.m.
1 to  I p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
omen In Hanson Block.
ORANBROOK        -      -       - II  O.
Oranbrook and Fort Steel..
iftfttta* Cranbrook,B.C.::
Norbury Ave., next to City Hall
Day Phone 333 Night Phone 350
B. C. land Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
ilk fir NiIc-mUTIIA WATEI
For lamlly use Ihere ia nothing
so wholesome snd so pure as
W. I. ttaallr. faanl DtncUar
Crubrook B.C.
Phone 346
Cranbrook CotUge Hospital
Terma on Application,
Plicae 259 Matron.
P. O. Box 846   Armstroni; Arn
H. E. HALL, D. D. S.
Grown and Bridge Work
a specialty.
Office over F. Parks Hardware
Store, Baker Street
Phone No. 21)0
J. Q. Mitchell
Oame Heads, Birds, Rugs, Fish
Carries a full slock nl
Repairs for almve ulnar*
In stock
Electric Restorer for Men
i%osnhiinnl ,****». nmjmm*. la ta. body
i:A«,'i.™.-«ftr22rj "Ki.'Ja.*.".i"i'iM
vtaknew imtrd tl Met.   rMMprMMi *nt
&Mlitf l^tMlerphy Co.. Ltl.
sunoirs seeds for 1012
laiportad la tb. oriarloai mM iMctrts
fma galloa * Hns*. th. (lag's aanbami,
RMdlat, Caalaad.  Hmil lur Mlalogw.
A. J. WOODWARD, fwle Agsnt
Msataevm«l>..*et>Mm. AtwYMoria THE   (JHANBROOK   HEBALD
As an
Ocean Port
"As an ocean port ALBERNI will compare most favorably with Portland and San Francisco."—From Official Bulletin No. 24.
Read That Twice
Think of what t.ii si-* fact al means to ALBERNI. situated as she is on the WEST
const nf Viint'iiiiviir Isiiuul   H to 21 miles nearer Australia, the Orient aad lhe PANAMA
CANAL limn Is Vancouver.
Tho lament
ossein     not excepting monsters of the ''Titanio " class — can easily dock
And in a very few years vessels of this size. WILL bo gtenmiiig up Alberni canal to
Oanildu'u iiiout Western |*irt.
Bridge to the Mainland
Vancouver Island will soon bu counot'tcd by bridgo with the mainland. Then mails,
express, freight ami pssuiigurs from foreign ports will Ihi transferred at ALBERNI to the
triiiiui'iiuliiieuliil trains of the C. P. K. and tlio Canmlian Northern, and stnrt their Eastern
journey over tun hours sooner than they now do.
Predicts West Coast Metropolis
Not long ugo a prominent rniway official--in close touch witli Vancouver Island and her
future - predicted Unit a WEST COAST PORT, and not Victoria, will be the future metro-
polis of Vancouver Island.
And when you stop to think of it, why not ?
Such n port - nnd ALBERNI ls the only ono possible. It is an easier and nearer
harlmr for ocean going vessels than is Victoria. Vessels entering Alberni canal and harbor
do not have to pass dangerous Cape Flattery or go through the treacherous straits of Joan
de Puca.
You Should Act To-day
ALBERNI niters you an opportunity you should not overlook.
Soon prices will bc higher nnd your chance will be gone. A handsome booklet on
ALBERNI will lxt freely given to you on request.   Ask for one to-day.
Beale & Elwell
Real Estate and General Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
tliat .'In dav* after (lata I Intend tn
apply to Iht' Hun- Chief Commissioner of I.^iiils and Works Im* a licenso
to prospect Ini-
eti tlie following lands, situate In
Histrici ol Smith East Kootenay,
llritish Columbia, In lilm* MM:
Commencing ut a post planted ti
or near 1 mile rant ol 31) mllo Post
on C.l'.ll. survey in Block 1593 un
laying ttie S. K. corner post nf Koolenay     Cosl    Co.
north 811 eliains.; thenco west 80
chains; thence south 80 chains; thene
east 80 chains, to a point of commencement, making 6to acres, moro
or less.
Located this 16th day ol May,
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Kootenay Coal   Co.,   Limited
Commencing at a posl planted    nt ,. ..,,.,.
or near   1   mile east ol 30 mile post U"*nci! wst 8n Mm ■<■ » I"*11
on C.P.H. survey in Block 4503   nml '"™»™c«u"»t,   "'sklng   IHO    acres, i,„
being tbe   N. ft. corner post nt Knn-
tenay Coal Co.,     Ltd., claim, Ihcnnt
si llth 80     chains;    tllenee    wesl     80
ehains;   thenee     north     80   chains; ""f Allen- AK™< ,nr
thence east X0 chains |„ n point    ol K™>t"»ay Coal  Co.,   Limited, '.noa-
(Ctintinnod from page six).
As lo Portland, nothing iiwnIs to
. Ih* s.iiil fattln'i Limn that slic is al-
n'.idy ono of Uh: Iii); grain slii*i|>ci8 ot
Anu'rica. Witli lYHIo Canal completed, RivhiR Imt .lCi-css tc an in-
liintl ctiiinti* (or loin hiitntii'il miles,
it is hardly MCOMftty to give any
profits of how sin- will benefit Irom
Panama. Before the opniiiiR ot thc
waterway up th<- Columbia, thn
freight rati* from Purtlnml to thf
Ha Iks usril to l*»* $6.-10 a ton on
■mils. When the rivpr traffic bn-
[•tin, tlie rut*.* dropped to Vl. Where
the rlvrr steamers run, tlw
rat,* on salt is $1.80 tur righty-elght
milt's, lit'ionil tlw itemnecs, that
salt 1ms to Carry a raXe of Is lor a
linitdnil miles- In fad, ihi-iii-.li there'
nit* some very sorr htwls In Pi-nlaii-t
ovrr tlw city poiiiK tat** clvla steve-
duriiiir nnd civ It* ste.iinlN-atiim, yuii
ran set It down that Portland foowl'
evaetly wh.it sin* is doing. Ilie prize
she aims at is to hunt; down the
tralDc of that inland empire via
pMillaiiil and Panama.
Oimn at l.os Angeles, Panama is
in the wry air. Men sk*p with and
ml \Min it ami walk with it, t-houpli
nil the other cities on Uw cowl
ma*, rii 11 San Pedro "a flog pond"
l.os Angeles yearly handles n citrus
< ii p running from 138,000,000 to
i ei.inm.iiim according to tho season
In Uw shipment of that citrus crop
easl, MViiim.-MHi goes tor freight
Hv wnlei via Panama, "we will
wan $1,000,000 annually on our
oiangcs and Icim us aloM," declared
Mr. Vi'iMkllnnl. the general manager
of the Kriilt (1 rowers' nssoeiatlons.
"Wo Imve already tried quo ex
pithiH-nlal shipment of oranges to
New York hy way of Panama. H Is
10 per cent lower than across the
Two other prJ/e* lhc Pacific ctmst
ports are aiming at Id conntothm
with Panama—South American trade
nml oriental trade. Asia If lieing
modernlvod, ii'i't^lieanl/e-l Can thi
PnelPe ports make a hid (or the
trade if the 800,000,000 Orientals?
South Amerlran ' trade with the
Pnlt'il States totals trom six himii-
M million to a billion a year, imports nnd export* altogether to all
countries lo two billions. What Is to
prevent thc United States bidding
for that? It's a ourloua thing and
you have to look at a map to mfci-
stand it; but it is shorter for freight
to go down ih,* west coast of South
America anv) lie shipped inland from
( hilt- or Peru than to go out round
tlw bulging cast coast ami Ire shipped
in from the Atlantic.
Two difficulties stand In the way
of South American trade — bad packing ami lack ot steamers. Said a Los
Angeles chamber ot commerce man
who had gtwie down to investigate
coii'litiirfis: 'Unless American goods
are packed to stand the shock of two
train collisions, <!,> not send them
to South America. The stuff falls to
pieced, It is not unloaded as we
onload. It is just pitched overtioartl
to tbe docks below."
As It stumers, while six lines run
trom New York to tlie Argentine,
three I'.njlish, three American, not a
ship has lhe United Stai,s south ot
<P.iiutfna on tlw west coast. Some
British companies Imve art many as
liltivn lir.st-elass liners on Uie west
eo-ast, o-f South America. The United
States has not one. The dtfliculty
is not in gettiut; » cargo to go lo
Smith America. It is in getting a
OMgo hack to 1 'nited States ports.
170 ships of different Hags go an
tmally to the Argentine from the
I'piited States, but only 91 come
fiom the Argentine to the 1'nitod
On one other prize tlw Pacini* coast
porta are planning; and the eastern
steamship men, to be perfectly
frank, think t-hey will bo disappointed. T-he Pacific ports hope, too,
that Panama wil bring hundreds of
thousands ol people as tourists who
now go to l-.uropc. They think tbe
sea voyage i>f thirty days from Atlantic to Pact tie will divert traffic
from Kurope.
I don't," emphatically declared a
big steamship man on the east coast
who is ready to put thirty freighters
through Panama when tho canal
opens. "I don't, and Pli tell you
why we shall not pot a single passenger liner through Panama. We
cannot carry a passenger from New
Y*»rk to San Francisco for less than
$125, the very lowest figure for thirty days or six weeks. Well, the rail
roads can do the job far $76 in five
days. That settles It as lar as
practical    steamboat ing   Is concern-
Sir Thomas Upton tells a humorous story of a Scotchman who went
to a nee meeting for the first time
In his llle. The old man's friends
persuaded him to risk sixpence on a
hor*—a forty to one chance.
With much trepidation, the Scotchman handed out the sixpence, and,
strange to relate, the horse won
When tht bookmaker fcaaM    oat   a
sovereign and sixpence to Sandy, tht!
latter cotiltt not believe his own
"Do you mean to tell me I -get all
this for my saxpence?" he asked.
"You do,"   replied the bookmaker.
"Ma conscicnecv'" exclaimed Sandy.
"Tell me, mon, bow long has this
thing been going on?"
Though Sandy had "greenhorn's
luck" and "picked the winner" on
his first venture, he might not do so
again in 99 times out of 100, as
those who "follow the pontes" could
tell him. The man who wants to
place his "saxpevces" on a "sure
thing" should investigate thc Canadian government's annuity system,
information in regard to which may
be obtained at any post office or on
application 1o the SuperinUttdent of
Annuities, Ottawa. Your letter is
carr iiii free of postage.
Ocorice llrnr Mcl'utchcon's) novels
arr known to almost every onr and'
their successful draniallaiUoii serves
l« present tils heautitil heroines and
dashing heron In vivid, living action, surrounded hy all tlu accesaor-
i.'s nl picturesque scenes aad handsome dressing. Add to tbeat
equivalent* good looking women and
mon and energetic action, with plenty nl comedy awl the averago theatregoer has about all he wants to al-
fonl a pnrleclly satisfactory evening's
All of tliese conditions exist In
"Heverley" whicli Is U> tie presented
fnr the lirst time in this city- at the
Auditorium, Monday evening next,
July l.ltii. Tho plot la well known.
II tells ol a principality not known
in geography and of the men and women who an tta history makers with
nn occasional American or iwo
thrown in tor good measure. Utterly
Calhoun ia an American girl who
Hues <m a visit to the l'rlticcss Yetivc
of (Iraustark, mixes hcraell up Inexcusably In affaire of «t*t« aad
ought to be punished with baniah-
ment, but la rewarded by winning tho
man ibe loves, the poor lowly mountaineer, BaMot, who, tt later transpires is the exiled I'rfnce Dantan oi
Hawstergon ht disguise.
The produotlon which will be eeen
in this city la the one from the
Stiidebaker theatre, Chicago, when
it had a long spring engagement and
met wilh an enthueiaatle reception.
TO KGNT.-Warehouae or ttorc-
rootn space at reaaonaMo rates. Furniture, pianos, trunli, bugglea,
sleighs, etc., . stored In good dry
warehouse. App.y at, Herald ofBoe.
It. H-tl
that 3U days alter iliito I Intend to
apply to the Hon. Chief Commtssicn'
cr of Lands and Works Cor a licenso
to prosnect Ior coal and potrolcuin
cm Hie following liuiils, sittifvUi In Hi,;
Ili.flrlct ol South Kasl. Kootenay,
llritish Columbia, in lllock 4503:
Commencing at a post planted at
or mar 1 mile east ol iiit mllo |mst
on C.I'.H. survey in llloi-tj 45113 anil
being tin. S. W. outlier post of Knu
ti-nay Coal Co., I,til., claim, thenco
nortii 80 chains; Uionce ea.st 80
chains; ihence south 80 chains;
thence west 80 chains; to a poiut nl
i.f cii.ii'iia'inent, inakiing tl-H) ucjci
more or less.
Located    this    ltith day ol
itoy Allen, Agent Ior
Koolenay Coal   Co.,   Limited
on the following lands, situate in the
District ol South East Kootenay
British Columbia, in Block 4593.
Commencing nt a post planted, at
nr near I mile cast uf 30 mile posl
on C.l'.ll. survey in Block 4503 and
liing the N.W. corner post ol Kootenay! Coal Co., Ltd., claim, tliencc
smith SO chains; thence cast 80
flutuist; thence north 80 chains;
Ihencc west 80 chains to a point of
conunfiheohvent, making lltli acres,
more or less.
Located this ltith day ol May,
Hoy Allen, Agent lor
Kootenay Coal   Co.,   Limit.*), Locator. 28 51
being the S. W. corner post ol Kootenay Coal Co., Ltd., claim, llicnco
nortb 80 chains; tbence east 80
chains; thence .south 80 chain.'., tlientc
west 80 chains to it point ol c, m-
iiicnocnu'iit, making U40 acres, more
or less.
Located  Ibis   15th   day   ol    Mav,
Hoy Allen, Agent lor
Konteday Coal   Co.,    Limited, Locator. 28-5t
tliat 30 days alter    date I Intend to
apply to Ibc Hon. Chiel Commissioner of Lands  ami Works  for a license
prospect   for coal and petroleum*
on the following lands, situate In lhe
NOTICE     IS    HEREBY    OIVEN District  ol   Soulb    East Kootenay,
that 30 days after    date I intend to llrilish Columbia, in Block 4503:
1-o'a- apply Ui tlie Hon. Chiel Commission-'   Commencing at a pott planted    at
28-51 ,.j „[ i.nnds awl Works  ior a license or near 3 miles east <>t 30 mile post
 j to   prospect   (or coal nnd petroleum on CH.lt. survey in Block, 4503   anil menccmnit
I<>ii Uie lollowlng lamls, situate in the being the   S. E. corner post ol Koe-'or less,'
District  ol   South    East Kooten-iy, lenay Coal   Co., Ltd.. claim,   thcncel   Located
British Columbia, in Block 4503:        [north 80   chains; theme    weit      80,1012.
or less.
Li cited     this    llth day  „l
Hoy Allen, Agent for
Kootenay Coal   Co.,   Limited,
thut 30 days alter date I intend to
apply to the lion. Chief Commissioner ot Lands awl Works for a license
to prospect for coal and petroleum
m tbe following lauds, situate in the
District ol Smith Easl Kootenay,
British Columbia, iu Block 4593:
Commencing al a post planted at
ot near 3 miles east ol 2« mile post
on C.P.R. survey in Block 1503 and
ll'irji, the N. Vi. corner post ol Kootenay Coal Co., Ltd., claim, tliencc
south 80 chains; tnence east 8U
chains; thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to a puliit ol com-
mat-Jllg mo   acres, more
this     llth  dav   ol   May.
|   Commencing at a post planted   at chains; thenoo south 80 chains^ theme
or near 8 miles east ol 28 mile post last 80 chains to u point ol      coin-
on  t'.l'.R. survev in niock 4503   and mencement,   makim;  010 acres, mote
I"' ***.J!?*T being tne N.  VV. corner post ot Koo- ot less.
tenay foul    Co., Ltd., claim, thence     Located   this    15th    day if Ma;.
south   80   chair*-,,   Ihencc east     8n'l!ll2.
chains;     tbence    nortii     80 chains; Hoy Allen, Agent tor
tliencc west 80 chains to a point    ol.Kootenay Coal  Co.,   Limited, l.oca-
comnieiicement,    making    04o acres, tor. 28 5t
more or loss.
,   ,     , .     ,,      ■   Located    Ibis   llth dav ol    Mav,
Led., claim, thence .^,^
Roy Allen, Agent for
Kootenay Coal   Co.,   Limited, I oca-
tor. 23-51
I.oea- ,
that 30 days alter dale I intend to
apply to the Hon. Chlel Commissioner of Lands ami Works lor a liicnse
lo prospect [„r coal and petroleum
on Hie billowing lands, situate jn tbo
District ol Soulb East Kootenay,
llrilish Columbia, in lllock 4503:
Commencing nt a post planted    at
or near I miles cist of 28 mile   post
C.P.R. survey in Block 4503  ami
on the lollowlng lands, situate ViTtho' ^ lh° ?■ *'* "VT •***' "'Ko°*
Dislrict,  „|   South    East, Koolenay, **W _'""'     "" '''' ' Mm' ,h,11c'*
British Columbia, In Block 4593;       i"""' 8"   cbaim'   i,UBee   e'*sl      m
chains;     tliencc     north    80 chains;
that 30 days after dale I intend to.
apply to the Hon. Chiel Commission-1
er o! Lands and Works for a license
to   prospect , for coal and petroleum
that 30 days alter date I intend to
apply to the Hon. Chiel Coiiaiiissim
er of Lands and Works lor a license
to prospect for coal and pelrohum
ou the billowing lands, situate in the
District of Smith East Kootenay.
llrilish Columbia, in Block 4593:
fommciiciiii! at a lsist planted at
or near 9 miles east ol 30 mile post
on C.P.lt. survey in Block 1593 and
being the N. E. corner poat ol Kootenay Coal Co., Ltd., claim, thence
south 80 .liains; thence west KO
chains; thence north 80 chains.
tlii'iire east 80 chains to u point oi
coiiiiiienceiiicnt-, makiiK lim acres,
more or less.
Located this 15th dav of Mav.
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Kootenay Coal  Co.,   Limited, toca-
-ommcncniifnt,     mailing   0 ID
more or less.
Located   this   IBth   dav of
Hoy Allen, Agent lor
Kootenay Coal   Co.,    Limited,
is r.t
Roy Allen, Agent for
Kootenay I'oal   Co.,    Limited, Locator. 28-5t
llial 30 days alter dale 1 mt. nd to
apply to tile Hon Chlel Commissi, ilif Lands and Works (or a license
prospect for coal and potroleum
on th.- following lands, situate in ibe
District ol Smith East Kootiti.iv.
British Columbia. In Block 4593:
Coiiiin.-neing at a post planted a<
or near i mile .«st <f 28 mile   pnst
On t'.l'.R. sutiey in Block I.V.I3 iiml
u-ing tho V w cornel post ol Koo-
tenay Coal Co., I.t.i. claim, tbence
south SO ilijins. tlu-iiC- ,.J3t Ki)
chains, thenco north 80 .-bains.
thence  West   SU chains  tr
commencement,    nmklng
more or less.
Located this 13th     dav ot
Roy Allen, Agent lor
Kootenay Coal   Co.,    Limited, Locator 28-r.t
point    ol
flit   acri-s.
more or less
:.ocalcd   Ibis   15th   dav ol    Mav, NOTICE.
that  30 days after    date 1 intend tc
lor. 28 at' apply to the Hon. Cbiet Oolumissicn-
- —-         •   er ol Lamls  and Works for a license
NOTICE. to   prospect   for coal and petroleum
. on the lollowlng lands, situate in the
NOTICE     IS    HEREBY    OIVEN IMslrict  ol   Smith    East Kootenay.
that 30 days alter    date I intend to British Columbia, in Block 4591:
apply to tile Hon. Chlel Commission-1   Commencing   at a  pest planted at
er nl Lairds and Works Inr a license or near 3  miles east of 26 mile post
lo   prospect   for coal and petroleum on C.P.R. survey on Block 4593   and
tm the billowing lands, situate in the being the N. E. corner post of Koo-fmore or less.
NOTICE    IS    IIKHKHY    OIVEN Distriet. ol   South    East Kootenay, traay Coal    Co., Ltd., claim, tbence    l-ocafed    this
Ihat 30 days alter    date 1 Intend tn llritish Columbia, In Block 4593: south 80    chains; thence west       tt,' 1*»I2.
that 30 day*, alter date I intend to
apply to the Hon Chiel Commissirn-
o! lands and Works for a license
prospect lor coal and petroleum
on tbe following lands, situate in the
District of South East Kootenay.
British Columbia, in Block 4593:
Commencing at a piist planted at
or near 3 miles east of 28 mile post
on C.P.R. survey in Block 45M and
tx-ira! the S. W. comer p< st of Kootenay Coal Cc , Ltd , claim, thence
north 80 chains; thence east SO
chains, ihence south 80 chains.
tiience west 80 chains: to a point of
commencement,   making   610    acres,
llth  day ol  May,
Commencing at a Pont planted    nt chains; thenco north 80 chains, thence Roy Allen, Agent for
or near 3   miles east of SO mile post easl 80 chains   to a point ol     com-'Kontrnay Coal  Co.,
apply to the Hon. Chiel Commlssii n
er ol I-ands and Works Ior a license
to   prospect   lor coal and petroleum on C.I'.H, survey fn Block 4593   and mencement,    making 640 acres, more tor.
Llmltal. Locals-51
\ H
Once Hit Hairs Were Countlen
Save Your Hair While You Have Hair to Save
Many a poor fellow whose hair* are to.day countless will In time Und them numbered unless he heglns at once the use
ol that well-known hair saver,
If yonr scalp itches nml you Hml loose hair and flnko., of ilaiulrtilf on yonr clothing aud in yonr hair brush, thnt is all tliu
evidence you need to know yon are getting bald. ^^
Don't wnit too lonir. It is easier to save the htiir yon have than to grow new. Stnrt right nway with the use of NEWMO'S
HEinCIK. HERPICIDE kills tlio gorni that causes dandruff, chocks the further loss of hair and allays the itching. It makes the
scalp clean and lienllliy and gives the hair a natural luxuriance, life and vigor.
There nro ninny imitations of HERPICIDE and n score of preparations claimed to be just aa Rood. Don't ho deceived. Vou
want results, therefore insist upon having the Original Dandruff Germ Destroyer. It is sold everywhere in 50c. and tl.im sitecs,
satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded.
SEND to CENTS In postage or silver to cover cost ol packlni and malting, to the HERPICIDE CO/1PANY, Dept. 84 B,
Windsor, Ont., for a sample bottle and a booklet on tho care of the hair. Applications obtained at the better barber shops
and hair dressing parlors.
THE BEATTIE-MURPHY CO., Ltd., Special Agents paid $50
in Cash for
improving your
walk like this •*»
108 Canadian farmers will
receive cash  prizes   (twelve  in
each Province) in our big
WE held a contest last year in which 36 prizes were
offered-    This year there will be three times as many
prizes (I0SJ and therefore three t'mes as many chances for you
to win one of them.     You do not have to use a larue ijuantity of
cement  to win
comparatively littl.
prize.     Many of last year's
prize-winners used
nul inurilr
'I'HK .ulitral  i)  dilittrj itiln tbtrr
1    mif  ot tbrtr   (C'lati"A"t   Joei  lhc MOW*- ur
it U<r J cuuiit  In  'fri'iiif pri/r  »ir.nri*.      fan
t> ii hir dotal Hir hr.il rpscfrti etuik Itbc n/e
ik-i m difference). Cbw "C" l> lur.Fit-tint-iiitti**
il ami flMirtl ihsirtptiun ul buw any piece ul
ncrtw Hurlt»». iintif.
THKRH trill be four pri/.-, (Nnt. S.Ut SevimJ.
1 Uli ItiifJ. Illi Kiuii... »tuj In neb cUu
In eacli fiutincr. Tbut yuu have wily lu firtn
peU willi utber tinner. In your own Prutlii.r.
■nd nut wiib Ibote in ill parte ul Cauida. 'I
fttei »uu tbc Um poaiiblc chirm tu wit
IT COSTS NOTHING TO KNTER-Theie are abaoluirl-r nu ".irinn" toibUotter.    Tbei-it no rntry !.-.„ frj i,p- ,0 bMhci
witb.   Vou ciiinut lo**, betniwe ihe lB.More»cr.tt.»oit nuke of CMcMlia -iM**-*iiii| lu* tbc pflui will he mult than
IronblbclrcMt.   Web-wee, book.    What the Farmer Van Du With Concrete," tbat -ill fire yuu ill ibe
lufurmiilon ibuut tbe uie ul cuncrne you cm need,    li will be tent lo yuu lire wben you aik ui lur coinplrte pariUu-
iti.nltl.r 1'ii-f Cimtrtt.  Aik tor |a-iiciiUfi tudir.  |mn> "Send Me. Iree, your booh aud lull partlculin ul tbc
DU fri/Monte...'' uu a poauaidu*i null it to-day.    AJJmm Publicity MlfflffTfj
Canada Ceaeit Co«pny Limited, 503 Herald Bldf., Montreal
(Special to tlw Herald).
On Friday, June 28tli, 1912, tbo Installation of Uie Invermcrc waterworks was duly inaugurated by the
ii'xnlng of Uie lu-;nlsatt'S. The system
is now supplying with good water tho
Hotel Invcrir.i're, the restaurant, the
C.V.I, company's office and flange,
ami will shortly be linked up with
thc new business premises and, private rosllk'nCi'8 -that nre under oon-
Htriictl.ui. It is MHilless to point
out wlin t a l.oon tin' waterworks will
lie to the owners ol villa lots In In
vcrmoro Heights. Water both lor
irrigation ami domestic purposes will
tu. conveyed (rom the source ol supply to the various lots in the
Heights and townsite through wood
pipes at a pressure ot Irom IHI to 75
pounds to flic square inch.
I   i
.1. E. Kent, ol Toronto, inspector
of Die Dominion nl Canada fluarantcf
anil Accident Insurance Co., ol
which Messrs. Arnold and Rolierts
an. local agents, is In town on
tour ol inspection.
Balance .
The Shareholders The Society Oirl
Mining Company, Limited:
(lentlwiicn: Your directors beg to
sHiinit herewith the fourth annual report ol tlie company, together with
the statement ..I accounts, Muly audited, both ol which have been
Drought down to thc 12th ol June
Since tlie last annual report was
rendered development work has been
curried on as Mlows: Drilling, H7 It
raising, 210 It., sloping, 38(1 It. The
work was done at a co!*t ol it.tt per
loot, or a total ol 15,977.53.
During the past year the raise between the No. 2 and No. 1 tunnels
has been driven lit) It., and is now
up 180 ll. This leaves only nboul
10 ft. to be driven to make connection with the winze in tlie upper nr
No. 1 tunnel. This raise will Ihi c.iiii-
plctd as sunn as ibe water In (lie
win/e towers siilficicntly to eliminate
danger when breaking through, lly
the latter part ol luly this work ean
tie accomplished. The dining cl Hie
raise has been slow on account ol
the poor ventilation, allowing only
one shift to be worked.
Tlie amount, ol ore lound in the
raise did not come up to expectations, and the ore shipped came
mostly Irom the first 1011 It. ol the
raise ami Irom the lower workings.
Thi' ore mined and shipped during
il*- past year amounted to '-"'';.
tons, ol a gross value of t5,773.1H, or
$18.50 per Ion.
The Intention of thc company is to
ship sufficient ore without delay to
pay off llie small indebtedness o<
tin' company, aud then direcl attention to the completing is* the ralao.
With the raise through Hie mine will
have an abiuidanee ol ventilation and
mining can bc carried on much more
A dry has been built near the lower
tunnel, tlie wagon road hus been put
in good repair, and everything is In
splendid shape for currying on opera
Your directors are putting lorth
every ellort to get the property on a
paring basis ami to earn substantial
prollls lor the shareholders win. have
tlnir money invested. With considerable ore in sight and the healllilul
condition of the markets lor both
silver and lead, we are confident thai
(luring the coming vear our endeavors
will be lrnitf.it.
itcspcclfully submitted,
Tlie Hoard ol Directors.
Seven crown   granted mineral claims  (100,000.00
Iluildings, rails,   tools and
equipment, etc     l.iiK'UU
Mining account ...
Teaming  .- ...
Expense account
3,012.28 speaker    urged  upon all  present thc
' necessity    of    living up to Christian
8,785.47 standards. Then and then only would
I tliey be   aide lo    wield   au Inllncnccc
5,077.53 (or good, to suppress rvcrylMng that
83.50 woild in any    way hinder the llh|rrlv
022.00 ol an* individual.
948.811   strong  men are needed, men    who
1,285.00  )r,w j),,.!,. country „„„• desire llw Weill'01 tare ol all.
23 58
2500'   w",ch' ""''''li"'!'.    be true to ymir
ito'nn m'*n' *"' nu'n °'   courage and always
i out in dense ol your religious prin
8,785.47  ''iples in Ihe spirit ol love.
"To thine own sell he true
"Anil it must   follow, as the night
the. day,
"Thou canst not then he Inlse    to
uny man."
Wilh   Billiousneu   Md   Sick
Calgary, Alberta, July 8, 1911.
I was a great sufferer Ior a long
time with Billiousness, Sick Headache
and Liver-Trouble. Nothing seemed
to dn me any good. I had almost
given up in despair when I decided to
Alter taking about hall a box the
headache stopped, and my appetite
improved. I have just finished tile
filth box and leel as well as ever. I
can heartily recommend Fig Pills for
stomach and liver troubles.—Mri.
Mary Ellion.
Sold at all dealers In 25 and 50
cent boxes or mailed by The Fig Pill
Co., St. Thotnai, Ont.
Sold by The Cranbrook Drug and
Hook Co., Ltd.
Our advertisement, through
the omission ot the word
"not," was rather misleading,
but we hope you will NOT
delay coming to our sale on
this account.
All the Crockery is going at cost and less,
and there are many great saving opportunities
in the Men's department.
Don't delay. Come now and get some of the
real good things.
High Grade Goods
Low Grade Prices
The "Over Seas" Club
Tlie members ol the above spent a
mosl delightful evening lasl Tuesday.
It was Hie ladies night and was in
i barge »f Mrs. .1. S. Drake, win, was
ably assisted by Mesdames Marshall,
E. SaiuslMiry, II. tlridley ami E. Ismay.
Tbe lirst part ol the evening was
musical, when llie lollowlng program
was gone through:
Pianoforte solo ... Mrs. Edmundson
Recitation ... Mrs. Edgar Salisbury
Mandoline solo ... Mrs. Harry Uridley
song Mr. Archie llaworih
Sung   Mrs. E. Ismay
Tliere were several encores.
'llie chair for tlie musical ■cotton
was taken by Mrs. Marshall.
Alter lhc music ice cream ami cake
were served on prettily decorated
tables by toe ladies.
Alter lelreslniienis dancing was Indulged in until midnight and the
duties ol M. 0. were airly curried out
by Mrs. Edgar Suiiistiury.
The vice-president proposed *
hearty vote ot thanks lo tile ladies, I
who had given the members such a
good time.
As there are several important- matters to lie disposed ot the nexl meeting on    July 23rd,   will   lie devoted
chielly to business.
Mfinlicrs o( the li-raT Orange lodge
attended divine service last Sunday
evening at the Presbyterian church
when the new pastor, Rev. W. K.
Thomson, preached an appropriate
Mr., Thomson those lor his text i
Corinthians'. 18th chap. 13th and llth
vers.*: "Watch ye, stand fast in lis'
faith, quit you like men, In- strong.
Let all you do, be done with charity."
Tbc materialistic spirit Is ao prevalent today, a warning note Is
i|iiirod to rouse    us   from our moral
Development ol mine .......   2l,tl8.1o'and spiritual sleep.    Spiritual things
Cash in bank   28.3l|are eternal,   therefore of  lirst      Itn-
Rulanco       6,202.19]porlance.    Watch ye.
I   A man's   liie Is thc expression   ol
1134 338.54 his MM.      The faith which      Paul
Capital stock-
Issued   to  May
31st,       1011.
552,850  shrs..1120.380.25
urged thr members ol the church at
Corinth to be loyal to, contained the
doctrines of Ood, the Eternal Being
Our Father, Jesus ITirlst, thc Son
ot Ood our Savior, the only Mediator
Issued   to May lictwcen Ood and man, tho Immortal-
31st,       1912, 'ty of the soul, the lonrjvcncss ol sin,
35,008    shrs..     4,387.25 tl» communion ol saints.
-tlS3,787.5l    In   Mils   laith Paul   died.   Luther,
Aecr.unts payable         517.00.Knott. Calvin planted their leet upon
 \ Ibis rock ol belief. Wesley nnd Whlter
1184,338.54. field   preached tills gospel anil    won
PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT,   thousands nl souls to llie cause      ol
Or. Christ, the liberator trom sin.
Ore sales     1   5,977.53    This Is Ibc   belief ol all the   rnern-
tloiinty on above     t.MH.M he"   ol    the   Orange   lodge.     Tla
Leaving Cranbrook
A RECENT change in the firm has compelled us to close out our Cranbrook business.   The plain
truth is we are going to go early in August.   We don't intend to take any stock with us.
Commencing Saturday, the 13th, at 10 a.m.
there will go on record the lowest priced Men's and Boys'-Wear Sale ever pulled off in the Kootenays.
It will last only a few days, but it will be a few days of value giving that will make mail order buying
look like a regular hold-up.   READ BIG BILLS.
Everything Goes
Men's Clothing
Men's Furnishings
Boys' Clothing
Boys' Shoes
Boys' Furnishings
Suit Cases
Read Big Bill for Particulars
$12.00 Men's SuiU      $7.50
$25.00 Men's Suite      14.W
$6.00 Boya' Haiti        2.95
$7.60 Boya' SuiU       4.75
$4.60 Men'. Shoe* _       2.45
$2.50 Boya* Shoe        1.45
$1.75 Boyi' Shod.        |.|0
$15.00 Raincoat*        $.00
$1.60 ITmbrollai         MR'
$1.00 Linen Bate        40o
$2.00 Felt Hal.          95"
Trunk., Bait Oaw., Telescopta nt
•bout Halt Priou
Stock of Men's and
Boys' Wear
Cash Register
Mirrors, Etc.
Read The HERALE only $2.00 a Year


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