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Cranbrook Herald Jun 15, 1922

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* r.U*KK IOR THE noo-
~0n*c.M- «*B?Ui'
CRAKBKOOK, II. IS.  Till ItsiiAV. ,n\i: l.illi. I»2»
Fall Fair To Be
Heldjhis Year
>ltM'liiitf ol'  Aicrimltunil Anno-
Hutlon This HVt'k Decides
To Oti Aliend
At a meeting held In tbo city bull
ou Monday ovoning wben tliere wiih
u dozen or more present, tbe Cranbrook grlcultural Association was revived, anil u gtroilg mnvemenl put on
tool to bold a lull rnlr here tbis year.
Hep resell tnttvoB from tbe bUBlnesa
men of ttie city anil some of Ibe pro-
iiiiueiii rurmore of tbe district were
present, and It was fell (bat tliere
was a strong Boutltuent m>w abroad
in favor of bidding a fair tbis year,
II waH also felt llml Ibe presence In
tbe dlstrlcl of Mr. Annus Hay, uh dls-
trlcl agriculturist win beip in putting
it full- over, aince bo la continually
moving around among tbe (armors •"
ull purts of tbe district, uud is u well
known booster for a fair.
W. K. Wodron was lu tbe cbair aud
W. M. Harris acted ns secretary. Mr.
Worden repot oil on tbe cloumstances
iu 1980, when plans for tbe holding
of a fair bud to be discontinued owing to difficulties arising in regard
to tbe grounds which the directors
could not get around. Efforts to get
a meeting earlier thls year to elect
officers for the year bad failed and
tlie matter bad beeu left in abeyance
llll tbe present. Tbe secretary reported u fairly substantial bank balance on band.
Hefore tlie new board of eight directors was elected, the opportunity
was Riven to join up for membersbip.
which almost everyone took advantage of. The eight directors elected
were the following:
Messrs. W. K. Worden, J. P. Fink,
Dr. Rutledge. F. M. MucPberson, Geo
Hogarth. F. II. Dezall, W. H. Wilson
and W. B. Bardgett. With these
will co-operate an advisory committee
of eight others, strictly farmers, who
will act particularly in arranging the
prize list. Four of thees eight were
named at tbe meeting, C. Fleming.
M. McCrindle, N. McClure aud F.
Clark, and It was left to these four
to name the otlier tour. Tbe directors elected will appoint their own
officers, und name a secretary, Mr.
Harris wishing to be relieved of this
A letter Ls being sent to Victoria to
ascertain what will be available in
tbe way of a grant towards the prize
list for the fair, uud to suggest tlie
dates as arranged. It is probable
the fair will tuke place some time
Wltllltl the first two weeks of September, so ns to fit In Uh other fairs of
the district, to suit the convenience
of the judges.   *
A further meeting is to be held
shortly, nnd everything will be done
to expedite the matter of putting on
a fair, and committees will b« struck,
so thui nil proper preparation can be
made to put ou tbe biggest and besl
fair yet.
Messrs Hay and Harris met this
■week aud picked on Tuos.liy. find
Weilnesduy, September 12th and 1-lti.
as lhe mosl suitable dates, and the
department nl Victoria Is accordingly
to bfl asked to confirm these dates
Tbis wfll enable exhibits to be sent
down frnm tho Koolenay Ceniral
branch on lhe Monday mid return again ou the Thursday following. Quiie
a representative exhibit is hoped for
from thai district.
A mooting of the Farmers" Institute
wns held tail Saturday, Juno 10, at
the city ball, with an attendance of
about a dosen, The president, 0.
Flomlng, wus in the chair.
A lettor wa» read from an official
of the Department of Agriculture ut
Ottawa re nu Illustration slntlon In
this district, slating that bo would
look over the ground nn bis next visit   west.
A loiter was read from t'. K. Whitney Or HTM lis, regarding complaints
from ""' [agitate over the nppar.Mil
neglect <-f this district on lhe part of
Mr. T. 1>. MacKenzie, On illscnsslng
lhe matter Mr. MacKenzie said that
going Inlo dtsirlcls nearer the coast
on range work each spring be was
never able to complete thu work and
get on a schedule, and hence hia later
appointment sufferod. He regretted
it was so. but Imped to make up fnr
it In the near future, and he was do-
J. F. Uuimont returned ou Sunday
from Vancouver and Victoria, attending in the provincial capital a meet-'
lug of gamu wardens and others especially interested in getting lhe fur  brook';
Cranbrook   journeyed   io Wardner
Sunday aud took the short end of a
;i-l   gcore  alter  a   game   whicli  kept
the crowd on edge throughout   Crau-
bai.ces   were  dimmed   when
•tl  too  Ian- fo
trade int.! a better organized condition. The meeting of tbe Provincial
Gume Conservation Hoard, of which
Mr. Gulmont is the member for this
dislrict, wheu Ihcopeu aeasons for
game uud gnmo lords ure fixed, usually along the lines of roeoumiundu-
lious made lo them, will be held a
Utile   later,
Mr.  Guimont   has  lieen  advised,  lu
response to a  roqUOSl sent to Oltawu
for the establishment or a fish hatchery iu Hits dislrict by tbe Hod und
(■uu Club, bucked up by other organisations, Mint a representative will bo
coming irom tbo department at Oi-
lu.vu to look over tho ground this
summer, lo (flitlsfy tho officials that
conditions hero favor the establishment of a hatchery, and gather other
At u meeting of the School Hoard'
held ou Friday lust, the regular monthly meeting, !__. H. McPhee wns voted
to the chair, and there were present
ulso Trustees Mrs. Miles and Mrs.
Letters from tbe secretary of the
B.C. School Trustees* Association at
Trail, wero received, relative to the
proposed Kast Kootenay District
Trustees' Association. It is proposed
to muko Cranbrook the headquarters
of this new district association, whicli
would take ln the territory from Kootenay Lauding to tho boundary, the
Kootenay Central district, and up to
Kimberley. The Fernie Board bus
advised thut tbey are taking no action aloug this line for the present,
however, und the letters were ull filed.
The salary of Mlsg H. Decew was
increased to f 1150 per annum, on account of her having an intermediate
Resignations were formally received from 1" T. Baker, of the High
School, Miss M. K. Staples, Miss C.
M. MacKenzie, Miss M. M. Blanken-
bach. Miss B. Currie. Miss E. E. Wallace.
Miss Sutherland advised the board
from Revelstoke (bat she will not be
able to return for the balance of this
term, since the bereavement of her
mother, hut asked the Board if possible that she bo given Grade V again next year.
Miss L. c. Henderson wag appointed to the Receiving class, with a salary of $i-.oo per annum.
A first assistant for the High School
staff will be advertised for, with latin and botany as special subjects.
One application for a position on
Ihe teaching staff, from Miss M. t.
Johnson, has been accepted, at a salary of $1,100 por year.
The secretary wns instructed to
wire to Dr. McLean, minister of education at Victoria, asking whether
the amended plans for Ute school addition had heen received, and ns to
when ihelr approval might bo expected by lhe board.
The usual shenf of monthly nc-
counts wero passed for payment.
The offer from W. 8. Worden to
properly prepare and seed down to
grass iho space on the south side of
lhe central school for the sum of
$.tr. was accepted. This includes fertilizing, ploughing, harrowing, seed-
lug nud rolling.
in I
their catcher, Adamson, took sudden-j
ly 111 and spent Saturday aud Sunday ! Editor,
iu   the  hospital,    Cranbrook's    new
catcher,   McPeak,   was   taken   along,
bin  owing  in bin  not being eligible
Wardner would not stand for bla play
ing, unit ihis crippled the locals materially,   lu passing it might
that nt Kimberley on the Sin
viuiis,   With   Kimberley   In  the    sume
posit bui,   Crnnbrook   extended   the
court est ob of real sportsmanship   to
ihe leuguo leaders iu allowing them
to play their new catcher, Johnson,
although he was hy no means eligible under tlie league rules. Hut rules
were meant to prevent such abuses
as wero lhe case last yeur, ami not
io procure the odd pound ot flosll
such us was the caso at Wardner,
Both Green and Mitchell pitched
Al ball and hits wore sialic al ull
limes. Craubrook loaded the bases
after two wore down in the first, but
Super's drive wont straight to the so-*
cond hasi man nnd killed scoring
chances, lu the second Mitchell got
lo second on Spenee's error ami wild
heave and scored on a hit.
Cranbrook scored iu the fourth on
Bum ford's single a.id Sang's long
three  bagger  to  right.
Iu the sixth Wardner got two men
on with oue down, but a double play
cleaned tbe sacks. Iu the lirst of
the eighth Crowe got ou through a
scratch hit, but Wardner pulled oft
a double play thai killed tbe chalices,
t wus here that Umpire Brown began
i lose his vision, lu tlie last of the
eighth he called four men iu succession safe at first, when In each case
the man seemed to be out. These,
sandwiched iu with two hits aud two
errors, pushed two runs across. Theso
proved enough to In, as Cranbrook
did not got a mini on in the first of
tbe ninth.
We understand that steps have been
taken by Mr. Jacobsott, league president, to see tbat n repetition of the
last two Wardner home games does
not occur again. Nothing will kill
baseball more quickly than lho spirit
exhibited last Sunday.
The summary:
Innings 12   3   4    6   fl   7   8   fl
Runs 0   10   0
Hits 0   t   0   1
Total rims,
rors, 2,
Cranbrook. B.C.,
Juno flth,   192!
Cranbrook  Herald.
Hear Sir:
There have ben ho many rumors
i Irculated inferring thai I um afraid
io ask for an int&iBtigntlon into tin
reuaong of my dl bilaaal ihat ii will
ba of Interest to [uny to know thai
under date of the 1st Instant, 1 wrote
personally to ihe premier asking tor
i<n InvoBllKation a   soon .■-■ possible,
imt expect ono win. little delay,
i'otirs truly,
A further letter lias heen sent to
Premier Oliver by Mr. Walllnger this
week, no reply having been recelvod
to either of hfs former communications. Ills third request for a reply
is ns follows:
Crunbrook, B.C.,
*~^_ June 15th,  1922.
The  lloiiftrnbltt- —
The Premier      »
John  Oliver, Victoria,  B.C.
Dear Sir:
1 hud lhe honor io a'ddresg
ter to you on the lst instant
that un Inquiry bo made as soon as
conveniently possible into the circumstances of my case. To Ibis request
1 have beeu denied lho courtesy of tin
answer or acknowledgement and find
it very difficult to know bow to pro
i-ood, us this Is lhe third latter addressed to various olllcials to which
I huve had no answer nor acknowledgement.
I should be very glud lo receive nu
answer from yon ut your cnrliesl convenience.
I have the honor to be, Sir,
Vour obedieiil servant,
N.  A.   tt'A^UXGl'.K.
fl   let-
Dom. Govt. Takes
Over Hot Springs
iVell  Known Sinclair spring*
hi Winder more IIHiik Mnde
Purl of Kootenay Park
0   0   2
•:   a  2
3; total bits 8; total er-
8   4
0   2
Runs (
Hits 2
Total runs
errors 5.
Mlckena . Cranbrook
Soper.   Argue.
League Standing
Next Sunday's
Yuhk. Wardner
brook idle.
Special to tbc"*.;.Tulil by
Basil G. Hamilton. Invermere, B.C.
INVERMERE,  B.C., June  10.—Acting upon the advice of the Minister
of  the  Interior,  the   Dominion  Governmeni   is taking  steps  to    acquire
u   o   o I by  expropriation  ouo    of   the    hot
0 0   10   0 sprlngB of the  Windermere  district,
total | a spring known In them ns "Tbo Kootenay     Mineral     Springs."      Before
Mltchel aud these steps wero taken it appears that
Green and an effort was made in 1921 by representatives of the British Columbia Governmeni to ohtuiu possession for
p.c. the Dominion government. In doing
4 1 .8001 this they were acting under the Act
3 2 .600 governing tbe arrangement whereby
2      u      .4001 the British Columbia government un-
1 2      ,:_:{.. iderlook to obtain title for the Federal
I      ;i      .250
itines:    Wycllffe at
i  Klmberley, Cran-
FROM   liKTllltRUHJi.
(From our Kootenay Orchards
A groat feat was accomplished in
the Kootenay Orchards district when
water was brought up from a ravine
to higher levels, practically two miles
of open ditch ami eighty! feet of riuute
being built, ami a good supply of waler put on tn Mr. W. H. Stender's
ranch for Irrigation purposes. Bv-
Orytlllllg WAS completed in loss than
fifty working hours, the whole
scheme being engineered and carried
out by Messrs. Horn uti-d Slender.
Mr. Horn says a little moit-ey and lots
of common sense wfll go u long way
in this kind of work, and he bag had
wide experience lu work wllh water,
both b.v pressure and gravity.
Ing all possible lo try end get some . —- - ■
solution to the mixed range problems  KOOTKNAY MAN'MILLS
hero that would prove woikable. * " '*'
Officers for tbo Institute were elected Us follows:
Directors—Messrs. P. Woods, W. B.
Bardgett, L. Paulsen, Lawson, Arnold, C. Fleming, Barr and Smith.
President   W. B. Bardgett
Vlce-Pres  P. Woods
Secretary     L.  Paulsen
Two experienced restaurant men
from   Lethbrldge,  George  Anton  aud
umes Ramos, have taken over the
Club Cafe from Jas. Buchanan, ami
the place has been closed for a few
days this week undergoing alterations and Improvements being made
by the new management. Thoy have
had many years experience tu the
business In Lethbridge. nnd promise
the best of service In every way when
they   open   up   for  business   iu the old
stand of the Club Cafe, it la expected
that the changes will be completed
by about Saturday morning, when the
restaurant win upon for business.
^^^^ iiniiiial Cn.ubiook
tauqua is due t0 open on Friday ofl (Vancouver World)
this week, tiio big brown tent nrriv-i On Monday evening the congrega-
lug on Thursday, aud evoryibiug be-'tion of the Trinity Methodist Church
Ing put in readiness for the opening] gathered to bid farewell to Rev. B. C
program on Friday afternoon. This
several uu
evening,  li
lecturer a
sides of ll
usual ubili
lull  know
ho All-Slslers Sax-
artette, aud will commence
The evening program that
commence at 8.16. Little
I he said of the program.
bvlously u strong uiu-. with
nibei's thai ought io he out-
Ciipi. Upton, here the first
as a great reputation us a
nd specialist on children's
play, and Alexander
has been hailed on both
io Atlantic us u man of un-
ty us a speaker and with a
ledge ot ibe problems   ot
esenl  day upon whicli
To single Ihose two out is
attempt to minimize uny of iho
spealterg on tbo lecture pro-
for ihey ull come strongly recommended, and are likely to live up
to the reputation they have made.
The nitric is going to bo a strong
feature of the program as well, tht
KUer-Wheeler ladles' orcheslra promising a treal in tho way of a delightfully varied program, while the Adan-
iic Male Quartette, with Ruthven McDonald, Canadian basso, nnd Riley
Ibillmuu, concert tenor of Toronto,
huve also programs of real merit.
The play, "Mrs. Temple's Telegram." has bad a long and successful
in both sides of the Atlantic, and
met ll ing above ibe ordinary run
of plays that happens along. The
Chautauqua play bus always been
popular, and the one brought this
yeur promises to be tbo equal if not
tha he: t  one yet.
Thoro are eleven numbers i" all,
und from reports that have ei nn. from
other points on the circuit .here is
nothing to question as to the quality
if uny of iho performances.
The ticket co.tim'Mc has boiti working vigorously on the sale of tickets
ud It Is hoped by tho lime of Hie opening will have lhe biggest part of
the guarantee sum accounted for.
Iu the meantime any who have not
yet secured their ticket should do so
without delay, und those who have
previously decided not to take a ticket this year wonld do well to reconsider, because by not taking in the
programs offered they will be tbe losers themselves in a very real way, as
well as possibly tbe eommP-.-.e as a
Freeman, who fs leaving nfter a very
cesstul pastorate, Mr. J. .1. dtubba
presided, und Mr. John Tucker, on behalf of tbe congregation ■presented
Mr. Freeman with a substantial sum
Of     money.     The     Comrades     Class,
Which has beeu led by .Mr. Fre-'tnuii,
presented him with gold cuff links.
Mra,  Freeman  received    a cut-glass
bowl    from    tlte Sunshine Class,    of
tvbloll  she  has  been   leader  of since
■omiug to Trinity Church,   The Sun-
lay School   presented    Miss   Helen
Freeman  with  a  beautiful    leather-
bound hymn book ,ts a tokeu of approbation of her faithful service.
A short program of readings, aolos,
-., followed by a number of games,
is much enjoyed by nil present.
On Saturday evening last, members
of the famous .VIth Kootenay Battalion, C.E.F., beld their first reunion,
which took tho form of a dinner, and I ^Ue replaced hlin behind the bat, and
Cranbrook and Wycliffe staged anlther exhibition game at the G.W.V.
\. grounds, and lhe game proved to
be the beat pulled off here su far this
season. The final score was --l In
avor of the locals. Only twalre Wy-
llffe men faced Green lu ihe first
four Innings, and Seaman, Wy lifte'c
pitcher, pitched to ouly fourteen in
same number of Innings The
t of tbe fifth, Steve Clark, tho old
master of the Wycliffe team caught
ho first ball and slammed tl into
leep lefi for an ordinary home run
Steve pulled up ai third. Then Crowe
third Then with one down Crow.'
hoi an Infield hit through n drawn
a Infield and Clark scored. Lewis
oltowed with a hit, putting Crowe on
fas caught between third and home
on a hit to Wilson, and the next man
truck out.
lu their half of tbe fifth. Soper
loaned on one of Seaman's slants for
wn buses. Drummond hit lo third
und was fanned when Lewis tried
to get Soper Oft second. Mickey Argue came through with a hit on
which Super tried for home. He was
caught between tbe bases but scored
whon Ferko failed to put the ball on
him. Then after Bamford struck out,
Wilson kicked through with a nice one
through short and Drummond scored
This ended the scoring for the game,
and for the remaining innings, neither pltoher was in danger. For Wycliffe. Seaman pitched a good
and Green way and Crowe played
snappy ball fn the field with Clark
hitting well.
Green held the Wycllffe sluggers
safe all the way with the exception
of the fifth McPeak smashed his
finger  in  tlie third  and   Mickey  Ar-
way  for the
Plans are well undor
summer convention of
the British Columbia Dairymen's Association, which
June  20 nnd 2'
Tho C.P.R. work train Is expected
lo complete tbe excavation of material for the Kootenay Landing fill Ibis
week. Kitchener will seem quiet with
the crew of about ten men no longer
bars.—CvMtm Beview.
Vancouver, June 0.— .Whether the
assets of tbe Forest Mills, of British
Columbia, Limited, will be sold at
auction August U> to meet liabilities
of $fi72,r.OO will be decided by Mr-
Just lite Morrison, here on Tuos-day,
application of debenture holders of
tbe company for immedlte sale having
been adjourned till that dnte today-
Assets consist, of four sawmills In
the Kootenays mnl very valuable timber limits and berths ovor a largo
portion of south eastern British Col-
, umbla.      4 v
to be hehi    here
^^^^^^^ A   feal uro  of  the
convention will be the auction sale of
a consignment of purebred Ay rehires
from Quebec.
ft Is hoped that the sale of these
animals will prove satisfactory in or
der that further consignments will1
be forthcoming from the Quebec
breeders. This sale ls slated for the
morning or June 27. Tho delegates
will be tendered a banquet, at which
It is anticipated there will be i largo
lt fs also expected that lhe new cooperative creamery at Golden will
be opened formally during lhe lime
of the dairymen's convenlion there.
Alteration^ on tho building required
are being put under way Immediately,
and the biittur-mnker Ib already on
the scene to superintend the Installation at tht machinery.
government of all lands within tbe
five mile right-of-way belt of the
Banff-Windermere road. An offer of
126,000 was made to the owners but
was   declined.
The present proceedings aro being
taken pursuant to Section is of the
Dominion Forests Reserves and Parks
Act as amended by chattier 17 of the
Statutes of lfillt. which  reads:
"i4l When, iu the judgement of
tbo Minister, any lands or interest
therein should be reaulred for the
purpose of a Dominion Park,
lauds, or interest therein, including
lands °f Indians, or any other per
son. may bo expropriated under thej
provisions of ihe Expropriation Act."
The lots or portions of lands which
Ihe government intend taking over
are set out In tho Canada Gazette of
March 4lh. 1022, as being numbers
140. 9011, 0565, U565A, and 9500, all
of Gorup 1. Kootonav District, comprising an nmi of 015.07 acres, be the
same more or less.
By reference io n map lt will be
aeon thai the lots ure ollher crossed
by the IbinflWIiiderniero automobile
roud. or by lho main trunk roud lending north uud BOUttl on Ibe ensl side
of the Collimbta-Kootenay rivers' valley, Lot Nil contains ihe well known
hot mineral springs referred lo herein as lhe Kootenay Mineral Springs,
more widely known ns thc Sinclair
Hot Springs, und Inter as tbe Radium
Mot Springs. These springs He jusi
beyond tbe opening of the Sinclair
canyon which Is the main western
entrance of the Banff-AVI ndormera
road, ut a distance tropi here of somo
thirteen miles. Tholr approximate
altitude is *t.-llifl feet above sea level.
Hero the lat water*) come bubbling
from   Immediately  under the    north
side I    	
nfler going  through   the    swimming
when it Is hoped may become nn annual affair. Visitors from Fernie aud
Nelson wore present, as well as a
number from Cranbrook, but from
varloUf) causes the attendance was nol
as large as bad been hoped for. A
fine dinner menu was presented by
"Scotty" Gardner, of the Wentworth
Restaurant, who bud loft nothing undone v> make the dinner part of the
program a real success.
Those present includ d the following: Thos. Allen, A. A. Ashworth, J.
Goorge. G. Bratteu, A. Slack. J. H.
Turnley, J. L. Munroe, Bill John,
H. B. Hicks, G. G. Moffatt, A. Peacock, C. Hungerford Pollen. D, O.
Thomas. Chas Johnson, E. H. Wilkinson. J. W. Shortbouse, W. Finlay,
J, Macdonald, A. S. 0111, T. Johnson.
(Special to the Herald)
rmere, B.C., Juno 10—-Amongst
nny splendid  summer  publications   gotten   oui   by   tbe   c. P, H,
:gb their General  Publicity Ag-
Mr, .1   Murray Gibbon, of Montreal, are two oi espoelal interest to
ibis purt.    The first one deals   witli
"Bungalow Camps," and makes vorj
gcin-roiis mention of their boautiful
Lake Windermere Camp adjoining tin
plate. The other one !:s a publication
given over exclusively lo describing
tlie local "Camp" This is a seventeen page folder, most beautifully illustrated with reproductions of photographs of local scenes. The letter
press Is by Mr. Frederic Nlven, the
well known prolific writer and special correspondent for standard Uid
Country publications, who now makes
his home in Nelson.
Tho gist of tho mailer Is descriptive
of Ihe various trails and automobile
rouils throu ghoul the Windermere district.    Speclul mention Is made of the
j local  characters,    especially    Nixon,
beer mountain or rock andj the well known guide and outfitter of
theso parts.
aught a nice game. Wilson played
; neat gamo at first and got two
!:e delay in getting the game parted was a regrettable feature and if
continued will seriously affect support. The players must get down on
the grounds fn plenty of time to have
their warming up before ttie time for
which tbe game Is called. It sbould
not be necessary for the management
to page every player for every game,
und the games should start at liie time
billed.        ^^^^^^^
Cranbrook and  Wycllffe meet  ajf-
aln  next  Wednesday night at the local   grounds.    This   game   will   start
at 7.0t> p.in, sharp, and all ('ranbrook
players nre requested to be on band
at 0.45, and not later.
Innings 12   3   4   5   6
Runs ii   0   0   0   2   0   0
Hits u  o  i   i  a  o  o
Total rims, 2; total hits, 5; errors 0
Innings 1   2   :i   4   r,   6   7
Runs o   o   u   o   l   «   o
Ilits 0008000
Total runs, 1; total lilts, B; errors 2
Bailers -- Cranbrook:   Green,   Mc
Teak,    Argue.     Wycliffe:      Seaman
and Ferko.   Time of game, 1,20.   Gm
putts, Burgess and Jones.
Will Cranbrook
Get Public Park?
Mvagur-e to Authorize Sum For
This I'uriMtM' tu he Put to
Craubrook is going to have a public park. At least, the necessary by-
to authorize the raising of the
money by the city to provide for the
expenses of securing tlie remainder of
block required, and setting the
work started in the laying of the
park, puttlug iu a swimming pool,
ite, has been authorized by the city
ouncil. and tlie Rotary Club, which
i- fathering the project, has not the
tightest doubt bin thai It will carry.
Voting on the by-law takes place on
Wednesday, the 28th inst., aud there
will be no ratepayers allowed to give
lie excuse that   they did  not    know
nythlng about the by-law, for mem-
ers of the Rotary club are going to
ndertake au  Intensive campaign of
ducat Ion that wilt give every single
ratepayer an opportunity of getting
all the Information they wani In regard to it.   The Club is going to un*
take a personal canvas* for this
purposo, and   will  also take lhe opportunity   to mi vert Ise   it    iu    other
It is not Intended to take up   the
.tire snm of $10,000 which the bylaw authorizes at oue time, according
statements nude at  tbe meetiug
of the   ity council on Tuesday evening.   The sum of $1800 Is renutred to
buy   lu  about   four   lots  iu  tbe  park
block which the city does not at pres-
m  own. and  it  is C,ought    that    a
tart ought also to be made on   the
wlmmlng pool which Is    proposed,
o that posatbly no more than half of
the sum asked for in tbe by-law will
be needed this year.
A delegation of Kotariaiis waited on
e city council on Tuesday evening
discuss  with thtm the matter of
e  proposed  by-law.  consisting  of
F. Marsh, president, and Messrs.
J   V. Fink. Alan Graham, Alan   De-
Wolf.  J    M   Clark   and   Rev.   E.   W,
McKay,  laying before the council the
attitude of tbe Kotary Club towards
the matter.    The need of a park  In
this city  equipped with  a  swimming
tank had been emphasized by conditions which  were found to obtain in
the warm weather, wben the girls and
boys bathed in the creeks and ponds,
wherever   there   was   water    to    be
found,   under conditions    tbat    were
uot thought to be conducive to best
morals. This was not from any blame
on the part of the children, but simply
that  they  were    denied    what    they
■should bave provided for them—free
bathing facilities in tbe summer un-
ler proper supervision.    The Rotary
'lub was not seeking any aggrandisement  out  of  the  movement,  but  in
pursuing the matter they were merer-
ly living up to their motto, "He profit's most who servetb best."
The Mayor and Aldermen Santo and
Moir spoke In favor of the scheme,
the mayor stating since tbe Rotary
club offered to lay tne merits of the
park idea before tiie people, tbe least
the city council could do was to put
the matter up to tbe ratepayers. He
also commended the idea from tbe
fact that it Indicated some interest
was being taken in tbe children and
emphasized tbe fact that good times
seemed ahead of the city. Alderman
Santo pointed to the city of Los Angeles, and how It had been built up
by Hn system of parks. Alderman
Molr also favored ft, and thonght tbat
a start sbould be made in providing
a park for the city. He hoped that
those who had expressed opposition
to the idea would reconsider their decision.
Aldermen Arnold and Balment expressed themselves as not being fa*-
(OoaUaaed oa Page fin)
W K I) l> I Ml
A weddhiR was solemnised at Christ
Church, Cranbrook, on Wednesday
of this week at .! p. m*. when Miss
Margaret Qleu, of Toronto, was united in marriage to Norman Maystre
Hilton, of Vahk. Tho ceremony was
performed by Hev. F. B. Atkinson,
The Commercial* will be seen In
action twice in tlie city baseball league games In the next few days. On
Friday of this week tbey men the
Cub team, and on Tuesday of next
woek they play the Y.M.C.A. team.
pool enter Into Sinclair creek.   Thoy
ure of a very clenr light groenlsli-bluol a. H. Jones has been bu
aud of hot temperature, Undoubtedly wook with it force of four men
tbey have medicinal -pinlltles, nnd aa Klmberley, when, he Is erecting
one of their names Implies, contain [now Masonic Hall. It Is a single
radium uud radlllm emanations, more,' Htorey frame building 2Kx<i0 foot, and
ho it Is stated, (ban urn at preseni in In being built near tho new school
(Continued on Page 3) there.
i*iof  Windermere,  In   tbe  absence
Hev. F. V. Harrison, rector of Christ
Miss Kdlih Murgatroyd of this city
ailed us bridesmaid,  and  thc bride
was given away by Major Jl. B. Hicks,
The bride and groom left this week
Customs-Excise collections for the
month of May at the Fernie office
totalled iM,903.5r.. This shows a big
increase over collections for last May,
which were J18.546.-I7.—Fernle Pree
At a recent meeting of the Chautauqua committee the idea was advanced
that there would be an Immense saving of labor in putting the tent up If
a pile driver was rigged up to save
wielding of tbe big hammer. As a
result of the bright Idea a contraption ipatents pending) was put to
work with an engine that made short
work of the Job, and Messrs. W. K.
Worden, A. A. MacKinnon and W. F.
I Attrldge are smiling over the work
for Yahk. where thoy will make their j they h"av# UT|d themselves and oih
homo, GPi, on the committee.
The Ratcllffe A Stewart Garage has On Sunday next the festival of Cor-
taken tbe agency fnr this district olpUt Christ! will be celebrated at the
Oldsmobile and Nash cara. Mission. PAGB    TWO
Thursday, Juno 15th, HIS.
So Sorry—imt  our Clock
wus slow.
What lime is it!
Life is too short for such
a needless annoyance. For
a  very   little   investment
you can have your home
run like clockwork, or
If so
We will lie pleased to cull.
Jewelers and Opticians
Ij growth ahead. Despite tlu*.
eoal strike in tlie Crows Nest
Pass freight is moving strong-1
ly—more business musi lie under way. The lumber mills are
active, ami a good year is promised for the farmers, here
and on the prairies.
The East Kootenay fortunately is not overbalanced by
any one particular industrial
interest. There are a number
of big things operating which
tend to put more than one prop
under things commercial in
this locality, lint they are all in
accord at this time in predict-.
| ing a bright outlook for the fu-'
ture In the Cranbroolt district.
which probably means more
people and more business.
which means growth of the
right kind, and brings alon-j
with it Industrial expansion.
Cbt Cranbrook Gerald
Published every Thursday.
P. A. WILLIAMS..Kdltor «• manager
Subscription 1'rlce
Tu United Slutcs ..
. ii.m per yenr
. ft.... per year
"Wllh   .   HlHlon   Without   ■   MOMl*'
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AdvertlMiit- Ualrs ua Application.
Change! Cor A.veni.Lui* MUST b« ID
thla uill.o Wednetftluy noon ih« currant
week to occur* attention.
THURSDAY, TUNE 15th,  11)22
Hig business has its finger at
all times on the pulse of the
nation, and is well able to
judge as to tlie general trend
of things. If there are signs
of sluggishness looming up in
the channels of liuslness, the
big concerns, with interests in
all quarters, are liable to be
the first to discern it. Similarly they are most likely to be
the first to catch the signs of
quickening. I'.ig business acts
as a sort of barometer, whereby the tips and downs, thc good
times and bad, are indicated by
retrenchment or expansion
It would be well therefore in
offering any opinion as to the
future of tliis district, to see in
what manner the large corporations and bigger business concerns are planning for the future. From every angle the
outlook presented is one that
gives every reason for optimism. Not that the hope for
brisk times in the East Kootenay should be given rein and
allowed to express itself in an
orgy of unnecessary expense,
as has beeu done iu tlte past,
unfortunately, in almost every
district. It is poor policy to go
to the length of bankrupting
the preseni merely on the
strength of a rosy future; but
it is the best kind of business
to he prepared for the future
by making what sane preparations can be anticipated, and by
doing now what will lie more
costly in the future.
The greatly enlarged activities of tlie Consolidated Company in connection with the
Sullivan Mine give a clear indication that they see better
limes ahead. This work has
lieen held up for some years,
waiting the time when the future seemed to warrant the immense expenditure called for.
They have a world wide outlook on the metal market, and
the fact that the present is
chosen as tlie proper time for
a big advance ought to give sufficient justification for the
smaller business to hope for
good times too. What this
means in particular to Cranbrook need scarcely be pointed
out. The Sullivan mine at present is one of the industrial
bulwarks of the district, which
will only be appreciated properly if it shuts down. The
new branch of the company
shortly to be established will
enhance In the same degree the
benefit East Kootenay derives
from the operation of the hig
mine. The same is true in a
cortain measure of the C.P.R.,
and other big concerns in this
particular district, Expenditures are being carefully
watched as heretofore, bul
there is a widening out of activities that   indicates   steady
'-O is oik* ol the
mo»t uf..:'it I and
ef onotttFGiJ at-titles
on tho market.
do it" is ii damnum
expression, among
those that are
ia miliar mth its
111.111)' uses.
Ili-ad llu- directions
under the wrapper.
The first. Liberal budget introduced hy the lion. W. S.
Fielding cannot be saiitto pres"
ent to the country any new way
out of the financial difficulties
Which the times of stress have
imposed upon Canada, and upon every other country. That il
is acceptable to very few interests east or west is evident by
the statement made by the Premier that there will likely be
some modifications made before the budget is put to the
House of Commons for adoption. In other words the minister of finance must back
down on    some    points
KIM in: 1(1,1 •: v NIKE SUFFER
All kinds mnl
trietteg ul'   thrills
J were dished out to the fans on Sun-
| dny lust when Wy.litt'c climbed cut
I o( the cellar by defeating the league-
i leading  Klmberley   team   by   a  score
; of 9-8.   Just before Ibe game sturteit 1 Cosgrlfle,  ct
tbe East Kootenay  baseball  League Corbett, 2b
pennant which was won by thc Wy- Coen, 8b
; etitfo Club iusl year was raised by Crerar, lb
Kr. E. L. Staples, and although tbo! Musser. ss
Mine team iliil their darndest lo tear JoluiBon, c
it down again they went home minus Grant, If
: the baron, [atheist inning Klmber-, Singer, rt
ley tallied three runs anild wild ap- Michaely, p
error und Clark advanced lo third
on Coen'. nn pluy. Crowe stole second and wilb two men down, three
balls and two strikes oullea on blm,
Lewis won bis own game by entailing out a two bagger, scoring both
Clark antl Crowe.
llox Score
2 1
2 11
2 1
0 14
11 1
2 I!
(I 0
0 3
plausG from their
j Porlto made the o
homo team. Tho s
! thot run &crofln tlu
! ors, while Wyclili
j Thu third  Inning
both Bides.   A hit
nly   run     In
ctiiiil broughi nn.)
plate for the mln-
is  failed in score
wus scoreless  or
by CoBgrlffe -atari
and  Jones,
 -a                 •■	
trom the Cranbrook
this date,
ed (.hinge going and broughi lu two
ruiiH for Klmberley In ibu fourth and
with the score G-1 against them, Wy-
i-llffi> cut loose, a roon way got to tlrst
on u clean Iiii between short stop and
i third, stole pecond, advanced to third
j oa a passed hall and came home ou
Clark's hit. Clnrli rounded the bases
und scored on Crowe's hit. frown
made the rounds 10 third uud tallied
lhe fourth run on Lewis' sacrifice.
Kimberloy failed lo score In the fifth,
but once going the Wycllffe hoys kept
it up and Porko came across with u
two bagger, advanced to third and
scored on (.lark's hit, Clark rounded
the bases and came home ou errors
on Kimberley's part, making the score
C-fi. Thoro was no more scoring by
either team until the ninth, due   to
40   S 11 2« 12   6
Alt 11 11 PO
r.   n   I    1
3   ll   »   1   n   1
-1   I)   0   o   il   0
w. staph
Perko, <•
Clark, ib
L, Crowe,
Lewis,   p
.-_. Staples, li'
Seaman, ;n>
T. Crowe, cf
McLeod nnd SSInuner
man, sp.
117   9 10 27 1(1   (!
Summary—2-base hits, Perko, Lew
is, Musser ... Sacrifice hits, Green-
way, Clark, Lewis. Corbett, Crerar
Hits of Lewis. 11; Mlchueley. 8; Musser, 2. Buses by balls ott Lewis, 0
Mlchueley, 1; Musser. 1. Struck out
| by Lewis. 8; Michaley, 5; Musser. 0,
Stolen buses, Perko 2. Ii. Grove.
Oreenway. Orant.    Hit batsmen.    12.
Alfred T. Martin, a mining expert,
fell from the castbound train at Fort
Tlie! Steele Junction    with   fatal   results,
lhe jury  i
verdlcl of
the inquest returning
i'L-ideuiul death.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Jackson returnel
from an extended visit lo the east
on  Monday.
Conductor Caven Is running on the
North Star brunch ut prenent. in the
absence of Mr. Corrle.
Progressive members from the
prairie provinces do not consider that the budget as advanced does anything to implement Liberal promises made
on the hustings and in the platform of the parly. The business interests are complaining
of the clumsiness of such new
imposts as the new stamp tax
on checks.
This province,    however.    Island l.a3 put in a very attractive stock
most vitally interested in one I0* g°()llB-
feature of the budget, and that     ___, , „ ~  ,  . ,    .  _. .
,    .,       ,    ,, . „   ,       _ , The   new   C.P.R.   hotel  at  Sirdar
is the abolition of the dumping L now open   u cost ln tho neighbdr.
clause, by which It was espec- h,00t. of m.ooo, and is tilted out with
ially sought to protect the fruit i modern conveniences all through,
industry  of this  province  against shipments   from    across
the line which are made simply and solely for the purpose
H. Wilson hus opened
store on    Armstrong
his jew-
A venue,
of clearing their own home
market, and without any reference to the cosi of production, j
This hits every fruit growing]
section of the province, and!
anyone who has followed the
vicissitudes of the industry in
British Columbia will understand how the growers of vegetables, small fruits, soft fruits.
apples and produce of a like
nature in all parts of the province are up in arms against, the
J. A. MacKelvie, Conservative member for Yale, which
includes the Okanagan district,
has made a vigorous fight against the deletion of the antidumping clause, and no one in
the province is in a better position to know the state of affairs in truth than he. Commenting on the situation, the
Vernon News in a recent issue
Hon. Mr. Fielding's statement
that the net Is Impructable Is but nn
evasive statement. The act wag enforced last year both at the coast nnd
on the prairies, and It worked well.
The government has statistics showing the cost of production of perishables in the United States and also
In Canada, so thut his statement thut
It i» difficult to ascertain lho costs
falls on barren ground.
It is difficult to understand tho
government's action lu this mutter.
During the election cumpnlgu last
fall, Liberal speakers from nearly every platform In the riding nsserle.l j
thnt no legitimate industry making
a legitimate profit need huve any
fear of adverse consequences through
a Liberal revision of the tariff or
other laws.
"But what do we find? The first
budget to be brought down by the
government knocks the very foundation from beneath the fruit industry
of this province.
"It is most inconsistent to say the
least and it is evident that the government has no intention of fulfilling  Its pre-election plelges."
Mrs. Home und H. W. Home, mother and brother of Edgar Home, of
the Port Steele Mercantile Co., arrived In the city from Oak Lake on Sunday on a visit.
espec-1 staples, Cosgrtffe. Number of Innings
pitched: Lewis, il; Michaley. 8; Musser, 1.   Umpires: Griffiths and Jot:
good pitching on both sides,
tatty by "Stlffy" Lewis. Even Crerar,
King of Swat for the mining town,
failed to get a hit off him during
the entire gume. Musser replaced
Mlchueley in the box In the ninth and
things started to move. Corbet and
Coen each uroughl a run across the
plate for Kimberley, but Wycliffe
came right buck at them. W. Staples
flied out to center field. Perko walked by Miisser und stole second, Green-
way filed out to right field and Clark
came across with a two bagger, scor- Wycliffe at Yahk; Wardner at Riming Perko.   crowo got to first on an   berley;   Cranbrook  idle
League Standing
P. W.
Wardner   ">      -1
Klmberley   -i      3
Craubrook  5       *■*
Wycliffe    4      1
Yuhk   4       1
Games next Suuduy.    June 18th:
Special Fares
T 0
Calgary Exhibition
JUNE SOtli — .JULY 7th
ttOlNG DATES. — June 29th to July Gth and July 7th
■     for trains arriving Calgary hefore 2.Oti p.m.
I.KTl'KX LIMIT    July 9th, 1922
0. T. MOIR -        Ticket Agent -        Cranbrook
Qnfo m^ii w-VU" -Vb" •9*^>*m*'**f*a*~crJ^
•   ••*•*•••«
(Special to the Herald)
Invermere, June 10—The directors of the District General Hospital
have again decided to hold their justly celebruted annual public sporting
events title year on Saturday, the tlrst
or July. These will take the form of
a baseball mutch und athletic events
of a general character.
Miss Florence Krlckoon left for
Culgary on Saturday, from whieh city
she will go forward shortly to Barrio und other I'.usterti points.
Mr. Ous Prlcksou wbo bus been on
a vluit to his duughter, Mrs. ('. R
Dennett,    of    Nelson,    returned on
MIsh Jean Duncan Caldwell, of
Summerlund, who bus beeu ln charge
of the local school, has resigned aud
leaves here at the close of the term,
much to the regret of many friends.
Miss Heath, who for many yeurs
has been on the staff of thu Cuuad
iau Dank of Commerce, Creston, hus
returned to reaide with her parents.
Mr. und Mrs. Joseph Heath.
Rov. P. U. Atkinson left on Wednesday for Cranbrook to perform lho
marriage ceremony in the Church of
England there.
Miss Tumor and Miss Effle Tumor
spent a day in Cranbrook this week.
Sir Williani Beach, the special representative of the London England
Times, returned from his expedition
Into the surrounding mountains yes-
terduy aud left this morning via Golden to continue his tour of inspection
of the various British possessions around the wirld.
Gopher hunting has become quite a
profitable pastime to judge from some
of tho bounty certificates that are
being Issued. One certificate for $40
has been issued uud u number for
smaller umounts, that would Indicate
the life of the little brown-haired gopher tn this district is no longer as
carefree u8 ut oue time. The Indians
ure getting busy collecting the tulls.
and on the prairie the fu.ra.ers arc
snaring them in quantities.
Jontecl in handy ctil\e
form. So much easier to carry
-doesn't spill-so there's no
waste. Fragrant, velvety pow
der that goes on smoothly and
sticks—not easily brushed or
blown off. Tints tli.it match
all complexions. In cine box,
comp'etp with puff.
For Sule by
"The Rexall Store"
CRANHROOK      -      -  B.C.
Wliere lt pays jo deal
Cranbrook - July 1st
Cranbrook Retail Merchants' Association
June 8      li
Juno 9  —... 74
Juno 10   70
Juno 11   SO
Juno 12   82
June H   87
Junt 14  Sll
Free Admission to Grounds
Free Ice Cream Cone
Free Bottle of Pop
ADULTS   •  $1.00
Cranbrook City Band in Attendance
-Dance in Auditorium in Evening--
P*\*> *mAhAmm*mAjAfm mtjlf **»**%****tm*»****Y   ■ ■»»»■   Y>-   *\> ****&**> *V*
A Hair Tonic
Willi a reputation, invented and made in Cranln-ook
by A. P. NOBLE.   After the big   flu epidemic, tliis
preparation restored many a fine head of hair
amongst us.
People throw away their money on useless tonics—
Try your Home  Town First
$1.00 per Bottle
Seasonable Goods
at Attractive Prices
Screen Doors 18.50, 18.85, HKI.50, $11.50
Screen Windows  45c, (tlle., "5., 85<*., Kl.00
Screen Windows, all widths, 24 in. to 48 in.
Screen Doors, Hinges, Cntclies and Springs
Garden Hose, 50 ft. lengths 1.11.50, ".50, S.50
Hose Sprinklers  $1,011 and $8.85
Lawn Mowers   $18.50 and $17.75
Ice Cream Freezers   $0.50 anil $7.50
Ice Picks     lee Cream Dlshers     Lemon Squeezers,   ute.
Delany C& Sinclair
IK IX (121
HlKKfHl nml lli'Kt Mi'IiIh III tlie oily ul (lto BIOII lli'ilruiliulilt, PrlOO,
-- I'KOMPT SKIlVlt'K —
(Ollpunito   Po«t   Oltlrt'l
S C O T TV    0 A K II N E II,   Proprietor
Flour, Hay, Grain and Feed of
all kinds, Rolled Oats
In the building south of the Venezia Hotel, Hanson Avenue, where the public will be offered the utmost values
ln these 11
Hiiimon Ave, next Venul* Hotel RE8. I'HONK SMI Olllce Plume W Thursday, June 15th, 11122
Satisfies thc sweet tooth, and
—aids appetite and digestion.
Cleanses mouth and teeth.
A great boon to smokers,
relieving hot, dry mouth.
Combines pleasure and
Don't miss the joy of the
new HIPS—the candy-coated
peppermint tid bit!
Chew it after every meal.
Bargains for the Reading Public
These   two   Clubbing Offers   pre
yeor'g -supply ot reading matter thut.
ttoiial outlook, ami provides also Bome
tent opportunities to secure a
■overs tlie local field, the mi-
magtvztUG reading of the best.
The moat represent-tlve national nionihi.v--t.lves the Canadian
viewpoint—not the American. Not all fiction, not all descriptive—
hut well balanced.
Regular price per year, $3.00; or In conjunction with
the CRANBROOK HKKAIJ), Lho two for one year   $4.00
The Family Herald and Weekly Star
Ton well known to need description; regular price per year $2.00.
Our offer In conjunction with tlie CRANBROOK HERALD Is still open.
The two for one year   $8.00
The triple combination Mael-can's. the Family Herald and the Cranbrook Herald—regular
price $7.00 the three, ALL POR ONE YEAR ... $5.00
V. \. Wiu-IAMS, Proprietor       ....       L'UONE 14
(Continued   from   Page   One)
the famous waters of _;ood 0\(\ Bath,
in England.
While the curative properties ur
these waters were known to Indiana
for many years, and later to prospectors and miners, yet It was not
until after construction work had he-
gun on the Bantt-Windermore road
that they were made reudlly accessible to the ordinary public, Situated as the springs arc In a narrow
valley, closed on the west by a formidable canyon whicli prevented pas-
sane until cut away hy man. the only
way up to that time at reaching them
was Tor the traveller to no on fool
or the buck of a cttyuw uvcr the high,
wooded hills which surrounded tho
Creek's valley, and finally make a
precipitous descent down its steep
sides. Access in now very easy and
comfortable by way of the splendid
automobile road whereby in the urea-
test of comfort it is possible to wheel
along the rock-cut road through the
"Red Gates."
A frown grant of the properly surrounding Hie springs, comprising
some H»U acres, was secured from tbe
provincial government in 1SS8 by Mr.
G. Roland Stuart. At thai time thc
value of mineral waters had not come
to be fully realized and no reservations were made ln the grant of any
which might bo niton tho property,
ho tho title of these assets went wltb
the land. Mr. Stuart, It is alleged,
had come in from South America to
learn horse raising on lhe ranch of
tho Hon. Col. Baker, at Joseph's
Prairie, now Cranbrook. He apparently went out of this part as quietly
a» he hud come in, going to Victoria,
B.C., to live, finally retiring eventually to live in a chautau In France. To
all Intents he did nothing on the
ground to develop his treasure here
until 1911, when extensive surveys
were made with the end In view of
carrying on development. About this
period Mr. Harmsworth, of Perrler
waters fame, a brother of Lord North-
cllffe, took an interest In the property and its development. He spent
much of the season of 1914 on the
ground, taking the full benefit of
bathing in the springs, and seemed
much impressed with their possibilities. Through his instrumentality
work wus begun aud carried on dur-
j ing the seasons 1913 and 1914, the
j first substantial development being
the building of a concrete swimming
'pool 7r,x:.r> with a log bath bouse and
Isome smaller buildings. It was then
currently rumored that further Im-
! porlant development work was contemplated, but before anything was
■arranged the season of 11)14 was closed by the World's Great war. Mr.
' Hannsworth's other Interests at once
'took him abroad and with his depart-
! ure the hope of further immediate de-
i velopment ceased, Caretakers have
i since that date been constantly In
■charge and the bath house and swim-
lining pool have been in constant use
In winter as well as in summer. These
'opportunities for pleasure and healthy
! enjoyment have been thoroughly en-
Joyed each year by hundreds of peo-j
pie who come from all parts to benefit.
J Though apparently dormant the in
Itentton of going on with further development was not dropped, for in
1920 the Kootenay Radium Springs.
d  in  Quebec
Canada bids fair to become in
the near future the playground of
the world! Ours is pre-eminently a
country of natural resources—industrial ambition!., notwithstanding!-
and not the least among these arc
our park ureas, vast tracts of land
that are not suitable for agricultural operations, not required for
manufacturing purposes, nor needed
for populous settlements.
Such a region is that one called
"the Gatineau," 15,000 square miles
of mountainous grandeur that rival
the Catskills for scenery, Olympus
for atmosphere, aud than which
there is no more alluring field fir
sportsmen this side of the hupp;
hunting ground. The Gatineau district is a natural park, a_:'.!saib1e
and already half opened, with a railway and a motor road, which though
far from perfect at the time of writing is used by an Increasing number of tourists.
The country offers a life as
strenuous as the pioneer demands, or
as restful as the jaded urbanltc
dreams of, but despairs of obtaining.
Canada is gradually awakening to
the commercial value of her park
areas, her playgrounds; to the fact
that she' haa something that older
•ountriee  countriea   settlid before
recognized* -lack.
She is beginning to realize that
an amaiihg inn-ease in motor traffic necessitates the providing of
some objective for tourist travel,
ind that tho more attractive the
objective, thc greater the number of
tourists. Tourists represent revenue,
and a very satisfactory type of
revenue, for in enjoying and benefitting hy a sojourn in one of our
playgrounds, they leave the scenery
undiminished in grandeur, und they
take away nothing that impoverishes
the country. So keenly are many
I ties competing for this tourist traffic, that they provide camps for
motorists and vie with one another
in offering attractions that may induce a brief sojourn, at least, within
the municipality.
The Gatineau is like a hen waiting
to lay golden eggs and needing only
a little bit of corn in front of her
to set thc machinery In operation.
The corn in this case, stands for
adequate aerumniodn.ioi.,
he absence of hotels has been
for thc lovers of the Gatineau one
of its principal charms, Thore has
been no clangor from innmding
hordes capable   of desecrating   its
to shut out the glory of the sky.
Chelsea, Kingsmerc, Farm Point,
and Blue Sea Lake (wheve the Duke
and Duchess of Devonshire elected
to spend their summers), are almost
as a closed Paradise to any sav*
those who have cottages. Yet, although all of these places are undeniably beautiful and desirable by
reason of their very exclusiveness,
they do not comprise even half of
the   Gatineau
The vicinity of Paugnn Falls can
scarcely be equalled as a hotel site.
Paugan Is an Indian word meaning
"pipe" and is descriptive of the
shape of the Falls. Wliile these may
not be mentioned in the same breath
with Niagara or similar glories, yet
they have tlieir own peculiar charm;
the approach, the setting, the colouring of the surrounding hills, the
indescribable utmosphere of romance
thut pervndes the district. Over the
Paugan, a rainbow arch spans the
two shores on sunny days and when
clouds threaten Old Sol with death,
the prismatic colours fade into a
shimmering mist. Below the Paugan
Falls the Gatineau river grows calm
and forms not only a safe lake fur
boating, but an Ideal swimming pool,
Limited, of London. Kngland having
a capital of £100,000, divided Into
2,000,000 shares of the par value of
one shilling each, issued a prospectus for private circulation thai wus
both attractive and alluring. It described the attractiveness of lli-d *; "ing
and opportunities afforded by thu
"water powers ol the Canyon Falls
nt'.uuteti just below th-d -pri-..- op
Sinclair creek." This publication
was accompanied by two sheets or
views of tbe springs aud of the country BUtTOundlng them, and staled it
wus the Intention of the company to
erect an up-to-date bath house and
a holel of tbe sume character, a number of bungalow dwellings in the vicinity and to go on with "a bottling
plant for the supply ol the waters to
all parts of the world." For reasons
not known locally none of the work
bus been done and a valuable district asset still remains in a seml-
undeveloped condition. Now all eyes
are turned toward the government,
first by reason of the contemplated
completion ol the Banff-Windermere
road aud incidentally by reason of
tiie announcement of their Intention
to expropriate these valuable waters.
Though their Intentions imve not been
publicly announced it is hoped that
should their proceedings terminate
happily and the work nu tlie Banff-
Windermere road be broughi lo a
conclusion Ihal they will next turn
tlieir energies and resources to the
development of these wonderful
springs and that then, as predicted
by Dr. F. I*. doVertnll in hts speech,
before lhe British Columbia Chamber
of Mines, "people would, as a result
of the medicinal properties of tliese
springs, return to tbe Columbia Valley uot us before, to search for
wealth, but this time in search of
health, attracted by the springs."
In the Dominion Government Geological Survey Report of 1891, page
6411, are the following remarks about
the springs*
"Water from a hot spring (temp,
about 150 deg. P.), Sinclair Pass,
Kast Kootenay district. . . . The
sample received was found to contain a small quantity of suspended
matter, with traces of ferric hydrate.
The filtered water had a faint brownish color, was devoid of any marked
odor or taste, and reacted neutral—
both herore inul after concentration.
It wus found lo have a specific gravity at 1*».5 deg., Cent, of 1000.77 and
to contain 0. S7 parls of dissolved saline matter, dried at ISO deg. C. in
100D parts, by weight of the water or
4S.lt! grains per Imperial gallon. A
qualitative analysis showed it to contain-. Pottossa, trace; soda, small
quantity; lime, somewhat larger
quantity; magnesia, very small quantity; ferrous oxide, traces; sulphuric
acid, small quantity; carbonic acid,
small quantity; chloride, very small
quantity; silica, traces; organic matter, traces.
"Boiling produced n somewhat small
precipitate consisting mainly of carbonate of lime With a little carbonate
of magnesia."
| A later analysis made lu 1922 by
j Professor 1). Mcintosh of McGlll Un-
I ifersity. Montreal, showed the waters
I to contain radium emanation and ra-
| dintn.
|    Like other places In tho Winder-
I mere  district  tbe  springs    seem to
I have suffered  from tlie caprices    of
I people  who    change    names.    They
i have had the misfortune heaped upon them of no less than three chronicled changes.   On the first map pub-
tlisbed, that of  Dr. George Dawson,
| of    1896-    It    is    shown    that   the
j creek is called Borland's, after a man
; who came up from the Hudson's Bay
Post at Fort Colville, now in Wash-
! Ington, with a supply of fresh norses
: fur   Governor     Sir   George  Simpson,
j then on bis famous trip around   the
world.   Later the names of the pass,
the  stream  and  the  springs    were
changed to Sinclair, in honor of Jas.
Sinclair, who passed aloug the Kootenay  river valley In 184C en  route
I from the Hed River valley to Oregon
I with a party ot settlers.   Apparently
In the year 1910 tho name   of   the
! springs was again changed under registration,  for  publicity purposes, to
Radium Hot Springs.   Now the official statements of the Dominion govornment  refer to them as Kootenay
Hot   springs.    Evidently    tbe  name
Radium Hot Springs was given them
lo emphasize  tlie  presence of    that
mineral;   the   name   Kootenay   Hot
Springs la being applied to them ap.
paretly because they come within the
boundaries   of what   is   at   present
j known  as  Kootenay Park,  which is
j the erstwhile name of the property
| covering tho    right-of-way    of    the
Banff-Windermere road.
Tho waters are known to bo good
for the cure of rheumi'.tism and ull
skin diseases, so tlieir development
will nol only be a benefit to suffer:
but also u mine of wealth lo the own
Following Is a statement of ore received nt Trail Smelter for tho period
during Juno 1 to 7 Inclusive:
Mino Locality Ton
I Black Rock, Northport     38
Ottawa, Slocan City      11
1'Qullp, It'public    IBB
i Surprise, Republic   164
| Roseberry Surprise, New Denver   01
Silversmith, Sandon   !!7.1
R. W. Wolverton, Tnghuiu      0
Company  Mines   7288
r to look Into and Investl-
embargo In regard to Can-
ttle aud spent considerable
England conferring with the
in this connect ion. Inclttd-
1 Northcltffe, Lord Beaver-
brooke, ibe Minister of Agriculture
and others prominent in the commercial and agriculture Interests of Kngland and Scotland. Miss Hind is tinier the impression thai the cattle em-
■ Hlfled either before or
ral   election.    Six-  said
of an interview that a
inference will be hold In Lon-
.__ j ((oj|  oj|   june   ....^   _o  (.nl|k,1(jer  t]](.
QUEBEC, June 10.—The CanadianU-jfting ut ibe cattle embargo which
Pacific steamer "Montrose" arrived win be attended by those in favor of
at Quebec this morning, and among the lifting, and it is expected that
the prominent persons on board was I t)ils will have it- effects. Miss Hind
Miss E. C. Hind, commercial uud ag-1 suitl 8he B]ao liatl a miss\on t0 lo(jk
rlcultural editor o! tlie Winnipeg j illl0 .]lv 8tatUa 0[ Canadian produce J
Free   Press. i in  the  British  market  and  from   in-
Miss Hind is returning from a vis-1 formation gained says that Canadian
it to England and Scotlar.0 lu tlie j agricultural products are very fav-
luterest of her newspaper. She was j orably regarded iu England, especially Canadian cheese, butter, etc. She
also round that the Canadian apples
were looked upon with great favor
in England and the apples being received were from Nova Scotia. Ontario and  British Columbia.    She also
visited end inspected the fatuous cattle herds in England and Scotland
Including the King's herd, the Duke
of Westminster herd, and in Scotland
the celebrated Balcalru birds Miss
Hind, upon her return to Winnipeg.
will give Hit' renders of the "Free
Press" the benefit of a series of very
interesting  Btorle-a
impressi m ihe .
natlou, agriculture
nf interest.
regard to her
1 embargo slt-
other matters
vast solitudes with jazz band and I bordered as it ia for a half a mile
ukelela, ud building picture houses| witk a stretch of amber »*ud.   U.M,
REGINA, Sask--The Saskatchewan
Orain Growers' Association reports a
heavy demand for binder twine, oue
local branch, which ordered 24.000
pounds lust year, having requested
0,000 pounds tliis year. Canada imported from the failed States last
year 34,641,000 pounds of twine.
adtan  ce
timo in
ing  Lon
"Two and One Is Shoe
Polish,"    Little
Pat's Answer
- pat
i the
nrte-1 at school yesterday,
ral grade, After lie had
motlier Hati I to man;
C (he day's doings. Bul
were not cniillacd to hi*
for in the early part ol
• v.as walking along th'
do pin-
opped   him.
may things started,   No qucs
0 needed.   Pat was wound up
tgiit-day clock.
1 went to school to-lay and gee
.ii;-*, what tt time wo hud. De
*■■; Iv us a piece of paper dot wiih
a yard long und ubout a foot wide
lie mado us put  numbers all over
a yard
id Pat's
VIlB the
long   and
t'i lend.
■ply, and then the
yottngsler measured off a distance of
aboot 10 Inchon long and about three
inches wide. That was Pat's idea of a
yard und a foot.
lie teach
and I told he
" What is one n:
"Two. and two fl
three anl three Is
wltluml    ll   letup.
until he reached
A aa*. if T end I'outii
nud T can add, tou."
and one, Pat I"
ud two is four and
six,'' kept on   Put
Ho continued  this
veil Ulld seven,    lie
nlil not answer this.
Tlte little fellow's friend then tried
ni on a lower number.
"What is two aaone, Pi/t.I"
'■ Shoe   polish."
"Wliut is two on' one/"
"KI  polish, I said."
" Nn, Iwo nod one makes three."
1' Yti cun't  tell  mo, mister, cos  I
OWS, two uu' one is shoe polish."
Nothing could make Pat believe thai
o an' one wus anything else.
Shoe Polishes
'Ehver" when
Unless you see the name "Bayer" on tablets, you are not getting Aspirin at all. Accept only an "unbroken package" of
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin," which contains directions and dose
worked out by physicians during 2: years and proved safe by
millions for
Pain, Pain
Handy "Bayer" bose* of 12 tablet* -Also bottles of 24 and 100—T>ruggUti.
AM'lrln li tli-1 ira-Je mark 'rrelst- r*d :n Canada) «l Bayer Minu_nciu.fr ot Motto*
-acctlcac-dealer of Ballcyllcaeld, WTjU« u li.-w.mi Vn..«n thnt .\»pinn mum Bayar
manufacture, to a-wist tba public ai-.utr.-_-. Imitations, th* Tan-ts of Bayer Company
Will be ■liimpi-tl with their general trade mark, thc "Bayer Cross.'*
Total .
Btcond Prise  	
Blatli Prtia 	
Qvventh Frt.-t 	
rijfutii rruo 	
Ninth prise	
■Xo&.li Prlie	
movent!*) m.*  ....
Tv.elfth Prise  	
rblrtaaatb Prise . ,.
I .--.-.rlotntli FrUa . .
Fifteenth Prist   	
Msteenth Prist . ..
.   «5
SftventMtDih P.lca .
.   85
tWbtoanfli Prii* ..
. 83
HtaatMRth Fi-_e« ..
.   85
T-veuilath prist  .,.
.  IS
Turti-.y-f.i-at Prlia* *
Twaaty-Bt-cuiid   Prtit »>
1-wK.ty-thlirt  Prist.
Xwanty-fmirth Prlia
Twanty-fHU.  Prist
AH Tits Recei
Duplicate Prizes
here's a Little hem to iho&c Unl&otiliar With Movie BUxi
Hon' alt bl!)   to   and ■ j   yoi   can't  do it     >\ii>ott« ■hould ba kbit t«. tf
"''*'• w,;l <■••■•'•*■■ 'ii - i.e s -■-•.[] but thai'* Juat wh#re tht puult
pari comes .i- If _< • *. •. r ■■■■•, i ,. ;■ Inuta ti ■-■....:.■ t ba a puule
I'oaalli v   you art ratnlHai   a III    ■ ■• "..  .\.--.ic Siars   t. ji to rafrttn your
Oharlla Chrj i-i, h .*.--/ PI
J-tj.rt, B«v»ri. »a. _,». Tin*
1--.I ln» r.u'eil.s, Our.a I
I-...tuju. ifm.i. V. ;__.•, b.a .
ObwlM  X...    ..oni*  Talm**l4">,
• li.   an.   Ki..)i'    Vmu-i-l.      Ii-.rothy   Mah.
-.. Db-atflM im-.  mi.**, -l.ic. Br*4y, Daotla
_•.  -._..!   ThcU «,*.&.
Cob'.a Mottling tu Try for the Wonderful Frizei
Only 13b Point* Wins $1090
A 111
■ r. »
ii * willing tu
Actor 1'uji •
a moat iimp.a
ii,nil aaa, and
niittad amount
on t glvo thla
you wn
» in .in tr i*>i arrange an ti>n rtaintl curraotly.
. dij mor* »■..■*, by 'im..if>in* yiiur anawor. That le,
. nav« snuwn a eopj ui ma h c I'nittd Parmer to Ct»o
li*,: Publicity and UuuNier Campaign. JL qoallfloalUa
it .on iiii receipt of your a/ia-Arr.
iln rt ill ba tthtinii-a h>  tnret prominent and IMopOMMt
ifrtth. Btyi*. handwriting and epeiiitig ef your anowet,
inly in i
Of  ll.u  i
Mm eand. or 100 polnU U yon get
aii len names oorroou furtr Mil-
t..*n\r pointo ore galA* by Qu"^
liii|   y*>ur   one wer,     —     *■	
t*   nil
ot paper
h.   h»v-
i   ll.   C.
•i >• uui 1-
•■.u.i. turract nti
ill be (ivon   "
to, handwriting anl
I. -When    the Uovte
aal et >our ooIuHor ho .
a ,alter telling you Juat
many polnta your aolul
and also aand you a aaa
n.a H C. Unltod rarrntr
in   "iiuallfylnv".
1.—The conteat
July I. llll, aal imi
prise wlnneri will H
» C. United raraior
S. P. JackBOn,      Movie Editor, Dept. F, B. 0. United Putter,   YftlOOlff^ Be 0» PAGE FOUR
a '
Thursday, .Time 15th, 11122
Dunlop leadership in Tiredom is most manifest. Mileage records almost unbelievable
are piling up all over Canada.
The Special Mileage-Making Process, which is the basis of uur Fabric Tires, has
worked wonders.
Perfect shape and balance, stronger side walls to resist curb and rut abuse, special
wear-resisting anti-skid tread, etc., add the last touch tu popularizing to the full a
tire that has long stood in high favor.
Q Dunlop "Cords" made good from their inception.
These tires taught motorists to expect more resiliency, greater air space, larger
amount of material, better carrying capacity-in short, bigger mileage; and that Is
the standard by which all Cord Tires are judged to-day.
Dunlop Tire & Rubber Goods Co., Limited
•ad Office and Factories:  TORONTO.
Branches in Leading CitlM.
llll:   CITY   OF  CltAMlItOOK
By-Law No. 212
A By-Law lo provide I'or tlie borrowing of Ton Thousand Dalian
($10,000.00) for tho purpose of. purchasing land and establishing a Pub-
TAKE NOTICE that Pete Johnson,
whoso adress is P. O. Box 729, Cranbrook, B.C., will apply for a license
to take and use 50 acre feet of wator
out of unnamed creek, also known as
Reaviuo Creek, wliirli  flows westerly       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and drains  inlo Jap  Lake about and | lie Park.
on S.L. 19. |    WHEREAS ii  is expedient to bor-
Tlifl water will he diverted from Lhe row tho said sum of Ten Thousand
stream at a point nbout 160 feet souLh I Dollars ($10,000.00) for tho purpose
from tlie north Hue of S.L. 10 of Lot aforesaid.
4591, and about 1900 feet cant from; AND WHEREAS the amount of rate-
the South-Wesi cor. of Lot 8902, and able land and Improvements of the
will be used for Irrigation purposes. City; according to the last revised
upon the land described us 49, 50, 51 assessment roll Is One million seven
und 52 part of S.L. II. j hundred   and    rifty-elght    thousand
Tliis notico waa posted on the Ihree hundred and Boventy-flve rtol*
ground on the 2nd day of June, 1922.  Inrs  ($1,758,875.00),
A copy of this noliee and an r.ppll-i AND WHEREAS ii will bo neces-'
cation pursuant thereto uud lo tlie wiry to raise annually the sum or
"Whter Aet,  1914,"  will  be  filed  In]Three hundred nnd thlrty-slx dollars
water ai
nl  by  i
the sum
tbo offlce of the Waler Recorder at
Cranbrook. '
Objections in the application muy
lie tiled With the said Waler Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliamonl Buildings, Victoria, B.C., within thirty days alter tlie
first appearance of this notice iu a
local newspaper,
PETE JOHNSON, Applicant.
The date of the first publication or
this notico in June LS-tli, 1922.
($380.00) to form a sinking fund for
TAKE NOTICE tlmt. Hennlng
derson, whose address Is P, O.
707, Cranbrook, B.C., will apply for
a licence to take und use 50 acre ft.
of water ont of unnamed creek, also
known as Peavino creek, which flows
west and drains Into Jap Lake, which
Is on S.L. 19.
The water will be diverted from the
streum at a point about 150 feet south
from N. Boundary L. 10, and 29
chains east from S.W. Comer of Lot
S902. and will be used for Irrigation
purposes upon Hie hinds described as
33, 34, 47, 48, parts of Lof. S.L, II K.D.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 2nd day of June, 1922.
A copy ot this noliee and an application pursuant thereto and to the
"Water Act, 1914," will be filed in
tliu ofllce of the Waler Recorder at
Objections lo tin. application may
be filed villi tbe said Waler Recorder or with the Comptroller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, victoria, B.C., within thirty days after tiie
first appearance of tills notice in a
local  newspaper.
The date of the first publication of
this notice is June 15th, 1922.
! TAKE NOTICE that I'eter Shield!
whose address is Wardner, B.C., will
apply for u license to lake ami use
40 miner's inches and Lo stare u acre-
feet of water out of an unnamed
.stream, which flows from a Canyon
about one-half mile west of Lot 1808,
Group One (1), Kootenay District,
near Wardner, B.C., end whicli flows
easterly through the northerly part
of said Lot 1908 and thence southerly
and drains Into Chlpka Creek about
one and a quarter miles from Kootenay River. The storage dam will be
located at the mouth of thc said Canyon. Tiie capacity ot the reservoir,
to be erected is about 6 acre feet, and
it will flood ubout one acre of
land. The wnter will be diverted
from the said unnamed stream at a
point about one-half of a mllo West
of said I_ot 1908 and will he used for
domestic and irrigation purposes upon
tlie land described as the north half
of snld Lot 1908. This notice was
posted on tho ground on the 1st day
of June, 1922. A copy of this notice
and application pursuant thereto and
to the "Water *Act, 1914," wili lie Hied
In the office of Ihe Water Recorder
at Cranhrook.
Objections to Ihe application may 1)3
filed with tbe said Water Recorder or
with the Comptroller of Water Righls.
Legislative Buildings, Victoria, B.C.,
Within thirty daya after tho first appearance of this notice in a local
newspaper. The date of the first publication of tbis notice is June Mth,
(Section ICO)
iN THE MATTER of Purt (l|5th or
un acre) of Lot 428, Group 1, (further known as Lot (i, Block 1, Town
of Westport, Map 008) Kootenay
Proof having been filed in my office
of tho loss of Certificate of Title No.
53G-K. to the above-mentioned lands
in the name of lto Tsuneke, bearing
date the 31st January, 1898, 1
HEREBY GIVE NOTICE of my intention at the expiration of one calendar
month from the first publication hereof to Issue lo the suid lto Tsuneke u
provisional Certificate of Title in Hon
of sueli lost Certificate, Any person
having any information with refer- j
enee to such losl Certificate of Title
is requested to communicate wiih thej
DATED at the I .mul Registry Office,
Nelson, B.C., Ibis 23rd dny of May,
A.D., 1921!.
Date of first publication Mar 2Mb
1922. ll-H
TAKE NOTICE Ihat Win, II. Slender, whose address U Cranhrook, B.C.,
Box 753, will apply for u licence to
take ami use Thirty Acre feet of water out of Unknown Creek also known
08 Peavine, which flows west and i
drains Into Jap Lake, about s Lot 19.
The waler will lie diverted from the
stream at a point ahout 100 ft. S.E.
Boundary of S.L. 10, 20 chains E.N.W.
S902 aud will he used for Irrigation
purpose upon the Laud described as
L. 3058  tl.I.K.D.
This notice wan posted ou lhe |
ground on the Seventeenth day of
May, 1922.
A copy ot this notice and an application  pursunnt  thereto and  to thn
"Wuler Aet, 1914," will he filed in th'
ofllce of the Water Recorder at Cran j
brook, B.C.
Objections to the application may
ho filed with the said Water Recorder
or with the Compl roller of Water
Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victor-
la, B.C., within thirty days after tbe
first appearance of tliis notice In a
local newspaper,
Win.  H.  STENDER,
The date of the first publication of
this notice is May 2Mb, 1922.     13-10
I the payment of the debt uud the sum
of Six hn mired and fifty dollars
i f$06O.OO) inr the payment of interest
I thereon, making in all tiio sum of
! Nine hundred and eighty-six dollars
, ($980.00) to be raised annually for
the payment of the debt and Interest.
AND WHEREAS tbe present deben-
! ture indebtedness of thc city of Cranbrook other than debenture Indebted-
i ness foi- works of local improvement
j and for school purposes is Three hlin-1
i dred and sixty-four thousand four
hundred and sixty-two dollars and
ninety-five cents   ($304,402.95).
l_.Rli.AS the value of the
lectrlc light systems own-
Municipality amounts to
One hundred ami eighty
thousand two hundred and five dollars   and   fifty-throe   cents   ($180,205.-
AND WHEREAS tbe said sum of
Ten thousand dollars ($10,000.09) is
the amount of lhe debt which Ibis By-
Law is intended to create.
NOW THEREFORE the Municipal
Council of tlie Corporation of tlie City
of Cranbroolt in Council assembled
"ftnnciB as follows:
l. It shall and may bo lawful Tor
lho Mayor of ibe Corporation of the
City of Cranbrook lo borrow money
upon Ihe credit of tbe said Corporation by way of debentures hereinafter
mentioned from any person or persons
body or bodies corporate, who may he
willing to advance the same as a loan
a sum of money not lo exesed in the
whole tbe sum of Ten Thousand
Dollars ($10,000.00) and cause such
sum so raised or received to be
paid into the hands of tlie Treasurer
of tbe said Corporation for the purpose and with lhe object hereinbefore
2.—The Council is hereby authorized lb purchased laud end establish
same ns a Public Park al a eosl not
exceeding Ibe sum of Ten thousand
dollars   1310,000.0(11.
3.—It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of Ihe said Corporation to cause any
number of debentures to he mnde, executed and issued for such sum or
sums as may be required for the purpose and objeel aforesaid nol exceeding, howovor, the sum of Ten thousand dollars ($10,(100.00), and each or
the debentures being of tho denomination of not less than one hundred
dollars ($100.00) and all such debentures shall be sealed with the seal
of ihe Corporation and signed by the
Mayor and Treasurer thereof.
4.—Tho Debentures shall hear date
of the Flrsl day of August. 1022, and
shall be made payable on (be First
day nf August, 1942, In lawful money
uf Canada at the office of the City
Clerk of tlie City of Cranbrook, In
Cranhrook aforesaid, or at the office
of the imperial Hank of Canada at
Toronto, Ontario, which said places
of payment shall be designated by the
said debentures, and shall have attached lo Ihciii coupons for payment
uf interest and lhe signatures to the
said coupons may he either written.
.-.lamped, printed or lithographed.
5. The said debentures shall bear
Interest at the rale or six and one
half (0V6%) per centum per annum
from the date thereof which interest
shall he payable annually al the said
officii of the Clly Clerk of lho Clly of
Cranbrook in Cranbrook aforesaid or
;.t ihe office of llu- Imperial Bank of
Canada, in Toronto, Ontario, in
lawful money of Canada on tbe 1st
day of August during the currency
(hereof and it shall he expressed in
said debentures and coupons lo be so
6,—It shall be lawful for tlie Mayor
of tho said Corporation to negotiate
and sell  the said  Debentures.
7.—During Ibe currency of tho said
DtJbonturos there shall lie raised and
levied lu each year hy special rale
bu 111 clout therefore ou all ibe rateable
land or lands nnd improvements in
Ihe said Municipality thc sum or Six
hundred and fifty dollars ($1150.00
for tho payment of Inlo rosl on tbo
said Debentures and the sum of Three
hundred und Ibirly six dollars ($330.-
Ofl) fur the purpose of creating a
sinking fund for tbe payment Of debt
Apropos of the wholesale destruction of forest areas already this year
by careless callipers aud oilier users
of tho woods, the Canadian Forestry
Association puis this query to every
Canadian lover of outdoors:
Nurses couldn't drag you to a bunting trip in a treeless wilderness; a
fishing trip by a treeless si ream; or
camping  '>ut   III   a   treeless   valley.
Isn't it about true Ihul the call ol'
lhe Outdoors is the call id' Trees?
The bospitaliiy of Nature means Utile
to any man except wheu associated
with  living trees.
Last summer hundreds of parties
of campers struck an unfair blow al
ihe rights and privileges of follow
campers, fellow sportsmen and nature
lover-, hy starting at least 2500 damaging  fores!   Ores.
Camp ffros that were not put mil,
mutches ami smokes IhoilghUosc-ly
thrown on the Inflammable "floor" of
ibe woods—these personal acts killed
lhe camping, fishing aud hunting in
many thousands at square miles uf
Canadian rorest. I Hams
Don'l be a kill-joy. Tlie forest is | Sim*
made for Ihn fellow who rollows after! Thi
Enjoy the woods*! There's nothing
to fear oxept Fire. And mighty Tew
fires except what you start.
Remember: All big Hre-a start as
little ones. One Minute's Care might
save a Century of Wailing.
Thc final chapter in tlie Dominion
by-election in East Kootenay early
this year may soon be written in tbe
appoiiiliucnt of R. E. I.eatlie, former-! m
ly of this city, and the successful candidate lust December in Ibe general
election, lo a position ou the Vancouver Harbor Hoard, and possibly the
chairmanship. This was rumored
some time ago. bul when asked at
that time by the Herald in regard le
it. Mr. lleattle staled be knew nothing of it.
Tlie following Hem appeared in the
Vancouver Province a few days ago
in regard to tiie probable appointment nf Mr. lleattle to Ihe Harbor
Ottawa.-It is understood ihat it.
E. Beattie, who resigned hfs Koolenay
Easl seat on behalf of Hon. .1. IL
King, mlnlstor of public works, and
Captain R. A. Italehelor. pilot in
Vancouver, are slated for the Vancouver Harbor Board. Mr. Heaitie may
possibly have the chairmanship. II.
A. Gibson, supeivargo at lhe port of
Vancouver, is mentioned a., the possible third member.
The appointments lie in the department of Hon. Ernest Lapolnte, minister of marine and fisheries, bul no
olllclal announcement will he made
until about the end of lhe session, it
vns staled today.
The arrival of Mr. I.cattle in Vancouver a few days ago, when he took
up permanent residence bore, lends
corroboration in the Ottawa despatch
that he is lo have a place on the harbor board. Mr. Beattie ran a prosperous business at Cranbrook, and
was elected Liberal member for Kool-
enay East at the lasl federal election. When Dr. J. 11. King, provincial minister of public works, was Invited inlo tbe federal cabinet, Mr.
Beattie gave up his seat to Dr. King,
who was elected as federal minister
of public works at tlie by-election
that followed.
Captain R. A. Italehelor llves on lhe
North Shore, and is a resident of Durrani constituency. He is a member of
lhe B.C. Pilot Association and has
followed lho sea since lie was 14. In
addition to being a deep-sea sailer,
be hns an accurate knowledge of
llrltlsh Columbia waters aud of Vancouver's port neods.
II. A. Olbsou is a resident of Vancouver Centre, and engaged lis a
super-cargo for the Government Merchant Marine here, He hns been a
resident o f Vancouver for twelve
(Special to tbe Heruid)
invermere, B.C., June 10.—A most
successful entertainment was given in
McKay's Hall, Athalmer. last week by
the members of the Girls branch of
the Woiueu's Auxiliary of the Church
of England in Cauadu. The event
look the form of the portrayal of
three events ns described iu Lewis
Carrol's wonderful book, "Alice in
Wonderland." Mrs, F. 11. Atkinson
bad charge of tbo details. The costumes used wero very artlslie and
realistic in tholr effect, especially
those of Miss Mary Turner as "Tiie
Cheshire Cal," Miss Kute Stewarl as
"The Mud Hatter," Miss Grace Slew-
art as "Thc March Hare," and Miss
Effle Turner as "The HrllToii.*' Tiie
evening wn.-j, closed with a short dance
ami sonic impromptu rod!tions on Ibe
piano by Mr. Arnold, of Cranhrook.
The caste for the dlfroronI scenes
was made up of: Scene I. "l'ig uud
Pepper," May William* as Alice; Ma-
dnlallie A. Tumor as Hie Fish Footman; Annie Fralcr aH Ilie Frog Footman; Grace Stewarl as The Duchess;
Mary Turner as The Cheshire Cat;
and Susie Nixuit as The Cook.
Tlie Mad Halter's Tea Party was
tho socund scene portrayed, Kate
and Grace Stewart taking leading
parls as the March Hare and the Mad
Halter respectively, with May Williams again as Alice ami Goorgle
thii Dormouse.
-as followed by Tlie Lobster
Quadrille or the Mock Turtle Story,
Miss Williams again being Alice with
Kathleen Sims as Mock Turtle and
Effle Tumor as Griffon. The Misses
Jean. D. Caldwell, Mary Tunrer.
Graco Stewt rt, Knle Stewart, Susie
Nixon. Annie Frater. Georgie Sims
and Mailaliiine A. Tnrnor took tho
parts of the lobsters.
Tbe financial results were most satisfactory as well, lhe money being
devoted lo the Building Fund of tbe
proposed new Church fur Christ
Church   Parish. Iinerniere.
#Rt|)obi0t Churcl)
REV. B. 0. FREEMAN, Pastor
Morning Service at 11 a.m.
Iii noon, Sunday School.
ISvening Service al 7.'.In p.m.
Kvi-rjoii. is Cor.lhill) Invlti'il io These Services
jf'-tfff^'1!'—__'_?-'"-'*''_"'''— I?™ Bflgfl ttSSi WAf^Aai^'i ^''''"l,:r'" '* ''" '    '" ''mi'"-' "'''MmtitMiii-nh
Consolidated Mining & Smelting Co.
of ('lunula limited
I'unhiiM'i's of (-.nlil, Silver, Copper mnl  I.uui Ores
Producers of Mold* Silver, Copper, Milestone, I'itr Load and
Zinc  "TADANAC"   Brand
Craubrook, B.C.,
June  Ut!i, 1923.
Edllor of tho Herald.
Dear Sir:
I roud iu the Courier recently of
Rack to the Uuul scheme with aome
disgust, liucl. lo the Lund is only n
dream by tlie way one is encouraged
in tills purl. Heller keep off the
hind unless yon ure independent, for
rlgbl ul my door ibe city Is doing
some work, bul one is told you have
lo he u taxpayer to gel a Job. For
four years I have been fighting for
work witii the B.C, government uud
must suy i have been very successful
in netting four days' work with my
loam uud five duys with pick and
shovel. Of course that should tlmt
should go u long way in supporting
i a family, while they preach Back lo
the Land. Somo encouragement for
one already on lhe laud, while men
wiih a team uud a thirty foot lot ill
town do nothing but public works, in
fact, depend uu thut for a living. I
had bette* state my mind right here;
one had bettor he a city bum than an
bones) man on the laud, in the way
one Is treated. 1 am a farmer, also
a citizen, and Hack to thc Land is
nol what it is cracked up to be.
From one that knows, and my sig-
nature goes yitb Ibis letter. Believe
Yours truly,
represented by the said Debentures,
making hi nil Ibe sum of Nine hundred and olgllty-slJ. dollars ($080.00).
8.—This By-Law shall take effect
on and after tho first day of August,
9.—This By-Law muy bo cited for
all purposes as the "Public Parks Debenture By-Law 1922."
Head n first, second and third time
on the '."ih day of June, A.D., 1022.
Received tho assent of the electors
on the  ;	
Reconsidered and finally passed and
adopted ou tbe day of A.D.
T,\KC NOWI-. Hint the above is n
true copy of the proposed By-Law upon which tbe vote of the Electors of
the Municipality will he tnkon on
Wednesday the 2Sih Inst, between the
lionrH of 10 a.m. locnl lime and .: p.m.
local time nt the City Hall, Norbury
Avenue, Cranbrook. B.C,
City Clerk.
Cranbrook, B.C
June 14, 1922. 16-17
CUESTON, B.C.—William Ramsay,
provincial public works engineer, was
here on un official visit tlie latter purt
of the week for the purpose of taking
a look over the two sections of tlie
I runs-provincial highway cast of
Creston, oil which il is expected hinders will be invited iiii:; month for
reconstruction. The most Important
one is from Coat Hlver Crossing into
Kitchener, where about five miles of
new highway will lie bull) on a 7 per
cent, grade and a width of sixteen
feel. The road now In use la both j
narrow and iu spots hns a nM-lieiil
or i.liuoat 20 per cent. Tbe oilier
piece of Work is a mile and a half of
a diversion at Arrow Creek. Roughly speaking lhe two jobs would necessitate au expenditure of fin.nun, aim
when complete would put Ihe uulo
route from Alberta lo the B.C. interior lu splendid shape, as those two
polnU are now reported tu be lhe
worst bits of highway on lho whole
A former resident of Cranbrook
sends from Reno, Nevada, the following account of the wedding there re-j
cently of Sir Qeorge Bury, formerly
C.P.R. vice-president, and a well
known railway man of Canada, who
was at oue time In this city, in the
1 early days of tlie Crow line:
■An International romance with the
setting in various parls sf tho world
culminated in Reno today with tbe
marriage of Sir Qeorge Bury and Mrs.
Doris RlumenthiU. The ceremony was
| performed b.v Rev. Brewster Adams,
at  four o'clock  this afternoon.
Sir Oeorge Bury, knighted hy King
Qeorge for his railroad services in
Russia during the war. was one ol liie
most prominent men for years In
Caundtnn railroad circles and was
formerly vice-president of Canada's
first trans-continental railroad. Lady |
Bury was the widow of Baron Lorenzo of Italy and resided for many
years In Brazil. Sho was born in
Newmarket, Kngland, was educated
at Cambridge and travelled extensively In Kurope. Two years after her
marriage to Baron Lorenzo he was
killed in a cavalry officers' steeple
chase ami later -she was married to
Aldo lUiimcnthnl. second son of lho
Venice banker, Blumcnthul. They resided for many years iu San Paulo.
Sir Qeorge Bury began his railway
service in Canada when a young man
and rose through various grades to
be vice-president of the road, a director and a member of the executive
In the fall of 1914, IV.'r. Bury was
sent to Franco to advise on transportation al tbe front. He returned
to Canada at the end of 1916 but was
Immediately recalled and sent to
Russia an one of Lord Mil tier's missions lo advise on transportation and
put Into forco his ideas, as transportation bad then become a crucial
point. He had charge of transportation when the Mrs! revolution In Rus- ;
sin broke out in 1917 nml went I
through the entire revolution.
On his return to Kngland he took |
back to Lloyd (ieorge au expression
of opinion on the future of Russia
from Prince Lvoff, wbo became premier of tlie republic of Russia, and he
advised the British government that
Russia would he no further help to
the Allies during the war.
Both Sir George and his bride have
been residents of Reno tor some lime.
Tlieir plans for the future have not
been definitely decided upon, but they
may go to Brazil to attend the Brazilian exposition in September.
The Safest and Best
Family Medicine
NO. (17 DAILY—To Nelson, Vaucou-
\er, Spokane, etc. Arrive 12.10 p.
in.; leave 12,20 p.m.
XO. IW BAH,?—To Fernie, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Calgary, etc.
Arrive 4.10 p.m.; leave 4.20 p.m.
Crnnbruuk,  Wycllffe,  Hluibeilej Mer*
So. Silt-Leave 7.05 a.m.   No-SSl-Ar-
rlve 2.10 p.m.
(runhr.mk* Luke Hliidcmierc and
(•olden Scrhivr
Moml.iv and Tbursuay, each week
-NO« 881, have 9am      Wednesday
and   "ftturday—NO. H2J  nrrivs   3.38
For  further   particulars  apply  to
iny ticket a gen
Biatrial Passenger Agent. Calgary.
Moiiiann Restaurant
Cigar*, Cigarettes and randy
Meals at All Hours
Opposite the Bank of Commerce
Calgury, Alia.- A large deposit ofj
sodium sulphate has been discovered
nn Baxter Luke, east uf Wiilnwrlght.
From analyses It appears that (be
lake itself Ih strongly Impregnated
with tbe chemical, while a test made
at the luke'tt edgo nave thirty-two per
lout, sodium carbonate uud thirty per
)0tlt. ouch -of nodiiiin chloride and sodium -Sulphate, A company bus been
developed lo exploit  the find.
I'ruinc\ Bread Ih (.HOB Brctnl
Ills Plea, Cubes and I'astry ara
made In a lusty manner which
invite* die most exacting person to call again, al
I'liuiic S"       •       Nnrhury Ave.
TORONTO, Ont- Development work
Ig bolng carried on al lho Sinclair asbestos ln Bnnnockburn township, Ma-
tachewan district. Samples ot first
class asbestos have been broughi out
from the property and arrangements
have been made to bring out a cur-
load of "crude." Owing lo transportation difficulties only lhe heller
grade of fibre Is being considered at
present. As No. l crude brings over
-M.r-.on per ton, transportation on this
chtsa of material Is not prohibitive.
The uew light railway which Is now
In tlie course af construction In Nor-!
thorn Ontario will aid development tu [
a great extent.
.   T-G.W.VJ. HALL
Mood Floor, Dr.'saliiK Rooms, Cartl Tolilcs
Kitchen, All Coiivciilciiics
Kor I'rli'i'N unil Otlier I'urdnilnrs Knqnlro
■TIIK 8TI.WAK1) or 8i.CIU.TAHV, ti. IV. V. A. Tliurstlii)-, June 1.1th, mi
1 "I PAOE     FIVE
1-hono 210 P.O. Box 9.13
A,ME.1.0., & B.C.L.S.
Crunbrook     -      - B.C.
Lift Off with Fingers
lira, Green ft MacKinnon
i'liTnlrlan* anil Nnrf«t»
Offl™ tt reildenct, Armitroni
Forenoon.     1.00 to 10.00
Afternoon t.00 to   4.00
Kvenlnn T.S0 to   8.10
8und»j»     U0 to   4.30
lilt. F. II. MILKS
Offleo Iii  Hanson Block
9 to 12 a.m.
1   lo   5 p.m.
CRANBROOK     -     B.C.
Ww\      vQJJ
Doesn't hurt a bit! Drop a llttl*
"Freezone" on an aching corn, Instantly thut corn stops hurting, then
Bhortly you lift It right oft with fingers.   Truly I
Your druggist sells a tiny bottle ol
"Freezone" for a few centa, sufficient
to remove every hard corn, toft corn,
or corn between the toes, and tbo cal-
liiBses, without soreness or Irritation.
F. Jl. Jl A C P HERS O N
I-lionc II..0
Norbury Are, next to ('My Hall
Phone No. 409
Crnnbrook,   .    .    ■ B. C.
Practical Commercial Course In
Shorthand, Typewriting
Bookkeeping,  Commercial  Uw
Commercial Englisk ani
For 1-nrtkulars Apply to
('. IV. TYLER, Principal
P. O. Box, 14, Nelson, B.C
When HEPATOMA removes gall
stones In 24 hours without pain and
relieves appendicitis, stomach and
liver troubles. Contains no poison.
Not sold by druggists.
Mil!!. 0E0. 8. ALMAS
Sole Manufacturer
USO Fourth Ave., So., Saskatoon. Sask.
Prico tli.60 Phone 4865
Kegalar MeeMig
IKCONI)   HATH Kit A1   il •*.«->
niouil. at * p.m. In Ike City Hall
Meeta ln tht
Parish Hall
afternoon of
Orel Tuesday
at I P m.
Pres:   Mrs.
Sec.-trcns:   Mrs. John Heiley.
All ladles eo-dlally InvllM
Crnnbrook, IM*.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 tun.
In tlie Fraternity Hall
E. A. Hill, C.C.
H. L. Harrison, K.R. ft 8.
R. C. Carr, M.F.
Visiting brethren cordially In.
llled to attend
1.0.0. F.
stem" a" i       Meets every
K7______rS-_M'-ml>.y night st
||»55*^   '"I'l" Hall.
Sojourning Oddfellows cordially
T. A. WALLACB, Nobis Orand
W. ML HARRIS- Rec. Secretary.
(Siiccisl to the Herald)
Invermere, B.C., June 14.—Advice
has just been received that the proposed sale of a consignment of R.o.
I*. Ayrshire cattle to have taken place
at Golden on the 27th Instant Is off
oil account of tile consignees asking
for n payment beforehand of $4,300.
The sale was to have been held in
connection with the summer convention o fthe B.C. Dairymen's Association 111 that town.
Miss   Etta   Barter
.otlatch, Idi
she  hus  bees
for tile past term.
returned    trom
abo last week where she    ^B        **f
en ui, ihe teaching staff      -SfflWHSSJ
What the Cranbrook
Troop is Bolng
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
(Licensed by Prov. Oovt.)
Maternity and General Nursing
Terms Moderate
Jilts. A. CRAWFORB, Matron.
Garden Avenue      -   Phone 259
Satisfaction or Money Refunded
Hollers and Yorkshires a
Specialty, from $15.00 up.
Breeding Hens.
41.-, llili St. s.   .    I.elhbrMge
1* BE AM
&§!& ii
Any reclpO thai -.'.ills for cream
can be made with Pacific Milk
ns u comes trom iiir tin.
In Baind droBsIng, fnr Instance,
where cream ts mentioned) use
tho Batno quantity uf Pacific
Mnk. You'll find ii -smoothness
and a rich creamlneB| of flavor
thai really is nicer tliuti when
fresh cream '8 i111* '».
Wo have a good recipe for salad
drosslng which wo will he glad
ta send to you, upon request
11-pihI Oftlrp, VancoGTer
Fartorl«HatAbhnti.rord ft Udier
Morning Service at 11 a.m.,
12 noon—Sunday School.
7.30 p.m.—Evening service.
Tuesday, 8 p.m.—B.Y.P.U.
Thursday, 8 p.m.—Prayer mooting.
Smokey    McPeake     and     Jimmy
Forbes well known ball players, deserted camp on Wednesday, destination unknown.
K. L. Staples spent a couple of
days In Fernie last week where lie
was called for pury duty.
Those wlio attended tbe baseball
dance at Klmberley on Friday night
were:    Mr. and Mrs. il.  J.  Caldwell,
Mr. aud Mrs. L. Crowe, MtssoB M.
Baxter. A. Reekie and 1). Staples,
and B. U Staples, Van Itkbard.-um. P.
Franzeii, 10. It. Young, L, Cluzel and
Harry Musser.
E. Louie was taken to the St. Bug
one Hospital ami Saturday morning
suffering from appendicitis;
Steve Seaman, third sucker from
Lethbridge, arrived in Wycliffe last
week and will play on the Wycliffe
line-up Ibis season.
Misses Helen DeCew. Pauline McDonald and Sarah Mi_r.illum spent
the week-end in Wycllffe tlie guests
of Miss Dorace Staples.
E. M. Slmonson of Moose Jaw, and
E. S. Glasgow of Regina, Susk., were
business visitors in Wycliffe this
Baby Alice Hughes, who was sick
in the St. Eugene Hospital last week,
wus uble to be brought home on Sunday.
Harry Musser, until recently assistant chef for onr hungry Lumberjacks,!
has accepted a similar position in
Cranbrook and left for that town on
The Hoy Scouts will meet at the
Y.M.C.A. every Tuesday and Friday
afternoon, at 1.30 o'clock, for drill
and practice In signalling and first
aid. Thii. is important nud every
Scout is expected to he present on
these afternoons,
Dr. U. E. L.
a beautiful C
does   tho bt-sl
One  or Die  P
this Cup.   Ret
MacKinnon has put up
ip for the Patrol that
work in the First Aid I
mi   the     lst   of   July.
itrols is going to take
hicli one?
(Special lo the Herald)
Invermere, B.C., June 14.—Mr. R.
Randolph Bruce, tl. Sec, F.R.G.S., of
this place, returned trom Nelson on
yesterday's train from thc south. He
is the president of the British Columbia Mining Association of tlie Interior
of the province and bad just beeu in
Ihat city attending a meeting of thc
He was delightfully surprised when
he found thut for his evening dinner
he bad the pleasure of strawberries
fu abundance plucked from his garden grown-thls year lu the open ulr.
They were of the "Everbearing" vnriety and according to the best Information to hand their production on
this date heats all records of the province for this year, not excepting the
"more  favored parts."
ihe man with
-— a small income
Cannot afford a car with a big upkeep. He
must have a car with small gasoline and oil
consumption, with big tire mileage and low
repair costs.
And yet he is entitled to comfort and style.
He gets all these things in a "490" Chevrolet.
-Mrs. E. L. Staples and little daughter left on Tuesday for Detroit, Mich.,
to vlHit Mrs. Staples' father.
C. O. Staples left Tuesduy for Chicago and other eastern points on a
business trip. He wag accompanied
as far as Spckuue by Mrs. Staples and
son Otis.
Miss  Olive  White of Crunbrook
spending a few duys in Wycliffe.
(Vernon News)
The sixteenth annual convention
of the Women's Auxiliary to the M.S.
C.C. was held at Pentlcton recently.
Mrs. Doull of Vernon delivered the
address of welcome nnd on Wednesday evening Bishop Doull spoke of
the splendid missionary work done
through the efforts of the Women's
Auxiliary which I9 facilitated at the
present time by the open doors of
non-Christian  countries.
Addresses were also delivererd by
Mra. Applethwalte and Rev. Lascelles
N. Ward.
Mrs. A. J. Doull was unanimously
elected honorary president and the
balance of tbe otiier officers resulted
as follows: President. Mrs. Apple-
walte. Willow Point; 1st vice-president. Mrs. Solly. Summerland; 2nd
vice-president. Mrs. Qraham. Nelson;
3rd vice-president. Mrs. Harrison.
Crnnbrook; recording secretary, Mrs.
Bookings, Nelson; treasurer. Mrs.
McKenzie, Grand Forks; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Mohr. Willow
Point; junior secretary-treasurer,
Mrs. Lee. Bonnington; Dorcas secretary. Mrs. Crowley. Kelowna; Little
Helpers secretary, Mrs. Fingal Smith,
Crnnbrook; Oriental Mission secretary, Miss Gibson. Vernon; Prayer
Partners, Mrs. Harrison, Cranbrook; llterfltiirre, Mrs. Solly. Summerland; leaflets editor. Miss Thorpe,
Nelson; leaflet secretary-treasurer,
Mra. J. Davis, Grand Forks; thank
offering secretary, Mrs. Wright, Summerland.
About threo curs went up from
Cranbrook to Wasa ou Tuesday evening of this week to a dance given at
the Wasa Hotel, when a very enjoyable time was reported. Robinson's
orchestra, from this city, with three
pieces, provided the music.
In response to urgent representations made to Dr. Sutherland, minister of public works at Victoria, by
the Cranbrook Board ot Trade, the
government has consented to making
repairs to the main road to the west
between Moyle and Vahk, a stretch
which has been given a very bad
name by motorists who have passed
over It this season, The board took
the matter up hy wire and letter
with the minister, with thc result
that authority has been Issued to put
the road In good shape, and the roud
superintendent has already put men
to work on It.
The Board of Trude is also taking
up yftli the government the matter
of irrigation for St. Mary's Prairie,
pressing for mum. definite action lu
the matter. They are now ia com
with Premier Oliver   on
The spring handicap tournament Is
still in full swing. Results wilt he
announced next week.
On Saturday the ten table was presided over hy Mesdames McKowan
uud   (Dr.)  MacKinnon.
Four carlonds of Woldottes invaded
Cranbrook on Saturday lust with
their golf clubs, und all enjoyed 11
friendly game with our expert wield*
ers. und they proved themselves no
novices In the science of golf.
Ou Wednesday supper was provided
by Mesdames Green and MacPherson
New members ure coming ln and
the membership of the club is already
a  record one.
There are several members still in
arrears with their dues. Attention to
this will he appeclated,
Everyone should enter for the Monkey Competition next Wednesday afternoon. This is a uew one und a
scream from start to finish. The entrance fee will he 25 cents, there will
be four prizes. Particulars are posted up at Club House.
Kootenay   G arage
Cranbrook B.C.]
Postmaster W. M. Harris has been
advised that a trip by aeroplane from
Lethbrldge to Ottawa including stops
at Mauyherries, Weyburn, London.
Toronto. Peterborough, Brockville,
Minot Valley City, Fairmont. St. Paul,
Brooten, Madison, Chicago, Jackson
ami Detroit enroute, is being arranged
for ahout June 2lst, and the Department has been asked to encourage the venture by despatching a letter mail from Lethbridge to the above-mentioned points on the flight in
question. It has been agreed to cooperate in tliis way provided thos-
sending the mall matter assume the
Tlie requirements for this mail are;
tl) Letters to be enclosed in special envelopes having the words "via
aeroplane" printed on them. These
envelopes may be obtained from the
Lethbridge Board of Trade for the
stlm °f $1»00 each.
(2) The tisuul postage to be uftix-
cd on the address side of the envelope.
Letters to go forward by aeroplane
will hu mailed locally the same as
usual and postmasters will see they
nre forwarded to Lethbrldge for
transmission! from there by aeroplanJ
It is thought the novelty of the
scheme will appeal to many, and
some will want to mail letters iu this
may as souvenirs for the recipients.
(Continued from Pete One)
orable to putting u by-law to tlie
people ut this time, In view of the two
by-laws (hut hud already been voted
on this yeur. They were not opposed
to the Idea of a park, Alderman Balment stilting that he bud ulwayK advocated htat site for this purpose.
Alderman Arnold favored iu any case
securing the lots required to make
the block entirely owned by the city,
but did not favor going to any more
expense this year than could lie taken cure of without a by-law. Alder-'
mun Flowers favored proceeding a'
little at a time, year by year, doing:
whatever could be done out of the
general revenue, and addttlonul money could be found by cutting out all
the grants made year by year with]
the exception perhaps of that to the
hospital, besides which the Interest
und sinking fund amounts would also be saved In tliis way.
Enquiry wag made as to what the
byluy would mean in the way of new
rates If It passed, and the city clerk
stated thut one mill would be enough,
or an extra levy of one dollar per j
thousand of assessment. The suggestion was ulso made that perhaps money might be raised by subscription,
but it was pointed out by the Rotar-
ians that there was not much difference in paying a certain sum to the
city in taxes or to a canvasser for
The by-law to authorize the raising ot the money was given its first
and second readings, and    read    in
called for to put
it to
on the 28tl
. there was
it ion
expressed i
i It.
of llu
law Is published In ihis Issue
-'-"— ■■'- i-L.     ■ — JJJ1_LJ_1>
lu the meantime the Rotary Club
are taking steps to give the matter
all possible publicity, nnd will be
beard from in due course iu full explanation of the plan.
To HrilKli Columbia's   Guest-. Rt the
Fourth International
July 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
Hii; Program of
Entertainment and Business
Papers on .Mining. Trip up the Lake. Dance. Garden Party,
l!aii(|uet. Trip to Trail Smelter. Smoker.
Buy single ticket, get receipt, so as to take advantage of
PARE AND A HALF RAILROAD RATE.      Notify secretary and hotel reservations will be made for you.
s. s.
J. A
FOWLER, chairman:
OILKER,   Treasurer:
('. D. BLACKWOOD, Vice Chairman
P. A. STARKEY. Secretary-Manager
W, D. Guthrie, provincial assessor,
lias been busily engaged since the
first of this month in closing up the
assessments for the purpose of arriving at lhe provincial income tax and
personal property lax. He was in
Fernle or a couple of days early this
week, returning Wednesday.
Geo. Leask of this city, E. !.. Staples of Wycliffe and Fred Dinmoie, of
Fort Steele, were In Fernie last weok.
serving on tlie grand jury nt the assizes there. 1, ll. Argue of this city
was summoned for petit Jury service
tliere, and n number from Fort Steele,
including Messrs. V. W. Cooper, F. C.
Douglua, A. Innocent, J. Ulen, A.
STUDEBAKER builds more
six-cylinder cars than any
other manufacturer because
Studebaker builds them better.
We can show you many definite
points of superiority in the
Special-Six that prove this
In times of close competition,
meritwins. Today competition in
automobiles is keener than it ever
was, because people are buying
rnorecarefully thantheyeverdid
Studebaker increased its Canadian sales 64 per cent in 1921,
though the industry, as a whole,
showed a falling off of nearly 45
per cent. 1922. up to May 1st,
shows a gain of 143 per cent in
Studebaker's production in the
U. S. and Canada over the same
period of 1921,
Studebaker sales records tell their
own story. The buying public
has declared for Studebaker
Tturlnl. S2075; Reailstir (_ P..*.). {.Wi, RuaJsiti
Coup.. S10S0: SeJan. SUM.   All .rim/. .,  h.
(I-Pas..). 12071;
Ifiilkersilk. Ont
District Agent
Cranbrook. B.C.
THIS       IS
file      CRANBROOK       ltlSK_-l.fi
Thursday, June 16th, 1922
On and after .Ittne 15th,
lii__, this business will be
closed permanently,
Auctioneer & Second
Hand Store
City Items of Interest
Insure Willi Beale & Elweli.
+    +    +
Tlie Y.M.C.A.  lias jusi    received
a new coat ot paint at tlie hands of
foreman painter  w.  Walby uud bis
statf, C. Bidder, E. Swan und J. Fenton,   Theso men know ihelr   work
anil the building now stands u crodtt
to the C.P.R.    with its   beautiful
lawn and -shade trees ii is certainly
one of tho beauty spots of Cranbroolt.
+   ■»•   +
We have just received our Spring
shlpraeni of Linoleum.   Prices $1.10
per square yard.
Our low prices wlu every time.
+   +   4
Members of iiu* Oddfellows' Lodge,
wiili some of the membors from the
u.-bekitii Lodge ami the Encampment,
about thlrty-ftvo or forty in all, went
to the cemetery In a body on Tuesday
evening this week, where their annual
memorial service wns held. A short
servlco was conducted by ihe chaplain of the lodge, and some flowers
wero put on thu graves of departed
members of the orders who are hurled in the plot of tlie lodge there.
+    +    +
The city Is  laying a sidewalk    on
Martin  venue  between   Edwards    and
Kaln Streets mi the easl sldo.
+ +' +
Constable Clarkslon has been asked to resign by ihe Pollco Commission
because he had pul in an application
for a position on the provincial force.
There does not seem to be very much
justice in the dismissal. (An employee should always have Ihe privilege
of trying lo better hig position In life
without incurring the enmity of his
employer.—Pernie Free Press.
At the meeting of the city rouin
on Tuesduy evening the question WOs
raised by Aldermun Balment as to
whether the position of Alderman!
Santo was affected by his having taken a post with the provincial govern-}
ment. Aid-. Hutment stated bis only I
motive ln questioning the mailer was J
to protect Uio council In case any
measure they put through could be |
upset for Ihis reason. Alderman Santo stated that he hud looked fully Into the matter before taking up the
position with Hie government, and
the amended municipal act being consulted, and the clause dealing with
tho mailer being read by the city
clerk, the situation seemed perfectly
clear, ami Alderman Balment expressed himself as being quite satisfied, i
although he thought that II' there was j
to be any question about It, a solicitor should look iuto It. To further
satisfy all concerned. Aldermun Santo later wired to Inspector Baird at
Victoria ,tho Inspector of muntclpallt-
Iiotweeu forty and fifty taenib-arsl
if lho railroad organisations In the.
-ity, and thc ladies' auxiliaries, at-
tended the joint memorial service on'
Sunday evening lasl, at the Presbyterian Church, Hev. I-;. W. McKay,
ihe paslor. conducted the service, making fitting references to Uie nature
of the occasion
Our Spring shipment of Congoleum
Rugs is now in and on display.
Our  low  prices  win  every  lime
+    +    +
Under tho direction of the Rod anil
iiini Club a good batch of cut-throat
trout  fry found  lu be iu  Wolf Creek
were tuken out this week and transplanted  in   Premier  Lake.     It    wus
thought   there   were    nbout     twenty
thousand of the cut throat fry to be
had in Wolf Creek, and It was planned  to take as many as  possible lo
put into Premier.    Tiie work was all
i-uiried  out   by  volunteer    labor    by
members of the club,   the   only expense lu connection with it bolng for
somo small  supplies  tlmt   Iiad  to be
+ + +
rogations of the Presbyterian
and Baptist Churches of this ciiy will
unite In joint services this suiumei
during the absence of the respective
pastors on vacation.
+   +    +
ji, in und ad watt, -(Op; 100 watt Nitrogen, $1.00; 15ti wait Nitrogen $1
W.  P,   DORAN,
Our Prices  Win  Every Time.
+    +    -r
W.   it,   tlibbs  and  S.   UaUiel  have
entered into a partnership under the
name of Glbbs ti  Dnizlol, Mr. Gibbs
specializing  on  automobile  painting
and upholstering, and Mr. Dalzlel on
his own   liues of  paperhanglng and
decorating, and together carrying on
a general business iu painting and de-
coral ing.    Thoy have recently finished up repainting (he J. Campbell residence on Norbury, and are busy this
week on Ihe Mantpodj house.
Beale it Khvell have completed arrangements  with  the Canada Permanent  Mortgage   Corporation    to  accept applications for Loans in Cranbrook.     This   conservative   Mortgage
Corporation is the oldest aud largest
operating in Canada, established   in
1S55.   Their system of repayment iu
monthly Instalments   is   simple   and
easy.   The occasion of the Company
to open  up  in this  city,  with  Beale
&   Elweli   as     their     representative,
shows their confidence iu the future
prosperity of cranbrook und district
+    +    -r
Harry Luscombe has purchased the
W. It. Glbbs house on Lumsden Avon
ue,  uud   will   move  in  a  little   later
wllh   his   family   from   tlieir   present
home on Martin Avenue.
+   +   +
To know  that   your valuable docu-
nienis are safe from  Plre and  Thelf
will relieve you of worry.   Try It by
renting a Deposit Bex in Beale it El
well's Steel-lined Vault.
t Local news.
Mr. and Mr.:. Fred Small have uiov-
d tliis yc.k from Lumsden Avenue
o (he Pow house on Burwell.
A. 0. Blaine lius purchased a new
Oldsinoblle Pour car frojU the Rat-
ctil'le &  Stewart  Garuge.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  A-  S-   Ward  letf on
Sunday  last   with  Mrs.  Al.   L.  Kieb-
rds for the Coast.
Mrs. G. H. Thompst
day of ihis week tor
she will  remain  for
months or so.
i left on Tues-
Seattle, where
he    next    two
Graham Douohue, of Wardner, for-
lerly game warden for thut district,
as hem appointed provincial cons-
ihle stationed tliere.
Those who have acquired since pro
perty or are entitled to vote on the
by-law, but who were not on the lust
voters' list, will be permitted to vote
les, revolving a reply that there was j by notifying lho City Clerk ten days
no objection to retaining his sent as  previous to the polling day.
alderman  while acting  as  a servant ; T. M, ROBERTS,
of the provincial, government. \ l-» City Clerk
Bruce Robinson
Teacher of Music
Studio above Murdock McLeod's,
Saturday Morning Next, June 17th
Cranbrook Cartage & Transfer Co.,
MrB, .\. 13. Leigh I ofl on Sunday lasl
.-annuo for ihe oui Country via Montreal and Liverpool. She expects to
return ahout October next, spending
the .summer visiting with relatives I
Hev. r. V. Harrison haH heen a'vi
Itor in Nelson this week, leaving on
Tuesday's train, attending an executive meeting ol' the Synod of the ill
Oeeso its rural dean. He was lo return on Thursday.
Mr. and Mrs. ,J. Chester left on Sun*
day for Portage la Prairie, whore
Lhoy will visit at Hie home of their
daughter, Mrs, ('. P. Nidd. and they
will also visit other prairie point:
where tliey have relatives. They will
he absent for about a month.
Mrs. Woodland and daughter, Mis
Marjorie. left on Monday for Qolden,
wliere they will spend the summer,
They will he joined later ut the close
of sehooi by Miss A. Woodland, wbo
will go to Golden after a visit to tbe
Bruco Robinson, well known In lhe
eity rrom his orchestral and other
musical work, announces that he has
opened a studio on Baker Street, over the slore of Murdock Mel-cod. and
where he will receive his pupils tn
plauo, organ and theory. He Is also
continuing as formerly tiiL- management of the Robinson Dance Orchestra.
Under the direction of G. P. Bond,
work commenced on Monday on the
alterations to the Auditorium which
tbe local lodge of Oddfellows are car
rylng out. There will probably he
about half a dozen meu engaged in
ihe work a little later, and members
of the lodge are themselves advanc
ing Ilie funds for the work, which it
is expected will cost in the neighbor
hood of $H,iKiy.
Miss Francos Hartmell, In charge of
ihe Junior Chautauqua Imre this year,
arrived oti Saturday' eveniijg, and hat
heen busy this week getting the worl
among the kiddles going. She bat
heen holding play hour for the younger children ut three p.m., and a little
later for the elder ones. Miss Hart-
nieli will open the big Chautauqua on
Friday and remain here till Saturday.
Mr. J. P. Armstrong arrived In the
city (lie end o flast week, and Is
visitor ut the home of his daughter,
Mrs, M. A. Beale. He Is well known
to the old residents of the eity am
district, having heen government ag
ent for sixteen years In the Kast Koo
tenay, including several yoars In
Cranbrook, up until June, 11*11. For
lie past eleven years be has been
chairman of the Board of Investigation under the Water Act, visiting all
parts of the province in this capacity
Upwards of seventy years of age, he
wan superannuated al the end of
Marcli this year. He will probably
•email, in the city for the summer,
hut has bis home In Victoria,
Mr. ('. P, Brown, of the celebrated
Brown Poultry Ranch, Port Steele,
was in tbo ciiy on Saturday, disposing
of some of his stock of some three
thousand or so milk-fed broiling fowl.
He has some seven thousand head of
poultry at the present time, and has
everyihlng In Ihe way of equipment of
most modern description. As au
Instance of ihe thoroughness with
whicli he Ih conducting the business,
makes use of the Pennsylvania
hard conl for lhe heating plant, so us
to lio surer of maintaining an even,
slendy heat when required.   He has a
nlract for lho supplying of broiling
fowl to some of teh C.P.R. summer
hotels, which a llttlo Inter may run
Into considerable  demand.
Next Priday wilt he Visitors' Hay
at the Central School from half past
one till  three.
Bargains for Campers,   Picnic Parties antl Anglers, in our window, al
J. G. Uutiynu, of the customs office,
leaves Friday morning for Cranbrook,
where be will relieve for the next six
weeks.—Nelson   News.
Rev. W. T. Tapscott left this week
for the Coast wliere he will attend
session^ of tlie Baptist convention of
British Columbia.
Miss Annie Moir  relurned this evening, Thursday, trom New Westminster,  where she has been al Columbian College.
George F. Stevenson, of Winnipeg,
and formerly of Uie Western Grocers, Nelson, where lie was very prominent fn the mUBical'circle, is in the
.■ity for a few days,   Nolson News.
.1. a. Broloy underwent a surgical
operation in Vaticoiiv
lie in doing fine nil
home iu a few day
- ihe otlu
umi   HugpiK--
Trap Shooters Attention
A meeting is called for Monday eva
ening next at 8..I0 o'clock, in the Cos*
mopolitan Hotel, for the purpose of
organizing a Trap Shooting Club. All
Interested nro urgently requested to
The Women's Liberal
Will meel ou Tuesday
over Grady & Eye's store,
Please note fees are due.
tendance is requested,
June 20th,
at s o'clock.
A  good  .il-
Hedley McLeod. of Klmberley, has
purchased the big McLaughlin touring ear formerly owned by Mr. A C
Blaine, the deal being made through
Ratcllffe & Stewart.
Messrs. Harry White. W. D. Gilroy
and F. G. Morris are this week at
Victoria attending Grand Lodge sessions of lhe Oddfellow** lodge and
kindred bodies. They expect to return this week-end or early next.
Judge G. H. Thompson of this city
went to Nelson on Tuesday of this
woek. accompanying Mrs. Thompson
on tlie first part of her Journey to
Seattle, and ulso attending a Synod
executive pleating there.
Just arrived —- Handsome dinner
sets. Old English patterns, only $45.00
per set. Special in English Clover
Leaf cups und saucers, Saturday only,
30  cenlR  at
H. S. DeLong, High School Inspector was in the city; on one of his periodical visits last weok. aud is understood to bave found the progress of
tilings at the high school quite satisfactory.
The many friends of Wm. C. Wilson, formerly of the Vernon High
School staff, but now principal ot\lhe
Cranbrook High School, will be Interested in learning that he is now the
proud father of a sou.   Vernon News.
Word frnm Victoria this week
states (but fu all probability the by-
election in the Cranbrook riding in
the provincial house will he announced within tho next month, probably-
after the dose of the court of revision.
James Logan, caretaker at the Central School, who recently obtained
leave of absence from the school
board, left on Sunday's train on bis
way to Scotland. He sails from Montreal lo Glasgow.
The three nonconformist churches
of the city will unite on Sunday evening next In a joint service in tbe
Chantauqula lent, when Rev. B. c.
Freeman will preach. The usual
morning services will be held in the
three churches.
Mrs. N. E. Ryekman loaves on Monday of next week on a trip of about
three months to Europe. She sails
from New York to Prance, and will
visit tho battlefields of France and
Plunders, and on to Italy, Switzerland and Bavaria, also attending the
performance of ihe Passion Play at
A Garden Parly will be held at the
Rector; nu Friday, June 2-trri, at 7
p.m. Snle of work, cookery and rim.
d). Htm Wherries and cream, lei-
cream, anil ten will be served. .Music
will be rendered durlnu lhe evening
and dancing will take place In the
Pnil«.h Hull tram III llll 2. LO
J. K. Chorlton
TERMS     -      $1 Per LoaHon
111 HANSON AviiNn:
— Phone 320 —
A baseball dance was given on Priday of last week at Klmberley in the
Handley Hall, where thero was a
good crowd, including eight carft or
so from Cranbrook. Good refreshments were also served, contributing
to the good tlmo that was had. Robinson's Orchestra provided the music.
ThurEdny evening of this week (Jiere
was lo Ik- a baseball dunce at Wycliffe, when Robinson's Orchestra will
again be responsible for the music,
four pieces strong.
Park By-Law voting takes place
on tho 2Slh of this month, one woek
from noxl Wednesday. The city clerk
advises that any who are not al present on the city voters' list, and are
entilled to vote ou the by-law, or any
who havo become owners of properly In the city since the lasl voters'
list was compiled, will bo allowed to
volo In this ense by registering their
name* wllh the city clerk at least ten
days before th'o data of the polling,
which means In this case on or be-
torn Saturday of this week.
The Ribbon
Bracelet Watch
I'he snug fit and neat appearance of these new ribbon bracelet watches appeal to those who
like tilings just right.
For Ladles Watches there are
no niftier stylos than those we
are showing. The movements
are dependable aud our prices
most moderate,
W. H. Wilson
On Thai'
Uiu Ladles'
hold  a   l.:u
iy   evening,   .lime   SOth,
id of Knox Church will
Social  at   lhe  home of
urlyle, Penwlck  Avenue.
II &  111
hlch i
lllg space
e come up
^^^     give  tlit
council meei ing a
issue, and it  will
fully next week.
to otlier matters
We have not been
space   lo   Hie City
i Tuesday iu this
tie   reported moro
A. a. Langley, of Rovelstoki
trict milling engineer for this section,
arrived in the city from Rossland the
middle of the week, and has been
looking over mining properties in the
vicinity of Port  Steele.
Fishing season now in full swing.
We curry a complete stock of files.
mirror spoon halts, lines, spill bamboo roils, reels, leaders, everything
in   tackle.    Conn-  in   ROW ami   get     a
gootl    selection.     Moffatt's    Variety
Statement of dunce hold on behalf
of the Cottage Hospital on June 2nd!
Proceeds from dance. §70.50; sale of
raffle tickets (80), $20.; talol. $..0.50.
Expenditures-Hall, Sl-'.OO; Orchestra, $21.00; printing, $8.05; prizes.
$1.25; tonal, $42.30. Leaving a balance of ?*iS.20.
Mitch activity is reported from the
site of the new concentrator near
Kimberloy. Temporary quarters are
being erected for the men who will
be engaged in the building of the concentrator, and a large force will he
at work whon lhe construction proper begins,
Mr. and Mrs. W. It. Gihb.s and family expect to spend the summer at
I'Pinions Lake, ii shorl distance out of
town, moving in this fall to the Luscombe place on Martin Avenue which
Mr. Glbbs has taken over, and which ]
he will enlarge for the use of his
family this fall and winter.
At a meeting of the city Liberal
Association on Wednesday evening
delegates were named for Uie district
nominating convent ion which will
name a candidate in tlie by-olection.
Five regular delegates were appointed
Messrs. J. A. Genest, Jas. Thompson, G. J. Spreull, W. P. Doran and
A. B. Smith, and five alternates were
also named. Delegates from Uie Wi-
men's Association will he named later.
says his latest
from the
prairies is
the crop is going to be a
This news, with actual work that is being rushed along at Kimberloy by the Consolidated Co.,
should bring joy to every man, woman and child
in East Kootenay. From preseni indications
Sam says be feels justified iu saying that next
fall and winter will be humdingers.
Sain will have to lake a rosl next week because Ihis space will be used to announce a
Mid-Summer Clearance Sale
A Sale of real merit, a Sale that will provide an
opportunity to effect very great savings, a Sale
that conies so far ahead of the end of hot weather that the merchandise offered will lie of use.
George J. Spreull
Barrister & Solicitor
The uev/ inland revenue stamp
cheek tax proponed i.i the budgi
whieh calls for two cents iu -stamps
upon n check for every $50 or part
represented in the face value of tho
check, in not being very cordially received iu quarters wliere big cbeakB
lire paid out, nor In the kinks wliere
the receiving tei lei's Will hnvo lo
check up tlie -stamps. H Im nut hu
much that there Iu objection made to
die extra impost, though this in many
cases will wound up to a considerable
sum, lml the Inconvenience at it. The
hunks have helped to considerable
extent lo meet, the situation Which
o when the Iwo cent impost was
put upon all checks, b.v issuing Ilie
stamped chuck books, bin under the
new regulations proposed ii will obviously be impossible to anticipate iii
in this way. The ultimate outcome
may he Ihat a good many coticerim'
will roverl to the system o! paying1
sums to a certain limit, such us wages, in cash. Where cholines have been
issued for widely varying amounts,
the new regulations will mean Ihat a
quantity of stamps of high values
will have to be kept lu hand for use
us required, The obviously simpler
way would be fof some provision to
he maclo whereby the government by
access to the bank records could collect the requisite amount due
cheques charged up to the respective
accounts rrom iho banks nnd having
the latter charging il on, The new
tax will not take effect llll Juiiuary
1st of next year.
Hy amendment^ announced to thc
bzndgel this week, the stamp tox Is
limited to the tolal of $2 for any ono
check, hut Is still graded at tbo rule
of 1! Cents for every $50. A new tax
is also brought forward, calling for
a two cent stump on all receipts of
$10 or over.
A (hirdon Party will be beld at the
ItiTtnrj on Kriduj, June -'3rd, at 7
p.m. Nah' ui' work, rookery and randy. Strawlierrli'x and ('ream, ke
cream, nnii ton Hill he served. M.i«*le
will bo rendered during Hie evening
and tluuchii: will dike place lu tbe
Parish Hall from 10 llll 2. 16
That tliere is money In poultry was
onstraUA quite literally to c. R
Brown, the East Kootenay   poultry
magnate, <bf Fort Steele, this week,
when he round a gold nugget In the
gizzard  of one of tho chickens    he,
killed for market.    The nugget was
ahout half nn inch long, and Is val
tied nt about $:i,50.    This particular
chicken  could     not  have been  very
fussy about  its diet either,    for    It
swallowed gold nuggets and .'22 shells
with ihe samo avidity, two of the latter also being found  with the guid
nugget.   This was a pretty profitable
.hickou, and If he can raise a breed
to pick  n[i told nuggets, Mr.  Brown
will have found u real money milking
MrsR.W. Edmonson
Col-tiffed Tuchiir, um,
Phone 884
t:    I '•Illl.l) CHICKEN   ii
Fine Juicy, Milk-Fed
llltON.KIIS kok haw: at
lit, KAMI.
Tin* Brown Poultry Hunch
FORT steei.k    ■    n.c.
Get Your
Shoes Repaired
A. Strange
Full   line   of   Hoot*   nml
Shoe* In Stock.
PkoM I.
Wt pay tht lml price) going tut nil
kluda   of   furniture,      w i buy anything frum a di'iiim. trip tu in automobile.
w w. Kllby. Auctioneer nnd Valuer
Travel to England
nml St-olliiml via SI. Lawrence
— li I:\S0NA1IU: KATKfl —
Auduiiiii—Juno 17, July 22, Auk. 26.
Antoule— July 1.   Auk.   f>.   Sept. 9.
Tyrrlioiiln—June 27, July 29, Sept. 2.
Albania—July IB,  Auk. 19,   Sept. 23.
Sal urnlu—June IC,   July 14,   Auk. 11.
Cassandra—Jttno 30. July 28, Aug. 25.
HereiiRarla—Juno 20.
Mnuretanla—-June 27.
A. ciultunla—July 4, Auk. 1. Sept. 12.
Money orders and drafts at lowest
rates.   Full Information from Agentn
or Company*. Ofllce, 622 Hastings Ht.,
W., Vuconnr, Pkuu Sejr. MM.
WANTED— CoiktcIc lalmrcra wflnloil
at Canyon, B.C., a miles rrom creston, eunip and food already Installed. Apply vn-kers Contracting Co..
Ltd., on tlie york. IU
MILK COWS — Fifteen Krado Sliorl-
liorus, fresh and coming fresh iu
a few weeks, priee reasonable.
Fuller particulars from J. HARRIS.
Edlwi-K, Alberta. i"
FOR SALE—Flnt bottom boat, 14 feet
long, almost new. Apply F. God-
derlx, Rox 105. 16-17
FOR SALE—Owner 6 Cylinder Touring Car In Al condition, cheap for
cash.    Phono 210. 9tf
WANTED—Concrete mixer to hire or
purchase. Particulars to Vickers
Contracting Co. LW., IMI Dominion
-C.        Utt


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