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Cranbrook Herald Aug 17, 1911

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 April j, ,i
We am well  equipped to
turn out the besi cliisa
nilANIIROOK.   HltlTISII   COLUMBIA,   TH I'liSuA V. A III t'S'l'  I 7.  I!»l I
NO.  'Jli
W. A. Buchanan for
Medecine Hat Riding
At tht> largest ami most untlitislas
tic political conveiilion ever hold in
Lellihrldge, W.   A. Duchniian, oditoi
nf the llciuld    of  Ihat  till I  well
known    throughout   East Ki oLenay,
■  was elected tliu   Rlnndnnl hearer    nl
i In1    L thorn I   path   In   lho coming
(nun pal gn.
Tin* following resolutions win- nn
nnlmoiisl) ndopled:
'-We, iin- Liberal assoclnlloii ol llw
Moil lei ne Hal conslltueifcy, in con
\eni tun nssembled, tin hereby doclnre
nin nlleglunco to ilu* people's cause
iif democratic government, ami en
dorse the elToris lhal lhe Liberal
lender, Sir Wilfrid Laurler ami his
cabinet, linn lai.en In secure these
"We most heartily ami enthusiastically commend lho reciprocity agree*
tin-tit with the I . S., which has been
nrrnnged hy the Liberal government,
ami deplore ami condemn lhe obstructive tactics employed by the opposition to prevent tin* enact men I of such
heiu'iUieiit legislation.
"Wo further condemn the Conservative cbargo of disloyalty ami their
appeal to prejudice hy their "nnncxn
tion cry."
"Wc most earnestly desire the early   rati Ileal ion of the said agreemenl
ami |)lodg( .selves to do everything
wilhin our power to secure tin* same
im mediately.
"Wc recommend that parliament
pass an effective closure rule which
will hereafter prevent the disgraceful
(actios sn lately employed hy the opposition."
In view ni the practical impossibility to really determine the actual
cost of, railway operations mnl to
know what is a fair ami reasonable
charge for carrying elrarges, both
freight ami passengers, therefore, be
it resolved:
"Tlut in order to determine thorn
facts ami establish competition we
not only commend the Liberal pollcj
of constructing the Hudson's Bnj
R. 11 , but also approve of govern
menl operation by means or an In
dependent commission."
"Whereas, farming is the el.ief In
tliislry Ol   Western    ('ut.adn, WO urge
an appropriate and effective 1 gisla-
lion whicli will secure to farmers
easy anil ready markets for their
products, ami provide for transportation facilities ami means In* which
these    products    can be mosl   ailvan
tageously dispi.Mil nf bv th.* produe
ns thereof "
"Whereas, easj ami reedy communication is essential t" tbc mainten
ami' ai.il development nf a high stale
nf intelligence among the pci pie,
tliciefi.re, be it resolved, Uinl we
commend ibe l Iberul polii y in lhe
mallei nl furnishing m.iil fa' llilii
rural communities, and would recommend     sittl further advance) I
along ihe saim lines, nnd Uw rapid
extensl d rural delivery "
"Ul.eie.is,       ie. ipim M \      liOS   1.    i'
made   tlie i ne     ureal  Issue in     this
campaign,     we i nmmi nd Ihc I Ibernl
govt rnmeirl   In its attltudi  In n -
iug lo allow tbe oppos lion       bin I
ami   postpone lb ' pat In    nl Ir [Isla
lion which   would confirm lire
menl, llierelt) permitting in ihe far
mors ot Canada, tin* opportunlt)     < i
lecurlng * the   benefits .*r i.. ipn i I
im tins season's crop."
"Whctcas.    ci Ham  uni i.hil crtll-
t -.in. .in.l ]". nn'.,! h ns have t.i ii
mmle agalns) tbe administratis n    i •>
the depailim-ut   >>f  lhe Inlertol
"Therefore, be ll resolved, thai we
record om untioundcd confidence in
am) appreciation "i the ndminletrn
i  nl the department nl lhe Interior, unlet the guidance nl tho minis
lei of the iut tmt. the lion Prank
Olivet "
In acknowledging lhe nomination,
Mt Buchanan said "Mi Chairman
ami FelloH I Ibcrnls: t thank you
for the li« not which ymi have dono
mc in selecting mc as your candidal
to contest this constituency in the
coming election  I may say thai I am
not anxious lo enter Dominion poll
lies. I feel tbat I should stay here,
where my bnsim*ss Interests are. 1
also (eel that 1 should remain loyal
lo my leader al Edmonton, the lion.
Premier Slfton. Bui 1 have been
prevailed upon hy many representa-
live men from all over lliis consltt-
iteney, and the pressure broughl to
hear on me was so strong that I fell
I should sacrifice my lime ami my
own iiileresls In the people if this
riding, If mill be, nml therefore allowed my name to go In-fore the
electors as Liberal candidate In Hie
Medicine Hat federal riding. Re>
gartliiig the issue before the olcolors
In this election f believe it is the
duty ol every man lo get nut ami
fight for it. Tt is a question of low
tariff, which bas always been enc of
Un- policies nf the Liberal paly ol
Ihis country. If oleoted as your re
presenliilivc at Ottawa lu tbe coming eleclim. I l)0])0 that the lirst vote
I mav have lhe privilega of easting
will In* iu favor ol reciprocity. (Pro
longe*-} cheering).
"We iI.--.iir   closer   Iraile relations
wiih tin*   great ci mitrj in iln- south
nf us. The Consel vali\e cry in oppo
sii ion lo lhe policy has been that the
Aineiirans desire in annex Canndu
ami -pinko ii a pail nf Llieh rcpulilie,
I  sat   Dial   Mils talk is absurd.      The
loyal o> tlie sovortHgn ol ibis world
wide empire than they are today. We
an* opening tn ihem, by giving Uiwn
reciprocity, a mftrkel of ninety mil
lions nf people, Does anyone for one
momeirl    believe thai   hy  doing this
wo are going in make r pec pic dis
loyal In their country? Are they mil
rather going lo be more contented
ami therefore more loyal subjects of
llu* King because the Liberal government has succeeded iu securing ai,
agreement which will mean Increased
markets fnr their products, am]
hence increased prosperity. Let me
refer you to the lirst reciprocity
agreemenl which was made ia 1851
Ibrough the efforts of the late
Queen's representative in Canada,
Lord Elgin. What was his reason fm
bringing about this treaty hy which
tl.e Iwo countries were enabled lo
interchange freely the products of thi-
farm, Uie forest, the sea ami the
mine? Simply because he knew thai
Hie penple nf Upper and Lower Can
atla, as the set I led portion uf Canada
was designated in those days, were
discontented because they saw tlie
American citi/ens in the states to
lhe south getlhiK much belter prices
for their produce than Ihey were gel
lii.g iu Canada, lie wished to give
lliem lhe benefits of the wide mar
ket afforded hy tbo United Slates,
and the pact was culminated, Km
eleven years the Canadian people
were very contented, becoMse tliey
were prosperous. Then the treaty
was abrogated by the government
at Washington for the snle reason
thai thev wished to try tt break
Uie trade nf Canada, make the Co
nadian people discontented wiib the
conditions under which Ihey were living, ami thus foster a spirit nf annexation in this truntry. But the
people wen* contented under the British Mai; ami under British Institutions, ami ibe annexation tb.* Americans desired and Imped fnr aid nol
follow. Hut ever since tbat time
there has be. n a desire tor reciprocity am.-up the people of Canada
Sir John A. Macdonald made that
one of tbe planks of bis platform
when lie went to the people In 1801
riif Conservatives wanted reciprocit)
at Ihat time. In 1893, at the great
Liberal convention at Ottawa recip.
rocllj was made one of the planks ol
ibc platform ol thai part) Both
parties warned free interchange ol
natural products between Canada
and the t S. for tin* reason thai
i* b li red that It would mean Increased pri speii'"- for Canoda In
1897 sn Wilfrid Laurier went to
Washington to negotiate a treat)
nlong the lines ol the present treat)
If possible, He was unsuccessful, bemuse tho United states government
didn't feel   thai ihey should   throw
npe i ,i    market nt 80,000,1  people
tt a countrj wilh onh 7,000,000.
When Sii Wilfrid was leaving lie said
t„ ihe offlctali al Wash
ington        tli.it        when 'hen
government was ready in entet
Ind negotiations along lhe lines nl
>,.. iprocnl Irade between the two
countrli b   ho    would Ih* pleased    lo
v.! -■  lliem at Ottawa   That  thev
Yi,l  m.i     hi   lo do mi last  tall,  will,
Uie iisnli Ural Messrs Fielding nml
paterson negotiated lho presenl pact
The Liberals have always been eon
slstenl in iins mailer, ami it is (he
Utmost   absurdity    fnr the opposition
to state lhal Ihere is- nn mandate for
r , [pren Ity. Hntli partus have wnnt
id il ami now tbal the Liberals
have succeeded In obtaining 0 for the
people the Conservatives haw tho
audacity lo say lhal the people do
not waul it and thai it would work
f,,r thr tearing down rather (Iran for
ibe building up of the country.
If, as the Conservatives say, tljcro
is nt) mandate for reciprocity which
both parties havo worked to obtain
in times past, and if that is their
reason loi opposing it now, and for
using obstruction tactics in the
bouse to prevent its adoption, 1
wish they would answer this questions Was there a mandate from lhe
pei pie on the (juration of imperial
preference? Was there a mandate for
the Canadian navy'.' Why did not the
Cnnseivattivu patty follow the same
tactics in regard to these measures
as they have followed In this matter? Neither tf Ihem were issues
before the people at any election.
The Conservative parly did not force
an election on cllher of thtse issues
which were of just as greal Importance in their way us ibis reciprocity
pact. Their     contention    then   that
Back in Cranbrook Once More
Two Prominent Citizens, who have been Travelling,
Return to the best City in the Kootenay
During    lhe    pait   week   two   ol
Cianbinol, .    Iiesl     known    citizens,
wlin Imve turn out    ol lown foi  mm
oral weeks, returned home, ami    ihe
old burg finds a bu     i .< comfort
abb- Itcference Is mode lo .1 I), Mc
Hiide, who is jiiHt back fi.,m playing
his pail in Lho coronation id King
George, in old London, ami .). |>
Kink, wbn returned lasi Friday from
Foi i (leorge, where, he saw and
learned a whole lol aboul a section
uf ibis   province that  bad     formerly
been  as a  sealed  I k   In  him
Needless to say, both gentlemen
are more Inan glad to le back
again, They saw verj much on tllelr
travels, but nothing that weakened
their con 11 deuce in lire inline ul
Sonic six weeks ago "-lake" Kink
started off lo explore the northern
portion nf Itiilisb Ci lumhln, and
more particularly to size up a block
tif laud, of some 25,000 oercs, in
which lie and scvcial other fellow
citizens are interested in lho Port
George section.
-ul . min. nly
•live. Mr. Fink re-
t a larger and truer
Immense potential!-
Tic   trip   j
able ami    Inst I im
turns home    wil
conception of the
eies of ibis province.
He left the main line ol the C.P.R
for the north al tshcrott, wbn,. |n>
boarded an automobile ami rnjoyel
lim miles ol Jo) i iding to Soda
creek. Mr. PinV d * lari • Uml this
p. rtlon ol il «■ famous Car Iln <> roo !
is about as near iwrfectlon as could
b, desired The stop) Ing hou> -. en
route, Iti- also found excellent in
every partiiul.ii Proi i Soda cri ■!, t .
Foi I Beorge, (he trip if upwards nl
ilxty miles. i> made by steamer,
and here again Mr. Fink was picas
urablv surprised b) Uie excellence, ol
tbe    aeco "' lw  stoanu i
running on thi in the oquil nl
ibc Kootemt) and vrrou Lakes
boats, and the comfort nl travelei i
is carefully provided for En route,
between Soda creek and Fori
Ocorgc, Mi Pink - Isll d Qucsnel, j
where ho reneweil acquaintance with
ll    VHlson, llarrj  -loyce am) Dill :
thorc was no mandate toi reciprocity
is nni consistent with their actions
nn these other mutters, nnd wo can
not believe lhal that !■ their reason
tor blocking l*t as they did It they
would tell us Ilia! they did nol force
these . ih.! Issues to lhe people because Ibej did not alTecl   the veiled
Interests ol the c itry, they   would
be telling you somi thing which i**
riiiMi to ihe real reason lor thoii
luetics. I believe lhal there is a
mandate for reciprocity, and I be
lieve thai ibe Liberal government at
Ottawa is simp); following out its
pnlh \ In end nvorlng t>> obtain II
(or Ihe good ol the people ol Canada, and 1 am )ust as firm In mj be
lief Ihat   Uie)    will  be leturli.il       In
power on September Slit, so tlmt
the treaty may be pul Into force.
But tf the Conservnllve party is, by
any means, placed in power in this
country on that date, and I cannot
bellow that this will happen, reciprocity will he removed a long Wtt)
from tho people of Canada. Tliey will
point to this ejection, iu thai cose,
and say thai tbc proposition was
turned down, ami-instead ol reciprocal irade with the United States,
and Increase*!! prosperity for the
people of Canada, our country will
he ruled by tbc high tnrin parly
which is bound and tcllercd by the
big interests.        '
The Conservatives nis,, say thai
the goverutnenl nl WoatHnglon wns
loo smnrl tor our legislators, and
therefore gol tire lieet of ibe ileal.
llul I have faith In Messrs Fielding
ami Paterson   who have bet n law ly
\nderson, tormei Cranbrook resid
enls, wlm air all di-hia well up
i,mib l pmi their .ni!...! .,i Fori
George, where I hoy were met In Hill
West, another tormei Crimbn ok • n
/•-ii. West located ihr land toi the
Cranhrook syndicate, wbieh Mi Fink
was in Inspect, ami la- was nn ban.I
in not as guide. Upi n iheii nrrival
al Porl George, lhe Kink part)
learned ibai lhe one hotel had been
burned to the "ground tb.- previous
Friday ami so tltej    were ci mpelleil
In lake  Iii   Iheir leills,
The Craubrook syndicate's block of
laud is     located     s< > fifteen miles
south of Porl George, nn West lake,
named after Mill West. It is a (hie
stretch of level land, lieaill) wooded
wilh small eottonwood, birch and alder t   difficult  tn    clear,     The
ground is covered wilh a th ck layer
nf nmss. West has a patch of ten
acres cleared, some nf which is under
cultivation. Sweet corn, eightien
jnel.es high, peas, beans, cabba jes
ami potatoes, weere all L.inuim; luxuriantly, a small patch of llinothy
hay was also in llm- shape, A box nl
tomatoo    plants,   in a very heullh)
ci million,   also    CaUgllt    .lake's   nli.s.l-
vanl eye.
Last winter timothy bay was si I
ling ai Fort George nl (175 per ton,
slough grass hay broughl *KI per
Inn. Whilst on Ihe ground Mr. Pin'.
paid (5 for a half sack of nuts. Sugar was retailing at 51-1 ail pi r sac':,
and flour al (12. Racon, hui lei, lei
and other ordinary camp requirements were selling at aboul i! ,•
same prices as rule in Pasl Kootenay.
The proposed Vancouver city branch
of ihe Grand Trunk Pacific railway
will ran right lb rough tin- Cran
brook syndicate's land Whilst, s>
far, active opernilfl**! on this propes
ed line of railway Imve m t been
started, Mr. Pink is confident it will
be proceeded with* otherwise the
trade of this district will go easl, a
contingency lhe alert merchants ol
the terminal city are not Ukely l i
Speaking generally of the Port
Oeorgo district, ami with special reference to the lands located hy the
Cranbrook syndicate, Mi. Fink sail
he hml never traversed a liner country. The land is easily cleared The
climate is good, and whilst tbere is
some frost in the summer, it does
nnt amount tn anything serious. The
winter, so far as bo could ham, is
much Ihe same as ui Kast Koolenay,
wiih occasional spells of severer
frost, There are good Indications if
coal in this section, and some good
timber to the north, il is mainly an
agricultural and Mock country, and
Irrigation will not be necessary.
On the whole Mr Pink wns delighted wiih his trip II has given him a
new conception "I the greatness if
this province and he is confident
Ihat In the very near future northern
British   ''ol bin will figure largely
in tin- returni ol natural products.
On    the retut iniey, Mr  Fink
visited Hm historical old town nl
Uurkervllle, where be mel (has K.I
wards, Mike Schilling and .lack
Thompson, well known hereabouts,
who ale operating plant claims in
ihat locality, employing some 35
iiieii with the best of prospects,
.1. I). Mf.ltridc, looking ns lit us Hit*
proverbial   fiddle, is hack in     Crnn
brook again, -lie had an exceptionally
good time iu Ihe Old Land and Lolling   Ihrough    Europe, enjoyed ever)
moment of   bis three   months' lout,
never     lost a   day    ami     saw  mosl
everything uml everybody worth sea
ing.    He traversed Ireland and Sent
land, visited the principal centres in
Knglaiid and   arrived iu London     hi
lime lo see     King   George crowned.
The    coronation    e remonles     wer
wonderfully    impressive, one feature
thereof Impressed Mr. MeUrklc   very
strongly, that was iln* unlh rm good
nature   of     llritish   crowds.     Such
crowds,  rarely seen elsewhere in   Hi
world ami     with never ihc b n< I
older. Thei.'    were swo/tns nf pnth
hut  Iheir    presence seemed imneces
'•*■ ■ ? JiH
- ^B
i       mWaM            f
■ H
.1. Ii. MoBKIDE
sary. Following the coronation ceremonies Mr.     Mclttitlc ami bis part)
Inured tit .-',}.    France. Switzerland
and Hah.   At  Lucerne Mr.  McBride
was greatly interested in viewing th.1
arrival of   Count  Zeppelin's airship,
with   some     eighteen passengers on
hoard   He had     read of this airship
and was delighted io have a view ol
il in actual operation.    Several me*
morahle days    were spent in Rome
Here  Mr. ' McDridc    found hlmsrll
among   surroundings peculiarly     im
I pressive to a man from the m-w I .ml
ol Western Canada.     Altogether Ml
I McBride   thoroughly enjoyed Ins European   tour  and    returns to Cran
! brook mora strongly Impressed   than
lever with tbc abounding possibilities
| of Hm ish Columbia, and particularly
: of that portion nf il, of which Cran
1 hiook   is the   chief    center,     Easl
Koolenay.  Mr.     McBride say- he i-
gotng In slay home f,,r a while imw
'and attend strictly tn huslnem
responsible toi ,; greal prosperity
.[ Canada during the past fifteen
years, (lur prosperity under item has
attracted many ol Uw ihrewdtst citi/ens from the States, They became
Canadian cltl em aid arc just as
loyal io Um llritish cmwn as cftl
ecus ol Canada who have always lived on tliis sub- ..i tho line. They aie
among our i I progressive and respectable rttlrens, ami we welcome
ihem i<> om \t ">' country. Ami *e
do nm I'll,... either, lhal thej
came here with an) Intention ot itli
ling up tbal abwrd annexation cry
which troubled Canada for a long
time. Tbat da, in past. lal it re
main when* we hotr pul It. We want
the American ' lor, because he
makes a good ami BUcceasful Canadian i tii/i'ii.
And now just one wind mole. We
have entered Inh this campaign in a
very enthusiastic manner. We are en*
ing to have a hard light in this constituency, bui Ihe issue is clear, and
It Is a cause worth fighting Tor.
1 have the grctttrsl reouecl for Uw
political abilities ol the opposition
candidate. Mi « A Magrath, and
so far ns I am concerned l have lhe
most kindly feelings toward him. I
wish to avoid .ill personalities iu
this campaign, and make it a clean
light. If I Win I wish to win on the
merits of the issue before you, an issue which I believe will result in tbo
Liberal party, which has done so
much fm iin- Dominion nf Canada
ami the British empire in the pasl,
returning in Ottawa toi lhe iwtl
session Willi a largol majority than
From an American
Point of View
Mi   and Mis   .lohn T   Cos don,
Seattle, have been    visiting in    Ihr
eily,   the guests   td   Ml   and    Mrs
Geo   ll   Thompson. Mt   Condon    In
dean tf the law school nf Wa bin
i in** i rsltj and    as at, emtoe •   i
practltionet In bis own countrj    has
been grentlj  Interested in the re*ip
rodty disci ssi,,u n- w in pro
Iii course ol an Interesting rhai
with a Herald rrnroarntatlvr Mi
Condon discussed frrely whal he re
farded its tie- Imerleai. m<w of this
ipiestii n. lb* ropudlated In the
most emphatic manner any and e'-ery
• rgg! itton ol anw sstloti \li Con
dim pointed nut that tho failed
States had already Its hands full
with imp* riant queatlons, without
wishing tn Invoke itself in so troubled an issue as annexation Mi rooter, the thinking people ol the Ctfl-
id Siates recognized Ihat Canada had
reached a stage in her growth lhal
made ibc   possibility    of aanesatlon
entirely Inconceivable, Canada wai
now a natmn. Strong in hoi own n-
sources and potentialities, and, whore
twentj oi Unit*, vats ago annexs
tion miicht   have been I prat teal i
sue   il      |s      BOS, tiv   .til    Intl II    -
Americans, rnianl us utierly Impracticable and. largely, undoslrahh
\s Mi   c km n-maikid   "We ban
iiouhhs ciiougii of nit own wtlhool
M-i'kini', tn tutoinr enbroiled    in  so
controversial a t|i.es-tio*i as is Involved in llie language and religious
questions nf Canada. How utterly
Improbable it is thai the French
Canadians should even for a moment
dream of sacrificing the rights and
privileges they enjoy under the British Hag b) seeking or being part) to
annexation lo tlie t'nited States
Such a proposition is entirely ridlcu-
trade, he could not refrain from
pointing mil ibe distinct advantages
Ural    would accrue   to the Canadian
I In i   manufacturer**   bj  the a lop
1 Ion nl  lb ■ reciprocit) agreement,
press nn)  opinion up. n othei phases
id ibe qui stion, although as one for-
merl)  large!)  engaged in  ihe lumbet
Mi     Condon    did   nm care io ox-
Nominating Convention
I'l.wm'i.nl*.    ORITS    AND TOR
Tbc note of victorj was soundeil
.bar ami disimil at last Thursday's
meeting ol the Cranbrook Literal as
Kociation. called foi the purpose ol
cl.-cling delegates to Uie nominating
ennvention, wbieh lakes place in Nol
Hon lomoi row .afternoon.
There wns n verj large al tendanci
imiabb- fm i's iborougbl) represent
ulive clraracU'i Liberals, who toi s
Inng lime past, pave laken no active
ii teres I in part) affairs were i i
spicuous b) their presence on this
mi asioti,
Ever) man present spoke with 11 n
litleiicc ol the outcome and enthuslas
I lea lly     endorseil     lhe   reciprocit)
agreement.   as   lending   dlroi tl)
benefit the wage earner.
pri -,d--M \ l. McDermol oo upit d
■in* chair, aid after tie transaoUon
■i some roul ii - b islm --. delegates
ivere eleel A a   follows:
.1. R Mi Sabb, .1 ll King, E II
Small, !■' -' Deane, Oeo lloggarth,
Thos i.ill. \ I. McDermot, ■' B
llewitsnii, E  II   Patmore. Prod Gel
I, M. McEachorn, W P Ourd, -l
\. Sadler, Hort Campbell, R E
Delegates frnm outside points will
be appointed b) the respective Liberal crganizations and a tborougjhl)
r 'present art ive    delegation   will   e1*
wn in Seison this afternoon fi -
the Cranbrook electoral district
Tb-' l"ca!    r.-:.-- ■:.,•::,* ;.. M  vj.;*
mooting '■■ elect delegatei U~' Fri
day evening to   the convention, tafc-
- |   |    .       .;,   Si i-   :    *■ ■..■     j-*   tollOWl
Kimberley, Marv-\i!h- and Wyclifle.
Mr. Cboatei Staples
K,... gteeie—T  T   McVittie
Wardner—T. Oaflney.
Cranbrook—Arthur   J. Martin, Dr*
II K Hall, B I! Short, W \ Rol
Iins, '■ II Thompson, Prod Patti n
Thos. Caven, ML A . ox ofSoto
Bad Beats Worse
In two Rounds
Thorc was a fair turnout at tho
Vudltorium last nlghi f-.t tbe boxing
events, but the exhibition w..^ not ol
,i scientific nat
The preliminary bout, hot ween Mtl
1 ng si d Smltl. ...I gaol    ev-
ilbltlon of clevei boxing by mm who
knqs    Ihe    mlence   and    th- sin,:*
Smith    ma)     at * haw been trying
very    hard f..r    points, bui Milling
ertalnl)     gai   a    good, or better,
Oian   whal    • as   coming  bis wa-.
Unite rightlj t* was gives a draa bj
The main ovonl between Ryan, <r .t
i queradtng   under that name,
.ii,ii Stroi ler,     was a rotten       i *
noiiition «f aboul fifth class ilusjctng
boxing t<\ a   w Ide mai
Ryan a*aa r.*•* bt to boi      oa
to   >j»ak of im, Uw
ippa -ll  |o go.   Hi
lai   li   know notbing about
bOXll -    Ih'  ll    Ha- OWBR  ot  .,     ■■
. ik" whb i    than    his   widi
live up  to u«'
.;,,-,.:-.   ul i   aro ut tbe bodj "
ii be '-.id have got '",t nf tb-  ring,
would    lave   Hows
was in fan * ondltlon,    but
he knows as   mmh aboul hoxing,   oi
■ \„.    idenoc thereof, as i,.- doe*    of
Qitek art   But bad will beat w. is*
lb* wont stiei Ryaa like a mad bull
ami  slmpl) knocked spots ..n him In
tho fust    thirty seconds or tin* first
round  IK pitch d whnterer ol science
be evci learned oi la-aid of to    Uw
winds   and   aallrd in,   ii.nl fashion,
windmill stylo, and routed Ityan who
oevei In' a single bloa that coanttd
Ityan   even   tried to art disqualified
hi hitting in    Uw clinches, hui Jim
(iv.    evident I)   saw whal be    was
and   lei him gel bis medicine
•ALi-n    Uw gong   wont   Inr Un) third
round   Ryan    pitched a sponge Into
The Jfolll w streak had de
teioped lo Its lull width
l ii.h ■ nough, Htroeiei will now
Uiltig he Is a "wlnt.* hope" ami run
Into a snag If he ever tnit-ls a man
Who can  Im I  he   will BI   Ibe     lw.nl
torn ofi his si Iders,  H   wou! I     he
sounder policy tor him t0 slick     to
bis saw-U,ing.
Preparing for the Exhibition
I'-'i-   »as .. :.i ., ■   iii ii ,,■   .,■
nm in... Mil in ilu, ,■ iiiinn
uremia rs nl  tl .,   \. ,,
nn.I   .,
in. Pall !■..
Ml   «    II   Ha ;     ■   .
(,| ■ ■     .  I
cliacusi.il, .   ,,|  ii, |
iii'in.i;   ll ii     I Ins
illilii b  will ;
il ol I   ,   ■
ln-i. Is tin- ituMH-i trrin?
Aim .i ureal ileal il m
as lltiall)    ilrclded  tn |inaml  ullli
lie   Bale u in, ie '
ntotN'y maj   lie raised . .  ofl Hi ■
"nil     0SSOI ;,„■   tit, 11
trmls, and !,■ 11   is
antidpaled   lia
ul'v    In ...... tlml
will pel nil |is In-ill'-
taken t,, .
s», definite oil in tv
willi   ll;,' i-xlitliil ion     Tlie
lhe sale ol ..:   .ii.
'., I J    dftl : '    ll   sll.
bulldith* and
:   where ? •
• •
• •
• With th. old 1 liter-  •
• als ithm,  a>
• •
9 vat . f 9
0 rani* - b re 0
tf) Is Hr. 1 receive 9
0 tbe v.'- 0
% him prion an tda? 0
0 Mi. !'• ' on-   tf)
# at ll.-  0
# whal   #
# "-*■"- rover, 0
0 the question may bo asked, 0
0 dM he hare the right, with il 0
0 calling a c nventicn ol tbe 0
0 rank and tH< fi bts'ps ty, to 0
0 decls tbat 0
0 bad bed such 0
0 ;■-:■■■ • U l- 0
0 doaatd and Sir John Thnmi>- 0
0 ton, I men 0
0 as his- 0
0 lory. 0
partj of 0
0 any   pa '1 be  0
0 ndi   0
0 beyond the 0
0 bo is- cau-   0
9 Tm- 0
I, • •   rapaortcd M*   Bordi n al   0
0 the 1 pe 0
0 thai Ity  0
in tie- some  0
0" <:.*.■■■ nsl   0
0 trade   i 0
0 the load< ■■•:"•
0 :,..:• '■■   0
0 ho;***    ui r to                   rdt n  0
0 does 0
0 take it,  0
0 If It n In   0
0 nat'.:. irdcn  0
0 shoul iis par- 0
0 ■'■ •
0 9
9 9
9 hers 9
0 tbe pact lhe 0
0 . 9
9 np 0
9 9
0 a   ■ 0
0 I 0
0 1/.. 9
9 Mr.   Monk, 9
9 i  9
0 0
9 '9
0 •          - 0
0 tan -'9
9 tt*-- 9
0 men it a 9
0 it:.-. pol   0
0 ie,    \ red  0
0 fi i 9
0 dialoyalj 9
0 (*ai i'  9
9 Cans rt and 0
0 soul b>! ract] -                          0
9 •
(Jus Andeen1
enei is noarfng comph th     . ■ !    Uw
Kink Mercantile   compan] ha c  been
eataged Us pa I
ln| tin- furniture foi tl n -\ bt stel-
ry, which   will b< of hi '
equipped and mo table ho   *,-
o| entet lalnnu nl in Ka ■ Kooionay
when opened lo Mw public I bc new
holfl l« prettily situnii the b ■'
nshtofl local It] n. 'i - ; nrt ol Uw
prortnee l' will afford s cflnvanleai
slopping place  t.-i lovers ol Un red
and ll\   oeel   W« >.   cd -
.-  ■■
The Tie of Loyalty
The tie between Uritain ami Can
ada has existed tor I5fl years
li has survived the American re
volullouary war, it has survived Iln
wai nl 1812 1-1: in both of thrae w,,i
nttruetlie offers were made tn IJue
bee and Ontario to join tlie t ti.on,
hut they were rejoeletl
It has survived iht- ah'lit ion hy tlu
llntisli parliament id tbe preference
on colonial grain in Hn- British mai
kcis, which lasted from 1822 to
1810. The Montreal shipping and (business    Interred, in   1810, it Is I	
feeling the pinch ol some falling og
in ihe shipment or grain lo England,
promulgated a manifesto m favor ol
annexation '" tbe States, tun i
never made headway in Ihc countrj
ll has survived the reciprocity treaty
with Um statt*. from 1851 to irk*;.
ami ii has survhsil the abrogation o)
that  treaty.
It has boon quickened from the ol.l
t ntty side by the British preferential policy ol Ihc Laurloi p.vein
menl, and ii was never so strong as
it is today.
In        prosperity      ami      ail vet sll v.
through evil report and good report,
through Indifference ami appreciation,
the Canadian people have stood ly
Un- British traditions, the British In
slltutlons, the llritish principles ami
Ideals, and the British nag, againsl
ihe prepondefing weigh! ami attraction id tin* growth ami prosperity of
the United Stales
Vnd today, when Canada has a I
tamed sili a Standing in population
and trade and development, wh.it
likelihood is ihere ol hei changing
iht* allegiance to which stir has
clungi and in winch she has taken
-m l. pride, foi generatiour?
Tin- llritish empire li baaed on
something more enduring, mi something more persuasive, than mutual
trade li is baaed on freedom) nn
self government, on the great prln>
rlplea of justice and truth, on the
tcsponsiiiiiin oi   government   tn iia*
will of Ihr peoplt
Othei nations have striven to bind
then colonies t<> them M trade
bonds, ami   ubat bai been theli m
cess compared wilh tho IncreasM;
self-government allowed the British
colonies? Trace the history of the
colonies ol Holland, of France, ot
Spain, of Germany, of Russia, of
Portugal, which were bound to thoii
mother countries by bureau-crallc
government nnd trade tics. The system has proven a failure and always
will, because of the diverse economic
needs of the colonics, and tlm want
of floxibllit) nnd freedom in theli
trade relations,
Britain learnt by dire experience
thai ihc colonies could not he kept
in loading strings; she lost hali tin
tmerlcan continent through tlmt pi I
icy Itut even as late as the forties
ministers of tlw imperial government
shmldcii-d at the thought td ICspon
slide government in ilu* colonies, at
the though! of colonial governments
exorcising over officers appointed In
Ha* imperial government the sami
control as the llritish parliaim n
exorcised over ministers of tihem wn.
The agitation for responsible &"-.-
eminent in the Province of Canada,
a** Ontario anil Quebec were tln*:i
called, was dem unced by tin- Duki
of Wellington as treason, and on Oc
toiler IHil,. 1842, Mr. Arlmihnot
wrote to Sir Robert Peel: "The
Duke (Wellington) has heen tlnimtcr
struck bv the news frnm Canada
Between ounwlvos, he considers what
has happened as likely In In- fatal in
th*- Connection with Kuglantl, ami I
musl also, ui the very strictest ecu
(ldence, tell you that he dreads h-si
it should hicak up Ihc cabinet here
at home."
•The connection With England" i-
wor Ihan ever, despite the old war
rlor's fears. And BUCh fears ami slteh
prognostications have ever km falsified Freedom and sclt-gcvornincnt
aro their own hesi witnesses,
The glory of lhe I'liipiie is this—
that il has gioun ,i family of self-
gorerntng nations that confound
every theory, cverj plmplx-cy thai
was advanced as patt if the very
foundations ol   goeennnenl-,  not sn
eon  ban: ago—nations thai have   an
affect Ion for tlu- mother nalicn such
as history has fiirnlshoil us no pro
ecdetil. Tbc principles ol freedom
ami political equality hate novel
been carried so far as they have by
Ha- British empire. The result has
confounded one string of Ilttlefalths
after another.
And ihe working of the reclproca
ngreemonl will add another to tb
string-l!nl   IVer (Attn)  Advocatcc
Coalition Against Laurier
in Quebec
CONSERVATIVES   TO MINIMI/1-: slit wn.Kitiirs 1N-
Tlu* prolnhle outcome of ihe cam
paign ii. (jueiioc is one of the mosl
illicit sling features of tho present
appeal lo tin-country. A review of
Ibe situation in that province to)
The contest iu Quebec is nol om
between Liberals ami Conservatives
hut one between Ihe Liberals nu the
om* hand ami an uneasy coalition o
Conservatives, Antl-Reolprocity Lea
guors ami Nationalists < u the other.
If the om- straight issue of reciprocity were left unclouded !>y a host ol
minor Issues there can Ih- lit (It
doubl hut that Ihe Liberals untile*
sweep the country with ease, hut j
alrong attempt1 will he made by the
opposition forces io conduct the (Ighl
on another plane altogether. Even
then the Liberals wllh their mon
united front, ami tin- advantage <
being lieltei prepared for tho contest, will   make such a fi^ht for   tin
province as     Will   leave    III. lil allliof'
as Strong   as. if not stronger    that
The Liberate may lost* a few seals
thai lhe*. now hohl, hut, nn the
oihei hand, they are stronger iu con
stltuencies where before tln-y were
weak, ami Ihey will probabl) mr****
up in one place    what  they     lose iu
fg   ■ ,.]-)
Liberal Convention
Kootenay   District  Liberal   Association
A Convention of the Liberals of Kootenay Riding will
assemble in Eagle's Hall,
Nelson, Friday, August 18th,
at 2:30 p. m.
To select a candidate to contest the RIDING in the
Liberal interest and for the transaction of other important
President Secretary
ii! id
- ia
I ill
" ■
am lher.   Dnimmuml    -   At'Uubasoa,
whicli made itself famous by cteutltg
a    Nationalisl    n1    the byerelectloi
will    come hack    within the Liberal
fold tin September 21 if Liberal    o*x-
pcclations are realized. A greal deil
of palienl work has been dene in th£l -
constittu-ney     overtaking    lhe arew j
menls    Dial  wen*     used In the live-;
election against the Liberals, nml reports would Indicate Ihat tlie.se have
changed   the   complexion    nf nlTairs
there very iniieb.
Why will nol reciprocity he lhe
only issue in the coming campaign?
Because the Nationalists know thai
such a question would divide llieti
numbers Into two opposing camps,
and thev wish in keep to tbe old
erics i n wl.irh ihey arc already united, Tl r Coiiscralivcs and the Anlt-
Pecipit.cily League wished lo make
reciprocity llu- issue, and In slump
(Jtichcc mi the pica that reciprocity
WOllld lead lo auncvatioii, and Dial
aniicxalion would mean the fusion id
lhe French race, lhe passing of lhe
French tongue, nml ibc absorption ol
Hn- Etonian Catholic church. Itut the
Nationalist leaders say in clTecl:
"This annexation lalk is all mt, rr
ciprocity is a straigbl hiisin.ss pruh
lem, and everyhndy should decide for
himself his altitude upon il. Tin*
Conservatives and the Ai.li Iteclprt -
city League actually started this
propaganda, the Nationalists immediately opposed lliem, ami ihey claim,
wiih what truth remains to he seen,
that they have effectually scotched
lhal braird nf talk.
They were able lo do this litmus *,
little as they may like it, the Nationalists are the hope of the opposition iu Quebec, and Ihey therefore
rule tlie campaign. The Nationalists
will not put many candidates iu tfio
field, but. they have Instructions tn
support whatever candidates of any
parly seem most likely to support
their views with rrgnrd to naval and
military defence, [migration, Canadian autonomy, and so on. This
seeming Impartiality Is balanced by
the fact that Mr. Henry Bourassa's
manifesto attacks ibc administration
if Sir Wilfrid Laurier as corrupt,
says that the reciprocity Issue Is ol
little importance, urges all to support Mr. Monk and his followers,
and says that it is time Iht re was a
change of government.
So tar as the creed of the Nationalists is concerned, ll is admitted
Ihat they are no more in sympathy
wiih the Conservatives (ban with the
Liberals, and probably not so much.
Tliey have only ono thing in common: A desire to minimize the great
personal Influence and popularity of
Sir Wilfrid Laurier. At times their
activity would seem to be partially
successful to thoso who, while not oi
their party, have the same desire,
but a visit of tlie Liberal chieftain
always brings such an increased
surge of enthusiasm that the result
nf their efforts is almost lost sight
ol. For example, the return of Sir
Wilfrid Laurier from Greal Britain
this summer was made the occasion
of the largest and most Inspiring
popular reception that has ever been
given nn Canadian soil. His election
tour iu Quebec will cause a crystallization id many election elements now
uncertain, ami the enthusiasm his
presence always evokes more nearly
shows tlie Liberal strength than impossible now.
The Nationalists really aim al securing a balance of power in Quebec,
and for that reason will not unite
permanently with cither party. In
other words, whoever unites with
Ihem during a campaign will have
later to pay the price or lose their
Since tic opposition look to the
Nationalists to help them out la
Quebec it becomes Important to know
how strong are tlie Nationalists in
Quebec. The Nationalist leaders tin
not know themselves, although Mi
Uourassa claims the great mass ol
the people. Their following is a continually fluctuating one according
us the events of the iiiomcnl happen
to make then erics seem pregnant or
not, A smallci number of steadfast
adherents who aie influenced hy the
personalities ol Messrs. Monk and
Hoiirassa earn nn the propaganda
perpetually, hut their success during
the lasi few months seems tn hat
suffered n temporary relapse.
The Liberal appeal for re-Hut im.
Will Ire, "In you desire reciprocity'"
Tb. • is definite and demands an ana
wet. Il would seem hardly possible
for any candidates to ovcid thai
issue, but that will be tried.
Electric Restorer for Men
 ■ ■— tu Its proper tension* reitores
vmi nnd vitality. Premature decuy nnd nil sexual
weakii-jnt! nvrrted at once. Phoiphoaol will
niHltei vou n now man. Price IB• box, or two for
I.'* ""'I'-d I" uny undress, lheSoobcll Drag
Co., St. Cutlmi lue., Onl*
For sale at Beatle, Murphy & Co.,
joct'S and must have resided, or their
parents must have resided in Canada
tor two years immediately preceding
the examination; short periods of absence abroad for purpose of education to be considered as residence.
Successful candidates will join the
Itcyal Naval College at Halifax lu
January nexl, the course al the Cul-
lege is two years ami lhe cosl to
part-ills, including board, lodging, uniform mid all expenses, is upproxi-
malely $lliil Im the Iirsl year ami
$350 for Lho second year.
On passing out ol College, Uatlotr*
will he rated Midshipmen, ami will
receive puj ai iln* role ol *'*. per
Parents of   intending   candidates
should make application tt the Sii'
rotary Civil Service Commission,
Ottawa, before Ifttli October next.
i-'uiti.ci' information tun be obtained on application to the Secretary,
Department of Naval Service, Ottawa.
Unauthorized publication of this
nol ice will nol he paid for.
(i. .1. Desbarats,
Deputy Minister of the Naval Service
Depailmciil of the Naval Service,
Ottawa, August 1st, mil.    US-Si
Any available Dominion Land*'
within the Hallway Belt io llritish
Columbia, may he homesteaded by
any person who is the sole head of a
family, or any male over 18 years ol
age, to the extent of one-quarter
section of Hit) acres, more or less.
Entry must he made personally at
the local land olliee for the district
in which the laud is situate. Entry
by proxy may, however, be made on
certain conditions by tbe father,
mother, son, daughter, brother or
sister of an intending homesteader.
The homesteader is required to per
for, the conditions connected therewith under one of tbe following
(1). At least six months' residenc*
upon and cultivation of the land in
each year for three years.
(2). If the father (or mother, II
the father is deceased), of tbe
homesteader resides upon a farm in
the vicinity of tbe land entered for,
the requirements as to residence may
he satisfied by such person residing
with the father or mother.
(3). If the settler bas his permanent residence upon farming land owned hy him in the vicinity of his
homestead, tbe requirements as to
residence may he satisfied by residence upon the said land.
Six months' notice in writiag
should be given to the Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa of
intention to apply tor patent.
COAL.—Coal mining rights may be
leased for a   period    of twenty-one
years at an annual rental of SI    per
acre.     Not more   than 2,570   acres
shall he teased to one individual    oi
company.    A royalty   at the rate ot
five cents per   ton shall be collected
ou the merchantable coal mined.
Deputy of the Minister   of   tne   Interior, at-ut
Dated March 1Mb, IMI. 4-lt
Dr. MarteFs Female Pills
Prescribed and recommended for women's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy of proven worth. The
result from their use is quick and
permanent. For sale at all drug
stores. :t toDelfi
Cil|»iiit.v. I."..00IJ ft,
Inquire at Herald Office
Mr. A. I-:. liuiK'i-l, District Engineer, I
Quebec, I'.Q.
Persons tendering nro notified Mint
tenders will not lie considered unless I
mode on    tin- printed forms supplied
by tlio Commissioners.
Knell lender must lie signed nnd
sealed by nil the parlies lo lhe lender, and witnessed, and he accompanied hy an accepted cheque ou a
chartered Hank of the Dominion ol
Canada, payable lo the order ol the
Commissioners ol the Transcontinental'Railway, for lho sum of One
Hundred Thousand Hollars ($100,000)
The cheque depi sited by the parly
whose lender is accepted will he deposited to Hie orodil <d the Receiver
lienernl    ol    Canada as security lor
III,- due and fl.ltltf.lt perforuiani I
the contract according to its terms.
Cheques ilepiiKileil hy parlies whose
tenders are n-ji-cli-d will be relumed
within len days alter Iln- signing nl
the colli lilrl.
Tlie.righl Is reserved to reji-cl any
or alt lenders.
lly order,
I'. I'  Ityan,
The Commissioners ol tlio
Traiisconilnciitnl Rallwa)*,
Haled nl Ottawa, liuili .luly, 1011.
Newspapers inserting this advertisement without authority [mm lho
Commissioners will not bo paid for
It. BB-3
that thirty days alter date I intend
to apply lo the Chief Commissioner
of Lands anil to Uie Aslistant Commissioner of Lauds [or tho District
ol East Kooleoay, lor a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following describe,! laud, 1, caled
on Ihc North Fork ol Michel Creek,
Ove miles north of the Crows Nest
I'ass Rranch of the Canadian Pacini-
Commencing at tbe SI IV. corner ol
A. E. Way land's claim, being the
intersection ol the nortii line ol improperly    ol   Ihc Crows Nest    Pass
Coal company's land, ami n survey
line running nortii and south, tbe
same being tlio Initial p'st ol I. II.
Preston's claim anil marled "I. II.
Preston's southeast corner," thenco
sll eliains west, 1 bonce Sll chains
north, thenco Sll chains cost, thenco
Ml chains south lo place of beginning, containing (IIO acres, more or
I. II. Preston, Locator
llalice l.ameroux, Agent.
Located Juno 21, 1011. nil-lit
IN THE MATTER OF AN  IMPLICATION   for fho Issi I a ilupli-
eal rlilicsile   ,,f tltIu     lo Lul
ll.   Mock   OB,    Cranbrook Oily,
Map 000,
tlml ii is my Intention lo Issue     al
the orpl I'll Hon ol one i Hi uller tliu
liist publication hereol n duplicate ol
lho ocrllOcn I title id lho    above
i itloiinl lot in il amo ol William
A. i'\i, which iviiniraic is dated llm
mill January, put, ami numhclcd
Saiii'l It. Roe,
Hlalrlcl  Hnflstrnr
Land Rcglslr) Ofllce,
Nelson, 11 ('.,
Jut) aist, ion       tn ni
TAKE NOTICE Ihnl Waller Pollen, if London, Eng., occupation
Agenl, intends lo apply for permission to purchase tbe [allowing des-
eribeil lands:
Commencing al a post planted mi
eliains south nml Hill chains oast of
lhe S.E. corner ol Lol 01170; thenco
80 chains south; thence 80 chain*
east; thenco sn chains north; thence
sn eliains wesl to tin- place ct commencement.
J. Illake.
Haled July 7lh, 1011. 32-!lt
St. Hilda's Ladies1 College
Under Dir.ctlon of the Church of England
Preparation for I'uiveraily Matriculation, al.0 lor Music ami Art
Examinations. Special Cooraee in Vocal Culture, Home,tie Science,
French and German Conversation, Physical Culture, Etc. Preparatory
mil Kinderg.ltcn Pep.rtuient, Outdoor Drill, Tennis, Croquet, llatket
Ball, Etc. For Prospectus apply to
»♦•>•>♦ ********** *************
It's   the Suiiio l'lai-i-
Thu Place that is Popular
(I.Ksl   IIS  till-  Host
Better ilmn the Host
I The Cosmopolitan
If you coi
Vmi will i
B, H. SMALL, pROPRiffn
*>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦*♦•»•»♦♦ »♦*!
A competitive examination will   bo
lic.il in NovcdiIm'i   next nt Iln* CXfim- j
[nation centres    ,,f tlie Civil Service
Commission  for  the entry ut Naval!
Cadets for tin* \nviil Service ol Can-!
.Hia. then* will in* 2**- vacancies,
Cnmliilntrs must Im* between tin*
ages nf li uml ii; pear* en the 1st n[
l.iiniun belt; must   be llrilitih   ltt>
SEALED TENDERS, adilnsgotl t»
the undersigned, nml tiinikml nn   tin*
nvclope "Teniler fnr Terminal Station, Quebec," will •be* received nt tho
office nf the Commissioners ot ihe
Transcontinental Rnilwav at Ottawa, om., until 12 o'clock noon ol
llie .'11 si August proximo, for the
construction and erection complete)
in accordance with the plans and
specifications of the Commissioners,
if terminal station in the City ol
Plans and spi'< ilieati.ins may he
seen,, and full information obtained,
at the office n( Mr. Gordon (Irani,
Chief Engineer, Ottawa. Oat., aad ol
Aeroplane Races Every Day
"Pioneer Days In the Falour.c"
1136.000 Will  Be Sptnt an Thi. Bxhl*     i ,
bin,.., 1     .ll
Greatly Inrrcastd Pi-Ik.
Many New CI.mc.. Open lo All
Uni.   .,„   ..million   /.(.!  .in,,  (Mag  l:.v,<
217  Hutton  Block,
TAKE NOTIOn tlml .Intra Irvine,
nf Wasa, or-oupatinn lUm-lu-r, Intt-mls
In apply lor permission tr. pnrrliiisc
tin- following dfscribed lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about 20 elm ns east ot llie smilli-
west corner nt Lot 11:11 on north end
ot island in the Kootenar river
and include the whole nl Ihe island
about S acres. .lohn Irvine.
0. Hungerlord Prllen, Anent, Oranbrook.
Dated Juaa 17th, mil. tn-9t
TAKE NOTICE Unit John Pollen,
id London, Bug., oocupatlon Auenl,
Intends to apply for permission l,
purehaN Hie lollowlng ilrsrrliel
lands: ,
CotnmetlOlng nt a post planted at
the S.l-:. corner of I.ot niiiO, Ulcnm
sn rhnins south; thenco sn chains
east; tllence Ml chains north; llll'iiee
SO rhnins wesl; to the place ol commencement.
.1. Illake.
Dated July 6th, 1911.        '    11-Dt THE   CHANBHOOK   HERALD
Jdon'T *
*)/, rioiiil nil tin* Way to H|i(ilttiiii>, Citlgnry, j*
or Vancouver tor
Wlit'ti a low lioms will brinuyou a
(nun tlio
« »
_.^.^,^___ Copyright* Ac.
eiiYnHfi*i*tiit'.i|* n Ktu'li-ti i-ml iti'-|.fiiiii..ii iii.tt
qui  hlr iim-.Tii ni .'i-iii-.ii [Hit- wiinllior .111
1'.'. IrV- '-It ViV 1 i y! .'.".'.li;'!,! j i'u1.1 h). iiiiriiwii VmV V ■','''■',,i,'t;
»,.iii In'ii. 1 Hilt--,: mi ■.'. |,<i ii, hi iii|i imi oiim,
I'mniit* iiiHi'ii 11 Htli Muim A (."ti, r-Jfulvi
»,'i.inli .ide, «nlimit•■luirmi, In Ilia
Scientific Utttcrican.
A  tini.l*.iM'lY  llliialniliil w.f*lilr.     li.rj.*«t  ilr-
1il.t1i1.11 <it  ii'iy   -iniiiil.-   I..IIIH..1.     I,in-,   lur
r..ii,.W, frt.T.i t,  yi-iii, 'H«tnw<' |*i'i*.il.l.   n.i.I Lj
MijTN & Co.'V"""'-'' New York
llrruiuli oui.-o, m V HI., Wat-Ilium on, I* Tl,
Archie Waller;
Builder and
Septic Tanks ami Conoroto
Work Konerolly a
; Estimates   Freely  Given.
P.O. Box 346
♦ Cranbrook, B.C.
New Season's
Just Arrived
Up-to-date   first - class
Papcrhangers to hang
B.   H.   SHORT
The Painter nnd Decorator
Armstrong Ave.
P. 0. Box 33 I'hone ill
News of the District
Wa-ntworth Hotel
(Special correspondence.)
Two largely attomlod district
mcobiiigs weft) Iwld last Thursday
nigH, Thf first being to consider tlio
forming of a Mounted Infantry corps
ami I he second was Un* annual
meeting »if the Horse Racing Association. II. (i. Parsons, M.l'.l'., was
present at liotli meetings,
The universal opinion expressed ai
llu* former was that ttw time Imtl arrived for Hif organization of a repre-
nni tat I vu lighting body, ll was
thought there would noi hf ajny ilii
ijculiy in obtaining a forco of nl
lentil sixty good riders as recruits.
0lowing patriotic sihjocIioh, full ,,(
thf fervor thai called out volunteers
for ih.- late Hoot war, wore Indulged
iu. lien nil ing i.tllcers for tho various
places about were nominated. Tin:
ti.uiifs for possible permanent oineeivi
11s siiggfslttl are! R. Ituiidolnli
llnice, O.B., P.U.Q.S.; Capta'n ll.
-t. (Irani Thorold; Judge Stalker,
ind Mr. I Ian key.
■ i the Horse as tOC-Ation meeting
1 reading of the financial statement
showed ihis important branch to be
in most excellent condition. Mi. Joe
Lake was re-elected president and
Frank Hichardsoi, secretary, for the
ensuing year. Various committees
were struck. It was decided to hold
the raecs on the afternoon of Friday, the 15th September, tlu* swots'
day of tliis district's great agricultural fair. The races will Ih* rm. on
the track adjoining the new town-
site of Invfrmeif, which track the
Polo club arc constructing to be
used in conjunct ion with their ptlo
grounds, which are also well under
An important party of engineers
and tourists, the latter from New
York, this week crossed over the
Great Divide, from Castle Mountain
station near Band, coming by the
route of the proposed new automobile- road from Calgary via Banff.
All the members of tbe party beloBf
to tlie Canadian Alpine club and
there is a possibility of them scaling
some virgin peaks before leaving imi
vicinity. When they do depart tin
journey will again lie continued by
pack train over the mountains to
the west, up Toby Creek through
Earl (Jiey Pass and thus descending
to Argeuta ou tin* Km.tenay lake,
Thence after crossing! the lake they
will follow the route along its
shores, where the proposed automobile road will be continued, go bj
Balfour on the mouth of lhe wett
arm and -so into Nelson. In spcakii|
of the first part of the journey the
leader of the parly mentioned the
beauties and majesty of the route as
being) Indescribable. "Wc left Castle
Mountain by way ul Vermillion
Creek., then passed on into Veruvl
lion river and so along the Vermillion Pass until the Kootfnny rivel
was reached. We crossed over ihis
by bridge, then traveling south along
il wc came to Sinclair pass Going
by this in easy stages we lodged at
Slnclaii ll»-t springs, ami so joined
the main trunk road which extends
along the Columbia-Kin totuiv valleys
from the International boundary to
ti..1.lfit on the main line of tl.e Canadian Pacific railway. We did not experience any i rouble whatever, Certainly the grades on the proposed
traffic road arc going to be compare
Lively easy," said the engineer
(Special correspondence).
Oi - 1 liill .look ol
Repalri for above always
just wait iiniii Johnny comes marching home nnd we'll make youi
head dizzy watching the fruit pass
through Elko lo tho Pass towns.
Better get in nn tho ground floor, as
the fellow said who was selling
shares, for baking powder bloated Hying machines, Elko's tin- most talked of lown in the Dominion of Canada today.
What is a pessimist? why the
me we have in Klko is a thing that
if you stuck ii between two evils
iv.iuld grab both of them, Vou
bad no idea there wore any in Klku'
Why, sure, autl Hn.v are so narrow
they could almost take a bath in a
fountain pen. Why, we've been boy
cotttti by some people foi boosting
the town They nre scared that
someone will come in ami open tip
business or spend money outside
their place. Why, right now there's
11 for Iweiily-live mote businesses in Klko. Tlie business people in
Elko todfly are working so hard they
will soon all be total wrecks, and
they aro actually going color blind
looking at the green all the Unto.
The Merchants bank is so mil of the
root of all evil il is really pushing
lhe sand and tar oft the roof. Tho
prosperity of Klko is so widely
known that Dick McMride sent Hilly
Ross down last Sunday to try ami
find out what tlio cause of it all
was, and just so long as wc arc in
Klko we shall boost, because wc
have the goods.
tluflalo Hill, who Is on anothei
farewell tour with his wild wesl
show, is heading ft.r the Crows Nest
Pass, ignrrai.t of the bar:l .1':iim
caused by the strike. Tbo papers say
hf is getting younger every day and
no doubt when he gets to Pernio lie
will join the Hoy Scouts.
Miss Belle Thompson, daughter ol
Mr. and Mrs. J. Thompson, of the
Hotel Do Clumhia, returned after a
four months tour through tlie prairie
provinces, visiting Winnipeg, Portage
la Prairie, Brandon, Roglna, Medicine
Hat. But Elko, says Miss Thompson, is the only cookie in the oven.
Flagstone: The first town on the
Great Rorthem branch puts in nn
automobile garage, and Mike Rocscr,
the man wlio owns the townsite,
looks forward to big things this
fall. The land can't he beat right in
lite Roosvtlle fit-it belt, and the
whole country sub-Irrigated. The
Flagstone townsite company are get
ting ont some fine pamphlets showing the development of the place, nnd
the growing crops, Tlie Flagstone
strawberry readies lhe mine towns
four hours earlier than tbe West.
It's a place well worth a visit.
As s rule the more stylish you arc
the more uncomfortable you ore. Tho
only suspender that will stay < n
your shoulder is the one we are retailing at fifty cents ami our Rsblng
tackle is making the usual record-
catches and we tind printer's ink the
best medium <f advertising,
K A Bclyea, of Toronto, came
down from Fernie iu charge of a
quartette of Pernie's leading citi/ens
for a few days fishing. Tho kid had
evident ly never been away from
home before, talked a whole lot with
bis mouth, moustache beeswaxed at
both ends 11 s boots full of feet
Just the kind of a thing a cheap
Jewelry house would semi out on the
Mrs. r. K. Heiiedict and chlldi'i
returned from their eastern \ is
last Friday, and Ed, is lie- happlei
man iu eamp.
Herman Scl.nl/, vioe-president ,
the Bull River Kleetric company,
resident of Madison, Wis , iea
ben* last Saturday, bringing
him Professor I). W. M -ad, ■ I
l nlvcrsitj of Wicufnsln, conceded
In* one nl the leading hydraulic
electric engineers in the I i
Slates. I'rof. Mead will make a report on ilie Bull River I'owei prop
riv while here.
Joseph       Vollmcr,     ol    Kpukaire,
Wash . wa-* a   visitor will  iin    ovei .
Sunday, looking over the properti
Mr, and Mis   W   ll   draw, .1 Mil  !
waukif, Wis., who have l-een visiting I
• coast state*, Btoppi .1    oil on
way     home, at  Wanlner     and
drove to camp   to spend .1 few days
with   us,     Mr    Ornv
■ii.-ih.ddei      in  tin*  r
il is well    pleased with t|i
!■:. Henderson, president and
manager; Herman Schulz, vieerjiresident* and Prof M W. Mead went to
Cranbrook Tuesday, and from there
Fernie, taking in lhe
mines along  tbe Crows   >
llie interests of the powi
All the residents of lb.
over tt      Mirror lake lai
Dicing and to say we hml
time would put it mildly, for we all j
just enjoyed thf outing.
It would Interest anyone looking
for a location on the western slope i
if the mountains, and iln1 residents
as well to see this year's apple crop
on Fred Douglas' ranch. The trees arc
suffering from the weigln ol the fruit
Bushels have been taken from them
to give relief, and the limbs are now
prop|K'd to keep them from breaking
The sight is just Impossible to dis
TAKE NOTICE that I, Sarah
Jane Macdonald, of Craubrook, occupation, Married woman, intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing      at       a post
planted       about tour        feet
from tho N. ff. ci rner ol Lol
10003, thence wcbI ten chains, thence
south sixty chains, thenco east, ton
eliains, thence north sixty chains,
along tiie Spokane International
Railway to point ol commencement
Sarah Jane Macdonald,
Samuel  Macdonald, agent.
Dated June 13th, 1011, 17-01
a heavj
iwns uml i
si  Pass in
company, ;
camp weni |
week pic- |
ii pleasant :
♦       HOUSE BOAT       \
ALEXANDER LAIRD, Gcnuiul Mahaceii
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
The Canadian Hank of Commerce extends to Farmers every facility
for the transaction of their banking business lucli "; e discount nnd
collection of sales notes. Blank sales notes are supplied free of charge
on application.
Accounts may be opened at every branch of The Canadian Hank of
Commerce to be operated by mail, and will receive the same careful
attention as is given to all other departments of the Bank's business.
Money may be deposited or withdrawn in this \vaj as satisfactorily; as
hy a personal visit to the Bank. A231
R. T.Brymner, Hanager Cranbrook Branch
lor ptiBBCllgerB X
by boatornuto- ♦
Tho "Tsnln'l"  Iins  Ikh
put in commission and is lit
tip at Atlialmt-r.
CotivonuMit fu
1 coming either bj
, mobile.
Motor boats, ennoea or rigs .j
1 arranged for on board.
!•'. P, AIIMSTIUIMI.  I'rralilcint .
************************************* **********
A  Good   Home
in what is dear to every man,   A home
is where Peace, Comfort, Gout* ntu
ami Plenty is Pound.   Tlmt is 1 ■•■ 11
men throughout British ^ohm
"Oranbrook*1 is mentioned tit 111 Is    1  ihe
provisions Jos. lirnnlt lias math   foi nu
ideal bomc.nl tin
Canadian Hotel
Dr WarnocK will
Regain Macloed
The Liberals ol the Mad
constituency    at   their
convent inn   last    Krldny h
Kaviii   Warnock,    M.I..A.
ml, Alta ,
luminal in.;
-Ii-clctl IH.
IN THE MATTBft  OF AN APPLICATION  for the issue nl a Duplicate Certificate ot Title to Lot
0486, Group   One, Kootenay  District.
that it is my Intuition tn   issue   nt
the expiration ot one month after tin*
first,   publication   hereof a duplicate
ot the    certificate nf title    to    lhe
above mentioned lot in the name    ot
Clyde V. Downing,    which certificate
is   dated   21st   November, 1)107, and
numbered 7848A,
Sam'l It. Hoe.
Laud UoglsUy Olliee
District Registrar,
Nelson, B.O,
23 At July UlUli, 1911.
(By Pred Roo).
Two Calgary automobiles return
Ing hum Windermere stopped over in
Klko and visited the canyon, upon
the advice Ol the writer, who sent
along Mi Charles Bulger as guide,
and they acknowledged to tho Klko
Boosters that it was the finest Right
they hati seen on the trip The conn*
1 iv around Elko has nnt an equal lot
scenic  beauty     in      lho    United
States or   Switzerland.     It is     the
equal ot anything in the Olncler National Park in many respects, ami
rni its many attractions besides the
grand canyon, makes llanfi look like
a side show to a eirens.
C. 11. Howe, manager ot the Merchants Hank, the oldest hank in
Klku, visited Tobacco Plains last
week ami was so taken np with whnt
he saw, bought a forty acre trad.
Mr. Howe visited several orchards
and saw the goods- growing on lhe
trees and will plant tlie whole of his
fort y acres to commercial apples
Ile was delighted wHh his trip and
on his return to Elko joined Ron's
Booster dub.
Mr. Campbell, of Warner, Alberta,
after visiting the Arrowhead lakes,
the Kootenay lakes districts and
Creston, lakes up a big tract of land
on Tobacco Plains, near Roosvtlle.
Now what do you know about thut?
After visiting the much boosted fruit
centres lo purchase land on Tobacco
Pluins! Hut why does he buy down
on Tobacco Plains? Simply because
Mr. Campbell is a much travelled
man of inuVpendent means and knows
a good thing when lie sees it nnd he
bought the best. It's only natural
that the
(Special correspondence).
Professor D W. Mead-, graduate of
Wisconsin University, was here lasi
week inspecting tlie Hull River Electric Light and Power company's
plant np Hull river, lie returned
Sunday more Ihan pleased with the
proposition, th* was accompanied ie.
Mt ami Mrs. (I. \T. Orau. Matwas-
ka, Wis , and Mr. Herman Schulti,
large   shareholders   in Ihe company
Mr. .lohn lteiil, provincial road Inspector, is in town preparing to repair the roads ami sidewalks around
town. Also will commence tbe < pen
ing up of t he government road
around Baker mountain.
Mr. P. Luml left on Saturday for
ilu* pralrlc,
Tin* Crows Nest pass Lumber
company haw stai 1«<i a i.'ucn^
camp near Hull River bridge. Mr
Kltner t'nrver is in charge.
Mr Henry l.aPointe lelt on Tuesday's local to spend a few days on
the prairies.
Mrs. Oomer .lours, ol Cranbrook,
spent a tew days in town witb
Mrs. Murray and Miss Stearns
were shopping in Fernie Tuesday.
Mack Macdonald, of the otlice stall
of tbe C.N.P.L. Co., left for Cranhrook on Tuesday's local,
Tbe C.P.R. are hndling the timbers for their new saw mill at Hill
K. C. Douglnss arrived hr me Sn-
turday Inst niter attending the gol-
deo wedding ot bis lather nnd mother in Manitoba.
Mr. Pntl Burgess, of Cranbttok,
spent Sunday   with friends in town.
Creek, as their standard hearer in
iln* forthcoming general election. Tlie
convention was une of the most enthusiastic, and the largest ever held
in this riding. Not even wailing for
the committee on credentials to report, the meeting to a man arose
ami nominated David Warnock,
.1. c. Iirewry, of De Winton, start
ed llie ball rolling. He was asked to
make a short speech, and when he got
011 bis feet, he nominated Dnvi.l
Warnock the reciprocity standard
bearer. He said nil Ihe delegates
wen* there tor that purpose, and be
ditl not need l<» make a speech as Hr
Warnock was known to theni till.
Senator Tallin) mentioned that this
could not he done, as the committee
on credentials bad not repotted and
there might be somo present not
qualified to vote.
"It is Immaterial about the credentials," saitl Mr. Drowry. "We are all
l.ere to a man for Dr. Warnock, so
credentials will not signify."
The meeting then rose en mass'
and cheer nflci cheer was given for
Hr. Warnock, with cries of: "He's
the man!" and "Wc want no other"
"All right," siii.l Senator Talbot.
"1 am in your   bands. Let her go."
George Lane seconded ibe nomination. He saitl Dr, Wartock could win
t he const i t iieiicy for the Liberals.
Every delegate present, he said, kn.-v.
Dr. Warnock to bc a jentleman of the
highest integrity, and with the best
personal quallficatli ns,
"Arc there any other nomlmt-
t Ions?" asked t he chairman.
Again the meeting broke forth In
cheers and cries nf ''No' No!"
When the cheering had suhsld d,
Dr. Wantock's name was put to the
meeting anil cart inl amidst u perfect
storm of applause.
Twenty-tive years'
[•'ive years imperii
I'l limbing and Bev.
ilon—30,000 popi
raellcal experlo
<>[ mtinattcca,
te Export for Si
********************** ***********************
rmm \    l^fl        The  I am!)  Vou ;
*■*.**--:      Get Here
l« i.'h. li young
mutton kind yo     sant
mutton j ■ ng,
f*»e.*t ft- I in't
! lingo
wlio Itno -   ■  ■ like    *j
Ihem most.
Bifl you'l iii to i ome
| P. BURNS & CO., Ltd. !
KverytliinizlnTin atnlMieel Iroi moilt'
to oiiler
Hot .Mr Furnace.,    llm  IV i anil
Kteain Boiler.
You will Und ui at our old itand,
A   Well known Dos   Moines woman
alter   milToring   miserably tm     two
days   from tmvvcl   complaint,      was
sharks wlio have quarries' cured by one   dose of < 'liumU-t lain1
TAKE  NOTICE  that Arthur Pol
len, of   London,   Kng.,   occupation ,
Director, Intends   1.1 apply for   permission to    purchase    tbe f- llnwiui1. \
described lands:
Commencing ut a post planted om- J
ile south, and one mile east of the I
K. corner of I.ot n.170, thence sn
Chains east; theme SO chains north; j
thence 811 chains west, thence 80
chains south to ibc place of commencement.
J. Blake.   I
Dated July 7th, mil. 22-!U |
they are   advertising as (ruit farms  Colli
should blackmail Tobacco Plains, but cdy.
Cholera and   Dinrthoea llom-
For Bale by all dealeru.     21-ti
TAKE  NOTICK that Mary Pollen, M
of London!    Kng-, occupation Spin- •l
stcr, intends to apply for permission
to   purchase the following dcscritied
Commencing at a post planted m
chains south and 210 chains oast of
tho S. E. comer ot Lot (l!»70;
thence Mi chains east; thence HO
chains south; theme SO chains west,
thence 80   chains north to the place
ot commencement.
I, Illake.    '
Dated July 7rh, mil 22-111
m WORK',
Wlfw us ThPr v/iw. hfnn
VrtcntPiTMoriTiiw :
/WBtt'EI!- PLEi15P.ll.
WITH THE Wi* Ihtttllltl
our Business is
wurPRONiTi:.' nHmwu
rutv irtFORmiTiori.
PINI-iClilt BlJ?l*iF,SS in
WR rtRP, Pl,F,r15in0
OTMkh.s \r«: **l 11-BR SURE
********* *<***•**********
* TO   RAIt-p •
: Pride of Alberta and     |
; Mother's Favorite Flour
• Office on Van Home St.   Warehouse on C I'. I; tracks.     •
* PHONG 63 •
Pli Seym      f930
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
Tiro hundred elegantly famished rootni I     •■ modern
convenience, Elevator service-. Cafi* hi 1 i' d b
$\ 0U \»r day and upwards,
Up-country visitors lo tbe Terminal Citj every
convenience and comfort ut tlu* Granville L'alac<<, Bpc-cial
attention b<-ing \n\u\ to their wants.
^ ♦»♦♦♦♦»■♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦»♦ »M ♦♦•»♦♦♦»♦ ♦»♦♦♦♦♦•»•♦♦♦♦»
Iii'i.r*.i..r',t.'.|   lr*<till
Capital Faid Up $6,200,000 Reserve $6,000,000
Total Assets. Over $95,000,(100
II. B, HOLT, President     B. h, PHASE, Qensrsl Mtnsger
Aecoontsol Kiniiii,Cor|Hiratlor,PHn<l Individuals solicited.
out <>l town boilneu rsceivei every tttentlon,
BAVING8 DEPARTMENT-Dspceltsol $1.00 and Qimtnla rerelvcd
mnl iiil«r«»t nil.mi-it tt I'urrcnt ritti*.    No fontmlity nr delay In
A lit'hurul It-tttkiiiK Itufini'ii*. Ir:ir*-m t**■ I
Cranbrook Branch: D. I). McLAYYS, Manager
**■-**■■*»>-*»■■*■***■■*■■*■■**fc*-** iAiAii|Aiji<
pveeef*f*f,fifif •*»*tf*tF,*,*F,»,»,»»,»**»**» THE   OBAN BROOK.   HJSHAU)
k1^--    -s^:S^=**r^Z===,«^  ■$§  (M  WJF*
wljk...^ aTft SSJgy
////    ULTR«*-     '-'.
I<31'1    M6DEL
^aiipim^ j
Tho British and United States
Pharmacopoeias, two ol the greatest
medical hooks ot authority, stain
that the active |nincl|ial nf FIGS is
a valuable LAXATIVE REMEDY in
Hit* treatment ol all KIDNEY, LIVER, STOMACH ami DOWEL disorders.
i Contain the active principal of FIGS
I combined with other valuable mcdl-
, caments which constitute them the
I best remedy for tho above ailments,
I At all dealers 2f> cents per box, or
I The Kin Pill Co.- *st- Thomas, Ont.
Sold and   recommended     by   Tlio
Cranbrook Drug and Hook Co., Ltd.
j.KAN IKICOOIv II til,'A 1.1>
By ttt ilndl.i   Publishing Company.
K. .1. Deaue, Managing Editor,
CHANBHOOK. B.C.. Angus! 1,
Ik-spiti- Un- f.H-i thai Un* Tories In
the Kootenay district control ovm
n.-wspiipi-i publishnl therein, witli ill.1
sole exception ut ihr I'rniibrook II.i
aid, ll appears Impniuitble for them
to confine Llielr political utterance.-!
Io a fall dis.'iissinii oi tlu* Issues, li
will probably Ik* impossible foi Hie
Herald to take up and con trover I
every false statement mode by Hie
Tory press in this district Uirouglr*
OUt Hn- eaiiipiiign, anil iti view nl r ■
very many misleading statements at
11-.t-i . appitaring in the principal
Tory organs of lhe Koolenay dis
trie), tin* Herald takes ibis early np
poriunity of putting electors < a
ih.-it guard,
one of Ihe most unpardonable ol
ihi-M* misleading statements, appeal
hI in a reeent issue of the Nelson
News, as follows:
"The issue   in th.- present clee
loser   trade    relations
Britain or eommei
with     the     1 nit.-.l
1 ion
with Great
rial     union
It   would be
difficult to conceive ui
a more barefaced attempt to deceive
electors in this iHstrki as to lhe issue in ilu* present enmpnign than is
contained in the foregoing citation
from the eihtiiiiai columns of the
Nelson News.
Kvi-ry eleeloi should know, ns the
editorial wrttei »t lhe Nelson News
certainly knows, that closet trade
relations with Oreal Britain, does
noi figure in ibis campaign, as im l»-
stir, at all, and still less does tin
question <>f commercial unit n with
lhe I nited States. It is om* of tlif
jinMsiiiu features of e^cry Dominion
campaign to note the sublime con
tempt displayed by the Tory press
(ot itit- Intelligence ot their readers
When tin* Nelson News tries to pel
made it** renins that tin* issue m
ibis eiuiipuiun is as between closei
tiade relations wiih Oreat Britain
anh cofntnercfal union with the 1'nit
id Sial.-s, it must start out nn lhe
assumption tl.at iis redden uie a
pack of ignorant nt notes, to whom
anj <>bi thing enn be stated in order
ii Influence iheir votes
ICvcry elector    iu Canada    knows
| ihat tin-    Liberal party is the only
Ipnlillcal parly iu Canada Ihat     has
made nnj practical move in the    direct! I    closer   trade relations
wilh the motherland, anil every elector knows that Ihis move was opposed by the Tories, in the same way us
I In-*, nn* now opposing reciprocity i.i
[ natural products with the I'nftcd
states. Rvery elector, who can read,
knows Ihnl there is nothing ol Uie
nnlurc of commercial union witli the
United States in tlie reciprocity
agreemenl, now under review. The
Liberals have succeeded in securing
irom iln- United Stales what Ihe
Tin its it inl for, in vain, for many
\ ears, reciprocity in mil urnl pro
thirls, autl il is now up to the fan
ad inn elector to say whether or noi
ihc agreement in this regard shall be
ratified. That is the one and only issue in tin* presenl campaign.
Th. coming Kail Fair .should receive the most earnest attention ol
the business m< it ami property owners of Cranbrook Irom now on. Ai
tlu- presenl time Ihings are by no
means in a promising condition.
There has been altogether too much
delay in making a start ami ii is
questionable whether nt ibis lai i
hour llu* necessary Unanccs can lie
raised i. permit of an exhibition, nl
all adequate to ihe resources of ibis
district, being organized. However, if
from now on the business men ami
property owners will pilch tn uud
work actively towards ihe desired
nni. n will doubtless in- possible i >
hohl tm exhibition, in some respects
ui least, worthy of the district.
Smaller and less prosperous communities than Cranbrooh have made
unqualified successes of agricultural
fairs of the kind contemplated ami
then- is no reason why Cranhrook
should not si*) lliem all a pace, save
tin- obvious Indifference of a large
number who should Ih* among llm
hist to gel iu ami drill
Tory Quebec Alliance
The    Conservative-Nationalist alii
ami' in Quebec is likely to attract a
j ti. oh   deal    of attention before   tin
i campaign is over   It is intrude.)    to
| destroy SB ..ilhul I.aurier, hut it is
a question it il   will not make vote*
hu him   in every  province ol   tin
Dominion when tin- charactci ami na-
| ime of ihe campaign waged by it air
I made   koown   lo the    electors, The
, spoil ot tins sinister combination is
well Indicated bj an  editorial In   o
I rccenl Isaac of   L'Rvencmeni of Quo*
American nnd Canadian Scientists tell us the common
house fly is tlie cause of more disease and death than any
other agency.
kill all the flics and the diseaso germs tuo.
bee, llie lending French Conservative
organ i» the province of Quebec,
whose editor, Mr. L'Ksperance, is Uw
Jrint catihidalc ol lhe Conservatives
and Nationalists in Monlmngny. In
an article upon the dissolution of
parliament L'Kvonemciit sets forth
tlie chief grounds of attack againsl I
Sir Wilfrid iu lhe Province of (Juebecj
in these terms: I
"The cry of Sir Wilfrid Laurier ol
'when Knglaud is at war Canada is
at war1' and thai of Mr, Fielding,'
'Our licet will have to take part lu
all iln* wars of Die empire, just nml
unjust," have become axioms of tbc
Imperialists which tomorrow would
be effective against us if r.o solution]
were found in ihc serious dispute between Germany uml Prance.
"If our compatriots had not been
so blinded hy this idol wilh del id
clay who Iins presided for the last
hftit'ii years over our destinies we
might perhaps have escaped lliesc
regrettable sacrifices,
■'But the days of the Laurier government are numbered.
"We have already said and we repeal with pleasure thai Mr. II. 1,
Borden has conducted this lasl enmpnign against reciprocity with a sl-.il
fulness of which only his Intimate
friends knew hlm capable. For our
pari on this reciprocity question, although wc do not go quite as far as
he docs in his conclusions, we consider that he is safeguarding the luly
traditions of the Conservative party,
in.il is working for the best intercuts
of Canada.
"We are clad lo have the elections
on ut last. They come at a good season, and politicians will gladly In
firm the people ou tin- Issues of the
day. Wc go Into the light wilh enthusiasm under the immediate direction of Mr 1*. IL Monk, the valiant
representative of .Jacques Carlier,
who has hud Ihe ccuruge lo stand up
for tbe rights of his people in parliament.
"Victory already smiles ou om
haniicrs. Vive Monk ami vive. Autonomy! Down with llie navy I Down
with Ihc TalUFIeliHng pact- Down
wilh Laurier and his parly!
"Tbe Catholics of the west and the
French ol the east will .soon he    re
The article    sin uld nol la* will I
its significance, particularly to thosu
"British horn" electors, who are lhe
objects of particular attention at the
present lime hy the opponents of the
government. II tiny desire furthci en
llglrtcnmcnl tlie) can perhaps find
some in tin- remarks ol thai young
lion of Nationalism, Armnnd Laverg-
in* at Praserville, tjue., l>ss than len
days ago. Mi. Lavergne, speaking nl
a Nationalist gathering In lhe pics
encc ol Mr Bournssa, said, as reported in Le Devoir:
"I shall address myself to the
RoUgOB, 1 hope to he able to convert
someone, As for those who arc hoi
willing to understand, the party ol
honest  men has no use for them."
Here someone in the crowd cried,
"Hurrah for Laurier."
"Yes, hurrah tor Laurier, my
friend! I also cried, as you do,
'Hurrah for Laurier' when in 1*800 I
heard him proclaim at St. Rack In
Quohec that lho great principle ol lho
Liberal party was respect for minorities, and that when be obtained
power he wrulil do justice to our
brothers of Manitoba, Some months
ago he sacrificed the Catholics of
Manitoba lo the 'Ornngolst' Fanatics.
Hurrah for Laurler!
"Hurrah for Laurler. my friend!
While in 1K.M. Mr. Brodour wrote In
Le Solr denouncing the purchase, of
rifles    by   the    Tupper   govetnmeat
three years aflerwards, in 18DI),
Laurler desputelicil five thousand Canadians I,, Africa to light n Utile
people who had never done any thing
to us, ami who battled for their faith
Iheir language and their liberty.1
Mr. Bourussa, himself, mny perhaps
add to tin* Information which will
guide the "British horn" in making
up Iheir mind what to do with Sii
Wilfrid Laurier. Discussing in Lu
Devoir the reasons for the dissolution, Mr. Bourussa declares lhal Sir
Wilfrid ordered the dissolution bc
cause ho desired lo conceal from lira
eyes ol an indignant public his Imperialist policies, and especially the
question of Canadian contributions
to Imperial armaments on sea and
land. "The .participation of the Canadian people iu "men and money to
"the Imperial wars where the fate of
"Canada is nol at stake." Mr.
Itoiirassa proceehs:
"At , London Sir Wilfrid declared
that the Knglish preference, which is
after all only a form ot Imperialism
rcmaim'd the permanent basis of his
economic policy, and that American
reciprocity was only a secondary and
contributory measure, lie entered into engagements with Imperial authorities that will lie cemented perhaps
before long hy millions expended, ami
thousands i f lives sacrificed iu foreign wars."
Tbe Conservative expectation t f
victory in the coming elections are
based upan the hope thai the Bournssa - Monk - Lavergne - L'Evoncmeui
combination, hy the appeals if which
wc have quoted samples, will destroy
I.auiier's hold in Quebec; whfe in the
Kiiglisti-speaking provinces Sir Wilier Is held up to execration as a foe
in the flag, an anti-Imperialist, a
separatist, one who "has hrodght
"the empire to the verge of disinleg-
"tion," to quote Hie words of tlu
Toronto News.
Was there ever in Canada so cynl
cal, so sinister, so unprincipled ar
Walch Our Windows
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For Display of
All marked in plain
F. Parks & Co.
Hardware, Stoves, House
Furnishing Goods
CRANBROOK,      ■       B. C.
| The Ad. That's Worth
| A Dollar to You
I in.iy be in lliis issue   nml ;i in
H so;      '
enroll  of   OI1Q minute  ninv
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m    Ot course it mny lie thai "
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i      —      i
I       Make the Search
ns  nu  experiment
rjj ill,      ill!      ,-.\|»ei lilt,"ll.
Sundays—Low muss ut K -in a in.;
high mass. 1U.:I0 a.m.; Sunday school
troin 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary and Himt'-
dletlon at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy day. ol obligation—Mass at 8 a.m.
Week ilaya—Mass at 6 am at the
Fattier l'lainondnn,
Pariah Priest
MCTHonisT nit mil
Ui'v. Vi KIs, i> Dunham, pastm
Sunday sinters: Tho paslnr will
preach   at   11    a.m. and 7.:m p.m.
Morning   subject. "Sunshine    nml
l-'ive    minute object sermon        I..
children. Subject: "Money."
Ku'iiine, subject: "Is dial Dead?"
Sunday school and Ilible class al
3 p.m.
All are cordially Invited    I"   Uio
above sen lees.
Aug. aoiti, ion.
Morning Bcrvlcc al 11 o'clock,
Sunday scl I ami   Ilible class  al
3 p iu.
Evening service at 7.30 o'clock
Subject: "The Appeal il the Christian Religion from a Qlance Over lis
Itelielils ill the Past."
(luilil meets Tin silny at s p.m.
('. (I   Main,
WANTED - A good Mexican
saddle; must lie in first class coinli
llun nol cheap for cash. Apply
llnx I, Herald olliee. Wit"
The most nearlyperfect
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The Material,
The Workmanship,
The Economy of Fuel
in producing finest
cooking and baking
results, are simply
not approached by
any other range made
in America.
If you will come to our store wc
will be able to convince you by a
personal demonstration.
to the " buying" problem. They
buy when they HAVE TO —
perhaps at "the nearest place" —
when, very likely, better values
and lower prices are advertised by
three or four different stores. Tlie
housewife who does not give as
much attention to a
Study of the
as she gives to other things in the
daily routine that are of half as
much importance, will never find
any real interest in the business of
She knows her " market" as well
as any broker or merchant knows
his. And she will never stop to
tell you how "hard it is to find
anything in the stores nowadays
that one wants and can still afford
to buy." For, to an ad-reader,
that is not such a hard task !
Plumbing", Stoves and Tinware, Granitewarc, Heating
)j    Herald Ads.
ii MakeProfitable
Is the buying t
For your home j
one j
Intelligently ?
Some housewives, harrassed to
the verge of nervous breakdown
by trivial annoyances, devote no
< <
****** Til i-:   t'KAMlliOOK    11 I.I!A I.I)
We Give
You Get
The Best For The Least
In all Our Departments
| The Beattie -Murphy Co., f
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I                               The Kexall Store ♦
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T Cranbrook,         -         -          British Columbia I
J                         Wo iippi'i'dulo your Moil Orders ♦
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'E cvii lit yon with
Turit! LeiiscB, if
you prefer them in Un* ordinary louse. It is elm mm I
I»y those in authority that
lliis Btyta uf lense, being very
OVftl,    Will     imt     ilislnll     tilt*
vision. When having your
eyes tt-sle<l let us bIiow you
Tories, Remember we grind
these ri^'nt here ami enn
make delivery iwo liotirsafti-r
h:i*i'ii*_r tested your eyes,
W. H. Wilson
Jeweler and Optician
Tin* Southern Vlberta champions
foil ml themselves nu match for llu
Cranbrook     baseball   nine in    thru
li.iim-s in li* lust   week tinl
Tin*    ('i.mli '.   bOya   .   Ill   ivrt.liltl*.
put   up    flrst-class   ball, .nni whilst
Hun  .ill.'Weil iTn- Kallspcll nine    t<
I ,-i  away Irom litem  in lasl     ecen-
ini;'s opening  match  ni tin
was obviouslj   duo lu cii| nl li
,..i.i. in '  llki h   lo       1
a lime   lasl     ■ '■ iiing tbe I
hoys   hi'W llie     KaHspell .  b
down in   ptoil    nhapo, and
like nnotlici  addlllon if th
v. i,.-. ii '   nm rthl
wiii, ihe home bo)    and the) scented
In inll lo plwvs   K.ili-i-ili got       In
j. m  in I.-. Hum and rusl
u  s !■> I'rnnhw
[|  is  insi flnsi   lull  Hie Ih . <
pint in-,    tin ■ i'   ii.i*    iii 11
I I If  will   p.ill. ni i.i
Horn—Ai Hit* Homo hospital, ta
Mr. and Airs. It. It. Clnnc, a daughter, mi ilif 1">IIn1 Inst.
Horn—At, the Homo hospital to
Air. ami Mrs. -J. F. Lower, on the
7Ui, a daughter.
Mis. T. 12. South ami sun relumed
mi Monday Irom a short nulliig
H'lcnl   al'Yahk.
| Choice ripe watermelons and enn-
Inlounes al Llltlo and Alelilson's,
, Mr. and Mrs. Chas, Parker returned in Cherry Creel; last Friday after
a sht.it -stay in town.
| Melons! Melons! Only 3c. per
lb, at East Kootenay Produce and
Provision House.
Mrs. ami Miss- Richards returned
lasi Monday frum a visit to Coeur
.d'AIene. Wash.
! c]n.it.* green turn and green pep-
1 pus ai  Ward ami Harris.
Mrs. Oeo,   Oordon, from Manitoba,
■:as Hi.- guest ol Mrs. It. K   Healtle
Most week.
Miss l.iia Baker arrived in town
lasl ni:.In and will remain here
some time, Ibc guesl   of old friends.
New shipment Coronal Ion goods,
..il..- plates, cups and saucers, tconol
ami pitcliers.—Fink Mercantile Co
.1 \v Robinson, ..f thr Robinson
M riven* le Lumber company, i^-
K)tcndlng a rew days In town,
P:   Wall nnd   Harrj Mat In-r arrived in town tins   morning Irom Fort
. '■ and lefl .ii noon foi lhe l.il  I
al conversion  in   Nelson
: rapes ami a full line       -n
ii V ..■,! .,,:,[ Harris.
Mis Campbell, uf Oak Lake, Hani
■ ba, v ho Lis been rlsftlng Mi i
i i Reb, l-.i lor hei home last Mon
ito), im1'' ring in Mis. [.pin h's i eh
ns f.n .is .F.ilTrav.
Mi   and Mi-    tt  II   Wilson,  Mi^*.
ii ,i Mi   ii. Palmare motored
over i" Windermere on Tuetnlaj  and
mil return today
Buy it now.  Now is tin* lime   to
■utile 11" Chamberlain's Colic,
'   -'. 11 .in.l Diarrhoea Rented)   H I*
, ,-i t.un     to be needed before
, ihe Bummei Is ovei   This remedj has
. : mt     Foi sala by all    deal
n, M-tl
Game Laws of Western
Mis. Scili  .'i \ ii    in.
i nm' Mi    Wn   m
Nurse   inl  «ls aituntloti.    Ippl)
l'.i|i|    Slll.lr.  SalVUtioil    Villi
I'lma  ii   Hml • i    nl I'ti '• n, ».i* I
Ml   ti.llll   lislrl'l.il
  \  haul   l.lh   I, ■,-ll.i   romplH  I r  mi,
i;   «    I I..... rn H.ii.ln i   i ■   ■ ■■•'■•! i"-i■l.'i" m il'" v.-i |,.„l,-i
 "I    M .i     Hal
l.iun vei-l. ul.ii „,   ml.., , ,   Hrillal iml'li	
alao othrr ii.-liil iiil.,iniui  i
.    .. , , '  ■ '   ""-in ui
li   .1   McSa-cyn I    incndlini n rhla 1 aid a ihillr nalkl .Itti
.... .11 ■•    llir    ,...... 1     Mi   mil   !,      a ■'>** I" mil  I'.inn. .nm.-.
. ..               .,          ,.                 I.ARUK hnitilMima lull, i InatntMl I'n-
ll '  Hi'' l™ "I "'I ' li lalnfta KMT I lllll'
\,» pmn it ni'    i i.  m i  The Canadian Arms & Sporting
..Hiiiii' i" Goods Co., winnipec,tun,
(■j    J »"$*».     li.un n iiiiliiiirv  stiimliioiiit
IS ifr   j '    \\    otir« is nil kiTiii'ls.   Tin
<,l,',y,.', /'/,'>, no ohnfT, ho indigestible I
TB '-:.;.-J '   " ' '   "   '
ours is all ki-rnds.   Tltoru is
Just the kornols »t seleotetl
n wheal grountl   iu tlm uinst
'. ',,' i>i'rf'«'t iiinimer,
'0*%J:S       \       FLOUR OF HICH RANK
y£) fi'i^'-^*'.''. '      )  likiMiiirs is ri'iilly tliiM'h,'ii|i-
\''i       ^'•s.V*',''        / ost.   tt linkes more ami bet*
.,. .'*;     ■ ,■     Iit liri'iul.   ll  uiuki's llukii'r
i •      '• 'y      crusts ami lighter coko. Try
K.., ii Kin'k.   We Know yon can I
ln'lp liking it.
The Cranbrook Trading Co ,,
There's no liciler way 'ii choosing
silv.r pliilt* til beauty ami i|n;ililv llian lo
look lor lhe mark "1847 ROGERS BROS.'
We nave a complete line, a Hording
n wide choice, h is the original
Rogers Brothers ware, lhe favorite
since lt")-17.
J ti wel era i\nd Opticians
C. 1'. U. Watch tm-pecioif-
li' ii is fresh fruit you wunl phone
75.—Little ami Atchison,
On Labor Day at Creston the
Ladies Aid ol the Methodist ehureb
uf that city will serve Imt meals,
ice cream, etc., at the park grounds.
.). L. McKay drove in frnm Win
di'i'iiifi't* yesterday in 1i<a motor car.
Mr. McKay is a delegate to the Liberal nominating convent Ion at Nelson ami lefl with lhe t'ranbrook
lays ihis afternoon.
Huy crape juice for a healthy, iti-
vlgoratlng, drink. We hnmllc lhe
best bramts on the market.—Camp
tit-ll ami Mn nni nt;.
CJotxl Mason Si Uiscli l'i nm t<
r.'iil from Sept. II.—AjijiIj Hus H
Hemic, olliee. tf-
Culs ami bruises may lie healed in
about one-third the time required by
the usual t real men t by applying
Chamberlain's Liniment, li is an an
Useptic and causes stitfh Injuries t..
heal without maturation, This liniment also relieves soreness "f the
muscles and i heiiin.it ie pains. Km
sale by all druggists. 21 ti
Mrs. James Plsk, ..f Neweascle,
\ tl., was a Cranbrook visitor last
week, being lhe guesl of ij-s brother,
J{c\. !■: v. Kleuvllfng, on her waj
home frum San Francisco.
R, (J. MeXeil started work this
morning un ihe foundations <>{ tin
new building being erected un Han
son avenue bj Messrs, Campbell and
Me'on*-! Melons! Only 3c. per
lb. at Hist Kootenay Produce and
Provision House.
Rev   n     K   fl inhnni, who Is   « ll
known as p itoultrj expert, will lecture on lhal lopic   b fore a mi etlng
..( the local Karmers' Institute    on
daj   I".ning, Septcmls i   I3tl
Opens M■•:.■:...     Se| I inbi-i   lih.     A
■   .
t.i  i ami ; \ -.u> *
Poi     postieulai ■    applj   I'   li   II »
881, ui>. 26 'i
\s,..i lineal ol children's cups, •• Hirers and plates.—Kink Mercantile <'•>
Mr .las Uni'lii. i IV. lourncye-d to
Moyle the othei day to li ipose ol
the < ase nl a man named .fames
Smith, charged with stealing a sull
nf clothes ami a ta "i Irom J as
Ryan, .if tl„u town 'Smith was coa-
.-feted ami sentenced to Ihree months
haul lab. t m Nelson jail.
WANTED.   Tl.pr...-i:hlv  ...in.
petetil nnra *iu iiil.   Good a'affi-B.
Apply Mrs. Atrliis.ni. C\t\.       tf
Mi 'and Mrs \ .1 Mott, of Far
■ |t have arrived iu town t" lake up
permnnet.1 residence here Mr A -i
Muit contemplate-a opening a gam
in town and t-* |usl al presenl securing iiii'.-s nn rust ol erection td
same lie will Mkelj ereel a building
un Durick avenue.
LHtle and Atchison, headijuarters
fm llawlwood i.e cream, I la scl wood
in uhle Jersey llu I teem Ilk mid Preah
llatclwood llul ter.
At tin- forthcoming agricultural exhibition it is Intended to make a
special feature ol oontcata for lumber jacks and Ihere is prospect o!
some rock .iniiinu contest! being on
iln* programme fur lho special benefit
uf miners in ihis section,
Our stuck of fresh fruits ami vegetable! is always complete nml you
can depend on your ordera receiving
prompt    attention.—Campbell     ami
Every home can ha**e a Sinner
Sewing Machine, They arc s> Id on
monthly payments nf M.fllJ per
in.mlh, 7c. a day.—Siiwr Store.
Cranhrook Slreel 2\ It
,i. c. Waiters, organitet hr the
Trades and    l.altur I'nni'te:** ol Can-
illlil, Illli
\ llll'l'ti
nl in town  il
IH    of tin'    vi
of   riiiiiiii.il.:,
is nil
ie ln'1.1
evening nfi'i
llie  1
Si'iiiliR   Hii'li
n-s ,1
L.'Sl wor
nml  lasl
.   Don't  i'.ri  ■
lili'tiini'. live
nl   ol
i ho
Inn i' ' ni'.
Im- thej   ,r
iiynirlils     i.l
nl hall in iln' Masonle hall on
lay evening. There wns a lai(
.'liilitlici'.    gi oil   Illllslo    wns  fl
ml the llm i  was In rxiHInil
* f H.il
Will iln- lady wlm In-1 llowers on
train Friday coininnnli ate witli K
I'. I'n.hi-r. inl .lumiraon llluck,
Spokane, Wash. 211 I
Fresh Celery, Ripe Tomatoes}
Green Onions, Radishes, Raspberries, Blackberries, Cucumbers .11J
East Kootenay Product and Provision House.
I,,lii   Keen, ul Kaslo, reluri	
liri'i for Lhe cuming Dniiiinioii enni
linign, was in town llle enlll |nn 1 nf
llie week, arrnngltig fm lhe Isstiiiniv
ol llie iiroelnmaliiiii!, ivlihli have |
siin-f been ininii'il and db Irihntisl
A list if Hi.' imlliiiR iilni'i . a|i|ii'nl ,
elsrwhi'lr  ill  this issue.
Cousisttn*/ of - liuili'isi. ^ I'liiiiiii'i;
nnd sawmill tiiiii'liinirv uml j jl.-i.,, r.
Will soil rlii'iin for iintck salt'
Tims. \V. Lt'iiBk, Cranbrook, It. fl,
On   WeilncKilny, itiignsl  linli, nil i
liamiH   iiiililislii'd   .mil no iinlii'ill il
allcgeil,   .lohn   Blril,   uf t'rniil k,
nml    Marian   Power . I .1 IViunl
peg, wen'    married at I'hrisl chiireh
hy Ihr rector, llev. K. I*. Klewellln
Mr.   nml     \hs.     Iln,I uill reside In
Cranhrook on French avenue
Sew laid eggs nl l.illle nnd  Mclil-
more pi
lake i
in and   ii
-' ;.< -' "V.
bolt   Kits   WI
p pular than
i '.   .
>uy a
i,i\ i.
Wilfrid i
M.   \
Mi mnl Mrs. I'liil IHnglnnll .ml
m ii. ol l-:.li.iiititi.ii, nre visiting Mi ■
[llnginan's parcnls, Mr. nml Mi
11   **>'•«■»      '"    " " '""     "Ideli  al
t '"" "" U'*' lr"» ''" " "''' ; '    .
of year,   nml hits    man)  frlnids
tills city.
;       11   111
IH.Minnie,    Hie   ulllv   glllllillf  -«■   [1     ,.„.,,      .   ,
og cumpotmil lor lloors and carp '
nil.Ill,,, ;
-Kink Mercantile t'o.
U \ Rollins wns unable lo Imve
fm Nt-lsmi yesterday with 111*'
oilier delegate tu     the I'oaservo i e
nominating r mi. n, by re.'» n   ol
•lie sickness nl    bis little boy. Happily the youngster's condition     has
Improved and he i i    now iloinjt •■' i
7c. a day   will  buy n  Singer Sew
Ing    Machine nt   the   Singer Sloi
Cranbrook Street -I I
Foi fiesli high L-rnilt- eonlcclIimcn
to tu I.Itlle and  Vtchison's
There  will   be   .1   mc ling   ol the
Ci.ml I.    Poultry    and    !'i'
association   on   Friday evi 1 In
ISIIl   ills!   1.1    S    .. HI,    ill    llie    \.M I'   I
committee 1 m    VII Interesleil    1
poultry   nre   cuniiolly Invlteil lo   I
I'lul,     M    V,     \l nd.  ol  111" I Hi
versily   of    Wisconsin, was in town
luring Hi    « ck, returning Irom    .1    ■
Mil.     Hi
III    1  .
Mr     I 11
■       ■
-,i t.. 11,   11 ill Itivcr Power plant,
wlm li be bail   in 11. cl. il in the inter
esls   ..[    Vmerli Invi .(01 • largi I)
emu 11 md iii Ibis 1 mlcrtaklng    I'm
lessoi Mend 1   tin  IVIaconaln hyilinn
lie nml glneiTlng       e>
Prescrvln. near!     will la on
lew dais  Tin en p is Hghl, ami Ihi
.e.l-.,|.    «|||    IS ■     '      l.'ille   yOOl    'I
iler- ..oh -Can   'ell and Man '
Mr   'lilm V   ■    rtli, ct Ihr provli
linl govemmcnl ndlcr *inn. 1
mate ul SI, Kugi :■   hospital, »
lasl  S.ilnlil.i' . I       i.il.'lni: '  a
what siii '":
■ I,, sn,.-   fovoi d'    imi in        " •'' 1
liieluls hope     In "   bll ' ■'■■'■
nliiiit ae.ui,    1'    "■   C '" ul .1 li
I'lieiiiuliei .    ■ '■   corn awl
ripe   li iiniii*-   nl I.Iiib' iiml  IN*!
Tbe band lim lawn 101 ial '
iow evening bould drat ■. lai
crowd tu Ibe Catholic rtinn
aroniids. Kiti.lt. placed nt tin' di-n
sal ol   llie hm I     1. r  Hn- ""'1 ""'    .,.
The band boys merit all II mum      ^g^
Igement    clll ens can extend iu  nn
better       manner        show       Hut
appreciation    "I Ihr cltj hMd'1 el    r-
forts II11111 In  turning 1 ul  in    Inr.
number,   ni    lh» social   lomorma
(Friday) evening.
H. C
See mir window with 88 1 nl
oil    all   l.iiicv   china slum 11 there.- ■
Campbell ami Manning.
llr    .1   II.   King ami M. A   Mm
dmialil   1,-11 *l    I" me limn    Nc«
llrimswiek   yesterday,   hn.ln      li".
compelled i" ci "hcfl tl,. ir hotldaj
because ol th n    to armi lor the    ^   „   ^.
election nexl 1 Hi   Doth ol    Ihem I
enjojol ibeli liiiil i'i|i easl ii'iiui'
ly   .111I1    rcpnil   cierillnnr.     lookltg
i   :■      M
■ 3   **T
'    Pi*
■ ■■■■   .-•
me  . Ifi-ling jou
11   tui.i is   in
ranteed, $25 to $40
s For ihc We!l Dressed Man
-  i.   11  1.1 i .1 here
'.' I '  li  S". III.
:   ii: .!    Mi Sltiv
s and Clothing Stores
I ■■:■    S'ti    12,   I 0.0 V.,
session on Monda).
• i usual rpullue
I degree waa oon-
lalea      \ social
al the close «-( Uie
p b good programme
I la tii :.-. speeches    .aitirl
■ being rendered   by
■   Greater interest
in ibe lodge   slnoe
eeting bi re, as shown
attendant ■   at     every
■  Des    Moines wuinan
miserably for   two
. omplalnt, was cur-
f    Chamberlain's
and   Diarrhoea Hem-
: ■ by all dealers.     24-tl
'   r.cultural Association
19th and 20th
rc*d   residence,   water,
newly   painted.
ial garden.
PR:    $1575
be   secured   on
r New
.   J. . i ,- Slock   o I
. I.lee Irical Supplies
Davis Bros. Electric Co.
HiAXltltooK ANI* t'KRKIE, IV O,
it,     Cranbrook, B. C.
I' ii. DroworQ
******************************************** THE   CRANBROOK    IIKBALD
Dr. de Van's Female Pills t'
A tellable French rcsulstonnavoi tails. Tlieae   I
A reliable French regulate. ,ri --
Dills tite em-.. Ji nul v i..iw«.-i lul In n'RUlutUig tlie
uL-nerallve portion ul tlif Ictnnle syMem. Kefuae
all cheap imitations. Dr. do Tan'i arn sold at
th a box. or tliiee Inr f ID. Mallei! to any address.
The icob+jll Drug Co., St. CMlmrluee* flat.
For sale hL Beatie,  Murphy  &  Co.,
Oppoait. t'.l'.ll. Siniiiin
THE     PLACE     TO      OCT     A
Barrutcr, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on fuvorul.lt' terms.
Headquarters for nil kind' ol
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Thu Shoe Specialist
Provenzano & Sacco
General Merchants
Employment Agents
CRANBROOK     -     B. C
P.O. BOX 194 .HONE 144
11 yuo want satisfaction witb
your washing  send
it to
Special prices (or family work.
Nelson's Leading Hotel
I'lHiiiir* willi lUtlm.   'Phone- in
every room
Barber Hlioputi tin' premises,
Tlioroii|{lily up-to-date.
Kates, $200 a day and up.
UKO, P. WELLS, Proprietor
11. TOM KIN, Manager
(l-rilllHIlKll    ASSTAU.V)
Ktiiil'lt'H tru<l»tf throughout llif wml
10 i*oininttiiii*iiie direct witli   BnglW1
it: i'it.-h ulaifl nl goods     Beside* Iwii'V
A COlll|tlpt** '■ntiiiiii-ri'illl  guide  to   l.oii
.l*.ti ami ii*- suburb**, iln*   il tree tor v
eomulns li-it. ol
will,  tlie Uonds  tlioyaliip, anil   th*
Colonial nnd   Foreign  Markets the*.
ar*anged under the Ports to which thev
■aid ati-l Indicating the approximate
ol leading Manufacturers, Merchants,
etc.,In ilif principal provincial towns
unit industrial centres of the United
A copy of the cnrrenl edition will Im
forwarded, freight paid, on receipt of
Postal Order for SOs.
Dealers seeking Agencies ''an adver*
ii«c their trade cards for 30a., »r largre
advertisementi f»<■■>• 'His
The London Directory Co., Ltd.
M AlKh.rcIl 1..... I iiaji... E.C.
„ ® (9IS) IS * M ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ® ®
| East Kootenay      »
Butcher Co. •
®  ®
Dealers In (.->
Fresh nml Cured g
Meats. (.)
Poultry, timii.i mid Ktf.li   *
ill   SellSU'l. ®
GIVE    (IH   A   TUMI. £
East Kootenay      t
Butcher Co. J
.      The Old P. Wood's     ®
® Business. ®
® ®
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane. Wash.
a neTand
A modern equipped Cafe at moderate
Itiitcs fi.ihi mnl up per day
Corner of Howard Bt.aml Front Ave.
Our lum iii«.-in nil trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
J. C. Callahan, Mgr.
Every cur* nnd comfort
A home from home
Special attention in caseB of
Maternity, Rheumatism
ami Pneumonia
Terms moilcrutt*
MRS. E. BENT, Matron.
P.O. Box PI ** -i"-'
Physicians and Surgeons.
ntle. al KMlduc, Araiitroai A..,
FoiNuvn. 1.00 to 10.00
Altaraooa. - - • J.0U to 4.110
E.ealnga - - - - 7.10 to l.tO
.Sundays ■ ■ ■ . 2.10 to   4.10
ORANBROOK II    tl    H    H    S. O,
• to 13 a.m.
1 to   0 p.m.
7 to   1 p.m.
onto, in new Itelit Block
•RANRIllinK -        -        - B   I
Craulirook mid Fort Steel.*
ws!"'™ Cranbrook,B.C.
B.   C.  and  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    -      B. C.
I'm family u.e there i. nothing
an wholesome ami so pure a.
Van Home Street   (oppoiite   liejaitl
W.  K.  ileal,,. Kun.r.1 Dtnclof
Crftnkruub H. 0.
Dr. H. E. Hall, D.D.S.
Crown nnd Uridyl! Work
il s|wi'iidty.
Phone No. 200    Armstrong Ave
C'ranliriHik, B.O,
Prealilent i T. K, Oiu
Secretary) 6, Maodohald
Ftir inturmatlon regarding lamls .
i ami   Hi*ii.iilnm*   apply   to the •
* Ktr-i'iHtary, OrailhroOK. It. C.
Every leconil Wednesday
Alwayo Uw Ili-s-t Quality iiml
tjuiek S.Tvii'i*. lltistiiifS!. M»-n*i
Luni-li.   Oi«'ti Day and Night.
AND CHEMIST.-Chargoa: OoM.
silver, topper anil lead, $1 rath;
gold-silver,  11.80; illvet-lead, si.50.
Kolil-silvrr, wllh copper or lead,
$2.50; fine, $2; silver-lratl-rinc, $3.
I'litrs for other metals on nppltea-
tlon. I*. O. Mox CD., HON, Nelson, B. C. 41 tl
(From the Toronto Globe).
Foremost among tlie imperiimmcca
,i[ Uie present anti-tnule campaign
is tlie appeal to the British-bom to
line-up with Toryism in Canada.
By syndicate editorials and by
pamphlets tins appeal is made in all
(piat'tot'fi where il is sitpposetl Uie
new-comers arc Ignoranl ol the fftots
if Oanadtan political history. But ll
s ns fniili-.il as il is falsi*. The typical British-born Canadian is neither
n child not a rool. He will noi bc
seduced lo lho service ot Hint poll
ileal parly whose liisti ry toe n
whole   generaltlon    has   been n lint
iiiirailitii t   Britain1!   historic
trade policy, and whose one greal
aihievcmeiil when in power at HI
lawn barred good! from Canadian
markets with a prohibitive tarin ami
well-nigh ruined Canada's industries
al home and Canada's financial
standing abroad, To assume thai
men brought up in Britain's greal
way nf freedom and Independence will
ally themselves with discredited
Toryism in Canada is nn offence
which the British-born will justly
It-sen i.
The loud lip-loyally lain! shout*
for British connection hut builds up
a tariff wall against British trade
may have served lhe selfish purposes
.if lariff-prolceted private Interests,
but it is nni convincing to tbo
practical British mind. The men
who saddled Canada with a burden
some high-tariff policy have made
friends for their party ol the few
millionaires iheir policy of special
privilege created, hut Ihey did it
ai the cost of Canadian prosperity
and at the risk ot Hue Imperial
unity. It is unite too late in Hie
day for those men or their political
successors lo pose as the only
party in Canada loyal lo British
The British-born Canadians today
should be fust to repudiate and re
sent tlie appeals In iheir assumed
Ignorance «>f Canadians affairs. The
fact stands ihal ii was the predeees
sors of Mr. Borden and the oppcsl
lion of today who In 1R78 Introduced
liigh-tarin protection against Roods
from Britain. When it was urged
ihai such ti policy should compromise and damage British connection
it wns the Tory leader ot that day
who made the cynical retort: "So
much the worse for British connec
tion." When experience proved thai
liiRli protection meant In Canada
latin burdens tor the many and
tariff privileges for tbe few il was
the Tory party that voted still
higher tariffs against British trade.
When high protection wrought its Inevitable disaster to Canadian ni;ri-
cullurc and industry and trade, and
when the smoke ceased out t f the
"tall chimneys," of artificially creat-
ly created factories, il was Hi-
Tory party, led by some of the men
who still sit on llie tn nt bench of
the opposition nt    Ottawa, thai tin
kered with the tariff and brought on
the industrial confusion and distress
which marked all Canada during the
Ions, dark years before 1896, When
in 1807 the'Liberals under llie leadership of Sir Wilfrid Laurler proposed a trade preference which would relieve something cl Canada's tariff
burden and give advantage to Brlt/ish
commerce it was the Tory party and
the men now leading it w.ho foughl
that proposal in parliament and
joined hauls wilh (he private lieiie-
liciarh's uf protection to detent ii.
Keiy effort to Improve Canada's
trade will, iBrllnln hy removing tariff obstructions out id lhe way has
been opposed, sometimes openly tun
always secretly, In Hiese same men
who now talk so glibly ahoul British
traditions ami British allegiance, So
inextricably is Mr, Burden involved
with the private interests favt red
by high tariffs iiml bis lasl and only
word is for "adequate protection"
against competition from Britain—
"adequate" to tho demands <>t Uie
protected private interests in Canada. And the Uniish-honi are asked to support, that anti-British tariff
policy as a favor to Britain!
The case is even worse. These
eager protesters nf loyalty art* committed to a policy which asks the
people of Britain lu burden themselves with a food tax in order Ihnl
Canada mny be given a preference in
British markets. The farmers, tinmen in whoso supposed interest this
food tax is required, repudiate the
proposal and ask only for a fair field
with nc ravers. The British-horn
must know that the Canadian farm*
eis, while they seek United States
markets for their surplus products,
scorn the selfishness that would
limit the freedom of the people nf
Britain in the purchase ot food sup
plies. Canadian farmers know from
hard experience that the consumer
pays the duty, and tliey nre too
self-reliant as well as too loyal lo
British traditions to barter their
own self-respect lor the sake ol n
doubtful preference which the British
bread-eaters would have to pay.
The British-born In Canada will
do the best tor themselves, the best
for their adopted country, the best
for their native land, and the besi
for the British empire if they join
hands with loyal and progresslw
Canadians in enlarging the trade and
promoting the prosperity of Canada
along the tried lines or British policy. To adopt the decadent tariff
protectionism of Mr, Borden and his
associates would lie to forfeit tile
British birthright ot freedom and U
join hands with tbe Canadian opponents of the British preference. To il"
that at this hour would be to bc allied with lingoes in Ontario and with
the Bourassa anti-British agitators
in Quebec. And that is no part ot
the programme of the self-respecting
At the recent Brockville, Onl.,
nominating convent int., when Hon.
fl, P. Graham, minister ot railways, was unanimously chosen as the
party standard qcarcr, several manufacturers were in attendance and
heartily endorsed tho reciprocity
Mr. .lohn (Jill, president and g.-n-
eral manager of the .lames Smart
Manufacturing company, tlu* largest
Industry in Brockville, and one ol'
the largest hardware and edged tool
manufacturers in eastern Ontario,
rose nt tho beginning of the convention to place on record bis heart*,
ei.dnrsatiou ot the reciprocity agreement. Larger and freer markets iu
natural products must Improve trade
conditions generally and direct benefit must accrue therefrom. Mr. (.ill
depreealetl the suggestion that the
opportunity for Increased prospcritj
would weaken in any wnj Canadian
fidelity to Britain. "The agreement," said he, "is purely a sound
business ot.e, nnd Canadians will do
well to avail themselves ,,f ;ts ad
vantages, n I together apart from politics. I nm glad ns n manufacturer tu
tune this opportunity of heartily approving of this reciprocity agreemenl
and of tbe sound ntisiinsslike agreement secured by Mr. Fielding "
"I, too, desire to give my views
as a manufacturer," added Mr. Wil
Ham C. MacLean, general manager
of Halls, Limited, manufacturers ut
gloves, suspenders, etc. "I have given
the matter of this reciprocity agreement a great deal of thought ami I
have found Hint Ihere is nothing iu
it except het.eflt to the people of
Canada. I cannot understand how
manufacturers can lake any other
position. This agreement in no sense
injures any of us, anil cannot fail lo
he a big thing lo the farmers ami artisans. I desire to put myself on record ns a manufacturer in complete
accord with the reciprocity agreement, and am glad Indeed that the
fanners are to have this opportunity
to secure belter returns for their
"I do this because I feel strongly
that the unwarranted position in
Which   the   manufacturing   Interests
have allowed themselves to Ih* placed
is exciting animosity and class feci
iug in the minds of the farmers, tt.
should not object because the farm
ers reap benefits; nothing bas beci
done to interfere with ibe mannfac*
Hirers, ami we will be well advised
lo attend to our business. I am a
director iu one lumber company in
Quebec aad iu another in British Columbia, and I know that reciprocity
will heiielit both. I cannot see why
any mamilacttiters have been induced
to take a stand against It."
Mr. .lames Gumming, Lyn, member of the Canadian Millers' association, endorsed the position of Mr
MacLean, ami seconded the rcsolu
l iun endorsing reciprocity.
An ordinary case of diarrhoea can,
ns a rule, lu- cured by a single dose
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera ami
Diarrhoea Remedy. This remedy has
no superior for bowel complaints.
Fur sale by all dealers. .11-1.
Vou Must   Kill   Them or Lose Youi
Hair — Newbro's llerpicitle Prevents   Baldness.
The    dandruff  germ   is   n deadlj
enemy to healthy, luxuriant Imir
Nn matter how thick, heavy and
beautiful your hair may look, the
dandruff genu may Ih* there al work
and very busily too,
■ lust as sure as you do rtot take
steps lo check the ravages of this
germ, just so sure you will sooner or
later lose your hair.
Baldness may always bo prevented
hy the timely use ot Newbro's llerpicide. llerpicide is sure death lo
the d.indiun germ. 11 cleans the
scalp and allows tbe hair to grow as
nature intended. There are no disappointments, unless lhe hair follicles
are completely atrophied, so why pul
off the treatment until it Is too late?
llerpicide is sold and gunrantctd m
one dollar buttles hy all druggists.
Applications at the best barbel
shops and hair dressing parlors.
Sentl 10c. in postage or silver to
The llerpieide Co., Dept. R., Detroit, Mich., for a t.Iee sample of
Horplclde ami a booklet telling all
about tbe hair.
Ileal tie-Murphy Co., Ltd , Special
CAPITAL AUTHDRIZEO • ■ (10,000,000.00
CAPITAL PAID UP     • ■ 15,193,000.00
RESERVE FUND • ■ • $5,793,000.00
I). II. WILKIK, President!.        HUN. IIOBT. JAFFIUV, Vli'ii-fn-alilenl.
AremiutB ol CorponilloilB,   Mlllilolp.lltlea, Merchant., Fa'iners
ami Private ImtivuliialB invited.
liraftH mid Letter, of Cuilit iaeueil available iii any port ol
tbo worlil.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT.-Sil'"iul attention given to
flavliiK. Hunk Account.. Ilepoaita ot 11.00 uml npwanla received ami
Interest allowed from ilate ol ilepoait.
Wilmer Branch
W. R. GRUBBE, Mgr.
Lund Land and Development
Company, Limited.
Fruit, Agricultural, (Imzinic and Timber Lands.
Insurance, Stocks and Bonds.
Wholesale Dealers In Lumber.
!   Office: Corner Fenwick Avenue and
Baker Street.
Be a Well Man!      |
if you arc n siok mail, sullVrini' frull)
uny ilitiorili'r. wo cini curt'yrm -Permanently.
Ynn iln tint have to linrrvr iiloni* sultorintr
i'riiin liist'iitii', becaiiBe we nro medical
specialists with ninny yours' experience
Iri'iitinir nml curing successfully nil men's
A sure unit permanent cure in all diseases ol
men. Nervous Weakness, Varicose Veins,
Hydrocele, Nervous  Ailments, Blood and
5kln Disorders, Sores, Ulcer*, Kidney, Bladder   and
Rectal Disorders, mid nil s'lcciul ailments common to men.
Hist Anatomical Museum in the North-west.
Consultation Free
It you cannot come to Spokane tor free consultation
now. write for our fret' Imoklot.
Dr.   Kel ley's  Museum
2io Howard Street, Spokane, Wash.
»♦♦♦*♦«•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦ t>
II. L. BTM'HENS, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
********************** **********************
Imperial Bank ol Canada
ll. It. WII.KIK, Pwhlent.
HUN. IIUUKRT JAFKKAY. Vi.e-I'reaiilent
\ \       Accounts   of   Corporutious,   Municipalities,    Merchants. \
11 Ftirinore and Private Individuals invited, <
i       limits mid Loiters of Credit issued available in any part of i
;; lho world. ;
;;     SAVINGS DEPARTMENT-Special   intention ;
11 ("Ivon to Savings Ilnnk Account*,    Deposit* of ll.tH)  mid
11 upwards received and intercut allowed from date of de|Misit.        '
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 4
Have n very Iiiu* assortment nf
Fruit Trees
Ornamental and Shade Trees
and Shrubs
All tries offered for sal,- are grown in our own nurseries on
the Coldstrcnm Estate
V. D. CURRY, General Agont    -     VERNON, B. C.
Read the Herald, $2.00 a Year
••*■■.«■■ memmmmmmmemmm
Ohesoent I.oiiok No. 3IJ
Cranhrook, 11. C.
Meet, every Tuesday st 8 p.m. at
fraternity Hall.
.1. M. Boyso, CO.
K. M. I'liiislimi, li. II. & S.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
to attend.
"J}****..       Meet, every Monday
jl^  nlKlit nt    New Fraternity    Hall.    Solum iiini', Olldfcllow. cordially lavll.it.
E. It. I'nl re W, M. Harris
N. Q. Seo'y.
. It).
1 II U.K.
I'ls lili.l	
1     1 lil,.
ill r
ih mon III
iiiidliil nn
ni* brothers,
lil'ls July  1
11. P.-Il
si      I.I    III
M.   Ill
'.Mffii   " '.
vS!%< V H-'H-ilar nu'i'lliiRi on
v\v>.'A Um tliir.l Thursday
*%$ ol evcrj month,
Visiting brethren welcomed.
A. <\ Shankland, W.M,
B. W. Connolly, Sccrotary.
No. lfl.
Meets every second nnd   fourth Wednesday Ht Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Rebekabs  cordially in-
Mrs. \V. F. Cameron, N. (!.
Miss M. Uickcnhotham. Sec.
Meets In   Fraternity I Iall First and
Third Fridays.
T  Fraser, E. C.
M. MacKinnon, M. R. and ('.
Visiting sisters cordially Invited.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday of each month at it
p.m. sharp.
Win. Anderson, Chic! Ranger.
L. Rent. Secretary,
Vhitinp brethren made welcome.
Meets in Carmen's Hall first and
third Thursday of each month at
S p.in. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu (layward, Rcc, Sec.
W. B, Mt'Furlaiie, Chief Ranger.
Visiting I.iriIn.'i, maik- welcome.
;Pre$byiniati Church:
♦ ♦
11   -Miuil.iy morning aer.iec at 11 •>
o'clock •
l '   .Sunday    evening     aervlr.    at ♦
] J        7.30 o'clock T
i '   Sunday      Sellout   and    Bible *.
' ' 1'l.isa at .1 o'clock X
l*resliylerl,in   Onild, Tuesday, *
,        at a o'clock *
'i *********************
********************** i
ij Baptist Cbtu'cbii
Pastor, II
i i Pitraoiiaice,  Norliuty  Avenue.
< > 'Phone, 28i.     p. ti. Hot iin.
' [ Itcgtllar Servers-- Sllndav. II i !
, , a m.     and     7.80   p.in.;    Itllile 11
, , Srlinol     with      Yiiiihk   l-adli's'il
< i I'litlrtliea     and     Yontiic   Men'. ' '
< > Bible Class, .1 p in
' ' Monday,    Yoiiiir rr..;,l. s",    I
i ,    Weiliie«ilay. Mlil-Week Mei-llne,
i '     ,\  .-.itdial    I'litlsllan weleoin. ' [
;; lo all.
' *********************
IV.'  Willi, ll   ei'iiil   Mn'i'iitl'IOI    In
>»lloiirlil«l|.«mili>llnaol V ,,
H,nel in lin-l Kiii'l.iui.v mnl IV.BI
K.iiii.'iinV I liiiiillia. Sl.ii'l mill,
nblnil.   I.iIk'iiiIi- IQla.1,,11
Toppmlah, -       Wiiai-.
If Your Pump, Rain, nr
Gravity Water System
Ib NOT itivini; Batis*
faction, or you an u-
toniplatltiK now work,
The Hyttraulic Expert     '.'.
iMi'i.itiAi.  noi ul   ;;
**********************' TUB   CKANBUOOK   FIB It ALU
— Buy "Where the Lots are Selling =—
****************************************************************** **********************-****^********t^^^*^**^.*^********^*^*********¥^****^*****^^^^^^^
Windermere Valley
British Columbia
******************.***************,******+*++**++*++*++*++*+**+************* ********, ,,,,,,,,4, 4, ,*** ,++++4 IMMHttHttlMMMtttt ******-**-****-*+******
**************************************■***.************************,*********,*****,****** ********** **,****************++****+*m*m,******,,,*,t,.,,t
Most healthfully situated on the bench land overlooking Valley Lake. Tob) Creek,
Windermere Lake, and the Upper Columbia River.
The Kootenay Central Railway, now under construction by Ihe Canadian Pacific
Railway Company, will place WILMER in direcl touch with Cranbrook. on Crows Nest
Syslem,-75 miles to the southward, and with Golden, on the main line, 65 miles lo lhe north
WILMER is backed by lhe mineral resources of lhe famous Ptarmigan and Paradise
silver-lead mines, considerable resources in timber, and the finest agricultural and fruit
growing surroundings.
It is at WILMER the Columbia Valley Irrigated Fruit Lands. Limited has secured
some 50,000 acres ot fruit land, some of which touches the townsite.
WILMER is adjacent to Invermere, lhe new C. P. R. tourist resort, renowned as lhe
Lucerne of Canada.
WILMER already has thoroughly well equipped Retail and Wholesale Stores Hotels,
Church, Hospital and resident doctor, branch of Ihe Imperial Bank of Canada. Post Office,
Government Telegraph and Telephone Service, Public School and Mining Recorder's Office
One of its general stores carries a slock value for $40,000.
REMEMBER that the Columbia and Kootenay Valley is BOOMING now. and is hound to
better its expansion with improved and now assured railroad transportation.
Apply to L. HENRY MOFFATT, Rossland, B. C. or
Cranbrook, B. C.
How Iowa Made Good Roads
(C, B. Edwards in   .inly Farmers' Magazine).
Surfacing road at n rate of spec:!
in excess i f six milt's a minute, t *n
thousand farmers ot Iowa pullnl on
ilu* greatest leal ol road building
tlie worlil has ev*r seen when, in a
single In ur, a lint* ot rood 880 miles
long and stretching entirely across
the state i f Iowa was put in thr
most perfecl condition of any road
i.i the west nf the Mississippi, N'ol
hours or days; bui weeks ami moat is
were taken up with preparation fn
the t'vt'iil anil not a stroke of work
was done on iln- highway until Ihc
lime designated wns (lashed by tele
phone nml telegraph frcm border to
border. As the won! was given,
len thousand ,.[ Iowa's lustiest f.iim
tis ft-ll io with a will and when
work wns stopped, fusl sixty mine
lis lal i. Iowa hfil ns iht* proud
liiissc.Mii ol the llnesl ilislauuc hig*v
«.11 in iln* west.
One ol lhe strni goal lai le in i on
nectlon wilh this wonderlul pcrtoi
m.iiKi' w.i.  ih.ii  ml  a Single man of
the   entire    ( !«■«■ «.i    len   tl sand
workmen reei I veil pvt n .1 i enl
wages The work and w IIMngm u I
ilu ii wns Ihi res ill ol the most
highly dcvclo| ed kind uf c npi ra
Mon Noi ,i « i nprrat'on of farm
i*is all nc Imi ol -ti iv man ot pow i
oi      inllih mi'  in    Un     Slalf i f   Iowa
fiom Govornoi Carroll down  lo   tbe
Immigrant fat mi i
During thr wintei .if IfilO tb
i,.a.is o| Iowa ,»,. n* to nil prai ll al
pur pi sis itnrpBi able. Traflili was n i
linposaH lllty, ih farmers were com
polled to sin*. ,ii home, business Ian
e.lllshcd,   im.I     Ih.    pin ji.tilt    uf      the
inh farming sr.(ions ol lis slab
wns seriously threatened v crisis
was ai hand and n toi I lho word ol
just om* man la sel lhe machinery
whicli bonded the people togethci in
motion. That in.ti. was Mi. J. tt
Klchlngcr, a newspaper man ol Des
Moines, who is m w secretary of the
"Itlvei to River" rood organization,
lly n series of articles, and constant
hammering), tht* . political parties
were ranged ii. lim* and lira.Inl by
Governor Carroll a '"good mads"
meeting was held at lh*s Moines,
The result of this meeting was that
plans were ovolvcd for a "river to
river" road, connecting Council Ul lifts
on tho Missouri river to Davetrporl
on the Mississippi, n total distance
of :(ko miles almost directly across
thr stati,' ns the crow flits and making a fi*w turns touching the more
import mil business centres on Hie
route. "Make the rivei-lo-rivcr road
as near perfect as ordinary dirt anil
men can" was   tlie   slogan   of    Hn*
good roads convention*
Then followed tho most ivmariaM •
advertising campaign that has ever
been pul in practice. ,\ symbol was
adopted and buttons made up as well
as newspaper cuts and posters and
these distributed from one corner ol
the Bttttc. io ihf other. There were no
"Imcckers," everyone was tho friend
of the project and lawyers, politicians, professional, ami business men
and mostly insi "plain ordinarj
men" went In and pushed, The pr. ss
of ilie entire state nave their advertising freely ami the emblem of the
in.id was so indelibly impressed on
lhe popular mind thai when the time
i,ime everyone was eager and willing
[u  help
The ■*Kiver to Kivel Koad Assort-
aion" was finally organized to havo
charge of the work and the system
under which it was to bo constructed Tins organization named one man
iiniii each county as executive com
miiieemmi in Ins district and gnen
him full charge of everything pertaining to iht mad in his count) He
was backed up bj auto oluhs aoti
ram men ial organisations anil was
usuall) a leading member nf tbe
automobile club In his town Enthus>
lasm alone woi depended upon in tbo
organization as Impetus loi carrying
through the project ami how well ll
iins succeeded li sin wn by Uie loci
that there has never boon an assess
niHii (ot any purpose foi the orgenl
.limn .is a Whole Everything was
given ot done voluntarily, although
each ronunlt-tceman has called on Ids
co-workers from time to time foi
mono] io d>< necessary work tlmt.
road officers could not bc prevailed
upon ii   do or pay  for.
Before adopting any method for
keeping the road in condition and Improving il, every system was studied
out hy lhe organization nnd localities visited where samples of various
mad Improvements might bo noted,
From the experience of others the
"River ttt River" construction committee profited Immensely and as a
result the drag system was adopted,
Thi** method consists In drawing
slowly; over the surface after each
rain a plank or split log drag. Tlrs
crude appearing implement accomplishes wonders by persistent use. It
wipes out all ruts and chuck holes
nnd at eacli pnssage works a small
portion of dirt toward the center.
This thin layer of earth, especially
If iu the consistency of paste or
mud ol any workable stage, is dried
out by tl.e wind and baked by tInstill    mid   further  solidified,   by   tin;.
travel over the road. Tho result ol
this successive baking, drying, and
packing is that each time dirt Is
thrown in tbc ccntel of tlie road il
goes through these processes until a
crown is built up making the road al
most Impervious to water After a
season or two of such treatment a
road will stand the hardest traffic
without showing an undesirable effect and enl j long, soaking, sprint;
rains have any effect up. i. h what
ever. Such a load a ,11 become
sink on top and more oi le*s .--.'it (oi
an inch or so. but tint.- Is llttl-J
dan-goi oi r\ii cutting ruts in such
a highway.
Once ihe system of Improvement
was decided ot., there was no delay
such as would ordinarily be experienced .n work done undei contract
Then* was an Irresistible force of In
teiesi ami enthusiasm mantfest that
enrolled every farmer along thi ISO
mile route Into tbo scheme to peg i
lorlj drag Ihc road after each shoa
er Not once has lhe hoi*, let up
Since th.- dragging was stinted and
When a route for the (Hidden tout
was iln sen lhe llu, i lo Rivet I 'ad
was picked as a part of tbe run.
li was decided by the organization
that tin- (Hidden tourists should pass
ovei a toad which would exemplify
what l »»ans could do, \ Saturday
was selected fm tin- .lav ,,ml il w.t-
planned for each of the ten thi 'isnri I
farmers on Ihe route to pul in a.i
h.tin's work between nine ami ten
a i.i shut ih before the appointc t
time farmers began to line up along
iln- load lu ihe weeks preceding the
work all the bridges ami culverts
along iin- hlghwaj were repaired i;
order thai mi delay mlghl bo expei
ifiiiid once the work was undei >.*...\
Every taiiiifi had been seen personal
ly  hy  Ihe roatl committees ami     the
agreement io give the hour's work
requested was almost unantmouslj
given Thus wiih ail tin- details
worked out lo a nloctj over ten
ih< itsaml farmers lined up Hun Saturday morning over the length of
the hundreds of miles of road to be
worked. Kvety farmer hat brought
along tools that might be of service
Picks, shovels, spades, drags, horses,
plows ami scrapers were lined up
along the road hy the hundreds and
thousands ami when the magic second
wns ticked t»ff they sprang to work
with a will. For n full hour man
ami boast labored Incessantly ami nl
ten o'clock the job was done and the
min returned to their farms as
quickly as they had gathered. The
following Monday ai a similarly np-
point*d tiime while hands wire paint
til ou half a dozen telephone poles at
cell turn ami crossroad, the bands
from one end of lhe slate in the
other clearly Indicating lho route in
the eye td tin* tourist without lhe
neccMKitv of signs. When  the (Hidden
tour passed over tin.- rood shortly
after this work had been carried
through there was small wonder that
the t« mists united in saving that the
380 mile si rip of River to River
road was the best si retch over
which they had passed dining Ihe entire trip.
Tin- effect of this mad on the
regions through which it passes lias
been scarcely less remarkable than
the building itself. Partners bate be
come mote friendly lo the automc-
bllisl ami a iinn li larger percet.lage
have joined their tanks, but strongest of all Un- toad lias actually
caused an appreciable increase iu
population among the cities and
low ns through whicli it pusses.
Moreover, the effect of Iowa's unusual foal iu io.nl building is manifesting itself through lhe length ami
breadth of the land, ami especial!]
in states where hud surface road
building is out <•{ the question.
Kentucky and Tenness e are Blnrtlng
a campaign of publicity much after
the plan of the Itlvei to Itlver road
wI.ich will connect Louisville, K\.,
ami Nashville, Tenn., a distance ol
two hundred miles Another scheme
for co-operative roadbuildlng ami hy |
far the largest i-.ei projected ts the
drag ioad planned between Memphis
and Bristol, Vs . a distance «d over
live hundred mile T« nty-slx thousand men hate already volunteered
Iholr services aid i' will require n
force of fifty thousand volunteers In
do the work,
The work started by the itiecessful
organization of the Rivet lo Unci
road Is the solution of the west
With Imt greal dl tonees and com
patatlvcly sparse)] settled anas the
coal of macadam road would Im- pro
hlbltlvc to a great degree and doubt-
leas ibe nine is nol fai distant when
we shall have an organisation en*
listing hundreds ol tbinisands of mm
nnd called Ihe "Mlanm Picllli
Road Association." <hi tho strength
id what has been don.- iln* building
id a cross continent road is certain!)
not impossible By cooperation
things may Im* aifomplislted In a few
minutes that would require vast
sums of money ami time.
"I  suffered    Intensely ah. r eating
and no medicine or treatment f tried
seemed to do any 8 1,"   writes   II,
HI. Yoimgpelcis, Editor ol The Sun,
Lake View, Ohio. "The first tew
doses of Chamberlain's Stomach ami
Mvor Tablets gave mo surprising relief and the second bottlo seemed to
give, me n new stomach and perfect
Iv roinI hi'.ilili " Pol sale hy all
dealers. 88-lt
An exceptionally Dm* pearl, of th,'
si/e ami shape of a small bird's egg,
has been found In the South Esk,
near Brechin, Forfarshire, Scotland
Pure whit,- am) of exceedingly fine
marking, it weighs 25 groins, and is
stated by experts to lie a faultless
specimen, The Scottish mussel pearl
season is now in full swing. Annually many valuable pearls are found,
as ninth as Liu having heen realised
[ni single specimens.
After anothei plucky attempt, during which lie was over fifteen hours
in the waler, .lain/ VYolfic was again
beaten in his at tempi to emulate the
f.at <>f the late Captain Webb In
swimming tbe English Channel This
time he started from the French
shore, and abandoned his effarl when
only a mile away fmm Dover Although In- swam thirty three miles,
ami had t<> contend a Ith nr. ever
freshening breeze, which trok htm
considerably oui of his course, and
extended his las!, into Tour tides
The water was warm, and Wolffc
showed scarcely any si p i ol fat -
when ho Mi the sea
In a parliamentary n turn ju •
sued showing the anas, population,
and valuation of ibe count I ■■. b u
ami parishes m Scotland, the total
area, revised b) the Ordfnanci H u
vej department up to Decembei 31,
1910, is given ss 19,070,160 a< i i,
the population at the Census of lhe
present yeat 1,759, 115, and the ' tal
valuation £88,885,641 The mail pop
'dons county is I.anaik, with 1,117,
ill, the next in onhi being Edinburgh, with 507,668, an i Rcnfrea
with 811,67*1 The inula st valuations
are Lanark, £9,698,611; hMlnburgh,
£4,765,005; Anet-deen, £1,988,181
and Renfrew, £1,885,889
Lovers of towing will hear with
regret of the death nt ihe w.*H known
old Cambridge Blue, the Rei ' Char
les John Hrisii we, HA., of Shire
Hall, Nottinghamshire. Mi. Brlstowe
who was director of education to the
county council of Nottinghamshire,
rowed how In tin- Cambridge eight nf
1H8.., tin- yea i of thai
memorable race, when Mr
K. I Pitman, the light Blue stroke,
although finding himself two lengths
behind at Barnes Bridge, rowed oxford down af-tci the race appeared as
good as ovei Mr. Brlstowo also
stroked the Trinity Mall right that
won tbe (Irani! nt Henley in I Mil mnl
j 1887. Mow to him in the lirst     year
j was the Itight Hon   R. McKwina.
I    A     White-paper,   just issued, gives
1 the contributions to the national re-
! venue made by the ttm-e divisiens uf
the United Kingdom, and the manner
' in which    the money is   spent   The
j total  revenue     for  the year   1910-11
'was   £801,887,500, and it was    contributed as     follows:   Kngland    and
'Wales, £170,853,000; Scotland, £19,-
i mill,nun;  Ireland,   £11,665,500.   These
| figures   represent tlie total contribu-
} lions i.. the national exchequer. The
' Issues   out ol    Un* exchequer shows
that a total sum of £71,8*5 500 ■**,.*-
spent on purposes ir-cal tc eat b country, while £189,939,000 was spent   n
general   purposes in tbe benefits    ol
which the   three    countries   shared,
such as the    army, navy, etc     The
division   between tin* three countries
were ai follows: Spent locally:   England and    Wales,  £58,817,000; Scotland,  £7,937,000;   Ireland, £11,314,-
500,    Speot generally    England ami
Ual.-s.  £117,638,000; Scotland,  £11,-
388,000;  Ireland,   £381,000.
Beaumont, tbo French naval lieutenant, who *vas the winner <f the
meat aerial race across Europe organized by 'The Standard," has
proved victorious also in the contest
h.] the pri/e of £10,000 offered bj
the "Dally Mall " His periormance Is
without parallel In tbe history
aviation On Saturday, -inly 86th,
the famous airman left Brooklanda
on the inst part ol the Circuit to
Britain—the mute being Irom it!'-".
lands in Edinburgh, via Harrogate
and Newcastle, ami thence hack to
Glasgow, 'Manchester, Bristol and
ll,- covered tin* journc)
with the regularttj and punctualit)
of an express train, although with
greatei speed    He arrived at Brook
lands ,ii 8.5 .,n Wednesday orten i
Throughout the race resolved Itaell
Into a trial of skill lictwc-n Beau
ilium and ins old rival, Vodrlnes, the
hem i.f the Paris-Madrid ilight The
defeat ol the latter is attributable
largely 1" the facl that on Tuesdaj
he failed immediately to locate Un
aerodrome at Bristol. He arrived at
Brooklonds tne hour and nine miim
tes after llejitimont. The competitors
were weeded out very quickly from
the beginning of the race, only seventeen ol the thirty entrants completed
the first stage of the 1010 miles jom
my. Valor.Une, the Englishman, ai-
rived thud ai Edinburgh, but had
t hie at Glasgow with his propeller on his way hack, ami afterwards
smashed his tuai'liine near Dumfries
llainel (Gnat Itiitain) also made a
very notable (light, ami achieved the
distinction ol making the fastest
filght—covering the thirty-five miles
between Edinburgh ami Stirling in
Ti min. « sec.
A : dm I :■ si] . • Canada, now*
dc mid led in Duluth, M:i.ri . addresses
the  following -..   the   press
anent the a:.:.* ■■. now being
rais*-d :;.:■ ... .; n     by
the Tori- alnst the
reciprocity agreei
Sir: ..■ ada,
educated In tin ools ol Toronto,
I want to the unwarranted ;■ ..*  Toron-
! to Maii and   En •  moutb-
;■-" e of tb party    in
i Canada, is regard 1 *' •■ ; i iposed re-
■.;■-■■■ agree ill    tbe
; time I Iln tda 1 tried to  be
■i   ' ■ and my
j sympathn sen «ith
that part]   but I i y that    on
■-I thai
'mere poli ..._-     Hi
Borden air-i bis In , atl er than
the patriotli owe to tbe
people of Coi   - Ij     of
Ite questii i ■■ ui the
line does not .   -
■ >f annexation ol
nlster up    his
Oi Bsfonal
I) some oh ' n oi news-
papt r ,. thing  Is
probable, ■ u.ess
oaaertioni ^ak-
lerj." Md
man   of   Ml    .'.' ■-   sin,uld
Im- so fool
side    rn The
side "f tWe ■■      The
whole  •!'■
resolve     Itsell
cooapai t betwt peas
in the .»-. ■: !.
■:••    ,i' ■ da   more
tn] thing     i i     tal i n
place >■"■■ ren i     and
I   ',11. .!<!, I
Mv onl]
that im love nd Cans
■lu:.   ..
(. i me   to -". ■
the unpatrioti   * i
sumption I-   the  Comei vativp party
that   acceptance   of tin Ipn i   .■
treaty vat at Hon In foi'     li
means nothing 11 the ! Ind us far as I
am ahh* to judge from the tempoi of
the people ol Ih I i M -1 States. # I
do hopi that ihr people ol Canada,
ami especial 1 j Ontario, will give Sir
Wilfrid Lauriei a ro min I major!)
when the election laki b place, B i
llun lhe poll* ■ he . ■■■ sting will
be passed and the relnt ion i f Canada and the t r.Ited States be thus
brought much closei than evei Ik-
Robert Rankfn
Duluth, Minn ,  Vug   I.
Cranbrook Agricultural  tssoctatlqn
fair, September 10th and 80th. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
t"r**»**»>u«<. n.   * |
Shade ol Sir
tii in danger in  n
What Mini ol Klasses ilo you we or?
Soy, li'ilii'il, I preached reciprocity lor fifln-n   years, nml never    s.iw any onnexo
At a great meeting iu Iln ekvill.-,
'int., last Week, linn. flco. I*. Hia
I.ami minister of railways, was t.ti
ih led the unanimous Liberal nomination. A feature of the gathering was
ihe presence td a number of lifelong
Ci nscrvatlves, who have extendi*.!
theii support to ihc minister ot
railways on the present octasion,
Mr. (Iraham uimUil hiiiH-elt of tin*
earliest opportunity to express his
appreciation. "1 feel grateful indeed," saitl he, "that I am support)i)
hy those of you wlm d<< not call
yourselves Liberals. I appreciate
your presence here today. I know
bow you revere tbe memory ol Sir
.lohn A. Mucdotiald, and how ymi
supported him all your lives, and ii
is encouraging to know tbat in an
issue which should he outside the
sphere of party politics you are prepared to follow tbe last will ami Us
lament id Sir John Mactlotiahl o,|
trade between Canada and Hie ('nil
ed Stales. Tbe views of the Consci
vat ive chieftain on this matter in
Ids last light are denounced today h\
Mr. Border, and odvocaitcd by Sii
Wilfrid I.aurier."
The British preference was the fttsi
tangible cement um 1,1 (hi- empire
ever done in Canada The Liberals
did it and llu- ultra loyal Tories up
posed It,
The only imperiul patty in this
country worthy ol the naiut* is the
Liheial party. It showed practical
luip-fiialKm by giving the preference
Ml ilu- other fellows do is talk
Tin- executive of Mh* Untied Form
era' organization of Altteila have
unanimously adopted tin- following
self exploratory resolution:
"In    response    to many Inquiries
from oar iiieiniiei'.    as to tin* stand
Mm* central body of the United Farm
eis of  \ llie it., is going to   take    in
tbe coming elections,   we have can
fully    considered   the situation ami
have decided tlmt while section    twi
of our COAlUtUllon forbiils tin- gttoc
latum taking p.ui  in political      nc
tii»ii, vet in view of tin* coming clot
ttofl iHtuiK htoiigbt ah* ut on a direct
•■• raised by the organised farmers
theiusei •«., namely, free! irade, we
consider > is our bounden duty and
the duty o( every member of out
Istoclatlon to so use his vote thai
it will count in support ot tin* h':<i'-
we have raised, Tbe time Is too
short before elections: tof our assort
alum to take any direct stand to
nominate candidate**., and the datigei
of dividing the vote favorable to reciprocity is too great to take any,
and we, therefore, recommend that
our members support the candidate.
regardless of party affiliations, if
said candidate will support tlie qucs-
tinns which must Ir the main Issue
in this election That while we
should be glad lo see farmers as candidates In any election, we have to
declare that at present no candidate
shall lie entitled to the statement
that he is (Ik- official candidate of
the U.F.A., and, further, that no
action shall lie taken hy the general
secretary towards the calling of any
political conventions for the nomination of candidates."
At a convention which for unity
and enthusiasm could not well be ex
celled, says the Calgary Alberta I.,
Mr. I. S. (1. Van Wart was selected
to carry the banner fm Laurier and
reelprcclly iu the coming election.
The convention was embarassetl with
a plethora of good men. Any one of
the men bullotteil on would have
made an excellent candidate, ami
with reelprcclly as the issue a winning candidate. Mr. Stanley Jones
made a great fight for honors and
when the third ballot went against
him showed that be was a big man
by accepting the dictum of the ma
jority it. a gracious way and pledging hearty support to the .successful
nominee, In Mr. Van Wart the Liberals have a man who is well known
ami a man who bas served this city
well in several capacities. lie is
known throughout Western Canada
as the successful president of tin'
Calgary exhibition and the growth ol
thai Institution reveals lhe man Willi
ability to do things. Mr. Van Wail
has also done tin1 city excellent service on the hospital board, has served acceptably in the city council
ami is a citizen wlio has kept the development of Calgary as one of his
Ideals, His election to the Dominion
parliament wi uld give this city a
representative In sympathy with the
government and would be greatly lo
the advantage ot Calgary. Mr. Van
Wart is a bonny fighter, u gord organizer and will give his opponents
an argument worth listening to.
When Sir John A. Macdonald asked some of the present opponents ol
reciprocity io yell lor reciprocity
tliey nearly yelled iheir heads off.
When Borden asks them to yell
againsl It, they proceed to yell
Most acfommidaiing hunch, aren't
Below is a complete list < f the pol
ling places in the forthcoming Domln
ion election iu the Kootenay riding
Nominal ion day is set lor August
Sfith and polling will take place on
the same day as throughout  the resl
of tin- Dominion, Scplcmbei 81sl:
10 Fori Steele
11 Fort Steele Junction
12 Wasa
13 Wattsburg
14 Benedict Siding
15 Wardner
16 Wvclifle
17 Kingsgate
18 St. Eugene Mission
19 Crothet's Mill
20 Leask & Johnson's Mill
121 Windermere
i22 Athalmer
123 Wilmer
24 Galena
25 Golden
Is the best, remedy
known for sunburn,
beat, rcsbes, eczema,
sore feet, stings and
blisters.   A skin food!
Al* liru'ijUls and ,•*','**•«.   U\.
Thunder Hill
Roger's Pass
East Wardner
Morrissey Junction
Coal Creek
Fernie West
Crows Nesl
New Michel
Alns worth
K aslo
K a sii i
Trout L.ilu
Silver Cup Mine
61 Riondcl
62 Crawford Bay
63 Mirror Lake
64 Argent a
65 Nelson
66 Nelson
67 Nelson
68 Nelson
6° Nelson
70 Revelstoke
71 Revelstoke
72 Kev.lstoke
73 Bi; Bend I Richard's Cabin I
74 Bij I'.e.d i "etersen's Ranch I
75 Albert Canyon
76 Glacier
77 Wigwam
78 Tweniy-four Mile Board
79 Hall's Landing
80 Arrowhead
81 Comaplix
82 Beaton
83 Camborne
84 Galena Bay
85 St. Leon
86 Rossland
87 Rossland
88 Rossland
89 Rossland
90 Koch's Siding
91 Slocan
92 Sitverton
93 New Denver
94 Roscberry
95 Sandon
96 Noble Five Mine
97 Three Forks
98 McGuigan     ■
99 Nakusp
100 Burton
101 Deer Park
102 Enterprise Mine
103 Fairview
104 Athabasca
105 Ymir
106 Salmo
107 Salmo (Queen Mine
108 Erie
109 Arlington Mine
110 Fruitvale
lit Waneta
112 Say ward
113 Trail
114 Trail
115 Castlcgar
116 Westley
117 China Creek
118 Granite
119 P. Devine's
120 Slocan Junction
121 Edgewood
122 Needles
123 Willow Point
124 Harrop
125 Kokanee
126 Proctor
127 Rykcrts
128 Sirdar
129 Creston
130 Kitchener
131 Erickson
132 Thrums
TAKR NOTICE tlml William Mur-
ilmli, ,il Flagstone, li. C, occupation
Lumberman, Intends to u|i|>ly lur permission tn imrrlins,' ilu- following
ilracrlnnl lands:
I'nmmi'iii'iiiK nl n pott planted on
Hn- south   nul .'I un island mi    llu'
Km t.iiui     llivri nnd mi m I  Willi
Hi,- south boundary line <d l.nt 887,
lliriiii' iiiimiiift, nurtli ntnnvi shure la
polnl nl (iitiiiiii'iu'.'iiii-tit
William Murdoch.
Dated mill August, lilt.     IMI
Cilice  Flior.e  7il
P. O. Box 347
F. M. Macphcrson
Parlors:   No. 9 Norbury Avenue Next   to City Hall.
**********************<********** ***********************************
< ttf****************** **********************************************
■ ■*■■
'   ♦
' 'I .
' '■ i
, «.. ,
i >«V '
, >• i
,,, ■, .
om i
,.*< i
n|' '
All over the store Men's Suits, Shoes,
Shirts, Hats, Vests, Pants and Underwear, Crockery, Furniture, Carpets,
Rugs, Sheets, Pillow Cases, White Quilts,.
Blankets, Cotton Blankets.
If prices will move them no odds
and ends or broken lines will remain
in the store. We haven't enough
space to quote prices but invite you
to call and inspect the great money
savers you will find here.
Exceptional Values in \\
lethbridge Agricultural lair, Aug*
nst H.'lrd tn 25th.
Columbia Valley Fair, Oolden, September lmli and llMh.
Nelson lair, September 2nth to
Spiikani' Interstate lair, October
2nd lo 8th.
Proplnclol eihlblllon, New Weii-
iiiinstcr, October 8nl In 7th.
«""**■•■"•»-■'• ■" "■■riii■BiiiijiBian
Tt'■»;.• .-rn, Tfii.i
Ooodhnpp, Iti.si-. Tnollpa Miinr.il
Clalma, situate in tin- franbrnnli
mining Division nl Rait Kontrnay
Whirr located—On Wlillellsh creek
TAKR NOTII'R Hml i'l nil llun
tiei'md Pollen, Free Mlner'i Ccrllll
lull' Nu. 37.111111 Intends, ilily dais
Irom dull' hereol, lu apply in toe
Minimi lti'niiili-1 In, C-rlllliali'. ul
ImprovemenUI fnt tin- purpote nl
obtaining Crovn Qrenli nf the ahcte
Ami Inrlher lake notice ihat ac
linn, under section -17, limit lie com
liienteil   lirli-ii'     III,' isiliniiii' nl iiii'ii
C'rtHii'iile uf Improvements
Dated this lllll day nl .Inly. A ll
lllll. 91-01
We Offer For Prompt Shipment
Two new I*ortnbltiI,oco,Ty|«Bollon1 imi P„D0I1h ileum -tvuikiig
pre-atnre. Alberta Inipecil	
One Hue ml Man.I I in-..'! j |.«. Holler; S8 II P., DO Ibe. Hum »hI rg
pressure, Iti It It li VuU mbln ii B|eeti< n.
Oiio"Dotjr" Cuntitictiii'a Uonblr liruin Hi Will g  Rnglno, 71.8 in \
IU In. cycllmloii, 35 U.P., Albeita lntpeclh-n, only ntui il, ,*■
Onetncli   ; II P.,8 II.P., 10II. P, ll II  P.,tt II.P. nnd •hill, p..
New UlghHpeeil Haiti ilHttiliuiirrySi«»tn l-i.-iif.
I Hi.'     >«-. oi,.. Illlll,| Klet-111 I If.lit- I I III. X H ill. 1  l-'ili ll. P., 11
overhttulfil, go-tnl condition
One— l>ii|.l.'\ Mi-mi pump I1 2 In. x £ '• I In. x ■* In.
One- Duplex Meain PiiwnfiH ''• x:! '■-'" x ■'■ '"■
Une—New Antotnillc lllgliKpeeil Kiiicttie illiett rt'tilitrlatl lo p ,,w
NK Vi, A. 13 Generator,tlJW\*olu,«implelewith iwliclilmaid
llli"I cNt-it.T, cnpecltj*  WW llVl)   I'    Iin aii.lfrfflit I.K'lilc
Otif- N.-tv Cliti-iv i;t x"i ui l.t.i.lir, i-i Ti.rlff with "ti li, p. M0 vnlti
D.C Motor.
Ton-^eiP 13 In. Iloilfleltl Kieel Mi «■ C«i Wheele, ri'inplele tilth
iitt.-   Cuinpleinremp nutftl lot l* nn n. Inrtrt^lig rci III |  flun ml
nii'iiFil-. illiliei, etc.i nlto iw.U mnl mul| ment.
If V.ni   lni»i*;itiv limiliilii-i v   ill   g I    Hatltlng   r.-ti.lititi     w|l|i|	
vrloti lo iliipote of, we can wil mine.   Keml ui perlh ulum
Will nlwlie |ileai«dtoi|iioti*piln«e(oi i"»* nilrl » I*ii il i u • 11
Irom Ins toi).
HULL BLOCK     I.I'lllllKlliill. Al III I'IA   PH0NB7U
Mine, Mill, Contractor*'and Dulltttrg' Supplies
Iron and Steal      Machinery, Blc,        Heavy Hardware
TAKR NOTII'R that Stephen Pol
len, ol London, Bag., rjcetipntlon Hi
:tor, Intends, to apply lur prrmls'
linn to ptiri-lllltc the l,,llt,vviriK     ill's
i-rllird Innds:
Comnii'ticini; nt a pnii planted al
llie S.R. curlier ot Lot !»!'70; Ihiinv
jnn eliains nni Hi; Ihenee 10 chains
rust; thence till rhuhil south; Ihenoti
Nfl rhalns veal In (lie plme nl com. I
.1. mil.,-   I
Duled .Inly Mil, lllll. IMI
Kootenay Telephone Lines, Limited
SlIltSCt'lHIiKS Alllllll
•_'7i   liltlle  ILivonpi'it
14(1   Iv D. iTohnnlon           Rpslilcm
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