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Cranbrook Herald Sep 25, 1902

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0   1
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Oho. A. Cox, Preittlent B. R. Wai.kkr, Gen. Man.
Paid tip   Canllal   SR.OOO.OOO.UU
Real  2,000.000 011
Tom Re.ourcc.  as.ooo.ooo.oo
Deposits Received,   (icncral Hanking Business Transacted.
SAVlNUS HANK DOPAB MIINt-DcM.lt. Received-later,,! Allowed.
* • ♦ »fflu6 « ■»♦■»■•■•■»# *»
Bigger and Better
Than Ever
We have bought all the Furniture and Undertaking stock of thc Kootenay Furniture Co. and
we have now Ihe best slock in either of the
Kootenays. By this combination we are in
better position than ever to supply best ol
goods at lowest prices Mr. McConnell, who
is thoroughly experienced in undertaking and
embalming, will be on hand at our furniture
store to attend to calls day or night.
Furniture Repaired and Upholstered
la a powerful factor in business, It is the foundation, in fact, on which
In a ness solidity i» built. Willi it, success ia asaured; without it, failure is certain. We feel that we hold the confidence of the public to a
great extent. The public believe in us because they are beginning to
know us. The bonds thnt bind tbem to ui are reliable goods, right
prices, prompt service and liberal treatment. We nre always pleased
to allow goods whether you buy or not.   Call any time,
or cursing at your ——-
pipes if you have them properly put up
and adjusted by
Hotel s &
(.nests Comfort i Specially
flood Slibllnit In Connection
Ni'inrnt to mill..ml nud depot.    Haa accommodations  for Iiie public unequalled iu Cranhrook.
1 I
• ••*•» •(•1    («•-■> #♦-■» ♦♦♦•♦♦^»*»-*>-»-*>*»-*>♦♦*»*»♦
and Other rooking utensils med hi the
linn si-ho Id ahould be
This has many Rilvnntnges over Iron or
Common tinware. Coata a little more,
nf course, hut the increased strength
amply n'psivH this. This ware cannot
rust, is not nUccted by add, and is easily
kept clean. We now have a complete
line ami our prices are very pleaaing.
a. H. MINER.
Plumbing and Tlnamllhlng le Connection.
' . i
A Word to the Ladies
Have you seen our new fall goods? We
have some exquisite patterns and latest
novelties in ladies' wear. Call in and see
our display. The prices, well, they will
satisfy you in every instance.
...HILL & CO.
A Former Cranbrook Cltiien His Strenuous
Times In tbe North.
C. R. W. Pooley, formerly teller In the
Cranbrook hranrh of the Canadian hank
of Commerce, and fur the past few
mouths with the Skagway branch, bad
a narrow eaciipe recetitlly as tbe following deapatch will show:
Skagway, Sept. 17;—At 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon an unknown mau walked Into the Canadian hank o( Commerce
a revolver in one hand mid a dynamite
nitro-glyceriue bomb tn the other, and
demanded 820 coo or threaten?.) lo blow
all to eternity.
Cashier Pooley and Teller Wallace
were tbe only two clerks in the bank,
Wallace ducked to get bis gun, and ran
quickly to the hack of the room, calling
to Pooley to do the same.
"No you don't," yelled the man, aud
dropped the bomb.
The two clerks had hy this time got
out ofthe window.
The bank room waa wrecked. The
unknown bad Ills head smashed and Ilia
arm torn off A hole was torn iu Ihe
right wall of the hank. Tbe front windows were blown clear across the street
and money scattered to the four wiuda.
The aide of the building bulged out, and
the furniture iu the living rooms above
■he bank waa tumbled about, the occupants being blown Into lhe air from
the conciibsiou. Windows for blocks
were broken.
A Toronto despatch says: In connection with the Aaaociated Press story of
the wrecking of lhe Skagway branch of
the Babk of Commerce by a dynamiter,
who mas blown to plecea by a bomb
thrown at the bank officials when tbey
refined 10 give him $30,000, a telegraph
message confirming the story, but differing slightly In detail, was received at
the head offices of the bank in thla cily.
The bank's mesaage says that the man
had a stick of dynamite in one hand
and a revolver in tbe other. Wheu his
demand for money was refused, he used
violent and threatlng language, and
commenced to shoot. He fired several
times, and the concussion exploded the
stick ot dynamite, which he still held in
his hand, wilb fatal results to himself.
The building was completely wrecked, but the officials mentioned fortunately escaped with nothing worse than
a few bruises, C. K. W. Pooley Ib a
Canadian, and was a cleik in the Bauk
of British Columbia before its amalga-
moiimi  wUh  Him  HonU "I I ** ft til tiler PP.   ***
ia about 25 years of age, aud a sou of
Hon. C. B, Pooley. P. 11 Wallace is
an Irishman 30 years of age. He formerly occupied a position in tbe the
White Horse branch of the bank, aud
ia now clerk at Skagway. He is acting
aa teller during the vacation of tbe regular official- Both men are active athletes
and the bank officlala here infer from
the message received by them that far
from having got out of a window, as the
Associated Press despatch says, tbey
were showing tight, and that tbe dynamiter, in bis desperation, commenced
■hooting, in the hope of disabling or
killing them.
Waal Tbat South Mill Service.
Wilmer Outciop; When the people of
Windermere district decide tbat they
need anything for the advancement of
this district they go after it and nre not
to be put oil" or discouraged so easily.
Last ipilng tbey decided that their interests demanded a mall service from
Wllmer lo Craubrook and so held a muss
meetiilg, signed many pelitlous and
addressed many letters to the Posl
Master General which he is still considering.
Now preparations are being made to
call another meeting at an early dale
and to impress upon Ibe powera lhat be,
the actual necessity of this service. The
hualneai transacted, here drmanda two
malls a week and demands a aeivice to
mining country to the south wltb direct
connection with theCiowsNeat PaaaRy.
and ihere will he no way of consoling
the people of thla district till this mail
■ervfee Is established,
II Will be FosM AM ss Kapidlr as
The Sullivan Mine Will Soon Be
in Operation With a Full
Force of Men
Last Saturday night notices that bad
been sent to Cranbrook from Marysville, by C. E- Eluiendorf, superintendent ot construction on the Sullivan
smeller, announced that the company
was desirous of employing carpenters,
brick masons and laborers to go to work
at once on the smelter buildings In that
town. Thii wh most welcome news to
the people of thla town, and will prove
exceedingly aatialactory to the entire
district. It was generally known that
many of tbe leading stockholders of the
company were in Marysville to si/.e up
the situation and decide upon whnt
action should be taken regarding the
completion of the smelter buildlnga,
Although no official statement baa been
given out, these notices were sufficient
evidence tbat there would be no further
delays in the work, and that aa aoon aa
money and men could accomplish It,
the Marysville smelter would be ready
to blow In.
The plans for completing Ibe smelter
have been adopted, and it ia tbe Intention of thoae In charge to make It a
modern one in every respect. Aa will
also be aeen la an article in thia column
arrangements have been completed for
transporting the ore from tbe Sullivan
mine to the smelter. It ia expected that
about the middle of next month, a force
of men will be pui on at tbe miue, so
that when the smelter la ready to blow
in there will he plenty ore ready for
The Sullivan mine la recognized as a
great lead property, and there ia a vaat
amount of ore already blocked onl.   Ex*
peril h—-, *«,».. *J .ui,,,. atI(!  u
was the moil favorable reports made
by tbem a year ago tbat brought about
the decision lo build a smelter, ao tbat
tbe company could treat its own ores.
Tbe result of thia plan is being watched
for all over British Columbia, and if it
provea a succeis which those who have
gone carefully into the matter have no
doubt it will mean the building of other
smelters and a great revival of lead mining throughout tbe province.
Skinned By A Chinaman,
"Joe," a celestial **iih honest eyes
and a smooth tongue, who could talk
good pigeon English, linn lelt town and
several have good CAUS0 to regret their
confidence 111 lhe "poor Chinaman.'
Joe wna n natuml born liar, and lucky
in the extreme. Wheu ll suited hla
puipose he could "uo aabe;" to perfection aud when it came ihe oilier way
he could "Babe" anything. He accumulated a good bunch of debts, aud then
borrowed money from several of hla
countrymen, and with a smile that was
child-like and bland faded fiom sight.
There is weeping and walling among the
pigtails now, and lhe best Chinaman In
the colony, couldn't borrow money from
another to buy a cake of laundry aoap.
Prince ol Preachers.
Tbe public are cordially invited to a
social and lecture in the Methodist
church to night. The pastor will deliver
his popular lecture "A Prince ot
Preachers" being the life slory of
Henry Ward Beecher. Music supplied
by male quartette. Admission to social
and lecture 50 cents. Children aj cents.
Programme begins prompty at 8 o'clock.
Sliaatloa Wailed Ai Nurse.
Any lady requiring a nurae apply to
box 84.   Hnve had many yean expert
ence, ajtf
Tramway tor tbe Su I llv en.
The Spokesman-Review of Sunday
last, haa the following which will prove
of interest to the Herald readers:
"The Sullivan smelter at Marysville,
B. C, will be In active operation within 90 days," aald E. D. Sanders, one of
the directors, last night. "Everything
is now ready for Ibe completion of the
smelter. Tbe necesaary money has
been accounted for and the uew machinery, which will Increase tbe original
plant to some extent, will be on hand nt
tbe appointed time.
"Since the delay of last April the stock
of tbe Sullivan hai been on the decline,
hut now that the smelter ia an asaured
fact a change lo lhe contrary ia expected
by the director!. The officers and
directon are tbe same aa originally, the
only change being tbe appointment of
Mr. Klmoudorf, tbe new superintendent
who succeeds Mr, Auatin, who resigned
lnt April, Mr, Elmotidorf is from
Denver, Col., aud Is anld to be ■
thorough, practical and up to date man
in his line.
"The Canadiau Pacific originally signed a contract to deliver tbe Sullivan ore
to the smelter for 62 11 cents per ton,
and to Ibal end began the survey for a
railroad. Later ll waa found impossible
to buiul the road, ai the grade could nnt
tn* eliminated sufficiently within the elx
miles traversed Aa there was uo special
mode of delivery specified in the contract the railroad company now is build
ing a tramway to convey tbe ore, Tbla
will be hut one and a half miles long
and will cost $27,000, as against $150,000
the cost originally estimated for the
completion of tbe railroad.
The meeting lor tbe purpoae of electing officers for the coming year was to
have been held Wedneaday, but owing
to the absence of Senator Turner tt will
probably be postponed until next week
The officers of tbe company are: Senator George Turner, president, Major J,
M. Armatrong, vice-president; J, C.
Williams, secretary treasurer; directors,
George Turner, J. M. Armatrong, E. D,
Sanders, J. C. Williams, H. C. Uigbten,
L. P. Williams, Steve Bailey and Mr,
It Promises to (lite Some Excellent Sporl
and Warm Finishes.
The Fall race meeting of the Cranbrook Turf and Athletic Association to
he held on October 27, promises to be
one of great interest, There will be
among other events a free fur all trot an
event wblch should attract much attention as every one In the district wbo owns
a trotter will enter. Anything with
four legs can be entered for this race,
even a clothes house.
Tom Wellman is making preparations
to enter some of his well known horses
in the different running events. Tom Is
a true sport, and one who enters bis animal for the pure sport of racing. It is
such men whn nuke the track popular.
Charley Vromau can hu seen dully
speeding a likely luoklng animal, lie
loves baudllng horses and bus great
power in truining them. Chin ley can
make a horse do anything. lie evidently
intends to make things Interesting at the
fall meeting ou October the 27th.
G, II. Millet's thoroughbred is in the
pink of condition and if beaten in the
race It must be a fast horse that does  it.
The lime chosen for the fall meeting
Oct. 27th is an idea) time for horse racing
nnd in this beautiful cliamnte the weather
can usuahy he depended upon as being
bright and fine. It is to be hoped tbat
the people of Cranbrook and district wilt
turn out ton man an attend the races.
The dirt-dors of the Cruiibrook Tun
association have, in order tojielp tbe
district, kept the grounds and race track
in exceleut condition ut souie personal
On September 17, 19m, George Curd,
aged 57 years nnd two months.
Mr. Gurd was born lu Sbradbiilly,
Owens county, Ireland, where he lived
until the year 1880, wheu he came to
Canada and settled in Toronto, lie lived there for 18 years, being eugageil In
the general commission' business for
several years, and later an extensive
dealer In real estate. Five years ago he
■'■ime west aud was interested in the
1 wn of Wardner, and afterwards went
to Nelson, II. C.| where he lived with
bis family until this summer. Suffering
a parlytlc stroke, it became ueceasary
lor hint to give up his business, and be
moved with hla family to Crnuhrook,
where be might be with his son, W, !•',
Gurd, the well known barrister. Gradually he grew worse, until finally deaih
come to relieve him.
Mr. Gurd was oue of the old school
gentlemen, a man who commanded the
respect of all who knew him, and a
pleasant companionable person at all
times, During bis residence In the west
he made many frlenda who will hear
with great.sorrow of bla demise.
The funeral aervicea were held at tbe
residence Fridav afternoon by Rev.
Havelock iBeacbam, assisted by Rev
Fortune, and were largely attended by
the people of tbe town. There survives
the deceased a widow, three daughters,
Mn. George McTavlah, Misies Eleanor
and Evelyn Gurd and one son W. F.
T, C. Thompson, general accountant
for the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company,
and brother of G. H. Thompson ofCrnn-
brook died at Fernie last Monday of
typhoid fever after a lingering illness.
Mr.Thompson was a man of abiliily
and during his brief residence in this
district bad made many friends. The
remains were taken east accompanied by
the family and G. II. Thompson the
brother. This makes the third death in
the family of typhoid fever.
Hitherto this town has not been represented iu the Herald correspondent*.
Tbia la not as It ahould be aa we will
soon have a community second to none
in tbe province for agriculture and hortt
culture. Creston ia atx miles north of
Idaho In Ihe Kootenay valley, where
you change cars to go south. Two large
hotels have heen erected Ibis year close
to the depot, giving firstclass accommodation to the traveling public. The C
P, R. haa a large nation under construction, which hm beeu a long felt
want. A mining recording oflice hat
been recently built and U under the
management of K N. Murphy. IM
aaya business is good. A $151x1 public
school will aoon be commenced Thu
lota were given by Mr. T, G. l.iille, who
has always tikeu a fatherly Interest in
school affairs.
Joe Wilson bas tbe Urgent smile of
uii> policeman in British Columbia. It's
a boy, and a crnckerjack, too, but it
came expensive when Joe got dowu town.
Cranbrook li All Right.
There are several good business towns
in South East Koootenay, but none are
more substantial or steady than Cranbrook. Bualness Is alwayn good here,
aud whnt Is more the prospect! of tbe
town were never brighter.
How the District Has Progressed During
Tbat Time
New Industries, New Towns and
MaUy Miles of Railroad
Have Been Built
C. J. Ii -ksiorm, formerly a resident of
Wurduei recently returned to tbe district. Vbe following interview with
hiiu in (be Morrissey Miner gives some
idea of li..nv the dislrict has forged ahead
during tie past four years :
Cliris ivekstortnef Seattle, arrived In
town \\ -diiesdny afternoon over the
Great Northern, and wilt probably lo-
.- iu ibis town permanently. After
looking over Morrissey he exprcsaed
the opinion that the town should have
a rapid j ro-vtb, aa it was hacked by substantial resources, "In fact," said Mr.
Eekstoi.n," Soulh Ivisl Kooteuay ia today one .if the best fields for buslnesa 1
have seen tbe past two years. During
that time I have visited iu a business
way th.- northwestern states, Alaska
and other portions of llritish Columbia,
nnd I look upou this district, wltb ita
coal, timber, mineral mines and competing railways as the best of alt at thla
time. South East Kootenay haa a great
commercial future, and especially this
portion with its magnificent deposits of
"There may be those In this part of
British Columbia, who have tbe Idea at
times tbat this district baa nol progressed in a s itisfactory manner. I left tbe
district lour years ngo Ihis summer, nnd
tbe changes tbat have taken place since
then ur'.- simply wonderful. At that
lime Ili-.Tf was no Klmberley, Marysville, Cranbrook, Feruie, Morrissey,
Elko or Michel. Moyie was getting
started, and Coal Creek waa the only
lawn iu tbis part of tbe district. Sine*
Linn -..un. iita cum num.a nu.*. ,,^%.,* developed hy tbe expenditure of hundreds
of thousands of dollars, and the town of
Fernie, with the Michel and Morrissey
camps have been built up. Tbe mines
of Moyie have beeu conaolfdated and to
day It is conceded to be the largeat
silver-lead proposition known, Tbe
Sullivan and North Star niiaea have
been developed, and the smelter at
Marysville is under way. The C. P. R.
have been completed through to the
lake, the North Star branch, built
from Craubrook to Kimberley, the
Great Northern built from Jennings,
Mont, to Morrissey, and other roads being surveyed in the district. Wben one
atopa lo think of what has been done in
that brief period, and what now ia bound
to be done during tbe next four yean,
he is simply amazed at the wonderful
possibilities of this district. I don't
know of a better plnce for men with
money to invest, for I don't know where
one could find a section ol country
where good returns woold be more
aured. And this town of Morrissey
looks good to me, because I believe tbat
it Is hound lo have a rapid growth. It
is a grand opening for business men and
is hound to be a thriving town."
Tbe Old Camp la Now A Scene ot Ureal
Perry Creek is now the most active
place In East Kootenay, there being
about fifty meu working on tbe
public road that is being built up Perry
Creek, This road has been urged by
property holders up tbe creek for a long
time and ii at last being put in good
■bape. F. Leclerc has the contract and
ia rushing it through as fast as possible.
Jamei McDonell o^ Morrissey intends to
put a force of men and teams on, as he
ii anxious to have the road lu a condition to bring the steam shovel over the
road and get It on tbe ground ready to
commence the work of dredging ou their
claims this fall.
Don McKay aud Mr, Klllea spent several days at Perry Creek tbe first of tbe
week looking over tbe road.
Mr. Little, of Fort Steele, with a force
of men are doing woik at the mine
belonging to an English company.
Dan Monroe aud Mr. l.ller have sold
a group of rich quarts claims, to a
Spokane patty. Mr. Rosa uf Spokone
made tbe deal, ami is uow at the head
of a survey party, surveying the claims.
He expects to put on a force of meu to
work all winter.
Bualness at Ol.l Town is better than
ever since people have found out just
what ia here. Next summer there will
be more woik done here thau ever before. With the Kooienay Perry Creek
Mining company runnings steam shovel
and the Perry Creek Mining company
an hydraulic, also toe Thompson placer
mine all ruuuiug a full force of men this
camp will take ou uew life.
Mesara. Griffith aud Patterson accompanied by tbe MUaes Welluuu aud Al-
wood were Sunday visitors al Old Towu.
air. Goldie of Craubrook, made a visit
to O.d Town Sunday.
John Murphy came ou'. Tuesday to
look over bit claims.
New Kind ot Bird Dog.
Last Tuesday E, J Peltier and Chas
Armatrong went up to tbe lakes on St.
Marya prairie shooting. They bnd borrowed a well bred bird dog lo get their
ducks, but when they had dropped a
number the dog refused to go after them.
This of course, placed tbem in a dilemma, but Ml*, Peltier was equal to the oc-
casto "browing off his clothes, he
took Mr.'Armstrong's horse aud started
for 'he center of the lak.'. Hanging
onto the horses inane, be made the
animal swim from duel- to duck, and in
tbla way gathered In all the game Ihey
bad Hhot. It was a novel scheme, and
O' e that very few would have teaorted
I to.
Stranie But True.
Greenwood Times: It israther strange
but true that not one publisher of a
newspaper iu a small town gets rich by
It. Everydollar he receives above actual
living expenses goes to mnke It better,
Tbe more money be gets the better tbe
paper.   Tbe moral is obvious.
Narrow Escape.
I-ast Saturday little Graham King
enme near drowning. A barrel bad been
placed near the back steps to catch rain
water and Ibe recent rains had nearly
filled il. Little Graham waa playing on
the steps and, it is supposed, tried to
took into the barrel. Tbe nurae girl in
passing a rear window looked out and
aaw bin. bead tlrst In the barrel, She
screamed in her fright and Mrs. King
realising what had happened hurried
out and rescued the boy, Il was juat in
time, for already he waa purple In the
face. Mrs King resorted to active measures aud by rolling htm violently aoon
bad linn 011 the road to recovery and In
a liltle while he was all right. It waa a
narrow escape uud a great shock to the
Why Vou Should Buy "Fair Play" Chewing
BRCAOSB it is lhe best quality.
Bkcausk it is tbe moat lasting chew.
BKCAUSK it is the laigest high grade 5
or 10c plug.
BKCAUSKthe tags are valuable far premiums UNTII, JANUARY 1st, 1904.
BKCAUSK we guarantee every plug, and
BKCAUSK your dealer is authrlzed to refund your money If you aie not aatie-
The Empire Tobacco Co., Ud
Mr. C. U, Keep, of Kendrick, Idaho,
and Mi» Eleanor P. Ryan, of Sussex, N.
B., lister of Jamea Ryan of this cily, we re
united in marriage at tbe Methodist
Church Wednesday, September 24 1902,
at 9:30, Rev Thompson officiating.
Tbe wedding was a quiel one, no invitations being issued, but a larce number of friends gathered lo witness the
the ceremony and tilled tne church to
overflowing.   The brtd» ■*•« ■i'»si#d  in
taffeta and bridal veil, and carried a
boquet of orange blossoms Cranbrook
never aaw • prettier bride and many
words of praise were spoken by her many
friends as ahe walked up thechurch aisle
leaning on the arm of her brotber.
A specisl choir furnished tbe muilc
and after tbe ceremony friends gathered
■round tbe newly married pair to extend
congratulations. Later the wedding
party repaired to the parlors of tbe
Cranbrook hotel to await tbe arrival of
the west bound train at 12:30. At tbe
depot a large number of friends asaem-
bled to aay good bye and extend bc&t
wishes for their future.
Mr. Keep la well known in Soulh Eaat
Kootenay. He resided at Fort Steele in
the early days, where he was engaged in
banking, and later In mii.ing In different parts of tbis district. At present be
is engaged In the banking business at
Kendrick, Idaho, where be is cashier
and manager of tbe Kendrick State
bank. The bride came to Cranbrook
last year and made an extended visit
with ber brother, Mr. Ryan. During
tbat time she became a great favorite
with tbe people, and an active participant In Bocial and church work. Tbe
Herald joins with the host of friends of
Mr. and Mrs. Keep in South Bast Kootenay in*wishing them a life of happiness.
Nearly Drowsed.
Oa Tuesday noon the two little children of Conductor Harrison, Frank and
Eddie, went to the creek for drinking
water. Frank got on a log and slipping
fell Into the water,and was carried down
stream by tbe current Being only
about four years old he was unable to
do anything to aave himself, und had it
not been for the assistance of neighbors
bt would have drowned, Aa it was be
waa pretty well Ailed with water and it
took considerable work to resuscitate
Big Iron Properly.
James Wardner wbb iu town this
week. He has just bonded tbe greatest
iron piopeity ever found in the weat.
It la located near Pilot Bay. and tbe
quality la only equaled iu the Republic
iron mine of Michigan. Mr. Wardner
bu ample capital hack of him, and
atepa will be takeu at once to develope
lhe property and prepare for lhe treatment of the ore.
Thanksgiving Day Earlier.
Ottawn, Sept, aa.—At a meeting of tbe
cabinet to-day nu order in council wai
passed making October 161b Thanksgiving Day for the Dominion. This is
mote than a month earlier than fast
Just a Word.
Have you paid your subscription?   If
uot, you should.    Send in a $j note and
get onr algnature on a receipt.
Eslitor antl Proprietor.
The Herald desires tn silve the news of the
district. It you know any abuut your town
your mine or your people, semi It in this office.
The editor of the Rossland Miner Is
kicking against the latest fashion edict
that decrees tbat a change Is to be
made In the shape of tbe corset. What
ls the use of kicking' If you wear a
coraet, old man, you must wear the
kind fashion dictates.
Premier Dunsmuir Is on hll way
home. When he, Prior and Wells meet
there will he a warm discussion.
Editor Oowry of the New Denver
I.edge, says that Thomas McNuught
bas at last made a success of his press
association—be was married the otner
It Is expected that Senator Temple-
man will stop oft at Cranbrook on his
return east from the coast, and bold a
meeting. It Is to be regretted that Mr.
Borden, theconservatlve leader, was not
urgeu to stop here, There should have
been two good meetings In Cranbrool:.
one conservative, and one liberal. That
would have given tbe question of parly
lines a good start In this district.
The Herald makes the prediction that
tbe next provincial election will be a
warm one.
Tbe man who stays with South I*. 1st
Kootenay for live years will never regret It.
Mr. Blakemore will probably be a
candidate for the I'ernie district. That
means that thc coal company will be
agalnsL hln.
Just a word to you, Mr. Grace, There
is every chance now for the building of
the Kootenay Central. That means
better limes for 'Fort Steele. Take
warning by the experience of the past
antl work to build up Fort Steele; but
Undoing so. don't labor under the lm
presalon tbat It Is necessary to pull
down any other town, Sach a policy Is
The Herald has neglected to aay a
word about The Miner, the new paper
published at Morrissey. An we publish
tbat paper, as well as the Herald,
feel constrained »• -~r -*•-» «* •-
right, and It Is gladly placed on The
Herald's exchange list.
The Herald Is beginning to feel better. The district Is improving.. Marysvllle will now go ahead, Fort Steele Is
promised better times, Wardner. Is
moving, Fernie Is getting prosperous
again, and Cranbrook has no reason to
complain. South last Kooteuay is
big winner.
The people of tbe Windermere dis
trlct demand mall connections .wlt.li this
part of the dislrict and will again pctl
tion the government to that i-ffect. It
la a demand that should be granted by
the government, and ihi-i end of tbe
district ahould do all lu Us power along
that line.
South Km'Kootenay never waa In
better shap*. The North Star mine Is
being operated with a full torce of men.
Work has resumed on the smelter at
Marysvllle. The coal mines at Michel
Coal Creek and Morrlsn'y are Increas
Ing their output. Perry Creek' la rapid
ly coming to the front aa a great gold
camp, The Kootenay Central Is to be
built, which means transportation for
tbe mines at Tracy and Windermere,
The Great Northern has completed its
line to Morrissey, giving that portion
of tbe district an outlet to the south
and competing lines of railway. Tbe
lumber industry Is growing fu importance. Now, with a little Increaae In
the price of lead and copper, what a
rush of business there would be. There
Is oo question mat South Hist Kooteuay
U a great district, ~
What We Think ol a Knocker.
Morrlssoj Miner.
A knecker Is a vile thing. . j,
He Is put up wrong. .*, . .i.
He lives to Injure other people.,
He suffers Intense agony wben any
but himself Is prosperous,
ll ls gall and wormwood to him to aee
any man get there when he Is left behind,
Ills brain cavity is small and runs to
a peak like that of a root digger Indian,
His mind is venal and hla desires are
He can't sleep at night for fear that
the morning will bring good news about
some town or individual.
Even his own town Is not exempt
from the knocker, tor be Is like the
traditional bird and the foul nest.
His eyes are wandering, because be
has not strength of chaiacter to look a
man lu the face.
He has changed the motto, "Live and
Let Live," to ''Live and Knock."
God bates him, min hates blm and
the devil won't have him.
Wben he dies he should be consigned
to eternal life with snakes, scorpions
and other unclean things, and his grave
should be marked wllh thc following
epitaph: "Here lies a man whose
death was a blessing to ail mankind,
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives thc news of
thc district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is -vorth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
I h.'Ht   in.'it talk  i.t  ntlii-r men
Witli hale mnl boisterous reportage;
Th.- Saxon's tones nt- scornful when
ma speech >» -r tbe Slav; in- Mm*-*
Taunts hi the Celt   The German sings
In l.nnl derision i.f the Haul,
include*, iiiiii ttiiii ih<- things iiiiii crawl,
And Is In inm derided, too.
The Teuton cries tha i.niiii down,
Tin- nil It i' mnn InriiH against  the broWO,
Th** rnii'-hfiii.-.i Norseman rails al tbise
Wbo dwell where cold wlnrta never blew,
Men Link ou Other inni us foes,
liihi'iltliii; .i.i hud's, ihey I.runt* race smi prate of i>i 1 snd drag
i"in- iitin- or i-iviii clans in dust.
Iti'Mhli- Hi-- Kill.- antl
Tin* veins nltlila III
■v. of tils
. thoi
In lib
i lull
The Jilngloa <-
1 unit..r.-.i  I'sklino inni   show
The imm-- curve la Ills null- too
Thut lie linn wlio us prince Is hulled!
Vet men hy meu nre siui asanlledi
They hi'SB of blood nnd bonst of meet
Tribe scoffs st tribe, elan wars wltb clan,
As if Hi.- yellow Mongol's face
Wert "ot ilic visage of u nmn,
As if suite lines were beiivt-n-iiuid** things,
As It (hhI's favor shorn-   ivlihln
The  color ut n   patch  of skin
Thut nitty bt pimpled, though u king's.
rrmatatlM «f a Ultmei-1 Tiara ts Lmdr
Lsurltr at OiUwi,
'llie presentation which wus made
to Lady Laurier Thursday afternoon.
May 1, suys Aineryllls in Toronto
Saturday Night, in Mrs. Power's
drawing room, consisted of a diamond tiara and a purse of gold.
Those from whom the gifts came
were the Senators on Lho Government side. Tlio tiara was from
lain number und tho purse of
from the others. Doth gilts, it. is
safe to eay, are most acceptable to
Lady Laurier, mut must show her
In "what high esteem the Somite
holds the amiable wife of the Prime
Minister. There was nothing at all
formal about the manner of presentation—it was nothing more limn uu
unceremonious live o'clock tea to
which Mrs, Laurence Power bud invited Ludy Laurier and some members of the Senate. Mrs. George A.
CoX, wife of Hon. G. A. Cox, happened to be tn town tbat day, as
also did Mrs. Mackuy, wife of Hon.
Robert Mackay af Montreal, and
Mrs. Power invited those two ladies
to come with their husbands. The
honor of banding tbe tiara to Lady
Laurier wus given to Senator Mackay, und ha accompanied the action
with a few well chosen words. There
was no address read, even though
many of (bu daily papers have announced that •'Senator Walk lead
the address." Senator Wurk is the
oldest member oi tho Senate,     nnd
th«j dear uld man was ut Mrs. 1'nw-
01  b   n«   ■Jftll.J'.    no    nun   ai-u   OHO    ,U1
those from whom either llie tiara or
the purse came, but bo took no ac-
luul purt In the giving of these
tilings. Senator Haoiil Hatnliiinial
presented the purse of gold with —
you may be sure—a few well turned
words. Senator Dandurnnd is not
the*1 one to miss un opportunity of
saying something pretty, especially
to a lady. So Lady Laurier, when
she appears at smart functions dining tbe coronation festivities, will
be properly equipped with a diamond
The Speaker and Mrs. Power gave
a large dinner party on the night of
this presentation to Lady Laurier,
and among their guests were Sir Wilfrid and Lady Laurier, lion. G, A.
und Mrs. Cox of Toronto, Hun. Robert and Mrs. Mackay of Montreal,
Sir William and Lady JllllgSlon of
Away down in Quebec, where their
rounded backs rear up through a
younger soil we can almost bear the
1. hi ion tiitns muttering in rumbling
voices of thunder! "They call us
'new,' wa the old and hoary, we the
nucleus of a continent and the earth.
Standing as wc havo a million ages
before, we, wbo have Been tho Hood,
the ice age, the coal uge, und lhe
limn before ages were. We who
have seen the birth of man, tbe birth
of air-breathing animals and tbu
birth of life itself. Wo, the Inundations of tho world.
"Over our heads have roared tbo
atoruis of a million ages, deep on
our hoary sides are the BCai'S of thu
glacial ice, while our vast depths
form the last resting place of the
first life, tbo Bozoon, the dawn animal. Continents bavo upheaved and
sunk, seu*. have formed and receded,
while yet wa were young. The Alps,
tbo Andes, the Himalayas and Rockies, lain upstarts In our uld uge
we shall yet see destroyed. While
tbb world Itself lasts SO shall wo
endure, and man seeing us and Clir
continent calls uh Canada tbo
yuungl When men have overcome tho
flesh) when In aeons to come tho sea
shall give up its dead, and lhe Inst
trump shall sound the signal for tho
final passing away of tbo world,
then, und not till then, we and our
country—tho first and the last—idiall
pass awuy."
■•W J. J. Hill HmU.
J. J. Hill, the railway man of millions, who was born at Guelph, Ont.,
projector of Immensities, takes hours
•very day to read a good book, and
rests us he reads, His time Is worth
about $10 a minute, but some'of us
whe have a weekly salary summed up
In "one figure think wo can do nothing lo rest ourselves unless we have
tbe price. We may not tie able to
girdle the globe, we may not bavo a
million or a cent. Lilt there are many
sources of rest lhat we nil may
know, many beauty spots that we
all may see, and many restful
thoughts that w« all may cherish.
TcrtSBM »t Ru be »>!•'> ■-
The fragrant rat of tbo marsh,
whose pelt is un item of commerce,
is catching it, or rather is being
caught, Mr. E. F. Read ia buying
the pelts nnd pays from 1'J to 18
cents each First-class mink aro up
to nbout, $2. Common fox aro 0J
ho tl .00, and n silver fox you can
swap for a coiner lot. and house
wltb a brown stone front and a
truss   knocker-   That's   right.—   Bob-
*.:.i>.j.-i.i, Independents
Trials anil Tribulations.
Morrissey Miner
The mechanical end of The Miner bas
put In a good many months In the work
Of getting out pioneer newspapers In
South Eut Kootenay, during tbe past
live years, and the trials, tribulations
iml disadvantages connected with auch
work have no terrors for us. We are
RCCUStomed to setting up a type case
an a flat piece of ground, and go merrily ahead slinging type while the carpenters are blinding an i liOe aroui d
us, and the sound of the hammer, saw
and falling tree Is music to our ear.
So far we have never registered a kick
when circumstances compelled us to
spread our blankels under thc Washington, or carry water half a mile to wash
our type forms, and all other Utile inconveniences have been cheerfully met.
Out tbe limit of human endurance haa
al lasl been reached, and fn lhe language or tbe immortal Shakespeare,
'We're up against it." One evening this
week, while sitting around the c fllce
stove In company with Hugh Stephens
Jack Gillis and Will Clark, commenting
on the glorious luture of Moriissey, and
dilating on tbe beneHts to be derived
from an early occupation of the ground
door io thc great work of empire build-
lug In thc west, we became most pain
full; ( ml pungently) aware of the fact
ihat we were not the only pioneers In
tht* camp, and lhat our claims to the
.•round lloor were to be contested.
And they were contested In a manner
more forc'ble than elegant, al.hougl.
unnicessaiily so, for at tho tlrst 1ml-
n a Li on that another held possession of
he building, our bats came c IT In meek
acquiescence aud our claim, vanished
in the twinkllug of an eye. The other
occupant was a member In good standing of that specie ol creature, rated In
natural history with a name about a
yard lorn*, and described as being of
i pretty, dark color, with white stripes
running me full length of tbe back,
i'uey look like kittens, but tbey aren't.
Whether or not this particular one answered to the description, we do not
know, as none of us could find time to
nvestfgate. Tiiere was also a question
as to Its name, for ft Ills called it a
"bird," Clarke a "peach," and Stepl-
•ns simply said "On, doctor." We
lidn't retire that night until onr friend
uuder the  ii ior had long been asleep,
sick room iu the best regulated hospital
could rival this tllice In silence. Per-
•onally, we are rather partial to musli
when taken In small quantities as a per-
fu ne, but we do not care for a repetl.
tion of the agony of the other night. And
.in.'uld onr friend return, this paper
will willingly grant free advertising
-pace and a life subscription to the rn in
vho will build a glue factory on one.
Ide of the ciiice and a iimburger cheese
•sta biishment on the other.
Out of the  iiort hi and' sombre weirds ar*
A shadow fa lift u southward dny by day;
Bnd summer's arms grow cold; his lira Is
Ills fill draw buck to give tbe stern out
It Is the voice and shadow of the slayer,
Slayer of loves,  sweet world, slnyer of
iliiko Mt.l  thy  voice with sober plaint and
Make grey thy woods and darken all thy
Black grows the  river, blacker drlfta the
Thi- sky Is grey; the woods are cold below;
Uh, moke thy bosom and thy sud lips ready
For the cold kisses of the fulling snow.
Archibald    Lum l-til UU.
it. *
Not In ditmli resignation [t
I     Wi lift  our hands u» high;
Not like the narvelcBB fatalist.
I'oiii.'iii   iu   trust   and   die, ,
Oar   fit I lit   Bprlngi   like   (lie  eagle p
That soars to meet ihe sua, J  |
And cries exulting unto Thee, fe
"Oh Urd, Thy will he done!" '*"
When tyrant  foet sre trnmpllag
Upon iin- common weal.
Thou <l»ii not hid its cringe nml writhe
Beneath the Iron heel:
In Thy ilium- we assert our rights
With BWOrd sud tongue and IIOU,
Ami e'en ilu- bendsninn's axe may tlatA
'iin1 message unto men.
hy will; it hid sliu- weak he strong,
it bids iiie strong he just,
fun li.
> hand (u Ix-k
f-k Ihe iln-t.      '
No U|
No I
Wlii'ivvi-r iiiini opjiri'ssi's mini
Rfiienlh   thy   liberal  sun,
(ih God, he there Thine ortn made imre.
Thy rlglilt'tnis will tic done.
-Juhn  Hay.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given ihat thirty days after
date I Intoml to make application to tlie.Ohlcf
Commission *r of Lands nml Works for permission to cut ami enrry away timber rrom (he foi-
l iwlngiloserltioil lands;
Commencing nt Hie N. li. corner post situated
nn the west side «f ('. 1*. H. Illook :i:il, and aboul
ouu quarter of a mile from the i-iillrnad, frum
snld posl SU ehn<ns south, tllQnQQ 8(1 ehalns west,
tlieneo so chains nortli. thenco SO chains oasi to
the point of eonunencewdnt* Mo neres. more or
crnnllrooJ*, August toth, 1002.
21 H. A. l.OBSON.
Nollce Is lioroby given Pint thirty days after
iinic 1 intend tonpply tc tho Clilot'Commlsalnner
nr Lands and Works for permission in prospect
for i-ont on thu following described lands:
starting nt a stake planted on tlio west bank
of Hie north fork of Wiethe! oroek, about live
miles above the 'lh boundary or Lot rn<*, (1,1,
on snld crook, thenco 80 ohnlns oast, thenee so
chains norili, ihence so oliatiH wast, thenee 80
ohnlns south to ro nt or ooinniaiiconiGnt,
I hll oil tins KOtb day of AU'-nsl. Una,
j,:'i •(IHIH. II, MUI-T'ATT,
By his agent, 0. M. Rdwurds
situate In tlie  Pott  Steele  .Mining Division Of
East Kootehsy District.
Where looatetl 1   Near Mark Creek.
Take notice tha!   I,   Kdmird ('.   McKinstry
Proo Minor's ("ortlilcnt-i No. it 18,900). noting
for myself una as agent fnr Sylvester a. Fallon
(.Free Minor's Certlilonto No. 1110,149), Intend,
sixty days rrom the dale hereof, to imply In lhe
Mining 1 (cen r.i e r fnr a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose ur obtaining iiCiottn
tlrnntof tlienbovo claim.
Ami further lake notice thai action, under
icetioli ,17, must he eommeuceil hclnre the Is*
uiiuico ot such i 'ei nn.Mil- ni Improvements,
Daied .Inly 17,1002,
Timber Notice
Tuke notice that I ttftve applied to the Cider
OinmlSBloner uf bunds ami Works lor .1 social license to cut and carry away timber from
ihe following described lands:
Commencing at n post marked *'M. McDonald's & K. corner," planted abuut half a mile
north td the northwest corner of Lol SOU In
GrOlip 1. Bast Kontenay, theuce north SO chains,
thence west so chains, thonoo smith no chnlns,
thenee east si) chains to the  place of beului.li,g,
-obtaining wo acres.
Dated the :18th AllgUSt, iini.*.
80 M. M. DONALD.
Timber Notice
Notloo l*t hereby given that thirty days after
no 1 will apply to the (ihiof commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission to cut and
remove thither from the following described
I'liiiimt'iiciiiii ai the northeast corner punt situated uu the wesi hank of Moyle river about 120
yards s nith Irom tlie falls, south so chains
thonoo west sn ehalns, thonoo north so chains,
tlienoe oast so ohnlns to the point of commencing, iiii) acres, more or less.
Cranbrook, 20th August, 1002,
24 nn;n A. HOllSON.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hern by given that thirty days nfter
date I Intend 10 mnke appilention to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works fur a S]ieelal
license to cut and carry awny Umber from the
following described lands:
Commencing nt tha N. k. enrner pnst situated
on llm went side nn*. I'. R. Illook ;!JI, and one
mile rrom it. a. Hudson's earner iusi, tlienoe so
chnlns south, ihenee so ehalns west, thenco so
chains norlh, llienee -si chains ea-itto tlie point
of commencement, 040 acres, more nr less.
Craubrook. ltllh August, 19J2.
24 C. U, BLACK,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend io apply to the chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from ihe following desorlhed Iliads:
Commencing at a post marked "It. H. Jamie-
Son's N. K. corner" planted iit~U>e southwest
corner of W, F, (iunl's purchase, ono mile west
of llie BOUtWCSl corner nf Lot B25, (iroap 1, Kast
Kootonay, thonoo west ni chains, theuce south
101 clinlns, thence east li chains, thence north
100 chains to the place ot beginning, containing
040 acres, more or less.
I lilted tlds -.'.Mh tlay of August, 1002.
21 It, ft. JAMIBSON,
Timber Notice
Notice 9q lierebylglveii that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Uoiflinlsslori-
or of bunds and Works for a special license to
cul and carry away timber from thc following
ileserlhed lauds:
n -M.-..igar.i pnst marked "li. it. Jamie
son's n. 1;. corner" planted on tlie north bank
of Chlpkn (reck at the southwest eornor of the
land Included la .1. Braokenrldga'a special timber license, In Soulh Kjist Kooienay, tlionce
west 80 chains, tltenoo smith HO clialns, thenco
east SO chains, thence uortli 80 clialns to the
place of begliuilngt containing iho acres, more
or less.
Dated this 95th day »r August, 1012.
Timber Notice   ~
Notlco Is hereby given tlmt llilrty days nfler
dale 1 will apply ItilheChlet Cniiimlsslonerot
Lands and Works fora special license tbcut
and entry nway timber rrom the following des-
crihed lamls-
Commanclng at the soiithwest rorner post,
placed on tlie hank of Moyle river north or Hob*
erts' placer mine and hall mile west from tlie
junction or Mqyie river and Nigger oroek, east
x clinlns, theiice nortli sn chains, tlionce west
80 chains, t hence south -u chains to thc point of
eiiiniiiencoineiit, 040 acres, more or less.
( rnnhiook, 2fltli AllgUSt, 10J2.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tlmi thirty days nfter
■lata 1 intend tonpply to the chief Commissioner
uf Lunds and Works fora special licunse to cut
ami carry nway timber rrom tlie following
described lands:
Commencing at a post marked "W. L. Darling's N. K. corner" planted on Chlpka Creek,
one mile west of Uie laud loclmlcd In I'. Lund's
special timber license, lu South last Kootenay,
thonoewest80chains, thence south se chains,
(hence east sUchallis, thence   ninth B0 chains to
point or commencement, ctiniulnhii* wo acres,
moro or le-is.
Dated this 26th day of August, Wl
■ii WUi.DAlM,lNfl.
Timber Notice   ;
Thirty days after date t will apply*to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and -Works for n special, license to cut nud.cairy away tlmbBr fmin
the following described hinds In South East
Commencing nt the northwest corner post sit-
lulled on ihe east side or liiock 031, about too
yards soulh of NO. a post, ton ehi.lns;east, thence
■I'i ehalns south, tlionce nil chains west,thence
in chain - nortli to tlie point of commencement;
040 nitres mure or less.
Cranbrook, SOOl August, 1003,
Wi U, 11IBHON.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given thai thirty days afler
hue I 111 t-inl 1.
appll alloii t> Hit-chief
i.ommlsrioiicrof l-linils ami Works for Hcen s
lo cut am! carry uway timber from the fulliiwlng
inscribed lands:
loiiimciicliuriil a post planted nlnuit one mile
wesi nf the southwest corner tif Lnt :iO, and
running 80 tliatiis north, tlienca hd chains wesi,
thence so chnlns Spilt ll, I hence Sil chains cast to
ihe pia-e or commencement, containing 11411
acres, 111010 or less.
Cranbrook, n, c., August 2t;,,i!io.'.   . -
28 It. A. ANDEK8I1N.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty dnys after
date t Intend to make application to the chief
Commissioner of lands unit works for license
lo cut mid cany nwny timber from the following
ileserlhed lands:
(/Oiilllioncllig at ii post planied nbout one mile
west of southwest corner of Lot 815, and run
nliig 80 chains wcsl, thenco 80 chains smith,
thenco 83 chains enst, thence an chnlns north to
point of coinmiiiicement, containing tun acres,
more or less,
CHHlbruok, II, C„ August 20,1902.
Timber Notice
Notlro Is hereby given that thirty days after
tlate ive Intend to make application lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works tor license
to cut and carry away timber from the following
desrlbeil lands-
Common Inr* nt a post planted nt tho southwest corner of Lot 816, und running north so
1 linlns iiinii- the west line of Lot 315, thence
west Mi chains, theuce suiuh 80 chains, thence
easl su chains to place or ciiiiiiiieiicenieiit.
Cranbrnnk, ll. c. August Wtll, imr.'.. 25
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty ilaysafter
dale 1 Intend to apply to ihe chief commission*
eror Lands nnd works for u llcenso t»cui
and carry away timber from tho following des.
crlhed lands:
Commencing at a posl marked "IB. 1. Trltes'
N. ff. corner,' planted at smith west comer B.
A. Trltes* timber limit j theuce east 80 chains,
thence sontli -so chains, theuce west K0 chains,
thence north so chains, to the place of the beginning, containing om acres.
Hated this 84th duy of August, 1002,
.'C M. U TR1TES.
Timber Notice
Take notice lliat I have applied to (he Chief
Commissioner of Lunds and Works for 11 special license to cut and carry away timber from
the following described lauds 1
C uienolngatapost marked "W. Stocks B,
V, Corner," planted at the Intersection of lhe
western boundary of 8. Cadieux's preemption
wllh the ninth boundary or Lol 335, druiip I.
ICast Kooienay. ihence north 40chains, tlieneo
west iii<i chains, theuce south m clinlns, (hence
east KM chains to ttie place of begtuulng. containing 040 ucres, more or less.
Dated this USUI duy ot August, 1903,     :
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby j-lvcti Unit llilrty days afler
date 1 Intend tonpply to UioUhiaf Commissioner
or Lands ami Works nt Victoria for a special
license tn cul mid curry nway timber from lhe
following di-Hifllii'tl lamis:
Coiiiiiiemlill'iit a post mirltcd ",l.   Leu Cm
wick'a S, E. enrner," planted about one mile
inuiii nr Doltsou'scabin on lho wost hank or
Hold Creek 1 tiu-uoe north H'-o chains, tltenoo
west in chains, thi nee sin illt 11:11 chains, thence
eusl in chains, lo the pins') of the beginning,
containing 1110 acres,
Daied this Ifith day Of August, 1001,
Timber Notice
Notice ts hereby given that thirty daysafiei
date ! Intend to apply to the Chief Commission
er of Lauds nud Wurks at Victoria for a special
license tn cut nud carry awuy limber rrom the
following described lamis:
Commencing nt a postmarked "A, M, North*
nip's N. W, comer," planted 411 chniui smith or
the south cast corner of Lm Na 3.10, group 1
East Kootenay; thenee east su chains, ihenci
smith m chains, llienee west SO chains, theilvf
north SO chains, to the place of the beglnn'ngj
containing Mi acres.
Dated (his 20lll day Of AllgUSt, 101'.!. .
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given lliat llilrty dgya after
date 1 Intend to apply to tbo Older Commiasliib
of Lnmls and Works at Vle,o, la Inr a Special
license to cut and curry uway limber from the
following  described lands:
Coiiiineuclni: ut a post marked ".I. ll. I'eu
wick s S. I.. Corner's,'' planted about one miii
north west of where the sm.ill ores', enti rs tin
n-utli fork of Hold Creek, Smith Kast Kooteuay
ihence north so chnlns, thenee wesi bo clinlns,
thence sontli RUclielns, thence e.tSt HO ehalns,
to the place of  the beginning, containing C'O
Dated this STth day of August 1002,
2il J, It. KKNWICK
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given thut thirty daysafte
date 1 intend tu apply to tlie Chief Commissioner
of Land and Works nt Victoria for 1. special
license to cut and curry uwuy tlmlier from the
following described inndsi
Commencing at u post marked "1. A, M..Halt's
N. \V.Coiner,'planied forty cliiilns west of
tlie south e;:s curlier of Lol No. 330, gruim 1
East Kootenay; ihence enst 11' clialns, thenee
south uui chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
imr li UH) chains, tn llie place of the bed hing,
conta'nlng 010 acres,
Dnie l ihis 20til day of August I0U2.
20 1. A.   .MOFFATT.
Timber Notice.
Noilce Is I- reby given mat thirty uaysaner
date I iul ml to apply ti the elder Com
llllsslone* nf Lamis and Works ut Victoria
for a spec a license tu cut and eatry away tiim
bar from tlie following described lands:
Commencing at a post mirkcd "J. W. Hayes
8. W.'corner," planted 40 chains south or the
south east corner of Lol No, 830, group 1 East
Kootenay. thenco north UU) chains, Ihence east
•10 clialns, theuce south lufl chains, thenee we:
10 ohnlns, to the place of ihe beginning, cental
lug G 40 acres,
Dated this 29th day ot August. 11102.
■M ,1. W. HAY18,
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby given thai thirty days aft-
dute t intend to apply to tlie ('tiler Commissioner id Lands uud Works for a   license to cut and
curry awuy Umber from the following described
Cominonolngntn postmarked "M. E. Fen-
wick's N. W. comer," planted nl the north'
east corner of Lot No, 2G, droop 1, East Koot
nay; thence east mi chains, south 80 chains, west
80 chnlns, north 80 chains, lo the place of the
beginning, containing Oil) neres,
Daied this Utli dny of An-list. 1002,
20 M. E. F1.N-WIIK.
Timbet Notice
Notice Is hereby given Hint thirty days nftor
dute 1 luieiid tn apply to the Chief Commissioner
of lands and Works for a license to cut und
enrry uway timber from llie following ileserlhed
Commencing at a post marked "11. A. Trltes'
S. W, corner," planted ut the South enst 'coruei
nf .1. swltmarlon's timber llmll lu South Fust
Kooienay: thence east 80 chains, thence norlh
8()chains, thence west W) ehalns, thrtice smith
80 chums, to the place of tbe beginning, containing Gio acres.
Daied this 25th day of August, 1002,
-'« '"  B. A. TltlTES.
Timber Notice   .
Notice is hereby given, that thirty days after
dale I mteml tn apply to the Chief Commits timer of 1 .adds an 1 Works for a license In cut uud
curry uway timber from the followm-filescribed
laudst .,  ,
Commencing at a post marked ve. F. Fori
wick's N. E, comer," planted about i;^
utiles uortli of D.-ihs iii's cnhln on the north
fork of fiold Creek, South East Kmnmiay, nud
shout two miles well; uf the.l'liiuiholi I rail;
ttieiice south in chains, tlionce west mo chains,
iheiic'-imrllililcliulfH, llienee east imi ehnln<
lo the place of the licg lining, coulalulng Uin
Haled Hilt Kith day of August, 11*12,
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to tbe <':ii«f Commissioner of Linda and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
tlmbei from the following lunds:
Commencing at a post marked liW,
Walcott'a S. \V. corner," planted on the
north east corner of J. Swinnarton's
timber Halt: thence north 40 chains,
thence east 111) chains, thence south 40
chains, thence west ItlO chains, to the
place 0* tbe beginning containing (140
Dated this 3',th day of August 1(102.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Com'
mlssloner of Uinde and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from tbe following described
Commencing at a poet marked "J.
SwlBnarton'sS W corner," planted 40
chains south of the north east corner of
M. Dunn's timber limit on Oold creek,
East Kootenny; thence north 80 chains,
thence east Mi) chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, to tbe
place of the beginning, containing 640
Dated this Ufitb day of Angust 1002.
Timber Notice
Tako Notice that llilrty days nftor date I Intend to apply to Hie chief Commissioner nt
Lunds aud Works fur a special llcenso to cut
and curry away Umber from tlie following described lunds:
Commencing ut a post marked "IC ll. Kennedy's s. w. corner," planted Zf) cliulut north
mid 20U chains west of Die north west corner of
Lot830, goup 1. Eusl Kootenny: llienee enst iiii
ihnlus.tlieiiee north 40 chains, tbence west 100
'liulns, thence south 40 clinlns, to the place of
the bogUiuing. containing 1x0acres.
Date I this 20th day of August, l'J02.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
ate 1 Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and  Works for a
special license 10 cut  and carry away
timber from the following landa:
Commencing    at   a     post     marked
Joseph Dibbs' N   \V. corner." planted
at north east orner of Lot llllll, group
1,   Kast   Kootenay \   thence south  1110
chains, tbence east 40 chains,  thence
north ino chains, thence west hi chains,
0  the   plnce   of   the commencement,
ontalulng 040 acres.
Dated this Mill dny of August, 1.10-J.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that ihlrtvdayaafter date
I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a special
license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked "M.
Dunn's N. B, corner," planted about 60
chains north of the forks of Oold creek
on Plumbob trail In Mist Kootenay;
thence south 811 chains, thence west 80
chains, tbence north 80 chains, thence
east 8() chains, to the place of the beginning, containing (140 acres.
Dated this 85th day of August, 1002.
•.'il M. DUNN.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given thut llilrty dnys after
date I Intend lo apply to the Chief Commission*
er of Lamis and Works for n license lu cut ami
carry uwuy Umber rrom tlie rollowlng described
Commencing at a post marked "A. M, Kennedy's S. W. corner," planted one-lintf wuy between Hold Creek mul Gold Creek trull, three
miles nniih west of Hie north west corner of
Lot 32.1, group one. Konleiiay district; Iliem***
east 1W) etuillis, ihence norili 111 clialns, thence.
west iimi chains, tlienoe soutn 10 ohulns, to the
place of coHimeiictnnent, continuing mo ucres,
Duted tills L-'ltli day of August, 1009,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty
days afler date I will apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for a special lie misc to cut uud
remove timber from the following
Commencing nt the north west cor
tier poat, placed at the south weal corner of block 831, Hid chains east, theuce
41) chains smith, thence 100 chains west,
tbence 10 chains north to the. point of
commencement, containing (ill) acres
more or leas.
Cranbrook, Sept. 4th, 1003.
27 C. II. BLACK,
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special llceuse to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "ll
Trltes' S, E corner," planted on Gold
creek trail, four miles north west ofthe
north west corner of Lot 339, group 1,
l'Ost Kootenay; tbence noitb SO chains,
thence west 80 chains, tbence south 60
chains, thence east SO chains to tbe
place of the beg'nnleg, containing 040
Dated this 2dth day of August, 1902
Timber Notice
Tuke Notice that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "T. J.
Wellman's N. W. corner," planted 40
chains north of tbe south east corner
of Lot 305, group l, Kast Kootenay;
ihence east 100 cha!*is, thence south 40
chains, thence west 100 chilns, thence
north 40 chains, to tbe place of begin-
11 leg, containing 040 acres.
Dated this 14tb day of August, 1902,
20 T .1. WELLMAN.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Com
mlssloner of Land and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "D.
Smith's S. K. corner," planted at the
north east corner of M. Dunn's timber
limit In South E*st Kootenay; thence
north ion chains, west 40 chains, south
100 c tains, east 4i> chains, to the place
ot the beginning, containing 040 acres.
Dated this 20th day of August, 1902.
20 D   SMITH.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Com
mlssloner of Linds and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
tlm'rer from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "A
Uookes' N. W. corner," planted 20
chains west of tbe south east corner of
Lot :1:1s group 1, East Kootenay, tbence
south so chains, tbence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, tbence west St
chains, to the place of beginning, con
talnlng 040 acres.
Dated this 15th day of August, 1902.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to tbe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "T
Rook'a S. W. corner," planted at the
south east corner of Lot 338, group 1
i;ist Kooien iy; thence north 80 chains,
thence east HO chains, thence soulh 80
chains, theuce west 80 chains, to the
place of tbe beginning, containing 040
Dited this 15th day of August 1008,
20 T. HOOK lis.
Timber Notice
Notice ls hereby given, that, thirty
days after date I will apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
remove timber from tbe following
Commencing at the north west corner post placed one half mile south of
C. H. Black's north west corner poat
so chains eaat, thence 80 chains south,
tbence 80 chains west, thence so chains
north to the point of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less.
Cranbrook, Sept. 4th, 1D02.
On Thursday, the 35th, of September
at ten o'clock in the forenoon a part of
tbe government lots in Morrissev Town-
Bile will be sold at auction.
The sale will take place in front of the
Townsite Ollice.
Terms, one third cash, one third at
three months and the b dance at sis
months, time being ihe essence ol the
An upset price has been placed on
euch lot, below which no sale will be
Fort Steele, September 9U1, tyoa.
Government Agent.
In the matter of tlie Eslnte of James Wilson,
Pursuant to the order of Die Honorable Mr.
Justl.e Richardson dated the <>th day of September, l'J.i-2.
Tuke Notice tbat each creditor of the above*
estate Is required to send in to the iiuderslgneil
on or before the tlrst day of November l«l.i his
claim against lhe snld estate verified hy statutory declaration, together with statement of the
security it any, held by lilm,
na led at Regina, this luth dny of Sept., 11x11.
Public Administrator,
27-Nov 1. Region, N. W. T.
Timber Notice
Take nollce that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to ibe Chief Commissioner of Landa and Woihs for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described the world
landa: "L      "
Commencing at a poat marked ''Jnu.
Mulligan's N. K. corner," planted so
chains west of tht south weat Corner of
Lot 315, group l, East Kootenay; thence
west 80 chains, south 80 chains, east 80
chains, north 80 chains, to the place of
beginning, containing 040 acres.
Dated this 2Hth day of August, 11102,
Timber Notice
For Getting a Beautiful Watch
and chain Free,--No Money Required.--Every Man, Woman,
Boy, or Girl has the same Opportunity under our System.
tn order to have Dr, Arnold's English
Toxin Pills placed in the hands of alt
persons Buffering from bad health we
make the following most liberal offer:
If you will send ns your name and
address and agree to sell for us twelve
boxes of Dr, Arnold's English Toiln
IMHs at 25c. per box, we will give you
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch snd Chain
In either Ladles or Gents sire, or yuur
choice of twenty other premiums such
as One sets of Jewelry, Rings, Violins,
Mandolins, Tea Kets, Sateen Skirts,
Cameras, etc. Remember we dot'l
wanl any money until after you irli Ike
Pills and tun don't have to Sell any
more than 12 boxes to get the premiums.
This ls a bona Ode offer from a reliable
concern tbat has given thousands of
dullara worth of premium* to agents all
over the country, Remember a bo that
Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills are a
well known remedy tor all diseases of
the kidney and bladder, Bright'*
disease, diabetes, rheumatssm, nervous
troubles, and female complainta, ami
are for sale by ill first class druggists
and dealers In medicines In ill parts of
the world. You have only to show
them to sell then. You are not offering aomethfog tbat the people don't
know. Our watches, are the regular
standard size for Lidles or (lentlemen
In Nickel or (Inn Metal Cases with
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to all who sell only twelve boxes of
those wonderful Toxin Pills. Write at
once and be the first in Your locality to
earn one of those beautiful watches and
chain.     As soon as  we   receive your
Take Notice  that thirty days after   latter or post  card we  will send you
date I Intend to apply to tbe Chief
Commissioner of lands and works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "L. H.
Smith's N. E. corner," planted ou tbe
west side of tbe north fork of Gold
creek, about three miles from Its forks
up stream; thence south 80 chains, west
80 chains, north 60 chains, eaat 80
chains, to tbe place of the beginning,
containing 640 acres.
Dated thla 201b day of August, 1903.
36 L. H.   SMITH.
post paid twelve boxes, together with
onr Illustrated Catalogue and beautifully colored with y. ur name and address on as our authorised agent. B-ar
In mind that you will nnt be asked to
sell any more than the 12 boxes and we
don't want any money until after you have
sold tbem. We bear all the expense
and are only making tbla liberal offer
aa a method of advertising Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills. Dt n't delay,
write at once and earn a beautiful pre*
sent for yourself for Christmas.
Address ARNOLD MEDICINE CO,, Depl, lli,
W Adelaide St. East Toronto, Oat. 1
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
Ask for . . .
E. A. Small & Cos
"Royal Brand"
Then See . . .
That this protection label is in the
inside coat or
overcoat pocket.
" Royal Brand " is Tailor-made.
" Royal Brand " is superior in Fit and Finish.
"Royal Brand" costs no> more than poorly
made Clothing.
" Royal Brand" is guaranteed to give entire
"Royal Brand" makers are founders in
Canada of Tailor-made Clothing ready-
Reid & Co. Agents For Cranbrook.
From Hie Movie header
Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Cihlll were In
Cranbrook Wednesday.
Tbe rain thla week had a good effect
In (extinguishing the forest tires west
of here.
J P Parrel!h is taken over the s«c-
retarysbip of the M-.iyle Water Co.,
from Mr. Reid.
Moyic's streets bive been greatly
Improved In appearance ibis week. All
tbe loose rocks have been gathered up
aud hauled away.
W. L Held left for Banff hot spr'.ngs
Thursday. He will remiln there about
ten days and will then go to West
Kootenay. Mr. Held has a host of
friends In Moyle, nnd the people of the
town deeply regret his departure. He
was one of tbe most popular men who
ever lived here.
This week thc Leader had perhaps
the wealthiest "devil" that ever worked In a printing r.fll ;e. The Tegular
roller boy was sick, and we were struck,
until Chas. Parrel), owner ol the
S iclety Girl mine, and estimated to be
worth over S10II,<100, volunteered his
services. Cnarlfe had learned the bust
ness when a "kid," nnd did his woTk
Messrs. nreckenrldge ■,*■ Liind, con
tt.ir.iois, were inspecting the railway
tunnel near the head of Moyle lake
last Wednesday with a view or taking
a contract of enlarging It lo double Its
present slue. The C. P. It have bad
thla work mapped out for some time
paat.    If llr.-rkcnrhlge t\ Lend  K*'*  the
contract they  win  begin woik very
shortly with about 40 men.    They call
mate lhal   It   will   tako   ai   least   Fotll
months lo complete the   woik.     Moyle
win dei ive considerable benefit from
this work being done.
Prom llm Prospector.
Another rlob strike ot placer gold is
reported from Little Mull river.
11. II j lues, and W. ('. Johnston, Cian-
brOok, attended the charily ball at
BtflUi Wednesday evening.
John Jciiseulns who has bceticoullucd
in the St Kugene hospital with a
a brokeu leg, relumed to Steele Thursday.
Messrs. Violet, Olson, Warren and
others are camped on Fish Creek,
engaged In prospecting the gravel
Several shafts have been sunk, and
ditches run towards the rim rock. It
i« reported that the gravel contains
gold In paying quantities.
During the past week parties from
Windermere who were prospecting In
ihe vicinity of Little Bull river discovered and located a large area of
placer ground. The grnvel pans well
and contains coarse and fine gold. The
location of tbe new discovery Is about
half a mite east of the discovery made
on Pish Creek, which was reported last
The future of South Eist Kootenay
lies In the fullest development of thc
mineral resources of the district, alao
the agricultural, cattle raising and lumber Industries'. Wltb the exploration
of the silver lead, copper, gold and
placer mines, the Immense coal
fields In the Crow's Nsst I'aas oper.
•ted to tbelr fullest extent, tbe con
struction of the Kootenay Central railway, the establishment of local smelters and refineries, the Fort Ste** •
mlnlug division will take rank as a
mineral region of vast Importance.
Prom the Morrisley Miner.
George Leask Is puttlnS up a temporary bunk house on bis lots on Armstrong
Avenue for the convenience of bis force
of carpenters.
Odorgc T.ear.k. contractor of Cranbrook, In company with Vine. Llddlcoatt
and Tom CbrlstlanarrlveddD town Wednesday and will begin woik on tbe contracts Mr. Leask has.
A. Sheridan haa put up a building
just opposite the Mine** office wblch be
will use as a bakery. He will build a
residence In the near future and bring
his family up from Elko,
James Greer the contractor spent
Saturday and Sunday In Cranbrook visiting with his family. Mr. Greer expects
to bring his family to Morrissey as soon
as he can make suitable arrangements
fora residence.
Mrs. G. 0. Foss arrived In town on
Saturday from Minneapolis for an extended visit wltb her husband. Mrs.
Poll enjoys the distinction of being the
iim lady in our to mi, and so farts very
favorably Impressed with the west.
The lumber for Julius Morel's hotel on
lhe coiner of Broadway and Armstrong
avenues came in over the Great North-
cm this week and contractoi Johnstone
Is awaiting Mr. Morel's arrival so tbat
he may begin woik Immediately. The
main Wilding will be 86ft30, two stories
high, with a kitchen UlilO and an add 1
tlou for the bar UU4D making a frontage
Of 40 feet wltb a total length of 00 feet.
It will be one of the largest hotels lo tbe
town and will he well flnlshcd.
They Will Do I
Morrissey Miner.
It Is a strange phase lu human nature
thit prompts n mau to say anything
detrimental against the district lu
which he lives, or some town In lhat
district, unless there Is good cause
Vet there are men of this character
I'hey have fought against Cranbrook
Moyle, Pernie, Marysvllle, and now, aa
there Is nothing else In sight, they are
casting dirty slurs at Morrtaaey. There
was no cause to burt any of the other
towns named, yel these human scavan
gera were buay while these towns were
In their Infancy, aud did not quit until
success was assured. There Is no cause
for any of tluni to say anything bat
good of Morrissey, yet It Is done. For*
innately, such cattle cannot burt the
town, alnce tbey exert no personal influence. Tbe town, and what is to
make a lown of Morrissey, Is too well
known for any knocker to have any
weight. Men wltb money and long experience In tbe west are Investing
large sums In the town simply because
they kuow ihey have assure thing. Any
lown, with two great railroads and one
of the best coal mines on tbe continent
la bound to have a prosperous future,
and no knocker on earth could atop It.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
oi repairing.   Give me a call.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office il Reelde.ce, Armatronf Ave.
Foreaoone,   ....   9:3, to ||
Afternoons   •   ■  •  •   1:311 MJ-Jt
fi.e.lo,,   ....    ;.30fo»:J8
CRA -BROOK,    :   :   -.        :   :    B.  C
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Craahrook and Marvavllle. R. C.
Draying and
I-In n no Moving a Specialty
I.O.O.P.   Key City Ledge
Nt>. * ■.   Meets every Mon
day night at their hall «
linker sited.    Ho}miriil!ijt
Hdil I'elli.ws .'initially Invited
A. UltQb. dr., M. Itockendnrf,
N. II. l.f>c'
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
In the Kootenay District. The prices range Irom $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands. ..These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The inmate amount of principal ind int real, except in she
cue of landa under S2.S0 an acre, la divided info ten instalments as
shown in the tahle below; Ihe lirst lo be paid if the time of purchase, toe second one year from date of Ihe purchase, the third in
two years and ao on.
Tbe following table ahows the amount of the aanual instalments
on IM acres at different prices under the above conditions:
IM acrs at $2.58 per acr, Ist instalment S5M5 9 equal intal'ts at $50.00
3.00      >.           »                71.90 "               M.OO
1.50     "           ■'               MM "              70.00
I.M     »           »               «5.85 "              M.M
4.50     «           J"              107.85 ..'              °0M
5.M     '.           "'                19.85 "             1O0.M
Kimherlf-v 's ",e business and shipping point for the
■-.■■■■un isy North gtar Md S(||(.van mjneg
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Crnnhrnnk -s tne divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
v,a    ' Railway and the commercial centre of Ftulh
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further lalormallan apply la agents aa above ar lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
II the land Is paid for in full at the
time of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal to ten per
cent on the amount paid ia excess ol lhe
usual cash instalment.
laterest al six per ceal will be
charted ia over due instalments,
The Company hai alto Iota for .ale
in the following town silea ia East Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moycllc, Kitchener. Creston aad Kimberley.
The lerma ol paymenl are one-third
cash, aad thc balaace ia aix aid twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud the gateway to lhc White
(irousc copper fields.   J. T. BURUESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Call at Tom's Barber Shop. Victoria House, opposite depot.
The shop is neitl, the tmvcls are dt.ui,
The shears an- nliiir|i, the razors keen,
And Kveryl hltii- Dial skill cau du
If you'll call he'll do fur ynu.
J. T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave ISc.      Hair Cat 35c.     Shampoo 25c
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention,
Richard Stewart
Notice In hereby given that tidily dn;* after
(Into 1 Intend tu apply lu theOhlef Coin mlssloner
of I -mills ami Works fur pemilMlon to (irotipect
for cuil on thi] iiilliiivliii* ileacrlkett landa:
Martini! at a post planted uu ttie west bank of
Hi.'linilh fork of Mich,'I ci, ek, nlmilt flvu in I leu
above the north bomnlnry of Ut iftss, O, 1,011
said cn-ek, thence ho chalna mirth, tlienca so
clinlns west, llienee ho clialns (1011111, tIience so
chains nasi to imlnl uf coiiiiiiemeiiieDl,
I 'itii-,1 this -.'titli day of Annual, Wi.
•U M. MrlNNKH.
Iiy HU agent, O. M. Kdwarda,
Craabreek Le*Jfe, No. J4
A. P. ft A. M.
Iin.nl.11  nn'etliii?s on lhe
third Thursday ot iu
\ isii iiik li nl hern welcomed.
IImi. A. I1MTGH1 Mc'y .
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Gders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc mosl
economical way to handle it.
There are a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Materi
and the price.
Have ro. .allied wllh anyone about belldlai?
Com aad mc aie ar let me ace yoa. tl my
do aa both |aod.
and Builder *
All work luaraateed.   See aa befor.
yon build,   tt will pay yoa.
Cranbrook,B L
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Oeneral Jobbing....
Oalalde Ordera Promptly
Allcndtd to.
S »»«*«*•**••*•»******«• *
J PETER MATftESON, Proprietor. tt
J ,M««*««44*M»»H»t»»(». *
5 Wheu you are hungry and want *
<p '■ good nieul go to tbe Kaat ip
J        Kootenay. **
£ When you .re tired and want a ".
m        good real go to the Eaat Koo- m
* tcnay. 2
5 When you are tbtraty and want . *"
X good drink go to th. But I
jj Kootenay. W
£ In fact when you are in Cranbrook **
atop at the Baat Kootenay.       j.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co
The only all rail route between all
poiota Baal, West and South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Qreat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Nelson' with Steamer lor Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Daily for
Republic, and
Connecta daily
At    Bossburg   Stage   Dally   lor
Urand Forks and Greenwood.
If. A. JACKSON, Ota. Paaa. Aft.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale aid Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Vour
trade Is solicited.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Refitted Throughout
One of tbe Most Comfortable
Hotels In Kast Kcwtenay.
St. John
New York
Port land
San Francisco
Upper Lake Steamers
Lv. Fart William, Sun., Tne., Frl.
When in town don't
forget to stop at the...
Victoria House
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook...
Everything Firstclass
Opposite Depot
L. R. Gubbins,
J. T. Dendurant,
Leave Dunmore Junction dally tor SI. Paul
Leave Kootenay Landtag Tuesday aad Salur
day ter Toronto aad all eastern polala
Leave Revelstoke dally lor Seallle, Vaacouver-
aad coa.l (llle.
Tbrouih tickets to Europe via all Allaallc
Llaea. Prepaid tickets Irom all points al
laweal rates. Par lull particular, apply la
local items,
A. 0. P. A., Ageol,
Viicuver. Cra.brook
Newly Furnished
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Teams and drivers furnlahed for any
point in the district.
Manager   Jt  *   *
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. II. Fori Sleele, B. C.
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of V.  S
Office and More, Atken block,
near Canadian Hank of Commerce, Craubrook, B. C.
llpboliterlni and Qcieral Purnlture RcpalrlH
Will attend to any work In tbe district
A|cnl lor the Brandon Marble and (Iranlie
Works.   Tunbiloica, Hcadiloics, elc. Fali Announcement
^ >-* GRAND *«* *
Millinery Opening
A most hearty and cordial invitation is ex-   .
tended to the ladies of Cranbrook and surrounding towns to attend our Fall Millinery Opening on
of this week. Our Millinery Department,
under the direction of Mr. Smith is gorgeous in its display of Ladies' Misses and
Children's Fall and Winter Millinery, introducing Dame Fashion's latest Parisian
and American fancies in design, coloring
material and style. Come and see the pretty things. A look will do you good. Two
days, Friday and Saturday,
September 26th and 27th, 1902
and adds much to the appearance of the dining room to have
a nicely arranged table. The edibles prepared are more tempting if displayed in nice China and Glassware. We are now
showing on our shelves a nice assortment of	
Royal Worcester, Venetian
and Kobalt Decorated China
in unique designs.
and Jardinieres in Royal Worcester and Old Hungarian.
in new shapes prettily decorated.
and Cake Plates in the old
Fairy Villa blue, yellow, green
and pink tinted Ridgeways.
We have other things in this department and will be glad to
have you call and see it all. You needn't buy, you'd like the
display and tell your friends what a lovely lot of China and
Glassware there is at
I For a given price we insure you against loss. You take ^
no chances. We do as we agree, without fail at any i
time.   That makes you feel safe. ®
All over the District.   See us or our agents anywhere ®
Head Office Cranbrook, B. C. local and lqno distance'phoke 20 ?
Spokane, Wash., October 6th to 14th, 1902, Inclusive.
| Stock
S Fine Arts Exhibit SSBft
1 Fruit Exhibits nfggMU
S Eight Day Racing SB1^
1 Agricultural Exhibits TOTS*
*     BGST MUSIC—Amusement extraordinary.   Conceaaion privileges of all *
jj  kinds for sale.   Write for catalogue. GEO. H. MARTIN, JJ
S        PRANK MiAKH, Advertising Agent, Mgr, anil Sec'y,  I
I'l'iiprictur nf tllQ
Candy Kitchen
*     PORTRAIT OR PIIOTllfiRAI'll     J
bl* or ititf-iiiit or exterior nr ymir liotnt-gi) tn  *
S Miiiitf-iir work will receive our best niton Jjj
^      timi. NonreHtitent win,, solicited      »
Select private boarding school tor
hoys. Modern methods. Accomplished
masters, Kxcellent table. Home care.
Refining influences.**, Lurge, airy bed-
rooms, Specially built clans rooms.
Cr ckt-t, football, banting, swimming,
military drill, Patronized by lhe best.
Hi)*best references. 1'rospectus. Rev.
C.J. Brenton, M. A , Vancouver, B C
Reference ihe Rev H. Heacham.
Owing to some misunderstandings in
Hie pnst The Herald hereafter will make
a flat rate of ■}% cents per line for first
insertions niul 5 cents per line each subsequent insertion for church and society
locals advertising paid entertainments.
No tickets received in lien of advertising
or ns coiiiplimentaries. Business of this
character will be transacted on a cash
basis hereafter.
Picked Up About the City by Asking
Questions of Many People.
Carrie, n complete .took of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts, LOOK    AT   THIS
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. uive n«»..ii   11 Sell This Brand of Silverware
"Silver Plate that Wears."
'He who will not, wheu he ran,
Must tarry when he would nnt."
Secure Insurace
it is too late u  o   * ',     * «-
Palmer & Arnold ' * the ^^m^^ '
Manufacturer's Agents ^.x^WORLD.
Fire and LifeInstir'cei°,iit|"|vv*":|,|n»"K,,"|or
! Craw, Neil dls Irliin C. P. R.
lieu Xllcit, of ICiko, was in town Mots.
Mr. Kennedy is quite ill with typhoid
J. Warren came down from Marysvllle
on Tuesday,
Good Bell Si Co., organ for sale al
Reid & Co.
See Reld & Co.'s add. Ladies' it will
interest you.
Paul Hundley, of Kimberley, was 111
own this week.
Miss Woods, of Cherry Creek, was in
'.own on Wednesday.
Peter Mathesou ha* gone east on a
brief trip of business.
II. Haines, ofthe bank, is sick at the
liospital, but is improving.
George R, Mask haa the contract for
remodeling Christ's church.
M. Rockendorf, of lhe Morrissey
Miner, spent Sunday in town.
C. K. Rei.l, of Marysville, visited
Prank on business this week.
Born to Mr. and Mrs, G. II. Miner,
Thursday St-pt. 18th 1902, a girl.
W. S Keay, of Fernie, visited -relatives in Cranbiook last Sunday.
Pall millinery opening at Reid &
Co.'s.    Read their announcement,
Mils Small, of Marysville, spent a few
days this week visiting friends here.
A. W. Sutherland, principal of the
.Moyie schools, was in town Sunday.
Come in and see our six dollar pants.
McSweyn Si Griffith.
Wm. Clark, of Laurie & Sons mill,
.Marysville, was in town this week.
.Mrs. McKinstry and Mrs. Reid drove
down from Marysville ou Tuesday last.
GeorgQ I.ensU has a few contract*) in
Morrissey and is spending most of hln
lime Ihere.
Jack Thompson nnd William Shilling,
of Perry Creek, were lu town several
days litis week.
]•'. II. Small and Harry Nevin have
been up the St. Maiy's ou a fishing and
hunting trip.
Mrs. Paul Hundley and daughter
Nellie, of Klmberley, attended the
Prank celebration.
Tom Wellma", A. McKenzie and
Prank Dickinson returned Tuesday
I'loui their outing.
Ud. Home, bookkeeper for tlie Bas
Kontenay Lumber company, visited
Moyle last Sunday.
George Taylor's brick yard at Prank,
is about ready for operation. It Ib in
charge of Charles Kaily.
Time makes many changes. See new
styles of millinery at Reid Si Co'.s Fall
opening Friday and Saturday,
A. W. and Harry McVtttee relumed
this week from Morrissey, having com
pleted lhe survey of that townsite,
Now is the time to leave your order
for swell overcoat.
McSweyn Sj. Griffith.
John Murphy, of Frank, Alta., waa in
town Monday. He reports that coal
town in gootl shape aud prosperous.
Ifthe coil mines ami coke ovens of this district shoulsl close tou.or
row every smelter in British Coltimhiss woulsl close within thirty stays
1000 .MEN will he employcil in the near future in the mines and at the
coke ovens of MORRISSEY.
See our  coronation suits the  latest
thing iu Scotch tweeds.
McSweyn it Griffith.
For Sale—Six soom cottage, well  furnished; Immediate possession.
II. C. Pettet.
Fil,   McGovern, who  is employed  in
Leask & Slatei'a mill, Is at the St. liu
gene hospital sick wiih the typhoid
Miss Pltuiit* is iu the hospital sick
with the typhoid fever, Her many
friends in Craubrook hope for a speedy
J. T. Laidlaw, of Fort Steele, and J
H. Fenwick, of .IntTrny, were lu ti wn
Wednesday to attend the Keep-Ryan
H Haines and Mr..Johnston of the
Canadian bauk of Commerce attended
the hall at Port Steel last Wednesday
H. L. Chudleigh returned from his
two weeks' vacation last Sunday, aud
resuii.in-.-tl his work as chief dispatcher
at this point,
L. B. VanDecar, of the Royal hotel,
has just had au order for looo meal tickets ptioled, and these won't last him
many months.
Harry Beutley, the only Harry,  was
in town last Sunday for   a few hours.
Mr. Bently has joined lhe ranks of lum
ber magnales.
The fire wardens put in a day this week
examiuiug property, and several improvements will be made that will insure
great safety.
Peter Woods, of Cherry Creek, was in
town this week. Mr. Woods saya that
the grain which he has threshed is of
the beat quality.
Kd. Hill and wife of Moyie, arrived In
town on Thursday last, Mrs. Hill visited fur a few days with relatives, but
Mr. IHU returned tbe next day.
The C. P. R. has had plans prepared
for a new depot nt Morrissey, which
will be large enough to mtet the greal
crortfic of business at that point.
G. H. Gilpin has bought out Charles
Campbell's undertaking business. This
leaves Mr. Gilpin alone in this district
iu the undertaking aud furniture busi-
A. L McDermott has moved the cus*
tonis office to the room vacated by John
Hutchison, In the Leauk block. He has
very pleasant quarters and is on the
Main street.
P. L. Smith, formerly of the Cranbrook branch of lhe Canadian bank of
Commerce, has been transfeired to Vancouver, aud C. G. Bennett, of Vancouver has taken his place here.
Tbe Misses Taenhauser's and Duiick,
Port Steele, and F. Roberts and F. E.
Haines of Crnnbrook, drove to Jennings
Shaft on Sunday last. During their
stay they came in contact with a large
black bear.
Thomas Under and Ben Murphy, of
Spokane, were in town a few dnys ihis
week. Both of ibe gentlemen cleaned
up a nice bunch ot money when they
sold the Lake Shore al Moyie. They
are now interested in lands in the Edmonton district,
James Greer came down from Morrissey last Saturday for a day or two at
home. He says that ever)thing is
booming In the new town, nnd that he
bas several buildings under way. Mr.
Greer is a bustler and can throw up a
lot of lumber In a short time.
C. McNeil, for a long time conductor
ou the train between Calgary nnd Macleod, has been appointed train master
for Craubrook, and assumed his duties
last week. Mr. McNeil is well known
in the west nnd is a general favorite
with all.
William West returned Ihis week from
a prospecting trip of several months to
the Thunder Mountain country, He
says thnt il is a (nke pure nud simple,
and that hundreds of prospectors were
fooled into going there only to find
James McDonell, one of the owners of
the townsile of Morrissey, wns in town
yesterday. Mr. McDonell says that
Morrissey is growing rapidly, aid that
the faith of the people In the future
prosperity of the towu Is growing
stronger day by day. . .    .-•
Superintendent E'mondorf, of the
Marysville smelter, accompanied by his
wife nud family arrived on Thursday
from Spokane, They lefl for Marysvllle
on Friday where Mr. Klmondorf will
superintend the work on the completion
of the smelter.
G. T. Rogers and wife returned Monday from Mauitoba. Mr. Rogers says
Manitoba never wns in such good shape
as now. The cropB have all been harvested nnd the damage from frost this
year is very slight Indeed. The land
craze is on In that country lo full force,
and thousands of people from theUnlled
Slate* are coming and In locating,
For Sale.—Desirable lesidence on
Baker Hill, uwuetl and occupied by ft.
W. Piitmure. Por Sale ut a ^urgaiu.
Fumace and water convenience, Apply lo Beale, Hutchison, .V Klwell, or to
G, W. Pallium*. 28
A serious accident befell Raymond
Giddings the leu year old boy of Mr.
John Giudiugs on Mond-iy evening lasl.
Tbe little fellow was carrying bis little
sister on bis back, when be fell ou the
slit-walk aud broke his arm. Dm. Kin-*
aud Harvey were in attendance.
J. P. Fiuk entertained a number of his
frieudrj Tuesday night. It was a "lonesome husband's social," and Invitations
were extended to other uufurtuuates in
town. Music anil cards was the program and everybody had a pleasant
The reporta are to the effect that the
exhibits in all tbe departments at lhe
Spokane Interstate Pair this year will
eicell those of past years nud ti.nt the
buildiug and tenia will be ciuwtttd to
the utmost capacity, wlnle lhe stock
sheds will be over run.
Mrs, Dr. Rivers, late of Crtditon,
Out.'at present visiting at bei brothus
Messrs. W. D. aud Norman Hill of this
town, sang that magnificent silo, "The
Holy City" to a larj,e congregultou iu
the Methodist church last Sauuay evening,    Tbe song was splendidly rendered.
Harry Nevin captured the athletic
honors at Frank last week. He won the
100 yard foot race, and enough of tbe
other events to win for him a hainl-omt*
gold medal, besides other prizes. Wheu
it comes to font racing they will hr-'e to
get a mountdiu goat to beat blm.
Next Sunday is Rally Day in tbe
Methodist church Sunday school. All
the pupils of the school past aud present
with the parents are cordially invited.
The pastor preaches especially to young
folks at 11 a.m. Au Interesriug programme will be giveu iu tne afternoon
at 3 o'clock and special Evangelistic
service at 7:30.
A very pleaiant party was given at the
home of 0. N.-vin last ruursUny evening, the occasion being the first anniversary of the marriage of Mi, and Mrs. J,
H. Scott. About foity friends of the
young couple were present, and the
evening was spent in progressive pedro,
songs, recitations and similar forms of
amusement. A magnificent repast was
served, and before the guests departed
many were the good wishes ey pressed
for the happines and prosperity of Mr,
and Mrs. Scott.	
About Jim's Book.
New Denver Ledge : A genius or a
prophet are seldom appreciated in tbelr
own country, Bret Harte la the only
genius of lettera tbat California has
ever produced, and yet bis works tbat
have done so much for tbat state, are
more valued abroad.
Jim Wardner is known all over the
west, and once wrote a book, just one.
He also found that be was appreciated
more abroad than around home, for Jim
sold 6 000 copies In Kugland and only
4,000 In America. He also discovered
that a man might be a Napolean In
booming real estate and mining camps,
and only be simple country rock when
It pomes to prospecting tbe literary
formation. Charles King, the well-
known and prolific writer of atorlea in
blue, told Jim that he sbould have had
love In bis book, and offered some day
tore-write it and, making Tough-Nut
Jack tbe central figure, be would weave
around him a web of love and romance
that would simply touch the calloused
heart of the world and cause tbe tears
to ll iw down Its face like water from a
wet tunnel. Knowing Tough-Nut 1 can
Imagine what a hero he would be In a
love role. Simply delightful. If King
sbould ever undertake to make a love
story out of Wanlncr'a book I can furnish him wltb a few characters to
round out the plot. Dick Sbea, for Instance. Wflat a bold figure! How
brightly he would sblne In a literary
bla/3 If h • life were told from tbe day
he had the rheumatism In New Denver
until a naughty girt touched him for bis
diamonds Id Spokane.
Then there Is Red Paddy, Sl Johns,
Nelse Demars. Wntsky Bill, Salmon-
Faced Dan, Stud Williams, Kettle Belly
Brown, and a score of others. If King
could put tbem all In a jick-pot of literary production as lovers, tender, strong
and handsome, what a mint tbe book
would be. Wilb Jim Wardner's name
signed to It, it would simply break the
earth and exhaust tbe world's supply of
Why Vou Should Buy "Fair Play" Chewing
Bkcausk it la the best quality,
Bkcausk it is the most lasting chew.
Bkcausk it is the largest high grade 5 or
mc plug.
Bkcausk the tags are valuable for premiums Until January ist, 1904.
Bkcausk we guarantee every plug, and
Bkcausk your dealer is authorized to refund your money if yon are not satisfied.
The Empire Tobacco Co., Ltd
Excitement Still Prevails at
I The Big Store
In our Men's department new goods are arriving; every week
so that our stock is becoming; more complete every day. It
will pay you to inspect our {roods before purchasing-.
This week we received a large shipment of Glassware and
Chamber Sets which we will sell at close margins.
Our stock of Groceries is always fresh and clean.
J. P. FINK, manager.
We are agent for the best.
Come in and hear a few
of the very latest records.
BEATTIE'S druo and stationery store
Mail Orders Dispatched Quickly.
Fresh Beef, Pork-
Mutton, etc.^^t^
Pork Sausage, Poultry, Fish and
Qame in Season.
Just a little worn, ehl What you need is a new suit. One
thai will wear, une that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
All kinds and superior quality. Our
Apples and Plums cannot be equalled
in town and the prices are right. Don't
think of preserving until you inspect
our stock.
Just Arrived, Our Fall and Winter Stock of
Also Fine Line Overcoatings       SERGES,
McSWEYN & GRIFFITH,   «*— block
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  1 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00
Usher's 0*fl Vatted Glenilvet, per bottle  1 75
John Dcwar's Special, per bottle - I 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts* 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle - 2 50
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle  I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints  I 00
Bass Ale, pints ,  35
Guinness* Stout _ 35


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