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Cranbrook Herald Mar 16, 1905

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 MAR 20 1905      5}
rilANlIROOK,   BKlTISII   COLUMBIA,   Till I1S1IAV,   MAUCI1    16.   1005
NUMBER   ."•!
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Oro, a. Cox. President. D. B. Wai.ekr, Oui. Man.
Paid Up   Capital     SrUM.MS.lt
Ke.l          J.SM.SMIW
Tout RensrcssNsv, .10.'».        ui.ihmi.uuouu
Deposits Received;   (ieneral Hanking Business Transacted
SAVIN08 BANK lllil'AUlnl'Nl   llasssltl ttcelvid- latere.. Allowed.
UANKI.Nil HY Mill.   I)„ Iujiiiiiv ui.lo ami withdrawn by mall.
Oul >.( ,..,i„ norvMtnu,rociiivo ovury an..uii.ni. I'oiniiiimiuutlons adilressud
i.i tin. manager nl tlio Oranlirnitk Iimiiuli will n iva in «t atloittloti.
^. >...........,.. ..4 ...............<..«.<<<< a.ssstij,
5 Capital, Paid Up $3,000,000 S
* Rest $3,000,000 J
_ T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R, Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
J A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- jj
<• ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
5 attention to collections. I. F. M. P1NKHAM, Manager.     $
*Ii b^hm = ti?
{ Wl,,-,, ymi |,uriliasi'ii Iiiui,'yon iviint il'.ritilil.   It must isj
♦ suit ilu'1,,','nsiiin ntul pletisi, the i'i'i'i|ii,',it.   Hero you ♦Si
> will Iimi ill,' ri|rlti rini; fur nny occasion   any ttiste, 4.9*
I    At a Fair Profit    if
> When we reeoiiiineitil stonesbii.si.'ltintr you ean rely up- #
a, on theii'worth nntl value,   Our tlesinns are the newest 4
jiriHliif-linns of lln* best rin^lliaki'i's.
W. H. WM.SON    11
The  greatest opportunity j
of the age. I
International Coal !
Now is your opportunity, prices on 1
the rise. •
I                   «* I
I                     Houses to rent nnd [»r sale. |
A Good Watch
nm im held lip Ito the insi>oe
11 f i'ii'i'i..iii'.    We cull put
mans In  llii'  Mi,,, 1:1 lili,ill.
N I'm We ltnie two uii'ii from llto
I'iiiiiuIImi ll.,r..l.,e.i,'.,l Inatitilln
n.,rl,iim   In   our   I'sliilillsliiut'iil.
Dili,'in! W,1I1I1 l„-ip.'.'l,,r. I'rniiri Nest I'nss Division, t'. P. It.
^-•-. |..«..•■.•..•..•..•-.»..•..#. f ..••■•-••«4-.«.•*■••'••' <•>
This is the
that stood the test
old man Simpson's
recent off spell
of weather
,.. 1 ..«■ ^ -•■.•-•-•»•-*-*»•..«.. i «..» , f*P
Means Much For Cranbrook
Construction of the Corbin Ro^d
Is Now Assured
It Will Make Cranbrook An Important R-aJl-
wa.y Centre
No Other Outside Move Could Mean as Much
For This Town
The Herald has maintained from
the inception ol lhe idea that 'he
building ol tlie Corbln road to connect Spokane with the Crows Nest
branch al Yahk would mean mtiJ.i
lor the town of Cranbrook. For the
past year there has been considerable
said about ihis projected Hue, but
nothing ol an .uitlioritive nature,
since 1). C, Corbin, the promoter, is
a man of few words until he is leady
lo act. That time has now come and
-Mr. Corbin, who lias jusl returned
irom uu hurried visit to Kuropo,
1 feely announces that tht* money is .ill
ready for construction ami that iwocit
will be inaugural*--.! wltltln two or
throo weeks. Corps ol /surveyors urc
already out on the proposed Hue and
headquarters have been established at
Spokane with every facility to carry
forward the work as rapidly as possible. Mr. Corbin savs that the whole
line frum Spokane io the boundary
will be completed and ready for operation within fifteen months, The C.
1*. It. will commence work within a
short time In build Iheir part of lhe
road, about twelve miles, from Yahk
to llie boundary, where il will meet
the Corbin road.
The fact ihat this new connection
will give the people ol Spokane the
shorttsi line in Si. I'aul, means at
the start ihat it will become .. lift
important factor in transcontlne.'iLul
traltic as soon as il is ready for l.u.s-
iness, anil that in consequence of ihts
fart Cranbrook will become an Important point on this road, ll will
be possible for a person to leave
Spokane and reach Cranbrook "wl tit In
six hours after this line is iu operation. That- means thai Cranhr >ok
will be the gateway to Kasl Kootenay for the people of lhe Notihwesi-
'lii States, and will he one of lhe
if the mosl Important divisional
points iiulhe lines. As soon as Wai-
oyer the new line is fully established ilure will nu doubt i,v a through
dain run Iiom Si. Paul and Minneapolis over the Sou line t*brough Cranbrook to Spokane. There is no .-sii-
mattng the benefits 16 be detiwd
Irom this change by Cranbrook. li
will make tlio lown a railway center
in fact as well a.s in name, since il
will mean that any olhi-r i,....l lU.it is
built iu this distnei iu the fuluve
in list have connection with Cranhrook
protect ttsell on'the through business.
The buildlhg ul 'he Corbln uu.d
■pens to lhe people nf Cranbrook• a
,i'w bra of prnspeiily. and lhe ller-
,M feels safe in making the prophecy
hai within three year'! alter ftvik
-starts nn this road Cranbrook will
have at Ipafct 6,000 people with a gond
chance for many more thousands.
If mil thli) year, llieie is no, question <if a dmilit Ihat next year will
see ilm inauguration of work on the
Kootenay Contra! .unl thai toad will
have direct connection wiih Cranhrook, In adiHlou to lliis the lime
is nnt fm distant when a road will
be built up the Sl. Marys valley, and
ibis mail must necessarily branch out
from Craiibrook, To even lhe novice
the development i.l* u new country
ami  Ihe influence oi railways iu    the
phuiUiug of communings, It is patent Hint Cranlirnok is destined to
have a most satisfactory ami "ftplll
growth. The location of lhe lown is
peculiarly advantageous fur this advancement, ami with the construction
of Um- railroads in tlie nexl few years
Cranhrook will lake rapid hIrides forward.
"1 shall build lhe Spokane Interna-
DEATH i)V •'■ «■ ROBINSON, .-JR.
The. fo!'owing is an obituary of J,
\V. Uobinson, of Prince Kdwards Island, father of J. W. Uobinson of the
Unbinsnn-McKen/.ie Lumber company,
taker, from the Charlottetown I'at-
riot of February lfi:
"Wo deeply regret to learn ol the
death of Mr. John W. 'Robinson, ono
of the most respected and widely
known residents of Brackley Point.
He was a son of the late Mr. Joint
Uobinson, one ot the earliest settlers
iu Charlottetown. After spending his
boyhood here he removed to Robinson's Island, where he farmed tor
quite n number of years, and from
whom the island derived its name.
At the time of his death he still
owned,   co-jointly  with his brother,
tlonal 'n a connection with lhe Canadian Pacific railroad at the international boundary, ami build it righl
away,'' said 1). P. Corbln, who returned Tuesday from New York mnl
Europe to a representative of U.c
"I am going lo huil.l a line lo do
business on, and 1 shall make o roal
first class iu all respects. The Canadian Pacific management has -.,i.. i
orders [nr the Immediate construction
of its pari of tlie road down lo a
connection with our road al tho International boundary.
"We have entered into a 50    via*.
traffic agreement   with  the Caqadia.il
Pacific miller terms which rendcy;   it
impossible that ihe Spokane liiiVriu-
tional shall ever pass lo any    other
control  than lhe Canadian Pacific.
|    "Tlie bond issue ol $4,000,000 is all
subscribed.  Three million dollars   of
i the bonds were subscribed by six nie:i
iu equal amounts,  1 have overfilling
I arranged   financially   and   nihcrw U?,
and would not starl const nut inn i n-
less I did have."
"When do you expect to start construction?
•'Just as quickly as I cau got nt
ii. I have now three engineering oar*
ties in tile field; another will start in
a day or two, anil still another nexl
week. To facilitate operations I lul
probably have seven engineering p.n*-
ties iu the field, working all along the
line from   Spokane lo lhe h ula.y
Tlie work is to make the ileliniif location of the road, as a UP'Qfi01 "'
preliminary surveys liave previously
been made.
"I have !■:. .1, Roberts with mc. lie
will have charge ot tin' construction
of the road. K. ti. Taber, whn was
for several years with mu on lhc
Spokane Kails & Northern will be
duel engineer. There will lie lu ;r
li men in each ol the surveying inr
lies. This work Will bo .lone will)
care, as we must have a Hrsl doss
mail. We shall soon have pans ti
the line located sn tint men ''.in he
put lu work at construction. I shall
lose no lime, hut build the road as
quickly as 1 can. Nothing is save.l
hy dragging along. I have competent
men, just as eompeieni as I know uf,
ami ihat is a good deal, I tell you.''
" Will the construction wmk he
started by early summer.'''
"Ub, before then. 1 should Miiuk
that we ought lo begin construction
in Ihf course of three weeks. Wn
shall probably begin construction on
the upper end of the line."
"Have the rails been ordered?"
"Nol yel, but 1 shall order them
shortly. My locomotives and cars lor
work '-oh construction I shall expect
hcre;br July—jusl its quickly as 1 can
get them."
Mr. -Corbin indicated that he would
not ask the citizens of Spokane to
donnle a right of way into the city.
"I had expected," be said, "that
the people here would feel like ;>io-
viding a right of way into the loWit,
hut ii they are not disposed in In it,
1 shall do il myself, and nnt a Mel
al nil hurt over lhe matter. Wo nre
going tn build this road and a mailer
nf $75,000 or $10tf)4j00 is um worth
delaying over. The (act is, 1 am a
poor sort nl a beggar, anyhow, ; i d
have a strong disinclination against
pestering people for donations."
"Have ynu .'.elect ed ynui loi inl-
"No ihe terminal grounds are ioi
definitely Ineated. The fact that I
may bave bought real estate iu certain localities cuts no figure, for lie
reason that I am iu a position in lo-
Mr. Peter Windover Robinson, this
island situated in Rusiico harbor.
About forty years ago he removed to
Rracklcy Point, where he farmed up
lo the time of his demise. Mr. Robinson bad reached the advanced age
of four .score and one years. He was
a fine type of the good old ISliglish
gentleman.   During his residence    in
, this thriving section of the island he
was known, not only iu his own district but in adjacent disliicls and in
town, a.s a man worthy of the high
esteem in which he was held, lu |'Ol-
itics ho was one of ihe slattnchest
Liberals In the province, antl although
in ailing health at the last provincial
election he polled votes in three dis-
' Uriels, namely: Brackley Point, iVest,
River,   and   Charlottetown.     In ie-
caifl the terminals at the mosl ed-
Ivantageous point, ami regard any p>i-
ohascs I have made of Spokane real
!estate as a good investment, 'lhc
building of this road, iu my judgment
means a great deal for Spokane, and
11 ihe terminals should he located
! elsewhere 1 expect lo make a ijond
'profit mi all real estate 1 now hold."
' Mr. Corbln is in excellent health
-and vigor, and while he is nol a (c-
! niniistialivc man, il is evident ih.it
ihe is iiiihusiatic over his great enterprise and lhc prospects for ^|. ik-
aue ami lhe Pacific northwest,
"1 was pleased in come home tu
Spokane," lie said. 'Wiih the oxcep-
lKin nf m nr 11 days I h.r.e been
I'uiisiiinily un the go sue-v I.u;l November, and il SeoiUfl (jood I■■ ..me
home Inr a little rest. I like '.he
climate, the country and the town
land never before has the in tin,' ,' the
city appeared to mc so bright an .-i
together hopeful.*'
Spokesmnii-Revlew; Sir Thomas (i.
shiiu^hnessy, president of the Canadian Pacific, was wired yesterday for
details iu the construction ami 'iuau-
eing of I). C. Corbin's Spokane International railroad, antl for proposed
Improvements on the Crows Nesi
biatich or the C. P. R., with which it
wiil connect. He replied "1 must u-
fer ymi iu Mr. Corbln fur informa*
Hofi aluuit all mailers cniiueetitl v ;*'h
the finances ami construction uf lhc
railway from Spokane tn lho In* t-
national boundary, where it is proposed tn connect with our line. Crows
.Nest grades, excepting for a *hurt
distance where line was alfecled iy
iht' Frank slide, are most favorable
nu mountainous country. Lino i;l-
.w.us bcliig Improved."
Since it has developed that the new
road, via the C. P. R. and the Sr.o
line, will he 11 miles shorter in St.
Paul than lhe (ileal Northern and 35
miles shorter than the Northern Pacific, ihe matter of grades over the
Rocky mountains becomes nf 'Hal
Importance, especially in the shipping
ni rreight
The highesl point on the Northern
Pacific is llnmestake, Montana, MOO
feet   aliuve   tlie level   nf  lhe sea.    Fot*
a luijjj; stretch through Montana the
road is above 5000 feel iu altitude,
and at the Mllllan tunnel and ihe
Bozcman tunnel iis altitude is Tiim
feet. Ils maximum grade is i.i pel
cent, of whieh there are several in ils
mountain divisions.
The highest point nf the (irent ! . r-
therii is at Summit, Montana, ■"> !)U
feet high. The grade nn iis west
slope is 1.8 per cent, ami on its ,'a-.i
slope is one per tent.
The chief engineer nf tbe I' P. i{. al
Winnipeg was wired for ri^tiics ne ific
Crows Nest Pass and F. F. BiHtl-l
replied, "Crows Nesl Pass is 111
feet 'high ami has a ono per eenl
Bonuor'S Ferry,   Idaho,  M,m,,  !- -
A party nf 13 suncyois r...- i)h. spu-
kaiie  ,v     Iiiterimlinuil   railway  thine
io lb rs   Ferry yesterday,    Hi. v
thev hired teams tu haul iheir outqi
to Moyie Falls, where they will i«i»ki*
camp. More men ale expeet.-d (0 join
lhe outfit this week. There weiv (*, ,,
large wagon loads uf camp material.
That Shoe Sale
advertised in The
Herald last week
was such a success we have decided to put another line on sale
Saturday of this
The line we will offer this week is
a Heavy Working Man's Shoe, regular
price $2.75; saleprice will te ?2.C0.
If you were not fortunate enough to get
in on the sale last Saturday it will pay
you to arrange so you will not miss this
Geo. A. Slater is a practical shoe
maker and watches his business from
buying the hides to the finish of the
shoe. The result is he guarantees
every pair he makes to give satisfaction
,lHlliJ i iilHIlMllilll),
ir? "*
1'   111. l,!il',-,i,iM Ul. n. Iliwt.   *
* ...THE... *
* a.
I  flcDonald  _
* = *
»        tt
I Simpson Co.!
| CALGARY      I
; Ullioltsal* Commission   *
| nierci»ai«$         |
I mi niftMilsctitreiY Agents *
„ . - -.           *
_  - *
S AQENCIcS:              J
I The Wapclla Roller Mills        *
J Tlm Lltimdcn Holler Mills        *
J The Bradwardinc Koller Mills     J
J Naishill A Company Slock Food   *
J The Moyie Lumber and Milling Co. *
J Lever Urns., •• Sunlight Soap"    *
J The  " Arminir "  Limiled       *
J The Vojel I'atlinj! Co.          |
5 The Kene Cigar Co.            J
I Vienna I'liml Co.              J
* *
li(ri.iii lir was a Presbyterian, anil l'i
dally walk anil conversation markc,
the upright man. Tlie family li'it
iniiiiin, consisting ol soven ilaiijiliia
an.l four sons, are: Ill's. II. I.. If,.,
per, of this cily, Mrs. Oliver Wa
I iiii. .Mrs. Frederick Proud, No
j liivcr; Mrs. skcfliiifitou ami Mr,
Ilealli in tin, Vniicil Stales,
' Misses Emma anil Ida at liunu
.laiiios and John at Cranbrook,
I'., nnd Neil and Cleaver on tha home
stead, four arc dead, Hum dauc
tors and une son—alt ivere grown
.when they died, Mr. Robinson va
. twice married, lirst to Miss Shaw, ,
llrili'kl.-y Point, uml l|i,.„ ,„ Mi-
MiT,„r,' of Cavendish, both of ,vii-,i
lircilcceased him. To Hie bereaved v
tenilci our sincere sympathy.'!
The builtlinf; formerly oc-
by The Herald on Armstrong Avenue
Big Book and Drug Store '
We desire to thank
the people of Cranbrook for their kind
consideration while
we were moving to
our new quarters.
In two or three days. ][
days we will be in j
better shape  than
ever  to meet the
,i demands of the peo- n
] i pie.   Our stock is J [
" being increased and'] [
goods are being put
into place.
nro mom fall)
matured liuin those dapan.
Thfl farmer lut* rniaiith le
Wmi   Willi  "Ait
nnt   trualliiB n. i C mdl
ili'-ii|i,>i'rlTili'vnli>i,oil BSedl
ail ih
Don'tdclav. A tH-KtBl curd will brirnR foil Information n nd law) llloBt nit.'il oalido tuo I.
DENVFKbRtD & FLOBALCOi.L'fnvrr, Colo.
7 Big Book and Drug Store THE   CllANMtOOK   llEKALD
By Th« Herald Publishing Company.
till lui   and   Mdtiagcl.
orth-IM) tt M*'i    l""s
eiy man who holds a position. There
are good times ahead for Cranhrook,
and it behooves every icsident of -Le
town to get in line
The exhibition at New Westminster
this year will be worth seeing, as the
management will spend a pile ol mon-
v tu make it the best ever seen   in
In- 1'iiiviuee.
111 NIU
TtW lK-r.il: in U
wtilj %m.   No uian i" ^"i
v*Ii tttti'f-l    to    l»**    rtl! llllll
llTiug ontatdi ol tlm ,ti-t IL
i u the iirutrn*-* of thla Mel
It pabBahw taeoewi white u »mwi   ii
voiitrollea abiolutelj bj the puuliabM
uhiiut. party or Individual dletata It poll;
It don't tr> to plea* tl"* peopto     I' idei
it to publUb 11 uewipapertlml irtUlwa if
to tlit. cummuiiilv.   Si'tnl  m  your lUUWt
tion aud and jfoii «'li ,«* thankful ever atl
AdTtrtUlng ratM Si pw Inch,rdngn •<
tiutu, i>cr month, uo mora and uu low
lUadlngmatter 18 uantu per llueuim
•dVertUenj lOwnti per linn to regular*
ifrtlHn    Uutlaeu Jucnla Uweenti perl
in-li ttiffi'ium
|t jroa deaire to reach thu pwipl* oldoi
But Kooieim.v you mual tulvt*rii«* iu 1
The Herald boa u liwU'liuu juhpluat.ii
luworkliol tbe beet, Thu Herald do
■rant charity, li wante » aquaru deal on
your Job work. If w.'i'iiu'i miii youinquai-
Ity add price, kick, and aond your w-urk to
torn* Cheap John houao In thu i'hhi that never apeiiiln u -'.'nt hi lYnnhntok
Within two years time Cranbrook
will have a fine Dominion building
aud new provincial buildings Ihal \illl
be a credit to the town
If the McBride government, or any
other governmenl attempts to give
land or cash subsidies i.u   tho lon-
struotlon   of   railways in this irov-
knee tbey will hear a bowl Ihat will
be heard Irotn Crows Nest tu Victoria.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier made* h'g mi>-
uke when he embodied in the .ui.r
uomy bill a clause that would facco
upon the people of the new provinces
separata schools. Church and stale
should be forever .separated in Can*
ada, and the new provinces should
have the right and privilege to settle such questions lor themselves.
A live board of trade will be wortl
a lot of money io Cranbrook and tin
people of this town. If yon are not a
member of the board you should l.e
The time to joia is now. There will
be a lot doing here during the next
two years and the time to drill
this summer,
uet and Cranbrook, and can say that
more honest man never drew the
breath of lite. He was generous, in
misfortune he was uncomplaining,
and in prosperity he was the same
genial, friendly gentleman. He made
few friends, but those who knew htm
well admired his many sterling qualities.
Mr. Mt-Auhur, who has had ehargi
of the store during Mr. Sage's ill
ui'ss,     will   remain there until some
Theloss of the tipple and the machinery at the Fernie coal mine will
be a Joss tu the company ami the
lown, due to a partial closing lown
of the property until the repairs ate
made. Fernie has had her share ol
misfortune, hut the people are made
ot lhe righl stuff, and come out of
every trouble smiling and ready to
make success out of any failure on
The Herald is uot
t booster,
oiner.  It is
Cranbrook needs a boostel club.
When men come Irom Spokane to
secure options on business property in
Cranbrook it looks as if they appreciated the value of the Corbln road
to this town.
When one reads of the thousands 1 .lied in the conflict between the Russian
and Japanese armies they can readily
believe the statement made by General Sherman that "War IsHell."
The Herald will pay a live dollar
note lor the best answer to the ipics-
tion: "What is the matter with liiit-
wb Columbia'.'" This is a province
that should be ome of lhe most prosperous in the Dominion. Hul it is
not.   Today it is virtually bankrupt.
The government are scheming light
and day In make hoth ends nert.
There is something radically wron-r.
What i.s It? That is what the Herald would like to know. Any communication will receive due consideration and be published if the language
is couched iu the proper terms.
The work of cleaning out the town
of pimps and hop fiends should go i n.
It is said that regular opium joints
are run in the town antl that they are
patronized by white men and women
regularly. It is an easy matter to
atop that kind of a thing. Two policemen and a big olub will do wonders
in * work of this kind. Cranbrook
should not harbor characters ol this
kiwi. Clean them out the same as
you would clean out vermin. Thoy
are a curse to the community. Melp
Constable Morris in his work. It Is
to tbe interest of every other element
that this class should be forced lu
The will of Leroy Sage is the lirst
bequest In Cranbrook for public charity. Mr. Sage was a man with a lug
heart during life, and he desired to
do what be could with Ins property
for the alleviation of dUiress. His
will provided ihat his just dehls
■hould be paid and that what was left
oi his property should be held in trust
for the benefit of the deserving needy
Mr. Sage at the time of his death
was not a rich man, but he had his
store property and a stock of goods
worth some money. The Herald trusts
that the sum thus contributed by Mr.
Sage may be the means of ,!oing
good. if so his soul will rest in
peace, for his great desire to do \_ooA
will meet with fulfillment.
The Herald has one desire, and one
hope, and that is the advancement of
Cranbrook and South East Knotem.7.
The meeting of the board ..f trade
last evening is an augury of better
times in Cranbrook. It gave evidence
of increased interest in the alT-iirs of
the town. The Herald wants tu see
meetings of the board attended by
•very property owner in town ami iv-
Victoria Times*. The government is
still fciiippling wiih the question of
railway legislation, it is safe to say
however, tliat a solution is no nea'f
than it was this time week. In fact
there are reasons for believing that
lhe premier is more perplexed .*0W
over the quest ion than he was a week
A caucus was held Monday night,
and the Conservative members will iin
into consultation again this evcni.ijj
in the hope ol arriving at a settlement, While the announcement is generally made that there will have to
be some railway legislation introduced, some government supporters de
spair of reaching a decision. The various elements will not agree upon
any line of action.
F. M. Holland is still pressing ff r
recognition for ai least fill miles of
his Kettle Valley line to Franklyn
camp. Several members who are in
teres tod in the building ol a Coast
Kootenay line seem prepared lo saw
the rival Coast-Kootenay lines,
oil on this, and consequent ly McLean
Hros. and John Hendry, representing
somewhat less active.
Mr. Pollen, of the Kootenay Central, who has secured the necessary
capital for the Kootenay Central, is
yet in the cily urging the claims of
his line to some aid, either by
guarantee or laud grant.
0. W. I). Clifford's pet scheme, the
Pacific Northern A Umitieea, is ;.lso
asking for recognition. This line Is
now prepared to transform the $5,000
a mile grant into a laud subsidy. For
the 150 miles from Kitiinaat to Ha*
zleton there is asked 15,000 acres
mile. In accepting this the company
agrees to begin work by June, and to
have the line complete in two year
Furthermore the land within the
grant is to be open to settlement on
the very same terms as government
land is pre-empted. The laud is lot
to be exempt from any taxation, now
The Grand Trunk Pacific officials
are also said lo have become more
pressing for a decision as to whether
their company is to get a land giant
J, S. Dennis, of the C. P. It., has
spent several days in the city endeavoring to arrive at a settlement
with respect to the land grant to the
Columbia A Western line. Mr. Don
nis wants land to take the place ol
the blocks cancelled by the famuli:
bill 10, introduced by Col. Prior':
government. According to the terms
of the agreement between the comp.
uy aud the government the section of
tin- road from Midway to Pen tic ion
was to be built before the land grant
should he made for the section built
to Midway. This was over-ridden
when blocks 4503 and -150-1 were given. The C. P. H., it is said, demand
that a settlement shall be made
some manner by the government. Regular conferences have been held with
the premier in arriving at some
On the 9th of this month, at the
hospital in Spokane, Leroy Sage, of
Cranbrook, died of liver complaint,
after a lingering illness of four
months. The remains were brought
back to Cranbrook on Tuesday by
James Greer, who went to Spokane
for that purpose, and rthe funeral was
held Tuesday afternoon at the late
residence of tbe deceased, at 4 o'clock
Hev. Thompson, of the Methodist
church, officiating. The services were
brief and were attended by many of
the friends ol the deceased. Tbe remains were interred in the Cranbrook
cemetery. J. Manning, J. P. Fink,
W. T. Keid, F. Godderies, F. E.
Simpson and G. H. Hremner acted as
pall hearers.
Leroy Sage was a Cranbrook pioneer. He was born in Kentucky
about 50 years ago and aside from a
sister, whom he had not seen for over
twenty years, he had mi close relatives. He moved from Montana to
Wardner in the early days of that
town and had a hard struggle there
for a year or more. Finally he got
on his feet and from that time to his
death he prospered. When Cranbrook
was giving promise oi being a town
Mr, Sage came here and built the
building in which he carried on bis
business up to the last. Starting in
modestly in a few years he carried
quite a large stock and had worked up a big business in the secondhand    line,
other arrangements are made
all  probability permanently.
aud in
Vancouver Advertiser: The eoiigic-1
gallon of Holy Trinity church, Eighth
".venue, Faiiview, tendered a reception last tiiglit to Rev. Mavelock
Beacham, 11. A., the new vicar ol the
hurch. There was a large attendance and a very pleasant lime was
pent. During the evening a
hoit programme was rendered wid
addresses were made by Rev, J. A11-
tle, former wear nl llie ehincll, Itov,
Knox Wright and Rev. 11. Beacham.
At the conclusion refreshments wore
served by the ladies of the eungrega-
The new vicar assumed charge of
the parish on Sunday. Mr. Beacham is an honor graduate of Manitoba
University and bears a high reputation as a preacher and parish worker.
The parish of Holy Trinity i.s growing very rapidly and it may be ns-
sumedthat under the new incumbency
it will soon take its place among the
leading parishes of lhe city.
lu another column will be found
the forty-fifth annual report of the
above well known company, who are
represented in this town by Messrs.
Arnold A- Roberts. As the president
remarks, ii is a pleasure to Know
that, notwithstanding the severe losses sustained by the Toronto fire of
April last year, oecuring as it did in
the home ol the company itself, and
being a company capitalized principally by Toronto business men. ont
can readily understand that in u
place in the Dominion could tbe com
patiy have received a harder test of il;
financial standing. This company 1 an
proudly boast It met all claims
promptly without       Jiavjng    tp
sell a debenture, realize on a noil
grtge, call ou extra capital or borrow
a dollar.
This speaks volumes for the company's sound financial management and
is encouraging for those who support
Canadian tire insurance companies
and believe in Canada for Canadians
Dezall Brothers     i
Blacksmiths \
Horse Shoeing 1
Carriage Repairing anil       «
(ieneral Jobbing.... J
tumid. Orders t-rooipll) .
A.ttadn, ,0. *
I'ormcrly hotel l'halr
NELSN,  li. C.
It. TOrtPKINS, Malinger.
riiis hotel in ono of tho besl in
Hritisli <\ iluuil tin uud up-tut Inula uverj respect. Wi-ll lighted
H-iiiipli' rooinu.
Club Restaurant
Opposite Imperial Hotel
Armstrong Avcnve
....THE SEW....
el r-h and deiorlptlon mai
niiinitiit fri
  ...liinW*' iinieii^ble.  -.
iumHnivU'tis'i-"iiiifi*J'iiiai.HANDBOOK <*£•*£>*•
nvortf* (Wifiliii*. «■•'telfh ind desert jitlnti mrtf
--.mt aawwili pur opinion free whether an
liitfoiiii.iii ih prulinl-ly l-MiiijiiitaU;.   * uwniutilea-
■enifree. Oi,ii'«,i hi*i*mi\i-        ;>,<uriiiKp-ueiiti.
Paienti taken turougn Hutra a Co. tt    ~
tjtt-clul tinftot, without churns, In tlio
Ou March 2nd a lodge of the above
order was organized (n CranbiQiik,
aud on Monday evening last a mealing was held at which it was decided
lo rent the hall over Patmore lius
store for regular meetings. A large
number have handed in their names
as members aud the organization Is
in a flourishing condition. The following are the officers elected:
Chief Templar, It- A. Macconnell.
Vice Templar, Mrs. \V. O. W. Fortune.
Chaplain, James Lancaster.
Financial Secretary, Mr. Nobles.
Treasurer, Miss Port.
Marshall, 11. llobbius.
Deputy Marshal, Miss Burgolue.
Guard, W. V. Jackson.
Past Chief Templar, Rev. S . J.
Super in tendon t Juveniles, Rev. .1.
L. Sloat.
Lodge Deputy, Mr. Nobles.
Trustees, Messrs. Short, Nobles at d
Secretary, L. A. Flnnis.
Victoria, March l.l.-The latest is
that the province is to be divided in
to two preserves for the benefit of tho
C. P. K. and the G. T. P., and in
return these two great corporation:
arcto keep the McBride government in
power. The C, P. R. is to be aided
with cash bonuses for building feeders between the international boundary line and the 51st parallel. All
above the 51st parallel is to be Grand
Trunk Pacific preserve, and the aid
for building the railways i.s to be in
the shape of land grants.
It is framed up that the McBride
partywill go lo the country on this
as a policv, and that the two railways will (iirnisb tbe campaign fund.
The game hill was in commute today, an.l went through without material amendment.-).
Scientific American.
' llluitraled week If.   I.ni-iimi oil
,y ■lieiitlUi: Journal,    Titiiib. 13 i
mtbi,|l. Sold brill tie wide-Urn.
Cadbury's j
Fancy Box Chocolates      ■ ;
al the Candy Kitchen
AlBoRobeiUon i Lfaiy'slmth
in boxes mul in bulk    We ImvH ovi*r
1 '■„■ tun*- rn ' 't.nli*'*i nn.l iinn-i' ,m ilu*
way, Tiiui ini'iiiit. -.uii.- I Ji. kiti.li i,,
fuitlmu. dLi; OL'll 25c MIXTCRK
(t.t tint rHi'latmna trail-: ns gnnil nn
nm eouj.l bnv in Toronto, 3|>ei'lni
uu. nl ion (tlvi-n to uiuil orders.
•     -   Q. .»' TISOALE.
We have been in llm huslneas for
several years nnd our business i*» increasing. Thai shows Wt* UlVfi SAT-
ISPACTI0N. We have one of ihe best
equipments in B. C. and we attend
strictly to hupinesa.
When ymi watii ii moved see iis-.
Wi- make it tt specially nnd have n
piano mover and can do llie work
without risk. Also household furniture.
Perry & Fitzgerald
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
Olfkc opputdle C. P. K. 'PHONE: 63
Winnipeg, March 11.-Walter de-
Groovy, a civil engineer, employed
latterly by the C N. R. land department, wa«! found dead in lhe basement,
if the Winnipeg hotel yesterday. t)e-
ceasod was unmarried. Ile was '.'-H
years ol age and was a son of the
late Mr. McGreevy of Quebec.
Walter McGreevy was connected
with the surveying corps on eonstr c-
tion of the Crow under Mr. Gord in,
with headquarters at Wardner. Aft;*-
ward he was stationed at Cranbrook
for a year or more and then went
west. He wilt be remembered by
the old timers of those days.
To "make good" in emergencies Hie
furnace man must be acquainted with
, widely varying conditions when
and at the lime of his heating apparatus is Installed. We
death had amassed quite a competen- nftVt' ™pn "brought up" in the busi-
cy. Having no relatives he left a "eHS antl ur",(,rjitan<1 # thoroughly,
will providing that all of his deb' 1 atmme Um,
should be paid and that all that was
left should be held in reserve to be
given to any of the deserving needy
J, A. Harvey, James Greer and G,
II. Thompson were named as executors of the will,
i'he  writer had known the deceased
Steady ringing of the bell, lire
down town district.
Ringing of the bell with a break
three strokes of the lolling hammer,  south
lire on the hill. .chains to point of'commencement
inv .w-arit* oiirM vat.r*   hntu i* vj .a      F.lve strok«s ol the tolling hammer,     Dated 9th January,  1905.
for nearly eight years, both in Ward- call for practice. I   «-5t D. McArthur,
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after date C. M. Edwards will
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works, Victoria, for permission to purchase the following
scribed land in South Kast Kootenay
Commencing 10 chains cast of the
Moyie river, on the international
boundary line, thence 40 chains west,
thence 40 chains north, thence 30
east, more or less, lo the western
boundary of Ed Covell's pre-emption,
thence southerly folluwing said western boundary to southwest corner,
thoncc 10 chains east, thenoe 10
chains south, more or less, to point
of commencement.
Dated )»th January, 1905.     44-91
Take notice that thirty days alter
date I intend to apply to the duel
Commissioner uf Lands nud Works
for a twenty-one year lease of vho
following lands in South East Kootenay;
Commencing at mile post ill ou
the cast, side uf C. P. R. Block •1592,
'thence HO chains smith, thence Km
chains oast, theme 165 chains north,
thence 10 elTains east, llience JO
chains north, thence .SO chains cast
thence 20 chains north, thence '10
chains east, thence 'iii chains south,
thence 20 chains east, llience 140
chains north, thence .120 chains west,
nil thenct} 210 chains south to point of
Dated ihis 27 th day of February,
.It George U.  C.  Taylor.
Notice Is hereby given thai thirty
days after date I intend to apply lo
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, Victoria, fot* a special license
to cut and carry away timber from
the following described land in South
East Kootenay District:
Commencing 20 chains east of    the
intersection of the north fork of Ml-
"Ichel creek and the northern boundary
■of Lot 4588, G. 1, thence north   SO
I chains,  thence west 80 chains, thence
80     chains,    thence   east   80
A largo consignment of
Spanish Wines
Port and
Wtiulraalc Mine, I laaari .ml Clt.r.
The Kast Kootenay   Lumber
Co., Limited.
.*.M, Humus ni
Rough and Dressed Lumber and Dimension
Also MOIII.DINQ5 ol all Kinds
OkBSCENT  I.i'la,L Nu. ilif
Cranbruuk, 11. C.
M,rl. _'<,,! »„>!   llll     t'll.'.'ll...    Ill    B   |l.   Ul     .11
I. II. II. t. linil
J. A. .UM.LH. K. .1. 8,
.1. I'. I'h.k ,'. 1'
Vi.lllUK 1,,,-llllrl, l„l,1illll>lli,„.U tU ..I'r. J.
C.aikiiH.1 Los, Uiu llll nl III. I nil.
HrutSerhiMS sl Csrsturr. ssS Juls.i.
•1 ABieri.i.
ri,,. i.i.-hI atMli anr, Prblsj .-.,...,. «.
t.,.. >„. lut'. I.. (I. lmil.
1'l.ililiK .In-IllIan ,',.i-.li.kllj.- ItlVllMl.
J. A. LiNOKVi J   II- Mt UoN.f.r.
Ittv-.s,.,-. PauaraKT
I.O.U.F.     It, III) l«S|t
Nu   ,.'.   Mrrliriii, „.,u
>l.| IllKllt Hi llll-ll I..11 ua
nn.,-, .n.i-,    sojuuilaj
Odd l.lltm.i'ui.11.11, luillr.1.
IH.J, .Muir,.M. IV. ,1   II, I'hiIhii.
1 Hardware....
is the place lo buy    *
your t
Coal Oil  I
Try Pennoline f
We bave a carload oo hand.     Also a carload ol       X
| Cumberland   Blacksmiths'
I has just arrived »
Coal I
9 When You Buy Liquor %
| Buy the Best %
f\\'e nre in let-pipt. of an invoice from the Royal distillery.   It is pure, Ims the tige, unit front a medicinal point is
just the thiii|{.   We sell everything in the liquor aud cigar
m Une.
% Wholesale Dealer In Liquors and Cigars
Spring Suits
are all the rage now at
McSweyn & Griffith
The Leading Tailors
Thirty days after date Iwill apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the foi
lowing described land:
Commencing at a post marked "W
11. Gibson's" and situated about live
miles north of Crows Nest station
and apout, one and one-half miles east
ot the north fork or Michel creek,
from the southeast comer running
80 chains west, thence 80 chains
north, thence 80 chains east, thence
80 chains south to the point of commencement, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Dated March 7th, 1905.
49-5t W. II. Gibson.
Thirty days after date Iwill apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for a special license to tut
and carry away timber from the following described land:
Commencing at a post marked 'W.
11. Gibson's" ami situated uhout five
miles north of Crows Nest station
and about one and one-hall miles east
ol the mirth fork ot Michel creek,
from the southwest corner running Ml
chains east, llience 80 chains north,
thence 80 chains wesl, thence '0
chains south to the point of com-
mcncetuenl, containing 0*10 acres
more or less.
Dated March 7th,  1905.
4»-5t VV. II. Gibson-
"Dixy," Collingwooil" and "May
(lower" mineral claims, situate iu the
Fort Steele Mining Division of Easl
Kootenay district.
Where located: On St, Kugene lllll,
on Moyie Lake.
Take notice that 1, William J.
Langley, free miner's certificate
B73410. acting for myself and
agent lor Jinlson B. Langley, free
miner's certificate B73411, and Andrew J. Devlin, free miner's certificate No, 1173412, inteml sixty days
from dale hereof, to apply to the
mining recorder for a certificate of
Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a crown giant of each of the
above claims.
And further take notice that action
under section 37 must he commenced
before the issuance of such certificate
of improvements.
Dated this 27th day or February,
A.  D.  1905.
49-9t W. J. Langley,
Now riga, grmd driving
uml uit'hllf liorst's ut
reasonable Tate. Our
aim]a ill In- to give good
care to aW horeee at a
Lied with us,
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
Cranbrook Prcsbyterlaa Church.
Sttlitiaib H-rtfle**.: 11 a. m, am! 7.80 i». Hi,
.•inn.in> Si in.1.1 Hti.l uiiil*claw a i», w.
I'lirlMtiuii Ku.lfiivup, TUMHjttJr ft (., ui.
Tlit* public nre uordldlly lufllfd lo rtUeiid
till (llt< III.-'Ill,mp.
I'u-iiui, iv il. w Kuriurn* ti i
 It i.U.
... ir.iu r. ii.
I   tlu'imum
- Cnnbruok Mclhudlil Chunb.
Corntr ul llanwji Avtiivc aaj I uuls Slrccl
Sunday Pervlew:
I'lvllio Worship	
Situdii) >iliu.i|	
hlvlne Woivlifp	
Tneadny;   Kluvorth
I'tiurtday;   Weekly Hrn.vcr Meettug..,.B h. y
\      POrdlfll   iuvilttti.iu   in I'lii-inlr-J   to   ll,.'
■ U Illn
1'iiHii.r, H .1. Tltouipimi,
Cranbruiik Hiptlil Charch.
Tin-riillimitiK lit a 11hi   uf Uu. ittTVlefH held
Hi till' llit|.(iHl Cliiiiitti:
■hindoy it a, ni. anil 7:«0 n m,
J Jn.vHuhoi.1 u((. ,„.
Uiiiim ivuplrti h ■». ui Tiieitdai
Pra>er Mn-iuia s j... ui, We.iu--ili*>
Tlif-ifililii--u't*. .-i.i.litill.v   iuvitfil In Hllfiiit
lilt 111,1'lliinn
hmtor, .1. L. Sloat.
braahrwk I ud|c, Hm. Jl
K. t*. tl A. M.
hi'nllllll    llll-rllllHt it
lllll,I     I'll.II t Jtt|    of   ill
Malt mi. i.n 11 hi,   wtli-uiniMl.
i:u htiterwn, swf,
ANCIENI ORDER ol I »>Ki:sii:kS
Mt-eib let uud ;ird Tuesday every uitiuh
al AbliultHlule.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
A. MCI OWAM, 11  tt.     Wm. AMCatUrTaU, 8te>
w. r. GUki),
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, H. C.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Niull Block Cranbrwik, B C.
J      C. H, DUNBAR
X   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   *
| Public, Etc I
X   Cranbrook,    -    •    B. C.   *
X *************************
Physician-i and Surgeons.
Ollict at RtlMiBM, Arm.liu.i A...
I-'IIRBWBS,    •...    ..-J.   IB  II
AIIMWMB   ....   t.miui-.u
t.••!.,.    •   ■   .        l.Mlslija
OKA .BROOK,    : i    B. C
S    Dr. Connolly,    |
|   Physician and Surgeon   5
2 Ollict on Armstroii? Avenue   s
9  * '*
g)   U,,rna:-ftl,i 1, a. 111 . '• I„4 |, tol J   4
t..« ,,. ut.       'I'tiuni-1115 :^
(., w
, -i I * t -& I •* I * I ♦ I -ir I 4 I *-1 ar I * I -,-1 ♦
OFlt'li HOURS:
910 it « ni.
1 10 ti p in.
110 s p. ui.
tip bll, nrii. in.- ii,.l.
llowu liill trul „„■ not,
Ou th. i'lni,, .,iiiri. me in.,.
Aud in rn.. ut ■toltu.ta ,-ttll nj.
DR. CROSS, vbtminam simuii,,N
' las nuitse uiiNTisr
cmi.HKullli.BC. I'kiiB. II
Wanted, a (in, or sin room housu,
to rent.  Apply to tlio Herald oHicc.
Wanted a commission as travelling
salesman lor a reliable Kootenay
firm by a lumberman with seven
years' experience on the road. Oaly
good firms need reply. Address
care CiaibtMk Htrald,.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
Titos, i. McvirriK, r. i„ s.
j. 1.1.IIIII.IW, n. t.
Ullllsr and liy virtue of the power
nl sale contained lu a certain mort-
k.ib,', which will be produced al lbs
time ol sale, there will be ottered I ,i
sale by public auction, ou Wednesday
the sib day of March, 191,!,, at 111:3,1
o'clock iu Hie forenoon, by Messrs.
Arnold & Roberts, ut tlieir ollic,
I'ranbruok, B. 0., the following |no|i-
erty, namely: Lot 13 in Block s„
, I'lan No. 609, Cranbrook, 11. C, upon which is erected a two-story
i Irarue dwelling, also a frame shed
suitable (or a stable.
For further particulars and conditions of sale apply to
I   ,, - .   ,   , Harris & Bull,
Vendor's Solicitors, Bank of B. N.
A. Building,
Vanoouver, B. C.
Or to
Arnold 4 Roberts
Cranbrook, h. C.
lttk Fttauarx, WOI, t6-a, '
British Columbia Illustrated
Coiilaiiiiiix 14 Pages, llp-ln-dalc in livcrylhing. Size 12x15
Ih,,-,,.,,Inn ,|,,, lloiinilli'.s Reiaiirau ol
I Ue RlcllOil Province in^the llrillsli limpire.
lis conl, nil, anil timlier]   Its ll.liurlo. on ran, lot., I river j if
utlnoral uial agrliuiltnnil niri-osi it. clllua nml town; Its rlvsr, luk,- an.l
,„..uu,,,,ii i-i-,-..'.., [ally lllttiiratltiii Its incut ruining ,levelo| t,
will, views ol all iha principal ,-- mill.. -,,.. I,.-,-.. ,.,.■
Address, JAMES  LAWLER, Rossland.
Tli,. l-,r.-,-i inlvariinr In „..il lor llrlllih ,',-,„„,,„« „,„,  author ul ".llllll,,,,.
M-„t,< ,-.   UlHM."    -I',.-,   ullpiililg. .ml    V'aluilbl. Ii.l,,ri,,„,i,iu ,"     "A Hit! ill
I I,,11,1.        Iml  II. I    .la,  Jl
Atili IS IN B. C.
Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited.
Capital $625,000, ol which 35 per cent in shares is now in our
Treasury.   Shares fully paid and non-assessable.
Mines clirectlv weal oi the l.e*
Roi and LeRolS'o 2, War Eagle
ami CenlreBtar (uur of the liiryesl
gold-copper mines in lho world,
ull of whieh have pniii hunt* iltvi-
£ay>inne lilentleiil ore anil
Venn- now in eiKlu mi tlie MO
FOUR.   Large ore bodies •
Assays Irom f6 to t)800 in gold,
eo'n'perl silver, ete. Veiy rich ills-
pluy ns now nn exhibition in tho
eiiy oie exliil.it, causing wide
We have nearly two miles .,i
railway on Big Pour pro*ieriy with
water nn-l timlier in nbuiiilance,
Rowland on* shipments for 111112
850,000 inns. Shipped lor 1003,
about 410,000 tons, 1004 about 400,
uo tons. Toinl value ol Robs mnl
ores mined, 81.000,000,
Please Now Price
IS Cents pngHARI:
Tor One Month
Rowland's largest ore bodies are
n greal success with the coneUn-
t rat ion Bystem ol ore reduction.
J;;.iki me now puy-t to mine as now
pioved hy tlm latest reports and
Nn le-*s ihnn loo shares sold,
Shares can hu had on instalment
plan, payments monthly, Twen
ly percent cash, balance within a
Companv hnsnodebts liabilities
and a (till force of men nuw working.
References,- Tin Hon. Mayor,
Guld Com in is- lo.ier, postmaster,
nr anv hunk or business man in
'Iti- rein ii ildtilii rhe Affairs ol men
Wldeli ttiUn nl il...- iiii.i.l.li'H.lHiiti in
limit if,), nil tin' voyage, ol t hoi r llle
1- In.nn.I iii nil til low I) um] iii initn-i'ii'rt.
OhlcrUlanka and on"most comiiroliouslve and uffniploto Win-trniM Pmpeelui
sluiwiiii- nil HowlaiHi mines and iiivlnv vnlaablv infiinnntfon, with Maps and Re-
jinriH fniin Miiniii; niifiiiii'is. ni'iii mill io itivcsturn or those ilenlrlug to Invest,
s, in fi i hi-i'i|» nl it) routs In stamps for iHifltHgo.
Struck Ore
In uur l!iu Tiitnii'l    Mining Experts sny it will prow
Hi'lii'i' uml lii'timr    rtatiy iarife (lold Veins nm jusl
iilii'iul mul will 1... .-nt in rnpiil 81 ssimi      Woiinii
lhc Jim inns,   WITHOUT DEBT,
Tin11'liinp >>!' Quick Fortunes, we i.tvn lim acres,
miii ri.'li Gold Strikes ull nro I Oulil Veins Discovered,   .HUN NOW   .nnl
Rvery Sliarc ol Holder, 5uil Stock nlves owneralilp
In llmllolrtHnltl 100nerea nntl Colonuli, 200 lotnl
HOOnores    Dividends ilei-lnreil on boll, wo.tlil I..'
$15.00  BUYS 1,000 SHARES
The Woman who Would
tht Grocer who wouldn't.
Every day from five to fifteen letters an- received by
The Ogilvie Flour Mills Co, from, women living in the
smaller towns throughout Camilla, saying they have asked
their grocer for Royal Household liiour but can't get it.
One writes—"1 told my grocer, Mr.-—, that I would buy
'Royal Household * regularly if he would always keep it
on hand, but he said he wouldn't take on another brand of
flour until he was obliged to." Another says—"My grocer
is an 'old logic' and never gets the newest or the best
things until the year after." A third says—"We haven't
an enterprising grocer in our town and are obliged to send
t0 -'o'" 'Royal Household' or take a poorer hour."
Write dirert to Og'ilvie's.
If you can't get "Royal Household" from your grocer,
write to us direct—we will immediate^ give vou the name
of the nearest grocer who keeps "Royal Household" and
send you also the "Royal Household" recipes. There is no
good reason why your grocer should compel you to use
inferior flour—no lirst cla^s grocer will hesitate to order
"Royal Household" ibr you, and even the smallest dealer
will get it if you insist upon it.
AN INTERESTING   PAPER.       public.   The    load,
At the   meeting ol tlie Cranbronk j irom   Oic landinu at.
wero ail Mi, „-.l anil lunch room, and also a brickyard,
Any amount lea. than SlOS/aead ly ,,
pitstiiffice or express nraier: over thi. w
iiiiiiiiiii,. hy bank drill in Sctrtur)
Dig Inur Consolidated liold NiD«$,
Ltd., kossland. B. C, Canada.
Literary     society   held   last Friday I and   made     their return
nigh, il... tnilnwlltK paper on the ei.r-1sarac ""'" ,0 avnW l*Ml
ly history ol Cranbrook was read ly ! """■•■   " "'•'""' ''»' ""'•''.
Mrs. I.. B, VanDecar;
"1 am proud of the fael that 1 um
a pioneer of Cranbrook.   We came to
load hail to lie transferred, hn
hitched and singled by m i
turned up against ibe si le
mountain.    Passengers had to
j I lhe
.* .1 uii-
Si*   Ml*
-.1 IfehS
of (he
Fort Steele in 1879, a year before ihe Hn the snow until the loads passed.
railroad was built. We drove over I slaved five months iu California and
-100 miles in a light rig, slecpiag i:i a upon my return 1 eame hy Jennings
tent and cooking meals by camp flnii, land up the Koolcnay river. That
Ue were from the 1st of May until \ trip was rather unique, especially go-
the 10th ot June making the nip ing through the rapids. To keep the
whieh was a delightful one. Some, boat from being dashed against llie
discomforts—mosquitoes for instance rocks ropes were passed to men t.n
-bin many pleasures, and to mc, oach shore who ran along steadying
the boat as best ihey could, answering tbe captain, who shouted his orders to ihem.   This made it Intenw-
. who had never seen a mountain,  the
scenery was beautiful beyond descrip-
day we drove into Port
, lion.
f"    I
Steele the S tree Is were thronged ffith ly exciting.   The J. 1>. Karrell, which
people.   I wondered what caused the cost $15,000 and carried 100 passeu-
exeitement   but    soon found that it gers and 150 tons ol freight, struck
was the boat steaming up ihe Koot- a roxk and sank after making eight
,   i
Ma Iiiivh 8,1)01) slum's    W0 buys 11,000 shnrcs
Full imitl,   N,„i nsrii-'ii.nlil,-
. -...•-«-•-.•.-.-.-.«.. -.......«..«..»..«.....•....... ».>■.«."..-."«...-......«..,..•..,.-•-.•..•.•-•-
lln' iliri,|H'*i ,,„,! licit, with ore it, tl,,' mines uml cash in the
li-.-ur.ii]>'.    II nvi'i'-siilisi'i-ilit'il your moiifty  will Ik, returiietl.
Iliu'ln-al t'liiininiroinl mul Hunk tluforenei'S.
,. •................■»,....".-...-,-,.„.^„,„••-«•,».....»„,..,,.•.,*.-•»•..*„,*..«-».,„..«.
rinke all rciiiittniic'-'s payable tu
The Golden Sun Mining & Milling Co.
20J Killretlgo Buililitig DENVER. COLO.
Tf tbe goose don't lav tbe golden
egg, diet ber on printers' ink.
Advertise in Cbe fierald.
enay river that had drawn the people
out. The arrival ot these boats from
Jennings, Monl.. was a great event
those days. Koi t Steele was the only
village iu lhe country at that lime
aud people were llockiug iu there to
wait for the railroad, whieh was lo
open up and develop this part of il.e
world. At that time there were no
women between Kort Steele antl Nelson, although before fall tbere were
several. The Cranhrook house was
built that fall and Irom its door nothing could be seen, with the exception
of Col. Baiter's bouse, but a vast
stretch of prairie with a background
of beautiful rock les. I drove over
from Steele very often that summer
and one would need to slretch One's
Imagination a wee bit when they
were told that the depot was to le
built over there, and the hotels over
there, and such a man had purchased
such lots and so on, as an huudred
acres of tbe towuslte wan a Held o(
oats, and there were a good many
more acres ol hay upon the low
places. Mr. Ilaket informed me that
he realized $U,000 from his hay and
oats that year. The price ol provisions was very high those days in Kort
Stifle. Flour $16 a barrel, eggs 75
cents a dozrn, butter B0 cents a
pound, oil 75 cents per gallon, and
so forth. However, there was plenty
ol work and good wages. The roads
were something awful. Tbe stage
made trips from Kalispel, Mont., and
from Golden, B. C, 1G0 miles either
way, and no choice of roads. Accidents happened very often. On one
trip tlie stage coming in from Golden
was overturned and a man by the
name of James Brady had two ribs
fractured and his arm broken. This
happened far away from habitation
and a messenger had to be sent hack
to Golden for help, a distance of 50
miles. The passengers had to camp
for the night to wait for the return
of the messenger and the horses.
"I novor will forget a trip I took
that winter over what was called the
tote road from Swansea :i tho hiding at Ktisliauook. I was going to
California for the winter. This road
which was const* toted to n» »■*5 supplies (or men woraing ai thu tu.i.cl
and |tong the line, was Very t.aiiow
ti trips. The passengers were all safely landed. This steamer was afterward raised and repaired.
"What a change when next I saw
Cranbrook. Well, it was wonderful,
The printing office, C, P. 11. store
house, hardware store, drug store,
and the store now occupied hy Mr.
McDermot had been built and lumber
was on the ground everywhere for
new buildings. This was In May. The
first Herald is dated March 22, r-nd
from its pages the first artiele we ste
is headed "Beaut If 111 Cranbrook." In
glowing terms it tell us of the ideal
spot that nature has intended for lhc
building of a large city. It tells ns
that O. H. Miner is about to start
up in the hardware business and Mr.
Beattie in the drug business. It
tells of Mrs. Donahue in her East
Kootenay hotel and dwells upon her
splendid cooking. It tells us of lhc
Cranbrook Lumber company and its
well equipped plant. It tells of the
first religions services held in the
dining room of the East Kootenay
hotel. J. G. Duncan preached to a
large congregation, population considered. Some writers have staled lli.tt
Rev. Mr. Ball preached lhc first sermon in Cranhrook but such is not the
case. Another minister by the
name of Oliver preached here several
times that summer before Mr. .tall
"There are five advertisements in
this paper, the two hotels and hardware store already mentioned, J. II.
Sibbald, contractor, G, L. Milliard,
blacksmith. There were live ladies
here at that time, Mrs. Angus Morrison, Mrs. Donahue, Mrs. R. L. Pratt,
Miss Lizzie McPI.cc and Mrs. Eyre.
This paper says that Mr. Sili-bald intends starting a dairy but hesitates
on account of cows.He says, however, that with the fine quantities of
good spring water here two or three
cows would easily give a barrel of
The next paper tells of the paymaster passing through town accompanied by mounted police. People who
carried money those days had to be
careful or they would lose both money and life, as there was aboui 2,'ion
men working upon the railroad along
the line.   A paper of May loth tells
It was   not built   for the traveling 0( iIr*   MeMullin   starting a bakery
and June 7th Mr. ami Mrs. Ey
I restaurant and the Leiteh Bathers a
gents' furnishing store 011 Baker
street. This paper speaks of deer destroying a garden two miles out   of
1 town. April 20tli the first show was
held in Leiteh Brothers opera house,
a wandering minstrel and wife gave a
"June 11th we hear of the building
of the Commercial or Manitoba hotel and it says 'that it will be the
finest in the Kootenays, the front in
particular     will be quite attractive,
' having two mammoth bay windows
in each side of lhe second story. The
interior will be furnished in flrstclass
j style. About this time T. A. Oreigh-
tou slat ted in the retail grocery business iu lhc store now occupied by
Morrow A .McFarlane, and L. B. Van
Decar built the building now owned
by the Bank of Commerce. The soiling of this building lo the Hank of
Commerce was the first house and lot
sold in Cranbrook.
"July liiih excavating for tho cellar
of the Cosmopolitan hotel was begun.
"July 26th town lots iu Elko are
put on the market. The paper says,
'some want gold, some want silver,
and all want lots in Elko. Choice
business lots, 30x100 feet, w(th 20
foot alley, from $50 to $11)0 a lot.'
A paper of August 4th tells us that
the Leiteh Brothers have sold their
gents' furnishing business lo Reid A
Co. of Wardner and Moyie.
"August 18th Rev. Cattanach, representing the Methodist church ol
Canada, held services in the Commercial, that is the Manitoba hotel, and
he secured the promise of a lot lor
building a church.
"Ou Saturday afternoon, August
23rd, at three o'clock, the lirsi train
Of cars passed over the Kootenay liver at Wardner. Conductor Lock heart
had charge of the train, Hugh Brock
was at the throttle, Fireman Campbell was at the furnace, and in the
cab were Hugh Council and F. Iv
"The steel was laid inlo Cranbrook
on August 23rd. After this date the
growth of our town was rapid. No
more long boat rides, tedious, lire-
some and dangerous drives lu old
lumbering stages. Hereafter we can
make our trips in comfort and case,
rolling over the country in Pullmans.
But not quite yet, lor our lirst cats
were box cars with slat seats and the
trains were something after the 1'in-
negan style, 'off again, on again,
gone again,1 and as the cars did not
go down to the boat at the landing
there was a long walk from the cars
lo the boat. I have copied from lhe
Herald one man's experience coming
over from Nelson to Cranhrook. lie
says: "The boat lands the passengers on the trestle that is built
across the swamp and lower end of
the lake. There is an incline of about
50 feet, then there i.s a walk of about
a mile across the bridge. To a tight
rope walker this trip might be a
pleasure, but to ordinary mortals it's
a different   proposition.    Sometimes
. the ties were in position, some till
they   were   not.   If not you had to
take to   the stringers and   with
satchel   in one hand and air tn the
other ynu had to do the best you
could, as failure meant a ducking or
worse yet, broken limbs, so we hob-
hied hopped and crawled until land
was reached.'
"K. E, Simpson, Who had been en-
til this time at Wardner in the news*
paper business, eame to Cunhrouk to
lake personal charge o| iho
lleial.f, having done only editorial work un the paper up
to that time. H- T. Brown, ui
Spokane, was In partnership with Mr,
Simpson for two years. They edited
both the International of W.irdurt
and Herald of Cranbiouk.
"August 21th, in a car stationed in
the north part of town, a girl baby
was born to Air. and Mrs.Turnbtitl,
This was Cranbrook's first baby ami
L. A. Hamilton aud Col. Baker presented the mother a deed to a lot as
a gift to the child who first saw the
the light of day iu Cranbrook. This
lot is in block in.
"September 1st the following items
appear in the Herald: 'The Rev. C.
W. Gordon, of St. Stephens churh,
Winnipeg, who is ou a missionary
trip through East and West Kootenay will preach In Cranhrook on Sabbath next in the Hank of Commerce
morco building.' This is the celebrated Ralph Conner,' who was gathering
information for his hooks. This paper
tells of an open- air service being held
upon a street comer while within a
block au Indian horse race held full
"September 29th Rev. Ball arrived
to take charge ol thu Presbyterian
church services which were being held
In the Perdue block. Our first Thanksgiving service was held in that block,
Hev. Ball preaching. The Presbyterian church was dedicated December
Uth. Rev. Robert Frew of Nelson,
preached the sermon.
"The church of England was opened
January 12th antl the Rev. Henry Ir-
vin (Father Pat) ol Rossland, delivered the sermon.
The lirst death was .Mrs. Anna
Brown, who died ol pneumonia in a
"Our first bride waa Mrs. John
"Our first school teacher was Mies
Maud Kcay.
"Ot our first church entertainment
there are onlj^lhreo In town now who
look part In the program.
"Ou tho 15th of December Mr. .McFarlane established ihe first baths
here. No account i.s given as to
whether anyone had taken a bath up
to this time or not.
"Bert VanDecar owned the first
milk wagon, which consisted ol a
cart and milk can drawn by a dog.
"This takes us through the first
year of Cranhrook. It did not take
much to make us happy those days-
Calls were not formal. We did not
need cards. Our parlors were not elegant,  nor our china rare, hut   good
ill and kindly feeling prevailed.
Strangers were welcomed and altogether we were a happy people. Many
who were with us then have gone r,j
foreign lands, many have passed over
the great divide, and some arc here
"The building of a new town .vith
its ever changing population reminds
one of Longfellow's beautiful lines:
'Ships that   pass   In the night ;>nJ
speak each other in passing,
Only a signal   shown   and a distant
voice in the darkness,
So on the ocean of life, we pass and
speak one another,
Only a look and a voice, then darkness
again and a silence'.'1
Sixty days after the publication cf
this notice I intend to apply to the
Lieutenant Governor in Council tor
permission lo clear out and remove
obstructions from the following
creeks in East Kootenay, and build
dams and slides thereon, and to mak'd
other improvements for the purpose
ol making the said creeks navigable
for logs:
1. Russell creek, from Kitchener,
on the llritish Columbia Southern
railway, to a point upstream about
six miles south:
Thompson creek, from where it
crossps the British Columbia Southern-railway, about three miles east
from Kitchener to a point upstream
about six miles south.
The only lands affected by l.trtfn
improvements are my timber licenses.
The only waters affected by said
Improvements are Russell creek and
Thompson creek!
The rale of toll proposed lo be
charged one dollar per thousand feet,
board measure.
Dated this 2d day ol February.
to-9t K  Ditllnger.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory ;
All kiuds of finish work in
wny of ilimrs, wimlows. tmu-
wmis. eto. Kiln dried lumber
fur Inside work. Ilur work is
gntiruntecd and u,,r prices are
Rough and Dressed lumber
For Sale
Lowest Rates    Best Tinw
Standard nnd Tourist Sleepors,
Coaches. Dining Cars
WEST Leaves Revelstoke Mon-
day, Wednesday, Thursday
and Saturday for Seattle
nntl \ aocouver.
EAST Leave Dun more Junction
tor Toronto, Wednesday and
Saturday; for Montreal,
Monday and Friday; for
Boston, Friday.
Atlantic Steamship Agency
rhrough IiVw'kii.y-j to ami from Great
Britain and the Continent
For rates, folders and tickets   apply   to
lucu] ttgriiU*-, ur 10
Q. Hillier, Agent, Cranbrook.
U.P.A., Nelson   A.ij.P.J. Vancouver
In the matter of the Land Registry
Act and Amending Acts, and ia tbe
matter    of   an   application by the
Marysville   Townsite   and Development company, and Frank P. ilo-
gan for an amendment  to plan of
Marysville   Townsite,    bled in thu
Land Registry othce at Nelson, ii,
lu Chambers   befote  tbe   Uonot^bU
Chief Justice.
Dated the -jt-n day of October,
Upon au application oi Uie s»u
Aiaiysville Townsite and Developmeub
company and urank rJ. nogao lor au
dmcuuiiiu&i 10 me plan 01 -Uarysvulu
townsite, bied in the Uial reguiry
olliee at Nelson, B. L., iiuuiocreu 73-1,
And upun Leading the summons U-*ueU
uetuui   ou   llie   1 j in   day   ol   Uctvuei,
rjui, and the affidavits ol Frank f,
tlogau, iWoin tat gtJth day 01 September, 1801, of A. Vt. Mc Vitus,
awuin the loth day ui Octol*r, fetttt,
aud tho exhibits moccin referred te,
and ut Hank V, Hogan, sworn tbs
-utii day oi October, ism, and upoa
ueariug Ml, Vt. A. Macdonald, K. C,
ol counsel for u« -«*id applicauu.
It ib ordered Uut the said plan ol
Uie townsite ot Marysville filed in ;tai
laud registry ui..t.e at .Vison, B O.,
numbered 783, be amended by ehuii*
uating therefrom that portion ot said
plan described as blocks 3ti, 87, is,
yj, 41, 12, and ii, aud the stre-eU
and lanes comprised in that portiou
01 §aid plan, said portion so to b«
eliminated being marked as "A" tu
the exhibit referred to in th* said
alhdavii of A. tt. McVittie.
h in further ordered that the said
applicants be at liberty tu nie n uvw
pian ol the said townsite of M»y<v
.nie tbe same in all respects as tas
said plan uuuibei 783, with the exception that said plan su to be (tied
shall not contain thereon the portion
so eliminated as aioresaid.
It is made a term aud condition ol
tins order that the said applicants
shall cause to be insetted in the
'' Cranbrook Herald,'' a newspaper
published at Cranhrook, ti. C, a true
copy 01 this order for four successive
Issues of such newspaper, and thai
during such period said applicants
shall cause lo be posted upon the
ground discrtbed in the said portion
uf said plan so to hu eliminated as
aforesaid, a true copy ol this order;
and thai upun proof iu the satisfaction
of the district registrar of the supreme court at Nelson, B. 0., of such
publication aud posting as aforesaid,
and ii no objections in writing are
are filed in the ofhee of the said reg-»
istrar within a period of six week*
from first publication and posting,
then the said registrar shall thereupon attach hereto his certificate that
the terms and couditions herein imposed have been complied with and
this oider or a true copy thereof, upon
being filed in the land registry offlctj
at Nelson, B. C, shall be and become effective for all Intents and pur*.
It la further ordered that the costs
of and incidental to this appliMtba
be paid by the said applicants.
Cranbrook, B. O.
Solicitor for Applicant^   47-4t
M Tin: riiANm.ooK   hkiiai.h
AMI   Al.l    PACINI   .,,.--1   .'"HI.
St. Haul, Chicago, Nc» \ ork
AND   All.    POICTa   ,  Ml
f«li,. aud Tourll, Sltapara, Built,   I Ibrar)
Car.. Modem Hu,  Cm.la..  Dmtni Can,
(Mlllaa In Carta.
7   PAST   I WAINS   1
— Easl and Wist Daily •«
Special euuraion rail's in World'! Pair, Si
lamia.       Vi.ur cIlUlCC >,i rotllC, I jSC.t
■for rut™, [iiMi-rsiiii.l lull liiturinntlrin
regardtng trlpa, call oil or ndilroaa
b ,,. yi:i;i;i>,        n il INM'C
,1 «   I', a ,. i*. J- t *
S,-,iitl„ 701 W. Iltvuratiti) Via
Waal,. s|„,kaii,'. Wnali.
riiss Thomas, Superintendent.
■ iiuiliiiil.'   Loudon  lloapllal,  Kuglniuli
Blount) Maternity Uoaplial Sew   Vork
Merolmi-a yearly |10, corurlng board
ami nursing In semt-priviite ivniil.
Contract lmil yearly f'..
Contraet monthly fl.
Private ward f20 per week, covering
buiml mul nuraltlg.
asml-jirlviite ward »li por week.
Maternity Work a Specialty
Livery S
Teams and tlrivem fltrulahed Tor auv ,
point in the illatrtct,
A. DOYLE, Manager.;
.-$} Columbian College &-|
1 Job pvintincj is an lixtsss I
i ,—.—=—~——  |
The Herald Practices the art.    You can get only one kind of j§
Printing in this office.    That is the best.
j    I-:   iv Uremner, ol Vaiicouv
Synopsis of K«|ula\ilonsloriHspeulolMln [the followlug Interview in lhe   Va
al lowed to pxporl wc can sell
mivw   til.'  qn.ii.liU   .-I   In.ill. I   WO    il"
now.   Wc pa) twice as much lor labor
toi  logging ,r  do the mills Ioi  m
":a™:,'A:«:z £»£, • »«««" ^^;»»«-> •"'; !*» w*.?*;; *v»u',;; «*
>- mil
,., .i   , mi |i
,i>,ll I,ul.
bunk i,i, uiii.-i'ii years nntl *-*■*•
.'-,..l..ui..-   ii ilU,im l..-.' ii.iii-'i
ii .....I, - iiti) im .. Hniiii.rt iu,'
I io make ihf basl
a permanent one
■■ I'lu'ii- seems to bu sol
,   ,     ,„ ■ standing,*1 said Ms   Un ii
ni-iwiiwi   this proposal.   According lu lhe vtuw   « instiled In iuierlering with natural
Kpressed in lhe Inland Scit-Ln •! hnd Icondition's ul trade.    Conditions ma)
labor   while   lhe reverse is the eai
I with Hn- mill-..   .Ml  well aud kimln
tit'ilri-  ri'.isniis   let ihe  government Invesl
bout  gate nnd then consiilcr carefully If it
A in'' in i"'i •
i III.'
•iii im iy
quoted hy
.ii.-   lolallj    dun
Ontario, where it
un.lcil.il.es   In mu
Unl l.l,
iii irom those ul
government ilxoll
■\ and cruise   Lho
v \v, i
' lIl-GllKO 111
LIS iV.lill.l  '
i", |k-i nil.i
\ yu„rs
lur Iiim
'ul jt'iir,
.iihlUinti.il i.'ti
in.- jierson orcarapti
.Iin  nn
i'iiittii',1 ti.
f-'euRded WH            New Westminster ll. C.
uhuinoi t.u i. I.M ni leuittl
nn.l i:  ine p,,rt
Incorporated 189,1
iiutw «men^o1 luylas sita
i In- I'ttarged, ilu-
' Provides a christian home tor'sludeiits nf
rusl ni in- party urtituury tli
oiith nexes, iit'iiniileniii! rates.   Bobu prop-
n "l'-yll|-,"1   ',*,V'no*¥ttii
I.n I.H-Ut Itt.j   llllll
i ot tin' BiiiU miti.
> lu Uo paid io in.
arutfjry clnew for Junior studi-nts, doing grn
I t'runi ii,'- .ii-.,hi ittiritu
ded PnlfHc Sobobl work.   Poos High fehool
a i.'1-..ni of more
work, confers, all High School privileges, mnl
timnoiiu u.luii.' i-i.mn mi .
tfttpn rt's for t i;ii i'lii'i'tie.\.'i mi nn lioiiti   Touches
uruORui utiloii, out iin- siiii
• iiiiini' may li.nu
•11 byanohes of a PRACTICAL IlU.-U.VpB3
inineri in .-, w-.i tin ireniitii
COURSE, and bIvob diplomat.   Give's a lib-
II iluu ii 11. ■  lud , . nm i-
■ uf .- .   a claim
s'ral education in ItBtiwn Collnglato i uuruo
Bmiio crueK ' ulcli ur river,11
apdlntheLadlOBColloKecoursBfor -Ml1' t.
pujlnu a t.-i>,
WulK liiualbetluiieiHi a .
tin- vuluo ur ni ii-aii ..'in..
audM. 1,. A-   in University work can tako
students through tun complete -Arts course,
A l'.-,lllLI'..tt'Ul.ll IVmk lllll
been dune musl be
snd the degree of ii. X. .-nn 1 btathed from
'.|''i-'ml''tt<'. 1|Vl',,\ViH'.iii-|1il''a!i,l
Toronto Dnlvorslty.wltb whieh tho college i--
luiUtimrybi ii iin- minor,
iu hill utlUntii.il     l-'.,r f.ili.'i Information ninl
Hilutnlll Itv'l llniVll ail 'iui-'i
...It- urn |,nl,il- inn.
■ a/I'll.'.
tetum write tu
1101 K '1, ll,.- \u. ., I.M,, uu
Rtv W. J. SIpprell B, A. It- 1), Principal,
I "i." '-"'t',' t'"- "-'''\ '
or Kcv. J, l\ Unwell, llur.-uir.
anil   -,n iin il     l-uk»n  i.i
i.i.i y nru oppii t.
RepAirinr; Promptly Doik.       I
Footwear to Measure a Specially
a.l.-i i.l Uu. Inter...
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
Llial     anil       111,',, J...1   It   l,|,   l.l  ptlbllC
i„i:,[,i',uu'ii. Tile gdvuiittnciil liereie-
ipiiiea tliu ,'„.■ ilealflim llm Iim-c to
.,.„.,■ iiiui inivu lhu liiiul Biitvcyed ..,
ins um. cxpcliae, when u ,-■■ lilelt pul
I,I.U ill,.,11 11 llia.ll.ia, i,„ .,,,- ulloweil
ia casu Uu- laml .. lost lu ilia i.iiii-
n.il Uiscovurcr Iiul ilu.-.,- arc a,. i„.-.i-
gle ua not I., compensate imn lor ,,..-
tona ,., ,,,.-    nt,,.-   ami laliur Ik- lias
am,uiu,mi., ii,ii-u lu years, it
,i allllaule l,„,l,i'l si'CLluu   lul
"li'llalili' Hint
icgariliiiu Hie pi
lienor uuu
o Bovctuineti
,i.l,i- liotlllilg
ul  llie piolci'llu
ill      In
•  Ilu, a
in Jil
n.l i.a
For terms, imijis and turtlior particulara apply to the fulluwin.
local lumi agimln:
ft Hydi^Bukir, Cranbrook, B, ('.     E, Mallanilain,.', Jr., fivston, li. ('
I, H. Wilson, Wardner, li. 0, H. & Jl. Bird, Nelson, B. C.
R. R. Bruce, WiliiiiT, B, 0,
Or to
liriiish Culumhiu Lnml Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calirarv. Alberta
iiehcrvtti ute iiiiputaiiou 1 .Mil nui
aibtuss, luu uii nnpie-ihion ul iiisei".;-
i'i) in uur legiMiuiiuu n.i-) guiie autuui,
m.im n.i.-. n.-'iic ua miii ii liijul) . iii
.mi    HUiluil      Uesll'i!   In   pUt  a   pi-Jim,
luruver     tu   bilen evil reports unu n
iiaUluilSlI •vUUUUi.lltftl.   He  Wlbll   in  .Li.,
.1   tlltUI-J   ll.-ill'    UllV'l    Wll.'ll   gUOil   llltilli-;
..*, p.n>i lui .i privilege me liuiiier u,
uut. pmeiege ia uut going lo be pu^
MU1J   juUhCJtd   OUL  ul   \\Mll   lie   ll.i-.   I,
,1-uuU i.n in pui iiii nis luuii'e)  im1.
"t'eraunaii)' l June no uouot llnu
ihe guverniiuiil itatnas ttiu speeiiii n
L-cnau iiuis tu be good,; mil uiuou-n-
nuieij  ioi Hie stihii ui uriiisii Cuiufn
U.lt     llll       iilllll     lb     lllll     MlillL.l     11) lIllU.j
ivuu ttuuid u titer vv ise engage in u»
iiiiuuii ituiutiUy. i.ii' uu- un j'.oii i...
iiui' foliiiuiou i.i i^uaiis.
"inu apetmi iK-Lii.ii' nuiilers uu Itu
ouaat aru paying upwarus ut a-ilenu
pel ait., pii annum gruunu rent oi
■juiiipiuctl Willi an u\eiage ot eluvei.
uoiits pur acre paid ny iftiseliuiilcia.
uuln in ilie blumpagu antl ueroug*.
ices the special lietiiaos yield lu un
iie.tMiij i«u*e a.i iiiiii'ii u.i la nun
ed 11um lhe leases )et mu area u.
leased laml ia unly u little lehs ituti,
ilia.i ui special licenses. Is ii iiiiiea.i
uiiauie, uieieioie, mm Ltiu&e Wnu eui.
uiIjuli' double as miiett iu Uu- ttetih
ur) biiuuiii usk iui .luiiifmiiiij, like im
aaine security ui tenure as is uuoiiiei.
leaseiiuliters, or. is a uureiisunainv
mat license bidders should have a
■juveuunied itutt liie hind tliey are eui
tiiii- limber irom today will uol b»
uiKi'ii Hum ihem luiuoiruw,
"in 'iin- sureaUejl resolutions j-*j_!i-
.isliid in i i.m Uumi, ui.iun up, as ei
icgiai by ibe Loggers] Assoeialiuli, it
ta charged ihal ine eotirsi" we au>;0:
cale ia calculated iu Injure thu tagger. Just here 1 lliiult I observe
tne line liuliitii hiiiiil ni air. l^mersoii.
niti'ii iliiii ■j,,'tiiK'iii;ui Imputes such
motives lie in treading on very dell
cule gtutttid. I .uu willing thai i in
motives hi ihis niatVQi should be carc-
uillj scriiliiijzird an.I will ba/..iiil I In
guess in aihiiuce Unit ihey will not
..ulli'l    iii   luiiipjiiisuii   Willi    lllUSO     ui
.Hi.   I'.llll'ISUil.
"1 wish iu make it plain hero ami
nuw iiiui 1 shall no! bu a part) if
.uu.".ile IcglsiiHinii which win in aif)
rtiij luuord lho Iiiterusls nl Uiu logger, I,.- no small ui gii'.u, hm .rn uiu
uunlTui') am pii'pan.i in endorse i ucli
actions  a.i will improve Uiu present
uns.ilisl.ii-i.iij iuii',ini.,ii,. "1 uric Is
nuw im greaivi i..ini-,itip on thu iog*j
get* llm11 me piuiiiiiiiion ul "Uiu vx
purl ul his log«, in ii'iiiuiy which wo
aie liieiniiiiiili'/.-iiig llle govcriimuul tu
have a removed.
"There has been luo much lltllunesK
in oui: legislation in Hrlttsli Uulutiiblu
Dui present goveriimeiil is not lo
blame for ihat. li is a legacy ul lhu
past. They would,1 however, stand tu
be colidemued lur any purpeliiaUuii uf
principle. A government cannot make
a law having in mind only one eoiii-
mereial interest while . a number
should he considered, without doing
injury directly ur inJiieclly lu the
others, ll should therefore confine ils
sell lo such bro.ul principles as will
create a minimum ol distress to all.
"In the matter before us lhe mill
owner may say there must he ie-
straiut In granting limber as otherwise too many thills will manufacture,
for a loo limited demand. There musl
be no export uf timber as otherwise
a supply will nol be available lor
our   selves.     Ilosltles    we want   lhe
change torn « and again < .ill   lui
readjustm< nt ol an) law enai toil
in nn ii inay depend on ilie . cumlitioiis
Involving in.ne   cuuluajuu ami uueer-
1.nnl). rtullltl 11 iiul In- l.t-ll.-I Uial
by lulltlWillg    a     puliey     hUlllcienll*)
lu.i.i:i, .ill uiiceftalut) respecting the
goverhmeiil in ibe tuiure may he vt t
aside bi tlii.ie win. .in- now ur whu
may bucomu Interesut'l in Die Indus
Wi nn lumber in New It oik, ui Calcutta in lhu l'l.u Islands.'oi the
North Polo for Uial mailer, and
wants i.> i.mill a mill in Urltlsh L'i
luinbia io supplj Unu market, should
n be the duty ui the government \
give him ■ graiiilmolhetl)' atlvieo and
say in    elfecl,     *V.e have mad.' tl.
cannot     get Umbel  because Ute m
bwiiiirs   .iii.'.ulv  hi re say that un
mills     would
ymi would lose
.snppD.se    Brown
tniii biism
id thai
Milage oi manufacturing in Uio
province, ele. (in tlio other baud lhc
loggfll may suy II wo have inure mills
we shall sell more logs nud have letter Competition for their purchase. It
is a market loi
luntiVr iu lhe United States, lie llhds
liritlsli Uolumbia lumber will aiiswei
but 'there ib a dui) un lumber whlli
logs nre admitted free. Should tlu
governmeul turn down three-quartets
ul tlie business, that ia thu togging
end nf it, because he eaniiol get all'.
•*.\ow ihe remedy I would suggest
is that a belter title should he giver
Lo limber, a tale Ihat will not have
attached so many strings-as lu l.eej.
an operator iu continual doubl as iu
ihe tuluri). Tlio removal oi the pin-
hlhllOL) export clauses would have n
benellcial clicct, 1 believe ih.se twi
chapgep would remove all the hat'dship
which has ra'ised such complaint uiu;
give enure satisfaction to all liarties
in lhe lumber business an.l add enormously lo the revenue of the province
a mailer, 1 think, whieh would in
duly appreciated at the presenl
In the Matter ot Hie Petitions ot it.
<i« Kiiw.'.uls I.eciii.*, 1'ianli W. i'e
tdi's, Guy II.' kiikpaliifk and Sil
Charles ilihlieii Tupper, Under Sod
tipn U 01   "Tlio Coal   .Mines Act. '
Notice i.s liufdby (given that ilu
above   mentioned   parties have .filed
petitions   to  llie    judge of   this court
to decide disputes as iu tho right ui
litlt; to piospeuting licenses lut" Uu
following described lauds, Uial is u
.iiiiniii' in East Kootenay ou tin
,a.ii side uf tho Klaiheatl river ui
Oil or Sage creek and from about I
to a milts north ol the liiternatIon.il
llmitiihirv line. Description oi land
staked by the aforesaid It. tl. Ivl
wards Uekie;
Coiumeiicing at a post mi the northwest bank ot Oil creek, marked "R.
(I. Edwards Lccklo's s. K. Corner,11
adjoining Sir c. 11. 'flipper's s. \\\
cm mr post; tliuhcc north mi chains;
thenco west mj chains; thenco south
811 chains;' thirncu east 80 chains It
point ui commencement, •cenialnliiii
tj,lO acres.
'Situate in East Kooleiiay on bile
easl side ni the Klathoatl rivet* on
Oil or Sagu creek, and Irom about s
io fi miles north uf lhe Inter national
Uoumlary line. Description ol land
slaked by the aforesaid Guy 11. Kjik-
Commencing at a post on lho nortl
bank ui the creek, marked *•(;. 11
Kll'kpatrick's N. U. Coiner," adjoin
ing Mrs. M. K. Lane's N. E. cornel
post; llience south Bll chains; thenci
easi su chains; thenci' north 80 attains
thoiico west su chains tu point of
commencement,  containing  010-acres.
Situate in East Knulenay on tin-
cast side of the Flathead river oil Oil
or Sane ciiek ami I rain about S to 8
miles north of tho International
Boundary line. Description ol lit-
land staked bj aforesaid Frank W.
Uommeucitig at a posl nn the north
west li.i tik ni oil creek, marked
"Frank W. Peters' N. K. Corner,"
iitljolniiig It. ii. Edwards Lccklo's s.
K. corner post; thoiico south «o
chains; thence west mi chains; thenco
north   sn    chains;   riiriieo    bast su
■haiii.s  to     pnint  nr com licoment,
joiilalnjng bin litres,
Slluato in Kasl Kootenay on the
;ast side of Uiu Flnlhoad river mi Oil
ii Sago creek and I mm about ft lo 8
niles north of the lnleinaliou.il
Boundary Ijno. Description' of land
slaked by aforesaid Sir Charles I libber t Tupper;
Cominonolng nl a posl mi the north
\Vcsl hank ul Oil creek, marked "Sir
c. ll. Tuppcr's Cuiner," atljolning
Fred Peieis' >;. w. corner post;
thence north 811 chains; thence chsl
So chains; thence south 8u chains;
thoiico west so chains lo the poltrt oi
commencement,   containing 0*10 acres.
Notice is hereby given that Mis
Honor Judge Foriti bv order- dated
I'obrilftry 23rd 1005, has ordered
that any pcrspn interested iu the
subject mailer of said petitions, i r
having nny objections to the pravet-
of -mid petitions being prairtt'J shall
on or before lhe 1st day uf May,
1005. file Willi the registrar of said
eourl ai Or.inliroui- a petition or
statoment selling forth his clal-m or
the ground of his* said objection's ami
verify tho -same under oath.
And the said judgq has further
tlerod  thai, a   copy of said peUth
shall he forwarded to anv party
leresleil hy said potUldners or "th
solicitors on amplication being made
therefor    to   the    registrar ol    said
eourl at Cranbrook.
Dated the -Illi day nf March,  ;00!f
The Latest Cuts and Rest
nppliea to what jve'w now colling
>tuir nttentlon to, We have the
gj Ilatest nils iMH'juise we're always
eutthiy Kiirin.nis for some. We
have the best materials because
Qur imtn.ns vv.nii luive anything
Sixty days after date I Intend to
apply   (u   Ibe Cbiel  Cuiuinissiouei    ■ I
Laml. .unl Works at Victoria, iu
purchase the i.,iluw Ing described
lauds in South Easl Kootenay:
Commencing  al a post planted it  (•%••
lhe  kouUieosi  cornet   ut    tut vou,,!. *
thence   nuitti so chains, ihciico
20   chains,    thelice   south su
20 chains, thence south BI) eeams.i JI
thence wwl HO chains tu place oi bo *♦
ginning. J
Dated this SOU) day of December,
in u-l.
ll 'M F. p. Davis.
Notice is hereby given, pursuant t.i
the trustees and executors P4J1
that all cteultors and others having,
claims against the estate ot the said
Thomas Kennedy, whu died at Cran*
brook mi the 11th itcv of .June, A. D
190-1. aro required belote the 1st day
ul May, A. D. 1903, tu send by post
prepaid or deliver to the undersigned
solicitors tor BritlgM Kennedy, administratrix of said estate, at Craiibriiuk, B. C, their christian nanus
and surnames, addresses and descriptions, the full particulars ol Iheir
claims and the nature ol the security,
if anv, held bv ihem.
And further take nolleo that afar
the last mentioned date the atlmlnts-
trlx will proceed to distribute llie .Is-
sets ot the said deceased among the
parties entitled thereto, having regard
only to lho claims of which she shall
then have notice, and that she wilt
not he liable for Uie said assets, or
any part thereof, to any person tt
persons of whose claims notice shall
iml have been received by her at ihe
time of such distribution,
Dated at Cranbrook,  February '5,
is -it Harvey & MoCatftcr,
Solicitors for Administratrix,
' "Emma   Fraction" mineral claim,
situate In the Foil Steele Mining Division nf East  Kootenay District.
Where located; Sullivan Hill,
Take notice that 1, William J. Lahfl-
Ity, free miner's certificate B78«110j
acting for mysell and agent tor Jiitl-
son B. Langley, free miner's ccrtlR?
cato B78-1U, Andrew J, Devlin, free
miner's certificate B73-H2, Charles
O. KiincM, fine miner's certificate
B0O575, Walter O. Hurehell, free miner's eertilicate B7.MS1, Edwin C.
Smith, fiee minor's certificate HT-HT'J
and Robert L. T. Oalhraith, free ,liner's certificate No. B73'13'l, Intend
sixty days from date hereof, to apply to the mining recorder lor a eertilicate of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a cmwu grant of
each of the above claims.
And further take notice that action
under section .'17 must be commenced
before the issuance ol such certificate
ol improvements,
Dated ihis 27lh day ut February,
A.  D.  1905.
4i)-!tl W; .1. Ldngley.
Hotel s s
Uuests Comtorl s Specialty
(loud Slsbllni Is Cosseclloi
Nrtitpst to mth..,i.t and depot.    Huh •hi'oiiiiiihiU
Hum   for   lhe putilii- utiei|iml1eil  In Craulirooh.
Hul and Cold llalhs
>,a> * ••• ••••••••**
lloKK.-irth & Rollins
 I'ruprlctoi a
9 ^s>m,amMW}mm&^^^^.^^aM,
When you visit Cranbrook stop at thu
None Better In the District
Rale.. S. ami up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served in any style from 8 p. m. to o a. ni.
fl The table is tht best, the r;>jns are unsurpusvtl for clean
9 litvss and comfort anl the bar.is supplied with the best brand
4> ol liquors and cigars.
I L. B. VANDElAR, Prop.
mm -mmmmmmmmmm
I  The Wentworth
1] Clapp & Rollins,
tl The New Managers.
■g Drop in and see us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours.
-J, oul of the 21
S**«JiS «i*i;if-..-i-*t-i."!.t<'«*,«-a'*-«'i-'e u«< e-tfe-t4*6e'eM-B>«>e:*a>*e-ai#i>i(
The Pioreer Hotel ol the St. Marys Valley.
.Notice is hereby given tliat Ihirtv
.lays nfier dale l'iniend to apply lo „
the Chief Conimlsxioifer of Lau.ls and -i
WnrliH, Victoria, for a special license
in cut and earty away limber from
lhe following described laud in South
East  Kootenay  District:
Commencing 20 chains enst of the
Intersection of the north fork of .Michel creek and the northern boundary
of Lot 488&,1 (1. 1., thence cast si)
chains, thence north Ml chain.*, then'ee
west 80 chains, thence ' south SU
chains to point of cummencement.
Dated Dili .laniiary,  1BQ6.
-Itl-.H   . RI, MeCiinimon.
^ Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining- room service, snd the J\
best of everything at the bar. $
>»-S-A-5-S*>-S -S-3-S l®S9*99lM*99a***^:9^ra99^6i*W*lM89«W«|l99
William Gordon!
J McCallum Block CRANBROOK K
al-;,,,! I„> ma,I,  ,,n i',1,,1.    Till' lir-V
I'i'ilim nppni'i'l ini,,-l  hof I,,' null
ji L'iwl I.i -u.'!  :,mm,11,1-1,1    S, nil in
,-,• For tia-iij lo
The IImiuIIov l.ivery Stithies
Slock Olll.tllliail:,.
iMirnmlinl by Bctllf, ,v   lOHv.-tl.
linilii'i-s, I'riiiilinaili II. ('.
X.l'lli   Slur	
Iii'i.ri.nl,...a.l,'..„ii....l'..l,a  -',
,Vft.ti>rii,,,! ..„., t'.a.l l'iiiii|niii.v  ill
|lll|i,-|-illlll,l Il'„„ll',„„|l„„.v  -'.i,.„>
lull llii.-r IV - I'l'iivr-i'S I Ml,i I'n. I.Ill
-. 2.00(1
7.11'r,,.     St
c. o. o.
We would ilraw your attention to the fact
tlinl wc arc specially provided for Lent. Having all kinds of Fresh and Salt Pish on hand.
Call and sec our stock.
Tuppei  A (Irillilli, '
Solicitors fm* Petitioner!..
J. K. Armstrong,
49 Hcgistrar,
TH City   Bakery
s known (or it's fine bread,
buns cakes and pastry.   Orders
left Uie day before will be fillet!
Wedding dikes a Specialty.
%-%•*•* •»•-»•%•-»-%•*■•*-%-%«%•»•» 9
A. W. McVittie
Purchase Price $3.00 ■ month
Allowance made for old machine
\    i\. iih . mt vn nc    t
f <
t t
{ Division nnd Provln- {
J cial   Land   Surveyor. |
\    H. H. McVittie   |
' General Agent ♦
, CRANBROOK,   B.   C. $
' t
0*% •%•»•%%'%.•% ■»•»•%■%«•««.'% •%%%-%-%0
Spring Shoe
Styles for
Men & Boys
We are now ready with
. all the new shapes and
i toes in both men's and
i' boys's shoes. We have a full line of the best shoe made
in Canada-THE SLATER. The price is stamped
on the bottom of every genuine pair of Slater's,
and this stamp is a guarantee of highest grade leathers,
skilled worknipnship and good style. For dress or hard
wear it is impossible to find shoes that will give greater
Slater's -_iitl, t'.'iiiun Ki,l si,,,,', best material, nil sizes; por
pair **r,.00
Slater's Vlvi Kid or Kaiiuiiruo HIioob, in latest shapes | at,
per pair 15.00
Slat,'in "Dm,,,„," Lnai, Iin,' V,,'i Kill, >'\lrn width at Imlliif
fiiul, high litBtup; per pair $5,00
SlutPr's Light Weight Dongohi or French Call Klines; at,
ja-r pair $4.00
Sluti'r'a Heavy Weight Box Calf, for haul wear, in either
Llur nr Gaiter the beat railway man's boot! I"'1' pair
Slut.-r Shoes for Buys in Box 1'iilf; sizes 1 to 5
Try one pair of genuine Slater's—you'll wear Slater's
regularly—you'll take no other.
The home of Fit Reform Clothing i
Fresh Vegetables
Kach Saturday we will endeavor lo have on hand a
supply ol
As lhe season progresses we will add other  vegeta- .J.
blct and fruits as they come on lhe market. '}.
'•^•^'•••••••W**** '."***•* ****l*****l******* •*• *'**l* •#,«I* *J*,**»*J* *"***•**•**• *****.**x**t*****t**l**lt •tt*****.*tX****
For the best cook in Cranbrook . "The Wilga"
For the best served meal "The Wilga"
For the nicest dining room .... "The Wilga"
For the best attendance "The Wil|a"
.....Special Terms lor Business People	
SQPFnQ (iuaranteed i
{OLCUO   Fresh *
A *
a       We have one of the best as- a
a        sorted stocks in the Koote* a
A *
a       "ays. A
A *
A Mail orders promplv filled. a
A *
*   *
2 C. E. REID & CO. S
A DKUlitllSTS T'hiiiie 71 STATIONERS A
* *
iilil thai we shall liAVG uprlMg lime anil harvest. For thai
re ii nn 11 we me prepared lo supply ihe watils of oiirnistomenwllh rellahle
Northern grown tasted seed». Call nnd look nt ihu large collection for
Mnwei uml liiinleii. Our Groceries nre im fresh ns our seeds, Tlm
Ladles1 ilu not forget thai our Creamery Bui ler in a 1. Our Shoes are go-
Ing ffllt It vim want a patrol llioseglove fitting shoe?, either (orLady or
Uentlemen, or those Royal Purple Ladies' Sl oe« We >to not expect to
supply every one in East Kootenay (ml Ihe first will get the choice, We
Mill have n few boxes of Apples at 11.76. They are choice goods,
Yours respeclLely,
JFlor be Kabaina I
..Cigars..      ;
The L-eimiiif slwsyi bear ilie aig I
uainre, in. Zttat.uu ilia boa J,
Inatal rin at-uina; ilie yettnlse. Km u
.al.- ai nil hotels. I
wmolishle j*
Cranbrook. B. C. j
The    Famous
Indo-Ceylon and "IMER-
ARARY" Ceylon tea to
be had only ol
Scavenger  Work
Now Is the lime lo have
your closets and   cesspools thoroughly cleaned     f
and dlsi.ilected. .
Leave orders at Wentworth
^ «*,-% •%•**•.•%•%•%••*•%•%♦ *%•***♦. ** •**•»%.*% %-%, •% •*.*-* ■% *%. «-•%«.«.*%•%■%•«.-«.-%•*.-%•»•*. •» *»•»
If you are doing business of any kind,
and wish to do more business, there's
a way—Advertise in The Herald** «**
-%*%^^*»%«*%'»'%*%*%*««^%^%%,«.^-«, *»*%*>fc-»**%**»^*%*%^%.*%%*»'^%%'»
Picked Up About Ibe Cily by Atklaf
Question* ot Maty People.
Trout season opens on the 25th.
Dr. Bell returned today from a trip
to Spokane.
C. J. Hastings, of Moyie, was in
town last Friday.
L. M. Mansfield, of Marysville, w»s
j in town last Monday.
I "Fit Reform" clothing, the clothing
i that tits.    At Reid A Co.
I Dave Newell, of Fort Steele, was
j In town yesterday.
i J. W. Robinson has returned from
j a trip to the prairie,
j   William    Forrest    has gone for a
! brief trip to eastern points.
{    Furnished rooms with use of Uteh-
! en.   Central.   Apply to Herald.
I    Alex. Sanderson, of Nelson, is  the
j new cutter at I*. Burns •* Co.'s.
I   Richard Stewart has been quite ill
tat the hospital for the past week.
.    Born, to Mr. ancTAlis. V. Hyde Ba-
; kcr, Monday, .March 13th, a sou.
1    The postoflice has been moved to Its
' ' new quarters in ihe new drug store.
Trunks    aud    valises,   the   largest
, stock ever brought lo Cranbrook.
Keid a Co.
il. Mclnnes was In town this week
1 on his return from a trip to California.
Neil McL. Curtail, wile and daugh-
! ler  spent  several days  iu  Craubrook
this week,
George Beanie left last week for
' a trip to Revelstoke ami other wrest-
■■ ern points.
■     The new sidewalk from the  iVenl-
1 worth hotel to   lhe Catholic church
has been completed.
!    Fred  Brown, o( Jalfray,  has come
up out of the woods lo enjoy a little
metropolitan life.
We want two or throe cottage
homes.   Let us know your price aud
j terms. Hutchison iV Black.
] Services in the Methodist church
church   next   Sunday    at    the usual
. hours.   Rev. VV. P. Fwing will preach.
j \V. Gray, of Winnipeg, a brother of
j Mrs. William Cameron, stopped oil in
; Cranbiook a few days this week to
1 visit his relatives.
The Marysville smelter Is a beehive
ot Industry these days. Many men
are at work aud as rapidly as possible the management are gelling thing
in shape for active operations.
R. L. T. Oalbraith and A. B.
(Irace were Itefoie Government Agent
Armstrong yesterday ad .indicating a
disputed water right that Includes a
pre-emption of an abandoned claim.
The decision will be glveu next Monday
The "Sunshine Furnace" is designed to meet the requirements Of lhe
highes-t class of trade, who demand
durability, economy and perfection in
operation. Tbey satisfy every buyer
Patmore Bros.
Reports from the papers throughout
western Canada indicate that the
land scheme that was started by De*
vere Hunt, of the 0, P. R.,for the
hem-tit of the railway men, Is meet-
[ ing with an enthusiastic reception all
over Ihe country.
Over $500 worth of new trunks, suit
eases and valises, at
Reid A Co
Constable Routh says that spring
house cleaning In Cranhrook and Nd
son has caused many undesirable
characters to float Into Moyie, hut
that he' is seeing that they drift out
again. Something may happen that
that bunch may go to work. But that
would be an awful thing.
Found—In the Methodist church, a
fountain pen. Apply to Rev. S. J.
Thompson at the parsonage.
K. Sproule has opened a drygoods
men's furnishing store in Marysville.
Mr. Sproule il well known in '.his
district, and what Is more he stands
' high with the people. In this new
1 move he will be successful for the
' reason that he will treat tbe people
I right, keep the best of goods and
make his prices to suit.
Our continuous stock wire is now
running. Come in and see us.
Hutchison A Black.
J. R, Downes Is able to gel out
Oliver Burp and Gust Theis eame
in from Perry Creek Tuesday.
George    Webster,    of   the Calftt)
Cattle company is in town today.
F. J. Smyth, of the Moyie Leader,
was m town Tuesday and Wednesday.
J. A Harvey and Government
Agent Armstrong went to Movie today.
Mr and Mrs A. B. Grace, ot Fort
Steele were Craiibmok visitor* yesterday.
if. T. Irving, id the brokerage firm
of Sharp A Irvine, oi Nelson, is in
town today.
Miss UcDougall, <>[ Vancouver, (i
the guest ol Miss Lewis,  one ol  the
Cranbrook school teachers.
The best clothing mode Is "Fit Reform.1' The best is none too gn.nl
(oi   you.   Vou buy it of
Iteiil a Do.
Mr. and Mis. .Ijines Ryan are expected back to Cranbrook the Qnt ol
iiie month to enjoy some genuine t il-
ifornia weather
Un. I'eitit and Miss IVttit ie
turned last Sunday from ah e\ten led
trip lo eastern points uml uill probably remain during the summer in
Mr. and Mrs. James Brown, ot
Wardner, lost iheir baby hoy yesterday The funeral will be held at St.
Marys church, Cranhrook, tomorrow
morning at 10:80.
Dr. Green was called to his former
home at Victoria today by lhe death
of his mother. Dr. King, in consequence, returned today from Victoria
where he was at lending lhe legist,
tive session.
C. .M. Edwards made a trip up the
Hue as far as Coleman last week. Hi
saw lhe result of the blast set ol
by Breckenridge A Lund thai failed
to throw the rock as far as Intended
and filled lhe cut. It took about 30
hours to clear the track.
R. E. Green, inspector of Indian
schools, was in town last week In
company wjth R. L. T. Galbrai'.h,
local lnd[an agent. .Mr. Green has
beep a resident of thy province tor
the past thirty-one years and is familiar with the early history.
Joseph Ryan, accountant, journalist, mining expert and general broker
will make his home in Klmberley tils
summer. The Inhabitants of that
part of the district will have au opportunity of meeting a genial gentleman who shows by his brogue thai
he did not come from France, and
who Is an excellent entertainer.
We only advertise our goods. All
of our ads are verbal contracts with
the public.
Reid & Co.
Miss Meade, of Ottawa, arrived last
Saturday and will have charge of the
millinery department iu W. T. Reid
A Co.'s slore. Miss Ncade is a lady
who thoroughly understands her busl-
itess and already is creating some Artistic combinations that give an ix-
ellent idea as to prevailing stiles in
the larger cities ol the east.
Anyone wishing to purchase .my
Craiibrook Brewery stuck apply tu
Box "C Cranbrook,
The meeting of the literary society
last Friday night was a pronounced
success. There were several inter-wt-
ing papers -ami some very pleasing
musical numbers. The clos'ing meeting of the season will be held er.e
week from Friday night. This •iiivi-
ing wilt be in the nature of a soeiil.
There will he a guessing contest r.nd
several musical numbers, aud at the
close of the program refreshments
will be served.
Fit Reform" the besl clothing
made in Canada.    Vou gel il ol
Reid & Co.
The local branch of the Labor t'n-
lon held a meeting one night last
week and decided to withdraw irom
the International union and form an
independent union, which was done.
A grant of $100 was made to the (tee
reading room. The members did not
consider that it was necessary lu affiliate with the American Labor Union, and now the local organization
is strictly Canadian.
A man's work Is the only thing
that makes him of worth. So it is
with a furnace. Buy a "Sunshine"
and get the "worth."
Patmore Bro:.
Mr. and Mrs. William Wood, of Elk-
horn, Man., who have been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Rogers the past lew
weeks, left today for iheir home. Mr.
and Mrs. Woods have made a great
number of friends in Cranbrook who
regret their departure and hope that
they may soon return to Cranbrook
for a longer visit. On Tuesday night
Mr. and Mrs. Rogers gave a "Five
Hundred" party in iheir honor and
the evening proved a most enjoyable
Reid A Co.'s millinery rooms are in
lull swiug. Miss Nendc, late of Murphy A Co., Ottawa, is in charge,
There were three runaways on the
street Tuesday- A horse belonging to
the Robinson-McKen/.ie Lumber company broke loose while hitched to a
cart and took a whirl down Baker
street. It collided with tlie laundry
team and threw both horses to the
ground and continued on its career
right over the animals. A. Leach's
horse and buggy were at the corner
oi the Cranbrook and it saw the runaway coming and decided io get out
ofthe way and kept on going until tt
reached the mill, doing no damage.
The cart caromed against a telegraph
pole, then to the hotel corner ami
finally got cinched up on Lang's barber pole. Vic Rollins bought the remains tor toothpicks.
Tjit- pronuMd tiuiiiimg of tin* Cor-
bin road lias evnti-ntly amused unusual interest in 1'unbrook realty
Uurin« the past wivk there have been
more Inquiries about property in this
town than at any time during tlie
past year. One ni the must significant ninies ni the week was the appearance ol .Mr. li. Alli'iibi'ig, llie
well known insurance manager of
Spokane, ami las inimediaie investigation ol Cranbrook business property, lie looked at several lots on Ma-
kei street an,l before leaving lowit
■un-,1 aii option on tlie two lots
jusl east ..l the new drug store i.nd
postoflice building ni Messrs. Beanie
and Simpson fm li.niiti. ile returned to Spokane aim will huve .ilaiis
prepared and estimates given ou a
handsome two-story buck building
Ml. Allanbeig will mil buy foi sj.ee-
ulation but as a permanent investment, us he already has a tenant
ia view.
Mt. Heat tie has had several Inquiries regarding tlie four Hudson li.v
lots laiing the Wenuurtli hotel Ibal
he purchased a short tune ago vhlle
iu Winnipeg. One parly was looking
at them with the idea of erecting a
three-story lirst class hotel, and Ihis
deal may go through il tbe prop.ty
can be secured.
li. Home has broken ground fur ins
new cottage ou Baker hill.
The new residence that is beiig
built by Mr. i'etlit is Hearing uui-
Di. Oreen has plans prepared ior a
handsome home ou Baker hill, ind
work will begin on construction al
Work on the new store thai is being constructed by Keid tc Co., is
progressing favorably.
Dr. K. U. King lias let the contract
lor ihe construction of a new olliee
and residence on Armstrong avenue
and the work is already under way.
W. F. Gurd, ol the commute appointed some mouths ago to hare
charge ol tlie preliminary work of incorporation, has received the petition
back Irom J. S. Dennis, ot Calgary,
assistant to the second vice-president
ol lhe 0. P. R-, with the signatures
of iwo ot the trustees of the proji-
erty of the townsite of Cranbrook.
The other trustee, Mr. Bodwell, ol
Vancouver, declines to sign the petition. The papers have been forwarded to the authorities at the coast and
uow Mr. Gurd is awaking the reply.
If it is not necessary to have the signatures of the three trustees of what
is known as the C. I'. It. property,
then the movement lor incorporation
will proceed. If, on the other hand,
U is necessary, then under the direction oi ihe board of trade meeting
held last night, the committee will
see it it would be possible to secure
tlie signatures of enough properly
owners without that held by the C.
I*. 11.
The railway company has no objection to the movement, but on the
contrary, through their representatives have expressed a tavot'able opinion oi tbe moveuieu-1.
This is the status oi the matter titer the long delay, and the Herald
publishes the [acts so that lhe people may know.
Duaii Kiks: Allow im. to congratulate you ou sei-uring the
nj,'eiit-y tor tha W. L. DOUGLAS SHOE 1 mu suro it is the
BEST SHOE iiimii- on tin, ooutinent. There ntv tow Ameri.
iiiiib who have rial worn them, nml with sn many around here
from tbo other siilo, I nm suri. you will do .1 big business in tho
ulioi- line. ynurs truly,
Alex. Holmes.
(!i:sti.i:ml\: I started wearing CAMPBELL'S CLOTH.
ING three months ago. 1 find tlmt brnnil ,if olothing the best
for fit. for wear nnd for comfort. I think I hnve worn nil
makes, and have hail many suits custom mads, but the three
l*,mts mentioned I have not bund in any, save Campbell's,
Ynurs truly,
0. P. IS. Conductor,
A Few of the Lines We Carry
Dining Suits
Parlor Suits
Uiilitioui Suits
Fttuoy Curtains (at cost price)
Curtain Stretchers (sliouUlhuvo ono)
Hall mul Hat Hacks l tin- Inief-t'
Hall Mirrors
Parlor nnd Dining Tablet*
Linoleums (new btuck)
Carpets (eont price)
Pictures (prices rigbt'i
Funey Poles and Trimmings
Fancy Lamps
Pianos and Organs
Macconnell <H. Gillis
Furniture MerchantsvUndertakers
R. A. Mrtcconnell t J. A. Gillis
A very attractive program is out
lor a concert on Friday evening. This
concert Is presented under the auspices of the managers of Knox church
and the proceeds will be applied to a
building fund for their new church.
The Burns concert was a pronounced
success and this one promises to be
even better. In addition to Cran*
brook's new orchestra the names ot
several new artists appear on 1! Is
The fancy dances to be presented are
alone worth tbe price of admission.
A most satisfactory meeting of thu
Cranbrook Board of Trade was licit!
al Wentworth hall last evening.
There were between fifty and sixty
people present and several matters ot
importance were presented tor consideration. President Rogers occupied
tbe chair and secretary Roberts Kept
track of the minutes.
R. E. Beattie, whu had been tent
to Ottawa as a delagate of tbe lm.u.1
ou the lumber question, made a verbal report as to what he bad dune
there. The report was accepted und
by a unanimous vole of the members
tbe thanks oi the board were tendered to Mr. Beattie for bis clncietit
Mr. Harvey and Mr. Beattie, who
bad attended the meeting of tbe Associated Boards of Trade beld al Nelson, as delegates from the Cranbiook
board, reported upou Ibe work of tliat
hwly. These reports were received
and both gentlemen thanked for their
The resolution of Mr. Dean, of Ros-
land, asking that the government be
petitioned to pay a bounty on coppar
was presented and defeated by a
unanimous vote.
W. K. Gurd, representing the committee on incorporation, reported
that he had beard from Mr. J. S.
Dennis, of tlie C. P. R., and that ilie
petition asking for incorporation
had been signed by two of the trustees of the C.P. R. propertyin Jean-
brook, and that it that would be
cepted by the government the work
of incorporation wputd move forward
otherwise it would be necessary to
secure tbe signatures of more property owners. On motiou of R. K.
Beattie, seconded by W. T. Reid, the
committee was instructed to proceed
along these lines. The meeting then
Directors' Report to the Shareholder* and -lembers
Ynur Director!) have pleasure in presenting ihe Forty-fifth Annual
Report mnl Biitaiu't! Sheet of the Companv, for the year ending December
ttist, 1004.
li will be seen ihat the asset! stand at 1755,707.33, an increase of
113,910,78 ovor tlio amount shown at the close of the year ending Devem-
tor lwi)3.
The Retnuuratice Reaervti, amounting to •312,484,76, h*-i 1-een calculate 1 on tlm lu-u-j nf a pro rata unearned premium of alt policies in force at
December 31st, lUOi, both on cash and mutual synetni.
Your Directors are pleaied to report that notwiLhian'lin^ the heavy
loss on account of the Toronto conflagration, which happened on April
LOtlt last, the Company mot all claims prom[>tly. wfthoit bavin to iell a
de hi a l nre, realli* on i fflortgafe, call ei extra capital, or borrow a dollar.
We have thought it well to carry forward the Investment sarplua
account intact, it bain? the purpose of your Burd to set aside In the future a substantial sum to provide a special con tUg ratio a fund.
These were issued during the year 'includingrenewals) 33,270 policies
covering Insurance to the amount of $43,684,605.00, the gross amount at
r.sk on the Stat of December 1901, being ***«),367,-^.Ou.
We have great pleasure in stating that the office and 6*-ld staffs have
performed their duties iu a thoroughly satisfactory and effkiont manner.
Three directors, viz., Jumes Gunn, D. Brown and H. Waddington,
now retire all lielug eligible for re-election.
Respectfully submitted,
Toronto, February iMih, 1905.
Balance forward from 1903 156,706 04
Less 19U3 divi.len 1 paid 2uth Feb , 1904   2,500 00
Vi Premium income, 1904	
Interest, rent, etc _	
...535,071 21
...   9,812 00
164,205 04
5-14,883 26
1600,088 30
Net losseB, Dec. 31st, 1904 	
Agents' Commission 98,46-1 01
Salaries and Fees _ -..20,890 92
Taxes, printing and othereX[ onset 12,259 5y
Inspection charges  8,307 »y
Cash on hand nnd In bank .
Debentures purchased.-	
Umned on >tortgages.^ -.
Furniture purchased	
Agents' Balances.	
402,904 13
139,028 41
542,820 54
ns.Ho: 7«
. i.MO m
. •.">,,IHI Of!
1,311 M
.  31,001 SKI
II  H  11  l"r ■!
Cranbrook !
Spring Clothing for the Boys    |
Coininetiuin^ to-ilay, wo will offer to tlio people of Cran-
lirook iitlO boy's suits nt the exriet wholesale prioe. This line
will h.- onr specialty for the week. Imagine, we will give ynu
a buy's suit for $1.00. But, for $2.50 we will give you a suit
Well worth 85.00   Ask to be shown these lines.
Wa will give in cash $1.00 to tha first bey whs
enters our store after lOo'cloekSaturdaymornlng.
HUL. & CO.
'X-^X.-:.<«X"X^-M--X-W--W-*'W'M^*><^****<^<^^,***;r* Till'.   CUAMtliOtiK   HEltALT)
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.    Ash for CranbrooK
Beerand insist on having it.
^•K-tetftsi-i, ^cC-t-vc C^-vfrcK-ei-K. t.'-t •i-C-t'.t-ife-t t-t (*■='•**;■<- fj tL-t-~ t, c;r;-E''-r. eOS**)*-*
-|.'--tf>-®-(a- if,--
i98'| 8-<i>-® ®HS-«S J
c s*>a > .1'' :i-3-3'.-.->»a>3-..-:> j-s 3.1-3-3-3.1,
TKe Cranbrook Brewing <$L MaJtiAjf Co. Ltd.
Also Mixnufacturers of a.11 kinds of Aerated Waiters.
CRANBROOK, *   *   *   British Columbia
J. B, Stephens.
H. I.. Stephens,
M. Itiiiki'lliinri
J. i.swsun,
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out ils usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in East Kootenay. Your money's worth
at aii times.
Stephens Broa. & Co., Ownera and Proprietor..
Morrisscy Alines, B. t.
II. I. Stephens
.1. li. Sli'plli'lls
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver «* ** <,?■ .*•*■
Stephens Urns,., tinners anil Proprietors,
Morrissey Junction, li. C.
Can You Beat This ? ]
j Railway Men's Accident Insurance [
$ 5 a year gives you $ 5 a week in case of accident
$10 a year gives you $10 a week ill case of accident
$25 a year gives you $25 a week in case of accident
Can You Beat This ?
Of course it's
Hutchison & Black I
The People's Brokers
Phone Uv P.O. Box 74
s'^*-djwj -
every two yeur.s,
Tin' eyes change,    Glasses
exactly lijjlit lasl vi-nr may be
injurious now. Whether you
wear glasses ..r not your eyes
should he esuuilueil at least
cure every hi,, yi-ara. We are
eye et|iei Is. We .-an aflor,! you
perfect sight.
\V. F. TATE,
We have a carload of Seed Wheat
nnd a carload of Seed Oats in transit. Get our samples and quotations before buying elsewhere :
HARRIS  BROS., Meat Market |
To the Citizens of Cranbrook tt
'fill,,'   notice-    ihal   wi'  luivi'    iiimii'   iirriiiip-iiu-iiiH yy
uilli MiwismA Sihiiiiss, iil'Criiiilit'iKili, tu linn' tlm *•*,***
cxulttsivi' iifjoney of our Famous Madhkild Tea,   Wit -!-*|-
mlvise all lovtu-s nf lino C'oyloti to try n pnekngo, ns '$,X
arc i-uiii inri'il afli'i' tisitti; it oiicn ynu  will have, no •:•.'•
i.th.i'. Iii'spi'i'tl'iilly yours. ^'*:'
in tlif season In iuivc your
Picture Taken
Prest Photo Co.
Thome & Co. - Vancouver ♦♦
!   ...Manitoba Hotel...   I
X *
J (Under New Management) 9
X I). A. McDONALI), flanager %
X Th!- Hotel is in the center of town. The rooms arc *
X comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- I
? class, and the bar is supplied with the best. When yoti »
X want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. ,5
When You
Clean House
Bring your curtains and
carpets to us for washing.
Wi- in.'ilii' n Bpi'i'laltyof wnsli-
iiijlC I', ll.oviiralls,
No Chinamen  employed
Crows Nest
Sleam Laundry
SLATER & ,iU'lilli, Proprietors
various kiutls ,,l' .Toi, Work
waitli'il Iiiii winlrr. 't'u txi'l il
,1 • |,r,,,i,|,lly ami rijtlil si-u
James Greer
Contractor antl Biiiltlor
It is The Best Paper in Seven
Districts, and You Should
Have It.
(From the Free Press.)
.1. II lit ii k, i lefl mi last night's
ii.iiti hn Strut lord, whore Mrs.
Hiifki-r preceded him some weeks .tn»>.
Mi. Brlckor Intends connecting him*
sell with ;i largo manufacturing house
for some time ami later it is probable thai he will coiuo wrst again, a
large number writ' al 'In* ilepol to
Mil him God-spccd. Kow men have
over lefl Pernio who carried with
them such universal feelings ol regrel
.iml goodwill <'l ilu- citizens us does
Joseph II. Uii, Lii
Tin- Klk Lumber nml Manufacturing
imilium have entered still agnlusl
\h Stewart, contractor tot lho ti
v R , im damages done In laeli
propelty bj tin- hlg foresl lire lasl
Kiimmor. Tho case, which promises to
bf ,i big legal light, will bo heard
likely ,it tin* Nt'isun spring assUos.
Joseph Martin wiil defend lira V N
ll. ami Eckstein ,v Lave hnvo been
ii'iiiiiini by Mi. Stewart.
.1 I). Gordon, customs ofilcer at
(iiiit'way, rami' ii]i t>> attend li.r
Urlckor smoker on Wednesday night.
a. N. Wilmot, ol lho Haul*; ol Commerce stall, leflves uojft Wednesday
mi' I'hilliWjiik, 11. r.
Eighteen homosepkers camo over ihe
(i. \. II, last evening fiom Washington ami Oregon points and proceeded
to Calgary ami Edmonton via V, 1'
It. ibis morning,
On Saturday lust tbo lee breaking
up in tin* Klk carried away half ll.e
false work ol tbe new bridge structure at Morrissey, thus delaying the
work considerably. This work is proceeding somewhat slow ami unless it
is rushed ahead it is feared Ihat !.'g!i
waler will delay it siill more. Con-
IniclovCody has aboui a dozen men
ivll]) him. It. T. Sims, the government engineer, is nn the ground mnsi
.if  tbe  time.
The (i. X. K. have- several months
work vol on their new piece ol road
between Fcrnlo and Swinlon. iTn
rails were laid on a frozen bed pud
liow that Ihe fl'psl is out lhe enlist'
mad will need re-ballasting. The'company is also dning a hit of riprap
Vork aliing lho river bank to protect
lhe roadbed. This wmk has been going on at the Morrissey end tor some
time, over 100 Japanese being employed at tlio work.
Tbe O, N. it. train im Saturday
was run uver tlio C. P. It.as far as
Morrissey, whoro it was switched en
to iis own line. This was on account
ol lho mild slide wbieb still covered
tho track five feet deep Ihat morning
at the gumbo cut. A great deal i f
work lias been done on lliis cul during the week and there is llttlt
fear of further delays from Oil.'
(From the Prospector.)
Tbe Imperial Coal ami Coke company, wbieb owns an extensive area nl
coal lands at Finding river, has found
thai certain ol its seams carry a
good grade of gas coal, Tests show
a production ol about leu thousand
otlbio feef per Ion, whieh would qualify ibis coal for gas production when
the western country needs gas.
Constable Walsh has been very busy
this week. A couple ol lighters ami
drunks, nml two suspected thieves
were on   trial.   Constable  Walsh    is
determined lo rid this portti f ibe
dislriel of Irresponsible parlies ihat
have an inclination nnl to abide by
the law.
Barrister (l. IT. Thomps.ni, Cranbrook, was at lending court al Slcclo
on Tuesday.
A. M. Cooper and J. ff. ilai'.litig.
Cranbrook, were guests at the Imperial Sunday last.
Dan Munroo returned from a trapping expedition on Monday wllh fifteen martin skins wot'lh $150,
When completed lho Kootenay Central will traverse 180 miles nf ibe
finest fishing and bunting grounds in
l-be world.
H. 1.. T. (ialhr.iilh ami Oeo, Scott
ore al  Fomlo Tuesday attending   a
collng of the directors ol the Fi rl
Slcclo Brewing coihpany.
Flank Williams, who has been at
Halcyon Hot Springs for nearly a
month, returned lo Steele Thursday.
Mrs. A. C. Nelson, Miss Staples,
Miss Proctor and Miss Wilmot, who
0 visiting at. (ho residence of Mr.
'. Watson during Ibe- early pari nf
this wook, returned to Cratibrutik
(Fiom the Leader.)
A   shipment   has Just   been  made   io
tbo si   Eugene Consolidated Minltg
:.|iany,   ul   M.-yi.,   In   the   Yuncoil
Engineering    Works,   ol m\ .ue
cars equipped with   \ii.ii«'iula self-oil*
ing wheels and axels
Mr, .m.i Mrs  Bill, who nm a dairy
north oi town, had the mlsfortuno lu
lose three   ol   Iheii cows Uns week
The cows were poisoned In some  n,
accountable inauuei
minimis   1 KION ELECTION
Uoylc   l.e.i.lei.   The regular, semi
annual elecllo be Moylo Ulnem
I tiit.n   N.i.   71,   wnfl   hild   last   Salu.
flay ami  tin-   Following ollieers were
elected foi  lho ensuing ttrm
Chas, Hastings, president
John Morrison, vice-prosIdcut
Tims K. Kelly, financial secretary
James l.cmimui, recording secre
John Blackburn, treasurer.
John Powers, conductor,
Philip Summers, warden,
Tiiislees—Wm. Stephensiui, \l,-x
Cameron, Ett Walsh, John Kirk, Ban
B, Sullivan.
Finance Committee— Cqn l.ymb, J.
1*. Hennessey, ll. A. M.  Vnuug.
i*M»v tj). hjv-^v-jsv. -;>.
—flft ts (iv n  •  i  *
| the Cosmopolitan Hotel
A Fiistdass House Centrally Located
E. H. SMALL, rianager
;i Fine Sample Rooms in Connection. The bedrooms ff
*f are airy and comfortable, and the table is the best lhe '7
LL market affords.
J Lr.i ... ..   ..   .   .   ■•   ,.- ,.   ,.   ,.  ,.     ^. ,;. r.\ r.a /.- r.a /,-, r.i I., i.i ,y
«)..;-oj, ij ,.i ,.   ,•   ,.   ,.-•   ,.- ,.- -•- ,.   ,.   ,.   ,., ,.   .i, <j) ,j>
Fertile, March 13.—Yesterday mo'ii
ing during the terrific wind storm
which was raging through the Koote
nays, a lire broke out at Coal Creek
mines, which spread with great tepidity, ami soon taught hold ol ibe
tipple which spanned the creek ueni
the entrance. This tipple ..was the
largest in the wUt. 1 I strotehes
from the north to tdc south side ef
the val-ey, and was in reality an immense bridge about thirty feet wide
and mill to 1000 feet long. All tin
tracks leading into the three mlin -
crossed it. There was siding ''nam
for some lniutlieds of loaded anil
empty ears. Connected with it was
all the cosily and extensive planl for
sorting and cleaning the coal, con*
slstlng ot' elevators, belts, hoppers,
etc. All ibis is completely destroy
ed, and even if tlio lumber pan ol
ihe struct tiro can be replaced and
temporary arrangements made fm
loading, il will lake at least six
months to procure duplicates ol   the
eoillpliiatfil   m.o-liim'Tv   ami   have     ii
set   tip.
Unfortunately this tlnees not i iver
cover the fid; extent ol the disaster.
The splendid power house containing
lhc dynamos whicli furnished all the
power lo operate tbe hauling ainUut-
ling nf the coal, the lighting ol Ihjo
mines and the pumping oi Water i.,.iu
lowei' workings lifts fallen a victim lo
the names. Except for the work ol
repairing the damage, this will nnl ,-
tunately mean the almost entire !*'.s-
ing of Coal Creek mines until the new
tipple akd power bouse can he ion-
structed. Fortunately tho trade can
be supplied from the Michel nud Mui-
risscy mines, and it is the Intent! m
of the company lo find wmk for Ihe
Coal Creek miners at   those points.
After their long series of-disasters,
this, one of the heaviest financially,
is greatly to be regret ted.
The total loss will exceed $300,001.,
not taking into .consideration lho Indirect losses resulting from enforced
Nelson Tribune; The dean of Kootenay journalists i;; still doing business
at lho same old stand, and things are
beginning to come his way. If Fort
Steele ever has a railway, and il is
prolty certain now, tho faithful few
will owe it largely to the untiring
and Irresistible efforts of tho editor
of the Prnspcctor. If tbey wish to
tlo themselves honor, tbey will on lhe
opening rtaj re-chrlslcn their lown
Once in a while a newspaper \ m
nets a word of praise for work done
In   litis   case   lhe   praise   is   (lesci'/Cll.
Mr. (Irace lias worked for thu upbuilding of Fori Steele for years, . id
in the face ol all kinds of iliseour.i.e
inputs be has labored for the building
i.i the Koolpnn) Central railway. It
would he a nice compliment, in.l ■,■.!
if   the   people   of   Fori    Steele   Wll ill
re-christen lho I own "Clracc " tit,"*
has     saved    many a    sinner,    nml
Mr.   (inice  has  done much   fill     I',
I    P. BURNS (& CO.
Wholesale mnl RclstI
resh am) Cured Meals
I rush   Pish,   Qnme   ami
-uppu only iiii* best     Vour
lfii.li' || s-nliiilt.l
Markets In all lhc prinuptil in wns
In Itriti'h C« uiiiliiii
1905      NEW     1905
Tin- mosl itllriH'livc line of
WaJl Papers
I'vi-r shown in C'l'nntirook
I'itssi'iI Gootls Sirij,,' lillVcts
Vm-nislnil Tili's for Bntliro, in,
MotililiiiRs to Mntt-li nil f.-ip.-rs
i FJ. Bradley & Co. !
The New Way
family washing—the way which changes It from   C^^-A-^
rudgery tua cheerful household duty—is by u?ing
hs ^™" li
'Mil     p
-Mi '
Laundry Trays
ir-^*,. -
Patmore Bros., Cranbrook, B. C
Install it modern Standard'*
Laundryin yourhoineand titer
will be no water to cam, n
leakage or damp floors, and n
tubs to empty or upset, li wi
Increase lhe selling value ot your
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mi s
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dress d Lumber
Toronto,   Mnri'lt II.—Tho .1 it.-.-1..,-.
nl flu, Sl. Euitt'iio imn ni 111,-1- tl,c ali-r
liirntiiiii nf u l„'n per ri'iii illvliiciul,
pavalili' iiii Unroll1   I'iIIi.    This alivi-
Tweiity-fonr  tliniisauil  dollars  was   tlontl is frmn jii-t.flt.fi rccpfvctl ii|i    In
list iiiui tot! yi'sti'iiiiiy liy lho SI. Eli-   Deci'inlicr 31,' nun.
geno contpany as lho jiayroll fot' lho     Tho cn|vltal slncd ,,f lite company is
month of ]''i'liriiaiy.    This is (4,1100 SD.SOII.DDtl ami lho .llvltlrnil ivnulil call
limn      was     paiii    mil     i.n  '"t  (Tii.iiini. ■ (Inly • $a.2,i'J, , „i   lho
lhc unit uf lasl month. Tlio itifToi--1 capital slock has neon issunl sn Hi.n
coco is nn account of t'l'lnunry Iwlm?; itie iliTiilei'ul will amount lo Ml.iii'i.
a short month ami the elostiiR .Inwii' Tins brings lhc (n'tnl nmoiinl pnl'll in
nl llie mine for a day nr two. |HI- Eugene sluirclmUcrs In ilule   lo
C, (I. Givynno   was iu Cranhrook. $'13H,0mi,
llie first nf the week   ' 'I'1"' 'ilH* tlivitlcnil paid hy liie eniii-
Jamcs   O'Lcary   is in   CranlirnokT"''"J11 l*J l"'r ','"1 '""' "" •""
siill'i-riiiB wiih nn attack of the grip., p0""""    '. .
.I.unes     McNeill wns in Hie Otitn- '!'
brook hospital with au nltaeli ol the' I'-„rSali—l'lyiii„„ll, Itiiil,- Ihpraiigli-
iriii, -. i linil heiis anil roosters n,„i settings
.   .        ,    . I Irom   pure   lirnivn Lotthorns,   If,   is
ruinniiinii, formerly i-onsU- economy to ^'hof   tlie   best.     A. C.
ble in Moyie, is    now stationed   at Piggolt.  '-.',.•"•   -.  •
Drink Home Beei
It is I'tire
It is Healthy
It is (lie Bust
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shties made new.   All kinds
ol repairing,   (live mc a cull.
Applications will In, rccolvod by the
 lorslgiiotl f,.r Hie posllion ol ngcnl
I", llll. locallly. On,, w,ll,„i, Ineail
vttss iiii'le,,1-ii. fjooil position in
Hn- right man,   Apply
Occidental Loan A Ravings t'.,.
P. u. 11,,'s IHU,
l.ltt V;i,„-,.,n,-|-,  lit O,
IM   THE   SUPItEME   rut UT   ill-'
iilllTISH rtn.i'Miu \
N,.i ii-.- is hereby given llial by order  of   lln-  II '.,,,1,1,1,-   Mr.   Jusl lei,
Morrison, mntlc lhe J3lh day of Ecb-
riiary, liiur,, it Is orilercit tb.it
Michael Ile l.e,,,, of Iho Cily nf T.i-
,■",,,.,, In Hid Slate nf WnsliiiiRl In
niliiiiiiisiiiiiiir ul all nn.l singular tho
cslalo „l Delia Sullivan, dc'ceaseii.
And nolleo is also given Iiul all per-
s.'iis bavlng claims ,ig,ii„si lhe eslnl,,
ni tho said ili't'casi'd must sen,I flienl
.in duly veriliiil  r liefine the Sib
day of April,   11)05, In Ibe said Mi-
I chad  Do Leni-v at. 11 Hi Clrniil, Ave-
ll , Tacomn, Washington, or In   lho
iuitilci'slgncl, nfli-r which dale the ,■■-
I lata will bo ilcall- with iu duo cottrso
t administration,
Dated this lib day nf Ma,el,, lfui;,.
■10-21 Ellis « Brown,
Vamniiver, 11, ('.
Solicitors for Michael Do Loacy, '-•
. gi i.i-i,
MAR 2 i IS!
■*frtiiiiitiiti.iii»*j»i.>i4ii»itii|i..>i*twfr^ *"*'
The Canadian Bank oi Commerce
Capital $8,7O0JMO Rest $3,500,000
Travellers'   Letters   of   Credit
hvhIIiiIiIh in nil pttrta of tliu world
ni lln' following rnloa
|.i Hint Hll'lt'l
 1 UK  #1"        'I'M'"   f
.'III lO.MllH    *.
-   mi ■■ bu    i.*i.-.'tiiH •
Th-totiKltTHiirf l',iynlil.*iit I'-trul imvolll.t. In lii-ni-ln uf n rii.iil.T.-.l Hunk, iimi  I
111 tin- •iritn'i|»il IhiiiImiik puliilnlii tin' liuii'il Sint.'-' *
Ni'iiuttiiiiii-ni 11 ut,., 1 mu.nt tiii<riiitinl.iiii 11,11k uii' iii'i-i-i*. i.i.n.ii.ii. Kuif'aod   ?
<^-»- •-•■••.^..•..#..«..«..#..».•..»..•..»..#,.» ■•■•  ■ d>+>> ••■•■•*■■•■■* ■•—■■•••••«• ■•-••■•-■••'•-■-I "•■»•• 9
2 Capital, Paid Up    . $3,000,000 It
1 Rest $3,000,000 J
J T. R. Merritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
s   *
* A general banking business transacted.     Drafts sold availa- J
* Ue in every part ol Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
J attention to collections. I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     *
H£»********************* ***************
Do you want your *
' is
SU niontliB of time nnd study with onr nf the test X
evi' siM'i'iulists in Mnntri-nl wus Hot stu'iit for until- *<
.    *f
■ iu *'
eyes examined
itu<. the results can be told by Beores of peopl
this town und surrounding country,    We liavi
iiniiii    onr,,
United testimonials from people
Craiibrook, Moyie, Murysvi
Warder,   Results ooiint
K.rt  Steele tuul 4
(lur examinations art, -|,
.♦♦♦♦•-M.******************************* P (?)
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liiiiipi'iiiiu,    S 0   iiiniii'i
Wlllll   Villi    llllllk     [S   WI'Mlim
will, vniirs. Iii'lli'i' Imvu ia.
H\ ii up for ynu,
iHlii'iul Wnti'li l„H|M'i'inr. Crown Ni-si I'asB Division, 0, V 11.
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pnint.   We keep nn other
Victoria, March 20,-The new assessment tiill was nmsiilrred in COOK
outlet*   <>l   llie    ubule  this alti-iiiinili
Several elauMt were Ltltonglj cum
baited hy die opposition und were
tniii ovei loi reconsideration by the
nuance minister.
The principal ObJeCtloM raised by
tin- opposition welt- in legaid to llie
di'p.iiiuie Irom tin- principle ol tlu*
exemption ol Irom luxation ul tlie
personal property >W pool people.
Heretofore, persouol property to the
value ul 1500 lias been exempted; now
it is proposed thai It shall be USed
.). ,\. Macdonald, leader ol ihe Ofh
jiusitiiiii, deprecated ibis course, other Liberal speakers also spoke'In tbe
same strain pointing out thai lhe
government nuw proposed in plaeeun
additional tax ot upwards ul ?3 ie>on
the must desirable class ul working
people In the province. The clause
dealing with this change was 1'cld
.Me I a nes reintroduced a resolution
that was defeated last session to
ompt fiom taxation permanent
pruvemeiits uu lauds to the value of
$1110(1. In support ol this resolution
he pointed uut that the government
proposed to reduce tbe taxation ou
lands lie Id by speculators and he
thought it only reasonable that if the
government is prepared to show such
consideration fur speculators, bona
llde. settlers whu Were trying to build
up tlie province by clearing land did
Improving il iu other ways, should
should receive some measure of consideration.
llawthuiiithwaiit. supported Mela*
lies' proposal and the finance minister asked to bave the clause staud
uver fur revision.
.1. A. Macdonald attacked ihe
clause providing fur re-assessmeat on
ibe grounds that reactionary legislation ui that kind was wrung in prin-
Alter working un the bill for two
hours the committee rose, and wilt
complete the Oill tomorrow.
The dehale un tbe second reading
if the bill to adjust dyking assessments was resumed by Oliver, mem-
net for Delia, whu presented a si rung
■ase against tin- bill and pad not
joinplPted his iiidieuueut'wheii iht*
itousc ruse at ti p.  m.
The principal charge preferred by
Oliver was that the hill provided for
Increase ol the burden upon bona
(Me sel tiers while absent land iws-
■is ami speculators would be relley-
-.1, the effect befiig that lhe property
>f settlers who were really assisting
n the development ol the province
.wmld lie materially depreciated in
-.iiiu'. while lands held purely tor
ipeeulative purposes would Ihi very
■onstderably enhanced in value.
In remarking upon  the importance
if the hill and its far reaching ('fleet.s
Oliver commented upon the laek   ol
t tenl ion given  the  measure by  sup-
poiiers ol the government, ot whom
at the time he was speaking only six
wire in ibvir -teats, (A. Macdoiiahl.
Oram, Cotton. McHridt Tat low aiid
Oreeul, while every BHHnbei b| tin*
opposition was present to assi.it in
remedying tlie bill in so fai as- was
in iheir power.
J. A. Macdonald -, hills tn amend
the Workmen's Compensation Act
aud the Railway Art were read tin*
first time,
The bill tu amend the uiilepe.tl.tl
provisions i.( ihe A iesmient Acl
passed tlie final stages
Tbe repot t un the bill to aiu-'ud
Land Kegisiiy  Act was adopted.
The highways bill paused Un- com
to grant lhe request of the lumbermen iu ibe matter uf Umber licenses.
Hy the acl uf last session timber licenses were restricted Id une year,
wit liuti i a giiai an tee of renewal.
Lumbermen ioi weeks past have been
lobbying lo sieiile a ehangt' jn ih(.
taw whereby thest' annual licenses
should he   convened   into'     lil      vear
leases, agreeing if ihe change is made
to pay un eJttlH ten cents per thousand royally. Tlie caucus tonight de-
Olded to meet the luinlH'niirn's- ii^ues
lu the extent of granting sixteen year
leases in lieu uf annual licenses,
Houston   has aunuunciti his intention  of   returning to Nelson at '.he
end of  lire  week.
Promoter of the Spokane
& International Railway.
Victoria, March 20.—The government caucus tonight again failed to
come to any decision relative to railway proposals. It looks as thojgh
the outcome would be that no rail-]
way policy will materialize this session. There is a strong contingent in
the government parly tlml will not
stand for liie concessions demanded
by tbe C. P. R., and as government
supporters the C, I*. R. will nut
yield, a deadlock appears inevitable. 1
While nothing is doing.-In railway
matters the lumbermen have gained
their point.   Tonight's caucus decided
The above map shows the different surveyi that have been made
of the Spokane & International railway. Where there are two it has
not been definitely decided as to the route, but where only one line
shows the survey is permencnt. Corps of surveyors are in the field now
making- the linal surveys, and h is expected that the work of constru-
tion will commence next month. This is the road that will give to
Cranbrook direct connection with Spokane and place this town on a
through line irom Minneapolis wai Sl. Paul and Spokane. Cranbrook
is surely coming to her own.
Victoria, March 17.—Mr. Houston
M. I.. A., gives notice ol u radical motion on going into supply. He
will mnvi, that tliis house declares
that tin, province nf llritish Columbia
should issue thirty million acres ol
land scrip, carrying will, it tin, rlglt'i
of locution ou any nf the frown laml
which is unoccupied, ami the right to
everything that is iu lhe lumi or oil
It shuiilti he issued in denniiiiualiiins
of forty, elgnly, a hundred antl sixty,
three hundred and twenty uml ...ix
hundred and Forty acres, at a uniform
price of $1 per acre, the jiniceeils lo
be used as follows:
1. In paying oft the provincial
2. Providing a school fund.
3. Aiding the construction ot .-nil-
4. Constructing a series of irrigation canals in the semi-arid ilistri.-ts
and in building trunk wagon roads,
Charleston, West Virginia, March
20.—As the result ol the explosion in
the Rush Run & Red Ash Mines near
hero on Saturday night twenty-four
men are' dead. Ten of these were
killed in tho explosion on Saturday
and the other fourteen comprised a
rescuing party who entered tlie 'nine
on Sunday. These latter were killed
by a second explosion. The first explosion seemed to shake tho very
foundations of the mountains and tbe
Dash frum the two neighboring drills
lighted up the heavens for miles
around. The lirst explosion was caus
ed by a "naked" flame coming in contact with the gas. The flames leaped
from the drift mouth and set everything on fire within reach. The great
drum by which the loade cars arc run
Irom the drilt mouth down the incline
to the tipple was blown trom its
moorings and dowu the mountain side
six hundred leet, while the drum house
caught fire and was destroyed.
Toronto, March 18.—Militiamen
here say that it is almost certain
that Col. Drury, commanding the
Royal School ol Artillery at Kingston, will be appointed to Esquimalt,
and Col, Ottel to Halifax. Colonel
Drury served in 1885, and also in
South Alrica.
The Trail smeller has lorn down
the last of the old Ht-in/.c gold-copper furnace and is putting in a new
up to date furnace, with a capacity
of 1150 tons a day. The old furnace had
a capacity nf annul 150 tons a day.
The smelter lias now three large [.old
copper lurnaces with a combined capacity ol over 1000 tons dally. Resides it has three copper stacks.
That is the way
your feet will always be if you wear'
Invictus wet proof
Shoes. They are
the best made in
Canada. We have
them in Box Calf and Vici Kid.
This is the remark
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man who buys
his furnishings of
us. We have the
very newest
things out in the
very best material at very lowest prices.
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9  Wl. mcDoHM W. H. llUfMi  *
? ...THE... I
S Simpson Co.
OlholcMlt Cvitimiislvii
and mannracturers' Jlgmis
The Wapella Roller Mills
The Lumsdcn Roller Mills
Tbe Bradwardine Roller Mills
Nsisblil & Company Slock Food
Tbe Moyie Lumber and Milling Co.
Lever Bros., - Sunlight Soap "
Tbe " Armour"  Limited
The Vogel Packing Co.
The Rene Cigar Co.
Vienna Food Co.
t     connctr-onDCNcr, toliCTCD
The building formerly
by The Herald on Arm
strong Avenue
| PRICE. $1400 \
and ... mora lolly innture.l than throw dnpoo.
rlimt upon nBtura. Th. fnrmerti.H pmmirli to
contend with without tni.tiwi tonooraMOf
Oar', cost uo mom lli.n poorly detolopod M«l«
.ad n. .a Inducement wa otter
Don't delay. A pmtal card »ll>brlmr lull tutor,
nation and lame Illustrated oatHlosue 1.
DfmvKK seen a flo»alco„.i««».r.c.to.
i! Big Book ind Drat Slore j
We desire to thank J
i i the people of Cran- {
b.*3)'c f>r their ind]
consideration while j
we were moving to J
our new quarters.
In   two   or three
days we will be in
better shape  than
ever  to meet the
demandsof the people.   Our stock is
being increased and
goods are being put
into place.
Big Book and Drug Stare
Ken*************** THE    CRAKllftOOK   HERAI.li
By The Herald Publishing Company.
.„■ Editor and .Manager.
Th.H.reldl.1 """ >•''"'   '• •■'""*
So minin s....ih But Kootenaj
,.lll.l I
only fit,    Nil liuin l„ so
i-ull afford  lo be  ,,-itlio
lUlugout.lde of lhu ill.tr,.'
in th.- progrw. "t thla well
li j.,.1,1,.1,,'. tli.iici,. whll.
i,uiti,,li,-,l i,,,-„l,ii,-l> I..- i
clique party or individual dlrtatwlt pollejr
It dun t ti.v ii, ,a-.i- tha i"'..|'l'
l.t.i |„i,,l,.h i. i,a».|,af i ,,.-', Will'
tit 111. ai.lllll.Ulli
iluu and rn..I....
I. . ,,,-aii,-
Adu-riiaijig rate Sl I"', hii-h, alngl. eol-
uuu,. per mouth,-uu mora and uu leee.
hooding lu.ilii'i- l-'i ..-ni. per lim',.. ,,o„
ulv.rtla.rai lo.-autr. mi lln. to regular ad
„9-9*3-S 5««4 MWMMMi
j 11Y  I'I IK Hl.li MAN *
The four-flusher is llie man who gets
liis education out ol the back eud ol
a dictionary.
An owl hoots at the wintry uiooii—
a bud sings in the sun. Mural: Tale
your choice.
Between the lines in a It'll'
troduotiou >nu enn always
dumb appeal to kick Hu
through the window.
read a
In preparing tot
a womau was uevi
hel  powder rag.
visit in journey
known I., lorget
My light arm always itches
sec a liuin abusing a horse,
local. Hi.
i- In,.-
.all il
ll you ,i.
ilru i
i much
Hunt K...I
juli   llliinl
Hf rn l.l.
I'll.' Ilui-i
III lu
h ii llrai
iin uiii-k in
uf t!
.- Writ.
it uut i-liiii'
1   tfttlit
vnur jub WOrk.
ii '
II V llllll [ll
',', ki
n bullae
I'ltf U.-ii.iM .lout
ThO man who daiirtv
debt i" 'hi- fiddler.
is generally In
Nu one ever sa
man ul himsi-ll.
donkey make a
Ceft in disgust.
' Mi. Morse, gettoral manager ol lhe
Grand Trunk l?aclllc, if ho has been
rightly ■■ri.-poit.-il In the Vancouver
Province, baa kU tlm, province in
disgust lor the reason that the Mo-
Bride government has refused to entertain the proposition of granting
the Grand Trunk 10,UUU acres oi land
pec mile'iii 'return lur commencing
tbe building " of the road at the
west end at the same time construction is Inaugurated at the cast end
ut the toad. II tnfc' Motfrlde govern-
uientrAas,taken this stand, they aie
eiiiitM ft^Us thanks ol the people
ui this - pro-, inci;. The hold-up guiup
practiced by .Mr. Morse and bis out-
lit is luo Coarse lui the west. It Is
etident, Horn tbo history oi the pas I,
that every railroad corporation that
lias oyoS on Urlllsb Columbia/believes iu ihe uld Biblical suyiug,
"■Ask dud yuu shall receive.1' Tlie
Grand Trunk has been treated royally by the Dominion. Now tbey are
alter the provinces. When tbey have
squeezed lhe provinces to a finish,
they v.ill drop down io every town
that they will build to or through
and after that comes the people lui
au Indoflnlto penod. "We made a
very lair proposition to the people
ol Urltlsh Columbia. We only asked
that we be given 15,000 acres pel
mile ..and, \olleied lo enter into an
agreement*" to sell the land thus secured at the regular government rate
©?'$! io $0 per acre." Mr. Morse
also said that it cost a lot of
money to organize and keep up a
t&auV department, and to take the le-
BpoDsihility ui disposing ul the lands
jueant-a- heavy buiden on his company'*
V. -lust think ol it!
i; The Herald will guarantee to organize-right In Cranhrook a company io
.handle two or three hundred thousand
rkeies ol laud along the new line il
"that land is to be a gift, and what
lis more tl will do it in twenty-lour
(bourn. What return will British Cu-
•lumbia get for tlio gilt ol ihis priiice-
lly domain to tht- Grand Trunk? Mr.
florae says that tiny would have tt
•buy then supplies on tho west coast,
h'heieloie lu beitetii a low wholesale
fand,;retail, men ol.Vancouver and Vie-
itrOiia, The people oi the province a" ~
-whole would bo taxed thousands ol
•aeie's-ol valuable land. Then* lias
'been too much of this in the past in
■''ibis-province, and it is time to call
;a lia.lt. The Herald trusts that the
iMcliiide government will slay with
fthc 'stand they have taken. The pio
■ vince should be considered as a wholt
land/not, by-the light ol one or two
'coast towns.
, There i_ a possibility of South East
IKuoteuay being represented by an
* at toi nu) general. Billy Itoss is am-
J bilious, * and   Charley Wilson's chair
! looks good   tn llllll,
r  John    Houston  Im
'(M.licm,t' lo issue scrip
for 30,000,000
.acres'of land in this province,    um
• use the proceeds lo pay oil iho In
MebtodnesB ol Ibe government nnd is
' labllsh a permanent bcIiouI fund. Tin-
plan on its face .stems a good emu,
,but it will have to be rushed or the
230,000,000 acres lell in the province
•wi:H all be given away tu corporations.
The strong argument against Cranbrook Incorporating 1ms been the cr-
• tra expense 'tliiit  would  be  Incurred
• to support the schools. The new
'.school bill kills that argument. In
■ihe iuture this community will have
• to raise by special taxation some-
. thing like $2,500 a year to maintain
. its schools, but the revenues from the
'licenses ol hotels and merchants,
• well as all fines, still go to the gbV-
' eminent.   It begins to look now as if
• Cranbrook would have to incorporate
• for sell protection.
, -Seven years ago today the Cranbrook Herald issued its first number.
• Then there were no business houses
'here,  two hotels, a blacksmith shop
and a livery stable. The town has
grown and tbe Herald has grown.
Doth will grow considerably wore In
tbe next few years.
A  mellow
whenever l t
cling    overcomes mo
a.    pair    of patched
One windy day in Cranbrook r
long ago, as wo noticed tlie struggles
of llie ladies to keep their skirls in
hand and the delicious delight ol some
ol the men on the street, wc were reminded ol the following lines:
Old Satan stilled the naughty wind
To toss the lady's skirt,
But Uud was kind and the man   behind
Had his optics lilled wiih dirt."'
Amlnlster tn eastern Canada has
some positive views ou the question
ol bachelors, and in a recent discussion ot the question he relieved Lis
mind as follows: "Individualism is a
danger lo the slate. Bachelors and
clubmen are bandits, guerillas and
outcasts. 1 would be in lavor, if it
were possible lu do such things bj
law, of a special tax ou bachelors.
Tbey are abnormalities, and the abnormal I tics should pay lhe taxes.
President KoosevcU has expressed
the opinion that every man and Wile
should raise a huge family uf children. Much has been said along <bis
lun:, but it has been left to an Italian woman io break all previous records iu tbo maternity race. In the
course of 10 years uf wedlock she has
become the mother of «2 children.
This extraordinary attainment is
vouched lor by many creditable witnesses who testified to its truth in a
petition before the Italian government asking for tbe woman a yearly
pensiou of $370. OI these children 59
are boys and three are girls. Eleven
times in succession iu nine years the
prolific female gave birth to triplets,
three times four boys arrived at one
birth and once live boys aud a girl.
The other eleven were born singly tilt
but very close together,
llaveyou seen that new coat worn
by John Hutchison. The coat of
Biblical fame worn by Joseph, al-
though perhaps mote brilliant is not
in it by comparison, and the lar
famed neckties affected by Fred
Smyth, ol Moyie, sink into deep in
significance when arrayed along side
of this. No man but Hutch would
have nerve enough to don that coat
and walk down Baker street. It
talks iu seven different languages, and
the noise of the 0. P. R. boiler shop
is a Spanish serenade compared with
the noise of this garment. The checks
are the size of a Bank of Englaud
note, and it has the aroma of tho
river Thames. To all comment Hutch
breaks loith iu song as follows:
It is mine aud I'll wear it,
And don't you come near it,
For fear you will tear it,
My beautiful coat.
Philosopher aud poet are alike iu
tbe Verdict that tb-e safety and perpetuity of any nation lies iu tbe,
homes of ils people. |
He who improves an opportunity
sows a seed which will yield ftuit 'u
opportunity for himself aud others.
Everyone who has labored honestly
in the pasi has aided to place Knu vl-
edge and comfort within tbe reach oi
constantly Increasing number.       I
Open eyes will discover opportunity everywhere; open ears will never
fail to detect tbo cries of those who i
are perishing (ot assistance; open
hearts will never want tor worthy
objects upon wblcb to bestow then
gifts; open bauds Will IWYM lack lot
uoblo work to do,
Head the Story of any successful
man and maik il moial, luld thousands of years ago by Solomon: "Sees
thuii a man diligent in his business.'
He shall siaml before kings." This
proverb is well Illustrated by the ca-
leer ol the iudustnuiis Franklin, lor
lie stood before bu* kings and -lined
with tvvu.
The nation that is shortsighted
enuugh lu ignure lhe homes ol lhe
people builds ou a louiiitalioii of sand,
and the homes which divorce themselves from all interests ot social and
national import are inviting an inevitable thratldom for themselves and
their posterity. To the ideal nt-jlto
the home, pure, safe-guarded, happy
is its glory and its crown.
The sculptor who brings uut tbe
breathing statue from cold marble
the painter who warms the canvas
into a deathless glow of beauty, the
architect whu builds cathedrals und
bangs the world-like dome of St. Peter's in mid-air, is uot to be compar
ed, iu sanctity and worthiness, to tbe
bumble artist who, out of the poor
material afforded by the shilling,
charging, selfish world, creates the
secure Lden oi a home,
Education commences at the mother's knee, and* every word that is
spoken within, the beresay of the little 'children tends towards formation
uf character * A child is better unborn thau untaught. Tbe true purpose
ot education is to cherish and untold
the seed of Immortality already sown
within us, to develops to 'ihe fullest
extent the capacities of every kind
with which God who made us bas
endowed us.
Henry Clay, the "mill boy ol the
slashes", was one uf seven children
of a widow too poor to send him tu
any but a country school, where be
was drilled in the three It's. But be
used every spare moment to study
without a teacher, and iu after years
be was king among self-made men.
The boy who bad learned to speak
iu a barn with only a hur.se and a
cow for au audience, became one uf
America's greatest orators uid
Dezall Brothers
Blacksmiths j
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jobbing....
ilul.lde Order. Promptly
Formerly Hotel I'lmir
NELSN,   B. C.
B. itrii'KiN.'., Manager,
A large coiisiLrnniPtit of
Spanish Wines
Port and
U hair-,1,- IVIoca, ll,|i„trs und CI,
Obbsobnt Lodge N'n. :i:i
Cranbrook, It. C.
ul  a  ,i.
I'hiri liuti'l in une
Uritisli t'liliiiiiliiii
it, every r,-R|H'i-t.
tuiui|ile riiiHHH.
if  the  1.
mil   it|i l<
Well   li
ll II
Meets Slid und -tth Tm-ndaj
Ml O. K lmil,
J. A. Ahmii.ii, K 11. B,
.1. I'. Flub r f
ViHiiinK Brethren cordiallymvlu-u i<> uue|.il.
Club Restaurant
Opposite Imperial Hotel
Armstrong Avcnvc
"Father,   dear   father,   come   home
with me now,
For mother is out to the club;
Vou said you were coming righl lioma
from your wmk
To get the tlear children some ^nib.
The cook has gone oul; tier club also
The Janitor's gone on a spree;
And   pom    brother  lleiinir has swallowed a nail,
And nn one to help liim hut  me.
Father, dear father come home  ..iih
mr now,
There's   scrubbing nnd sweeping  to
While mother is solving the problems
of state
The children are crying for you.
The socks must be darned, the patches tacked on,
The betls must he turned balk   to
And    mother's    shirtwaist must be
ironed tonight
Or she will have nothing to wear.
Father, dear father, come home with
me now;
it's lonely without any man;
And mother   will     grieve when   she
comes from the club
If things are   not fixed spick   and
Don't swear, dear papa, it isn't polite;
The children in hearing might ue;
So Iel business slide, for dear mother you know,
Might   bring home   a lew friends   to j
Half the world seems lu have found
uncongenial occupation, as if the human race had been shaven up together and exchanged places in lhc operation. A servant girl is trying to
teach aud a natural teacher is tending store, tiood farmers are murdering the law while Choates and
Websters are running down larms,
eaeli tortured by the consciousness of
unfulfilled destiny. Hoys are pining
away iu factories who should bo
wrestling with Greek and Latin, and
hundreds are dialing beneath unnatural
loads in cullege who should he on the
farm ur before the mast. Artists
are spreading "daubs" on canvas who
should be whitewashing board fetie
llchiud counters stand clerks who bate
the yard stick and neglect their Work
tu dream of other occupations. A
good shoemaker writes a lew versos
tor the village paper, his Iriends cai
him a poet, and the last, with whieh
hu is familiar, is abandoned for 1
pen which he uses awkwardly. Other
s-hoeniukers arc cobbling in congress,
while statesmen are pounding shoe
lasts. Laymen are murdering .
minis while Beccbera ind Whltelields
are failing as merchants, and people
are wondering what can be the cause
ol empty pews. A boy who is alway
making something with tools is railroaded through the university and
started on the road to Inferiority in
one oi ihe three honornhlo professions. Heal surgeons ale I..iiiilhu.' tht
meat saw ami cleaver, while' but ell it's
are amputating human limbs. How
fortunate that—
"There U a divinity thai shapes i.-ir
Hough hew  them how   we will."
...THK NKW....
-80  YEARS*
iloltlF nirertsiiri nnr oi'tn
qnloklv      --- -.
Patent* Wen tFiroufih Mtltu.
tptdtH notttt, w ii hout chiirea, to
..,.«  ...Qbitbljr j".
tloiu itrlctlr coiiBdfliitlnl.
■ent free. (Hileat namicr
• ••••^ •>♦♦*♦-•♦
A hiadiomBl r Hlnrrtftted wertl r.
"fa </pt, Wartl
Taney Box Chocolates
at the Candy Kitchen ,^
AIhu Rntiert-oii *' BSi'f'i hoth
In boxee and in l>uik. We Imveovtr
IVitoimof t'liiiiiii'B nnd mom on tlie
tmv. Tiitti menus iora*' 128 kind" in
r-ort rriim. 8EE OlJIt Ufio MIXTURE
for thu rhiiKimHM irode* «« good an
jou potthl hu> in Toronto. Sperlal
uttpulltiii (livm to mail onler*.
San Bernardino, Cai., March 17.—
Calvin Baker, former owner of lumbei' mills on San Bernardino mountains) lliis ir.dinihg discovered particles of placer gold in a gutter on the
west side of E street. The news spread
like wildfire and soon the entire west
side of the street for blocks'Vas lined
with eager gold hunters, 'merchants
and professional men. forsaking their
duties to join in the search:
Before noon fully 300 people were
on their knees industriously'" picking
away in the mud and gravel between
tbe stones ol the street, sonic of them
collecting as high as $3 worth of gold
It is thought the precious particles
were brought to town In gravel hauled Irom Lylle creek for use in the
construction of a new building near
where most of the gold was found.
Lytic creek has long been known as
rich iu placer gold.
We have beon In the bus,nun*-, foi
sevorul venix nml nilr business i- in
erottslnff, Thnt ittnwi Wl* 0IVB SATISFACTION. We have ofie nl ilm beat
equipments in H. C, mid we attend
strletlv io bitflinusF.
When yon want it moved see na.
Wt; make ii u specialty nnd have ii
piano mover and gun do the work
without link, aUo household furniture.
Perry & Fitzgerald
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
Olllci oppiallt C. P. R. 'PHONE 6.1
NOTICE.     '
Notice is hereby K'veli Hint sixty
davs after date C. M. Kilii-anls. will
apply lo the Chief Commissioner: ol
Lands ami Works, Victoria, tor oot-
missioii lo purchase the following ile
sciibMl land in South Kast Kfiotcnay
Commencing 10 chains east ol the
Moyie river, on the International
boundary iiue, tlionce 1(1 chains west,
thence III chains north, llience 3(1
east, more or less; to lhe western
boundary ol Kd Covell's pre-emption,
thence southerly following said west
ein boundary ' to southwest turner
thence 10 chains easl, llienoe 10
chains south, more or less, to pu.itI
ol commencement.
Hated tiiih January, io,'ir,.    t
Tale notice thai Ihiily. ilaysjil.n
ilali' I inteml l„ npjll) l„ lllo I'll,,
I'otmiiissloner of Lands ami WOFtffl
lor a Iwenty-oiie year lease lit all.
following lands in Snu'li 1-iaKt Koo
Conimcneina at mile jiosl HI ill
the east side ol 0. I'. It- Block -isiia
thelice 80 chains south, thence I BO
chains east, ttlcncc 105 chains north,
t'lienee -Ill ifi.iins east, ■ thenco 20
chains north, thence SO chains t-asl.
thence 20 chains north, thence to
chains cast, thence 20 chains south
thence 20 chains cast, thence 110
chains north, thence 320 chains west,
thence 210 chains south to point cl
Dated this 27th day of February,
49-5t fieorge R.C Taylor.
Notice is hereby giren-that. thirty,
davs after date J. Intend to.apply to
the Chief Commissioner of t.anils'ttiid
Works, Victoria,., lor- a special lioctise:
to cut and carry.away timber, from
the following rieseribeif land in South'
East Kootenay District;....':•:
Commencing 20 chains east of. .tin,
intersection of the iiort-h fork Of Michel creek and Uie-noMber-nmhouuilary,
ol Lot 4588, 0. !, thence, north .HI
chains, thence West'80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east no
chains lo jioint ol commencement.
Dated 9lh Jaiiuary, 11105.
M-5t I). Ui'Ailli-ir,
The Hast Kootenay
Co., Limited.
manupacturbrs op
Rough ami Dressed Lumber ami Dimension
Also MOULDINQS of all Kinds
11.  C.  t
Cranbrouk Im»\ llnlun  l.'ll <■( (he Initj.
ttrulhertioi'd uf Curni-nu-r-i mil Jolnttri
ol AmcrUn.
Thla l-.'iil t ii* evorj I'n.lin i-vi g at
H\> iii. inC. I.. I   hull,
Vim mm Bretlirun Conllullj Iiiv1lt-.l
.1   A. UNimVi -I   II   M.h.iMir.
ItKe-rtKe, I'm in vsv
1,0.0.1.      kc> Cll) l«d|e
N.i. !:\   Mi'i-ui-ii-ij Mull-
ilu) nliilil id tlii-ii in.ll ou
n,iki'i -.tii-it.   Mojouring
ti.i.i IVII.mi lliilly hisii.-.i.
s, .1   Morrow, n   n MoKurl	
N.   II. HM'V.
trinbrimk Indie, No. Jl
A. P. ft A. M
! Hardware.... Coal 0il
BB"BgBBB?SB  fry Pennoline I
♦ Cumberland
We have a carload nn hand.     Also a carload of
lias just arrived *
p 'tm m $& m t m<$-4i<begGtm&mAN_
4> When You Buy Liquor *
| Buy the Be5t== $
S , •**%
We are tn receidt of an invoice front the Royal distil- ff
lery. It is pure, has the age. and from a medicinal point ib y
just tlie thin-,'.    We sell everything iu the liquor and cigar
Wholesale Dealer in Liquors and Cigars
Spring Suits
are all the rage now at
McSweyn & Griffith
The Leading Tailors
Thirty days alter dale Iwill apply
to the Chlel Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a special license to uut
and carry away timber from the toi-1
lowing describe*! land:
Commencing at a pi
ll. Gibson's'.' iiiiil siti
miifs iioiib of Crowf
ami about one an.l one
of thR north fork ol
fiom  tlm   southeast
st marked "W.
ati-tl about Ave
Nest station
•hall miles east
Michel creek,
cornei running
HU chains west, thence 811 chains
north, thence an chains east, thence
8() chains south to tho point o! commencement, containing BIO acres,
more or less.
Hated March 7th, 1003.
4(j-ot W. II. Gibson.
Thirty days alter dale Iwill apply
io the Chlel Commissioner ol Lands
and Works lot a special license lo cut
und cany away timbot Irom tho following described land:
Commencing at a post mmked
11. Gibson's'' and .situated aboii 1 flv
miles iioitb oi Crows NcbI static
and about one and one hall miles '-as
of ilu- ninth   toik nt    Michel creek
New rigs, p,ixl driving
nml suiliUt- liorspa nt
ri'iisiiiiiibli- rntti, (lur
itii!i]will in1 to give good
eiiri' to nil lnirBiis stn-
liiul with us.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
Cranlirnok I'rcsb)Itriuii Church.
ijuin ihe stniiliv
chalnt, ,-nsl, 111,
lhi'in.1- 80 ilia,
chain-, son it, ,
liirllL'tniiilil,     ,,
more or Ig.s.
liiitrii March '
. r
ii. ,„ mi
,'..l.i,i .
..   „.,.,...
1 7 llll |
■ ■  "1
III 1,,
1 « l„
HI   all,
Ilia   Dili
11. Ollmon.
"M-...,,.|    III
S- -I.  Tl...lll|.h
Criiiibniiili Hapliat Church.
.c-i:utikii'a'iI': op  uii'itovic-
"Dixy," Colllngwood" nntl "May-
llowcr" niini'tal cluiius, situate in tile
I-'ort Steele alinins Division ..I h,asl
Kootcnas' illstrlet,
Where located: Ou St. Eugene lull,
on Movie Lake. 	
Take   notice     thai   1, Will,am J.
Laugh's',   tree    ml -a    ccrlincate
inmiu, acting lor myself! and ,s
Bgottt tor .Imisiii, 11. Langley, Ired
inilu'i'.s eertilkalc B731U, and Andrew .1. lie'vliii, free miner's certificate No, 1I7MH!, inteml sixty d„Vs
liiini date liern.f, to apply to ti";
niininr! recorder lor n certificate ui
ini|iriiveinri.ls for the purpose nf uli-
taiuinK a crown grant ,,[ each of the
ahtive claims. •'
Ami lurther take notice that acll.ui
Milder seclion .'17 musl lie commenced Isale
hetiirc the Issiiam.'i' ,.i siiih eeriiiicile run, hy   a    lumberman   with -seven
of i,n|,r,,i'eiiii'i,ts. i,.„,„,,.„v   >''''l,s' ""I'l'iicnec on llie road.    Only
AD   1Mb! M""'")'!g„i.,l    firms    need     reply.  Address
4!,-ui w. .1, Langley.    "Salesman," care Cranhrook Herald.
I'rmiliriuik Melliudisl Church.
vOritCf l.l (lllll.iiil  Avilllir nm, Inula Slrci-I
V M'llll
' IViin
-:      I'll,
III   1,11
' luu I.
l.-i ..1 Hi., m. reloi'H |..-|,|
I,„|.,,a, I'l,ii
-1 1   ll. III. anil 7;!|i 1 i.  in
J rl,.|,U„|	
 :l |i. a,
 M   ,1. 111.   I'l.lH.lll,
r M'-'-nim	
 tt p. III. W|',Iii,.h|ii'v
t'Ml'lle in	
■ili.ill.v   ll.V.1,.1 111  l||t,.|„,
I'l.aliir. .1,1,. SIiiiii,
Wanted, a live or six room house,
o rout. Apply to the Herald office.
Wanted » commission as travelling
' 'Hiuan   fur   a   reliable   Kootenay
\iMiitu- brethren uei.iitiii'.t.
F. 0: i:.
IV P, S -I. M„rr,,„, I, s .\ ,\,
llliii't,. A,",,- Mnitant I ii ii I- ball
l.l an.l.'lril Kri.ln,,, l'i.,1 ,,„,, ,,,, ,v ml.
Meet? l»t ami 3rd Tueailuv every month
at Abbuttrdnlu,
Vlalliitg hrelllreli i-unliully iiivlleil
4. MC, UW*S,I    II.      Wu    liii.iiM.T,,V,.S«>
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
3. H. THOHPSON.       '
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, B, C.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etci   -.
Hiiell Block Cranbrook, B. C.
I      C, H, DUNBAR      *
I   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
I Public, Etc.
i   Cranbrook,    -    -    U. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office .1 Realdence, .trmaironi Ave.
Forenoon.,   ....   g;jn i„ |,
Allcrnooa.   ....   |;J0,uJ:Ju
Hvenlni.   •   ■   •        1 JO lo «:Jtl
CRA   BROOK,    : :       ,    E, U
I    Dr. Connolly,    j?
-    Physician and Surgeon   g
® Office on Armstrong Avenue ,;
ffi ™
S H..rii»,-lll.i 11 n.ui.. a lnl|i in, 7 ®
i       '""i"'-   ''■' "'r'      £
ll-'ICH 11IIURS:
,1 l,i I'.' a tu,
1 In I'. ,, ,„.
T,,F.   MOUSE'S   ,', t'.A
11. lilll nriro ii! ,i,
lluivn Idll trnl ,,<-,...,
 ■ ■«," ,».,
1 ' i '■'-"" '"il ,„■
'   and IIIIRSI: III Mist
iR.Mik'iiiii. li i 'I'lione 1,
McVittie A Laidlaw,
Mining EilRlilcci'S
ami Surveyors,
TltOS. f. McVITtlli, I'. I. s.
Under and by virtue of the power
ut sale contained iu a certain mortgage, which will he produced at. lho
lime of, sale, tliere will lie iiU'ereti f ir
sale hy public auction, on Wednesday,
lhe Hill day nl March, 1805, at 10:30
o'clock in the toronoon, by Messrs.
Arnold cc Roberts, at tlieir uiliee,
Cranhrook, 11. O., the following prop-
city, namely: Lot, 13 in Block 38.
Plan No. lllill, Cranbrook, II. I'., upon which is erected a twimstory
frame, dwelling, also a frame shell
suitable for a stable.
For further particulars and conditions ot sale apply to
Harris A Hull,
Vendor's Solicitors, Hank of U. N.
A.  H„ilding,
Vancouver, 11. 0,
Or lo
Am,.id A Unbelts,
Cranhrook, B, C,
lots February, 11105. lli-St


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