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Cranbrook Herald May 30, 1912

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We are well equipped to
turn out the bent class
of work.
Id tha Herald 1'ayn— Try
Our   Local  Columns
10c. a line
NO. 2*2
I m
Has it over occurred to ymi that
tho.se ideas which conio into evory
man's mJml every week In, Iln; year
can ht* put to u'M'd ptnottcal' use it
jotted down as they come into lifting,
instead of being allowed tn gull*1 only
a puny form of life which shrivels up
in tlie lirst. hot, sun'or cold wir.d nt
forgot f Illness and sinks once mine
into Ihat oblivion Irom which it name
(so (till of hope, only lo he blast nl
wil limit lic-tng given the smallest
chance to reach maturity, ami Ih
lost lo the world.
The world at large dues not know
onr Cranhrook us we do, ami whoso
fan 11 is It, surely «ol the world's?
Ami If we want others to know
how we live, whi»t WC have, anl
what we think, who is tetter able to
lell theso things than wo ourselves.
We should not allow ourselves to
sink into that depiorahle state ' of
mind whieh allows lhe veriest stranger to drop off between trains ami
toll us what Ave have. That is putting tiie cart before the horse in thc
plainest possible way. No, what WO
must do is tell tlie world, using thai
word in its broadest sense, what We
haw, and most important r,f all tell
them the truth. Harm immeasuraible
is invariably done in painting thi*
lily, but il wc give, laets, we may
still Ih* suspected o overstatements
but we can always fall back on ihe
truth aud say "Gentlemen, there is
the proof, look for yourselves."
The publicity Work whieh is being
Carried on by the board or trade can
be helped oat by every citizen at
sin .ill trouble, arrangement s having
heen made lor the publication of
slmrt articles on any SUbljcct concerning the district whieh will he at
general interest to the outside world
and if you, Mr. Header, wilt spend a
few minutes oi.ee in a while lotting
down some of your ideas and hand
tlie result to the secretary or pre-
s.deut ol tlte board, great, assistance
will be given to tho preparation ol
these general urticles. Some of thc
subjects which have ' -hscr. suggested
to lhc editing committee an* the
ft I lowing:
Air ttrainage.
''nil irrigation and irrigation.
l'-dlcni/ing Iruit.
It*-* raisir.g.
Construction davs of the Crows
Life in a lumber camp.
Tho Scandinavian in Canada
Winter sports in Canada.
Motoring in B.C,
Runnel in B.C, mi untalns
Camping in the Koo(er.ays
Old timers in ]•'.. K.
Intensive farming
The ko,w! roads movement in B.C,
The grfxzl) at home.
Short articles on these or kindred
subjects will be verv much apprw
latod and you are the one looked lo
for ihe information Pacts, facts, am)
again we nay facts.
Work   in all departments connoctod
wilh lhe Annual Kail Kail, is now
well underway. With n view to seeming the l>esl results, the hoard ol
directors at a special meeting lusl
Friday, appointed Mr. F. A. Kus-
seli, mamigiii'g director, at a salary
uf Jail per mouth, during the    next
The llrilish Columbia tiazettc ol
May 33nl, contains the following announcements?
Alfred Clement* Nelson to he government agent, assistant commis
(doner ol lamls, registrar under the
"Marriage Act," and registrar ot
births, ileal lis ami marriages, for tliu
South Division of Fast Koolenay,
gold commissioner for the Fort
Sleek- mining division, deputy dork
of, lhc peace lor the enmity court of
Fust Kootenny; court or revision mid
appeal for the Fort Stcclo assessment
district; registrar of voters for the
Craubrook electoral district; recording officer for the Cranhrook cattle
tlistriet; aud water recorder Inr tho three months, ami of $2iid for the
Cranbrook water tlistriet, vice .lames month ol September, lie will kujht-
F. Armstrong. I vtee all committee work, and gencraT-,
Nocl Stirling Austin  Arnold    Wai-, ly devote his time to perfecting every
linger to tm deputy assessor and col- detail of the forthcoming fair,
lector Ur    thc southern division    of j    Another    inert ing of directors took
the    Fast Kootenay electoral      dis- place last evening, at which a lot ol
trlct. business wus transacted. One ot    ttie
chief items discussed was the report
of the Ladies' committee, in charge
of the lag canvass. Thc ladies were
ali'e to record the fact that they
had -disposed of all!) tags, adding thai.
number of additional members too the
association's memliership roll.
The directors     were, naturally, enthusiastic in their apprfrialion      ol
the    work   done   hy the ladies, who
the surrounding    ills*
Will be Record Breaking Success if Energetic and
Enthusiastic Work of Directors and Ladies
Can Make it so
The work) Of the assessor ir. the
Fort Scecle district has lieen completed and the amount of assessment |)Ufj canvassed
and tuxes to be collected for
year ending December .'list, 1912
as follows:
Heal    property,   assessed (,j_ j.\ Smith,
value $.1,712,220.00   (ll'(, (|'-Ivt-torut
Iricts very  thoroughly, ami'us
lin'  mark of    this   appreciation,
elected Mrs. W. P. Doran and
Uie ladies' interest In tins work, it
was resolved to luvitu llie Women's
Institute to elect one ol then mini
her to servo with Mesdames Down
uud Smith.
In the   disposal ol lags, lhc      records show thr following result*
Mrs. .1.  K. Smith
, Mrs. W. F. Doran .
Mrs. Whltaker ... .
Mrs. (iaskjll 	
Mrs. Murgatroyd ..
Mrs. I.. I.iiugin ....
Rev. W. F. Dunham,
who was      a
tl.legate to Victoria,
lo    wait Upon
Finance Minister Klllsi
u, in reference
to   necessary    llnanch
1     assistance,
made a verbal report,
to ih'     eilect
Taxis thereon
Wild        lauds,
Taxes thereon 	
Coal lands, Class A.,
scescd value   	
Taxes thereon 	
Vi al lands,   Class It.,
sissrd      value     ... .
Taxi's thereon  	
Timbcrlands, assessed
Taxi s tlnnon 	
Personal property tax
Total assessed  value
Taxes 1 hereon  	
Income tax, class A.
Taxes thereon 	
Income tax, class II.
Taxes Umv-ou 	
23,172.lil   their actively co-operating in
thai Hon. Price Allison had received
his representations very favorably
and hud promised a sutMauiial grant
without specifying any particular
Votes of    thanks to   Mr. Dunham
and Mr. .los. Ityan, who ha.I      also
aclnl as    a delegate in this connection", were unanimously passed
Tbe following were appoint eil        a
they'committee to arrange for lite letting
Mrs.  of refreshment booth privileges     on
honorary, members of the grounds: Messrs. Hunt, IHinhnm,
with the idea      of. Sairto and Derail.
It was    decided that   until further
assessed ' preparation, of the prize list, dealing notice  the   directors slmnlti     mecl
.... 1,0(10,837.00   Wjn, ladies'     work and tlw- culinary twice every month, on lhc Ui     nml
, ...    06,793.48 departments.    To further strengthen   3rd Mooduvs.
as- i __
... l,365,135.0Q ■
Managing Director v. \. Russell
presented a tough outline of .his programme for die time being, In the
Iirsl place lie asked fnr au ami it oi
accounts up to date; he rcco-minewl*
ul the erection of a new fenoe around
the grounds, immediate revision of
the prize list, wilh a view to its
curly publication; also certain additions to various committees and the
appointment of a committee whose
work it would be to Immediately inspect tlu- fair grounds and report
upon all    necessary    Improvements,
These several recommendations
were all acted upon, Mr Asbworth
being requested to prepare an audit,
ami the following lieing added to the
respective committees, Messrs. Rollins, KinU and Kutlcdgc, programme
committee; Mr. W. F Worden, to at
IrncoloiiR committee.
The directors feel that with the
gineioiis assistance Ihey have iv
ceived from the ladles committee, in
Hi,* matter of Bccuring sn many i.ew
inemhers, and wilh the work of all
the various sub-committees, undei
th/ active supervision nf the new
msnnging director, Mr. F. A. Russell, tliat lhe success nf the coming
Fall l-'ait is amply assured. From
now on it is their intention to devote time ami energy libcrall) to the
insurii.g this result.
13,(151.39 lectcd   to adjudicate upon the merits
of these documents, have a hard task
.   710,813.00  hefnre them.     Roughly speaking,   it
11,330.2(1 is probable that. onc-cfUartcr of    thc
papers will Im* thrown oui on       tho
.   003,081,00 first reading.
12,070.00     It is expected   that it will roaulre
, thy entire lime, of Um judges for   ut
1.000,375.0   least two days to go through »U 1|M'
5,451,8   essays, ami   that    the final selection
5-1,085.00  will lie a matter of considerable dif-
548.85  Acuity.
1,000.00    EiMmonton, Nelson ami North Van-
12.50 conver are the   cities that haw sent
— 1 In the largest number of essays, near-
1) fifty having heen received from the
lirst-nanied town Almost every
city and town in Canadu is represented in the list of entrants. A
tiratifyiiifi feature of this competition
hofl luen Ure inierest taken by the
children ol the Maritime Pro-vlnccs—
Nova Scotia. New Brunswick aud
Prince Bdwwd Island having sent in
over seventy papers.
lite report of the judges wifl be
submitted to President Kerr on June
1. and will Ih* made puhlic three or
four davs later, Tin* gold, slier
gilt and silver medals, ottered for
the three IWi Paper*., will lie engraved with tin- names of the win
Ill is Mr   Kerr's inteiitioni to    present    from lift)  to one hundred sou*
    venir pins to the children whose   es-
Irorn nf inst band Irom those    who (says have reached a certain standard
MlTTKl-: KOR KAST Kill Hi:
IMilor The Cranhrook Herald:
sir I am looking tor n straight
answer Id a straight question and
lake ilie liberty ot addressing you in
the hope that some of your readers
whu have g»uc through thc mill will
give me the henefil of Iheir experience ami al the same time help others ol whom I am sure there are a
greal main to an answer to the name
qn, 11. which is this:
Tlte Meiiih! regrets to nnnouncc
[ * K,"*. v. T Macy, whose arrival
Wfc lasl ww* from England, to ■■«'
oepi the rettorahlp ol Porl Steele,
wan duly ehrrniMcd in these col
limits, has, alter a * sit tt the scene
id ins now later**, decided'that condl*
lions wire not such as hud heni n
piisciiii-il lo liim, and has decided lo
return Immedlttel) to England.
The occurrence li a verj regrottahlti
one Rev, Mi Mac] is a hlfhlj
cultivated man. whose wide experience iii church work in the old
countrj', should have proved ol infinite- value out here.
Mr. Macy informed the Herald thai
be was giver, to understand More
Iraittii'j Fiiiilanil, that he was coming out to a relatively large and
rapidly growing dislrict, whero Ih
WoUhl lie ample scope for his energies
nnd those of his wife ami eldest
daughter, wlio have always taken a
Jarge part in Hie work of his parish*
Yin Saturday evening last, when
visited Fori Steele, he was    tor-
■iblv sboekeil lo find his total con
gregation made up of fifteen adultl
uisl three little children. He thereupon    dieided      that lie had
have been through tho refining Ore of
hard laboi on a small mucin*.
While I ask ihis tor myself, 1 leel
ihat the satlsfacU ry answering ol
the question would settle Hie doubt*
mi the minds td many who are timid
DboUl making ,\ lirst plunge '"to the
told waters of im absolutely new occupation nnd a few hints from some
of the braver ones would do nn immense amount of good.
Trusting thai I have not trespass-
r.l ton much upon ymir space, I subscribe myself,
"One of the Timid "
Westminster,   May   28.—That
'hildieii throughimt Canada     are
of merit,  the selection nf these being
lift in the hands of tbc Judges.
"1 .mi more than satisfied with 'he
interest taken hy the children in this
competition," said President Kerr
yesterday, m discussing tlio success
ihat had attended this compctieton.
"1 feel tbat if we have the children
with ns we wilt In- aide to make
more rapid headway with our proposal to build n highway across Canada, because uh.tt the children want
Ihey generally grt, and it during the
plastic period the minds of the
children arc moulded to realize the
advantage of "Oood Roads," the
suit of Ihis will be seen in later
years, ami f'annda as a whole will lie
The result nl lho hyo-rifrtlras    on
P. \V. I.iici', si'rrclury ol Hit' l'ttmi-|
iiiuu Highway nnorlatlon, In roin-
IKitlllnn li r ihi' mil.l mnl.11 uml otlirr
prlmi iirlrriil by President *'. •'
Kerr, for pkhiij-s nu "What Iliioil
Itiiuils Mi'.m in Cannilii" Orr Om-
tocn I cloallrg date nl Dm oornpotlUon lout
•rriniinly mlaUbni In aiii'liliiir     llu'i IiiiihIihI uiiil   si\ty-l.un rasnys      had
|i,«ili„r, ami deelih-l lo thmvv 11   u|i ]m< W»l*nl.       ThcM varle.1       In
length Iiiuu one liumlrcl mnl Inrty tc
luiii'iiK Un hcenral Interorl In the Im- Monday ahow that l.mr nl lhe Slllon
provomcnl 'ol mails is evident    Iron candidates    were elected by     large
Hie number ol  essuvs received      by,[innjnrllii's. while llu- llllll, Hon, Mai
iilm MaiKi'li'ie,     was lb- winner nl
a clnsv contest in Claresholtn against
Dr. McMillan.
a summary ol the rctnlls is:
I'nrdstnn—Wool! was eln't,*! wilh a
majority ol IM.
Edmonton—Cross elected by    over
.'imi, wiib many votes tied un   ihat
At Hm- elnsing session ol tbc Mel
ndisi conference in. Vlotorla, eb i
men ol nislricls were appointed, ll<
I. K. I.iiuniirk lu'in^ stlccted Ini I
ICast Kootenay distort.
The r..pnrt ol lire stationing   "•
nritlw Inr Kast Kootenay was
Cranbrooli—VV. Elson Bui Imm.
Moyle—To In- suppllcil,
KinrlK'rley—Tn lie sii|i|ilieii ul !
Kerrrie—Irdrn P. Dinrniiel:.
MnrrisM-y—T.i lu- supplied.
Mlcbet— Bberl ('. Curry.
Corbin—Tn !«■ supplied.
Hoarner—To tu- supplied.
Coal Creek—To be suppllcil (C.F..O.
lannah), under supotintendcnl nl
Creston—To w suppllcil. iK. ll
'I.'ii ami llayn.s Lake—To tie sup
Hariri M. I'erliy, 11.A., in China.
flenrgc 11. Hamilton, Edgar L.
Beat, to attend Columbian College.
Manly F. Kby, lill without n sta-
11..ii at bis own requeat.
.1. F. Iiiiiiiiini. chairman.
W. K. Ixrnbam, linamliil secretory.
X'ancouver city w.m srlicl.il lor the
place ni holding ne\l yciir's ei.iiv.ii-
I, Charlie Robinson, challenge I. A
| Streeter, and will li^ht him at an*
time or place or in any style h
wislies, for winner to take all, or 71
per cent of gate receipts, and if pus
tdlilo a side lie! of any amount which
ran Im> decided upon. If the atiovc
conditions are u< t satisfactory to
Streeter I will ti^ht him on any fair
terms that bc may stiggrsl.
Charlie Robbwon.
100 HOURS.
Mnntreal. May M —The oOlcial un
iiiiniiceini'iit of It.' aliiioilitiiii nl of
E. ,1. Chanilu'ilin as president nl the
liiaml  I'niiik rallwa, and the Orand
Trunk    Pacini' railway iu i lion
lo lhe Int.- Chas, M Ibu- »us made
here siinuliaiH-ntrslv with llu- an-
iiiiuiu'eiiiiti, nra.li> in I.oiiilnii
Mr. Ciramlrrrliii alto takes Mi
Hays' siajt in the board ol directors
Mr. fhaorbcrliii was in si vire-pre-
sidrtrt nl Ihf Orand Trunk Paclllo,
Win. Wainwrigbr. who Iras beer, acting prcsddc.it and vlee-prvaldcnl «f
lhe Oraiiil Trunk ant second vlec-
preahter-t nl the O.T.P., lrccoir.es Ural
viep-preaMrat gl llie HT P. The nlli-
cial amn.uiuiin.M iiIm thanks Mr
Wainwrighl Inr his pasii scrviei s, ami
rclers to a "certain arrartgernenl"
ma.li> with him on account ol them.
M. M. Reynolds, Montreal, vic-
president nl th.; (iralnl Trunk, is
made director ami second vlce-pn
shtenl nl ihc (ill'.
ire clulrrtnl in his lavor.
,     ,       ,       ,,,,,.,    i     '""•■ "  ii nun..,"...  ■■■     Si'ilswlek-Slcwarl   rlei-led lw over
nml return Immediately l„ Bngla..d.   s|v| ^ ^ ^ (( ' tlw| ,„„,.
Rev. Mr.   Macy, Mrs. Mary      and  |,a|„.ls |„ne nil tbe .iirmarks a( care-j   SHirgein-Hnyle eldlisl by 100,
their daughters   left yesterday       un Im     |ire|iuiiil,i.,i awl revision,    aad.   Clarcslndni-Hnu     M.    MncKcniic
IMv homeward Journey. I thu Ittlse jndgrn who have hern     seirh'l.d b) "inall nia|nril).
into Meier and Con I*. Wlnlar. armed in Spokane on Saturday at
11 la a.m. and ended what is probab-
h ihe record trip, time and distance
constderoAi made with a team ot
jlmi-.es and bugsjy in the wi-stern
country. The two men started from
Kernic, B.C., Tuesday at f o'clock to
sel He a wager made by Mr. Meier
with John H. Pollock of Fernie, B.
r , that the trip to Spokane coild
]„■ negotiated with the former's team
iu     Uie     total elapsed    time    of 125
Tin- lirst  stagO of tlie journey        t0
.Jaffray, a distance if 3*» milts, was
over good mads and was reeled off m
liv.* bovrs. Krom there U* Cran-
brbok the travellers drove iu a,driving rain, but reacb.tl their deslina-
ti< n early in tin* evening, having
travelled slxtv-efgtri uiihs iu less
ihan ten boms.
They left Cranbrook early Wednesday mornim*, i.nd covered St miles
during Um day over roads tliat were
little better than a mountain trail
Several times both men bod to walk
and hold the bUfgy to ket-p it In-in
ilMIng uwt emliankmcntv, ilu- roads
being hadly washed out.
They sto|l|Mil with the coveritment
tustoTiis nllicials ut  Kin-'.su.iir     Wiil
n.slay    niiihi mni Thuridaj morning
viarted down the HpolWUM) Interna
tiuii.il tracks, the wagon roatl |i;.vnu
been <■ mpletely washed out.
Mr. Meier said tnat they were
compelled to travel on tlw track for
three mili*s before the wagon toad
again became passable and Unit sev
rial times that day More Uie]
reached Bonncrs Kerr*, they were
Compelled to lift tlw bupgy over
windfalls which lay across the road.
Kritlay tliey struck coot! roads and
drove into llathtlruiii hy nightfall,
starting trom there Saturday morn-
lr.g they covered the 28 miles to
Spokane iu good limr and drove up
in front of the Spokesman-ltcview
building at 10.15 a.m.. with more
than SS hours to spare, the trip hav
ing been made in less than lft0 hours.
Mr, Meier is very proud of lus
Iiii If team ot mares, uhirh are nam
<d Pet and Babe, and the first,   thing
over 20S m
les, ami considering    the
of  ihe    roads and        the
weather the
record established is   rc-
Mr. Meier
wins a boi ot WOO from
Mi,  I'olloeli
and in addition the' lat-
ter must pa
v tin*   expenses of      Mr.
Wliel.,ii,    Wl
ii     acted as judge ol the
lie |ii
nilily meeting will
il Irom -lur.c nh lo Friday, June "Mi al v .In |i.in. An ail-
drcss »ill i.i gtvon by the llev. 0.
H, Kendall on "l'reparing Kowls lor
KxWhltlon." Mi. Kendall lias been
verj successlul as .1 fancier ami ex-
hiH-lot in lhc Sev. Ungtend Si.iies
where i'iiiii|ii'iitii.n is ni lhc keenest
ami potiltrynicn,mny bc assured tliai
ire will lie uiiil- iu niiiki- iv,,- sublcct
Iiniii entertaining and instructive.
A number ol important business
matters iv 11 also ii- laken up anl >i
(nil attendance is requestor!. \li interested in "ir'tter poultry aud ui"u
ul ii"  will be    cordially   wricorncd
Honest John Oliver has resigned
the reeveship of the municipality of
Helta, which position In- has honOr*
ablj held foi a long period of rears
Itccently lira public works committee
of the municipal council awarded a
contract for toad and bridge worl*) to
iii- lowest tenderer, *>l»o happened to
In* » ne ol Itecve Oliver's sons. When
the reeve heard of th. award he
forthwith informed tin* council thai
he was financially interested in the
contracting business ot hi- son and
resigned. Some men, comments tta
Victoria Times, would have watted
until the resurrection to do what
• lohn Oliver did, and !■-,■ has added to
the significance of the sobriquet hy
which in* is popularly km wn in poli-
Ileal circles    throughout Um    prov-
acccpted an invitation of the Canadian hoard of control of the International Dry-Karming Congress to attend the seventh congress at Lethbridge October 21-28 next, and to
make an address on the dry-farming
development in Turkey.
Dr. Aaronst hn also informs the
excoottvo seerctary-lrcasurei, .lohn
r. Hums, by loiter, that jbe will
bring a targe exhihit of the different
products grown under dry-farming
methods In the new experimental
fleHa which ure now being conducted
■y tlu* Jewish Agricultural Society
n autl about Jerusalem,
Or Aaronsohr, is one of the most
famous agronomists and botanists if
lhe old world. From lime to time
the agricultural papers of tbe old
world have been enlightening the
ICuglifih-speaking world (with the tact
ihat in the ich.k'lilit.itn-u of the lands
m tui for prc-hlstorfc farming, dry-
farming has btin playtttg an import
nl part, and the natives are looking
pou it as a discovery of one of the
lost atts witiuli made Egypt the
greal grar.arj centuries ago-
l>r. Aaronsobn reports that tin* precipitation In large portions of his
country is less than six Inches at,
nually, uml that through oonservation
ol inoiHUire deep plowing and scientific tilling iln- best wheat, barley
and emmer have been tW.sod, «-ttUc
the leguminous plants have been buo-
Cessful I)  cu a*n,
l>r. Varonsohn represents in Palestine ilie Jewish ivviloiuui-ot. League,
winch is o dice red by residents ol the
t niiod Stetos, including Julius Roa*
enwatd oi CSUcago, preaident; Trot
Harris I^ieh of New York, treasurer;
Miss Henrietta Scold tl New York,
wretary; I>r, Cyrus Adler and Sam-
i-l Feb of Philadelphia, Louis Mar
thai) of New York and Judge Julian
W   Mark ^ Chicago, directors
ums FOR
Ottawa, 'May 2«.—Th.* regulations
drafted by tb*,* commission i-f conservation and promulgated iiy tin-
railway board ami which relates to
the prevention ol fires along railway-
lines can l*c summarized as finally
adopted as follows:
All previous order.- of tit*1 railway
bnard with respect to fires ah«m
lines of railway to be resci-.di-d.
All coal burning locomotives tc be
fitted   wilh specified spark ancsicrs.
Locomotive ash pans to tn* special*
fy   constructed    with a vfew ta \>r<~
Venting the escape of live coals.
Railway   companies  to be required
io provide locomotive inspectors at
terminal antl divisional points Th-si
inspectors tc examine weekly the
netting and firebox of each of the locomotives running into suoh divisional points _ The records Vi*pt ity
these Inspectors to in- available tm
Ute chief tir«- inspectors of the rail
way and of tli.- commission.
The railwaj boned to employ a
chief fire inspectoi for the Dominion,
wlm will be given Wm* powers in the
matter of keeping railway rfgbt»-o(*
wav ftee from Inflammable material
and requiring the construction nt
proper lire guard*. He shall also
prepare each year a detailed st.tti-
meiit lor the railway companies set-
iniK. forth tl»e measures that they
will Ih* required to take to   prevent
Section min ni*l t ther employees
of the companies to const i In tc emer-
pmt Ore ngbUng forces,
The companies to be h-hl lf«tle for
Imnea caused by their locomotives,
where regulations ol the railway
hoard have ini'ii disregarded,
on portions i,f railway lines when
oil locomotives arc used the regular
lions may *u suspended. Railway
companies shall nol burn lignftc coal
in their locomotlttn as fuel foi
transportation pur pones unless other
wise onl.-nil by the board.
London. May 28.—Doctors iu at
tendance oti (Mural Ho..Hi of tin
Salhation    Army, who wns operated!tliat ho   attended   to alter finishing
on for a cataract  have issued        i..(Hhc (fueling trip was to see that they
loibmiiu- bulletin:  "The goneral    is «wro properly stabled and fed.
A-Iof, riotqitiiuiiill) Will " |   W* total    distance covered     was
111!    AARON   A MIONSOI1N, K.WI-
\ meeting UKtk (dace at thc llolel
Cratbrook on Wednesday evening inr
the purpi-se of reorganising the loeal
llun club.
Then was a pood attendance and
the utmost emhusiasni was evinoed.
Officers were eh*ct*-d j>; follows".
i'residerit—Dr. V. iV. Oreen
Yice-President—I>r. H. Hall.
Secretary-Treasorer — (!- R. Patterson.
field Captain—1. T. Laidlaw.
A special c*-.nimitt«*e was appointed
to arrange for grounds, traps, birds,
etc. A mo*e in this direction! has
Already been mad*', traps and turds
t»*ine wired for.
The entrance hf for membership
Id 'he 'lull Ijjs been fm-d at t'» und
anyone tetemlted in shi^.t in-4 is eHg-
IIit- to join.
F. Kummer, who attended the
firand Lodee of the Knight-, of Pythias, held tbi yeai fn Naimimo, has
returned home.
The election .,f officers resulted as
P.fl \.— \ Case Rowllnion, Nanaimo
(1   c-i:   If   3. Win;.. P.f-ssland
t;   \   c.-.i   w  Bennett, Kemie.
f"   I*—-It. M-^ckay, Kamloopa,
C ffl.I!.S.-K.     P. Ferdrs-r,       Vie
r; I
<; l
E.—Tbos. Walker, Victoria
A.—It: J. Stair, Ndson.
(;.—*r;  c. Miller, Vnoaoover.
O^-Robt Joboaton,   Kr.d.*r-
|/-ihbritlne. Alto., Mav 88 — Pr
\.u . Varonsohn, managing dlreotoi
ol Mm* Jewish    Agricultural Rxperl
inent   lUtlOO al ll.ul.t,  PalestiiH', Imi.
It is a pleamia to stnonnee lo
bhoatre Ki"*rs iIm- (offal new! 'hat
his eat.  i* iiicl"de"i iu th**     route ol
Case] -lotj-s.' tba snuon'i nwit
.Ko-ssf'il lauiftnnK show. AmttMnent
own are to have an opportunity of
vnewlng aoqontntnoue -*itb an old
netiii wiih the comini* ot this pro-
luotlon, for OIHe Ma*-k (fonnerly of
dnrrav ami Macki ih playing Ua
iUe role in this merry play.
Case) Jonas is described a eertt-
it.le feast of fun M is elainw-l bo (Si
in* folUeat, laugWeat, merrlert nonv
**.er   writtm.     It has Urn     en-
iiMtt in other cities is the grefitwit
laughing play ever known to tbe
\nienean stai-e. <'asey -lows is tbi*
rage among thealre-Kocrs and the
show has grotVn to i»e even mote
popular than the song
nni,. Mack and a strong supporting
eoutpai.y, including the dainty come*
iltiiuic, Pearl Ooldlng, m-.ke tin*
play cntertohdng from start to finish
ami enough   ipeclaWea ate  provided
1,. please tbe most   devotett   lovers ot
song and donee, The produotlon in
its entirety may well Is- heralded a-*
the laun-biiig event of tlw1 MaMMl,
and comes to the Amlitorltim -lum*
Synopsis of the Fire Prevention Clauses
for Guidance of Herald Readers Engaged in Land Clearing
The Forestry Dill recently passed tain Conditions.—During tlw close
Iiy the local lefqislatuu' is considered 1 season it shall lie unlawful foi' any
one id tho most complete and prac- person to set out, or cause to lie set
Heal thai has ever been devised autl out, started, or kindled, any lire In
enacted Into law, according to the or near any forest or woodlands e\-
Oanada Luriiberman, which should copt for tlm purpose of clearing land,
speak wiih authority. lis provisions cooking, obtaining necessary warmth,
for the prevention of lire arc unusual- nr for some necessary industrial pur
ly comprehensive, In view of 'tlie pose permitted by the minister, aud
approach of the hot, tlry season, the unless the obligations ami precau-
following summary of the lire proven- lions imposed in tbo following' section clauses will U* of service to tions shall bo observed,
many Herald readers, who* are rccom- Permits to be Obtained .--During
mended to cut same out ami post the close season no person, firm,
them up in a conspicuous place, eas-, corporation shall .set out, or cause|
iiy accessible: to be set out,  flres in or near slasb-
..... ings or forest  'debris,    standing    or
Application to Kailwavs.-The pro W™ lim^r. or *"»* **** *™ «»
visions of this pari of this Acl shall P»rlK,w ol burninK slashings, brush,
apply to every railway company and Bra8B' <* «l,M'r i'd^mmable material,
everv railway subject to the lcg.Bla-lor Ior atl>' ^idustrlat purpose, with-!
t-ivc JutlatHcUon ot the legislature ot ,,ul "lHi obtaining a permit therefor,
the province of llritish Columbia: 1,rovi(,«» ***** "n person shall tt eon-
Provldcd always that the provisions'vlotod who slmU haVe wt ,n 8°^
M this part of this act shall lie tlli"> a'«' wi,I> reasonable care a
thvm.il to be In -extension ot any'bacMrc for thc 'mrP"w, °r stoppinK
oxlstitifi statutory provisions apply- |t"c progrcsH of a fire then actually
thc. railway    companies and ',l,rn'n8*
Permits for I'se of Kire—Special
'ond it Ions.—The .(Provincial Forest
board is hereby empowered to issue
■j—The" ''ml "my iss""'" permits authorizing
provisions of this part of tills ad tlre l|S(1 (,f fire for tlie purposes act
shall apply to every municipal cor- f'-'th in the preceding section. Every
in ration ami shall have force ami such permit shall lie subject to every
effect in and throughout the limits Of4 regulation for the time being in force
everv municipality within the prov-'under this act, and also to every con-
if   British   Columbia; Provided dition, provision, restriction and   *■■
I to     	
railways aforesaid,    and r.ot  to     re-i
peal, abrogate, or derogate from any
such other statutory provisions.
Application  to   Municipaliliis
always thai the provisions of this
part of this act shall he tlcemetl to
be in extension of any existing statutory provisions applying to municipal corporations and to municipalities, and not to repeal, abrogate, or
derogate from any such other statutory provision or any municipal bylaw passed or made pursuant lo any
such other statutory provisions.
Close season.—The period trom the
first day of May to the first day of
October in each year shall be known
as lhe close Benson in respect to the
setting of tire; but when circumstances of unusual danger render it necessary in the puhlic interest, the lieutenant-govern or iu council may, by
proclamation, extend the said season.
dilation which in the case of any permit the Provincial Forest Board may
deem necessary or expedient and may
Incorporate in such permit. Any per-'
si it obtaining or acting under m any
such permit and contravening oi
committing any breach of any condition, provision, restriction- or regulation incorporated into sucn permit
by the Provincial Forest board shall
Is* guilty of an offence asalnst' ' this
Provided that the lieutenant-governor in council may, by order-in-coun-'
eil, prohibit the issuing of permits,
and the setting ot fires-thereunder,
in any portion td the province tor
steb period as he may think fit.
Herniations Concerning Campers,
——-———.^^^^^—^^ Travellers,  Ktc—Tbe Provincial For-
No Fires Allowed    Except on Cer- est  board is hereby empowered to is
sue and may issue regulations governing the use of fire for the purpose
of preparing food ami affording necessary ■warmth to travellers, campers, or workmen. Any person contravening or committing any breach
of sucji regulations shall lw guilty ot
an offence against this act.
Precautions  in tlie Case ol Burning
SuWsjUmces.—During   the close season
every   person    who throws or drops
any burning    match, ashes of a pipe
lighted cigarette    or cigar, or
other burning    substance, or
blasts wood with any explosive
any forest or brush land, or at
distance of     less than half a
■therefrom, shall completely extinguish
Uw fire .of such matoh, ashes or pipe,
or    other burning  substance    beforo
leaving t'he spot.
Rights-of-way lo he Patrolled by
Railway Companies,—When in tho
judgment of the minister there is
danger of the setting ami Spreading ol
fires trom locomotive engines, the
minister may order any railway
company to provide such patrolmen
ft r the following of trains ami the
prompt extinguishing of fires its he
may deem necessary. When tho minister has given any railway company
notice to provide such patrol, thc
said company shall immediately comply with such instructions throughout)'
the territory -designated; and upou
any failure to ' do so, the minister
may employ patrolmen with the necessary equipment to patrol the
right-of-way of said company, and
the expense p! the same shall lw
charged to said company, and may be
recovered at tbe suit nf the crown in
any court of competent jurisdiction.
Provided thai the minister may appoint oflicers of the department to
aet as supervisors of railway patrols, ami tho expense of any such
supervision shall be chargeable to lhc
company concerned as aforesaid.
Fires to be Fought by Railway
Companies.—Any fire burning within
two hundred feet of tbc right-of-way
of any railway company operating
within the jurisdiction of tlie province shall Ik- presumed to have been
caused by said company, and all expenses incurred in preventing the
spread of and extinguishing said lire
shall In- chargeable to and shall he
paid Uy said company, and said company shall have the right to enter
upon nny lands adjoining its right-of-
way for the purpose of extinguishing
said fire. Provided tbat if it can he
proved to the satisfaction of thc
Provincial Forest board that any fire
so burning was not caused hy the
railway company or its employees,
tlien the company concerned shall lie
entitled to a refund from the person responsible for saitl fire, or from
the crown, of any moneys paitl by It
in accordance with this section.
f'learlg of New  Righls-of-Way.—No
railway    company   completing    tbe
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construction ol any Hue alter the
passage ol Ibis act shall operate locomotives on said line tor passenger
er Ircight trarTlc until a certilicate
has lieen oUtalni.il by said company
[nun the minister, to certify lhal
the riglit-nf-way In question hns been
cleared ol inllamablc material, in accordance witli this act, tlie "Hallway
Act," and the regulations Issued
thereunder by the lieutenant-governor
in council, and Ihat all debris caused
by construction el said line on ad-
joinir.B lamls has been removed
destroyed to the satisfaction ol
Hallway Construction.—For
enforcement of any provisions ol the
"Hallway Act" or ai.y regulations is-
smd tltoroundcr governing thc con-
si ruction ot railways in the matter
ol the prevention ol fire, llie minister
may appoint such number ol (Ire wardens as he may deem necessary, under a chic! warden, lo supervise any
railway construction.    .Ti
Tire railway company and their
contractors shall at any time, upon
demand, place at the disposal ot said
chief warden as many ol their employees as be may need tor the extinguishing of any fire or thc protection Irom fire ol any Inrest or woodland nlniig or adjacent to the line
under construction, an.1 the expense
incident to and connected wilb such
appointment ol wardens and protection ol the forests from the fire shall
he di+t due lo thc crown Irom . tlie
person or company constructing such
railway, payable upou demand to tlie
minister, ni.d may be recovered at
the suit nl the crown in any court ol
competent jurisdiction.
Hail way Company Subject to Pen-
ulty for Negligence.—Kor each and
every case in . which a lire is started
by sparks or hot or burning material
Irom a railway locomotive or carriage, and either begins outside ol
the right-of-way or spreads therefrom lo the adjoining land, thc company whieh is operating the railway
at the time shall be liable to a flue
not exceeding one thousand dollars,
to lie recovered by summary prosecu-j
lion before a stipendiary magistrate
or Iwo justices ol the peace. Provid-
eil Hint it shall bc sufficient defence
against any such prosecution I it be
shown by Uie railway company-
la). That thc company has used
upon thc locomotive the best available modern appliance Ior the purpose
ol preventing sparks and burning material spreading 1 herefrom, and upon
the carriage such appliance as thc
minister may havo prescribed,
(b). That no negligence conducing]
to the starting or spreading ol the
lire has been shown by thc engineer
or iirciiiaii ol the locomotive or by
nny other servant ol the company,
and that thc regulations issued hy
the minister and governing tbc ac
I inns oi such persons bavo been obey
(c). That tbe company has niain-
laincd in accordance with the re
quircments ol tbc minister an efti
eient start of fire wardens properly
equipped witb all suitable appliances
lor linlil 1113 fires, and provided with
proper ami elUelnit means ol lravel-|
ling [mm place to place along thc
line nf railway, aud Ihat said stall
has Imtl prompt ami diligent in tak
ing all possible menus to prevent the
lire from spreading. 1^^^^^
fleneral Penally lor Infringement ol
Act by Hnilway Companies— I'.lccpt
as provided in Ihe frrccding aeoHon
nny railway company committing ar
offense against the Aet, or violating1
any regulations governing Ihc operation ol railways in thc matter oi
prevention nl flit issued by thc minister, shall Ik liable, upon summary
conviction belore a Justice ot Ibc
peace, to a penalty ol two hundred
dollars for each offence. It shall not
Ire necessary in any.such action tor
penalty or damages to prove the
name or number ol a locomotive,
tlie name of thc engineer or fireman
ir. charge ol the same. *
Logging Railways -Debris ".long-
side tlie truck ol any logging railway
or other railway not under charter
as a common carrier shall be piled
and burned nr otherwise dealt with
hy the person or company operating
such railway In accordance with thc
orders ol thc minister, and such pat-
(Conllnuod on, page three).
Every Dollar
Of an Ad-Reader's Money
Is Above Par
Your dollars vary in value as.
they vary in purchasing power.
The man or woman who studies
advertisements is able, frequently,
to make one dollar do the usual
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Read the Herald
(From tlit' Canada Lumberman). ,
Tho Ciimidii    l.tutilH'i'iiiaiu has mail
fnii|iwnl. rufuneitooa ot late particular'
ly to tlio large importations ot Unit-
oil    SI al lis   liiniliVr into Canada, and
to illto fai'Mlml mvifli ol tho lumber
llltportod is ot a class wlilch, acc6rd-
in^l    to    tin* litrif! aft, should pay a
duty ot 2!i \w imt -id valon-m, but
escapes tin* duty because tlie drvBsmi*,
on     the ttlgu bas Iktii olililviatttl Iiy
llie use ot a luuchiiit' spoclally lie*
HlgtlMl tor lliis piiiposf. Tbis lumtier
wlirn shipiHil bas all ihe niilwiml uP
IK-araiiec of ln-hitf lltVHHOd on one side
•only. A tew weeks ago Mu* Lumber
World Review ot Ohteogo took up
iln* .i.nestli-11 in its Ico-fting oiHtotlal
nml criticized the Canada l.umbcr-
tnan in a niilil but wry- dellniU* man
iter tor blaming tbe miiiinfiiduiers ui
the IMiiUnl Stnti'S, IrcoaUBO tbey
shiPlhtl such lumber to Canada, Th
point nv.idi* by the Lumber World
Review was that it tbc people ol
Canada wished to cvadti llielr own
customs laws or ignore thi'iii upon
occasion it was no affair ot tlie lumber nianufaeturers of tbe* United
States. At tlie same time they
consider that tbe expressions ot opinion in the Canada Lumberman on
this subject were in the nature of a
"eruption," meaning probably tha
to© complaint was only of a temporary nature and r.ot to be considered
seriously. "In any event," they
say, "it Manic is to lw attached, the
Canadian Railway company, tile Canadian eonsignces nnd officiate ot thc
government, who wish to see their
citizens secure thc lumber at a more
reasonable price than Canadian man
nfacturers themselves can otter
should at least share in thc wholesale condemnation."
The articles whioh have appeared in
ihe Canada Lumberman have -taken
this point of view continualy, but
have also put a share of the blame
upon those manufacturers in the
1'nited States who have been willing
to practice a dishonest met hud of
put-ting up their lumber, in order to
take advantage ot a clause in tlte Canadian Tariff Act regarding which a
dispute has arisen. There is no
iltiestiim of international friendship
mixed up in tbis matter- It is a
business and moral question only.
Any strictures which the Canada
Lumberman may have considered
proper io make, regarding the busi-
i.pss morals ot manufacturers in thc
I 'nited States for making lumlicr
dressed or. one side and one edge look
as though it were dressed only on
one side, were        Justly
made, but tfiey had no refer, my to
the people of United States as a
whole. We Irlleve that the better
class ot manufacturers t in the United
States would discountenai.ee this
proceeding as decidedly as any others. Thr I .umber World Review
would lie tlie first to assert that
such a practice wns not only dishon-
i*st but disreputable, if they wei.*
brought intimately into touch with
its serious effects. The blame in
ihis matter belongs to all parties
concerned,    mnl the lumberman     ol
Canada are doing what tbey onn to
put n stop to the practice on this
side of the line, by pointing out       to
tlie government    just, who In Canada
aro the parties deserving tbc blame.
Nor is the matter one which has
grown up entirely out of a desire of
Canadian consumers to evade their
own customs laws, The most important fact in the development o£
thc situation bas been Mie inventive
ger.ius of UnHwl States manutactur-'
ers who have made it economically!
possible to dress lumtier on tlte side
und edge ami then obliterate the
signs of dressing on the edge, Swing
that tliere would lie an outlet for
lun^rr of tbis class in Canada, if the
tarlft aet were not strictly enforced,
some of tlie United States manufacturers set themselves to find out lrow
il, could lie produced, A machine was
invented wbieh is known as the
"duty evader." It contains small
saws whieli roughen lhe lumber,
enough to evade the duty, but not
Hitltleiently to Impair its use tor
Under 'these circumstances we hardly think the Lumber World Review
or any other good citizens of the
Ut.it'iid States will claim any longer
that, lite blame is ull 10 Im* attaebed
to the importers ami transportation
companies ot -Canada. People who
manufacture lumber dressed on one
side and one edge and ship it under
a desiTipt'itui which leads tile customs,
authorities to imagine that it is
only dressed on one side, arc gu.tty
of making false description of their
goods. In otlier spheres of lite actions of this class become criminal.
Morally there is no difference lietween
a man following this practice and thc
man who makes IeCsc reports to the
government regarding tlie standing of
bank. The difference is only one
of degree. Canadian lumber .manufacturers have no grudge against
their fellow manufacturers in the
United States so long as they will
play thc game fairly. There would
probably be no complaint even If the
situation were less one sided, and
rough lumber were admitted into the
United Slates free of duty. Unfortunately, however, the Canadian
manufacturer has tlte heavy qpd of
tlte load, both going and coming,
and lie is certainly justified in' maM-
ing loud complaint wben ho finds
tbat ,-tbis load Is being still further
Increased hy Improper co-operation
between representatives of tbe consumer in this country ami manufacturers across the border who are un-,
scrupulous enough to look for a bargain, even though It involve direct
loss to others, who arc entitled to
more equitable treatment.
has lieen received from the same
lady, who, by the way, is now over
fifty' years of age, which furnishes
the sequel to tho story. She says.
''I Imve spenl my savings on worth-
, less stocks, [irmly believing, thai 1
would soon he web. I woold limit
listen to advice, convinced Unit 1
knew best. I wonder at my foolishness now, to waste my all in schemes
I knew hoUiing about. For same time
I had a large sitary ai.d nave to
Certain companies every month. Now
that they have turned out worthless,
I HCe how crazy nud wn ng I was. 1
um sorry, if ever anyone was sorry,
for whal I have done, but nothing
will bring back what 1 have wasted."
Her case is q pathetic one, ami her
experience has,been costly, but it is
the common experience ol many who
have tried  get-iieh-ejiiiek schemes.
In the same month of the s.nue
year (1809) another lady enquired as
to the'cost nf a government annuity.
She, ton, bail saved a nice little sum
for the "rainy day" as the result of
her own labors. Slu* lagan payments, starting witli lX lump stun,
and continuing monthly payments
with a view to purchasing the same
amount of annuity to liegin at the
same age (55). In tho course of
time she became afflicted witb a
malady, which, though not fatal, Incapacitated her from earning a Hvo*
Dhootl, Under the terms of thc act
she was entitled to have her contract converted into an immediate
annuity contract. She had this
done, and is now receiving, and will
receive as long as she lives, an annuity of over $212. It is doubtful
if there fs a more satisfied woman
in all Canada.
The annuities system does not
promise to give something for nothing) and no benefits can bo* received
which arc not paid for; but it docs
promise to give a return, and with
the security ot the government of
Canada* behind it, greater than can
he obtained from the investment of
the same amounts in any other manner. "World's Work" says: "It Is
the savings bank, thc insurance company, and the, governmenl bond rolled into one in a shape adapted In
toe smallest of depositors." Your
postmaster will furnish you literature
ih-scrip'tivc- of this marvellous system of investment, or you may obtain tbe, information desired by writing to the superintendent of annul
ties, Ottawa, to whom your letter
will go free of postage.
The underwear
without a fault
jjP-  BURNS & CO., LTD. ;
Head Office.  CALGARY,  ALTA. ' ]
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats are Government
It is probable tbat    no institution
in tin* Dominion of Canada      comes
into touch with so large a num^rr of
persons   who hove made Improvident
investments   as    does tbc   annuities
branch of the post office department.
It is understood that hardly a    day
passes that     several communications
are not   received in   whieh the writ-'
ers bewail the loss ot money invested'
ii.   some scheme that promised phenomenal dividends or returns. One   of J
Uie saddest of these cases is that   ot.
a    lady   who aliout    three years ago |
riifmvd as to the cost ol an annuity
if    $B00.       The    information    was
promptly given to her, but the     op-
portunlty to purchase was not     embraced.     She believed she could   in-
test her money  to better advantage
;in I    that by thc time    sbe attained
her 55th birthday     !*tc would      not
»nly have enough to pay for the annuity    butHgbi, hut a  tittle fortune
besides.      This     week another letter
Macleod, May 28.—A. "tf. Martin, a
conductor on the C.P.lt. railway,
was sentenced to eighteen months'
imprisonment in I-cthhridgc jail by
■Judge Harvey last Thursday, on a
charge of tbeft of fare from Macleod
to Maegilhray, on February 5, *aud
IWO fares from Macleod to Michel.
As Conductor Martin is widely
known throughout the Crows Nest
Pass, the case attracted much attention.
That the C.P.R. intended to leave
no stone unturned to secure a conviction was shown by tlte (act that
they brought several witnesses trom
as far away as Montreal.
lite accused was represented by T.
M. Tweedie, K. 0., M.P.P., A. A.
McOillvray tf the same firm, and E.
Lives There a Woman With a Soul So Dead
Who Does Not Want Nice Hair on Her Head?
IVrtalnly not! I'.Mrry woman admires botlrtllul halt anl wonts it. Kvcry woman ran haw nice
hall. No! Ihr I'M thai may hr puttliMed nt tlw store, hut real 11*0 hair growing on her own hrad
Then is in ilni'i'. aihls nn much tu woman's charm a* a nice head ol natural llufly hair, tt Is not .lidiciiU
In Ii.ivi' nice hair. II nnt lnlvi fi'ml with the hair   will grew long and luxuriantly.
The mils', tlestnietlve and most prevalent lorm ol hair trouble is dandruff. IIKHIMI'IDK kills the
genu wlileh causes this ininoyiiii; accumulation, keeps the scalp clean and prevents tire hair (rum Jailing
out. This allow, the lolllclfli nol already atrophind to spring into llle, shooting lurlh trom the tiny
dormant papilla new healthy hair.
You experience marvelous hencfit frnm tire lirst application. The terrible itching whieli is Micativc
i.i dandrufl stops at once. Tho hair becomes glossy ami lustrous with a beauty that always Indicates a
clear, healthy scalp. More men and women have gotten positive results Irom the use ot NKWtlllO'H
HtilUMl'IDK than trom all other remedies combined. Why then court possible disappointments by using
an nil brand hair remedy when you can Just as easily anil cheaply have HKIUMI'IUK, The Original Oan-
ilrull derm Destroyer? It makes all hair beaiitiliil. ,
THE HERPICIDE CO., Dept. 81 B, Detroit, Michigan,
will, upon receipt ol Ten Cents in postage or silver send a sample bottle and   valuable   pamphlet about
the hair to any address.
IIKHl'K'lllI' in 50 cents ami ll.fKI sizes may be found at all toilet goods counters. Ask your own
dealer lor It. II you are nob satislk.l he will rrfimd your mor.cy. Applications obtained nt the Ifllor bar-
tier simps and hair-dressing parlors.
Beattie-Murphy Co.,
Special Agents.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■HOOOi *n ***********************
Apples, Plums, Pears and
Semi uu your name nml .-ui-lreBS nml we will mail you our
Xt-w Citalugue
"established in 1000.   12G Acre*
F. M. WORTHINUTON, Local Agent
P. McNeill, of Macleod.
The prosecution was in the hands ol
W. M. Campbell, wWlfe Oeorge Walk
er, 'CIMt. solicitor, <-l Calgary,
watched the case on bchall ol th
The first witness called was Mis
Harry, of the audit oll.ee uf the C.P.
R., who Identified certain reports
made hy the conductor on thu trips
in tpH'stion. ,
Cross-examinul by Mr. Tweed)?, j
Miss Harry admitted that (rouucntly i
conductors were short in tlielc statements and subsequently made tliu
amount good. Sbe alkb slated that a
debit and credit account was kept f"i '
the conductors In the office, i
.1. A. Iledard, who claimed lo bc
an employe*' of the I'iiilartnn national detective agency ol Montreal, was
next called to the standi He told ol
making two trips with Conductor
Martin, and claimed to have paid a
cash fare from Machod to MacgHliv
ray for wh cli he received no receipt
Weir, Hfdard's fellow operator, and
Parson*, assistant Inspector, were
also on the stand, and were Riven a'
gruelling examination by counsel tur!
tlie defence. Weir swore that bo
paid a cash fare from Macleod' to
. Weisbrod, former tratnmaste
here, and Mr. Conway, a C.P.R.
rlerk at Cranhrot k, gave evidence
the latter swearing Un) money t
correspond with a duplex ticket issued ll/ Conductor Martin lind not
beer, turned in.
The theory    of tho defence     wa
that if   tbere was a sbortago it was
quite a    usual thing and tb.*   amount
in the usual routine should have been!
charged to Conductor Martin. .
The case will lie appealed and will
come up for beating on June ith
KOR SALE CHEAP, — Warehouse
with frost proof basement and land
it stands on. Apply Hox A., Herald
office. 21-tf*
horse traction engine, used about.
six months, cost $1,800. Wil take
$2,500. Terms on good security
Apply to A. H. Payle, I'larcsbolm,
Alberta. 21-tt
FOR   RENT.-Six    roomed house,
nod   location, electric light,    other
conveniences.    Apply P. (). Hox 452,
city. 19-tf
FOR SALE.—Thoroughbred single
comb White Leghorn eggs. Prize win-
mis at tbc Ul fairs. $2.00 tor 13.
Fertility guaranteed. Apply E. II.
Slater, phone 292. lMt
Washington, I>.C, May 28.—Tho
report of thc sub-committee charged
with the inquiry into the Titanic disaster was made public in the United
States senate last week and in substance holds Vaptain Smith responsible for this terrilfle marine disaster. Another feature of the committee's report is its review ot the
findings in general charging crudity
nml Incompetency against the White
Star line and its officials.
## **********tt *#♦#*##*#**#«#
4 VERNON, B. C. •>
«    Havo a very fine assortment ot *>
« Fruit Trees •
t     Ornamental and Shade Trees     »
I and Shrubs •
* All trees offered fnr snle ore grown in our own uureeries i
* thf Coldstream Kstnte
i    P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent, CRANBROOK, B.C.    »
************************ *"*'* *
Imperial Bank of Canada f
CAPITAL PAID UP     -      .
D. It. H'li.KiK, President.
ims. ROBERT 'AFFRAY, Vlce.Pro.ltJ.ut
Accounts  of   CorporationB,   Municipalities,    Merchants
; Farmers and Private Individuals Invited,
'' the^orH '""'" haiUUt °f C"''"'' 'SS'"''' "■"'l,,b-t' ■" """ t"*rt of
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT  -Special   attention
ii given to Savings  Bank  Accounts     Kimshb of $1 HO   nnd
; upwards received and interest allowed fnin date of deposit.
Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
WANTED.-A cnok. Apply
W. (Irecn, city.
Mrs.   K
2il tl
FOR SALE.—A Inirs,', Doming loll
vi'ius till. Apply .1. Ilrinii.in.    20-lt«
FOR SALE UIIEAI'.-Orro hayl-
gcl.ling, weight nlm»t 1050 ll,s; pcr-
Irclly sniinii. Apply Hr. Hull's ot-!
Dec. 19-lt I
pure bred Toulouse geese, S lot Sinn.
T. E. South, llox IMI, city.       1S-I1
STRAYED.-Co.m-! lo my pluco
Uiis spring one brown gelding luirse, I
weight about cloven hundred, white
spirt on lort'lrenil ahout si/e nl silver
dollar and branili'd diamond M. on
lelt shoulder. Owner can hnVo nunc |
by proving proporlj nml paying
cbarges.-n. «'. (Jvcrsby, .laHruv, II.;
«!. ai-lt'i
Take notico tbat 1 Intend to apply
to tbe chiel commissioner ol lar.rls
lor a license to pros|iect for eoal and
petroleum on thc following described
laird, situate In South East Kootenay
Block 4503:
Commencing at a post placed at oi
near one mile south ol the S.E. corner     ol   lot 8303; tlrcocc     80 chains
siiulh,   thence 80 chains wesl, thencoI
811 eliains north, thenee 80 chains cast i
In place ol commencement. I
Dated March Gth, 11)12.
.1. Brault, Locator. I
.1. Livingston, Agent.      19-5t
4 M%
The Lund Land and Development Co.. Ltd. J
V.  l.lMi. PBB8IDBKT
Head Office Cranbrook. B. C.
See us about lands in the Beautiful
==   Kootenay Valley   .
Orchard and Garden Tracts
Grazing Lands
Visit our Experimental Farms at Wanlner, B. C.
and Marysville. B C.
11. L. STEPHENS, Prop.
CALGARY, Alberta
♦ The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
Incorporate-,]  I**-.'t
Capital Paid Up $6,350,000 Reserve $7,450,000
Total Asset*, $110,538,512.19
II. S. HOLT, Preaiilont      K. L.TkaBE, General Manager
Account!) of Firms. Corjroratior.fi ami Imliviiloali eolicit«*J.
Oilt-of town IxttineM receives c\i*iv attculioii.
SAVISGH DEPAKTMENT-Pepoiitl of |1.00 «n*l njiwanlti feceWed
ami intereet atlowerl at current rate.   No formality or delay in
A 'ieneral Hankini* Businei-jfitransacted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL, Manager
anrrmt Mndtaj artrrlPh and dMCtlptlnn m*.T
-luliklr uetrtaln (.ur -nritimn frat * hot hor an
tu trillion HprtihiiMr rMeiitKhl-L ('(lai-tiuni-a.
- ■ ■■- 11._.../_ 1 ' "-1'ilfittl
_ ..j wanef 1or ■»
'atanU tahtn tBritnata Mun
*,nutl rHto, wltboMt Attn*, ll
Scientific Hmttm.
A humUfwoIr m«*mi«! wwWt.    UflWI Hr
.ili.n.>ti  nt  nur  n-ii-iitill**   (ituinal.    lonut   t-r
1 .tutiu. t*n t ji-mr, iMtir ittpeia,  iwtd n
all iMW*d*pii*t*.
|| A Good  Home I
is wlrnt is ilfitr to t-vory man. A home
is whore I'.'.'icc. Comfort, Contentment,
nml I'linty is foiiml. That is the rensun
men thronglinut British Columbia, when
"OranbrooS" is mentioneil think of the
lirorisions .Tos. Brault hns made for an
ideal homo at the
Canadian Hotel I
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
P.O. mix mm
1 n 111 maw
V, JOHNSON, Proprietor
By the Hersld   Publishing Company,
V, J. Deane, Managing Editor.
CRANBROOK, 6. C, May 31,1912
The. Vancouver Sun is jusl now en-
K'i^mI in ^ well timed ami entirely
wist- agitation tut ■morelnishiessliki!
methods in the administration ot thc
provincial lawl department, lly ear-]
toons nnd apl letterpress it is, directing attention to the utterly in-
callable ami unbusinesslike
methods        tliat now
vail.       Whilst the
with thc stick and together with
errors by t'ranbrook ut critical
plates, succeeded in walking off with
the game Ity a score o(llU to 14. El-
met started in the box for tho
locals, but was i wild and was replaced by McNabb, who showed letter cointrol. The visitors took n
lead of seven runs in thc first inning and the local boys were unable
to overcome this lead. There was
some Wild playing and lots of base
running but on the whole thc game
was pretty good for youngsters. Tbe
iMt'ttcry for tlie Fernie team were the
smallest boys of nil tin* players, but
were steady and did fcttod work
throughout the game.
Last night the Cubs went to Wardner antl crossed sticks with tlie
Wardner. players. Nine innings were
played ending in a tie, 6 each, the
pre-'game being called off on account ot
McBride darkness. Corbet t ami Nordinun
government make,a great to d0 over were in,the box for Cranbrook and
their railway polioics, ihey haw con- Stinson catcher.
sisu-iitly neglected an osser.tial fea- Two games have been played In the
tun* of u Bound settlement policy, local rity league during the past
Strangers attracted to Hritish Co- week. On Monday, night the Com-
liimhia wilh a view lo permanent "uereials won from tin Men's Club
settlement, are confronted with the with a score of 26 to 9. (>n Tues-
facl that at no government office in lia>" evening the Culm won from the,
tho province can they secure ade- V.M.C.A. with "a score of 14 to.8.1
reliable    information regarding (I|) next    Wednesday tbe first official
tpial-.- ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
lands available for settlement. The
coneciqitonco is that a very large
number of desirable settlers, pass on
lo other places, where the governmenl of the day nre alive t< the
situation. The trouble appears to
In* that the Mtliiiile government cannot, bother aboul giving a detail ot
this kind careful consideration. They
prefer In engage in work that will
bring thei re into the litm-light
game of the
the schedule
league will be played,
having not been finally
The Sun is rendering a very valuable serviee to the whole province by
its present agitation, in wbieh it is
belt"!-*, actively supported by several
of the coast  papers.     The (tress       ul
the interior, ami pariicularly of
Siiinh Kasl Kootenay, can corroborate the statements ol tho Sun with
emphasis It is     only    too      well
known |ihroU{0houl this section nf the
province, lhal really trustworthy
an-! accurate Information concerning
vueani lamls is practically unobtainable, ami lhal Intending settlers are
pul to large expense attempting to
obtain data that should be in the' Public
possession <>f every provincial land 7.80 p.m.
official.     Perhaps
Sundays—Low mass at 8.so a.m.:
high mass, 10.30 a.m.; Sunday school
from 2 to 3 p.m.; Rosary 'and Benediction at 7.30 p.m.
Mondays and holy days ot obligation—Mass at | a.m.
ffaek days—Has* at I a.m. at tlw
P. Plamondon, O.M.I.
We believe Unit thc ehurcli of
Christ, iu its largest signification, is
tb;* whole company of regenerate persons in ull times ami ages, ia heaven
aud cm earth, and in this sens** is
identical with the spiritual kingdom
of God In whieh .lesus Christ excr-
j cit es supreme. dominion.
services   11.00   a.m.     and
Mr. David Mann will    thin
when Premier Mc-1 liver .the message in tlie morning
his mission to Kngland, where,he has'the topic:
been formulating a naval policy    toC'SafotS."
The Lonl
Milk Saints and    Meat
lhe Dominion, be mav find lime to
devote bis t-liergies to tht* planning ot
a policy tbat will, lu a large im<a-
sure, serve to retain settlers In this
province, who are now, only too
frequently compelled to move on, because ol inability to secure ivliobh
information regarding vncar.t   lands.
Here is n pointer from Calgary for
tin- guidance, uf Cranbrook district
boosters, one, too, that the board
of trade might profitably grasp:
"Sonic lime during this week the
dale for 'Invitation Day,' wh.-u
every man, woman ami child iu Calgary will Ire ast iti tu take Pari in a
gigantic publicity campaign, will lie
lleeidi'd upon
"Tlie day sel apart for this big effort, when all will tv asked to write
a letter lu some adnll relative outside of Ibe west, setting forth the
advantages of Calgary as a place of
residence, will probably be May 31st
or June lsl.
"A small illustrated foblcr bas been
prepared bv iln* Industrial ai.d development bur an which will be
available foi USD as an eiitlirsure to
Ihc man) thousands of letters which
r.h,nilil go nul on Invitation Day.
•The folder contains about twenty
excellent views of the city, among
which are Included Ihc first authentic
photograph ot tin- V. Pit shops and
also illustrations <>f lhe Canada Life
bulWlng, the Mackle block, the Herald building, the Hudson's Hay Co.'s'
store ami other Important buildings
under construction, together with
othiT biiihlings in Ibe city." 'I
Isvin bis holy temple,
lei all the earth keep silence before
Sunday morning, 11 o'clock — Holiness meeting.
Sunday afternoon, 2 o'clock —Sunday school.
Sunday afternoon, 3.30 o'clock —
Free and easy meeting.
Sunday night,   8 o'clock — Salvation meeting.
Ilible lesson:  "Opportunities"
Tuesday night—Salvation meeting.
Thursday night—Holiness meeting.
Saturday night — Praise meeting.
All of tlte above services arc    pre
■tiled by open airs,     to which      wc
give all a.hearty invitation.
Any ohl ylothcs you wish to dispense with kindly phone Salvation
Army, or send to the Army hall,
Hanson avenue.
Rev, W. Klson Dunham, pastor.,
Sunday services: Tlie pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. am) 7.30 p.m.'
Morning subject: "The Conference
Pastoral  Address."
Kver.ing subject: "Meeting Opportunity."
Tbe choir will render special music
al  the evening service. ,
Tho Cranbrook  Tennis cluh
ihi an     Amerlcar. tournament        a
eek horn Saturday.
|    Mrs. W. K. Quid will m*rve tea   at
11Im* leituis court on Saturday.     I*asl
I Saturday the     tennis season* was opened. Mrs.    Brymner and Mrs. A. C.
Nelson providing lhe lea.
The Fernie Juniors won trom     Un
Cranhrook Juniors at the new    base ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
hall park on huri Friday evening The Cherries and strawberries, the best
Baseball           LLL LL LL LL LLL Ihut    we e.m huy, ut   Little      and
visiting youngsters did g-*od       work Atchison's.
The Craubrook citv hand are giv-j
iug a dunce at the Auditorium on
Thursday overling next, June 0th. A
special orchestra will Ite arranged
for the occasion anil good music
Is assured. Thi' boye have been
practising faithfully for the past
several months and are giving a
much better (grade of music now than
ever before. The city council have
withdrawn their support and the only
way for the .hand to secure finances
will be through their entertainments.
It these are not supported tlie hand
will In- forced to disband, 'tlie tickets
will bo sold at 75c, each and dancing
will commence at 9.80.
At the Fernie assizes last week the
case of Ing Sue, a Chinese, trom
Fort Steele, charged with an, attempt to murder a white -man, named
Henry Spencer, was'dismissed, but
lie was found guilty upon u minor
chaw of shooting with intent, and
sentenced to one year's imprisonment
from the date of his arrest nt
Fort Steele. H. \V. HiTehmer appeared for tire crowin, ami A. 11. Macdonald, of this city, for the defense,
In Rex vs Karl, a hold-up case, iu
which W. II. Brown, of this city,
was alleged to have been the victim,
tlie prisoner was honorably acquitted!
by judge and jury. Mr. Herchmer
for the crown aiid Mr. A. B. Macdonald for the prisoner.
"The Oirl and the Tramp," a play
from the pen of Carlos Inskeep, author of "Wlien a Woman Wills,"
etc., wilt bc seen for tlie first time at
tlte Auditorium on Wednesday next,
June 5th. "Tlie Oirl ami tlie Tramp"
carries all -through it a strong comedy vein, yet is a play big with purpose, a play Unit means more than a
couple of hours of pleasant entertainment. It has for its theme a
manifestation of modem life, and indeed of all the ages, for the -story
that is portrayed is identical lo one
that might lie told of some happy
home, everyday, which
wrecked by some scheming, artful
wretch. This home might be, yours.
Tbe theme is handled gently, yet
with -strength and courage, displaying
much comedy,' with here and tbere
d.cp touches of seriousness, ami in
the end reveals a moral most obvious. A string cast has been assembled for tilu* prcsmlnition of the
hill, witb Mr. Fred Byers us the
t ramp.
Cat. at our store for a sample
bottle ol Veribrite W-ooel, the best
varnish polish going.—Cranlirook
Trading Co. 22-tf
As an automobile center Cranbrook
continues to grow apace. Among
recent importations in this line arc
Mr. J D. McBridc's five seated Winston 6. A very handsome car,
and/Dr. W. F. Green's 7 passenger
Oakland, 15, by long odds tht! finest
car that bas yet struck Cranbrook.
Among (lie latest to secure cars are
Mr. \V. II, McFarlanc, a live passenger Ford touring car, through the
Koolenay (iarngc company, Mr. R.
K. Parker, a similar car through tha
same firm, whilst another similar
car was s-hjpptd yesterday, by the
same linn, to Mr. R. S. Bcvan, of
Creston. There is no otlier place In
tlie west of the same, size that can
toast of so many cars as Cranbrook, and tbis fact is mainly due
to thc excellent roads in this locality, affording totter opportunities
for long   distance motoring,
Our Stock of
Ice Cream
is very complete
A ltcci|K! Book with over
IIIU wuys fur milking lei1
dream, Witter Ices, Sherbets, oto., piuki'il in each
F. Parks & Co.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Persons .leslrous ol having sower
age connection iiin.li' slioiild apply tn
V. I'roven/iuio, P. 0. Hire IHI • or
Hum.. 211, wlm is prepared to tender
mi tlie work nr excavation and ditching. 22-tf
IMialile help Inrnishid on short no-
lice.—Koolenay Employment Agency,
on easy terms.—Kootenay Orchards
manager. 22-11
Mill shares   Society    Oirl    Mining
stuck    at    lie—Koolenay   .Orchards
Is bcin» Land Co., Van llnrne Ave. 22-11
For experierrei il work on lawns and
gardens apply to Hnliert and .lames
Kwcn, general delivery. 21-2t*
WAITED.—Lady ironers. Apply
t'ranbrook Steam laundry. 19-tt
WANTED.—Capable woman Inr
gin:Tal housework and i-nnking Inr
family where nursemaid is kept. Apply to Mrs. Nistn't, cor. Hurwcll Ave
anil Edwards St. 22-ti
WANTED.—Sis iliuusiii.il caUrogo
plants, (live price at once.—Kootenay Orchards Laud Co., Van Hornc
Ave. 22-11
WANTED.—Stenographer inr commercial house. Apply with references at llerald ofllce. 3-tl
WANTED.—Furnished and unfurnished houses. Itenters waiting.—
Koolenay Orchards Land Co., Van
Hornc Ave. 22-lt
WANTED     III IHJY.-Small house
Van   I lornc
Liinil Co., V.
Splendid Showing of Bias Corsets
Bias Corsets Make Attractive Figures
The secret of a perfect figure nowadays is the wearing of a perfect corset. The hiinilsouicst
J woman lacks charm unless she has the wit to appear well groomed, and tlw long, sweeping lines
♦ demanded by tli is season's styles depend upon tlie lit of the corset, The lirst requisite iu securing
X n graceful, fashionable iigure is to secure a proper fitting Jtl AH COlttfJST, whieh gives
Absolute Ease and Comfort
Soft, Natural Curves
Slender, Sweeping Lines
No. aoii
A Splendid Corset at tl.fil)
Ladies' Misses' and Children's Outfitters
No. till
A Perfect Kitting Corset
No. 1218
A Better Corset at...
No. C. 18
For slender figures, at $2.50
No. 1421
For stout figures, nt $11.00
A perfect reducing vx     B
Corset at    $4.00     UCDCVOISC
De Bevoise Brassieres, $1.00
The fashionable low bust corsets make these supporters or Brassieres a necessity with every
woman, They give the keynote to successful corseting, eliminating entirely nil hursli, abrupt
lilies and insuring every movement of body above waist.
A Splendid Brassiere, all sizes, at $1.00 each
I.'cense    lo  Take
that Walter Halsall, of Cranhrook,
1IIC, will apply lor a license to take
and use 1 cubic loot of water nut of
Month Creek, which Hows in a northerly direction through lots 10302 and
10,300 and empties into St. Mary's
Hlvcr near WyclilTe, B.C. Thc wat
er will he diverted at 200 yards north
ol Post 6, Lot 10302 and will be
used tor irrigation piirnnses on tire
land described as l.nt 10300.
'I Tbis 00111% was posted on the
L'.ground   on    the    18lh day nt May,
Ave.,   .1. W. Hobinson, i912        Tbe appiu.a||on „m ,„, Wca
i Home Ave.        22-lt'
An automobile will be run weekly on
TUESDAYS between Cranbrook and
Waia, connecting; with Incoming; and
outgoing trains.
Oood passenger accommodation.
WANTED AT ONCE.- Oirl to   do
general   housework,    Apply to   Mrs.
II. While. 21-tf
WANTED.—A    charwoman.   Appl
Mrs. E. II. Small. 20-tl
WANTED.—Lady   to  sell "SinWinK
nf Titanic," llie best selling book nn
the   market.       Exclusive   territory
given.      Call at Kootenay Orchards
Land I'n., \an llnrne Ave.        22-lt
(2.1 REWARD    will be paid     lor
conviction    of    the party or parties
who   have removed tlie doors      aad
amid B'"l,mvs ,r"m 'I10 mill and buildings,
. .- ... , . „"'       .,       the properti- of the North Star Lum-
dehsJillii    scenic surroundings,'   than '     '„",,,       , ,..,!
, .      , .        ,     ,     ,.    ber mill, on Hospital creek.        18-11
can bc cujoyc,  anv where else In   the     ...,.„,,.,.„   ,,     .,   ,  ,
..   ■« ■   u   ..    ..,'  . i   ■      STRAYED.—One hlaek mare, aired,
Pacific   North   West'.    Cranbrook is   .   ,     „ ,
, , ,    .. .... ,. abniil    l-iin   Ks.    shod   all    round,
certainlv tlie motorists'  paradise, iis '
„      .u .   .   .,       .      _.      _      branded   nu   right    shoulder  T will
well as loat ol all good sportsmen,    i, ,.     • ,     , „       f ,
"        ' I have enli wiUi    Ircr.    Reward given
r'Olt RENT.—Six roomed house, fm Information to S. Macdonald, P.
Knial location,   electric   light,   ether o. Hex 1(12 22-lt*
conveniences.—Cranbrook        Trading    Collections.—Let   us collect    your
'"■ 22-11  i ta accounts.    No charge il wc don't
The puhlic generally In Cranhrook , collcct.-Salcs Agency and Adjust-
iiml district will Ire pleased lo learn merit Co., llox 3111, Cranbrook,
Ihat Mr. .1. K. P. Leslie has at last  0.V, 31-tf
decided to place bis estate on the' AOESTS WANTED. - 11 you eaa
market ill small tracts, suitable lor bustle apply In writing lo Sales
Iruit culture and gardening purposes ' Agency and Adjustment Co., Bos
Kr.mr   time,to time many Cranbrook,MS, Cranbrook, 21-11
eiUnns, wbo know llie property mil' *'OR SALE.-fiold Coin and llovee
realize its value, have rnpueslol Mr. I Seed Potatoes; price. »2.2!i per hnnd-
l«"sllc to subdivide and place the ■ red ll.s.-Monrad Wigen, Wygndrl,
same on   the market.     Alter careful B.C. 19-Jt
consideration lie has decided that it \ TOR SAI.E.-Eggs lor batching
is i»t in llu- best interests ol Iran-1 from pure S. 0. W. Leghorns, heavy
brook thai such a large piece ol val-1 laying strain. No. 1 pen, 11.50 per
uulih< land Immediately adjoining the "oxen,   »1.60  per 100.       No. 2 pen,
In the ofllce ot thc Water Recorder at
Crnnbrook, B.C.
Objections may be filed with      the
said  Water  Recorder    or   with  the
Comptroller ol Water lUgfts, Parliament Buildings, Vicloria, II.C.
21-St Walter Halsall, Applicant.
1, Carl Newton Corwln, hereby
make application to purchase the
following described lands:
Commencing at thc S.W. corner ot
P.R. 1278, tbence north 40 chains, j
thence west 40 chains, thence south
40 chains, tnence east 40 chains to;
point ol commencement, contalnian,
100 acres, more or lets.
Carl Newton Corwln.
Dated March 23rd, 1912. 17-IU'
A LA IK IE LOT on Block 1H4. near the Public Schools,
212 feet by HO feet, with  house suitable for a small family
und letting for rent at $H.OO per month ami presently occupied by li tenant.    Price, with fee simple title,
$1100.,ni. Cash and terms
lllll ACKKS. iu fee simple, one million feet timlier. excellent ,'iglit-room dwelling house nnd offices; nbiiiiilant tenter ;
2u iii-res under cultivation.
$li.issi, Cash nud terms.
Hist buy iu lhe Kootenny country.   Convenient to rail and
'.Ml ACKKS Crown granted, 15 acres under cultivation.
5 acres almost ready for the plough. $1.ihsi worth of Inns
on hind; l team of horses, wagon and harness, mower and
complete outfit of line agricultural implements; boiler nnd
engine with cordwood sawing out lil; ten room dwelling house.
water in kitchen: burn with new hoy carrier fork; carpenter
nml blacksmith shop, fully equipped, 1211 chickens, incubators, brooders, Will wil as a going concern—
$lii,niiii. Cash ami lerms.
eily, should remain idle amy longer.
He has arrange! lo have.lt subdivided at once, and has expressed Hie
n,tuition of placing it on the market on such a basis that no person a
nl moderate, means will be deprived a
ol an opportunity of securing one ol |
these valuable tracts, amid congcn-J m
ial and hcalthtul surroundings. As jj
is generally known, tha property Is 3
located just one and one-halt miles, ']
due south Irom tbc post office nnd ^
in lhc direct line nl the .city's' 3
greatest growth. It is served by | ,jj
three good goverbnient roads, affording every person a means ot ensv
acwss to any part, of the property.
Excellent water can tie obtained on ..
any part ol the estate at. a depth ' «"
of a few leet, thus ensuring nn abundant supply ol that very necessary
commodity. The property lies at
on elevation ol Irom ISO to 200 leet
above the city thus affording a commanding view ol not only,the city,
hut Ute Rocky Mountain and Selkirk
Rar.ges as well. , Mr. l,ralL> has
placed the sale ol this property In!
the hands nl The.Cranbrook Agency I
company, wgo will Is' glad tn tur-;
nish any,Information
11.00 per dozen, $7.50 per 100. Apply S. .1. Harrison, Wardner, British
Columbia. 14-St
Beatty wants the earth.
One thousand  yards of
I guarantee the foregoing to lie well worthy the closest
investigation by prospective investors,
Raworth Block CRAXHItOOK
*      .. a. ^AAAAA^AA^^^^ **.*,*..-*. AA^^mA^.^AA^-fc^AmAAmmAA.y
We are handling nothing
but the finest
jj        QUALITY
1 of MKAT.S, FISH, POl'I,-
| TRY. Etc.. Etc.   This, com-
j'.j billed with
Efficient Service
really ought In secure yonr
patronage, Oive onr Swift's
HAMS and BACON a trial
Von will bo •-< 111 vimi<l of
their excellence.
41 Market Co.
i-^«rr3rareiie2ie3iHiara/'Ji,JK'i.''.,.':ji^i1';e.'.. i.'/e'tn'
Lake View
SI. Mary's Lake, B. C.
tluests eonvey.ll (rom
Marysville to the hotel
by motor ear or team.
Excellent Fishing Resort
(laaoline and Row
Boats for Hire
CAPITAL,* $10.000.000 REST.-   $8,000,000
Ever, branch of Th. C.iudi.n Bank af Commcrc. 1. *i|iiippnl lo luu« dr»c-. ..._
llie principal ciliw in th. feilewirur i-otinlrie. wilbjut delay I
ATrir.                    Crm                      Una..                    Mra MHat         BM.
Ar.bi.                 Oate                    HoSaial                Nor*.,
Ai.ral'*.*<ra»fe|ana»ut Inbyal I'mW. 	
•    anttda. Un, hia. rVna. Sfaia
II1..U raaa. iafiia F.«1wal
Hul.ari. tfrMc. J... Ba.a.a.1.
Iluli lawman, M.aa^Mi. S»i»i.
Ikia. (InUHriUaa M.a«» Sua. ~_ .—. nr.
Th. amount cf th«M drafl. I. .t.lrd in the money of lb. country whara tbey ar. p.v-
.-.lile | that 1. they are drawn in *lrrlin|r, fntm;,. mark., lira, kronen, twin., yen.
Ui-la, rouble., ate., a. tha raM atay b*.   Tbi. cnaurc. tbal tba payee abroad will
reccwe u» actual sanaat latandad, a jjj
R. T. Brymner, "1anag;er Cranbrook, B. C.
Birds and Animals
Box -196
Where to go for First Class Job Work
The Best Pictures
at the
How about that room that you
were going to paper this spring?
Don't put it off any longer, for the
warm weather will soon be here.
We have a very pretty line for you
to select from, and the prices are right.
If you will come to our show room,
you will soon be convinced of this.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The flexaJatL Store
Cranbrook - - - B.C.
Cut Glass
for Wedding and Anniversary Gifts cannot
be   excelled.
There are no "pressed blanks" used in
the manufacture of
glass sold here. That
is the reason why
"WilsonsCut Glass"
has that sparkling brilliancy and beautitul
'color play" known
only to cut glass of the
highest quality.
ConsUMc   Brown   wai  mi  Irora
M-s.ii' iii Momlav
Itev, J. Kno\ Wright, ol Vancouver, iirriviit in town today,
Ask Mlomh 11 lowly knows. 'PbOttfl
89. \\ if
M. II. Iturroiigtis, nf sii.v'i Creek,
was   transact Wig tints im*ss In the Cltj
ol.   \V-ilnr.**Al) .
II S Mathers, ,.f Port Btwto*, War
a tiiisithss visitor in Uk* city 00
VV,  I*!. Clitw will In* leatfftg m'ioiiIv
fm a i"»>-*. trip tfettxigti tin* routtara
sl.itcs antl MiMi'n
out price on orange* still J-t.r»o h
ras,'.—CninltriNvk Trading Co.     23-lt
Mr«. Tow Kiiiwick, ,,f Porl Steele,
wan veiling in the city tbc m-l ol
iln- week,
Large Warehouse.—Apply F. J.
Deane, Herald Office. *t(
Mr. and Mrs. .J. 0. ('.tannings are
expected home within a tew days
from an exter.ded visit lo Europe.
Stewart ami Arthur Morris went
l-i Yahk tin* first ol the week on
('lioico ripe pineapples at Utile
and Atchison's.
(lot son it-thi uk e\u,A to eat at the
Krtrecas cookery sale. Saturday af-
lernoon, in the Odd Fellows hall.
Don'-t overlook a visit to the
Itt'lieccas cookery sale at the (Wil
KHlows' hall on Saturday afternoon.
"Monlserrat" lime fruit juler al
Ward ami Harris.
Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Young, ot Kort,
Sl.'cle, are in town, guests at the
llolel Cranbrook.
A. (J. MonkhotiKo ami Mrs. Monk-
liouse were in from Kimherley during
tbe week,
N'ew California eabbage ami potatoes.—Campbell and Manning.
■ I. W. Itoss and Mrs. Ross were
■j ws Is nt Uk* Hotel Crnnbrook Irom
Waldo tbis week.
•Iiusl Office Inspector K. Humphries,
of Calory, paid an official visit to
iown this week.
C. S. .lotniHoti, ot Wasa, Has tc
turned after s|KiMliiiR some time at
\ ii-tornt ami const points
Ink Bloody. i"i<-mh known.  'Phone
62. 22-tf
Miss M   I    Lafleur MX  on   Momlav
fm liCtbbrtdgc, where her brotbei   is
Sick m the Itttspital.
His   tlODOl       JlldgC   'I'liolupM.Ii        Is
holding countj court at Wilmer   an<l
QoMtD tiiis week,
John Allen MaclMuald. of (inle-
way, ami John RdEfertaon, ol Mogi
gate, imve been n[>|h tinted )untien of
the peaoe.
Por Sweet, juicy oiaim.-. 'phottc "a
-l.itIte and Atchison.
IteV. Mr. Naismith, ,.( Now Wcst-
itniivM. will occupy tin* pulpit of the
rnsbylciiun church during Ihe ensu«
tile lir.'iul wii, an niwal. All,I- lliii cook—his kimnI wife—
|inini|ill.v onlenil another sink nf Hip bihiii'good tlonr(rum
whieh il waa iiiiiiI,. —
Tliere IS Mtiiothinir, in that old saw tlmt "the way lo
ronch a nrnn't heart U llimni'h hia stomach." and there',
that Iiii'ii quality in our tlonr whieh unfailingly Until the
A simile nek will satisfy you that you can't buy lielter
Hour.   TKY IT. '
Cranbrook, B.C.
ing three or four weeks.
I. S. Teet, secretary of the Y.M.
C.A., left Tuesday night tor Winnipeg to atteml the national V.M.C.A.
A session of* the county court will
be held iu this city, on Juno <»tli
next, hy His Honor Judge Thompson.
Kcncvic'j strawberries arriving
daily direct irom tlw grower.—Campbell and Maiming.
Lunch tongue, veal loaf and' pot-
■t«l meats of all kinds for those saud-
wiolk'.s at tiie Bant Kootenay Merc.
Mr.     McKcnnrn,   uf the    Imperial
Dank force, has Inrn transferred    lo
Igary, leaving tbis   week for    his
new location.
Miss    Moss, sister of Mrs.     W. K.
Qurd, was taken to St. Kugine hospital this    morning for an operation!
for appendicitis. '
Fresh strawberries daily at Ward
and Harris.
Miss Ida Brown leCl this week for
Nelson when* rite will spend two
wvekt   visiting her father and moth-
Jewelers and Opticians
Write antl ask fot our Catalogue
' Manning.
Mr. Thos. Hoferts, tlie city clerL-,
has been confined to Ws house during
lhe past two days, suffering from an
attack of appendicitis li is Iran i
thai he may have lo nntl. rgo an
Her many friends will learn with
pleasure thai Mrs. It. Kennedy'*
condition has material!; improvi 1
during the pasl tew days .and tbere
is hope of lH*r being able l" got awaj
to Seattle willi her sister, for n
cltange of climate, in tlm course of a
few days.
Our prices on bay and grain will
interest you, Complete stock.—Campbell and Manning,
A regrettable error crept inio a
local news item last \v\ok. In a
paragraph devoted Ui the plans fot
lhe new school building, It was
stated that the mainnl (raining
sohool building would contain two
good sized class rooms, whjercas
ibere will in* only one room provided
for at present,
For summer we arc well supplied
with new straw and Panama hats
for men; also sun hats Tor children.
These hills ale up lo the minute
styles and the prices will interest
you. The store where you get the
big dollar's worth.—Kast Kootenay
Merc. House.
is as vet undecided wl
nd daughlc
A large ci
the fn
llle race In
nl Fred Ste
1 nt
light to which w. Dun-
Rolf Pal-;
nnd A. r.
'llr d eision
was given Stevenson. Dunstnn
necmed to ho Ute favorite, especially
with tin* ladies, but made a poor
showing, his trainer claiming he was
overtrained. Much -Join is said to
have ihaiijjjed hands.
Dainty Blouses and Dresses
Wc have placed in stock a charming assortment ot beautiful dresses, lingerie and tailored
blouses. The styles and designs are new and
varied. We have specially priced these garments.
Blouses $1.25 to $4.50
Dresses $2.75 to $15.00
< nil ial
grape fruit
vinegar    and   Wall.ci*';
juice al Ward and liar
Watson Hall was down from Macleod during the week, superintending
the shipment of his household effect!)
to his new location in the Alberta
town. Mrs. Hall will join hint iu
Macleod in the course of n few-
day s.
Tlie Waldo branch of Itn- C.I'.H, is
completed ai.d waiting official inspection prior to passenger traffic over
same being instituted. Already lumber is lieing hauled out from Waldo
to the ('.IMS. main lim* „t Caithness.
Ask Blondy, Itloudv knows,  'i'lione
lim.'  in it-' nnd linn
are healthy ami in.i-
Cnmphcll ni.d Manning.
A. Bryan Williams, provincial game!
warden, wns in town yesterday     on,
official business.    Dining his     brief
sliiy here Mr. Williams was a en- \>Y a
number id loctfl sportsmen, Interested
in the Improvement and protection ol
trout fishing throughout  the district.I
Questions alTcoting the ro-Blocklng o'
lakes ami   rivers   ni.d the protectio:
of the (ish wen* diaciisf
suritnccs secured Ihnl i"
Slhlc  to    ineel     the ny;
thi*   situation   would
snei dilv as   circuinslant
Voui* Streeter, ol (Yaiili
signed articles   with Fnd Lang,    of
spo'-uiie. lo nteel in a IS round con-
t-tsl al    flic   Morris    Uieatrc, Lethbridge,    nlronI    ihr    |.ri of
Streeter   will starl  train in?
ii d and as-;
i n thing pos-
ilrementfl ul
!e done as
ok, has
Linen Motor Coals
Just the thing for driving and motoring—made
up from best quality materials in becoming
styles.      ....        $6.50 to $15.00
anil is cimliil.ii!
Tlll'lr Will III' ll
willl.IT        Will        I
Going   out ol
Choice Block must In-
firry price.—11. II. Sin
Till'   l!.l|il!:-l       I'll.l
C'oliimliln will in..-I
Ull' Olivet     ll'npltjit
Ih.ii lie will
Ir lii-t il 15011
Millinery of Dis-
tinction-cood Wites
There is that Individ-
unjlty a' out our inilliii-
iry which accounts for
its popularity, Almost
evory iluy sees rn'w arrivals the latest wonls
in the realm ot fashion.
Romember yon may
oliiaiii these here Imi
our pi ices ure much
lower thiiii is usually
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods snd Clothing Stores
On Saturday, May 2.ith,    at
Cottage ho»pilal, born to Mr.
Mrs. >l. S. llaynes, ol this city,      a
Mr. ami Mrs. W. I). Lntdlaw tell
lor the Windermere country today,
when1 they will cujoy a lew weeks'
Going nut ot wall paper business
Choice stock must Im* disposed tl at
any price.—B. H. Short. U-tl
P. A. (irciiiHi, of tbc ller.ild staff,
bus nun mm oed exoavation prepara-
torj to the citctim. ot a six room
residence un Garden avenue.
John i-i-ask ai.d family on Wednesday moved into itrir new home on
(larditi   .iwnne. This   hoine     is
aiiiotii, tin* linest ir. the city.
ml cordial
Quile the lust publicity
that has ,reached this oflicc
long day is that of ihe (
Star, published mid edited by It.
Nuli-vic. Moth as regards let
press and illustrations it is ,r
above |be average publicity mini
The reading matter lias Ihth u
carefully, impartially, and Judicial
prepared. It should prove nn
valuable "boost" t'»r Coquitlam
Um surrounding districts with «
tbe  it deals.
22-lt Wistniinsler I
inlirr B' B- MorSan' Kl
1|-M.V j president; Mr   il
is secretary titul I
pastor of tin* i ni
Roses lime   juice
Waul and Harris,
K. Matlandain,' eauie in from Wil-
mer ycstenlav on his way to Creston. where In* puked up Mrs. Mnllan-
ilninc and is returning with her to
Wilmer tmorrow,
Dalton's lemonade, .ii.inni\ni.- ..ui
raspterrj rfccgnr, just tlH< thing lor
i cool nnd refreshing drink on a hot*
ila\. 80c. antl 35e. a bottle at thc
Kast   Kootemy Here,  House.
. W. Doyle, represent Ing P. Hums
nml Co., was in town this week, Mr
Doyle has purchased tlu* B, K. But*
cber coinpniiy's hiiilliui; on Armstrong avenue.
I.itile nml Atchisoi., ht**lioiarters
lor HaadwoiMl Ice cream uud Hazel-
wi-od Double Jersey buttermilk.
Thr regular monthly meeting of the
Women's Institute will bc held in
the Carmen's ball on Tuesday orxt,
June Ith nt 3 o'clock. All ladies
lonliallv invittd.
Tlie (races! assembly ol the I'res*
t/vlt-eiau Church in Cuwda holds its
annual nurting tbis year in Kdmon*
ton. Altn. ll opens on Wednesday.
June '•th, and usually lasts nine
Choice eueumbers and ripe tomatoes at Little nml Atchison's.
Mrs. Funck. sirtcr ot Mrs., (Ieo.
Thompson, who hns lieen vlsillng
here tor some w«*ks past leit Tuesday lor Seattle where slic wilt join
her husband ami they will reside In
Tlte dance al tlie Kails View hotel,
Marysville, Just night, proved -.* very
enjoyable affair. Tliere was a
large attt-iMlantv, including several
Irom this elty. V.vervthing passed
off very pleasant.v
1'rushed bone, beef scraps nml hbinl
meal   for chick f.**-d -C**ni|*|ll    and
J   Orders taken      for   bedding plants
and cut   (lowers.—Cfttnpjbrll and Man
■ ning.
| Oeorge Hogiwrth, 0. M. Bdwardii
j V. llvde Raker nml II. W. Supple
have returned from an enjoyable fishing excursion to (Casta and Proctor
They certainly met witb fine spun
ami secured excellent iKigs. The Nelson News is authority for the sta'f
ment that George Hoggarth had a
liattlc royal, lasting 15 minutes, witli
a 21 pound lake salmon, nnd tbat the
ReniftJ Oeorge was all but played oui
wben he landed tbc big fellow.
Fresh stra.wji-rrics, tomatoes, green
onions, cherries, lettuce nml radishes
rr ceived daily at the Bast Kootenay
Merc. House.
"Maple Leaf lodgo, No. 28, of the
Rebeccas, purpose holding a cookery
sale in tin' (hid Fellows ball from
3 to fi o'clock, next Saturday after*
noun*. To Ik- followed by a bean
supper from 5 tn ~M o'clock. There
will lie many delightful delicacies oa
side during the afternoon and a large
attendance is anticipatld.
Rev.    W.    E. Dunham   am! O. W.
Pallium* have returned from a two
week's trip to the coast where thev
were in.attendance at the Methodist
■or. vent ion, afterwards spending a
few days visiting Victoria, Vancou-
New Westminster ami othei
coast points, where they invariably
report business booming, Rev, Dunham returned by way of the l.tkei
and Mr. I'atmore enme by Spokane,
Wall papers slaughtered in order to
close out. Anv price takes them.'—
II. II. Short. U-tf
Mrs. It. II. Short and ber daughter have gone down to Portland for
the Inn. lit of their health. Mr. Slmrt
Tbe grocery business Is our luai
ness ami here you will find all If Ind
of tabic delicacies.—Campbell an
"Dig Jim"   MacDonnelt
Colin, accompanied by a mining    cx-
perl Irom Seattle, arrived in iown on
Sunday, ra    n ute  to   Perry Creek,
wlicre "Big    Jim" bus extensive hydraulic properi its.    MacDonnell    *~
formed the Herald thut he was paying a hurried visit to I'erry Cnck to I
overlook tlm works and to Introduce!
bis .export,    who will make a    llior-
ouyfi report upon the situation.      In {
ile* event of the expert reporting lav-
ornhly, quite extensive works \>ill be
pul under way in tho near future.
The session of the supreme court to
bale been held lien* this week,     has
ii*.a cancelled.    Thc cases set   down \
Ior trial having been  pusfpon ri     or |
otherwise disposed of.    Tbe      cases
weir, Campbell vs. C.P.R, and     He-j
watson \s. (MM!., settled out       ol
court.      Miller vs. Dnms nnd    Joj-
daii, postponed to nexl i rl
K. II. Arnott, of Haynes Lake, ar-
ri-i.d in town the firs) .if tbc week
fr.jin Kngland, Mr. Arnott reported
a large Influx ol BngMsh settlers Into
this province, particularly Into tb*
llaynes Lnke section, ll< w'll be re*
turning to England in tin- course ol
two or three weeks. In Uie meantime
be Inu none down ti  tbc coa (I
Wall papers slaughtered In order ta
close out. Any price lakes them.—
B. 11. Short. U-tf
Buy the Best
Cheapest Always
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour
is guaranteed to nuke more bread ami better liresd than any
■>tIht nn the market.
Is lise.t Iiy his Majesty   Kiln; George anil the   Royal
'.is lb. Sacks  $3.75
l-Jlh.   "       - 1.M0
21 lb.   - _  1.00
If you (eel like IryiiiK cheaper brandi,, try ULEN'OKA,
at $8.75 per cwt. or tilPERIAL at $3.35 per c*l.
Qnaran'teed to lie the liest of their kind.
Campbell <& Manning
!|    FOR SALE    *
;:Lot2, Block 92::
r ,1 Nm«i,'.,l IliVi'lli,. 'il CC
Norwood Bon'i >»n ..
i:.l n.ont Um.
We have still some good snaps in this property. These are going fast, and we advise
you  to partake in this one great opportunity.
Van Home Street.        Phone 189
♦^^♦♦-^♦♦-'♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦t ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«>♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Tin: Hln vai.i'K sntiti T
I'liin. .Iiik*. BOgarii S|hiiiii llnlili-ra, OIIm Traja, f'nlrt.l Bowl., .10 ,
l,V Parli.    Olli.ii Niippi't*, Mil|ia, ami Ciimiii I'it'-lii'r-nl lOceitcll
Bov!.r»iil Soil* nplolt   .                    tl.M
Binder Brown Siii                            ..   . |I 0O.tl.S6, tl.AO
ltmii|ir>r*     Mlrnliil I.'k      Ilnya'llnta hi :'h'.'Hi-, :itnl T-'n-
Klne line ol Pirliir,'* nl   .. .    10c, ISc, 23c
llov*'li.nU'ii Boll   Mc, *"i'. 7Ac
Ba.pli.ll Mill" Iiiuu 4ii. in I'.Ki: I' I nil- i.i H',.'.'.'„   Inr.;:,,,
II,**, |l DO.      l.ni'riia.I'Miika.ll.CO.f.'.HO.IIIiil 1.-I.HI      i.l.i.l.  Ht
(1.50; nni lii'itiihiiimi Hull mri.li'.
Complel. line >>f le, lOr, l(e. Hi Nenlilfi »i
*************** **********************
Nr ACRES, It miles ioulh of Cranhrook. Price $l.lit*ii,
on terms of $li,Hi cash; Imlance to lie arranged.
ONE ACRE I.OT with Home and Wiml Shed, clote to
Power limine. Price $I15ii. Home plattend. Owner
Annus W. Clarke, liox 1*1. Field. B.C.
SINNYSIDE ADDITION—2 Lots   $225 each.
B20 ACRES west of Crnnbrook. $»i |Mir acre.
,'IUO ACIt FS, liv iles south of Fort 8teele, $15 per acre.
Safety Boiel to rent al reasonable rates
The greatest kind of Christmas present—
the greatest Christinas present of its kind, the
Edison Phonograph
a gift for ALL the family, a gift for ALL
the year, and for ALL the years to come
Think of llie money llul 1, rlirown away on trifle* at Christmas lime—the candy
tliat is eaten, the toy, that are broken, the Christina, card* tliat are merely
glanced at am! thrown away. What have you I" show for last year's Chrialmul
Now think of the Edlion Phonograph—tire cift of a lifetime, that lirinij, to
every member of your family all of thc very kind of entertainment each prefer,—
nut merely for a day or a year, lint for always. Tliat', what make, the Edlion
the greatest kind of gift. The Edison brings you the foul*gre«t advantage,
which you should look lor in a sound-reproducing instrument, and which you
will find only in the Edison—exactly the right volume of sound for your hotnei
the sapphire reproduciiig-pninl, which docs nnt scratch or wear the record, and
last, forever—no changing of needles, Amherol Record., which play twice a.
long as the ordinary records, rendering each composition completely, the ability
to nuke and reproduce your own records, in your own home, Just aa true to life a,
the records made in our laboratory. Tliat's whatmakeithe Edison Phonograph
1001 ...lU* Aw*
Oram It'.. U. I. A.
A wafau Ik. rf Ukm lUwal, Mai **mi. win fc. t*mi .1
Cranbrook Drug and Book Co. Ltd
Beattie-Murphy Co. Limited
the grearest gift of it, kind.
There are KiHson dealers everywhere. Oo to the nwreat and
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K.llsonStiiii(liinilUa'.,nlH,40e. KillaonAmberolBeeordaliiliiy
twiceulun.1,.Be, KdisuiiUrumlOperaHecorda,M«to9I,l0.
ol this aet.
(.'I). Depositing Live ('mils.—llm ini;
tlu: cluse .scusoi. no ili'puslt- nt fire
nr live coals shall lie imulo Irom any
locomotive or- engine within one-
i|iinrter ol a mile, nl any loresl,
woodland, or nay land upon any railway right-of-way outside ol y«ptl
limits, .unli'ss said deposit lw Immediately cxMngirlsbcd,
(1). Any person nr corporation
committing any teach of any or
either nl Uie provisions ol lliit, section ol this act shall lw guilty of an
olVi'licc against this act.
(5). Operation ol Ki.gine I'm, In'
Prohibited— Upon proof tliat any
prosecution has been instituted under
this sccilwi by any duly autliori'/oil
olliccr ol lhc (Wpartmont, any. cinirl
ol compotor.t jurisdiction shall enjoin
lhc lurther use nf tin- locomotive,
engine, steamboat, Hirim, or lie*
tractor iu question until tin' itelcml-
mil has been acquitted ul Hie olrargo
preferred, unless said liH'omoliiv
gine, Btoaiiaboat, burner, or tlostruc-J
Inr shull have been 0-nilpped with
safety appliances In Uie satislactiott
uf said iililci'i'.
Iiuly ol Engineers.—II shall hn tlio
diilyol every engineer in charge nt
any locomotive, steamboat, nr engine upon which solely appliances are
required In !«■ maintained under the
preceding sootioii lo s.s* Hint all siieli
appliances are properly usrd and
suppliid.     Any person neglieting    or
News of the District
liisi   Siimiiiy   morning! wliorc     !>*•
Kin-J, pertortiiud an opcraWon on hut
(Special correspomlcncc).
(Special corrcsponckncci).
Mrs. PoarBon    tlid not leave
Friday for iln* ea»l na *'»" ■"•"1
| iti ID ii.iii. Mtmday. Owing to hor
st i inns contliUoii hrr IiukIkiimI was
j si-ni tor on Momlay night-
| Mr. V. M. Ktearns Iw« n-signwl Ms
on.position hero.aa sawmill supi*rin-
i»- tendent, owing t-o ill touUh. Mr.
Umded, as lh*r lit-.lt* wn Kmnetli SiMnis will rest Ior some time Ih-
waa taken ill witli lho measles a tun* lakiii-g another position,
lew days ago. A very enjoyable time was     speal
The Ijodlcs' Social cluli gave a lasi Saturday alternoon at tlif home
very enjoyable card party in thf Uh" "f *'rH* tlarl, in honor ol Imt little
rary lasl Wedicstlay rvt-nitij;, soil's birthday. About twenty-live
May 22nd. rliililnn were present and all had     a
Messrs. I*'.     M. Steams ami ll. ll.  very merry Mow.
Bdharl    wero    in Calgary last week     Policeman    Kgglesliaw strengthenetl
fin) on business. I the police force in Klk<> last Friday,
Mr. Fred Dnnnlass arrived in town May 21 th.
from Taber,     Alta., a few days ago.,     About fifty lid-fete were sold      at
He will spend q    few days    on     his   lhc   U'ardner station tor Klko     last
ranch at Hull River before returning  Friday morning.
to Taber. I     lhe    Wardner Itasrlmll learn   wept
Mr. Walter Magooti, sbpeptntemltntl to Klko last Friday mornJng, ne-
of tlu* logging department, was in companion! by about fifty fans. Tbey
Fern it* last. Monday on business,        met a surprise.       Instead ol    home
A number of Foil Steele friends
motored into town last Sunday to
see tbe ball game wbieh was played
between Wardner and Camp No, 8 of
the C.N.P.L, Co.     The game      was
teams there were men from Kalispel,
Spokane, Seattle, Denver, Great
Falls, etc., wlio had been engaged to
play wilh tbe Klko team. It Is
reasonable to    suppose then        tbat
very exciting from start to finish Klko won tbe trophy, whicb they
and the rooters did splendid work, otherwise would have lint. Here's to
At the close the score stood: Ward- Klko again on May 21th, 1013. I
ner 15; Camp No. 8, 7. guess not.     Our boys all bad money
Mrs. I'. I'. Herric wcnl to l.elli- and they spent il in Klko, Imt never
bridge a few days ago to consult j again. They will go wHh their
I>r. Mowhurn of Ihat place. friends and   associates to' Cranbrook
Mrs. Clarence Martin was taken tn^ir some place where Ihey will lie
tlie St.   Eugene hospital, Cranbrook, | treated decently.
(Continued Irom page two),
rol as the minister may deem necessary sliiill, at the cx|H*usc of the person or company aforesaid, fa* maintained after th.* passnge of any li co-
motiv,. along sttch railway. Provided
thai, should any such person or company fail when notlflori Immodlatoly
to comply wilh the provisions of this
section, the minister may by bis officers deal witb such debris or maintain such patrol, nnd the expenSf of
so doing shall Ih* a debt due to thc
crown Irom the, ponton or -company
■ i.nivined, and may lie recovered nt
1he suit of the crown In any court
of competent jurisdirtion.
Watchman for Suiiunary Kngines,
wotchmnr. shall ln> inaintaiiml at the
point where any stationary or portable engine is located in or near any
forest or woodland for at least two
hours following the -time whim said
engine shall have ceased operation,
to prevent Un* escape ol lire therefrom.
(1). Safety Appliances.— During
lhe close season in eacb year it- shall
tie unlawful Ior ar.y person or cor-
pr rat inn—
(mjl. To use or operate any loeotno-
tlve, loggir.g engine, portable engine,
traction, or stafionary engine using
fuel otlier than oil within a quarter
of a mile of any fon\st slashings* or
brush land whicb is not provided
witli a practical and efficient doVlcc
for arresting sparks. together with
an adequate device for preventing the
escape of lire or live coals from all
ash-pans and flrc-limes, ami which
docs not comply in every nspoct
wilh nny rcgulotiona for the lime
la*ing made and in force under and by
virtue ol tlte provisions ol Ibis Act.
(li). To operate any river stcam-
"M.at using fuel other than oil on any
of lira rivers or lakes within the
province of British Coluii(bia, whicb Is
not provided with a safe and suitable device for toe arrest of sparks
from the smokestack thereof, complying in all respects with uny regulations for the time being made aud in
force under and by virtue ol tin? provisions ol this act.
(c). To destroy any wood-waste
material by fire within any burner or
destroyer operated al or near any
niilT or mnchinery, (tr to operate any
pnwer-prtHliiuing plant Using in connection therewith any smokestack,
chiminy, or otlier spark-wnitting outlet, without installing antl maintaining mi such burner or destroyer or
or. such smokestack, chimney, or
other spark-omitting outlet a sale
and suitable device for arresting
sparks, complying in all respects
With any regulations for the time
hfing made ami in force under and
by virtue td the provisions ot this
(d). lieing engaged in the manufacture of lumber or shingles or other forest products, to destroy wood
waste material hy burning tho same
at or near any mill without properly
coMining the place of said burning,
am) without fart ner safeguarding the
surrounding property agaiiwt danger
from salt) burning by such additional
devices ns may Im* requisite In order
lo comply in every respect with any
regulations for the time being made
and in force under ami by virtue of
the provisions nf this act.
(2). Fire - fighting equipment.—It
shall lie tbe duty of every person or
corporation operating any engine rc-
ft-iiTtl to in this section to provide
equipment in the way of tools, hose.
and other tile-lighting appliances iu
accordance wiih any regulations fnr
Die time being mode ni.d In force under  und by virtue of   the provisions
A   Woman    of
Few Words
Mrs. Harry JO. Bye, Main Street
North, Mount Forest, Oat., writes:
"Your remedy for kidney, bladder
and stomach trouble has given me
great relief. Have taken three
boxes and now leel like living and
better than I have felt for years and
1 give your
all the praise, for they are tho best
I have ever tried'" At ai!l dealers,
25 aud 50 tents, or The Fig l'ill
Co., St.- Thomas, Ont.
Sold by tin- Cranbrook Drug and
Book t'o'., I,td.
cimiiilalinn •'>' imlaiimiablc debris
shall imm,-d...icly pi,-* and, su^ect. to
th.* requiifiti-uis ol ihis act concerning permits, burn the same. Any person neglecting or refusing to perform
ami mini any duty imposed upon him
by or pursuant to the provisions of
this section shall he guilty of an offence against this aet. provided
that when, aiter sullicienl notico,
any person or persons s'hall tail to
carry out ihe requirements of this
seel ion to the satisfaction ol tbc
minister or any oilicers appointed by
bim for the purpose of lliis,section,
he shall be guilty of an offence
against     this acl.        In addition to
refusing la perform or fulfil anv duty                  .       ,r       ■ ■ , , .,   ,,;
h,          ,,..,,       ,,        • anv penaltv, the minister mav by Ins
imposed upon him by this section   ol     : . / __   ,,    , ,       _,.,,.,.
this aot   shall lie guilty of an offonco   .      '
agaiuet th s act.
Disposition ol   Debris.—The minist-
ter   or the   provincial     forest board
shall have power to declare any
oilicers (liter upon.the luml on which
dead trees, or stubs      in
(question,exist and carry out the
tl'niiemenis ol this section and      tho
orders of    tlio  minister issued Mufti
, under; and the expense ol conducting
flammable ma-U-riol    whieh endangers  mh W(>rk s,|a|l ,)(! ft yMl .,,„,„      lht.
life or   pro|M>rf.y    ft public nuisance, sail, ,a,|(|    ol. upuIl) t]u, ll>ase of     u.
and upon receipt of notice to this effect the owner or occupier of or the
person coulueting any operations for
the cut ling and removal of forest
material from the laml upon which
any such nuisance exists shall immediately remove or abate such nuls-
ai.ee to tbe satisfaction of tbe minis
Kit*.—During lhe close season a
ler or tlie Provincial Forest board.
Provided that due notice shall bo
held to have ibeeu given to said owner
or occupier when a copy of such notice hus been mailed to bim at his
last known plate of address, and a
copy has been posted in a cbnspicu
mis position iipi.it said land. Any
[lerson neglecting or refusing to perform ami fulfil uny duty imposed upon bim by or pursuant to the provisions of this section shall Ih* guilty
uf an offence against tbis ait.
tl). Debris to ho Protected by Fire
I.ilies.—When tlie safety of any forest
tu* woodland or cut timber is endangered by thc debris caused by any
lumbering or other Industrial operations, the minister or tbe. provincial
forest board may require tlte person
or corporation conducting such operations, or the owner or occupier of
tb;> laml on whicb such debris exists,
to cut   down    dead trees   and stubs
cense under which the timber on said
laud is held, and    such expose shall
he a debt to     the crown in right of
lire    province    of  British Columbia
that may lie recovered from tho person   or corporal ion who cut the timber cr    wood   from   whicb tho said
slashings and debris were made. -
(t). Levy for    Forest Protection.—
Tliere shall be created a fund for the
j protection    t*f forests and  woodland
(against fire.     From the owner of any
I laml sought to he classified as timber
• land under   section 2a of lhe "Taxation Act" there shall lie payable and
'paid to his majesty in right ol      the
province ol British Columbia, on thc
firsl day of   February iu each      and
every year, upon demand by the minister of lands, an annual tax at    the
rate of   one   cent- for each uud every
acre of such laml; and from the holder t-f every thiilx*!*, pulp, or tau-hark
tease or special timber license      one
cent for each and every acre comprised in such lease or license.
(2). To iht; amounts thus receivable
Iiy tho crown iu any year there shall
he added equal amounts Irom "revenue" as defined iu and by the "Revenue" Act," and the total sum    thu:
. htuim-d shall lw placed to the credit
within such area, and to establish a „f a F<m-.sl Protection Fund in the
safe fire line around tlie area ur areas' 1)l)0|.s nf t|l(1 treasury department of
covered by such debris. Said tire line 1h.. province of British Columbia,
to be cleared of inflammable mator- and, upon certification of the minis
ial and to bc of a widtb and charm- ter of lands, the minister of finance
ter satisfactory to lhe minister or to' mav imii. payments out of the said
the   Provincial Forest board,       Any  turn],
person neglecting or refusing to per- ( (3). The minister, through the deform and fulfil any duty imposed up- nartmont hv means of said fund shall
on bim by or   pursuant to thc provi- maintain and equip a patrol ami fire
sions of this   section shall Ik*   guilty   prevention
of an oflence against this act.
(2). Debris Around Camps, Mines,
Mills and Stationary Kngines.—Kvery
camp, mine,   sawmill, portable      or  and appointed by the  lieutcnantrgov
. force, thc memliersbip
whereof dial) consist of such lire War
dtns, constables, and other ollicials
as may    from   time lo time In* fixed
stationary engine using any find other than oil and located within - < a
.quarter ot a mile of any forest or
woodland Shaft, by the person In
ehargc thereof, have such space surrounding said camp, mine, sawmill,
or engine cleared of inflammable material as the minister cr thc Provincial Forest ipard may direct. Any
person neglecting or refusing to perform -and fulfil any duty imposed Upon bim by or pursuant lo thc provisions of this section shall be guilty
of an offence against this act.
(•1). Debris From Reads, Uiglit-nf-
Way, Etc.—Every person, persons or
corporation clearing right-of-way
from any mad, trail, telephone, telegraph, power, or pipe line, tote-road, I
ditch, or flume shall pile and burn'
on such right-of-way all refuse", tlm-!
ber, slashings, ohopplngs and brusb
cut, tbereon as rapidly as lhe clearing or cutting progresses and the
weather conditions permit, or at
such otlier times as ihe Provincial
Forest board may direct, and during
the close season shall oMtain, If-fnru
burning said material, a permit from
said board. Any person neglecting
or refusir.g to perform and "fulfil any
duty imposed upon him by or pursuant to the provisions of ihis section
shall In* guilty of an offence against
this act. |
(+). Debris Caused on   tbc Land of
Another.—-No one slashing brush    or
timber (for tbe purpose    of clearing
land, or  In tbc conduct ol any lumbering operation*, or in tlie cutting of
any roan! or right-of-way shall fell or |
permit to be felled trees or brush In
such   a manner    that trees or brush
shall fall    ami remain om land     not'
owned by the one   felling or permltt-1
Ing the felling of such trees or brush.
Any person neglecting or refusing   to
perform    and fulfil any duty Imposed'
Upon him by or pursuant to the pro-'
visions of tbis section shall ite guilty
ot an offence against this act. •
(!»>. Safety Zone Alongside Railway
Rlght-of-Way.—Any portion who within Iwo hundred feet of the right nf-
way of any    railway   causes nny ue-
einor by   order-in-eouncil; shall   con-
{Continued on page seven).
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forms of Khi'umnti*m yield at once to Abbott Bna.
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has riven Initant relief to tkep-forulttm sufferers,
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Piles and S trie torts — restoring all
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t wiill tlie forms ot DtMtMMut Men.
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dliici-Seml-icady, Limited, MonUtii.
•rof-rrtiu OaUartej
O, I'red Julinsl-in, Ferule, ll. C,
Oranbrook     Lodg.,
No. 11
A.r. & a. ii.
Iti'Hiilur iiiectlngi od
tliu   tliinl   Tlmr.ila,
ol every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
1). .1. McSweyn, W.M.
.1. S. l'lK-k, Sccrctnry.
Okhbuunt Louait No. illi
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meet,   every   TiuhiI*, tt I p.m. tl
Krtternltf lltli.
T. O. Jones, 0. C.
J. M. lloycs.K. ol II. N. S.
Visiting brethren   cordially Invited
to attend.
Meet, every Monday
night it New Krt-
ternlty Htll. Sojourning Oddlellows oordltlly invited.
II. J. Kendall, W. M. Harris,
N. O. See'y.
Meett Drat and    third Wednesdays
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
visiting brothers.
Oilicers July lst to Decembtr 31st.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Scrlbe-W. M. Harris.
No. 19.
Meets every second tnd  lourth Wed-
needty tt Fraternity Htll.
Sojourning   Ktbekthi  cordially Invited.
Miss Nellie llaker, N. O.
Mrs. Anna llealtie,   Itcc. Sec.
Meets in Carmen's Hall Second tnd
Fourth Thursday nl each month tt I
p.m. .harp
Wm.' Henderson, CR.
I,. Pcarron, Sec., Box 018.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets In Carmen's Htll first ud
Jliinl Thursday ol each montb tl
8 p.m. ahtrp.
Mrs. Lulu Htywtrd, Rec. Sec.
Vi. B. McFarlane, Chlel Ranger.
Visiting brethren made welcome.
Meets In Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tuesday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to British   citi
N. A. Wtllinger,        W. C. Crcbbln
Pres. See'y.
P. O. Boi 425
Visiting members cordially welcomed.
i >   Sundty morning aervice at 11 i i
1   Sunday   evening    aervice   tt' '
;        7.10 o'clock A
>   Sundty      School   tnd    Bible
I        Class tt S o'clock
|   PrMbyterltn    Guild, Tuesday,! !
tt 8 o'clock i i
: Baptist Cburcb
Putor, H. S. Speller.
> PtraoiHt, Norbury Avenue.
; 'Phone, Ml.     P. O. Boi 117. \
' Regular Servlcet:-Sundtt, 11 \
, a.m. tnd 7.10 p.m.: Bible,
, School witk Young l*dlM* <
i Philettei ud Young Men'. <
Bible Cltsa, 1 p.m. "*
Monday,   Young Peoplea',   I
Wedneedav, Mld-Week Meeting, i
A cordltl   Chrlttltt
to all.
President: T. h. Oui,
flflcratanr: 8. .Maciminai.ii
For information regarding lands I
and  agriculture   apply   lo the i
Secretary, Cranlirook. II. G.
_       Every second Wednesday
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The Lending MneineHu College
.ni" the Nortliwust
Where young people enn fecelve
u tlioroitgli tiuHiiiesB truinlng.
ls in session twelve montlia in
tlie yenr.
No entrance examinations.
Hoiml nml room nt very reuson*
able rates.
We secure potltlons for onr,
Onr new li-'iiutifitlly illnstrateil
eiiliilogne sent free n'pon retiueBt.
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H. C. BLAIR, Principal
1st A Mmlison     -       SJ'OKANK
i i >
I Archie Waller!
Builder and
■ • 'i
] Soptio Tiinks nml Ooncreto <»
, ,         Work Ronflrnllj' » ''
' '                siwcialty. ]',
;; Estimates   Freely  Given.;;
P.O. Box 346
ji Cranbrook, B.C. jj
Btrristcr, Solicitor, Etc.
Money to loan on favorable terms.
A. M. Cnn. Sik'. 0. K.
Civil Engineer and Architect
(Itlice over Oranbrook lirue. ami Hook
Go's. Kline
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P. O. Box 31
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
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CRANBROOK     -     B. C.
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' 144*******************
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12.50 per Ifi; 17.00 per 60 j 112.00 I
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Cowiclian.V. I.        5-11 I
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Maternity, Hln'iiiiiiitiani
ami I'lHMiiiioiiiii
Tlirms   liimli'lilln
MRS. E. BENT, Matron.
I'D. llm I'll.in.' 'Jill
Physicians and Surgeon*,.
Otlca at RMld.sc*. Armatroni  t.a,
Forenoons - . - -1.00 In 111 IHI
Alteraoons - - - 2.00 to   1.00
Evening. ■ ■ ■ ■ 7.10 to   II DO
rfundays .... 3:10 to   1.30
ORANRROOE :,    :i    11    11    S. O,
• to 13 a.m.
1 to   1 p.m.
7 to   3 p.m.
Olliee In Hanson Block.
URANBROOK -       -       - B. 0,
Crnnbrook anil Fort Steele
'ifiiK' Cranbrook,B.C.
Norlmry Ave., nest to City Hull
Dny I'lione 2X1
Nij-lil l'hone '150
B.  C.  land  Surveyor
CRANBROOK    •     B. C.
For family n*e there I. nothing
so wholesome and an pure a.
sr. R. tattr, ruMni niiai-mr
CrubnxH. B.C.
Phone ;i HI
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
Terms on Application,
Phone 2511 Mnlr.ni.
P. 0. Box 8t">    Armstrong Ave
H. E. HALL, D. D. S.
Crown snd BriilKo'Wiirk,^
11 apoiinlly.
Olliee over K. Parks llanlwiire
Store, linker Street
Phono No. 21HI
Van Home Hired   (opposlts   Depot)
Onrrit'H n full Htnck ol
Repairs lor ahova alwaya
in stock
Electric Restorer for Men
PhOftnhonol restores overy net ve In tho biwly
rnotpiHHHw tQ,,, pri>per leni|„B. „„,,„,
vim nnd vitality. I'remituru tlecav nnd all ncmisj
weakness  svfrled at once.    Phosphonol will
weakness Rvrrled at once.    Ph«Rphi—	
mskeyou■ new mnn.. FrlciM■ ^«v£Ofl»i1'!
IH.   HaltMOisnysitdreM.  **• ietcAell Drag
*j»„ u. OMkartaM. Oal.
Kor ul* at tottfe-Murphy Co., Ul. THE   CHANBKOOK   IIEKALD
(Continued from pnBC two).
struct necessary trulls, look-out stn
lions telephone lines, and other permanent Improvements; and shall au-
Uiiiri/..' tho employment ,oI sucli as-
siKtancn as tho di'iiiu'tnicnt may require iu tire controlling and extinguishing ol llrcs. Provided thut tlie
uxpeiiscs Incurred in currying out llm
provisim.H ol 'this suits.'i'l imi and
those ol sti't.iim 211 shall he a cliargc
ii|inii llm Forest Priilrrliun [uiiil:
Provided that 11 In 11115' year tlio
tiilut amount availatuo hy tiienns of
said fund he less limn (lie amount
needed fur tin' work re|u|ulrod lo lie
ihuie, Mh'Ii tire ilelleiency so erostod
shall !»• mnile hy special warrant under ilieri'liiiti of the lii'iilenunl-gover-
Hor lu coiineil, ri'liiiiil ol hull siii-li di-
Ih-leney iH'ing miule lo the crown lu
lhe lollowlng year hy a suitable pro
rata ini'i'ease iu llm amount |„'r uci'c,
piiyullt' iiy thi' persons aforesaid nul
hy Hie crown to the Forest   Protec
tion lund: I total   number ofi such men, as    may
Provided also tint II any surplus lie neecssary, and shull himself m
shall at/the end oi any calendar year themselves pay.Ior the services ol
have accumulated in said funH sum- such men employed. Provided thut if
dent, In the opinion ol tlie Ueuton- the laml in, question he certified as
iiiit-fiovcriior in council, to provide crown-granted timber land in accord-,
lor nil expenses in connection with onco with the provisions i.f Unsaid lund during the ensuing twelve "Assessment Act," or be comprised
months, then the licutenant-govemor In any limber, pulp, or, tan-har*]
in council may, by order in council, lease or special license, uml that all
relieve all persons and the crown charges authorized by this acl in refrain making any -payment imposed sprct ol said land and suid operation
by this section lo said luml during have been duly paid in lis' Forest
llie said ported of twelve months, or Protection lund; and
mny authorize tlm collection,, pro (a). Thai Uie provisions i.f this
rutn,'of 1111 amount less than' llm not uml lhe roguloMons nf the minis-
amount otherwise payable under the ter in respect In the o|icmtlon i.f
provisions ol this section. | spark-emitting engines,    the disposal
Method ot  , Sharing Cost   ot Fire °l debris, and   the malnterranoo     ul
Fighting.—When any lire otlier than a I Patrol    and    watch men have    been
lire set under    permit under tire pro- complied witli.
visions ol   (his act originates or, any      0>). Thai P»ol has b.a'ii submitted
luml upon which niry operation is btvl showing Hint hnmedtate notice
und    telegram.
Tlw c
understand this
It'll 1111
i.f longevity.
ui tin*
Iiik carried on lor tho cutting or removal of forest material, brush, or
di'liiis, ilie person, persons, or corporation I'oudiit'tlng sucli operation
hy Uiemsolvcfl or their agents or
contractors sb,.M diligently attend to
too controlling and extinguitddng ol
suit! lire, ami (or, that purpose shall
employ the service ol as tnapy ol tlie
ini'ii employed by them, up to      thc
fWe Have the Goods li
Hose Screens
Screen Doors
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Cranbrook B. C.       Phone 5 ;
Phone: ScymouriV.UO
Palace Hotel
ROLLINS BROS., Proprietors
1221 Granville Street
VANCOUVER      -       B. C.
Two Iniiitlrt'tl olo^antly furuislutl rooms. Every modern
con von ton 00, Klevntor Borvtco, Cafo in oonncction. Rooms
$1.00 |h*r day uml upwards.
Up-country visitors to tlio Terminal City will Iiml evory
convenience nml comfort at tho Granville Palace. a\wt inl
attention being |»i»l to their wants.
Notice   is   hereby given that Peti-r
I «l, ol t'ranbrook, lit'., will apply
lor a license to take and use 160
Miners' Inches ol water out ol Llttlo
Hull Itiver, which (lows In a smthrr-
Iv direction through Lots 818, 2»5»,
•JitCiO and 4838, Group One, Kast
Kootenay and empties into the Kootenay HI ver on Lot
4838. The ' water will tie
diverted at thc north line ot sub-division 7 ot Lot 313, Group One, and
will bc used tor irrigation purposes
on thc land hescrihed as Subdivisions
2 and 7 ol Lot 313, Group One, East
This notice was posted on tho
ground on the 0th day ot May, 1012.
The application will bc filed in thei
office ot tbe Water Kecordet at Cran-[
brook, D.C.
Objections    may bc (lied with    the
said Water    Recorder  or   with th
Comptroller ot Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Peter Lund, Applicant,
by F. W. Burgess, Agent. 2(M
fire was dispatched to tin nearest lire
warden by the best available nwans
of communication;
(c). That proper proof sworn to by
the person in clrarge ofsaW operation bus boon' submitted Rbowing
where the lire started, accompanied
hy a tracing from a blue-prlnl showing tlie lot number and local ion of
the point where the fire star tod,
(d). That a receipt lias lieen produced from each man employed for
the amount paid him -Iiy the operator
tor flic-fighting.
(o), That the time-slieel showing
the number of hours worked each day
hy each man employed in limiting thc
Arc has been pimliuvi., awl that Ixith
this time-sheet and an itemized
statement of tho expense ot fighting
tbe fire has been sworn to Iiy the man
in charge ot said operations;
(f). That one copy ot each of the
above documents bas been mailed to
the fire warden, another copy to the
supervisor of fire wardens for that
section of the province, ami a third
copy to thc minister, within fifteen
days of said fire having heen brought
under control,—
Mien half of the total expense of
controlling and extinguishing said fire
shall be borne by tlte Forest Protection fund* and thc minister shall pay
from said fund to thc person entitled
to receive it, or shall receive trom
said porson, such amount as will
cause the total expense aforesaid tn
Im* equally divided between the said
fund and tin** person in charge of the
said operation. Any money due to
the Forest Protection fund under the
provisions of this section shall      he
arable upon demand to the minister,
ami in default of payment shall In* a
lien on thc land or leasehold on
which said fire occurred, and in the
ease of land included in any special
timber license Hi.ill he paid before tbc
next renewal thereof, and may Is' recovered at tlie suit of the ctown ii
any court of competent Jurisdiction-*
Doty of Owners, Operators, Etc.—
Any person who wJfully neglects to
do his utmost to prevent the spread
tf any fire or fires burning on his
own property or on property on
which he is conducting any land'
clearing or Umiliering operation, or
who Muses to place at tlie disposal
of a fire warden, for tbe purpose of
preventing such lire from spreading'
from said pro]>crty, and at his own
expense, his services and thoso of
any men emplo\«l hy him, shall be
guilty of an offence against this act,
ami shall lie liable for all expenses
incurred by the department or by
another in controlling' and extln-i
guiahing said lire s-hould it spread be
yoi.d tho boundaries of said property,
or should it threaten so to do.
Hoard to Act on Provincial Forest
Reports.—When* from any report
made hy the Provincial Forest Itoard
hy any menlticr ai the pstrol and
lire-prevention force it shall appear
that there is danger of injury from
lire by reason o( any failure, neglect,
nt refusal to comply with any statutory provision or any regulation tor
the prevention ot fires, the Provincial Foresl board may cause to bo
served upon any person or corporation a notice reauirlng compliance
within sucli time as in and by such
notice may be fixed with any statute, provision., or with any regulation for the prevention ol fires, and
any person or corporation upon
whom hy sucli notice nny duty shall
he Imposed, who shall fail or neglect
to perform or fulfil such duty pursu-
stiant to the tenor of and within the
time fixed in and by such notice,
shall be guilty ol an offence against
this act.
Rights of Entry and Kgrc-ss to Officials of Patrol and Fire Prevention
Force. — Every person employed In
any capacity i,i connection with the
patrol and fire-prevention force shall
haw lawful right, while in pertor-
duties    in connection
The only one who was right in ad
vance about tin* result of the clec
lions of yesterday was tin* promic
himself. Ho always insisted tha
the opposition would got between tif
teen and twenly-two, Mays tho Montreal Herald. Most oilier pco.lc ex
peeled that because of the change ol
government at Ottawa, the opposition-would at U-ast have made large
gains. The. Conservatives certainly
expected that result, and Liberals
Would not. have Iktii greatly surprised
had it been attained. The political
history of the province ol QuebCO lias
been in the main, one of local governments in sympathy wtth tin* central government at Ottawa. Thcro
an* Indications tliat this time considerable numbers ol voters have deliberately adopted the contrary idea.
It     is   complained hy     Conservative
The Cranbrook Drug and Hook Co.
has an invtgorator that will grow
hair or money hack.
The time to take care cf your hair
is when you have hair to take care
If your hair is getting thin, gradually fulling out, it cannot bo long
before   thc spo.t appears.
The greatest remedy to stop the
hair from falling is SALVIA, the
Great American Hair Grower, first
discovered in England. SALVIA furnishes nourishment to the hair roots
and acts so quickly that people are
And remember, it destrcys tho
dandruff germ, thc little pest that
saps the life that should go to the
bair from the roots.
SALVIA is sold by The Cranbrook
Drug and Hook Co. under a positive
guarantee to cure Dandruff, stop
Falling Hair and Itching Scalp iu
ton days, or money back. A largo
bottle costs 50c. The word "SALVIA" (Latin tor sage) is on every
candidates for example, that the '
Knglish vole in the rural districts Hies, recently called 'typhoid ItleB." '
went almost solidly for the Liberal Dirty homes, dirty people, dirty sur-
candidates, whereas iu the Dominion roiimlings and typhoid Hies are al-
election it went almost as solidly! ways seen together. Manure, garbage
the other way. But the Knglish and filth breed flies and death at thu
vote is not of itself suttic.or.t to ac-Jsame time. _ Files Iced upon local
count for what happened. There must matter and then, literally alive with
have been other influences lending In'germs, swarm upon the dinner table.
the same direction. *        | Flies eat tubercular sputum und   ex-
No doubt one ol them took its rise crete tlw germs ot tuberculosis or
in tlte ability the Province has now,' consumption. Flics produce dyscn-
autl did not have in earlier periods ot( tery, diarrhoea, typhi id fever, con-
its history, to minister tu its own sumption and other fatal diseases,
needs, something which leaves it W*«" wo imni in Indescribable filth,
much less dependent, it dependent at •'*'«■ i" •'*'••. f»t nitli and carry filth,
all, upon the bounty ot Ottawa. This Screen windows antl doors aud pro-
Is one consequence and a very impor- tcci food supplies from files at once,
taut consequence of what has been Save your babies."
done ot recent years In establishing1 With the approach of the hot
the finances of tin; Province on a weather the medical health depart-
sound . tooting a work towards which. twM is, endeavoring to impress upon
none contributed so much as Sir Victorians the Imperative necessity
Lomcr Gouln himself. It was the|0' ••■«". premises, tbo removal of
better state of the finances tbat rctuso matter and proper disposal of
made possible the provision of ton Rarlnge in order that the flf(pcst
millions tor thc making <•[ main, "■*•>' "v reduced to a minimum.
highways, and that policy seems    to, ♦  ■
have especially   commended   itself to
AFTER all is said about the
glowing tans, cheerful grays,
jolly browns and all the other mixtures — somehow the young man's
fancy turns to the never-changing
Fit-Reform Blue Serge and Flannel
On top. of this, comes the news
from London that "Navy Blue's the
Here are blue suits aplenty — in
the new 2 and 3 button tftyles.
_....._,_,,,_,,,__,___. FOR   SAI.E.-Bahy carriage 17.00.
Ihc people. It enabled lho Liberals to A|i|rly Hox 3, Herald ofllce.       21-tt'
sweep The Kastern Townships, where
Ihey have Rood roads and wurili hotter
and in other   Motions Mir- attractive^
ness ol   tlte policy was apparently no
less strong.
Indeed the nrain lesson taugkt hy
the event is that thc gcner.il mind i.f
the Province is lavoralrle to tho idea
ol progressive measures. There wasa
great deal that srnellcd nf tlie roao.
i innary   about   tho campaign lho Op-1
Notice is hereby given that Peter
Lund, ol Cranhrook, II.C, will air-
ply lor a license to take and use 210
Miners' Inches ol water out ol llurnt
Bridge Creek,    which Hows   in      a
position made, anil that accounted in southerly direction through suMul
large part lor what desertion there. 18 ol Lot 4500 and empties into Hull
was Irom their ranks. Kor example River on E. K. L. Co. Block "D" ol
over much wns made ul the amounts 1300. The water will be diverted
upended upon the new jail and two'near the norlh line ol Block "D" ol
new schools. That criticism, In the] Lot .4590 and will be used lor irriga-j
terms in which it was mado, was Hon purposes on tbc land describedj
purely reactionary, and did imt read, as sub-divisions 1 and 8 ot Lot 313
the smypathy ol the people, who aid Lot 2959.
could see, in tire provision nl u|i-in I This notice was posted on the
date schools, and oven an up-to-date] ground on thc 9th day ol May, 1912.1
prison, thc striving for an ideal nut. The application will bc filed in thc
to lie measured by thc yard slick ol offlce 0I the Water Recorder at Cran-'
money cost. I Itrook, B.C,
In sonrc degree, no doubt, the re-] objections may be filed with thc
suit means that in Quclrcc they arc Water Recorder or with tho Comp-
still voting tor Laurier. Outside tbo11 roller ol Water Rights, Parliament
province the    result will lie so     ap- lluildings* Victoria, B.C.
Is at its best a hard proposition.   Let us
help you by sending our large
With an experienced operator
Call us up and have a talk about it
Davis Bros. Electric.Co.
Everything in Electrical Equipment
Held in Carmen'* Hall
; CoslBCId by Mrt. K  A RUkLYEFT
Certificated Teai-lier f om
I..ii;'l"t. School Hoan!
praised,   and,    making all illownnc
Inr thc decisive influence ol local lac-
tors, tliere will bc a certain measure
nl warrant (or it.
In the main, however, the cRcct ol
Ibe day's work is to heighten the
prestige ol sir Lomcr Oouln, and
to add enormously to bis responsibility. His majority is apt to
prove too large, II anything, Ior
his comfort, a condition of which
there has been experience belore.
I'etcr Lund, Applicant.
by P. W. Burgess, Agent. 3U-1
Notice is hereby given that Peter
Lund, nt Cranbrook, B.C., will apply
(or a license lo store or pen back
Old acre-loot ol water Irom Little
Hull Hlvcr, a stream flowing in
southerly direction and emptying In-'manic nt his
lo the Kootenay River on Lot 4M8, with said prevention ol fire, lo enter
(Iroup One, East Kootenay. The wat-1 int,, and upon any lands and promisor will be stored hy means ot a asm es other than dwelling or either
lo be built at the north line ol sub- houses,
division 7 ol Lot 913 ud will , lie
used Inr irrigation purposes as applied (or under a notice ot application (or a license to take and use
water, posted herewith, on the land
described as sub-dlvlslor.s 2 and 7 ol
Lot 313, Oroup One, East Kootenay.
This   notice was posted    on     tba
Edmonton Bulletin- Tire mlr.lster nt
militia is  periloxoil. Parliament    at
the recent, session decided lo give    a
„_ .       ..    ...   .       . .,      ,.,.   bonus to ovary veteran ol Iho Fenian
ground on the 9th day ol May, 1912.     ,,     ,.   , . „    , „ ,   ..
5i_r V..-.I— Lu, V. ".. ,      .,._ raids who has successfully dolled   the
ravages of time anil disease ami      ls
siill in tlte laml nl lire living.   There
wore,    all told,   some  ten thousand
mon under arms nn Iho Canadian sldo
when lire raids occurred, Alter     the
lapse ol forty-two years no loss than
w twenty thousand ol these haw got in
leler Lund, Applicant. tholr applloalliws lor lur.slnn,      and
hy P. W. llur***a, Agrat. 20-1 recruits   are arriving daily hy letter
Tlie" application will lie tiled In the
offlce ol Uie Water Recorder at Cran-1
brook, B.C. I'
Objections may lie Died with,     the .
said Water   Recorder or witb      tho
Comptroller ot Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
all events, he returns to Quebec in
(ull possession ol a great opportuu-
In thc cirriiuistanrt's. It Is matter
(or Kvni'ral fongrutul&tiiin that the
brst of thc o]»positi(in arc returned
tn tlie legislature. It Is the weaker
vessels that have been broken. Mr.
Tellier himself, while lie hns lost the
battle, has in his conduct at hast
won general admiration for his character and capacity, and his continued
presence in the assembly wilt he matter for satisfaction on the part of
friend and opponent alike.
uffii ID!
that thirty days alter dato, I intend
to apply to thc Chiel Commissioner
ul Lands and to tire Assistant Commissioner ol Lands for thc District
ul East Kootenay lor a license to
^I'jnnspect for cosl and petroleum on
the following described land, situate
on thc North Fork of Michel (reek,
almut sis miles north tt the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying between thc Mclnnes Group and tlio
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
II. T. French's S. Vi. corner, same
being thc Initial' post of It. Covington's claim, anil markial "It. Covington's S. E. corr.er," thence 80
chains north, thenco 80 chains west,
thenee 80 chains south, tbenco 80
chains east to place ot beginning,
containing 610 acres, more or less.
R. Covington, Locator.
Batice Lameroux, Agent.
Located April 17th, 1912.
Ifmira: I'l In 12 urn.: 'J rr. I p.m.
' /'HONK 2SO P. II BOX Sit
with tho necessity nl ridding theiri®
promises nl Uw |xsl Tho circular @
reads as lollows: | m
"Nrnety-olght   por cent  ol nil (lies g,
In our homes are tla* ordluary
East Kootenay      ?
Butcher Co. I
To impress upan the householders of
Victoria tlie danger from ttie prevalence of flics, nnd thc aMIItjf t»f tlu* insects to spread disease, the city
h.ahh department has circulated
nearly MOO circuton calling attention to thc necessity nt taking measures to banish the florin-carrying
Mies from the -household.
The circular is bordered with a
serica, of Illustrations calculated lo
impress upon Victorians thr danger
which lurks In tin* so-called house lly
The illustrations, while somewhat of
the "yellow" variety, will doubtless
impress the recipients of the circular
mat warn
Dealers In
Freeh and Cuml
Poultry, Uamo ami Fisli
in Season.
East Kootenay
Butcher Co.
Noise and Hurry
are the main causes of nervous
exhaustion tcwlay.
More, sleep, selected diet, and
extra feeding ol the exhausted
nerve tissues with I^-ciiliin, tbe
form of phosphorus required for
nerve repair, is the only cure.
i'- Asaya-Neurall **-
|TME     NEW     REMEDY     FOR|
Nervous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (eoncctitrattil
from thousands of c-jjgs), nml
makes possible this cure.
"Asaya-Neurall" feels tin-
nerves, induces sleep, quickens
thc appetite nud digestion, and
|soon restores full nerve vitality.
Thc liciieficial effects nre evident almost with the i'n -t doe.
laltMOL ,1.7).
^^^^^^^ ..ili'Htnl..
DniKgiats, Cranhrook, D, C
II..I.S tawrraceCo.. Sol.Mfra.,Montrra1.
Wiil. Itirm for fir. ra.ik on Nen-ou, '
I *•:;••■ r:**l in tb** uritrioal   ■.*-»!*'i   |-i*.--k-*u
team *Miit'iti k .-•>*..-  tbtnng^sScMtnta,
!:■ ■ ■: *..- Eoelnii'l.   f**-n-l (or catalogu?.
A. J. WOODWARD. Sole Agent
\'J franril*. St.. Vat'-unvt-r. Alr-o Vii-tori*
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
a ne\Tand
A :n ■ I-m-ii equipped Cafe al moderate
Hates f 1.00 and up per day
Corner of Howard Ht. and Front Ave.
Oar baa maeti all trains
The Coeur D'Alene Company
JABOB 00ETZ, President
%RRV F. BAER. Secretary
New, Dry
Tamarac Wood
For Sale
Cut in lengths to suit.
Apply to
R. S. McNeil
PHONE  31-c
The 0M t. WMd's      I
 I.   Business. 4
• TIIK *
• »
*     Columbian     »
« »
*) ia i, i.'ii.iiiiili'i'il iMilliv.   Tlmt I*. *k
• ar)ti*fsctli>n is guaranteed in every *,
- reipeeti  The »
It Nelson Iron Works*
r Iiii-* an   ever increaaliiK (Mock.^
.. Wilte them (or purlicularp. -
44 4444444 4 44 44
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Room* wllh Balks.   'Phone In
every room
Barlier Hhopon the preniiaet.
Thoroughly op-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 ■ day and up.
IIW). I'. WRI.I.H, Proprietor
e. A* *%*%*%*%****%*** 4
The Doctor
will tell you that fresh air
is essential to good health.
Buy a
and swing in the outdoor
sunshine and fresh air.
You will feel better, look
better   and   act    better.
Prices to Suit Everybody
$2.25 to $9.00
Cranbrook Go-Operative
Stores, Limited
lill!      POPULAR     SUCCESS
rrmilmioli's Empire Day cclcixratio
mi Friday lusl, was generally con
riilial tn tv the best ull round day'r
i rlt-linilii'ii i'Vit held in this Inutility
Kveryrhudy npiieun-il nntXiou8 In muki
the most nl tlte occasion and witli
the splcniliil weather prevailinir tin
proved a eompatattvely easy mat
ter. II une event more llruri another
asfiiilial tli.- siiri-sss ol tin- day's
sports, it wus lire uiilotiioliih' pur
ml.'. participuUaJ in by the school
iliMit'ii nl tlif city. Tin' youngsters
were out in (um-, willi tln-ir parents
ami friends.
It   was a Kuy anil    ii-simim; s'^l''
to view llir irr.-al RuHu-ring ol sel I
children al Hi,- public school building, exoitetlly wailing1 tin* moment to
board tin- can ami enjoy a speed
limit ride in lhc cxhftrltlou irnmmls
Messrs. Hoss Carr and Vi. Rollins
the committee in iliarne of this
event, wish llir,>iii!,li lire Ih-ruld ti
express their thanks t.i it,., lollowlng
car owners, wbo generously placed
their autos ami Ibi'ir services ul tin'
disposal nl tlw children: Messrs. rat-
riek, c 11. Pollen, N. Hanson, .1. II.
McNabb, llr King, P. Mutlrt'son. M.
<iuain. Mayor llnwni-ss, (ieo. Hor-
garlh, .lidm Myers, .1. I'. Kink, \V.
II. Wllm ami E. II. Small «*£.n
Ilowncss' car hcailnl tli,- proorsslon
io llie grounds and K. II. Small, act
,*J as w-hipper in. Patrick's car did
Mime great travelling, made three
round trips within -Ir, minutes
Everything passed oil without a
hitch, the hundreds of children lieing
salcty landed at the grounds Im thr
allernorsi's sports, followed by their
parents In due ci arse, rlinertbcr
making up a ricnrd day's nl tendance
at Hi,- esblliition grvuiwls.
The ehililrm's sports resulted as
Lathes' raOD—Mla TurmT fajsl,
handsome jrcarl handleil 'iiif»vll.i, Riven by IV. II. Wilson; Mrs. Clark
.second, cut glass Mower basket. Riven by A. Ruworth.
(lirls race, 13 In 1C years—D.
Greaves first; F. Drummond second;
A. llrnwn, third.
Hoys' race, I'l In 10 years—T. Pen-
ni'lutlrer  first; II.    Ilridges second; 0,
to   11   years—P,
K. I ren seeon,!, D.
(lill thud
fllrls' rare, 13
Druuiinis.il Iirsl;
Greaves third.
Hoys' rare, 13 tn II years— A. Carson lirst; I). McNeill second. II
I'lraw Ihlrd
(Hrls' rac, 10 lo II years-Edith
M. McDonald first; II. McNabb SCOOnd
Hoys, 10 to 13 years—H, liriim
mond first; W W laturie snowl, C,
Muddle race—.1. Pattinson first; (1
Ileal lie second; M. Dallas third.
Muddle race, 11 to 13 years—(1. Argue, lirst, 11. Hannah second; W.
Skipping race—D. Oreaves first; F.
Halliie second, M. .lohnson third.
Egg and s|knmi raci—Ci. PurnaDr.
tiirls race, K to 10—<i. Hovch Iirsl;
.1. Hcrnard senuul. .1. .lours third.
Three-legged race, Iroys—T. Laurie
.in.l (I. Ilickcnhniluni; I). Oreaves
ami   F. Diiiiiiiiioiiil; M. Turner    and
E. McDonald.
Three-legged race, girls—K. Urea
and (1. Argue; W. Laurie ami Vi.
Cadwallader; M. Leask and II.
Thread ami needle—D. Greaves   ar.d
F. Drumnrmsl, F. Itathle and (1. McDonald; M. Turner and A. Drown.
Sack race— II. Laurie first; Vi. Laurie s.eond; E. Hcatlic ?hird.
Girls potato race—K. Taylor first;
0. Ilii'keiilN.thaui sienrsl, M. Turner
Hoys potato ran—II. Chaw first;
(I. WallinpT secoiul, S. Murgatroyd
Scouts special—M. Dallas first; Allen Lucy.
(lirls consolation—M. St. Eloi first
M. liar nb.i rill second; L. Carson
Hoys race, 8 to 10—Vi. Woodman
first; E. I'm ner second; .1. Ilrighl
Girls race, under 8 years—C. Cot"
rison first; N. McNabb second; Vera
Batter third.
Hoys race, under 8—R. !«,sk first;
E. Dallas second;  il. Dateman third.
Children ' under    0—Ellen   Mcl.euu
first;   E. Donaldson     second;   -Allen
Drake third.
Wheelbarrow    ran—I.. Deal tie and
F. Swain first; (1. Hannah and S,
Murgatroyd second; Charles Elmer
anil (I. Argue third
Melville Dallas won the special
prize nl a year's subscription to the
"Hoy   Seoul,"     preselitnl by  Mr.  .1.
P. Leslie, lur the winner nl a filly
yards race lor In year old Itiys.
One uf tlie largest crowds ever
gathered in CraribriN.lt was present
ut lhe lair grounds last Friday alternoon to witness tike programme ol
sports, The weather was Ideal Inr
uu ullerr.oon outing and lire raoiag
was piilhtl nil In'lose un enthusiastic
assemblage. Messrs. .1, Vi. Robin-
sou, Dr. .1. W. Hutledgc, .las. Hates
and Vi. A. Hollies were in the Jitdgcs
stand. The entire allcrnocn was
taken up with Uw programme, thc
last event taking place Just alter sii
Following are the events and winners:
Matinee race.—Richard, owned hy
lark McDonald, first; Cranbrook
(lilt, owned by Oeo. Hoggarth,
second) Little .Its', owned by F.
Detail, third.
Indian pony ract—Shoestring, own-
i.l by Paul, first; Hilhc, owned by
Luke, second; Kootenay (Hrl, owned
by Francis, third.
Flv,-clghlhs milr dash-Jim O'Day,
owned hy Kd. Cowan, Drat; Syck-
lese, OWIUd by Fred Wallers, second.
Potiy     ran—("man    „l the Woods,
owned by W. II. fhnppi.ll, first; Lady
1)., owned by E. Mallandaine, second);
Shoestring, owned by Paul, third.
One hall mile dnsli—Yoainii, owned
by C. MclVougulil, first; Angelln, owned by 13, Cowan, second.
Four and a hall lurlongs—First
and second prizes split between
Yoaroa, owned by C. McUougald anil
Creasy Pete owned by H. V. Eohom,
tlu; two horses running a dead beat
in one ol tire prettiest races ol the
In the Squaw race Susu was first;
Soptria, second, and Martina third.
This racti was holly coh'tcsietl niul
proved an interesting event.
All lire athletic events hud numerous entries and were won as tul-
One hundred yard toot ram—T.
Nute, first; F. Dussliin, second; Albert, third.
330 yard loot race—T. Nute, first;
F. Dussine, second; Albert, third.
One mile loot race—A. Elwell,
Iirsl; (i. Cose, second; Phillip, third.
Tbc time of 1:58 mutlc in this race
was I'Mvplituially good, considering
the heaviness oi lhe track.
tlir Auditorium, where a merry
throng gathered to indulge in the
light fantastic until tliu wee srua
lioiiis of Saturday.
It was a splendid celebration, par-
orally and showed just what can be
done in good old Cranhrook when all
ticlrated in by the townspeople gen-
unite together for a home festivity.
The "Over Seas" Club
Tin' regnlnr 11.colli in ot the. atom*
devoted exclusively in ihisIih-sh, wan
liclil iii tin-' Carmen's;hoM Ttu-silny,
2811) inst,
Tlie roport ol Uu1 Empire itenc
commit too straws a handsome profit.
Tlii* club's share being '$60.35, ol
which amount, as nlwady slatwl,
$f)f).l8 will f-o to tlte cWldrcn's home.
it is tint intention ol Uh* members
to hohl a (social ami dance (or nifiiv
Iters only <m their nexl ovming,
Juno lltli, the tickets M which are
only 2!i cents aMl may \n* ha<I from
Uie committee in charge ol that
night, viz:   Messrs. L. Pearroa,    K.
Tlte laciosw gttiiw! ul< Uw fit*.'
grounds in thu morning was well al
tended, it Mug Uie first exhibition
ol Uk' national game aeen Inn* in
several seasons. Cranbrook's team
is composed ol new players and they
certainly mu-ih. a good slimvw.n
against thc crack Nelson team. The
Hl'.il seore was 4—2 in lavor ol the
Victors, which is ;i lair Indieatlor.
ihat (lit; teaim> were evenly mftlcbp4
The game started oil willi sonic
(uhi flaying in ihe first quarter, I Macbela, Nature's Scalp Toole,
holh leains securing a goal. Nute only remedy ever discovered that is
scored for the visitors nml-Kussell .similar to tlie natural hair foods or
lor Cranbrook. W. Curtail, of Nel- liquids of the scalp. Mas a record for
son, received a Imd cut on thc   head j growing    hair—95    eases out of 100.
Geo. Plant and   \V.   K.
in this period and was forced   to retire for Uie liuluice of the game.
Tlie second quarter wus the fastest
period of the game and Uie work of
the defence on Itoth teams Intercepted scoring time ami again. II. J-Yrgn-
sor. scored for Nelson in tbis [icrlod
on a pass from behind tlu* wicket ami
jusl before time was called Russc
sent in a well directed shot whit
scored, tieing the game.
In the third quarter Nelson Bcored
twice on passes Manhart to Fergu
son lo Cummins and Pearce to Ferguson* Cranbrook was nnaUe ti
seore. In this quarter Manh.it t. ol
Nelson, was knocked out by a crack
on ihe head, but was able.to resume
play after a few moments. Neither
Wain scored in tlw last quarter, although Cranhrook was pressing tht1
Nelson goal persistently. Scotty
Williamson proved Die star of the
Nelson defense. In litis regard the
('..ullim-k defense of In.tli McKay am)
Ve.iit was clever ami brilliant.
After tlie game tbe Nelson boy*
passed a vote of thinks to Cran
brook players for Ute sportsmanlike
wuy in which they had been treat nl
ami all acknowledged tliey had a
goo'l time. A return game will be
played at Nelson in the near luturc,
when the Ipyu expect to even up
Nelson. Cranbrook
Bell   McKay
Williamson Scott
Manharl   C. Lcltch
• ' Defence.
Pearce   Chambers
ll. Ferguson  Reburn
flri//ellc   Hreehin
II. Ferguson  McWha
Nule Callahan
(Irant  IIushcII
W. Ferguson   Dufley
Cummins      Matthews
Curran Garrett
Itefcree— J, Fennessy.
The city liond was in attendance
anil added greatly to everyone's pleasure by their rxn-llei.t programme of
In the evening the Special attraction was Hie Overseas Cluh dance at
Priee for     complete home treatment
$1.01). Sold     and guaranteed by   tbc
Cianltftiok Drug and ltook Co.
"Tlio world Is all a-slop,
Itut there's money in the mud
Wltere'd you get your crops
If it wasn't for tbc mud."
That's the  song today, and everybody is singing it, from the office hoy
up.        It has "Every Little.   Movement" chased    off the map. It -brings
a perpetual smile.     In fact "Everybody's singing it now."
that the general animal meeting ol
the shareholders of thc Stciety Girl
Mining Co., Ltd., will be held at the
Company's office, Moyie, B.C., ut 2
o'clock p.m. on the 12tli day of June,
A.D. 1012, for the purpose of electing
Directors for thc year 1012, ami thu
transact ion td all stuh other business as may come beforo the meeting'
.1. E. Dcs-ailuicr, Sec.
Dated Ihis 14th day of May, A.D.
1012. 20-4t
Linoleums and
Straw Mattings
Are the Ideal Floor Coverings
For Summer
We are showing a large range of
these at exceptionally attractive
prices. A beautiful collection
of  patterns   to   choose    from,
Quality always our
first thought
Furniture Dept.
Second Floor
tliat thirty tlsys alter dale, I iiitrml
to apply to the t'hiel t'ommiseitrner
ul Lands and tu the Assistant Commissioner ol Lands lor the Distriet
ol East Kootenay Inr a House to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
lire lollowlng described land, situate
on the Nortii Fork ol Michel Creek,
iilmut sli miles north tt the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying between the Mclnnes Group and the
Crows Nest i'ass Coal Company's
I Commencing at a pott planted one
mile north ol a Point one mile east
ol toe   intersection ol tbe east    side
fiv i-m' ""* °' t>w   M0'""'* Group and     the
i north side line ol the Crows      Nest
Pass Cod Company's land, said post
being tbe   initial post ol It. II. Bit
...,,,,      .    .        «en's claim ud marked "11.  O. Bel-
\!::l0[ia'.. "r'.U"hf 0v"m '".*. '".v! *«,»   N-   B.    «"«'."    thence   80
chains  south, thenee 80 chains west,
thence 80   chains north, thence     80
chaiM    cast le   place ol beginning,
containing 840 aeres, more or less.
R. O. Belden, Locator.
Batice Lameroui, Agent.
Located April 17th, 111*.      20-r.t'
Hml llie   llrilish Columbia Southern
lluilwuy Company   intends   to apply
In tlie Lieutenant Governor in Council
iiii.il license under part XL ol the
Water Act, IMO'i, and Amending
At-ls, to clear ami remove obstacles
Irom Hull Hlvcr, in East Kootniay
tor the purptse ol making thc same
lit Inr raiting and driving logs.
The maps and plans and particulars
ol the proposed improvements anil
works have lieen (lied with the Chlel
Writer Commissioner, at Victoria
llritish Columbia, within 20 days
after Un- first publication ol this
I i.i I nl al Cranbrook, liritisli Columbia, the lilli day ol Kebruarv,
W. F. Ourd,
2u 'it        Solicitor lor Iho Applicant
Wednesday, June 5
Tho Krttl A. Dyers nml .1. Ktlwiii Meltriilt-
Atlriiiliunu utter
Mr. Fred Byers
in a l.nui'liiiii,' Cometly Knccesn
The Girl and
the Tramp
Prices 25c, 50c, 75c and $1.00
that thirty days alter dale, 1 intend
t.i apply to the Chiel Commissioner
ol Lands nnd to the Assistant Commissioner of Lands lor the District
ol East Kootenny lor a license to
prospect for eoal and petroleum on
the following described land, situate
on the North Fork ol Michel Creek,
about six miln north 11 the Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying between the Mclnnes Group and tbe
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
Crnimencing at a   post   planted at
II. fl. Ilelilen's   N. E. corner,   same
being   the Initial post ol A. E. Way
land's   claim, and   marked    "A. E.
Wayland's N. W. comer," thence    801
fhains south, thence 10 ehains   east,!
thence 80 ehains   north, thence      80
chains   west to    place ol beginning,
containing 810 acres,    moro   nr less.
A. E. Wayland. Locator.
Bailee Lamernui, Agent.
Located April 17th, 1011.      10-St*
JUNE is here
in Men's Wear at the
Boston Clothiers
A dollar saved is a dollar earned.
Save a few dollars in the purchase of your
Summer Wear.
Summer Weight Suits
Twi'ihIs. nntl Good (lues
Ihat thirty days aller dale, 1 intend!
to apply to Hie Chlel Commissioner'
nl Lands nnd to the Assistant Com-.
missioner of Lands lor the Distriet
nl East Kootenny Inr a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
Ihc following described land, situate I
on the North Fork ol Michel Creek,1
about sli miles north ol the Cana-I
dlan Pacific Railroad, and lying he-)
tween the Mclnnes Group and the
Crows Nest Pass Coal Company's
land: I
Fancy Worsteds
You usually \my at least $20.00 for value* like tlieso
June Price $15.00
Medium Weight Shoes
and Oxfords
$5.00 Value* for «P**X.UU
Balbriggan Underwear
Suit 65c
$1.25 Caps
Cniimmrlng at a    pnst planted at thence 80   chains south, ther.ee      80
A. E. Wayland's   N. W. corner, same chains   west   to   place nl beginning,
being the Initial post ol It. T.
French's claim, and marked "11. T.
French's S. W. curner", thence 10
ehains north, Ihencc 80 chains   east,
containing 110 acres, more or less.
II. T. French, Ixwator.
Batice Lameroux, Agenl.
Located April 17th, Ull.      10-!>f


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