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Cranbrook Herald Jun 13, 1912

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We are veil equipped to
turn out the best class
ol work.
NO. 84
Milwaukee Road Seeking Entrance to
Connect with C.P.R. at Roosvllle
(Speeial to the Herald).
Klko, .lune ll.-Uavhl It. Mc
(liniiis, one ol the pioneers In Flathead ral way development, declared
In Eureka rccwitlv while on Ibe Development League Special, that II
was his positive bclii'l that a trunk
line ol Hie Milwaukee road would
in tliu near future traverse llle east
side ol Tobacco valley and connect,
with llie ('.I'll, at Itnoevtllf, toward which point thc Car.odlan road
is now building.
It lias been known lor stum- lime
Maul tlio Itoosvillc or Phillipps Pass
is the lowest to tbo much-talked-ol
K inl la lake eoal and oil fields, and
also the valuable mining claims oa
the North Fork ol tbe Flathead, and,
apparently, large holders ol patents
tliere arc determined tint this Ikld,
all iiniii ing In untold mineral wealth,
shall speedily be developed.
The first step toward the opening
l<> railway transportation ol the products ol these latent resources was
taken when an efficient and well
known prospector was engaged to
make examinations ai.d reports on
these fk-Ms, the prospector occupying
tbe whole ol two seasons there; tbe
second step enme when elevations and
a   prc:;mtnary    survey ol thc Roos-
ville PasB were taken about. .Ix
morrtlrs ug<«; ami the third step I* llie
presenl activities ol holh tho Canadian I'ncilic railway ami tbc'Milwaukee road in building toward the
litis, Itai Milwaukee lo come through
Kulis|»|l and llie Tobacco Valley via
In addition tn tbc oil and mineral
resources to bc tapped by these
roads, they will also open up a very
valuable farming region, tor ht tbe
Uousvillc country on both sides of
Uie inloiiutioiwl boundary are valuable bench lands, with rich, black
loam soil and Iroer Irom host than
any other section ol thc valley.
Small fruits and vegetables grow in
profusion and tbis region is nearer
the great Fernie market than any
other producing section.
While, of course, hut I trie can be
gk'ai.ed Irom strictly official
regarding plans snd probabilities
lhe way ol railroad construction
Tobacco Valley, yet semi"ofllclal
ports ant present building activities
all lead one to believe that these
new highways ot commerce,will penetrate Roosvllle Pass and into the
Kmtla lake fields.
Tlii to ninn
The Cranhrook Poultry and Pel
Stoek Association held a very interesting meeting on Friday retiring
last and succeeded in transacting
sons' much nettled business. Among
other items the date ol the monthly
meet ing waa changed to the( Iirsl Friday, Instead ot Tuesday, js tbe latter was lnurd to conflict with several
other regular meetings.
The association year was shltlcd lo
begin in January instead ol March
as in the past and the annual meeting will be tbe Drst Friday In January brncelortb.
Thu association'* Inirtrat in Ihe
Fall Fair were discussed and one or'
Iwo rccomnrodnllons to Ibe management thereof were passed.
The outstanding accounts were
ported all paid ami a number nl
names as having been added lo
membership in tbe lust imnlh.
An Invitation Irani the Women',
stitule to members at the association to attend a meeting ol thc Iiimi-
Inle on Ihe 2«th inst at which ,,i, addreas on poultry »4I be given b)
Mr*. Davis, a graduate of the Wur-
wick Agricultural   IVIIegr loi Indus
Th,. secretary was Instructed to
thank tbc Wkrmer.'s Institute lor
their kind invitation antl assure
thili body that the menihecs at the
ssHtKUIion would he very t$ad lo
attend when a subject so interesting
to them was spoken upon
Alter Ibe business needing Rn. Mr.
Kendall gave a talk on Preparing
and Exhibiting Fowls. In his remark* Mr. Kendall la-Han by giving
some good lattice m, bow lirst to get
the lowl* to exhihit, and while be
did not exactly say so, It ws* easy
to gatlH'i that Nr. Kendall la one ol
liaise who doc* nol consider a man
a Hue laneier until he has been able
l.i l.o.l his winner* rather Ihan huy
Ihem, a thing lhal ret|ulres experience, study and gnu-rally man. (allures Wore success is attained, Imt
onoa attain,! how much more salls-
Iving Hun thai ol Ibe man who
litis a handful ol shekels ami buys
bi* winner* Irom another's yards.
Mr Kendall strongly rentniniended
Judicious lite breeding as opposed to
Inbreeding or alirupt mil crosses
when working (or siii-css in Ihe
■b»w-r,iom and expressed his rptnlon
Ihat sooner or lalcr a utility pnul-
trynian, II he have » true love ol his
work tnd slock, will also income a
laneier and lake a speelallsls's In-
lerest in all tbat pertain* to his
breed from shell lo show pen.
In his remarks he took up lhc
question ol whether a lander can be
Instilled In removing foreign colored
leathers Irom any part of tbe body
nl a bird in course ol preparation lor
tne Judge, nnd personally be eatd
that while he would never sanction
the removal ot leathers Irom tbe
wing | Ulnar In, sickles or mil proper, he did met Ibink tbat,the removal
id one id tbc lesser leathers In breast
dull or back ontiM be ortMldcrcd
dlsbonesty, nnd arguul Ihat he could
not see It In any worse light Ihan
Ibc sburlrning nl mane or tall or
singeing and trimming of „ horse's
coat II ton long or coarse, nnd     we
the horns   ol cattle and wool trimming ol sheep as in the same class.
Washing oi white lowls Hr. Kendall
tell to be almost a necessity, if one
wished to show Hum at their best
antl at the final rinsing the adding
of a little blueing to the water
would bc a great htlp. Numerous
other hints ot a like nature were
given by bim and bc laid special
stress on all birds being cooped st
home lor a lew days to aeeostom
them to being bandied and approached, for, as he truly said, a wild,
hnwky bird, hading in tbe corner ol
ibc coop was most unlikely to gel
much tsMstderattca from a lodge,
while a less worthy one, standing up
to tbc front without tear and stowing lo advantage every merit he has,
will walk off wilh the prize, jusl ss
a mannerly horse will score over an
intrinsically, better one in Ihe ring.
Waive all Mr. Kendall recoromend-
ed everyone to show bis birds, accompany them to the show nnd niter
Mr judging I. over go to the judge
and ask bim to point out what
iheir special lulls are and also their
good points,and he felt each one
I would go home better (Heed to im-
I prove his slock lhe next season with
wider views ol the work and a
stronger incentive to raise Ma own
At the conclusion of his address
Mr Kendall answered a number ol
iiufstions by intcretted listeners and
was tendered n very hearty vote ol
thanks tor his valuable talk.
Without a doubt we shall sec some
ol the eflrrla ot tbe nunc nt tho
next, lair here
Alter the    secretary bad announcer
that llev   Mr. Dunham would address.
lhc association at    ila next meeting,
the gathering waa adjourned.
■1 i
line nf tbe oldest resident* nl
Ouclph passed peacefsllv away oa
Wednesday evening nh St. Joseph's
hospital, in ihe person oi Mary C.
Hiwns daughter ol Ibc late P. Oreen,
ami grandnaughtcr ol Colonel Knar,
ol lhe llritish army, wile of Mr. M.
-I   Doran, of this rity.
Thc late Mrs. Doran was horn .August 12lh, IMS, hi West Porl, Coui.-ty
Mayo, Ireland. Md came to tins
country wilb ber parent* In ISM
taking a position wllh Mr. John
Harris, wbrr. she remained until
married in IMI.
Ml* Imives to mourn ber loss, a
husband, three daughters, Mrs. (Dr).-
Kennedy, Mrs. .1. D. McKee, ol
GiM-lph and Mrs. Demnnry, of New
York; three sons, Auatin and Stanley, nl New York, aad William, of
CneAtrnok, n.C, and oa* sister. Mrs.
Miller, Cleveland. Mrs. Dona was
a woman ol wonderful ability, fftac-
Iikis of memory, and accurate In tbe
estlmatiun of things In the bual
*orld. She wns a great supporter
of tbc schools, raprcMly Lorctto
convent, where she bad three genera-
lions nt ber family tatsrated-bit sis-
•**». her daughters and her grand
**"*M-*n. In lill Mr. and Mm.
Doran celebrated their golden wed
dlsg, .hen many frfrads were pre-
*** 1° c,mnTnlnIa.» tbe bappy
ctKiple. SV.wa. bappy. only, when
•armamdrd ff ** *-t*n*l>/. and wns
everyone's friend, full of charity! and
kindness, and brdovvd
('ranbrook Roy Scouts, under the
command ot Acting Scout Master
1.,-slie hod 'their first outing since
organization, last Saturday. The
boya turned out about sixty strong,
and marched in good formation under
tlie direction of Acting Asst. Scout
Master Rev. W. E. Dunham awl Mr.
Attn* to the property ol Mr. .1. P.
Leslie, about two miles south ol
lown. On arrival at Mr. Leslie's
place,, patrol leaders were appointed
ami paints named as follows:
Magic Patrol—David Dlayncy, leader.
Owl Patrol-Willie Uren, leader.
Hull Patrot-llar»ld Bridges, leader.
Bear Patrol—B. Murautroyd, leader.
Tiger Patrol—Earnest Jones, leader.
Raven IVtrol — Fred Swain, leader.
. Lion Patrol—J. Malcolm, leader.
' The Scouts, according to else, were
Mien tout ofl and eight boys were
allotted to each patrol. Alter lunch,
which the hoys brought with them,
some scouting waa indulged in, the
boys though uninitiated to their
work showed great aptitude and responded readily to their leaders. It
was a very tired hut exceedingly
happy hand of scoots that marched
home in columns of fours and dismissed with three rousing cheers nt the
Mr. J. D. McBride, the prcstdtnt. ol
ibe movement, addresaed-*the boys
before the march out, explaining lo
Ihem tbat Ihey were undertaking a
great work, and assuring them that
he was proud to |K' associated with
them Mr. McBride will present
three medals Ior conduct and efficiency-
A similar, march out is to be undertaker, next Saturday, leaving the
Gym at 3 p.m., tbe boys tn bring
lunches ss lllorc.
sister of apnn SUIT
Discarding the garb ol a nun lor
the conventional attire ot a lay wo-
wan and providing bcrartt wilb a wig
io hide her shorn brad from tbe
eyes of Ibe curious, Sister Lucreiia,
aged 41, of the Catholic order ot tbe
Sisters ot Charity, lor nineteen tears
in the Ml. Vincent's hospital' at
Portland, mode known her presence in
Spokane yestrltUy, says tbr Spokesman Review. , Sbe Mt St. Eugene
hospital at Crouorook, B.C., April I,
arriving here Iwo days later, and has
since quartered herself at the sanitarium ot Mrs. Agnes Johnston
Kearney, 0707 Toledo stmt, who
lormerly was instructor in Ibe St.
Vincent's nunar-lrataing school.
Sot until she bad decided to take
legal action against Ihe society to
recover services lor more than twenty years spent Ir. It did the sister
make known ber action.
"I shall always remain a sister,"
she said. "I do not regret my action
In leaving. It took me a good many
tears to malt- up my mind. I am not
iinmtndtul of tba tact tbat It Is
against all thc traditions, teachings
nnd prejudices 11 the church. 1 siill
hive tbe church, but I protest agnlnst
tbc machinery of Its government ss
applied lo me, nt ai.y rate. I .submit thai illerior and Improper motives ean ntt be attributed to me
(nr Ibe reason thai 1 must nm a
gaol let in doing tbis tbnt tew who
have not been on the tnoide ean understand. It required a superhuman
courage lo do it, and 1 have not recovered Irom the nervous aback I
sustained even to this moment.
I wrote to the society that 1
should have something, being without
Irienda, and they sent me IM. In
other ways I have received treatment
wbieh has caused me to decide on Ihc
srtlon I Intended taking. Otherwise
1 should not have dons nnythlng."
Sister Lucreiia, with tbe abyacss
of a Hrl, talked ol ber plan., but always guardedly. She would not tell
of ber early llle except tbat the
greater part ot it waa spent In a convent. Sly Is American bon, she
snid, and has relatives living in
Wa-bingtnn. Sbe would not talk 11
her plans except to say tbe idea of
marriage did not prompt bar to hrr
The headquarters nf our society
are, in Montreal, Canada," sbe con-
tinned, "and It Is controlled   by the
r-r»cii-( Wdiwr*, wbo do not     hnvd
tbr    proper    regard for our right.
last July 20 thai 1 had linn noinili
atttd to a mission at CrantiCook, B.l'
I thought tt unjust after my long
years ol service to become a missionary. I was sick, nntl my health
bad been failing. I protested, but
my protests were disregarded and 1
was told lo go. Then' are oilier
things which 1 do not care lo discuss
A Portland, Ore., dcspnloiij in n-1
lereocc lo the above, says: Sister
Alexander, superior at St. Vincent's
Ihis|iii.iI wus      surprised       to
learn        Irom Spokane       that
Sister l.ucretia Ihivafciuv! proceed:
ings uisiiust the order, and gave Sister t.ucretiu a high testimonial lo1
Iht work while sho was at tlie hospital.
Sister Lucre! ia severed ber connections witb the hospital and with
the Sisters ol Charity lasl April,"
said Sister Alexander. "She was
dissatisfied at having lieen assigned
to another, field of labor, that nt
SI. Eugene hospital at Crnnhroqk,
B.C., alter having servisl in Portland
so long.
"Tbere was nothing improper in
her leaving, as she was tree to leave
tlie order if sbe cliitse. She did not
express any hostile lei-lings toward
thc sisters, however, and seemed lo
have been pcrlectly satisfied with her
trtalmeot.. 1 have been in touch
wilh her up to a lew weeks ago and
have received no intimation ol her
intention to bring suit.
I ean not Imagine on what
grounds site noses Iter contention.
She was an excellent nurse while at
the hospital and was well and favorably known about Hie eily."
Locally no further particulars can
lie obtained. Great surprise is expressed at Sister Luclelia's action
and it is anrciciputcd tlml after, eiin-
ferenee with' the Porllitnit authorities
the matter will Ini satisfactorily adjusted.
Kditor Cranbrook IIVi-iM:
Sir: Kindly allow space in your
Paper for the following: Many niem-
hers u( ihe Wartinrr Ubeittl-Consprva-
tivi* association were BomrwhM s»r-
prlswl lo read in your last week's issue that a mysterious meet inn uf the
above association was held in llie
town wm»? time during Ihat week
and sincerely hope in future they may
have the pleasure ot receiving an invitation to atteml these meetings.
Wardner Conaervat ive.
The hoard ol directors ol Ihe Craubrook Agricultural association met
Mot.day evening, in P. DcVcre
Hunt's offices, to discuss matters ol
atrsiness cotinecttd with the approaching Fall Fair.
There was a go.nl attendance, President II. II. McClure occupying Hit'
chair. Aiming others present were
Messrs. Santo, Campbell, Bardgett,
Russell. De/all, Levett. Wilson, Dunham and McFarlanc, the latter acting
as secretary, in the absence of Mr.
The first matter taken up was the
question ol tracing tbc exhibition
grounds in the vicinity ol the grand
stand. This matte.- was finally dla-
nosed ol Ity- rctereocc to a special
committee, consisting of Messrs
Dunham and Cauipbttl.
A report was read (rom the Poultry and Pet Stock association, intimating their willingness tn donate
the same prizes as last year, ami
also expressing a willingness lo Co*
inflate with the director, in revising
Ibe poultry JirllO list ami in oilier
A resolution exposing the board'*
appreciation uf the active Interest ol
the P. and P. S. association was
Alter due consideration tbe chairman appointed the billowing committee to allot sitiions lor mercantile exhibits and lo fix charges lor
same: Messrs. McFartnnr, Campbell
and Wilson.
Several other matters ot a routine
nature   were   disctissisl and dispose*!
II and the meeting adjourned.
the success of the show is the fact
that it, evidently is what it purports
to be—a "real" wild West exhibition,
without any attempt to Introduce
circus features not in sympathy with
an exhibition of its kind, .loscph C,
Miller, the general amusement director of the big show, is a practical
ranchman awl realizes the necessity
of presenting only representative
cowboys, cowgirls, Indians ami
t'.Jter Western characters with tbo
show. The fact that tin- slirm is
louring the west, where il is compelled 1o siand lhe aciit test- of scrutiny ami criticism by men who are
familiar with tis- -life which the organization depicts, is perhaps the
beat proof of its genuimmss. In
many of the cities visited the audience embraces scores of cowlioys,
actively engaged in ranch work, and
taking a "day off" to see and Judge
of tbe merits of the Show for themselves. It is no niMi sli al thing for
them lo discover former cowboy as
social cs in tlie performances. Ami the
hundreds of Indians who visit tlie
show, in cities Hudering the reservations, evince their inierest anil
i■ommendal'ion of the genuineness uf
the Indian displays in ait unmislah-
able way. Tlie Indians are especially interested In tlw attacks on ihe
overland train of prairie schooners
and the characteristic dances given
by t'he Sioux, Cheyenne, Arrapahoc,
I'onca, N'avaiu and otlier Indians
with the show. All th/' cowboy,
cowciirl, Mexican, Indian ami Cos-
rack celebrities will lie seen in the
comprehensive street parade, which
lakes place in the morning at 10..lu
o'clock. Tliere will he numerous
bands of music, scores of mounted
people, great Moats illustrating scenes ir. the early life of the west,
and many other features of rcmarU-
able interest.
-   fcr all        — -     r.-...     -„
amw Irr.-Thr (luripfc Ktmi*^ filer- Ttot is one *taft that drove roe from
carr, Itof Hit
Tbe anniversary exercises of lire
Okanagan College, Summeiiand, took
place recently. Special Interest attaches to these exercises in that two
of Cranbrook's young people were
specially noteworthy therein. Miss
Kathleen Bridges, daughter cl Mr. :i.
F. llridges, of tbis city, matriculated
wilh tbe high average ot 81 per rent
ami received her diploma. Miss llrid
ges Is regarded as one of tlte nest
scholars the ordinal ever had She expects to return nest year and take
her lirst year in university work in
affiliation with McMaater University.
Mr. llrv son Finniss, a son of Mr. and
Mrs. M. O. Finniss, ot this city, also
i ipleled his matriculation work and
expects to return next year lor   Ihe
university work.
on pen
PI'.IKiKESS        ON       SEWERAGE
A fully attended meeting nl Ihr
citv cirineil took place yesterday afternoon at whit** considerable routine
business ws. transacted.
A delegation trom the heal W.C.T
l'. was present, upon whose bchall.
Mrs. IVoodnran requested thai the
curfew be rc-cUnrced, wilh a view-
to keeping young children otl tlie
streets in the evenings. This mnl ter
was referred to tin' board of police
11. S. Garrett addressed a communication to the council complaining id Ihe removal ol his tclerdHme
during his alwence Irom ihe city,
etc.    Received and bled.
The following ac, tints were passed
lor payment:
Scbotl hoard order*   	
Polite payroll 	
Kin- department payroll   	
City engineer's payroll
City clerk, sundries	
Kootmay Telephone Co. Ltd
Cranbrook Electric Light
Cranbrook Electric Light
Frank DtMll 	
Calgary limiting Co., Ltd .
Cranbrook Sash ami Door
Mr. Justice Cassells Hands Down Important Decision in Ottawa
Ottawa, June 12.—Mr. Justice, (.assets, of" ilie. exchequer court, lias delivered judgment iu the I'-istonis tariff case of the Foss Lumber Co. vs.
llle Kiln:.
Hist decision is that lumber sawn
nud  tin ssi it on    one side and after
wards siiwl liv lhe aid of other machinery is nol entitled lo free entry
under item 109 of the tariff. The
jiHlgiiieni means a victory* lor lhc
British Columbia lumbermen Tht
case will likely be appealed.
Illliliu Electric CO., Ltd.
Herald I'tlltHsliing* Co. ..
Kir.k Mercantile t'o	
King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
W. E. Worden 	
Boatlic-Murphy Co., 1.1.1
It. S. McNeil 	
Sewerage payroll  	
Health-Murphy Co., 1.1,1.
I 'ranbi'i.ok Co-Ope rat ive
Cl-anlriHiti   llrit-k   Co., Ltd..
Cranbrook Electric. Light Co
Cranbnsik Sash and Door Co
Davis lines   Electric   Co	
Deacon ami Daonst 	
Herald I'uWIsrring Co	
Kootenay Telephone Co	
King Lumber Mills, Ltd	
McNeil, II. S	
I'ranbrook Foundry (MacKinnon) 	
.1. 1). McBride 	
I   A. MaeDonald (City
t'  s. Barker 	
A. f. Pye   	
T. N. Parrett  	
Patterson Bros.	
F. Parks and Co	
W. E. Word™     411.10
Washington Brick, [.ime and
Sower Pine Co    511.11
19.85 is the colporteur work, by means   ol
. 55.HO
112 00
7 .00
which 50,000 bible books and,religions tracts arc annually distributed.
The work ,.( the Baptist church in
Bolivia was recently publicly recognized by the aiteriunent ol that republic, which testiiitd to the work
of tla- mission and provided them
with ample liberty to continue It.
An intereseing figure at ibe contention, should liis many duties per-
iiiii ol Ins iiemr; iiresor.t. will he Rev.
• I (l lirawn, „[ Toronto, foreign
llllsslonarj itcrttnry tor lhe Bapti.t
I'luireli m Canada.
Total  J18.558.99
A report frt.in tlte crittincr in
charge of the sewerage works, coveting work done in May was rceeivf.1
and Died, The report showed that
upwards of 7,itoo fort ot pipe were
laid during May, and sonic 8,000 leet
oi. excavation completed. To date
some 35,000 teet di pipe have been
laid, leaving approxiiaatcivj 13,000
fis't to be laid. The liqueiying tank
ir completed, as also tbe screening
ihamber. The overrtow chamber is
built and the penstc.cks -fixed. The
iliN.i and channel of tire coarse filter
have been cemented. Excavation lor
tlie line filter bas been completed and
forms erected ready lor concrete. The
temporary filter is now In operation.
A suggestion from the plumbing in-
rpector Ihat a fixed fee of 13 he enforced tor inspection of sewerage
ii nnictii.iis was adopted.
Agreements have been entered into
with Messrs. E. Paterson ai.d P.
Matheson for conrrcctingr their properties with tire city sewerage system.
Bylaw No. 107 was reconsid-red
iiml finally passed.
It was also resolved tbat any resident laying down a onneot sidewalk, lv alloa-cd thc cost of tbe
present wisidin sidewalk, provided
said sidewalk bo turned over to the
city and tbe proposed cement sid,-
walk be not less than 0 Let wide
and laid under the supervision of the
city englnotr.
1303 98
Baptists throughout British Columbia are looking forward with keel,
inlcrcsl to the annualf convention
which is to I*' held In New Westminster, .lune 25 to 28. Forty-three
churches and eight missions wil bc
Looking back upon the year the
Baptist thurih In tins province has
much c.itise lor thankfulness Many
new, churilii's have been built and
others bate luen rendered self-supporting, lu ..II nine new buildings
IkiVc been erccttd, eight congrega-
ti.ans ..rgniii/ial. three more are In
tho proci-ss ol building, while sis
is.4.'have iKonit. '.self-supporting.      Tbs
I total strength of thc Baptist denomination in      this province is    about
7.901 four thousand.
II.75'   Approximately linOA a montb   has
I ken given    I.    missionary purpose*,
(•„, ,.      I2l.5»'and this in addition
Crane and Ordway 	
C. S. Parker 	
Davis Bros.  Electric Co.
Thc preliminary interest Unit hns
ten aroused by Us' announcement ol
the coming nl tbo 101 Ranch Wild
Wesl 1,1 CraJebroolo augurs well lor
lhe success ol Ihe ciigogcmcnt In this
city on .lune 27tb. Sim .Francisco. I
Lns Angeles, nud    other coast cities T
f'ranhrook Trading Co	
Crunbrook Foundry (MacKinnon) 	
.Tla- Canadian Brass Co. .
Cranbrook Creiiperatlve
I   Sl„rea 	
N. Pnrrett 	
have    recenlly given lhc show   their ll. II. Mel/rod	
isiqusllfleil approval, and It bus been ■'   II. McRrMe 	
secured ss a   special loulure al     the -t. Kenny 	
.Portland Floral leslival in .lune. Pro- Croabrook Steam laundry
tajfcly Um nam ptomainccd reason lur Wart and Mania	
several thou-
83.13 sands ol didlars    contrlbotid       lor
11.00 'extension work in tla- eilies, .■specials'".'ly in Vancouver   and New   Wcsiiirln-
2.70 sler.    'Ionic   mission work is    also
il*-liig carried    on among the Scandi-
10.2.  nation* In the Ko"tcnay country and
IM.2H   in   Victoria, where    plan*   are    on
loot   to    organire a   mission, while
202 5U work is also being cain.-l on among
35.75   II"' Milord     residents In Vane.aivcr.
58 !in  In I.i 1 "C India tbe church has      a.
35.71 s>iin«l Ibe ri-irponslhlllty lor Ihe con-
8S.50   tersion to   Chrlitiaally  ni 4,500,0(10
3.25 Tc'iviis       An important branch    ot
l.tt tb* missionary wort la Mat conalr?
Another old time resident ol Fort
Steele pas passed nway, In tbe person of Wm. Goadridgr. Goodridge
was a man of over seventy years, unmarried and had nn known relatives
He was a Welshman hy birth and
joined ibe rash to Cariboo in tbe early sixties. Uter he took part in
the mining excitement on French
creek in the Big Bend district. Ia
'69 be crossed over Irom Laporle, a
small landing on the Columbia river, across tbe Selkirks. on a trail
known as tbe Kinbasket into Windermere, whence he cotne down to
Fort Steele. For a time he is|at'*l
in mining on Wild Horse and Perry
Creeta), sulMequently taking up 1 preemption five roiles south ol Fort
Steele, on which he lived up to the
time ol hi. death witb another old
tinier. Roger Moore. He was a skit's
carpenter by trade aid an all round
bandy man in almost any capacity.
He bore an eiceUsnt character aad
was greatly respected in nnd nroULd
Fort Steele.
Death was due to heart failure.
The funeral took place on Tuesday at
Ftrt Steele.
*•       n
Tbe Ladies Loyal Orange Rencvol-
enl Society on Friday lost in tha
Royal Black Knight, hall, b>ld a
very enjoyable cvaniag.
it was an "at borne'' and tbe nro-
grarnme recotend was enjoyable.
Worshipful Mistress Done called tba
meeting tn order, and witb n lew
remark* called upon Bro. Contain
Stride (or a sTatech.
The next item on tbe programme
was a recitation hy Mr. D. Fraser,
who in a strange dialect, caand
much laughter.
Miss Eta Connolly, gat* aa la-
Mpimental fantasia oa tbe piano,
follower] by a cornet solo "Inder tba
Colors," by Capt. Stride, aad a my
impressive recitation by Miss Fanny
Alter tbe programme rrlrrsbmrat*
were served, tbe social gatberiaf ba-
ing brought to a clow hy singing
the national anthem
The I..I..O.B.S. are pn.grra.iag.
apnie a number ol new member* have
is* late, come into tbr order
The place oi meetlag is is Ibe
Orange hall ,l'«t«>' to eommence at
8 ..'dock the first and third Friday
of tbe month
Mr and Mr.. .1. P. Fink are ra-
joving the prnitegr tl enlertaialac
a large family gathering tbis wask.
Mr and Mrs l>. N. Fink, of MuSko-
gir, (*laboma, and their eldest saa,
Norval. tbe Misses Ethel aad Gladys
Fink are here mce again from Sank-
ant and Mr J. II. Flak, aiaa at
Spokane, is aim onwac tbe gasats.
Every advantage is taring take. at
the splendid weather 10 show tbs
.isilor* the surrcimding district, Mr.
I. P. Fink's autornotAe being la
constant requisition. Mr. Daftd
Fink, who I* president ot tbe Com-
loerclal-National Bwk ot Okrabossa,
Is paying bi. Drst vislr to <*ttaV
brnok. He speaks very M.thuttasti-
rally ol th.' splendid natural re-
smirces of this section ot tbe province and Is specially phased aUb
Criartttok'* situation sad ertdaat
prn-perily. The viavitor. will remain
here setTral day. aad will Hkrty
take a run out tn Wiadermrra aad
other Columbia Valaty ***** 1
irtiiming lo Ibrir respective I
S. A. esllck, a K.C.R. coatracbor,
waa In lown Irom Wn, THB   ORANBROOK   HERALD
Positively the
Railroad Fare Paid
to out-of-town purchasers
within 30 miles of
Greatest Money-Saving Opportunity
JUST THINK! Our $35,000.00 stock of Men's Clothing and Furnishings, Boots and Shoes thrown on
the market for a complete and immediate clearance at prices scarcely covering original cost to manufacture.
THE GOODS BRING WHAT THEY WILL.   Don't fail to come and get your share.
$20.00 or More
= PYE'S =
will mas
ltoland I) Craig, ol tlie Canadian
(ori'Strv service, lias prepared an
article to prove that Hie present rise
ol slumpaia; rntra in liritisli Columbia must continue to increase even
tastier tliau at their present rale, as
tin- world's markets make an ever
increasing demand for good lunilrer.
"Tlrere are two ways ol iloteruiin-
ing (lie value ol stumpage," lie says,
"one valuo is llie price tor which
standing lumber may lie bought, nud
tlrt; otlier llle net prnlit that can be
obtained alter deducting thc cost ol
logging and sawing Irom the price of
llu- inuniilacturcd product, i.e., tne
linillier, shingles or pulp. Thc dittor-
encc tietween these two values varies
greatly, awl iu llritish Columbia
Ua>ro appears to lw very little relation between tlie two.
"Until about live years ago, stand-
Ins timber, in British Coliimbin bad
practically no sale value. The government gave lire timlicr lo anyone
wlm was    willing to pay tin- ground
nut, antl it was r.ot to lie expected
Unit, purchasers would pay much ol a
'bonus to private limner hitdcrs when
l liry could stake other limits themselves, but since the reservation by
the government ol wiiat little limber
it had It'll in 11107 the sale; value has
increased at. nboul the rale ol 100 per
cut. pi-r annum. At that time
good available sliitnpage could lie
Ifnglii at from Lie. to 25c. per thousand. In some ol the recent sales
llie price lias latin as high as 111 |H'l
thousand, hut it is yet possible to
buy some ol the very bent ttmUer in
Ibe province for 11.SO or less per
"In comparison with the price In
oilier North American dlstrlots, British Columbia stumpage is still abnormally low. Pino in Ontario anil
llie northeastern states,sets readily
nl from SS to 110 per thousand, and
southern pine nt S2..10 to li; and
Washington Umber, similar to that
ol British Columbia, only as a rule
not as accessible, at Irom 12.Till to
tr. per thousand, and this is always
n nsiilrriiMy indoor the sale value.
"That thesy dillerences will he
climiitutid in the near liilure is certain. One ol llie chief reasons Is
lhal supplies in the cast are diminishing rapidly, and the center ol
limner production is moving west
The cut of white pine In the .United
Stales has lain reduced Irom 7,712,
 ,000 h.l. in   1000 to :i,mili,0iMi,iiiin
lil in |00»; nl hemlock Irom .'1,121,-
oiiii.ooii   ii.f. to   3,0:12,000,0110 W.I.
while Douglas fir lias increased Irom
1,737,000,000 h.l. to 4,830,000,000 ll.
L, acl Washington lias jumptil from
sixth place lo first as a lumber producing slate. Another reason is
tliat so much nl llritish Columbia
timlicr ls located directly on pro-
l.t'l..1 arms ol llm sea, that loggini-
operations and shipping can lie carried "'1 at all times of the year. Tlie
increased railway lacilitles furnished
I.v Uh, (Irand Trunk I'aeiHc and the
Canadian Northern and the completion ol the I'anama Canal, will remove a handicap which'liritisli Columbia has suffered In compel ing in
eastern markets. Then, again, llie
si/e and quality ol British Columbia
timber cannot ho obtained elsewhere
except in llie Pacific slates. The
damp, climate and broken topography
ol lite country renders tlie fire risk
less than it is wilil any other timber in North America.
"From the standpoint or the in-
vcslor tla' tenure under whicb the
bulk of the timber ls held is very
attractive. Thc owner may now
hold thc licenses in perpetuity, or as
lung as tbere is merchnnlaldi- limber
mi them, or tbey are not nvlfiirctl Ior
agricultural purposes. Settlers nre
mil allowed to homes!rail, non-base
or squat on licensed lamls, thereby
eliminating one ol lhe greatest sources ol trouble and loss from which
l'/.isecrn Canadian ltimlrrmcn suiter.
An annual ground rent of 11.10 . Is
charged lor coast timber, 11.15 for
interior timlicr, ar.d this amounts on
You Do Not Know
Where to Invest ?
I, "l us tttll you. TIiit.' should Ire no tlilKitulty about n matter of this kitul if you take
tlio tr.iubli) to exorcise or Iiu try care anil common sense. You would not select an old,
ilo'iyini! city whine pulsu Ims almost ceased to bent, would you 1 No,you would put your
111 mny into a " UDIN'i 1 CONCERN." where there is LIFE nnd HOPE !
Well, Why Don't You Try the West ?
Wo suggest the West, heciiiisi. the West (pells PROGRES8 ! Here are the cities of
thu future, where liiiuilots existed 11 few years ago. Here are the towns which possess both
so.-, nml mil transportation facilities! Here are the towns whose strategical positions onnnro
tlii'in lieuoming large coiiininrcial distributing centres in tbe near future!   Here is
The Future Liverpool
0/ Canada
A Seaport of No Small Renown
80 aitimt.it nt the howl of Alberni Canal, on the West Coott ot Vancouver Island, its
importance ns 11 seaport town cannot be doubted, or too strongly emphasized. This canal
opens itself out into the Pacific. (Icenn, afler its land locked course (rom Alberni, extending
for a distance of 21! miles. Its water is of great depth, permitting of safe navigation to the
largest vessels plying the Wist I'oust, and being one to three miles in width. An investment
in a place posMWAcd of such enviable features
Must Surely Be One of the Best!
Yes' without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the best! Don't be asleep tu these great
CMKtts, whieh <!■' lut COIIU tun often. Remember ALBERNI it at present served by
one great Traiis-Contineiitnl Railway System, the Canadian Pacific Railway; and by the end
of the yenr the Cmindinii Northern will have completed ita trnok into Alberni. Then will
i'diiii! the bridging uf the Seymour Narrows, connecting the island with the mainland.
Mails and passengers from tho Orient nnd other routes via the Panama Canal, to bo
opened next year, will lie landed at ALBERNI nnd transported by rail to Vancouver, laving
from eight to twenty-foil- hours to the present route.
ALBERNI, therefore, is where you should invest.
Lots can be bought for $150.00 inside the totem limits.   Easy Terms.
Ten per cent. cash.   Five per cent, per month.
Test it yourself,   liny a lot to-day and help to develop tho Wesl.
Beale & Elwell
Real Estate and General Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
Every tennis or ball player, every
swimmer, every canoolst, every man
or woman, who loves outdoor llle
uml exercise, should keep a hox ol
Zitin-Hiik hiiiidy.
/.am-Huk is a purely herlral preparation, which,.as soon ns applied
tn cuts, bruises, burns, sprains, blisters, etc., sets up highly Irenclicial
operations. First, its antiseptic
properties render the wound Irce
from all danger Irom blood poisoning.
Next, its soothing properties relieve
anil ease the pain. Then Its rich,
herbal halms penetrate the tissue,
mid set up lhe wonderful process ol
healing. Ilarbeil |Wlro scratches, Insect slings, skin diseases, such as
eczema, lteat rashes, ringworm, bailies' heal sores, chafed places, sore
feel—are all quickly cured hy Zam-
Huk. It also eases nml cures piles.
All druggists nntl stores, l'se Zam-
Huk Soap also; 25c. per tablet.
lie- average to approximately, one
cent Iter thousand. The largest
part ol the taxation is reserved, as
it should be, unlil the timber is cut,
This gives the government an interest in (he timls-r of 50c. per thousand, and is a great, stimulus lo
government co-operation in lores!
pcotcction. This reservation ot the
50c. royalty Is practically a loan to
the investor of that amount ut money
without interest Ior an unlimited
time.     On the average stand ol 20,-
000 per acre, this loan amounts to
110 per acre, and the interest saved
to tiltc investor at six per cent is
liOc. per acre, or about three times
as much us lho ground rent. The
lumbermen ot Washington are trying
lo have their taxation arranged in
this way, on. thc ground that high
annual taxation forces early- and wasteful logging.
"The oi.ly practical way of studying stumpage values, however, is by
comparing lire net values alter deducting the cost ot manufacture Irom
tin' prices ot lumber. Tbis may be
called the absolute stumpage value.
Canadian data on this point have not
been collected, Hit in Bulletin 122. ol
llie United States lorcst service tbc
report ot a caretul investigation in
prices between tbc years ol 18m nod
1000 is given. In spite ot the increased efficiency ol logging machinery there is no doubt that the   cost
01 Jabc-r is Increasing, and the timber logged is less accessible, so that
12 to 12.25 should be allowed tor Increased cost td mnniilacturc during
that time. It was (oiind that tbc
average mill value ot fir Increased
from 18.07 per thousand in IMI to
111.20 per thousand in 1*06, wbicb,
alter deducting 12 lor increased cost
ol nianulaelnrc, shows a net Increase
oi 13.53, or an average ol 5Bc. per
iiiiiii]in. Cedars increased in the
same time Irom 111.08 to 110.27 per
tli.hi .mil and, allowing 12.25 tor increased cost ol mnniilacturc, there ls
left a net Increase ot 15.81 or 76c.
Int annum. It is conOdently ex-
IKiicd that tin' census ol 1010 will
show that the same rate ol Increase
has been maintained. In predicting
the future the chiel guides arc past
experience, supply and demand.
"Canada and tlie lulled States are
so inlcr.leiH'iidenl thai wbat afleots
Ua- one must affect, tbc other, and
wc must consider the increasing de-
in.hi.I which Mhi Ilipiitlic is bound
lo make on us. It is estimated that
at Ihe present rate ol cutting (about
oi.e hundred billion' teet, Including nil
lorcst products), the United States
has sn ITicior.t wood to last only twenty-live years, and according to the
estimate nt tbe Hon. Clifford Slltoo,
we havo in Canada only M0 billion
leel, or enough to supply tone demand lor five years. Further exploration may, in the opinion ot Uw
writer, bring this estimate up to
about 700 billion leet. Ot this amount
over 300 billion teet is In llritish Columbia.
"With the rapid growth ol population and development ot Industries,
tire consumption ot wood Is Increasing rapidly. The Increase In the cut
ot moo over tbat of 1000 In the
United Slates wm 27 per ent. tt  ts
estimated tliat less than one-third ol
tlie consumption is being replaced by
new growth, so that we must expect
to lie called upon to supply an ever
iiiinsising demand. Not only do we
have to consider the demand in the
rutted States markets, hut our
lumber trade with Australia, the
Orient antl Europe Is each year assuming larger proportions.
"Thc only Interencc Is that stumpage must continue to rise, end thai
llritish Columbia timber which is so
exceptionally wel situated to supply
the markets oi the world and is at
the same time the cheapest to buy
and carry, oilers an unparalleled opportunity for investment."
Nelson's Leading Hotel
Room, with Ualiia.   'Phone in
every room
Hotel Coeur D'Alene
Spokane, Wash.
A nevTand
A modern equipped Cafo at moderate
Ratee $1.00 ami up per dny
Coiner of Howard St.and Front Ave.
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The Coeur D'Alene Company
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I East Kootenay I
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ta Business. ®
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on exhausted nerve .system with
alcoholic stimulants only shortens
the road to physical collapse.
The first true step towards recovery from this condition lies in
rebuilding the worn out nerve
fibres, which caiibtvst be done with
Lecithin, thc form of phosphorus
required for nerve repair.
THB    NeW    REMEDY    FO,
Norvous Exhaustion
contains Lecithin (coucetitratetl
from thousands of eggs) and
makes possible this cure.
It feeds thc nerves, quickens the
appetite, aids digestion, induces
sleep, and won restores full nerve
The beneficialeffectsare evident
almost from the first dose.
1S«*. botlle .tO din' treatment. 11.».
OlSBlii Inn*, tta. Im.1 ..e.le.
Irruggllt* Crnnbrook, B. C.
navl.a LawreaceCo.,Sole Mrr... Montreal.
WHHUpa fcr nw book on *
Barlier Shop on the premise.,
Thoroughly up-to-date.
Rates, $2.00 a day and up.
UBO. P. WELLS, Proprietor
B. TOMK1N, Msusger
that thirty days alter date, 1 intend
lo apply to the Chiel Commissioner
ol Lands and to tbe Assistant Commissioner al Lands for the District
of Kast Kootenay lor a license to
prospect Ior coal and petroleum on
lhe lollowlng described land, situate
on the North Fork ot Michel Creek,
alioul six miles nortb ct the Canadian I'.n'ilic   Railroad, and lying be
tween the Mclnnes Oroup and ths
Crows Nest I'ass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted at
11. T. French's S. W. corner, same
being thc initial posl ol ll. Covington's claim, and marked "II. Covington's S. E. corner," thenee 10
chains north, thence 80 chains west,
thence 80 chains south, thence 80
chains east to place ot beginning,
containing 610 acres, more or less.
R. Covington, Locator.
Batice Lameroux, Agent.
Located April 17th, 1912.
*    THE •
4 *>
•     Columbian     »
4 is a guaranteed pulley. That in, ^
^satiWi-'tinn in gun ran teed iu every ***
« respfci.   Tlie -
I Nelson Iron Works J
^ Hai an ever increasing Mock. —
„ Write them for particulate. _
44444444444 4 4 4
Thursday, June
I  MaqWIil t, frflTtl nfafaTW Tl «■'/ asa*,lb*U*f Umt*l*»<
tt*.t cjuat ooroooa mow, ) 4^.1 rSTli*A,*S-**l!iii* t~- ...
tHkl, Ua Unui A An* rM, Uk".   *V ***ImT?I na .7.a iTU. |VT iS
H tk. UW.» M —U4.~.  TU ***tj-*W *^.^J3TJreSrt5. 13
...mlaa —i iW. al W.w Toe*      /~ gaws WlmHia.ilSSm* •****.
largest Eichuhre Western Show in Existence
PICKETT, DnsbD*B««iriOMAoiMi
la //■■ion lllifrp tvAs st*- fngfit. hert*****i.
SeenUh 9*11. PojtliM /safari </ ••*•» eehtkUlte
Mora performers, mora cars, more aeats, blfger tenti than any
and all other amusement undertakings, depicting solely frontier
scenes and Incidents. Cowboys, Wild west Girls, Indians,
Mexicans, Ruralea. Vacqueroo, Senoritas, Scouts, Pioneers,
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Oun and Lariat, Bucking Horses, Buffaloes, Long-horned Steer*
united in an enlightening, spectacular tournament, differing
radically and fundamentally from all familiar others. As big
and perfect a show as humanly possible
Reserved Seats on Bale day of Exhibition at Beattic-Mnrphy's
Read This:
To Whom it May Concern :
This is to Certify that on Mny 14,11112,1 lost
a horso, insured with the British Empire Insurance Company, of Vancouver, B. C, that my
proof wan completed and mniled lo them May
UNtli, and that I havo this dny received through
Benin and Elwell, their loonl representatives, their
chock fur tlie full amount, dated June llth, Illli!.
Dated  ut Crunbrook, 11. 0., this (Ith day of
June. Illli!.
Insure with
Beale & Elwell
41 Market Company
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Hams, Bacon, Fresh Meats, Poultry and Fish
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During an Interview A. E. Watts,
pnwidcnt o! the Watt stare; Lumber
Co., 1,1,1., stated tbat the Wnittaburg
mill was cleaning up preparatory tr.
closing down indefinitely, whieh has!
hitherto been operating sunnier and
winter and still hat an abundance ol
limber disc by.
That their P r-lor mill Is about
to start operations, but only tor thc
purpose ol sawing logs tbat would
otherwise spoil, not because tbc lumber was required, or profitable to
make or snip at the present prices
prevailing, owing to tbe dumping ol
American lumber on to tbc only market the interior ol B.C. possesses,
that tbis state ol affairs and the
ei iisotim.it depression oi business   in
thc interior id B.C. was entirely due,, , . „ ., . , - . . „:
. ... ■ . .i. . ,i , _, i_j„ I Inlse and all kinds ol aubtcrluges unto tbe (act Ihat tlie lumber imlus-' . „ „ .,. .
, . . , ,.,, oaded tbeir holdings onto British
try was, and   is, a martyr to politi-
cal expediency anil the ignorance ami
eras* stupidity ol some monulaclur-1
ers who,arc afraid to contess that
tlieir business is not profitable, tearing the lash ot tbeir financial nias-
lers, otherwise even til,, opposition tn !
parliament to the demands Inr justice
lo B.C. would he willing to grant i
jus-tiiv to a persecuted industry. But
Canadian manufacturers cannot make
lumber as cheaply as tbeir noightiors'
They can, although tbey are bandi-
fii|i|H*l by a duty on all tbe supplies
tliey use, but owing to tbc superior
stability ol Canadian banking institutions during times oi depression
tbeir clients arc aot so bard pressed,
the financial lash is used more moderately in Canada than in the United
States, many American manufacturers arc compelled to realize on
their stocks at very much below the
cost ol production. 1 nave recently
buen severely criticised by tbe American press lor making such statements, but being true 1 presume the
smart is lhe Keener.
In a standard and historical work
ol this kind lor luturc reference figures may prove useful although dry
reading lor tbc general public, they
will show tbe reasons why a once
prosperous industry conducted by
pioneers, hardy sons ol toil, descended Irom a prosperous eminence to
the point ol struggling tor eiist-
eiiee, ui.dermined by foreign competition, driven witb a financial lash
more cruel than the nigger drivers
used.    Some took refuge and       by
investors.      Kor   warnings  1 issued
through tbe London press I nave lr.-
rcirred much odium.
|   History should he truth unvarnish-
| od.    II space permits I shall tell    a
| lot ol    it,   ol scenes behind       the
Beetles,   political,   financial, commer-
cinl, and other; bow and wby      tbe
magniriccnt timber resources ot   this
country    are     wasted and    capital
stfiiandered    with no result, and   un
justly injuring the   credit ol Canada,
anil discounting her vast resources in
tlie financial   centres    of the world.
The simple truth plainly 1,1 d      will
restore   ctmudence   in tbe potentialities or possibilities in a country   so
richly endoweal   with    latent wealth
awaiting development, hut handicapped by selfish politicians,   and   those
who wish to unload tbeir holdings hy
"get rich quick" sebum*.
(To be continued)
more ol Ibis Mr. Walt, will explain
in his articles now being written (or
the compiler* ol Ihr History of B.C.
which will he published in short
chapters, in the press prior (o pitti-
licalii n In Ibe History ol B.C.
i'l.' Herald is privileged la publish
tlio invrring chapter nl Mr. Watt's
history ol Ibe lumber Industry in
IK'., as It.llows:
(lly A. E. Wads, Wattsburg, B. C.)
Specially writtni lor Ihe compiler,
ol "British Columbia, its history,
people, commerce, industries nnd resources,"    which will be a standard
nml historical work equal to       thc    ^^---^.............--------------jjjjj--------
beautiful illustrated volume* pub-] *'«r Price nn ornnfes still 13.5(1 a
lisbnl by Messr*. Sells ol lamdon on rn»'.-Cranlirook Trading Co. ttt-tl
Africa, the publishers ol this work. '
,  ,  ,  ,     ' WII. Oreaves bss relumed to bis
iliilies sl    Ibe   Cranbrook Drug and
Bonk store, having been laid np Inr a
possessed by Brill* Columbia   have vt& u.|t„ rheumatism.
pmviitiil tin- province wilh one third
Tin'   vast area,, ol valualdc timlicr
ol lis tolal income, nmsoigui.lly this
industry is ot gnat Importance, not
only to those directly engaged In the
business but to Ihe allied trades,
merchants and others. When this
Isisines* is deprifsetl the enrols are
keenly1 lei I throughout thi' province
Going out ol wall paper business
Choice stock must' be dl.posed cl at
say prlce.-B. II. Short. Il-tt
.1. F. Power, ot Vancouver, deputy
 Internal revenue collector, Is here te-
The   rapid development and cxpan-  licving H. White In IM customs olllcc
sion ol    business   In   tbe   adjoining ] during the letter's   vacation, attend-
prairie   provinces,   Alberta, Snskat-|lng the    I.O.O.F. convention at Vlc-
ehewar. and Manitoba,   provide      n'torla.
nuagnidcent   market   lor tbe product
ol Un Interior lumber mills ol liritisli CohrmlU, but that Is tlieir only
market. Tbe coast milts have tbo
world lor tbeir market, cansiffuently
they do not leel. the results oi tbe
severe cMnpetilion caused by the
dumping ol Ibe cheapest grades      ot
Ask IlkaTAty. Blondy knows.
D. .1. McSweyn Is away to Edmonton, where bc will meet Ms
mother and sister,    who are coming
lumber by American manutaeturcrs *"•' <o «P<*"i ■*> •ummw month"'
Insn the adjoining states oi Wash- Krora Edmonton, Mr. McSweyn will
Ington, Montana and Idaho, which ■*> *>*« *-» Vaonotivcr and attead tho
enter (Vmada free ol duty, the ln-ov ""•*"■«. «• a'*"t LodP1' A.F.AA.M.,
lur Industry lieing tbo only one left *•"** ""Wees tbere on .lune Mth.
open to tlie ravages ot foreign com- ——
polilion.    IV ressons lor ibis    are.    Foe    esperlenced   work on lawns,
peculiar;    Uie lumber business being gardens and loulcvards apply to Rob-
tbn victim of poiMcal espetflescr.     I ert sad .Imnrs Ewen, fjenrrsl   Mir-
"Tbs esesHea la tllsa saWi: "Why,' ny. U-W
Win. Henderson, dominion government resident architect lor British
Columbia, paid an official visit to
Cranbrook last week end, cumins in
from Windermere, where lie had lieen
inspecting the government tele|ibone
line. Mr. Henderson made a Iborou^i
Inspection of tlte new post office
building, and expressed the opinion
that tbe work was being carried
out, in every particular, iu exact accordance with specifications and with
tbe best materials obtainable.
Cat at our store lor a sample
bottle ot Verrbrite Venoel, tlw best
varnish polish going— CranrVook
Trading Co. 22-tl
Last Thursday marked the 21st anniversary ol tbe death of the late
Sir .lolin A. Macdonald, Canada's
first premier, and,, as usual, bis
grave In fataragui cemetery was decorated with flowers. Tlie chief tribute wus a large wreath Irom , tire
Kingston Conservative association,
which ba* every year since his death
remembered ibis anniversary. This
is done especially in view ot tlw
laet that Sir .lohn represented Kingston so long in the bouse, ol commons.
WANTED AT ONCE.- Oirl to do
general housework. Apply to Mrs.
H. White. 21-tf
General Booth, tbe lamcus 82-year
|bld blind chid ol tho Salvation
Army, is the deleieiant In a libel action which will come to trial In
Dresden, Germany, In a lew days.
Tbe Association ol Dresden Bar, fate
and Saloonkeepers complain that the
"War Cry" Hbelled them in Its bit-
tor criticism ol the conviction tbere
ol Dr. Burk, the (lerman temperance
preacher, wbo was found guilty ol
libelling some ot the Dresden brewery
and saloon proprietors. Tbey have
brought suit against General Booth
and the "War Cry" editors.
AGENTS WANTED. - It you ean
hustle apply In writing to Snles
Agency and Adjustment Co., Box
Sit, Cranbrook. 21-tl
Tbc other evening tbc Herald representative, enjoying a stroll along
the Wycllffe rand, was Interested to
observe sn old gentleman harvesting
a crop oi some kind, and being ol an
enquiring turn oi mind, wnTsed over
to tbe scene ol operations to ascertain tbe nature ol the crop. He
found Mr. Carroll harvesting a volunteer crop ol rye, fairly heavy and
well grown. Hr. Carroll has leased
Geo. A. Martin's 5 acre block, just
Inn ood the St. Eugene hospital, and
is turning it to very good use. Tbe
most interesting (nature ot tbis small
term, Is tbe poultrv establishment,
where several hundred chickens are
being raised under tne most modem,
up-to-date conditions. The chicken
houses, incubation sheds, runs, etc.,
are all ol the very latest, improved
designs and indicate tbnt both Mr.
Carroll and Mr. Martin know pretty
well all there is to know about
chicken raising.
STRAYED.-Cnme to my place
thi. spring one brown gelding horse,
weight about eleven hundred, white
spot on forehead about size of stiver
dollar and branded dlnnvood M. on
left .boulder. Owner can have same
by proving property and paytn
charges.—O. W. Oversbv, JnBray, B
C. M-H*
V party ol over a down Germans,
comprising both met. and women, left
l-eipsig, Germany, recently with tbe
intention ol making a tour ol the
world on hot. They are clad in
tbe simplest way and live en the
simplrwt, load, ir. laet tbey are believers in what is known as tbe
"simple llle." It is understood
that roost ol them nre naturalists
snd their wives, they also have with
Ihem a n*ot<ifjnpher and a well
known writer, the latter being re-
sponsfcto. Inr the o-rgnalrMloa ot the
tour. The party aspect to take live
sli years in completing their
journey, the itinerary including Swlt-
wrlanti, Italy, Austria, Turkey, Asia
Minor, Persia, India, Tibet, China,
lapan and North America. They
intend especially to study the religions and customs nl the various countries Ibmugh which they pan.
Colli.cUoaj.-Let us collect your
old accounts. No charge If wa don't
colleet.-Ssles Agency and Adjustment Co., Box Sll, Cranbrook
B.C. ' 11-tf
Tbc (eat ol crossing the Australian
continent Irom Perth to Sydney In a
motor oar has been performed by
Messrs. Birth* and Ferguson. It ts
the drst time that Australia has
been crossed frnm west to east tn
such a way, and the trip was only
possible because of Mr. Blrtle's extensive and accurate knowledge ol
central Australia. The time taken
In covering tbe, distance, MM miles,
was IS days 1 hour 51 minutes at nn
nverage speed ot M miles a day.
Coolgardie was reached In tour days,
and trom tbence thc route pursued
won vis Norseman to the Ballndonl'a
overland telegraph depot. Tbe great
Australian Bight was solely crossed
and Eucls was reached oa the twHItg
day. From E«cla the travellers
made lor Port Augusta aad turning
an easterly course tor Broken lllll,
arrived In Sydney SS day from their
stall la Perth.
1 FOR SALE I'llKAI'.-Un,. lurly
horse traction engine, used alioul
six months, cost (1,800. Wiil. tak
$2,500. Terms on gouil security
Apply to A. 11, Payle, I'liui'sliolni,
Alberta. 21-4t
Our oW Iriend Jas. P. McSwaln, is
still fighting tlie booze ili'inoi.. Krom
lite Coalmont Courier we learn ot liis
[latest Waterloo, as follows: "Tlie
Courier deeply regrets having to report the untimely rolling from llie
water wagon ol one James Peck McSwaln, peripatetic printer of Princeton, which catastrophe took place in
tiro eve ol Victoria iluy anil is mil
through with yet. The wagon Is
now INsiklt'ss nml Editor Wright litis
liis, work cut out, his legs vvouiul
around tlie lii.il..■ nml vowing hy nil
the powers of Christian Science lie
will stick until his I'l-ilishiii oomes
buck. This funny feller took a front
seat last Christmas down iu Mcrritt-
thi>-i.aiight.v and Ims ncoii chic! engineer on tlie vehicle ever since, till
Lliis unlucky fall from grace, lie honored Coallliollt Willi liis presence Victoria day attin.l in a pair of blue
overalls a loot-aml-a-liBl! ten long
in Uie leg and n Panama Canal hat
entwined with a ship's cable for a
bau.1, It is uiitleriilooii he was assisted back by lhc Montreal hankers'
bunch, who took hlm iu low ami
drove liim home iu their rig. 11 is lo
be booed lie will recover his seal
again ere long."
British Columbia, within 2(1 days
after tire first publication ol this
notice. J
fluted at Cranhrook, Hrilish Co-,
liiiiibin, the 17th dny ol Kohruary,'
1912. |
W. F. Gurd, I
20-J.t        Solicitor lor tbc Applicant
Tbc Ladies Guild ol Christ ehurcli
arc giving a strawberry social at
the Rectory on Wcdni'Silay evening,
June 26, to which all arc cordially
invited. 23-31
WANTED TO KENT.-I'roin early
July, cottage with Hired bedrooms,
water and light. Bungalow style willi
good garden, bulb ami basement
prelerreil. Stole terms, etc—A. 11
W., HeraM Office. 24-lt"
The Ladies Guild ol Christ church
arc giving a strawberry social at
the Rectory on Wednesday evening,
June 26, to whicli all ure cordially
invited. 23-31
that thirty days alter date, 1 intend
to apply lo tlie Olid Commissioner
of Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner ol Lands for (he District
of Kast Kootenay for a license to
prospect, for coal and petroleum on
lhc following described land, situate
on Uie North Fork of Michel Creek,
iilHiut six miles north cl thc Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying between tbc Mclnnes Group and tbe
Crows Nest Pass (.'oal Company's
Commencing nt a P'isl planted at
II. G. llehleii's N. E. corner, same
being Hie lniiial post ol A. E. Way-
land's claim, anil marked "A. E.
Wayland's N. W. corner," tliencc 80
/liains south, thence 80 eliains east,
tliencc 80 chains north, thence 80
chains west to place ol Itcginuing
containing 610 acraj, more or less
A. E. Waylond, locator. 1
Bailee Lameroux, Agent.
Located April 17th, 1912.       20-fit'
*********** ***************4*
4    Have u very fine assortment of
« Fruit Trees
I     Ornamental and Shade Trees
* and Shrubs
* All trees offered for snle are grown in our own nurseries on
4 the Coldstream Estate
* P. DE VERE HUNT, Local Agent, CRANBROOK, ILC.    „
************* -»****««**•***••
********************** ***************4444***
' Imperial Bank of Canada j
that tbe British Columbia Southern
Railway Company tl Montreal, <*ue-
bec, will apply lor a license to take
anil use 2 cubic feet per second ol
water out ol Moyle River, which
flows In a south westerly direction
through East Kootenay and empties
into Kootenay River. The water
will be diverted at Yahk nnd will lw
used tor railway purposes on the
land described - as the applicants
This notice was posted on tbe
ground on the 12th day ol June,
11112. The application will Ik filed
in the office ol the Water Recorder at
Objections may be filed with     the
said  Water    Recorder or    wilh the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Purlin
meat Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
British  Columbia   Southern Railway
Company, Applicants,
by W. F.   flurd,   Agent., Cranbrook,
B.C. 21-5*.
tbat the British Columbia Southern
Railway Compnny intends to apply
to tne Lieutenant Governor in Council, Victoria, British Columnia, Ior a
(mnl license under part XI. ot the
Water Act, 1909, and Amending
Acts, to clear and remove obstacles
Irom Bull River, in East Kootenay.
lor the purpese ot making thc same
fit lor raiting and driving logs.
The maps and plans and particulars
of the proposed improvements anil
works have been filed with the Chiel
Water   Commissioner,   at   Victoria
that thirty days alter dale, I Intend
to apply to thc Chiel Commissioner
of Lands and to the Assistant Com
missioner ot Lands for the District
ol Kast Kootenny for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described land, situate
on tlte North Fork ol Michel Creek
alioul six miles north cl thc Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying between the Mclnnes Group and the
Crows Nest I'ass Coal Company's
Commencing at a Post planted nl
A. E. Wayland's N. IV. corner, same
being the Initial post ol II. T.
French's claim, and marked "II. T-
Frcnch's S. W. corner", thence 80
chains north, thence 80 chains east,
thenee 80 chains South, tber.ee 80
chains west to place ol beginniin:
containing liin acres, more or less
II. T. French, locator.
Batice Lameroux, Agenl.
Located April 17th, 1412.       20-.H'
m—m—m-m^^— C0C»T(U0HT» 4C
An-ratWMRtftRf ■-***! rh and -Je-xrlntloh *My
flntcWr MMruin mt o|-inion frM wltetbcr u
liiT-Mrilna )■ pi-uhiM»pfk-j|ij*«fe.Co>*'WBnt(*-«>
ifk JmrtoM.
A hMdtmrclr fltMMttd VMM?.    Ijw.r-*. Hr
> uUttoa of mi* -Mftaiif!.-" Jo**m»i.   'iti.:,* tut
For Sale
nt Wanlner, B. C,
All Kimls of
This is a chance lo net
some nood furniture
F. M. Stearns
Wnrdner, B. C.
Cranbrook, B. C,
All Our Meats are Government
Head Office. CALGARY, ALTA. i
D, H. WII.KIK, PrMident.
Amounts   ot   Corporations,   Municipalities,
farmers nm! Private Individuals invited,
Drafts tint! Letters of Credit issued available in any part of
the world.
HA VINtJS  DKI'AH'l'M ENT - Special   attention
uivcii  to Savings   I'link Accounts.     Deposits of I1.1K)   and
i upwards received ami interest allowed from date of deposit.
♦   Cranbrook Branch: H. W. SUPPLE. Mgr.
W -J ^.^.^.^.*. A*. A*  ** A*. *.*.*.*. *» *■
41 a
The Lund Land and Development Co., Ltd.
Head Office
Cranhrook, B. C.
See us about lands in the Beautiful
 Kootenay Valley •==•=
Orchard and Garden Tracts
Grazing Lands
Visit our Expt.rimeiit.-d Farms at Wardner, B. C,
and Marysville. B. C.
CALGARY, Alberta
The Hotel with "The Reputation"
You'll get your Money's Worth.
InenreMv.t..]  ISej, I
Capital Paid Up $6,150,000 Reserve t7.4is.sse
Total Assets, S110.sa8.511.19
II. S. HOLT, Prwlilenl     E. L. PKABB, Osaaral Maaaasr
Account* ol Kinn-. CoroorstioM snd Individuals solKilsd.
Out-of town tiu.ine** receive, .very .ttention.
BA VIRUS IiKI'ARTMENT-liepaiil.of fl.Wawl snwsnls raesived
.ml inter«*t allowed st currant mt*.   No lorrn.lll. ar iAtty In
A lO'tieral Hankintr Bu.ineaatrsnMcted.
Cranbrook Branch : T. B. O'CONNELL. Otway
Apples, Plums, Pears and
Send ns your mum' nnd nddress and we will mail yon our
New Catalogue
Katslilitlicd in HKW.   lis Acre*
P. tl. WOKTHINQTON, Local Agent
IA Good  Home
is what is dear to every man.   A home
is whore Peace, Comfort, Conteatrasat,
, nnd 1'lcnty is bund.   That is the reason,
men throughout British Columbia, when
"CranbrooV' is mentioned think of the
provisions .ton. Branlt bas made for an
ideal homo at the
1 Canadian Hotel 1
The Cranbrook Plumbing,
Tinsmith & Heating Co.
W. It. JOIINKON, Proprietor
itt*»****9ememne*eem4t****************9****i THE   U It AN B HOOK   UJCRALD
By the Herald   Publishing Compsny,
r". J. Deane, Managing Kditor.
Tin' Vicit'fia Cuhinist, ot recent
ila-to, roiitaiiis a somrwiiat. lugubrious
articlo aiifiiL •'Fanning In B.C." Tho
purport of tfoc article is in t*mpliKsiw
llu* fat'L that we Import aliogoUiot
ton lunch protluco, Dial wo coutyd as
well grow ai homo. Tin* Colonist's
ii-iiiaitts mi Uiis wiliialioii art' Otl-
litclv to Uu4 point, hut when it l>ro*
cii-ils lo (list'iiss possible rt'iimlics it
apparently tv*',s away out lieyond its
itt-ptli. rt asks pitifully, What Ottll
In done to Induct, people to soHla
i-tt tht! land? lf the Colonist would
look [noo llu' <|ii('siion a little moro
deeply it would auitikly Irani that
practically na effort fs being made
by Iiiu government ot tho province t*i
secure bona fide settlers, If it
•aoi.1,1 make enquiries at the laml
offiovfl tl.roughoul tlio province, tu
which now fotners naturally resort
for reliable Information, it would
readily realize why so few land sivl.-
ers, of the righl class, remain in
this province. They are met everywhere wilh lite same reply: "We
know nothing admit    the hind  in  this
district, There mny he some that
is taiaiil, Imi we couUI not say for
(('Main. Urdu not know wbat the
fa|i,ni1t of the soil hereabouts is,
jicillii-i iln wc know if (here he any
remunerative market for farm pro-
duets, ta fact we can tell you
nothing tlmt will ,*■ of any use to
you." Wc reoomtneml to the
Coloi.ist the serious consideration of
Hm* following editorial not,* from the
Kingston, Out., Whig, containing a
reference to Uto rnalaflm.-mistration ol
the Ontario Tory government, which
mat hi* applied with pqual force to
Ibe la.'; of administrative aMIHy so
fnr displayed hj Hn- Mcllride govom-
uii-rii. in tbe inalter of land sel Moment. The Whin says:
"Tlie people    alio conic    lo        this
country in good faith, socking laml,
should not be left to grop--* their way
aboui in uncertainty, and without
gmd-inrv The fuel that such uncertainty has prevailed i.s q decided
reflection on the government"
Tlte Herald lias received from Ottawa f„tir copies of Coniiiiissiwier
Arthur Uawkcs' special report ou
. Immigration, Mr, Hawked is a readable writ<>r and nis report was perused witli no    little interest by     ye
editor, hut  witl t  Impressing     bin
wilb any practical ideas on Ute snlt-
jeet. Mj M.iwkes* report is tbe
product of a "iilerary" man and
will serve to very little pnrpos, ia
bringing aboul an Improvement in the
I'oruiiHon's imirdgraiJon policy. However, Mr. Ilawk*s did good work for
tht* Tory parly last year, iu arousing
Itiilisb sentiment against reciprocity,
and he bad to bttVa his reward. HotlCe
his appoint uu-i.t as a eontmissh.ner
to Investigate immigration matters,
and a tour of tbe old land at the
people's  OXpCflK.      We   trust that
Mr Uawkcs thoroughly enjojrn! his
vacation, ami. perhaps, learned that
lliitishci-s in Canada an* not all
politicians for revemir, only.
Mr. Hawkes' report cont-ilm tin
following illtuutnaling reference 1,
British Columbia's rrflufriimiils in
Mm* matter td immigration:
"Tin- principle of provincial respon
flRtllty for provinei.,1 expansion i*.
exhibited strongly in liritisli Columbia. Its mountainous configuration;
its mineral resources; its contact
witli traus-Pacilie trade, the heavy
prices of land; (be high prices of all
labor, the complexity of its colored
labor supply; Uie great est and wit!
are* ol railway cor.struellon to serv
a comparatively small producing
population; and the conoentraUor, of
population in coast titles, cnmtdnr to
distinguish tlte province trom every
oilier in Ihe ll-oininioii, and Id make
the Immigration „f producing white
people t« it of double fundamental
Importance,   i
"The pouring of capital Into      Uie
province lor real estate Investment is
inseparable from railway const ruction. A reasonable check ou sp<'cu-
lation will keep perjK'tual obligations
to pay Interest fairly down to the
speed of Increased production in tributary territory on which alone the
permanent prosperity of cities depends.
"British Colombia needs people Ior
Ihe cultivable valleys, who will,
among oUier things, prevent the
i ransfweave fo foreign countries of
capital on whieh British Colombia
musl pay interest, for food which
should be. grown in the province.
This need must be met by the limitation of tint land speculative element
iatthc placing of immigration.
"This is specially true of tin'
northwestern part of the province,
shortly to lie .served by tlie (Irand
Trunk Pacific railway. Agriculturally, this territory offers a uidujue tield
for Immigration on scientific     Hik-h,
wieh such government) assurance
underlying economic conditions
will make tlie proposition really at
tractive to tins dlscriminathi-g
"The provinee bas an otlice in London, iu Uw .inaneJul distriet, with a
wide range of Hritish Columbian products. It is iu charge of the Hon.
•I. II.     Turner, agent--general, wbose
immigration propaganda is limited IJ
It wiiiibntppTaT'tJiat tbe tiilie'was
ripe for Cranbrook electors to wake
up and ask themselves why Uie Mc-
Hiide goveniment, ol whieh this constituency has Iktii so faithful an adherent, persists in giving us the
worst of tbe deal all through the
piece. A demonstration orchard
was promised Cranhrook district, one
was selected, but. it was found to be
ibe piopeiey of a Liberal, conHt<Hiimt
ly the deal was culled off. But.
strange to say, the local Conservative organization have not as vet
found a Tory land holder In tbc district willing lo have a demonstra-
tfoti orchard established on his prop-
erey, at any rate nothing has been
-lone in tbe matter, and whilst demonstration orchards are being established in tlie Columbia riding ami
Iscwhcre throughout tlte province,
'ranbrook district is being ignored.
Again we road in one of our Tory
xotmngca that tbe Hon. Price Ellison, minister ol finance, returning
from the coast to llir Okanagan,
stopped off at Salmon Arm, and bad
interviews with the board ol trade,
distriet council, agricultural association ami others, when the various developments (tf this growing distriet
were brought to bis notice.
As the result an appropriation was
promised to the Agricultural associa-
tloo, who are about to erect a series
■ f line buildings for stum purposes,
Which il is iiit-eiided shall Is* really
for the fait fair this year. A sum
mis also graMed for tbe Improvement ut the trunk roads of tla* muni-
cipality. Mr. Price Kllinon also inspected tlie new Farmers' Exchange
huiliTing, now in course ot construe
Cranbrook district will not grudge
.Salmon Arm any assistance it may
receive Irom tbc provincial government, hut residents ol Cranttook
district must and will ask why their
district is passed over In tbe matter
of appropriations for agricultural exhibition purposes. Cranbrook district Agricultural Exhibition association has expended a large amount
of cash and has incurred heavy liabilities for tbc erection of an exhibition
balding, grounds, etc. Apilicatioii
has been made to tlie minister of agriculture, Hon. Price Ellison, for
financial assistance, but so far nu
definite   assurance of such aid      has
< I to hand.       Tbe date, ol eibibi-
simi draws nigh, tbe directors aro
anxious to complete all arrangements, hot Iheir hands are tied because of tla* government's failure to
respond to tbeir reasonable request-
There is something mighty uns.itiv
factory in the constant, and obvlous-
ly studied, i.eglect of the just claims
of Cranhrook district. It would appear to us to bc annul lime that tho
district Conservative organization
took vigorous steps to ascertain why
Crarttobk district is thus ci.nt«iiiptu-
ously dealt witb. "
"Tlie people id Kemie don't know
how the country is settling up along
An automobile will be run weekly on
^TUESDAYS between Cranbrook and
Wasa, connecting with Incoming and
outgoing trains.
Oood passenger accommodation.
the liue of the G. N. to the south,"
said E. A. Kummer. who has just
returned oo Fernie from H fortnight
in tlte Kootenay valey. "At Bay-
ties, at Flagstone, at Gateway and
ull along the river the numbers of
new settlers who are coming in, and
the amount of building tbat is going
on is really surprising. Kernic should
take an excursion down there some
day and wake up to what is happening at their own doors"
Cranbrook    merchants   might also
take the hint.
11,'V. 0, E, Kendall, paslnr.
I'riiuiihiK service, 11.111) a.in. Topic
■Tli.' Problem nl Prosperous'Evil uml
Alllii'1,-,1 Qoodnoss.''
Siniiliiv school, .'1.1)0 |).tii.
Proaolrirrg service, 7.:i(l p.in. Tuple:
"Tlif limine uf Many Mai.sintis."
An Invil&lion lu wursliip willi ns
is (reply rxl.-IHlial to all.
Sundays—l.uw mass at 8..if) n.in.;
high mass, lOJO a.m.; Sunday scliool
(rom 2 to 3 p.m.; Hosary and Hone-
diction st 7.30 p.m.
Mondsys snd holy day. ol obligation— Msss st 8 a.m.
Week days—Mat. st t a.m. at th.
P. Plaliinnil.ii,, O.M.I.
♦   ■
Sunday iiuirnlng, 11 o'cli*k — Holiness meeting.
Sunday alteration, 2 o'clock —Sun*
day school.
Sunday allcrnoon, 3.'ill o'clock —
Free ami easy meeting.
Sunday nlghl, 8 o'clock — Salvation meeting.
Hlblc subject: "Itcpentaiice."
Tuesday nifihl—Salvation incotng.
Thursday night—lliillness mK'tini!.
Saturday night — Praise mifilini,'.
Everybody brail iiy invit.il t,, tlnsj
Kreil'k A. Stride, I'aptair..
llev. VV. Elson Dunham, pastor.
Sunday services: The pastor will
preach at 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Morning subject: "Refuge Hunters."
Evening subject: "A Dividend Paying Investment."
The choir will render sp,cin) music
al tiiith services.
Our Stock of
Ice Cream
is very complete
A l(i'i'i|iu lliKik witli nver
100 ways fnr milking lee
Oruain, Wnter leeH, Bhe".
bets, etc., packed in each
F. Parks & Co.
Cranbrook,     -     B.C.
Ottawa, -luno 11—A plague ul
eaterplliara is attaching fruit trees
in tbis end of the province, ami it
is leaved tlte losses to Hie farmers
will lw very heavy. So serious is (to
situation tltat trains nu the Oati-
nea-u division of tho t-.l'.K. liave had
dilllculty In running on almost every
trip outward from Ottawa this weejt.
There is a heavy grade ahoat live
mili^s north of the city, and at this
point the tracks are strewn with
the insects. lit some eases, owing
to thc slippery condition of tlie rails,
three engines have hail to lr usi-l on
;i train of four cars.
Col. Mackay induced the congress to
embrace the whole world with the
penny postage scheme. Toronto and
Ottawa tame next. Despite appeals
of the British delegates, for a postponement in deference to tfce attitude to the llritish ministers thc Canadian delegates seen reed adoption ol
a resolution in favor of an AU Hod
cable service with terminals only in
Britliih territolry.
Iteciprocity within the empire in
iitagazino postage was next favored
uoon resolulioii-s. Lastly came what
Lord Deshorough called the most de-
kiUibte of all t'imada's proposals,
namely, pn'ferential trade within the
empire. Belleville and Toronto and
the Canadian Manufacturers' associa
tion were eager contestants for tlw
plaee of honor, each proposing a resolution. Toronto's Desolation was
ultimately adopted for discussion.
l.nmliin, .lur.c 11.—llio ipiarterly returns ol births and uVutlis just pule
lts-lhcd slmw new low records under
lioth heads. In England and Wales
-Uu births were 222,581), this representing a rale, nl 21.1 a thousand,
Hie lowest ever recorded, and a loss
of 2.1) a ehnusand i .i tbc averago tor
ten years. Tiic deaths were m,03S
rupresenUng a raite ol lS.lt a *H>ou
sand, the lowest recorded and a loss
ol I.II on the average lor 'ten years
The CranhriHik Tennis club have
Mt-ured grounds, one one and a quarter aeres in extent) back of tlie
provineiul government building. Next
Saturday afternoon Mrs. Parker ami
Miss Hisemks will serve tea at the
tennis mill ts.
Montreal,, lune 12.—Tier Itoyal
Highness the Diieb?ss of Cennuught
eontinnes to make raphl progress toward recovery, hut there is no talk
of her removal from the hospital. Tlie
following bulletin has bun issued:
*'Her Itoyal Highness the D.icbess
of ('otitiaiiglit continues to make satisfactory progress. She passed a
very good night anil is taking her
nourishment well.
(Signni) "K  s. Worlhington, M.D."
lite lacrosse l.-ain arc planning ihi a
trip lo West Koolonay, leavint; C'ran-
bi.Mik to play at Nelson on .luly lst.
Sewril games will be played More
lhe return nl Ihe team. The boys
are practicing every *aiHi(lay, W.dnes-
ilny ami Friday nigbis ami Captain
.MallheW's wants ever, player .to at
lend Ih.' practices.
Kullowii-tg tin* religious cenmiony
al St. lUigem- Mission last Sunday,
tin' local Indian nine and tho Cranbrook Colis engagul in a well con-
tented ImsHmII match, in whieli the
Cutis eaiiH* oil victorious with a score
of 13 lo 12.
Um- Cubs lined up as follows: Mr
Nab, catcher; Corbett, pitcher; Elmer, 1st baw; Streeter, 2nd base,
Walsh, third base; Cryd-rnian, short
stop; Maekt v, right fkld, Moor*-, mi
tier liebl; Tbom, left field.
A. Owens, of I*. Hums ami Co.,
ICted as referer.
This evming al fi...(l sharp llr
Culm will line up aguii.sl the Waul
tier snniiis La-.! wtrk the Cubs
plate*) Un- Wardner Ihivh to u stand*
si ill, seoro Im*iiij4 ti—li, wben game
was called on airtmnt ot darkness
This ev*-ning's inateh pmnii.M's lo Iff
holly conleHled.
(tn last Friday night tin* Cubs wot)
from the Men's club in lhe senmd
game of the league, 12-2. Tlie C«1H
were in exceptionally good form ami
I'iteher Corbett was never in any
trouble holding the Men's cluh to
three sale hits.
Oyster Hay, N. Y., June 12.—
Thi-tHloh- Roosevelt announced this
afternoon through .fudge Ben K.
I.imlsay, of Detwcr, that he ls la
favor ol woman suITrage in this country ami that the platform whieh he
will submit to thf Chicago convention will contain an unei|iiivocat d>
clnrnton tn tint elTect.
l.ianliin. .lime 12.—Canada's Inrty-
(inir ili'li-ii.iles t,. (lie eiajhth congress
of 1'h.niilrrs nl commerce ol tlie empire dominated tl"' ams'inbly at the
opening meellQB jmterday under tht
pri'siiii'iicv nf Lord lleshorough.
Montreal had the first innings when
Notice to Contractors
.Sealed tenders, addressed to N. 1
Harrison, secretary of the Cranhrook
School Hoard, wj.t lie received up to
12 o'clock noon, Monday, .lune 17th,
1912, for the erection and completion
of a two roomed solid brick school
building, to Ire built in the City ol
Cranhrook, B.C.
Also for a brick Manual Training
School, in the same city.'Separate
tenders tor cuch building will tic required. A marked cheque to the
extent of 10 per cent of thc amount
of each tender, drawn on a chartered
bank of Canada, made payable to the
Cranbrook School Hoard, must accompany each tender.
All unsuccessful tenderers will have
tbeir cheques returned.. The Hoard
will'hold the cheques of the successful tenderers until final completion of
the work. And should tli? successful tenderers refuse to inter into ;
contract with the hoard for the
alove named work, their cheques
wil be forfeited.
Plans and spcei flea tions may be
seen at the office of .1. .1. O'fiata &
Co., architects, Hanson Huilding,
Cranbrook, H.C., on and after Mon
day, June H'tli, 1912.-
Thc lowest or any tender not ne
tvssarilv accepted*
Secretary School Hoard.
Crai.hrook, UM, June Rth, 1912
WANTED.-Stenogranher for commercial house. Apply with references at 'Herald offlce. 2-tl
FOR SAI.K.-Bahy carriage $7.00.
Apply Bos 3, Herald office.       21-tf
The female home Hv lay* from ISO lo 150 eggs ai ■ lime, and thee mature in two
weeV*. Undei favorable c mditioni Ibe detctndants uf a aln-jle paii will number millloM
in iluee luoatba.   Tbcic^ie ill bvuMkwpeu ibuuld commence uung
Milr In the Ki'iir., anJ that cut off a large prupnriiim uf Ihe lunimrr ctop.
Tbe following is the schedule o
during Ihe coming wnson:
names arranged lo be played in thc franhrook   Amateur Itwscttall la«gne
Men's Club  J
lune f.
.luly 10
.Iun 11
.luly III
.iiHie r,
July III
June II
July III
.tniiii ll
July 21
.lime U
July 31
August II
July .1
August 7
June 12
July 17
Mm's Club
June I'i
.luly 31
July S
August n
June It
July 17
June 1
Mj 11
June 2d
August 2
.   .lune M
• Inly .11
" .luly :i
Aukii.i ;
.lum- 7
July 11
"Jill.,. 1!K
August 3   :
June 21
July 28
June 21
July 28
Halsall & Co.
Special Values in Hosiery
We nre showing an immense range of LADIES' ami
SILKS, in all the fashionable leading shades, to match
almost any costmno. We cannot give quotations on all lines,
but below we give you an idea of what we are doing in tho
Hosiery Department.
Ladies' Fast Black Cotton Hose
20c pr.
A aplsmllil lloss, in sll sis...   I'.rleil Hye*.    Special,SIV pr.
Colored Lisle Hose, 35c. pr.
3 pn. for $1.00
lnTsns,l)resnis,ChsmpsgiiB,Ulil Ku.., Msure, link*,
Uray. snd Blacks
Utility Silk Hose — Special, 75c. pr.
A lleaulilul Hlmer Silk to kn.., flni.li.d with balance llu. Lisle.
In Tsn. snd Black only. Kpsclsl, 75c pair
Black Near Silk Lisle Hose, 60c pr.
A Beautiful Fins Lustrous Litis How. Mice, quality. Speclst, Wc pr.
Princess Hose for Boys and Girls
An extra Una quality Hose.   Fa.t Color*.   Bpl.ndid Weaiirg
IJu.liiie..  Tan. snd Black.  26e, 31k', ioc pr.
A LARGE LOT on Block 184, near the Public Schools,
212 feet by 811 feet, with house suitable for a small family
and letting for rent at $8.00 per month and presently occupied by n tenant.   Price, with fee simple title,
$1100.00, Cash and terms
310' ACRES, iu fee simple, one million feet timber, excellent eight-room dwelling house and offices; abundant water ;
2,i acres under cultivation.
$11,1 Nhi, Cash Mil terms.
Best buy in the Kootenay country.   Coiiuuient to rail und
'.10 ACRES Crown granted, 15 acres under cultivation,
f> acres almost ready for tho plough. $1,000 worth of logs
ou hind; 1 team of horses, wagon and harness, mower nnd
complete outfit of tine agricultural implements; boiler nud
engine with cordwood sawing outfit; ten room dwelling house,
water in kitchen: barn with new hay carrier fork; carpenter
nml blacksmith shop, fully equipped, 120 chickens, incubators, brooders.   Will sell as a going concern—
$lii,mNl, Cash and terms.
I guarantee the foregoing to tie well worthy the closest
investigation by prospective investor*.
Raworth Block CRANBROOK   $
CAPITAL, $15,000,000 REST, $12,500,000
Interest at the current rate is allowed on all deposits of $1 nnd
upwards. Careful attention is given to every account Small accounts
nre welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Accounts may be opened in tlw names of two or more persons,
wilhdrawals lo be made by any one of them or by the survivor. i,
R. T. Brymner, rUnafer Cranbrook, B. C.
K,,r a License    to Take and      Die
Unit Walter Halsall, ot I'rsohrook,
inc., will apply tor a ll"*** to talis
ami use I cubic loot ol water out oi
liimlli Creel, which flows In a north-
erly direction through lots 10801 aad
lii.ioi) and empties Into St. Mary's
Itiver dear HyclIRe, B.C.    Tbe wat
it will be diverted at KM yards nortb
ul Post I, Lot 105M aad will ba
used lor Irrigation purnoses oa
laud described as Lot 10J00.
Tbis notice waa post** oa Um
ground on tbe llth day ol May,
mil. Tbe application will be DM
in lhe office ot tbe Water Recorder at
t'ranbrook, B.C.
•injections may be DM with     tba
said  Wain   Recorder    or   with Uw
Comptroller ot Water RWhs, Parliament rtulldlngs, Victoria, B.C.
21-St Walter Halsall, Applicant
WANTRD.-Marrled man (UnrouaJlH
ly eircrienced with bones) to work
<m ranebe In East Kootenay; steady
all-year job to suitable party; separate Ircc house, fuel and board; waits
$45 per month; one child not objeet-
ed lo; man to milk three cows atd
wile lo churn. Apply Powaall, fort
Steele, East Kootenay, B.C.     IMt
I, c«rl Newton Corwla, hereby
make application to purchase lbs
lollowla« described lands:
CommmeinK at tbe S.W. coiner ol
I*. R. 1171, tbence north M cbalas,
thence west 40 chains, thence south
10 chains, tbence east 40 cbalas lo
point ot eomineocenirnl, cmlainiiiii
IM acres, more or less.
Carl Newton t'orwin.
Datt< March Urd, lill.       u st*
Lake View
81. Miry'i Lake, B. C.
Uueala conveyed from
Marysvllle to the hotel
by motor car or team.
Eicclkat Flab.ii Retort
Qaeolini' and Row
Boats/or Hire
How about that room that you
were going to paper this spring?
Don't put it off any longer, for the
warm weather will soon be here.
We have a very pretty line for you
to select from, and the prices are right.
If you will come to our show room,
you will soon be convinced of this.
The Beattie-Murphy Co., Limited
The IJexa-CC Store
Cranbrook • - - B.C.
Jewelers and Opticians
Write and ask for our Catalogue
j points clos -a   at 0.80 p.m. and ig il'n
to arrive bent at 11.45 p.m.
L. M..Robertson, who lias boon at
j iviinimiton for tin* past two months,
has returned to work fur tin- Qedttle*
Murphy Co. T. S. Quanoe, lati*
graduate of (lit- Ontario College ol
riiannary, lias also been added tn
Hip Mad of thi*-. Itoff*
Ira death or ftUiv. Hi. S.u*.-|i
sliaaks, Fjfsnop nf Norwich, ceoctrtl)
has been learned ol lu-ivnliouts willi
sincere, regrets by many old timers.
wlio knew bim wben he was engaged
ii. missionary work In ibis province!
tuithi liisiiu|» Hills.
For June
A Nice Selection ot
Sterling Silver
Cut Glass
just arrive,!. Mi'iil
WcililiiiK liifls nr,'
foiunl in Uith of
Large Warehouse—Apply F. J.
Dtane, Herald Office. »tf
row lor   Spokano tor a lew
Win. Krifirh wus down trom Hull
Creek, Wasa, tin- first of llu- weok,
llt'iiiiliii' Ihitiu- lna.li" ln>si.l ul. Wunl
in.l Harris.
Mis. 0, .1. Stf-vms will not iiiviir
nK.iin until St'|it,'iialarr.
Miss Muss is r.iii.iilisiiti^ Irom
Imt ns'i'iil ii|N'i,iIuiii, li-iivlni; Iht'
hospital last Tuesday
I'lnrlipplis illiil ,ailUll,.ll|Vs In in
livr     I'iiiI.iv --I'limpls-ll mnl       Mini
Mis It. T. Iliiiiiin-t lias Ua-n ill
ilium,, loi' w,*'k imi 1* reported eon,
Mis   I*.    E    Wil*.*   leiives loinor-
Wall papers slaughtered In order to
ilnse nnt. Any price lakes them.—
H. II. Short. n-tl
Mrs. II. I'mnpliell, ol. Moyie, came
up Monday Inr a visit with her nils'
bawl, returning Tuesday.
Mrs. K. Klwi'll arrive,! home irom
a lon^ visit in llu; nW country lasl
fleorge l.ongpre, proprietor ol tne
Im.'i national Imi.I at Klugqgate, was
in lown during Hie week on -business.
-Special prices on all hosiery tor
wnnitii and eliildren Saturday only.—
Kast Koolenay Mercantile Houk.
V. Urdu linker and Oeorge Hog-
cm Hi arc enjoying a tew days lisbins
up al Kaslo Hns week. Tliey will he
li.uK tomorrow nr Saturday.
The Waldorl hotel at Fernie lias
hanged lianls. P. Whelan being tne
new-   proprietor, having bought nut
Mrs. Jennings' interesls.
Ihi ty shipments nl Iresli Iruit and
ii'iM.iliffs always in the best ol con-
>)ilion—Campbell and Mannlcg.
Miss Aiines ('rod, daughter or
lull Hood, proprietor ol the Sinii-
uiit hotel. Trows Nest, is dangerously ill at Sentinel, Alta.
T. I'lalum, ol Michel, was a guest
at tlie Until Cranlirook on Tuesday
0. G. .lewell was down Irom .Ultra, during llie week.
A new (took ol tlio Inl grades ol
linilcittus jusl received. Newest de-
sigi.s.-Kast Koolenay Mercantile
Mrs n. 1*. Moflati will give Uie
iiionlilly lea tor Knox Church Ladies
Md on Friday, .lune 21, Irom 3.S0
in ii p.m.
■M..F. Ryan, ol Spokane, an old
friend ol Wm. tiucrard, ls here on
a visit lieing a guest at the (I ner ard
"Montserrat"    and   "Roso"
juice at Ward and Harris.
Hie l.ri'iul wm an lenol. Ami llio conk —Ilia Koixl wife—
|iruui|>ll> unlinal nnnt'icr anck of the aniue Ktxxl flour from
whieli it wna mini,, -
There IS ■oinotliinu; in Hint old iuw tlmt "tlio way lo
ri'iich n nun's In-art ia tlirimuli liis stomaeli," nml thon.'s
tlmt high quality in our flour which unfailingly flmls tho
A single sack will satisfy you Hint yon can't buy heller
flour.  TRY IT.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Tho funeral nl the late .lohn Sullivan took place on Monday morning
last, Rev. Mr. Iliinliain officiating. F.
M. McPherson had charge nt the arrangements.
Kliner Staples received a handsome
Oakland Nn. 40 five russenger car tlie
olhcr day, quite one ol tbe smartest
autos yet seen in Cranbrook.
■Swill's premium cooked hams, delicious and handy Inr a quick lunch
or sandwiches.—Campbell and Manning.
Pnulirynien shnuld turn nut in
fnrce Inr lhe meeting nl Iho Farmers' Institute nn Saturday evening,
at which two experts will he present
to discuss matters pertaining to successful poultry training.
Wall papers slaughtered In older to
close out. Any price lakes them.—
II. 11. Short. ll-tl
W. .1. Drandrith, exhibition commissioner, was in town last week
en,l, looking into arrangements being
made fnr Cranhrook district's exhibit
at, Ihe Lethbridge Dry Farming Congress.
Mr. and Mrs Ourd and family,
Miss Moss and Miss Rumsey will
leave on Saturday (or Viotorla,
where the ladies and children will
remain lor the summer
The Knights ol Cnliuilbim cnntein-
plale holding an initiation cereirtnny
during July. For lurther informa-
tinn applicatinn should ne made to
■ I. E. Kennedy, P. O. Box 87, city.
Hilton's      lemor.ade,       orangeade,
Yacht     nspberry     vinegar,      and
Montserrat"    lime    Iruit- juice at
Kast Kootenny'Mercantile House.
Residents nl Slaterville purpose
holding a public meeting shortly to
discuss'several matters affecting the
welfare of tlieir growing community.
Among other matters lo be dealt
with will tie the question of water
suppl* and fire protection service.
II. 0. Oarr has the contract tor
retulnllng tlie I Intel Cranbrook and
has a lorce of men at work rapidly
transforming Hie exterior appearance
nt that popular hostelry.
Mrs Oliver Haird and daugbtri,
Miss Delia third nl Park lllll, Ontario, arc Ih,- guests, of Mr. and
Mrs. R. W. Russell. They have been
on an rxlooded trip to the writ
coast and arc on their return journey
Some dainty handpainled l.lmogese
china, very suitable lor birthday nr
wedding presents.—Campbet and
Rev. Mr. Califulton, not Calhoun,
as slated last wrek,pome*«tcd at the
Chun* ol England laat Sunday, In
thc alisence ot Rev. E. P. Flewet-
llng. Mr. Calquhon will, remain
here until Mr. Flcwclliug returns,
probably thc enl of this week.
Linoleums In new patterns at
prices that are right.-E. K. Merc.
Tin. board ol trade's persistent et-
Ir ria to secure a mail service on Iho
local between this city and Medicine!
Hat, have at last been crowned with
success. Cnninniicing Monday nf
this week Us. service went into rl-
lecl.    Mail    lor the Hat and      vi.v
Ask 111,,ml.    I'.I.M .1'.
ii ll
In the sail nl l.iimcli'r Bros. vs.
Page and Devlin, in connection willi
shares in tin. Corliiu dial anil Coke
company, u decision Ims lieen ror.-
dored in favor of Uie l.niigleys Iiy
.listgo Huncke, ol the supromo court
ol Washington. In view of this di^
cisinn Mr. R.L.T. (lallirailli, ol Kort
Steele, will enter suit against
Messrs. Page and Devlin for the sum
of Sliiil.iiiiu. The case will likely
comb on lor hearing ilurli.g next
Kvorybody will bo ileligliti'd to
know that Oily Clerk Tims. Roberts, was aide lo lie nut ol thu
Imspital yesterday afternoon and attend the I'niinel meeting. Mr, Huberts is looking won.li'i fully well,
considering his recent operation ami
should soon be as lit, as lie is anxious, tn get back to work again.
Henry l*arker, of Liindbrock, Alia.,
is here visiting his brother, Chas, S.
Preserving strawberries in ., few
(lays. Leako yonr orders early.—
fampla-ll and Manning.
John Ollpin, ot Portal, S. II., was
in ihc city Wednesday and iniivli.is.nl
one ol the five acre tracts frum   the
Kootenay Orchards Co. on whieli
ex|H'Cts   lo    settle antl make ni:
ture home in the fall', afler In
harvi-sl.-d     2.rill lien's    ol    when
North Dakota.     Ile Intends in
vest further in Cranbrook realty
is making    lb.- change fur the lie
of his   iM'alth.    He   will bring
lamily on       his    return In n
Three automobiles, under cu
merit to Messrs. Mott, of the 1-
nay (laragc Co., arc held in
Ireight, car, in which tbey nrriveil, at
the C.P.R. depot. 1'por. arrival ni
thc car it was found that the autos
had been badly wrecked and, cnn-
sc-qucntly, Messrs. Mott refused to
accept them. One of these cars
was lor T. Crahan, of Michel, anotli
er lor Mr. W. II. McFarlanc, ami
the third was to have lieen forwarded to Nelson. In the course ol
a lew days Messrs. Davis Rros. will
have a car, and Mr. A. 11. Macdonald
is importing a five sealed Oakland
No. 10.
Visit our furniture department.
Kverything new and ti|i-to-thc-minutc.
Call ami inspect whether you wish to
buy or not. Wc are always willing
to show you our many lines at all
times.—E. K. Merc. House.
.1.   II. Doyle, travelling rcprcseuta-,
tive ol    A. L. McDermot, was       in t
Calgary last    week   spending several J
days.      This   was Mr. Doyle's    Iirsl i
visit to Calgary in twenty years and
Ik- was more than surprised at
growth of       the   country     through
which     he    rndc   in   early years   in
command nl the mounted police.   He
was stationed at Calgary for a number of   years   as a    mniinted officer.
Places    where    formerly  only       a
ranchmaii's    In us--   stood  an*    now
thriving little   cities ami the   whole
country   has gone through such       a
marked Change that   Mr. Doyle could
hardly believe it. was llie same prairie
thai a lew years ac. lav in uiulil.it-
ing distances   untrnmiuclid Iiy duces
and a stranger to the plow.
wilh very    little help frnm Washing-
Ion ami Oregon, and will make    tin
prices such as will keep mil Ainerii
Persons desirous of having sewerage connection made should apply In
F. I'liiven/anii, I'. I). tinx 1!H or
phone 211. wlin is prepared to lender
mi the work of excavation and ditching. 22-tf
The ciiaiHiiaii Amusement company)
Hull was in luwll tile Drst ol Ihu
week, did mil add much lo llie gaiety
of llie I'liiinmuiity, Hit some ol its
mouthers provided work lur the police nnd the police magistrate. A
gypsy fortune teller completely lie
witched two Swedes and relioved
lliem of substantial sums of money.
After hearing all Hie evidence ami
learning Unit, the lie.wilching gypsy
li.nl lour    little children in support,
i'l agis-lrate ordered the refund ol
Hi nicy, or ii. default a jail    sen-
liiu-e. The money was" pul u)i ami
the gypsy allowed lo go under suspended sentence. The other case
was Uml of an engineer, who had
been in the employ ol tbe company
ii|> lo Tuesday ol this week. He ww
tlicli discharged and came up lown,'
where lie entered a .lapancsc rcs-
aurattt ai.d sei/isl sonic cash lying
oa the counter whilst tlie proprietor
examined his cash register. The cx-
oiiciiuivr bolted witli the cash followed hy the ilaimncse proprietor
and bis brother. A Bcrlmmago took
place, outside, during which a con-
sta'le arrived on the scer.e and ar-
rcslod C. o. ,lones, lhe engineer, wlio
this afleruia.il was convicted, ordered
to refund tlm sum stolen, some nine
dollars, and tu put iu the three
next months al hard labor in Nilson
FOR SAI.K.-fiood saddle pony,
broken to harness. Will also work;
good horse for small rancher. Cheap
for cash. Apply Herald <>fllcc, llox
A. 21-11'
POR      SALK    OHEAP.-A    two
wlm-lnl Knglish carl antl slngli- imr-
i»'ss; in Drst class condition. Apply
HpraW offiiv, llox A. 21-tl*
. (Calgary Alln-rtan).
Kcving a child with Ills dollir-
ahlazc, .laini'K Kiillcr, a L- Ye**r oU
Itoy .Scout, soil ol Air. Viiller, show-
nl coiLspictiotis couragu autl iiri'senci'
of miiMl in |itiltliig out the tlamt-s
with a football cover which Tic was
About 4 o'clock on Friday aftcr-
1mh.ii, .Mm Fidlcr was walking Mong
Thirteenth avenue w hen a tlir.t-
t'.ar-old boy dashed Irom bcliiwl thc
house towards the street, his
clolhefl in llaiiH's.
-lim jumped over the fence awl
.mucked tlie flames wilh the football
"1 didn't rcll him on tbc ground to
pul tbe flames out because there
were lots of .ashes and I might have
hurt him worse," said he to The Al-
bertan k.st night.
After he had put out tbe Tire. Mrs
Brandon, 133 Tnirlcciteti avenue
mother of tit.* child, rushed
out and assisted In removing the
Imi ai.d charred clothe.*.. While slu
was doing this Jim ran lor the doctor. Not finding Dr. Crawford in,
he Went hack to the house to see it
any more could lie done. The baby
hii'l boon taken into the house ami
•lim went home.
Ile did not say a Word to cither
■j^ his mother or father, ah<mi the Incident and it came to tlieir ears only
bv Mrs. Brandon callii.g to thank
the pan-nis of the boy wlio had
saved the life of her son.
■ lames Kiillcr is a seout in the
Church of tbc Redeemer troop. His
scoutmaster, the llev. I'. Home,
called him to tin* front at tlie last
troop assembly ami thanked bim for
tin* credit he had'brougbt to the
11'iMiji and to the institution of
scorns as a brigade.
It is the feeling of .lim\ parents
that he has only doi.e his duty as   a
scout,    "lie Prepared" is the motio
nf the scouts and >lim has shown b>
bis presence of mind tbat ON scout,
at  least, appreciates its mei.mng.
Summer Muslins
The warm weather makes the muslin dress
indispensable. Our showing of Muslins. Ginghams and Zephyrs is large and the patterns
dainty. We were fortunate to secure an assortment of Mercerized Foulards—.the most popular
material of the season — in a variety of patterns
in Grey. Blue, and Rose, priced as low as 30c.
and 3bc,
In White Muslins our showing was never
better.  The prices run from 15c. to 50c. per yard.
Women's Wash Coats and Skirts
Embracing all the new Mms of iliis Buuimer, Distinctive
Biyli's. now uml ,'ri»|i from lho manufacturer, in Brin ami Repb,
I'.viry garnu nl is different.
LINEN CUATSS6.W to $15. WASH SKIRTS $1.75 lo $4.7S
Smart Millinery Reduced
Wo intend tu materially reduce mir
Blocks. Trimmed Hats will be suid at
prices width will deer tliem mil
Grand Clearing Sale of
Trimmed Hats
You will tind n large tttigortmi'iit tu
select frum Ideal Hats for .lune und
Summer in both small and lar^e
slm|ies. Vou will have practically tlie
whole season to wear yuur new hat and
.mu may buy it al a great saving.
McCreery Bros.
Cranbrook's Dry Goods and Clothing Stores
and 3 Lots, on Armstrong Ave.,
Choice Location.
WANTED TO RENT.—from iarli
■ luly, ,oltup.- wilh three Imtiiimnv
water and light. HunKnln'.v style wiih
R.Nid irarili'ii, tiul'h and lrasrincnt
prclerrcil. Stale tiTins, etc.—A. II.
W., Herald tlttlcc. 21-lf
"1'arls ol liritisli! I'i liiiulila will
have more Im t than tliey wil ao
iihlr to nick this year, and, as a resull, many: ol the fruits should lie
much cheaper tliis year than lunner-
ly. Smal Irulls, such us berries,
however, arc not so plentiful, and
will continue liiuli In price." .1. O.
Pratt, nl Toronto, who has lieen
touring llie west on befall nl the exhibition illustrators ol that city,
was in LelbbriilL'i' this wi-rk oallinit
mi toe secretary ol the local exhillii-
llon hoard. He lias Just returned
trom a trip through llrilish Columbia, where lu; visilcd mosi ol the
trail districts, uml hr suid tbat the
niitlonk lor a large Iruit yield Is
simply magnificent, ni.d the IcuttJ(Tardcn avenue
growers,w.1.1 lie unable to bundle Uiei , i
crop. The H.l'. fruil rin|i'will lie A denioastratinn orchard to lie cs-
hcavicr llun ever before In tbe his- 'luhlistird by tbe department ,1 agrl-
tery nl the province Tfaj nipeot to iiiliuro along similar Ilia's to the one
supplv the pralrlc usirkel    this y.-.i> > at WMermere has hrra aaturnl    to
The Ladies Guild nl Christ church
are giving a strawberry social at
the Hectory on Wednesday evening,
.lune 26, to which all are cordially
invited. 23-3t
WANTED AT ONCE.- Oirl to do
general housework. Apply to Mrs.
II. White. 21-tl
WANTED.-fllrl lor gcinw.1 housework.    Apply    Mrs. I. II. Manning,
QotoVn it will in- ilVottcd on Un*
property ol Wwrki K. NirMs-m,
■«iio hus   one ol the   most nritabte
[ihiiTK    in     UM <listri<t  ti>r tins pot*
i-ost* and li ^iiiiwii ;,> "tv i ( ti"*
inns! energetic formeri In 1I|"■ nturti-
[(irboOd, Mfi Xhe fJoltlr-ii si.ir. Is it
not time that tin Local Tory orpnl*
/;V\uu jol  litis;   .in.l msisUtl ujioii tin;
si'ltrtiifii uf a site f«*r ii demorolration finiiiiM in' tiit* CrtQbrook tiis*
trit't? A Bttfl was t-lifscn, but It
happened to In* on a tint's farm, and
consequently was hastily Rbtratoned.
Stin-ly tiirir is a £ut*t\ T. ry (armor
in this dtstrld with a MocV ot land
suitable for   detnooBtrati-m ptirpo******.
Ooini; out of wait paper ouslneKs.
Choice stock mint he tlispiisul ct at
any price.—B. 11. Short. 11-tt
Tho fi*sli\al ol Corpus Christi last
niiiiiiy nttr.irtnl a large tin tuber o(
spi'-talnrs to St. KiiRcno Mission,
wlnii' thr OOfratfofl is alwu\s ci.in-
mrmornted in a spcciallv tittin\; man-
net by the Tndinns. Vnfortunatcly
many nl Ute spectators arrivnt 1»m>
late nn the seem* to witness the In-
ili.ui |'|,m<s.ihii In cxplanaliMi o(
the earlj    honr at which,the ptoces-
stim X***k place, Hew Fathet l.atn-
bot lotonned the Herald that be tud
been prompt*-.) to make this change
in victy ol sofiiewlMit undesitable oc*
nrtescei at th*1 previous year's
fi-reitifiny, wbt>n a large number of
t--wnspeo|lc von present, some cl
Whom, msregardhiK the religious aspect i.f tin* (jccat».--n, iiwlulged in a
K<xm| deal of horseplay, and «»Ut-rrwis..
iiiMiicht ridicule up-m the ceremony.
Father I^itnU.t expressed tf%rei at
bring compelled to diooppoM so
many sp-K'taiors, hut be emphatically
potato) out 'that It wasmW import'
ant that the Indians should be Impressed with thc religious aspect of
ihe wrc-mony and only harm ootid
arise Irotn them seeing white people,
carelessly and without evil Intent,
making fun of this important and
impressive religious festival For
next year's ceremony Rev. Father
l.arnliot hopes to tie able to arrange
fur a turn out of the Cranbrook
Knights of CoIuiiiImis, who would a<*l
in conjunction with lhe native police,
as mo-iutaincrs of ordet, and In tbat
event the ceremony would take plaoe
at a litiM hour convenient for all
spectators from Cranhrook »nu Hi.'
surrounding roimtrv THE   UHANJMOOK   HERALD
Cranbrook Agricultural Association
 Cranbrook, B. C. ■
SEPTEMBER 19 and 20
Two Days of Care-Free Enjoyment
Big Special Attractions
New Interesting Features
Everybody Help-Plow, Seed, and Cultivate
The District Wants Vour Assistance
A. E, Watts, WaMsljiirg, IU'.
0. M. Kingston, M.n., (Irand Forks,
(Special, eorrespolMlenee).
Mr. llco. Thompson and liis bride
have commenced housekeeping in Mr.
Hand's residence on Pooty HUI.
' Ml. Oeorge il'owell, ol Cranlirook.
was In (own last Wednesday on business.
Miss Itosetta Oouzcns left on Ih'"
Flyer Thursday night lor her home
in Detroit.
Mr. ('. A. Shook ami lainily Ml
[nr tho Arrow Lakes last Friday.
Win. .Mi™, of Vancouver, was in
lown last Friday on business.
Dr. Itiilleilge, ol Cranlirook, was in
town ou Tuesdav.
Mr. Stearns arrived Irack borne
Mr. linn liiniitiiss met wh-h an ac-
nih'iil al. Ihe sawmill Friday. He
mis laken lo tlie Cranbrook hospi-
inl Wc hope to hear it his speedy
Miss Irene IVnoalnie returned home
on Satimlay alter an iktended visit
wilb fiii'inls at the coast.
Tlie ballasting gang, arc busv working m, the Kootenay Central at
litis point.
Ilaseball game Sunday last, flallo-
wai ami Wardncr. Itcsult: Wardncr
IH runs; llalloway, 12 runs.
Mrs. Hart lilt Wednesday morning
to join her husband at Alberni.
TO    Till'.    SUARKI101.UKIIS    OF
emliryo, but it is no longer a matter
of a KsunMe, your contributions have
provM hinds to prov0 it almost
wilhmit, a shadow nf doubt a ureal
commercial success, thut on a ion-
Kcrvtttlvo csliniiilt* may more than
ei|iial Hm* rcconls nf the Kemie and
liuiismiiir mines, which earned the
lirst investors muny mllions of dol-
liiis, and for the followitkg reasons
j yon may expect even grcotof
1 .nut is:
1. The   enormous IhhIv of coal
proven by the rxisl-atitv   of the many
2. The    transportation     facilities
the i-o.il iH'inii close to two railways
3. The     contiguity to great    cou-
witli mi other    pro-
Yoiir directors lieg l«> present their |
report us Ui tlte presenl condition of
the company's 'property, ami its future prospects.
The pros|H*ctinK work done so far,
about 201,11 feet of shufls, drifts, ami
tunnels, has demonstratod the value
of tlte company's property. One tun-}
nel has inili driven about four liuiul- Minimi*, centres
red leet and this opened up one sown ilnni.i*, mines within hundreds of
of cikiI fi feet li inches in width, ami miles. For instance: B.C. Copper
a secimd tum.el tapped another seam smelter, (ireenwood, B.C., 10 miles}
ol coal 3 feet 8 inc-hes in width. One (tiaiiby smelter, (irand Forks, B.C.,
shaft was sunk for lifly feet all in 32 miles; Consolidated Smelting Co.,
coal which stowed a widening ui tlie Trail, B.C., 118 miles; City of Nelson, 12fi miles; Itossland, 130 miles;
Phoenix, 37 mites; -Spokane, 172
miles; and many more towns in It.
Cj Washington ami Idaho within a
ratlins of 150 mile*.
I. Your crown gran Ml land, liuntl-
ffeds of acna of which can be utilized
for -fruit culture, the richest valley
laml for raising alfalfa and other
vuhiabfe crops, thc land is in lho
<vnter of om* of the best grazing dis-
vein and coal ol incrt-asir.g excellency
with depth.
The report of Thos. I. Brophy,
mining engineer, said that nine coal
veins as indicated by thc outcrops
were ou tbe property, the veins underlaying each other which are visible
along the trunks of thi: Kettle river,
and some of them within 2i.it feet qf
the C. P. railway.
Upon the land your company owns,
which runs parallel with tla' Kettle tricts for oat He, an Ideal location
river ami the C.P.H. track lor two for a creamery. An abundance ot
miles, witb nine visible outcrops. J water for power and Irrigation. IV
Mr. Brophy estimated that you hail is not unreasonable to expect that
several   mil ion   tons of coal.     Your your mines when fully developed will
directors encouraged by tlu; favorable showing demonstrated by the
work done mail.! application foi all
the availaMc land adjoining, The application lias been accepted hy the
government for coal rights over live
sections, the most valuable <f which
It Is propositi to retain foi luturc development! according to tbi* mining
expert's estimate of several millions
of tons on Ute area you owned at
that time, that and the additional
ana acquired should produce enough
eoal for continuous opera,ions for
many centuries.
This mine is only 172 miles from
Spokane, nearer than ai.y other operating cot! mine, and Spokane is the
biggest coal market in the northwest. The present cost ot freight
is 12 .In per ton. The Kettle Valley
railway now in course of construction
will shorten the haul and aa fntn-
petitive railroads pass near the mine
a reduction in freight may be expected. We will allow a generous
price lor mining, say $1.50, freight
at $2.50 and duty per long Wn at
.50.   Total $4.50.
We can deliver domestic coal in
Spokane and allow the retailer $1.50
per Ion, ami make $3.00 per ton
profit (or the mining company, and
sell coal at less than thc prevailing
prices, which are from $0.00 to
$10.00 per lui. Presuming that the
company produces tlw* moderate
amount of 500 tons per day, at $3.00
profit it won lil pay 60 pet cent on
the capitalization ot $1,000,000.00.
Shareliolders wbo first hought the
shates of the company at a low
price In a sense wercgaml'-fing with
chai.ccs like most   mining concerns in
employ at least 1,000 men, and they
wilh the allied industries which must
naturally follow wilt support a very
large -population, because you have
so many other jmssibililif*, and productive land iu llie Immediate viein
5. Besides the magnificent coal
possibilities your directors congratulate you on later discoveries ol various valuable assets on your land,
huge deposit! ol lii.e time-stone and
sand stone sniiaWe for grindstones
and oih-t purposes, deposits ol clay
ami tlie, waste slacb coal can be utilized on the ground for burning lime
or.bricks. The mining Company has
sold a    site fot the manufacture    of
6. The various industries will make
a portion ol your land lor townsite
purpose! worth much mote than tlte
company's entire capitalization, and
the shares for which early inventors
paid such a small sum, In the near
future your directors tslievc will pay
7. Thc officers of thc company lor
their work and management will re-
them many hundred fold on the in*
(.■five no payment for their services
until sucli time as the company is in
a position to earn (or the shareholders handsome dividends.
8. Your directors hereby tender an
invitation to uny shareholder to
come ami Inspect thc property. Mr.
P. II. Birach has i-cen engaged
superinlender.t ol the mine and will
Ite pleased to receive visitors
H. Machinery and material for development are now In transit and
will In- installed on arrival, ai.d
work proceeded with vigorously
Semi-ready Suits
To Special Oriel
Ir THIM ll BO Scml-Ntdr mm la
yout town you mar li»«ittrat**Mdp
■ull made ta youi ipeclil cidei lioui nt*
tetoi. Send loi ttlo«'i Own" rtn-
miu it UD, wilb nylt book and twit*
mi* Mini" i (mini. Gull in let d, loU it
Ihe Mint pel" e-eiywh-re Is Cineii,
Hive roo if en Iht ml* book, III"
One foi you« lewi-ietdy Uniud,
fnrt-tn&u Bsiiortsi
G. Fred JahtJltotl, Ft-rnle, 11. C.
ground on  the   10th day   of    June,    -n-O 9    /O <T2P
1912.     The    application will be filed   Qj)/^(^//4r/9edSf^L^^
in the   office of the    Water Recorder  .^"-^ """ ^--ZT
at Cranbrook.
Objections may he filed with the
Water Recorder or with thc Comptroller ot Wader Rights, Parliament
Buildings, Victoria, B.C. '    )
I   Jonathan W. Innocent, Applicant., j
by W. F; Gurd, Agent. 21-5t
The word "real" has heen Inoot-
poialed In the title ol the 101 Ranch
Real WIW West Snow in order that
it may not be confused with other so
if.led western shows that have periodically toured the country. Even
today there are shows that claim to
1st of western origin to whom the
west is an entire stranger. Unscrupulous showmen have become
possessed of the Idea that any show
with p.islol shots ami Indian whoops
is a wild west portrayal. One show
in particular with a Mllo coiuMnlng
many shows has had the audacity to
hig tor patronage hy advertising ft
wild west show In connection with a
irons performance and this same
show has not the moral cmiraiw to
advertise thc circus. It has neither
and seeks to hide its deception under
a conglomeration of meaningless
titles and in no one way offers anything.
The 101 Ranch Real WW West
Show has but one title and tliat is
tho one to whieh it. is justly ami
honorably entitled. It is not a circus. It docs not offer the old time
circus acts. It Is not the vaudeville
slu w that circuses havcdi-gencratcil
Into. It Is a Simon pure wild west
show and comes direct from thc largest ranch in tlw world the 101
ranch at Bliss, Oklahama. The performance it gives Is one cf truthfulness and realism. It Is western depictions that arc historical ami the
participants in these reproductions
are in many instances those who
have made them historical. There is
no wild west show in this world
that could equip itself as has the
lol Ranch because thc equipment
could not he procured trom any other
source than thc home of this colossal
aggregation. The many hundreds of
Indians, cowboys, cowgirls, cattlemen, ftainsmen, pioneers and general
western people arc western js-ople to
whom the east is a new country
and which tbey arc seeing for the
first time. It is the genuineness ol
the exhibition given by tin* 101 Hand)
show that recommends it. It is the
truthfulness of its depletions that
lus made its reputation ami Uh* honesty of its advertising that has made
it worthy of patronage. The reputation of Ihis show is universal and
when compared witb the others who
have ieo unsuccessfully tried to imitate it, it is then that it appears to
tin* very best advantage.
Tho liltxni round Imxil.c, Contest In-
twecn Carver tail Mutt which will
take plaiv in the Auditorium on tlm
evening ol lhc 17th, Monday next,
promises lo he Miiui'lliiufc out ol Hi-
ordinary. The laet that Ihe name ol
Mr. .lame. Hairs 1* associated with
il will he a guarantee lo thc citi'i'is
nl t'ranbrook id a .'lean content. Thc
police authorities at Itegina state
that *Nult is a line, decent living
inline, fellow, again*! wtloni not a
word can lie said, t'arver la .aid
to he a very respeclabte lellow also.
All this may lie so, hut care has
been taken that II will bc In the interest ol both the t-ontestunts to live
carefully up to their reputations,
since they each hate had lo lodge
with Mr. Hates SIM) lo he torti-itc.1
and applied lo paying thc advertising
I cost ol lhe use ol the hall shoulil
lie nol lie satisfied as to the bona
IhIis nl llie conical. Further, should
Mr. Hales declure the .coinpelilinu
"No ctntcHt" tin* people will bring
their ticket counterloll. lo the hm
office and receive hack Hieir nnmey.
This guaranties thai the men will
have lo Im nn the square II they are
to divide tho gate receipts in any
proportion and In addition will, in
the event ol any shady work putting
in Ita appearance, lose Iheir SI0I1
each and all their training and travelling expenses.
Thi. la as it ougbl to be. There Is
nothing appeals to thc masses, yes,
and tlie class,*, as much a. a good
display ol boxing. Unfortunately
there bas been entirely too much ol
the money grab, too much ol tha atmosphere ol thc red lights and the
race track about the game recently
to Induce the public to touch It unless where the promotion wa. above
suspicion. In England and Franco
tiro'cHsional boxing is now a most,
popular, laahlnnable ami flourishing
lorm ol .port, thanks to lb:' erlorts
ol Hn. National Sporting club. nl
England and France, which took alter the sport, aa opposiil in the American Idea ot dollars Iirsl, wilh thn
same regard that Ike racing 1.    re
gulated. .Something of the same
Mud is badly needed in 1'iuiada and
it is a good sign to sec an effort in
llm right direction made In our homo
The Cranlirook Drug and Rook Co.,
Ltd., bucked up hy the manufacturer,
ol SALVIA, tho tlrcat Hair ((rower,
guarantees it to grow hair.
SALVIA destroys dandruff In ten
Tho roots ol the hair are so nourished and Iiii that a new crop ol hair
springs up, to the amazement and delight ol thc user. The hair is made
solt and fluffy. Like all American
preparations SALVIA is daintily perfumed. It is hard to find an actress
who does not use SALVIA continually.
Ladies ol society and Influence use
no other.
SALVIA Is a non-sticky preparation, and Is the ladles' lavorite. A
large, generous bottle, 50c. Thc Sco-
cll Drug Co., St. Catharines, Canadian distributors.
|    50CIBT
1 "
Cranbrook     Lodge,
No. it
AF. * A. M.
Regular meeting, on
th.   third   Thur.daj
ol .vary month.
Vl.lting brethren welcomed.
D, J. McSweyn, W.M.
.1. S. Peck, Secretary.
GrVMUErlT LeUI-UK Nl). id
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meat,   amy   Tuwday at I p.m. at
Fraternity Hall.
T. O. Jo««, C. C.
. J. M. Boyea.K. ot R. N. S.
Vl.lting brethren   cordially lurltad
to attnd.
The Leading Hu.tnefl* College
of the Northwest
Where young people can receive
a thorough business training.
CuMMCIU.lAW, no.
I. In seasion twelve month, in
the year.
No entrance examination..
Board and room at vary reaion-
ulile rates.
We secure position, lor our
Our now beautifully illustrated
catalogue sent (re. upon requeat.
Write for It NOW 1
H. C. BLAIR, Principal
1st A Madiwn     -       SPOKANE
New Potato Sacks
For Sale
Cranbrook Jobbers
If .Villi  1*1(011' tl
Hie (airtreBltin lit,
(•spent tti lie
iimtl If i.tlii-rn
Imvi* foil- d-'Mml
ine to nil* ymi.
I i.l.t-1 I know
lliiil I can Hire
yuu I will not in-
it-pt your rm***.
uml in evcrjr iu-
Ht'iiiif I treitl Ity
iiiv (i*o original
ml viii 1   nml
m.- ii> ti I i Ur toe-
lli I III o.
SpermaiorrlMt, Orfiilc WeakacM,
toil Vigor. Varicocele, Hy-froccle, Col*
Iraclcd Dlwrden, Specific ■"**• W«"«
Piles inl Stricture* — restoring ill
nffeeti'il on-iinw liiiHirti>ul and lienllliy
nctioti in llm flmrteot pooaible apace
of time.
tec nil tile fnrm* lit llieeilae*nl Men.
rutiaiiltntiiiii and Initrurtive booklet tree
nl nni''.' or li.v mull.
For a   l.leense   to    To.bc   nnd   Use
lhal .lonalhan W. Innocent, ol Fort
Steele, B.C., Will apply lor a Heen*
to lake and use 200 acre leet ol
water out ol unnamed spring and
slough which Hows in a southerly di-
riilion through T. I.. .11233 and
sinks N. ol Lot HI 13, near Fort
Steele. Thc waler will If diverted
al southerly end ol slough and will
I*' used for irrigation purposes on
Ihe laml described as lota 18*2 and
7218, Oroup One, and to store name
lu reservoir 1 aire by live leet deep
ut iniiiii ol diversion.
This notice was posti-d na tlte
ground on lhc 10th day ot .lune,
11112. The appl leal ion will ho filed
in Ihe olliee ol the Waler Recorder at
Objections may he hied with the
said Waler Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol Water Rights, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, 11. C.
.Iimathiiii W. Innocent, Applicant.
hy W. F. (lurd, Agenl. 2t-5t
For a    License   to  Take   and  Use
Water.   .
that .lonalhan W. Innocent, nl Kort
Steele, B.C., will apply, lor a license
lo take nnd use .1MB cubic teet per
second ot waler out ol unnamed
spring and slough whicli (low. In a
wiiilhcrlv direction through T. I,.
No. 31222 and .Ink. N. ot lot 8112
near Fori Steele. Tlie water will bo
diverted at anothcrly end ol slough
ami will he used lor domestic pur-
lenses on the land described as lots
8113 and 1218, Group One.
Thin notice waa posted      on    the
-JAffflMu     Meat, every Moalaj
EuHEg-i nl«ht **• N,w Ft*-
mWV*^'*!* torn!.- Hall. Sojourning Oddl.llow. cordially Invited.
H. J. Rcndall, W. M. Harris,
N. O. SfM'T.
Meet. Ant Md    third Wednesday.
in each month.
A   cordial reception extended     to
vi.iting brother..
Officer. July 1st to Dwambar Slat.
C. P.-H. Clayton.
Soribo-W. M. Harris.
No. II.
MMte trery .econd and  fourth Wad-
ceaday at Fraternity Hall.
Sojourning   Robakaha  cordially In-
Miss Nellie Baker, N. O.
Mr.. Anna Beattle,   Rec. See.
Meat, tn Carmen'. Hall Second and
Fourth Thursday ol each month at I
p.m. .harp.
Wm. Henderson, CR.
!.. Pcarron, Sec., Box 018.
Vl.lting brethren mad. welcoma.
Meeta In Carmen'. Hall drst aad
third Thursday ol each month at
8 p.m. sharp.
Mrs. Lulu Hayward, Rec. Sec.
W. B. McFarlanc, Chlel Ranger
Viaitlag brethren made welcome.
Meets In Carmen's    Hall 2nd    and
4th Tueaday every month at 8 p.m.
Membership   open   to liritisli   citi
N. A. Walllngcr, W. C. Crebbln
Pres. Seo'y.
P. O. Box 42S
Visiting members cordially welcomed.
i   Sunday morning scnlet at 11
\4a moi
ay   evening    wrvlc.   ai'
7.80 o'clock
Sokool  aad    Bible'
it I o'clock
'   Pra.byt.rlaa   Guild, Tuesday,!
at I o'oloek
Baptist Cburcb I
Pastor, H. S. Speller.
Parsonage. Norbury Atsmm.
'Pkona, 114.     P. O. Boi 111.
Regular Sarvlcec-Sunday, 11
a.m. ant 7.80 p.m.: Bible
School with Yonag badtsa'
Phltetew aad Young Man's
BIM. Clsss, I p.m.
Monday, Young Ptoplea', I
■fedeetday, MM-Wsek Meeting.
A cordial   Cbrl.tlaa
♦ toatt
President: T. 6. Oat,
HecraUry: 8. Macuinai.ii
', For inlormatlon regarding lands <
i and   agriculture   apply   to the i
> Secretary, Cranhrook, K. G.
Every second \\ eilnewlsy
Dr. Mallei's Female Pills
Nineteen Yean the Standard
Prescribed and recommended lor wo-
men's ailments, a scientifically prepared remedy ol proven worth. The
result trom their use Is quick and
permaaent. For aale at all drugstore.
Builder and
i 1
] |   St'iit ic Tiinka anil Concrete   < >
,', Work Kenorolly a ' '
1' specialty. 11
;; Estimates   Freely Given.;
P.O. Box 346
|| Cranbrook, B.C. |
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Money to loan on favorable terms.
Every care and comfort
A home Irom home
Special attention in ea*eH ol
Maternity, Rlieumati.m
and Pneumonia
Term, moderate
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in .WILD AT TIE snows
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Freight paid on Alberta Exhibits
Calgary Industrial
June 28th to July 5th, 1912
and other Features ot Merit
I. 8. II. VAN WAItT.
Prize List and Entry Forma from
W. I. BICHAUU80N, Mnnaiter, Victoria Park, Calgary.
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ROLLINS BROS., Proprietor!
1221 Granville Street
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Two hundred elegantly (nmiihed roonii. Every modern
convenience. Elevator tervico. Cafe in rontisction. Roonii
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Will Bahaism Unite
All Religious Faiths?
Surely tbe dawn ot a ■*** day
was hcraldnl on that Sunday evening wlux the Archdeacon ol We.tr
minslor walked hand in hand with
ttie Vt'krrahle Abdul Halm up to the
nave ol St. .Iirtm's cliureh, and invited him not only to address tbe
congregation hut to offer lor them
hi. prayers and lilessiiiR," say.
writer in UM Fortnightly Revi.w
Considcriag the dignity Md co>-
Mirvatiam ol tlw Ksti*Wi*l«d Church
ol England, and tbe laet tbat Mil.
little-known Persian prophet has
com. to the western world to proclaim the dawn ol Ih* millennium, to
announce that tin, Mt-wiab await.il
by ail nations baa actually lived,
taught aud died upon this earth within the past century, and to preach
what bt aad bi. lollowrrs IhiII.v.
to be tlw new world religion, designed to imliHle and supersede all others
and to unite all nation, under tbe
banner ot a common faith, tbi.
would hardly seem an extravagant
sleteruei.t. When we add to It the
assertion ol the Contemporary Review that, within « week alter his
arrival in England, where he waa almost unknown, Alilul Baba delivered
an address Irom tbe pulpit ol the
City Temple in London, being introduced by it. rector a. tile leader ol
one c* the most remarkable religious
movement, ol thi. or any other age.
it seem, evident that at least a, part
ol the Episcopal church is inclined to
accord bim tbe courtesy ol a.respect-
Inl hearing.
Religionists nl other laiths were
equtlly interested. The Fortnightly
Review goes on to say:
"Tc the house in I-ondon where
Abdul Baba and hi. suite were received a. honored, welcome guests,
came a constant stream ol alt sorts
and condition, ol men and women,
Christian, of every denomination,
IluiHhist ol every nationality, Theo-
eopbi.ts, <Kurcae.tr.lan. and Mohammedans, Agnostics and Gnostics. To
each be .poke some individual mes-
rage, and to their varied question
be gave simple, direct arid suite
s|n.nlaneous answers."
A lew week, ago Abdul 'tabs and
his little group ot disciples landed in
N'ew York, quietly and almost
heralded by the newspaper.. Courtesies similar to those he bad received
ir. London were at once extended to
him by the Rev. |*prcy Stickncy
Grant and others ol the clergy, and
the first Sunday alter hi. arrival be
was invited to,' deliver Us message in
the Church ol tbe Ascension. Since
then be ha. been speaking constantly
to those whci eared to seek him out,
and ha. announced hi. intention ot
visiting the Baaal communities in
diflrrent cities nl the United States.
Abdul Baht-or Abba. Etlendi. to
use the name by which be waa known
belore he received hit mission—
makes no claim that he i. bimsell
tbe Messiah. Ha says plainly that
he i. not even a prophet, only Abdul Baba, the Servant ot Ood. But
he .and hi. followers believe tad assert that the Mesiiah eipected by all
peoples came ia the lorm ct Baaa-
u'llah, who .pent the greater part
ol his llle a prisoner in the Syrian
Penal colony at Acoa, and who died
there fourteen year. ago. In this
prison he wrote the three book.
which lorm the sacred scripture, ol
ths Bahais, .nd Irom there ht spread
abroad Ms doctrines in tbe lorm ol
epistle* aad hy means ol such disciple, at were not imprisoned witb
him. Durmg the lsiter year, ol his
lite he wat vi.ited hy many distinguished nebular., at well a* religlou.
enthusiasts Irom all countries, aad
to the writings ol the former we
owe such authentic inlormation *t
we possess concerning the character
of Ihe religious reformation that waa
hidden lor so many year, la the
heart ol the east. Almost without
eicentloa these accounts treated
both teacher and doctrine with the
utmost respect.
The tbsolut. catholicity ot tht
doctrine goes lar toward eiplainiug
Its ready acceptaact by adherent, ll
every known creed. It meddles with
no reltghiui belief., lawt ot <
vance*. Int insists oa tht natty un-
derlyiag all. While itt ultimate aim
I. tbe spiritual unification ot all
mankind, It ia aot la aay way subversive ol tbe ancient creed.. On tha
contrary, it urge. .pceifkally that
"each man shall cling more closely
to bis own church or faith, to the
end that he may work therein to
purity, caaoble, enlarge, aplritualiie
aad merge Into the larger unity the
expression ol eacb particular btlltt.'
The Bthal who It not made thereby a
better Christian, Mobamniedan or
Buddhist, it no true Babal.
Bahaism formulates no new system
ot ethics. Rather, It emphatically
assert, that the ethics already given
in tht world', religlou. literature.,
tad hammered out Irom the oornrnoa
experience ol humaalty, art quite
sufficient tor mankind Is any age.
The sole point i. that the fundamentals ol spiritual teaching shall bt
universally admitted and practically
applied to tbe attain ol dally llle
aad to the development cl the social
aad political Uto ol nations. Tht
gnat net el ■taalan fa UN*-,
■ i:
.\ lulu!
(The Cranbrook Drug and
Hook Co. Sells
The Great French Tonic
"Tliere is something above anl
Iwyi.nd patriotism, ami it is better
to love your Icllowiucii than In love
only your countrymen. When wo sir
this, and know in very truth tho
brotherhood of man, war will appear
to us in its trill- light as an outrage
on riviliwitiiiii, an art uf inadnrss
and blindnesii."
HabaVllah iiiinoiiiici-il this hull ii
century ago, in thr slaiiKliti'i-luiiisii nt
Persia, uml it is nol Irss forcible ln'-
cause today it is the slogan of peace
Socielie. nl every civilized country
In the world. So willi other Ideal*,
which men are striving lu realize,
Tbey all lorm iltl.-Krul parts nl tin
teaching.; nf Ilalia'u'lliili. In a conn
try am! ut a lime whrn women wen
held u lie sou Less cliutiels, he intensified tlii* pi'i'sct'iitiuii from whicli
he suffered by proclaiming tlie perfect
equality ol tne sexes. ''Essential
difference in sphere, he said, "in
point of view and in service tu their
joint humanity, imt each ote ul two
pillars supporting the arch ol liie,
tbe necessary compli'im nt one ol tlie
other." Abdul Italia, true to llu:
Bahai method nf keeping up with the
times, even approves woman suffrage,
"In all questions which ooncern tlie
welfare cf a nation, is not lho woman', view as important uk the
man's II one would get a lust
and true consideratiiin nf nil sides ot
that question? Therefore, 1 am
In favor ot votes Inr women 'on
every subject. This great woman
movement which is stirring ami vibrating round Die wlmle world Is a
sign ol spirit awakening."
The industrial movement, now at
such tension, Alilul Mali,, declares tu
be lhe prelude ol a rapidly-approaching era in whicli the status nf the
worker shall be free anil iliimilicd,
and the division ol the world's
wealth just and equitable In all
classes. Tbe teachings nl llalia'u'-
llah touched very lightly upon the
domain ol politics, Int he strongly
advocated corrstitr.it icnal government
tor all countries, onl predicted llial
the new epoch would bring this In
pass. A world language li • declared
to be or.,, ot the inevitable results
of the breaking down of national
barriers, and essential lo the islnli-
lishment ol brotherhood among men.
Education ol all children must bc
one ol the chiel duties ol Bahais; ul
both boys and girls where thi' resources ol trie family odniittiil il,
but tbe girls in any ease, as they
were the future mothers and Irainen
of the race and so had the .greatest
need ol knowledge. The other great
individual requirements, as commanded by Haha'u'llah and cmpltnsu-
ed by his successor, is the learning
by both bora anil girls ol some
trade or prolesslon. which shall serve
as a means ol livelihood. All bandi-
cralts are approved, because the
training ol the hand to us. ful work
is one ot the great roods to mental
development and spiritual enlightenment.
Abdit Baha lays great iitn-ss upon
the necessity nl a vital and burning
faith, says the Fortnightly Review,
but be bas little use Ior faith without works. Numerous instances arc
given of questions asked by member,
ot different cults, and his replies, lar
Irom encouraging a more or less
productive mysticism, urged the necessity ol proving tlie value ol every
theory *hy practical application thi
tbe other - hand, practical, in the
bt uses it, docs not in the
least mean profitable, tine ol the
moat rigid rules ot llahaisin is that
ao religious teacher shall receive a
salary, or payment ol any kind, Ior
giving forth the truth as Ih- has re
ceived It, but shall support bimsill
and hi. family by tlie work ol hi.
band, or tbo practice ot sonic prcles-
That alfalfa will grow prolific oi
seeding ol only two pounds 1,, thi
acre Is the opinion ol L. A. Felger,
manager of the Ohio-Alberta Farms
Co., a practical dry-tanner operating
a very large acreage eight miles
south ol Lethbridge, Alberta. Thc
un cf this surprisingly small quan
tity ol seed is in maike,) contrast to
tbe opinion, ot many experts who
have been making a study ul alfalfa
for many years, In that opinions as
to the quantity ol seed lo be sown
nave varied,Irom 13 to 20 pounds tn
the acre.'
Hr. Felger bas an excellent stand
of 11 acres, whicli was seeled witli
only four pounds to the acre In
Hay, 1*11, on tail plowing that hail
been cropped the year before. Ills
plowing was done to a depth ol five
and a ball to six iin Ins, ami Ih, believe, that II he had plowed deeper
he would have rerjulrcd less seed. His
seed bed was well prepared and he
used a two-horse cultivator lour
M, and sanroWTd early      In   tbe
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young. It restores vim and energy
VIGOROL takes hold of thc inside
nerves al once and braces you up.
Some of your nerves have lieen dor
nutni (or years, and il they ure not
looked after will dry up and die
VIQOROL reaches    the nerve centor,
■parting Uto, youth and vigor. Tliat
tired, billions feeling is removed; all
your pains and aches are driven
away.       The most   woi.derlul tonic
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liie over again. Thc Cranhrook
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lmy VIGOROL. Price 11.00 u bottle.
spring. He inoculated thc soil with
soil Irom a neighboring alfalfa Held,
ami despite the [act that it was
severe winter lie null il nn loss
thruugli winter killing. He expects
his field will yield two and possibly
three cuttings, hut he plans to use a
portion ol Hie field in raising seed.
To prove the success of his theory
of [limiting in rows and using only a
small quantity nt seed to secure n
gumi sland, Mr. Felger lias Bent to
the Lethhridge hi-adtiuumrs nf the
International Dry-Farming Congress
a sample dug up on May 22nd, which
shows a 13-inch stand and a root
system ol .111 Inches before it was
cut off with a knife, and it is plainly
shown that the rout was still lunger.
I am going lo Beod only two
pounds t„ llie acre next ynur," says
Mr. Felger. "I find that tour
pounds makes too thick a stand, ami
I am going to stop up all the holes
ol my drill except twii and thus reduce lhe amount ol seed used, anil at
the same lime mix my seed willi
minimi feed. I sowed some alfalfa
where I mad every hole ol the drill
and It remind I'i pounds to the
acre. This stand. was altogether
loo thick and not as gum! in its first
grolltli as the Iii lil nt 12 acres which
grnwlh as the field nt 12 acres which
FOR RENT.—Two furnished rnonis,
a I modern enndeniences. Apply Herald office. 23-tf
that thirty day. alter date, 1 intend
to apply to the Chiel Commissioner
ul Lands and to the Assistant Commissioner ol Lands (or the District
it Eatt Kootenay lor a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on
the following described land, situate
on thc North Fork ol Michel Creek,
uin ml six miles north cl thc Canadian Pacific Railroad, and lying between the Mclnnes Oroup snd tlie
Cruws Nest Pass Coal Company's
Commencing at a post planted one
mile north ot a Point one mile east
ol tne intersection ol tbe east side
Une cl the Hclnnis Group and thc
north side line ol the Crows Nest
Pass Coal Company's land, said post
being tbe Initial pott ol It. (1. Bel-
den's claim and marked "11. G. Ucl-
den's N. E. corner," thenee 80
chains south, thence 80 chain! west,
tbence 80 chains north, thence 8t
eliains cast to place ot beginning
containing 010 acres, more or less.
R. O. Belden, Locator.
Batice Lameroux, Agent.
Located April 17th, 1012.       20-5t
MakM ••©rt Wo*fc of
Dear, naiad ud upmaUr ImmIh* caw. of
Sciatica, Lumbwo, Ont, Ncurala-i. ua. all other
liictnaof MeruautlanyteM.J.nc.toAl^llflrii..
Itheunwll. RaMty. Uk. u Mte. of merry it
rlftad Ihaaa fm. bad* •< Mat* uid foe n laun
ha. bom ewrhav ma, w,*>ii, mt children for
whom dear, ammd no leahx Juts few bottle,
h...cured MMO of from *> B»«0r«arB*dur*tli.n
ud Iota/ fl Mt iMrinllad a. • quick. Hf. >9
vhuluUifr rrttabh, tee.tr.ont for otl ark Kid die-
eue.. waeJikala.n.M.   Ut.dolkrlMtl.of
*****  ft       !fi!]l £25X2.
..In. a* *.,* *t*rt your .... tad...
Bent Mould or AoooH Ink Til». Deorbocn 81.,
Chlcaco, III. ifioor dntstot do*, rot hor. It
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r.l'J Uraavilk* St., Vancouver. cSleo Victoria
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Tamarac Wood
For Sale    j
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profits on smaller, volume of:$*m%.,
.■ .* 1 ,   .     1  .11 i'   i... uin   ...11 ..,t.
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v." ;  -d 1 i*,
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.!• ■ 1   qn  /I1...-11.1]
i tabnb---
r(.t..   !   ■■: .   ■    '    tfttHlfl
111- -'.'ii-»,i;.*m'.i£   iii;   i.i       !,li.l
void -uf ti.itt "> '•"-,  rrsloq  mitoftrviq, Urn   rtVimul    tlw   ill
iiu!    1   rtllsll.   i.ii.i-.:.!, .    : btui    *il illi* '.liiii imi lii»|
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Therefore, it the Ubcrul-balior-lrisli
alliance is to continue alter Mr.
Asqiiith's rest on Iris laurels Ills successor will require a great deal ol
laet and not a little personal magnetism. The man who sii'ius most
likely to fill tho bill is Winston
I'hurchtl*. Mr. Churchill is now the
master spirit in the party, lie seems
to carry every point nipon which he
basset his heart, anil ho soot'lies, reconciles ami eaUsfles evcry'bouy. Kvcn
Mr. Lloyd (leorgc, who at one time
showed a disposition to do with thc
Liberals what Joseph t'liamlboilain
tried and failed Utterly to do, when
he was the most radical of Uadicals,
now accepts with the utmost good
nature at his command the Churchill
dominance. Tho substantial money
powers in the Liberal party -would
not accept the chancellor ol the ex-
chctiiier ns leader. Mr. Churchill
wins them to hlm because be is not
un extremist, ar.d at the same time
his evident sincerity as a reformer
delights tlie musses. It will sur
prist nobody il Mr. Churchill is call-
i*t Iiy the king tu li nn the nexl
Liberal cabinet, and the IndloiiMons
are that Um task will have to In'
tackled at an early date.
Good Health
Vim and Vitality
Are assured if you will cleanse your
stomach ot undigested tood and ■ loul
gases; the excess bile from the Hvtr
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the great Iruit, kidney, liver, stomach and bowel remedy.
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Thomas, Ont.
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does    not   know      which
course to steer in kb-
fbkence to a naval
'IVrf* tun >h> but une explanation
*A Iht* ittU*ii)|>l uf Admiral Hnnlnt 1<i
sail north \n south on thr navy
qntrstum, remarks tlu* Toronto Globe.
Tlw admiral is noi realty ivs|K*tis.li.»'
li»r Uh* ijiki-ifain course uf (lie vi*ss*.
over Hhitli i»* is .siipiui.miI to have
COfltnl. He makes a line limine uu
tlie bruit*,-.'• antl lie issues his orders
in llie tune ut a matt who means
wfattt lit* says. Hut Ih* is only an an-'
limited meKiiifouif alter all. Tlieru
Is always somrnnt! ttiKRitiK at bis
coat tails and telling bim liow to instruct ttie statesman.
The otlier day it was Monk and tbe
aitti-ltritisli Nationalists who were
tu---*;iiiK at tlie admiral's coat tails
and telling bim what to do. Tlte
Tory press up ben* in Ontario autl
out on the Pacific had tin 11 eonfldent-
ly announcing Ihat tlie premier and
Mr. Ila/m were going to Britain al
most right away to consult with the
admiralty un t|iiestimts ul naval defence, and when they returned the
Dominior. would IiurIii lo take its
fair share uf Uw burden. This seems
to * have annuyed tin- anU-Hritisb
wing, who no doubt MirVed tht*
premier wan stealing a inarch ou
them. Tbe following official statement frum tbe premier wns evidently
Intended tit serve notice 'on the
Tory press -that tla* pace must not lie
forced: "During the past few months
reports have lieen publish-*) r.wpect-
ing a visit by tbe prime miniRtfer,
tJbe milliliter ol marine .tnd otln-rs lo
Britain during the lUmmer. As a
matter of fact, tliey are entirely un
author./til and wholy conJrcUire. No
such visit has yet been considered or
arrongid, esce.it that of Mr. Poster,
who leaves on the -list instant to
attend tbe meetings uf the Imperial
trade commission. The cabinet has
not yet cons nh red the visit uf other
members ur subjects to in- discussed,
and reports to tbe contrary are
wholly unauth-ri7fd."
Having successfully hcnilnl off the
visit to Britain ami the danger of a
conference with tlw admiralty the
anti-navy faction retired again Ih-Iow
deck. Nu sooner were Monk, and
l'elleiier, and Nantel out of sight
than tbe Hon. Kichard McBride skipped nimbly up to the bridge, tugged
at the admiral's coat tails and said:
"We In British Columbia are looking
forward to the government's announcement of Its naval programme,
and we hope that it will provide lor
tne creation nt an efficient force
which wil furnish real proifoUoti
and will nut trifle with Ute problem.
We believe that the best Interests (t
Canada and the empire require tlie
matter tn be dealt with etltvtively
There should be a stroi.g unit on
the Pacific to look after our defence.*1
The course of the ship Ims nnt yet
been changed again, hut the Hon.
Richard McBride Is .. very persistent
person, nod may be depended upon
to keep holh bands  <*\ Uie admiral's
(cunt     tail     till  he bears the order
'■liliout ship."   The    British I'olum-
Ihians are really    In earnest.      They
' know that if it had not been (ur   the
presence uf British ships uf war*   in
11m* early    days of tlie colony       the
people uf California would have seized Uie entire Pacific seaboard up   to
the    Russian     boundary,   and there
wn'iltl have been no Dominion of Canada stretching   from ocean to ocean.
Tiny feel that at any time tla' peace
of tis* Pacific may Ih* menaced,    ami
Imii  Canada must   have-ships   upon
' that, ocean as well as   Australia    if
I (lie (hiljcing nf tin1 high seas is tc he
left, ns the British admiralty    pro-
posts, to the overseas dominions.
I    Tlte    present   position Is  one that
cannot cuntlnue.     Mr. Borden   must
make bis choice.    The gilt   of    one
ii r Iwo Dreadnoughts for service with
| the Imme fleet in tlie North Hea will
i satisfy neither British Columbia nor
Nova Scotia.      Local smiadrtios   fcr
l<*eal   defence—the    I-aurier policy —
must in the end be the Borden policy
I also.    Tm- sooner the premier takes
the plunge the better.    It will   cost
' him llie   support of the Natlonallits,
, Int the Liberals of Oucbcc     In   lhe
recent provincial contest  proved b.*w
1 tlte their support was worth      tu
him or any other person.
Tlie I.aurier Mca la thc only one
tlml can Ih* regarded as a permanent
solution ol tlie navy .issue. Ar.d if the
admiral's rival advisers next time
Ihey go tugging at his coat tails
would urge him to make for that
port they would do hlm a real
service. The man who steers north
li; south usually lands in Daw
.lonct' locker.
A liill Iiii.' ol fresh vegeluliles. nl
Vi'ur.1 and Harris.
The Farmer*' Institute sill hold a
limiting Saonrday evening at 7.30 in
llm government liuildinK. Mr. French,
ol Victoria, will lecture or. 'fKruit
(In.wing and Irrigation," and Mr.
Terry, provincial govermiiriil poultry
nxnorl, will lecture on "Poultry."
i;ii'ivlii*|y    interesti'il   is    cordially
The Ladies Guild ol I'lirisl ehurcli
are giving a strawberry social nt
thc Rectory on Wednesday evening,
June 211, to whicli all are cordially
invited. 33-3t
Mr. .1. A. .1. MoKi-nna, ol tbi' Indian uYpai I ini'ii 1, Ottawa, bas been
appointed a apt-rial eomml-fsliuii'i |o
adjust all Indian land claims as lt-
Liven tlie government ol B.C. nml
tht" Dominion government. During his
.lay in B.C. he will visit Ibis mil mil
of the province and look into liidiuii
mutters before returning to Ottawa.
First-class rooms in lull)' niouerii
house, recently Improved nnd renovated. On l.umsden avenue, opposite, booth corner at linker's |iark.
Apply to Mrs. J, S, Minnie.      2-l-3t
Mr. .lames Sanderson, who recently imported an incubator trom
Kngland, which he cinsidcrs in lw
superior to American built mat-bines,
reports the first batch just ofl as
bring very encouraging. He says
every strictly fertile egg gave n
strong lire chick, hut lour and leel.
convinced thai in its control ol
moisture and evaporation he has in
Ibis batcher something a little better
than be bas ever belore nscr).
London, .lune 111—The early withdrawn! ol Premier Awpiith i<> thr
hoiise ol lords is now accepted as an
absolutely assured certainty, and it
I* not unlikely Hist he will, at the
sume lime, relinquish the leadership
of tin- governnornt and the Liberal
parly. Mr. Asquith .miles at tbe
runrrlng rumors, hut they are
known tn have good Inundation lie
has ianii.1 snrli a tn-mrndiiuH load
during thc strenuous year. which
have marked his surresslul direction
ol the Liberals Mnl It is a wonder
his health ha. at all survived the
strain. His physkian* have Ire-
■r>cntlv advised bim to seek a temporary rest sn that he may give his
splendid vitality a lair chance and
cvlcnd his political llle lor the good
nl tlie country. Mr. Asquith bss
proved a Mows to the Liberals during n I ime ot upheaval which called
(or unusual powers ot sxawlon and action Neither tbe great Oladatonr
or Ihe witty hut otherwise imrMocre
I'ampliell Daunerman could have soli
ditiiil Ihe   initial    coalition elements
as Mr.   Asojullh   ha.
lo do
WANTED.-l.ady    ironrrs.
Cranbrook Steam laundry.
Tbe tenth anniversary ol the Institution of tbc llrothernood ol
Railway Carmen will be eommonvnr-
ated locally hy on excursion to
Perry Creek nn Dominion Day, July
lit. Conveyances will leave I'ar-
iiiei.'s halt at 8 a.m. Tickets, including dinner, can he secured of any
ol the members, price 13.25.
Choice strawberries arriving daily
at Ward and Harris.
For a long time now people all over
t'anada have been talking nl the
*,t'iwn tbnt moves" whether it wants
to .do so or not, says the l.ellibriilge
Herald. The town that moves Is
Fraiiet, hut it will have to drop that
eovsiomen, at least fnr a few yearn.
For Frank has moved. Thc Turtle
mountain bas nn more dangers lor
the citizens nl tbe lamoos I ttie coal
lown, and can fall or stay up where
it Is lust as it suits his despotic
majesty. Fr.nk has hern moving lor
somo time, ever since the geological
prietem, rs said it would be a wise
bhrng to do under tbe drrtmi.tartccs.
For a long time the people were quite
skeptical and glared defiance at the
monster. Then discretion got the
better ol valor ami the trek began
Tn show however that they didn't
much care Inr the threats of tbe bin
fellow wilh tbe slow name, they
moved just out ol thc danger rone
The noted Sanatorium hotel, coming
pleasure resort ol Ihe south, 1. now
IV center ol the rejuvtnatn. Frank
OM Turtle still stands nut in relict
towards tbe east, but the citi/ens annul of Uw danger zone Tne moving
process has been going on tor some
lime, and In another week or so the
big majority ol citlacns w 11 lie,down
In rent in security in tlieir new homes a mile west ol Iht old slide. All
thc main stores have gone, and arc
now doing business in Iheir new
stands. Thc holds were the last t„
gn, but they naturally followed the
trek and those wlm are not closing
down entirely, will soon be install.il
mil nl tlw line ol fire should tlie
Turtle turn on lis guns So lar the
C.P.H. has not honied the invitation
to mow. They still return their
station <m the same old .not, Being
trig also, Ihey probably ibink they
.-an call thr Mull. However, it. Is
well known, that the cmimnv's engi
neers have looked over the situation
ami decided nn a line nl action
wlileli will shortly place their property also beyond danger from thc vagaries nf tin' unstable peak.
\sk lllnndv. Blondy knows.   'Phone
i,: 22-tl
The "Over Seas" Club
Word has just been received that
i:vclyn Wrench, Earf., founder and organizer ol the Over-Seas Club In
lends to visit this city on Friday,
June 28lll, in tlw interests ol the
. A special general nlccelng will be
Held In Uw Y.M.CA. on Saturday,
tho I5t|i al 8 p.m. for lhc purpose ol
making arrangements as to U|c reception nf this gentleman.
Therefore thc executive commute*,
hopes that all members who are any.-
inns to see this visit a great success
will make an effort to attend this
genera! meeting.
T||»t Maphela, Nature', Sca|p Tflnlc
hns a record Inr slowing, hair—9!j
cases out ol 100. It is tlie only remedy ever discovered that ia similar
to the natural hair loods or liquid,
ol tbe scalp. Removes danflrull,
Prevents tailing hair. Each package
contain, a packet ol Macbela Dry-
Shampoo Powder. Priee lor complete
home treatment, 11.00. Sold and
guaranteed hy the t'ranbrook Drug
and Book Co.
Save Your
A dollar saved is a dollar made. We
desire to reduce our stock. We require
the room and the cash, and to accomplish
the desired results are cutting prices right
down to bedrock. We defy competition.
We absolutely guarantee every article to
give satisfaction or refund your money.
Can you suggest anything fairer or a safer
investment. We are the losers in this
case. Just drop in on Friday morning
when the sale starts and see the bargains
in Crockery, Glassware, Groceries, Furniture, Men's Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Shirts,,
and Underwear. W*S will not here quote
prices, but you can rest assured you can't
Make Money Easier
than by attending this sale.
The Quality
Sale is on
14th to 22nd inst,
A Strong Combination
When you can combine durability and appearance with low
price, you have reached the highest goal attainable in the purchase
of any commodity.
Since opening business in this city we have successfully
demonstrated that as far as we are concerned you are placed in
the position of being able to attain that goal. The rest is up to you.
Our steadily increasing business — WITHOUT FUSS,
that our policy is appreciated.
NOW we are going to give you something to talk about, something that will take the city and surrounding district by storm.
You are going to have some values thrown at you that will make
buying irresistible.
Suits for Men
Yon havo frei|iit'iilly paiil $22.60 ainu, tie AA
for one not so (rood  - I1WW f I0.UV
Our Best   ^J™ Now $22.50
Men's Shoes
Kor Street. Drew ami Kvoryday
wear, A trout ninny atiiwlanl
)5,00 valuea  	
Now $3.75
$1.25 Summer Underwear
l'orous Knit. Bnlliriiwan, etc    Stilt 75C
Rend Bills lieing diatributwl
Hats  S&qhr*^ Now $1.50
50c Neckties     -     Now 35c
ShirtS   Value, not l«M than $1.25    NOW 75C
Boys' Suits S J& Now $3.75
S-PIKOK SUITS, $7.60 value. ...     HOW 90**70
Boys' Shoes
A full line just come ia.   Valuee   U^y. •* 25
A few daya will eihanat thane tinea
The Boston Clothiers
Next to Manitoba Hotel


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