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Cranbrook Herald Aug 10, 1922

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TSlB cranbrook herald
N l 91 li E It
I'liriiirr Lays Stress on <'tts.i» of
Mr. WiilllumT. Hut Not
Very I'otivliielntrly
Moid   MIiiinU.ru  Devote   MhHi
Attention to .Mr. Mower
uiMt IIU CrltlrlaiiiN
Al a meet UK mi Mmiilay evening in
the Auditorium, Premier Oliver and
lion. John Hart, minister of finance,
were the speakers In support of the
' candidature of John Taylor, liberal
nominee In the by-oloctlon contest now
mi in tliis riding,
Mr. Alan DeWolf acted an chairman,
and Robinson's orchestra of three pieces wus fn attendance during the evening.
Mr, Taylor was the first speaker,
and he referred to the labor legislation which lhe government bad put
through. He also spoke of the work
which had been done on the roads as
touching his own special department.
He bad obtained word from the premier, he stated, -which assured the St.
Mary's Prairie irrigation project for
the district, and also the reclamation
of the slough south of the city. He
was appealing to the electorate after
seventeen years' residence In the dislrict in mining and roadwork.
Hon. John Hart, minister of finance.
devoted most of his speech to chltl-
cisius which Mr. Bowser had made of
the financial policy of the government,
nml those he might be expected to
make at hfs meeting later In the week.
He quoted masses of figures in an effort to substantiate his claims that the
provinco was in bad shape when the
Liberal Oovernment went into olllce in
1916, and referred to the P.G.E. among otlier things, as one of tho legacies Inherited from the previous government. He reviewed the genesis
Of the P. Q, E. and endeavored to fasten the blame for conditions which
have since arisen In regard lo it on to
the shoulders of Mr. Bowser. - The
treasury of Ihe province was empty,
and its credit wrecked, when the Conservatives went out of office. Mr. Hart
said. He also spoke in defence or
the borrowing policy of the government, by which loans had been raised In the United States, claming that
the province was thereby gelling the
benefit of the exchange rates, uuot-
fng letters to show thai the financial
position of the government had improved vastly under bis policy.
lu addition lo tiie P, Q, E. figures,
Mr. Hart showed whal proportion of
expend ll uro hail been made on account of loans which would bo repaid,
lie gave lhe debt of B.C. as $64,000,000,
with sinking fund assets of about
$26,000,000, which was a very reaped
able figure Whon compared -/with the
other provinces Whllo Quoting ver;
exhaustively os to conditions whei
the Oovermnent first look over ofllce
no reference was made to tli
condition of affairs,
The premier, as was expected, devilled a grent ileal of lime to tllfl mat*
lor of Mr. Wallinger's dismissal, and
Whllo dlPclaimlng any personal animosity on his part, was careful to glvo
out   the Impression  that  a great  deal
more could ho said In regard to tho
alleged misdoings of the former government ageni and preseni Conservative candidate       Tbe premier nine
mado some references to Mr. Bowser
Mini wore scarcely complimentary, and
like Mr. Marl endeavored to anticipate
rtomo crltlclms Mr. Dowser might at
tempi lo make of ihe government.
in regard to Mr. Walllnger, ihe
premier went over ihe familiar ground
uh in ilie mining leases on Willi Horse
belonging to die Wild Home Dredging
Co., in regard to the cancellation of
which misunderstanding arose, on no-
I'luiiit of statements made by ('apt. Rogers, formerly manager of lhe company. The premier attempted to show
ihey were more than misunderstand-
ItlgS on Mr. Wallinger's part, bul did
not altogether carry his -audience with
blm iii this. Private letters from Mr.
Walllnger to Capt. Rogers were read
by the premier as he tried to show
how Mr. Walllnger had been working
against the Interests of the government
in advising lhe company to cancel
somo of their leases. The premier
also made strong reference lo Ihe fact
T.  0,
('awn   IttwntN   I, Hte nil
Criticism Which Claims
riterlor  Motive.
, 1922,
Cranbrook. B.C., August Rtii,
Editor, Craubrook Herald.
Dear Sir,
Dusybodies make a grout deal of
trouble In this world. That fuel has
been Impressed upon tue since my re
(urn from ihe const as I note.thai the
i'reston Heview and the Cranbrook
Courier have taken upon themselves
the thankless task of criticising my
notion in putting Mr. Wu Dinger's name
beforo the public us a mail 'to leud the
Conservative party to victory iu the
coming by-election, They even go so
far as to say ihat the matter requires
Surely as a British subject, and a
cltlsen of Canada, I have tlie right to
exercise my inalienable citizen's privilege of carrying out my own Ideas? I
brought up Mr. Wallinger's name because it pleased me to do so. Moreover, 1 am behind tbe Conservative
nominee heart and soul. My energies
are being entirely devoted to his cause
and that of the party he Is representing. First, last, and all the time I am
a Conservative. I do not apologize for
being one. The Review and Courier
may cast abroad sneering remarks
anent "a nigger In the woodpile" but
the public will judge me best by my
actions. The fact that I am working
In Mr. Wallinger's behalf should allay
any suspicion of ulterior motives on
my part.
Mr. Wallinger was nominated by the
unanimous vote of the delegates to the
nominating convention. No other name
than his was brought up. And that
with my hearty consent and approbation. The fact that I was not present
on that occasion is a matter of tittle
moment and has no political significance. If my business took me out of
Cranbrook that night, let me suggest
'hat my absence concerns no one other
'hat myself. It may bo that I have a
living to make. At any rale, whatever
my actions may indicate I am not responsible to any government supported
newspaper here or elsewhere.
Tho local lodge of Oddfellows met
on Monday evening at their new lodge
room upstairs at the Auditorium for
the first time, and now nee the time
ahead when they will be very comfortably settled there. Tho Improved
appearance of the Auditorium since
the alterations have been carried out
ihere has been the occasion for much
favorable comment by those who were
tliere on Monday evening at the political meeting. All the scenery hns been
renewed, the stage furnishings brlght-
ened up. a new advertising curtain put
In, ibe dressing rooms all put ln proper
shape, and a new healing plant Is also
to be put In.
Wycllffe, uc.
August 8, ifl:
Editor, The Herald,
('ranbrook. B.C.
Dear Sir,
To clear up some misunderstanding
regarding die finals now being played
for lirst position in tbe Western division   ol'   Uiu   East   KoOtenay   Baseball
League, I wIbIi to make the following
ai a league meeting held in ''ranbrook mi August 8rd, attended by the
managers of the Warduer, Klmberley,
WycliiTuami Cranbrook teams, as well
as the president of ths League, n was
decided to declare Kimberloy the winners tif I Iiu league for tlie present, at
the same time giving Die oilier teams
u chance for leadership by playing a
series of games,
A drawing wto a made ami the president drew the names oui of a bat and
Wardner drew a home game with Kimberley, and Cranbrook going to Wycllffe for August 6th. Tlie winners to
pluy off August 13th. The winners of
tbis game to play Kimberley for the
Championship of the Western division
with a later play off with I-Yrnie for
'he Eust Kootenay Baseball League
Pennant. Any doubt as to Klmberley
being the leaders al the date of thc
meeting will be dispelled after reading the scores of the actual games
May 7: Wardner 2, Kimberley 7.
Muy 14: Cranbrook 8, Wardnor 10.
Kimberley 23. Wycliffe 8.
May 21: Wycliffe 4, ('ranbrook R.
Vahk 1, Kimberley 2.
Muy 2S: Cranbrook 1. Vahk 7.
Wardner -!, Wycliffe 2.
Juno 4: Kimberley fl, Crnnbrook 9.
Vahk 10, Wardner 12.
J lino 11; Wardner IS, Cranbrook 1.
Wycliffe ft. Kimberley S.
Jane 18: Kimberley 15, Wardner 9.
Yahk 2. Wycliffe 7.
June 2&: ('ranbrook 10, Kimberley 5.
Wardner 21. Vahk 3.
July 9: Wycliffe 7. Wardner 4.
Vehk 1, Cranbrook ti.
July 1«: Cranbrook 4, Wycliffe 14.
July 23: Wardner 3, Cranbrook 2.
Wycliffe 7, Kimberley 9.
July 30: Kimberley 8, Wardnor 5.
League Stiuidlm: August 8rd.
Kimberley   !t      S      3
Wardner   10       fl       4
Wycllffe   S      4      4
Cranbrook  9      4      5
Kimberley defeated Wardner 9 to 8
in a 10 inning game and Wycliffe won
from Cranbrook It to 0 August 6th.
Kimberley plays Wycllffe »ext Sunday
August. 1.1th at 2.30 al Wycllffe. If
Klmberley wins tbey are tbo champions, but if Wycliffe wins Klmberley
will be entitled to another game on
August 20th, the winners of this to
play Fernie for the pennant.
sec, Kast Kootenay Baseball League.
ftc.     Ac.
Hint ,..f> luicl been paid Inlo tlie kov-
erliwant nWi'e here   for   arrears ol
renlitls for tlte company, ami how this
stun hail later been taken ont of the
governmeni office when Cnpt. Rogers
relied utterly In his proposed arrangements for the balance,     He put the
preeontIstress nol on the point thai Mr. Wal-
| linger bad ultimately taken this money from the government office, hut
,m the contention that while an interim receipt had been given for fhe amount. Mr. Walllnger   had   made the
■niton t later thai he did not consider that this money belonged to the
-overntnent, because assurances made
an to the payment of the balance had
not   been  kept.       Tlie  premier  also
taled  that  unfavorable reportfi  hail
hern made by the audtor on the ron-
diict of the Cranbrook office, and that
boen the practice to hold back
nniH of money instead of remitting litem to Victoria.
Mr Oliver llinile nn analysis of tlle
amounts which hail heen spenl on the
I1 II. K.. showing lipw much nf It
win really contracted for under the
Cornier governmeni. nt the Mime time
admitting Ihat It may have lieen a
mistake for the governmeni to have
taken It over The report which lhe
government lina had mnde recently on
lite road and ItH future la apparently nol very optimistic an lo Us rut
ure. from the brief reference lo lhe
eport which Mr. Oliver made.
An lo the Si. Mary's Irrigation pro-
Jetil, Iho premier stated II would be
neceBHary to get the fullest Information, and lay all the data before the
land-owners concerned, since the cost
of such a scheme would necessarily
have to be a charge upon the land Involved.
After further reference to the policy of Ihe former government In respect tn Iho public lauds, and the critl-
J. L. Palmer is having enlargement)
and Improvements carried out to lib
residence on llnrwell Avenue. Including a full cement basement to lie put
under the house.
iiiiiiiiiiiiL- oi'iicir Receives i'n-
jM*r.« (If HeSBI-g. \\nllinu'ir
And Taylor,
poLLine isk next
Hoiii Vpii.Iiijiim.ii- Assented To
By Many Electors.
The nomination papers of the two
expected candidates, N. a. Wnl linger,
Conservative, und John Taylor. Liberal, were duly filed with Mr, A. It.
Smith, returning officer, nn Thursday
of this week, within the hours appointed for lilm to receive tlie same.
Tiie name of Noel Stirling Austin
Arnold Wallinger was proposed hy
J. T. Sarvis, seconded hy Mrs. Alice
Cameron, and assented to hy tlie following :
J. W. Hutledge. A. C. Shankland.
Thos. Caven, H. W. Drew, X. W. Burdett, Chester Staples, A. A. Ward.
Evelyn E. R. Ward, W. Green, C. L. P.
Green, P. A. Williams, B, A. Hill,
K. H. McPhee, J. P. Fink, It. P. Moffatt,
(i. K. L. MacKinnon. Xlnu Taylor, Etta
Dezall, Louise WasHon, Ethel Martin.
Adelaide S. B. Smith. (1. IJ. Powell.
Alan Graham. A. .!, Balmont, II. W.
Herchmer. A. J. Balment will act as
official agent for Mr. Wallinger.
The nume of John Taylor is proposed by C. W. Little, seconded hy V. T.
Bidder. W. A. Nisbel acts as agent
for Mr. Taylor.
Assenting to bis nomination nre K.
Paterson. E. Duporit, V. B, Constant hie.
It. L. Paterson, J. P. Gulmont, P. B.
Miles, Ethel M. Little, C. A. Poole.
W. M. Lindsay, Violet Caldwell, P. M.
MacPherBoti, Annie Santo, G, T. Molr,
A. A. MacKinnon, J. Brault, J. A. Hlg-
glns, L. MorriBon, W. H. Logan, H. J.
Polling takes place on Tuesday next,
und particulars as to the voting pluces
will be found in the notice of the
reluming officer published elsewhere
fu thin issue.
Two children of Mr. und Mrs.
Godderls, a son and daughter, were
operated ion for tonsil if is at (he St.
Eugeno Hospital last week.
Mrs, J. P. Pink ami daughter left
to-dny, Thursday, for Kaslo, where
tbey will spend a short holiday hefore
Miss Fink returns to Toronto.
Mrs. J. H. McQuaid and family, wbo
have been spending lhe pnsl twn weeks
or so ut Banff holidaying, are expect-
ed to return to the city this week.
Tho Baptist Sunday School picnic Is
The regular monthly meeting of the
school hoard was held nn Friday ev-
Btilng or last week, with Mr. W. If.
Wilson, chairman, Mrs. J. j. Jackson
and E. H. McPhee present. The remaining members of the board were
not in the city ut the time.
Miss F. M. Fleury, formerly or Pert
Steele, was confirmed in an op point-
men t of assistant teacher at the South
Ward School, at a salary of SllaO
per annum.
A letter was received from Mr. L. T.
Maker, acknowledging his reappointment lo tlie high school staff, and also thanking the Ismrd for their con-
tlderatlon. The board decided on motion to forward a letter of condolence
io Mr. Baker on the loss or his wife
who recently passed away.
Miss Sing also made acknowledgement or salary increase granted.
Twenty-rive new large sized desks
uro to he ordered hy the board, and it
was left to the chairman lo see what
arrangements can be made for tbe
temporary housing of the public school
division that, has hitherto been In tne
high school building. The room there
will he needed for the extra high
solum) class. The extra teacher needed is also being sought, and according lo thu ruling of the department,
a commercial teacher is now bolng ad-
vertsed ror. Miss Neil, who has been
lilting the position, holding only it permit, ihe renewal ol which is nol favored by Ihe department If u certificated teacher is avullable.
To K<> I'nl On Again In Ahout
Two Weeks.   Dance And
Otlier Features Held
Bain marred tiie plans for the holding of tlie local G.W.V.A. garden party
nnd dance on Friday night. August I.
and various items arranged for In connection with the festival had to be
leleted from the program.
However, lu spite of necessary last
minuie re-arrangenieiits and ihe attendant confusion, the numerous pat-'
s who were present look full ad-.
vantage of everything, and the crowd
lighiseers who made tlieir rounds ol.
lho club building were more than
agreeably surprised by the size ami;
cleanliness and comfortable quarters
Which are contained iu the club building.
Tho novel stunt of
son buy elth
under penally nf arre>
niKsroN TKArsimoiiiiis
The cranhrook trapsuooters were
not uble to get together tlieir strongest live hy any means to no to Creston
uu Saturday lust for a reiiiru match,
and even at that they almost broughi
homo the bacon. They lost out only
hy one bird, Creston getting 88 lilts.
against 87 by Crauhrook.
The scores for Cranbrook were as
Targets Hit Miss   Av.
A. ('. Uownetts ...
..  LT,
s  us*;
I<3. T. Cooper —
.. 25
\   SI',
W. F. Camoron .
.. 25
ti   7691
A. Grey   	
.. 25
i)   in*;
11   Wt
taking place on Wednesday
of next week as previously announced,
and will in* held al the usual grounds
tmt beyond the golf links.
The capital of the province seems to
have come to Cranbrook this week, a
sure Indication that this city Is In the
limelight at the present time. All
the members of the British Columbia
cabinet with the exception of Mr. Patullo, minister of lands, who Is away
on a European trip, and possibly Hon.
Win. Sloan, minister of mines, have
been iu the city, und two of them, the
attorney-general and the minister of
public works, are here for the second
ifternoon!,,4"e fn ,en t,uya-    "on, John Hart,
E. A. Hill returned to the city a few
days ngo from Nelson, Mrs. Hill remaining there with  their daughter..-^ In the campaign, holding n recep
Miss Lenore, and on account of the
health of Miss Hill they will probably
remain In Nelson till next spring.
Mr. and Mrs. E, S. Lngfe, of Vancouver, have been in lhe city this week,
Mr. and Mrs. Pascuzzo and family
and Mrs. MacDonald and family of
Klngsgate. sister of Mrs. PssctltHO, are
spending a holiday camping at Green
Charged with an infraction of the
Game Act, having In her possession
portions of veiHson. unlawfully during
Ihe closed season, Sophie, an Itnliaii siayiiiR at the auto camping grounds
woman,  was recently  fined  $10 and Mr. i^g.,., who Is the B.C. representa-
•osls In the provincial police court.     |t[Vo for the Cunada  Life  Insurance
— Company, was taken witii a bud cold.
At tho close of their regular meet- an,| j|aa been compelled to spend a day
lug on Monday evening last, the Odd- l)r Iwo al Ihe liOHpital. Mrs. Logle Is
fellows tendered a social gathoring in » newspuper wrller of some reputa-
honor of Mr. .1. W. Spence. ouo of the iion, unci a frequent contributor to the
Past Grands, Who will shortly be leav-i columns of Tho Province and other
ing the district. There were a number Well known piibllcnllotiB.
of speeches by officers and members of _
the lodge, all expressing rogrel thnt1 The death of Mrs. Wm. Schaad. ot
Bro. Spence would soon he leaving, n„|i rtiver, took place on Tuesday
ami extending their best wishes for the morning of this week at the hospital.
minister of finance, who spoke at the
meeting on Monday, ls understood tu
have left to-day, Thursday, on his return to the coast. Mrs. Mary Ellen
Smith, well known lady member from
Vancouver Is also In the city to as-
linu (his afternoon, Thursday, and also addressing a public meeting with
ihe premier nnd others.
Premier Oliver. Hon. A. M. Munson
and John Tuylor. the liberal candidate,
met with a mishap on Wednesday evening returning from a meeting they
bad addressed at Wardner. when the
of Charles Leask. In which Ihey
wero travelling suffered n mishap ab-
mt seven miles out of the city. Mr
Manson nnd Mr. Tnylor wulked Into
the city to get assistance, and to get
the stranded cur iu, aud Ihe premier
made the best of things in the car
till It was towed In In the early hours
of the morning.
A wager of a hundred dollirs on
tho result or the hy-e!ecllon between
two Liberal stalwarts, and a prominent Conservative holding the stakes—
this ia a side issue Ihat Is attracting
almost as much attention as the larger Issues of the contest. Outwardly
the straight lino Liberals are putting
a straight front, tmt a good many
of them are willing to unbend In confidence and whnt they say then Is one
of the surest indications thut the sentiment In favor of Mr. Wallinger in
the city is stronger at the presont time
than ever.
K.I'..   Iloniinitiii   nml   liii|icrlnl
Govts. In Aid lu Unlsou
On lll_ Project
..iii-slimi tli' Site tor l'ltint |,
*>ot VH Settled
ni i
avmg every iut-
ay ptpo or kewple,
tor neglect .ul*
the ttlgbt, mul i
cop Jlplmaon,
:c* Drummond
tlu1 number ofj
minimum. .
"n.* wiili,. not'
Amplifying the receni announcement tiiat arrangement, would be completed before th,' end of tbo year for
the establishment of a great Iron ami
steel industry in British Columbia, lt
i* learned tbal th,, proposals of tin-
'oast Ham;,, steel Limited Include lho
recllon of !_rpe modern works sonic*
where In Urltish Columbia, to i». oper-
ted under the direct supervision and
management of some of the most eminent iron ami steel experts of tlreat
II J l-andahl, one of those keenly
Interested iu ihe project, conducted
the negotiations with 01,1
oncerna and succeeded in
lllng three of the larResi llrltlsh
concorn, as were also the fortune tell*j"""''r"s '"Knwte-I, theae being Vi.k-
ora' corners under Mr* Wolfer and;"1"™ '-''iiitcil. Simon-Carves Limited
.Mrs. Adlard, Tlie Industrious nianneri'""' H'ol|i"a".-Smith. Owen Engineer-
In which the girls wbo assisted in, '* Corporation The first firm will
lis.twain. Ice .ream, cake ami sottl1**" ","lr"1 "' H'"* operations or ihe
stuff helped in keepinc tin. crowd sat-'"'" Brl"«-1 Colombia Institution.
istied. i     *;"   Atttl   was   the  interest   of   the
Tin. .lau.'e later in tiie cveiilnc at i "r:"',! •''•'-'•'riiiueiit In the venture Hint
vhlch   Robinson's   orchestra   i.lav.^i, "l,r»"*--'' 'lu? advisory committee of the
ho  u ssarv  accompaniments,  was Trj'!,'s '•'•"""les Act it was decided to
ni/e,l. and the idea ofl'"™'*1' ""--'hird "f tlie needed fl2.-
its per couple for eaci. !*"""m for '*"> 0***l-*-1aklng.   The Do-
ihe good work of due
asslsicd by Miss Fran
as chief dispenser. kc|>
law breaker.* (lovt n to ;
Tlie electric decoral
entirely  ipleted owing to till
thor conditions, were one of tin
es of the event, anil were well
The   cnntly   boolli
Qreaves and M;o Kay
i most   oi
well pat
piliK ten ,
novelty and enjoy.
lance, was n local
ail by the dancers.
The Association, while pleased wit!;
lha manner in whicli the public tiirn-
1 out to the event in spite of the na*
ire of the niplit. are not at al! satis-
lied with the party as far as enjoyment
was concerned, and have an idea that
Ihey t^m possibly heat Mr. Hatfield,
et al, If Kiveu just one more chance.!
This chance they plan on takine some I *"'*'' Company Is divided into 140.000
lime lhe lalter week In August, when i 'l,an's "' a P«» va|u<* of *K>0 each.
their original  surprise program
minion Government promise,] similar
<upport and now the Provincial Oovernment has taken the step necessary
o see the work commenced. Blast and
.low furnaces wll! be erected, according to the plans: also open electric
furnaces and open hearth steel mills,
with an ultimate production of l.oun
-ons of steel per day.
Tiie share capital of the Ooast Range
when j ''""""* '*'
'-".ii lowing
gelher with certain additional features
ivill be attractions. Tbe exact date
will probably he announced in our
next issue.
The G.W.V.A. wishes io ihantc all
iio-He who so kindly eontrtbuted tbelr
assistance in making tiie night a success in every way except atmospherically, anil to express their apprecla-
lon of the way in which the i-ublb
■upported them.
Tbey promise much mure next time,
veuther permitting.
: is staled thai Sam McCley, Harbor Commissioner, has tills wet-k complied wiih a request from tbe Ottawa
Government to semi in his rei-iifnaiion.
Col. Klrkpatrick. who is now chair-
man of the Board, will remain a member, but R. K. Bea'te. former M P. for
Kast Kootenay, will be the new rhafr-
man. The third member of the Board
is Sam ['renter, a prominent Liberal
of Vancouver. Mr. McCley Iiad been a
member of the ll.irbor Board for the
past nine years.
where she had been confined for the
past three weeks or so. The family
bas been resident in the district for
many years, mid the funeral on Thursday was attended by many sympathising friends, Besides lhe bereaved
husband) Ihere is one son, about fifteen yours of age lefi, itev. E. W
MacKay conducted the funeral .
An ussuull case from Fort Steele was
recently brought before Magistrate
Leask in the provincial police court,
when Hoy Max, Pete Corpan. Fred
Shusku and Mike Carluke were charged with assault unit causing grievous
bodily barm to one (ins Peterson, who
suffered a broken arm, e.nd hud tn get
several stitches put In his head ns the
result of the nffray.   The defendants
efeius or MS Bowser on the Sumus reclamation scheme, and other underta-'now relinquished his connection wilb
kltiga, the premier referred to the mat-j the business.    He  has been  In  the
The consummation of the deal
whereby E. T, Cooper disposes of the
Kootenay Garage business to M.  L,
Paulson nnd hia son, h. Paulson, took|tiiho place on Ihe 17th of this month
place this week, and Mr. Cooper has —
Capt, Tlgersiedl, formerly of Kam
Dr. Bonnell, who has been danger-
tiusly ill from blood poisoning, is now
lonsidered out of danger,--—Pent lo Free
Miss Lillian Lswls left on Frlday
lasi for Spokane to spend a holiday
wllh relatives al Newman Lake, a well
known pleasure resort near the lulau-:
Empire City.
Hev W. Thompson, formerly a Pres
hyterlun pa.ttor In this city, and now a
Edmonton, is visiting here for a tint.
at the home of Mr, and Mrs. W, K.
R. J. Stewarl of Vancouver, inspector for the province under tbe Workmen's Compensation Board, has been
iu the city and district this week, in-
jspurting the industrial plants In the
were committed for trial, and this will I Interests of safety first.
loops, arrives In the city this week to
lake charge of the Salvation ,Arniy
work here, which has boen curried on
In this connection had cost, the prov- j district.   He Intends going on a hol I-1 of Capt, Ede.  The two officers will be
Ince about $50,000, hut would sate the day right away, having already left for stationed hern for the future.   Special
people of the province millions, |8t. Mary's Lnke, where Im will spend services are being held on  Sunday
The premier announced   that    he some time, later going on up to the next to welcome ('apt. Tlgerstedl, und
wonld again be apaaklag In the clly Windermere, where he expert* to stay I a social gathering was also lo be held
on Bttnrday awning nf Aln meek.        UM On ML on- Thursday of thin week.
ler of B.C. freight rates, in which be Kootenay Garage for about thirteen
said the D. C. members and senators'y^ars or so, and Ims built up (p'tte n
hnd heen lax.     His work at Ottawa substantial (Connection in the city audjhy Lieut, SherifT since (he
.     JI.1.I..I If.    I_._____.1_.    ahIhh         I... 11     i
W. W. Kllby left on Sundny on n
trip to California points, oxpectlng ti
be ubsent for a bom a month or flvt
weeks. He wns going oui io (be coast
via Spokane, and Intended to take shlji
for the south.
the   organization    of   the
| •ompany, Mr, Lnndahl agreed to turn
lover a number of iron properties as
I well   as   options   he   possesses   upon
ither similar properties to Ihe company,     receiving     therefor     140,992
Stares of the company's slock.  Other
shareholders, according to the papers
"led with tiie registrar of joint stock
ompanles are Charles Reid, John D.
Kearns, J. Fred Noble, Zera Strong,
Fred T. Condon, Montague Moore, John
Stela and H. J   Landahl. Vancouver,
who hold one -share each, fully paid tip.
Tbe  directors of the  company are
Messrs. Congdon, Kearns, Moore. Steta
;tnd Landahl.   The properties turned
, over to tbe company by Mr. Landahl
COM.MISSIONEIiSIIIP|are ,,<at€(3 dX tbt3 to,,0Wl0g poim:s:
Fanny Bay: Seymour Inlet, on Wigwam Bay. about fifty miles north of
Port Hardy; Klaanch River, near
VImpklsh Lake, Vancouver Island; Alberni Canal, Louise Island. Cumshewa
Inlet; Burnaby Island. Queen Charlotte mining division; Pitt Lake anrl
Harrison Uke; and Mr. Landahl holds
OplfOlA on claims of tbe International
Iron Mones in Ihe Nelson district. Copper Kfver coal mines on foal Creek,
about eighty miles from tbo (I.T.P.
station Of Van Arsdal, and tlie North
Pa.-lib mines ami tbe Pocher and Pitt
Island iron mines. Properties were
also secured in Bul Kootenay from
C. P. Hill, who ban a valuable hematite deposit.
Heretofore a drawback in establishing a steel Industry has been Ihat Dig
majority of B.C iron prospects contained too much magnette nre, whUb
presents some difficulties in handling,
Now. however, there Is sufficient hem-
ttite of good fluxing quality available.
it is explained thai each government
rt III have fi representative on tbe
board of director*, and each of tbe
British steel companies above mentioned will appoint a director.
C, P Williams, M.Sc, the steel ex-
;it-rt sent out hy the British Government to investigate the British Coltim-
bla proposals, is managing director of
Hie CoaSi  Range Steel Limited.
Tliere  are  three  places  in  British
dumbfa suitable for the headquarters of an iron and steel Industry, but
no Information can he obtained with
regard to tbe location. In these three
places Iron ore, eoal and limestone are
In close proximity. Vancouver has
perhaps ihe best chance of securing
Ibe industry. Which will add hundrods
of workers to Ibe city payrolls and
lend to ibe fmmedluie establishment of
kindred industries, such as the manufacture of farm machinery, stoves and
Iron ami steel goods of all kinds.
Mr.   Lnndahl  -staled before  leaving
Victoria  that  the operations  of  the
company would bo in the ha mln of the
(Continued ou Page 4)
Some friends of Tlie Herald, nnd as
many of them on the opposite side of
politics ordinarily as of our own way
of thinking, have taken the trouble t"
volunteer a word <<f commendation for
tbe clean manner in which Hie Herald
has been assisting In the by-election
contest on behalf of Mr. Walllnger, the
conservative candidate Tiie appearance of a special edition of our contemporary, the publication of which
was looked for tbe day after the Oliver meeting, lends the besl sort Of
endorsement to the kind words of our
friends. It Is filled with half truths
and untruths, ami us someone very
aptly says, Indicates that Ilie paper
has SO far sold Itself as to be utterly
regardless of the nature of What it
prints. An instance of the bald untruths disseminated in this wny is seen
in tbe statement that the mayor was
not at the meeting, owing to Illness.
Tbe mayor was present at the meeting
sitting at the hack of lhe hall. Tbat
is apparently only one of the little
misrepresentations mnde. As (o the
nature of Ibe references mnde to Mr
Wallinger. It Is only necessary to say
by way of contrast, that we hnvn. re-
fused publication of contributions that
we considered detrimental to Mr. Tav
lor, the Liberal candidate. In a personal way, nnd huve very heavily
stored oilier references thai huve Iwen
made to him In the few we have published. The Herald Is niil afraid lo
criticise, ns can he seen, hut we n«v-
Mr. and Mrs. It. Weston removed
from (he quarters over tbe store which
tbey have been occupying In lhe house or find it necessary to sloop to tbe me
on French Avenue, formerly tn copied rhmh* whieh Ihis special edition so
by W, J. MlHIstin well Illustrates.
Mayor Genest was forced to take u
holiday from his customary run on the
Klmberley train for a couple of day**
tb« end of last week on account of PACK    TWO
Tho Satisfaction that good
work Rives is worth many
Unit's what yon pay.
Jewelers nml Opticians
CP.R, Walcli Inspectors
Cbe Cranbrook fierald
l-ubllahed every Thursday.
Editor and Proprietor
Subscription l'rleu .
To I'ulliil Slates ..
. ti_.CIl per year
. ti.isi) per year
••With  ■  HlM.lu.it  Without  ■  MhuIc"
(•.luted by V.I.. Labor
AdiorttKiitK Rates on Application.
t'li.ii.,:. ror Advertltln. MUST bt ID
thii offleo Wedneaday noon the ourrenl
week to Hocuru attention.
Who, on reading of the death
nf Alexander Graham Hell re
lenlly, paused lo think of the
monument lie has left in the
world'.' lie trod Ihe thorny
path of the inventive genius
for a long time, endured the
senllings of tlle sceptical and
lhe chidings of his friends for
many years 'before he was able
io demonstrate the feasibility of
his invention, the telephone.
Even when he had shown it
was possible lo transmit a spoken message far beyond earshot
the practicability of his invention was challenged with a
doggedness of opposition that is
so strange to look back upon,
it was in 1871s Ihal Bell first recorded the successful culmination of his efforts to get a message over the wire, and that only for a few feet, comparatively, lie lived to see the day,
however, when he spoke the
same message from New York
lo San Francisco, a wonderful
enlargement of his work, and
lhe end is not yet.
What the telephone has
meant to the world in the Intervening years cannot be estimated. Lives have heen saved
property safeguarded; business
inestimably stimulated; in every walk of life the telephone
lias entered. . The empire can
perhaps forgive the step by
which Hell forewent his own nationality for the sake of furthering his invention, for iu his
later years he came back to
Canada, und lies buried under
Canadian soil.
As achievements go he was
one of the greatest, aud thc
world will never realize what
it owes lo Alexander Graham
nounced;   if it means Ihat the
projected building to house all
the   government   departments
and give better court accommodation is going to be withheld
by the return of Mr. Wallinger; j
or if any betterment of which j
the district stands in need is toj
be held up unless Mr. Taylor is J
returned — if this is what is
meant, then let it be said in all
truth that the last vestige of]
political   honor  has   departed
from the Liberal party.     But
it is not so.    Did nol Premier
Oliver say that  an   opposition;
district had not been denied suc-
cur under the water conservation act that lt sorely needed,
and did he nol say with pride1
that Ihose things were nol looked on in Ihe light of parly politics? We prefer to lake him al
his word instead of putting tlle
low valuation on him ihal his
own party enthusiasts tin In urging sueh an argument.
The Conservatives did nol
put up Mr. Walllnger up merely
to work on sympathy. He was
chosen as a man who lias an
unparelleled knowedge of the
district and its needs, and lie-
cause as an advocate for the district it was felt he would measure up to the full. lie was removed summarily from one
phase of the public service without the consideration his record should have given him, and
he is now to be translated to another phase of public service
where he will be beyond the
reach of such pettiness.
Let no one think they are in
effect disenfranchising themselves in voting against the government candidate. There are
surely better arguments to be
advanced than that.
\\ -^-__ -^\SJ'l
KS-C?      IvIAtjE IN CANADA ' V '
, jnThe  importance of jSa.
F* Vltamlnes in food is T |
K*ln;i recognized at
\ she prosont limo to a
greater extent than ever
• before. Il has beon con-
i cluslvely demonstrated
L that yeast is rich in Ihis
» all important element.
, .lany people have re-
j colvod  (treat   benefit
pi iy_lcally simply by tok-
-, ing one, two or three
1 Royal Yoast Cakes a day.
1 Send name and address
j, ft:-r iree copy "Royal Yee.st
fl Ca.l;?s Its, Better Health.'*
. GiLLfrrr company limited [
TuH.fi.o. CANADA
Mystery Mack of Montreal
A Scrlul written specially for tlte Oranbrook Herald.
1. Thi Stanton Murder
(KA> BROOK,   B.l!.
SYNOPSIS I   "Yea, early In tlie morning: lie left
John   Stanton,   Ranmore   superln-laboiit nine o'clock anil has not been
lentlent of tlto H.C.U., litis been found home for illliner."
mttrtlereil In bis olllee.   Mytery Muck     >•__ |, triiL*. Mrs. Runcorn, tbat your
ot Montreal, well known detective, Ib|_0„ j_,i imteil tbe Superintendent, Mr.
"Yes Sir." I wliere they can pot tlieir money.
"What tllil you see!" 1   Also 1 want to usk lion. Joint 011-
"l'm nfrtiil to tell." I ver why be tolerates so much eompe-
"Come, Jeil, you seem to have beenjtltlon In Ibe sule of whiskey.      For
truthful so far, tell tne wliut you suw." every bottle sold for export through
"I wus lilil behind a fence aboul; tlto propor channels two tire sold lo-
half a block off, but 1 could see thut 1 cully, and little seems lo be done to
there was u girl, or woman in hist stop them.     As to the sanitary con-
calletl In hy the railroad to probo tbo
mystery.    Ait Initialled pocket knife.
supposed   to   bolollg   to   Jot-   Murphy.
who is known lo have bud cause to
dislike tiie luiirdi-red num. is found in
Ilie room, bul lhe ilelei-tlvi
some i lues thut seem to lutll
iiiine hand lu tlte mystery
inonees tils investigations
wiih ii Mrs. [.iiBcotn, whnsi-
son Is ulso known to bust rouit dislike lo tbe null'
roud olhYlul.
> It-iii
lie comity talking
e borne u
lored  lull-
Hearing tlie premier discuss
the matter of the dismissal of
Mr. Wallinger, one got the Im
pression that. Mr. Oliver is en
Wallinger has reference took
place before the date upon
which Mr. Oliver has his finger.
This has reference to another
company witli which .Mr. Wallinger had nothing to do.
In the matter of the historic
$225 paid to Mr. Wallinger, it is
clear lhe sum was accepted at
the government office here on
the strength of a statement that
the department had authorized
the payment of the arrears in
this way, whicli it had not, ai
that time. If tliere had been
any intention of ultimately diverting this sum from the government, would any receipt
have beon given lor it at all':
Hut inasmuch as Ihis sum was
only part of the arrears owing
I IIA I'l Kit II.
••Come In!" Mystery Mack called out.
A timid looking little woman entered, und stood hesitantly nour the door.
-Mystery Mack rose and placod u chair
for bet- In front of bis desk, und suid:
"Won't you be seuted, please?"
"Thank you.' site suid.
"Are you Mrs. ItUBGOm?"
'•Jeil Ruscom is your sou?"
"Where Is Jed?"
"I do nol. know. Wc couldn't lind
lilm when lhe messenger came for us.
"litis he been ut home lu-day?"
deavoring to discredit  him as Lnu- y,. .Wallinger had no aitlli-
for putting their voles where
their sympathies lie, for ii is the
only method open when other
channels are closed.
Stanton, the mutt who hue lust beeu
shiver seemed lo pusu over the
trail little woimin, us she answered:
"Yes, Jed hutetl hint; he hud reason
o, for Jed in Hintie wuy leurned my
lory, and Ite knew Sluiiton wus his
uther; ho hutetl him for the wuy he
hud used Jed uud I."
"Stanton did not help you to support
"No. I've always earned my living
by dully work; often by dolus washing
for ihe neighbors."
"Jed bus never been uble to help
"No. he bus ulways been sickly
"How old Is be now?"
"Mr. Stanton was murdered ou the
niulit of the 14th; do you know where
Jed wus thut night?"
"Ho wus at home, nnd went to bed
ubout ten o'clock."
"Jeil bus u room of his own?"
"Then you could not be sure that lie
did not leave the house during tbe
"I'm sure he couldn't leave without
my hearing lllm."
"Your bedroom Is on tlle sume tloor
us Jed's?"
"But suppose Jed left the bouse in
bis stocking feet, it would be possible
for him to get out of the house without
your bcurlng lilm?"
"1 don't see bow he could, for 1 am
a very light sleeper."
"Mrs. Kuscotu, tire you trying to
hid. anything from me?"
"No, Sir; I know thut Jed hated Mr.
Stanton, but 1 do not believe be had
anything to do with the crime. I'm
sure Jed Is a good boy at heart and
that he could not think of such
i thing."
"But it iB common knowledge in
Ranmore thut Jed boasted that some
day he would kill Mr. Stanton.'
j    "It was only boyish talk."
Will you send Jed to me Just aa
office. She was there a long time,
then I heurd a shot aud a scream, and
1 was frightened und run home."
"Jed, did you wutch your father bo-
cutise you hated lilm uud wanted to
kill him?"
"No Sir; I only prelenili'il to hute
hint; something mude mo wutch lilm.
1 knew he wns my fatltor, und ulways
wondered wliut lie wus doing. I always wondered what ll would hi- like
to have a fatltor, und I used lo want
to look at hint.''
"Have you ever told anyone else
"No Sir."
(To be coiitlntlitdl
ditions in the camps in Ihe district,
tliere Is nol one lu the district thut
complies with the health act. Why
uro these lews not enforced? Must
tho workers declare u strike in order
to get the sanitary conditions thut tbo
law culls tor?
Armstrong, — Tlto Oknniin'iii Coal,
Oil und (His Co., Ill's recently been
Incorporated ut $1,000,(1110, A number
of claims huve boon leased, uud machinery ordered, (.rilling is to commence   linineilbili'ly   nenr  Ibis   I ol nl.
The electors are not going
to be deluded into voting for the
government candidate on Tuesday next on lhe cry thut "a vote
for Wallinger is a vote lost
According to this childish way
of arguing there is no use in
holding by-elections at all; let
them all go to the government
If it is seriously meant that any
prospects the district may have
for getting lhe merits of the St.
Mary's Prairie irrigation pro
ject looked into are going to be
dashed to the ground if the return of Mr. Wallinger   is   an
Willi a Reputation and
Endorsed t*y tlie bout authority
In  Canada—Piano  MnnufacLiir-
oi-.s,  I'bmi:. iti.'Hinn.il to Factory
Alvin E. Perkins
an opponent of the governmeni
rather than discussing the cast-
on merits. There was a disposition to east a slur on Mr. Wallinger's motives in every direction, while going to lhe oilier
extreme and accepting as unquestioned everything pul forward by the aggrieved parly in
tlie matter of the mining leases.
The very fact that a man was
willing to submit private correspondence to the premier to be
used agaiust a government servant; the fact that the correspondence showed clearly this
man had other relations of a
private nature that might tend
to give him an added grievance
against Mr. Walllnger; and Ihe
fact that it is proved Ihat iu
paying a sum of money lo Mr.
Wallinger he made representations that it was done by virtue
of an arrangement with the department of mines at Victoria,
when it was not so; should not
theBe things have indicated to
the Premier in investigating
the case that all due caul ion
should be used?
The people here know these
things. They also know Ihul
it waB not so long ago that the
premier was inclined to treal
the whole matter as trivial. Now
he deems it of sufficient Importance to devote close upon an
hour to it on the platform, and
stops the whole machinery of
government in the province
since he stated that owing lo
his absence from the capital al
the lime Mr. Walllnger wrote,
the matter could not be attended to, and It is a fair inference
that this is true in regard to
other and more Important matters—by bringing his entire cabinet, with one exception, into
the riding, and some of them
more than once, to defeat this
same man. Why iB he not con
tent to let the people judge, if
he believes he is right, and if
he believes Mr. Wallinger was
put up solely to work on the
sympathies of the people
There are inaccuracies and
inconsistencies that stand out
in the premier's statenient on
this question that do not pass
unnoticed by those wlio know
Ihe history of the case. Mr.
Oliver attempted In an ungen-
llemanly way to discredit Mr.
Wallinger's stalemenl in regard
to the incorporation of the com
orily to accept such a sum on
account only, representations
were made to him thai it was
done wiih the consent of the department. Further arrange
meiils promised Uid nol materialize, and what was to be done'.
Tiie fact ihat this money remained so long iu lhe govern
ment office, to the full knowledge of everyone there, should
lie sufficient to clear Mr. Wallinger from suspicion in this direction. H is not customary to
accept sums iu this way that do
not represent payment in full
of arrears to a set dale, and a
receipt had to be given, since
it was tendered wiih promise
of the balance of the amount
owing in a stated time. The
money was accepted by Mr.
Wallinger in good faith. Was
it tendered in the same way?
Why should all the doubt lit
cast on Mr. Walllnger, and ali
his motives questioned? lie had
nothing to gain personally, bul
the other party had a great
deal. Why cast all tlie suspicion on one side of the controversy? One would think from
the premier's remarks that Mr.
Wallinger had made a practice
of allowing government monies
to pile up at tlie ollice carelessly and habitually, when as a
mailer of fact it wus only retained in the ollice occasionally
for a short lime pending an accounting after a rush, such as
Ihe end of a discount period,
quite a proper proceeding, out
would think.
Tliere is no need to go iuto
tlie matter more exhaustively,
when it is to be discussed further from the platform, it is
tlie premier himself wlio has
made this matter the main issue of this campaign, or one of
the main issues, liy devoting so
much lime to it. Tliere are explanations, but the premier hat
shown no anxiety to arrive at
them. What Mr. Wallinger asked for as his right, was not an
expensive investigation under
the public enquiries act, but
merely an opportunity to discuss lhe mailers at issue antl lo
defend himself.
Tlie premier has nol
strengthened his caBc. On the
contrary he has heightened lhe
Impression Ihal whal has been
done cannot he undone and now
The present tendency Is to seek a
cure tor each now evil by euactlug it
new law, so thai the siuluto hooks
ure cluttered up with provisions which
are not fairly tested before new laws
Hut new evils are usually only old
evils ill a new guise, and tlie cure Is to
lie found in tlte enforcement of exist-
ilil; laws.   To trust unduly 10 leglsln-1 „„„,, „s "*,„ mams ilome;"
Yes, but. Sir, don't try to make out
Cranbrook, B.C.,
August S, 1022
The Editor,
Cranbrook Herald.
Dear Sir:
Allow mo a few lines In your valuable paper to ask the Liberal candidate
a question: How can he act up on the
public pint form and tell tbe workers
of this district that one of the best
laws that tlie Liberal Government has
passed Is making it compulsory for
the employer to pay his workmen
twice a mouth? That law is like Ibe
sanitary act — if it was enforced, it
would be very nice. But 1 want to
ask Mr. John Taylor, the standard-
bearer of tlie liberal party, how tnuay
of tbe employers of this district ure
paying twice a month, and in cash or
negotiable check? To my knowledge
there ure three companies thut pay
twice ti month, nnd tlie rest are paying
once a month, and some don't have a
pay-day unless you quit the camp, and
nil of them are paying with time
checks, a thing that is absolutely ng-
alnsi the law as It Is Interpreted on
the statute books. Some companies
even puy tbelr men oil' with u statement and they have to walk six to ten
miles lo get Ibeir check, und from
there nitty have to bent their way on
a freight train or walk to tbe lown,
Cloldou, lie. Ijisi wook suw iho opening of ibe Columbia Valley Co-Opor-
utile Creamery Association's project
hero, whon the creamery received a
considerable tiuntitlly of iti.hu. This
project, Which hus heen fought for by
I ii number of farmers Tor n number of
yeur*, Ik expoctod lo Increase the ugrl*
cultural activity in this linn of the
province, ns tlto fnrmors win be able
io dispose of their products at homo
instead of shipping to cronmerlos nt
Itovelsnokc. Salmon Arm und oilier
outlying points. Th- manufacture of
Ico cream will also be undertaken at
the now plant.
pany by giving him   thc    lie. MUBt tbe Justified  ut  all costs.
The Incorporation to which Mr.'The people cannot  be  blamed
tors Is lo weaken the courts und the
pollco. Murder Is us good tl test us
any. ln London in Mi-'-!, Magistrate
MiiAdoo told Uie committee there Itad
been ir, murders, only iwo of which
went unsolved, while only one trial
resulted In acquittal.
When American Justice has been
brought to a like efficiency und
promptitude It will be time to consider wlici her criminality Is so much
more prevalent that in England or
Canada us to muko exceptional measures necessary.—-Springfield republican,
Most week-ends you can see American sides competing in un "International Baseball League" on the Chelsea football grounds. After watching
llietu tiie other duy, writes a cricketer.
.  camo away with no fears I'or our
own summer game,
excellent throwing and u certain number ol reasonably good long-field
catches, but what did impress me was
tlie enormous amount of continuous
chatter which wus kept up by ull the
players. The mun at first base never
stopped his slrcnnt of vituperation and
Invective addressed to the batsman
.mil bis colleagues waiting to but.
At length, us a counterblast, tlle stoutest pluycr of the rival side took Ills
Bland as near as possible, and proceeded to reflect nasally and graphically upon Ibe methods, ancestry and
looks of Ilie opposing pitcher.
This wus the duct, while tho chorus,
liy no moans occasional, proceeded
front most ot the otlior fielders. Tbo
.In.,-, contluti-118 motion of guni-ihow-
ing Jews wus another feature. Still,
evoryone seemed happy, and most
ejaculated •'Attn boy!" at intervals —
Manchester Quardlan.
u case against poor Jed; I'm Bure he
has not had anything to do with this
"I only went to question him, Mrs.
Ruscom; It may he the quickest way
to clear him from suspicion."
.Mrs. Kttscom rose to leave and said:
"Good-bye Sir; I'll send Jed to you
as soon as possible."
"Please do, Mrs. Ruscom; I don't
want to issue a warrant for tlte boy's
arrest, but 1 must have a talk wltll
him; good-bye."
"Good-bye Sir."
When she bad left, Mystery Mack
took some curled up hair out of his
vest pocket and looked at those silky,
shining portions of a woman's glory
tlloiightfully. The curled up hairs
were let black; the woman who bad
Just left the room had fair hair, now
slightly faded or grey.
Again there was a knock at the door.
There was Bome Mystery Muck tucked the curled up
Extracts trom the Cranbrook
Herald of tills date, 1002.
The hig strike at Penile has been
settled Jusi before It begun to look as
If the industries of Ibis pnrt ot the
country would lie seriously crippled.
Tbe public schools ot Cranbrook will
ie-open on Monday next. There will
again be Ihreo teachers.
Mr. und Mrs. W. II. HIH gave a birthday party last weok on honor of their
son Wilbur nail little daughter, Miss
limes. About a hundred little folk
wore present and enjoyed a good time.
Tlte suw mills nro running full lime
al Moyle, absorbing nil lhe surplus labor I hero, and even then running short
handed sometimes, It Is hoped that
before long lho mine will be resuming
iis former payroll.
It. A. Anderson, mayor of Vancouver has been In tbe city for a short
-I"-**  .
hair in his pocket, and called
"Come In
A pitiful looking hunch-backed boy
stepped into view as he closed the
tloor behind him, and walked toward
Mystery Mack's desk.
"You are Jed Ruscom?" Mystery
Mack asked."
"Yes Sir."
"Wliere were you when we sent for
"Down watching the boys swimming
in tbe river."
"Do you swim yourself?"
"No, 1 cannot."
"Why didn't you come home lor din
iter to-day?"
"We had a bonfire down at the river,
and some ot the boys had brought
lunch to go fishing, hut wo stayed at
the bonfire and ate It."
•'They shared Ihelr lunch with you?"
"Yes Sir.'
"Did yon ever stay away trom dinner In this wuy before?"
"No Sir."
"How did it happen that you stayed
away to-day?"
"Just happened, Sir, I guess."
"Jed," Mystery Muck asked sudden.
ly, "you knew that Ihe man who haa
been murdered, Mr. Stanton, was your
"Yes Sir."
"How did you know?"
"I overheard motlier talking to my
grandmother about five years ago."
"You hated htm?"
"It must have been that, Sir."
"Jed, did you leuve your home tho
night Mr. Stanton was murdered, lost
"Yes Sir."
"You did?"
*!Yes Sir."
"During the night?"
"Yes Sir."
"Had you ever done thnt before?"
"Yes Sir, quite often."
"Did your mother know of thlB?"
"No Sir; I slipped out of the window and down a rope ladder that I hid
In my room."
"Whore did you go when you left
your room at night?"
"I wont and watched Mr. Stanton in
his olllce."
"Were you waUUiif kls suA*lm-At*
Hay - Fever
■poll many a holiday.
Positively stops these troubles i
Sneezing, weeni ij, coughing,
weeping eyes aren't n.ct-ssary—
unless you like being tha, way.
11.00 ut your druggists, or write
Tcmpletons, Toronto, for a free trill.
Sold by
For Sale by
I Store
CRANBROOK      -      -  B.C.
Where It pays lo deal
We Can Help Make a
Battery Last [jonger
To be sure you are going to get all
the service there is in your battery,
77ic Long-Lire /.'offer;/   )et u3 in8pect it regularly.
Far Yisur Car
But you can't get more out of a
battery than the manufacturer puts
in. That is the reason that we
recommend a long-life Exide for
your car.
Ratcliffe and Stewart
Bruce Robinson
Teacher nl Music
Studio above Murdock McLeod's. Phono BOB
Sub-Agent. Heintzman & Co. Pianos
Thompson Memorial
Opening  Celebration
Lake Windermere Bungalow Camp
AUGUST 80th ANB 81st, 1922.
For particulars ot fares and special sleepers Irom Calgary,
August 29th, apply to
U. T. Molr, Ticket Agent, Cranhrook, B.C. SBAY, AUGUST 10, 1923
(i P.O. Bri San
.E.I.C., & B.C.L.S.
t     ■     •      -B.C.
ll-Itlaniilug Block
Hi.    Ofllce Hoare
lo .1 p.iu.  Sals,
GIE   /
Block  (
tarei      J
■sen & MacKinnon
I'laus ud Hnrfeona
| reeldsoce, Armstrong
   (Oil to IU00
  t.00 to   4.00
 7.J0 to
    3.80 to
I'lt'H'E nouns
I a.m.     1 to u p.m.
|ik., CltANBROOK, B.C.
I A C P11 E R S O Ji
| Undertaker
rluine 11.111
Ilie., next to Clly Hall
I.IEU.   &   B1TCHIE
line of Wall Paper
In Stock.
I, Hanson Avenue
■tie -IOO at all hours
I'tlllh     ■     •     •     B.O.
CunimercUl Couree la
llhond, Tjpewrltlog
|>|og,  CommercUl  Uw
leercUl EBgllsk and
l-arlkuhirs Appl) lo
|,V. TY1.EB, Prlncliml
1. Boi, II, Nelson, B.C.
|;EPAT01.A removee gall
1-4 hours without pain and
lippondlcltls, stomach and
files. Contains no poison.
Ity druggists.
Jt8. UKO. 8. ALMAS
fola Manufacturer
, Ave., So., Saskatoon, Sask.
I.,50 i'lioue 4IUi-i
Beialar HseKag
Nil  (UTl'HUiY  el  eaek
I at 1 p.m. In Ihe 011} Hall
Meets ill thr
O.W.V.A, Hall
afternoon of the
lirst Tuesday ut
11 p.tn.
All ladles nre
cordially Invlled
■ill    Mrs. F. I'unsUnllue.
Insurer:  Jlrs. 6. Taylor.
Have yeu MuuewtUm or Neuritis,
Sciatica, Lembalo ? New Is Ike
1 time to (el rid et II. Natarels
i dotal all ike cm tor you. Joet
help thing, aleu|. tei * bei ot
Templttoa's thfMUtlc Cspiulti
from yeur Dralllit aad yea will
i be III tad well Kill.
Bold By
Cnuihronk Drug & Book Co.
An ofCorl Ut liijwl ii Hull' rulitxntloii
in to Hi.-1 fu so [inUiiriii atmosphere at
thi.-* limo oughl to hu appreciated, ami
for ihirt ri'iiHiHi, If fnr nu other, there
oughl i<> -■■• a giHid tiiriioiit at the base-
hull dunce to bu held nu Friday evon-
Ing nf this week at the KuighiH ot Py-
ihliiH llall. iti'111'Hiinnniis will hi! provided, mid Ihe floor will Ue In the heat
of all-ape for good ihtnt-lng, it is promised. Robinson's Orchestra will be
on build. A Rood dance should tend
ia shake down the arguments to be
taken in at tlie political meeting the
saint' evening,
;-*..  ■;■   '  '*. ,i   i   |.,i!:,iiil.'!l--|ii:;i!?lil:;!i'i!IMl,i!rt^1l"!i:ir:.|l"l^
Flour and Feed Merchants
Hay nnd Grain of All Kinds      g
Hanson Avenue
1   Offlce Phone 92    Res. Phone 310 j
1     .    | . .    | Bttl.HMMII HMH
Milk and Cream
Big Butte Dairy Farm
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital
(Licensed by Pror. Go»t.)
Maternity and General Nurelag
Terms Moderate
MUS. A. CKAWFOBll, Matron.
Harden Avenue     - Phone 25»
Satisfaction or Money Refunded
Rollers and Yorkshires a
Specialty, from $15.00 up.
Hreedlng Hens.
utiiiimi.uk bird rooms
41,-, lltli St. 8.   •   UlkbrMge
Milk Cuts
Cranbrook, 11.0.
J every Tuesday ot 8 p.tn.
|tt tlte Fraternity Hall
11.. Harrison, K.R. * 8.
R. 0. Carr, M.P.
|ng brethren cordially Invlled to attend
1.0.0. F.
| CITV LODGE, No. 48
Meets every
IMonday night at
J Tlto Auditorium
nlag OddWIlowe cordially
■ Moffatt    -   Noble Orand
1 Adlard, P.O.   -  Roc. Mc.
Any number of cooks hove stated III tlieir letters that In recipes
where   they   aso   this   Improved
l-acltlc Milk
they  have cut  the  quantity  of
shortening In half, ami got better
It Is a point we should have
menllonod hefore, hut overlooked
It, ua tlw 48 per cent, ot cream Itt
Saoll cun of Pacltlc Milk Is In Itself a shortening agent.
Ilt'ii,l Hiilcc, Vancouver, II...
Kaclorlei al Udner and Abbolslord
Rev. E. W. MaoKay will conduct the services.
Morning Service at 11 a.m.,
12 noon—Sunday School.
7.30 p.m.—Evening service.
Thursday, 8 p.m.—Prayer mealing and B. Y. P. U.
tiillill... 55.1S. ,»,|.,l,.Bg|[
filontluued from Page One)
_ ot the United
(Prom the St. Jolm Globe)
St. -Andrews-By-Tlie-Seu, .N.B.—Hon.1
J. H. King, federal Minister of Fublic moat famo«8 "»>mnaBter
Works, landed on St. t'roix [stand ou  Kln8dom.
Saturday al almost the exact spot m ; Following a recent conference Pre-
which OUamplain uud ills illustrious! mier Oliver issued the following stute-
buiid landed back in lti04.
The incident took place during an
inspection trip by the Minister of Public Works of St. Croix harbor, heralded as the "greatest undeveloped natural deep water harbor in Ilie world,"
and wlllcll tllfl Hoards of Trade ol St.
ment, Bettng forth the attitude of the;
Provincial Government towards the!
company's application for assistance: I
"That Uie Government would be pre- j
pared at the next session to submit i
legislation whicli would make ilie iron i
ore bodies in the province available
for uso either on u percentage! ton-
Andrews and St. Stephen have beon I nftg0 or royalty basis.
tinging should l>c developed us a great'
federal a»t*et.
lluu. Dr, King arrived in Ills private
car accompanied by Mrs. King, Qeorge
King, M.P.P., Clllpmail, uud others, and
they were guests at lite Algonquin Hotel. Thy trip up thu Bt, Croix Hlver
was made on Saturday under Ideal
conditions, uud the Minister wub moat
agreeably Impressed with all that bo'the production of pig
saw;  ho nsked many questions and Columbia.
gave those who accompanied lilm tlie | -p),ls guarantee would be condition-
impression that he was engrossed with (.(| upon eai.<t „[ |lie Dominion Govern-
thc Immensity of the harbor and its m,_nt um] ,|H. rmperial trades raclll-
possibilities   Of   development   Without |t|M ,-nninilttees guaranteeing the other
"That the preseni  legislation pro- j
viding for a bounty ou pig iron pro-(
duced In  British Columbia  would be
"Thut the Governmeni  would pro-j
mote legislation authorising a guarantee of the company's bonds to tbe extent of one-third the amount required |
tu establish an irou smelling plant for
u British
dredging or breakwaters being necessary.
two-thirds of the capital required.
"Further conditioned upon a thor-
The Minister and his party spent ough investigation covering raw ma-
most of Sunday motoring und enioy- terlal, plans, specifications, locations
ing the muny beautiful drives about contracts, conduct, management, llnan*
Charlotte county uud left lasl evenng Mis of the company and probabilities
by C.P.R. en route to St. John on the 1 "f success satisfactory to the Govern
way to Nova Scotia. ment,
"Tlie Government of the province tc
As St. John Dr. King looked over the' liave se.*Urity for its guarantee rank*
harbor works there, He expressed \*ng eqliai wlth the security olthe Dora-
hlmselC as recognizing the need there inion aml ,],e fnL-ilitte» committee, the
of better protection for the harbor. In Bame being a first mortgage upon all
the form of an extension of tbe Negro L|1Q aKaels of the company.
Point breakwater, and expressed sytn-j «purther conditioned that the auth
patlty with the suggestion thai St. orfzeil capHal, the subscribed capital
John harbor be put in commission.      Lnd the m\(\.llvt capital sluircs of thc
He was very much interested in ac- ompany be satisfactory to the Gov-
coun.s about the development of «->»»«*• «» undwrtaniMng being that
power in the province. "Cheap " the °I»»tlon °* the blael furnace to
power," he argued, "means more In- f established was fully satisfactory
,      ,    ,. ihe    before - mentioned    guarantees
dustries, ., ,       ,    ,,.,,,.,
would lie extemleil to Include tne es-
Hon, Mr. King will visit Nova Scotia.tab,IS1iment „f n 8lMl producing plain
after leaving St. Jolin. ; and |lls|) ToWng mnl8| Ule w,10)e „r ,i,e
Returning lo New Brunewlck lie guarantee ot the province which would
hopeB to he able to spend a day or two b0 proportionately illvlileil according to
with his lather, ihe venerable Sena- tlle ,,.or|. undertaken not lo exceed
tor King at t'bipinan, where the Mln- jgoo.OOO sterling, or its equivalent in
ister was born. | Canadian dollars.
Following nn Inspection of the dry; "The Minister of Mines was author-
dock, breakwater, ami oilier features \ ized to confer with the Dominion an
ot Ibe Courtenay Hay developmeul this I lllorllies anil wltll Ibe Facilities Com-
morning. Hon. Dr. King expressed bis ; nilltee of the Imperial Board of Trade,
satisfaction at the progress made, and .and to employ such expert officers ns
said bo saw great future possibilities | would be found necessary to invest!
for the port with tlie completion ot the gate thoroughly every detail of lhe
work. After visiting Courtenay Bay. proposal, lhe Oovernment being deter
Dr. King and party lefi by tug boat to mined that as far as humanly possible
inspect the Negrotown Point break- both tlte Government and the Investing
water and West Side wharves. public should be fully protected."
Cut Brier
More Tobacco ior the Mons-
Packages 15*
Albllns 85*
THUR. AUG. 17th
First linic 11 cur ol tin- (.liiut Combination
.... ...      -        ... gj—.
_W !£■>:'< MORE THAN
J K.K.VAIO A*m^kf-*m.t    200
JEM (]&^4M
n'S-l   \    'it:   U I .1
**/»V -'-A-i.1 ?'_■ _• JriJ t*!^*St*rli'S
1  ■^JikWMM
which he bad made his lilp 10 Winnipeg.
The largo mill which is adjacent to
the wharf lu Nelson was erected hy
Mr. lies,humps, who operated it for
two years, later selling onl to Ihe Kor-
| sol Mills of B.C. In 1916 he entered
n business on Goat Creek, near Slocan
City, hut later sold out. He was also
iissiiiinleil with several well-known
United States lumbermen.
Ml*. Desrhanips Is survived by hi*
The death of Joseph Stephen Dgb-I wife, lo whom he was married at Ktl-
thanuis, well known lumberman ot monlon In 1901, and four children.
Hossland and Trail, took plaeo on Ruth, 10; Undo. II; Jeanetto, Hi; and
Monday morning at tho St. Bugeno| Joe, 4. A lousin. Kdward IVschumps.
Hospital, following an operation for'
Rossland Man
Passes Away Here
Went    KooH'iiay    l.uml.crmnii'
Hiiecuml.s After 0]»oniU«n.
IliirU'd At Troll (Mi
appendicitis he underwent limi week.
Mr. Doscliamps Inul 1ip«h to Winnipeg on a IhihIiu'hh trip, and when il
was found neceHsary lo take him irom
the train here to the huniiit.il. Mrs.
Deschamps was summoned -Trom Rossland, and arrived In time to be with
her liuslmiul at the end. The family oT
(onr were also «e»t for when it wns
Heen that Mr. Desclmmps wns KinltiiiK.
but they only not us far as Kootenay
Landing when they got word that
their father had punned itway. and they
waited there to meet the remains,
which were shipped back on Monday's
Mr. Deschamps was quite well
known here, and a number of friends
were at the station to assist In tbe
last duties tbat could be done for tbe
deud here. He was ubout llfty-llve
yenrs of age.
Mr. Deschamps wan horn at St. Isadora De Prescott. Ontario, on August
1st, lSt-7. In 1697 Mr. Deschamps
ame to British Columbia and located)
Information in "Printer aud Publisher," a trade journei, is to the ef-
fect that tlie company which ir- developing ii big pulp aud paper mill and
hydro-electric project at Elko, nc,
is to lie known as the Wigwam Pulp
and Paper Co. and that Chicago unit
Kansas city newspapers are reported
to be behind the move, Seattle capital, it is understood, is developing the
project, and $4,000,000 ol bonds have
alrend) been underwritten for the erection ot tin' plant The cotniany
is capitalised at $5,000,000 and Umber cruisers are now nut reportlug ou
lho available supply ut pulpwood. if
Is available to keep the big
arklug (nr thirty yeara there
iln tin- project wfll go through.
plant  ■
resides at Hossland. wliere In* fs asso-
slated witli Oeorge Tlerney, on the
UosBlund-Coscade highway,
A llrtn believer In the Kootenay dis  i
trict and nn ardent worker for tts betterment was Joe Deschamps.   He was'
a mainstay iu Liberal circles in the
Kootenay, and as a Liberal be contiu-j
ttously worked for the district.   In thi
last provincial elections lie was a candidate  for  Mm  provincial   house,  but
was defeated by James H. Schofleld.
of Trail.
The funeral took place at 10 o'clock
on Wednesday morning, services heing ;
beld  at  the   Sacred   Heart   Church,
Rossland, Father A. K. Mclntyre being the officiating  priest.    Interment **
was made In the family plot In the     Mfaa ,\nv.a y. MIsson, the 5tar In
cemetery nt Trail.                                    [the  Loui.-  Mayer company of motiou
m ^ .                              'picture artists who have been here fn
the district of late, left ot. Monday's
I train.  rMumine  south.      With  them
Easl Kootenay Power Company
immeuced work building camps
[at Klko for their workmen -who will
shortly start the construction of a it
foot tunnel which win connect their
dam above the (alls a distance ol about 8000 feet to the power house site
at the big basin Mr Appleyard te
expected In Fernie to-morrow and the
work win be commenced almost im-
1 mediately at both ends of the tunnel.—
Fernie Free Press.
shut-out game by
ault gives fernie
I E VDFI-tSlllP IN I K IGT7F   * chief camera man and some
_^_>_—-  ' *i°* H'8  assistants.    About  eight cam
era men are left to take in the big
scene when the dam at Boll river finally goes up.   An attempt to get this
from insufficient current, i: is thought,
. t the charge did not go off. but slight
damage was effected to one end of the
■dam where things W01 have to be set
right before the final blast can be set
off. which i.- expected to be in B few
days now.
(Fernfe   Free   Press)
Fernie cinched the lead in the east
in Rossland, where he opened a saw-  end  of  the   Kast   Kootenay   Baseball;
mill in partnership with Lous Blue,' League hy defeating the White Spruce M""   w"" n-:,i" ■"'   !^": r
uuder the firm name of Blue & Des-!on Sunday last shutting them out by j
tiamps. a BC°re of 3-0 .and thereby earn the
This   partnership   held  until   1S99, right to play off with the leaders of (
when the Vale Columbia Lumber Com* ] the west end of the league when their |
pany, Limited, absorbed Blue's inter-1 schedule is completed In about two
ests, Deschamps becoming manager of; weeks' time. Fernie stilt has one more
the Rossland end of the business, In'game to play of the schedule to play
which capacity he remained until l!t0:l.[at   Waldo, but the result will not al- I
Following   his   retirement   from   the ter the standing of the teams.
Vale  Columbia  Company,   Mr.   Des-,    Pitcher Ault haa the honor of hurl-
bamps, along with Uuls  Blue and ing the first shut-out game of the sea- |
Lome A. Campbell, formed the China son.     And the game could be clased
Greek Lumber Company on the Colum- among tbe best that the Fernfe fans '
hia Hlver, near Trail.   This partner-  have seen.     Aulfs wonderful pitch-1
ship  held  till  1912,  when   Mr.  Des-   ing and the airtight support he recefv-,
liamps assumed the ownership of the  ed   from his teammates was the undo-
Cotnpany. ''ig of White Spruce.    It was a pitch-.
Some time later he established a ers' duel  between  Ault  and  Peters,
mill at Birchbank, which mill he was   und up to the fifth Inning neither side,
slill operating and In the interests uf  was able to score.
lal  thermometer
.Sun da
. August G	
.... 86
. August 7  	
y, August  8   ...
Wednesday, August 9 .
.... 9;'
ThiB Ib to glvo MMirance *■"*. wo have contracted witli tlie Klng-
UiiB limine™ ami nnmum & Balley'B Combined Shows, to Handle
all of lhe one hundred double length railroad cars over our lines,
and will be delivered In Cranbrook, their total contents unloaded and
tho complete show, tnenaserio and proBrnm exhibited, exactly an In
New York, Montreal. Chicago, Toronto. Winnipeg nnd elsewhere
OEO. A. WALTON, Ocn. Pass. Agl., C.P.n.
Tickets on Sale Show Day at Cnwbrook Hi-hr & Bonk Co.
at. same prices as charged on Show arountls.
a complete car
—no extras to buy
The new "490'* Special is a fully equipped automobile and has every feature found on the big
cars. You don't have to spend a penny in accessories to bring the car up to your ideals.
The Chevrolet "490" Special is the car you should
drive. Let us demonstrate this model and show
you the easy riding qualities and all the other fine
Aslt Un particulars of our detrmj payment plan.
Kootenay   Garage
Cranbrook B.C. P\«E FOOT
In the best
of Society
In tha
Striped Package
l-'riimo's Brcml Is GOOD Bread
Hia Plea, Cnkca and Pastry nre
made lu ;i lusty manner which
iiiviii-.. tin; most exacting person to cull again, ai
thi: home bakery
I'lioue 87      -      Norbury Ave.
Thc old reliable remedy for rheumatism, neuralgia, sore throat ami
Host Liniment Made
the doctor called a very
ii.nl iprained ankle.aad
told ine I nii!-( imt w.-iik
.ui Itfortliree weeks. I
gol MINARD'fi UNI-
MKNTnn.lin si* .tuv..I
was onl t.> workngn.it,
I think il Iiii. best J,int-
incut made."
Mlnnrd's Liniment
always gives sails*
faction.   For any
:u hi*   in    (iiiiii.     ll
-givestiisi.nti ii-iiti.
Minard's Liniment
Co., Limited
Packet of
,$8°-°WORTH  Of  ANY   .
(lean to handle.   Sold by all
Druggists, Grocers and
General Stores
wf      Sweeten
V the Stomach
Drastic Reductions Made In The
Rates With Current From
Bull River.
When thc hydro-electric power first
became available at Pernie the council
duced the schedule per kilowatt hour
for lighting from 15c. to 10c—bo It
was aald, but In the schedule on the
10c. basis was a "joker" in the form of;
a "fixed or service charge." ranging all'
the way from fine, up to $5.15 and over
for the larger consumers per month.
This wheu actually applied, Instead
f reducing the cost of electricity, In
the cases of tlie minimum autl small.
quantities In must eases slightly in-j
(•reused the eost to Ibe consumer, Of
course in the cases of the larger consumers they did receive the benefit of,
cheaper Juice but in view of Iho greal ;
saving to the city when comparing Ihe
coal to manufacture its own with thai i
purchased from the company, every-:
ono felt they were entitled to a pro-
prtlonate share of the more advantageous price, particularly when the
home-made electricity was supplied at |
a cost that almost placed It In the lux-,
ury class.
Needless to Bay the complaints were:
numerous and Insistent, with the re-,
suit that eventually ihe council decided something must be done, and
now they have a brand new schedule
for tight and power as set forili below.
One redeeming feature of this schedule Is thut In residences lhe current
may tie used from every light sockel
for cooking, heating, etc., ut 4c.
Lighting and Heating—Rate during
months of April, May, Juno, July and
August, lOo. per k.w.h. up to 20 k.w.h.
each month, less 10 per cenl.
All current consumer above JO k.w.h.
al 4c. per k.w.h., loss 10 per cent.
Lighting uud Heating—Hate during
mouths of September, October, November, December, January, February and
March, 10c, per k.w.h. up to 30 k.w.n.
each month, leas 10 per cent.
All current consumed above 3U
k.w.h. at 4c. per k.w.h., less lu per
Meter rent lac. per mouth net.
Minimum cliargo for current $1.00
per month, less 10 per cent.
Commercial Lighting—Rote 10c. per
k.w.h. less io per cent.
Meter renl 25c. per month net.
Minimum charge for curront $l.0fl
per month less 10 per cent.
Commercial Hooting Including bakeries, don lists nnd hotels, Tc per
k.w.h. Minimum charge $8.80 per
month up lo 7000 wan connected load
with on additional charge of BOc. for
each 1000 waits or part thereof .above
7000, less 10 per cent.
Advertising Signs—Rate 7c. per k.w.
h.   Minimum $2.00, less 10 per cent.
City Department dty dopnrlineuts
uud streel lighting, Oo. per k.w.h, net.
,\o minimum,
Rale 7c. per k.w.h. less 10 per cenl.
Meier renl 25c, per month net.   Minimum $1.10 per h.p. less 10 per rent.
ViTiimlnh ami Shire Wjudnn Mghis
lt. watt Tungsten, 3c.   month,
s c.p, Carbon, 40c. month.
in watt Tungsten, BOc. month.
10 c.p. Carbon, 75c, month.
60 watt Tungsten, 76c. montii.
100 wait Tungsten, $1,20 month,
Larger lamps according to capacity.
Hales 1 l-Bc, per wall iter monlh net.
No more verandah or window lights
will be connected to Hat rates circuit
in itiiiiie. and tho charges for them'
will be made regardless whether used
or not as long as the wiring remains
unconnected to the meter, and connected io the flat rate circuit.
Consumers desirous of discontinuing
payment for verandah light musi have
it disconnected from the Hat rate circuit,
Consumers who use verandah or
window lights of larger capacity thun
arranged for, without having given
propor notice hi writing of their in-
leution to do so, will be charged a
minimum additional charge of 50o, per
mouth net.
Any consumer violating this rule
will be charged BOc, net for each infraction thereof.
Consumers must nm allow verandah
of window lights id burn during day
light hours.
•ni. will 1)>
jovo it the i
ne the •-.-".Hi
ni whon tie
iinday. or v
ibllc hollda
;i  tha  folio
111   per
here   stated
Is p
id ou or 1
of Ilie following inoiill
23111 ii; a Saturday o
ion the 2S(h falls ou
. discount io ho ;i!lmve
ing day on  which th
ofllce is open for business.
Deposits No person Bhall use electric light, power or heat 111 any place
until said person shall have signed the
form required and shall have paid the
required deposit ut tho City Clerk's
ollice. Deposits required under the
above rule Bhall be equal to the
omounl ot the maximum two months'
account during the twelve months preceding the data of application.
Parties moving from one house to
another will nol be connected up unless all arrears are paid.
Interest No Interest shall be paid
on deposits until Ihey have been deposited for 12 months, after which
time interest at the rale of 4 per eonl.
per annum shall be paid for the full
Notico must bo given nt the City
Ollice within -IS hours after a house
has been vacated.
rut-Off -Water, light and power service will be cut olT when the consumer
is in arrears for B0 days,
Parties whom it has heen necessary
■ii cul off tor non-payment of account
will be treated as new customers, nnd
on adequate deposit will lmve to
placed before ihey will be permit
to use current again.
Meters A (lat charge of $2.00 w
he made for connecting up a consumer
wlio lias been cut. oft lor the above reason or for a new connect ion, or for
where a meter Is required.
No discounl will be allowed unless
oil arrears aro paid in full.
FiiHes—Tho meters must be protected with proper fuses; if heavier fuses
than permitted are used, the consumor
Will be beld responsible for uny dam-
ago done to meter.
iv 11
Horses huve again come Into their
own on tliis season's program of Hie
Itlngllng llros. and Barnum *v Bailey
Circus. Trained stallions tlmt work
in troupes and groups, au entile company of Shetland ponies and lhe finest
of European menage horses are made
features of a program that fs Illicit
wilh new acts from the grand entry
lo the concluding chariot races.
The public is used to hearing of lhe
"first American appearance of such
anil such an iirenlc star," but Iliis Is
thu lirst time that an entre shipload
of trained horses have been specially
Imported from foreign lands. The
Rlngllng Brothers' Paris representatives have secured the famous dancing
Htalllnim of the Nouseau Cirque, together with twelve of tbo most remarkable dwarf ponies yet trained by
lhe famed French equestrian, M. lion-'
I Aside from these equlnes there is a
complete menuge numlier including a
group of immense Norman stallions in
i which splendid high school iion.es
j ridden by their trainers perform in ull
parls of the hippodrome track.
Tliese various and varied equine dte-
plays, coupled with the IromendcuB
elephant acts, and the all-new wild
animal numbers, presented lu Uirce
immense steel arenas, combine in wli.it
is by far the greatest unity of ilumh
animal tuleul ever assembled anywhere. This mammoth aggregation,
together with moro than 000 men and
women performers, will all be presented in one main tent and on one program when ihe Rlngllng Brothers nnd
Barnum A Bailey Combined Shows ox-
ilhit here ou Thursday. AllgUBt 17t!i.
Mayook. B.C.,
August 9th, 1922.
To The Kdltor,
Cranbroolt Herald.
Dear Sir,
I would like to know through the
medium of your paper, whether lhe
Hon. J. Oliver and Mr. J. Taylor,
while canvassing tho Cranbrook Dislrict yesterday did not call on some
of the ranchers In this locality? Was
it because they were afraid that they
Hon. J. Oliver and J. Tnylor. would be
asked i'or work on the Oovernment
roads by the ranchers, or was it on
account of the bad state of the roads
to some of the 'ranches here?
Thanking you for a smnll space ln
your paper.
Baker P.O., B.C.
The provincial police seized the liquor stocks of two warehouses on
Frldny last on charges of selling and
keeping liquor for tho purposes of
salo, The estimated value of Hie liquor stocks under seizure is between
$200,000 und $260,000. The trial was
opened before Magistrate Henderson
ou the 31st, but was forthwith adjourned until August, 7. Pending disposition of the eases in lhe court Ihe two
warehouses of Hie companies sire under guard of ihe provincial authorities. — Pernie Free Press.
The owner of a Model 81 Overland (name on request)
tells us he recently made a 900 mile trip using only
2 quarts of Imperial Polarine Oil Heuvy (as recommended on the Imperial Chart).
Big oil and gasoline mileage is just one of the many
advantages of using the proper grade of Imperial
Polarine Motor Oils in any car or truck. Consult
the Chart.
Manufaeturere and Marketere of Imperial Polarine Motor Oils and
Marketers in Canada of Gargoyle Mohiloit.
Made in five grades
for the proper lubrication of all iniikus
of automobile u,
trucks and tractor*.
(Special to The Herold)
Invermere, B.C. August 5.—Ranking as he lias done araongBt the
strict "Old Timer" class ot the eastern interior of British Columbia, Mr.
Edmund Thomas Johnston's life is well
worthy of u review at length. Those
who knew the eastern Interior fn the
duys of the early 'SOs are slowly but
surely narrowing in their numbers.
OE this p;ui the Windermere District
is amongst that which had the earliest
permanent seitlenient.
Mr. Johnston was of Irish descent,
hts father being Goorge Bell Johnston |
and his mother Emily Sophia Donnelly. One of a family of eight, four
brothers and four sisters, be was born
on ;i Saturday afternoon, the 2nd of
Septembor, 1S4.I, on hfs father's farm
In lhe township of Moore, county of
L.iuibton, Ontario,
When 17 years of age he look to the
water and became quartermaster on a
steamer sailing between Buffalo and
Duluth. After four years of seamanship ho left thu lakes for life us a miner, going in 18«4 to work for a New
Vork company operating at Black Bay,
part of Thunder Buy. One year at that
work iiiul he relumed bome for n spell,
leaving again In 1S70 for the western
States he visited Minnesota and then
on to Loulslono. Still wandering. 1872
found lilm in California, where he remained but two weeks, and then shipped ou a lumber hooker whieh took
him to Puget Sound. Still bent on
Mining lie left Puget Sound lu the fall
of 1873 and passing over the Cour de
Lalne mountains by the old Mullen
road reached the Missouri River, then
up tho river to Superior, Montana,
where for the next eight years he engaged in placer mining. Then moving
north lie journeyed on through Horse
i Plains lo Thompson's Falls.
[ Conditions there becoming too quiet
[for an active man und henrlng of the
stirring times created in British Columbia by the advent of the Canadian
Pacific Hallway, Mr. Johnston worked
on up Into tlie Windermere District,
arriving iu this part on Ibe 4th of
October, 1S82.
Thoso were exciting days in this
part, Innd nnd anything stable in tis
character was of but little value as
instanced by Mr. Johnston's statement
that he trailed guns for two of what for
many years were afterwards the best
ranches tn the neighborhood of the
village of Windermere. It was not for
him lo remain In the neighborhood for
long, so proceeding further north he
located a ranch just outside the twenty mile limit of railway construction,
and in a tent opened up u hotel on the
main pack trail running north nnd
south, which became famous uuder the
name of "The Hog Ranch." The lute
Qeorge Starke of this place became a
partner. After construction duys and
tho opening of the sale of liquor" on
tho line of railway tbe Hog Ranch
closed down and'Mr. Johnston took up
farming and mining as his pursuit. In
the many years which he has lived In
here he look up and owned many of
the best farms which have been and
owned, bonded and sold muny mineral
As an old timer his tall stately figure and ability to tell stories of the
early days made him a well liked and
dlstuguishod person whom every one
rejoiced to meet.
lu 1012 he married Mrs. Rose May
Brown and two little girls, Edith May
and Leona Frances were the result of
the union, Mrs. Johnston died fu 1914,
since which time Mr. Johnston has
been living In tho neighborhood of
either Canal Flat or Fairmont Hot
(Vancouver Province)
Ed, Johnson, us he was familiarly
known up and down the Valley, was
seventy-nine years of a.u uud a native
of Ontario. Leaving that province
ln tho early seventies lie moved lol
Montana, where he settled In thej
spring of 1882. He came to Winder- j
mere with a pack ami suddle horse In
1886, and had remained iu the Columbia Valley ever since.
I0d. Johnson at one time or another
owned the majority of the best known
ranches In tlie Wind emu-re district.
In 1899 he sold Hie property Hint Is
now the town of Invermere uud vicinity.   Ho look u prominent Interest In
prospecting   during   Ills   residence   fu
Lhe valley.     Though a pioneer of lho'
Old-tllllO rough and ready school, Ku.
was a mini wlio was al  liiunc in uuy
eomputiy.       He  wus  a  very  original
letter writer, uud  tho grent 'pity Is,
that he did ulfi  leave wrlttor mem-!
olrs.      The old pioneer never forgot
his dignity, and was held iu greal respect by all who knew him.
ll Is to ho hoped thai u suitable mo- I
nuineiit   will  bo orcAcd t
ory.     British Columbia
of her finest, pioneers
The Salvation
Thursday, August 10, at
Welcdmo tea for all soldi
Sunday morning so
Holiness mooting,
Sunday evening service.
Sal vat Km meeting.
Sunday School at;: p.m.
These will bo the weld
or Captain ■■-■ Tlgeralodl
ItiK to take charge of •
Army  III this ciiy.    Tin
heen   stationed  at   Kamlo
pnst 2 yenrs nud ;i nionlh.
her command thoro c
cess has been attafuei
Tin-  Captain   will  tie
Lieut. Sheriff.   We invite
with us in extending i
to our new ollicer.
Edmonton, Albert*.—The experiments of the Mc Murray Asphaltum and
Oil Company at Wutorwuys are showing good results. Tests have been
made and from twenty-five pounds of
tur sands, two and a half pints of lubricating oil have boen obtained. The
machinery Is now being Installed on
concrete foundations.
NU. 07 DAILY-To Nelson, Vancouver, Siiokauo, etc. Arrt» ll.lt p.
in,; leave 12.80 p.m.
NO. 118 DAILY—To Pernl*, Lttk*
brldga, Medicine Hat, Cklfiry, etc.
Arrive 4.10 u.m.; leave 4.20 a.as.
Cranbrook, Wj.Ude, Makerler Bar.
No. 82J-Leave 7.06 a.m.   N0.8M—Arrive 2.10 pm.
('ranbrook, Lake Windermere 111
((olden Serlvee;
Monday and Thunder, each mak
-NO. 891, leave • am.    Wodoeidaj
and   "(.turner—HO. BU- arrive   I.M
For  lurther paitlculare apply to
any ticket agen'
DlHirict Passenger Aunt, Calgary.
Montana Restaurant
Clgan, Cigarette! ail CeeU
Heala it All Ham
Opposite tka Buk of Commerce
jHetliootfit Cjntr
BEV. B. 0. FREEMAN, Pastor
Morning Service at 11 a.m.
Sunday School at 12.1f>.
lCvening Service at 7.30 p.m.
Everyone Is Cordially Invited to These Sortie
Consolidated Mining & Smelting
of Canada Limited
Pnrehasersof (Jiild, Silver, Copper, Lead A Zinc
Producers of Gold, Silver, Copper, Pit; Lend nnd
UNLESS you see the name "Bayer" on tablet:
are not getting Aspirin at all
Accept only an "unbroken package" of "Bayer Tabl
Aspirin," which contains directions and dose worked i
physicians during 22 years and proved safe by inillii
Cokis Headache Rheumatisri
Toothache        Neuralgia Neuritis
Earache Lumbago Pain, Pain
na:idj- "llay.r" boxes of 12 tableta—Alao bottlM of 21 anil 100—Df
Aiptrln In th.' im'- murk (roglst'i-cd In Canadn) nf linyt'r Mnnofaclor-
' UK'tk'ticlilrMrr of t-nllivll.Tit w.    Willi.- II I. well known Mint .l.plrln tin.
111*111-111.1 ill it. t'i flH.I-l  111.   tnltlllc nRtili'.l  Imitation., the TatllOtl nl llu>.|
will lin Hlniniit'il Willi llit'tr _Bn*tra| Iriiilit tiiitrk, tin, "llny.r OroM."
Plant "HOME GROWN" Nursery Slock Only.
nm growing n full line of frull (itch, shrubs, ROSE
ornamentals, including tin* iiidhI linrdy vnriell.
Intending planters can have our descriptive cat
uud prico lisi 011 application by slating whal Ihey 1
tcrested in  plan ling.
Wo lisi over inn varieties of "Hoses" all gi*i»ii
at our Sardis Nursorles (Near Chilliwack), strong,
ous plants thai can he delivered direct frnm our 1
ies In prime condition, assuring bloom thc lirst yea
Address: 904 Yorkshire Bldg., Vancouver, B,
A live salesman wanted for the Cranbrook distr
Good Floor, Dressing Rooms, Card Tables,
Kitchen, All Conveniences
For Prices and Otlier Particulars Enqalre
will be held in the
at 8.30 pm,
In the Interests of the Conservative Party
♦ ♦
N. A. Wal/l'nger, Conservative Candidate
W. d. Bowser, k.c, mp.p.
d W Jones, I.P.F. W K Esling, va.
Col. Lister, np.p.
Chair will be taken by Mr. T. D. Caven
Musical Selections        All Electors Are Cordially Invited to Attend
God Save The King
ae PA6F.   sa
I'llUKSDAY, AUGUST 10, 1922
City Hems of Interest
Iusurct with Uealo £ Elweli.
+    +    1-
TUNGSTEN LAMPS—15 watt, 35c;
24, 40 and 60 watt, 40c; 100 watt Nitrogen, J100; 150 watt Nitrogen $1.85
W.  F.  DORAN,
Our Prices Win Every Tims.
+   +   +
The regular monthly meeting ot the
City Council lakes place tills evening,
Thursday, at S o'clock.
Fur disposal l.y
up till August 16th.
Something  new   in  u  car polish.
Uocb the work better and fully guaranteed.   Get It at Dezall's Oarage.
+   +   +
Work is being undertaken on the
road out to the cemetery trom the city,
and it Is also understood It is on the
program to put iu a sidewalk. Thi:!
is an improvement that was brought
to the attention of the authorities a
few weeks ago. and will be greatly
appreciated by those who travel in
that direction.
+    +   +
Bear in mind Parmers' Institute
meeting, Saturday evening Augusl 12
nl the City Hall.
+    +    +
As a result of a fracas sialic I inn
ago ut the place, four women were recently charged iii tho provincial pollct
court with being Inmates of u disorderly house at Fori Steele. Due w;o
charged us the keeper of the place
ami was lined JfiO.00. iho others na Inmates being assessed $.5.11(1 onch,
+   +   +
Wo have Just received our Spring
shipment of Linoleum, Prices fl 10
per siiuiii'u yard.
Our low prices win every time.
+   +    ',
liny your home ou tbe easy monthly
Instalment plan. There are dozens
doing ll. Why not you? See llonlo *
Elweli about It.
Clean   Sweep  Sale §f
Summer Goods
of Every Description,
Sot- nni' Windows and Handbills for Particulars of Sale
Mollatt's Variety Store
Opening Dance
The Re-Opening oil the Auditorium is being marked by
a Public Dunce tinder the auspices of the I.O.O.F. at the
Circus Day, Thursday, August 17th
Dancing 10 to 2
Robinson's Orchestra Refreshments
Admission, per couple  $1.50
Ladies' Hingle Admission   BOc.
Provincial By-Election
Cranbrook Riding
List of Polling Stations in the
District for Election Day
Tuesday August 15th
(As arranged up to the time of going to press)
Cranbroolt (Bight Colls)  G. W. V. A, Hall
Kimberley    Summers' 1 lull
Klngsgate   (Not yet arranged)
Marysvllle     School House
Mayook . •  School 1 louse
Mission  Stewart's Vacant Cottage
Moyie    Presbyterian Church
Sullivan Mine     Log Hunk House
Ta-Ta Creek      School House
Wardner     Library Hall
Wattsburg (Lumberton)  Not yet arranged
West Gateway      At. George Barters'
Westporl  at David Cameron's
West Waldo Tent al West end  of Bridge
Wycllffe   Club House
Yalilt   (Not Yet Arranged)
A. B. Smith
Returning Oillcor.
\***%' ****%*  ***etm* *ss**lfmms msJi/ti m*.* mtjftmt n-V»**« "-VHB
150 Travelers' Samples
Including Ladies' and Children's Dresses in Serge
and Wash Materials, Middies, Boys' Wash Suits,    1
Rompers, Ladies' Waists and Skirts
On sale at
Less Than Wholesale Price
Baker Street
The .Store Tbat Hells Fur I.i-nh
*m\m*m*et*»*t'*\* ***%*   >■>%»   ■<« I--V"**-"V»*J,I"-^MS
Cocal new t
Mrs. J. ll. Meighen left a tew days
ago un 11 holiday trip to eastern!
point-?. ! I
Paul Nordgren, Yahk business man,
was lu tlie city last Saturday on business.
Harry Mutt, formerly of the Kootenay Garage, lias relinquished Iiis position tliere, anil is at present up at
St. Mary's Luke. It is staled that lie
is considering embarking out into the
garage business ou bis own shortly.
A goutl number from here went up
to Kimberley on Wednesday ovoning
to attend the Catholic) lawn soclul ur-
raugod tliere.     The social part of the
program was Uultl on thu hotel
grounds lot Marry Urew, ami for the
danco the crowd adjourned Lo lhe
Handley Mail. Robinson's ihroo piece
orchestra was in attendance, and tlie
danco was much enjoyed, like tho earlier pari of tbe program.
iteato A Blwell Insu
musi!  for a trilling
e hiif.KiK.'u in
Our System of
invariably enables us to recommend tlie deep curve TOKIU
LENSES, giving the widest field
of vision, set securely in our
mounting, The combination of
these elements, the best in service and goods, places us in a position lo offer yuu tiie greatest
pleasure ami personal efficiency
in eyegluss wearing.
If you wear glasses or ought
to, let us discuss your [(articular
lasonablo basis of
i always a sourcu
ittifnctlon io our
needs.   Tliu i
our cbargea
of pteasanl
W. H. Wilson
Optometrist   -   Cranbrook, B.O.
W. F. and Mrs. Attrldge are enjoying a visit from Eastern friends, Including Mrs. Attrldge'* mother, Mrs.
F. L, Sankey, of Pittsburgh, l'u., Miss
Elizabeth Ewlng, and Mr. ,A. D, Swing,
also of Pittsburgh, and Mrs. Olive
Barnes of Chicago. Mrs. Sankey will
make an extended visit here while the
others of tho party will visit Banff'
and Lake Louise, Vancouver, Victoria, I
Seattle und Portland before returning
The latest in ear polishes, made by
well known' manufacturers, and will I
do the work better than any other.'
Guaranteed results.   Dezall's Garage.
Boale & Elweli ror norvleo,
Far mors1 Instltnto mooting on Saturday evening, Augusl ll!, al the City
Hall.   A good attendance is requested.
A miscellaneous shower was lender-!
oti Miss K. V. Sarvls on Tuesday even-!
ing of this week, at the home of Mrs.!
W.  C  Adlard, in  honor of her up-'
proarhing marriage, which will take
placo next week.    About twenty-live
friends of the bride were present, and'
enjoyed a very happy evening, thiHng
-which iho honored guest became the
recipient of a great  many gifts that
will be prized.     Gaines were also on
tlm program for tlie evening, ami refreshments wore served lo the further enjoyment  of all.  Lust week Miss
Sarvls wns also presented with a gift
rrom the Rebekah Lodge, of whicli she
has lieen an active-member, the presentation   taking  Ibe  form of a cuti
glass waler set.    Tills took  place at
tho   homo  of  Mr.   and   Mrs.   J.  W.
If you are contemplating a trip to
tliu Old Laud, see Beale &. Elweli
about It. They represent lhe best
steamship liner.
I'or Three KnoniN
Fu rn iiu re,    Pictures,    Bedding,
all complete.   Also
Suitable for logging camp, mill,
milling, ele.      Comprising Tools
and  full  Camp  Equipment.
Climp For -I j nick Sale
Apply in first Instance ut
II i: It A I. I)    O F PICE
BORN—On Sunday. August llth, al
thu Crnnbrook Collage Hospital, tu Mr,
und Mrs. E. (!. Dingley, a eon.
Mrs. P. G. Morris and little daughter returned on Monday from Saskatchewan, where Mrs. Morris has heen
visiting relatives.
Tho picnic of the Anglican Sunday
School takes place on Wednesday next
August 10th to Green Bay. Cars will
leavo the Parish Hull at 11.30 a.m.,
and all scholars are requested lo be
Ladles' Itcst Room
Under management of the Women's
Institute, open to all ladies of town or
country.     Located   in  left   hand  entrance of the Star Theatre. i.4
Mrs. J. Huffman of Calgary, Is ex-
peeled to arrive in Ilie city early next
on a short, visit wltll her son, Dr. C. W.
Huffmann, who recently established
himself here in practice us a chiropractor. Mrs. Huffmann is on her
way from Calgary to visit otlier relatives at Pentlcton,
Safety deposit boxes to rent at
lieale &. El well's. Terms $3.00 per
year up.
Itev. W. T. and Mrs. Tapscott left
ihe city on Tuesday ou their vacation,
which they intend to spend at Oregon
points, visiting at Ibe homes of members ot their families, They proceeded from Ibis city to Salem, Mr. Tapscott wll be away I'or tlie month of
Augusl, and Mrs. Tapscott may rem
ain away longer.
Women's Institute Flower Show,
--llll August. Members will) collection
of plants can have same called fur on
Wednesday afternoon hy telephoning
297. 24
.1. P, Austin, Pacific Const representative tor lhe American Lumberman,
ii Chicago publication, has been hi the
city und dislrict Ihis week, in the interest!, of his publication. As a member of the Seattle Rotary Club, he was
a visitor at tlie weekly luncheon of
the Craubrook Club on Tuesday of
this week.
Own your hotm
ean do it If yon (
Why not,   Vou
insult Beale & El-
for the Commercial Course
ut Cranbrook High School
Salary 91,600.00
per iiinmiu.
Applicants must have B.C. Certificate or equivalent,
T. M,  Roberts, Cranbrook B.C.
j A social evening will be beld ou the
■ Parsonage Lawn hy tho W.M.S. of tbe
Methodist Church, on Saturday even-
< ing, August HKh. Ice cream and cake
j :.r.t\   Also candy table. 24-5
Farmers' Institute meeting on Saturday evening, August 11!, at Iho City
Hall.  A good attendance is requested,
'    Our Spring shipment of Congoleum
' Bugs Is now in and on display.
Our low prices win every lime
Notice to the
Automobiling Public
lliiving tuken over tho buslnesa of lhe Kootenay
Oarage from Mr. 10. T. Cooper, wo are prepared to
conduct the same along the moat up-to-date lines.
We shall mako Garage Service, Repairs, and
Battery Work a Specially. Oasoline, Oils, and a full
line of Parts always on hand. «
We solicit a continuance of your patronage.
it is the case after a busy season there are many lines of shoes iu all styles that are broken
in sizes.   Rather than permit them to continue in our stock we have doeided to have
Ties, Oxfords and High Boots are included in the
sale, and no doubt II will arouse your special alien-
lion lo know ihal included in the sale are many pairs
Please remember ihis faet: thai in arriving al
the sale price we have paid no all ou Hon to cost, as
II Is our desire lo move oui all broken lines. Vour
size may not be in one line, but will be in another
similar line.
Sale Starts Tuesday, August 15th
Below are listed some of the many great liar-
gains in Men's Women's and Children's Footwear:
The Famous HARTT Women's Shoes, selling
at $10.76, $11.00, $11.2,., $11.50, $11.75 and
$12.00 are included in the sale, al one price  ..l.!t.">
The Famous HARTT Women's Shoes selling at
$13.25, $14.00. $14.50 and $15.50 are included ill tlie sale, at one price     8,3..
So many different makes will be included in the
sale of Men's Shoes that it is hard to list them.
However, the lot will include Oxfords, Dress Shoes,
Work Slioes, Lumbermen's Driving Shoes and High
Top Lace Boots, You should see the display to appreciate the great bargains being offered during Shoe
Quite an assortment of Boys' Shoes, in sizes from
ones to fives is included iu the sale,   The tablea are
groaning under tlie loads of 'bargains being offered
^J.gr7*-  4m**     during Shoe Week.
ONE Kill
Included in the sale is one large assortment of
Misses and Children's Shoes, some sizes short, that
are marked at much less than eost to clear.
Sueh great savings can he effected at this big
Shoe Sale that it will pay you well to visit lhe store
early so that you will not be disappointed.
Provincial Constable Mortimer lias
returned to lho city after a vacation
spent ut lho Coast und on Vancouver
Island. Constiible Collins, who has
been relieving lilm. returned to Fernle.
PhOM >.
We pay the belt prices total (or til
kinds   ot   furniture.     Wo buy »uj*
thing rrom a mouse trap to tn tuto*
W. W. Kllby, Auctioneer and Valuer
I.OBT—Car llconae Plato Nn. :13410.
Kinder please return to *1\ A. Wul-
lnco, Crnnbrook. --"
Kootenay Oarage
M. Paulson, Proprietor
WANTED. - WiiHliing ov cleaning hy
the dny or hour, Mrs. (.'oIUiirs, 23C
French Avenue. 25-0
Dear fn mint] Ftirmera' Institute
meeting, Saturday evening August 12,
nt tlie City Mali.
Mr. and Mrs. L. It. Williams nre
occupying tiio home of Kev. and Mrs.
Tapscott during tliu hitler's absence
on vacation.
Mr. und Mrs. J, Ir, Palmer spent lust
week-end out at Itynn. whore Mr. and
Mrs. Wilfrid Haynes (tnd Mr. ami Mra.
Kuhnert are enjoying a camping holiday.
Norbury  Avenue    Between the
. inovlnt- picture theatres.  l''or-
mer olllce of Crinibi-oiik Agency,
(live u ltrtiirin>il Mnn a Trial
You can get Food for Yourself
and Food for Your Car al
Pull Line or Qrocorlca and Provisions
::    HtlKIM IIICKKN    :;
Flue Juicy, Milk-Fed
liuuil.ilis Ktilt SAM! AT
;.-,<-. oni.
'I'he Hrown I'uiiltr)' Hunch
WHIT HTl.l'XI.     -     III'.
J.K. Chorlton
TliAI'lll.ll III-'
'(•I.I.1,0 und VIOLIN
TKIIMS    -     «i Por Usjoii
in iiansov avi:m'i:
•- Phono ra> —
LOST—Between Kitchener and Yahk,
Saturday, tan suitcase on auto rood.
Please, advise U. li. Sargent, c.o.
Herald Ollice, Cranbrook, B.C.    24
.'Oil SALE—Maxwell 1018 model, driven under 15,000 miles. This car is in
lirst. class shape. Cheap for cash, or
will sell on lerms. Will demonstrate car on request. Apply to
Herald Olllce. it
Til LET, —■ Slimmer cntlugc, 3 rooms,
partly furnished. Overlooks Wlnder-
mere Lake. Convenient to village.
Kent $1 per day. Apply to Basil O.
Hamilton, Invermere, B.C.      23,24
KOIt KENT—Three bedrooms, bath
and Inllet, hot and cold water. 2011
Ilewar Avenue. 21-26
Cranbrook Cartage & Transfer Co.,
furniture anil Baggage Transferred
6 8    PHONE     611


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