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Cranbrook Herald Jan 9, 1908

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/ ■
JT       *
To the Citizens of Cranhrook:
Notwithstanding my refusal to
many personnl requests 1 have, within tho past week, reoclvcd a strong
]ii>titiini signed hy almost all thr
'business in.-ii mid ninny other citizens
requesting mu lo reconsider tho
mailer and cotisonl to my 11111111' ho-
iui; placed in iiiiiuiti.itii.il tm thr
Under such I'lrcumslancca I have
heen lead tn hellovo tlml, perhnmi
during every man's lid-, a curtain
amount ol lime must hu sacrificed in
Iht) puhlto Interest.     I have,   there-
ful'O, decided  to allow  mv  name to lie
ploiMMl in nomination,    it elected mv
policy will hi- as follows:
Thu Aldermen elected shall assume
in equal pt;rttuu ul responsibility of
tlu> administration, Iho illiTct'ent 00m-
mlttees shall he responsible for tlm
t.iiilitul performnneo of (heir soveral
Tho chief of police ami 11 ro department shall he held responsible lor
the satisfactory rtlschargo of their
duties and for the efficiency of their
departments. I hollovo that, in the
interest of public good, slot machines
nnil gambling should nol in- tolerated, hut otherwise, tho eity having
been conducted iu a satisfactory
manner during tlie past year 1 propose lo make no ehnrtge. I will not,
lo too meal an extent, neglect my
..un business.
I will not accept office as a supporter of any oliqllo, party or faction hut as a plain liusiiiess man,
having in view at all times, the
best interest for the advancement of
Cranlirook. 1 will havu no committee rooms nor will 1 ask any person for her or his vote.
As 1 am confident tlie citizens are
sincere in asking me to make sueh a
eaerillco they will be willing tu support good men for aldermen who, if
ja'lected, will he willing to support me
*in carrying out the policy as above
.1. P. Kink.
Dated at Cranbrook, January nth,
Much against his own inclination,
hut doing that, whieh he thought to
he to the best interests of Cranbiook, Alderman .1. I*. Kink has
allowed his name to be plan-it on
nomination for tlie office of mayor.
His manifesto, which appears in this
issue of the Herald, is clear and distinct. There is mi "beating about
lhe hush." It is all lair and above
hoard, Mr. Kink v,ery wisely points
out lhat, if elected, ho will expect
that the aldermen elected shall as-
Ktimo their share of the responsibility
of ihe governmenl of the eity. This
is riglil and for this to lie carried
out it is necessary that, the ratepayers of Crnnbrook elect men who
are capable and willing to assume
these responsibilities. A citizens'
ticket will be placed in the field and
with the nomination of Mr. Kink as
mayor, the following will be nominated as councillors: .lames Ryan, V.
Hyde Buker, Joseph Jackson, George
Johnson, I'. DeVerc Hunt and .lames
Henderson. II would lie well for
voters In look over the men who
comprise tliis list. Janus Rv.in is a
man who frnm the Inst dav lie set
loot in Cranhrook bus luui lhc welfare of the town al heart. He is a
man of business, absolutely honest
ami has no nxe lo grind, ami further
be has been iu the council ami has
thai   experience behind  bun
V. Hyde Raker is tin- largesl propel ly owner in Ci'unbvook and
anything in the interest of this city
is mule I., liis Interest thmi anv man
in ii lie has served as ., counsellor
before and is an eminently su I tabic
in.in lot tlie position oi alderman.
Joseph Jackson has been in       the
1 il   lor     iwo years   ..n.l     three
motllhs,     and as vet Ih.- Hist     won!
to be heard.     Mi. Jacks,.
Ihe  best  aldermen Or.inhmok     ever
George Johnson has boon in Cran-
1.1....I. ' over sine construction, He
i., like Mi   Jnckson, in the c. p, k.
Kcrviro aiHl a man nl good business
V    lloVcre      Hunt   is   a      man      of
iiinisu.il business qualities He has
1 ran chairman and delegate for the
Itioiln-rliiH.il i.t Trainmen ovei    since
tl  lodge was established here.    He
is an absolutely clean man and a
mail wlm has worked .nul will continue 10 won, foi Cranhrook.
-I.inii-s Henderson is a man who
will make an excellent alderman. He
11.is developed exccllenl business qualities and is one who will he inde-
tb-pemleiil ot anv clique of clan.
Tho groal beauty of this ticket is
lli,11 lhe men win. compose tt, like
the mayor, are conl lolled by no
clique oi patty and will he independent  in thought ami act  ami above
.Jl will pull together foi tbe best in-
1.1. is ..1 Crnnbrook .1. P. Kink
sav. in his manifesto, "I believe in
ihe Interests of the public good, slot
machines and gambling should not be
tolerated, Imt otherwise, the city
Laving been Coiulueleil In a Satisfactory manner during the past, year 1
propose to make no change." This
plank in Mt. Kink's platform should
be eminently satisfactory in all parlies. Mr. Kink will have no com-
liiilhv rooms and will ask no voter
lor his or her vote.
J. I>. MeBride has been asked by a
number of ratepayers to stand for
mayor. Last week a committee 10-
p resent Ing about one hundred ratepayers of Cranbrook who had signed
a petition asking J. D. MeBride to
stand as a candidate for mayor
waited upon that gentleman. Mr.
McBride stated lhat he had lio de-
sin- to be a candidate l.n any ufhc
but since there had boon an expression of such a large proportion of
the ratepayers of Cranbrnnk, he Ml
that it was bis duty to accord to the
request made. He further stated to
the committee that it would bo a
personal sacrifice on his part to accept such u nomination, as the performance of the duties of the office
of mayor would materially interfere
with the management of his business
yet. he deemed it his duty to accept
the tender that had boon made to
bim bv so many ratepayers of the
A representative of the Herald saw
Mr. MeBride this afternoon ami asked
him as to the personnel of the al-
dermatiic ticket that would lie running with bim. Mr. MeBride said:
"1 have im information as to the
make-up nf any ticket and cannot givi;
i.ui what ymi desire. So far as 1
.nu concerned I am simply acting at
lhe request of the petition which
has been presented ami consequently
am imt a candidate of any clique or
faction hut simply running because
I consider it my duty as a citizen
to obey the behest of a request such
as was presented to mc." Although the Herald is evidently not
in the confidence of the element who
are arranging for a ticket to bo
placed iu the field in support ot Mr.
McBride and in consequence has
never been advised as to any movements un the part of those'interest,
ed in that way, yet it has made an
honest endeavor to secure the news
for the benefit of its readers. A
representative of the Herald saw
Alderman McCowan this afternoon,
who is credited as being the leader
of the movement to elect Mr. McBride and nn aldermanic ticket to
iippmi him. On ..-eing askod the
names nf those who composed this
Idormnnlc ticket, Mr. McCowan
said: "There will be a full ticket
but I cannot tell you all the names
yet. There will be a meeting in a
day or two after which I .shall know
but so far as 1 know st present J.
I). MeBride will run for
mayoi and Messrs. II. Hickenbotham,
T. S. C*ill. Wm. Klowers, J. J. Kennedy and myself will be on the ballot
per fur aldermen."
Tbe following was published by the
Nelson Daily News on Tuesday:
Kdltor The Dally News: My atten-
■-.im has just been drawn to an edi-
lorial in the Victoria Colonist of
December in, and a statement made
bj the Hon. Richard MeBride in a
speech    to the    Young Conservative
club nf New Westminster, and retried in the Columbian of the 2lst
...slant, both retelling to certain
Words said lo have been uttered by
ne .it a public meeting in Ottawa.
ni December .'ird.
In    discussing the views and senti-
nenls of tho people of British    Co-
.uuiiiia, in regai.I to the Oriental Immigration, 1 am    qiiote.l as   saying:
■Von have vour views on  this ques-
ioli.    Vim     are hostile to the inimi-
rallon of the Oriental  races.   1    do
.,nt  care for your sentiments, and 1
believe vou   are making a mistake."
I Iail the editor of the Colonist and
Mr. Mclliide, gone farther, and flUOt-
ed  the words Immediately following:
'but these are ynur sentiments and I
am bound In respect them," it would
have  al   once  been   apparent   that      I
s misquoted, and that   the    words
ich  were   nctunlfv      used  bv     me
'I    ilo
nl    sk
ill  . vour seiili
1 would also refer to my speech in
the House of Commons, delivered the
dav Immediately preceding (see Hansard, p. Ill);
"The people nf British Columbia
have certain views 11)1011 Ihis qiies-
lion. 1 would not lie honest with
111 y sol I or with them were 1 to say 1
share those views, but whilst 1 do
not share them 1 am bound to respect them. We are bound to sec
lhat the views of all people In a
free country like this are given respect to." '
Yours respectfully,
Wilfrid Laurier,
Ottawa, Dee. 30,  11107.
New Yolk. Dee. III.-When Christmas eve festivities were at their
height 011 hoard the steamer Pan-
noiiia, in from Mediterranean ports,
the Cuiiard liner was brought to an
abrupt stop in order that Dr. J.
Kraser Orr, the ship's surgeon might
have (ho most favorable conditions
under which to perform an operation
for appendicitis. It was just at
midnight lhat 11 hurry-call came
from the steerage aud the steamer
lay to for one hour while lhe delicate
cutting uud sliteliirig was done. The
patient, a man passenger, was recovering nicely when the steamer arrived.
"Ned" Haitian, the greatest oarsman the world has ever known, and
who made Toronto famous wherever
tbe English tongue is spoken, passed
I away at 1 o'clock on Monday morning     at his    residence on Beverley
' street, Toronto.
I He had been ill for eight days
with pneumonia. For tho last 48
hours lie was unconscious.
At the bedside when tho end came,
were his wife, his sister, Mrs. Lawrence Solman, his daughter, and bis
sister-in-law, Mrs. Dunning.
It is understood that tlio city of
Toronto will take charge of the funeral and that it will he of a public
nature and a well-deserved last tribute to an honored son.
Our Latest  Imports
■Tliis week wo received Erom CEYLON
directa consignment of THIRTY FIVE
OHESTS I IF G. T. R. TEA. These tens
range in price From 25a to .^.00 por lb.—
TIPPED PEKOE, per lb.. 5oo.—fG.T.R.
rill., boxes, S2.oo. Hi. T. R. HOTEL
BLEND, in Sonndlonil. cheats,per lb, 3oc
•t.i.T. H. CAMP Ul,KM), in 2o, 00 nnd
loolbchests, 25c—JACOB'S BISCUITS
nro still tlio favorites for afternoon tens.
Our lutes! shipment, direct front flie'fac-
tory in DUBLIN, consists of tlio usual
varii'tv nt prici ■■ Frfuii 25c. to 75e, pur lb.—
BANQUET CAKES, weighing two
pounds, with thick almond icing, $1.75
box, $1.75, • WATER FLAKE BIS-
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G.   T.   ROGERS
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witli leather soli-, regular price?.!
Dolge'a American, Romeo »bapc. ■•- .
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BOOTEES, with fur trimming, 800  lor
•Vic.--"MEN'S ALL-FEI.T BEDR. mil
SUPPERS. $I,oo  for   7oo.—1 MEN'S
$1.6o for gl.oo.
1 mn :i i- li.l.it,- lot ihf   -ilif.-   1,1
mayor. 1 shall have no committee
rooms ni-r slmll I ni-li anyone lor
Iter in his vull-. 1 will ih. the host
1 can fm-   iln- i-ity i.l Craiiliruok tor
Hit- next vein-, if elected.
.1. P. Pink.
As a candidate for the oflico of
Alderman 1 wish to say: that 1 am
governed by no clique or party but
will aet as my own judgment directs.
James Henderson.
Joseph Jackson will ho a candidate
for Alderman, lie has been a member of the Council for the past two
years and if bis services during that
time have been satisfactory to the
ratepayers he asiis for Iheir vole."
and influence.
If vou think that I am entitled io
another term as Alderman, vote   for
ii-, if not, vole against me.
James Ryan.
I am n. candidate fur Alderman at
the forthcoming Municipal Election.
If elected 1 slmll use my best efforts for the advancement of the
city's best interests.
V. Hyde Raker.
If elected to lltr office ol Alderman
1 shall do my best for Crnnbrook
witb..ut fear or favor.
George Johnson.
I am in the field as a candidate for
tin- office of Alderman. If elected 1
'uili do all I ean to further the interests of our city.
P.  neVero Hunt.
Toronto, Jm ry 2.-
i-ipal    elections her
\t the muni-
itcrrtay. Ex.-
iVid. Jus otiv.r, was elected mayor
by 5,500 majority. \i.t Reginald
Geary was in second place. The
othei' candidates were Dr. Roattle
Nesbitt, i-v-M. P. P., Ex-Aid. Miles
Vokfs an.l James Simpson, Socialist.
Oliver is a prominent Liberal and
A   bylau foi n two mill. lnll.ir
distribution plant foi Niagara power
wns carried by about 0,000 majority,
'it is estimated thai it cost antl-
uower Interests twontv thousand dollars in lutilr pJIorta I., .bleat the
Pot tlif board of control 11. 0.
Hoeken. .1 .1 Ward, W. S. Harrison ami F. s. Sponco were olectod,
The first three wero re-elected. Spencc
sat on iht1 board lot sume roars but
wns not in municipal politics last
veai. Controller Hubbard, ihe col*
11*0(1 man. who has hold office for
years was defeated. Sponco, Ward
and Harrison aro Liberals and Hook-
en, a Conservative. Last year's
board <>f colli roi bud only two Liberals, this year there are four.
Ottawa, Jan. 2—Tin- Canadian
branch of the Royal Mini was opened
by Earl drey this afternoon; Two
hundred persons wtre n'ceitfeA in the
main ball by the doputy master, Dr.
Hoiiar. Alter the opening speech ol
the governor general, Hon. W. s.
Fielding directed matters.
Earl Grey lifted Iho lever of the
stamping mill fixed fur silver 50 cent
pieees and the first half dollar coined
in Canada, hearing date of 1008,
dropped out and was presented to
tho governor general. Countess
drey then started the mechanism of
tlie mill set for copper one cent pieces
and received the ono site had made.
Other copper pieces were then made
aud presented to the visitors. It is
announced that there will be a refinery const rue ted in connection witb
the mint.
Victoria, li. C„ Jan. I.—Three
wireless telegraph stations out of tlm
five erected by the Dominion government iu llrilisli Columbia, arc now
iu communication with each other,
llu1 Pacheiia station on tbe weal coast
uf Vancouver island, near tho scene
of the terrible Valencia wreck, having successfully exchanged messages
with that at Goiwnles Hill, Victoria.
The Pnehtoim station was completed two weeks ago, but did not
at once send messages to Victoria.
While tbe Instruments weie being adjusted a report was circulated t" the
effect that the two stations could
not communicate on account of tlie
mouutalnmis character of tbe intervening country. This proved to ho
entirely erroneous, however, as n
few hours after tlio story was circulated. Superintendent Haugbton, of
Iho (i.mzalcs Hill station, received
ibe first message Irom the west coast
operators expressing congratulations
at the establishment    uf cominunica-
Determination   and   Doubt    never
com promise.
A mnn Is always willing to listen
when he is in deep trouble.
Home people demand personal liberty ami then insist that it is a license.
Operator Mullen, the operator nt
Pineher, who is blamed for causing
Hie wreck whieh occurred at llrockett
Siding last month, and who disappeared after the wreck, wns arrested
hy the It. N. W. M. P. on Tuesday at
a ranch about six miles south of
Lundhrcck. He is held at the police barracks at Macleod.
A most important meeting of the
congregation of Christ ehureh will he
held at tbe olmreh on Monday evening
next at 8 p.m. Let none he absent.
Men and women, come!
E. P. Elewelting, rector.
Tbe Dominion government lias now
in operation wireless stations at
Victoria, Pachona Point, both on
Vancouver Island, nnd Point Grey,
on the mainland, near Vancouver.
Two more stations, both on this
island, at Estovan and Cape Lazo,
are completed and will be working
within a week or two. Already the
operating stations luivo proved valuable, communication with the mainland having been maintained when
llie regular telegraph service was do-
ranged by the recent storms. Re-'
ports have also been received from
the vessels of the PttCtnc Const
steamship company's fleet, running
between Victoria, Pugot Sound and
San Francisco, which have proved ot
great value to shipping men.
As the C. P. R. steamships and
other vessels sailing from these
waters to the Orient, are to be
equipped witli wireless apparatus
shortly, the utility of tbe government's service will soon be demonstrated on a larger scale.
The system used on tbe government stations is the Shoemaker,
which ean communicate with any
oilier system. The stations have,
up tu the present, given complete
satisfaction and their value iu case
i.f emergency as well as in times of
quiet, is already reali/.ed by those
eonneeted with'marine matters on
this coast-
C P. Hill, the coal baron of
I lillciesi, Alberta, spent a few
hours in Cranbrook today. .Mr. Hill
is of the opinion that llilicresl Is
destined to become the commercial
center uf a very large area of coal
producing country. A new hotel,
containing 10 rooms and steam
lit'.iit'il aud electric lighted, was turned over to .Mr. Hill today by tbe
contractor, completed. Within a
distance of three quarters uf a mile
from tbe dour uf ibis hotel thero arc
line producing eoal mines. Tlie
tiuiiii entrance to the Frank mine is
three quarters ol a mile distant, the
Uellovuo mine is only half a mile
ii wa y, t in- Maple I a-af lies three-
quarters of a mile to the west, the
Leitcb collieries three quarters of a
mile to the east, and the Hillcrcst
mine is within half a mile. The
llillcreast mines, ol whieh Mr. Hill
is managing director, are producing
700 tons of coal per day. This coal
is of exceptionally good quality as a
steam coal, and the 0, P. R. is using it on their passenger trains.
Five hundred thousand dollars have
been expended oil developing this
mine and, Mr. Hill tells tbe Herald five hundred thousand more will
be expended during tie next year or
two iu building cottages ami In other
improvements. C. P. Hill i.s a man
who has done much to develop.* the
resources of southern Hritish Columbia and Alberta. Ih' Is a pleasant
gentleman to meet nnd an all round
good (business man and with all a
| good fellow.
London, Jan. ti—The London
Times has passed from the control
of the Walter family, which has owned it and conducted it for three generations, since it wns first established. Arthur Pearson, one of two
journalistic magnates of London, has
[secured the newspaper. A company
[has heen formed witb Mr. Pearson as
i managing director. He will assume
l the active management of the paper.
Arthur Walter, president ot the uld
company, becomes chairman of the
'hoard of directors of (bo new company. The announcement, of this
i change will be made public in London
. tomorrow.
That Cranbrook is one of the most
orderly towns in tlie west everybody
admits and tbis is due, in no small
way, lo tbe city police force. Serious
crime is practically unknown      and
Ipetlv offences on the police magistrates docket are few and far between.     Harsh measures have    very
! seldom to be resulted to, but tact;
,nul common sense take the place of
lbe club and huudcun's. Thief Cory
li.iw i.s a natural born policeman
and has bad vears ul experience, not
only as chief' of police for this city
but' also un the provincial force.
Officer 1). McLean Ims been on the
city force ever since incorporation
and is a favorite with everybody. A
courteous gentleman at all times and
a lirst-class officer. G. Moore,
who is iu cbaigc of the city lockup,
although be has been oa lhe force
only a short- time, has shown himself to be the right man in thu
right place. The people of Cranhrook are proud of their city and
its orderliness and this same orderliness reflects great credit on tbo
city police force.
If all goes well witb the application uf tlio company known as tho
Eastern H. C. railway company for
permission to build a railway, the
lust ten miles of which will run from
Uie Crows Nest Pass tu tbe Loup,
Uritisli Columbia, will within a
lew months have another big producing coal cumpaiiy, says lbe Victoria
Colonist, An intimation that the
company will apply for incorporation
at tlio next session of parliament has
appeared for the last few weeks in
t uc Hritish Columbia Gazette.
It now transpires that back of
tbe company ls i>. C. Curbin, the
well known capitalist and railway
man uf Spokane.
.Ur. Corbin has in Eastern Kootenay some 17 coal measures. J. A.
Harvey, legal adviser to Mr. Corbin
i.as been in the city closing up tlie
details which transform the leases
iuto patented claims. In all Mr.
t'urbiu will have over 10.UUU acres ul
coal lands in the district and hence
tlie importance ol the construction
of llie railway mentioned as it will
lap llie country where the above
coal measures lie.
Tlie hill came up at the last session of the provincial legislature but
was killed in committee.
The Maple Leaf Rebekah lodge installed officers last Wednesday evening as follows:
\. G.-Mrs. R. S. McLean.
V. G.-Mrs. T. S. Gill.
R. S.—Miss Johnston.
F. S.-Miss Hall.
Trcas.Mlss Tannhauser.
Chaplain—Mrs. F. E. Simpson.
Conductor—Mrs. C. Smith.
Warden-Mrs. W. II. McFarlane.
1. G.—Mrs. Beaton.
O. G.—P. T. Hayward.
R. S. N. G.—Y. E. Ueaton.
L. S. N. G.—Miss E. McKay.
R. S. V. G.-Mrs. S. Richards.
L. S. V. G.—Mrs. J. Ryan.
R. S. S.—Miss Eakins.
L, S. S.—Miss Speers.
Mrs. II. Y. Parker is the retiring
noble grand. The official work of
installation was in charge of Mrs.
P. Dingman, the district deputy.
Ottawa, Jan. 8.—The interior department is drawing up regulations
which will require that all emigrants
seeking admission to Canada must
come to this country direct from
their place of birth or their country
uf citizenship. This will apply both
to Atlantic and Pacific and will put
au end to the emigration of Japanese from Honolulu to Uritisli Columbia.
Gill, Cranbrook,
- Wm. Hamilton,
II-   Ash-
President-T.    S.
IJ. C.
Cranbrook, B. C.
woth, Cranbrook, B. C.
For information on matters concerning lands, farming and ranching
applv to the secretary.
Vote for whoever you want elected
and work for whoever you want
elected, hut avoid personalities and
bitterness. Let us have a clean
election, one that when it is over we
can sny, no matter who wins or who
1 looses, it was clean, free from malice
and we aro proud ol it.
Built for the* I'se of  Provincial ami City Officials
By supporting it you will do your best
for the advancement of
J. P. FINK, Mayor
JAMES RYAN, Alderman
V. HYDE BAKER, Alderman
J. JACKSON, Alderman
Q. JOHNSON. Alderman
Campbell &  rianning
are still busy, but ihcy propose to lock alter their
patrons lhe coming year closer than ever.
Watch our Ads. lhe next Twelve Months *
5-room One Story Bungalow and one acre ol
land, rfice distance from town. $500 cash,
balance in six months with interest, altogether $!,<J00
6-room, Two-story Dwelling and Two Lots,
water - - - $1,200
6-room Bungalow, 2 blocks out, water        -       $1,100
6-room Bungalow, Armstrong Avenue, water
The now Edison theatre was filled
with Eagles and tlu-ir friends last
l-'i'iilny evening and a magnificent
time ' .van spent by all those who
were lucky enough to he present. The
Eagles arc birds who know what
real hospitality is, as was evidenced
by the bountiful supply o! both solid
and liipiid re.reshmeu.s which graced
the braird. About 9 o'clock, J.
Edgar Davis, the chairman, gave a
siiort address id welcome anil finished
In proposing the toast „f the Kin...
which was iiiiiiii. with musioal
honors.      A musical selection    was
\i rendered ou the piano by l*rot.
A gm.d house greoted Un- beautiful
play "The Bonnie Brier Bush," on
Saturday night. Tbe story ol Scottish lito, so pathetically told liy
lau Maela.i.i,   was extremely     well
.ii., I
and electric light
Foi  I'artit-iiliirs, npply
REM, EST ATI. A'lKNTS CKAXIll.ool'. ||. c.
Family   Groceries i
ii  great 'mnny lliiiu.'*. iiii.I a li-t wi.ul.l llll :i J
ive simply waul I'- lllipicss tin- Iff I lliul mil I
all il... lines i leil in a home an.l usually I
We strive lo lmve uli goods ilulivuruil promptly.   Telepln
ui-ileif -..li.-ii.-.l.
AVENUE     2
* *
iiai:i>,\ A II I.
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• „,
• >< i To ask your neighbor. Lift your
;!]! load with one of our pulleys: We
j j.j; have blocks for all purposes.
i!i! McCALLUM a CO.
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BEDS Springs        j
Mattresses      Comforters      Pillows f
Rugs      Mats      Linoleums
Dresser ami Stands Tables
Cranbrook Co-Operative Stores, Ltd. \
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Try  a   Case of
Two  Dozen   Pints   $2.50
hipiul in iiiuiii,.■:■..,'.   Tlio finest beverage on tlio market
for .until)- uml i.-ilili- H80.    linpnrts vigor ami
health, 111.1 tones up tho liody generally
Bruwor, Cranhrook,  B. 0
Then K.    W,
id songs iu his
lili-udid style.    The nexl num-
the programme was a rccita-
ij    .lumps     Hates.   He     gave
all's new piano." and as    nu
••Tlif Sermon in Barker ville."
n and mandolin selection    hv
Klfwait, Lewis and Stewart
.1     and    was   much   enjoyed,
■rge    Foster-Thomas sung     some
gs in  Unit   illimitable way     llial
ill liis    own,    The Kdison    com-
iy iln-n |iu1 <>ii some moving pices and it may lie said lhat if they
■p ii|>     (lie standard lliey sot    un
ighl    they    will draw    big
audiphees   in L'ranhrook.     The toast
..[ Smith  Kasl   KooteUftV was     then
proposed hv  the chairman and     responded to by P,   K. Simpson. Next
was n select ion on the piano hv tin
Mellenry orchestra.      P. W. Itee"
snug again and   Mr. Downing Intfo
ilueed his one man hand, alter whieh
the lnast  "uur gliosis" was proposed and replied to bv Messrs. McLean
and  Thus.   Cole.   '   -John Hutchison
gave a  monologue, and supper    was
served while music was   rendered   by
Prof. Washington and    the Mellenry
orchestra.      Following supper Stewart. Lewis and Stewart gave further
selections on the banjos and mandolin    afler     whieh     the   toast "our
order" wus drunk and replied to   hy
Messrs,     C. Smith and    0. Knocke.
Until these gentlemen made very   interesting remarks,     toucliiug the Inception and the work ol the order ol
Kai.les. which were listened to   with
i iiu eh     attention bv  those     present.
A xylophone selection hy Prol. Wash-
followed and then the Eaglet,
Lincoln Smith, sans »   sonS
.) the delight of the audience,
moving pictures, a song    by
Worden, a   piano and    violin
hv     Messrs.   Washington and
a song by Alex. Mack and the
.f "the ladies," replied to   by
Foster-Thomas,  followed.  F.
•vis    sane; "Soldiers   of    the
aud moved a vote of    thanks
hosts.     The singing of "G- .
the    King"    and "Auld Lang
brought the proceedings to   a
t—well, it    was before    day-
A novel feature of the programme was an impromptu speech by
Mr.   I),     l'.lmer,   who displayed    a
beautiful silken flag bearing the rents
f shut     and shell.     The Hag    had
heen made by the great grandmother
Mr.  Elmer, about the year 1816.
a- uiiffhersed speech of Mr.    Elmer
iiplfd with Uie display of the flag
brought out.     the call for the "Sol-
tiers of the King," which was   sung
unid great enthusiasm.
Too mueh cannot be said in praise
of the manner in which the committee, cuiisisting of .1. E. Davis,
['.. Smith, (.'. Knoeke, Tims. Cole,
Ktister Thomas, A. Silvan, K. Vim-
Ihf.ii. W. O'Hearn and 0. Downs,
eaitied out the programme. J. E.
I i,ivis makes nn ideal chairman, as
everybody knows who has heard his
ready ruii of wil The Eagles art.
lo he congratulated upon the splendid entertainment they gave.
eompanv who pre-
Evidently      the
was ihere in force,
civiit, the piper and
led to the audience,
(vera surreptitiously
the story of Flora
-.ti and smiles     n-
■vhen   the   ilfiiniif-
.1 Hav    the gntlant
llins,     as
Lachlan Campbell,    was splendid. He
tine old man mid his slleul act-
in ihal part of llu- play where he
es his daughter's name front   the
llilile and puis lhe light in the win-
will        not soon        he
portrayed ty tin
Bunted ihe play
Sentch element
for the gestures,
the reel, all appt
and many tears
wiped away as
uipbeli (lowed
placed ihe lean
ment    proved la
.1.      I'.iln
those wlm
ty" of Ward
ptioiially clever.
iii's Scottish songs
her rendering of
ml "Come Cuder
particularly goud.
inp.uiv were good
support to the
ilie Brier Hush
the  peuple      uf
company books
ii "STEWART'S" 5
In   tin. !.„|ii.    nf broiling llm
m.ii ill men mi    Uu- Innd, Sir
Anioey, tin- largest landowner in tho
Tiverton district ot Ilevuii, has inti-
mnteil i li.i I In- will nui-
incuts I..I small holding
all requlre-
A iii.iii
li.n nolle
Uvent) iii
llsl   li	
llllllli,Mill,   lit     Nnllll   |.OIt-
iiiiit lur not sending   liif
school mi ill lliis wns Ills
ilillil. mul it wns    tlio
> luui I ii Mini in.l. Tin.
lis allium I.
Tin-1 liim Ki-nit SI.....
iiiiiii .-;. i il- n.u_iu.is
MALAGA lill.ll'KS
lmi,-.. (-'.j",, llillillllliB Wl r Neill.
UTH.VAttT'8 l-'IX.-: i-.liirill.ATKS
I'lione ,.">     •     A i instiling Avi-
Miist i-
W. K.
IV, lie
K i nt.*'
l.. iln
illl'glllll-ll l,v
saw    it.    The   -l
K. Rnnsclict was e)
Miss MagRle MeCnll
wi-ii-   appreciate
'-I...1-II  Lomnlld'
Mv I'lnililic," were
Tiie rest ol tlio roi
.mil furnished nxccllei
principals.     Tito l.<
"I'lHII-ll ''Will:
ri.iiilin.uk mul if Iln
a return engagonu-nl    tlioy eon |i.i
tin- opera hnuso,
The Cost "I i-ll.il.irli-ls  was as  1
Karl Kllspiniilc 	
  Mi. Frederick Beichcrt
I...nl Hay ... Mr. Daniel .Inrrct, .1
Rev. .luhti Unrimchaol 	
  Mr. Waller Soolt Weeks
William McLiiro...Mr.  Robert Irelanil
Flora Campbell	
     Miss Marion McDonald
Tiiniiiiiis Mitchell 	
   Mr. William .1. Casey
Annie   Miss Ann Caird
Archibald    MoKiltriok,    linown   as
  Mr. Ward I-:. Ilonsolier
Sandy MePlierson 	
 .'   Mr. Ne 1 McDonnld
Qeordlc      Miss  Flora llennet
.lelinie          Miss Winnie llennet
Margaret Howo 	
   Miss  Elizabeth  Rennet
Kate t'nrnegio	
    Miss Ailelaiiic Matthews
lack  Anderson...Air.  .luck Theopnlns
Watty Ml-Doilgall 	
  Air. Stanley Morso
Alex lliiiimiiiith	
 Mr. lli-orge Murray
Kenneth Mnckcnzio 	
Mr. .Julius VI. Later
I.AI'lil.AN  1'AMl'W.Ll	
...  .      Mr.    .1.   I'.ilmel      I'lillins
Washington, Ili-e. 28.—According to
the report ol liis agents, just iiiiule
piitilic, William .Icunings llryan is
making alinut Sii".*..4^1 i(l a year Irom
his lectures. Charles I.. Wagner,
si-i-ii'taiy ul the Slnytim Lyceum
bureau, whieh manages his lecture
tours, .ells thai lie has lilleil 171
dates iliuing Hie year 11.07, ami that
liis receipts lor the season have
iiii.iiii.iNl more than MOO for each ap-
pi.aiatit-1-. Mr. lliiiin slaiiils at the
head ill Hn- lisl of platform spookors
today fm- llu- size of liis audiences,
lor the receipts nt the Imx oflloe,
anil fm   lhe     ili-iiiiiml lui  liis appeal-
In ei
lies 11
nl' llell
n .ilili-
nlii-rtinll  Will
111   lllS      IU-1'I'S
a     lilllilliel
led tn repi
lhe sixli yours'
inn  .111-  Kllipi-l-nl
is granted amucs-
..I men wlm failed
1 themselves    for
si reel
itleed a
Yaiif-lian's ;
in liehal. ul
-s drew it i-
f jowoli y into
, lings, and 11
.ut- the silver
"   • '"■"•*
One Team Pure-Bred iiray
Ptrcherun Mares
..li Me
Mow lonely we teel sometimes when
,'i. lind ourselves uglecing with tht.
Id bitter jest that our acquaintances
...iiid til! a ehureh but that, our
'lends could he amply accommodated
ii the pulpit. \et we have other
Iriends, our hooks. A very small
sum serves to introduce Ihem to us,
•r which they cost us nothing.
They nre grave or gay as we choose.
They are not insulted if we cut
llu-m, hut on the other hand open
ail lu us more and more; the fume
.f tobacco are good for them s
hat uur favorite pipe may be with
is when we call them to our council
I'hey do not expect us to wear good
lollies, uur oldest and most dis-
reputable smoking jacket is good
noilgli for them; nay, tbey condes-
fiid to come to our bed chamber
udienee. They are our courtiers,
mr jesters, our counsellors—yes,
if ten our censors, hut their reproofs
airy with them no sting. Wc, even
ie who may lie of no account, can
it will, through the magic of the
printing office sii among the gods and
'il them discourse. Ah, there tbey
e upun their ruiigh wooden shelf as
ragged as Kalstafl's ai'inv, but with
whnt hearts of gold. U'e have only
to take one down nnd the snow
drifts met I away, we forget our
poverty, our loneliness, ourselves and
we sil iu the courts of kings. How
they carry civilization to the four
corners of the earth, so that the
dwellers in the frozen arctic, or the
wanderer in Central Africa ran walk
in fancy down the "sweet shadv side
..f Pali Mall," or bask in the/ sunshine of the Mediterranean. You
mav remember the exqiisite lines of
Urol Heart's:
"The lir trees gather closed In     the
Listening in every spray,
While the whole camp with Nell     in
English meadows
Wandered and lost their way.
Hy   means of    books we   converse
with the wise of all ages, and    get
their     most careful considered    and
wci.-hty    thoughts.     Hy means     ol
printed   matter man gets    in touch
wilh    man and old    prejudices and
abuses die away.     Civilization   bas
ever followed the printing   press and
the more civilized a country becomes
Uie more do the people ol that coun-
tiy read and the broader minded thev
'•Wr. Hrvaii
I'hatauijuas," .-
ihe firsl *-*!-'
half ot all the
not  Including
t.i 1.
man wh.
al 1 tract.
regulai" charge at
il Mr. Wagner, "i*
en at llie    gate ami
receipts over $50(1,
ni tickets.    He
can make such
Kor evening    iec-
n a   course he charges $UU(i
i  guarantee and  half of    all
.il the door.      K..r single
lectures    not in a regular
he asks half the _:ross     re
cash as
"His average fur the si-asmi under
these terms has been mole than $3fill
a lecture, and he has probably tilled
175 dales under our management
without including his political speeches. He started out on the Oth of
ilaniinry last and spoke almost everv
day until September 10, frequently
twice daily, aud onee during tge summer three times, morning, afternoon
and evening, in three different towns
in Iowa. In addition to these he
1ms made a large number of political
speeches. During the year he has
spoken at conventions, banquets, college commencements, Y. M. C. A
and church meetings, and on other
occasions without a fee, of which 1
have kept no record.
"Mr. Bryan uses a special form of
contract prepared hy himself, which
differs from the contracts of all other lecturer. The chief features
his conl met are the stipulation that
the general admittance lo bis lectures
shall not exceed fifty cents; that he
will not lecture under individual management ur where the profits go to
"The greatest indoor audience Mr.
llryan ever had was at Seattle last
Januarv, where he delivered "The
I'rince of Peace" to about 8.01)0
people and his receipts were over
ilk to;
t i noil
i, goullei
I'rootor, B, ('.
rcaoiui~inL waku~i   «
A i lllrmliigham assizei
lltiL.li was sentenced tu live years'
penal servitude tor Impersonating the
next of kin uf Thomas Lt.uis Carton,
and iiblnlniiig Lsu from the war ofliee bv fraud. In a second ease he
obtained £11(1.
The North Oormnn Lloyd announces
that the second cabin rates un their
Xew'Yurk tu Paris steamers has been
reduced from til tu III His., and the
tes tu Bremen from £10 to £k Lid
ln the   slower    steamers the second
ibili rates to Bremen are £7.
Mr. William Nightingale, a retired
butler, of Hove, Mt an estate valued
nl CI.105. Hv his will he left a
Tonuvsoii memorial with autograph
Sir Kilwin Burning-Lawrence,
latch M. P. for the Truro division
f Cornwall, and twenty pieces of
Id china tu Lady Burning Lawrence.
Sir Charles Bilke, M. P., pleaded
ecently at the rooms of Society of
\rts for llie establishment of a
statistical department, which would
resolve order out o the present
chaos. Kach department of state
should hand over its data to a central department, so that the great
growth of statistics might he dealt
with scientifically.
The district auditor has questioned
the legalitv uf an expenditure of 13s.
quarterly by the Poplar Guardians in
providing the inmates of their workhouse with Sunday papers. Conse-
quenllv the Ouni'dlnns are appealing
to tlie local government, hoard for
sanction tu     the expenditure of ls.
pel*   week  for  this   purpose.
Murphy & Fisher,
Parliamentary,     Departmental    aid
Patent Office Agents.
Practice Before Hallway Commission
Charles Murphy. Harold KisbTV.
Ci.i-Hii.NT Lodge No, 311
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at I. p. m. al
New fraternity Hall.
.1. II. llendeisun, K. ol It. A H.
W. A. Itollins, 0, O.
Visiting   brethren   cordially Invited
lo attend.
..ill-r.    Key Clly Ii,_kc
No. 41. Meets eveiy
Monday    night     a.
v    ..all.      .Sojoniii-
I'u.illally Invlieil
F. II. McKay,
Lr.ntir.nil, ..lldfe, >« U
I Old Curiosity |
Shop      i
JOSfiPI.  II,  MclBAN,  Prnprli-liir   t
All Classes of Secondhand UoikIs
BUYI.K on   .'UKS
Mr. T. 0
been a warded
Medal liv Uu
over Inrly
which time lie
III... miles.
years wlihoul
davs, a l-olllid
day. A Inlo
recorded n|*ain
dtnnn, rural postman nf
riiwall,    wlm Ims just
the Imperial Service
King, lias completed
veals service, during
has walked over :M»,-
II.. walked fnr twelve
a break Including sun-
,,| sixteen miles    per
iilli'liilalii-e  was    net
it liim.
A j.
llie |u
11. IV
nf t Infill-™
'llu- r.
rviiiiiii ilnrlng llu- liuiirine nl
lice perjury ease at Old Hailev
.ilieil ,,f a 'headache, ami Mv.
Mult said it was a peculiarity
courts that their feet were
ami Iheir heads were boiled.
■eiiiilei' remarked Uiat. they sul-
finin a system of compressed
lhat nl a diving bell.
application for
iigainsl   llie  Rev.
i passive resistor,
s    tn the extent
A. O. I'l-ioh-
wlin  WilS
il ls.   I.
,.f A
h r.,1-
,,li,l lull
Sage's Old Stand, Han-  ♦
son Avenue 1
Timothy Hay \
Tli,. Ileal .
I'm- Snli, I
,f T
inntliy liny
l.,.ilii,-. Al-
Z.   R O B E I" o i:
Bi'iiiunont. Altn. t
AX l>
New      Kratei
lue  OitdfelloWH
Today there    was held at Medicine
Hat a meeting of the Canadian Pace
Vancouver, H. C, Jan. 2.—Three
city firemen, named Frost, Anderson
and MacDonald, were set upon hy a
small mob of armed Japanese, earlv
this morning and left for dead at thi'
corner of Powell street, and Goru
avenue, two blocks from the police
station. The men were clothed in
distinctive uniforms which makes the
attack of the Japanese all the moro
serious. My accident Frost fell
against the window of a Japanese
store breaking the plate g'ass. Instantly tbe proprietor rushed out and
many of his countrymen came to
join iu the fight, which happened in
the heart, of the Japanese district.
The firemen were athletic youug
men but were overpowered after
lighting hard. The flesh on their
faces was torn into ribbons by Hie
razor like kniv
granted at Easi Ham
police court, the magistrate ordered one day's imprisonment in each
Tlie recorded remarked that they suf-
Prilchard, who occupied a seat lit tin
solicitor's table, was allowed to go
at the close of the day's business.
Captain Sydney C. Birch, who ser
veil over live years in the ranks be
fore getting his lirst commission ii
the 1st fluke or Cornwall's Light
Infantry—now at Woolwich—has been
selected for the adjutancy of tin
2nd Volunteer Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers. He was specially
promoted from India to tbe "Fighting Fifth" iu South Africa during the
Boer war.
Mr. Cornelius Lundie, of Cardiff, i>
the oldest railway director living, lliis in his Hath year, and takes an active part in promoting the interests
of the Bhymney railway, from the
general management of which he retired unlv a few vears ago. He js
proud of the fact, that he has talked
I.. Sir Walter Scott. Mr. Lundie
was horn at Kelso, where Scott received liis early, •ducatloftt and tin;
future novelist wm a frequent visitor at tbe manse wUto w* Lundie
i.iuiily raided.
In tlie Middle Ages Caverslinm, on
the Oxfordshire side of the Thnmes
(now virtually a siiherb of Beading),
was a popular place of pilgrimage,
owing In its shrine and famous relics, and to a hnly well, whose waiters were held in repute fur their
healing pnWers. This well has lieen
re-discuveied mi Priest Hill, and Dr.
.1. B. Hurry, a local antiquary, will
nuw secure its preservation and erect
a memorial Ihere iu the form of a
marble I ablet, with au inscription
and an uruamctilul seat.
is now located in its comfort-
able and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is moderniy equipped
to do iust the best work in all .
branches ol the tonsorial art. j
Nol ieo id Me.
„   ._  . . lhe Orientals earn-	
j lie railway superintendents and ol- Frost was probably mortally injured | Ihe I
; I finis ol that portion ot the railway his neck being cut nml slashed, mid
west r.f the great lakes. The con- laid open lor four Inches long und
[volition is called .0 discuss railway j two Inches deep alongside the jugular
matters. Some twenty superintend- vein. The men were (rightfully
.-nls are present. Mayor Cousins mangled about the aims and breasts,
has tendered, nn hohall ol tho citi- but .McDonald and Allan were still
Zens, lhe use ol the city hall tor the lighting over lhc body of Frost when
conference. This in one ol the most a squad of police arrived,
important gatherings ol railway ot-1 Four Japanese wero arrested ami
luiiils ever held in the west, and the three llrenu-u were taken tn the
Medic no Hot Is honored at being hospital. The. Japanese (might like
chosen the place ol meeting.—Modi" demons ami sunn., carried knives a
iuu- Hat News. .loot long.
llu .1..inn,n   16th at . p.m.  there
will  be convened al  Nelsnn, B.    13.,
ling nf the western members of
(llllllli Mining Institute lor tin
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Rrewins. Co,
Livery  A
Teams and driver, furnished for »u-
point In the ..Nlrlrl,
»   »"V< H. Manmrrr
Nnliee    is hereby given lhat thirty
days alter date   I, Henry    F. Landeck, occupation, Railway Agent, ol
Gateway, II. C, intend to apply   to
the linn, the (.'hie! Commissioner   nl
Lauds   und   Works fm- 11 special    li-
piise nf forming a western branch I cense to  cut and curry away timber
..I    Iho   institute,    ami also lur tbe Irom tbe lollowing described lands:
leading   ami    discussing uf    papers. I   Commencing al a post planled    ut
The ('iininliaii I'lieilie lailwav will sell! ho    BOilth-west   corner   ot   a post
reduced rate tickets lo Nelson   and marked    Timber   Limit 6.14, Ihenee
return    lo members  and llieir wives .north 86   chains,    thenco west    66
when necompnnylng Ihem. .chains, Ihenco south 80 chains, thence
All momliors who expect l» attend I oust. IIII ehains, lo point nt commem-c-
llio   mooting should    at onco notify (meat.
Mr. -I. .1.   Campbell at Nelsnn, who 1        Henry F. Lnndeck,   Locator,
together with other Nelson members I        Eathen W. Ilutts, Agent.
is looking    alter    Irnlel acenmraoda-•   Dated at    Gateway, B. 0„ Dccem-
tions, etc, |,er Stb, 1907. IMt
th. Hi
I "v.
Visiting bri'tt, en welcomed.
S. II. Ilnsliins, VI. M.
H. IV. Cuiiimlly, secrctury.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
ery   Kriday     evening al It
('lias. Smith, W.P.
M.  I). Killings, Secretary,
iitlug btethren coidially invited.
Moe. at It. ol ... F. Hall 2nd
lib Salurday each month.
Visiiing liietbivn always welcome
.1. I.. Larrlgaii, W. M.
.lllllll  Mi-L.iughlali, ltec.  Sec.
Barri-ter, Solicitor, Etc
t,*********************** I
I      C, H, DUNBAR       j
*   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    »
I Public, Etc. !
S   Cranbrook,     -    •    B. C.    »
Physicians and Surgeons.
DIKea at >le»li.ence,  Armstrong An.
Forenoons 9.06 lo 16,06
Af.ornoons ■
Evenings - ■
Sundays - -
2.66 to
7.30 to
2.36 to
8 :.u
OK. F. i:. KINO
II to 12 a.m.
L to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Oll'u-e and residence on Armstrong ave
CKANUROOK        -       -       -    B.C.
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.iu.
7 to   8 p.m.
Ollice in new Held Block
CRANBROOK        -      -      - B.
, .1 .;, 11 muses a. cn.iilt-.-nH 1
; civil r.NtiiN. i:ks am. dominion
i"n',',"m-'s Cranbrook, II.C.
Hallway 1
11 .hurling
and Mining
I'.   O.   lint   I.
Now nn.l Si-i-itnil linii.l.  Canadian or Aiiii'iirau iiinki-H nlwnys
nil llllllli
Itnfoioi h in Cranhrook: Fink
Moicniitllo .'.,.. V. Hyde Uakor,
w. II. Wilson ami Kohl's Hull In Store.    A.l.li.-ff :
I-. 11 Hns 100:1      Calgary, Alta
The French Dry Cleaning process
enables us to clean mens pants, suits
anil neckties, ladies suits and skirts
in such a way that they positively
look as fiooii as new.
We ure experienced dyers ami cleaners, therefore, we do not require to
send anything down east pr up west.
OEEI2EJ. LEASK, Tilla Till,  ru a Milium;   iii.kai.h
IMPROVED machinery
1 will not, o*' itself, pto-
tluce good flour.
Vou may be an excellent
cook, Out you cannot produce light, wholesome
linking unless the flour you
use he the kind that permits
such results.
So in the milling; machinery alnne cannot produce
Royal Household Flour
out ol the wrung kind ot wheat any more that- you
can make the right kind ot bread ur pastry out ol
the wrung kind ol flour.
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour is made from
haul spring wheat—;i wheat that ts rich in nutriment,
that grinds tine and white, and produces bread and
justry that are wholesome ami nourishing as well us
light and crisp—it's a flour that begins to be good in
the wheat fields, nut in the mills
^ our grocer prefers to
sell ymi Ogilvie's l'jval
Household ['lour because
he knows the value ol a
pleased customer.
Ojiilvie Floor Mills Co., lid.
i i
NOW   .Milll.-ini-tlll'lll
Improved in Every Wuy
< i
Crnnbrook,   11. C.
(il'ST. ANDI.KN. Proprietor
JI     < tin- Muilii: " Tin- Besl is Xiuu- Too Good."
*-^|  ^•^-~i-^-i ^^ W^WW *^M ~^~l ~^~i-^-i ~^~f ^WWw ^^^^*^^0*&^^W^^^*^^Q^^9^^m^^* ~^W
* *~****** ***%* * *** ******** f*
Manitoba Hotel
Headquarters for
Tlie Manitoba i-- centrally located an.l lias ono of the beat tli n ing rooms
in the city.   The bar in anpp'ied with tbe best of Liquors an.l Cigars
Hotel s A
Quesl. Connor. • Specialty
..ood SuMini io Connection
NeAreal iu railroad nn.l depot.    Has seeonim,H.«-
tl.in.  fm   Mie pul,Uf  niie,iunll,_l  In  Otnulirook.
Hoi and Cold llnih-
Hojiuartli & Rollins j
 Proprietors        j
■H-H--H-H-H-M-H-l-H-H-H-l--t-l-1 "I "I "I'M
jj The Cosmopolitan
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
'~"i"~"H .|-.|..|..|..|..|. 11 H 11 I'M II "
44444 11 iiiii. ••-« i +4-H .4.4
we ii iil luivo just as good ii raii(*o of
,,   us wu hnil fur tlio Christ inns Trade.   We hnve no knowli-iIko
of oven one disappointed customer at Christmns time.
ii P.BURNS ® CO., Ltd.
Rambling Reveries
Oftentimes wc have seen a t.tll
ship glide up against the tide us it
drawn hy some invisible bow-line,
with a hundred strong aims pulling
it. Her sails wero unfilled, her
si reamers wero all drooping, she
had neither side-wheel nor stetn-
wltcel; slill she moved on stately, in
serene triumph, as with her own life.
Hut we knew that «.n the other si.te
uf the ship, hidden beneath the ere.it
hulk that swam so majestically,
there was a little toilsome steam
tug, with a heart nf lire, and arms
of iron, that was tugging it bravely
on; and we knew that il the little
steam tug untwined her arms and
left the ship it would wallow and
roll about, and drift hither and
thither, and co off with tbe refluent
tide no man knows where. And so
we have known more than one genius.
hlgh-deok, full-freighted, idle-sailed,
but that tor tho hare, toiling arms,
.md brave, warm-heating heart of
the faithful little wife that nestles
close tu him, would have tone down
with the stream, and have been
hoard of no more.
Do not ask the teacher 01 some
flass-inaie tu solve lhat hard problem. l»o it yourself. Ynu might
as well let him cat ynur dinner as
"do your sums" for vou, It is in
studying as in eating; he who does
it Rets Iho benefit, and not be who
sees it done. In almost any
school, the teacher learns more than
the best scholars, simply because the
leaeher is compelled to solve nil the
difficult problems and answer all the
questions of the indolent pupils. Do
it yourself. Never mind though Ihey
do look dark. Do not ask even a
hint from anyone. Try again.
Kvery trial increases your ability
and ymi will finally succeed by dint
nf tho very wisdom and strength
gained in ihe effort, even though, at
first, the problem was beyond your
skill. It is tho study, mid not the
answer, that really rewards your
labor. Look at that hov who 'has
just succeeded, after four hours of
hard study. How bis large eye is
lit up with a proud joy as he
marches in bis class! "lie trends
like a conquror, and well be may.
Last night bis lamp burned low mid
this morning be waked at dawn.
Once or twice he nearly gave it up.
He had tried bis last thought; but a
new thought strikes him, mid he
ponders the lasl process. Ne fries
onee more, mid succeeds; mid now
mark the nir nf conscious strength
wilh which he pronounces his demonstration. His puor. weak schoolmate, who gave up that same problem after his first trial, now looks up
to bim with something uf a wonder,
as a superior being. And he is his
superior. That, problem lies there,
a great gulf hei ween those boys who
stood side by side yesterday. The
tiny who did it for himself has taken
a stride upward, and what is better
still, has gained strength to take
other and better ones. The boy
who waited tn see others do it, has
lost both strength and courage and
is already looking for some good excuse to give up school nnd study
forever. Do it yourself. Remember
the council given to the artist, who
lay reclining upon his couch, and
wondering what, the fates would
work out for him. Directing his
attention to a block of unhewn
marble, with a chisel lying hy its
side, the sculptor in the vision is
represented as thus addressing bim:
"There's the marble, therms the
Take it. work it to thy will;
Thou alone must shape the future,
Heaven    send     the   strength   ami
Few will admit that they need
any advice in the honeymoon; fewer
still will take it. Most ynung people
think: "Weil, it is bard if we may
not be left to ourselves at sueh a
season1" And yet, perhaps, if we
took the experience uf the many on
this subject, ihey would admit' that
tbe honeymoon has heen tbe time of
all others when thev have been the
least aide to belli themselves.
Is it tun much to say lhat during
those two months the happiness or
tlio misery of two young lives is
vcrv nearly settled. Well, perhaps
that is too much to say, for errors
and misconceptions may he lived
down, and habits may he formed
broken afte
of ve
often decided, w
lirst    few month
lirst few davs.
decided   in lilll-
understand   that
within the lover
honeymoon, in the
Hut still mueh is
will not say in the
, but even in the
Little lliings are
ways, and neither
"it is lhe little rift
s lute" that has be-
habit we know of.     Let thoro be no
long     j tings; let there tie no long,
careless, iiidiffeieu! fits. If little
storms arise—and they uili aiisi—
let them lie brief. Don t let us sleep
ovei M, and wake up the next morn-,
[ng and cudgel our brains to remember who nagged last. Tins kind ol
thing is mean, it is ungenerous nnd il
IS  silly.
Wo note that the metropolitan pa-
pers report that one oi uur wealthy
men s.. well managed his fortune of
twenty million as t.i double it in
three vears. Suppose ho has. wh.it
then? What bas he made by thus
increasing bis wealth, except increased worrlment to keep ihe run of his
increased wealth'.' With bis increased wealth he eats no mure quail and
turkey than ho did when worth ten
millions. He dresses no bet tei and
has a thousand times less hm Wu
heat him ou the sleep and have nu
law suits with tenants and trespassers. Robbers lay for him every
time he goes out of doors after dark.
Thev dun t think of us. The man
with sixty millions of dollars has sixtv millions ot troubles Tn keep the
nm oi Ins rents, bonds and real estates keeps bim at hard work fourteen hours a day and yet ho only
gets Uuee meals a day, which is jusl
what we obtain without anv millions, .my tenants ami only nave to
work eight In.ins a day to'credit up
all  who pay their sulisci iptinn.
IF men's happiness increased with
their money, everybody should bo
iksiilied in worshipping the golden
calf. The happiness increases with
their earnings up tu a certain point
—the point necessary In secure them
the   comforts  nl   life,   say   $-.,.100     a
year. All hcyotid this is su perilous.
Doing superfluous it js product ivu of
no good whatever. The richer the
man the greater is the probability
that his sons will live on billiard'
and die in the inebriate asylum. With
contentment and $-J, mm a year a
man may to as happy as a prince.
Without content ment you will bo
miserable, even if your weal Hi equals
that of Morgan or'Carnegie.
There are other ministers of love
more conspicuous than she, but none
iu which a gentler, lovelier spirit
dwells, and none In which the heart's
warm requitals moro (oyfully respond. She is the steady light of
her lather's house. Her ideal is
indissnluhly connected willi that of
liis fireside. She is his morning sunlight and bis evening star. The grace,
vivacity and tenderness of her sex
have their place iu the mighty sway
which she holds over his spirit. Sin
is the pride ami ornament id his hospitality, and tho gentle nurse uf his
sickness. Fnrtunale is tbo homo in
which is   a good daughter.
A Low-Died Woman: One who stays
at home, takes care of her children,
and never meddles with the business
of her neighbors. Species almost
Charming Man: A fellow who has a
how and a smile for everybody
ahroad, and beats his wife nl home.
gun to show even on the first day.
Patience on both sides is needed—
but, especially on tbe man's side, for
be is the stronger vessel, and knows
life. At the bottom of her heart
his voting wife wants to please him;
hut she cannot bear bim out ot her
sight—he must necount for every
moment. His ways arc incomprehensible. Why does be want to go
out for an hour after dinner for a
stroll? Why dues he prefer spending
an hour or two down slairs with an
old friend al night In going up into
the drawing-room. Why does he
want to see the papers nt the club,
instead of going out, after a hard
day In Ihe eity, for a little shopping? Man is a mystery to many a
young girl for the first few months
alter marriage. She has not learned that a man's inlerests arc and
must  be various.
We hear a good deal about incompatibility of feniper—we believe very
lillle in it. The sexes are almost
indefinitely plastic. People quarrel
more from errors of judgment than
from any other cause. You can live
with anybody if you understand him,
providing you mean well, havo a
decent heart, and arc willing to he
patient and to make some sacrifices
for love.
Newly-married women arc, no
doubt, vcrv trying sometimes to
llieir husbands; hut it is the fault
more of their social training and the
want of education lhan anything else.
Men should remember bow much a
girl has to learn, and how much,
alas, most men have to vulcarn,
when Ihey first begin the married
life. We venture io sny that ii all
newly-married couples were, to make
a contract not to quarrel for tlx
months tbey would seldom have nn?
very serious quarrels lu after life.
You can get into the habit of living
peacefully and happily, and that habit
is quite as difficult to break as   an;
Tlie Cranbrook city baud have
ceurcd "Dob" Smith, the messenger
f mirth, fur au entertainment tu ho
given next Tuesday, the Mill, at the
new opera house. ' Dob Smith, "who
only lauded on Canadian soil some
four months ago on his mission o
good oliuoc and good will to man
Kind, is said to he one of tlio best
motiologists and reciters who ever
came out of the Sunny Soutb to appeal in the northwest! The Cranhrook city band is now under the
direction of Mr. J. Austin. .Mr.
Austin is a thorough musician. He
got his early training in tho hand of
the (10th regiment of the British
army, the ride brigade. Mr. Austin
was' bandmaster of llie famous Sar-
nin baud in tlie late seventies. Tliis
band took the lirst prize at the International contest at Purt Huron,
Mich., in 1X82. lu 18K;i be conducted lhe Artillery Volunteer hand
at Victoria, IJ. C, and later ho was
iu charge of the Nelson city baud,
lie conies to Cranhrook from Moscow, Idaho, where he has been in
charge of the band for tho last five
years. It is tbe intention of the
Cranhrook hand to give weekly open
air concerts during the summer
months with wliieli in view practices
aro already in progress. There are
1! pieces in the hand at present and
these will be added to from time to
time as Mr. Austin's pupils become
proficient. If the Cranbrnok city
hand receives the support of the
citizens Mr. Austin assures t lull.-raid that he will give Cranbrook
one of the best bands in the province. The entertainment on [to nth
is under the auspices of the Innd and
it is to be hoped that they will get
a good bouse.
Hut fm tin' timely arrival ol a Iioj !
o( Zam-Buk, Mrs.  13.  F.  1'ongor, 31 |
Myrtle    Street,   St. Tl as,   Out., I
would lime lost her too. She sjiys! ;
-I am ini.si thankful I discovereil -
iiii- existence oi Zam-Buk. For
ahoul ll im.mils I suffered cruelly
from tlie cITects ... having u i-orn re-'
moveil from my little toe, for wii li
its i-ciiinviil ii iii.li. rcinnineu nml my
toe ivus in ii terrible state. For i
tu,mills 1 was unable to ivear a shoe j
.mil as iln- iiu- showed no signs t.f
healing and tvns in such ,i shocking
condition the doctor tlmm-lit it necessary lo ampul.itr il. About lliis
time 1 received a sample box ol -/..iin-
lliii. anil begun using it mi my toe.
Tin- lirst iijiplii-alii.ii gavo niv llu-
greatest ease from pain and encouraged nu- I.. i;in- Znm-Buk a.
thorough trial. Two months aiu-i
commencing with Zam-Buk thoro nas
nu sign uf a Ilnle tor tlie IK-uli bad
grown in very flrmly and all soilness .mil pains were entirely banished.
/.am Huk brutight about this healing
when all oilu-i romcdles failed. We
uul Zam-Buk su valuable thai wo
.iiiuiii nol be wit bout u box iu    the
Zam-Buk heals ruts, bruises, old
'omuls, i-iiniiing sores, cozcnia, ui-
■er_, hulls, eruptions, scalp sores,
lelt, piles, chapped hands, burns,
a-iilits and all skin diseases. aUc.
bos, all druggists and stores, or
Zam-Buk    Co.,    Toronto.    3 boxes
*     N'ow ami Strictly First-Class Telephone 2081
♦ American Plan, $2.30 por day up
4 ('has. Hautsey. I'ropriotor.
4 Cor. Seymour and Cordova Sts.
(Prom the Uolden Star.)
on Friday a I ter noon the children of
Ooldcn were the guests of Capt. Arm-
tiotig.     Thev gathered at the   hank
it about ll o clock in response to his
invitation.      There   a     numlicr    of
sleighs met   tbem aud  they Were laken  through  lhc streets of the town,
round the mill, and In othet places ot
Interest.     Candies aud oranges were
distributed    with marked .prodigality
and judging hv the noise lhe youngsters made all along the mute thev
enjoyed themselves immensely, Little
Miss Carpenter received the prize, a
performing monkey, fur creating the
mosl upruar. The .mling was con-
'lulled with In- the singing of Cud
Save the King and three hearty
cheers for the "Captain."
Take notice that Allan O. Wilmot,
nf Cranbrook, H. C, occupation, Accountant, intends to apply for a
special Umber license over the fullnwing described lands!
Commencing at a post planted at
Mie north-west corner of Lot 3'iK,
theuce running north 15 chains, more
or less, Uienco east If! chains, more
or less, Ihenee south ft chains, more
or less, Ihenee east Kd chains, more
or less, thence south 'Hi ehains, more
nr less, to the comer of Lot 358,
thence west Uf! cbaina to point of
commencement, and containing (Mu
acres, more or less.
Allan G. Wilmot.
Daled December 12th. I!t07.     42-6t
The universal dramatic lavorile,
Mr. Sanford Dodge and a remarkably
talented company will play aa ent
gagemcnl iu tbis cilv on January 17
and lUtli. This is Mr. Dodge's tenth
annual tour during which lime he lias
produced all nf the popular Shakespearian, classic and romantic drama-
lie masterpieces, He is one uf the
few actors now living whoso aim is
tn keep aud maintain the best traditions of the stage by producing only
such plays as improve and ennoble
lhose who sir them presented rather
than to demoralize and degrade, in
other words the influence of Mr.
Dodge's dramatic work Irs hem always for good rather than oil and
for'this reason he should he supported by those who desire lo y.ci the
stage uplifted and elevated lather
than demoralized and degraded. Mr.
Dodge has an extensive repe:loire
this season cntisisting of "The Three
Muskateers," "The Royal Rival,"
"The Merchant of Venice," "Ingo-
mar," "Damon nnd Pythias,"
"Ifothco and Juliet" and others.
Each and every one of these plays
will he given with every attention to
detail, costuming, ncccsslves and
scenic iuvosture.
Take notice that George Herbert
Thompson, of Cranbrook, 11. C, occupation, Solicitor, intends to apply
for a special timber license over tbe
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted adjacent to and in a northerly direction from the north-west corner of
Ltd 7317, tlience north 1(1 chains,
theuce west -111 chains, thence south
11) chains, thence east 40 chains to
the place of commencement, containing Hiti acres, more or less.
George Herbert Thompson."
Daled December Ifith, 1007.     42-tit
Take notice that Abel Delancy
Horsman, of Cranbrook, IJ. C, occupation, Tie Maker, iutends to apply for a special timher license over
the following descrihed lands:
Commencing at a point eighty
chains north and 20 chains west aud
iu a north-westerly direction from
tlie north-west corner of Timher
Limit 9033, thence east 80 chains,
tlience north 80 chains, thenco west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains to
the point of commencement, containing tilu acres, more or less.
Abel Delancy Horsman.
Dated  December   10th,   1907.   42-0t
Take notice that J. L. Warner is
imt now and has not been since the
18th day of November last employed
by or in any way connected witb the
Hradley Engineering «fc Machinery Co.
of Spokane, Washington. '42-2t
The National
Through Sleeping anil Dining
C'ars nml High Class Tourist
Sleepers on all Through
Tho Best of Meals mul Attentii
Banff Sanitarium
This Winter
Rates $2.50 per day and up
Correspondence invited ninl i-lieer-
fully answered,   (.'all on or write
I). I'. A., A. (I. P. ».,
.ppos.eC. I'. H. Station
Vancouver, B. C.
Tliis Hotel lias always been tbe leader
in i.s line, uml will be kept up tu the
Htiiiulnnl. if you want to meet the
people, come to the (Jueen's Hotel.
*   Queen's Hotel, Calgary '" *™"^
1 Wentworth Hotel
t£] CLAPP it ROLLINS. Proprietors
M CR.\NBROOK        - - B. C.
gj This ts the hotel that ihey talk about,
||j Who are " they " V
pji The people.
m Why ,tn" they "talk?
iy (in account of the k'-nwl meals, the comfortable rooms, the excel-
BB l.-iit service, and the cordial, courteous treatment accorded to all. Bat a
£|j meal at the Wentworth and ymi become a Wentworth l»ooster.   Try il.
Canadian Hotel 1
One of the pioneer hotels of Cranbrnok. Warm rooms, good meals
and a bar stocked with the best
sa ,       fi
ll Joseph Brault, Proprietor §
Railway Equipment
New and Relaying Rails of All Kinds
Shay Geared Locomotives
Hesler Geared Locomotives
Logging Cars and Trucks
When in the market for any of the above
material, kindly forward us particulars and we
will be pleased to quote you our best prices.
210 Ninth Ave. West
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt CM
Rough and Dressed Lumber
PHONE 50 P.O. BOX 144    !
hlcyclo  Kep.im nlwava in stock.    Machines lor putting on Buggy
Rubber tyres, witli Tyres always on hand.
B.C. Livery and Feed Stables
^-*,%*»*i.*i.%*i, «*.»»%*»%%%»%»% .*SS-*»»»%»«»»»%»-.%»***'fc-*.-fc-fcl 1 THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
#2.00 A YKAIi
•TANUBAY 9,  1908
Bt the lleralil   Publishing Company,
Editor and Manager.
Tbe Herald is worth »10 a year. U
costs only $2. No man hi SOUW
Kast Kootenay can afford to he witn-
out it, aud everyone living outside ol
the district, who is interested iu tbe
fciugiess ol this section, should read
H It publishes the news while it is
uewft. it is controlled absolutely by
the publishers. No clique, party or
Individual dictates its policy. It
don't try to please the people. Its
desire is to publish ;i newspaper that
will he a credit lo the community.
Send in your subscription and you
will he thankful ever afterward.
Advertising rates SI per inch per
month, no more and no less.
Reading matter 15 cents per line
to non-advertisers; 10 cents per Uut
to regular advertisers,
I! you desire lo reach the people of
South Kast Kootenay you must advertise in The Herald.
The Herald has a first-class lob
plant, and its work is ol tbe best.
The lleralil don't want charity. It
wants a square deal on your Job
work. 11 we can't suit, you in quality ami price, klcli, and send your
work lo some ('heap .lohn house ill
the east that never spends a cent in
many hundred dollars during the
last nine years for anything that
would tend to advance the interests
ul this city, and feels at liberty to
express his opinion upon matters
pertaining to tbe progress of tbe
city. He has all that he possesses
iu Cranbrook and is working therefore for what he believes is the best
for tbe city. That is why thu
Herald wishes to see .1. P. Fink
elected mayor and all of the aldermen on his ticket. Sueh a result
means prosperity fnr Cranhrook. Vie
all want prosperity and let us work
ami vote for it.
When you cast your vote, cast it
ft.r men who have thu city's welfare
at  heart.
If you were going to place your
business in tbe bawls of others to
nm for a year, you would Iw care-
lul. Ue equally careful in select in
the meu to run the business ol
Craubrook this year.
A rumor bas been published in
some newspapers to the effect that
the Lethttiittge Herald had suspended
publication. This is a mistake. It
was the Lethbridge Daily News that
suspended; this was a foregone con-
elusion when a paper like the Lethbridge Daily Herald was published.
Instead of suspending the Lethbridge
Herald Is very much "alive and
kicking," and is getting stronger
every day, bolh in the matter of
circulation ami the quality of its
reading matter. ll is mie of the
tost daily newspapers published on
the American continent iu a town the
size of Lethbridge.
4,854 a Month
Thi.- it- llm guaranteed circulation nf the llorahl
Press room mul subscription lists npen lo investigation by advertisers ut any
The Iloiald gives a dollar
In*value for a dollar in money. Tlm advertiser has the
right to know what ho is
receiving for his money.
The Herul.l in one paper
that eoiirtH in ves litigation.
I, P. K. Pfmpinn, manager of thi*
Cranbrook Herald, do hereby statu
that the pressman's books show, an
that I have every reason to believe
that tbe circulation of the Herald for
the past five months has been 21,11.
copies, divided as follows:
•luly   4,460
August  4,830
September  4,485
October  5,975
November  4,520
Total  24,270
Average per month  4,854
Subscrihed uml sworn to before mu
this 5th day of December, |.M)7, at
Cranbrook, B, C.
John Hutchison,
A   notary    public in and for    the
County of Kootenay,  Hritish Columbia.
%Jt9H)«9S 999 ■:-■- (J.<M*ft6*fiC^
The voters of Cranbrook are the
guardians of the city in exactly the
same w.iy ns the malingers of a
business are guardians of the welfare
nl that husiness. Because an individual is a "g 1 fellow" it is no
guarantee that he is either a good
business man or a man suitable to j
bold au office which pertains to lhe
conduct uf the affairs of the city.
Because n man is mil adapted tn the
business of holding ollice in a public
capacity is n<. reflection whatever
upon thai man's worth along other
lines. Kvery man has bis natural
bent and there is nn goud reason for
"putting a square peg in n round
hole." It is just a matter of cold
business; personal likes ..mi dislikes
must he laid   on one side and    men
lo fill the positions nn the city council must be selected wlm, hy reason1
of Iheir business capacity and executive ability, are suited to these ollices. Prejudice must he abandoned,
personal feeling must be forgotten,;
narrowness must he trodden under-J
foot and broad-minded ncss must be
the watchword if the peoplo of
Cranbrnok are to have a set of eily
officers worthy i.f the city ami lhe
people. Every property owner,
every business man, every clerk or
other employe is Interested in the
progress of Cranhrook What we
want for the next year is a municipal poliev that will mean prosperity
for the town, n policy that will
mean continued business and continued opportunities for all. Can you
get it by electing men who have narrow ideas as to tlie management ol
the city's affairs? That is for the
people to decide The Herald editor
has the greatest personal respect for
the candidates nn ivhnl is known an
the McUiiil.' ticket, Imt he docs not
think they are H.e rlghi meu to
.promote the prosperity of Cranbrook.    The Herald cilltoi has spent
Any man who is requested by t-0
business men in a lowu the size of
Cranhrook to run for mayor, has
only nne thing tn dn, and that- is to
.iliey that command. ,1, P. Kink
received that kind of a demand from
the business element of this city and
as a loyal citizen be bad to obey it
Perhaps no man in a town of this
size has ever received such a universal endorsement and his election is a
foregone conclusion.
.1. 1). McBride is one of tlie best
liusiiiess men iu Kast Kootenay, hut
he cannot he elected for mayor simply for the fact that he is being
backed hy an element that the
people of this town will not stand
Have you read the ticket wilh ■)
V. Fink for mayor and the men win
are backing him up for aldermen'
lf not you should. They are the
men who don't want office bul whom
llie people demand shall act. That
is a good sign.
Speaking ol J. P. Fink fnr mayor,
has there ever been a man who has
made more personal sacrifices for the
good of the town than thai genii,
mun? As alderman and as lire chief
be has shown himsell to be a man
who was absolutely committed to tin
interests of Cranbrook. Time and
time again be has even neglected his
own business to do work for the
advancement o! Cranhrook, and really such a man is entitled lo every
vote in the city for the position of
One strange thing about this municipal campaign is the fact that
every may on the citizens' ticket,
from .1. P. Fink, as mayor, down
to the last alderman, had to be
urged to consent to run. None ot
tbem wanted the position, all of
them were anxious (o see the very
best thing done for Cranbrook.
There was no caucus on their part
to see if they could become candidates, there was no scheming to get
their names before the public, hut on
tbe contrury none ot tbem were desirous of accepting nomination.
That is really the beauty of
tiekel and shows on its face that
when they are elected, which thev
surely will he, they will leave untiling undone to advance tbe ven
liesl interests of Cranbrook.
If you want to protect your home
and increase the value of your property, vote for J. P. Fink for mayor
and the following men for aldermen:
■ las. Hyaii, V. Hyde Maker, Joseph
Jackson, George Johnson, James
Henderson and P. DeVeve Hunt.
Whut the people of Cranbrook demand is a decent town, a clean
(own, a town that all can he
proud of. Tbe old timers in Cranbrook, those who have been here for
years and who have spent their
money and their time to make
Cranbrook what it is today, want to
sn' that kind of n town. They are
men who have families, men who
would do everything in their power
to make Cranbrook one nf 'he veiy
best towns in Canada. J. V. Fink
is that kind of a num. He )-- a
pioneer, not only of C--.ini.rook, but
of Kast Kootenay. \U has lame
interests in Cranhrook, anl like
every man named on tbe ticket with
him, has only one desire in this municipal matter, und that is to sen
Cranbrook advance as rapidlv as possible.
If ynu vole righl you will vnfe for
J. P. Fink for mayor. 4iid the
council men on his ticket. That
will mean Increased prosperity.
Whut do you want for the Text
year? A town that is closed ep
entirely against outsiders, or a
town that extends the bund ol
welcome to the lumber jack, lo tlie
miner, to nil who labor in ihis dis
trict, asking them to make their
headquarters in Cranbrook II you
want a town that is open to ell,
and not a town that is emit rolled by
radicals, vote for J. P. Fink for
mayor and the aldermen who bnck
him up in his policy.
If you are a property owner or n
wage earner in Cranbrook it is your
duty to protect yourself. The best.
way to do that is to vote for J. P. j
Fink for mayor and the aldermen onl
his ticket. The reason for this is
that they arc broad-minded people
with liberal Ideas and will do all
that they can to make Craubrwk   a1
hotter, a bigger and a more prosperous town. That means more
money each year for every man or
.everv' woman who has any material
'interests in the city of Craubrook.
Elbert  Hubbard, the philosopher of
Kast Aurora, New York, has framed
the following New Year's pledge (or
the readers ot his publication,    The
Phylistine:   "1 will tabu the gabfest,
kibosh   the   killjoy,     hikerino     the
pooh   pooh,   cut the     grumps    and
grouch and get onto my job."     A-
of which when being translated Irom
the United States dialect, as used in
Kast  Aurora, would appear to mean: j
""a Ik less,   smile more, quit running
down   lhe    other   lellow, turn    tbet
bright side out for general inspection ■
and work-    The same is a good col-1
lection of ideas fur the citizens     of
othei places besides Kast Aurora-
The organization ot a Farmers' Institute iu tlie district is another mile
stone passed on the road to the
prosperity of lhe country. The
Cranbrook-Feruie Farmers* Institute
district includes the whole ot the
Cranhrook and the Fernie electoral
districts, aird has within its limits
..ue of llie largest areas ot undeveloped agricultural land in the province. The forming of this institute
will give the farmers, ranchers, fruit
growers aud agriculturalists of the
district au opportunity of not only
hearing lectures by the gentlemen
appointed hv the government but, as
Mr. Fenwlck so aptly put it last
nighl: "It will teach them how to
work out their own salvation and
that of Ihe district by reporting tin
various experiments they make and
the results obtained to the institute,
so that each may profit by the ex
peiience uf lhe oilier." It is to be
hoped Ihal the institute will have
frequent and regular meetings and it
is up to, not only the farmers, but tn
the townspeople also, to see to it
thai the enthusiasm which was displayed last night is not allowed to
Hag. The Herald takes the stand
that what is good for the development of the resources ot the country
along any line is for the good ot the
whole community. The Farmers' Institute may rely upon lhe hearty
support of the Herald at all times
and its columns arc open for any
articles of merit and value that may
he prepared for the benefit of the
members, free of cost to the association.
Should not those in charge of the
city's health look carefully into the
matter of the Chinese market gardeners swill wagons? Who would for
one moment tolerate one's vegetables
being hauled and delivered from the
same dirty wagon hox in which
swill for the swine in hauled, If a
white man were doing it? Yet the
Chinamen do it every day and the
people take their medicine. Vegetables washed in pools in which the
Chinese swill-fed swine wallow is
another menace to the public health
which sliould he looked into and stopped at once. It is distinctly up t<
the health authorities of the city to
look inlo this matter.
Several months ago the editor ot
the Herald said lhat he would support for mayor of Cranbrook either
(1. T. Rogers or J. P. Fink. In
municipal matters the Herald does
not permit politics to control it-
It believes in working for the best
men and for the best interests of
lf you vote for J. P. Fink for
mayor and the couucilmen named on
his ticket, you will vote for a body
of meu who are broad-minded, yet
conservative, and who will do all
in their power to advance the very
best interests of Cranbrook. Can
you afford to turn down men of that
character at a time like tbis?
Tbe Herald has been abused hy
many reformers and yet tbe Herald
was the only paper that had the
courage to condemn and run out the
pimps and tin born gamblers. The
Herald is proud of its record in this
I. P. Fink, has shown by his proclamation, that he is a proper man
for mayor of Cranbrook. He is not
after the office, hut if elected everybody knows that J. P. Fink will be
mayor and no one else. He has
said ihal he is opposed to gambling
very form in this city and that
means that Mayor Fink will maintain
clean lown.
1. I), McBride has been one of the
most successful business men in
Cranbrook, and the Herald has no
doubt that if he could have full control as mayor be would give the city
f Cranhrook a most admirable administration. Uut .1. 0. McBride as
mayor, with a council that has not
the proper conception of the growth
of a western lown, with a council
that perhaps does not believe in the
progress that is necessary to   make
great and growing town would
he helpless. That Is whv the Herald
s not in |,ivor of J. D. McBride for
mayor. The Herald considers nothing in Hie way of politics, nothing in
the way of individuals hut nnly looks
the best interests ot (-ranbrook.
It believes Hint the election ot .1. P.
Fink tor mayor nnd a council that
has been named with him is fur the
very best interests of Cranhrook.
And in saying this the Herald says
nothing against the personality of
individuals on tlie other ticket.
The Herald editor has lieen a friend
of all whom have been named on
the opposition ticket and hopes    to
ntinue to be the same but at this
time he believes that it is to the
interest of tho property owners and
the business men to do all in their!
power to elect .1. P. Fink for mayor
md all of tbose who arc named on
the ticket with him. |
Hill & Co. have decided to move out the
balance of their ladies', men's and children's hats. If prices count for anything
they will move quickly, as they will offer
them at one half off the regular price, or
in other words 50c on the $
Hats worth $5.00 for $2.50
Hats worth $2.50 for $1.25
Hats] worth $1.00 for 50c.
They will also'make special reductions on
the following lines:
Ladies' Skirts one-third off regular price
Ladies, Waists one-third off regular price
A line of Flannellette Waiststo clear at 60c
Regular ""ni mul *1
We have 62 Boys' Suits rangingin size
from 22 to 30 that we will sell for the next
two weeks at half price. We have decided to reduce our mammoth stock and
will do it.
residence i 11 Cranlirook. whero liis
accusers liavi- niv.ii ccms lor .ho
building mul maintenance i.f church
iiisiiiiitjuiis. Wi- don't like in say
anything mi lliis subject Imt .tie persistence llilll ivhii-li sunie people
Wolllll like t.. present lilt- llcrnld     us
mi iiisiiunieiii working again!.! church
Influences is iinlair mul unjust. The
Ilerull) believes ill .lie ehureh ami
tins shown lis belief by contributions
ol dollars .mil cents uud Hu- mini
who eiide.ivi.rs In make capital
against thu Herald nu a matter of
this kind is une who is entirely controlled liy narrow prejudices ami
pclly personalities.
Don'l ymi Ihink, as property owners mid .axpuvers, .hat .he lollowing
men on (liis ticket will do all in
(heir power to advance .lie very best
'Interests ol Cranbrnnk: .1. P. Fink,
mayor; aldermen: .lames Ilyan, V.
Hyde Maker, .loseph .lackson, George
Johnson, .lames Henderson nnd P.
l)eVere Hunt.
men! ol the citv is largelv due to liis
cltorls. .1. O. McCallum, besides bo-
iug un exceptionally shrewd business
iiiiiii, lins nml u grout deal nl experience in solum! matters, not only
on the prairie bul ulsu in West Kootenay. Added In Ibis Mr. McCallum
bus ii large family of school ngc,
and is of necessity anxious to see
good schools well run in Cranhrook.
It would be diltleiill In find two better mon fnr the position in the eily.
People who take   life easy usually
make it bard lor somebody else.
People win, nre always looking lor
evil miss seeing a lot of good.
Worry   makes i.sell   known,    but
good ...iiiuii. has tu be introduced.
The editor ol tbe Herald is being
abused by a very small element on
the theory that it is opposed to
what is termed the church element.
The editor af the Herald desires to
say only one thing, and that is that
If tbe books could be shown it would
lit-iiiiiiislrute the lact that -he had
given   dollars during  his nine years
Two school trustees have to bo
elected next Thursday. The Herald
believes thnt the two men most
eminently suited lor this oilico are
G. T. lingers and .1. (1. McCallum.
fl. T. lingers has had years ol experience as a school trustee in
Crnnbrook and tbe present excellent
coniliii.ui   ot  the educational depart-
Some politics make familiar    cellmates.
He who    sows smiles reaps happiness.
Cboerupnthy is lhc best school   ot
Moral    digestion is olton diagnosed
ns religion.
The multitude    pauses when    tbe
beurt speaks.
I   Will is   always helping 1 Won't
out of a bole.
The   drinker   who tries to "taper
on" generally topers ou.
When a
man   really becomes    ac-
willi himself he lit-ls liiiin-
A balky lurnnce is responsible   lor
sins llml Mill lake i <■ iban charity
lo cover. |
Alter all, the chlel difference bc-
1 ween most people is in tlie length ol
tlie clothesline.
A lot ol peoplo who think tbey arc
wearing crowns now will know their
crosses alter awhile.
11 always makes us mad to hear
anybody boasting ol how early they
mis,- in the morning.
It would be difficult to find nine
tailors willing to accept the responsibility lor some men.
Reputation has carried men to success when their characters would
have condemned tbem.
l.nsl year's failures will count lor
naught II mudc -the stepping stones
In iiiis year's successes.
We always have our doubts about
the peoplo whn make roih! resolutions and .hen loudly honsl nl
The mun    wlm tries bis level best
and [ails Is entitled to moro    eiodit
.ban .he man who succeeds   without
! effort.
There is unlv the difference nl   one
letter between luck and pluck,    but
tin. one li-Her makes all .he diltci-
I ul.ee in the world.
The trouble with some people on
New Year's,dav is that tbey make
so many good resolutions that lliey
soon lose track ol them.
1 When a man wants an excuse tor
meanness he usually begins by criti-
I cising the churches.
I Talk about bravery! What's the
■natter with tho courage a young
lellow musters up the first time   ho
, gets into a barber chair?
I A whole lot ol trouble would bo
avoided il people merely kept going
straight ahead    Instead ol   dodging
' around to see where trouble ls. THK   l-KANItltOnK    II KI,'A 1,1)
I. I. WALKER, President
IUI. LA1B0, General Manager
A. B. IRELAHD, Superintendent of
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
Rest, - - - 5,000,000
Total Assets, - 113,000,000
Branches throucbout Canada, anl ln the United Slates anl Enflanl
Deposits ol $1 nnil upwards received, and Interest allowed at
tjroriunt rates.   The depositor Is subiccl tu no delay whatavar ia
th* withdrawal ol the whole or any portion ol th* deposit.
Cranbrook Branch,
P. C MALPAS, Manager
For Rates, see
Real Estate
Your  Afternoon   at Home
Will be ono your callers will remember pleasantly
it you Berve them with
G. T. R. Tea and Jacob's
Biscuits and Cakes
**he Grocer
Get Your 1908 Diarr
If ymi have never kepi n diary, why nol shirt on Jon, 1st and
ki-i-p a record oi' the daily events during tin- your, it takt-s
very littlo time ennli nitrlit before ri-liriiij: lo jot down the
prinolpnl hapiwniiigs of tho dny. nml it's a great pleasnre at
Iho end "I (In- year to look .tin- book over, Sometimes records
nf Ihis kind provo of grenl value.
Ul ,i. .In
iin,.. 11..-.
in IIi.f Ih... ..I 1008 Iiiuii
I- », Irani ■'.«.- lo 18
1 (irndiiiin-il DriiKKis.s Phone 74
1 W. F. TATE, The Jeweler
hosiivs to think tho people for their patronage
ih.- past your and wishes them
The  Compliments   of  the
W.   F.   TATE
■•5   "THE   JEWELER."
mil.'i;.I Wiili-li liiH|..-fli.r
lord I-  II
JQld   Sight   &nd   Old   Age j
• Old ago is a question of years.   Old Sight is 11 question
X       of glasses    If you lind dilKoulty in reading, wliile for
* distance your sitiht is goo-1, you require old   sight
J        glasses.    Old sight shows itself lit about forty.    If
your eyes trouble you, consult us.   We can soon tell
Jj        you whether ymi require glasses or not.
1 IV       H      WIT   COIU Jeweler and
2 TT •   II*    W 1L-<~31SI~-1» Gradual* Optician
(Formerly Wentworth Hall) ♦
Continuous Performances
I Illustrated j
Songs   I
',', Change of Program Twite a X
\' Week, Monday and Thursday X
The moving pictures which J
,, are exhibited in lliis theatre!
are tl.e Infest, tlie newest, tin- J
tin.- must up-to-date, the most a
realistic and, .<> lie brief, the?
best on eartii. X
I Adults. 15c      Children, 10c 2
F. C. Douglas, ito Hull river
rancher, spent Friday In Crnnbrook.
Mrs. II. I.. Sawyer, of Marysville,
was in Crnnbrook on Saturday.
Tho public schools opened alter (be
Christmas holidays on Monday last.
.1. Fleishman, ol Vancouver, came
in from the west on Monday.
Oust Theis, of Perry Creek, spent
Monday in Cranlirook.
Wm. Carlin, ol Fort Steele, w.is in
Cranbrook on Monday.
F. R. Monis was down tin- line
west for it dny or two this week,
tl. ti. Jewell, the .laffray lumberman, w.is in town Monday.
D. Rreckenrtdgc, ot Kimberley,
visited Cranbrook last Friday.
Mrs. E. Mallandaine. of Crcston,
visited Cranbrook on Friday last.
H. G. Lockhart, ol Fernie, was in
town on Friday.
l>. R. Yates, ol Wyeliffe, spent
Sunday in Cranbrook.
Harry Melton, the Baker mountain
iron king, was in Cranbrook mi Sunday.
A. L. McDermot visited Kingsgate
on Saturday.
Dr. Mercer visited Marysville on
professional   liusiiiess   yesterday.
A. R. Watts, of Wattshurg, spent
Tuesday tn Cranbiook.
C, .1. Dlgby, of Fernie, was in
Cranbrook on business on Monday.
Conductor    I).     .1. McLennan and
wife left on   Sunday   for a   huhu
visit, to the coast.
George Laurie, one of Creston's
lumbermen, was in town on Tuesday.
M. W. Schilling, of IViiy Creek,
was a Cranbrook visitor on Monday.
George Ashwovtli has been acting
as city auditor for the municipality
if Cranbrook.
Mrs. I lodges, of Vancouver, is
spending a few davs with her sister,
Mrs. .1. F. M. Pinkham.
Thos. Leask, the Creston lumberman, is in Cranbrook, the guest ol
liis father, Andrew Leask.
Mr. and Mrs. T. T. McVittie, of
Fort Steele, were iu Cranhrook on
E. E. Jones, of Kimberley, was in
Cranbrook several days the past
Mrs. Whit more and daughters, of
Marysville, were registered at. the
Cosmopolitan hotel on Sunday.
O. C. Bowness, of Prince Edward
Island, is visiting relatives in Craubrook.
Percy McKee, of Elko, eldest son
ot "Big .Mm" McKee, who bas been
in tbe hospital undergoing medical
treatment is improving rapidly.
Don't forget tiie citizens meeting
at the opera house tomorrow night.
Every voter should be present.
E. O. Colioon, of the Adolph Lumber company, of Elkmoutb, wus in
Cranbrook on Tuesday transacting
Miss Fraser, of New Wesi-tu insl or,
has again joined the teaching itafl oi
tin- Cranbrook public schools nnd arrived here on Sunday,
WANTED—Position as camp cook.
Address Leslie I'avn, Cranbrook,   it.
C. 12
Mrs. George Glassford and Miss
Olassford will receive Friday afternoon ami evening, January 10th, and
afterward on the second Friday of
each month.
Our new open stock patterns of
Limoges china has arrived. An entirely new design.—Fink Mercantile
Co. '
Every citizen of Cranbrook should
be present at tbe meeting at the new
opera house tomorrow (Friday)
night, to hear the council's report.
D. Bale, of Windermere, spent a lew
days in Cranbrook on his wav to
Revelstoke. Mr. Hale built most of
the government bridges in tins district and is a well known obi timer.
J. .1. Binns, the well known dry-
goods traveller of Vancouver, was in
Cranbrook on Tuesday. Mr, Hums
has just returned from a month's
holiday  in the southern States.
Thos. Young, of the tlo contracting
Mm ..t Young & Horsman, had tho
misfortune to cut his foot badly on
Saturday. The wound was attend'
.•il to    by Dr.     King and Is healing
Sec our new "baby rose" design til
Limoges china, It's the most dainty
we have ever shown.—Fink Mercantile
Mark O'Nell, shipper and storekeeper for the East Kootenay Lumber company, was iu town for a few
hours ou Tuesday, and says that
hetween tlie mill and tbo Lie camp
over Mill men are employed and will
be al) winter.
Don't forget the band bovs entertainment on the 14th. Hob Smith,
the messenger of mirth, will he the
principal attraction and the baud,
under the leadership of Prof. Austin,
will render selections.
The management, of the Hoy iil hotel
has placed notices over the doors of
the bar and billiard room reading,
'■No Minors Allowed." Thos. Colo,
the manager, informs lhe Herald
that this is being lived up to strictly.
The annual meeting of the liritisb
Columbia Fruit Growers' association
will be held in the council chambers,
ity hall, Victoria, at 2 p.m. Wednesday, January 15th, Thomas A.
iJrvdeii, of Victoria, will speak on
"Better Fruit, How to Obtain It,"
nd Chas. A. Spruit, of Darnaby,
will address the meeting on "The
Highways as Thev Affect the Fruitgrower.''
WANTED-A girl for general
housework or to look after baby.
Apply A. C. B., care Herald.    -12-21
The Edison theatre opened on
Monday night with a moving picture
and illustrated songs entertainment.
The pictures and the music were
lmth good and the audience of nearly
300 people were well pleased. A
change of programme will take place
icb Monday and Thursday nights.
The Sanford   Dodge    eompnny will
play   a     return engagement at    the
v    opera     bouse      on    the 17 lb
1  18th.     Damon and Pythias will
be one of the plays presented.
Garlands of small pink ruses intcr-
Inglod with delicate green sprigs
ul finished in gold leaf. This is
how our new "Baby Rose" Limoges
china is decorated.—Fink Mercantile
Major F. Morris accompanied by
Vdjutant T. BIoss, of Vancouver,
will conduct special services iu the
Salvation Army batiacks (Patmore
II.ill) on Monday and Tuesday, January 18th and Mth, at 8 p. m. The
major has travelled extensively   and
tied manv important positions in
the Salvation Army. A pioneer of
\rniy work in tbe Klondike, etc., n-
ently arrived from Newfoundland to
issume command of the Pacific province. Excellent music and spirited
talks will be given. All are invited
1.1 attend.     Admission free.
WANTED—A furnished bedroom
ripply X. Y. Z., care Herald.      -ll-5t
A Chinaman was up before the
police magistrate on Monday charg-
with selling opium without a
license. It seems that a decoy was
ent hy the police to buy opium with
marked bill. The decoy got the
Iiiuiii and the Chinaman was found
witb the marked bill. Police Magistrate Anderson imposed a nominal
tine. M. A. Macdonald appeared for
the accused and on his behalf appealed the ease to the county court. -
You can buy one piece or a whole
set of our new "Baby Hose" design
Limoges china. This method of
selling makes it easy to complete
your set. Start early.—Fink Mercantile Co.
A presentation took place at the
C. P. R. superintendent's ofliee on
Friday last. Miss Crooker, who
has been tbe official stenographer in
the superintendent's office for sotne
time past, was presented with a
goodly purse from the C. P. R. staff
on tlie eve of her marriage. The
presentation took place in the superintendent's office. Mr. Chas. Smith
was in the chair and Mr. F. W.
Beeves made the presentation on behalf of the station stuff, accompanying the same with a few appropriate
remarks. Miss Crooker has been
diligent and faithful in her duties and
her loss will be felt not only h\t th.
-members of the superintendent's office, but by the whole station start,
i Remember the citizens meeting tomorrow (Friday) night in the new
I opera house, to hear the report of
the eity council.
Spra.Mie Charley  went back     to
Cranhrook to arrange his business
there ami pack up his household belongings and move hack to his old
place here. He is well enough s.itis-
tit-d wnb Cranbrook, and has done
well iu a business way there, but
Mis. Harris prefers to live hero, and
Charley himself like Nanton pretty
well, nml as be has one of tbe in
quartei sections around here and well
Improved, he is moving back to stay.
—Nanton News.
O. Krickson, superintendent; Chief
Despatcher .1. Scott and Trainmaster
-loe McNabb attended the C P. R.
convention at Medicine Hat Ibis
W \NTED—One second-hand sawmill in good condition; capacity 10,
"O'l nr 12.000 feet per day, with plan-
cr and groover. Address, Crown
('..al k Coke Co., Crows Nest, B.
C. 38-3t
lhe wind made a new record foi
Itself Monday evening, did timers
say il was the baldest blow tbe town
has ever known. No serious damage
was done, but there were some minor
instances of damage. A section of
the roof of the Coal company's
power house at the shaft was blown
oh, part of the wall of one of tin-
new brick buildings being built by
the cement company at Blairmore
blew down, a few telephone poles
weie lipped over and a number of
windows broken.—Tbe Frank Paper.
Iiii- barbel's nf Moyie met on the
7tb and agreed to close their shops
at 8.30 p.m. on all week days except
Saturday, when the barber shops
will remain open until Jl p. m. No
barber shop will open ou Sunday
under any circumstances.
'i'he death occurred in a most sudden and unexpected manner early yesterday morning of Mrs. F. D. Connolly, widow of the late Rev. Daniel
Connolly, and mother of Dr. Con-
was stricken by paralysis
mi Sunday and from that time there
was no hope of saving her life, though
everything was done tbat medical
science and tender nursing could do.
Mrs. Connolly was born at L'Orlgnal
Ontario, sixty-eight years ago. Three
years ago she came to Cranbrook
lo make a home fur ber son, Dr. Con*
liolly, and has lived here ever since.
She leaves live suns besides tbe
doctor, one being on the ollice start
the East Kuotenay Lumber company, another a doctor in Van-
.oiivcr, and three at Kingston, Ont.
A daughter also resides iu Craubrook. Mrs. Connolly endeared herself to everyone who had the privilege of knowing her. Her kindliness
iiml molberliness will never be forgotten by her large circle ol friends.
The interment will lake place at
Kingston, Ont., the body being taken east on Saturday. A funeral ser-
vico will be held in the Methodist
church on Saturdav afternoon at 2
I FOR SALE-Pure hied Plymouth
! Rock chickens; eggs for hatching in
season. Applv Grant Belanuer
Marysville, B. C. 42-tf
Hugh D. McMillan, an old resident
of Cranbrook, but now of Cowley, Alberta, was among tbe list of candidates who were promoted to the
I-Nival Arch degree A. F. and A. M
at Lethbridge on New Year's day.
The Cranhrook hotel is always up-
to-date. The latest addition that
has been made, for the comfort and
convenience of the guests, is a sound
proof telephone booth, with an automatic telephone. The booth is in
the writing room and all one has to
do is to place the necessary amount
of coin in the slot and one can speak
with Fernie, Moyie or any other
place in the district nnd owing to
the sound proof qualities of the
booth no one ean hear thr conversation except the party for whom the
message is intended.
Chas. Harris returned to Cranhrook last Saturday, after spending
Christmas with Mrs. Harris' father
and    mother,    Mr. and Mrs. J, W.
A meeting of the city council was
held last Friday night, the -ird inst.
There were present the mayor, Aldermen J. P. Fink, James Ryan and
A. McCowan. The minutes of the
meeting of December the 0th were
read and on the motion of Aldermen
McCowan and Fink were adopted.
The resignation of E. W. Long, as
eity auditor, was received and accepted and on the motion of Messrs.
Fink and McCowan George Ashwoth
was appointed city auditor to complete the audit ol 1907. The finance
committee      presented accounts
amounting to $1890.95, which were
ordered to be paid. It was moved
by Alderman McCowan and seconder
by Alderman Fink and carried, that a
meeting of the citizens be called for
Friday evening, the 10th instant, at
the new Opera bouse lo hear the report of the aldermen aud that lbe
clerk be instructed to have posters
printed to that effect. The council
then adjourned.
There have heen seven births in the
district during the last ten days,
as follows:
Bom—At Wardner, December 30th,
1007, to Mr. and Mrs. A. Smith, a
Horn—At   Cranbrook, December 31
1907, to the Rev. and Mrs. Taylor,
a son. ■
Bom—At Cranbrook, January 5th,
008, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Brennan, a
Born—At    Wyeliffe,    January 6th,
1908, to Mr. ami Mrs. Frank Scott,
a daughter.
Born—At Cranbrook, January 7th,
1908, to Alderman and Mrs. McCowan, a son.
Born—At Fort Steele, January
7th, 1908, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Walsh,
twin sons.
Born—At Cranhrook, January 7th,
1908, to Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, a
Mr. and Mrs. II. II. Ross, of
Waldo, entertained a large party of
New Year merry-makers at their
home on New Year's eve, who
watched the old year leave and welcomed tho new taking its place. The
lirst part of the evening was spent
playing games and indulging in
sweetmeats. Refreshments were
served by the hostess at 11.30 an
is tiie last course was being served
iln- old year grabbed up its possessions al! but the memories and lied,
giving way to 1908. After the
usual New Year's greetings had been
•\Hiaiiged the guests assembled in
the parlor and enjoyed their first
-lance of the New Year. The music.
furnished by local talent, was enjoyed
by all. In the wee sma' hours thi
crowd broke up, all voting the entertainment a vcrv delightful affair.
Otis Staples was made a Canadian
citizen this morning hy Judge Wilson. Mr. Staples, a Canadian by
birth, but for manv years a citizen
of the United States, will be most
welcome back as a loyal subject of
King Edward. D. R. Yates n
took tbe oath of allegiance and
will make a good "Canuck"
The Cranhrook Herald also put out
two extra large issues on its special
book paper. The Herald carries an
ad. for (-very place in town and did
a lot to show that Cranhrook is very
much alive.—Medicine Hat Times.
{Imperial Bank of Canada
$4 SbO.OOO
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on Deposit) Irom date of depo.it
Cranbrook Branch. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Mgr.
Every Knock Is a Boost
We had a little trouble with a man the other day over
his account.   He finally paid it with the remark:
"Take it. It's the last cent I will ever
spend with you except for Prescriptions
and Drugs."
Naturally we are flattered.
Always the Best
*********** •
For Your Winter Supply of
• If 1
All orders will receive prompt
and immediate attention
Telephone 102
i>, -
P. 0. Box 786      ; •;;
5UCCE550R   TO
A good game of basket ball was
witnessed last Tuesday niirht between tbe Athletes mid the Hanks.
11 was a strong name from start to
liuish, and in spite of the Athletics
playing one mnn short, they defeated
Iheir plucky    opponents by    several
A lady's match is being arranged
for, and will  he announced shortly.
Several good magazines have been
added to the leading room, which is
much appreciated by the hoys.
Sunday, .Ian. 12, 1008
The pastor will preach at 11 and
7.30; Sunday School and Bible class
at '.i o'clock; Men's Own in the
gymnasium at :i.-'ii). Evening subject: "The Prodigal Son," which
the second of a series ol addresses
upon this subject. Tuesday, prayer
service at 8 o'clock; Wednesday, Ep-
wortli league at 8 o'clock. The literary department will have charge;
Kriday, choir practice at 8 o'clock.
On Monday evening at 8 o'clock
at tbe Methodist parsonage, Miss
Bertha M. Crnoker and J. Webster
Burton, were united in- marriage.
None but tbe immediate friends of
the contracting parties were present. After the ceremony the newly married couple repaired to their
home on Baker Hill. The Herald
joins witb the many friends of this
popular young couple in wishing them
all happiness.
James Neclands died on Sunday
evening at 6 o'clock in the Kootenay
Lake General hospital, after having
made a prolonged struggle fur his
life. The end came quietly enough,
deceased passing away in a state "f
unconsciousness. At hifl bedside
were bis two brothers and hii sister.
Yesterday evening at 7 o'clock the
funeral services were read at tho
residence of II. O. Neclands, formerly
mayor of this city, on Carbonate
street and the hotly was taken down
to the C. I'. R. station, escorted by
the members of the local lodge of
(hid Fellows, for shipment lo      the
'east this morning to Creernorc, Ont.,
the place of birth of the deceased.
I James Neclands was born in 1809
and was therefore not quite ti'i years
of age. As a young man lie came
west with his brother, George, and
after a couple of years dim. to Nelson. That was in 1801 and for the
remaining 10 years of his life be w.is
a resident of Nelson. After coming here James Neclands was lor
some time engaged with his brother
in running a photograph gallery and
in the early days started the first
cigar factory in the Kootenays. The
popular Royal Seal owes its name'to
the deceased. During his residence
here deceased pursued several avocations and   was always    well liked.—
I Nelson Daily News. THK   I I! VN HOOK    11 l.l.'A l.l»
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Tailor-made Co-tninns.  I- V
Wnists.   Anylllllll! ill
Children's Wear.
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on   your  house this winter will
save one-half your coal lull.
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Come to the Metropolis stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorl
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PBU   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Cl. J. Mellenry,   W. tl. Sivnyim,
Inl. Iirnmmur
lli.li rin-- Dillir-u M lisle
Always r|,.l,...lnle
Open (oi- nm oMnivn l-higiigu.
1 iis.
I- 11  1.0X5-.!.     CI.ANBI.nnK, B.C.
Columbian College
N..« IV.
K1111111  IS'.!',
I'l-.f l.l.f 11 flir.-i.ff lli.ff if -Ml.fff ,,(
botll  » ill IIH..I..I-I1I.- mil's.    Hn- "   I'm-
paratnrv llliiss lor Im ■ snnloiils tnkiiijr
Public Sfli.,,.1   u-nrk.   Un™  lliul. S11I	
work.,mil |,n-i> mn fur l-roviiii-iiil It-'iii'i.rs
Kxiimiiiii iuiw.aTwi.lii,. .ill l.riliii.|ii>« n. 11
Pi-«..ii..,illllii«in.-"   I' -'■•    'iml   .-'.i.I-fi-
ili|.l.,m ia. Inlliiii-m 11 l.il.'-ri.l I-..I.I.-..IHIII in
it. Oolliig to I'olirao.  nn.l  In  tin. Min
OaonwIurM. K. I., nn.l 11. I.. A.   I" n ■
lugv .'onfi-i-H III.- Il.-nr...- ,.l 11.li    I" I lllvr-r-
iitji work ran  tiiki, HtililontH (In iiii llir-
couii.lpt,. Art. '■.ni.-.- lor ll..' 11 A .I.-imi-.'...
Torout,. ri.ii.-r-.il. . iiill. ivliluli llu- I'lllll'im
lilu lull nimiiillon.   In Sfifiifi-. twii.uiB tlio
llr.t yourol Toronto Miaul ol *loi  iiii.I
linsi, H111si.1l l--.i.Bii..-.-i-iiilil'i.ili-.-i..l,i|.t...l 1"
fractifiil .'iiuii inn ivin-k In lliis I'mi-iii.-.--
u MiiHi.-. ini'lfl r.*' In TI..-..I-,. Voir.
Oultiir. I I'lnnu iiii.I 1 limn., in .-..iiinii.-
tiou witli Hi.. Toronto Cullw ..I Minlo.
Snei'llll iiisll-ll.-lii.l.  ill   All   iiii.I   KI...-II1I..1.;
wlill,-Hllstu.l miiii roiiiilreil In tnko I'liy-
•icnlTniiiiii.u, willi 11 nilraiiloilM nt H
w.ll i..|iii|.|..-l l')-niiiiisluin.—l-nr l.nl lur
-tllilr..Hr„]illii1,iin. I'.ill.'li.'.
Take a Cup
of "BOVRIL" at
Eleven o'clock
a.m. or p.m.   It does
not matter which.
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see it is
M#^W»BiH#HMi^>l ■ ■» » »-.N«-J--»**J>»-*N>T-J>J>»>»s«>«sBsBNMsBva
News of the District  HH
Written by Brifht Correspondents and Gleaned irom Newspapers
**********************   **********************
There's Comfort for
the Horse
us well us i..i mnn il it lins a giiiul
liiiinl;.. 1.
Horse Blankets
though are sometimes as thin ns a
bed blanket. We don't carry that
kind in our shop. When the time
.lines thai we can't give you for your
horse an Al heavy, good wearing, extra warm blanket, we'll go out nf
tin- blanket business. We have a
hig Iim- now and cheaper than ever,
('tune and see them.
Cranbrook Trading Co.
,Telephone No, ls:i
.1. w.  iuti.i.i>i;i
lilll.lllllll! .if Oil.lll'itl Vl-ll'lilUl
('..lli-__, Toronto, in lulls,
illinium,    uml   _I_iIiiI!I.i
M.-Killi|.'s   V.-li-rfiiiii-v   Colli-.
('iiiuiiiio, iu umn.
Nino    yours'    exiiurient'e
Vi'l.-iiiiiiiy |il-it_.!_e III Miinili.l.ii
...lice it Cranbrook Hole..
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
1)00 TAX BY-LAW.
No person shall allow anv horse,
mule, bull, ox, cow, sheep, goat, pig
or other cattle or uoultiy Lo run at
huge within tbe eity, otherwise the
wine may. be Impounded and the own*
tt thereof is liable lot damages eaus-
Any person may Impound on animal
found running at largo. The line to
the poundkceiM'i for every animal is
m follows:
Stallions, 15.011.
Other horses, mares, geldings, fillies or mules, fl .to each.
Bull, $5.00.
Cow or other kind nt cattle, %1 00.
Boar nig, J4.00.
PIr. sheep or goat, $1.0(1.
Fowl, 25 cents.
The poundkeeper may also collect
11.00 for impounding .my animal ami
25 cents for Impounding any fowl,
and for feed may charge as follows:
Fowl and geese 2fi rents per dlcm.
If the animals nip not redeemed the
poundkeeper will proceed to sell.
There shall be a tax on all dogs of
•1.75 and on all hitches $5.00.
It is tue duty of the owner ot dogs
to procure a tag from tbe Oily Clerk,,
otherwise tbe dogs will to Impounded
and unless redeemed will be sold or
destroyed. Tags must be placed on
dog's collar so ns to he plainly seen.
In addition to the above charges,
My person guilty of an infraction of
the by-law is liable to a penalty of
1100,00 and costs or two months Imprisonment.
m ^ _ T. M. Roberts,
l«t Tb (j   u City Clerk.
♦♦♦♦♦■»♦»♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦» *
:|Handley Livery and;;
;:     Feed Stables
i >      -
< -   HIrs. Hiding  Horses  and   i >
'      Pack Horses lur any
part ol the
♦ District
W.  It.  Realty.  Funeral Ditt-nlnr
(Viiiilii'i.il. R. C l-li.iiii. No. HU
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Our wotk is our advertisement, hut w<
put this ad in the Herald to .
emphasize it.
N-mir l<ower Armstrong Avenue
Feed For Sale
I hi.vncl.oleu 1'pliiiul Prairlu liny
Oats, Wheat and Feed
tn otter in i-nr lots.    Delivpri.il
prices on npplii-titiiin.
D. C. Hoffman, Calgary
(From our own correspondent)
Ah nu-!   The colli    Kiev iluwn   ol
llu- morning after.
\ bin li.uiil of 1'ioRnn Indians ar-
i-ivi-il in Elko Ni-n Year's Eve, had
dinner with Old t'lilcl UannotHsluck-
,iiiiiii.i. .md went snulli with the stage
l„ Pinenpplo Finis. Indian Village,
Tobacco i'lnins. Thin- were a lim-
liuni-li .md In charge ol Big I'lume
K i'. I.., wlm is nlso .1 tiiiison and u
liriclilnyor, Woll Kobe, Two Feiilhets,
old Man .Xsleep-iiu-tlH-Top, White
K-.ilit.it. Little Bear nnd others. They
aro visiting tho Kootenays and will
nnil.>in du- the liis Potlatch dunce.
\V. S. Mi-Ewi-n, F. Church and Win.
llaiiiinill are spending New Year's
liuliiliivs in Montana. They took
"Hi-ail Easy," the only living rival
to linn Patch, anil will enter him in
tho winter Derby at Tobacco Plains.
Father Wagner, ol the St. Eugene
Mission, held mass in Elko Saturday
and proceeded to the Plains, where
hn will spend several days.
Frank Olmstead, the popular young
railroader and his liaticee, held a
icci'iitinti in tho Elkn hole, parlors
fn.in :. in ii o'clock on New Year's
day. Them were about lifty callers,
wlllcll endorses the popularity of the
young couple.
Napoleon Dniii-in-his-Heart was arm-tod mi Friday by a squad of
cnul lu...k Iwisters nnd tried belore a
lumlier lu.k court, charged wilh ic-
liisiiiK in got,full when he had the
chalice. lie was st-iiionccd lo a
s..iln water liulli with muslin tiitn-
inliigs, ..ml In- looked    like a cherub
nil Inn llie wings, wl  he came   out
wilh a liiiui|i ou liis back that would
mi.ki- u i-iiiiiel look like a clothes
line, nml liis teeth rattled like bones
nt a coon show. He made a ben line
im     iiu- i-. P. ft. trail and started
.luck l.i'ivis, game warden, was
iu Elko this week. Now is the time
ii g.iim. Warden is most needed and
1-21K,• is the place he shmild lie located.
Tlm Christmas troo at lbe school
liniise, Monday, December Mid, wns
>i greal surprise to the parents, the
residents and visitors. The school
house was packed and standing room
was at n promiuin and was occupied
In- tho sour doughs. Tho programme
was the liesl ever presented to an
Elkn audience, and with Engineer
Carter ill the Ihi-oltle, was as fol-
Hong   Merry Christmas Bells
Recitation ... Miss Sheridan llolliriink
Dialogue   Competing Railroads
The Boys
  McKee. Lowell- and Robey
Rending (comic)   Mr. Robey
Dialogue ... Why   Mm.    (Inssott Did
Not Engage a Cook 	
Mrs. Burgess, Mrs. l.olbtook,     Miss
Ti-illiiinl'er,    Miss   .1. Todhuntcr,
Miss Iti-own,   Mr. Robev, Mr.
Oih Todhuntcr, Mls's
Katie Moll
This dialogue was nicely staged an
played to a pink finish, one sour
dniigh remarking that lie had never
seen such an attractive bunch ol
licaiiliful women since he lelt Dublin.
Snug     Good Dye Ocorglana
Mrs. Burgess,   assisted   with a full
Mrs. Burgess possesses n beautiful
voice. It was her lirst appearance
heloro nn Elkn audience, and to si
she took them by storm Is putting it
mildly. Vociferous and vehement
in applause, the audience recalled
her again nnd again.
Dull drill   By 2. Little Girls
O i   Show     By Senior Boys
Tliis was another big surprise to
Elko. The jokes were all new,, the
latesl songs, the "bone solo" would
put Cleorgo Primrose, Billy Weston,
Lew Diickstadcr on the blink il they'd
heard it. Some ol the old timers
Hn,uglit it was the real thing and
started to throw silver dollars on the
stage, when a good local joke was
Sung...Look at our Beautiful Christmas Tree 	
By the Children
Distribution ol Presents
Tho greatest credit is duo Mr.
Myers, the school teacher, who,
single handed, did everything possible
and made suiil a brilliant success to
iiu- entire    satisfaction nl evervhodv
in   Elkn.
.1. Johnston, the bustling manager
..( lhe l'ugh A Livingston Lumber
company, wen. lo Ferine .his week.
This company have In-eii stripping
llieir lumher from Bayiu-s Luke and
Elkn, hut we understand, the Great
Nniilieiii is pul.Ing in a siding,
which will make a short haul. The
company is a popular one and can
gel all the men nl any time Ihey
want, which speaks well Inr Mr.
Johnston, win, has lull charge ol llu-
ii,>tk. Messrs. Pllgli ,V l.ivingsli.li
having big Interests in Alberta make
Iheir headquarters at Okotoks.
It's heen Unit quint in Elko since
New Year's that when u stranger
mines to lown the cows i-iiiiie home
I., hear the news.
Numerous functions have held the
ul tent ion of lhe social circle this
week little at home's, card partios,
live o'clockers, etc.
(From The Prank l'auer.)
Tbe announcement was made by
the Canadian-American company
this morning that its mine will
close tomorrow temporarily. The
reason for the shut down is Hmt
ihe company is taking advantage of
.in opportunity which lbe present uf-
fords f"i a cessation id operations
which wnuld have tn como sooner ot
later iu connection wilh tbe alterations ami improvements now under
wav. The opportunity is afforded by
the (act thnt lhe company's contract with tbe t'. I1. It. terminated
Tuesday nighl, rolcfising the company from thnl obligation and us the
market is Just now .1 little sluek it
is felt lhat the present is as good a
time as will presenl Itself. The directors will meet hero shortly when
the future programme will be formulated.
A letter signed hy .lames Douglas,
formerly president of the Prank miners' union, recently published in the
Nelson News, reveals Ibe taet that
there is an in teres ling fight ou in
union circles between District President Frank 11. Sherman and Douglas.
Incidentally, it also reveals an interesting bit nf Information. The
fnct is brought nut Hut Shermnn is
making a tight mi Douglas lo have
him expelled from the union and that
at tbe recent convention nf the U. M.
\V. nf A. secured the appointment of
u special committee to try Douglas
(or alleged violation t.f union laws.
In his arraignment of Shermnn iu
the letter referred to, Douglas
charges openly that at the time of
the wage dispute last March and
April, when lhe men all quit and
Sherman claimed thev did so against
bis advice and wishes that Sherman
secretly urged them lo go out. The
tight promises In become decidedly
Interesting before ii is finished.
The ('.IML has rescinded the order
issued over a year ngo refusing to
permit iis ears tn be loaded with
eoal fnuii the mines nf the Pass lor
United States territory. At that
lime it was slated that cars sent
from here tn Ibe Slates with coal,
were kept so long hy the American
roads that it serloiislv alTected the
mr supply oi tin- f. !\ U. and the
rule was put into effect to obviate
that difficulty. Tbe rescinding of the
order Is nf a greol deal nf importance
tn the mines nf this district us it
enables tbem In again till all orders
from American terrltitry, whereas
duritic: the.past year tbey have only
heen able tn till sueh orders as they
could got foreign ears for.
The high wind of Ibe first nf last
week wrecked the conl handling plant
of the (ialbi'ailh Coul comuanv at
Lutidbreek. Something like 500 or
H00 feet nf tbe trestle nf ihe incline
nu whieh the coal is hoisted to the
railroad, was blown Hat. Kepairs
are under way and (he mine will be
shipping again in a short  time.
P. Lund left for Cnlgary on Sunday
evening lust i.n a business trip.
Archie Acton is relieving operator
at tlie local depot.
The Christmas tree now "houdis"
ils willed head.
Miss Florence Johnson, nf Grand
Forks, returned on Sunday afternoon to resume her duties 11 s teacher
i.t tbi' Wardner school.
CL Donahoe, postmaster, spent
lasi Monday with Cranbrook friends.
(Fr*m the Moyie Leader.)
Now is au opportune time to make
pence     with the     printer by paying
yum subscription.
Dr. Coiliu was' up lo Marvsville
during the week. Dr. Mercer attended In his practice during his
.1. P. Fnrreli ami R. O. Kamm
have heen elected delegates from the
Mi.vie lhitird .if Trade tn attend tbe
meeting nf the Associated Hoards,
wliieli will convono here on the 33nd.
It. Campbell, as president of the
board, will also be a delegate. The
alternates are Chas. A. MacKav and
\. P. Macd..nahl. The board' will
btdd another meeting next Wednesday evening.
There will he a slight falling off in
the amount paid out at the St. Ku-
gcuo nexl Friday. January 10th. The
amount tn lie paid nut is $37,500. On
December Huh $11,111111 was disbursed.
During the year Pin; there was shipped In.in the St. Kugene 2-"(,Uti7 tons
nf concent rates and nre.
Moyie lake is
about    half     covered with
soft, slushv iee. Tbe weather is si
mild that there may not be solid lei
for several davs vet, aside from ii
lhe bays. Tin- lake lasl year fnwt
over on December 27th, and at thi*
time the iee was several inches il
Vou can   work your whiskers till
vou   are bald ia the chin, but you
can't find a better place in the Pass
lo invest   a few   thousand in than
Klko.     I'he bars arc supplied with
everything   from   shcephcrders delight to pink elephant cocktails.
(From our own correspondent)
Mr. Hammond, of Fruitville, formerly a resident of Wardner, is
spending a few days with friends in
town. Mr. Hammond is now agent
for the Kootenay Fruit Growers'
association, proprietor of n hotel,
and a store aud also postmaster of
Fruitville. Mr. Hammond's many
friends here will he pleased to hear
of his prosperity in his new home.
Mr. Lund, of Sedgwick, Alberta,
lather of Mr. P. Lund, of this place,
spent a few days iu town this week
with friends,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Dan McLcod nnd
daughters Leitu and Violet, spent
lust Thursday with Cranhrook
Mr. nnd Mrs. Martin Thorpe, who
have been visiting in town fnr tbe
past week, returned to their home iu
Elko a few days ago.
New Year's Day was very qnielly
observed in town," lhe only amusements engaged in being skating and
cutter riding.
Miss Hazel Lund left, on Sunday
afternoon for Nelson, where she will
resume her studies nl Si. Joseph's
A very pleasant evening was spent
in dancing at the lintel Wardner on
Thursday evening lasl, Only a few
Invited guests were present and all
enjoyed themselves thoroughly,
The friends of Mr. Downie, pholo-
grapher, will be very sorry to hear
of his accident. While iitletiipting
tn take a llasblighl picture of a
dancing parlv in the mill hall on
Friday evening last, hy some slight
mistake he burned his hand very
severely. All possible aid was nt
once given to relieve bis suffering
during the nighl, nnd Mr. Downie
then went lo Cranbrook on Saturday
morning for medical aid.
Mr. Arthur Heine went to Marys-
vlllc it lew days ago to assist George
Willson in the lumber company's
work thete.
A. N'orris, cook at the company's
boarding house, entertained a few nf
his friends at dinner nn New Yeal s
Miss Ila'/el Doha It, student nt St.
Joseph's school, Nelson, returned on
Monday morning to resume her studies, after spending her vacation with
her parenIs here.
New Year's resolutions
Are good while ihey last,
Uut    Vou    can    never quench vour
With the waler lhat hus passed.
J t
(I-'rom tlie I'criiit- Ledger.)
Hi.ri,-.tl Waldo, II. ('., nu Suiuluv.
December  _IHh, In Mr. and Mrs.   C.
li. McNnh, a sun.
I!. \V. Wood is reported as doing
very nicely. We will lie pleased In
See him  al'iitniil again.
J. Austin, C. I'. II. ngenl al Elkn
anil !iriii. of Winnipeg, passed
through Fernie tliis week on llieir
win In.mi'.
(From the Golden Star.)
Mr. William    Blackwoll and    Mrs.
Alfred Podloy were married ut     lhe
Presbyterian church here last  week.
Mr. Robert Chile is down lor
Christmas Irom lhe Tilbury and II.
O, ami reports everything looking
very promising at the mine.
Wellington Kfnneo is the recipient
id the finest Christmas present in tho
valley. He and Jack Barhim. It is a
hoy in each case.
Mr. Noilson in crossing the lake
lasl Saturday on his way home Irom
Wilmer had the misfortune to lose a
valuable team and outfit. Tlioy
lunki- through the iee and team and
sleigh immediately went to the bot-
t..111- Much sympathy, is felt for Mr.
Noilson iu bis loss. Nothing daunted by "llr. Neilson's unfortunate ex-
lii-rienre, our worthy provincial
constable still travels over the lake
dally. He was the lirst to travel
over il ihis year and every one knows
llial In- is not n quiUcr at the risk
nf getting a view of the bottom ol
(he lake. Slill bis many friends feel
somewhat nervous at times tor his
safely bill even thai will tint deter
Mr. Bruce left Inst, Thursday Inr an
extended visil. Io Toronto, Montreal
aixl other easli-rn points, accompanied
by Mr. llalTner, chief engineer ol lhe
luml who is going In bis homo iu
********************** **********************
FRED ROO, Proprietor.
Hardware and Builder's Supplies,
Harness, Saddles and Fittings, Miners'
and Prospectors' Supplies, Dry Goods,
Gent's Furnishings, Groceries, Fruit,
Flour and Mill Stuffs, Raw Fur and
The Largest Assortment of Fishing Tackle suitable
lor the District in 13. C.
Indian Curios, Specimen Hie Game Heads, and Souvenirs ol The Crc.it West.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Phone 57 Head Office, Calgary Alta.
The Dominion Meat Company, Ltd.
Wholesale uml li.-lnil IX-nU-ra in
f     Our Meat i-  always fresh, as all our Beef is killed
• in  Cranhrook
l.'liiiiiolll P.O.
). Box :::'. 1
" It's a Put-up Job
"lliir- fellow is lifter,   llt> iFjroiiij: 4
which lmve I n (MiKATl.Y UK- 2
ITiT.li IN  1'ltICK.    We hnvun ♦
liiri_i- stork i.f I'holco itegtuiiB i-> ♦
I'li-nr i.. imiki! room for our now ♦
B.H.SH0Rr&C0. X
Tile Painters and Dei-orators    X
1   Pabst! Pabst! Pabst!
Wholesale Wines, Liquors and Cigars
CRANBROOK, B. C.       -       -       PHONE 17
Two Jims
When Uio peoplo of Kio-i
KiHiti'iuiv tf.i to >|<okiiin-
tllOy Klinllht lit- nnt* |o
visit -In-
Dell Dick Bar
SI2 Mill Street
Opposite Victoria Hotel
James Neil & James (ialbraill.
The lies, of  Wines uml Uiynrs
lli!_iniriiin a Spficinlty
Aiki-ns llloek, Cranlirook
|j[^(^l^i^n^i^i^i^i .^i^i^^i^n^ii^i^i^n^i^l^l^^i^i^l3B
***.*.* ********
Manufacturer. 0.
Rough and'dressed
LUriBER and
IU-    Also all kinds ol
Sip.       AlOULDINOS
•Tartniy. Ryan anil
Cranlirook, B.C.
Head Ollice, • Crinbrook
* ** ******* «-»i<-
M********** ir *************<&
!___________ __._
If ymi want OlothiiiH llml is"(iill. l-_|fe" in uiuuo,
'(lilt l'l lue" ill 111 llerilll,-mil "Hilt I'iIki'   ill   lillllii-,
will and 800 our NEW   STOCK of ilemly 'Imle
Clothing, -1U1-T UI.CI.IVI.il.   All Union Mwlu
ii   Lask C$> H nd rson ii
******************************************** >
II A. C.   Bowness
Wholesale Dealer iu
Wines. Liquors and Cigars
We make a specialty of giving prompt
atfeention to Mail Orders
********* ****i[****************** TTLE   CRA.N BROOK    EUfiBALO
An agreement hns heen reaohed
whereby the Northern -Bank will take
over all thf assets mut labilities ol
1tu> Crown lunik on April 1st. The
Ni.ith.-ni Bank has no branches cast
of Lake Superior anil tho Crown
Hank has no branches in the west, so
that iiu- combination should hf to
ilu- advantage of tin- shareholders of
Corporation of the
of   Cranbrook
l'ulilii- notice is hereby given to the
electors of the Municipality of the
cm nf Ctwihrook, lhat I require
the «rcseiico of the Bald electors at
IhoToiinell Chambers, linker Streel,
i'i.ini.ii-i.il, it   -'., ..it th.- nth day ot
.1 .in.     I'His,    nt  in o'clock n	
(I o'clock local lime) for lhe purpose
nf electing persons to romcsciil them
in iln' Municipal   Council as   Mayor
iiii.I   Mill en .m.i foi  ihe purpose of
electing pei'soiu t present them mi
ito Hoard ol Trustees lui lhe i i.m
In--f.lt dn  Srh....I  Dislriel
The nm.le nf iitiiinii.ildm, ol e.inili
dales shall he as follows:
In- ..oi.h.t.iies .shall  he id iated
in wilting; I tie writing shall hu nub-
..libel In iw.. voters ol the Minn
clpallty as prupimei and seconder,
mid shall he delivered to Ihe Ite-
tlirillllg Ulh.ti nt anv time helvvceii
the dale ol lhe nu.iec and li p. III.
t.'l p.  m. local    lime) of the day     ol
nomination, .uul in (I vent    ol    n
l>..ll heiiik necessary, such poll will
Iid opened mi tin- llilll dav i.f .larni-
■ii.,  Mills,    between  Un- hours of    t)
o'clock  iu the    inivi 11 (Ml    o'clock
Ineal lime) and 7  o'clock  in the   at-
Inn.  (S o'clock local time) at the
Council Chambers, Maker Street,
Crnnlironk, H. P., of which every
person is hereby required lo take
notice ami govern himself accordingly,
Tilt'   qiialitiealii.il   liy   law     required
I.. ln> possessed by the candidates for
tl Illee of Mnyor an- as follows:
"The persons qualified t.i he nominated fnr and elected as .Mayor shall
he such persons its are male British
subjects of the full age of twenty-
one years, nml ate imt disqualified
under any law, nnd have heen for the
six months, next preceding lhe day
of nniiiiinitji.n iln- registered owner
in the Laud Registry Oilteu, of land
or nal property in the City of the
assessed value, on Iht- last Municipal
assessment roll, of une thousand
dollurs or more, over and above any
registered Judgment or charge, nnil
who are otherwise duly qualified as
Municipal voters." 11)00, ('. 32,
S. ll,
The qualification by law to he possessed hy the candidates for the ofliee uf Alderman are as follows:
"The persons qualified to ho
nominated for nnd elected as Alderman or Die Citv shall he sueh persons as are male Hritish subjects of
the full age of twenty-one vents and
are not disqualified under any law,
and to have been fur the six months,
nexl preceding the tiny of nomination
the registered owner in the Land
Registry office, ol laud or real properly in tbe City ol the assessed
value, on lhe last Municipal assessment roll, of live hundred d.dials or
i v, over ami above .my registered
judgment ur charge ami who are
otherwise qualified as Municipal
voters."     Minn, C. 32, s. 11.
The qualification hv law required
to be possessed In "the candidates
for the ollice uf School Trustee aro
as follows:
"In every Municipal School Dislriel, anv person being a householder
in Ha- School Dislriel, .md being a
llrilisli subject    uf ihe    (nil nee    ul
qunlhled hv ifiu
election o|  Seln
Sel | Divi i in
brook, shall he
■such Municipal   Mis
II, S, 33, mm;   c
No   person hold
te.nlier   within lbe
mul no   Clergyman
Hon shall be etlgih
School   Trustee.
Given under in
brook, ll c, this
an. IflflS.
Act   |.o
ul  Tins
ol the
in ibe
ol Grande fleeted
ustec    in
11)05,  C.
!     Hie ofltce      nf
School   District
of any .leu.iiiiiii,!-
'   ful    Mir   nlli.v  Of
I'm l  da
M    I!.-!.-
In the matter of an application for
the issue of a duplicate Certificate of
Title of part (5 acres) of Lot .10,
Group One, in the District of Kootenay.
Nol iee is hereby given that it is
niv intention to issue at the expiration of one mouth from the first publication hereof a duplicate Certificate
of Title of part (5 acres) of Lot 30,
Group One, in the District of Koote-
iiny, in the name of Valentine Hyde
Baker, which certificate is dated the
'..Mb of Match, 1908, and numbered
5-11(1 A.
"H. F. MacLeod,"
District Registrar.
Land Registry Office, Nelson, H.C,
November 28th, 1907. 37-4t
Nul iee is hereby given that thirty
days alter date I intern! fo apply to
tbe Honorable Chief Commissioner ol
Lands ami Wurks, ami tu the Assistant Commissioner of Lauds ,fe Works
for a license lo prospect for eoal
ami petroleum on the following described lands, situate on the Nnrth
Fork of Michel Creek, of Smith Kast
Kooteiiuy District, it   C:
Vn i. Commencing at a post
planled at the south-west corner of
R. 11. LeFraiir.'s claim, whose conl
license is No. 3311, same being 7thc
initial post of Hemic.- Belden's
claim and marked "Bernice Belden's
southeast corner," thence 80 chains
wesi, thence Kb chains north, thence
SO ihains east, thence 80 chains
south to place of beginning, and containing about (Ml) acres.
Hernice Belden, Locator,
It. G. Belden, Agent.
Nn 3. Commencing at a post
planted at the south-west corner of
Lot 7033, same being the Initial post
uf Ralston Butterfletd's claim and
marked "Ralston Butter field's northeast, corner," tlience 80 chains '
south, thence 80 chains west, thence
sil chiiins north, thence 80 chain
east to place of beginning, and containing about 010 ucres. The object of
this location is to cover tbe strip
kiii!.'; between the Mclnnis property
ami the Crown Coal & Coke Company's property.
Ralston  Butterfietd,  Locator,
R. O. Belden, Agent.
No. 3, Commencing at a post
planted at the south-west corner of
Lot 7033, same being the initial post
uf Mien Hemphill's claim and marked "Allen Hemphill's south-east corner." thence 80 chains north, thence
-SO chains west, thence 80 chains
south, thence 80 chnins east, to place
of heginning nnd containing about
(.to acres. The object of this location is to cover the strip lying between the Mclnnis property and the
Crown Coal A Coke Company's
Mien Hemphill, Locator,
It. ft. Belden, Agent.
Located Nov.  13th, 1907.        37-6t
Take notice that .lohn Oten, or
Fori Steele, H. C, Miner, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following described land:
Commencing at the north-east corner of Lot 780, tlience east 80
chains, south 27 chains, to Lot 310
west fill chains, north 27 chains to
puint ot commencement.
.lohn Glen.
Daled November 10th,  1907.     37-91
Take notice that Lewis W. Patmore, of Cranbrook, B. C, occupation, Law Student, intends to apply
for a special timber license over the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west corner ot Timber License No. lOfiOO; tbenee west -to
chains, more or less, to the fait
boundary of Lot 4591, thence north
in chains, more or less, to the south
boundary ol Timber License No.
0813, Ihence east 10 chains, more or
less, to the west line of Timber Li-
cense Mll'.OO, thence smith to the place
of beginning.
lewis W. Patmore.
Daled Nov.  10,  1907. 37-6t
Nolicc is lioroby given lhat thirty
days aiiei date l, Mal.,1 \ Lnndeck.
wife ol ll. F 1 ami.rk, occupation,
Knllwnt   \genl, ol   Gateway. H. C,
inlend In apply I,, llie linn   'llie CblC
Coinmlssioitei  d! Lumln aud     Wurks
I ne    SpCClnl   license   lu  .ul       and
..un  awav timbei from the follow
im'. descrlbod  land;
Commencing   at a   posl    planted
nhoul 7 miles'west ol ihe Kootonay
Duel   alum;  the lnlelii.itlnii.il  Honmf
,.iv, marked Mabel \. Landcok's
south west comer, ihetico east 80
chains, Uienco nortli 80 chains,
Ihenco west so chains, ihenee south
Ml chains, lu pnjnl id cuinmenee-i
Dated Di'ivmlii'i   Mill    190?.
Mabel V   I iindeck, Loealoi
11   I'   Lnmleet.-   Vgenl   I! II
Nutiie is heiehv given llml llilrh
days aflei -l,.te 1, llcnn K Landed.,
occupation, Rallwaj Audit, uf Gale-
way, H C , intend t.< appM to tlie
Hun. tbe Chiel CoinmU-iioiier nf
Lauds and Works f.o n upeelnl license
tu cut nnd cany awav Umber from
ihe fullnwing described lands:
Nn |, Commencing al n posl
planled at lbe south-WesJ corner of
T. L. 0311, Ibence norlh fen chains,
tbenee Wesi 80 cliains. ihenee south
sn clniins. thence east SO chains t»
pnint, of commencement,
Dated December Ifith,  1007.
No. 2. Commencing nt n post
planted 80 chains west of Ibe north-
vest corner af T. L. 11211, thenco
north 100 eliains, thence west 40
chains, Ibence south 100 chains,
Ihence enst 40 chains to point of
Dated December 17th, 1907.
No. 3.    Commencing al    a    post
planted If) ehains west of the southwest cornei-    of T. L.  1391B, ihenco
nuilli   Dili chains,     thence west    40
chaius,     Ihenee   south  IfiO     chains,
ihenee east   40 ebnlns lo point    of
Dated December I8th, 1907.
Henry F. Landeck, Locator,
Eathen W. Butts, Agent.   40-6t
Take notice that Ernest Pollard,
nf Winnipeg, Man,, occupation,
Clerk, intends to applv fur permission to purchase the following des-
i rlbcd lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the south boundary of John Crahan's
land (No. 7!)!).ri) oil the west bank of
Klk River, nhoul sixteen m'les north
..f Michel; Ihence 28 eliains smith
more nr less, to north boundary ol
Loi 8153, Ibence east to Elk river
Ihenee nnrth following River to the
-.until boundary of Crahan's land.
Ihence west to point of commence
tm-nl, containing 70 acres, more oi
Ernesl  Pollard, Locator,
-tames il Edmondson, Agent
Dated Nov. Sth, 1007. ;i7-f»t*
Take notice that Louise Robertson,
>.f Winnipeg, Man., occupation, Spinster, Intends to applv for permisiion
lo purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west corner of Lot 4144;
thence north 80 chains, thence west
so chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to point of
commencement, containing 640 acres,
mure or less.
Louise Robertson,
■ lames R. Edmondson, Agent.
Daled Nov. 5th, 1907. 37-9t*
Notice is hereby given that 30
days after date I inlend to apply to
the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special license to cut and cany away timber
from the fuliowing described lands:
Commencing at a post marked
Henry F. Landcok's north-east corner, at ihe north-east corner of Timber Limit 0314, tlience north
chains, to Ihe north-west corner
Timber Limit 0213, thence west
chains, to the south-west corner of
Timher Limit 8185, thence smith 40
cbains to the snuth-east corner uf
Timber Limit 9315, thence west 00
chains, thence suulh ui chains, thenco
east ISO chains to point of commencement.
Henry F. Landeck,
E. W. Butts, Agent.
Gateway, B. ('., November Stub,
1907. 37-0t
Take nolice that Arthur Charles
Yeager, of Movie, B. C, occupation,
Timber Cruiser, intends to apply
for a special timber license over uie
following described lands:
Coiiimencing     ut a   post    planted
330   chains north   of the   north-east
corner of Timber Lictn.se 976(1, thence
, norlb   80    chains,   tlit'iice west     80
Nchains, thenco south mi chains, thence
■' [east SU chains lo point   of commence-
Arthur Oharles Yeager.
Dated October 22ml,  1007.        85-61
Notice is hereby given thai 3
davs afler date, I, Mabel \ Lauded,
wife ol 11. F. Landeck, intend t
make application In iln- [Ion, Mi
Chief    Commissioner of Lands
Take notice that Arthur Charles
Yeager, of Moyie, II. ('., occupation,
Timber Cruiser, intends to apply
fur a Bpccial timber license ovei :he
following described lands;
Commencing at a post ; lanted
T."> chains west and 120 chains nurlh
nf Uie north-west cornei ul Pirn \i
License 9038, thence north 86 eh Litis,
thence enst Ml chains.  Uui.ce     south
Wurks foi  one special license to cut j 80 Chains, thence west Si)
ami carry away timber frnm the following described  land:
Commencing at a pnsl about h
miles west of the Kootenay River,
along the International Boundary,
marked Mabel V. LandccVs smith-
west curner, Ihence east SO chains,
tlience nol'lll 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, theuce south M) chain-:
t.i puiut of commencement.
Mabel V. Lnndeck, Locator.
11. I. Landeck, Agent.
Dated at Gateway, B. C, Nm    '
1007. 3lHl
Take notice that William Edwin
Stevenson, of Cranbrnok, B. P., occupation, Mlllman, Intends lu apph
for permission ty purchase the following described land:
Commencing ut n post planled adjacent and attached to and in a
southerly direction from the southeast corner post of Lot 7317; thence
south 00 chains, Ihence west 40
chains, thence north fill chains, thence
east 40 ehains to pnint of commencement, and containing 210 acres, mure
or less.
William Edwin Stevenson.
Dated October Kith, 1007.       33-flt
Take notice that Na/.nirc Roehon,
of Cranhrook, H. ('., occupation, a
Lumlwrtnan, Intends to apply for a
special limber license over the following described lands:
Commencing at a pnst planted
about one mile north of the international Boundary line, ami lj miles
east of C. P. R. Lot 1501, thence
west 80 clniins, thence south 80
chains, Ihence east 80 cliains, ihence
norlh 80 chains to the p];(ce nf commencement, and containing BIO acres,
more or less.
Naxalre Roehon.
Daled October 38lh, 1007.        36-01
Take notice that Arthur Charles
Yeager, of Moyie, H. C, occupation,
Timber Cruiser, intends to apply
for *\ special timbei license over the
following described lands:
Commencing     at a   posl    planted
t the aortneast corner of Timber
1. cense 11350, thence west 60 cliains,
to L. Clapp'a Timber License,
ibence north 108 chains. *,!, nee e.isl
tin chains, thence south 106 cha ns to
place of beginning.
Arthur Charles Yeagei
Dated October 23rd,   1907,       35-6t
,i.i..< ot commencement.
Arthur Oharles Yeager.
Mated October 22ml,  1907.        35-Ot
Take notice that Arthur Charles
Yeager, of Moyie, lt. C, occupation.
Timber Ciuiscr, iutends lo appl)
for a special timber license over lhe
following described lauds.
Coiiimencing at a pust planted
IUU cbains north oi tbe north-easl
curner of Timber License No. 9700,
ihence north mi chains, thence west
.SO chains, ihence soulh KU chains,
thence cast su chains to point ol
Arthur Charles Yeager,
Dated October 22nd,  1007.        30-61
Take notice that Arthur Charles
Yeager, of Moyie, B. C, occupation,
Timber Cruiser, Intends Ln npply
for n special timber license over Mil
following described lands:
Commencing at a posl pla ntcd
120 chains nortli of the not'Ui-wesl
corner of Timber License 9760, theuce
north 80 chains, thence west 80
-.bains, theuce south 80 chaius, thence
east 80 chains tu point ulcoiiiniencc-
Arthur Charles Yoager,
Dated October 23rd, 1007.       35-Ot
Take notice Uiat The Kast Kuotenay Lumber Company, Limited, of
Cranbrook, D C, occupation, Lumbei Manufacturers, Intend to apply
for a special limber license ovei tho
following described lands:
Lot number 6178, Group One Kootenay district.
The East   Kootenay     Lumher Conipanv, Limited.
Dated Nou-mbt-i   15th    1007.    35-61
Take nolice thai Arthur Charles
Yeager, of Moyie, It. C. occupation,
Timber Ciuiscr, intends to apply
fur a special Umber   license over the
following descrihed  lands:
Commencing at a posl id mlcil
ititt chaius norlb of th.- north-east
corner of Timbei License 9706, Uience
north 81) chains, thonoc we-l 80
chains,  thence suulh Ml cbains,  llieinv
east 80 clniins to point ot commencement.
Arthur Charles Yeager.
Daled  October  22ml,  1907.       35-61
Take notice that Lewis W. Patmoro;.
uf Cranbrook, Jl. C, occupation,
Law Student, intends to apply for a
special timber license ovei the fol-
folowlng described lands:
Commencing ut a post planteil
at the north-west corner ol Lot
0136, Group 1, Kootcuay District,
ihenco west 80 chains, thence soutb
•••0 chaius, theuce east 80 chains,
ibence north 80 chains tu placu ol
Lewis W. Patmore,
Dated October 22ud,  1007.        Jj-u't
Take nolice that Lewis W. Patmore,
td Cranlirook, H. C, occupation,
Law Student, intends to appl) for a
.special timber license ovei Hie fol-
tolowlng descrihed lands:
Commencing at a posl planted
i:t the south-west corner of Lot 6426,
Uroup 1, Kootenay Dislriel, thence
souUi i-O chains, thence west t-0
chains, thence north 80 chains, tlience
-..st .so chains to place of commencement,
Lewis VI.  Patmore.
Dated October 22nd, 1907,       35-Ot
Tale notice that Edith Kirby, of
Winnipeg, Man., occupation, Spins-
ier, intends to npply for permission
io purchase tho following described
Commencing nt a post planted one
Uille south of Lot 2310, at the SOiltl
west corner of Lot 2242; thence west
20 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 20 chains, thence south
80 chains to point of commencement,
containing 100 acres, more or less.
-lames R. Edmondson, Agent.
Edith Klrby,
Dated Not. Sth, 1907. 37-lt*
Take nolice that Arthur Charles
Yeager, of Moyie, II. C, occupation,
Timber Cruiser, intends to applv
for a special timber license over the
following descrihed lands:
Coiiimencing nt a post planted
loo chains north of the north-cast
corner of Timber License 11350,
thence west 00 chains, tlience nortli
106 chains, thence east 60 cbains,
theme south 106 chains to place ot
Arthur Charles Yeager.
Iated October 23n|,  1007.        85-0t
Take notico that Arthur Charles
Meager, of Moyie, B. C, occupation,
1 imber Cruiser, intends to apply
fur a special timber license over lhc
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
210 chains norlh of the nortb-east
corner of Timber License 9760, thence
nnrth 80 cbains, thence west 80
chains, thence south M chains,
thence east 80 chains to point
"I commencement. .
Arthur Oharles Yeager.
Dated October 22nd,   1907.        35-61
Take notice that Charles A. Taylor, of Cranbrook, occupation, Teamster, inlends to apply for permission
lo purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
he nor Ui west corner ot Lot 2044,
thence north 20 chains, thence west
0 chaius, thence soulh 20 chains,
Ihence enst 20 chains to point of
cummeucement, and containing 40
acres, more or less.
Charles A. Taylor.
Dated October 24,  1997.       35-01*
Take notice that East Kootenay
Lumber Company, Limited, uf Cranbrook, B. C, occupation, Lumber
Manufacturers, intends to apply fur
permission to purchase ill.; following
described land:
Commencing at a post planted
abuut 30 chains south uf the N. W.
comer ol Lot 5808, Group One, Kootcuay district, thence wesi 30 cbains,
ihence south 20 chains, Uience east
20 chains, Ihence north 30 chains to
place of commencement, ami containing 40 acres, more or less.
East    Kootenay    Lumber Company,
per Archibald Kennelh Leltch, A&ent.
Dated al Jaflray, H. C, November llth, 1007. 31-9t
cranbrook land district
District of kootenay
Take notice that Arthur Charles
Yeager, of Moyie, B. c, occupation,
Timber Cruiser, intends to apply
for a special timber license . n-r Uie
following described hinds:
Commencing at a post planted
75 chains west ol the north-west
Cornei of 'limber License 9033, Uience
ii .i Mi 10 chains, theuce qiii IfUJ
chains, thenco south -lu chains, theuce
inst D»u chains to point uf commencement,
Arthur Charles Yeager.
Dated October 33nd, 1907.      36-01
Take notico lhat Arthur. Charles
Yeager, uf Moyie, B. C, occupation,
Timber Cruiser, iutends tu apply
for u special timber license over the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
75 chains wesi and 40 chains north
ol lhc uorth-west corner of TIiiiIjci
License U033, theuce north Iii chains,
tlience east 160 chaius, theuce sunt!.
It) chuius, thence west 160 chains iu'
place of commencement.
Arthur Charles Yeager.
Dated October 22ml, 1907.       -iJ-Ol
Take notice that Arthur Charles
Yeager, of Moyie, B. C, occupation,
Timber Cruiser, in tends to apply
for a special timber license over the
following described lauds:
Com mencing at a post planted
Hi chains west and 80 chains north
of lhe north-west corner,of Timber
License 0033, thenco nnrlh 40 chains,
Uience east 160 cliains, thence south
in chains, theuce west 161) chains tu
place of commencement.
Arthur diaries Yeager.
Dated October 22nd, 1907.       35-01
Take notice that ■ Arthur Charles
Yeager, uf Moyie, B..C, occupation,
Timher Cruiser, intends lo apply
for a special timber license over ihe
lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
80 chains north ot the north-east
corner of 'Timber License No. 9766;
ihence north 80 chains, thence west
.so chains, ihence south 80 chains,
Uience cast 80 chains to point of
t oiiiiuenccau'ut.
Arthur Charles Yeager.
Daled October 23rd,  1967.       35-61
Take notice that Arthur Charles
Yeager, of Moyie, B. ti.. occupation,
Timber Cruiser, intends to appl)
f.r u special timber license over tue
ulluwiiig described lands:
Commencing     at a   post    planted
t lhe north-west curner of Timber
License 9033, tlience' west 75 chains,
tbettce suuth 85 chaius, Uience east
75 chaius, thence north 65 chains to
oint uf cummeucement.   .
Arthur Charles Yeager.
Dated October 22nd, 1907.      35-Ct
Take notice that Arthur Charles
Yeager, uf Aloyie, B. C, occupation,
Iiui ber Cruiser, intends lu apply
fur & special limber license over the
i..Lowing described lands;
Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner of Timber
License 9766, thence uorth 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south
80 chains, thence east 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Arthur Charles Yeager.
Dated Nov. 2nd, 1907. 35-61
Take notice that Lewis W. Patmore,
uf Cranbrook, U. C, uccupatiun,
Law Student, intends io apply for a
special limber license over the fol-
tolowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
ul the south-east curner uf Lot
6126, Gruup 1, KouU-nay District,
thence west 80 chaius, ibence south
l.n chuius, thence eust 80 chains,
hence north 80 chains to place of
Lewis Wi Patmore.
Daled October 30tb, 1607.       35-0t
any person wlni is the sole head of a
family, or any mule over 18 years of
age, to   tbe    extent    of one-quarter
section <d 160 neres, more or less.
Entry must bv made personally at
the lucal land ollice fur the district
in which the laud is situate.
'Tbe homesteader is required to perform ito conditions connected tiier-a-
wuii under une of the following
(1) At least six mouths' residence
upon and cultivation of tlw land to
each year ful three years.
(2) If the father (or mother, 11
the fattier is deceased), ot the borne-
» Leader resides upou a farm in tilt
vicinity of tbe land entered for, tin
requirements as tu residence may be
satislied by such persun residing witb
1 lie father ur mother.
l3) if the settler has bis permanent resilience upuu farming Uuu
owned by him in the vicinity of bii
Homestead, tiie requirements as lu
residence may be satislied by reel
dence upun the said land.
Su months nut ice in writing
should he given tu the Coiuiuissionei
of Moiun.loii Lauds ut Ottawa of io-
icnnou to apply lur patent.
Cual lands may be purchased al
UU per acre lur soft coal aud 120
101 aiiihiacite. Not mure than 320
acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the
rale of leu cents per ton of 2,006
pounds shall bv collected oa the '
grown output.
'vimtv of ih* Minister of the IttMrto*
f 640 acres, more or less.
Ross - Saskatoon   Lumber Company,
Dated November 18th, 1907.
Time    for    publication   of   above
notice in   local    paper extended    to
December 19th. 1907.
J. F. Armstrong,
Assistant   Commissioner     of   Lands
and Works for the Southern Division of Kast Kootenay. 39-6t
'Take notice that Hoss-Saskutoon
Lumber Company, Limited, uf
Wutdo, H. C, occupation, Lumbermen, intends to apply for a special
limber license over the following
escribed lauds:
< -ommencing ut     a   post   planted
at the south-west corner of Lut No.
6175, thence south 80 chains,  theuce
east     80 chains,    tlience north     80
ih.uus,    ihence   west    so chains to
place uf     beginning,   and enntaining
oio acres, more or less.
Ross - Saskatoon   Lumher Company,
Dated November 13th, 1907.
Time     for     publication   of   above
nnticc in   local     paper extended     to
December  I-Uh,  1007.
.1. F. Armstrong,
Assistant   Commissioner     of   Lands
and Works for the Southern Division of Kast Kuotenay. 39-6t
Take notice that Puss-Saskatoon
r.umber Company, Limited, of
Waldo, H. C, occupation, Lumbermen, intends to apply lor a special
timber license over the following
'lescribed lands:
Commencing at a pnst planted
about 45 chains west and 120 cbains
south of the south-west corner of
Lot No. 6171, or at tbe south-east
corner of License Lot No. 8055,
(hence south 80 chains, thence west
i) chains, tlience nurth 80 chains,
thence east ■''■0 chains to place of
commencement, and containing 640
acres, more or less.
Ross - Saskatoon Lumber Company.
Dated November I3th, 1907.
'Time for publication of above
notice in   local    paper extended    to
ccember 19th, 1907.
J. F. Armstrong,
Assistant   Commissioner     of   Lands
and Works for the Southern Division of East Kuotenay. 39-0t
Take notice that Hoss-SaskutouD
Lumber Company, Limited, of
Waldo, B. C, occupation, Lumbermen, intends tu apply for a special
imber license over the fuliowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
liO chains west of the south-west corner ot License Lot No. 8603, thence
south 40 chains, theuce west to the
east boundary uf tbe C. P. R. Lot
1591. about 160 chains, theuce north
40 chains, theuce east 160 chains
tu place uf commencement, and containing 610 acres, mure or less.
Ross - Saskatuuu Lumber Company,
Dated November 13th, 1907.
Time fur publication uf abovt
notice in lucal paper extended to
December 19tb, 1907.
J. K. Armstrong,
Assistant   Commissioner     uf   Lands
and Works for the Southern Division uf East Kuotenay. J9-tit
Take notice that Ross Saskatoon
Lumber Company, Limited, of
Waldo, B. C, occupation, Lumbermen, iutends to apply for a special
timber license over the following
described lauds:
Commencing at a post planted
about 100 chains west and 40 .bains
south of the south-west corner ol
Lot No. 6171. ut 20 chains west ut
the north-west corner ot License Nu
8603, thence suuth B0 cbains, thence
west mi cbains, thence north 80
chains, thence cast SO chains to     the
lace of commencement, and enntaining 610 acres, more ur less.
Ross - Saskatoon   Lumber Company.
Dated November 13th, 1907.
Time for publication uf above
notice in local paper extended to
December 19th, 190:.
J. F. Armstrong,
Assistant   Commissioner    of   Lands
and Works for the Southern Division of East Kootenay,        39-6t
Take notice that George Geary, ot
Fort Steele, B. C, occupation, Livery Stable Owner, intends to apply
for a special timber license over the
fuliowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-east corner ot J. Sullivan's pre-emption, thence south 80
hains, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 40
chains, thence north SO chains, thence
west 20 chains, thence north 77
chains, thence west 17 chains, thence
north 3 chains, thence west 23
chains to ; lace u! comma Ccru'-v.
George Geary.
Dated December 6th, 1907.       38-0t
Take notice that Ross-Saskatoon
I,umber Company, Limited, of
Wuldo, H. C, occupation, Lumbermen, inlends tu apply for a special
timber license over ' the fuliowing
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
about 30 chains south of the northwest corner of License Lot No. 8601,
tlience west about 110 chains to the
east boundary of C. P. R. Lot 4591,
thence south 50 chains, thence east
110 chains, thence north 50 chains
to place of beginning, and containing
fii0 acres, more or less.
Ross - Saskatoon Lumber Company,
Dated November 13th, 1907.
Time for publication of above
nnticc in local paper extended to
December 19th, 1907.
J. F. Armstrong,
Assistant   Commissioner     of   Lands
and Works for the Southern Division of East Kootenay. 39-6t
Notice is hereby given thnt 1, Harry
Hamilton McVittie, of Craubrook,
B. C, occupation, General Agent;
agent for Victor Albert Rollins, ol
Crnnbrook, B. C, occupation, Hotel
Keeper, intend to apply fur permission to    purchase    six   hundred and
.  _ .-..-.    _____________ forty acres of land hounded as    fol-
j luws:
NOTICE Commencing nt a post planted    on
  lhe west boundary of Lot 386, G. 1,
Eslray on premises, at Wardner, B.  Kast Kootenay,    eighty chain-; south
C, two sorrel    horses, branded    on|of the northwest corner of said Lot;
jaw, white star on forehead. 'The
sume have broken into and done considerable damage to garden. Owner
may have the same bv paying
damages and expenses. Apply tu
S. J. Harrison. P. O. Box fi, Ward-
ur, B. C. 80-6t'
hence   north    eighty chains, thence
west eighty    chains,    thence    south
Igbty   chains,     thence    east eighty
elinlns lo place of commencement,
Victor Albert Rollins,
Harrv Hamilton McVittie, Agent.
Daled October 21, 1907. 31-Ul
Take notice that I, Lyman J. Taylor, of Cranbrook, B. C, occupation,
'Teamster, intend to apply for permission to purchase the fuliowing
described land:
Commencing ut a post planted nt
he north-east - comer of Lot 7327,
tlience south 40 chains, thence east
20 chains, thence north 40 chains,
thence west 20 chains to point of
commencement, and containing -so
acres, more or less.
Lyman J. Taylor.
Dated Nnv. 20, 1906. 38-9t
'Take in it iee that Ross-Saskatoon
Lumber Company, Limited, of
Waldo, B. ('., occupation, Lumbermen, intends to apply for a special
timber license over the following
described lands:
Commencing at ,. pnst planted
2ii chains west (.f tin- s"iith-wcst corner of License Lot No, 8003, thence
suuth 80 chain-. theuce west 80
cliains, them-e north ho chains,
thence east 80 chains to place of
commencement, ami enntaining 640
acres, mure or less.
Ross - Saskatoon Lumber Conipanv,
Dated November nth, 1907.
Time fur publication of above
nut ice |n local paper extended to
December 10th, 1907.
J. F. Armstrong,
Assistant   Commissioner     of   Lands
nnd Works for the Southern Division of East Kootenay. 39-0t
Take notice that Eaat K.oteiuy
Lumber Company, Limited, ot Cranbrook, B.    C, occupation,    Lumber
anufacturers, intend to apply for
permission to purchase the following
escribed land:
Cummencing at a post planted
about 30 chains south ot tbe N. W.
wrner of Lot 5808, Group One, Koo-
enay District; thti.ee west 20
chains;    thence   south    20   chalu;
.ence east 20 chains; thence north
20 chains to place of commencement,
nd containing 40 acres, more or
teas. **
ast Kootenay Lumber Company,
Dated Dec-ember 13th, 1907.     8»-9t
Take notice that Mayook Lumber
Company, Limited, of Mayook, B.
H., occupation, Lumber Manufacturers, intend te apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner of Lot No.
331, Group 1, Kootenay District,
thence south 40 chains, thence west
10 chains, thence north 40 chains,
Ihence east 40 chains to the point ol
commencement, and containing 160
acres, more or less.
Mayook Lumber Company, Limited.
Dated December "th, 1907.       39-9t
Any available Dominion Lands
. within tho Railway Belt In British
i Columbia, may be   homes leaded    by,
Take notice that Ross-Saskatoon
Lumber Company, Limited, of
Waldo, li. c., occupation, Lumbermen, intends to apply for a special
timber license over the following
described lands:
Commencing at a post planted
at the N. K. corner of Lot No. 8282, i
Group 1, thence west about 40
chains to the north-west corner of
Lot No. 8282, thence north about
2« ehains to the north line ot License Lot No. 8007, thence weit
abuut 15 chains to the east line of
Lot No. 6173, thence north 80
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 60 cliains, thence east about
15 chains, Uience soutb 40 ehains
to place of beginning, and containing  btr 7tb, 1917
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I, Henry K- Landeck, occupation, Railway Agent, ot
Oateway, B, C, intend to apply to
the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works lor a special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands
No. 1. Commencing at a pott
plauted at the north-west corner of
Tiniber Limit 6211, thence north 80
chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 120 chains,
thence east 40 chains to point of
No. 2. Commencing at a post
planted about 40 chains north ot the
north-east corner of Timber Limit
6211, thence east 40 chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 40 chains,
thence east 40 chains, tbenee south
40 chains to point of commencement.
No. 3.      Cummencing  at a    post
planted at Hie north-west corner   of
Timher Limit 6207, thence east    80
chains, Uience north 80 ehains, thence
west    80   chains,   thence   sooth  80
chains, tu point of commencement.
Henrv P. Lnndeck,   Locator,
Kathen W. Butts, Agent.
Dated at    Oateway, B. C. Decem-
3Mt r
• >*r^ *" ~"*
< „,
, 1.1
i >■ >
- '9
.„ i
, ,<,
, M i
. ii ,
, „ -
. >i.
. ,i.
, -i.
. .,
, .,
< .i.
< .i.
< *
i '*
Big Pre=inventory Sale
WE will take stock on Feb. 15th, and do not wish to show
one item of winter stock at that time. We believe the
prices shown below will have the desired effect. Winter Clothing
will be required for three months yet, so if your wardrobe needs
replenishing in any line do not delay making your purchases, because
such an opportunity for saving money does not occur every day.
Every item included in this sale bears our absolute guarantee of
quality and satisfaction.
Hen's Clothing
'I'll, it is positively uu better clothing on the iniirki-t than Ciimpbeli's or Johnston's. \\V lmve
no old stock. All of our patterns ure bright uml in-w. The stringency in the money iniirket lias
pliiii'il almost every business throughout the country in a hm! position, und we Hud ourselves
iiu exception to the rule, so have decided to include this High-grade clothing iii lhe sale.
These Prices Should Have the Desired Effect
■t-f. prii-i
$21 ..HI
1.1.1 HI
.  ut.00
-n's Overcoats
22 .Uu
Carss* Mackinaw
.'our Pocket $7.50 Coat for.W.28
7.1". " 5.75
11.00 " -   5.00
5.50 -1.50
Two Pocket   5.5.1 " 4.25
5.00 " 3.80
Long              4.00 •' It 00
Lung Twe.il   8.50 " 2.75
Sweaters and Cardigans
Sweulei-jConts, regular $4,00,
For......   $2.75!
Cnrdigau Jacket, regular
$8.50, for      2.00!
Cardigan . Jacket, regular
$2.50, for      1.75
Sweaters, button collars,
regular $8.00. for     2.00'
Sweaters, lung collars, regular "ii.Oii, for     2.00
Sweaters, long, regular $1.50,
for      1.00
122.00 llo.it
13.00     "
12.50    "
10.50    •'
0.00 .luck
S..H.      "
5.60 Vesl
'..IHI     "
1.50   -
Trunks, Grips, Suit Cases
and Telescopes
We buy only iu eur'.lots. ami are
giving you tlie lH-netil.
Hegulnr $ 8.50 Trunk lur $ 7.00
"      12.50     •• 10.50
14.50     ■• 12.00
10.00     - 13.00
18.0(1     » 15.00
"      20.00     " 16.50
22.00     •• 18.00
"      24.00     - 20.00
7.00 Suit Case for 5-50
8.00     •• W0
8.50     - 6.75
9.60     •• 7.50
10.00     •• J.00
'      10.50     -' 8^0
"      12.50     » 10.00
3.50 Grips for 2.75
4.50     " 3.50
5.00     ■' 4.00
5.50     - 4.50
7.25     " 6.00
8.00     '• 6.50
D.50     - 7.75
."      18.50     " IO50
Lumbermen's Rubbers
»4.00 STUB PROOF lirilBI-llS.orUtO
111.25 MM
12.50        " •' II.M
15.00 Ool.li SEAL " U.00
11.50 UU
Lined Gloves and Mitts
Ilium, Hlils Milt., re,. 11.75 tor .. SI .'5
"            -             1.60 Sl.00
1.25 ... 8SC
"            '•              1.00 Mc
T.V ... Sic
Gloves      2.00 ... (I.M
"           -             I.5U ... SI.M
BiickOlovcs.il 1       1.75 .... $1.15
|1.50 German Son lor  $1 IS
1.25          "               "0c
50c Wool Mitt* lor  ISt
U5c    "   Glove, for  .St
50c    "        "           Ik
Women's Shoes
We have a few Odd Lines in " invictus," " Empress " and " Dolly
Vaideu," which we wisli to close
out.   These prices sliould do it.
Rsgular 15.00 SHOKS lor  S3.76
4.00      "           3.00
4.50 ami (4.25 Shoes for J.2J
"        3.76, 13.50 anil 13.25   " 2110
2.78 Shoes lor  I.J5
3.00 Slipper lor  2.00
Men's Shirts
Regular 11.50 to 12.00
Boys' Clothing
To move the lust of this line inure cutting to much less
than eost.
The China and Glassware Department Receives a Deep Cut
China,  Pepper null Salt Shakers, n-gulur
price 12.1c, nuw.  5c
China Jewel Trnys, regular price 15c. now 5c
Spoon Solders       ••         20c.  " He
Ureaui Pildiers       -          20c.,  " Ilk-
Sliiiviiu; >lugs                       25c..  " 10c
"     Ti-.-i|iu. Stiiuds.                      25c.   " HV-
-lowel Trays              •'           2Uc,   " Ilk-
"     Mugs                     "          25c. " lOe
Spoon Holders       "          ii*.,  " lOo
"      Hi-eiul and Butter-Plutfls      25c.   " Hk:
Cake Plates, regular price 25c.   " 16c
Cream Pitchers        "          25c. 15c
Siifar Shakers         "          25c.  " 15c
i-'..rn Puts                "          25c.  " 15c
•lupnnese Vases,   regular price 20c, now l"'-
Japanese Bread anil Bn.fer Plntes, regular
price 25c uud 35c. now      15c
China "Coaching ilays"   Plates,  regular
price 4.1c. now  25c
China Biscuit Jars, regular price 45c.. now 26c
Celery Dishes.         "          45c 25c
Sliaving Mugs.                   85c„ 26c
Japanese Cuke l'lates        '           75c. 2.V
t'ups ninl Siiucers,           Ilk-..   " 25c
Japanese Bread aud Butter I'ln.cs. regular
price 35c, now „  26o
Large assortment of Fancy Jardinieres ut greully
reduced prices
::::  , _ __  ^ ..
Clear Havanas
Cuban Hand Made
♦♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^-t^^^^^^.^^^;;^;^^;;;^,,,^ * ♦*■,♦♦♦»♦»-»♦♦♦->->♦♦♦♦»
1). McFurlnud, ol Kimberley, was
in Cranbrook uu Tuesday.
Albeit. -Mut/. the Sclilil/ of Eust
Kno tenay, is in town today.
X. K. llrolcy and wife, of Kernie,
wero in Ciunlirook yesterday.
.1.   \. Harvey returned from Spokane on this afternoon's train-
Mrs. W. T. Haynes, of Fernie, was
visiting  friends  in  Cranbrook     lliis
The Crnlibrook-Kcruie Farmers' in-
siiinte lias over seventy members already.
Dr. F. W. ami Mrs. Given returned
from their trip to the coast ou Wednesday.
The Misses Erickson leave on Sunday for Vancouvei- to resume their
si iidics.
M. V. Fraser nml wife, of Kimberley, visited Cranhrook for several
days this week.
A. F. Krapfel, mnuagci of the
North Star mill al Klku, was in
('ranbrook this week.
There is an entire change of programme at tlio Edison theatre each
Monday and Thursday.
T. c. Rein and B. U. Kolr, of
Sourls, Manitoba, arc registered at
Cranhrook hotel today.
H. 11. McCoy, of Boimers Ferry,
Idaho, who is largely interested "in
limber limits on tbo I tittle Moyie,
was in lown on Tuesday.
Between fifty and sixty men arrived yesterday from Spokane and proceeded to "Marysville today to work
in the Sullivan smelter at that
A. Price, general superintendent of
lhc C. P. It. at Calgary, arrived in
('ranbrook this evening to confer
witli Superintendent Erickson, ol
this place.
Mrs. It. M. Willson, mother ot I.
II. Willson, C. P. 11. agent al this
point, leaves for Vancouver on Sunday to visit ber sun, (!. 1>. Willson,
wlio is ill iu the hospital then1.
Conductor P. P. Bingmau and
Mrs. Dingmati, of Calgary, arc Cranbrook visitors. Mrs. lJingman is
here for the purpose of installing the
olllcers of tin; local ltebekah lodge
The many friends ul VI. S. llyck-
iiiaii will he pleased to learn that he
i.s gradually improving. Mr. Ryck-
tn.in is at present iu Texas, where lie
went some time ago foi the benefit of
his health.
Nu less than eight citizens ol the
('ranbrook district made their debut
during the last ten days, including
twin boys which arrived to make
jovous lhe life id our friend ".loe"
Walsh, of Fort Steele
"Men's Own" meeting next Sunday afternoon at 3.80. Subject:
"Oriental Immigration." Papers
will lie read, followed by .1 debate.
All men arc cordially invited to this
meeting at the gymnasium.
The C. P. It. Quadrille, club held
their regular dance in the Ellison
theatre last evening. As usual it
was well attended and everyone present had u good time. The Mellenry orchestra furnished the
William McKcii/.ic, of the Itobinson-
MeKcn/ie Lumber company, is in
Cnlgary employing men and purchasing machinery to enable his company lo carry out llie large contract which it has been awarded bv
the Grand Trunk Pacific railway.
The     ltobiti':oii-MeKen/.e      Lumber
hnve rect'lvi it a new dynamo
for lhe rlei H< light plan I at their
mill. It .wil be Installed in a lew
days. The dynamo was-destroyed
by' tbe lire that Inn mil part of the
mill about two years and a half
The following leil tul' NelSQIl to-
day to attend the lumbermen's meeting: Mr. and Mrs. A. Leiteli, George
Leltch, A. K. Leiteh, E. Patterson
and wife, .lames Ityan, V. Hvde
Baker, It. It. Yates, ti, M. Edwards, C. 1>. McNabb, P. Lund and
A. E. Watts.
The rector of Christ church desires
to thank those who helped to make
lbe children's treat so great a success as il proved. Both tables and
tree Woro well supplied wilh those
things that children deliiiht in. Monday evening, January nth, will he
remembered by the little ones.
When you start housekeeping get a
Kootenay range. You will be better pleased each day of use. It's
built to please. Sold by Patmore
Bros,    (iot.tl goods only.
Mrs. Jaboz Harris' will receive
with Mrs. Oamot !,. Patmore on the
afternoon and evening of Thursday,
.January 16th.
David Elmer arrived in Cranbrook
yesterday wilh his wife nnd family-
Mr. Elmer has given up tlio idea of
going to the const nnd will locate
Permanent fy in Cranhrook. "Dave"
has always been a booster for this
district and now us n resident of the
commercial center he will he more
enthusiastic than ever.
J, ti. Cnnimiugs and wife left
this week fur Southern California to
spend the balance o! the winter.
Dr. and Mrs. J. II. King leave
for Victoria on Sunday, where Dr.
King will take up his parliamentary
duties. Mrs. King will remain in
Victoria during the session.
A, B. Fetiwlck was In town" yes-
lerday to attend the meeting of the
Agricultural association. Mr. Fcn-
w'ick is an enthusiastic agriculturist
and a pioneer ol lhc district, and has
done much to demonstrate to the
world the marvelous agricultural resources of the district, and the fact
that he is taking au interest iu the
institute is n good thing for that organization.
.1. C, Brewery, of Moyie, Itoss-
Inml, Cowley ami Montreal, is spending today in Cranhrook. Mr. Drew-1
cry has lieen fur llu- last few months
upon bis ranch at Cowley, and has
cultivated a magnificent hunch of
whiskers. lie reports the weather j
uu the prairie is all that ean be
desired. Mr. Drewery will proceed'
to Moyie and Kossland to look after
bis mining Interests at those places.
While iu the city be met many of
bis old In.'inl-. at tbe Cranbiook
■ Thlmva
Where i
h hi
i I.l
tli.-Doiinl.  ...
We are Optimistic. We believe in
the future of our eity. We are sell
iug the goods and doing the class uf
Work that will bring us trade iu lhc
future. Our work talks, and is continually making friends fur us. When
Ihe people of Cranhrook and vicinity
need anything in llie way uf slemn,
but water and furnace heating,
blower work and plumbing, thev
naturally look to Patmore Bros., as
they realize that we nro satislied
onlv when thev arc.
See them.    '"Ho it   NOW."
The organization meeting of tbe
Crnnbrook-Fernio Farmers' Institute
was held iu the council chamber last
evening. There was a very good attendance, not only of farmers and
ranchers from all over Uie district,
hut also of townspeople, who aro interested in tbe development of the
agricultural resources of the district.
Thomas S. Gill, the chairman, explained the objects of the institute
in a few words and the secretary pro
tern., O. II. Asbwotb. read tbe m'nu-
tes of such informal meetings as had
been held.
T'e   election uf officers then   took
place with the following results:
■"president-TliosTs. Gill.
Vice-President—Wm.   Hamilton.
Secretary-Treasurer—G. II. Ash-
Directors—W. F. Doran, A. B. Fen-
wick, W. B. Bush, W. P. McDonald
and G. P. Tisdale.
Delegate to Central Institute—Wm.
Auditors—.1. F. Armstrong and
Edward Ell veil.
Interesting talks on the Commercial aspect ol potato culture were
given by Wm. Hamilton, A. B. Fen-
wick and T. S. Gill, ami a resolution
was passed appointing a committee
consisting of Wm. Hamilton, W. F.
Doran and John Hutchison to test
lhe various varieties uf potatoes
urown in lhe district as to their
keeping and cooking qualities, so as
tu arrive at a conclusion as to
Which varieties are best to grow.
Talks were given on strawberry and
small fruit culture bv W. F."Doran
and A. B. Fen wick, and E. Elwcll
and T. S, Gill spoke on bees and
their relation lo fruit growing. The
matter of the fall fruit fair was
discussed ami it was decided that
the directors of ihe Institute confer
with the management of the Cranbrook Park, Lid., in regard tu this
matter. The question of Chinese
market gardnitig was discussed and
brought out many theories as to how-
to get rid of them. A suggestion
was made to the effect that it would
lie well for the directors of the institute to confer with the officers of
the various labor organizations and
to osk their aid in endeavoring to
keep the Cranbrook market for white
farmers and gardeners. The matter
of a farmer's bureau for the sale of
produce was also discussed. Tbe
formation of the East Kootenay
Stock association was taken up an.l
its objects explained by A. H. Feu-
wick. Thev mav Ik- summed un as
To obtain from the government
efficient protection for slock that is
loose on the range, by forming new-
laws where new laws are wanted,
and fo enforce laws already existing
for lhe protection or stock."
To make representations to the
government, that n mounted policeman is wanted to act in the interests
of the farmers and stockmen of the
East Kootenay valley. To make a
combined effort to get all railroads
to fence their lines ami otherwise
conform to the laws.
The meeting adjourned and then
the directors held their first meeting
and il was decided to lhe next meet
ing    on    February 2tHh,    or there-
admits due notice ot uli icll will he
given. At this meeting lhe report
of Uie potato committee will be
received ami n impel mi potato cul
lure will he read bv A, B Fenwiek.
Duncan McLean, of the city police
force, received word this week of the
death of his father, Hector Mavne
McLean, at Ottawa. The Herald
voices the sentiments of the many
friends of Mr. McLean in extending
sympathy to him iu hi;; loss. The
Ottawa Evening Journal prints the
following obituary notice:
"in the death whicb occurred late
yesterday morning of Mr. Hector
M.iytie McLean, of MH Strathcona
avenue, the city and district loses
one of its most highly respected citizens, a man of great business ability
nnd sterling worth. Intimately
cuiuiecl.il as he was fur many years
wilh the lumher business on the
Ottawa, he became widely known
through bis Interests in and dealings
with Ihe lumber companies. He
was also lbe senior member or the
firm  of McLean A   McAllister.   About
twenty vears ago ho sold out his
lumbering interests, going to
Qliyou, (/ue,, where be bought out
Lui',.' flout mills, remaining thclt.
foi ii number ->i yearn, entering largely mi.i ihe hie ..I lbe place- Selling
uni    iu the   Dow.I  Milling     ompaiiv
li.-  veil lo Enrdlcy and Intel     to
Ottawa, ret 11 ug in>m all active bus
mess pursuits. Mc. McLean bad,
despile his large business Interests
found time lo dovoto lo municipal
and ie.lei.il politics, and iu one wav
of .inoilni rendered real service to
the localities in which be at- different
times ui-ide his home.      lie bad Piled
ibe several ollices of mayor uf
Kurdlcj  I warden ol Ottawa county fm ovei fifteen years, and for
twelve years was mayor of Quyoii,
He contested Uie county of Pontine
hi IKII1 but unsuccessfully, wilh Uuee
candidates in lhe field, for the House
of Commons. Born sixty-nine years
ago a son of Captain li. C. McLean.
now deceased, he bad been a resident
of lbe Ottawa vallev practically all
his life. Married twice a widow.
Iwo sons and Uuee daughters survive
to     I, ni   bim.     Thev are W.     B.
Mel em Brockvllle, Ont.; Duncan
McLean," Cranbrook. B. C; Mis,
Macl-'.tilaiie. of California and the
M;sses K.illierine S. McLean and
Clam M. McLean, ot Ottawa. Four
brothers: Messrs. Archie, of Ottawa;
Henry, of Enrdlpy; Laiigliliu and
Alexander, and one sister Mrs. C.
Slewiirl in lhe United Slates also
remain. Interment will be made ,n
Eurdley cemetery.
\fier twt-ntv vears service Inspector Gill of Uu- inland revenue department has been superannuated. He
was sucerednl on New Year's day by
.1. E. Miller, of Vancouver. Inspector
(iill has freiiuenlly visited this city
iu his capacity of'inspector, and is
tavorably known here.
Contains the
element* of
Beef exlrncta cont lin only tbe flavor
and stimulating elontents of beef—
tbe nutritive values arc lost in thu
making. Baron Liebtg, the Inventor
of beef extracts, admitted tbat. He
said "It is but a condiment uud
stimulant, containing no matter
Capable of sustaining life."
That is where BOVRIL differs from
beef extracts.
BOVRIL tloes contain lbe nourishment and life-sustaiiiit.i; elements of
beef as well as its ri. I. llavor.
RO\'RILgl ves streiit;lhuiHl nourishment to the invalid.    Willi Its help
you can make left-over scraps into
delicious eoii-iouimt-N, bouillons and
soups with very Bltle trouble.
BOVRIL is the true economist In the
home kitchen.
Your grocer sells BOVRIL. ..
grey: ladies
Opposite Bank of Commerce
Muiiiil'ii'-tiirers nl' liiiniini luiir
guilds unci hair jewulry. Euiicy
coijibs imported dirrel from
Ottlgary Herald: Here is a ehniiee
for some of the men who me looking!
fur work to net jobs. William Mc-
Keuzic, of the (.ranbrook Lumber |
company, is in the citv and wishes
to engage in or ftfl men to lake back '
with him. These men will be given'
work in ihe camps with the eompany have in different parts uf the
Clows Nesl and the wanes be is of-.
feriug is $,{<) per month and board.     |
The mills which the company control are tunning to lhe full capacity
of Iheir present staff and when they
are able tti get more men the output
will be Increased. When they get
all their gangs (U'cd up there will he
about 150 men at work.
In addition to the lumlier which the
eompanv is turning out they have a
tie contract for the O. T. P. for uli
the ties they can give them.
Por the Smoker
Mcdonald & laing
Mllsol.it Hllli'k
Pool  Knows  and  ll.irhcr
Shop in Connection
.Send lor uur descriptive catalogue
nl nursery stoek. Address The Riverside Nurseries, (Irnnd Forks, D.
C. 41-tl
********************* >
'''        "Keep Cool."        !!
!! "
Weill,. |.ie[.inei. to furnish
No. I
Crow's Nest Lake
For particulars, aililresa * *
i| GOOD BROS, jj
('rows Kent, 11. .1,


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