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Cranbrook Herald Jul 17, 1902

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l?l!ANl'.i:Ol.K,   BBITISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   .11 I.V    17.   1902.
■       *
v •
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. (lun. A. Cox, Preaiilent
11. K. Wai.iciik. C..'ii. Man,
Paid lip  diplliil    S8.0OO.0OO.00
Hum  2,000,000.00
Tnial Resources       (iS.lHHI.niHI.ilii
Deposits Received,   (icncral llankini; Business Transacted.
SAVINOS BANK DEPARTMENT   Dopoill. Received   Interest Allowed.
| ..A General Rush to Gilpin's..
Scotch Linoleums....
An immense shipment, all
qualities and widths, just
imported direct.
J Heavy Earthenware
Flower Pots, Butter Crocks,
Bean Pots, etc.
Cook Stoves, Oil Stoves, Churns, Refrigerators
all going fast but some good values left yet.
OUR GROCERY DEPARTMENT has just received a fresh
car; we are selling al the closest prices ever named here.
Good Eastern Soap, 100 bars, $3.W. Extra Ground Icing
Sugar, 10c per pound. An immense amount of dairy
butter in small tubs cheap.
Furniture Rushing Out, Too
Do they trouble you?    If so, don't neglect having them properly-
attended to.   Prevention is better than cure.   It is possible where
cure is impossible. Eye trouble may be avoided by the timely use ,
of glasses, averting discomfort, suffering and permanent impair- J
ment of sight.   I am properly equipped to fit any eye and guar- j
antee satisfaction. I
W. H. WILSON, Jeweler and Graduate Optician.
When aman wants to buy HARDWARE he is pleased
if he can deal with a store where quality and price*
are satisfactory. That is why my patrons are satisfied. I carry a complete stock and my prices arc-
satisfactory to all.
Come in and see our line of Fishing Tackle.
 It will catch you	
Hotel s s
linest* Ctmifiirt a Specialty
(isinil Stabiiiie. in Connection
Nenieat to mil 1 and depot.    Has accomnloilr..
lions Ilu Uu- public unequalled In Craubrook.
 Proprietor      J
constats of goods tn demand every day
Nothing bus * chance lo become oui ol
date    Articles sold are immediately re
F'L       placed by the newoil thing in lha! line
•M      This is one reason why we claim superb
otlty for oui
Tin- altracllveneaa of nond  ...... 1 i.%- is
Hmnily .'iiliiuiee.l Iiv moderate jiti.'s-H.
A few more
ul ii simp lusi eight carriages, Call
nnd get n bargain.
(i. 11. MINER.
J   \     \
To the Men—We have received the largest
and finest stock of summer shirts and
neckwear ever brought to Cranbrook. Our
styles are the latest and material the best.
A word to the Ladies--Do you want to
see something new in summer goods? Call
and look at our stock.
She Is One ol tlm Best towns In
Itritisli Columbia.
A Commercial Traveler  Expresses
His Opinion ol the Town
and District.
A talk with any travellug man who
visits the principal towns ui British Columbia, will bring forth one opinion of
tO-aiil.rt.uk, uud that Is that it is one of
the very best towu8 of its size in tbe entire province. And the opinion of u
commercial traveler on matters of this
kind is always reliable, for it is their
business to keep their fingers on the
commercial pulse of every town in which
they transact business.
A few days ago The Herald man had
occasion to discuss this subject with one
of the oldest aud most conservative
traveling men ou the road. Speaking of
lhe depression now felt throughout llritish Columbia, he said: "Times ate
quiet, but it can't remain this way very
loug. British Columbia has the resources
to make many prosperous towns, and it
is only a question of time when the development of these resources will bring
about a radical change in the situ ition.
Hut I lind that Cranbiook is not suffering from the depression like most uf the
towns throughout the province, I attribute this fact to its fortunate location
and its varied industries, of course, being tbe divisional poiut and headquarters ofthe Crows Nest Pass railway, ami
tbe junction of tbe North Star branch,
It is sure each mouth of a large and
steady payroll. Then there is the lumber industry of which Cranbrook is the
business center, nnd that brings here a
large revenue tbe year around. Again,
it must he taken Into consideration that
Cranbrook is so situated as to receive
the benefit of any movement in the pur
rounding towns Your merchants, owing to this fact, are enabled to carry
larger and belter stocks than those less
fortunately located. This Iu itself is a
great trade drawer, and contributes to
the solid prosperity of Craubrook. With
revival ot business, the other towns
in the distiict are bound to go ahead,
and with their progress will be found an
ucreasing volume of business lu Crauhrook."
"On what do you base a revival of bus*
ness in Cranbrook?" The herald man
That is easy. I base it on lhe fact
lhat South l.iist Kootenay hat today
greater and richer resources than any
district   I   know   of iu the province.
i have vast bodies of ilch minerals,
as is demonstrated by the St, Pugtne,
Sullivan wild Xoith Siar mines, to say
nothing   of   thc   many   properties   that
have been developed far enough to show
beyond a question of a doubt that these
proven mines are not the only rich properties iu the distiict, ami that further
development work will give many mote
valuable shippers. There Is the St,
Marys valley, that is bound lo be one of
lhe richest section-. Ill the district and is
sun- to get a railroad within the nexl 15
nonthfl. This will mean that Cranbrook will bo located in South Kast
Kootenay aim liar  to  Nelson  in   West
Kootenay,   tin*   natural   center   of   the
whole territory.
"Tbe railroad Interests here are Increasing, and the force of men employed
will be naturally augmented within lhe
nexl year, wliuh of course will mean a
correspoudlug increase in the monthly
"But the gtr-atcst increase will he seen
in tin- Inmbei Interests, The unprecedented Immigration lo the prairie lands
easl of here means a demand fot lumber
such iu, the country never lias seen he-
Ion-. There an- thousands of acres of
virgin forest tributary toOranbrook that
will be manufactured Into lumber during the next live years, and Ibis town is
to receive the greatest benefit fiom this
aoiirce of revenue. You have four mills
uml a factory right at your tloor, which
alone would support a fair sized towu,
and the increase of business in this line
in the other towns will bring still more
business lo Cranbrook.
"Aud then look at the vast coal areas
lhat are being opened up in the district.
Although situated some distance from
Cranbiook, you have received unlimited
benefit from lhat source m the past two
years,   and   it  will  he far greater in the
"No, I could not name a town where
I would rather locate or invest for business than iu Cranbrook. tl is a pretty
place, il has tbe right kind of people and
Ii.e people have confidence in their
town. This is tlemonstiated by your
business men in the slocks they carry,
and the residents generally hy their
handsome and well kept homes, livory-
thiiig looks prosperous, and I see lhat
this sum mer you are still building
houses, which is the best evidence iu the
world that Crnuhrook is increasing in
Says tlie funny man of the New York
Herald: li is said upou reliable authority that when J. Pierpuut Morgan ami
King Edward went into *» pleasant tittle
game, of bridge at Ambassador Choate's
recent affair, the hand began to phi)
Hod Save the King.' "
Tom Wellman. in speaking of the nice
meeting at Grand Porks, said: "That
town is nil right aud no are lhe people.
They kuow how to treat a man light
.ver Uiere. There was nothing left 1111-
lone to make it pleasant for me, uud
they have one of the linest tracks in the
weit,   It has cost them a nice sum, but
It is a dandy. I didn't expect to do
much with my horses, as Ihey were not
lu shape for racing, lint 1 took several
seconds and thirds. No man who hud
horses at lhat meeting hai1 any reason
to kick."
ti ti ti
Hon. George Turner member of lhe
United States senale from tbe state of
Washington, was in town Monday anil
Tuesday with Mrs. Turner. Tbey were
returning from Marysville where Mr.
Turner had beeu to look over the smeller iu that place. Mr. Turner is a democrat aud during the past session of congress has been recognized as an aide
eader in the senate, where bis ability as
a speaker and a statesman has made a
strong impression. True to the traditions of the parly he represents, Mr.
Turner stands for a radical reduction iu
existing tariffs and legislation that will
exert a control over the increasing trusts
thut are now thriving in that couutiy
under republican rule, lie Is conservative in bis ideas, yet he believes and advocates those piinclples that will give to
the masses their rightful heritage in a
country where it is possible for the few
to amass such riches that amaze even
the money kings of the old country. By
instinct aud nature opposed to his government departing from iis recognized
constitutional prerogatives, he believes
it far better to extend the trade territory on our own continently meaus of reciprocal relations, rather than to involve
his country in a war of conquest to secure colonial possession*.. Speaking of
Canada aud ber six million people Mr.
Turner said he had hoped to see legislation that would break down the commercial bearer between the two countries, as Canada's population was worth
more Irom a commercial standpoint to
the United States than all the island
population that his country had sacrificed thousands ol lives and millions of
money to possess.
"If the factious of the democratic
party in the Stales would get together
on those Issues that are live issues today," said the senator, tbey could win."
The tariff ami the trusts are tbe issues
that directly affect the people of the
United Statesi and on those issues the
democratic party would be victorious.
Speaking of South Bast Kootenny and
Craubrook Mr. Turner expressed himself as well pleased with this section of
the country. It is Mr.. Turner's llrsl
tsit and she was delighted with ihe
beautiful scenery presented to view and
the delightful climate.
The new vault for tbe Canadian Hank
Of Commerce is nearly completed. We
re anxious about ibis Improvement and
hope the work will soon he done. An
editor's bank balance is the source of a
lot of worry, aud wheu we kuow ours is
safe in a tire proof vault, we will be able
lo sleep at nights.
One ofthe ladies who took part in the
entertainment at the Presbyterian church
last Monday night, suid to a Craubrook
lady: "I don't suppose there are six
people in Craubrook who have heard
' rhe Holy Cily?' " Why, bless your innocent heart, little girl, don't you know
that m .st of the west is populated by the
brightest aud most energetic people of
the east, who have lefl c.owded cities to
seen llieir fiirlunes iu the laud of the
selling sun? Ami yet, many people
from the east imagine lhat section of lhe
country has Morganized all that is left
of human intelligence.
An Attempt Is Being Made To llring
About Arbitration.
Trouble Is Causing; a Business Depression From Fernie to the
Boundary Country.
The only new feature hi the Peril le
coal strike is the fact that representatives of the Associated Boards of Trade
ol the Kootenays are in session iu Pernie for lhe purpose of inaugurating a
movement thai may bring about an arbitration of the difficulty and a settlement of the strike. Yet there is little
hope of any such result, as the coal
company has taken the sland that it
proposes to run its own business in lis
own way.
Under ordinary circumstances the
stand of the coal company would he
right.    Hut   when   the   policy   adopted
means ruination, or iucalcuahle loss to
the merchants of Penile, the dislrict of
South Ivns I Kooteuay and those sections
having mines, lhe running ol which depends upon the successful uud continual
operation of the smelters, then it is ti
question whether the coal company
should be allowed to use its own policy
iu the transaction of its business, Rs*
pecially is this true sii.ee the coal company has secured its great wealth by unheard of liberality on tbe part of the
government in the way of mineral bind
The Herald Fully appreciates that capital should not be handicapped iu its development ol latent resources, ami would
never advocate a policy that would have
that effect. Hut it believes iu fairness
and justice to the men and lo ttie province. The Crows Nest Coal company
hus been a great dividend payer. It is
in a position to arbitrate and make concessions. Tt has been a supplicant for
government favors from iis birth, aud
the basis of its prosperity today are the
favors thus received.
The merchants of Fernie nre entitled
to serious consideration, and the least
the coul company can do is to protect
their interests. The freezing out of the
meu uow employed und the Importation
of a cheap foreign element means ruination to Pernie ns a town, and the complete ascendancy of the coal company iu
the coal belt of that portiou uf the province.
The miners at Michel have returned
to work and coal and coke are now being shipped in limited quantities from
Morrissey and Michel.
Coaslderlag the Strike.
Representatives of the Associated
Boards of Trade of tbe Kootenays are
meeting in Pernie today to see if anything can be done to bring about a set
'lenient of tbe coal strike.
Mrs. W. T. Reld Enlcrlalns.
Mrs W. T. Keid entertained about 40
friends last Priday afternoon nt ber
handsome home ou Baker hill. The
house was beautifully decorated for the
occasion and the wide [veranda was
transformed into an attractive retreat for
serving refreshments. The hours for attendance was so arranged that there
was a total absence of uncomfortable
crowding, and lhe afternoon was thoroughly enjoyed hy all. During the
evening the members of tbe Presbyterian and Melhodist choirs were entertained. Refreshments were served and
some excellent music was rendered by
the talented ladies ami gentlemen present, combining to make it au evening
not soon to he forgotten,
Pur Sale.
A lot with collage and   bam on it on
Baker hill; also a parlor suit.    Apply to
(Joe Jackson or at the bouse,
William 11 la ke mu re'h Opinion.
Rosslaud Miner: William Blakemore,
engineer of the great iron properties at
Kitchener, was in Rossland yesterday
and spoke entertaiuingly lo a repre-
senative of The Miner of the coal and
coke situation in this part of the province caused by the strike at Fernie. Mr.
Blakemore speaks from a thorough
knowledge of the situation,
''The strike uow under way at Pernie
is assuming more than local significance," he remarked. "Considering
that the supply of coke to run our
smellers must come from the ovens at
Fernie it is a matter in which all the
people of the Kooenays are interested,
hight hundred men have already been
thrown out of work in the boundary
country by the closing down of mines
and smelters, with lhe certainty of another hundred going before the enJ of
the week by the Boundary Palls smelter
closing down. Furthermore, the Trail
smelter cannot run many days longer
without a fresh supply of coke, which
means the enforced idleness of at least
■loo more men. The Norlhpoit sine.ler
receives its coke Irom Peinie, and must
close down when its present supply Is
exhausted, While you iu Rossland can
probably get coal from Roslyu it comrs
at a slight advance in cost, while there
are other cities and towns in the Kootenays that are not so favorably situated
iu this regard and must do without.
"These are the facts and conditions
that face the people. We are all innocent sufferers. Il is like the main spring
of a watch, when broken the whole
works stop, livery man, woman ami
child in tbis part of lhe province is in-
leresled. It is not confined to the mine
operators and workmen ai Pernie,
"In lhe face of the facts and conditions above slated strikers ami mine
owners should get together anil settle
their differences. If that fails the government can do no less lhan to cause lo
be opened tip a portion of lhe 50,000
acres of coal lauds   now   held   as a re
serve and break up the monopoly held
by lhe company at Coal Creek. The
company operating at Femle were given
an Inheritance never equalled on the
face of the earth. The 50,000 acres of
coal land held by them constitute a mine
of inexhaustible wealth that seems likely to endure for all time. If they cannot
agree with their workmen and cannot
supply our smelters with coke the reserved lands should be thrown open and
give us our coal and coke from them.
If this were ilone possibly more willing
Ingness would be shown by all parties to
come together and settle their differences.
"It is not a pleasant sight to look at
smokestacks that show no activity within, or to see enforced idleness around our
big mints. The merchant, lhe business
man, the professional man, the laborer,
lhe fanner, alt trades and conditions are
affected end matters will grow worse until lhe thing is settled iu some way.
"It is unfortunate lhat the close-down
should come on tbe heels of the great
disaster there, and still more unfortunate
thai tbe innocent public should be made
to suffer."
Situation In tht' Boundary Country
Phoenix Pioneer; Let us review the
situation, which we hope will he In process ol adjustment before these lines
are before our reader, lloundiy smelters require about 880 tons of coke per
day (or llnxlng purposes. This coke
must come from Crow's Nest collieries
where we were told not long ago there
are Illimitable quantities of the black
diamonds. Boundary ores are of such
low grade that the coke must be laid
down at the lowest possible rate to ail-
mlt of the ores being sinelteil at a small
proilt. Therefore only Crow's Nest coke
can be uscil to advantage.
Afler the horrible accident of Mav 33
at thc coal mines, without notice or
warning tlie new manager posted notices that thereafter the miners must
come ami go to work on their own time
—a custom lhat It Is claimed has never
been iu vogue in the coal mines of B. C.
Thereupon the miners Immediately quit
work, aud thereby prevented the large
majority of the workers lu this section
from earning a living : ami if the strike
lasts any length of time brings ruin to
thousands ami thousands of innocents—
Individuals who have ami cau have
nothing 10 say In the matter,
Millions of tlollars are investeu here
and thousands of persons are dependent
on the mining Industry for a living—
none to guuo at the u^st. Even the C
1*. P.,great as It Is.cannot help hut lose
heavily by such a strike—probably 83,
000 or 83,000 per day, to say nothing of
the number of men It gives employment
to in the ore antl coke carrying traffic
All of these Immense interests are dependent upon the whims of a few share
hohlers or a few employees in the Crows
Nesl. This Is certainly ..ot as It should
As to the remedy—'.hat ts a large
question, We think this trouble will be
settled at no distant date, but it should
be settled permanently. There are apparently two ways to settle it for all
time to come. One of these Is the plan
of Soclalisis-that is government ownership. This will take years to biing
about—and it may not he in our time.
The other Is for mine owmers thus at
thc mercy of the owners of the cok?
supply, to acquire coal mines of their
own fiom Which they can control the
supply for their own reduction works.
This we believe will be ttie ultimate
outcome of this trouble, and the trouble
may he found lo have been a good thing
after all.
The Coal Mines sl Johnstown, Pcnn., Take
ISO Lives.
Johnstown, Pa., July 10—Johnstown
has again been visited by ac appalling
disaster. It Is only less frightful than
tbe awful calamity of May 81, ISSfl, in
loss of life. Km It has brought sorrow
to hundreds of homes made desolate by
a mine explosion which took place In
the   Cambria  Sleel  company's  rolling
mill mine under West mount mil at 13 so
o'clock this afternoon. How many are
dead may take days to determine, but
that It Is a long list Is ceilaln, It may-
reach to BOO or more men.
Johnstown, Pa., July tl—This has
been a day of heroic rescues at the Rolling Mill mine of the Cambria Steel
Company. Thrilling experiences atten
ded the efforts of the 40 brave men who
went dowu into the shaft with a very
faint hope that thc efforts at rescue
would be successful. The reward of
their efforts was the saving of the lives
of 11 of their fellows and restoring
them to their families.
Johnstown. Pa...Idly 12—Highly seven
dead bodies were ta'.ten out of thc mine
up to twelve o'clock to-nlghl as a result
of yesterday's terrible explosion. Right
men brought out alive at three o'clock
this afternoon and six more alive
shortly afler 0 o'clock. Oae of tbe
latter tiled on the way to the hospital.
Three sections of the mine have now
been cleared, there are still three sections to he explored and those In a position to kuow say as many more men are
sllll entombed and possibly dead.
Mr. Taylor in Town.
John (». Taylor, formerly cheif dispatcher here, was in lown yesterday on
business connected with the new rule
He is looking ami doing well,
The Marysvilk Smeller lo Be Com*
pleted Ai Once,
This Will Mean a  Grc.it Deal to
the Whole District and
to Marys villi;.
READY   Til   BLOW     in    \\\    OCTOBER
'•The work of completing the smelter
t Marysville will be carded forward
without delay.''
This statement was made to The Herald man last Monday by United States
Senator Turner of Spokane, president of
the Sullivan Group Miring company,
who had just returned from Marysville,
after giving the properly there a c.ueful
I am satisfied that we have an Ideal
location for the smelter," said Senator
Turner, 'and although I was not pleased
with some of the woik done by our former superintendent, yet that can be easily rectified by the expenditure ot additional money, and the plant made just
what ii wan intended to be an up to-date
smelter. I am returning to Spokane ami
Mr. Hull,  who represents the eastern
stock holders, goes with me A meeting
of the board will be held, and the plans
aud estimates sttouiiucd by out new
stiperinleuileut for the completion ofthe
plant will be con side ret'. Jus: as soou
as these details are agreed upou the work
will be Instituted and rushed to completion. It can be gotten ready to blow iu
within 60 days after we Start, We have
kept on with the other woik about tbe
plant, so it is only changes in tne structures that wiil take any time."
These statements by Senator Turner
will prove good reading to lhe ptople of
the district, Sicce work started on the
smelter {everybody was interested as
it meant the secret I tuccess to South
Hist Kootenay. This district seeded
smelters at home, and the Marysville
project was to fill this want. The delay
in construction ha? been ('.•.scoura^iu^,
but now that everything b .-. beeu settled
it looks better for Marysville and for tbe
whole district.
James Ryan's Idea ol It* Consiruciion Has
Beta   MnOkstcd.
For the past two years James Ryan
has maintained lhat a road could be
built lo the St. Marys river by the draw
back of St. liugene hos-pitai that would
greatly lessen the distance to Perry
creek, and give a cut oil route to Marysvllle that would save a distance of several miles. Last week A. W. McVittie
volunteered to survey tbe proposed
route for Mr. Ryan, to istttle lhe question. Tbis generous offer was accepted.
and the survey made, and much to air-
Ryan's delight his pel idea has been
shown to be practicable.
The purvey leaves Cranbrook at the
St. Kugene hospital and follows the
gulch to the summit and down to Prank
LeClaire's ranch where it intersects the
present Perry creek road. Following
up this road about one—quarter of a mile
a clear road is then found to the river,
where there is an excellent location for
a bridge. Mr. McVittie says that the
route will make ar. ex .O.ei.t road. There
is not a bad bill from Cranbrook to the
river, and the worst grade is not over 2
per cent, except the short approach lo
the river bank, and that would not be
over 4 per cent. The balance from St.
Marys river to the Perry creek road is
5523 feet, and lhe route is a good one as
it Jstands, except about $00 feet to the
river approach. Then tl.e route follows
the Perry creek road 1767 feet to carry
it by LeClaire's ranch. From that point
to tbe corner of Ryan's hotel it is just
7,1 miles, and of this part about one
mile is a fgood passable road »t Ibis
time. In the whole distance there 11 an
aggregate of about two miles that will
cost about $500 a mile to put in shape.
All of lhe rest can be built for less than
$100 per mile. The distance from the
river to town is about eight miles, with
an excellent grade all the way. Hy the
old route it is nearly 11 miles And
with a bridge (which could be put iu for
less than $5000, the distance to Marysville would be shortened between six
and seven miles, or about 14 miles on
lhe return trip.
Considering the lar^e amount of travel
there is no question of the necessity of
tbis improvement, and The Herald
hopes that the government authorities
may be brought to   view it in that light.
Cranbrook owes Messrs. Ryan and
McVittie a debt of gratitude for what
they have done in this matter, Without their efforts the question would have
remained unanswered.
li Pays lu Advertise.
Oast week we advertised for n summer's day.      It came, .111.I again demonstrated llie fad Unit ii  pays to advertise
in The Herald. CRANBROOK  HERALD; £)q Y(V
Eililor anst Proprietor.
The Herald ?
The Herald rtaslrei to Rive tin- new
district,    if van Know any about yoi
your iiiiae or ymir people, leud n t.» this
s »f the
11  town
Mi. Lindsay, Toronto counsel for the
Crows Nesl Coal company, has seen 111
lo impugn the motives nl the jnty lu
tbe Inquest. Certainly be would, ts he
uot the paitl attorney for that corporation.' And did not ihe jury bring In a
verdict against the coal company? What
else could yon expect from a legal gentleman who is doing his best lo cam his
salary p 	
Coke is lhe key note lo success iu lhe
Kootenays and Boundary country. This
has been fully demonstrated the pasl
two weeks.        	
George Mel*, Brown, for years the ex.
ecutive agent of the C. P, R at Vancouver, will go east to take llle super jilen-
deiicy of all the hotels and dining cars
ou lhc system. They don't make
smoother men than the same Mel,
lirown, and he wiil be missed around
Victoria in thc future, especially duriujj
tbe session of the legislature.
Instead of forcing a strike, would it
not have been well for the Fernie Coul
company to have taken into consideration lhe terrible calamity lhal caused
the horrible loss of llle. A liltle policy.
a little tact, a liltle humanity would uo
doubt have prevented the strike. Hut
perhaps ihe coul company did mil want
lo prevent il. Perhaps a freezeout ol
both merchants and men would please
the management belter.
When Pretl Suiylh of the Moyie Lead
er, gets hit with a brick, it does him
good. The last two issues have been
bright and full of energy.
You ■-• iu  lon't.    It gives the nev
the district.    It works  for  the district.    It  is
owni I itor .ind nol.   by .my  si;.,;
faction. It 0 -oOh $10.00. It costs only $2.00
liter dale 1   Intent! inukhifi
■.■>'■! L'Ullltl :i-i   nl
IjuhIs oi ■ Win -   I-1  |..'n ■      i to |
tli llieil tan i In        lUstrlel
■   :    ■ ■    ■       ■
 -'in less,
! in\ '. IU* wa ITS
. . ■   '■    - ., ... .    O.OOJ
v.- a tei d ii
IIIE liREAT DANE ..'■ iK*> Ul Ell)
So Su>s Julin   C. Ilrenry   iu   uu  Intel
al Rossland.
■ ■,.■-. ii.   C m 'di..ii  Paclfl
ll lunch line np lhe  ilvei
in  ilu- pi luclpa)  properties
.    - .i feeder f;>r the enUie cenn
^^^^^^^^^^_ railroad has oot as yot
Rowland Miner- Join. C. U vhen  the  bra   ,-ii   will   he   pn
returned to the city oltei  i   . i,.,i    , , i,   although   me Canadian
through tbe East ICootenaj conn bona fldea in the matter Is dr.
ipectlng   various   mining   pi   p „, n,    ;!v-,   ,t ,,   bll  yea,
wllh which he Is Idootlib      Mi   N . ,   M, .,■,.. at work in*
is enthusiastic over tbe pi -,,,. u..,i u18 tool oi St
be development of i   treat , , „ .  ;,,  wh.c.U  point tie loca
Juilry through Kast H ircplete.     o  is expected
tlcnlaily wiih regard I■■ i ,; ,,. w\\\ *,,. concluded thi
river country, a district ol  whii io  t'u    summit, and  ac an
parailvely   little   has been h .   .       , ...      to tbu company'a iulent*
which Is not Ilkelj to ci   ic to the I .,  , spect to building this yeai
until  transportation  raclll        b* ■„,   a the coutso of the hex.
re provided.    l-'.,uun.iu i;.   i . ...
seem io pol l io .i llki .ii oud of theCdi 	
Pdlati Pacific bull Hug up   Lie « •, ....„.,- rurner al Marysvllle.
lhe St, Mary's at no lai     ■ . Marys*. Il.< irthuno
As managing director of the i i  adiu c „ ,,,
h   ° I State1 benator Turner, presl-
i;ool Fields Syndloate ho.n , ,,.    ., ...       ,,        ... ,
: I'he Sullivan Group Mlnlngcom-
block of shares in the St   I.   *i n , .
an  red  ,t siorddy evening,  will
Mr, Drewry naturally took  advautac     ,. ,, ..
'     Mrs  in ner,   Manager Hull went dowi
of iih visit to t.isi Koott oa
■•■ .; tnbrook ami thev diove direct  ti
several days at Mcvie and go   a  ei   ihi ,          ...         ...    ,         .      t,
}    , I',  vllle,      lo-ilay   the   Sonaioi,   b
workings ol the property, \ al h Is ,    ,.             „ ,,      , „
h                ' '.  ■• it i Miiuecr   Hull   anil   Es-
Heveral respects the biggest  lead ., "     .    . ,
1      ,           ^h ri Me motion, have been j-oing ovei
In   America-      Ue  states thai   the
velopnient work in the lowi i   \e\
It has beeu demonstrated lhat it is
dangerous to give to one company the
keeping of the properly of an empire
Ou account of a question of 30 minutes a
day the Fernie Coal company caused a
wide spread depression throughout the
Kootenays and Boundary country, Ami
yet this same company has received
nearly all il possesses as a free gifi from
the government of British Columbia.
Billy McAdains of the Sandon Pay-
streak, is not a quitter. Although tbe
supreme court Ims notified him that he
is iu contempt, and expressed u desire
for bis appearance, Billy continues to
tell the people what he thinks of lhe ermine robes.
Premier Ross' majority in Ontaiio has
dwindled down to one. That is hardly
enough to crow on and will prove decidedly embarrassing at times.
God pity the people if the Pernie Coal
company had a monopoly on the air in
this province.
The rending of the conditions thnt prevail in lhe roil fields of Pennsylvania ti
not pleasant to one who has in his heart
any love for humanity. Manager Toll
kin of the Ferule Coal company, is Iresh
from Pennsylvania, when* coal companies look only io dividends and figure
on miners as being nothing less than
slaves, llritish Columbia does nol wanl
such conditions to prevail here. The
province is not yet ready for a system
that degrades mankind lor the purpose
of enriching a few.
Cranbrook seems lo be nil right. In
fact, Cranbrook is all right.
It is bard for ns lo believe that ihe
Lord will forgive a inaii who pretends to
be a Christian and yet will beat an edi
tor out of two years' subscription.
flu     :
nn   Toll,
ICCO   is
winning  on
lis   11
/SI    J Sill
tlis-.l   ilJ"
'Olt.M V.
"llelli'vll o'
11   .
-ilii;lli< 111
llll' I'm!
llpi'l.   M.11...
ihi   I.....I.
-iiy  illrwtlii
 in  . until ll) l.il 3UMI im Hi''  N   I . l-y 1     I'
Itnllwny I Is on lha Wusl bj l .■>! - i| 1 ml lln
Su iii corner "i tli» triangle n ims in.1 i>
lllll NO, '.'..lii'l oil,..Hill   s  ,     ..-  .1   |s-     ni	
Il.lt ft I Ihi-    1
■ Bl R    NOTICE
.*. irks and t
up  the  situation,
preparatory    10   the    pre pat hi Ions   ol
ihe mine as mapped out severul in till ,      , ,   ,
.   ' r and <• umatea for the completio1
since when shipments were su penile*).    ,.. , 	
.   ' lie imeliei plain.    It wllliake about
is licit,g carried alidad   Btendlij    ■ ■ .- . ,
, ,. ,      ,,,  , lays  to complete this  woik,  and
force of :.'.i men.    It will   lie rem
ed that one of ihe features of this
development work was the sinking ...  .        ,
.    ,    r    ,     ,    ,    L, md des] atch to  ccoipicte   the  suielie
shaft on the Lake Shore ground   v lihl 1 .,      ,        _.
, ud i*  L It ready to olow in.   of course
.1 comparatively   short distance   ol thi
hank of Moyie lake     On the start then
was a doubt as to the feasibility ol   1   ■
plan owing to the danger  ol   exi
seepage     from    the     lake.        it    n
long     since     proved,    lion ever,    thai \
no danger   was   to   be  appn h   in e
this score, and tbe sinking was car ri 1]
ahead without the slightest  Inconvi
lence from water.   Now work la   b ■ ■
carried along on a drift start< -  .
ihe llrsl level In the shaft, whit I
the lli.1", foot level  01   the  miue, . ,  . ,   ,
results attained bv the wurk at ■ l""'aliv ^ muustrlal city, and that all
point are described by Mr.  D ■■ ;   ";   P-irt of ihe district Is to .e:eive
eminently satisfactory to the   ma  ._ beneHl tnm ibe operation o(
ment.   Iijvelopmem 13 also being push* *.
ed on .St. Eugene ground—tl
workings of the property. At
pressor plant two new 1;,
Wilcox boilers of 1&0 borsepi '
arc being Installed to exped te
operations when shipping ir.
In every direction the manage
tiie St, Eugene Is taking steps I
the mine with csery facility
Is determined to commence sto
This juncture is no neater. 1
than It was several months .
thai time the company assertet
ore could be sent out until the
lead reached UU:   lhe  quotati
are slightly ahove t'ie Lli mark bo Lha  \lu U1C 1UUK '"''
quotations will require to •>
subatantlally to tempt tne St. E     a A pire,"nn Kilk'J'
people Into mining their producl lames II, Clurke,  a fireman employed
out having  any   deflulte    basl '■  pa iu Medicine Hat, was killed
which to base lhe forecast, thc ij uM nday of last week by (ailing into
pears lo be a general feeling that an the pil ol lhe engine tender just as lu
Improvement in  respect  to silver-lead   pulled  the rope to the coal chute,   The
piices   may   be   expected   h the  com ' ......--.. ~..j	
paratlvely near future. The St. Eugi n
conceniralor has1 a capaclly, aa   prove I
by   actual    operating   testa
over several months,  c 1 slightly  ovei
lull tons of concentrates   per   diem,   s
. joon ;-s  iiie pbms are decided
woik will be pushed with ene
there Is .1 good di al of woik to be done.
.1 :iu Hi'?, w 'll necessitate lhe emplo\-
lueni of quite a number of men fur a
,".! time at least,
11 bas been stated within the past two
weeks,   by   a   well   kn-.wn expert   who
is   examined  ih<*  property,  that  the
iuillvan mine with Its vast body of ore
., I a-- ov n smeller, will prove  one  of
■ 1   propositions   in   the country,
,   wh .1   iead   at   its   present prices-
I   is wl 1 mean lhat Marysvllle will soon
Printers' ink Philosophy.
tin-' good ad deserves anothet,
WIi ire advertising properly represent:
he store, ntld the Store properly lives tt]
0 its advertising, you have all lhe con ■
louent eli uieiits of a first claea buslm -
1 !■ object of advertising  ts uot aloui
rente business.    It Is equally its ob-
■    to 1 '"'iin business.    Too ninny mer*
mis lo •■-■ sight of this, and as a con-
.   ,     1 erti'H   theii competitors, win
the fact, to get ahead of then
ot foi
The man who expects to make money
by cutting down the expense of adver*
Using, might as well try to save money
by reducing the allowance of feed   to a
team of   horses  that is earning   him   a
gootl revenue each week.
Take it easy mentally these hot days.
It don't do any good to stew and worry.
Keep cool. You ore In better shape to
meet the hard times 111 business. It is
no use lo fret and walk the floor.
If a man asks you ior what you owe
him, lie Is simply asking for what is his
mid not yours. Vou make a sad mistake
when you f-et angry under those circuui-
South East Kootenay will yet be the
most prosperous district in llritish Col
uin tii a.
A Railway Picnic.
The railway employes of Cranbrook
are planning for a big picnic in the near
future ami hereafter will make the feature an annual one. It jj the intentio
to take a special train to Marysvllle 0
same other suitable point and spend the
day in fishing um] a general good time.
There will be athletic sports and prizes
for lhe liltle folks, so lhal the day tuny
winy prove enjoyable to all.     Cranbrook
should be closed up on   that day nnd | up It Is certain to go ahead rapidly
everyone able to get away join lhe ex*     'The question of railroad faolllllea i
cur-don.   The railroad hoys are entitled [ the vexed problem in connection  wl
to such 11 recognition on the part of the   the success of the St. Mary's rivei n in
people of Cranbrook, f ing district.   It Is partially solv d 1?;   n
lhal It Is un Important i tctor lu the lead
industry of llritish Columbia.
Prom   Moyie   -Mr.  Drewry   went   1
Marysvllle, where ibe work an tl e   •
llvan smelter Is under   way, aUhoug
building operjiltins are suspende ■. !
porarlly lhe management says.
Following ihe St.  M try's   - ■•  •
Drewry went to the Greal ban.
perty, an exceedingly pi imii   .     -
lead proposition acquired by  thi   m .
aging director of    the    Canadian   11
Fields Syndicate nnd his as uclal
summer.   Since August, HiOl, Mi   Drew
ry has had a  crew or mei
work on the Great l).tn<- nnd  be sti
that sufficient progress hai   beeu madi
in development lo enabla him  to  sl
without qualification that In the (1
Dane he has a mine,      I be   sin
immense and lhe or,- .imi-        1
of silver and tu pci cent lead, makltij
desirable   concentratln)
that could   be  shipped   to   j
tage were lead prices moi >     ivora
to lhe miner,    'lhe m lln   li
Oreat Dane has been   opened   up   foi   ■
considerable distance ai d a 1
Is now being inn from   this   main   v
of wulc.h   great    things    are  1 l
from the outcrop  ol   thU bocoi 1    1
a shaft was sunk   for  15  1p.ii
mine the dip of the vein prioi  to
culling ai depth, and in tl.O shoi tspn
the ore widened out from a feci to t   ■
and a half feet.    When e ncountei ed   li
the crosscut a vertical depth ■ 1   00 ■■
will be attained, and another 80 fei
work In all   that   Is required   lo  reach
lie point where tbe lead should be 1   ■
petl.   Work Is to be cr-ntl'-ii'-d  all sum j ?
mer on the Great Dane.
Although exclusively In the lev lap* t j
ment stage as yel, the St. Mary's river |
section Is the scene of no Utile acil. : 1
Prom one end to the other th valh J
Including both forks, Is dolled .. . *
camps of prospectors who are do! ;■ 1
annual assessment* on their hi
When the country  Is properl] .
"Amber"    Plug Smoking Tobacco  i:
winning on its merits.   "Have you tried
!;■ '
rein given thai thirty
>tn Mn' Following il
iintctl >■< chainsiinrt
■ uurtlit-nsl corner 1
ulna wt-st, ihence 1
n of bmrlnidna.
A. \\   Mi \ 111 IK,
101111:1. NOTICE,
Go P. T1SDALE, j
ITujnleioi of tho
Candy Kitchen \
, 1
I'iuiIsis ncomiilelcstiml. uf f
1 Candies, Fruits, Nuts,        J
; Biscuits, Pipes anil j
I  TobaCCOS. Iihs' nsncall j
inuiii,...I., iin, 1 1
M Sl, I   I   IS \ 1 1
U€*t%(X\f*     1
C1 * 1
Paiats, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
riouldings, lite.
: •
I ty\ Paper Hangers and Decorators. S
iiffi .: ':' ..y-->'mmmmmmmmmmmiisi
.1. llltK.MXnll.
. w. iimiiNs
■■I laiisls:
rlsmi "W. F.
is, w. .'..in,.
ills- I l;il<ii.lt»
iuii to cut niul i'
■ -in,i unitiliiit)
mils mill Wo
ynivay tlinb.
WM. Ml!
i' I'.', 1 lij.
' -.' -,. I        O! BE .00010.0'..]
,-.■? *i
in .ill the
Towns in
P. Bonis & Co;?
ssii..i,".'ii, iiiiii Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh nnd Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Qnme antl Poultry*
Wl* supply only the best.   Vour
trade is solicited.
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
or .1. \\*. Uobh
Ban's tlmlii'
. iim '
I'tl.lttlS    [111.UK
tuence north \
theucesuutli ■
Crauhrook, 1
oelinfni, I i
'.. i ...linn- .
LAM) vn
Take notice 1
lint sixty iin
- .i.i
M.ii. m. i'iii.i
is hereby given that liihi;
ilntel im
and to apply lo ilio < hiel i
Barrialer. Solicilor,
Notary  Public.
Cranbreok nml Marysvllle, 11. C.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
Draying and
I'i.'iniii Moving a Specialty
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old finis's made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   Give tne a call.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
!t is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
burveys ,„	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract. I kelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red Mountain Railway Co
P, 0. i:url 5tcclc, U. C. *"     '
i, tht'ueo north
nul thenco soi
li. .Ml i;I'llV
.MIM'.liAl. AOT-I'OltM O
' Mountnl
.1. ii
Tnku iiollco lhat I, Willi
iui'i'-.'i'.tiiii'ut.' .v... Iicniiii, Intend, htxty il
um tho dale hereof, to npiily tothoMli
irdor lor a cerllflcnto ot liniTuvoiiienta i.m' lh
irposa »i ohtulnhiB n Cruwn  Oram of th
An.l further tako notice Ihnl nc lonnmlPi Bei
ui st nmsl ho nnnineiiw'il bel .re the Ihiiiiiic
I In toil this llll ilny of .Mtly. i<>'.'.
Tnke nuiloe that ilstyihtvanfu'i unto I Inlem
ulway lu koiiIIi Fusi Kooto
no .';.?, I ui mn' nolo .
i HuiiHi ICail Koololiiiy, Ihi'ii
i .in tlio wi'dlcrij
Crown N'mI Cms
l\.   II), |.„-ltl     lllll.-
■ -I ui i:.,.'i, i n-eh
■ il
ii'.iti.i' Mimr.
-l    U  ilm.
"I I' "III	
|illl   llll".   llll' foh
irkod "\V. I. Dnr
W. I.. DAULlNtl
The only nil rail mute between ull
poinls linst, West ami South to,..,
NEL50N and
Intermediate Poinls.
Connecting nt
SPOKANE witli the
Orcnt Northern, Northern Pacific
nnd o. !,'. & N. Company.
Conneits nl
^^_—^^_,___     HI
.'..irks,   rombstones, lleaJslone., etc.     Nelson  with Steamer for  Kaslo
»^-*i^^»WAJfm»«ii«MK«»«a'» nnd All Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Connects ill
Undertaking And
GrniHinle of Champion college of l*. S
Ollice aud store, Aiken t.lork,
near Cnnmllnii Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, H C
Upholstering nod General Furniture Kcpnirin-'
Will attend lo any work in the district I
Agent Inr the Hniiiji.il Marble nml Branttc
Physician and Surgeon.
tllllcc al Realdeacfii Armstrong A.c.
Fore >,       ■   •   ■   WO lo II
tiler "is   ■   •   ■   •   l:.lll iii.l.'n
Bvcnln-a   -   • 7..111 m »:.in
KANHKllllK,    :    :    :        I   :    11,  C
Myers rails with Stage Daily for
Republic, nml
Connects ilnllv
Al    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   for
Grand Porks and Qreenwood.
II, a JACKSON, den, Pass. Aai.
Odd fellows conliiilly
I.O.O.P.   hey CM) Lodge
fo# ■'
Cranbrook Lodge, No. M
A. P. li A. M,
\ Isllint
*. l - V...   n-i/ulur iiict'tliiiis 1
■J/V   \       ilni.l   Tlnirsilnj
Y'/'^-i. humth,
im Uu'i'n welcoinfil,
Oltn.A, l.i ri.n. St
I have yood wood ol .ill lengths.
LeO-VC orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention,
Richard Stewart
There are a lew points io
be considered in building.
sixty day. ntlr-i drim I li
ns of land nhoul
Good work,   Good   Materia
and the price,
Have ynu talked wltb anyone aboul building?
Linds'iiiid ■ ^0",c "'"' MC "lc "r 'c' m<l stc ■"'"'   " mny
nve lintiil- [ iin us liiilll gOOd.
Kootonay district,
I    |i;ii'il Ihis nl.liry. 10
.  ht.
.11  hy
. ns Lot m, in
i'. ii.:m.ii;i;is.
Contractor. pi
Printing is Our Business.,..
When .ant printing done right, that  ■
piease you and your customers, give your
To The Heni;
Canadian Pacifr. Railway Lands
Mil* Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from Si.on to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Vasl Sums Will  He   Expended   to Imprim
lhc Service,
Whon Sir Thorn an Sha irjhiu
liii-iu. of On (J   r    i; ,   rutin   e-l to tli
e.i-u ftniii lit*- unit 11 ii   ■
h,' gave out an cxuiuleil lm
Harding  impi iveincni
ripouklng ni the conti m*j 11 ■
Impi  i,'- ., i'
s ilil ihe redact Ion of
curvatures   won a   b«   |»i ■ ■
1 i-,i us sniiii  .is   Mr. MclL-nn   1
englneei Iim hi if,  im
ho plans, *■. hli ii Involve au exui
01 minions oi iiQiiarn,   and
e*tltnnluil will lm ren«o the h
|ia, Ity ol locomotlvea hj  from
As Ii.i ii..' proposed   double   n. 1
ol the Canadian I' ,■ lie railway 1
Ton Anli,11  ind   A      i. •■,:.- Sil  I I ru
hjIiI Un: grndu H letij thenlng of the a
tracks was beiiif   proceeded  with  ami
although these ara  fiom 2,C00 ti
feet long, and  only   'o r 1.  .■■■   -.
thia will be shortened  conslderal 1
tore the cloS". ol i 1    p . sent     i   1
This in.lli.ati>*. 11 ni the Canadian I'a
r.iilc railway will soon have a con
double track from t-nke Superior cu the
great wheat   growing   districts ot the
By the end  oi   17.1.1   Canada's, transcontinental highway   will   .. it 1
wooden trestle ol any kind from ■ Dnt
real to tho Pacific ocan and thi 1 ;0
out thai Immense distance tne m
will be laid  with   eighty ..pound   steel
The Canadian   Pacific   rallwaj ..
a^ement is ivorklng with  a swift baud
to meet tht demands whlc .. i, 1    ,  ih
l[iatcd, will be made upon St • ; ••   ■ '   <
and freight servbc durli g the 1 11  1
ami fall, -nu day a; .1 nighl the sho]
Montreal,   Perth    ai (\
working on Immense orders ior
orders have also bsen  placed  with ou
side linns.
The nnmber of fre ght car* [01 whlc
orders   have   beeu   given    ■-  - ilio, i
wbtch 2 3000 are bex  cars  01 [>> tc    1
paclty each.   This  will bring  It- c
b.*r of freight   cart   10   about   U"
Five hundred are to be   built a. lice
lnga,  1,000 at  A aherst, IN  H . an I -
ai Perth in time foi the I	
the shop at P irtlt, wbt< 1 Is tn
t.in cars a dny, i!J'i cod 1 cars of "-in
of 300 have already been   built
will likely be 11?-e 1   u,   the km .    ,' i
ore cars will follo.v the coal cai
Farnhaiu oi 50 vans inr  whit he     1
were given 30 are neai ly compli 1 I
Seventeen express cars ait? In
of construction, and when fii Is 1 .
give  a   co-npleie   equipment   foi
branch of Oil* service.
To  meet  tbe   dem nds   ol   ■ 1
travel, orders were given fo   fo.i   B
class coaches, ol which sixteen I 1* ■ 1
cently beeu   lu ned  oui   and   foui
Hearing   co,n| leth a.        1 bi j tl
standard    Canadiau     10.
coaches, finished In mal.og
no important changes In I 11 Ir
iUm., save that  In twentj   ■
sraokli 1; roi ins are bel       □      1 dou
Hi ing is pi k tlcall) usi *
-1 oui 1 he Imposition of a tariff
1       I     ted,
■1 , ■  fore ask   A duty ol 85 per
cent 01 Importations ol   pig  lead, and
Icid products lo Induce their
In C ii.i.1.1.    The existing
tint] - 11 1 i" lead from Oreat  Drltaln  is
■■ii    ' ni .mil practically  ull on  lead
i '1 ■ til ' mean an Immediate mat'
m 01 u tons of Kootenay pig and
.■ ,.i ,n ., reasonable pn.ilt: tl e
would lln utlet as at prc-
.   In markets ol the world,
e   ts  to  iii,'   C in.iiii.iii   consume 1
■■ 1  Lm be   Inert iBed,   as   lu manv
in in ' he lend bought In tht? 13aat
• 1   li en shlppi ii   in in   ilu* Kootenny
1 ,   in 1. ".a  iii iuin nr ti -*rui my
1.   ■.i.iiim.. 1   there, and  then  re-sold
.   iiiuiy,
"Such   '- merely  nn outline   of   the
facts     Should you  require figures In
i m, the   Secretary of the Nelson
idol   Prado will   have pleasure   In
1 ;  ■■■ 1 ig them.
e leave It to your loyalty to adopt
■ iug ;estlon we have made,    This is
■ mere local matter, hut one of great
Interest to tbe whole of British Columbia, aud also in Manitoba and thc North*
.■ t. ai the Kootenay is lhe natural
. trk t fortbelr produce, We can all
help,    Will you do what yon can?"
From ilu.* Prospector,
Barrister Thompson, Cranbrook was
at ihe Imperial Sunday,
.Mr. nud Mrs. Harnhman. Kalispell,
Mont., who have been visiting their
ll u-^titcr Mrs. P. .Jones at Klmberly,
0 •...•! Steele Thursday,
M r, Joseph Carlln, who has been visit-
ng his brother Wm* Carlln, returned to
i   v Field Thursday.
10 M ither-on,Cianbrook,was at Stceie
r tursdaj,
Mr. .1 ihu P,   Ltrsen arrived In Steele
S tnrday last.   Mr. Lirsen Is the prlu-
:!p .1   owner    iu     ihe   Tiger -Poorman
of rain ss, which are situated on
., :-.'   between  Sheep  and Wild j
!!,>.-.;  creek     I hi ring   a   con v.;
with a representative of The Prospector
Mr.   LarBou   t>jU :    "1   shall  commence
*,.    .  ;;,-*   1 '■;■; Poorman  as soon as
bi   ice    r-ar*    mpplles  an   be got in,
jiiil   continue   voir,     until    the   snow
■ t      ,,   'i   .vurk   will   commence ou
■ .1  group   and   continue   all
1      , Iger Poorman group will
■ Ipper about Navember.   At
■  •.   1 . w  about   iOO tons of ore
,.    .   .v.    shall   commence
■.   'ii   a-- llie   snow conies
1 ■ ■ 1 hrongh the winter
Tin- Ti-t.iilil.- I:   llr
(lie   Win.     •
Mrs,  v.':
Mr. Wllkini
■Al- ll
ll|t111     h„   I    ,
plj 177 l-'ortj
1111 1
Till!  lll'Xl   1
doorbell rm
lllM'.l.    ,ll,    '
"Ilm.'ti'l i" .
111.    MU.'
"No," sold VV11,
"Mi-!" Md	
jus™  not."    Anil
ll.iSSIl UlP RlPpS.
Al   T Ml-    »	
tin. klldira, lii< 11,1 ir . 1 in lion
ni In- slough
"II 1-iri 1 1 rln ,",
Mrs. Wilkin- li   III '
"An. yon  tin   |i I
aliimt a girl''" - i
y,.mil! iiiiilinii ul." bail ;
"Vi-s,"   snl.l   Mi'.   Wilklua.    "Co
nriiiiiiil In tin'Innl. .1	
Tin' woman ! i n bul pr
ently stood li.n!.in   I ■ "
nosuis nut sin you s. .1
liuliils mul whnt il,.
It svns Mrs. Wlllilr
"I know onottgb niu.
niniluiii." sin- -ml , ii
tliink tin- after 11- I
ot yuur business. W'ii
you got, uml siippusini
thing about yourself,"
"Well," snuppeil ii
servant if yon n'nsn't
most self sulliii.'iii tin
"Look here, niiulni 1,
kins, "svlio are you cnl
"Wall,  I   suppose
nnnip, but I svm.i . 111
girls in my 1 ini1".
un linlii'siii mi kltclu n
"Will,   for   g In.
wnnti'il tn lie in your .
Tbe woman outsiilo
"Didn't you 0 I. rl
n place?" sbo nski d
"Hardly. I advorlls
The woman pulled n
from   li.-1-   handbag   :.
"smnll ml." column.
Mrs. Wllklns sins ii il
bnd been placed in '
lion 1 "'" column.   Shi   d
Hum,  l,ut will. ,
sis culls nl tii 1  1
thirty-sis rai .1 .
bcr over will, th,
locked Hi,  from
the bouse of ,1 ::
tow. she observed .:.
11 i'i ITS' your
ig, T gupsi
.1 I do in.
"for :i
est,  tho
Terms of Payment
The Aggregate amount of principal and Int rest, excepl In lhe
case ol lands unrfei $2.50 an acre, is divided into teninstalmenfs as
shown fn lhc table below; tbe first to be paid al (he lime ni purchase, nie second one year from date ol Ihe purchase, thc third in
two years and so on.
I he following table slums ihe amounl nf ihe annual Instalments
on Miii acres al different prices under lhc above conditions:
160acre ai S2..*ili per acr, Isl Instalment SR95 m equal Imnl i- ol $50.00
3.00     •• "               71.90               ■• 60.00
3.50     " •■               B3.90               " 70.00
t.oi)     ■■ ••              95.85               ■■ 80.00
4.50     ■• "              107.85              " WOO;
j    "            5.00     " »                19.85                " Kril.lHI
KimberlfiV 's *he business and shipping point for lhe
*   North Star and Sullivan mines..
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook IS l'lc divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway antl thc commercial centre ot  $( nih
East Kooienay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further Inlormallon npplj lo agents ns above nr tn
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time,
If lhc land is paid for In full al the
lime of purchase, a reduction frum the
price will be allowed equal lo ten per
Cent un (he amount paid in excess uf lhe
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also lots fur sale
in Mr* following town sites in Fast Kootenay:-  Elko, Cranbrook, Moyclle, Kltch
ener, Creston and ki in bur lev
The terms of payment arc one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range and the gateway to the White
Qrousc copper fields.   J. T. BURQESS,
Tow nsite Agent,
A. TAYLOR, District Land Ajjcnt, Nelson, It. C.  or
F. T. GRIFFIN, land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
.-   •44,,', *1AiV*****AC.'.rf.-..- •.■.**.*-.»*i*6A*(.*.*..* .*.,1 .-■* a.**,* v--,...-..;..,.   .
l The Cranbrook
I Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
1 °
A Dollar in a Lot
l may make lots of dollars.    Buy a lot in
! MARYSVILLE,   the   Smelter   Citv of
Soulh Hast Kootenay.
jj Simpson & Hutchison,
i Cranbrook and Marysville Sole Agents
Robinson & McKenzie.
i I'h:
' A :
-A 1.1,   KIN US   OF-
Saw and Planing Mills
i.i prospects In the vlcin- j ''n''1.)- »■>'
eele nro eraplos'lnp not    J '. | *'
■I. ,in,l   Ous number will, themfielrcE
i the season advances.      ! thoy get  n  el.
, linvy, rs   nnil
months al n -'
FROM   MOYIE       Utom.on.hm,
All Kinds Of
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,||Rough and^fied Lumber
Dimension Lumber,
Nitric i.Miii'r
Hist class co
Two parlo
■      '      .
hns ••-:
tlinl In   lind ;   ■  •  - ■
.■iiy mre I
for mysi'li'. slm
prop,   yeai ■ ago l
1 rnontioti, ' '
Shingles and I
■7 I     I
ago ha gave to H. W,
. isit rn parties, and   roars old.
teiest la the illvei Queen , profession
■. Lake ii tip and paid.
dig   v ll   ■   '.   rotui i?«''l from Cran*
waa accompanied
rhe Price «'i Lead
I..»-.!; m   M  ,,, i I !       .
,i ; in itlvai       I urodii
*i'. ui, ,1 ■. o i "i ly     i   ■
ih■• dlrecl ni    I
emanatoi rtmn      i    N
'ii.iik*, which bai ti.'i.,  the i
pi im-iiti. t.i, ntltl d will   il
Tho N ilton boa
in oln ulai tot in in ap] the
i ru   . , mm It v gem       I ■
n h ilesalfl   lion    i  li
.nni the • '.i-i ii.
Dl   On"-,    who
ih.il v*- ,i. m -. "i ti i     ii i
iilt-.l ll i ni  ii, ||   Dl '■     il   ■
"Wil.• a ■' ' Lei to aai li of tl
»niu hou ea yoa deal  with
Uanada and  ai  tbe .   ■ Pi
iii.it I' tin* I. n] ■ "  ... t.
Ing you could hope to •! mbli
yuur ordera,   Use th.1 folio'   i
iiutlun aa a basis [oi  your letter, ■"
(■is N'.lng It In your  own   way    ■•
iliem to use tbelr Influence  v. It
representatives In the Dominion how
to obtain a satlBfactt ry measure of pro
tcotlan to the lea I tnduatty.   Wc ihli.k
tl Is of the nimoiit Impi rtance,
"(1 ) That tho Smelter itust in up
l*iilit!il States has practically refused
to bny Canadian lead and thus has restricted our output.
"(3) Tbe Eastern Canadian market
Ib supplied almns! enttrelj wltb .... ■
Imported from Germany an Great Britain. Only ii very little ol Koote >■■
lend Is comprised in their whole year'
1 (:i). Thu duty on these Import at I .
Is very iimall, ami docs nut repretent
enough to enable ourweatcrn \> c In ■■ 11
—where In Imr l« hlf'* pr!r ■ a i*l living
exponslve—lo capture the market,
"(■(■) Tin* bounty i Ive i by tbe Do
minion government of 83 per ton to en
imoi      who   will remain
i .   ii i.n some lime,
n  we   returned   to   Macleod
Majoi wn« vei y much
,,.'.;       , .iml signified his in
lug   his  family   here
"l il.h'i  Sl ;■.'
What is Insurance?
Instead ot
l.i you hnvi
ii    v as put to work Pr|     [° ''l " '   '
new Wtllcos  .v Bab- ' nintter of
,    it 1 be   ■■■!    i lugeni   com
■ ■tin    ii   u   d lntv« ol Ban Fran*
rgeol tbe worb
1 oi    10 Mi    .mil Mis.
m.i    I) in n Tuesday m ruing
tbi        has already shown
ner nml  iliai  he
lij   . . 'i .,■  im  ihu chnck
and Builder   „*
l ,11 ssnik ijiinriinls's'il.   See us hcfiire
I inn huilil.   ll .sill pay sun.
Cranbrook, 15 c
nl wlio visit il  Ma')F-
i i mi 'ii   Mnn ivlllo rrlimno
i i. iu ih- oi Cranbrook was In town
,   i        ;i."l ihe North star mine
■ i *. week.
Tho »i" at at the Bt, Rugene mission
i i > ut hi head.
.-. rn i i
vlite on rhnrsdav last,
Mrs. (1 nuiit'ii nf Cranbrook camii up
"i. tii'; i i;.,:ii.L' on Thursday's train.
Constable M rrin of Cranbrook, visit
nl M irysville aud ICImberLey this week
■ii police duty,
:' ul Htndley of Klmberley, who has
icn laid up with tbo spine of hit hack
,i,i. i. in accidentally fell and frscvur*
.1 Is ible lobe an nnd again,
Mr. Miller of Oore A-   McGregor  sur-
vev party Is laid up at the RoyaJ wltb
,:.-'.■ re  cut cu tho shin, which wus
>irtie by tbe axe.glancing while clearing the right away fur Ibe new ft. p, tl,
j butvej land Hue wnlch they aro running
I ihont t< nr miles up llie St. Marys river
from M-iryavllle,
kind, I'd Iibti
Hm I can'i i
«1 n n nl .
bratmi  bt'fi  ■   . ■
this Utile i,
in love with nny ll
innj help J nn over a
i li ",i   moi nl ■-     I 'i.i>   llic   nittll
t. i i t * i i s * f * E i t'J 5 -• 5 i ~ ~ -? -i i i ? ^
I don't know.   Ask
I St.
Ill n cottnln :-    '     : lho foi
lowlna itorj :■ i
\s„    „  j una
Wlio,   I'.'l"!'    ■ •    :    i
liasl hi!  I
On,' in,Muni': lit
1 Ill  llllll,!   I ... I'll
llilll   tl 11'.
nllty.   Hit ni  . > . li
es! that tlinl in-ill,iim 1,1   svll   i   l   :..n
birth in ii son nml hot
E HOTEL... II Boston
New Vnrk
"(Hi, in Hi,ii ensi
tin. ii'iiili.i', ii iililng
i'„|ily. "Olils 100
"IT.inost, miss-, Ol
of (l.o young imii.
your lifr havo ns n
ous1 time?"
"I is-ns Wllh? 'in
once," roplietl I'm
as i st.iuil."
III.   Inl,-   s.-
"Pntin." sniil H'ss Sii"
wntilil winy In nils e.  . ii
will wnnt lo spool  to |
"Ilns h.' ronllj i- "    ■
"Nn," i',.|.li,',l tin    !"  ,'
of d.'ii'iiiiiiiiii! "l'iit lie
It's iill ii 111!' snlil
t   'In.'.   n,.t  Imi,lieu
J          CRANBROOK, B. C. S
it, tt,
iu t.:*iii*i*iiiii iiii * ** tit ,i,
IJ      PBTBR HATHBSON, Proprietor, *
Jj .H.iii.jT^-lfffiitiitin U
*^ When you nre htmp,ty anil ..mil ||i
m        a it'ii'il meni usi iti the Isnst in
it         Kootenny. j
!" When  you  nre  tire*  uml ssnlll n ,p
m        uiiuii rest go to the Kaat Koo- -i
"1          lenuy. I1
'nl When yon nie thirsty nml ssnnl n !*,
,ii         si'ioil ill ink  nn   In Hie  Itoat a,
*         Kooienay, "»
'Jj to fact whiu yon nretu Cranbrook '1
,i,        slop nt Hie Rnst Kooteuay. in
'li. -fi.
There nro 8,000 wonls i
Fri'iiil. nml Hllgllsh with	
Poverty I" ni crime! but,
ll la punlalmlilo by bard lab.
JO I East Kootenay
y"'"" Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
, Ginger Ales, Etc.
"""" '" '  oda w.iU't in siphons.   Thc most
economical   w..y to handle it.
San Francisco
One of the Most Comfortahle
Hotels in East Kootenay.
lOiU.fil Tlnouj-lionl
Ns-s.1) Pnrnlabed
Upper Lake Steamers
Lv, Pari William, Sun., Tue., Iri.
. II. VanDecar, Prop.
Craubrook, II. C.
VIA. SOU LINE /"* 1 1
Livery  S
Leave Dunmore Junction dally for St. Paul I
Leave Kooienay Landing Tuesdaj and Snlur I
da> (or Toronto and nil eastern points
Proprietors * * *
Wc have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Leave Revelstoke dally Inr Seattle, Vancouver j
ami consl cities
Through tickets to Riiropc Oa nil Atlantic
Lines. Prepaid tickets from nil points al
lowesl rales. Lur full parllculars appl) In
total agents,
A. (I. P. A , Agent,
Vancouver, Crnnhronk
J.S.CARTER, I). P. t., Nelson, B.C.
Tmius nml drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   „*  j>   j*
Th ose wanting; chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
The Cranbrook Herald
Two Dollars per year. •  •  • ■'.•",	
If     A third shipment ot Boys and Girls' Ribbed Cotton • P
Is) (i\f
I Hose, extra good values.   Ladies'. New Undervests. Irfc
If A tew good Dress Muslins, choice patterns left. <s>J
%     Do you wish to beautify your home with a pair of  .
I <r
Lace, Chenille or
Tapestry Curtains
We have opened up and are passing into stock this Itj
*-p week possibly the finest range of curtains and fine ta- til
Gil pestry coverings for cushions ever shown in Cranbrook |a
It AT  REID &  CO.'S $
...Fancy Groceries...
In addition to a Reliable Line of Staple
Groceries. We are pleased with our
fancy goods to appeal to those who
want something: different such as potted
meats in jars, choice fruits in glass, imported and domestic sweet and sour
pickles, salad dressings, sauces and
pastes, French olives, Chutney's oils and
H     i     Fresh Beef, Pork, g
|   4t   Mutton, etc.SSS §
(j        T        Pork Sausage, Poultry, Fish and   Q
O Ciame in Season. Q
£            POR AN ARTISTIC *
t*  of Intot lor nr exterior of) - Iioiiioro to  ¥
t   PREST'S studio   I
4 \uintenr work will r l.-e our beat alter. 2}
V     linn. N'onro, nt work solicited      *.
Vroom & Dezall
i    Blacksmiths
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
(icncral Jobbing....
Outside Order. Promptly
Attended to.
II the death of your wife meant
YOUR impoverishment and VOU
were tialtirally unable to earn a
living, would you not think out
a scheme bv which you could
Insure today, tomorrow may be
inn late
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
Rogers Bros."
Knives, Forks,
Spoons, etc.
F.ve* carefully ciamiii'-tt  and
-'   IttetHothe but gride
Olllclal Wanh litapectar inr
Cmws Nul dl.lclmi C, I'. H
When in town don't
forget to stop at the.,,
Victoria House
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook...
Everything Firstclass
Opposite Depot
L. R. Gubbins,
J. T. Dendurant,
Call ut Tom's Barber Shop, Victoria liouse, opposite depot.
Tlio slin)i is neat, tlie towels lire el.-nn.
The -.iii'iu . in.' slim [i, tin' lii/'U's keen.
Ami ISveiyllilin; Hull skill i-nli iin
If you'll ml! Iin'll On ror yon.
J. T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave ISc.      Hair Cm 35c.     Shampoo 25c.
Under power of  sale contained   In a
chattel mortgage.
Wire Cut, 60,000 Capacity,
noth boilers practically new.
All attachments, etc.
I 45 H. P. Westinghousc Engine
In good condition, tools, etc.
And about 10,000
Good, Merchantable, Red Brick
There Is also a dry shed and other build
Ings on the site of the brick yard.
Full Inspection Invited
This valuable property will he sold by
public auction at the brick yard at Ma
rysvllle, n. C* at a-.m p. m. on
Saturday, July 19th, 1902
Under a mortgage held by .lames Flnlay
which will be produced at lime of sale,
Por further par tlculara nnd as to terms
of sale apply to J. McMahon, bailiff for
mortgagee, at said Marysvllle, or to
W. F. Gurd, Cranbrook, B, C.
Solicitor for the Mortgagee.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
Best meal on earth.
! Two plastered rooms for
1 rent over Herald Office.
! Inquire of
!       or at Herald Office
J      LOCAL   NOTES     I
* I
-, + *******,*«,*,„«„**««+.<
Picked  Up About the City   by   Asking
Questions of Many People.
Owing to some misunderstandings In
Hit* past The Herald hereafter will make
n ll it rale of ;<£ cents per line for llrsl
insertions and 5 cants per line each subsequent insertion for church ami society
locals advertising paid entertainments,
No tickets received In lieu of advertising
or rb cotnpllmentnrles. Business ot this
character will he transacted on a cash
basis hereafter.
J, w Robinson visited Elko and Per
nie last week.
See our .nl. this week Fort .Sleele
Mercantile niinpiuiy.
C. M, Ed wo da visited friends in lown
several days last week.
]■; J. Peltier and A W, McVittie visited Port Sleele Tuesday,
Rev, Auvache and son Fred returned
from Nelson last Saturday.
We can convince you Hint you should
deal at the Port Steele Mercantile company.
New potatoes nml cabbage received at
the Fort Steele Mercantile company this
Mr. nnd Mrs. C, E. Reitl came down
from Marysville Inst Friday to spend
the day.
Messrs. A. Leltch, James Ryan nnd
Charles McNab visited Kootenny Landing lust week.
Conductor Corey is now running on
the passenger, lie looks all right with
his new uniform,
Mrs. Hannington and daughter came
up from Moyie last Friday, going from
here to Fort Steele.
E. FI. Small nnd wife nnd Miss Welt-
mrn and A, L McDermot visited Perry
creek hist Saturday.
A. Jolliffe is lining n good business in
ilu- ment and fish Une, Rend his card
In this issue of The Herald.
The fence around St Eugene hospital
has been painted white, which improves
its appearance very materially.
Mrs. E. H. Small expects to leave
with the baby for Wiuuipeg next Friday
for an extended visit with her parent.1-.
A high wind visited this section Monday night, probably the worst in years.
Ko great damage was done nbout Cranbrook.
R. H. Rogers returned last week from
Victoria where he has been taking his
examinations for admission to the bar of
llritish Columbia,
Miss Jennie Richards returned last
Saturday from Nelson where she went
to take ber examination for entrance lo
the Normal school.
Alex. McKenzie relumed Sunday from
his trip to the coast cities. He said
ail one could hear in Seattle wns the discussion of the chase nfter Trauey.
Peter Mathesoti hns bought the black
team Ihnl ft. H. Miner purchased of N.
Hanson last week. They are beauties
and will make a pair of fine drivers fur
Il in lime to e'eau up anything of an
unsanitary nature in yards and alleys.
The hot sun of summer will breed tlis-
ense wherever garbage or slops nre lelt
nn the surface ol the ground.
H. I,. Stephens of Elko wns here lasl
Saturday and Sunday to see his brother
whn is still confined iu the St, Kugene
hospital from the effects ot an operation
performed two weeks ago for appendicitis.
A. ll. VanDecar of the Royal hotel,
has completed his annex, aud has one of
the Quest lot of sleeping moms in this
part of lhe country. They are plastered,
lilted wllh electric lights and furnished
in handsome Btylt,
William Tuttleatid wife passed through
town last week 011 their wny home to
Ferule from Spokane where they went
lo spend the Fourth. Mr. Tuttle did
not seem to he very well pleased with
the program presented.
G. T. Rogers made his place look like
a bower of beauty last fjcturday by a
profusion of cut Bowers and potted
plants. The ladles of the city (locked
inlo the store and lost no time In capturing n large portion of the floral ilis
The recent high water at Pincher
Creek resulted in William Welsh, better
known as "Billy the Kid," being drowned
while attempting to swim his horse over
the cteek that flows through the town.
Considerable damage was done by the
banks being cut out under buildings.
Charles Thies of Spokane, one of the
principal stock holders 111 the I-'ort Steele
Mercantile company, was in town sever'
nl days last week. He says lhe state of
Washington hns experienced a very
prospermia year and that Spokane if
forging lighl ahead.      Mr. Thies return
ed in Spokane Friday.
County court Is in session at Fort
Sleele today.
I- W. Rickets of Moyie. was iu Cranbrook on Monday last.
G. II. Miner is having the front of his
store building paiuled.
Cranbiook is once more receiving mail
from the east, after waiting II days.
Firstclass private moms and hoard.
Mis. A. Campbell loot of Hanson avenue.
Rev. Beachain will occupy the pulpit
of Christ church In Fernie next Sunday,
ft. R. I.eask has secured the contract
fur building the new Kimberley school
Tom Wellman and Fred Small lelt
last Friday foi   Unite, Moui,, ui attend
the races.
Henry Parker has returned from
Pincher Creek ami located again in
Fred Frith has bought out his partner
William Hamilton, in the International
hotel al Moyie.
Last Saturday wus Orangeman's day,
and a few yellow lihbons were displayed
in Craubrook.
I„ 11. Cochrane of Medicine Hat, father of Mrs. Cliudlt'igh, visited over Sunday in Craubrook,
The Misses Moffat entertained a few
friends last Wednesday evening iu n
very plea?;iut manlier,
E.J. Peltier has just received another
consignment of Craiija cigars They
are clear Havana cigars.
Should your watch be troubled with
''thai tired feeling," take or send it to
Wilson.   He will cure it.
Vic Rollins came down from Klko
Tuesday and will leave Friday for the
east to visit his old home.
Have you tried. St. Michel Tonic Wine.
It is just the thing for that tired, weary
feeling.   E.J. Peltier.
Do not forget the ping pong and ice
cream at Mrs. Slater's residence Friday
evening.    A hearty welcome to all.
A farewell was given to Mrs McLeod
Tuesday night, who leaves this week to
join her husband in Dawson City, Alaska.
G. II. Miner and I„ B VanDecar expect to leave for n trip up the tine the
latter part ofthe week, as fnr as Frank,
There wilt be a Catholic lawn party
held on the evening of the 25th and arrangements are being made for a good
W. C. Johustou, accountant at the
Canadian Hank of Commerce, returned
Tuesday from a month's vacation spent
in the east.
One of the electric light feed wires
was broken last night by a tree falling
on it. Tbat accounts for a number of
lights going out.
R. E. Beattie and tl. T. Rogers expeel
to leave for Winnipeg Friday. They
will take advantage of the low rates and
will combine business wiih pleasure.
This is the time of the year that a
good, pure beer is beneficial for medicinal purposes. Sell lit/ fills the bill.
Delivered iu two dozen lots. E. J.
Fishing is getting good and the Isaac
Waltons of Cranbrook are hieing themselves to the creeks where the seductive
trout lie in wait for the flies cast by the
It is now evident that Thunder mountain is a fake. Disappointed prospectors
are reluming from there every day, and
are united in saying that the country is
no good.
The Nelson News says that Gentry
Bros, show is stranded at Calgary by the
washout, nud thnt they nre there nt the
expense of the C. P, R. at the rate of
f 2000 n day.
Vera Ericksoti, the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. G, Erickson, who has been
nttending school nt Yale the past two
years, relumed home last week for her
Bummer vacation.
Mr. Archibald, the druggist nt Kimberley, has bought Mr. Bleasdell's stock
at Fernie and will move to that town.
That will leave Kimberley and Fort
Steele without a drug store.
James King relumed Saturday from
the claims owned by Dr. J. II. King on
the upper St, Marys, lie has done the
assessment for thia year, nnd reports the
showing in copper very good.
The Crows Nest branch will be clear
to Macleod today and the nnuii line was
clear yesterday. Superintendent Jamie-
sou and his nhle nssi-.tat.ts nre to be
congratulated upon their success,
The Ko/nl hotel hns a bear cub as a
curiosity, recently purchased fiom nu
Indian. It is not a beauty by any means
and has not yet become accustomed to
the ways of civilization, but it will soon
Miss Beatrice J'.oiju left Inst Friday
for her home iu Wetaskiwin, Miss
Beatrice has been with the Cranbrook
hotel and other hotels in Cianbrook as
waitress for several years, and was a
geiiertl fivorite.
Mrs. Frank VanDecar and baby and
Bert VanDecar returned Friday from
Oakland, Cat., to spend the summer
with Mr. and Mrs. L. B, VanDecar.
Bert has been attending commercial
college tbe past winter.
Mr. and Mrs. D, E. Murphy received wind yesterday from Caigary
that their daughter Dolores, who haa
been sick with scarlet fever and was on
the road to recovery, has had a relapse.
Mrs. Murphy left for Calgary today.
A number ol the young toughs In
town have broken six of the windows iu
tbe school house since last week. It Ib
to he hoped lhat Constable Morris may
be able to catch some of these lads In
their depredations aud make an example of them.
C. E. Coleman, the local agent for the
C. P. R., left last week for North Bay.
He wns called away by a severe incident
to his father-in-law. William Simmons
has charge ol the work during his absence and Mr. Dudley ol Kimberley has
taken Mr. Simmons' plnce at lhe freight
The Ladies Aid of Christ church were
unable to bold their ice cream festival
out of doois Tuesday night on account
of the rain. Wentworth hall was seemed and within a short time it was
beautifully decorated and artistically arranged for the occasion. The ball was
crowdel ami afler refreshments dancing
was indulged in   uutil  nfter   12 o'clock.
The entertainment waa a success In every
The Weil Known Barrister is On lhc Road
tn Wealth.
Calgary Herald:    A Herald nun called
ihis morning upon J, U. Costlgan, K. C,
who has recently returned from Ottawa
and other eastern polutSi where he has
been organising a company in explol
some Alberta coal lields.
Mr, Costigan very courteously gave
The Herald mail stunt? particulars as to
What his business had been lu the easl.
lie   has succeeded   111   floating   a  very
strong company to operate the Immense
coal deposits 011 the south lorkofthe
Red Deer river, exactly 20 miles uortli
Of Banff, The company has secured a
large tract of land there, and the coal is
practically inexhaustible. It is anthracite, of very good quality, aud extends
ill au unbroken vein lor a great distance,
One of the cleverest mine experts on
the continent is at present waiting at
Wilkesbarre, Pennsylvania, for a telegram from Mr. Costigan to come on to
Calgary. He would have been here uow
had it uot beeu that the present bad
weather nnd lhe swollen streams render
travel almost impossible. As soon,
however, ns the weather becomes tine,
this expert will arrive in Calgary, and
proceed from here to the coal fields
Should his report coincide wiih the information which has already been received by the company respecting thc
coal deposits, tbe preliminary survey ot
a railroad will be made to the nearest
point ou the C. & E, Hue, aud next
summer a railroad will be built right
into the coal lields, A diamond drill
will be operated this fall, and the extent
and size of tbe various seams estimated.
The supply of coal is practically inexhaustible, and should this project proceed—as It undoubtedly will from present indications—a great boon will be
conferred upon this section of the country by a gootl coal being placed upon
the markets at a cheap rate.
Several local men are interested in the
company, which is one of the stiongest
ever organized to exploit a western In*
A Magnificent Untcrtaliimcnt.
The entertainment given lasl Monday
night at the Presbyterian church by Miss
LaDell, the elocutionist, nml Miss Flan-
nlgan, soprano, was one of the he*it ever
giveu in Craubrook, aud the large audience gave evidence of its appreciation
by persistent aud enthusiastic applause.
Miss LuDell haa greatly improved since
her first appearance here, three years
ago. nud she carried the people with her
from tears to smiles, from joy to pathos,
without any apparent effurt. Miss Flan*
nigan was uot iu good voice, as she was
suffering from a cold, yet her sweet
tones aud perfect expression won for her
the intense admiration of all present.
The two ladies form a strong combination and whenever they visit Craubrook
again, it will he necessary to have a
large hall to accommodate those who
will insist ou hearing them.
I. 0. 0. F. Officers.
The officers elected for the new term
commencing July r, have been installed,
They are as follows:
Noble Grand—A. Leltch, Jr.
Vice Grand—A. L. McDermot.
Secretary—Matt Rockendorf,
Treasurer—J. Maiming.
W.—John (iillis.
C — S Richards.
0. G.-J. P. Fink.
1. G.—F. K Simpson.
R. S. N. G— ii. Parsons,
L S. N. G.—R. E. Beattie.
R, S. S.—J. Greer.
L S S,—O. A. Leltch.
Chaplain—A. Vroom.
Nnt The Herald's Policy.
The Herald is in receipt of a communication  Irom   Fort Steele containing  a
personal  roust  on   A    B.  Grace of  the
Prospector.    There are two leasons why
the communication docs not appear in
this issue, First, The Herald never encourages personalities in its columns,
nud second, the communication was uoi
signed. To violate either of these rules
is contrary to the established policy of
The Herald.
School Trustee.
All adjourned meeting of Die Crauhrook electors was held Inst Friday at
the oflice or J. Hutchison for lhe purpose of electing n trustee to succeed M
Mclnnes, whose term has expired. Iiy
a unanimous vote James Greer was elected to fill the vacancy, and the meeting
New Road Soulh.
The steel has been laid on lhc British
Columbia & Southern road to n point
past Jilko. Regular train service hns
been established between Gateway, at
the Boundary line, and Jennings, Mont.,
trains running Mondays. Wednesdays
and Saturdays, A through service will
be established to Elko In a short lime,
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning on its merits. "Have you
tried it?"
o ~ -~-  — o\
<<£, Call and set our values this week in the following lines <j|
to Men's Tan Shoes
O       •'-l your own prices
Odd lines of Men's
Laundried Shirts
A few
Men's Black Shoes
In Box Calf, Kid and
Cordovan at about	
Regular prices, $1.25 and
$1.50, In close al
Cost Prices
A ccmplclc selection of to
Sox,Collars and Underwear v
al prices   unsurpassed in **jl
llritish Columbia. w
1 *
to We have recently passed inlo stock some nice sweaters 0
to iu fancy and navy hlue worsteds.   They are beauties.... O
Sft.steele kercantileco^
to o
I In Season  $
to -
Tanglefoot Fly Paper,
Insect Powder and Fly
Poison Pads, guns, etc
At Beattie's
We have a fine selection of Spring
and Summer Suitings. The patterns
are the latest and best and our prices
are satisfactory to all.
Leask & Henderson
The 2oth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. CJ
Expected Saturday
Green Apples, Peaches, Plums,
Berries, Rhubarb, Bananas,
Cherries, etc., etc.
Our stock of fruitjis always the most complete and
our groceries are admitted to be the best. We make
a specialty of coffee. Don't fail to call and look at
our stock.
Will Renew the Appearance of
Your Parlor, (load Values In
the Latest Style can be had
Repairing and Upholstering a Specialty.
Cosmopolitan Hotel j |
....Special Lines....
Hcnnessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, pcrbottle                     I 75
i Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle 2 00
Usher's Old Vattcd Glenlivet, per bottle I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle                             ....„ 1 75
Coatc's Plymouth Gin, per bottle     150
Crolts* 1370 Invalids Port, per bottle 2 50
Jamaica Rum, proot strength; per bottle               I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle     2 00
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints   I 00
Bass Ale, pints   35
Guinness' Stout  35
1 Scotch Tweeds H
And Worsteds f
Plsase the wearer. They make him feel j|a
well dressed. They are stylish, designs M
are tight, durability unquestioned. Call at M


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