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Cranbrook Herald Oct 31, 1901

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VOL I'M 10    I.
N i miii: i:
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Oku. A. Cnx, President.
I'.'lill tip   Capital    ....
Iiuni Resources
ll. It Wai.kkk, Gen, Man
, sk.iiiiii.hiiii.iiii
...     '.Illlll.llllil mi
.as.iMii.it ut.au
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Dep 'sits Received.
Lor iiiii Agents    'I'he Bank of Scotland.
Our   Latest  Arrivals
Men's Mackinaws,
Rubbers, Blankets
Toilet Soaps, from 35c per dozen, up.
School Shoes for Boys and Girls.     Low in price and
long in wear.
Government Creamery Butter is way the best, at
30c per pound.
ricClary's Cook and  Heating Stoves knock oui all
Economical People Trade at
• i     •     9
billies, ask to see the new Automobile Jacket, in both shorl and
lony, lengths.   The most stylish coat sold.
, t <di>
___ to
e are now unpacking the finest.    s>
largest and best lot over brought     £j
into East Kootenay.     We have     >
lhem in every conceivable shape    •$
and shade, from $!2 up to $lH)    J
per set.     Call and  see  them,    m
"The Big, Wide Awake I Inn" >
v Fort Steele Mercantile Co. '«■- to
 m .   t
!>->,<> ><frtot **'e***>i>'l>>***i><i><rx>'>'>V>
inl anus mTmrnmsmmsmEmz
Hot Blast Heating Stoves 1
l lie best stove on earth,   nn ill burn
anything.    Jusl what is wanted for       |-
soft coal.   Call al once, as they are
going fast.    Have had to duplicate
tny order.
(). H. MINER.
New Goods
New York Papers Say That He Is Interested ill This District
Palmers B.ir Placers to be Revived
Next Year By Hydraulic
That there are great riches for this
district ia evidenced by tht* fuel that the
discovery of iron on Hull river, Goal
river and the Moyie have attracted the
attention of even ihe great papers of J
New York City. A recent issue of Ihe
New York Journal contains 1111 article
imparling llie Interesting Information
that some of these large iron deposits
Iiiul been secured by President Hill, uf
the Great Northern, who bail been endeavoring to finil large iron deposits on
the Pacific slope for years- The fact
that Mill is building into Fernie lo reach
the coal and coke of tluu. section, and already has a line within a lew miles of
llie Kitchener iron deposits, gives foundation for tbe oft repeated statement
Ui.it Hill was back of several coal and
iron deals in this part of British Columbia.
The next   few years will see a  great
development in South Bast Kootenay,
ind it ia not pred cting  too much to say j
that within the next five years there will |
lit* vast industries thriving in this district, and several large cities built Upon
he prosperity thus developed. The
nan who cannot aeo a great future lor
this district is blind indeed, und the two-
tbr-a-cent Individuals who are sitting
Around these days, sucking their thumbs
iud predicting dire disaster lur everyone
in this part nt British Columbia, will be
iefl in the shi.fll •■ The Herald has often
laid thai there is not a section on the
American continent where young men
md oil men will have such au opportunity to court prosperity as right here iti
South Hast Kootenay, and there is more
reason lhau ever to believe thai the pre
diction will be verified.
After n Uix Pol Hole.
On the Moyie river at the upper fails. I
Harry Wright,  Alex Ungford, Ed Callahan and others are  testing a pot hole :
theory that may prove all right.   Where :
he water is congested in a narrow cation
ibove the falls,  ihey have blown out a
ioIo and diverted the  stream, thus leaving the basin at the base ol the falls dry.
Tins they arc preparing  tn prospect and
il is possible that they  may strike a big
thing    The waters that have (lowed into
hat basin  for  ceuturies,   have   wound
theti way through tha gold bearing sands
ii the Moyie valley, aud there is no tell- '
iug how much  may have been deposited
below ihe falls.
mile in width, and extent! tor a distance
ot nearly seven miles in length. Water
for washing the gravel wa obtained by a
ditch about live miles iu length, the construction of which cost in the neighborhood Of $j8 OOO,
Mi Watts has been prospecting the
ground during Ihe past season, and the
showing has been so favorable thai he
is now constructing a dam about five
miles up tin* creek, where 1 sufficient
head or tvati ■ will be ea I) ibtainable,
and us .' .1 ■:. g ■-...   . .\draullc
plaut,        1 ibi u a large
si ale He . ■■ coufidi ol that there is
i eulj ol gol I there yet, and with the
aid »l modern methods, is sure uf rich
ret 111 ns
1 hi tin ir return to the ranch the boya
were most hospitably entertained by
Mr ami Mrs. Walls, ami on leaving foi
home, ull agreed with one member ol
the parly, who enthusiast] ally remarked, "If there's a more generous couple in
South Bast Kootenay than A Iv Walls
and wife, I'd like to sec llie color cf
their hair"
llouhle Force ai Kitchener.
VV H   Blakemore, managing director
of tbe company opening up the great
iron deposit-, at Kitchener, has arrived
111 Nelson, says the Nelson Miner lu
Conversation with a Mine, reporter Mr
Dlakemore Btattd that the working force
on the property hatl just been doubled.
It was the iulentiou of his company to
push tbe work of developing the ledge
with ull possible vigor while the pie-
pent fine weather lasted and Ihrough as
much of November as the snow would
permit. When the snow sets in all work
w. iilil be shut down lor the winter, but
hoped that this would not occur before
the last of November. The development work so far done on the property
consists principally of diamond drilling
ami opt n < nts, which hive proved the
Continuity if ihe veins ol iron. At present Iwo shafts are being sunk ou a ledge
ol solid in ,1 ore 30 leet in width, which
runs from 65 to 7^ pel cent m pure
llietallll iron. due shall 1 down 30
feet, and tbe other, which was started
but a few days ago is down 10 feet. A.
R. Hi j i.ui'i is surveying ibe whole prop,
erty on which application will be made
fur a cmwn giant un the completion of
tbe survey. On the mountalu on which
this property is located over 40 claims
have been staked this season, on all of
which veins of iron have been found.
There is a large iiuuibci of prospectors
at work in the vicinity ami considerable
work has been done on several groups uf
claims near Kitchener.
lasl Radius Where Urge Undies Can
Be   Worked
1111:. AR
1 ilcsl in
Dress Goods
We are receiving new goods almost
daily. Our selection thisyear includes
the finest fabrics of the markets at
the lowest prices.   Call and see us.
Jiiltn l.cask's Uin lead.
\ letter from Cambourne, in the I,ir-
leau country,  published  in the Revel- ;
itoke Herald, says that the Goldsmith i
■.roup,   011   Goat   hill,   in    which   John i
[<easK, "i Cranbrook  is largely Interested, is without a doubt ibe most remark-
dile outcropping of sliver-lead ore in the
world    Wining further  on   this prop'
ertj, ilu- coirespondent says;
'The star) ol the immense showing oi
galena «u tlie Goldsmiths group on Gout
mountain was a long time gaining cred-
■111T, People cannot be expected to
■iwallow   .|n feet   of  galena   all at   once.
lint astonishing us the tale appears it is
now well established that it Is perfectly
'im*,   ind then* is a ledge of galena rnn-
Ing Irom ss to 40 feel in width actually
traceable i..r a very considerable distance across tbe lead.   Mr. Goldsmith
thinks Ibal in the Goldsmi'h group ihe
leads from ihe Wide West and Black
Hear properties  converge  and those  ac-
jiiainted with the country are ol the
opinion that there is a big appearance
it probability iu Ibe idea."
Palmer liar Placers
Last Sunday a party composed of 10
E. Beattie, George Wales, Will Clarke
md Matt Ro. kendorf mile out to tbe old
placer workings at Palmers lt.ir, to have
1 look at the grounds, wbeie s .me 40
.■ears ago, nearly ten millions in guld
.vere taken out by ibe old timers, who
atne into the country during the Wild
Horse excituietit. An their arrival at A.
R, Watts' ranch, situated near the lower
end of the ancient workings, they were
joined by Mr. Watts, and then started
on a lour of investigation.
To the uninitiated it is hard to conceive
he amount of work accomplished Iiv the
pioneer miners ol Palmer liar, with no
o'.her tools or machinery than the primitive rocker, sluice box and pan, when
supplies were obtained only by pack
trains, and tbe nearest supply point
iiiiuilieds of miles away. Km ihey had
the push and perseverance that win success in the west, and their labors were
not unrewarded, The workings cover
an area   from a   hundred feet  to  ball  a
Wining   Notes.
Archie   I.eilch, Jr.,   was   out   to   the
placer   workings 011  upper Moyie river
Sunday and .Monday.
F. Robbius, manager of tbe North
Star mine, was iu lown Sunday. He
had a bunch of good stories as usual,
Jim Hickman, oue of the best known
miuers In S mill Bast Kooienay, left
Sunday foi 1 red Haven's property on
Alki ci ek, in the St Marys, and will
assist Mi n.i/.eii in the siukiug of 11
shaft ou one of his claims.
Schmidt's law lor finding a vein afler
it has bi .-ii faulted or dislocated, runs as
follows: If tbe dislocation, or fault, is
Struck 111 its banging wall it must lie
passed through ami Ihe driving continued on the hanging wall side of tlie faulted lode, H tbe foot wall of the fault is
struck it must be passed through and
the driving continued on the lout wall of
the faulted vein.
Some Facts   on   This   Proposition
That Will Prove Very
To Discontinue llie Route.
It has been stated that the post office
department will discontinue th ■ old mail
oute between Pott Steele and Windermere, Since the building of Ihe rail ■
road through South 1*0at Kooteuay, I
conditions have materially changed and
ihis route, which costs the government
about $[500 a year, returns a revenue of
about $28 As the need lur it has been
greatly diminished by changed conditions, the postal authorities feel that it
would be an Imposition upon tbe country to further maintain it.
Cniiilin.uk -   Iriuh:   I vleridiiig.
Craubruok's trade 1- extending
throughout the district. The merchants
here, hy pursuing a commendable bust*
uess p..in v, are reaching out iu every
direction ihe outside trade la increasing ever) month, emphazingthe statement often made In this paper, that
Cianbrook was bound to be the business
center in tins lich territory,
Electric Light Company's Notice.
The Cranbrook Electric   Light company, at a recent meeting, decided to
give due notice to delinquents on the
nth of each month, '.hat il the gross
amount due was not paid on or before
the end of thai month, the current would
be cut off from their premises oil the
first day of the following month. This
rule will be rigidly enforced in the
Cranbrook Electric Light Co,, Ltd,
a close margin.    Remember this when    i III* 4 III V PYPI ftCIAN
you want to buy.    Don't  come west to   «        UCAULl CAI L-vdlvN
get away   from cheap  wages,   and  send j
east because you may be able 10 save a ,
few cents on a   purchase, and then not j
get what you want.   Such a policy will,   Hugh   English   Lo»S His Life  in the
If ktpt up   make a cheap John  country j ...   . „.
out of the Kootenays     It   is good bus.-1 WICMBCr    lulQeS
ness lo keep your business at home.
Phoenix Pioneer: ll is not such a long
time since the investing public would
scarcely deign to even consider a low
grade mining proposition, it mattered
nut how great a tonnage was in sight the
investor would'tiot touch it [f the values
per ton were low, say under fm Iu
tact ihe best mines iu the Boundary today were repeatedly turned down by ex
perts   uf standing simply   because the
profit per ton was so small.   Ii seemed
to mutter but liltle if llie paystreak was
small, if only the values were high.
Then it was easy to secure capital.
But of late years this state ol affairs is
gradually changing, and lar sighted into n are beginning to realize that
some of the greatest ami moat permanent dividend payers in the world are low
grade propositions—III!Ilea, the gross
value of whose ore would nut run more
than $5 per ton, and oftentimes no more
than $2 i-nil $j per ton It was ut first
thought that the difficulties of excavating the ore from high guide veins more
than counterbalanced their richness
while un the oilier hand llie ease with
-vhicl) the low grade oies could be
luarrted out of the wide veins did not
'umpensate fur their poverty.
In the Boundary country the Miner-
Graves syndicate  were   laughed at   for-
erly because they attempted to make
ore pay that would nm as low hs $5 per
ton, yet the Grauby company, which the
syndicate organized with a capital of
$15,000,000, is today successfully treating
much ore thut has no greater value than
that. Not only is this a fact, but it is
more than probable that when tbe
Grauby company, gets to the stage
where 2,000 tons of ore nre run through
the reduction works every day, a fair
profit can be had from ore wilb even leas
At the famous Treadwell mine, on
Douglas Island, Alaska, the average
value of tbe ore is said to run only {2 13
per ton. but the net profit in working
the mine $1,21 per ton. Of course the
property is operated on a gigantic scale,
and tbe profits in, the Bhape of annual
lividends, are enormous, putting it in
ihe (rout of Ihe gold producers of the
In Michigan, copper ore that runs
about $2 pei luu is mined and at a price
which pays immense profits to the own-
rs, who pocket their dividends with the
greatest of regularity. Iu thai section It
is not merely one mine, but a number of
them that do this, as is now well known.
The operators estimate that it takes
about ten years of steady development to
bring a mine to a dividend paying basis,
on the average, and tbey seem well content to stay with them
For many years iu California a low
grade mine could not get a purchaser at
any price, but ol late the case has been
different, and this condition is beginning to obtain to a greater extent all
through tbe mining regions of tbe
Recently the snug sum of $500,000
was paid for a group of low grade claims
on the Colorado river, by a wealthy
syndicate, headed by Senator John P.
Jones. The purchasers figure on getting
not more than f3 per ton from the ore,
and anticipate a monthly output of at
least $100,000 after they get the reduction plant capable of handling 1,000 tons
per day in operation, which tbey are
now woikiug mi
Nu one nowadays doubts tbe existence
of almost unlimited quantities of low
grade ore in the several tumps in the
Boundary, Gradually even the most
conservative ure beginning to realize that
there is a fair margin ol profit in tbisoie
il worked on a sufficiently large scale.
Aaa matter of fact, we are but just !«*■
ginning to see the dawn ol mining operations in this mosi favored portion ol the
province. In another five years or leas,
ihe most sanguine predictions aie likely
lobe eclipsed. Tbe capabilities of this
section for tbe production ol ore seem to
be limited only by the amount of capital
thnt ia intelligently invested.
Loudon, Oct. 27.—Reyi
llewspoper is the first ii
asseit that King I-.dw.i;
from cancer of the throa
issue it declares that since
accession three op l iti
performed for the remove
on the lefl vocal cor.l am!
removed from the right ■
"Assistance was hastil)
says this journal, "as Hi-.
breathing with difficulty,
mediate operation was pe
it was regarded as only a
lief, the injured  epithelu I
become a cancerous   gr   .-.
developments are expe te
■Ida's Weekly
Itish paper  to
1   is  suffering
In   todiy's
His Majesty's
have   been
; of papilloma
thai one  was j
ocal cord last
Majesty was
and an im-
1 formed.   But
temporary re-'
now haviug
". and serious |
Brake man Nadm Loses Both Feet
At Dunn.ore [miction
Last Wednesday  1 ■-■
occurred iu the ii a mi es ai K     it
by which Hugh 1 ■ ..     1 1 si     - I
Prank Sh mn ::  ■-. - - .nous r i
I'he two men went       s-bift a
Work ia being pushed OU the ruck
quarry with the steam drill hy Contractor McKemie, ami a fine lot ui rock is
being secured.
Contractor Leask has put up a new
building ou one of his lots.
The Marysville hotel is crowded daily
to its full capacity.
The interest 111 the smelter city seems '
to grow apace, and the uumber of visitors increase daily.
Postmoster Caiin, of Port Steele, was
a visiior Saturday,
William Carlln and j. J   Young, of
Foil Steele, were in lown Friday.   They
bad been up  10  Alki creek  to look at J
Bob  DeWar's and   Fred   lltz.eu's   prop*j
A large derrick ia being constructed to
handle the rock for the foundation of
the smelter.
Early brothers have completed then
diy shed, aud can now handle 40.000
brick at a time, making their capacity
eaally 20,000 a day.
Mrs. Donahue, of Cranbrook, was a
visitor last Saturday.
Mrs. Estmere ami Mrs J*ck walked
down from Klwbirley last Saturday, returning on the train.
A great deal of  freight Is now coming
into Marysville, and   it   h ill not be long |
when Marysville will   have a daily iraiu j
The beautiful  falls continue to attract |
visitors,  and strangers are always im-1
pressed   with   the vast power going to
waste,   and   make man*,   predictions for
the prosperity of  Marysville when the
power is working in harness.
Ri H. Small  went to l: inbrook Sat- ■
urday to spend Sunday  with his family, j
and .is tbey p .-.-t I tut    the tunui
were   warned   that   I iere   was   1   11   ■      I
hole by the retlriug .'.
less  search   for   the   missed   ll    ■
commenced work, and within .. --
time English's drill struck the powdi
Au explosion followed and when the atmosphere clean',1 it was discovered that
English wis badly mutilated, ua\ g
lost a leg and an aim. Shannon n is
badly bruised but escaped without serious Injury
The management telegraphed to Crauhrook for physicians to be sen:  I  .*
special train, and  P -  King ai 1 Keil
of this city, and  Dr.  Green,   if  Moj   .
responded   aud the C   P   R   1
special  in  Kitchener  within two h u -
afler  the telegram had  been received
The physicians started at once I  .
mine 00 their arrival   ,:   K   c euer, ' il
met   ihe  party coming  imin 'be  uiiu
with the body of English,  who bad ;
.1 short time before, and Shannon     Arriving at Kitchener. Shanuoo's won   Is
were dressed, ani he was br< tight
St Eugene hospital £'. Cranbrook.   T'u-
remains of K:;gh*. h were take;; to Port
Hill, Idaho, for interment,   ir    har-e oi
Undertaker Camp' ell, 1 (this city,    The
funeral   was held  Saturday,   under   tbe
auspices of the Odd  Fellows lodge
Port Hilt, and was tbe largest ever held
io the town, the bu£-i;ies-.   house   c Oiing
during the afternoon   'n memory of tht;
dead.   The deceased leaves a fathi -
'.ro'.hers and a  sister  residing iu  Port
Lost Both Feet.
F. Naden, a young brakeman on tbe
Crow, lost both fee: at Donmore Junction Tuesday night. He atttmoVed t°
jump on a watercar and missed the step,
boih feet being caught under the wheel
of the car, which passed ovei th(
\mputalion  was  neces try, .'• -    -
>■: a crtp^.e for I :.-•;....
On Wednesday evening, October 30,
lyoi, nl St. Eugene hospital, Mr. J, O.
Mr. Rowlaudsoit hud been in poor
health for some lime and a few weeks
ago suffered a stroke of paralysis, Since
tint time he slowly failed until death
enine lo his reliel lie lenv. ■> n widow,
who has the sympathy ol alt.
Keep Your Business al Home.
The Grand Forks News asks the pertinent question; "What did Tim Eaton
every bay in Grand Forks." The Her
aid would repeat the Inquiry for Cranbrook, and add, what did that firm or
any other cut rate house in the east ever
do tu build up Crauhrook or this district
and make good wages possible here?
Our merchants are putting up continually for improvements for anything and
I everything that will add lo the prosper-
jit) of the town, and are selling goods at
William Smalt hnsenteied the eraplo)
of the smelter people as mechanical supervisor.
The townsite office is now completed
and either Mr. Hutchison ir Mr Simpson is on deck ull the lime showing
property to prospective buyers.
The demand for residence lots 1% glowing.    The people   art-   waiting adxiouslj
until these lots arc plaited and placed I
ou the market.
Frank McCabe will 1 mmence the:
construction of his two si ■ -lore building next week. He will baveroomson
the second floor, aud a general store :.
the first floor.
The tools have arrived for the work
of excavating for the smelter site.
Mr, Austin, the smelter expert, said
that Maryaville was oue of tbe finest 1
smelter sites be ever saw
A laundry building is going up al the
north end of Main street
What the people want now and want
badly, is a spur so that the unloading of
goods may lie facilitated.
The demand for lots ia on ihe increase.
One of the first buildings that will go
up here next spring Is an hospital. The
location ia just right for this whole section of the country.
J. C, Drewry, ofltosstao 1, was in town '
Tuesday. He says thai Marysville has a '
The news that Marysville is soon to
be connected by telephone with Cranbrook and Klmberley has caused great
rejoicing among our people.
Concert Tonight.
The Ladies' Aid society ol the Piesby-
terian church have arranged for a grand
concert tonight at the church. They
have engaged for Ihe occasion Mrs. Melville Parry, who will be ably assisted by
local talent. Tbe entertainment will
prove a musical treat, and one that the
people cannot afford lo miss. General
admission, so cent-, reserved seals, 75
cents.    Plan at tleatlle's drug store.
One to Be Built From  Here to Marysi   e
and k'imberley.
At  a  meeting Urectors ol
Cranbrook Electric  '   ("bt company hi   I
■ '.   ■: : t.    -.fte-i. wn   it
.:. : * tele| bone Ma      -.. t. ■-.    .
K ml erlej   and
is  soon -■•' the ne :<   ■■-. - -■*:■    . • mi
can be ni-.de.    It
conipaiy   to cotistrc  '   the ll
th ■   m inih   ol   Pen     1 reek
there   to   Marysvil e   an 1   Kim    1
Sext spring, if ti.
a branch  will Perrj    reek
Old Town.
.:.    line will proi      f gr G
the  merchants ui    ranbr
will place them In easj commun
with several busy aod growing
The Electric Light company whi b
started in a modest way, is now on -i
splendid paying basis, and what is more,
is giving efficient service that is proving
eminently satisfactory to tbe people
It is lurnishing at the present lime over
500 light-, in Cranbrook, with several
oilier contracts pending
A Misnomer.
Tonight is Halloween, or the evenfi 4
preceding All Saints day. To the average kid it is an evening set a; itt I \ 1
kind Providence fur his espei ial benefit.
And we are inclined to bel eve, as ae
gaze, the next day, «n'i irmpatbel 1
sorrow ou tbe lung suffering victims,
who. with many a sigh and weary groan
are repairing the damage done the ni j .t
before, that the name AU Saints day Ll a
rank misnomer-
Breaks ihe Record.
Tbe town of Frank breaks the record
of western towns, sine.  It had a school
ready lor business  before tl had all hotel
selling boo/e.
Presented with a Burro,
Trail News: Fred Kaiser baa at
Ebolt, one of ihe best furnished hotels
in the interior. The house cost him
f I7,(xx». Many of the old railroad employers at Trail are now running in the
Boundary country, and are guests at his
hotel. They, with their colleagues have
presented Mr. Kaiser with a Hi tile
Mexican burro, on which he rides along
the principal thoroughfares with as
much pride as a captain general. Mis.
Kaiser has nu extensive hoarding   house
at the Ii. C. mine, where she accommodates ns many as 150 men at a meal.
Cranbrook lodge,   A. F. & A. M.  will
hold an emergent meeting tonight. CRANBROOK   HERALD |p|
The New Weekly W     3e Printed
in ! heir Own fongue.
■  - itn1	
.tu- tit- news of lite
.   awn   y< in iu-.il
i,.]i,| ,; tu tin- ulllee,
Au Ottawa civil Sei rant w ui Bathe Pub-
llttier-Hi- [i Cluiilc* V. Cooke, » I'ull-
BloQdt-d l.i.ttiti. iu thu Employ ut
Un- luulau   Ut|turtiueut—
Alt   An   1...| si .mum:
The   Vlohiiwks  u(   I'unndti  and *»w
York  Smii    .we  ui   I u\e u   newspap-
0   will   In- ed ' Cl urles  A.
--': ".. s ■■ Kiting,        i ',.-■.■'    ,, di ,;   In.li.,n     em
ployed [Ul     :..   nl    ot    Indian
CONVICTED   HA    HIS   FRIENDS.       j ttlJ" '
There has been considerable criticism j lis
ot Minister Well's manner ol handling]
the   department ol   public  works,  and
began  pi
among the most drastic rt n ictloos upon
that genllcmin's political career are
those made by .lull i H mstcn, in his
paper, the Nelson I'i Ibune N iturally,
some ol the frli nds and bene Usuries of
Mi. Wells have tc i into i these critl
c-ii-, ,ii..i among the most active de-
le; ■• 't- ol that gentleman is Un* editor
of the Canterbury Unit-rap, Uuforlu
oately foi him, and lot Mr. Weds, however, Mr, 10vaua shows up ihe minister
ot public works in a most unfavorable
light. lOthiisPil hy a iletlre to cover
his political   patron  with a   blazi  of
The electors uf this riding sent Mr.
Wells ! i 11-present ihi m In ihe house nt
Victoria, ami to; has proved hluuell
worthy ol the confidence placed in him.
s j inucti so. ludced, tnsit be practically
got mute lm thla rlrilng tliau any olhei
riding got in ihe province.
Think ol tt: A ma
ably lm ins ability
one ol llie most Impo
lions   In   ihe  provinc
el cted presum-
tl fairness to till
ut cabinet post*
and   yel,   in   a
sparsely settled district like North liasl
Kootenay, owlnu tu ins pu I aa a cabinet
olllaer, he spends nine money there
than in any ol the other districts. Ac
Carding to the census. North Kast Knot-
e ti a y has p.iaa population, ami Ninth
East Kooienay 5Uil'J. yet public money
has been freely spent in the north riding, while thla distiict has had It dealt
out most sparii.g y Indeed. Tne Outcrop has given one of the best reasons
why Mr. Houston bis been right In his
ceii*uru of Mr. Wells.
When one slops io consider the Im
mense amount of capital thai lias come
Iniu tht.-. district during the past yeai
and the vast resources still undeveloped,
one is forced to the conclusion thai next
season will be a 1 iimmer In South fOsl
A man never knows what his righl
hand Is worth until he is forced to give
up its use for a tlm :. Especially Is thl
the case If the victim is editing a weel -
ly newspaper. We consider ours worth
a million now and don't want lo sell at
thu  price.
It will be as haul lor a hvpocrlte t,
enter the Kingdom of If *aven as a
bulking cayuse to jump through a trau-
some over a bar room door.
The Frank Sentinel, the new paper
published at Frank, has been launched
by the M itheson Brothers. It Is lull ol
news, ai.tt will prove au able advocate
ot the prosperous town in which it is
Czolgosz, the wretcli that threw the
wfiuie world In mourning by assassinating President McKlnley, paid the penalty Tuesday morning by death.
What Itrillsh Columbia needs Is a
government tor which someone will be
responsible,   The  kind now In force Is
not acceptable to any class or any party
li >vcrnment by injunction has b.-come
popular lu British fJalnmbla. At least
this method of subduing llie lab, ring
classess Is being put inl l practice. Tne
McDonalds are raising hades just now
In ibis province.
The Duke and Duchess ol York have
sailed tor England. They lefl Halifax
wllh one sincere regret, and that was
dii". to the fact that during their trip
through Canada they (ailed io ice Cranbrook.
Msli maid, the Itossland hoodoo, has
realgncu. This move is a Godsend to
Rossland ami ihe province of Untish
Ool imb t
Muliuuk i,liiin..'.:•■. uml ii was ho
■ ucceshful " ut i ■ lm ■ decided to turn
ii mi,, a ui wi-puptv, Hie llrsl oi ii-
kiml iu i ut ilu nd ihe Kivoiul In
An..-ti.a. lli.-fe urti other ludmn
I .: ,,,     ,,,'   iiewspiipers,  bul   lhu
I ,,|  u mu nre issued  hj   mi--
,; v    ,.       ■ -    ■ .1 ilu ■.   uru I'diti'd
:    ■ ., I I "    I   ! ■ Li.-"''    AllVu-
.■.,-.     pulili>li.*d   ui   I ml In n   I'l'i'i tiorj .
Lhc      mils   Indiun  ni'Whpuper     iu
N nih Ann-	
Tin' Unkwvonwe will publish some
Li h>gi-i-phit' m wa from -JilTrri-iii purta
,,i Lhu world, ii .«11 ■■■ iii-wk nnd ru-
pnrts ol prices of Finn, skin--, fish,
,-ie and will huvu mi iiupiir.' de-
piirtineiii       wiih h  will he u f iLs
The Smelter City
of East Kootenay
s, run, nl   .. I ....1- and
.   ;,    'SS!    I.I   .1   ''.USUI,. II    ll,'    llllll       I ,1
...1     lllll .,1
..I Hi,- I.'Illli,l«
,1 '-.      Miss     M
iiiiii Mr. Con
il,.. t <
1'l.lV   ol   llic
Hull, Inn „l"„,
,,'.,,I     ,,,,1,1,1111
lutwk ilinlifi.
n and I, are '
.,,,!' ,,i tli,-
islKl.l  julKe      '-
l.'s I',.,'      ll    I-
llllll   fi
1.-11.1.4-1-    ..!'   Ill,"      I'lluil-
M.'tlinilisl   t'lrsirs-li   ,,i
 T      M'lll.lSll.          llllll n, His, sunn, i'i i
All ur,- si',11 eslu-
...'.   llltllioMv.
ulinns .mi read Kiist-
lli,  ure nl.I.-    H,
[irliitiKl in sl," ill
III" \l.il. ..ilk ulpli
null,,   l.-t l.-lss.      ,,i
i   stL'ttllsi!     Ins
■   prin,",'   SIM,I!
k s      Knulisli
'i       II"'"   Is si  spe-
njili   [inin sl," Unksv, -
,,- i,i,,i,,i. I,,,.
luiukoseke s'liskn   i„-
1,1 s-lik'ls
i   Spirit
■ |„,|„il,sr.      Inns Ilk,
uml     ilm slulnits ol lln
Uln'ii     Rilltur Cooke
liniw  li"  I" shud   ini'l
th.' Iii.li.ii,,, anil    sonu
■ si-nl   ,,, Inin Irom    liis
lis li
Hi..   In
nl   "ll"
I I'll
11,"    ,1111,,'
11   lllll  .Mi,
illy „[
qsinlitk-H      ol      llllilill I,     "llnkivi."
iiiuniM ,i Inn,n,n Mint, nml would bo
npplifd t„ ii Niili'i'i,,' ■ n. rn. Indian "I ,in,iilur uiii,-. Tli,' ml,till, ni ol "univi:" is Mohawk (or "llssi
mil lliliiB.-
in Inipil.i.lvfl ru„|,iH.
T'l„,     Muliuivl.s     „,,.     InsiulsiltvG.
Anions.     Ill" ,|,i"si ions I'Milcr Cooks,
linn Im.i tu uisswi'i' ur,. llisi fallowIiiK:
"I   I ml ti
I il.'.HI, i-
in' in hi
I." Inl .in
■in,"-- ,],,
li" I.ml
lis'   publishes!
"11 llll llllllll,I
la,   nul   iiiiuiy
Hi,i'   lui
"M hi-, i.mills' Unit
him niul,- lie is lill,"I     in  put  un
I'resislLMis ttootflielt 1ms railed a
norm throughout tbe southern Itatel
bv entsirlainlir al lllnnil llocker T.
Wjshingtou, tlie well kuotfn colored
educator ami preildent of the Tuittagee
college (or colored people, The pr-csl
dent I, li I -. own mutter, ass I like deilrea
to entertain Degroel In his home circle, j ' I'
that his business II any ol the rest tl
the people don't care lo, that's their
A svoinan seeking notoriety has gone
Dvnr tbe Niagara Falls In a barrel, and
came out alive. As a museum freak she
will be a lluancial success.
The choice of a cab net ofllcer from
British Columbia seems 10 be between
Senator Templelori and Ralph Smith,
M. I'.
The passing of Manager McDonald ol
the I.e Uoi mine will prove a blessing
for Itossland and llie mining Industry
throughout the province. M Donald
slauils alone In bis light asiau.st llie
miners' union, and his end Is near. He
has been the ' Did Man of the Sea" to
llritish Columbia, and has done legitimate mining In this province more positive harm than all other agencies con,-
.'ping, nml ,1.nil,, bun
I 'Ill    till'   Mlfis-
",l    for   il,"   Mohawk
,"    Ilill     .lollll    lii'i'lllll"
Hml th". hull lo
iiv liefnru Ills'.v hull
ulililllK 1, liiiiiiilntwk..
li" pi,us ol tlm hiri'li
di'lii'd ih.'in '„ cnn"
lilm. Alllinllgh tin,
,-, ih"v were iid-nhl,
11   till!   ,.,,'"1,111.     I'lUIll
is .1.iliii hns   huutfd
tins country,"
Harry Williams,
Will lake contracts for digging cellars,
rendu s( etc , nnywliere in lhc district,
1 rensonnlile rales,
•    •
1 Because it will have the first
smelter in East Kootenay.
2 It will have the first lead refin=
ery in Canada.
3 It will be the great sawmill cen=
ter for the St. Marys valley.
4 It has brick yards with a capac=
ity of 30,000 brick per day.
5 It is at the junction of St. flarys
river and Mark creek.
6 In Hark creek falls it has the
finest water power in the district.
7 It is the point from whence rail=
way construction up the St.
Marys river will begin, and will
be the base of supplies.
8 It is only seven miles from the
North Star and Sullivan mines,
two of the greatest silver=lead
mines in America.
9 Marysville will be a pay roll town
with a constantly increasing
force of men.
Mrs. R. V. Vroom
Is prepared lo slo nil km Is of <lrcit.ni il
lug nt her In,111,- on Hike, lull
Drink Nome Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co,
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables ■.* ..«*
Stable Smith ul Herald Office
Clias.  S. Tripp.
Cranbrook, It. C.
.1. 11. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
Office nl Residence, Irmatrnng Ave.
lillllli HOURS:
Forenoons, -       'ii.tn t„ 11
Alterations   ■   •   •   ■   I'M lo.Ull
Evenings   ■      ■   •    7.1111„ »:,ln
CRANIIROOK.    :   :    1 II.  C
There are a few points lo
be considered in building,
Good  work,   Good    Material
and the price.
Winter Schedule
.. Effective ..
On October 13th
tft'.i '
i li - - ,
llau-imi lalltci Willi iiiii.inc iiliiuii 1'iiililiin:.-
Oiiiic mid sec mc ur kt mc BCC Jim.    ll mill I
ill) us limit K'u'il-
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Indispensable in
 Every Home
A Reliable
Thermometer   *
and Barometer
Worth Jt.OO, specially made to
m.M*t the climatic conditions of
Western Canada, will be sent
fi*e«> to every yearly subscriber
of the
Winn i pea
Season 1901-1902
Cut out this arlvertist-m^nt
and tonvanl to Free Press with
one dollur and receive Weekly
Free PrcBS (tor one your t-ogeth-
er with n handaorno thermometer and barometer,
(i. R. LEASK
James Kerrigan & Ci
Wholesale dealer! in
Grain and
Given  special   attention.
A New Feature
Crows Nest
leaves Kootenay Landing liasl-
bound Tuesday and Priday
Leaves Medicine Hat Westbound
Suiul.il and Wednesday
tor time jablcs nnd full liili,rniiillnn.  .nil •■
nr address nearcsl lusnl Hitent.
». ti. P, t. Aieit,
Vancouver, B,C, Crailroofc
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Mellon. I. C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Lots are now on the market
and are selling rapidly<£<£<£
Simpson & Hutchison
...Sole Agents-
Offices:   Marysville and Cranbrook
En lln; County Court nf Kootenay Hotilen at
Tori   Steele.
Iu tlm matt rilie r-si itcnn 1 i.nei-ts nl llor*
Uf.- T.   llii'WJi,   liitei.l   llie .'ill nl   S|inknn0, 111
tin-Mat.-.11 WashliiKtiiii, 111 ilu-1 nit I'll -tnu--.i.r
ar Intc  -i   «snprifjltv   N^s«n & l:l. Shephard R'y Co.,
Cranbrook, li. C.
I.O.O.F.   Kej Cll) LodRe
\,i   li     .M.'.-lM'vei.i In
Cranbrook Lodge, .Nu. .It
A. F. & \- M.
*w* ■   -A
\ in
ss.iicitsn', ntc.
Tin- only nil mil route between all
Itoiuls linst, West ami Smith to....
NEL50N anfl
Intermediate Points.
Connei'tluH nt
SPOKANK with the
Great Northern.  Northern Pacific
and 0. I-.'. iS: N. Company.
Nelson   with   Steamer fur  Kaslo
and   All  Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally lor
Republic, and
Connects daily
l|lS>'||  I
iii'l-iiinii'tl iiilininUtriiinr ul the |iermuml esti
.111.1 efTeuis «r the mill ileccmteil. Soil *■■ 1- n
lieicliy ulven Unit nl |n*r«>n n linviuj- i-hil
ntri.lnst the s.tiii .tir.'HM'.l in.- ivi|iilreil will
thirty days or Un* duto herenft.i fiirwniililie
mIMi lull |nirtlcul.ir*uliily veilll.-d by sttiiiiti
iluelnrailon to iho snld iitlmlnlsirator, to Un
i.r-H>k, 11. <". Anil uoilce \$ nlsu hoioby gs
iim' alter sueli Ijwt mentloiii'd ilntv sni.l mini
Istrator will proceed iu distribute Llic assets
ilu- si.i.1 .i.T.-iiM'.! nr iiliiuii. law wit limit
ttiira to any el..lnu nl wlilcli he shntl llieii 1
Imve rccetveil noilce,
Dnletl this'.Gtli ilnyof Seiitenih 1, tarn,
\\. I', in Iin.
lolleltor [»i tlie Ailliilnfs nil
At    Bossburg   Stage   Dally   (or
PprrV   =   (^TPPk      (iriMlJ Forks and flreenwood.
n j / \'»' 1 ^ y It. A. JACKSON, (ten. Pans. A|t.
nOIbL j	
Oliver Burffe Proprietor <*,
  Surveys „,	
Good Accommodations lor the pub- L'llld Purchases
lie.      Best  of  liquors  and  cigars. „       r-,
Come and sec the  famous PerryI Pre-Emptions,
creek district.    Quart:  and placer Mining Claims,
mining.   8 miles from Cranbrook. Ktc,   made  by  contrail.
■of  1.11
: iit-s ■
in South i-'ii-1
lll'lllsll < I l 1
c moiichnt nl
tin-1 nu,' 1
1 iiiiiiilliin I'nelllc llaliwny,
.ui.-linll nii!.*sw.-sii. lynft
iitiiiut 10r.ds un-tturh 11
N.'st l'11-s  ImtlK I. ..f Ut
1 t
tin'hiillis. lln'ii.i' ,
1-llltlllS.   tl    SHU
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc,
I'. 11. I„ri Steele, B.C.
ronhrnnii, British Columbia   ,\.   |).  GRANT
In inuktnrr s-lisjiiL' of a premium for
/,,-i   sveekly for season    IIIU1-U2   the
pree   iv...   tvim g,   have     uiv.l
siHiit'tlrinij quite ..sit   if the ordliiury
i.-uiislJ 'ii f Hi"   value   t.,   the
tarn >'i- '.:   U'.'sti-i u L'UiluisIa ol un lle-
»"j Builder t«
:::::Crankrool, I ti
1   1  Iiitki   nun
li! '
in ■      ■'. i  'ii-i     ivh   h
'on ti   ie I ■ 111 Cully, nrii-r heHiH
llj   In   ■ till  ll -.t.'.-ni. .
nt"   ni.-l    Willi   in  Ihl.-i   entintiy
Something for You
\ beautiful "(llaia SUr Mount" wild imr
iilmlll in »iii hi* uiu-ii wilb every doici
cabinet pictures liken brture Chrlsimit.
Come now, nml i;li 1* im Hm*, lu |f| uut
tlirlslmns work out. No work pronilHr*!
from lllis (Idle before Hirer weeks Iroa
lime of silllii]*.        PUIiST, I'h -rnph«r
Ccrtllk'nlc oi llic ReRlstriillon of -
111 l:\lni
Provincial  Company.
"COMPANlliS ACT 18')7."
1 liiToliyeci'ilfylbat lhc '1 Invoi l.r
.111.1 Allliili::. plliiy," "Hull |i.'isnii.l
it Mlnili)-
Hiti.-i»iij-iiny iiiul.'!' ll < onidoH '
lui'iiri'V mil orclleel n Inr mi) ol lhc
Hie fninimiiy to wliichthc li-jtisliiiivc
llljCltS "1
iitilti nil*.
the city ol Spouiine, suite ol Wiutiiiiiji
1 r. s,
' Tlioainoiilit nl the capital or llic 1 c
?;r..ioo, illviduil lulu itnmv-au s es -
'■ihi' ln-i.il iiii 1 lho «' iMini  in
vinuu is situate nt Cianhrotik, uml .l>
Costiunn,  hariliitcr nl law, ivlmsc 11
Uraiihniolt nfuresiilili ^ lhc mtmiicy
I'mn puny.
Ihe time  Of the i'\lslciii-e..l  Il,f  0
Iltiy years,   Tho Compniij is ^iiuciiili
iimlcrScci lun r-...rili- -uiii Acl,
(lira ler i"V bund uml Seal of
Victoria, province oMIrlilsli 1 '..In li
this pro*
.i.n 1;,.u.
ihlrcss is
im' Ilia
j hmllcd
1, this Hill
"" "                         S. V. WHIiTTON,
HoBlstrnrorj l stock ci
,„.T,»uni,."i :m i::o:";;;""sv',',..;,, James qreer
mnl"rwmmi'tiiit1' jufu 'r'.. i'i!.'"\\..'-O'j- Contractor
l'r" '' H and liuililur  «*
I Get your Job Work » rkin,nr„„i.l<i. s»uibci>n
at the Herald office
yuu Iniilil     It will pay you.
Cntiibriink, 11 C
Improving On Nature
Is one ol the functions of the tailor. By his art he make?
up lor Heficiencics of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would nol think  of selling;  at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 2»ili Century Tailors, Cranbr.iuk, B. C, 1% I I f I    The Best of Joh Printing
ar   fi,    -ft.   if!   t
fi   fi   sf
1   HI
Will always be secured when you Ret
your work at The Herald office. Try
it ant! be convinced.
,. i ........    ■	
:•:••• •
• • ■ • • ••'..'.'.'.'..'.	
i.i lilm ,, l.il... i    proved    the
, .1 ii     ' ■   ■ ",n. .ull	
III. Llll,'. I'll'llillg Hi I..- ,       t. V     ,.-
13th Annual  Report of the On- I Notable Figurr. in the  Early Lifts I „ " .  "..' '0. 0,1
lano Factory Inspectors. oil hat City Passes Away. ! lusiint
I I ,.. ht< iiiul    mi  mr -.ii.n..ii .,. -
,,[ I'i. '..ii   unci historical
394 ACCIDENTS, 22 BEING FATAL j SKETCH UF REV, DRi SCAD01NG j ';■;■ >• ;-;', ■      ™
C»riilvnuess •* ITuvorltt KiplH utiuu. lint
itiui.   I'roisurt   !)■ in Bint tun  Bpetd   '»
HlirmlKltl   t«   1><- tt Mii.li  Hurt.  ft.
Innl  1'ii.n.a (it  *..l.li-»li    lu Ur-
lUrluH  - ti.Hllll*!       IWHH.eil
SIM lull     I'ihi*      »n*
Su villi i.i-.
'Hu* iliiii.'.-tiili un mini report ot thu
Onlui in in. tori inspuetoru, win li
niu'iii thu yuur iiiini, hIiowm tlml in
t-i'it.- ui u ^tilt-nil iluslro to i'iiui|'l>
null Un- law uh lo Die safety ul employes Hi.'iv wns it record nl 110-1 m'-
clileiils, ul which !iH wuru fatal, Ouv
limmiuHa ia u fuviirlln uxuliintilloii,
bill ii one lookH for the eiuisu ul tho
allt'gL'd .Mi'.-ii'ssni-sri it will gumimlly
tic uiiiini, in ii..* 'high pressuru Unit
crenlt'S a demand fur speed in modern
industry, Tin* workman is ivdiuun-
ished hy his foreman ur employui io
take sutUi'i.'iiL inin* iu Insure sufuty,
to iiud.0 averyl liing perfectly suciitu,
uml tu avoid atxlilents. At the suiuu
t inn', he is admonished by Hu- very
conditions undur which lie works to
eacrlUce ull ihlngs, tmfetj Included,
to speed; fur lie knows Ihnt sloth is
th.- unpardonable sin, that if Ins
day's work dues nni show satisfactory results hu will be forced into
the ranks of tlie unemployed without
furl lier inquiry. Modern muehlniTy,
with its irresistible strength uml unimaginable speed, is responsible for
a lung record uf maiming und death.
phy, pui
,-■ iiviiuj     ■ ■      11>' ni (i had    a   une
 .11.'.' nm   lli- was ti pa-
111.1..1 ti Uii.rm i.n,.  ur w.i- titarij no ' ,,,,,, ,,, ,!,,. iimii,'M iyp,., among citl-
ipl.d wllh    those
lltlon nml respect
.1.1   Wlll-tl    II.    Dlnl    1 i I   nl
miilluii uml Volt
i t\Iiiiii' l.iFa Wn
I., ii..
, Kpre
,„i...l     inilcfutigiilib   tor the
ni   I  nt  iii.'  land    uf   the
Iin- ,.,.:■..   hi,- ,,:    | Lo .nni  Hi" Old
i' '    OiOi.'.in i|. !-.. it ilu-'  ,
IHIHSill ,,w.i\   ivt'i'ttlly  it, ih,- person til I lu
lt**v   Henry Scuihling,  ll ll , who died I
nt    ins iv-.,i..„.-,.. (i    Trinity sipi,,.-e. j    m.,„
Ur. Scudding, who would huvu    !■■-. n   lopien
HH yem*s old liml he lived   null duly, j'"■'"'•I
li.t.l been  i-onflned  to his  ■■ n hucu , "J*1**
ih.- mi.tiil.' ol .lunmiry,   the   troubh i '1l'|l,,l^
lifiiie  n  gradual  decnj   owing  lo ex- ! ,.„,„,-
ti.'ii,,. old age   tic wns sleeping m
1>   when those who were Wutchliij
the room were uroused h>     Lhu
<^*V The following tabic shows lhc amount Ol the annual Instalments 4'"\>*
®—a    *^^ "n ltJ*' ai-rt:s'" diffcrcni prices under the above conditions: 4^^
li-T    ^1\ |6I) flC™:" $2,S0 Per atr' ,sl ins,a,mL'nI W9.9S   9 equal Intil'ts al $50.10 &&
W   Y^ "         .--00    »        »           7i.w           ••          60.00 YY
<«,,„>l„..l.,.,  „, „ Pew "I  ll.rm ..inltere*.
i,, i rniu  I ml  ,,, »>».-
„„- l.,|,„ul Nuu.nl.
„ur toivna have mloptoU
 ,     ,„■     liuve Iiiul sueh
I hem l.v n generous suisl
nililir Most of those rc-
lil..ii.,1 inn A few i'i the
„.' ii-  with tl,'ir suppletn-
ilu- li,'il-i,l..    ii  ii,i- toiinsl    ijiui  llm
ngesi  lister ,.f lln' llospel, ,i .,1 his-
i,'i'i,in.  hml  lii..-!.. .1  Ins rsiursu    niul
hull  peni'ctull)      puss,.,l     1,11,11'        .Mis
Hi'uililiiig iiiini In isi::. ,hi,i ono
daughter, Mrs. .Siillivuii. .mil several
grandchildren  siii'Mi-,-
.I.,lui s.nil,lm-. Hi,' fattier ,,' tho
lisle Itev. Ur Si-ashling, ,nil," to
York     It,   I7'.':i    with  MsUni'-lirnei'til
ml',,'ill.nils iliis.'l'luir, Sim,  limine  n fii'i.ii' li, Hi,- latter .ui    liis
In    I TWO     .!..!,,
-Tlm tliies'i, r
•ll." i unlial s
tine victim wns drawn against a mill ' l'1'."1'"11"'' .'stni"s     . .   i,,„s     u,
■aw by the carriage that conveys the   s™",l"« "'"'"    '.'  ,"'? l'?"'",
.       .        .   .   .,   j   ,     .      . , .,        I  illi'lll    n    us mn        ,',    Hi''   si'ln'l,'   ,,f      I"'
logs, nml ttted iruiu Ins Injuries, An- .     .,[,,,
other ivns caught by the casting mi
th,- moving bed of a inclnl (ilimer,
ami wns killed by being drawn utitier
tho     stationary rest that holsls the
gutting       tool.      Hull,   these   n.'.'i.li'llts
occurred with sluwly inoving nm-
chtnery. Uncovered tatlka of hoilmg
ivuicr si.'ie responsible fur two
dentils, uml another sen-, duo in
scnlditlg through disconnecting n live
stinm pips'. ThnHi deaths resulted
friuii unprotected gearing, but in one
case llie injury was coinparatlvcly
slight, the fatal termination being
dii.' ,ii blood-poisoning,
The danger ut shafting has been
emphasized hy it record of four victims.    One wus oiling il ivlul
Iiiiii,ill.ui- 'llie Ambitious t'.sy.
J.,'llllllll I'll,'    1',,1','sl      fill.
Kingston- lli,'  Limestone City.
Iti'unlfortl    lli"  Telephone  City,
Wiiiilsin- Tli,'  Frontier  City.
Sl     Tin,inns- 'I'd,' lliiilw'.ii   City,
Chatham—The .Muple City
si    r.iiiii,nn,-s- lln- iiurilen t'lty.
tittulph   'Ih.-   II..\nl  rnv
Hlra 'il   'Ih" Classic  City.
Ili'llilill"    I'ly  Ilnl   l.'il.v
« Isloek—The t',-.,lin-v City.
IVierl,,,,-,,   Tli"  Kleilrie City.
It,ill -Utile Mnnohester.
11,'rllli-   I'll" tli'ilnuli Town
i',,rn wn 11 -Tlie l'iii'tiii'v Town,
tlnderich- Tli" Suit Town,
llii.il.vlll,— 'lln.  Islnnil Town.
Tin,ri,hi   Th"   Hill  Town,
lining   further     s-ssst  we hnvo    of
ill   ,,|   111"   I
"inisisiine ,,[ ttliinil L'.Mi ueros, W'llll ,
brnki'li from nn H>" hi!-" hi Hi"
mm.' v.-ir    he returned to  Rnghiiul   course:
will i.-rnnr Sll:,,',,...     The lute Ur   '     Moilll'I'llL-TllC   llnynl   '.."l.v.
S,milium   ivns     born u!     Hunk'SSl-ell,       tlui'hec    lie'      Ituck   lily   end  also
llei-rinsliir...     ill   ISl-'l.     iiiiiI   III   l-^l    ll1"   A""1    ''""
llllll  I'etU
York.    Ilis  I'.iilii' ,li.,l    in    1H--I
nils     I'll,-   llliu'imse   City.
-The lslitlltl  City.
irom iuitirii's iiillii'iul In- the   fulling I Chariot!.
jf ,i  tree ' HI'"11 ti  I'l'i'Senta:
llr   Senddlng reeeivt-l his  ■ nr lv .-.,- Winnilieg-Tlio l'riilric City.
ncniion nl  i:p|,,r Cunmln College '«- i "' un-T'he Wheat City.
Ing Ihe lu'iisl    l,„i   of the Inst tin
111 lii" T
I 'i.le. ill-
ity.    und
I Canadian Pacific Railway Lands : •
The Lanadiitn Pacific Railway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming ami ranching lands
in the Kootenay Di.strict. 'The prices range from $1.00 to 55.00 an acre, the latter heiny-, for first-class agricultural laiid.s.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate uniiumi oi principal and int rest, except  in  lhc
•4X.4>      case   '" l:"ul" ",,l)cr ^"^ ''"' at:rc' '* lii'11^ 'nt" ten instalments as ^/k,
• t      .              -Iiinwi in lhc tabic hclnw: lhc first in he paid   ;il   ihe  time  oi  pur .-   .^
' ^      ,'4.    ,      ^li'i-c,   inc   second  une year from dale of llie purchase, ihe lli inl in a
X^I     Jk.^      two vcars and sunn. /h*A\
v±      aa       two >cars and so nn
oO.IHl i j.
70.0(1 vj
811.00 * to
'10 00
Kimberlev 's t-16 business and shipping point for the
* North Star ami Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
P-;      Cranbl'Ook "s ,'1C ("v's'(,na' point of the Crows INesi Pass
Oi Railway and the conunercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
l.ansls under S2.50 per ussrc  sire  snlil
nn slturtcr time.
11 the Inn.1 is [111 i.i Inr in full nl llic
lime uf purchase, a reduction Irom the
price will he allowed equal In ten per
cent nn lln: umutin! paid in excess of the
usual cash instalment,
Interest  al  sis  per   sent    will  be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Compan) ha- also lots   tor  sale
in Ills' following tun 11 site- in last  koi'l
cnayt   Elko, Cranbrook. Moyclle. kiuh
ctter. Creston and Klmberley,
The lerms nf poyment arc one third
cash, and ihe balance in sn and   twelve
KltCllllCr is in the sulci' ni ids' '.rcii
Iron range aud Ihe jfatcwai to the White
Qrousc copper fields,   J. I. BUKUIiSS.
I,.., nsitc Agent.
y.,   For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner. Winnipeg.
f-|i^-«HM)-®-(.K.Hil f«- SUS- I.H.I  »-l.i !.l (.,-.) (.,  ',1  ■.'■'..   ■'.'■■'.•.'...'    .-	
?*^^Oil<ikO-*0''i'i,(i)^i"liOi'-i''I.'ii.'/.s'.i.'il.'ii','i,'..*.*.'.'..".'■.■.'.". .'.'.'.'.'.'  '.'.'.'  '  '.'
idlnn l'
I Still.     In   I Hill,  he ivns iippolll'ed     ..
Kme's s,l„,l,,r.  uiiuii ,.n'iil"il 1.1,    I'1-"  ,!l"  «"-'rn   l.iv,'-|	
ni '..ins,, ut  un     Knglisl \vr- v "'""''"   The Capital  City.
,    .Fltt      lie pr .1   in  s,      John's New IV.-slminsler-The Hoyal City
tin11. another wns pulling ,,n u belt,     (.',,„    ,-.     ,  .   ,, ,.   w. ,ri, , , .,, % - ''',-  ,'"■■:   r-»»
.1 third wus crawling under ,. shaft I (.        „[.,.",   ,   -1... ,-,-!, ■ i,.-»--   ,.,
in „  forbidden place, ami thu fourth !     p!      .'' '"           u-1   -I  \vi-r-. !).■ .i.i-nn-uii. lu.v m  ,,„su„y,
is'us  emtglit.  by  11  shis'pslsii,   that   fell    'J,' t^ .-  ih1'.' i'.' ' '■ i '■  of l'n'" I ll„l Itosslnnsl    I I."  .Minnie  ' ity.
accidentally on a shaft uml tighten-    ,.     ,   ~ ,.  , is--   i .   ,.turi tlreents i    lli" Smelter City,
ed about Ins hnutl as it was wound I   !["(„'('urmitn   in   Isits' nnd' nt  on,', N' '      Henvs-i    I.'i"   American    Lo
ul'      Two  men   ive,..   lsill,',I    hy corn-        .       ,     (         ..        netivilies  of     his cenie.
inn n.i'i.l.'iiinllv     Int.. contact    svnh                        '.'    ,              ■! rssieal   mas- Slocan    1 h   !'..   s   I Ity.
liar saws, and ono death resulted | ,"„ ,„  1 -,,,. /  (■",,.'.,'|.i  'college,    nml Kami        I'I     Cniiyon City.
in-'  '  iiil.-'iii   ,,f '  11.■;.       '-     The l.nke City.
i'i,i,,■,!,.   '   Idhic   ih, ■ Uevi-lstoke   The llisilwny City.
liter a  siuiirlsT  "f      T"    '  -    U"t     '""  "'I'"'' nmbl
.... ,,oil. a "'             ' "   in gl'i   with  propri, t;
lhc  li-        '
j The Cranbrook
I Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
BOO--■■:■■": ■ ■ ■  ."  ■ ■
. wound indicted by n piece of
Iiiiii.>t-r thrown from n snw in mo-
tlmi. Two nili.'r snw mill Imiids met
v. .■■, f»tal nccidents, ono IiuvIhr been
ei'i-i nl In  it falling loa nnd Un- oil
blow from tlm lever of
         A buratitrg grind- I ^ \\*Z  "" ,""0O"lie O ■ : "i..  ''''.nnns't
il one fatal accident, and I ,.lai;|| ilatron  under  the  Ong
i.i sii- i, ,s   ,,iiiiii led |, 1'     "i  !'
1'. ,1-  •     I'he   Klondike  Capital,  or
,      '..' ten    i     ''':'' '"":
„  hislniUiernnher   ,.i   V„rk    .in,I   I
tin- record uf the t>„w,-r hoist In-
cllllles one sleuth cluing under 11"'
cognizulice nl factory leglslnlion.
tin,, accidental death is recorded ns
iiii" In Ihe fulling uf u lumber pile.
A boiler oxploslon resulted in one
futnliiy, uml "iie death «,,- rnused
by ihe explosion ..I n sisiei eom-
pomut uaetl in making lirewmts   I'hls
is  Mi., r mil nf dentin which   <•	
within lb,' purview nl tin- fnctor>
acl.  nml  nl  th"  I,me   iiiiii.   nl l"ss"!'
A   v js.„,ni.,,, „„ ,!,. I.,i,nine |<,„.il,,lltl..
nl „
tare,   resulting   in   pertlllllienl   injury.
As „ gei il ml,, reus,lunlili' em.' I,us
I ,,     exercise!    in prevenl   n,s,U".s
,1 i",i  tinvnrii  ilevlHlng  snfeguat',1
A  i,rn.nu. miiiiis  il,"     nl,., ii u
,1, s [se sum,, in,..,ns ,,| , ut! lug ,i n ii
iiiiim,is, nit the i mi" rerpilrs'tt lo ,1"
tlie      work,      l.ul   I,"   wl,..   devises   i.
sel,"ine I",    urlllfl  llie unlet)   nl lln
worker     must   tie conleul   with    tli.
Ml' 1.1, III I.'I.     nl     l.ll.ill IliC,    llllll     ll"    tll-
puhsi-g.sl  Ihe s.'npu ,,1 i,nl,ui   leglsla-
II,,   Hull Mild  tl>.  lS,l,b.u
An   ei,,. li i    Ineldenl   w.i"   i
 'I "„   lu.'.'l.o   „t  tl„   premise,
it,  .l,-ii| ,   [In    Ni w   nn,, i,.,nl
appcura  thul   sslnlss   u  drove ol  i ,i
tl" ii  I'nsstmi the ihop „ lull ..
tleutl)   took   ,,   tutu i   I..  -	
i Ibl ....   ,,n. I ,.,i.1, ... ,,i, ii '.   .    .ii     '
ill, V editor
"' .1 '" ' '",„.,.,.
enl      i - tl.-r.il 1" Intel
!'.' l.v  Sel      est is lu'inc   nro I ■ .1   In   th    fact   tltn
n  1 i,  linn ........  .,,[ limited ncr,
1  . -   nl     work   he being   n|i"ii,sl   mil   b)      ll
■ lliu'i'tiiinellt    iu   s-iskulil
il    \.       '.   „     Western    Cat
.    I |.|«.|   ..,■'"' ,, "      un oncen
purl  nl I'ni - im' nil v,,linn.'     ,,m   ,'. . , ng, '..    sough
!  I     I'" -     Mr   «    l;      i  "   m   lliggiiisvill.
|ss,      ||,   „|s Iii.il.     ii [.„(„      ie Co     Ms,     .s.,s  ,i   ili-l.e.i
j 1
IP. Burns & Col
lYl. Mclnnes & Co.,
I M^l  i\\erchants
',;. Fresh and Curct.1 .Ms.-.ti> lis-h
iti      Fish, Game and Poultry.
G ******
•.%•.< gj We supply only the best     \uur
, • i        trade is solicited.
eejbbse!Olooi?voo m& m   ..••■.
in .ill the
Towns in
Robinson & McKenzie.
I Rough and
I Dressed Lumber, g
« ■■»     	
I Dimension Lumber, !i
j Shingles andl     Saw and Planing Mills
| flouldings. SI A"Kinds0f
I      in stock ob made to ORDER.      ! Rough and Dressed Lumber
.ll 1..'
-.1   \,i.
. ... 1'.'. 1 '.i'i
1   \   .,     II    ■.. ,   1'      riplive  .,'
 ,,|        "       n,,!  in n nrk      ':
,1   .       ■ .-. passing I
I here ,1
li.     ..'     "s   ilupi
I     ...   .',,1    s.,11
. .Ill       U.S.  1
known     .
' Sl, ,1., ■   .     ill.- S      Ihe  In'",
I | -l.ir, I
\    M.n 	
.„...,        [--'.' Curb
.   in     Cmini '   ■ 'S	
.   .1     -, „    i       uiiuii   I mnl
nml  .,[,",,..1  ii     wns     fur  tun,
I tailing,   up   II i..•   large   I'I.,
windows   III l.s s  in   is.' i. "i
In , .,■ tl ,  .   lul'll I nt   Thul
„ m ..i eicittni ii-  tVi.ti.Mi iem.ni. I    <.,-.    s,',.
,sl.  two  I.,.,,.-  in    ihe hIu.ii fainted, ' |,,.|,|  ,...   |
„,,.I men   iltnuleil       ll,"    Imll  n
im.ini nn.'    u.i-   Un. cen I ,n
Inn    Iniilil  .,, m.ills   „i,  show   ,,
Mi.   ii m,lull     I'.i'.nlintll.i   In-   „,,s
Innl    I... .11 -.      nit,   uml   u.is
mini      1,1,n,l s   IVn4.lv,
I    \ II     Klin l
- I     in-     s.'inh! i    ■" In  IsT'
II      ,'., I."
        ,'.. I   I      I" ■ -I	
'' II"'  Vnrk  I' »   niul    on.'   „,.;;,
I I, is   rn   Ihnl      l""li        I"    ,.,,',
■ '    "1   Ins    li
in," i.,11,,.-I 1
i' front     lu
• ,i 1.1  from    10
.,,,'s   Irom   150
all  \n    l
mlerable number
well uml there
isi Uiiuii They
1   ilu   lo    the
lie un Un- range
-.ni      Fui  mid
,l'   matured and
llinlls   t'l.isses   uf
: null convinced
[i . . b'ettei i'.ii iiiiii.in ..ni  1 Imi"
obocf jOOCoobQDiOOOQOOOOOobbc! m^mmmmsimimumjim^^^w^^ m:- ■ ■
TV|P One of the Most Comfortable 1 TIlC    PrOSDCCtOrS'    HxdMin^
1     I IWTZ  lintel", ut I'inst Kootenay.       p.-J r °
■^"^•" IM No. 4 K-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C.
I'^J       fiiilil,Stlvet i.. .' stn.li   i :■ t v   .    ■ , t   .   , i !■ '.' ' I      I .:: ,    - .   I-   '
■■    l.v     ".
Refitted Tliinuglioul
tef |„„|,erty fur sale nn i   ius-le.lt
Newly  l''.irt,'shetl I Bs*§ l.lbillon    Wei!  t   li ... tr
\M Hr.ll...col HI
i=?3 rlu-lr li,'.i.l.,ii,irt
I mm., ■ ■ '      . ■
L. II. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, II. C.
B Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, b  -  .
..I in-
> i:
I 111..-. Ie. ul C.U.4.,
'ihe i..inl number nl (ur s,-uls tnk-
en in Canadian s,.,il,.rs during n,"
yeui  11100 nun :i.'.,.-,l':i
Tlie l.il'si.'i |ilnli> iiiini" Is estiinul-
0,1 1,, bo wurili *1,lllll.inn It comprises   HuS   cniiiii'iies.    ilisperseit     oil
the seaboard of the   maritime   pro-
ot   province i,  r  1 lis-
li.nl nu'li'l.v, i.-....... lur Hi" purse of colh't'tlng .nul preserving
,..... 1,'iisii" sniuies. iluines. dress,
'I ,I.'in".,,mr nf   liisi   lniinili.ru "1
l.'s  will
.ir„v     mi!..
iiiniul" r.- . .i.i
'Ihe senliiig Heel Inst year iiumbor- | ,IS   such
,.,l UT V"ss,-ls, nu  ini'l'i'iisil nl II   over    |„, ,,,,,,,,1  ,„
the  pt's'iiniis  yeiii'.   nn,l   representing | ti,0  orillnai1
an oggreguto uf 3,041 inns' register. . ,|„. i,,,,,.,- ,,
Tlie Bitliiion-iireservliig industry ol . ,,t- ,i„. ,1m-
Ilriiish    Columbia,    comprising    Oil f „,„ soil 	
e erica anil   representing u capital . ij,„,s ,,f lis
Of   $1,1180,000,   gives  pln.l Illi'lll.     lo     |„,nd,    ill"   f
IS,1177 hniuis. tin' itii'ln.„'.v
No  less limn  70,8(111 men were nr- i „„„„i  ,,( il,
,'iuiii'il iu llitm in ujcplnlllug the wnl- i hnpienieiil  ,
urn uf I'linniln, using u,l">tm,Tll0 111 111- I .,„|.   „h,, si
ni„, ,,t nels uml ollli'i' lishini!    genr, I ,,„|   I „■	
reui'.'senling  a  capital     ul   J10.000,- U'hlrh   Ihev   I lll.-ll.   e.i'.i'ini!   llu'ii
linn spncllv ieli 'ho     wiih "I
II...   mini  ditch   of fish   In  t'nmiiln | ,,.,.„ „( |nB
, I is "i,l. I nun l„ul,..,',l„i„.
,"       lull..-.une   I-   from   'III"  1'hlln-
.iiiil iiill    l.e rend
Thnt  i' uin  is   do-
s.ls.pim      .-  ,, rale    wlilrh well .1,-
    ni inn   ill   III"   imillllfm'-
i"i 'ne Interests nl this country Is
i.t forth m .i recent report from
Consul lli'ii.'i'nl llittinger al Mont,
real, win, lulls especial nlletltlnn to
i'ni,in Imii pi'ogi'esa iu railway building, ('.inuilii began rnlltvny building   nl"mi   il."  -inn.'  lini"     Hint   this
i..umr.i   ilnl. nml.     , si.luring     her
s'olupui'utlvely     mi'ilgro    popttlalinn,
bus in must ns rapid progress.
Tli,. ' i.n. ,1 Slates, with approximately eighly   million    population,
luii",     in rn I    numbers,    180,000
il.     while  Cunmln
W^M\ $200 IN CASH, i  —^——
J|S~|T jN.OJ S,Hj J
Win- IVlatheson, l'n pi ietor
The hotel has been reopened and U nous   rend)   li   cater  In  ■
t   W<.svillBivelb,'iili.iverewimlt<>niiyp,'rs,uiwl„iwill,nrr,'rllvarrriiigiitlie^ |Hlhlis      I ir-l cl.'iss dlimu   room   -crsue.     Ili._l>.   1   ut   .     nn,
Jaljove Icttcra to spoil the llll s„f threiil'iimi.linu nlii-. I'seeii'eh letter luiti |i„ii,ir-. ,.t llic htir                                       ROW i'i   Sll . ■'■    Hanojrel
\once,  Tri it. We will positively give thu innnoy nwny, nnd you may bollte\ ;                                                                  	
f fortunate poraoii,   Should there bo mom than 1 set,,! correct answers, theF    j- —: :—-~-	
!money will bodlvlded equally. For instatico Bliottld 6 peraoni scndincnrrccti
anawcra, eneh will reeolve $40; should 10 persona send In correct answers,"! i-v      \;          iz    11   I   :     ..    ..  j   'j   'a   rj
each siill receive $20 ; twenty poraons, flOeoob.   Wo do this lo lntro.li.etf UO   1 OU   5t.ll   L.1QUOI   ,    .    .     .
Snur linn niul goods ss,i luniille aaouiekly as possible.   SEND NO MnNl.YA
WITH Yfiflt ANSWER,   This UnFflEE contest.   A post card will do. \ ,       ...             ..        .   ,         ,    ,,,,,,, ,        ,
'II, who have net received unrlhlngl i „ii„.,,„„u-i..1i,, ,li,,,„„-.            f II -„. Jnn'l hit)    Dpi   TIPD     rhe tllllj WboleSJile Liquor »esl<
•^-V^*».EMPIRE SUPPLY CO.. ORILLIA, CANADA.'»^*.'»-»H. j           until )oa sec ..    r I-wl-, I  I UIV.    South Hail koctetia)      Writ. t..r I'ri,,
A. T. Vroom,
I |il".   bus   17.11110
fin  ihe year  IStlti, as reported     l
ih.. imiiorliu,    department, in tell
In S:l|.Sill.71111, being llll hliTi'llS" nf
.si' :.'-,,,,,lllll over the yield ut the previous year.
Bllb-.IIVIShtn      ni '''s'     ''''""   inmpnl'isnli,   il   will     I
ir ' O-O '     r    Ke1,11* is ol"'   (,f   wbh'h our northern
, '"™"   ."'   ,'   ',,",    lielghblll' bus   "iismi  In  be nslllllll-
'      . n     ed.    Tlii'i'u is "very reason lo rojolce
'   '. ul   Ibis evlsls'iire n' Cnnnillnil    prna-
'    "l'n 'ni'i    I'C'il.v-    in ..II Hun  pertains to rall-
: "',;',,      ,,,,,     wa)   eipiiiui i. from nsli-plnles    to
I        u'li'li' Per-   ''"''"  ' vestibule tv.nfhes, nur Can-
" '"' ' ' mil.,n cousins i"\""|it in n few minor
in-imi'"-) must ui present look lu
lb" liiili'.l Siiili.s ,is Ihe Imse ,,I sup.
plies      it is, iu,r. inr,-. wiih ii   re- attention, and we will guarantee
douliled fervor,  niliut upon RoK-ln-1 satisfaction to our patrons in all
tsiresl, un well    as upon     ghbtirly v        t     .   j
feeling, ihni  Ihis coiinlry will    wish] we do. Yours lor trade.
u'l'sn «s m u.l.i Uml Ur Si',,,1-   Canada   continued    bitecesa   la   the'
ing, by the.0 researches, whieh were |"'""" ''"Wloii.'	
nl    111.
Wagon [taking;,
and  Painting.
erniil  usefulness, uml nuguu'iitlng il
[iiie      fn f     lb"    "iiiiiiiuiiniv     ,
All kinds  ol   work   given  prompt
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick
Cranbrook, B. C.   -'.   ■"•    •'
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for Suuth East Kootenay.
Look lor the
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Fire Brick      | John W. Wolf
!,,Ul '""      Boot, Shoe and      ...HOT WE1NIES.
Harness Maker
At the
Old shoes matte new.   All kinds
Geo. R. Taylor.      of repairing,   (live me a call.
The Wentworth Hotel s' ■ m
■ .
i oilet Sets
We have them in every shape O
anil color and almost every price. «
Call early and get your pick be= |
fore they are all sold. They are g
sure to sell fast as they are uu= y
surpassed in price and beauty, a
The Kootenay Furniture Co., \ \
Llmlleil      Q
Next Door to Post Office (J
LOCAL   NOTES      ,
Picked  Up About the City  by AskiiiK
Questions ol  Many People.
#*-.*♦ | prist week, is ill u  etitical condition and
S   her recovery is now a mailer of doubt.
sud npplea
l,,r   lliillnw
e'en tit tl
1     Km
A.    1
,t   returns
1    Sn inin)
Thanksglviug .lay mnl tonight
Choice dairy butter, -"5 cents per
1 .lj iiii at o. T. Roger's.
Joseph Scbnicll, the Moyie linguist,
was ii Craubroo'K visitor Monday.
\. Hales came down from Marysville
Tuesday evening for a couple of days.
William Cnrlin ami Al Doyle, of Fort
Steele, were Cranbrook visitors Sunday.
Charles -McNab, of the McNab Lumber
company, J.iiliay, was in town Sunday,
Iiie Herald is under obligations tu
Sammy Rnjotte for South African papers.
nr. King aud I)r Bonnell visited Klmberley  last  Friday on professional bus-
Mrs. Jackson and childreu arrived
from Nelson Sunday lo join Mr. Jackson,
who is cutter at llie 1'. Hums market.
The family will live In the house vacated
bj G. T  Rogers.
Messrs Costigail- Mclnnes, Doble and
others have disposed of their extensive
timber limits located near the Boundary,
ami close lo  the   line  of the British Co
lutnbin Southern railroad.
The oldest timers lu ihis portion ol
South K ist Kootenay -say that they have
never seen sueh line weather so lute lit
Hit- fall, ami foi BUCll a length of time
It is passible that it may continue fai
Into November.
.Mis, W. |. Lowes and children returned home Tuesday, after spending a few
mouths in Smil St, Marie, accompanied
by her cousin, Miss Annie Kennedy, nt
Vinton, Jjue , who will spend several
months in Cranbrook,
J, C- Drewry came in t>om Rosslaud
Monday, and left Tuesday for the St.
Marys country. Mr. Drewry says that
he has no doubt in his mind that a road
will be built from Marysville up the St.
Marys valley next year.
James Greer,  the contractor, has just
completed a large cold storage plant al
IS:. F,iigetie   Mission.    He also has the
I contract for  an  hospital nt Klko, which
er   is to be built for Dr. Briinnell, of Ferule,
land will commence work at once.
Mr, Hutigerfoid,   the new locomotive
foreman,   bus   rented   the W. A. Miner
This move was made accessary by the
intelligence from Kuglaud that his
lailiL-i was iu failing health uud desired
him to return home without delay. Tli -
he will do, and possibly locale permanently in K'ugland. Mr. Joilifle es*
tabllshed himself lu Cranbrook as a uu bi
worthy young mail) and his many friends
here will regret his departure
I'.iint- iin Redistribution.
Nelson Tribune:    The  ceusua returns
for   Kootenay   and   Vale   printed   today i
bears out  the contention  made by the
Tribuue that Kootenay ami Vale should
have not less than u members in the I
piovlnclal   legislature.      The   Tribuue j
claimed that a member should be elected
Irom a riding formed out of that portion
j of East and West Kootenay lying nloug
the main line of the Canadian Pacific
railway.   According to the census re
turns the present ridings known us Rev-
elstoke aud North Kast Kootenay have
a population oi 4958. Ol tins population,
[300   ut   least   aie 111 Uliulllg camps lli.il
nn longer look to Revelstoke or Golden
us their central points. These 1500 people should be placed ill ridings so ilu'
interests ol those people would be in
common. Soulh Bast Kootenay, oui ol
which two ridings should be made, has
a population of 5962, This, with the
population   of  the Windermere  portion
of the Golden riding, and the people in
the Goat River mlniug division of West
Kootenay, will total not less thau (15."!
Slocan riding has a population of 5321.
These with the Trout Lake and Nakusp-
Fire Valley portion of Revelstoke riding
will make a population ol 6500, which
would entitle them to two members,
Nelson riding has a population of 7102,
of which nearly 6000 are In the city of
Nelson and its several additions. Ross-
laull riding has a population of 14.603,
ol which 620 1 me in the city ot Rosslaud,
1200 in the city ol Trail, and 200 in the
outlying mines in Trail Creek mining
division. The remaining 7000 are in
Cascade, Grand Forks, Phoenix, Greenwood, Kin.It. Midway and other camps
in the Boundary section of Vale district
Nelson City is entitled to a member, as
Is Rosslaud city. The remainder ol the
population   ol   Trail  Creek   uml   Nelson
mining divisions, which will number
over  3000, are entitled  to a member.
hast and West Kootenay have ft population 30.926, or over   .Soon more Ihuii New
Westminster district ami New Westminster city. With the cities of Nelson and
Rosslaud each given a member, there
remains a population of 18,926 iu the
smaller cities and towns and mining
camps anil farming districts, which, if
given six members, would be one lo each
3154 ol population. Vale has a population iS 7if)    The:e are no large citie
Trail News: Mrs. W. Wilson has none
tn .Cranbrook where she will hereafter
10 J. Peltier opens his  branch   whole-
ale house in  Fernie this week.    Waller
I Harwood, who has been with the Cran-
Mis     W,    A,    Miner    and   daughter,   brook bouse, will go to Fernie as m.-iia-
l'.uisy,   leli today lor California forthelger,   and Joseph   IVlletier, formerley of
",liter. I Hlairmore, will be Mr. Peltier's assistant
t Imrles Early and William Trout came   ,n CrflIll»rook'
don,)   from   Marysville Saturday  for a       10 C. Smith   ha;; gone   lo Spokane lo
brief stay, I attend the first annua)  meeting of the
I Marysville Townsite company, which
will tn* held November 2, Messrs. Hull,
Hogan, Saunders and Turner will all be
in attendance, after which Messrs. Hull,
Hogan and Smith will return to Mary.--
A, W. McVittie returned Tuesday from
M irysville, where he has been surveying
tin.- townsite.
.Mrs. A. Patterson and two children
i Tuesday lor their future home at
Swift Cuitent.
[lagan and wile returned Tues*
11 from a week's stay in Klmberley
and Marysville.
O. W. Oil!, of Pineher Creek, visited
lit.- brother. James Gill, of this city, sev-
ei.il days tills week
Mr. Rolandson, who has b -en confined
al iht* hospital for several weeks, Is re
I oitetl as being very low.
Constable Mortis returnel ou Sunday
from a hunting trip to Ihe lertitoriis.
He got back nml that is about all.
\ I.eitch returned Saturday from his
bunting trip to the ttrritoilea. He was
successful hi bugging a nice lot of game,
The   Fort   Steele Mercantile company
hit-, built au addition to their warehouse
.ui Armstrong avenue, an.l is filling it
with hay.
Fourteen ■.oiiug people of Cranbrook
attended n dance iu Fort Steele Monday
1 lit, md report one ol the best limes
ol ilu- season,
■Irs 1. Rookes expects lo go to Sun
Francisco to spend the colder part ..i
l.i' winter, as the climate here does not
a     , with her,
conscience and nn Ostertuoor
i' ti insure perfect rest, 11 you
h ue th. ousclence, Gilpin has the
mattress foi Bale too.
111 extra gang is working on the rail'
road in ihe vicinity of Palmers liar, ami
nil getting that portion ol the track in
n    1 excellent shape.
S A ' -ei,. 1 and family, of Frank, have
returned from their trip to New York
nml Buffalo, It was Mr. Geho's lirst va-
c -tion iu about 14 years.
Dr. Richards, a nephew of S. Richards
ol this city, and traveling representative
ol a large eastern drug house, has been
in town tlie past two days.
The  funeral   seivices of the late  Mr.
vi lie
The City bakery came near going up
iu flames one night last week. The
heating Btove became overheated and set
lire to the adjoining wall. The lire was
discovered by Messrs. McNeil and Pat-
ton, who broke open the door, and by
vigorous work succeeded in saving the
Chailcs Vromau, nf the Went worth
hotel, has completed the two dressing
rooms for the Wentworth hall. They
are located back of the stage and are
neatly decorated aud comfortable in
every rc-pect. Mr. Vromau is entitled
to the thanks of the public lor his enterprise.
"Already we are beginning to feel the
beneficial effects ot the building up ol
Marysville," said a Cranbrook merchant
one day Ibis week. "Il is helping evety
merchant iii town, and is going to be a
big thing for Cranbrook directly am]
indirectly, as well as for all this part of
the distiict."
C M Keep was in lown Tuesday en-
route lo.Spokane He said to a Cran
brook cl listen; "Tell Simpson I will not
be back until I .an ride into Fort Steele
on a railroad." lie arranged his a flairs
in tins district before leaving so thai
they will tiol need his personal attention
for several years,
"Dick" Maiiion, who has charge of
the government road work in Cranbiook,
received a team ol horses Irom N Hanson's this week, that he says will discount any team 111 the country. Their
combined weight isover 3.-00 pound, and
as "Dick" is a good judge ol horseflesh,
his word should be good.
Several   members   of   the   Cranbrook
band have organized an orchestra, and
their   services   may   be   obtainable   for
dances,   parlies,  etc     This   is   a   good
move, and The Herald congratulates the
people uf Cranbrook  and the district on
(his   musical   addition.    The   orchestra
will be in demand throughout the dis-
j   O. Rowlaudsou   will be held at Christ
church tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock.
Rev. Beacham will officiate. The job department of The Herald is
,..,,.       ....        ...     ...       I kept busy these days turning out job
William   hschwtg,   of   the   Northern I        ,   ,     .,    , , ..    -    ...    .     ,
..... , work for the towns ol Moyie, Klmberley,
lintel, at K-nne,   was iu tow 11 last week. I ., -,,     ..,,       ,., .,      .
1,....iii 1 ,1 ..,   , .,        Marnvllle, Elko, Jaffray, Morrissey and
•'Hill" Is  an old   Wardnerite, and has a !,...,„,„
li.. 1 ol friends in Cranbrook.
j ..SPECIAL., j
!   ..OFFER.,  i
' The Herald lor 25 Cents
|     Until January I, 1902
J The   Herald  gives the  news  of
* all Ihe district all the time.     It is
* not controlled by [personal prcju-
* dices or  petty  clique.     It  stands
* for  the  district as a whole.    Semi
* in  P, t), order, stamps, coin, any
| old thing.    Give name ami address
* plainly.
meut. Ttu in. is a gray copper carry
Ing high values iu gold and silvei.
Sevi i d   huti bed    >us   ure on the .lump
I: is report' '■ 'i.'i the Old Abe group
ol tir lies (.is Hull rivei has hee ii sold, and
that the property will be turned over lo
the new owners this week, or as soon as
crown grains are received from the go* -
t-iiiiii.-nt. There are six claims Iu the
in the group, the nl.) Abe, Black Priuce,
Hue Jay, Nancy Hauks, Faragut and
Duller, On the Nancy Hanks there is a
large strong and well defined lead, which,
judging from smface indications, is even
better than the Oid Abe.
*i*i**ii*Si*i******t*$*$($ '
* r
* News Notes From the Mineral City I
- '    *
-3 f
Hi Hi ********************
l-'imn lite M.i-,1.' l.i'ii.U'i.
ST    I'i ..I'.Nl.   HOARDING   1101 sl-;
The boarding house al the St. Eugene
mine changed hands ihis week. Mi
mid  Mis. a   O'Kelly are leaving nnd
will make their home ill Spokane, ami
the boatdlng house is now in charge of
Mr and Mrs   W   R  Stone.
The owners ol ilu* placer claims on
Lamb creek have clubbed together and
are Milking a shaft lo bedrock, The
woik is in charge ol Tom Johnson. The
result will he known ill a tew days.
wiu.lAM  Mll.l.s  RETURNS
William Mnis. oneoi the pioneers of
Moyle, returned this week with his wife
and child. Mills left here early last
spring lo try his luck iu Alaska, and
his wife went east on a visit While iu
Alaska helocalul some good claims, but
a railroad will first have to be built into
that country before anything can be
done wiih them .Mills says that Moyie
is good enough lor him. uml he intends
to remain.
MO ltll.1, TAKKS A rride
Ed lllll, one of Moyie'smosi popular
young business men, was married last
Tuesday in Letllblidge lo Miss Minnie
ililiu-r, of Goilrich, Out. They were
married at the home of Mr, Hill's
brother, E J Hill Thursday the happy
couple returned lo Moyie, urd have
taken up their home in one of the Con-
rade house-, near Tavistock streel. The
couple have ihe best wishes of everyone.
A pump was Installed in the shaft al
the Lake Shore unite this week
G T. McGregor relumed this morning
from Manitoba, He is somewhat improved in health, but is yet fai from being a weil man,
Miss Soper, of Klmberley, has been
visiting in  Kliubeiley  foi seveial days
W. W. Tt.ifu'ti, who has been with tbe
Moyie Lumber company fur the past six
mouths, is now iu Greal Falls, Mont.
Joseph Shea and family have returned
from the Northwest Territories, where
they were spending the summer.
Mr. ami Mrs. l.acey are building a
hotel at Portland, the new town on llie
line of the Ctows Nest Southern, Il
will be reiuly to occupy in a few weeks
A F. Geddes is packing what is left of
li. II. Gilpin's slock and shipping it
back to Cranbrook. Mr. Geddes
peels lo open his store in Elko next
- t-
* i
i i
*.   News   Trent   the   dial    Metropolis  ?
i i
' li Pays l„ Usui slim llcallie '
Over son volumes, containing all
the latest novels. They tiiusl
.-ill go at .i.iy old prine, to make
room for our Christmas supplies
that district bul its population entitle
it to six members, which would- in* on
to overy 31 ig of population. East and
West Lillooet have a total population of
1759, which surely does not entitle then
11 more than one member. The population of Cariboo is not known, hut it is
probably iii the neighborhood of 2500
The white population of the province is
iu the neighborhood of 140,000, of which
36 fper cent live 111 Knutenuy and Vale
districts. With over one-third of the
population, eight-tenths ol ihe mineral
wealth, ami fully one half of the agricultural and stock raising resources of tin-
province, surely Kootenay and Vale are
entitled lo fair representation 111 the
legislative assembly.   They can get wllfll
they nre entitled lo if only ihe members
fur these two districts stand up for Ihe:'
rights, and not fall down when the party
whip is cracked by a coast politician.
[Cranbrook,   Good work nnd good mat
erial   counts.     The   Herald   is   scuring
A. C. Itowuess and wife, of Reusing.! job work from all over the district slui-
to.i, P E 1 , nre vsiimg with Mr. and  ply because ii has llie best  equipped
M    , h   II. Small     Mr. Howness expects
lo locale in South East Kooienay,
1I11. Howling,   who  has been sick at
office ill the dlsttlet, and gives saiisfac-
l ion
Mr. Jollllle  hu
M out his interest iu
hospital  with   pneumonia   foi   the. ilu- dairy to his partner, Mr, Lounsbury.
From r.-,,.*,.e*'li.|'r.».|.<'.*.<*,'.
Thomas Staibinl returned to Windermere on Tuesday.
Mr, and Mrs, Armstrong ami daughter
visited Cranbrook on Friday,
George Watson relumed on Tuesday
from au all summer's trip iu tlie Bonn
dary district.
J. T, Liiillaw and C, M. Keep vtsiled
the Hull river iron mines 011 Tuesday,
Four tunnels are being driven on lhc ore
body which is looking exceedingly well
N. Goldman, of Loudon, England,
one of Ihe principal owners of the Perry
creek gold mines, who has been visiting
the mini's during the past mouth, lefl oil
Tuesday for the old country.
The Tiger group, owned by J. P. Lar-
sen ami Don McKay, located 011 the
divide between Wild Horse and Sheep
Creek, has been closed down for the
winter Dp to the present lime about
fh.ouj  has been expended   in develop-
t? I'r
Mi. W, A. Ganong, late of St. John.
N.   ll.,   h..s  taken   charge  of the  office
work at llie Royal hotel,
C. R. Palmer, of Crauhrook, Is here iti
the interests of the Singer manufacturing
company, for whom he is general agent
Tin* remodelling of the Alberta is now
almost completed, ami the popular pro-
piietor, Mi. George Levnsseur, wears a
contented nn iie,
Mi. and Mis. Oldlailll, leli lor '.lien
homein Pennsylvania last week. They
expect lo let in 11 in ihe spring and take
up .heir residence at Morris.-ey, where
Mi. Uldlaml has a controct for erecting
several hundred coke owns.
Mi. 0. N, Janes sold his sawmill plain
ami mill site together wiih the limber
privileges to Mr. II. V. Molt, who will
install new ami additional machinery
an I proceed with manufacturing forthwith. Mr. J. A. McLean purchased all
the lumber at the mill and will remove
it to his yards,
Mrs. Dr, Corsan arrived iu Fertile on
Mr. 11. Itcntlcy came up from J.etlt-
brulge on Saturday.
s ii.Tt-i-i im-'it nun iwoinmitlis nil-
icnil 111 npily in Hie Clili-r t'liiniiiiB
Imiils nml lvnrks fin   pi 1 mission 1
I Ian
■lallray In Kits!  lii
< itii'iii' a- utii |inst iiiarii.nl "II,  11. Mo Mil
Inn's \. u. ('oriio.'," planicd at Um smith west
onrncr of tut 3,6 la in Krnupuiia Koolonity .its
tri.'i, tlii'tu'o south I*--1 < Indus along tho easier.)
Imiiiulnry ur a. Rosen's pre-emption, tlienoi
eii-t-iiieiiiiii.s nlongllio nortlicny liounilnryol
th.- Innl iiu'iiifii'ii in M -Nun Lumber eoinimny's
tliiihcr llcenso, iliotioonuilli nurhains, iluuai
wiui laelinins tn tin' place ol bof-lunlng,  The
•sl  il
llll 1
11, ll. .M'.Mll I,AN.
We live iii a speculative n"-e, an age ol i»t-^ coin
nines and Ire- is, the very vustnessof « hich bars
the ordinary mortal. Wc are all more or less of
a speci'lalive nature, l.ui limited means demand
that we run no risk of loss. We oiler you a sale
Investment in good, clean, pure groceries. Our
aim is lo give you only what we can guarantee
as being the very best,    fry us.
Q. T. Rogers,
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
Home Hade
Thai is what ours
is like.   Try it.
City Bakery.
llur baas, bread, sake nasi tickets tor sale at
(i. T.  Roger's grocery siarc.
An elegant line of
Cranbiook   Souvenirs
Hi'Ji (i.utle Watches
Choice Selection in
Reliable quadruple plated
silverware, clocks, specta-
cleware, etc.
W. F. Tate, *..i.Mto
Cranbrook, li. C.
Official Walch liisaeclor for C, P. R„ Crowi
Nest Pass Division.
A Very Superior Grade of
Eating as well as Cooking Apples
At Right Prices
Peaches, Grapes, Etc., Arriving Every Day
KlINU Grocer
a Specialty
Manitoba Hotel
Centrally Located  Comfortable Rooms  Well Equipped Bar
The Tlanitoba Hotel Is One of the Best In South
Ea.st Kootenay.     Your Patronage  Is Solicited
Heat in,*; Stoves
Cook Stove&
Livery  %£
Proprietors j* j* J*
Teams nasi ilrivers furnished for any
point iti tlie [listrict.
Manager   .*   .«   jl
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economieal way to handle it.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, It C
Upholstering un-J General I'oroilorc Repairing
Will attend to .my work iu the district
WALL PAPER    mutual
Get ready for your fall wall= I   jf p
* - *	
Get ready for your fall wall=
papering. We will sell wall=
cheaper than it has ever been
sold in the district.
floyie 's Hotel Kootenay
I  a/i li *'           The best of accomodations
L.cdding' A          for the (raveling public.
Hotd McrlAHON  ISROS.,
John Hutchison
Is now selliit)! stock in the
Great Dane Mines, Limited
Shares 10c payable 1 cent a month
for 10 months
Hotel S S
liuests Comfort 11 Specialty
tiimd Smliliuj; in Connection
Nearest to ralliond and depot.    Tins accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook,
■-• * • ■♦ * * • • * • • *
The Ontario Mutual Life.
Amount ol New Business
I'aiii .a taken in 1000
IlL'lna Ilio I..I.1..M   VO|,l mi; s.vnri'il In
Hi- Dominion hj am fnumlinri Ufi* r puny
fnt Uu'j.'iii ,'iiiliiu: ln-i'i'inni'i :ii, |uno,
it huconiiinny uoloilfur
Ininrnhlt Hnles
iilxii Dividends
II >riihlr   IK-nlhiK nml
A Polk) InltPiyi,
'"I nili-an.l ml.. lllnn nn nil plain Une*
Win. J TW1SS,
Ocncral Ancai, Soulh Itnilcrn II. C , Kailo
■1 C.K. Palmer District A Kent, Cranbrook
C. R. Palmer
..Cranbrook, 11. C.
AtiliNI   l-.IK
The Mutual Life Assurance Company of Canada.
The Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corp oration,
Limited,  of   London, Enjr.
The Singer /Manufacturing
Co., of Portland, Oregon.
The Crown Tailoring Co.,
of Toronto, Ontario, jt^iji


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