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Cranbrook Herald Apr 16, 1903

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VOLUME   ii.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Ile.-iil Office, Toronto,
A. Cos, Prrolilvnt.
i'ai,i lip Capital
'..lal   Kcs-iar-rs
II. Iti Wn.a»..«» -il".,.
. lam.IMM
..... i.<m.mtm
llepnsits Received,   lieneml Hanking llusiness Transacted
SIVIN.IS mik IH'I'tU MUNI   He-Mali, Hecelve-I   l.lereai All..,.
,* 1 *» 1 •» 1 ■» 1 *»■ 1., 1 ■*. *>1 m >■1 * 1 ■*• I r* I I -
1 . 1 • 1 . ! . 1 -, 1 • 1 -1 -. I« I -1*e1 *>!*)
Gilpin Closing |
Do you realize ho.v deep a cut in
prices selling out at cost means?
Come and let us show you.    1 o clear a number of line, of
which we   have an over supply we are making ruinous prices
Durkee's 5ulad Dressing, tormerly ooe now 30c
Ladies' Skirt, tormerly SO now $,,
llov Calf Shoes, formerly S.I now S1.00
Any ill) can of Iruit now >oc
We can sell FURNITURE only for a short time. Secure some
of these bargains whilst you can.
Call early and often.   There is still a lot of stuff to be sold.
I •■ I -M -j-1 -1 I <s I * I *. I« I«-1 * I ■» I»I«I ■» I * I
I    . 1 .. 1 .. 1 1...... 1... 1....,... 1... 1 .*.. 1...,.:. 1 I   ... 1
. . . I»1 *
Penalty of Rye Abuse
Q Don't wait until the eyes give out and you are compelled
to stop work. Many people must overwork the eyes, but none
need permanently injure them.   II the vision feels strained gel
Q the proper glasses at once.   Bring your eye trouble to us.
3 Cars of Hardware       j
Just Unloaded :'
rty Stock is now complete in every detail, it Is the
largest in Uu- district. I keep everything in Ihe hardware
"In lhe Spring 11 young man's fancy lightly tiiniH
In Ihinighls of love"
So should the middle aged men and old men. Love of Ihe beautiful. And all that is good in quality, artistic in design and beautiful in conception will be lound in our new stock that li daily
arriving. The latest in pins, bracelets, neck chain,, brooches,
buttons, in lad everything in our line,
W. F. TATE JEWJgteg and optician
Olficial Watch Inspector Crows Nesl Branch C. P. R.
*     Pioneer Hardware Store
8 We wisli to call ynui attention this week to our splendid
} s: vk ol Paints, Alab-istlne, etc., as house cleaning time
j is near.    Our prices arc right, as usual.    We are giving
I some excellent bargains in stoves as we are anxious to
J reduce our slock in ihis line.
s *
iieii,-iiiiinfili*li«i(!>ii.*l*ki.il*sii«i(Bi-» u«;i(i)imi«ii.i|«|i5n»i<!)iffll®l®
♦>1 • 1»1«. 1 * 1 * 1»1 * 1 # 1 «> 1«1«1 s> 1 r 1 ■•■ 1 * 1 «• 1 * 1 * 1»1 * 1 * I»I <§> 1 ♦ 1».
-<■ -w
:port SIMPSON, B. c,.|
The terminus of the Trans-Canada and
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Get in
on the ground floor and make money.
Lots (or sale by
J li. Hnwuen, ini.|ii ii'iiit ot ilie Cos -
mi.ji 1I1U11 botel. is an hugliahtuaii win,
believes in Canada mul r- (.c-i-inHv the
Noilh West Territories ami Si.nil. But
Kootruny, M be l. f jnutlnr will) the resource*  ot  bulh   iMtloUl,    Speaking nl
the country In geueisl mid Cranbrook
In particular, be sunt I bit hedMtaed to
Ilrm anyone apeak d'sparagiuply of ihe
place wbrre itirv lived, eaneclnllv it H
Weie a lnihiiitM mihii wbo hint dune nl
least Testiitnst.lv well. '*( think the
nun wbo talked to toe Nclaon News the
iilber liny it -lulu. sod I have saved Ibe
interview t.ir ynu," and he produced tbe
J. Scoggie, manager of the I'.ijiiilalilr
t.ltc Insuraure Cuitipauy Iur Winnipeg
and we»l of the Km:kirs, whs In 10wil
yt\>lrril»y looking ever the business situ
aiioa in thi* dim-ict, "lhe Ko- trim,-,'*-
are all right from a business puim ul
view," be tali), " ynu have bad troubles,
f coarse, and the mining industiy ban
bean tlfpiessed, hut J-Ottl* inn splendid
section of the dt'tninion witb an ui.doubt
ediy great tu ure before ll. 1 no ttbout
tbe states h greet deal uud I'm atruck
by the differ cut method* of business lu
Vbgfll Ifl tbe two countries. Yuu can't
get ah American to admit tbere ia anything realty wrong with bla aeciiou of
ibe coautry. 'Times are a bit quirt,' lie
will aay,'but we are all right and ibis
la a ([teat country.' Over on this side
of the line 1 think we in >ke too much ol
tbe *qulei timet,' wben tbey come along
and proclaim onr woea ton loudly. A
uiau who haa not faith in bla own
sectiou nf the country abould get out of
it. When capitalists come through here
and ac* your people down on tbelr luck
becebtr i mra fere not ho suing, they are
apt t« go elsewhere. I think one i-hnuld
stick up for hia countiy and particularly bis own sect ion ot it and let the other
fellow find out ihe drawbacks—if he
tototo m ■
tlay'tleo le the name nf a new town on
the Oreat Northern lhat l# to be the
headquarters of construction for the new
cut off. It a'rtariy tua leusalonna, The
name Should he changed to llarien.
flank Kller came down from Kimtirr-
ley laat Tuesday, and of rotiiae bis do^,
Sir Oai,rle<, came wiih him. Sir Cnarles
ia llauk'a Inseparable enmtmnion and
po-sseases many peculiar and atrikiug
iraita of character. He never ia friendly
witb anyone, nnlrss told tn he so hy bin
niaater. What la more, he insists ou po*.
Iltene-M from fell wbo apeak In him
They tell tbe atory that thr dug wns lu a
eablh on a claim In tbe district when a
couple of hogs lhat were inclined tn be
Very friendly around thr premise*, wan*
dered Into tbe front room. The occu-
pants of the room yelled al thr dog,
"Sic 'em, air 'cm," but ibe dug never
moved. Just then lUnk stepped In and
one ofjihe men said:
"llenk, your dog is no good. Ur
won't drive out lhe pigs."
"Perhaps you did uot make your re-
<lneat io lhe p;ntier manner," replied
Hank, and turning in thr dug be said in
a quiet tour, "S'-r Cbfrlea, won't yon
pleaae drive cut the pig*?"
As quirk H* a flash Sii Charles was
after the intruders antl la Ihc mixup a
table fend tlie stove was turned over but
the plga were chased out.
"Il li uecesaary to address him polite-
lyjtl you waut hiui lo do anyihing," said
tlauk." "1 never apeak lo him In auy
oibrr way," and thoae who have known
tlauk and hia dog for years aay (bat this
ia true.
Spring haa come. Of this there is no
lonbi becfeuse tbe
dangerous occuaption
Kailruailini; Shows  Many   Carolines
Iur Ibe Vear.
§ Phone 20. I
- w T®
14i*!*l*l*l*l*l*l*lt>l*|*i*,*|-i'*l*lf I ■'•■ 1 -i-1 *\* J * I.*' i-4-I*-
■tjiiaiiit'I* f®T®i®T©T®T®T®n» I'im®!*1^!!*!*!®!*!^)®!*!'*!-*!®!
The C  P.    R.  Has   Secured   th
thc Busines-i on thc Interior Lakes.
are going north.
After a man vlalta ibe frigid country
of Morrlssey anil Fernie it la a pleasnte
to retbrn to Crnnbrook wbereihere la no
snow, where tbf birds ire singing sweet
spring time feODga, lhe fljwcra are petp-
uig forth from the ground, the Imds appearing on lhe trtea and Ihe banauna
plaina Hon, ishlng. Tbe man who lives
iu tilt biuaniift twit of tbis district has
reason to he thankful.
Kclall Umber Bu.lmii.
J. W. Kolil-ofeon returned laat Friday
Irom -Winnipeg, wbere be attended tbe
animal meeting of Ihe Western Retail
Lumber Dretera Association. Tbe meeting wu fe large one and a great deal of
business of Itnpoilance was iransacled,
Mr. Robinson ''aaya lhat the politicians
In thit country bave worked up the
lumber question until tbe [eople think
tbe wfennfactitrera of Ihe Kootenays are
robbing tbem. -It ia a great graft for
the politician,! »nd they are working It
io • flni»b._ 	
,;■ A CfelMrei'* Party.
A children's party waa given last Moo*
day after noon by Mra. James Gill for ber
two little daughters, Mtsaes Helen and
Klate. Tbere were twelve gnevte -present
and ilne of tbe features of the entertainment wae a bran cake, irom which bung
nMwoi at.il band painted cards. Hid
den lb the bun on the end of eicb rib-
boo *»> a present, ami each guest pulled t«i a ribbon aud discovered tbelr
preaeut iu tbat way. It ta nettllei* tu
say thai the little ones bad a Jolly time.
HallniadltiK a i)ai]j(vrous Occupation.
Tbe dangers which beaet the life oi
railway employees is well illustiMted by
the t8tb auiiunl statement ol tbe Oram)
Truuk IiiNUrance \ Provident society,
recently llBUfd, in a uicuibership ol
10,144 i«r«onn, including only 1 "retired
railway employees, there were 1-17
deaths, 33 of which were the result ol
accident; no fewer than 95? caseB of injury, and 3.847 cases of aickuess. Thus,
if no allowance be mude lor aome unfortunates who suffered tn.ni* than oue
complitint, over one-third ol the eiulrr
tnettibership was nn tbe sick lint during
the last year. Cine cannot look over tbe
statement without being struck with Ihe
amounl ol sickness due to exfo*»iire.
There were 613 cases mil it-ii/.t, of pneumonia 54, co as urn pi ion 19, lumbago 331,
a.li,tc.iis<>]uts 133 pleurisy 36,rheumatism
bronchitis 27b. Numerous oiher com-
plaintN wrre undoubtedly brought on or
aggravated by exposure, but the total of
those already mentioned is 1.572, showing lhat  considerably  uiuie  than  out-
half of all tbe sickness was attributable
to climate conditions. Strangely
enough, only one case of [rust bile whs
reported. Heurt trouble nlfccted 2H
employees, conjunctivitis nf the eye 31
others while 12 were bothered with in-
ll-tii.nu.m ol the ear, There were also
jh cusei of tiiiiluriii. >.' ul typhoid fever,
30 of appendicitis, w. of aliscessea, 30 uf
bulls, iH nl carbuncle, 58 ot uruislgia,
37 ut sciatica.
Ninetv-niie dentils resulted from
ualiitiil cnuries, hiu the 1 ffeol nf tbe life
is partly evident in tbt- ctiuses, Twlve
died from heart disease, ia from pnen
mon In, 14 imui consumption, >s from
apoplexy, li uh.mid be borne iu mind
thai   the members air BUljecled tu u
medical eiainuinll.ni belore lieing employ eil.
Of the U..S7 itcci.letit-i, it. resulted in
rtiiipuiHii.nl*, 3a In burns; g in dialoca*
lions, 1J3 fractuies, 3-iH injuiles to the
upper exireinitii"*, bend mid face, 463
Ihjlilies to the lower rilrrinitlrs and
body. Tbeie were 117 fuses of Injuries
to the Btigers. 9a lo ihe luinils, 8g to tbe
feel, ao to the tnes. Tnere were lewrr
accMenls and fewer cases of sickness
than In lyoi, when Hie former ivttmber-
ed 079, file taller. 3,737, or a lota) of 4,-
700. Jnllueij/.rt accounted lor 1,36a cases
that year,
The iiienibership was made up of l\-
41a conductors; hrnkt-mru anil baggagemen, 1*3)1 engineers uml firemen, 3111
yardmen, couplers ami switchmen, '■!,-
357 mecliiint-js, j, 1 H,j laborers, 68fi
•atation ami geneiul office hands and 900
reliied mbmbers. Auioilg tbe conductors, etc.', [here were ai.| accidents and
530 cases of sickness! among the
engineers and firemen 185 accidents and
My discs of HlcktieM*-; among the yardmen
etc., 31 accidents and 37 cases of sickness; among tlie mechanics 272 accidents, laborers, >.|y accidents ami bba
cases of slckuesb; among station and
office bands, 6 accident* and 92 cases of
s'ekee s 	
Will Run (be Lalttl
Kaslo, April 10 - It is nnderstord here
that an arrangement has been entered
iutn hi-1.wen the 0, P. R  and thr Inter-
national Npvigiitjon Co , whereby the
latter concern will withdrawn fmm ti.e
sleamhual service between this place
and WelflOrt,    Lick of snltielenl business
to meet current expenses u ihe reason
given for the wllhdrawl of lhe Inler*
national nmnpany The 0. P, R will
shortly plar-.r the Knkitnee oil Ihe ways
for a general overhauling) and it is stated they will replace her with the Kaslo,
which lias been put under lease to the
C. 1', K. At the same time It is believed the cump'Uiy will purchase the boat
if the npsel price Is not too high. Colonel Irving w It have the final say in
tbe matter for the International Co
This arrangement would give the C P
R. full control ofthe lake traffic,       ^
Miss luiiiia l.ell.li.
I.sst   S'iMiiduv    niiiiiiiug   al  \ o'clock,
n lb» tent that b.d been ber home fur
Averal nioniha at lethbridge, Alta ,
Ulaa Kmiuii Ultcb,daughtero| .Mt and
Mt*. \ l.eilcb, fOUud rehet Ipmii liei
.1 llenugs In death.   Tor result hud been
expected la Oranbrook dall) (nr several
ntekii and ret  when  it became n\ »h
■ llted (act a w-lvr nl Nadliess IWept UVtfl
the town, lor Hie dead gnl. during lief
several yean, resilience in Cranbrook,
won a niroiig place Iur het*>ill In
the ntfrrtlons ol the pcnple.
'Ihe Itory ot tier last yeai is a sjd one
Afler returiilug from a visit tn lhe east
(nr nearly a year, where she had gum- to
recuperate, her buoyant spirits predotnl
uslrd, uud she Hre111e.1t tn liavr coillt
back [to| health, siiengtb and happl
nei*. lint gradually the change cume,
and the girl mice su pi uml of lift strength
and uiiiiilng energy   fnuml it necessary
in make rscuses (or lhe change 1 hut wns
taking plui-e. I.ist tall sbe wns liiki-u
tn I.ribbrtilge and, under the adv ce nl
her physician there, arranged tn rem iin
away from tbe mountains, A tent was
provided and everything possible was
done 10 make tier comfortable. Her sister. Miss Jmsie I.fiich, went tn l,eill-
bridge and remained aa her constant
companion and nurse until the end. For
a lime it looked as thnugh she might
improve but slowly lhe inalduoits disease, tubercoloais of the tbt oat, gained
and hope was Muttering In the balance.
This spring It was deemed beat Iur the
family to be with her, and they all
moved to l.eihbrltige where ihey could
administer to ber wants and satisfy rv
ery wish day anrl night. Three weeks
ago it seemed as if the end was near,
aud the father nnd two older brothers
were called to her bedside. Hul her vitality and strong will power held her up,
to lhe surprise nl her physician and
those who saw tbe low stage she had
reached. The middle of lust week she
ir-emed lo rally again, and both hoys
and Mr. I.eitch came buck to look after
pressing business mailers. On Friday
a telegram came staling thai she was
sinking and Ueorge I.eitcti rctuninl,
but ihe father and Archie were ai
Meadow creek and could not be reached
The poor girl died Saturday morning.
having suffered intense agony fur some
Tbe remains were brought home Sun
day, accompanied by the faintly, and
the funeral was held at the residence 011
Monday at I o'clock. Although uo arrangement had been made, yet by a nut
oral impulse on the part of the people
business was practically suspended during the lime ami Ihe attendance at ihe
services was very large. Rev. Fortune
nf the Presbyterian church was in
charge. The pall heaters were j. Otitis
ami M. Knckendorf, of Morrissey, K
Tale, 1, 5 Murdoch, K. Home and Cecil
1'resl. After Ibe services at tbe bouse 11
long line of sorrowing friends follow
the remains to lhe grave where the last
words were spoken. There were many
floral gifts aud among them were
wreaths by tbe employes of the Hast
Kootenay Lumber company, the direct
o'rs of tbe company, lhe ltptre Nout
lob, A Moffat, Kd. Home and W. Clolp-
Those who knew Miss limmi Leitcti
intimately were fortunate. She was n
noble girl wllh 11 noble heart and noble
impulses, loyal 10 ber friends at all
times and on all occasions, l-'nll nf life
and spirit, she was always a favorite,
and ber kindness of heart, frank, unassuming manner,1 and blight intellect
won her warm friends and strong admirers wherever ahe went, it is sad t-
think tbat at 22 years of age, when she
bad learned to appreciate the world and
humanity, alt of which she loved
much, lhat Ihe end should come, She
Is dead, hut her name will always I
cherished memory in the hearts nf thnse
wbo loved ber,
JaiiK-s Irniiiii Insists Uiul ll Is Net*
A   Comprehensive   Interview   on
A Most Important
Steel Bridges fur C. P. W.
Montreal, April 8.—In order Ibat'all
wooden bridges' along the Canadian Pacific line to the Pacific coast may be replaced by steel bridges ut soon as possible,-the management hav contracted for
lhe construction uf .1411 a'.eel brnlgea, all
of which are to be delivered during the
present year. Btldftei may vary In
length from to io tn.» feet. The cotn-
plflies llml have secured the contracts
are tbe fnllnftlog: Canada Foundry
company, 69; Dominion bridge company, l-Soj Hamilton bridge comoajiy
11; King Hj-jldge orimpuny, a...
Thc Concert
The concert given by M;ss Jessie Mc-
I.acblan and Miss Deau wasa rare m
cat treat that was thoroughly enjoyed
by the music lovers of Cranbicnk. Miss
Mcl.achtau bas a pnwerful voice wiih a
wide range, anil ber rendition nf Scotch
and patriotic songs amused thr house to
a high degree of enthusiasm Mlaa
Dean's work on the violin was artistic
Sbe possesses a delicate touch ami ihe
power to eipress the deepest leeling in
the tones of her instrument. Ivich number by both performers was encored,
ami the ladles were extremely kind in
their generous responses. Ttidre who
were there feel that they owe tbe I.hiMcs
Aid of lhe Presbyterian church ti debt ol
gratitude for tbe extreme pleasure af
till:    Mill-UN      Mtt MMi     I'llSPHNID
A Peculiar Proposlllun.
Here is a question regarding the mineral law. Suppose h crown-granted mineral claim on which all dues aud taxes
bad beeu paid belonged to an incorporated company which failed to take ont
Ita company license. Who owns ihe
claim? Hy falling to lake out its license
lhe company ceases to exis ; therefore
tbe claim can no longer be the property
of the company. As the claim Is crown
granted it cannot run out. As long as
Ibe taxes are paid or there is sufficient
work recorded to entitle it to exemption
Ihe claim cannot he sold or lapse tn tbe
ciowo, •   ■
Movie Lender: .lames Cronlll, inaliagei
r lhe St, Fugene mine, relumed witb
hn family to Moyie yestetday after
1.1011. They expected In arrive here
looner, but Mis Cronin and the child*
ell were sick with Ihe grippe in Spokane fnr sevrral days. Mr. Croiin has
put In lhe past three months lu Callfor*
looking after sume mining property
Iu which lu* is interested. When askeii
ihis morning as lo when Ibe St. Fugeue
mine would resume operations he said:
"This depends altogether on what ac
Hon lhe government at Ottawa takes un
the lend ijuestioil, Tbey ate now ibor*
oughty conversant witn uur needs, and
I believe that the much desired legislation will bt- enacted. I am told tbat
lion. \V. S- Fielding, minister uf tiuauce
wlll deliver his budget speech on Thursday, April if. h, and in ibis we will
likely he Iold what will be dune.
"We are very anxious to start up the
mine," Mr. Cronin continued, ' We
would like In start not lnt<*r than Jnnr
and if the government will only give us
ti Htlle assistance we will do so. We can
make a contract 10 sell our lead In the
Uuited S'ates now, but instead of gelling J3 uo a hundred (Hie I-nltnl States
price 1 ihey will only pay us lhe Loudon
p> ice, and after we would pay tbe duly
we would have little left. If the Do-
111 ill Ion government will raise the land
on lead equal to that of the United
States, I am confident that we could
lllilke a six month's contract at once and
get between £3.85 and $3 00 a hundred
Iur our lend. <)■' course tbere would nol
be a demand lor a great amount al this
price until corroding works, etc., were
established In Canada."
"To what do you attribute ihe recent
rise in tlie I'll, e ot Widt" Mr. Cronin
was asked,
"The sea I city of the product; no doubl
about that at all The dulled States is
now consuming more than she la producing, ami .Spain ami Mex'co are not
throwing aa much lead on the tnarkei as
they were tome time ago. I look to see
lead In the I'nited States go up to f$ a
hundred, uml tu I,oudonmucb above tbe
I ij mark, ami this within Ihe next
three months."
"And in case they make no changes
iu ihe tariff at 0 tawa, what cotirae will
tbt* St. F.ugeue eompnny pursuer1
"Iu that case lead must go to £\b before we can open up, or unless we can
ninke a satisfactory contract in the
Tin I ted States for our output. The low
price of sliver makes Ihis price of lead
necessary, Hnt bear in m'n.l that we
are just as anxlnus to operate the St.
Kugeiie as the people of Moyie are to see
it iu operation,"
Tbe .Sullivan Mccflog Poilpeied.
The meeting of tbe Sullivan Mining
compuny tlmt was to be held at Spokane
last Thursday ban been postponed until
tbe <>5'h snd May 9-I1, as the eastern
interests desiring J, W. Van Dyke of
Littlo, < Hiio, to be a trustee, It waa neces
sury tor the meeting to be postpone I,
Hefure u trustee can be elected It Is
necessary to advertise that snch is the
Intention, l*ix Senator George Turner
is the other trustee.
Seuaiui Turner said that the affairs of
the company were becoming belter
shaped and In all probability ibe work
of constructing the smelter would soon
be resumed ut Marysville.
It is tn be hoped thai this Is true, for
it will mean n great deal to the people
of this district.
Nam** Btspt From Death.
I.'.nt Monday evening ns the east
hound passenger tram was pulling out
from the station two Japanese women
stepped nil backwards and were thrown
over and rolled off the station platform
until ihe ground between the moving
train ami the platform, Fortunately
when they fell lhe rear truck was still
several feel away, and by quick work
Severn) bystanders pulled lhe iwo up
women in lime to save them, Tbey got
up and walked away having suffered
notlllll more than a few bruises arid a
severe fright.
A Winter's Bxlle,
No woid has been received  from Turn
kubeits nml bin parly wbu went to ivnta
011 Wcavei creek last 1 ill, 10ys ihe Port
Steele Proapector.
As a   pieced Industry and peisever-
■ni. e ibe 1 nil a 11, c in somewhat u 11 usual.
Karly las- November Turn Roberta, J»-*k
11 lent',, Hilly Wi Mi and Hill) Kldd Molt
bails and provisions luto Weaver Creek.
a tributary uf the Moyie, lo open up
drift diggings, worked b> a shaft,    Ad
llie*r UIOQtllfl thete men bave been with*
nut liiu!) ur othet COUIIUUOlcaliOQ wltti
lhe world uulM.lr. nnd iheii frieud*. outside have nut yet hesid bow the winter
pnh-.nl with them, - r what luck Ibe*
have bad.    In fact, their   wlnier   U  uot
yet over.   Tbesuowln that locality U
pliibably live or six feet deep, and
spring bas not vet called ri.ti ml thai
way, and if ihey have not kepi cuunr ot
puelng t me there will be little to tell
them Ol the time of year.
For a halt yeai the world hnfe been
making history and thej |inve plWlded
patiently along oblivious to it all.
The distance is not so greut but what
they cculd liuve come nut if they h*d
wished or If necessary . snd *.nmr people
express sume apprehension hrcaua*
ihey have not. hul (here is no reason
for it. They did nol intend to come cot
and lhe fact that tbey have not suggests that they ate lining well. ll La
not likely that any accident bus betsHtB
tbem all, ami u anything had happtAed
ny one the Others conl.I   have  enstly
come out.
Tbe claim is nn old one. but only
partially developed drift diggingBjW'ofrk*
d by shaft with waterp.mn limit niut
pump. Tom Roberts has spent sevrral
tears prospecting the ground nnd putting upon ll its present equipment-, so-I
has great faith iu the ground. It Ls ex-
pec ted that when ihc party comes out
they will bring with tbem .* nice   lot  vt
How   tbe   -linn",   War-  I tpcndrd la Tils
Ilclow Mill he found h
ilntement nf ihr
nonie**. spent 111 this rldj
g foi improve-
uents, by  ibe  depart)
leul   of  public
works.    The heading-- is
« me cases  ate.
misleading, but it shows
tint altogether
there was fix 04; 61 \\*t
Petty Creek roa.l exlen--
on     3 i.^y; 45
Bridge, Michel creek
■3331 a?
bridge. Bull river
3/S 74
Hlko and Tobacco I'imu
■   ,  -.      jj* faj
Moyie roads
4«l 51
Kimberiey   i- i.i-
Bt. Man'smado
Skooknmchiuk roads
St. Mary's trail*
61a i>J
General road*
Fort S eele trails
fernie i.San.1 creek    ln.
la            tjtfcc-n
Cranbn ok   roads
Fort Strrlr roads
4-W* I"
Matthew creek budge
..•-■M 3)
Klka roads.
is; u
Femte roads
Tracey cieek
sj.r 64, ti
Kuhert Mcklunon Dead.
Robert McKlnunti, a prospector well
known all over South hnsi Kouteuay
died last i'hui;,<Uy uiiniiiiig from paralysis nt Port Steele aud was burled
Friday mnrnltig, The deceased had proa-
pected nn most ot the bills In Ifale dis-
ttlqt, and was wall liked by all who
knew him
keep Ibe Japs Out uf Canada.
Vancouver, ll. C, April n.—A tpftr-HI
dispatch 10 the Province from Montreal says: Hon T Nof.se, consul-gro-
erat for )apan, made the following stata-
meut this morning; *l cabled my government two weeks ago s-ivising it lo
pursue iis policy ul restriction of emigra.
lino of Japanese to Canada. The reply
I received was that the government of
Japan was not desirous of forcing ita
emigrants into llrillsh Columbia against
the wishes of the people of that province, but was willing tn enter into *a
agreement with Canada binding'Itself
not to allow the members pf thr Japan*
ese rolonly In the dominion to increase
numerically during the next len yrar>.'*
Pirates of Pcniante.
The rehersals ff>r the Pirates of Pen-
sauce aire euiphaztng tbe fuel ihai tbe
presentation of the operu will be an artistic succesi. Persistent and intelligent wmk is being i\ "..- uiglil alter
night, and nt Ihis singe t*cll wrrk shouts
considerable Improvement ihrre are
voices that have developed In a uw.st
sti/pristiig manner, und the harmony
and power displayed by ibe chums U a
Credit tn the members. Thr prnplr- nt
thia part of the district will have a miui-
cal treat when lhe opera is pirsentrd,
aud une ihut they cannot atl.nd in unu,
Afraid uf Ihe Pirates.
Frank Sentinel: Crnnbrnnk local
talent is now rehearsing ihe "1 frsiea of
Peninuce," antl will put the show ou
the latter part nf this month, says the
Morrissey Miner. Well now y tbis L<n't
hard luck, just when lhe people* of
Frank thought that this spring tbey bad
nothing to fear but flocds, Here we are
again menaced by another invasion ot
Pirates. We shou'rl ihmk that the fate
ibal over took the Pirates here Urt
spring would be n warning; but it appears lhat the leader ol ibis Pirate hand
is a preBlsirnt cuss.
One nl Ihc-Hest
Phoenix Pioneer: ibieoi ibe best all*
round weeklies lu tbe interior is Ihe
CrunbionV Herald, published by "Old
Man" Simpson. It has just entered on
Ua nixth year, ami deserves the splendid .
success it ifi evidently enjoying. . v..
i/e: /
Editor -...-I Proprleto*.
Tha lleral-t ileslres t.. itlve ll.-- tt.-ws ,.r ll,«
dtstria. n >.'" kl'"rt ;l". ;.1""" J'"" '"""
)llllt H1U, y„„r |,*Mi|,le, semi It l.. tl.l*. .'"I.*.*-
Tl„- British Colnmila Mining asso-
c.ilioii has presenlc.l a petition tn |.ar-
lljilienl asking lor ■**.'•. 000. Th. pari
Uie new a-u.ciallon played In ilu* settlement of the Perol. atrllio I, worth that
auiolli.t an.l ninn* 1.. lot province. Till*
s„vrriiiiieiil ahoolil line Ihla ,.r**anl/a
lion all the help it oe*:.!*. ll llMBIVM
The new town ..I Morrlaaey Mines
[tu-, i,n  lhe   injiki-t t'.e   flral   nl   Mav,
au-l III. old loviit of Mnrrlasaj will he
cute a ml*;lit luve lieen.
The New llenver   l,ail|_e  prr.pi.ses  10
bring aulta u|*aiiisi ilellmineul snhacrlb
e,». Ii Is « K.....I Idea, liecauae lhe tie
uii.|,ieiit will have in pay il..* coals.
Uritish Columbia may |;o tn lhe ilim
lullion bow-wows, so la, as the lead
mines are concerned, while lhe Dentin*
l„u pailiuiiienl is   inaklnn up its nlin.l
The promise ol .'careful consideration-
bv lha **iiveruineiil" Is a  pl.rasi: ll.al
uay mean one mon ill or two years
A nun possesses ti peculiar make-up
who can be a knocker In South Kast
Kootenay these days,
Look out for a red sky in the wesi tonight. This Is lhe day lhe new papei
to be published by l.oweiy and Mc
Adams la io be launched nn lhe inerclis
of an unfeeling public al Vancouver.
The man who compiled Hie statement
of expenditures wnul.I be hoot busy If
tie cam:? to Cranbrook, explaining
where fit,-J03 III) had been spent on roads
aruilud ibis lowu the pjst year
So attractive has Western Canada
become to the people of the roiled
Stales and Kuglaiul that the C, 1'- li.
cannot llml cars enough to meet the de
maud. Someday liastern Canada will
awaken to the fact that she Is a part nf
Hie greatest couniry In Hie world.
The liossiand Miner jumps cnto K,
C. Smith, mainber for this ilisirlct for
voting with the government. The
Miner la premature, Mr. Smith has
defined his position, and before the BG
slouls over, the Miner mny have reason
tu be thankful thai he is with the government. Mr. Sm'lli will watch llio
Interests of this district, uml da all lie
can to protect the rights of the   people
in the land reserve question,   When be
has committed himself lu a wrong,
lien ll will be lime fnr Hit- Miner to
start Its abuse.    l*\ir tho present, wall.
The South Kast Kooleeiiay laud receive will prove the means ul .sending
sevefai politicians Into oblivion   If  the
revelations continue,   it looks  now as
It a big game had been put up, but poorly played.
A Matter of Business.
A young lady makes koo-koo eyes at a young man,
'that's her business.
I he younn ...a" makes goo-goo eyes at the young lady.
That's his business.
They fall i» love and marry.   That's their business.
Thev want their house papered, decurated. painted, etc.
That's My Business
F. C. BKNJArilN.
Timber Notice
Ni lice
Sllt-1,-1,1   |»
1 Dial Unit,
date I lu
end li, ipjtlj
nt Umls
mill Work-, at
Vlcifirii fi>»
rut -ill    i
mr, an .ii  Hn
I..-I    (I..Ill   III
i <*umi
niliii: at a |HM
..laiiti'.l in
• >f tht- ll.
ith-..-sl H|
of tht* h.ii-
"a timber lea*
,iuiiii.tii' ii h
thence *
e*>l sui-h ilxs.
ii.-ii,'.- -.mi.
Hi.-in-.- *-;i-|   -..  ,- i-uii*.
I.i |»<lu(    ul
meut ,-o
lallillu .ill. .1.
res inure di leas.
I tuubi
wk, It. t „ Ms
idi nil.   i-m;
Timber Notice
Xnln-e Is hen
ilalv l Intend
*ll 1 nt   l.uiul-
.|.lj  tu
I  U.ir,
i iiililv .livs ,-irii-i
ll.'   I llli'l   I 01111111*1- j
al   \ lit.>na Iiii   a i
Vroom & Dezall
Blacksmiths j
Horse Shoeing  i
Carriage Kepairiiiu *»"**
General Jobbing*,..
Out si ilc Orders I'muipllv
Attended tu.
, W-> you tthouill buy
work done ou this properly, and H Is
within mo yaiil- nt il.si .lass water j
power and within threo miles uf I'hll-
li,.s post oOlcu   ami  Uoosvllle K<*
Work will commence <
not later than May  Isl
I art Sleek liiuensc IILlrbl
Notice is hereby Riven that the under
Hie   I ieOl-gle ; signed    pemus  have   iiitide   applicnlioh
under   Hie   provisions    of   the   l.iipior
j License Act, '.*/*■ tor lintel license al lhe
It is expected lhat the owners of the | ^^ w( ,l])yi0Mit. tU»it „.lllieSi
[tellvlew mineral claim will Rita »I T. H. Morton, Tbe Miners hotel, C
iv or kin tf bond to parties lu Unite city, , N ,, Cm, (lf ni])l(II).„ towusile al Mor-
Muniana. ! rlssey,
The Independence that was snld sev-1    W. It. Ojiioor, The Windsor hotel. C
fur 8'Jii,inm is lo atari j N. I*. Conl company's at IMprriaaev.
A meeting ol the buurd id license com
missinners ol   the   l'ort   Steele district
Tin- settlers are aoniltiw In a largely ^ w,u ,)e lu.hl |(, „(t. ,,,„„, hm||e in utfu\t
signed petition lo tlio local member, R. n|) (?,(,(,,, uie 94th day April,  lyoj, al
C. Smith, for   local   iiiipinvei.ieuls  •"'«'   ,|„. |llllir n| , U(.|(1,.u ii, the alteriluon  tu
io bare iho Hull completed from here KonMvl Wk.,, u|(|,ncatious.
10 the 1'laihead.   This nail  la by  far j J. II. McMiilllli,
Chief License Inspector,
I'Vinie, Apiii 7, 1*303,
nl a
Timber Notice
I    I'imiiu Helm- al a jaisl
N.iiw Is lierehj uh bat thirty days alter weueoruerid bit vol n
.line linieiHltoapplj in the Chief Commissioner, lloibe soul hern 1 dm
ii iuu.it ami Wurkafnr n in wiu mil mul  lllNl1 tbeueu west on .1
.-any tiwaj Hi >i (mm Uie inline, mi* iletcribt-it   «•'•■•■"*■- I'l'ii.e ea*.l .si rl
html-, tflllll >s. II I'l-llsl 111 il
Coumiaiminii ul a post |ila t nl tbe north,  luwieemwii luuiiniti
wmI winter nfo. 11. hums limber HmUruutitti« j  Criiubruok, u, i*.. Mai,
west so elmitis, Ibenae smitb *> uhttllis ih. a.-e |     '"'-' 1
t'iisl NU ,'liatis aluilg the iiuitlierii  immnlar>  ui | d	
-In Mutldies tliiihi'i  limit  iheni'i* uarili su
bains 1.1 p.nut nf c..iuui«uri'iiii'iii i*outtilnln|
ara.l years ayn
operations shortly,
This  nail   Is by   far j
Hu-     shortest     and     best     Into     the j
Flathead country and would bring
all kinds of American money Into
Ibh part of South Kast Kontenay, and [
would also open up 11 largo mineral belt j
to prospectors.
The C. I' K- laud aReni soil laud to
tin* following Americana: K Cassldy,
W. Davla, Otto V. Hough, (leo. chew,
W. W. t'otts and several Others,
,Ioe UcKosier came down frcni Fori
Steele and will muve back to his ranch
smith of Kik river now lhat there Is
-.nine prospects of the bridge being
re I uilt.
Mr. Frederlckson and family of Tobacco l'lains, are moving into lhe
The ranchers are all busy with their
sjiiiii*.; work,
li. Manning, who lias bought tlie
Plott ranch Is down pulling tliiugs In
shape to crop il.
Plott nnd Cbendjrtn, horse dealers,
brought 30 head of draft ami saddle
horses down here fur shipment to the
George Baddeley, chief engineer of
Molt'a mill 1'Vrnie, who owns the
Mountain \'iew stock ranch, smith of
Klk river, is taking a partner lino the
Timber Notice
lake mitlcetliiit ililrty days after datfl I Inleiiil [•• uppl) lo lh.- Chlel Cuiuuisalnuer ol
l.iui.1- uiul Works "nr speelal UgciisoIO till ami
oiurj away Umber ft "in ihe fullmvlnx ib-seriiietl
I.onIs In Snutli Kast Kuutnimyi
1. cuminc-m-hiK at a |mis! inarkixt "Itutiltste
1,1(111011 l-eiix's iiurtlieus etuii-r |,us|" |i|ailleil,ni
lhe iii'sl luinil nf Hlsfiernll Creek, nine miles
north <>r .1 iiui'tb iHumilurj or lot i:>ss, grniip one
llimice west so ellHiiis, theuce snutli si "luiliis.
theiiee ea-l sueh  llien.-e iiiirlh tH| i-ballis ti>
Did place of  heuiiiiiinj' n'-'ihiliiu mu seres
. i'i. in me
(Ull he
I-1 mu  lhe 1,
- l-r.v I'i-
J, Cill and C, Cock   cam
Crauhrook Friday.
M. A. Beale was in Inwn Sunday last.
P. C, Malpaa, manager of tho Canadian Hank of Commerce visited Steele
A telephone was placed   In   the gov
eminent office at Furl Stoelo Saturday
V. Hyde Baker was In lown Monday
shaking bands with friends.
A, VV, McVittie and Harry McVittie
were visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. T. T. McVittie Monday.
II. W. Uoss Is ou a business trip to
Spokane.    He will annul   the   meeting
ol the .Sullivan Mining company,   April
■Mh. '
Mr, and Mrs A. If. I'euwlck and
children, returned from an extended
visit to the "Old Country" Monday,
Tbey, were tendered a moat cordial
welcome by their many friends- in
The Columbia Falls branch is making
tldilgn bum on Tob&CCO l'lains, Saloons
and dance halls arc going up all nlon^
ibe line, and llaydeu the Junction town
tlve miles b'low Gateway is hotter than
hell's front yard already. The town-
site owners are booming the mining
properly In ibis vicinity and 1 sincerely
hope Ihey will be successful.
The Mfnteer people, who own thc
Copper Kettle on the south fork of
I'hilllp's creek, have been working on
lhe property all winter anil have made
showings beyond there expectations
and it is tbe intention of Mr, Minteer
to do eitenslve developement on thc
property this summer.
I had a letter from Mr. Prcese, of the
Hunter's Creek Milling untl Mining
company, Springdale, Wash., saying
thai tbelr company was sending an expert tp look over the Mabel Srnuley properly In May, and If satisfactory work
will commence at once. The lead is
running uorlli easl and  can   lie  traced
lor bilf a mile.. There is considerable
Hi.- Movie l.emler
was up from Cranbronk
Wesley t'lin
II, Cameron returned this week from
I'aiihaut, Minnesota,
I), .1. Klmcr Is contemplating moving
to Kallsi-t-.il, Mom., to locate.
The spring of HHW will go down lu
history as onu of the latest ever ex
porleiiccd In lust Kootenay. F<ur
years ago the ice on luwer Moyie lake
did not break until April ".'-i, hul this
year ll promises ta be several days
lalei in duing sn, unless an exceptionally warm spell of weather comes on.
The upper Moyie lake is beginning tn
bn-ak up.
Nolkeuf DIssnliilhiH.
Notice is hereby given thut W. J.
Welshnnd II, It. Parker, here-to-foredo.
ing business us draymen, have tliis 5th,
duy of March disulved partnership und
all accounts nitt payable lu II, K
Dated .s'li nf Mnrcb, 190J.
.Signed,  W.J, Welsh.
II. R. Pinker.
Nutkc lu Driven.
Any   otic found  driving a vehicle   or
rldillg n horse   over   the   side  walk iu
Craubrook will be prosecuted lo the full
extent of the law.
P. R. Morris,
Const abte,
I 1,0V
t w
it uiM'i' tlutt) iu apply
Milliner nf  IjiimIs ami
nl the Clili'f V lis
ks ut Ilu' imiihiri* n(
It    lll-KU-.il   til  |lH>..H'.'t   fill
hiii tin' Inn.Is |t||st nf Um
Ci illl IU hi 1
„iiii-i  -
rlheil .
I111I111 norlh i<>
untillultm ink a< 1
in ji-   iiU'iiL an
\V. II. Hililsnil, locator
In I. M. IlillhJ Ills n
at u |nisl   markeil  "llaptlste
ni ner |ShI" pluntetl
■   111n111.11   Initialed   |his|
mills, tlieik-K west so elmlns,
Hills, theiiee east .•»'.-Iiaius In
lent,   .-.una
1 ofMnroli, its,::.
ItUptlStll  I.1UIK
Timber Notice
I111I tlilrlydays after <iaie
1 li
to tin- uiilef Cmmnlsumi
i* u
rks fur a  siifi'iitl lleeu-e 1
limber from lhe fnllowlng
Snutli l/isi K.ii.leuav:
1. c ae u ;<t 11 post imirkad "W, W,
11 insult's N, w, ci hit ji.-si" plumed flvn
nili-s uui'lli nl aiiiulhi'iii I iiil.oy nl lol   liWS,
;iiiu|i une, arm mu-  mile   Ktlsl   i>' I'ltz-jt'iahl
if-fk. Iheii'.'i'Smilh Si chnius thence* Must su
■lllllllS, t-ieiii'e Nui III M'clialus, tlieuee   West  .-ji
-imiiis in ilu- pitii-t! ni iiiigimihiK, t'oiitalmiiK <;*»
:'. Cotlltiieiii'ltii' nl a |KlM Ilia kCil "W. \V,
Himiil'siiu'•■ s, IV. ,.,.1-aiT |.u,t * pliuileit tieslile
Ibti above iiieiilliiiKHl iulllaleil prist. Ilieni'ii Kust
8(1 elmlns tlleliefi Nurlll suelmius. Uieiii-e  Wist
1 elmins. tllolH'U South saelialiis in tbi> place ut
eKinnliur, etiotHliiltiH um nvrus, mure ur less,
llutuil this iitti ilav of .Vliireh V.m.
\\, U.TIUi.Ml'siiN,
Timber Notice
Tuko im:luo that thirty diijs ufier datel In*
titmt In ujiply to the chlel Cmmulsslmiei of
Laml*. an.I Works Im' a up.!, lid Ihlfliisutu inl
mul .any iiwnj tlnibm* mnn tlm tolluwlug lies,
i-l'.lieil lllllllS 111 Ninth Kail K.mli-iiay:
I. Ctmtliieiieliitt   at   a   |mst   marked    -w.
iiunuiw's **-. W, corner |awt" plaiilml seven
miles tinrlll 1 rIt noilli Imiimliiry nr I.11I IMS,
(Iruliinilie, ami one mils i<ust nr Huiumld
ereek, lliHiin'Smilh .sii i-haliH, 1'ietiee Klldt SO
('lllllllS, llirliee .\uilli SU ehaliis, tllMii-c Went Ml
'•hulas tu plutis uf cnnmieiieoiilt'lit, emiliiluiuii
iiii'iin-i-s. moruor less,
■j. I'oiiiiiieui'liiK   III    u    |si«t    uiaikml    -W.
tliiimiiu's H. W, enrtier irwI'1 pluiilwl Ih-auln lbs
thoie iiiiOah'il ptllt, tlieiii-e Musi Si) i'l ml us,
llietUSH Niil'lll MltlhlllllM, tlienei-  Wesl 80 ullltlllS,
iheiin- suiiiiisui-iiiiiis ti platie nf commence-
meut, emit.lining uiu an es, mure nr less,
ileil Hus ijth day or .Vliui'li, 1MKI.
:i W. (lANllNII,
ni ks.
.ok. li
, VliiM-li i-1li.  m
nig 1. Jan
Timber Notice
Not isheiei
itnte I luien.i li
-.i.iufr.if l.amls
.J i:iien lull   thill)  Uuio i
itpidt io ths 1 hief coni
oni VVrrks Vleturlamra.ro
.i-rtji) 0 in in-1 frum in.- milui
I'll lllll.ls
ii'ii*v>i.'Iuk al a |i..»i I'lunleil v
Timber Notice
Vnlli'i-In lieivli.
date 1 nn 1 tn
ni in
i.-nii.-il I.i ti.l*.
UK iii a |»-sl 1
uf I-   Khun
north RUulmhls
muili s 1-1111111.
ii emnmeucvmi
iiiii-i i.i 1
iv 1,
Aliieau iviir laml grtml rilllUiUII West  nm chain
lli*-ii,-e sun li lu-haliis IIh-ius east  mi ,-iir.lus
iiinren loss in the II tlheCrows Nesi Pass
1u1iro.ui 1 hence hi a north easloily direetlmi
alum: On- line ul ralliviiy iu 1 1 ut mmmieuoa-
uieiit. Liuilululnii Wfl acres mm*- or less
Cl-itllliruuk, It, C„ Mnti'li tflnl UHU<
1 si-iii'd. it. a. Carter,
.ink. 11,1*., Mini. I.ill.
-   tyuie.1.
ll"I.ION AT 1
Ihe WalB'.li, HliSlBI
nil III nr   h
iltT •.IKI.I.I:,
.any.   I.null,,1,  I'l.un
Timber Notice
Ntillee.ls lii'i'-liy j-ivfii.tlru OilrLyl'itiiys after
■lata 1 .hileiul n. u.,|.|> t. tin- ililef foiuiiiS
sinner <>r l-iimls ami Works \'lutorlli liWU liei'Usa
to cut and carry uwuy timber friitii the ration
lug ilescrlliod laudsi     zS      ■ r*--*^
cotmnencimt ut » post planted ut tbe imrtli*
wed cnnier nf B. A. carter's tlmitor limit run-
uiiiii wesi lOu chains, thence south -111 i'liains,
theuce eusi io-i elutliH, iboutic uurlli m ebains
to 1 ...nit ni cummniiceiueul, coululnlng um seres
lumi- ur less
CranbriMPk, It. i„ March mst iihki.
I Sluneti, M, It. KlUtf,
an.l   Archil
Timber Notice
Notice Ml by given tlmt thirty  days f
th - iluti- hereof I lutein I lo u|i|>ly to 1 lie < liief
Cnminissloiier uf bauds ami Works at Victoria
f.11 a S.ieclU] lieense (0 nit ami euny away llni-
lier from tin* fiilluwinji descrliHiil lumis:
CimmieiicbiK uta |Hisl iitiiitci ai the south.
west corner nf,las, -teeie's iiiuber limit rmuitiiK
west4u chains, thence south so chuliis, then
e.isl l*.*ii i-ballis, tbeiiee liuilli lu  eliuilis.  theiiee
weNt Miehauis. ihenee north tu ehlillis lu point
or commencement cunt ionij; > 4u uurcs nioi(
t'ruiil>i..iiK. It, ('., Mtirell 31st 1003.
1 Klgned, .lulin K. Moora,
Timber Notice
Nolle* is hereby itlven thut tidily days after
(lulu l Inieml io apply 10 ihe cidof commission
er nf l.umts ami   Works for u license lu cut uml
carry uwtiy iiuiher from the following deaorllwl
I.i IH Ui
riiiiniiiTieln!,'iii 11 post |iiaiiteil at Hie loulti*
west .01 ner of ii. I-'. Ktuu's, ruiuilti'j west su
chains, Ihemv north so olllilllS, th-oee eusl su
eliiilui. On'i
lueii'iTiieii' tl lIlllllK OH) acres in
rrniihi.mk. II, i'.. Murch-Jlsi Iflfti
I Hlgtieri, Jus Steele,
lief.itc HK lloDtir, .IlldKI' Ikiiii
Weduesiluy Um ...,oi day ..r i-i-in
I'l ilie'ftp|tlleiillnii nl the i'i
heurlng tiie cmmsel fui in.* a,
u|hiii reudlug On- iitiiiiuvit nf Are
>WorH Ibe Jlil .lay nl l>n|'iiiiiy. |
1. It   is ordered   tlmt the
nt liberty toiimcml the pmlilt am
thlstiuiimi byuililliiH Fred Friiu
I'iU'ty 'lelcmlaiK.
*.'. It Is lui'llieiniilereilthil sen
1 rank I'li-pi-r uf |||,< plain ami mi
tieihiU by pniili
in. Illed,
J Illl In'1
notice here,
k-. prece
'ni w
hiti*. On
ik Mum
.1   IK
me or ti
*'   Vlllll
-at 1 Fre
1 It ii 11K
II is   to
rllter <
trunk I'lem
r <lu en
'i li
i.ni-1'..r t.i,- Heirlsitirof ihlscmul ni Fur
It. c. mi ur before tlie'JU,ktlih or April 1
thill Ibe MtlUIIIOIIli he ftllil-lldGil liccrdllll
1. And it is furtherur.lcreil ll,;u (tie
nml liiciueiitalto Oils tiupllcatluii lie uosl
pliLiuiiiis hi Ibei-Uiise.
Hu eied-.',,tii Fohnitiry 111 a,
■'■ h Annai g, .1. 0. r,
Iteglstmr, .1
I his action is tirnnglii in recover the
S«0.-silin-tn ibe pliillilllls hy tile .1,1.
upon tv,o IIIIIh of lAi-haiU'.' ilul,..| 1,,-,,,
duly      1,1,      I'.kij,   uml    April    l-.tr.>,
>>y    the     iilniidlils    in mi
I'leper   to    Cunle,   ami
lhe saht I'leper M11111 \(h	
ahle at  sfgbl ut the Cliinidluii Hank
mercu, Cranbrook-, 11, c„ in tin- unit
I lain 11 lis, UOW |.a-.t (hie, uiul u.m   I10I1
(ilnlnlills; ami for
snutli80 eiiiiiistu |N)int ot u-  and dellveiwl b> Uiu pkilutins 01 tin
less       0,, M"-«l' I*. "W
:    Tho Idulntlttt bavu lllmlniinniiho
I ed hy Order V ItulennftiiH 1:1,1.*.,..
_ - Cuiirt setitiij- loiili Hint yon, rmi 1
I ami Aieliie a. Ciirrmai*i"ji>.|iuitiii'i
.    Timber Nolle £K^'!i!Mt,t*™it-
Notice Is hereby given thai thirty days niter ! April, moa, me t,,mt .Ull bu
.lait- hi- luteud to apply in the Chief comrnls*' ju.liu.mh ngntaal eiicli ni y m. ,-
smti'-r or biiiiil*, ami Works d,r a twenty oue ' cietll cause In, shown liy JOtl n
ytir tense to cul mid carry uway Umber frmn the contrurynt such liemluti i
On* toil mlug described lauds: j ordered tignhist > r siiuli ui
Cmiimenclug nt a post itiiiiited a| the north-   show suniclenl cause'tu tlm
west iiernf ll. F. KIiihs thnhoi iimii, ruuuint [ hearing,
wtist hi 1 chains, ihenee norlh il-u chains, lltenue      The wltb 11 order is takim- mi
nt su chains, llience uartb :i2" olialus, theuee f (lunl, ufCriiiiii k. 11. u, sulli*
nu ..r :
:4th, tl.ij
I.e.I  10 nf
I have good wood of all lengths.
1 Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
Land purchase Notice
Sixty days afterdate I will apply 10
the chin Commissioner of Kinds and
Wo'ks for leave to piirauitse tin- follow
lug described piece of land,
Comrtionctl.g ai Hie initial |,osl placed
at 1 lie northwest corner nl block :i:n
South 1*3 j at Kootenay ihenee north sn
chams more or less to the tl^ht of writ
6f the llrltlsh.Colnmhia H-Miihern rali
wiy along sriid light of way westnrlj
to where I* liit'er--.ects the soulh line ol
'Arnold's a* n'ors pre-emption thence \n
.chains-more or less to the east bound
aiy of block IfdH, thence south *.'o
dbolns. thence easi :n nhalni mofe 01
lt*ss iu point or cunonencemeiil, contain
ing HU acres more nr less.
11 Kobert I. dison,
I in 'ed at Cranbrook, .I.111., I |   Uln:|,
Timber Notice
Ttike notice (lint ililrty 'lays after datu I In.
loud 10 uppl) io ihe chief Cummisslnner of
lauuls uml Works fnr tt special lleeiioe Incut
nui curry uwuy timber from tlio fultnwltiii described lUlldS ill SOIlltl lUSt KuntSllily :
1. Coimiieiielniiut upuat uuirkcii "(I, (lodes
N. W. corner (Mint" Idanled three miles nmtli of
a north Imiuulrtrj of hot 1.188, Uroiip 1. ami mie
11 oust of Fllxgeriild eraek, 0 co Houth su
Ins, iln-m-e liasi wi i'liains, then.*- Norlh su
ins, thence West so elmli s lo pin. f iie-
IllUlf, cniiliiliilm; Mu tifies. iinii-e or le-s.
i'nium.'liemii ill a p»s[ imukeil   "ii.  ("lode's
W. I'onier posl" planted hoslde ihe above
 nti'umil liilllid.-'l post, limine Fust su ehtdlis,
ice North ai chains, iheucu Wesl su chnliiK,
tlieuee Houth sn I'liiilni in  *ilii,<t> of   i-iiiniin-ni'e.
lent, cnuttilulm* 'im acres, iimro or loss.
Muted tbh loth day of .Mnrcb, iv.i»,
.i 0. i'i.oim:.
it tiiualmins, tlieuce nurtli ■'■ clialus, theuce
oast .'t 1 i'liains, llience soiilli 40 I'llulllS, MieilCU
east (IClltllllS, thence south IW chiliUs, ibeuce
wesi iu ehiiiiis, ihenee soiuh *ju olfalus, theuce
west aloiut the northern immunity Hues of I.
King's, 11. KIiik's uud F, !•:. KHm's llmhn
limits Jiucliiilus, theuce south -u chains, Ihenee
oast to chains, iheace south sn ehalni, ihem-e
west no eluUus, theuue amiili tno chit ns, llience
east iJii eiiiilns, tbeiioe south m cfioltii, thence
nest tu ullltlllS In point of i-ommeiiceiimul,
t ruiihrtmk, It C. .March Iflth, IDttl.
i        Maimdi Kinti Mercantile Coinpaay,
'lake 1
tend t»
Timber Notice
'-'-ihai thirty duy
I IT J .111
.ufier datu 1 in
CmwnHsluuer ■>'
1 speeini license 10 cul
from the r-tiowiuK dos
1. 1 oiaiiietielio! al ii post plan eil   olio- miles
•tilt'.fu 1101 III I ilary nl   Lot *t -ss mi eusl
uk of FIlzitcMld cie.'k ui irked "!''. Kluptioui
w. cor  post,-* llience smith so obalns,
ei KiHl so chains, | Im 1  N..1H1   ».. ehlllllN,
eui"-Wesi siehalih  lo   plnce of   u.oomeiic"-
ciil, mmluliiliiH Oto a rus, mure nr loss
'. r.iiiimi'iii'iii: in 11 post marked "V. Hleplieus'
W. eormi .piisr planted lii'side the ahnve
ciillmittd Inllhile I |ioit, tlictico I ast si challM,
eo.m Norlh s 1 cllulllS, th.-uiv Wesl   80 I'tldlllH,
em-.- siiiiih si elmlns in place uf cnuiii|uina!i
.•nl. cimliitlilliH ill'. i|e|,-s, more or leil,
li.ii-'.l iii|, mill. ni of M«mil, I'sn.
il |', htkphi:ns.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty daya after
ilui'-1 luteud lo apply tn tho Chief Commissioner
ot bauds ami Works font speulal license to cut
uud carry utviiy timber from die foiiowtiiK dei-
ei'lheil liiudsi
cmmuenciug nt a |wst piuuied ai the s«uiii-
tvnst corner uf doliu K, Muuro's ilniher limit,
rmiuluK wast -to ohttlis, theiioa miitb w olialus,
liii-meeast Miotialna, theuce smith m ihalns,
llience oust sfl abnlus, ihenee imrih iu etialus,
llience west *i chains, ib-uicc nmtli 411 cbiiius,
tlieuce west 411 chain- io |-*olnLofcommencement
coiilidnliik U4H acres inure or less.
fiaiii.r.nik, 11, C„ March 21*1 ItKKI,
1 islguud,«. H, Klug,
Timber Notice
Notice Is lierehy given that thirty days after
diito 1 tiit-'ini toapply tu mc cinei commissioner
nf l.iimlaiul  Works ul  Vl.lnriii  for  a  S|ieolMl
license io cut and carry unity timber from the
followliitf described liiudsi
Cnuimoiicliigiitii |Miit piaiiteii ai ihe north-
Ht'si coiner of K. I-: trail lull's liruher limit
riiitiiliijt smith 11*1 olialus, llienoe m uhalui,
tlieme Ill I'M chains, Ibeuce east in i-hulm. lo
ttiliit of ''omiiieiii-enii-ui, couiiiininic B« aorta
1 ratlin
ik. 11.1
, Murch hiii. 100;,,
signed, llamas Hteelo,
Timber Notice
Timber Notice
nis lieri-liy ulveii llml liilriy days iiltci*
ntemi loiipplj t<> 1 bo Chief Cumin Isslnner
Kami Works at Vlcthllll, It, l'.. I'm* 11
to cut und curry awiiy llmlicr from Um
ngdescribed lumis:
uuiichiftiit u |w«i piiHiiwl ai iii" north*
riinr, nnd 111 nml the southeiisi corner »f
Osts pro* ption No, ono, runuliiu luo
until, th
. nnrtli, then
P 40 chains c-IRt tl)
i-imlaimim i*4(,lliT.
rimhrnnk', II. (',, April Hlli isMa,
trnotiruok l.atlftc. No, .14
A. P. & A. M.
Iteuultir uieetlnus aa lhe
iliim liiiu-ili) ur ibe
u hi 1: brethren walcomed,
M.A, BsAt.it, Seo'y.
Notice |s herein ri\en Ihai  thiMy days nl|e|*
iiiiir 1 intend toapply toiliM'blef commissioner
nf l.iiiuU nnil Works foru siui-iai llooiiM 10out
' mill <ai'i) uwav llmlu'i   irom   ilu-   fnllnwiiiK
.,.,.. , .    , ,        .        ,   . Coilliueiii'lllg III It post  phmleil u    Itm tmrlli*
I'lkeNoiiinUiit iirlj iiHya uf.er Unto 1 Hi;UM,Tnrmirnl*U, It, iiniar'atlmhar llmll. niu-
tend to i.j.piy to ih- 1 inei t ommisa-oiicr nf. |tit)tf »oui|i haius, theiiee wesi m chalui,
l,11,Kami yt.uks roi a s|H'.-ial lictniMi In pun, [ lliiinae amrlll UM* vtittlm, ilieiK'O eas( -|u eliaius
in*, 1 for ond on ilu- fnllowlng domrlhed lauds iu  ttl ,M,i t „f ,.,„„ ocm.-nt emiumiii: Mil noros
smith i;;isi Kootonay 1 I more or leas
1 1'olua ai 'I pnsl imitkeii -i, Mttinrie** ;   cimU'iuuk, |i.r„ March i*i|i nm.
smiilieast eui'iH'i'im*.t" pluiilt'il livo miles II0r||| 1 |-   t-  riuiiitall
ortllO luterseiiliim uf Mieliel Hl'Hi'k -.villi ilie
iiortht-i'ii Imiimliiry of 1,'U -JfrfO, (IfOllll 1, thuiuiu
ll'ilMl sOflblllllS. HlHIlOe Went 8U <il|,'|ll|S,  l||.'tlrtl
soutli si I'hiiius, [Iji-mii- east SU chaii|>  In pticfl
nf beithiDliiK. \n|ii-e u imrHiy given Mini Uilriyiluysun**r
Hjitctliii ITaiihrmik. H.C.,0I|| Mil|-0ll I WW. l|l|lt I UlbOld to ni'l'ly lullm I'lllcf COHimlsslmp
-J C, .Meltiuns. erur l-uhil* itipl Works  for a llefiii.- In cut ami
I .tan) away lliulier from the fullutvimi ilescrlUeit
c mullein's,'ut a post planted twenty otislm
r\a«!rf-al     Ua«««a  D/\/\*   west of tho snut|uiasi uoriier uf M, I). Klua's
UrlllK.   I Hlllll*-   il-Uwl    I'Hiherlimit, runm-flu *miili ieo chain-*, iheu-a
1 ""*    ei-weee-v   »'*v^-a   | wen-4u rhulns, ihenee nocti l&t tdmlio. thence
j oust |u  hlilus in point of r«mmenci-meut, i-un-
I lllllllHg St" acres uime or lesn.
Timber Notice
te  I I |
I i'f l-iii.il
Thirty days after
the chief Ci.miulssli
Vieturhi fni pemii.slontn in
limber f ttierollow-iti|{i|ei
CouiniRHelng ui a post m,
Ferry Creek dl wo mi-
from Old Town, llience uurlli
west Mi chains, ii„.,|C,. roiHIi
easlSUi-hillllSt,ip,,|ul nl coin
crauhrook, It. i*. March is
1 i-llll ns, ilim
. li Hlildmis,
Timber Notice
XoOeu is herehy (iivi-ii.llmi Iholy ilnys oft,
uf l.iiml, ami Works at Vleloriit fpril license t
cut anil curry nutty limhn  frofll thu folloulii
ileser.bi-,1 kind"
1 OjUIUeiloInu Ul a post plaiite.l in r*tli|Jlis ivtlt
ftt tbe itmtheasi comer nf um K, Kinu limi,.
limit I'tiioiii,,- imrtliT) Hi'iiins  thence wesi -
chains, tiieii,-,- Miiitli siicimliM, thein .hi 1
chums to point of lomtiiemrm.-iii coitiidiiiu
Oiiiuciesiiiorenr li-ss,
Cranbrook, li; o., March ("Hi, iisu,
w Hlu I t„ Klli«,
Timber Notice
Thirty duvs after datu 1 Intend ion
rider CftiimilsMoner of rimh ami
\ Ictorla Tot permission to cut uml 1
limher frum ihe fulluwlnu dcicr||iei1 lumis
Cnnmienelng al 11 imsl'nlnug shh, nl \
snhioiis jmisi ou tbe oosl lun.k (,( j.,,,,. ,-,
tlieuce wesl 80 chuills. IlieilCU soul I,  N| clll
1 hence east no elitilm., theucutioiibsii cludi
point ftf ciiuimeiiei'iiieiit.
mt,yi , I! -K l-uiil'le
«.(ranbronk, ll, c„ Murdi Mill, |inki,
In Uie
Timber Notice
Timber Notice
It Is Pure
It iti Healthy
It is the Bent
Hi. Steele Brewing Co.
Ui'a||h|i>i|U, |t, !\, MhivIi null, HKl'l.
I hiuiieil, M, h. Culler.
U lo Iii •■ HI.
I to 11 u. Ul,
T to 9 p. ui.
No|ltie|s|,8|„i,j,,,|v,,|,  ||„i| |,1||Iy [hns |(
dm-1 Hit mt iii apply tn the ci.mi r.mm
sloiieritf l.uiiilh ittpl  Murks ui  \ len.ila. f„i
lleetisn to cut nml rarry tiwH) timber rruni 1
follow lllg deti'i'ihe.l hlllilsi
cnnimaiielnir al 11 iiusi |i|aiitoil ni Um sm
wen unruornf ll hinn's tliiil.fr umii iunn
Mmlli SO chains, llience wesl no el is. tin
SiOiII, s.i i-ballis. llience eusl sn chains to pit
n| comiimiieeineiii, cimtalolui' tilnai-n-. none
Cranbrook, H.c„ Maroh i;tb, usti
r'-' Mutunl. V, (■:. Kinu,
Timber Notice
Nnllee Is lierehy j.lvi'0 thai llil|iy days Rflot
datel miemt |o apply |n (im Chief 1'niuiuls
sinner iifUu-U and tt'orss iu VMnrifl iur a
license lo cut am) carry uwuy llmlu-i  irmu the
rol.nwiuit iti'si'i-iheil lau.is:
1 ooimeui'iim ui  tt post p1aup.-<l ul the mulli
west eornar nf (i, 0. Kulii'sill • limit rontiliiH
south 80 ulliihis, lli.'tiie Wfsl mi ,-lialiiH riieiuv
uurlhMJ rhalns 10 the Mmtlini n houmlaiy liiu-
off, li KUw's ami II, Kliift'H limber Hit lis,
Ihenof east mi o||a|ns iu i-mii nf cmmiiimcemeiii
1'i.Olslnlni; tilii |,.| dh |„.ire ur less,
era lib nu ik. K,r.Muiciii;ih, tutus,
f'-' rtiKii.-ii, lit; It. King.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
St. Paul, litiliiili. Minneapolis,
Chicago anil points cast
—1.1..,,:l, l-til.i,,.rtn.l 1 .|SI,,|,„
I.1..I..1: ill, I HiiDal SlllllklllK 1-1,11,0 . at,
AMI StliNliRV IINi:i)llAl.l.l;|)
I-..I llal,*s. I-,,:,!,-,. ;„„l  |.-„|-|„| ul,,,,
.1,11 ,1,1 „l .,,l,|l, s.,
II. I. LANDIiCK, Aui-iit,
(i. W, P. A., Seattle, Wash.
Because h .- u» '"»< quality
Because It Is n. m..>i laallmi clitw
Because 111. .'»• '"v**-. uitii -*i».i.
'  •'.*;.■ a-lug
BeCailSe U.» '-..-« a"* valuahl.  r.,r
pr.iimiuis 1.111,1 l.i, 1. l-ais
BCCflU.SC  ■>.-  tuaialilrc ...*i, |il,|||
Because v... .1 ■■ .„,...„*,,-.i,,.
Ml I     .....    Ml    lll'V     I   ...II
Illl I Hi-it,*:   11111 tun in., lid.
I llOllil  i
* *
...   "UHMHHMHtt-fMI"   *
£       I'l IIU Mlllll SUN. Proprietor,       *
i  ..ilminHnniimii, J
I   Wlli-ll .....  arr  *.„   ami  .Bill   J
«...»l iiic.,1 ^,, 1,1  il,,-  Itajl   -a
Wl,, 11 i,
U'Iipii ,
in.,1 mh,1 waul 1, I
Iii Hi. Im.-.i Koo    «
..11 1,1,-  llmsi,   anil usnl a   J
I .1....1.   ,:..  1.. Uie  Hint I
J  l.ilm-i «ii.„ ,„„,„. im* hrook  I
■a        sinp hi ilu* i*:.,«t Koolenay.       <-,
Uamuat.   n.......tv
John \X. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes mndc new.   AH kinds
of repairing.   Qivc mc a cull.
Timber Notic
ui th.or ih,
Hi.' rinci <
r Ir   lhe  1..II..1.11
is!   ilitlilu.l nl   Ml.'
S's  llliilmi   tl ,  ji
-' ".'si  s„ Hi mis. 1
eensl sn ellllllis to
■ 11I1111 um acres uu
I,  I'NI
Timber Notice
-reh> Klveiitlmt tlllll)
Works ul vi.'t rln for 11
'ha«ij 'limber' fnitn
1 t.n
II,.-   lOl.l.tt'il
iini'tti-itiinit 11 |,iH |ili,i,tr,| iilionl lo chuliis
"f 0 llhrusl   eoili.-f Ijl   K.   |iln«*s
1 Imui niiiniim lu.-lmius  east, tlieilcu  I9u
»esl. Ilii'in-,-   |n
qi ...iil.r....l,. n. (I, Murch (Tib,
M Mi: I. W.H. Xnhlos
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor .lor Hie Imperial Hani nl Caaailn
The CnliMilal liiH-siiiii-in and Loan Company.
CranhriHik, It. C.
NllTICIi 111 1111: PUBLIC
IIiiik* iiii sliori iniliic al lhe Horse Slii-clne
I lii*n..i oppoalle dear) S Doyle's liver) siable.
Prlic ..iiiiiir hi Terrllorlal I'air, N. w. T.,
oil   horse   shoes     I'nli-iil   Cultivator Vlaler.
Plows nml   Machinery  Kcpalreil Promptly,
lllve nu* a trial
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & PI. Slicnliaril R'y Co.,
' Red    Aloiinlain    Ruilwny   Co
Tin- only nil rail nnili* lielween nil
(minis hast, Wesl anil Snutli lo....
Inlcrincdialc Points.
Cniineelin*- nt
SI'OKANH Willi Ilie
lirial Norihiiii, Nurlliern Pacilic
tlllll 0. R. & N. Company,
l'..I.ll.-i Is III
Nelson  with  Steamer for  Kaslo
anil  All  Koolenay   lake   Point*,
0. P. TISDAI.I-,
l'i..|.|'ii'K,i nf the
Candy Kikheii
Candies, Iniils, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes uud
Tobaccos. m« us a ,«u
l\  IIIHI'IIIVIV lol III  in-
lini.llltN at I'iiiit ,*,ri-:i 1.1
. in,-.
II. small.
n-nx AY,
k. 11. I-..
II tlllll
Iiii..1.111.1 ,lua|.|ih 11,-lly. ili-tiiiiilaii
I'i, tile l|i<l,'llill„l|.    Till... null,.,. ||„,
u*i|s uii'ii mill .in , is ,11,,, 1.1,
lln- lunula, nl Knn-mlH-r. fm,  Tlm l.lalnlill's
I'lallli l> lor a.11,111 i„t liuiiril ami lialiili.u am ■
iili.llry l.-nt *
Uy .llil,-,* nf t lli: .■»!-ii-| iliiiml a inl ,l„y nl Matvli
l;"«-l l..*all..n.irililMi,i.|  li.ui- Issues ..I
III*. .l*liilil.ri..ik ll..|iil,i*' s|,„ii i„. ,|u,., 11„ i„.
aiirvjcmii'lha sai.i iihiiui uiul si nun ui.nn
ili,*,li.|.'ii.latii    ii.,-.,aiii ilureiiihuil is ullmtail
■ji. iln,--. an....- sueh 1 lli-ml,,n tvlllilu ivlili-li In
enlM Ills (I|S| ,ili-, II any, 1,1  11, 1 r
il,..-.(jejiljlrar nl this eourl nl i>,„i si,...,... n. i:.
|.al.;.IIU.» dl li ilai-WJIai-iili. 'uau.
I *   Iff, I-'. Ilui.l,.liiiil,i,,iik|l!.,'.  •
solu-itor tor Hi: planum.
Myers Palls with StniCC Daily for
Republic, ami
Conilecla .Lilly
Al    llosshiir*.    Slaive   Daily   lor
llrainl l:,nks ami OrcoilwtHiil,
II. A. .lACkSIIN, lim. Pass. Atl.
Bast koolenay
liollliii,", Co.
Aerated Waters
or .ill kinds.
Syrups, Champ.ign cs, idcrs,
Ginger Ales, Etc.    ■
Sod.i water In  .siphons.    The most
Economical wy to hn iidleit.
.1. H. KINO
Physician ami Surgeon.
(Illite al Resilience, Armstrong Ave.
Pnrenoous.   ....   h.iii i„ ||
Alleroiinns   ■   -   .   .   |:.ln lii.li.lll
livenlnKS    •   -   -   .    7.,||| n, fM
CRA   11UUOK,    1   :   ;     :       ;    E, C tfr-w-u*)-^ -a* -is ■-&-<&- "sV
Children's  Dresses
i i In Ginghams, Lawns and Printed Cambric.   These
i [ are neatly trimmed in lace and embroidery and made
in new and becoming; styles, the French blouse style
being: one of the most noteworthy. All sizes Irom 2
years to 10 years. Prices, one to $1.75
IT Washable Prints
Jl A beautilul range of spring  prints.   New  patterns
ll for waists, wrappers, dresses, aprons, etc*, full 36 in.
IT Price 11 i-ic
\t Now Shirt Waists
"l..) Wi' have just mum lor a   word   about   thr.-*.    Come
%[) and see them lor  yourself*    Our  slock  ut   Delaine-*,
til) Chall.CS, Batiste. Etc. Waists is now complete.
Our new blend of
40c G. T. R. Tea
Is rich in flavtir, Is ..real in value,
Is economical.
Suld in une -lull and one pound packets at
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
I have placed orders for a large shipment of oats, hay, feed and
flour, and seed grain of all kinds. Camps and ranchers would
do well to call and leave their orders in time with
Hanson Avenue - Cranbrook, B. C.
(let that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
The goods will suit you
The cut will suit you
The making will suit you
The price will suit yuu
Q Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
1 In a week or two we will .surprise you with the largest  j
I and cleanest stuck ol j
j    Spring and Summer Goods
j  in the cily.     Our new goods are arriving and you may
I   rest assured thai nothing but lhe best will be chosen.
i   McSweyn & Griffith, Tailors
. ricD-ermot
A. C. How iie.vt
SB   Wliolt-Milt- Wint-    nnd    Spirit Merchants
"Y  S.lilll, rltcr        1          The Miitliest Itrim-J-. I far l.arieal aa,
<& 1-craleHcer        |            of SCUTCH and ■ ■"■"  **■**•""•"'
•tl"'""'                          ll'lsll     WHI Skins I ut DMiasc.ll-.
▼   llHl.M > Sl,.ul     I            IKIM1      V, ■ ll.-.MI.*, I ||,_,0„
•V A complete stock ol Cijrars, consl.-illn'i of the
s**^ ->l'l,n<-iiii!i," "l.iiroitiina," "IrvlltU," --llar-
* rlster," "Monument," "Hilda" and others.
1-ft Mall Orders Promptly Attended to. Telephone 17
J Write for Prices, CRANHROOK, H. C.
Lay' Agents tor 'I'. l.elrel -Sc Co., Hay and llraln.
■   ***************'****m
Potatoes!    Potatoes!
We have on order another car of those FIRST CLASS
POTATOES which will be here in a few days; if you arc not
already using, our potatoes we would like to have a trial order
from you. We have just unloaded a car ol flour and feed and
can quote lowest price on Hungarian Flour, Wheat, Oats,
Bran, Shorts, etc etc. Timothy hay and Bunch Grass of the
best quality.
Call and see us at our new store on Armstrong Avenue
which will be open on Monday next.
HttAO   QlWlCRi   TuKONTii
Capital -Wmoriicil ... R-MU.00U
Caatlal PtM l> l.*lSMi
Rent Lttajtt
I. K. MWiill. ITr»;d**ut; 0 It WllKi-*. \ lea
l-T-i'di'iil, Wllli'in itaiiiHay. ttoli-it J«flrny,
Willtutji lt.-mlri.-. I Miilmrluiil MUntr, i:ii;i«
IU!   W Ik'*-. ...-u*" *.! M-UUfH
t. Ilu)   |«U luni UtMiaiml M.ui.c- r.
W M.,lia<. Intocator,
A Ucicral Haakiai H«>iaess Traanacicd
HAVr-MO* HA-*.!! lii:i\\ici\ll Nl   Ih-pnaUa
nf -I..II.I up,\ .i.i-. m-tivnl »<,111,1 *i nlkiwf-tl
AWOU III liiiMl   llilli.ii    l.l.ij.l-   ll.il,   .1.1.1.
12 Uu|lmri1  -i     liuiilmi    wiiii wlimi   m*\
iii'tv ii*- iti'i,..-.. *-,i f,,r mna'pi '•> it-u.-i. oi mill*.
h.,ni) ..r tiif-iil.i.u- i.niii.li.'-.
I  tl HARSH, Maaafcr
Diufis •,..1.1 avallul.lt* in uli MTU of iui.».l.i
1 iii-'-l *Hil*-. .hi.I Rurapn
ftike* Up A-feui Ibe Cily  by  Aakhix
1>tK*ooa#  wl  Maa>   People
PrUt al Halali.
Nrw  Vurk(   April   u — iur    diver,
4y'*    Kltctrnlytlc copper, 15JI    Auul
K^lllHlf-il li'lipr-l. 'n ',
l.utifloo, April y.—ItUil, £\* i»*.M.
Don't forgel to Imj • lull ilckat.
M   A. Ileal*- -.Mini MnyltUH «ttk,
(• II I'liiiiiiji-iiii (iHt-1 Moylr 0 .1*11
Mra. P. Nrvlll la vlttillliC tifr liiu.l-t.ml
at Maclfiiil,
Tlie lire liilRAitr is pritcttrliiK every
Miiiulay lUgM.
Mr. Ituilge   of (iirriKMiiod   in TlaltlllH
tritoiU ifi tnwti.
Neatly ever* htiirl ia town han lieen
lilleil ibe paal #«k
Mr. K. K. Jtmit-ioti viniie,! Mr. Jamie
aon at Cal^itr lliia week
Mr. ami Mm.  Deverr   Hunt have re
lururil Irom WinitipfK.
Beatlld'a seeds Are all fre«h. No uM
stock, every p*i'kaj*F KuarAiiieail.
Tlilrly, five i-eot pat-kH|,eaol vet;elHlile
r Hower seeiln fur *ff a at lie it t It'm.
W. K. Kom of 1-ernie waa atteiuliil^
to legal business In town last Monday.
Dou't forget lo clean up your yanla
"Hii'ly" will get you sine If you don't.
Mra. J ttreckeiirldge viiitnl with Mrs
J. Kraiter at Michel sever-*I da>s last
Tlure are already eight appHcotloiia
for liceiiaea nt lhe new luwu ul Morris
ney Mines.
George Miles, for some lime niiioln-
giat al the Manitoba has returned to
Medicine Hit.
TheC. P, R. has given General Sup-
erlntenileiii Isiiile'.ui a line new pilv.lt*
car lor use ou his division,
Couatalile Di)W ul Wardner was in
luwn Tuesday, He -.ays that Ward net is
(he coming Iowa uf the di-ttnit.
Harry I'atteraou. commercial nperntot
at the C, I'. K  depot, It nves tmlay lot a
lait in lirandnn and Winnipeg.
The stipe hu u the Windermere conn
Iry mailf ila lual tup last week, liiu
ng iu Craubrook hrnia-, ami leaving
As the new Maooulc teuiple will not
he completed t>efo'e the end nf the
mouth llieie will be uo meeting of tbe
local lodge until that time.
James Kvan ami W, P, Gurd returned
Irom ibe coast last Saturday,    They bad
s pleasiui ttlp bill say Hut ihescamni at
VicloriA teem* backward this year.
II I). McMillan, of Cowley, waa in
town Monday aud Tuesday. "Mac"
links prosperous ami (en years younger,
ll it evident ilia l Hi*- wiiida nf the prairie
;c Willi him. '
The nt* •eclion   lioilie  at   Wardner,
bicb i.*l being built near Ihe waier tank
is  rapidly   nearnig cnuipletinu ami will
be ready im   occupancy   about the middle nf neit ui.nub
lu Hiving the caste uf characters In
the Poatea of Pentance In last week's
Herald, Mr. McKen/'e in atlvertenil)
'•ouuiiteil ibui ol "Kutli," whicli la lo
be taken by Miss I'timme.
Mr. McKeiuie has arranged lo havr
Miss Gertrude lloyes, nl 1'imber Creek,
foimerly of Hamilioo. Uot,. to sing the
pari of "Mahlc" iu one uf the produc
linus ol I'iralea uf peiu nice,
Noimati McConnell returned last week
Irom a trip lo Havre, Columbia P'-ilU
and the new luwu ot llayden. He saw
llllllll*) McNeill and Walt Torn bull
while on bla i(tp.
W. iv Nobles nml family have arrived
fiuin St. John, N. H , uml will make
Cranbrook ihelr future huuie. Mia
Nubles'• a sUiej of lhe King brothers,
and Mr. Nulilc will have charge of thr
Ling Mercantile compauy'* slore.
K C. Clark, of Vancouver a brother
..Mra. A. I.el'rk, haa come to Cranbrook to (ike a position wlib the Hast
Kooteuay Lumber company, Mr
Clark la a weaiero pioneer, and has
tir-ited nearly every mining camp l>
the northwest tbe paat fifteen years.
Frank Sentinel; Mra. Dr. O'Hagan
ami biby bavs returned, from Letbbridte
where a luccetafnl operation waa performed upon tbe baby. * * * \V. T
Reid. of Cranbrook, brother of C H.
Reld driiKgiat of thia place, waa a
visitor in (own on Wetli.ea.tay.
John'Sherwood came iu frum Wild
Horse Mmiday. He bad a tiuger crushed by a boulder falling on ll a week ugn,
aud bail to have tbe nail rut oil', -He.
a ys tbat his coiapauy It getting Ita
I hear ground to shape for operatloiia,
and aa aoon aa there la sufficient water
'work will be Itau^uiated.
Steve Wallacet ot Parole, was tu towi
IMD MiLfixl cams Up  Irom Wanlne
Oust Thels was tn from  Ivm  Cieel
J. Swiuneiion made « ttlp lo Uaelecd
laat Unoday.
M   MtloneH rnJile n lm*.inesss tup  to
t lalgar) this week.
Tom Ratlar. ol Mayie,  wis  in town
Monday antl Tuesday.
Fred B. Haines visited frieuda In Fori
Steele on Sunday las)
Willium   Veueahle,   the   well  known
engineer la bark lo Cratihrtrok,
C   C  Parrel), of Moyte, waa  in   luwu
Momli) ami Tue ■■! ij "i tills week,
J  F   Smith,  oi   Fori Steele, wns n
i ranbrook visitoi Saturda) audHnuday.
Mr. Marl n, "I Mcleod, formorl*
Waiiluei, was ii L raubvook vh itoi M
I*  C. Smith In--'i place on ll tin
Mini railwaj < omiuitlee in the honai i
Gov Mason his led Ihe  huapilsl,
is ii ill sutTerloti bom ., blight atuek
oliaerved  by  e-tei
ibrook  closing hi
. Good Prlda-j wa
liiiiiiii-s-i mnn in Cl
place for the day
|. A  Oil I Is, H    I,    Sirpht-ii, uml   M
Rockendotf, ol Mnrrhiey, weir In town
Sunday and Monday,
Conatablc Kum'iiiei of Fernie, was lu
(own SumUy. He brougbl n Hick mau
lu lu ihe Si. Kugene boaplul,
A. I,.  McDermott, nf McDermott Jt
liuwuess. leh Tuesday for » nip <iown
Ilie line as (ur east hs Prink,
Rev. Fortune and wile It-It Tuesday
for 1,-tlibri.lj.f, where Mrs. Fortune is
lo bave an operation performed.
Dr. King is rapidly recovering frnm
Ibe operation fnr appendicitis, hui!
expects io be nl home in n week or ten
Thomas Crahau, of Morrissry whs iu
town Monday   attiiiininj.;   fnr spreading
ihe glad tidings that the new Morrlaaey
townsite will he placed on the market
ou May 1st.
J. D. Mcllride, the well known liard
ware dealer, received tliis week three
car loads of slock. Tbey coqMated ol
one car of nails, one car nt' iron and
une car ot gcuerul hurdware.
The ball that was tn have been given
for the benefit of iht1 lire department
lasl Monday night wns postponed on tic
en li nt of   ibe    Mineral   of    Miss    Kniiuti
t.ei cb. It will be given nn Tuesday,
the list,
"Done" McDiln, tbe lull, tnuririic of
lhe Crows Nest I'liss, arrived fiotll
ferule Monday to lake a position in
liie railroud yards In tbis city, "Dune"
is a star lacro»se player, and will prove
s valuable acquisition to tbe Criuibrnuk
V. Hyde Buker, T. G. Proctor. \ W.
ami II MiA'iitic teiuMM'l Tui-sdity ftoiti
a week's siny ,0 N Unison's burotilal
cssile. They b.nl u pleHsaut outing and
Mr.   McVUtie,   while   thete  surveyed
wb.it Is known ns Hummers Hul itno So
acre farms for lhe Kootenay Valley
I,mul.-. n puny.
The local lodge of odd Fellowa will
bold anniversary services nt ibe KuglUb
biircb nu Sunday, April <*6ili at 3:00
o'clock. Rev, Belch niu will deliver lhe
addiess nu lli.it nccisiuu.      A t'onlinl in
tatlon is extended to every Odd l-vi-
inw in town on that day lo meet witb
tbe lodge nt J:,*,.' nml Ulurcll to the
II. 1'arrutt, left Monday Hlterrouu for
a visit witb relatives al 11 gb River,
Alberta Mr. Parrott has been working
steadily lor [lie pist year, and he takes
this Dip for a Huh* rest ami rccreaUon.
Mr. Parroll lins many frlenda lu Crau-
btook wbu wish bim a pleasant trip, ami
trust thai hu will ml he carried away by
ilu* big land rush iu llml country at tliis
Albert Dunks returned list Thursday
from au extended visit to Washington
and California. He spent snnie time
in San Francisco where he saw Torn
Welluuu and Tom Covin and sa\s that
both men art* enjoying themselves, He
said he saw 11 W. Humes, former chief
of police fur this district, At the time
Barnes was nn a street car wearing a
uniform and Mr- Hanks presumed thai
he held the position ol conductor witb
the company.
J. W. Bell gong li who lectures in lhe
llaptisl chinch no Mnutlnv biglll* May
|th, holds a high place as a  cartoonist
sud humorist,   The Belleville papei says
1 his r veiling lu I lint illy: "One of  the
most deltg lit lol evening's entertainments held in this city in n loug tittle,
It is certain that Mr. Bengopgh carried
away with hliu the thanks of the entile
audfencc." The Winnipeg Telegram
aays: *'Those piesent will long leuietn-
ber the exquisite humor of lhe recitations," Tu miss ibis euiertaintueul,
means missing ibe event of Ihe season.
Raster Houdsy.
['.aster Sunday was 11 beiiiiliful day,
and in con-equence there were many
new bats and gowns in evidence. Service
were held hi all tbe churches and all
wete beautifully decorated with Bowers
lUahorate musical programs were presented by each congregation, anil ihe
Jttemlauce was very large.
Notice Is hflcehy given lhat 11, Den era
atld II. i'artott.   heretofore   doing   blisi
ness under the Brin name of 1'an tt &
Demers, have tin* Ijth day of April die-
solved paitnernliip by miiliial couseul.
H. Parroll
H. Demers.
Knoii tlie i*ri,.i»ii»i
TYe !l*1tish Columbia Aaaoclstlon bat
ls*,iie,t j circular letter to an members
ot the Dominion ptrltameut aaklrg
theit hearty suppoit ol iho association's
request of th* government for a graci
of fr. noo,
Mr c. Al. Htmetta of ibe c   p  it
left  this "week   for Calgary   wliere   In-
win meet other rfticers of fie company
on tm pin la tit bnAMH m. 1 - is p rob j bit-
Mr. Ileuretta win remove bla hutnu u
Cilgarv in tbe near future, a* his work
will require his presence at tbat p.out.
The mines are being rapl 11 v opened
lu the ibree camps about seventy |ei
cut ui ibe men are at wink, im at Cos I
Creea uwiog lo Ihe condition ot No. :i
and the lowei levels .,: No '.' only aboci
Ml per cant are yet employ Wl,    Nn.   .1 is
being pumped more rapidly than -ana
eipiiie.i   11 Urge! pump having been
se. iireil.
Mr  u   j Blnndell who haa repreaenl
eil lhe film nf .1. V   titilll 1 .V r.<   11,  ih I
district fui some 11 me. ii.m received a
rtaponalbli position with the rotes
Woodseompany    it<- win be angaged
In buying foi tbe compauy at outside
point! fo> a tew months, jfliM wliich he
will take over ihe maiiagt un*ni uf one
uf the stores.
Slaufhltriiii Deer,
M my 'Complaints nre being III tide
auuiit Ibe Indians slaughtering the ileei
iu this district. This should be stopped
by the authorities, The wanton killing
of deer by ibe Indians should be as null Willi hs by a while man.
Slock Uuolsllunx.
Furnished hy Henle, Hutchison >\  Kl
well, brokers, Crnubiook, H. U.
North Star  16
Sullivan.   5
.St.   Kugene, .   .(5
Payne  21
WarKigie Consolidated u'<
Fny Roil  1
American Hoy 5
Gnlcomla    .       30
St. Kugene Mountain Mines, Ltd      10
Crows   Nest Conl $350 00
Prest's Photo Co's
Now Open.
Ring up
H9 ftV«s_®-®-®~®-®-«?-®-<s> ®-<S
.-1        lis. everjrthlua* iiii-i- in lis        I
L line, snrb as '?
1 1'ASTRY.... ci
1 Onlera for Bread from nut* (i
*- suit- promptly atli-iiili.il In 1
•J rbam 11 Oppnalle M. E, Church '*
\      C. W. WILSON,      |
»■■ («- <«- (S -0-® <•> ©- ■» -if) V) <it (!) -
Blairmore Owner II. S. Pelllller
Car Lot* or Small Quantities
Agents for Hast Kootenny
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons....
See l.ove nboiii plastering your
boose I' we can't convince you
to bave It plastered, well, "1,-ive's
iMbor is lost."
Canadian and American
Saw Mill Machinery-
I'lanln, Mill Machinery
Saab and Door Machinery
Umber Dry Kilns
Blowers aad Exhanat Fan,
Slcam and liasiiiiac Eaxlne,
llolsllnic aad Elevallnc Machinery
Iroa Witrllnn Machinery
Aulomallc Saw Fllllni Machinery
Shurley k lllctrjch Mill Sawa
Etenlhlai hl«h trade
Write ua
Winnipeg, Man.
♦ •
Ihis company offers fur sale several parcels uf the choices!
I AirilN.i, ORAZINO ond TliYlBBt-c LANDS In the Valley ol
the Kootenay, .* Adjacent to RAIL and WATER rRANS-
PORTATION,   jl    liuod Local Markets.    .*    Easj  lenns.
Fur All Particulars and Infurmation Apply to
T. Q. PROCTOR. Hanager,
"';   Lowney's Chocolates,    !
Just arrived, fresh and
5 Best Goods J
J Best Values •>
* Best Prices *
Where it pays to deal.
Everybody Says
That the
'    F S M CO'S
Brand of teas and coffee
are  the very best.
ARRIVING A carload of
LOGGING TRUCKS and       :;
* *
King mercantile Co.    W
| j  Already half are sold.
Place your orders early,
Hill & Co. are still after the dollars by
selling at paralyzing discounts. Get
your goods cheaply while you have the
, i
rt,,i,,,,,,, .......a..a. »••»•««••«•*••• ■......,■ .[*_)
y        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        *sj
None Better In the District
Rates Sl and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served In any .style Irom 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
w The table is thc best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean* \J)
Q liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands (]}
O of liquors and cig-ars. f__|
£§   _ L B. VANDECAR. Prop.        q
VIC ROLLINS,  Manager.   |
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specially
(Iood Slabllng in Connection
Nrinrsl tn ralliiiiil ami tle|K>t.    Ua* nccoiuinoiln-
liiuiri foi  ihc putilic une'iuallcil in Craubrook,
»* •»■_) j>-» ♦»*>•> **••••
Printing is Our Business
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from fi.ui. to $5<k> an acre, the latter being fur first-class agricultural land..   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
j fT   WAYS MET !
j   By Julia Trui'.t Bislmr I
.„i.,i'. '-■.,.*, J. !'.BUiop        |
I        n,*,*iri*iW,wi,i.
nuki-il ll..
-1,- reekim lu-'ll km,
fui ..Ul »..in,,i. "I... iviia Miilllnii a eini.
i,,i,>i imteli.... ,i iiiiu'Ii iviii-u ivlillu **.n-
**Kii..w me!" i-i-i.-.l il..* till" "'"I ..'.'Hi-
BU. Willi s Illlllli Hull  «„- llllll'Wl «
1,1,1.1, ui, li.*i- ii .1 • I...-I---    "Well, 1
duii'l Ilium iilDililim   n-Jiild 1 !•
jniiiui,, ii-.'iii rt'iHi'iiilii'i'litii 1111'.    Any
III., |„s,|,l,- UlUt   1.11.*.l   ...I"* IIIUlllll'l-  I''.*-'
•it did ..ml wero .-i.k.i-.-.i r.u- i.i" luu-f
jeura" ■
"Like as mil ...* won't know lilm,"
.a 1,1 tlio l.li.M.I.* fill 1,1.1 W Ill, Ir.vlui!
suotliei- 1 ii uii.l.-i lu-i* liulo uml
.„l,*.i,l,*ri„8   II   Will.   I..-I-   I..*:.'I   Nl   "".-
Nmi* It was tluil Ilu* llil" "1.1 11..1111111
auilleil.    Mi i.- »..s lull," -..M alio
 slniily,  kliis ""I ni   window,
"anil a mljlilj- Imiidaoino .1 g man.
Evoryl y snld -...    n'l enmo l"
Lis siuuilili-i*.   I alivnya llki-il lull  1.
MIii.ii wi. trail mil   I..-I.H..T.  1 lilo
■a 1,1  it In,t a  11...* loiiklut'  colllilu  wo
Tlie old W..11U111 al tlio Hi*.- snlfTiil
.    -|-|uit wus thirty ynu* nirii." alio mill,
1 wiiii illslinil aaratalll. Illll tlio luui-nor
1 lu 1I10 window limkod up with sllslon.
I lim i-yi-a.
I    "Vi-.s; don't II si-i-in r y llml it's s..
long?" slu- asked.    "1  linvo t sl
shako uiyat.tr lu innko myself liellovo
lt'8 Inn*.   Why, I ilon' I nny illf-
rout,   it's just in., si Id mo Hint
used tu think crr-r-rtlili.il Jl lo did
wns riglit.   I r.-.-t.. 0 would linrdly
hail, kii.iiili I lias nllvo," she WO 1
Musingly, "If lie lindu'l luippoiioil lo
■ii-i hold i.r Hint copy of Iho Clnrlnn
Willi tlio notice «r my huyiiii* Hull llvo
aire |.li-.-e lillek nt llio spring I Iholl
ha wrote to n... sn.-h n ><*s| Iful, distillled letter, Miss Hunt's nod wo Intra
I n enrrosiioiidlnii evci-sltico. Ills let-
tors show llml I..- is slid iinclinlured.
If wo only like ono miotlicr when bo
comes todny- if wo only .1"  Ihen we
an: lo l.o -i*i,-.I nt Inst ul'l.-t- nil llieso
years. I'vo 1,1,(1 Illl llilll'limdcllt lit'.-.
but It would r.'i'l kind or good, hI'i.t
all, to linvo n big, su i! 1111111 t.. do
"I will be lu ti.wn a.*v.*r:.l days, ««•
I'll s.-L- yuu nniitii."
"Well," »*.i't Ibo .-..iiil.l.-nilsl rrlciut
wbo bud bu|i| .1 t« '"in.* »Hli him
I,, it,,- 1 1, "did yuu   your gi.ni.
ur I I lim.*':"
■•yes; I snw ber," he retnrted Irrlla-
i,ly, luriiliig hi- tae. sii-.y. "Aud I
inn iptlnii i" leiivo lowu ibis evening,
"Wlint's tin- Hiull.-r':" questioned lha
lli I ill niilll7.i-ln.-l.I.
••Why, mnn, she's old," snld Mr,
II11111III0H, i.*.i,i.s*.ii   tinging his l,»-
lunulii-pi I I, lulu lb.' trunk which lie
bud mn sly brought Willi bim iu lb.
,*\l„-,-tiiii r rcmnltilug iiiiii.i ttnys.
"Well, It's my opinion Hint you're no
s, I1....II....1 yourself," snld tht' liii'iid
l-iiil.-li, ul'l.-t' Which  it   will  b. l-euilil*
llmlcl'Nl I llml Uu- Iwii ,|imi'i-t-h-il and
Unit tin* friend look hlmsolf nil will*.
.iitt delay.
"WellV" ipioall d Miss Rungs cross.
ly. Mr. llltlllllloll hud lieen gone a
lung lime, lull Miss AltttluM bad Just
""iu.- in „,|,li.iniiiis ll.nl the glare uf
Illl, sun  lu   III"   WltlduW   hud   lnul ber
"Well," snid Miss Alethen, wllh her
fnee llirncd iiwu.i. "1 round Mr. limn.
in,,1, looking chungod. He's lie'sluuk-
iu-i mtti'li older uml inure broken than
I espccled lo soo him.   I don't cure to
 I liliu nunin.   I II,Ink I'll en up lu
Sprlugrlflo tills GYenhig and spend .
w,."k wiih Jci-einluh's r„tks."
A ,1,11. gnty mnn Willi It lllll,' sloop
lu his sl I.I.-,- unused licslde Hi ly
sctil in tl Ill' II,„t hud but 0110 i»-<-u-
"ls this scut tuki'ti, inn'ttm?" h.
asked,and when she shook ber head h.
sal down. II" hnd been ll,,.,-,. several
muliii'iils nml th" train wus well under
wuy hotill'O I ollccil Ibo II,In, while
lilli,. bund tlmt luy llllull II," tup or a
siiti'lu'l In Iter lull, uml u Mint, 1J, old
r„sl,l I ring  i.c uf tl..* lingers.
Jl,,-,, his eyes looped, sllll-tlotl, tu bur
I';,,,.. Sim i-|.i-u*:iii/.i>,l hiii, ul Iho sum.
 , ,1.
".liiuinl,-."' sin* cried, the ,,1,1 num.
slipping out hefui'o she could think.
Midi I" ho mild, nml it thrill ut
win-mill nnd color Bwept suddenly
buck over boll, honi-ls.
"I I,nil In Ink" ,1 little lilli up the
rood "ii business," hi- suld ineudn-
chiusl)'. "Let nu. lower this simile; Hi.
sun's ill your oyes."
How rcilneii „,„i womnnly she
loukcdl II.>w dultity sho wus in all
hor bolonglngsl
"I ,i„, going l». Siirliigvillo—on l.ttsl*
IICSH, luo," slu. suld shyly.
How llinltghlflll thut wns lu bim In
|,„ll down lite lilliid! How lung II hud
been sinco uny uno hud boon thoughtful for ber!
"I... y..u know," lie snld, lonkliig at
her ntlet,lively, •'ynu hint, i-eully
changed very little. 1 should have
known you iiiiywbci-Q uow thai 1 ha 1 e
u ehiiuco lu nbserve yuu clusely,"
"nl,, I Imvi: cbiingcd fur more than
you have!" sin- cried generously.
Ho llluvcd ll lilllc tietll-ol*. Ills sleev.
tuu.lieil In-,- Ill-Ill. Whnt tulk wus Ihis
nl t youth biivlng Hod?   She could
feet Hint sleeve Itgllllist her ttriu lltalt-
lug snihleii stimtnei- in her soul.
"doing tip tn Jeremiah's r.ir a few
days?"  lie said.    "1   wnnder  ir ynu
wuuld let   go uliing wiih yuu?   1
was alwtiys rriends with .lei-einlnb."
She liuike.l up nml sullied ut hiui, Slid
her eyes tell.   Hut tbe swlrt smile had
etli d sn iiiiiny of Hie yours thai he
cried Willi 11 rush ut tlm ,,1,1 lime
"I declare, Aletlics, you bnvcu't
eliiiiigi.,1 ill nil!"
iilllV.     HU
peml 0,1.   1 duii'l euro how Independ-
rut a WUilllllt is.    She gels klllll uf lollO-
some once it, nwltlle."
"There's a knock," snid Miss Hangs,
deliberately folding up >..-,- work uml
"Mr. llniulltonl" said Iho mui.l of nil
-wurk, Ihrowlug upen ll,,* duur.
Miss Alclhcil  s I  Mill   i,,r n  i„..<
ment, dullness seining iiiiwi, hi her.
Then she sank Into u eliai,-.
Tha man before he,- was gray. He
Wi.l-e glasses. There was ,1 sluup in his
al Iders, SO Hint lie was Hul as tail
aa 1,0 hud li    In ,1 Insidful 	
11 t of revulsion sho cried dosolntcly
w 1,1,1,1 herself. "Ue Is old oh, ho is
"I would neve,- linvo known yuu!"
sheorlod Involnntnrlly in Iter greut I.i.-
wil.lei* ui. *-||,iw- you linvocluiligcd!"
He had been storing ut I,.-,-, but now
lie piissi-ii his liiiiul iii'iiiss his lu-iiw.
"1   was  ill t   In  say   tho  sun,"  of
yoll,"  ho said.    "Tlio years  liuve  tint
> d still with ynu."
si,, acnrcely Itenrd him. Sin, wns
slowly realizing Hint tho mnn  wllh
whom slu* had I..*.*. I't'cspondtiig or
late months wnsn Blrnngct' t>. Iior,
'1 believe women cluingo moro rap*
Idly I,um men,"  be  was saying when
slie   rnslened    her   OltOlltlu I    1,1,1!
again. "It Is nil account nt their lu*
door lire, 1 suppose. 1 um Just Hlxiut
ns string nml active na 1 ovor wns."
Miss Alelhcn sut still n„,l looked nt
Um floor,
"The weather's i|ttile cold out, Isn't
It,   Mr.-Mr.   Iliimil ?"   she   nskotl,
with a n,u,,ir,-sl effort.
"Snt so cold ns it was J'ostei'dfly," he
replied, with 111, effort on bis own purl.
"Ot course you will Hike dinner wllh
US?" she Sllld.
"Well. I don't know* Hint I can," he
repiied. with his embarrassed eyes on
ike doorknob. "1 put up ut the hold,
mil—they'll expect me back l„ dinner,"
Ami ilu, absurdity uf this wus su evident 1 list she threw up her heml uml
laughed ut It. lie caught sight ur the
uml Ion l„ a Heeling gl 0.   Thut hud
been u„e ut lhe ways ..I' lief girlhood,
. . Iiiii-inipg little way when  Um bond
was crowned with u wealth <»r brown
hair and  II,• bill, eyes Bpilrklod  uud
tba lips were rail.    Then  Im dropped
bla head will, u groan.
"1 must go. alls, AI.'Uii-H," ho aalil.
He  Wa.-t't  Mrnn.
The whip lllcklug hero or Ihis story
hud driven nu Irascible old rolluw u
goinl Ihl-eo mile Journey In London.
When the fttre climbed sillily ..ut ami
slowly produced u big pockctlioolr,
enbliy drew- a deep 1,1',-ii 1H nml pre-
pared lo he sarcastic A watchful coll-
stithlo standing neur provoulcd nil
Ihotight „t his relieving bis feelings
by tlu, use of picturesque lenns.
l.-tlbbj- willehed his fan. tiiuke a
lengthy tiieiiinl ciilctilnlioii nf the dis-
I, e bu bud  I, b-lveii, select the
csnet legal fare,  I 11 twice over,
nnd then ill-offer it lu hint witli an os-
piessioti on his rnco plainly Indicative
ur "Now, II you dure dispute it nml
I'll lake your liuiiihorl"
lliil cabby didn't dispute II. Instead,
be |H-ii,„|,,ly accepted it. but slipping
Ids I I Into , her pocket he produced 11 iur,Iii,,g, wl,lei, Iii! blinded 10
Hie  lure.
"What's Ihis for?" demanded the
old follow.
"itue fnrden, cnri-litt coin of tho
relliiiii, sir," snld cubby, gnthorliig up
bis reins. "I dl'liv yon jest llio cvn.-t
distance represent,..! by urr of Unit
tlu-re shekel under tho Hiree mile voir
reckoned, 1 nin't got no urf fui-deu
about me, but II don't ,,,1111,-1. Von
can keep the ehiing". I niu'l menu,
(.lootthy, sir, uud Clod Idess you. (ie.
up, 'orsol"— Louilim  Answers.
rntvlMelal  UmIUi Ugtevr, vt.11 tir.ii*.-.
,u,„,   Ur. ..«,***,.** Paper«utat.Sub.
J.-.., ai,«l III., u**l.>» thriru,,.
Jnat   before the cloa. ot lhe tiuuiiul
111,-1,1 Hi**    ill    tl"*    AsMiI'l.lllOII    Ul      I'.Se
entile Iteullb Ollleera ut Ontario .be
inenitiei s were driven lo Ihc lli-l'lni
s.iiege     I.iliii.   Which   III.-*      eMiuiiued
will, ilu- mutual iliui-ouKbtiess.    L'p
..1. ii-liiiiinig  lu the I'm,11     Hulls.   .
 i   „....   iv.,,1     i„   U,e   As-.. ,011,111
b) in. Aiii.io, „„ "Sewugo l.i.pas-
„l."    In    .1,,.,-1 bus been i-i.i,.t.„,„,g
Iti-ii,,, fni-ni during lha nasi Biiuimer
on lieli.ill of tl,.* Fro,bulul lii.u.d ot
1 lui.ltli     11 \|.,.i>i,„.*,,is have   1 ,,
Watched closely bi  llerlin's people, ua
uu lo Hie |H>i-iiliur sll mil ion ul lb.
.1, ll,.-   |i.,-i, I suwSgo ,li-|.,-ul
iv is iiiiiiMi.illy dlltlritll,  Um ,-.,i-l-l
gio.itl, ol Ilu* blSl lew lenis htU 'i.
[ll'UiUUll the iptllllllly ni seWugl*. Ulilll
tiler,, is >>..» some hull mil.ion g.il
Ions 11 yeur. Ibis |S inui-Ji alrongel
limn    iir-lllittr*     itiiliiestil' aewitge. its
ilu- waste ni lour largo tnitnei-lea   is
iui-iioled SOIIIU leuts iieo „ seW.go
fiu-ll, Wus tli'i|Uil'eii uud il  bus been ill
opui-niluti sinie.   A sepilc tank   hit.
ll    illMillleil.  I.HI   th'* pltHM   l„,s iie-'ll
loliml iiisiiinileiil    I I    the   -allllt,-
tluii, Kiel ilu* etttiioii! 1.. il... atntill
slieiiiu   is not   pure.    Ill*,   Aluyiil   mil
null-  des.-i ilied   11 speilll Is  being
I* iui'led   tlu-re.  bm   Ills.,  llenll   Willi
tile geiieriil ,|,tcstl0|| ofseWHge dis-
pnstll nnd tlm process nl ptltl'lfnc*
lion Hi- luiyul snid llmitt.v llml the
reiisnli    llml   the    Itei'li],   septic 11,11k
hus not 1 ,1 ultoclivo   Ii, disposing nl
more 1,uiu on per conl. of ibe organic mullet- is Hia, Hn* lank is .It...
-rellier too smnll: tlmt, in tu.-r. une
lullk is being us.-.l ,,. 1I0 Hie wurk of
sol - night-, 1,1 ding In the results obtained Willi septie Intlks In
oilier snwnge disposal plunls.
Ill*,   TlinillllS   Miiei'ui-li I   01 lllWU
1- I ti paper 1111 tin- treatment nl domestic sewage with   muss litter.     lie
described 11 1 s chisel thu,, he said.
ciimplclol' ili'ii-s. disinfects „M,| ,|e-
,„l„!*i/es oi-giiiiii- mutter, nml 111 Ibe
same lime preserves its lull lerlili/-
Ing iiiiue. Tl... system, he claimed,   l-ei|Uiieil   lilllc  iitleutiiiii.    mill   is
very inexpensive.
'I'll.-   ili..-nssii 11   selVnge   ,|,s),0sill
wus n| I b.v   V,-. Willis .'hul.tmin
I', 1*!.. wlio suggested tliu, perhaps
aft,',- cxpcrinicnling Willi muni fnl'ins
oi sewiige disposal iininieipiililies
lltlght I'l'ltll'll In lhe 1,1-miil system
Whicli lnul never boon nbmuliuieil ll,
liiioi*      ol     Septie      tniil,s.   etc..      Ill,,
 'illy ailpplctlienlcd by llu-111   in   old
country plants,   lie dopi-ncatcd    tlie
pill-si,until      of     ,l,e iiiei-uge Pnilncil-
iiiiiu who fenietl t.. luy .ml- eiiough
money to proetiie 11 prii|.er plnnt. To
lllllsll-ule lhe extrniuemil expeclft-
tion.s ol some penple in connection
will, sepil,* tnnks. he said Hint nn
A hi.-i'oe>i 11 Inokeil Into u seplit- lank
ami sold: "1 don't liellev. Ihis tank
I*, any gond: I can't see . blamed
lit ing thine  in  it,"
Terms of Payment
Tbe eiirci.lt anmuol ul principal and inl rest, eucpl in Ihc
can. ul la.ds uuder UM aa acre, is divided iiilu len instalments as
show, la Ik. lable below: Ibe lirst to be paid al Ihc lime ut purchase, lac sctund ua. )ear from dale of lhe purchase. Ihe ihinl in
Iwu ycara aad su ou.
Tbe Mbtwiaf lable abows Ibe annum! ul ihc aaniial inslalmcnls
oa let acrea al diffrrrni .rues umlri lhe ahnu* condllions:
IMl airs at If..** per air, lal iasl.lmrnl $S..*)S „ rgual inlsl'ls al WOO
'          IM UM                           mi.ihi,
'            IM     " UM                               711.
'            *M     " .S.sS                                no,
*M     •• ••               l#7.M                ••              mi
'          Ml    •• "              IWU                           list
mberleV ** *h« business and shippiiiK point for Ihc
J North Star anil Sullivan mines.
BKAI. & RI.I.WRIX, Townsite AKcms.?
CrailbrOOk is ,hc ■*ivisional P°'n' 0( Ihe.Crows Ncsl I'ass
Railway and Ihe commcriial centre ol Simlh
liast Kootenay.
V.HVnn RAM P.owiisite Agent.
Fur Itirlber iifuriMtlui apply Iti if cult ■• ibovc or lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Ajtcnt,
Nelson, li. C. ur
I anils untliT $2.S0jht BCIt ■« M»ld
mi shorter lime,
If Iht' land is i-aul Iur in lull ill the
linn* of purchase, a reduction from Hit'
priii' will hr aiiimi'ii equal \» len per
1 col 1111 Ihc nmmnil paid in exCCSR nf lhe
usual cash inslalnu-iii.
Inlercsl nl itn per cent will he
charged in over due InilatmcnlS,
The Cnmpiiih h»s fllia loll Iur siile
in the (ulltminx town eltei In Gaul Kool-
fnay: lilko, Cninhnmk, iMoyclle, kilih-
emr, Crcttttui and  Klmberley.
The terms nl payment nre imk* tliinl
canh, and lhe halaiue in x|\ ;md twelve
■ Kitchener is in Ihc center ni Ihe great
Iron range and the gateway to the White
Grouse copper fields.   .1. I. BURGESS,
low n si ti* Agent*
F. T. QRIFFIN, Land Qomntissioner, Winnipeg.
a I,ovenlvk <>.tiiin-tli.
At ii country liouso lust summer I
ri:iw quite it unique rt'lotiilnliliii writes
u eoiTCsiJemleiit, Tlio cut uf Hie limiso-
hulil, 11 uiinjiillleent Perslnii Tom, goes,
when thirsty, in 11 Inrge glnss bowl In
tiie ili.-iwiiiL' room, wherein u ^t>i.iii*.ii
disports itself, nml there soeius tu linvo
im inlerestliitf lete-n-lclo witli lis tinny
rrli'itil-ilrliikliig lhe other's hetiltli, I
suppose, Tlie Intly of the house told
tue Hint a woek nr Iwu previous lo
my visit tlie eat luid boon unwell nml
eoulil not be Induced ta lenve llx qinii'-
ters in (be kii.'h.'u. it wns noticed
Hun Hie Huh nlsu seemed sickly uml rn-
fuseil tu nibble the i-iumbs mul seed*
lings thrown tn it, but nut for a iim-
ini'iil dill any une dreiitn uf nssoelatluK
lis indisposition with thu aDsence of
tlu.- cut, When, however, master Tom
iippcnred uu (lie scene ayulii, with
qiille nn ellisllc step, thu fish bei-uui*
Itself once more nml |g uuw mm fdak/
§9 evri-.-l.iiuiiuu Ckroulcl*.
Ilr*rll|illi>u »f MitfUli Hn Hilly *MlUlu»il
I mill * I . S. Vl*>w|>«lul.
A ItutTiilo |Mpei says thai fflimda
bi,> revived the old projeel for tlie
fniisli'iietion o( tt deep Wtilerwii) from
l.ui.t* Union in Hiv sonhnnrd, tliough
l.y * .liifi-i'i-nt route froin the much
nill-ei! o firo glao W*y cnnaK Tlie new
pltlli nt Hu* t'lpiiiinion UoVei'llliiiilU
as Miitlini'il by Mr. 'Parte, H.*a ''nna-
ilitui Co ilsfiioner ot I'nbllc Worls is
I,, Improve the Krnni'li liiver io 1 al«
Niliissim- uud SiWOW « iloep water
ehuiinel io Montreal b.v Iniprovwiietit
of iIid Oltflwn river, lie soya Hint
.v;,.niu".unu |lt1s u I ready been provided
for Hit* improvement nt the l-'rtn *h
river mul Hint h tleon Miner eh-Jiuiel
by ih>* way nf Kmuh HVer, Lake
Nipissim. nud the Otiuwa idver will
call   for an expenditure of |80,000,-
The old Mln'uu: for n Ht'orjsiiiii May
riiiial, which 1ms hern ngllatttd' •it
mul in im* imwe llian Ililrty yeara,
wns H *li..it rut io Uake sitm-iu* nml
from tiiere iu Lake Ontario. 'this
rouie, il -was rinlined, would attVC
tlini iniles from uny port on l.uivt- Superior, I.nka MlrltiKuii or lai'e )lm-
un io IrfikeOntario, nml. ns ihe On n-
Hdluiis pin tilled, would uvold Ihedaii;
gels of the Si, Clnlr Hals.
Tin- main point, however, was    to
divert  conn v* from  LwVt Kidei as
ii nus ml it i itled by Hi- Htlvnciros of
\\\t- projeel llml olire Hie bouts front
lakes Superior, Mlthlgnii mid Huron
entered I ake K.rle the pommerue wa.s
sure 1" lo by the wuy of tht? Ki|e
ni na) oi* i he railway lines    io     ihe
M-illlOlinl, Tl<".\ iii-t-m-tl tlini if Ihis
poiiiMierce could lu- kept mil off,tiki
I'lrie and thrown Into l-ake (mltirlo
by wuy uf thu ileorginn Hay enual,
li would go down He St. Lawrence
uutl he in ih•■ Iwii -hi of Montreal uud
Quebec 'lhe Mini* resiilli, H Is now
Insislul, cm i Id in* oh hi In l >•> <h>
l-Vt'iicb river, I nk« Mplmdng nnil <>i-
lawa river rout a, wbleh Hie Ciiuud-
Inll nnihorilles nppeur to rejfard ns
mure fen-dble thun Hint of the Ut-org-
iiiii buy.
lh.' nui tlmt lha fitntidlan* Room
in i.i' in earn sl nboui coiis'tu-i in-j'
Hilth u wtil-orwnj as is here ii-dicnl.d
>li ndd siir lo net Ion the peojilo In-
i,-,,--1 il ii ih** iniiliiietian e uf our
siiprumaey of ih* riinimerce of tiie
grant lukoa. If (-.'nunda inn wlMrri'lo
0,000 on thr propositi
y to Montreal, the luii-
t-an nlTord io spend as
man.v or more million*, in bull-ding a
ship eiitial from HolTolo lo the Hnd-
Mill     rivet*,     ll'   |l   is   li)   the   'minimi
and commercial interests ot Hie Dominion lo have a pure),**, Pntindlan
route irom Lake Huron to the soa-
1 nurd, it ought io he much more to
tliu interest of lhe -Tnltotl States to
bitve » purely American route fmiii
Lake Erie tu Hi* seaboard.
lit I'll w
nl   Si
In, every walk iu life our clothes are worn und
distinguished for tlie faultless manner in whji.li
they are made.
is growing more popular
every day as the public
learns aud, appreciates ilie
fact that at last they cat!
obtain neat, tasty, perfect-
fitting garments, which are
equal to those made by tlie
best custom tailors and for a nominal price.
G.a. Cl.tkl.ra .11 ktf»r Can... ..II ROYAL BRAND Clothing.
UaB-il.i-liir.-l by E. A RMAI.I. *k CO., Montreal, fomi-t.r. an.l tuakara in
. ti.ii.iU *.! Trillin-Unlit eiuthiua, Hr.ajlu Hear. .
in all the-"'
Towns hi
P. Burns & Co
'»Ill-leak .i„.l Relall
Meat Merchants
Fresh anil Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, (lame and Poultry.
We supply only the Ik-sI.   Yuur
traiic is sollcltctl.
Sold by W. T. Reid & Co.
ihivvlill* aun|i|i-|uu.
"I (.hill ai on >>e your «.\v miim-
in«,"' mild u noverwaa to her Ill-lit
itiii'Ke. **i mu going to marry your
falh-r, Fivihl.v, ilettr. I Wonder if
j.,.. are flail?'*
•'Ilui'inli I" exelniiiied Freddy.
"'I hal's u pfi ffi-tl.v Kpleudid idea.
Who Ihouuli! of it tli'ril -,vi»u ui'-|m-
A Chalet.
The panorama of one of the great
lakes i*> 8*preud btfore in**, und it touall
■eiillon of its niight> i rattle is passing. Toiling along nt u fair rata of
sj eed goes n powerful Bteam -bur^e,
towlpg two il*-t'p-lftd',n M-boonern; behind putts a titth* liigh-pieKMire slfftiti
Urge, ma iii'.' an iiwful fllM, but go-
lug mighty stinV and Parrying mighty
little, civei'haidlng this huui'lrcoines
•t magnificent steel freighter,     wiih
raki-.li IiiomIn and funnel, ((Uudl'llplu
expansion englnua, a noiseless e\-
hniist, and h molllllall uf water at
liw bow.
'I'bt' little hit-h preasure steumbargs
Is making more noist> and spitting
out mote steam than eithti* of liar
big neighbors, but .-hi- Isn't egrl'yhn
one i|umit-i- aa much frrighl, - the
Isn't ciirrylnjj H as fnsl or as fai'o''
ii« economically.
These lliree eluaaes ol steninera are
dnplii-alMl In till walks of liumaii life.
Sume men are little, noisy, hlgh-
lireaaurt utTulrs.   They do I heir work
In an oUI-fOhhlolled, nml eoniHeniieni-
|y ex)ieunlvo way. Tbey puff and
Htt'ent ami mal-e nil awful fuaa about
it, and limy, like tbu little bigh-pi'f.i-
sure steaiti barge, usually make so
little b.v it that they have to.kifp
going long tiller tliuy •'hnul-il . ha-,1*
ie'" n able lo lay  up fui* good.
Other men are like ihe Uwysehoon-
er behinl tie- big ■team barge, 'Ihey
never progress unless someone throws
litem tt friendly rope and tows (hem
along; limy art useful only as long
us someone else keeps tbem going.
A few men are like Hit* big freighter — work swiftly, Intelligently,
smoothly, ami noiselessly, ami make
money fast iu eoniuquence,
of the three cluHsea of human craft
siilling over life'-** ocean, I'd rather be
a big. fast freighter than any, but
nett to that I'd sooner be uplifting
liitle high-pressure craft than have to
be everlastingly banging on to someone else's lowlirit*. -Itaveiispur, in Toronlo Star.
U     bUt    ftllMUUU -
Tit* l.argol I in*, it Khuwii,
The  laegf.sL     Insetll   known   Is    the
elephant beetle of Venezuela,      *-*ne
was found Dial  weighed T ounces.
Oil j>,•>■-. i»li*rki* Jawi.
Tbt jaw  of ihe shark furnishes tha
bttt'WijLtctuiiaker's.ull. In each aharL
u fo'-ud atovt L*.it « plat,
Ilu*  A i'l   i
iii tin. mailer
WDrks-e-inatmeti'il Irterover inivwable iraiers,
belug ritaett-r w, It. s. ti., im,
Sotlee Is hereby given Hun aim iiidhUi after
itutn the rani K'ooleani bicnbei* Coiupiiii)
I.liiiliwi. uf rrani»rii..k, IhiiNh Cnkiinblii, "lit
npiilytnihegineriinrln eoonoll muter ih«* i'i"
vIstnnilnflheulNiv ntl it ael, fnriiiii'mfiil
ur niiiiis f >r Uifleeaiilruelloii nf 'lami sail i •>
laths KiHiteuay rlii'i l>l H I   Kasl   K u:.v
iirhi-.it Columbia,
AiHotiiat the hsIiI « U'lmy liuve rtenniltpil
plans ofthe works proitosed m lie «iii*4jtruetetl
ami a ilea "rlptlnn nf the site ttirrnd as mi'iilr
eil bytheaiitil Aot, witli Ihe Minister nl Piihlw
WnrM at (ittimw, OnUrl I with tha KegU
irun.f tjlml'lIteilnt LHnlann, It.r.
liali'il all'iiuiiir-t»i*. Ihlllllh ihiy "f Keb IWW,
IK \V,   I''.  lillU.t'l'iUll'liHiU. II,'.
Hellutlnr for tint appllennis.
Rojiinson'McKcnzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing; Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
I.O.O.F. Key City loite
Nn. i'i, Meets everj Mull
lit) idiihl nt Ihelr iiiitiii.
itakt'i sfieet,   m.i| bin
Odd Pillows cordially invited,
i. it  Morris m "'< it B«
N.   ll. Heo'v.
I make a specially uf uiilimdiiit,'
cars aud moving pianos.
Prices to suit you*
j Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
: Etc., made by contract.
'■ '   i P. II. rorl Steel,, B. C
Wc have, a stock of
Cornmon Brick,
'■   Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting; chimneys, lire
places, boijers lined, or any job
work in.the brick line call on
G^o. R. Taylor
Uftdertaking: And
Km balm in j?
(>rii(lunte of ChiHiipinii college of   l-J, f>
OftieeaiiilKlure, Aiken hlork,
,mar Canadian Hank of Com-
tiieree, CMttihYoOlt, ll. C. '    *
UptnilsBcrlnK and (leneril l-iirnlture Repalrlajt
Will aiteml to any work tu tlie -district
■A'KcnViar the Bra ados Marble end Oranlte
Wiiki    rua'titajsi H:ilitJi!i    etc .
and Builder   ->
All work j; ua ran teed.   See im hefure
ynu tmilil.   It will pay yeu.
Crnuhrimk, It C
Livery  <&
Proprietors +* •** **
Teams nml drivers ruruialieil for any
point in tin- district
M.iiuintr    ,4   J*    _A
Niillrc In lieifhy given that thirty
<layn after ilnte we intend to apply lo
ihe governor in conno'l ai d'ttiwa
for approval ol p'nna fui Improveiuenie
on the Kootenay river lu the county of
Kootenny, Rrlilsh Rnlninbla, mliler see-
ttop S, chapter iiii. revised siatuten of
,0a n ml a,
A copy ui pianiH nml description of lim
proposed site of snld improyeraenti
ha vi- In-en ilfjiosHi'il with tlm Minister
of l*u 1>Ih- Worki ni Ottawa ami In ths
ofllee of the registrar of deeds for tbe
county of Kootenay at Nelson, Itruish
' Tlie Crowe' Nest I'ass Lumber Co.,
-14 Limited,  -
Dated Jl Furl Steele, Jan, iTlli*  11108.


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