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Cranbrook Herald May 26, 1904

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CliAMIKOOIv,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,    rillTRSDAY,   MAY   Sill,   liliu
The Canadian Bank of Commerce     !  DUTY ON LUMBER
Head Office. Toronto. I
Hon. Obo, A. Cox, President                        n. I-J. Wai.kkk, is,*,,. Mao, -
I'M Up   Capital     $»,700,OOD.Otl
folnl  R.aoilKM Nov, ,10. '0.1
M.iwii.iinii mi
-                                'tun,   nt-,Him- .,„,. ,,«,   ,,.,                n,^.^w.« .
j Deposits Received,   (icncral Hankini; Business Transacted ;
f SAVING'S BANK DBPARTMBN1   l>em>alta Rciclvc-I   llttl.lt Allowed. '
{ IIAXKISII BV lllll.   |,,*|.,,-ii. may !»• inmlo mul »iil,-l,iiwi. l.y . .mil. I
J   ii i town „ ,,,- ,-n,* ,*,,*, v iitt.-.iti,,,,.  i',„„,„,,,,„■ ma nil-lrnaawl J
• I li..ll,.in.*, nl tin- l'r,„,l,r„„l, In ll will Hi-,-,.,- prompt ,,Hi'ii,,4411. ,
Z Capital, Paid Up $2,«83,8*>6 *
J Rest $2,636,312 J
J T. R. Mrrritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie. Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
J A general banking business transacted.    Drafts sold availa- *
*  ble to every part ol Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
Z attentioo to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Maoager.     J
^HKKHil, ,f(„ll,l(l ********* ************ ******&
Tl,,' protection asked
The following on the himlicring  musi   -inr*   witl
industry of the province, from  tin-   mills
\',w Advertiser, will  In- of  i nrti
onltir    interesl    to   The   ll. ...I-i
"Tho attention of tin- i pl.< in
UriliBli Columbia, es|»-ci ill) u tit,
,',,:,sl ilislrii'is, in lieing ilin-i-teil lo
lit,- serious position of tin*  luuilier
induiilry,, -I iii,   uiosl  impor
tm,, ul our provincial industries
It is hegiuiiiiig lo be rciiliy.e.1 tlmt
il,,' Bittiiitiou i-i ,,,„' thnl  cono-rus
tin* geiteritl pulilie ul al us niticli
a.-, il ilm'*. those tliii-ctlj intei-i-steil
I,, tl,,- intliistry. Inil,,-,! tlu-re is
;i largo,-hiss whirl, it t-oiicirus ul-
iniist moro lllllll il itoes Iho mill-
owuen. 'I'l„- Intter iiui, if coin,
pellet] by tin- uiifiivoriibli- sit mil imi
shut down tlieir mills ami wail fur
in,,re favorable ,■,,!,,Iiii,nis. iiienti-
wliil,*.,,!' courso, getting m, return
from tlu-ir investments in mill nnil
tiniber limits, lint tli,* lliousamls
of employees deprived of their
llli'tius uf liveliliootl lire in a I'm-
worse plight, Other occupation
il wuuld lie iiiin,isl  impossibli- I
• mriihis  stocks lllll]
"■  ilefetuli-il
Ii now rests with tin    -icoplo of j
llritisli i 'oliimbin ami th, ir  repr,   '    Tin iii  In-   worked.
1,-ntittives in   I',*, rl ia m, „!   whether  This sit-ins to la- iissiiri-d.   Sweeny
to i,4.,i.,  iui Iforl i" i "■•* Btnte of things shall I,.'  renii*-
Cintiiln mills mul I ''" "!' i'tdustry of mtt-Ii  im-
■ "•'■•j11 ,'1;-' " '" ''x"-t
ilu ,-- llltlu- llli'l',- i,|,|H'a,'s In
iilti-niiitive  Imi   |I„* elosiujj
.     .• rel; "I lhe ltimlK-r iiiul shingle  |„  ,,„
•    * Ils. »r llu-ir opcrnt y on
,1,,.    »ll..rl   Ulli! lh"    Colli**-*.     "I      III!
wliieh   the,    cllltliol    '  i ' ""St..   h,  whole count it,
l"      the'ir Is.    I.m ""''!*" ulionl'l  »'l'«l  i«k;
i.g.li,  |„      mt gs,,chd.-,,,,,,,dB..tOtt,,w,, ns slmll
a put ih,* I in un I ,ii ii induslry
li i Illl eipilllitt Willi thai ill Ihe
I'liiicd Males. Tlllll I.-. :.H lhat ii.
nuked." It"',1;1.)'-
'     Th"   I
i- iu control   T  li Weeks, of Chi-
ci go. i ai.'... ...al weitl totlte
4", ie,     (Itiu I-   r.ill l„. here soon,
Willi Sweotn      ■ ivorlt  will
He is sad because
he   bet on  Leth- |
To be successful you
must bet on on Cranbrook and buy your
goods of the old reliable
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. yg<a
■ „. J*;   MJ      . ■ *..*     .4     ,i     4  il*    Al.l    •>     .4      .
i     . .......     .    ..-     .     .     ,  |  .      ...
in*,*   ami   in ll vent of tiny
long continued cessation of oppom-
liim of the mills, their would be no
nllcniutive but tu -pull up stakes"
nml seek employmenl elsewhere.
Whnt that implies, only tlioso win,
are immediately uu'ecle-.l full,
iiiidersl.'iiiil. Ami lh",! t,, those
must bo added th" tradesmen ami
uiei'eliiiiits nut] ii liust of others interested in various business that
are subsidiary to tin- lumber industry, Ton very great extent the
rapid growtlt ul Vancouver during
the last three years may be nttri-
liub.il tu the grent increase in lh"
iiumber of saw ami Bhiugle mills
thnl hits been established lu're, 11
is nui difficult, therefore, to see
how important it is tu the whole
community thai tin- lumber intliistry slu,ul,I 1," ii, a prosperous condition,
Tin* present unsatisfactory condition uf the imlusirv is the n-still
lain  |>er tliousmid J"'   I
tioital ,*i,s! I., the Nurthw
fur the lumber In*  uses
very lilli": iusigiiiliciiuf, iui     I. ,. ■
,-uuipiii-,',l with the outcry !
been raised nboul th" imilti      Tli"
nvernge   Bottler's   I st-   only  tu.
quires al,,4in ''..uu,, fe 'I nnd a lurge
barn nboul 10.0U0 feel. J- i-vei
were the prices ruiseil i" tl I ;lei I
of the proposed duty, the: ....
eust would be \ufy small. Ill us
we huvc Biiid,   il   is mil In r
|,l'i,'" bill 4il lie!  for
,,f lumber tluil
lhat il
A coinpnrisun of (lie innm
whicli th"  Northwest   fiirni
lh,* British r<,bimbia nip]
nre respectively treuteil  injtl i* the
preseul tut-ill: i'b interesting uud in-
8lmctive,     Tl,"  fiiruu-r litis  pro.
U-clion un every   item  of *
tunil prodiicn and when  Ihr  mill-
owner buys  lh" supplies  fur his
logging cniiips lie hns to pa,   llic
duty in lln* price thai  th-'  fiiruii i'
ubliiilis for his wheal ami "44 s. lii .
hay ami grnill, his 1 1 air!  dairy
prodticts.    Dm when tin- Cuj
lutiibormiiu   inerely ask    thi    he
ui,,,<■, ru   ,in
,1 wn 1 tioij
owners air v,!
(.'hiirles Swoon-, wns ,-., Bit via;.
.-I.-.-I.-.I pn-sid, 1,1 of ti," Sullivan
(I roup Miiiiiigcoiupiiuy, und is uo\,
in control .,!' il tupiiiiy'a  pro-
lllllll linvo tli
latter has under the I'ni
tnriil'from his Cniuidini
tur. th" (Inniidiun i- ui, I
iti because the Xortlm
ma-:   have  lumber nl  tin-  I
possible price, whether ii   is   1 ■  11
Canada ur American mills.
N.,w it' ill.   duty   was  tnki
igriculturul prod
A 1 ia,,,,it Circular,
I'm ivi-r, II. ('.. 7th .May. I'.ml
('ovular   letter   I.i  ihr  |n-o|ile 4,1'
llritisli (-<d,iitil I,*,.
Tin*   pul icy   ui'   Initli    pulilic-ll
p.'lflirs   il,    Cltlllldll     is    pi   pruleet
h .!,"■ iniltislries. This polic- has
!»' Illldoptod l>\  till   ll,"   prinripal
r itriesof the ivorld. (lll'lll   llri-
lain. Ihr unlv I'l'rr Ira le i-lllllitrv, is
nuw considering 11 fliiiugcof pulicr.
All lhe iiidiistries  of ('mill-In  lire
prt.tcelcd es pi   the shingle and
luiiili,*!' industries, which air iln*
lending industries ul' UriliBli Col
Th,' I'.irilie  Const   mills of  Ihr
L'nilcd Sial-M hair been develop
ed   hey I   lh,-   rctpiircmoiits  of
their own ntiirket, un,I Ihey nre
now iltunping Iheir surplus upon
mu* small Ciiiiitdiiin ninrkel. Tlu-y
hnve 11 large uud pi-ofllalili- itinrket
fur tileir upper guides, uud ran nf.
lurd I,, s,*ll part of their shingles
1111 nnil rough lumber below cost.
■    .' I", and shingles, ar-' lltlltlitll'tl in
li-1 iii Cumuli! five iif duty,
he      The I'ni!.,I Stntes'now cullecl a
,1- duly uf :in ,*,*i,!s pn* M   C111111-
i.,1'1 sltinglea ami $2.1)0 pn- M, 011
fill, .1.      II"
uf two causes.    I lite ul llli-se is thr
detnurnlized condition of prices  in
thr export   Initio,     ll   may  seem
paradoxical  lu  sn.v   thill   tiiis  has
lieen brough nboul lu boiuc extetil
by the low range of prices,  but   il
is a far!.   Buyers iibrond are nfniid
tu buy. leafing that pl*i,'rs wiil  full
still further and tu  protect  them-   aides of the Bonn,
Selves they demand reductions tluil  other difficulty ib.it
it is impossible in concede.    Tins | hiinliermiin hits t
I !"■ grenl
liuv his
 eh cheaper in Washing
Oregon were there 11 1 1
lli-iii lliiin Ile ran do in A
and thr Northwest T.i
Th,.   dirt'ereiico   in   th,* 11
pn'-sid'-nt'.   I-l"
inunii'.'er, llruci-l'l
iii-i-r. tin I -I.e. Wi
The   uld   utlicel
iug a sidt'Wulk In public sttbscrip-
tiou, anil lm 1 . uu |44-.,ji|,. re-
Ins,* t,4,4 ; tribal tl ■   grounds
thai th,   - I i- built any.
vi.,,. inn! Ii.i ;,, til ... ill U- seeur-
,il withutl 4,    pi'.iple   put-
ting up a '■■ at.
I he la-'        , tl   : if tli,. required a 11 . i   fori licoming by
•Ini.-, 1st, s  in  sliurea
nl s|44.-u ,4   : , 1     ;   . .;    11,    eseroW
fur 11 v. ai   :!   !■'   '   "Is.   ihe   whole
l""i' 11 iti, ..  tl.,• board,
ihr niortgi _'   in ;  ■   proporty  will
b" l''l*,r,"-i. 11  .44   thc slurk Will  l».
wiped   ,,ll    il,,.  , ,,,,. ivi.d   bluek
bonnl. After uiontli. 4.1 haul lubur
ami -M-rsistt'liI   ,:,4,:■.!._   aii   ugn'e-
in,-nt U44-, rencl1.1l with Mr.
Sweeney nnd his associates whereby thev were '.., lake up tile IhiiiiI
issue that i; ;iiithorii£c I tu raise
money I., [in, ,,ii' the debts und
furnish a ....ii, .. 4 iipit ,i T|a.
heavy li"!'! rs of s . have readily
agreed to the ,    . t*. made, us
tlu-y ar- ,    ; tiie   ill-
irtvsis uf every   . Ider   by
I I   renl tut ler tlie
inorti-iigi      i     stuck *   - standing
lit il all-: 1 cent • '.- ith uu bidders
until   tl   - ...'.a    was
lllll le.    win ..-4, ugtll   uf
hop 1 tints 1   nil 11 »,.nt up tu 1;
rrlits.     Tile s tu -,, into
escrow, is  .', ,is ol   15 cents,
tit-its-  s,, iii;i!  ... ,'.;,. owner
Inry. j has a g, ml   11   it   goep,
■ns  were  Senator iibove lo 1    its ,- Imlf of   hi*
prosidi mi   I).   H.ni,,*, 1       .■ biggi*r ihing.
4,1' directors uf tlie
Sullivun company  met  yestei-iiny,
ivtll-ll the re.i.'l.niii 1,is   uf illl'eelui's
■I. II. Air.*.in 1,j. !■: li. Sundeis,
M. W. I bitiii-ulieii- and Ui-orge W.
Hull, wen   "  ivod   and   aeeepled.
Th, foui '. icii i-ies wn*" lilii-l I.v
Cliurles Sweenv, W. C, .Miller,
Brueel'lendeiiliuigiiiid W.J. Hull,
employes of Mi*. Sweeny. The
itii-nibi-rs nf the uld hoard, wl,., re-
inn,,,, .uv- Senator fleiirge Turner,
I.. I'. Williams, mul .I.e. Wiilinins
of Spokune: I'.. W. biivton of Ohio
and .1. W. Van Dvke nf  I'ennsvl*
. was eleel.nl
Knborts  gi-i
biiylon, % i.-.- president, and   .1.  ('
Wiilinins secretnry and  trt'iisti'n-1'.
I'ulllit-; l'|i lln- Stuck.
\\ hai I' tl i  ii;- minded
man ask'.* Only -|t   mail who wall's
it ull a,;.; to s      -i.r   uther
ma,, iiiiiI 1]      r. could objeel 1,,
limi  ,,11   the I such nn tin I     If tho peo-
tin* holder*, nf the pie iu this ] ri      I     ""in,try who
to retain all  tlu-y|iinve S11I] ml  t" protect th.-ii .t-i. tin-, should see
.I.i,,. - li . lay who is
a,iti,"i-i.* ive the same and
forward     ; : :  division
thai   till-  deal
■• "uh nttvwiiv,
liking   anv
f build-   and r. . -
omlitioii ni the export business it
is. .4! course, beyond thr [lower of
Ihr goyenimeul or any nne else tu
lelavr. Uu! the other cmise .'I
the present ileprt-ssioti is tliU'en-nl
ami lhat is the manner in which
nur home markets are I
I by  American  miilowners.     111
If The FERNIE fire has taught us     !?
Xf led by  Allien,'an  null,,wan*.
IJ the fact that INSURANCE pays,    f  bS^.ft^JB^
(*'t T , , .     rr    J        fr'    u«iii.!-m lind foreign nmrkets nml
•|>r In other words, you cannot atrord     j,|, |titecoiin*»<ofthedemuii
ll to be without
'X Don't put it off until tomorrow.
rough lumber, bid the Wasliiugl
Itinilii-rtneii   I) im-   convinciil    the
lund ,'iisiuius coljecloi-a ili'il uuder
lite provisions of ilm Dingley InrilT
l'!"\'   llltist     itnpnse    ail    tulditioillll
duty of s.-,:,ii  per  M. ,„,   UriliBli I',;
sICul'tiinbiii liimber, whirl, thev lire
nnd  collecting.   They have nlso 'und"
 ;i"m; roprost'liliilions In Ilieil'own
ulm government, asking for nn iiiereiis,
nii'i:. - of ihr duty mi Bhingles In sl.Di
,,*i,*eS  of  peril.
lite Iwo Thi'. ell'ecls every individual iu
als,, an- , llriiisli I 'olmnbiii tin* wage
an.„limi 1 cnruers. iiiercltnuts, uml tin- miinit-
tliec   i I'liclurers  dii'i'i-ilv.  ami   intlirectly
petition witli  his American  rivnl, the   | pie   thj'oiighoiil   Cnniidn,
Iiui   he   is   pivpa,I'd  I,, im.,. 1  all' llritisli   Coliimliin   lieing a  Inrp.-
these ,lilli,-ullies il'   tin*  I 'a,,adaiau j piiii-huscl'   nf   supplies    and    lhe
nect.'ssnries of lib* frotn  tl llin*
■ Ciinndiiin
ket    is
Protection iu the sense  nsiuillj      Tim liimbermen of  liriiish (',,1
nppIii-B to thai term is nol Bought, iiinbia hiiveuppt-iiled totlit-Domiii
As long ns Ciiuudinu  luinber  has inn   governmetil   year  after yenr
tn pay a duly of .SJ  |ier  thuusunil wllhotit ell'ecl, as tltey liuve forsi-en
feel ,',11  Mug imported  into tin- tin-    im-vitttble    llooiling   of our
luiird   Stntes,   s,,   long   should ninrkelB   whenever   nn   iinhistriitl
Culi I Aiuerii'iiu luuilier be Biibjecleil  to de]iri-ssioit prevtiiled in lite l-iiiletl
|J  I foruia   and   the   Western Slates, the smite duty on coming into Can Suites,
[ Tin' Amri'ii'iiii   tnatiul'lii'turrl's   ii'e  ada,    fail'play and ,',|,ialilv is  all       Will ymi   assist    ns in   keeping
■f f    endeavoring to get the ruilwnj rate thut our lumbermen ask and  thin this Initio in liriiish Columbia  by
■•>•>   I lu St. I'anl uf IU cents per 1 Iivd  slmnld no longer lie denied 11 1. wiring-; and writing 1,, your ii-pre.
I'ml,a* any circitnistn * iln* In I si-iitntives uud friends in the lluui-
divi,lnul contribution would nol In- inion liouse and by cnieei'led cll'orl
n serious tax, wliile  Ilu-  resull   on Ilu ghoul llritisli Coliimliin.
the lumber industry  would  menu The I,umber and Shingle Miiiitt-
If?    I tu St. I'anl ut   III,-nils 1
ih    ! UOllllds I'Mrndrd tu poilltS   ml    111,'
LL   i Missnnri river, ami bv thusexU'itd-
If     Insure today with
:': :::!:::::::::::::::::: :':
• ,^C#,^C
As ui* li'MliMi* liu  illl'i't'ii.l' ^rtiili'
.,! Silvurtvnrr, ii i^ all iln* Ih'hI
oliUiiimbli' bnmd. Jiiat wit in
in stock n fivsli  lot. nh tliis
vr.U-'w    |»itli'l*lis.    siiillilili'     lul'
Witliliiiu Gifts, ll won't tost
vnu nny tli ing in look them over
tiutl L'ft (iur prii'i's.
W. tt. Wilson, Jeweler and Optician
Sterling Silver or Cut Glass
iKlllrtll.VNtll (iimii ItlHlt'flH-    ,
WodillliB nifi".     W« l.m- ii*''
lln-nnl Hit ftltiRH, SlPi'liiip ti'ii, ilw-
fll»rl  llllll lllllll'   H|IIII)IIM, lIl'MM.'lt  llllll
M. jf. Znte,
Otll.inl W„l,*l,  Iiml turf. I'. II..
(-,„wa Ni-af I'naa Dtvlaliili
,nm ih.'.'iiva of their liossibli- tm
T '     I.,'I. enable lliiim to dispose of 801!
. I.   j,,f ih,,,,.   surplus.     In Hn-  menu
while   llif*}   ran   sell   Ihr   upper
grades of lumlxt  nl  home,  they
linol   dispuse   uf   ll milium,
grades ami Ilny are "dumping"
this part uf Ilieil' output nil,' till'
Ciimiilinn N'ortltwesl at Blaugliter
prices. The iiiillownera ,,l liriiish
Columbin have the sum,, difficulty
in    dispusinr   ul'   their   union
grades of lumber. Tiiere is sum,-
protection for ilm uppi-r gi-iules
and 111 any enst- Anierici iinpeli
lim, dues unt allrrI   lli' in    bill     '
mills have mil a sullirienl iniirkel
for ilu- minim,n grntlca and th,.,.
Oil Ihr top Of that Ihr.v 1,,'ivi' this
lieree r,,|i'prl it lull frum the I 'idled
.stairs 111 thr Canadian market,
Thill is the siluuliun and unless
sumr   remedy   ran   hi- found  llio
mills lllllsl cense   nperutiulis.     Thi'
common grades iiinounl in --n per
cent nf lhe lumber produci-il and
it is inijiussible I,, continue a business in which only -H per cenl ,,!'
the production can be marketed,
A market eun be found I'm- these
lower grades in the Northwest
Territories uml it is I'm- the purpose of conserving that market for
Canadian mills llml the assistance
of tlio government isnskctl, Surely
it is the duly of nny govon lit In
preserve its domestic innrkota for
Ilu- hoitu- producer. Tin- Dominion government lins just iulinialed
its willingness to grant subsidies
for the promotion of trade with
.Mexico. The trade in lumber frum
Pacific coast points In Mexico
nnionnts in about nine million feet
iiniiiuilly, Tin- ninrkel iu the
Northwest Territories fur our Iiiiii
ber were it preserved for the Cnn
iiilian  producer, would be nbout
the dill'el'i'lire between prusprrit',
and collapse, few people have an
iih 'a nf the magnitude uf ilm In
diislry mnl the aitioiml of inoni-y ii
disburses in lli immunity.    Xu
complete slnlislies are available
Iiiii I'ruiu data we have gathered Willi nalilril I ake an oslilllllle.
Wr believe that   the lumber 1	
shingle mills 1,n tlm coital here 'lis.
burse il, Ihe mill's,'  ul'   a    1'   II'    f, ,
loga and  wages iiii-l all  kind * of
supplies nl 1 six  millioi   d illi    .
If we add the mills in Ilm interior
,.|' thr provinces ilm iittiiuiii! 11 i I
he probably eight   million    . I
ll  is ellsv    lu  see    III"   ,'',1111
fiieltirors ,,) liriiish Chnnlm,
IliK Alill at Ihe Coast.
Tlm biggesl    lumiiering onlei
pl-ise ill    the    west    is   I'Xpi'Ctl'll    t
111 111,"    ils   heaihpial'tel's    ill     Vat:
er this summer.     While Ilm  '','''
Mexico, in wliie'.i 1 ountry  railrond
lies are   im1,4411.1!   I,,  11-1 11  very
short   lime, conditions of suit  olio inducing n kind of dry  i*"t      A Vin over,   li   C.    tlispatcb
I, itroys them  as  die  teredo ipiutt-a       5] Montreal
ilestroys pi!' . in Pacific waters.        ■•-■ in 'it says
.  _ "*|i. 1    1 * >jt,kanr has
,1-4--    , 4,n, ,,.,   ,-,,-, r, b,'!, I,-!'■.    I:   is  -:44-44.|   that  the
JOE,   LAIDLAW  DtAD, Cnmli.-,,,   I   .   :.    desire* an  en-
  tram*"   into   S| ..   ;i!,d   it   is
•lusepli Laidiaw, one of the  I"-.-!   underslo I authority  that
kniiwi ai in early duys in South   Mr. Corliin' ' t" du  with
Im,.! Kooleii.-iv. died last  'IHiesiiav  the mutter. ug in negotiation
nfteriiooii ul Si. Kugene hospital with the, ui] .... .Mr. Corbiu
from v,,nn.,ls i!,!;i.|",l bv himself would ;. td y I lit his presence
in u 11101111.nl of mental n'bi-rrntion.' I"'1'" was on Hint itc-o int. nlthongh
Th* ,vs was 11 shock  I,, all   who'be said th   ' 1   nol   rijs*  for
knew liim, nnd it was hnrd for the "'iy details,     I'   is  reported  that
people to la-lieve lhat  the niijorl  hi? roatl will la I iuwii ns the Cen-
wastrue,    For yenrs Mr.   Laiillaw  '™1   Hmiiflc, and   thai  it  will bu
has been a resident of this district. ; built to \a!ik. 4,11 the Crows  Nest
He wns 11 man ol lilieral education   Pass iim*.  lln tlie corner of
and line tastes a natural horn gen-  Idaho into the state m   Washing-
Helium, tuul   .......  ,uled and  big ton as far us S]iokn„..-,     It  is the
licui'leil with Ihi fnculli of innk- intention lo brinu the lii,,* into
ing friends of all   who knew  bin,, direct com] -Km Hill's
During Colonel Baker's insl ram- road nntl 1 •, 1 f 11 Inrge and rich
tinigii, lie .*,'*!. d aa ngeitl fnr tin* country. The idea is that Mr.
Colonel', an, I proved himself to lie I Corbiu will build the line and then
11 shrewd politician,    for the  pusl   turn it over to the Canadian Paci-
few veiii-s lie Ims lice lhe North  )'"'■    Mr. Corbiu does nut deny it,
Star' inin,..   mi,I  seldom  came  tn  '"'I ''"' Canadian   I'm-ilie  railway
Crunlirook.   About two weeks ngo I does.''        , ., ,
he left   the iiiiim.  and  sine,-  llml I     Mr-   Corbm   Bind yesterday  lit.
tim,, haa 1 11   in   luwu.     Twn ,,r I'1"' nothing I" say nn   tlm  status
Hi,'.,' days In-fore his death, In- of his ronil, as he is still negotia-
wetll   I,, Ilm  hospital,  as   I,,*   was  'ing.
thronto I v-.iih  erysipelas.     On
two   or   three occasions  gave        THE WATERWORKS,
evidence ul slighl  mental ilenu-ge- j
111,.111. but little was thoughl   uf  il .     .,., ,
■     ,     .j, 1     11,4-  *.■ company havo
 vm* lins summer.     mule in,* , ',            ',,,,*             1     a notice   11    I m-   lleralil   "I   tins
1n.11.es ot promoters cat I   |,„ that he nei-led toput hm,  01,  '!"•   „,.,.k tl, ,;.   ,„■„,,   „j;„   t|,ey   will
diseltmil at this juncture says Ilie \nT,,\" c?" ''"'",J!hTO'„Li,i.,  1,    mnkeapi      I  m on  tii-  27th nf
Province,   Th"   World  learita on  .   lh"   ftmenil  mil  pmhi.l-ly  be! ,  ,<t. ,,    ri(j|)1  „, .,,isl,,„.t  B
reliable aiiilu.rilv ilmt 11 group of '"'"'    ''.'"1"  °"      ",    ,"', V systetu of waterworks in Craubrook,
:: -nt Ontario lumber cnpihtl.  '"•' "' "'-^ j'"""'--;* '''O'l t"'"  '""> |f|,„ - ,„„.,   hnv.   completdl all
i-ls  will creel 11 largo mill  in  this U|U   h'.'   """.'   ''.'  i"""'1"-   wl"'"'  arraimn. ■ ■               1 soon  ns lh,.
city in the inilliodiiile rillurc.   The most of the riitniiy n-stile.                11,-..                                   k   will   be
i- preseiifntives and tinibererttiat-ra iiiaugurale.] wit uutl delay  in dig-
,,i ilm proiuolers nf tlm cnucerii Killed by n Woodllck.              ging trenches tu I  putting down
disiislei-llml would foil,,-', a mil.,1 -■   liuve been on the const  I'm- Severn! ,.   .          .  pip,-,     Before   iiiim Hies  it,is  full
in tin- industry Hint circulates liuil  nionlhs and Imvc scoured exlonsive ,,,.,..,.     j.'',,!           ,',',■  .the  princii«il inttius will  be laid
amount 111 illy among ilm mm    hnldingsof the besl tlnilior limits.  '.J'1!", "ir   :!''(     ",," !, '   '""i nntl mosl  ofthe   town   will  hive
, v.    ll   is'rsl I   thut   ol   Nogotiutions tor ..suitable site nil- dtnl litis week front the ,M-'Im of                ^    ,          , .,„..,_„,„„
lhe pri I'l r  ai   lh,   mil     .,.  ogressnnil ll," eonipniiy "  « ";','k l,m'-""«  ""' '   "  .   '
pn 1  luuilier  in  Itm  mn 1  nv in ]
from hi) lo Hi)  per cent,   is  ivprc will   slmrtly   appear    before   ll
Bellied by li,,- ,-nsi  uf tvnges an,: public in the usual milliner.
BUIiplica, Tho new coticei'n  dues  ,i"l   ii
'I'he federal authorities mul  lln- ti-tul lo touch i!,- local or Ciiiiadiii
Ciiiinilinn I'aeilir llailway IJ.iiii.in:, market 11 nil. nor will  il   ship ii
irgedtho miilowners last  iiiitiiinn   tlie Cnitetl[Stales:   il   is   intended   ""ru' " """''" "'.'"
I,, prepare fur no imui!' i den, ',,■    n,:.'" Iieavily und entirely into lite
thiaspring for lumber in ihe North   exjiort Iriule, Tlm c [mny will lie. | Incorpornlion
west,     Witli tlmt end in view lit,   Unancinlly. one of tho atruugeal inl    TJit. c-ainmitte  mi   incorporul
mills 1,1'   liriiish   Colitmbin   have | British Col-.inibiii.              |           ' hnvesecnriHl tlieserviccs of Thomas
'icen niaiitifnctiiritig ever since lusl      The  lirst work   I'm*   whirl,  lh..  stork to secure the 1 essiiry data
and   penetrnlillg   lhe   spinal
 1]. death   I;* mi  |lill'nlvais  result- i
ing. It was 11 and ill-nth. and lis
iini,. ia no ,l'i4*!n;. in lli,I section.
was impossible in secure tlionl |    ,|,(j, Tnylor, Blip rintendonl  fur
September  iiiiiI   piled   up    uitor-   plimt will be iuslitlled and the nil- ,. ,r.\\„,, population,   eiti;:eiisliip
minis stocks intending   I'm*   thai   inctiiiite catiaeof tlm  uinteriiilizn- a,,7| pr,i|,mi\   holders  fnr innking
market.   A  Into season and   hnd 'lion of the coniptiny's plans, is the t),,, ,,,,pliciif ion to the proper nnlh-
wcnlher have delayed Ilm opening  demand for f ies nnd .other bin,bur nni;,.,       fj,,  ;, Blendily al   work,
up of this trade.   Now when il   in Ihnl will arise I'i*.,.,,  tl slriic, ,..,,.1 ,,ii| ,■ miplri.. hi- li'ibora in  a
about to commence tlie Cnniidinu  tion i f the Puiiumii ciiiml.    That, W(.|-ki)r two
binilirnniiii linds liimself confront-1 Ihis work will require an eniirmoiiB
ed by un invasion uf lumber fn tpiuiitity ul limber for consl ruction nlt. juniors Tied,
lhe 'i'liiicd Slides which is olfen.'d  pjirposcs is certain  mul  lln- men!
atalmostllliy I'l-ice iflliei   can be liehinil   Ilm   local  enterprises nre      The game between Uie jitntorsof
turned inlo money.   Wiiii his nwn' ciileulnling on it  in  innking their Fernie   mid   Cumin !..   wns nol
home mnrkot protectcil rruitl invns-1 Investmi'tilB here,    ll   is asserted pluyed   mill   nfler novo -look
iuu   from    Ciiiuulii    hi   tlmdul.v   t at they have been given tin- pro- Tuesday evening anil resulted ,
nine   millions  monthly, nr ii1h.h1 I of    %'i     por      thoustind      foot,  ntUo of  large contrncts.     An   in- lie.     The boys put up 11 clean.
Iw.-lve times ns greut 11s the Al.-xi-  lhe Amoricuii luiiibermnn iim Is tho I arousing    ileiuntiil    for    I lu-r. lerealing ::  bm tlm nlleiidanco bring buck a well known  former
can ninrkel, whicli, in uny ense, we Ciiiiiulian innrket five lu bim Eor especially ties,   is oxpectetl  frmn was small, owing to the lm,- hour.president of Cranbrook.
ll nii'i* | ih,* Crows Nesl division,  is tu  be
transferred, nnil A. h-rickson. now
1 siip'-rinl"!!'!' nl of tlii-Sclirib r.li i.
; „ si-in. nii'i former!-, mm hnnster 011
this division. wiH*suiw-il Mr. Taylur. Mr. Taylor ami wil',- have
muny Friends in Crnnbrook who
will regn-t their departure, anil win.
will wish them every success nnd
happiness in lln ir new home. The
news that .Mr, fricksou istu return
t,, Cranbrook will be r lived with
pleasure, aa he has always been .-,
favorite, mi iim Crow, and Mrs.
Krmksuii wm. une uf lh.' most l<op-
ular hull's i-l' Cranbrook  during
lll'l* reside,  h"l'".
It i.s unders I thai .Mr. Chud-
loigh will succeed .Mr. Scott as
chief  dcspatclier,   and   ihis   will 'ill: ORANMtOOK   lil'.l! \u»
\ verv ex
IIV  S.  V. I I.WI I
getting lacrosse  mutch
A 9       9*^*^**        was mii'testiil   on the Cmnhrook
/VXc—V*-*-*\       Tlir(    |in,|    A,|,|,.,i,.   Association
Filitor anil Proprietor.
.grounds    nil    Mav     j! p|,    I,,., „,,.„
Lethbridge nnd Cnoihrouk.   Thr
ll'-'H-'"1''--"""'*'" ■' >     l'-*"«i-j 1411111,, was a fust one and  at   times
,,-.'     \. „,„■,,„ South  Ko.l  K'.4,l..,i.,.v   §, ^   eOlllbinatioil
...... ,.ri. ,i I-*   without   it, ultd   "VefYQItt iiii i ,
ibediHnH wboiHtittetMt-Hi wort by Mli twmus. l-m the game
in ii,.* j,,,,.,,-...r iiilv wvtioii.'.hliouM i'*n.i ii. ' was nevoid ol' thnt  t-lemi  lacrosse
li   i.-iI.ii-'i,. i!„ l„-v\-   wliili*   il i-> lli'WN,     It ih j th;|t   is I'HjOVtll  llV  liUTUSSl- I'tltllllS-
■-'■ llpi1 'u'li'"i> "> *iw i.iii.iiHii.i-. Xu hllstgi   i.>llin the* fmv off tin* rowttb
. Ik i ii'-   i-.iti i -.1 i ii.i ii i iii.il   .lii-i iMt-i. il in iln* •..       ■ ,1 t i , •
li ' , u, , ,*.,.-,I,,. pie.   I, .,i„.i,„ I''"> Wi's,",' be liotu-,-,1 and eoiitiu-
i.,,, j,,,,,,,,,, vv->]*iii44>rilitii ,i,lll>..„ ,.,..,|i,  ued uiilil lhe tiuish ol 111.' •_';,,ue. it
mil iiiiii,   >„,,.i ii, >..iir MitiMrii*- being necessary several  times for
' I ami -'■', '-'in-' il..,iililiili.v.-riili,.r. the iHilicc 1.. inlet-fere.   Thegener-
. inl oniiiiou was thai   if  the  referee
111 „l
"'"'"'   had 1
    little more
..the rough players al the start then
I  | would   liaieb',',',1 IrsslU'lllilr    Til,
Adv*M lihillU   i.ii* -   -*1    1>'*I'   illfll.
iiiiiii   |i, r niuiiili. uti imm* innl iiii Ii
It.m.Imt: in.iiJ-'i   I:. fi'iilH  ,'-.   Ii
., ;*.. it!-. I-     1 1.1-    |"l    Illli'   I" li-iii.     ,	
i-.'Miwh'    Uimlmw I In liu*.,-!..*.!-,*. lii..-   ,-hi'i*killi! on   Itotll   Bides   WM   i'lu..
.     . .    ,   antl even in.nt nlnyeri to win. How
'"''rt^aiithestar'nf   the    Lethbridge
Kiwi K	
 J ,-"„ „
Wlvi-Hlae ,„ in
II... m.i
1.4-    ||	
tl. -I,ilk Is
,..,1.4 ,l,„rl
'..- It'll
I'l 1,,,.,, 1,4.
..1 III,, ,„.»,
11          ll     ,4 4,1
urk    line
,1.1.1 1
1" ,-
Its  ,,
■ I'll. I'l ■ ',„
ir lmimI.! ilm,
-I •* ilwl ■'
1   inin   ii.iil,  ,
1 44-1   llllll   ,,„
IIV I'lll*: m.I' MAN y '
^la.*,-**»;-! »>;-X-i4.'4-M< --a'»»M(S<-
Legilimale spurt will nol 1 t,
eouragi d by phtyera using iiiugtingi'
un ihr Kelll llllll wuuld be a dis-
gnnje to ii riiilruad construction
duy bar mom,
The older lo -_-,, for il certain
class tiiiii has infested Craubrook
evidently had a siring to it, Musi
of thoae who took ti bhioiinper walk
have returned <" tlieir old haunts,
and are living n life thnt u  yellow
dog wotllil be ashamed of.
an  culled  nt tin-  I'resl
duy Insl week, and after
An   I
studio , ,	
looking over ilm  iiiiigniHt I  ml-
lection of picturt-s, consisting of
steel engravings, paintings, etc,
picked one that lm desired I,, purchase, and Would take in, uther.
It was tin-charter of the  local   K,
ul'   I-     lodge   thai   had   fust   I „
I'l',* I.
-.'i ■,'<* 'it
There lire 11 few voting j^irls in
Cranbrook who are wandering
around the streets at ni^ht when
tlu-y should Im- tucked hii My in
lied. Mothers should know where
llu-ir divuuhtcrs are and wlm Utey
are with in the evenings. A world
of sorrow may !»• prevented hy
i-;iutinu in linn'.
Tl,.-   llii^s
not     in     it
lacrosse L,raiin
i-.la|i;iin'si' war is
nn pared with the
i (Yniihrook on the
Will Unlliiis whu j*, wa^cr on the
game Tuesiltiy. nnd that evening
In- asked two or three standing
near al lln- Wentworth  to have n
tit-iii*.     An u   thi'in    was Tom
Wli.ilin. "I' Pern its who had lost to
Kollins.aud t'oni Kooks. Itoilins
laid.*, oitedollnr hill on the Iw.r.
ami Kooks exclaimed: "(Jot your
ehanp'. Kfilliiis. or Wh.deti' will
have jii injunction issued against
that   dollar."      'I'lu*   cigars   were
lid not plnv up to form, as wua ex-1 lMW
IH'rtul. hut showed n  weakness nil |»»JP'
through   tlu*  game.      "\*'\\i   Innm
Dune," McLean elurkeil him  nud
• iid not utve him a ehtllten to i^et iu
his uihmI  work.     MeAvoy  was a
star nn tin- Cranhrook defence. He
played a lim' ^ime of lacrosse and
certainly kept the Loth bridge home
^uessin^.     Carnithi'i-s also played
in .good form and although he was
knocked nut Iii- showed tin-  |n*opli*
lliiil ho was not aipiitter.   Wallnc *.
mi iln-  Lrililirul-f home,  played
more of a sinking game than  lacrosse, and   ho  could   not   play  n
very ^ihhI game of that.     Oil   the
Craiilirook home Anderson  played
riiiKS around  tho  Lethbridge tie
Mice  and   never  missed  n   rut oh
lhat   i-auie  any   where  near   hint
Tho Cranbrook loam is indebted to
him lor tho second  name,     Matthews has all   kinds of  wind   and
staying (lowers and plays tlteganie.
His   place  is  nowhere  else  than
center.    Ho managed to  lind  the
Lethbridge nets although  ho did
piny centre.   Ur. Stewart, on the
Lethbridge defence, playod a good,
clean game.   " Doc." is certainly a
gentleman any place you moot him.
Leitch play*'iI  a good  game notwithstanding tluil ho got ('lit opon
in several pli s on tho face,     lliis a   hard   man   lo  cheek.    Clyde
Manahan could not have played a
U'ttcrgamc in goal,  and   his  big
brother < leorge could not have heen
played in a hotter position,    lie is
a hard man to check and  ho kept
Uiploy warm all through tho game.
Keitrns   and   Bell   playod  a   good
game also, and  thoir combination
work was hard to break,     " Hoe."
has only lieen out of ihe hospital
some   two   weeks   and   surprised
many who did not  expeel  tn solium out on the   24th,     Koiil
is a fust runner and   can   him
stick as good as any of thom,     It
was rather a drawback to the team
that Henry Porter was oil' at  the
start of the game with a sore knee.
He is one of Cratibrook's strongest
defence,   and   necessitated  taking
hiking Carriithers off lhe home and
placing him on the defence, a position he has not I toon practicing or
playing for a long time.   Had Porter Hot been knocked out the score
would have been different.  Marsh,
who played third home,   is   rather
slow, but he gets some good   Work
in just the same.    Much praise  is
due .Mr. McSwcyn. manager of the
team, for gettiug this aggregation
of   lacrosse  players  together nntl
iv'mg sit much of his attention   tr
(Iillier. the hotel proprietor of
.lall'ray. who shut aud killed -lohn
.Magee in a drunken brawl in his
hotel about live months ngo. was
ncquitted   at    his  irial  in   Nelsnn
IllSt week. The evidence of (lilliel*
was to the etlect that the men
were throating to assault his wife,
and he grabbed a gun and rushed
into tin* room Ho stumbled over
some valises on the Hoor and the
gun wiis discharged killing Magee.
He said he wont into the room to
rescue his wife and uot to kill anyone, He stood tlie cross examination well. Mrs. (iillier corroborated her husband's testimony, and
lhe jury returned a verdict nf not
guilty, ll was a great victory for
S, S. Tavlor. the attorney for the
Kdward    Aim.   of   Michel,   was
si-nlciic.il tn the years fur the kill
>f   •luhnson,   severnl   months
Ah.,   protested  to the  lasl
that    he   was     innocent   uf the
'rime.     The   testimony   against
iim was circumstantial.
. in.£jrasjsm
Methodist Assignment.
At tic Methodist conference  in
New   Westminster   tin*  following
assignments   were   made   for   Kast
Cranbrook   San I .1.  Thotup
taken and nothing more  was wiUl. I the   ream.   He   showed   tlmt   hi
•i, tit -W knew .something nhoul managing ;
-Thut game is too brutal for me"' to»m In the way he directed theh
saul 'Hm liurrows. the pri/e lighter
of lfernio, at the grounds Tuesday.
.m.I lie left in disgust.
.1   ,1   "it
A Buffalo, N. V.. girl broke a
man's shorl ribs while hugging
him, and he   has   sited   for  -S^HK)
damages,    That girl  can   .-< *  to
Cranbrnnk withoul fear of damagi
'..  u   ,V
Seine of the people in the Kernie
distri.-t are asking MciiiIht Ross
what is to be done nboul the road
thai was slnrled between Morrissey
and Kernie just before election.
and upon which work was slop|ni|
immediately after election. Queries
of that kind nro both unfair nnd
foolish. There is no use of mix-
in- politics with business (-letting voles is one thing, und building roads is another.
Victoria invites tourists tu thnt
city i" see the beauties of the
place, nml those [iconic who have
elegant huines and magnificent
lawns, an- su "deucedly exclusive,"
that they shut out ilu* ga*/.e of
travelers by inclosing their yards
with high walls or hedges.
lor Sale at a Snap.
Tlmt   beautiful  hospitnl  nt   St.
Kugene mission Uritish Columbin
is offered fur snle ns it slnnds. nnd
where il slnnds, It' not disposed
of within twu weeks it will be taken
down and hauled tn Cranbrook
iiritish Columbia, Apply to
Thuinns Kennedy.
For llic Flathead.
It is now gi nerally conceded
Hint. Morrissey Minos is the liest
puini from wliich in starl for lhe
Khithead. Several parties hnve
nlrendy Started from there, and
others contemplate doing so.
Any onedcBiringinformation on the
matter, would do well to write H.
Ij, Stephens, of the Alexandra
hotel. Morrissey Mines.
playing in the match
Lethbridge hns a strong lacrossi
team and they can certainly [ilny '<
good combination. They check
close and hard, and we think this
was the cause of a lot of the wrangling nnd ill-feeling shown in the
match. One team is not lo he
blamed more than another, hul
there were twn nr three un each
team that started the trouble and
kept it up lo Hie end. We hope
that in the next match tins rough
work will not be noticed, ai it \>
this that disgusts the spectator!
and kills the game.
The following is the line up ul
the teams:
A. Mitiinluui B-ml Vnnlliiiiii
l>. Mr I,mill |"iiat lir.StcHio
.1. M.-Avi.v       i-nvt'i [Kllllt l-'rii-i"
I1. ('iimitlutrP l-i •l.-h-n.'i- W,ill.i.'i
ii. Mii'iiilma   2nd defunct* Scot
.V.  I.l'ili'll .'iul .Weil.*.- Uni.-nl
W. Mniihowf .'.'inn- .\|.|tl.'i',.i.
IM, iMiii-hIi       -Inl 1  ItnhliiKoi
I. I'miii.'h-i-v 2ml linmi! Skeltli
F. Aii-ltirmii km Initio' lll|ilo\
A.  Kt'HMIH lialH.lll! I lllll It' '!.'«
lice, bell infi.lt-1 i-     McMullen
K.'l '. .1. Miller.
Ti la-epeis, Hi. Mel'lme nml   li.   \.
Itcnt tic-
Schalch In Court.
Nelson. IV C, Mny 211.—All unusual civil ense occupied the time
of the court here all day nnd was
not concluded when tho court arose
The action is entitled Arnold vs
Schaieh. The plaintiff is a woman
uf this tuwn. The defendant is a
druggist of Spokane who has resided nt Cascade Cily nud in
Nelson at limes during the past
fonr or five years. The plaintiff
snys she purchased two lots here
in 18(111, At the time she and the
defendant were engaged to be
married and she hml the lots iu
question convoyed to him in trust
for herself.
The course of true love cuiue to
au end early this year and when the
woman asked the defendant tu re-
convey lhe two lots to her he snid
he would do so Upon an adjustment
of accounts, hut Ihnl under any circumstances he would own the
Moyie     Louis    Tlmnins.   u
superiiitoinlenoy of Cranbronk.
Kimborloy   'li. K. Coll is,  under
sn peri ii tot ii lorn* v of Craubrook,
Kernie   .lohn Uobsou, It. A.
Morrissey ( hie to be sent Under
siiperiiiteiideiicv of Cranbrnnk.
Michel    David W. Scott.
Coal Creek (H. W.| under su-
perinteudeney of Kernie.
Klko To be supplied under superintendent of Cranbrook.
Creston to be supplied under
superintendent of Cranbrook.
Kredorick Brown ou list of reserve.
To attend college R. K. S.
Taylor. Thomas C. Colwell, A. K.
The many friends of Rev,
rimmpsnii will be pleased to learn
thnt he is to be retained fur an-
ither yenr in Cranbrook.
Kaslo defeated Nelson in the
lacrosse game played nt the former
place on the 21th.'
Invitations have been issued foi
the marriage of Miss Kdvthe Magee nnd W. K. ('line, which is tu
take place nt St. Mary's church
Wednesday morning, .June 1. nt b
o'clock, A reception will be ten-
lered the bride and groom ut the
home of the bride's pnreuts. Mr
id Mrs. Chns. Magee, immediately after the marriage ceremony,
Knrwell service will be held nexl
Sunday evening at the Baptist
■hiirch by Kov. Auvaclie, who
leaves Mondny or Tuesday for his
w pastorate lit New Westminster.
Hev. Auvnche hns been very sne-
ful iu his work, and ho nud
his family will lenve liehiud many
friends in Crnnbrook who will wish
them happiness and success in
their new home,
Tom Leask lias sent a sample ol
panning from a piece of rock taken
from the Leask claim in the Poplar
list riot. It is a soft schist and il
lhe lead would go as rich ull the
way it would run from $lil.in> tu
**').tHK)n tun. The Nelson News
>f Wednesday, has nn interview
with a Poplar creek mnn. wlm snys
the discovery of thc richness of
ihe schist rock is recent, nud
means that Poplar will be nne ol
ihe greatest free gold districts evei
Tuesday   e roiling   alioul   seven
o'clock. C, I'  I.  hmkeman Charles
Lung was I i.-m 1U injurid.
lb* was working with Conductor
Reid on a vu'stbouud fn'ight.
While cutting tlu- air-brnke.con-
uection between two cars hll and
was injured bv a car |Hissing par
tiallv over his left l.u.ba.lK crush-
iK the flesh at ihe thigh. Hewas
brought into the hospital fur tniit*
in.'hi Tin* ivj'i.rls ihis muming
lire i ha I In* is progressing hour
ably. The ho.,.* was nol broken ol
crushed and it is thought thnt   tin
leg will   U-   s..M'.l       Mr    I gf
iiiniiv friends hope for   his   sp I\
recovery,    Medicine Hal News.  ' |
I l\i; TMl'KIHT i \li--
\ n nt addition to iln*  rollinp
stock of the<' I' K Mill liehighl>
uppivciated bv lhe   gn'lll    IlllISS   ol
the travelling' public.
The First eiglil of ,,, oilier for
Iwontylivo of ,-i new l\pe of tounsl
ears have beeu placed on tin* runs
between *Bo8ton, Montreal,Toronto
and Vnncouver.
These cars ;n*,' ihe handsomest
tourist sleepers ever built nml are
highly creditable in lhe C. IV It
company's --hups. Montreal, in
which they were built. The new
ciu-s lire 7- feel   lung  ami   contain
urteeii compartments, seating "''i
isseiigers, They Imvc c iiuplete
kitchen and toilet arrangement nnd
spacious smoking rooms, in truth
with the exception of lhe fact thai
the s.-nts are leather-covered instead of plush-covered, and lhe interim* Fittings are uf birch, and nol
mahogany, ihey might easily be
taken Eor first-class sleepers.
A noticeable improvement over
similar ears previously turned oil!
is the niTungeiiiciil of lhe sents.
wliich are constructed su tlmt
plenty of room for hand baggage
is affonled underneatli.
11!. Sk|h:rs.    U. Rotkcniltrl
.i. L Su*| hens,   J. I.awson.
B ovv Your
Own Horn
„iv.      With
,.r,'.ss:,l'V.  tor
IW ,1 is not
tin- nublii-
lilnwlng onr liom I"
Tlllll is win,I  i, ii,',Kl   liotl'l
14,11,1,4 |,,i* itsrll. Kvi'l-V-
1,4,14 I'liiisrs this 1,4,1,-1 I'r
I'iinsi' it is Ihr lin-gi-Bl iiii'l
hrst iii l-iiBl Kuoli'imy.
sn-|iiii'„s lirii-i. *. Co. Ii4,ni-i4 nii'i Proprlelorii
Morrissey Mines, II. L.
II. I.. Stephens    .1. E, Steph
We Never
It is ,,in* bnsiti, *■-  :■'
si'i've tin1 |.ul.lit* ini'1
llinu    rijilit.      Wi'
rurlv mnl  Inti'  i"  ti,
plis'h IVSIlllS. 1111,1 111.'   Illli
Wil ITI'. lii'ti-1.  i„ nhvny:
l,ns\.     Win ii \ ni
,1,,ll.il   1,4-1,   vnll
Inr'a worth    'II.'   I*
Ihr   rhrnprsl,
St,'|,l,i'i,' tin. . ' " ici     ail I'.i'i'M'
Morrisse} .liinctiun, li. C.
Mln. ■ . L*s**W4l«, ^4-K.B
ii-si,|ii4< 'mnl "i II,ill.I, I',,1
In ,,4i-„i4,,,,',',', ,1,,' M,,,,4
I 4411,,.I,.1:4 4,M  A,..   ||4|I7,
lull,,, II,llli'l'i'I llii' Mill,',
 II)-, I. ""I
I,,,- ,»  |4M4-|„   4444M,   III,,,    I,     |Yl
4    141-4    44,      III"     1,1-141.1      K, UM,
,'",„,'S„|,r,',„„l'„„r, ul llrlllah
i.,11 lllll III," (.V>l nl 111,- nl,,,,,-,
,,„,'„„',»„<; ll,,'\V„l,-,-S„|-|.l.,
,itm,,,t   nml
Ai„l iiiitlwla i,l>4. Iii'rili.v ni."!. Ui4i
ii|i|illciitl*ili 441, th. aulil tVtltloi, i4-.ll ,-t-
1, v ,l„<t*,„ii|>n„.v I,, tlii'.lutlB" "in <-„
I',,,,,,   1,1   lllll   -ll,4'lllllll'1-444,  4||,-4',,411-1   I
11.4-4,'41    S-1,4441,-.      ,4, 4,,111      ,,„    V I,,.,
,„.-.,,v-.-.m Ill)'  I'l .lull,',   llllll,  .<
I„i„,-Ol,,',, „',l„i'k ill tlu'tnr,', ,i.
'1*1,4'   4,44,4.   4,1    l|,„    HlSl     |.I|I,M4I44,.1,    4,
„„,i,'|. ,,„. Ill,'■.-lilliiliiv "I Mn.v. llllll.
11.ii,-.1 ,-4i (Jrn.it.rnnk, UiHMiCulnmln
llllli il„v„IM',v. Illil-I.
IV. I-', iluni.
irrStroft, ri-niilimiik, Il.i'. s,,liii
MHiHiinH^mg i: ■ i g :-E.i#
**        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the       m
,-£> None Better In thc District 0
9 Rates Si anil up.   Short Orders ami Oysters <j^
«jj> served in nny style Irom 8 p. m. to 6 a, m. <^
9        The table Is the but, the roam *, *. .1 I >r clean <^
m llness ,.nd comfort and tlu bar is lupp'.i     with in: b:.'. br.inJ  <£
^'i ol liquors .ind cigars. <^
^ L B. VANDECAR. Prop.        <^
Education niitl Life.
'In-     "l.J'Ml     of   nil    rilnrnlii.il
lllll  111'   to   inrl'rnsr    thr    nsi'l'lll.
s of tnnn iisrl'nlnrss to hint.
sell' ninl to others. KviTy liiiiniin
In-ill*- sliuiilil l,r in,mill' llml his
lirst duty is l„ tnki- euro of himself,
llllll tlllll'   I,,   1,,*   srll'-l'rsprrtinr'   III,
must In* soll'-snpportin^. To live
on tin* l.-il.,.i- of others", either by
force which ensliives.or by nninini:
wliieh rob. or bv lioiTowing orbejj-
u'int; is wholly,lislionoriil,I,■. Every
iiiiiii shonlil be tiiiiL'1,1 si,inr  useful
lll't.      Ill' sholllil  be lline'hl   lo   lll'lll
with thines ns they nre with life
ns it is. This wotllil -.ive n fet-ling
nf illilepellilein-e. whiel, is lhe
titles! fouitiliilioii of honor, of char-
ticter. Every in;,,, kuow-iiij. thnt
he is useful thinks well of himself.
In nil Bc-hools children sliuuld be
tnuelit to work ill wood nml if,,,,.
to iiiulerstniitl tin' construction nml
use of niiii'hini'i'y. to become
leqiiiiited with tlie"grent force thnt
mnn is itsine: to iln his work.
In this wuy boys nml girls would
Icnrn their aptitudes would leni'ii
whnt tlu-y   were   Htted   I',','    ivlint
they  ,',,1,1,1 ,1,,.      ll  IVOllld  nol    be  1,
less or iiii experiment but :t detit-
striitiou, l'!,l„,-iiti,,ii should
Increiise n lioy's chances of getting
it living. The renl yom I of it is to
get food nud roof und raiment, opportunity to (lovoloi) tlio mind und
live II full  I lllliple life.
The move renl duration, the less
crime. We wnnt education through
tin- lieud und ihe heart'.   We mini
iiiiniiinl training in our schools.
(1. A. King.
N„'l,'„ is l,.„,'..y five,, ,l,„l II,
tliito tin, fowl K„ot,'l,„.v l.mnt"
,.,,„i,,..l.,,ill„|,|,lv,,, llii- II.	
■Illl,,,,   li   ,4,-4 1,441 lil r,14>14Ml  llll'l*
the Itlvi-r. ,1,1,1 S n-ntllH trl , ><■
ln||   lllllll    llll'l    "III"!    '41,-1141    I
lint mul "inl.-"' l-m!-.mi'-i i'i
I'ulliliililu unit it*, tplliatnrii-, Ir.i
■ill ini
H-inilsiiitic Driiii Slore.
It. li, Hi-iittie is  innking  rxtei
si\c   improveiiu'iits   in   ids   drug
slot-,-.    A two story addition  lun
In    built  ul flu- rear,   nud  tin
(Hist ollice moved buck to it
All of the front nnd tiie second
story of the rear is to be used I'm
lhe ilisplny of g,a»ls. When III,
improvements un- completed, then
■vill not   be   ll    more    III! 1'llctiu'   ol
better iirrnngeil drug slore bet ween
Winnipeg iiiiiI Vnucniivi-r.
The New Lumber Company.
The Sinpli-s [jiutilier company received ii shipment of hoi's, -snli, I tlitl-
I,'i'inl lust week und unloaded them
ut the iiilll site on tlm St. Marys. Tin
horses lire nbout the tillest lol ever
lironglil into Ihis districl. Mr
Anders,,,,, of Stillwater, Minn..
hus arrived nud is busy pushinc
forward tin- preparatory work
Tlie machinery lor the mill is on
the wny. uiul no time will lie lost in
getting tilings into sIwijm*.
Bishop Donlcnwillc.
Bishop Dontetiwiile nt-riviil in
Cranhrook today from a visil to
l-'eriiieund Michel. He will preach
iit St. Murys church next Handily
morning mul evening, nnd ul four
o'clock in the afternoon, he will
bless the new cemetery, He paid
n visit lo St. Kiigt'iie Mission In-
dny. nud will leave Momlny for the
west. The bishop is one of the
brightest nietnbei's of the Catholic
clergy in Canada, and is n general
favorite witli tin- people regardless
of religious belief.
l',,.Bll,ill.tii4\ mul lo .Inll.litrn tl
,1    ll,.'     -lll'l    4, k     .,4.1    I..    .'4.11-lH,
..,..,„-„,,<l ,link,' si,i'Ii 0,1,,-r i,„|,,4
,-i,i4,y I mur; lor ihr drirln-i
hllllt.tlf III llUllll.T ll„',','i,l
Ilnlnl M ,i mini, 1(1111,
W   I* tliinl,
li Sulli'llnr lor tl,» A|4
Timber Notice.
ll'MI'l'l-  CI"!'    ,1,44,     ll'l    '!:,
I„l,,l„]4,,l,   ,41
, -i-lotln-a 111,1,1,'  -"  44-  ,44
i'lll 4114,1 lu,ik atvllah. I'liliii-I
.il, l,,-|.l.-ii-,-i. You'll B,'l ik"
,1,1.1.1 iroikiii,'ii<-lil|>ii4ii 1,411,
l.cask & Henderson
ll   Ill,* loll,,,,
IJ,,-,   Kl„„.*„4,.l
41-k-    .,,     Vl, Inllll,''! ! la
t iiiiii k-1 -I--. A,|,,l|,l
nt.,1 iit,,,,'" ,l -
lllltl   ,,ll„l   I, I'M   I I-.'-J
lm -iiiiiI, lllllll   of lot
l'1-l,... Ill.'lll	
ii Hid north Ilial
,,' 1-J. I'iijI,' „. „ preempt
l lie,
10   ,l„'   Ul,,
Soil, I,,',',,   ll4li|,,,I.V.  till',,,','    ,4444',
111,' -lll'l   Iliil,',,,,,I    1,4    -lli,I      Ull      IlL'.V
north iili4ii|t tlie ,'iini limit, of anid In,
IIT cliulna ln,-r 'toaalo Ihe i'lu-	
nin*, ntiilnluii 'inii uerea more,,,-1.
I,,,,', 1 ili„ar,tliilu;ol.M„)*. linn
I'lie iiiiiii who keeps iKisled on
tin-district is tin- iiiiiii who reads
tin- Cranbrook Herald.
A mciilinit ,,f ilm ll 1 nf l.k-ent
C'ominlninner-t fin* tin.- t'muli
"ii.-,- Iiinni,', will I',' held in ih" Court
Houso   in   r,i,„!',"4'l,   4„,   Wl'iIiii-mIiiv,
.1,,,,,' llilll, ul Hi" I,-"li "1 I,'I,  ,,',-lock in
the for,'!,  wl  Hie f„ll,iwlll*j llplili-
i-lllliina will I nnaiilure.11
-\.    I..    M.I >.-. M...1.    \Vli..|,'-;il,'.   I'iiiii-
I.. P..   V I,'.'in.   Ki.iiil  11","I   I'n,,.-
Hun.    M, I -..,,4,1-i     Mnnitobn     llol-'l
.hiniM I; imi ii. Cmnlinwl, Hotel, Crnn*
.I„H'|.||   l',|.,l4ll. 1'.,1,44,lllll     ll,,,,-1.  < -,;,,,-
.1. I:. I mi, 14,- C,iaiiin|„dltiiii Ilnlnl,
I '.i.ii!i,,„,l.
M.J.   M.'l' '.-,   Ull-l   K....1,'14444'    ll,,|,'l.
A.t'. I'mviioas,Whtdt-niilo.IViinbmnk.
.1.  Met ,1,1, I',-,,mil   II,,,"I. Miov-
I'i„,'l,   ,4    .1 1.    I'iiii-    Vii'W     liolel.
Nils llunsi'ii, Wuan Hotel, U'li-u.
Oliver nlli'l,'. I'l'irv (',,','!< liolel. nl'l
Hun M"\,.i.li, Stcole lliitol, Kort
S le.
II. Ilei,,"num. ll 1,1.4', illl Hotel. I'oil
S I,'.
U.S. Mathers, Winds,,,' Hotel, fori
II. A. I'liisc. Strntlu n Hotel, fort
II, Drew, Norlh Still' Hotel, Kinilier-
New Licences.
«',„.  -iiimll,   l,„i„*,i„l Hotel, Crnnbrook.
.Iiinu-s M. Carroll, Ontario Hotel.
I'iiiiii Uollill! ill llii'kensoll to  Shelton
iVl'lii|.|,, Wentworth llotol, Crnnbrook,
Dated  ;„   Provincial   I'olleo   OfBre,
I'elllie. ll.C. Muv -i.-itli, 1110*1,
.1. It, MoJIllllhl,
Chief I.',,,', Ins-ieolar.
Timber Notice.
Tukonnllcotli.il Hiin.v 1'i.v- "'i.-i dnte, I
liiteml to „|,|'l.v in thei'ldet ,ominl8el,„iei
Mimla ni"l works, lorn speelul li to
iiii.I carry „,4,,v limber from the lotto,
deacrlhod hind., allnuto lu Southliual Ku
uny Iiiiiii,!, Col Iil„:
Coi„,„i'i„'i,iii ni ii |„,s, |il„„,,,,l on then,
I ii 4,, ,1,1 ii rv ol Dun Howe's ureeoiptlon nn,
Ihes li coat eor -ul Meaner nnd ll„
lillllier lieense. th ll'tll 8llchullie,lh
ensl Sll ehuins, Ilu. BoillhSltehnlns.tli
i,.-I -sort,   44. I,, Mm ,,l I beulnnlllis
l),ll„   llii*.*Jllli ,1,1.1* ol Miy. llllll.
Annes Klnell,
II Iter I'J'liiiir.l l'JI-,,'11.  1.4.4'iU,
Timber Notice.
1 li-'liill Hull
I li.iip|il,v lo the,
 I ll oil,-. I,,I'll
lll'I'.V   ll**',,)   liiill,!','
ioi,,.,,,., ,li.,,',.',.
!, Allan \l4i„.4,'
C.ittle Lien Act.
To Thail.. I'-rmi-i'iii
Tnke null hul iuideniuthnrit.i "HI" •
ni'i in. «i I sell   lir   Illllllil'  unction   ii   i-
1,1,1'S .line-:!. Ill ll.„„l,-SH,„'l..,',',l,„,,'
M4I   I.l,  II- fi, hi,.  !,„-  f I.  ,-,„.   .
1,1 llllll I  .Kill   llO'll'
lleiiri ,ti Ilu'1.-,
II Climb, k.ll.i
W.'   1,44
lew tl,„t i," Imr,' L'lv hi.
inline  I use   they   plenso   Ilie   Indies -i
¥11,1.-1,.   'I'll,'.,'   Illlvn tlie style „,„1 gnt-llp ll,
them tlmt plcnses,   Never ah; „r ttol Irielii-
onr-,1 HI ni,,il,i..t    lln of lh nuttlts
sor ;„nr wlft uml lot. her go out for „ tlt'lv,
-..iii" oiler n. -ni.! ii..14- ,l„. illlter ■„ In
your home nn-cllnn.    It eefllllnl.v will plense
I,..,     IVou'l .-..hi yon l„u ,1 tl'llle.
<,» ,   ,;■ EnruiK'i' -v-iit'in i
-i!      ■       in :il.   I Iur Inisini'ss lit1
j'I'l ill    li|.'   t'lllSS   u|'   Wtii'l,  Vi
tlli'll i Ui.     Wt' ill'r
.    |*k  il   «ill   be.lone lik
Patmore Bros.
If we
*******.******* ' i       '   ' *******
9 whou-jsau; m
| Wine and  Liquor Merchant i
^ Agent for Calgary Beer mul .'m-ici* A
X Agent for T. I.cbcl & Co., Il.*i\ and (iiJtiit.
9 0
4i I itavc :i full nud complete stock of liquors nnd cigars, uml for A
--      ■' -     -     I-   I ...I    I,.    ,!,,.     I'i-,,.I,,, „.|.  ' ^
II.,.-! block. ^
*4j   "I'posne. . I". ... .lt.-l.Jui.    - ..,,  0
****.****.****>r y '.'*0 ■>****
H tin- iitvsi'iit iiiv store is loenU'il in liu* <
" opixjsite C, P. R. fleiwt,   Cull in
| Cranbrook
Hotel 3 3
(irnists Comfort fl Spt'cially
Qood Stabllnjj in Connection
Ntftirefll to rniltiiHil mnl depot.    !■     i eommoiliv
tiinm for the public utiequalli I  I    Crunlirook.
Mnl and Cold Baths
Can't Fool thc Horse
■■   '..t'l-ra.
Illl Illi'  ' I    lli
tenl,     Vnll
raelf lielieve
i'.l     l.lilill,'.     Oil'    id'
ill -vill I'li.letllllrl*.
,. I.,   i HATS llml,
 I    111    Ilir   Mill"'
dlll.'in  i-llllV.
Harris & Jolliffe's
Meat   flarket
Timber Notice.
Tnke not co that tidily daya ultm ,1  I
in I,-ml I o apply tn tlio olilef I'ontuilasloaer "I
lunula and .vuiks, Vic,,,, in. B. <*., Inr., spn'-
lal lic'im,,,,, cut „„,t;,'„rr.v Hivny timhertrooi
Hie tollou'lug doaei-lhid lumls, In Solllll liust
I iiimnciii'iii'r lit ii post pluntod on the wesl
siileof llie II. ,'. Soulle'n, Itnilivny ut mile
poat 84, tlieneo .wl too ,-haina more oe i. - -
to ihe eaaterly hulltidary ulU, I'. II i„i i.Mim
tlieucu soull, tollowili-t tlie ani'lhomiiliir.v Iini'
t„ tlie It. ('. Soulliern Railway, tlie tollon-
inu suid railway to tho plnce ,,t coinnieni'ii-
ini'iil, eontaitdnfl (141) nerea more nr less,
llnteil lliis -llllli dffy of Muy. A. I). Hint.
IJ.  t',,,,'14,1,11.
il. A. I.ellch, Agent.
Timber Notic*,
,.,  llilrly d„,va nil
4(!„i' dole.   I
inilaalntiei' of
urlii. ll l'.. for u sp c-
inyunuy llmliorf n
I lunilaeltuutelnSolllh
.4,-1 i Innl,,I oi
11,, in llnllivo
 'liuins, ,1,,
i' le
imli" Il.i
Ing Ihu an
 Ilsny, Ihenee I »
l„  the  nli I  ,'
ug lllll neria, nil,,,, „
y ol Mn.v, A. I).  Hml-
il A. I,"il. I, Agolil . THE CRANBROOK  HERALD
K,*p.iirini4 Promptly Done*
Footwear to Measure a Speciall
ril.YM'.WOilK.   BlllTIsn   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   MAY   L'li    llllll
M.M15KU   !i
AAA*.*,*        ■    ■
t   B, H. SHORT
4   Painter, Decorator and Sign
i \\ rltcr,
*     \n i i-,., |ut
11" I'-
World's  Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson      R ssland      Trail
.$00      $65
I Wc rIi/c perfc t satisfaction
t witli  mt  work.
*******VV\. ,9 ,  . ;.**.. ...vvv*-.
N'.'« in:-.: ildriviim
rensontible rate.    Our
cue !,, nil  Imrses sin-
bled will, us.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the* Hest
Ft. Sleele Brewing Co,
\\i> i;i.ii lis
1,11  IH 4      IIMII
ll e ||, im I :. Inn,' III, I,'. Is
.Inl) I, ". ;:. Annuel A,II, III,
M-,,',-,4,1.,   I     4    '-     ,       IJ,'||,|,|-|    41.    |     .*,.
AI '■"'"' *| I," ' Illl,'- on '•:,, lair*
l-'i -    e. I.|,l-4ll'|'ly lL,l„,'!ll  It*,   Illl
i - !'\i,"i'i:i:. i-:. j. mvi i:
ll.l*, \„ Ni-U.ii   A.ti.l'.A. Vnni'iiiivi'i
.... I   a WS\ d. I ^J,,,.
lo   \!.l    1-lllXTrt
Cranlirnnk Mithndi-i Church.
Jnrncr ni llnii-nn lii'ntu- nn J I inn- SlfC,
 I.l.       S.4,4     4   -
Hllllil,,., Sri	
Illvlne «
I'.. -,1,4 4 IJ|',, l„,ll       I
I ml,    ,„,
iu...    |-i     .    Ile
I      4-.4l.li4l        .
Cranhriii.li llnpli-t Church.
I'l,, ,,,il,,„„,r I- -> l.-i   -     '
ii ii.,-1,.,, i.-t r i
11 ii a.
i, in I-n
,,,, \i„,
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give mc a call.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
St. I'iiiii, Diilulli, Minneapolis, Chicago
Scflttfc,   IiKimii,'   Victoria,   Portland,
fhrnugli Palace o„,t r,„,rist Sleepers
Dialog nml Butte, Smoking 1 ilirnr. Car,
For nil.-, I'ohlci'S nml full Information
ll-l I  i),s, rail 1,11 ,,i ,i,l,h,-
t:   1 KIIKK** II, Illl I.VHT
'      .    i     ■ .    I-  a   r   I
le: IV. Iliiri-i'le Ave
s.uluiin... Wnali
Mining Engineers
ami Surveyors,
.1. T. LAIDLAW, M. 1.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated  Waters
Of all kinds
li]  ,   Champagnes, l iders
Ginger Ales, Etc.
.\,J.i \- .ttt'r in siph tm.    The most
 :l \v.iv ,, handle it.
I .nu , ■-. rule
III   nud
Ri   unable Rules    I linve
1 ns iv
4,lli..'l    I-      Illl '""    I lit,
,44   .4   eilizen
,      iiilin.nk
-    lllltllbl   I    "I    44  -ll''
I'naliir, I*   tt    lovo
Crnhrnok Presbyterian Church.
Inhliiitli S iii.' -        I I ii. ni  ,1,1,1 7 -in
i In, s I ..ml i,il,l..,l,i.«
1.11-1,4,11   IJU.I,-,,,,,'.      ,,,.-,1.4,
'j 1,1' |,1,1,,,,'„,' II ,1 .4    1,11 1      ,
Clll.sillYl'  1,ii|4.;i:'Nii. IIJI
Cranbrouk, It. C. ,
tenia 2nd nnd  III, Tlleailnv ,„   - |,   in.
. I). II. I' linll.
.1.  .1    .UlMll.lt.  K.  II    S.
T. II - I*. I'.
i-iiiiit llielhivliciiiilliillrilivilcd to iiiimi
Crnnbiiiiik Brunch of
14- Pli,
i,, nl H M lu
Ill   II	
Ilf \\4I
1 imi
IJ. e. \
llll'l ll
.li.'ill, 1,,1'ilel.
^   I.O.O.P.    Key Cll) lodu.
So. I!.  Meeuevet) Mm.
linkers! I.    s,, „.„,,,
1,1,1 I',.ll,,4l'.,'„4i|l4lllyl|||||,,|.
It       I.     Il4'li„'|,. ,1   .   II      \|    |'*„|-|„||-
N    II. Sc,, 4.
, '
lranbrook Lodge, No.'
-. I. & t. II.
ll,'4*llllir     114    -   --4I    III
tllltll      I lllll -1.44     4.1     14
-llilltl hrCtrell      44C1,-4III4--.
M   \   III 41 I. Sei
IklMIKllIlk    Ita,Veil   III
nil.  A. L U.  \ii.;„;
tinned I uut. fish, etc
,1 Readj Made Clothing
\,,l.*-   .'I,-Mill     lioots     ,'.,ltl    Ml.JL-s
I ,,.1,! \s KENNEDY*, AnlM
i i",'i" r Ui"
Candy Kitchen
i   '■■ - '""
! Candies, Fruits, Nuis,
; Biscuits, Pipes and
j Tobaccos. .ii..- unman ;
Mon, Women anil Children's
Nol ;il i-oal Inil ;il libit* profit.
Cull iiih! mv wlml  I win ilu
t'lH- y, .11.
New   Line   of   Conk   Stoves
Just Received
■■S|'".l    Ull.    .|..'.-l   .,,.    ;-.(     ,|,    1   ,
Hi-'   -  ll'.I'   III -   l.n   uh    ,
U,    lui.I   ,   ,,   .   1 1      ., . .
Uf(«r<   Mir , iuHi< .>r Any,
HAD  Tu     ,    ■   ■ 1 agoa BAY TO
'■    ■   -
""u   n" -i -■       11  ii; i"i hi*
I   "III   I HI   v.,11   us,   1   j[,( _ .
iin* i.iiuhi in  Uu- stii.i .
U ll-.   „..|U  Il,i-  liiiilnliflii Domini   ..I  >||l  l   1.   ,.;,,, S, DUtl Ai lla
I"   'I'-'   lUltl   I >, ..::,',   ,    I  lU'ttllj    ll     11 ,-   «»  .1   I.    ,.. k, ,    I| 1   |„
Ai'in'''i:ii;,!:;il,;,;:';;,i1;i,:1il<;,;;,,111-'-       ■« »> n )«« . ■ ..<.> .•-
I;'"11"' "ii' i'inl'!-- "'-'I -* *t "i-i 1 min i   lil. it. Hi,,., 1 u,,,,
To l.n*ii I. 1
11. hi 11,.-, *.„ \, tti 3i.,i..- Wur, »ln
I*   II. II.    Mi,1,*   II. llllll   Mill.
IVII*   l)ff|,l.*,    .Iliil-.I
l*ll|l|t-K   'll--it*,
mil  hij   I.-,  um.-. iiit»iii,| I,,.-
Ami it.' liiiii|m 1-1  nli   [, iv.  .1    r.
11        "'    i: ■■ ■ di i-    u|
1 UU    li,   I..*  Ill
I Iii ...
rr»i 1    1 . . ■    1
ekipped  lo l'ortu ■   ,   |
*^B?,fcZSrtSt '•   ■
v,i  ,„.,  1,,-nrl i,  »   ili-luiwu.       ' '"'i'1 '"'" 'n
I,   1   Iiml  l.lll   ,-.....,...... 1,'Ulil
''^lut'G^G'GGGG        P"".^
To Ilie li,„'|,.|,,'„,u, lil Ilu-mi'iiialme, I Jl" "'"•  "' "!l ■■
As  ll   .-1414.1,4.*  Ill',,,'III,   ,„.,   Ir.-nl. "I   In   S,,l      in   I' mi    II   '. .   ,1   |„'  SO
"Xo, ror Into M,e „ll., | .
lln,l I ill],nnl i4,,..ii mr ivnv,
Wheo n ilnnln  llintl'e Jttllleil in,'.
"Bflve Ihe ivnllliu, ,.r ,l„. ii,(».,.-,|r
Will,   41   | ,1,4'   I, 4,.-   -,-„|   ,..,
A,"I    , ",,l,,l!   "I    ll,!'   4.   I    14 441,
I iuii Un- ri'oxell -,,4>„.
In „ ,,im,-iiln „r ,
Willi ii
An.I I  li
\i  '
••lllll nn
ill  -1,1-
„<   i-HI.III  IH'..14
inn-,. In- i,i ii„nl or 1 i.
A".I Hi.- feni-'i-hlll r,'ll nimi	
Al tl,,- ei'osshif of tin' in !
1,1-n   „-,  1 0,,,'kn ■
"I'l  tlie feni'-ftillt ii
l.ll,,, „ sin I ,ll'„,l„,
As I sunk noon Itle si
Whero   111"  Bllililnvv I
i'1  Muni .'Mi  i   ;.       4, onllis ni*o
li'. 4-1",
III, ' |
"'"'   ■'   !'■ '- ,      .
I'll Hi    , ln Th,. .N
ll     ■        , ii
11,1,1        is      ,4,1 ' ,      .. .
ll,'    v
,li-- iinsl   llml   l„. 1
"'■*' I   hi
-'I.i:- ,1    !.-- .,,-..
Ill,        i       .1      - -    ;-   ft
1  4
Visiting Brethren cordlatl) Invited In nin-nJ
■r*«vM™i3-j!*a:ii-,:v.w;.'.L ..'
Formerly Hotel I'hair
NELSON, 15. C.
U. TOriPKINS, Muiiflger.
'"'"I    Is   I if   ll,,'   I,,'S|    il
Irittsli   t'liliiniliin  uml   up In-ilnti
n  i-vi-i-j   ivs| I.      Wnll  lighli'i
Tht- Contractor
w lm lifts Contracts
If yon vim! I" Iniilil l.*t un- know.
I 4,ill I.- |'l"!n„"l lu fiirnisli vmi
'stiiiuiti'8 ntnl   uiu,,'   In l|i ynu mih
■ ,;;:    ..ii'   4.1- 11 ns tn pliius.
uii ui vmi shop
Dezall Brothers
OLD HERALD BUILDING \    Blacksmiths!
t I
simple: s'ihoim, Horse Shoeing !
mm i
; Carriage Repairing an:l
; General Jobbing...,
Oulsltle Orders I'nunpih «
Ukiiikil III. I
\       \ I   Hove Vmi Any Painting ta lit- Done?
Du Any nl Ymir Rooms Need Papering?
if so SEE
t   |-]ntiiiiiili'H uin
li'iii'ls.     Wi- .I..i.l wniil  tin
SILENT 0/7,,/-./-t/ -*'
"'"' , .'.nil,.     Wu wnnt   to -ili-nst,
Purchase Price $3.00 a month t J       , „.||], ||u, n,„.|; ,IM,| ,.,,,.,.ivi.
Allowance made for old machine   j '      ,,     ■
ARNOLD  &   ROBERTS   |j Ro' el. Cranbrook
A Large Stock fn Caskets and
Robes.    .-•*    J*
Phone night .ind d.iy 77
Livery 3
\vh<:n passing nur studio come in
ind   !.*(• the new
Prest Photo Co. Studio
Chinese Labor Rniploymctit Ajtency
Oriental Bazaar
I-',-, n>\   (i In:     Store on   Diirirl.
j     ,:;i,  .  ,.||„..-,|,'   I,I.i    ll.l.'.M   iilin'i'
DR. F. li. KING,
11   Inl".  ,,    ....
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, file.
Ilazcll Block Cranhrook. II C.
:i. H.THOriPSON,
Barrister,  Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, ii. C.
Proprietors .-* *** ** j physicians and Surgeons
  Office nl Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Tennis ttii.l drlverfl furiiinlie.l for unv , Forenoons,   -   ■   ■   ■   9:.jfl to ||
i Aftornootifl   -   *   *   -   l:J0 iiiJiJO
! Evenings   -   -   -   ■    IMtoH-.SQ
point in tlie district.
A. 00VI.R, Manager,  Cra   urook,
"Anil il Hut iri|,|..*i*« round in-*.
iWnn* tii,. ImitIt i.r duv,
Willi tny dark Imli' ldutu*lipd an.l whit
i> I
As tin> mow in whiwi i hi-.-.
"iiui Hii'.i- Bpake unt ai iin.*,- riN'.i mo.     ImUj   u
i-',ii* iln'v knew Mini in tin* nlKlit nini.i'.-i
I luni s.'i'ii lli,. Sliinlfiv Iiiiiiii*''. | v    „, ,
Ami luni wlllli'lvd In liN lljltlt.
"Sntu-tn Mnrtn nwcA ih!
The sun Is millllS Inw -
nr-fnrp us lli<s iln- vnlloy
or tin* Wnll,.-!* i.r iin. Snow."
- Chnrles Dnwuon Shsnty,
I!, -
Fouud   I'liuiuoli's  Tomb- liii|i'H*iiuit  Ulf-   Wil
<-i»*»i>  hy » Toronto  l.\*iUii*i*r. j ll
Mr. ('. T. Ciiri'i'll.-y, M.A., "f Tor- i i
onto, ii-sisiuiit mi tin* Kgypliun \'.\-i "
ptorultoii Kuiiil stnlT, hml it-fvnily "'
llic good fortune lo utiwuvr-r the '■'
tomh uf Auhumwi, (l«it KIiik ot lh« 1 v*
ciHhtoontli dyimsty, lha I'tiai-unli
th.. llii,If. Who "Jim w n.il .I..:.
ninl under whom th,' oppro isio
tin* llcln-fws ciiitiiiifiii'i'il. Thia 1
liutl I ei'ii M'tirdii il  fur for somo >*
WitllUtlt   SUCC0S8,   UIHl   its  lliiU'OVft*
on  Unit nccouut   even  moro nru
iim' iluni ii  would oUici-wis(! In*. Tho
i.nnli i.s deKi'tlicd as ohd uf tlm largest known,  tho entry    Imlng hy'   a
shufl or "'ell sunk in tho rock m' tho
ch'Sfl'l n'11' tOI'ty-fiVB I'd ill iliiim.*t-
I't*.      At    tllO   l.nl l.   Ul   Of   lil'S       IS       ii
s [imru cliambor, whirli tm tlutibt oji-
i-ns into various pnssagrs tuul t-liam-
bo.s, nn is i sital in Btii'li loinhs.
Tlio niiiiiiiiiy nf Aohumos Ims nl-
ready heen discovered, having: hoon
ii'iiio'-ed f oin the tomb lo a sufur
plnce during snnio turbuleiil porlod,
'Hi- chief value of Iho discovery,
howovor, will ho in tlie li Blnrtenl
nmtfi-imi contnlimd In Wn. Inscitp-
tlons Midi which tin* wulls of -s nh
tombs are dorohilml, and which n ay
perhaps throw ll^lit upon boiuo lin-
poittuit matters of saertxl |ii.*lory.
Mr. Currelley lefl   Kgypt    nt    Uv
.-ml of March to spend four  nibs
working on tlio pie-sryconaenn do-
pu-its of Croto under tho nrltish
School of Archaeology, l.n addition
io Hie valuable collection pr sen ted
i,v tho Kii.\|.i. Exploration Kimd to
Victoria Unlvotslty lasl autumn, Mr.
CuiTi'llfV exjiocis lo ship ftirih r
atchaoiilogleul materials liof  leaving Egypt. Thu work of cslablish-
ing ,i liranch nf the l-'^ypl Exploration Fund in Toronlo tins boon undertaken by the Chancellor of Vlc-
lotfa I ntiMHtly.
Km ly < Htiiiiliiiii TruvDlprs,
Tbe   Ontario   Historical   Society   Is
doing a useful    work in rcpr-idiirioy
papers ami  records and  making lliein
acposslblo tn ilie public.     Its   I Ii
vol  gives nn iiccount of the exploration of tin- great lakes in
IUOfl-70- by  Dollier du Uasson    nud
He iin-lmiit de Linll      il  contains
(inii G narrative |a Frenrh,    with
un  English  Irnnslntlon, n  fnc  Imlle
of (inliiifc's map,   iim* port '.Hi     i'f
Colhort,  I-n Snlle,  Laval, Talon nnd
other llliifllrntlons.
I'ollier do CnM»ii was -'i.'i vwirs nlil
when   I 'I'lvotl  in  I'm,.in.,,    lh-  wufl
ii mnn of enormous phytdrnl MreiiRlh,
ami before entering tho clinch hud
dlallnguiKhetl himself as n n\n ry
captain uiuiei* Marshal Turwu ■■ '■ 1
iif.-  was of n  noblo    lb,-inn  family,
On   lhe f\[..'iiiin,',   rJcMil I     in   '    S
volume thoy    w issoclnted    wiiii
the famous I-a Hallo, ih,* hero nt
of i'lirknmn's Works, then |m*l nl tbo
oulBvt of his career.
.    II
I Minto.     In
i ■ ■   ■. '
■ ■:      tl
lli s m tho
■    '
li ■--
- f    limit*
a   :
ll Al
"     V
1 .    I
■     .   ■     ,'-',■
■'  -
.    .   .    '
ilinto, - ■
•    ■      !    he   nc-
' ■.  ■    ■.   l: .■■
"     :    -     ;...
i- ■        any stde; h*? never attpmptetf
a isociate of the olllccra   of
orps.       lie kiu*w   his limit*-
i .-   well us any   other   man
coul.I.      ii- had tho    old    Bersoker
blood In him.    lie never quailed. He
wu ■   nrtlcsa in bis methods.
M      i   linn lighting bad taught   bim
mado no < oncealtncnt nf
nds.      When he utole,    or
I   -<    I'M  ut.   tli- horses
■ i ■ British cot j--, he made    iho
•    ■     ■ was assured thnt
■ ..>-.* better    nsw    ut
i ilf imlnf'il proprlft-
.- ■•* ti man    In
I nol    shoot    »'r
11    gai hored togeth*
■ col eel Ion ut   fcul-
L they wore    first-
They were ready
.:■:.  everybody,
nin     thein    hid
Bulkniw       .iking    for
lloss    ■ ivevi r    seems   lo
thing ll at     was    tint
h lil   to  i-* . ',.:!..- i-*i [s| „■  of  him.  lis
■ money-making.   That
lift :i one of   his fallings,
nnd I tepping the rule »>t |(f«
 n attended by   rtls-
■   :-..-■ ces.
Work ki  Hio Mounted Polle** en Ibe Vail
W .-.I, in   I'l.n,.,,.
A      i C. l n it has nn article     la
■i   Mi *-   ii nllny  wnli     the
led    Police, am) us
are t   *   eutttcientl)
i    .,■   work   lion**
nnd not right-
v  lb  tbo   remarkable
|irop, ny over tlmt
i . mu tbo International
io    tho   \rct -.- I'ltii-j   the
s sate,      Tbe pas-
■ i    '        I      WW   Will see    a
■   r'a _'*.;■ who has ridden
s a. ross the plain,
_ r or annoyance than
,, i rowded city.    The
"■-   Ini ■ ml wl --ii  one   sees
■ an,  while     hoi-
*:■*-.  red coat   and
:u k  trousers with >vl-
i- h   si ridii g  hoots, ami, per-
I On ho rides,   not
ns ;'■ ■■ horse hounds,
rising  and sinking   with
as 1   nugh the horse and
. ue—as tho cowboys  ride,
the troopers     of    th*
:'-   - ■ rode iu South Af-
tells    how      tbe
imui   as  lie  rides see*
■1   in the sky, wheels
i .   .  ; -   across  tbe
liographed   by
■ ■   .,   ten,   twenty,      or
'-'.   lu   rli>*-e   in   and
ling   u  refugee.     Il
but  ihe men tbc-m-
- .■   i : idc  in  the reputa-
■ : ■-c the greai-
In nil i        ■   ■ Is  of  America   the
til  has been proceeds ot lawlessness, hut fn
*   IVi ?", thanks     to    the
. rB  has  been  llt-
rce .*\i*-t,s nut   to
rage crime.    In
Ind ans, the police
n them bL-*-ausd
.i ,-■       committed
. Iways made it   a
.       t   the   guilty Indlvid-
, nml carry them
dar iriol  ''-■:',,:-,- ihe proper
ii il 'I       !■:..if   has   not   been
to hut   to   arrWt
A, i-i'-*, Isely as
.i   H hite  man
-      'Jhe jus-
.'■   to   !--  under-
I tint   police
i i    Which   Ctrnad*
m>t    roncenl   1 11
li -  ..* ■.,    .        .
foil,,-    Of   fiOVl
iiuunrcil  '   al   li    wn   Id mil     take liu
onl li-    'I s ■■ ' o ■     I  ■
Ing thai  Iw would not li       II
i he ■ ' i*engl m >■■' l-- -  ho wo ibl    bv   m
nllegiancc.      Uu wm •  nlleginnre,
bul. to his aw n -.,' ■• foci ioi . g«ii "*-■ n
by immcdluti ly  jj         Hint bu
tt'iiiibl    beconio an Ai c
ngain as   soon as tho    v
r In Africa *-*•      tho   *- ',
of prellv nenrlj    tho Ol
0 ],„,,  :■ ho wn    ui rivalled  by    even
tim   tier     ns,    Uus&ian    ui d   \ti   i
,',, -       ■   il linvoc  In  r '   ■■    Uo
frm -I thai   he    bad n
hniiseful of lobtetl   Is :i    I'i   * ■
and, w i *n [u*ot.  I   wa ■ made, i ■
,.,,    ...j  ;,      .: i. ■     ■   ■■■
,,...   j i.,,,  ■   . i lo (h
s\ * - ii t.'nt   JJ*. ■ .r tl    -'--i    - -
i,*.  .I!.- Ilm rs Itn     !■■■
aid  i.f i      t'o ' i
aro   In   'i'oroi lo      onto wh*i
fought ti
of his met l"'i, ,;
i, .,.*■■.    II \
can't   luil red .        n       ». ami It is
nn record    it--f! "    I'"
killed  ii   1
ino him.    lb      hod ■ of
ttarfur. whicli he had
Irnc -"I
.  .     i
t')    mnko
Th ■  resull   wm
Who   ut,nlil   In;
tho British Iin
in. ni. wns sl ■
wero all *
Air*. SiMlllrr'i- Ciirei-i-.
Mrs. James   Sadller, n well-known   pr
Canadian authoress,  is lying   nl  I!
point of death.   She is 82  years
age, ami has written a largo nmulii
of hooks In hef time.     Mrs. find!I
was the  Irish    Wife nf a  Finn I,-t ,
nadian, and was born in th.* >' i
Cavnn, Iter rollgious wi-ltliigt whh
hn\o mado Iht a favorite m Lh.
among her Irish Catholic cuunlrytii'
are not so tvell known as ihe r.
mances dealing witb Irish enifgrntii
in which Hon, Thomns D'An v Mi
ge*> believed her to bo itnoxcellfd. I'm* t
some yours Mrs. Sadlfer edileil Tho
New Vurk Tablet., and. rc-itirrtlnn lo
Camilla to end her days, was |.r*j-
seulMl in 181)5 With the l-aetaro made ii pc
Medal hy the University of Notre I' Then* are, i * ■ ■■ '
Dam« du Lac, Indiana, for tlis- Cof Hoss thol - ■ irlctly true.
tingulKhed services to tho American M Is clmrged i m that ho
Catholic public was a libertii That not Ilu
 —                 ! fact.    His nei    ■■ ■■ *    did nol     run
"Working   o*or"  the mnnurit heap    I at  form ol vice     Ho was, ami
I* une of the lobs ot Urn month.        I la, tough; horribly  tough.    Jl« nflvoi
■. Bm
i     .  '  has     be
!■,- r.minium Si
'I     -.-. ■    out ot door day..
I ■ . Is even it the
h ai - the hearth,
n ■: a thrall ut   tbo
■ :. Htanci a,      They
iimor.       To    tho
; ■ pnol le    suggee-
tioi ' of wind and ruin, of
.-.■:  * -*■ lighl.    he te-
meni   The lover
who is tho    perfect
He yields not Itko th«
.    gladness, but uml, r-
■ i   ■    nnd   with   awe,     He turns
in i ho '.*.■- : an turns    In at
i .- own  (rate.    Tho birds arc   imlv
.  others of thu air."   The
(lowers, ■- himself,    hflva
i        fm ih tu        ihfp, dumbly   an-
all   f , ■  but clear ai an
So tl    philosopher finds
.   hh    worldly wisdom
to the        : udes, "verifj Ing    his   au-
11 " though nol   mi the    s.-iise
Ox .-ni don,    whu
fii,*,| with 'i    v iirds on his lips,
out- if-door    days,
hut the ; en wo .:-l hardly ao-
- - a literal trans-
.. ;   -  mi  the sub-
.    ■! ■■ ji, for   "the
I old "with thous-
 r" i - I'l ■■.■- ' ngerly look
fm ward to ' ■ ■        -ji, < losa ui hand,
whun on ■ Held    the    ball
for tho   opening
game,    w bnfleball    umpire
ill ■ ■     tersu    command,
"I'l   ■■   ' all! "   Wl - n   tho pistol     ahull
■ sprint* rs ond the sc tillers,
ii.-* ,-iu* -shall bo deafened by
tho might) shout, '-They're utl!"
r,nju.iii,.ii lietween iim Basel,
s- '■-"■-. sin rs lhat the proportion li * •■ -j. tl.- sexus of tho new
Imm ,.-, lOO.a boys iu luu girls.
Uoys aro therefore considerably in
(■M.--s at birth, tho male majority
in ting to 03,0fl0 in every million human beings. This Booms to con*»
irniii i the general observation to the
ell* 11- that women are In tho majority
This contradiction Is, however, ex-
plalned by tho fnct thai tho proportion at birth does nol remain sta-
Uoiiary, but is reversed In the later
years nf hi". Until tho ngn of ten
there Is --I'll nn excess *.f boys, but
from tho ngn of len to twenty the
[importIon between the sexefl slowlv
i.'l   isis   ItBelf,   nml   iu   tbe   Ulini   iJ,--
cado of lit" iho proportion becomea
lim mnl s in 102 r females. This excess of reunites grows continually, ao
tluil nl tho u,ve of TU the propor-
lion liocoinea 100 malos to 1^ 3 Iv
mules, I'lll:   CRANUROOK    IIIM.'Al.li
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St. .Intuoa, [Hissing through Ilie ynrda
,„,   hia   4-4IV   to  .v.,I,  ,,,, IliliK,
al i'i".1 4-.i-1-l--.tl.-,- nml pressed III. l.ttu.l
,„ Ills lioilll. Tlllll "lis II,-' beginning'
II,* \4 44i, on presently, Imt Ms ulr WHS
lli.il   ,4,   ;,   lllllll   wliuso ,,„,li,I,',,'■-'  I,»a
I ,,  -1,4,1.,',,.
II,' 4iM.'i4,1.',1 I,, I,i.s ilnii.'s «I.iit Uny,
lull crilCfc'l-ll  l„, j"l.,'S.     I,,  ll 4,',,I„K
ll, I'Cl  I,  |,l,.4>i,'i„l,'s,'lli','.
■■I I",." hi, 1,1  I,,'. ilrn|i|.lng llnililj
Into n clmlr, "I'lll r.-i-Hn' ivni'so."
•rims UeIntroduced llio subject,
Tl,,. physlclun slu I ,ii liim "ml Involuntarily drew i, foil- l-ori-s backward.   J J.- nns young, II,,* physician.
■-,;,,.,I heavens, man," 1 JneitlaleU,
"you're cm the sinnllpoxi"
L'nllnlinii snillcil wearily.
"You're „ll lirol nt -villi It.   The
Ilili,g for you I" ,1" is I,, go I    Uo
i-Ij-lil down tl„* niblillo „f tho street -
ll,,- mlilillo ',i' Un' Blroel, iiiulersiiiiid.
I'll :,,,,■,nl ,', you hilcr."
"Hut, doctor" -
"Don't Blop to Inlk.   Uo li'ini.'.   I'll
It. cord, out Into the yards among Ilie
in,' yo
■ill i
Callahan's  I, I   4\ „s  whirling,  else
1,„ would linve l„„l Ilia any. As it waa
!„• nroso misti-mllly anil followed In-
Htruetlons. 'I'l,,' outer nir revived 1,1m
soinowhut, nlthoiiirh tt„* lliilila of lite
nti-cel ,| ','it III.,- pyrotechnics 1,,-rure
bis eyes, nnd tl," v,.i,-,-s ,,t n„- i„-„|,lo
sdnnded ii, I,is ,',,,'s til,,' tl,,- IniMliig of
1,,-i's. Once „i „ dark corner 1„' |,ititseil,
steadying   Iiitnsclf   by   Iho   ahoitliler
" "I'i- ,,4,t runny „t all." !„' assured
tin- pillnr solcuinly. '-'I'l,'- ,lls,-„s,- ii.
ni'll,I,,', l,„l the ii;""" of ll is terrible.
Molly's sciircd I,, ilonIh „! n. Mho's
said'so ninny ll„- Hi,,,-. Wlii.t 'II I l„'
,i.,i,,' ,,„tt '.-"
ll,, Ircniblliigly rubbed the tluulitoof
bis chin.
••I cnu'l s ,, to llilnk," be groaned
nfter „„ Interval. Molly '11 be lu on
No. In ,"iiit'll!, Molly nml the baby.
Tlio hiiliy   yes, ys.   I've never seen
liim. II" IooUb iii.i- me, she writes ill
ber letter front tl,,- liospltnl. Sure, 1
l,ii|i" li.- fools better tlinll 1 feel, Molly
says I'd uovor liniiw l„-r. shun thai thin
nnd wlili ,'i nervous,   'Tis n hnril
limn of ii she's hnd, t„,"r girl. She
anys aho'll brace up „ll right nfler aim
,,,„',' gets homo I,, „,,*. ..I,, myl Oh,
liiyl   Tlie I'mir weeks she's been gone
..! rom „
Heboid lands, valued „i stsT; :UT
ol i:,'„,i„„„, School l,„,,ls. vul-
,„l „, J2'.'S; .-.,722 acres „f Ulllver-
s.tv    1,     4,,1,,4-it    „t   sa,8»i 2.Y
.*   4-44 1,4  ll   llilll.
Til*, next Ulnl-liing when a long fnlght auiuniaryaf lb. Auaual R.porl  *-. lit.
train clunked Int.. the elly „ i*,j,,.1 i.-*1 U4p.au,..,   s.ttl.r. far tlnifllBlartu
miles f, si. .1,, ii i,",,' i„ ai, otle ' th. T.u.l.4|.4ol.| .....ri...
envlse „„ upi-'-l i'4-\ Cur tli,- all hul rji*w uunuul report -I tha Conimla-
i,,,.",'«,'i„„s   r,„ r   I'ullahau.   A ,.,[    u,   n„,   Legislature nt iis Ilrsl
brake,,„,,, r.,ui„l hi,,, there,   .-all,,!,,,,, meeting   alter   tlio   ,ii,„„*y adjourn
r.,,*i,lv uiitiioiied it,.* t'i'„k,-,„:,u from mont.     It   stntes   that   during   Iho
*,-.„. past   year   tho deportment disposed
-Smallpox I" he whispered, "I '-''-'i ,"''"*- "< clergy b""l;
The hrukoinuil ll.-il. S,.,,n the eor was at t-7::t ::"     i"i
set out „„ ,i side truck, „,,,! „ pkyalelan,
,l„,l l„ rubber garments, clambered lo -"'
L'nllobiin'a aide.
-•Your numeJ" In- anked. ^'lere were'no sale. „l railway l„",i
"Murphy," replltHl Callahan, ,    i,i,,iny n„. year ,i»*i" wero sold for
"Wliere fromf" agricultural purposes 0,1.808 acres uf
"I'lll,-,,-.*,*." L'rnWII   lands.   nggrilgntlng   ,„ -*'l""
And Unu eve,dun's papers In the city -c, ,. - -1:: .', T.     Tlio eoilt-ction    ,',,    „'
lo which t'allnhun hail co -limit- count   of   these sale, nnd ibos"   ,,1
Icled the addition to Ihe list of pa'leiii» tonner yenra was |,i8,8n9.llt. There
at  ihe local  Binallp,,,  liospltnl  „t „ Woro —i'l '-"' mining purposes   ,l„,
Irnmp nn, 1  Murphy, whu clal I me tho yenr :i.!'m.-. ncres, llio aggr*'
,' ago as his lioihe. gat"   >*«'»• "' )vl'1;'1' »»" **•; '-.''-'
  ■""■'■«""' '■'•.■':'-''.''•'''''•.'•"'    "■
vorslon ,,f ,„,,,,,'■.- lenBes    ,,,,',    l'„,
This happened last aiiiiimcr. llieanc* ,,..,s   «o nii-t.75,    Tho   gross collector hns l,,1,1 the siory tu ,*hII„1iiii,'. (|on ,„, nrrniinl  nt mining sales and
glory n tli nml times, and Miller of conversions   ,,f   len-.-s  Into  pntcnta
It,, freight olil,*,' has told it a thousand was   sll,.,,711 ST.     There  wero  leased
hi,,.v. fin- mining purposes 2,*i.fi-t8 acrea. „t
'•i'.i e,"   says   Miller,   "Cllllllltatl a ronlnl  4,1 }*J*,,*.'SS.:IS.   Tlio collcc-
lieglecled   i„   r ova   -i„b,   lettera lion -.,, aeeoiinl  ",' rental of   ','""*''
from his pockets, and theso tellers led end   lorilier   buses   was SI, 1,480.0  .
„.„, There   weru   b-.is.-.l    ,,( Crown lands
"'" .,,«•;   ,„',',.s.    N„w  renl,  Sl!7.    Collee-
IV. saw thr'l'liigll Ilia pin 11 easily enough. J,1,"",,!^''.',,',."'',",',,,',',,,',,',',? lo' $7!t*J.   II,"
And. aay, of alt the tall lying Unit's    ■_,.,, .,,.„., ,,, , |s disposed ,,f lllll*-
Ing il,a year wos ml,IM,IJ aiivs, Iho
Snick Quotations.
Furnish.il lay llt-nl, , A   Elwvll,
brokers, l',*a,,l,i*,»,|, II. I'
\.ir,l,   S,,,4   ,1
Sullivan        .!'■,
St. Kugene  •"',
Payne ll
War Kilgle , ,„,s,,l„l„l,,l lil
l'a.4*    It.ill  1
St. Engrne Ml   Mine. 1'
Western "il ,„„lt',„i] t*4,lii|all,y 12
Sullivan Group Mining t*n honila ...$101.00
L'illia,l!ull I I l',,l,l-    	
iv,,,,., Slui :'
International l <>. ,ii'ok„
s„i„-   ».-, ,.,.,!,, nil,,, ii    I
|,.|,l,l,.4,4,l     ,l„|    ,     '.,    .'.,„, S,,1,144,
Ranch For Sale
,-igl.ty .-lii.ti.-,,l.*.,,.-«- east eighty eliahui t,,
I'l.i,,, „f begiaaing,
iii.O'il ApillJl.t, IIIIH
.1. N,,!l,,,'„,l,l. I.,,,-, -,
I'..I. DictduBou, A-,,-,1,.
>iiii„i-i„'i„'l nl  a poal   |il„ii,,,l  ,,,, Suge
, i:i:t*ll'li A IKiil IMPItOVBMEXTS
'.,,44 I,      -UM  „,,     '  I   ,1,4
>II44.,|.    141   III,'   I'l.rl   Sl.-'l-'    MillUlll     1,44,-44,
41   I J.L-t    K,„.l.M.I,    III,111. I
tt'lii'i,' 1,,,-a.nl—Ul,  S,    Mary'*  it.ljttltilt.l
a,"1 i" -b 1-  llloltl |.i4i4i,,i, "l,,-',.t k. s,.v,.„   mi|,.«   frOIII   til"   I
In- in,,,of (lie ll,;i,„l„i,,u. "j,'.i,|. I Ituuiulury tin,', mark,',! V. ItolliuB, aouthweat
Tnk,-uotiis-thai I.S, „-l I..,44.li. iiio-nl   enrner, tbeneo oorll, eighty chain., tlieura
torn   II   li.ii.l'i' I'   M   <    \"   ll ,:'.,..-i:t.-.. I ,.„»,  elghl.1   .'l,ai„».   Ininco anntli   ,'ial„-
-"'ii-i' I, A. T. Slii-m..lin. P. II ,    \". B.rliiilna, llionee imt eighty rbuliia to ulnro ol
,',!,.-■.'!!  .4,4,,,.,■„(■..<. William Il4,44'4.,.|   P.M.    iK-jln,
I      N'O    HU'., TL".,   "4,,l"l    "4    1.     1,4, I.   -iv,
ilnya Iron, the date lii'iiHif, hi ni>|it.v lo ,1
Mli.l.iK ll,,-,„,l..4l.„ ii..',,i,i.,i,. ,,,' improv
 |.„*,l„.  |.„l|„,S.M„,,l.,„i„ilia44   I'l,, 4,
iiiiiiii ,,till,-,ll,,,,,"!„,„,. ' „„'„,i„a ,,,   „   |"is,   fl 1
A,„11,,,, les ,„l,,'„i„,,,' I ion. nnili-r   crook eleven  milea Irom   !!„■  lulernntluiiiil      ll,„
- - ilmi 117 tniiai I , n -a l„-f  ,li<-'. Uoundury lim-, marked ,i. ftyon, Huntlieu.l j
lasitnil {-,„■!, ,',',',lli,-,,,,■,,, I,,.,,,,,,,,,„„•„,-.   eonier, llience north eighty ehuhie, ,1 ',-1
c.ai and Petroleum Notice.
N"t i- lierehy given ,1,,,,. *re, the ami,,,'.
sigit-al. tliirty dny. alter date in. 1 .,, ap*
|,l, i" lie-1 In.l I'i,minissi,,,,,-,,'! Lands nn.l
Worksul Victoria for u llceoae to |,i-,,*>|,,',,
[or coat ninl petroleum „,, ,l„* lullowlag ,1,'s
,i,i„ii 1,,,,'is,,i S44i4,i, Ensl Kootenay, llrit-
,-,' t-ulumblu.
'     imenelagal a"),,,., planted about
two mile, nortl, ,,f Flutlieuil rive,* uml eight.
  „,'!"- ---si   i.l  Uorrlatey, tlwuca nurlh
llnteil April 9.1rd, 1004. I™ cliaina,  H  mat 80 cblllu,,   llieuea
t*. Itollln., Locator      aoulh eighty   rliniu.,    It ■-,   ,,iK|„,
T. I',,,,-,, A-;,',,! ,l,ii,4.- "" |.l 4, begluuiug,, lulling OIU
'I' oa. Ia*aalc, Locator.
.-   ISlll,  l„   , -
l i Hi,- in, 4i.4
i May. A 11.
Bmiiiicl I,
uiie llin! ,l„. |,„r,„i'iiii4,lii|i hen.li.
4,44   !,,', 41'','„„-.   I. ,4114144   	
,„ III,,,«,,„* Webb, „, , rani i
  4 -■ "III.I
In.    l.ll.i,i.— ,,lll I ,   Ii)    ,!,'
-I.' I. Allt.'l   P.,„-,,„, Wl,,,   Will   I'fltl  ■
    ..44.1   ,..!,   1,11   1,44,4,1,,I,..
I'M,' -  ',lli,l,,  "I  M.i,   I'm!
|       Alll.'l   U.,4.     "
la Inquiries.    We knew whore he
II Ibe 11,'iie sfler lha Ilrsl day „r two.
been (lone aluee Ibe days „f Ananias
tlmt Wliich we lU'tieflced ,.„ Cullaluin'.   'vnlue of whicl,  wns S'-'-.ti'-l'-ST. 'I'i,,'
wife   was   probably   the   tallest,     Wo    i,,|a| ,.,,11,,,'t i,„, „„ i„,',,„i,l   ,,f ,','iivvn
forged Idlers.  Doc Bald that Ihc shock,   lands wus t IU4.TT0.0II.
had  Ibe I,all,   been  told.   Might   have I „.„ „„,.,,„ s.lll.ri.
killed her. frail and nervous as she was. | T1|<  .1-l.lllis*,il,„*,11>, „,u| Halnv liiver
Her contlllence lu Callllh'ifll never wa- (|iv||i).|a „i, ,,„,,,,,|  i„„st   of  t'ho set-
veri-d for nli inslaiit.   it'w'lls heatltlful. t,l.,.s     |„ tbo former illstt-lcl    nboul
And when he retlll'hea w'e n„*i lit t o-i|'(ooo acres were taken up. About
the Irab, and  went   will,  1,tan  lo l>» 700* beads ot families Weill    i„   and
linns,*.    We -fVith'cBSt-il tin- meetlt'ig In n,,, estimated increase ui population
Hie doorway.    Ills wife had Ihe bllby was Irom M.UOO l„ 11,500.      In    tho
in her anna and n look  nil  l„*r f„,*u Hnlny  liiver country  "'"ll beads    ot
llintwna* well, It win simply grent- families look up land, n large niim-
esl I g I  ever saw.    Ami w  lhe    ber "I "''""l <"'""  r'"m   ""'   '*"""''
dodrclosetl and ive knew I explain*. , •Sl"'"s*     ,. „ ,.,.,.. ..,„„,.
,,„,,« „*..,. being mado ,.'„.. ,,,,„.* ,,,o '    A"v»    ,W     T  0ft™;riand" wt
1,1    lie ribs.  „,„    I  supped   I, ,,  III,-    .   K ,„„,,,_ ,,,„ ,	
,        ,        ,„,„,. i ,„ „ Issueil during H,e yenr.
back, ,,,„l we iliinced llko klda. |    ,,.,„. mim.,.„l (,,,,,,-sit,->■ shows n BUh-
IJnlttitinn fiitliself niodcBlly illBiutsBoa ^,nnll,\I progress 'i'lu1 output „f
tbe matter wltb n wave of the bund |,iekel anil copper for tho former
and Ihe ullei'i,,,,',-of seven worila. ' win,liy    and tbe latter chiefly,   con-
"Sur,', I was out nf my head," be" inliiod in ,!,e Sudbury nickel-copper
anvs, mattes,   was ri.nlfi tons nickel, val-
....  iwA nt •fa.aio.uin, „,„i i,'.,.*i*-  i„„s
G.I.a  Penan  lleinl.r  Hahlla.         j , upper, Worth   f080,0t3.     TllO    pro-
All Kimlisb aclolltlllc philosopher late* ' duct i,„, „f iron nro was connlderubly
ly nnide b half pbiyfiil. half serious ,b-    -:,','„,",' in   1002   ll„,„,„   ;,,,.-'   I
feus,- „f ll,e routine life of the In,,,, of    .1'
"rcgiHoi- Itiitilla."
He  itislslnd  tt.:.t  In  11,1s busy age,
when ko i-jiliiy diillespresstipon nn nc- | ";;,;;; p,.0,,,K,Uon „, ,,ig ;,,,„ ,i,„i„K
live man and thoro nru so iiiiiny Ihlnga   .nn„ Wfla ,, ■- ni-,7 i,,,,s    j,i t     „,
lvhlel, uiiaroiibibly ,-all for the i>XCI*clsfl    $j (ts:l.,,,-,l,   "nut    of   sle-I,    (iH,8,,U
i.f alletitioii, Judgmentnhd'.lccisl v-   tonS[ v„iueil „t ?1.010,-.':::.
,-iy dny, II Is lhe part of wl lu-n real , '    „.,. f „.„„,,.,„„„.
conaervnllnn of energy „i„l  nervoita     „„    , . ,     ,,   .,        ,, ,
,                ,,, ,,,     . 4    Tbe total col ocl o is ol tho depart-
f"'   i" Bottle as many „ssil,le nf   l|](,Mt (ru01|1   oU mnnm „„s ui.i-an.
twelve months, lining H.in,!!80
worth |ni8,4*lfi, „s against
7:t.*,:l8 tons, worth 5171,428 in
the rouliite nialters by n Hied l,„l,lt of    nja o-,.  ,,,* this     $10*1770.00
derived   from   sales   aud   louses   of
Thore seen,, lo be aense In tbo aug-    t'e|.w„ lands;  $1,1121,11,72.10 wus d,
gestlon.   Why Bboulil n man will, any- ' ,;,,.,[  from    liuil,,*,',    and  $5,000.10
tiling iiti|„„*i,ii,l lo ,1,1 in tlip world lax   from jlilsccllnncdiis fiourccs.
Ilie gray innlle,',,f bis brnin newly ev- I    Tlm     total     disbars *,,ls    were
cry day lo decide whnt he will ent or 13118,0110.8(1. The Includes $111,007,-
drlnk or wenr. wliat Ida pleasures aluill i'l for Ore lancing, *:" ,'..02.1» lor
be snd what bis reereml,,,,, when bo   ,'o,e.st    ranging,    $l!2,ss
rvi'.vs, $21,000.10 for refunds,     li
els   $102,.ISI..'II,  special »
linvo I i, centuries long,  And I,,night
Bin's 1*1411,1,,' li.4,i„' - will, the hllhy-tllllt
looks III,,, mo."
II" clinched liis lunula In an effort to
tirouso his will powcrntnl stnggcrcd on.
An hour lil,,- I," reached tin- i mi
alio 11 go ,<> lied ami wh.-n get lip? Having arrived „, jenrs of discretion nnd "I"" ''"  .      ',,.,,,,.,,., „,„ ,,,  ,,	
dis.'iliiilimli why eun bo not aonrdcr *''|!^|1'."'i " ,'„"'■,' „«' silning schools,
his life na lo have these nnd kindred '- ^j ^().   j11|ltl   %,initio  A,*,.   $25,-
ttilngs eaine nud go In a soinewhnt aet- ,„„',:    purks.   $12,008.72;     diamond
tied order? I drill,  $5,451,48;    Liverpool  ngonry,
To eat nt regular hours the things be $1,777.25.
"Ond. good or." according to llncon's j    Tlio   total   revenue   collected fi'oiu
rule, nhslalnllig from those thai disa- lhe  Woods und Forests branch   was
gree with bin,; lo rise, imli,,-, dress, ei- H'.illll,1152.10;   of ibis,  $1,078,278,-
erelae,  work, resl, reereale nml sleep Jl-"' camo   from tlmbor   lines:  $227,-
afler n regnlnr order Is not to iiinke n 007.8.1    Iron,     bonuses;   $01,0110.-11
ir liniil'„f life.    It Is l„ lay out a ""m g'""'"] "'nt, "'"I 'rom transfer
siniioih mad f„r Journeying win, the J'""'   *■'-"''•""•      "".' '''•"*"'"' '"!
least possible frielinii nnd waste, I   ',"'"'' "" "'''"""'  "r ' "''' " '   '"
  _ ! tin-    largest
' proyliico.
1...,., liv llr..
Winili'l'lli. !4 .   ll.   I'i   l.n ii.'li'*-:
li> il iiiiiI - iilinni.'l. irriKittii.il.
llUT**!'    si\   I' nl    I " .   llllll    .',,„l
[ilnst, nsl. cuiiiiiiitiuliiin Im-i-lj vii'M
of l.iiki- \\ iinl.i'ii!,'!.. Ilmiliiii,'.
Bluxiliiiu nml Hsliitti Only I'-'
inili-s li'ini, tin'  lilt:  '.'441111'  miry
 I|i|ii    K,Hit,'1,11V.    ul,,',,'   tll'l-f,
musi-, i-lk.i'fi-..tii-i-'|il.-iitifiil.   Soil
i„l i-liitiitli- v,,ll  iii|ii|i|,il  lor liuil
ru,, ini;.      Kid'   lil-ili*- nnil Iiniili','
|airli,'tiiiil'- lippl}   I"
Arnold & Roberts,
li. ii I Ksllll,' Agl-llts, l'!'.*, Ill'I'i ii'I-     ! ply lo tlielJIilellominlaali ml
I ttni 1,-a, Vielorin forn llci'ti-u-
ir i'iiiii iiiiiI pi'l'ilieil ii I,„|
•I I Iiinil. Ill Solllll Kasl   Koi
I, I .. ill,,Imi
I'i, I I,    I    IVelil
Coal uml Petroleum Notice.
Collee la lierohy given llllll, ,,e, ,1 ,"i.
44,'s,   eighly  eliiilun,   it,,',,,',, miiiiii
' -Ili-'ii- ast eighty ct .1, ,
,l,."l  \|'lil'Jlsl. I!„,l
.1    11.44,1,, I.	
1',,„II4"'I„ ,1414   III    I,    |„,4,,    |,ll,„,,-,l    ,,„    Si,y,,
, i  ,.,.    ulm,   milea   ,.-.....    II,"   ll iiiiuiii
I, I.nv I,,,,', iiiniki'il linve I'nvoii, eoall,
Mis,  .iiiiiii    (lie ,1,    hi,   .,	
ili-'i"' "■* al'i- 'liuii'". ili.'iiii'si.iiiln ul, i,
.',.,,11-.   llllll,,',44-1   ,1141.14   .1.4,1,1-,,,    ,,4,,	
Ai.,,1 .'I-,. I'l"!
I'.l,III.  I   lll'l,,I.l
I liven, Agenl
Land Notice,
.i.'l'i nlvwi il„ii.mi, .I*.
I ,
  .el,,,,,Is I
III',,,,,."   III.'   lull."
lllll Uil-I   Koillri!
,.,    I'llllllT   „(   l.nl
III I    '"' I till 4
Mnrysvnli' l.m
4    ,..-■ I1I.4-4-I    n In
iiii il l.n ils. in
nl April, llllll.
i I'limi'iiiiv. Llnillnl.
Dissolution Notice.
Take Soli,-,-Ihnl   ,!„■ pnrll, rsltlp hereto
I,,,'",' Incll',1 l.y ,1,"  ,11,,1,'l'ei.ll",l  „s  flel,
"inl V,, nlii.n n In rnilihrook. Ilrlllall rul	
liiu. mniii'i lie iii.i a I Mniining. I., y
,\ siililinis. islliis ilay iliaaolnd, Mr.   II, A
I., ., retiring.
iill III'
-nil lln', Illl
Pn! Ills ■*Hll
lli'.Vs .III"
In.i of M,
he lll'lll.
y, 1,'nl
.1   Mi, l.n 114 n.
II.   1    1.4 ,'.
N, E.SIilil,,,,..
Timber Notice
Till" inni'i'Hm,   llnr! v  duv- .iti",' iln,"
intcml io apply Mil." iiii.f i.iiinii-s ',m
lnmla uml no.ks fur a  peclal I, emw to r,
nml   ,■.,,ry  „,,,,,■ ,,,„:„', In n, ihe [nllouil,
I i,',"l liimls   in   s li   Imm   K ,,
I'"", I'l',,,"'' II"'--"'
l.illii'plni'i'iil lieai
lllll,,,-,' i  I
I) I April 21.1,
lid in
Timber Notice
Ink"  nolle,, Hml   llilrly days nller ,l„l
4,1 lams n,.,l vi',.,*.-4   fur ,,
cul nii'i   iiiii,   ininy ,i„,l
414,1,1,;     ll.'M'lllll"!        I I"
K.lllll'tlll., 4
III ,1 posl  plnlili'illl
a 4-1 Illliill,li
.Nesl  S In
il,, ijiiiini
It 12. ll,,'
I'ointneilebig a, n poal  am- nml oin, hn!
mil f Sap',',','i'k ami ,1, llles Imm  111'
liiii'iiini'iinnl   llonnilnrj    li,,".    -Bed   A
MeKenale.aoiilliensi earner, Ila-iuv il, -,
so i'lmins, lln-l ,sl SO rii  ,"   i-Iiiis, ,
l.nl ,1 Apiil 2-ln.l, innl.
A,   M.KllI,-  ,-.    I.,44-„l,4I-.
inillliu-lli'lllg tit   „   |,<i-t  plini,ml  im Sn,:
.",<     I.     Hi I,  ",',',„„    ,l,"l I'„,,,,44„,|,l, ,
nryllie, innrknl -- 11. llin. «,„in,„,isl 4,.,
ner. Hieiiee ,,,„■ 1, SOehnlne. ilmm-e „,--, s,
I, ,il,s. ll,,,,,,-,, s,,',,,1 Sll .li.iins. ,!,",,",' Mist) "Indus In I'.iituai'ii" ,.
Dated April 22 ,1. In I
W II, Hill  I 11 4,,.„.
T.riH',.,,.  Igi'llt.
l-oinmelielllB ", 11   posl   pliu.leil 44,4 San
,-,-oek,  live   mills b-,,,11   tlm   lideraut ,„„
llunmbiry line, mnrkcl l>. Me lonild -i
--,-, ,,,,",",-. ll,",,,',, H.illttl si, rliains, ill",,,
west   *',   "Imi,,..   fliil   1,44,,1,   SI!   "Inin;
l.,,ii,e,,i.l Mlehnliia In plnieol beginning.
,„ I iprll giinl, Hml
li. v.'lioiml.l. l.ui'ilor.
> rl,,,
i-anitnenclng ,11 ,1 mist  „-'
is, ol tlm Inirtl, f,i'k nl III"  I'llllllt'iul  liver
■s,   -,,
114,111, lupin, tbcgiiiuh-i ii nuni <
,,','IMll   lllllll.
Hil.'il April 1,,,!,. IIIIH,
H, 4„'a„ I'naliee, Locntoi
1 ommeliebtg nt 1, p"-, iiliont  llvi- .In
'"-1 "jili" Hi lurk ,,l Hi" flu,I,"nil ri
,11 Uml! nn,imiiil miiniiliiry Iin,-. mar
:J. II. Clapp, so,,,ll,,"-,.iiiiiii'",  ,1,1111'" mi
 lllllllS,   He'll" s!    so   rllll'lIB,   ,l„,
 ,1, su cliains. llience ,4.'.t   .-„  chains
icllelng   „!   a  posl pi,	
Hi I April II2.,,I, tlini.
.1. Illhhon, I.",',.!
T   .II4.II.   1B",,I
 nenclng nl u  poal   pluuleil an
creek, eel nil".   I    ,1,"   lm,1111,1
Hi Inry tin.', marked A.I. Mneiln, a
,,.-,   ,1,reel.   ,1   sun,I,  elulilv   "I,
4'    , itiumeni'lUR ill a pi,-I   ptnnl d al,,,,,)
faoaillea koi rlallu',1,1 ,,,.,■ umlelgiu.
I it-,1 mil at ul \l14msM4  ii,,,,,, .,1, so
" ' I' iill,   il„',,,e aesl elglu 'I s ,,, |,i„,,,
>' li " 11. containing itltl ncu«.
i'. IJ  i.v IHth. run
IVIIIIiiiii ll,l'. I lor
:1   "" nclngnl , ■,  ,.4l 4,1 1
"       mi IiillI,., 1 ,,,,., „,,,| ,,,(,!,,
■" ' ' ,  "i Mori 1   ,1 ■ ,,i,
     il"i" 1   ui.lo.v  cl s.
    ""'Hi "'i-.iiiv;.ii    11 ,,.N|
      Hi)       I"   ,',. ,  !.",;
i-'il-'-l 11 "4 l-'li   I'inl
.1  I   I hit  I -iii,,,
1      in"" im, n, ,1 pual plui I „, 1
""1 1 4444] eluhi
"ion,, 1
is, 1
'   "ilny  'Imi"-   Hi"	
 '  igld.v   1 li.nl,"     ilu.j,,. „,'
1   ''" '  ■" flavin g, " ,11
•   "i    "4  tcb
"""I  ni,, IStli, I -... 1
II   tt   I!"-  I.,,,., ■
j     " c io a linntlplnnloil  1
"i   l" '"iHi ol  ilir  Klnllieiiil  river ami
,:,   "..'',"•,,   ,„,! „.,   ol    Mitrrlaaey,   tke	
.,,,,,1    Hi    i-lglUJ    "I,nine. Hi,,,, nsl   eighty
,,l     ""im-. Hi".""  .-.iul, eighly "1,11,as, 11 .„
I ......I April 23.1.1, inn
,:. Pualire. Aa,,;,
miles wist „lSngo creek mat tlins-miles In
,1,"     IH-  '114414,,14,     |ln I'M   Iill".   1 lll'll
A. Piiii's ..inili,,"s, ner, II,", ulli '
"I AptII 2711,. 1 I'lll.
-«.;»-■ :"'„'"•■ "
Synopsis ei Kcgul-ttlons (or disposal of Min
4,4,1, on lloiTiJoii.ii Lands in llanltobo
ih? Northwest Territories and the Vukon
■rlin,r,l ,„ -a
IJ. ,1,1
T. ,'„,■,
ll.i-il 22, innl
neing „,  „ |»,s, 01
4,1!  ,V4'S
ot s.ige creek nml 1
lll'lll,    ,
inilhuial II,.1,11.1.11 ,v
 lii,i"-i cii ner ,
lull,,-. 1
,,- 1    SO       1,41-1,
(lli'li nil
. theace „.s, Sll ch
, on i,i,-,i
T I'n,-,-,
,,,, l-!ll 1:111!
.uni"" Jl, Iiii.I,' Locnlor
11 1" ,l„,l„'„,l river nml ,,[K|||..
,s>   ol Morrissev. llience aoulli
'-■  il"'i  vvesi   eighty rlniliia,
, tiglily ehnlna,   ilm „s,
■ i" plai-o nf beginning, cutum,,.
nr., 1-4,1,. mni,
,  go ttuggnrlli, ,,,,■, ■.
i'linun, 41 poal planted about
ulli otKlnlheiiil river, nnd eighi.
iibi   i.I Murrisacy, tliene    -,,,
,"I,J, ,.,-nsk. 1.141-niin-
nc "i n poal liliu I 14l44.u1
Hi ui Hm   Imli I river 11 .1
*' IMurrlaaey.tl *,-s ,
,!"■„ "sl     eighty    ,144444.".
"lalilv   chulua,   lh.-ii.-,-   ,„,,
., I-n,, iiiiii.
!,.-, I! Manning, i.ui-i •
ing nl ■■ «i planted about
,.,-,  .„ Murrlaaey ,1, „„■
I l„, I,"ml 4 44,-4,   ll, ,,.    ,1,
mm nst  elglily cln	
liiiiliin-i „„! ill" sume wnli
1114:1,4.41,,..,, inittce, one tu •
niili"! .,r vein.
lln    iiiim -lull!  Is-  ie.'
I unliia I"
.i.iit .4
- llic
Hm history   of   tlm
M.I.   ,.   ihe   rt-r.eni'e  44, m   Kfna>
Tin* Itenil of the lie Conrcya, earls ,,r
ivlttsnle, la Iho only Kll'gllsll noble,,,,,,,
permitted lo wenr 1,1s lint In I ho presence ,,f Ida sovereign, out of sin,*,-,-,■
defer e Iiui !>,- L'oi'ircya wore tlu-ir
The losses Ollliscd by 1',,',* 11,is si-a-
smi nru of small moment, and tho
limber dnli'liigod will all I," cut.
Sin.i'iili is approximately tlie damage repoiii-d  lo linvo I li done by
lulls lull for a molneiil  lu assertion of    j,,;.  during  the  past   seas,,,,.
tbeir privilege, nml then promptly doff
ed lhem. One of tin- earls at a recep
lion given I,;- lieorge HI. kept hit, l„,l
on for n conslllernlllc lime.   Al Inst Iho
'Hi. m,.i>u4*>. Inilllute,
I'he   Mohawk   Instltitto nt Drnnt-
"I,   whicli     was burned    Hie    oilier
king 1 nine vexed and bun,Hinted him   day.    was a parilculnrly g 1 rosi-
by snylng, -I'lie ueiillemnn tins n right ih-nllltl sellout ior Indians, ll wain Is, covered before mc, hul even King bold in high est,•em by the Indians
.lohn eoiild give bin, no rigid to In-rov- : "' lha Clriind liiver lleservo, «l,n
oral before ladles." havo iiiauif.'Sl.'d llllll'll loyalty l„ il.
Willlnin 111. Illustrated bis roynl oh- !  ■   ll"1"  sl'""" eagol'llosa  10   phi,"
|ni--"il ,,ii lhe uny Iho    slitiiuy liy refusing to remove his poll.
,,,'    Hie    1,1-
,,'sls    in   the    New
collage where ho dwelt.   Ho bail lirab   iloraila I verwlien at cliurcli,.iniicli to |,-„„|„m| (,„.,. „   „,,,.-,, riuims ,,
t, I there, clinging Io n troo by Iho   Ufa   linllgiintloii   nf   lhe   ivorsblpera. |u,  Iih-st J'riit'esliiiil  inlsslonnrj
front gale. Tbelr lliillgiiiillon tllil not worry liim (m.|„|„     |„    n„.     Ruglisli-speiiklng
"'lis  very   forlll ," he llilll   llllll-    "liy.    The Unlet, wore Iholr lint, ,1,,,*- „.„,-,*,     ||„ i m.*.-|., i.ei, ttns due lu Ibe
self,  "thnl   I've  in"   1 ii  Btupplll'  nti'ng  illvltie   service,   ninl   be   hnd   n„l ,.|t,.,-,s    ,,[ ,l,,|i„  mini, ibo "Aposll
1    i couldn't -liiml it Willi Molly   coaaeil to be a llnllsitder .Iniply for i,, tim Ited Men," ami It was font,,
th, inn I'd give lhe world   Having become n king of t.iiglnuil, The
nil,' „,„l strelel, myself , l,'''t sovereign nf Ibe Tiub.r n , In
III  Ilie  llllll,III' ol  Ibe BOVOIII II,
during  lh"   Cnmiuoliwi'itllh
to go lu lliis inliiiito nud Blrotcli InyBCIf I ""., ...vereigu ,„ ,,„•   i„„„,*,- , ,„-   , ,.-, ..... ...K ,■., ,,„„,,.. ,,,„.„,,,,
on lln- liiiin-e Ii, ll„. lillle parlor  our    gelher Willi Ida courtiers, wore ii very     I'l,,' govel'litng body is h self-perpei ■
,,,,1-lor uuwl" I ''igh  bin.  Which  became lhe Bteepla ' Haling board,  ninny of wIiiibi- iimin-
...   .. ,       .,    ' l,„i ,.r il,..  i-,ir,,,,„u   ,„  ,\,a .,,1.,,,,., .,.     tiers  an-  lleai-eiulllllla  ,,[  the  ni'itflnu!
No one "saw  l,i„,  enter llio roiinil* ' halt ot Ibo l'nrilaiis lu llio niiilillu of ■"'•'■< '"'" ilesceiulnuls of Hi,
to«»o. ' rto i-l wn- fur Iho 11,     qvonleenth century. Z^Zim.rlnlGZ^G. Jml Z\?,
,1.   lie rang tlio telephone, culling —- ~~„ cenlnrles  1 a bull has curried   „,
I he rone Mnn »i*o  IH. Hem,...
I'm- lhe ph..
win,u, be l,„,l visited
adili-ul iiinni    wurk    among   I lm
"l'letl8c, air," anid the tall,'red beg*    ,|i„,,s.     At   the  I in,,* of  , lie  Ruvolu
.   said be, "ibis is Callahan,   e"T' "eiv" m« n few coins. I Inivch't ii   I,,,,, i, i„itr,-„i,.,i win, ii„. Loyalists,
Bmnllpos,  vou I.,,,.,v.    Don't tell niv   ''''",- ''"ven't enlen a thing today nud    B1„| li  hns for yenrs mnliitalneil     „
AVlfei    Seo Mill, r ,,t the freight. iilll.-'e , hnve no plnee to sleep." j school  in  New  ilrunswi.-k    nud    	
Jul" fuilhir pin lii-njars,"                                'llio well dreased man stnpped shnrp-' It,still,le of lli-iinlfni-tl,
Thnt wns .-,11  l,„ .snid to tbe nslon-    l.v, regnrdod the beggnr n tnoinent and       	
Ishoil physician,   'I'l,,*,, tm called up a
then said:
>>■>..-,*,  Hr.cl  Loci
friend at '  e freight ollice.                     )    "A,-v "'""■ '"-T Itmclicol, ioday cost K.   M.    Ciindwiok,    burristor, has
".Mill",-." -;,id h", "tliis is Chtlnhiin    nnoilier fellow  $1,85,  nnd   now-  I'm senl lo Ilr. Oi'onhyiiloklin, somo   ex-
nt the roundhouse ' I've got lln-sn,all-   walking from here to fjevcitty-secotitl codliigly vnluablo   dnciinu-iits  relni-
t,„\   M, wife nmi bnby ire couilh' In   *"'''''' '"cause I haven't n tilckol,  My ing In .loseph Dranl for preservntIon
on No. in tonight   open up my house.   *"t WU of $7.-» la duo loinnrrow. I'm "^.™hl1',!,"".'"V'0, '""I"''1'"1   'ol-
The key's over II,,.- 1 k door    Meet i H-""11 nv-rdrnwn at the bank.  A mnn ";'; "'      hJ «™'«»°   " « » »«;   •*'
Her and lie M ber ,     Will ,-d.U   «»•   »«'™  «'"  »M,«*U k Hod  liluiBolf ' i, M 1,1Taction  7
Ynu will':    Tlint's ii good old cl     yestei'dny.   My yacht, num. diamonds thcm ov„,. ,o tho Oronliyntekha   his
Tell Imr I gol „ 1, he savin' inv mother    'i'"1 Pi'liilings nre nil Itiorlgngod. nml •„,.*,.„,   collection is   Indeed    one of
was iiii,,'  mill   lliiil   I'i" gone l„ her.     '"■'' wife Is ailing for divorce.   Now, air, puUllc Interest.    Thoy velnle     lo tho
Molly.won't tn],,* ii luml, I itnae my   which Is the woraa off?" couiluct of Sknyontaghongli,   a   war
inollier a;,s i,,,<•„,tin" lo cillllu flllll Slav '     ''''**■  Heggltr took   11   nlekel   from   Ills chief of II,e Oliotidngn trlbo    In    lim
witb  ns  this summer     I've got—I've    <•'""'-'« nnd hnnded It silelitly to tin, war of 1813, and nre signed hy   .lo-
,   ,          „             ',           ,,    ,   ,   iiitfii s,-i,i, iiiMiii iiiinsi-if. These ,I,"-un,t-iiis
g„    ,<■ sinn lnox, you ,i„,w.     in,  in     "  '      , .    .,     ,, ,,., .  ,    , ,      ,,
Itesn,"    ves    ill ,"!,!"                                I     'lh'-  Well ilressed  mnn   looked aston- I   a,".  „l coilse.  lliglly  valued  b.v    He.
I- I.T  he threw „ liv llnr 1,111   Orouhyatekha,    and    he   np,	
He was slill In
ug hollowly na ho
reeled nwny from lim i,-i,-i
tie  leav-   Mt ""*' tattered iiienilb-aut uud walked
.   very fully   Mr. chiultt Ick'a kindness
Ing thu roeclver dangling ut the cud ut   away.-New York l-reis.
in luruing Uteu, over lu him.
Marys Ink.- 4 ,
I . S hern  Uni:
nii'i 1.4,mis.
,',,," 111,',oils.Ill
il ii., iii.iii"'',.',-,',
1- suck
i,l '"Ulv,
 ,!,is2lsi .In,, nf April, A   I', In
Tin- IJn-i Kuolenu.l Liuuliei'l'iilnpi,
iul I toapply
Inmls nml work
Timber Notice.
I- ilml   11,1111     Ml-  41,',
■ ..!   \l    M. 1
.,-"' iiiuher 1
II 1,11,1". *.*.,
sled's lllll hell
I II   McK„i,
I'lulllenil river am!  Uo, „ Ilea bom  ,1,"  In
,..,.,111 iiinni uMiiii.i.,, v ii,,,.. murkeil il. in- l,"ii
.on, nortl I 1-11. i.nr. I biuiee son I li Sll elm 11,4
Mini   msl   Sll   ilmi,is.   i| ui-   -lli   -,
i-kaius, Ike ns! 8,1 ehnlna In nli II."
umii'lichlg nt  a post   plauleil un
,   seven   niil".-  from   Ilm I,,, a,
ali.r.v I,„". 111 nl..-1   ,< .   IJliuii,1-, 1
111 I' >-nit, II, ill" 111," nl 4!   .   1 ,-|
ICI nl III" tin-nil.,!,. -.■*-.,
VllllltU.llll 4411,1 11".    V     tt        I
TOiiiiaiiir,     ' ' ' '"" "'•' "*"'• ''*""■
,        ' .li4il4's Spllsted, Locator,
f" ,""1*.'? :    "'  ' "'"'"c -' pliinteil iilinni 1
11 i'l"- line  " "" ■''"' '"'"I "ver  I "iR	
 -■"-! "' Morrlssey, the  nortli eighly
' u lalian'     ' ;" '■   n""'   -"'*'   eighly  chain., Ihom-a
ill",, ',   -'"ii"    eiglil..    "'iiiii's.  ,Imi"" eusl   elglily
I." I"    rtaiius lo place ot beginning, cnntnliiitig mil
,l""',n  ilei!       I.alol I.4I4I4II,-,,   l-lli. 11101.
l"ll„','|r,."Ini A  '' b'"""'™' I "I"C
""-•'", j    II.  ,'oinmeni Ing nt 11 poal plnnteil nlioiil
vl in;- r  r,„ir injlea nortli ul I'lutlieail river nnd nine
-"•"l:"" „ nubs  enat ut Mntrieecy, thenee Iiurlli
l")*"1 '"'   eighly  claims,    Ighty chnlllB,
illl'i","!"   Hi"    -ui ighty   cliains.   llieneo   .est
• I,nin-lu  phicu ol h„ab„iii,ril ion,„j„.
. Ill,*
I Sll chains, Ilieil,*.. in,ol, -0 "lu.
in-.- ,,,-s, Sll eliuiiis ". i.l,,,-,. ,,I begbil,
nlol April jL-n.l.   IIIIH,
W. IJ.Iivurda, 1.,,,-n,,
T. Cnven,,1 gout.
f,*,-, ,4,ile	
Dredging In the rlti-r. „( Mnnllnlin
N. IV,  *l„ evccpllIlK lla*  I,lien,   i,-,ti
Ins-miner IIII) nliinll, elll)   ,,-„  I"	
ml m-i  nti'l'in ur 1,,,'lilv 1 -,
nlilc ill tlie iliac.ot 1 ilm .Mliil-t") al
'lln. lessee's light Iseonll I ,n 11," -
en In-il ui bu- ui Hi" river liel»„ la-
„,,r.., ami stiOJect In 111"  rights  el nil
"lli-ll h
i'u,,,,ii", ,-ing „,  „ poal  pluuleil on
reek, eleven mil'-  lllllll   II,"   In,,-,', nli
I Inry  tin,',, 'kl'll T. I'iivi II. Hill, li.u.s, i |»
oruer, > 11 ri I, eighty chnins.tlie „.-
iahlv "In.ins.  III,.,,,',, snl,III i-mIiH   eluiill,
In- vest eighly ehnlna I nee ol begin
,.l Ap
-1, I'.ml.
.   I,   "44,44
Tnko 1 ni|,v llml Um -alitlilu'relulnr,
.-xlstblg belli Ilm undersigned  ler Ihr
tli-tn 111 [ MillerniuiA II,,micas Ims I	
lies,,lv,',l, llllll Hint euchafllm purines will
oiiloil M i.vi'Ml I'.ml 1 rniibronk, P. I'.
A. I,. Ml-ll.llllli!
,1 A.I' 11,,,,','C.B.
tl' '"'i"a 111 ii pnal  plniii.il nn Siik-.
creek   liv, lea   hum  Um lulei'iinllouul
I!.minIn,,, iim- imui,..   1    Du.il". « lineal
"1,11111. 1 lii-m" iiniili su clinliia, tl,,-,,"" "ns,
Sll ,-hiibm, ilm,,,-,, s I, so ilmlas. ,1 .,.
Ilnlnl April  -.'ml, llllll,
A. Ilny le. I nlul.
T.t'nvoii, Agent
cinn lining  ni  n   posl  11.,,,,,,! ,111 Sag"
mi I,  s„, I ,1, Iko  lm. nnii, I   :,Hl\
II,..in.lm,,- line, mini".   41. llnlli,,.. I sl | nm!
curlier. Un,," -lit  "lain,i' clinlne, ll *■   1,4,1,1'
,,,.",  elglily  .lnul,",  lln-i.cn I,   ,-igl, y |  .Tl.
i'llllllia, linn usl elglily duilna lo plnco ul   emu
ll .',.,1
•Ultnl nn Hi.' iiiiii.iil
ufii'i'it.'M' -
•-: US 1
itiu- Vukon'I'i n Mi
ry   si\ leiisci
■y f Iwtiitj  >**«
-,   tllSU   ll'IIUU
.1 11...
11 Iiilliin
ni  1
lilli 1
srlulil li' ii 1 t
irs is in,, ru r li
iiin.ii.r) in lu- llxeil
j ni AiiKiiat in Hie j
•.imli imvo nn.'ih*'!
Mist Mllf.l.il".
1 tlie Ml1>1 E
i-.ii  luu  «	
1 iln* Ii'tmc, mi.
■it' . I
.i'l. .li
If.     UPHUll, lll'U 11
ii'lii su yriii*-
r nii.i' i.-i ins)
•1 .M.i
lit,..),     i'l-i'l-
llllll  ,'<HII|lill
iiiim', s cunl
i-n ii'i-i in ii
1  Hll
iwo, i,»hi r.-.-
.I'lll.t ll   1011   1
iiii.n.v 1-iii. inm.
■ ■-lo, Wutantl, latent,ir
 lh„l I'lmlmiiil river and right,
-,-1   ni  Murrlaaey,  tlieneo aouth
mis. tlm' ns,  eighty  chains.
HI, eighly cliains, llieneo Ileal
ins In place uUegbnilng, ,.,	
,4444,1.,    l-lll.    llllll.
churlia trinalrnlig. Locnlor.
nienclngnl n ,»4st pliiiilnl nholil
,,,.,!, 4.1 na,,,..,,.! river mul six,on,
,f Murrlaaey, thut nortl, eighty
- "-I  eighty i-l,alas, tlooo-u
..•'liaiiiH.ilii.il.,.. wesi eighty cliulna
beginning, eiinlninlng UIU acrea.
mini,, Is,I,, llllll.
cluil'lea ,'uil,. Luenlur.
nneiiclngnt ,1 posl plnnted ntinlll
norlh ..,' l-lallmiul over nml so
"u-i  u, Murrloeoy, Hun, nmii
,4 Is,I,, lnul
-ll   Ml.HUH,   I ,,,,41,,44-
..■mi a pnal planted itlaiii
1  ul ilml ,">. nml al,
ol   Mm .1, llic,,,'  I
 mc   ,,,'sl' eiglil,  "In	
elglily   -I -    llieneo   ,.„.'
 H',',1 ,,i. nil,lain
,.-. ui mm
,   A llnaklll, Luenlur
 nclngnl npnal pi ■,! nl	
- > mil I tlver, and so
.na ,,l   Murrlaaey, limine a I
1I1 .<ii:,4,y ,1 a,tll
pluee ul hegliililug ,
gill.) 1
baled April 2 Illl, III  I
W    Huiil!!", I 1 ,r.
Timber Notice
Tnke nutlee llllll   Ililrty .lays nller dnte 1
lend to apply to tl.e chief comnilealnner nf
I ivuilsliii- „ „, i„| Urease lorn.
creek,  nine mil's 1 1   Uie   Inloruiillniiiil   '
II,.uiuliil,, liim. iiiiii Jail Mrs. M11111I Illcklliann   '.j
sum Invest cm imc. I lieiii" ma I li eighty eluiill.
,4>s, 44IU1" fiiilv unllnio, , Inn my
I 11,0 ,,-<•-la   liey.dlv tu Ilm inli'iil ,„u nnl
ell",.llif I I'll'-'  II"' Oil I Ml"   llml   -Illli
|i"l llnlli III" 111  nil I I-", I" I"   |.i.ii I'i tno
, Holler,
, is,, mm.
Alex. Mellurliii.l,
11I.-I1. l.ut lla
.or nl ilnliiiH
my war
 In* ".uni .11 a, nml
lily i-iiauis lu plnco n   sunn, ciok, unli-l, nr r
paving „ r.
i'lmins, Ilm,,,"
|,44l,-i   April 21. llll'l
Mrs. Maud Dickens Locnlor,
P. ,1. Dickhiaon, Ancni.
rnlinnenclng nl   n post  plniued
•reek, eleven   miles fr   Mm Inl, mi,mnl   saint"
li .I.,,.*, Uo.. 011,11..-.I I-'  1  llleklii , imrtli
 i, ma, 'a In,.I |-l,1 1   iilinni
,-s Ii ot rial Ill-nil river, nml sis-
a enat ul Muoissc.,. 11 141,1,
Indus,  il ■,'  ,1'eal riglit) elmlns,
 I,   clglilj   ehnlna,   llience   eust
ulna iu plnco ut beginning lulu.
)' giving notiee and I big It-It! uerea.
i,!ei- "> ■'» " "" *,",iI*:,.,-,„, 1 ,
caietliiit workliiiHlinoinliiiiBiiiii8i ho     {&,   (-,1111111.111111^ut u |iihi plnntml iiliinit
lioiiiinniliiiiuil,uiul open toooeiiiiiUIuii; '"'*ll111'''" n,Mtl1 nt ''Iwllioml Hver, mn) nix*
liy 11 Iri'timiner. ! 1, ul,*.-  i'in-1  ul MnrriNiiplv, tii.-m-- smuli
r£ir™a"u-cynS..ml|Shl.tj "l"U"   "' "'   '  «"" "'"^ "l'"i""'
lllu Vllko lOlllntnl "	
1I1   eialo.v   i'lmins,    llience
bnula ami nurls Inr „ ► ;„| 11,-nnao tn en,   Diilindiii) lliii-.lnnrked P. .1. Olckl  lnntl, ,    , ,.|r'„i,.„i,i.   au'   11an1n.ro neit' Immlnl,,,,   ,,i„|,t" ,.|„,ii„ „",. „| beginning, ,44,44-
4„„l  ryniiny  liiiilcr  In,ill   Hi"  [oltoniua ! ,,,-s,   nil,.,.   Ui ■ li   elulilv   chains. 1 1.1 -in  .1 n,  II,"   S"„l,»"«,  Ten iiuiii-, ,ii,.,-,.
deaerlhol lnmla In  s„„u,   Uns,  K,,„. y:  ,|„„ „„l   eighly chnl,,.,  Ilienen   „„oh   "^"IZ m JiS--' 3 E'SI*:    nnb-d ,--ob,-u„ry;i.l, IIIIH,
sn,,, l,2„i>l
enal 1 ml
ehnius. mni
nt Albert M
planlednl Hi
ii- llillii-c-slii-case, till-Ill-
"in" ,,-,-sl. 110 cluiitle I-
133. llionee norlh  In
mil-,, snulli llnllllil.il'.
igltly clialus. llicnei, ileal si, chain,
j nielieelnenl
!     I April llilll, llllll
I'- .1. Dickinrnn. Lornt,
,„,- , ,„.,) rest,
nl .-
f cliains In pli
nil ii-IUncres iiii
III I   ,1 |llil  ill-I      I'.'
  Vi'iill"'l'U"'l'i lie |,iusi'.e,Iini. i
in-cs.   Slmulil Ilu- i iii-i uu ill
ver nil In |.t»>il.-r i|4I.-oili.ius. i.l.il snl,-rneonI
mill! li-licil dlsiuiveiv, „,, .,'•>„ Imi eve I),
 I*--  I  i'liiiiiin: 111" ull ,,,- Inml  -mli "ll
| luml its lun, lie ill-tin ml t. will In- suiil n> ll
iiiiinnencilig ii,   „  ensl  ,iimii,,,]  „„ Sniie   ilhi-iivcrcin, ,l,e rule uf -.1. iu no
creek   eleven  mile, t,  ,!„■ Ini™ ,1   LV-.K^lVrV-S."!!.""!''* """
11 Ini-ylil.e. Inilrkc.l.l. Xcllecllclil lie'     De|,i,rllll if Um  Ulterior,   Ottawa, Soil.,
'•"sl    eon ,   II,  snulli   eltrhly    cliains, I l111''- .IAMKS A. SMAIIT.
Ihenee  weal   eighty   elllllliB,   llieneo    tl, ' D,|nil4 oftlte .Minister at Uie Inlaihn*.
„„)■ P.- specllleit l,y
stuck, Locnlor.
Hi.   I*.„„i„,'„"i,,g„i a pus, planted iihont
uu-mi!  Hi ,.i Klinli"."! river and alxteeii
mill's "as, ul Mnrriaaey, tlieuec s-aill, eighty
■Indus, Ihenee ensl eighty elinins, litem-,,
until I'iglilyjclinbia, tlieno -eal plglily
-liuins lo place nl liugltinbig, i iniiig UIU
Do I o.l January llllli, Hull.
U Joaepli Itraiib. Looator, Till:   CRANBROOK   HERALD
Beauty and
Value 3 3
Arc combined in our dainty Shees
.md Slippecrs. Wr have a wonder-
tul supply of
Misses' atld Clii!dn*n's Shoes .1 Specially
Every Man $_
Needs S S
one   or   nioir.     Until   he   pOSS-CSSCS
one he never fully realize! their
comfort .ttid stvlc. .* FANCY
VES rS are shown here In t\ variety
ol ityle and material. ***• Duck,
Drill and Fancy Light Weaves
tu.table ior summer wear
9 0
£. :,,*,' tlm pitresl  L-i'liii .l.-utis iii.-uli-  in  C'litiitiln,   These ,-k
Y .linns ninl .li-llii-sniv iii.-uli- I'liuii llriiisli (',,1 hin l-'ruils. mv JS
9 l„*ll,•!■ llinu unv i,lli,*r('m,n,li,'iii liiiikt- uml ,',|l,;,l lo  anything J
9 imported    -", Hi. tin fruits IU-.    In oiirwimloiv for nssortllienl A
9 Il.it2.-fs mul Luxoiihy's UngUali -li-llv Tiililrts 0
<p t'ogiino, Ulni-k Currnn, Novl.-iii. Nl.-iil.-i'i.-i lllivoriitg   ]■„■ 0
| paekuge. (£
9 0. T. ROGERS *
*      Fancy and Staple Groceries anil Crockery     0
9 Cranbrook, B. C. 0
r Brockvillo Curringo Works. Buggies mul Rigs o£
;S'" 0
^ nil descriplions. a
,S, I S.    J ;  .,    ...    ,;-    i. , * , .t ; i. j -e. i : ;   • r, ■ •• * -iM ,i-1 4. I A I <*•! * I * ' '• ' v i A I <j>
Rill $t Co.'s Specialties
For ThiB Week
p 210 Rcady-toAVear Suils for Men at
;''-?        Regular $10 mul $12 linns
190 Ready-to-Wear Suils for Men. to clear at   £Q 7C %
|® Also it full lim* of Lonttlorsloekillgs for laid hoys.     Ask lo l„* «g
-® sluIWII tin-si-. ®-
% MEN   -lust .-ulI a,nl li.-.-,r- our Englishman. Sniythc, nud onr g®
®g Irisliiniiii, llliii-k. tli-iiionslriili-. ^®
5  RilU Co., Cranbrook's Greatest Store   •
f.i-,.^-'.4—*.4-l.'-*-J-.V--.-v^,\-.4~,%.M,^„ 4iv_;,V-(i>_(iv^i|_(i,-<
ehJ9>-®-®  ®-S'^a-®-®-if—$> ®-.f-l.-,..   (•)   (.'    ,.><.>-<.4-4.4-(.,-1,-MSm-(!4-0
(>i''i*'i*:n for sale
wellingiiiitl :: bison Baker hill,
Bnki-rhill, lino lot-ati,
I large alnlili-on Hanson avi-     SB
II $2250 ■"- r
n $2200". won
S'T $1250 Ci-rooni dwell
ij $1000 lions,' mi Armstrong .-ivi-iiin-.
M $1000 mm cottage on C itiotor hill
II $950 11 room dwelling on Bnki-r hill.
.;, $850 dwelling hou Unlink.',i,-i	
I® $500 11 l'""lii dwelling n.'li' III.' I'l.'sin I.'iim, l-lllll-i-h
If $375 ■■•' room hoitst-on Ilmi i nvt-tiii,-,
lj> $375 S-i-ooin ilvn-lliiig on Bnki-r hill.
It $275 lol on Burwellnvo	
iiii- $J75 Billinnl ini'l''- good lition,
I.-    ,.i
SI      .'      .-      •■      .'      •        .* .        .        .        ■        .'       .      -.      ..*     4.4    1.4    fi\
f ■•* •••••..  . . 4. ... .-:
I am going to Morrow
« McFarlane's to buy out ot Campbell's SEMI-READY SUITS for
my husband. He paid last year
$30.00 ior a tailor-made suit, and
I am told that I can get just as
good from $18 to $23 at their store.
I have seen their suits and like the
way they set about the collar and
shoulders. There is just 1000
stitches behind one of their Campbell collars, all done by hand. I
counted them myself.
Morrow & McFarlane
Wilga   House   Boarding   Establishment
(M. II. King's Into residence)
is now open lor resident and table boarders.
The table wiil be found unequalled in the district and every effort will be made to study
the comfort and wants of visitors. Table tickets are now ready and the price moderate.
For terms apply to
Sunday dinners a specialty.
I 9
,ic i.iii n.iim iimiriii'iii	
 ■ ll    I-   - Ill     M -.'..
iill      ,4 111,1.,-.-
-I il  1.44444 -I-  ie,   nan
 I   -11         1 4
Wo could   make   .1   whole lol  of  extravagant Af
_ claims, but, alter all, the queMion would come tack, iff
*L " Do we make good ? "     When il comes to that   <vc *L
€ are willing to ST AND ON OUR RECORD. J'
9 In the history of  our  prescription  department ^f
*i ou intit
A Rake, A Hoe,
A Spade, A Shovel,
Rubber Hose, Sprinklers,
Chicken Wire.
Ii"!ii atld i-vprvtliiti" it, t!,.      -   -   -
1 (present number 24679) lliere has been  no error Io $    !%%%%'%%%i^^'j%^^!%^      » ... ^
;'; We believe thai prescription  work  cannot  bell  i ALWAYS   FRESH
l.ll   I-1     ,11
j- we Dcnev-v* nui prescription  wofk  cannot  oe ai  ^.
,*f done any more carefully or satisfactorily to doctor and .&    JE
Cranbrook Cottage Hospital,
1-11111*1    11111-1.1.1,4.' 444,'Illi,' llll'l   I, -1,4- S|.
I',„   Inil  |4.II,„I,I4I,-41|.|.|VI,,
Diss Muss, - Matron,
(Iriulnnle nf Rt. I.uki-'a ll..-|.iti,l. \*na.
i-iii,,,*,, li. r.
Teacher of pianoforte and organ.
For terms, etc. apply between hours
of three and live o'clock on Wednesday and Friday .it residence of
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
I   jf patients than uur work is now done
rf **   IT HAYS TO DEAL AT   .*
$ Our Mail Order business continues lo grow.
m&AAIAJAtm fh£m$*»% **, ifc,
Picked  Up About Ihe Cily  hy  Asking
Questions of Many  People,
Ft, W. Ross, of Fori Stivle, wus
in town 'I'ni'siliiv.
Tht- Bpving ruins Iiuvi- li!-,-,, i'cli-
lllnr tlm pnst wi-i-k.
Sti-wnrt McKim, of Tonkin,
spent Tiiesilny in lown.
Sinn Hlllllinoilll litis iiiovi',1 I'l-oiii
Ni-lson to Xi-tt* Wi'stiiiinsti'i'.
For u ijuii-k. licit, lllltl smooth
shnvi- oo to tin* (1. K. Iinrlii-r.
II. A, l.nivy l.-l'i Momlny for
Viuii-ouyi'i- wlii'i'i- lu- mny loentp.
Mrs. Mt-llor.of Mnrysvillp, wus
in town Inst Tluirstlny nntl l-'riilny.
lions,- to nnl. W'nlir fnritisli-
,*,1.   \V. I!. McRirliiiu*.
Quito n i.itii,).,-t- ,,f (',■:,,,In-ook
peoplo drove to W'nsu on Ilu- L'ltl,.
Milk slink.-s !in,l other sofl
drinks nl P. M,l'„„i„ll's.
Willi,,in Orenves tuiil fiiinilv, of
Medicine Hut, spenl   lhe  L'll'l,   in
Position wnnteil to iln n.-m-i-.-il
lions,*  work.     Anuiv  ni   H.-riiiil
.Imiles Uengnti Ims joint-il tin-
liile llml is lluwiiiK lownnl I'oplnr
Dint .M,-N,-i-.li mul finuili-, of
Fori Steele, spent the -Jill,, in
Mis. I'l.-iu.li* Miuislield lins i_-o.il-
lo I'enihroke, Out., lo visil Iter
The Ih-sI ot fiuil, ulwnvs  fresh,
i I*   M.-l'., II'-.
Mr Cousins, f. I*. li lisenl ill
lyim, ,isit4-4l bis sisler in this
nwii tliis week.
•I  A. i iillis nnil wife, of  Mint-is-
.-I i.
-14,     [|||
.'III    UI'llslli'
restutt I'lllll
li. I'. Tisdnlo luu
igu pi;,,',',! over lii
thnl is tl lii'iuiii.
Mrs. IV. T. Hi-id. Mrs. (I. Iv
Sinitli nml Miss Rnnsoni visited
Moyie Inst Fridny.
For Hide oi- I,',-nt. ilm  W'ynciip
n-sideni  Bnker hill,   Apply to
l(. LomiBlim-y. H _i
Tin- Hernlil is in receipl of it
postnl souvenir ot Hie Tomuto lire
front ('. Ross Tnte.
An iiupii-sl on ilu- 1,'iviii fire in
Pernio is to ho lieltl to setfle IE
[KiBsilile, tliu origin,
Mr.mid Mrs. (I vo HoKunrtli
nml   Miss   Wellniini,   uniiii* down
I'r  Klko Momlny.
Mrs. A. M,„ v  llllll   l,nliv  nml
Mrs. D.I.'II Imveg  I,,  Meiliciite
ll-il lorn lew inoiitliB.
Miss (i'llliriiilli.of l-'orl Stei'le,
wus lhe gtieal of Mrs. M. Ml-1 iillis
s,'V,'ml ilnys lliis week.
Slore room for renl on Armstrong Avenue, 18x40, good cellar.
Apply to I!. II. Short.
13. H. McLeod Ims returnod from
n trip to Edmonton, Ho expects
to move liis family tiiere.
Alt. Erii-kson enmo tip from
Sinlnr to spend tin- twenty-fourth
witli Cranbrook friends.
Mrs. Nnisinitli. of Lethbridge,
wns visiting Cruubrook friends
severnl duys the pnst'week.
W-. II. Wilson und Cecil Prest
nre expected to return from their
trip to the const next Siiturilny,
Mrs. H. B. Kirklnnd hus nrriveil
from Mi-Intyri'. Out., nntl Mr.
Kirklnnd is happy in consequence.
George Leitson, ot Culgnry, was
iu town a few days this wook slinking iin im t-i   with   liollle  of   the   okl
lie l-'rnil ..i.-l Vegetables nl mu  Hon
tr ivitidiiii
-i'l : , th,' l.adies   win n ynu
ui  »-,- ki-epn large varieti - ■
-. rail
&   \\ ,t, :
i  »
I ■"
I       B. Dawson iX Company
•• Drawn Throiigh :t Km.i Holt."
I'a bull nuilli*   .-..|.|, l.vhii ibi-i
"1ft!"' "'-'!     'I'll'' eyati'lll ,.- 04 mu ,.. ii-.-,
#!--'■   !'    tb-  ivilllel   .l-;,4..,-b„—
Slim I" il  il, I.
L*-; i - -l-l:i.\ . TflN'lt'S nr,
New Hardware Store
We have just opened our new store and propose to carry
a complete line of Hardware, Tinware, Iron, Mill and
Mine Supplies
MILL SUPPLIES—Pumps, Canthooks, Saws, Axes, etc
BUILDERS* SUPPLIES-Tar and Building Paper.
MINERS'   SUPPLIES-Truax Ore Cars and Steel,
Hydraulic Rams, Pipes, etc.
A complete stock of Fishing Tackle, Rifles and Shotguns
Chas. i:. Uc'u] & Cu .
iir,uliiiu*.*,l nruffljl, l.i Cr.tibrook, II C
yV.B. McFiii-lnne visitetl Ryan- Judge Forln iB holding court in
this week. ICi-unlii-ook toduy,
Mrs. A. Brown is ipiite ill ut the Mr. nnil Mrs. ('. Al. Keep and
hospital. jlialiy arrived last Friday for a visit
W R Ross  of Fernie. wns i„ K'H'Jnmes Ryan, brother of Airs.
.   , I Keen.
town today. '
,, ,  ,..',, ,,    oi    ,,,-   i cu.   i   I    Next Alondny evening the 1. <>.
li. L.T.Gnlbrinth.ol l-orl Steele, 0 *,- Mge Mth it(j nw||,u. w,n|i
is in town today. miiiunl election,   A lineattendni	
M. Phillips, of Tobacco  Plains, is ih-sii-,-,1.
is in town today. I    Constable HdskiiiB was on  dulyl j'-»   Weathered Oak, Golden Oak and Ebony Fini
I   Boytor left  for the   Lnnleuil  ill Fernie severnl  ilnys  while the «->
today, where he  will  reiiinin  litis  Fernie officers were  in  ntteiidauce };J
Biimnier, al court in Ni-Iboii. j J*
.loliu Garrett, tl„* well know,,' P. McCoiuumTb ri-Btnuraiit hn:
engineer, returnetlWetlnesdny witli ulwuys kept delicious ice creiitn
his liride. ''I'he piii'loi-B are now opt-ii   for lln
Arnold's cottage on   Bnker Hill s:as""'    Von should call a n
. »
4 *
4 f
4 *
•i >
4 *
4 *
4 *
i. »
4 »
4 *
4 »
« »
4 »
♦ >
< ►
We are putting into stock this week wli..: v
t.'ie bi'.t aisor'.meit of Picture Mouldings between U'inni-
peg and Vancouver.
POINTER 1 ^t%rt^.
**** i.
,vc to be    JJ
IT"       ., **
Apply to Arnold -V Rob
wmo. I I*
Tin' government office eon tin-    J.*
nt left Saturday afternoon for   *>    It is a Plate Rail,
.»    ready framed lhat will give your walk  the stamp of ele-    *,%
gance, good taste and refinement. J*
Joseph Brault, of tin- Ciintid	
hotel, lins lind liis hotel puinted, '"" Sl''1'1'' tu spend Sundiiy at
wiiiclt greatly ndils to its iippenr-!'10'11*' ll will be sonn* weeks be.
:■ in-,-. tore they nro permiineiitly located
... ,    , ,        ! iu Ci-unbrook.
For S,-,l,-   A phaeton, double set
nf hnrni-BS nnd two poaius.    $1".'J      Morrow A   Alcl-arlaiu* an- ml
takes the lot.       Mrs, A. Leiich,     yi-i-tiat'ra.   Tlmy linvo been repair-
,,      ,,        ... ,,,   ,       ,.  ,, ing   Borne   siilewnlks   iu  town  sc
Mrs. Percy W . I liu-ke, ol   Ryni
I i,-,n,l
guest of   Mrs.   -I.
4 long neglected by tin- government,
nud marking flu* boards. '-Repair
loil by Morrow iti* McFiirliuio."
Lust Snturdny  was one of lln
POTWT'Fl-?      3    Som£lhi"? newfer your din-    t*
1   Vyll >(   1 L,l\    J    ing TXm  am|  cosy ccrner-    «*
It is fastened six  I;,:! fro .. t.'.e floor.    « *
ric a Brae can be placed 0.1 Ua ar.d Pic-    tit
4*    Fancy China and Bi
< *    lures hung from underneath*
ll„-sl duys Irom 11 fouuin-rcinl stand
Don'l fail to read lln* big ml.
. Prest Photo Compiiii.v in tins-    j,,,   -,.„,,. s(,l,|,   iu  C!i-ntil>rook.
's9iTlin streets were crowded during
lill'oril   lo 111
Is POINTFR 4 A lin'oi r03m ,r'ou!din^ t*
... 1  KJll\ l UL\   4-   that wHI 3l        aK,  any   Jj
*> p;iper you may put on your walls
it PHTKITPP     tZ    We are  now
{J i   WI1N  1 i-.IV    J    with the best house for,
** Urging portraits in the United States, and -.4 e wish to state    *♦
** that we can give you an absolutely reliable p::t* 1*. :r, wat-    4%
* . er color, sepia or crayon.   Not the kind ycu '*
,on    *»
ufti-riioiiii  mid evening,  and, }.J travelling agent, and are ashamed to hang on the wall al-   »•**-
I nst opout'tl up.  Bterlitig silver! the meri-liiuits did 11 tine business, t* ter you get them.     Ours  are  the  kind ycu will value be-    **
1 ..:i, ,.>..,...! .,„,ulu   from   ,1,,,!     ,  ...        . **  ,1.  1— -r ...
md silver pluleil gi,„,ls.  Iiuiii  tln-1     wiuit is tin- niiittei' witli 11    Illl   jj    cause they are works of art
lust   niaiiiifacttirers,
in Cranbrook? Wliere nre  tin-  iu
H'elev. j striitn,mis thnt were purchased  by
Fernie is etiileavoriiig to hnve the public   contribution 1   Tin-   (own
provincial government rebate the should have a  band and a good
tuxes for the year in   tin*   luii-nl,'""'•    It is  large enough and  has
iliatrit-t. boiiic good musicians.
The proviuciul government has! Lost, on the athletic grounds
given Pernio $250 for ils fire bt-U 1 Tuesday, one-half of gold locket,
initio. A like gift to Craiilirook'with loiters .I, S. S. raised and
would be greatly appreciated. South African colors.   I  will  pay
For Rent Furnished room for *'"> reward for the return of it.
l„l\'     \pply lo I Leave at Hernlil office.
'"■ F. (lodderies Dr, -1. S. Stewart. Lethbridge.
Hazel block. Cranbrook. |    .\. |,;, Siddons is linn iu his  I,,-.
Willium   Noble  returned   trout lief that this is a fruit raising v.-il
West Kootonny Momlny.    II,* was I,*y. und this spring he has plunted
ngreenbly surprised nt tlie progress I over   UHI   fruit   trees  of various
untile   by  Cranbrook during  tlu* kinds and as ninny fruit  luislus.
time In- iiml been nwny. j He will liuve a  magnificent  place
Tin- l'ort Steele Alercailtil nn* I'"! " f"w G"u' "" "'" "?•", is  ""'''
puny luu*,* pla, nu inlaid matting.r,t'1'',mi1 W|H «row i'">',,1,"«'
on   their  floor, that is u bennty.     (I.   II.   Br.-umer retltnietl  this
'I'lu- Fink   brothers  are hustlers, iveek from nu extended trip through
iiml their storo is a beuiity, Ithe  Territories and Alniiitobti in
,,,,    ,,  ■   ; ,, ,.. ...io   belli,If of tin-  Robins in-McKi'iizi'*
u'lu'eiise i-omnussioiu-rs  will   ,      . .. .
hold „ mooting in Cruubrook on    '"'I'1" 7"T'">'    ""»",>." ,l"'.1
,l,„„, 15.     Every license in this   '""'u.-ss looks  gu«l  all through
,.,1    j- •, • . „.:i|  11080 sections. Itloiurl overytniuu
nortion ot the utstriet will conteup .111        • i"      1
■ 1 „ .-      1( .... ,-,, ; .was ri-tnrtli'tl hy  nuiiH nud  wnsli-
for co Biueration nt that time,       1 ,   .   ,.*'
nuts early 111 thi' spring.
Mr. Boynton, of Lacrosse, Wis.,     Af ..     M p ..„ ..
one of the Btookholilers in lhe Ber-1,  M«Do'">!*U Clapp nro making
ry   Creek  Hydraulic ami Mining imiiroVGUionte  at   the   Manitoba
'      ■,,„,-. has bee ro  tin- past  •loh* ■   lhe dinilig room has 1»	
4 POINTFR A pho,o^phs- wek-«pi« *|
it    L   \S***  1 i-alV    D    touch with the outside world    *?
with photographers in the larger cities, like NV-v York
$jf    and Philadelpnia    we compare notes and give yc*., lhe ben-    *♦
J'J    efit of their experience as well as ours.
4 *
*$ POTNTFR 7 We wi" *ipprCi    'visit ii
ti    1   V-/li N   l L-dly-     '     'torn every lady and gentle-    *?
**      ** .. .      .     .. ,, **
J;J    man in East Kootenay.   _•*     Yours for the best in
4 *
i * 4*
4; ************************************* * '    m-m.'.a,.,,-
************************ ********** ,.».„o„ ******* *>*
* *
if: S'
fie leaves today  for his
nearly doubled in size, sixteen new
lied rooms are to la- added, and
mure ndditiotinl room on the first
Sunt    Hayes   came    up   from a,,,,,,. *s l(l i„, nffonletl by an  n.l.li-
Li'thbridge tosee the game on the t-„n,   Tin-new proprietors of the
twenty-fourth and visit a  few days |10tP| „•.,. d0in(, „ big business, and
witli friends.   A party  wus give
iu liis honor AI lay night at the
Royal hotel.
Some of tin- Cranbrook young
111,-ii wlto ride to Fort. Steele have
gotten themselves in bad odor in
that town by their reckless  riding
re handicapped for the want of
Th,-  little child  of  V.   Hyde
Bnker fell through the cellar trap
door at tin- residence Inst Thursday
i night, 11 distance of thirteen  feet,
isluining   some   severe   injuries.
rsigiu-d have full trolof tlinlui in  -- ol  the Int
-•- firm of Mt ing. I.ni-o.v & Siddons, und are in n position to olfer 9
® yon grenl bargtiiis iu  Hcnts'   Panamas.   Ladles'  Sudors, anil >)
.  Children'.-, straw hats Unit will astonish  lhe  | 1,- of South i,
^,  Musi tvootetuiy,    Wr hnve just r,',','iv,'d u'-ni'ni' fr sit groceries -*)
.' from Tot lo. in fact our stock is complete iu every particular, -t,
'-     We are at j r semce. I
I A | A | (.. | .1
1 * I A 1 <5> | A I   |.,, | A 1 A | ,,
iii the streets.   R fitly i liber I,,,, torlunntely the}- were not of a
of tlii-ni weroi-nciug on Ilu* Main I serious nntiitv.     Hot* collar Ihiiii*
sit t and,nui ni' rilling down j Wus   fiucliind   mill   slu-  received
a child. This is inexcusable, "ml! several bruises on the body. It
their nctioti if repeated, will lead, ffnfl „ miraoulons cscup., from
to trouble. dealh.
The Calgary Cattle Company.
NEXT DOOR TO POSTOIFicr Tin: OBAKiuiouK  !ii:i;.\i.ii
; ::::::::::::::: :.•.•.•.•-•-• : SH
■■ the Cosmopolitan Hotel      |
., __  ...
j'  market affords.
*¥ A Firstclass House Centrally Located
I     "    8
''■■'' Fine Sample Rooms in Connection.    The bedrooms is
}\ itt airy and conifcrtable, and the table is thc best the ii
sgh&-iH®   ,-D-m
Not a Bit of Tail j
J   Smnll *ln i  in  Thilx-I are entirely minus tliis very important \
|   pun.    Cioihos ni.-nli- l.y Mi-Sweyn A* llriflith an-not niiiuis any 1
}   [mr! whatever.    ICneh imrl is complete and iierfeetly innile.    We j
J nn-Iioiiiii! ili.it everyone who wears one ot our suits slmll sny. j
j  "Tliis -uii is all riglil nnd I gol ii from ,
*                 "McSWEYN & GRIFFITH," \
i Cranbrook Block                                              Cranbrook, B. C. J
Wo haw on otfor somt* ^■uuino hitr^iius ntnl st rough ■ \\.\\\.%\ hivi-stors to
.-..nsiili us Mow pW-iiig mil their n 3      RKAt KSTATK l\ CKAXBKOOK
is ns ltuimI im iti vestment us titty man i-onKl wish tn hold,     Houses Umyhl uikI solil
iiui'vari.' ■vt'-.j '.       * -rr.-.*.
i t*W~ BUYING MEAT        1
i- lik,* Inivinn ii  |ii||   ill  ii   lini-
-_,_..    with ai.niii |ii-niili*.     All nienta
m     if fflflfc' K<W'*<  , Mt.    look iillkn t,- I ii an-1 - they
'"**i *z i „.»?i     ^ab i*,-.vi.ii-iii>i-i i„,„, ,|,i,iiiiv.
0 *,'3    '^T-   , M\     »'„,„ ! ii--,f ihnl-,.
£51        .... J, --J Irf  7***>-fVV 1^    »'l„, know ■- I
1 :-..-■ j.-.,' #2R&   ;1 HEAT
ra   k-WiC*   rJ  "'       \ /    .   iiiul Ihuao Hint ilnn't,   Tin-fm-
fe> ur.™*?   r    •"•jS^-.-'-r /' 4  "''." k,l"w ll"" "" huvo
K-'i        ^ffl«^a"':' J*"K"'•   '■""'',''"" "'lv "'""' "s '" "lv''
—■! twSSrr     *"'■'    --      V   il loll,,',,,.
I p. burns <& co.
f* A A*.*. A A.<■*,*■*
...Manitoba Hotel..-   |
11 "imIi-i- New Miiini^i-iiii'iit.) 9
I). A. McDONALl), /Manager I
This Hotel is in the center of town. The rooms are |
comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- |
class, and the bar is supplied with the best. When you |
want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. .»
Saw Mill riachinery
Planing dill Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachinery
Machinery for all Purposes
All of very hsst makes.
I   Write
J. L. Neilson & Co.,
I ml Main St.     lumpen
Cranbrook Brick
and Tile Works
Taylor & Davis. Props.
Furnpcc & Boiler Specialists
: All ill-script ions of brick work
. undertaken, l-'liu-s plastered
1 by new lire proof process,
j Common brick, pressed brick,
litv brick nml lile ou Iiiiinl.
-©-©-<•'- Jf-®- ® ® ® ®-®-®-®-®
?     Harriage     ;
f VcB.nnd the CITV   BAK-
'» KliY ii ilu- plnce ioo,*t u nice
0 wediliti-,'cake and  oniiitneiits
m in lite lllli'sl styl,*.   Why solid
1 your onler mil  of lown ami
2 'pot-Imps hnv,* tho ic-itiobrok- -k
(J- on l,y shipping. Prices rit-lit. I
'f I'lioneSI        Opposite M. B. Cliurch J
-ji      C.W.WILSON,
^4SUIJ>-A*.-rt)-SMs>- **
j Cranbrook Sash    j
• and Door Factory i
j All kinds of finish work in
I wny of doors, windows, triin-
I sonis. etc.   Kiln dried luuilier
j fur inside work,    t Iur work is
J L-,i;ii'4'inl,',',l and our prices are
j snl isl'.',,-lory.
I Rough iiml Dressed Lumber
j Eor Sale
(,,«« ****. ..... ,». ,,-,4V,,.,,|
Timber Notice
'I'lii,l.l-ilfl.va tlflurilntl-1 ilili-lnl In „|,|4|,|* I,,
il„, iln, l ,-■■„,uiih.iitm-r nf Inmla uml ivorka nl
Vliiu.i-ln, II. I*. Inr u lli-i-iin-1 i iiml i4 it-,
'iini.--. ..I Ilm [n'liiiiins ilcn-rlbnl li.lula I,,
Smith l-Jual KiiiiIi uii.v.
,',ii,iiii,'„,-i„l.* ilt.il |„,k, iii-uki-il K..I. Hln*ll-'li
■V. 1-1.1'tirtii'r |,„al iilinni ,„„- nml una luilt
mil,' mat of tin-ill .v..,-, lioi-n Itnilwii.v. wi-at ol
IJIk ili't-rIII Int -lot,} on „ ,,,','k kuntvii, na
Tiiiuii-I ,,1-,'i'k, llieiii'i' su ,,liii|iia aouth, tli,	
HU ,-li„i„a m-i-l. tlli-m-a Sll i-|m||,a uorlli.
Ilti'l,,,' H , lilutlna i'lotl ,„ |.l f liniiliiing,
1,01'itli-il thia uth ilui .,1 April IIIIH.
1 K.J. llllll,!,-.
ll.uri.a,,)- M no-., ll.e. |,oi' r.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
A lit-nutil'til lim- ul' Iiinni'-
spims nml   Worsteds   for
hmlii-s' Tnilor Mado Suits.
j   Siitisfiirtimi -^uarantood.
Rooms on Armstrong Ave.
Perry & Fitzgerald
i*Jtiii*uiKTM]in ni-* rm:
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer company
We are iu Imsini'ss for business.
To keep it and secure more we
must do business in a business
like iniinner, We are prompt
mnl reliable. Tlini is business.
We do nil kinds of drnytign nml
cart uro.   Wo want more,
Leave orders in nur ollice in
the Craubrook hotel lilock, op.
posite station, or telephone I'm :
resilience, t\',\.
For Blowing off a Friend
Or in other words, for th-a refreshment ol gut sis, - omr <>! ms
High class Wines and Liquors
are not only desirable but essential.     •*£*•■   *9      I tf. >      ttl M
Prompt Attention given to ."lail Orders
"Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchant
phone 17        . . Cranbrooli . .        phone it
*«f«HIXLV«*XV;*»*iT,lWE'SK!:«'WO JIC
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia Si Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay Districl.
For ti-i'iiis, nini's innl turtlii-i- imi-lii-ttlnra ni'i-ly lo tin- tollowitiR
locnl Inml iiL'i-nisi
V. Hyde Btikor, Cmnlii-ook, ll.C.    13. Miiilniulniiii-, Jr., Cn-slon, 11.0,
I. II. Wilson, Wmiliii-r. ll.C. II,V M. Iiii-.l. N'i-Isoii, ll.C.
II. li. I'.nuv. Wil i*. II. C.
ITEMS FROM MOYIE,    Ito thv i..- T nf «.„„
iitiieliim-ry in tin- u|ijh-i- \\
!    Mi*. Hwiiiiii-i-ton, nl' tin-
fun hotel, lins ivntcil l-omii:
l-'m-i-i-l  block, nml  movi-il
Tin* 11-iM, 1.J l'iii-i-i,a|iiinili-iil
Ilu-  ll i-   ilill'i i-i-nl   solicitors lo cancel
!., ,     iilntes.       It    is     iiinli-i-siimil
41.J, thai   I'm*   sunn-   time  n   [jrncticiil
I   .  iijjri'i-mi'iil   lins   lieen   rcncli«l   in
every -*ii-*i* involved, esceiitinji; tlmt
nmii'iisl pivsiilenl "I' lh iincil  .1.
A.  Stevenson    |itirclinseil    the  p. Fulton. n**ninat  whom  the o\).
ilw-i-lliiig lions,., formi-rly known its [wsition In-lil w denr n  cnsi- thnl
Ute bolilbnijiImiUlin*.'.  Inst   week.  ,, ,,,,,1,1 ,„,,  think of nliniiiloniii(.
K\n-\ nersoti is now looking for-  il-    P'""'1)' llh' in'emier nnilertook
wnrtl to   Domini Iny. wln-ii   i '" ""h'\ ,hr tlitfit-wlty by giving
billion lite vncnnl portfolio o[ |iro-
\ iiiiiu] seeii-tnry. which hits been
vnciiiitiilinosl ever since llieorgnni-
t Kiunloops is sel for .Inin-  L'mli.
MORRISSEY TO   FERNIE, iv«tutn«imi™ tt'"«S
inchule Vietorin. I fonrl, C'riinlirook.
The   Orenl   Northern   Engineers   arc   Ijis'ininuill, iviimloops nntl  Revel-
st- ike.
Making Surveys.
Morrissey, 11. ('.. Mnv -Y   After Ne.**,' Knail Superintendent,
n wnit of neiirly two yi-iirs,  ii   now]     Lurry Doolint, ex-romlinitster on
begins to look ns though the much I *|„,   r'nut.   has   I it    iippoiiiteil
talked of railway cotistructi.iti   lie- siipi-rintendeiit of roiids, trails nnd
tween   Jlorrtssey   .Itiiu-lioii    nml  i,,.;,),,,,,, fm, this district in iilitce
Mirli.-I is to In-an assured lacl. |)ol,   .\I,-Knv.     Mr.   Doolnn   il
l,asl week ti sttrvej |iarty .:. pmetienl rond iiuiii, who hits spenl
chiii--.- ..I I- I'. Watson, ninl tic-j |,j, Hf,, jn ,,,,,,| ,,,ilsi,-„,,i,,,,. ami
con-pinned by A. M. luppi-r. chief |,is iipixiiiitim-iit hiismel Willi gen-
™K oroftheCn-iil Northern rail-  ,.„,] f11V0P,   As soon its In-  returns
wny, nrriveil al  lhe ji Hon  mid . fmin WiumiKv. where 1 es tu
tinvo established Iheir cniiip ut 1 lint I „]„„,,,,, some business nintters, he
l'lllCD-      ""'  I'lirly consists -■:  a  «-Ul tnke a trip over lhe district, to
;l"zr '■"■  I""1   l"-'"  ra'" -   rniiiiliiiri*! hiniself with  tin- .-on-
lines l.n- lln- righl 4,1 ivaj into .ijtioife. and then he will take hold
I'ei-ine. I Ins work i- progressing ,,,- ■•„, wnl.k ,,, bl, (lonc Ulis s,,,lsm|
us rnpidly as possible and will bu Lurry's uiuuy friends in Soutl
•oinpleteil to L-ertuo lln- latter pari   |-,ls,' Kootenny lire pleased lo hen
f the week, ivln-n it is expected
tin-  righl nl' nny will  in-  cleared
It is unilri-sl I  llml   Siuiius &
Shields, tin- liiu- contracting linn.
will hnv,- full churge i.l' .-mis!ruction. Last Wednesday C-.u-mt
Sllii-lds wus np from lln- -nuilli llllll
in conversiition witli  ymn no*.
pouileiii. stilted llml In* thought
there was lonlil Inn thnl construction would lii-ii'iu mi  lln-  new
road just as si as iln- surveyors
had completed running tlu-ir lilies,
Alrendy their are eiglil or ten   ear-
loittls of grading iiuplen s loaded
at Rextortl, Mont., muting :-■ In.lil ghl tn Morrissey, ami  ns  the
big cul oil' on lln- mniii liiu- is now
nil bill completed, il will only re-
ipiin- n   fin days  lo bring  in nil
uecessni-y n ami  machinery  [or
this extension,
Tin* ronil from Morrissey lo
Pt-rnie will be nboul tin mill's in
leiigl.lt, nml ns there is considerable
henvy rock work, ii will require ul
leusl seven mouths to complete it.
Nothing ileliniii- hns been given
nil. ns j-et, ns   In   whether  ..r  imt
Hie lim- will   be Mini  il  on   I.,
Mieliel, Inn from information re
culv-.l1 il islliuughl llml work from
l-'ei'iiir't,, Mieliel uill nol In- tnken
up until nexl yenr. Tin* tvorli
uill. iu nil pn.l.niiilily. be done   lij
Sllll-COllll-ill-l-ll-S llilll Ml-S-lS
Siinius ami Shields in chnrgc.
'I'lie   ' -Inn-lion  .,1   this  ronil
will In- a liL tiling in this end ol
lislrii-l. iiiiilespeciullyto Morrissej
•iiiiii-lion. i\lii,-|i is nun-1In- ti-riiiin
in of Hn- (Ireiii N'ortliern brnuoli,
ns ii uill h. Iicndiiiiurters unlil the
work is , pleted,     Ami  coming
u. il does when mining in Ihis
section is ijuiet, He inercliunts ol
Hint   town   Inm*   n-nsiins   to  feel
tinted over the prospects of :,
stimiiicrs good lnisiness.
Contests Are (Hf.
Vielorin, Mm- IU. Negotiations
whicli have been in progress l«-
tweim tin- giiveriitnenti i'enresenleil
b.v Premier McBrido, nnd the op
position 1*4 -pi-i-senlcl In Stiitu-I
lleiidersoii. looking lo iln* drop.
ping of nil election pelilions. were
conclndeil Insl night, when ll mu
lnul ngl-i-eini-iil to that ellcel wits
renched fnlluwed liy instructions to
Tin*   Sl.   Kiigene  inin,- is  now
running full   lilttsl nml   over l'7-"i
ineii ure employed iii the mine and
iirounil tin-workings.   The eoneen-
trutor  lins   been   running double
shifl for   severnl   weeks mid   lust
Tuesdny the  finished  jigs  in   tin*  c-i.lt-ljriitiol, S4
slime niili wi-t-e slnrled.     Tin*  un-  ,liBtril.ti wifl be held in .\1
linislieil jigs will In-  used ns  soon
us they ure t ipleted, when every |    Andrew  l-*oote.  In-other of   i      zation of the caliinet. tints  involv-
wheel ill the mills will   be  turning  tnilor, nrriveil   from   Pnplur   ci !-.  ing Fulton's rcsignntion mill return
uud  the   St. Kugeiu'   muiiing its' lust Sunilny.  reporting  Hint times to his constituency for  re-election.
she never run before.    Last   Mon-1 inPoplnr ure riitnei* tptiet. j Nomination day for   L-'ulton's  seat
dny Ihe work of pumping out the
shaft wns begun, us soon ns possible, men will be pul lo work repairing the shnft and getting rendy
tor lhe resumption of work in tin*
lower levels. Thus the Sl. Kilgene
coiupiiny is showing its good faith
in th,- government   and   tin-  only
thing t ssnry to secure severnl
years of iiiiparulhli'il prosperity is
ilu- extension of tin- lend bonus to
ore exported from C'liitntln.
UMI'll.'i:  IIAY,
Kmpire tiny. Mny -Ith. wns u
dny to li.- remembered in Moyie.
The stores and other building were
gnily decoratal with Hags ami
every person seemed bent on enjoying    themselves    to     the      full.
Throughout the dny boating mul
otheriiinusetnents were indulged in
aud in lhe evening it boat race,
for prizes, presented by 1*. -I. AIc-
of the Hotel Kootenny, resulted iu
an exciting contest between till)
several competitors, Then, nl
night, tin- fire Brigude linll was
held in tin- Morley building, The
hull wns sullii-ii'iitly large to a,-.
c-ouiiuodute Hu* lurge compuny
which nssembleil nud the lire boys
tool, cure ihnl every thing possible
should In- done that tin- public
might enjoy themselves. Dancing
wns indulged in until 12 o'clock.
when ii tlniitty repast, prepnred by
II. llownnl. WUS pnrtnkeu of.
Afler st-pper dancing wns ngnin
lln-ord,a-of the evening mid wns
lepl up until the curly morning
lioiirs. when all went home. Buying
iiiiniiiinotisly thnt Hu- l-anpire day
in Movie wns ii ,1-iy not to be forgotten.
\V. I-', liunl.of C'rituln k.   wns
in town last Monday.
,1.     (Iilllii.lt.    of    the    Mullilolin
hotel. Crnnbrook. was enjoying a
holiday in Moyie Insl week.
Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Reid, Craiilirook, nntl MissRnusoin, Moulreiil.
were registered nt tin- Ffolel
ICooli-nny on l-'ridai' last.
As Insl Momlny and Tuestliiy
were  public holitlnys th,-  Moyie
schools were elosi-,1.
W. .1. Atchison, Ilu- ilruggisl ol
Crinibi k. i-n   up last  Stintlny
and has entered into business.
.1. Fitch hus opened his gi ry
Htore in the Cuiirnd building.
Mr. McVittie mid his stuff lefl
for l-'ort .Sleele on Saturday, hnv
ing completed tlieir surveying ii
the vicinity of Moyie.
II. Howard hns completed hii
building uiul is now running .-
first clnss restaurant,
Worlliinglon A* Co. linve Hourly
completed the uddltion lo tlteii
store, when they will have one ol
the neatest stniids iu the town.
The upper Moyie hike Is now n
scene of activity, ns river driving
has commenced,
Fred Frith, of ihe International,
hus completed the addition to his
hotel and hns opened n short order
dining room.
The men nl the SI. b'ngene i roper were laid oll'im the 2-ltli. owing
ot his appointment, ns they feel
llml he will give eniiiteni sntisfue-
Tlie Hospital Boll.
Tltednnce given Tuesdny evening
bytheLndiesAidof'tlieSt. Eugone
hospitnl wus n lin;iu,-i;,l siiccessunil
Slaebler's orchestra, of Pernio supplied tin- iniisi,-. mnl it was nil thai
could I..- desired. Tin- number
present wns nol so greal lull Hint
dancing was n pleasure, and so en-
joynble wus ihr evening thnl tlie
Insl wnll:: was nol plnyed unlil
nenrly:: o'clock,   Tin-   i,-„li,-s   in
chnrgc nro to In-, grntuliitcil upon
lhe success of the niinunl bull Ihis
Tin- Indies desire to thiuik those
who nssissted in  innking the  ball
n s -ess.    After paying nil  olili.
gulions, titer,- wns Inil nboul S2U0
lor the hospital.
Hit) Will All Ik- N'niiCiiniliiii'.- Siniii.
Lonilon, Mny Hi.    Ki riscur
rent in iiisun circles Hint it large
'■ putt} Ihri'iiii'iis   In   resign   its
pluee in tin- iissocintion  ol' offices
Hml ,'\isl for   lln-  in,mil.-in r   of
uuil'onuiti in ih,, rating, clniiniiig
tlint-sucli mi'inltershiptlesli-oystlie
indepentle I' Ilu* coiupany   nud
■ml'* ils-* rprisi'lolhi'ilisnilvun.
Inge of lln- insuring public,
Anmlcl nml Roberts represent
lln- non-coiubiiie compiuiies iu
.,: =5 2 Hi**i**i******.t***tt*
t, — -j,
I; U4
-j; Locals in this column will be Jj[
J charged at thc rate of 5 cents j
J per line each issue. j
i' *
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Uritish Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
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The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. 080, A. Cox, Prealtleat. 11. K. Wai.kkr, Gen. Mar.
Paid Up   Caiillal     $K,;iltl.0OO.0O
Heal          3,000,00(1(0
Total  Rcmiiirtcs.Nm, .III, *ll,l       S.l.tlOO.OOO.l'O
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Banking Business Transacted
SAVIMOS BANK DBPAKTMBNI   Dipoilll Received- lnli-rcal Allowed,
BAXKI  -: ni   il ui-   I" i- il   m-i- l„* mniii, nml villi
llul nf Uill 1 m-i-iillllla It
In tin* llllll .i-ji-l* ..I tin-I
111 I, 111
lil I
iliuivi, liv i
MlluliB llilll ri
i,'l iiiii'iiii,,!
Provincial Mineralogist  ll.il.--rt
son niiiki
re]Mirl on
which tin
To tin
rather an unfavorable
In- Flathead country, of
IV.lli.wiiiLC is a synopsis:
eastward   of   the   liiitili
P. G MfUPAS, Manager.
al, Paid Up
J T. R. Mcrrilt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkic, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager
A general banking; business transacted. Drafts sold available in every part of Canada, United States and Europe. Special
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Fort Steele flercantile Co., Ltd.
Flathead river the rook formations
forming tbe mountain ranges appear to In*, and have I *****i» sn classed by the geological survey, of an
older  age  than  tbe  Cretaceous,
whioh is tin' cool-bearing formation
iu this port of British Columbia;
consequently, no coal may bo ex.
peoted in   this district   nor could
any trace nf siicli   lie found.     In
the southern portion nf the district
to tbe west of the Flathead, the
geological formation is more recent
than on the east side of the  river.
From the few rock exposures  visible in this heavily wooded section
it is impossible to learn much iu a
hurried trip.   The hills along the
valley of Cedar creek are rounded
ott', the banks being covered by
wash which is chiefly dark  shale
and clay, tli rough wliich a few out-
eroppings  of  light-colored   limestone aud sandstone   are visible.
From the appearance of such  formation as was seen, it is probable
that it belongs to what has beon
classed by the geological survey as i
the "Fernie shale," and this section
may possibly contain a smalt outlying basin of the Cretaceous or
eoulbearing rocks, although no coal
out-croppings   are    reported    as
found.   This section has not been
prospected, there are no trails in it
and travelling is difficult.    On a
small creek flowing from tho north
into Colder creek, about 10 or 12
miles from its junction with tlu
Flathead, tiiere were exposed beds
of a   black    carbonaceous   shah'
which contain concretions of clay-
stone.     These concretions, when
freshly broken, give ott' a  strong
txlor of petroleum, but examination
of tlie creek fnr some distance  Up
revealed   nothing   further.     Tliis
creek is alwut on the boundary bell Lots 4589 nnd 4593; it is
| followed by stirring up the mud at
the bottom of tho pool."
Tin- Bndiugof a trace <>r <>il at
this point has been reported to the
prnvincial mineralogist by an old
prospector who boa ''ecu in this
district for years. < In tbe other
hand, the provincial mineralogist
camped on September 2nd and 9th,
1908 oil the s|xit ill-sen I ii *.* I and was
unable to detect or local.- the seepage referred to, Dr. Dawson
mode a detailed examiiiation of
the geology of this oreek in 1885,
and must haw also Cuinped at this
BOme Spot, but he also failed to
discover and record (Uiy oil seepage
on this stream. The probabilities
are that the seepage is very Blight,
or it may only show at certain
stages of water.
In the same report Dr. Selwyn
tells of his visit to Sage creek and
of the finding of two seepages of nil
on that stream9. These the provincial mineralogist found, and tiny
are described hereafter.
As far ns could be learned or
found on the ground, these nre the
only seepages in the district, known
today. It will be seen, therefore,
that the discovery of oil is a matter
of some standing. \\\u\ that the
close prospecting of later years has
not added materially  to the early
': ->  : ■*>' i >?>
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-MI.*V4,,,v„killBll|,  4,-l VI-
'-'I III* 'II -ll.l  I-IIII.        ||,||   j|
Sbe JJcwcler
"Alarm Clocks    °"
impossible, in the absence of a
survey, to say in which it is
The northern portion of the
Flathead valley hus lnvu examined
in detail by parties of the geological survey and the ontcroppmgs of
the coal formations are shown in a
"Map of the Crows Xest Coal
Fields" published by the survey
within this past year. This map
is based on actual triangulntion
and traverse surveys made by the
survey and show tlie coal measures
of the Crows Nest basin to be almost entirely to the west of the
eastern boundary of Lot 4589 aud
so, consequently, not within Lot
4693. Tliis coal basin is also
shown as lying north of the east
fork of Loagepole creek.
On the headwaters of Flathead
river and of tjodgepole creek there
nre numemus exposures of eastern
edge of the coal measures of the
Crews Nest basin, und these have
been prospected by various parties
exposing very promising coal
These coal measures certainly
lie very close to the boundary between the two blocks mentioned,
and as such botuitlary has not been
run out on the ground, the map of
the geological survey is undoubtedly the liest authority we have,
and this places the conl exposures
in Lot 45811.
( HI seepages have been reported
from this section of British Columbia and also from the adjoining
territory of Alberta, certainly as
far baek ns 1880 if not earlier.
The late Dr. Selwyn, then director
if tiie geological survey, visited
the district in 1801 with William
Kernie, and iu his report to Kdgar
Dewdney, then minister of the interior, he says:
I found a decided boom in
petroleum claims and a company
formed to put down a Inning, the
site selected being IH miles south,
and a little cast, of Pincher Crock."
Speaking of the rock formation
at the site of this venture, he says:
"They were the ordinary varieties
of sandstone aud sandy shales of
the Cretaeaous."
Further on he tells of collecting
a sample of crude oil from seepage
through gravel, etc.. in the bed of
a stream about five miles to the
ast of the BUmmit. He calls this
Cameron Falls creek, but it is possibly the south fork of the Kootenay branch of Watertown river, as
at this point oil is found seeping
today and boring is going on at
present to a considerable depth.
Over the summit, in British Columbia, (he speaks of oil on Kish-e-
neh-na creek he calls it Akamina
brook, in error):
"On the edge of a beaver-dam
pool there were ledges of hard,
dark-blue shale. Lifting layers of
tbis  at  and below  the  water, a
I quantity of dark-green, circular
patches of oil rose to the surface,
and    a    precisely  similar  result
Sage and Kish-e-neh-na creeks
are the only two streams upon
which oil has been reported as
actually found. These two creeks
are pa railed and closely adjoining.
being only separated in their upper
readies by a spur of the main
range. The seepage of oil reported occur on both creeks just where
the mountains give way to the ancient wide valley of the Flathead,
and it is quite certain tli-il the geological formations are the same iu
both these creeks. This fact is
immediately visible to the eye from
the upper benches of the river
valley, from whence the view
obtained of the strata exposed on
the ends of the mountain ranges
shows thein to have been at one
time continuous. The valleys of
these two creeks have been cut out
by erosion, there being no evidence
in the lower portions* of these
valleys of auy faults, folds or anything more than slight bending of
the lu'ds. About three miles
bove the oil seepage on Sage
creek there is evidence of a fault
crossing the creek and affecting
the strata; the mountains here are
sheer nud bare, enabling the formation to be seen, while on Kisll-
e-neh-nn creek the liills nre not as
steep and are covered with slide
material, obscuring the view of the ,
various strata except upon the
peaks; but tbe saute fault probably also extends across the valley.
As to the rocks comprising this
regularly bedded formation, they
consist of shales, slates, qunrtzitos,
compact niaguecia. limestones,
sandstone tuul at certain places in-
terbedded trap Hows. All are close
grained, compact, and not capable
of absorbing oil, The rocks in the
upper beds art! very red in color,
chiefly shah; and slates, while
lower down beds of ligbtcolored
mngneoia limestones, containing
much siliceous matter, occur,
bedded with handed sandstone and
quartzites, None of these rocks
are callable of absorbing oil, nor
can they bis suspected of being the
source of any oil, as they are devoid of any appearance of carbonaceous matter. They have been
referred by Dawson, by Selwyn
and other good geologists, to the
Cambrian age, a formation order
than the Carboniferous and very
much older than the Cretaceous, in
which latter the coal of British
Columbia and also of Alberta is
found. Oil had never been found
iu rocks of the Cambrian age, nnd
the reported discovery of it rising
through such was at lirst received
with much doubt, until thoroughly
substantiated by the director of
the geological survey, Dr. Selwin,
from personal observation. In the
iistrict itself there is no possible
nine to the elucidation of even the
possibility of sueh au oceiirance.
and it was only after the most careful and extended detailed survey of
the whole range of mountains that
any explanation was possible,
As to whether there is oil iu
quantity to be obtained by boring
tiiere is little evidence; the seepage
at present is trifling, but the geological structure seems suitable for
the retention of oil if produced in
quantity. If it does so exist it
must in all probability be at very
considerable depth, possibly over
8,000 feat.
In conclusion, I would report;
the actual seeping of oil in three
or more places; that the existence
of a body of oil underground is
quit*? possible, though exceedingly
problematic; that if sueh body of
oi! does occur it can only be demonstrated by boring in all probability to a considerable depth
and at a considerable cost.
The  Cranbniok Lacrosse Players  Victims of a False Report.
The Herald had hoped to lie
able to pass up the lacrosse .game
on the 24th lietween the Lethbridge
and Cranbrook teams with au impartial account of the game, and
.some general criticisms of the
roughness of the play. But the representative of the Fernie Free
Press, who was present, and it is
rumored, staked his judgment
his coin nu tin1 Lethbridge team,
has seen Ut to place all  the blame
on the Cranbrook boya.   In his
account he says: "The Lethbridge
team consisted of last year's players with the exception of Stafford
who is not in  the game this year.
The Cranbrook team is made up of
four old players and the remainder
of new players imported from the
east.   They are a strong, well built
aggregation of men, considerably
heavier than their opponents.  The
game from the start was a slugging
match, blood  flowed  freely from
(ruts and bruises and the grounds
resembled  more a battle ground
than a sporting Held.   The Fernie
visitors were in a position to view
the scene from au impartial standpoint, and though their sympathies
may have naturally leaned slightly
towards   Cranbrook's  interests at
the start, this feeling was quickly
annihilated by  the unfair manner
iu which  tht} home team treated
their   visitors.   Tbe   initiative iu
the Blagging game was taken  by
Cranbrook in  many instances ami
most of the rough play indulged iu
by Lethbridge was done in self-
defence.   Iu fairness to the former
it may be stated that the foul tactics were limited  to four or five of
their players.   The game was prolonged to (> p.m. owing to various
interruptions which even required
the assistance of the local ponce to
mt th,- resumption of
wurk on the Sullivun mine ,-in-l the
Mnrysville smelter.   Already!! few
men have 1 ti pul to work nt  the
smelter g* ttingthings in sliiijM'.iinil
il is suited tiiiii ns sunn us arrange.
iiii-iits nre uindo, the work of <*uiu-
pleting the smelter will he iimu-
gumU-il. li. .1. Roberts, Mr.
Sweeney's representative und manager, nrriveil l.*i-.t Uuttudny anil
spent two dnys ut tin- mine nml
smelter, with I-'. A. Weeks, who
will Inin* charge uf tin* iiuik on
the stnoltor,   .Mr. Roberts hns re-
two years
further ex.
lireotiou of
-ed, arrived
< Iiiin.   He
liiriii-il   lu   Spukn
leaving,   lh*   ligur
quantity of lu*ii*k. i
supplied l.y Daviei
their Crnnbrook  \
factored  nl the Mn
It is understood thnl
ex pn-ssi-i I   iln-   opinion
iniiin  wurk un iln< sun
utilized  nil  riglit,  I
-1 o
mil ll
iS T
In- innili
Tiiere it
tlmt witlii
mini-  will
-■mil tin- Sll
Insl in,
ns il mentis
tin- country
if oh.
in lh
but   before
ji  n   Inrge
lii'V mny oe
• Inm
ysville plant.
.Mr. Roberts
that   the
-lli-r could
unlil In
nt Tu
short tin
uiu-' full
sl.*. I
Tlie facts nre that the Blunging
was commenced by the visiting
team, und for a purpose. It is snid
that tlu-y started to "buffalo" the
(Jrnnbrook Ixiys iu the first quarter,
and utter the second quarter une
of the visitors wub heard to remark, " I guess we had better quit
tin- ruu-.li work, l-oys, we are get-
ling tlie worst of it." As to Craiilirook lioys initiating tlie rough
work, that is foolish, as nenriy everyone of tlie locnl team is cut and
bruised, where only one of tin-
visitors showed any murks. Tin*
Herald regrets thnt such it game
was played, and preferred not to go
into details. But since it.is necessary, tlie facts might as well be
given. As to Fernie being impartial, no ninn cnu be impartial when
In- has all the wuy from $10 to $50
bet on tlie game, and tlie Fernie
visitors witli one or two exceptions
lind their money on the Lethbridge
Sullivun  Will Open.
(I. W. Hull,   who   wns   li
mnnnger of the wurk porfon
■iinn ul'
the Marysvill ■ smelte
ago, anil wl pposed
peuditure under tlnll xpert then i-uiplc
Saturday from Toll do
s|«-nt several days al the mine and
Mnrysville leaving yesterday for
Ins Iiuiii,-. Mr. Hull is looking
well, aud snvs thai he is enjoying
excellenl lieulth.
Speaking ol the i-hnllgo in ninn-
ngemenl of the Sullivan mine and
smelter nt M irysville, .Mr. Hull
said: "I see nothing now to prevent ll Itini :■■ success uf tlio
new  niiiiKiL.*'- lit.    The   men  in
control nr,* practical miners with
ample cupitnl, nn I they hnro
thoroughly investigated the propositi- n and propose to pusl, itto a
iii-i-i-st'iil issue, It is nut nn easy
■mu- r tn Iin ll.c n lii-,' deal like
hat, especially after there bus
■ceil n failure, anil now tlmt it lins
i-.-ii done, tlie smaller stockholders
shuiil-1 npprccitite the fact, sinco
't means that-their stock is to lie
made worth
iniilil lm
tu be sum,'
the  plans ,
r-insiiis wi i
■ ' .-:,■ wi
i'liere is
that tli
manges in
ter.     Tlm
II Ik- il-ine
best plans
irk 4\ ill Ih,
is believed
ready to
blow in by October or  Novembc
I of course  front  thai  tinu-
tin- industry will In
nt bi
■i  I'-'rinau-
Tlie Spokesman Review of Tues
lay lias it luni.' article on tlie .-x
tin- t'.l'.li. tu Spokani
It Buys that the C.P.R,
o npleti.il n long term
_','ini'iit with the North.
tu use ils tracks front
o Seattle, and therefore
'  lu Iniilil to the latter
reason tlie coiup
To Ul Courts Decide.
Victoria, B.C., May 30.-From
the interview given by Mr. McBride, it now seems evident that
tiiere is every likelihood, before
another week passes, of licences
being issued to coal and oil lauds
in south-east Kootenay. The
natural term for disallowance of
bill 16, which abrogated the C.P.R.
rights, expired in May, but as tin
bill wus not received in Ottawa till
.lime last year, the local Govern
meut has been deferring action till
the corresponding date this year.
Private assurances, it is said, have
been received from Ottawa that
disallowance is not contemplated,
hence the Lands aud Works De-
purtuteut is now free to act iu the
It appears to be the intention of
the (luvernmeiit to grant all applications, allowing rival applicants to
fight out tlio question of title in
tlie courts. This will create a greut
scramble, as iu some instances
Initns lire staked over and over
igiiiu, but it will relieve thujlepurt-
liii-nt of a troublesome question.
A great revenue will lie derived
fruui these licenses, of which there
over 800. Ah were last bi-s-
sioii raised from $50 to $100, but
the Government is still undecided
which to enforce.
■ctions forthoC.P.R.
nl Seattle is out uf it.
, Corbiu, who was in-
- proposition, will go
nu  independent
a line frum Sjaik-
with the Crows
■C.l'.li., ami that
reed to enter into
tent with Corbiu
tur lnisiness.
■ preliminary
* in tin-range
inrk mi  tin-
tit is summer.
ipei-ated us a
ucct with  tlie Crow's
bout at Vahk.   This
An Internal Nuisance.
Travellers on the Crow ure constantly subjected to the inconvenience of lxiing unable to get the
time n passenger train will arrive
nt any of tlie smaller places. Tlie
traveling public pay tlie fnio asked,
and there is no reason under the
sun why patrons of the road
should not lie able to get reliable
information us to the arrival or de-
pnrture of trains. In many of the
towns the hotels are some distance
from the station, and as a result
ami Si'iiltli'.
has jusl in
traffic nrrnngi
era Pacilic, I
Vancouver tu
will not need
town. Forth
to Imiiil com
toSpoki n
but Unit 11.1
teresleil iii the |
ahead anil tun
-ompmiy to luiil
nne to connect
Nest branch of tl
the C.I'.U. has n
traffic arrange
with tliis as n   basis
Corbiu is pushing tl
arrangements, and ii
of possibilities that
line may lie institute.
The new mail will lie
separate and indopt
and will l
Nest  lim
would give the C.P.R. n chance for
transcontinental business from
Spokane ami enable it tu hold tin*
field against -Titit Hill's lines.
This particular road is what interests Crnnbrook, as its con-
struction'would mean tin* opening
of a southern outlet to the States,
and make Cranbrook the natural
entrance point from tho s;iuili for
the heavy passenger and freight
traffic that is bound to come from
that way.
The Herald realizes that it takes
time to got matters in shape for tin
construction of a line of railroad
but it is of tlio opinion Unit tin
rond will be built, and that Crnn.
briMik will gel the big benefit!
to in- derived by its construction,
The  k'nulcnay Central.
Wilmer Outcrop: A. ('. Mitohel,
of New Castle, N. li.. and D.
Newal. of Fori Steele, passed
through on Wednesday en-route tu
Golden, They were sizing up the
valley as to tho best route to Iniilil
a railway. Mr. Mitchel is a sur-
lyor who lins Iiml n great deal of
experience in tho mountains with
C. P. I!, construction, but it is
understood thai he is making this
trip to report to eastern capitalists
wlm inleiiil investing heavily in
the Kootenay Central railroad, providing liis report is favorable. To
n reporter Mr. Mil
that the road would i
lo build, Imt. of rouse
ing for information ;
in a position to gii
sin ii I
pnii I
must r-s|
Hijh Salarie
ten-sts ir
the ore.
E. .1. I:
of tin- Fei
the direel
-if its nun
$9,000 n   4
formerly i
chief   ,'•!..
Falls* N
interests i
HI .'tig .Men
-■ Eighteen thou'
ir is the salary
reeny as presi-
eral  Mining   -fc
That  is pro-
alary  paid  any
1 - ■■  poaitjon is
is the Federal
■-:  profits of a
ar, and  the  iu-
nclude mining,
and  marketing
1 oeral  manager
ipany,  who haB
ve management
nes, is receiving
r.  Roberts was
'way  service  as
th ■   Spokane
He  has large
ip mine at Be-
ie   Union   Iron
piltiltc      ,^_^^^_^^^^^^^^^
Works here, Imt gave up his private business toacci pi the manage-
ment of the Sweeny properties,
W.   Clayton    .Miller,    assistant
malinger of the Ft
'OlVes    .*,.-•
15,000. Ex-S
ut. who waa
hief legal adi
$1 i I n a l ,i \.
the largest
lawyer Imp
M.    .1       (4
justice i.f tl
year frum t
counsel tin
S. F, I-i,
Le Roi min
got $10,000
oral  company
'.ttig   engineer,
other sum'
probabilities i
a railway at a
much better t
inclined to b
least tin- pr
struction n
s it is I.
i ofthu
hel admitted
nt be difficult
-. he wns look-
nnd nut then
it, Front
nnicd that the
i struction of
i' date are now
any people nre
To sny the
if its early con-
Card ot Thanks.
Tho Sisters i
tal return tlu-ir
  —,   to tho lodios of
many people are left behind in! society for lhe
consequence, or compelled to wait' $200. being the
around u station nu hour or more,' given during
expecting tho train nny minute.' Their hope is tl
A change iti this respect would bo'good ladies wi
greatly appreciated by u Buffering source of help
J St. Kiti
mist sini
tin- lln
chosen wurk of charity.
i-ne huspi-
rc thanks
pitnl Aid
 I) sunt of
proceeds of a ball
the past month,
at the zeal of the
I   ever   be   fruitful
to I lii-m iii tlu-ir
sun. manager
at Nortbport
All these  li
as n
.f th.-L
reasnrer, draws
ir I ii urge Tur-
tly retained as
Eor the company
I retainer of
tal  is probably
fee  paid uny
for rlv  chief
. 'Ir,,ws S7..jl*0a
nt Northern as
mger of the
land, B. C,
I I*:..I. Wil-
• iiui smelter
is    paid
imager of its .-
in  Canada.
at $20,000 a v
I T.
■ever, are
v which
I. B, C,
im'lian Pacific
iielting iniluB-
Ilis salary is
Flnilding Noes.
Elwell's   in w   n*
nearly complete
F. ('.
miller nm
Mr. Ag
linker hii
William   Oi
is rendy for tli
lew's new residence
is iiii*!ns4* I.
Morrow hi
ii  Bilker
i   uent
M. I!
for a hi
I'niil llnmll.
front uf his lm
coat of paint.
Mr. Cartwrighl has improved
tin* appearance of Ill's residence by
the addition of n new fence.
ns decorated tho
ig with ii  fresh
Tho in
tractive ci
bud ling.
the Wentworth
io  of  0. M.
the  most at-
io town.
I Ink
the contractor,
tin-new Herald
Street next to
r.ln n an i Proprietor.
ru. u-i. i -i" - -■"   "•'"'■
,,,,i, |*i   y. mi..i 'I- South Un-i K,„-i,'„.,.-
Ih- without it,  I every	
.       -4,|,..,,ll4..,li-lli-'     4ll44.4-..lt,l.-l,-,l
,„   ,[„.   |,|,4          -    -      l-4|l.>l„,lll,l   l-I'll-t   it.
It 'i-itilMi '■  ll I------   Ii l>
. . - ul-nnlniol.i I... tin- I'lilillali-r.  Nu
,.|i,,,l„    ,...4, ll -lll-ll    -li.1 -I'   I'"!".'
|i ,i.„, i 4:- i„ iilran-lli-- l-'-l-l--     li-'l,"i"'
-    -I- I-" lln-1 "illl n-.ll'
4.4  .4     II,    ,4,,III    Mll,-4li|.
I, ,,„|    |   4,4.4   lllll   I.,-   Il4.lllkl.il MM   Itltfl
A4lv-t-r1i4.il     i ■" -  -I   I "-i   ""''■ -'ii-i*' -'"'-
i 4, |„ i in li. an i * 'H"l "" '"**'
||. -     44   11,4.11.-.-     I".    ---.ll-    1-'     Hi'"'".	
M      144, ,4,1.-     |..-|     Illl.-   I"  Ifgllltll   -'-I
4.-III.,-4,-        11,4-4144—    I I-    114.-. -I   '-   I-l   lllll
,- lllll     UL'     1 I'l"    "I**
H4     4 -I     44.1-"111-"   il
|1   1*1111 ll,
Elial   Km.
Ilm it.
Tl.,-II I.l Ima a Ili-ali-lnaa inl. plant, 4,
11, work ia ul  --       I'll.' Il.'.i'1-I -I"
,4 4,141  ,-14.11114 ll     ,4.1141-    44    >,|lli.l"   ,l".ll
,, ,11 I,.I work,   li -.,, ,1114 I anil vmi in nil
in-nn.l i  i.-l i ".nil >--"i «"••*
...m.-l lii'ii|.,Inlin i a.-Iii 'I"  i ilm' a
-i _,.....,—...-.-.., im i. k.
The wlioli-siile discharge of men
In ih,- Ciiili-il Stntes is n liunl
lilnw in the boasted prosperity "I
llml country,
III inn
III is llii-  must   prosperous
in tin-globe today.
An English educator who re-
contly visititl Victoria after a
liurrieil trip through the republic
i.l.je.-is to the Indies of thnl country
lii'i'iiiu,.- il,. y us.* toothpicks. Wind
,1,,,-s In- OXpecl  11,0,11   tn    Use.   llieif
forks 1
By nexl lull Crunbi k will lmvi
more hnudBoine It s limn nn;
Inwn    ul'    il's    size    in   liriiish
h, I'.ilu Crnnbrook   will  lmvi
pnpiilnlii f 10,000 | pit*.
tint iii full Toplher.
Will. A-HllagiM,.. till I'"'---- I'"-'-
We ure on the trail to glory-, ves.
the knuekers mny regunl it
with a sneer;
There's iiii open course l>cfore its
ami the situ is shitting o'er us
uml the skies of promise nil lire
bright nml clear:
W'e can s.-e the starry beacon telling us in never weaken us we
push our p-erlcss frnubriink
np the hill:
Ami we'll gain tlie summit, neigh-
Imrs. see tl lown placed nn
..ur Inborn if we'll only pull
together with a will.
I.i-t iisluiiy all dissensions, put the
knife t" ull contentions, uml
allow uur loynl pride alone tu
Let nil jealousies 1'.* strangled,
straighten mil tin- threads su
lungled, l.-l ull party anger lie
allowed to 1.
Every selKsh instinct smother, lira
thor clasp the hand .4fln-1.tl1.-r.
shunt tin- nitigio watchword
"Forward!" loud and shrill
And our Hag will sunn be living mi
lie- heights of fume undying 1
lull we've gnl In pull together
wiih a will.
Let no timid Doubting Tlionms slm
this glorious luml ul promise.
let   nn  bilious k -ker nv  I-
black its eye.
Let us hear nu surly growling, lei
us see nu faces scowling, let nu
patriotic sun from duty shy.
lint let eneh one sny he'll novel-
cense his slreiiuutis endettvor
Iill we reach the gulden summit
of the hill.
And tin- world iu song ami story
sunn will tell ul t'rutibruuk's
glory!   OH'   We've   gut    tl)   pull
together with 11 will.
.Iiiuriialislii .Inns.
A Missouri editor refuseB to publish obituary notices of people who,
while living, failed tn subscribe I'm
his paper, and gives this pointed
reason : People wlm du nut lake
Iheir liuiiii- paper uro dead iinywny.
uml Iheir mere pitssiug away is 1
uu news value.
Miss   lid) Ilu*   Majee  and   Mr.  fidimrd
Ciine an- Married.
1 hie of the prettiest weddillgsever
lield int'raiilirunk wus the marriage
ceremony llml united Miss Edythe
Magee. daughter uf Mr. and Mrs.
Chns. Magee. mul Edward Ciine in
thebouds of matrimony, which wus
siileinni/.eil ut St. Mary's elliuvll
Wednesday morning at 9 o'clock
Th.- church was beautifully decor
nt- ,1 with potted plants ninl evergreens, nml immediately over Ungates iu tin- chance! rail hung a
inuguitiient marriage bell, formed
ul'evergreen nnd li'iiiunei! with
white blossoms. When Uu- iyi-.l
ling huurarriveil lhe strains nf the
wedding inarch ix-aled forth I'
Water Power at Llko Will In* Developed
at Once.
Fernie. B.C.. Juno 2. S|H*eial tu
TheHemlil The Elk River Power
uml l.i-hi company liuve commenced 4.|4,*raii..ns nt Elko wi'h a
view t.- develop the latent power of
the Elk river mul build 1111 electric
road I'l-nin Elko tu Michel, nn.l
possibly extend snnie to Craubrook,
I'!,,' It. im 1.1 Ciirm-iininli-iit.
Till: ST. 1:11.I'M-
Tin- Si. Eugi-ue is now running
continuously, nml immense i|ii.*niti-
tie?, ul' high  gratle ore un-  lieing
■.,,,        ,    ,    turned out every twentyfour hours.
il,,-|,„gn.Milnv*,l byMrs. | A. J,. .,.,, ,„,,,„,„;„. i8 ,„;,„:„„ „, iN
fullt-sl caimeily and, as sooiias tlio
liiuml Trunk Pacific lull
hns passed tin* House ul' Commons
by a majority ul' I'-- Tliis will
mean llml wurk will probably 1)1
inaugurated un the new road thii
Bum mor.
Tin- Dominion parliament will
probably   In-  prorogued  within
shurl  linn*, nnil   then   will   follow
the election,
If ilu- conl licenses un* grntite
lu all applicants there  will  he
grent l'eu-l for lhe lawyers.
Tlllll -4411,11,
provincial halls
ing very
ssiiui   nf   tlu
ul   inateriali'/.
Tin- man wlm hns sued .lulu
Huiisinn I'm- criminal libel may
before he gets through, oxporienci
the same sensn I inn us the individual whn slnle a nil hut stove,
Some nf lln- lacrosso buys did
nut take very kindly In Tl'
Kernld's criticisms of the game on
the 24th. The Hernlil cnn only
repent thai if (he gnino is tu
11 nn.- in popularity tliu buys iiuiHt
piny luei'iisse nml Imr ihe slugging
and profanity. Lacrosse cniinol he
maintained without attendance,
ami attendance cnn only he secured hy putting up [-loan games.
Smuli Eusl Kootenuy today is
considered the liesl districl in tin-
Crunlirook lm; n population of
ovor L'.l'im uml is slill growing.
Every development in this purl nf
Ilu- districl Ihis yenr hus been nf
dlrecl henelil tn ihis Inwn.
The Japs an* il,>niuni-slrnling the
hii'l Ihut the} nre the linrilest
lighters history hns known.
It is II snle  gullible   In   bet    llllll
no road will be built in this pari
nl' the districl tluil will nnl conned
wiih Craubrook.
The Flathead Inmls still form a
debatable proposition.
t'aiiniln is tu hnve what she
snilly 11 Is. another transcontinental railway,
Provincial Minerologisl Robert-
son. in his report, gives 11s gloomy
n view of thc FJathead country as
be .Ii.i nl' Poplar Greek. Tn Tlie
Herald il seems In curly to pass
final judgemonl upon the resources
of tlie -Flathead,   li Ims nol  1 11
pmspi'cleil ns yet. uiul Mr. Robert-
sun mnde a hasty Irip through that
An  editor was ut the death I)
fan ul.l subscriber who had Ink
the paper for years uml never pa
cent.  Tin- dying man opened his
'08,   nml   in   weak   tunes,   sail
Everything     looks     brighter.
Yes." snid the editor, "You wi
see the Hanu-s pretty soon,''
A iiiiiii who had taken his hou
paper for sunn- time without paying
for it, wrote tn tin- editor I'm- instructions as tu Uu- besl way ti
raise hugs. The editor wrote buck
■■ Ask your parents."
Cranbrnnk s Population.
The census uf lhat portion of
Cnuibrook Unit is In he included
iu the limits of the  incorporated
town bus 1 11 taken, and gives n
result of 1,1140. This count does
not include that portion uf the
town on the garden pint nortli-casl
of the school house, lln- large
settlemenl ut uiul iii-nr tin- sash
nil door factory, nunc nl' those
living wesl nf 'the railroad, the
people at any nf lhe mills, or
what can be termed transient
population. Naturally, tliis conies
1 lung way from showing what is
really Craiibruuk's population, unit
clear evidence nf the fact Unit
the number nf peoplo in the limited
territory thut it is In beincorporat-
ed nnd nil nf thnse living adjacent
In the town, will eusilv nggreguti
from 2,200 to 2,400,
Tin- population in what is tu In
incorporated Crnnbrook, is divided
us fulluws:
Mules ovor 21 yenrs    Son
Males under 21 yenrs..,. 222
Females uver 21 years... Jil I
Females under 21 years..   240
I.ii III
(inn Club.
A gun club hus been organized
11 C'ranlirniik. 11. V. linker is
presidenl: .1. F. M. Piiiklinm, secretary j ami Mr. Agnow uml .Mr.
Mull'ntt members uf tho executive
committee, 'I'lu- club will have its
shooting grounds buck ni the sa'sh
nml iluni- fnctoryi
funeral of J. II. I.aldlau.
I'lu-remains nf .1. II. I.niillnw
were fnrwariled lo Toronto nn lasl
Friday's train.   Services were held
1 the  lleaity undertaking ro s
by   Rev.   Beiichuin. . anil a  large
umber  of lhe d used   friends
were present. The remains were
placed in u handsome casket, nm!
he following friends officiated ns
inllbeni-ers:      I'anl    Hundley,    .1.
MeDennot. sister of the bride. Tl
Wedding party, which included tin
bride, Miss JosieNevin the bridesmaid,  I Hurry Nevin nn.l II. .1
llluek. ushers, marched slowly up
Illl- llislo llllll were llli'l ut the chilli-
nl rail I.v lhe groom, whu wns in
waiting with his best man. 11. J.
Black.  The bride and groom knelt
un the steps while the liev. Father
1 lidette, attired in tin- vestments uf
his uiliee. performed the marriage
ceremony according tu lln* rites nl
the huly Catholic church. The
church wnscrnwdcil with tin- friends
nl' the bride mul groom, and there
wen- ninny whispers uf praise for
the I.. -.-, nt i I'u I appearance of the
bride uml the ohariuing bridesmaid.
The bride wns dressed in white
■nliiie. trimmed with chill'nti nud
luce. 111:11b' up over wliile satin.
She wore 11 white tulle veil, catighf
ip with orange blossoms, Her only
irmimeut wus a pearl and diamon '
sunburst, gift nf the groom. SI
carried a   handsome  bouipiet  of
bride's roses.
Miss Nevin. the liriilesniniil.
wore 11 beautiful dress uf blue oolitic, trimmed in lace ami chilfou,
with a fancy hat trimmed itiribl s
ami foliage, She curried pink ruses
nml carnations,
Ai Ilu- dose of the ceremony tin*
bridal parly and a few friends repaired In ihc Magee home where
an clegiiiil wedding breakfast wns
served, and wonls nf kindness, hope
mul congratulation spoken for the
liriile ami groom.
Mr. ami Mrs. Ciine left on the
nl'leriiunii train for Winnipeg und
uther pnints in Manitoba nnd inter
will visit Chicago ami the Exposition nt St. bonis, returning in
nboul six weeks.
The groom is one of Cranbrook's
best young 111,-11. For several years
he has been llespiltcllcr on tlll'C.l'.
ll". al lliis puiiil.und his friends are
legion, The bride has been a resilient nf Cranbrook for the pnst few
yenrs. ami is popular with all who
know hor. The Herald joins with
the host nl' friends of the contracting parlies in wishing them a life
nl happiness ami prosperity.
The presents were unusually
handsome, mul ure as fulluws :
I'miililiiiilliiii silver -in-iiii   1)011-1 mnl siioon
liiilili-r.   Win. s.  I'ni.k, Selkirk,   -Mini.;   |ili*kli-
■■uii-i.l* II  II,  liu—"ll. vim. .nu ci.i—i-eir,
Inml. 1.   II.   Nnvlii, Mii.-lm Mia.;  stei-llni!
shut i*iilli-i- -li-.ilin'i', i-it-.uii liiiliL- ami .silver
si„ I. I.. .Iiiinli-s lM'i-uli,. ll.C; liall-ili./.-ii
■es ami stand, Hurry I'Mor
him r\   is iii   pluee,  tin-  sii
mill will ho started,    E.O'Sulliviu
iiriveil In Inkhutll,  I'nlil'i.mi;
■11 Siinilnv. in take lhe position "
superintendent, formerly lield I-
Mr. BetcJel, mul lh.* mli..- sUdt i
mm complete.   The mnehiiierj   i
ntnitnr nud other parts
J. I:. Stcpbsas, M. Rockcndorf
H. I.. Stephens,   J. La-isnn.
Blow Your
Own Horn
If necessary. With
11s it is not necessary, fer
ihe public is persistently
blowing onr horn ior ns.
Thai is what a Ltootl hole!
will tin for Itself.    Every.
body praises tliis hotel lie-
cause il is lhe largest anil
liest in Kasl Kuotctiav.
Stephens Urns. & Co., Owners nnd Proprietor!-
Morrissey Mines, IJ. t.
H. I.. Stephens    J. E. Stephens
We Never
Tt is onr lnisiness to
serve thc public ami serve
them right. We work
early mul late to accomplish results, ami the BIG
WHITE hotel, is always
liusv. When you speuil a
dollar here you «e1 a dol-
lai's worth. The besl is
the cheapest.
Sn-phrii* Bros,, Owatn ami I'l-oprielora,
(Morrissey Junction, 11. C.
^ - $
m*v$ M..
i' lm
iniiin, Alan.; rul uliis, limy howl,,Mr. .llllluii
I Mis. liertrinlc Wllliitiiis; unt. piilr slerlinn
mul All's. I). ,\lur|iliy; silvi-i- I'.-ike liiuu., All-, mnl
All4j. II. Cliiiiiinaii. liialiiloii, Alilll.; illlilii'i mnl
li-., Knives anil lurks, tilble, ,i,'s4.'il ami tea
-4H1.I4IS. All- mul All- 11. .I.l'lln-,-L-ikil-k, Alilll ;
4441011 U'H put. Mrs. 1<*. II. -loliiisloii; unt uliiss
nali-r liottli:. Air. anil Mrs. I--. K. slinpsoii; nil
Itllias lii-riy lionl, AlrSivi-yn ;ia,l  titillitli; cm
utils- luml illsli, Air. una Airs. W. II. Wll-oti:
.-ill uliiss nllie 4li-.li, Alls. Nc-lilll; .-nl -.ihss
siniii.ili-iiy.-.AIr.llllil Mrs. .1. A, llllli's.l'int Willium. tint.i sllier silt nml pepper, Miss Anilii
Moiiintli, Aiil'iiin. Aliilnei sllu-r sn-iur l.uivl.
.Ml.  mill   Alls..I. II. Siinll; rut uliiss cri'lllil pit-
■,-lit-r an I -1141411- 41.1-4 1. AI I mul Unbolts; slUcr
Imi,,* illsli, Hairy II. Ilmniniil, M„„si. ,linv,
Assn., a,li.i-i oullcr illsli. Air. mnl Airs. W. ti
Kc.-I, inm Mr mnl llr. elms, in-iil; i-liliiu bony
-i-i.. i u iiiul.I I-. IIiiIm-iiiiiin-set in li'iitli.-r
i-iisu. It. .1. niniil;, i-iiii, ilii-i, nm,: ,-jnl,],,i,l.-,.-,t
,-i-iilu- pl4ji-i* mni ilnvlli-s. .Miss i In,-, Wiiuili,,-^.
Man.; suliil null ilii-sslnn tuiil,-. Air. ami Airs. A.
Ali-l'i-i I; i-.i-y ulimi, n. mm li. Ili-pl. l-.p,ll.;
,-ln-i|iii!. Ilt-v. N. iiin-lletlo; sonar tonus Airs.
I n-li4;illi, I'.ilH.uy, .iini.;   1,'riiiiiii's  pri-si-nl In
lllllll-, -lllllllllSt -I'l llllll llliltllOllllS llllll pi'llllS;
44II44IIII-S   ini-Sl-lll   til   IlllllllSlllilill. l4,-!l||tl|lll   SOllll
U14I1I l.rn, I'li-l -villi liriili'siiiHIil's iiiniiiimiiiii sol
in pi'tti'ismiil 111;44|4| liciirt -villi llio lirlile's anil
iuuiii'3 um.'1'iivi-il nn i-.-ii'li sine; nriiiini'
iroaonl to -iriioinsnimi, a piili-nl soliil unlil i-nll
ills sut niili iliiitiinniis; inoulil's prosoiil   "
ollil until opiil mnl diamond pins.
Laurie    Laurie.
h'nhei-t ,1. Liturio, o£ Crnulirooli
and .Miss Annie Laurie, or Chat
hum. 1 int.. wen- united in marriage
lust evening at the residence ol*
.Inhn Laurie, Hev. Fortune olHci-
;.ti. 1 -_r. Alter the coromony uu attractive lunch was served to the
few friends ami relatives present.
The groom is foreman nt C'ur-
ruthers mills, and the hride came
I'riitnriinthninto meet liorpromiscd
liiislinml here. Thoy will locate at
the mill. The Herald extends cott-
rutulnlinns ami hi-st wishes I'm*
the future.
Ncw Pole Road.
A twn mill* ninl n half pule road
hus lately beon completed liy tho
Robinson-McKemdo Dumber company, which is now proving tn  be
II great convenience lo tin- company. For a mile along this road,
lliere has been over twelve hundred
thousand feet of lumber skidded,
This lias been dime by a small but.
III industrious crew of men supcr-
ntended by Walter MnoFiu-litue a
nan about fifty years of ago, uml
wlm thoroughly undorstunds every
necli1.11.  luu  hasty  in know  the I branch of tne work, ub he has fol-
llhsulule fill-Is.
Nearly Drowned.
Last Saturday several hoys were
-. ,. fishing nl the Bobinson-McKenzio
.Mi-Dunald, (.,  Fairfield,   D,  Mc  mill p I.  While walking over tin-
1-arlaiie, H. 1 homey and II. Drow, *ogs um-of the Mo'Peuk boys fell
llic deceased was Insured for $20,- h,, mid the lugs closed over him.
111111 I The buy was saved by the quick
action of the Chinese conk, who
witnessed the accident and ran to
the pond, out over the logs and by
lying down succeeded in reaching
the buy and brought him to tin
the workings has lieen pul in lirst
clnss shnpe. nml, wiih theexlensiol
ul'   lhe    lend    botlllS    lire   expnlli-il
front Canada, Sloyie, hacked bj
tin- St, Eugene, will experience
several years ul' unparalleled prosperity, which will enable lh-' residents speedily tn  forgel  ilu*  hard
Utiles uf the pusl few years.
I'iiMiniiin  nil   CELEBRATION,
The towns-] pie of Moyie hnve
decided lu celebrate Dominion day,
in a way which will du credit to
lite town ami m mice In the people of Smith Ensl Kootenny that
Moyie is alive mid ready in keep
step wiih lhe lirst towns of the dis-
trict. Definite arrangements ns in
nil  lln- details  have  not,  ns yel.
been  le. but. withoul   n   ilol'll.t.
drilling, lug rolling un.l similar
contests will In* features nf lhe day.
In addition In this, boal racing,
font racing am! Bwimmiug contests
will be pulled nil'. The dancing
ptivillion nn the wesl side nf the
lake will ticcoinniodnto thnse whn
prefer thnt kind of amusement.
Thus, any porson who wishes n
day's lulling oil th.' Isl nf .Inly
caiinnl du lieiier thun arrange tn
pass lhe duy in lhe inwn uf Moyie,
situated on lhe shore nf one nf tho
pretties! lakes in liriiish Columbia.
li. li. Unil.len. nf (lranbrook,
was in Inwn un Thursday last.
Mrs, I'..I. MoMuhon wns visiting in  Crnnbrook  the lirsl nf Un
M. Fleishman, of Vancouver, was
registered nl the I lul.'I Kuuienn,
on Saturday lust.
Hun,■.-ni   A. MarUn nml  .lulu
McKonty cut ver frum Rosslund
last week and will remain in inwn
Jl. A. Ilenle, li, Elwell, and lv
11. Smnll. nf Crnnbrook, were
transacting business in Jloyie ou
10. f ('Sullivan nrriveil I'ruiu Oakland. Culiforio, un Sunday and will
take a position with the Sl. Eugene
Thomas Rader ami family returned tu' Morrissey Mines ou
Suiiii'ilny. after spending a week
or suin Moyie,
Samuel    Simpson    nnd   \V.  t'.
Weeks, of Mi .upolis, ttrehei	
business in connection with the
Jloyie Lumber compuny,
The Indies of tne Catholicchiirch
intentl giving a bnamr I'm* the
purpnse nf raising funds to enlarge
the Roman Catholic cllapcl,
11. 11. Dimmick moved ids
family from Rosslnnd Ilu- latter
part uf last week ami will Iill the
position of shift boss in lhe part
of the St. Engeno winkings known
as the Moyie tunnels.
A Narrow Escape,
A  few days ago u iimii named
• Inllll     Slllilh.    euiplnyeil     liy    the
Ilnliinsiin-Jli-K'eu/ie Lumber Company wus cutting down trees, lie
lnul one ready lu lull, nml stopped
mil a short distance tu clear away
some brush topomiil a team lo get
through,    A   sudden nriisl of wind
started the n   in n direction nol
intended, nml in lulling u branch
struck Smith, rem loring him unconscious. Fortunately the forco uf
flu- lull wnsbrokonby another tree.
else lie wuuld hnve been crushed lu
death. As il wus he sustained
severe injuries,
The llireiuuincicr registered Ml
degrees nf heat in the shade during   the  past     few    days.    1   the
Kootenay river is rising at the
rate nf nne foot pcrday. However
there tines nut appear to be much
danger of extra high water this
year, as a great deal of tlu- snow
melted in April and there is certain
In he a return nf colli weather in tl
uy nr fcwo.
Mr. l.itpfer. chief locating engineer of the Great Northern ruilwny ami E. 1'. Wntkins, civil engineer who located the (.'rows Nest
Southern railway two years ago,
passed through here yesterday for
Morrissoy where the latter nud ids
party are nuw in camp, -Mr,
Wntkins has nnlers tn survey the
road to Fernie fur the present and
ii is expected he will afterwards
carry the survey to Michel, Con-
trnctoi's will be coming in at Gateway in twn weeks with grading
outfits and Twohy Bins.. (Irani
Smith & Co., and Sims-S Shields
ure mentioned us tho men, Thus
the lung expected wurk hns bcgiiu
nml n proper terminus fur this
brunch has been secured which
will mean a lot in the way of increased traffic,
The General Manager Ward
and Assistant General Superintendent Kennedy uf the Great
Northern railway are expected here
by special train todny, they g,, to
Fernie ami Michel.
('. E. Sinclair, chief uf the
United Slates mul Canada Boundary survey, has arrived with his
parly and it is his intention tu
planl bronze monuments every
uiile along the boundary line, Imth
eust mid west of hero, whicli means
ti busy puck train during the
Jasper Jewell, United States
customs collector, has gone lu
Ivalispell lu see his family.
"liiil" Lacoy has opened his new
house "The Riverside" at Qntowuy,
Montana, and lu-scents tn lie doing
a nice lilisiuess.
Tom Craliiin's brother went
through Gateway a few days ago
tu visit Michel.
Jl. I'hillipps visited the burg
yesterday with a load of rhubarb
and we are now all taking medicine It's the liuest thing for the
blood guiiiL-.
Harry Laudeck has a new buggy
and he is enjoying it to the full
during the line weather.
l Ibsorvcr.
^        When you visit Cranbrook stop at Ihc ^
^> None Better In the District ^
<-*> Rates $1 anil up.   Short Orders anil Oysters <^j
4> served In any style Irom s p. in. to 0 a. in. <<\
9^ The table is the best, the rooms arc unsurpassed for clean )v(
9 liness and comlort and the bar is supplied with thc best brand 0
<& of liquors and cigars. 0
^ L. B. VANDECAR, Prop. gj
I, 0. 0. F.
Tlie seiiii-.itnuuil eleotiott til' Key
City lodge [. O. O, P. whs hold last
Monduy night mnl the following
officers elected:
S.J, Morrow, N.G.
K. M. Arguo, V.(J.
W. B.Mc*nrlaiio,R,S.
AI. I). Millings, F. S.
•I. P. Kink. Treasurer,
:    ^LADY HORSES       "
Wr have u  f"«'  tlml  Wo lmvi* piven  thii
iiiiiin'   I mile   Hi«'.v   pli'iiHf   tli.-   linli.'s ho
imirh, TIh'.v have tho Btyle mul p*i-n|> hi
tli,'in ilmi ]il,'ns,-H. Novet-Bhy or u-'t trtplit
Hii'ttut iitiythlntt. Hire ono ot ttiiwo outfit*
tor your wlto und lot tiorRo out for h clrivi
boiuo ntternoon, nml note tlio tllffoivneo li
your I ie|*reetitiff.    li oortninly will plmiw
hor.   Won'tcohI you burn trilte.
In tlio Supreme Uoutt of Uritiili Cohimliin
in the matter ol tliu Water Ooiuptiny
Consolhluted Act, lsiiT.
In thotniHcr i>f i'n' Water Supply
('ouijmii.v, Utulteit,
Nntil'*1 in hereby given lhat ti Potttton hns
lioeu Bloil in tlu> DiBtrlet Itegtutry in tbo
Supremo Supreme Court of Drttieb t'oluinliifl
nt Crnntirook. praying torn cortiflDntonntlor
Seotion lit't.v Rvu (55) nf tliedbovomonttonod
Ari.iiiii'uH'i/iiiu tlm Water Supply Company
I.i mil inl. lo fiiiiMtiiut uml  ii'ii'i-iil*' ii  uiilt'i*-
works syettiiu for tlio Bupply of water to ttto
lown nt Cruubrook ami tlm Intiubitutite
Ami notice ia alBO Imreby given tlmt the
npplicatfon mi the salil Petition will In. mado
liy tbe Compuny in tlio Judgo of thoSnpremo
Court uf BritishColnmutaatthoCoitrl Hoitno,
naaton Square, Victoria, on Momlny, tin*
twenty-BOVenth duy of Juno. 11104, at tin'
hot)]' of ten o'ctock in t ho forenoon.
Tho ilnti' of tin- iii>t piililiifition or Iiiin
in.l i.v uas Hi,. 20th iln.v of Mny. 1004.
Dated nt Crnnbrook, British Columbia, thiB
10th day of May, 100*.
W. F. (iurd,
DakerStreet,Crnnbrook, B.C., Solicitor for
iln.1 Company.
Or, fiillicr's Dmibtful CmnplimcnlK.
Dr. (iillier, o( •lniVniy, writes n.
letter In The Herald, asking this
paper to eulogize the jury and
jtidgo ojfioiating in the trial of liim.
sell' fnr murder in which he wns
acquitted. He nlso nsks us fo say
a gnud word for the Crown prose-
cutor, Mr. McKann.and principally
. the lawyer  for the defence. H. S.
Burface. [ii| doing so the logs rolled Taylor, who, ns the erratic doctor
mnl hut i Chinaman mid lioy were expresses it, "has rousUemblv ro-
thrown buck in the water. Men on ij0V0(] tiiat umlersimble reputation
the nn'l saw the striiKgk's, and the 0f lin|iitv nn(] dishonesty ofthe pro-
m'Jl was hurriedly shut down and fessimi to which he belongs."
the employees huriied to tlie pond,
liv their combined action the boy
was brought out. but it was some
time before hn was resuscitated,
An order has been issued forbidding
_ Messrs. T. E, South aud \V.
Stoward an- prepared to furnish
music fm- weddings, concorts,
houso parlies "and dances with
mandolin, guitar or banjo. Their
ivjiertuir consists uf classical and
il,inee music, Terms in .derate.
Address P.O. (Vnnbrnnl;. B. O,
CoBservalJvc iMccfin-?,
There will be a meeting of the
Conservative association held at
thi' ollice of (J. II. Tompson on
Thursday night, Juno 2nd, at eight
p. in. Ihisiness of great inijiort-
anco will arise nnd all members
are requested to attend.
(i. If. Thompson, Secretary.
Fulton by Acclamation.
Hon. F. J. Fulton, of Kamaloops,
who was appointed provincial secretary.has been returned byacclam-
ation as the liberals did not desire
to enter the contest with only a
few days for the campaign.
Nevin Defeated.
At the Calgary sports. Mitchell
if   Fernie,    defeated    Nevin,   of
(lowed It for tlie past  thirty yearn.
Morris Gone to Ihe Asylum.
Constable Morris left   today  for
the asylum at New  WestniniBtorl Macleod, two heats out of three,.in
lishing in thepoml herciifterlo (nv-   witli aii iiiHtme man miitied   Gnior-   the big foot  race.     Mitchell  also
trouble iu the future. ; ini;. | won the tli) yard race,
Timber Notice,
Take notb-o tbat thirty days after dato, I
intend to npply to thi chief commtBslonor oi
Lauds nmi no ks, Victoria, B. 0„ for u spi c-
ialllcoUBO In nit uml i:nrry nwny tlmbor from
iiii> following described liunl** situate lu South
Bast Koott'iiny;
Commencing at n poBt planted on the weBt
side of th,'ll.C. Soiithi-rii Railway at mite
post 84, tlii'liri' went HO HitiiliH. tlieilCfl north
nu chains, thonce east hii chains more or Iobs
to the B.C. Southern Railway, thence follow*
Ing tho said ruilwny to the place of commencement, containing 04U acres, mnn* or
Dated this 20th day of May, A. D„ 1004.
I,. Patterson.
(1, A. Ultch, Agent.
Timber Notice.
Toko not co that thirty days after date, I
Intend to apply to the chief commissi
Minds und wotks, Victoria, ll.c..for
inl license incut umtjourry away Wmberfrom
tlio following deserlbitl luntlB,lti Soiilli Unsl
Cotnmetioliig at a post ntniitotl on tin* wesl
Hide »i Hi" It C, Sou thorn Railway at mih'
posl 84, thonce wesl 100 dial iih more nr hw-.
mil nstoHy Imtindnryorc I1. It.lot inWi,
i iioncti Boutli following Mm snld boundary lim'
in ilm It. r. B-jtil-liern Railway, thonce following said railway to lln' plUGD nf I'lliHMi.Tiii-
mont, coiitninlng aia norw mnn- or loss,
Uutetl this yoth day of May, A. D. 1004,
I..  I'llllTHOtl.
(1. A. Ultch, Agent.
Timber Notice.
Notice Is hereby given that U*l iIu.vh after
dato I IntentUo upply to thncblofcoininiBBion*
nor of IuiiiIh mul works ut Victoria, torn
Hprriiii Iiconso tociit-nnd carry .away tlmbor
from iiiii following described lands In South
Bast Koulouny:
-r mi nil  I
IN TIIU SUPHEME nilllT ill' lllll IHU
C0I.DMB1A, I'lllll* SIIJIJI.IJ MJaljj.
in I'l'.iiiiit,,.
Notice ta liercbj 11iv.11  tli; i th,. aoth
■In}*■I.M,,.v. .1.11. l:iii|.,t,„,.„,,|,.r,„|i,,.| |
Jmili-a I..run-,,n ArniBtn ug, , 111,'i.il „,|niiii.
latroloi- iu „,.l lo, ,|,„, p,,,;,,,,, „, „,„
1 [ I-",,i,'nn.,- ii4,i iiii'in,],.,! iritliln ||)a
''ln'1"1, I** li-l--'IX"l-n.li. V '.I|,.v,, kl,
unit Uulllttlliiti lie aiitllll
singular tlie palata ol
SILAS i ul.l.i\s
»l « iiuiii.'.', lunil,,'.',,,,,, ■„,,«,,I. i,,,,,,,,,,,,.
. I'-V''"' I"'"-". i -I I- iln-an!	
""• "i'i! in imili* pujnii'iil forlliiilili I,,
tlm Uli-lcraigttct],
, '*v'','*v l",r Ii.iviiiit in poaaeaalon eltivla
'"■'""""'K'"  l'»'l a  r.-.|iii!,.,l |„r||,.
-"" HI.-' theiimleivljii,,*,!.
Kvery milltor or oilier i»iaon IiiivIhe unv
'■limn "i'inl .ir iiiii<i','Ki iii ili„ ill.trlbiilloii nl
I1","""", ' 'i'l 'I i» -e.inlr.-il
before tin,iiluinj of July nesl in »,,„i |,»
regtatereil leii.r, uililrowml i„ tho nnilei-.
"'"i .i'l'li'-» lie lull
nra nl iiii
ntei-esl, nml „
"' '"'»l "I I"*- -"niil nml l unu,. „[
,l"'-"'' .4   (if 1111.4 1 lll'l.l 111' lllui.
Alter    tl,,,   4.441,1    st||   ,|,„.    ,,,    j„,
,ll""'l"""i|-"- ■ ivllliiroeoeil «ii ii,!
'r""1""". "' " -I  having regnr	
"""■'' ,,|!" -lll.V..I«l,i,Jl     IL HI14.II   |,„V„   |„„,
lm Cranbrook tills ntatilnj* „| j|„,.
•Inm a I-'.™.,,,,, Armalrotig,
OHIl'illl    Vllllll,I-l,,,,,if,
I'l'.ililir.iiik. it ('.
Cattle Lien Act.
I'" I'llllllia I'-riuihi'ii:
T"k i'i-Uiul mi.Ii-ri irltyottlioanlil
""'""'"I1 -I'U  I'J-  pul  iiii'.i.iii ,i „,„„
li'ir-n-nn.l un., ,*l. I004,linleaaboto»tliiililnto
yon puy 14,, r:, |„„ |,„. ,,„„|, ,.„,,. „lu|
attetlib  44ii wil'l linrai-.
Geary & Doyle,
11 Crnnbrook.II.lt.
N'ollce la lioroby given llml nn ,|i,,» utter
iluto tho I'Jnat Kootonay I.nmlior I'ompiiiiv
I.IIUII..I. lllll npply |„ Hi. || -,  ||„,   |.|,,„,|.
i-niini aovornnr |u Connell gn.brmtion 7 4,1
tin- lllvora nml Strenma .\4'i 1,1 clrarliuulilera,
logjnnia nml othor obstliicllona from Ilm
b." I MoH.lttloSar.il Crook, Drltlali
I'l'liiiiiliin mni it. tributnrfofl Irnni ita Bonrco
'" whero tl rook Interaeoto Hie Crowa Heal
I'nas Itulltvuy, antl to atmlgliton il area
ot tlie .alt) et k nml t stitt.l  ,|„ma.
booiitu innl mako Booh othor [mproveinoiit.
tm may lio gecvoaory lor Iho ilrlvlng ,,( i,,K,.
ftuining ot I hor therein.
Iinli'il SltiySOril, liuil.
IV. I-. ,1.
11 Solicitor tor tho Aniillciinl,,
Timber Notice,
Tnko notice Mini Ililrty ilnyn niter ilule, I
Ut I III Uppl.V 111 till' I llil'l I  4niiiii-„i r III
inml- llllll ii-nrkn, Inr n np, 1 ml li,,'1,1,,' i„ nil
unit iniTy iiiiny timber f  Ill,' lolloH-lng
iloaorlbml Intnli, alliinu In S lilJnal K	
nay llittlah Coliimliin:
I'liuiiimiii'luu nl apoBl plillili'iliilillii'iiiiilli
1 Hilary nl Unu llono'a pr pllon nml 111
il uth oiial cornor ot Mongol nmi lloivn'a
tlmbor lieoiiBO. 1 hotico mni li mi 1 linlna, 1 Ileum
ennt 80flmlna, iinn atnitliHlli'linliia,llioni'o
I llin.'lilt ilny nl M.iy. Hint,
Ag Uliii'll,
pel I J.I 44 ,4, ,1  Hlllllll,   I uiu
I'nltiinelieitlg ntll poat
,\. W. nnl'lier pnal" planted wliere tlio
Iiinil ot lot number 4135, Group Ono, alrike.
tho aotllll limit nf lot numbor 43fi, Group
line, tnenco along Iho aouth limit, nl -.1,1,1 int
4*111 nml Inl 4*1(1, Group Une, to the weat liiu
il ntmt 45t)il, GrnlipOno, lllll I'lliliaa more
nr 1< an, theuce riiuili TO ehuina more or ten.
tu the north limit nl tlie Inml Inrmerly lieltl
liy IJ. Foylo ua u preemplion, thonce weat. llr,
cliulns mure or lesa tu the Ilrit inh Columbia
Southern Hallway, thonce north weat ulong
the nnii! rnilruiitl to Bait] lot 4130, thenee
north uliuig the enat limit of aniil lot 4135,
47 nhnllia nmre ur leaa to the plnce nf beginning, rnntntnlng mi" acroa more ur leaa.
1 11 leil Ihi''.'.-III ilny ol Mny, 11104.
tl F. A,l„l|,l,
Timber Notice,
i'l'nko notico Hint llilrly ilnya nltor iluto, I
litem] tu apply In tlmilui-l itiinitlllBalillier nt
.miiln nml 11111 ks, tin* 11 Blleelal lleenso In nil
iiiii carry nwny timlior fniin lm Blot), griinp
in,-, Kniiti'iiiiy ili.li'ii't. In-iiin niinlli nl i'iiiii.
11 AH.in Miinann,
Timber Notice
Tnke iiulii-o ilml. thirty ilnya nfter ilntnI
ie, uf
_    1   .1,4*4   *,  ,  ,    illteml In niuilv In llii'i'liiil  innili
murkeil "P. Ailiihil,   , , ,  "    „,..,„.,„ ,	
lnmla anil works al Victoria fop n special li
cenno tu nit nml carry Iiuuy timlier tn.in
tho following iloaorlbml lulula in Snutli Eual
Cominonoing ut n postmarkeil M. Ilclnnoa
a. c. enriier mnl planted nboul imli u milo
aonlll nf tin* 1'Jlk liver, iilmllt I nn milea frmn
iia muiitli, tlii'liri- went 150 i'liiiiiin mure ur
loss, tlieneo north 45 chains mora or lenn lo
the south liuniiilnry ot lot 1110. tlie  150
i'liiiiiin mure ill' trnn ill nil easterly direction
following l lm south boundury uf tut 1140 uml
tho south Imuk ul Hie Elk rlvor, thoiie. aouth
about 85 ohnlns to tlm pltieo ,.t comtnonoo.
iin-iit, I'ontnlnlng n ID noros moro or leaa.
Locnloil the Bill ilny ul Mny, I -..ill.
10 M. Mi-lime..


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