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Cranbrook Herald Aug 31, 1905

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Array I,'.'   ',''
, „
Vol,CM E  B.
*,    SEP 5.1905
M VIS Kit   S3
Paid-up Capital. $8,700,000 Reserve Funtl. $3,500,000
I, B, WALKER, Cl.npral Manngei ILEX  LAIRD, Aaal. Gon'l MnnnfM
IMUID *i  nu  t "i i OWING RATH
M nml  inuk'i .1 . pntti
Over M and not exceeding $10 t> cents
"    110        " " - iu HI Li-nls
"   130       " "       , $90 \b centi
1'.",.-1 Ifderfl ;o<* Payable ut I'm* nl nnj ofiii.   in < iiimJn ■>■ i l '■ irtercd Hank
(Yukon ext-|.itHl|, ..n.l ..i iii,- prlu     nl I ■. j.. mi. hi (lie 1 uiUil Mule*..
Tlu*> iiirm un exeelleul method ui' remitting mitull sums ol mono)
w illi -.ui t.  .mil nl Kino 11 cm :
dmtMll _m _.-..__ **««* ***** *,** a HKI **** *******
j of Canada!
s S
J CRANBROOK, B. C.   . g
5 *
J Deposits o( $1 and upwards received and intereslal- *
j lowed from date of deposit at highest current rates and £
« compounded half yearly. *
j *
I I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      J
* *
* it
'.M.I»fll«tlll(,IKI»»l( tt, ***** (tidtttftttttt*
Phoenix of London, Eng.
London .*. Liverpool A Globe
British America
London A Lancashire
West; in
ins  Co. ol North Amei lea
A tlas
Law, Union A Crown
Pho nix of Hartlord
Gei man   \merlcan
The Strongest Companies in the world.
&$ m mximD*^'ik&'tit&%^'r*m%& <&&&&%
j Coming to Cranbrook 1
H l. A DO It DAY! I !.',,, I l'".',;, !,.,„ - a.' II ' ,i.■,!,'.l.l ,.| I'ral, $&
m I I, NaiMini.      U,   Im   I   .,       I.-,-ti.>i, I,> . li,,....    W,
UN la rn !',,,■,a rum i- l,,r ■_"..■ u, 83.1)1) Wn K
Lv w,,uill,' |,l,,aml tn hnvi >,',, -all a,i,I .vy
% ,",,,,,,  ih,'in >■:
i VV 11 Wll SON ■lliwl'rM ANI) 1
h u. ii. yriL,oun,  optician  .-< .*   ?#
1 1
.< .-. T 11 E ** j*
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms S. G. Hoadley, Cranbrook
When you come to Cranbrook on
1 ,abor' May call in nnd see out
"SPECIAL WATCH" movement,
hiL'li grade, 17 Jewelled Hamilton
which we sell at a reasonable price,
and guarantee tu give perfect satisfaction
Wm. F. Tate & Son, S^Kfe
Official Watch Inspectors Grows NeBt Pass Division, O. P. K.
BROOK tiN ill VT ti\\
Noti) in- Iml a dark, dismal cold,
el,iih da) can prevent 1 aboi Day
ti.is vr.ii hum being an unqualified
siicucas iu ovary particular The committee lus worked hard, anl .it    no
Illne     lias   Hide    lie. tl     the   slightest
(netion. Each meinbc) wemod to
have   mily   one dbjeel In view,    and
lhat  was lhc success uf the ;lny      As
a rcsuli tbey have worked harmoniously and sueecsstiiiiv. and with good
hick will set- a great celebration to
crown their efforts, Few people realize
what it menus to act as .. member oi
a committee like that. The flrst ten
days the commit tee met three or
four times, and for the past Ave
weeks they have met every Tuesday
evening, and gone over the proposition in a business-like manner. There
have been very few absentees at any
of Uie meetings, and when this has
occurred It was unavoidable. On
Tuesday evening thc last regular
meeting was held, but one or more
special meetings will be called before
Monday. At the last meeting all
the detail preliminaries were arrang-
el fur and everything placed in good
shape for the big day. Judges were
appointed, the line of march for thc
parade fixed, order of the program
arranged, and many other details
given attention.
Reports from all over the district
indicate that the whole population
will flow into Cranbrook on Laboi
Day. Marysville and Kimberley will
be deserted. All the people of Bayard are coming. Word from O. A.
King, of Moyie, gives the information
that the people of that prosperous
place are looking forward with pleasant anticipations to lbe enjoyment ol
ihe day in Cranbrook, Fcrnie will
he here about three hundred strong.
From Elko, Jaflray, Wardner, Mayook, For! Steele J unci ion, Fort
Steele, Baker, Wasa, Perry Greek,
Ryan, Yahk, Spokane Junction, in
fact every camp and hamlet in the
whole district, the majority of the
people will celebrate In Cranbrook on
ihal day Orders are coming in
Iiom all ot these places tor rooms
and some ol the hotels arc nearly
lilled now, but extra arrangements
arc being made and the people will
be provided for. Ii is going to be a
great outpouring of thc people and a
day long to lie remembered in the
annals ol South Easl  Kootenay.
t; T. Rogers will have a icmt on
the grounds and serve lus famous ti,
T 11 lea to those "hu like a good
The painters are ready getting ijan-
ners ready foi thc day,
HoRgarth * Rollins, of the Cranbrook, are offering an additional prize
if (10 to tho best dressed team, Fink
Bros $10 extra let tho best dressed
lumbering nam, and Messrs McDonald and Clapp, ol the Manitoba, tlfi
in addition to the committer's prize
for tho loading contest, This Is a
very patriotic move on tho part of
these gentlemen and will bo appreciated by the contestants iu tliesc three
Probably one ol the mosl interesting wm testa on Labor Day will be
ihe tepee Betting hy Indian squaws,
I-lum a signal the squaws will stari
with tepee and poles and the one
who has smoke coming out of the top
of her t'*|we first wins. As the
squaw always has this duty to perform lor lur iioiile loid and master
when travelling, they arc very experi
und will be able to give a good exhibition. This event has been substituted (or thc squaw horse race, as
ibe chief of the tribe does not want
ihe women to ride In public races any
There will be four or five teams
enter In the drilling contest. That
will mean some last work.
D. J. Elmer, oi Moyie, was in
town making arrangements for the
fire brigade of that town to visit
here on Labor Day. He suggested
to the Herald man that it might  be
■ well for Cranhrook to have a box
ready to pack the hose reel race cups
Iin after the contest, but Cranbrook
cannot see it that way.
I The stores will be attractively decorated this'year, and there will be
some very pretty windows.
! Get everything iu nice shape for
Monday. There will on a big crowd
ed people in town that day and Cran-
j brook should look her best.
{   (live the Herald olliee a fall  when
in town   Monday.      There will be a
' number of polite youug men to show
you around one of the pped
printing   ofllcei  tn   Wi ;.
Each visitoi ■■ ill be given hm name
product .1 m tj I-- metal on
setting machine witta the day and
Tin- horse races are to be ex*
citing Several horses ai li training loi thi  *  ■
ih \     Han  n    oi u i tt   w
i'a: Iin, ol Fort :-■'■• le ..' I J Pol
lock, of Fernie have beei leoted s
ml.- i it \\a- pars le   ai i    H
Drew, of Klmberley, D. I
EUo and r McMahon, ol lloyic
im . on ran tic., at tbe gn units
The .e men are well I n *\ - II ovei
th, dislriel
Parade at \n a, m.
Indian pony race .. ,1st, SI"   2nd, $ 5
i   mile    pony,   Ml
hands oi under 1st, .30, 2nd, ,\t<
_ mile dash open .1st, MO; 2)id,$20
Chopping contest 1st, ttti, 2nd, il'1
Sawing cowtest ....1st, $35; 2nd. (15
Tic making ct.ntest.lst, $-15; 2nd, $:t>
Loading loss    1st, Slid; 2nd, tie
iiiu yards, open . 1st, $20 silver cup
2nd, $10, mciliu
Running     b r o a ti'
jump  1st, $H»; 2nd, f
Drilling        contest,
opi u       only       i.i
miners    of    Kast
Kootenay    „ .1st, $15**; 2nd, $7T
Running high |ump.lst, $iu, 2nd, * <]
High pole vault   1st, $10; __n.l, $  I
Tepee Setting    Con-
t  e  s   t     Between
Squaws  1st, S 5; 2nd, J £
Roys   race, under 111
years   ,. .     1st, I 6; 2nd, $
Girls race, under 111
vcais     1st, $ ii, 2nd. S
i  mile,  open    1st, $211; 2nd, ill
/at man's race, 200
lbs. oi over  1st, $ G;   2111!, $ 3
Union   mens    race,
lllll  yds., 20 to ?i..
years  1st, $111   2nd, t
Union    men's    race,
35 10 45 years ...1st, $10; 2nd, $ fi
Old     men's      race,
over 15 years . . 1st, % fi, 2nd, $
'iirls race, under 10
years    1st, $ 8; 2nd, $
Boys race, under 10
years    1st, •? 3; 2nd, J
Putting  16 lb. shot 1st. $10; 2nd, $ fi
No second prizes without three en
Cranbiook, Aug. 34, %
Mr. J. p. Fink, president ol Laboi
Day Celebration, Town:—
Dear Sn,—in reply m your request
wc have much pleasure in saying thai
we will he plea&al lo cluse down oui
mill on Labor Day, and attend the
celebration at Cranbrook with all oui
Yours very truly,
Crothers Lumber Co.,' Ltd
J. F. Bridges,
Sec'y ,-Treas.
Cranbrook, August 25, I9l);i
II White, Esq., Secrctan Labor Dav
Committee, Cranbrook:—
Dear Sir,—Mr, Fink approached mc
• hi Thursdaj wnh regard to your circular letter of enquiry sent out io
the different mills, u copy of which
(ailed to reach us, Wo take pleasure
in advising you that out plant will
no closed on Monday, Sept. 4th, and
ill employees grant-ed -t holiday foi
■hn dav.
Yours truly,
The Norlh Stai Lumber <'u ,
Pei L. a   Mansfield, H'gr
Klmberley, B C, Aug. 20, J905,
11 White, Esq . Secretary Laboi Dav
Celebration Committee, Cranbrook, B, (':-
Dear Sir,—In reply lo yours of ie
■■cut dale asking tho probable n 11 mliei
of excursionists to the Crnnbrook
celebration from ibis camp, I would
iay, thai, as I understand the man-
agemenl ol lhe Sullivan, tho North
Star and Hie Stcmwlnder mini's and
the Kimberley Milling company intend having a lay off oi two days al
Dial time, vou will probably have a
large number Of their employees with
vou during the celebration It will
also interest vour committee io kno*
1hai each of thc above mines Intends
sin Bug a team fo compote in tlio
rock drilling contest on tbe fourth
Yours verv Uulv,
II  IV  Drew
From tbe West
Leave Ryan              7 80
Leave Moyie 8,15
Arrive Cranbrook . 0.15
Returning leave t'lanhiuok       ...21.IB
North Star Branch.
Leave Kimberley    7.30
Leave Marysville   8.15
Leave Bayard  8.40
Arrive Cranbrook  9.30
Returning leave Cranbrook  21145
From the East,
Leave Fernie   7.30
Leave Morrissey      ..; 7.4!
Leave Elko   8.00
Leave Jaflray   8.30
Leave Wardner  9.00
Leave Fort Steele   9.25
Arrive Cranbrook   9.45
Returning leave Cranbiook .    . 22.00
Admission to grounds, nun, 50c.
Boys over 8 and undei 111, 25c.
Ladiis and children free.
Admission lo grand stand, 25c,
No entrance fee will lie charged for
any event.
11. White, Sec'y.
Visit The
Herald   Office
Tbo Herald extends n  cor
dial Invitation la Its  mntij
readers aud 1 pie Rencrall)
throughout tin- district who
■\ Im n iii In- in Cranbrook nn
Labor I'm to viwit the office j
and see iho besl equipped
country printing otnee in
Wi-Hti'iii t'.iniulii •There will
In- several polite youiij< uuu
tiemen willing to offer explanations on thu machinery, nnd
the Old Man will do all Im- -
mn to make your visit a plea*
sunt one. Kadi caller nt tlio
ofilco will be pi von their nnme
111 a metal slug, made while
thoy are looking, bj tho typo-
setting machine. The olllco
will be o|H*n from 8 o'clock to
noon. Bring the children.
It will interest them,
[SIS A'AdAArA":'.." '.':y.:'- 11313
i !i Big Clearance Sale'
Portsmouth, Aug. 29.—Peace between Russia and Japan was practically concluded at this morning's
resslon of tlie conference. In the
iiial struggle the Russians achieved
he victory. Foi the sake of peace,
.he Japanese, with a magnanimity
.onhy of their prosaic achievements
11 Uie war, met the ultimatum of the
Jzar, and abandoned their demands,
not only for reimbursement tor the
ost of tlie waj:, but for the purchase
of the northern half of Sakhalin,
ilussia at the same time agreeing to
a division ol the island. The Japanese also withdrew articles IU and 11
A the peace conditions originally
proposed (demand for the surrender
,i the interned warships and limitation of Uie Russian naval power In
.he lar cast.) The delegate's missions will be called in at the afternoon session, and the actual work of
ormulating the treaty of peace will
A scene of the greatest excitement
followed the receipt 01 the news In
the lobby of the hotel Wentworth. A
bulletin was telephoned from the con-
i.'icnce room at the navy yard by
Mr. Sato, and like an eleotrlc thrill
Hooded through the room. There
were screams of joy. Men threw
tbelr hats aloft; women actually
wept, then there was a tush lor the
telegraph olliee and in uu instant tlie.
news was spreading to the remotest
quarters of tho globe.
AI. Witie, accompanied by Huron dc
Rosen, came to the hotel for luncheon. There was a wonderful demonstration upon their arrival. A great
crowd luui collected at the annex,
where thc Russians are quartered,
and when lheir autu drew near the
air was lorn jvith frantic cheers
Hats were thrown aloft. M. Wltte,
.is be stepped out of the motor car
seemed quite overcome. Too full tor
utiteraUOe, he could only gasp aud
shake the hands that were extended
to him. Baron Rosen was also equally moved, and received the congratulations of Ibe crowd ui silence.
For about live minutes the two plenipotentiaries were kept on the porch
listening to the praises oi tin* hotej
"Bu you pay indemnity" was the
universal Jn ler rogation
"Pas uu M.ii." (not a cent) was the
Forcing his way lo lhe duui M
Wltte encountered the members ui
Ur. isslali mission, who rushed forward 10 shake lus hand Briefly In
Russian be told Uiem the Joyful tidings Whiti    he    stalled   Upstairs
newspaper   correspondents   clamored
lot information.
"What have you done'' How is it
settled?" they cried
"We pay not a cent of Indemnity,'!
he replied as he turned at the lauding
half way up the stairs. "We get
halt of Sakhalin. That is the agreement in a nutshell."
The Associated Press correspondent
accompanied M. Witte to his rooms
He had been quite overcome by the
great ovation he had received and the
intense strain he had been under. He
threw himself into his armchair, and
after a few minutes to "pull himself
together," he liegan to speak slowly
and deliberately, almost as if he were
talking to himself:
"It seems Incredible," he said. "1
do not believe that any other man in
my place would have dared to hope
for the possibility of peace on the
conditions to which we have just
agreed. From alt sides—from President Roosevelt down to my own
friends in Russia—I received up to
the Inst moment this morning urgent
Sti!! goes on but
but can not last
long at the prices
we arc making**
Just think of getting two suits of
% wear for the reg'
I ular
price of one;
% it   pays  to   buy
♦ now for next year
4 We have a small lot of
♦ Shirts left which will be
;       ,'
W   V-
■:■■-. v .:■
,c ■ LE I
».- ..* ■ ■ ■
X   i
sold at less than cost.
There are a lot of Shoes
of different styles, but
short in some sizes,
which .ill be sold at
less than cost prices.
Don't fail to call and see
what we are offering
even if you don't buy.
■»«»♦♦<-♦♦» »««->»»»»♦»♦»» **********************
♦♦•»»««*«««4»«*««t«4«««»♦»♦_  **«♦(♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
ft pttvs...
To Deal at Beattie cv Atchison's
and on LABOR DAY it will
pay you to call at tlieir store uud
see the largest und best stock of
Drugs, Druggists' Sundries. Stationery, Leather Goods and Nov.
elties in the Kootenavs.
; *' I <_/}
(Continued on pagi, eight)
-i-;--;-i-i-i"i-!--;--i-i--;'';'-;-!--i--K-i-i-i'-H-!-i-:-H-i-H-i--i-M-i' 1 'M l-i-j-t-
Some Interesting Comparisons
The Mlowlng figures are taken out of
the Dominion Government report for
the year 100-1 —
Rate of assets per cent of
Insurance in force.
Anxlo*American    .79
British   America  76
l-quliy   Fire 1 18
London Muluol 99
Montreal-Canada HI
Ottawa Fire 117
Western    69
This means in other words that the
ability in pay their losses, of the
Board Companies is below that of
Ken Combine Companies, which we
represent. Wc can not only offer ycu
lowei rates, but also stronger finan-
clal protection. Insure now, and in-
..ute through us.
ab.,u, M-vci mill's iu, hour. A t„>.it
ul lliis sort has long been needed „,i
Moyie lal,,'. anl Mr Johnston is tu
be _oi„_,eu,l,\l toe his enterprise.
%ft«S«Sa«M9.09 S9*9499*9i*999t94^l9l9>tl9l9S9994999999i9*   |
PBRfUB. f   '*'• t^mmerson Is in lhe city galher-
iog up J. W. Stuart's construi'lion
outfit which has been Uf, bere since
ih.- li. N. construction was completed last year This will be shipped
al une- to .Mutwny to be usol ill the
,12 mile contract whieh -Stuart has
on the V., V. * 1.. as lar as Mule-
son, Wash. The outfit constitutes
ISO small ears ant 5 miles ol construction traek. Stuart is jusl
Conuncnclng his contract anil will ein<
ploy 1, BOO mm
Krr.l Morris, ol New York, and loi-
iiwrly ol Iharlotti'tuwn, Prince t_d
ward Island, war, ibe gtuwt „f t,,.
cousin, Mis ll. liavles, lumi Thinv
day mini Monday, Mi. .Morns is a
while riding,I musician ol tare ability and on Kli-
| day evening   Edgcclitte was crowded
(Krom tbe Ledger.)
,1, A. MacDonald, M. I'. P., is expected here shortly on proleeslonal
business ul Importance,
E, A. Watt, ol Wattsburg, reports
lumber business good and thai then
is an Increasing demand for Umber.
a. I'. Chenette a,,d wile came  in
Irom   Cranbrook    Monday.     He   ha*
disposed   ol  hi.    hotel  at   l'ianhr,«,l.
aad expects to open un h",.- ir.
nea. iuturc.
Malcolm Mrliuii-s was ,,. '••»'
Saturday      lit was  -ull.-, „.' ''■
severe sprain ui bis bit
by a tall   Irom a horse
near Elkmouth
Thebu>h im* at .lartruy WM dtJwj
by the wind Into the yahls at ma
plai-e lasl Monday and a box cat
loaded with ues was destroyed IH-
tCrO It WiiS put out.
Eschwlg still keeps up tl-- two
b he started In
•IV fln»l floor
and Uie brick walls are
feet high.
lorty gait with
to rebuild bis in
joists are laid -
up luiir or rive
\\ t). Robins and tamllj lctt last
eight fot Fort William- Mr. ItoUu
will take a trip over the <■- l* *■
and C. L. It. routes returning via
Fernie in about su weeks.
The public schools opened last
Monday wnh all the old teachers
back In theit places excepting Wis*,
Marshall, whose place will probnblj
be filled by Miss S. A. Iltrtcl, cf
Ouc of lhc best lootball matches
ever played in this section came oft
un Saturday between Coal Creek and
Fernie. There was a big crowd and
the honors were even, neither team
scoring a goal.
Dodgers arc out announcing the excursion to Cranbrook on the -ith ol
next month under the management ol
the East Kootenay Rifles. The Cranbrook people are not slow at enter-
■taiiiing and their grounds arc the
best. This will bo a hue opportunity for a pleasant outing and we hope
there will bn a good turnout from
here. Hound trip tickets can be
bad of thc committee at $2.50 each.
Senator Turner and Mr. and Mrs.
Lay ton stopped ol! in Kernie on their
way back to Spokane alter a trip to
the smelter at Marysville. The ex-
senator expressed himself as well
pleased with the results of the Heb-
ecleln process of roasting the Sullivan ores. This process makes a saving of $2 pcr ton over the old band
process, and as they arc treating 100
tons per day this saving is quite an
item. Mr. Lay-ton is assistant, scr-
geant-at-arms of the U. S. Senate
and has taken a lew lessons in the
art ol bluffing Irom ihe Slwasbes
abuut Cranbrook. He knows a good
Story about bolting on horse racing
but we have our doubts as to whether
be. could be induced lo lell it..
(Fcrnie Free Press.)
A marriage license was issued this
Week to J. Scott, of Michel, awl Mlns
M. Hewitt, ot England.
On Wednesday Mrs. Barber returned
Irom the coast where she lia*^ spenl
nix Weeks visiting friends.
Mr. Joseph Panther and bride, of
Calgary, are the guests of A. C. Liphardt. Mrs. i'aiitlt**r Ir a slstei ol
Mrs. Liphardt,
Andrew McQueen and Miss Jennlts
Glover were married by Rev, A.
Dunn, at th'* manse on Monday even
ing.    They will reside' at Coal creek
J. It. Wallace returned on MowU)
from a trip east to purchase thc Free
Press plant. He spent several day;.
wiih his relatives who reside a!
Parkblll, Ont,
Thus. Monroe, who has br-en down
at Elkmouth guarding the diphtheria
outbreak, rolurnod to Kernie yesterday, the disease having been successfully stamped out,
The little B-montiis-old
juid Mrs.    Mi Lennnn, of
died on   Wednesday and
on Thursday.    Uev,  \
ducted  the service,     Thc
slstei died on I j i wo wecti
parents have the -*.)mp<iili
friends lu their sorrow,
A Herman was held tip by two daring toughs on Tuesday night at about
ono o'clock The hold-up occurred In
the north end of the town. A heavy
rubber hose was used for a sandbag
and the unsuspecting victim fell like
a log striking his head on a sharp
stone. The German had no other
valuables on him except bis watch
and this they took, A fair description of the two men has been given
the police wbo are. working on llle
Ci. 0. Henderson will build his
block, corner of Victoria avenue and
Hanson street, of concrete blocks,
The building will be 150 foot frontage extending back 114 ft. to thc
lane on thc inside and 8fi ft. on Hanson street: It will have two full
ntorcys and a basement. The Free
Press will occupy part of thc first
lloor for an office and composing
room and the same space in the
basement for its press-room. Mr.
Henderson is rushing tho work of
. excavation as fast as he can get
horses, and he expects to have his
block completed by the middle of
sot,   ,
, ,„,.
. twin
s aw
v ol
wiih Invited guests to heat Mt Mollis' clever rendition of a long program of classic .aid olbct difficult
music Everyone was delighted with
the evening's most enjoyable eater-
taimne&t At the close of the program refreshments wen* served bj
Mrs. Davic-s
On Wednesday, the new burm-r  (or
tbe Klk Lumber company waa completed. Thih huge circular furnace Is
iH feet id diameter and HO f.-t high
wiih a water-tight Jacket -15 feci
high. The refuse Is fed to tbo burn
■r hy an endless chain at a height nl
in feet. Tins structure vvill save an
endless amount of ivork in disposing
nf the refuse. The steel work waa
lone by J. Thomas and Alb-.it lion-
hell. Tho company will next commence   the   construction   ol a steel
boiler  bouse  60x70,      Tbey   bave also
under construction sawdust chutes
for the carrying of refuse to Uie tn
The Crows Nest mountain was scaled by amateurs for Uie lirst time
last Sunday. The party who performed this venturesome feat was
composed of Messrs. Keith Whlmstor,
IV D. McTavish, D. L. Stauflcr and
W, narrower. Thc first two arc
well known in Fernie. The third is a
resident of Coleman and the lasl is it
commercial traveller. These young
mcii had tbe climb in view for some
weeks and were all prepared for their
big climb. They started Irom Cole
man 3 a. m. At 4.30 they lelt iheii
horses at tbe camp near thc base of
■ he mountain and began the ascent on
foot. At 12.15 tbey stood on tin
highest pinnacle of the lofty mountain and proudly planted the new
Canadian flag procured for that purpose. This mountain was only climbed once before and then by two .Swiss
professionals. The party brought
hack with them thc remnants of u
yellow flag left by these two mountaineers last year. Mr. McTavish
who was in tbe city this week said
the climb was extremely interesting
throughout and not particularly dangerous or difficult. At places they
used a rope and often they had to
retrace their steps after litviing their
course barred by a perpendicular wall
of rock.
(From lbe Lead-./.)
The Moyie school opened Monday.
James Cronin is expected home
from Rossland to-day.
Joe QoupiH's mothei arrived here
Suuday from Nakusp,
Joe Baker, the barber, spent Mon
lay and Tuesday in Cranbrook,
Wi 11 McFarlane, of the Cranbrook Co-operative Storm, was in
lown Monday.
Work on J, S. McKacltern's BOW
residence on Tavistock street is progressing favorably.
E. A. Hill.'s Wife ami child and
Mrs. Jefferson are expected home
Irom Gooderich, Oct., to-morrow
Father Cbolnc-I has gone iu the
oast to spend a few weeks. When
he rcturni he will be stationed at
Tlie h>rtJie would liu to see some
government Improvements mode in
South Kant Kootenay, and they
would like to see llicm nude "p. d.
A party was #vi*n at lhe home of
Mr. .ind Mrs. Foote Monday evening
m honor of Mr. and Mrs. I). J. Elmer, it being their sixteenth anniversary,
John Murphy, Chas. Mooney and
Harry Mooney, all cripples, were
given orders to leave town Tucshay
morning. Tbey were begging and
all had money.
The three new boilers for Uie St.
Eugene are here and are being installed. The 20 Rand drills which
were ordereh some time ago from
the Jenckes Machine Co. have not
yet reached here.
Jack McTavish, Patrick Higgtns and
another man were knock*, out by
gas while working in tbe winze in
ihe Lake Shore shaft last night, and
had a narrow escape from being asphyxiated.
Frank Johnston, of the Moyie
hotel, was in Nelson this week and
purchased a gasoline launch. It will
In- loaded and shipped at once and
will probably arrive here to-morrow
or next day. The launch is 16 feet
long, has a li foot beam and has a
two horse power engine.   Its speed is
(From the Times.)
Mark Diiimin returned on Thursday
from a bus iuss nip to KaslO, it. C.
L. Tyton, lale of Trail, B, C, is
now* in charge of Uu- P. Burns shop
in Frank,
Mr. and Mrs. Simpson, ut Virde-i,
Man., spent Thursday in towu, the
guests ol Mrs   (i   A, Jackson.
A mine mauagei has been engaged
to take charge aul start up work at
ihe lllllerest miiie li is expected
that C. P. Hill will arrive wiihiu the
next few days.
On Thursdaj   Mrs i (Di t O'Hagai
returned Irom a visli  to Fort   William,   Oui..   accompanied   by
Ret tic   who   lias been    visit In
giahd    patents   tor ihe    paw
months.        *
Thursday Rev. Father Lepin
has been a resident Catholic pi
this district for some lime was
around bidding bis many parishioners
aud i ther iriends good-bye Ho
left that evening to lake up his
labors, m bis new field at the Petgin
reserve, near Maclcod.
Last SaturdayMr. Thomas Ede returned Iiom New Orleans with his
bride. Mr. and Mrs. Kile bave taken
up their residence In Mr. ISde's place
on Victoria street.
.Monday morning tin- musical voice
o| our new school-bell was heard for
the flrst time calling tbe children lo
School, Tills is thc first bell inir*'-
■ lueed into lhc district and brings
hack pleasant memories of child-hoods
happy days  in many   of   onr old-tim-
Last Saturday another fatal iccld-
nl took place in the Frank mine by
which two niore miners were ushered
Into eternity without warning. The
two victims of this fatality. Win,
Kumorsky anl John Konolpsky, were
working in the Nn. 2 brea-l and had
■!lr*d a round of shots ami after wait-
ng what ihey considered n sufficient
leng-th of time returned to the face.
Just as they reached the breast; a
fall of coal occurred which caugh.
iic-th of them, completely burying
Konolopsky ant partly burying Kumorsky up. A miner named Nelson
amc lo the Imprisoned miners rescue, hm while he was endeavoring tn
get them out another fill i f coal occurred burying both completely. Help
was summoned and ihey were both
dug out, but not until life was extinct. Dr. Malcolmson was on hand
and tried to resuscitate the victims,
but all of his efforts proved abortive.
Dr. W. B, 'Whipple returned last
week from examining the Black Prince
and White Cat groups of claims, on
Moulder creek, evidently very much
pleased wiih all he saw.
F. L. Snook and Chas. Palmer
started up McDonald creek on Saturday with a team and pack animals to
bring down several car loads of ore
from the Tecumseh mine. The former brought the first load down to
the Wilmer river landing ou Tuesday.
It is Stated that J. H. Walsh and
R. Jackson have given au option on
their ranch near Windermere ',o Toronto people and that the deal 1.1
about to be closed. This is acknowledged lo be one of the best ranches
m Mie valley and the price asked is
mid io be well up in the thousands,
J, S. Harbour has nov/packed .lown
the North Fork a car load of ore
from the B. C. and Tilbury to Toby
rood that P, Michel sen mined last
ra.H and has started to bring down
two more car loads mined last season by C, Fltzslmmons, who has a
ioret- of men .il work still taking nut
i>ic. Mr. Barbour will also pack
lown another ear ol Delphlnc ore.
The scheme to Irrigate 36,000 acres
of good land wesi of Wilmer Is mill
being worked out and froth all that
ean be learned tin- chalices ol ns
realization are now most favorable.
it i*, oxpre-tcd that within the next
few weeks the C, P. ll Land com*
pany win have (nil particulars of ihe
survey ninde last .spring laid before
them snd will decide upon what is
to br done in lhc mai ter
(From th? Outcrop.)
C. M. Keep, who is hire iu lhc
Interest ol thc Silver Belt Mining
company, left on last singe for Cranbrook, the head office ol the cnmpany. A meeting of lhe stockholders will be called for August 20th to
see If anything can be done lo take
care of the. mortgage agaiusi ihe
company. He nude the statement
'hut the company was very willing to
give a lease on nil or any part of the
property to any one, not excluding
any stockholder, who cans to try
We have received a copy of thc
prize list for the Nelson Fair, whicli
is to occupy three days this year,
commencing September 20th. The
cash prizes for puifitry amount to
$235 . and for fruits $;.fi:t, besides
medals, diplomas and the silver cup
valued at $100. Vegetables and field
produce also occupy a prominent
place. We also note that prizes are
offered for school work and for work
done by children under 15 years. For
bread alone $50.00 bas been donated
hy several o[ the largest flour manufacturer B.
What Flour Granulation
Means in Bread-Making
Flour is composed of myriads of
tiny granules.
To make good bread these granules
musl be uniform in size.
In poorly milled Hour some granules
are large, some small.
Thc small ones absorb yeast, "rise"
and "ripen" before the large ones—
the result is bread of coarse, poor
The large granules are not developed
into "sponge," tbey bake into heavy
hard particles, spoil the texture of the
bread and make it harder to digest.
is perfectly milled—all the flour granules are uniform in size—the sponge
rises uniformly—the bread is even in
texture — perfect in flavor — good-
looking-, appetising bread — easily
Ogilvies back it with their reputation by branding it
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour.
5 0<><1<H>>>OOOCM><M>000«>OCMXIO ,XNXK»0<>0<|.
a journal of Truth, Humor and
Justice, will resume publication at
in September. There will be no
strings upon its editorials and it
will be sent to any part of the
world for
$1.00 A YEAR.
The circulation is limited to a million so it is advisable to get on list
early.   Room for only a few ads.
R. T. LOWERY, Nelson, B. C.
&^«0iO'»"»XKiiMM*^^ 0*X#:Oi»C_X**'*'>^^
f is now located in its comiort-
t able and attractive new quar-
♦ ters in the Watts building* J*
I This institution is just up-to-
date and is modern!*/ equipped
t to do just the best work in all .
• branches of the toii.sori.il art. I
_ ♦
\        HeiulqinirLirB for choice
# confectionery nnd fruit.   Wn '4
4 nre the agents here for the fa. 4
t nioua (i.   li.   Chocolates no i
t well known liy llll lovers of t
ig o o il   sweet..    Shipments J
mini,' so us to have nothing J
but fresh stock. i
Thirty days alter date we inleivl to
apply to The Chlel Commissioner ot
Lands and Works, Victoria, Ior a
Special License to cut and carry
away timlier Irom the following de.i-
ciiticd lands situate In South Kast
Kootenay, B. ('.—
CommencinK at a post planted one
hall mile north ol lot 7313, thence
running norlh 80 chains; thence running west 80 chains; thence runnin,-
south 80 chains; thence running east
80 chains to point ol commencement,
coalalning filO acres more or less.
The King Lumber Mills, Lul.
D4_ AUjf. 19Ui, lSDfi. 2a.il
all may sit-in well. The iint's-ti,,,, Is,
How will ilu- horse stand lhe strain
ol a hard day's work ? Has he lho
grit that will make liim lit to liri„t
the butlle lo a llnish ? Our horses
are the lifdit t,, a finish kind—,1,, their
work thoroughly aixl quietly, When
in want „f such an animal, for pleasure or work, try ours. We have also
an elegant oul til ol Landaus, Coaches, Coupes, Runabouts, etc., lur hire
at unheard ol little prices.
The Hundley Livery Stable,.
Boot and Shoe Maker
Hanson Avenue
npini.il. Mclrtbur'a Second'Hifld Store
II you have feel thdt store shoes
won't fit nice and easy, give mc a
trial. I have had a large and varied
experience in England and Canada.
Or il you bave a pair pi old shoes
ihal are nice and easy, but are gelling Ihe worst tor wear, don't throw
them away—bring them to mo and I
will hs them tor you, so that you
ean be comfortable this warm wcatti-
iltpalrlsi Ntelly tmi PrempllyDew
XcaMno Business
Ifoouscs of fltat£8*
VlllC   — Smdtcr SlBb
Mar> s\ Hie has come
imn ber own. lhc
lown now has :i per*
maueiil pa>rull mul ti
lhc Knie-wiv of lhe St.
Marys valley. .* The
Ik-raid tan heartily
indnrne lhc lulli-tving
businesi. houses;
irA.ifHnl    Har-v^l   Thclea-Jlngho. I
tel in the St. 53
Marys  valley. K
Central Hotel
£5 W. Johnson, Proprietor
53 lliiiini; I'nmii service the best.
gj I lie place It. stop when visilinK lhc* Smeller City ti
iThe Royal Hotel     I
h               F, Angers, Proprietor ffi
» Has heen recently refurnished anil is now one of ti
fy the hest hotels in Ihe district. Headquarters fur ti
jg{ me people. g
n j3
Mellor carries a iien- sv
O   GENhRAL   MERCHANT     eral slock of merchandise M
n t3
gj His prices are rixht.    Prospectors can lind what Ihey yi
p. want, save Jrcijlit and transfer hy buying in Marysville X3
n n
is dress goods, men's wear and modern novelties.    His ti
gl goods are right and prices attractive. £3
n ft
M — ...      _ $3
Marysville Drug Co.
We carry a complete stock of everything in Ihe 53
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away |j
for your goods. gp
J3 CHENETTE A NEAL, Proprietors j|
The largest aud best   ft
« equipped   hotel in  the  ~j
jgj St. Marys valley. .* Commodious Sample Rooms. ftj
! Labor Day Banners j
•j- in time and get them -j.
j Done Right j
| We make a specialty of rush t
x work of Ihis kind.   Leave :|:
? i
x your orders at once. :i:
FJ. Bradley & Co.
When you visit Cranbrook stop al the
None Better In the District H
Rale* Si and up.   .Short Orders and Oysters i'W
.nerved In any style Irom 8 p. ni. lo A a. m. JT
.j The table is the besl. thc rooms are unsurpassed for clean 9
M llness and comtort and the bar.is supplied with the best brand Hi
9, of liquors and cigars. 3?
9 L B. VANDECAR, Prop. 2
9 si_3H__f miwmmmmmmmmmam mm
;••-,•*•*.••*.••:••:• •m^.i-m.-x-^-j-m-:
We Hake No Pretensions i:
The market is open to all X
!j. loi, monopoly of "Hie best, material
V alike Iml we do claim with all our modesty that "our slock for ?
X full mul winter is tho highest grade of foreign and domestic X
♦ woolens containing all tin, latest novelties for the coming season. ._•
x       We Invite inspection in a few days, •!•
!—    —    ' *
i^x~x~:--x--x-^«<-*<^^'-:-^-H-<^^-«<^^<»x-->-><»<.-x-** TIIE   CB—NBBOOK    HERALD
II   I    .l.ptiem.
H, kotkcndorl
J. iawson,
—iS—M—,11MB,I     »ill   I nil   III, III.BBB.
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
nf coal. Th'.- l>i'_; Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in i ;.st Kootenay. Your money's worth
oi .-.ll times,
H. I.. Stephen.
Sttpbtni Itfitri. A to. Owncn ind Proprietor!,
Morrisscy Mines, It. L.
Morrisscy is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver .*-.**» .j* ..*
nil: BIO. wnill. HOTEL
II. I.. Suable.. Owner .ml ,'r.»j,,,<,>„.
Morrissey Junction, li. C.
|| Cranbrook
! Note! S S
Unetts Comforl a Specially
itum! Siahlii.it in Cunncttion
Nearest tn mllini.il ...,.l ilepnl     Has nccomuiodn-
tlouts   fm   lhe public   unequalled   iii  Cninlirook.
Mnl ami Cnld Ituths
Hoggarth & Rollins
 Proprletoi s
ffl s__ia s_s_ a_i___^_i_i___i_i
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and sec us any lime.    Wc are on deck 25 hours
mil nl Ilie 21
•W-I-I-H--M-H-M-M-l-1-l-l-l I i I •|..!-l.i.| .|. | "I-I..M-I-H--M-I-H-1--- '
1 Che Cosmopolitan
Stric'.ly  Flrstclass and Up-to-
DaU  in  every  respect.    Thc
bar is stocked with lhe best of
Wines,   Liquors   and   Cigars
and i!,e Dining Room service is
I "I-I-1 "I-I- I-I •!•■! I-I-1 -•! -!-!-! I  I ! -I-! -1-1 •! -I -•!-!•! -I-I -l-M-l-l-l-l
t-t-l-I~M"l-I-l--I-I-l-M--!-M-»-I-I I"!-!-!-I"W-l-l-t-W-H-W-l-I
.******* ****<
I   ...Manitoba Hotel,.
I ii'liilmr Nm,, Management) •
*                 l». \. McDONALD, "lanager I
4 Th1'Hotel Is in the center ol town. The rooms arc "
i comfortable and well furnished, the dining room Is first- J
J class, ,\:ii lhc bar is supplied with the best. When you j
j   want a good place to simp ,   me to the Manitoba. I
5 B
***************,.,****.****. i. ************************
■9*41* _8*_«*fi *. t f>9ttiittitOv0ti
When You Buy
Buy lho Best=
'[ Wo are i a.,|„ -I .in 'am      from the   llovnj  distil   -jb
9   l'i,    li im i'n,.  lam, ilia ...■'■  If ii mmliciunl point  ih w
9   i,|.,i iii. il,in.     VV, -i ii   th,   liquor and .-i^u
^ \V holesiile Dealer in Liquors nil J Cigars
99tt*09mr0»!l*09 r >V<*9*>9»<*>-•>*>»
B C. Livery and  Peed  Stables j
Kiral eliisu Ivi^s, aiife mul styliuli teams, Drlvera _
nn.l '|i,n'k  hurst's  l'i.1- ;iny point in  tha district, JJ
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop <
Koine ok! atnnd uppoBite BUttion
Cranbrnok Presbyterian Church.
Sabbath Services	
  ...  11 a.m. and  7.30 p in
Sunday School a. Bible ClasB.,.3 p.m.
Christian IJitliMVoi, 'I'm'''day ...8 u.m,
Tin1 public are cordially Invited io
attend all tho meetings.
Pastor, W. G. W. Fortune, BA.
Craiibrook Methodist Church.
Corner uf Muni-un ,'.venue and Louis Street
Sunday Services :—
Divine Worship  11 a.m.
Sunday School  3 p.m.
Divine Worship  7.30 p.m.
Tuesday :—Kpworth League ol Christian Endeavor  8 p.m.
A cordial invitation is extended to
tht; public.
J. I*. Westman, Pastor.
Criubrook Biptlal Church.
The following Is   a list of thu services held in the Baptist church :—
Sunday   11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School  3 p.m.
Young Peoples 8 p.m. Tuesday
Prayer  Meeting ... 8 p.m. Wednesday
The public are cordially invited to
it tend all tbe meetings.
Pastor, J. L. Sloat.
Speaking of a
j Good Thing
Vou should see nur new work
on our new f-.wt_.ll mounts.
Prest Photo Co I
* la,Is nl il.    Over  5000   "oi'dsi
* of Nu. i conlwood lie in ourjj
* yards to bo disposed of to tlio 5
4 Cranbrook citizens at rein,'-J
J tion primes, J
j      JAS. rkARTHUR    I
| The Sivonil Hand Store Man*
4      I ,„|,,„Mn.'n, IficiK) la -oniuallna    >
4 V
When You
Clean House
Bring your curtains and
carpets lo us for washing.
We milk,' a Bpoctaltiy ,,f wash
irigO I'. R.o'i.ills.
No Chinamen  employed
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
SUTHt S Jltl'Mf t, Proprietors
Robinson-JVlcKenzie Lumber Co,, Ltd.
Saw and Planing; Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Take a rltlo tu
and  l'erry Creek uml atop nl I
The Perry
Creek Hotel
0. BURQ0, Prop.
Plneer ninl Hydraulic Mining
right at hand. • A Beautiful Drive anil the place to
spend an enjoyable dny.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
Nelson News       rhe ex 1 and
Urorougfa i.'.-i",' ■ ioi ,   ,:
Ian is ,u Kix-t' na], just , bj
two members ui the provinci      .,. ,.,i
of   horticulture,   has convinced
that th-'ie is in the n.'•>■ »i   ..     >ast
an_ ol (ruil land equal lo any in the
world     .v .-.■; al   . if ii will
require U: Ij a! ion, hul   :.    . ■ i j   case
lilt*    Wai.:       Up]  uud
near, and there are no
'liu.- land is rapidl]   ii..:..  taken up
and planted tvitl   fruii  -
ib.iiiis alrea Ij  in exisi -. > ■   ue u< ni -
Ing splendid!
oi  'Ij.- .._;,:. Hon   .    thai
Bill] ale ost entirety
disease      Uie I loviu
cial ofllclals   and in ;<■ ■ v... do
tabeli utn ost to keep I
satisfied  with the provii
ihe subject   which has
irom time to tlm i Ivtce   ol
membera of the board All ihat In
required Is rlgi rou: - nli i mem ol
,iu- law, und British Columbia will lie
.n ,i lew years the orchard ol North
America, perhaps also ul tlw  empire
Thomas Cunningham   uf Van
prot in ia] uuu pest in p ■ - i   an iv
Ld in Nelson Vi I la) ui   .   I   im Uo. ■
land,      Seen at  the Liuuii       '    In]
bj   a   representative   ol     Un   Bait)
News, he said .
"Aiui we said good-bye to you
here, -Mi Kail and I lt*H lu in
i. rovvji Ntst line, 'lbe lirsi piate .vi
noppid was at I'lvsiui. ii..i. i.i .i
large urea oi land ilu-re that ;.t.i
uiai.e ideal oitliaia laua. Apples especially giuw spleuJtdij Uiu. ii.-.j
piaiinl last year are growing well.
"At Kernie we liatl a diuicult proh-
lem to solve. Fruit is imported .here
Lhiough Uateway. li is iiioouv-riti-ui
,o Inspect it at Kernle, as Iiom Uieu
it would have io be shipped bacl< to
Klko and Uranbrook. Elko would
.,e a better place but if ii is nut .u bt
ItiBpect-ed at the place iu which It it
assigned, it might as well be Iiuiii
where it tuters the proviuce. A
mrther dllllculty i^ created by ilu,
lact that the only available man iui
Inspector at Gateway is the customs
"The only way out of lhe tlUHi'iilt)'
ihat 1 could Bee was to ordei tlie de*
tentlon of the fiutt lor Inspection at
Gateway, and I so ordered. That
brought a strenuous protest from ibE
Great Northern Express company. It
happens that the Great Northern
agent at Kernle is also a commercial
A^cni ior Uasb.ngton fruit, he re*
pui.ntvJ to me ana to tne meruiuiiu.
*l i-erme that the fruit ua.it would
be imutd.
"1 couUn't agree wnh him. Kruit
.bat won't survive 24 hours is not
worth much. Besides, t considei the
protection oi Bniisii Columbia from
fruit pests a mote important coiimiiI*
ration than the Interest Of any fruit
dealers. 1 shouldu t be vurj sorrj
[ the enforcement oi the ruling meant
considerable dccteai e In tlie ijuin-
ily oi Imn shipped in [rem SpoKant.
t is a constant menaca to our 01-
bards, Spokane is the dirt-iest unit
uarKet in the west. Nearly all tin
.nnl from there is aHected with soim
"in ihe country south ol Kernle wt
louod wild tomatoes gri ivmg 1 was
surprised at that, [or tbey belong lo
.hi- subtiopics. 'there is a largt
aiea oi splendid land round Tobacco
Hiatus, the possibiuiies ol which arc
practically unlimited. A number oi
urcbarus ate being plautul iii
At   Ute   le
el   OI
u >v.
owners 1 am going back nil-el ihe
Uomlufou Kail tu advise them ...^ iu
choice ul locations and vat ie tics oi
nun ioi planting,
"Whiu we returned Iiom Kernie we
went up to the Slocan district, 1'here
IS far more available fruit land of tin
best quality along Slocan lake and
river than anyone suspects, """The
fruit trees already planted are doing
"Hound near New Deuvei particularly ihe prospects ate magnificent.
We held a meeting of fruit growers
there on the linii of August. We
also Inspcoted the orchards and surveyed the lands. 'llie nun is in
perfect condition ami almost entirely
free fiom disease The only pest
ihat has appeared at all is the green
"Ue greatly admired Mr. 1 Iai lis'
orchard, lie has u large area already planted and Intends lo have ;'>■
acres. There is a scheme on foot
of which All. Uaitis is one ut lhe
principal promoters, tu i.ihui an irrigation ditch, it can be done ior
■•ii.niui nud will Improve 1,U0U acres.
"In Mr. Harris' orchard 1 yaw-
apple trees iiuiii Martin Hun ill's mil*
wry, planted last year, in bearing
and producing too much,
■'The peals around New Denver art
the finest I have ever seen. 1 was
surprised to see a Hybrid plum, one
of Burbank's creations, a blend ol
Califoniiaii and Japanese, doing splen
dldly. It had hardly been expected
lhat the species would thrive anywhere in Canada, but they aie doing
splendidly there.
"Mi, Burbank, whom I have mentioned, is called, lhe '111111 wizard.'
He has, by blending and grafting, produced many new and line varieties of
fruit. The legislature ot California
has lately voted him 4200,000 to enable him to continue liis experiments.
"I consider Slocan lake, without
exception, the prettiest sheet of water I have ever seen. A little advertising at the coast would bring
thousands of people there In the sum*
■'Mr. Earl and I went over the land
between Hosebery and  Nakusp.    Tbe
lOunny is veiy Intereetinfl u..
agricultural and horticultural pomi   ■
\iew.    There :s an extensive  ,
1.in J with rich ~jii and j
soil     Apples and pears ol Bn    ,
ity  can be grown   there.     I nl
ately a lot of thf land is held li   .
Umber leases undeveloped     The
eis, 1 am luld, will neither cut
Umber nor pai t with the leases
value has increased 10 per cent ..1.1-
oat any euurt Irum the owners.   Ima
is not as it should be.    The cleaning
ao-i cultivation oi    Ua- land ti mul
important  to tbe province than    ihj
maintenance ol   tiiubei limiu
sales! class in an) country is
rtcultural class.
"On lhe divide I *aw tiiu- clo .1
ti .1 tlmotbj grow lug Hay in ubu 11-
anoi. .rn 1 ol the be»i qualtl) 1 an b
grown there At present *e ai • 1-
i-uiti:ig bay and paying dcarlj toi
Al Nakusp .Mi Earl lelt mc to go
home to Li Uuu, where his own ut
cbard now reqjuires Ins atu-ution iu
bafi 3,500 acres uudei cultivation,
this yeai be bas exportetl two cai
loads of 1,1 apis.
"1 have promised to visit Nakusp
again this tall te advibu men whu In*
t.iid io plant orchards round Mere.
"Cowing down iht* Arrow lakes I
met a Air. l.oetar, ui California, a
fruit grower. lie expressed the
greatest surprise that the unit growing capabilities of Kootenay have uui
1.,in developed earlier, Ho considers
tlul ue van beat California m ap*
ides, plums and cherries, It Is a
tact, Uiotigh he didn l a.luiil it, that
UKanagaii peaciics are awa) ahead ui
the L'aliiuinia product in ever) it
i then went down to Hobson. I
was struck with tlie developments
round the lower Arrow lake. 1 in
und to have a launch put 011 there so
ihat 1 can go irom ranch to ranch,
"1 looked over the situatiou In and
around Rossland, There are mnii)
orchards there, especially on the
cemetery road. 'lne trees are nli
iu good condition, eu-n at an altitude
ol i,bi)ii Uri.
"1 went down tu Northport and inspected the laud along the Columbia
river, below Trail. H is intended lu
irrigate there with water irom Beaver creek. By that means 3,uou acres
of good fruit laud can be made available.
Oood land lies aloug the Columbia
from Tiail to Kobsou where no irrigation is needtd. 1 should say tlui
there aie not less Uian a,ihiti acres
ul good laud. The fruit product 01
that land will mure than auppi>
those towns.
The doctrine 1 want to instill
everywhere is ihat ftuit pt^ts must
..e kept oui of this country at all
oits. Ue have tlie finest fruit coun
try on the earth. It rests with us
to keep it so."
Mt. Cunningham leaves for Gratia
Porks to-morrow morning.
J  !      some 1 1      .   I ... IN ut
The Free Kress, Winnipeg, has set-
rod for Western Canada the* exclude nght to reproduce a new scries
■I llm loin Sherlock Holmes stories
by Sir Conan Doyle. Kor these stories it is understood the author has
received the highest price ever pau
for such literature.
When Sir Conan Doyle created the
character of Sherlock Holmes he
founded an absolutely unique type and
nature ol detective stones Doyle
made Ins detective a deductive genius
and the style aud nature of his adventures set the world a-talkiug.
thousands of people have grown to
regard Holmes as a personal friend,
and they would not willingly miss a
single one 01 his adventures.
Each story is complete in itself,
tlie lirst one appealing In the Week.y
Free Kress of August Iti, entitled
"The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle," and une each week thereafter.
To introduce the Weekly Free I'i ess
to new readers a special oltci is being
made of 36c. tu the first of January, lUUli, which, of course, includes
these stories. Vou ought to take the
Weekly Kite Tress, but you cannot
ahoid to do without your own local
paper, therefore instead of sending
2bti. to llle Kite Kress bottet send 4U
cents aud we will send jou ihe Herald to the end ol the- year as well as
tlie Free Picas, you, thcteiore, Bccuro
both papers to the lirst of January,
luui', by paying R> cents additional.
A number ol our readets have
friends iu Eastern Canada, the lint
ed States and even in tbe "old land
who ate hungry fot news concerning
Western i'anada. II you aie too bus)
to write these fiieuds letters what
more acceptable gilt could you send
them than a copy of a leading Metropolitan Western Weekly and a leading
Weekly such as the Herald.
This offer remains good until Oct.
1, Send In your subscriptions at
r.:-  •'
The forthcoming engagement in this
city of Margaret Neville, the celebrated English actress in Lord Lytton's beautiful play, "The Lady of
Lyons," will undoubtedly awaken a
great deal of interest among out
theatre goers, as not only has Miss
Neville a splendid metropolitan reputation, gained during five years as
a member of Sir Henry Irving's company, but the company surrounding
her is one of exceptional merit. The
engagement here will take place at
Wentworth hall, and will undoubtedly
draw a large audience.
I TL. \  nn  Unequalled, L'nex- >■    .
} celled V-
in. L nicDcrmoi k
GSlwiMk Wittc ITercii'int - , : ^
t'lioue 17, Cranbrook
I Cranbrook B^^r 11
't ^^ ^^^       ■
MaJ. from tlu- best mall anj the purest water, it ii unexcelled lor quality. .< Ask for
Cranbiook Beer and insist on having it. .*.-.
~i   The Cranbrook Brewing and
I   Mtiltinj>;   Company,   Limited
n ii .i. iiijiiiuiiiiitiriT!-ni aii Mud* "i United ft'aien
,k ■ m 1|»i x J h, *•**!■•;■ ■;ii:«!«i«[!iii*i«l«!jil«J«J«JMl»i*i«.'_«
Maenfscturers oi ».1.
Routrhanddressed J-Ji
l.l riBER and j-gi
Also all  kinds ot !4
MOl LUIN06 ;-|i
i-Craubrook, Ki\ j*|i
n.;t: Office, - eraobruok ,' J>
—.—.—.—.—.—.—.—| __*_*_*_\gm._*__^__^_\_*_\ ______________j____K____t_t__^_*  .' ft AA__l«________l
•fff?fw*wwftwiffeff tefftftfwtrjc*"iHiiM*
is what wo unloaded into our warehouse.   Get our
prices on Flour, Bran, Shorts, Wheat, Oal    '
thy Hay, Prairie Hay    We guarantee . iti.fa
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
l-'or't'Tins, maps and further particulars apply to the following
local l„n,l agents:
.'. Hydo Baker, Cranbrook, Ii. C     K. Mallandaine, dr., Creston. B. C.
I, H. Wilson, Wardner, B. C. II & M. Bird, Nelson, B. O,
It. It Bruce, Wilmer. B, C.
Or lu
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after dale I intend to apply to
ihe Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission 10 purchase the
following described land South
Last Kootenay :—
Commencing at a point where the
east boundary of lot 7102. group one,
crosses the trows Nest Railway,
thenco south forty-one chains, more
or less, lo the west bank of the Moyie
river; ihence following the Moyie
river in an easterly direction upstream about twenty-five chains,
moie or less, to the righi-of-way of
the Crows Nest Railway; thfncc
alons .the said right-of-way a dis-
tance of twenty chains, more or
les:., to the place oi beginning,
Thr.s. Caven,
Per II   11   McVittie, Agent.
1   July Mb, I9iif>. Hint
Notice is hereby given that sixty
days after dak- 1 Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
j Works for permission to purchase the
following described land in South
Kast Kootenaj :—
Commencing at a post planted at
the jorth-west coiner of lot 123,
thenee norlh 13 chains to lot 1142;
thence west 7 chains to tlie bank uf
the Kootenay river, thence following
said bank down stream io the point
of commencement.
James Ward.
Dated July 3rd, Jbu5. 16-9t THIS I RWi'i'iMU'/ii.  HERALD
Hy The Barald (Publishing Company
Editor and  Manager.
The Herald is worth Jin a year, 1;
rusts only JJ No man In South
Kast Kootenay can afford to be with
uut it, and everyone living outside of
the district, who Is interested in tin-
progress of this section, should read
it. It publishes ih.* news white it is
news. It is conirollt ■•■ -■ tsoluli Ij by
the publish! r. No Clique, pal iy ol
individual dictates its policy, ll
don't iry to please the people, It's
desire is to publish a newspaper thai
will be a credit in the community.
Send in your subscription and you
will be th.mi.ful ever afterward.
Mvcr Using rates 11 per Inch, slngli
column, per month, no more and no
Heading matter 15 t-^u-' per line
to non-advertisers; 10 en I :>.■! hue
to regular advoi lisei Ilu mess
locals live conte pi i line eni in icr
If ynu desire to reach the people ol
Soma Kast Kootenay you must advertise in The Herald.
The Herald bas a first class |ob
plant, and lis worh Is ol the brat.
The Herald don't want charity, It
wants a Bquare deal on vmir Job
work. It we ran*I suli you In quality and price, kick, anil send vour
work to some Cheap .1 hn ho .- j:,
lhu east that nevei spends ,k cent in
iX A A lb A vc A A
MOR E    III I •■
1,000 a. Week
oul-.lion at lho C r ..-.-
oh  II-. aid   £*    cr    &
I'll,' 1
III Ml,,a
ay.   Tli
villi,,. ,,i
'I'll,' ill
lll a, 	
The  Herald  will he found on 9
! sale al the following places: J
Marysville, Marysville Dnij! Slore 9
Wardner, ii Donahue's Slore        *
Moyie, S. K. Harvle's Drug Store
Ryan, K. P, Flnlay
Fernie, Purdy's ibiok Store
lilko. Hul brook's (look Store
Cranbrouk,  Beattie A Atchison's
and C. E. Keid & Co.'s
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•. *.< ♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦
i.kki.i;k Tin,ith's.
1 ] ii-
ihi  Ifl
'll 1,11
Has a governmenl
to any commiiuil),
rral ot you voted t
scquently   yon cam
turn   for   the    taxi
Has not a prolwrtj  owiiei   the   1 ighl
to   expei 1 lali   treat mi "i  fn m    11 ■
governtm. L, no   niulfrr  whal   licki I
ho may vole'.'    Sl ■■ ilrl
take the pn 11 Ion .1
eommunit ■■  , I     an
Oppo 11 ioi        ml  -.i'i:' i/en    ha i
no   rights   . payers?     Thest
questions ni Jusl
at    ibis tin     lh j     atei Inlly aflect
every i H l_.cn nf    the I'l     brook
ifiri.      Tin ■■ ■ lo.
Is beinfl retard ■- rn
menl has   nol        - th
money   '.'■•■■' ut eil    foi
ti |a   rfistrli t. wai
•mail enough,      ' 1  In     ex
ponded    Irefore it Is   ion    ,'■-.     The
people have lln   right clil  1
Liberal or Conservaii. vln-n ii
comes     to askinp   sfra.ij_.hi  political
favors,    ihi uld    land hj
n| their vote.   But wl      II It
expending govern) nl immei foi public
Improvements, money 1 I was >eui
rid by taxing Lth ral an 1 Consi rva
tivc alike, then the party in power
is guilty nf rank injustice if ii discriminates lietwpt 1 ,; , Irici tlui
returns a govei m • I 1 ember and
the dlstrlol that rel irn an opposition member, li uses it's power as
fjuardlan of the public's interesl to
gain a narrow, partisan end Such
a policy is unfair, it la unjust, il is
the extreme of blind political bigotry, Ii assumes thai a business proposition should be treated as a politieal proposition. How long would
any man in Cranbrook remain in business if be declared that he did not
want the trade ol any man unless he
were a Conservative, or unless he
were a Liberal'' Mcmbei of his own
party   would     deserl   li
with wlt-om t.. deal Vud yel this
I ■ tion '!' the government refusing
to j" n.l ait. money tn lh*1 I'lanliroos
n-.11,1 because it returned a Liberal
member! is working .1 hardship upon
veiy man wlm has a dollar's Interest
,11 the district, upon every property
owner, upon every business man, upon
-very prospector, upon every mine
owner, upon every workman, in lact
ipon iin* whole commuuii) at large.
me Herald has maintained uuu law
.-, nut a. qucatliuu to lie iu..m.i.hm m
a     political Uglit.       in<- 1 oi.nt i..i<
.i.'ii.,-i bard lor ihe a-.ivaitccmeitt   ■>.
bis ii-.u-r; ii.i uvoi I'igiii >eai'*-., ana
uMlaj it is mule cuiu'iiiu*u witn tin
piobp,; ii> .11 Uns ili.Mtie., v. nu uu
.u-iei,ij,m,'iit    ul it.s   resources,    vvuu
.»'*-.'      ll,aiill.il     .UUailc.iii.nl        ul    Ilu*
people, man h is wiih tne political
-un.-.*. ,u iiiiui vi 1; ttiwa, ute roii
Mirvauvc member .ii Kernie, ur in j,
.1. King, tlu- Liberal memoer 011 rau
u-ruoa. a believes thai tiki expenui
.uu ui public luui).') snoulu 'oi* mauv
upon    a   uusiuubs   basis,   and   auj
,.OI ie)   lu  Uie ciiuti.ii)   is an uijiistiu
-u ever) ciu/.i-n ui lhe district, ini
people <>i tite CraubrooK district an
nave their opinion un poililcs, an..
uaturallj Uioj muer. but uu tin
.iu.--.inui oi public improvemenis tbe)
are ail ui one opinion, aiuiuutu men,
ui.i> bo some whu wuuld nut achnowl*
rtigu it ior political teasuuu. i-.ui)
...an 1.1 set lish u. ,1 greatei ui lc*>sci
avgrvt*, and .*... a 1 uiu nu iliinas a
threat deal ui lus personal in teres is
..losi  ui uie men vviio have uuyuuug
III      tlllH   liUsiril'l    (tave   lllfll    ail   1H:U,
aud the) wuuld pteiei in _>cc thai
t»uieui-t*il la lln 1 u\nu *w a uuiicv
"Uiurceil thai means .1 pu-tltue dorri
melil, slutpiy lo buosi tne puliliea.
lurtuius ut auj inutviuuui 01 party.
h i.s uui a question <•< puuin ,, 1.
.-. a question ui cold business.
The lale Ueoige timid, rbain left an
-stale amounting lo ovei fU,Ubu,UUb,
ibo pruviiioe uf Ontario wilt collect
r.iu.u.Hi as a succession tax.
Uii' Toronto World In ufici ill.
ri.-ii who would grait the pruviuco u.
Jiuariu I.; lying up tin power ui
M.ir.ua lui un ii'ii.-iu ul .1 tew cap*
lUiims. in ibis Itfettl tne peuple ui
>nai province should siauti uy tin,
-..■ii.1. ti has in town asuiu all pun*
ileal plnibcs and is baittiug lur Un
1 tglits ni Uie prupiu.
.v man wlio gave his name as K.
ilisuu htm uetii aricslid 101 impel
uiiallug une lu, .Niiauu in Uie rcueni
-illKini cleetioli oil biliall ui lui
ono. 1 .all'.uv        ll   IS     SlaU  elaiillca
that buiuc serious charges will l>.
in 0 ugh 1    aguiubi    the   Liberals     loi
i rai'iii-, s        itidulge-d      in       al       the
same election. The Herald hopes
uui 11 tliere wero any viola*
liuns of the law on either sun
1 ill punishment will be mclcd oui,
whether ihe man be Liberal or Con
servo-Live. H Hie elections cannot
i.e kept Inviolate then popular gov-
irnracnl Is a rank failure. The only
way is for tbe leading men uf both
parlies 10 do all in tlieir power to
punish the guilty, and unless this h
.lone all Investigations would provi
farclal iu the extremu.
The big lire department light at
Nelson is over, S. K. Coulter, tin
driver of the lire team, having resigned. The strain ol watching Ibis
home light and the peace negotiations
between Japan and llussia. vvas loo
much ior even Uie strenuous Nelson
ile, and   so peace was declared    a
It. T. Lottery's new Claim will soon
ie published, Our western mail
lacks al'c receiving a lining ui asltr
On Friday ihe new province of Al
berta will he born, and on Mnmln;
[be sister province, Saskatchewan,
will first take on official life. Mav
Uie career of both provinces 1h* prosperous, may their rich lands produce
increased 'Tops and uuv theii population Increase lo the millions Uut
lhe resources will justify. H11L bel ■
let and more Impoi taut still, mav
lie people nl ibe prrsent, and llie
reiterations iu cfimn he inspired    Ij)
liati     motives   lhat   will crealc
aud mainiaiti governments ihat will
ii" honest aud clean, wiih the welfare ol tl.e pedple as n whole the
primary object and partisan advantage and blind bigotry nol .1 control ting Influence.
Put ,"ii lhc bush nt--, In preveul
ing tin nt. Kiiti'i'iv thc law againsi
leaving tiv. fires ihis time ..f the
ynur. Mnst of thr big llres now
raging ihroughoiit Kasl Kooleiuiy
have originated hy carelcfisuess Make
ihe penalty severe eiHiugh to prevent
i-iirele-KMiess and 1 h.ic will be a most.
Hatisfactfiry decrease In the number of
Cranbrnoli had luck this week.
Supt. McKay cleaned the streets in
ihe business part of lown. Now if
he will repair the sidewalks Cranhrook will arise and unite in thanks.
Construction on the Grand Trunk
Pacific has been inaugurated, and
within live years Canada will have'
two great transcontinental systems.'
and perhaps Hire.'.
The Alberta editorial association
met lost week at lianft ami held a
very   profitable and pleasant, session
■  »-v  'V
., SEPT. 7
i ADMISSION: Adults 50c; Children 25c
§~-: 1 McVittie & Laidlaw.
i     professional cards i       Mining Engineers
ii^___.,.-_f.rf1l^r_T___._____________Bi i      and Surveyors,
i'iiimim Uiikii N.i 3!i      ! CRANBROOK, B, C.
KNIGHTS    Of    PYTHIAS|THOS. T. McVtTTlE, p. i_. s.
Cr»,lhr„„k.  II. C. ■'   T   I'AlI'l'AH', li   E
Meets 2nd and  HI, Tuesdav at 8 p.m.
'" I.O.O.K   hall J. fi. CUMMINQS
,1. A. Arnold, K.R.S |
J, Vi. Illi'liiner, CC.
Visiting  brethren  cordially invited PROVINCIAL LAND SURVEYOR
I,, .,1 lend.
Cranhrnnk   Local  Union   I'll "I the I'nltcd
Brot-crboou dI Carpeoleri and Juincr.
ol tmerlca,
Thla l„eal in,,,a ci,-,v Friday .veii-
liw ,u s |, ni. u, r I. I    lull
ViBltlng iaa Inm, conllally In,Had
.1. A   Landry,       .1   ll  Slclionald,
lie,   s,, l-i.-i.l.n,
• Cranbrook Sash
.     , , 8_LJKm_?S   h'0    IS   Mei'la rvfiy !
fffl\9Bi   .'*>'-.»  Moudaj    n.i'.hi    al ;
'■   f  Uiolt hall on Baker alreet.   Sojourn .
™     Oddlollows cordially invited
i    Ktrwr'utfn ' ailll Doill* I .'ll toi)   •
| ll   s   McDonald
N. (I
.Ml kliulm,. li 1, work in
J    v..i,  ,,l    ,l,„,ra,   \, IlllIuWB, ,1.,,,
'"' ! I buiuu, oto,   ICihi Jriwl tun.Im-,
■ohrool Lo.fc, Na. ,i<   { for inBitli" work,   llurwurkia
' n„„r,ii,l,',',l nnd ,>,,,■ i-r,'- nt,
! »„i,,,1,,,'iurv     Si-n-i-ii    ,1.'",,.
I,i,,I    'Ihui ,1,,
,,  t„<,,,,l,
7_li   Vlslllng brethren ivelcoined
•jgEr I    I'a:,,,,.,,. Sec'y
; k'nii^li uml Dressed I umber ;
! Por Sale 1
*At'lc>->*'-=>r'IL-A'•*-">•.*:■<« "i.''-K.-'A Ai-Lr '-.'.V?-t- -   -.;'-1* •- \'T. *-■ -•\->.K- •;'■■*"■■.*.• .W-■' *L',J*-'f' c'   '*'-)■ _-_*>'^*'
Mon promises to hu one t>f the slrong-
'sl aud mosl influential newspapei organizations in Canada. It is young,
but ii is liitulllgenl and energiilic,
and is moving along the righl linos.
it will meet next year al Modk'iiic
llat, awl then mahe Manfi iis permanent meeting plaee. Tliis is not a
bod Idea, ns ;lu* waters of the springs
possuss many virtues and Dr. Ilrett-
ia always on hniitl Conveniences of
his lei ml ran not bu overlooked b)
toitiiir> editors of! on a yearly jaunt.
The Ki inn- bi ci- Press lias ils  new
planl Installed ami will ilo lhe Phoe
nix acl   Ibis   week. The
displayed    by  Mr. Wallaci
i ommendc-d and  lhu people
appreciate it.
is lo he
Labor Daj will he a big day In
L'ranbrooh and no person can afford
io miss it.
The Herald subscription llat is
growing more rapidly than ever. The
people seem In appreciate a paper
ike the Herald if new subscribers
iire a criterion
The Moyie trader wanls the governmenl tn expend some money In
thai lown. The header is right ami
i, lo he commended foi the stall >
ihat  il  has taken.
, ■ W-I-Hn*»l-hW"i-l-i-W-f"i-H-Hi-!' »W-W444^hW4444^-M^
Ur «ill ln',,|„'i, in the forenoon ;,,,.! utter 7 o'clock in tli,
uvcnintf on thai dny.   Thut  is important, of uoiirao, Uut
wlml is more important, il,„ people will hiivtuiu opinrtuni-  ji
ly of si'i'ini,' the finest stock of clothing, the "20th Century  ']
brand," t,i l,e f,'t,i„l iu Western Canada,   In the shoe line,
for both ladies and gentlemen, our stuck is complete.   Tlie
tin-goods department will prove n  source ot delight lo the
ladies on  account "f the superiority nud  wide  range of
s,,"-k carried.    Hut,," ,>„'' should miss i\w <-ui-p,.|. curtain
nnil rug ilmp;,,'l.ui,'ul. with its importations direct  from the
Old Country.   ICver*. uiait or woman likes to see fine goods,  %.i
lionesl goods antl up-to-date goods.     I.ut iIu-q,' conditions
alone do nol , i the bill
We are cutting prices. We know our slock is too large.
Ijow prices and besl ipiality will do the business. Drop
inlo thi- store.   Make il vour headquarters on Labor J*).iy.
In maliinii up tliis gigantic sh"w-
ing of world-wide uselalness, which Is
,,I vital Importance lu every nuo1- .nil
corner lu every civilized country,
many excellent eomnaules have zealously and honestly labored in the uu-
huilding ol this niagnHlccnt ami I10I11-
l„l business. There are many such
companies, strong, progressive, ami
Ihoroughly reliable, A fine typo „f
,I,l' besl organizations ol this class is
Iho Providmt Savings Life Assurance
Kocloty, „f New Vork, whose presltl-
ant is an insurance expert ul the
highest lank, giving bis best thought
and all his time In lurtlierlng ils
prosperity. How completely this
. oinpnny is conflrlcd in by the public
is disclosed by the fact llinl each "i
,bo first seen months of IIMI5 cv
hibllR a substantial Increase "I l",-i
iioss over lhe )„a,',sli,ig ,„,,ih1i.
August marks Hie thlrtccntli anniversary ol the Provident Savings.
With iii,--iii ..i,'-,' in lorce exceeding one
.,,,,, tr.-i uillllons; wllh assets e-vced
ng eighl aii.l 011,-hall niilllons; Willi 11
j.filit-y i,s,r,a exceeding seven mll-
iinasi and having ri-lnriiid t„ lis In
.„,,-I, Incluillug ninonnl nuw held lor
tlicit heuellt, niorc ihnn lliirly-ihrci'
inllliuns „, il.ill,,,'.- ,, ,.„, truly lie
-aid ihat Ihis   is a line lipe of    a
strong, well-i ,,.. I,    mnl ennservn-
,i,e ciiinpniiy
Tina   roinpiuiy  Is   repres.-nl,'d    l"
truold ,\  llul'i.its
OOiHi IVOHI)   Poll   I'lIU lll'IUAI.Il
field a Htm .   i'ii- I'lauh 1 11"
Id   now nppenrs   .,    nn   elgi. 1-pajie
Koven-ciliunn   p,ip,-i     The Herald  I'
ip-tn late In c\ ry ,. iprel, and even
f i, wusn'l printed In lh' Ives, town
„ South Is'nsl K. ",-,,;i>   l''n.l Simp '
1011    would    rarijT.I,    Issue   .,   en-H
pap,r.   Sin-las';, (ill  Ilnii
(From lhe .\l,,vie I,.a,lar., j
Th.' p, ,,ple wuuld lll-'c  ,11 see   sonic
government   Improvemenis made    in
South   Knst     Kootenay, nnd     they
would like 10 see ihem made "p. ,1 i
llonny Scotland has sen! many good
men to Canada, and tbey are rare
rases indeed when one docs not turn
i.ut lo Iw a good citizen. George T.
Itogers was horn in Glasgow, or
rather in Maryhill, a suburb of that
.ity. M was iu the year of 18U5
thai Mr. Rogers first .saw the light
of day, and until fifteen years of
ago, he followed the course of the
average .Scotch hoy, went to school,
imbibed the ideas and traditions of
bis native heath, and acquired an
accent that never deserts the true
Scot. When 15 years old Mr. Rogers
entered Ihe employ of the telegraph
nosial    department.       The   Scotch
The undersigned has several ears of
[believe in ihe public reaping the benefit of public utilities, and Glasgow
' has sot the pace for the world in this
. ,   .      ,   ,        ,     _ ,„„ .-        phase of municipal management,    as
good feed oats for sale at $22.50 ner i|K mmm tnm h_ ..„,.„.. uUII||cB
pays all   lhe expejises of that     great
.and progressive city.     After a while
Olds, Alta.
j hraneh ol the service which was   not
|satisfactory to him and he endeavored
per ton
Win. Dean,
were wedded to Scotland and to the
groove of life in which ihey bad lived
for general ions, iinncctistomed to
changes and averse to Innovations,
Mr. Rogers had in him a strain of
blood Umt made his ancestors fighting
Scots, and he refused lo stibmll
tamely in the situation Independent in spirit, with a determination to
win on his own merits or lose altogether, lie gathered whal he had
and said good bye lo the family and
the old hearthstone and sailed foi
Canada, going direct in Elkhorn,
Man., where he had friends. Ho was
new io the ways of Canada, but lie
had grit, and he quickly assimilated
himself with the new conditions.
First he married a Scotch lassie who
had preceded him across the water
then he went to work for a firm engaged in general merchandising, and
continued to labor in the same
building for thirteen years, lhe
firm changing once during thai lime.
Wilcox & Clingan being tho proprietors most of the time. During tin
summer of WOO be heard of tire
growing town of Cranbrook, rfn.l being il.'siiiuiis of living his fortunes
furlh i wesl he taint' here and went
h. work for G. II. Hiemner, whu ai
the nine hail a general store, Allei
ii few months lie became con-
vlncid thnt Crnnbrook was going lu
be a prosprroiis place and he arrnng
el  in engage m business fm  himself.
In Det ember i p.-n-d in. store in
Ihr Crnnbrook hoti-1 block, and wiih
lhc c'cc-itim, of clmn-riiig one tlom  lo
lhc went hns been in ihe mine pi	
'•*.,.! siiic T(Hla) Mr. Uogurx bus
ni,,- nr tbe moil altrautivi grocer)
si -  j,,   ihr  KiM.teiiays,     He  has
-.huwn thai IIP i1- Up 10 dale in lit-
ideas and methods and in consequence
liis i'i>mm-'icj,[l car..i in Crntibrooli
has iic.n un.' nf Increased prospprllj
Mi Rogers has a roiurnrlabic anl al
UWllvu residence, and pei-sniuilly he
is \, tv populnl ti lhe town and iMh
th 1. an.l Iii .\u\ is lh.' most lal Unl
nf u.an i"i Cranbinok's lir^i inayor,
an olTier thai tlie ptople gi ncrallj
i.* I Mint he would nil with credit  In
himself mil Iiom  Ihe newlj  hnri
.. , ■•>• ••••••
I'll Wll
. ,\ nui
0.   li
1. NO, :,,,;
IV, P.:
M. HI...
V. Ilall
s.   ,1
Ist .
ind .'nd
a,   \\     S.'   A
els at 1 0.0
Kl ...I.i s-
K  1.01)1
II'.',   Ml 1.1,
III.',,!' 1
'I'tS   ,',,'!
I'lsHing 1
' Wll
I- _l„l
„..i   1
,i, till
and li
en plars
an conl
,1.    .1.
li Tuesdaj  in
iall)  Invited
Sims, Sec'y
,ets  a.M
,  l'-rl
day nlgl
,: above l'.u-
Conn and join Hie Happy llaial.
I.OYAI, OH INtin l.lllHli:, NO   1871
Heels every 2nd Wednesday and Ith
Saturday ai s o'clock in Otltlfellows
\isiti,,a brothers always welcome
MRS HI3LOP, readier nf the Pianoforte
Special attention lo touch, teach
nique, phrasing and grading of studies.
For particulars apply C, K. Reid A
Co.'s Drug Slore.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
tit.\NIIK,,,)K,lllirn.SII   t'tll.lIMHIA
Barristers, Solicitors, lite.
Maxell lllnck Cranbrnoli. H C.
\       C, H, DUNBAR       j
*    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    }
5 Public, Etc. .J
i-   Crnnbrook,    -    -    11. C.   ,t
! .     .     8
Physicians and Surgeons
John VV. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoe!. nl;Hj_ new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a .all.
w. 11. hkati v,
at  Residence,  Atiaatro
DI'M'.'K lim ll* :
V noons .... n..in lo   II
All, in,mas - - - - 1,30 lu 3.311
l_veiiin_s . . . - . 7.,.u iu 8.3ii
ORANliROOK il    ::    ::    ::    ll   C.
mj I <!> I * '■ '*'.« I <i I * 14 I •»' l * I * I • 14
Dr. Connolly,     '
Physician and Surgeon
•• OtliLi- on Amistrong Avenue
K |i in.   'I'hulie  10.1,
• ', ■.<• ■ .. i .-,... 14,| ,•  p|
rosilinu as hush hand.      Have had
would nol conaitler l,i„
.... ...        , .   ,   . . , j to   again get   transferred froni   tho yours,
The    sa    offices    were    re-elected   na!!;,!    'sieat ami tilleT       ',W"K>oslnl   to   lhe   leleK,a,,h   deparlmenl,
ihey | with   J. .1.    Voung, ol the Calgary , '    A'|,.v   Mel.auchlon.      |but did not succeed, and consequently |
Tl,,- manager of thr Arnold Slums
which appear here Thursday, September 7, has lhe lollowlng testimonial
from Rev. J. H. Lambert, Vernon,
II. O.:
The Rectory, Vernon, B, C,  Augusl
,'i, 1005.
The Manager Arnold Shows:
Dear Sir,—I attended your perfonn-
ance Ihis afternoon and I have seen
must nf Ihe best shows in I
and this country, but I have never
seen a better or a cleaner une than
man   11,'ral
president,    This ansooia-
Alex   Mel.aughlon,
Langdon, Alia, 'resigned, Alilm' horn of a family Ihal I
•I. II. Lambert,
Ileelo,  All Saints Church,
Vernon, II. C.
DR. P. li. KINO
OI'TII'l. IIOl lis :
II III   13 a III.
I   In    ll ,,,,,.
7 i„   8 p.m.
e ami ,, m. In a -a on  trmstrniig nvi,
II to 12 a.m.
1 lo   li p.m.
7  l„   8 p.Ill,
iillue iii new Reid block
I'p liill urge „„' not,
Down lull lim me nnl
On lho plain spnre me not,
And In case ol sickness call up
CKANHItllllli. II C. 'Pko.c U
•H"l"l"H-I"M»M"l-l* M-H-l-M-H
| Cranbrook   Foon- i
dry and
"Machine  Shopt
;; McKinnon& Johnston ;);
\\',' arc |„','|,iiriil in
tlo all kiiuls nl ri>.
pair work heavy nntl
litilit. make eastiiiKB,
turn slial'la. etc.
Sciuntiiic    HorseshoelnK   n
The Lending Store Fm t
5 Prompl  Deliver) '
0     PHONI  NO     TS        AHMSTROr-H.   AVt J
Roicl *
A Short Drive
From Victoria
People ol Sutilli Easl K,i, I-
nay who visil Victoria should
nol fail to visil (..oldslre.nr.  *4
ll is the tourist's paradise
.. .',
| J. Edgar Davis |
'i        BRICKLAYER and        j
jl       CONTRACTOi'        X
X ...
A        Kuril.',,',',   toiler,  Itnnne. A
A ,. A
A and Kirepliuv work a special' A
A tv X
A  ■ X
^(' All tlctii'I'iplii'lis nl'Hlillll'. V
X work unilurtnkun. . Inlera lefl i-
Sal :|:
I        .1. I). .Mi'HKIUK'S i
y will roeeivo prompl nt.tisnlii.n. -j.
V p. o. Il„\ 851 -i-
X %
<_ft_W^>*^>'!"*.-->r',*<--t--M-->-;--M;* THE   CBANBROOK    QEBALU
RE-OPEN   AT   n in
TL      ON I.Alum DAI
NOON.     l\ll
LOCK   P   M
The MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN is the greatest boon that
Cranbrook HOME-MAKERS have ever known. The resolt ol
advertising this plan has brought many people to our store who are
anxious to take advantage of the great inducements we are offering.
Furniture when bought is usually an investment for life. Your home
is surely worthy of a little expenditure. A well furnished home gives
comfort; it gives satisfaction; it shows respect for friends and neighbors
and can always be'counted on as a .substantia! accumulation of property. With our easy payment plan there i.s no reason that your home
should not be furnished just as line as your neighbors.
REOPEN    AT   li  O'CLOCK    P   M
- ■..^h'^^v-i.riAAkhs
■»*«r?«'*'. "■*.:.-••=, »_v^tMuaaaas^sxsae— r **a__]
t.    1   ...'
n   a.
>..»«_,   '   dun e. Utdlnw ,-■ surveying ., gruup
«  ,,i claims "a Hi   I ni' r SI   Marys loi
„„,.,,  pai lira
i   ,1.    ii    Cummtngs, tin'   surveyor,
eame down [run, l-' e um- .lav the.
„ aal, ml, business
Mrs Sopii .,,,1 Mrs Frank Mc-
Mntion, "1 Movie, ».■,,• Crunbroob
visitors I.,,i Mi,I, I.,,
Advertise youi  i„m,„ass In tlia big
CI„V.lls   ilia,    uill   I,a   ilat,     I.nihoi
Day,     Have   licidlej   '•    Co   paint
Man   I,. ,s
.1,,. Kearney, win, I,.,. Iiein visit-
.,,., Cranbrook In,,,.Is, relairucd ,,'
M.ial',,.1 Sunday  Inst.
1,,, ,■,,,, wanl in have a picture ol
ynur il,.ai un Laboi lia, '.' Speak lo
l'i...i about ii  this week.
Miss llhoda Leilch will sing a s,,l„
i loin Our Ceitd
j togJibrary _* I
* j
:Ncw Books and Hew:
: maaazines   €very
|     *    Day
* i
\ Bcallic * Atchison |
* where It pays in deal       *
J      See our drug ad. uu Ul page.   3
*frH-ffrf-****i*-M**i*******--   | in thc Presbyterian church next Sal*-
I bath ni tho evening servl
One Night Only
FRIDAY,   SEPT.   15
Mr. Edward R.Salter
respectfully announces  thi?  first
appearance in this city of the
Celebrated English Actress
, Iim five years  n  valued
member of Henry  Irvine's superb company i
Margaret Neville
and a most effective cast in
ihi   Elaborate  Production of
Sir   Edward   Hulwer Lytton's
beautiful romantic lovesiury
Thu iif.' boys have been doing some
good practicing the |>asl two weeks
ami aie get-Ling in good shape.
.1. II Lun ley, W i.anglcy ami It
I,. T Ciftlbrailh were in town several
.lay., this wrck un mining matters.
K. Sihbuiu of the Norlh Stui mill,
left last week for Toronto io take a
course in one of the colleges there.
A B. Fenwlek ami II. s. Clark
were In Cranbrook on Tuesday to
iiun.i a meeting of the Royal Arch
Mis. S C. MeKlnstry ami children
returned Monday from an extended
trip through Ontario and other eas-
ern points,
V. J, F   Perry left Saturda) afternoon for a short visit to Calgary returning to-day with Mrs   Perry, who
lias beat visiting at Edmonton.
Prank Davlcs, ol the C. P. H. train
nice, who has been making an   ex-
nd il  visit at  his old  home in On-
in.i, returned to Cranbrook Moodaj
James Staples, who has been visit-
g American cities   in ihr Interests
u. T, Reid ,\ t'n , returned to the
Mrs   u
The Lady
Of Lyons
"ll  isn't   niicii you   leave the j      .
playhouse   leellng   better   than .    '      ;"!   .%,,-,,..'
when you cured ii     lt„i  yoi
will If you see this company unit     Mis        .1.   Reid lell lasl Mondaj
piny." foi   Walla   Walla, Wash    Ioi   a pro
longed sin) wiih h, i s, „, 11, \ Reid
Reserved seals will he placed onU , ,.,..,, „,,..,;j,.,,l,lj i,,., .,, ,AI
anle one weeK before the dale ,,    ,   v,,,..
and daughter, ol Wctask-
nu I,,-,,, visiting Mis   I,
lliis cily ai P. 0 Drug Store.
Prices. $!.„„ tor  Reserved Seals
I' eked  I p 0"'„i m. Ch)   i»   Mini
(JucrIIoiu nl 'Ian,   People.
lle„,l  I'alll on   Uii ■    * I
\    |,,l.h n.lll  lisll.'d   Moil
t    I .» , I'   lh,
si    lint) - Mill,,
,1. j"   Fins, has I    i  nn lhe , let llsi
lla'  |,a-l   I, v.   ,1a,a
|,     |,    It, i    .     ui   11.1   Ul.l
luw II liu.1   Honda)
llm 1,1    llinlino.l tt,
,M,'.     Ill     IllUll      •,
II        M        I'M
tl,  .       .1       tt.,-1.    M    ,,      I   ,    I    ,    I 11  ll
I   1,1,1,1,1,  last   V     '
Will,,.,a li.,,' la), "' ttn, lne,
, rni ■ ' ■• I   ' I"!
lh ■ i-i. --. hits icliii
,, ,,    ,, ih,   I'nlllan.l a,,,' iii, a
li w Kraus led n, i„ day's train
fo, bis home in Conrad, Montana
Mis. ii.in, lies ii-i,,1 Mnrysilll,
[ri.iids ,,  pie ol days Insi week.
Coining   ,"   Cranl) k    on   Laboi
li,,, ■ li «,ll give you ,, good elianci
in gel youi pleliirc tnlon I'l'esl'
s-tmllo open nil liny.
.1 Murray ,.',,„„ .1 home M.iula,
from nn estcndcd vlsil In lbe enst.
\, lelllson  has  tune   to   Mul ia
Iii ., vacation nml recuperation trip.
A, s   ll nn tt, "1 iii! Hernld slall.
has g  in Medicine Hal  In visit a
.latnes Nell, nl lhc Fulls View
l„,t,l. Mm,s,ilie. was in town Tuesday,
Mrs. „n,l Miss Farrell, „l Moyie,
registered al i!>>- Cosmopolitnn Monday.
Vnu should bave n picture of youi
float in, Labor Hay. Speak to I'les,
early about It.
Sopel, .a  Kilnbei I,,    \, In
. conipalih I hei
li„.     man)   Iriends   ul   Mrs      s
tthalt'li i I,     ill
in N,i|,.,',,,, Ontario   will is    ph used
!„ h, ni  ihal she Im - .uilli lent!)    n
ible her       irturn    to
. !       I
tt    . ,u„   easl  I",   .,
eral  Wei I'   baa  lieeli
,   ■       ,  ..:       in,:,    tli     Oliw-i      lias
Urk tU  lllS lllll  III 'la    alll   lla  l,|US
lll.ll   ll '   U'lllli I,   1,1    a   l„l   ul   	
\     II I .,..,, in m and    wile,    ol
Wll   a>l    ',        llll      .     IMM'     III,'    BU,.„|S        III
Mi an I Mi II. I,„ ..iaa', ihe pasi
,o ',      Ui    I " in   iu ,  aa, vet) Ini
nab ,  ia an      i with i iaa',,,,,.a a,, i
li    l     iiu   I ihal lb,    .   at,,
,    .,   i     , lath ,i   In lina
'i I!. -I    Im (till,     (Jul'
i     ,      ! I lul   hl'nlln-l,  .las
Itailoui - '        ■  nl,,.,,   ac
ilai    11 a. m'l M|       jl.llflllll
,, IIS    aiMa'.M    In   |l, ,   !    I        s,v
bra,        „l ihe I. ,,i, n.,,s ,,i this
une , i lla- m ni
I'   , h na,ia has bouglil   ilia  Royal
 ,i nl   F      Angers, al Marysville,
an.l i    possession   Insi Saturday.
li was nol possible loi Mr. L'lu-ii-tlv
',, ii'inani nu, ill business very limit
.ml lie mil   make a success ol    hi
law  Ma'iiM   as ha has  llllll all ol  Ilu
T. Mi, a, n nnd daughter, of Ottawa, uncle ami enusin ut Maurice
Qualn, passed Ihrmigh Cranhrnnk Su-,
day in iheir way for a vis., i"
(irand Forks, Mr Ahearn is lho
si nn,i member of lln, electrical hnii
ol Ahearn it Super, ol Ottawa. Mr.
i.ua'n accompanied than, as fa, a-
I!) an.
The services in llie Methodist
eh,,,,-I, next Sun lay will pariakc ot n
syac'al nature. In the morning lho
U.isliil uill give an illustlaled tall,
whan all chililrin are Invited with
iheir par,,,is. In Ihe evening the
service will he in keeping wiih Labor
liny, uii.ii a special address will be
given by Ilu- pnstor. All are Invited
tu these services.
Artlmi  and Rogei  Lund ,■.,,,»'   up    Th mas Moran   ,| Wat' ba
liuin Wardner. Tticsdaj gone east wllh I law    aud
Mis.. Clara Clarke, Toronto, Is ,'ls be' clrildieii ooi
itiiig Mr. and Mis  Smith as he lias helped located
tiai that Lain,, Day bannei painted     R   U   Wilnini    .1   I'    i tiresenting
al Bradley's right nuw. Suubury and Queens rouuiii     N   It
K    A.   lllll    was  lu  lown  Tuesdav, '- "' '"'"" «**• gUMl „l A   .1   Wilmot.
nailed hero by the serious illness   ol '" ""' K1|W  '•'"l!"''  U:11' """I'any
Messrs.   Vi
J   ll   King
liis brother,
11. White, lho local customs oltlecr,
visited   Mulii-   Tuesdav    on   ottlcial  '<    '    Sl 50" -I"'"1   ,!'!      i""   '
,.   , St. Mans lake ilia nasi  week lishii:
business ,     ,
.,,   ,    Ull I   the!   llll I   a    glol'lnus   lime     .11,
William   Steward leaves nes,  ,'cd-l      . ^^
nesday on nn   estended visit  lo the  „,,.„,,,,  s|,nllU|
Old * oimirv. Li ,
have     banners   painted    Ioi   ihe hi.
Bert Black spent several days this Lft,,or „.iV ,.,,,.,„,,,,,,   at|iJ ,ho   KlA[
week fishing In    Uull river and    thekn„wn [j,.,*n u* ItradliM A  t'o   ti tulh
vicinity of Wardner. Lfiuipprd to suppl) a'nj  wanl in llii:
T. M   Roberts,  Frank  Uieki
When in Crnnbrook Labor Hay don't
rail to gel a souvenir. We have a
splendid assortment. Wilson, thc
Tie a string on your finger so you
won't forget lo get your supply ol
candiis at the Candy Makers.
Frank Johnson, assistant foreman
.it lhe C, P. K. shops, spenl Sunda)
last  with his family at Creston.
If you want lo purchase a watch on
Labor Day he sine and read Tate &
.Son's ad.
Ed. Home and Sain Morrow are at
St. Marys lake this week enjoying
life like good sports.
Miss Green, after a pleasani vlsil
with Dr. and Mrs. Green, lefl on
Tuesday for her home at Victoria.
J, S. Mighton has opened a fruit
slore ou tht! street fronting the
station and A. C. Smith is in charge.
Get your Labor Hay bant"*s from
Bradley A Co., the sign artists
Miss Jackson, who has bec-n visiting friends at ihe coast for the las:
lew weeks, returned home last Friday
Mr. ff, J. Welsh lefl last Saturdiy
io talfe a position on the Great Northern railway with headquarters at
White fish.
Mrs ,1 A Landry and famll) lefl
last Friday to Jom th. u husband who
is working in tb-j C P R shop.*, al
Moose Jaw.
li -.oui i.wi'itry. watch oi clock
n ■,-:■- repairs take it lo Tate &
Sons, ttbo guarantee lheir work to
give satisfaction.
For satisfactory plumbing try Pal |0j Mrs. i: A Hill, will be milled in
nu.il* Bros They guarantee sat-Ufa marriage at the home ol Mi ami Mrs.
t""*' Hill.     Rev. Westman went  to Moyie
Mi   McKr   le    wbo has been visit- this morning Ior the purpose ol per-
in   ',. : .   .   Crnnbrook foi  lbe past forming tin: ceremony.
.1   nth    returned   to  his  home     In     j. n. Gordon and J. A. Kennedy,
|ol   Winnipeg,  "ere   visiting lire lut-
If your eyes (rouble ynu at .ill let
us examine Ilu in on Labor Day N.
charge for examination. Ask ioi
our hook!.'!, "The Eye (Muss Qucs
ti> n," il you have luii alread) n-
ivi'Vil one.     Tate .\ Son. Opticians.
Have you seen the Grand Challeng*
Cup presented by lloggartli iV Rol
litis. Thus cup was made lo lhe old
ei oi Talc A Sou, Jewelers, an.l can
la- seen at the i ranbrook hotel.
I'toi. Hepburn, oi ilaitviug schooi
fame, arrlvt-d lo-daj and expecis to
open .t dancing school In Cranbiook
lur a _iui i season. The piuiessoi
Was here some two years a^o an:.
will be reiiiembertd b) man) ol lh.
jkoi'de o; i ranbrook.
ll. L. Morley, ol Kamloops, is tin
guesi ol las brotlter, S. F, Morley
The former is the managing clerk loi
the Hon. Mr, Fulton, and looks altei
that gentleman's law business during
las absence at Victoria.
Those who will want banners     ui
.mj description Ior Labor Day shoulu
see Btadle)   a     Co.,  without ilelaj
Tins company ..-. pri'imrvd io give ai
tislic Wi ti-. ...      .        ...ice aud    at
pikes .thai will give no grounds toi
The creeks are rapidly falling alt
over the district ami tin supply in
some parts ol the district is getting
scarce. At Marysville none ul Uu
watei in Mark creek Is miming ovei
ihe dam as tlie smeller Is using tht
entire How,
To night, at Moyie, Ml .1. \\
Fitch and   -Mis. L.    Jeiicrson, sistci
I'rest's Phi lo Studio open all day
on Laboi Dny fot visitors from n
Mi .unl Mis Kershaw returned to
iii. a home in Fort Steele last Friday
.tfiei a visit ol a week with their
daughter, Mrs   L   Patmore
Mi and Mrs ll Haines hav« re
turned to ihrli home at Trehcrne,
Man , after .1 vcrj pleasant vlsil with
Mi   mid Mrs  A   i'  Nelson
mis sinpics and wile, ol Bnynrd,
n turned Insi FrMa) from an extended visit to the const eltles They
visiUd lhe P0111 And exposition while
Mi Plgotl has thoroughbred barred Plymouth Rock hens ami i male
bird foi 1 ale Most convenient time
ioi seeing Win Mould In between the
hours ol 7 .rn.1 0 p  m.
t \l Keep oi Portlnml, returned
from die Windermere countrj this
week, ami is lln: guesi nf Mr. and
Mrs .lames Ryan Ml Keep iv
pecls  io go home Within a  few days
Tim.it las-;   englnw 1   ilealrea altua*
11  any   class   machinery.   Apply
Herald olllce. A3 Ml
Come in on Labor Day and see our
ter a cousin, Wilnam Cameron, .1 few
days last week. Both ol the young
men bold good positions In ihe general offices in Winnipeg and were lak
ing their annual vacation.
Two front ofllces, second floor Watts,
block, foi rent. Apply to Heale A
tilwell, Mi
Mi Williams, provincial game warden, was in lown ibis week to Interview the people regarding the proposed tax on guns used In this province, 01 in othei wm.Is mi hunting
license Mr. Williams says that the
government is not able 10 do much
toward protecting thc game until
some action is uiKeii to insure a direct revenue.
Me.ssis. Hoggnrth, Small, Wellman,
Dlckison and Hates returned from
their fishing trip to tin- Old Man
livci ia-t I'lrl.i- .ini brought something like „ cu load ol 1 y beauties. Tin'* say tliere ts i„, such llsh-
nifj; in the country as thoy found
Foi Sale—The Imported Knglisli
I borough bred stallion "Horton'- foi
sale or exchange for horses His
sioek is very promising and lie is
gentle to ride.     He was
Souvenli Spoons   with   cut of newly j,0,Kj    rftCP8   ;l,   Newmarket,    Good
finlsbod C. P. It station iu howl
Wilson, the Jeweler.
Miss Patmore lefl last Thursday
for a visit with frit nils at Regina.
She will remain to witness the big
ceremonies 011 the birth of the new
province on thc fourth of the month.
J. A. Maodonald, leader of the
Opposition   in ib'*    provincial house,
wood, ele. Particular', from Wallet
Jackson, Maclcod, Alta , V W. T.
W 1). llill was taken very ill Tuesday morning wiih a severe attack,
and for some time.his condition was
very dangerous. Drs. King, Green
and Collin wen- summoned and worked with him for some lime before  he
passed through town last Friday on!showed signs of Improvement, About
his way to Frank, where be went on'noon he had a second attack as seri-
legal business. ous as thc   first.       He was brought
Mr. Frank It. Angers, late pro-!out of that in good shape and since
prietor of the Royal Hotel, Marys-jthen lie has boon gradually improving
ville, has accepted a position with _ mil at noon to-day was on the fair
the Cranbrook Brewing & Malting road lo recovery
company, ns traveler.
First class saw filer and all   round
mill man desires   position at     once.
Will run mill by Uie thousand.    Re-    The Silver Belt Mineral Claim and
,_.it        .1      .      i>   Cai bona te   I'laetum     Mineral Claim
terenoes furnished.      Apply    to   B^wmta sold under morlgan at    the
l.aiVur, Canadian     hotel, or address Coait house, Sept.  1, al 10 a, ni.
Cranbrook, P. O. 22-21   I Jas. Ryan, Mortgagee
K   C    SMITH'S   FARMING  st r
Ii has often been said ihat anything
eould be grown wnh Irrigation in
Kasi Kootenay, bm ii was [ot E. U.
Smith to show thai almost anything
can he grown, at any rate in certain
parts of East Kootenay, without Irrigation, A visit to the Smith ranch
uu **st. Marys prairie will convince
iui)0iiu ol this facl. Mr. Smith has
150 acres of grain, 01 rather 15U
oci'i s of stubble, where thu grain
-.lood, for the stack:, in his barnyard
and rhe grain in his bams beat wit
11. ss lo tlie lact thai there has been
"something doing" in the wa) ul
grain raising 011 lhu prairie tins yeai,
i'he utaiu crops was barley, and be-
•ad.s, wheat, oats and splilx, lo say
nothing oi mixed crops ol grain
grown ior hay and timothy, which
later yielded one and a half tons to
ihe acic, which is conceded lo lie a
gnat crop considering that this was
ihe first year 11 had been planU I.
Roots also do splendidly on Mi
Smith's ranch. Beets weighing "13'
ijioiiiid.-i can be seen and besides there
is a ma* crop of turnips, carrots and
potass. Mr. Smith has also plant-
..1 .1 number of fruit trees and •'
strawberry patch, all ><f which seems
to be do.ng well.
All Ihr above has been done wllh-
.ui the aid oi water, except ibe natural rainfall, and it seems 10 prove
conclusively that so lar as tbe St,
Marys prairie is concerned Irrigation
not n.cessary
l.adli s visiting Cranbri ok Sept*    -
Uh will !;•• able   to see a   com]
stock    of READY-TO WEAR  ll VTS,
..nl  Uie veiy best  stock    tl'  I... lii
Fall    Jackets   ever   shown  i:_  t':,.:.
brook,     ^i "u .tit- ini ■'  I to
store yum headquarters.
EID «& CO.
Olhals, besides 111. Smith, sea,,
lelieve tins, beoause every Ineh
land on lbe St. .Marys prairie
neen bought this yeai.
Last Thursday night, August :•!,
Joseph liasvtie died at lhc St. liug-
na hospital, Flvt days ago, re-
uiuing lo the mission, where he was
iiulilu) id at the Industrial S.huol, in-
ua_ been seriously Injured in a runaway accident, lu spile ul tbe good
care he received al the hospital Hum
ihe doctors and sisters, he Lingcreo
and nnalty passed away un Thursday
u.ght, surrounded by bis brother ami
several ftiuids. 'lne deceased waa
about 21 years old and was burn at
r'ro-lvlllc, n.ar Itattrloo, I', ij He
.nieuded lo start a ranch clone thi
Si. Marys r'.cr. He has a brother
working at the Marysville sinelici
The [unernl look place from the t'atli-
ollc church, Kather I,anion oftlclallng,
I'he service al tbe grave was read hy
Father Wagner.
(in Mun.lay morning, Angus, 28,
John Kaubert, an old pioneer iiiu
at the St. l.ugeiie hospital alter a
long and painlul sickness. The deceased had been In this district lor
the past nine years, working at nearly every camp between Sirdar and the
Crows Nest.
G.   T. R.
i lur Ltoro will be open from 7 to 10 a in. and from ~ tv 9 p.m.
We will have a twit on the grounds in the afternoon where
we will dispense ufternoon
G.    7.    R.   TEA
We extend a cordial invitation to tbe ladies to call nt our tent
and partake ol a cup of the VERY BEST TEA EVER
The Cranbrook Co-operative Com*
pany, Limited, have been fortunate In
securing the services nf William
I.ncey, of Nelson, li. C , to manage
iheir furniture business. Mr. Lace)
lias bad a vast expel nine in tills
line, aud for the last seven years has
been conncctotl With the l» M Mc
Arthur l'o.. of Nelson, ami comes to
Cranhrook highly recommended as a
man thoroughly up In all branches ol
ih;< furniture business.
* Conic In and See Us On LABOR DAY        *
* t
* *
.„.,    . .ATIONERS _
C. E. REID & CO.
JIAl'PY Sill I.S.
.Married — A, the I'lealii leii.u
church, uu Saturday, Aug '-'li, by Ihi
Hev. f.. II U. Fortune, Oscar It,,,,
netieig lo Ilclga Syveisin. both o
Marri.d-Ai thc .Manse, on Monday
August 'IU, lllfir,, by the llev   V,   ,1
fortune,   Byron A. Tozer,     o1
,****,**,*.-**■ ..-t.-*>4.**.*4> ****** ****.***t********a
' * *
Cranbrook   to   Jenni,
Black Lords, N. II.
A.  t',
& CO.
Bradley A t'u. are still Bradley .v
Co.,   and    Bradley .V: t'o. will    i -
liiiiie lo he Bradley A Co, so long as
they are in Cranbrook. Bradley &
Co. are not seeking any alliances
with any firm. Since coining lo
Cranbrook Bradley At Co. have had a
most satisfactory business, in palming, decorating, and papering, a fact
that demonstrates that the people of
Cranbrook appreciate first-class work.
Bradley & Co. will continue tu be
Bradley & Co.
One   conk   stove   and   one heating
stove,   tor sale.      Apply to Herald
office. *tl
i lur iin shop is fully equipped for the man,,
fa in riiiL- of nil kinds of Tin. Iron and Copp, f
smiths' work. Also Air I'ii,'- :,ml Roofiinij
(let our quotiitious on all furnace work. ''•■
,;i AKANTKI. OUE WORK, iiiv.- us a
cull nnd be convinced	
McCalhim's Hardware:
(if this season's fabrics still await
your order to be. made into a suit or
coat. Why not take advantage of
our end-of-the-season offer '» While it
is still summer for you it Is near
winter for us,    So we will
at about the cost of the cloth to
clear it out. The tailoring will l.e
up to our usual standard. That you
know is the highest.
v^m*---****.*-*--------' m&mm&mmw-mmmmmmmOWmmm^^
i \ve wm do    ! § 30b printing ie an BrU^ j
$ Vour Draying
t m
in a manner thai in-
suns satisfu 'lion.
Tliat is uur l>U8l*
[,, -.< \\',' wanl to
p We nre wil-
labor hard to
iiecomplisb tlml ob-
i.-ot. Tl    ,
pros its : ;
2 Aulberiled mo crtol lb.
*b *ta.-„n £ ,,'i   i, , lanoi	
* ei
* w
i mrnmmmoomnoom&owmm^
The Herald Practices the art.   You can get only one kind of g
Printing in this office.    That is the best. «
Western  Possibilities
By  P.   A.   0' 1 '.trull
}   A. W. McVittie   I
* Dominion an i Provin- j
# cial   Land   . iirveyor. |
j    H. H. McVittie   j
j General Agent |
{ CRANBROOK,   '5.   C. J
5 .
Drink H^e Bee.
it Is 1 ure
It Is Healthy,
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
■r_n— ■—mmmm—■ >    n —i   i
, ,,   Hums, the catth   king    ol   ttanspurti ti ..
>.,. Lhwi   . tells in.' Uial he   cau his     Ileal u- nts
..      , ll crta to Liver 1 :*™'!    !*»<«■
i,   the   Npporarj  larmei
■tern      over     ti
lie   Is   building
great      trans
for   einanuipat
pui Latin
,.l t u,,.i now,   mil watching and aid
■■-      ■   paj  Irom   Won I '" Liver- lng [n (i n L-j ^     lc LVnadiun systcn
Tetima „:,'l drtverfi famished fo,  n„
puinl In the diBtrlct.
A. DOYl.E, Manager,
Don't Pay Rent
Build a House
But Ind', ir,
doing bo see -I ami's
'Ireer, the
coiitrai'l'ir.    t li will
bo able to
blop vim with stiu-
HUMtilJll.   i
int   will prove   fill-
James Greer
Goutructor and Buildur
. Bu
Portland  and  Return
30 Day Limit
Choice ,;!' routes, nllriti! vi;, Suinn,
S. S. Princess Victoria
Through Sleeping
Sunday        W i?illn a III) _ridn,V
Kor full particulars lirst class oi
tourist sleopor resiT vat ions, upplj
to locul UL'i'iits nr write
U. Hillier, Agent, Cranbrook.
J. S. CARTER,      E. J, COYLE,
D.P.A., Kelson. A O.P.A. Vaneouv^i
Thirty days niter date we Intend tn
apply to the Commls loner of Lands
and Works at Victoria, ti. <'.. for .1
license to cut nnd carry away tlmher
from the following described lands In
the district of South Easl Kootenay
Commencing al a post planted
about twenty chains norlh of the
south-west corner of lot 1870, thence
wt'st ku chains; thence north .b
chains; thence cast '" chains; tbence
north iti chains, thi nn_ eai I 20
chains: thence south 10 dull Hi 'nt
east   20   chains; 6(1
chains, to    tho   place ol .  m ■ ■-
ment,    inclualng   lln   ■ I ■■'■■ ol     Iol
8009. and part of Iol 2371,    roup  I
Kootenay district,
Klmberley    Milling   '   Manufneliirlng
VaU-d 17lb August,  1005. _il-5t
have written noihiflg ol the town:
and cities that uo springing up a;
if by magic in this new country. The;,
too, aro a subject >'i wonder. Uu.
hero at Calgary I fowl Hki Canada..
Paclllc expending $3,1)00,000 building ,
magnlllcent system ol Irrigation. I
is Belling ibe irrigated land to bona
tide sctlkrs for $10 an acre, and loi
a royalty on the water that will paj
interest on Hn* cost afld malutonanc
iui all nine. Over in the Rockies
this wonderful railroad company 1
developing coal of thu flnvst quality
mi 11s own lands, and is preparing to
supply coal Lo all set-tiers as far bac
as Lake Superior, al rcasonabb
1 lunl a wonderful give and ink,
policy between Lho Canadian Pacini
and the people whom ii servos. Thej
work in unison; indeed, 1 am Inclined
lo ■in;,;: that American turners In
un ist ovcrj state have reason ti
■u.\ the relations existing between
•ii.- Canadian Paclllc and its people
i'n,.; makes me see, oven in a bright
1 Ul lit, tl" marvellous achievement
of SIi William Van Homo and his as
loclates. Surely no statesman <»;
monarch ol our age has accomplished
he good for mankind which SU William Van Home lias done. In my
judgmrnt ho has been the architect of
he vast and great work lhat has
been done in tho British empire In
onr day and general ion. Ile blazed
the way for millions who will tlml
prosperous and happy homes In thi
land;* which his genius has reclaimed
from wilderness. {Through him millions will he happier and better, an i
can this be saitl of many other men
of the age; and success and achievement and wealth and fame have not
spoilt William Van Home, or robbed
him nf bis natural simplicity and
modesty. No one has ever heard of
him at the eourl of kings 01* viceroy,
or mingling in the mad social whirl
ol either continent. Brilliant, accomplished, cultured, a connoisseur
and an artist, he easily ranks among
'he great men ol the ago. But like
ibe truly preat of every ape, he
hrinU from parading either his genius or his achievements before th.*
world. It has been bti ambition to
achieve greal things and share the
crcdil of the achievement with others,
lie   built  llio   greatest   commercial
lioft but side issues. Hols wrapt up
in ins hooks and paintings and musU
and counlrj life, and lh' is enjoying
even In thu world a share ..1 Uie hap
pines-, which lie hns boon tlie moans
ol conferring on millions. His lilt
has been lull and of enduring good and
liu renowned achievement will shim
forever in the annals of lus country
and 0! civilization
P, ,-\. (VFarrelt.
I'he  Canadian  Northwest     li ! Lli.ti   iwes .,.   much lo hi* genius and
liy  being   grldlroned  with  ran-jlhs pu« 1      Uut with liim tin
roads,    The Canadian Pacific is now
. jm: [ing stfi 001  building a doubh
.,,,!.   between    Winnipeg   and  Fori
IVilllam.     Within a low years it bai
■ ■  R70(0o0,0 ni betterment   and
xtcnsioi s, and yet, ii is nol able ti
I ,■ p   up with the   expansion ol Ouai
ncs3.     n Is uow practically parallel-
its own Une from Lake Superloi
0 Vancouver, through the Crowf
N'esl line, bui thnl ivill soon be ovoi
taxed, livery Oriental niei.di.int _ i-
clamoring for more Canadian Pacini
-hips, and tire passenger equtpmen
.if tliis great transcontinental lin<
provi 1  iuaJe 1 late during iiu- prcscii
ftsou. During tin biuumei foui 01
livi pali co cars left St. Paul eacl
lay loi the Canadian Rockies an.
Vancouver, and four Immense ilall)
trams   were   needed  to handle    lh,
ranseontin nial Uallic Thai is, th.
i.iiir transcontinental trains schedule
lo go cast, and from Calgary Ui
suctions, making eight daily trans
continental  trains,  through line.
Tlu Canadian Rockies boast th
grandest and most beautiful scenet)
,n the wmld, and the railroad hotel.
aie the best on the continent. Al.
that brings the tourist. *lt account!
partly for the amazmg'tide oi Iravc.
Lhat is to-day rolling over the Can
ullan Pacific lines. But tho volum.
ol that travel has surpassed all th,
expectations oi Lhu railroad olllcial
and it 1.^11 onlj be accounted lor it
Lho theory that the whole world bu
suddenly began lo realize that Al
berta and Saskatchewan aie ties limn
to take rank among the richest an.
most prosperous and best govorui...
irouutries iu tho world.
Van Home and his associates luu
a world 01 infinite dilllculties io ovei
come   lo secure   the   money   and   ti
build   to    lho    Paeilie.   Nuw Londoi
and Now   Vork and Puis and Borlii.
are   ready  with untold millions    to
railroads    throughout   lhe   Canadian
Northwest, and $300,000,000 aie    ..
bo siient thus within three yeai
ibo country is growing taster
tlie railroad builders cau meet
demands,   and   that   is   perhaps   111
most significant   development  of
the strange   ones ol     lh
thirty years ol peaceful p
Per years a continuous search ha
been made foi tho ore chute on vvha
is now the Noble Five mineral claim,
says the Lardeau Mining Review
Some years ago, lying at the foot 0.
1 perpendiculai precipice 1500 feci
high "ii ihe Cromwell hill, a larg
boulder .il galena ol high grade wa
found, which could not have com.
Hum any other place"than from'som-
place ou the face of ihe preclfplce.
'The dangerous position, howevei
deterred many [nun prosecuting 1
systematic search. Many tried bu
generally lust tlieir nerve when the;
;oi out where a slip meant instan
leatb, Finally the search was give)
1,1 and the claim abandoned Tlu
year, however, Ed. Vlpond re-slake,
ihe ground, and after several unsui
■essiui attempts, Sid Graham an
Jim Snell became Imbued with theii
ablllt) a.s ch mi,cts, and announce,
iheir intention to gel lhat ore or g>
n Missouri. Sid pul liis head d
work and fashioned a very [ngontotii
tope ladder with steel spikes to diiv.
into the rock. Fool bj foot the)
lescended the face of lho cliff, scan
■ling with their eyes every inch 0
-he surface, says the Lardeau Minin,
Success at last crowned their ef
oris and long looked for ore wai
found, lh inches in width of cleai
ue, and although no assay values ai
i*ot obtainable, ii will easily run u*
ner $HUI por ton.
Work will be started at once by thi
lucky owners getting down n car 0
ore, and it. is fully believed thai tin
"anions Triune piino will be dupllcnl
I I'h;' claim is owned by u syndl
catc of five; K It. Vlpond, Bert Fow
ler, Alec. McLean, .''red Mills and Sn,
!ta lum.
I gbway the world has ever seen, but | that neigh
in ib-- hour «.f supreme success hoImeasuring .
turned lhc mauagiMient ol the mighty   tip to Up,
rut: lajjy of lyons.
This brilliant drama comes 10 thi
.)pv'ia House, Friday, Sept. li, serving to introduce the brilliant and ac
.oiiiplislkd English actress, Mis.-
Margaret Neville, and a competent
uipporting company of associate play
Al ih,* time when lirst produced thi
authorship ui the play was nclthci
avowed noi suspected uin.l ilu pla>
had established Itself in public favor.
The announcement of Lord Lyttoii'a
name in comjecliou with "The Lad.
ul Lyons" ai that time would havi
been thc signal for allaeks, chiellj
[jolillcaj that would havo sounded tin
death knell for that beautiful stage
story, When a work has outlined Ioi
some lime lho earlier hostilities 0:
ritlclsm such as "The Lad> ol
Lyons'' was subject to, there come*-
1 new race of critics to which a
wrilei may, for the most pari, calmly itust [or a fair consideration,
whether of iho faults or tbo merits
of his performance, so to-day ihi.
play stands as lho most brilliant ef
fort ol ihis renowned ami brilliant
Prospect.ns say thai al man-
points on ibe island panthers are
particularly numerous this season,
-.ays tbe Vancouver World. W. F.
Andrews, ol Nanalmo, on Sunday
-.hot a good-sized panther near Englishman's river. When returning
from lhc river iu his carl he saw a
big panther cross the road. As he
had no rifle he hurried to Jim
Craig's anil returned with him and a
rifle. On the way hack n smaller
panther crossed lhe road. Tbe dogs
at once took after him, and in a few
minutes he was treed. Mr, Andrews
brought him down with a shot in the
shoulder. They then set dogs on the
trail of the big fellow, but failed to
gr*t him. In addition to those two,
which came out on the road in upon
daylight, Mr, Craig bas already killed sh'r-i'ii nf the In 5 eats this year in
lorhood, some of them
a much as fen feet from
New Westminster, ll. C, Aug. 10.—
With tbe Dominion Exhibition Just
i\ weeks away the various committees thai havo In (to with the elaboi-
ato arrangements aro working over-
time in order to have lheir work ail
completed so that it will requlm
only the pressing of a button to sol
evorylhlng in lull swing on tlio mom
lug ui Sept. 87,
Scores ol artisans and laborers aro
busy on the site oi the ti'uri National
Fait and nearly all work has developed Into    the   wtugc   whew  finishing
touches aie the onlj worries. The old
provincial   exhibition     grounds,    ti
which so many successful lalra   hav
heen held under tbe auspices ol    il
Royal Agricultural A  Industrial   t>(
cloty  have boon  greatly  enlarged .11 I
with ibe many   alterations and    improvements will, foi beauty,   surpass
anything of lho kind in Canada.
Thc new buildings, which represent
:.hc latest ideas aud best skill In
architecture, toge-tber with the expenditure of 535,000, are now in the
hands of thc painters and decorators
whose schemes promise most attrai
live results.
The space in the buildings is ample
to accommodate a stupendous ari'aj
of exhibits representing ail that is
if interest in the products and manufactures of Canada and tho extreme
limit of ibis space will be occupied.
The British Columbia exhibits
uf horticulture, florlcullitre, .n&ricul-
ture, live stock, fish, game, timber,
minerals, etc., will be an eye-opener
Lo all who ;ir»' not in constant touch
With every OiVter and corner of tin-
province, and it will be a revelation
to visitors from other parts of lhc
Dominion and the world. Nearly
every fruit growing district in the
province—and there arc about thirty
of them—will make its best showing,
which means nil amazing .f.splay ol
what is destined to be one of British
Columbia's most Important resources.
The sports and spectacular and
musical events will be iu keeping with
ibe general nature of the great
Take notice sixty days allei date
v .,     ,   .  , ,   SyaoptU ui Itvnlatteu tor dlsposil ol Mla«
Notice is hereby given that   aflei       S 11 Brtta Ui« ,u HidUou,
one month Loin the date ol the Hist        it- NerthweilTerriittrie*ud theYnkQi
publication nereol application will be       territory.
made to liis Honoui tho Lieutcnaut-
Govornor-in-Council foi  Incorporation    ''"'   • "■*' ^"w* tuta .-* immum-ii m tui uei
as a clt)  municipality under the cor- ERuUft^^
porate name ..1 t ranbrook, nf the nii-laUiautuui muptuiy,   tunnW, ni u'« mio ol
incorporated locality located in     tlu*.*1*"■•*»■'**"*■ ■""'/ ','*'1""' uii»b^u»oI
Province ol   British Columbia,    des-   ,,J",,,l,," kVv^,,." vi;i,;,,-ii nmn tma nvor
crihed as follows:— .iu.\ lumi -1.-v.. .■..,« |..m ."'.'i, iu>uu I ■■' iiilm-r'i
Commencing ..1     a point     in   lot:.-™e.u* ...a. u_ ...u-un, n.i   n,. um
twenty-nine   li1-) Group    One, Kool      a ii.-unur. ivi.muii, 1. inmi.ti ; n>
mai      Disincl,    in   tbe     Pltninee   uf | ur iti .i*.ir*-, .*\.-.t.'.i,u. ti u. ui«ut iMi 1
,h iti
Intend to apply toj Uie "lion, theChlol ^c* § N),lv,
Coluinl ia, where the nor tin 1
nf Harold Street, as shown 1
filed    in   the  land   if.'Ui' I
Bouners Ferry Herald: The demand
tor lalior was never so great iu tin
.'iitire Northwest as at the presenl
time. In fact there never was
time before in which the supply did
not equal the demand, and usually
there has been a good sized surplus.
The surplus bas been mainly due tt
the fact of the tremendous immigration to the Northwest. But even
this does not supply present demands. The agricultural localities
are employing a vast army of laborers at present. Men have docked la
the wheat fields, attracted then* by
the good wages that farmers are
compelled to pay in order to get
their grain harvested. This has made
a shortage of labor in many occupations. Several logging camps in
Kootenay country have been compelled 10 closo down because Ihey could
not get men.
Here at Bonners Ferry lhe contractors constructing tlie Spokane A International could use 3,0fl0 more men
if they could he had. The work
dragging along very slowly. H will
probably taku all winter to finish
work that it was expected would bo
completed this fall.
One now camp has been recently established—that of McKeever & Daniels, who have the contract tor grading thc yards through Bonners Kerry.
They have the wofk between the
Kootenay Valley Railway prpsst/jg
and the bridge. Part oi lhu woik
is a very heavy fiti.
'The bridge contract was to have
been let last Saturday. It will be
over 000 feel Jong, besides the trestle
of some 500 feet Lu length, by whieh
tlie approach is made frum ihe weal.
The construction of the bridge will
require quite a force of mm, and the
work must necessarily start righl
Twoby Bros., Winters, Parsons A
Boomer, Grant Smith A Co., Gray A
Chapman and other contractors report their work going along nicely,
iXCOpt as noted —scarcity of
men. It is expected that men will
lie back from the harvest fields in
the latter part of October when the
amps will fill up.
British   Lion—Did   you hear aboui
Billings' cigar.
Little Jap—Nope.
British Lion—It's all butt gone.
Tramp—Please give me a bite ?
Kind Lady—I'm sorry, but I    don't
keep a dog.
Me—But I thought you'd forgiven
me for that and promised to forget
She—Yes, but I didn't promise to
let vou forget I'd forgiven it !—
Our John's wife," said John's
falher, "Is too easy with Mm. She's
too ready to make excuses for him."
"Well" remarked John's mo;ber,
significantly, "John can't say truthfully that they're not 'like mothei
used to make.' "
suuiel ol Laud nud Work
Victoria ior    permission  to purchase
ihe following described land, liegi ig
at a post on   lhe cast bank ol   Uoj
river In tho Fast Kootenay dt«lrti t,
at  111.' smith east Collier ol  lot   UIU,
marked R. O. St. Clair's south wuul
cornel posl; thenco north -" chain*;
lb.nee east 20 cluiius, thence soulh IU
chains; ihence west 8(1 chains, to
puiiit  ot  beginning,    coiilauilitg    iu
OCroS, more 01 loSB,
KWU 11. 0. St. Clair.
Yahk Station, June 35, 11105,
Take   nonce   thai   tbo pai Lii. ri hip
hi reloforu   existing   between Uie   ui
dctslgned   ai   Marysville,   as    hotel
keepers,    uudci   ihe   liim   name   oi
clhii.-iu- iV    Nell has tliis da)    bei -i
dissolved hy    mutual   consent.     1 In
business is continued by James Neil
under lus   own name,    who nssuuu
all the liabilities of the above    linn
and in whom all tl.'his dm- said Ihu.
must be paid.
Dat.d at Cranhrook this 15th   da}
of August, A. ti,  1005.
Witness.— Signed .—
J. ,\. Harvey,     A.  P. 1 hvnette,
James Nell.
Thirty days alter date we intend
apply to the t hu-t Commissioner
Lauds and Works, \ ictoiia, lor
Special License to cut aiul cat
away timber irom the following .1.
crihed lands situate in South En
Kootenay, B. C—
Commencing at a post planied 0
milo, mors or less, [ruin the northc
houndary line of lot 'I'M'i, thrnce in
nlng east -10 chains; thence north
chains; thence east 40 chains; then
north 10 chains; thence west
chains; tlitnce nurlh 40 chains, ihe;.
west 40 chains; thence south L
chains to point of commenceuiei
containing fiio acres, more or 1 ss.
The King Lumber Mills. Ltd,
Dated Aug   17th,   1005. 22-51
Thirty davs after dale we Inteml Lu
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands aud Works, \ ictorla, lor a
special license to cut and earn awaj
timber from the following described
lands situated in Southeast Kootenay ■—
Commencing at a post plant eil at
the south-east eoiuei of"L. Callill's
Timber License, thence running north
SO chains; thence east lim chains,
more or less, to a point due north
of lhe south-west corner of lot 5404,
thence south to saitl south-west corner of lot 5484; thenee west Iti chains,
thence south 40 chains, more or less,
to B. C. Southern Railway, thence
following riglit-of-waj ol said B. C
Southern Railway in a south-westerly direction tin chains, more or less,
to point of commencement, contain
ing 840 acres,  more or less.
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Dated July 20th, 1005. ili-.'ii
ber si) I 111 '1 1 ind 1 Ixty nine
,1,1.' 1 produ il, Btrl ■■• Uu loutli tIj
llmll ol the 1 In nf*wny ol lhu
Crow's  Si   1    Pa     Railway, as thc
Hal In-' v 1 1 li iwn nn tin
s.nil plan um II,  them e    soulh
! . ■ !   111(1 lui'li.ili  .-I
tbo noitlurl)   liu il ol linn ll Strei 1
.Hid it I nil    'I ll   n.   limit ol
llarol t Stn   1   U   lh   inli 1 vt lb 11   ol
■ 1        : uml ui Harold Streel
iv nli  1! e i'n -.ii'    lumi ol  Lum it 11
...... 11   ,1     b Id pi,ui BU0,
thenci lho sal I ea«
1, iiv limit "i aid Lumsdi n avenue lo
Ks   Intel ivitb   lhe  northerlj
limit of Ed wai d Streel as 1 hown on
said pi.'! torlj   alnna    thi
nald mu h li l of 1 Ivvard Street
to Iti lib  the easti rh
II   ,:   - :   • Wi'iiiic as    shown
.>n pi.in m ,1 11 il in ih.- Raid Land
Re    My (Mlu the   : lh day    ol
Janu irv, !""!. Hi nee southerly .ibtiu
lh i' ■ rlj limil nf said N ir
ch e '. ■- -■ ■ as shown on s.ii 1
I Ian I'' d to its intei - , 1 ion with the
south 1 ly lln It of Kaln street as
shown 1 n  l hi   ■ ild pirn   llfl&d, thence
v , '  ■   Hi       01 'il 'tlv   lllllll   Ol
I a 11    In   ' dii wn on s.ii.l    plan
fill id . nl on lhe plan ORHe, nnd BBflh
fyled In C 0 said 1 and Registry Oilier
to A-.- Intersection of snld Kali
Rtre t wiih Iht? northerly limil ol
Van Home Street, thenco northeasl
crly along tho northwcstcrlv limit ol
t   lH)   l.v-i,t,-.l   Wulll,.   Illlt-i'll
< llllll   I' iU->  ill   11  UllUUItf
i-ii».nl,in.uii.ii i.n ullimi'.l lur
'■ . Ill.lv. „i 11.1  i,  1,      I hh   !.,.
IW11 11 lllllll .1.1.. 1 ill 1.
,,, 1 i,	
1. i.a .-1 ni-
tiosniJl .in- ;.,, - ■ .'..1
i, 1 1.     ii 1, 11 -.1 -nm 1
foul wlila .11..J 1.1
lUBillIIMU III tl •- ,ll>
1 ul   Mi
..  „i, 1  llm
.N    V.       i.     ,\. .-.Mli,,
I.n'   in..
11   1
rr.u.rj -A
ir>'.' HU   CI inn.   il	
.,'>    Ol     ll.U
.ii,..- ii. in.-.u.-,_.iti...
.'1      l.M.ll
U  Hit'   llll
,„'' i!,'."ViV
Vn„ llml
, „'
lo lhe [,,ii.
iv r nurd,
.1    V. Ilniv.y,
v K. Simpson,
p. n,'V. iiiini,
.1 P, Fink,
IV T. 11,'i.l.
.1. D. McBride.     10-11
Dated lliis 28111 day ol July, A.IV
Take notice tli.it thirty day. afti'i
date I Intend to npply to ,1,,' Chic!
Commissioner ol Lands and \l'„<!,s
for a special license to cut antl earn
away tlmher from the lollowlng .les
crlbed lands i„ Soulh Kasl Koote
nay —
Commencing at a post marked
"Alex, aluflat's South fas, Cornor"
planted on the west line of lot iill
tliiiii], on,', and alioul one mile souili
"1 the uui ih-west corner ol the ,ai.l
lot; thence west M, chains; thence
north 10 ohalns; thence northeasterly
lollowlng Ihe bank ol the Klk rlvei
120 iliaiim, ii ore or lass, lo llie said
wesl line nl lhe said Iol .'Wl. Ihence
soulh 120 chains lo thc place „I he
ginning, containing 840 acres, more w
Located  the
A IV.  1005.
«■•:■•!■ -I--
3 - DAYS  - 3
IU ill ll,
i Vnkf
Q Tl 11
. .11. II,
.'I   IH
lllj )
• dft) 1)1
111  IK   '
IU  IU'"
..t, tl
l lil .lit
ear. nuil-flu per tuba M
1'i.u-ei Mi i ii UK in tue V'u
i Um,is.in- iiiiiiKi'i lij Ui
1*0*1 I'li.l. 0i.ill lUU il.Hl.fi.
ntitiou .1, inn i.'.i ua a. ii
u an,.
, n,a iii
u.K In   ■ .i-iit.il-,, It,,
1  Wltlllli Hi,'  Vuk -I
,-|.,..'tiiin fi,. peinn
vv, vv.
f tlia Minister oi
Lnrgei' uml better, Ilini) over     l_
tlntn.   All kinila qf open air ultr
nip ui,t,,.   All uinclfl ot open air nttructio
'%$.  tliinp i))torosting.    Vou will nir-, t ,,l,i
I Erie
,ls III,
===   ;_      . -.    ;...;. - .     -. ;l-
^****-K-k-K-K-H--h-M,*;l,*:M,H--l-:H-T.;--i--I- I-i- -I- -I-•!■ -I- !• + -l'.-!-i-H-'l-!-+-K
5 Dominion Exhibition
l905=September 27 to October 7-1905
Undo? tin- ftuspiopfl nf III" Rnyi).] AKririilliirnl
nml Imlustriiil Sncicty , ,
New Wesiminster, B. C.
HV    I'MNi,
- Tl I
AM, All. PACIPIC PUIS I.St. ^buI, Chicago, Nt«  Vork
am, aii. points east
Palate an. l„„rui S|eeperi Duffel   I liirnri'
Cars, Modern lla) Coichei,  l),„,ii|  ia,«,
JMcai. a In Carn-
HliSi' ril-AI.S ON VX • 11 :t :1..
^   l-'ASI   TRAINS
Last nnil
Woi iinii, L
special excursion rale, lo World'i lal,.
Louie,     Vmir choice ,,l n„,ic.
I' lion, liikli'ia nml lull Inlorimitl
i-i;ii,.I„i« irlpa, onll on ui nihlrnaa
I, ykiiki;.-,
n  IV  1', i,
Soul, I,,
,   1'  ,l  1    ,
,,il Vi. IllvoraUlt, lv„
Hpukliup. Wiial,
Stupendous and conjp;ehensive  -srrjy ot Exhibits Kprescnting the resource-, ol .ill Canada
$100,000.00 'ANT^'m,o%Ds $100,000.00
Hnlnrged (iruunds, New, Handsome. Spucloiit, Huaiin,;.
WORLD'S   ChAMPlONSHIP   EVENTS in  Rowing and
Lacrosse. Horse Kuciiig, PfonchovBuslIng," riiliinry
Parades and L_rcii.es,
ROYAL IRISH GUARDS and other Famous bands.
(IRANI) WATER CARNIVAL   Parade „l  Frazer river
fishing fleet, patrol  boats, IL  M,  warships, Indian
war canoes, etc.   Indian Sports.
For all Information write W, ll. KEARV, Secretary and
and Manager, New Westminster, ll. C,
N'iiII,:,, Is hereby Biv,:,i Uial si.iy
days alter date I Intend to apply 10
lhe Chief Commissionei ol Lands and
Works for permission to purchase
three hundred and twenty acres ut
laud iu South L.u[ Kootenay, described ns lollows ;—
Commencing at a post planted at
lhc noi ih-west coiner ol lot No. .',3,
ihence north forty chains along lhc
oast boundary ol lot 3UII5, then,,,
east sixty chains, more or less to lhe
Wild Horse Creek, thence lollowlng
down the said stream In a point ea.,l
ot lhc Initial post, thence west forty
•hams, more or less, to the place of
v..,   , Sarah I.a Itue Oalhraith.
OOiX*».0000<i«00000<iOOOOOOOOOOOOuC'OOOC'OaOOO<«S>0   I   ltotou   •* Fori   Steeli,   B.C.,   5th
aCbWKfcr-'Wl*'^'^^ -lulf. HM. U-lit TIIE   CRAXBBOOK   II KRAI.D
S5 •'-•*-"!
55 a
ss _
fef   i
Ci' *,
Vi-:. k
V    5
■ :\
-„-•.■.,.- "-w-.<^-»v'-:>r'--r ;.■.-■-r-*--r---.-i^ .   .•.-• (Ten-. — ywf.?m_.wi' 11^-*-.-»:!--■ ?rl;K-*i*-'''' ■"* ■*.'
»»«»»■;. ■■v-MNa<,.>;'.V<,.t'e>»»»^ ..****« »<>♦<»•<.*»♦■»>♦«>*<'♦»•>'('.
CUBaf.* ti_al _b-<* —!__-.■ „
JtJ>L.U Ai*;-,t-»;
b-:t3    i_K«i
I*-/'-:'   '    -     M^^i_5i^
PARADE   AT   10   A.   M.
Best Driving Team . .
Best Draft Team . . .
Best Dressed Team . .
Union  with largest repre-
Best Union Float . . . $15
Best Merchant's Float . . 15
Best Lumbermen's Float       15
Union with best general ap
•        •        •        •
$ 5
5   .
2 Cups and $50
*>.j.**-« **»♦< •:-.-< t..********ote"***-***^***-*-* ♦<.♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦
fiao_,'M.i ji __-«»>*«.««**■ >,....'.rr-->T,ia_-i
y;M Winners for Wet Test	
£^ Winners lor Hub and Hub Race Cup and $25
£||| The Harvie cup goes to winners of wet test.    Races to take
kEX place after parade on Hanson avenue.
17. J w
r l
First   Sec'd
ST-'- fi i
Will be Run from Every
in the District at
Lv;;  ..
Hall mile dash, open, horse race    $40
Half mile pony race (14'  hands or
Indian pony race	
Squaw race	
Chopping contest	
Tic making contest	
Sawing contest 	
Loading logs        	
Drilling: contest lopen only to miners
ol  East Kootenay)	
Running high jump	
Running broad jump  	
High pole vault     „
Winning team, trap shooting
Silver Cup
First Sec'd
100 yards, open     $20 silver cup $10 medal
Halt mile open  $20 SJ0
Boys'race, under 16 years  6 3
Boys'race, under 10 years  3 2
Girls' race, under 16 years   6
Girls' race, under 10 years  3
Union men's race, 1C0 yards, 20 to 35
years           10
Union men's race, 35 to 45 years 10
Old men's race, over 45 years 6
Fat man's race, 200 pounds or over 6
Putting 16 pound shot  10
Tug of war, on cleat;,   10 men on
team, open to East Kootenay 35
No second prices without three entries
M.l— II    l      i ma       „W,B  Ifllll BI Bill
<,i<;*4.*v1-«<>i***t.-.'<,<j<*0<****«* ********* 44444******44444444444
wa.ia I.,. .—ni..,rt.»a,<»r,im—,a>, ,f  . . mm.J**x***Hl^miinimi.im*t^^mmmta*mamm^^^Bmlmm^*ml^m
£a     and Enjoy Yourself
$1200 IN
I '■-,"
■     -
0 ; ;
■Uf-wr. J"rfi, w.  *rr-   w.:-?.*»w«e***(;w
irmT*-..     '..   ^
fl. <-..,- HI -*IM'.V « inVCillaMMW ■_■■■■■__■__■___■_____■■■■_■ ■—■____i*^*^*H—I>^««^—^_^_*^*W**»*^*^*^*^r^*^*^*^r^*^*^*^*^
7/VK, President H. WHITE, Secretary
S. M'DONALD, vice-ch'R'm
VICE-PRESIDENTS: J. F. Huchcroft, William Oliver, G. A. King, Robert Findlay, H. W. Drew, I. H. Wilson, J. Austin, A. K. Leiteh, F. Becker, I. J. Baxter, Glen Campbell, Samuel Speers, R. A. Fraser, Oliver
Burge, N. Hanson, E. C. McPhee, Thos. Young, George Leiteh, Thomas Moran, W. W. Tuttle, C. C. Farrell im. CttAXBBOOK liU.Ai.f.
an ..... = : . -
I Eight Years Afi«
1 in Cranbrook....
0  ITEMS   CULLED   I UO.M   THE   5
$  HERALD   "|      in\[     PATE fl
Landlord   R] an
visit Sunday,
paid   Wai
Solicitor Norley, ol Wardner, was
In town taking In the Rights ol the
Percy Irving, hel tci known as
"Lord Irving," is nov b catt -I in
Cranlirnok and drawing bis salary,
!•'. l'. Norburj has been quite ill
lately at bis ranch Joe Laidlaw re
iiiaiiutl with Iiiiii lasl *..-'.
Chas.   Harden,   illvl
with hca Iquart I
his wile an M    and
-Mis. Pratt thli   .-
Peter Woods ul St. Mai j a ■ _*niric
was in town Monday with a large
load ol vci tab] - an l found thai
Cranbrook was <i im st excellent market.
,1. M. Uoudle) ; t- * ■■••■■■ Mon
treal Iftsl v ecli lo l ■ q po it-Ion
in tin- Canadl m _ar.l( ot ( oiiun rco.
Ho is well pli I wiih Cranbrooi*
uud think--, :' ha future.
Den Thlel, tha ion; trial ai tlst from
Wardner, was ,. I ranbrook vlsitoi
Tuesday, ba\ lug come over from Steel
where Il     bits i        rdlng   his
mineral claim    D n  will  pro lablj :,
fall and Bpend  tli
precious metals.
Art-hie Mat
Bai i> i'. tov
municipal afo
1*.  M.
lull    that    lh-    Uill    II,,,:.
in police     regnli ri hi   dl]
gets hei   boom an I [n.j Ij
because n man is poor that is no
reason whj he ba ild h . . . .t rin
mayor is enthusiastic on municipal
reform an.l holds i uiue i iroiig ideas
ou tlie subject.
S, E. Oliver, thc Wardner postmas
ter, arrived In town Thursdaj In
bearch ut Ins missing trunks, Mr. Oil
ver recently embarkcil on tin: matrimonial sea and when he nn i his bride
returned to Wardnei they were
minus their trunks, and consequently clothing llr had thi
satisfaction ol learning thai
the trunks were this side ol MacleoJ.
lie said in a confidential way that lit
■was anxious to change his linen this
week and ho wanletl in see lliosi
ti links,
The material is now on lhe ground
for a largo freight house 70x81) feet
lhat will be built about one block below the site selected foi  lhe depot.
There ate four miles of track laid
in the yard and the crews are working day and night.
Alter mouths ol waiting, with the
necessity growing more pressing
every day. Cranhrook has been given
a post olliee and the lirst regulai
mail will leave to-morrow by thi
way of Fort Steele and Golden. In
spwlor   Fletcher    arrived   Saturday
and called at once ii|  H   E. iieat*
tie. Within a shi
lio was authorized
alter his name. A registry department will be added. Mr, lica ie ai
ranged at onoo lo have quart > foi
Uiii oilice and will have everything
ready tn a lew days. Mr, Clark will
officiate* as assistant and lias taken
bis place behind the drug stoto count
U. It. Leask has l- u ■■■ ol the completion of lhc two buildings thai
die being erected by Messrd. Hamilton and Baker,
Cianbrook Is lo enjoj the tlistlac
tion u) having the largest ami itnesi
depot iu the lioolenaj...
Lasi Saturday n ing a ban) .... i
was born to Mi        I   ■■■      lurubui
in   llk'ii   cai   .'..' lonetl   in   th    ;..  ■
in the north pari ol the town,    i hi
mother an I child an ■ -   I
Turnbull, .. ui  ol    eon
Btructlon t necessarily I |
the end    I tl
lie has In-   i.i turn   all  Hn
time   comfoi I in*   tw
cars built lui .- | .:i ■■ ■ '1 hcii
litile babj   fti ur tion   oi
being the lirsi i niltl I o n in Cranbrooi
and   lu   commi nn ,..        i.l       i
Messrs. Hamilton and ilakei pn -em
ed the mother with a deed for a lo!
as a gift for the little one who first
saw light of day In this town.
Crelghton's crow is making trouble
Ior tbe towu. It has arrived ai
that stage ol its training where it
ean utter alow words combined into
sentences. Some one lias taught 11
to say "To hell with Spain" and the
other day when Mr Uool.es,
thc telegraph opi rator from Fort
Steele Stopped In front of
the building lhe crow at once began
to display his accomplish men ts inn
got the words a little mixed np and
said "To hell with Steele." K '
looked across the
streel  to see if  it
, towards the Min
linker was
I and start-
rapid    nail
person who
•li-  public
if II-.
was Kaakc tin n
er building to si
in night. He «
ed for Ryan's hi
vowing vengcanc
would revile bis
rrtreots. Just then ! ird n . in-
lent "Caw, caw," and looklnp back he
saw the crow Bitting on a box Innocently blinking in the afternoon sun.
C. M.    Edwards, mining  recorder,
came over from Steele Saturday.
A. n.   Fenwlek   was down Sunday
looking for help to harvest bis grain.
(Continued Irom Orsl page.)
i pres ntations that something should
i t* paid to Japan."
At this momeut, W  Wltte, who was
-itill laboring uudei excitement, again
■1'nHst lost   control ol himself.     He
. ised im a moment, and then went
"Tin* Japanese wanted to take the
interned ships and I bave not consented. Tbe Japanese wanted to
limit our naval powers in the far
east, and I havo not consented. Tbe
Japanesu wanted war Indemnity, ot
reimbursement for the cost ol tho
war—are, demanded it nnd 1 havo
not consented Tlie Japanese wanted
the Chinese Eastern railroad south of
Harbin but 1 gave them only tlio
railroad in the possession of their
troops south of ibaiiialu. The Japanese wanted thc island of Sakhalin,
and l refused It, agreeing, however,
it thi' last moment to cede ibe
■outh rn ball, and then ouly because
; ..a commanded hy my sovereiga io
yield, and obeyed Not oni) do wu
11 paj so much as a kopeck, but wi
btaln hall ol Sakhalin, now iu their
hands, At this morning's meeting 1
propose*:] mj written proposition,
■I,idi was the Russian ultimatum. Ji
was accepted by ihe Japanese J was
nina/ed. 'mil 1 wns* iu the confet-
.kc room I did not think il would
lappen I could hot. anticipate such
i gn ai and happy Issue.'
id Wit/Us expressed the opinion lhat
son o ' uui' will be required to com-
ilete Lhe doialls of the tn
lo.s not approximate ibe p
.1 1,
ni tli
a   Ilia
.Oil Ml
1    III',,
Iii-rii mI
n, tin
■  pie.
ipo ten liar les
ewe proposal
which M. Witle, however, refused to
take into consideration, il being con-
iaiy lo tlie ulUmatum he bad n-
-i.i.-ii iinin St Petersburg. It was
i. i er lb is i bat i he J ajianesc plenl
"( nliaries accepted the Russian proposition, which M, \Vittc bad prcv-
lOusIj  prrsi ntcd in writing.
'lb,- Japanese correspondents all ex*
i r.-ss great satisfaction with the
basis of Lho peace treaty.
'ibe following stateuielil was is.ued
lo-nigbt by Mr, Sato on behalf of
the Japanese plenipotentiaries: '•'lhe
questions of the linal disposition ui
-aiJialin island and tho reimbursement to Japan of her war expenses
have from the first been issues upon
ubiih absolute divergence of opinion
i as existed. The difference of opinion upon these points—not one bui
iioth—have frequently threatened the
existence of the conference. But his
majesty, tlie emperor uf Japan, responding lo the dictates ol hu painty
and civilization has, in a iplrit of
perfect conciliation, and in the in lor—
ists oi peace, authorized bis plenipotentiaries to waive the question oi
reimbursement of war expenses, and
bas consented in a division of Sakhalin island, upon terms which are
mutually acceptable, thus making it
possible lo bring tlie important work
of the conference to a successlul    is-
\1    \\i hit iiiiii     was in   town last
!   Mis. il. Hamilton visited In Fernie
'la.i week.
j   Arnold's show, Thursday, Sept. "th.
Two performances.
■ Miss Mansfield has returned Irom
Fernie where she spent her vacation.
1 Mi and Mrs A. Leiteh will give a
dancing and card parti this evening
at lheir home.
Mi. and Mrs. Eager and Mrs. W,
11. Wilson returned to-day from their
trip lo the east.
j    Arnold's show, Thursday, Sept. 7th.
I Two performances,
Lou llonna, P. Pencnauilr and Will
|Benning, ol Wetasklwln, are guests at
ihe Royal hotel
Mis. Brown returned iiom Winnipeg
yesterday, accompanied bv her sister
Mrs. Ponton, of Toronto
Charles Armstrong has bought out
Fred Filth's hot, I al   Moyie and  will
| take possi vm.iii ii, m Monday
! A C. Bowntss is expected home
from Prince Edward island nexl week
and be will bring a bride with bim.
! Arnold s show, Thursday, Sept. 7th.
Two performances.
i   Charlej Ol.-on, fireman on lhe steam
j shovel i.m. working al Lunbrck,
spent a lew days d( this week in
J a. Oillis mul R. A. Macconnell
bave sold llmir interests in lbe Cooperative Stores to W. B. McFarlane,
who remains wiih J. Maiming in
ihargc of the business,
U, ti. Benedict, of the Mayook Lum
tier company, was in town lasl Mob
day. Mr. Benedict says ibai they
will close down their mill ou Laboi
Bay and celebrate in Cranbrook.
Arnold's show. Thursday, Sept. 7th.
Two perfoimances,
How is mu,i subscription to the
Herald'' You can tell I.) looking at
i-he dale following vour name nn the
address, li you are behind ii mighl
lie well for you to come and settle.
We need the money.
A p Stephenson and lus niece,
Miss Viruiii:'!, Wiil'ii. formerly
doyle, are the guests oi Mr. Parker,
of tin' Easl Kootenay Lumber company. Mr. Stephenson and Miss
Wolfe will leave In a few days tar
Chicago, their permanent home, but
Ur, Stephenson expects lo return to
Kast Kootenay.
Don'i forget the Arnold show on
Llie 7th. It is the kind that you ean
lake your wife and children "and en-
oy it.
Tom Ward man, the engineer who
.wis so badly injured a short time
tgo iu the yards at Lethbridge, was
a hie to leave the hospital this week.
He is vastly Improved but be will
bave fo wear his jaw in a sling foi
-oine time to come. lie is feeling
wry good, however, over the facl
that he got out so well.
Ottawa, Aug. 37.—U has been set-
tied tlia i Su .Win ut Lautiet and tht)
Hon. Um. Paterson will attend lhu
inauguration oi lut* two now provinces oi Saskatchewan and Al'.ci.a.
ili.'y will leave tally on Manila)
uioi aing, Tne gov ernoi -gt uei al aud
i,aa> urey will leave h) the blUUQ
I ram-
ihe vice-regal party and the ministers wnl in present ar hdiuouiou uu
September i ana Regina on ihu
(ourtb. Alter the Inauguration SU
Wlltr.d will leiuin lion.e and Mr.
Paterson will go io Winuipeg io meet
ins colleagues, Messrs, Melding auu
Biodiiu. Fiom Regina his exculten*
iy and family will proceed to Uuulf,
where ihey aie io remain about uvu
days. Ou tbo way ibe pai1) will m
sp.ei tbe i. 1'. R, Irrigatiuu works,
From Haull bis excellency uiftl Jamil;
will go lu ihe Macteod district
where ihey will spend about ihu->
Feinie, Aug. 28.—Through a lire
thai started at a Utile More l
I'clock this morning from some unknown cause in tho dye house which
■vas run by W. 0. Lyon, a whole
dock ol Fernic's buincss ccivtre has
icen wiped out of existence. This is
he ihird lime within the year, ana
nice again the Inadequacy ol the fire
iJiotectiou and the inefficiency of tht
department hns been demonstrat
Tbe losi
mate u:
lo:'S nut
All  the
will be
000, w 1
found  to apptnxi
ile   the   insurance
to    more     than
[.dings in the burned
block were frame and as there was
neither lire hose, half of it having
teen sent a couple of days before te
a mill company to protect it agalnsl
tbe forest fires raging in Lhc vicinity,
iioi pressure of watei, nothing could
ie don.' la stop lho ravages of the
dames which stopped when there ivas
no more material lor ihem to des
troy. Luckily lho wind fanned Hn
lames away from rather than tow
aids the built over portions of Ferine
u the l.ll.' ol the disaster would have
H'l-ii worse .a ibe iilation,
Tbe places d itrojed were ibe Hap
1st church, [{obit-baud, flist-closfl and
Empire hoarding houses, soda water
lactory, Hamilton's stable, Lobel's
aanlmuse, C'ravelte's store and hl-v*
i.;1 residences. The C. P. R. water
tank in the next block ivas so dam-
igcd by the heat of tlie flames as lo
lender it useless.
The coal company have recently
iieen adding laigily to the water
system of Fernie, but unfortunately,
ihe new works have not been stilli-
ulently completed to permit them of
being assistance last night,
C. M. Keep, who came down from
Windermere last week reports thai
district as looking up. While tho
larger mining properties are not,
lushing work, a greater number of
innll properties are shipping more
ban ever before. Willi the construction of the Kootenay Central railway
thi re should be a general renewal of
mining in this district.
There is much enquiry for agricultural land in tbe valley, and quite a
number of ranches are changing hands,
one ranch selling for $7,000 cash.
Thc C. P. R. lands are rapidly being
taken up, lhe last desirable tract on
ilu- Armstrong ranch was taken up
by Mr. Copcll, of Nelson.
Ottawa, Aug. 25.—The C P. li.
has protested to tbe uoveriiiiiunt
against ilk- proposed location of the
i.inud Trunk Pacific line west oi
Winnipeg, claiming that ii parallels
us existing system lur a considerable
distance, and that for a long stretch
tne two roads will not be more than
i n miles apart.
Vour correspondent is assured that
I eiure the Cabinet approved a lew
weeks ago of the locat-ion plans foi
the U. i. P. from Portage la Prairie
_.T. milts northwestward to Touchwood Hills, the ministers made up
lheir minds that for a certain distance wcSLWaru irom Winiiipeg il was
impossible to avoid paralleling the
existing lines,
ihe question, therefore, is declared
io he practically seLlled, as far as the
government is concerned, and the ministers say it will not be reopened,
tiolh tin. C. P. R. and the ti. T, P.
main lines will run irom Winnipeg to
Portage la Prairie alongside each
oihu. Thence they diverge till at <i
point 275 miles further west they are
sixty miles irom one another. Further north, again, is the Canadian
.\orlbern system, pointing, like tht
Urand Trunk Pacific, for Edmonton.
Tbe 0. P. R, claims ihat lbe plans
ol ibe rival company as approved are
ut violation to the wishes oi parliament.
There are a great many bus.i tires
aoout Uie district auu during i.a-
past week some ul Ihem have been
.ery uut a tuning. The North Slai
imii lias been in uangei several Uuiea,
be brothers mm u_r bad a narrow
uscape and the Mmueric) ataiiuiac
Hiring company bad a mono fan. •.m
Alutu 1'isii creek titeru was a big
nla-ie last Sunday, aud also arouna
.si, Marys lake. At Matthew creeh
a mi' was started by some campers
and allowed lo get away and it burned the budge batily, the total dcslruc-
iion being prevcniwl by lhu hard won.
"I Bave Clark and Tom llickey, who
were driving ny -it the time. Until
Lbe bridge is lixcd teams Will liave
-o lord ny driving under tne bridge,
which uiai.es ;, verv bud crossing, ai
Forme theie have been several bad
bush iih-, .iu,i also al Jaiiiny, Butt
river .m.i Mayook During 'tie pas)
two ..i three weeks tlitii Inw been a
grcal ileal ot valuable timbri iTesltoy-
eti,    Tins means a greal loss to the
mill   in. ll  and   nlso a   big  inss   io   tbe
government, as tbe average section oi
Limber is worth in loyalty alone lo
the government uut less iban $1,500,
lbe saving of one section alolio to
the government would p.u a long way
toward paying foi lite rangers
game wardens, as the two ofllces
■ oiild be easily Idled by oue man.
I nle*-s something is done in ihe way
of preventing fires, and fighting ihem
.ifit-1 tliey Start, lhe Umbel limits of
this province will be in bad shape in
a few years.
Take notice thai I intend to apply
to the Cbiel Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a Special License to
cut and cany away limber from the
following Ut-sei ibttl lands iu East
Kootenay District, British Columbia
Commencing at a post planted _
mile west ol the Skookuuichuek uver, on the first ereit on tho West side
and close to trail going up said
creek, thcuce south lim chains, thrnce
west 40 chains, ihence north 180
chains, thence east -111 chains, to tlie
place of beginning.
E.   Rice.
Aug. 23rd, 1005.
Take in.tne llial 1 intend to appi}
to the t biet Commissioner ot Lands
and Works for a Special License lo
cut and carry away umber fiom ib<
following described lands iu Easl
Kootenay District, British Columbia
Commenolug at a post planted a.
E. Rice's No. I north-west corner,
llience south Itm chains, theiioo wesl
10 chains, thence north 100 chains
Ihence east in chain
L    lit.
Aug. 23rd, 1005.
Win.  Lacey, of Nelson, B,  l'.,    has
taken over   the   undertaking busluosE
ot  the Co-operative Stoles, 1,united. 	
ui. Lacey lias ibe tecoid of being | Take notice Ibat 1 Intend to appi)
one ol tbe best mm in this luu in all # l*> Bie^l'liii*^ Commissioner, of Land
western Canada, lie will occupy foi
tbe present Lho old undertaking rooms
oi the company, but will a- soon us
Possible to g»t Iotated where appropriate parlors ean l>e furnished
Thirty tie makers; price 10 cents
for making; good limber. Apply to
J, lv llanifih. foul miles south of
boundary line on Spokane and International Rallwa) right-of-way.
and your dealer doesn't keep
them, ask him to get them.
Tell him that yuu want tbo
"LECKIE BOOT" because it
is all leather, and is made .for
the hard usage that Boots get
in a rough country like British
We are British Columbians
and know all about the conditions that make it necessary to
have extra strong boots for the
Western man who works out of
J. Leckie Co., ul
VANCOUVER,    -     B.   C
Last Monday afternoon about 2
o'clock, C. M. Pratt, wbo was employed at the smelter, While on a
platform fixing a belt, slipped in some
mysterious manner and fell a. distance
of 2u feet, sustaining injuries that
caused bis death about two hours
later. Everything possible was done
for the injured man, but without
avail. The platform on which he was
working was perfectly safe, and the
men wbo were near are unable to
tiiidersland what caused him to Tall.
The remains were brought to Cranhrook on Tuesday's train and forwarded to Spokane the next day, accompanied hv Mr. Pelts, the architect of
lbe smelter. The death caused a
feeling of intense sadness among tho
unfortunate man's fellow workmen, as
lie was well liked by those who knew
jj Phone 09. Crnnbrook, B. C. jt
*  ^ 9
4: Proportiitfl For Rent and Sole ♦
I  S2i)ni) por month  rents a largo *
4/j mul well appointed 3 story 'Jt
J. ilwellltju on   (taker llill. J
4 Rittli room Electric Iiiiii. cj_
4. $15.00 pur month rcnt-nn comfort- {»
4- :ii,|,: Cottage on   llitnson i-
i     *«-• ■ >
J $10.00   peilmotiiir rents a three J
\\ 1 ned cottage 011  linker £
4 Street.                                  |
* $10.00 perjinontli nml* 11 sujto of J
4 iooiiih nestio ilu- Impmbtl >
J Bunk                                  |
4 MOOO   Ltuvsn IiiiiiiIhoi iwllenee 'f
J mi ll.i!;.-.   hill.   'Iw.. lots, ,X
i Wntei   tb iihi-uL,   Ball   >
4 loom  nn.l   VV.   C.    Bnny *
i terms 0111 I rrnnged,    '  ♦
and Works for a special License to
cut and carry awaj limber fiom the
following described lands in Easl
Kootenay District, British Columbia
Commencing at n post planted at
E. Rice's No. i nm th-west corner,
ilnnie south 100 chains, thenee west
tin chains, thence north HI0 chains,
thence east 40 chains lo place ol beginning,
i»   Mil,, an
Aug, 23rd, 1005.
m .— -g
I Cf-eyrcSellingTast
and If you want to ttet in on the
ground floor of a speculative
proposition that cannot gowronj
I miii should lose nn time in secur
ing one or more
Cots In South Cranbrook
B§ 1 Iicsl' lots are excellently situa-
>j ted for Inune building and gar
dens. They are selling at a low
figure at the presenl time, Imt
prices will rise rapidly,    SEE
?g I Phone li" I'. I). Box 71 j ,'..
mm   m ^mwmmmmmmmm
>s- *Mh\m $t £011
Take notice ihal f intend to appi)
lo tht' Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a Special License u
cut and carry away timber from the
following described lauds in Easl
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencin*; at a posl planted at
B. McLean s north-west corner,
thenco south 100 chains, thenee west
10 chains, thenee north 100 ehuius,
Ihence east tu chains to place *A beginning.
S  What Do Vou Want?
Aug. 33rd,  1005.
0.   Mel...
Take notice that 1 intend to appi}
to the Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works for a Special Liei nse to
cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands in Easl
Kootenay .District, British Columbia
Commencing at a post planted 1
mile north of D. McLean's No. 2
north-east corner, tin nee west JO
chains, thence north 100 chains,
thenee east Hi chains, thence south
160 chains lo the place of beginning
K   Whebell.
Aug   23rd,  1005.
Take notice thai I Intend to appi)
to ihe thief Commissioner 01 Lands
and Woiks foi a Special License to
cut ami carry away timber from lln
following described lands in Fast
Kootenay District, British Columbia
Commencing at a post planted nl
R. Win!-«'IPs south-rftfft corner,
thenee south SO chains, thenee east
80 chains, thence north SO chain,,
thence west 80 chains to the place of
UY have it if it ti in tin* gpuerul S
Imi-tlwiire line.   Tlml is one lienutj !
llUltll iiiii' lllllll.'lis.' Shirk.   Wo im ol I
tlm  ncoria of Ihu |x_pto. both  in jj
pM.is. qnnlilv nnd prices  |
• as «__s_K__i tmmo a
Aug. 23rd,  1005
It. Whebell.
Take notice that I intend tn apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a Special License to
cut and carry away timber from the
1 following described lands in Easl
Kootenay District, British Columbia;
Commencing at a post, planted at
1!. Whobell's No. 2 north-west corner, thence north 100 chains, ihence
east 10 chains, thenee south 160
chains, thenee west -IO chains to
place ot beginning.
A. Oeddes.
Aug. 23rd,  1005.
Take notice thai 1 intend lo apply
to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a Special License to
cut and carry away timber from tlie
following described lands In East
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
A. Oeddes' No. 2 south-east, coiner,
thence north 160 chains, Uience
east in chains, thence south 160
chains, Ihence west 40 chains to the
place of commencement.
A. Oeddes.
Aug. 23rd,  1005.
Take notice llial I intend to appi)
io the chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a special License to
nn and carry away timber from the
following described lands in Easl
Koolenay Dislriel, British Columbia
Commencing nl a posl planted at
A. Oejdes' No. i noilb-wesi coiner,
ihence north 100 chains, thence easl
I.u chains, thrnce south 160 chains,
thenco wesl -to chains lo place of be
W.  CaiiTiclil.
Aug, 28rd,  1005.
Take notice that I intend to apply
to ihe Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a Special License to
cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands in Easl
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
W. Fairfield's south-east corner,
thenee north 180 chains, thenee east
'!U chains, thenee south 1110 chains,
llience west 40 chains lo place of beginning.
W. Fairfield.
Aug. 23rd, 1005.
g<KB_i ■ M^^__iw_sis__^gsa_iai|
P. BURNS C£L CO.   1
Wholesale and Retail &-I
Presh And Cured Wetxti    ']'{
Presh   Pish,   On iuc   and K
Poultry. I j
Wf supply only thc besl     Wur i.l
lin.l-.' b mild ted
Msrki-iA in all tlie principal towm r,-
lii Brill nli Columbia r;|
».■ --■,_«-_
Every'Lady's Dressing Chamber^ k:jjjg?
sliouu. be equipped with a dainty, snow-white* one-piece      'v--.-.*•
^towdawf  Porcelain Enameled Lavatory. \—Sly >
■ "r.^'^TI Have you ever stopped to consider ugfil
.'"'■'miI       j* ^oW   delightfully convenient it would     ulj
rri   k,*.*. _\_\_k*$^jftf       ^ 1<J '1,IVC '10t t,I,c' co'v* running water    !^i
iu       ' § in your  dressing   chamberj   Bleeping    | '
'■■'(     ^flirW* apartment or  firflt-floor toilet   ro m.     In
**■ : ■  .       r-'/. ,",-.■ Its presence would afford you thc hiehen    :S;
i-    1 ' \    .ytj. Ji . •"ti-- IIH '
.      fi     ' fS .0.' -a:^.-. dt-'grec ol comfort. ill!
il'   ''•■' V *~t'\.At\ ^       ^'c wdll gladly quote you prices.
^7>..''. ■.-\-*■*•' \'l^-.i.  Our plumbers nre strictly competent
-- '' -J^      ^ mechanics, honest and reliable.
pluiiibinir, llootlnn, (foaiiiiK and Voiitilatliiu lin^n.
! vWii'  ;:tT.v'--^--*3
iUUt Is ft mason
and Risch Piano?
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a Special License to
cut and carry away timber from the
following described lauds in Kast
Kootenay District, llritish Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
W. Fairfield's south-east coiner,
thenee east 80 chains, thence south
HO chains, thrnce west HO chains,
thence north -80 chains lo the place
of beginning.
C. Whebell.
Aug. 23rd, 1005.
- '   ' -'.-:,-,
km,,, precisely whnl Is gooit, ami      ,,; ,   --■), I,
the rojccllon tit every thing llml Is
!%,"»,'    '■
 ._". / I'   I
nvestlKHtc lhc merits „f the
It involves the selection ol every-
thing that Iskooi] by those  who
1   ,
investigate tne merits ol the _" • .',    <
Int.      hjk-N ',
mason $ Risch Pi.utos   -'-fj&'t   v ,,
C. li. Rcl.l.. Co,, Agents, Crnnbrook '''""^If^SSK '       '"'  '-?.  I
J. a. Wliiiaacre, Western Mnniigcr, ik"?15m   r* .      -'        *
ll„v 615 Nelson   3 fciy -^ oML' \   I -v..
gSSSa'SSffiwt******* ggaBBWWfMitw


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