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The Prospector Feb 19, 1910

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 Ub*-*i -l Vl   a a..
Vol. *<>•.
cRaAnhrook, b. c,   S4TUJ?DAy,   ••/•:/>'\',;.\/v'v  /■>.  2970.
Increased Development is
Now Going On.
There Will be a Large In
crease in the Mineral
Output This Year.
Tbe at. Kugenc mine, owned by thc
Consolidated Mining &. Hmclting Co.,
Is employing about 280 men under
gound and witb mill and surface
hands, has a payroll of $40,01111,which
ls distributed to 3S0 men per month.
Last year the company took out
over 142,000 tuns of ore which when
treated at their smelter abd refinery
situated at Trail, yielded $705,000
This company has done cunsiileru-
ble development work and a prosperous year is looked lorward to as
there is plenty ol ore in sight.
The Aurora Mines ,v Milling company have a line property, located nn
the west side of Luke Moyle, about
three-nuartiirs of a mile from the St.
ln No. 1 level, there is about 500
Iwl of drifting with 100 feet of crosscuts giving line showings nr high
grade ore.
uu No. 2 level, they have 350 feet
of drifting with over 100 leet of rnis
ing, in which about 35,000 tons of
ore is already blocked out.
liaising is started from Nn. 1 level
and in thc course of a low days they
hope to bo in contact with thc main
ore body.
Tney have started sinking n winze
(rom No 2 level and u low shifts
more should bo enough for tlicni to
be sinking in ore ground.
The prospect of this valuable property is most promising and wo may
look for a brilliant future for tnem.
As soon ns weather permits liuiuii-
ing of these ores will he commenced.
A later report received this week,
says: "That a strike of high grade
ore was made iu the Aurora mine
In sinking n winze a lend of unout
20 Inches in width was found. The
ore lu silver-lead and carries percentages iu copper. This strike is considered important from the fact that
it waa unexpected and Is apparently
a separate lead from thc big vein
heretofore developed ill the mine.
The lllco property owned by Joseph Cisnvallo, situated north of
Moyle, is a very promising gold
property, upon which 200 feet of
drifting, on thc lead gives showings,
which are very encouraging and which
have yielded assays of about $117 to
tbe ton.
A local company is being formed,
and development work on this property Is to be pushed ns rapidly as
Tne Alta property owned by John
W. Pitch, and adjoining the llico on
ilii east, ou the same lead is to tie
opened up In tbe near future by its
owner who Is ranking act Ive preparations towards that end.
Thc Cambrian Mining Co., with
headquarters In Nelson, and owning
two flalms ih thc lake at Moyle, has
been reorganized and ii company is
now formed with Jas. K. Hyde nf
Heading, Kansas, on president, Alvuli
II. Coojier, ol Hpokanii, mnnnglng
director; ll. U. Miller ol Ossngc (Jit)
Keiwen; Willinm Ipswich of Seattle,
dlreet'il'S, and Chus A. McKay, Hit"
former part owner nf this property,
<u secretary with offices nl. Moyie.     |
The Company's property Is sltnii
ted between the Ht. Eugene on tlio
•■Md and the Aurorn nu the west,
tibows ns result of n shaft sunk bo-
low the bottom of the lake, tliul the
bottom ol the lake Is covered with u |
Hlnty foot deposit of snnd nnd grnv(
el, ten feel of iiiiieksuiul uml thou 111
leet of clay nnd grnvel, which Is
hoped In mnke u wulor light bottom
fur the shaft.
Work Is tn be commenced ul    an our ,
ly date with J. A. I.. Wnddell, C. K. I
of Kansas City In charge.   The com-
puny Intends to sink u double   steel
tubular shaft  which     wlll with    its
weight     mnke an     Incision through
these layers at the   bottom    of the.
lake to     bed   ruck, and as   soon as
they havo   sunk to n     snle distance
'below It, drifting    and cross cutting
will he commenced.
Kngliii'i'is report   that the Ht. Ku-
fieue and Aurora leads puss through
the lake under this property, sn we'
may look for    good returns   for the
A noticeable feature und one which
augers well tor the future nf thisi
ramp Is the universal interest and
unbounded faith In the ful lire, which
la displayed by all and every mining
engineer, and mining men would iln
well to glvo these properties nnd
.iiiiups more thnn n passing thought.
THK SOfilKTY Ollll..
Af1«r a year of active development
work (.be Society (llrl is now lu ore.
Tew Hoclety fllrl is located smith
nf the Ht. Kugenc mine, uml bus nl
ways been considered u valuable
property. The Hlll'tuco shnivliiiin were
gond, nnd a considerable amount nl
ore was shipped. Later nn it was
determined tn run a tunnel uml tup
the ore body at depth.
On Saturday Inst, the ore hotly
was encountered, nnd muss cuts shuw
that there are 48 feet ol concentrat
ing ore, with an IK inch vein of nre
i tbat assays H'i per cent leiut, anil
104 ounces in silver.
The ore was encountered nt u dis
tance of 970 feel from the mouth oi
the tunnel, nnd tit this point will
have a vortical depth of 330 feet
from the surface
This important .strike will mid
another shipping mine io the Moyie
district, and will add largely to tlie
output of silver-lend iu tho Crnn
brook mining district.
Well Known Lumberman Passes
Away Suddenly Sunday.
David Ureckenridgo,  a   well known,
lumberman of tbis   district   died on i
. Sunday  lust,  of acute gastritis.
It  was shortly after noon „n rtun
day,  when n sleigh    drawn     by two
horses was seen     coming rapidly up | \"/il| pass  gy   Law .„ Sell
Crnnbrook street,    thence     going to. '
thc Ht.     Kugene hospital.   Tbo news
rapidly spread     that the sleigh con
tnincd tho body ol Mr. David Breck-
euridgc, who died, about     six miles!
- uut from town, while enroute to the
Ht. Kugene hospital.
Mr.    Breckenridge     wns     suddenly
taken ill on   Saturday, about  noon,
! nt the lumber    cnnip of   tbo Orow's
Nest Pass Lumber Co,, ut Mans
; ('reek, three miles northenst of Fort.
; Steele. Medical attendance was ini-
; mediately sent for, nnd Dr. H. Watt
of Fort Steele at     once wont tn his   Cnnipbell.
A Warm Discussion About
Fire  Brigade.
City's Interest in Civic
A special meeting oi the city conn
t'il was hfihl lit tho council chamber
on Tuesday evening. There were present,Mayor Fink, and Aldermen Hunt,
I'at more,     Johnson,    Jackson •   and
assistance. Later in the afternoon
Dr. Lees, oi Cranbrook* waa summoned by telephone. Upon his arrival it
waa decided to takti Mr. Breckenridge
Lo thu hospital.
Word was sent to Wardner announcing the critical condition of Mr,
Breckenridge, and his wife, accompanied by Mr. A, Lund, left Wardner
for the Mans ('reek camp.
(in Sunday nu irning M r. Brecken
ridfs'e, accompanied hy his wife nnd
Mr. A Lund, left the. camp for the
hospital at Oranbrook, When just
this side of the six mile pnsi, Mr,
Ureckonridge was overcome hy another severe attack, and shortly alter
expired in his wife's arms.
Upon the arrival ot the body at the
hospital, aud after being examined
by the doctors, the remains was removed to the undertaking parlors of
W. K. Bentty, On Tuesday afternoon
m the Vnncou
the    muuieip.-il
A communication from Wm. Steward, re the licensing of dogs was
read, and tiled.
A communication from the Provincial Secretary was received, announcing the appointments of the Liquor
License aud Police commissioner::,
was on motion tiled
A commimicntio.
ver City council,
ownership of telephones wns rend,Mul
• ui motion of Aldermen Hunt uud
Jackson referred to the legislation
A petition from property owners of
Cranbrook, asking the council to introduce i by-law to enable the city
to sell its interest in tbe joint civic
nnd government building, and the r -
uc-lpts thereof be used in the pitrchn-o
of a site, aud the construction of a
city building was read.    It was mov-
1 by    Aldermen Hunt and  Patmore,
tion of the brigade, and let the busi
ness of the brigade go on as it is.
Fireman Reeco, in reply to state
meat of Alderman Hunt, "tbat chiei
Dczall ordered the driver of the hose
Wagon not to leave the hniw '*.-,■
out at least two men to bundle the.
hose, tint it was but a repllitiou w
a former order Issued by ox-chiel
Alderman Patmore said: "that
during the mist year the average ol
fireman who attended fires, was 11
out of IK men. which spoke highly
for the pr Bent brigade, and that he
thought that it would be impossible
for a chiei and four to he as prompt
and efficient as the present brigade,
Hero the discussion closed, nnd a
, vo'e taken on the amendment of
Aldermen Hunt and Johnson, "that
a l.y-law be Introduced to the effect
thnt a paid chiei aud tour assistants
be appointed  yearly  by  the cniineil.
Aldormen Hunt, Campbell and
Johnson voted In favor ol the amendment,  which   was carried.
Aldorman Jackson said "Thnt he
wonted it placed on the records,tlmt
he voted against the amendment,
Alderman Patmore also voted in
the negative, against the amendment
Alderman Hunt, gavo notice that
at thc next mooting of the council,
be would introduce a by-law to ii»k*
ulate the tire department.
Alderman     Johnson ' gave     notice
that at the next meeting of the council    he   would    introduce     a by-law,
jgrantiug permission to sell the city's
interest  in tbe present Joint govern-
| ment  and    municipal  building,     the
proceeds to be   devoted to    the obtaining of a    site, and the construe-
. tlon of a new municipal building.
(   Moved by   Aldermen Campbell and
Patmore that the council adjourn.
the remains   was   conveyed     to the   that the petition   of     the     property
Church of England, where the Impressive funeral service was conducted by
thc Rev, K.  P, FleweUing,
Members of North Star Lodge, and
Cranbrook Lodge A. F. & A. M., escorted the remain's to the church,
thence to the depot, for shipment to
Peterboro, Ont., for interment.
owners be referred to the City Solicitor, with instructions to propare Unnecessary notiee, and by-law, to be
submitted to ttfe property owners for
their approval. Carried)
A  special  qpmmlttee,  consisting of
Aldermen   Campbell and   Green, who
appointed by the council to iu-
The deceased was forty-one years of tervlew the members of the Fire linage, and has heen a resident of this un,|e> .,,u| request them to reconsid''r
district for h boat ten years. He ..as rliOir- recent election of officers) reemployed by the Crow's Nest Pass ported that the Brigade were nnwil-
Lumber Company, of which his broth- ' Hmr to reconsider their election, and
er, Mr. John Breckenridge, of Cal- ijint the seorctary, would communi-
gary, was at one time president, and   cnt0 w|th tho council to that effect,
A letter from tho Fire Brigade was
then read,
a large shareholder.
A communication from The Board
of Trade, requesting the , council to
pass ,t by-law. providing for the appointment of .|i lire ..chief, by the
council every year, was read.
Aldermen Jackson and Patmore,
moved that the election of officers hy
tbe mombers of the Fire Brigade lie
ratified by the council,
It was moved by Aldermen Hunt
and Johnson that thc correspondence
public at this early stage of development; but as such now appears to
be tbe case, 1 will ask you if you
will be good enough to correct the
mis statements made by your informant, and published in vour issue of
Feb. 12th.
Ore Strike Made Last Week. Runs
| Heavy to Galena-
Hditor of Prospector.
Dear Sir: *
Since it was     far from    my desire
that the news of tbe recent developments on Perry Creek should be made   from tbe Fire Brigade be laid on the
■    table.
The above motions were discussed
with considerable beat, by several
members of the council.
Alderman Hunt, very forcibly stated, "Tbat in his opinion, it would
he for the best interests of the elty
"The quart? lode'at the point that a paid chief be appointed, with
where I havo cross cut, is about live a salary of 8100 per month, and four
to six feet wide with probably about men nt a salary of *}H per month,
two ft.'t running heavily to galena, That it would result in a saving to
At the level on which I am running {the city of $500 per year.
the cross cut, I hnve only cut Alderman Jackson, asked Alderman
through thc croppings or the apex Hunt, if it was his opinion tlmt live
of this lead, nnd it will Im- necessary men could handle, tlie hose and par-
to sink on It from the level of the form the necessary work, required at
cross cut to show up its actual a tire, with dispatch and efficiency,
width. This I intend to do now for equal to the duties performed hy the
a few feet, and at least by tbe end the present brigade.
of two weeks from now, will know Alderman Hunt; thought there
more accurately its extent and val- would be a'sufficient: number of vol-
ue. There was but little gouge at untcers,' from those who ■ would at
the point where I have run the cross tend at a lire, tu give all necessary
cut, but (it the entrance of tbe tun
nei there Is considerable gouge
Some of the quart',* taken out rum
pery high to galena with silver vol
lies, It certainly does have every ap
pearance ol gaining width as it goe-
dbwn, but it is too early in the day nihility
to be assured of this, a week or two fivo men
work In sinking on the hud, or In
the cross cut, will demonstrate (-.hit*
to ho a fact or not. This ludgn is
on the Yellow Metal Group, a very
wide dike of decomposed porphyry,
running north nnd south through
this group nl claims, and it on thi;
Alderman Jackson then asked thc
Mayor, If it was not a fact, that the
greatest trouble at a lire, was to
prevent outsiders- from butting In,
hud if it were not an almost Impo's-
to   handle a lire     with but
Mayor Fink, thought thut It was
in tlie interest of the city%to provide
a paid chief, a capable man that
Would be directly responsible to tbe
city coutudl.
In    reply     Alderman  Jackson said
that the present Fire     Brigade were
dike that  I have located this galena] capable nnd efficient men, nnd should
hearing lodge, which appears at lonst   |„. lot alono,
io carry good values iu gold. viz.. Alderman Johnson thought I hut tin*
$42:40 in free gold according to as matter should he gone into, and if n
says made at the Marysville Smelter was cheaper, It might be better for
when in operation.     1  remain yours   the city, tbe present   brigade   might
,«*ry truly,
Robert B. Durrnnr
A Trail cf Oats
A rancher named Bnrr, who has a
ranch on Tracy Creek, wus up before
Justices Galbraith and McXIttle, at
Port Steele, on Friday last, charged
with stealing six sacks of oats the
property of N. Hanson. The ovideuei
showed that some one had broken into the granery of Mr, Hanson, nml a
trail or oats led to nn oittrhlillding,
where Burr was loading oats. Bnrr
said that ho had bought the oats
from u man named Morgan, and that
be was going to take them home.
Morgan denied tbat, he dud sold outs
to Hum Hnrr wus hound over for
trial at the port sitting of (he
County court.
Hnrr, came    up for
before  Judge    Wilson
guilty, and was     sentenced'to forty
days in Jail at Nelson,
At. a meeting of the Farmer's In
ulitiite held on Wednesday evening,
Mr. Win. Hamilton reported the result of his recant Visit to tho Central
Inotltue meeting at Victoria.
be efficient, but It struck  him as he
ing expensive,
Alderman Patmore snld "ho thought
that It would cause less friction if
the council would ratify the action
of tho Fire Mrtgnde in their selection
of officers.
Mr. It, H. Short, being in attendance, 'ind Aldcrni'ii Jackson and
Hunt moved that Mr. Short, and
p-rsoiis that wished to bo heard.
Mr. Short, sftld: "That a paid
chief and four men were not enuul In
efficiency to a force ol IS of 20 men,
that tho four men during the day
would be at work iu various pianos,
and could not be us cheap nnd offi
cient as the present tire brigade. He
wot- a member of the Vancouver do
pitrtment when tbe population ot thut
city was 10,000, and that the depart
ment. elected their own officers. Tbat
. il   was no   saving     to Crunbrook to
trial  Mondny   0^H|n the    services of     five men at
and     pleaded   $21"! per mouth,  when  the city could
Hceuro tbe   services of     18 to 20 well
skilled fire lightetv., men with several
yeai's experience at $2fi!i per month.
Mr. A. MeK'lnnon, of tho Cranbrook
Foundry Go,, said: "The present Brigade were efficient and a credit to thfl
city, and the suggestion of Mr. Hunt
of a chief and four men, could not buns effective in fighting fire an the
present hrlgade, and thnt be would
m like to see the council ratify the ac
Difference.-. Between Yivq Brigade
and Kx Chief Kink Settled
A special meeting of the Fire Brl
gade wns held in tb- Firt Hall on
Friday evening. Chief Dczall occupied the chair.
Beside the members, Kx-ChicI Fink
and Alderman Jackson were present.
In calling the meeting to order Chief
Dczall said that owing to conflicting
reports in relation to the action oi
of the brigade, he had Invited Bx-
Chief Fink to be present, so that if
possible, In the interest of thc city,
ilmt a harmonious conclusion could
ho arrived at.
Kx-Chicl Fink soid: "That he had
been a member of the brigade for 11
years. That he had informed mem
hers of the brigade that if be wan
re-elected as Mayor, that he would
resign as chief. Thnt. Ir was unfor
tunate tbat he was noj "resent at the
annual faceting arid election of the
brigade, as this controversy would
not have come up. That he wanted
to be connected with the department,
nnd have a certain amount of authority, in the coming convention,
and )n matters pertaining to the
general interests of the brigade thit
might arise during tbe yoar, That
it was not bis desire, or inclination
to participate as an active chiel', or
to interfere lu any wny with Chief
Dczall in the performance of his duties, and tlmt he hoped that the
members of the department would
have confidence enough lu him to
allow him to represent the. brigade,
in a position more as a consulting
Chief Dozal, In reply, said: Tbat
be was pleased to have hlx-Chtef Fink
present, as there seemed to ba a misunderstanding, on the part of the
brigade, as woll as ou the port of
Mr. Fink, ami as a pertect understanding bad beon arrived at, be saw
nothing unfair iu allowing Kx-Chief
Fink to represent the brigade In
matters of general interest, at tho
convention, and during the year.
Alderman Jackson then spoke a few
words, saying that, he after talking
with Mr, Fink, was satisfied that
there was a mis-understanding. He
was satisfied that the department
had no better friend than Mr. Fink,
and If outsiders hnd not hutted In,
there would have been no mis under
standing, no controversy, no ill
Messrs. Brechen, Armour, Recce,
Manning, Atkins, nnd others spoke
freely on the matter, and were agreed '
that there was not a perfect understanding between the Kx Chief and
the brigade, nnd thnt this mls-iinder '
standing bad been fostered by outside
parties, and that now, as there was
a perfect understanding they were
pleased that Fix-Chief Fink would
again bo one of them in ids official
position ns Honary Chief.
The result of the meeting is a
source of satisfaction to the brigade,
to Kx Chief Fink, and to the cltlzous
of Cranbrook, for to use the words
of Fx-Chlef Kink; "There is no better volunteer tire department in the
province, thnn the presenl Cranbrook
At the conclusion of the meeting
the tire laddies gave three rousing
cheers tor Hon. Chief Fink.
Al the next meeting of the elty
council the election of Chief Dczall
and his associate officers, as elected
at the annual meeting, will be confirmed by the council.
San Francisco, Feb. 17. The selection of n place for the Jeffrie*
Johnson light, It In expected, will bo
settled definitely by the end of this
week. Jeffrie::, Sum Bnrgor, his man
ngor, and Tex Itlckurd, will arrive lu
San Francisco tonight, A conference
between Jack Glonson, Ulckard uml
Jeffries Is scheduled  for Friday.
1)1131) At Oranbrook, Friday Feb.
A. K. Ken
ol the late
The funeral
resldonco of
m.,  Sunday
18th,  KM Ith,  wife or Ml
nolly, and ibe daughter
Hugh   Kuid     l,uiu den.
will  take plnce from the
Mr.   Keiim lly,  at   2     a,
February 20th.
1). It. Whitehead ol Toronto, S, C,
Hill or Winnipeg, J. Suthorlnnd of
ol Calgary nnd A. Sutherland ol Nei
son, spent Sunday lasl at the Cran
Harry Bradford, of* WynlliTo was in
the city Mondny, Mr Bradford Is an
old timer In the district,, and will
shortly leave* for Vancouver where he
.will reside ln the near future.
Wc have jusl received the appointment as agents for the famous Brotherhood Overalls.    Pnr years w   ! ■ heen asked lor  this  make  "I   garments,   and
alii-i considerable correspondence with Mi. II. S.   Peters,  the   manufacture!   nl   the
Brotherhood Overalls, we have secured the exi lusive right to handle them  in  Cran
Iii i ink.
Our first shipment of twenty-five dozen pairs
has just arrived
We have never sold the Brotherhood Overalls liefoj-e, and r.annoi sa\ anything as tolhow they lompare with other 1^ We have taken the agency
and purchased the goods on the strength of the recommendations from
railroad men and the persistant call for the goods.
Every garment has attached the following guarantee, which we are pledged
to Mr. I'etei-,. to carry out to the letter,
The  Brotherhood £"* Overalls
If this garni 'ill gives just cause for complaint in any respect it  will   be re
placed free ol all charge l>\ the dealei from ivhom sun bought it.
li is in.,de throughout ol the best materials thai monej will buy.
i     I'he cut requires more denim, size for size and  style  for   stvle   than   any
j     Ii is made entirely by union workers, paid above the union scale  on  every
garment, tn insure tlie highesi grade of work.
1     li is mail • in a lactory which has run on the s   hour   basis   Ini   years   and
!       under the best of conditions.
The manufacturer is a Brotherhood man, the miK   member of  Organized
Labor iu the overall business.
The Brotherhood Overalls honestly merit the patronage and ihe pushing ■>!
all men who stand for the principles ol Organized Labor and   who  wanl
the best ol Overalls, made under proper conditions throughout.
No fabric made will stand the effects of lye, boiler purge
and some of the patent washing preparations now used
by some men and in some laundries. There are un overalls made that will stand these things better than mine;
but it vou use them in washing your overalls it is at your
own risk.
The Brotherhood Men who makes the     ((, J, PHfRS. Manufacturer.
Bent Union Clndc Overalls on liarlli. uum-.k. w jkk.hev
I     i
Our price, for the present, on Brotherhood
Per Garment $1.3,5
Per Suit    -   $2.50
Our Towel Special
of one pair free with every purchase of towels of 50
cents or more will continue until February 23.
Size of Free Towels 24x13
THE I'ltoS I'Ki'Tim.   CUANUKOOK,     It.   0,
ESTABLISH!-:".   181*
A. B. 6rac«,
fl'ati.lStlKK    AM,    alDITOB.
METHODIST   I'lll'ltril
sUNIONA   L*.-*,EL.-
Dr. Hugh Wait, ol fc-ort Steele, has
written tbe iuilowinj: letter to the
Victoria Colonist  ior publication,
"Sa   Ii   people all   thought nlik-v
who ibould !* fhe guiding    thinker'
You oi V'   Let o& confine our reflet
tiou-i foj  tbe present to a -.Ingle subject   soy   the Mann McBride    railway
policy.   In tbis. ,rh" was \hv guldiui:
thinker?   Waa it .Maim or    UcUride?
Ni-t the Wt11*:, ) fancy, for i> it not
a fact, proved by    th-* filing of   th.
plans  st    Ottawa,   tlmt, QUI     -.■rtTiinr:
b*ul nn say a.-* to     tbe route ol    tin
t'sua.tiar.     Northern      through     the
pr»i.iic ,       Uut '-uu    in   his   subse
'.' rriit appro*ifl   "! tbe D'Utr can it bi
irf.lit-*J t-< him a..*-     tbc de terrain In;
factor i'i its tirial choice,    is a« pr
I'trfil to i-c coualdereU the    guldlai
tbvikt:- in this regard?   Well his w*itu
of the  pnrt>   SWtns t-. hnve though
so; tor he has t-.'t    hi*- following ii
the new  legislature a> nearly  of on- |
mint! b-* *••>: -i popular political lead
er did.    (.ranting then     that ht- wa*. !
the guiding think-i  as to    the   route
selected, is he conscious how sirat ti ■
couipl Intent  (ih   has thereby    paid ti
tbe wisdom mid foresight ol ttie Liberal    .Mackenzie    government?     Mao
how severe his     condemnation .»f the
s.Kxeediiiir Tory governmentV   Well. [
have he-iid other very promlnent.but '
liberal-minded  Tories  before  blui  :•
Brettlng the rejection nf thf  Yellow
Head route ir, favor of the     mldd!
or politic*! route, as Jim Ilii, cnlle
it; h it  tbut   i- 'jr.*      th.' polnl   I   wh
to make at present.   Our premier,
his recent speech,   dealing     with bl   ,
railway  policy, snld:   "Ii  was u na
tional, rnther 'ban a provincial poi
Icy."   And therein I   am   pleased   t
agree with   him,    tndeed both   Tory
M.Qd    Liberal   governments      when   In
power  ar. Ottawa,  have  accepted   it
not only as a right   but   :i   duty   t<
au'bstdize   transcontinental   railways.
A Tory government has to iff credit
the building of the flrst railway "from
. i.vnn  to ocean,"  an achievement   oi
which every Canadian Is justly proud
A l-iber.il guverameut  Is now engaged  in  building a  second   thc .-. '■.
claimsi all-Canadian mad.   Then whj
should not the    Ottawa government
i wi bon.* regard to     political asaume
tbe discharge ol its obvious dutj   r
eid the i*. V f!., to reach the pacific
const.   Why abould ii   not    even   yei
be forced in some way to    discharge
Its duty?   Why should' m single pro*,
Ince, rich but n->t too populous,    !>.■
forced by a too enterprising   premlei
to as.-uni* a duty  which, as he aaya
i:-   "national"  rather  than    "provln
rial?" Those are the questions     Mi
Rdttor, I  would tike yon to dlscuas,
aud it  possible,    prove the    Premlei
and yourself in the right, and put ii
the wrong.
Tbt Dcotor'a letter should Imv-
been to the Laurier government -u
iiii.ivh. and ;*>]uai» would hav>
t'e--.; ii tbe Doctor had not bnoii-n
tbat appeal* for justice frotp British
Columbia sent to     Ottawa,     alway
it- supremacy   which is being under      The llrst number ofShe Boat hstat ^^^^^
ruined by Germany;   and the Ottawa (Gazette,  published at   \™MWto W«J | (Sunday   February 20..
premier minister replies with a vain received at. this  om«   ns„c *^K'   "     Morning   service   at  ll.      Sunday
glorious shu.n     He    purchases     the Is now up to      h   Roin   .at ate <uai    School mi(J ...Mti QlmmB u, th
support of Xov« Scotin by promising era lu the pioUncc to grt  bun  an.       u ^
to spend a lot ol money there;   aud tune their    Ad-      ready     w en tho     BvBn(        ^rv, ,((|
the province, which Is most likely to representative ol the new  publication , ,.T|u, niu>s o< Hviu^ „
be threatened with attack, because oi reaches their district, ,    *rHeaday.     Epworth      League   Bean
Uit^t\: ^JnnJ^TS^hlt^ma'u     J««w ■'■ H*« ^n*alns about the 8«*«J * the Parsonage at 8
Ber\e It as a hom< loi tht wmt< man S|jit . mo      ^     |ocke(l rimrsday.   Prayer service at 8.
in   Canadian   lands.   "Jim"     is     a     trtday.   Choir pnwtlce at S.
-re;.- man, much bigger than be was' , )   very hearty   invitation  le oxtoiv
when he lived in Canada, and talks a "<*"  lV' aU  '" att?nd     tho80 services _
great deal won than he did in those wa°  ao not  regularly     attend   auy I
[J other plaee ni  worship.   Visitors and   \\
„ ..   1( ..  others staying In  the city over Sun
Vancouver has been chosen fot    the -}ay wiU    '"' Blvon n     weicomo, chtl
how tot  Britisti   Co   llron    attending   no Sunday    school
thought   w**' tic '••ado at  home horc.
i loud library In   connection     with
school,  graded    lessons    taught,
and  tu
^^^^^^^^^ the wealth B it-, mi
tural lesources, he places second in
bis consideration. We are to have a
dozen inferior ships thnt the Japan
est* could sink in hull un hour; there
is no suggestion or plan ol co opera
tion with Australia mul New Zealand
or with the British fleet at Houg
kong; we shall have no substantial Proposed nppl
nowei  to support out    policy of Asi    umbia,   One
uie exclusion.    Meanwhile, the Liber itt,;it the Cranbrook Board ol   Traill
Id   have    got    busy   nnd have se-1
>.l.i    ha
t Professional   SI
y ^      _ # *
Barrister**, ttntl Solicitors,
I. Cl RD.
Qurrlsier   Soltcllor, 3tc .
U.    W.    DREW,    Proprietor.
rough for their,; everything is well
vith Canada as long as they can si1
n rli> government benches   at   Ottn
tvl party will tinker awus   at   morcc
narj   expedients   tu   keep   Itself      n  ,*"»'«l tht' aPPlr
nuwer: and thnt ft ill be   satisfaction .'      "l)
The groundhog     predicted a    long
.vlater, hnl    unlciW ho knows     more
ihout predictions thnn the metcorlo-
wa. igieal bureau, and     the Kootenay In .    i>Uhnc     worehlD it d tf-ifl
They   have boasted    thai    they an    ' :ills- there 1b no need to worry. p_  m      Bible School wlthyouug la
the Rig Canada party,  whetvis the) " dies Philethea and young men., n-u
ire, In reality. Little Canadian-, Sol      Mayor Kink, in his annual message |
nu oi their   promiueat  leaders     he
,t     risen   m   high as to ho able t.   «■« w« igr ni. «^  .o secure uuu i ject^'Tho     Hon ol     Klghteousnes.
ook over the topn ol thu Uocklesaml     '  "  "'""
lown  Into the western cradle ul   the''■ark
w for c'rwiiirook lam*  u systematic    Bible    instruction W]
 is glveu to the chtldreu by  thc sup
I luri'lHU'l',    Snln'llir,   illltt
Nuiar.\  HuUllc
Oltlec   Held llnihtlngs,
■un   let   alone   realize tbe     splendn
.pportuaities to co operate  ft It     *
tralla, New Zealand, and     the Bug
'ish-speaklug  people  ir   China, India,
the Malay Peninsula in huildinn
li is reporte.l i hat tl e w. . d coal
ind ice :u< n w< n much pleas *d when
■ tie groundhog h *aln retired for B
long nap ol sh wi eks,
,,    t*jje
'       '
■  ';.'-;   ''
i'h! n           lu i   week
,- |  J   ■■   tin cans
t*. i.i    Ci :::e-    ai.
ti    1 he     i x  ■ ■'
\ \    I'll:-:   \l B1TOHII1
Walt an
,   1  po»
!:. I,.
'.,. [ev
tl ■  Ulanti
;:   ..;,'    -.,   .-  t.
., 1,.   .■■in take
1 -ll'U
■ Lie     caxe •
l   sufllclentlj
►lind and
f.      |V           "rl         ■   ; ,
on th
■ ■
-, '■■■'..■ \       md  it   w 't     ■   :-..!■
• 'inpa:i>     were pre
ion 1    give a--is       mane
ratie and bureaucrat
Russian     ■ zar     Hen
most  Importam   depart  res
.-.*:; been eontemplate.l   :. I
parentis   not   ■■    Lnvi
.    ;          rhe easl   oi  tl i   "1*ri
-           ■      *",.■!.   names ap
■ ..     ,   ■'.     -i ral  will   he
iv a   t    • .   |   ■    i   ■
'.■ b\ ■■-.     Manj   il      s had the
' - ir iu-   Mr    J    J    Ather
The prime minister takes I
ted that the    electorate .-
and he forges     ahead inter
mu    *ongs   it   tb
•j    Concert    be! :    :     honor   ■'
Ca ii       past  prioi   •    th«
leet    ■      a   :    when   *    - ?tnted
Mayor nn«. iii nis iu mini inwsiigouca clnsawi.    Mornini!     antbJect:"1*ho   I      I      I   \||)|    \\\
ikw out   an   fx«llenl        tgwtlon   Temple Tomptatlor."     tlveiW »iib-|J' ''    '" '
"I"'' "'"•- "I   ''■'  ctf>  '      mircftml   ,.,., -rhl.     s„„ ,„     Klghtenimneaii.' Miullllj  KllKIIIPiT ami
t uslde     :i lui■•.•>• iiivii    lor   a   city|Au illustrated    aatronomlcal mrmon |;c    Laud   Sui'VUVOl',
The   Paslor,   i'. \i   King,    .11  both nuiuuoiviv    un
Straugirs ulwav Ironw I RANBKOOK,  H ( .
Monday -   p. m    Young     people'u  •-°   l"A  ""' l»lnme SSS.
iiit'utiug ;it the r,'-i,i,'ii,,' ,'[ Mr   and 	
Mr-.   .1    !•'    i'.'..,!,'> -    Subjeci       "*llir-^      i-^       -» •
\,'unu- ..iiii the Bolivians ol South   L,       I.     4    i\*e*at*2.iW%
Wclii,'.lav.  , ;,   :n   Midiveoh  in.'.-t
.im     Th«   wlll he u    Mwsi.iuaty  s,< ;
Kith    rolreshiaente     under    the Huutl    ICaatsr    Oily   Baud.
"  i "     i   i"  L,adli    ..i.:.'     \u teaohurol'StrlUK »nd iUnd.
rating    program,     The   iwual ol-        ,ln|     ,„„,„„,„.„„        ohoir
-   :  rile      VI  rrh   i    Crmili        \ rordlal Chrlsl    i   ivel ie to all, t*ai««i    Orchestra luiniahoil
■' ■ ••    '   lh a rl .1   ir.; th    u,,i   Monday's Vuuug   Peoples'  union
■   Uramali      Society  oi Ooa   ion musical hu.!  locial at the parson ! Phone ,%,. C KAN BROOK. UX.
rhi*     aggregation ol    talented age    nas   a   mosl cnjoyahla and sue-
i ti    ,     (nl ovei lui     The programme was
"' lis   -'■'   J thnl     difficult,   hrlel hill excellcnl   There was ft good
tteiidiinc,'    nml a good    time    ior
Pharle,.     Hawtrey's "The I'ri Irveryhod)
********************** i
a itf
given tliul. on a>
i'.'U', the Court ♦
iy oi Oranbrook ^ ♦
Council I'ltaiir ; ▼
| Or. i:. W. Coaiiollv
On Buker -itit'ct, one door west
ol Messrs. Mill ii Co., the only
place in town that can make
lite worth living.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
E. H. SMALL,   Manager.
Physician and si koec
uiiiiv: Armstrong* Ave
I.i 11 u iii    B to . |,.0|
to B:l> ll
RusIUencc 109 ♦
l,» no difficulty In breaking up u il
nation which enables a minority '
ilrng ih,. whole ol Canada al i
heels       Vancouver Province.
Mining   i
.    progn'f
IP,III I    I'.'
 I ""I
.,., i   niul,.
Cranlirook dlstrlcl
m.i iiiiiny vnl'i','1.!
being rapidlj
■lilcnccil bj the n'uu
strilies which havi
■ the Ural ol  Mir
having n m:i-
and gentlemei
It seems to  ,
' tint   little' tn
utrc hut now .
- plays au impoi
.'iti"- many ol li
nt     to see how I
ularlj iortunnte .
I     number ol li'li-
thr drama! e lim
lint im matt ■■   whs
attempts     sticce.
it  is    because th
■  undertaking     H .
Ml'Ml U'Al.
Hondas    March  rt
il lU'Vision -. ii the
will he liekl     in t      ^^^^^^^^^
'>ei>.  ul   1 u:HU a.  in..   I local tillU'i   lul   .
the purpose   ol reusing tho    Asscss-I" Plmue Office 10,
men:  Roll ol tin  City of Cranbrook.
riio.se   liuviuit complaints    against       ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
theii     asseaaments   are required    to .       — .    .        ,      	
have tbcii protests   In tbe   bands of
be City ,'lerk ton duys previous to! I.   \\.   RUTLEDGE,
the  sitting of the Court of Revision.,J mmv    VS
'itiiiiirouk, this isih day|0,.aauate ' uf"   onWio    Voterlnery
College, Toronto, in 1898.
ranuary, lain
T   M   Roberts,
i.'ily Clerk.
i Graduate and Medalist ol MoKlllipVet-
oriiiury Collose, L'blaago, III., in l(KX)
—   —., H„gistertHl     meinbet'     oi     Qrilisii
FORT   STEELE   ASSESSMENT    ! Columbia   Association,
DitftHrt.    Notice i-;    hereby given, in j au cah,* hichi i d*v promptly *ttsnoeo to
accordance with   the    StHtutes, that 	
f-rovtnclft. Revenue Tax   nml all hs-Iofkice AT mckinstrvs livery barn
essed taxes, asseBaeil ami levied un-,
ler   tin* "Assessment  Act"    aud the;
, 'I'ubllc Schools   Acts" and    umcud-
| nents, are now due and imyable torj
;«ll upon deaf ears,
thc rellntile ■•i.i Nurth Star, in
which thr llrst strike wns reported,
tifts lirt'ii a {■(iiistiuit shlppe? si tree the
lirst of thc month, nnd from present
indications BhippitiK will he conttn
duiinp  thi
iu yi«ar 1010,
  AU taxes collectable for    thc Fort,
mateui ' i 'nnnear■ Itefore" -n'audi "»tci--c Auscssment District aiv now
nee winch they *u*e unacquainted. ',"" Hnd ■M«rabie .?'. ni-v. ol5e'"! tm]
■mt in this, as in other thinrs Ores- Qovurnment Building in the City of
■ -n has the knacfc P"RetthiK there" M r'Vlbn>ok: **■ *" ,. ,   ,
We all remembei the splendid fruit This uotice, tn Menus of law is
■ nd vegetable exhibition made by ] "'iiu^ilent. to aperaoua^ ^demand by
'reston nt our lust     Fall Fair, and    "" '  "
e arc therefore -liiite satisfied thnt
their "Thespian" abilities are np
■ml hs their fruit exhibition quel.
es, -i capital entertainment is guar*
itcetl lor Saturday March 5th,
it's all  eo!
iil'AKTMUl.Y      MRRTIN'G.
The Third i.]utnterl> Official Roan:
neethiK of the Methodist Church Vfa.-j
■■Id imi Friday  last,    In KOing over
ai'il   wit In .nt   jiiit'irnpt
j current year,
!   The Inking    uvei  ol the     Sullivan
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lsl'uii|i iif      iiuiii'is l.y fla> Cuiisoli.lfttril
The   attitude   which    Su     Wilfrid   Mining &    Hmcltlng     company    win
Laurier btw   taken    upon   the   nnval  another     Important    fenturc    In tin
question betrays a Strom;  sepumtisl   mlnerol  development  <>f the district,
tendency; and, while lie niftv be   tihln   l'"1 ,)lf' 0l,tl-»' "' M"' ,,lin'' is !lh"nl
to carry Quel)cc   witb   blm,   lie   will   ■£IJJ ,lMls t,,!r **-«
certainly not receive tin-   support   of     Tic    recent   strike   of   gnlcna nt
Urltish Columbia, where tho question I |,n'T>' ('"'»■ "i1 '> iiroporty owned by
ol naval defense Ls a more vital coi
(rem.   Sir Wilfrid l.aurifi  nays,"I  ■*:
a Canadian,   flint, Inrft   «ml   all   th I..-I..1.1.™.......—.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i..i_._
tim-*"  Why \s it necessary t«,   miike     "hen in\wn ns i. whole, the miner ; nor reported an     advancement over
snob an assertlonV   There is inythiiig  *•' development     of tbe district  is a  the corresponding: period of the lust
in  Imperialism  that     is Inconsistent.H01"'  B.ttisfact  to thus.* inter*   year, and all accounts were met lip-
with or opposed to Canadian clMzcn- |;»ted in tnluing.     And  wc nny loot-   to-date, and a balance     remained in
-.hip.    The liupurtallsm of todaj  im _™__ 	
plies rhe co-ope ration of Knt:ll-*hi "roiluptimi ol silver-lend this year. | Tim Hoard regretted to receive the
-.|«-'ife nu* people, uinlet' the Hi II Uh
crown, for routlal defense and advancement, The Canadian eonferderu-
tion was designed fot similar ren
sons- tho   mutual   defense   and    ad
The     recent
■Iiy       C|,     >k.      Ll mtAymAymAymmmmaMatMmaAmmm  -
li. Durnnt, in also Important, and j the various reports, the past r^iarter
velopmeiit in this vicinity will be proved to be the best in the history
.pidly pushed (rom now on. i if the church,   Financially, the treats-
When tnk.'ii ns a whole, the mine
on t
••hnt'-  th
vanccrnent  of   the severul    provinceal
which comprise     the  Dominion,  and
when   British   Columbia   joined   the
confederation, it. did not imply thnt i
it wished to be cut of! from the bene- i
iits of the larger organization, com- ;
prised within the empire.   Tho   Hon
Richard McBride, speaking for the Inhabitants of British Columbia, might ,
ju.-t fld justifiably siiy,  In    the spirit!
of Hir Wilfrid Laurier's utterance, "1 ■
am a  British Columbian     first,  last
sijiJ     all tbe   time;   and, il     ynu, in
Quebec,  Intimate s policy  that  lend
to deprive    British Columbia of   th  j
support   ol ttir imperial   navy, with
out supplying m its place the mean
«>f a.le'iuati' protection,   we may fln.
it necessary     in an    emergency, t>i
Miake dui oviu arrangements for oui
own defense." This, iu     the event o
eastern maritime Canada,    which   I
represent!,  deciding  n<">t   '<■    - ippoi I
the empire In an* struggle which she
may    h»v* to   undergo, might mean
that    we (eperately throw    onrselve.
ittder tLe protecth u ■      Oreat   Brit
ao. and th'- Australasian dominion*'
The fact  that Cuiioda ab talued :: -n
an Imperial irtruggle, a     9ii  tfiHH
Laurlei   *ugge*tn thst   the might  iln
would   be   interpreted h-     an act ■•
judgment against thc meriti     u   th<
Imperial cause;   and we ci uid n"i ex
pect tbe    irepertal autborltic* to n&
their   Influence     t" prevent    A rial ti
powers    from     takimt   advantage •
troubles   In   Hlurope   t.,   force    ip u
British     Columbia condltloi
upert t-. their subject** that     «  .■;.
not, from reasons ol self preserratlon
tflHIngly     coin..-.it-.    Hnppo ■-■      ton
that the Aalntlc powers  weTe inclined t.i pugh theii claims to t.he arbi*
trainf-nf nf war, h"W should we   fan
uoder the    protection  'lint     .ittaws
parslmoniousH  affords?
(nt iwii wn ; i climb down we
should I-- mn pel ed to accede to
A«!ati< d?mand« oi have to My to tbe"
I'uited Hnn.-- foi protection, which
would  pi  i der  nn  f.M|
thai wo, Id e.venluallj lead tu aunei
ntion. Then flu- [«ople ol the re it
of Canada would remember, with n
lilttai tn ite In theii mouths, Su
Wilfrid  l.nnricr'i   ho|   an   pnirlot.hmi,
i   '.in a  V ii/oi    fn-'.t,   IflSl   and all
th**. time " This     province     nnd the
whoi* nf the    prairie provinces  were
k-*pi   ret* n ed for i.hf ' lanndlnti  pen
■jlr- for i  rpntiif.v 'iv the latent pow
er nf     Oreftt llrllaln;   and     the fact iThnw.
thfi'   th-Mi- Ih a    I'ansdn      today   and ' villi**!
orwnrd to ti   large    Increase   In thi   tbe hank
iroduction o( .silver* I cad this year,    j   The Board regretted t
o | resignation of the    Organist, Mr. J,
*, l-cck, who bad served them in a
very able manner for thc pust two
■■ A man's life Is full <>i crosses audi ■,',"'s- Owing to increasing duties
UsnppoltUments, lie comes Into tbc "' waa now unnble to till the posl-
rorld without his consent and goes U'0" '" ll's own satisfaction. In ac-
■ it agnlnst \\h will, nnd tbc trip be*M-optlng his roaignatton, a very bear-
ween is a hard ono. When he i, *>' •'otl' ot thanks was passed to Mr.
ittle thc big girls kiss him. When l*eck expressing ihc appreciation of
je is big the little girls kisr him. If ItUo.. Board of hia services,
ie is poor, he In a bad   manager, i!
' Is rich, he i dishonest. If lie
ants credit be can't get it, If he i-
rosperous, everybody wants to do
Im a favor If tn Is tn politics be
i a grafter, [| i,»- keep,-, out ol poi
ics ho i- nn good tn hi- country.
he does not give to charity, be i-
jtlngy ctiRH, [f he does, it is f..r
how.    If he i- actively retltflous,  he
The pastor, llev. H. Hughes wa
endered thanks for his work, and
he Board showed their appreciation
ij extending nn invitation to him
o return for a fourth year. In re
iiy, Mr. Hughes said he felt varj
hankful to the Board ior the bouoi
bat they had conferred upon him
uu hu nlwnys mode it a rule to leave
i tnself ii,  tlie hands of the statJon-
a hypocrite, nol   Interested   In re '"** committee   nnd did not  wish to
igion he Is ., hardened tinner. Care l(,part ,1'"1" ,h>ii lllk'-
■ 1   people,  toft disposition, cares for „., ,, ,,.,;,   , ,,  ,'",,,„,,..
., cine,    hardhearted.       Die.  young. WRBCKKt) |^   M'KHKJto
real   ost   liven t<  old ag--, outlived luneau,     Peb      17.   The     Alaska
Is ealllng     I:  he eaves money   he's Steamship company!| Yucatan struck
grouch, ii hn   pend    lie's a loifcr, ui   icehurg in Icy     .-trait yesterday,
f you tet U.ynn'iv n grnfter,  if yon hiring u     nnowsi irm,     and -nnk in
tnc upon all persons liable for taxes
Dated     at    Cranbrook, B. C, this
34th day ot January, 1910.
Collector for;
Port Steele Assessment Diatrict.
StMim BoIIpm anil r-urnaop Work a
Cost and Stock Estimates
Furnished Upon Applied'
P.O. Box 834.
*********************************** .^
I Rubber Dollar   Store *
T c w. \AN\voRMlili, Proprietor J
J      HANSON AVBNDE      •      •      CRANBROOK, B.C.     ♦
We Buy Everything Z
HORSES, STOVES, iikw and second hand PURWI-     ♦
f WE SELL what we have in stock at prices that
* will surprise you.    A visit, to the Dollar store will con-
r vince yon  that we Imve the goods, and can save you
► lil'ty per cent on any goods purchased.
\ We Buy and Sell For Cash
*" «n
Phone 56
Frank Dezall i
Itulilier Tires  Ajipllell
To Buggy Wliefl'
ANU MOTOR CD'S Btf.'YCl.RS     !
■I'h.iae r.O     •   •
a Specialty.
p. 0.  Boi
Kuneral Director,
Gold Standard
Teas and Coffees
\* PEACE and CONTENTMENT will surely reign  in
j ♦ the home it you use only
Hot Tea or Coffee
and Fresh Home
Made Biscuits
Hot Chocolate
Hot Bovril
Hot Lemonade
j Rocky Mountain Chapter |
NO.  l!!6.   R. A. M. I
Rftirillul' IJj^pttliiia:— imi Tui'i; £
day 11 each munth *i elghl £
o'oloolt, I
Bujournlog rorupanlou.   am
j    I'Ordlull)  lUVItetl.
:       W. V. PSBBZE,       Surllw K.
i     Bin 202     oranbbook, «. 1.'.
Makes Best Bread
I Staple and Fancy Grocers
********************** **********************
,. ■   ■   n    ...;i     twent>    JeleKatei-
ire ti. be cHobbii   bs   tb*1   f'ranbronk
n ■•: ,'nttvc   \    h ati m    I      nttenil
■ e nat innal ennventit p ■■ thc ;j.*ir* j
• ftttnwa, '.•■![ ■■ n« Thi c ileh
nf<-   *'1)1 i.riv-   1 ■ iuiin..;,h .1  im-
■ thon th» Ih i : March Tl • pre*
iilent ol   tin-   Cranbrook   rhi oi iation
houlfl tret luifij and call > mwl Ini!
>l the pxociitlve cnmmll tee tn con
■■ tier  flu* mnttf-t
lint- '" 11 Montreal I patch
menl Iin ■■ In ■ 1 n uti by the
nn  I'i"-i'.i      KaltwR>   compnny
■' tl ai      1   the I'ppei f.v,
nnd Kootennj vallej . » line
nui   Blko ..it thc     (Vaw't* Nr. '
Tn       K, I'l     ;1" ."    *"   ir."-*   the
nlrendj   utarted    ■•■ thwar :   from
i-ii nn thf* mflin line o| the 0, I'
nakini* ■ n« ' on  bet ■■■■ • en the
line    n di tnni •■ ■ ■ 17*1 mllan,
•■ ■   •
•• .,1 th«
Bthnnu nl water. Tbc i;r. pan
•:* and rrew wora landed on
!',•■■ 1 land   und will be brought
A'i- Deal in Everything From
,i Needle to a Locomotive
Singer Sewing
Machines do
the Best Work
D.J.JOHNSON I Joseph fi". McLean
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 „  monthly payments by
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Geo. B. Powell
Singer Store
I'll,„i« aai aSruiati'jgf Avaauia
... ...,^: —— ■ [Phone IB". I'l'uulirook, B.O.
DR.      Kb LLY L|,8o skoond  hand maohinks
Hpoolftlllnl     in     ilii'ii'...      tot. »AIM   OHBAP AND TO
illnonrnm.     Html   t   cents
|in»tHBn for tree booklet, J MNT.
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\\G. Mlrtf \t.  M   'I'unnliaiHd
SSC      MlM Mai ObrkpUi-Ut.
A Good
Resolve never to be Second ClaK.in
anytliinii. No matter what you do, try
to be ;i Kin,; in it; KohoIvc to iiave
nriiliiiu', tp tin willi tim Interior. Do
your bet in evcrytltinu;—(leal with tbe
Met! cliooit tlie Best; live up to Ihe
Bi'st, uuii ynu cannot help but Kuccecd.
These are the sentiments that govern
Ihe manufacture of ANCHOR
BRAND FLOUR and those that
use It. If you deal with the Best
they will help you to chouse tht
Beat and carry out
A Good  Resolve
Manfd. hy
\*+— *•*
Leitch nrothen Flour Mills, Oak Lake, Manitoba.
PKOTOB._ ritAMiiiiii'K. li__
SATI IIHAY.  l-'Hlllll'.UIY l'i
Canada and the  Empire
Powerful Utterances by Honorable R. L. Borden •on^the
Ottawa, Peb. 17. In bis speech on
thi; Navnl Defence Mr. 11. I.. Uorden
K[»oko with trreat power on tho duty
of ('-Hindu part ici put ini; in the de
fence of the Empire, line passage
in his speech waa ils follows:
"I can understand the man who
advocates independence. In that case
With ten thousand miles of co.ist |
Uno and a great sea home commerce,
wo must of necessity become a naval
power ait enormously increasing e.x-
pease or else remain the plaything j
and laughing stock of the world.
"1 can understand the man if there
be any such in Canada, who con-'
seientinusly advocates the union of
this country with Ihe great neigh '
boring republic, hut let him remember that such a union would be followed by naval and military charges
of from twenty to twenty-five million
per annum.
"1 cannot however, understand how
any man receiving and accepting the]
protection of the British Klag, tho
advantages of British citizenship, the
snle-gunrding of our coasts, tlie se* j
eurity of our shores, the benefits and
advantages ol tho diplomatic nnd]
consular     service     throughout     the'
world, the talisman.!' protection of
our Hug can reconcile it witn his
sell-respect to have every dollar Of
the cost paid by the overburdened
taxpayers of the Hritish islands,
"We have the power to adopt that
position if we choose because the liberties which we hold as of right and
of grace are in this respect absolute,
but 1 cannot conceive it to be a
worthy or honorable course. It is
not so much a [quostlon of our duties
or obligations to the mother country as of our own honor and self-
"I am the (loftcendent uf those who
have never lived under any other
(ban the British ting since it lirst
streamed to the free winds of heaven,
I am as profoundly uud unalterably
attnched to Ilritish institutions and
connections, and as ready to work,
and it necessary to tight for them as
any man in Canada. Hut if my
country, one of the richest in tho
world in proportion to its population, should accept the humllltnttoh,
the degrading, the pauperizing position of receiving future protection
and safety at the hands and cost of
tlie  British taxpayer  without  contri
buting one dollar in aid or assistance
1 would that the sooner the empire
wits nd o| her the bettor lor all.
"When the battle of the Armageddon conies, when the empire is lighting for its existnnec, when our kins
men of the great dominions are in
the forefront «if the battle, shall we
silent and        Inactive while
we contemplate with snug satisfaction our Increasing crops und pro
duets or shall we pauper-like seek
landed but delusive security in an
appoal to the charity of some indeti
nite nml high sounding and political
doctrine of a great neighboring nation.   No, a thousand times no.
"There will he no such outcome,
, It may bo that the Canadian people
absorbed in the development of their
I marvellous resources have paid but
little heed in tin wide world activities oi the empire, and hnve realised
but imperfectly the responsibilities
and tlui ies ot their country as one ol
tho greatest dominions. But they do
not lack the intelligence, the vision,
the courage, the patriotism accessary to realize those duties aad accept
those responsibilities."
Mr McKenula Kim: Tho committee in ns report, asks thn leave bo
granted t<> employ the services «>t a
specialist to '■•^i** the committee In
it*; researches Into h nislamm respec
ting the hours of labor. Thai makes
,t perfectly clear what thc Intention
ol the committee is
Mr Rhodes Have those researches
tt. d<> with the merits ..; the eight
hour day or merely with tlie .Irn'tuu:
oi the measure to cany tbut nut'.'
Mr.  Mackenzie King;    With both.
Mr Rhodes: Then 1 understand
that this expert is to glvo ua opinion also as tn the ments ol tin
eight hour day.
Enough said.
Ore shipments from mines ia the
Cranbrook district for tho past week
and year to date were as follows:
St. Eugene  4ss 2,1.11
North    Star    29    C7B
Sullivan   353    794
Total  B7C
0. N. K Buys Coul Lands
Winnipev, l-'.i, II Urns..i up by
.1 r. LUorgau a Co..and associate*
m New York, ihe Canadian Northen
railway, repiesented by Mckensle aud
Maim, it wns anuotinced today, had
obtained possession of thr great coal
mlues and cual bedding areas oi the
l)t.nsinuii Interests on Vancouver Is
land  for $11,0(10,1100.
Part nt the project is the erection
oi a ste-.>l and iron works on thc Is
Intnl. Five und a half million dollars
is to be spent in further developmenl
of the mines
Eden, Arabia, Feb. 17. Mohammed
Abdullah <>) S'omallland the "Mad
Mullah," is again nn the wirpath
A big force of dervishes has raided
tlie Sultanate of Mljot'tine, killing
ami burning in all directions, The
slaughter of the tribesmen Is very
Inavy tine whole town was gutted
by lire and 11,000 camels were taken
by the dervishes.
Penticton   R.|]R,
Bill Introduced in the House—C.  N.
Contract and Budget Up Next Week.
' Victoria. Poll. 16.-Boning unex-Ul tho second reading of the bill to
Motea delay, thc budget nn.l the C. revise nml consolidate the companies
IT Railwaycontract will both be in- act It had originally been a gges-
trm imi next week., said premier Mc- ted by an Invitation on the part ol
Bride in answer to a question in the .tlie Impprla government to consider
h, I, ' The budget and the eontrnet the advisability o making company
w"l then be considered day by day. aw as -early uniform throughout
Mr   Jardlne    snld that he     under-  tlie empire as possible,    line or two
stood from the attorney general that Points   were
tive minutes to light one slgnn, lump
on tho engine.
At this point Mr. Tuii Interrupted
and wanted io tell about a steamship he liiui arranged to tako a trip
• on. but all those who were listening
to Mr. farter's description of thoAflu
engine Insisted he to go on.
"The engineer," continued Mr. Carter, "after     running on     the engine
' .six months goes blind because ol
straining his eyes wntchlng for signals. It takes two astronomers with
powerful telescopes to sou her going
niul tlie glare ol the headlight can be
-.ecu through a hill one mile thick.
It took nine carpenters four montns
< to build the pilot.
"They use. li steam shove! to give
ber conl. The tank holds 'il carloads
of water. The roundhouse force in
Winnipeg, where they keep the engine, hold ii picnic in the firebox
every summer. When running the
wind of the train she pulls has been
B..kiiij?   triumphs   are   everyday   ixxuiiences   with   Purily
Highest   grade   in  the  world.
Home - made bread
awarded firm prue
at  the   National
Exhibition, Toronto,  was
made (rom   Purify   flour.
WRTEItN CaNAIM FUW8 Mills Co., Ltd,
dealt     with.    Directors known to knock down monster trees.
tta'budmt would '"iiotV'paswVtiil would be niaile responsible for mis
aw   ,,,,ir..ei was lirounht i own leading statements contnincd in pros
%,rpremcrrtIdTwouldT,oi, it poctusos Issued fromUho ofllees ol
would merely be presented. The es- their companies. Again, the nnmei
Znies'^idd betaken up in dotal, of morbiuul*^$ «»" *g*
"'ir  I'rT^tnw^'saWuSwnsi Co,    ■,t^ehl.adJgi:eo,it''o.eS.     „ „.   .  .
^';„tv Inree^tent toHng !n tu"e I istonee would thus be prevented from  to  write a description of the steam-
contrary to   ™™  < " "i ng « ™« polMn ,, mlmcs. ! ,hi    he   WB6   ,nt,,,ested in he would
measure     Be aus.  of  tl     waknes    !    One wing of the opposition having ; ,,lly „ whole box of them lor him
•■'When she leaves the tracks there
is tn earthquake in China [our days
\ Inter. The throttle is pulled hy a
: stationary engine in the cab."
Al this point Mr, Tail asked what
brand of cigars Mr. Carter smoked
aad said il  he would sign a eontrnet
the numerleul weakness -of the opposition, they had all the more need of
au assurance that ample time would
be given for discussion.
The premier said .Mr. Hnwthornth
wnite was quite mistaken with regard to precedent.    It  wns quite ir
VMU-   "IMS   V.a   v.—   ~rt. „ ^
blamed the Liquor net for going too j
far in the way of restricting the liquor   tratlle, the   other     wing   today
took the     opposite   position,    H.  O. |    ■•;          ■•■*  " ..      ---..
Brewster,   thc     "regular"     Liberal,  week,  tn Ottawa, one ot the topical
-•ommended the government     [or tho|fl0n£?, W,RS
what's  thr   tionn.
At the     press gallery     dinner lost
'What's the good of a navy if you
haven't got the ships?
What's the   good   of   a   Bristol    If
she's always on the slips?
For the only use     of a navy is to
anavnr England's call
But how can you answer   England
when you haven't a ship at all?"
The Eight Hour Bill.
K _ r  .,  net so far   as it     went, but wanted!
ual to bring In the budget within a I every regulation which applied to
short time of the beginning of a sns-! every part, even if for this purpose |
sion. His Hon. friend need hnve no' it had to take powers now exercised j
fear that he would not give ample j by the municipalities, At the sanv:
time to dismiss the bill, nnd to get time lie thought the government
oil all his resolutions and fireworks,    should give up part ol its represent!!-
Mr Hnwthornthwnite said this was tion on thc   boards   of   license  com-!
no   laughing     matter.   Might     they mlsslonors for municipalities,
take the premier's words   as   an   as-     The Penticton Railway bill a   Hill |
stirance that supply     would  not   be measure, wns     Introduced today.    It |
completed  until they hnd opportuni- is for a line south     from Penticton,;   Ottawa      Fob      17 -Thc    Vcrville
ty to discuss the railway bill'; connecting with the V. UI,   ™» HIBht-hour dny bill is now before   a
Thc premier said that Mr. Haw- agents are very active, but Neil Mnc-, i(ll t.omniittM nl tlu, Hou80 ,,,
thornthwaite, with his seven years k,ny anil other Kootenay members commons, When it wus referral to
experience of this government ought are making a strong tight to have that ,,nily „ considerable portion of
surely to know that it would keep thc charter given only on condition I t|u, opposition objected on the'
faith with the opposition. They that the dismantled six miles of the j „,,,, j.„ftt ,)nrliRmt!„t aB'ouW adopt
were clearing up the business of the  Kaslo-Slocan road be     put In condi-1 tlp „rinci„ir   ai,.i should nut the hill
without  interfering wit,, the consid, J**^"^^
Mills 4i Si Boniface,
Godencli. Bi af.in-i.ni
Olfifa'C. Wmiiil'tlJ   Maint-ba
More bread »-*<•/ better bread
62^c per acre cash and 62^c
once each year thereafter
secures u. you ;i HR1 I'lSH COL1 MBIA I ARM
in the British t iiiuiiiln.i Southern; Columbia mid
Kuotenin mul Western I'ailwa1   Coinpaii) -   Land
(ii.iiii-. I'ln-M- I.nui- ue einiiieiill) suited for .the
raising "I
mul imn he purchased "ii these liAS*l I I.K.MS
Canadian   Pacific   Railway
who .in looking for settlers fur ilu.- part
Timber Lands ol the highest character, situated in
these (irants, are ottered loi sale in blocks ol hum
04.1 H 11-- upward,
——^mammr~ * —ajaajaajaaaa»—
\|i|ih   in iln  .11 iii ies- ii- shown mi the attai hedj 1 mi pun
for Maps, Application I'orms, Kegulations and Literature
Desk 13I Asst, to 2nd Vice President.
Calgary, Alberta,
I'leasr 'niul im- all [ai i- pertaining to \"in lands in B, C.
C. K   WARD. Miiiuii'.ei' C. 1.  f.IT'i'Lb:. SBClotaiy
■= The Cranbrook Agency Co.
PHONE  HHO P.   0.  BOX   19
1           HOTEL 1
I Guests Comturt a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection m
jilM             Nearest to rail road depot,   Has accommo- mK
flSJ                ilatious    for    the    public    unaquallml   in Sffl
Cranbrook. Im
_____ 1
eration of other    mcosuret*.     AmiHe wnite moved to apply to the   whole
time    would he pfiven (or    tht*   very | province the   exi.*rti»K   ptohibilioii oi
lui lest discussion of the hill. 61 tho sale or dear ment.   The hill to
Attornry General  Dowser introduu- amend the Land act was introduced.
Railway Phones
Thos. D. Caven, Member from Cranbrook, Says they are Public Necessity
(-('Illllll   li    m:   m-w-j-aVM        «..a_   y ,.- .
He managed to ovado giving a square
niiHwer. Later on the commWteo;
ashtid fttr permission to engage an
expert. Prof, Skelton of Queen's
university to give his information on
the eight-hour dny abroad. In the
I course of the discussion the following
I Pggg&gfL occurred: —
Bank of
Victoria, Felt. 12.—A good etaal of
buslneas wns done today iu adVo.il*
citig various moflsurei* through the
committee stage. Thtwe had already
been discussed ho the session was
quiet one. i'erhups the chief debate
wan on a private hill, that to incur
point-' the Mcn/h's Kay Itailway com
pany. As reported by tin* private
hills committee permission was given
to the company to erect telephone as
well as telegraph lines along its
right of wny for use in connect (nn
with thc operation of its railway;
alsu to give a public service over its
telephone as well ns over its telegraph line and to erect such connection lineti as may be necessary for
ibis purpose.
Parker Williams moved that the
clause providing for the public use of
tUG telephone line ho struck out for
the reason that corporations wanted ;
too many powers.
Mr. Caven said that there was a
general tendency on the part ol modern railways to aupplement their telegraph lines with telephone lines for
tho sake of grenter convenience iu operating their trniiiH. If they were
going to put up such linns for their
own convenience, why not let the
public get the benefit. Railways put
tip telegraph poles and wires for tholr
own nt«; nnd this is mode the moans
of supplying the public also with
telegraph service. Why not lot the
public get. the benefit ol telephone
connections established in the same
wny. In many cases the benefit to
tho public would even he greater. It
might be poiislhle then to find out
how late a passenger train for which
you aro waiting was golog to be. A
principle good in tho case ol telegraph lines was Hiirely good In the
•cam? of telephone lines also.
The amendment was defeated.
Ilr. Jardlne complained that aume,
of the list of (mentions which he bad1
been putting on the order paper bad
not  hern answered.
The premier remarked thai, many of I
, the questions referred to were puorile
i und frivolous.    Hut it wnt* the duty
' ot tlio government to give tho information asked   (or and he    was sure
that   any     Information    nuked     for
would be given,
It turns out thnt as a mntter ol
tact that all tbo questions had been
answered, hut that some of them
merely Inquired for opinions or were
in some other way out of order and
that the answers bad not been printed in tho journals of the legislature
Iiy the clerk of the house because of
the precedent thnt would he created.
A Monster Engine
"Speaking about big engines," said
.1 H. Carter, general agent of the
passenger department of tlie Canadian Pacific rnilwny, who had just
lighted a big black cigar, "I think
the one 1 saw in Canada last summer heats anything there Is In the j
Mr. Garter took two or three long j
pullH at the eigar and alter waiting
until Harry M- Tali of Seattle, traveling partoenger agent for tho Canadian Pnclllc, had comfortably seated j
himself in a chair, he continued."
"While traveling through Canadn
some time ago," said Mr. Carter, "I ;
saw the most powerful locomotive in .
the world. The engine hn'l five acres
of grate bars, four acres of netting
iu the smoke box nnd it takes a man
a day nnd a half to walk through
the cylinders. Hyory lime the englno
exhausts it rains for twenty minutes
nfterward. There is un elevator that
goes to the headlight to hoist the
o|l, nnd It requires live bmrels o! oil
to fill it.    It takes two    men forty-
PUBbl'O NOTICK is horeby given
that n meeting of the Subscribers of
Ihe Capital Stock of the Hank of
Vancouver will be held at tin1 Hoard
ot Trade rooms, Molson's Hunk
Building, r»« Hastings St., W.. Vancouver, H. 0., on Tuesday, the first
day ol March, 1910, at 10 o'clock
a. hi.
The business of tlie meeting will be
to determine the day on which the '
litinual general meeting ol the Hank
will be held:
To elect such member or tho Directors, duly qualified under the Hank
Act, as the Subscribers may think ,
necessary, who shall hold oflice until
the annual general mooting ol the
yoar next, succeeding theii  election.
To lix the qualification of the Directors subject to the provisions of
the llinik Act.
To fix thc method of tlllim*. vacancies in the Hoard of Directors whenever the same may occur each year.
To lix the time und proceedings
for the election of tho Directors iu
case of nny failure of any election on
the day appointed for it:
Tit prescribe the rocord to be kept
kept of proxies and the time not exceeding 20 days within which proxies
! must he produced ami recorded to
any subsequent meeting, iu order to
enable the holder to vote thereat:
And lo regulate' such matters ns by
by-law the Shareholders may regulate pursuant to terms ol Bee. IH of
the Hank Act. li
A. L, DKWAll,
Secretary of the
Provisional  Board ot Directors
What is a I
visible typewriter? I
Writing in sight is part of it.    Keyboard in sight is the H
other part.    It is as important that you see what you do H
as to see what you have clone.  The key-foi-every-character H
keyboard of the easy action, light running MODEL 10 H
makes  it the   only truly  visible writing  machin
Write im iiilnmiiilii n in
Thr Smiili I'rrniiiT typewriter Company, Inc.
Syracuse, N. V.   Blanche, evsiywlieia
P.L.S, & CE,
Complete, Slial»!il IJne K^vljoaid
Removable and ImerchangeablePlateM
Mull Hf.iiim Carriage
Rewriible tabulator Rack
Simple Stencil * lilting Device
Drop I "'H  Cype liei.
Peilecl Line l.~k
Visible Writing
Complete  Control  from
A Key Im Every Character
BieUme Ribbon
Uniloim Uu, I,
Ball hi-.ni.,:   I y|ir Her
l olumn I inilei mul Pora|raphel
Dr.i I tabulalol
i'nlrit l-iditiit! Facilitie,
InlerclianKeabie Caina^r,
Kiliiil   and  l.rfl  Carriage Kcleate
I even
Swinging M*igin«l !<".
1'ioler.lnl Ribbon
Ceai Driven Caniage,
Ribbon ( nnliolleu1 from Keyboard
Variable and Univeiiel I"" Spaoal
I'nlr.i Hun Guard
II.,I  Space l.evn
I ,„n,,.r Relardei
Improved Meitiuial Stool
I capemenl, Speedle.1 tvei Deviied
Thi'sr arc features which
make the Smith Premier the
choice of the iiiiiii who
investigates, comparative
advantages. Page -t
-    . I
tiik Piioai'KCToR,  cnuNHitonK,   ii. a, Saturday, February ii, 1010
Patmore Bros.
li is not im i'el\ sn\ so- this talk about niir Invi'ii
tor\ Sale,    li I- ;i I'l.M im- i:h i.   The cnniiniii'd «ri*\\tli
and success uf a storr   ditpeiiils   mi    the   ihoroui'lin.-ss
with whit'll the surplus stuck is cleared nut.    We know
this fact, anrl havi  inach mu piicf'.s ai'cnidiiis;lv.
Our Prices .'lust Move Our Stock
(Hi.thill!'    Made hv n iclialile   manufacturer,   well
known to tUI'll nut OIlK   Liooil innils.      We have marked
ii awiij dnwii lot tin- s.tl .
I Mini prii e si i.ik i.    Sa e prici       ... ,i   (I Jri
I 'miiiI pncr- s i.'., i.',    Sale price       111 7 .*<
I sua I price ii;.ji i.    Sale price  I J 25
I  -mil price s 15. on.     Sale price     11,.50
Special Reduction un nil lii-Ucini'in Suits
Rcual Shoe-    lln [Jivniiei   \- -  it   11  <h es,   *
lie sold.at the |iillnwili)<    riei    dill iliii this
po pair $4-75. $5.25. $5.50
Mackinaw duals   Om famous  l-l. H. K. M
iliaw Coat, all.wm il,  >\ ill: knitted   I'unl cults,   sizes    i"
;,S and 30 nn lie- 01 l\.    Sale price $3.95
Men's Hlack Cardii'an Jackets
Will he cleared oui fori   ---.-■   : 75c each
Men's Heavy Wurking Shoes   wv havi >_ ■
over our stock and ledui  il a ipiantiu   ol  out   woi
shoes which we will sell ,;ui .. il is sul. $2.00 per pair
Kverv pair is .1 I'. 11 _ tin.    I ome and see them.
No dhai'sie Kill lies at Sale Prices
Burns    Bros.
ilie Store ot fashion
dranhrook, It   d
ll   tl,  Cauipholl.  "i  N'oltion  was u j
l!u-  I'itJ    Krui i)
.1   M   Agnow. oUKlko,    was In tho
iit\   Friday
Mi   and Ml     V   U   Kice ol Toron
to,  wet '■ ' '■ ftJihi riok   •:!'■■!    Ki lUnj
\   t,   .Mi'i'uiiint returned t-tatuniay
from a \isii  tn M'lnnipci*
limn    \t    I'runnVook,   un   Kdhrimrj
■ ;   .       Ui    1 il  \lr    S   ttoynl, " son
\    ;.'i        Wnrtlnci.     .mis in the
c i t >  S  ml bj
i'   k   J   in ton   ul    Moyii    w i
th.- nt)   Wt'ilm nlnj
I.   I'    lOcksti <•■'« rnte   ft*as in
pit}   Thursin\
.1    .1     \\ liei'ti m, i»l  1 r****t."»n    wa*  in
iiir city   Wt   las
u     1    Units, ol     Fnmtiei      VVhi h
thu  Pit v   Tlnii's.lav
'   M    Hiivk 'iiridg* ol  I'nlRarj w as
■'-•..,..       RSI
Pheis   ft.ts  ill wn     ■•■ 111  Pei ■ >
creek   Pi   l« i ismes*-
W    D   ii •., >.       ..;.
nisii    -   tri]   ■ ■  \ a«i
.!   Han Lethbi .va±> tn the
n:;.   w . di es la*,
Mi '.;  .    ■ Han.-, m.    ol
reel      nrei    Cranbrook visi
*.    .  Tnes la)
«■    .- Io.   w.. sh       Fori Steele
■ as     ■■:■:■.:.',:   court      at   t'lB
-i . ll .
is  Ualhralth
from  F..rt
1   tiheppard, of Lnti
.er     ' rnnbrook  visi
thi!* week
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ■>* ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
are si 1 Id mil'   It)
The Montelius Piano House
4.19 - 441  Hastings Street,
Vancouver,   B.C.
Branch Store   41.1 Joirpt  Stirt't, Nelson, B (.'.
Oeorge   Wrli.li.   Sfllin;   Agent, CranbrOok. B.C
H.    H,    STANTON,
Manager   for   all    Eastern    B.C.   Business.
Specials   For
Saturday,   Monday and Tuesday
February 19, 21 and 22
W i- have   .i   line  "I   (.' islnnere   and    I li illianline
Rlottses.  lTj,'itlaiil  soli] loi i- ,. ;.        Now    $1.2,5
\'estin« Blouses, re^ulfii -:;-.    \"«     115^
l$ Silk Mouses. re»Iilai ';..«> and  S7.5".   Sim  $->.<),s
6 Silk Blouses, r.■-iiiin so.no to in. cn Hail Price
All mn i lanneletle I nderweat
ii. in   Hall  Price
.A luu  nl t lulilren's Sli • rr«ulai   »i,j     lu   •   ,2     lot
  8oc, t.1.00 and $1.10
I In    1    11 si li'lnli'l ' linilt 1: to :;i-\ .1 "'■' 'I I   -In 11 .
Hill & Company
Mr nml Mrs. \ II C'ushinfi, ol
t*a!jrnr>. ■*■'' ■ mir-t- ai the Crnn
brnok  Wednesday.
N a. Melntyre and tt*. Uirch ol
Vaneouver were in the city Wndnes*
See t; H l.eurfk .v ('.,., for plans
for sprlnit buiMing and he ready tn
ntnrl with thu oncninK nf the season.
H. tt'. Sharpo of Spokane was
ti'insnctinR hnslheafi nt Cranhrnnl;
K, P. Towtisend and .1 H. Bell ol
llrniulon were registered at the Oranbrook Friday.
N Hanson, of Wasn, spent sevei il
day** this week  Inl 'rani.rook on hnsi
Born At Cranbrook, nn Monday
February 14, to Mr. and Mrs. K,
Small, a son.
Mr. ami Mrs. J. P. Fink entertained a mnn hor pf younir people Wednesday evening ht, a 500 pnrty,
Born At Cranbrook, on Monday
Fcbiinry 14th, to Mr. ami Mrs. 3. J,
Bassntt, a son.
FOB SAIjK.- One new ten roomed
dwelling bouse, all modern improvements. Four lots fenced, wood and
carriage shed, hprso and cow stable,
tool room nnd hen house. Situated
near the government building, \pply
tn \. I). Bridge.-*, p, tt. llox H'.i,
Crnnbrot)k. B, c
it W. Beatty hns purchased the iin- •
dcUakinR business of tt.   it.   MoFar '
Mrs. J. !■'. Armstrong entortnlned
n few select friends on Mondny in
honor ol her husband's birthday.
\'i- John F, Smith, entortnlned a
numbei ol Invited guests on Tuesday
in honoi  nl  her hushnnd's birthday
V.  Hyde Bukw*.     who has beon nl j
''-* ennui for thc pasl     three weeks,
on business, returned homi   Satnrdnj
H,  Pnrnon of Winnipeg,   .)   Bnlfoui
il Vancouvei    nn.l    W. I..   KeycB o ;
Glndfctone     were at    thc    Crnnbror-k j
il   F     Miiribh- nl   Tabor,     I., tt
Dhw-aoii ol Toronto, and  l-:.  L Tn\  I
it i   ni   U'thhridgc were guest-H at tin I
f'rai ik  Thursday
P l.nn.I T. G. dnnen and li. c
i .iini ey, ol ttiifdtii'i were in the i ii i
Thursday, and lofl on Lbe mnrnluv
trnin  Friday  foi   Mnrysville,
Wm DnwHort, ol Onlgary, P, Lund
nl Wardnei      anrl    i-;. |,. Staples   ..
: ■'■■■! "Ti'.-il   at      tin
i 'rnnbronk   Huhilav  lani
( F Martin nl Vancouver, A Jl,
Kccler, nl Ohlongo, ■'. Bolchel, nl
Vnnconvei were regl il.erod at tht1
Oranhronk Fiiday
l-ini ■    Finlny  returned    from Bock
- reck   Tburwl iy,  where be was look
nj ovei thf properly in winch be i-t
nlere Led
tt' INTKI) l-adlos and fleiitlemon
mul ebllilren"** elnthlng to mend
nii n tnhlf linen, bed linen and bos
.-i\ Mrs |-;(|bc| llutler, icHldenco,
Fi inch avenue, north of luidge. P
n  Bon .vii
The fjstmw hn the Boynl Bank,
Imve nrrlvcd, and Oontrnctor D. .1
.lohnson ik now rngnged iu putting
up When completed the Boynl will
have   very  druirable  quwtti-.;  for  du
Ulg    bU£iH«Sa>.
A Lund, N A Melntyre, F tt
Durxeaa and c \i Pennock of Ward
ner, were In Uie cltj Moudaj attend
ing iln' funeral ol the late David
Our laiurt'.-. nre made in tho largest
Uovc Foundi) iindii tn.' Brlltsli
Flag. "McOlai > •' Many satlslled
'UHtomerH ure oui  besl advortlsement
Patmore Bro
Sec imii Saak Vita rangi with thc
trouud top liin-:,. an.I dotihlc duplex
grates mad.- ol letnl teel Will stntul
1100 legreeu mon heat nmi has lo
per cent bi*i ati r ten die ^trengtli th in
m-dlnan cnatinttu \bsolittelj the
best range sold in this couuti')
Patmore Bro i   m»U1iik   Vgene**
lh    I'onimUj    who ban been eoiifln
In nv      i ii- fm     attack oi
Intlumntory   i In umai i .in   \\ax   reco\
iif.i. iuuI is Hi- \     ivei h lus i he con
rat ul at tons Ii lends
\    Doyle,  11.   l.   T
Oalbinith,   l;    I'   Diehard iou  ami  II
■ Mathei il F I Steeli were in the
cltj   r ■■■ iihij   ■   ■■:. .:.■!.. the tune fa I --i
Mr. 1) [tree kcur Inge
Pondticloi B Ootinau who was ne
riously injured in a wreck Monday is
now m Hu ho ipital, and thc doctors
think thai ompi tal Ion ol his leg will
not be ncci • ■   rj
nui motto is "Not how cheap, but
bow good ' it i- nol wuut you u ij
for an article, but     wltui  the article
paid [oi it that di ti raiinos its vnl
ne Met 'lai'y's ranges are built to
paj you back mi efficient Bcrvico,
■uatn times over, in return for what
vou pay for them. "Let us show
you '   Patmore Bros.
a t I,mil'ci of Vancouver, C\ J.
Archibald ol  Nelson,     ft. C, Morlord
■ San Francisco, C. W. Smith ol
Fi ri ic and .1 A. Cunningham nf
Nelson   were  registered  at   the  Crnn-
Mrs, J. M Pitikham's many friends
are giving u series of entertainments
in her honor before ber departure for
Strathcona, whore Mr. Pinkham has
received an appotntment as manager
of the   Imperial Bnnh in     that city.
Just aa wc are not ashamed of our
name, we an n"t ashamed ol our
work. I'iumtiini: and Heating eon-
tracts installed iiy us give the mnxl-
itiun t.i satisfaction, and will save
ynu money, Patmore Bros, up-to-
late plumbers:
nay river     prnetleallj all     tbo waj
south from the   main Ilu i ol   the c.!
p   it., pnaslug somewhat to the onst
of Crauhrook     Tin   vullcj  Is de *nb 1
..I ns an exceedingly     rich one, ami |
'he "• oale .ii Crnnhrook hollevo thut
it  should   be   largely     tributary to
thai  place    Tbt'v  were thereforo do
iroils tmu Ihe am iimd nhould camu
int.. tbe town, and thej Interviewed
ihe officials <>i  the i muutian   Paelllo
ii .li icui s tin,- mutter
N.. amiouncemcul wn I made by
iiii'tn .\itli roforeucu to any assurance
which wore (flvon by Mi Bury ro
gnrdW 'hi- constritctlon nt die mam
branch or ot tbe connection ol the
loir   with   Cranbrook
$2.00 Per Year
Fa  O.  E.
Mi'i-i uvi'i'j l'i iiini ni s ii.iii
Visl'ilnu   !:,..!■.n~ r linn,    lnvltoil
u    !•'   Jiilui,   miiiii,' president.
W    h"   ll    I'illllll. iii'tinir  rfiY.
A, ii,'  I'llls.iiiill,    I',    il.    llox Uh.
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦,>♦♦.>♦♦♦♦
\ Cranbrook |
j    Livery    x
Receiver'a No.
lime riled
O C fVIr\ •''•' leMw*•>'•< mMiege -uMt.i n. the lermi- oa
OCIvU itiivt. hctv.U. which atv iiervby ui-rtud to.
Lot; Angeles, Cal., Feb. 15-10
Parks; & Brown, Ltd. ,
% J, D. McBride,
Cranbrook, B. C.
0 K to put names of delinquents on
window. Engage Ross C. Carr for the
t        We ask you to cnll nod try
:our new Consignment ol nt-.*/
find      Vo to-dnte    rigs     for
+     Winter   and   Summer.   J uut
I received Toppir and  Reliable t
X Horses    at    your    disposal. T
4 IHvc    thnn    a    trial ;ta<l ht- a
♦ t'ouviiti-ed. ▼
♦ ♦
Winnipeg Free PreHG A deputation
nun the CJranbrook Uorird of Trade
•rrlvcd In the city yesterday fTttos
lay, Feb. 8th) and rcziutered at Hip
Uoynl Alexandra. In tin* party wore
M. A. Macdonald, president of tho
of tho Hoard; Dr .1. H. King; W. K.
Clurd; nnd .1. T. Laidlaw. The visitors arc here to Interview W, Whyte,
second vice-preBident, nnd in his absence they met (1. J. Bury, general
To the (Tree Press the visitors
stated that there were a number of
questions affecting Cranbrook, which
they were anxious to discuss with the
armdinn Pacific. One of tho moat
important matters was that relating
to the construction of the Kootenny
Central Railway and the relation of
Cranbrook to that Una. The Kootenay Central on which it is believed
Hint much work will he done this year
Will  follow  the  course of  the  Koote-
$**..*.*,,*-* *.*..•',«•■•..♦..«,
.,♦■•».y<$i * i.-*~i-fi<iyi*y*^*^*- ?'*y*':*>^ »;#<♦;<^<y>*><'^^^
*■:*, *'■'*•• '*■■*'•*. f
*. The Leadiiif; Fruit Store. |
',. .;.
" Choice Hot lluuaj •♦
<*.' , ■•
'.. LaCStlUCt! ,5
I Celery |
f "Suitkist" LciDons 4
I:.. Na vnl Oranges '..
I Pif» ;:
I <»■ Dales « j
[<i> Slowuri's line Chocolates *
I '*-  *
I f ™~-■"~*~——■■—-■■— *
* Aiihsuomh 'VI'. IMiuni' 7.'. <4> I
* i
To set the best results from
your fruit trees you must put
nourishment into the 14round
Trv Our
Dried Blood Fertilizer
Blood and Bone Mixture
PIiiMiii 10 P. O. Box S.
Not Sisters
Now and a-jtiin you ser two women ptni-
ia*( dawn thc t>treet who look like ttlater*.
Yon Are ntuniiihed tu leurn thut they are
Mother and djuithter, und ynu realize that
a woman at forty or forty-live ou-jhr to he
at her tinest and fairest, Why isn't it sor
Thc general health of woman is so intimately associated with the local health
of the essentially feminine orgum, that
there can he no red cheeks and round
form where there in   female weakness.
Women  who   have  suffered   from
thi*.   trouble   hove   found   prompt
relief and euro   in the use of Dr.
Fierce*!   Favorite   Prescription.     It  -fjivea  vigor  oiid vitality to  th*
organ* of   womanhood.     It  clean   tht   completion,  brighten*  thai
eye* and redden* the cheek*.
No alcohol, ur habit-forming drill's is contained in "Favorite Prescription,"
Any sick woman mty consult  Dr. Pierce by letter, free,   livery letter i*
held as sacredly oonlidential, und   answered   iu a plain envelope.     Address:
World's Dispensary Medical Association, Dr. K.V. Pierce, Pre*.., Midi .Id. N.Y.
Ham and Bacon
Our smoked .mints are always fresh stock. We
are sure I lull If ynu try them once y&u will agree
wllli us 'that thoy aro the hest llayored and most
wtiolegomo smoked  meats you have ever eaten.
j P. Woods & Co.
t PHONE 57 P. 0. BOX 164
********************** *********************
George  K.  Leask  & Co.
U it nut sure that Soilu Bluculta made and packed and shipped a>
Fiilnv's nro, will Im Urn most satisfying lor you to use?
The mutorialfl used ensure purest.
I01111 »t nodi, biscuit, sweet, heuuti-
r ul I v Unvoted, fresh as Irom the factory.
No factory in Canada is as new und
comploiu in equipment as the factory
wlmre Foley's Sodas are made. Every
mu.Imii device for the making of bis-
isultB  has been installed.
Every Foley Soda IS ALL O00D
FOOD. Nothing is put into it that is
not nourishing, and healthful, aud easily digested.
Tim richness of tlavor, the FRESHNESS of Foley's Sodas are not
equalled. When you buy Foley's,
notr tbe air-proof, dust-proof uud
moisture-proof construction of the
box. Then remember also that
Ilium' biscuits were made the duy
they   were   shipped     und   you   will
realise whv Foley's Sodus Iiuve sweeter tlavor and crisper freshness
ttiun othot sodas.
Foley Bros. Larson & Co.
In Foley1** Wcut-'rn.
miitlc Soil .lit you (tut
liurctsl m.i.tcnula. perfectly pre ii.t, rod,
M.11I1- m the neat
tt|ui->|)vti Factory in
Conurta •' A Woatcrn
Puctory," .mil Mlway*
•hipped the *urno duy
mud«   never from out
Shipped in apicliilly
prepared, ••-o-wtUre.'Mir
and duaf.prool curtona.
Thny nro the HMfeot-
eat - fi.» vor*-il, treaheat,
crlapeut, m«n»t anttttfy-
Ing   Buiia   uiacult   aold.
Plans, Spkoipioations
and Estimates
TKONK 114 P. O. BOX 86f>
^^♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+ ♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦^t^a><><>^
■H. y -Binning


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