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The Prospector Jan 27, 1906

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■ , inoi
Vol. 12.
No. 4.
Mayor Rogers Will Confer W.tb
the Provinoial Government
at Viotoria.
A meeting of the city council
was held in City Hall on Wednesday evening January 24. There
were present His Worship Mayor Rogers, and aldermen Fink,
Greer, Tisdale, Jackson and
Minnies uf last meeting were
read and adopted.
The Board of Public Works
reported as to side walks.
Moved by alderman Jackson,
seconded by alderman Tisdale
that the name of city solicitor
Thompson be struck out from
delegation to Victoria. The
motion was lost. Upon motion
of alderman Jackson seconded
by alderman Ryan, that motion
131, appointing mayor Rogers
and city solicitor Thompson as
delegates to Victoria be reconsidered.    Motion was carried.
Moved by alderman Jackson,
seconded by alderman Fink, that
His Worship mayor Rogers be a
committee of one to confer with
the Provincial Government at
Victoria re-government building
at Cranbrook. It was also moved and carried, that His Worship
Mayor Rogers be a committee of
one to confer with the provincial
government at Victoria re-gov-
ernmenl and city buildings at
Cranbrook. It was also moved
and carried that His Worship
the Mayor, when at Victoria,
ask Mr. Thomas Cavin to assist
him when interviewing the government.
The Mayor then left the chair
and appointed alderman Jackson
to preside in  his absence.
By-law No 9 being the health
bylaw was then read a first
time. By-law No 9 was read a
second time Council then resolved itself into a committee of
the whole to consider by-law No
9, with alderman Jackson in the
It was moved by alderman
Greer seconded by alderman
Tisdale that alderman Fink, or
in his absence alderman Greer,
be appointed to perform the
duties of mayor at the reception
and banquet to be tendered to
the Associated Boards of Trade,
in the absence of the Mayor.
The motion was adopted.
Council then adjourned.
Lying in State.
Montreal, Jan. 24.—Flags are
flying at half mast on all public
buildings and a large number of
private buildings throughout the
city, out of respect to the late.
Hon. Raymond Prefontaino. ex-
mayor and late ministerof marine
and fisheries, whose body reached
the city last night. The body
lies in state at the city hull.
Thousands visited the city hall
during the day to pay tho last
tribute of respect.
Wedding Bells.
A beautiful home wedding was
solemnized on Wednesday even-
of this week at the rosidonce of
Mr. and Mrs W. B. McFarlane,
when Kev. J. P. Westman joined
in the holy bonds of matrimony
Mr. Ezra F. Johnson and Miss
Ethel L. Baker of this place. The
ful cream voile dress trimmed
with lace and carriod a large
shower boquet. Little Grace
McFarlane acted her part well
as flower girl. At 8:30 the
bridal party entered the parlor,
which was beautifully decorated
for the occasion, and took their
place under the bell. The numerous and handsome presents
testify to the popularity of the
bride and groom. The groom's
present to tho bride was a
beautiful gold watch and chain
and to the flower girl a diamond
ring Miss M. Hutchcroft was
pianist and played the wedding
march as tbe couple entered tha
room. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson
will reside ou Raker Hill and
carry with them the best wishes
of a host of friends for a life of
happiness aud prosperity.
A very quiet wedding ceremony was performed al the
Methodist parsonage on Tuesday
afternoon of this week When
Mr. Semi Noadell aud Miss Kflie
Hawkins were united in the holy
b inds of matrimony. Mr. und
Mrs. Nordell will make their
home in Spokane.
Sworn In,
The new city council was
sworn in on Monday afternoon
at 3 o'clock by police magistrate
Anderson. The first meeting
of the council was held on Wednesday ovening.
Under the Auspices of the Cranhrook Caledonian Sooiety.
A most delightful and entertaining evening was the reward
of those who attended the Burns'
anniversary last night at the
society's hall. The Chieftain's
address or essay on Burns was
a masterpiece and well worthy
of that gentleman's acknowledged ability in literature and
particularly Scottish. It would
be most difficult to ,do justice—
with the space at our disposal—
to all the participants as all were
of a very high order of merit. A
glance at the programme will
convince those who were unfortunate in being absent what an
intellectual treat they missed and
after hearing the secretary read
over the menu card it would convince the most obtuse what a
loss the inner man suffered. The
following programme was
carried out including many
Pipe music, the clan piper,
Mr. McCowan. Address on
Burns, Chieftain Mr. Smith.
Song, Coming Thro the Rye,
Mrs. Bartley. Dance, Highland
Fling, Master C. McCowan.
Song, There Was a Lad, Rev.
Fortune. Dance, Highland
Schottische. Song, Scotland
Yet, M. K. Marshall. Intermission, Service of Cake, Tea,, etc.
Song, The Lea Rig, Miss Aitken
Song, Scots Wha Hae, Mr. Marshall. Dance. Petronella. Recitation, Tarn O'Shanter, J. McDonald. Dance, Sword Dance,
Clan Piper and Master McCowan
Song, Gae Bring to Me a Pint of
Wine, W. Henderson, Dance,
Polka. Song, Ca the Ewes to
the Knowes, Miss D. McDonald.
Song, The Star 0' Robbie Burns
S. Willis, and last but not least
a speech by Mr. Cole who fairly
eclipsed himself. Scotland's
uational anthem closed the entertainment after which the
young folk indulged for a short
time in the light fantastic.
Hookey at Fernie.
The hockey match played in
Fernie lust week, between
Fernie and a team from here,
was not much in favor of our
boys. The first half the game
was decidedly iu favor of Fernie
but in the second half Cranbrook
braced up and were successful.
A return match was to have been
played here on Tuesday but owing to the ram the game was
postponed. The boys feel cer
tain of victory at home.
At the Gymnasium.
The gymnasium this week is a
regular hive of industry. Large
crowds are attending each even
ing and are having groat enjoyment. The reading room and
game room are well patronized
and the large hall is ail alive.
On Monday evening a meeting
of all who wish to join, will be
held at 8 o'clock, to consider
any and all matters in regard to
organization. Yesterday afternoon tbe juniors met at 4 o'clock
Cranbrook Electoral District.
His Honor the Lieutenant-
Governor in Council has been
pleased to appoint the under
mentioned persons to be Commissioners for taking affidavits
in the Supreme Court, for the
purpose of acting under the
"Provincial Elections Act" in
the Electorial Districl in which
they reside. Such appointments
will expire on the 31st duy of
December, 1W0IS.
Walter Edwards, Bernard
Leahey, W, A. Rollins. Fred.
Brown, V. A. Rollins, W. G.
Hayward, B. F. Murgatroyd, all
of Cranbrook. H. W. Drew of
Kimberley, and John Pringle of
Spokane Junction.
R. Clothier of Moyie was in
the city Friday.
A. E. Watts came down from
Wuttsburg Thursday on business
J. A. Harvey has gone to the
coast ou legal business.
Mayor Rogers left for Victoria
Friday on city business.
H. C. Briggs of Victoria was
in the city Tuesday.
A. F. Kraffe of Elko was in
town Tuesday on business.
J. D. Mason of Victoria was
in the city ou Saturday last.
N. C. McKinstry was down
from Marysville Wednesday on
T. T. McVittie, P.L.S., of
Fort Steele, was in the city
Wednesday on business.
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Chenette
o.f Marysville were Cranbrook
visitors on Wednesday.
D. E. Mackay of New Westminster was registered at the
Cranbrook Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. Bishop,
Marysville, were registered at
the Cosmopolitan Thursday.
A. F. Rudd and Wm Johnson
of Moyie were in the city Wed
J. E. Moffatt of Claresholm,
Albt., was a guest at the Cranbrook Sunday last.
R. L. Phelps and J. J.Thompson of Vancouver were registered at the Cranbrook Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Cann of
Fernie were guests at the Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
A. E. Richardson of Moyie
was registered at the Cosinopol
itun Tuesday.
Thos Cavin left for the coast
Wednesday ou important business.
Mrs. Pelor Lund, of Wardner,
will receive at the residence of
Wm. F. Tate in Cranbrook, on
Wednesday, January 31st.
Go to Stewarts for choice
fruits, pure candy, Unit's it,
l'rosh nuts, rightly priced. Here
you find "the bust" at all  times.
Mrs. .1. Taanhuuser and Wallie
Tuanhuuser were guests at Ihe
residence of Mrs. R. Fraser this
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Gougeon
wore at Marysville last week,
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. A.
P. Chenette.
Dave Breckenridge, representing the Crow's Nest Lumber
Company, of Wardner, was in
Cranbrook on Wednesday,
.1. W. Bennett, Nelson, I'. D.
McTavish, Calgary, .1. N. Wilson
Calgary, and A. Carney of Kaslo
were registered at the Cranbrook Sunday.
Mrs. Van DeCar entertained a
largo number of her friends on
Wednesday afternoon of this
week. There were a great number present and all thoroughly
enjoyed themselves. After a
pleasant hour or two refreshments wore served and then each
found her way home feeling
thankful for such a gathering.
Mr. 0, Vroom, who has takci
an interest in Ihe sawmill ii
Creston, passed through towi
this week with a number of tin
For candy sweets nf all kinds,
fresh every day. go lu the Sugar
Howl on Armstrong avenue,
If you want a good cup of
coffee you can gel il at iho Club
C. H. Powell of Calgary was
registered at the Cnmbrook
.1. F. Fleshman of Vancouver
was registered at the Cranbrook
.1. W. Beimel Nelson was at
the Cranbrook Friday.
A. McCowan the popular piper
of the Caledonian society went
to Moyie to a Scottish gathering
There was a splendid turnout
and a most enjoyable time.
Burn's memory remains fresh
the world over.
What would be wrong in the
city council passing a by-law
prohibiting Ihe nailing of bills
and cards and dodgers to telegraph and telephone poles within Ihe city limits? Would our
city look better?
The Club Restaurant is again
open to the public. Home cooking, home made bread aud pies a
specialty. Lunches at short
order. Lumber Jack, prospectors, miners and millionaires eat
at the Club Restaurant.
Killed At Fernie.
Pernie, Jan. 24.— A great snow-
slide occurred on the mountain at
Swinton this morning, burying
the Great Northern tracks for
21K) feet under 30 foet of snow.
A fatality occurred at Coleman
this morning, u motor man named
T. Munroe being killed instantly.
Lumber By Weight.
Toronto, Jan.24. —The Canadian Freight Association which
will meet here tomorrow will
consider a proposition lo charge
for lumber by weight iustead of
so much per foot. To this proposition the lumbering interests
are opposed, and at a recent
conference with railway men
several lumber men stated that
if the idea was carried out they
would forward their lumber consigned to New York by boat.
Among the Craft.
A regular monthly convocation of Rocky Mountaiu Chapter R. A. M.. was held in Mason
ic Hall on Tuesday evening.
There were present a number of
sojourning companions from
Fort Steele, and othor points in j
the district.
A regular monthly assembly
of Selkirk Preceptory and Priory No Ifi will be held in Masonic Hull on Thursday evening
February 1st. Visiting Frators
are cordially invited to be presenl.
C.P.R. Quadrille Masquerade.
Twenty One Thousand Feet of
New Sidewalk This year-Will
Light City With Electric Light
The Board of Public Works
have decided upon building the
following side walks.
On east side of I'railbnink St..
from Baker Si., lo the School
House a walk 9 feel wide and
1200 feet in length.
Wesl side of Hanson ave from
Baker to Louis St., a walk B I'I.
wide and 600 feel in length,
Both sides of Armstrong Ave.
from Baker to Louis Si., a walk
S ft..wide and COO feet in length.
West side of Armstrong Ave.,
from Louis to Edward St a walk
1 ft wide and 700 feet long, and
on east side a walk 4 feet wide
and BOO feel long.
Noitli side of Louis St.. from
1st. lane west of Hansons Ave.,
to Burwell St., an 8 feet walk
1300 feet, long.
South side of Edward St. from
Armstrong to Garden St, a walk
8 feet wide and 1000 iu length.
South sides of Edward from
Garden to Marten Ave., a walk
4 feet wide and 1300 long.
Wost side Martin Ave., from
Edward to Kain Si a 4 foot walk
(100 feet long.
South side Pooley Ave from
Edward to Kain St..walk 4 feet
wide and 1100 feet long.
West side of Garden Ave from
Edward to Kain St a 4 foot walk [
BOO foet long.
Both sides of Fenwick Ave
from Edward to Kain St a I foot
walk 000 feet long.
East side of Norbury Ave from |
Edward to Kain St a \ fool walk I
600 feet long.
East side of Armstrong Ave I
from Edward towards Kain St a
4 foot walk 100 feel long.
On Hanson Ave from Louis to
Edward St 000 feet of walk I ft, j
South side of Edward from ,
Hanson lo Van Horn Ave a 4 ft. j
walk 1000 feet long.
East side of Watt St. from cor-1
ner of Van Horn and Edward to |
Kain St, I foot walk 500 ft. long!
East side of Dewar Ace  from
Van Horn to Kain St, 4 ft. walk j
500 feet long. j
Both sides of   French   Ave. I
from Van Horn to Kain St. a 4
ft. walk 000 feet in  length.
West side of Clark Ave. from j
Edward to Kain St. 1 foot walk I
600 feel, long. I
East side Garden Ave. froinj
Louis to Edward 4 ft, walk 1100
feet long.
East side Burwell Ave. from I
Louis north 4 ft. wide 500 feet |
Nortli side of Louis from Bur
well toLumsden Ave. 4 feet wide1
400 feel, long.
West  side of Luiusdeii  Ave
of the 23rd in the old building
A large number of the congrega
Hon were presenl Tii,. reports
ol the several organizations were
read ami  showed
factory   progress,
reading of ihe reports fi
tigers  were elected,
moiis and hearty vote ol
was tendered  in   Miss
Leitch lor ihe efficient
I'isi sans
\!l 'I'   tin
mii' man
A iimini-
I  thanks
.    Rhode
(inducted the choir dur
last few  months, Miss
sorgauisl and ihe mem
ihe choir iln' iheir ser-
The    congregation   is
Opening Address by Mayor Rogors
Fully Five Hundred Pleasure
Seekers Present.
sin' bail e,
iug   till
liers o;
under deep obligation iii nil the
members ol the choir for iln- excellent manner In which they
have uonducted the service of
The regular uioiilhly meeting
of the W.C.T.U., was held ul the
home of (I, T. Rogers un Thursday afternoon. Many items uf
public Iterost were discussed and
a profitable time was spent by
Grand Master McKenzie of New
Westminster Meets Local Lodge
A special meeting uf I.O.O.F
was held ill the new hall on
Thursday evening ul this week
for the purpose uf meeting with
Mr. McKenzie, nf Westminster,
the Grand Master uf British Columbia, This meeting lasted
uini 1 0 o'clock, when iln1 doors
j were thrown open and the ladies
ami members of the order uf K.
P's began to assemble ami continued to come until there were
over one hundred prosptit. Then
ull were sell fed at the long tables
which were heavily laden ami a
very pleasnnl lime was spent
Mr. Beattie took the chair and
I an Interesting programme followed. Special music was furnished by au orchestra from
Fernie. The following is the
toast list:
The King. Address uf Wei
come, Mayor Rogers. OurGuost
Mr. McKenzie, Solo, Miss R
Leitch. r.O.O.F, Kev. .1. P,
IWestman und Kev. IV, i; \V.
Fortune I fninil Lodge. A II
Eager and F. E. Simpson Kev
City Lodge, .las Greer Solo,
Miss Leitch. Rebokah ordor, Mr
Tail. K.P's, ,1 I'. Fink. Ladies
R Aikons ami M. Hillings,
iCranbrook, W. F, ilurd. Aukl
Lang Syne.
The  feature   of   the   evening
, was the address of Mr. McKenzie
I Alter expressing his pleasure at
I meeting    with    the    order    in
Cranbrook and speaking of the
beauty   ami   prosperity   of   Ihe
place he proceeded to point  out
benefits of the order ami gave  a
history of the same.     His  remarks  were  clear  nml   distinct
which showed he had llie matter
well in hand.     His  friends  will
The eve.
culedly the
street     un
Those   in
: of the week wasd.!-
openlng of tho uew
building un Louis
Monday evening,
charge   had   worked
; b
e    sill
llio III
e tWO
I be pleased lo see  him return  at
any time.
"Wouldn't This Jar You?"
III 11
mil i
s   just
■ as
of the
The 0. P. R. Quadrille Club had !
a very successful Masquerade on I
Wednesday evening. The hall
was nicely decorated, and Ihe
music good.
Miss Lillian Taanhuuser captured tirsi, prize as Pocohontas.
Flrsl prize for gentlemen went
to R. ,1. Black, who won distinction as a Russian general.
First comic prize for ladies
went lo "Folly" who was represented by Miss Klioila Leitch.
(I. A Staples won lirst comic
prize as an Irishman.
Cranbrook Free Reading Room.
A meeting of thoso interested
In the Cranbrook Free Reading
Room will be held hi ihe room,
Watts building. Friday, February
2nd. at 8 p. in. Everybody who
is interested in this work is
urgently requested to be present
from Louis to Edward I ft
000 feet long.
East side Garden Ave. from
Louis north I ft. wide 30O feel
long. The   following
South side of Baker from end'taken   from   the
of sidewalk at Queen's  hotel   to   News of January 2
Burwell Ave. 4 ft. wide and Mini .as reliable and Inn
feet long. political rot found
East side  Fenwick   Ave   from  issue of Unit paper
Baker St.  south   I ft. wide 800     "A   definito undertaking   lias
feet long. also been given  ihai   provision
In all  6500 feet of sidewalk 81 will be made for a government
ft. wide and 14,550 feet of walk building al Cranbrook    This is
I fi wide, estimated cost 85,000.    quite a feather  in ihe cap of Dr
ELECTRIC i.nail's.
All Arc liL'ht ou Baker St
posite Hanson Ave., Raker
opposite Armstrong Ave,
cost of 8240 per year
Incandescent lights on following corners; -Garden and Louis,
Burwell and Edwards, Pooloy
and Edwards, Armstrong and
Edwards, Fenwick nml Edwards
Hanson ami Louis, French and
Edward.  Watt and   Van Home
King, wlio
has   beon   pi
in urging i
pull   llle   gov
the claims
if Crnnbrnoli
fur the
proper   uci
uf    Ihe
Hyde and Cranbrook, Estimated
cost 897 per year.
Knox Churoh.
The annual meeting of Knox
Church was held on the eveuiug
various   provincial   government
I offices.   Ills understood thai l.)r
1 King has also boon Instrumental
[in securing  from  the <'anadian
Pacific   railway,   a   free  site lur
the new building
The Townsite Co,, has generously given III the City ul    I'r.'tn
brook six lots Tiie I'i'i
Government, through tin
cession of ihe Cranbroi
ll    I'i ill
servative Association, will unite
with the city in erecting a suit
able building fur the transaction
of provincial and city business
hard tu have all arrangement*
complete, ami it meant that
there was no let up, us it wus
not three weeks since commence
menl ol operations in regard to
construction, About 7 o'clock
the people began to gather and
by - there was no room left even
u great pari uf the space reserved
tor the games wus occupied.
Thus,, win. ni,.,i i,, estimate the
number said there were fully 800
people present, and many had to
he turned away for lack of room.
The crowd was very enthusiastic anil showed deep interest
in the proceedings. The opening ceremony was au address by
Mayor Rogers, who in a few well
chosen words made a deep impression as he spoke of the
great need which was now sup
plied ami expressed a hope that
men would show their interest
in tiie .scheme by attendance aud
support, lie congratulated the
promoters un the success of the
undortakiug and then declared
ipeiied for use und
tossed the basket
(intra of the room
mis were in wait
ing fur a game. These teams
represented the Ikmks aud C. P.
K A keenly contested gam*
followed which proved very attractive and filially ended with a
score of six points lo each.
This was followed by an ex-
hihilion of handball  by  Messrs
Fink. I'nliiiii. Vi ind   West
During Ihe intervals and when
Ihe games were in progress, a
large orchestra furnished very
excellent music to the delight of
Rev, G, W. Dean of Nelson
wus then called upon lo give his
lecture on   "How is No I ?"
11 wasa master piece of ora
lory and as he gave illustrations
from railroad life it wus into-
est lug to see ihe expressions on
the faces of thp train men. who
showed their appreciation of the
efforts of the hour. Mr. Dean
excelled himself and made many
friends, lie pointed out that if
No I was noi on time all the
schedule must be changed to
in.ike harmony and I hen appealed iu all men to keep in line and
mi time, up lo the front and not
mar Hie pence and harmony of
the universe, I It might be well
for Cranbruok audiences to remember this and be on time.)
This address will long be remembered.
Refreshments were now served
by ihe ladies committee and then
Messrs Saville and Hanson gave
exhibitions of their athletic skill
The shuffle board, and punch
bag, ropus ami trapese were
much ui demand during the
evening, anil after a hearty vote
uf thnnks tu Kev Mr. Dean and
His Worship llie Mayor the
crowd began to scatter and said
ns I hey went out. "This wus the
greatest success known hero."
Life, enthusiasm, good spirits,
harmony nml Hie greatest of
hope prevailed and the citizens
exclaimed "Now we have some-
thing "
One young man from another
city said "This makes Cranbrook
nil ractivc lu me. I waul to come
now " Lei uvory man feel this
is his home An Information
bureau «ill he opened, and men
looking fur work may register
their names, and employers seeking ineii may come there iu
May the scheme he successful
is I lie wish of The Prospector.
G. F. McClelladd, I). .1. Elmer
and T, K. MeKinlay of Moyie
were ul Cranhrook Saturday last THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   B.C., JANUARY
1-   i.'LAPP
Baker Street.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Cranbrook, B.C,
kstaulism i,   law
A. B. faracfc,
I'I iii.isiiki;   ami   EDITOR
Timlier Manufacturing Act ihoh
TIIK rocontly elected oltj
council held its lir.si reg
ular meeting uu Wednesday ovon
Ing, and judging from what   was
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Room
HEADQUARTERS   FOR TOURISTS AND OLD  TIMERS    [done the question might well bo
__  asked   "will   there   hr   peuec
     _^ ' 1,1
"    "" during the municipal yeai
II,,IV1 Proprietor
♦   Marysville, B.C.   ♦
The leading Hotel of the Si Mary's Valley
Nice airy rooms, newly furnished Tuble as good
us any in Ko ilenay,
Patmore Bros.
Stoves, Ranges      Blower Piping
Furnaces      Sheet Metal Work
Enamelled Ware      Plumbing
The Very Best
Although the citizens ul Iran
brook have elected thuh city
council tor ihe present year,
they still h.t\,• .i ureal interest
iu the appointing ut the \ uriou*
The purpose of ihe above act
is ii, place a check to methods of,
evading   Hie provisions of the
;u i,  ami   wiih   respect   i"   the        |t K\\\ |,;u those who are
I'railiileni wholesale exportation     looking for work to call aud
of logs    During the debate  Ur j    see
Kiug (of Cranbrook) illustrated
"■'" *•*■••• ™*| *«Pf* I   Jim   McArthur
clttl timber men Irom   supplying!
ties, bridge timbers, etc ■ requlr i
ed for ihe i;   T   I'.  Canadian     Ho cau sec   you u job nud
Northern, and olhei   lerritoriul 'dso Hi >'<>  '"
railway building.
Hr  King apparently  failed to ClotltCS, SllOCS,
lints. IK",
bill, and speaks of a uiurkol   for
uusuwii timber in llie Northwest,
which lie appears
foreign country
"*n,#"*\*rT*|\7T*\  ON BAKER ST., ONE DOOR WEST OF
J \J JJ j\ Xj       hill ,t  CO,    'I'll.- .mii  place lu town
lhat con make lit., worth the llviua
 Jim MdMiiur ii
"osmoDolitan Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
• ■•9-•"••+.'*.  •* .•"•"•■.•.^..»..».^..»..»^..^..^.#«H,„B.,#^.^M
llllllsou   \\.      I ll VNIIItODK,  H I'
,.,»,«.,,.    ,>,,,      ,,JI»IM|»»»»
We have lien in ihu liusines i
•  .  . ;,,:   icveral  years, we liavc llie I
Un .human Slst, 110X1 IVedl en    '"': "'.   'I111 ''"'   '    ''' l' "id   we
da.    ihe  Associated   Hoards ol ''   ' ''          '''"'''' "
:■"■::,::'        : flDOIlUllilt HilllO
needless   to  sa.\   thul   ihej   will
have Hu- freedom of ihe cii \
Tailor ■   importer of
i im- Woolens,
ky, Oats, Wheat. Feed
Wc have this week unloaded a car uf each kind
Special Pinch poh Ton Lots, Call and see us bofore
Wean   tin   nuthoi    ed   llgents   j  i'iih.I'I   Il-l      li'liml ifAve  i
for tiie removal of Mason it Kiscli  *,.•,■■,;   «**«*»•»«    ;i,-,m.{[
• •  • Pianos, we etui do llie work w uh
Tins  is  the   polllicul   seusoi - \l*u llou»chuld l'u
« Inn the electors do the woi  \    nature
ingaudthes  ccessfu   candidate PERRY  4  FITZGERALD
smiles Mi's   Hlslnn   "KACHKB oi-'.thk   I -.-••-.
• • • Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co
rii'iv  s uo foundation for the loijii Special aitenliou to touch
Mrs    Hlshll!   iKACHKR OF THE
buying elsewhere.    We also carry a slock ul'
carnefa's stock and foultry food
Harris Bros.
lechniipie,    phrasing   anil
grading of studies.
reporl   now going the rounds ol '' '' '•■ "' I*" "'
ihe  opposition  press  that, il is
the  inteuiu   the provincial i i
govei    uenl to go Hi tho country I Hui'M  Mountain Chapter ;     l-*op imrilriilm-sni>]>l.v toC. R. Rotil A
.•>•**'**' •*>»>^.>**»**»**»?»**»*>.i*^**£*»*?.^»«»>«»^
at   Ihe   clos,
Tiie inai  ,i
the    in
always  wail    S
I'll,. Drugirisls
\ Royal   Hotel #
::_    fi ii    son oil in»   to uirn   up
lilh    ;ti   ui
.♦«■♦ «.>;<.> 9 .9 o
♦'   o   ♦     ♦<-♦<■   99*,v9999
^   wil:   not   •"■  disappo :,'.■,:
■..lie!.   ■'. .'   i will be
look! look!!
II  ST    M.'I.'IVKI'
Hest In Quality
Most Artistic In Design
Lowest In Price
Painters,    I'liperhangers  and   Decorators
Sign Painting a Specialty
So .•■■,,„,   Con.uaiiU.iw   ur,    |   H AlN JJl_i.tj J   b
;    lord til j iuvituU. ;■
-S :
,    .    . :! ii.  M.   Ul'liKOW, Sfl'lbu K.    J
speetion   would   i*u:'f n        ■   ' ■"   ■     ^
it estoem among some
•BAMS nnd DRIVERS       I
ANCIENT ORDER ,' FORESTERS  ,. l'«™l«h«l r"r an>' l>°inl ln »"■'
Goui't Granbrook 8943
Mil.'Is   -..Nil    AMI    nil    'rCKSHAVS
Finest of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Those who are weary  and  thirsty,  drop in, and
Alex will do the rest.
ALEX McCOOL     Prop.
There are men ot ordinary
ability who if they were as high
up  in   the aerial region a.s thev  ,.
V isltlliy     lirelth-ni    --erillillh     llivilcl
think they are in the daily walks ,■ |. 1 McCOWAK
of life, their noses would bleed: mocratary, • I. si:Ms.
land they would be asphyxiated, I
• * * I'rofcMt-iiotial.
It isn't necessary for a man to] ,	
be an acrobat to tumble to the
fact that advertising pays in
this paper.
It is generally understood that, I
..!. M, DEER
Boot-Shoe Maker
All Work Guaranteed
Sew Work Made lo.Me
Armstrong Ave,
I   When   You   Think   Of t
"■     I'.n, HOX :l
■♦■ ...       -■
>: <>:-♦,<. 9> 9 ♦.<>.♦.» ♦:•>:'♦' ♦ « ♦« :'♦;.» ,♦.* :.♦:«:♦-.<' ♦
in the matter or railway legislation the government will remain
linn mi (lie sin ml taken by thu
Premier, Hon. li. McBride during tin? past two sessions of the
house- namely, that no railway
proposition of any kind will be
taken into consideration unless
ample proof is given of the best
Ifinancial aud other bona lidos.;
No other construction can be
placed ou the Premier's remarks
l KAN'IIUlliii.
\%. P. GURD
Solicitor. Etc.
British Columbia
1    A     ~") O I lasl Monday, and  this disposi
UAltlilSTKIt, SOI.U'lTui:
ami NOTAUY  I'l.'lll.li ,
Cranbrook, B.C
You Think Of
Galgitrv Beer, Ale .V Porter.
T. Mi BEL >V CO., Hay and (i ain.
Cranbrook, B.C.
Now ii.ai tho smoke of civic g, //, Thompson
luiiiical strife lias cleared away
'jsv   UAKIllSTHIll J. sui.lcn'ii
T~3*) xoTAin i'1'iu.ic
let   lis get busy  and   boost    for
Cranbrook, office lkask uuiloini;
— , (iruuhrook, IS.t".
i'i i\TK \("l ol\
,iikI  liril.DKK.
9 -   PHONE   119   -
xC anb ook, B.C. East Koot nay
SEATTAN^ A^C0MA #########^^###l#######**«##
Pacific  Coast   Points j  .	
and Wr^SS^SSJ^j^i^S^S's^ ^Sisggj^S^^Sj^S5
i i %
'S  f'ASTi
c. c c
Gaioaru Game go.
Fresh anil Salted Meats
Fish and Poultrv in Season
T H O M A S   M c V I T T I E
R.L.S.  A-  C.E.
Port Slei.le  B.C,
= |KSTI.MA'l'lis I ri.'N|s|ll,li us   M.l. W01IK I
•        .i.'iiiiiv. i Mi'i.'i.N i:.\i:ci"i'i;ii        ^.►<-..>.>.x.*<„.„,...,.,..........„»..
i   Houses and Cottnges for Rent
i      hi  Sale mi lias)   I erms.
{  ,,      v,   ,,,.. ,, I j     Piiu»i(,iiiip"i.iSiiroeoii
'     l.IMI     IM' slllM.i.l.s |.'u|; s M.1-,  | i   nKI'IOK AKMSTBOSU AV™
■ Telep! ■ *-l. t """^:  '." •'"• -'	
I j • luS |i.ni,
' i     I „■ Ollll'l.  111.',       Keaillclll",.
Pnltico and TourfBt
Sleepers, Buil'utt
Library Cars, Modern
Duy Conches.
Dining Onrs,
1     * HOTEL m
I'Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection f)
Besl   Meals  on  Wheels   \W
I    I ,0 1.111
Neiiresi lo railroad depot,    Has accomino $
dnlioiis   for   the   public   unequalled   in %
i Irnnbrook.
'I     2
\\l> WKST DVII.S     ^
\ \      % \j   §\   J\   \\% m».9'-*-9''9-t9t+''a>-+.9''9-mi-9amt^<9>-<*-9'.
.     „. ^       . ',, HOGGARTH & ROLLINS    3
MASONRY J.   Edg-ar   DaVlSlj;;^;11^;;;;^;,'-; ■ • ""*"» JJHot and Cold Baths Proprietors
; Bricklayer   ^ s.,;. vkukks.,;.».,■..... ...,^^,,,^=i^S^^^^|^^e^-£Si^
*  , '"": """"Contractor  v a,,|lUl0' u'»-11 """        *~~    """"	
Orders by mail will receive prompt and  careful attention.  ' ,,,„,v,.- m, '■  «'■   M-MI0NK1. CI', m T.A..
(Ircler h\  Phone ^S
I'lKlN'K   116
Furiiuce,  Huiler.   Range  and
Fireplace Work n Specialty. All i
a .a ., «. .. «, .,
a a. a. a, a. m a
J i 'osl and Stock Ksliinales
* Furnished Upon Aiiplicti
' lion description of stime-work undor
* takon.
—                                                     *               P.O. Box 834,   Granbrook, B.G.   „ ,    ,,     , ,, ,. umr,cc
Centrally Located Electric Lights      _    _    Orders IfSft at J. D. MoBRIDES
Manitoba Hotel llGraiiufOOk    IvifrT^n
i   ^Liverij pCLINE
LJntlcr  !Nev   Management
Headquarters fin   mining    i,(
men and "Id timers.
When vim want
place   to  stop i mi
'■    Manitoba.
ij a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
;i:A11y .". uori.K, PROP'S m
\ I
|     'renins unci drivers lurnisli       B
ill  in Ihe,lis      fi
id   fu
A   DOYLE, MuniiKi.'r '   f
i. i.,„i„i ii, iii,
'li.-a VVdi'll in ..II  lll'IIIII'llUB
et Hu-
Tonsoriul A
;»«sfc^«>«s*«***»***»**»*>»« w»»
I P. Burns & Co. 1
JE Head Ollii.d,
a»^ Calgary, Alberta,
Main Officii for EukI Kootenay,
Cranbrook, B.c
WhoIeHole tincll Retail
£ Meat Merchants 1
c: Dealers in
£    Live Stock
Abattoir and Cold StorageS
at Calgary, Alberta.    ^
Ngdca is hereby glvea that t iQietul
to apply to tbe Chief Coiuiutb^ioiim* <•(
Lauds and Worka for Ueeuug lo \mn*
pHL*i fop Coal ami lVtu»it*mu un iiu-
following luiulri: Beytuulllfj ul n pOdt
planted ni i'i*-* northeast corner of
Mdit'issi'v towusttb, thenoe south ono
mile foliowlug tho genoral uvml of tlio
Klk Litvor, thonoo wesl one milu,
thenoe north onu milo, thenoe oust ono
milu to tlm point ul uoinmonoomont.
Pernio, B.C., Deeotubot'6th, litofi.
,i. j. CowUoray
51 Por J. B. Pergusou
Notice is horoby givon that I tntoiul
to apply to tha Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for lluoucu to pros-
poot for Coal and Petroleum on tho
following lands; Beginning at a post
piunii'ii at iiif northoast oornor of
Morrissey townsito, thonoo west Olio
milt>, thonoo north ono milo, thonoe
eaat to tho Klk Rlvor, thonoe south
following tlm general trend of the said
river to tho point of oommoooemout.
Pornle, B.O., Deeonibor 6th, ukw.
.1. H. Soukler
51 Per J. B.Perguson
iuiUt - hetobj given that i   ntenJ
tu app!> lo the Chief (.'oiumUsiiifivi1 of
Lauds und Works  lor  lleenoc* to pros*
: puot for i 'oal und   Petroleum on tho
following luuds:   Hoglnnluu al .. post
I marked U. A  Welsh's northwtist oor-
' ner <  mill- wusl of the Klk Rlvor),
thenee suuth one mile, then usl ono
mile, thonoo uorth one mile, thonoo
wesl uiiu milu te the  potul   of  com-
Pernio, B.C., Doeemhortlth, 1005,
to, A. Welsh
SI Per J. B, Porgusou
~B* Start the New Year$~;
well by ha\ ing \ our
Prest Photo Co.
©he $fraepector.
lATURDA^ ,  i AN
i hot e are two more railwa.vseross!
the provim e furthei north, and
alsniinuiclii'sant-t feeders running i
nli ami south    Then we may
Notice is hereby glvon that 1 Intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands nnd Works for lloenoe to pros-
poot for Coal and Petroleum on iho
following lands! Beginning at it post
Planted at the southwest eorner of .1,
II. Seukler's olaim and marked W. A.
Maclenan's northeast corner, thonoo
south one mile, thenco west one mile,
thenee north onu mile, tbence cast onu
milu tu thu point of oommeueement,
Pernie, B.C., December 6th, 1905,
W. A. Maolenau
51 Per J. to. Ferguson
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal and Petroloum on the
following lands: Boginniug at a post
markod W. A, Maclenan's northoast
cornei'. thenco west one mile, thenco
north ono milu, thence enBt one milu,
thenco smith one mile to the point ot
Pernio, B.C., December Oth, 1005.
'" riuluu Ferguson
51 Pur .1. to. Ferguson
Notice is hereby given that 1 will
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal and Petroloum on the
following lands: Beginning at a post
marked J. B. Ferguson's uorth east corner (planted on thu west shore ef tho
Klk Kiver one mile north uf coal and
petroleum claim No. 1374) theuce south
one mile, thonee w H one mile, thence
north one mile, thenee east onu mile to
point of commencement.
Pernio, B.C., December 6th, 1905.
61 .). B. Ferguson
Notice is hereby given that I intoud
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
LancU and Works for licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following lands beginning at a post
marked II. A. Welsh's northwest oornor, tnence cast onu mile to the Klk
River, thence north one mile following
thu bank of the Klk River, thence west
one milu, thenee suuth ono milo to
point of commencement.
Fernie, B.C., December 6th, 190.".,
J. K. Miller
51 Pur J. B. Ferguson
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following lands: Beginning at a post
marked R, A. Welsh's northwest corner, thenee wast one milo, theuce nortli
one mile, thence east one milo, thence
south one milo to the point of commeneement.
Fernie, B.C., December Oth, 100.").
It. K. MoKechnio
51 Per.). U, Ferguson
Notlco is hereby given that I intend
to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for liconoo to pros-
pool for ('oal and Petroleum on the
following lauds: Beginning at a post
marked It. K. McKcohlno's nortlioast
corner, thonee oast ono milo to Klk
Kiver, thenco north ono mile following
thu bank of the said river, thonoe west
onu mile, Ihenee south one mile, to tho
point of oommonoomont.
Fernie, B.C., December 0th, 1905.
W. Finn McKurg
51 J. B. Ferguson
Notice .is hereby given that I Intend
to apply to the Chief Commissionei- of
Lands ami   Works for licence to prospect for Coal and   Petroleum on the
following lands:    Beginning at a  post
marked li. E.  MeKuohnle's northeast
corner, thenco west one mile,  ihenee
north one. milu, thence east one mile,
/•thenee south one mile to point of commenoement.
Fernie. B.C., Decemberfith, 1005.
Ceo. Macdonali!
51 Per .). B. Ferguson
"= lookout for tho development of
timber  and  agricultural
  lands of great value,
Tho Toronto News, under the|    "British Columbia is also the
"Hail British Colnmbin!"        mini
above   heudiug,   discussiug ihe province   that  will  receive the
probable outcome of develop* firs! advantage from the growth
Baker St.
Cranbrook, I3.C
Nniic is horoby tftvan tlmt, 30 days tifti
date, I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chiel Com
inhudonor ut  Lauds and Worln Tor a spsulu
licence local mul carry away timber Irom tin
inllouiiifi ddwrlliod lands in ISiurt Kootonaj
District, llritish Columbia:- Commencing ut i
post planted at A, wlrth'n south-onst cornei
No. 3 claim: thenco north 160 chili ua. thenci
eust 40 chains. tlieilCO south lOOoliatllB. tllQIlCi
wost 10 chains tn plucool beginning,
Datod this 61th day or November, 190ft,
Notice in horoby glvon tlmt. so days uftor
datrf, I intend to apply to the Hon. Cblel Commissioner or Lands and Works for a special
licence io cut mid curry away tlmbor irom tho
following desorlbed lauds In Bast Kootonuy
Dlstrlot, llritish Columbia:- Commencing ut u
post planted at A, T.collwoll's southeast coiner, thonco north tflO chains, thence oast in
ohains, thonco south 100 ehnlns, thence west in
(mains to plnee of beginning.
Dutod tills iWth day of November, 190ft.
11. KERSHAW. Jn.,
Notice is hereby glvon that, :io days after
duto, I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner oi Lands and Works for a special
licence to cut and carry away timber from tho
roiiowliiK described lands in Hast Kootonay
Uistrici, British Columbia:—Commi ucing at a
post planted nt tl. Korshuw's south-east corner
No. t licence, theuce north mu chains, tbenoe
east 10 chains, thence south !<■'> chains, thenco
west lOolmins to placo of beginning.
Dated this ■Jttii day of November, [005.
.1. WIRTH,
Loi a tor.
Notice is hereby given tbat, .Id days after
date, t intend toapply to tho Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds ami Works for a special
licence to cut and carry away Umber from tbo
following described hinds in East Kootenay
District. Hrltish Columbia: Commencing nt ti
post planted at J, McNeil's north-west corner,
thonoe bouiIi um dnuns, thonco west to ehnlns.
thonoo north 160 ohalns, theuce cast lOcbnins
to pluce of beginning.
Dated iliis anil duy of November, 1005.
Notice is hereby given that, 30 days after
date, I intend to apply to the Hon chief Commissioner of i,;irnls ami Works [or a special
lloenoe to eat und curry uwuy timber from tho
following described lands in East Kootenay
District. British Columbia:—Commonelng at a
post planted ni A. A. IS win's north-west corner.
tbence soutb 100 chains, thenee west m ohains,
thence north 100 chains, thonee east-10 ohains
io place of beginning.
Dated this24th (lay of November. 1005.
NOTK ri.
Notice is heroby glvon that, 80 days ul
dnto. I Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Ci
mlsslunor of Lands mid Works for a spoi
licence to cut and carry uwuy timber from
following described lands in  East Kootoi
Districl, British Columbia:   Commencing n
post planted at Jacob Nelson's north-west i
iter, thence south nio chains, thence wes
Chains, tbence north 100 chains, thence enchains to place of lu'Kiuiiinu.
Dated tills SI 111 day of November. 1905,
A. A.  KWIN.
Notice is hereby given that, 110 days niter
date, I Intend to upply tu ihe lion. Ohiof Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
licence to eut and carry awuy timlier from the
following described lands Iii East Kootenay
District. British Columbia: Commencing nl a
post planted otie-linlf mile wesl nf the skootc-
iimehiick River, on the lirst crook on west side
and close lo tho trail going up snld crcok,
thonco south bio chains, tlience west -lOcbnlna
thonco north UM chains, thence cast lOchutns
Datod tlilM still day nl November, \w:>
.l.\ri ui NELSON,
Notice is horoby given that, ;10 days afler
dale, i Intend io apply to tin- lion. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and   Works for a special
» in
ni ii
mt ■
muni in wostorii Canada as affect-
lug, respectively, the status of the
provinces, thinks the question as
of the Pacific and Oriental trade, i
li Is generally expected thai the
resull of Japanese influence will
Ln whether Ontario, for instance, be seen In the development of the
may some day.be obliged to great provinces of China. The
surronder its loading position in population of thai country is so
Confederation to one of the large that a vory small increase
western provincos, is rather' In the consumption of foreign
sentimental than practically goods by eaoh Individual will
important. It asks the questions mean a large Increase in the
whether, after all it is very aggregate The mast cities of
Important that Ontario, so long the United Slates are looking
iisit Is prosperous should be over- forward with eagerness to the
stopped by some other province growth of Asiatic trade, and
in size, wealth and population, thoro is no reason why u large
We aro all Canadians, it remarks, share should not fall to the coast
and prosperity ol oue province oitlosof British Columbia. This
is tho prosperity of the whole, will mean prosperity for thu
In this we are In perfect accord|provtuce and nrosneritv for all
with the News, There should bu
no jealousy among provinces on
that score.   Tin* only difference notice.
it would mako to British Columbia     Tlml •" Ititoud BO days after dnto io ,.p*i
.    .i iiti    i i , l •  i    the Chlnf Commissioner of Limits and W
is the political importance Which | (0.-pormlaalou to eut and carry away timber
provtuce and prosperity for
such a standing would give il,
For many years this province has
seriously suffered from   lack  of
Winter carnival
February 7th to 10th
Single Fare
Round Trip
Fobrnary "th. 6th, Htta.   Good to
return till February ISth.
Por Programmes, Kales, and
detailed information, apply to
local agents,
lOOO New Booksi
They Mnst Be #
Sold Immediately       m
Call   and   Sec   Them f
3. S. OARTIill,
D.P.A., Nelwn.
Inim thu follow Iiik itamllJuil lunu alumina t
milts above C.l*. Hallway  bridge uu Moyie I
river unJ oom.»oauli>K ui a post planted o
nurlli ,'iisi oovuoi-, thonoo hu chains'   soutl
I thonoo 80 almfas west, thonoo 80 i-lnilns norll
representation in proport ion tons j ,,„,„,.,,»,, „„„„,,, t.„sl tu P|„W ,„• b0,,i„„iog.
extent and resources and contn
K, .1. COYI.K,
A.I.',.I'.A., Vancouver
buttons lo thu Dominion, and
from the political preponderance
of Eastern Canada. We have to
recognize the fact that power in
politics exists in the number that
euu be controlled, and so long as
human nature is as it is men will
continue to exercise, even if
unconsciously, tbal power in
their own interests of the section
or party which they represent.
We should appeal in vain to the
maritime provinces, Quebec or
Ontario to give up ihe representation which they have in the
Dominion government, or the
control of the high offices belonging to the Supreme court bench,
or tho railway commissions or
other national posts, until we
have members enoughl in the
House of Commons to back up
our request, We shall knock in
vain, we fear, al the portals of
the Dominion for recognition of
our rights iu respect totheclalms
we have put forward, until such
time as numbers can be used as
a club. Ancient power, like
ancient: lights, or ancient
privileges of any kind, are loathe
lo be parted with. Therefore,
the importance which our rapid1
growth denotes is lhat in time
matters of which wo now complain will be. the sooner adjusted,
and the causes which stand in the
way of perfect accord between
East, and West will be the sooner
removed. It is gratifying to note
that the Toronto News, in this
connection, look to the Pacitic
province lo occupy the principal
Liu-iiL-il listl, ilny uf Oouombor, I90n,
lly Dm-lil lrvlno Milllll
William Wost. ABii.it
erry op cranbrook
Noliuu fs iH'tvliy fflvcu thut tin, Annual sitting (if tbo Court of Revision
for tho put-poso of huttrltig ull cum-
plaints ugitinst the Assessment of the
City of Cninbrook, B.C., will bo held
in the Counoll Chamber in the suitl
Ctty uf Cninbrook oil the 5th day of
March. A.II. lauii, al the hour of 10:3o|,
Dated nt Cranhrook) H.i'., this -4ili|tl
day of Juiuiury, Willi.
<•. ii. riiF.sT.
■I <'ity fieri
Before   Starting
on Vour Journey
Gail at Finones
And have Yuri: LUNCH put up
All   Home   Made
Buns. Cakes,  Pies,
Granbrook St,, ■  Graniirook
Thai I Intend thirty days after duto to
apply to the Chief Commissioner uf
Lands and Works for a Spoolal Licence
to eul and carry away timber from
the follou'ing described lands:
< ■onimenii"T at a post planted uu tile
suulli side ul' Moyie Creek on,' and
a half miles up thuuiook irom ('. I', li.
Hallway    Brtdyc,   thoi    li'sl chains
.south, thenee 40 chains wost, tlionco 1(10
place of honor in the federal chains north, thonco 40 ohulns oast to
arena, us hearken: place of   beginning,   containing lilt
"If there is any ono province
lhat bids fair to rival Ontario in
population and wealth it is
llritish Columbia, Its position,
between the wheat holds and »
ranching   lands   of   Manitoba, | JJj|.,
11'Tili Uecomhor, 1U05.
William Schtnock
co fs liorehy nlvoli that :w days ..fter riato
! midorslsiiod, Intend to apply tu the
,.., Ihlof Commissioned-of l.iiinls uiul WorltH
Saskatchewan   and   Alberta, Oll|foruSpoolul License to out and carry awuy
Tlnibo.' rioni tho lollowlnu described lands In
Notice is hereby glvun tlml I will
apply to tho chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for license to prospect for Colli aud Potroloum on tho
following lands: Beginning at a post
marked ,1. B. Ferguson's northeast cor-
ner, tlience to the west one mile, tliellec
north one milo, thonoo I" tho wosl
Bhoi'D of Elk Rlvor following tho said
river south to the point of i meiiee-
Pernio, B.C. Docomber llth, 1005,
H. ,1. Thome
II Per ,T, 11. Keru'iison
followinu described lands in
District, initial, Culnmbln >
post planted in II. Kerabnw,
oornor No. l licence, u ci
tlionco nortb IHO ronlun, then
thru,',- soutb tin ehains lo pin
tinted this % lb day of Novo.
Notlco Is hurob.\ siren thai 110 days after dn to
i lutond to apply to the ii.uj. Cblof Commissioner ol Luiiils and Worka fur a special
llcouco tu cnl nnd carry awtiy tlmbor from i h>-
fullou-lng desorlbed lunds in East K may
District, British Col Ida:   CoiniiicueiUK ul n
post planlod in Nels JoIiiisoii'h norllnvesl corner Nu. c licence: thence west 10 ohalns, tbence
north ISO ohulns, Iheitcecnst III cI.uI.im, tliuu,-,-
suni.li PHI ctiiiuis lo place ,,l ImnlunliiK.
Dated this 2lt.li day of Nov ber, luoii,
U A. T. C..I.I.WKI.I,. Looatoi'
Iheoneside, and the Pacific ocean
Oil llie other,   is  one of extraoi
diuary advautage.   So far only 1"'"-'"
1 ijctwc,
its southern fringe has full the Livers,
impulse of railway construction, mneli
lint il   will   not   he  long before 11|„,„,,.
Samaria Stopped
His Drinking
A London Lady cures her husband
permanently of the drink habit
and without his knowledge.
'uj-i Kooti'iuiy dlstrtot, itrkish Columbia!
iiandNijiuii post plunteil ono half milo
f iho J.uml .v Ui'OcltuiirldHo limber louso,
n iliv Kooioimy mul SliooUnm ChUCll
or about four miles from A. .1. Millers'
ii skooktim Clmck. tlience oast lOclmiun
Routli lOOolntlns, thenee wohI hi chalna,
north HWeUnlnsto iMaeo of begltiniui*,
U auro
ti ui ii noil illume
■en, Loentor
lltlH, tin
Huw kIuiI I om ihni I over-
came toy hesitation itwut
"Ing vou fur a Vrta
inipfc  or  Sttiuarta,
At  Uini   time   my
lm-li;iinl wasilrink-
'   ing very lu-.l, and
1 was Intftflpalr. Tli--
gencr;ii health Improved and is now iplemltd
-many many tlunks. r will he glad If yon
will tell others of my experience.
Nnili-i, is horoliy iiivon ll IikIuj-k alter 1I11M1
I Inti'inl K,ii|,|,ly t.i tin- lli,n. Clilo! I'liiiiini,:-
alolier nt l.iinih iiixl VVorltB for» npoeliil licence
tornt unil enrryiiwiiy llinlior rrr.... Llio lollinv-
llltf iloaerlhoil liiniln in Milsl K'nm. y Dlatrlnl
HrlllBli C'oliiinbln: Oninmnni-InK ill n poal
l.li.nleil ni II. ICeroliiiiv, .ir.'-, iiorll.ui.Hl eon or
No, a ll.icit. I.0.10O west mii clmlni., Mi	
iliirlliwiclinlns. llii'iii-n ,'iisl H'l elllllna, Lllonce
small MOnlmlna tn in,.- plnoo or botflnt.lttK
Dtttotl thiajllli Wovi'inlici'. IDOT..
'.' II. 11. y.MAI.I.   l.o.alni.
Free Package "';;',
nn.l |,ii '->,i,t in ptilii aniici .ii'vclopc. '
roapondeiicc nacrcilty confitleiitinl. A.tilp
TIN-; .Sj\jM.\r.l.\ RHMItnY CO.. 11 J'-'
Cl.aml.cre, Jotdun Bt., Toronto, CnonUa.
Por Sale i.y
C. E. REID & CO..
rhree & Four Year Courses
in Minim:, Chemical, Civil,
Mccl.ni.lcnl nml tttectrlcat
Mineralogy Hll.l Geology,
Ulology mi'l riililic ItcHlll..
Write f
Purchase   Prioe  $3.00  a Month
Allowance Made For Old Machine
Bilcnilnr .,.
-**sSst Arnold & Rouerts
Your uttontton  Ih culled  to   tho
Pioneer Limited" trains of tho "Milwaukee & St I'uul Railway," "The only
erfeot trains in the world."
Vim will tlml it desirable to ride nn
me trains when going to any point in
tho Eastern StateB or Canada.   They
connect   with    all    Transcontinental
Trains  and   all  Tiokot   Ajj-onts   sell
Km- further Information, pamphlets,
eii!, ask any Ticket Agent or
to, It. FOKD, II. s. ROW IS,
Pass. Agent,        General Agent,
Not..',- is liriviiy ulven tlmt :w dnyi from dute
I lntoml Kniiijiiy to iiif rliirl't'oituiik-intiiT .11
Lands uiul Worku, Victorlu, (or u sjicuiul
lloonsii i" utitaiid rurry uway tlmbor from tlio
following Uesoribo'l lands sltuuto norlhoiiRt ol
ICIniborloy in Southeast Koototuij' Dlstrlot,
Commoi)oin(*s*l clittlns north uiul iu ohulns
wost oi tho north wosl oornor ol
Oiia staph-, tlmbor Iteonse,■ thonoo in
chains ivont, thonoo80 oliutiifl north, llienoo 130
ohalns ensi, thotiuu-to ohiiias anuth, theuce 80
clmttis wont, thonco 40 ohalnH south to point or
Datod «th Junimry, I1HW,
2 (*. M. GDWAttDS
, C. E. REID & CO.,   i
The Druggists.*
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦>♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦»♦»
Bottled beer for family
use n specialty
Outside   Orders
.4 P. O. BOX 812     b
1     TELEPHONE NO. 1     p
S   Port  Steele BrewitiR Co., Ltd.    ♦
«>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»♦»♦♦♦♦
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C.
ce is;
uoroby kIvoii ii
ml ilOdil
i intoi
id tin
ipply lo tho Chief (.■(inn
-loner ol
i and
WorHs, \'lm
or Iii.   hi
i upoolul
0 In
mu uiul carry
uway li
or ou tho
Hit; (h
wcrlhod lands i
.Iieaat ot
in Soil til CHS t K
ilil* at a  pout <<
•■ ohulns ii'
Mill    Ullll
Ion di
uins ivoht of OilsStu
plOfl no
ttliwisst oor-
tier, ihonoe
north hi rim
ins,  tiu
'  cast   HU
, then
ico nouth B0 elm
ilus, the
: lo pt
ueo ot begin till
id Oth
.IliHUU ty, mini-
CM. Ml
Tho above hold lias ht-nn recently ei'octed, ami neatly furnish*
od throughout. The Uar is supplied with tho best brands of
Liquors ami Cigars.
Uotioo in heron*,' kIvoii that thirty dftyu niter
date i lntoml to apply to Ihe Chief Commix*
gioner of Lands and Works for permission to
uutand carry Umber hum tho (ollowlns de-
soribml lands in Kust Kootonuy:
Oomtnenfllim at a posl planted on the north
boundary of Lane's timber lloenoe and ubout
twenty ohains east of the north wost oomer.
'I'tn-iK-'- north eighty ohulns, thenoe oast t-igtny
ehains, thenoe Kouth elRlHy chains, thence
west eighty ohalhs to plaoe of beginning.
January 8th, IBOO, t
Post Office
in- largest General Store in Marysville, where miners
can be supplied with anything they want :u all times at
Cranbrook prices.
Groceries,   Hardware,,
Clothing,   Stationery
$ ^ar-    HOTEL t
9 9
f Kimberley,   B. C. 9
t t
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.^^^-^^, •
Notlco In hereby given iimt thirty .titys after
lute i intend to upply to thu Chief ComtnU-
doner ot Lands and Worha tot permlasloti to
qui and ourry away limber from the f6llowtn|
deaorlbed landa In Butt Kootenay:
CommonoliiB at a pout plan tod, where the
weit boundary or Lot IMW cronoi tho north
boumlaryoi Lotafll.Orofipl. Nlnutoouohatni
from the north went oornor ol Loi Ml.ihenco
imrih fitthiy ehnliiM intift; or less D tiit: soulh ,
bun I. oi Klk river, thonco wOHioftj and south ' •»g*a*aag*aja!*a*a*,i*^**aa**^'*fmt*M
■ly down Klk Itiver to the north went corner! R-*'*"-*3**- •^?^^»^^'^^^^^«^5N»^-^^^^»^«SS^9«S«S«9CT
of Alox Moffatt'K ilmher  lloenoe   Lot   m,r,\ ^^^^^^^^^
thonoo east along tlto north boundary of l<
t&KTand LotlMI llfty nine chalna more or I
to plnee of hi'ifliiiiititf.
.1 M. ao.skw
January Uth, iWfi
b hereby given thai thirty ilnyii
nid to apply to the Chief roi
uny away tin
t luiulHln iiiih
CHENETTE & NEAL. Proprietors
■:=*   Marysville,  B.C.  ^;-
I        T
fi   valley
'he   I
urgest nml  liesl equipped hotel ill tho St. Marys'
u liitlm
ri '
.„ Ilia i	
H, al i>l|/lilv
,1     [,oi
unil Iwunty ah rluilns i -luKatoll.unui-l
•iirimrof t,.il :nu, ili.-i.i-, ui, tl.Irty II.
rilal  riirni-r of   Lot (Wall
IiiiIiik tn tin- anutli  »«-.
il.'I I'l-iinrllililiio clnil.is i
Tiler ol I "IU. tlii,,,™ i,„.
foriy.llvuolii.lt.it.ii.1 ulKlity iiIkIii llitki moi
n. leaa tn .,1.,,.- nf Ij.jj; ii,,iuj;
J. M. A.iNKW
.lainm.y ail,   IS06, |
illi ,-.,-i ,
£ I
£ — Always Up-to-Date —
£ Cranbrook, -     - B.C.
^uaiamuHuuiiiiuiuuimuiuuiiuuiiulluuiiiimi THE PROSPECTOR. CRANBROOK, U. C JANUARY 27,
*(MMM*+g* $** * *-***•* #*-:-•**.*hmh* ®he |rro«pertov.   Head
*  —as
ji     a
Jf   •:-nimni?nrinnnnnTnnTnnnnnnrmn-:-,
... ..U.ll.U..U>i....u..Ul>....U..UU....UU
rood ..mi-
Buy Your J
.1  .1   Wot tli ol l ilpnry was ui
ig i ii-aiii,i{iiiiii;in Thursday.
.,        A good old fashiouud Jauuarv
*>* thuw struck Cranbrnoli this week |
_,,    TT .      *#,■    J   P. 11 m- in iiifi ul  Marysville
Ol      US  clllCl     A was in tho city Sunday last.
A  S, Carey of Spokane was n
tnnsl al the Craubrooli Mondaj
Have It MiirKetl *
i , h r.u'   then you
•}f     Don. Ma.-kay  returned from a
AI business trip in Feruie Monday
f\*\    I   C  Douglas of Wardner was
9 in the i-ii', Mun, li iv
fashioned tluttduoho that uitik,--,
jour ii>-uil throb: and your oyea
whir]   Kllil    tiiakca you aiiU  Ui
yuur -i,iiii.u-li n-s
Dr. Scott's
Headache   Powders
Tiu'v can't hurl you and  they
stop anj headache.
One Dozen In a Ku\ 26c
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
, v   uoadquartora for
You will  take
no   chance    of
getting  a   bad
9  hat cither
§      M    Phillip** of Elko wan In      -. A  PETE'S   9 •
Ice Crciiin and Sort Drinks
Mao Tobacco, Pipea
iuul Otgara
Bakei St.    Cranbrook
|        OF   COMMERCE
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000       Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
B  K  WALKER. General Kanager.     ALEX. LAIRD, Asst. OenM Mnnnper
Notice la hereby g'.vt'i thin i will npplj to tho
Chlol Commi tlimi i in Lauda nnt) Works for u
H|H>0lllt IICOUCI1 in |i|.w|'i'i'l  for Colli   llllil   IVlto
IllUm OVOI the toUrmli     .1. -..'ill-, .1 l.in.l   attUBtti
in iii.< it,-in. i nl H  i' i-i Koottmnj
CoUUIli in ,in.   100 I'hul'H  uorth 1111(1 I'.liinn-
Wl   s|   pi    ,   l  ,„1   ,.|;|,ll. ,1   I'I M- 1  lulu.     M,,|     ..I     1||(-
oroislug "i Hi'' iiortl t ->i  Michel eroi h bi
,..,.- ,.■  thi    nnrtin I     h ■..■.■l.ii   .   .I   l ...   IMH
l.roii'. I   Mm     I  ■"' ■ I'.uii-.   lli.'iin- miu.Ii Mil
iniuii. iiiout'i emuWohaliiN ilieiii'o nurth *o
$6 Ullll illliliT       .1 UUl.ta
Ovor  *fi uiul not, exceeding $10    6 ueutu
■•   810      ■■ "        $.iu   10 conta
•■   $90      " "        $60 15 cents
These Ordera are Payable at Pur at uny offloA iu Canada of a Oharteri d ■   i i
Yukon oxcoptud] uiul ut i In- (irini'ipul banking potato in tht; Unit ti Hu tub
Th >  form mi excellent method of remitting small sunn o* money with
suftity unil lit Hinull OOBt.
if] t
*      M „   ETE ° ■'     i The Best and Onlv the 1
| BflRRFR   SHOP ^    I y        I
9 dhiwia anur ,    B     At AU Ti ,
lieu    tlttlTOWl'l  ,,;
| via*     I faus
9  i >»!< VIoiul u
'.   I     ' Slw  Mi n
(iiu .Im  . o Ml     iiui
Mrs. II. W  M
il i  ai il th,   h       io|
-1     j
N,-\i   iluui   :,.   \   i    |)u«
II l   IJllllM'ii.il,   Si IV. I
.li , -tea,   I ,
■■ i i tt'orkw toi  a   1*1
■    if.    «ti. i   iv irolouni | t
rolluwtiiH 'i.    ribotl i-.ii.i-- .iiu..'.  hi , LSI
I) . KtHltl   ll   lj ;    ll
.  Much ."■ ■ li i'i i ■.'" ohalnt- J
iut< il   ■ ■ l'IikIiiji ».'-i ..i tiir M
Hi. mirth rork ul   U i he] itouH by j A
>'|' ii-ii,>Hti.-|ii tnuui.'iiri. , nl   nl   l.ni   l.'iVt, j l?l
(..ruu.ji - tbuun ii,-in. *.ii i ii.iin-, thonee wost80 I 1-,
9**99***%*** **%%**%%**%***
•T li"i*,i'T'i.,,i'";"i";,';"."**.**i**J**i*';'"'"'«**;"*~'"*" ' ' '
1 Beale & Elwell
See then for Price and Terms
9 \    Dewur nl   Nelsou   -n.^
**. stered    n    the   Crunbruuli
e Mile
H  V   Moil    id ;
be   RVn ,
1      silay
n ehi.:  ul
w;ia in ihe
l   II.',, I   ,U.     I . .i! .....
a .certain            ■ i .1        — B« pro
..,,'. ...   .   .
■     ..    ■ ■:,. tii. .,
B.y bu .., II.       It.)  , 'j.j.. . I Br, l. j..j;  Si   Villi
■   ■    ■ I. ou I       ..   the ,ih  lu. .11
I     .1   s, ., S ioi    (l  :  ' '   v"  m •";::" "
;.'    ' !'"'^ 1..I   :l,.,.,   pill ,1    iu,]
Diistts aimpte lyli .     .      i.,.i
I. ■ Ul - ■   -■   n i!:.' I    mat.i ul i    int. oi ;,
r      \   S    Suth. 'ii uil   ol   N'elson  '    '     ,: :l' •   ■■ ' •"    "-1
C'v. as at I rook ou bus       ' '«* *p*i««'i« m. om» , - ■
r •[■-,.■
Ircl.tbulil Klwtill i„ r
C. M Rawnrils, Agent
l «illii|i|ilj- u,
, ,ui,i Woi-ks
'I'lniis iln- klinl of euro your \V»toh will get In
our oatublUhmonl Our Repairing Dopui't-
iii, nt i equipped with tho latest toots, most
uompteto stiii-U of material, ami is in tho hands
nf thoroughly competent workmen. Enough
GET     THE     HABIT     AND    COME     TO
. F. Tate & Son
I 11111,1    Mlllllll-
A    ,v
Jewelers   and   Opticians
Official Wiii.-li Inspectors t'.l'.U. Crow's Nel "u«s Division
J "la   ,IU
.1!., 1
....iiu, a. N   .j.   U.I :■ I  ,.i.ii.l.,',    ,ii ti
■S   ll.   |..."i ol Lot i. jijj l ia in oroup
J. ... naj DiKtrlot la -u,   t-i-	
4.       r   il      P] ,„                  Suokaue         ' ■  ' ilnmbla aocoi i,ua iiiiiii'.jiiiiijii mi.-.
T   .'.- ".-.-..■ the      mbi       ■ v:"'" J '",,,,)"""'• ■•"""-"""'-■"
*r   ., '. iws    Comtntuiciut at -p polnl on tho Sorth
T    -   " " "                                                           : Bjuodarj ul said Lot 88, 18 chains Weat uf the
I Sonheast corner of «a'il lot;   theuoo running
X        Mr A  ■ h ■■    Le tell   Ol Jaffray    ,: a bearing south S8* 3d west parallel with the
j.   spent a     ■ dttVS      I tOWH    this      '     'fw-y^^nrltlhUColumbia Southern
A, , R     wa* tor .t distance of i uhalui. and ^.'^ links:
•j*   ' tl>eui.'i'running on u beariiiK -unb ■.'] 3it' eust
*;• ' f- :■ ft aibtunot ol 9 chain** tmd -o links tu u :»iiiii
.\    I! Ktiliwick,   Ceo     WatSOll I ■   the North boundary of thi rlghi ■■:   rmy ol
and R    '!'    Richardson  of  FortrLe ^[a •*-l*»y< u""" "■ -'"■'•* theuortb
Stei le vore u insactinfi business "' --'-\":'"- J"?'*"'01 *ffMW 1"
.,, i ij one beurltigNorth HB IH' east ftir h dts
'l'  '  I'ftU' "','1    LURSda> teuoeolTchatn^ntHKHhik,    ihenee running
■f      I'lni   Simpson of  the  Herald   " ■' ch**llls <"lii 7" nnhs to the point oi com-
who was al Winnipeg for several ™n"»°M"«t»in.«w »™ »"j"-' •» iw
, ' ,, a' -.hown '.ii u map .ir ulun mad*.' by KruttcU J.
days lasl week returupd to Cran- oueuiy. p.us.
bl'OOk "li Sunday last. On the property is situate the brewory buiia-
  i ii'K.s »Btl other hulldlngH nppurtoiiaut.
,,               ..                 . .,     ,             There v-ill bu -.oiii in connection with tho
:M|"   ;i!Mi   -J"'8-   "s    '' Mighton  ttW property, alt the maehinery, phmt and
li-li Oil Sundays   train for   West   stock used in i-ouneetlon wilh tho business ol
KoolonitV      Tliey will visil    the  tLeCranbrool*  Urewlng A AlulUng Company,
north '
(Ullll .hu
 - ■    i
1wnohdiui west !^u"' |i>S*iWi%iKlMIK
n iii  Michel iTt'i'k ti> ; "
uniliirles »i i.nt  IMS,
ehnlns. tlience wost 80 i
halns, thenco eesl rii) i
Baker. St. Cranbrook, B.C.
| together with horses, wagons, sleighs and ull
iliattets used in aonneotlon therewith
| ti t: whole sold ns ii going enncoru,
  j    For torms and ootidltloua ot sale, apply to
■ Snwin0, Machine tairns Hirvey*McCftrter,0'Cranbroott'B'c,'Sollc'*
' .     . .       torn lur tho mortgagee.
Imps     stitoh,    breaks    D.t«dj.Bu»ry»ii..A.u.iMo. .
H- slitub.    Those  wish-     	
ing iiuu-iiiiirs t'.vamiiiijil lettve
unloi-.s ni clothing department
CC  Stores.
i ui,
. Jnmoson  iliiiitiliti'i- ol  C.
Is still going on and will
continue until our immense Stock has been
cleared out.
All   Must   Go
Hill & Co.
The  Acknowledged Leaders in
Ladies' iintl Men's Furnisninos
GLO, R. LtflSK & COJg STEWARTS ffll^rrn
P. K. Supei'lniendant at Culgar.y
;trriv.;il in town ,,u Wednesday
and will remain u few days visiting fri'-inlM.
Mi- and Mrs T E. South returned tu Cranbrook Thursday
and are receiving the congratulations uf thuirmany friends.
The   regular   public  services
ml!  be  held  iii  the   Methodist
Church nexl  Sunday at 11 a  in.
and".3iip m     Evening subject
I ''Why do  we  wonder?"  Young
I in,-ii anil nil invited in come ami
c insider    ihi-    subject.     The
choir will lead in Ihe music with
an  anthem  and  ;t double quar-
U -it'- will siiif.   Song service at I
7 •"!"    Come.
Several articles were lost in j
the hall on Wednesday evening
al the Masquerade dance, the
o« ners run secure iluun at the
residence of Mrs. ,1 B Hall or
■  ■■ Mi   T s Hill,
Notice ia hereby ijtven, in necordance
with the Statutes, that Provincial
Revenue Tux uuil usscssment tuxes mid
ii come Tax. assOBbed i.nd levied uuder
iln- "Asaosimiout Act" urn ilut, und payable lor the year 1900. All taxes col*
t. ctible fur tho Fort Steele Assosment
District up.- now due mul payable at, my
oilice ut tlio Government Offices, Cranbrook. B.C.
This notice, in terms uf law, is
equivalent tu u personal domain,
by iiio upon ull persons liable for taxes.
Dated ut Cranbrook, IS..'.. this 20th
day of January, I9UH.
Deputy Assessor and Collector.
Carpenter W Builder
I'ltaiiiit to tho plitceof baffinning.
Luctiteil tblh IStll ilny ol Mccumber 1805.
AI. A. llOUlO [Ji'P
■<■ r, M. Eutt-arils. Agent
N'otlco fs hereby Ktveti thut [ will apply to
the Chief CotumlssloHor of Lands nnd Works
for u llconue to prospeot fur foal nnd Petroleum over thu tollowtim Ueserihed hind .situate
ii the District, of South liast Kootenny;
CnuiinenelnB'KMchains northnnd BO ohiiiti**
H'.-sl of 11 pnst. plumed Ui.tttii'hiiiiis  west, of  tho J
crossing of the north forh of Michel creek by
one oi tlo? northorn boundaries of Lot 4riis4. [
Group I, thonee Bouth 80 chains, thence west 60
chiiiiiB. thence north 80 ehains, thence cast B0
oiiulns in the plaoe ol beginning.
Located this 18th day of Decouiber. IH05,
Agnes Klwetl per
«i                             i'. M. Edwards, Apent
S'otlce is horoby given that I will upply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Work'; for h ;
llci'iico to prospect for Conl nod Petroleum !
over tin.' following doscrlbed land situute lu
tlic Dlstriot of South Kust Kooienay:
Commencing 400 chains north and r>o chain*
west .a h inwi planted 10.811 chains west of the
crossing ottha north fork of Miohel creek hy I
one of th.- northern boundaries of Lot 45S8,
Uroup i. tliouoo south SO chains, thenco eust so |
ehains, theuce north &0 ehnlns, thenee west 80 ;
ohains to tlm phico of beginning.
Loomed mis it^tli day of December, iut'5.
Edwnrd Elwell per
S3 O. M. Edwards, Ajfent
Notice is hereby given that 1 will upply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works
fi.i :i licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum
over llle following described lands situute In
tho Districl of .South Eaai Kootonay:
Commencing 400 chuins north und uo chains
west of a post planted 16.60 chatus west of the
crossing of thu north fork of .Michel ereek hy
one ot tin- northern boundaries of Lot4688,
Group I tttonue north 80 ehaius, thonee west W)
chains, theuce south 80 chains, thonco eust so
ehulns to the plnee of beginning.
Located this 18th duy of December, liHB
John Choldllch per
fi3 i.\ M, Edwards, Agoat
Siitionds   Saws
Black Prince Axes
Decking Chains |
Wedges % Hammers 9
t Everutnino tor tne uoo Gamps l
9   #
I J. D. McBride |
Green   Peas
Good Yfovk ;it
UoUvSonable Prico
Notice is heroby givon that I will upply to
tho Chief Commissioner of Lands ami works
I fur a licence to prospect for Coul and Petroleum ovor the following describod lauds situate in ihe Dtstriol of Soutb Easl Kootounj
Comuiuiiciug 100 ohains uorth and 00 chains
westof a jmhi plante.i 10.00chatns wost of tho
crosslngof the north fork ul Michel creek by
one of the northern boundaries ol Loi 1688,
Group I. tlience north 80 chains, tbenee oast 80
ennins. thenee south HO ehnlns. theuce Wesl. 80
etiiiitislo the plaee of beginning,
Located this IStll day of December. 1905,
Malcolm Mel lilies pi r
Nt r m Rihvnrtls, Agent
F. O. E.
: ii ol hers   Coi*dittllv   in\ Itod
, i».     .    , .        •     ^. NOTICE.
Office and Workshop   Lewis St   t,,.,, »matu»irwdaysaaordate i ...
I teiul io apply to ihe ciiiei Commissioner of
Lands and Works lor permission to eut ami
NOTICE. jrarry nwaj Mmbor from   thu  foi lowing *i«-
ie.i lands in South Kast Kootonnyi
Ross T ,'i f . W. President
A. W. Mlack. Secy.
in Hppl> in tin- Chiol i iiiiimi-
nnd Works for purmlssion in
y   uway    timber    from    the
bed land:   Commencing at a
[.ot-t on ihe south mist  eorner.   and   joining
I ni tht Irvine Millar's limit No. i on the north,
tbence uorth 80 ehains, thenco wesl w chuins,
thence south B0 ohulns. thenco oast 80 ohalns to
place ol bcgfnnlug.
Located 38th daj ot Docombor, 190B.'
My David Irvlno Millar
:.:i William West, Agoni
i loinmencing at tin northwest corner of k. k.
Harvey's Ilconco, thonco south onu milo, thenco
wost ono mile, thonco north one mile, thenoe
east one mile to plnee of beginning,
Datod Nov, 2flth. 1005.
,.:i a. n. Fenwick, Locator
inois Central    *
JBfflT   ■ ■ i fliPlI
I'lans, spccilii al	
unci  I'.-.liin.iii"
Tbo Lnading 8lon
i ■
All   kinds    of    building    material
constantly on hand.
MftinLaliia unoxcolluil   Bttrvtoi!   from \
I t.li"! WONt to tin' mint and ftOUth.   Milking
.;  : .;.    0NFECTI0NERY ci™ , , ,iu, „■ , or .nl;
. , triuiHuoittluQiitnl llnua, iwuimiiigorn arc
Nuts     i r-. v..,,,....;,- .-i,,.. i,-.,i,i,~ i.fcnK.i
l.uiiiMill,- MomphlBmul Nin Oi'liiims,
Ullll llllllll].-h .hi--,,- |KlllltH tn tll.l fill- L.-UH1
l'r,ia|i»'i;iivi- Lnivolori. tliHtlriiiu Infor
Hllltllill iih In llio Iiiwi-i-I   l-i.t.-a   Ullll   lll-l
nmli'a in-,- iiivltotl in onri'OM|.oiiUoiio.'
Willi tin- fiillimiiiv r.ip,-,'-.,-..!...
1       '  '    ■' I-''-, A WH I 'FA P''l   "• ll-'I'Ki'Mlii'l.l,, l'iiinni.-ivi.il At'.-m
>.'r\\ 1 LtbAINU I  CAW   I ujiTilnlSl., Porllnn.l. Oiv^.n '
I J. C. LlNUBBV, T. F. ,v I'.A.
lii'Tliiiil St.. Portland, Oi-ukoi
P. II. TUOMI'BON, P, 4 I'.A., 'liiiiiii I
..luiui lllil^.. buutlk*. VVa.li.
Cheaper Than Canned Peas
and Just As Good
One package is equal
to two tins and the
price  per  packet   is
Otily Ten  Cents
New Curtains
and Cnrtainings
We have just Placed in Stock
.some   very pretty curtains in
Take notloe tlmt thirty day*, after dam I In-
■mi to apply to the Chief Com mis-donor of
«ant}q nrd nml Works lor permlitBlon to out
i. ..ur tiw.iy limber from the following do*
•nbOll hlU'ls III Soulh Ham Kootenay:
' ..i ,iii. I.-in,'nl a |iusl iil:inti"l  at the liiter-
nionol 'he Wi -ii-rii boundary of i.ot nnitii
l.ii lu.ri.hiTii  boun v ol   Not   SOSfi.   theueo   ra
orUielghtyclntlnH, lheuuewoatelghtyehuin.il   MtlSllll   SUllI   BubbillCtt   Curtainill^S.
f    Tapestry, Chenille and Lace, also Madras
iUU.ll niKlll.v rlmlliv ill,-in-
A. II l-.-iiv.lc-u. 1,,.,-ni
•11,1,1, I .
malaga orapes
.,.. : Oranges, Figs
ananas, Etc,
''■■I iliiimi'iya riii.ii, i iu Ig)
in tin- tlhlpf Cominlafllouor at i T
1,1,1 Ullll
id wmlit. im- piirmli
av IH ■ll'.ni  Ii-
Hugh Stewart
Phone 75       AniibU'uiiu, ftve.
i,     '    ''?
'I- iiiil'M. ululill  crl.ul.iK. 11.0  ui-al   £|
nl oa   iiii.-ni;!- aii.nl. . Iiri.iv ijlmlim, I T
.ni. iii South Kns. Kooloimy:
n me in1 im.' ni ii poal plnnled ot
dn ryot hoi iKM, otic inlle n
, llH'IK
hmi wt eighty uhalnB
Uiiiod ttith of Novombor, 1808
BQ a B. Feowlok, Locator
Brass and Oak curtain poles with trimmings
to match,


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