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The Prospector Apr 21, 1906

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 jtotTf .1 tU *>**
,      rS     m 24190'
Vol. 12.
No. ia.
Annual Meeting Eleetiou of
OHloers Schedule Adopted
for Seaaon of 1906.
Uoss Tale went to Lethbridge
on Monday to attend n meeting
of ilie Lacrosse Association. A
number of important mailers
were discussed relative to tho
"Grow League",
The different clubs were rep-
scnted hy the following delegates
V.  Ross Tale   Cranbrook.
J, Hnss Prank
l)r.,l.S.Stewart Lethbridge.
,1, K. Slitiai't'i'   Talio,-.
The annual election ol ollicers
resulted us follows:
I'll.lolieaa   -Mr.. CI, l.rVilaMlur.eilli'lierCreek
„oii. ,'iea.    i'. a. ManiiUi, Letbiirlilxe.
,'re.ltlu,    A. v. I.i.ue. l-'imik.
Vliiu-l'res.    W, A. Auliln. ','atK.r.
sun Tit'aa    0. Kosa'l'ite, CraiilintuU.
Council - W.MIllev, Craubrooli.
"   "        ','. H. M.nlii, I'ralili.
"   "    - W. C. Ivhs. l.ellibi'1,1*,'.
"   "        W. W. Douglass. '1'al.o.'.
I'arliaiii.'iil ul Iln' age of thirty
Itaree, after lie had been defeated   ul lour eloclioits.    Al   forty
'•ighl he wns 01,11 llor  of   Hie
Exchequer, nl sixty four pi'illin
Minister an.I ul seventy-two u
meiiili.'r of Ihu House of Lords.
He   only     lived    long    enough
to I..- a |i»-ei- live years.
The lu.iis,' in Curaon stroel,
where he died lias an niipreton-
lious exterior hut is in the most
exclusive purl of Mivyft.tr. At
one time Beaconslleld lived in
I'ark Lane.
Forest Cameron.
Married ul Wardner April I'llli
al the residence of llie brides
father, Wm. Forest of Trail, B.
C. lo Miss Annie Cameron of
Wardner. II. ('.. Rev. W. ,1. W.
fortune performed lhe wedding
II. Wilson ol   Toronl
the cii v Friday.
Chas. Finch came  down   ('run,
Marysville Tuesday on business.
('has. McNab was in  llie city
Tuesday on business.
S.    Polls   of   Moyie    was    in
lown Tuesday.
ll was decided thai a combined
i i-u in from Frank, lllniruioru ami
Coleman be allowed io compete
for the Crow's Nesl Championship for the season of 1110(1.
The next annual meeting of the
Crow's Nest League will he held
ou   Blaster Monday   of 11107   In
Tabor.    In   case   Tabor should
default, the next annual meeting
will  l,e held  in   Frank   on IheI    ,.      „ , ,      ,.,, ,
Its   all   over   lown    heaulilul
same date. | weather.
The schedule adopted   was  as] 	
follows: Dr. .1. II. King. M.l'.l'. was i,l
Mvvj-i Calgary  for several   days   Ihis
Prank va l.'i'iiiihi'onk in I'rimli, ;.    I week.
I.ellllll'iil«e l-Tnli.n- ill Tlll.ii,'. —	
.i„„e ,   i'ni.,,1-.-,'i-;ini.i-.j..k in.'inn-     (lOvernmenl Agent Armstrong
i,,.,,,,!, I was ai   Fort Steele Monday on
.hnie.-i   'l'iil..ii' i-is l-'i-iuiU In l-'i-iuik        official business.
,1,11,0    IS      l.elhl.ri.lee    VS   (','il„lll'i.ll|( I 	
in , ri.ui.ii.iik. Mux. McSweyn ol Nelson was
Juno in   Leihiiriil"!.-  vs  frank  In shaking  hands  with   li'lends nl
Frank. Cillllbl'ook Wednesday,
lulv-.'.   TkI'iu-vs l.elhl.riileei,, l.oll,. 	
hrldge, V, Smith of Lethbridge was a
Jul.. 2 (h'luihnink v» Friiiik in frank iguesl al the Cranbrook on
Julv in  ,'i'ni,iii'....k vs r.othlii'l.lgo ln|Tuesday.
July 17 -Urunbrook vh Tabor it. Tabor
July   II -Frank   v.    i.c'thlirldpu    in
July ill   Frank v.a Tabor lu Tabor.
I). J. Ryan of Xe.v York City
was registered at the Cosmopolitan on Tuesday.
Indian Agenl B. L. T, Galbrailh was at Cranhrook Wednesdav on business.
A meeting of tho Gymnasium,   ,,.,,...    ,       ,   ,   ,,   ,,
,,  ,,7 , ,   i i  •   .i        W. C. ochenk and .1.   I).   Mc-
Football Club was held  in the DomU(, „. Cttjgl|ry mfQ gwm
Gymnasium on Tuesday evening jat. n„. Cranbrook on Thursday
the 17th inst.. and the  following
At the "Itym."
officers were elected:
llov. ,1. P, Westman, I'msiilt-nt
Dr. E, W. Connolly, Vluo-Pres,
W. H. Wlls..,,, 'IVeasuroi'
II. M.'i'i'.-i-, Soorotary
.1. Ilri'i'hiii, Captain
I'.. SV. Connolly, Vloe-Oiiptaln
llnuurary men,hers:    lli>„. I'resilient
Miiyur Ru^ura;   lion.  Vlce-Pi'uitidQiit,
li. Kri.-ksnu.    A. l.nlti'll, VV,   T.   Hold,
A   llaiini, nml W. II. Wilson.
All members of the Cyinnas
iuui, not affiliated will, any other
.'lull are icpiesled lo turn out lo
practice on Sal unlay evening ill
ll:!lo p.m. al the race course.
Football at Marysville.
I hi Monday lust a picked eleven
from lhe Town Team went to
Marysville lo try conclusions
will, ii team Iron, that, place.
The game was called 1,1 li-ill,p.m.
ll was soon seen Ihal Marysville
wns loo strong for the Town
Team, A very Interesting game
was played lhe hoys speak very
highly of the hospitality shown
l In-ill. The score slood 1 loll in
favor of Marysville.
The City Council held its
regular weekly mooting on Wednesday evening.
Mr, Sclunock will open ., meat
market on Armstrong Avenue,in
or ubout the tirsi of May.
Acting Chief ot Police McLean
is making his rounds this week
seeing thut the buck yards are
being cleaned.
ll is roporlod Ihal the Fink
Mercantile Co, will creel a large
store building mi linker Street in
the near future.
The mosl motion, room In the
Modern House'Is equipped wilh
"STANDARD" Porcelain enameled Baths aud Lavatories, for
sale by Pal more Hros.
Frightful Loss of Life   Dead
3.000     Wounded 20,000
250.000 Homeless   Loss
Estimated 300.000.000.
Two-Thirds of City Reduced to
Charred Kuins Other Third
Doomed to Same Kate.
S,.t»'l;il |,i Tin; I'llual'l.'"!,'!,.
Sun Francisco, Cnl., April
>o. -Summary earthquake:—
Two thirds S;m Francisco in
ruins anil remainder is doomed
Dead estimated at 3,000, injured 20,000, homeless 250,-
000, Loss'estimated at $300,-
.1,11,.uiiu. Fire is spreading
New York. April III.- William
Hearst, Vice President and general manager of the Postal Cable
Co, ul 11:1)0 tonight received the
following from Deputy Chiel' of
Sun Francisco Ftro .Department:
"Al 7:iln tonight, lire still under
headway, gathering force and
preiidlng.     Two thirds of lhe
T. A. Callins of Moyie was in
the eil.\ Friday.
lion 1 lorgol the IC, P. Hall 01,
Tuesday evening April I'llh.
II. P. Large of Moyie was in
the city Wednesday on business
W. CI. Walson, aud C, II. .loll
of Winnipeg were guests ul   the
Cranhrook Friday.
M. Melnuess, and Kohl Neil
were up from Elkmouth Thurs
day on business.
Mrs. P. Lund and daughters
were visiting friends at Cran
brook this week
E. Elwell, of lhe linn of Bottle
A Elwell, was at Wardner Wed
nesduy on company business.
Andrew Neidigand H. S. Clark
of Fori Steele were Oruubrook
visitors on Thursday.
.1. A.Gillisof High River.Albt.
was attending courl ni Crunbrook on Tuesduy.
Don. Mackay, superintendent
of roads, returned from the Si.
Mary's country on Tuesday
.1. Millett of Feruie was registered at lhe Cosmopolitan on
11. Duncan lhe Henderson
Directory Agenl was in town this
A W. McVittie returned ihis
week from u business trip lo
I Haines  futile      Three  hundred I dead.     No par,  of the city os-
Judge   "'lis,,.,   was holding u   , m|      ,„   ,„..  homoleBH   by d ,   k lire und deal I,
sitting of the County Courl mis , „     „      .        ,,,,,' ,    ,      .
wcej(' Saturday and Han Francisco will Gas,  water uud electric power
be iiii ash heap." j were   suddenly   cnl   off.       The
Sun  Francisco   via   Oakland, business section from the water
Cnl.,  April   lb.   Two thirds of front to 10th street suffered most I machines     for    muinil'iicluring
the city  is  reduced  to charred appallingly  from  the   disaster,  lumber.     The    company     will
sold at 2"' cents n glass. Hundreds have heen driven into a slate
approaching madness by the
scenes ol destruction, death and
devastation in Sun Francisco today. Scenes never before approached ill America. Scores of
others actually have become
insane. The population after n
wild night of terror, passed on
bare pavements of streets or iu
little public squares today faces
Ihe torments of hunger and thirst
and possible starvation.
Stockton, Calif,, April h. Th.,
most terrible disaster in the his
lory of Sun Francisco occurred
at Mil lids morning. An earth
quake shook so violent and pro
longed that il damaged every
building 011 the peninsula iu
some degree, the damage being
from cracks in Hie walls, toppled
chimneys aud cornices, 10
complete collapse of hundreds of buildings, rocked
Ihe earth for fully two minutes.
It was like a catclysm, People
cried out lo each other, like the
coming of the end of the  world,
on Thursday night by lhe firing
l,f    II    COUpIe    .1!     revolve,'   sIlOlS
ll appeals thul Ml S Btll'U.iUI'dl
and Mrs. Matheson wure oul together and rnpoting Mrs, Burn-
hard! a few words passed when
Mrs. Matheson drew :, gun and
lire.l two shots, owius i" close
proximity of the two parties thu
pistol Wlls lur,,e,l aside ;in.l no
Injury wus done, Steps were
taken for lhe arresl nl Mrs
Matheson nml ihe mutter »ill he
fully ventilated iu the police
Active  Construction   Work  Com
manned   Will Employ
100 Men.
M. I! King, of ih,- King Mill
ing Co., gave some Interesting
Information aboul the big manufacturing plain which lhe eon,
puny will erect just outside nl
the corporative I'uniis of Cranbrook.
Mr. King said "Building oper-
The oscillation  wns north  1  alions would   have commenced
south iu a succession of increus- this weok, but for the fuel thai
ing and apparently renewed I had to go to Duliilh, Minn., for
shocks,  with a  twisting move j1!"'      purpose     of     securing
inent and threw sleeping people
oul of their beds. lu I hose two
minutes the great city wns
ruined. Many were killed, perhaps hundreds,   perhaps thous
business section of city dovusla- ands, lor in the shattering, foiled, Fire is heading [or resi- lowed by confusion uiul lire no
[dentin! dlstrlot,  etl'orts to fight oue rnny estimate thu number of
Dr. II. Watt of Fort Steele wus
a Crunbrook visitor on Wednes
machinery for the mill al ('run
brook, also for a mill thul we are
pulling ut the Yahk."
"Active work on lhe big mill
will commence sometime next
week, immediately on my return
The 11,ui,, building will bn 50x1 (In
Tl, ill  will   he equipped with
the mosl inoder,1 machine,'}. and
will have, when completed, :,
capacity of lilil.OHO feel, There
will be planing machines, moulding machines, in fact ull kindsof
ruins and tho other third doomed [t lios devastated  by  the (rem- manufacture   Sash   and  doors
nelly was nl   Gardner L     s.ml(,   ,,,,,,    ..-,,,„„,    people bier ,mil by tire. windows, all kinds of planed an
Dr. Conne
ou professional business on Monday.
to   slack     thirsl     and   parched
Dave. Griffith of Wild  HorseI throats as they flee before the
Creek was nt Spokane the  week j Humes.    This is San Francisco's
on mining business. , f.U(,     Wo|.,,. ,,,.„ (h(, „„,, ,g |)()|
iu sigh I.
hungry and without even  water |    At the Mission iu the western
lildilion. iu the heart of the city,
(long  the   water   Iron,   the lire
Mrs. F.. C. Smith, und daughter
of St. Mary's prairie were at
Cranbrook on Wednesday.
Mrs. Fred Bimnre of Fort
Steele was a Cranhrook visitor
on Thursday.
W. T. Hurley Winnipeg: R, W.
Clark.  Calgary,   It.   Tl.   Bond,
Toronto;   were  gnosis   at    the
Cranhrook on Thursday.
.1. A. Maedonald, and F. W,
West row of Toronto were registered ai Ihe Cranbrook on Thursday.
'Che regular communication of
Crunbrook Lodge AF. Si A.M.
was held in Masonic Temple on
Thursday evening.
W. J. Allen. W. S. Jackson,
and ll. Johnson of Marysville
were guests al the Cosmopolitan
on Tuesday.
Dave, (irillill, of Wild Horse
Creek, and Constable Joe. Walsh
of Fori Steele were Cranbrook
visitors 0,1 Wednesday.
F.  J.  Chapman  of  liilzville,      ..    ,,    .. .        ,. ,,    u,    ,
Wash.,  was   in   Crunbrook    on  ..ft.  K' ,,UUMl  "'   ^°J*£f
Thursdny, Mr. Chapman is look-1 £»»'!* °™& "'..."^l''"^
ing over  the city   in  search  of
Hoard of Trade Meeting.
'Che Cninbrook Hoard of Trade
will hold 11 meeting on Thursday
Investment,, and bus liis eye on
the Crow's Nest Laundry.
"We Believe Thai" our way to
success is made hy making each
transaction with us so satisfactory thai you become our linn
friend. To ihis end we handle
the "SUNSHINE" Furnace.
Patmore Bros.
wns ul  Cranbrook-  Tuesday  on
company business.
Terrorized into 1, daze, weak
from loss of food and sleep,
fighting for a lew drops of water
to quench their thirsl and bathe
their smoke and lire reddened
eyes, the people were lighting
their way to safety. Thousands
more, unable to get so fur away
found temporary security in
Golden Gate and oilier parts.
Ferries were jammed wilh a
lighting mob seeking lo escape
ami in their terror made might
Mayor Schmitz today issued
this proclamation: "Federal
troops, members of regular force
and all special police ollicers
have been nut homed to  kill  all
moulded     lumber      everything
wanted iu lhe building line."
Workmen   were   engaged on
fighters uri' helpless will,out : Monday in putlingsidetl'llcks, as
water.     In  homes  where early soon as this  is completed,   ihe
fires ha.l in lighted in prepar- lumber for tl rectum of the
ing early  hi kl'nsl,   the   fires necessarybulldiiigsivillbupli I
were started  by   the   tumbling upon the ground,    ThonlHeoancl
over of eoal or oil stoves, or  thejslabh- is aboul finished,
disconnecting of gas pipes,     lu!    This is lhe best piece of news
saloons, dance  halls,  aud  lodg- the people of Cranhrook   have
ing houses on ihe water front re ivod   for some  time,  when
and Barbary coast, where oil M" operation the company will
lamps were used, ,he overturned j employ from 110 to 1(10 men. The
lamps caused the tires. In the availability of Cranbrook for 11
business districts along the big milling plant has long been
water front and in the Mission,'patent to'all who ure familiar
the furnaces and the trembler with the lumboringlnlerusls here
worked destruction together, and now that the King Milling
The suddenness and the awful-1 Company is actually establishing
ness of the disaster left thei a manufacturing plant and 0110 of
police as powerless as lhe tire'goodly proportions, there is
department. .every   reason   to   apprehend   a
San  Francisco,  April  I8.-4. stimulus in all lines,
p.m.   The fire  is still  burning j    The   King   Milling Company
persons engaged  in looting or|ami buildings in the heart of the will install a mill  with capacity
business section are being de- of all.llOOfeotperday.at the Yahk,
stroyed to stop the spread of the All the lumber fiom th,, King
Haines. The number killed will Company mills will he planed
probably reach 200 and the in- and manufactured at the new mill
jured len   times   that   number, at Cranbrook.
oiiimissiou of any other crime.
1 have directed all gas and electric lighting companies not to
turn on gas or electricity until 1
order then, to do so.     Vou  may
therefore expect lhe cily   lo  re-j |,;X|„.,.|S  estimate  Hie   financial
main   in   darkness   lor  au   Indefinite time.     1 request all citizens to remain  11!   home   from
darkness   until   daylight   every
lor is restored.      I
Looking up Power Site.
A Larf,'e Number of By lawg Read
Adopted and Passed
The city "Duds"' iin-1 iu com,
'•il on Wednesday evening
There were presenl Hi- Worship
ihe Mayor, and Alder,,,en Fink.
1 ireer. Tisdale, Murphy, .lack
-on uud Kviin
The   minutes    ii!    inst     weekly
meeting were rend, approved
■ii ,  ndopted
The ri-presi'iiinhve nl Hendersons Directory addressed lhe
council Th.- mailer w„> re
'en .-.I to ;i committee
License fees collected from
milkmen was ordered lo he re
By-law No 21, being the
Debenture By law was read :.
third nun     ii was then re con,
nutted   i< immittee   of   ihe
whole Tho committee reported
By ln>v Nn. l'1 ;,s having been
reconsidered ami passed upon,
clause by clause, and recommended 1 hut ii he received as
brought forward.    -
By inw No. L'l was then rend,
as nu,ended u tl\il'd tinie-
ll.v Inw No. 22 being ihe "City
ul (.'ranbrook Debenture Ixian
Hy -Law No 2" Was then rend a
third time.
h was moved In amendment
thai by law No 22 he re-con,
mined io a committee of the
wlii.li' council, After consider
ntii,1, by-law Nu. 22 was read a
third lime.
By law Nn. 2:1 was then read a
third lime. Said by-law was
Ihen reconsidered by a committee of iln- whole, passed upon
clause l.v clause, and then
recominunded that it lie received
ns brought forward,
I,euv..' was granted lo Introduce a by-law I.. I..- known as
the Health By law Amendment
By-law X... 1.
By-law 21 being the Health
by-law amendment by-law N... 1
wns then read a tirsi time. After
a second reading said hy-law
was considered and read a third
Leave was granted to Intro
duce a by-law to he known as
lhe Traders License bylaw
Amendment bylaw No 11, Said
by law was introduced and read
a lirst time, then a second time,
referred to a committee, whore
ported, then read a third lime.
The city solicitor he requested
to prepare a concise hut comprehensive synopsis of nil bylaws
passed by the council, for publication iu local papers if done
free of charge,
,'..iiii.-il then adjourned.
(1,1 Tl,ins.lav afternoon the
City Council met nnd passed the
following by-laws:
By-law Nn. :':: being the loan
and debenture by-law wus read
a third lime, uiul ordered 1.1 be
published    in    the    I'ranbrook
,. .. , ,, uaauu.  .. IUH.I   UI.I, .ll.'llll'l     ill     issllH    of     April      1'1'ith
oss   Irom   fire   at   more    than; 6 ^  , .,     ,, ,
*100,000,000.    The city is und,-,-;     ■'riday~.rning.     City     The votes'of  1 lectors on
martial   law,   and   precautions js„KineerMcCullough of Nolson, 1 ly-lmv So 2:1 will 1,., taken on
have been taken to prevent   dii
icompanied by L. B. VanDecar
night until order is restored. I order and looting tonight. Four I ,jllnies |{yan and 11. Nniim
warn all citizens of danger of thieves were shot hy soldiers iefl Oranbrook for the St, Mary
lire from damaged  or destroyed this af tern , for looting.     The  ,.,,..„. , ,-,,,,.,. ,,„, ,„._ii,u:',,
Almost an accident -An Indian j lire from damaged  or destroyed |, his afternoon for looting
"'  Itiver 1.1 look over the possibility
boy almost swallowed a golf ball, I chimneys,   brok, 1   leaking I soldiers havo  orders   ,0  shool    ,    ,..„.,„„ ..„„„,,. r,,.. n     in
b„i  was caught iu time by hisl^,,^   f)1,   Hxlnl,eR,   ,„.  llIiy j withimt wim-llf, imy |„,|.s,„| ,„.,. ^ ™|> ^   ^ "J,;!   ^
111 """ 'ing in a suspicious manner. The (.,„„|1I1M"V is .„.llv„ ,„'„, '.,|w.,y'
mother: she hud just been to
inchrides and bought a stransky
sauce pan.
like cause
Mayor Sell mi I/., today appealed
lo Oakland for immediate  sup-
ity hull has I n  burned,  also lf)r>Ui'n»; aTtei- Iho besl  Interos'ts
 innnyof the princl   business',,,. t|)(, ,nW|| ||m|-„ ,g tl, ,„. ,       ,
pies ol  bread  and  Iood ol  all ,,|,)(,|{s ,v„d the hall of justice  is ,|m, Ulnil. sollrc,h w success
kinds, tents mul  handing,    I n"11licoutoiiocl, IVu
Streets to be Sprinkled.
City   Election
Ceo. Scott of Gateway was 111
I the cily   Tuesday on business.        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Special anniversary   services Mr. Scott is tho ownor of one of jchroniclo   nnd   I'.xummer    will
,   iwill he held iii connection  with tho finest, ranches In the  Koole-  ,.   , 	
evening April 2r,lh. 1" hour the „,6 Mertl0(ltal   Sunday   School nay valley. ; ' ' ,'"   T     '   ""   I
report of the delegates  sent   loi Hexl   Sunday.     Three   sessions!   Iron, the  plunl   01   lh,"  ,inklnn.l v Council    will   s,,„„      A city election will be held on
I will beheld_lln.nl., H p.m.  and ;    ,1   II. Fink left  Cranbrook  on Tribune   I.I, wus decided „t noon I    ^  ^   ^^  ^ 8pl.|n|i|lllK May 7ll,.. when the taxpayers ol
the   following   streets:     From Cranbrook will   1 ailed  upon
Calgary und Winnipeg,
Primrose Day in England,
7:i!n p.m.    The pustor will  give'Tuesday   for  Spokane,   were lie  to blow up all residences oil llu
iddi'osses suited lo the occasion,  will stay a few days preparatory ,,.IS| sll|,. Ilf v/unnoss Ave,,,,,, he
Evening subjool "Whnl We Owe lo   making   a   business trip to
  the Boys und Clil'ls".   The music : Alaska.
Loud,,,,,  April lit—Today Is (0r the day will bo furnished by                       - —
the anniversary of Iho dealh of In  massed  chorus of the school      Mr. C.  Mcllardv,   real  usltit"
Lord    Beacon.sll.'l.l   and   il '      '	
tweeii , iolden 1 bile Avenue ami
PllClllC Avenue II .llslnnee of oue
mile.    \';,,,,,.'~s Avenue is one of
1,ride  Van  ll,,,,,.'  1..  linker '"  express   their   approval   "i
street, from Van  Horn  to  Nor- disapproval ol ihe City  Debnn
bury, from  Hake,   to  Lewis ou turn Hy-laws r nll.y passed by
|s sealed on a platform oroctod for|agent    from   Nelson,   sponl   n ,,(,_  lm)S|  r„shi hie streets of Hanson avenue, along   Lewis 1
, ihe city council.
ll is also reported thai  Alder
lhe 7th day of May. polling ut.
the Fire Hall. Crunbrook, and
iln-   City   Clerk   appointed   us
1,'elui'iiiui!   Officer    and   .1.   M,
Ann.1.1 us Clerk
('iiuiicil then adjourned
A Small Blaze
Ai I o'clock Wednesdav morn
ice ilie lire alarm was sounded
ami th.- citi'zons aroused loflnd a
small building nccuplod hy u
couple ol Italians enveloped iu
lla      'l'h.'   lire  brigade  were
there,   lull   nothing i'llllill heilime.
us ihe building was outside of ihu
city limits, nml mi hydrant near,
The liiiilili„e wus a lollll loss.
'""."     leiicons,,,'.,     "''»,„' ™., |on    All are Invited to few days In   low a   »  ,,„,    M,,'VW      |, Is Annslrong then lo  Baker, fr 1 is also reporte,, tna   a r 	
K< rally observed as "Primrose        nd take imri disposing of a few plots of fruit "'    '   '" "   ,.,,,,,„„,',„„ ; Baker n, bride 1 Cranhrook rami  .lames f-lrnar,   win.  Is in 	
Day"     throughout      England. _i_ ;iil„',l.     R0 was registered ul Iho ''"I ""''""'I I,nmns l,uh,lt L, ,   „,„„   n,lkpl. ,„ Morlny's leave Cranbrook about May 1st.      ' ,''   McColl and II    M.   Ken
Primroses   were     in   evidence!    |>;,im,,re Bros, are tilling up 11 Cranbrook. I"""!  '    v    ,      ..,,.,„,„. to engage ill business tit lildmou- °   ""'' lV0      -1"'1'1
  'Blower System ror I ho Sparwood   Famine  Is already apparent,  """' "" N"""" * ,,u  > ■->' '--'•  ' '-'-
Lumber Co. :,l Sparwood,   ll.C.      There will be a meeting or Iho I Al |,|,n|„,S| il„,,iiv never curried      Shootilltr Affray 01
This firm have tt reputation or Lawn'ISinnin Club lit tlm lni|w- |n |li|l(ip |||lyR s|nosof "      J_
bei„" experts in ihis line and Ial Bank on Tuesday ovniiingni . , i
are enjoying a very large trade, H p.   m,    A   full allnndance or provisions The peace of Bp
everywhere   and Lord   Beacons
field's menu ut wus decorated
Willi  masses of  primroses  and
other flowers,  _.,..,..-„         „	
Lord    Ueucoustield    eutered extoudiiig all over the district.    | those Interested Is desired
on Baker Hill.
inn. will resign, .oul a successor
will he elected on lhe above (laic
laker   Hill   was      Don'| f0).g0, t|„. |<   |'   |i;,|l ,,„
£n Hay & Valley waler Is being disturbed uhout eleven o'olock Tuesday evening Aj.nl 2 HI,.
] led us I 'iiinmissiimers for inking
affidavits in the Supreme Courl,
for ihe purpose ul' :u-line uiuler
the Provincial Election Act in
the Cranbrook eleclorialdistrict. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK   B (     APRIL 21, 1901
Baker Street.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
n lie
('.ranbrook, 14.ti.
A. B. Grace,
I'l'RI.ISllKli    AMI    ED1TOK,
in.i.-hoi''. \\:i- asked how he gol
Ihal fm e. Ihounswer was 1 wns
up iigainsl the Kootonuy Central
===== -' Canada has been f such   nn
©Ije  J^tOOpCCtCIV.    I""'l:" ■ 'hat d now exceeds in
ll «ill pay those who are
the   Dominion   of     looking for work tocall and
value ihni of any
SjVitkkay. .until, -i. num.      iu Cnnnda.
I" "bii    Jim   McArthur
Comfortable Bedrooms
First das* Dining Room
K    *    , He can  secure you ;, j
Tho output of the Crow's Nest also tit you mil in
Collieries [or tho month of March
was    larger  than nn\  pre\ lous
mouth since Hie mines have been
Clothes, Shoes,
lints, lie.
I Hotel
IN ;i  question  of su vital in,
parlance as  railway  trans
i portution: are the people of this
district to lie considered; or are
j they to be ignored. Much has heen
written uud spoken concerning
j the immense mineral,   nnd   lum- '
bering   wealth of  this district,      If'v political candidate want..
and these facts, have been demon   llis '':""i,:u-"  '" '"' ;v  l""'"'1'''''   Hanson \vc   CltANI
sir d and proved by the largely '"'   -I'""1'1"'1   atari oul   with a
increased nml constantly m.Tens ,>
, iug outpul of silver lead, and ihe
■hi^n-tTTVTT^   "N ,,AK1':K st.,one doob west of
j£ \J\JJ\jJ        llll-l. &  CO,    The only place tn town
,lu„ ei,,, make life worth the living.
kiolitan ie
E. H. SMALL, Manager
Jim Mbflrtiiur
IK.   ll.C
• '.".a........,.,....................'-."!
I immense amouu, of lumher man
According to the man w l,o has
♦    .Marysville, ll.C.    ♦
■i. The leading Hotel of the St.   Mun-  Vai
Nice airy rooms, newly furnished    Table a
as any ;n Kootonay.
I ufnetured in Southeast Koote,,,^   ll:l,i   disenumging     experience,   t
The rapid .strnction of rail   lhis  * »<>'the thm, to plant the* ,,„-,,„. -k Importer Of Z  \
"-unli'ii                                                  i T
ways in Wesl Kootenay  has en Fine  ti OOletlS.              t
nbled   thai   district   in  ipt'n klj
Oultittitig   for   ihe   mines   is
We have lhis week unloaded u car of each kind
nil.i',,,,1,. 11.,'.   A.-111-.ii-..iiu Av
The Presiding Genius
tread the road to active develop being done by Iho
rem .oui prosperity.    In South- Cranbrool,
east Kootenay thehuildiug of lhe •   •  •
Kooteuuy Central Railway would      l-'ew , pie 'onl   e whal a vusl
bring  to  ihis   dislricl   n   rapid and varied district   is comprised
development of its mineral, lnmh wilhiu the con tines of  i he I'run
ei ine ;|!U| iiftriculturitl resources, brook inline
ill.'I'.'Us, e' ,'     ,es 1," llie L'HI el'll
menl.   inci-ensed   prosperity    to     'l'l,,, railway situation  in  ihis
usii 'ss   enterprise,   and districl isattrnctingcousiderable
emir,   population  will  see a.;,.n. .,,„
nn    ■.    '.  s prosperity when the -   •   ■ for iini-ili'iilun. nni
eons, il   ihe   K C.R .   is      "Vou can hell an open  enemy
.    i    i ■   , wid i,  club,   lu,i   what!  ure  vo'
)! ihe kitchen never  vol   hud
... Southeast 1\    tei i\   s stead  \   swine to do wid a fool friend",
many pots and nun-     I  ie i
advam    _  dona   I  ,   cam ol   n . . .
it11-ii :, tin:,' ',', lieu •■'. ei v	
. .  _',   ' |u'osp. ■ "> Pbe building ol  the Crawford
merchants ol   .. ¥
1 ♦*«■**« *********** - I■■: * km***
Mrs    Hislnn   I'i'AciiKK or THE
I -S.   rl|S|l,(l PIANOFORTE
Speeiui attention In touch,
iecliuiipie, phrasing and
grading of studios,
Special Prior icon Ton Lots, Call and see ns before
Inlying elsewhere.    We also carry a slock of
carnefa's stock and poultry food
Harris Bros.
;'.... 'l'l,.' IV
Kitchen I tensils
So cheaply thai il doesu'l  pay
in run on shorl numbers.
gre ' prosperltj       In       lhe ouildmg ol   ihe Crawford   tj  a  TVITNI   I?\"Q
Hav railway will open up a large  il t\ IN 1 ' J .[j 1   O
prospei ly  the people ol   North district rich iu mineral resources,
tnd S    thetisi Kootenay are de- and Cranbrook will he the supply
initialing ol the promoters ol the point.
.  K.C K . the      nediate construe
! •»•• i»£»f»ti«>i»e*i«M**i**«Mi*M**4Mltt^^
j Royal   Hotel *
ti..n nf iii:- in tant hue of trans-     The local  health department     Furnished for any point in lhe
portution ;"v using every effort tocletiu up|districl
nnbined Boards of Trade 'ho city. Clean up your yards nut;
The cook's work is none too easy     Lighten it hy providing ,    ... ,,, ,    •        ..   ,       ,
,. ,...,    ,    , r-    .ii    throinthout the kootenays have oack aueys. non i   wan   loi   tin
an ample supply of iln
and Tin
,'lleni things of Sleel.   Iron,   (iruiiile
PflTMORt BROS, lh"cnn
iii her;
declared in favor ol" this railway,   health officer lo notify you  thai
ihe l> inion of Canada has de   '" is necessary.	
clnred, by the granting of a substantial subsidy, that they arein
favor ni its immediate construe-
'.♦♦:♦. ♦:♦:♦:♦' «♦«♦•> ♦:  ♦ <..♦'«•:♦.<•'♦.« ♦ <•'♦ *'<$. build this road, let them gel   to
*     _       ^_       T , „ _. . , .       .^ r* s^       ♦ I work   and    complete   the   line
according to the acts set forth in
the granting of the subsidy,
which is ns follows:
"The Governor in Council may
grant u subsidy of #8,200 per mile
IB, H, SHORT & CO, j
The Painters, P.iperhangers, Etc.
*    P.O. BOX 11.1     ARMSTRONG AVENUE    PHONE 111     .
.♦. *:to complete  thoir   line, and  as
:♦:«:♦:»:♦. o ♦>♦;<►♦. •>♦: :♦':<>:♦':«;♦'.<>'♦;'»:♦'..«:'♦:♦ ♦ ti„... pmiv iiaVe not advertised
their intention to usk for nn extension, we most conclude that
the roud will he finished by
Augnsl Isi IDO",
9  OF   9
Helliellllier WO Clirl'.V I I I.V SlOCk of KM Hi
papers in (h'Hlibrook.
Sign Painting a Specially
All kinds ul  Painting and l)c, nrnting
attended lo prnniptl) ■
F. O. E.
I tion.   If  the  K.C.R,  Company FRATERNAL ORDER EAGLES
' -:"'"      'ili    ","1"1    :" BVKRY TmilWDAY
\'i-i'il|e     lll-ll, lll-l'j.    Co,',llull,v     hivllc.l
('.   ItOSS 1'A'l'K,  W.  I'l'ei-iilell,
A. \v. Black. Huey.
% Rocky Mountain Chapter i
lowards the construction of suid
K.C.R., for a line of railway from J , u-iruliu- inaotlag.:- -„.: T,
Golden to ihe Intornational
Boundary, not exceeding ISO
miles. A further subsidy beyond
the sum of *;i,-ini por mile of
fifty per cent on so much of the
average cost of the mileage subsidized us is In excess of §15,000
per mile, such subsidy not exceeding in the whole the sum of *0.400
per mile. The line shallbocoin-
meiicod within two years from
the first day of August 11)08, and
eon,pleted within u reasonable
*! time, not  to exceed  four years
* I'l'iiin Hie said first day of August.''
* ll will he seen from   the aboul
* Act, Ihal the K.C.R. has 1(1 month
Gulgan  Beer, Ale .v Porter.
T. LF.BEL A: CO.. Ha) and Cain.
Cranbrook, B.C.
c. c. c.
! GiUgdTIJ Gilttli; GO.
Fresh ami Salted Heats
Fish and Poultry In Season
t Ordnrs by mull will
Order hy I'limie %n
C         Railways   bring   population,
j I If Southeast Kootonay Is to prosper ami h" ie important   ns n
mining and In inhering cent re. this
resull can only ba accomplished
i,y the iinmedinto construction of
the K C.R.
The,'., is no competition in
patriotic howling, bul there is in
competitive mil wuy service,
A lumber jaclf, over from
Sieel.■ i,u Monday morning, wilh
ii face Hun looltcd as if il hud
come in eiiiiinei wiili :, threshing
NO.   125.   Pt. A. M.
;• lil'LOIIi,!',„ee,l,|e>:    "nil Tnes-    B;
\    llll V    ill    l'lll-ll    llll lilt I.     Ill    eielil     |.
I:   o'elnuk. 1
if      .     .     . I
£      Snjoiti'iilng , oiiijiunioos   ure   3-;
;5   eni'.liillly invilnil. \
i i
5 WM.   I''. T.Vl'K. Sel'ilii.i IC.    I
5 B.1X -I CAMIIIOOK, II, 0. 3:
Gourt Cranlirook 8943
MKK.'I'S   -INI.   ...Nil   I'l'II    TI'KSII.WS
Visiting    I Iliei-n    enl-ilinll.v    invileil
C. It..    A. Mi-l'.UVAX.
Seei-eliil-y. T, M A 1,'Sll A II.
Boot Shoe Maker
All Work Ciuii'iiiiteeil
N'.'K Wnt'lt Muilo in Menauii,
Armstrong Ave.   ftlfSiS ,,,„,,
I'Mnesl of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Those  who are  weary  und  thirsty,  drop In, and
Alex will do the res,.
ALEX McCOOL     Prop.
"" HOTEL m
ORANHltOOl.,      -      ll.C.
prompt and careful attention
lhe Illinois Central
,,',,1,,.    jine.eellell    -111 |ir       l'"IH
I.Ml 1,,11.,,'ie.l mill -illllli.   Mlllllllf,
eelll Ill,,,a   villi    t.l-llilla    nf    llll
eeiiNheiiiiil llnea,   luiHHOIlgUI'l.  IHI'
llieil' ,'lllllee .,,  I'llllll'a III I 'll il'..«..,
{   I I ,,ville. Men,|,Iii- iiiiiI N»W lll'leilllM,
J     Ullll tlimi,|fl< Hi"— I I" III llie fill Ill
# ,'I'll-.,., eli.e II.IV,  lei-    ,|e-i li lie  lllf.ll'
'       '"lllllil II-  III till    l.lW.-Hl    llll"-    llll'l     I I
lie-   ,,,','   in. ile,I   , ires,mini.-nee
will, Hie l.illi.lHne rnpllMtUllallViW,
11,   II     I III   Mill',.,.. 11,1,1 1'l'illl Al/elll
112 Third si.. I'l.i-ilnnil, o—iu'ii.
J. I!. I.INIISKV, T.I''. iV I'.A.
IIJTIniil Si.. I'm', liml. I'ri'Kiin.
r. ii. Thompson, !•', it I'.A., II	
1. Colmun lllili;.. Seattle, Wutli
Solicitor, Etc.
Graillll'OOk ■   ■ British Columbia
nml NOTAIIV  I'l'lll.lc.
Oranbrook, B.C.
G. H. Thompson
-'-2y.   IIAIllllS'l'RIl It sol,I,'I'll in
ESI   Mi'l'AliV I'l'lll.lr
ri'iiutii'.'iili. ll.r.
T1IO M A S    M c V I T T I l'l
P.I..H.  -St- CE.
Kort Sleel,■  K.C.
Physician ""ti Siiraeon
ofl'lrl, AltMSTItllSO   AVM
tlOI'IIH!    II In II II.III.    - I" I I'.l".
7 to 8 p.m.
I'In,lie lllliee ll,.'.      Ifesill  Id'.,
Pacific Coast Points
Paluco nnd Tourist
Sleepers, Bufl'ett
LibrBry Cure, Modern
Day Couches.
Dining Ct-s,
Best Meals on  Wheels
CAST ANI. WKST |>A,|,Y   ,«£
l''..r full iim-lienliiiN. m,,.-, I'ul.lei'-
"le., eul   nn ,,e n.l.f,-ess.
8.(1. YKIiKKS,.:.w.C.A..
Seilllle, Wllsll,
('. W. MAIIONKV, t.M', It 'l'..\.
City Scavenger
Parlies having back yards,
ami closets to cleun, nml refuse
inillloi' lo he liili,mi uwuy, should
lot,VO orders will, 1110.
V, Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection f
Nonrest to railroad ilepoi.   Has accommodations   for   the   public   unequalled   in
Electric Lights
§ Hot and Cold Baths
Centrally Located
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Management
,.    ,      ,      , a       When you want  ;i  cood
11,'nil.itiuitors Im  iiiiiune    I?
f    place  to stop coine- to the
*•   Manitoba,
nun uiul ill,I inn,-is.
d, a, Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
Always Up-to-Date
£ Granbrook, -     - B.G. 3
*%hz IJcoepector
Purchase   Prioe   $3.00 a Month
Allowance Made For Old Machine
Arnold | Roberts
The kind we make
will be the most acceptable Easter (lift
Prest Photo Go.!
Baker St. Cranhrook, B.C.:
J. Edgar Davis j
.  9
Kur,nice. Boiler, Kunec and
Fireplace Work a Specialty. All
description of stone-work undertaken.
Orders lf.lt at J. D. McBRIDES
Will  Item-in, Prompt   Allen,inn.
Takes notice tlml thirty .lays uftor
dale I Intond tu apply lu ihu Uhlof
Commission.',' nf I.units i.lul Works fin
ptil'Ullssiiin ,.. eul llllll curry uwuy
Umbo,' from tho inllimiiie iloseeiheil
lands in Siuillii'iisl K'ui.li-iuiy:
c.i.nui.'ni'ine  ui  u posl   plnntud
ohalns   ivost   of  iln-   limber   lloonoo
marked .1. A. ftroloy of Kornlo: ihenee
west 120 chains, then...' south in eluilus
Ihenee OUSl   10,1 olulllls. llli'lll-e north  10
ohalns,  the  weal 1(1 ohulns ,o plaoo
of OOlll mulct„.',,, eittlluillille'un) IIOITS
more er loss.
I'. JENSEN, Locator.
Dated Martin Writ. 1000. 15
Cranbrook's 100 Club.
'I'he following is a list of ('run
brook's One Hundred Club:
1 .1. A. Harvey
2 F. K. Simpson
:i W. T. Reid
1 Dr. W. S. Hell
e I!. E. Henltie
li .lu,nes (-Ireer
7 (I. T. Rogers
fi A. MolTill
li ,1. II. Oaslake
10 Dr. Miles
11 T. M, Roberts
\2 J. D. Mcllride
Iii A. W. McVittie
l-l S. .1. Mighton
In W. I'\ llurd
!    it, .l.ii. MoCalltiui
j    17 W. D. Hill
IM .1. Harris
Ui K. V.. Mnlpus
L'o C  E. Reid
2\ V. Hyde Baker
•„':.' Hoggnrth & Rollins
•22, E. H, Small
24 W. II. Wilson
25 D. .1. McSweyn
2(1 A. B. Fenwick,FortSteelo
27 C. A, Cock
28 Win. r\ Tate A Son
•Id A. B. Grace
30 ,1. P. Pink
Ml E. I'ulerson
112 J. P. lliiehcroft.Miirysville
.111 D. J. Johnson
84' 11. While
ur, .1. M. I'1. Pinkham
86 H. D. Curtis
U7 Dr. K. E. King
lis Perry & Fitzgerald
ill) T. Wardman
-lo P. DeVere Hunt
■11 A. I-  Mc Dermot
\2 A. C. Bowness
48 C. II. Dunbar
44 George Leask
83 (1. II. Thompson
Hi Drs. King* flreen
17 Patmore Bros,
4H B. II. Shnr,
in P. Matheson
",ii Clnpp St Rollins
"il Queens Hotel a
52 Royal Hotel
58, E.  South
.-.l' ('. A. lluskill
Tu. I). .1, Elmer, Moyie
."iti E. Mallandiile
57 R. P. Benedict
58 1''. .1. Smith, Moyie
511 Beale St Elwell
111) T. T, McVittie
(11 E. Dobe'rer.
82 A. Jollift'e.
ilil Jolin Eeask.
Ill Rev. W. (i. W. Fortune.
pleliou.  although  il"'  Empress
of Britain is much more udvanc
ied than ihe Empress ol Ireland,
as she is expected to sail for
Quelle.- on or nli.iul May lie
"Fairfield Company, in charge
of works, have the Britain iu the!
Waters of the Clyde, und while)
they are one of the biggesi  o£|
[the   shipbuilding   linns   in   old
Scotland, and   have  turned out I
many mil,si vessels,   the  two (.'.
I'.   R.,  bouts are steamships of
which   they  may   be extremely
proud.   They are beauties,  'I'he1
Britain rides the waters like a:
duck, und, in its interior finish, j
can    compare    with   anything
afloat, or thai  sails from   any
port on this side of the Atlantic.
She has three series of stale-
rooms,  und  the  third  class uc-
commodutions ure equal to al most
lanyot the second class in  the
j best oceitu boats, in fact, iu re
spect to the baths, closets, etc.,
she is in a class by herself.
This struck me as being the tea-
! tuie of the vessel.
1 "Carrying 1,700 passengers,
she is jtitl feet long, lif. feet wide
and 7o feet from keel lo boat
deck. Stand ou St. Juuies
Street antl look at any of the
high buildings that will give
you an idea of her height. 1,500
men are busy at work, und will
have her roatly by May, easily.
The Ireland sails in J line."
Another feature thut appealed
to Mr. Jones was the hen ting
arrangements, unique in those
bouts. Six Tliernio healers
pump hot air into the rooms-
Just push a button and the room
is Hooded with hot dry air, a
desideratum on a damp ocean
voyage. All the crews are shut
off from ihe passengers by an
iron bulkhead. Montreal Herald.
1 hereby give notice that Sixty days
lifter date 1 Intond toapply to tho Ohiof
Commissioner of Lands and  Works ul
Vtntorla, B. (.'., for permission to pur-
ohitso tho follo.vit.e- desurlhed |.i,-i I"
laud h. Southeast Kootonay:-
lleyinniue' ui tho mile posl on
lhe Northern boundary nf Lot Nn. ills,
thonee north SO chains, thenee eust
■1,1,15 chains, thenee south l'u ohalns,
thenee .ins,-ll) chuins, thenee south :.'()
ohains, thenco west sn oluiias. thonoe
I south 4u ohulns, thonoo wesl 7 ehains tn
j pluee ef heydnlllng i-nntllinino JUKI neres
more nr less.
it. pkacht,
per'I'. 'I'. MoVl'ITIE, .\»eni
Maroh 83rd. IMH, 13
Prepare yoorseit to Due t
north So i-imiii- wi :hi- place of com*
__ _ Parcel Xo. \Vl\   • ummtmcing at a posl
^   Tenders for Timber Limits. I m chains wes, of the sou,hea»t
Ami Procure ,i Package ol
Paas Easter
Egg Dyes
All the Colors of Iho llalalmu
One Package Does It All
Only   5   Cents
For Sule l.\
irnor of parcel Nn. JI:   thenee south
I'.n   el,.lill-.    llie     wes,    ,11     enuiiia.
OK M.lili TENUIUtS, marked "Tenil     henee no, mehains. thence eas, 4n
'>     ,','-      Inl'      Tillllll'l'       limits.      While    ei,;,', .  ',,  '     .      .   „..   ,,r  lielleelllell,.
Kiver." will lie , i.e.l hj ihe  i,.,. |,„„.,.|    \,,.   J:;   commencing  ul   u
f-iioied.  up n, iini.ii mi  Saturday, Ihe ;.,,.- |,|„i,ted lu chains wes, of the north
2K,,, day of April, lam,, from .,.,,   :„,-. .„..   „,,,, ,,,  t ■;,.,-..,.:   Xn. 81: the	
* lesiei"-  ie ..nun,  -i iiii  iimiiei' north l.iu chains, ,hence west-II, chain*
nil carry
from il.- folhnvliie ,,...,mil,
uu.',,ii While Hiver. ll,  ll
I-.;,-: Kooteaay:
planted ulioa, ..ne mile
Hiver Lake, mul  iilinul  ,,
ll  Whill   Itiver   ni,   ,|,e
innl   uli'iin   '_'.",  mii,-   i'i-,,in
the, :.-'   nl.,,i,i   li,   ell,
nOltll   fl el,||i,|-:  lll.-nee  ..„
the,  south  ,11 elm
I'lireel     Xn.    2     <'.
f.i>   'In   eiieeso ,1, in.', ehains. 1 bul ast-tti
I illllli-. sit- ' , tnii,i- ,., ,1,.. pluee nf eellinielieetnelll.
'lislrlel of |    'l'l„. per-,,,! nllerine lhe highest cash
I,,,mis    will    I milled   ,,,  special
lie,', - en, .iii,'.'    llie   Sili.l    lill,its,    I'e-
newntilc     i,,,'    tweaty-ooe   slleeesslve
Each leiulel' uuisl lieu iiijiuni.-il hy
; rtliieil eii,,,|iie. inn,i,■ payable  ul
pur   in   \'i,-int'lii  ii,  in,- undersigned,
I 1,10 chains | f„r  il,,. hiiiiiiiiii,   --.'.HI'..nn.   ,,f ihe lir.-l
''-' »l "  I
'..III      White
-lull:   mile
-mull side.
ii-    h:
ii-.   thenee
,   .
Ili-W,-,  ,
I C. E. REID & CO.,   J
!Phont 74        The Druggists. <§
lllllil, -llellle
"-I "f   I'm	
I1-. ihe.U'O   -
i I an chains.
"in I
Best Time Besl Service1   NEW C P. R. BOATS
T^acf   Via  Port   Arthur   lo
Via Soo Line To
St. Paul,     Minneapolis
Only Li,)'-' Connecting With
St. Paul to Chicago
Daily Tourist Sleepers
Through bookings via ail lines
Nuw    S. S      I0u,|ir.ws   Uriluiii,
14500 tons, r.70 ft. long
Quebec May III.
Western Business Man Much
Impressed with New Atlantio
According to Mr. A. Allayuc
Jones, president of the Alberta
Agencies, Ltd,, tlm new Canadian Pacific Railway Atlantic
Steamships, the Empress of
Britain, aud the Empress of
Ireland, are Iwo of the very
tinest ships afloat. Mr. Jones,
who hits spent the last two mouths
in Europe, passed through Montreal en  route wesl last night,
I NORTH   STAR       J
I -sb^    HOTEL J
£ Kimberley,   B. C.
9   H. W. DREW. Proprietor.. __^,^_
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
i hen ii-i tun
elillilis.    Ill,-,1,-,
,,11,'lh    IU   ehui
I'a, I Nn. ::
planted hi  the  souih-wos,    'ner  nl
I'm I  \n. •-':   Hi,'ne,   easl l.m chains.
Ilienee   -Illllli    ,11   chains,   llle,     IVOSI
till) eliuiie.  ihen,,., north   II, ehains in
llle plllUe Ol' eniimietieeliieiU .
I'areel No. 1   <'.ii11.,i.■ 11,-i11■_.   in i, ,„,-!
|.lnn,i'.l nl   lh. Ih-wesl   enrtiei'  ,,l
I'areel Nu. :',:  the n-i    H'.ii   chain-.
i henee    -mull    ni    chains,     thonee
• i-i urn ehulns, iliei -ih In .-liiiiiii,
n. ih.- plaee .,,' inieneeuieni,
I'm 1  No,  ■•,   Cnnunonelne   ;,i   ihe
,|„r,ll-.ves,    eni-liei-   ..(      I'lireel     No.     ,:
thul si,mii um elniiu-. thoneo «.■-, 40
eliniiis. thenee , il. um .'hulns. Ihu,	
en-l     l„   ,'Illli,,-    In   lhe   |il   ,,l   emu
I'lireel  Nn. II     (.' neine   til II  |„i-I
nliiiiieil on the soul h-«-osl shleol White
Iti.er. antl at.,,,,! Mm elniins ,iniili-iM--i
nl  Uie nni'lll-VVes,   'Her   nl   I'm I  Nn.
I: lli il-l (II elniiu...   thei    -intli
' Itil,    elntihs.    thei     .vest     In   elniiu-.
[ thenee north Mill ohalns in ihe phiee of
■ I'oinuieneemoiit,
I'nree! No, 7 (.'onuuoneine al „ |„,-i
planted „i ihe „..,',h-ive-t eorner nl
I'lireel No. (I; Ihonee unrlh Utll eluilus,
thonei, ..'.'si lo elniiu-. Ih.il -mull mu
.'li„i„s. thou „-i   lo ehains lu the
plaee of eounneneoniont.
Paroel No. -   I '.unoi.-ii.-inu al „  pnsl !
planted nn tho ,,,.,-th-.-n-i side nf While
year's fee- :,„■ sue!,  special  lieeaees,
nmi the aillii.uil nf the Iannis l.-n.lei-.-.l.
llllll  Ill-Ill.    eel'lilieil    I'||('I|11U    f,,|-    »|,.'U.',
f -I nl em i-i in.-. ineulillRaillllllllel-
lisiny nf said limits
;ni;ii. I-', ma, k.w .
Ihvul,j Cmimimm I /...,„/.-,,  Il„,l.,
;. i.l i Hii* /,,,„,,, i.
i»'-i;   r,',i,„','„. /;,,'.. um .if",,/,.,:	
Royal Hotel
Marynvllle, B.C.
A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
TAKK   N'OTK'K  thai    thirty   ilny*
uftor iJntd I intend 1mh|i|)1> tutheChief
i ommlsui i* of luml uiul Woi-ka  fur a
lii'i'N-' ui ,'iii and i-,iff\ num\ limber
fi'imi tbe following rlebrrilwcJ  IhuiIs  in
Imi-i Knnl-iiay.
License ■■.V.
Coinnu'iu-iny ul  -' inurkecl David
liree ken rii ijfp   southwesi   ntmur   |h«.i
luilf mil.'- re.sl nf Skoukumehuek river
and it-bnul «>n,' mil.' m>hl ',( 0. s.
Fi-i//.i*ir- nortiieiwl eorner. 'l'lienee
runninjj K0 ehaitm north, thenee SO
• •hain- east, Hi'-ii>-'' su ehuitii* soutli.
thenef 80 ehain* we*t to plaee of eoni-
Tht! aoovc hotel has becu recently erected, ami neatly furnish-1
imI throughout. The Rat' is supplied with Iho hesl brands of
Liquors and Cigars.
Kor rututt, Itinu t-abl
local agoiitti or write,
Geo. Hillier,   Agent, Ci'anbroolt
Thirty days after date *<* iniuinl to
apply to (be Ohiof C'oinuil«niounr of
Land** hiiJ \Vork« for a Hpeeial liuoime
to eat and carry away tiinlnji* from the
| following deserilK'd land- in Southeast
; Kootenay. B.C.
I 1. Commencing at a piwt planted
clone to the mouth of Cariboo Creek,
between Cariboo nnd Skookuiu Cliuek
river, thenee south 1-0 chains, thence
west 40 ehains, thence north IfSO ehalno
thenee east 40 ehains, thenee south 40
ehains to plaee ot bejiftnnUijf, eoutaia-
in»* 540 aeren.
I*. Jensen, [joeator
DnttMl this 28th day of February, lUOti
2. Commencini' at a |H>at planted
northwest corner of to. Jensens tliuber
limit, thenee »oiith IHO chains, thenee
wcsi. 40 chains, thonee north Mill ehaius
thonee east 40 chains to plnee of he-
ginning containing U40 acres.
l\ Hearrton, Loeator
Dated tbi*-. 28th day of February, lt»0fl
li.   Commencing at u post planted 'Hi
,    „ .. .'chains south of the north  west corner
having ai'i'lvHil l,'.,i„ LiverpoolL, ,. |,mlmiM, tl„lll(il. „mlt| ,,„.„„„
by thu stourashlp Tunlsiin aftoi'L0ut,l, Sllohalin, thenuc wratHOebatni,
a soin.'wliat ,'ough   pussagu. ttteni'e north 80 uliatus, thenoe e,wt MU
j    "Before sal ling, sai.l Mr. .I.mos j ohRlna m plaee of hairtiiniuirutintainliiir
I i.ioli tl,.' opportiinily of going ;ti4";"'n"''
... . It. I .millin. 1....,iil.ii-
ly l() to Glasgow and having u good    o»t8d Uil. uath U»y ol Mmmry. iwiii
j inspeclion  of   tl,.'   Empresses.    4   co,„u,otioinK»ta |,oh,, |,l„„tod at
Both arc well mi Ihnway tooom-Uhe north w.;si corner nf B. I.nndln's
--! tlnilH',- limit, thonoo south hii „hal„s,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦««♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
.1. S. C.UtTKU. K. J. COVl.K,
P.P.A., Nelson.   A.c.l'.A.. Vancouver
I thenee west 80 chains, tlioncu north 80
clmius, theuce easl <SO uliulns to place
nt beginning containing two acres,
Mrs, l». Lundin, Locator
Dated this 28th duy of Kebr ■>. Hum
fi, Commencing at a posl planted
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ahmit *.'() ehahis smith of the nnntli west
. , .,   .. ..      ., corner of Mrs.   Lundin's timber Hniil.
louses and Cottages for Kent |,lletll!a ^u, ho ohalnn. iiiemiu >v,-i m
I     or  Sal,' nil Easy Tei'ins.       ohaliiH. thonoe aortl, HU clialiiH, lhe,,,.',,
 ,  .,    nasi   HU ohaltlH  In   plu il l.eeiiniilie
ji.imi.:ani>siiin(;i.i",si"oksai.i".  1.„rll,li„iM, ,i40 „,.,.„„'.
Tolephone h". m ('• I'eaiwn, I ■
 Ulllod tltil L'Hlll day nf l''el.l-ll,l,'.v. Illllli
and 15LMLDKR.
KS'I'IMA'I'KS I'llllNlSIIKllllN ,11.1. VV0HK
.I.III1IIN.1   I'lillMITI.V KXIl.'I'Tl'lll.
W. CRAIG   n
Your attention is called to the
■•Pioneer Limited" trains of the "Mil-
waukoe & St. Paul Kaiiway." ''The only
perfect trains in the world."
You will liml ii de.inihle to ride on     aieimi   lioilorn and Kumaec Work
thOflQ triiins when going lo any potnl In  speeiultv.
die KiiHtcrn Slates or Canada,   Tlioy
connect   will,    ull    TniiiHcuntiiicntiil
Trains  and   all   Ticket   AgontH   sell C(»sl iitiii Stocli Kslimalos
tlokotH. Purnishod Upon Applica-
Kor furlhcf in format Ion, pamphlets, . •
etc, ask any Ticket Agent or
Puss.  Agent, Cuneral Agent, '
SPOKANE.       poktland P.O. Box 834.   Grdfibrook, B.G. > ********	
n uiveru
Trams nml drivers furnished  for uny  point in Hi" (lis
A. DOYLE, MnnilRi'.'
Hot tied beer for family
u.se a specialty
Outside  Orders
P. O. BOX 812
I   Port   Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
Take ni.ll.'u llint  thirty .lays nfier
ilitle I, ll.,-nnilei'sle-.,.,.!. inlen.l li.„|),)ly
In        lhe       I'lliel       . '..,11.., i>-i.....-|-      of
LaatlH    innl     Works    „i     Vlclnrla,
B.C.. for I, S|.ei'lal   lie.',,.'.'   In   I'll!    I
eal-l'V ll.V'liy tlml..',' fl',.,1,   the   fnllmvine
ili'sei-ilmil   lamia   in    l-lusl     Knnleinty.
.'..,,,,n.'„.-ii.e ,ti  „  pi.ai plaalud at the
1,,,,'lh WUH, en, "1, , nf I'. I'cal'Mntl   Nu.   •'.
timlier lliicwn, the wiuth Sll „l,„l„»,
Ihenee wesl Sllehllilla, the,,.'.'  ,11,rill   Sll
.'hains, lli.-ne., eii.sl SOahalas tl, |.h..*enf
l.eeiiniine ,|,„,nine   ,1,11   „.,,•.,a   In,.,-.-
ill- leas,
ihii.-.i ihi-iiii, .I,,}.., \ I'll, nmn.
I*. ,la„so„, I it,or
III Mni'ki'il I'. ,l,,„M,ii No. I
('o,n„,e,i.'i.,e  „,    ii  j,,,.,  |i|„„,.',i   ,n
chains Ileal of llle nol-llllM's,   eorn.'l' of
I',    .lensell's     N„,     I    I ,'    lieense:
then.'e oiiMl I'i eh.iiie.. thene.' aimtl, llll,
ehains. Ihenee w.u.1   III ' lialns,   lhe,	
 II,  1,10 ninth,B ll. |.l..c" of    ,e|;ilNiine.
|.'0„li,i„i,,a llHIliele- I,„..'.' ,„' 1,'sH.
nii',,,,1 mis mu, ,hii iii \|„'ii. iiiihi,
I'. .I„IIB.'II, l.oelllo,,
Markuil I' ,1,'iiM'i, No. 1!
I o.li.iielieine ill Ji pilSl    |ihin,e,l al  lhe
llOI'th'We-l   e.Hllel' Ol   I '.   .lell-elt'-    \"„,     J
tilU,,,!,' Ml'l'llSU!   II.''I ill, s.leh.uie,
Ihenee .,',! SII elm ill,-,. I lie,,.-.-   111,1 Hi HI,
UllltlhS,  lllellee ell-l  s,l   ei|||,,|-    1,1    |,|,	
Of     l.eei|,„i„e,     .'.111, II 1.11 MU      lill va
more ,..   le.-.
I'ule.l lhis llllh 'hi.', o, April.   '«'■■
I', .leu-en. I.i,.-:,,.illli Market! I'. Jensen Xo. 'J
Cured her Father's
Drunkenness by a
Simple Remedy.
fives hrr father IrtH ■ tfrmkjrtTt irm. FrM
unite M SssurU Tutolra. rrraartam. aaatka
Sa •MaUafuri ItU... a nmia.lt can.
It Kerned  hopeUaal
to S\frp le.hei ,io«.
.lil.ikiUK. aud we
all fen fnedlura
Hiver. anil iilinnl 21
nnrfli-oasl ,'i.rnernl Pitri'el Null; Um
easl SOnlialns, the, ,|, sn elm
Ihenee IVCSI SO ehilili-. Ihenee    n.H'l I
ehains lo th,.' plnee of en, neeinen,.
I'a, t No. II   l onu,leucine, al   :. |„,sl
plllllleil    .',,     tl.e    ni.I'lh-Ue.t     eol',,,'1'     III
I'lll'i't.l   No.   S;   then,',-  ,„-,   HII ehui,.-.
Ihelice llllllll  Sll I'llllllIK,  lln-nee iv-l    SI I
I'lialns. ihenee smith SI) elmlns In lhe
plnee ..I I'onintcanetii.'iil.
I'll! I No. In   i'on,men,'ice ,11 it |„i-l
phniieil ni   .he noi',h-we-i   enrner   ,.i
I'areel   N,,. n:   ihen, ,., sn elmlns,
tlio, ninth HO i'lialns. ihe   i.'esl so
ehui,,-.  iho,  smith  sii chains in the
phi f cm neenteni.
I'lll-i'l-l No. II r,iniiiien,'iiie :,, ,i pnsl
pl„l,,,.',l on lhe nnrlll-i'llsl -hie ol While
llh-.,,', nml ..In,nl  half mil .iiie
en-lei'lj   fl lie ,1111, h-eji-I     'He,'   ol
I'areel   No.   7:   lln-t ,-i   HII .-hllins,
llie   'll. Sll chains, I henee wesl   sii
ehui,.-. lhe, snath so ehains ,., ihe
Parcel No. Il'   i 'onnnencine; a, a pnst
plllllleil    oll    Hie    IH,I'll,     -i.l"     ..I     White
llivef. an.I nlio'It ten miles from il-
,1101,1-1,; thenee "it-i   si,   chni,,-.   , hence
ninth sn chni,,-. ih,- ive-, sn chuins.
Ihenee -null  sn ehains t„ nl of  ,-
nien.-en ,.-„,.
1',,, I No.  1,",    r-unllielieili'j ill n po-l
planted 10 ulmlns easl of, he s„al,li-\vesl
eoraer of I'a. I Nn. I'.'i   thai  south
sn ehaina, then asi Hi, chains, thenee
north Hi) ehains, thenee wnsl SO ehalas
In plnee ot einaineaeeinoat.
I'a, I No. II   (.'.„„ neine at n pnsl
planted nt  the mirth-wos,   eorner ol
I'm I No. 12: ih"i  ivosl Inn chuins.
theice north in chain-. Ihenee eas, 1110
chains. Ihenee south 10 elniins In plnee
of cotnineneenieMt.
I'ill'eel  No.   lo     r.iinineiiei,," nl ;. |.o.-,
plnnieil on ih.- south shle ol While
Hlvor. anri nt tin- norih-oasl eorner ,,i
I'm I No. II: il..- ivnsi loo chuins.
Iln. i.l I), k"iii'ii|e„. I.ocatoi'
April I'.'lh. inn.',.
License  "II".
i 'onlineneine m  „  poa,   marked   I,.
It hcirhlee'.-      southeast       eoraer
icons.' 'If anil adjoining ,h<* southwest
orner uf lioense'A'l thenee north tan
hnins. Ihenee ,\,-I l'l chains, thenc-
.intli Mill ehains, thenea east 40 ehains
,, pin,-,- nf nine,cement,
David lh kunrlilsre, Locator
April l-'ih. iml''.
License "i'".
eneine nt a post  marked   I).
'•i.l'je'-   - hen.-!    cornel'    poat
I license 'I " pin I nl lhe tiortheu.-t   cornel',,! Ilnli.l I'.reek.'lll'hlee's license'A'
Ihen.!.; i-nnnhiK HU chains aorth, thonee
jsll eh,lill- West, thenee SO lihatllH   slllltli.
David Hreekenrldife, Loeumr
April lath, lllllil.
• north liiehalns, thene.
- south 10 chains In pin,
. i.mnii'iiclnj!  ni  n  i«i-i   marked   II.
Ill keni'hlee'.   sniltlll'llS,    cill'tHir    ,MISt
license -It' phi i one half  mile uorth
of ihe soulh.,,-t corner nl l'. W. Wilson'- l.eei'.-e llllll III".II, „„.' illlil It,,.'-half
mile--on,Ii ol the -on,hens,   corner  of
I,. in kunrliliru's lleen«e  -I,':   thonee
nortli SO ehains. ilienee ..■,-, sll chaias.
thenee soulh Sll ehaius, the, asi  si.
elmlns to place ,,, comiaoneetiion,.
Da.id Hi Ki-nri.lee, L.H-al.ir
April I'.'lh, ll'lni. Ill
TAKK NOTICK Ihal thin, .lays
after date I Intend lu apply to the Chief
Commfssioaer of Lamls and Works for
license to eut tunl carry sway tinilier
oii the fnlln.viuc, deserllieri lands in
Knsl lit nay.
. No. I.
t oit.nleucine ni a post marked David
ll. kenridee   mii'lhwesl   eortier   post
license Xo, I siiuated alHiul two miles
south of the .Sktiokuniebtti'k river and
at llie -onlhwe-t corner ,,r the I'liixloo
timlier lieenses nmi alio.., three ami
one fourth  miles   wosl   ,,f   l.m   OOllti;
tl cc so,,,h su chain-, lhe, a-,  80
ehains, thence north st, ehulns, theuce
west HO ehaius lo pin,-,- of  tuteuee-
David Hi kenrldite. Leeator
April null. lilOfl.
No. 2.
i i,in,,leucine j., i, po-i marked David
lireekenriilee northwest eorner po-l
lie,,,,-,. No if situated at the soulhweil
corner nl Dn. hi Breekenrlda-e's No. I
licensei ihenee i linnine south 80ohalns
I'areel No. In   Coiunienclnu „, n posl i
phi, i '_'u ehains wosl "1 the nortli-ctiai
enrner ..I  I'areel   \,,. I.',: lhe ■ wesl
Illli   ,'hlllllB,    III,',,,'.'   II,,I'll       III    elinih-.
Illl'l USi   Hi" UhalllS,  1 heliee   Blllllh   In
I'llllillB IO pll  o, eollllliei nmn
Parcel No. If   Coinineni'iiiu ..'
corner of  pare..'l   No,   In: ihenci
then ist so ehaina. thene
Chains, Ihenee ..,-, sn ,,|,aii
111., i.l  It,'.'
April llllli. I'.'.'.,.
north so
lo   place
t.   W'lian ihiaja
-area! Ihair wo. -I ' '
a friend aHw.aa., lue ,,.,
saw that yoesire'red 'hi" elmlns.  thenee   nortli   In  ehains
f.ee anmple treat-   11|... a-l  IHI) chains, thenee sliull, I'
ehain- lo place
I'm I No. is
it  and "that   tu-
lllflljr 97'm*. tH«l^lfMt
1(1   (Olllll   a>*>   £1 V-t|    *•*-
ctlv.   1 il'tfrtniw""!
I,i !ir it. and, ha*'   ,
m nirnl cvftv il»r   I Itliuitml -" Ullll
iloce, Tltc full treatment, „   ..   i iH.,
..*- willed tffnvelilmtn hfn tea,     ' ""	
cxxtfA lilm, and I mn •jl***..^! to aoy ht nrvrr     \>\\>  rtmitin,   Hi
touchei wbiikrr tiuvT.   iiuw gUA I -m n,.if [   j
wrote you and now tut\>yi w* nil ;ni* (.-(••■Htrr   I I lu'li |l*'  ''',
I'stlirrnaj/H tliat he ttJtlftl n**vi*r luve sfopjfil
diinktBK "t hi* "*n accord,"
Free Package fiteWfflS&'l
ami ,,.' a ae.lt in ,'lii.i lealcd .iivi t„,„-. .' ■
resiiionlniee sncrally coliflilelillsl, A,|,|e ,
Tlllj sunl't. llllMJtnV Co ,,/ j,,i„.r
c.jo.iIi, i., jonlaii st., i to, i ,...i.,la.
e nient.
i- wesl ol the
,•1   No.  IT: tin
III    ell!
TeilllUI'S     «ill     he    receive,,     ll)     I I
llUll.'I'sirhe'l Up I.i I It of Tne-<l:i.\   ll
'.'llh. o,  \pril, IIIOII, lor  dlnu   pi'lsn
er..   Piutli'iilars   '.ill  I pplh',1
the I'i,..   I Uli	
i', II. I'ltKST, . iii Clerk,
WA.NTI.D    11)    Hi,-   lill    of   I'm
| brook a Pound  Keeper,     for  panic
lars apply lo
„,..| ,,f .he lltllth-eilBl eorner o|   I'areel
No.   |S;   thelll'l'  ,1'l'Sl    SU    l-lialllS,     thehee
n,,rih so ehains, thenee i-nai so chaiaa,
ill.-I .onili hii chains in iih.ee ul com
liel 111,  11,.
I'in I Nn, lill   l'n»»ni>>ii<l»u m i. I	
phinled llnehiiin- .'.e-t iif lie m,ri hen-l
 ■ ',,1 Parcel Nn. li''- tl..- wes, so
j    ('oiimieiielne n' .. po..l near the nortli
[nasi  '„or ,„  llavlil  llreekonrldgo's
No 2 license oul marked David Hrook-
I eill'idee'- linl'ltiwcsl eoil.t'l' liectt-e   No.
.'tl iln- > 0,0,1 IHU ehains, thenee snath
■' ,o  chains,   iln-    wesl   IHO   ohalns.
Ihenee unci, lu chain- o, place nf i-
 i men!.
1,11. ill  llreekenri.lee.  | Hlo,'
I,nil mil,, I'""!.
No. I.
 i.meiieiiu ai a pnsl  nl   llie  aonlli-
n-eai iiirii,.,  ,,i  David  Hroukoiirlilge'i
No :i i iiM-aml marked David Brock-
eiiriiiee nnrlhwosl corner lic.-nac No. ,
lien i.-l  Hit' ehain-. Ihenee south (ll
I,litis, thenee we-l l„0 ,'liallla, Lll.incc
- a e 111 lileliuilialoph.ee ol eoi.dllollec-
Da.i.l lli keiirldif,,, Loi-atni
\prll hull. I	
Sn, h
('(imnieiadiiu !" ■' i1"-' marked Da. i.l
.rcelieiirnl'.'e   llortllWOS,   eiiriicr   |s.st
rlh Hi) ehnlns,  ,1   license  No,  ■', pi I uI thu southwest
ih so chains eorner ,,i  D i  in kunrld-ia No. ,
neat, lieen-e;  , henee en-,  lull ehain-,   thence
mine nt n po-i -.mil' HI ehalas. thenee west IHO chains
mr, h-en-tei'l.   thenco north In eli;iiii- lo phi if com.
Ir    Iho   iiorll|.oi!-l   conn r  "t   No. •:   ' "I.
lhe,,,','  W'-l  Wi ' '1,1,1,1-.  Hldiee SOIltll     Si, l)„Vld  I l,S-el( eUl'idve,  L.ICa,..,'
(„ ih,   ol ol .-..nunc,i,
I'm I No, '.'I   Con,,,
plniil.'.l I.l I four mile
U. Prest, City Clerk    | ohaius, Xhunoo east so cm,us, thenc
April 1 nt li. IHU...
*****99**X*9***99****99*****+*********** W\V jfrogpCCtHV.    Head
*   lit llNli lutiluiili ULti ullii * ^'^-77—":""|
* 1 Limited. ' ' a %   LOCAL NEWS,  a
9 ju --UiiuuuuuuuuiiuuuuuiiuiiuiiiiuU':'
I phr GranDrooKs Bio Mail order House p,snc ||'-»?^Vk",,,,to TO ,v,D7scott's  cbZchksthrou^^tcanada,andin
* V II        |) 'I,,,   (,|      \\l„!,l|,,,e'   WUS  11 .... a,
n. ,~-^ » C'mnhroott visitor ..,, Mniulav. Headache    PoWllei'S
1  I   VS. ,   w A ymei jl Kjnloiiy buiinaas liansacted.   AcctunU may ba opined and conducted by
A;«iiiiiiTiviMitCi',i„i,,'o.,i< ""'  SAVINGS BANK  DEPARTMENT
VV hen .Villi -J.'l a sood old-
I;,-Iii,,11,,! Ili'il.hlche llllll makes
your head thi'ol.: aad j-onroj-cs
whirl   and   uiakos yon sick lo
Chief I'l.llJsLililo T   II    M.-Mul
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
1 Manage. VI.KX. LAIRD, V~m. C.-n'l Managei
niev> tiiiiijcted.   AcctunU miy be op
unil wiili all branch*)* ai thu Bank.
f I'Vrnie was iu  0,-anliraiili      bEATTlE (V   A'1X"11U'0N
X.V "ll    >'i     1    nunc    \lil>      III      '        it ri 1 11 1 11-iv
**y Siiluniiiv last ou nftU'ial l»usim*s-s
•£      r   Atkinson of KainUtou.Onl..
* was     iransacliu^'   liushu'ss   al
Deposit* nr   M  uitU upwards received, ;utd Ull ere tit allowed ut
current rules,    I lie depositor U subject tu no Jelu> whut-
ever in the  » Itlidruwal uf the wliolc or .mv
portion ui'   ihe  i.lc pi tiit
Cninhrnoli "ti Mtnula\
Where It Pays to Deal.
We carry the largest stock of
Staple and Fancy Groceries and
Crockery in Southeast Kootenay
I Hu    Peas   .id    espei ialh   line    ,vi   buv   dit        I    m the lat'oest
importers mi the Continent and pnik them   11 -
assuring the verv highest i|iialitv in.l    west pri.   -
9      "'ti I lit'   Shi,,,|,   l'!,,,-l,   :  ii-
a} ' imps,,,, MoihIh.v
I'll,'   1,1'il.llll!'   Si,
# ^-f^ir'^'^lZnulCHoicE Confectionery
9   T  '"-.in 	
s*      fhas. Mni'ilonnl.l nf Kurt Steele I'MUtoll    M'i'S
& Kohl   tlruv  mul  J    Muel.'iiii of
X W ii'ilno!    worn   iruasts    ul    ll,e
2" 1 'i">n ,'!„,iitiin ,1,1   Momlar,
I your Money BaoK li You fire noi Sausflsd I ££-
2»aa»****»***************»***»***********     -
ii-ii Lettuce,
(ireen Onions
ml Spinach
■r stor   1,.   I'     I'.i'k-i.'in of '
e was in Ci'tvubi'onl,  Tuos   Choice Oranges and Bananas
ittetuliu"  ii  sittii,}!  of iln'
Iy Court.
  STKVV'.VIlT.S  1'IM' Clliu'i.I.ATI-is
As tha Lm'cl loveth 11  cheerful
lhe   Prospector
Hugh Stewart
who  |.;iv thoir
Phoiic 75       ftrinstrono, ftve.
W :n   Hanoi of Will
1^     D.J, JOHNS
J-H-H-HH-l-W-i-K-H-l-W-i-l- *i*
f BUY International Coal::
Nicola Coal Mines, Ltd ■
and Sullivan
-   STOCKS  -
Beale & Elwell
i Baker, St. Cranbrook, B.C.
For Lowest Prices.
.1. l;   Pnliuei   "■ Was,,  was  iu Kootenay  was al Craubrooli IV
ua 1   .,::■  T "-,;av several days this week.
i     C.Stephenson nf Gateway was      w   A.   Maedonald    and     II.
11 the eitv Tuesdaj        business.  Smith of Nelson were rngistered
al tin- Cranbrook   on Satui'day
Harry   Burr ot  Tracy Creeli
was at Craul ro.      Phu, sdav   on
,1   N   Marlev and  C.  RntUlioh
Carpenter *# Builder
Hood Woi'k nl
Reasonable Priee
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Belt Pins
Blouse Sets
WK  linn-  11   ni.'i- M-li-i'liiia in Ho-.' liln- nl
,V!,-„|,|,I,I,' i'1-i.'.'-.
.,111- .-oll.-.-lion i- v.-r.v ttttllUltlvu unil wo
would aal; ynn to l„«|,ou, these linos whether
von inl.-ml 10 iiiu'itliase or not.
Wo aru always plDtisod to show our stools
unit .,,,oti- |„'l„es.
wi F. Tale k Son
Jewelers and Opticians
otttii.til  Wnii'li  I„s|).i,lo,'» (or C.P.R. Crow's Nus,
i'a.. IHviaion.
Chas. MeHardy and C. N Mc-
I'nlii.uiiii of N'elson were srne.sts
at the 1 I'.ini'i-",tit on Tuesday.
of Montreal, .1. ('. Philllpps and «s»«k«s$«ssaese*>«**«9e9«**e9W
I-'. Ilii'iiiiiiliiiin of Tnronlo,  lliu     • •
were   "itests   at   the Craubrooli
nn Sunday last.
CI. R.  Hillier,   who  on
iii I'm- several weeks, and who is
now able to be out, will leave for
Mrs. .1   C.   Wilson and ,lohn
H ! I .awson , tf Morrissey mines were
■.'iie-t.- ai   the Cosmopolitan on  ,, , ■ .■ ,
, . , ' liocncster. .Y 1 .. ns soon   as   lie
f tn nv. •     , .    . ...
is able io make ihe journey.
+     Mrs. P. C  Mttlptis entertained T   ,,    m,,;^".,.  .,„   [dllho
Tl„  large number ol   udics a   n ,   ^                    in the city for
"'"'hr"   lul1v    ""    Wl "mI;|'V several   .lavs    lhis    weok.'   On
'"''''' " Tuesday   ho   visited   Iho   East
Commencing on the tith of May, Kooienay mills^
Xla daily servieiMvill bo inausora- g         u        .   of j]nl,vsvnln
.. led on lhe  North  Star branch I Ml„.ll(lillL,  ,,,„„.,   ,„'(;,.,„.
•   lll,s.   "'",,   l"'"v'',    ','    r«r0,lt brook for several days this week
.{.: son io., in llio iiiiTi'liniits ul I I'liii-
I).  McFarlan.l   of  Kimberley
,,    ,,    .,   ■"""' vvas 11 Cranbrook visitor ilnruij!
••     I,.   It    IJuri'iint,   ami   It.   C ,, 1        ,   i- ,1 • ,
:j..H--M-!-H-H~M-W^^^ of London,   Bug.,  were U lllJ im"'olU"s v'""l;'
registered  ul   the Cranbrook on
. Thursday.     Mr.    Durrani    has!    Hev. FatherCoceolaor 1<era 0,
"  I lonaiigeil in placer mining a brother of the^celebrated mis-
 „„ I'uri'j- Creek for several years siouiiry, was in Cranbrook Uecl-
9 9 4 9*:9':4\9.9.9*.9*. <■* ♦■'♦■» ♦»;'♦.<. ♦ »,♦. <►:.♦  Iim, spo;l1 11,.- wmt.-r m homo in "osdny-
<•   lhe old I'lniiiiry. ,   ,, „ . ,.
^ ' ;  Mr,   nml  Mrs,  J.   Pringle ol
<, ;    Tlm Co-Operitlivo Stores have Marysville were  in   Crunbrook
I'lipeiied nn iiiKlerluking oslab-1during   the   latter  purl  ol  lasl
1    1$ 81
S    ll.'l'lllf)
111 ,ln'nl,, Mini
MANITlllt.V ll.i'l'UI.
f,   I'il'-I Class Work ill all  lil-illli'll.
I or ti,.-
I  Hungarian
l Tonsorial Art
Cake *& Bread
rnURSF jii-.j Ilii'tup-i' - It ' wlil.-l. our la,»l,  I
1   m',',,„„ nmi iiiiiii'siom'n..-:  mo-iiii.. i-i 1
!,,.„, «,■ ,„,-il,l> .'an for Ho' I i- in ll"' full iimami
Uiul n,■ in.' ilu'ii'iiy ilnina ll,.- l»-i »'•' '■«" '"' '-'lv
'I'lo-i'i' is no |il,lla„il„'»|il,.v in litis.    Il l» sliuplj I'.isin
I- i. niii.ili-.itly -(iini.l.    'I'lo   !'',i|- it ti t] hi,mills in 1
..-,,1, i Tin,' 1-' ii'i -    Tills on.-! win,.-r 1
.,„.,,, ,   ....   ,,„ „   l.rnlt.'ii  nil   i.'.'iii'il-.    Tl ••11-01. I
*     I  no    1.   r,i  „   „,,     uiiu.   1  ..,,. ,1,1;     UOMIU
lislini.'iii in connect ion wilh their I Week
* 1 furniture  department,  nml tho t
4, \ services have been secured of an I    J.   A.   Arnold   of   Arnold   &
♦ ing. from which fraternal socioty
'♦;;ami other inn.'inl- may be direc-
,> - ted.   Tho C. C. S.  have 01,0 of
the  Hnesl   funeral cars   in  the We    are    Offering
xperioneed     uuderlakor    and Roberts   wns  1,1   Kingsgalo mi
embalmor,  who   will  have fulll|c„mpauy bnsltioss Tuesday
charge of ibis deparlmenl
A nicely furnished  parlor has     V(m wm lniss lt ir Vll„ j„ ,„„
boon lilt.'.I 1111 in the 11 il i.i 1, build-      , .. ,,
,, ,   , ,.,'.   ,   , ' 1        ■   , .   get some ol  111.'
I Good Goods.   Good values
Good Service
Kootenays, nnd all other brut,
'■I,,'- of this department will be. ^. _
dueled along the mosl up u-^11116(1       GOOClS
Noii,-,' i- iiri'i'li.i jjin-n thai Sixty
iiii.u. nil,'!' time I int.-ml lo apply to lhe
Chlol 1 't.nunlssluncr ol' Lands nml
Works loi- pi-i-inisaion 10 pnrchasL' the
lollouiiiii ili's.-i'ilio.l liniil in Smith I'lasl I
. 'oiiitni'in-iiio at a post  plan,oil ill thr ;
southeast aimer uf  Lot  llll Group 1. j
Hi,',  north forty ■('> rh.iias,  tlivniv
eust furty 40 ehnlns. ihoni-csiiutli ..Iglily
SU ,'liiiiiis. tlloni'o wt.'sl fol'tv   111  ehaillS, ,, , ...      ,     ^nA^i-n.pp .   i-nni-arnv
ihon aa-llun ehains tu plane nf I.,-, ''!,m'V !l,ul S,aPlc GROCERIES a,„l CROCKbRY
Men's, Women's and C.hildrens'
Hunts, Shoes and Hose
There is no rit.ur thut will give the same
satisfactory results. We sell no other.
We guarantee the quality.
Ilale.l at Onnlu I;  thi-  1st  .lay nl'!
April, lllllil.
II I'.. ,1, MrVITTIK
ile lines, though in 11 iniiet nnd
11,ing    llllll,lie
■ nimble    ti
: Unil atilia neu 'tliu, ,
nlaalnlisr. !■„   Hi- I'i 1	
1. ,1.1.'-.ill Ural api.ea
1   I  nil"'"! i" ' 1   1
,1,1'l-a li.ril 11.111 .l.'l'li"ii, III
Wo   lllllst   sell    then,   so
we give you Iho boiiottls
R   N. FINCH & CO.
Phone Illi,        Cninbroolt, R.O.
"I  VIU'I   .V li   I	
KiillKI.'T JiillNsuN
B Cranbrook, B.C. HARDWARE ;
'♦^♦•'.^•••..♦•••^♦.•I AWNINGS
♦ •>♦•>♦•>
Gto. R. LtflSK & Co.
Stripe   Duck
T' ileli nil  colors  nl   build-
!•_'-   matin  nu   Nln.rt   Nolicu nl
ipoloini! or I'algary |iricos,
Save Iimi nml I'Velifhi
l.j i.iil'i.i'lnu li	
A. GRENIER,   Onnlirook, H.l!
--9 PETE'S *■-
I'lllHOpullCll III" l» -I -hop ill
Criialn It, antl muaranlee*
-llti-flli'tioli      il,      Sliiivill".
Ilalrt'nillng, ele.
Next door to  A. <'. Ilowness
ni Craubrooli SI reel.
''"SIT"''      P. J. Leithauser
Notice is lo-i'oliy given thai six,j
,l.,y - iiftiT iim,' I inii'ii.l 1,1 upply in Ui
I'liiol C'onunlssluner of Liiml- anil
Works loi' ponnission Li, purchase ill
lollimiilt'il.'M'l'ilii'.l liiml- Si.nlli Kii-I
Kooli-iiay illstrlct.
l.'onnnenelnu al a posl tn   Hi'- southeast corner nf Loi l'U17. iln-i nnrtli 8d
chains,  Ihenee eas,  10 chains, lliu ! [ji
-iimii inn I'lniins. tin- wesl -11 chain,,
Ihonee nortt, _'u elniins. thence ivsi 'JU
.'lialns to plaee of beginning .-oMiuiiiiii^
;ii;n acres inure or less,
Dated ihi- I'.'lh daj of A|,rll, ItKllt.
1.1 II. l'l, I.INTII.VCl'M.
S|le.  ill. .Illnll-
All   kinds   of    building    material
constantly on hand.
; flfiout thai Fiano
Ml!.',II till ITS
■ 1 TK .111.1 1 lliiiri:
iGii (.I'liiim .mil Soft Drinks ;
AP... Tobacco, l'ip.'s
. 111 rI Clears
11 ik.-i St.    Craubrooli
We IlllVe been ill   llle   bltsilless
I.n-   several   years,  we  linve llie
best  ei|ill|il|ll'llt   III    ll.C.    llllll    we
giiuriiiili'o siilisl'uelion.
MINI'lllAI.   A.T
l,,',.„M I'V,
i'l:» I ill,'. I'll or l.ll'lt"Vl:.ll'N'l's
'    Kinplri. I''r;>i'ii..ni.l Mineral Clalin,
shiniin in iln- Pint stc'li- Mmiim iiiiiaiiiii nr
I'lnal Iii nil, Dlsll-ll'l.
11 tion lui'iiiml    n ' i.niio erouk,
'I'jil,,' nolle.' iim, I. .lion,-- .1 lliii'ii'i I'l'i'i'
.ilni.'r- f'orltllfilto No. "HT1WII1" ih'IIhk
„s ju'i'iit tm .linn,-s 'I'. I.iilillnw, |''.,M..'. No,
,,;:;..<,. VV. M.'l'.iri-niil. l-'.M.i'. No. HtlRM, innl
,1 -   A,1.01s    l-'.M.l,',    No.   11.,'iisiil.   I ial
stMy .hays ,,'1,111 itii-,Iiii,- li.'i-rul.,..].|i,.l.i' lollai
Mlllhm Uoi'iil'iloi'for 11 1'i'ililli'iiii' 1,1 liii|ii'iii|,-
1.1,11,-   lill    Ul,'   ,101',....-.'   Hi   .ililllllllllU'   ll ,','llH'll
llllllll llf till' llllllll','lllilll.
Ami liirlliin lilku iniiii',' lluit ,1,11,10. ..mii,.'
.in n,i, ll,, lllllst Iim run, .'. il lH.ri.rt> Illi' lsa.ii-
iiiir.'iilsoi'lil'.'lllll.'iil.'.if li.ilii'iii.'.ni'iil-
I    n.ili-,1 lllls llllllll) "l Mill'i'll, A, I)   Itmii.
1;, -I iV. II.VKVI'IV.
MINI'lllAI, Ai'T.
(naiii 10
t'l'OTII'l.'A'I'l: Ol'  IM.'ltOVIiMliMH
"I loi,,.rl-".    "Maple",    "lil'iii','1'"   anil
"'lot' " Vlini'i'iil I'h.lnis.
Sllllllll. in Itii' I'"il SWOll' Million 111.hi..,,
i.l 1.ii-.I li 10 HI"tii'■<
WI I I'll I'll  Ill'S, al.ll- I.,   I ,111, l'l   Ml,)'||.
\  Carpets
\,,w is the time to huy your
new .iii'i'i'ls. We have just
|il:i,e,l iii stock the largest and
iiuisi complete stock .,1
■1   Tapestry,   Brussels,   Velvet,   Axniinster   I
,11   ami Wilton Carpets we have ever shown    I
i 50 6enis 10 $2.50 Per yard $
Sue tho Display In Uur Largu Show Window III
ljvw«)s^iW^r«*i!iW»i»B*ll»il*J«l* »»i*H»li»iWiWiS»iw«Kl*r«>iii
1 P. Burns & Co. 1
^ Head Oflico,
X.Z   CttU'iH'y,   AllMirtu
Main oaico tor Kaat Kooteuuy,
Oranbrook, B.O
nl I,'.' llllll   I. ,llllliea  A.
£             WholcMtilc find Retail 3
1 Meat Merchants I
£ 1
£ 3
av-                                                       , ""*
tr.  I l.'iilei's in
£    Live Slock
W'e ill',, llie  inilliiirized   noeiils
I'or Hie rein,,vii I nl'Mnson St l.iseli
I'inniis. we ,'im di, I he work witl,  , / r t'Mi' uthstt...i., i-'i'iml,on
1.1,1  ,'isli.       Also   lliillselliiltl  I'm' ilrai I'' M '-  IH"'  Nn   II iilffill.
,llllll,•"■ fipplr i«"m, SfnS"inI,l!!"-n"l»r Sr n IVrlnim
PERRY & FITZGERALD       I , 1* ■	
,,          ,1.1'i'inin liiiiiil ,el, of ,1,0 ill.nl',, I'liilina,
lJi'npi'l"lor»ol the A||(| r,a,, ,„„,. ,„„ ,„„ ,|„„, ,„„
liranlirook t!arlaj;n anil Transfer (!n .,,.i„u m „>„«, mar ,0,1, iimu
 .- >.f -....-li 1 -i-i 1 i.ii-i.i■- ••! latino.'.., -
! c'Ki"^!.  ,,:i.; I," '! ''" mnY^B* S^iUiUiUUIiUiUUIUliUIUiUiUSiUUiiUUtUlftUtUiUiUIUUlUIR
Abattoir and Cold SloriiKejS
at Calgary. Alberta    3


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