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The Prospector Jun 17, 1905

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foods nt reasonable 4
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Lt'ar.rj ol Lag AM
S If you want ymir W
5      properly' repaired'
J tafc« itf ro
JUN 20 1905     *
'o/. i/.
No. 25.
Minns: Contracts Will Be Let
WHUn a Kt-w Days.
BUStl'UCtlon business is hoiini
lulling the line of  the Corbin
All contracts tire let, exit twelve miles, from Bonners
rry   north  to Che  connection
Hi the C P R..   also u contract
en m lies east of Bounors Ferry
Ihe vicinity of Naples.   The
luting   Engineers   have been
ling their work and the gaps
now about all closed up.
air. Corbin  with  his General
Riager   Mr.   Roberts,   is out
|r the line this week, and will
eh final conclusions, so that
1 balance of the contract  will
(let in 11 few days,
fhe first   six  miles north of
Uners  Perry  Is let to Towhy
the  next   ten  miles to
iters, Parsons & Boomer, and
inext five miles to  contractor
Jrecicenridge & Lund have ten
lest m the other side of theliue.
Its reported  that   they are to
Ive  eight   miles  south  of  the
be    Chapman & Gray have ton
lies near Naples..   The right-
way  is clearod  for Ir> miles
lirth  1 if  Bonnors Kerry.   Two
[earn   shovels   ure   already   at
The location line at Bonners
erry will he known probably
mIhv     The  furtherest   that it
■un   miss  Bonnors  Kerry is 800
■eel tho width of the river.   The
limit   is   whether the read will
ross at the Kerry, with the de-
10I on  the  town side, or across
1 Galena  Landing, a half mile
iwer down,   with   the depot on
|the north side.
Mayor Alexander called a meet-
ing Thursday evening at. which
rlhur.l. Shaw, tho right-of-way
agent explained the situation as
the two routes, a committee
five   w;is appointed   to  take
0  matter   up  and see what, if
Iny   thing,   could  be done to in-
ruca the Corbin people to locate
|hu depot on this side.   -Bouners
'erry Herald.
Wireless Telegraphy
Wireless messages, were flash-
|eti, for the first time In the Root-
nay, at Nelson on June 11th.
The following is one of tho
just   messages   sent    from  the
[nuncb   Pioneer  at   Five  mile
poinl to Nelson:
Launch Pioneer June 11 th
Kootenay Lake,
ihn Hutchison,
Hume Hotel, Nelson:
" What do ,yo 1 think ol tulle -
Ing from   Five   mile   point   by
p ireless."
II. <i. Munroe.
Feel Safe
li is not at all surprising that
J'." mining section tributary to
■Cranbrook is attracting the at-
Mention of conservative capital-
lists. The Hold is a large one
ami capital has been looking to
Southeast Kootenay as IV place lo
invest their money. That this
is true is evidenced by the num-
ber of promoters who have engaged in all branches of mining
during tho. past few years. Mining men, with capital, have-reached the conclusion that British
Columbia is the place they have
bean looking for and that Cranbrook is the centre of a vast
mineral district, that has a iiost
promising show of mineral.
A Round Up
Constable Morris was making
his usual rounds, one night last
week, when he observed,a sus
picious character leaning against
the doorway ot a down town
store. He walk up to the
S. C . and asked him what he
was doing there, to whieh no re
ply was made. He took the >-.
C. by ilit* arm and repeated tht
question, when to his astonishment and surprise ihe S. C. fell
Into his arm*. It was a dummy
stuffed with straw, Constable
Morris, looked up and down tho
street lo see if any of the hoys.
were on to him, there being uo
one in sight, he gave a sigh of
relief, and murmured that ho had
a narrow escape, threw tho lay
figure on a pile of lumber then
walked aw.iy with a satisfied air,
that denoted that ho was attending strictly to business.
Gribrook wins at. Lacrosse.
The Fernie vs Cranbrook Lacrosse game which was played
Dii Friday i veiling was a very one-sided affair,
Fernie being nut-played throughout the entire game, the
score w.i; Cranbrook 8,  Fernie o.
Of Interest to Those Engaged in
the Development of the
Mining Industry.
The St. Eugene will deelare a
dividend of {70,000, or two cents
a share, on July 1st.
The continued increasing activity in placer mining on Perry
Creek, would Indicate that gold
lain ng in Southeast Kootenay
is only In its infancy.
The outlook for the Sullivan
mine is very bright and it should
soon become a valuable addition
to the producing silver-lead
mines, and aid to swell the list
of growing dividend paying
mines in Southeast Kootenay.
Since the blowing In of the
Marysville smelter. Kimberloy
camp is experiencing consider-
able activity In mining.
The SullivtU! mine is now
working a force of iiri to 41 men,
taking out about 125 ton- of ore
Considering the amount of development work done in the
district, it is safe to say that
no section of British Columbia
gives such promises of high
grade ore as Southeast Kootenay.
At the North Star initio development work  is progressing.
Work has been resumed on the
Stetnwindor mine on Huckleberry Hill. A tunnel will be
driven on this property, whieh
is considered to be one of the
best on the hill.
There has been a largo number of people th it have made a
study of mining and commercial
interests of this district for a
number of years, ami the result
of their investigation has boon,
that Cranbrook Is the mining
and business centre of this
T T. MeVittie. I'.LS . loft
Steele ou Monday lor the St.
Mary's river country, where he
will survey a mining claim for
W. Mlcham.
New Church for Cranbruok
The Presbyterians of Cranbrook having confidence in the
stability and prosperity of the
town and finding the capacity of
the present church limited, have
decided to build a new church
on the site of the present one.
More than half the amount required had been subscribed some
time ago. A building: committee
consisting of Messrs. Lniteh,
McCallum, Macconuoll, and
Bremtier have the work in charge
A few weeks delay was caused
while waiting for plans from
Toronto. Last week the plans
wore received and immediate ftc
tion taken, tenders wore called
for to be submitted to the committee next, Friday. The building, under an energetic committee will be pushed 10 an early
Tho Smalter Town of South-
East Kootenay Mining on the
St Mary's River and Lake.
Marysville is one of the growing and most prosperous towns
in Southeast Kootenay. It enjoys the honor of having the
first and only smelter in South
east Kootenay.
The smelter at Marysville is
one of the most. Important industries in this district, and at the
present time, one stack is being
operated, and from one hundred
and fifty to two hundred and
fifty tons of silver-lead ore from
the Sullivan Group of Mines is
being treated.
Marysville is a hustling town
situated at the confluence of
Mark creek and St. Marys river.
It is the gateway to the vast
mineral district known as the
St. Mary's river and Lake district. All roads and trails, from
every mining camp center at
In  the  vicinity  of Marysville
are  Immense    forest    reserves,
and lumbering is carried on to a
large extent and   is oue of  its
most important industries.
Marysville iias three tine, large
and commodious hotels, several
general merchandise stores and
other business houses which ure
credited with doing a large
amount of business.
11 will pay you to keep your
eyes on Marysville, as from now
on its growth will bo rapid and
constant, as the mines in that
vicinity are being developed to
a producing stage. As soon as
the smelter is in condition to
handle copper ore from camps
tributary to Marysville its business aud importance as a mining conler will steadily increase
Keep your eyes on the smelter
town of the district.
Eleotion of Offioers
Her Marriage to Dr. Green  of
Cranbrook is a Brilliant Affair
Stillwater, June 11. — A
wedding of social importance
not equalled in this city in years
took place Thursday evening at
6 o'clock at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. Staples. The bride
was Miss Lillian B. Staples,
their daughter, and the groom,
Dr. Frank W. Green of Cranbrook. The residence was
charmingly decorated with
flowers, plants and trellis vinos.
In the drawing room was a railing and arch of flowers mounted
by 11 canopy, from which a boli
of roses was suspended. It was
there the Episcopal ceremony
was performed by Rev. K. L.
Palmer of Ascension Church and
Rev.  S.  J. Kenneday; pastor of
! tho First Presbyterian Church
The maid of honor was Miss
Ksiolle Nelson of this city, and
the best man A. R. Green of
j Banff, N.W.T., a brother of
the groom, Elmore and Chester
Staples, brothers of the bride,
hold the ribbons leading to the
altar. The Ryder Mandolin
orchestra o f St. Paul rendered
the wedding march and the concert of the evening.
Dr. and Mrs. (Jroen left the
same evening for Banff, and will
bo homo at Cranbrook Sept. 1st.
At Home
('resent Lodge K. of P.
held their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday, at which, the
annual election of officers wns
held. The following officers
were elected for the ensuing
John Bremnor      O.C,
ii. II. Thompson . V.C.
A, c. Bownosa       Prolate
11. I.. BowntiM       M. of W,
v. a. RoUlna        M. el E,
.1. a. Arnold - M, off. K. It.S
S. A. (ii'iiiiiiiiintl      Mi lit A.
A. 1.. Brotllay   .    I. <;.
H. Moroor      0.
An at Home, will be held un
der the auspices of the Cranbrook Football Association on
Friday June 23rd, at 8-80 P. M.
iu Wenthworth Hall. During
tho evening the "Beattie" Cup
will be presented to the winners
and the gold and silver medals
to the teams that finished in first
and second places in tho championship struggle.
R. Sproule of Marysville, was
in town Wednesday on business.
A. L. McDermot was at Moyie
on Saturday last on business
W. K. Gttrd, was in Michel
last week on legal business.
Reld & Co have Ihe finest
line of fishing tackles over
brought into the Kootenay.
Peter Lund, Wardner, inana
ger of the Crow's Nest Lumber
Co. was in town Tuesday.
A Big Tie Contract.
B. F, Butler of   Sandpolnt,
;and Robert Miller, of Rathdrum
have a tie contract on the Spo
kane and International. It will
require about 400,01)0 ties for tho
main line, from tho International line to Spokane
Mr, Miller went up the Moyie
to look up the timber along the
route. Mr. Butler is at Bonners
Kerry awaiting his return. Tie
makers will soon bo in demand.
The contract amounts to over
Charlie McCowan has earned
the Generaal Assembly's Certificate and  a handsomo bible for
I repeating the shorter catechism
i without a mistake. Charlie is a
member    of   the    Presbyterian
1 Sunday school.
The new C. P. R. Depot is rap-
Idly approaching completion,
The circulation of the Pros
; pector is growing fast and now
! numbers H20 paid up subscribers
Kink  Bros new storehouse is
about completed—James Greer
j has the contract for its construction.
A five room cottage for Mrs.
', A. B. Orace Is now  under construction, and will bo completed
by July 1st.
Wesley Clino, president of the
' Fisherman's eluh is having his
cottage improved by the addition
of a  veranda,   where  the  club
will assemble and tell fish stories.
Chief License Inspector, T h".
i McMullin of Fernie, was in town
on Thursday attending a meeting  of  the   License   Commissioners.
Are you Jfoing to buy a
Wedding Present? we have a
great variety to select from.
W. H. Wilson Jowoler & Optician.
At the Lewis and Clarke Exposition at Portland.
The following is a copy of a
letter addressed to His Honor
the Lieutenant-Governor, by the
president of the Lewis and
Clarke Centennial Exposition,
and will be of interest to a great
many people in the Kootenay.
Office of the President, Portland. Oregon, April 17th, 1905
Sir H. G .loly de Tx>tbiniere,
Lieutenant-Governor of British
Columbia. Victoria, B.C.
Dear Sir,
On behalf of the Lewis and
Clarke Centennial Exposition, I
toko pleasure 111 stating that
with a view of doing honor to
the great Province of British
Columbia and organizing a
systematic movement by which
the people of the various communities in the Province can, in
substantial numbers, arrange to
visit and enjoy the manifold
educational advantages and other
attractions at the Exposition,
the Exposition Management has
decided lo sot apart the period
commencing Monday, July 3,
and ending Saturday, July 8, as
British Columbia Week." Sep-
rate days in the week can be
designated by municipalities of
the Province for their respective special celebrations at the
Exposition. A "Dominion of
Canada Day" has already been
arranged for Saturday, July 1st.
If this plan meet with your
approval, we would request the
issuance by you of a proclamation a month in advance of the
suggested period, calling attention of the people of British Columbia to these auspicious events
and urging every patriotic son
and daughter of your great
Province to assemble at the Exposition during this time for the
purpose of honoring the occas-
sion and by their presence insure
the success its importance deserves.
In this connection) permit me
to add that the Mayor of each
City will be invited direct by
the Exposition Management to
make appropriate arrangements
for the visil of his City's delegation to the Lewis and Clarke
Centennial Exposition and all
are assured of a hearty wolcoue.
Awaiting your reply, I am, very
respectfully yours
(Signed)   H, W. GOODE.
Our Fire Fighters
The Cranbrook Fire Brigade
responded to an alarm on Monday evening. The call was sent
In by Chief Kink, and the response by the brigade showed
that Cranbrook has firefighters
that are second to none in the
Kootenay, In just two minutes
from Ihe time the alarm was
sounded, water came from the
nozzles, and in four minutes two
streams were in action playing
over the highest building in
The reason for the sudden call
was that Mr. Geo. B. Luwry. inspector for the Mainland Board
of Fire Underwriters was in
town, and Chief Fink suggested
that he should make an inspection of tho Cranbrook Brigade,
its apparatus, and manner of
fighting fire. After the trial
test of the efficiency of the
Brigade, Mr. Lswry placed a
guage on the hydrant and found
that the pressure was 98 and
one-half pounds. With two
streams playing it was 72 pounds
with a Siamese coupling on one
line of hose, playing, in all three
streams, the  pressure was 62
pounds. It was found that the
supply of water was sufficient
for all necessary fire protection.
Mr. Lawry was well pleased
with bis inspection of the water
supply, the apparatus, and the
personnel of the Brigade, and
remarked, that Cranbrook w|s
better equipped for fire protection than many towns or cities
much larger than Cranbrook.
C.P.R. Builds Kootenay Central.
Construction is assured for the
Kootenay Central Railway.
At Canadian Pacific headquarters at Vancouver, it was
announced on Monday that the
C.P.R. will build this summer
the projected line from Golden
to Fort Steele connecting with
the Crow's Nest branch. The
branch line will be known as the
Kootenay railway.
C.P.R., Shops and Fire Brigade
play a olose and exciting gains
-One more game.
The C.P.R. Shop defeated the
Fire Brigade in the' football
match on Tuesday evening by\ a
score of two to1 nothing. The
Brigade were seriously handicapped by an adverse wind and
the glaring sun in the first half,
but succeeded in limiting the
score against them to two goals.
In the second half, the sun had
gone down, and better football
was played. Neither team
scored in this half and the score
therefore, remained two to nothing in the shops favor. Attridge
and Graham played well for the
Brigade, aud Wright, Sarrtll
and Logan showed up well ftr
the shops. The team lined '•up
as follow:—C.P.R. Shops—Goal
Wright; backs, Sarrell, WhebeU;
halfbacks, Shankland, Long and
Graves; forwards, Brooks, Oahi-
well, Logan, Abbott, Seville.
Fire Brigade—Goal Bloat;
backs, Grimmond, Attridge, half
backs, Bennett, Stark, Greer;
forwards, Nicholson, Harrington
Brum well, Graham, Staples.
One More Game
Only one more game remains
to be played in the football
league, the contestents will be
the C.P.R. Shops and the town
team, and the game will take
place on Tuesday evening June
20th. The town team has nine
points to their credit, and the
shops seven, should the latter
team win; which is not improbable, the teams will he tied for
first place. Both teams are
playing fast ball, and a splendid game will assuredly be put up
It is expected that the game will
be witnessed by a large number
of spectators.
Among the Craft.
The regular monthly convocation of Rocky Mountain Chapter
was held on Tuesday evening
last at Fort Steole. There was
in attendance a large number
of sojourning companions frttm
Cranbrook. Our "Cowan" reporter has learned that, at the
convocation held on Tuesday
evening, it was resolved to move
the Chapter from Steole to Cran
brook. The removal' Will take
place at once and the next can-
vocation will be held in Cranbrook. •;
The regular monthly meeting
of Cranbrook Lodge, A. F. & A«M
was held in the Masonic Tetjjjlo
on Thursday evening. Jjjhe
event of the evening wasjhe
annual visit of Deputy G, ,MA J.
F. Armstrong. A large nutjjfcer
of visiting brethern were prtdflnt.
■■'■■■1 ><i;iiiitfu
o. 29.
f Aft—Com-
in United
Phe coming
if Duke Karl
toburg   and
the occasion
Ities in the
>ukt, who la
■man sorer-
ular among
luite unusu-
on such oc-
July 15.—
iciaa in the
first half of
umbers, and
nut of de-
is. Numerl-
fcelyany al-
m with the
it year, but
lecrease ap-
liabilities <of
■An interna-
a to the Ger-
Btta which
through the
ie American
lulchay and
i Americans
idy training
tore from the
e high hopes
iod showing
man scullers
succeed In
under the
iss for the
antes' Build-
fifth annual
dtion. The
unction with
tion of the
lof Electri-
be held here
cupy 88,000
>r space and
ige of devices
sg to electric-
of working
is far in ex-
Ier before as-
roof, includ-
bition of pri-
lallations and
tricity. The
rernment ex-
entire outfit
ng and tele-
)y war relic*
buthern Brit-
By impressed
tiles de Contemner of the
•nts interven-
t dispute be-
captured an
found fish-
ie three-mile
M, an explo-
1 in the loss
ranch of the
it* received
the Cariboo
Mining Co.,
Moved by MeConnell; second-Ifienas   nenind   wtio  wtsn mm |Rev. J. P. Westman.
nrtdl   ThenartyofWashington.D.C.,
Ctrruthers...outt«*,....'..GowIBUI00 WedntaiUy;
ooiety oftlM
Intend hoi*
flto'flavfi '"' add"<1 ri ,,ur (:rockcr> Di:rarl' ^ pweiicctm;. ; '■'; h,,:! ~v;',:,::;. .^^^^^^fe^
-IHJ IIU »U    raent ;i tew nrw designs ,n   Dinner and Kw^ fc -^    . -, p   a   *J p H HA TV
Toikt Sets. Fruit Dishes in (ilass
aud Earthenware, Glass rableSets
(ilass Measuring Cups, Cheese
A. B. Grace,
Mr.i.isiiKi:   ami   tui..-■
Meeting if Lioease Boari.1       >\
n .- half yearl.t meetingol the
* r ni i mnbrooK riding was held at
■tATUKDAY. Jl x     IT, IHW.
several dozens nt a full size dinner   plate   in   ^JjJ
blue and brown color designs that  we want
to clear at 75c per dozen.
"J'TIIKAST K'ooten i.v   to
ay n on* \ :i>;   pro>| eel
Lei   tlii- 1 anadian   pron otei   or
capitalist   visit this \ust mineral
tin-1 ,. :■ ■  House, 1 iranbrook, on
Thursday June   15th,   when Ihe
follow 1 11 .   ■ ts»'S were granted: IJMj
.1.1 ■.--•• inn, 1 1 Ion   Hotel.  IVwdnei j m
■77y     f   IATP
MGuests I'omlort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Com
N'earesi 1 1 railroad de|Kit,    Has accommodations   foi   tlic   public   unequalled  in
< Iran brook.
Hafve uou
.       , ...       ... ... sarv   :i'.ii then   develop   them:
bought one oi  our   >ix   Piece   dlass .   ....  .    ,
for tins is th.- only wu\ '" set m
Table Sets at 3Sc a set.
A. L. MrU-rmnl   -   ,, •-al,-. Ci-huIii-. ok ; ill/
A. 1 . il.mii." •• K"'
,1.. II. \ aiiD- car Iti.va   II..H-I
area.    Lei bun invest 111 11  irood D m, (...^.ti.i. Manltoi* ■•
prospect    t-wo or thive if neces   Fluegnrth A Kuliln-,. t'raiilir i
I. Brenlt, Canadian 11,,' 1
K. H. Small, Cnstuopolltan
Go :.-■   in A   XtHtl l-liilil. ',' .       .
\'.   - nail, lull, 1 ,ii ll'ii.;
\V. Un ii',-. Wentworth Hotel
II. u. !>„., . s„rth <..,.,.    Klmberlej  ##4fr$$##<rifr*#$r$J$Mfr$$,$$A&A,
11  P. 1 ', -i:,■•:,-. l-'.ill- v;,'w, Marrsrillu  jt ' •
on the ground Uoor of milling; it
i> the only sure menus ol success
in  mining,  :unl   it  don'l  take a
tentli   purl  ni   tin' capital lo tit
HUot and Cold Baths Prop,
del eloped mine.    Wu w ould -in
to Eastern ( '-nnadian capital,  to
FANCY and STSAPLE GROCERIES  and   CROCKERY,  those Interested iu mining, come
in Southeast Kootenay investigate for yourselves, examine the
mineral resources of tlii-- districl
velop a prosiiecl iuto a mine,  us G. H. VvVes, Royal Hotel ^
tdoes t„  purchase an  ; a.ln '»■ "'"-• '• lv,T>' *~k "  P^O'Creek \9
Cranbrook, B. c.
II. S. Mather, Wlmlfloi "    I'.ui Sleet
!!. A. Primer, Sti'iitlii-iiiiii        ■■ A
P.J. Mi-Malioii. Ka-i Kootenay, Moyie A
„we insure, yon
Jane Firtli. International Hotol
SwInartonifcArowtroiw, Man hat ton
!'. 1'. Johnson, Moyie Hotel
P. G. Ctepp, V.-iIik Hotol, Vahk V
11  ll. McVlttio, Royal Hotel, Hamilton 14p
:i   see anything  yon want, L\. P. Cheuett. Hoyal. Fort Steele Jet
Against any Accident and any kin
4fr Sickness absolutely no restrictions gi
♦ \mi $10 a week in ease of either lor
e|cS<3<3C3<3s3<3<2Q'3'5S .,-, Hie   iii'inand
$20 a year
Payable on Terms to Suit You
ancy loot
X. llullMin. H'asl Hotel, W:t-.i I jfc
.1   M   Carrol, Ontario Hotel, A
1 lemami   ror       i-es   m   ln(j \\',n  Porsyth, Royal   Hotel,IS The
H3iHH"*:iirS'«*N! Ganadian GasiHtu Go.
11 applied  m." a  renewal that was A
refused. A
The sale of aJarsn number ol Beware of Ointments for Uatar:
I resideiital pro|K>rties  in  Cran that Contain Meroury, .
brook durinp the past   month  is "" '""":'"'>' "iu  ",vl-'  ,1'r"','v ,!"  *
' -.-f..,-  u(  shiell   una   uompletcly   ih-, &
a   certain    indication   that   the  ranjfe nhole ayatoni wlinn entorliiK I 2
raim-   of   Cranbrook   has   •   li UimuKh the mucous surfaeia.    Suoh |
lo 1 he demand.
Of Ton
Hammocks!    Hammocks:!
Tuki- oar line- of these Comfortable
A I'm-ful articles. Warm weather calls
fur tht-iii. Our stock includes every
desirable style, shade and color, nil
fusi Uyi*i. Splendid Hammocks, at Ion
iriirli--. should never In- 11-1-1I excepl on  A
lii-escrlutlons from roputahlfl physicians  a
as the iIiiuiiil'o thev will do is  t'.-n  inlil. W   I'1--1111,,-iwiL-     lit'
,,, . ,. IO the g    j,., '.■,■„,   im-.ilih' derive #   '-I «* II HI IIIlK ,  li.t .
rhe people of hnstern ( anada from them.   Hairs Catarrh Criro. man- XV^j* .
General Agent f<
I'.a^t Kooleii
• We have everything in the way of
Dolls, Books, Toys,   Leather Goods,
-'Dressing  Gases,  Pictures  and Toilet
m Arl,c,es-
Dispensing; Our Specialty
C. E. REID & CO..
iPrtone  74, rp^   DrUggiStS
lare awaketiitiir to the fact, that,
in the vicinity of Cranbrook
| cupper  and   lead,     These  facts
■ have been pers stently set before
the i 'anadian public for a  mini
1 ber ol   vein-^.   bill   not  unlil re
,,r.„„„,,i   m   ,'.   .,.  Cheney i ft"; fc*************;*********}
I ol, iln, 11., ,-i.:,:.iiii> no inerrury, aud Is'
taken Internally, acting directly upon
are   mines of gold, silver    the blood anil mucous surfaces of the
system.      In   buyln«   Hall's Catarrh     ,__ ,«■   ■  - ■   _a   _■-        ■■^.^i
Uire be sure        (jot the I:     j\  m       J f |  O |   ||   || UG3LIBV  ID
Is taken Internally aud muue in Toledo,
Ohio,  by  P. .1.  i heney ,v Co.   Testimonials free.
•Suiii hy UraififUts, "fie per bottle.
[cently could  Eastern  Canadian*     T',k" "•''''- l"*umH> Till-  foi n- ,«.,,. ,,..   ,,,,,„.,	
,    silpation. i       ATTENTION   PROSPECTORS  AND   MINERS.    I
: In-  made  to understand that the .   , ,
.  0   ,.      .   ,. necessary  to rrelKhl  your supplies twenty  miles, when
m,n"S . '"   Soutb,eM    K°°,P;na-V       '■«*'"'» '''™ 0,STI""       Purchase ihe same K Is, a. the same price, al MELLOKS
were   becoming  famous.     Now      a   - ui  m«unii oi  iim   iionnt  „i
they have had their eyes onened  ' '  coinmiMionen   cniourooii   i u,-.- Mlnowjolnu to nil points, via St, M-iry- i -iv.- «ill timl it a larg
'     '        Dlslilfl.   will I.--  ln-1.1   in  Un-  Cum  ii,,,,.,.
by the production Ol such   mines Icmnl>n»li, nu Krldaj Jun<< aotli   i-.i■ ■.. iii tea
I o'clock   in  III- t-ir.i: ■ ill    ",
A. Mel lor *****
General Merchandise
mast,,eSi K,"j a,i'1 HMh-™'\$^:zzt:™"" i""r,h"""-     fl MrIIhp
>J*    and are lookiii" to this district    t.n.cj»v™.Rnyoihoioi.spoicancju „ / !•   IllUIIUI
Wif.ir iiiveslineut,     [f ihe  i pie    ""'" ■" '"'"->'""">»' ■ i. Ktmbericj
1           »is. oi - IStli June. 1605.
of  th"  easl   would   send   mil   si r u ucMOULix,
I number of representative citizens    "' ''""',-'"'"'' tnsiwoi
in -,-,• und ri'iiui" on the mineral i "
, resources tributary to Cranbrook ■   fOieSSlonal.
i it would be a trip of  instruct ion
as well as one of  pleasure,   and
they  would  see and   learn th.it;     uarkisters and solicitors
the half of whal   we  hiiye  here
.t  been  told, and the trip "UANHUOOK.    -    «X',
and ennvuniencfl to procure suppllen from
General Outfitter
Mtirysville,  B.C.
'J.vJj i. J-V k^ I would give them a faint   idea of
Calgary Beer, Ale & Porter.
Ti KEBEL & CO., Hay and Grain.
rt?rsnibrook, B.C.
J CHENETTE & NEAL. Proprietors
5 rS   Marysville,  B-C  t
i The  largesl  and  best equipped holel in tho SI  Ma
Cosy and
3      HOSE      s
it \i;i;isTi:i:. SOLIOITOI!
and NOTAIlY  ITIll.li .
, Criinbilink. l,i'
Marysville, B.C.
Mining I
3 ply     4 ply    5 ply |
Sprinklers.   Couplings   and   Nozzles      •-
Patmore liros. 1
what the future has in store for  "•  *" • uUI<D
this distriet. Barrister
' ' -* Solicitor, Etc.
The s«  Mary's distrie.i whieh Urilish Columbia Comfortable Rooms
is tributary lo ( raubrook, has i
large copper deposits, whieh ao-
cording to reports of mining experts are ihe riehosl in British
('iilniiiiiiii. which hhen fully de
voloped v ill mill hundreds ol
thousands    of   tlollm-s    to ihe
wealth of tl istriet,    With the (>- H.  Ilwmpsotl The abovo hotol has n recently orooted, and neatly I
abuudanci   ol idle capiutl soek , .:^ iminisTKi,,vs.,,,,,,,,,,,'...i throughout,    The Bar Is supplied with the host br
ing investments, tho lime is fasl        ftrtMM Iakau „„lir>,ur        | Liquors and Cigars
approaching   when   lids grand
mineral wealth that lias lain dormant for centuries cwnfliiig the
coming together of   tl ilner
ami cupitalisl V, ill  be devoloped, <
and the residents of Cranbrook,
and  Southeast    Kootpnay,   will porj stffli- It C
witness much mining activity,
| Cranbrook, U.I .
P.L.S.  tfi C.E.
(Iranbrook from  its many nat-
^«immmmfmnfmnmmmmm^mf!f!tmn!mn!mf!M,tK!u^] m™***™* >»« ^
B.C - g able position, being Ihe  railway
<-K   i'WTV      >T^ 4)       y^ 2»'.'iinl commercial centre,   will al-
I P. Burns & Co. jhzr™—
j^. Bea4 Office,
5 E Calpiry, Alberta
Mnin Offlci! for Enat Kootcmiy. ^
oranbrook, B.O ||pBRNIE
Phusician and surafion
0FF1CK ai.-mstiiiin'i: avi:.
Morns:   !> lo 11 ii.in.  - tn 11 p.m.
: tn 8 ii.in.
Phono Offloo in-"    Roeiiloi 109
j <sb^ HOTEL
4{t Kltnbcrley,   B. C.
H. W. DREW. Proprietor.. _
Wholesale tititl Retail
vs P. E.  KING
Office flonRs:  0 to 12 it.m
i in '• p in.
7 in s p.m.
I Meat Merchants 1
8 Dealers in Abattoir ;iml Cold Storap  ^S
I- i»ve' Stock at Calgary, Alberta    3   Auihudu,
touiuuiiuuiiuuaiui.u.&iuiiiiuiuaiui.iiuiuiauuii.il &%»
3 Friday, June 23.
Post Office
Tliree & Four fear Courses
ihe largesl General Store in Marysville, where n
office and Re8idbnck        ;can be supplied  with anything the)1  want  at all tirr
ii^"toUddms?«.Si'   A|mslionjl Ave.   Cranbrook Cra,ll,1'°"k prices,
Orocerles.   Hardware,
Clothing,   Stationery
MitieniloKy mid OeolOKy,
Biology n"'l Public iti-niiii.
\l lite for c.llendnr to
The Scaetary,
School  of   Milling,
Kinjiton, Out
y "'• ■  ! S06PBCT0R, GRAKBROOK, ft. C. JOHfi IT. »K
E. H. SMALL. Manager
The best and safest vray
io keen Baby's skin
healthy is to use only
Turf.   Daintr,   rVbcalr.
Beware of Imitations.
IM tout t»i» re  r-v
dti)c |ira0|icctov.
Bditor Kn-.l SsjayttBr  ,-.|   tike
M.-.v'm  1 MMHw SOTS* in MktJrs) Tiw*
c,n Vir. SmVtlw vwWvi tl.o
PitKjW un aflftc*,  f»vf  us lb*
j* I i ttftfl . I !.-.-h iMftflMrf
ll :,i Si < lh*>WKH TIII'M find I'Vm
|(   ..I'-.i ■■ .;,', i. -    .'■     ,i 'hi- silver
M.   Phl.it.nw   of    Km,.;,:!.
^;,> si  vYaniit'invK   M.i>,irt\.   to]
7>Vi»iV<-iliO lv«i-,  ttflltsi -1:1- L'! 'i't
trhodiaslel Vaiifi-i.ivi'-i Istsl ix-oV
(tram injuries weelved from Boat
inn In >-uiiisci vriili .i stmxol <m.
Mr. riifloi-a Hems, ot Wr |
ii, ti«li»in Kncland. is ai Hi<%
1 -Wilpa". Mr. Harris is a l.v j
rioal and Mossoksgue WrilJftcv, :m»i'
is ai Cmnbroott in swareh ol n si,
nn<l In aiili
William Kornio Iiu1  l<*\it, r ot 1
tin- Ciyiw's NVst   Owl :n •■;!-. ;iv„i j
ii.. ti-w ii of Penile will w W«J Hum
irowi i in Uivini! iIummi;,'-!• stowl
.'tlii -now olrV-os <if llio t'lxivv's!
\, si i mil Oo., "it MotHlnj
Van   always   on   hand   to
[elconie guests.
LOCAI  NI >vs.
itatups it Fink lln*s
.1   .1    Cameron
tin' ,-:,t\ Monday
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
We have mo or lliree  liousnsi
in rent, apply t<> Reale & Klwvli.
R   K   11,-illoy.   nmn.iu' : ol the
il.-ii,  \linr- Sllli'lli'i.   lit    Ni'ImMI.
was in town Friday, Mr Hedleji
has Jusl retuweu from an in !
spwHkiu nl il»' MaryavNIo s.i ■■!
1,'l.  mill  Ml ill    tllllt    ll" v\:^ 1liii.ll
was'ttIUnnressw) wild the w< rklngs .>■'
tlii> im»w stneUer,
.1    11    Kms;  wi
.ni Sunday I;m
.♦.<..♦.«•:♦ o ♦.» ♦ ♦.♦ .♦ > ♦ « ♦> ♦ ♦♦*♦«♦
*• Newest designs in   •■
Fink Bros.
I "
I 0
Over 400 Different Patterns to Select From
Painting, Decorating
and Sign Work
It Is penny wise, i>nt  |tonutil
foolish if i»n   off tin- 1 in- ol,
it  r-'nrl ! your i'Vi's till il is In lute       Ko.il
our  :»<iil"   W    K    Tate ,V Son. .
Gradual? Optician,
iko     l>,-rti''-     at 	
.   iri'si-nl   Liodge,   K   of P   will
  ait,Mi,!  dtvinn   Rervlee  at   the
* 1   Sam t aiiiii\ whs down FromI Baptist Churoh tomorrow   81111 '
.♦  Sheep creek on Saturday last.      May evening at T ;>o |> tn.
- burns coal, cone or wo^xi with equal facility.
Rues. grAtcs. fire pot and feed-^oors, lare
specia.lly constructed to burn any kind of fuel, and
a tpecial wood grate is always supplied.
Sold  by  »ll  «nt«rpriwn«  ,i«tl«rt    Wiil« f.ir b,x>hloV.
London. Toronto, MentrcaL Wlnalpef, Taaeonvar. St Joan. K. t. j
Harris   Bros nmvod into their unocc  incT
ni'w atoreon Armstrong Ave on mmac uuai
Saturday                                       "lv ^'iir'' '"ami 0wltha in-»t,' owr
                         Ion liip three jroaw nlil and  broke
Ci-t rldofyoui Smith African Wetifhi aboui 1800 n>- white stm-iii
War Scrip    Thej   expire  July torohoad,  Itownrd, applj 10 Pw»| I
lsi_ 1005 tor offlw or to
swi CADI 'l.v
R. Buuedlck and Fred  Ander i SheapCrooli
son. Mayonk. w.i> In town   Mint S
lll> The Illinois Central
f♦ « ♦> ♦ o 4'.o '♦.♦ ♦.» ♦   ♦..* ♦ "> ♦.»♦>♦'.>:♦ "> ♦
►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Bottled beef for family
use a specialty
Outside   Orders
4 P, O. BOX 812      U
1     TELEPHONE NO. I     p
Port   Steele  Brewltije Co., Ltd.    i!
»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
Centrally Located Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Management
,,     , , •■       When you want a  good
Headquarters for mininc   *J     , ,
,   , ,   . ■■>   place to stop come to the
I men and old timers. it    ' '
"•    Ma 111 toon.
d, a, Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
N'OTIOKIh IiimiIiV Klvi-ii  Unil  tlxly 'tn)»
an -i rlfttol liid-nd to iipplv totbfl eiiii-l com- '.'irrii t: is hernbjf kIvcii Unit slxt\   Unyn
tnlMli r 1,1 t.,,iiiW nml Wfirks fur |i'-rnii--,liiti iilnr,|nir 1 liiiunit toAppt] tn tin- eiiinl Com-
io imr.-h,.-i- tin-  totlowtng   'Iri Tiin"i  iiviul.4 mlMloncr ol Lundn and ffofkn m Viclorla foi
Miuitu- in Bnuihoait Kooii'ii.iy; commetiolngat pcrmlwtlon to porcnano un- lollcwlogdemsrlbad
ilm norihwoai dorner nl Lot Nottoo, orbup I, iandi Nlmalod In Montnoaat Kooolenaf iiuirlrt
ilii-iii-u i-iii-i  in i-tialii-. tliPiH-ir Houth ■-'■'i-linli^.     i.'nniiv-iii-lni.'m iii- «,iuih I rornef of Lot
iii'-ni «t no i-hitini. thonoo north i" ,-iniinH. Ko. mo,Oronpl.KooumBjidlitrlat,(benaavail
lUi'iiti- ui-.i.60obBinB, iii-iii-i- north 10 obalm, B0ohnlna. tbenen nottth 80 rimins tbonci Mttl
ihi-npi- M-->t nui'IiiiIiih. Lh'-iici- aouthSOobalna- BOobalna, thonooaoutbSO chains, thpun' oaal
iiifiiri-t-tisi ii.ciiiiiH. iiii-ni-i- t.in,Lii in ciiniiiM soobalrhi tbei oortbB0obalnt,thencen*t40
to place ot beginning cnnMlnlnit son uran mnn- cbalna, ihenoa north SO ebalna lo placa ol l»
nr !•"■- I iiiniiliiil roniHlnlngftioai-reH mora or i'-'i
RoaaM. I.iinliiiciiiii, t4t(tOf Chatlaa t  Llnilia inn    t..,i„ior
U*i«il 1MB 1 lib, uy ot M»y IB0B               H u»w*-tai«J7iii4ay ol aim  UN,             a
Wnller Johnson uf Wardnni'
ua>. nt Crnnbrooli Monday on
T Kwiiri. IVinnipi'u, C P.R,
Inspector, was n guosl m tho
Crnnbroolt Mondnj*.
Mrs. i- M. Brown. Waiduer,
wns a Cranbroolt visitor on Monday.
Iinperiul ('mil tlllil Coko Coin
puny shares arc worth W>0.00 at
i iranbroolt,
( onstablo Morris, was al Nelson during the earl.i part of tliis
vroeli on offioliil buslnoss
.1 Atwood, C P.R, siulinii
ai'.enl   :tt   Moylc   was 111 the eity
Jamos I;von ami \\ Hyde
Ualv-er were at I'Vrt StGOloJunO
tion Saturday last on business
Dr.    Ilarvie.    Mny.-.    was   nt
Cranbrook    Monday    on   professional business,
Fred lloblnson returned from
a business trip to Alberto  Mou-
When you Kei a Photo you
want one with sotno stomp to It.
If you jfo to Prosls thai is what t
ynn will jjel
Malnlnltia uucxci'llml sorvtec front
ii,,- «i--i ikiiic east unit -until. Ntnkiay
I'lu-i- counoutloin with trains »( all
triiiiM'Kiiiini'iiuii linos, (NMtongom nro
^ivi'ii tln'ir oliolw n( roiitostoOlilotgOi
l.niiisvlll,'. Memplils ami Now Orli-an*,
unil througll tin"-'' iHiliit" In tlii< lari'iiKt
I'liit-invih,' travolors desiring infor-
iiiiiliou SJ ti" tin' lOlVOSl rtit,'i  ami   U'*>
routos un' Invited t" oori'Mnondenoo
will, tin' [ollovelllg ri'iiivi'iitatlvi's.
H  ll.TnfMiui.l„l'iimmi'ri'liil Aui'iil
Hi Third 8Wi Portland, o- igon,
.1. I'. I.IMISKY, T.t'. \  P. A.
IfJ'l'lilnl St., Piirtlmiil. i ii'i'irnti.
P. II,  rnoMI'SON.   V. .* Pi An   Itlllllll
I. (iiltnaii Hlilr,., Si'iiitli', W'imli.
BC. Strawberries ••
• i
Pi'DatM'vlnn santoii Is  • ■
TflfC   drawing noar.    f/iavo ''
vmir nudors   ptoinpt dollrory   ••
•{•  guarunl I •■
MeCllKMtl'KS ]|
Marneiiibo Chocolates      •.
|    Choice Confectionery    '■
Inzehvooil lee ('ream" .,
|   Hugh Stewart jj
Phone 76    ftrilletroflflj ftve j;
S>*W*«4S>«l<tBSr»*«IISH| >♦«•****•«••
('   II. Pollen,   president of the
Kiioteiiav Central Railway is nt
Montreal ibis week on railway
Herlierl S I'larW, ensloliis
ollicer tit Fori Steele, was at
Cranbrook   Monday  on   official
Malcolm Mnlnnls was al Kim
barley this week. Mr, Molnnls
took a ride over ibe nriel triim
way, and during the I rip hud
bis band caught between llin
i' itile and one of the supports,
receiving a very blld Pill.
Dirt is now MyitiK Oil ihe
Corbin road.   The consirutultiti
of  this   rOftd   will   be   of   irreat
iienetii lo Cranbrook,
| Tailor ty Importer of
Fine Woolens.
* Ci'tinbrook, HiCi   Vrinslrong Avi
Suiiii AniifAM Waii I/Avii HiiANr ii.t
GRANTS ot limd iii»'"i' UiVOIaOtoerB  ili'-li
hairs "r saalani  uoder iiuinnrliynl this
,\i-l   nf -HilOTt I'i  "•' i-iin'lltioi,  that  aiii-Ii
liiiiiin -hiilI InnI-1 ii -i i" nil ■•>■ tha srani'-ea
on or l>"f .rcili" !ir«t 'l.i "t.niiV MA Noili-e
In iherciVin- lii-n In «l-''i lh,n iippll<-ntlnn»
tor nuoh 1'in'li iiiii-i "• hl'il »' " OO'Tliroctil
Oitl'i- li, Hint ilu'i
i: y ohkkn.
Chief C minManer oi Land!, k WurlM.
I.ao-1   .,   i Wo ki ln'irirminnt.
Vlcitorla. 11 C. Jlili ila». Il«. I H
Your nttonllmi In rsllrd to ihte
"I'loni'or Limited" «r»ln« of Die "Mil-
wnukoo A St Ptnl I'.iillwn.v. I'lie only
perfoot trnliiH In tlir world."
You will find It diialrnblc In ride oli
themo train* when going to snjr point In
tlio K»at«rn Slali-a or Cunadn. Thejr
ponneot with »H Truinieoiitlutntal
TraliM »«d all TMMt Att>.m *pI1
For further iufiirmfiiion. |NHnplilets,
ete, aak snjr Tlnknt Agsnt, or
H, U. AJKD, H  * HOWE,
hut. Ag«nt,        (leoeral Agea
jimiiiv.; euoMi'Ti.v k\kiItk.d
llousos.iml Cottagot-fbr Kent
or Snle on Kasv  lVrnts.
IIMI-. AMI SlUNiil.KS l'lllt SAt.R.
Telephone 88,
Purchase   Price   $3.00 a Month
Allowance Made For Old Maohire
Arnold & Roberts
ii-ooM r.t
.-Kiir.ni ath Or* mpKunnttm
Winn' lOW toil     I Ml   Mtirli  rt<>rV  MM   mHi1
Mnm Ktlltl'rMrV.
TaIcq niMt.v IbM 1 rtaot. T. MoVlttle, V M &
Nn UTSTto, im<'t.i f«»- .t  r. Dm wry i r>i.r.
No IUKM0B, .!«»« TnihinrC l-'.MO. No UKMOt
nuil.i. K. ArniHiioitij rvfUotnl wliiilBtslrftVor foi
ktollogfl Mlftlfl Pwc Mhin'i OerUll
rrtti1 No. lirS4Qttt HHrnil, slviy iluyn (nun 1KB
rtmo boroof, lo apply id ito* Mininu ItMohWi
for rt tvnitii'rttr of lihOrovdtnvniii for Uw v>\n-
OtMO of nlunltiliiii K CtlJttll UtOBl Of UlO nlmxi'
And fuitiirr tuin' novlcfllhttl tiiiiott. u&ttat
Rocitou ;t<*. Daunt in* DomittonQiB) bofoN th" lino*
■MtOdOtluoU PoHitlwUG «»i imrii'ovi'mpnu.
Iiniivt 'III- iwih iitiy or April, \ l» IW,
\v> Tlios r MPVITTIH
ot llaii nt.I Miilliliilni IMiln'i Stio|i
IMIII linil III' filtlll'l III lll„
l-'ir^i i'iiiii Work in nil bronchos
i,i in,.
lonsorlnl Art
I (oadquariors for
l-IIKHII  t'lll IIS
NPTH und illulri',
:: Ice Cream and Solt Drinks ;:
A tao Tolmri-ii, Pipaa
and Clffftra
Maker St.    Criinbiook   !!
Thli»>■ iliif a alter date I Inli-ml lo apply So
tha Chief Commlatloner nl undaanrt Worka
loratleonaa to ant and oarrjr away timnsr
Iron the followlnR deaerlbeil laadaln South
Kant Kootenay:- Commandos at t J»«t plaited at tho South Baal corner ol t^nf lsn, Oasist
I thenoa woa. Mobalam ibooeaiankSOobalM
Ihenee nreat 10 ohslna; thenea aontb SO ehauu;
theuco eaat SO ehaina; thenee natth Stehalns M
slac - of begtMlag.
LoeatedthiaSUidayolJnt, IBOS.       fl»
D, J, J
('■arpciUcr % HuiUler
liiKxl Work at
Keasonnhle Price
Office and Workshop  Uwlitt
SKAl.Ktl TRNDKHH iVWrOhSOd to thotiiidcf
•lUKMi. «iot rn«lor«ip<l IVii'lprn pM F»«t
i>m«'-nt Vnocoovrt 1VC." will W i<i«Wv«h1 ••
thin odlrr umu VM*\\ Snw !\ tWft, tirhiMV*
1v. for ihi» »>i-»»onoti oi k i»osi i)ffliH> litjlliltnit •*
\nntttM\or ft.iv, mVorrtltijr to iittti*. »n-1
«ij«vitii!ii rtnn to **p-fon ,.i ii,.- i.'1'piMttm'm of
fttblw \\\n lw, Ollnww Oni.iniil ft th« Vm
omvpi Aiohmii^   X'tnu'-MuiM-. H.Oi
Toiniotn win hoi oe vottiiftloroa uaimN m%-v
oiHlm pilmnl form •tnp|illi'ii, rtn<l "IfjnpiJ lift
Olo HsMtifll »i|riir.in>v^ nl ti>li«lrt(Ms.
\ti ni'iTpi>M, rhoiiui* on  ii  ihiitliMOtl   iMfit".
KiMihli' to \ho mutM ol ihe tlotHMiniHp ftif
itmii'vsif I'nhiU1 Worki. oiitmi tot^n i»m ctnt
ill) p.p.) nl Oto amount of iln» ttMnln, «M)"
noi'onipnni wen umilnr. Tiiw oiiwim» wtir iw
focrrlh it ll iho nur 1a h'ltnWlnv ilOPUttfl Um*!on
irnrimiBino mmplotr thr wi»rk it>iitn»tH**>l
for. ninl will hfl iftornml in .'hi*1 of 000-1001^1
ooqo ot ioiraer.
The Iwiwriment doon not blflrl H«tPif (oni--
POpl thi1 lowc^i oi nnv ipihIim'.
B$ OMliT,
IH'inMttniMti of I'ohlii' Worlt-t,
K (Otnwii. Mnv IU, (Wft
.1. M. BEER
Boot Shoe Maker
All Work iliinriinli'i'il
Ni'« Wiirli Made to Mi'ii-iiiii,
lin|„-,li>l llnlol
Armstrong Ave.
In Photos
The Newest Is Sure to
He Found at
Prest Photo go.
TeBmftt«nt)'i|r1 vera fat
«d for any point in the i
si|t»*i i'I'■■'*.«!»SJ
o. 29.
it Aft-Olft
n ii UaiUd
•Th* coming
if Duke Karl
foburg and
■Mm In the
Duke, who la
rman aorer-
nilar among
i celebration
quite unuau-
on auch oc-
, July IB—
nclea In the
i flrat half of
lumbers ,and
sunt of de-
is. Numeri-
rcoly any al-
ton with the
at year, but
decrease ap-
■An interna-
a to the Ger-
*tta   which
through  the
ie American
tulchay and
;  Americana
Idy training
fere from the
e high hopes
tod  showing
nan scullers
at succeed In
i under the
itu for the
anics' Build-
fifth annual
' ition.    Tha
notion with
tion of the
of Electri-
jbe held here
jcupy 83,000
>r apace and
ige of devices
lg to electric
of working
ia far in ex-
rer before as-
inot, includ-
ibitten of prl-
tallations and
tricity. The
rernment ex-
entire outfit
Ing and lately war relics
out hern Brit-
fly impreawd
r responds
tllea ie Con-
nembar of the
ate iaterren-
Adiapusja be-
' govsmiasent
captured aa
\ found fali-
ie three-Bile
ra, IM explo-
tat la the lew
twaoofcof the
Moved by McConneli; second-|tnenaa  oenina   who wisn mm j Rev. J.~rH0e^nBTr~" " ~~^y 11j^rtrof WMhlnirten.O.aT **^ .
¥ . s tt    7   ,. ™       . I we Ifto^ndot. cooling -
iJ-mperial Bank of Canada I-    -        *  soothing
I,'   ,- 2 SATORDAY.JU.VEi:  1905
! CAPITAL AUTHORIZED  #4.000,000 jjl      -- -   '-    -   —    .c^k   ArrasYOOR   fc~
t •''-"   > lliPITAI.   Ilinirl  inn •:; Oilil ililn 5   -i-mHmfTWmwWmnmnwmitnm.™«n i .--■*&   HATH   m   iln,tiiK.       ^-.
CAPITAL i paid up)     •   $3,«00,000
-  - REST ACCOUNT $3,000,000
Head   Office- Toronto.
T. R. MKKR1TT. President  I). It. WILKIE, VtahPre*. sad Gen, Man.
AGENTS   IX   c.ltKAT   BRITAIN—Lloyds  Rink   it Lombard SW,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Interest allowed on deposits
Savings Hank Department.
Cranbrook Branch.       j. f. M. pinkham, Manager.
D K. Yates of Staples was in
town Wednesday,
Dr   H.   Watt of Fort   Steele
I was in town on Wednesday.
Fresh Kootenay Lake fruil al
IlH. Stewarts, Armstrong Ave,
£     For    snaps    in   houses   see
Il.'iili- & Elwell,
|     Mr
t Moo*
♦ P L 1'vriin. 'i prominent
X Phi ri ii-i"'i ii'initii: man was in
•!•   o i n Wednesday.
~^fe AFTEH
•-"P HATH ii dusting
with IVampoles Formolid Taloutn
Powder will soothe any Irritation and
leave von testing deliolously oool and
Formolid Talcum Powder
Is absolutely pure just the powder
tor baby's tender skin, healing and preventing ohaflnj iiml Irritating- Just
the  powder   for  use after shaving,
"i'l 1-,'lltS.
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
.'3rd, I'd-
gaunt *«»***» rTTitanaaaaaaaaaaaamaeaMaMai „,   '
Ganauian Bank ot Goiiiii
Paid up Capital **,:uu,uoo; Reserve BHindMiSloouui
Total Resources ♦Hl.IWO.000 Nov. SOthj 11104
J   The
X C ismopolitnn Wednesday
and    Mrs    .1     llHlliuny, L'p to nonn on Friday Jut
Jaw,   were guesN a| the by thu undersigned.
For moving tin- present Presbyteria..,
•;•                            Church building lo tho rear of the lot  |
i      I,   ll  Duranl came down from     Also for th instruotion of anew
2 Perry    oreek     Wednpsdn i    on Churoh building a irdlng to plansand
¥ I business specifications to bo soon al Mr. Mo-
,v                           Galium'" Hardware Store.
y      Remember Hull Reid & Co. are Lowest or any tender noi necessarily
X giving 25 per cent off un Ladies aocopted,
.j. and Children shoes, j, :,-. MoCaLLDM
  Chairman Building Cotnmittoe.
1)   O.   Corbin of the Spokane
V  i™""™
-*■ ami liiii'i'iiatioiiiil railway wasatl
.lust arrived ut  Tisdale's, tirsi
hipmont of (i. B. chocolates.
F. .1   Watson,   and   T.   H. Mo ii
Mnllon of Fernie,  wore at Cran
brook on business Wednesday.
X' F:eruiu ou Tuesday
5! i    For  news thai is news of the
district road The Pbospectoh
•;•     Tlii'ti subscribe for it.
X BuySt.Eugenestock.it is a I j. Crawford, Michel, was a
X sure winner, Beale & Elwell Cranbrook visitor on Saturday
,j. Mining Brokers. |.ist
X John Hutchison returned Wed-; cheap Millinery at Reld & Co.
yinesday from a business trip to J thjs week
T Nelson. ' 	
y i
y i lias Armstrong,  Movie, wus1
X Have you seen tin. new Mc- hD trnvi) during the early part of
,». ( i.-i'-v   ranges?—Paimorn   Bros the week.
LundOa office; HO l.omhard siren, I   <:.
Nun v nrk tiffin:: in Mctum*,- IMucc
.\ni ll.'i bmnohea In Canada and the United stm,.,
Cranbrook Branch. F. C. MALPAS. Man
\i»u arc noi much i -*■ hi t lit*\\ ilil
Andyutyounn onthi hwdtnfnat
ooudlUoa uvfr) \\»\ yni uoifltfut
CAHK 01   "> OUR K^ BS
Hum hava URVilr   wont  fflfUWOi
OP  yOUf  "lil   oiifh   liuvr Imvii oul
grown, comb nod have tu oxuu.li e
youreyoa. Wo outi fttdyoUstod
pcoaorvu your roiMt proolou* ]><'*■-
fiMsinn   your oyetiifht.
. F. Tate & son
J Jewelers ul Graduate Opticiu
Offlolal Win,-!, Inapeetora C.P.R, Crow's Nest °*n Division
^-r-H-l-H-I-l-I-ri'l-H-H-r-H-H-M M-M ! I I'M-I-H-H-
have ilii'in
• warm       iiriMmi
«    WEATHER   ff AH 11
li' tii'tto proprietor of the
\'ii'W Hoti'l at M. ni -villc
i ii un on Wi'il ii>s(luy.
\ i inriii'v, iroverniiii'iii ll rubor
iuspec or, '":i->ai riinbrook on
Suiurilny liisi mi olHuinl luisinoss
'i n
Whether you dross to please yourself or some o	
the goods will satisfy.
And  he  who buys at the prices can not be accused   of
extravagance -:
Money Back If Not Satisfied
1,'iilii-n Johnson, of Marvsvillo
Cranbrook    Gun   Club .,.,8M'd ilirmigh Cmnbrook Mon-
were out practising at the  traps f|a>  ,,„  |)is ,,„„,.„ ,,,,.„ .„, BX
"" Wednesday. ,.,,„! ,| vls;l ,,, Spnkane
y     Men's shoes, bate and furnish-     [f you want a shave   a clean
X insrs at Hill & Lo -Sold at whole   coo| and refreshing  slum
.;.  sale prices. j	
' v     „ , ! Willi Iniililin,
I lie Cranbrook  rue Brigade 	
•J*'will   spnil   a   team   lo  Moyie on      iji    J    ^'()n    Calgat'V
'•*  July 1st to compete for a priz"
Window Screens       Screen Doors
Green Wire Cloth
Ice Crcum Freezers      Refrigerators
 a      —gO
j to Clitic's barber shop,  in thei
•H-H-t"H-I'H-l-M-H"H"l"H"I"l' •H-H-H-t-M-1-W
i! Beale & El well
»#   Are Offering   %m
H   Fraser of  f
"ft  Steele  was  v, , .
AI < > 1111: i v
—     I
»f   He'   License   Com-     ,-     i
Lr.      i
,   .-.r.......   ^eui-rul
storekeeper   for   tlu>   Canadian
Pacific Rftilway Co., was in town
Cranbrook, B.C
I*!**!"!* ssshh^s^
f meeting     -.im-  . om-     ,;    |-    purker,   Moyie.    has
V tnissioiiPrs. accepted   a   position  as   book
3.^    „,.    ,        . , 7,   ,   . ,    i keeper  for the  Hast  Kootenay
Xi    1 he Imperial Hani; is now lo   Lu.ober Company.
TiCated  in   its   new  commodious	
I quarters corner of Baker Street:   j   H   F(,n(on won, ,„ Modioiuo
J-land Hansons Avenue. Hat Monday to meet  Mrs.   Fen-1
,    .,   ,„ ,        ,        ton, who is coining to reside  in
J.  O.   1 row   was down  from n~-<
Perry   creek   Wednesday.     He
reports placer mining operations
as being active.
Some magnificent real es- j^f£^ftMTiiJS^iSr
T. Rader,  and 0, J, Johnson
"rom Morrissey Wed
Now is I
:: tate investments.
:: the time to get in.
• •
1 War Scrip
-i-t-l-i- ^-H-H-H-J-H-i-f-H-i-r-l-J-H-'-f |
+ |Mo,yi
Sdward Elwell of the firm of
Tenders are being called for
the construction of a new churoh
by   the   Presbyterian   church!
At Prest Photo Studio you
will find some New Photo
Mounts   which   are   up   to  the
  .,,,   in in  ui i
Beale it  Elwell  returned Wed- 	
nesday from a business trip to     Malcolm    Mclnnls,   Calgary,
Spokane. received   a    telegram    Monday
_ . ,     from Mrs  Melnnis suiting  thati
Harry Drew, proprietor of the his mother in-law died on Sun-1
North Star Hotel  at Kimberley.  jav
was in iown Thursday ott busi- 	
noss Marconi Securities are still be
ing sold at Cranbrook,   If you
want  them   •■Hutch" has a few
u ~    * Proprietor
♦    Marysville, B.C.    ♦ )
B The leading Hotel of the St   Mary's Valley,   i
Nice airy rooms, newly furnished.    Table as good   I
X)   as iiny in Kootenay.
I left. m>,. h(m at once,
Ladies' and Men's
Ladies Summer goods. Correct
styles,  selected   the best  from
ill * Co.
prices, ,.     ,   ,
I'rank Atlgcre,   of Marvsvillo,
was m town  Tuesday  on busi-
We  have a   im-ir,.   andjp688,     "''   slll)s''''il>"'l   for   the
. J [styles, selected the bes
.{ Eastern Markets, al Ilil
w. Sold at wholesale prices,
Lei   us  ligure   on   youi
worl       ""  r	
, ;co.nplele assortment   of station
ji.'ry-   prices   that   defy  eompoti
tion.   The Pbospectoh.
John Hutchison was at Nelson
this -week with the Marconi
wirelesV     •■Hutch"   is  always
,   ,,   ,-■    :    ',,'      ,'l rounding un business.
Harvey, J. 1'. Armstrong. Frank1
Parks,   A.   Erickson,  ft. Small
Messrs   VV.   F.   Tali
A.  Jensen,   (ieo.   Monro,   D. A
McKillop and A. U. Grace wen
Constable Baron, on Monday,
arrested two chinaman for tiring
•i rifle  in the town limits    The
A   Marysville, B.C.    $
Our complete Cold Storage Planl enables us t,, lu
nlsh our goods' in perfect condition at all seasons i
the year.
************** **********
HILL & CO. plaeed on the market their
.ENTIRE STOCK of $60,000 worth of General
Merchandise at Prices Never Before Thought
Of In This Country
vf«_'„ c,.it     ,.                      , James r inley,  suuerintetident,
Mens Suits at »4.95    worth $,o.oo 0f the Sullivan group of mines
underwear at 45c    worth goc was in the city Thursday.    Mr.
)2 pair of all wool sox for it.oo Firil7 [eftontbe-affernoon train
A           f. J.:,   i-        1 j li   1     ", ,                        for Michel on business connected
0 pair ot imported black cashmere sox for Si.OO             with the transfer of a coal  pro
Silks in all shades at 16c per yard    worth 2sc & 10c   Ipei,y in that vicini,v- ^^^^___^^^ ^_
Best English prints at 8#c worth t5c and r8c. A piece of C~Glass makes a I    ? you w,uU t0 SM carofully
All   *4.X.««.   —        i      •        ^-i very acceptable Wedding Gift. .     Duat% RacKe<» strawberries
All otner ffoods in the same w*in.™jUsi openeduPa.fresh-csho"fl <j«»p «to uw«.t.
0 w**v    Oi*luo||0i: J Rogers Grocery some afternoon
attending    a    convocation    ofi,,,.,- ,   .,        - i~     ■■""
Rocky Mountain Chapter    K  \ |   cn,nl:s   were each lined JIS and
M.. at Steele on Tuesday.'        '     ('"Sl'
W'iggons Strawberries are best
quality, each basket contain full
weight, are picked and carefully
packed every morning and delivered in Cranbrook same afternoon. Procurable only at (i T
GranDrooKs Greatest store
W.  II
I ticlan.
Wilson Jeweler & Op-
Mechanic-,, riirincts, Sporlsiucu .'
To tii-al and MifHm  tbo  alilu  unil   riiiuiivo
Breiii,c. ol] .in,', r.,-1 stiilns. piiiui and rartb
I eta, u»il Tho -ilastiir Mectwulc't" Tur soop
lAlWl 'l'o'lc: :-jap Co.,»«rs.
I .....  ' "HIIIWII
and see the Wiggen Strawberry
shipment being opened up. The
eases and cup are new aud clean,
thin boards and parchment paper
protects the lower tier from the
upper. Every basket is full of
borries big, ripe, juicy fellows
every one of them,
This week we offer
all Trimmed and Ready
to Wear HATS at exactly
^^B -"-•"-"


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