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The Prospector Feb 3, 1906

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 fe    FEB'  •' /
^ G" .'
v'o;. jy.
No. 5.
iiaVE   OliiANlZED
O.anbroo'.c   tfymusiiiin   and
crjation Club.
Under the above name the
organization in the recreation
building will be known iu the
future.   On Monday evening 100
men met for thu purpose of organizing. Rev. J. P. Westmnn,
the promoter of the scheme,
culled the meeting to order, unci
after dlsoussing ihe name and
conditions of membership the
members proceeded lo elect the
officers, As soon us an oppor
tunity was given for joining over
100 persons immediately stated
they wished lo unite with the
club. The election of officers
resulted as follows
President—J. P. Westman
Vice-President—J. P. Fink
Secretary—Dr. Connolly
Treasurer—W. H, Wilson
Members of Executive Committee: ,1. D. McBride, J. P.
Bradley, T. Stark, E. G. Dickson and Prod Patton. These
with the officers will form the
working body and have control
of the organization. They will
make rules and to them complaints and recommendations
must be made.
The above executive met on
Tuesday and decided to add
articles of apparatus so that the
work will be more complete.
The enthusiasm all evening was
high and when the meeting
broke up three rousing cheers
were given for the club and the
Each evening this weok has
seen large numbers in attendance, about 100, and during the
day great numbers can be seen
in the reading rooms having a
quiet game of some kind. This
is truly the men's home.
The K.C.R and Fort Steele.
Editor of The Daily News:
Dear Sir—There has beeu much
discussion in certain quarters,
and so determined an effort made
to prevent the Kootenay Centra]
from touching at Port Steele,
that the following extracts from
a recent letter to the undersigned
from Sir Thomas Shaughnessy
will be of interest to the public
and the friends of the K.C.R. I
am by permission of Sir Thomas,
authorized to publish these extracts or the entire letter. The
extracts, however, are all that
are at present pertinent to the
subject of discussion:
"If the Kootenay Central be
built under our auspices we shall
want to serve Port Steele. If
later on, it bo found desirable to
reach Cranbrook for westbound
traffic it can, as you say, be done
by a branch line."
The letter is dated at Montreal
and is signed by Sir Thomas, as
president of the C.P.R.
Huciu Watt, M.D.
Port Steele, Jan. 27.
The Prospector.
Now again the time is coming
when the prospector, like the
birds, takes his flight northward
The prospector of today in
spirit and character is much like
the prospector of years past and
gone, but he knows more, and
the result of his better work is
shown in the continuous strikes
made in the district during the
past year; yet for all that he is
doing he receives but little
credit. Capital comes in and
helps him out with a grubstake,
which enables him to go on
wandering like the ''Wandering
Jew" and the capitalist goes to
the legislature us uu M.P.
Lead Company to Expand.
New York, January 31.—The
stockholders of tho St. Joseph
Load Company will hold a special
meeting hero this afternoon to
vote on a proposition to increase
the capital stock of tho company
from $6,000,000 to §20,000,000.
The directors und officials of the
St. Joseph Lead Company are
very reticent concerning ihe
reasons for this increase of tbe
capital slock, but they deny with
great emphasis lhat tin- increase
has any connection whatever
with the proposed merger of Ihe
two great Loud Companies, the
United and the American.
The St. Joseph Lead Company
owns valuable lead mines and
smelters in Francois County,
Missouri. The output in 19U4
was 34.0011 tons. The par value
of its me,000,000 capital slock is
M0 and 0 per cent dividends are
paid. The company controls the
Mississippi River and Bonne
Terre Railway and the Doe Run
Lead Company, Its directors
are nearly all residents of New-
York and Brooklyn.
J. D, Mclnness of Sandon was
iu the city Friday.
Prank Clapp was at the Yahk
Friday on business.
D. R. Yates of Bayard was at
Cranbrook Thursday.
J. Retallack of Kaslo was ir
the city Thursday.
Chas Mair of Lethbridge was
a Cranbrook visitor this week.
Geo. P. Tisdale wus at Moyie
this week on business.
A. C. McCowan and daughter
left on Saturday for Montreal.
M. B.JKing was ut Winnipeg
this week on business.
W. Hammond came down from
Marysville Thursday on business
B. S. Wright of Nelson was a
Cranbrook visitor on Thursday.
N. H. Wright of Spokane was
in Cranbrook on business Friday
J. S. Hoguu and W. Hill of
of Vancouver were registered at
the Cranbrook Monday.
J A. Christie and W. C. Mc-
Gilloway, of Winnipeg, were
guests at the Cranbrook Monday
H. Bycrs of Nelson was in the
ity during the early part of this
F. E. Simpson, editor of the
Herald, lefl on Friday's train,
on a business trip to Lethbridge
According to the old song,
there were £3 "Jolly good
fellows" at tho banquet on
Thursday evening.
A regular monthly assembly
of Selkirk Preceptory was held
in Masonic hall on Thursday
There was an emergent meeting of Cranhrook Lodge A. F. &
A.M. on Thursday evoning.
Several candidales were admitted
Mr. P. Benedict, manager of
the Mayook Lumber Co., was in
lown this week ou a business
Our reputation us experts oii
Blower Work has caused an increasing demand for our services
among sawmill men all over the
districl.    Patmore Bros.
Vic Rollins, who has been
visiting his old home in Ontario
for several weeks, returned lo
Cranhrook on Sunday last,
Harry White, customs officer,
visited Eastporl, on the International boundary, during the
early part of this week.
The Club Restaurant is again
open to the public. Home cooking, home made I.read und pies u
specially. Lunches nt short
order. Lumber Jack, prosper-
tors, miners and millionaires eul
at the Club Restaurant.
Mr. J. Harris, of Harris Bros.,
returned from a trip to England
on Friday morning, lie reports
having a good time. Mis tunny
friends are pleased lo see him in
his accustomed place
If our ice materializes once
more a number of interesting
hooky matches will be played.
Boarders at the Cranbrook v.s.
Cosmopolitan and Wentworth v.
Royal and the winners of each
These would be very attractive
and should draw largo crowds.
A. E Watt was down from
Wattsbut'g Friday on business
Chas. McNab was in the city
Friday on business.
D. F, Fisher of Queboc was in
the city Friday.
G A Mclntire of Vancouver
was registered al the Cranbrook
A W. McKenzie of Portland,
Ore., wasa guest at the Cranbrook Friday.
Candies fresh every day al
ihe "Candy Howl." Why' not
try them?
J. R. McPhail of Vanoouvei
was a guest al  the Cranbrook
Sunday last.
B. Blonfleld of Kimberley wns
visiting friends ut Cranbrook
this week.
Mrs. Bennett of Marysville
spent a couple of days in town
this week.
Geo. -Madden of Greenwood
was a guest at the Cosmopolitan
L. Miller and D. S. Angus of
Wilmer were registered at the
Cosmopolitan Friday.
A. Mcintosh and H. O. Marshall of Toronto were in the city
D. A. Ayers and Geo. A.
Clothier of Moyie were in town
Thursday on business.
J. K. Devlin of Victoria wasa
guest al the Cranbrook Thursday.
C. E. Sine of Chicago, ill.,
was registered at the Oranbrook
Bert Black has accepted a position as manager of a short- line
of railway out uf Fertile.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos Starhird
and daughter Bessie, of Wilmer,
were Cranbrook visitors on
A. B. Cowan, Gait, Ont., was
transacting business at Cranbrook during the early part of
this week.
H. M. Burrows and John
Chamings of Fort Steele were
transacting business at Cranbrook on Monday.
Stanly C. Ayers representing
the Bostonian Juvonile Opera
Co., was in the city Friday arranging for a date for his company.
For pure, fresh candies, get
them at the "Sugar Bowl," on
Armstrong avenue.
There is a prospect of Cranbrook having a good Band this
season as the boys are getting
together and intend to organize
iu the near future. The citizens
should encourage them in every
possible way.
The regular public services
will be held in the Methodist
Church next Sunday at 11 a.m.
and 7:30 p.m. At the close of
Ihe morning service the sacrament of the Lord's supper will
be administered. The evening
■subject will be "Something to be
proud of". A song service precedes this.  Congregational sing-
r, anthem by choir and solo
and chorus "Never Alone". All
are Invited.
As some of the delegates of
the Boards of Trade from our
neighboring towns were down
looking through the Royal hotel
they expressed themselves as
very much surprised to find an
up lo dale hotel in every particular In a city the size of Cranbrook. One gentleman said
Well this beats me. here we find
everything for comfort, steam
heat, electric lights, large clean
bedrooms, spacious parlors, the
besl of service ill the .lining
room,   in   fact   everything   that
pertains to the comforl of the
traveling public".
For a good smoke go to S.
J. Mighton the Tobacconist.
and ull did justice to the gooi,
things provided. Followiiu
this Chiel Ringer McCowat
gave a short history of tbe order
iu Cranbrook showing Ihe increase from ten to fifty in five
years. A lengthy and interesting toast list wns dispos-d of
and the proceedings enlivened
by some excellent songs and a
good impression was left.
Those who were not members
were attracted to the order and
it is likely a few initiations will
follow. To say llie banquet was
a success is saying but little.
harmony and enthusiasm
prevailed and all were sorry
when "Auld Lang Syne" was
A hearty vote of thanks was
tendered to the Host- VanDecar
for Ihe excellent menu provided
and also for the entertainment.
Will Open Parliament.
London, Jan. 30.-The king
arrived in town this afternoon
and the queen proceeded to
Sandringhain, where she will
remain until she goes to Copenhagen, to attend the funeral of
her father king Christian. The
king has decided to open parliament in person, but the queen
will not be present and the state
pageantry probable will he curtailed.
Silver-Lead Camps.
Sandon Standard:—Of all the
silver-lead camps in British
Columbia, Moyie is the only one
that shows any signs of life.—
Guess the Sandon man has not.
visited the Kimberley camp this
winter. The output-of 100 tons
of ore per day makes a pretty
lively camp.
Will Build on Cranbrook Street.
W. G. Haines has let a contract for the erection of a two-
story building on the corner of
Harold and Cranbrook streets.
The building will be 2-1x20. with
an L 16x10. Geo. Leask & Co.
have secured Ihe contract.
Hookey at Pernie
The Junior Hockey Club of
Cranbrook played the Fernie
Juniors, at Fernie on Wednesday evening. The score was8 to
3 in favor of Fernie. A return
game will played at Cranbrook
Friday, February Oth in the Columbia Rink.
Though defeated tho Juniors
I say that I hey had a good time
and as guests of the Fernie Club
partook of a fine banquet at the
King Edward hotel.
Brodeur's Appointment.
Ottawa, Feb. 1.— it is expoc-
ted that Hon. Mr. Brodeur's appointment lo be minister of
marine and fisheries, will lake
place Friday.
Foresters Banquet
The Ancient Order of Foresters
held   a   su. ssful   banquet   on
Friday evening of Inst week
about fifty guests being present.
The menu  was of a high order
Interim Report.
To the shareholders of the
North Star Mining Co. Ltd. In
accordance with resolution
passed at the Annual Meeting of
the Shareholders held on tho
28th June 1905, it was determined
to issue lo the Shareholders
every six months a statement
giving such information as may
be of interest In them.
The Directors have to r-eport
flint exploration work has been
carried on, and I wo shafts havo
been sunk to some depth without favorable results.
A drift was started west of the
Kellogg Shaft and carried to a
length of 250 feet and a depth of
7fi feet. This exposed, between
welldelincil walls, .". feet wide, a
mineralized body which has
shown improvement since first
cncouniercil. If impossible to
say whothor this will lead to a
body of paying ore or not, but it
is on the whole encouraging.
By order of the Board.
Montreal, December 80th, 1905,
Eighth  Annual  Meeting of  the
Associated Boards of Trade.
The Associated Boards of
Trade of interior British Columbia were iu session here Wednesday. There'were eight boards
represented, and 23 delegates in
The following is a list of the
delegates present:
President Goo. 0. Buchanan,
of Kaslo. Secretary A. li. McKenzie of Rossland.
Cranbrook R. E. Beattie. ,1. P.
Fink and G. H. Thompson.
Port Steele Dr. H. Watt, A. B.
Fenwick and li. L. T. Galbraith
Fernie D. V. Mott. Dr. C. P.
Higgins and .1. L. Pollock.
Trail T. W. Bingay, N. Rinns
and T. G. Greenway.
Kaslo J. L. Retallack and A.
F. Garland and W. E.  Zwickey.
Moyie J. P. l-'arrell.
Nelson T. G. Proctor, Fred.
Starkey and J. J. Campbell.
Rossland Smith Curtis, L. A.
Campbell and W. H. Falding.
Upon coming to order with
president G. O. Buchanan in the
chair, and after the credential
committee had found the delegates present duly authorized,
the president delivered his annual address.
Then followed the election of
officers for the ensuing year.
G.O.Buchanan was reelected for
the fifth consecutive term. A.B.
McKenzie of Rossland was also
re-elected as secretary, and
Fred. Starkey of Nelson as au
assistant to the president.
The following resolutions were
then passed upon.
A resolution asking for a
specific duty of one cent per
pound on lead.
The Provincial Government
will be asked to repeal the new
School Act.
Will ask the Dominion Government to place a duty on high
A resolution asking the Dominion Government to purchase
gold and silver bullion al Trail,
where there is a refinery
A resolution asking the Provincial Government to give financial assistance towards the construction of the Kootenay Central Railway.
Will ask the Provincial Government to investigate the
charges of the shifting of survey lines in the Flathead valley.
A resolution asking the Dominion Government to establish
experimental farms in the interior of British Columbia.
Will ask the Provincial Government to allow the West
Kootenay Power & Light Co., to
extend their lines to Greenwood
and Yale district.
The next convention of the
Associated Boards will be held
at Greenwood.
Boakd op Trade Banquet.
The representatives from the
different parts of Kast and West
Kootenay at the meeting of the
Associated Boards of Trade were
tendered a banquet at the Cranbrook hotel by the local Board
on Thursday evening of this
week. The large dining room
was beautifully arranged and
decorated, and at in p. m., the
hour for commencing the tables
presented a very attractive appearance.
About fifty guests sill down to
partake of the good things provided by "Mine Hosts"Hoggarth
ami Rollins. This part being
ended at 11.80,, President Beat-
tie look llie chair and in n few
well chosen words welcomed llie
delegules Irom the different
parts of the district and ihon
proposed the toast to tho"King"
after which all joined in singing
"God save Ihe King." The
toast lo Ihe delegates was then
proposed, and Mr. Galbrailh responded expressing pleasure at
being in Cranbrook and although
they had been hard at work yet
the different questions had boon
well handled with united feeling,
all pulling together for the
progress of the ccuntry. Coupled with this name was Mr.
Parrel of Moyie. who stated that
the work of the meeting was in
arrange so that hard times could
ne avoided. Mr. Falding of Rossland spoke to the subject thanking the Cranbrook people for
their genial hospitality.
Mr. G. O. Buchanan president
of the Associated Board was
called for the next toast, lie
stated this was the *tli annual
convention. Being far from the
seat of legislation this association fills the bill and takes up
large questions as a preliminary
to parliamentary work. This
last year was a success. Figures
show great progress. ln these
districts we have  :"!">   mills   with
an average of 2,800,000 feel per
day. $10,000,000 invested and
$2,000,000 paid in wages and
fully three fourths of this is in
Easl Kootenay. He said we are
aiming at nationality and not
merely a hanger on but will have
an identity and a character of
our own.
The secretary A. B. McKenzie
of Rossland was then called and
responded, thanking Cranbrook
for a good time and congratulating the promoters of Ihe banquet
on its success. The remainder
of the toast list was as follows:
Mining—J. L. Retallack and
Smith Curtis.
Lumber—Mr, C. McNabb and
Mr. MiilUndtile.
Smelting—J. .1. Campbell and
T. W. Bingay.
Fruit and Farming—T. G.
Proctor and A   B. Fenwick.
Tho Kootenays—F. E. Simpson, Noble Binns and Pred
Sister Cities- Lome Campbell
and ,1. R. Pollock.
Transportation—W. M. Pcarce
and Dr, H. Wall.
Learned Professions—J. P.
Ladies—F. W. Guesnsey, W.
T. Reid and G. H. Thompson.
Press,—A. W. Dyer and D. V.
The speeches of the evening
were of a good order and all
were very optimistic as to the
future of the Kootenays and
mentioned Canada as the gem of
all the colonies and B.C. as the
gem of Canada. From the addresses it was evident that there
were great signs of improvement
Rossland was brightening and
wilh Ihe present knowledge in
the hands of the promoters they
would now be able to pay large
dividends. In all parts there
were signs of activity. During
the evening the proceedings
were enlivened by songs from
Messrs J. Ryan, A. Shankland,
J. Simms and .1. McSweyn and a
couple of recitations by J. Bales.
At last when well on iu the night
the company dispersed each expressed the opinion that a good
time had been spent and with a
good cheer each left for his
oom. The banquet was indeed
pronounced a success.
Prom Premier of England.
in J. D. Mel .ride's window is
to be seen Ihe original of the Allowing letter from Sir Henry
Ca npbell llunnorman, premier
of England, addressed to Robt
Robson of Mayook. an old employee of the premier's fill her.
.Ian. I, 'oti, in Downing St.
Whitehall, S.W.
Ilobt Robson, Esq., Mayook.
British Columbia,
Dear Sir: I liuve received
your letter with great pleasure,
ami thank you for il.
i am particularly pleased by
your references to old timos in
Glasgow.    Yours very truly,
II. Campbell, Banneuman
R. Robson. Esq.
Mr. Dickson, manager of the
P. Burns Co., who has been ill
for over n week, is out once
more receiving the cougratula-
tiojiwrf his tunny friends.
The Largest Silver-lead Producing
District in British Columbia.
In no other district in the province was there such a large increase in mineral production in
1905, as compared with 1904, as
in Southeast Kootenay, which
produced lead, silver, coal and
cokejin greater quantities in 1900
than ever before, to which advantage- was added the higher
price of the two metals mentioned.
The particular instances of
progress In this district were the
considerably enlarged operations
of the St. Eugene lead-silver
mine, which is by far the largest-
producer of lead in Canada; the
commencement of regular ore
production by the Sullivan
Group, also lead-silver mines;
and increase of production at the
collieries of the Crow's Nest
Pass Co.
The year's progress at the St.
Eugene may be forcibly told in
but lew words. Ore milled 130,-
000 tons, (in 1004, 73,000): concentrates shipped 30,000 tons,
(in HUM, 15,000 tons:) lead produced 40,000,000 lbs (in 1905,
21,000,000;) silver produced,
1,000,000 ozs. (in 1994, 541,500
ozs) of the ore and concentrates
produced U..708 tons were
shipped to Europe, and tho remainder to Nelson and Trail.
The average metal contents was
silver 24 ozs. per ton and lead (17
per cent.
Au increase of 26,500,000 lbs
of lend, or more than 50 per cent
on the production of 1904, is a
decidedly substantial result of
ihe year's lead ore mining.
While nboul 40,000,000 of the
57,000,000 lbs produced came
from the Si. Eugene, the balance
17,000,000 lbs came from over
200 mines and prospects.
The coal mines of the Crow's
Nest Pass produced more coal
and coke in 1905 than all the
combined Coast and Island coal
The Si. Eugene is tho largest
silver-lead producing mine in
Canada, with the Sullivan group
of mines a close second.
The net earnings of the St.
Eugene for 1905 were more than
East Kootenay produced 24,200
tons of lead, Ainsworth and
Slocan 3,698 tons, all other parts
of British Columbia 738 tons.
Will Ask Government Aid.
The Golden Board of Trade
has wired the Cranbrook and
Fernie Boards of Trade request
ing them to send delegates to
Victoria to cooperate with them
in asking the Provincial Government to grant financial assistance
towards the construction of the
Kootenay Central Railway.
At it special meeting of the
Craubrooli Board of Trade held
on Monday, Mayor Rogers and
.1. A. Harvey, who are now at
Victoria on city business, were
appointed as delegates to represent the Cranbrook Board.
11. G. Parson and Thomas
O'Brien will represent the Gol-
deu Board of Trade.
Will Meet Jan. 27.
The annual meeting of the St.
Eugene Consolidated Mining Co.
will be held iu Toronto today,
January 27th. Manager Cronin
will not  in- in attendance this
year.     Bis report, however, was
SOIll in several days ago.
Will   Extend Extradition  Agreement.
London January 29.—It is
stated on good authority that an
agreement bel ween (I rent Britain
and tin- Untied States, toinclude
bribery and fraudulent bankruptcy in Ihe extraditable offences will be ratified by the British
government within a few days. Till-. PROSPECTOR, CKANUROOK   B C„  FEBRUARY
fill Note
(ftlji* ghwttpftctov* ,,,,,
al inquiries for roal  estate
.j ih.- past week  from  oul
side purtius who are desirous, in
-, low  ol railwaj developmenl H
I..-1 hi l\ on the ground.
Baker Street.      Cranbrook, B.C.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
A.   B.   fc»lrl< €-,
!'l Itl.lslll.i:    AM.    Klirrnt:
-   'tins ueel,   is   ii.,- appointed
Ii will paj  ihosa who are
looking im woi It to call aud
Jim   McArthur
We" informed | pie in Cran      Hi, pm| sivim, y„u ., _,,.,, rtnd
1 ,             ,              ■   brook are sure tha  the "Czar's
" room for speculation as to        ,,  .                                           also lit \on out in
., ,   ,                                          ,       .-        -   n-u I h Is e.\relli-lll
the hiiure o   Cranbrook in.
Comfortable Bed rooms
First Clas> Dining Room 8urroun(     u ,ich ll)itl01.tt,
HEADQUARTERS   FOR TOURISTS AND OLD  TIMERS aistrict, inhabitated by a thrtrty      [l]**M  "ll"   "' 'Position
____      = and  enterprising .-hiss of busi- benches  Iu the locu use have
H^.^gls^^g^g^g^^^S^i5tsS^ ness  men,  ihe railway cenlreorll«ri'osli-lvl>l'eurauce al   |iresenl
Clothes, Shoes
Bats, IU.
HILL  &   CO.     The only place la town
■   thai .-uu iiiukt. Iifar- worth the living.
do nan note
E. H. SMALL, Manager
1 Hotel
♦   Marysville, B.C.    ♦
Th,. lending Hotol of the St. Mary's Valley
Nice airy rooms, newly : irnished Table .is good
:is any in Kootenay.
w. Craig   Jim Mcfirtnup
w .irk
Hanson Vve   I'll .niikook, H.C
I *
We have this week unloaded a car of each kind
Special Price for Ton Lots, Call and see us before
buying elsewhere.    We also carry a stock of
a \ ust empire, ne.nc iln- lermin
us of all roads aud Hails thai
lead from every mining camp in
Southeast Kootenay, Cranbrook
is  uol  only    i In-  largest city in
(fli       ' the  districl,,   bul   il is Ihe  si
Important. hj long odds, from a     stiiim imum* mid I
{commercial   stand   poiul     11  is s-...  ,.:
tin- distributing centre  for this
vast terril f mineral Holds        ,.   ,      . «.       ,-,      , a  Itlllof    . IllipoltVf of  ,
l   iisl    11,1   SlOCK    l-.slllllllles * . ,. , I
which surround   ii     li   is   also        ,. ,,,   „ ,  , , Fine  Woolens.
I- uruislied I  poll    \|iplica ♦ *
the centre of ,i large lumbering                                                          . I
,'-fc5X£U15^;i3^£SiSss>5>£«^                                                                                        ,,                                                  """                                                      i   L'l-i.i.liiiHik  in      \iii,sIi-,iii.-  We   I
^^S^^c&r^^^^Si^^^^^rsS:^^rr^^^^:^f^:^s-X)       country      I'ro.speclors.   miners J   ' "*"""' J
und lumbermen    frou   Pilot Hu\ «»*****«*»«»**»«««»«»#*»i*I
toElkRivei   fi-on    in   luiormi    P.O. BOX 834.    lil'.lllDrook. B.C.
Horn ..Klurj   lo  ihe  Windei  ! |   MUSIC   |
mere district ure depeudenl upon   ("" '""«">""»•" ' <ts
its men    mts   oi   supplies,   coi     I Kockj   MomUilill Chiiptci
r      see ii-ntiy they musl make  their  ~5 \,,   i.-,,.  i;, ,\  m.
headquarters within the gates ol   : N     _ = Special iillenlion I oh,
:<:,-i   •- Cninbrook     The-.-   : ; ,'„.,„,  .„„,,.„   ,,,„,        **W»>^**^8*W.>*ai**S*8?*«**«**«*^^
i      i;.-:ji:.h-i,i,-,-iiii-:-    2ml Tu.-s-   ; lechulque,    plniising   ami        f,
■■ ■ ■   ' '   :  ... lit   I       grading ul studies. /
-. ••     •  TWT -ni    _t.j_„ Igemeni     win    .: -•
-Gnamelled Ware      Plumbing
jmiriiiiii:   t uiiipuiiions   ur
Patmore Bros.
Stoves, Ranges      Blower Piping
Furnaces      Sheet Metal Work
Harris Bros.
;     Mrs. Hislop r^«H?l   i	
The Very Best
9        "        " «
'   ♦
ill. future ot be th.    :    ,  ,.,,t;|, ...viii
lend ng     tj liis    irgi aud
glowing   distr ■ •      No   railway
Kin- ihii-IIl-uIiiiv iippl) lo ('. R. Kel.l .* ,1
;   I'..., Tin- Driiggimt
| Royal   Hotel
M. Biituow. s,-i-ii„- I-:.
look! look!!
%„„„.„„.„ u..........................f iWc, ft FIRST-GLASS TURNOUT).
to be    -:.',-- the future   no to i
>■>*»'•"■>-"   *audi,s ■'■"- ANCIENT ORDER 'FORESTERS
will   not    try.   ;is   public  enter
Court, Granbrook 8943 , .,,,--■.-a,.
rs  «„   in,,  mi  ■in,s„,vs    | LIVERY  I     \
in patmore.s hall TEAMS and DRIVERS        -    **
is   now.    ind   ever   will  be the   w-iiin-   breiliei-n   ..uiitlulls   invit.-.l
railway. Im ring,  as well as                  0. It.,   I. MnUiVAN Pumished for any point In the
V   |.j    ...        .     .,  : Sij-tll't'tlU'V,    .1. SIMS. '
pr s,.s stand eatl i today ■
build io ir ■'■::. •- s ■-, There
s ui, -le   ■ ■   ml   thai   I 'ranbrook
the commercial center of ibis
district. These Ends are pateni
to all. The inarch of progress
is   oii   and   cannol   he stopped,
ITin-  new  era   is  aboul  in dawn
bat will make Southeast Koote
: nay the banner districl  of  lirii
' Isti Columbia wilh Cranbrook as
' its capilal
\ i    We believe thai the coming of
Finest of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Those who are weary and thirsty,  drop in, and
Alex will do the rest.
ALEX McCOOL     Prop.
Heat lit Quality
.Most Artistic In Design
Lowest In Price
I'iiintcrs,   l',i|ii-iii,niei-is   nu    I )ei ni,it..is
Sign Painting a Specialty
Spokane  international  Railway  W.  P. GURD
'..-ill be I lie must potent stimulus
- BootShoe Maker
' i       All Work Guaranteed
N'.j-u Work .Mini'- in Mousurti
*  When   You   Think  Of
■' which lias I n givon tolbemin-
. |  inu: and industrial growth of Cran
Solicitor, Etc.
Armstrong Ave     '   !l
Imporiflt Iln
r      S
'|brook district, and ii will go far
towards   placing   Cranbrook   in jGl'illllll'OOk '       llritish Columbia |   fi
tho   from    rank   as   the mining	
city oi Southousl Kootonay. C. H. DUNBAR
I'd  IK»x mi     AUMS'PRONfl AVKNUI5    PHONE III    5
:♦: ,    . ,     ,:*'
:♦:«:♦.<> ♦»;♦.-> ♦■,«;♦:<> '♦' >• <.♦.<>:♦ <> ♦..«:♦:<>:<*•;.«>.♦
      Wholesale     —_
ii \i:i'.isTi:i;. SOUCITOK
I)., not for a moment loso sight        ,ln,| x.ri'.Mlv I'l.'lil.l.'
of  the  fuel   thai  this district in i
the nai ure of things must come Oranbrook, B.C,
lo tho front and that right speed-  .	
ily, and thai  Ciatibrook   is   tho gf h   Thompson
leading   city  of   a   progressive
You Think Of
"HUTCH"   |
j I \_J £~\     \t)\    The quuslion of judicious ad-   Onnlii-ixilc, n.c.
verlising a city or town is appar-
As—a       M~>#^*t*4 V^ rXII~T *^&*^% ,'"1     sl"lk:lll('  --I"'111   thousands   THOMAS    MeVITTIK.
•   \\mf •   DVal W 1^1 Alia^ZZfA^ „l' dollars       advertising its re
sources:   Neison   and   liosslliud
Pacific   Coast   Points |-
P.I^.S. A- CE. ANO
tus done Ibe  sane.    I ranorooli , ,  ,      _.,.,..,.,        ,, .   „_
u    v   „    , ->• niriil   ,    in   Eastl ALL   POINTS    LAST
Galgarv   Uccr,  Ale .V  I'ortcr. _ Kootenav     Lot    us    all    boost I Port Steele B.C. i
T. LEBEL .v <:<).. Hay and (Jain.        cranbi-ook. —
■r. ♦^.^^»..4)>»#..»..-i..r»-—.»-»-»»»'-»-^—■—-9• ■»■•■»■ Piilnci; uiul Tourist
Cranbrook, B.C. [t »-a.s learned that there worn   j   nTJ   ,•   ,n   mwMn, t V   *! ,.""»»'"•■ B^'""
   i  j DR, E, W. CONNOLLi j        Llbmry c"r°- Mod"'"
•»*****' •• * *"?      nn a VTlWrt      !    Phuslcian»-»<JSuroeon    ) S,LTca™.
' K A    M N    T o,'-,"„-K Ai.MS-rur.NC av,-:. ' M,„,LS      :      ;
I  \ Ul I A    1   IHU J   llini.'s:   II lo II il.lll.   - In ii |i.in.   I
We have been ill   llle   business   j   ^^ , ,„i,.'!'M,!.""ll,-i,l,-  Inu   {
for  several   years,  wo  have the   I ♦
best equipment in   li.C   and'   IV(ikw-a>««»iw*«**».»M.»,Maa,
e Ull lllllee sillisfllCl I'll).
PHONE   119   -
C anb ook, B.C. East Koot nay. X
C. C. C.
Gaioaru cattle Go,
Fresh and Salted Meat,;
Kish and Poultry ir, Season
Best  Meals  on  Wheels
i About mat PianoJ Edsar Davis 2 ''J"SK 2
Odors by mail will r ive proui]il and careful attention   J    dbI
iVi- are ihe imlhorized  agents
' 1 'in- ihe removal of Mason & l.i.scli j
J   Pianos, we can do the work with- nnnvl,, ,.
t   oul risk      Also Household Fur
Order ii> Phone ts
Furniicc,  lliiiler.   Range   and _
PERRY ti FITZGERALD        Firoplucn Work n specially. All
p nprl..ini-4iil iiu. dosoripllon ill stone work under-
'* \ Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co; taken.
Fur full iiiiriiciiliiri,  i-ntns,   fnlilei-i
i.'., eiiii mi nr aililrusH.
s.i:. VRIIKKH,ci.w.i'.A.,
Si'llllle. Wiuh. j
i'.   \V.   MAI10NKV, (M-. ,v  T, \..\
ft HOTEL m
j Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection ft
Nearest to railroad d.-pot.   Has accommodations   lor   the   public   unequalled   in
! Hot nnd Cold Baths
Proprietors a
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
'■ i-m-    OnlBfs left ill, J. D. McBRIDBS
..a,.,**.*.*. Will Hi Ivi- Priiinpl Aiii'iiii.ni.
Manitoba Hotel iGranDrooK
Uticlei*  !Ne*rv   /Vtai-iagemeril
When ■
iu,n ids im  mining    i
V-,1111     .1    "...ill
mun ,ui'l "I'1 timet'!
|l|;iCI     tn   Stop   i nine In the
''     \l:iinl..l.,i.
d a, Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
(EAIir .': nnyi.K, i-iioi'-s
III .ili.iill.il.il Ull   ~li"M
1'eiunH mid drivers furnish     IS '*
ed   ror  a ,1 In.;    I ""■"■'•IH-Workl '-  il
\l *
A   DOYLE. MnnoKor    12 TollSO/illl   Art   f
... . . . ..->^.>,. . . ■HiHH.n.ilBUJi !B«W»*»-9*«**«»**»'»»*'»*^>*'«>*>«*
I P. Burns & Co. I
SZ Hi.iul 0111,-n,
■a-- Cidgioy. Alliiirlu.
Mul.. Office for East, Koot. imy,   ~
Cranbrook, B.C
£ Wholesale nnd Retail
1 Meat Merchants
ST Dealers in
£    Live Stock
Abattoir and Cold Storage3
at Calgary, Alberta,   3 j»rt«T.1    -a^
IAS"**R00K   R f.   FEBRUARY 3   'in 6
Xottoe Is hereby irtven that 1 Intend
to apply to the Chiel Commissioner ot
Lund* ami Worka lor licence to pros-
peel for Coal aud Petroleum on llie
following lands: Be*lnriiiiw at a |hisi
planted at the northeast oornor of
MprrlBMj townsite, thenoe -siiiil. ou.-
mile following the general trend of the
Klk Hiver, thonoe wost one milo.
thonoo north ono mile, thonoo cast ono
wile to tho point of liommonoemont.
Pernio, B.C., Decmubor 8th, 1008.
.1. ,1. Cowderay
51 Por J, 11- Ferguson
I notice
Xotlee Is hereby given that I Intend
to apply u. the Chiel Ceinuilssioner ol
: Lmi,la nml Worka for licence to pros-
j peot Cor Coal ti.nl Petroleum on the
following lands:   Beginning ut a posl
| marked ll. A  W.-lsl.'s northwest coroer -on.* mil.* west of iho Klk River),
thenn.- huiiIi ono milt-, thence east one
mil.i, tlieii.-e north ono mile, thence
west one mil.- to tin- point   of com-
Pernio, B.C., Dooombor 8th, 1905,
ft, A. W.-lsh
SI I'.-r .1. it. Ferguson
<the prospector      JAMES
SATURDAY, FEB. 3. 1000,
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to tho Chiel CommlBslonor of
Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on iho
followlni; lands: Beginning at a ikwi
planted at the northeast corner of
Morrissey townsite, thenee west one
mile, thenco north one mile, thenoe
east u. the Klk Kiver. thence south
following the general trend of the said
river to the point of commencement,
Pernio, B.C., December Oth, 1005.
J. H. aoukler
51 Per J. B. Ferguson
Notice is hereby givon that 1 Intend
to apply to tho Chief Commlsslonor of
Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following lands: Beginning at a post
olanted at the southwest corner of .1.
H. Seukler's elaim and marked \V. A.
Maclenan's northeast corner, thence
south one milo, thenee wost one mile,
thenco north one mile, thence cast one
mile in the point of commencement,
Pernio, B.C., December llth, 1006.
W. A. Maolenan
51 Per J. II. Ferguson
Notice is hereby given that I intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal anil Petroleum ou the
following lauds: Beginning at a post
markod VV. A. Maclenan's northoast
corner, thence weBt one mile, thence
north one milu, thenee east one mile,
thonco south one milo to the point of
Pernio, B.C., Dooembor Hth, 1000.
Helen Forguson
51 Per.I. B. Ferguson
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal nnd Petroleum on the
following lands: Beginning at. a post
marked J. B. Ferguson's northeast corner (planted on the wost shore of the
Elk River one mile north of coal and
petroleum claim No. 1374) tbence south
one mile, thenco v, it one mile, thenoe
north one mile, thence oast one mile to
point of commencement.
Fernie, B.C., December llth, 1005.
51 J. B. Ferguson
Notice is hereby given that 1 intend
to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal and Petroleum on the
following lands beginning at a post
marked ii. A. Welsh's northwest corner, thenoe east one mile to the Elk
Ulver, theuce north one mile following
the bank of the Elk River, tbeace west
oue mile, thence south ono milo to
point of commencement.
Fernie, B.C., December Oth, 1905.
J. E. Miller
J] Per 3. B. Ferguson
Notice Is hereby given that I Intend
to apply lo tbo Chief Commlsslonor of
Lands and Works for licence to prospect for Coal and Petroloum on the
following lands: Beginning at a post
marked R, A. Welsh's northwest corner, thence wost one mile, thonco north
one mile, thence easl- one mile, thence
south one mile to the point of commencement,
Fernie, B.C., December nth, 1005.
R. E. McKochnio
61 Per J. B. Ferguson
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply to the Chief Comiiiissinner of
Lands and Works lor license to prospect for Coal and Petroloum on Ihe
following lands: Boglnnlng at a post
markod .1. B. Ferguson's, northeast corner, thenco to the west one mile, thonco
north one mile, thence to the west
shore of Elk Kiver following the. said
river soulh to the point of comuionoo-
Fernie, B.C., Docombor llth, 1006.
II. 3. Thorno
51 Per .1. B. Fergus.iu
Thut 1 Intfinil to apply In the elite! OommlB-
slouur of I,timis iintl Worka lor pormlBHlon to
out ami .'in'O' Miiy timber from the
following deaorlbed land:   Commonelng at i.
poal on the aoiith wist i-orlinr. mul joi.il.lK
David Irvine Mllliir's limit No. 1 on the north,
tlioniio north so chums, thenee wesl so eluilus.
thence south SO chains, 'lionet! east so chains to
place of iM.niutliUH.
Located aaih day ol Dooembor, MM,
Hy David Irvine Millar
-,:{ William West, Axont
I he Illinois Central
Maintains unexcelled service from
thu wost to tho east, and south, Making
close connections with trains of all
transcontinental lines, passengers are
given their choice of rout-os to Chicago
Louisville, Memphis and New Orleans,
and through these points to the far cast
Prospective travelers desiring Information its to the lowest rates and Is.st
rentals are invited to eorrespiuuleiieo
with the following repnwent-atives.
II. II. TrumhOLI/, Commercial Agent
14a Third St., Portland, Oregon.
J. C. t.lNIWEV, T. F. & I'.A.
142 Third St., Portland, Oregon
P. B. Thompson, F. * P.A., Room 1
OoUiuiu Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
-5S Start the New Year fcg-
well by having your
Prest Fiioio Co.
Baker St.
Cranbrook, B.C.
NoUpo Is lu-reliy nivi-a tlint. HO iluys a (to
(lute I intend Hi upply tn the Hon. Chief Com-
inlHNimii'r of Lands mid Works for 11 spiriiil
liconce to out and curry away timber trom the
following desorlbed lands In Kast Kootenay
District. British Columbia:—Commonelng at a
post planted at J. WlrtU'a southeast corner
So. 2 claim: thence north Mu chains, thonco
eaat 40 chains, thence south 160 chains, thence
west 10 ehaius to place ol hog inning.
Dated this 84th day or November, 1005.
Notice is horoby (tlvon that. :to days after
date, 1 Intend to upply to the lion. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for ii speeiui
licence to cut and carry awuy timber from the
following described lands in Kast Kootonay
District, llritish Columbia:—Commonolng at a
post planted at a. T. Collwoll's southeast corner, tlience north 160 chains, thenee east in
ohalns, thence south (60 chains, thenee west 10
ebitins to place of bc-<lmitn|{.
Dated this 84th duy of November. 1905.
Notice Is hereby given that, :» days alter
date, I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a special
licence to cut and carry away timlier from the
following describod lands in Kast Kootenay
District, British Columbia:—Commencing at p.
post plan tod at H. Kershaw's .southeast corner
No. 1 licence, thence north 160 chains, thence
east 10 chains, thence south lis) chains, thonoe
west to chains to place of beginning.
Dated this Mth day of November, IMS,
Lor a tor.
Notice Is hereby given that, ;I0 days after
date, I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chlol Commissioner of Lauds and Works for a special
licence to out and carry away timber front the
following described lands in Kast Kootenay
Dlstrlot. llritish Columbia: -Commenoing at a
post planted at J, McNeil's uorth-west corner,
thence south 160 chains, thence west 40 chains,
thonco north 160 chains, thonee east 40 chains
to plaee of beginning.
Dated this Wtb day of November, IMS.
Notlco is hereby given that, 30 days after
date. I Intend to apply to tbo Hon Chief Commlsslonor of Lands and Works for a special
licence to cut und carry away timber from the
following desorlbed hinds In East Kootenay
District, British Columbia: —Commenoing at a
post plantedat a. A. Ewln's north-westcornor,
thenco south UW chains, tlience west40 ohains,
thonee north 160 chains, thenco east 10 chains
to plaee of beginning.
Datod this 24th day of November. 1905.
NOTK *-.
Notice Is hereby given that, !K> days after
date. I Intend toapply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
licence lo cut and curry away timber from the
following described lands In Kast Kootenay
District, British Columbia:—Commencing at n
post planted at Jacob Nelson's north-west corner, tbence south UUI chains, theuce wesl 10
chains, thence north too ehains, thence east 10
chains to place of beginning.
Dated this 84th day nf November, 1905.
A. A. BW1N.
Notice is hereby given tlmt. >30 days alter
date, I lntoml to apply to the Hon. chief Commissioner or Lands ami Works for a special
licence to cut and carry away timber from tho
following   described  lands iti   Kust  Koolcliay
Dlstrlot, llritish Columbia: Commonelng at a
post plimtt'd oni'-half mile west of llie Skunk-
unit-buck Kiver, on the lirst crock ou west side
nml close to the trail going up said creek.
tlience south MO chains, thotl00 west 40 chains.
tllOIICO  mirth HIO ninth's,  tbence easl lOcllUllU*
to plaee of beginning,
Dated this tilth day ot November, I WW
Not I re Im hereby glvoil thai, IH) days afler
daut, I lntoml to apply to the Hon, Chief Com*
mlsslonei of Lands nnd Works foi u speeiui
licence looill anil carry away timber fiom the
following described lauds in Host Kootonay
District. British Columbia: -Commonelng at a
post planted at H. Kershaw,   .lr.'s southeast
corner No. -i licence, thence easl 10 ehains,
lllOUCe north 100 chuins. thenco west 4l> ehnlns.
thenco south 160 chains to plaee ot beginning.
Dated this 34th day ot November, liiOh,
Notice is heroby given that 80 days after date
I Intend toapply to the Hon. Ohiof Comniis-
ftionor of Lands and Works for a npoolal
liconce to out uiul carry awuy timber from the
following described lands in Kast. Kootenity
District, British Columbia: ■Commenoing tit u
post planted at S'ols .Johnson's northwest corner No. ■> licence: thence west 10 chains, thence
north 160 chains, thenco east ll) chains, thoiicn
south 160 chains to place of boglnnlng.
Dated this--'lib day of November, IM'i,
» A. T. COLLWELL, Locator
Notice is hereby given that HO duys iiflordiilc
I lntoml lo apply to the Hon. Chlof Commissioner of Lands ami Works for" s) inl liconce
to cut und carry away limber from tho following ilflHltrlbod lauds In Kitsl, Kuntouny District,
British Col bin:  ('ommoncing nl   a   post
planted ul II. Kershaw, Jr.'s northeast oornor
Nu.'J licence:   thenee west Wi chains, thenee
north 80 ohulns, thonco east so ohalns, thence
south SO chains to the place of beginning
Dated this'Mth November, UJOfi,
1! E, 11, SMALL. Jailor.
Company  in Good Working Condition*- Stocked At $1,000,000.
'['tu' Black-Maokay Mining
Co., Ltd., Non-Personal Liability, 1ms been registered at
Victoria. This is the company
thai has been organized t«»
prospect for ami develop the
mineral resources which are believed to exist muter Moyie lake.
The capital stock of the company
Is $1,000,000, and the par value
of shares will be $1 each. One
third of the capitalization will be
treasury stock. The directors
are P. M. Black, of Nelson, John
Morton, president and manager
of Triune Mining Co. of Ferguson; 10. A. Crease, oi' Nelson,
Duncan McArthur, of Nelson
and Chas. A. Mackay.
The stock will be ou the
market within the next two
weeks and 150,000 shares will be
otYered to the public for 80 days
at 25 cents a share. The amount
raised in this way will be usedto
sink the shaft vtfti feet and drift
some distance. Then another
block of stock will be sold to
raise whatever additional capital
for development may be needed,
Alexander Sharp, M. E., is making his report, and as soon as it
is completed a prospectus will be
Thos. T. McVittie this week
made preliminary surveys and
laid out the shaft site. A force
of men is now sinking a sand pipe
to the bedrock to ascertain the
exact nature and depth of the
alluvial deposit. The site of the
shaft is just south of tho C.P.R.
station ou the shore of the lake,
60 feet from the C.P.R- track
and -li' feet from the lino of the
St. Kujrene. As soon as the
depth and nature of the surface
is learned a three compartment
shaft will be sunk on the Moyie
side, and later a two compartment one on the Aurora side.
The walls to bedrock will be
cemented to exclude the surface
water, or if necessary a steel casing be used.
The preliminary work is going
alon*? nicely and no serious
obstacles have yet been encountered. The work is being
carried on under the direction of
Mr. Chas. A. Mackay, the acting
manager —Moyie Leader.
At Crow's Nest.
The Crow's Nest Pass Coal
company is considering plans for
reorganization and it is expected
that a scheme will be ready to
lay before the shareholders at
the annual meeting next month.
Reorganization includes, it is
understood, bond issue and
common stock to be exchanged
for the present common. The
exchange basis is to be dollar for
dollar in bonds and three shares
of common stock. The bonds
will probably be issued at 5 per
Houses and Cottages for Rent
or Sale on Easy Terms.
Telephone 82.
! Winter Carnival IS
ROSSLAND       ^
February 7th to loth   MQOO   NeW   BOOkS
Parliament To Open Feb. 19.
London—It is officially an
nounced that King Edward and
Queen Alexandra will formally
open parliament Kcbruaiy I!'.
The house of commons will assemble February Iii, when a
speaker will be selected.
Cured of Drunkenness
How a Montreal lady curtd bef husband of
drunkenness with a secret home remedy*
" I wunl tn tell you that taste*
Samaria Pre>cri'>tiiin tin i
,*_ entirely cured my but*
»l **■ IwmlofiltutiVennfrttso
qui' 1-iy nn I limply
tli.il I Hum,!- iiiOi-'l.
confided in you 0ml
wrote for your free
tampta package, Tho
lample lalileu I K"t
r- ni vol! ill"- Itr.l till
d tiie full treatment ha
permftnently cured, I
htm tlio remedy In his
lie wan taking I*. I
want others to know)
■0 you cnnuM this let*
tcr, but n1ea*e not mv name yet. 1 may sny lluit iny
butb-uid ■ holth iii bcltci in every way than lur ;cai.-'
Free Package JSftB^tfflZi"!.
mul price Miit in iiliiiu wilted i-iivi'Iujh*,   <■' ■
respomJetico sacredly confidential. a-M;
TIIK  KAMA It IA   KJ'Ml.l.Y  CO.. >)3   JortUtU
Chambers, Jimlau St., Toronto, c,.im.-u.
Mortgage Sale
T'lidcr uiul l>v vlrtiin-ul tin- powers contain-
ed In a certain mortgage which will bo produced hi Iho Llmo 01 iho Half, Ihoro will ■»•
offered for sale by public auction al t if Brewery tmiiiiiiiK 01 tho Craubrooli Brewing ft Malt
Company Limited, on Prlday thu Uth day of
hVui'uury. A.D., 1800, ai the hourol Two o'clock
lu the afternoon the following property: -
all those certain parcels or tracts ur i<uni
und promises situate lying nmi being viz.. hot
16 in itluL-k k'i in tbo Townalto ot Cranbrook
Urttiah Columbia, according to a map or plan
thereof deposited in the altice or the District
Hoirlstrarat Nelson, B.C, under number "BCft".
ai.,su that part of Lot numbered •:« In Uroup
I, in Kootenay District i» the Province o\
iirkuti 1 olumbla according to the oftlolal survey thereof— described by motoa mm hounds n*
follows: -Commencing at a point on tho North
Bouudary of said Lot3fi, 18 chains Wost of the
Northeast corner of said lot; thonco running
mi u bearing south H3' DO' west parallel wilh tho
right oi way 01 the British Columbia Southern
Railway for a distance of 7 ohalnN auiiw Units;
thonoe runultiguu a bearing suuth Bl-ilO' eust
tor u distance of !< ohalns and to links to 11 ;>oijit
on tho North boundary of the right of nay ol
the said railway, theuce following tho uorth
boundary of the ri(*ht of wuy of the said railway on a hearing Nortb R8* 18' east for a tils-
taiieo of T clitLlns unil hj Units: thonee running
on n hearing of North fit" 30' wost toradlstaaco
oi '.> ehulns and 70 link* to the point of com*
moncontent containing BW acres moro or less,
us shown on ;i map or platl mudi' by Francis ,1
O'Rollly, P.L.S.
On tbo property Is situate the brewery buildings and other buildings appurtenant,
There will tie sold in eounectlou with thu
said property, all the machinery, plant nnd
stock used In connection with ttio bustnoss of
tbo Cranbrook Jirewluj/ .t Malting Corapanyi
together with horsea, wagons, sleighs and all
other chattels used in connection therewith,
tho whole sold hs u going concern.
For tonus and conditions of .sale, apply to
Harvey & McCitrter, of Cranbrook. B.C., solicitors for the mortgagee.
Dnted .limitary 25th, A.D. liW. i
That I intend 80 daya after dato to upply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to rut and curry awuy timber
irom tho following described land situated two
miles abovo CI'. Railway bridge uu Moyie
rlvor and commencing at h post planted on
north east corner, thence .Si) ehaius south,
thonco 80 chains west, thenco ho ehains north,
thonee 80 ohains cast topluce of beginning,
Located 33th day of Docomber, 1005,
My David Irvine Millar
53 William West. Agent
Xotiuo Is hereby given tlmt the an-
mtal aitling of tho Court of Revision
for tho purpose of liottring nil complaints against tho Assessmont of the
City of Cranbrook, 1U.'., will be held
in tho Council Chamber in tho said
city of Cranbrook on the 5th day of
March, A.D. Haiti, at the hour of 10:.10
Datod at Cranbrook, B.C., litis 24th
day of January, HWii.
4 City Clark,
Before   Starting
l Mi Vour Journey
Gall at Finches
And have VOUR LUNCH put up
All   Home   Made
Bread, Buns, Cakes,   Pies,
Granbrook St., ■   Granbrook
Thai I intend thirty days after date to
apply to tho Chief CommlsBionor of
Lands antl Works for ;i Spue till Lteoneo
to eut unil carry uway timber from
tho following doserlbod lands:
Commonelng at a posl planted 011 tho
south side of Moyie Creek one and
a half mllea up tho crook from C. 1\ to.
Railway Hi'ldgo, thence ltH) chalna
soulh, thonco 10 ohains west, thonco IflU
chains north, thonco 10 chains east to
place of boglnnlng, containing U40
Daled UTtIt Docomber, 1(105.
">:t William HohtnocU
SILENT OrmisBaamm
All.li il.l to
Ittieiiii, four Year Courses
in Minim-. Clii-iniiiil Civil,
Merhniilcnl find Klcctrical
nngineiriim,        | Purchase   Price  $3.00 a Month
.SrirSiicT.S,   Allowance Made For Old Machine
WHIc 1,11 colcndnr to
Till- Sivrel.iiy,
School ol .Mining,
Klugtlon, .mi.
Arnold k Roberts
Single Fare
Round Trip
Pobruary "th, 6th, Hth.   Good lo
return till February 12th.
For Programmes, Rates, uiul
detailed information, upply to
local Haunts.
,1. S.CARTER, R. .l.rnYI.K.
D.l'.A., Ni-lsnii.   A.G.P.A., Vancouver
They Must Be
Sold Immediately
Call   nnd   Sec   Them §
Your attention Is called to the
"Pioneer Limited" trains of the "Milwaukee Si St Paul Railway," "Tin* only
perfect trains in the world.1'
You will tind it desirable to rtdo on
thoso trains when going to any point in
tho Eastern States or Canada. Thoy
couneot with all Transcontinental
Trains, and all Ticket Agents sell
For further Information, pamphlets,
etc, ask any Ticket Agfout or
R. L. FOI ID, II. S. I tOW 10,
Pass. Agent, General Agent,
Notice is horoby givon thul 80 days from ditti1
l Intent] to apply to tlm chief Commlwloner ol
Lands mul Works. Victoria, for h sycelul
UcoDHti to cm ;iml curry uwuy timlier irom the
following iloserlbcd lands slttiuto northeiist of
IClmbcrley in SoutlioiiHi Kooioiiity District.
CommenclUKWchains nortli urnl In ihnltis
west of the northwest corner ol
OliB Sluplea timber license, tlio net; id
chains west, thence so ohains north, thene.- 12u
chuins eust, thenco 40 ehnlns houUi, ihenee su
chains wost, thonee io ohalns south io oofnl ot
Dated tub January, iflwt,
Notice Is hereby alvun Umt HOdaj-siiftet'dtili'
l Intunil tn apply tn tint Chiel i tonunlsslonor ol
Lumls mul Works. Victoria, for n spcclnl
licence to cut nml cany uway timber ou tin
following described luuds sltiiiuc aorlheast oi
Klmborlay in Southoust Kootenay District.
Comiuencing ut n post S'.i chains nortli aim
leu cluiliiH west of Otis Staples uorlhwosi coiner, thoiicn nortli so chains, thuucti eust su
chains, thoneo soulh 80 ohulns, thonco west so
chuins to place of beginning
Dntctlflth tlanimry, tiwtl,
•l    ■■ C. M.KDWAUDS.
Notice is horoby glvon that thirty days ufter
date 1 intend to upply to the Chief Commls-
sioucr of Lands und Works for permission to
cut antl carry timber from the following de*
Boribod luuds in EuBt Kootenuy:
Commenoing at a post planted on the north
bouudary of Lane's timber licence und ubout
twenty uhulnsessl of tho uorth west corner.
Thence north eighty chuins. thonco mist eighty
chums, theuce south eighty chuins, thence
west eighty chains to place ol beginning.
II. H.MoVl'L'TlE
January stii, 1900. •!
Notloe in hereby given thul thirty ,tuy« after
lluit: 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commls
lienor of Lands and Works fur permlxHlon to
uu land oarry uwuy timber from tin- fnl lowing
described lands in Husi Kootonay;
Coinuiuticlug ai u po.it piunted, where the
west boundary of Loi 4580 arouses ihe north
bouniluryol Lot !161, ciroup t. Ninoieou chains
from tho north west cornor ol Lot !W1, ihenee
north eighty obalits more or less lo the soulh
bunk of klk river, thoneo wuhtotli nnd south
erly down 131k Rlvor to tho north west .-tinier
ul Alox Moffalt'i timber licence Loi «S!H
thenuo t'usi tiloug the nortli hound.,ry oi Lot
BMIT and Lot IWI tlfty nine chains tnoruor lost
to pitted or beglnulng,
January rah. IWS a
glvon thai thirty nays ufto(
dnlel lntoml to upply lo tin- Chlol Commix
sinner of Lands und Works inr permlssloi) to
cut ami curry uwoy tlmbor from thu followlni
described lands In Bast KoutetiHy
Communeliigula posi plained at the south
west corner ol Loi(l,V|0. thence mmili rurtj llvi
ohultis more or less to tlm north wesl cnrnui
n( Loi ■'■■•*. thoiicn t-ust one In i ml red
und tunny six eluilus more oi Iom to the uort
easl corner of Lot 8ftB, iho north ihlrtj llvi
ulialns tu the Mmth easl oornm of I .ai
Tlience wist eighty ehulns to tlm south wesi
cinucrof Loi 6m, ihenee nortli nine chnfiis to
tlM-SOIltli CUNl I'dilii'i nl  Noi   '.MO,   tl.nir,-   WUII
forly.tivo chuins und eighty olghi link** mme
or less lo place of beginning,
Jutiuar) Hiii. I90U, i
1 C. E. REID & CO.,
j^phone 74       The Druggists.
►♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
.. Bottled beer for family
j| use a specialty
Outside   Orders
" ii P. O. BOX 812     b.
'A     TELEPHONE NO. I     p
j!   Port   Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining Men
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C. FRANK ANGERE. Manager
The above hotel hus been recently erected, and neatly furnish-
oil throughout. The Bar is sii|>i>li..d wilh the best brands of
Liquors ami Cigars.
Post Office
The largest General Sinn- in Marysville, where miners
can be supplied with anything they want at all times at
Cranbrook prices.
Groceries;,,   Hardware,
Clothing,   Stationery
% NORTH   STAR       |
f    H. W. DREW. PrnpriPtnr      _,_ _ 9
Kimberley,   B. C.
\ CHENETTE & NEAL, Proprietors
| »   Marysville,   B.C.   *C-
. Tin- largnsl  and  besl et|tiippeel hotol in tho Si. Marys'
I i
£ Always Up-to-Datc 3
£ Cranbrook, -      - B.C. \%
|<^fft»»saMM***. **»»**•»»*«•»•»* mut ffiyogpgstoy. Head ,:   TIC(V.---*r
a  « i       HI ' i "^ATCi7i^Y7t:EirTi^ir      Snlittitio; 1   U-bDnLLO
We havi   just 'vi'-i.c!
a   hnyr  stock   -;   tin
iw.4. ■ w
s   LOCAL NEWS,  j J^JL^tiTl^
j.14   '•"""'""M1MIHIMH""""'""""""'"* .mi 1..-1.1 1 Im.1.   ii..' j.mi- ■•>,"
? thee ,v Ihls veei >"""• "" »> I Ice Grea nd Soft DlM*
i'i I i~\         rN            ..' !•!■           AtMOTobaoco, Pipes
*f      Hubt   DeuiiLsey of Jaffray was Dl\   SCOtt S /                 aad Olgara
tjf ui raiim-unl; visum- wednosduy r
•f+ Headache   Powders |1   Bakei St.   Cranbrook   ..
:,..hH,,,,:,;,,-h-h-^ THE  CANADIAN   BANK
v Paid-up Capital. S10.000.000       Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
4* i l«*..u.|uui-t, 1 j- for
i \: PS and CHOICF,
B  B. WALKER. Ui.n.-iiil MiuulRer.      ALEX. LAIRD, AsBt. Ocn'l Kaiuigar
J#!.     A   K   ll.'.iili uf   Montreal   iva
'u thu ,in Wednesday
^'      C'lms   b\iss of Criist-011 was al
*P  th.' ' 'runbrooli Tuesday
They qui hurl you and  they
-.li,)' ,.n\    li,-;nt;u-|li'
Best 1 it ti ml. and
Wearing Shirts on
the Market Toda?
&  plumbers
Om: Dd/cii In ,1 Bin 25c.
EATTIE <     tl  tilSON
Where It Pays to Deal.
£ Call and sec
9 the beautiful
k range of colors
5       Iv. ,1    Salisbu -\    ol   Winuipi..
>*f   ,. us ill ',.,. 11 T I   -
9   Mrs    I.,-..    .\uiv\ 1 ii'.lit   outer
9      S    MucKareheru   and   fninili '     "■-"     ■ ■ ' ' ■ "'!
* .-,.     - day Ifriunds ou  fuestl ty und Weill -
«                                his   Week  11     :,:.,i.
* :...'•■ .. ,..                       uis ros  loui.'
J 1 Tuesday 	
^ff- \\ ui   1   irliti ol  foi [ Steele Ras
.^L 11 the .  i)  M01
'V      •     O    Douglas,   I'oroi
V    11 tov    S
Slitlci   1» lioivby t*l\   " l lit  I \uihi|i|ily lullu'
1 in. 1 .'..ii.iiii I.U..I-. auiI Works loi 0
-.I'-vnil In. 11.. IO I ■{■' tl mi' I'i'.il  ii 11 hl   IVtio
i.-iiui ovi' ■ toll-twin  .1.-..11!.. .11,.mi  iltuati
In tin fi -i' ■■ ■ > I •      ■  blti . K n»\
       ■ 111M11 ■ imriti uiiil IB. li .io-.
u, -i ,.1 .1 1 ■■  . Ul ui'  I Ifl iniln.-   WO*1   Ul    lllU
.To-ilim oi iiu north lork ol Mlrtiul ovot It by
..ii.- ,.|  1 in   mu 1 lu 11. kiuudui 1 ■■ "I  Loi  IW8
Clrmi'il ilH'Hi'i *'  ihOi'liiiliiH tlionoohoutli80
. .    ■-> .■iiiiuis thenoe noitli •*»
.    ■ . pluei ol bog liming
1   .   -., 1 uti a    ol Docemboi  Iiu*
1   \  ThomjiiHtn per
.'Ml   iMt.nl .    V   .-lit-.
Mi   K   ll. iv. ■  Putinoru
Bros, i* ut KiUo  ■ his  wyok,  **x
outiin   tho blower sj stem uf ihe
\ I   . Co   tliot'u
in  ,1   luix't* switch box
■    ol 111 1   . hill :■■■>
•Jf. ■   .v 1      ....      .      1,,,    k ,
7    x 1 urnes. Htslop,   ^ ho     u.s  b. .
•i'    ... ;       \   iu       H       the      \l;i!'V>\ llll
,*, I l iuu'mIuv       business ,
V uuelter for some uiou! hs, is i.ik
■*. .  ■  1 well on rued   i'uenLiou   w itlt
S U    ;'i'i'.l   ■
2 I i l ul t h e  C
.. (i ven tii.ii 1 will Apply lolho
oti    01 1 1 mi-. fin.l Works for u
■ ■ i..'-i"vi im couI milt  Petroleum
illo*..     ■  'ii m rlbod Intuit, ultualo in
■  South Knsi Koutoiuiy.
L'oiuuifi.ohig3»ioltnluHooi'Ut iioii U0 otmluti
. ul .ii. ,1 it. i.,i oliftlw wosi of the  fil
■ . ii.. northforK ol Mlohol areek i»y 11,
■*5 nml .uiil.-i
Over $6 am
.  .   ii
"   *lu
t.'lll ...
...  ill
■•   S30
$60 ...
...  IS
Those Orders euro Payable ut Pur at uny offlon in Canada of a Chartered Bnnk
Yukon ,\i i-|'ti'di and at llio [irluuljiul banking |wiutain tin- Uuitud StateB.
Tin >   form uu excellent method of remitting huiuII sums ot monoy with
safety und ut immll cost.
I The Best and Only the j
Best At All Times
his Uu   l\   ,: Criiuhrooli
S . sentinjr
9**99****** **99**99******9       s        ,c°: v^
*W aPm  P; W  *•*■   J* ■*      ■* A  .
1 For a Good Investment I
-J-'      -; -      E ..in,null
B U  V
...      held a sil     g.il
7.1 ,v-:~     '■■■   ~   '     - ^ss     a1
J- iroo ■   il- eduesda>
()nl\ a limited number ol share*
mi the market.    Prospectus and
further  information can be ob
tained from
Beale & Elwell
X;      louit S idem   Mueku.y
« po      Steele
T   A
***-.'..■■ ■ eudent Jmuesi in ol
iry, uiul Mrs Juinesou ur-
, i\\ u ti .1 special fiir mi
S;itiiru.i> und ;remained over
Sunt v The)' proceeded to the
I. Hiding on Motid i\ aud went
ni   - to Ca u-ir\ 0 1 Tuesday.
1. -1. lialus, ihoiicu run i
■hum* 10 thu |)laoi*ol bvgluntug,
.  .,..  nl tills IMh iluj ol Docouiber, IW5
vi. luiiiiiii 131 well iter
C. M. EUwurils, a\BL'in
nuiltL. i*||
v 'ii. ■ I*. heruby given tlmt r will apply to T
lu-Clilot t'omiutaaloufji ni Umls mul Works W
or ■. lle:>«L'u i" i-ii>-i[>.vt lor Coal anil Petro- ,_),
That-, the kind uf cave your Watoh will get in
our establishment Our Repairing Department i. equipped with the latest tools, moat
complete stoolt tit material, and is in the hands
of thoroughly competent workmen. Enough
if1     GET     THE     HABIT     AND     COME     TO      if
. F. Tate & Son
Jewelers   and   Opticians V
t-uni uviT the following ili-horilJiiJ lunU situate   V t f«]
111.1,,11,111,1,.1 .-...ui,. Eusi Kootonuy: „i OMolnl Watoh rilbpoiltora C.P.R, Crow's N".*i "uss DlvUlon i
'™,«a iim!Smmsweii otto I B]»fiMiHiHl*SMlKlBWl»^
.1 po.1 |,i
Ibu 11..ri
■it. ui Michel i-rivk by
louuaai-los ol Lot l.^s.
Mayeoek,  on   Wednesday, ,0r<>up, tlwllC0aonllMcMm ,i„,„,,„.,.,s
- .:!.,.! OU the it'O Ill-ill- IliS  home   chanu, UumeesouUiaOcbalua, thouce esst B0
,- . is now confined to his home
1 ■: a broken leg und dislocated
i«iikle. IU- is progressing favor-
hbly under the eare of Dr.
S'.u.-k Quotations.
1      - :    I" (J      S'el.S..!        • ..-■ ..   :.  .1    h>     I!,-..!,     \    l-liwell    Hi,,.--
\    Sal irda \    lasl   .1111''  r;; k- "-t:-
i.l   •<  Buchanan of Kaslo, (ires nurnatiowi coal ,t eok,
"J.'in of the  Associated   Boards smiivwi. 	
ol   Trade   was   a   guesi   ut the wurEuuiu
Cranbrook Weduesdav. '"'".''"",'.'!!  .,
I      Ross Tate, of Wm    I-'   Tate &
Ti Son, wns hi Michel,   Prank  and
Macleod this week on a semi an
i mul .vutrli inspection.
Mnr,'..U! W.r.l.-- (Ci.nu.lill.il
lluiiiioli'l VilloCoal.
M11111111111.' llii-l ...      ...,
Nurlh   Slur .'a.'      Wl
111. .llllllll.' 11.1,1 Hal
,IH. (',., ,, Ti    Mrs   I'   Lund came  up from
II Wardner Tuesday and will spend      ■--*  PETE'S  *'-
Baker. St. Cranbrook, B.C. |Urcwd^tonb^wi -.>.,•
Dr  Walt,   K. I, T.   Galbrailh
u   A.   II.    li'enwick,  of   Port
j Steele, were in Ihe city for sev-
nil din - 1 his weok.
Hun opened tho bi-al shop In
Critnbt'ooU, anil v...:..-:...i.-.-.-.
sutisfiititlou ii. SIiuvUik,
lluir 1 lllltlllg, i-l.-.
V.   Kernau,   b'red A  Starkoy
A.   Dyer and   W.   Campbell   ofI    N.-xi   door  to  A. C Bowness
M.ilson, were ii' its al the Cos- |0n Cranbrook Street.
inopolilnn Thursday
Is still going on and will
continue until our immense Stock has been
cleared out.
ill   Must   Go
Dr EUggins, D. V. Mott und
Jolin Pollock of I'Vniii.' were in
the I'iiy Thursday ationdiug ihu
ra.i.-; ting of thu Associated
Boards of Trndu.
Mc.(.'liu^ "Canada" enamel*
wave and iho Kootonay Range
are nur leaders. Wo ran supply
pour kitchen requirements.
Patmore Bros
A tl Ui'visol Moulreul, T. G.
Proclor 0] Nelson, K N Joues,
I. K VlrNaughi and P. W.
Put if 1 ol Vancouver wero registered ;u i he t Iranbroolt Thursday
Smith 1 'iirtis, .\. B. McKunziu
tni) !■' i' * 'ampbell ni Rossland.
N   Binns, T. W   fflugoy,   T.   W.
• i ■ 1 way and VV   II. Falding of
r ail,   B.C .   wore registered tit
1 e 1 'osmopolitan Thui udny
F, O. E.
Yous0udtoTK,J      P* J- Leithauser
In the Supreme Gourt oi British
Goiuiiihi.1, Fort Steele Reoistru
Notlco ih lurtliy (ftvoil tlml nit tin- 'Jlh  ilny of
Jiiiniiif.v. won, it waHQrilUfed by 1*, E.  Wllsoo,
¥.*.■;., lootll .luUi-tior Iln- stil.J 1*0111-1, Hint Jmocs
I'Vii-ii.snn AriiiBtrou?, OiHi'lnl Administrator
im Unit [icrtion oi tin- County ol Knotiitiity In-
nml CrAiittroolt. Im inliulnlfiti'ui«i' uf all uiul
alngulurthoftHtuiu ol Mltilmol Ptirtlo ot ElU-
mouth, luiiiin'riiii.ii. doceuaoil iiitnsifito.
K. very Creditor or oiliui- purson tuivlii1* uny
fllalin upon or nn..-n-t in lUu iltstrlbuilon <•[
tho Obtiito ol *iiilil dei'iiusoil Ik ronulrad to soutl
Ijoloro tlii! Iflt duy ol Mhj  m-m, bj  ruglslurcd
iiii.i LifldrtKN ftinl tli' full porilnilnri ..f his
liiiiiin in-   mii 11 hI,   nml  ;i  slaloini'iit  <>•   tila
hit land tlm imiurcol lliu -i-.-nni;, (Unuy)
liold by ti I in.
Afl-l-It'*--nld Ihsl ila\ i-l ,M;iy IIWII Iho Ail
lUlnbttnUii ivlll prxuxtxl ivltli lliu illaulbiiltoii
nf tbuiutaiolurliwraganl to tlionucIuJiumonly
..I wflilcb \o- siutll inn-' lnul iimiiv.
I lined at Omubroolt, llilu ITtli duy ol ilununry
oil:.-ni VduiiiiUtiulor.
M. A. Iloitlo i»or
. Rl, lidwitrds. Aftont
Notice K liorobj ^ivi-n that I will apply ti
tbo Chief Coiumlsslonor of Lauds and Work:
ror a llceuet to prospect tor C'ottl und Polro-I
leum ovoi tha followluy described l»nu situate
in tut- nisini-t ot Si.mh Kust Kootoitaj*:
t'l'iiiini-iii-iui! 100chalna uorth und 6o ohnlus .
west ot u poHtplnniiHl 16.80 uhnIna west ut ibt* I
cm-slng of the north fork ol Mlohol creek by
onu of the uortbom bottudurlus of Lot -ifiKi, I
lirtiiii i, thenco south80chillis, thonoo west80 \
chains, thonee uorth 80 chains, thonoo *:ust 80
ohulns to tho place of beginning.
Luoutod this 18th day of Dccombor. 1D0S.
Akuoh Elwoll pui       I     *p
M c M. Edwards, Ageui    ,      jk
Simotids   Saws
Black Prince Axes
Decking Chains
Wedges % Hammers
Everything tor the Log Gamps
:lce is herebyglvi n Hint I will apply io the
Cotuuilssloiier ot Lauds aud Works for «
ib>- following dosorlbod land situate In
to pi-ospeut for Cottl aud Petroloum
iltuate In
;h« District oi South Uust Kootuuny:
Coiuniuuclng 100 ehains uorth and CO chalni.
tvuM '» n i**<-.' planted 10.00 chains west or tho
irosstug ofthe north fork of Michel oreok by L.
mu ni tut' northern bouudarius of Lot 4588,1
it.'uii i thenco south 80 chains, theuce oast ■lio j
ii.iin> thenco north 80 oltatus, thonco wi-st nm
chains to the place ol beginning.
Loeatud this isili day oi Pocombor, ID05.
Edward Klwoll per
m 0. M, Edwards, Agent   i
! J. D. McBride |
FOI1T   S'l'l'-.KI.!-:    ASSI'SSMK.N'I'
FRATERNAL ORDER EA0LES|wii.h\h* "aiuti'iiM* tlmt"TCiiiaini
' Kuvonun Tux ui«] iwhpiwiiiuiiI iuxoh und
Inoonio Tax, iiMSOrtsod mul IovUmI  uiidot1
Hill & Co
llie  Vcknow ledged Lcudcr.s in
Ladies' diiti Men's Purnisiiings
GeoR. LtflSK&(]0'^TmRT'Sai:S:n
^ Tlm Ijiiiiliiiii Sinn- l>> ""' u|«ihh1I [mi
;vi:isY TiniHsn \\
lil-OtllUI-a    (.loilltllll)      Invili'il
I',.-- 'I'itk. « . I'rwildnnl
\   IV. I'.l.vrK, Huoy.
Hi,- "A nmulll Ai-l" in-.- ilin' nml |in,v-
ablo I..i- iln' .v.'nr 100(1. All luxoa .'iil-
I.'I'lil.ii- tm- il,.- Kurt Sir.-1,. As.i'aiii.'in
l)'i-,lrti-i'in-,' nuw iliir und [iiiyablo ul m,\
llli-ii ui Un- (Invni'iiliinnl Ollluox, ilriin-
imi^i^'^^'       CONTRACTORS
i   l.'i'in-.    ul   I ii iv.   U
|i'i-,.iiiil   ili-niiinil
Hnl,',l in C Villi In li. II. ''.. Iln-  IWlli
[iiu. nl l.iiiiiiii-.v. mini.
10ICE    (     ECT10NERY        *»•■ y tl^I^o,!!-,,,
Notlco Ik hereby given that 1 will apply to
Uiii Chief Commissioner ol Lauds and Works
foi it ltoouco to prospect for Coal und Petroleum
over tin- following described luuds situate tu
the Dlstrtot of South Bus: ICooteuny!
Commencing W0 chains uorth and ou rhaiuM
wost of u post plujitod 10.60 chains wost of the
crossing of thu north fork ol Mlohol oreeh by
one ol tin- northern boundaries of Lot tr»b»,
Uroup i. thonco north80ehaius,thonco wost no
elm Ins, thenco south 80 ehaius, thonoo east so
qhrtlua to the place ut boglunlng.
Lncatod inl- 16th day of Ueeembor, liHft
John Cholditch |ioi
IW «.'. M. Edwards, Agout
Notice is heroby givon that I will apply lo
the Chief Coiumlsslouor ni Lauds mm Works
i,,, u licence to pio.ip.ri for Coal aud Petroleum ovor tho following described lauds situate ill (lit- Dlstrlot ol SoUtll Kil.il KuntiMiil) ;
Comiuutiulitg '100 chains north and 00 ohalns
ivchtofa|WHtp.atilodlO.<Wehulnfl wesl of thu
crossing of the north (orli of Michel crook by
om- nf tiie uorthoru boundaries of Lot IB88,
liumji |, thouce nortli SOuliatui, theuce oust 80
(.•hniiib, thence south mi chains, thenco west $u
ohalns lo the placool bugiiinlug.
Locuifil llilh ISihdity or noeumber, liKB.
Malcolm Meluues pur
,:i u M. Kdwurds, Agont
Green   Peas
Cheaper Than Canned Peas
and Just As Good
Mai ■ a Grapes
. ■ n; Oranges, Figs
Bananas, Etc.
'hike notice that thirty iluys after dale i In
tend to npplj io tin' Chlol Commlsslonor ol
Lumls mid Works lot permission to out and
utity away timber from no- following do-
m iiin-ii Innds Iii South Kust Kootonuy:
i oiinneiiuliijj ai thu norlhwost cornor of K. K.
Harvey's llcenco, thuueu south onu milo, tlionco
west ono mile, thntiuo north om- mile, thonco
oahi om- mile to plaeuul beginning,
Mated Nov. *llh, IU05.
M A. it. Pen while, Locator
Tiiko notice lhat thirty days alter dale I In*
i('iid i» aopi) *u 'bo Rlilof Commlssionor of
Laud .H..iiimi Worlw for iwrinlsslou to cut
mu ..mi iwaj timborfrom the following rte-
.,,.,■ .i uiidi ni Bnulh IHnsi Kootenay
Cuiniuinoliig at a post planted nt ilia Inter-
.,,.,., ,t ih.- W'.-i.iii boundary ol Lot. mum
,,,,,< n.'i iii- i'i boundurj nl Loi ,<in;,, thonco
itoi-th . Ighls ' im in-, tlionco west nighty elmfiifl
in, i ,-•■ Miutli eighty uliuliiR, thuneu un i nighty
D I,,i Nn vol i nth, iiiu/i,
a it Ponwluk, Lncaior
■, 11,        pci ihi iition
I'    lliii.ilr
Carpenter  '"/ lUiiklci
Good VVorli ut
Ronsonablo Pi'lci
All   kinds   of    building    matci*ial       HUGH STEWART .„.,.,
constantly on hand, Phone 76      flnnstrono, Ave  OHIco and Workshop Lewis St  !/"'•
nu- that ihlrly dayiafturditti i In-
iM,iv io tin Chief Cominiiwionor or
I Wmi, foi |ioruilssloii tu i-ut aud
i timber from Hu- followlnii dnscrlh*
i soniii I-IiihI Kuntoiiuy
0 lupynl Loi   Oflltll, om-  uilli'  north  ol   Lot
'I-, tiimu-o iini'th ulghty ohalns, theuce west
,,iiu eluilus, tlionco -oiiiii i-u'iit) ohalns,
iifiiuti oust nlgluy chains.
iilied'Mlh of Sovemlii'i, llWft
A 11 fflUWlok, 1 i*-iitot
One package is equal
to two tins and the
price  per  packet   is
Only  Ten  Cents
| New Curtains
I    and Ctirtainings
We have just Placed in Stock
some  very pretty curtains in
f    Tapestry, Chenille and Luce, also Madras
I Muslin and liobhinclt Curtaining^.
iKBKB»BHI^a»»»jB»BK><)->'a)« ^ll*l)«>8*iji»iSWl«iWiiHi««N||
Brass and Oal< curtain poles with trimmings
tn match,


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