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The Prospector Nov 18, 1905

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Array U»r»r} et Leg •**••
$\)t l^t^tiUx.
Vol. 11.
No. 47.
C I) Stevens, of t.'lieinlatid,
Wis . wus in town Friday.
A. I Krafle, Elko, was in
town IVitluy on business,.
L'li.is. Ariustroug, of M:>yie,
wuh in the city Friday.
Just received a car-load of apples from Spenoes Bridge. Oeo.
J. M. Turobull, of Trail, waa
in iiie c.iiy Friday.
G. F. Pownall, of Fish Lake*,
wus iii town Tuesday.
K N. Jones, Vancouver, was
in llie city Monday.
VV. McLean, Toronto, was ln
Cranbrook Friday.
Cranbrook Friday.
Harry Bradford of Bayard
was in Ihe city Wednesday
(leo. M. Christie, Calgary, wis
in the city Friday.
C. F. Hobson, of Vancouver,
was registered at tbe Cranbrook
Raid's Irish Kidney Mixture
will care that backache or your
money back.
Horn—To Mr. aad Mrs. E. L.
i 'hudleiph, on Thursday of last
week, a son.
The rage for Xmas gift* are
portraits in platinum. They are
made at Prests Studio.
11 G. Black. Nelson; J. J. Mc
Maims. Toronto, were registered
at the Cranbrook Friday.
Selkirk Priory and Preoeptory
of 1 ranbrook will be instituted
un,mt the 1st of December.
A ain-L'e number of men are in
ilac bush west of Marysville cut-
ting limber for next season.
Robert Dewar, Wm. Carlin,
anal ,1. Walsh, of Fort Steele,
were registered at the Cranbrook
Mis Clark, Mrs. Jennings
Miss .Nicholson, and J. Tanhaus
er, of Fort Steele, were Cran-
brook visitors Monday.
Geo. T. McOregor, Moyie; J.
Hunter, Winnipeg, aud S. Bar-
tliolamew, Calgary, were guests
at the Cosmopolitan, Friday.
A l.ti'L'e number of Cranbrook
people attended the Miner*'
Union ball at Kimberley on
Thursday utght.
I have 1,000 cords of fire wood
for domestic use. All slsesfrom
11' inches up, Leave your orders
with Hutch, or 'phone 96.—B. S.
A. B. Fenwick, of Fort Steele,
was in town Friday. Mr. Fenwick brought in a bunch of about
15 head of cattle, which was sold
to local butchers.
What promised to be a very
dull municipal election, is liable
lo turn out quite exciting. The
candidacy of Alex. Moffat haa
infused interest in the contest.
Change in Night of Meeting—
The 1 0. G. T. have changed
i heir night of meeting from Fri-
day  to  Thursday  night, at  8
Forms of application for registration or voters In the coming
municipal election can be had
free of charge from the returning
officii', T. M. Roberts.
Lust Friday W. D. Hill waa
taken seriously III, end was confined to his bed for several days.
He is now out again receiving
the. conjsratulatlons of his many
Come and see our new platinum work with appropriate
mountings,    Prest Studio.
NicrtoB—It is imperative that
property owners, wishing to vote
at ihe first Municioal election,
must, sign the necessary MtljJ"'
ntloiv hefore a Notary Public,
Commissioner, or Justice of the
Peace before his or her name
can be placed on the registry of
voiaers. It. is also Important that
these forma be handed to the
Returning Offleer.
Mr. Wm. Fathering ham, ol
Nelson spent a few days in town
thin week as the gue.Hi of Mr
Vignenux, at the Royal Hotel.
You caii get the best homemade pork and beans and brown
bread at the W. 0. T 0. meeting at Patmote's hall this afternoon and evening.
G Violet of Fort Steele was
in Cranbrook Friday. Mr. Violet is the owner .of several very
promising mining properties on
Wolf Creek.
Cranbrook will have a skating
rink this winter. Messrs Buck
and Carr have one under construction, which will be complet-
by December 1st.
Tate St Son are showing an
elegant assortment of toilet and
manicure sets in ebony and sterling silver suitable for Xmas
An unique newspaper will be
publisbed in Vancouver. It will
give both sides of questions, its
editorials will be written by a
Liberal and a Conservative. It
will be appropriately named the
"Two Voices."
Colin C. Brown, T. L. McFar-
land, D. S. Johnson, and J. W.
Binns, all of Vancouver, were
registered at the Cranbrook Friday.
Don't forget the New England
Supper. Boston baked beans
and brown bread. Saturday
evening, Nov. 18th. at 8 o'clock,
In the hall over Patmore Bros.'
store. Cakes from friends will
be acceptable.   Tickets 86c,
This is a popular season for
predictions what the winter will
be like. A number of old settler* have stated to us that indications point to an unusually
hard winter. Whether this is
true or not, it is a safe plan to
prepare for such a condition.
Mr. S. B. Snider of Vancouver,
has been representing the head
office of the B. C. Permanent
Loan & Savings Co.. in Cranbrook this week, and reports
business to be bright in connection with that company He left
on Thursday for points further
The Hrst billiard tournament
of the season is now being played in the billiard parlor of S. J.
Mighton. It is a handicap and
a considerable number of local
players are taking part in the
Kev. J. A. Day, D.D., of the
Macedonian Christian Orphanage, spent a week in town in the
interest of the above named Institution. His object was to
place girls in the homes for domestic service, the conditions
being that t50 be paid for transportation, and afterwards the
girls to receive board and clothing for three years. In case the
girls were not satisfied the money
would be refunded. He succeeded in placing seven girls in the
homes of this city.
The "Spinster's Return" will
be celebrated in the Wentworth
hall next Thursday evening.
Nov. 28rd. Every one will remember the convention they held
last year and the success attending it. After the convention
they all left for the Klondike and
many were married and now re
turn with their husbands to hold
another convention. Home very
interesting debates and discussions will take place and the pub
lie are invited to come and enjoy
the deliberations
Mio Jot Found Dead.
A familiar character around
Fort Steele, "Mac Joe1' a China
man, disappeared from his usual
beat around town and was absent
for several days. Constable
Walsh was notified, and visited
the cabin where Mac Joe lived,
be found him dead on the floor.
Hia body was taken to Cranbrook by order of the coroner,
but upon examination and hearing the facts, decided thai no inquest was necessary, that death
was from natural causes
First Municipal Election Promises
To Develop a warm Gamoaion.
THE first municipal election in the City of Cranbrook will
be held on Wednesday November 22nd.
There Is no doubt but that it will be hotly contested. Nominations were made on Wednesday, and the gentlemen nominated for
mayor and aldermen are all responsible and efficient citisens of the
future metropolis of Southeast Kootenay.
The following candidates were nominated for the first city
Alexander Moffat nominated by
George T. Rogers.
B.  King
| D. E.Murphy
James Greer.
Harold Hickenbotham nominated by  J
J. P. Fink
James Greer
Jabex Harris
P.  DeVere Hunt.
Joseph Jackson ft
D.  E.  Murphy.
James Ryan ...
Hugh Stewart.
A. L. McDermott.
D E. Murphy.
J. A. Harvey.
J. Broasih.
T. Morley.
R. Moffat
T. 8. Gill.
C. A. Abbott.
M. B. King.
James Greer.
T. Rogers.
George Tlsdale.
" I
"  I .la
j G.
" ) A. Doyle,
t W. Ei"
1 W. G
Fall's View Hotol Completely
Destroyed by Fire—Loss About
19,000-Iaiuranoe $4,000.    -
On Sunday evening last the
Fall's View Hotel at Marysville
was completely destroyed by
The origin of the fire is unknown, but is supposed to have
started in the third story.
When the fire was first discovered Mr. Neil, the proprietor,
and most of the boarders were at
supper. The loss is estimated at
about (9,000, with un insurance
of »4,000.
Mr. Neil speaks of rebuilding,
but has not, r.s yet, fully decided
Rev. J. P Westman spent last
Sunday In Moyie preaching in
connection with the anniversary
services of the Methodist church
at that place. On Monday evening he delivered his lecture on
"You're It." Large audiences
were present both Sunday and
Monday and the anniversary
services were a success. The
choir provided the musical programme and after this was finished the pastor, Rev. D. M.
Perley, served all present with a
"bachelor's lunch." All had a
good time.
Moffat  Hat  Mooting
Wentworth Hall.
Mr. Alex. Moffat, a candidate
for the honor of baing first mayor
of the City of Cranbrook, held a
meeting in Wentworth Hall on
Wednesday evening.
Mr. P. DeVere Hunt, chairman
called the meeting to order at
8.30 p. m.
Mr. Moffat was the first speaker, and started out by saying
that he was the nominee of no
clique or party, he was a Liberal
but would act independent of
party in looking forward to and
protecting the best interests of
the c ty. That as a matter of
public utility be saw no reason
why the city should not acquire
the Water Works and Electric
Light plants, a goody revenue
could be derived from them. He
closed by soliciting the votes of
the electorate pledging himself
to be careful in protecting and
safeguarding the Interests of
every citizen of Cranbrook.
G. T. Rogers, who is also a candidate for mayor then sdd reeled the meeting. Mr. Rogers
was th j recipient of much ap
plause and enthusiasm when he
reached the p inform. He stated
that he attended the meeting
a citizen snd a listener, not a* a
speaker, it being Mr. Moffat'*
meeting.   He  agreed with the
nomination for alderman, that
be was an old timer in the city,
that he had assisted in its upbuilding, and propose to stay
with it, that having accepted the
nomination, he was in the hands
of his friends and would expect
them to assist him a* much as
possible in the coming contest.
He closed by asking all voters
to sustain him on election day at
the polls.
J. P. Fink, candidate for
alderman, in a brief and appropriate speech, pledged himself
to do everything possible, if
elected, for tbe up building of
George Tisdale, candidate for
alderman followed, and stated
that all matters pertaining to
municipal affairs should receive
his earnest attention, that he
would discbarge hi* duties as
alderman, conscientiously and
honestly in the best interest of
good city government.
Messrs Hickenbotham, P. DeVere Hunt, candidates for aldermen, in brief and appropriate
speeches, both promised to
fulfill their duties a* aldermen
to the best of their abilities, and
in the best interests of the city.
A number of speakers were
called upon but did not respond.
Kev. J. P. Westman spoke
briefly, and to the point, regarding municipal affairs. The meeting then closed, with remarks
by the chairman, Mr. Hunt.
Armstrong, J. F,
Abbott, W. M.
Baker, V. Hyde
Bayter, That
Brault, V.
Bennett, 0.1.
Bunbrlck, J. O.
Brault. J.
Berry, James
Bslment, A. J.
Baker, Carrie.
Cbudlelgh, E. L.
Clspp, P. E.
Corbett, E.
Cltne, Wesley.
Delzell, Frank
Delzell, John
Davk, J. E.
Derr, J, M.
Drummond, T. L.
Elwell, A.
Voter* Take Notion
Oo Election Day, next Wednesday, November 22nd, the poll
will be taken at ihe Fire Hall,
and will remain open from 10 a.
tn, until i p-ni,
Mr. James Brooks of High
River, Alta., was looking over
the district this week inquiring
into the lumber business. He
visited a number of large mills
with the prospect of purchasing previous speaker in some things,
a supply for his lumber yard, especia ly in regard to not allow
which he is opening in High ,ng part, politics and feelings t-
River. Ho expressed himself as , f , *_,,k„,«„,.».!...„ J., i
delisted with this partof the interfere with or enter into mu I-
province and was indeed sur- cipal matters. That he wouu,
prised to find such activity in discharge his duties as mayor, ii
the city and surroundings. While elecied, conscientiously and hon-
in town he called on his old l)y and aiwayg tor the best
school mate. Rev. J. P. West-  inIprfls,H ftnd good of lhe City of
D. K. Murphy, candidate for
alderman was the next speaker,
he defined his position regarding the nomination* for the
mayoralty, and promised a close
fulfillment to hi* duties of alderman if elected.
James Greer, who is alio a
condidate for alderman then ad-
Mr. Greer
King Sprains His Ankle.
London. Nov. ld.-King Edward, while shooting in Windsor
forest today, tripped and sprained his ankle. He was driven to
the castle, hut the shooting continued.
The King's injury is not re
garded as serious.   He was able dressed the meeting,
to walk to his room after
iug al the uu*ll«.
arriv said that being encouraged btf
bis friends he bad accepted the
R. Inttnda it aa Vast Route
Between Main Line and
Some mystery has surrounded
the construction of the Kootenay
Central Railway between Golden
and Cranbrook, says the Kootenay Mail, as only a few men
have so far been employed on
the work, In official circles it
was stated some time ago the
only object in starting work now
was to hold the charter and keep
Jim Hill from building up that
valley. Now, however, we learn
on good authority it is intended
to actively push construction of
the road, and that with an important object in view.
The C. P. R. have about completed their line to connect the
Crow's Nest road with Spokane
and the junction on the Crow
will be at Yahk. There is not
much object in connecting the
Crow alone however, as it is the
passeuger traffic on the main line
the C. P. R. mainly lays Itself
out for, and thecompany's object
in building the Kootenay Central is in reality to give the fastest and best route between the
main line and Spokane, by means
of which the company hopes to
handle a largely Increased
amount of American travel and
use the new road as a lever in
fighting the Great Northern
The light between these two
roads is becoming very acute
and the opening of the Client
Northern branch lines in the
Boundary has cut C, P. R. traffic
in two there, so that ten engines
less are employed there than
before the Great Northern lines
were opened. The U, P. R. will
make up this to some extent by
the acquisition of the Le Hoi-
Centre-Star group of mines and
the securing of the haulage to
Trail of the large tonnage that
formerly went by tbe Great
Northern to Northport,
Rngineere ana Tr.inmen.
Cleveland, Nov. 18.—The annual joint meeting of tbe Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineer*
and tbe Brotherhood of Railway
Trainmen began her* today with
a large attendance The Bret
session wa* Mcret. A meeting
was held In the afternoon, and
was addressed by prominent par-
E. W. Barley, of Montreal, ta,
ported upon the progress aaai*
tn Canadian railroading.
Social feature* ar* a prtml
uent part oil tbeooaverMioa.   MtiMjr
Edward., W,
English, A. J.
Fink, J. P. Flowers, W. J.
Fitzgerald, C.       Fennessey, J. F.
fortune, W.O.W.  Fox, J. L.
Fulljamee, E. Fortune, M. T.
Fink, Castle.
Liat ef lleotera Who Will
Bntitled to Veto at Pint
Below we publish a complete
Hit, up to the present time of
thoee qualified to vote at the
Aral Mnnlcipal election. Before
the day of election It is possible
that a few minor change* will be
Abbott, Chas.
Besle, M. A.
Beattie, O. C.
Beattie, R. E.
Bennett, Oeo.
Brake, J. 8.
ttathl!, Join.
Buih, William.
Bourgolne, E.
Bryan., Fred
Colpitis'!, W.
Cameron, Wm. F.
Cock, C. A.
Clarke, Robt.
Dumont F.
Doyle, A.
Drummond, M. 3.
Davis, F. T.
Doris, F. J.
Greer. James
Gurd, Wm. F.
Garett, J. P.
Hoggarth, G.
Hayes, W. (1.
Bunt, P. D.
Hamll, P.
Hickenbotham H.
Harvey, J. A.
Mayeoek, S. 9.
Murray, J. G.
Macsuley, E. G.
Johnson, O. W.
JollitTe, A.
Ring, J. H.
Kllllns, A. C.
King, F. E.
Laurie, J. A.
Leaky, B.
Manahan, A. C.
Murgatroyd, B. J,
Mayeoek, J.
Morrow, S. J.
Morton, W. G.
McLean, L. L.
McLean, J. H.
McLean, R. E.
McCowan, A.
McLennan, D.
Nobles, W. E.
O'Nell, M. A.
Patterson, E.
Plnkbem, J. F.
Pres', O.
1'lggott, A. C. W
P.uden. J.
Patmore, G, W.
Rogers, G. T.
Itobeebaud, H.
Stark. T. B.
Speers, D. J.
8arup, A. G,
Stewart, H.
Shackleton, E. D.
.Smith, J. ,
tewart, M. E
8 Jims, J
Tedlook, G. H.
Tate, M. E.
Tuobey, W. 1)
Van fieCarr, H,
Garrett. J. P.
Green, Frank
Gill, T. 8.
Henderson, 3. B.
Hoskins, M. H.
Hunter, O. O.
Hall, J. B.
Harris, 3.
Hyder, Wm.
Manning, J.
Matbeson, Peter,
Molleur, J. A.
Jackson, J.
Johnston, C. W.
Johnson, E. D.
Keer, G. A.
Kennedy, John
King, M. B.
Laurie, A. M.
Louelu, L.
Murphy, D. E.
Morley, 8. F.
Moffatt, A.
Moffatt, R. P.
Morfltt, C. E.
McBride, J. D.
McDermott, A, E.
McNeil, R. 8.
McEaebern, B.
McVittie, E. J.
Nesbit, A. H.
Oliver, 8.
Poole, 8.
Prest, Cecil
Perry, F.
Patton, 3. C.
Parker, C. 8.
Patmore, L. W
Ryan, James
Reid. A. M.
Ryekman, 8. W.
Shaver, J. 8.
8 ew rl, R.
Seville, 3
South, E.
St. Eloi, M. E.
Sholton, W. J.
8he:ton, A
Sarvli, J. T.
Taylor, L. J.
TUoale, O. P.
a honiutun, J
D. Van DeCarr, L. B.
today sailed for England. Last
night a brilliant (tale reception
wa* given in honor of the vice-
royal couple and today nearly a 1
the official* of the government
and a large number of civil and
military officer* from all parte
of India were preaent at th*
dock, when Lord and Lady
Curson embarked for their homo
Da io* at liaberley.
The Miner*' Union Dane* at
Kimberley on Thursday evening
was > v.eclded success, and wet
appreciated by thttj ia attendance. The supper, which waa
provided by Harry Drew, waa
an elegant affair and met tbe ap*
probation of everybody who
partook of it. A large number
of pleasure seekers from Cran*
brook;' Marysville Und Bayard
werj present.
Wsrdmsn, T.
Walsh, W. O
Wilson, W. H.
Watson, P.
district Minnie mm.
Of Interest to Then Ingsgad in
the Development of tha Mining Indnrtry of Emthaatt
The St. Eugene mine at Moyie
will soon be working a force of
not less than 800 .miner*. And
continue to be the wonder of
Kootenay mines.
It is reported that the Bull
River Mining k Power Co., have
succeeded in getting over financial troubles and are now preparing for a large amount oi
development work to be commenced early in the coming
spring. -
A general revival ot mining
throughout Southeast Kootenay
is especially noticeable ny tha
activity tn many old camp*. Wild
Horse and Perry Creek* are credited with a larger production
this year than In 1904.
The completion of the Kootenay Central Railway, together
with a telegraph line from Cran*
brook to Golden, will afford
speedy and convenient mean*
of access to the mine* ot the Windermere District.
The development of the great
mines of Moyie during the part
few years has been the moat remarkable in the history of mining in the Kootenays. Thar*
has been but little cessation ot
work at the camp, and there art
many miles of underground workings.
Miners of Southeast Kootenay
have no cause to worry, it 1* not
question of ore, it is only a
question of treatment and railway facilities.
It is reported that the oil field*
tn the Flathead valley, north of
the boundary line, will be extensively tested thl* winter.
Mining on Sullivan mountain
is very active and some good
work is going on, Tbe Sullivan
mines are putting up quite a
shipping record at the present
The mining activity in tb*
St. Mary.s district continues to
increase and in addition to active development on numerous
propertiee on Whlteflsh creak, a
number of Important new projects are on tap.
Worden, W. X.
Tk* yiotMj'i Departure.
Bombay, November 18.—Th*
festivities and cer*montea eon'
Motedwiththereeeptloaof tb*
ftrw :t*d. tha Princess ot
Wale* Mag eated, Viceroy and
-   -        -       '     ■aM.-im^mWUA
Service* In ihe Methodist
Church next Sunday morning
and evening. The pastor. Rev.
J. P. Westman will preach at
both services. Evening subject
'■ A safe investment." Suitable
music will be furnished by the
choir.   All are invited.
The Ladle* ot tha W. 0. T. D.
who have beau collecting money
for the erection of a ntw bone
ln Vancouver in which to take
care of negleetud children of this
province, have met wi h great
auoces* In tha city. TM* tea
worthy Institution and shonM
appeal to the sympathy ol all
80 far over 1180 baa been rafcod
and may more hav* " "
tosubeerlhe, A Mill
»ru**ter*i..-; THE PROSPECTOR. CRANHROOK, B. C, NOVKMHKR 18. 1905.
Lighted   By Electricity
- Heated By Hot Air  -
Cranbrook. B.C.
,v  POIT ,X^   _,,      _. . country from which Cranbrook
\\   ROLLIM     a*jjje ||-CU0p«J^Or.   derives  its  support     This  is
BSTABI4SHM   m comparatively    a   new   r»unlry
d   frac* possessing groat natural rftsour-
A. a- wa      • oaB in Bilnetttii |uil,ber and agn-;
Hl'BI.ISHU:    AND    KIIITOI. c0|lure      III   llle    upbuilding   of |
: "     : this districl  it  is essential that
J?*llLj?*       * should,   so  far  us  iKissihle.   m
Fire Insurance
SATI'IUI.W.   KOV     IS. lHai.
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Diniii", Room
1 woman entitled  to vote
,'iui  register al  any  time up to
mmmammmMmmMmttmm9mmrmrmmmmm Proprietor  %
:*>:   Marysville, B.C.    ♦
The leading Hotel of the St.  Mary's  Valley.
Nice airy rooms, newly furnished.    Table as srood    WH
as any in Kootenay. -"'
McClary's Famous
Kootenay   Range
Patmore Bros.
every way assist any  enterprise
_^^^^^^^^^^^       which  makes  for  the  develop-
Now that we have obtained ,„,,„,   0f   the various interests
the goal of our ambition, whicli   yield returns and  from
•that of the  incorporation  of wbiob greater returns are ana-
Crsnbrook as a City," let us not ,,.i)w,ei| in the near future,
relax our efforts until the great ...
boon of Cranhrook being the There is ample time for every
railway centre ol'the Kootenays I v,,t,.r \n Cranbrook to register
Is ours. The railway bisection Ljg or her application tb be
of Southeast Kootenay. from east planed im tne vo,'n,r ''*'■ Bvery
in   west,   from   north   to south, i
will make this City one of  irreat -    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
magnitude.   With  resources of 4 (1 m Thursday November, 21
equal,   if not  superior,  to any ...
district   in   British   Columbia,     should  the Canadian Raoiflo
there is no reason why. when the RajJlwayCo .construct Ihe Koote-
Spokane tnternationaJ  Railway nav Central from Cranbrook to
ami   the  Kootenay  Central   is Golden, then Cranbrook would
constructed,   Cranbrook should iK, olle ,,f th,. most  important
not  be the most prosperous and railway centres In the province,
tmportaut City in Southeastern it i,M,iis tut though the K C, K.
British Columbia. const met ion  would   materialise
*  *  * within il very short time.
ll i>  beyond question that the —rrr-.        •
coming year will be one of meat How's This?
progress in Cranbrook. There is     \v.  utter One Hundred Dollars lie-
not icily .11 the Kootenays that %&^*TBM?r^AT\
\> better   located   for  business       p. j. CHENEY & f'O., Tolodo, O.
thantheCityoi Cranbrook.   I. ,*^*»^M
doe.-, noi need n prophet lo fore beJievehunper'ecili honorable In all
tell what the future has iu store !;;:niT~a^'ro'"'',o'-';''-o"""',,;,^b:
for us.    The coming year prom- hy his lira.
hw great things for Cranbrook '    Wa^Kdtx.&o$2*?b.
and Southeast Kootenay; if ever    ni,ir. taturrii fun  b taken inter.
Arnold & Roberts
Phone 99 Cranbrook,BC
a mining and lumbering section nally, acting
UJHII1   tall'   tll(M>d
Plumbum. Roof illU.  Heating and  Ventilating was destined to witness ,,  rapid iTraUuMralaU sent true.   Price 75 centa
growth ii is tbat portion of Brit- 11"':;lJott,£  Soldbyall Druggist*.
'.,,,,     ,.     „   f, , _,      ,       ,      Take Halls Karaily   lills  tor con-
isb Columbia of which 1 ranbrook jtipation.
v.^.A.^  is the commercial, banking andj	
Your money nturnc.l
if twt satisfied in every way,
iIiltttriemtly !rmf"/,land
hollo, .round in it. aa
peculiar way.    With
ordinary carrlail
uje, II will haild — ,
Carho-Maarnatic"  Kiss*
tit I atihion Slrope, |1.00
e hookls, "HiiatittaSha^n."
. D. McBRIDE     CRANBROOK, B.C   .'
:^.«^t«^i^^^>::*'«'>: ♦ > ♦: «7*:^ ♦ <> ;♦ ♦:♦:<>.♦.
! B, H. SHORT k CO.
♦ ♦♦♦
Newest designs in
railway centre.
Hi'is no friend  of Craubrooli I
who advocates the introduction
of party politics into municipal
Choice Confectionery
Fresh Nuts   Fresh Fruits
Malaga Grapes
Fancy Calif. Navel Oranges
Choice Bananas
In the farming community
tributary to the City of Cranbrook, this year has been one of
unqualified prosperity, the  re
turns have been   large  and  the      ___^^^___^_^^_^^^__
season has ended with-satisfled TT _
farming people. HUGH   STEWART
• * * Phone 75       ftrm«roncj, Ave
Recent reports indicate that a
It will pay those who are
looking for work to call and
Jim  McArthur
He can  secure you a job and
also tit you out in
Clothes, Shoes,
Hats, Etc.
Jim MGf.ini.ur
I Hanson Ave. Cranbrook, B.C.
HILl.  4  CO.     Tun only place is luitn
.   that can make life worth the living.
Din Hi
E. H. SMALL, Manager
,    I Considerable number Oi   -111.1-   *t*tm,iMMitniHintHuminn*nnnt   '
Over 400 Different Patterns to Select From
&   Painting. Decorating
* and Sign Work
■ ■  have come into this district dur ;j Rocky .Mountain Chapter | j        T       ^(^1—! Nl
^Jing ihe past year. \ N0.. hb. a. A. M. |{        L,   V/UfllN
:♦: • " ' $
Mining operations are being i
9 a
v. prosecuted with vigor, and it is
• apparent to all that this districl
has a great future,
P.O. BOX 88
>:      ' "• "*"* "" ' l"""- "■       'f j   The Proshectoh stands fori
:^eI*l».~*Ii»~i*.Z»ItX*-t: * '■*>,■ '♦:<>-*-t>:t:o'*>;'*:t «>■* ♦   the best interests of Cranbrook'
and   Southeast    Kootenay,   thei
Uegular nieHiiiajf,.: -2n,l Tuca-
ilay   in   cacti   month   at  ciifhl
Sojoarning  Coinpaalon.   arc
cordially tarUau.
il. m. Burrow, Scribe E.
Calgarv Beer. ,\lc k Porter.
T. LEBEL & CO., Hay and (.rain.
Cranbrook. B.C.
V>J^«     *W«     *tWo
Gaioaru Game 60.
Fresh and Salted Meats
Pish and Poultry in Season
.TOST BBCEIVET)    first of the season
Finland  Haddies
I    Onlerh by mail will receive prompt and careful attention
■ 9    Order By Phone 45    9
Centrally Located
Electric Lights
Manitoba Hotel
Under New Ma no Kerne tit
Headquarters for mining    ij
When vou want  a
men and old timers.
*   place to stop com,' to tin
d, a, Mcdonald, manager
Wa dive You Tour Money's Worth
SILENT Ofm^tiotmm.*™m
'ii'chase   Price   $3.00 a Month
Allowance Made For Old Machine
Arnold & Roberts
lli'i:(l,|MHrli't'a fa,,-
FRESH I'ltri'l's
■  >
left Gream and Soft Drinks J
Also Tobacco, Pipes
and Cigars
Baker St.   Cranbrook   It
almJtJtmltmtJImlmWt  KlM..T»M»MwM«f«f■»!■
Kurnished for any point in the
Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook        British Columbia
I Tailor % Importer of I
*       Fine Woolens.      *
9 Cranbrook, B.C.  ArmatrongAvc  *
i »
Ure   Hielnn tf.achfr of the
mrs. nisiop        pianoforte
Special attention td touch,
technique,   phrasing   and
L'l'iidini.' of studies.
For partloul&ra apidy to C. K. Eteld *v
i'o., Th,a Druggl.ta.
uml NOTARY  I'lltl.lr.
Cranbrook, B.O.
6. H. Thompson
Cranbrook, ll.('-
P.L.S. <ft C.B.
Port Steele B.C.
Hl|l,|^M|lH.»,».|i.|il><    111     ■'»"■
Ptiuslcian and Suroeon
Hours:   utoll a.m. 2 tod p.m.
i Ifla p.m.
Phone Offlee 105    Itinidene,- 10»
• IFFICE Hours: II to 14 a.m
I to 6 p.m.
7 to 8 p.m.
OrFicK.nd llrjiio*i«cii
Armstronfi Av».  Cranhrftk
We have this week unloaded a ear of each kiiul
Special Price roll Ton Lots, Call and see us before
buying elsewhere,    We also carry a stock of
carnefa's stock and foultry food
Harris Bros.
•*+****> m •***+** a » ■*•"•' • » > •■■•■■• ■ '•'■»*'
Boot'Siioe Maker
.Ml Work i.uiii'iiiiti'.'il
New Work Made t„ Measure
Armstrong Ave.   g8»*S»,	
Pacific  Coast   Points
Palace and Touri.t
Sleeper., Buffett
Library Car., Modern
Day Coach..,
Dining Oara,
Best Meals on Wheels
CITY MAINS The 6-ir,ch Motor Illuatraled abuve will dsvelop
3 H.P. and uae but little water. Cheaper than G-as or Electricity.
and adapted for running Printing Pre.ee>, Dynamo., Orner.'
Machinery, Etc. See the Motor In Operation at the office of "In*
And will give you full particular, and price.. Or writ. <"
direct, giving particular, aa to power required and kind °>
machinery you wi.h to run.
100 Main St.. San Francisco. Cal.
For full |*rticulara.  rat«s.   ftililer.
etc., call un or address.
8. G.YERKE8, a.W.p.A.,
Seattle, Wash,
C.  \V.   MAHOXICY, i.i'. * T.A.
luokau.. j,^^H
Royal   Hotel
Finest of Wines, Liquors and (.i«i'rs
Those who are weary und  thiraty, <lrop Mi *n
Alex will do the rest.
ALEX McCOOL    Prop.
Notice is hereby nivt-a thul. ufter th* explra-
ilon uf thirty {'.to, Any*. I Inh-ml tu upiily io the
Honourable the Chlt*f Cotruntttlotwr ot l,auil<.
iibd Work*, at Victoria, it ('.. for k *pei-tu!
Iii-fiu'i- in [iin-p.'i't ((lr MM] mul petroleum over
tbat plee« or p»nti'i ot laud ilttuted In Blool
IMH Kmitht-fMt purl lull of llrllUli r.ilu-iitiln.
l. siiutitrii utxiui imt' iiiili- nortli ol Htio
liiidOil ereek. mul alimit ill miles imrili ol tlii'
hiHTiiuiiniiiil Ifiiundiiry line, roitiiiiciiiiiii* ,tl u
pott martti'il MtlUlWfltt eorner *n»>t Of .liitin- K
riiri.'lilnu ■«, el ul ui. tin-lire t'Hxl Mi Hi,,,lis
tbonce north HUclirtiiis. tlieme WMtUDduilim,
tamos souih ID obttni tu ibi plan ur beginning, oot.u-.iniiik M» iwre* more or less, and ml-
joining   tbo   iinrihwi -.i cor up r   of    Miillie   A.
TbonM1 <'Uim.
Located tins Uth day of oe tuber. IS0»
iknikm ¥.. btiohton, Lotittor.
Thoniim Murphy. Agent,
'I Situated tboutttmlla north ol Un-In
ler national Boundary line, ami about three
mllea north of Natie and oil ereek. in South-
'■ant Kootenay. II (\, and OOlDinenollig at „
pull marked noriluiihi corner pout ol Alfred
Ulven'a elaim, lhen<*i* WMl "■> obalni, ihenee
south BUcbilui, thence Mil MU nhains. thence
north MUchaint4 to thi> plucf uf tngtnnlOf, nin-
lalnlng Mil acre* BOM or tail, and Adjoining
tin* i-lulm of Mbi.IihII y. ikw.
LocaU-1 thl- Oth day of i tctober, r Oft
MtreA oiv-'ii Locator,
Tinuiiiis Murphy. Agent
ft. SitnairdAboutMmllM nt.rth of Hie in
iiTimtiiUial Iloundar-* lino, and about three
mil's north of Sii**r and Oil creek, In Booth
east Kooieuay, It. C, and OOnUnSQClbgAt ftJXKl
mttrked the northwest corner DWt of Adam
UuiilopMlalni Ihnuf t-a-l Ho chain* tbonOD
south AOihaliis. ilicuee west ho chain*, thence
nortb (Mi'iialnn to pittcn uf beginning, oonUtn*
Ing MOlum more or Imi, und adjoining iln
claim of Alfred Ulvin.
Loi-Mtcd UiUftMny of October, ianv
Adam iHinlop. Locator.
ThoniaK Murphy. Agent.
4. SUuAtcd About ttmLlei north ol the International Hounditry Um*. and about thrue in He-
north of Sage aud Oil creek. In Southeast
Komerutt. It. (',. and Commending at a pom
marked xnuthwr-Nl comer txist id ■lohnnnn
fPrdtitegd'l  claim,   theme    north   *> chains.
tbence eul ao chalni.. tbdnoe toutn M nhbtni,
tbence west M.: rhulns to the place uf Ih-j-,1 tilling,
containing MO acre** morn or less, und adjoining Di" .'Wmi of Adtun imnlop.
Located thiiMJi "»>■ ot October I'ws.
JohHunu rrolKtend. Locator
Thomas Murphy. AgOftt,
ft. Situated about tt miles north of the Inter*
national Houmlary line, nnd about three miles
north of Sagf mid Oil creek. In Southeast
Kootenay, H. 0., nnd commetifiiiK At a i"'-'
marked the moiitheam corner post of Nick
Hoem'H claim, thence nunh hii obatno, tbence
went W chalni, thence aoutb 90 cbalni thence
east 00 i bailie to plaee of tHVltlliltu*. rmUiillilnti
B40 acres more or less   mul adjoinliiK the cliilm
of Alfred Given.
Located thU'-Hh day of October, iwfi.
Nick Boom, Locator,
Thomas Murphy, Agent
ft   Situated About W tnllcenortb ol thu inter
national Boundary line,   mul   about DTentUce
north ot Sageund[OU creek. inBoulheul Koot
t-uay. II. t;.. and com me helm; :*' u inift tnerkei
the northweit corner |Kist of  Kiuuut A. John
sou's claim, thence east Mchutoi, thenco soulli
ROcbatni, thence west wi chains, tbeiioonorth
mu chains to place ui beginning, containing two
acres mure or less, nnd Adjoining the claim Ol
Nick lloem-
Lociued this Vlb day of OCtObor, 1008
Kimmi A. Juhnsoti Locator,
Tbnmai Murphy. Agent
7. Situated a Win I ^1 miles north ol the Inter
national Boundary line, and about five mile'
north nf Sage and Oil creek. In Southeast Koot
enny H. c. und commencing »t a poet marked
northeast corner noat oLOharlei W. currnh's
claim, thence west U ehHlim. thence sonih M'
obalna, thenee ea»t wi ehaina tbenofl north BO
chains iu place or beginning! containing ftW
acrea more or less, ami adjoining the ulnlmol
u. O. Smith.
treated thin »th duy of October, IU"*.
oltarlea W. Currab, Locator,
Thomas Murphy, Agent.
8 SltUOUd about *« miles noitli of the Inter
national lioiindary line, and About live miles
north of Sage and oil creek. inSotltylooit Koot
-imy. B. C and eomiuelielng ui a posl marked
the Hutbeaet comer post of Ifidlth I. MUlcr'g
claim, thence west wt chains, thenoe north ■*
chalna, thence east nu chains thence .south BO
chains to plaee nf beginning. oontAlnlng 640
..'■res more or less .und adjoining the claim ul
''buries W. Ciirruh.
Located this Oth day of October, itwa
Bdtth I Miller. Ixwator,
Thonms Murphy, Agent,
lalnlng i>iu ecrw
Louise V. Ward s
Looated thla nth
day ol October, !'-•"•*'.
Fruncls it* Id win   LiH'atur
rtmintiN Murphy. Agent.
'Ui' mite uorlh of Shiic
n SO miles nortb of the
y unit, oonunenetng at a
, "I tier jH>Ht of ICiiiu A.
wesl m chain*.. Ihenee
>■ rust 8l> chums, theiiet
of beginning, contain
b-sv and udioluingtbi
of Joseph K. Oblck'l
». Situali-tl about •.'-' miles north of ihe International lluuiidiiry line, and AbOUl three tnlleg
north of Sugu and Oil creek, In Southeast Kom
enuy. II ('.. aud ooinmeneiUK »tu poll marked
the southwest cmnyr post of li.O. Smith's
claim, thence north ho chains, thence ettAt-M
chains, tbence south hu chains, theme wist «u
chains to plaee of w-u'liiniiur oontAlnlngdtt
acres nmn-or less, snd nilj,tin ing Kminu Bilker's
Located this uth duy of t hdobcr.
(1.0. Smith. Locator.
Thoiiuts Murphy. Agent
10. Situated about 'H tulles north of the International Boundary line, and about three miles
north of Sai-e and Oiloreek. In SontheitstKooi-
«*iiay, 11. 0., and commencing hi ii posl nuirkcil
northwest corner post of Kmiiiii Baker'| claim,
ihenee east m chslns. thence soulh 10chnlm..
tbenee weNl HO chains, thence north NObalni to
the plane of hefrlnmng. containing MO acres
more or less, and HdjoiufiiK Alfred ilium's
Located this'.ith dav of October. I'.Hi.V
Kiiiuni Baker Lucalor.
'I'hoiuas Murphy. Agent.
II    Situated About tt intlcsjiorth of the In-
tornntlonal   Boundarv   Hue.  ami   three miles
nortb of Sane and Oil creek, iu SouthtMll Koot
enay, it c. nnd commencing m u post marked ]
northeast corner post of John \V. Buker'N t-liiim
tbenee west N chains, thence nouth hu chalni.
thence eust hu chuins, thenee north hu cbntns to
the place of beginning, coiitulnlm* RlO aires
more or less, und udjoinlm* Kenu A. chick's
Located this uth day of October, loo-V
John W, linker, Locator,
Thomas Murphy. Agent,
II Situated about Ti miles north of the international Boundary line, and about three
mllea north of Sage and on creek. In Southeast
Kootenay, B V... und enmtneneing ut n pnAt
marked the HoutheiiKi corner \mt of Wallntw
Law's claim, tbence north 80 eimlns, theiice
west 80 chalni, thenee Hnuth wichitlns. theuce
east 80 chains to the place of beginning, eon-
talnlngfttu acres more ur less, and Adjoining
the cUlm uf .1. w. Baker.
Located this lllb day of October. HKffi.
Witlitten Law, Lodator.
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
IH, Situated about one mile north nf 8'ugc
and OH creek, and about 90 miles north of the
International BottmlMry line, commencing At a
poet marked HonihweM comer post of Will Mo-
Donough'H claim, thonee north8i\obalnA, thenoe
east 80 ehains. thenco south 80 chains, thenee
weat HO chains to the place of beginning, cun-
lalnlng 040 seres more or legs, und iidjulnlnu
the northeast corner post of Joseph ED, Chick's
claim. '
Located tills Uth day of (totober, l'"1-'-
Will McDonmtgh. Locator
Thomas Murphy. Agenl.
IS.   Situated utfoui ■
and nil creek  ami abo
International llonudai
pool marked wutbeaii
Chlek s Claim, llnict-
north suchuiii>. it„.tl(
smjtii *t(lialns to plAc
Ing 840 acres morn or
northeast corner poi
elstm. ^[
Located this utb day oi October, 1008,
Sena a, Chldk, Locator.
Thonmit Murphy, Agent.
18.   Situated about W iiiib-H north of  the lie
teriiatlotial HoutnUry Hue, aud  one mil* south
of Sage and on creek, ami commencing ai
post marked southeast corner post of a. I
Stay's claim, thence wtlt so chalna, thenee
north »u chains, thence cast  ho  chains, ihencr
south mi chains to place uf beginning, contain*
lug Mil acres more or less, and Adjoining Luutsi
V. Ward's claim. f
Located this *th duy of tVtober. 1800,
A ll. stay. Looator,
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
li Situated atMiut Is mill's north of llie In-
tertiatiouul llutindary Hue. and our mile south
Of Sage and Oil creek, and commencing hI a
mist marked southwest corner i*u*t uf ¥,. I*.
Skinners claim, thence east 00 chains, tbenre
nortb a» chains, thence west M) ehains. thence
-outh 80 ehaina to place or beginning, coutsln-
Utg 840 acres more oi less, and adjoining A. H.
Slay's claim.
Located this Hth day ofOCWlwr. 1(8)8.
¥.. Ii. Skinner, Locator
Thomas Murphy. Agent-
ih. Situated aboul 18 mtlei north of thc.n-
lertiutlunnl Boundary line, and one mile south
of Huge and oil creek, nnd commencing ut a
poat mntkod northwest corner post of Jonas
Ahllierg'g claim, thenee eust K0 chains, them
south nn chains, theuce west* 80 chains, thenee
north HU ehaius in place of beginning, contain
Ing tuu acres more or less, and adjoining the
claim uf K. B. Skinner.
Located this »th daj <>f < totober, Htm.
Jonas A hi lie re. Locator,
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
18,  Situated about ih miles north of the In
ternatlona)   Boundary  Hue, and aitout one
mile south of BagO and Oil creek, and commencing at s post marked the northeast corner
post of M. K. Bronson's Claim, theuce west OQ
chains, thence south so chains, thence esst 80
obalna, thence north BO ahalni to place ot beginning, containing 8lo icrae more or lege, snd
adjoining Ooo w. Ward's claim.
Located this Hth dsy of Oetober; 1805,
M ¥. Branson, Locator
Thomas Murphy. Agent
at situated on the south Pork of Suue nmi
Oil creek, and about 18 miles UOHh of the In-
rnntlonal Boundary line, and commencing
at ii post marked northeast corner post of
Christian Hofrneister> fliiim. thence -outh 80
ihalne, thehOO WMt BO chains, thenee north Hu
iinin-4. thenco east hi ebalna to the place o*J tie-
rthnlng, containing 040 Acrei mora or less, mm
.djoining Jonas Albbent's elaim,
Located tbtsStb day of Octolwr, ilKft.
Christian HufmelMter. Locator,
Thomas Murphy, Agent
81, Situated on the South Pork or Sudani.
Oil creek, and about w miles north of tho In-
teruiitiotial Houmlary Hue. and commencing at
a post marked southeast corner post of l. a.
Dyer's claim, theuce west Ho chains, thenco
north 80 chains,   thtinco cast OU chains, theuce
south ho chains to place uf beginning, containing 640 acres more or less, ami adjoining IS. it.
Skinner's claim.
Located this Hth day ol Octobep, I8UB,
L a. pyer, Looutor,
Thomas Murphy. Agent
'ii.  Situated ou the South Pork ol Sago und
Oil creek, and about ih miles north of the in-
ternatlona! Boundary iii
:i posl marked  South wet
Sbull'i claim   thonee i
uoMh 80 chains, thence
south si chuins to place
iujc OtOsorei mure or Im
Dyer's claim.
Located this 8th day of
... BC
'i commencing m
ier posl of .1. A.
li chains, thencr
.bains, thonoe
ginning, contain
id Adjoining L. A
14. Situated shout on* ...He north of Sa«.
and Oil creek, and ahonl 80 miles north of he
international Boundsry line. dBftmOtfolhg it A
post marked northwest corner post, of Frunds
Baldwlo'i claim, thence sonth nn .ha ns, thence
^^^^^^^^     tober, ItHV
.1. A. Shull. Locator.
Thomas Murphy Agent.
[Hunted on the Soutb Pork of Sage snd
l. ;nn! lib,,ni 18 miles north of thu International Boundary line, and commencing at a
post marked northwest coiner  jhist  of Oscar
Johnson's Claim,   thence east NO chslns. Ihenee
south    80    chains, theme    west  80  chains,
(hence noi th 80 chains  to  place of  husintifug.
tontatntng M0 acres more or Ions, and Adjoin-
ng Christian Ilormei.iter's claim.
Looated this Hth day of < tctoher, iwi.v
i isear Johnson, I ator.
Thomas Murphy. AgOUt,
-.'I. Situated Aboul W miles north uf the In
lermtilomil Boundary Hue ami about i ne mile
north uf tho South Pork ot Sage and Ol] creek.
in Southeast Kootenay, li C, and commencing
t a posi marked the southeast •■orner imsuir
U'lllinin Mmhcws' claim, thenee mirth so
lialns. thenee west B0 chains, thonee south 80
bains, thence ens. hi chains lo place of i.i-vin
uiui.', containing UU) acres more or less, ami adjoin hii' thu claim of .1  A. Shull.
Located I his Bill duy of October. tWJfl,
William Mathews, Locator,
Thomas Mnrpby, Agent.
•is.  Situated aboul w tulles north of tha In-
ternstiumii Boundary lino, and aboul one mile
north of the south Pork of Sago and Oil creek,
in Southeast Kooicuay. it. c . uud commencing
at a post marked southwest comer posl ol Mures Rols'rialm, thenco north 80 ohalns, thenco
ONt80 chains, thenco south ho chains, thenee
wsstHuihaiiisiupiao' nr beginning, containing 80) aires more ur less, um! ndjolrlng Ihe
elaim of William Mathews.
Located this nth (lay of October, low,
Mnreu ltois, Locator,
Thomas Murphy. Agent,
86, SJtuntod about 18 mllos north or tbe in*
bornatlonal Boundary line ami nboql one in Ho
north of tho South Pork ol Sago toil crook.
iu Southeast Kootenay, it C, and commenoing
t marked ihe itorthousi  corner of
l-'ruttk   Link's  elnlm. Hie.  vroal hu chains,;
thenee south ki chains, iheucc ooat 80chains,
Lhoncefttorth 80 oIiuIob to place of beginning,
containing 040 nor u more or lass, unil adjoining
Ihe claim of linear Johnson.
LocalciI tlHs Hth day of October, limn.
Prnnk Link, Locator.
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
■j;.  Situated About 18 mllos horth of the in-
tcrnstlnual Boundary Hue. and on the Smith
Pork or Sage and oil creek. In Suntheast Koot-
ui.uy. B. C. and coinmenclni.* at n pnst
marked Houtheast corner post uf Mary |i
Payn'fl elnlm. Ihonce wost hu chains, tbenee
north HU chains, thence east so chains, thenee
south BOchoIni to place of bciflnnlntt, eontaln-
lm* t'lo acres more oi less, unil iidjolnintl the
claim of Prank Link.
Located this Hth day or October. ItHM.
Mary l»- Tayn. Locator.
Thuiuas Murphy, Agent
>. SlluutU'l iihottt 18 mlWs north of the In-
teinutlut.Hl Boundary line, anil on the South
Pork of Sago ami Oil creek. In Southeast Kootenay. It, C, and commencing at a post mnrked
southwest corner post of talllerlne T. Carey's
hilm, theuce north hu chuins, theme mist 80
chains, thence south so chain", thence west M
chains, to place of boglnnlng, containing a*jo
acres more or loss, u.ul adjnl.ilng the claim of
Mary n. Pgyn.
Located this Hth day of Octuber. 11*06.
Catherine T. Carey, Locator,
Thonms Murphy. Agent.
to place nf beginning, coutsinint **"> acres
moreeetott. and sdjolalng thecinimof Msry
O. Payn.
Located this -th day ul Odtdber, l!••*».
Joseph t.'rnig, l^ouator.
Thomas Murphy. Ai*m.
:ii- Situated aboul 18 miles uorth of the Inter national Ituundary line, aad on the Suuth
Fork nt Sage and oil creek. In Snuthaoat Koot.
enay B. ('.. and commenoing ut a i»'»i inerked
northwest comer post of Mary O'Neal's elaim,
thenee eaat 80 ehaina, Hume,, south >*» obalna,
thciicewesi.su ohalns, tbence north 80 chain*.
LuiiWi',- of boglnulqf. containing eui seres more
or less, and adjoining the claim ul Catherine T
Loeatod this Bth day nf October, isoh.
Mary O'Seel. Loestor.
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
ill. Situalwl atajut one tulle south af Sagf
snd Oil creek, in Southeast Kootenay. B. O.
and smmt !" miles north of the liitorMttonal
Boundary Hue. contmeneing at a post marked
soutbesit eorner nf Cordelia Llewellyn's claim,
theme west 80 ehains, thence north so chains,
thence east 80 chains, ihenee south So chains
to plsoe of beginning, containing 040 acres
more or less, adjoining W. H. Llaweliyn'a
Looated this loth day uf October, luoft.
Cordelia Llewellyn. L cstor,
Thomas Murp ,y, Agent.
■t'i Situstcd lib,,til one mile soutb of Sage
and oil creek. In Southeast Kootonay, B. C,
snd shout is miles north of the International
Boundary line, uommeucllig st a post marked
southwest corner post ot l.<iuli.t V. Ward's
claim, ihenee esstSU chslus. tbence north SO
hal us. thence wesl so chains, thence south so
chains to the piece of beginning, containing
•'■*) acres more or less, snd adjoining George
W. Ward's claim.
Locetfld this |0th day of itctuber. IWft.
Louise V. Ward. Locator,
TlioiBits Murphy. Agent.
XI. situated about *i miles north of the International Boundary line, ami about one mile
uorth ot Saga aud ull crook, commencing at a
post marked northwest corner pout of James
Calm's claim, theuce east 80 chains, thence
sooth 80 chains, thenee west 80chains, theuce
north 80 chains to place of boglnnlng, contain
iug ao) acres more or less, and adjoining the
claim of Joseph ¥.. Chick.
Loeatod thia totb day of October. lWJrV
James Cairns, L sator.
James Murphy, Agenl.
'M. Situated alwutSU miles north of tbe international Boundary line, and aitout one mile
north of Sage and Oil creek, commencing at s
post marked northeast corner post of T. M.
liurrod's claim, tbence soutb 80 chains, tbenee
west so chains, theuce north 80 chains, thence
rsst so chains to place of Itegluullig, containing
••io acres more or less, and adjoining thu claim
of James Cairns.
Located this ioth day of October. inu.v
T. M. Barrod, Locator,
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
85, siiuated about -i' miles north of the lie
tertmiional Boundary line, and eboutoue mile
north ot Sago ami Oil crook, commenoing at a
post marked southeast corner post of Mor-
garetU: II. 1'Wit's claim, tbence west so cbglns.
ihenee north so ehaina. thence cast ho ebalna.
theuce south sn chains to the place of begin-
nint. containing 010 acres more or lets, and adjoining tbe claim of T. M. Harrod.
Located this imh day uf Octolwr. HMft.
Msrgaruttc B. Piatt, Locator.
Thomas Murphy, Agent.
north of the In
Situated About IB mllss north of the International Boundary line, and about one mile
or Sat.'*: snd OH en »k. commencing at s
post marked southwest corner post of Oeorgv
W. Olnoy's claim, thence sail SO chains, thence
north 8u chuins, thence west 80 chains, thence
toutb ho chains to place qf beginning,.contain-
Ibg040 seres more or less, mid sdjoinlng the
laitu of James Cairns.
Located mis lotu dsy uf Oetober, tttoh.
Hcoriie W.Olney. I^is-'utor.
Thomai Murphy. Agenu
:tf.   Situated nWmt is miles north of the In-
teruaiional Boundary line snd about one mile
nth of Sage and Oil creek, commencing st »
post marked southwest corner post uf Alfred
;. Wooster's claim, thence west so cbslns.
benOC UOrlh ■" chain*, ihenee esil HU chains,
ihenee smith 80 chains to place nf beginning.
lontalnlng 84Qaoroi more ur less, nnd adjoining Oeorge W. Olnoy's claim.
Located this tOth day of October. IttOft.
Alfred tLWoustor, Locator.
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
88. Siliialeil shout 18 miles north of the ln-
icniatloiui l Boundary line, snd about ont mile
south of Saga and Oil creek, eommrncelng at p
jmist marked northeast corner post of Kittle
Woosiei's claim, thence south so chains,
theuce west 80 chains, thence uorth 80 chains,
thence east 80 chslns lo place nf beginning,
'Obtaining "4" seres more ur less, snd adjoin-
I nu' Alfred O   W ouster's clstm.
Located this 10th day of October, ii«».*>.
Kittle Wooster, Locator.
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
:t!>. situated about 18 miles nortb of the In
term.tionul Houndury lino, and about one mile
south of Ssge and Oi) creek, commencing at a
post marked northwest corner post of L. A.
Lehman's claim, theuce south AOehulns. tbenoe
east 80chains, thence north 80ohalns, thence
west 8o chains to place uf beginning, contain
1 tu; i',itt io res more Of less, snd adjoining the
claim of W. H. Llewellyn.
Lot ated this loth day of October, I00.V
L. A. Lehman. Locator.
Thoinss Murphy. Agent.
10. Situated about IH miles nortb of the In-
tcrnallonal Boundsry line, and about one mils
south of Sage and Oil creek, commencing At a
post marked northwest corner post of Prank
Burnett» claim, thenee south so chains, thi nee
eiisi su chains, thence north so chains,  thence
st su chains to place uf beginning, containing ftlil seres more or   less, and adjoining Kit-
lie Wouster's claim
Located this Uth day of October, ions.
1'iunk Burnett. Locator.
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
11. Situated AbOUl IH mllss north of the In
tsrnntinnal Boiindnry lins, and about One mile
south of Sage aud Oil creek, commencing st a
post marked norlhosst corner post of Rfflo l>.
Turner's claim, thenco west ni chains, thence
south 80 chslns. thence east SU chains, thence
north 80 chains to place of beginning, containing 010 acres more or less, aud adjoining the
I'Wim of W. L Turner.
Located this llth duy or October. lon:>.
Kfflc I). Turner, Locator,
Thomas Murphy, Agent.
it, Situated uh'int m miles north of the In-
ternatlonnl Boundary Hurt. u»d about three
miles suuth of huge and t )|| creek, eummeneelng
uts post marked southeast corner post of QAee
iireen a claim, thence east 80 chains, theuce
north so chains, thence west 80 ehains. thence
south 80 chains to place ol beginning, containing Mo ncres more or   less,  and   adjoining tho
claim of Catherine H. MltebeU.
Located this Uth day of October, l."*-"v
Grace lltceiiC. Lm-ator.
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
cnntatnlng <'^u acres mur# ur less, and adjoin
tag Roger S. Oreenv'se.aitu.
Located thia Uth day of fh-toW-r iVOiV
Catherine H. Mitchell. Locator
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
♦ft- Slluatml about IS miles north of the In
uternstlo.ial Boundary I.tie. ami AbOflt three
mllea south of sasn nnd Oil cr**ek. oomewnc-
lngata|x)st marked uottbeast corner post uf
G. 8:. Mitchell- claim, thence welt 80 chains,
thence south sit etisins. thence euatSu chains,
thetief north su chains tn place of la-ginnlng.
containing a'4o:icres more or le»s, ami a*ljnl»-
Ing (<te claim ot Catherine li. Miichetl-
I^o-alrdthis Utb day of October. II*ft.
Q. R. Mitchell. Locator.
Thomas Murphy. Agenl.
(8. Situated gbOUt W niiles north of the International Boundarv Hue. and about three
miles south of Sage and Oil creek, commencing
at a post marked southeast corner post of C. A.
Holmes' claim, theuce west su chains, thence
north SO chains, tbence«aat 80chains, thence
south BO chains to place of W-ginnlng, contatm
Ing 040 acres more or les-,. ami adjoining Kittle
Wooater ■ claim.
Located this llth day of October. HWv
C. A. Hnltnee. t«ocator,
Thomas Marphy. Agent.
•*. situated about IA miles north of the In
tornattoual Boundary line, and about three
miles north of Saga and (Ml creek, oosstneuelog
at • poat marked southwest corner post of Ada
Holmes' claim, thenee east 80 chains, thenee
south 80 chalna, thenoe west so chains, tbence
oarth so chains to place of beginning, contain
Ing 0w ncres more or lesa, and adjoining C. A.
Holmes claim
Located Ibis llth day of October. 1806.
Ads Holmes Locator.
Thomas Murphy, Agent.
48. Situated about IS miles nortb of tha International Boundary line, aad about three
■Ilea south of Sage snd Oil creek, commencing
at a poat mark' d northeast corner post of
Roger s. ureene's claim, thence south so
chains, thenee west (*. chains, tbenee north 80
ohalns, thence east 80 chains to place of beginning, containing o*i acres more or less, and adjoining Julia Ramsey's claim.
Located this 11th day of Oclob ir, l«u.v
Roger S. ijreene, Locator,
Thomas Murphy. Agettt-
4t. Situated about h- miles north of tbe In*
ternstlonul iloundaiy lino, and about three
miles soulh uf Sage and oil creek, commencing at a post marked northwest corner post of
Julia Ramsey's claim, tiiem* east 80 chalna.
thence south 8Uchains, theuce west 80chains.
thence north ft) chslns to place of beginning.
containing 040 acres more or less, and adjoining the elnlm of Ada Holmes.
Located this Uth day of Oct otter. ItStt.
Julia Ramsey. Locator,
ThoinsH Murphy. Agent.
w. Situated about *ju miles nortb of the iu
(emotional Boundary Hue, and about one mile
north of Sage aud Oil creek, commcticlug at a
post marked norlhwt st corner post uf W. O.
Thompson's chum, thence south 80 ehslui,
tin-nee east HO chain*, thence north Ml chains,
thence west so chuins to place of beginning.
containing WO acres more or leaa. and s<i joining the claim ol T. M. Harrod.
Located this Uth day uf October, Iwa.
W. ti. Thompson, Locator,
Thomas Murphy. Agent.
&I. Siiuated aWnit 20 miles north of tbe International Boundary line, snd about one mile
uorth of Sage and Oil creek, commencing at s
post murked southwest comer post of I. P. Ks-
teibrook's claim, thenco north 80 chains, tbenee
east 8o chains, thence south so chains, tbence
west 8o chains to place ot beginning, containing 'HO mres more ur less, and adjoining \V, U.
hompsou's claim.
Located this llth dsy of October, us*.
1. F. Ksternrook. Locator,
41 Thomas Murphy, Agent.
, situated about 18 miles north ot tho In*
terimtlous) Boundary Hue, and about three
miles south of Sage and nil creek, commencing
at s pnst mnrked sotttheust comet* post of John
.Mlnusr's claim, thence west 80 chslns. thonoe
north 80 Chains, thence esst ho clmlaa. thence
south 80 chains to place ol beginning, cou-
talnlng 040 acres more ur less, and adjoining
the claim ol tirooe lireenc.
Located this Uth day of October, Htft.
John Miltearr Locator.
Thomas Murphy, Agent,
li.   Situated obout is miles north ot tbe la-
Situated rtltoia  III mill 	
iiutnitlomil Boundary Hue. and on the South j ternslloiiul (iounilsry line, snd about three
pork ol Sage and oil creek. In Southeast Knot- j miles south of Ssge snd nil creek commenoing
ensy. II, c.. sn.icnmmcnclngut a pnst marked at a poat marked northwest comer post of Cath-
northonst corner post m Tbomss i 'rulg's cliilm,' srlnc II, Mitchells claim, tbeueo cast 80 chains,
W-WPiW^-^J^^'^gJJ thenee west so ehnlns. tliei.ee sniitbW cbslns, j thence soutb 80 chains, tbouce weat W cholii.
east 80 chains, thence nortn 1U''       ' u Bw Mgt w L.htt[l|M ^oi|t.l. wtiU m aiaim,  tbence north go ehaius to plsoe of beglnulsg.
westsocbsiuitothe IHIHi^^l^^HHHI^i^^^^^M^^^^^^^^^^^
Notice Is hereby given that thirty daya after
dste I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud Works for a License
to prospect for coal and petroleum nn tbe following described laud alttmte In Block IftMj
Kast Kootenay District. B.C.
Commencing at a post planted two mllss cost
of Sage Creek snd about live miles north ot
the International Boundary, being ue initial
post of K U. Simmons' claim and marked K.l>-
Simmoos' southwest corn' r post, tbenee north
tal chains, thence east ao chains, tbence soutb
so chains, tbence west so chains to place of beginning* containing M0 seres.
Located Sept. 80th. iwfi.
K. tl. Simmons. Locator
O. N. Mctiregor. Agent
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty days
after dau* I Intend toapply to the Chief Com
mlasloner of Lands and Works for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum on tbe following described land situate in Block -Wtt Kast
Kootenay District. British Columbia:
Commencing st a post planted two mllss east
of Sage Creek and about five miles north of the
International Boundary, being the initial post
of R. E. Sullivan's claim and marked K. E.
Sullivan's northwest earner post, thenee south
80 ohatni. thence east 80 chains, tbenee north
HU ebalna. tbence west 80 ehains to th» place of
beginning, eon lalnlng 040 acres.
Located Sept. SO. iMfi.
It. E. Sullivan, Locator
(I. N. Mctiregor, Agent
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Contmli
sloner of Lauds and Works for a Licence to
prospect for Cos! and Petroleum on the follow
Ing deacrlbed land situate iu Block ssw. East
Kootenay Dlatrlct. British Columbia.
Commencing at a postiilanted two miles east
of Sage Creek and ahouTflve miles north of the
International Boundary, being tbe Initial post
of W. A. Wilkinsons claim and marked W. A.
Wilkinson's northeast corner post, theuce
south 80 chains, thence west 80 ehains, thenee
north so chslns. thence east so ehnlns to place
ol beginning, containing o#i acres.
Located Sept.'» IV0.V
W. A. Wilkinson, Locator
O. N. Mctiregor. Agent
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dale 1 Intend toapply to theCblef Commissioner of Lands and Works for a License to
prospect for Coal and petroleum on the follow
lug described land situate In Block 45KI, East
Kootenay District. B.C.
Commencing at a post planted two miles east
of Sage Creek and about live miles north of the
International Boundary, being the Initial post
of ft Mlllls' claim and marked K. Mlllls' so nh
east eorner post, thence north 8»chains, thence
west 80 chains, tbence south so ohalns, thenee
east 8i> chains to place of beginning, containing
840 acres.
Located Sept. go, istft.
K. Mlllls, Locator
0, N. Mctiregor. Agent
Notice Is hereby given tbat thirty days after
dstel Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner af Land* and  Works for a  License to
pi'in peet for Cos I and Petroleum on the following described land, situate in Block 4808, East
Kootenay District. B.C.
(ummeneli.g at a post planted one and
half mllea west of Sage Creek and about eight
miles north of the International Boundsry be-
Ing ihu Initial post of J. B. Van Natters' claim
ami marked J H. Van Natters'northwest corner post, theme eaat 80chains, thence south so
chains, thenoe west 8» chains, thence north 80
luins to plsee of beginning, containing wo
Located Sept. *). ItSft.
.1. II. Van Xstter. Locator
O. N. MWJregor. Agent
Notice Is hereby given that SO days after date
I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of.,Lands and Works for a License to pros-
peitforCnala.nl Petroleum on the following
described land, situate in Block 4MM, Kast
Knotonay Dlstrlot. British Columbia.
Oonsmcuuing at a post planted one aad one-
half mites west of Sags creek and about eight
Miles north of tbe International Boundary, being the Initial post of A. Pelky's claim and
nwrkod A. Folhy'a norths m comer poat,
thenco wsst 80 skalns. ibkAve »wuik »j chains,
tbence east 80 chains, theses north 8nchains to
place of beginning, enolalalag Am seres.
I.m ated Sept 80. 180A
A. Pelky. LocKtor
Q- M. McOregoi. Agent
NOTICK i» hereby viv«n that thirty days
alter date 1 intend to apply tn the Chief Commissioner of Lands am) Works for a License to
prospect for coal aud petruteuu. on tho Io!lowing described land situate in Block i.y»:i, Kaat
Kootonay District. British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted one sod was*
half miles west of Sage Creek and about tight,
mllea north uf the International Boundary, being the Initial posiofti. W. Armstrong's cUlm
and marked tt. W. Armstrong's southwest
comer post, thenoe north 10 ehains, thence east
so chains, thence soutb 80 chains, thenee west
SOchalnsto place of beginning, containing Mo
Located Sept. 80.180ft.
G. W- Armstrong, Locator
O. N. McGregor. Agent
NOTICK Is hereby given that thirty days
afterdate I intend toapply to the Chief Com
mlasloner of Landsand Works for a Lioense to
prospect for ooal and petroleum on tbo follow
ing described land situate In Mock 4MM. K*W
Kootenay Dlatrlct, British Columbia:
Commencing at a poat planted one and one
half miles weht of Ssge Creek and about eight
mites north of the International Boundary, being the Initial post of M. E. Armstrong's claim
and marked M E. Armstrong's southeast eorner post, tbenoe north 80 chains, theuce weat
tu chains, thews south 81 chains, thenee eaat
su ehaina to plaee of beginning, containing two
Located Sept. SO. 1805.
M. E. Armstrong, Locator
O. N. Mctiregor. Agent
NOTICE Is hereby given that thirty days
after date I Intend to apply to the Chief Com
mlsstoner ot Lands and Works for a Llcenae to
prospect for coal and petroleum on the follow-
Ing described land situate lu Block 4.10:1.
East Kootensy District: BrlUth Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted one mile north
of the International Boundary and about one
and one-half mllea from whore thu Klsh-* -unh-
na Creek crosses the International Houndury.
being the initial post of L. A. Sullivan's claim
aud marked L. A. Sullivan's northwest corner
post, tbence east 80 ohalns. thence south so
chains, thence west 80 ohains, thenee north 80
chains to place of beginning, containing fifti
Located Sept. *>, 1808.
L. A. Sullivan, Locator
O. N. McGregor, Agent
NOTICK is hereby given tbat thirty days
after date I lnteud to apply to the Chief Com-
itiadloner of Lands and Works for a License to
prospect for coal and petroleum ou tbe following described lands situate In Block 48KI, East
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted one-half mile
east of Sago Creek and about three miles north
of the International Hound-jry being the initial
post of A. Sullivan's elnlm and marked A. Sullivan's southwest corner pust. thenee mirth 80
chains, thence oust so chains, theme south 80
ehains, thence west so ehains to place of be-'
ginning, containing IHO acres.
Located Sept. 38, 100ft.
A. Sullivan. Locator
G. N. McGregor. Agent
NOTICE is hereby given that thirty days
after dste I Intend io apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for n License to
prospect for coal and petroleum on the following described lands situatc.lti Block -J.WI East
Kootenay District. British Columbia:
Commencing at a poat planted one-hulf mile
east of Sage Creek and about three miles north
of tbe International Boundary, being tbe
iuitiul post of W. A. Moore's claim und marked
W.A.Moore's nmthwest corner post, thenee
east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thence
west su cbains, tbence north 80 chains to place
of beginning, containing AlO seres.
Located Septi 90, iww.
W, A. Moore. Locator
G. N. McGregor. Agent
NOTION is hereby given that thirty duy?
after date I Intend to apply to the Chief Com
missioiici' of Lands and Works for a License to
prospect for eoal snd petroleum on the following described binds iu Block l.v.i;t, Bast
Kootenay District. British Columbia:
Commencing at 1. poat planted <Hte mile west
of tbo Platheud Itiver and one mile north of tbe
International Boundary being the Initial post
of c H. Simmons' claim and marked C. H.
Simmons' northeast corner post, theuce south
80 chains, thence west 80 ehains, tbenoe north
80 chains, thenco east 80 chains to plsoe of beginning, containing ogt acres. ^H^
Located Sept. 80,199.
C. H Simmons, Locator
4r> G. N. McGregor, Agent
rotonged Cough
ll that Cough lias nut bruki; awuy
Whv Hot 11 Bottlp of
Reins Palatable
Ood JLivar
Kvt-iy lint Uu IjiunrunlaHHil to Cure a Cough
Or Your Money Unfunded
C E. REID & CO.,
Phon* 74-
The Druggists.*
Hot tied beer for family
use a specialty
Outside  Orders
.•A P. O. BOX 812     b.
*l     TELEPHONE NO. I     p
Port  Steele Brewing Co., Ltd.
Cosy and
Comfortable Rooms
Headquarters for
Mining. Men
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C.
The above hotel has been recently erected, and neatly furnished throughout. The Bar is supplied with the best brands of
Liquors and Cigars.
Your attention la called to tbe
"Pioneer Limited" timin. ol the "Milwaukee tt, St Paul Hallway." "Tbe only
perfect train. In the world."
Yon will Und it dealrable to ride on
those train, when going to any point ln
the Kasti'i'ii State, or Canada, They
conneut with all Transcontinental
Trains and all Ticket Agent, sell
For further Information, pamphlets,
etc, aak any Ticket Agent or
Ii. L. FOUD, H. 8, ROWE,
Paw. Agent, General Agent
The Illinois Central
Maintains unexcelled service from
the west to the east and south. Making
clow connection, with train, of all
transcontinental lines, passenger, are
given their choice of route, to Chicago,
Louisville. Memphis and New Orleans,
and through these points to the far easl
Prospective travelers desiring information as to the lowest rates and best
routes are Invited to correspondence
with the following representatives.
B. H. Thumbi'i.i,, Commercial Agent
142 Third St., Portland, O.-ngon.
J. C. LlNDBEY, T.F. & PA.
Mi! Third St., Portland, Oregon.
P. II. THOMPSON, F. & P. A., Room
1, Colinan Bldg., Seattle, Wash.
Post Office
The largest General Store in Marysville, where miners
can be supplied with anything they want at all times at
Cranbrook prices.
Groceries.  Hardware,
Clothing,  Stationery
J  H. W. DREW, Proprietor,	
CHENETTE & HEAL. Proprietors
31   Marysville,  B-O.  t~
The largest anil  host equipped hotol in the 8t. Marys'
In Mining, ChemlMl. Civil.
Mccrw.ic.1 ud BtocUfc>l
Mlnersktgy and QMlogy.
■fcalaasy Ud Public HnHh.
Writ, (or clisdit ta
Tk. mnr.,
tctaawl at Hiatal.
— Always Up-to-Date —
I Cranbrook,        -     -        B.O. I
'    II
Ih I
Read It Through Every Word of It Means Dollars To You
A Sale Honestly Advertised and Honorably Conducted
Of Fine Clothing,   Dry Goods,  Shoes
and  Milliner**/   *^ver Attempted i*1 Canada Will Commence
Thursday Morning, Nov. 16th
Reid & Cos Entire {35,0001 Stock
To be thrown on the
market at the mercy
rpuuuiuu    uiuun   of the public and sold
for less than the actual cost of the raw materials.   By the
Chicago Brokerage *2o.
The Story and Who We Are
The   Chicago    Brokerage    Co..   of Chicago. 111., U.S.A., is the largest concern of its kind in the World.    We handle estates, properties and merchandise
of all kinds and turn same into cash in a given time. Mr. Reid is Cranbrook's leading and most reliable merchant, holding an enviable reputation for his fair dealings and straightfijt-
wardness in business. Mr. Reid wishing to reduce his stock has placed it in our hands To Turn Into Cash. This stock is known all over British Columbia as the best selected stock
of Clothing, Dry Goods and Shoes in Cranbrook, and it looks like a shame to slaughter this elegant stock. But W6 must turn this Stock into Cash. And when the CMttft
Brokerage   Co. get hold of a big stock like this, we simply use our knife and cut prices so low that no person can afford to stay away from our sales.       Price Cuts No Figure Wild U»
Our time is short as we only have Nine Days to sell this entire stock.     So Everything Goes.    Nothing Reserved.
Prices Literally Slaughtered, Slashed, Gut and Torn to Pieces
Read   These  Slaughter  Sale  Prices  and   Think
Mens Furnishing Goods.
White   Hemslita'lieil Handkuruliieta worth 16o, aauly      6c
I-arge size real anal blue Handkerchiefs   only      6c
. only
Mens Haa-avy Wool Si,x. worth 35c, only
Pine Silk Woven Suspenders, worth 50.,,
Good Work Shirts, worth 11. only	
Heavy Jersey Shirts, worth $1.25, only 	
Fine Dress Shirts, worth 31 10 11,80, only    	
Heavy Doubled Fleece.1 Underwear, worth *1, only ..
Heavy all Wool Ribbed Underwoar, worth 11,80, only
Blue Bibb Overalls', worth 11, only	
Ladies Furnishing Goods.
Ladies Fine While Handkerchief, only ..
Ladies Fast Black Hose, worth 28c, only.
Ladle* Fine Black Cashmere Uoae, w6rth 60c,
Ladle. Col-seta, worth 11,26 to C3, choice only   	
Flannelette 8hlrt Waists, worth 11,26, only   	
Flannel and CashmaTe Shirt Waists, waartli i'i, only	
Derby Bibbed Underwear, worth 75c, only       	
Fine Silk Shirt WaiiH in Black and colors, worth ii to 16, only
Cloaks and Skirts.
Walking SkirM, worth 14,60, iLi- sale only   	
Woe Dress Skirts, worth up to ¥',, only 	
atslriiei Cloaks, worth 16, 16 anil 17,  only	
Children. Cloaks, all sizes, worth 64, only	
. 66
. 10c
. 26c
. 68c
.   78c
Men's Clothing.
Men's Good Suits, worth 66 to 110.69, only  6 8.98
Men'. Suits, worth 612.60, only  6.98
Men's Fine Dress Suit., worth up to 616.00, this sale
only  8.96
Fine Tailored Suits all styles and patterns, up to
620.00, choice only  10.98
Men's Overcoats.
Overcoats worth 610.00, only  5.96
Men's Fine Overcoats, worth up to 615.00, only  7.95
New Style Long Coats Fine Patterns,  worth 620.00
only  10.98
Men's Pants.
Good Work Pants, onto	
Fine Dress Pants, worth 64.00, only	
Extra Fine Dress Pants, worth 64 00 to 60.01), only
Hats and Caps.
Caps, worth 61.00, only	
Mens Hats, worth 82.50 to 63.00, only	
Fine Silk Crushers, only	
Fur liargains.
all our Furs Will he Sold at Greatly Reduced Prices.
All Notions Sold Less Than Cost.
Trunks and Grips at your own price
And a thousand other articles in the store
that will be sold for almost nothing. Come
early and get the choice goods.
Dry Goods.
Fine French Ginghams worth 121 and 16c, only    9o yd.
Flannelettes, all new patterns, worth 121 andl6e, only     6c yd.
Fine Table Linen, worth 60 anal IJOc yd, only       line
Colored Table Linen, worth 50 and 60c only      36c
Dress Goods, ail colors, worth 50c yd. this sale, only    26e yd
Blankets and Comforts.
Lay in Your Supply of Winter Blanket* at These Low Price*.
Special Fine all Wool White Blankets, worth 65 to i6, only      62 96 pair
Home Made Comforts,  only         91,16
White and Colored Bed Spreads, worth up to »2. only         96c
Carpets and Rugs.
All Carpets Must Be Sold — Price No Object.
Fine Wool Carpets, only  45o yd
Tapestra Rugs, worth 61 to 61,26, only  46e
Plush Rugs, new patterns, worth 62, only  96e
Buy Your New Hats Now,   Alt New .Styles Shown Here.
Ladies Ready to Wear Hats, worth 61,511 to t'2,50, only      98c
Fine Dress Hats, Ready to Wear, up to 63,80, only    61,66
All Remnants Sold at Half Price.
Shoes! Shoes!! Shoes!!!
Ladies Slippers, worth 'fe, only  95c pair
Ladles Button and LaW! Shins, worth 62,50, only  11.18 pair
.Ladles Fine Dress,' worth up tn 63,50. only  11.78 pair
Mens Good Work Shoes, worth 62,50, only   11.28 pair
Mens Fine Shoes, worth 63, only  U.75 pair
Mens Fine Dreas Shoes, up to 64, only -.  12.26 pair
Boys Shoes, worth 62,80, only    Il.lt pair
Children. Shoes, only                                         46c pair
A $5.00 bill spent here will do the work of $15.00 spent elsewhere.
If you miss this sale you will always regret it. For you will never again have a chance to dress your family at such trifling cost.    All our new fall goods included in the sale.
We guarantee the above prices to be correct.
Your Money Back If Your Are Not Satisfied
NOTE—During this sale we will refund Railroad Fare to all purchasers of (125.00 or over, distance of 40 miles.
Remember this Sale positively opens THURSDAY MORNING, NOV. 18th, at daylight and oloaes
The Chicago Brokerage Co. me World's Greatest Baroalfl Givers
Selling Reid & Co's Stock, Cranbrook, B.C.
°aWn%^ D- A. FISH, Manager
II mmm
We  Buy Only the Best,    We Fully Guarantee everything we sell and
don't try to slide out should anything prove to be bad, we pay sfot cash for everything
-      taking all discounts      -■■
We Sell at TorOlltO PriceS    But not less than cost price "as we have to
live".   We have about 1000 thoroughly satisfied customers and we are after you.   We
are not infallible but should we make an error we are always willing to correct it
We Give Pull Weight and Measure
And   a   PULL.    DOLLARS     VALUE
For   Every   Dollar   Invested
As has already been announoed, owing to Ill-healthy we have
decided to retire from business, we will offer our
At   the   Exact   Wholesale   Cost
In Fact Many Lines Will Be Even Less Than That
As It "Would be impossible to give quotations in such varied stock, we will refrain from the attempt, but will give you a list as nearly as possible of what our stock
is made up of. As many of these we have imported direct from Great Britain and bought in the very best markets of the world, we wish to emphatically impress upon the people
no matter how "glib-tongued'' a salesman may be there is not one or any who can or will cut deeper into the heart of prices than we will during the next few weeks, or in (act until
our entire stock has been disposed of.
T**lt  TYD"V   rirDOT^Q   °UI* stock '" mos» complete in all lines, consisting of Dress Goods, Trimmings. Ladies' Suits,
UN   a\Jam\ 1    VaTvU^O      Children's Suits, Skirts. Underwear, Hosiery, Etc., Etc.
..      ,.     Daiic'   CMll   VaAllfhC   riAthlnn   Our Men's Clothirjg, Overcoats  Boys and Youths'Clothing and Overcoats, odd pants, boots and shoes,
Infill 0     DUljO    ullll    7UUI)II<V   UlUblllliy       wool underwear of all descri|itions, and all prices; white and grey blankets, comforters,   pillows,   hats
and caps! men's furnishings, socks, rubber shoe packs, carpet and linoleums, l.u.e curtains; in faot everything Usually found ltt an Up-to-date I
Cl.oo+i«»c    CiC\tiC\n*\   Brou8ht direct from England, and bought before the recent heavy advance of nearly 15 per
DJl66XlllgS.  vUtiuiui     cent., we will give our customers the benefit of this truly great sale.
11st to HILL & CO. i
amm*am li
SATURDAY, NOV. 18, 1906
-the- tsthe |?co0pector.  Head
Are Portraits in Sepia Platinum, with a very artistic mounting which is entirely new.
prest mow Go.
Baker St. Cranbrook, B.C.
We have beeu in the business
for several years, we have the
best equipment in B.C. and we
guarantee satisfaction.
About that Piano
We are the authorized agents
for the removal of Mason A Risch
Pianos, we can do the work without risk. Also Household Fur
Proprietors of tbe
Cranbrook Cartage and Transfer Co
I ittii'e opposite
C.P.R. Etepot
Phone 63.
CLINE    |
ol th* old Itomtoba Btrbei Shop     fj
run DOW bfl found (n the M
Fiivi Clan Work in all branches w
of the I
Tonsorial Art |
n Livem ;
Teams and drivers furnish
ed for any point in the (lis
A. DOYLE. Manager
Houses and Cottages (or Rent
or Sale on Easy Terms.
Telephone 82,
Carpenter % Kuilder
Hood Work at
Reasonable Price
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
.1   W. C. Laird of  Moyie  was
in tin' city Thursday,
A.   Grant   of Toronto  was in
the city Wednesday.
.1. W. Todd ol Toronto was in
town Wednesday.
R. Li.  Masleison  of  Kossland
was in the city Wednesday.
Miss V. Northy of  Marysville
was a Cranbrook visitor Tuesday
F. Gilroy, and J. A. Chambers
When    vim    yet  » IfOOtl   old-
fashioned Headache that makes
your head throb;•'••'■ ybw eyea
whirl and makes yon sick to
your sToiuacli try
Dr. Scott's
Headache   Powders
They can't hart you and they
stop any headache.
One Do20.ii In a Box 25c.
Beattie & Atchison
Where It Pays to Deal.
To Wit:
PUBLIC NOTICE i* hereby flven to ihe Electors ol the Municipality afore-
Bald that . poll haa beoome neeessSji^ at the election now pernling tor the same,
and That I have ^mnia-il such [sill, anil furl her. that the persons duly Douilnalcal
as a'aiadldate. at tie- said Election and toe unoni only votes will aba reeelved ar,-:
I     MAYOH  <aR
i   Al.liKUMAS.
Hank. Pko-
fession ok
F, B. Lewis of Pernie, H. .1
of Vancouver were registered Bl ! Mnckay of Vancouver, and V
the Cranbrook Wednesday.
For a nice wedding or Christ-
mass present go to W. F. Tale
St Son.
Geo. Laurie who has been in
Winnipeg for the past week returned home Tuesday.
The best time to sit for your
picture is between ten and three
o'clock. Prests Studio
F. Lund of ihe Crows Nest
Lumber Co., Wardnei'. was in
Cranbrook Monday.
.1. J. Dohle of Vancouver and
K. McKay of Seattle were guests
at the Cranbrook Sunday last.
.1 A. MaeDonald oi Bayard
was in lown Thursday on busi
Road Superintendant Don.
Maekay returned from Morrissey
Dr. J. H. King is visiting his
old home in New Brunswick this
W. A Hoffner of Chicago, III
was a guest ai the Cranbrook
.Inst received at Tate St Sons
a nice selection in mantle clocks.
Shall we put one away for vou
for Xmas.
A. French, F. Atkinson and
E. Richardson all of Vancouver
were registered at the Cranbrook
Rev. M. Dunn, pastor of the
Presbyterian church in Fernie.
called on friends iu town this
\V. S. Clay representing the
McPherson Fruit Co., Calgary,
was doing business at Cranbrook
Mosdamej. Clark and .Jennings
Miss Nicholson and Mr. .1. Taenhauser of Fori Steele were Cranbrook visitors Monday.
I lur new Stock of photo mounts
are arriving. We always buy
the latest.      Prest Studio.
A. Sandslrom Marysville, I).
K. Williams of Calgary, and .1.
E. Brook ot High River, were
guests at the Cosmopolitan on
Sunday last.
Dr. Corson, of Fernie, was in
Cranbrook Thursday. He visited Port Steele, and returned to
Kernie Wednesday,
Cbas. Finch of hilkmoutb was
in town Wednesday Mr. Fnch
went to Marysville Thursday to
Inquire in to the facts concerning his hotel which was destroy
ed by lire Sunday last.
Robinson of Winnipeg were reg
istered at the Cranbrook Sunday
.1. ,U Hutchcroft and <•• Don-
berg ill Marysville were registered at the Cosmopolitan Thursday.
For Rent—A six-room cottage,
near the "Grove," at |12 per
month. Also rooms on Arm
strong avenue, and a small cottage near the freight de|>ot.
For further particulars apply to
Joseph or Thomas Mayeoek.
The Ladies Aid Society of the
Presbyterian Church will hold u
sale of work, on the evening of
November 80th      The work will
be suitable for Christmas  and
New Year's presents.
Fcm S.w.k - A quantity of
Petunias, some in flower, others
about to bloom, in boxes of from
one to four plants. Price 50
cents each. A Posl Card addressed to Mrs. Arnold will
bring them to your door.
C Ross Tate was at Moyie
this week on business for Tate
it Son.
Winter Schedule
Double Service, Main Lluc
Connects With
Sleeper  Service  West
standard and Tourist Sleepors leave
Revelstoke Daily for Seattle and
Leave Kootenay Landing; llaily for
Medicine Hat connecting with oars foist. Paul, Toronto, Montreal.
Leave Medicine Hat Wednesday.
Saturday for Toronto. Monday. Friday
for Montreal. Friday for Boston
Daily,tor St. Paul.
Through ticket, loand from Falkland
and The .Continent, ask for Christmas
Sailings.    All I.ina-a represented.
For full particulars, lirst Haas or
tourist sleeper reservations, apply to
local agents or write
G. HILLIER, Agent, Cranbrook
D.P.A.. Nelwri-   A.O.P.A.. Vweourer
Taa iha   electors ot Um- City of Cran-
fMtUm nml Oenllemeir,
Mr. Alex. Moffat, candidate tor
thu office nl Mayor, in ilia- pending
election, solicit* your vole in his favor
on the 22nd inst.
Cranbrooka Nov. 16th. 19116.
I  It A Nil 1(1 "IK   I I'I V   Kl.MTIilX.
I'n the Rectors of the (.'ity ol Cranbrook
Having beon nominated aa a Candidate for Alderman in the pending
Municipal Election; I most rcaspartfnlly
solicit Your Vote iii my favor on Election Day, November 32nd.
James Gkeeh.
Cranbrook, Nov. 1.',, 1005.
Stf.am   Boilers ;
nd Furnace Work a
Cost and St,
el< Estimates
Furnished lj
[ion Applied'
P.O. Box 834.
Cranhrook, B.C
The  Corporation of the City of
PUBLIC NOTICE U hereby uiven
to the elector* ol the municipality of
Cranbrook, thai 1 require the presence
Of the Miiil electors at the FIKK HALL
Baker Street, on the 15th day of
November next, at '12 o'clock noon, for
tin; purjwse of electing persons to
rcprettent them In the Municipal
Council a*1 Mayer and Aldermen.
The innnY of nomination of candidates
shall be as follows:
Tin* candidates shall be nominated in
Writing: The w fit ing shall Vic .-uib-
-criln'fl by two voters of the Municipality as proposer and seconder, and shall
be delivered to tbo returning Officer at
any time botween the date of the notice
and - pain, of the day of the nomination
and in tin; event of a |hi]| being necessary, such poll will 1h> opened on the
22nd nf November at the FIRE HALL
from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., of which every
person is hereby required to take notice
ami govern himself accordingly.
i^UAUFICATIO-S required by law
in ho possessed oi by the candidates for
tlm offices mentioned above.
■■The persons qualified to Ih- nomin*"
'•ated for and elected Mayor nl the"
"lii>t election -dall be such persons as"
"arc male Brltjsh subjects ol the full"
Mage of twentyrODO yearn, and noi dis-"
"qualified under any law and have
"been for the three months proceeding
"the day uf nomination tho assessed*
•'owner of land or real property in the
••(Mtj  of the value ef {ine thousand
hillurs ami otherwise qualified
AleMimh-r      I .Mayor
Geo Thomson L .Mayor
Jacob Plus       Aldermau
James Alderman
Jahej Alderman
Hlokenbothain   Harold Aldermau
Hunt Phlnea* DeV.   Alderman
Jaokson .taieph 1 Alderman
Daniel Edwin    Alderman
.lames j Alderman
Geo. Preston \ Alderman
i .aiiien aw. Accountant
Armstrong av, Merchant
Kdwards st. .Merchant
Arm-strong ar, Contractor
A rnistmng a v. Merchant
Burwell ave. Carpenter
Burwell ave. By. Conductor
Martin ave. Ky.Couduetor
Kdward nt. Engineer
Kdward it, Cenlleinan
French ave. Merchant
The pull will be taketl at the Fire Hall on Maker street between the hours of
10 a. m. and 4 p. m.
Of which all persons are hereby required to take notice and govern them-
selves accordingly.
(iiven under my band at Cranbrook this fifteenth  day of November In the.
year IftA. THOS. N. ROBERTS,
. Guests Comfort a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad depot.   Has accommodations   for   the   public   uaei|uallQd  in
Hot and Colli liaths Proprietors j
^,T!ii]*£*^yc**^^r*^?*Tyy^T£*£*?fr b
iti tiiTut T T T T 1 •■.I—I'—!-.*>-*-» « -•-*-*.-*. * .*—*-* »..t. * *
|i i n"rrrr."*i"i"r™ri**rrri**rrTJ™™ i"t *
Beale & Elwell
Baker. St. Cranbrook, B.C. ::
9   WILL   *
Paid-up Capital, $8.700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,5CO.0C0
B. E. WALKER, G«i«r»l M«n.g«        ALEX. LAIRD, Ami. (inl M.au,,,,
tS ud un<l«r     > cente
On $5 .nd not ncMttlnf $10    « cente
-    $10 " $30   1$ CCOH
«   $30      " * *N  IS etna
Tie*. Order, are Payable «t Par .1 un afea In Canada of « Chartered
Bank, (Yukon excepted) and .1 the pnncip.1 banking poinu in the t nlled
State*. nmotiasi. *t . nam un st
Th*T tarra aa axoalltnt method of ramlttlni email Bums ol moMr
with «Mr and at omaU —A.
DIAMONDS Id your pot*6«.0Q \
repretents   money   mom money,
than .vou |Mty for them uftcr y>
have worn thvm « whllo, (ot* th,> E
\ un.**.' tn pri-'i'i* lit nmrkcU, unit i
there i* inmltivoly ihi dan-fur of (
DiniiHiniii* depreciating in v-uiui.>.
(if eoitrne It Ih alwayH netoignry \
to.-hocMe wbel> Mini puv the N<.*lit ,
jtt'ifi'*- when you nwk«' yowwUeo-
tion, thurefore it i- Owtetitlal tlmt B
you Hhould I'hiMiif tht* gtVOM at a i
reephnstble house.    Our record
lib dealers in diamond.-. In one ih»t
we think ii- enviable, and uur 8
mm iu um- olty.
. P. im & Son
Cranbrook's Leading Optician**,
Official VViUi'h hupsotora Crow's Nest uass Divislun C.P.B
A _»-  _ i    DoYou.Wanta -,_       I
8 Roomed House	
il Roomed Furnished House	
'2 Offices on Baker Street	
2 Roomed House	
4 Roomed House	
4 Roomed Housp	
li Roomed House	
7 Roomed House	
Large House Baker Hill	
Handsome Offices on Baker Street.
*    H.5II
*   When   You   Think  Of
J. Edgar Davis
♦   Bricklayer   _v
"'"'Contractor  *
IMIipNK n.->
Furnace, Boiler, Range and
Fireplace Work a Specialty, All
description of Btone-work under
Orders left at J. D. McBRlDtS
Will Kecelve Prompt Atuutlou.
You Think Of
nia-al for nntl elected Altlerraen ul the"  I W
PHONE   119   -
Cranbrook, B.C
East Kootenay. 9
lira-!, election slaltll lia' -lla-li Jn'raiili- ila" !
ure tnul<- llriiia.il subjectiaol the full"!
11 f twenty one yours utid are not''
lav ol ii  	
11 In
y inmmii*i*flTmmi*m**mm***iiTfmimtn*,,mmn,mmmfe»;
P. Burns & Co.
"(hviiit- ol   l..in( or fottJ |iru|MU*ty in
•■tin- (!lty n( the value nf live hundred
''dollars and are otherwise tjuallfled" j J!S
"to vote «t such election.*' £-
VOTKRS '^ALIKU'A'noX. | r"
The persons qualifietl   tn vote  tor   ""
Mayor and Aldcnnou ai such Ural elec. g Hftad omce(
tion shall bo all suchjwi-soDB m are £ 0 , AIb
British suhjeutfl ot the full age »of g
twonty*one years) who urn freehplderaj i p-
hoinesteaders  or  pr&emptori)  within IE "" ""**
the Iwunflariea of tho municipality ES
wh<»    bavo     resided    within    ihe fc ■**»«     . *. _^  ■»-**
Wholesale and Retail
Main Ofllc. for Eut Kootenay, 2
Crnnbrook, B.C
Imiiiirlnrii'a of   iIm' municipality   for; fc
one yt'iu- liruniidintely preuedtng  thn;fc
late of the.0 J.ottor» Patent, und whe1 —
.hull, before the day of aiirli election,
date of these J.otter» Patent, und who)
shull, before Iho ■
have applied to tbo Returning Officer, aC
hihI  have had their nuines placed oni£:
the list of Cluctora for Biloh election.     !JK Oealers in
tliven niidiT my liunal thia lirst day C      ..     '
of November, 1006, }*?      Live Stock
Returning Officer    i
I Meat Merchants I
Abattoir and Cold Storage 3
£.    i...c oivvi, at Calgary. Alberta.   3
If So Get a Move On   %
The Souvenir Heaters af
moving nut faster than we anticipated
X J. D. McBride \
Toilet Sets
;»» — -9*m
We Have |ust Imported
30 Sets  of  Toilet   Ware
All   in  Colored  and   Handsome   Designs,
Ten Pieces To the Set
"Ml . ♦•*
Price $3.50
Cranbrook, B. C.
2^*iMi!»lNI!*»il«iM^^ «gNil*llNt^HB^iMlMiiWil^
Washable Kid Gloves
Gloves t
We have just received a shipment of ReynleF |
Frerles   Washable   Kid   Olove»i
in all light shades.    Price sa.oo 11
!       Hlack Undressed Kid at si.50 and S2.00
A   Guarantee   Goes   With   Each   Pair   1
REID St CO. ii


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