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The Prospector Apr 27, 1907

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Array i.i*.■•- .. t'.*■■*; ""
Vol.  Hi.
No. 17.
1 Iiiinn. smashing the wagon brent
up  things  ui  general.    II
limreiiso Will go Into Ell'oct Early j i li''" rushed  ihrough tho back I Visitors Hero ami There   Feiplc
in 11)08 i'1 ' of a jewelry shop lo  Haker|    Who Home to Cranbrook and
Tho3e Who Go Away
  sl. wild with excitemunl saying
Tlie slnl.'iiu innl.. bv   lhe  Uml su mie had stolen hisl.al
Ihni li il Tuil.iw nt ilie closi
nf Wednesday afternoon's session
witii ivspivi in the proposed in
crease in tlmbei' royalties, was
ul tlie highest importance, uml
has nii'i wiih universal approval.
While il luul been Ihe Intention
uf ihe Government—as slated by
your correspondent iu last Monday's communication lu have lhe
new royalty come into force nn
tlio isi nl* January, I00S, several
I'iii'uiiisliini'es. unforeseen at tlie
lime uf llio framing uf iho
measure, havo cornblued iti such
a way as lo iniike it nbuiidautly
certain that tne increase uf the
royalties nn timber at sn early a
dute as noxl January would work
a most serious and unjusi hard'
ship upon n very important industry. Chief among these circumstances is lhe Iiii'i. plainly
sol forth in an explanatory
communication from Mr. Marpole, thai, owing iu lliu
unprecedented congestion nf
traffic caused by Hie abnormally
severe wittier which is only now
just beginning to loosen its grip
up the country, tlio Canadian
Pacific Railway cannol possibly
handle mure liiiin abarelifty percent uf the orders lu be Hlled by
iiie lumbermen. Those in the
know say Hint Mr. Marpole is
over-optimistic even in these low
ligures, and liml forty per cent,
is mure likely in lie ihe extreme
limit of the railroad's capacity.
The situation uml ils inevitable
consequences were clearly laid
before the Government by  Mr
Al lhis ti Chief ul Police Cory
iiuw luiil Ids grappling irons ou
Inn nml rushed him in lhe cooler, i iu Tuesduy he was up before J udgo Anderson Who lineil
Iiiiii SL! uml costs.
New Meat Market.
Messrs liichards& Collis, purveyors und Contractors have
opened a now meal innrkol nn
Hanson's Avenue, uml will be
ready fur business nn Muy 1st,
They ask lhe public Inr n trial
and guarantee to all patrons
What the City Dads are Doing to
Promote   the   Welfare
of the City.
A special meeting of the City
Council was held on Saturday
evening to consider bylaw No.
88, being lhe Electric Light by
There were present His Wor-
Dr. i'..lliu came .inun from
Marysville Wednesday
A   I). Palmer of Wycliffe was
in ii ity Wednesday
in. Wmi wus in Gateway this
week mi professional business.
!•'. Iv Roof ol Truro, N. S. wns
looking iiier Hie eiiy this week.
I). Griffith uf Wild lint's,.
Creek was in  Ihe city   Wednes
Dr.   nn.l   Mrs.    .1.    II.     King
returned  Wednesday  Ir    lhe
Pred. Eagan, I''. A. Blaine and
D. II Telford of Saskatoon,were
Craubrook visitors this week.
Would you like n nice Turkey
for Sunday? Largo or small nl
P. Burns * Co.
Messrs Irvine, Roberts, Bowness
uiul Henderson drove over tn
Steele Wednesday. They reporl
having u very pleusanl time.
Saturday  night   linker streel
I,' Smith of Hnsmer was regis Tho Cranhrook Trading Com
lore.I nt the Cosmopolitan Wed pany havo gol inn car inn.I .•!
uesdiiy swell buggies.
.1. W. Ross, n mill inun from Ciipt, ii. Pumpelly wns dowu
Klkniout.li was transacting busi- from Luke Creek Thursday on
ness ui Crunbrook Tuesday.        \ mining business.
Additional   Funds For Cranbrook jLACklKR THROWS
ii.s. Washburn, of Lelhbridge     "British Consols" Plug smok
nml   Vi,   ||   .In s uf   'I'm in im!  inline! i Mighton's Cigai
were Crunbrook visitors Tuesday, j Si or,'.
An additional sum nf !?(iun has
seen grnnled by the pro\ incial
Pirisluture Inr roads, trails ami
iridges in i Iranbrook riding
London Opinion is That  Premier
has gided With "Old
Also n    ^inii    im'   exceeding i
s.',.iiiiii in defray the expenses ol
Vi. G   Parsons and J. A   Mac-     Engineer.!.   II.  Caslake and |n!~) offices "  Cranbr ;.   tin
IiidiiI.I of Montreal  were cn.'sis! Iv R. Mo Million were nt Calgary | eomlitiietl "'overnineiil ■
ii ilie Cranbrook Wednesday
ship Mayor Finlay, and alderman ™*«™J} "'*>" »'»«' *"'<''''
, ' ,, ., ; ,.,, , L-i'iinbroiik. presented as busv nn
Pink. Ryan, McCowan, < nd Lppeorimce rs Broadway in New
Hickenbotham. j York.
On motion il wns moved  thai 	
by-law No.  '.i> lie  rend a  third     II  VV. Edgecombe uf  Pernie,
lime.    After debating on the by-1a»d  l;-   A,   Simmons  of   Van-
law for some time, and  ii   being
deemed desirous for further information, the council adjourned
tomeeton Wednesday April "Hth.
A special meeting nf the Cily
Council wns held on Wednesday
evening.     There  were   presenl
Mrs. .1. Sterling Staples nf
WyclilTo wus shopping in Crnie
brook Wednesdav.
ihis  week  un   Inisiiu
Inlercsl ni ilie li. L. E.
Mrs. Win   'I'lile win.  Ims  I n
visiting her son   Ross Tate ni
Lethbridge rel tirned home Tues-
.1. W. Il.'iineii. Vi, Donald nml.    •>' 	
.1.   R   Waldo of   Nolson   were     R, s. Short was busy lhis week
gnosis al   ihe i runbrooli   I lies- (lw.om.|nB   lh„   dl.ng  slm.	
,l:l-v* |('liiis Reid which now presents a
very ail motive uppoaruiii'o.
George Reed nl Pernio, .1
Hume nnd .J. Jones uf Sparwood
wore registered nl the Cosmopo-
Minn Tuesday.
Mrs. .1. G. Cuminings  will   hr
ut   home,  !ii   her resident n
Penwick avenue mi  the  afternoon ul Muy "ml uiul -'Inl,
Alderman   Joseph    Jackson,
who bus I n lu Chicago,   "thoi    Mrs. .I. II,   King  will  receive
windy eiiy, attending n confor- ul Iter homo un Armstrong
eiiee nl railway men, arrived Avenue every 2nd and 8rd Tues-
home Monday. iluv of eueli :i lb.
'ipill  llllildlllg.
I'i.i' I...i,.inn. England evening
Posl strnnel.v attacks Laurier
Im' his unit.uie un the question
"i il.i' imperinl council uiul ihe
colonial office secretarial uml
editorial alludes lo lii> strange
defection from ihe cause of Hie
imperial alliance and assisting
Lord Elgin in bring aboul
further subordination nf ihe
conference to the colonial office,
 ■ ;J|| Richard Webb writes.   "It seems
1 Viiiniuii \'l I'resiiletii Lewis * |a| .st   incredible thai   Laurier
ml .li-iri.'i i'r,.si.i..„i Slieriniin, X should Inn" ranged  himself mi
"■ii Imvo ileelileil n to 's' the side of ihe nld  bureaucracy
againsl tlie self-respecting
ambition ol colonial nationalism.
shull it lie said   nl   liim   thul   he
sillllll sileIII.    il    he   nut    nellUlll.V
letil liunil. while tlie bureaucracy
*   i
ivui'li .Mi.inlii.i pemlilli; ;i -
menl In' Ilir Homiiiii.il .ri
eulli.-i-ies   in   Hi.- I'i,
,!. iit.-iil   llonril    n!
lieritil   off-spring   nf   Canndiun
Tlie Prosl Pholo Co.   reipiesl
ill     parties    having     framed
.1. S. Rogers,  bookkeeper I'm
Hie Ensl Kootenay Lumber I'n,.
pictures or photo work al  theirlof Jaffray, spout Sunday Inst  in
studio to call for sumo not  later Cranbrook
Iliun nexl week*. 	
  ;    Crickets were heard this week, j
Mr,   Win.   Irvine  "i*   Nolson, and the next thing in ho heard
Grand Chancellor oftho Knights will In    the   "beg pawd'on"  of
An Arrangement has Been Reaeh-
ed Pendine an Investigation.
The Men Will go to
Work Tuesday.
Help the Salvation  Army's Self
Denial Fund.
„, .„    , , '     ,- ' Aldermen Ryan, Gill,  McCowan i.... ., ,.i..;, ,.. >■.,;,,,.,,„ ...  ,.,!„,'7,,,,.,,
Lli. .mas    laylor,    member    fori     , ,,. , on u visit to uienas in  sniiiiii'in
California,  Mrs. McNeil expect
P.'thias was paying h is yearly onckol ,.
official visit  in Cresenl   Lodge,   *v   Ule  '"I""'1   h'"'"   l'"nn"
K   P. ou Wednesday. j    A   li. MacKenzie, U. McPhor- received at 4 p. in.   Priday  says
  son,  und  P    ,1.    Anderson   of thai nn ugreemenl has been mado
According   tu   statistics   the Winnipeg spent Sunday  lusi  in between  miners nml   operators
bmok'\Z',f,,fBSlS        " Criin- month ot March of     present Craubrook. Lhorabv  the men  tigree to gn
' kMl,l"U*_ 'V^'wasth. st during,, — to work by next Tnesdav, petul
period nl .1.1 yours, and April, so     Mrs.   E   Small  und   children . .        ,.    ..     ,      ,     ,
Don'l  overlook  lhe  fuel   that far, has  been  lhe coldost since arrived from  Spokane Sunday, I"g un investigation hy  ihe   Uo       Once each year the Salvation
ihe Crunbrook districl   is   the 1H4II, where they  have been  visiting minion spoeinl commission, i Army sets aside a week for what
lniid of the big red apple and tho   friends for lhe past two weeks.       Tho latest news from Pernie is ,|iev    „,n    .i,e',    "Self-Denial
pumpkin. R. B. Bow-den, the  "Pr de of  , , ,, " '
  the  Wesl "  wns drun "■   un      ,,    ■        , , nlosl encouraging, and there is  Effort," and thu members of Ihi
■ - IIM l» '   B    . U il>     11     I . Ill 111 I Mii        ll    I t ll ir        In i       i i«i _ I >\-i i       lem il-.
trade for his iim,   Monday     He  i v-i        Past /wo   weeks | ■', Hope of a Hnnl selllomonl
ii,uu. uu his uun  i.iuiiuii.v     in    iniisi. Wilson  hus  been  hnldeii „,,
The Standard understands the
subjeel ni the government's altitude towards the question of ihe
colonies' share in naval de'fencn
will shortly come before tho con
forenco uml thai lhe solution proposed liy the British government
euiisists uf supplying ships uiul
material while the colonies liml
lhe men.
Mrs. James McNeil bus gone
Rsvelstoke, nnd by others, with
Hie result iimi iho Honorable
Mr Tatlow uiul his colleagues, I
recognizing the argument contained in Hie uiiiisunl condition
of     transportation       facilities
and Hickenbotham
li wns moved hy Aldermen
McCowan nnd Hickenbotham
thul Alderman Ryan lake ihe
chair, carried.
In he away fur three months.      j thill's nu dream.
lays thai Cranbrook is ihe best I giVungs nf tin. County   ; nun   in !''''"'  members ul   llie   various
lown in British Columbia.    And Hovolstoke,  Golden'nnd   other Boards of Trudo  have  lefl   for
Next Monday night Moyie odd     Mrs. John Galbraith  tind  her!    •!     P.   Pink  uml   Vi. T.   Roid
points in his judicial district       'their   homes,   and    ,i    speedy
resumption nl work is possible.
Pellows will pay tlie Cranbrook
lodge n visit, and will confer lhe
Moved by  Hickenbotham  and ; wnrk in the ind degree.
McCowan, thai nspeeiui meet-in;
liriiiighl  uboul   Ihrough  natural i' ,. ,,    ,,   '    ., .   ',   ".   .,        ,, T      \n     u   ...i m  v ii    i u-ii
. ,   , ,    |ol llie I ouncil tn be held on  Pl't-1     Miss I'eurl .\le.\oil nl Wilmer.
agencies, decided to postpone the  , .      .     .,  ,,, , ..      who has bedn vislin.» friends  in
i     i ,jay evening- April ai to consider ,,     ,     "        mi-iug  nuiuis in
increase uf the tinnier  nivalin's:    ' .       '     .. ,..,.     Cranbrook lor a   few days,   lefl
and pass  hy Inw   N'n.   :!-.      Tin
motion wus carried,
Council adjourned.
Royal Brieflets.
Roosevelt   us   (he   democrutii
for lhe year Inter.    The proposal
io  increase   will,    however    lie
broughl before ihe House nexl j
session, and will probably go   in |
effect  early  in   1008;    nnd   thej
acting Premier, in giving notice     Whatever  King  Edward  nnd
nf iho Government's determin-  King Alfonso may have said  In
at ion on   Wednesdav,    publicly
warned all concerned tu make
their   future   arrangements   tu
take lhe proposed increase  into
The incident is mil without
inlerest, aparl frum its cum
ini'i'i'iiil side, as an illustration of
ihe fearless statesmanship which
hits boon adistinguishlngfeature
ni the presenl administration.
The inert'!,sod royalty bus been
Intiilly called fur hy u numerous
puny wim claim iiiui iholumbur-
in.'ii worn making too much, and
ih,. province nni enough, oul nf
British Coluinbia'sforosi wealth
The prosperity nf iho lumber industry would undoubtedly, bul
fur ihe unusual olrcumstuncos
dotiiiled above, have warranted
the proposed increase.
Ami, having once broughl the
measure forward, u timid
Government would noi have
dared tu withdraw It, even us un
iinstatostimnlike Governmenl
would havo failed lo see the
juslico uiul Hie' advisability of
dning so. The present admin
stl'lltlons hits sluiid lhe tost un
both counts triumphantly, uml
bus given Hie province yel
another example of that line nml
far-sighted statesmanship which
can discern when Iho limn is
ripe fur a measure lu bncome
Inw, and when il is imi ripe
Inr home Monday.
daughter Hazel, nf Purl  s lo, w-ore representing the Crunbrool
passed through Cranbrook- Mon- Hoard or Trade ul thei ference
day  on   nn   extended    summer of   Minors   uml    oporulors    ul
visit lo friends in Portlund.  Los Pernio this weok.
Agolos nnd other points in  Cnli
Pernie April "li. Afler ninny
conferences whicli has resulted
in u failure In agree upon   terms
ni II  Hew sell lenient. I, lllllss lln'i't-
iiiii' wns lielil in ilie i Iporn House
Judge Williams  nf   Phoeni
wim wns iii Crnnbrooli   ti   lowly
days ago, is aboul seven  fool in  '
Tlie Prest  Photo  Co.   reipiesl
ull     parlies     having     framed he'ig|,r"k'ciis7he"wi_' pushed
pictures or photo work nt their ,i„,  i,„i„„  , „,   „   ,i„„i,i„
studio to call for same nul  Intel
Ihan noxl week.
each other al Cartagena, it  pro- !    When Ihe work uf laying side-
bubly wasn't n long time between Wn!U! is comPletec!>, Cranbrook
. . * I will  have more miles ol   good
<"'"1Ks' walks Ihan any  city  of   ils  size
At tho big  Democratic   con- in tlie world
vention lield   nt   I'hutanuga   lust 	
week   il    wus   suggested    thai     Tlie  gnnd  people   nf   Moyie
William J, Byrun nut Teddy" !'','M"V(;'"' enjoying themselves.
i Ihey  have nn loss   ihuu   I wo
dunces ii week, und ll good,   hi"
candidate fur presldeni in 100b.   '. im payroll once u month
The   appointment   nf    King 	
Edward us   honorary   captain, WANTED all kinds of ladles and
genoral  iu  lhe   Spanish   army Rents cleaning, pressing and re-
,.,,,'   pairing at   lhe Cranbrook   live
 '  '""   •'v"l'rv  us     Pl'oblvb|y I works Armstrong Avenue, oppo-
we shull nut liuve lo face another sito Imperial Hotol.
Spuuish armada. ——
By lhe way, wo wonder which     |iillv KpHi™ had Ins hunch nf
,.. *     ,,   ,   culls mil lusi   Siiliirihiv   evoning
is holier, King Alfonso s English pmct|s|ng| ftt|(] 1h,.v shoW0(]  „,,
or the Spanish of Queen Victoria   well.    As Crunbrook  Ims   ihe
Divorce is lu  lu ule easier ninloriiil, wo will no doubl   havi
in   Russia,    Will  ihis help   Hie
czar ''.
the host hull leum litis far north
ihis summer.
China is  going to  spend  mil       Supcriiileiidoiit of Roilds   Iiiiii
lions on her navy.   On gentle to Mackay has a force of men al
your laundry-man. | Wl"'l( constructing a mail tn the
I Norili Star mills.   The distance
An Innooent Burglar. '? ' '" one-thh-rl of a mile, and
 ° lhe way  Ihul   Mr.   Muelsuy   hus
I laid nut the wnrk proves Ihul ho
On    Saturday    night,   al   n is ,.hu ,,^1,, ,„.,„ in ,,,„ ,.^1,,
palatial mansion on Baker HI 11,u pluco
quartet of ladies  woro onjoying 	
it. qttiel  i'iiii r  bridge     The     'I'he result of  the  labor com
lime  was 0-1 fi.    Thou   unusual1'"1' ''' n,' 'll al strike hi  lhe
i        i ■     .i      i -.   i ' run s   Nesl   Puss,   if   nruiieriv
no se wis  nl in  lliu  kitchen,     ...   i        ..
i't,   wi     hnve ii   very   un
the judge could use u doubl
barreled sbol gnu Inr ti pair of
trousers. Ho hus a brother
tailor ihan he is bul noi quite us
organization deny themselves of
everything possible in order to
contribute iheir miles in help
swell iho general luml collected
during this speeiui period. Por
the week commencing Muy llh
iu 1 llh lhis year the comrades of
thn local branch of Iho Army in
Cranbrook will go oul among
their friends, soliciting dome
lions tn help carry on the noble
work of ihis organization. Have
vmi u care for the good wnrk ihe
Army is doing ull over tha world?
Have vmi a pride in the splendid
ihis week  king over lhe  pre i'"'"'""""-    '   ■'"  ' "'» ("Igood Ihey do? and the moans lo
punitory move nts towards I he sl11' '"    l'lil1    ""'    Alberta express in n   subslanttal    way
eunsiriiciii.n   ul'   lhe    Dominion Legislature ill   its  nexl  session your iuteresl   in   iheir   labors
building in lhat city. would enact an  eighl  hour   law among yna'i    The opportunity
I Term-,   I.-int.-    In    li.ni!.-      I....I    .,-.-...il I:
ll looks tu it iniin up n  I i-nn  us
A regular monthly meeting of
the Crunbrook School Board will
ho hold  ni  Mi.  ,1. A. Harvey's yesterday aflei'iinon, which  wns
residence mi  Monday  nexl ul h uddrossod  by Hon. W, dishing,
Mackenzie King,  Vico-presidonl
1 ,owis   uiiil   disl riei    presidenl
.1. 11. Mel'iilliim wns nl  Porniu
Slii'iiiinii.    Hun. Mr Crushin;
if  Cranbrook's   new    chief   nl
weight unit iiiii llliH'otiiileti'flll
Among lhe arrivals al ihe
Crunbrook Thursday were. .1. A.
Bruley uf Pernio N, Bangs nf
Spnkniio. R. K. Dawson of Nelson, W Tarrant of Marysville, I houses on Afrlcai
li. L. Hruwn nf  Nelson,   1''.  \V. I 	
,,.   ,    . , ..    i i    ,-     -.i       ,-   ,e     '      .. .. ,-   ,, -,. Ull llllirneil   11    rnsi'il    1111 •.' I 111 Ll"   nl I li,. nei.ili.il  t'nr lie! I iin.' I hi.     \riov
We bs er tuu  S.     . Sun   i o      n-       Inn.     owe u   Murysv   0 wns      *     . ,   ,,    , m uuu mi in iping tne  Al mj
police iiieiini businnss. This lhe mon to roturn Io work, pond-
week he arrested u man fur iug nn Investigation than nil
playing a piano in   ono  uf   the other statements   uml   explnn
ations.    Afler this mnssmeeting
allowed in slip uwuy unhonored,
Surely Cranbrook will tint permit the self-denial subscription
list tn he passed without having
contributed every cenl Unit may
ui ihe hospital ihis week wiih u
dislocated shoulder,  lie  wns ul-
riinniiis E.   Kelli'.v,   who was I tended by Dr. J. II   King and .')
ilie minors wus held which Inst-,,., frying mt the good work He
ml iu after midnight. H wns UjVes much who gives his mite
decided to snbmil   ihis projiosi   in a worthy cause: it should  he
lhe nominee of llio Labor parly Collin,    lln rolnr I in Marys- hion," lo go back lo wnrk  peud   your pride and your pleasure to
last election,  wns in Oranbrook ville Priday, .     .,   invesiio-niinn ,,i tlm ,,i,i!'r , \ " •,
Sunday.    He came up to sen his ,"'-"" '"   s"-''.'." " '   ""   olt   list **■•**•''" »s n subscr -in
brother who is 111 in the hospital.   .A.   Walts,   A.    Leitch.   Geo. |ngreomonl terms , to tho several |t„ls hi
I'om  always hus  n    boosl
Moyio, believing it in I i I
llu' host silver-loud camps in lhe
early purl ot
Jewell. A. !•'. Krappell  and  Mr.  local unions, and il  Is believed     -p| ftice.'s in charge uf iho
Joyce wore attending n   eting thai   favorable   acllon   will   be Granbrook corns,  Capts   Jessie
III    llle     Millltllnitl     LutUhermeilS   .nlrn.i l,e 'ill uniiois   -unl th..  i. M                   ii,                             ,   i          i
.......    i.uu'ii ni .in iiiiiiiiis. uiiii tne ii.I'li M,I,,)-,. iiiiii Duvisoii nive labored
Assocuil mn ui Ne son during lie     -,, (    i     i i       i        .,
will he Imel, nt work early in lhe faithfully nnd well in lhis  place
Ranchers, along Hie Kootenay j
river, owing lo the   continued
 iii'-i'week. land are deserving ol the aid und
 r All'. Killensrelur I      h Wl>- '"i"''"1 "' ni""- lhi" the supporl of our people.
ild    weitlh"!    un
,.    expressing ,fl'om c'i|«ftl'J' lasl   l''n'!!l>'    M\  ll1"'
miieli uneasiness relative in high I
'I'   KOI'    l.illllsev    11!
lie    III     lllll Ilil
>t I he unions
IHUL'       sin
wuter.   There Is danger ihul   ir \V™*    wn c       its   mm    very „,,„,,, ,,,-ovb ii surmounlablo L .oat Mighton's Cigar slon
;, i„,      i    ,,,,,,1    ,i,,,    I.ni.,,.   ulnsi'lV.  lull   nn. Iiiiel,   Ullleh    Wlls   ... u     ..... ,,
it. remains i I  mini  Hie  |llt|or "":"'.",'".''.""*"":    >;"" i,.,,.,.;,.,. , y pacific resull, hull
'ell Is null'    gull lllll '
purl nf Muy. Ihen hul wniillinr
seriously injured
will nuns.'  exii    high
llllll'll hell'
Masquerade Ball
John    Lensk,    mi    Thursday
evening wns e.\pnrimunliug wil li
u  view nl  dulormining   ns   lo.
wholhor Ihern was anylliiug  in|' ig presenl, il wus deckled  tojlH Lo lin-vo ii   new   Oporn   lions.
Was up Before tlio Huak.
James Grant, ii lumborjack,
got loaded Monday wilh lhi
juice Ihal is red. Ihal makes man
the footsteps of  i  passing  .(mil bearing upon tlio i'uluru "..'""l1.'.' ".' "i"' j."" „"^
to and fro, as if ll was a burglnr (Invelupmuntof SouthoaslKooln   h''^    ,l"1          - ■"■ "
iu search of valuables Tho Indies nay.   Tho convention will  havi
jumped to lliolr fool, ono armed H1"1';1' wisely if ihey succeed  ii
hersell with ii golf slick, another ''" " ''ho strike.
will, n I Is hul. it lhi I'd secured   |   '' y llre'nsoshouli ' I   « sihiy t
n   vaso of   llowoi's,    while   ihe Wtillor Malhlsou, who llirowsl it.
Ii.i'iiniiiiely fur his company,
well ns ull other inlereslod   pin
tceling lies  peace hu- i n restored im-\    Tho Mns(|unrade ball given bj
Um C. I' li i'lul, mi Wednesday
evening was u complete success,
nml  nil  presenl  onjoyed  Ihem
,,h7asi;-bur.,.ing're|'.or'is \v0ii||>osll~np tin- ling unlli  nexl |||;„   ^nutgetnenls' have    ,.|"ul,y."s   "',  "'''   ' Bl'      M,H?
Ihu stove wns nl  n   white  heui. I «'""li ooiinileleil  I., build on lots No "li     ""     ' Hl",l"",s01'    roptured
niulit   i,„,i;  soveriil  bucknls ofi . , i ■•,, ,„  , i.. i- .„,    mt,       i ,    lirKl |U'izo, roprosenlingiigolden
i ii in,■lime  mnl ,    l'J   Bury,  assislit
loi,,,  iger mid   I.    I.'    Jut sun, iiresilui I on Norbury avei
'I'he    Ciinservali\
which  wns in   lake   place   mi ;,   in,, m loasl
Thursdny    evening    did     unl
miilerinlize. only a smnll number      li is runinred  Ihal  Cranbrnnk
fourth hastened Ion neighboring
lhe high hulls unl  hi
uver   ihe  Cranbrook
ll  llll  III     I.III. I,'   'JU       These    Inl
waler In pre  '      ' *    '   " '    '    *	
ling Hie -luii'l'
SUi'-lg ml    sliperilll lenl    nl      lhe    *|MS|  iiernss the    slreel    frmu    ll
s, Iiiii  'o oxperimeiiling I'   I'  H.  cnmn  in  '"i  "  R|iocinl (■.,,,.„|  | ,|
,^       \|,.     linker     ;i    I'oeoul Tuesday evening, Mrs  Hurviind
Ivitl   Ir    "h'nld   llinghtnd"  Mi-    Mnnchainp   nee, ,;,„'„,I A |m>'«'
tod     i      ihe Mr   Bury    Tli"  I'urly   I.'I  wnKbeii.gphiyed.il llio (,yn,m
slllHl  nil   I' luiil V  l'l
lls|                                                          J    IV   Pink   relumed   Pridny   ''
is ii      On Suiidav   nexl,   April  "-ih.  Ir    Pernie  where ho has I
I; iml l v
lll.sk,'|    hull
lliil'l -\     speeiill      prize       nils
awardod In Miss Culdwoll     Mr-.
Luster Clupp  received  it   prize
Inr Indies enmie enst       I'   K
I'.'iieli   Isi   pi'izn   Inr   yi'li I leinen's
"siiiiue. wnl, Clarence  Darling
'gym" lentil nn.l Hie hunks, iu cluso second,
result     WHS    lint      1,11..Wil      III;       Dli'll   Pl'llser    Ils    "lhe    Wlilnw"
ii''"' "I going i" I'l'i'ss cupliired Constable Moi'i'ls ,vl	
1 bo for ussistnnee.   Chlof of ,||m |jam|y ftH „ slm|(t, 0|iui'nior. antiivorsary'surviccs will bo held attending a conroroncn of minors     |,;n'lv   Irnvellor   «l sses tho widow roportod her loss nf
Police wus telephoned  lur and||]ocan lako Iho allmy  I'eplilos In connection wiih Ihe'MelhndisI uml   iipnrulors   ii ffnrl  in through lhe mineral and agricul [jewelry,   nml   Ihen    ihe   imv
frnlicsoi uui    very    funny,  the patrol rushed to  lhe scene   uml Im tl crawl up  I.i- iirnis, Sunday  School    Mi's-   Hull   nf bring aboul re friendly rein   ini-nl regions of Soul hoasl Kink.
lumped Into a  wagi nil   was The burglar wm there,   hut,   wo """ ul;mlml '"" ■"-"'<  "f "   Hiey  Per  wHI deliver nt,  miniver-  I ton   ie ween   I hose   tneresleil,   „„., ,v|,elher oxpi
■'     ',, ,,i  ■     ■, ,i     wore iiitioeeiii   siiuiri'i'ls ur  pel  hiirv address in lite morning nml  Mr  Pink savs ihul   by   I uosdiiv
I   nr   Olivine
standing nn  the   main   sired,  must not tell, for it was only tl
drove through ihe main street grocery   delivery    man    will
then down  ihe lane,  over   llio supplies for the Sunday dinner.
I   wiih   ihe    greal
I ill ri ins  ur p
kiilnns.      lu   fuel   he   Ims the uli.'i'i ii. nlsn an address in the nexl  ml  ihe  miners  will  heal   "    ""P"**'"'
Circassian Indies backed ofl the evening     Mrs. Hull is spokeiiofi work,   ponding an investigation !°xtenl     ol   lhe   lerrtlnry   uver
hoard iis n sniiko c.hiirmer, its h lliioul .unl nllriiclive ^|u-uIht by ihe Dominion cnuiinissinnors.  whicli ihi- woiillh is dislribuled
The I'    I'    ll.    ('lull    II'I'O    In    III'
ei ut L'tii i ii In I ed for the success und
satisfactory manner iu which ull
their iluu 'es have in'en conducted THE PROSPKCTOR, CHANHROOK B. ( .. APRIL "7. II
KSTAIII.ISUKli    l-se.
A. B. Grace,
Stye Khropector.    *
IATUKDAY, Al'llll. !i7, 11X17
IT is beyond question thai   the A
pres.'in year will   be one of A
greal   progress   in   Crunbrook. iji
There is not a city  in   the   pro- i't,
vinee better located Eor business 9
than   Cranbrook.     li   dues  noi 9
need 11 prophet lo foretell  whal 9
the future hus  in store  for us. iji
The   presenl   season    pr ises 9
greal things for the entire dis .Jj
triet. und  if ever a  mining   or 9
lumbering section  wus  destined 9
10 witness u rapid  and  substau- 9
tiul growth, ii is thai   porti f 9
country of which Craubrook  is 9
the distributing point. 9
* *   * I
The lands of  the Upper Col- iji
iiinliiii uud    Kootenay    valleys, 9
between Cranbrook and (lolden. ijfr
are much sought  after.   These iji
valleys ure particularly adapted 9
tu fruil culture (both large and 9
small) and mixed farming.   Now •{•
tlmt   the   lunds n!   lhe Siuiilk'i- 9
nieeii uiul Okanugan  have heen •}•
nearly iill taken up.  Hi" well-to iji
dn settler bus turned his feet lets iji
towards the valleys of the Col iji
umbia and Kootenay.    This is an 9
I'M'ellein    country    for    slock 9
raising    the   winters   being   so «Ji
milil thul  cattle can  gruz 1 9
the   vein*    round.      When    ihe 9
Kootenay Central railway iscon- 9
structcd, settlers will rush to th" 9
fertile spots nf those valleys, and ijt
the price of land will  soar sky 9
ward.   The trade uf these  val- 9
leys is tributary  tu Cranbrook. *
... #
We have seen   butter   slroug *
enough tu walk, bul lasl Sunday 9
we saw 11 liiiin buttorlly. 9
* * * 9
A large number ol  fruit  trees 9
will he planled in the vicinity of *
Cranbrook this spring.    In  live *
years Southeast   Kootenay  will 9
be    tl reliiiri!    ul    British 9
Columbia. 9
hill & ee.
Have decided to unload their mammoth Stock of Ladies and Mens Furnishings and Furniture and if prices count for anything- will do it very quickly
W'e v ill quote vou
Mens' Bous Shoes
Ai such prices liml will
make you think we never did
intend in pay fur them
ImngiiU' .1 iliun s  I '"'\ (.'nil Slim
worth »,;■ |jn which ive w ill   sell  .11
a I. 7;. A     lllllil ll     111      	
cleat   ul    -1.-*;   noilli    un
It. .11!   s ;. 1 .. . 1. . s .
We ',... .ue*   ■     pit   -
samples of  American  sines      T   .
line we gol Free nf Duly and   ul
off for 1 lash      lusi 1 -len In
us mil; shoes
20tn Genu
Brand gioi
And now abu 1 Clnl .Velum
the faim    '   lhi
Cloth ng that u       lis     u    ..     ,..
from  other  men  h\   1  e    Si 1 .-. Kn
and Appearance
Tliis  line   v     ,\      sell   lor tl
next two weeks nnh
wholesale    cost, -  .*   ■
s 14.1 in. si6.110and s 1 S.i   . i<  eulai
S2i 1.00, s22.no, S24. "' ind -  ■
\\ > linvc ,...' Suits .'I .'ilim
in.ikes ili.l wc l\ ill sell .11 -!..,n,
-.-,. 51 1 und -;. s,'.   I'i'giiliii l\ --nlil ul
\\ c hnve ;i Inun ll ..I Hoys Suits
In '..-II ,11 1.75, Sunn' ul iln'in
tenth winih ■, 1'.' .nul leu.'.
I 1. 11 lli. i\ lii.lis.ili' ensl tt ill He
lusi Slghl «'!.
In   I '1. "- 1 ......Is, Linens,   fable
I nii'ti-.. Sheeting, etc. we will sell
il  rl i'li  less ill,III  tt hull's,ill' Cost.
FURNITURE.    Wo will
I'.' I'llMM-ll lu slllltt \ III! .unl itui'te
\ .mi pi 1. cs on lhis p,11 luul,11 line
also Cupels.
Thi' Iiii'i is simply Ilns: We ure under
heavy uhlignlioiis lo the Bunk and
Wholesale Houses nnd inusl dig up a
.ei luiii iiiniiunl ul money in ;i limited
length ul lime. So come early and
listen tn our army nf good nalnred
clerks lell yuu the story ul their lives
nnd how we turn uver Hie cash eueli
ilny tn the bank.
N.B. Each day we are putting on a
Come and see what it is,
HILL   Sit   CO.
iji Harvey, HcCarter k Maedonald
•Jf CRANBROOK,     -    B.C,
Solicitor, Etc.
! Cranbrook
British Columbia
9     G. H. Thompson
,'~*?j,   IMUItlSTRH A SOMt'lVOII
Ti>9  NOTAItV prm.ir
'riinlirni.il. B.C.
'I'11 DMAS    MeVIT'l'll.
P.U.S. <» CE.
Kurt Steele B.C.
| DR. E W
{       PhUSi&iilll ;"1(l SUI'OEOII
I Hooks:  11 n. 11 u.m, 2 to 4 p.m.
I                   7 111 s |..m.
j   I'lll.ll,' Olliee III.",     Keai.lenei' llltl
F. O. E.
Mcel irvrrv I'l'iiliiy tit S p.m.
Visiting   HtHtln'1-.  ConlliUIy    Invltoil
"J. I'HIS. SMITH. \V. Pl'e.il.lelll
V M, I). llll.UN'IIK. Seel.
A        I      Ael'ie I'livsi.'illll.  I'. 11. BOX !.'*.
A ^.iV.iViiim..,,,i,,,,,,lrt,iiWi,.*m.iV<,,i,i^.
9     1 Rocky Mountain Chapter si
| NO.   126.   II. A. M. S
.5 Regular inoetlnifB!—2nd Thus- j;
X ilny   in   em-li   inoiilli   ul   olghl •:
'3 o'l'lo.'li- :.'
9   is
1 «*>
;c      Sojourn lug  1'0111 pun ion.<   tiro
9      [3   i'linliiilly Invited.
W.M. !■'. Tatk, Soribe !•'..
A      3
'!' 1       Hex -I       CH.lNllHOOIC, 11. I
t   *
i Court Granbrook 8943
|      !     MEETS  '.'SU   ami  ITII   TUKSDAVS
•                        IN PATMCRE'S HALL
Tho    , ^    p|onoor    M||s       #**##****#*«#*3HH.***M**^^^ | Visiting    tlmrn   eorilliUly   InviUil
"Whiil will Sir Wilfriil I,mirier
ilo if l'reuiier Mellr'ule's silggos
tions  fur  heller  terms  lo   this
I'lllllTIll Illl't't'tiil'
ell.IS'llltooK   in
province ure listened to in
London." Why! jusl write lu
Hie Ottawa maclilne uml ihe i..
T, I'.. mul say thai Mr. Mellritle
wns ''it," mul Hull llritish Colli Illiiin wus right iu her (Iiiiiiiinils.
News illll'IICls   reiolel's.     'I'hns
circulation is won.    Advertising
imtronugo is tbe easy  and  sure
1 ,     .    - ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦♦♦•*>♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦+*
reward ul  circulation,     llus  is » ,, *
> " ti ir      nni n  " ♦ ]
Hie ti.uliilnli'.ii upun which the
I'rnsiieelur i- OSlablislied,
^•^'^^V^V^ V^ ^•£7'^'^'^*^'^^.*^
-Xl9 *mnT kar km* k^ *m* k\nT kgr ksaft km** km** am-       ami   m.    mjl 'km    mil   mil   ^-    mil   mt.   kn** mnW knw*  nit  mtf
■*j\ *W< **r\ **7\ »^ *Wi ,4*i\, W\ ^K *Wi rWi *Wi   ^*\\s**r*.l*W*K2*W*],^**K,*Wij^n »^ \s*\\*\ ^R1*^\^R»,*W ^9
_      . # 8...SAW  YOUR   WOOD...?
Spring Laziness f* *
Sir Wilfriil Laurier and   Hon. »      Made in the shiidn
Uiehnril   McBride  ure   l.uth    in »
London; tho meeting of Colonic! »
I'l'i'iuiet's   in   sessiuii.   uml   it
dollars to cents, that SirWilfrid, I..,.,    .,,..•,       «_j    ,;
will find Unit he is up against the J1L.E.   l^KliAiUj O.i
real 111i11ir  when  McBride  pre * «  A
sents British Columbia's case  tu {   Fresh Made Every Day   % u.\i
Ihe conference. {    iiTiirATnni   iim    ♦ /;
\ Maplewood j J
".Iji* Is hut  ti condition caused hy impure, Impoverislied
tlh\  hi I  nml  sluggish  vital organs,    Li's a condition re-
•tjr suiting largely frum  mods of  living during tho cold
(/n^ months,   li is easily remedied, however, if you talio our
Sarsaparilla Compound
-with Iodides
It only tulles n lew doses to change thai dull feeling
iu line uf buoyancy. The remedy stimulates and
iml strengthens all the iinjiortiint organs of tho body,
cleanses the blood, tones the nervous system, mils
digestion and clears the complexion. We guarantee ii
tn glvO'Siitisfnclion in every case.
Price $1.00 per bottle
9        It's Hie inusl perleet running engine yuu can gel.    The 9
jjt lalosl equipment for sawing wood. je
Plumbing, Rooting, Heat IE
l.'. !!.,   A. McCUWA.N.
Seereliil'V. T. MAIISll.M.l.
ing ana Blower Work.
'I'he Phoenix Pioneer wnn.l
what th'' railways of thocountry *
will dn if lhe increase ol I
keeps  Up ill  llu'  ^111
ihe pasl year This Is easy, tin'
c I'. K will liuiiii the Kooienay
Central railway, jusl in keep
things moving.
It is tlie expression uf many
tlmt i.eni'i'iil Superintended!
Lindsey uf the 1 'n.w - S'esl Pass
Coal Company   would  make   ;i
czar unii yerbearing than  the
present czar uf Hussia, providing he luul ihe job,
Pilgrims, 'lu imi knock Lift
the latch mul walk in
C. E. REID & CO.,
Phone  7 4 rp^g   DrUggiStS.
SsA At —• stL sml sm- At At Sm m- m- m- sm, At    At A A, A A A tm m, tjl, m, A' A
Mt.*jt,n\.fi\,m\&\,At *tt ^n^t,n\A^.:n\ft\. n\^A.n\.n\ n\;n\,^n ^An\^R,tn\At-.
.a.^^.aa.-ara.^-a.a.a.aAjf Qma>-a.ma,a>a,a,a,-a,a,-a.*a,a,a,a,a.'
anrnt-n     *asmt'•     W'*
Portraiture by Photography
Artistic Picture Framing
Aim mii
Prest Photo go.
Baiter St. Cranbrook, H.C.
TELEPHONE NO   lil.    {       J ^*'-§^^^^^^^^^€^y^^
stness  i
insfU1, tanaaaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Centrally Located
EJcctric Lights
1 Gaioaru Game Go.
Kresh and 8a ted Moats
Fish and I'oiiary in Season
We ask uur friends everywhere
In ihe districl when they " liglil
onto" n piece nf news in send u
in in 11.-. The districl will hi
lieltelilleil,   mul    lhe   Prospcclor
will he thankful
Manitoba Hotel I
j 4 Orders by mall will receive prompl nml careful  iitlonl.loii
Under  New  Manajjcmcnt
,,     , ;.       When you want ;i  good 1^
I I'iiilipi.iiieis lut iniiiiii.;   v-     , ,   [Cosy and
„„',! .,,1,1 ,,1,1 timers. |   >' "r  '," Htt,P l"lm" '" ,l"'!Comfortable Rooms
"•    .Manitoba.
d, a. Mcdonald, manager
We Give You Your Money's Worth
Order by Phone 4S
Headquarters for
Mining Men
SILENT ft7^7
: Marines10Rent i
a t'ull rttiirk
Mix! ,\t»v
Fred. W. Swain
patriotic howling;  hul   fluirc is ciniiibi'onk.H.C., ArmslrnngAvo   m
in compelltivu railway   service, [ill
liordwood for Sain. -
'I'he pusi ye.'ll* Ims heen Illlll'Kell   [|U
l,v   ii    marvulous    ifrowlh    In     I um preparnd lo supply, good   W,
general liiisiue-,s, us  well  ns in dry slove wood, in any length or   [^
the lunibui'lng indiiKtry of Cran ipiunllly,     Leave orders   tiitl
hrooli  illsli'icl, nn ''in  "l pros 1,  T  IJognrs, the grocer, lloah
perity   fm'   the   eullre   districl ,v Klwnll,
seems tu hnve sel in li. S,  Huron
The Quality Store    j
I ,1,.1 el ie-,   hi nil. ('..nl. ' 11.met •
I   I'M!     .Ilui    I ulilll lie.
Royal Hotel
Marysville, B.C. A. P. CHENETTE. Manager
The nniivi' hotel has been recently creeled, und neatly furnish-
ml throughout. 'I'he Bar is supplied with ihe hesi brands oi
Liquors ami Cigars
9* ****************,* *****{*
n *,
* Marysville, llll.       COLE & HANDLBY. Prop. 9
9 9
* 9
* 'I'he Lf'llllillg llrifnl ul lhe Sl. 9
* Mary's Val ley,   Nice airy rooms JJ
* newly    fi.rnisheil.       'I'nhle    us W
^                        g I us uny in Kootollliy,                                    _,
* 9
it 9
* GOOD    SAMPLE     ROOMS   9
9: 9
^^^^^^^^S-I^^s^^^^ I   9************************
Speeiui  ui null uu. given iii eueli "i.i.i' iiu 11111,1 lor how
mull    (Iood goods ami prompt delivery "Our Mntln",
Steam   Hoilel'ii   llllll Klll'llilee Work ;l
Cost and Stuck Estimates
I'lirnisheil Upon Application,
P.O. Box 834.   Granbrook, B.G.
Carpenter % Builder
Good Work al
It.'ilsnmihlo I'riee
Office and Workshop  Lewis St
Nl.tlee   i»   lll'l'llll)   idvi.ll    llllll   alxtj
lIll.VH llltel .llll.   | llllU 11(1 lo ll|!|llj   le lllll
riilef Coiilliilaalnliei' i.l IjunU uml
Works fnr |ii'i'iiil»alnn to |illrilluim! the
fnlli.wliid ileaerllieil luml in Soutli Haul
Cniniiioiiulnit hi ii |iok1 pluntod on the
mul hunk of ihe Moylu Hiver uml on
tlto .aouth lioiiuiliiry of Hro.oni|itliiii
la.iei.nl No. 1017. Tlioiiuo ensl twuuty
ulmlns iJn.iHi'. tliiimtu south Kuvonty
eluilus 1711.01). moi'i! oi loss U) a liuiiii.
llllu oust of M. I'ri.veiiziino'K soutlnviisl
I'lil'ller post, Thenee wosl tu lite Moyie
Kiver.    'I'lieiiee noi'llu'rl.v ll|i Mtfeiitii In
lhe |illl If lii'iihuillli;,
H. Ileneileiti
II II. II. Mi'VH'tle, Airulll
I'llti'il llli.alllsl llll.y I.l ll.'l.ilirl',  miii;
Nulii'i' Is llllll'll)' ulvilll Uiul nil iliiya nil,.,
llllli' I   llili'lul  III  ll nil v   III  nillliliilBhloillT  ..I
Lamia iiii.I Wiii-lea fin- |«iuiiIh>Ioii li, iiiurlniai'
""' tiill'iivltii: it 'Hunt llimla kIiiiiii,! In llital
i< "iiy I.Ktiii'i mi Um Moylu t'lvur iiliniil
 "Ii'i" lmil mill's linrtli  In..n  llin  Im,.,-.
mil I u ilmy i.i".'. in tlm im.iiiii ni l,ml..
Mnylii Itlvor: ut.lilliioltnliiii nL .1 |iuhI pli.n.e.i,,,,
ll"' Wl'sl I Hilary II I ll .itliiilluii I'urliir
Itiillwuy iii.'titiii ,viiv aiHint mii.iniitia nurlli ul
liiinitli i.l hllll,. Mnyln lllvor, mnl miirlii..l
"North mint corimr iiost," iliuiion ->e ,.i„n„.
wusl, llllllll.II III I'llllllia Klllltll, tlionoo till I'llllllia
.•i.-l   Hi.-in-,. III..Inilii, ,1,nil, oinltu Uui la.nn
llllfV II H'lll  I'lll'lllo Hull,, .y ilulil ul
Wily tn |illl I ImiflhlllK
M n intli. in;
m .1   -I   lionl     I I '. THE PROSPECTOR, CRANBROOK, B ti., APRIL 2", 190
'    .
Corporation oi t.ie Citv orCranDrook
r • of A.'ril. A.D  ui..''
li'. -LAW  NO. 38
hue uu
ighting   anil   ii.--    supply   ,.*   -1
!       til,! tllllfl tlllie Oil 'J1''' '      ,-      Ujl- I.l !-i,- !   hy HI'.' r..!:.■.>!■!..'.I
Ol   A|."i..      ,.ll.   19U7 I Till-     l.'lll.',!!   \       I'l.M'lJJIIil-      Jill.!
K.'.'.'ee.l    ill,-   il-a.-nt   lit the ei.-.'tor-
on 111.' .llll ul
A I). !'.iil7.
Iiu i-iili-ivil nml litiiilly passed uml  light system ol not lossthnn live hundred %
illl..|.I.'.l ..11 the illl.l  nl    '"III   "l.'.'lrii' !   il' '..'I'.
A.II. ll'llT. Ami il i-j understood   llllll   nun ml  I
WHICH WAS the  Muni.-i,ml Com .- I  us tbe Company sbu.ll have in operation     Take notice tlmt tUo ubuvo is u true and between tliu City ami tliu C pin,
■ I ai  leusl  HO copy ..I -he   proposod   By-Law   u|  that the consumers ivitliln lhe Muni- Cranbrook,"   the   huh    ul'    the
A By-Law to Grant Certain Privileges to the
Cranhrook Electric Light Company, Limited
 -Jsgasgaag^l     % CRANBROOK
'"■ :^tV::inZtzZ^:j-^z \ observations 51
ami   liehl svstumof not U-—■ t !i:tn livehumireil   in n\    nn    v.,i v..   w t v Z   \\f*
\\\    llll    \\
^iiii-St-iitttrt****-,,,*****    Kg- U
Buck up!    Boosi   "Beautiful  |Gues,s lm'0** a Specialty   Good Stabling in Connection |
t.-'''I'li.in.'  iipai
iue ihe ii-.- ol il
• tn
In.'.,   poal
itrlng wlros tbtu'oon.  let- the convt,
in.-.-el ..|i..'ii'i.'iiv, t"f tin-iu-e ol tele-1 diem by the City, the Council may by
isolutlon,   forfeit   snult   rights   ami
Here is the lulest in the query  ,»■
1 'i ■ --ivi    ■- 1 I'-'rulr*'  \M
Xenri-i n. milr , , 1,.,„,,.    Hlls accommodations    for   il„.   public   unequalled   in
C'ranhro ill
llll.-   pnwcr   1"   pilKS II II\-I..IW  llll   lll'lll-    .1     .1         |i   * -i  a.isi,   ll.                                     ..   j tu|.j    ...    .„u     peuuuauu     it,,-....>»     i.|'..i.    i,.,i.  nil,   ruilBMlllura    uuu              ,-   ,,iuui- v .auuiuu.
ur mid roifulatl ng electric Unlit  nml i voltage, ami steady und regular HBuago  which thu vol 'Un- Miuilolpuliiy nil!  cipality, shull have a Hrsl elaim on nil Kootenay!
is and lot- authiirla- of telephones, day  nml  night  sort-loo;   |„. ,.,!(,.„ ,„   u,,.  (;0U|,cll   Chuutheis, available power, subject to reasonable
public highway by uml if at uny tluio the service of electric   BukorStroot,inthoCltyofCratibi-euk,U.  notice given t" the t'ompiiny.
-•'I 'imiiinnl-s                                        lights or tole| nes sliiill  not,  in  ihe  ,■ IViduv, the liiil,',ln.Vol*M»,i. A li.      .*,.    And the Com] y agreeB to and ,1, „„..,„, ,„.. „WhnHc , I   ,   ,
AND   WtlKUK   s   By-Law    *.o. 33 opinion of the Counotl,  fullill said re-   mui, between the hours otnlno o'clock  with the I ity that they will   Imniedi '                '   _ lsaljl"u'
 ■'' -** ''■ «• -'" r'"',ll -If 'i""-1'"""*  »»" "lion liiiliuv ol the ,„.,, „*,. „ ,;,,„.. hi .1," morning,  m.-iy .,  'I.i- ug, n,  I mini, The   opposition    in   the   pro-  1
w h the privilege loei'ei'l pules, pil- bin iiy. witliiiiii just   cause   being L„d 8UTUu o'elook (eight o'clock lor orative, deposit in the Imperial Bank -     -,,                 ,      ,-,           ,. ,      IP.
Iioi'iippllu su,  shown.to, lif.v the  sn,,,,.   lot'tliivtil,   ut,,,-',„ , He evi'iih,,,                               of Can,   Craubrook,   B.C..  for a v lini'1 l,0USe l00,JS  hka  U   fulse  i                                                             HOGGARTH   &   Rdl I INS      Wi
after 48 hours'notice In writing glv                   Thos. M. R rts                  uerlod thlrt,   301 duvs. Twentv Keren \*****rm- M„,it        , ,-,,„, ,                 "UbbAKIH   &   ROLLINS      (hi
<*    i.  ■ , ,,'   , fflHot and Cold Baths Proprietors I
AdKI.L.M I..M 1
(ihuni's   uiul    [Humiliating   purposes, j re
tlii'ouglt uud along public highways of
the City of Cranbrook,  have boon sel
forth ami on unlimited,
AND Ulll'.I.KAS, Lhe Craubrook
Kloutriu Light Company, Limited, lias
in i lo application foi* leave to continue
iis present olectriu light ami telephone
sv.Mi'iii and to extend llu- sumo.
AND U'llKUKASu petition signed
by more than i •fifteenth of the elou*
tot*** entitled to vote on this Hy-Liiw.
was, on thu 20th day of March* 1007,
pruiontud tn tho Municipal Counoil ru-
questing that tbi same he submitted to
tli.' rate payers
AMI WHEREAS il Ims beeu deemed expedient to grant to tho said company certain privileges in couneotlon
with their said system.
THI3KKFOKE, the Municipal Council of ih«' Corporation of tho City of
Cranbrook in Council assembled, enacts
as f .Hows:
I iibjoel to ihe fulfillment of the
ici'.ii.-. I'ond lions and privileges In said
By.Law No. 118, and in this By-Law
lur'in after contained,'which terms,
conditions aud privileges and the due
rulllllmont thereof are to bo taken and
considered as conditions precedent to
the onjoyment of tho rights, powers and
privileges hereby granted the said lhe
< irn brook Electric Light Co npany,
Limited, and its successors and assigns
hereinafter called "the Compuny1' are
heroby granted inr a period of twonty-
five years, from tho date or tho contract
hereinafter mentioned, tho right and
privilege, mil however an exclusive
righl and privilege, of erecting unci
maintaining polos, posts and pillars-,
and of t-lriiigtiiff, stretching, laying,
repairing and operating wires for the
conveyance nf electricity, for the use of
telephones and Illuminating and power
purposes, in, -over. upon, along and
across any and all public highways of
tho i Ity of Cranbrook; and of .constructing, equipping, operating and
maintaining a telephone and electric
light and power system and service In
the City of Crunbrook,
It)* The Company shall erect and
maintain such poles, posts and pillars.
ami string, stretch, lay, maintain, repair and operate such wires In .-.uch a
man n< r a- noi io Intel fere wit lithe full
ami unol'structed use of the public highways of the said City, and shall place
.mirii polos ai sucli points and shall
8trotoh such wires ut such heights and
do all acts ami things, as shall be iu
uouformiiy with suid provision- ami
regulations coi'talnud iu By-Law Xo.
(8.) Whenever any person, firm or
corporation shall have obtained lawful
authority from the Council to remove
any building, Htrueture or edifice
through or across any public highway
of tho said City of Cranbrook, and the
wires of the Company shall obstruct
prevent or interfere withsuuh removal,
the Company shall within twenty-four
hours.aftor notlco In writing from the
Council oi' the Chairman of the Works
and Property Committee, remove or
raise such wires so as to allow hu
unobstructed passngu for such building.
structure or edifice; the expense thereof to lie borne one half liy such person,
firm or corporation nml one half hy the
Company. Provided thai tlio Company
shall not he required to remove or raise
any wires contained 111 uubloB.
[<,.) All wires contained in cables
shall bu strung at a height of at least
X> (eel In.in lhe ground,
i5. t Whenever ii shall he necessary,
iu griitllilg, removing, altering or otherwise working upon any public highway
of thu said City, to remove any polos,
posis or pil hit's now slam I ing he ougiii'*
io the i loinpany and which il is then
uppurunl would he pormanent obstructions, the i onipuu.t shall, Upon '<'-
00l\ ing Iuenl,v-lour hours notice fiom
l he ( inuieil. or i he Works and Property
Commlttuo, ri move such poles, posts or
pillars; and if iln- ('ompany shall
neglect or iclusc so lo do. such polos,
posi« or plllurs may he removed hy tin'
City ai tl Kpenso of the C puny,
sucli exit ns,. iii he recoverable wiih
eoBts from tl mpany in like manner
as miiiiieipnl taxes. Tills paruyt'dpli,
however, -hail not apply to polos, post*-
and pillars liar Inafter placed and
erected ptirsuaiil to the provisions ol
Hy-I iw No. 83 and of this By-Law.
c. I'he ompany shall in ihe e.\-
urcisoof He- rlghlHund prh llegea here-
h> granted o|icrate its said system ami
nialiitain tin- -nni" iu Mn- host manner
and wilh llie hrsl uppllutmas avallllhle,
for lie- p tilectl I'  th"   persons nml
properly of tho public.
(7, The Company shall he liable for
im<i niialI Indemnify the City of (Iran-
brook lor all diiniagoB arlsltiH nut of lhn
■'in netlon and operation of its said
(K,    Tic C pany shall so operate
brook,   B.C..  for a
Thos. M. Roberts I period thirty    30   days. TwenU Seven
Clerk to tho Municipal Council,  Thousand Dollars *27.0i)0.00 worth of
  th<- capital -tuck nr shares of the t.'«
privileges  herein grunted, and   annul ,..,..,. ... i.„ ...1,1 .,, nH1.... tu„ pi.„ ,,,,
1 *** B ,  | , - , „       . ,_ ,., f1'"1.*    Ml   '»    SMI  .  .11   11,1 I    IO  1 I! I    1   11 \   Ol
una declare void the contract  herein- Aul\l',L>Tlr.1H J I bona fide residents of the ( it v: and tlml ■ 	
after mentioned.   they wi|, nol ,|lin!ll, ,|lt. Slll(i purjod llt       A tltPpatoh club's thai gold lias
11 )   The rates to he charged to con-1 Between the Corporation of the City   thirty i80| dav.- in  anv   ivuv '
sinners and customers within the Municipality, hy the Oompany, shall be not
more Ihan us follows:
i. t. i, i
l l 8,
9   %~\   2
>      1
isi Cranbrook and the Criini-ook
Electric Light Company. Ltd.
nri.ii discovered  m Vnncouvi.
Vie   wonder if the "Old Mun'
dropped his pocltul book  whili
in ihi' rii v nf clauis.
lenl will, or dlnpow! ni tl.,. aai.l stock or
it     li is i'.\|n',->K iinili'i-stoiiil   uml
THIS AGREEMENT ontorod Into this       ,  b    ,lm]  „„,„„,,„   „„.     „,.,,„
l,ll>'"f ■ A.U. IIIII7. herein II.;,, ,l.,|.„u,,,i„ ,i,i|,.,.-       .,. ,       ,,,"7,       ,       „        .
Hktivkkn: Iherehi   uml  In sulil  I'.v-I.uii    No    38 '      w Crow's
Tho Corporation or tho Cltj jrantml by theL'liy to'ihu Comiianv,   ^''sl  ''"ss  '"'""'  GOUipftny  now
ol Oronbrook, beroiniifior ,hM   bo   oiiiistrini.l lo mean ami' in- The Cl'anbi k   board  of  trade
euiloii tiie "i'liv." [,., 01,k „„.,, |lrh.n„g0S lla ,,,„ city lusi Friday nigh! passed u  reso-
™ ll""""""""*  'Milyi,™.!. in,,. ..'ity I |nllon     rivoHmc'   government
AN" I"- in im ivni>  liable in Hu- Cuiiiuun, . , -       ,        ,      .
The   Cranbrook    Bleotrio f,„.,, ,.0„.|oy,„e„l by tho Comimny ° S'"P °'   COlV'   '" S*     ' '"'
Light, Compuny.  Llmltod, of nny of tho rijfiitsunil iirlvllotfus liere- j loou.1 board of trade may now In'
hereinafter    called     th" hl ,,ra,ltl.c| vvhi"h thu riu. |ms ||(J| ,hl. ielussc.l as soeialistic.
"Company," lawful power toirrniil. 	
Of the second part.      Tj   Anil It Is further underHtootl uml      C*   ''■   R- employees    Sunday1
whkukas, by Bylaw N,.. 38 of the ,lgreell biVlllldb,.tW6ell tho    rtleH .„. wore a 0x16 smile.    "Pwas pay-
City of Cranbrook. eeritun privileges t0 thlU M,,s m „, H hebimllns dav
have been   granted   to  tlie  Company u„ .,„,, ,,„„,,,, ,„  ||h.  ,„,,,  0,   |||(,    ' •-*
Dominion Meat Co., Ltd.
parties hereto their and eueli nl* tin
successors uml assigns.
X   WlTXDSS    U'lIEUKOl''   llle   "I'it
Hii:  Big Galliher,  M. I'.   fnr *****-****-*-• ■'■■»■■«..-><-^-.-^.a
Kootenay, was married last week ; ^  CLAPP
to au American lady in  Detroit,
subject to tin' conditions and regulations sot forth in Bylaws Numbers 33
and 33 of the suiil City.
And Whereas, by the said  Bylaw hms    hereunto
it   is  provided  tlmt  u contrael   em-|,lte   ,,,.,,,   „,   h(.   ,ll,i^,.(, '",ml"' 'j'j,',.| Bill bolinvcs in tree  trade  will]
bodying the provisions of the said  By- „H,|da of lls Mttyo|, „„,, C|tv  ,,,„,.,. ,,;,„,,,,     s.l|m|„| _alo| ,„.„,.,.
law No. 33 ami covonun , the part 1m aeli llr„j „„. ..Coiupany" Ini,  here- moiiial lines
ol the Company to conllnn to and fulfil m|l0 call(1Ml  ii- corpiiruti' seal  lo   lie
ull the matters aud provision* in said uBI.xod and the litinds of its President      Manv   neonlp   in     friinhrnnh
Bylaw required of it,   shall   be drawn ,,.,,, seeivt-,,.,- i„ h„ ,., ,„, tl„. ,t„, ,1 people   IU     t l.inliiiiol,
' ' I illlll rteei ei.lt \   lo If ->el  on I lie (| (\ 11 i . , i i •    I., , t , i  i
and shall bo executed by  tho  City  °f year first abovo written dislike to the color blue
Crunbrook anil the   Company  within sh/nad Sealed und llelivorod / especially if il is n   blue   papei
me month aftor the date on  whicli th.' In the presence of i
said Bylaw took effect. ,	
and IVhrueas, in iim -uiil Bylaw ii!        THEY WOULD LAUliH
wus further provided und enueteil  that 	
tho same should take effect nmi bo of And   the   Tone   of   the    Laugh
fiireoonamlallorthi! day ol Woui(* Not B(J pi6llSarit.
.\lii.i,  lim:. 	
AMI) Whereas, the said Bvlaw dulv      ,,.   ,
hnve     i'V
received the ;ia.-,"ii of the electors of
ll.'iiu i iiii.',. Calsarv
All Kinds of Meats
Flour and Feed. .   .
"nr  t   is always  fresh
:i>  nil mii* beef is killed in
A paper wns served on oue mail
litis week, uiul after opening ii
up In' remarked: "Gee, this i>
nn order lo hii lhe pike. I
tliiniirhi     ii     wns    u    Seidlltz
Baker Street,       Cranhrook. B.C.
ur   uppen
senlimunl,  niid   I   never
And Inr :!'J eamlle power lights,
double the above rute>, ami I'm' s
eiiuilli1 (lower lights, one halftheabove
rates, uml other oanillo power lights in
the same proportion.
To dwelling houses, Hi eanclle power,
75c. per month, per light.
To dwelling houses, 8 uandle power.
50e. por month pel* light.
With a (liBOOiint of ton per oont
(10 p. c) to consumers paying on or
before the 10th day of the month.
Motor rental. 25c. per month.
Meter rates Eor stores. olHces, hotels
und private houses, 20o. p< r Kilo Watt
hour, with a discount in tlie ease of
•stores, ottiees and hotels of 15 per cent,
antl of dwelling houses of 2;j per cent
to consumers paying on or before the
10th duy of thu month. To lodge**,
churohos, theatres, publie halls und
sample rooms using lights not move
than 18 lights in the month, one-half of
the husiness Hut rate: for over 18 lights
Ui'2'2 nights in the month, three-fourths
of the business Hat rates: for over 22
nights in tho month, the full business
Hat rates. .
For arc lights, to midnight, *"■ per
For are light, all night. *10 per
Provided, however, thut the minimum rate to be charged by tlie company shull be one dollar ($1) per month,
Including meter rental.
Tho said rates for electric light shull
bo rodueod ten por coul (10 I to consumers when the proposed new plum nf
the company is installed uml in operation, In addition to the cash discounts
above mentioned.
For dwelling houses, Y.' per month.
For all plucos other than dwelling
nouses, *:t,:i() per month.
Subject tn a discount of ID per cent,
to consumers und users paying In ad-
vanceoii or before the 10th day of the
Subject, however, to reduction by the
compuny from time to time with the
approval of the council: and ii is mado
precedent to the enjoyment or llie |''> iim
rights, powers and privileges hereby
granted, iluu the company shall not
directly or Indlrootly Increase tho said | uglitB frue of charge
rates iu nn_\ coiiHtilllor or consumer
within the municipality, provided tlmi
if  ihe  company, or the consumer so M<
 tor shall be Installed by  h
the company, subject lo an appeal te "
the municipal council  in case the  in-
stullation of u meter is unreasonable
or Inequitable lo either party.
in.    A eoiiiruet embodying the  provisions hereof  and  cinciiants on  ihe
part or the company to conform uud  to
fullill all the matters and provisions  l«wy hIiiiII ure
hereby required of It, shall bo drawn  wilv>
tl shall be oxomited by the (Jity of J^'W
■ mubrook, and   the Company   within
month afler tlio date ou which this
Bylaw shall take effect.
..     Wimil   nssuys  ?I0 ji  cord   it)
thomunlclDalitvouthe dav of >t,|IM"H'Ni-   iUIU   '    nevei'    Wl11-   w     ■ n n ,,
un. iiiunii ipaui,\ ou un. ou,\ oi Will 1 peg,      How Willi I    VOU    ike
May. 1UJT, and was duly registered and  suid tlio President ol   the Slate)'       i ,/i       .     i   ,     «
became an existing My law *tf the  ('iiy ' Shoe I 'hiii jiaiiy      As a   bllSlUOSS '
,,!1 the dav of Mav, IW". nrnrlnnl   r nnntfnul tlmt tbn (Slni-ni*       rni      w*      ■ , i      ,■   .      i
sow Tims  .i,!,,.,,km,,v,' wiTNKs-'1  '     ,'  -  '      "   "'•"""s'-"" ■    Hio Winmpog bonrt ol  trade
SliTII .1,1.1 pill'slliuit t„ 11,,'  S'li.l   llvlinv;"*'0"!"'*1   IS ,""""''  V,lln"   ""«'   ll»VS   pussi'll    ,'esollll s   nilvi.ln
No. 88 anil to tho iireralans, tim pat'tles ruy  impoi'tBtj  shoe   selling   in ting the bringing in   of  oheup
lioi'i.to agree In mmtiii'i' lolloiiing, tbut l niinila ior sii, Chinese    labor.     (Jheiip   labor
's,0fi".v: ;    Tl xlni dollar is tho customs Lever buill up any town.    If tiie
1.   Subject to the fulllLlmenl   of   the ii,-mn,>t    .,,..1   tl.i<   il...  ......^ ,.,-,,,-■ ,        ,  '.• .     .
inipini, ,inn  mis  i.iii- eoiisiiiuei Winnipeg board of trade want to
tiii'ius. I'unilit Kins una ni'lvlleifes in sttld ,,, , , . ,        \'   ,      .     .       .
Bylaw. Kunibom 811 ami38, unil Inthi. 1,us |,tti'    N" only loBshe W'  »vo in n cily of cheap  labor Its
agreement   contained, whloh   term.,    ^ ',G S°ls a s'100 which   is  not niembors should move to Canton,
conditions and privilege, and the due made  to   withstand    the    more China, where the standard wage
f.ilillliii.'iit thereof are lo be doomed rigorous climatic conditions of is two cents a dav
and considered as conditions precedent Canada.
Lighted   By   Electricity
Heated By Hot Air
Comfortable Bedrooms
First Class Dining Room
| NORTH   STAR       ♦
Kimberley,   Et. C. *
to'tho enjoyment of the rights, powers     Th|1|  t|,|s cimlunl|ou   i,„-n„.     Craubrooli: never hail tt  boom
i and lIn* chances are  never will.
nml   privileges   hereby   granted,   thei
C, any is  heroby granted  by  lna Slitter shoo Is u Id   Is  proven
City for a period or ttvcnty-llve yours by its wonderful  sales  in  olhor I"   tuts   steadily grown  rrom  u
from  the date hereof the right und countries besides Canada.    Rusi- 0W! sl01'° hamlet to a eiiy of iin
privilege |in.t.  however,  in h u- dents of  the  lni'riiiii  t'-ounlrios porlnnce, and is today the chiof
struod as exclusive) of ereciing and who buy t])e slater .slim'  would Mislrlbullng poinl for I samps
maintaining   poeB, |msts uml  pillars.  ,,',,, .   ,   .i,,,.,.,!,     ,...,,!.       . ,    ...,,i     ,„    ,
and  of stringing, sUchlng, laying!  lllUgh •*>*•**■**■■*« wl «««. I,',""1'   ****■■-«**•   '"ll1    wust'
repairing and operating wires (or the intopaylng more  noy  for u ■ 'll"   "lul1"   ol   lh"   oitissona is:
oonveyanoeofolooti'loity, for the use shoo when  they  could   buy  the   '^''   wil1  imvor  quil   boosting
<>f telephon.'s and   llluiiitnatlng nml real Slater shoe. until Cranbrook is tlio cliief cily
poiier purposes,  in, over,  upon unil      |;KI„ & Co    Cranbroolt, B.C. ''" Hl" province."
along and  across any und all pulilic: • 	
highways of tho City nl Cranbrook!   " ~hh~\~,   ^777^777!! The  cillzons   of    Moyie   are
making an elTorl lo stop the evil
liuiiii of studying linle curds.
f   H. W. DREW. Proprietor,  „^^_^ 9
ami of uoustruct!tig, uniiipplng, opor-
atiu^aiiil aminttilnltig a toloplione antl
eleotrlo light ami power system ami
service in the City of Cran brook.
% As a funilili'in precedent to tin'
granting of suoli iirlvlleges, tin' Company further agreeB to mul with the
('ity that it will furnish to the City far
Btroot lighting purposes, Btantlard
lights of at leust Jl'» voltage, whoreso-
over thr City may require thu name
within tin* corporate limits of tho < lily
as the same now oxIbI or as thoy may
hereafter be extended, aud in bucIi
numbors ami of bucIi |tower kk thr City
may requlro to tho extent of the Company's avallablo powet* and bo long as
tht> Company may be operating in
Oranbrook, at tho following rates, thai
Ib tu Bay)
Arc lights, tin, ami iu uandle power
tights,  fl.Ki  per   nih.   lor  Btreel
lighting purposoBi ami llghi for other
purposes auoordlng to the Company's
tariil'. And the Company agrees to
ami with tho City thai thev will sup-
iiintiiin   in good ropalr, all
Iiiiiii.^. UUl'bOtl anil ullli']' lliili^H    110008-
nml NOTARY  I'l'lll.lr.
Cranbroolt, B.C.
]   .lim Grier has purehased the
Greenwood Lodge from Colonel
- Lowry.     Jim   is   well    known
■ Ihroughoiil Southeasl Kootenay,
Ann tin11 'iiiiipiiny liii'Hi.'t' covenants
uml agrees with lhe City liml Ihey will
so soon ns thoir propiweil now pltuil le
hislnllod nml iivnlliible for use, lion
lii.'iii"i lo Hi.' I'ii.i ol llflj  por i
i nu iln- iiliuv.' rales for Iho Hrsl
tlii'iy-i'.'ii in ,'iiii.ll.' power lights ttsoil
by ih" City, nml   uf  twenty llvo  put'
i'iiii   25      Hi.' abovo I'lites'for nil
nth..I- lights used l.y Iho rili
Ami [or ull situh purpiisns  Uie  C -
in nl p.,I,-.,
ithor .'li'.'iii.'.ii  iippiii'utus
-II.'ll 111 llll'   Slllll    -II I-    III    III.'
City us muy ho uui'esstir,! in unrry nut
llie agrouiDunl us lo lighting horoltt-
beforo uontulnoil uml to do  the   smuti
lll'lilllplll llllll   ill    II   ivnl'ltlllllllllll"    llllll
ikllll mn.it.
A X 11
International Ru
llil-l- a rn. 'I'|„. „nl.v plnee In town
Uuu i-iiii innl;.• lit.' n-.n-t.li tin- lli-iuir.
losmoBolitaii Hole
E. H. SMALL, Manager
I  I 1 I ' lilt; III " I I     I Tl Ml I  I II 'H.II     I'i I Fl "l IJIIil )  ,
having passed through rrun ^l!TTT???T?T?tf?T?T???TT??T!T??f??T??1!fT??fS??TTT?TTfT??f?!??TT?????f?Tn?fc!S
hues  h.v   hand, te ABATTOIR AND COLD STORAGE
n Iiruce county,! mZ
-- I'!' 1,'ltS
l'"l NN
hrook s.'i'i't'itl   tit
Although born in
Ontario,     wlioro    agricultural — 3
Journalism nourishes, .Inn is no fe , ~s
hayseed tiiinii'iit m.>u1.1,•■-.   HoS      We arc now Receiving Shipments of     3
t>  un   iiiih' odltor nnd u good 5^
pi'illtoi'.     Tl
making a
li"'i nri ng uu  " The dilllculllos nf C
mnklna u foui' liu-ii win." C*
£H,rs 1 Fresh Gauglit Salmon k Haliouti
..    .. 'l'l. . .11... — 1 ■ 1 ,-   m~ -•
IIY  K\l'l,'l>.> t'l.'nM Till-; COAST
tZZ ll.'jul Oll
j^-        Oalgary, Albertn
lli'im   l-a  ll   spi'lllglol    llllll    till'   iz
I'lnspi'i'iiii'  ih'vii   sprung    iiu1 sh
1 ' **Z I Inilii'  1 i
oilier morning before break fust; xzz
from ..ll Hi.' i iiiii:. I'll nli'l
Tl.r ley nlinlli U llinweil,
Anil lll.'l| lit.I i.l Um iluuklnl
In Hi., hltlll i- li.'jnil uln I,
\ .1.1   lh.'   -..111,1.'I   Ml   III.'   I.N.ll.'l
H I - through thu air,
Anil il..- Imwlnl ol il..- '"ill.■:
I- In IH'.I i llllllWN lllll'
All I ll I'lillil I.'I ol III.' I I.'I
MiikiMllii.tm.nl Iniiliiii-. iin:-.
All nl whilth mm.'- I. .' In liii'liliini.
i,.'int.' i.'.nirr. iln  i  spring.
I'   S      I'.iiliv   hi." Ilir   uli..i
-limilil In- itrugoil,
..«»■!>♦').♦    ^*e*'»*»<*t >»
IP. BURNS <fe CO., Ltd.!
tr      .. 73
Minn Olli..- Inr East Kuiiti'iiiiy, Z3
Oranbrook, It. C 3
li'iir    ini'ilii-i'    information,
li",  fnlili'i's, "ii'., apply i
tivnil III
wil Iiiii   III"    iiiiiliii'i|uili!,v   n    iniiliil'in
supply nf i.loitlrlelty fnr llhuiilnntliig
III, mok. 1..
,  ...        II.   I'hla Byluw shull Uko offeot und
ili'ii' slttill always In' ho of forou on anil uftor the twentieth "*
, mi'- nmi ,'ua fa duy of Muy, 11)07. '-*■■    Anil the   City itovunaiit*   anil li
12.   This Hylaw  muy   I It.'il   as ugl'ites lo pay for the sniil lights ut said  |  V, .1 Coyh    Ml.I'.A., \
brook Kl.'inri.' Light Com- rules, li lily, provhlud, liuwovor thut
tho City muy ut any thus upon giving
,,r(        Tin1 Oan ..
purposos   hy   nlghl  up i"  it-  avail- pany, IJinltod, Byluw
nlil,.    piitt.'i,    nml    III     ilil)     an    MOOII        " '   ''■■■   "	
I    llinnl iln- Ural  iiiui' mi the ,'h'il day ' three month's  leu  in   writing   i"
x  L.C0
I Tni lor ""., Importer of 1 Ml|;
F//ie Woolens.       : Lil
GtO. R. LtriSK & CO
A N 11
I 'Inns, Spin* iln .iiiinis
iimi lisiimntes
11 imk. ii.i •. Armstrong Ave I    All    kinds    of    building    material
iit.a,<t-999*99*9.***<if-*<-<,***tiiconstantly on hand. THE PROSPECTOR, CltANBROOK I! ( .. APRIL 27, 1907.
50 Tie Makers
9   APPLY TO   *
C Harris
Take notice thnt sixty days after
lint-- 1. the undersigned Intend to apply
tu the Chiel Commissioner of L.inii-
and Works at Vletorhi, li C. for permission i" purchase tin- foHowlus described lands in Kant Kuotcnay.
Commencing at a post planted at tin
nurth oasi eorner ol Lot So. HiOl,
thenee east 72 ehain*.. nmn'or less, ta
tlu* south east corner nl   Lot   No.   14.
thenee south eiyht ehains, nun r less ^
to the north boundary of Loi No. IH83,
thenee   wesl    thirty-one   chains   and
twenty link-1,, iii.- nortii wes. eorn«r Qj*jy Transfer Otfice
of Lot Xo.«HM. thenee south   nineteen CranbrOOk,   B.C.
ehains and forty six links to tlie north
wesl  eorner of Lot   No.  H434.   thenee "
west    forty-one   ehains   to    the   easl 9 «>;♦;<►;♦. o\9 <►♦<■♦  o  9     ♦  <•♦<■♦  •*>  9  0 ♦  0  ♦  <* ♦
boundary of Timber lleenee  No.  S**n.'l, ^ ^
thenee north twenty-even eliains ami Q      T}        TT        P l'T A "T> T 9
forty-six links to the plaee of eommetu        -< —I        ^v   —"   I    J   -C At
ment, contain in*; ono hundred and  ten .       ,,_/■     1 1,     |^Jj[ 1 W 1 V   1 vv
The Painters, Paperhangers, Etc
aeres, iu<»re ur less. ▼
Arthur Heln, o
Duvid Hi kenrldjre, Ajwnt. +
1-.' Dated t-'eiu-nary 27th. I»)7. [j
Sixty days after date,   I. the um'.er* *•
■.igneil Intend  to apply   to the   t'hief *
Commissioner of Lands aud   Works a *9".
Victoria H. <'.  for  permission to pur-' **,
ehase the following deserlbed lands In a-
Kast Kootenay.
Commencing at a posl planted on the . ,
Kasl line ol  Lot 3001. twenty ehain** ♦•
north of the south-easi  eorner of said *>
Lot :J001, thenee mirth  twenty  ehains, i*^-
tbenee east eighty chains, thenee south 0
twenty  ehains.   thenee   west   eighty
Imin-   to   place   of    eo mine nee men
outainlng ltlO acres, inure or less. *
Matthew Ureekenridije, ♦
havi.I Breckenrldge. Ajfoiit. a
:• February 27th, 1H07. Q
Thirty day- after date, wc the unde
signed. Intend to upply to 1 lie ' hii
Commissioner of Lunds and Works 1
Victoria, H.C, For a special licence 1
eut and earry away timber from •■.
following describod lands in Kui
1 lommonuinj!  al
Remember we i'a - i''"7
pallet's in Craubroi
Sign Painting a Specialty
All  kinds    *  !'
attended to prom
I'n  BOX 33     ARMSTRONG  AVKXCE     PHOXI   11
"Inn.. .i,M.i4,.,'.„ii„- ■„,„•■,*„.' x     UP|RT    QTk
"".''"'"'-"■"'*':"'*"(iiu '••i™1 *•>■ ♦  ruui  0 1 L.
fE *
.          . .   -_J_iJ_j ♦
'. ami  1'ininiiiL.' west so ehulns, soul h   W                      *r—\ t~\  t—t t t t T \ t /~n       /"i /"> T   m T"^          9
:r;:,';»,i:r.;;,c,;,;||     BREWING LTD I
to thu plu.-e nf i'u!iimi'iir''tii''iit.
Mnivll -_'7l h. 11107.
4 Ciot-s Nest i'iiw Lumber en.. Ltd. ♦   MANUFACTURERS and BREWERS of EXTRA PINE    ♦
r** ^!"1!:;-™V.-';|      BEER | PORTER       ♦
iliitu, in' thu iniili'i'-iuii.'il. int..ml t.
npply In the Chief I'uiiiniissi.niri' nf
Lumls ami IVork.s nl Vli'titi-iii, B.C., f..r
a apei'inl llooui'i; to '-ni innl curry uwuy
timber fi i tlie   rolliiwliif! ili'-ii'i-ibeil
lunils in I'-aat Kooteuuy:
(' Helloing  nl  a posl   plauteil   1_<)
.'llJlillS W.-at llf lhl-  111.I'llllVI'al   I'l.l'll.'l'    1,1
'ritnbcr Lli-etti*,'No. tl'147 uml  riiiitilnu I
north «0 i'liuins, llieneo west SO i-liuins,
tin- llth Sll I'llllillS. lli.'li. ua|   an
.•Iniin- lo the pit .1 .-..ii ii.'.'I,..-iii.
lint.'.I April 1st, 11107.
Ci-oiv's N'esl I'uss l.uiiiboi Co., l.nl.
C in.'ii.'ii.^ in  i.  posl   plumed   inn
i'liuins ivest of ih.'  'Ihti-est eoi'iii'i' ol
Ti",b'•,' ''""' *N"* r,!"T ''"'iiiinn j 9ft*******************9 **********************
aouth Sll .'linins, the  ivest Kit  uiiu'
tlieni'l!  IIOI'lll  Sll i'llllilla.  I||.'Ill MSI
Bottled beer for family
use a specialty ♦
Outside   Orders X
j-j P. O. BOX 812      b.
7J      TELEPHONE  NO. 1      JS
Port   Steele  Brewing Co., L,td.
ehulns lo llu- |>h ul •-,.' t lileltt.
Iiiit.'d April 1st, 11107.
Cniw's N'esl I'n- I ibur Co.. Lid.
C uinniiiiL'  ut   u   |"i-l   |iliinli'il   so
i'llllill- ivosl mnl so eliuiiis solllll   ..I   tin'
IllU'lllWi'- 'HIT    llf    Tilllll.T     l.il'.'tl.','
No, IMI-I7 i 'Hill.in-   ».-ai   10  .-liuin-.
Ihul -i"iih mn i'liuins, tlu'iiru easl In
ehulns, Ihul iiorlli lim eliuins lo th.'
pill I  .'" I.'ll.'.'lll.'lll,
Iiiii.-.1 April liml, IIIU7,
Crow's N'esl I'uss Lumber i o,. 1,1.1.
l'..iiiiii.-iii'iiiL.' in ii |"'-i plllllleil Sll
ehains «e-i iiiui so I'liiiiiia hiiiiiIi ..I ih.'
niirtliwual 'iiiii.r ..I Tinili.-r Llei'tlee
Nn.   IIH17   unit   riuuiiiijj   .-nai   III I'h.iiii-.
tli.'ii.'.. -..uili llio .'Iniin-. Iiiui  u.'si lu
ebalna, the norlh 1110 ehuins  lo  llu
li.ii.'.l April l'ii.l, I1KI7.
1",   Crow's N'esl I'n— Lumber Co.. l.nl
.\*,iii,-.. i- lu'i'i'ii.   iflvun  iiiiii ihiri.v      Tiiku ii.iti.'.' that  thii'i.i   iluys al
days uflui. dale I iiiieml lo upply Hi lhe | 'Into  I   Intend in npply to tbe   Chiel
lion, the Cblef CoiniiilsHionei' nf Lund
nml Win-lea ul \ i.'luriii. ll.C, loi- n
speeial  lieetitie in eut und curry away
Mllllwr   (rum   llm   rnlluwilll!   .l.'M'1'il...-.l
lumls iii Mast Kooti'iiuy:
I'uiiuii.'li.'iiuj ill ii poal plllllleil I..'
mirth -iilH nf I.inl.- Moylu river about
onu and nm- ipiiit'tei' mllus Irom i\ hei-e
it I'litpties Into th.'  Mini,' i-lver,  und
iniii'k. a Chni'li- (..  I: ier's    Ninth-
.•u-i uoriier post ul' Tltnbei' Limit No.
One! Ihenee   wesl  su uliulns:  thene,'
I 'imiinissionui- of Lituila und Works fur
permission in uui   mul    eurry    uwuy
timlier Iniin Hi.' follnwlnu   'I I'H'i'd
luuds in Soutliousl Koutiuiiiy;
i .iiiiiii.uu ii.u al n post plunteil two
hnndfed nn.l fm-iy -.'In ohulns wesl ul
the ni.rthuitsl eoriier nf the Hreekun-
rid-.' .v Luml lituliGi' lleonso nntiibor
,v.is,"i. thenee nortli ulifltty-fonr s|
eliains,  i h.'iii'..   wesl   seveuty-six   |7ll
..I iim II. Davis timber lleunae  nunibet'
south Sllehalnai ih.
thei 'th su,-hu
ebalna: I 47SH. oiiility-fniti' ebnlna    S-ll,   tl
In f In-
Loeiued Maruh lu. 11107.
I un.i', Churles i., Kuedor
Hy A. ,1. Kent.   \^ent,
VVItnma: llenn Suwver, 1
usl .iimi- llm north line ul sulil llre.-k-
ni'id-i' .V Luml timber lleenae niittiliei'
1IS5. -,'\.'iii.v--i\ 70 ehulns tu point of
.. uun. 'ii.'. -in. -ut.
Uui.'.I .'.oth Mareh, 11107.
II Otis Staples
T"k"   "'"    i1""   thlrt}'  'l»y»  ,l,"*'*i        TIMIIKl;   LIMIT   N". TWO.
'In"*   I   I"1"'"'  '" UPI'I>   '" 'I'" <'hl"M    N„,i,...  i,  |,,.,,„|,V ,,!,,.„ thallhlftt
..I bunds nml   W.,rk- ...
 inl liu.'i  I I uiul
eurry iiwiij HiuIht ft-oni  the  liilliiu-liin
deseribi.il i.iu :-  ', Soiiiheusi Ki nuy:
runiir'" .-ui- .' ii |...-i planted a: the
southwest eorner of  1     K    ll.ii-v.y.
limbar lh 'ul  No, '.'.'in.    -   .outl
lorty ehuins, thenee ."-' 'm" el aln.
Ihenee amitli . lirhlj ."ui . -. •   ..-*
'"«? '''"'I'1"' ,h" '*"  •'"'' ' I"'!""-   Limit No. ni,.-, ...,.: mark.. iirb-a '
ihen usl forty ehaina, thenee nortii   ,. „.,,. N ..„.,,,,.„,     ,,.-
,pl! '*""'"•   ber Llmii No. Two ihem-e   ,-■-
wost: thei  to.       Un I   .1. ■'  -"
..uln-. ■ .!-■:  ilicni-.   41 lh
^'"ll!l"      thenee 40 eliains ea-i   i   ■•-   --■     i i
-.. ■ I befl    .    _
days after iiu"-' I intend to upply lo th
ll..ii. iu- i !,;.•■* Commissioner,]'! Lunds
mul   Worka  jit   Vi.-Im jit.   H.I ..   lor   ii   .,,,
spoelal li •■ i i  uuu  .iin,. ami
limber  'i   tbe  rnlliivrinu   er     '
[ami- ii, I,.,-* Kootenai
C uii'ii.'ii,- ai   ;.  p..-'   planted    si
.'imu - '.'--I of -I.-  N'oi ■ ■ --..-'   i-ornei
post   nl  I'h.i    II ' -   Ti:,!,.
■, .   . ij.'i.l.v Klvt'll Iluu lliitlv iluys  illli'
I   llil.'ti.l   I..   |l|i])|j   !<> III.- . I.l.'f COUIIIlll
.i Luu.i- nn.l Works ..t victoria fori
ii ii. ..' n.ru I curry um... ti	
p.   fnilowlna -"-"I I lamia In   Kn-
 I    I'lillil''!  "1
.,,, [If
eillhli elli
ul. 11.1)7
Take notiee that -ixii ilnyaaftei-dste
I Intend to upply to the Chli    '    in
.inner ol Pitblie Lands and   w..rka at
Vietoi'ln II. C-  inr permission  : ir-
ehase lh.- 'nihiwiii- desei II  Lands in
Soiitliensi Kootenity
ti, .iiiui.-ii. 'iiiii,.. -null,,..-I.
.■a-l -O .'Iniin-. thom.'P ami!
thenee '1.--I -n ehains, Ibei
.Iiiiiii- I., pluee ol h.'-iiiuui.
 ' i
■     ' -
-u-i   pianls-ii   nellr
nf I ill'.'l'.. tin,	
Loentor. I ■ ii.-.e- i.   Itceder
li;.  -\. .1. i-.'.-li'
ll    Henry Snwyer
I IMBKR LIMIT N" Till:lib.
Not "•• - hareby ...i\.-u that lhl
>- alter dale ntenil to appl; to
mi. in.- Chiel' omii.issinnei' nf I.i,
.1   Works ai   Vi.-tm iu.   B.l      foi
■     lhl   |
10 hitch ti or loss. sjieelul license to cut  .uui  eurrj    .....
Hubert II. llu mm, liuibur Irom  the  [ollowinu   erllii I   *
l"""111""  LZil!   '""7-                      * landa lu Hast Kuotena
*l*nk.'  Nnii..'  'hul  tl.iiii   .lii.is iift.-r;    Couimeneinn  ul    a  posl   pbiniei    kii
date  I   .ni.'ii ipplj   iu lh- Chief ehaliiH wesl ..I the  N'oi-Ui-hii i   ■■uriin
i' in..imi.■!■ ..I I..    nml  Works nl l"»n   "' I'hiu'i.- i..  li.-.'.iui'    Tlmbei
Vi.'lni'll,     lur     perui,   -.nl.    In    .'ill     |l|||| Limit Nil,    Twil,    Ull UI'I.'".    Clllll'li
carry awuy limber rrom Ihu  I..Ihni in-   II. H lur'a Soul i 'lie •  "'
iluae'rlhed IiuuIh in Kaal Kooioiiay Tl r Limit No. Tin ; th-. ninil    ,,
Coiiiuinneltio  ui  ii   p'liui   uboul   in., "n  ebalna:   llieneu   irusl     lu    elniiu     pi
mllesnor I lh- Iiu.'1'inii Ill llolllld    Ihel unrlh in.'Iiiiii.-: lu-     I'esl  I"   '
„ri   Line, in,.1 iil.i.ni  one  ill  ehulns: thoi outh HO ehains i	
mllus Iruin the mouth of   Llltb-  Muyl.i -<'-' 10 ehuins: the ul. I" rliuli
Hiver,   Um ■   elehtj   eliuins    -Hi, theuee ousl liiehalns lo |ilaee nl  I
thunite  "iiihii   ■ hum-   «"-i.    iiu'iii" Klnnlnir.
eiehtv   i'lmlna  "..in,,   iii,uu ||>|it)      I ueil Mareh In, IU07.
,'halus unal lo place ol I'oiniiieiieeniuiiL I nlor, Charles ll. I: i,
ll.l..I April Mih. I'm*.*. H.v ■^-■l   Kullt.   A-.uii.
|U                     \   Murpli), Locutor Wltiiun: Henry Sawyer.
I,ANIi Nll'ITI l'l
, ,,.. . liliilil.'.l
  ...i.l -I I
I I.,
.,  .1..  .1, ......I, .
ii.tii: l.imi
IS       l.ulu.l Mull lllll  I""..
It looks all right, and it is all right. It contains a good assortment of Boots, Shoes and
Slippers, made to fit and fit to wear. We have
no old stock. It is all new, all good and all
leather. We delight in showing callers the
styles and quality of the shoes we sell. We buy
them for sale, not to keep, we want you to see
them and to buy them.
We Innl hoped in hnve n lull assortment o( these mi hand Im* lhis week, hut  thr  Fates, ihe
Miners, nnd the ('. I'. li., have decreed otherwise.   We will have tlu-m soon, and il you wan
The best fitting. Best wearing.  Best looking Shoe for a Lady,
The Macpherson,
The Packard
The Ralston Health Shoe
Mr. Y. Rollins ul tin1 Craubrooli Hotel has tins in say nl the Ralston I Inn Ith Shoe:
■•I llllilllil ;t pair of h'nlsinii Health Slums iii li. T. K'nni'is Shoe Simp in November;
have worn im other Slims since; am wearing them yet and they look ({nod lor three months.
liesl wearing, best lilting Shoe I ever luul."
When you are in need of Boots for
wearing, for pleasing, for profit
I las I in-n awav beyond our expectations, simply because we have lived up to everything we adver
tised. Wc have disposed ol an incomprehensible mass of the above lines which illustrates the fact
that our pi ices have been right and our mam customers have appreciated the values we were giving,
Only Three More Shopping Days"
And this Gigantic Sale (which has been one ot the greatest events in the business history ol ('ran
brook)  will  be  al  an  end.     We  urge you while there is yet time to make the most of your expense
money and get vour share nl the bargains we are offering,
We have'nt time to quote new prices come in and see the untold of values we are giving
King Edward, the new red, 117 pieces,  regular
price S40.00.    Quick selling sale price....   $32.25
Madras,  a  dark   rich   blue 1 16 pieces,  regular
print- $25.00.    Quick selling sale price....     $19.50
Marquis, a delecately gilded green un pieces regular print' $25.00.   Quick selling sale price    $16.25
"Ophir" Blue. Green and Brown go pieces regular price $10 and $11.00. Quick selling
sale price     $6.95
Don't   think   they   are
cheap    because   the   price
is;   every set is   the   work
of  a   reliable  potter.
•Prince of Wales"an Elysian blue 1 j pieces, rug
ular price $J2.25.   Quick selling-sale price.
■King Edward" a rich Howe-red design 10 piece
regular price $9.00.    Quirk  selling  price.
'Duke nl York" 10 pieces, regular price S650.
Quick Selling sale price  	
'Princess" pink llowered ; pirns, regular pin
$3.50.   Quick selling sale price	
An Exquisite Assortment:
Regular price $'2.50. quick selling sale price..
Regular price $2.25, quick selling sale price..
Regular price $1 nil quirk selling sale price. .
Regular price $1,00, quick selling .sale price..
Regular price 85 cents, quick selling sale price
Old Colony Assortment:
I leavy glass gallon pitchers, regular price  $1.
quick selling sale price  "TO
Heavy glass footed Comports,   regular price $|,
quick selling sale price  TQ
Heavy glass fruil nappies,   regular price $1,00.
quirk selling sale price  70
Heavy glass 4 piece set, regular price $1.50 per
set, quick selling sale price per set  $1.00
Heavy glass celery dishes, regular price 00 cents
quick selling sale price  4-0
We have a complete Assortment of Berry Sets, Water Sets,
Tea Sets, Toilet Bottles, Vases, Cheese Dishes, Egyptian and
Wedgewood Notions which we will sell at startlingly low prices.
Do not miss this "once in a lite time"' opportunity; as every
purchase will add to your savings.
Sale commences April 18 and will continue until May 1st.
Our Goods are
#***^***************#****** ^^^ JI(;<»<lllfi:^'liH^%iW^^^>^ 4nH^aHftT^il^#4|^|l|     WI,V Cou9h t0 Thc *■*■<*'"•        ♦ » •»<•♦«♦<.♦<.♦<•♦« ♦ ♦ :♦.<*•:.♦*.♦ ♦ ..♦:♦ 9:*:ft:
9 t u ^ *
* Dr. Scott's Prescription *
J No. Hfl or ♦
* Cold Cure Tables *
PHONE   183
I lealers in
*   Bl \ttie X' Atchison  ♦
|       Where It Pays to Dual.
I lour, liny. Oats, Bran, Shorts
nml  Chops,  Rolled Oats, Etc.
ff, 'lll.'l   llu Illi'   unlli    llllll    lll'ivsl        ,>
-v   Uu. mosl slulibi.i-ii ■■nlil d
,, n   , 9 i lour, uav, nais, iiran, snorts «
0 9
,:,   A Cailoail  of   McLauylilin's  Carriages. Wagons, .mil  «
| The Fink .Mercantile Co., Ltd.
*********•!.•**   **********************^
.   .   ,, . |,|jimi.-,i mi th,.     ♦
V I.AMI -..nni:
9   in*" i"" ihal .hi .ini-iin,., .I,..-                 Logijini) Trucks to Arrive in a Few Days ft
•ff.   i ii,.           Iin.i'.l  iiiii.ml  |.|.l)  inl   9 9
Jr                                                            I'lll     Llll..I-     Ullll           <,                                                                  ———^—^-^-^^— ft
\yA W.-.I.- iii \ I. ii.i'ln   II, 0. lur |..-i..,i-      a Q
V iiii-i-liit f.tlli nlui: il.- I'fllii'il
ItllLJU 9
SiiKiition fli'imj Barracks
i'\:*M"i:K 11 a I.l.
Sunday Sen .-•■-
it 1.43
M.'.-lm.-     i-lil  i
11.--k l'X.'LM.I '•!..I...... ,.' - '-.ii -
Sntii-e Unit linn
I tn u
\    CIGARS    i
'j   iJliV $frO0pCCfoV.
I      , '   1    ,
.  ,: .   ,-■   I ,.'   \,.    : :-    ■,..
■    i"ir.■■   mit-tli   Ml
.lllll 111 I'llll .....   '1
4    ■;-TT??.ll". i."'li,............ft................
* s i 'Miiti.,1 hu',*
Teams and drivers fun  -
.■il   lur any  poinl in the di:
A. DOYLE. Managi
• ...,..,............».,,.,,,,«,,,,, i,
1*1 Mill ll Mi'l'li i:
niiti. . flj   iluy.   ull..
< \l
J     '
4 ',■' : 1   I Y.vh.   ..
I'll this V
I ||| OLINE     »' notice.
J     Icnl I]llt   .    1
II  — Iiu	
IViu ..   il Vi, li.rlii   I! I'. Iiii
., .I-..IIH  ,,1.11
.     I ,  " !     ■:   li. il
.-   Kimli'iiuj
I "111 lli-lllll   ,i!   ii   |inal    |.h 'll   1211
llf  I   .11.1 Sll.-lnilll- hllllll, nl   III,.
ivi al    'iil'lli'l   ..i   riiuliiif    li.-.-ti-.'
J      THE    TOBACCONIST       \ '   *"   "'"   ■ "-'  "' '•i"»l"».
I v -..in 11  It .nn-. Hi,ii,-.- i-ji-i    In
-    I Iil'lli'l.  Ulll'tl]   IHU I'lltlltlH    111    ill.'
see ..i I'm i iii.'iii.
I1    -I IH'l li illftSltilll.    11 IIS        I'.i',-,|   \|.m|  hll..  111.11,
Crow's N'i'sl I'uss I.iimii,-i I'i,.. I,lil.
I'lilllllli'lli'llli;  m   n   |.n.I   |.l,-iiili-il  2011
I'Yllllli    Wits   lli.rlll-ivi.-al  ■hit  ill    Tin.Ii.-t-   l.i,...|i-,
- iii.sitii'ss    ill    t'l'llll    N'n. ilU4" iiiiiI 1-ituiiliiii   'ih su ..liuiiii-. I
i nn Monday. tli.'i usi l-'ll i-liuliis. iIioih'uniiii-Ii 4U
  i'llllilla.  llli'lli'i'  IVUSl    SU   i'llllilla.     Ih.-lll'i
Ml-, unil Mrs. T   T    Mi'Vntl,. -"""' "' '•|"lil"-- ,l'"1"'" *™»l   10 ■■liuim
Furl  Sleele   worn  Ct-aiilii-onli  '" i'1" r i-utuiiiunei'inunt.
- lu - Saturdav lasl. I"""" Al,1'il *<"■■ v-'":-
Cfini k.N'osI I'n- I... i, 11.. i-.'.... I.i.i
Tonsorial Art )
Vrrivinu   lniiax
... ui' iiii- t'liiiiln.'lirillii   ut   il   |'i.-l   iiliuili-il   2Ul
1 In'   11111.111■    -.i'lniiii    Inn i ini: ,      ,  .
■I'llllilla lVl>l   llllll  Slll-lllllllh  inn-Ill  nf    ||||
units Hand Baas
ll'ill' thr luli'sl ilosigns in in'iii mid unity
HAM) 11.MIS uml ITUSKS would nsll you
In inspoi'l our slock Jusl rocolved
It will I"'n pleiisiiro in show yuu llio Roods
mul quote prie.os.
r.l'.K. Wtili-.li liiH'"'''"!"- f'i'ows' N'v-i  ":i-- Division
l'-ii'-l ( Ins- Work ill ill!
Ill till!
rth-wust i-'ui'iiL'f nl Tiiitlu-i'  Mi-
Kit)   .     ri'K ' M      "l,lil11 I'l'esenl ii iiii'ui'ii|i|ieariiti<
:   IV1IS I'llillli'il.
Sti waits F      i 	
, . 0 Wmiled     A  girl   i"1' general
dU IH   OTEWA] housework.     Apply  lo  I..    W.  „,, , „„,„,
Phone 75       ftnnstrona, Ave  l':illiii,nv .  naimi Aprilsui., im
Nn. mil? uiul ru
til Sll i'lu
so uliulns,
♦ ».♦<>:♦.<•.♦ *.♦.«:♦ 99 ov«♦ ».*.»:♦,<>;♦.<»:♦,*;♦
lialns, Um ,iii-n,.li,ii„- I,. |i]u,-,-   ♦      N'11"'    IS   THE   TIM IH   'I VKKHAl'l,    VOUE
City Scavenger
Parlies   Inn mu    hack   yards,
und elosels lo clean,  mid   rnruse
mnltor in in- inki'ii awuy, slit I
leave orders .villi mo,
1.,-in .h-i- ;il Illf i ill i h'i'li I.'i'
or ilfiil -tul uu nl in lh" 10.1,
null,'. I  tliifl      la   -
m                   . .,.-    ■,*',,.
II. I      ■■■     	
A   N'ortheote of T«i-anlo.  s
Wm,n.ui of Montreal were regis-
rum*,-   Neat   I'll- l.llllllu'll'"-.  I.ti
I 'i'lillil.-11.'illu Ul  ll |)USt   |'llllll''ll lit   III'
iln' Cruiihi-nok  Sunday
nl Int No. iillis. mu
'iitiiihiir ua.il 1211 cluiiii-. ilii'iii-.. uni'ili
lno.-iiuiiii.. tii..ii,','iv,-i in .'liiiin-., i ii,.n.'.■   ♦ Our Plies and Artificial Bait uro the mosl   Hiking        .
„   .   .-imili-hi 1'i.iiiiia. ti ru west su i'lialns,   ♦        thing,  as far as Troul and G-rayling are concerned
Simpson,   i'llllill'   nl    llli':ih,.ii,v.„iiili 411.'Iniin.-I,.
who   litis   hi'i'li    Iii     lhi'
l1"* I'1" 'ift       lo tin found in Cranbrook.
si  iiii  business nml tors,   re
nt iln- Inrni'ii hoine Priday.
Iluli'il April 17th. mnT.
i Hi   Crow's Nnsl I'uss I.i
A  good  Split   Rmnboo Rod ui tt vei'y reasonable        *
price. <►';
.onsorial Parlor
E       Pot n Coul uiul Ol.'iin SIiiivi-       |l
| Or ii Porlucl Iluu Cut a . \
6 A Hot uiCi.I.I Unlli I  ,.
I1" TO Walter B. Laing „Hv,ffl's.l "
I   m        _( i|ihi|  |u,   |
%     "' ' ' a
llll'l  llili'l ll .'ll I'llllill-. llll'l ,1,-1 III
i'liuins. ilim until --'ii ifliiiius. tliu	
, ,i.-i HID ul is. Iiii ni'u nortli Id i'liiiins,
thulli'i' ii.-I .*. i'llllilla In |.l I   li.-uiii-
A. 'I', C.M.I iWh.l.l.. l.oi'Utiil'.
I iii.'il tlii-nih ilui ..I April, lllll".    1.1
Tuku   ion Ihul  tiiirii  ihi)- aftor
mu  i   iiii.ii.i  -I. apply in tlio . Iii.-i
-oiniiiissliitiL't'ol I. Is 1 Works  for
ii'i'inissioit   in  imu   mnl   i'lirry    itnui
r   J*.' f> *   ■1*3   •
■'.XAMINATION     t'-llll      Ass ''I US
MCKN'CK     TO     I'lll.-lhi:     ri
IllU't'lSII  COI.L'Mlll 1
.   N* KXAMIXATIOS   for  A-- ■■ --i-   11
II, u      . .
.;      ...   1|. IIKIIIIJ
Victoria. II, i
'I'l.MIII   I Nn    ■
si»in        liti-l - '
; ■!
fin.   ll.C.  loi
i ..ii.
- '
. ■ a.    sOlll
i'linin-, nui'tli "lli'im
.Mm.-.   :•■   ,11"
.   .       , ■ . inl.'d  -'HI
... i. i.i   ■.' ■:..   II ...   I   illti'llil :..
i,.,,,l,   lo'ili,. Clii.'l   Co.uniissiiiui',' ,.:   Huiliorffotuthotliefolloivlnrnlosi'-lliod
I.jlinl-   nun    \\ mi-is-    (ll    \ li-ln|-|;i    [III
S(,B(.Ial li,.,.ne, *,,,■: i'uri'\   irA.r.   Iaiu1> in himtuenst Kontunny:
in :■  ["rein  ■■■ Coiitmi'tiL'lii).' *'  ••   I*11-'    pluntwl   Si)
Sun I Ii- I'lu -t  Ki.'.'.'i].. ■  i'i'in ii • *?*'■ ' |     .    .,..(   nl I In- iiiM-| hft-l i'lirni'i nl
I'"        '  ' I'*'*'""        ■     •        ■., - l...,i.r-,i„ili,,'  lli-onsu
.   ■'      I'OI'Ill  .      . I'llll        .l.'ll-'ll  -
.,■•   in   pi    ,1     ll ii   an 111     -.'   l'l uiiu.     ' ■■ ; :'''":i' llioni'l) north  ll) .'him,- 111
ili.'i ill     ....     ini,',' i iii     -"        -., ill wist I'liriiur ul K. .\.   Harvey's
"  |i uui .„.,     ...   .,.   i,jiinl.,.,.  .innl.   tlioni'i'
-   *  iiiins. thu. soullHII.'liains,
- ..-• UlO i'lmlna nlonu iii.'  n..nh
nl -1   i i It't'i'Keill'id'n.' .V I.lino   iiin-
notice .
I'nU,' IIOUC ..    ' ' "■''"■"'    N"*    ■'■'"■'   '"     "'  "'' *
ind '■'■
■    . . ■ *     -■  * !.
Everything  in   Reels.  Landing Nets, l-'ly lloolis,
Bnskels. Ijenders, etc.
i.„i. ♦
! i;|,|"!P«bi photo, co. ]■'" st N0TICE I
"!'       l,U,l,US   ,    l,IIVII,-1       r™"ed      -1-ill.c N-utli'o   ,l,„,   „,i,',v,l„.-i,<l,',,l„„'li    V
pictures or photo worli ui   Iheir i„a„„ , v t„ n,,.,-,,,,,,-, ,„ .,. ,„   .,
slllilio Iii lull    fill' sllllll'   Itol  Inter   Liinil it Works fur pornilwlan to cut unil \ft       ,. .  .
thiiii I,,-Ni Wl.i.|i, |.',.ii.v.i.iu.v iiuii'i'i-1 mc following iii'si'i'ti.-   9     * "mi' in ''mil let us supply your Fishing needs.
cil lmuis III Soutb I'liiat K'oi my:    I'm en- Im, p
j ring I'ost t'lioii,.,] ui Si.uili Wesl corner "I | ift ^^^^ ft
(; K A N BROOK \S       ! "• 'TT "",""■'Um N" ''""""""'' "', ft
1 ii-l fliinii-. thvi was! :m ( hnhia, tht-iiue sou tl)    -
i i.'i i'liiiins, tiiuii'i- mini su t*hiiitia lu point of i ♦
Vtrt'il  by Tiinl.iT  l.l'ciii-fs N".
IU. nui,
New Meat MarKetl^?
■ ■  ■   ■   -.
■     Mmvli. I'MIT.
CM it* Sliijilu
that tlitriy (!     - uftvi   ilul-j   i   In
"!l:llii-*l..||.'l*    l-t     I,llll'l-
■ •-   lOl'lll 1111(1
" .■.,..      !l:.-U,--,-n|„',l
'I       ll     l.-ll*i-'l
ill  thr  Mi
Prime Ox  Beef.  Lamb,  Wal
Pork, Choice Wether Mutton, ;
Cured I lams, Bacon, Poultry.
Fish, Butter, Eg&s, lite, Etc.
English Cut Joints a Specialty
Tnlii'N'ulli'c iluu iliirly ilnyi- ufli'i  ilntp, wi
i)h iimitirhiiriit'il. i ii-i toiipril.v lo lliu t.'hlci
rotiltiilKsimiurol l.iiinK nn.l U'iiii.s iii \'|,'i.,ii.i
tii r frnin  iln' rolUnvlim ili'a-i'i'ilinl Iiiii.is iii
1'iial Kutiiviiiiy:
1 "ii 'iii'lliuiil ii pnsl i-l it,:,.I ;n   ih,. unii),
'•msi .-liii. i ..I Tliiibur M.'.'iin- S'lHini:!. iimi
inlining im-I -II.'Inuns ilin,.'.--in,n,-ii,■!,,,,,,-
llienri' *tn*\  l*i) i'lialns   Lliu miitli Hll t-liiiltif
III 1)1 IK lhl' llll-' nl 'I'll.il..'l l.ln-li,',' \.i',;".' Im Hi.
I'lui*.'n! ri.Ullll'Ni'l'ni.'lil.
I'lllW'H  N'fKl   I'.i--   l.lllllln-1  I'M.   I.IHIHi'il
IIKHI   n  IHWI  plllllll'll   ..I
nl Tin.I..■! i.i,,'],,,'Ni,"
mm-Hindi A|{>
ulL'il April St).
* '*:
♦ Cranbrook, B.C. HARDWARE*
notice. t ♦ <•'♦;<-■♦ 9 ♦: a 9-9ft-**%4:4 ft:*• ♦>♦>:♦.4'ft.9ft;
Tiilic Xoilcc Iluu llnrty iluys nflcr iluu. I III. I
ini.I  lonii|.l.v  i" Hit- C'llk'f t-onniiiasl i "i
l.joi.I-nn.l iv..ik- for |i..itiiissji.ii i.. cut hi..'
curry Hway Umber Irom iltc rolloivlim acsurlb.
...I lumls iii Snnili l-lusl   K I'll.IV    I'OllllllOlll'
illy nl li IIHHI JlbllllCil ill tin' Solllll If,',I  curill'l
ill I), v, i,,irsTiiiii„.i Licence No, nun. ilicnci
wesl 80 elmlns more or low io Inl  ISTH. tlicnei
less  lo il >•» |ire-i'iii|)lloii.  llience 'lb'11
eliuins, Ibeneoeiial  HOebiiliis Ibenee nurlli HI
Iluli'il Mull Slnl. nmi
■ I'l.l s
■ llllll'll A".'in
•h Always Up-to-Date 3
Tuke Xollee il ilrly ibiysiillcrilnte I
I.-ii.I lo npiilv to tlio L'lilel in,iiinis.iotit't
Uiul  I IV...lis lor ii.'iiiiis. in
timber f
► Granbrook, -     - B.G. 3
'  l"'sl  |l I"
* I"--"" *
' I belli'.'.-ii-i n.   jfc
 nee  »'-'-'    T
uiioiiii ..i 19
nll-.i III.
NOI ll I
■ i .    .1     Kli'i'lt'lu
i., il...
i       ,       ' I'll III -lllll
,   II ■ ,    ll,   III.
li   .     .     j..-. -ni II',
Tlli-i- Aiu'lil
April is, nmi.
... .. i   Minnie
eneo No
  Illllla..     It.
I'i      11        u till
.IJ,.,      ■ ...    '       -i. ;, 111   -I
i'linin." ■.      n   ■    '   . ' '•■". '*" ''I ii ■
io |iliii'ii "i i- iiiiini-i'iiu nl
i   ,    . • |'.|, .,..!,,.   |.|ll
i  u:ln ii   ■    |,li .i    -H
ul j, .    ...     ,',.. ,	
-,, ii -■ nn llu il, -1,111
.imi   i limine,   .oul      n i'liuins.  i'iial  ii
tiltit.Ii     ■ in'     ll i'lm •      ll.-luili
... Hi.  |i	
Mill-nil   Mill    llllll
I   ... S'.-al   I'll       I
f.n ii-lli- "J    U    "    'Ill
,-Iiiiiii- .-ii I   .. il IHI) i'llllill     ii ' '   Hi.    ''" "- .""il' "' "' "    "'»' a*
:,7 mil.',,   Ion tin ... '   l.ol IfliiL'l
jim!   r H.i.iii.    ■ .       II  i'   lill      iiiii      '"I    . .        .. 	
lllllllllS,  IV'-I  Hll .'I..  II   I'llll . ....
"'m'i',','.,'!!"^!','.' ii'i'i,                                   m»"u"i ipmisiti.Tiw;.'''' !■• '•'IN I'
II   l.'rui'.'a N''-l I'i - I hi','I'i... I.I.I.   ,'j ,i   \l il.I. i'iii.-I Kir.'1
I I.i.'i I ,,.   I .   '	
in   hull ul tm; ■ Imi' i iiluuil
NOTICI i ',..,.., i, r   r.-<.iii in,
'       ■! !     llllllll   .'".    Illli'
n ii ,i  Iii-iii, .i.ii.i nr
IVIIIW II, si I'llll i "•■        .
, , uu   i.|n i.   Ills    v. iiniu
ii.'iii'.'s in chains ili-'ii. ,.-i
III. |llll I ll,nn-.- Ill
l'l...!■ - Nesl I'uss I.innl..-. I ..   I.I.I
i ,i April aa, itm.
till III n |..'-' |i]itnte<1  ill   lln-  -..ulli
..I  T i   Lieence N.. .mm um;
l ...ns llience soutb bin chnlm
si. . I     ili.< nurlli liii-liiOiis
nice ll...i il.i.i, iluys llllel .nu. I in
li|.lv i.. ii..- I'blvl l-'ntinnlssloiier nl
l iv..il- ... i tclnrlii Inr iierinlssloii in
ll'ill '    llu  llllllll
■ 'ii '    '.,■   lui
ii   ' ii i   nl.
A   Mui'iitiv
l|.|ll   S    II|I|.I||.llllllll
Illllli' I'llllillS   III.  ... .
'.I .on 'IU i'IlirHI
II    II     ........ 1.
Much llio Itii'gosl  usoi' ol
I'l-l'lllll    Sl'|l]ll'llllll'.s     ill     Iiii'
iini-lil tiulny is tlio Pu'iiti-ice
t li'eiunory ('iiiti|i;iiiy nl Lin-
colli, Ni'iii-nsliit. owning I"i0
ll'l ..'ll'ill Ill.'ll'llilll'S, llllll
linving iiii'i* 15,000 lilt-in
tnimhiiifi.s uun.ii'i pntt'iuis.
In whirh niiuilii.t' ii   is mill
IIU    111       Iir    I'llll' ul    ."lllllil in-
moro it your.
Tliu -I'l-iniil Inrfii's! nsi'i'
is liti-l Ion I inun I nl i '■•oiiiuoi',y
i'iiiii|iuiiy "I   Tii|i>'liii.   Kiit,
..lis,    ivllli-ll    1VIIS    llsint;'    Llllll
ini'liiry llt'l.tiviil iinti'liiiii's.
mnl hits wil Iiiii u i'iiii|ili> nl
yours pul mil -un I'linii
nnicliinus, lo which is  Iiu<■-
wiso lUllllltp  III    Illi'    I'll|(1   Of
I   n'lmi hi* inoi'fl it yi'.'ir
'I'llOSO     Illlll'llilll'S      Ull-      ft'
•iniiiiz.'il ns Iho sliiinliirii nil
nor tin' world,
Piit-iuoi'ii Hros. luivii lii'i'ti
l|i|lltillll'll    snlo    nootils    I'm-
I   this llisli'icl,
W^S^umfshffg-   HI Reform Clothino
**    Appeanincc is everything
Vour ii|i|ii','iriini'i' iu business,  in society
unil  mt  tho sli-ui-i,  counts for u good deal
llllll   if    Kn    i'llllill'   you.   yoil   II I   not   111!
niiti -tii...!   you will gel ii good show. A
!}; We iilst) hnve nn excellent assort ment in Under-
j.     wear, Hosiery, Cloves, S.hirls.Ties and everything
i'i in high class Mens' Furnishings.


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